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The Ymir Herald 1904-08-27

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MS Soiflfl
Vol. 1 - -Nn. U
V.M1!.',  Ii, C, S.\'!'i;i!|).\V   AI'lil'ST 27, 1904,
1'iiim; !•!■.; Ca,
A Crazy Chinaman.
Ymir has now ono   Cliinainati   the
less,     ,S i 11 l: Km-. an uk| i t — i« I.-iir hero,
having changed   his   location.      I In
Monday last Constiiblu Fraser tn'test-
i-il Sing |\i-e on n charge   of *tt'iiling
n shot gun l'1'"111   Ctiptuiu   Furrostpr.
T|n- yitn was t'liitnil nn ihe Chinaman's
( premises, and he was   i.-i|;i-|i   to   the
| lockup,    There he   bellowed   like   n
Mrs Bengie wnu is an   inmate  of veritable bull of Bashnn, and  looking
tho Ymir Hospital, was operated   up-: out of the little window in  the   gitol,
on last week, and is now rapidly pro-  called respectively op all  the   nearby
grossing towards convalescence. residents to come und tnkn   hint   out.
; I,iitei- in tin- day he was  brought   up
before J ust ices liuss and   Duckworth,
i ■ wliii,   in consideration of his eccentric
I demeanour in court, and   I.i■—  actions
at large during tin-   List   few  weeks
..*•*•>*, t-j- r ..., . » .. s . s f - * * #■ * f :
Father  AlthofjS was in  tow'ii   on
'I hursday lasc.
Mrs. Qeorge Qrohiirtl   returned   to
town on Thursday la<t.
Altogether three marriages of local
parties arc reported fur nest   month.
Base Ball.
The first match f ir the c
Oil  till!
 ip wmi tiy I
the Sal iii.i* Yniir tr.nn   ull    the    '.-'-:h. I
piil'tnev    tire  May last, was  phtvttl   n Sunday, apd
and   Buckeye ; is the first of threu to decide- which uf i
Broken l~|iH   Corppany
N't'W Strikf of Ore in   N
clnil|js i|ll (.'li'l|j«l(l'-l'    :''■',•:.
'The Sliiiuli mine   situated   half u '■
mile frnip town un the  Pundeu  road,
wi'l pi'opubly I'l'sipue uperutiuns  next !
The. Hunter Y. ||iin.- has now in
creased its shipments to |UQ tops i
nay, pr IjOQQ t"tis   per   month,   ant
the Ewq teams -jiall |iolil the clip,
wiui by tie- i'lint team- At lit'sf the
match w;ts a|| in favor uf S,ilnui, at
the end uf the soon; I ginning-, tin-
score b,eipg il to i) itt favui' qf the
Salmo l|uys: *\t. tin' end uf the third
they had increased their lead to 11 tu
-.    Then however   the   Yniir   team
Another   blind   of   berry    pickers
went out this week, tp  eump at the
mouth of   Clearwater  creek.     'I'll
lucklebert'ies,   ubuut   tiro   miles up
his creek, are said tu he verv    thick.
Miss Whillians,   the  now
ordered the charge changed to one uf
insanity, und |ununified him for  fight
"gingered up" to good effect and  rnp-
thero is every  probability   thut   this id|y hwn ta p„li  up,    Hy the sixth
rate of outrut will be still furtlmr in- inn.nK8tlm>, |.;l,,   t.,,.,,(.tt  , „.s up
creased very shortly. During the Llul t|m ^ lV|VS finl)1|i, wo|1 ,,v
month the scene of operation »»"'Ymir with a •„-„-,■ uf-Ji', tu'J-'i Much
changed from Hie glory holo un die 0f the credit of the tiewry was due
Hunter V claim to that un tho Pou- L, C|mr,0y ,\ndersun,  the captain  ol
eacher, arrived lost week,   an.t   n.o|dllya     )n ,,„.   ,,,,,.,,-i,,,,,   Constabh
vchnul opened   up   un   Monday  last p,^,,,. |lft*j telegraphed tho   faoU
• ith   an   attendance  uf   thirty two Li
hililreii.     Arrangements   ur
.mile fur a high school class,
the uaso tu   acting
Hie   facts   ut
(.'hint'   Constable
Humor lias it, that one uf the   first
I In Standard, whonpo the ore is |iow
being taken. The n.iiie eat| easily
pill out |(HI tuns p.-v tiny, which is
the maximum which can he handled by
the tramway.    It' tho  affairs   of  t|ie
:-rcntonios in the. new Gatholio'church ; against this, alleging that the man
after its dedication, will be the mar- should be examined by a medical ex-
t'iage uf a popular young  Ymir   lady, ; pert here, before being taken away  as
i prisoner.    In spite of   the   doctors
fvho has been energetic in her   eifurts
lo a.sist the building fund.
The Government worn: on the Sec.
mid Relief mad was finished this
woek, and the road is now in excel..
lent shape. On tho retu rn of the
then to Ymir, Mr. Cameron put them
tn work keying up and tightening the
new bridge over tho Salmon river.
The next work will probably bo done
in the neighborhood uf Crestan.
On Tuesday last a mail named
Wulden, employed at the Porto ftico
logging camp, received a ninety injury.
,\ large log several foot in diameter
rolled over his leg, breaking the
thigh bone and knee cap 'The morning train was flagged] and be was
brought down to Ymir and taken up
,-:t once to the hospital, Ur. Dolierty
((•ports it a bad case, as tho patient
! us now considerable fever.
Young, who wired for the prisoner t
ho sent to Nelson,    l>r.   puberty,   tu
.,,,.. , '       ,   adjusted that the plant is tu  be  per-
hi'iiltli Qthcer,   iniitle   strong   protest ,
inaneiitly in   operation,    the    Hunter
V will probably have no diflioulty rin
placing its maximum output at advantageous rates.
the Yniir team, w|ip pitched  a  good
game tln'uughout and was tiven better
at tlu> finish than at the  start.      He
could always In- depended un lo make
a hit, and was a hard   quo   to   catch
Northport sip-lter uro   eventually so betwe0|l |mM,s.
energetic protest, the Uhinl; was
taken up to Nelson, hut another
hearing was fixed  fur   the   following
day, so that he was brought back
again uesl mottling. As some pigs also came down on the simile train, addressed to him, some of the other
Chinamen are reported to have   made
up their minds to   play    crazy,    next
time they want to go to Nelson on
business, and get the Government to
pay their truVel'ng expenses,
At the second hearing a number of
witnesses testified to the crazy actions
of the prisoner, and all but one con.
sidered him to be a dangerous menace
to the publio safety Due,     l*oc,    a
countryman of tho prisoner, said that
in his opinion, if Sing could get his
laundry back, he believed lm would
be ull   right   again.      pr,   Puberty,
' erton who was recently discharged
from the Ymir Hospital and returned
tu his work at the Ymir mine, is a
gentleman who cannot be accused of
letting his opportunities slip by,
• laving another little accident at the
mine he decided to lay off for a while,
and drew his time amounting to $0.60,
Lie went into Joe Boyer's Halfway
house on his way down, to cash his
cheque, and by an oversight i?flO 50
was handed him instead of $11.60,
Like Brer Rabbit he "kept on saying
nothing" and walked down town
doubtless chuckling to himself      He-
Catholic Church   Dedication.
