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The Ymir Herald 1904-06-25

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 :    I
■Mi 2 B 290-;
"Vw»  w —* ■
Vol. 1—No. 8.
YMIK, B. C, SATURDAY. JUNE 26, .1004.
Price Five Cents.
** M# *%* Hi M******** V * * •• *+
The   timber   cruisers     me    busy
around Yuiir.
Tho local suw mill is making a
■steady run and averaging a ;big cut
every day.
Mrs. and Miss Sturgean, of Nelson,
spent Tuesday in town visiting Mrs.
J. Philbert.
The election for school Trustees
takes place at the school house at 11
o'clock today.
There will be services at the Meth-
.odist church , Sunday evening, by the
,new Pastor   Mr  Levering, of Sandou.
.1 ohn Dean one of the pioneers of
•old Quarts Creek, and uince mayor of
llossland, was in town on Wednes-
The Reaver base ball team played
■the Eagles last Saturday. Tho fun
was fast and furious for the spectators.
The Ladies, of the Catholic church,
will hold a strawberry social in the
Miner*. Union Hall on the 10th, of
•July There will be a good program
The young Peoples' Christian En
deavor Society, in connection with
the Presbyterian Church, will give an
At Home next Tuesday. A good
programme is being arranged, and
-everybody is invited.
Dr. C. E. Doherty, the new doctor
for the Ymir General Hospital, is expected to arrive in town on Monday
the 27th, and take, charge of the Hospital on July 1st. It is very probable that lie will be appointed coroner.
Don't forget that in order to save
the ten per cent, discount, all taxes
should be paid in before the 30th,. of
this month. Robert Revwick, Government Agent, Nelson, is the ! address to which they should be sent.
Father Althoff, of Nelson, was in
town Tuesday and Wodnesday. The
arrangements for the building of the
Catholic Church has been completed,
and the contractor will commence
construction about the first of August.
One of tho Chinese ranchers to tlie
south of town, is supposed lo be
slightly wanting in his upper story,
and as he had a- regular an-enal of
v. capons in his shack. Constable
Krazor has taken charge of them
When you visit Nelson on- Dominion Day, you have an opportunity of
geting artistic photographs, or a fine
selection of views around Kootenay
from the Gueon Studio. Mr, Allen
I/Can, the proprietor, makes a specialty of pi>trait work, and guarantees
The Ymir public school .closed the
first session of 1004, with a picnic
yesterday afternoon, which was
hugely attended by pupils and par
cuts. Miss B. Moore who has been
in charge of the school since January
first, has given complete satisfaction
both to parents and trustees, and her
departure is deeply rogreted. In
another column will bo found the
promotion list for June 1004.
Mr. Rowland Machen, tho generul
representative of tho Bennett Fuse
and Coimnel Steel Companies, was in
town this week. Mr. Machen is sole
agent in Canada for these two big
concerns and is one of the most well
known traveling men in British Columbia. He has just returned from
the Lardeau, where he had the pleasure of seeing the first gold brick produced at tho Nottio L. mill, shaped
up.    It weighed exactly 1000 ounces.
Sid Saunders, who will be remembered as iui inmate of the Hospital
for a lengthy period, with tt broken
leg, is back in Ymir.
The following: C. V. English,
Hob Sheedy, Carney, McNiel, Phillips, Finney, Tibbs, Travels, Kollman
und Anderson compose the base ball
team, of this place, iWlio will cross
bats with the. Nelson .earn on Doinin
ion Day, at that pluce. And it is
liuped by all Ymirites that tins -club
will return home with as high spirits
as they had after the .gome on the
24 th, with the same team.
This season -the owners of Norris ifc
Rowe'a stupendous exhibition have
enlarged their show to the proportion
of a genuine two ring .circus; adding
circus novelities and speciul features
from this country and Europe
until it compares with the largest
of        al.        tented exhibitions.
Aside from the trained animal exhibition, which, is always interesting
to everybody, both young and old,
many daring and sensational circus
acts have %een engaged from the
principal circuses of Europe. Acres
of snowy new canvas will house a
city almost in itself and the public is
assured a genuine surprise and keen
enjoyment when Norris A Bowe give
two performances at Nelson, JVne
28th. Tho grand spectacular street
parade will be really a special attraction in itself this season. It will
leave the show grounds prompt!}' at
10:30 o'clock on the day of tho performance
Promotion List.
■ Ymih Public   School,
June 1904.
■  III Reader to IV Rkadkb,
Henry Klaveano,
Ida Julien,
Alfred Clark,
Stewart Newitt,
David Keofe.
Jr. Ill Reaper to Sk.  Ill  Reader
Vera MeLeod,
Harvey Campbell,
Edward O'Neill
II Rkadrk to Jr, III Reader.
Dorothy Harrison,
David Stcelo.
I Reader to II Reader.
Florence Peters,
Alexander MeLeod,
Chester Patterson,
. Ivn Shruui.
II Primer to I Reader.
