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The Ymir Herald 1905-01-28

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Vol, I—No .'37,
Y-MIIi.   15. C, ."-ATHMlAY. .IAN I WHY  2H, 100*1.
J'imi t: Km i: ('i;\ iv
Chetpies cashed free ill    Campbell'
Two New Provinces Qf    - ^
The   Do'itinion.
'l'i..- lloiniuioi. Qovernnieiit has fit
ide I to make two Provinees   of   the
The Pern UlillC lllld   mill    are    now
Ymir Mine  Report. New Placer    Company
The f-jllutving cablo repuil   of     lie-       Thu Anieijia.   ■'-' H.   C     Hv.lrau
ce.nhnr o|.e|.ition.-a: llie Vmir   mine Cuinpiiiiy Limili I, lum   been   form, I
is published   i-    the    London    papeis to operate the   (Told    Dredge,    lilm i
just a.   hand: Sind mid vjggel Placer leans 'it  tli
"Thirl v live -lump-    i.ni    2(i   diiys nioUlli ot Hall creek,    The    cinnpair
The Mining    World    of   Chicago,  and crushed 2.']-"i0 Ions (2u')'J pounds) lias been formed by ll. [''allows M.
it in nm i n an,! -oui n.      i ne   iiouiijar-         ,,.,       ,                  ,                               ,                                ,     .'                                ,    ,.. . ,,    ,,       ,   ,,        ,, , ,
'H,  l, ,,.,,;,,i„i. , t x..\ ■,„,„,.,., ,     .       .   ,    ,,      ■ ....   , publishes it* annual   review    nfpnber  of ore, producing   -'io-*!   ozs.    bul.ion ot Portland, Ure. the   vendors   ben;
■"'  '' "-l'-'fli'is uf ISt-i-on .ne con-   1>S 0f the Province of   .Manitoba   are   ',. , , „„      ' ,,--,, tint, ti     vv    i.< n
, ,•   ,   , ,, lus week, which coni.,iie-  a   ireinen    The estimated ronisabe vane  (muss) John (J   Duwnr, .l.ihn W.   l-all--
inpliiiiiig changing their programme |;|,,,|v ,,, |„. c,*1|lll.^-,fj]
i .inning v.-i v -uiooil.ly nuclei' the   ui
i'i -li lloilund    Herring   in    I7lh   Noithwesl Terriiories by the new nu-  roi.tion of J. J   ('..Ib.nh.
kit*-, al Seaney's. $1,80 per kit. tummy bill.    The dividing   line   will
run ninth and south.     The   buiiu,i.'ir-
1 a swiminiii.' con lei
Ihos.-bnul   ehililr.m   uro   rejoicing    Qr.   [)oherty's  New Jo[>.
- |
dons inni t of statistiesi with   regnrd   0f the prodiu-t i- S*0,tj00; 1 1". ton-   of   Pinky Mi-Li-nd, of Vmir.    The
(, . lhe vvprld's production  of  minerals  j concentrates, -hipped, gfi
v,,'J'be   total    vain.:   of   mineral    pi
...value, •>•"., V*".I1' cyanidti   plant   treated
„ the face   thai   homt. lessons   have _..   _ ,i|uVf,*r th,    i     I'ni.cl    States! \W tons (3000 pound-) of   tailings,
'"''" >w»l'*nl. iV'*v Wostnii! uster, Jan, i\ .-'Oh, I ,.Mi,.,a,..-d    l.y   tl.e Producing bu n    havlpg   estimated
i -.veil, there's been something    of    that ..    ' ' -,-    ,        „,.,,uu unlno nf -;l   lllfl- kiouIi-c    ... ,,,..,_
Miss    Kennedy,    matron   of     the:...     ., ,        ...     .,      . Mining World of Chicago, at -*}1, .119,    gloss value ot *||,IUU. huiiU|}    ..*,|.-.n-
Vmir General Hospital, leaven   Vmir
for Seattle next Wcttnesd.iy.
Our old friend Dell Smith is reported to be type setting in the   Govem-
kind,"    vi as    what    Dr.    Manchesti
Supi" inlendent  of    the    New-     West
500    The same antluuUj   places
.   ,     ,,     .    . . ..     .   ,    .       .     the urixiuctiuii  of   British   Columbia
nun-tin- l'rov iiicial  Hospital    tor    till"   ,        . .    ,        „.....,	
isane, said to a   Province   reporter |
th.s morning, -,v
or thp Kiinie perjotl at 5*22,*-3OO,O00.
ivhen asked    if   it   was       Tho niacin net v  for    the    new-    ten
doyelopinotit $|,8QQ,"
Jona Group.
iiicnt printing olflce at   Victoria. true that ||p had bten naked by   l|on. | stamp n-ill for the Bjuken   Hill    Mil
Mr  Pulton to resign, ing ainUDevelqpmcnt   Company,   ar-,      Pi ice and   llprg-ss   have   made   a
On Tuesday night wlien  it   rained       Runl0l„ |mve beon   circulating   to | rived last Saturday, and    most   of  it | most promising strikn   on   Hie    l,„,a
all night in town, fourteen  inches    of
.-now- fell at the Hunter V. mine.
this effect for uopie time, but all have  has already been   taken   up   to   the   group, which lies about two miles   up
seen flatly   denied   by   tlm   doctor.   Wilcox 'mine.    I.   will   probably   b.
The Dominion   estimates   for   the
year pn.i ide for the    expenditure   of change will shortly be   made   in    ihe. weeks
■--•.•".ini for an armory at. Rossland.      | head of the asylum stud' Rowley and Anderson   the   lessees
Sev.-ral of Dr, MtHipheater's friendsLf t*)0 Yankee Girl   uv'tie,   have   two
held ii mei'tihg   pn   Wednesday  un-J uitrluivls of hi^li Rrnde oro   ready   for
appointed themselves a committee   to shipmoi»t.    :\ndy Burgess   starts   to
go to Victoria ami interview ihe Pro ,.aw,|,i,|B it down to tho   railroad   on
vinei.i! iSeerotnry there, with  a   view;,.     ,        ,,.. . ...       ,,       ,   .,
1 ; Monday.     1 Ins ore is from lhe   shaft,
to settling tlio matter     However   no I
Porcupine creek.    For some time past
Now,   bow-ever,   ii   appears   that   ..   ready for   operation   JP   about   four  they have been working one shift   on
See the handsome pictures in S. II.
Seaney's window. One of these will
he given away with every cash purchase of tell dollars.
change was made in the state   of   uf-
and Charles Cameron who is   working
fairs, but  ii    appears   that   the   up-  on the tunnel,   has another lot   ready
...intiiient nf Dr. Doho.ty,   a   former   for shipment,
Don't forget to make no other engagement for the evening of the 14th,
February, which is   ihe   day   of   the
dale oi ihe K. of P.  Dance.
I assistant at the hospital, has   already  	
All citizens  should   not  forget  to  ,   ...        ,       ,,
•*■ been  made.---Province,
inn. mil at the Citiaens'    Association       \ ],„,.,. ,.t,p(l|.- ,',.,„„ ,|u, y,,w \\**,si.   **************************
" ling next   Tuesday.      They   will   minster "Columbiaii"  says   that   lb-
no. le dunned for back dues  if   they
are former members,
Mr, P. Lanioiii, manage.' of th
Nelson branch of tho Canada Dm:
iml Book Company was in town    last
notice. :
A cross marked   in   this-
Dolierty's appointnient has now been
made, und lakes effect about lhe end
of Fobrii-irv, The resignation of Dr.
Manchester wus called for   in   conse- - ■f. sluice indicate**,   t lint f  .mikes it a very promising pr
tal is §50,000 in   [iOO.OOp   shares   . i
leu cents -ii'-li.
TliO'CPIppuny will   proceed   in.ii..-
lately to open up the ground,  and   i-
nuvv purchilBing innchini ,y.      -**ii   far,
ses *J 1:1,0IS.     Loss .*?IT-r..    The|e |n.s   lhe groi|nd  has only   been   tested   bv
been expi-iuleil du. in-: i)ie month   (in   prospect holes,   pone  of  iv..ii-l.   havu
reached (lowP to bedrock |n thu
absentia of machinery, this was ipipos
sihle. A pump is to be installed at
once, iii|d the bed-rock i|i,ci|vt:red iu
various places, (l is estimated thai
the bed-rock lies about forty to sixty
feet deop
Although none of thu prospect It olcs
.'(ink as yet are nf greater depth that)
twelve foot, the results obtained have
been most, encouraging The holes
were sunk in all the different t|Uartei .
of the total of 240 acres comprised in
lhe groin..I, ami in none did the value
prove hiss llinii 50 cents per yard, ill
manv cases running over I?1.00 'o
lhe cubic yard, exclusive of the
values contained in the black -and-,
from which assays as high as Jl.'IO
per ton in gold have been obtained,
other rare metals being believe 1 to bu
present also. |t is a natural presum -
plioti that. at. bed nek il- average
values will bo much higher than in
these surface holes,
i crossout luii.ie! to tap the win, and
til i distance of 120   feet   fi t   the
portal, have .-I rink a Una   vein of  ore,
although ac -ding   to   survey,   they
expaetetl to have to C" a    further    L'O
feet. The ore is tpiartz carrying galena and lieaina.i.e iron, and assays
-bow- a value of ijlo per ton, The
tunnel cqis the vein obliquely and
already abnul three feet of  good   ore
Fjhows on one side of the face of the
tunnel. Unless tlie vein has changed
its pitch, lh. indications are thai ii
has widened nl depth, and «ill In-
found to be . iventy feet wide, in
which case the hum will    be    one    of
the bonanzas of tin. camp.      In   any
event    the   showing   now    obtained
vuence of information acquired bv the  4
week, Bizing up the situation with ..■- i l'"n ""'^ s''"'1''"\j on the   occasion   ♦
gard to the Ymir brunch of his  ^ "f his first official visit  made   to  tl.e |
.„,„., j asvliiiii early in  I leeeinbei.       In    old     4
iion \ eourse, tlie papers ...1   tin-   sub-  4 ,    t
a to I
M The owners are putting on   a   -icon.I
your subscription is in   ar-||»hift tooxje iedevolo- nt
fear iiiid we would be urln
...   ,. , -ii,      v ....,,.. .1- jtohenr   from  vou   if   vmi'
I he Columbian, published 111    New   wj|| hy   laid   before  the   heuislature,  ?
New Citizens Association
Hotel Arrivals
\V A 1.1:01. ,-■   Ilori-;.
!| A. Skinner, Hall:
W.-tn.i.ister. is mi  enterprising   and  whieh meets next 1 .ill * w\A\ It) have it. continued.   J|A' S1<i' '• ll;ll!:
interesting journal, bul its knowledge J ♦  A. A. Ferguson, Nolson;
of the geography of the inner countiy j ************************** \.).  \.  Mcll.t-,   Nelson;
i* limited.      11    p,.|-i-i-   in   placihc      There is uonsidcrablo discussion in   |.J. H. McKay, Nelson:
Ymir in the Slocan distrint,
Nelson Is to be   congratulated   on   1
low n, arising from   tho   report,   that
lihei.'il Windsor hotel Which    i-    now
'inij moved down   ,..   the   business
The test carload of    ore    fiom    the
Atlin mi...-, now being treated al   tlio
„   |L   (J0I1I Cup stamp mill,   promises   well.
T. CroWC,  Nelson;
L. .McLaren, C ran brook;
Alee Thompson,  Nelson;
having   a   spl.-.idid   combination   ,.!' ,.,„:,,,-,,,.,,,  r ,,, 1       . ,     ,      , ■ ,-,.,i > up-■ imn unu,   pimm •     -m-o.    ,,
. ,em, o| .ii.mi, 1- to he .un  .le.iin   ..-    ,1 1 ... Henry Anlhonv, Siihno;
""■"•■'   .dor and nctressess.    On all Ukeum\ | L    T|„.v ,.x|,.,.,    ,„    ,.„. lho plates am   showing   considerable  M John8toMt, jsJelnon
l',l,l'"i""   "f  inodel  building, and apply   iu    .1 gold ..ltd it is expected that the   clean j
f  "Knninio" 11: •-.. ,1 ,.'... up will show iv larger   percetitnjio   nf I    Cosmopolitan  Hotrl
-ide, ui- beat  M|,-al 111111,111 -1111.11 i 1111    of
the ie, --nt.   production   of
**-*• 1 ■ i< h is -aid  1,1 In- one    of    llie    best '
w : evei -1 en in
li. cn*o ,n t.hu spring,
Tin- 1 rice of Lead nn   the    L.
ih" value- to In. recoverable bv   ainal
eam.it ion,
inarkei has noil risen to   l' I 2.   I -.   II
MiiCoi-qudalo   and    Walk,*,,    have  al)(| t| ,„se.uiemv is thai    the  full      Tl'" l!     C    Hlandard   Co    closed
VV  C, Hall, Northport;
II. Clowe, N'orthpoi I;
(J. (!.  McllltOsIl, Nel-oii;
tltorge H. Hall, Nolsoni
 1        alio   I lie eouse.pii'lie '   I-,  1 ll.'ll      llie     mo (,tol'"e|.    Hall     Nel-,.ill
l"ok''«i H>o l"'"l- 'f their dilHctdi   job   n,,,,,,,,,,,,, boiinty i- not now obtain...   ''"*" ,l"' w,i,li "" lh'  lb,° 8t,u"1' [ .\. |" McKinnon, Trail
of movimj the V'indsi,,   II I,      'l'l „   v   ,|,e   |,,„|   ,Milll.ls       A,   , ard thin week, in conseipienco uf   llie jo|,n skotio, Nerson;
Ing building i w safely   down   the pro„ent rale the Inunly paid is  72'JS   dilHculiy  of   I ping   llie  K,0P*)'4,wIb oilbort Pci.no   Halmo)
bill and nc    the   narrow   QunrU L,.,,u per hJndrvd pilnnds of had, in    fire from the drifting snow. T hut   ^ j0|l|IKOf)   j,',',„
eic'k bridge, und fr lie      the Lend of 7.' nfi   lho   full    bounty,   down is only tenipornry however, and
"iug "bould I ompnralively easy      ti„. p,„,. ,,,• „ |vt,r ■,,,.,., , [.„,!,;,., ,,, |    -dtli hnlter weather   the   production
|„ no-, oi .: i  ,--,,'-, •*'" '"' '""".m"1 1.      Tim   produc
...ui from llie Hunter V. is continued
me in - Idle ai lhe usual rati).