On Labour day, the  3st  in.i.,  the
new Qatholio church, recently erected
in Ymir, is to bo dedicated,
The Catholics of Yniir, we under-1
stand, have extended an invitation to
their friends in Nelson tu assist in
the ceremony. The fare for the
round trip on that day will bo 90
cents return from mountain statini!
and $1.40 from the union depot at
Nelson, We do nut doubt therefore
ninny Nel.snnito* will be with us ou
thut day
Tho dedication ceremony will bogin
A discovery made thi- week i|t i|ip
No. fl tjtnuci uf tin- Wilcox, uiin ,
practically means t|te addition pf .-i
large body of ure tu tbe available re
sources of the property, At i puiu|
i(0u feet fiom the mouth of tiiis top
net, a short crosscut was made sever;
al yeii|s ago, iu which good o|C was.
found althrough. in the   iiinncl   itself
no ore was visible*    In  fact   nn   pre
had shown up in the tunnel at |i|l, • *
ccpt for the first -"id feet   und   in    llit.
crosscut t-efei "rd to.    Systematic   tbs-
velopnient however, resulted this
week, iu the discovery that the .1 in
had "blanketed" or temporally llati u-.
ed out, so that the tunnel mi—ed it,
ivhilo I be crosscut into the side,
taught it. The ground back from
die -rosscut to where the pre stppp-il
it 50 feet in, has now been pic|,-.|
lown, with the result that the ure i-
t'ound continuous for oyer InOfeet,
I'he Nos. •! and 7 tuniisls are on litis
iiime vein, and iu tho latter, oxtreiut'i
ly rich ore has been found. The vein
itself has been uncovered un the m i-
tirst two or three innings seemed to face for 800 feet, and at the crosscut
be altogether to niuoh for the Ymir in No. .'I, the estimated depth bebm
hovs , the surface is '.'(to feet, so that a  vet'l
Tin- M'uund match for t'.e cup  will  large imantity of  "hack-''  i- demon
bo played if. Salmo next Sunday. strated.    liaises are now being   ma In
through this oris   body,   which  varies
.^ ffjj*j|| f,.om two to three and a half
feet.    Of a number of samples   taknii
across the vein, in the  newly   disco-
.•red portions, the lowest, assayed  t¥*s.
iu gold  and  the  highest   ivi'7    pel
\ ii.itlii'i' hard
catch between buses was Low-
is BOmotllillg uf il sprinter,  antJ
one ti
,    win
bited his ability to race   the    had    ti
first up several occasions. Sherraden,
the Salmo pitcher, i» also showing
noticeable improvement, and   iu   tbe
Shooting Commences.
The open season for must lands of
game found in this locality commences
next Thursday. The following are
the must important varieties with
the conditions of hunting:
The bull caribou lllllV be killed
from the beginning of   September   to
The Krie Placers.
of tl
0 year,
the em
sold nor exposed for :.alc during the
first month, and five is the limit for
each hunter iu   one   seucol!       Peei
A. VV, Boyd, of   Spokane,   has ar«
mt must pot   be  rived at Brio, |!. C , to take charge  -r
the placer   properly   owned   by  tin
Krie Placer   Mining   I'mnpany,   and
will start, active   mining   operations
10wovet'i after a very brief   oxatnina-
I'he young gentleman   named   Sil-   tion of the prisoner pronounced him a
"lunatic of the must dangerous typo"
and the magistrates accordingly committed him to the Nelson gaol, whence
he will doUbtlcM be sent oil to the
asylum at New Westminster,
There can he no ilouht but thut
the man is very much ufl his base,
the prime cause of his trouble being
caused by his financial extremities Ho
is the owner of the Chinese laundry
opi mite the depot, which he rented
to another Chinaman, who claims
that be has loaned Sing Kco $80, and
therefore refused to pay rent,
Whether this is so, it is Impossible  to
it 10)30, an hour after arrival uf  the  mfty ,J(. |umt(.(, f|.()m |||(! first (|(   Bop.  illllll(,iiately.
lore very long houevir word of the find out, us Sing Keo emphatically
■nor was brought down, and in the! denied it, und there were no papers of
Absence of Constable Fraser, Pat any description-, produced, The lat-
puly was sworn In as a .special   Con- tor also became absolulcly   unliitelli-
Hable to arrest him,    On the   matter
train, und will be followed by a high
Mass, The members of tho choir of
Nelson's beautiful church, will therefore have the honour to sing the first
high Mass celebrated at Ymir.
The exact cost uf the church up to
this date is SI 1.10.00 It is Imped
that the collections on thut day will
substantially assist iu reducing the
deb', still remaining on tbe church.
teniber to the loth of December, but | Tho properly, which was secured
the doe must never be exposed for about a year ago by prominent Spuk
sale, ton is tho limit for one season, anO men, is three miles notth of Brio,
they must not be hunted with dogs, on the north fork of the Salmon river
nor ever killed for hides alone. The The company will mine big bars oil
season for duoks extends from the 1st   either side of the creek as well as tin
of September to the end of   February,
and the limit for the season    it    350.
creek bottom.
For the post year, work preparatory
S making pel -
being brouobed to him, however, he
promptly ante-cd up the balance of
Diplomas will  ho   offered   ill   the
gble whsn excited and although he
has been at all the local J, P's, several times, nune of them eared to take
iinv action iu the matter, being cn-
tirelv unable to col at    the    truth    of
mining department of the Spokane In. tl" buslhoss.   This undoubtedly gave
teislate fair this year.    This will add ' the prisoner an idea that he was    be-
lunch in the vaftie of the   exhibits   of! in;,'persecuted and ousted out   of    hlx  •"' "'' *"""'"""'
tbe mining resources of the   country,  property, ilnd   so   preyed   upon
for il will be of as much    interest   to- .    ' ;,,     .,
: , ,  ,        . .  ,   .  i iuiiiiI. us tu drive him Insane,
mining men and those   interested   in
billies to know of the  relative   merits 	
of OI'O samples from different mines
lind camps as it will to know which
are the prize  winners   in    the   stock
A. I!. Galbrallh   of   Spokai
breeder of line horses, hie. sent a  lllilll
•Ju   pf   the   fllioM   Nelson; C. II, ToWltl
Hotel Arrivals.
McLttOD llnTKI.:—K. P, Wulliis-
tuit, Victoria;.) Maguire, liutte; F,
\V. Ferguson, Vancouver; ('has It.
I'loWn, Spokane; \V. |\ Slucv, Spokane; It. Anthony, Say ward j J, Mam-
iniind, Salinoj 1). C. Ilanbrick, Salmo;
H. 11. Welch, Victoria;!!. H. Flower
Vancouver; J. C. Carrtlthefs, Nelson,
V.isrul VBII    HoTKlii—Gust     I.UII-
ipiist, Joe Uellangcr, A. Paigen, A.
lVdph, <i. I'icairo, Nelson; l'eto Cyr,
Porto Kico; Flunk
Se itt, Northport.
Co.KMoi'iu.iT.lx lloiKl.:—)!. C. Pol
litt, F, c. Clttduet, W* Hlekling,
l!u-siand; 0.   McVicar, Nelson.
Ituss   liotsk;-W,   J       Hlllgass,
Grouse may bo killed during the same j to active mining, such as
.   , , ,    ,   ,, manent improvements, scouring vain-
period, but only thu blue groUse   ma) '
j able water rights
he exposed for sale.      Hale   may    be
taken until the end of December but
must not be exposed for sale befdre
the first of October.   Jnnd otter and
marten tuny nut be   killed    until    the
1st of November     The   open    season |
fur bull moose opens   next    Thursday I ^^ ^ ^^ Mperated ,)y „   |tty, *,
nnd lasts until the end uf   the   year, | of (.|,|V     fho lower   -'ratum,   or  old
and the like, has
been going on. For the present thu
milling will he dune by   sluice   boxes',
but it is understood to bo   the Intcn
tion of the company to put in a by.
draulio plant Inter on.
lied rock bus   never   been   reached
but they may not be sold until Octob   channel gravi
or, and two is the limit for the season,   from   J5   to
Mountain gouts and rams  of   tnimn-
tain sheep niny bo  killed    from    September to December but. not sold  until October, and live   mid   tl 3   are
tho respective limits, Tbo season for
plover extends from September until
the beginning of March. This list
should afford <eopo and variety.
Boars and panther (or mountain lion)
nlav be killed at  Miv tiltlO.
a- it   is
there   are   places   ft'h
values are fuillid.     Tl
round Hold and readily  sav
company is a close corporation -II. <
Mining Exchange.
know ti. ii'-.--
,1, although
;ul-l is coin-.-
hief Coffey h"- pn pared   tl
department or the fruit department, H^l          ,                       ,              ,   v ,        ,,   u   -i           su   i> ,,t   \|;,,,,
'.,.    .    n     i            .      ■   .      i..       e to Kltropi. to bUV     J"    "t    the     itie-t    Nelson; t .  II,   I o« lie, f-t. I alii, .Mltin.