Ada Stewart,
Wilson Newitt,
Carl Ross.
Prize List,
Roll of  Honor.
Deportment, Richard Keefe,
General Proficiency, Wing Mclsaae,
Regularity, Alexander MeLeod.
Presented by Mr. Eorrister.
Deportment, Elizabeth Clark,
General Proficiency, Coring  Mclsaae,
Regularity, Alexander MeLeod.
Prizes ron oreatkst improvement
made in   writino,
IV Reader, Loring Mclsaae,
III     •'        Henry Klaveano,
II       "        Dorothy Harrison,
I "        Florence Peters,
II Primer     Ada Stewart,
I   Reader Jr. Hugh O'Neill,
I  Primer    Minnie O'Neill.
Spelling, David Peters,
Deportment, William Rue,
Bessemer iron ores are those pracli
cally freo from sulphur and phosphorous, and without titunic'acid.
William Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, inspected the Ymir
inino on Friday.
The Drummer group at the head
of Hail Greek will start active operations shortly. Mr John A.'Turner,
of Nelson, w interested .in this ,pro
There me now seven mines steadily
producing in the Ymir district.
They are ihe Ymir, Wilcox, Hunter
V., Fern, Cjuoen, Arlington and
Second Relief.
William Fernie, of V ictoria, and
James Johnson, of Nelson, went
down to Erie on Friday to inspect
the Transvaal aud Lambezi group of
0 or 7 Claims
A. Phillips and Con. Moore bought
out the lease on the Keystone mine
at Erie from M. D. Clements and
partners, and -have sturted work on
the proporty this week.
N. Carmichall M. E. accompained
by Aug. Johnson went up to the
Planet Mine near the head waters of
Bear Creek on Tuesday last. Tl
Planet is owned by tho Dunuon Syndicate.
At the Local Recur ding office this
week M. W. Keech recorded Look
Out and Frederick mineral claims.
W R. Boyer assessment work on the
Buckeye claim. Charles Derosiers
assessment work on the Dominion.
Ulysses I. Keech and A. J. Koebel
have taken a contract to run 150
feet of a tunnel on the Monarch group
at tho head of Hall Creek, a property belonging to the Monarch Gold
and Copper Mining Company. Mr.
D. Fellows is at the head of tins com
It is reported that tlio Leo Gold
Mining and Milling Company, which
owns seven crown granted claims on
Hall Creek, will start systematic development this year, Mr. Anthony
J. MacMillan, managing director of
the Le Roi Mine, is president of this
The Peterson 1'ros. have started
work on their placer lease on the
Salmon riv or. They have about half
a mile of the river, commencing
about two miles above Porto Rico
siding. They are putting in flumes
and sluice boxes, and have a vcrj
promising prospect before them.
Tho Hunter V Mine was inspected
by a party of distinguished mining
men on thursday, among whom were
the following: Professor Hoard, of
Soranton, Pa.; William Floot Rob
ertson, Provincial Mineralogist of
Victoria; William Fernie, Victoria;
James Ash worth and D. G. Ash-
worth of England; J. Laingstacks,
James Johnson and 8. S, Fawlor, of
Nelson; and Norman Carmichall, of
To  Subscribers and Intending
As we stutcd last week we
started with a blank subscription list. A g-iodly few friends
to whom we sent copies of tho
first issue, on expectations, have
responded to our invitation to
J walk in and deposit, but there
are others. All advertisers get
a freo subscription; but we shall
X necessarily have to gradually
eliminate all those others to
whom we are now sending, who
do not declare themselves,
Mr. Fred Wollle, of the 'Foghorn
Mine came down on Wednesday, and
reported a lino strike of good ore in
the drift to the east from the end of
the long crosscut tunnel. As was ex
pected the further east this drift progresses, the better the appearance of
tlio vein. Mr. Wollle reports now
five foet of good ore, two feet of
which is straight shipping ove, and
although no assays have as yet been
taken, the ore will certainly run over
130-per ton! With another 100 -feet
this dritt will bo below the shaft in
which the phenomenally rich ore was
exposed, which makes the Foghorn of
such great [progress, If the present
rate of iinprovoinetit noticed in the
drift, is continued, the ore at this
deep level will be equal to this rich
surface ore. When it is remembered
that the drift is some 000 feet below
the surface, it will readily lie seen
that proof of the continuance of the
rich shoot to this depth, gives the
mine an enormous guantity of bricks
the totul value of which will amply
repay the heavy expenditure the'
Golden Monarch Company has in--
cured in the deep development work,
and make it one of the most renulucrative propositions iu the district.
As reported in a previous issue, it is
the intention of the Golden Monarch
Company to put a full force of men
on eailey in August, and push development work with the utmost speed.
The installation of a lurge mill is also
under consideration, and when tho
news of tho present strike is laid be
fore the directors, there is no doubt
that construction of the mill will very shortly follow.
Norman Carmichall has been inspecting proper'ties in the Camp for
the last few days, in the interest of
the Duncon Syndicate.