M i. John Sl in*.ai w a- in t.iw n thi-
week, selling acre lots in atowusitoin The I'resbvterlan Lulu- Aid .u ■
iv I iii 11 In- i- interested on tlie Skeenn i" the from again with .. sale ol »oi I.
liver, He do.-- not claim thai this and uuncerl, Tin--ale of wurk will
will be the icimiii.i- of ihe (ban I be held iii the Mind's' L'liioi. Hall on
Trunk Pacific, bul llui' it  will   he   a I lhe   nftetnoon of Pnbruury 21st,   and
From    Trail
M. I i.oi, Hotrl:
S. li. I-'. Stelli, (lu.lph:
('. Pun, Nel-on;
li   I'allows, I'orilaud;
I)   I-'  Porker, Toronto;
CO   Douglas, Toronto;
K. I!. VVollnstou, Victoria!
II- « '.   HliUUS,  Victoria.
- Ipph   point in.   i-.ii-ii in-iion   .amps   any b.ltchelors who want son wing        THAU .i.-li.K Xliws-     A ,11U 111 bet' of
and oil,,.,-e.imp-, up ilu-she.i,ia liver  done, some shirU,   nightshirts,   sock, M.i-.'ii-  visited   Vinir   ...i    .Moiidiiy,
nnd foi il.e Iiexl live   year-    will    be  or Uliilcrgarmenln made, or have    nnv '|'|,(. fi->i*i*y ivas hecahiied nnd i.   was  a
icallv better tlin.ii tlio actual terminal I work in which the   fair   manipulators drifting match     A   landing   w.-i-  el
iioint. nf the needle and thimble,   can   out- feuled and the drive down lhe bcauti    ,
Fire lirijjade Signals,
Piro chief Coll'oy hai prepared   ilu
Next   Tuesday    a    public   meeting
will l.e held   ill    the    .Miner-      I 'nioil
Hall, in re-organixo Ihe   Vmir   Citi*.
zens Association.     I. is   piop. I    to
make a new start, ami it is hoped
that, all of tin- citizens of Ymir will
make an effort to he present, and will
become ineinb is. There are a number of members of the old association
who have not attended for somli
years, and against whom there was
theieforo an   accumulation   of   dues,
It is proposed to vv ipe out all the   lie
cumulations, and   lho   dues   of   tin.
new association will start  from   nexl
Tuesday.    The fees are oldv    twenty
live   cent-    per    iiii,nth,    an    amount
; which i- surely not prohibitive to nnv
one who has an interest in the   pruts
l purity of tlie town.    Tho   funds   e.,1-
I lee ted are used iu various  -mall   im
Irovonients, which    would    ulherwim
, have lo be paid   fill'    by    publli     • u- -
-, 111>l lim.
The old ('i.i/. n- A—oi in.ion h .-
undoubtedly done good work i i
Yiui.'.    Through  i.s instrumentality,
lhe Hie hall  WHS built    aid     I  ll     i I
iho fire eipiipinent purchased.    It lms
also repaired side...ilk-, and  has m t   n
representations   to   tho   Government
which have been productive  of    (boon n' appropriations      It has    al-i
been lite central, and in fact   the  on  ,
organization (jf the citizens  and   pi .-
I'ltti late-i addition   to   the   news-
-hiiie ihem, imiv with i-'iili leiii-e   ap.   ful river road, according   lo  an   tjye-|
pronch any of the ladies of    lhe   -aid   witnfrx, wiis another  drifting   ml-lcli
follovviilg i-igtuils for handling the I'..',
iiliirm:    Steady  ringing   means   lire.
pel IV owner- of llu- low n,  ivhet'i    -u.
iiostlous and representations as to . \-
ii*.          ci                      M'M.io-o inn  .n  ne- iie.i.-*. "i     nn-    s.iei    u il ne*«, vi as   aiioiiier   u.iiiinu    initcii                                                                                    latliiir nvils could bn oub'i.-iv    disem   .
pipe,   world,,|    I >ii 11- li    ( iiliiiiibni,    Is . , /,,,/, i-iiiin'inii ilium in   | n iv    oi-. u
,    „   ,,..,.     .       ,    ,■,-,.,    .   society, nml gently nil hn   thli   mt-1 (snow-drifu).     Several    members of \°"° "IroKe (pause) twosttukes (pause	
the lle.ll.'v (oizeit.*. ,,f which   \ ,,l.   I            - „,, ed, and steps taken for  tin ,     p,-, ..
..    i       , ,, . i     "ne of tinur lice-.- k,     I be   I Kile-  tha »nrty fell from the vehicle,   over-  three strokes, inciitis a call for heln to
v-   I,   I   in III'-  ll- .Ippeilllice    ll,,-    Week.:      ,,,,,,, I ' ' lemedv
i-i.:   ,„„,:,,.    ,,.  ,|„,  sinoll-ti -,,   l,™ '1",hu   '""'   ;""'   '       '■'l,l"l"lll   come  by   I he  exciteiiieul   of  luav.ng  hniidlolhe   hose   when   tlrying   and
'      ill Lh ready for SuTn   by       21st, j Trail to visit H,.yward,    One and  nil I ,,„„ ,,„  All those are I ,, hid,   tin
new association will elideavoi ,., .••*
•nine, and it-, propel org iiiizatiiui en .
not fail to be a 141e.1l ami lllllliediali
I I lo tl,.- lown      li   1-   ho| "I   lh il
reiiiuleil tti   1 •   only   iiwaitilig   Iran- , ,       , . .
, and tlm In.Icl.clo.'s   will    bo   uble   ,0  are bin  in their praises of their hosts
p"t llinii I 1,"limes lo   In ll, e   ,.iu-   "| , '
', ,    ,, congr Into Iheniselves on aiding the  „f Ymir.    When ihe Lm-d  made   ih,
.lie laigost prodiiceis in tbe novinc. ...
,,., -    , ,     i„ . 1 uhurch  whib iiislering   in   ih,-n-   Vmir bielhern, He Iwoked then, o-.et
ll'   I 10c e     '• ol I ■    lla.e    .utile,    lie- | .... ...
It nuiuu i-i'-  M irciis    li.tlv   estate,
leeling ii up after use,
I'lll'ltCII   SO'l'ICR
mil wants,.    Tl nicer,    which    i-  and Mt •atislled with   ilim-elf.     A*   PiuisiiyTKUIAN   Ciiniicii.   S ti 11 d a *,
I ei, tilled ..ill, loin
to follow in ihe evening al   .he    -am
,.., il,,- pa,:y »crb I lis   Woi-hip  Ncliool hud   Bible   ('I..--,   :i   p
'•i"«  """   '"'   ll'"1|,l„,e, willbcl -,i,.,ion of     ,„    Mnpnr Schollold,   .Mr.Justice 1 linr.s ol   livening service, 7j30,      V,.,,,,,    |v„   "very citizen wi ,ke an effort to
lichesi mi  in ih.- world, Is situated   in-duethm of new local talent, ami   a   Trail, Massi-s. Cluipmnti. While, Camp pies' Society meets on friday   ovening  I'lesnnl next Tuesday ami will nlli-i
lieai  I led ley,    Cm* new contemporary  lirst   class  program   may   In-    rolietl  bell, Weaver,  Wiel-,   I'eviu,   ,M„it,n, ,' 8.o'clock.    All ure welcome,    Uov,  for tha betterment   and   improve.,,-
Should Iriv • an t-'-.i,   uidllnilig  Held.        upon.                                                                , Chiiilibel- ...el M.'ln.'i' li.  VllUllgi M. A.,  P.lslor.                         [uf exislilig OOlldillullS ill Vuiii. •;
■      •  .  ;'   *  •  ',
■«•"■■   •" ;*•'»■"«'    ti«   a |VM|K   BUSINESS  GUIDE
act by prohibiting the taking of game 	
for purposes of sale.      Restriction   of
the numbers that may he   can,hi.   or
The known coal fields of the   l.'nit-
, •    ,-,  , ,,,    killed bv on,- sportsman in   a   season
ul Males cover a,,   area   oi   250,00(1; ■ '
was also generally ap| roved.     It   was
inuare mi.es. I . .
felt, however, that if commercial traf
During 100 years   from    147.1   r-olficin  «,„ :ould   Lo   slopped   the
ale-, danger would be av ei ted
J S73 i he extreme v.u iatioil in 1lis
•-.iiiiii- rcinl rate- of gold and silvel
was from  I I to I  to 10 lo I,
Bichloride of gold, the substance so
famed a few voir- ago in lhe Keelei
li oi".' cure, i- formed by lhe action ol
chlorine gas upon itvy metallic gold
that has been previously thrown down
in the form of an impalpable powder,
by chemical means,
The bost brands of baking powders
contain bicarbonate of soda or bicarbonate of ammonia as their alkaline
constituent, intimately mixed with
tartaric or phosphoric acid, or nn
acid tartrate or phosphate. Owing
to the cost of tartrates and phosphates alum is occasionally used a-
the acid constituent in baking powders of inferior crude, and it is (Inhabit which is so condemned by public opinion, the nlum being decidedly
lietweeu 1800 iiiid 1840 lho
world's production of silver was
about I to I in value, as compared
with the production of gold. When
hi I SMI lhe new California and a few
years later the Australian cold Ib.'l-
Wero made, the annual output of gold
so increased that lho yellow metal
output was soon more than 3 to I in
value, cun,pared with the silver output
and during this "rent change iu it la
tive production the commercial rates
remained comparatively stable, due
In the fact that lhe mints of the
world took the prociou-i metals and
llinde them int.. currency.
The phenomena of a moving peat
boo cabled from Ireland will recall to
inany ininiiif,' men tho frequent evidences of the mi-lability of lho "solid" earth. "Creeps" and "sli| -' in
lipparenlly solid rock are fretptenl in
nil districts, In the Mcsnbi iron
district the weight uf the numerous
piles of gravel removed from the
mines and dumped sometime* on a
boo has caiis.-d the earth lo heave
nnd slide, often putting the railioa.l
I ranks in Ihe vicinity mil of use.
The miner doe- not look upon . he
earth ..- solid in the Way the liiyman |
dues, und this phenomena   across  tl
Secretary St. Hurbe was instructed
to co. respond witl. other societies in
the province formed lo promote game
protection, and, if possible, secure
their co-operation. A-far a- possi
bio thu constitution and work of ihe
association will he made to conform
l j those of older societies. The cum-
inittce will reccomend that W, A.
Oulliher, M. P. for Kootenay, be honorary president, and that all members
uf the legislature for Koofcmtv electoral districts be hotiorui'V vice presidents.
The   provisional   committee     will
meet again at the cull of the secretary .     iv,,., ,1.  Gleuzer
as soon as lie has received answers   to .'kintino.
his communications.     Then a   report      Herald Publishing Cu,
will he prepared  fer  presentation   in , statIonhky,
t'10 association and  organir.iition  will      "■ Campbell.
be completed,    Great interest in   the     S. H. Senney.
.  , iii i I TEA.MSTE11S
movement ha-already    been   aroused       Harshnw & Wilson.
and it is hoped by tho promoters that I    Jackson & Leahy,
all sports n of Nelson  and   vicinity      Alex. Oddie.
■ii i      , ,,    - ., „.       I I'N'llEUTAKklt
will lend their support   to  the effort      W||||«ii Clnrk.
to save   tl,.*   game   from    being   de-  _«
K. \V. Wlddowsoii.
l.l.,lKI.UAol-:    VN'.J    IN-I  II IM K
I'lli'V   .1.  (ill-HZer.
II, rclll-.lt.
.Inliii I'ltilb.-n.
HI. V    HOODS    AM>    ..I.NI-   ,, UN.Sill Noll, (jiiiiipbul.i.
lie-lit i.-.iv Jobbing Co.
II IIM'I I'm:    ui-.ai.i u
William Clark.
1). Cnmpl e I,
l)--.-liii-i.v .lobbing Co.
S   II. Seaiie.1.
Cosiliopnllt.ili—John tireiiu.
McLio.l House—Pinky Mcl-eotl.
Miller lluii.se—S   Miller.
I'l.lace—tail A' Ktlddy.
Vancouver—Owen Buyer.
Wuliloif— (jeorua Colmuii.
Vmir—J. IV. Maslerson,
I.A1.1EB    HUMS ...I. I.    AM)    CHLIK11I
Airs. John MeLeod
M. TAIT. .-».   ItUDDY.
YMIK, B. ('.
Wc    carry    the    leading    brands     imported      Liquors
and   Cigars,   Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and    Wine.
Ymir Water   Works Co.,
Limited. notice.
lii->.'..>-riN.; Coal   and   I'i.tiioi.kum
'     ''• Lands in South Kast Kooten-vv.
The fifth annual f-eiieral meeting of     KOTIRB is hereby give, tin,t  lioen
.ii, ii i    i   i i •     i     ccs to prospect for coal nnd pcii-oh-uni
thi-nliov Jinpanv w ill be held in the '       '    ,     ,      ,       ,,.,',      -,, -
'      - upon ami utuler lands   situat,-,|    witluu
oHi f the company at Ymir,   I'.,  C. inioek   1,608,   South-Hast   Kootenay,
on Tuesday 7 th Feb, 1905, at ;.' p. m j"''1 bo issued foriliivlth to all  persons
.,   ..  ...   ,, , who have made proper application,  iu
I.-, s. I. Ih.--., Secretary. ,   ,',    '        ,', , ,,
pursuance   of   the   provisions   of Uie
„.—■ iii I, i in nnm I., i "(.'oui Mines Act" and amendments.
I   The fee for each licence Will be $100,
•1 J-3-Ej   Q,UEEjN uud all applicants who have   not   de
CICx-A-IR,   STOP6J3.     | posited aooeptetl bunk olioqties to ."over Unii amount sre hereby rctjulicd to
lo so will,out further nolici.
Licences will be issued In the following form, y.z:—
•■Minini; Ll.-en. .-: iss. eu lNDl.it   THE
C'l'Ai. Minks A. r ami Amendments.