\\. A. Coplcn,  superintendent   of i          •                               ,
the mining department, Is n-pw   hav- liohses in the nlarket to  be  sent,   to j, Jones, Spokane;   A.     McDOMald,
Ifig diplomas printed which    will   be Spokane in time to enter   the   horse . pa(,|,cr Althiifl Nelson,
presented to thuse having the best ek ^oW, wlllell will W hold   111   connee   '
\\'*« have got ni'NI tu tjUite  fl
'knocking'' of   property,   wlih-l
following -ignals for handling 'he lire
aim in. Steady 'ringing means lire.
One stroke I pause) t«_.i Stl'ol " (pn'tlsoj
thrdc strokes, menus a call for help,11
handle the hose •• holt dry tig am}
reullng it up artoi use,
hibits iu the  different   competitions,
Diplomas Will bo given for the best
DpeuimonS of free nulling gold, of free
gold, of wire silver, of cupper Spfici*
Inehs, nnd su un through the list.
Tl," best judges will bo secured to de*
termini, the merits of the exhibits
Hurl to award the diplomas,
is determined to have tho   bent there
,   ,     ,   ,                                   Wu.iioiik   HoTui; -.lunies Gray, been aoihg oh here lately, and were it
turn with the Spokane interstate   fair
from October 3 to 0,    Mr. Oalbralth   Not-ihpuit;  Alex   McDoriald, Hoss- „,,t for the faoi that the less publicity
land; George Daiuey, Geol'ge Uailey, given to such businos* the better   foi
fool     Hint     »e     could
spread oursel.es on   the    subjccl     lot-
the benefit of the "kliuekel's."
is in his line.    Thu agent is   piircbus-   Nelson: Burt    Medlev,    Hall    Siding;   the camp,
ing Shin1-, Clyde*,   Pei'clierons,   IN
gians, Sttll'ulks nnd euach horsed,
Ai French, Suhliu;   N.    .1.    Murphy,
cill'ltt'll NOTICF.
PlllSHIIYTKIII IN   ' 'ui III II     M "i ns It '.
Seri ices, 11 a. in ; Siindav whool i -'
livening -en ice, 7:30. V uuik Pi ••
pies' Society uii.-i- on I'riduy cvei ta•
ut 8 u'ciork. All are *i'. un i>, IU i
II. Yotthg, Mi A., l'-»»ot. SMOKE
THE YMIR HERALDi"1"" pw"otilisu,,e avy ■""■I
r_________ | he i- |uppiired tu -talcI for  it.     There I
ii; are however limits u, the drawing out j •,-„,. „.,>.,., |;1,AN|) ()|; ,„^, i-.^i ,«• OurStock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
process, «heu the patience of ihe   un !                 CIGARB. A L'll'-i' 11','lilc quick scllill- llit'tlituls ,'ilitl |i|'itvs,  keep   ill-'
b'tibturiptluii-. Ca.uu |.it hiuiuiii. im>i  i,,,    fortunate litigaiil be es  exhausted,                              Stork  lin i\ i It" n illt illllt Mtsh .      Xi M'lhlllci' till'  IlllVtllillJ''   I'll'
eipeeiiiiiyw.iieiiiiuaiipareniieii.snii i-  'j he Kcotenpy   Standard t-lit? KKKHHRST here.    T<11l.t\  wc   oll't'i'   the   following,
di-coveruble for the delay     A eii>u in                  ma.npfactuiii-p in N0TP THE PRICES.
point is thai   uf   pe-lh-.-.iv   Jubhiii" _    Host Suijar Cured Bacon and I linn (Swit'tK) per pound      I Hi
/.      C.     efhelin   Q   Co."       S"   I..O«-«nol.U«l «,,«,.,•   15   puunrl.    fur §100,
'■■■'■■ i- ■ •■        "  " Tomatoes (Quukei | per can. . . .     loe
l'i,l,lli-!,,-i   l*yi.|-v   Si. 1 linli.*,  I ||
ilCn.--., or .t.-llvt-r,.,! II) cane r III i
AdviTtlslna rsnw, *i Ml in r incli  |.i*r in,
• UK    IlKMA ill    I,-   I,.I I    ir .1    l.li
|...-.v.,|..;t]..|.. iii ||,.. .|,.|,.,..|   ,,,-   ,.,.,    .,      ,,,,,,
i.r- .-I tram thu ,,iii.:,-
AclHV    liuld    Mi a    Co i _>•_	
i oininiiruinl   !>riiitiii_'  .>i
'   I ii tin  l-r.-nii-.- .,i -,.,i,.|..|rii ,,rr.-.—
1*1 i*.• i-iii ii in   i ,ii
IliniAI.P   1-1 III.ISUIMi   l.'OMl'.\XY
li.  UKAHXS,   M\\\',|;e.
SATURDAY, A|TG., 21, I'.nu.
,      rip,!,,, I I hi- ease ,v,'is    lii-l    heard    in    May,
Libetal - Conseivative Candidates for Parliament,
For Ivuutcnuy pistrict,
i llAKl.Fs   11    MACKINTOSH,
Of  liossland,
'Ful'   Yali-L'ai ilau    District,
.MAKTIN huh kill,
Of  Grand   Forks.
New   Westminster Pi-strict,
J.   D.   TAYJ-OH,
Of New Westminster.
Fort Arthur has been filling fm
inch a long time, Unit it must now
have reached un extremely low level.
Mr. •!. W. Ross has u powerful argument in this week's issue, in fnvoi
ut' incorporation. Wc shall bo pleased lu publish any further argiiiuunt.-
I'l'om other citizens, either fur against
the proposition,
Ore milled in local mills, und shipped frum Yniir properties to the
-inciters, now amounts to over 10,-
1)00 tons per month. This is u better rale t.'i.-iit at any time hci'Otofo'V,
hat ii is only a small proportion of
thu liguro which will shoitly be attained, With the exception of ihe
Ymir mine, which now furnishes less
til in halt' the total product, the
milled are all in their merest   infancy.
■■ hen the c idence was nil ti ki n
Vftor ' he jud go and Inwyei s had pun
Ii ii d aud    investigated    the    inniier
•I um i  i « o  mum lis,    I In-    case    « i-
Ni'lsui!.  IS. ('.
t 'iioice t Ireiinici y llutler,   Hulk,   -~
A Splendid Laundry Soap 0 bar- fur   .
:; pounds Mocu and  .lava   Cotluo   for,
. Try -i pounds uf our (ley I on Ten    for.
.*l 00
*-'l 00.
If not snti-fneton your money will be refunded We aro not hard up
have i;ot lots of money. Save our disuouuts und defy iiur oppunetits
eijual us in pi ice and quality.
'argue |. ti|,e win |d ipuuraiiy siippo.sol        /Vlillinery
that aft i r In ariii.n the    tyideilcu    nod jlilti
the  ai-.ii:ni nts    I hut    the    case    win Staple
le.-.dy for .b-i-i   ot|.     This  is    however (jOOdS
'"l'lli"'","":1; ""1 !""• ''""■  mrs. j. mcleou   Mining Agent
';'"'■; "''-"'^ IX''V 1""'v,!'-1-,., ,»ni,',. store, . vm.i.I       *   *
that old age and dectepitui.u may   not
ivertuku iliem, before the  decision i-
luitidetl down. YMIR
The delay   in   this   pnitiuilur   in    \|   V   \'y       "\|   V RICKT MnUml Lifr IllSlimilCO   Coilipilliy <)f New York,
-lance, is the more vexatious,  in coii-j __,., Miiryl.'llpi ( 'iistptlt \ ( 'omp.Uiy.
sequence of the   conlingefit    interest]      l-'l.l'.SII    \M>  KAI.TKI) MKATH
.ittncbiiig lo the. decision.      Ihe   case Wholesale nnd Retail
,n, in a measure, a   test   acii.ui,   und  Mail ,"'il'ls "'"'ivv l"'""'l" :"1""1'"11-
leveral other aclimis arc tleluyed    un-! 'I()I1N  PHIUJ li RT,   Prop.
pul'tieuhir   cu-e.       I'elils    have   h< en ' • >
  ,   .    Vancouver
■onlructod, and the liability 'or   ijii-se!
lebts, will be decided by I hut-use   re- j Hotd
ferred to above,    Hut in    the   menu* | ,,. ,  ,   .
rii'si-fliiss Diiiiiiu' Ktiuiii.
