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The Ymir Herald 1904-10-01

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*W0CT4  1904     i"
Vol. I - -Nn 2<|
VA|l|i', U, C, HATUKPAV  oi |<HSI'.!' !* mm»i
i;i; li 1-i.yi-: ( KN I's.
local, items
The Nelsog   Kail'.
.',  largu lllllllbur of   Yiuiiilcs    y,.rc.
*. i-,it,,,-*, in  Np|s<tl| lhi\ '-'.''el;    to    take
fhe Rush Act.
Output for August.
T-lip production from the Ymir>dis-
Tl.e      Doillillio'll      Pal li.illienl   • I trict for thp ipo)ltll uf   Atlglls.t    js   a-
■it     ([lluii.i     was    di jiilved     on   '    follow*.'
Thur*duy fi-i       '|'l''   dijle    |,t ,•,., ,,,, (•.,,,
the iti'„c|ii| election '■;   I i;., ■-1    fo|' Tumi
No\,'|iioej-  .'!|d.
I I untei   V .
(3ase Bail.
Ymir. suffered a very crushing   dcs' '''""I
Oi|Sl . n I'U.'.TK:
Twenty two Ypiirites availed them
solves of the cheap railroad i-.Uo- lo '"' ""' ^ Ni'Ih0" itKp,f W'W ""ml
ihe Nelson j.'uii,. . M to its Hlii.osl and the  hotels   y.ere
trying 'ill kinds of dcyipes for   sleep.
A. Swimnell ,,f thp e.vcisii depiH't- itia il,,-;,- overflow Hf guests. Nelson
pient was it, town Tuesday on |i js I |ms u killf| „f unlucky sta|- which in-
l-egUlar Visit W tho lopal bl'owpry. ,ar„;bly brines    ,i|,oi|l     !,a,|   «'pa(hc|'
T-   M* AUiiusuil tciiuiyuil lifid    news ; fill' any ..i-lc.ir.illou  tlio,.'.     The    first
(his weak, hi tlie  shape pi a  t.'-U'gnnij; day "'''',.:   fair   i*'|is   ni»   exception,
(i|ino\||it?itig t||e death of I,i*~ fi(lhe|'        il11' after having been li|iu for several
v   ■   ,            ,      ,   ,     i   ,.      ,.,    n-peks, it had to win steadily on that -! feat at the hands, of Saltiio, last   .-.in- ' »' |lr'">
llliir hiis contracted a habit  w nt :    ,                                                                     .           . .       .  .                                 , .•.Wind Helief
,,„„          r, .     ,                         day.    The succeeding day    yriu finer  day      Almost rr„|i,   the   -start   Bnhltii '-"ii.l it. n, i
t cannot shake.     It,s always   carry- >    . . P     ...     . n 	
howo.'er                                                 outplayed tbe Ymir  hovs   at   almost \'lH-n
pig away tie first   prijse   tit   mineral  "„     ,:          ,                                                   ,     ,,             .              ,,
Hi"|ttv'                  '          lit,     |„ t|ip ,„«!„ builc]in«{ thei-a   was   a  every point.    It was   n„t  apparently
■' splendid exhibit of fruit and   vegpta N"* falmo played  any   belter   than! M1UK8 OWMTNP-l
Vmir was  much   depleted   of   its kjes.    Kootenay lias a reputation as a usu*ll> although their field   work   was ¥m"l
population during tlie   Nelson    Pair,   mirijpg country, *nrt i« known   t„   bp certainly good, but   the   V,.|ii'   bpys   Wdepx
Ihe number taking in the sight)*!,   be.   very   mp.pntaii.ous,        Consequently did nothing but make errors all round s,-'''»"1 ii"1'"!
i"« very largo. tho general outside impiession is that tl10 ne'd, tho   only   exception   being Quepi|
The Porto liico   Lqipber  mill   was   it-is a   rugged county   of mountains A'-dersqntho pitcher.      Among   (.lip
shut dowp Thursday last,   in   ponse- Und forests.     A   first   visit   to   the Salmo   players,   oa-tcliei     Ulauch.tr.l j
quence to un aoeident.to the friction  -Nelspii fair is always   u   great   sur-  made soine fine plays.    The score   at 	
wheel of t|ip carriage    Work was re-  prise,    The piles of   choice   fruit   0f the end of thegame stwl 33 to 12 in
sutned op tlie following day. thp best varety, of enormous  vpgeta-1 f,lV0'' "f SSal|)|o. Trail   VS.   Ferule,
.,„,,, c . * . ' hies nnd other produce, forces an   ac
A number   uf   machine men   have '
L'l I
jl.. i
2 I of
,■, ,i    v   ■   ■ ■    ,     knowledgement   from   the   surpriw
left the liiur in consequence   pf   the
Scotch Concert,
: niNING NE;W5:
■•'■'.•■-•:     ■-.-•.,,..     	
There i-j   considerable   aptiyity
pUicering in and    a;,und    the    P.-a I
(I'll 'illc.
The Wilcox i||inc mado .'■ ?'J'J.".l
gold brick out of the r.je. ditj'itig I ,.
lirst .sixteen <hiy- ot September.
The lit,ntur V.   iuit|c   it  >jcui|iiig
out high giuiihi nro qow and   there
a probability of its output being gic.i:
Iy i||creas|-d  '. )-|7   J.oii Iv.
A p,i|ij -,r experts,   p^aiqjqod   tir
Morning and    ISvening   Star   claim-
,l,is wpek-    Tho claims are owned l>.
the Fuirmount Qpld Alining pp.
A coup|o of mon have been put   ., i
at the  Foghorn   qtipe   again.      M
Con Wollle -talus thai lip expects    I |
work a full force during the winter.
William !•'. I-'.dgar is   doing   ,-is-e-
men' H'0|k   ...,    ihu    I'.ig    RPI'M    HI"
Cind J'lva claims situated on   th,:    ,1
vide hut ween Porcupine ant]     Ihdd,
: creeks,
I..    the    llaseball   match    bet ween j
Trail and Fernie at   Ncls .'air,      The showing.on   Hie   Yankee  ,;„
for the Cliampiouship of British  Col- continues   to   improve   as     funic,
i.mbi,,, Trail "a-* easily victorious   On   duPth is C,bt,li ''      M''VMS'     l!"u1'
Total tons      ."■•".".S
i •        i   •      ,   , .    -.   i        •      ' visitor, that Ivoiitetiay i„ nut    uiily    a
liiacliines being taken out of the mute ; H  J
and replaced hy single-jacking niining pountry, but a fruit   growing i .
1 ' ■' n : and agricultural district  I licit,    its!      On Monday eve g last, the   ooca
W. .1, Darker, foreman of the   Ar- : *.iiaiate j8 conducive to the producing!"'"" '"''"- th "'"tl' i'>niyersary of
lii.gion mine, has been oli   duty   for I „f ,,,„ ,,,„... ,,„., deseriotio.,  of   ,1,,.,,-; ,ll(' Vinii*   Presbyterian   tliureli,   the u"' '','"1''' Wils -1 '" ''• i""1 "" ,l"'   s0°         ' ■—,....-.--■■
oi me \,u\  oi'sl (li'sii iptioii   ot    t |.'se, J • , .        there i- a nuvsll'Oilk ol   30    inches
a couple of weeks, in consequence of a  -_.0ii>niufjitio» Udies Aid of that   church   gave   *, orol P to 3 both   ...   lav,.,-   ,,,    ,,,,,,, u,„ ,.,. t n .i,c ik i„j.   ,„   ,
misty swelling on    the   side   of   hl»      Tho rolnewl e«hibit wm also    si   very enjoyable Sootoh concert.      The flw pit-h.-r and catcher for trail   for «alen,v "''J1'«epi»ngf*    ot.e
nu iiuiii i,ii liiinui was,.i-„   most       j     ■>*        ,   ,   ,.,       ..   ..    ..    .Ti-il «• i,„,,i „.„i   .,,„,.   „i.i„   Besides this there is fully Id  feel
Tuesday the fir-d day  of   the   match
the sC0|'e was ;| to l|, and oil the    se
and Anderson have now got   the   tie
shaft, down 'JL' feet, and ,n thebottoi
! i»
Mr. and  Mrs. Thomns    llothcrham
returned from their wedding  trij	
Wednesday last In the evening
i.'ie younger generation uf Vmir oall-
..   upon tIn ni.