Tnh i,r-i\K   r-nii-fo-r.tlnnai.-Lf        "Iii consideration   of one   hit ml red
i obacco-s, Lontsctionery   MUn now pajd ,„,  „,„ hM A„t
and Fruits,
.MILLS .MilNNIs,   Proprieti
nnd subject to the provisions   thereof,
j!. \V. S, (i.ne. Deputy Commissioner,
in*Iiii«x for ih." l'l.iet Commissioner   of
builds ami W'oil.-.. licence
to enter,  prospect,
search nnel work lor co.d and   petrol-
euln (but no other metal or   mineral)
■  i ll   |   |— p.    ,  , « —r— -~ ,     upon, In and under all that   piece or
M h-W    I I f |   I   I  I    ! pa.eel of mini-nil land situated in   ami
"' lYIILLLn nU I L.L:'"'' ;i™'1 »' ',!i"'k mo8. -Kwt
sea is not unsiinihtr to llinliy   Anirl'l Kool iy Distrlol,   and   described   as
enn experiences S*AM   M11.1.Lil.  Prop. follows!-
| ami no. exceeding: in   tl.e   whole   six
The Cardill' Oinlit, the grealusl
fraud ever | ci pot rated on thu public,
'.wis presumed lo have been the petri«
lied b' tly nf a glnill man ll wa- a!
legotl (.. have been aecid.'iith di-c.v-
, led in nil . -\.-.iv a, nn a! I 'aidill,
New York -laic; in I Will ll ",-.'.
i xhiblled w idelj and i ren'eil nn al
Intoiest.      A   nutlibt,   of  scienli-i- j
were lend into bolil'Villg    llie lllld wa- ,
..-ally as ml- DltiSCtl ll     ll ft I , w aid-
1 ill III ,1 OUl  tlt.lt tills  ■" called pi n illed .
! i til ll was   oi igillally    Pill veil    l'l. uu    II I
block of ,\li, lii^-,,i gylmuiii ,-,,i l   ,i,,,.|
wards   In,, led at I 'aidill      I!   Is    -aid
I hundred ami forty statute acres.
,      , ,.     i, •   •      ,r .'Owing to llie number of applicants
LciKlqiiai'ters lor Mining .Men ,,.,. i,,.,.,,,,,, ,„ ,„,„..,,,.,  r„,. eoa| .,,,,1
petroleum, and  the peoullur circumstances Mirrciiiiiling the application for
liar  supplied   vi ill,   hi-i  blaiitls of,11'" Issuance of iliese UUenoes, nnd  thu
,   . we'l known tact ih-.it the issuance has
« in.-, lli|Uoi - and ei^.'.i *.
'lIHT    AVicM I
that the inventors of this ut-enl   Ii-jiix    P^l
i le.-ued n couple ol' hlllllll'C'l    tlllltlslind      "•"
dull it- Iron, exhibiting thu linage
(iamc Protection,
The -pm. -men of N'. Isiiu aiid v i* I
t-inity, heiidi-d by C W. Dusk and
ila.lies Johtisttllio, lire iirgunii*.illgi lo
.ecure tin- fu. thut' pr. '.ei I alidl. and
protection ut guint', I'he micn-i
hown i- gralifying lo the  (iiolnot. i-
,ind In all in,crested    in    spill I N" '
lime ha ■ been luit     11    IllYlll gillg    fill
bei'in.iuenl orgti.iizatio.i und a."live
•,Mii |<. The | iii* isioil d i oilli.iii tee id
llie lew Iv fill 1110.1 Ko.'l' ii,.', ' bun.
I'll,Ic,-In i   a- '" union Hid    till     >\'i d-
hi-dav h. i iiiid *' Hi Haibe " i a|i-
11,11,1, d -. .-ini,hi,
Aflel   ■ gi in I il discu! iiiiii   ol    the '-
nbiecl - *iougl|l lo be a, i lined, ii   ,.»■
tesnlud in ,i ccoinend thai
t|tn   , pruvlnollll       ."ovenment la
bin  unavoidably suspended  for    so
many   months,   the  (lovoi-nment    ol
Ibi.i-:h Columbia limli* ii Impossible to
y. I,    |,   ileermine lhe eip.ili.ble   I'lgbtS   ol   the
.,.im.-mils applicants.     'I In reform   tor
iii,- purpose ol enabling all persons  lo
go be(o|e ihe proper  tribunal   for  till!
I determination   ot     their    rcspcollvu
I ti^bts iilnl  prion,ies,    this   11 Cun 00   i«
I Ihsik-iI Und liccepted   suhjeul   lo   iuoIi
I prior j-lghts ol oilier persons   us   nun
i-vi-l  hi' IflW, mill llu' dale ,.|   this    li
>_jy- v
■■■)•( (i     \
"yl-:'j\ •   » •■ s.I-1   by lulV.  llll.l the till I   Hill     li
S^_     J-y,:-'/ \  1* s I ia u,"e i- noi io   lie   i lieu  or  held   I.
ii ■''■'• .-.'-Z*-          '«*'•. | waive ui,i|Ub) hj lho Conns   Into   lilt
Our tiiligC in ebony
toilet iirlbles Is I...';.;"
a.ill varied.
A Iio-.i.l.. .p., i-i li.n ,....-
ni.i'. i*. N'», ill .-,.   h 	
Injun ,,,-,i"l,o,-li  mlrr.,1 ru ,1
ll,!' mi,' t   H.-.1-  in.   pit o -,.
,ii,'iini.',l m ill, -t.'tli',,; kitvef
.Iii, I,.-, $i -.1...
Our cnlnloglic will
prove id' Value when
nexI yoit ure thinking
about glft-nliikiilg.
Se.nl fur it to day.
\l\U\M lil>OS.
■   ■    p.op.-i perlormuiicu ol all  oonditiont
I pi i ci drill   It- liel ween     adVUt'SU     t' I 111 111-
Mit': and I'lirlln .'.   Oil  lllU    .nele.--ta.id-
j Ing I,nil tin- Coven.nu nt -hull   Iml    be
I ie Id responsible for, ol' In  l il'Otloll
i wilh.   unv   .-on,he,   which   may    arise
. w ill,    oilier   .'liiitii.ii.l 1   • I     lhe     same
1 :;i niiiil  ill il iiuii   under   ml  oltvilni-
l-lMici-. Will lieelice tee? lie t'1'Illlld..ll.
I     "And ihe liohlur hereby waives   any
. claim ol   'l.'Uiillul u^'lius,   the    Cot-crn-
niiiil   und .'.*.pie.-ly agfecs nol lo  luku
luui Hii'pl ur pruoeecllngs,   or   pics nt] ~z
lllllj  p'lllioll,    In   I'llfotCli   llliV    nllugt'il I I
ulaim ..'■ demand sgaiusl thu  (lovut'ii- T
iiietii oi ide Province of Hrilislt Coluin* ♦
■ ia at living (ltd ot thu Issuance   ol   this *
! licence nt 'il nhv other mailer or llinii! f
J     1II5ADQUAHTKHS    I'OK    .MIXING   MEN    AND   Till";      •
Newly furnished throughout,    Sample rooms in connection.       ,
• Rates #1.50 to -?2.50 per day. J
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor        £
♦-»♦♦♦♦♦♦*»♦♦♦•>-»•»♦■»♦■»♦♦♦♦•»♦-> **********************
I               THE   YMIR   HERALD %
♦ *
\                         X
i          Please forward Tiik Ymih Herald Por         month J
i w
T *
4 *
4 to  *
! i
♦ ♦
♦ *
J and acknowledge receipt of enclosed 8  ?
j*            'Pun Hkiim.ii is published  every Saturday nioriiing tuiil *
V  contains   ail   the   news  of the camp. +
|                     I! vir.s- -J'i-.u Ykab, 8--!: 11.vi.i-- Yk.vii, .-?l. ♦
GRAND CENTRAL ttOTELICIark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Courthouse and new Post Undertaker and Furniture Dealer
olliee,   Best 35i meal   in   town,      Mail orders promptly attended to
European and American plan, Biitcit S'i-iikbt,        *        •        Ymih
Only   white    labor    employed. |
First class bar
Hotel ....
(Cuiler entirely new management.)
Dining  Room   mul   Bar
supplied   uiMi    tho   IichI
in tin- market,
Right   opposite depot,  Vinir
JOHN   IIKLAl',  Prop.
iMi'st-cliiss Dining Room.
Best In an. Is of Wines
Liquors! and Cigars.
Nt'cond AVI
Headquarters for Hi ning
and Commercial Men
Tiik iikht uhand op domestic
The   KOOtenay    Standard      Most tfuintortttblo holelln the dis
and   Juanita.
VI VM I'Vl'll I,I.l.   Ill
/."  G.   Thelin & Co.
Ni'lsnii, R ('.
"t 44*********************4
i.iet.    Uvorylliing first-chtM,
V.MIII,   0, ('.
PHKHll ,\NH hai.Tkh \li;\Ts
_,              Wholesale and lleii.il
MILL   WOOD.     X   "tail orders receive prompt nttent	
I b'livcrrd any
I'liifc in town,
JOHN i'lllUii-lfl
',     Plop.
I •'
' itpprittnliiln)! ihereto, ; 4
' •  I'ne land bcino undel n-mc fl'tmi  T ©lOVe   I.Cn^lilS
I pre i n.pu,Ui iiii.I -ale tl, >i ,ic*i ,,!*•,-   tint -   X
I it.a in. hull! mi) tlglil   oiIn-r  lluiii   tin.
i i i-jiu io pioipeci tor coal  nml   pi Irol
I'll HI* i J
I In. il it III > lon  ol   11,11    licence    IS I
10.   T
Per (2art Load-
fur .ui" v.-iir from lhe
I»,|,„t> ,'ii„iiii,--i -M'-r ■     ,- .ii I-  .1
l.iiiul. iin'l ii tii-i. • ll.-pin mi
VI rill  II . .
"  I       Porto Hico
,,.„.iv',.„!i1ioo''..",lrl..,,i,„.,.,, u„,,,. X   L/iimbor Coi Ltd   X
Lill ''<•  bid   rtbrj(ll  l'i I HtlllK I.t
V |r   I. |   I      I       (.11.     |l    1,01
*m*^'-v-v^n4&irj-n*i*mmii*mt*amim4i***M*-*nt' 4
i   in ■■■■"■■"■■■■■■■■■■-'ts^w.fr-ii^
'o.l'l- SllVcr, o!   l,c,,'l ?| im
Copper,    - .   -    vi..,,,
Hold Silver,       • . .; | ;,n
Charges for tit In ,- in.-iui. on hi,
P,oviiiei.il Assayer
P.O. Ili-awer A I I.l,    V.U 11|, Hi',
■W——MM*—M —I THI: YMIR J1ERALD Tl '  , !•    '      '
_^_^_________________ I ripe for the iji*»tilliiig of fiendish faun-
l.icism tll.in these    llv-siuu    pea-ant-.
I'lil.lll-lit-il eii-ri  St.i|ir-l„y inni tiiHll,'«l toitn.
air'---, "i Jt-livi-r.-.l i,i mtrri.-r ie ti.y.-ii.
■,l,-,T,;.';..|i- iV Ml J ..|'   llllllllttl.   |l],yal,li-   -i   i.l
.md if ile-.--.- trawl*, .,!' ci*. il uytlioiity
are oi," ' .overthrow.., with lho count*
I-*   HONOU11   tliu   l.e ut.-h-iii,■
(love. i.or   ill Council l> I-    been
ill ,,-.-l I-. appoint ih-   Hon    ,!'■    Car-
Vi.,, ,,.,„..- 1,1-    II :i   ,.. I    :;.,-l.    |    I   lllultlll      ''"'Hie.' '  f   t"1l*3  church.   .1.1     IIUj'..l'.llle!'-d     tee   I '.,...,,,.    I'lcid-ll'   ol      ti,"       l>.Yl*CU •
. ,..   ,, „b,..il. of the worsi form   of   igiar-   ti*'.'Council, lhe II"",. II. 0.   'J'atlow,
T.ni    llllllAl ll mm   l„    li , i    lr    .il   li  . I
.-.-.-I..::l..r I.i' ",1   •■:■■'      -   li li   l/H   r,l,l t  '
e'iv will    inc. itahly   follow,      "(
Miuistui of I'iiiani-e,    li., i-i    Itu-sell I
':. i 11  ii ,)l,n K''i', '-I  I he ('ity of \'i'-t"l ll.    M-'jUl.e.
i. ,,,., r,.,;,;  i.riiiiuu-    '   i-.-.-r,    ii-.orii.iii.i   .*■ h-a-ic-.'ih fivu. personal    kno»U'|l«e  and .Juliaunes Hunt/on, of t.ho City of |
 ii tie- i,i,iiii* ■- ;o  .i oi.liir.l i.i *
,-, '.: i ,inn  '■-   ■.,':.
I.Kit l|,|i   I" lll.isil INii   l.'DMl'ANl
of llu*. in, and lead '" I J* jconclnsiu;i,
that if the present nutjiisnk    i-   cun ■
\'u oner. K-uijire, to   he    ' lunimis- ,
-loie-i-.  under   ih     "J'-i'oli,-   [uuiiiricsj
V-i   for tlm purpose of enquiring '"*"
Iiiu-d !-, lie I,;j   cities,    the    mi-bury    und ii-pn-tiie,' u) n,.u   tho   npt'ration   of
*-,, •,-*a,-vs.     --o,n-. power will  ..hn.i.b'ly   prevail,   while  ,llu "Assessment Act, 1903," with re-
, ;.j', cl toil., priictic.il bearings  on   the
.   shatild i' spread  in   tliu   country   at u        ■ , ,       .-   ,,       ,,
'       ' * linanciiil  ,r-'pi,,rn,en.s   .-,t    the    l ro-
KATDRDAY, JAN..  •/■■*, lin....       Urge, the end  nf   thu    Hussja;)   oli-: yin-.-.
--•    |o.v,-hvis in-i.d,;- The.si-.id c„,,..„is.-io;,,.-is    will    hold
,,..    ,,.,,..       ,   ,        ■   ■     , their li.-t meeting at lhe office of tl.e
I he 1 in.,' ( iji/ens   .\,--,ici,-itii,;i ha-- .. ,,.   . ....
. —     ■■-  i • ■■ . .Mi,ii.s,tcr pi 1'iiinii.ee, on  lue-d.-tv,   the
/i..|.« w.,0/1 mY in l/'P pfw-, bpj m*. .      — |,i,I, day ,,f "January, JpOT., ut "l0   a
'he.dei.th ol'il,. p/esi/le/lt.   thcllU,-   ..I .     Yffllf      |   f^tfl'^Wf  V0> J III., of W.ln'cll     all     J.i-;sol,s     interested
IV. Jioss .}. }'., ii /in.*- be/-;.   -.,ii,,-vi(mi r w.u*<(lV t.. , |j.Anv   |, ,. are hereby tg take notice and   govern
|),-;,li r- in Staple and l-'am-y I IroeeritM,   Miners   S-yndi   ••
Blankets, S,.,l->. Mitts, Gloves,    Kublters,    f'n-L-r
\\",-il-.      I .Ui rail.-,      !',',*,di'       M.'.liciiic-
NELSON B, & &$X 1095.
i,r('(.'llia|- ill its nieelilo;.      All I'/l'll'l   is
p.jw being 'mute /o reorguiii-e. and us
i, i- an i'l.-tibitinp whi. h ujl rili/en-
,, Im have t|)ti u/'|/uie uf llie town III
i.i-uil should .support, •i-'iii.-i. their
inine-. /ittpntio/l both,' proposal on
oui first page!