Hotel Arrivals.
McLeod Hotel—I. M. Dally,
Trout Lake, B. C; R Maobin, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. A. Tuttle, Wil-
cox Mine; H. W. Findley, San Francisco; A J, Anderson, Eric; C. O.
VVoodsidc, Erie; F. Nichols, Nelson;
Gusteson Johnson, Nelson; Norman
Carmichall, Nelson; M. Grant, Ymir
Ross House—B. Fallows, Portland; M. W. Keech, Rossland; Bert
Koebel, Rossland; Ralph Hillogors,
Erie: C. H, Freeman, Erie; Sydney
S Sanders, Victoria, J, T. Freeman,
Brie; Rev. II. Altliol), Nolson; A,
Parr, Atlin Mine; T B. Watts, Cya-
■lido; C. McDowell, Colvillc; Frank
Lamiux, Hunter V.; Chas. Braum,
Ymir Mill; P. Corrigan, Ymir Mine;
Dan Norman, Ymir Mine; M. Colo,
Ymir Mine; M. 3. Hall, North  Port.
Cosmopolitan Hotel—A. Rennet,
Spokane; John McVeoy, Erie; Frank
Fuller, California; Jas. Bremner,
Erie; E. Clendemiiing, Vancouver;
Gilbert, Pcone, Spokane; Mrs, D
McEuchern, Nelson; Harry New,
Erie; Joo Thompson, Erie; Hugh
Jones, Salmo; S. Ross, Salmo.
Vancouver Hotel—Stove Derby,
Ymir Mine; Jas. Latravase, San Fran
clsco; Henry Couture, Nelson; Joe
Dumon'd, Nelson; John Godin, Salmo,
Joe Desrucher, Hunter V; Joe Outicr,
PnBSBVTBRUM CiiuRon—M o r n i n g
Services, II a. in.; Sunday school    12;
Evening service, 7(80,      Ifoung   Pen
pies' Society meets on I'riday  evening
at 8 o'clock.    All are welcome,    Rev,
II. Young, M. A., Pastor,
The Art of Salesmanship.
True salesmanship begins with the
manner in which a possible customer
is welcomed or approached. It is im
portant to put a customer at his ease
immediately he enters the shop. Tu
do this you must give him a good impression. This can bo done without
opening your lips, Every patron
should be grealed with a smile. Not
a vacant grin, which is a veiy different thing. A pleasant facial expression is of distinct monetary value U>
an assistant in salary, and to his
"governor" in profits. Never mind if
the customer is grumpy and scowls at
you Even if you relax your sinil<«
after your cheerful "good morning,''
take good care not tu scowl baok, A
great many shopmen acquire the habit of greeting every person who un
ters with a frown, ft is generally a
quiet unconscious expression. 'Simply
an inquisitive lowering of the brows
in a thoughtful sort of way, as much
as to say "I wonder who you are,
and what you want!" Now every
customer is not a thought-reader, iiniil
consequently cannot possibly be expected to know that the meditative
puckering of your intellectual brow
is merely a careless habit. For all hr
knows to the contrary, it may be a
sign of hostility.
On tho other hand, i pleasing
smile helps lo disarm criticism, and
shows the customer thnt he is welcome This may seom a small matter to some lofty, minds, no doubt,
but the true salesman .knows that his
clcnts do not care to be inspected
with the severity of glance which
may do for a strange commercial
traveller. Tho eec-ret of good salesman Jiip is to be able to push your
goods without appearing to do so.
The man who can do this is a salesman.
There is an incorrect notion common to beginners, that salesmanship
consists in the wordy pulling of one's
wares. Far from it. In those days,
"talkce talkee:' will not accomplish
much. Oftentimes tho more eloquent
ly you praise an article, tho more the
listener thinks you "have something
to sell.'' It is fairly certain that
what the learner should study chiefly
is manner rather than matter. For
him, especially at first, how to speak
is of more importance than a fluent
command of the usual stock incite- ■
nients to purchase.
Whilst a pleasing manner is being
cultivated, and when it shows signs
of becoming rooted and habitual, the
novice should try and evolve some
original ideas concerning his stock.
Thesa ideas should bo used so as to
awaken tho customer's interest, and
direct his attention to peculiarity of
make, or superiority of design or value respecting the goods offered. It
is easy to do this when you have a
window full of specialty, or when you
havo just unpacked a consignment of
some striking novelties. The thing
is to remember the striking points
about the older stock, and to have
something original to say about the
ordinary everyday slufl an well as the
"latest," just arrived merchandise.
Do not forget, either, the value of
jocularity iu business A joke will
sometimes sell an article to a custom
er who is impervious to your most
persiiativo arguments. The employer
who would sourly discourage thw
kind of thing is foolishly blind to his
own interest. Of course, discretion
must bo used iu this as in all other
kinds of conversation with customer-*
Not every salesman knows the value
of judicious silence. Very often un-
necessay eloquence unsettles a buyer"
mind after he has secretly decided
what lo purchase. In many CMB"%
tho less talk the quicker the sale
Publli*h«it nvcrv Saturday ftnd matlnJ to any
u-ltire**, or delivered by uarrinr iu town.