Ceo  Nu tin, manager of   A ,    Mac-
. nlittld .V Co. branch in   Nelson,    was
doing business  in    Vmir   this   week,
lie.-talcs that  he sold more goods   ,,
this trip through the    Vmir   dislric
I bun ever before.
tercsliim -mil instruc, ive     The in,   'l church was packed with  a    very    ap-   Trail w  hard I md    were   aWy I
iiiesiing anu insttuciive,       tu- nu- ■ '   ,      ,    . hieh erade mil stun
i      -■ .■     ,      lueciitivc   audience        Tho    nro-'ia in   hacked up In the fie d, -o   that    w hen I'"''" """""" M1"
nenso variety  and   richness   ut   the  l""i*llm   auuieuco,      tne   piogmm      ,.',.,.,, i ,    ,     , ,. .        ,
■•,.-.-., , no  ',..,.  i,.   it,,i     ... At thu local   rcuording   opicp   tl
consisted uf Scotch mug.,    rncitntions  a hit was made it failed to -lore,
5pokane Fair,
week,   I     I'll,'si nut,    recorded    asses-,-
uient work on tho Oversight claim .,,
Barrctti ■). .1. II.eld recorded the   Ki
oto on exhibit, cannot tail to  impress
one will, the mineral   wealth   of   the ''-"--dings   and    instrumental      music
country   fro.,,   winch   ii    enwnfttM|, The wale quartot wm especially good.
Ymir, m usual, took first prise for its M wm t,,B   "'""^   ,)v   ll1"   ol'°"'' ,   „,,
 oral exhibit, an award which gave l'""i„„e„l„l pieces we,-,-   contributed i      Railroads this year have git,-,,  two  cation of the IJolviio .,,,.1   Wlntewatc
general satisfaction,   as   , -vhibi, hy Miss Fuller,   Mrs.   Ca.iieron   and kinds of rates to tho Spokane   niter- otaliw on Clearwater   creek;   h.   N
from the camp was a   uent.-e   of   ...I- Ml'  Kneelwd.      Mm.   Vouug   and Utate fair.    The flmt is a g ,1   ex    Nattstead recorded the ocat.on of th,
I miration throughout the   Fair,     The Miss Liz*ie Kl,lvena we,'e the 80,oi8t8'\camion mle 6f ,l f,u'°   i""1   ,l   tl,ir(J'  ', N''   'S'"",X   '"      *''"",''
""[smelter exhibits were also very intet ,u"' 'Mis,i "'''>' Wil""" '""' Ml''   Mac* f,'°,n ;l" H"1*   w,|ich   usually   have claims at the head of llest creek:  and
Ut'  csting especially that of Trail,   where ,i""M ^"u" ''"citaliottK,    Little   Ray rates to the f-Jpok fairs.      Thi-t   is  •'• »■ Rowley recorded the location ol
one could see the   various   stages   of WiNon, y„„„g as she i-, proved    het>Lood the opening day of the fair   and   Virgma claim on Sixteen Mllo   creel
Harry Wright M. P. V. is in com-   t|,p mamifaoturo of lead   pipe,   from "''"'l"  '"'   l"'^'^'''1  "''  cousiderahlo U good every anil any day during the inctoil   Mine
imtnication with tho Minister of   Kd-  the crude galena ore to the   finished dramatic u t, fair up to the lasi day, and   is   good '    A        K
...-.ii.,,.,   will,   regard   to   increased   pl.0duct     A brick   of   refined   gold,'    The Hov. Mr. Ferguson, of Xelson,  returning any day u|i to and   incltid-1     VfQm   ,,,„    conipttny>g   rcpott     ,,,
;.. -iliti.- for the Ymir public   school,   valued at   U7.000,   from   the   khiiio "ave HOn,° ve,,y   i111""""11-   -'codings,  the day following  tl lose   of   tlieLW0|va   „„„„|„'    ,,,,,.,-n j..,,-    end,,,,
He is urgiag(the appointment of   an- Liieltor was on exhibit, attached by a illustrative of life and thought among fair,    Tho   only   exception   to    ''»•* jU|y 31 at, wo firul  Uiat   there   wen
t titer teacher, as   assistant   to   Miss   Kt,.ong ohain   and   placed   near   the certain classes in Scotland.    He   also general rain given by all the railroads LhippKj ||0()8.r, tons   of   ore,    which
Wbillans. | prize bull dogs. gave s»mo interesting iuforination   as 1, that the .Spokane Falls A  Northern LeUo(J w 3(JOi    si,„,, l(m, ,,.,„.  *|„
T log show gavi in i    of to tho origin of soi f   the   well,  road and its branches do a little   bet-  amnM). g|*jpi*..oriu |mva uniounted  in
the sporting proclivities of the people known Scotch melodies,   and   seating tor and make this rate a faro   and   u|ttl)ou* nil|ilv ,„„.„,-,„,,   M)li,.|,   ,,,,
I,. Campboll secretary of the Citi-
, -ii*. Association is in receipt of a
■ tier from Harry Wright   M.   P.   P.
i this district.    There we, c pedigree, himself at t he  piano   proved   himself lift I. for ,d trip, instead  of   ii L(| a|, ; ,S.|5 to the ton.
.-. .ting that th,. mono>°available   for I dogs of all varieties,   including   some  in adept at their   proper   interpreted fare and a third. The HMtingi   Exploration   Bymli-
hnprovetnents in   the   Vmir district , exceptionally fine -St.    Bernards   and"""' Hut the mwl   tlesirablB   rate   »nd L-^to, vuiitroltintc tlie Arlington   mine
f,.r this vour, is now   practically   all  bloodhounds    Other interesting   do-      After an interval dev I   to   the the one in gr ing wl.ic    rail-   a, £,*!,,, U, C, during July   received
ni loted, and it is therefore too late to  uwlmente of the exhibition w ,  ,|1(., discission „f s.„i,-h del,,-,,,-,,-,  „i   all ,,)1WH have shown   s,,.-ial   liberality,   s ,,„. „,;11„s-,„,,, ,;u. ,.;l. , u   ,,t
hope for any expenditure   this   year, U--d.es' fancy works, tho baby   si ,(   kinds, tho evening   .1 tl   will  is a mund trip rn f ono fare   n I   ,„,,_, .„,,„,_,,,„ Iu ,„.    The total
ni  sidewalks  in the tow,,, | and the school ohildret.s' exhibits. singing of "Auhl Lang Syne. on a certain day in each    iiii*y.  uxponcM|     ;,„..,„!,„,     ,|„,,l„; ,,„•„..
Theei 'taiiiiiientJIstwM a strong   The Spokane Falls A    Northern   and L.e|,p (53 3+3.45,    Dming the   month
Ml   I'   A    lb-own, left, for 11 a-,1
->l Sunday, will, the remains   of   his
I ; ,-l.i,"i.  who was the  victim    of    the
.*., i i itality at the    Ymir   initio   lasi
The  deceased   was 11    iiieiuber
, • the Knights of   Pythias,   althougl
i, t iiillliated
^    :, lodge I,owe,,1    turned   out  in
ine, aud it was a general conclusion
j among the visitors, that they got the
: woii h of their money,
Hotel Arrivals.
: its brunches -ell this   one   faro   rati
t li lober I, w hieh is il,,*   second   day
I I.". ft   of development woi I. lis
,   .,    ,'    iii        .Mi     dow display, consisting   of   the   pre-   .• ,-   ,,     ,       v , .
to lho local lodge,    I In- i   .' - ,        remit1: r.  ii..,,.):,,    Nelson:   A.
M.l„.„ ll..,,;,,-* W    C,    II   '"' "'" ''""     l11u!"    T   """   ' " h,s in the property    are
W IpegjJos Kelly, St,    I ,;   I).   ^'»'cd Oeloher 5, a.    rim,   on    ,    l(„,   f ,„„   ,,,„;,„,    ,	
tie- Omul Northern between   llmincrs   n|||i ||i(, ,u,r    .0UMtpy   raoki      ■[,,..
Ferry, Idaho, and Wonatal.ee,  W'wli. L|,|t|, „f u,e veins varies   Froiii   ihrn
S.  II   Seaney has a  very   line    will.   Q. Bat'OII   Tacoma; <J    Ul'UCO     lll'ottll,   '.'"
iniuins given  iu   exchange   foi   Pay
I!|c Norll.ern Pacific I the  O,    I!.   ,„ ,,,,,,,,,■,,,. *„„*. wit|, tt |iko ,„,,,
Itoll tobacco Ini-*,,
Irown,  ,v JJ  companiiis sell the ono fan,  rat,
to ,...d formed a procession to   ac
:i ,.,-.  the   eoliin of iheir   deceased        Win.     Kirkpalriek
McArthur, Sal  l'l..-    If      v .s   compamos sen it no mru   rate ,,„„„,   ,. ,,,,,, .,,,.,,1,      '|'| ■
.    , «PokDiii',    Fieri   Philbert,    Krie;   A. October 0.    Tin-   Is   g I   on   both „ , W|.0||   .,,,,,„!„   CM.ly\m   .....