Stocks and Shares
■-.-AdliST    FOH .
London Mutual Kim Insurance Company,
(Ittuw.i lure liisiii'.iiifo Company.
»■. i» ii .   i
Ht'st    hiitiuls   til'  Wines,
Liquors and ('ijmrs.
time, merchants and workmen are being kept   .-ut   o1'  money   legitimately
earned, and have no  redress   of   any
kind whatsoever,    until    the    i resent '
ens-, which In'-, already been    in    thu :
hands of the luwers over -i\    in ,nths,
is decided.      lit a-lug uise -in Ii ,- s the
Crow's Nest Cud Co., damage suit   a
decision was handed    out    ill    a    few 1
weeks after   the   suit    came   up   for
heating, and it is diH'ioult to sec   why   SpOkcLIlG   F&llS    &
if the legal   luminaries   would   -pure       TSTflT'tT'lPT'n   R.V
the time to apply  their   forensic   lure
tu the point, this case can not be set- .,
'I' he only    all   run   route   between
lied out of  baud. points east, west and south lo lloss-
___________ l.iixi. Nelson,   Ornntl   Forks  and  Re
public    llull'et cars inn between Spo
«i9:-3S«■^■SS•:«•:•£ft*r:€i«it■6■5•*«*■t«*t!•:*^, kane and Northport
|  CORRESPONDENCE   { Kiieetivc June um. iooa,
«9S8»i5-6*«-5r.»9»9'4i99»S3i5S.-9.,99ai   Leave Daily Train Arrive
„„,Mi„v,:,;,,„,    HERALD    OFFICE
Second Ave,       -        YMII.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Gents    Furnishings   Store
< In     this    j ace    «ill   le    t'i 111 d    a
letter from Mr. Widdowson, in reference to the mineral exhibit ut the approaching fair at Nelson We heart-
il\ endorse Mr. Widdowson's letter
nnd hopo thai all who have good
specimens on hand will si n I them in
In Mr Duckworth al the earliest possible moment, in order thai an exhibit worth) of tin- mineral resource-,
of this district may be leathered to
li liter, There is perhaps no buttei
way uf advertising the resources of
I In- i amp, than a cuml culled lull ol
ri.li and varied specimens jfrotn lucid
properties. The Spukane fair follow*
short I) nfter the Nelson t'-dr. und ur
rutigcinciiia should be made thai tin
Nelson collection should be iul.cn on
to Spokane iu tin,e I'm I hi- fair also
us there will undoubtedly be n gather
ing of mining men then-. In eotise
ipii'ii.-i' uf the rich luii-.o-.i- ibis vear,
there should be eonsidcrnble capital
i aily fot investment, and ut this fail
Micro will !»■ a large nlleitduiiee nl
those « ho have reaped I he uenelil ol
these bin ic-ts.
Thu only reliable and up-Lo-tlate Men's Outfitters
in Ytuir. Our gooils are the licst quality, nml we
• In not propose to bo undersold.   :::::::
8,46 am Spukane li. I ."< p. Ill
|0 I (J a. in        KiMsluml 'i.Sli p.m
il:;:!  0rJKk.     -i;;: A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
A ;',[\ ii.in ltfiiuhlie li 1.1 p.m
CAVP     TIMP (.'All. AN'.D INsl'KCT ol'l! BARGAINS
l*uk luntoit, Ymih Hisiialu.
Dear Sir:
S, me       littlu   time    ii-^o    I     was
elected    a    llleuiber     of    the    Mining
Committee of the NelKuti Fair, and
sluslly   nl'tciwauls   ull'ered    them  a
cup us || prize This il. lias been decided tu allot to till best mineral ili-,-
play sent in hy any district in Diiti-h
I was asked iu look ufter   tho   in-
tell-l  of   ibis    Cllllip,     bet     ou ing     to
pressure of Iri-iness I -hull be   unable
to al tend lo it this year    like   I   did .-v.-. i ■ .»i .i, rids 1* Urn tlma of llio year lo g't your pick of Hi-niu'.v sulu.a );
lust,      Mi.    A.   I!     Duckworth   hua  P Alll |<'|(!    |'()\ST      POINTS I'm'iiluiru.    Iron Hulls, binulciims, ltugs, CarpHts ami Hutnniuo!
kindly cutiseiiti'd tu   look   after   Mm Mil.l-;    AUHSTS    l-'OH    TIIK    M Am iN-ll Ist'll    PIANO,
collection in Ymir and anvnne   wi.1, J St.   Paul,    Chicago,    New  ,	
in, ist in any way     .ill   oblige York,   and ft     HcARTHUR   &   CO
Forward!,,,    „   -pe,. ,»    to      ALIi      POINTS      EAST
I'AI.At'K    AND   T0U1U.ST
sl.l'iKI'I'.DS     lUJFI'K'l',
.IlillADV    CARS,     MODKHN
DINI.MI   «'AltS.
MF.AI.S  \   l.\   iMtli;
Seattle,    Tacoma        HOUSEHOLD   NECESSITIES
A. M» A!.],
um as eai'ly a- possible,
Yolli - mi \  truly,
K. \V,  Widilowsim.
y.MIII l.oli
Meets I'n-
Tiie iull,|i|li-l lllllou uf    lie-    l.iu    if
this l'ro\ inee, dues not -cei, to be   ill
rended with ns much cx| idition, evei
us iii other i nullifies, The hiyinnn,
» Inn ho goes to law, knows full v. ill
tl ut it- mills grind slow ly und that
it may be some weeks or months be
n re he cun gel a hearing, llul that
hi'   i-   already   habituated   to,   audi
Mill UiliiiK. No :;■_'.    K.    1'
i   und   third    Mutt
nys ot ii,< nt li,
\ i-iting   brother*   "rli ,
\V.|   t'oini, c, c,
i 'iii.i.sii; Wooiisini,. |<   I!, s.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
S II.    vVu are mile agent* lor thu Marshall Siinil„ry  Mauri--**, ami  Um (ihih
s.-i tioiiul lloui i 'a-e tun! Kill -
Fresh   Goods   for   the   Spiing  Trade
2     PAST    TRAIN*      Qi  -
i:\sr and wi'.sr DAILY L\        Ah|( I,,,-swift's Uncoil ami llntns (tiioynre t In- liest)
Dundee MiU'iuiiliuk'- lilue I'niiit OyHtcl'H. ('i'onho i\
Specinl    Excursion   Hate* |j!ael<Well'H   IMckleH,   .liillts.   nnd Chow Chow; well
To World's Fair, St. Louis Releetcd   TeiiH.   CnlVci's   mnl   (,'oeoa, (lovei'iiinenl
t I'l'iiiuci v nml Uii/joIwocjiI Butter,
I Your  Ullok'O   ol'    Itollle.
Meet.s  tritiii  ever\   itinriiin^,
exeonl SlUnUlV, "tot"   IVeiitlll :    Kurrairs. folders nml full liiforniutimi
i '        , v-"-       reustillnu trips, cull  mi m lu'dres't uu ,.  .         .,      ...    ,     ., ., ., ,,
1111(1   [NlfHell^lM'ri    lor    ' iiiir i .,.,7,,, ,,|- 7,,. -,  p &N. Hnllwny or h»hlng Dickie, Mtaiioiieiv. hru Works, Sporting tioods, Muguz -,(...,
mill.    Hy special optlci's   oil   u, A JACKsilN,   ' H. HKANDI',       '"""""'y-   I'M"-  I  Smokers'supplies,    All i/.hmJs sold ,.i wry leusonuh,
SihkIiimJ. Or Ibr Vinii'inine.    o. k. &V. a„        o. i»at. a. i""1"'
Spokane,       "IU W. Itlvershlu Av. ^-     „    cp'/iMFV
ALEX.UDOIL.  Prop           I                                           Spokane. !»•  «• ^>Kk\i\V.\
YMIR, B.6.
«*4 Six Good Fire  Rules.
