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The Ymir Herald 1904-12-10

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: ^ V
2    DCC 131B04     -2
Vol. I    N" 30.
'hick I'm !' < -KNT-S.
,. ...
ti.. to Seaney's fur fresli minccniont Output For  Ymir    "lines    Fata) Accident al Ymir
md other Cliri' tiiias c.iiidiinents
During Oc'to.i.
•IfKHv'     Tin* Ymir public svlioul   closes   for
Ymir 111.11.
.u.| i-ji*
The olllco  of l(m Yniir waterworks   ,l"'   Christinas  holidays nexl  Friday
is being moved into lhe building   ml*  Sundry »u|iitury   itiiproyemei'tij  have I "•■*•'
joining thp old o|licp. recently been made. -*—„——
I Queen
Tom Rum'-   building,   bin... n   as       'he   large   coal -consuming      base   pul.l(1 j-jjeo
the uld   Kootenny   hotel,   is   oping, burner js now ins|a||a(l in   tliu   Vmir j y-,,,;,. ,„;„„
iei.M.1 hy T. II. Alkimop to   replace   Hospital, and tl.e   building    will   ,je  Huiiter V.
his bmldiitg recently burnt, i munli ipure ( n Ji|iicaily   lu-ut.-;!   this   A|..*    ,
\ eai'
Tho  -now    i-iiu.e    down    yesterday I" Canadian Kilijj
.. ■ i , ...i-i i.l     If by chance you   ,-luudd   need nl*, ,,.„„,
wnli a persistency   \vbich .seemed  io .•» ' yucen
i     i   -,   • , . -i new collar or n ciifF, u.,i;,.,
. i .'..le lis ll.ti'lll.t.n to t-tuy   jvif.li    (is . ' It.'l.-t
,     ,, , ,* ,, <Jti- ii hut th.it will stand loU of wear,     \\-:.,.. ..
|or tl.e next lew month., i » i.cox "^"^^^^^
j     Go   en 11 on   n   merchant who diiul-j I  —
l-olls?   Oil ytw. from 0c to 810,00. | hi sue]-*'stu.ff Total lops (J36|)
Ti js?   Will mt!.,'!-.    tSjprlipg   t-jlyerl ,.„, ,-,„. Xln,,, .,00uli .,., t() ■■■|„, puil.
and (|uadruple plated   sundries   suit-1
..   „• ,       .    x.   I     Sum   Miller bus  been acting clerk
1 Tun
* •
!i,-.iili nf M. r.-.-i  Anil
eiml lining   i he  dei oanod,   '* ho « i   ■.
Knight -it' l'.iiii.i'.. wus -.inn I
. brother l\ Hildas 1,, ui t In- miilel till
. to ilu- church niu| f..!l..«- 1 b.  u Ini
pro•-* ..ui of I' nights .iiid ineuil',i i ■ •
I the lo, ,! \|ine| - ' mini, i l' lyhi, li I  •
hM" for an   elegunt   .Ninas   presept,
Yes sure.   Cop.p in nntlsee.
The Fnir.
of   the we.ither nnd keeping ji book of
nieterployiciil records for some years.
Hunter   V.  Hine
In-   nianngenie
( In-   ■      .!,,•      II,-.* 1       popular     M...UU
men emtlloycd at ll).   Ytnjr ,,,1,,-, .yus  deceased   wii,  also  11    her.     I'.o
th- vi-ti.uol'n -id f..l-.lit.v l.i-t   Mon -;•'""'    I"1''1   "!   ',"" •''!""''''' '"'"'' ''     »
jjiluy     M|;rcer Antic who was one   of  taken  liy thp  l-Jniglits, thp iinprc."
five contractors wording in   tlpi  drift   funerid. service of the order being re,  i
on tho No. 10 level, was Liiislind   be-  over   |he   ho(|y of  l|io  deceased *.r,i
twoon one of the big  irs -'.—d  on 1 rounded by lho hr-ihr-n of ih- t.pl
that lovpl, und .1 the ore   .-hutes.: Afte.-wuri| 1 lu< spry-jeps wprp, prcsidm}
ft appears he was assisting t" move over l.y the lt-v. 11. Young, llu,
the loaded cars to make way for omp*> proee-jsipn wasagain *V,'!l*,e*l '" PP.'.vo]
ty ones, and wus op the front of on-I the C'Mjkot to thp ruilwuy depot, the
Iof them, ns it slowly moved down the members of tins Minor's Onion pre-
eentlp incline   of   lhe   tunne]   l|oor.  ceed.ips*; and the Kjpights following
Appin-i'iitlv. li inporari|y forgot the      The deceased is being 'taken  bu-1.
I existence of aiiolher projecting .-l.ul-, ; to  his  home in Newfoundland l.y he
ut   of   thp   |i.   C.  ,,,■ elso supposed he lind   passed  them   brother, (leorge Aolle. who  was  ulv.
Standard Mining Compiny's    11 mil.-i ' all.   lie \vus, however, caught between employed ut the Ymir mine
! From   his   record; we eul| the follow -, 	
1899   thp j V' Kr"uP. situated  about    live   mile-; ,;„. ,.|,,,,,. ;ll,,| ,(,„ ,,.1|.i receiving inler- ,     Mercer Antl-, wli
1  lias   I lies   u" ie
""""""-   .-■—■" ......   1 m„ inioresiiii), pomm |     1 .*.,   .,,, 1
t the Ymir school during the Insi   snow came to stay on the 5th  of  De- southeast of the town of Ymir and on  na|  injuries  from   which he died the I from our midst, was, al we hayp said,
year, will   sever  her connection  t.t.,,,i lt.r.     ]„   |i)ou  on  the.   I.111.  of the divide between Hidden creek and  following numing I ono qf the most pppular young qien oj
.will, ut the en.I of  t|iis   pt*eBetit| Jfovpuibpr, attended  by a severe cold  Porcupine creek, tributaries   of   Sal-        \   coroner's   inquest   w,i-  held  on  the camp     liy his employers as well
1.    No new teacher has bepp   en**  8rmt1    wi,en   ti,;.   theiiiiometor   won*   ,non riv*-T..llH»    mud-   arrangements  Thursday   in.u-.iiuj   bv  Coroopr   Ar I as hj« fellow workers ho wus  held   1..
'" ' '   '       "     '   " ' !■■       - - . •'. » *•'< I.- if, i.,,,i, „„„,.	
Mi-sAVhillans v. in. has been tench-1 j„„ }ntoi-e»ting points;    Ii
11 at
, I, ,    , ,, t„   with four   Kootenny   und    Boundary t|,ur, the    ury consisting  of   Nlcssrs. krput re*ye<t\,, and fponi bptli quarter.-.
ciiced ns vet. Idown   ti.   -I   ocurecy  l.elow  zero.    In J '   • .   ' • .- 1        i •   ■
i,,   ,    , .,       ,,    ,,nil, district smelters to regularly take ore hjuckvrorth    (foreman),   Olenr-er,   D, expressions of regret novo t n Mini
About the longest   list   of   church | ipO]  the spow staye.l fiom tiic ,utn  from tJ|0 HantBr w'Vnino In the   fob Mo)-end, It. McDougall,   Poulin  and  htrly heartfelt     ll-was- I „„„„-... j
lowing   proportional      Hall   Mining Kvootlsjde.    The   first   tsvo  tt-jtnesRes to a fnu.lt, good humored, of a  frans
and Smelting Company'*? smelter, Nol- were   Edward  and   Ben  Kirke, win. and generous temperament, and prom
son 30 tons daily;   Northport    Smelt--* we,.Q working   with   thu  deceased   at ; in-nt in proinothm all  kinds of inmi
I ...     ,  i„g 4  lU'ftuing   Company's   smelter, t|„.   Uma of the accidenl     Tin .y sov- cent festivity.    His loss will bo loin.
paper, the strangeness thereof is   ap-| finally came Jo smy on   ....- i Northport''30 totisj Cni.udiat.   Smelt- erally de-scribed the positiup 'of t -re fell   by   his many friends;    His In,-
notices published   in   unv  Ivooteimy of   Noye'ipber and   in  1902 from tho
, aper, is that nppep.i'iug> tho Fertile 23tli of November,    fn l0Oq it came
■•Ledge."   When we remember   that pi'eyy heavily on the Sth of Novem-
It, T. Lowery is the   Ktlitoi-   of   thai ber, but subsequently disnppeare.1 and
I December, This year we ure linn.
fore exceptionally fortunate fn tin
lateness of the seu-0.1
Card of   Thanks,
ing Wniks. Trail 50 toils, and Gran* chute relative to thp ear. The chuto thpr, who is taking the body home
by Con. Mining, Smelting k Powci projected over lho car, when iu (.lace carries with |iitn the heurtfell symp.