A.('KS(|.\ ,v- bKAllV. J'.'-ops.
Teaming and
Expres-s , ..,
•*■ themselves ,trco;din'.'l;-.
t ' -
Pr.», i/iciul Seer,-,,., y's Olli.e
-.'JUh 0,-crmh.T,  190*1.
/Mining AgeHI     >     Slocks and Shar-es
Vi)    o,de,,s    proniptl)-   ii.le,u,,].vj  to   ~-q   ,*   W    Kc,,:|,, ,„• ,,ny other per
-'■     *   — '    -**" and the greatest cu," "V'K'!-1''! in  the      son 1.0 who,,, he  in ty    have trans-
In.- Iiini;-i'vpect,',| ruvoli|lj.ii| of the   ,.    ,,- ,,,.-,,    1 ferret! hia interest in   the Sl.  Thomas
isses ii"ui|isi lhe classes has al   l.i-, and Telegiaplt inineral claims situated
—  in the     Nel.-on       IJining       Division of West  Kootenny   District, and
- —AGENT    PQU^—r
.Mnliial Lift- Insurance ('(iinpativ of ,Ni"iv York
jL'/Hiadiat) Ca«i|lt|ty—li.oijer Insurance IC.-o.
London Mniibtl Vivo. [}i*sui'oiice Com'pan)',
Ottawa I'irc Insiirance Company,
1 cured in lliissin, and it now .u,pt
-Yinii, r». ('
a*, if the terrible scenes   of  bloodshed ■ +i + ii^+i + iix
and   riot   which   accompanied     il
Kiel,oh revolution, are   about    lo    I
repented in Sl.  Petersburg.     \    per-   J
• ma! experience in   llussitt,   iuuued- X
intely brings forcibly tu   one's   notice If
ihe great ehiss distinction there pre- J
.ailitlg-     The dilh-i I'ucu Iml« e.-n    the   X
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+***»* recorded in the Recorder's oti'ieo folic elso.i JUining Division.
md   each   of you nr.-   hereby
* notified that I   have   expended    one
? Hotel Ymir ?  ,
Tin- iSfi-t  .Meal
In Town,
*   hundred and two   dollar-     and    fifty
And Aecoillin.iilation      ♦ **»U (*102.60) In labor nnd improve-
T  iiients upon  the above ininernl claims
t  in oi.l.-r to hold same under provisions
^■-*S'*V*'*>.'».-S.-)i*.->.-*»-^-^A',&A>i^Aa-a-AAAA-\ .
T of the Mineral Act, and if within
upper nml luwsr classes in lliissin is f A line selection ot \\ lues, * ninety days from tho date of this no-
probably more distinctly defined than  t        Liipiors lllld Ciyai'R       t tice you fail or    refuse to   contril-ule
In any othor c dry   in   the   wmld,  X   X  v"1"  P*"'*iul1 "t expenditure, .together
11 is perhaps only ..'oiiiparHble .-  t  ■'    W- MAKTKU.SOV,      Prop. ±[ willi all cos-.s of advertising, your   in
..... , ,. ,   t**«4»-.4**»**,»*»»****«.*««.«t  lerest in said claim   «ill    become   the    "»*
distllielion   between    the    white    and   **************************
properly of Die subscriber, under  nei
black races in  the   Southern   States, _   „,„ , ,,,-.,„ „,.,     eutilled "An   Actto
Tin- upper classes csl ibil ,111 nd*.
vitiiccd st.igti of culture ami refinement, surrounding    themselves   with
dl the emblems uf  luxiiiy.      A mi
those devoted lo intelh dual pursuits,
,-ii-ni 0 and philosophy hu\ c been ml
. iiuced as far a- iii tun otlu-r countri
60   YEARS'
Amend    the 'gMincr:i]      Act,      1000 „
Dated al Vmir, II. ('. this   I HI.
day of No%   [904,
■ram -V.-n'.f
Copyright*-" &i.
io the world, ..i„l the seiter.il nrderofl      ahv.-oo*.n„,iio«,.*-i,.*,'-i,,,,,:,'i-^.rt,..,- ■- no..
i-li.-MV  jl-.-.Tl .1, l»   l.lll- I I HI!   "   111-" >vli..||.|T  1.1-
,,.,.. •    i , .-IV--I1,'--,   IH |ir.,l.„l-l>-I','+'"t!L.'t.'      ,'1,,1'lllltlll'l,
I,i.elleet.luli-iii i-on a par   w-n i    thai        m.-i not.y ooiunioiiltnl. Ilan-JI lorn I'nleliU      T*() VVurvii   I       lit. ni-s     .it-    nnv
1 ..,.,  i..ii,i-i .iu,.|i,-v i, i. ...i,,-„.u i,;,i..„ts. I        "  .,■.....  -.-      .it'.ui.s,     IIJ |
,-  ,| ,| -.ll;       1 ,    ■ .-    , i t'.il. uis laltcM   Itii'Uii-l,  M i.i -I  ,-   l ,>       v'-i I     ,, I.l i
ol 1110 Oilier CM IIKI'.I countries ol    the       i;,«i«l iwllw. it.ilioutcbnr-io, In'.lio olliel pel sol, to w holn be inuv bill--
i.oild.    Hi. the nt her hand, ilu- luwei
classes, ami mure .--i eciallv ihe   ncas-
$Ci*li1t!9ftC H-tHC!CSH.      ^^s^< » M-~t in ihe Meadow
A linn.',."",-n-ll'ii-nrni "I ni-'lt'i*     Ijirtoit Olf        Lark     lllillelal     clllilll,     -illlllted        oil
'iiiu, f .."v .i.-m-uh!.' Innriiiil.   'I'L-rit-i. IS a
i-    - SSSr.-.SSll'-ff'iS11" *' ••■"'ci'-',1'j!""'. -;';'l',r;-     Wild Hoi-se cicck aboul seven   miles
ryo" v '''h"hl-     MUNN*Co:>'',^"'> New York ,•„„„,,,,., ,• v,„i„ „, ,i„. n,.is,„,
•1i»i-,-1 DlttOO. (TUI  i'. Wini'iuiul.,, . o.".'.
Mining Division of   West   Kootenay
World of sordid hi'iili-hiu■«- Ulie.puiled   *--~*-*'***-**-*'-"J*,*'-**^*J"-**'-"-'^"-*'■*■—* ■--—
ink in a i uaciuii 1'   it
District, itud recurdcil in lho Recorder's oiii.e for iIn- Nelson   Mining   l'i
i i-i.ai.
You and each uf   you    are    helcbv
iu any nut ion, which claims   a   place
anlong the .iiili/.'-.l   miliun>   of   tin.
 1,1,    Probably nut one   i ,,,     I" l.i;i.l N'i.l'i:\T  citiWM'.lls
notilied thai I have expended seventy
can read or «rite, the mode ol    iriiiu        ,, i     ,    ,•,..' ,,   . , '
r.*,() *Jiiities l.iuluun or any other pur-Uij   (lollai-s   and   eighty-xevon   cenls
kcotiipurulilo only to thai of ravages,    I ,„ „!,,„„ |„. ,„.,,   have  Inuisfcircd (*J70.»7j iu labor   and 'improvements
mid the conception of religion i.  rude  hi* iniere-ls in the Yankee (lirl,   Cn upon lho above niineral claim in oidet
In the extreme, uting nlniusi   to  uadinn Oiil iind Yalu I', ictiuii miner to hold saiiie under the provisions   of
idolatry,    Allemiticu is   divided   he     ''''''  ' -'""""l "" ",l1"1 ;i the Mineral Act, and if within   nine-
Iiiiii, ibi.tit two miles from   Ymir,   in tv days from the date of ..this  notice
, ..ecu the "buj!ii," "i land owner, and
It pi-eseiilnlive nf the I Ireek l 'lull', ll,
I. is I.'.- in te of I hen   |,,w deu f
ilo-Nil-.,.   Mining Division of   West   you fail or refuse lo contribute   \ '
Isouieimy 1 istrict,   and   lecndi     in  p,, i of expenditure, together with
'"' '■ dels utliei. im-  the   Seisin, al  rusts uf advertising, your   interest
1 Iligcnee, mul their lum,' ii'ldictiun   Mining Division. j,    dd elaim will   becomo   the   pro
to severe discipline, of the larger  por>       You and each of   j-ou   are   heieln   perty of tho subscriber, under section
 f the llussiaii lower classes, ihul   notified that wu have expended   three   1 of an   act   entitled   "An    Act   tui   'A\
■■■'•■""        ■;,■",",    "■' \ .».! the Mineral Act, 11100."
there i- hope fur , he   | ,• -, i.l   -\ stem
nf   the    llussiaii     nutocrai i.       The
lower classes   inhabil iu^    . l.e   tow ..-.
.Hid   impriii ut-  up ui   the  above
iniiuT.il cl nm- in "idi'i ,o hold   same
undel the |iro\ isiuus of   ihu    M rui
Dated al Yinir, II. ('.. this '."..
lire in itch more intclligi'iit, bul are in-   Act, ,il,d if within uillety   days fimn   '' October 1001,
siillicieiitly m uis   tu   - 'essftllly ' '' "''' "' ""' "''' -'"" ,'i"1 '"'
fuse io i ..ni i ibuie \i,in portion uf '-.\- .       .             v          /tv
coinb.i. tl,"   iiiililurv   forces,  urravei         ,,,                        . ,    ,, I. uulou-ii     f/iff-uo    Cr\ '   'I*
pet.d.lure, tugeiher iV.ih nil   ,-•,-,-.   ul IVOOICIKI)     vOIICC    LO.    A\
,    lhe  ndvei i i-iie_".    \• .in    interest    in    said
l.iinis will be'e.    the   property   of COLLI;!'    ROASTERS
ihe subscribers, under section I of mij /it.
widcspiiiiid ngeiil foi the   slirrinii   up    ,...h.i...i .. ,..  i.., , i   .i .                                        '"
iigainsl tlicin     Should  b .-
hilliti in I   , he  priesi ,    hi cu|i
I act entitled "An A, I  lo   A ml  the
nf the millions of peusuui   pupuliiltiHi, j Mhiurnl Act,   IH00,"
ii-iuii*,   the   iii il    puwer,    theii    the , |), I',. (Irobe,
•ci lies of , he   I'Vcllcl,   Ib'V obi, ,,Hi      H ill
ll     Mcl.eo'l,
ii  A   Isivell,
Hiqh * Grade * Coffees   _
y.   P
7"    *—
Wholesale and retail dealers
iu Pri'sl. Unlisted
• s-
,__»-*    —■
**.     *"
4        f-J        **
>^>-   y.
—■*      ■—'      ■■■■-*
"   c   /
0*         —*
_j         -*           **
*X ' <
£ - ^
' - t".
r 5
fadii into   in-undi, in.-.-   before   the. Dated at Ymir II, C„ tin's   Huh,
honors   of   thi'   o.'.m    b'w    li.oiltlis lilal ofdiliiUary IDOiJ.
Mil..-(.N,  II. (.'
Ymir, B. C.       1
■■■ JUS7 IN
Pro h ci r of groceries,    (l"i o ,, price on these goo I- n    v e
are -ellini; th-in cheap, and   we   always   bud   fin    low
U'e can pleasu you, for quality as  well   a-  price,  a1!   lines
being   rcdtpol,
\\ ,- are selling ul very luw prices.'  I lubbers — we nre going
to clqse them out before spuing      <! it mi|
pi ice-; before buying
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
M, 11.- 11aiii . very morniuo
except Sunday, for freight
and passengers for 'l mir
mill. By -ji.'i'inl orders on
Sundays. ()r for Yniu- mine.
• ■' .m.u —
"Well, tlicu, therc'n no i]se   troubling     "
about the old hone,'' .-ihe    iiitiirrupled.
with a full -Hiih'i  'you PHP have me.' | "~™
«&«.««««CMi4W*E««€«««C«6«C(|«   iiWill you ri'idh"" she asked.    '.'Yes."
I    THE   JOKER    |
Promissory Notes.—Tuning life
fiddle before the peifot-miinee h'Jgii|s
Let's hi,|e ip the uork baskot,''
said the mischievous gai'tef to the
fun loving stocking.
"Not by a loin; -hilt/' replied the
lisle ihietid. "I'll be t|iti't)ed if f do.''
-   Town Topic*;.
n",     POUNDS      HUES
t'. S. T. lloss, Secretin'}
Spokane Falls &
(ir.indpa—''Yes, it's a  good   thing
fur a boy to travel. Freddy.      [t   de-
Canadi-an Geological -Sur-i
Vey, Northern Ry.
The work of ti,o Qanadian Oeologi-   m mlv    ,,„   „,,   ,,,„*.,.   betwocl)
cal Survey, under the capable gui- L points east, west and south to Ross
dance of |>r. Robert liell, has cow-red hind. Nelson, Grand Porks and Re»
a wide field of research and bus   been ] public,    P.ull'et cars run hetwepn Hpn
,. ,i„ ,-        ,-     ,, i    ,     i       -i-i ! kane and Northport
roi|i|.|ive 1.1 ini|cb gn.,i|.       llie   urea '
for investigation    is    very   pj(te|isivi'.
Effeetivr, .lime ipi-. 1908,
Vein pes him.     |f helms,    anylhing   ill | „nd tl,u subjects uf itnpiiry lunch    t|i- | '™™
hiin travel will bring it out."   piedily
(who   is   precocious)—"Yes    I   have
discovered thut when |  was   crossing gjV(5 ^ basis for the Unal complete re-l  7,20 «
■    ii      , i i    .- , i i   8.*lfi .i-'.i
versified, but the work o|  the   survey ! ,{) Jn B (|]
has been systemsti?ed and planiuid to ;   9.:i2 am
tin Channel."
line d'ty, at n certain school master,
villi aspect fierce, and cant! upraised,
\. a-about, to punish 0|ie of his pupils, the little follow said, unite innc
ii.l.'i p.ii
4.8S p.m
-j rt.j p in
7.20 p-n.
., ,        ,        ,        ,   11:85 a in      Grand Porks       -1 00 p-ni
It on llu*   mineral   and   geological    g „0 fl m 1U,pub||c 6.16 p.m
features of the Dominion.