In view of the cmunion, , uniiijie
which ha- lieeii caused this season to
mining und other property in I'., iti.-sli
Coiunibiu by fotesl lires, tho tolluwiii"
Clark's   Furniture   Store YMIR BAKERY
L'udertuker   an,l    Fund      Den
Mail orders prompt !y nl tended lu
rrhlivRi :""'', i f'""!  Second Annua! Exhibition Of The
Ihe 1 luu-iiis  I loneer, miiy I e ul sei'vi d
I'.llti il Si iikit,
y '.i in
l-'rcsli Pii'eiul Kven   Moi'iiin-
M Its,   .'i.-.o'. is,  i -i, Am:\i i.
Two looms I nl   foi    11j111    iiuii ,
I ping
I     f*J
v. it 11 advantage by all pi ospi etui«.
, impi i -, ant! men of the w uuds "i ner
I. Do not build a lire lurgui than
you need
I >o not   build   your   lires-    in
dense masses of pine leaves, dull   and !   ^-e-i
other combustible uniteriiil, where the ' ^^
lire is sine to spread.
.'.. Do not build your lire ag du ■
Urge logs, especially rotten logs,
where it requires much more wgr.8
and time to put the lire out than you
ure willing to expend, and where ymi
me rarely ipdto certain that th- lire
is really and completely extinguish
I       In windy weather and in   dan- , ., . .   , , -\-    i .. ...
gerous places dig a holn and dear   oil'       '> •       '"      AlHUlM.',       N(\,      jNelKOll,      I).      (
a placo to secure your lire,     lou   will, • . . , •——■
,a ,c wood and  I rouble.
5,    12very   camp   lire   should    he I
i iplole'y put out before leaving   I hi
G Do not build llres to clem- nil
land and for other similar purpose*,
without informing tho nearest otlieiul,
• u that he may u-si-t you.
Xolsoil  A<£] LtMlltlir.l] Mill' il!(!i!-ln;i!
eptember 28 sod 2
>i\v Buildings, Fine (Jroimds,
Big' Premium List.
****£ Novel Open Air Attractions. €€
Write for Prize List.
' •'   .»»t9ll!1'Oiablllfl.ll^lcS6CIICIbO(iOleil6tlll4DS'. ICf
11/1 _ H     IP*/tO* B^i     5_B>f"VT<l
IIKAIKJI'AUTKIIS    I'm;     \||\'|\i;    MEN    AND    TIIK
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connect ion
•        Hates SI.50 to $2.50 per dl
per ilay.
IIXI.AY    Mel.KOI). Proprietor
i 44*4*4*44444444*444*4*444*
3 ♦
M. TAIT. .1,   RUDDY
V.MII,', II. (.',
-      - .-I uO
t 'hat -;i's for  Ol In I' llietuls oil up
1 plication.
P.O. Drawur A I l.'V   V .1111. I: t'.
■ •J.---''-:.gH^.'j'JC-Tvyr-T"--VT«r.- :■•
Load Pip; at  Trail.
The Canadian Sine)ting Wolks al
Trail have already cuuimcnccd opera-
lions in the munufiiulure ot' lead pipe.
SuttiB samples of Ihe new Canadian
product were brought down to Vancouver u few days ago, and arc on exhibition in tbe rooms of the Tourist I HotCl ...
Association, where they have utlract
• I no little attention. The Trail
Creek News gives the toll iwing brief
but. graphic descri| tion of tie- process
of niaiiufacture:
Lead pip- spouts like a jet of water
from,the machine now in operation
at the smelter here, The operation
\ii the machine is described a- simple
vet, striking iu the ease with which
the finished product is turned mil
Additional interest is added t > the
le id pipe branch uf the smelter I }'
icason of the fact that the product is
tho first pipe ever male in Canada
from Canadian lead.
Tl"'   bi8   ll!lld   I'M''   '"".'hiii"   las   ww(   |l|H|   vM|l||. ,,„„„„.,,   ,„   |.„„
laii'l and Ndsoll   v\ilh   the   Cuuadial
fiold,  Silver, or   r*eitd    -    •*! 00 ■■, ,     .               ♦
Cupper,    -   -        -        1*1.30    ♦ J'ne Best Meals         *     \\',.    carry    the    leading    lirands     imported      Lii|ttor.>
Cold Silver,                             SluO      ♦ And Acrolllllliiiliil ii ill       ♦                 .           '     .                  •
J IiiTdwu                * a;u    ' i.-ais-  Mont,   Ale,    Brandy   ami    Wine,
♦ •»
il.   W\   VViDDOWSON I I ^ fiiieHolectinnuj Wines. X
,,..,,                     J * Liquors and t jo.ii'.-.       ♦      . »»&»m»i*^*a».4*9Wb9tti&&»^*»i*i>$9&bi&»&9»&i»&i*9&»
Inn iu, nil .\ssayei'                I   ♦ *      t'i                                                                                                                                  iSI
t t     *
I   -I    \V,  .MAS'l'KRsiiN',      Prop,   ♦     «
* *       «
\**4*4*i*4*t4*4******4****-       S
Wilson & Harshaw 1
Shirts and Overalls
(,1,'ii.h-i ciiin, |\ ecu uiaiiiigcn t.)
Dining  Room   ami   Bar;
supplied   wi'h    the   host
in the market.
Draymen and
YMIR,   11.   (J,
liiuht   oiipt fite depot,   Ymir     u , n:     i     ,    ,-   • t ,
• ' ' ' I Laiidlliig heavy Ireiglil ;t
J.MIN URKAU, Prop- Specialty.
attemletl to,
m.i.mix & i r. shkpi'aHd iiv. in.     Correspomleneo [iromptly
KKl) Mot'.'.' I'AlN Kill.WAV < O
WASHING I'ON .v 11.  S.  IIV
v  v. & I-:  hv. & x co,
and Ureal Northern, Northern  Pacific
and • >. II. >v N. Co,,   for  points  cast.
been ill operation for several days, It
nia-.es pipe of ui'v dimensions re-
<111 iit'll up tu foilr inches in diameter.
Molten load is fed into il receptacle at
one end, the refilled    product   of   the
had refinery being utilised,   The core
of the size desired in the pipe is phi ed
at the other end of the machine, and
I lie operation start-, As the hud
approaches the cure it is cooled slighl
ly aud pressure applied In force the
li il ill through the core mould.
The oui Ii I of the machine points
upward, and from this opening '• ho
pine emerges twisting und   wreathing
hi.e a giant silver Hllllke.       Gulls    are
plan-il to receive tbe product,   which, I
in its   heated   condition,   is   readily I
s.\.\i   M ll,l.i:ii.  Prop.
j W.i 't   t:i ".    com •   from
1 LENZ   &   LEISER*
* ,, ...
ai I'uctory tit   \ letoriu.
I P. 0, llox .•--'•,      -      Net   lb C
fl, Union   Label   on   every   Garment.
'''« km**««tft-tr-J*5*-S6«-r<:*re**-r*^*«**t*t* (•««««€€«««««•«««« - '
IDi:    THE    MAT   ::n    DAYS    WK    WILL     < i I \ I.
^"I" l!,;il>v,"x<- 1       ,-        ,, ,, 20 per cent, discount
I iilitUICta at  .\o|~o|i u nn the   I . li. ■
* N- '''• '''"' K*-'» » '- »"•>« [-IetiiU|u:irter.s lorMiniim Men;                            FOR GASH	
Con necta at CurleW   ivilh   stage foi (111    (lotllillg,    KlU'lURllillgK,    ll'iois.   Slioe.-.  llul-   Itllll    I'll]-*.
Ot Ami wood and Midway, 11. C |-al   KUpplii'd   »iih  best  brands of
Dutlci   curs run on train- tietweeil
Spuloine and   Itepublic
II   A. .1 \UKSON
(iuiu-rul I'asseiiger A^t
Bpokane, \\ usli.
w.nes, luiuoi - aud ctgut'.i
rtlts'i Au.m 1,
Ymih, II '
Kit n cut 11 Ainiii.'il
In  Groceries   we   DEPY   competition,
\Vc  will not   be   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing; Co.
wonnd about the apparatus    piuvided
The pipe is cuntinniis su   long   as   the
lead f e,| bos contains raw muteri
It will be readily   understood  ilmt
u short lime sullices   to    turn    out    11
large quantity of lead pipe, «o that
tho machine is not run eontiuou«ly.
the plant was in operation several
days this week   und   u   considerable
I escrve of pipe ready foi the coiisum
II is now in -lock at lie' smelter.