BubsorlptlousCa.OOi.or milium, payable In \i-
Adm'tlilng rate, fi.w por inch per nnnth
Tub Mkiui.u oati be had from all leading
bewidesleM in tlio dlitrlot,or can b,.- obtained
dm-ot from thn office.
t'omnnircial printing o' every dcsdrlptton
djii" on tin- premtioe.at standard prion.-.
11 Kit A Ml    I'l'HI.I.SIIlNO   COMI'ANY
SATURDAY. JUNE 25, 1901.
It appears at first sight, somewhat
difficult of realization, but we up
lieve it to be a fact that all the Hats
and benches bordering on ths rivers
and creeks in tho Ymir district, contain gold in paying quantities. This
Is especially true in those places
Whore there are evident indications of
old and extensive river beds traversing wide flats Tests taken in many of these indicate a larger value to
tho cubic yard than that of a great
deal of ground which is being proflta-
been able to lay their hands on a
trunk and say "This tree ns it stands
is worth not less than 8100." And
looking around we have been able to
see a multitude of identical trunks
within a short range. Here then is
a permanent resource, which in itself
is a guarantee of future activity in
the camp The miucral resources of
tho camp, however, are of far greater
importance cvon than its timber. It
may be truly said thut so far the
ground around Ymir has been merely
scratched, and that the   Underground  X'fAMARAC MINES ^TD.T
The best brand of domestic
The Kootenay   Standard
\~JT'CrThelitr&'Cot     1
Nelson, B. 0.
development which has been done
hitherto, has with one or two exceptions, been of a very desultory nature. Every local prospector who
has traveled the hills about Ymir,
knows of undeveloped veins, with
surface showings at least etj ual to, if
not far superior to tho surface show>
ings of what are now active and pro
titablc mines. They are however the
property of men, too poor to develope
them to the extent where their operation would become profitable, and
who must therefore necessarily leave
them, until their merits have beer,
brought to the notice of capitalists
who can put in the necessary funds
for their adequate development.   And
bly worked in California and othei
places. The reason of this is of course: for escri ono developed and rcnumer-
the great modern improvement in jative mine, there are at least a dozen
the machinery which handle* this ■ 0f properties equally as good, or be.t-
elass of g"ound, whereby tho gravel | ter in every respect, only awaiting
can now be worked at something les.sjpropCr advertisement in the proper
than than half the cost, which pre- markets to become equally active and
vailed some years.    This fact,   which; remunerative.
is easily demonstrated,  offers  a new
and extensive field for speculation.
Occassionly there are ccrtuin inevitable times in the history of all
towns, when things appear somewhat
at a standstill,   and   the   merchants
We do not mean to infer that every
prospect in the vicinity is a potential
mine. Far from it. But we do suy
that among the many hundred locations, within a few miles of Ymir,
there are many with as promising
surface   indications   as   those   upon
pass around   repeating   the   formula vWlcU t)l(, Kreat;e8(i mjneg 0f tho  Pro
"times are quiet." Theie are many
causes, which, combined bring about
this effect, but none of them are as a
rule of a  permanent" nature.      Such
vines were Fold. Out of this nuoiber
some few start up every year and
w itn this constant addition to the
list of ftctivo properties, the   average
causes are the tightness of invest-1 |ay ro,, of t,|e camp mUf(t inevitably
inent money, over-done speculation illt.rea8e, just now there are some
tck of judicious  advertisemout,   bad ; .,,)0 m(m workim, in   t|ie  (]jstrict,   as
Seasons of weather and a thousand I
and one smaller causes, none of which
by themselves are of lufliciont importance to causo any noticeable effect,
but in combination may work a temporary season of duIlno»s.
Ymir    has     tiuccessfully     passed
indicated by the reyenue lax
payments. This itself is a very fair
pay roll, but in due time it must
inevitably bo largely increased. When
full recognition has been obtained
for the splendid natural   resources  of
through moio than one of theso sea- t-lie district, when its standing timber
sons, which have in every case been ; is being converted into lumber, and a
followed by a season of renewed ao- f,tll. percentage of its ore veins are
tivity, Whilst the miigniliciont re- j p,.oduolng tlieir dftUy quottt of wealtll,
-.ouri-es of the district  remain   uuim-
| then   there  must   bo  an    inevitable
norease in the volume of business,  in
paired,  these   temporary   lulls,   and
teutons of quietness, are of  no   grout
importance.     Tho opportunities   for j ll"<»ho *,f tho W ,0" nnd '" *imm*
remunerative   investment   in     Ymir''"'tivity and prosperity.    That such a
district are as good as   ever   and   its condition   will  como  about   in    duo
wares only need to be offered   in   the  (,;„„,_ we oaD hardly doubt, as it   will
right market, to receive   instant  Ant) L m imviiM, result of tho   march
spontaneous recognition.    The   camp.