. ,   ,,     i,       ,',,      m    i   '""""""' Church, Settle. these roads   between    Pasco,   Walla ,,.,       ,,     , ,., w|,ich   average   tw,
'"""•■ I""1"'""'  members of   ho Act.ve Gold     Mining   Co,    ,« mh I Hope, and fr all point- „,„,., hM  ■,.   to   the   ton,   are
the local Minor*' Cnion   also   taking  been decided in  same way as I Imt      Wai.iioiik Ho.Ki.i-A. French,   "• L, U,B Cuoar .I'Alonn and   Lewiston- ■■ r in   ti. --    »hl. nl
I n I of the DesBrisay Jobbing Co,     That Joy nt, Bid Koss, 0, Stewart,   Halmo: | Clearwater lii'imulitM. most, sine (the/.inc, however,   i i
, . •        .-   . is, iudanieut in favor of the olultitlfls v   \i,,|i,,i,,,i,i ,;,.,,   v,,,,,,     n    |.',,i        ei    ,-   ,   i        i .- • sutliciont to often penali/.e  tl -i
A iu ivament Is on to,,: to  ovaiiiiu ' -4- aioj/oiiaiti, uoo,   .sunn,    u     i ...        I ln> hi *-. i|,iv-.i.l mniiv tmr- n   one,,.,, . , .
will, ,-,,..,,.      ii,,. ,1.-1',,,,.l„i,i    ,,,,,,,.,,,,, ' bole    is    a    ,iiini. I'te   cniiiiiiiiiMoi:
,       , , ■      ,   ,     .,      .,        •   . wild cos in,      i   e o,'leu'.a u i    coinoan \ ,    . .       ,, ,,       v   , 11       e  \i       i   .        i »■    ■  .       i    .     .1 '
II oca gymnastic club, for the winter ' h't-lon,   A.   Swonnell,    Nelson;     II.   ... .l,-.>i.|<-r and   contu-.    Iml   tin-     ,  .,      .   ,     .. 1 ,. 1.      „,...,
.' ,       .* 1 .        ,,, ,,1111 , 'U1 111,   . \, ,,, 1 -1,,, 1    ,. 1,,< o,    ,,< *.
.    1       .,.,     • , ., 1    has tour,ecu days to settle un ill 1        .-   .1       w     1 1   , ' ■ ..        ,
1    nil,-.   I ho idea is lo gather enough • ' Spooning,    New    Westiuinstcr;  Con.   opening ilay ol   tlie   Spokiinc   inter, everts  nol    in   operulioii.       W.   .1
funds by subscriptions, to purchase al    Col. Holmes, District Commanding «y ,,.    si.l-an' state Fair, October 3, will be one   ,.t Burker is the mine foreman
complete sut of gymnastic   apparatus Officer, wm in   town   las,   Saturday tho best days of the fair     Every   ex-       ..      i: 77~.-,... 17.   T7,,,,,.!   ,,,,.
It. s   I lor-i" — (' I   I    ,'     11 ilmc   , rtlo cliiet -.oltey Has pti-paie.i    nu*
w bid, should include   horizontal   and  and inspeoted the flow rifle  range   of      "™" "       '"""'  "   '       '           '  hiblt will bo in place,   and   promptly f0||(,wj* IB h| wn\a forhaiidlin g the lin1
I uraJ • i bars, trapoxe bars and   rings,   the Yniir Civilian Kllln Hrigildo,  The Victoria; dipt. J   W. Rossi -1. .Miller,  at I o'clock   the   immense   "Upening Stoadv   liiminy   means   lire
wiulting   hois,-,    Indian   clubs   etc. 'Colonel sug«p«t««i a   number   of   Ini- Nelson; R. Habcock, Huttej Mr,   and   |j(ly Panule"   will   begii novo. olln si..,,L /„;„»,.) lw„,tl,,k(., (|mu.„i
:.,ie i. no   niore    healthtul   amuse- ,.. ...     . v|
i t-.ii Fin winter evening" than  gym  ' provements which will bo carried .mt, all's, I- Itotlierliani, »p iKiiIip, \v     ■'    I'ld- will I no of the most  imposing three strokes, means a call foi help ' ■
iiustie exercise, and there l« th a-   ttnd after they are   done,   he   thinks Torrance, Montreal, and gorgeous  parades   oyer   seen   hi Lhaliille    the   h   when diving  and
terial hero for the turning out of first'   ,.,,.,,, , , ,, ,. ,. ,,,          rnnlim/ll on after use
the siie selected will make an    excel-        COSMOPOLITAN    HoTKI.:—(.1        Is.   vm-I, and will    inelude    I,,11o11,,!-    ,,l leoilllg ll up ai    i u*i
i ass gymnasts, 	
One dilllctilty which the club   will   lent,range,    Pending the arrival   of Orcon, Gruef. City; N, N     Nattstelid,  new and novel feature*,    hour   l,.,i CIIHUCH NOTICE
1 ■•'•'" '•'"'l","l    wi,il   «d"   he   th,-  (||,.   a||)| |it.()|]    (-npii|   0tlawni   ,,„ UHe. A. M. Nattstead,    Krie;    [srnel I bands have already been   engaged   to PwwiivrKHi.vs   C.iuiiril    M -. i n i it a
finding of a building with a sufficient > s.-iwi,-,,-   II i,  ,,,   Sundsi -•! ,ol    I
Iv high roof for   hori/ ,1   bar   and   suggested that the Ymll   Co.,   could tJ....,.i.i, «„  ,:   V  r-,u-:ii... a    t u ,„!,.»,... i.     ,,   -in    ,, ■
evening sers ic
.'In.      Soiin^
ish, Salmo; (I,  I'eone, CoH'illc; A     I'lirnisi, mtlsiu for it.      It    will    niai-,-1
I rape,,, work.    All the   resl   of   th,*  burrow soma  from   the   Nelson   Co.   A. McDonald, Halmo; J   Myers, Eflet through thu city mid then out to   the
-...-,■ v.-rcises ,-..„   I,'     d      fH'ftL* . .,'.,.,. , . pies   Society  1  t    I'lld.iV    CV.'III
building win ilmgs,,fii nli.un    ''"' l"""""  "'' "'   ' '"'"'   "'   A. HermitiiMui,  Hpokane)   C,    Fallu, fair grounds, arriving ll    iu   tlmo ll( s ,,', |,„k.    All are welcome,    11
/height. the Ymir UMgado is liftv four, Nclsoiii for the itflt'iiiooil porforuiancc, tl. Voung, M. A. *, Pastor, I'iii.!h>IhiI .-verv  Kutunlu}' :t i    mttl
:t '-■;.•-. ur   li it fi'lVil l»J' ritif "f III      >■■
.- ih*er iiti' ii- •,'.' 00 ]-• i   um n      ; .. *
.\ lvurli>iiiy ruti"-, J i ft I \>< r   uul. pur nu»(iili
Tiik   Ukh u ij cum  i■■■  bud   rr nn   ull I
ur1   - .-  i.   : - "i ■ li ■   ii-'r. "   •■;■    l   u   lin   u     i in1*!
.'."   L'l   If.,111 111-' ofllCf.
('■ iiiuiorclivl   printnu;   -■'   i*vi ry    ■'■■■  ■■■■-.'• u
■.:, 1..   ull til* !■:■ ■:.!•' ■   ll   1*1 Ll   ■   : I   : :  ■
L'l hm>)ii:d in  ■ ■ ■
UKRAMJ   l'l m.iMii; ■'■   COM I
II.   KKAUNR,   M \> M
['ill: YMIR HERALD cl)mi'L'titivee5'l,ibiLi"n,itl"u' alVuva
       I taken first  prize.       iu    other    winds
Vmir takes lirst plan- for the richness
mil variety of its mineral products,
There can hardly be latter testimony
t , the |", sibililies of the camp, than
its mi eat cd gathering in of the tro-
I by. I ii . hi- |. ,ii icular instum t< the
displaj,  mis particularly Hell arranged
Sp,, in, n   of il i ■■ from tho   ship-
I inj.   mini.-    '.',,-, e   disl inguished   by
.■ Id print. ,1 labi Is, while those    from
|i ;    had blui    I ihi Is,      Any
visitoi u ishing iinfoi illation would
i,i,ned tely r. c ui. ■ t he in disputa
lili fact . hut .,,, i e arc many propers
i:, . .. Inch lie as valuable and, puton-
tially, of ihe same j rofit makiny
nature,        ns       shipping niines.