'li-a-e forward Tiik Y-*i!it Kkiui.ii for
 h   |
Willi Large Displays in all Departments.
$2000 Ottered for Krnil and Kniil   Kxltihils,
More than )|t:J0,O0(l in Premium-, anil I'rizes.
i and nek tin wletlge tccolpl of oheloseil
Tin. Ili.ini.ii is published   every Saturday mor.iing   ml
...    .olilaili-   all   the   news   uf   the  ciiuip.
II -ii.-    fun Vi mi, sji II -,i,i- Yn.vit, *l
Five   or   More   Exciting    Races    Each    Day    -^»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦« »♦»-»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦->♦♦♦♦-»«
$12,000 in Purses. — .■..	
The vitrill si brick    So   much    n-eil
lii towns und cities for   paving   pur j Down towll Clll'llival eaeli ni^lil-
pnses are made of fusible   clays,   tbe
clays at times having   a   mixture   of
ground  slude.
I slink marble thut is entirely black
and capable of taking a high polish is
must rule itlnl    Miluable.        Some    d
'hi- siuue is   produced   in   Vermont
and In northern New  York,   but   in
v, rj small ipiantily.
Ill'ili lii'uitiient iSriiisli artillery Imiwl.
I''ree llijjli flit-.-, Vatnl"\ ille attraetiiins daily,
fine mineral ili>|i!ny, tlnn -liu.v. arl exhibit, ete,
To Saw Mill Employas,  Prospectors, Miners, etc.
.   , ,, . A small annual premium will insuru j'oii i   inn   Miryin^  n   •-•"■I| < to
REMEHBB R'-Low Rates and Special Excursions     . ...
ivuiio.iiuiui ■-'i» > i .--.,uiMI, in i i ■■ o|  1.1.VIII or i,i-m,i.I Ml,si, uiei ill ii Id.ieui   "ill    M'lUIH    i
on al! Railroads.
Concession Piiviligrs fni Stilt*.    Write foi' Premium Mil nnd linen  Program,
llobt, II  Cnigrove, Wectctarj' und Miiiiugeii
« .ekly iiidemuiiy v.lul.i pi .runted front  forking in coil cpien/ii  of
ilccilh'tlt,     l-'or full put licuhil'i npplj •-
Percy J. Gleazer.  Aciint. JEWELLERY   REPAIRING
Wo arc (specialh fitted'up to do all kinds of .leweilrrx
lepaii'H, Look into our jewel eases; von ma\ have n gooil
I'fooch which onl\ needs a pin. era ring tlinf ivanls-a .--: ■, 111 •
n  tt.     Wo may use the old settings   or   rcsei   ;tn -...      II'
atones am missing we will I'ltrm'sli new o al  n    \vn    low
[iriee.    We want your repairs as we are sure   to   please   von
To Till: lilllTOH OK tiik Vmiii 11 Ull U.I)
lv,r Sir:
It     is      high      time        thut
Villi!", "in  prosperous little li.wn,   wus
m ikiiifj another ittoi e   for   i | on.-
,n, for two reason-      l-'u-i.   because
loing the work,    Do noi negleei ymir diaiiiimd seltinj,   il  a \ins become the centi
perhaps time yott had il i    el: this is our special work and , ,    . ... , ,;„. i, ,    ,
i    ii
we vuiarantee satisfaction ami saleiy.    Oij   reeeipl   of   |tostal
n I we will mail you a wooden   hox   to   insure   sal'ct\    in
;' mi; portation.
Manufacturing Jewellers and Opticians,
The greatest    single   disc iverv   of
'piai 1/ cry-lals ever   made   was   in   a
mine neat Xiiil.on,    Gjeriuuuv,    «here
,    . ,.,      .      100,000 pi Is of line civsl.il-    were
fjolcl M'iih discovered    in   Cuhtormu ,
I'Xtractt'tl troin a cavity,    Ihe    luruesl
III 1848 and up to 11104 the statu Inn
ipeetmen weiuhinj' nearly o00 pound-
ptiiduceil 81,41 1,001), ) iu the   |         ,    ,    ,   . ,„...,•
,   .       him « Inch I- on exhioitioti in    I'd llu
cu us metal.     (...Id whs llr.sl  uuiieil   p
... ; i In* museum   ot    the    I nivi r-i: v    of
.New   South   Hull's  in   I ".l I, alio  Up   li
,.,   ,  Naples exhibits  a    eroup   m    unurlz
1)0*1 -he has produced >'l ,:i I /.7i-'.ooi ;      ■ *,.',,.
.    ,, ,.    ; M-vstids   Meiidiiii*,'   hall   a   lull.        Al
v  uih of  "old      The    men    ui    Cull    !    '
I,Ian i- u Mti»le    crystal    I hreo   and
formal* I o8,."li0 .-(inure miles    win,   i
, ,, ,   ...  ,      . .,     ■ ni'-iiu ii-n-i ti el Iuiil'.   live    und    one-
tllltl  ot   New  South   Wales   is    consul-I '
, hull     lies    ui    clicuintercnci',    und
I l-ihlv |-ii--cr, b.-in-     ,,(),-.,)(i0    -oll.lle        .
■• -iji-   -.<)   pounds       A   ' i v.si il   in
the Paris Museum is tin  feel  m    di-
The name fttllei - earth is «iven    tu ' miieter und «eiyhw SU i pound-.       Al
Komo claylikc minerals uf u   greenish    Little Falls, lli'rkimei   cutiiitv,    Now
-.vliin', er-i.v. ui-een   or   brown   oolur.   V'uik, ure t'niiii.l tlio j i    hums   of
They aro*soft ami are creasy    to    the  t|„, .s|ll.t|| rumuied cryatal, millions   of
touch     When placed.in   which   they I them    h.niiin    I,,.,,,,   extracted    from
full into powder.     It consists  of   clay  cavities of the e.ilcifeious sutid   stones
mixed with just a sullicient  line   sili-   „f tluu iTiiiun.     Hot Sprint,'*, Alkali
eiotts matter to take away its plnsli-
c|ty, and eonsripicntly it- I'lliim-
apart when placed in water. It is
used is treatment of oil*, fats and
ureases and is valued at --'7 per ton.
-a-, hi- been the source of sunie uf
the largest und !n->i uuiirl/ crystals
of the L'niti d Slules.
Mi et schiiutn is a ininerttl  of    w Idle
i.r o|-avi-h color mid is u hydrous sili
Lliibbitl metal is un alloy of   cuj.)iei j,.,,(   ,,f m.i-ne-ia,     li i.,,f-,,fi earthy
I in and    antimony.     Il    is    -of I   texture, has the appearu of   chalk,
nearly while, and is need as nn unti- |m.s ,, hardness ,,f ■_',;, ,,,,,1 ,, viiriiiblu
friction metal, Isaac llabbitr, of Upecillc gravity, yeij light, however,
llostoti, patented the nllov iu lt-3'1 us when dry it will flout on water,
ami thu original alloy eoutaincl 2 H An impression eun be made in il b\
purts tin,  I part* coppei and  H   anti-tin. linger nail ami has a smooth   feei
inoliy,     The fmlowilig gives a toughei    p.,,, |,|*in,..i|,„l smlr ,f -|,*, ,„,,„ , ,|   js
ne.Uli    Tin Oil pat tu, copper    I    and   Asii .Minor, whero i curs   in   vein
antimony H parts      r*ead i- also   ml
ded in some ciist-s on   a. ml    of   it
t' i ui and mined -it    places   from   pits
iiii.l leu izuutal galleries in a much
liieapness. In smdl um units il i-|dun!ar way to cod. When lirsl
id objciionil. Iml the It d, bin   met   l„,,U|j.||t to the surfaif    il    is    ..Idle,
id thut is sold in    the   i kci    ivndy  with ,t yelhnvish tint, and   is   coieretl
mixed usually contains a eimsidelnhly «ii|, red clayey soil, It is sold ns
larger proportion   of   lend    thiin    its   hroughi   from   the   mine,      Its   only
price won] I   indicate    The   alloy    i-   u,*,,t nt is in eleauiiig   and   drying,
usually molted ami   run,   while   fluid, I w'nieli lakes place iu the open   air   in
directly into   Um   bearings,    a   space  ,|„  -,„inuier time,    requirinc    IIv •
from a eighth to a half inch thick be- Lj*, days of heal to perfectly dry.