ot progress, and tho spread of business
is young,   and   its  years  of  infancy
, „ . ,,..   . ; into all parts whore natural  resources
have boon full   of  promise.     what:
little has been done toward   the   do- o(lfc'' promising opportunities   for   in
volopmont of i'-s unrivalled   rcsourcoc,  vestment,
has but served to show tho great pes-, --   :
nihilities which exist for   it.     It  is   V"™ ™D0E, No 88   K.   P.
j   /        Meets first   and    third   Mon-
surrounded on   nearly   all   sidos   by t ,]ays „f month,
magnificioiit, belts of timber, sufficient        Visiting   brothers   welcome.
to give employment to a dozen   largo *». 0. Drwar, C. C.
, , , IWil.Rs MiiInnih, K. R. H.
saw mills.    At present there are only   ________________________
two in operation.    Much of tho   tim-'
her is   of   the   finest   quality,   from
which the clear dressed   I timber   can  ]\],,(>tK   train   CVCl'V   ItlOr
he prepared, commanding a very hii/h
(irlc'e in eastern murkets,    Wo   have
'uiiselves traveled tho woods in   com
pany with lumber exports, who   have
except Sunday, tor freight
and passengers for Ymir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. Or for Yrairinine.
ALEX. ODDIE    Prop-
Mf The Secretary of 5?
)L the above mentioned J?
^ Company invites ap- /u
tf/f plications from parties M
W desirous of working «S
w tlie Tamarac and other *JP>
JK claims under lease. (P
JK For particulars apply: i!i
Post OiKce   Store,    -    Ymih
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men.
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
YMIR. British Columbia
Spokane Falls &
Northern Jly.
'ph c only all rail routo between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, (band Forks and Republic. Pullet (his run between Spo
leans ant) Northport.
Effective .June 14th. 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
H.lfi u.in Spokane 0.16 p.m
10 411 a.ui Itossluinl 4.38 p.m
0.89 n in Ymir o 3m p m
7.2(1 it in Nelson 7.20 p- in
11:85 a.m     Qr&Dd Forks       4 oo p.m
8.80 ii.in Kepubllc 0.16 p.m
In connection with
Uiieat    I Northern    IIy
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Dtlluth, Minneapolis, Chicago
and all points Haul,
Seattle,   Taooma,   Victoria, Portland,
and all Pacific Coast points.
Tliroujjh Piilnco and Tourist Sleepers,
Dining mill Iliillcl Smoking Library car
For rftlei, folders and lull Information
regarding trips, call on or m'drcss an
agent of the S. F. &N. Rnilwny or
C F. & P. A.. 0, P. &T, A.
Spokane,      710 W. Riverside Av.
We are selling for almost your own price to reduce stock. ~\
All Stetson Hats going for $4.50.    Others at similar value.
At prices that cannot be beaten.
In which wo lead in price and quality.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shared
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods arc the best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.    ::::::    I
A full (ine of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
Tills In the time of the year to get your pick of the many SOloot ploOOJ 'if
Furniture    Iron Urdu, Linoleums, Hugo, Carpntl mid Hammock*.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
N H.—Wo are sole agents for tho Mnrihall  Sanitary Maltreat anil  the Globe-
Sectional Hook ('am! and Ellen,
Fresh   Goods  for  the  Spring Trade
Ask for Swift's Bacon and Hauls (they are the best)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters, Cl'OSSe vV
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and 'Chow Chow; well
selected Teas, Coffees' and Cocoa, Government
Creamery and llazclwood Butter.
Fishing Tackle, Stationery, Fire Worka, Sporting dooda, Magazine*, <■■■<
fectinnery,   Pipes awl   Smokers' supplies:    All fowls sold at very reaWtialllt)
YMIR, 3*<§.,
I Canada's Exhibit at The
j..      St. Louis Exposition.
The Canadian exbibit at tbe St.
ixniis exposition occupies Sections 54
and G-l at the nortb end of the Palace
of Mines and Metallurgy. The exhibit is made up by the whole Dominion instead of by provinces separately
as at Buffalo and Chicago, which lias
permitted a great variety of display
as well as a very imposing exhibit in
the aggregate. While the exhibit is
confined largely to minerals it is by
no means a ''show case" display.
There are ample quantities of the displayed minerals and in some cases
large enough pieces to rIiow the inclosing country rock. The whole is
very well arranged with plenty of
space for examination and each exhibit is plainly labeled. Advantage
is taken1 of the opportunity to adver
tise Canada by means of some conspicuously posted legens. Some of
theso are as follows: "Canada supplies over 90 per cent, of the world's
total production of asbestos," "Canada is tho largest producer of mica in
world," "Canada produces over 85
per cent, of the world's corundum,"
"Canada supplies one half the world's
nickel," "There aro 63,000 squaro
miles of coal in the northwest territories," "The mineral production of
Canada for 1903 was $03,226,510,
an increase in ten years of over $43,-
^ 000,000," "Yukon, the land of gold,
produced in 1903 $12,250,000,"
"Novia Scotia produced 5,100,000
tons of coal in 1903," "British Columbia produced in 1903 1,482,000
tons of coal,'' "Canada produced in
1903 $5,723,000 worth of copper, an
increase of 700 per cent, in ten years."