If ho        investigated mere
thoroughly he would discover that
the ,hipping mines, now producing
10,000 tons of ore per month, cons
stitute only a very small proportion
of the mineral wealth of the camp,
and that fur every one shippi r, there
are probably half a dozen, only needing the necessary development, to lie-
c ,n • similarly huge and profitable
pro In,-ers. I'hero can bo no more
iidcpiate advertisement of the possi
biiitics of the camp, th in that afforded by the superiorly of its specimens,
both as to variety and value, over
those exhibited in cotnpetion with it.
SATURDAY. OCT.,  !   11*0-1
Libetal-Conseivative Candidates for P.vtiament.
For lCootenuy District,
t'llAltl.l'.S   II.   MACKINTOSH,
Of   itosslund.
I'or   YulcsCa, iboo   District,
Of Grand   Forks.
New  Westminster I h-t i iet,
.1.   D.  TAYJ.OB,
(,f New Westminster.
by Mall
Customers all over Can-
jSlada tell us that our Mail
vg Crrlr.r   Department   Ins
meant lo them added convenience andlessenedcost
1 lie fifty-year reputation ol
eur store assures sntisffiC"
tion to malt order purchaser*
uf j.-viclry, watcnesi silver-
waroi blation*ryi etc.
Our complete catalogue will
gladly be sent nn request
Kirst-olass Dining lloom.
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
OWEN   BOER, Prop,
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIit,    11.    (J,
Handling heavy freight,.
!    Correspondence proropl Iv
Second Ave. YMIR j attended to,
The 1904   Election,
In tlio 1 ending general election 01
l'.nil, lie- Con- ivulivcs hope to gain
In Ontario in eonsetiuonoo of tlie .li*--
favor in which tlio governnienl polio)
is held there, anil tho ..diem attaching to lho Koss ministry and tainting
its allies al Ottawa . The Turto do
Feetion, nn I tin- inevitable decadence
uf Looi, r as a popular idol, will help
to briny Quebec back to a normal .;i
vision on political rather tliun mend
Issues [11 Novu Scotia the person-
alii v t.i the 1 lonset vativo leader, Mr.
Borden, will iiBsi.il the tui 11 of the
tide there. Now hi uiiBwicl. sentiment
was indicated by llie revolt in St,
John • V v which turne I from Liberal
io Con-,.! vutive nt the by. cl. ction
fillowin^   Mr.    Hliir's     resignation.
1',-i - !■; In iid [sland   lias   lost   Sit'
I, mis I' ivic and hi-* conlinan ling in
(luonce for the Liiberals, an I is follo-v-
in j tho fas'iion in changilig allegl
mice, Manitoba wont so overwholni'
ir.gly Conwrvntivo .11 tlio recent pio1
.in, in] election that lliero can ho no
doubt as lo thi! i.-i'.it tin re; wliilo
lho T,-n i.,,i I,- havo been nauseated
w itl. Siftuiii ni and cl'aVo a chui gn lo
., . mi al   thu   polls   the   denial   of
1   11 «ble govorunient,      11""'   tho
Yiik,,:. w.i. w, n ni a bye eli ciion In ..
tui -.  ... fuuiili .1 iluit ti is   inci'edible
thai n'unila. frau I- can   be   re,, atod,
nml in a t'd i.c-'t no candid ite   on
the ..-,.,',, nml, ni tide call   be  elected
|n   |',i ,,, .i,  I    ,',111,1,1.1,  lIlO  -elihlnelil   i*.
,1 ci,Idly Conservatlv,. and while tl."
representation now stand. •"> to I
l.ileral, it is well within the lioiin.l-
■,,i' probability tlln 1 0 Ci.nti. I'Vatlvbi lb
!>  Liberal-. will lie (lie slin,\ illg ill   tlie
hexi Hon ,-.    Mf, llorden stand"   tn
gain all along tho lin, ■ .....I   hoi   bx
lellent phispoul of   attaining  power.
To wipe out tl." bibcl'.il   majority   of
■-,:; ,,|' the la'.l. e„,|, |,d electi-.n, lie
would have Id lillllllgO llul  *'T HCttlS—B
feat whi.-li mi one Will think IftpoiAl-*
bio of acconiplisllmelll aftor an   anal-
,».,. ,,f the  in,-di"ii.    Tlio Columbian
Ymit' I. Is again won lho llrsl prut ■
l',„ ii-,- bi ■' tlikplay of mineral^ al
,|„, S"1, ,.ti I ,iir ft is a flVcl that
. 1 . ., . ., 1 -, onl itivo collection
1 ,   |„  inn 1,   ti an the mines and pro
'■ mil   camp,   lias   bi-nn  , , upa\^n (im\, f**om ii,,,,,. "busiiit
.,, d ii  olhd ■ and  suiil   t'1   any | ■_, nili mom
The Nelson Daily News ..f the l'T.
inst., ijuoling from the Montreal
linn',,I, endeavors to make political
capital over tlie recantation of Mr
-Ins, Tussc, one uf the leading business
men of Canada Mr, T.isse ha" hereto fore supported tho Conservative
party but has now thrown ill his nl-
legiauco ... ihe Liberals, und has
promised Ids support t,, tl.nt party
during tho coining campaign.
In somewhat undiplomatic manner, the reason stands out plum 1,11.1
clear in Mr. Tasse's own ntatenienls
to lho II.'raid We just have to remember that Mr Tasse is one of the
largest cigar manufacturers in Canada
and then read his remarks as  follows;
" Ihe Urodcul' law, In,,, against   the
tobacco trust, has my entire approbation, Contracts made bj tho American Tobacco company wero of a ,,.,-
tin,- to create, nnd hinl .-rented, indeed, an exclusive monopoly  in favor
of .1.ureal  American (hill, Which    lind
managed t.. soIeo upon llie whole
Canadian market to the detriment of
all oil,,-,- manufacturers in Canada
an I al-,, to tic p.. ju.llco ,,f faimots
who would have been al the meruy of
the American Tobacco cum pany,
1 fuel thai all our <'a liadian g.n*
er,nneii,s are patriotie, bul energy
md courage ,i,-,- ids,, required Many
iniiisieis might havo etpuoiiilly lucked
the courage to pats and   enforce   Mich
|it bill lis this of Mr. Ill-odour's and  he
!,-, rVtlS the gtUlttest   elclit,    for    his
efforts In   behalf  rtf  tlio   Canadian
The Ilea,il.Is COllllnOnt till this in
»: ililatioll of fulth would bonfliin t.lie
iti the Impression that it wai not
made will,out an adcpmlc qUltl pro
duo, The Herald says "Mr, I'asse's
eoi.veisioii to lib"filis,n ii the more
importatit in that h" inak.", il ns a
lin-ine... mall and not as a politician,"
If the Liberal Government will only
pa* morn pi Otoctlve measurei, (und
foi gel their war cry of free trade, on
1,1 h df ot w" nltliy meruhaiiU, they
may ekpcot augmentations   of  lltbir
Notice is hereby given that   I  shall
on Monday the 7lli, .lay of  November
A. I>   11)04. at the In .11 ,-f 2 o'clock   in
the afternoon, at the Knrrosters H.,11 in
Vmir,  hold   11    C( ....    of    It. \ Ision   of
Hegislcr of Votes to be pit pared   liy
mo under ihe provisions „f  the   "Provincial l-'d, otious Act.1' 1004.
'.»:.,1.1 at Jfmlr—Sept. l.-ti, 1901.
1'. II. a 11*. 1 ssiin,
Ltegistmr of Voters.
THE   UI58T   I'.ltAMi HI''   DOMESTIC
The  Kooteruiy   Stantiard
!~J.'  C.   Ihelin'8 Co.     ]
Nelson, li. ('.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shared
-—AQliNT   FOR—
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York,
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire insurance Company.
YMIR, B. ( .
All work entrusted to us is neatly nnd
promptly   executed.
Hotel ...»
(1,'n.ler entirely new management,)
Dining  Room  and   Bar
stt|i|ilitil   wi'll    tlif   In.-t
iu the market.
Lliylil  oppt site depot)   Yinit
Qents    Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and up-to*>date Men's Outfitters
in Vmir. Our goods are the beat <|tiiilify, and \v,e
do nol propose to bo undersold.   ;:;::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
^i^l Sterling
Ptnm t cctTtc
-r ...,, to „ 11,ou.