Company's smelter, Grand Forks,   50 fol.  loadipg,  about  on-  foot, with a thy of i1*b whole community
tons; total Mil) tons per diem.      This 18pnco  of  f '   inches between it and _	
will allow of an output being made of I ||,e  top of  the -ur.    Deceased, who
wus moving backward with one  foot
A Great   Reputation,
.la-k Chestnut, was found on Tuesday lust in dire straits in hi*, cabin,
having stiffened a severe attack of his
ol.lcouiplai.it.    His condition was of
the   utmost   gravity,   and   he    wasl   I between 4,o00 nnd 5,000 per month,
'l"''1'1)'   "' ved   "'   ,l"'    horfpitisl,      George Autle, brother of   the   I"1*-' t0 regularly maintain which the mine
where under careful and constant at-  Mercer Antlo who dime to   an   n"   - is  „.,.||   t.liuipped.     It   is   expected
i-ntion, he has  somewhat   recovered,  timely end this week, wishes   to   ex- .   , ,,   , ,,-,.•„   ,.„   ,,,,..   ,..„, 1        ,   . ,    , . 11 •
however tliat witinn   tin-   niwt   two 1 ,.„,. uu   \KV\ ,„ Kume  manner  moved      i,ti,„(   „,,.   |.„U»   „.,; 1   i.i.  c ,1   ,
although still very weak. press his   Brat tude   for   the   many I     n(.    .,,,,„,„*. wil, ,„ ..„.„„,..  :„ 1 ,     , ,   .   ,,     ,   , ,       '"'"   '">       >     '""''   lu* '""i"
1 ".*...       ,.-f I months tho output will be largely   in |ove,- aud   when   it  reached  Llio lu«t| „is ciiaqncey   Depew,   the   grimtpsi
,-ift-r    Depew   yi-iiii |
onlyaboul 12 -xr   ecu.,   silica.      Ajout.    They  found   him  jammed   bo*  L.uinintf, ran towai-ds him exclaiming.
mi   ihe  brake, hud   passed the chute, j     a little bpy enquired   Ihe  idcte.
being then on the further side of th-| „,•.,„ hsiportant looking visitor
ilthough still very weak.                      press Ins   oratituue   tor   uie   many 1110ntliS tho oulput will be largely  in   over and   when   it  reached  tlio last I(js chaqnecy   H.-
\   H Tuiil- secrelarv ami   treas-  kimllJ' expressions of sympathy which creaattj     The greater part of th-out   ,.|,ul- was directly between it und the 5torj.tei|e,. in Am
■'.    file Broken Hill "Mining   und  '"'"' 1"'1'" l''"'1''""1 '" '''"' fl",l"'u''-' put carries   us   high   lime   ns   ever.  Car body,    Witnesses, first intimation a tew days   .-,('
','."' ','     "   . *-,„   1 ,   ,.',.' .,,...,? .-',,', L quarter s'u ice the death of his brothor. |.. about 45 pei 'cent  Cud and Lf anything wrong was when he cried •„_ .u„| ,,„, |jU
1 li-\ el up lu.'ill 1.0 . 11,1s 1. < 1111 11 1.   11 .'in 1 ■                                 *.                                  , =>
his sicki.es., and starte'd this week on
a .shott trip   10
Chicmo    and    oil.-.I ;
Arlington Mine, Krie.
portion ot the ore body recently opened up is somewhat more silieious, car*
yillg '-'*". lo '■',") per   cent,    silica,    am
eastern point-.    On    lis   return   he
will occupy the Biiurki. residunoe   op-       During October,   1904,   four   .-.-..-
posite the Waldorf   Hotel,   formerly   loads of oi-o (K7 toils) were shipped to
occupied by Dr. Doheriy, the Hull Mines Smelter, Nelson,   not
returns   fiom   which   amounted    to
He is I W,180.   The total expenses  for  the in Use at tho Mother l.odb and Grah-
11......I.   iu   llritish   Columbia     were by mines in   toe   Boundary   d'strict,
I und is calculated t.. su n tnuch   l.i.ll-
tween   the   .ur   und   the   chut-,   und        --|'|| ,.„ ,1M1| „.jl |,,lc|y ,,.,„* ;„„ ,
when they pushed back the car he fell' ;,,„     • know w||0 v,„, ":u',,. „M,,   |,,..
.low., unconscious.    They put him on  pey ,,„. srealM ym iu ^morica
higher values, running from #8.00  to|t|,e   Car   and    brought  him  out of
L'l.as   Cameron   is  working  ....   ..
contract  on the Ynnkeo Git
to drive a  tunnel 11 fl feet.ami raid
iJIO.OO    The crushing plant which is
under consideration is similar to that
•J., fee 1  loconneetwithllu.botlo.il  of    •■'•.•'1
the present shuft, which will make a
total of  **i7 foot.    Th- luii.i.-l i- all iii
ore und in a..oiher t.-n feel   it   i-   ox
ri-il thai thd rich galena -1 1  now
lhe tunnel, w hen medical assistance
was immediately sent for, It wus
their work to move the car, und llinv
hud   not   asked  the deceased to assist
lliein,    He  hud  merely got  in  and
dozing und hummer I.leaking of rock.   |„ ||„.,| tl, expedite miiUci*
„.       . t>  11 One quarry upon the deposit is about
Hre Insurance Tells.      ..... ,      '     , „     .
! I l«J feet wide, With 01- oil   all    sides.    ,,,,,, „,,,„    „,in iM	
10 losses iiK'uTreilI by the   follow- The other, 1400 feet distant   ....   theLaid   that'deceased  was working  on|K'   Duncan, llossland; A. Hiimilt.
■   •     • ■• **n .-.   .... I 1 .._.  _.i .,..:..1 1     Slocan City; '.'. Steward, -I.   A.   Mi
,*-.  J.  Speak,   ih-  manager of tho
Ymir mine, was the lieXt K'ilnoss,   lie
Hotel   Arrivals.