With these and other striking stat-
ments the Canadian commission has
bought to attract attention to a display which certainly leaves tho impression that the dominion is a coun
try of great mineral resources.
The deposits of the less common
economic minerals, of which eastern
Canada produces so many, attracts
first attention. There is a wonderful
display of mica from Quebec. The
mica "books" aro stacked several feet
high and some of them are 12 inches
or more in thickness and more than a
foot across. One plate is over six
feet long. There is mica also from
Parry sound and British Columbia.
There aro some remarkably large
feldspar crystals from Frontenac, Ontario. The asbestos exhibit from
Megantio county, Quebec, is particu
larly fine and includes some samples
with tho inclosing rock. There are
exhibits of gypsum from Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick aud Quebec and of
talc from Ontario. A fine sample of
lithographic stone from Peterborough,
Ontnrio, is displayed, also samples of
apatito and chromito from Quebec.
There aro soveral cases of manganese
ores and pyrolusite from Nova Scotia,
f and some antimony ores from Wolf
county, Quebec, and also slibnite
with gold from Nova Scotia The
display of graphite from Quebec and
Renfrew county, Ontnrio, is especially good, There aro some very large
molybdenite crystals from Rossland,
British Columbia. The corundum
ores from Ontario, including the blue
variety, are extensively exhibited.
Several spicimens of the peculiar jasper conglomerate from the Bruce
mine, Algoma, Ontario, useful chiefly
as a monumental stone, attract attention because of the contrasting
distribution of red jasper pebbles in a
white matrix. A caso of smalltite,
an oro of cobalt from NipiHsing, Ontario, from a recently discovered do-
posit, is of curious interest, and an
exhibit of Albertito, an asphaltum
mineral from Albert county, British
Columbia, is one of tho rare displays,
There is a sample of native coppei
from Capo D'Or, Nova Scotia,   which
v     is said te occur   much   the   samo   as
*    does the native copper at   Somervillo,
N. J.
It will be seen from the above
enumeration that the exhibit of the
less common economic minerals is
varied and represents the many different minerls which are found in
The British Columbia gold, lead
and copper ores. Rainy Lake gold
ores und gold quartz from Nova Sco
tia are fully represented in the exhibit, as also a display of copper ores
from Texada island and zinc ores
from Ontario. Among the interesting exhibits is tho Sudbury section,
in which are displayed the pyrrhotites
which yield the nickle.
There is an extensive display of
coal ores from Nova Scotia and Brit
ish Columbia, and of Nova Scotia
iron ore, as well as other Canadian
iron ores. The exhibit also includes
a display of building stones and of
slate. A large mass of ferrosilicon
from tho Electric Reduction company, Buckingham, Ontario, represents an interesting Canadian indus-
The artistic climax of the exhibit
is a panoply/ covered with various
colored minerals, artistically arranged,
under which rests a safe in which, exposed to the view of the public, is
$40,000 worth of gold nuggets from
the Canadian Yukon.
The exhibit is made still more instructive by numerous specially pro-
■pared maps and a pamphlet describing the exhibits is being prepared.
The Canadian mineral exhibit is
under the general direction of Mr. R.
L. Broadbeut, of the Canadian department of agriculture.
There are now 300 men employed
at tho St. Eugene mine.
Oil operators are flocking into
South East Kootenay in great num
bei> since the granting of the licences.
Wo have a number of copies of the
verbatim report of the Second An -
nual Convention of the Provincial
Mining Association of British Columbia. This report contains a largo
amount of interesting information
about knotty points of the Provincial
mining laws. Wo shall be pleased to
hand a copy to anybody wishing  one.
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and tho greatest caro exercised in tho
handling of goods
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass,
Tiiisinitliiiig and Repairing
of every description done.
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furnituro    Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Birch Street,        •        ■        Ymih
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High - Grade • Coffees
*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦++♦♦♦♦*♦ ♦♦♦♦♦*>♦
Hotel Ymir
The Best Meals
?    And Accommodation
In Town.
f A line selection of Wines, {
Liquors and Cigars.
t 3   W. MASTERSOK,     Prop.  '.'.
' ►♦.♦ ♦♦>♦♦♦ t »»♦,♦♦>*>*) ♦ 14 ♦■♦ » ♦ 4
Wilson & flarshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - SI.00
Copper, ----- $1.50
Gold-Silver, • - - • $1,50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A113,   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for /lining
ahd Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything first-class.
YMIR,  R. C.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied wi*J] the best
in the market.
llight opposite depot,  Ymir
Headquarters for Mining Men
Rar  supplied   with  host brands of
wines, liquor* and cigars.