• ,,,, ttollnr pre-
I'rlltntloil Mt,
llccry Ul!k« 8;
6oll»' htdlltlM
t.,r iiuikini: »uli.l
ill\Tiw*re trfl
poHScMc.l liy it*,
ol,.cr concern In
euiiiTJU*. Artl«ltcdnlRn*
tt; mixlrrn mnohliicry, ind »klltcd hand-
nrorkert, oil Under the direct itipirviilon ot
practlcni nuAiberi of the firm, mike nn unequalled c'lniitiiliiiltuli fur ItirlitnK out Hue
Wilt.* for IIIiiMlnle,! cnlntoRlie.
Till* le tin- linn- of llie v.-ar lo ,;, I yon- plok of llie nl'.',v Sdluol  pl«
I iirniiiirc.   Iron Uutli, Liitolatlini) Uugs, Carpnti and Lliimmook*,
sol.K   AGENTS    F0H   TIIK    M ASoN-Klscll    PIANO,
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
Nil.    \Vo ure sole ngenta for tlio Mai-liall Sanitary  MatlrosB and   ilia ti
Seutloniil Hook Cine nnd Files,
,.. ,,*,.,,.., ,o. 1
Irwclry,    '■
Sterling SllVer,
Silver Plate,
Watchci, etc.
Henry Birks&Sons
Jrwr'lrrf* lo M.it I  XI •llCDCV
the 1 .nl.l Mm -.
Denlel'H in Htaplo hihI l'niu\y (It'Oeel'ioRi  Miner's Siuoln'.-
HlenkotH, yoeks, Mitln, (Jlovos-,   Rubherti|   IJntler
tvtitii'i    ' i1 im'hIIh     I'rttenl      McdicinoHi
Si atioiK.rv.
NELS©N B. 2.
H&K I095i The   New   Governor-
rally in fliBcngnsiny Ida fret from  t|ie|     "tin tic ,lav next   after   the   state  Clark's     FUmitlire     Store
stirrups, i.ni eventually freed   himself j election day Robert    11, -id,   pf   1,,-id ,
anil swam,  osliore,    .!.••   horse   being  Urns., Clarence Street, London, paper WILLIAM CLAU1> i-'ivsl'  li.ra.l  KvdT   Muliiili;.
Appreciative sketches of   thp   me   'h   'Vned box and bag manufacturers, called me  Undertaker   and    Furniture     Dealer
•isor lo Lord  Mint.,   as   I'luvernnr- ]     1 I Orey is a sod-sim biith of   thp|up al my resjdenee by telephone   be**.]     Muil orders prompl.y attended to
Mits.    'i o-,\;:, 1st, Axbm'E.
. in
In li
Li'oneral of Canada, appear   in    East late (Jueen Vict'.rja ami ol   her   Ini*- tween '.) and 10 a. in,  :.;•! ::-,.,,1    mt
papers   receivpd   by   tl,.-   lutes, hand, the Prince Consort,    ili.s   fatn*. if J could come up town tu Ic'y   olliee, i ■'"'' " >"'1 ' ;'
..    Hi,-   npppintinent    has   been Hj" bas been   ettlrd    »|    Hnwiek,    jn that he wanted to si e       I    -.n,  ___„^__„,
favorably received on   a'l   sides,    fo| •Sorthuiiiberland,   inci  the I'.;ii   e'en 'yes,' and immediately    .vein    to   his
Karl Grey is a man of  excellent    ue|- tqrj      I'he lirst !'-.; i -,f i jroy «■. one otlk-e, and met thp said Roberl    lieid,
-"inil qualities   besides   hay
j Two n„.i:r ti, rent   for   I'.'!.'    I.on
^'. fil9icfU«i.l?4t4,«icilo,Qoaq., oc9t(teo«o(,ODios.jceno;
in:,'    won
ll   111-'    eo'lini'indlf.
Hirer,   of    the  who wt>s alone in his olliee.    He   said
ilistinction by   the   able   manner   in   British f     in   tie-   Americnn    war  to me, 'Did you fix you, box up!'      I
■- ;,:--li he has aciuilted himself oi' sev- "f indcpei.dance, and while he failed said I did not, and that I had lefi ii '
oral important trusts. The ISitrl is ru retain for l|is sovereign the hitter's exactly as il wna when n k-fl the
the brother of Lady Mini,,, and |-b colonies, now cqmprised in the United j room *i|icaiii|!g the polling booth. 1
and Lady Grey as wpll ay their ^atps, England may bu said to owe as|»ed him why, and k.u,| ibere was
daughter havo beep visjtin,g nf R-id- U° 'm» and to, lord St, Vincent the ' no danger, aa the majority was to,
pau.Hall qii sp.-eral oooasions, sq that.1 possession of tho greater portion of large fqr a rec.ou.nt. If they wanted
|io is no stranger at Qttawa, | the West Indies, | it d,ono I could go ovpr and do   it   in;
Lord Qrey is a ijon of tint General
Grey who was for so tpapy years private secretary, first to the Prince
!' ni ort and tl\cn to Queen Victoria,
(.ccompanyfng Ring Edward on the
occasion of his tour   in   tin.     United
Commissioners Qyali-
a very shqrl time.     He then said thai j
ja Mr. Grant, of Toronto, was up  apd
would, see about if.    f iplil hjm   thut
flCfltlOnS, I had si,,,,,-d  about    twenty    ballots.
Li,lie by little the public are learn   r*""0 °* ' I*"0" '"""" "'    ","   t] 'I
TltAYBLf-ING 1T1U.U.'.
Nowly furnished throughout.    Saniplo rooms in connection.      J
RatPS 8I.5Q to $3.50 per day. f
KIN 1.AY   MoLEOD, Proprietor        •
,i ,      , \i- ,   "l the olliee, and I left and heard    no     „_„„„^_„_»,J^
ing the ,IU d,Ileal,ons   ot   Sir   \\ iltlid I ,    —«~—uu*«*».-».
States, forty years ago, as.   his   p.rii;- I J^urier's railway commissioner's, who  '"'"''' "'"'"'l! !l'
cipal mentor.   K,,,-, although the Duke Ln „, ,,„,,v„ ,.,u.h y>m ,„.,. „„„,,,„        <s'~ 0 ' '• 0, I'll l'i ('I U.1 T J        M- TAn,.
ol Newcastle was ,,f  the   party,   yet  du.ring.the ten years or   so   of   con-       ft »e«*'ms that Pritoliett was sent li) ^ _
the latter was under   t tiers   of |stru,tio„ of the Eastern   section   of "'" •'"">'  '"   ' '""   "'  lielP CfUI> PA LAC E        H OT E L
I.   lit'MiY
General Grey.    Lord   Qrey   is   dark
?ycd, and what there  is    left    of    his
the (Iran,I Trunk Pacific    The chairman, Mr  Wade, ot   Annapolis, quali
West EJgin, anc| that his division   ufl
thp work coiisi*tted   qf   acting   a*,   a
hair is also dark.      Uis   features   are   [iud for a public trusc of this kind   |,v'H'-<Lv .''turning nlliccr.and    switch,
clean cut, his bearing is military and
lie has ,-i quick, decisive anil earnest
manner. He wop his spurs a? an administrator of great ability in South
Africa, and the tact,   diplomacy    and
falsely informing parliament  that   he
ing votes.    He says he informed   Mr,        WQ     t'SUTV     the     leftdillg    l.l'.ill.U      iliipiil'ird        I .ii|tiii'-.
was not at. aspirant for   the  positi,,,,   Reid t|,at ho had slipped twenty   l„d   .,„,,   (<- g-.^      u,      RvmU,    n„,j    W11C
nnd would not accept it if offered   to  1,,,s- ",;" '"'" s">'- "'" '"'  ,""1   «t-
him.    And   supplemenling   tins   we   "ll",""i '" Mncni'h   lv'r,ilV   l"ll"»-'  -
have it from   the   Halifax  Chronicle
marked   for   McDiarmid—by   which
firmness with whioh ho  administered  time Mr. Wade h> "one   of  the   nos. i l"''"'''ss '"' "'ai1''il  fraudulent   altera       ^,9»»»^»99»»9^*9999^/9*»99»9999»999999999»»9»9Hi^»^A,
lliiodcsia after it had been lake,,   ov-!,,„iv„    ,,,„,   (,r„,„„|i(.    W(1|,M,,.S    |im| tipn of forty i.l tjie colli, t. |
er by the Crown fromtho South   Af- speakers among the  Liberals   of   the      Why   Mr'   PHtol'e11   ^"'llM  ll'"'e $
ri.-an Chartered Company,   met with province, especially in the CoUntv   of been ™"«l "P by Mr. Heid iuit|  why *
universal approval,    It was   a   most kunenbui-y."    His redemption of the ,m *hoM lmvo to,d   Mp    Reitl   how 1
dilllcult position, ftinco he had at   one County of A .oli» in 10QO after the [""•"y ballots had been   switched   by *
i    ■ i • i   -. i    i him  iirn   pn.bli'ina    tin-   solution   ,,f 9
,!"UV "dumm winch,thai  which each reader may   attempt   for f      r''l-rHl   Mf-^T'   L. N   J'hT.liJ    tv. A I-.'. K  lil'-
und the same   time   to   satisfy   tin
government   and   to     avoid   givinf
needless and   undue   offense   to   tin.'