ing left for il between tho box .wi'l I Meetseli-iuiu him been found ut u few
the shaft that is to be suppurteij |.,.,„.,..,   nl    ,|1(,    i ,,;,,..|    ,-s, ,,,..,    |,,,i
I'ln-   Mining    Wo,hi,    ,,f   Chicago "I1 gly in each iiistuuee.       li    has
gives the full,.a in- llgure- us the pro- heen found in serpentine quarries   in
,   clion of orn    ,n    llritish   Culiunhia ,'.---,,i    eounty,    Peiinsylvuiiiu,      in • like Nebun,   llosslund   and    Handoi
,, ii in-.' llu- I'u -t six ou. nih-   of    11)01 l>eiiwuie cnutity, Pi'itiisylvi
The figures   are   iiiisleudiug   however, -1   I'id  lid   M
In that, while those allribtlled to   the L'liih ami   New    Mexico,       Its   iimin | shape,     Ymir townsilo is fairly level, I      aild   CO m mcrcial Men
mini's of tlio   Nelson    (Ymir)   «ectioti use is in  the    muiiufuetuie    of    pi pea  and there ate no costly rock bllllls   I"!
,   in-, enl Ihe rroduction   per   iitonlh, and holders for inhuri'o smokers,   The  be    lived,   coiiseipiently    requirca
■ ■ rial district should he   dune    in
the tow u llui instead ol hi inn done
here, it is all done in Nelson. No
doubt it will rem lin so, us long us
Ymir i- not incorporated. There is
no doubt but thai, Ymir people me
willing end able to attend to their
own business We have very poor
railway connection with Nelson, and
if w,- have any little business to ut*
iciul to. w e have lo spend pari of
three (lavs there, which is yery incon-
\iiii. ui, io s,iv nothing ahiiul the expense. Nelsotl is very willing to do
all Yniif's business and us ii i- verv
profitable to them, they  would doubt
wti,c«r,tpi,i„hi  is a , pae, yMIR    II! SIM S^   Gi:i|)r]
limestone, yery hue and even hi    ir\. I
tine, and of light grew and   yellowish ,.SUIVi
color, idl'ording a very    even    surface,] K. \V, Whlilowsou.
good for use in  lithography, uaki ur
The piopnrti ,11   of  |  o,.l.  |   ,   a,ea  i       M''S' ''""*"■
in counti ii - of   Kemp,-    is    e.i i li il
as follows; Imiuico, I - 1000th of t he
surface; Spain l-ollth; llelgittm I -
-»ili; I Ileal lli-itain, I- 10th. The
■■oil urea of I treat !!, il ian i weeds
I:.'.mi.i squ ire miles, ih u of the 1,'iiil
ei -i.il, - is ubilosl L'00,000 squ ire
CuitT'l m  .1-I-; of Iuimovkmkni-
• mil k
liuyonne, Oxford. Maryland Delaware
Columbus Ohio, Kentucky, New ,ler-
-,-. Viriibiia ami Illinois Mineral
i hums situate.I in ihe (Joul Kivei
.V'iiiing  ln\i-io,i   of    VVest    Ivooleuit-i
Where  Iu 'til, il;    On    Nuilh   b'oik    ol
Suinmil eieek.
! A Ki: N<■ I'll B lluit   I      l-'i, ill I ii-l;    S.
less be very un will ing    m   see     l inn i C'h nu uis iirijiiu as iil'i-iiI for (-'rank i:
incorporate,   bur   Sir,    the    time   bus   l-isilua   Kieu   Mimos   i!.-iliii, ale    Mo
1 ' II.    ;-l. .•.!■:;      mi,I     (iioigu      llanison
,-o„,e when we nillst stop ■■in,I   consul- W,*,^,   Mi|,,..-.,    ,., ,;„.,.„ _S|l   |*   ..,  .,-r>
er.where wo are, niul   w-hcre    we    ne  inii'iul  sixty ituy* fimn llu nute lurcof.
going logel oil'at.     li    we    let     this   ' ■' «l'l> '•    '-•   '' e   M it   K'ei nler I u
niiic ties • t impi iv.'iUi'iiK I u- Hi,
pin p ei- i,• .,• : i ;;i .- i i ... ii plants i,I
lie   aliow  el un u
Ami fin il er lake m il-i- thin am ion
llll'li r si •• ion .'•.'. mn-l i e c, lliiueiiceil
h f ce llu- is-u me ■ of   such ei rtili 'iiu -
|. iml of hitsiness go on trout    \ ear    to
\ ear, w e will sun ly go In-hind     ^ inir
slioitld now take   a    lii in     .land    and
iniinipulale Iter ow n    be .iness,    if   il
wants to be prospei uis inn I built    up. j ol hiipiowineni
We have   got   the   milling   industry  1'nleil this ,jih day    ol   ,\ugu.-l     11)0*1
heie that nu doubt will    hack    up    a] !•' S. CLKMICN I'S. Nelsmi, l(. 0
;; I -ized town.
I n the second place. Ymir i* its-
sessetl for upproxiinutnly ^100,000,
and the tux ou thi- amount together
w it 11 saloon and retail liceni cs amount ■
to between $3000 and $4000. This
nioitev would all be spent in tho town
of Yniir. every dollar of il 11 would
make quite it pay roll for several
mouths during the   summer.       There
would be work for all    the   idle    It
round our town, at good wages, for It
few months in the i uinincr. The
nun, have their li1- im; and w uild
spend their money with thu business
men of I he town.    The motley   would
UIIOKKIIAIIK   WO    I---I  tl l' •'..
IVrcy ./. HI,:,/.-,',
lit 11 111 II
I, I,:, I'liilherl
lll.'l    i.ie.li-    INI)    liKNT."   II ll.MSIII -...■
li. (bimpi i r.
UesHlisai iJolihiiig To.
Nl Wilt  A   lo.
I 1 1,'xn li i,    |,i:\i.u;
William Clark.
I», Campbell'.
besHiisiiy Jobbing Co.
S  11. Seaney.
I', S. T. Ross.
(insuiopnlitsii—.Itilm Breull
Mil I II- use— Kill hi v Mcl.e.ul.
Milh-r House—s   Miller,
I'uliiee— I ail & Itthhly,
Vuiieiiin er-   Owen Buyer.
Wuhlotf - (ii*,,i 1*1* Column.
Yniir—.1. \\ .  Muslei'i-on.
I API I s      l-i ■IIM-IIIMi      AS',,       Hll.l.tM' V\
.Mi-. John McLcuil.
MINIMI     III■', llllllRII
I'erej -I    Oil i ■/.' r.
Ibi.ili! Puh isldng Co.
I), ram; hell.
S.   II.   M-mieJ  .
lliiislniw iS \\ its iii.
Jackson &   1,1'iihy.
Ilex   Oleic.
t mo llTAKt:it.
W'illiiim Ciu:
^K>T«U-fc»*^-^*.i- .
. ,. —> -"-i---
^^WKt^ , Ymir Tra
^'■^■- ■-;      I    '   '
"^3     '•f'l'".:,    --.':  -
%^- j
"WWfrr     Co.v-:,:::-!,"
A ii'nii" n'.i'iiu: :i shel Hi nnd dcrrl]
oiii'-i.lv iifrerhiiti our oimMnn froo v
invoiiiion '-i |>rohnbly nntonttiblo.   ('.',••
linna Rtrlctlycotilldontlnl. HtindbnoUi nl'i    ■■
hqiiI ii'.-i". Oldcflt nponey rorflncurlnw :•>•■ mi.
I'litQiita tnkoii tin"Ui:ii Mutm ,\ (.0   •   ■■
Scientific ° HSiefkan*
A hnndaomely llUintratad ireoklj    I ■ •   -*• otr
i,„i„„ „i nnr.tole&tlllo }'•/"", I,   'it. | hundlim of guuds
sister Co,
JACKSON iX I.i:\HV,  Prop-.
Tzammq and
Express ....