Fikst AvHHur.
Ymir, B. C.
V. V. & E. RY. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R. A N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Rowland and Nelson with tho Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with tho 'P. R.
.t N. Co, for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, R. C.
Buffet  cars run on trains between
Spokane and  Republic.
General Passenger Agt.
Spokane, Wash.
$2.00 per annum.
Eastern Canada, the Western States, ('oast
Towns, and in Great Britain.
It Is Important
To   let   these   financial  centers know   that
is one of the richest free-milling camps
in British Columbia, and
Has More Stamp Mills
in operation than any other camp
in the Province.
It Has Developed
and Paying nines
And many others which only need a  comparatively  small amount  of development to
become prolit-earning.
IN  THE. . . *
at $12.50
38 size, Nickel, open face, 17 jewel, adjusted, Waltham   or
frame as above with l'O year Gold Filled Case, $20.00
Wo especially recommend this watch to working men.
.Send for one while they last.
We carry a very large stock of fine railroad movements,    Prices of which wc
will be pleased to give on application, or send C. O. D. to  any
address for inspection.
Watchmakers and Jewellers   -   -   NELSON, B. C.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms iu connection.
•    Rates $1.00 to $2.00 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
We    carry   the   leading   brands     imported
and Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
A Trust of  all  American an officer of the company in order   to
Rockefeller, Rogers, Clark &
Hienze Will Join
i keep certain promises ho has made to
labor unions.     Ileinze   will   probably
| bo made an officer.
A cubic foot of aluminum weighs
103 pounds. A cubic foot of iron
weighs 487 pounds, and a cubic foot
of gold weighs 1,206 pounds.
There u no such thing as native
zinc in nature, at least there has never been reported a find of zinc in a
native stale.    Native iron   is    never
New York, Juno 14.—Announcement will bo made soon, according to
I lie World, of a gigantic now combination of Capital in the United
States and Europe, It is nothing
less than   an    amalgamation   of   tint
valuable mines of America,   and    the ^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^—^m
.mil. who is to consummate this   Htu> i''"""'l except in meteors,   and   native
pondous transaction is John D. Rock-  l,ad '" tt 8reat n"itv. " s'"ttl1 q»*«-
t j, jty of it being found   in   a   mine   in
Men who have some knowledge   of Sw,"ll!"'      Nallvo mercury is found
work now going on in furtherance  of "P"ri"«-Jr.    N,uivo li» ■•   'eP0'tol
jjj, I found in the gold   washings   of   the
' Ural and Bolivia, but that   a   spoci-
I men of native tin has over been found
this plan say the   corporation   um
which the big mining interests will be
merged will have a capital   of  $250,
Jt is expected to control absolutely
is disaproved by the fact that  as  far
as known no spociiiien of it  leu  over
.T-             i   liHi't    i  j      it ;,„,i i been exhibited iu the United States,
the miner.il   output   of   the   United
„. .               ,          ...     ,,      r, ,  „„, I Nickel has never   been   found native,
States, except possibly   tho   Calumet ■ '
it Hecla copper mine of Michigan.
Within tho last ten days Mr.
Rockefeller has taken up personally
I ho i ask which has been previously
left to his brother, W. A. Rool.efal.er,
and lo 11, 11 Rogers, who have been
ConiplotOUlly identified with the
mineral interests of tho Standard Oil
company tut ton years,
Standard   Oil    millionaires     bavo 	
been  acquiring   the   mines   through y«''"' hy tno management of the Spok
their banking interests.    In Colorado j •»"" fntersiate Fair Association for  a
not even a falso report of its find over
having been made. A real find of
native zinc, of native nickel or native
tin would bo of great value to the
discoverer, for there are museum
aud collectors willing to purchase
same, paying an enormous price for
the And,
A purse  of  $000   is   oll'etod.  this
David .Moffat and Dennis Sullivan, of
the First National bank of Denver,
have paid out many millions in the
last six years for producing mines,
and aro said to control 70 per cent,
of tbe productive gold, silver and load
mines of the Middle Rocky mountain
Senator VV A. Clark, owner of the
United Vordo copper mines of Arir,o*
mi, and with large holdings iu many
of the Amalgamated Copper company
mines in Montana, has been working
with Rogers for several years.
Extensive placer gold  interests   in
Southern   California   are   controlled
l>y Southern California hanks in  such
it way that they can bo taken over at
' any time.
it is understood thai F. A. Heinze,
■ a condition for turning Tils Montana mining interests iuU the big com
I "nation, demands that   ho   bo   made
ladles relay race. Entries lo this
Interesting event are open to all.     It
is the intent of tlio fair management
to have dillorent portions of tho Inland Empire represented and to this
end, entries from many Eastern
Washington counties aro desired .
The Ladies' relay raoe will be one
of the novel features on the program
for the Interstate Fair this fall, October 8rd to 9th.