Shirtsqnd  Overalls
cr failed lo return   Conservatives   ,.
parliament   is   cited   as   n   strikin
himself.     I'.ul it is o bviou.-   that    Mr     $
chartered company, which had  creat- p,.00f 0f |,jg ayiity.    Moreover  he  is  Re"l is a good party man, and there*-     |
id Ithodesin, and which naturally
felt resentful at the manner in which
Its supromaoy over ils territorial pos-
Kcssioiis had  been   assumed   bv   th.
.. , fore the very   sort   of   politician   to    J-
'it ureal canvasser, with  an    adiuira- • ' tn
hie voice and a ready wit.'' whom the building of   a   $75,000,000     J
As to Commissioner Brunet,   noth**   railway ought to be ontruslcd      And    9>
tug appears to   have   transpired   be-   however notable the qualifications   of    *
••tat,-.    Lord Grey enjoyed the   repu  !v,„,d   -i..     ,,,.;.,.   i, ,   i: ,■   •■. *..
.     .    .    .... ;.    •'•,,,   .. ...  '     pQntl   ""     lpPal""!  ''ia  lh'»   tw"l men appointed to conspicuous  public t
tBl  »' l»° lifotiine ot Cecil Rhodes townsmen of that name have suffered     „                                   .      ,.      .   I f
,,'I ,,i,„. ,i„,.,,,,, „,-,,, ui,,, i-,,,.«-   iimv              ,          ,              ,              , ■      olliee, there aro sure  to   be   dtssatis- »
ot ,.ung in, ono man win, unew    lion   martyrdom—tho one   by   expulsion fl>
to manage him, and to the Karl's   in-   f,-0„, parliument   b«-   --is—--«—■«« -,-  led critios, and in this Cole   the   To- «
When they   come from
Factory at  Victoria.
P, (». Box ".ii,     -     Nelson, B, C.
Union   Label   on   every   Garment.
„:    ,.    ,,   , ,- ''"' ne«>t   by   disqualification   "■"-• ■ " "'     "      -^N€<Mtwtti«tgttMW«tt^^wttM^«ftWM»«««««
ll.iinee ii is ilue that the  colossus   ,,| for icrons lifibepv" -itncl   the   oilier   bv  ronto Mail and Empire  grumbles   at
South Aft iea controlled  the   disposi- sentencnof Imprisonment   for   com- this quartette as follows:   "Surely the    ..  ■■   ,.   ■ !■■■■■ ,...   i.,n,   > ■ i, n n
li":i1"'" itest'ed   "!l   '""'   "r   twa plicityi »e frauds.    Qf-the Mani. people of Canada are  not   going   lo
' ions to cut adrift frum Ihe th- , ,,l;, mnn  Ml, Yl,HM    |itlll, ,,.ls i„.,.„.
, -ii permit Lheso politicuuiH   io   pi^v   tit
,. country and sot up an independent ,:M BXce. I(,| t|m, ,„. is n „„ull   j,,,^ |' '
,,.,,,I,ii,. in South  \fri,-i i.i ii ,,. | railway budding at   the   public   ex-
i ptiuiii ,.. ,-miuiii .\it|,.i, erj but a new chapter has been added
l'"l'll,;"T isl1"'   ""phew   of   his to tho (jualiftcBtlon-i  of commissioner Pen80'    S"n''-V w  ""t   -"'"-   "'  i:
predecessor in the earldom, the   third (j0ju t||(J ^..nd,,,, ,„ rsetm iki r,    He i    ll"ow 'he right to tax us and   to   <lis-
Karl Grey,    who   was   secretary   of pi. oiitly n party  "worker,"  and  tribute   tlio   proceeds   among   other
politicians to I'esl ill these irresponsible persons—the corset Maker,    the
Foi;   THE   NEXT   30   DAYS   WE   WILL    GIVE
Ktato for the   clonics   for   so   many hllH ukl,n   HljkH   ,-,;,.   tha   CMi0   „,-
years and who was so odd  a   charae-   ..political ouritv "
'"'     He had no children.      But hi*.      When out, Pritohetl   switched   ilu-
seven brothers and five   sisters,   with  ballots in West Elgin ho  was   actinj
llieir inline,..us children, weie   always
under instructions given   to   him   in
wed.  October 5th DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
British Columbia Day
; lawyer, the grain buyer, and the cash
' ic—who  know   all   about  machine
' , .OH,"-,       ,,,-,,   ,1,    ll"',,*-    ^,.,-,1 II. Ill,,, ,,,
well to at   bis   ancestral   home   in  -j |ur)     Ho swears as follows in his) polities but   nothing   about   railway
Northumberland,      Howick      lh.ll, ', ,-„.,  !construction."
which was invariably full of guests,
I.a.ly Grey is wealth} in her own
i igiit, In ing the daughter of rlohcit
llolford, the millionaire owner of
the imposing mansion known as  Dor-
eh, tor ll'.,.-*,-, in Park Lane, l.„ii,|,ni, NN'ill     Be
Wli'-u l,iul\ liiev was last   over  hen
i,,\i!t her sister-in-law, r.ndv Mint..,
Ille-I  of the lie-,, -pilpcls   , ulifu-ed     l,,i
with Luily do Qrey, Ihe sister of tin
late Su- Michael Herbert, who «..- nt At Tlie
the    lime     British     ,\li,liass,id,il        al
Washington, and   •• hen   I
land, d in New York consi
tonlahtnont   was   expressed   al    lior
W'uio to give ovidenco of oven  the Rallroftd Tickets Can   He Purchased At
slightest trace of rcsenilil.in, e  I"    the
familiar portraits of the Counless   de      ONE    PAIR    FOR    THE    ROUND      TRIP
"'}■ , On Tuesday. October 4th, Good Returning Until Oct.,   10th.
I lie (irevs have four ilaughtii s and
„ son, the latter bearing the ti1'1- of
Viscount Howick, Ho son ed in llie
lloer war with distinction ami tl short
tin,,'ago almost lost his life in the
nnmo manner as the Master ,,f I'-n
(iiswni.d in Sir Waller S,,,ti i novel
''The III ide  of    l.-iiuniei nioor. I iu
was riding along the   sliisl     lienr
llov.iel.     Hall,     when    -udd-nlv    hi- |
I,, -• became fi ightt tied   and   i ushed -
Int., the HCn, e.o i , in-.- its    lid, i     with
ii.    It i|iii.-',,l\ -j,,i bi iolid ii-   depth,
nnd was,ia11 i. ,| ,, ii   still   further   by
tl,- lining  lido   il.it   was   ri ing,
|,oi(l llo-.i iek had . onsiderablu   dnl,* '
20 per cent, discount
On Clothing, Furnishings, Boots,  Slices, llnis and  Cap".
In  Groceries  we   DKFY  competition.
We will not   be   undersold.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>■»♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*>♦->♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦
Please forward Tin: Ymii, H Kit-M.I, for
and acknowledge roccipl of enclosed $,
r,n-'. IIhii.m.i. is published  every .Saturday morning and
-» contains  all   the  news of the camp,
llui.s   -Pull  VkAII, ■""-':  11 M.I' Yiutt, -id.
$2,500 in ptirses.   Send for Race Rrogr.-nn.
II ,!,;. II. C.isgrove, Secretary and Manager.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'»•»•»♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»
Tlie Mnliiiil Life hisurance ('ompany <>l' N. Y
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in ii is tho bhI'chI investilit'iil known to mnn,
Cash invested in Life Insuhinco is citsh invested thai   u.,1
return compound interest,
All successful business men carry large nmoiintw of lil
insurance,    li provides for the family, protects a man in Iii
old ugo, and protects his otlu r investments,    \'nr   rates n .