All   orders   pi'omptly   attended to
ind the greatest cure exercised iu   the
vi'.-ir: four nn.niiM $1   Send byoll ini
ull   IU back to the    men    that    pnul BraccDOfllo« ■■■■ t bt. WMblngiou. uC.
the    taxes   in   llu-   lir-i    place.      The   |u m mumii          ^-^_^. —	
inotiey would only change band- several timos, and would he used up in Ylllil" (.-itlZCUS
iin- town llul it our luxes ire all
sent to the govetnnieni it will all go
out of tie- tow n, every dollar of it.
We will not only have the "pending j
,,f tin- iiione',, and keep   il    in     town,
hut we will have   the   improvei t-.
Three thousand dollars   for   improve-      ,|   \v. n,,Ss, President,
meiits, if judiciously   expended,    will 1 |i  Cami'HBLI., Secretary,
do all the street grading that   i-    nec-
i-s-yrv nl the present 'in.', and    build
all thu necessary   sidewalks,       Y ■
is so situaied, naturally, that   ii   i\''<-
not iieid any ureal expenditure,    Not
Shelf 11.1 nl wit iv,
r.niiiii'i'.-" ii.'ii'iiw.'ii'i'.
I'ltint, Oil, and Glass.
I-'im.av MofiKun, Treusurei, j
—Ma—m,, a mniiw——fa<ta—— !      Tillslllit llillj;' ,'Ulil     lioilll ll'lll.:
. of every ilescriptiuii (lone.
^t'^T'^-^tt'-pfi'.-f^ti^ W^
HOTEL. . .
y.Penusyl    '■    .-■      here it- costs thousunds of^ dollars I Headquarters for  Hining  KOOteHaV    Cof^C     CO,
I i--,e liu-eii-,   and   in,to pul   M-'.eral   hundred lei t of I* »li) ill I ■'
i    . ..11n., ii._ni,s apply    to   ihe   pro   lieuxiei mineral ia the imml    valuable very little work, and I have nu doubl
.,  I'tjiin foi ihe whole six  monlh.        j Meet-ebunni uf vet-, light    weight    i.llin my mind, thai   if   every    thing   is
'|'|i„ li,, ,1„|,d   distrii'ti       l.e    Ion   ''"' I "'   '"'    produeiiig   the   best iiiunnged tight llial we can lowet   our
in in-. —-."_'-• -. < - • • 111 ■ ■ i .--i.ii miii",   ■'''.-   I1!"''     Meerschaum is u must    vidua, taxes one half by next   ,,-ir.
'.'"'.'.War  Ivi'do   mine    :'.'.. ■ i." •.     I,u I blu euiuiiiuibty mid a  ih'i i   luciitt-d       Iiieiirporalion will iiuprovo our pro
I;,,, \,,, •_>   mine,    ,",.'i,.",Ti,,    Kouteii'iy ooywhere would be of much value, perly and eiihauce its value,     li    will
mine. .'1-781; Jumbo mine,    1 71 •">:   I | —=>»•■ he nn induce nl fo taidu   people
'.   I„ mine, H.S2; White    Hear   none,; f\'(;  Woncio'l*. to como in nnd buy property, to build
IHir.; SpilKc-   mine,   7'JU        M..-1. i     ,,    <t , . and'become ciliuens,      There   -h I
i ' " •S"""',l'li'  '""»«>'   '••'l'1''    WW |„.   ,„„,c    )'„,.    protection,    and     this
""""' '"' , !" ' '" ' "■•». «tnti,.u that    liiNl   | l,e paid for out of   taxes,   and
Tie- lioiindov   tlistiiel        (Jruiihy   gur Wulluee's search for   a   wife   for      . i ,       i i
^ not by private subscriptions us   hero
H.in|..uiy. :'7ti.0l0; Mothei  f/ule, 87,-   Coihiuiie, ii llritish Columbia runcher\„.c,„.n
imO: Kiinnii, 16,064; St'iinUir,    1.7:."'. Il4" ''"' a "•'-"' '"'' I.      Ib-v.   Mr.|    Some towns   which   had   natural!
I'm,  of s,| n Arm, llritish Col- '
(j.iv., CiK-Jir  a certificate   of  ,,Ml,,,„|ll,|,,, |„ivc hud lo burrow u	
barriers   ami
plied in aii-wij of an    iidi'erlisetnenl  '   ',, i : .- .
1 un in.   all lin|uovenienl- can be pnul tor    out
Most i iforiuhlc hotel in tin-   d
ti let.    lively thin" lii.-t •class.
I'M II!,   U, C,
Wholesale and retail dealers
in l-'i,-h Koastiil
High * Grade ■ Soffeea
Oro Denoro, l.'l,31.'l; Atbelstuii, iiUS.'i;   ' ""■"""> """°" "'""i barriers tn ov« ne, entailing   hirgt
uiiibi.i, gii" Loiltrune a certillcuto   of    v,   , ii,,,„„  i.„,    i.„,i
!    ,.,,i..„,-,*, Mil; Klkiu.rn. ils.qothers . , .expenditure, have hud
"'" '■-•'■. «««l hik I dl'l'd   girls    itp. V,„ir ha-no ittch    I
I iu- Nel-uu liisliiet;     >" ii i i t-,   1,000;   The ruble stale I   that    Mr.   C'ochri ',,,■
Hunter   V ,    1,500]   Wilcox,     uOO;  '""I 'i"''1 suddenly
Ui   en, fiOOi Second Itelief,    i00i   A
The big light  be I ween ,1,-Hi ies    und
M. in oui"- i.l) I his   week-     in    S ,u
i he present taxes,
I would suggest that,   If   lite   Unvi
be ineoi porated, a stipulation   bit    III
eluded .i  the at'ticles uf iticurporaliotti
that lite pieseiit. taxes mil not be
raised for al lea.-t llill'U years, and
also ihat tl lected   olllcera   bt    nol
liligtott, 100,
The Sloqan diHtl'icti      I'uyiui n ,   |.Viuieisco, and is the biugest event of I , ■ ,
,    _ , i ,.r..     ii faisurl lor al least    tliiee    vl'.trs,    and
I.   i.'l; Ivatilinn   mine,    l,.)()o|   Hwai  mi. i.  t in pugilistic centers for ninny
Initie,   .">77;  Slocnii   sou   mine,   "111;  jeuii     'I he Unite miner lias   nchiuv- .   . .   .
ri-nuni-raleil dllt'lllg Ihe Hiunn period,
Uumblei   mine,    I-";   lleh   I   n  i >'d a aieal irputalitui in a very   short      Moplny t« ur the viuws of oilier
...  ,   I'lttterprise   mine,   .'110;   Alain..  \U""\ '""■   ""'   ' 'V  '?  •''"'i"   uU''"m^       fr "'
| Kiiii.'K luui out i-   qieaili   questioned I lour obetlienl  servant,
Ini -. 'Jtl.i; Siin-et mine, L'-s, by the expetls | J. W,   liu-s.
"'.■■ f ^Sterling
) V / Silver
:  '--.V
From a ceffe-f
K> ''mi to a thoub-
ii!el dollar pre-
rvciilation net.
Iknry Hirks &
H-ns* facilltlei
fur making 5f>ii<l
bllverwar-B n'*1
poMCMfcd oy no
Oilier cont'Cru in
O'.AutT ju». Aftlittedetlga*
er», modern niflclilnery, mt«i skilled hntul-
".nii.trri.iri nn*l r tlie d11ret mpervlMou or
C nclient ntrmliTB tT the (Irttl, innkr an nn-
. ■[•utlli'il combhialloii Tur lutning cm fine
Wide for UluRtrated cntrt'ogue.
ctr» m rMCMTI:
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
Witches, etc.
Henry lJirksS Sons
Jiwrik-r. to HI. l'x.:pllency
the Kail of Mimo.
Mil.SON.  It. C
t t
|    MILL WOOD.   I
♦   5
I b'liVt'i't'il ,'UIV
iilmtc in (.own,
♦ Stove Lengths ♦
X $100 :
4 *
t Per Carl Load. ♦
I ... t
I'orlo  Rico       X V
t    l.lllllllt'l' ("o.  I.l I.    *
1*****4**4444*********4*   f


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