Cosmopolitan Hori;i.;*-1! It. Daw.
son, Nelson; I? /,. Campbell, Winni-
peg; (i. 11.11, Ito—land; Bon Martin
J. II. Cuverlev, ,1. Illanclmrd, Sulin-
I F. Johnson, C. J, White, Sandon; II
peeled thai 11.0 nol. galena si «        ,  ....    -   , |il)Q of the deposit, is about 70 ft.  by  contract and beyond driving tl.e tun-  -'—"^	
exposed  in  the  toll f the shaft, .... m.r.-l.an.s in  fire of  t UA ioq (t |d .. tl|iM|i|(.ia;ui| lhey .ere (u)d „„.' Kennon, Nelson
will  be r« mtoiwl.     A-   ■""'"   .wj November hist have   now   11 ' The wihter's snowfall  has already L0„trHCtol's wore their own masters.      Waldorf   Hotri.!-H.
thei-e is sullicient snow, this ore, to-   paid:    Messrs,       tulip     , ' l,fimn)ent,6(1 iu.0u||d Ymir, but the   B. nectaisetl was not engaged ill tl xe   Salino;   Wm   Tcnnunt,   N
^  soil.      A.
cutioll of  his  duly when lhe accident    Bavl.e, Seattle,   .1.  KergUSOII,    North
occuried,   but   was   probably   (-nod-   port; Con Wolfe, Spoknno,
naturodly nssisting  the  trammers  tu      M. 1 i.-,,i, lhrn  Dr -I  C  l-Tli u
Ket the fall cars out of.tho way,    De-   |luMMlanj.   Ai   U. Morris, Vnnco'm
Kether with   whin   has alrea.1.1   b-eu   CofTey, Boss Fstate, and   Buckwortb. 1 """'»*=''""• •»  -	
taken  from  the  shaft, will   lie  raw-  ...     , ,,,    , „,,*,  ,      ,, ,      ,     C. Standard Mining Company's aei-ial
I  III'   tul.ll   ll'll'HIIlt        ,11  \     il\        III-'      ('Mill . .11 .r
hided down and shipped to tho hiiiel-        ....        ' .      .      trnlnway from the Hunter V. mine to
,ur ipann-I,.-(,..,..., ii„.   eompniiies   in-Uhi, n,,|,o„ .*.- K-n Sheppard   railway
.-.lived  being  ih-   AiiL'^'i    American, I provides an excellent means of trans-
Th.-   Metropolitan    troiiii     which   ,..,,, ... ,,.„    ,.     M	
.       ,, ...     , K.p.iiy. I,..ud-.u MuiimI, ii;t,i.v„  „,„l  port.-.ti so   that   ....   difficulty   in ,,,,,,,.,,-j W„H an experienced miner nnd I u    ,,       u, . ,,,,
-lew .1 I.-.- on   I U'-.lay lu-t. was Ull- ,   , . , , ,    ,        ,,., ' ».    Ilos-     .*-iiluio,     All'-us   AlcDonnl,
,,,,,,       ,       ,  ,      Montreal,    The value of   il    p-iy    shipping the ore is anticipalotl.     I be , wh-n h--ot 11,-eontra.-t told witm- v, ,       . .,,       ,,   .. ..
fortunate in that the day selected  for '                                                                                  B 1 mir  mine;     I hoi   (.  Cray,   vrin
Hud,,   , ,,..„,„„-„,,   was   n, , nt-to these  rchants can   hardly *««««» return, from abput 400   tons  thut he was well acquainted wilh theL(mviM..   A    L  |,,„„|,, w,,,,',, 	
Which most of tl.e boy-   aboul    K-wn be oveaestiinat.*d                                  oforeshipped   from   this   n.ilio  lu-t   workings on   the   No,  10 level.    He \y. W. Allheifete.),   Dewitt;   J,   A
,     , .1 ,, ;,,.,„.   u.l  ,1, ,,l,.i  ,,, 1 f     11     believed him   to   bn   llioiom'hlv   con- \,   ,      ,   u    1 1,   v m
were uiiiui'Uiug lho loss of their   com'   «inter, wiieu tlio inaiKui price 01   811- - McJ,eoil, lipiikune; l>  Normaii, rlc-
1   ..          .    1        1 ,-1       .   .-   1 1    , ,      11                           versa nt With  ihn  usual  iirrtiiiiroinenl           .   .    ., ,,     , ,              .     ...
Cude Mercei A.uie, and did    nol   t—l ...       ,   ,,   .           .       .r                  wrwusoi.lv II lo IH cents Del ounce1 mx; .1. A.  .Mclioiial.l   ami   w,|.-.   \\
,.,. Wood  Prices  In   Texas.                                               '               of chutes and tram lines in producing ,-   ,,,     ,    ,   „    u,     ,,
hko attending shows,    llu,   aggrcgn* seve within a fraction of  ten dollai-s             ,        ,                    '     ,, ,J   Blant-luril,   II.   -Sliredflen,   D.ive
,                                      1.   11 .nines,   hut   tluit  in u moment ot toi - ...                . ,         ,.      ,,          ,.
lion « is h-iwcM-r   u    veil     er-i HI il.l-        •ei .;,.,,, i- ,.,,,„| |, ,    ,„    I„.,,,,„l' ...       11 c .-    •  1.        , .tlooie v     iili.l     wile,     |e,cv    l.owliy
""I fwoodliasg  beyond   jer ,0,, after deduction of freight and Lctfuine^ over miked t xlsleneo of H„,     '    ,       ,.- -    ,    ...    ,.    ,..,
Salmo;   .ins.   w uixol,   \\,   I.   (.. -
one, nml the exhibition of llu,   ent.il- ,,-jit0r»'reach in Boiihani.    The  Hei- treatment charges.    As   th.*  greater
i-ptio sinu. into which Mm   Itynorsoii ^^   ^  mi|).,iim;,  ||nM|   ,,,,   .,,,.,,.1.   „,- pft,.t 0f tho value in   th's   ore   is   in
w»s thrown, .was   nisrii \^   »hivcrs and gave forth   the  followinp Kilvcr, ranging in last   winter's   ship-
local blacksmith poiiiiil.--l .   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tl   ,,,..|    hiid   across   bur   body cold  es a few days since: ments from 19 to 4-1   nances   lo   llie  «-eie all   the  witnesses nnd  following signals for handling the I
he projecting chute.    He would sap*. I   ,  , ,  v 1
11 n '      clo 1-1, ,>el-on.
pose ih- car would be traveling very j
slowly,   nol    111,1-   lli.it   011-   mil- uu
hour, when th- accident occurred, I'ne chief CofTey has prepuied   ii..
rices  ...ui, in,
ud the average markei   price  i*. 1^,-. iul.y brought ill tho following ier-1 alarm:   Steiuly  ringing   means   lhe,
which was -u-peiidod 1 ,-oil\    l.-lweeu,      ■■FoiloMin-jioe lhe pri-y.iiling j
t«Ti chairs, by the heoU and tlio back jyf wood In   Boiihnnil    Cord wood  -t". now fully 10 cents an ouncfl    liighe> I ujct,    "Wo find the deceased ca t,, One slroko (pause) two strokes (pau—)
„f the nook,    His   epiorgetic   1 ml-   to__n|| ucci-difig to how you strike jt is   piobablu   .hat. tho company', his death   us   the   result   of   being thi fro strokes, menus a call for 1telp t.i
|,,g was unsuccessful howeve.i, in   re-,         ^ , (|f l|)e Ht!l|cl,   ,!:liK nrcl,ltioi„ will be prolltable llm. crushed between 0.0 car and cl.tite in   handle   the  h« I drying   and
»iim..t to bi-eakimx the rock,   idthough                                            ,    ,       , , i No. 10 level of the Yinir mine, and in reeling it up after uso.
.put to ,n....um,                                                         wheebarrow  load   and nu Hat the 010  ...-« be.;' shipped            . .
Bucce-isfiil in proving the exlivim  ,--           '■   • - out opinion 110 blame Is attuchublo to                   	
,.„|,Uof subject, """'   '"'"   nnlch pUnk.'    Bails, solid, contains as good values a re   ob   , ,„„„.„„„;,„ ...„„,.,.„,- ,„ „, „,,y ...I,-               n||.|,(,11  ;,,,,„,,,.
|.n consequenco of the l     i-tlen-   al   -olid  gold pl-icbs,    'Ix.ng « 1 ut mined last season.    II.-  company   1-1 (.i(ll ,!„,,,,,,• •■
,!„„.,. ii,-  troop   c.i   in...   in.ne-..ii |ung*.,- pdces mid shertbr waits for the locally managed, has large deposits ol
uttaits, and wero barely able   to   pro „,„,„,„     |SU,,|  |,olc«  lf-0  per  bushel, ,,,,.,   and   ii-   capltiiliwitioii   is onl**
'I"   Ihn needful cash U.   ■■><</   tl l^^   them ,a« thoy c     Kindling. tJ^QO.OOO, so it would   seem probable
"   'iVfc 'V,'' low 'i-tll'i ",.'-i I..'.''  >'.'" J'1,1 •i"'l"ll'^""1  '"""""" i""1 •»»« 'I"" "''■« »•«'.-« "hl   '"'  "  dividoluJ LivrfunerJKeH-icoVw7s"iieid   'irir'ibe j »t« o'clock,    All nre welcofi
■'          '   ' Hoiiev.' iiaycr,                                               i l'icsbvtci.uii   church.     The   casket H. YoUlig, M. A., Pastor,
1...... 1 •- . *                                                              *
_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J l'lil-l.\ .Kill ,N    (  .1. .**• u .1 d   .