The relay race may bo a now idea
to some and not familiar to the general public. Tho plan is to have this
race, last over a period of live days,
four miles being covered each day by
lie contestants, who change horses at
the end of each mile, the winner being tin.' rider making tho best time
for the twenty inilos Each COntOB*
nut is expected to furnish her own
horses. Full particulars governing
ontrles may be had from Manager
The three kinds of iron, known as
"wrought" iron, "cast" iron and
".steel," differ principally in the
amount of carbon which they contain.
Wrought iron is as nearly free from
carbon as possible. When in this
state it can be realily wojded, and
drawn into line wire, which possesses
great strength. The addition of
more than two per'oent. of carbon in
its composition, w liich turns it into
cast iron, makes it brittle and incapable of being welded, but peculiarly
susceptible of being melted and recast
into any desired form. Steel is mid
way between wrought iron and cast
iron in the quantity of carbon which
it contains When containing about
one per cent, of carbon it is still cap-
ablo of being welded and of being
drawn out into bars of coarse wire,
and is not so brittle but that it will
maintain a sharp edge; while its
strength is greatly increased, and it
is capable of being hardened in a
very high degree without becoming
brivtle by plunging the red hot metal
into cold water anil cooling it suddenly Ry thus tempering tho edged
tools, they become most useful instruments for outline, purposes, and can
bo made so hard that they can be
used for drilling tlint rocks and for
cutting ulass.
E. W. Widdowsoa.
W. A. Hulsrlmiiilt.
Percy J. Glenzer.
John Pliilbert.
T. II, Atkinson
I). Campbell.
DcsHrisay Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
Desliiisay Jobbing Co.
S  H. Seaney.
U. S. T. Koss.
Cosmopolitan—John llreaii.
MeLeod House—Finlay MeLeod.
Miller House—S. Miller.
Palaco—Tail & Hu.lcly.
Koss House- C. Archibald.
Vancouver- Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Colnmn.
Ymir—J. W. Mastorson.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Clenzer.
Herald Publishing Co.
T. H. Atkinson.
D. Campbell.
S. 11. Seaney.
lliirslmw & Wilson.
Jnckson A Li'iiliy.
Alex. (Milie.
Wlllltini Clark.
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention,
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep t!i<
.Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything Imi
the FRESHEST here.    To-day we   otter   the   following,
Rest Sugar Cured Racon and Ham (Swifts) per pound      18c
No  1. Granulated Sugar, 15   pounds   for $1.00.
Choice Creamery Butter,   Bulk,   27c.    Tomatoes (Quaker) per can....     I5e
A Splendid Laundry Soap 0 bars for      25e
,'i pounds Moca and  Java   Collec  for $100
Try .'5 pounds of our Ceylon Tea   for $1.00.
If not satisfactory your money will be refunded. We are not hard up and
have got lots of money. Save our discounts and defy our opponents to
equal us in price and quality,
For  $6,00 We offer tl regular   $30.00 Belt.
nFor $25.00 We offer a regular  f*\
«A»nnv 4un no v^n   i. £
Sandon $40.00 Belt.
Both these BELTS are in First Class Condition.
Directions how to use, with each Belt.
Only two left.   Call or send for them.
Druggists and Opticians, Ymir
♦   to.
Please forward The Ymih Hbhai.k for
, .month
x   and acknowledge receipt of enclosed $	
Tub IIkhai.ii is published   every Saturday morning and
$.. contains all the news of the camp.
Ratx4-.-Fi.ii YxAit, $2; Hai.k Year, $1.
northport^ jUNE 27.
Performances at 2 and 8 p. m.
Circus       Menagerie        Museum       Hippodrome.
Just twice larger than ever before.
2 - RINGS ES,ir RINGS - 2
A New Circus Throughout.
Ymir   Bakery   and   Cafe
Short orders a specialty.  Fresh bread,
cakes and pies daily.
First-class Dining Room.
Host brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
A multitude of   now   features   never   before   prosented   in   America.
5 Marvelous llelfords 5 I 4 Flying La Vans 4
Tito World's Greatest Acrobats,
Melnotto, La Nolo and Melnotto
Europe's Premier Comedy Higlt Wire
6 Graceful Grotbs 0
Most     lU'inarkablo     Contortionists
The Most Sensational Acrid Gymnasts
6 Gardner Family 0
Horos of the High   Horizontal   Bars,
3 McDonald Bros. 3
Tho Foremost Trick Cyclists.
8 - Royal Oka Japanese Troupe - 8
Arenic Artists and Animal Actors.
Performing Elephants, Camels, Lions, Tigers, Hyenas, Tapirs,   Llamas,
Buffaloes, Kangaroos, Ostriches, Elk, Deer, Ponies, Goats and Monkey*.
20   -   JOLLY     JESTING     CLOWNS   -   30
Grand Gold Glittering Street Parade at lOi.'IO a. in. .
Adults, 50c.    Children U5c. One ticket Admits You to Everything.        >


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