During tlio part yeai    tl.e   Survey 3AVt       ll/VlC,.
has had over ,10 pirties in  the   field, . a T ,T,     THE     TUMIE
nnd in addition to the volume of   an- j UY • USING
tmtly, and doubtless with some vague  nunl reports  and   numerous   Kl"'''';''|-R jj-B a*T
publications, about '.'(.   separate    bul- i
letius have been pr-pared and    partly I
The work of the Canadian    Survey
recollection of a visit to  the   dentist:
"Please, sir, may—moy I have gas?"
The    ten vear-nld   daughter   of   a
prominent physician is found of w.rit-  .
■     , , . i is ami* supported by the several   pro
mo verses.     Not lotlg   ago    silt!   went • i       i    •    i  i
to a    wedding,   ami   oil bur   return
wrote an account   of   it in   rhyme
Her description   of   the bride-maid',
was -is follows
vincial geological departments,   notii
bly, those   of   Ontario   and   British
Columbia.    Tho report of Dr. Eugene
flannel, uf the   Ontario   bureau,   on
,     , iii    ,! electrie MiieilitiL'attracted    wide   no
"Some had plltf noses and oilier..■  bad
i> ''''''■
Each hail a blue ribbon   tied   around m
her.ihi.mion Impending Revolution in
Not Tina Kind. lohn w   lianJ Science.
-nine, the coinediitn, tells this iinei*.
dote ot his little son: The buy was
overheard saying to  hi-   pet    rabbit,
Seattle,    Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
"HoW much is    seven    limes    seven!''
llf course there was no response from
limes four!'    Still there was    no    re*
spouse."    Now  I will
'lie    vou    an
The year   IH0D  finds   fundamental KPP.PPP.IIS.    BUFFET,
,-ienc" practically -hak.-n    and    -hut- |    LIBRARY     CARS,      MODERN
fundamental i is of sci. <•   are   all   Begt    Mea,8   on    Wheels.
brought to  ilitpxtioti    l>v    these   new
tered by the recent discoveries in   re- I
eiud to relations of electrical tnaiiifos- |
,, , till ions to matter and   the   wonderful
the rabbit.     "How   much   is   four
phenouiemi   ot   radio aotiv ity,       I he .
Small Prices Bring Big
easy one.      I low iiim-li   is    two    limes - , ., i    \ __        r- » c-t       i .. a i *s -.- —.
, ,v„!     -bill the rabbit refused to   ,-,- «"«»«■■»«. '""'  "'   '"">'  be , Q      F AST     TRAINS       Q
-pond.    "Well," said the   little   boy, " ^"l»""» "'   ""■■   l,,eo"«   IU J°   Z EAST AND WEST DAILY Z
, , , ,    , ...... , ,' eu-.T-'V, nuiller, and   even    lite.        No
"I knew lather was fibbing when   he • ,    . ,./*.,- 	
said rabbits are the    i|
plii i- in the world. '
The Rabbi and   the
eutest   inulti-
le--  an    until.oilv    than    Sii    Oliver
Special    Pxetti'sion    Rates
Anil call your tttj.en.tiqn, thj.s \ycolf tu two snecjaj lines w, .
have ji|s| ttildcd.
Boys ancj Yonths Cjothing and Shoes
We can show aim qf tho njcost lines, liothin Hattet'ii nin|
finish ever shown in Jvoutciuty, at prices that vyjll ipii canst,
vim to look clscwht'i'it t'uri <| bettor bargain.
S(-iioor. Bo iKs -Wc i*eceive<l a full line, and you will al
way.-* rind till the '•I'ljqiremen.ts of Public, school work   in   iiur
Stationery—.Our stock is just in am] wo can assure yui|
satisfaction in every particular. Pur storls ip lame and the
selection is up to tlitc. Ask for whit yon want yqu wijl mil
be disappointed,   as   we  carry all requirements qft-he trade
hitics and Patent !\|ehi. inks - \\V carry a gt)0(| line al
low and honest prices,
(il'iK'EKIKS ANIi I'ltovistoNs -'('hey ace lil|c. IVesh ,'ind I'C
liable and oqr prices are ritrht.    , ({ivc qs it call, \\v   li!-.'
you to sec our stock.
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B,     C,
Sb.-lf and lluildei-i Hardware,
Paints and (bis, Stoves, Coal,
Steel, Powder, Fuse and Cups,
Oranito and Tinware, Stun in
All   kinds   of   Plumbing,   Tin
sin ii bin-,'   and   General    Repair
Lode,,   ventures  tu asseit  positively . ,,-,., , , .»•*.■
that "matter is eomposed of   oleotrio   To World A Fair. bt. Loil.S 'H,,.  M„|||i||   Llie   I llSIII'MUCC ( Olll) III IIV (ll  N.V.
Your Choice of Ib.uie.
i ity nnd  of   nothing   elm*,'1   und   Sii
tullinu n good story of which   u   oor» I Wjiltmn it ,- s-n-s tb-,t if •• i- l,„ilc-     ,. . ,, ,,,,.,
*■*. uu.un iiiun-t i oi* inai ii   a- ii -      |.(i|. ra,tig *0|,*HrgMn,| (nn Information
tnin Jewish rabbi m the   hero,      He probable," the now   hypothesis  about j regarding trips, oall on or ai'dress an
was ridliiR iii n crowded    -tre.-i   car, t|tHinio«riition and roconstriK'tion   of   sgontof the S. P. &N. ItallwHy or
"" « to oiler his seat   ...   ,.   l.-nlv ,.,,. ,.-.,,   „    ,,,,„„   ,,,„,   *.,,„. - II- A  .1 A) jKWIJJ. ^    II.UKANI.l^
who Htitcrod with a iiunibi'i- of   other tmnsmii till ions bfolnnenti no   l..n-, 710 W. Kiveisv e'r'pi'ktno
pitsiengd-s,     Uefore nI Id take il uppuam an idledrettin,   "the   phil.	
a young limn plumped   himself   down p|l0|'H »ionB will be   rllscovpn.il,   and "
in tlio vacated seat.    The rabbi    ■ .id ,, i-m-t b. wund the b.oi i-    of   |	
nothing, but gutted   al   hiin   iu   dis-1 -.-ibility that it may hud to tl thet
gi'cttil -ih-     "What's ilu- nun.-i'" „,,.,! ,,( ,,„. |*hnu**l,phci' of ibe   middle
suddenly demanded the young man in  , -tin* elixir vitao."
,. -mil ci. ii.-.     'What are you glaring
at mo foi like tin.,'    You   look   as  if
., ,., ,        .*   , ■ i   substances  opens  „p  an   liiterestinii
-..ni il like to eul .....        I am forbid- ' '
lien toont, you," iins-A tied lh«   rabbi.  Held for the  ehemieal   geologisl   and
-■| um a .lew." ..No presents n possible,   though   re
in ill',       ib-l ill bin-.'      eieltielil     in     I In-
I'lii" pnssihilil v of t riiiisn.ut.il inn  ul
"Yo u see," explained u j ou.ib   mnn
us he showed a prntty gill   tie   wish   ncnoral business uf   mining   foi    tit
bum of a chicken al a  pienit    lunch-  pi-pci.uiH metals,
ion, '-yon hold    III r-    and     I ll    hold
there.    Then wc intisl   mnkc   a   «isb |
und pull, lllld, w he.   .1    break -.,    the *■   ■
one u ho im- tin- bin tier inn i >.i u   -1
have hi- ot her ., ish 'ji i.l il.cd      " llul
I don't knuw what to •,. ish   for,     -In-
plo-l'-lid      "Oh, V  ill     lllillK    of ,.\| PI-',I'S ..
hoinol liiny, ' llU -aid.       "Nu,     I   CUIl't"
l,A«T l'l KHli \s is i:ai ii Mi.nth.
t   Hill"   (    Ill/CHS
'iic iij'iiiil, "I -.in . ituhl. ol . i t i \ -
liiinn I want VPI v I11U< li." "Wril,
I 11    v\ i-.li    LH     \<ni,''    ho    "M-.ihiri-'.l.
.1   VV, Htnw. I'm-, i. nt.
11 I \mi'i:i.ll, Hocrcturj'.
I'im.a^ MuFiKon, TieiiHUiL'i,
Prow ■ eottcc
IpOQD to a thoun-
• id  dolUf   pre
Iftllfllioll  1ft.
Unity DIrki &
loos' ftcUltlei
for niftklbg solid
i il-.ri w.'ite nit
poiUMed t>y 00
other concern hi
clarct juo. ArtioUcdfiUn-
cm, modcra mn-"1iiTi(?rv, ittrt ifcllled hand-
tvorkers, « Minder tlw direct ruiirn-islon tf
ti net lea I nienitift n i f llio firm, make att »'■
equalled cOHiblualloo for turulog uut (Int.
Write for Itliiati itad catatovue*
Sterling SilVer,
Silver PUCt,
Wilthc*. etc
Henry Birks & Sons
I'iniili-l » < ,i.,,i y
ih- |..,i,.(M.i,io
Has Assets Fixceedinjj $400,000,000.
A policy in ii is llie safest iiivcstincnl know 11 tn mini,
Ciisli invested ill Life [nsuranct- is easli invested thai   will
ivi urn oompound interest.
All successful business men carry large amounts (.1  lift*
-insurance,    li provides for the family, protects a man in   I,,-
old nge, and, protects his other investments,    Kor   rates   mi
'any f'orju of life insurance a])ply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent-.
Wilson & Harsh aw
Draymen and
YMIH.    If     (.'.
lI'iinlliiiLi hcavj freight a
1 loiTcsponilence [iroinpl ly
uUimded to,
r    NKI.-'ON .v t I'   SHBl* Ull. KV   •   ,
HKDM'OUN'I ain IUlbW w
WASHING I'ON & . . \.  Ill
V   v. ,v I-:  i:v. ,i  x , . •
ml 1 Ircill N'-i ;i m u, :'.   th   i,   r
1 and O. Ii. ,v N. Co.,   foi'  1 ,,,,i,
west   and  south ■ conne. tn hi
! hind und Notion   «ith   tin    Ci.    li.-u
I'ai'die   llaibtav.
. 'ol...eel- ai  N, i .,-, with the
I.t N.  Co,  for   K..-I-,  an IK        Is
I ...ill !'->.
I 'onnei-l-  a,  ( ',n h-w   H'ith      I
! (Iieenuood and   Vlidwny, 11. C
Buffet   curi iun on train- ...   .■
Spokniiu and   l!i-|,ol.li,-
II  ,\. .1 \( KSON
(>,-,,,-l'i,I I'.-,- — ,if,-,  A, '
S|iokni,c, A iki. THE YMIR flERALD:'1'  - j i' -'    !l
  ' I'ipU for the ij.l*jtillillg of lii.li.Ji-h fllll.l- i
l.icism that, these    llv-si-n.    peasants, I
I'iiIiIIWh-iI . nt,   - .   r,l») iin.l iniilli-il i., in
i,,i,ir,'--. ,,r 1,'Iivi :• -i In .- irrii-r In tin ;,
Still  irlpl lull- .-.-' i,; i'i   itninnii,  |t»yabl.-  -i -nl*
if ile- .'-.- ti-uuits ijf civil iiuthoiity '
| 11,-,' o,,e,' -|V(
-,.,., ril-nty r,i, -  I, -i    i*i  nidi  i, -r ti ,,
[s   HONOUI1   th"   l-ieuti.'iiiint-
. ;-i-,ernor   tn Council ha-    been
pleased to appoint th.- Hon    I'.    Cur-
'• - if tl,,-.- ehui-eh, an   iin.ii.ii-allel'-il   tei-C'uttyn, fre-iidout of   in--    Enoch ■
■l-thi-n-.il, tt ith the  count-
ii.  ii-ii-.-i ..-ii- ,..  :,,,  iri.ni .ni iitidiiiu   outbreak of the worst fo,rm   yf   anu*
. -I. .:   I- in 111   .::-■:-,.•'   -.r   ,-.:u   I...   -,!,',  I
ill i from Hi-- -a,;,-,
t , mil, T,-„ll    I. r,, 11,11 _r   .-.    ■■..-: v       1    ill:;.' ,..i
1 .ie- (in ,1,1; I.l* im-   - ;,!   *' -. O'i.i 1,1 i.ri.-.*.
,'l ... I   ,1,1,   ':•   ; ,11.
iij:k u.n  e1 in.!-.,;.*.,,  i om;' in*.
in- Council, the lhe,. I!. 0.   Tutlow,
Minister .of Finance,    Diivitl    liussell
; leas rcsu
of liu-.ia, in
d lead   to tho .eoiieln *i";..
that if tin- present .oiiliir.ea!.-    i-    con
(I. i;i. in*, s,  :, <> o./'i,.
i ;-'iv will    inevitably   follow,      These   ,*        .   ,      ,.       ..... , ..
' l\or, ,-t  the (   it)' of   Victoria,    |-,-|HI,e, |
I.  fi,-iri j-T-o.-ial    knott U'dge  and ,I,.banne- I.Sunl/"(il), of the City of
\ niii-,in\ it. K-uijire, tn   be   Counuis-J
-ioner-  under   ,1,-.   "J'nblic   ln.|,ii,'ie-1
Act   for tbo purpose of cu.piiring into]
lim d t.i the l,i::    -it i,--,    (he    mi';,. iiry   lllld repiy'ting uuo;i  lhe   operation   oil
■ I,     ,,-     .  , -       , ;,    the "Am— mint Act, 1903," with re-1
j powej wot  iiliiiu-u.'ly   prevail,   while " ■    ■ '
, ;•)" el  to;,.- practical bearings   on   the!
shtlllld i1. -,o,ea. I   to    tin:    count!'*"     Ill    e ■   i .-    . i i >       i
i       - •• financial  ,,-i|,ii,.i',ne,,:-   ot    the    tto-
VII IHDAY,   IAN.   vs, I pQ.j.      itrgo, the end of   the   I!';--,-..;,   oli- yjnm
Tin- -i;:d eoinioi.-.sio;,ei-     will    hold,
their li.-t meeting at (he u'h'co of the j
I' ■ • .Mi.i.i.-,tei' til Finance, uj. Tuesday,   the
Al.eW..o/liv,..')'k i» I/.,- nasi, bpl ,\„, , •' J.l.hda--,,f,J,,n,.,a,-v, J/lO-,, at   10   a'
Ibe .death ,.1'il,. p-esule,,,. thi- lid,-   .-I.    Y fjl I f     | T^ 11^7-6T V0|* J 111., of wb/ell     all    persons    interested
.A'. ItossJ, J'., ii hiw been   somewhat , ,,.,. .,... ,   , ,,, ,,,.   ,, are hereby to take notice and   iroveru
dACKstl.N ,& l,I-,.\Ili . ] 'ynv-
|)i-al.-i-s in Staple a-nd Lancy (iroeeries,   Mili-ei's   Sijiuli
Blankets, .Sot-U-s, Mi'tts. (jloves,   Ruhliers,    Un.Joj'
war,    Overalls,     I'a.tent      M.-dii-iijcs.