■James   MtOiegor,    inspector     oi 	
School  mul    I'.il.l-    ( lass,    .1    |'.     HI
mi,„- tor ihe provinco,   was  pi ut ,
livening sen ice,   1   .Id.        1 -Ulli^      1 '   I
ul. the lli'ilicsl. .... 1
1 . 1,le- Boe.etV me .- ".. rrldiiy  ev. .11. J.
On  1 hn.s.hiv ntli'inooi. un   in,pies-   ' »n istiilling   t'urlli.
    i improvements with a view to iucreas-
,„•«— l.-iii.-r- la tho dltlrl.il ur cun  bo ol
d.r.'ct tr-an ili"-,ili,-,-.
Cointn'trclal  iii-iiitiiu.'  ,.'   Lu-L-ry   ik-uirl'itlm
(.ell., OU III*- |;riliil-,-.- ill lU-ltitlnrtl I, r I • •« - -.
1-eiii.isiiKU uv tub
lllin.M.O   IM III.ISIIINU   . lOMlUN*,
wife tho output und coiise.iuenily   the
I'ublllibnd avarv Silurdiiysuit iiiiillnd loan)       " ' '
ii Mr.-**, ni ,li-lu--r.-d l.y .-:irri,-r In town, force  employed The     Wilcox     lllis
.-.iii-i-r.|.ii.iii- -r-.'.oi i -i suuu.ii, payai.l.i l.r-i.i . ton ml itssiuull mill inade(|uate to the
'""'''■ quantity of 010 nl hand, and has pur-
XdvurlldlDK num, tl-vi ,.,-r mol, ,.-r nuuiil,  |,.|,.1M,| .ir„,||„.,. ;i|;,,,|.     T|,,.    |*,*gholll
Tub iikiiai.ii .no, i„- laid  tr  ...i ■•■■"•■i->« | n(*vcr looked more promising limn   il
does to-day. The Porto Hico, at one
iiiu- a standby of the coup, will
-lim-iIy have its new level completed
to the pay shoot, und take on a new-
lease of life in consequence. The
Kern inine is again in opera, ion with
every probability of success. Consis
tent profits are being accumulated
month l.y month ut tho Arlington
inine.     The Queen and   Second     lie
lief me undoubtedly paying their
way, Over the divide the big Hay*,
pnue is being developed on u scale,
which indicates that its owners expect    ...    realize    their    prophecy,   of
II.   KRAItXS,   MAX.K.Klt.
SATURDAY. DEC, 10,  190-t.
In last week's issue we were able
to report some important new developments in the Ymir mine—developments "which mean much to this
camp. Since 1897 the company
operating the Yniir mine hus always
been the greatest employer of labor
in this vicinity, the force   from    lh.it
Companies Act, ,8o7.    , Q.   McARTHUR    &   COS
Noli-„--j. is hereby uiven  that Savon-
,,.-,,, joi speai ,.-„, Mine! FUKNITUKE   EMPORIUM
('.. has becusub tltuted tho Aitorney I HOUSEHOLD    NECESSITIES
nf  ''The Ymir Gold Mines, I.i.idled," I .,.,., . ,    , ,
I l,is is the tune ol the year io g.l your pick of the many sclcd pieces ol
and .Iml    llu*   former   substiluti if furniture.     Iron Hols, Linoleums, Hugs, Carpels ami  Hummocks,
K.eliaid Mend   Atwaler  and   Ceorgo
11. llui ..hart has been revoked,
I .uteri October 25th, 1904,
"{■>. Y, Wool Ion,"
llegisl in of Joint Stock Compnuies
making it one of the biggest producers  ''
, . visum
in the province.
TTO W.u.-ii ii .1. Ih out;.-, or any
oilier person lo « lion, ho may have
transferred I.i- interest in the .Meadow
f.ai -k niiiii'i nl claim, situated on
Wild Horse otcek about seven miles
from the town of Ymir. in the Nelson
Milling Division of West Kootenny
District, und recorded in the Ueeord-
ucei'S  ecs olliee for the Nelson   Mining   Hi
Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors
X U,— Wo are sule agents for Lho Marshall  Sanitiiry  Mattress Hint  tin- (ih-ihy
SeelionUl liiiok Case and Kili-8.
($76.87) in labor   and   improvements
up..., the ul,ove mineral claim in order
All these ure fuels which speak for
lime to within the last year, being themselves, and are an advertisement
never less th.ni 100 men, and at to llie Yniir camp, which no number
limes us iiiiii iy us   250       The   worst  of hard luck   stories   can    controvert.
Bet-back lhe "amp ever received    was  And yet we do not consider them, as|lb ll"!'1 '-"■■•« m"1,'■' ll"' Provisions   of]
,i .. i      ,, ,. , ,,   .    'ih- Mineral Act, nod if within   nine*
llu- occasion when the vein   wns   c.v   anything more than a yery small   ...-.
.,„„,„ ty days from the date  of  this  notice
countered at a depth   ot   1000   feet, dicutions of what the  possibilities   of   ,     ,.'., ,. .,   ,
1 vou tail or refuse to contribute   vour
after the crosscut had been driven over  (he camp really consist of     Lor  each
You and each of   you    nre    hereby1
notified that I have expended seventy    L7 C"   L-J   A   J    /""") (~\ Cp C"  / /""* ZT"
six  dollars   and   eighty-seven   cents   i   1  L— l\./-\ L-,l—S V^/1      1      I V-Z 2—-
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
portion of expenditure, together  with
nil cost- of advertising, your   interest'
ie said claim will    Income    the   pro-
half .i mile.    Tl.e vein   at   the   spot  uf these developed  mines,   there   are
where it    was   encountered   at   this half a dozen other properties   in   the
depth, w„s found to bo barren of   pay district, with surface showings and in- jPe,t>' "'' lh" «-•'>«*•••■■>«'•, »n.l-r section
,          ,  ■               ,    .*   i *,*.-,.                            , . , ,   -I of ull    act    entitled    "An    Act   ti
oro, and a certain amount of  drifting dicutions every   whit   us   c I,   and
I Amend lhe .Mineral Act,   1900."
failed to demonstrate   any,      Honce which there is just as much reason lo
the impression    went   out   that   tho believe will make profunblo ininetj   as
Values had fail-I with depth,    in    the any of those which wo have mentions
.inly mine of (he   Ymir   camp   where ed.    They need only lhe   proper   in-
uny   considerable   depth   had    been traduction   in   the   quarters    where
reached,    I 'iiiler these eircuiustunet's money is seeking  invest nt,   to   be
it could hardly be wondered ,u,   thai quickly taken up, and with the utt.-n*
capitalist* were reluctant to speculate I tion which Ymir is   now   attracting,
in the   surrounding   properties,   and  wo cannot doubt lh.il  bu    at   least  ferrcd his interest in  the Si. Thomas
,i   , ,, i   „     „   ,   ,      ,,   und Teh'gn.pi. mineral claims situated
thut the   camp   in   consequence  has 0f them, will find a mnr>-pt.      Should ,. '
in ihe      Nelson        Mining        Divi-l
been more or hiss nt a standstill  dUr«  not this Iib the enso   however,   those   .       ,. ..*   .  ,*   , ..*,•,       ,
sum ol We-t   liootenay   District, ana
the past two years. mines ul which art win   opera- recorded .'in the Uecorder's office for]
A th y was  propounded however, ii,,,,, with their immediute  r.iot-pri-1
Dated ul  Vimr, I), C, this U'SJ    day
of October 190*1,
0 U. W, Keech, or any ni her peri
e ... iy    have trans-
sou to whom   h
Dealers in Staple .aud Fancy Groceries, Miner's Sundries
Blankets, Socks, Mitts, Gloves,   Rubbers,   Under-
wear,    Overalls,    Patenl      Medicines,
NELSON B. 6. - B0X 1095.
by various eminent engineer-, who ex-  should in themselves bo   n  guarantee
luliined   the   Vmir   mine,   that   the I of Ihu "looking tip" of Ymir eiiuip
failure to find pay ore ut the   end   of ____^__^_-__
the long crosseiir, was l.y   no   menus
lho Nelson Mining Division.