.111) form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent >*>
A.-s.U IN
li. \V   WMdoWKon,
About your eyes \\ 111■ 11 in Nelson, ii will help  vou  to  enjoy     -X1'- Orxiwo
tlif Fair.     We uiiarantee lirsl elass   satisfaction.
We have on liand a very large stock- of liine It,   I,'.   VVal -I es
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians.
S. XX. 3XQA.2&&Y, A.O-E1TT, YMXR.
I'. re\ J. (ilcnsser.
1:1   ,iii-n.
.I.l.ii I'liilhurl.
all constructed for tin, [mrti.ntlar pari of the country.        I)IIY ,, , ANh ,,,.N,. i; hnismixhs
1.  . Inmpucl.',
SCO t lieill III  the  I air. lIcsHrisny Jobbing .'.,.
New III A- Co.
. ri.-M in i;   iieaI.I'.ii
William C in
lill'l,   Kill,
I)   (Jiiniphi-ll.
Di sBiisuy .fobbing Co.
s   ll. Seaney.
ill,', i.l. 3.
tiosuiopnlitiiii—John Brtmu,
.M, I.,. d Huns',—l-'i,flav Mcl-eo.l.
.Miller House—S   Miller.
I'aliiee— Tail  &   lill-ldv.
Vancouver— Owen Boyer.
W nldoif — (ieol'i-c Col inn ii.
Vmir—J. W. .Mastcrson.
LADIES     I'l'IlNISIIIN..     AM.      Ml 1.1.1XI- 111
Mrs. .li l,u MeLeod.
Perej -I.  Gl( inter,
Hurald Publishing ('•■*
1)  Campbell.
S. II. Beniiey.
To Keep Husbands   Ten =
A cubic i'.ot ,,l'   iron    weighs    ISO As   the   matrimonial     market     in
pound-, and of steel  189.6 pounds \"11111  is very active just now, we give
The world's silver production   from ''"' following recipe for coo*ing hush-
1850 to 18G0 was  about    8^-10,000,- amis, fur   the   benefit   of   tlie   now
000 per year, after which il increased housekeepers,
slowly. -^ Rood many husbands   are   spoilt
,     . ,       ,,    .       ,     Iby mismanagement       S    women
llu-   production   or    gold    ...    th" I        .        . 	
, , ,   .      ■„". aoo.ll it. as 11 their husbands   were
world tr  LooO lo loiu averaged  in i, ,   , , , ,,
 ,.      ,., , bladders, and  blow them    up:   others
the  neigbborl, I   ot   ¥131,000,000. .. ,     *     ,
...   - , , ,      •     | Keep then, constantly    in   hot    Water;;      t|„,.0|,nvu  li \V,I   ,,,
From 1870 to ISM ,t took much of a      , ' .   - •'  , '      Htnannw At Nils ,,..
.      . ml,ers lei them free/.e by   th.-u-   carc«      Jackson & Leahy,
drop, reaching its lowest level u. ISbo   , , .   ,.„ ' , .....   ,,,io,,
L lussncss and mdiflerence.    So keep!    A" "• ""' " •
of 897,000,000. * ' I usuKiiTAKKii
11 hem in n   stew    hy   irritating   « avs.
Tin-    mill   of   the    Chu.pd.stambo an,|  wol,j.s, William Chirk.
Mining company, in Peru, is   located      Others roasl    Ihnu,      Some   keep ! -^T,—, ^-.--.-^,.
'.t ll levati I' l'J.D.ii. fed    above  ihtm, in pickle   all    their   lives,       It;
sea level, and doubtless is al u greater
plevnl ion than any other gold mill in
the world.
The largest bill the Japanese,   have
had to j ay to foreign counl
,-.iiiii',I he -uoposed thai any hush ::, i
-.ill be lend.-i and good, managed in
this way, but they are ic.illy delis
chills when properly treated,
t  l.i.i   l ;.-   TH or [.MI'KOVKMB.NT.-
', 111 I.
,    ,      ...   .'■   .electing    ymir   husband,   y>u  »,lVonnn. Oxford  Maryland, Dulewur,
the war been,, ivas tor coal     Between  should mil be guided by their   silvery Coin,,,bus Ohio. Kciitucliy, Now J.-r
.',     , '.    ,7' ,    ...'     .,.,.,       .!,,„...,,   „.   i„    l,,,.*i„„    ,,,,.,.1, I    -"')'.   Vtruinh,   and    Illinois      Miner.
'-   '■•       '      ^ '   '     ■'•'' "    '   '"    bu--'«    ^iKiJEVt   'he"".' Ti^r
nor by their golden   lint   as   it    V11, y-i, i, ^  In. i-i-i,  ,-f    West    Kootenay
wanted salmon. | . isi. i,-i
lie sure to select I,in,   yourself,    ^"<"<- ;"";"'"1:    »"   North   F"rk   "'
suinniiii creek
tastes (Idler,    I r   goto   market      Take kotich thai   I.    ImimI crick   S.
June. I'..:,I, the government imported
7111,11,1!. tons of coal    fr     England,
nt an avcrnvo cost ,it' five dollars a
ton, in .-. Idilion to burning 300,000
tons ii ne,nib from its oil tl mines.
Th,- iii-,l    iiulhenlic   discovei v    of
gold in the United Stales was (Made
in  North Carolina,   when toe    ruinous
lired nugget Was picked up by „
M-nlcr. This ivas in I 799, The first
leal gold boom oi excitement in t he
I'liiled Stalls was occasioned l.y the
finding of gold near Dahli'i.Oga, Ga,
In 1829, and by 1830 fully 10,00 I
were at work looking for tho precious
inetal, In 1830 the southern states
yielded almost &-">00,000 in gold,
To Fsll Your Wants In  The   Following
Stationery,   Confectioneries,    Pipes   and   Tobaccos
Groceries, Provisions. Gents Furnishings,
Boots and   Shoes.
Wo will cheerfully refund you your   money   if  good**   nn,
cliasetl here are nol iih represented.
[-'rices are as low as any    in    Kootenay,    and    v,
want your trade.
Ymir Transfer Co.      WALDORF
Headquarters for Hinjng
and Commercial Men
Teaming and
Express ....
All    orders    promptly   attended  t<
and the greatest cue exercised in the tli,:1-    Everything Rrst-clas
handling of goods YMIH,   1!. C,
Mo-i comfortable hotel in  tho  dis-
. .    '.   H M < H ♦♦♦++♦ 1******+*++**
ASSAYING   Hj Hotel Ymir:
Cold. Silver, or   Lead    --    81.00  ; t
Copper,     - -    -     81.00  ll>
Gold Silver,     •   -     «        81 00
Provincial Assayer
The Best Meals, J
j * And .\cc,.iniii(,ilati.,ii 4
I ? In Town. ♦
< ha, ges lor oilier metals on ap
plica, ion.
* A fine selection ofWiues, X
E.   VV.   WIDDOWSON     X Utiuor.s nnd Cigars. X
fur   loin,   as   tbo   best    me   always Clctiii'tits uclimr us agent for Kriink 0
brought to the door,    rt is far  better !!i8(l',!\,I'>'"   M,i,"'!f  ' ;""li',i"" ,Na
It.   si,. '...I     :,i ,|     ticorgc      Harrison
lo have none unless you will   patient- p,,,. Miner's (o-itilicalc No  11. 81,270,
Iy learn how to.cook him. intend, sixty dais from llu dale hereof,
'  A preserving kettle  ,-f   the   finest l0 "-'J'1-*   "''  ""  Minil '■  K tJ,er [ov
1 ,-,ii;i.,-.,;,.   , I    iinpio. I'll,cuts, lur llie
porcelain is tin,'best, but if \ou   have , ,,,,..,,.,,,! ;-i,i,,,..;<, ,w n  grants of JOHN   PHI LB BUT,   Pro|
nothing hel er, an   enrthetiwiire   pip- llu-ahovu eluims
lin iviil do with care And furllici   Hike notice thai fiction  • *mma—mm*mMM*mm—*"j«-»*.
inulcr siclion !17,  t,.,.-' I ••  commenced
See that the linen   in   which   y..u i„ ,,,.,.,!„. p. ■ ,... ,..   micIi ecrtilicates YMIR  STAGE
wrap him is nic Iy washed mid n end« ol iniprowmeiil
e-1. «i,h'he require, her of  but- Baled this nil, day-,,1    m,:o,-i     l:.o. . momiilg
i ■ ■       . i .     k   ( ■  \        \       s      Vi. Ui,,i I ■ _~
P.O. Drawer Al 13,   Y.il III. B.C. j *  J   \v. MASTKIistiV,      Prop.   J
"S" JVC I iE-L | ———■—»-
M E A T   M A R K BT Spokane Falls &
,-uesii and haltko mkats      Northern Ry.
ion- and    sii iu^s    oi, cly    sew, d
lie iiiiii in the I-'-,. le  « idi   ii     liong
! cord, railed ,-,,!,if,,rl,   as ll lie called
I-   :■ . LEMKN I -. Nels  Il.C
A crj'sl<l1   ''   ,l eyliiidtical   solid,L,,^. iH (l[)| ,,, g(1| woal(
eitlinr opailue   or traimnarcnti   ••<-ti-      .,., ,, ■  ,      ,  .