NELSON B, & B0« 1093.
:j> c
gapeny I- in -i.-ii,'-
'I In- Vmi, ('iti/.n •   A,--. .i-iatioii has
il i'i-o|i!i,r in it- ,,lie,in;;. All I'/lity'l is
pow being (I'l.ule Jo )'.eorgil|li •>• uti/j as
j i- an i/i.-lit,ilii,|i uhi.li ajl .ili/en-
... ho InlM lil ■ ivelfm.- of lhe lOW|l 111
dealt should support, we wrpuf their
puniest attention to ih,- prpp/Miil on
oui !ir-t pagd
Teaming and
.Express , ..,
--.- theniselves a--eo;dinvh'.
«' •
J'roi i/ieial Secrel.a'-y's Olliee,
JJIlll Ib-eruib".', 1904.
Mining Agettt     *     Slocks ant) Shart*
TO )i|-:|.l.\(l.t'l-:.NT C'O-OWNKHS.
Ai)     old,',,-     prompt"/      ..•"•'"'M    b.    J(,    ;*     W      Jveeeh, o|-l„,yo,lie,-   per
-'      *   — '—Si»"                   and the greatest care c.*,erci*ie(J in  'he son to whom  he  miy    have i.ans-
'I'he loiiL,'-ev|,ectei) levobjl ioij of the ' ,      ,,-       .„    t. fetred his interest ill   Llie St. Thomas
masses against t).e cl/isw, basal   last | iiiid TeleRiaph mineral claims situated
occured in Hit—in, and h now appear.-1 "■■■   '■ i"**^^^maK4i ■    wu
-   - AGENT   VOU	
M I'liiiiii h'ifr Iiisuiiince ('(.iiipiiiiv <.r ,Nciv York
Canadian Casidatv -ISi.ilcr Insurance Co.
J.fiii(l(»n Mnttbtl Fire [jieiiraiiiec Coinpan)',
Ottawa Kirc Iiisni'jincc ('oinpany.
Fii.'sr avkmi;.
-YMII!. B. C
the      Nelson        Seining       Divi-
)i oi West   Kootenay   District, and
if tho terrible scenes   of  l.l"od-le d'..........,,,........,,., . ,   , .     ,     ..      ',   .      ... /«-*??
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*  i-i corded ... the  Recorders  ..lino  to,-      _9S9"■
a      i.i.i :...i     ,i     t ♦.:_..._... Mr
d   >io,    uhii'li   accompanied     tin-. +
4ffl999 ~9& 999^99^9^^>^~ 99 •>:3P%\
*     the elson AlinitiL; Division
.-... .,...■„ « if Hotel Ymirt t;;;: :::r„r;::::;, „, m  jQg    PRINTING   ?
*  notified that I   have   expended    one I   Vj;
f  hundred nnd two  dollars    and   fifty     ™
repented in St.  Petersburg.     \    per-   J 	
niiiil experience in   lln-i.i..   in.n.ed-  I           Tlio Besl   McnU - ...
lately brings forcibly to   one's   notice  | And Aeeointnodatillll X «mts (.*10-J.50) in labor and iuiprove-     «5
1                   .,, -i-  ,,.,, T   ni.-noon   the above mineral claims    fXj
*                  111  i"»u, i , .     ,              ,           . .      I   iii
ihe great class distinction there pre-
,'ailitlg, The dilleicnc. bol woeti tin
upper and lower classes in Uussiii i-
probably Uioro distinctly defined than   j
in order ,o bniil same under provisions
t T oftlioRIiner.il   A.-i,   and   if  within
X   A line selection nt'WInes,  4  ninety days from  ihe dale nf this no
l,ii|ii.)i's and ('igari
J  ticeyou fail or    refuse to   contribute
in any othor country   in   the   work! ' J f your portion of eupcndilure, .together
i*i i i i   ,       i     t  -I    W.   M AiS'l |:i:.-! IS'.      I'l.io.  X  with all costs of advertising,  your   in
I, is perhaps only comparable lo   the  * ' '      '   "    t /U
.*•*.*. a,.iiiiii__j..__a.--*-*     terest in said claim   «ill    become   the     "I*
.iistineiion  between   the   white   and   **************************
properly ot tlie subscriber, under   sec
black races in  the   S hern   States. ,_,„,        ,   ,„.,,„    ion 4 of an act     entitled "An   Actio
The upper clauses   ,--! d.-ii    an     ml- Amend   lhe ^Mineral     Act,    1900 „
-. .need -la-eof   iiibeie    and     ,,,',,„•. ^JMM 111        l0„..V«,E*'!?L A ill'KTIiKS
men,, surrounding   themselves    with
all the emblems of  luxuiy,      An.mm
. hose tlevnted In iiitcll.. t nil pursuits,
•cienco and philosophy have been ad
.alined a- far iis in any other count!'!
Dated nt Vmir, B. C, this   I Ith
ihiy of Nov   1904.
TBADS !\'.-P.".f
in the world, and the general order of I      ^ron^^^p^L^     TO  DE 1.1 NQU KNT COOWNKllS
- r.ii,.i.lv ,i-ri-r,alil oui- el in!" lii-i- .vi,.-, l;i-r in-     . 	
,, ,.       . ■ ,       , i,v,.,„,..„ ibprnhnl.lrimtetiiuhlo.   Cnmimin'—
Intollectualisin ,- on a par  with   that n„
nf the other civilized countries of  the .,,.n,,,„.,,„^. viiimut.. .-.
»oi Id.     On the other hand, lhe lowi I
•• ■)■
'/ $ %
-   7    /
/•   T
.ii.'i'mh t.illi.,1 ili'i"i'i:'*li'i.,'. i -i ,-' ". -■'     v''-i     !    I       , ,11 i
oil,,-i person to mI.oii, be may nan
transferred his interest in tl.e Meadow
i-hisses, and more i*peci.dly the   peas-      *K"5«i!"JI!i!S5i!SJ "..,
an'.rv of tin- . ounl i.v districts, ure
sunk in a ipiiigniire of igno.-an. e, n
world of sordid bi-uii-h... •- uiie.puili'd
in nnv nation, »Inch claims a place
among the ci*. ih/ -d nut ion.* of , in,
,.,,,1,1.    1'tobibU ,    I, ,    cent.   I" HKI.IXi/UKNT COOWNKl
Scientific Hffleirican.
' .ri-.-l r,r      Lark    ,,,i,,e,al    claiin,    situated       Oil
ii;vi!it.-.-.vi.,*„i,.rs     Wild Horse cicek about seven   miles
MUNN %. Co !»va",t" Hew York from .!„•,.,«,, ,,.• v.„i,-. i„ .i„- n..isi,„
Mining Division of   West   Kootenny
.,   .. er's olliee for the Nelson   Mining    Di
i ,-mn.
Vou iiiid each uf  you   an-   hereby
notified thai 1 have expended sevenly
' '™"or«ritn1tl,«'..,...le(,l   living!     0 j, Cahnm or any other per-Lix  dollars   and   eightyseven   cents
,. coiiipiirable only to lli.it nf -n-.;,-.-.    I ,,, „;,.„„ he m.1,1   Ice  ti-aiifcfeired (87C.S7) in labor   and  ihiproveiuei is
,ti(l the concepti f reliuioti i.  rude  hi* inti-re-is in tin  y.inkee (lirl,   Ca-  upon lho above mineral claim in order
In the extreme, a until." nl ,t   i,.  nndiiit, (lill and Vain I'rueti n miner   to bold same under the pjovisions   of
idolatry,    Alli-an.e i-   divided   be-    d claiin-, sii Haled »n Duudft In    the Mineral Act, and if within   ninu-
laiii,  ibottt two mileK from   Vmir,   in  iy days from tl.e date  of.this   notice
le-N.l"!   Mining Division of   West  you fail or refuse to contribute   your
"'''      Kouteliay District,   and    led   in  portion of expenditure, together with
' '   the lleciii.le.'*! ..ili.e  fur   the   Nelson all costs of advertising, your   interest
Iween ihu "boyar," or laud owner, and
,, |.r.-ei.la,be nf lhe Creek ('but. ll,
It i- I, -. in f llieil   |.
ilitellti'i'lice, and t heir b
lie said claim will   become   the   pro-    iii
in severe tliscipl , of tl.e larger   pa-       i ou aim eucn oi    \"„   lire   heieh\   perty of the subscriber, under section     iii
lion of the Hiissian l.iwei-t-lasses, thai   notified Unit we have expended   tin..    ,,,,,,,,   act   entitled   "An    Act   to    /a
■       .   , , hundred dollars   (*?.'|()0.l it   lib..,    - i ,i, . m,,,,,.,i v„i   innn" iii
I here is hope for the   | rru'l.l   system       , .-vnu'iiu llie .Uineial Act, r.iuu, .   /|\
MITCHELL TAIT.     '   /j\
Dated at Vmir, 11. C, this L'O   day     (\S
ddi iti.ui   Mi j hii i-i.ni.
Vou und em h nf   \ "ii
if    the     l.'ll--
llltoeiniv. Till
Ipl-lll einellt-     II]   .,,     lh,
miueral . ! tun- in un li t ,,, i,,,:,l    .. nn.
lower classes   inliiibitiug    the    towns,   nnder tin. pi-DvUiiiim of   lhe    Mineral
lie  llllieb   lll'-le  llilellil'' lit.   bill   ale  ill-     ,\el.    11„ I   it   w I, hi II   I, i le IV     dal-    ti    in      ,f Octllljei    I'-"1!.
-olliei-ntlv i,un -    lo  successfully   tl'f dale of this ttolice you fail or   ,.-	
mili.ii lhe   military   forces,   airayc
lii-i- i nil ibute you. pot. ion of
|iendi,,n,-. togelhei »ith all   cosl ■   ul
against then..    Should however,   lhe  advertising,    ymii    intel'esl    in    said
claims will become   the   property   "I1     COFFEE   ROASTERS
nee ol   i l.e   pries! ,    hi
cane     a
i he subscribers, mule, section I nf in
■videsprund agenl ft-i lhe   slirrinu   up   ,„, „,„,,,,,, „Al| A,,  ,,,   A ||(]   U|(
iiflheii.illioiisofpeasa.il   |njpuliiUoti,   .Mtttt>|-iil Act,   I'.HJO."
n-ain-i   lh"   ciiil    putter,    then    the
■ ei nes of llie I'Vench lievolulion    w ill
fmIn into   insignificance   hef    the Dated nt Ymir II. C„ tiiis   I0th,|
Imi ruts   of   the   oe.*.'    b'w    inonilis I tiny uf January 1900, J
I).    I'„   Club'-.
I I    .\|e|..'ol.
O,   \   l-ovell.
Kootenay Coffee Co.  ^
High. Grade. Coffees | I YmiT,    B.    C. t
Wholesale and retail tlealcN
in Fresh lions,,.,!
m;i.xi.n, 13, C
^T -"
f*.      ,—
•—* —«* **—
*i- f_t    "■
00"           -"
. *£,     _\      •*■
v •'
-W-*  0'
'   - K
r ^
\\( JUST  IN
Fre I. c: r of groceries,    (let on price on these goo Is n    vp
are selling tl. 'in ehi-ap, a,id   we   alwavs   lend   for   low
We can please you fo, -quality as   wed   as   pri< -.   a'l   line.
being   redi po I.
We are spiling ul very low prices,    liubbers—we are going
lu close them out befure spuing      Q.d ou*
pi ices before buying,
De5Brisay Jobbing Co.
M. 11- train i \cry u-iorninjj
except Sunday, for fmiyhl
.iml passengers for Vmir
mill, By -jit•< in 1 orders ..ti
Sundays, (lr fur Vrinr mint',
ALEX   ODDIE    Prop
Small Prices Bring Big
~~**^~'    '-.    i.i '       .i.i.m.1141 I
*??«-:*s««e«ft*«e«'6->r;««*«e«i*|i*6«*, hwj}| tou rpallyl" she a-knl.    -. Ve-."
"Well, the.!., ilieie'n no use  troubling     *»
about the old hone," ijho   intart'upted,
with ti full -uiilr,  'you pap |iavp me.'' ; """
W'ATKIi   SUPPLIED    l'i lb    1)0-
MllSTIC    AND     l'l III-:
',..".     POUNDS      iJj!KS
SI It I-:.
l'i ii.iissory   Notes.—Tuning     tlio
|i I lie before the puiformaiiee Ii2gii|s
Let's hide in lli>; \sork basket,''
•..lid the mischievous garter to the
Fun loving sinking,
■ Not by a long shut," replied t||«
li-le tliiend.    "I'll be t|'lt't|pd if I do.''
Town Topic
tirandpa—!'Ves, it's a good thing
fur a hoy to travel. Freddy. ft di-
:•■' yes him.     D' he has    a|.yl|.itig   ill
him navel will bring it out"   Freddy
(who is precocious)—"Yes I have
iliscuvered that when | was crossing
tin  Channel.''
'Iue d'-ty, as U certain school...aster,
v nl, aspect fierce, and canu upraised,
w a- about to punish 0|1B of his pu-
pils, the little, follow said, i|uito iiino
,-cntlv, and doubtless with some vague
recollection of a visit lo the dentist:
"Please, sir, may—nioy I have gas?"
Thu ten yeai'.-ol.l daughter of a
prominent physician is found of waiting verses. Not lung ago she went
to a wedding, und on I.e. return
wrote an account of it in rhyme
Her description of the bridesmaids
\t as -is follows;
"Some had pllg noses and other.,  lllld I
bach had a blue ribbon   tied   aroiuid
her abdomen
Not That Kind.- -loliu     W      l!an-
honir-, the comodian, tells this atiecs
dote ot bis little son: The boy was
overheard saying to   his    pet    rabbit,
"How much is   seven    ti s   seven'"!
Of course there was no response from
U. S. T. lions, Secretary
Spokane Falls &
very (>.\tc|.siv,-,
ami ihn subjects of inquiry mud, diversified, bill the wofk of the   survey
Canadian Geological *Sur=
Vey, Northern Ry.