Vou and   each   of you are   hereby
conclusive ns to the lion-existence   of
such ore ul that depth   in    the    vein.
S. IL Seaney bus a lino assortment
of fresh candies and cmft'ctionely  for
I'm- various reasons, too technical am
ubtru-e  to enter   into    here,    it    wus J *•*■
believed that tho pay-shoot had swung Geology Oi* the Kootenays
ur taken a lateral bend i.i tho cast   ill
An iiiteiestina paper  t milled   the
lis lower portions     Whenever there*.
1 i "(ii'ohii;v ot the Kootenavs,    by    Mr.
foretl.nl funds would permit of it, the k   p  MtCulloeh, was read last" nth
Drift to tho -.st, Ut the 1000 ft. level  before tho University Club at Nelson,
has been persistently driven; with the  In describing the rocks of   Kootenny
result that the   leg  sustained  effort *-•■•■ MeCulloch stated that   the  most
, , , i   „ ,i ancient lit   the   series   was   the  grey
ha- now- he-n em*i,ed   (Villi   success) . "
granite of the ShUswnp mountuins,
The coliseiiut'..ce Is    thai    lh"    Cll*     ,      ,       ,        , .,       ,,   , ,
lllso foutlll Oil boll, sulcs o| the ii. nl )i -
.-uiiMtunces which have   hitherto    re     ,.,„ pn|., *,,- K ,.„.,,, ,ak(. „„,■ ,,,,,„,„]
tiirded the flbb Intloductil f capital Uhrislinu lake,    The next in poinl  of
In   this   section,   are   now   entirely age is tlib Camlirio Silurian   rock   of
tdinnged,    Tho Yniir mine  .-   to-tlny lhe Selkirk range and then the Slocan
, . . i        ■. i ■-• ranges, but over all   these  nml   most
in a positioii| where n lias ore, .1   nol        .        ,
' confusingly mixed   «ith   llieni   i-  n
n- yel in   -iglH,    sullleiently   demon-   ., . ,  , ..      , ,        , . ,
tlnek layer ot   volcaniu   rock,    which
Urt.ted, to guarantee it many years of L-,ivers lho Nelson yrnnito, and the
broil table operation It has already Uosslnild alkuli granite, to u depth of
paid dividends anioitniiilg to $193,000  11)000 feel in places,    Mr,  MeCulloch
notified  that  1   have    expended    one fit A   CL. A.
hundred and two  dollars    and   fifty Milling  Agdlt - SlOCKS SlttQ  Oliare*$
cents ($102.50) in labor nnd improvements upon the above mineral claims
in order to hold same under provisions
of the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of ibis notice you fail or refuse to contribute
your portion of expenditure, [together
with ull costs of advertising, your in
teresi in said claim will become lhe
property of the subscriber,   under   see
i.m I of un act    entitled, "An   Actio
Amend  the   Win, nil    Act,    11)00,,
Dated at Vmir, ll. O.  this   I III.
day of Nov   1001.
 ACKNT   roll—•-
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Canadian Casulaty—Boiler [nsurancc Co.
London Mutual Lire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Lire Insurance Company.
YMfit, B. V
n.i'l .here is n', r.
it  will shortly sl
io doubt    that
III    Id
endily   .nld   to   that
It has un oru I] uie proved   I'i
•i depth of ..-.er 1000 ft! and ih-r-   is
how no mnn- ...
i his section, of  which
ll may be .said with unv I'e.tson,    that
11. • values do Hot persisi «ilh   deptln
It' ihen this Stigma w
licit      lllis      Ul*
Inched to the camp, it ihltv removed,
what ure iii prospect, for the i .....ed.
lite I iturei   Of thu   "N'mii-   ii.iuo   w ••
limy coiil'idenlly -,-,.'; that thb nil,..be
lil inell en io love I (i ill  Shortly   bo   nfl
also gavb an account   ol    tliu   south,
ward in.lveint.nl of the   great   Cordil
lerati glitciel- which dncd  (idvered   ih-
I'.iciflc -1-i'e from the Arctic Id M.-x
i<'.> and \' i.s in '.ouie   phteds    al    li'ii-i
0,000 feet thick. I'-, its action i-. due
tho serilM of deep, parallel lull-y- in
I'ritid. CUluinbin, ill itinnin;: nl urly
duo um i li iiiel -oeih Koknnee peal;
is tin- dillj pi.ii-c ue.ir N.'lsnii where
ilu- remains of tlio u'lct nhu ier can |
j bo ■■.'.■,..
:  i  I
entlemnn s t.ilt.
• HUADQUAHTRRS    b*DU    MINIMI   Ml'-N    AND   TIIK      2
Newly flil-nishVd Ihrougholifc,    Sainple roolns ih eoniieeiion.
large us ei
■r.      Tl
Her    V.
,\ li.
-lection    of    la
•V    -nod
dy     prod
UClllg    ore
o, ih,.  full j suitable for Christinas presents,   will
l-apaclty of its present cipiipinant, and j ho found til Scane-y's
<v 1^
A Political Story.
In which Mi*. W. W   B. Mo-
Innes is   the   Central
Tho very latest political story of
interest comes via llossland, as follows, says the "Colonist'':
"A rumor conies from tl.e Cast
thut W W. B. Mclnnes, M. P. P.
for Allien.i, and formerly member foi
Vancouver Island in the Dominion
Parliament, is to be made Governor
of Yukon, in succession to Governor
Congdon, who recently resigned. It
wus learned yesterday from an authoritative source that Mr. Mclnnes
has practically been appointed to the
vacant position, and that the formal
announcement will soon be made! It
will be remembered that Mr Mclnnes several years since differed with
the I.aurier administration concerning
the Crow's Nest Railway bargain,
and at tbe time it was thought the
estrangement would be lusting. However, he has since then been a hard
worker for tho Liberal cause, and
during the recent Dominion earn
paign performed yeoman service for
the party, going wheiever it was
'thought advisable to help the cause
of Liberalism. His eloquence, his
thorough knowledge of public affairs
.mil his pronounced magnetism have
been important factors in tl.e cam
•puign in llritish Columbia Mr.
Mclnnes has been a prominent figure
in Provincial politics since his retirement from the Dominion Parliament,
.md he will be missed from the local
House, where his vigorous speeches
were always a feature of the debates,
It may be expected that he will till
bis new responsible position with
. ability, and be a credit to the Province of llritish Columbia and to the
administration that has honored him
with the appointment.'1
Supreme Court  Cages.
Shingle Co.np.it.v   hud   no   right
foreclose ut the time it did.
Growing out of this case is another,
ft seems thut in order to carry oiu
hi- contract, C, W Farnell hud to
Btnplow i. ..uu.her of men, und their
pay roll was met month by month by
the Kootenny **!hinglo Company, the
amount being placed against Mr.