1    '                       '                       ;      I hey are apt to ll v out of the   Let-
tabled         within sint'ae.s       which
llieoreliciilly are flat, and of perfect
polish, but which ale rrecpii n'lv
curved, striated, or piltntl     The siir-  out of love,    nealnes*   and   cheerful
tie, and gel   burned and   enisled   on
the . dges.    Make ii cleui   steady   fire
cxcepl Sunday, for freight
and  pus hi njrci's   for   ^ 111 i i-
'',,,-es me e. died ''planes,     ,,,    "faces.'  Mass.    Set him as near this as    seen h UOOdS .WASIUNOl'ON  •'   '.  N-  HV
the external Planes of,,   crystal   are L „g,-ce will, him,    If   he   splutters       MKS>     j,    McL5£OL> V. V.\ K   HY. & N. CO.
ca  ed Us   -Jill hi nl   planes,      1110    Hat         , .. .    .        ,         .  . , ,,      , v   ,,,           v, ,,|    P,„.!(',..
1                               and In/vles, ,!,, I,,,i be niixiou mo.,         . ,,,         m i-,im   hi,,I ureal lorthcrn, Nortliern  Lticilu
surfaces obtained by splitting  ti   cry.                                                              I osl    UlllCC   fttoi'l*. 1 dill       , ,, |(i ,,.>,. r,,„   for points  east,
. ,,   , ,, , . .. i li.istiniiils dn I Ills nn! ii il>  v in ■■■   iiuii,-,   . , ,       ,    i,
dial aro called  n-   "clcnvagn   planes.                                                          '        •——«——•—, " ■   , . w,-st   mid south; connects  al   Ko
The  intersections   of   lho  boundary U ■    Acltl it tit mg.ir iu the ft.rm Vlllil* Clt'izt'llS '"' '' '""' y"'"""  wit1'  l1'"  ,"'"':|"'
planes are-alh'tl "edges," and   plahes of what, ectionors call ki-scs,   but '                               ' Pacific Hailway.
1                                                    .   .             I l              I  ,i I,,,,           I      Co -ei*. al   Nelson Willi 111!
mo said to He similar When their >'-r-   nu vinegar ur pepper on any   aecouul i ,....  .
Wholesale and Retail  -
Mail orders receive prompt  attention  rp ho only    all   rail   route   between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Kelson, (liand Folks and Res
public Bullet cars run between Spo
kane and Northport
Effective .lime 1 HI;, 190.1,
Leave I> dly Train An ivd
s.io a ui Spokane U. In p.m
10 10 a.m Itosshind -ldl.i p.m
0.82 a ni Vmir •> 8."i |, : ,
7,'.'.. il in Nelson 7 20 p-m
mill.    Hy special onloi'8   <.u  ;i*B5ani     Grmul Fmka       t oo p m
Sundays. Or for Ymir mine,   aaoa.m       itepuuito       iu.i pui
ALEX.ODdTe    Pr.nr SAVE       TIME.
 ,_— —, ^A-LTj     rl'JHIE     TI1VEE)
NELSON .'.• I !. SHEI'PAltl) RY. CO | ['A     [ 8IN0
i ■ Kpondiug   edgen   me    propni lional
nnd lltoir coi'rosponditld angh s   eqli tl,
(laleun i■■ ui"-. nlwni ai. fnl ifoi ■
on . containing mora or less silver,
and which only can bo detected by
cnpellation. There are no recognized
. sternal characters thai set Vo to dh ■
Linguish a galeha ore with much sil You cannot fail to know when ho is
\,-r i'ioiii ,,ne licit urns  Imt   a   small done,    tf thus treated you  will   find
A littl.   *i  improve   i hem,    bt t   il
musl be used « il I. judgm, nt. I 'o
li ,i *ii,i, luui with any ■ li,'.,p inslru-
mont to see it he i- done, and becoming tender. Stir liiui y■-., \\. walch
tho while,   lesi    he   bncoine   us -.,--.
Seattle,    Tacoma
... - ,.-"i- AMJ ALL
<ynso(union.     ,,,N. ,',,,,„. Has.., ,,,,,1 k. is p^GIFlC COAST   POINTS
ben tage, thodgh   pal licUhn Iy   rich
tirgontiferoils galena can al times be
to).I from poor grade, hul llfis Is in-
freiiuonl. The galena ores ol Wis
tjonsin, tllilf .i', Iowa, Kansas and
Missouri me pradtieally barren ol
kilvor. Calettii ore. milled ill all 11..-
Mai.-, furthrir «.-,i an argontiferotis,
nnd in Colorado they run richest in
silver contact.
blSTRII  I' Ai.\NA«, I.l: i* AN ll'.l1
|'. i in in ill po itioii   i ipid ndvance-
in -ni; cilai v and  .-vp •:,., -.   full   in-
Hi ,   cliirgi     i lean   d--
.     .. I.  Nichols Co., I.t <l   Toronto
, Mention ibis ) ri| ei I
him very digostiblci   iigiceiuj^   nict-ly
with Ion, and he will    keep    as    lollii
as you want, unless you become careless, nml sot him in II cold pi ICO.
Kootenay Coffee Co,
Wliol. -nl- i retail dealer*,
in ii.  I, Ron i,d
.,'"1"""    "/':7 «'''' :•-'■r" st. Paul,   Chicago,   Now
(, n« I and   Midway. 1,1.
I.A--1 11 i H. \\ IN I \. II MONTH,       Duffel   cai-s run on trains Oi'tweoii
Spokane and   Republiu
.1     \V.   ROSS    l'ie-i ll lit. j,    Ai   ,| A,   |,;.,,,N
li ('.uti-iii-i.i„ Secretary, Oencrul L'usscngpr Agl.
Spokane, Wash. PALACE   AND   TOURTS'
York, and
1'ini.u Mi Lkod, TreuHUitM.
^i m. •; w n ■ * x~r rxrvr
I lelivcred any
place in town,
Slovt LenKt^s
,,1;: .,,,..,*    ,,          ,     pi LIBRARY    CARS,     MODERN
•;      /      Meets first   and   third   Mon- DAY COACHES,
..)■• "f nl .nth, DINING  CARS,
Visiting   brothers   welcome, M|;u^  ^ iuaK
Wm, fun iv, c. r.
Ciiuwii? Woousiub, K. R. a Begt   Meals   on   WheeLs/
4*******************^*4^     v/   ,,,..   .,,,.    ,      ,, i,
2    FAST    TRAINS     f)
ILULUU.llU.U.      ~ ™2
I SAM   Mll.l,l-:i:.  Prop, sl,"'i'1    blxoursioh   Hates
Special     l-ivcltrsioli     I'ate-
I'O World's Fair, St. Louis
Vour Choice of Route,
High • Grade - -Soffeesli
For Carl Load.    * , ,,        „
J     l|.',,.l'|ll:ll Id's Ini' AllllMIL1. .Mo
I or rate?, folders and full luformntii 11
.  I'egiirtllng irlps, cad on o: ilt'dresi  iu
Porto   Kifo
;   Liimber <<»• Ltdj
* for rates, folders and full iuiormnti
t\ ..  .     -,i   i, , i,     i    ,  remirtlliig trips, call on or ih'dresi
t        |}ll!   *"'-'l'l""l   ";l1'   l/"' l>,w,tl" ol   , -.„. „ni„. s, p. AN.IUIIwi)   or
;   wines, liquors and cigai H. A. JACKSON,       ll. DltANDT.
NELSON,  ll f
J  •» + -v-f*t + + 'f + + +"f + + + + + + + + *'<tt  i1'"''1   AVI'V'
<;. V. & P A.,       . ('  P. 4 l. A
Sp„| nil i, riO  V,'. HIVI .'side  .1
Ymih, n. '' i Spokane;


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