The wH„k of ti,e Qanadian Oeologi- Up ho 0M|y M rni| .,„„„ betwecn
ciil Survey, under the cupablp gui- points east, west and south to Eoss-
ilance uf Pr, Robei'l Rell, has covered land, Nelson, Grand Forks and lie.*
n wide field of research and has been ; public, Buffet cars run between Kpu-
|..-o,|„,-|ive„fi„„ch g..„|. The m-ea U,,Band N'»'tl'I",l't
fur investigation    is   very   extensive, | EITeolivr, Juiih H'.K 1908,
..• DailyJTrain Arrive
I  8.46 a.m        Spokane 0.16 p.m
j 10 to .i.ni        Hossbind 4-86 p.m
has been systematized and platintid lo ;   9.82 n in Vmir 6 86 p in
give a basis for the final complete   re-    7.20 a.m Nelson 7 20 pm
, ,        ,        ,    ■   ,    11:86 a.in     Grand Forks       I 00 p-ni
port on the   mineral   and geological    gJ0 nm        Uepub],u        6.16 p.m
features of the Duniinion, \/r*     Tl hit T"
During tlio past yeai    the   Survey j        SAVt        IIMc,.
has had over 30 pit-ties in   the   Hold, (.^.IjIj     THE     TIjVEE
and in inlditioii to tl.e volume of   an- : ]{\- • DSINO
niiiil reports   nnd    numerous   special \ g~.n_*_\»■»
publications, about 20   separate    bul- :       ■»*■*»
letins have been pripared and   partly : NORTHERN
issued. RfllUWflY.
The work of th.. Canadian    Survey | ...
is ably supported by the several    pro- I
vjneial geol.ijical departments,   notu- Seattle,       I aCOITia
blv   those   of   Ontario   ami    British ANI) A I,I.
Columbia. The report „f Dr. Eugene . ..,..,. ,,,»•.,.•■. \u)\\-\\
llininel, of the Ontario bureau, on I AW* Ll UMM IUI.M>
electric smelling attracted   wide   no    _J ,      _„ , .,
licB St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
r      - York, and
Impending Revolution in      \|j|J    POINTS     BAST
The vear IH0D finds fuildaillCIltal
scienci practical I}' shaken and -haltered by the recent discoveries in ...-•
oiuil to relations of electrical manifestations to matter and   tl.e  ttot.de.fill
MEA1.3 A   I.A   CAHTE.
lhe rabbit.      "How   much is   tour. .
  plietioinenu   of   radio nativity.       lh.
times fouri     Still there was no   re- •" .	
Now   I will   give you   BM  ^nd-uiiental ideia ot hcibiii*   are   all   Best    Mea|g    Qn    Wheels.
easy one. How much is two times
two.''1 yiill the rabbit refused to. respond. "Well," said the little boy,
"I knew father was fibbing when he
--.id rabbits are the greatest multipliers ill lhe world. '
Tie' Rabbi and   tin
brought to  ijuestion   by   these   new
2    FAST    TRAINS     Q
Special     Excursion    Hates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of lloulo.
.VihI i.itll your alti'i'tiqi*. flijs -.ycel-j tq (w'q special   liij.es   \\,-.
Iia.yc ji|st added.
Boys and YQMtr|s. Clothing and Shoes
We can show ono qf tlm nicest lines, liotli in Pattern nu,|
finish ever shown in ivqiitcnay, at prices tli'p tyjll not cause
yuii to look claewljepo \\\v ;\ bettor bargain.
School Books We received a full line, and you will nl
ways find all the |-C(mircraci)t.sqf Pttblju scliqyl work in out
Stationeiiy—()itr stuck is just in and wu can assure Voi|
satisfactii.u iu every ]iiii't.cti|;|)'. ( hir slock ip lame and ilu
selection is tip to date. Ask for what you w.int yqu wi]l iml
be disappointed,   as   we carry all requirenicnts qf tlie trade
I litres ami Patent .'Mem. inks - \\'c carry a g/,ia(| line al
low and honest prices.
Gltot'ElllES   \\l.   I'la.visluNs    Tlicy iP'C ljl|c. I'tesli   .'llul    I'd
liable and our prices ape right. ({ivo us a call, wc   like
\ ..ii to see our stock,
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,     B.     C,
Shelf   and   Ibiilder-.     liar Iwi.r.
Paints and   Oils,    Stove-..    Coal,
Steel, Powder,   Fu-e    and    Caps,
Granite   and   Tinware,     Steam
All    kind-    of    Plumbing,   'I'm
sin ilium;   and   General    Repair
"1U \\ .   Ib\ el IV   f ,-|t 1,1-1. e
energy, matter, and   even   life.      N
less an   authority   than   Sii    Oliver
I.odL'e   ventures   to  asset t   positively
ih„t "matter is composed of   oleotrie
-I hey    a.'1'   iiv -md   of    Untiling    else,'1    and    Sir
: ■"•    a good story of which   a   oer-   Willimn knmsev savs that if "asloolcu      ,• • ,, , <„o , ,
» i.'.aui i,inns, \ vi;. ia in. o    i-i'.".-      |-nr rales, foliliM's alio full Information
"wish rabbi i- the   hero.       ' b' i probable," the new    hypothesis   abnul   regsriliug trips, cull  on or ai'ilress nn
a- riding in a  crowded   -tree,   oar,  ,l|Mirtto«mtian and ru ("(instruction   of   ngonlof lho S. R &N. Uallivay or
nd rose to offer his scat   tu   a  lady elemental  fttaiiw   proves   true,   "the ' ""V \v f*_l\\ A    "' ("ltpN& T- A    rctltl'll COlUpOUlHl illtei'CKt
ho entered with a number nf   ...her' ,,.„,,,„„,.,tion- ,,f elements no   longei
passengers.     Uefore she could take it  upp,,,,,^ .,„ idle dream," "the   pbiloso-
ll vein-,' nnt.i plumped   himself   down     |10|..s s|  wj|| |„,   rliscuvcrcd,    and
in the vacated seat.    The rabbi   said  jt |s not beyouud llie'bonJ*.   of   pos-
nothing, but gazed   at    him   in   dis- j -..ibility that it may lead lo the   other
fti'sti-d -ile,     "What's the mutter?"  goft| „[ ,|„. uhilosophei' uf the   middle
suddenly demanded the young man in |ft(.e8_th,. elixir vitue,"
i. -'ritll voir.-.     'What ale vou .'lari.iL'1    ,,,, ., .,        ,* , , ,-        ,1
=.'*'' ■ ■ 1 be liossibi:.. y ot tra..-.nui.i.mil   ol
ut inu foi like that?    You   look  a-  if . .     i
,,,,, .       . .   ...    substiil.cos   i.p.'iis   up   an   intei'estnij,'
\ou .1 like to eat n,i . I am torbld-
den to cat you," answered Hit   rabbi.   Held for the   chemical   gculugisl    aud j
'"] .in. a Jew." ■'.'•-' presents a  possible,   though    n -
"You see," explained a young    n''"'"•'.    disturbing    elenie.il    ,.,    lhe
as he showed a pretty girl   ti..'   wish    general business of   mining    foi    tlm
buiio of a chicken al a   picnic   lunch-   precious metals.
COli, "you bold    her:-    and     I ll    hold ^__^	
there.    Then «e uiu-t   make  a   v. ish I
and pull; and, "hen   ;l    breaks,,    the ^  11)11'   (  itlZt'llS
one w ho has the bigger pu. I uf il   * i'i
have I.i- ... l.er -> ish gt in illed '   "Uui
I don't know « I nil to wish   f -..     she
prostested     "Oh, v,e. can   thins   of .. .MEETS
something,' he said.     "No,    I  can't'
'•he replied.      "I
,i,i,,u I want   very   much."      -'W
^VJ Sterling
Prom a ceffer
IpOoti to a thuuH-
• n<l dullnr pre
■eolation srt.
Henry Iiiiku &
Boat1 fftcilltlw
for making Rulirl
lilvcrw.ire me
poueMcd l»y no
oilier concern in
CLAfttT JU9. ArlinllcdeitRn-
era, modern mofhltiery, ami skilled band-
workers, «'.I under the direct wpervlaloo cT
practical nierri-ripra of llie Ami, make ati un
equalled eonibluatloa for turulog out Ant
Write for 11lu»lral«d r-itnloyue.
LAST Tl KS!).\y IN  KAI II   Mi'NTH.       ,     .—
tluiiK    "t    uny* Icv.clry,
.1   W. Koss, FresiiltMit. j SterlingSHVer,
Silver PUt«
J II   v, Mi   i'ur   you/1   In1   oxtliiimihJ.
\)  ( ■ami,i:i.!.i., Secretnl'J',
1''ini,.\^ MoLkoo, Tiuasutor.
Henry Birks & Sons
Uini'.'j' BUILD,NO
j. we l«r» to >■.•. i'x- -Bllt&cy
th*- EarlofMlmo
riir Mutual Life liisiiiancr Company of N.-V.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A |M.li.'\ ill il i> llie sfil'i'st iii\csti.iciit knnwti io man.
CiihIi invcstotl in Life [nsiiraiicc is cash investet] that   svill
All Huoccsaful l.iisin.--.-- ni.'ii curry lurge am,.nuts of lit"
misiininco.    It iiroviile-H for the fuinily, protects tt ninii in 1,,-
old ago, und protects liin otlier investments,    I'or   rates on
any forjn of fife in-uranr.' .'i|i|>ly t,.:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Wilson & Harshau
Draymen and
VMIlt,    II.    1.'.
Il'iiiillini; lieavy fl'Oiglil il
t loi'responilence pfoinptly
niii'ii'li'il i...
,   m;i.-on & 1- r SHEl'AltD i;v ■  1
WASHING L'ON & 1 .  N.  I! -
v   v. ,v e   i:v. 1!  N  co
ml Ureal N-i tl cru, :■'■   il, ,„  I'
nnd 0. li. a- N. (!,,.,   for 1 '.mi
west   nnd   -mull ■ uonnevti.   -i1
laud 11,,.l Nelson   •■ ill,   tin   L'n.    lim
I'.-u-dii-  lluiluhv.
(.'...1..n-i- ul Nri on « :i li 1 li
-v N.  Co.  for   Kaslo  .in IK
. |n.i»r-<.
Connect*, ni 1',,, 1,-w w-itl,   -.
flruenwood nml  Miilw-ny, ll. <
Buffet   cam . nn on I ini n- 1,1
Kpoknno nnd   Ltemiblic
li,-i,,-,-„l t'n--•-,,s;,-r A;-.:
S|10k,l.lL',   A :i- 1 m^fmmm    .j. ■ij,..-j ^m	
Ontario Elections.
.....j.-ii-'-uiji.ii-iif,1,,,,-„,.,,-treiei.-iyjim   |{[',S|.NKSS   GUIDE
hi;*   iieroKs   ilu-   .-.in,in.-nt.      While 	
llii'i' in-.- priii,iirjly jntfii.I.'.l in   i-uin- j Axs-tYlKti
|ii-li- u Hii llu- lillld lin.-, lb'.-.-    -ilu i- , K. W . W'idduu-i.ii.
ted on  ib,-    Piiciflc   const    would   bo n i.«> i-i i: ic a <. i*: am,   ISM-'IIASCK.
After holding I In- reins   of   pou ,',
f 'it ,liiily veil-,  Premier II',-,- ul
Ibitario, bn- gono down ."  disastrous
• • •:'■ ,'      lh,' returns    so   t'-ij    a-    nl
plu-ont ii iml,    indicate   ilia',    the
( :.-. rv.-uivi'ij will Imyg u majority uf
i-i i ■. -i\ in the new house, no less
than twenty-eifdit seats ln*j,l formerly
In Liberals having been turned by
.;-,,- ..llii'i- p.l.ty ((ttuwn ihe -en! nf
the [loiniiiioii Uoverniueiit, of ci.urse
. - tui n*. two l.ib.-i.tl-.    Toronto  how -
ever returns fcur Cou-.ei'vatives.    At-1 Ymir   Water    Works   Co , I     '"'*»iw«V ■K-uo'tig l-'n,
r^ s  11. .'..-nn. v.
I.imited. i. ......
|,iisi:i,i|,nli.nii—John llreiiii,
Mi'l-coil lb.ii-- [-'inlay McI-oo.il,
ttuiiey-Oeiieriil (iib-un who wi,- h|idl
p.i.xcd up in the Minnie 'M. Scandal,
has been defeated, ns l,,-i- Minister u(
A-.-i-i.-iiltiin- I 'ryileii. 'I'lir iiiiu-l, di—
„■.,-.-, .1 Air. Ci.uiiey bus proved lliul
In- eoiistitiiciUu id least, ||i j\|iuiii|iu-
lin, linvo confidence in Inn iiileyriiy.
nnd ho luw iii'i'i, ii-i,i,Hid liy i| ina-.
ji . ity of (iver |0(). premier |toss
hiiti-olf esi-.tped defeal by ,i paifow
in ii -.i.y .-.' .Iliiily
Tho chief issue of the election was
i,l . i lose il.- corrupt practices, id-
legeil 10 lin 0 I,it'll originated Ity lim
I!".--, machine, although lho Liberal
party steadily cndea.'ored tn change
Lhe issue '.. Unit of thedevelopiuenl
■ •f new Onlario Tbe Province huw-
evi i bus now declared, with no un-,
certain voice, that i, vv j 11 not countenance manipulation of tl.e elections,
and Mr, Hoss bus gnno under with a
regrettable stigma attached to : i*.
l. i-i:--. li.- may not I, ivo been re-
■p.'ii-.ble for the corrupt practices,
bul ii i- proved that In- stooped to
temporise with the gj-afti-i -.. and lluit
has assuretlli been the eau»e ,-t his
IJoth purtics howevor are agreed
tl.ntthe sweeping condenuiation of
corrupt practices in u wholesome lesson for other provinces. Hot li par-
tics have hern j,rui!ly in varying degrees of these practices, nnd ii is well
;l> ii ii should bo iiiidiii'st'ind that the
people will nol siiiinl for n govern
ii.'ii, , uninfj by i ii'luo of il- ■-, ,.', y
iiiaiiipiilatiuii nf ilu- electiuiu.