I'ariiell s credit. Wages were paid in
I his way up to the end of October,
1903 The men worked till the middle of Dec,.,her, 1903, and the claim
is for wages against the Kootenny
Shingle Company for these six weeks.
Tl.e action wus brought in the lirst
place by John McTntyre, ono of the
workmen to whom the rest had assigned their claims against the company But little progress hud been
made with the case wlu n John Mc-
lutyie died intestate, leaving neither
friends nor relatives to administer
the estate. A meeting was held of
the workmen, who appointed (i.
Young to represent them, and an order of the enurt Was obtained, under
a somewhat unusual procedure, that
(J. Young should represent the estate
of John Mclntyrc for the purposes of
the trial. Kootenay Sniiigle Company contend that tl.e wages ure not
du- by them, but rather bv (,' \V
The Province Deceived.
Nelson Economist.—-Previous lo
the election the Conservative papers
throughout Canada, nnd particularly
in llritish Columbia, ventured the hi-
lief that in the event of the Liberal
party being returned to power it
would be several years before work
would be commenced in this Province on the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway, So insistent Were the
Conservative papers on this point, thut
the Liberals hastened to secure
from what seemed an authoritative
source the most emphatic assurance
that construction do the railway in
thi- Province would   be   commenced
simultaneously will, work in the east.
Still the Conservatives continued to
express doubts, and subsequent events
seem to show thut they were not far
astray iu their surmises,     llui ii   was
to, hesiti-le to assume all responsibility
for what he says, und his words will
Unquestionably be take., by lhe pub.
lie us conclusive on this mailer. Now
what construction nre we lo place on
this iinnuiinceme.il, which comes
practically direct from the president
of the Grand Trunk Pacific! Are we
to understand thut all the assurances
which we received, prior to the election, regarding a mutter of such im-
portance to us und to our business
interests, were intended Lilly a-, an
elect ion dodge, us a trap to catch |
voles! If Mr Hays' statement is
true, if there is no i..lent ion of beginning work here for two or three
years, we have been crossly deceived,
und we can only presume that we
have been inude. tl.e victims of a miserable political conspiracy. Surely,
however, a blench of faith such as
this, is not a good beginning for a
great national encerprisp."
Car of Aslicroft I'otatoe;
lo not liiil to gel
Stock    is   Con.|
lete,   Preparo   for    Winter
Our Grocery Stock    i-*    Kresli,     lean
SKI-: is l-'olt BUSINESS
1   I'p -to-tjali-
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   nnd   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
ll.li.'ll Stiiiikt,
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
Grade * Coffees
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦-')-»♦♦-■>-»♦-*>♦« 4*4*****ff************
Please forward Tin: Ymih Hkkai... for
♦   to.
2 and acknowledge receipt of enclosed $	
Tun IIkiiai.u is published   every Saturday morning and
4  contains  all   the   news  of the camp.
K.vrns--I'Kit Ykak, •*?■.'; H.u.k Ykak, Sl.
The following are eases listed for
liinl at the setting of the supreme
George Young vs. Kootenny   Shin'.
gle Co...puny. H. M.   Muedoiiald   up*   	
peiiring for plaintiff arid W. A,  Mac-1 hirgoly on the strength of assurances
doiiald for defendant. Wuge*, for
defendant and workmen of a nub*
Contract, amount 93305.40.
Charle-i W. F.irn-.'ll vs Ko.Qte.il iy
Shingle Company) 11. M. Macdonald
for plailUiff and W. A. Macdonald
for defendant. Action for damage
for breach of contract.
Crank 15. Collins vs. Kootenay
Shingle Company. Taylor .v 0'Shen
For plaintiff and W. A. Macdonald
I'or d-feudiint. Action for damages
for personal  injuries.
I'', l'l Cillimw.ii iiijitied In lhe
shingle mill ul Nihil) by hiving the
fore pint of his foot CUt oil' i.l lhe
bolter's saw of the shingle machine
lie claims that the bolter's -'aw, although gilal'ilcd, hud the gUttl'd sawed
1.(1'so as to elpole th- saw. In push
lug th- sawdust down the tht.le, us i-
lhe custoul; IdS foot struck lh- saw
nml was .lit   ..IV;      Chills   did   not
know ut the moment  that   hi)  foot
was gone and still went On -ndeaior-
tng   to    tlir.tst   down    til-    Aliw.lltsti
• Clio plaintiff had only hw'n working
ut the -.ii*.*.• mi h..tlr wlit-it the accident
I.--.-.III i*.|.
The cases of Young and Kali.ell
llg.linSl lb!' Kooteiuly Shingle Com*,
puny   are   8ortltlwll.lt    ptjculi.ll'.       11
*.eei..s thut 0. W, Farnfeil entered into a ihrel.ye.il- colillnei vt-ith the
kootenny -Shiilgle Conlpii.lv lo supply
Certain timber. In oilier I.. carry
.i.it I.i- .-.inline! lit!bought lhe plant
of the Ko.it-...iv shin"!- Company,
giving   a   chut tui   niurigago    which
from the sources referred to thai tl.e
Liberals were enabled to curry British Columbia- Now comes tin: Vancouver Province, a Liberal paper,
with the following statement I "Tl.e
assurances given by Mr. Prefontaine
pi rs.i..idly and those delivered by
President Hayes through Senator
T-uiplcmiiii demolished the arguments
of the. opposition candidates and
speakers! ami entirely satisfied the
people. Tlie statements made by
these -outle.nen, one speaking with
authority for the Government and
the other for the company, were un-
equivocal They promished thut
work would begin in llritish Columbia at lhe same time and with eipuil
vigor that it was begun east of tin
mountains, The peoplH accepted the
assurfttlcGS thus imparted without
hesitation or further questions, am:
sent a "solid'' Liberal representation
lo the House of Commons. It is on
Iy Ihree weeks since lilt- elections;
und we are given to understand that
in harboring the belief wil have referred to we were ehelidhing a delusion. Ml, David II. Hays, tin1
brother of President ChnrlH M.
Hays of the Grand Trtlnk I'liciflc,
whose letter written to Senator Ten!
pieman hut! such a forceful inlluenci!
with the electors of this Proi i.ice, 18
I Authority for the Statement that
I nothing will be done In llritish Colli...bin fof the next two or three years.
Mr   David II.  Iluy* Iue. JUSI    ret'.rn-
I Hotel Ymir!
X        The lies! Meals
X    Ami Accommodation
X In Town,
•f A line seleelioil ()l'\Vlnes,
•f       l,i(|iio!\s and Cigttl's,
X -I    W. MAKTl'.ltSON,   • Prop, t
•» •*►*»♦ t ♦♦•*>•*> 4* ***** -H-ff •**"►♦•►•♦••»
Kii-st-eliiNN JJiniiig Room,
Beat brands ol' Wineis,
Liquoi'8 nnd Cigars,
OWEN llOYKR, Prop.
Second Ave.
.Meets train every morning
except .Sunday, for freight
and passengers for Yinir
mill. By spooial orders on
Sundays, Or for Ymir mine.
ALEX. ODtilE   Prop.
guts i
it fn-fl. dli'i'St I       	
Mw\Vt taken  throbbr)   MiitMi ft<
$prciiil notice, Hii It.imL cRlfBdi 111 .!:'•
jftjton Hnumi
..... .fflitfputotiu
MUttti & to  --icol'-
Sctetttlfic nm'mi
'lil.itli.il of itny rrli.l.Ili:     Joil-Thltl.     TiTllW. f»
fear: (our nionrln |i   f>u\ by ull tu--.vf.,l<-ii;i-,'
BrSt-cl. omce. ut. I m   Wm.mhiii.ji . 1-. •:.
permanent position; rapid advance-
m.'lit; salary and expense-', full instructions flee of charge, clean du*
siruble business.