Wireless System on  Empresses,
To the Canadian Pacific llnilway
Coippatiy i- probubly reserved the
honor i.l being the Iii -. st, .unship
owners to install the Marconi wireless I'olegrapl.   system    upon    vessels
plying from Pacific coast ports,   s ■
time ibi- your \'aiicouver ..ill l»- no-
tilii .1 of the npproncli of llu- Kin-
presses a day or two before lb, v are
sighted i-i! Victoria, hi-, I owever,
in., in bo expected I'..,- the presenl
, bn, < ommunicalion w ill In- estab-
lisht'd between lb,- ships of   il"-   lleel
when n, s.'u ,i. i-   il use   on ' ilu-
Atlantic when- tin- exchange ".'  news
available   for   ,- municating     with      l'crey <J. lileii/ur.
v. Isal sea. i.iti.ik,.-.
Once a land sfati    in   .-,   fair      ',nlin *'ii;l1"'"-
,   . ,. , ,      ...     ,     l.l.-l    i.ii.in-    AM.    ,,|,M-   I |-|ISISIllNH.s
way in 1,,-mg .'-lindi-ln-d mi tin- \\ est
Coast, the C. P. II. will ..rdei'appara- nSS Jobbing Co.
tus fo|-the Oriental liners.    Tl.e   C.i- , iiimtl'm:   i.i-iai.,.,:
...-.dial.  Au-O-.tlitn bu.il.- « ill   also    be William ('lark.
Ijilril « iib  ! In -|- applia.ici -. '•' I'I'KHIKS.
| I'    (':i!l.|'lii'il.
l.-lbi-.i\ Jobbing tin.
II. .Villi
Millet' Hoi.sii—S  Miller
Thu fifth ,-.i-iiii.d general nieeting of I     Paliiou— I ..it ,*.- lin,Id/.
.      , *n i    t   i i -    .i \ ....ponver- (Jive.. Buyer,
In-iib,.,,- ,i,,„|,,,,v «,!l |„- 1.1-1,1 u, Ihu      ^-al-loif-tieoi-tto Column,
.nice ,'.' .In- company at Ymir,   li,   C.      yinir—J. VV. Miisierson,
Hi Tuesday Till Pel,. |905, at 2 p, in.! iti'i,,    iiimhidi,   am,   >,ii |.;ni ii
I'. S; T. Koss, S-Seeretnry. Mrs, -John MeLeod
^ ii ———————*-——-.:  i HI MM!    KKCUItUKII
Percy -|. (ilenssor.
Henild publishing Ci..
SAM   Ml I.l.111!,   Prop. btaTIOSBUV,
-_..—. i    |). Campbell.
Jii'.ulqiiartcrs I'm- Milling Men    Si ••• s' >'•
1   TI-.AM-TKII*-:
l!i„-  supplied   .. i.b   best  brands of       H»i'»hntt'& Wilson.
' ' Jl.l'lir.lll   >V   l.t'llllV.
wines, liimors and cigars, Ale*, O.lilie.
.1.   HUliliY
Y.MI|,. r». ('.
\\'i-    carry    the    leading   brands     imported      Lupin
and  < !ig|il's,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Win.-.
l-'|.-r Avi-mi-:.
Ym.|(, !'..   0
Willin in Clark.
;      I'. S. 'I'. Koss.
'I'OIIACI -lll-'l
Mil.s Mcli.iiis.
Kli-l'll  11X11    C..A1.    AM,      l'l..|IIOI.KL'M
I,ANI.8 .*- Sot'Tll KA.-T KoOTRN-dV-
Mil IfJE .s hereby given llint licences ... i'i- sped fur ...ul nn.I petruleiini
upon in d under lauds siiiiat,-.! wiil.hi
lilui-k l.u.Kl, Siinili Musi Kooli-uil.l.
will lie issued lor,I,will, io all persons
who have made propel :i|.|,lie..ii...i. in
|,.,,•.-',,,,n'.-i- nf llie previsiuiii ,.l lhe
-Coal Mines \el" mul nnietulineiils
'llie fee for ench lieeiiru will beiflOU, . \'„,,,
mid all ii| itnls wlio have   nol    du    I OSt    UltlCC    StOl'C     -      I Mill.
posiletl nccuptuil bunk cheques In cov- ,
i-r Unit ...itmill, nn. hereby iei|.iileil   in   —-——— —-~—*^—---^—■*****•*»■»
.in su wiihiiiit. further notice.
Licences will in- issued in the follow-   msTRTCT M AN Ad p.K WAN1'|''.I.»
illjj  !"i m.   Viz: —
■Minim. I.iubnue issuku usjru  the       I'.-iuniii.-n, position; rapid ndvance-
t,.\i  Minks A, t am. Am.-'.n.,m,-:m- , , ».,,
iiii'tit; salary am I  expenses;   tun   in-
-In eonslilenillon   of  one   linnilreil  ,,,.,„.,„„„,',,„.„,•   _]mri,P.   ,.|,,u,   d,-
ilollai's now p.ilil imtlel'the said   Acts.
:,,,,l -ni-j.-.-t lo llie provisions   tliiii-i.f,  si.'able business.
I    W. S   lb.i.-   Din..l.v  (on,mii-sinner,   .,,,     .   .    -•-,,,'       i .-,    -e
,    ....I ,,        •   • r The J.   i. Nichols Ua.,   , id.   lol-onto.
noting for the (Jhlet Cpinmissioiier   of '
Imiids mid Works, lleoneo (Mention this paper.)
in enter,  procpect,
search and work lor oo.il and   petrol-
euni (Iml >,.. .'il..'.' ...i-.„i ur   mineral)
..pon, in and miller all ihal   piece   or
|i.iii-i I ol mineral l.ll.il sillialeil in   anil
fiiiiniiig pari   ul   Ulock    I ,.098.    Hast
Kootenny llisl.ict.   ini'l   described   as
iin.l nol exceeding In   the   whole   .-is
liunilr. .1 and forty stalutu net's.
iii:ai...»i'.'\i;it:ks   foi|   mimnh  .mi-;\   a\i»  thi
'(|;avi-;i.i.in(; PUUfjc,
iwly furnished throughout,    pap.pip |-i...u.s i,i ,-,i,,|,ec(iuii.
•       Kates t?J.J)Q to $3.50 per day.
FINLAY   Md.MUD, Proprietor
************************** **************4*******
Please fin\vii|-(i Tn[■: YMtii llia.Ai.ii f.i|'
.month   J
Hlid ii,-lii,'iwliidge |iic:ij]it ,:f enclosed $. . , ,
* Tii|-: Hbuai.ii is published  every Saturday niorpiiig nnd   ♦
# contain-  all  the news of tl.e camp. 4
1 1
J IIatk.s- -1'c.H Yi-:.\u, -*:L'; HALf Y'l-io,, ,-j|. J
♦ ♦
IRANI) CENTRAL  HOTEL!Clark's   Furniture   Store
Opposite Cou 1 thouse  nnd   new   Post Undertaker   nnd   furniture     Denlei
iiilirr,   Best Jq ■ meal   in   town.      Mail orders promptly attended to
"Owinss 1.. lhe number ol  applicants
for licence.-! to prospect  for coal  nnd;   | M l'OKTKD    ino    DOMESTIC,
|ii-iiuli tun, ami  lhe  peculiar ulicilui- j
.-in ■- -11111 imiliuu ilu, npplicallon for 1
lhe issuance of (hi'selloe.ioes,  anil   the    JobaCCOS, Coilfsctionerv
ive'l known faot Hint the issuance lms, */
heiii   unavoidably  suspended   for    su i and   Fruits
inni,j   inoniiis.   the   (lovernnienl    ol '
through a chain of   vessels   reaching I lirhlsh (iolumbia limit ll Impossible to
from coast to coast renders i, possible I •t-li-rmlnc lhe i.,p.ii..bte rljjbts of  lhe ,     *,,,,.,NN(S    proprietor,
,,.,., ' ,  numerous applicants,     Mien-fore,  for ' '
lopulilisli daily ne« -p ipei-s ....   1 111   |)m.p0se ol ehnblhijj all pontons  to
l.hp liners,     The   .-..i erce   .>i   Ihclgo before the proper tribunal  for the!
j.-,-,,,,.,     ,,-,'.,,1       must     i„.,-,-,..,iilvi'l''"'""i"'-"'""   "•    ""'''     reapeclive
, 1       . .     .    . , , I lipids lllld   pi'llir.li.'S,     Ibis    I l-i-    Is
Ucvolo] onsidenilily oefo.o this   can kglK,,| niu| nccpied   -ui.j c   tu   sucl
bo   done      Nevertheless   the  svsle'm   prior lights ol oilier persims   ;.-   liinj
uill serve many useful purl  7"~[ *'>' ll,w' :""' ' I,llu "' n,i\ "
ennui. Is nol i»   bo   inken   ...'  b.-ld   lo
\\ irolpas systems afloat are ol luilo j %v.live >;.|,<|uhj by the Couns lulu the
Use without wireless systems   n-liun-,  propel petfornuiuoo  ut nil  eoiidiiions
nml it is tho luck of apparatus ,.11  thel prcei'ilenUns Iml we I verse   ,-b.int '
,.,  , '  ... Unt-| and (iinl.cr, un lhe   iinih.rsinnil-
,'"' -owl ■■'hieli lias hitherto   pu- ; lnj, ,,,.,, ,,„. (-,„-,.,-„,„, m shall   not   be
vented tlio C, 1',   II.   from   iust..llinj» Ihclil res| sible fur, or  in   eonuccllon
Ihecoinploinenlarvappnriiitisuiiiheii' «lili,   nnv   conllicl   «liieli  miiy   arise
' ... tv ii li   oilier   i-litin,..,i.s   uf    llu-     Bi.nie
splendid vessels,    h    hm    |i,sl    l.ieu I Kruiiiul.111 d thai   under   ....  elrciim-,
nliiioiinced   from   Ottawa,     l.oweverlsi ies will llunnce fees be refunded.
■And ib.' holder hereby waives   any
,1, ,1 il,,- -nm ..I' #100,000 i- down   ....
lho estimates for the eslablisluneiil ul'
eh,in, or ileillll.ld nji-im-l  Un'   (lovcrn-
muni  nnd uxprussly. agrees nol to lukel
,M.mnni sin.im 1- in   Canada,      ll    is any slops ur pri'eeeilliijjs,   or   presentl
limlerst al several of the ill W I'" ■   '"''"'""'"  .my   alleged
luln,in or ileni.i...I against tho   lloveru
I..' pi ..-."I .... il a-i   ,,1   \ aneiiuvei   |))(, ( u,,. prnviuce nl Itiihs 1 Coliira-
I-bind, ivhern they will supersede   the  1 in nrisliig out uf thu Iss. .'.•  ..1  Ibis
,„,-.„„ ujlegrnpl. lines a. ,.  nns   of l"''1"'" '.". "' ""* "("'"1' mttUm' or """■«
1 ' : iipprutuluiiig ihorcto,
Imiiiilainilig  1 nunieat.on   between |     ,,|-m, |ll0(| i,,.,,,^ nmhi reserve from
I'm inn.ndi Poilll and Vielorin,      The 1 pre emplioli ilii-l sale th s lioei.su  does
,     , ,.                                                    111.<i Include, nm light oilier  Hm,,   llie
.ni-    ,.,,-   iiivi-r-i-- a vet \ ,,1.ii;l. cun-    ,  , • , ,  1
light lo pi-iispi-.-i li.r .-.ml   an.I   p. Iml
try and i-  I dilliellll mid costly lo  uunll
!,,., ,, in    repair.       Tin-    very   slolnih|      -Ibi' .Inn.dun  ul   iiii-    licit     i-
1   ..          1      ,* 1,   fur nut. year Iroui tlio . IUU.
« bi.l, .-.an-'' lb" ,, I "I it In  be    fell
Inu-d generally « ouhl ».'. ek ii .-..   1 he
Outset,      Tin-    i-   ;|..   inconveiiienee
» bicb » ill not  dl'-,-. a   wireless   -\-
li.ii,     Mum- a- i. .In- Canadian   Mar-1
1 .nu Coinpnnj 1 . •!">■" -1 i" osliiblloli   n I
Mow much the enjoyment of an evening's
entertainment depends on
lhe quality of y.our Opera
A pfcir that cnnrtiM fail to
ff'v. r Iftllll-Ul-'*- '■ "lir
»s!*«*« i•■ 1 pcurl nuMintcJ, Nn.
i-s.u'j at SH.v>.
Our ilurr'i rrpulnlinn »(
hity years auuro sutitlaction
in purchaiing. S«ml ior coin-
jjIiMc cal»logur-.
I'jui'opuiu, mid American plan.
Only   white    labor    employed.
First .-lass bar
I.l.tl'll fcj'l'ItJi|iT|
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new inntiugcninnt.)
Pining   Uoiini   nml   liar
.sii|i|ili.'.l   wi'h    lhe   best
in tin* market.
Uiglit  ojiposito depot,   Vinip
JOHN  |i|ih.\r, Prop,
Kii'.st-cla*-.* JJiniin; liui.ni),
Best    li|,'U..|s    uf   Willi'-;
Liquors anil (!ignr«.
OWES llOYCH, Prop,
Second Ave.
Tiik Iikst hi:\ni. or doMkstic
The Kootenpy   Staiulard
and   Juanita.
M IM'I'MTI-lll'.li   111
"J.   C.   Thelin & Co.
Kelson, Ii. ('.
Headquarters for dining
and Commercial Men
Mont comfortable hotel i.. ilu- di-
iii.i.    Everything Flrat—clnno.
YMIK,   1:. C.
* ******************** ***
! ♦
! *
■11,.;,mi Ci.iiiiiiIm i- ,.1 I, mil' .. lV„rk«
I,mul. i  iViirki ,1-, mi in,-ni.
\ -,-,,.,-'.,. 11 r. ..,«.."
II  1   UIIKI. v
, |i|i 1 ,' ,,*--i«>.,.-,- nt Lim,,* a   II ",,--
, mul ,1 ,\ ork- li*-, nrli.ti-i,.,
/.I   ,.-..l    I,      .  .    Hi   ..mi'', im I.
I loliverei.l any
|.l.i.',' in tow n.
Stove Lengths
Per Gart Load.
Porto  Hico
Lumbor ('<». Lid.   I
.;♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦+•♦♦ :
J '              Wholesalo mul li.'.i.il
♦ 1 Mnil urdi'i-s receive prompt atl ..,.,
•"'UN  I'llll.l'.KKT,   Prop,
-lol I. Silver; ,,,   |.,,„| :*| ,
Copper, .    _     i| .-
Hold Silver,     *    .      .        ,.-| .-
Clinl'JjPH ini-   nlli. 1   lllOtlllM ,,,,  .,
plicai in,,.
Provincial ,\--.-iy,-i-
|,|)- I''-.''.".' All:;.   Y.,1111. lie


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