The.I. J*. Nichols Co.-,  Ll'tl. Toronto.
i M-niioii this paper.)
—I IT1
loi.ld be fort'cl"-..! nl unv ti •
December, I'1"'1, il"
In I ed from Mont.eul, where he   met   Ills'
defendants fore-
t'losetl, Mr. l-'iirnell is nn > (oek illg
to reci'v'-r dnitiagtil .'. tbh   otUolll    of
II,. t of plant and   ot Iii i   •! tu ■•.-- •
hucruiiijj from the ..on>nbility to ful-
Oil his contract; .1..in.ing that uiidei
ll.e   ciHTliisliiiiii-.s,    the     Koi I'-niy
brother: In whoUft co.did.-ne- he Undoubtedly i^. Wb.'n In' speaks ail he
.1—-, frankly and deliberately, we tiitil
• ■.- ii I his --int. in,-<i;i,-..-. coining .I-
I'bctlj f...in il.e president of tin- .-•...i*
puny and us representing .he actual
nt a to of affairs.   Mr, Hn*ys does   not 1
$% Sterling
Profii A crfffp
i!;v>Qii iu i ihout*
IimI ilullitr pre-
frntatioit urt.
Henry tliikift
ft ns'     Ud'.tlieH
fur moklbg Mid
Ml\etwatt nrr
|in«ne<ivl;*(!  hy  Ho
other r (v.iceru in
nii'i  il(l!let]  ho lid
<< t 'ii*"' rvtfldll M'
^^^^^^^^^^^^       firm, inM.e .^(i I
tqiialled tbiublitatloii \->r lurillug tfllt flii»-
WrilP for UltiWttf-ied rnln'o(?tie.
tinner nis.
en, ni   !<'il iini-liltirrV,
n-aiVtii. '■ I 1'inl ' h '   :
p ictlctil hi.tiil.-iS ■ I   '
Ymir Citizens
J W. Koss, President,
I) CamriiKi.ii, Si-e.elarv.
ITiNijAf McjLboii, Treusurei
oHIC • • • •
Morley  &   Co.   Stock
of Xiiuis Goods.
Fancy Goods, Toys and
Books, Violins, Qui tars.
Banjos etc. etc.
At Prices Without Regard
for cost. You can save
50 per cent.
Everything in this class
must be sold before Xinas
and prices are rediculous-
ly low.
Wilson & Hafshaw
Draymen and
YMIK,   11.    ('.
•uitllilig ln'iivy froiglil 11
',• '.s|i iiitlenco pl'oinutly
attended to
Itv dry,
S'.irlin] SHW^i
siivt. run,
Wltthtl, ctt.
Ucnry Birks & Sous
U!|i,1..'  ".I'l.DINO
4**************** *4*****4
4 .
I    MILL WOOD.   :
S Delivered any
place in tow 11.
*      Stove Lengths
t $100
I     Per Cart Load.
I       Porto  Kk.o
I   Lumber ('<>. I,id.
**** \
NBI-8UN ft IT. SHEl'PAltn KV. '.)
Washington * v.. s. uy
v. V. ft K   KY. ft N. co.
nil Great Northern, Nortlnirh riicil'..
ami 0, II. A N. Co., for (-> >* ut - - i ,
west  ai.'l south • eoi.'i'-i-is ut   I;.--.
land and Nelson   'Villi    tilt!   ■ 'allll'
I'a.-it'..-   Ilaii-i.iy.
Coin.bet.i ni Nelson with the L- I!
ill N. Co, for Raslii and K. nnd S
t lulnib 1- III 1 'nt 1",.   ••• i'i.    Itage ful
(lleell,\iio-l all I    Mi'l'laV.   I!   I '
I!ii.i--i   , 11 ■   I i-ii on train   IH   ■
1,Line- and   Itcpulillb
11   A   .IA' K -..N
(lununil r,i--,-iiei-r a-. -
- I III.-Ill-    '... • ■ • [Sterlinff t-il-er C|mi|] Ih-acelei*;
at $100, $2.25, $2.00, 6'.30,   *"0.**0,
P2.7.rj, f3, **?-'!."id, $4.00, $4.~i0, •**'•;,'-'•'■
loll.] Killed  liracelets
£'l 60, ?(j 7*"i, •■?■** UU.
qiildiens' Hold Killed Bracelets,
$3.00, 12.00, *?.!.*">i'.
('hild.en.s' Kinedold CI.ni.i   UraapleU
polfl Chain l.t-iicelelii
plujil   and    fancy    .*?:I2.00,     JgO.Op,
82.-I.OO, 827.00,  SjS.'QQ,  Ml 11.00.
Gold Huckjp Ilapd jlrneelets
plain .130.00, i:pt   wilh   !lul>i|-'.-;   aril)
|)inmond.s §|5.0Q.
Watch Bracelets
SI38.0Q, $85.00,.
jSpriiif- liracelets
plain   .fJ'i.pO,   set   with   '|'priji|oisej
$20 00.
These arc low prices )m\ as a furtjier inducement to mirchatsers during Ihjs month we
are offering1 a pash discount of 10 per cent, ou
liracelets aipj all Other Jewejerv, W;ite|ies,
Cul Glags, ami Silverware,
On our ri|ina and Souvenir Spoons we are
giving a cash dincount of 25 per cent,
A special line of Sterling Silver Bon Hon
Dishes are selljng at a rash discount of jJO
If yoil cannot call ijnd see us, your orders
will he promptly and carefully attended to,
■  Watchmakers, Opticians, and Manufacturing .Jeweller,*-..
Phone 293,
The Tanghe Case Again. [ i*?"***'! ■« that which n  f-nn.ion sur-
  oeon thus ileserilie* ill   lhe    "l.iincel":
Iii the appeal in the now celebrated j ,,|„ Oonsni|ilclit'0 of   the   difficulty   I
.'.iMi  of   Tanj-he  vs.  Morgan el  ah, experienced in removing from   a   pa
which was heard by  the  Pull   Court tient a poi-biim of Mteel cJceply  bedded
littiny in  Vancouver Inst th,  the j„ ,|„. ,.„,.,,*..,, wiji<-11 did nol yield   lo
decision of Mr. Justice   Martin   was B|)mj ,„, He, some other menus   ol
upheld. There is, therefore, i... longer removal became necessary, Dry,
any question in point of legality as to „,,,',, „|,ju. sj.|, vviwl0 Ml,,,,,,,,|..,' jtHB|j
the right of any "Klliart" or UllsCI'lipu- -,, .,„., Ml,| «,-is Hound a.oiin.l a thin
lonsly inclined person to -.take a slip- piece of .( I so as te completely en-
position- pliioer claim on property velnp its efid. This soft application
previously located for ijtiaitz. There rt,ls |-,rii*i|ii-il ,,„,.,. h«el<yards and
is hen-a ii.iiui.il:.i'i.. Held f..r the forwards lioriitoiitally over the part of
blackmailer and hangor-on of milling the cornea where the foreign sub-
I'liinps. it nil as the Provincial   Oovern ht.iuee sebined llftetl.    To my astonish
v.mik i:rsi.\i:ss guide
E, W. Wliltlowsoii.
Mrs. (ifowp,
l:.,i..ii-:i.A.ii: axi.   ism IIAWf')..
Pl't'PJ   .). lil.'fixer.
John I'liill.cri.
01(1     l...i.|.s    AXI.    OKX.;   I | UXISMIX..S
I*, (liiiiipbcl.',
Dentil Is,iy Jobbing Co,
Ncwilt a- Co.
l'iiiMTU.i|-:  p*sApp|[.
William Clark.
II.  Caiji|il.ell.
Desliliiiiiy .lollbipg (a).
,S   11. ,*-,!-anr.v.
ljns|-,i(i|)(illtiin—John Hr.-i.il.
Mcl.eo.l Housii—Fhilfiy Mp|.cp||.
Miller House— S  Miller.
Palace—Tail it Ifnd.ly.
V.ii.i..i|ver—(l|ve.i (lover.
Wshlorf— (jeorite Coliuiiii.
Yinir—j. W. Mnslcrson.
i.Aior.s   i r.iNisiiiN|.   ax|i   *,iii.|.Hji'.|(y
Mrs. Join. McLeo.1.
..jiixIni;   i!Kf|..:iiKl[
I'crej J, Gleajflcr.
Herald publishing Co.
I». Cunipbull.   '
S. II. S-enney .
lliirsli.iiv A- Wilson.
Jackson \ Iji'iihy.
Alex. Oil.lie.
Williiuji Chirk,
liienl has si^oilied that il has   nn    in-
cut it Was al once I'ilt.llllfled hv   the
trillion      ieiiie.lv..in Mich an  obvious  l^a_^^^^H^^>B^_
,   , ,' . .   .        .leh.-ate llnl vtr ..." me-hes o| lhe silk,
unit clnugernus iicicot in   toe   iniiiiug
law, ,J„ubtln«« full advantage will   be ,""1 WM *-H"lw*n wWi 'be greaiesl
taken of so pr ising an opportunity   nnse, oniighl by tho wi.nu    A gentle.
-mm~-       - man in lill'lling steel al a    lilt he    -ml
fresh lliilh.i.d   ITcrrhift   in   1711. ilenly fell that a purl io.. had   entered
kiis, nt Seaney's, $1.50 ■„-.■ kit. his eye,    He went at Once to   a   sur
■ geolt,    who    with    ..lie    most    skilled
Removing   Metal   Spllii- nmnipaiuUon, fMilnl  to cm,-net .inters Prom the Eye. sunn, saying it would soon   wmk  nut
., ,. ,        . of itsl'if.     The next  Inui-llillii   lhe    nu
An iieeiil.-nl,- lo wliten   miners    are
frequently subject is that   ...-. -,mo,„-,i i li''"1 "'•' ""'. I'«vi"« -''•■'•'■''"I   M-vi-rc*.
liy small  piece-   „f   -led   ilvim-   oil  •>' sinen the accliltiiit, iiiiii on the lirsi
drills and entering il ye.      These application ol ihe-ilk the   ,ieel   ua-
splinters are s limes \en    rlitllcilll    pxll'iiclud."
lo remove.   The use of iimgnols   luu-
lieen recommended, hnl ".en the
utrongesl tiiagnet i*- entirely iuellieieni
If tlm splinters be imbedded It Inn.
been found thai » line, sharp knife il
lh" In--,, instrument hut it reipiires
skill, a.el a sieieli hand. An effective
liif-lhud .in the hands of  the    iiiexpi-r*
I'el hip*,  loll  Inn.' a   hoi-e    Hi     lieeil
,it' new shijes.
tlllle  Sleele   |g   |||i<    111,111   l'o|    \,,ll   tlnll
I'm    '.-.iiicci I"-.  ami hardware,    u"
•I here     v I "
I'.ni la  Novi Inn -. un lo The Fair,
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
r\y he only all rail route between
points,east, west and .south to lloss-
lan.l; Nelson, Grand Forks and lle-
public. ]!ull'etcars run between Spokane and Northport.
EflgcClvo June 14th. 19(.:l,
'eave            l)nily(Train Arrive
S.*ln u.ni         Spokane Ij.li'j p.in
10 40 a. m kosslan.l 4-Sfi p,m
9..'12 a in Yniir ,i 85 p in
7.--JD am           Nelson 780 p'm
: 1 :.').ri a in 0 rand Forks 4 00 p-in
8.80 a.ni        Keptibllo Q. la p.in
Seattle,    Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
LIBRAUY   C\|!S,     MfiDFIt.N
MK.AI.S A    I.A    CjUITK.
Best  Meals  on   Wheels.
2     FAST   TRAINS     Q
Special     Exouriliull     Hales
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Kotiie.
l-'or rales, (ol.ler.siinilti.il information
11 eiiiiline Irips, call on or a.'.lresu an
aeeiit 01 the s. V. -V N. Hallway or
11. A, JACKSOMi       11. I1KANIM'.
tl, I'. & I'- A.       (,. V. * T- A.
Tin \V. Hi vers
Ymir is Safe.
We have Medicines. Fqr All Ills Of The Mind and
A (Mii|'|ilcic line of |mtciit niciliciiV'.s of which this follow iiio
ire tt |i*\v: ( ust.oi-ia, Bool Iron nnd (vine, Ltlllg llni-nin,
Pieiice's Favorite Freqcuiptjon, yelh^y Oil. I'aincs C'olcrj
('oii||ioiintl. lloiul's amj A.V1'1'^ S.'iix'ii'ai'illa, I'niiikilli'i', Sviiip
Pigs, l'in|»; Pihs. (';ii'l('i;s,'('h,-ts("s aii(| Dodfl's Dills. .\cfe:'li'V
Mill< Food, M'occt) Qintment, :i H Lininicnt, Lfllot'if|ti VyaU'ii,
Citstpfi-Oil, l']|iso|ji Siilji-., Si|l|ih|ii'. Grlyccrinc. ynsilitiq.
Linseed, Tooth Powders. ... VVr* have alst- put in a c-oiH-
plctc Ijne of school .supiiljcs.
9. eAMPggLL,
-1 ■  f   Jl  ..'.
,.|.   Illl.iiV
YMIR, H. 0.
Wu    (iiiiry   thp    Ipading   brands     imported      l.hpior**
and  Cjgarii,  .Stout,   Ale,    Hi'ai}(ly   find   \Vii)e.
'I'lic Mutual I<ife Jnsupanqe (Vimjmny of X- Y,
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000,
A policy in it is the safest investment knowp to niap,
Cash invested in Life Insuranee is e.asl| inve**j|ed that   nill
return eoinpound interest.
All siicecsriful business men carYy large  anioiints  of lifn
insurance.    11 provides for the family, protects a, man in his
old age, and protects his other invest mentis.    For   rates ot|
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent-
We aro doing business again, and ne>it weeh will   have   a-.
complete a stock: as ever,    We have now a complete line   ••(
GLOVES,   HITTS,   TOP   SHIRTS,   and   UNDERWEAR of all grades,
At Present in the Union Hall  building.
y.MUt LODGE, No. 32,   K.   P,
Meets lirst   and   third   Moll. \
uys of nlotitli.
Visiting   brothel'*)   wfclcoilio,
Wm. Cokfkv, C, C. ! ,
ciiklhik Wooiwiiik, k.11. s.   Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Pnsi   Olliee  Store, Vmiii
Hotel . . .   *
(Un.Ier entirely new iiinii.ij-.'iiii.nl.)
Diliing Kooin and Bar
supplied wi-"li the best
in the market.
Rigid   opposite  depot,   Vinir
JOHN BUBAU, l'r..|i.
Most ooinfortftble hotel in tl.e  'li-.
triet,     Kvervlhiiii.' (irst-ehisk.
Y.MIIt,  H. C,
1      I'ltKSII   ASH HAI/I'KI) MKM's
I Wl.olesule mul Rutn.ll
iMuil or.lern reeeive iiroinpt nttenlioi
Tiik Iikst iiIianIi ok Iiomkstic
The  Kootenay   Standard
and  Juanita.
M IVl'I'.UTII.I'.ll   111
~J~.   C.   Thelin  & Co.  ~
Nelson, li, (',
SAM   Ml I,I,Kit, Prop,
1 Ileailijiiaitei's I'or Mining Men
I     l!nr  nupplled   «iili   best brnti'l* "t
1 wines, li.|.tins ami li^iirs.
l''lt.ST AVU.VUK,
Ymih, li


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