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The Ymir Herald 1905-03-18

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\<s\ativd Assfi\
1 *--v>    ■
20 190b
.."l-   ii     a.a laiaal
y0Lt i_>to  14.
VMll;. B, c, SATURDAY, MAKCH 18,190;').
PllK i: Vl\ i   ('KM!
Yankee Girl   Bonded.
t',,'-,  • i ', liiifiiesl.
LOCAL ITEMS-    M     ,      ,,,   ,,   , FINING NEWS
4       Messrs. urobe, MeLeod and  l.ovoll   • »
liitie liondetl their    lin re-,pi, trier    in-. —*H	
t'he.pies cashed free at   <'-'...-pl"-li'-'„,,.., in ,|„. yul,|.,,. ,;„.,   ,;,,„.,,   ,„      Pi leu and llurgcas i i lovelop-      James    -.Vesiguto,   a   mi. it'll    W
Im.    il..-    I,,1,1,    tri'riiin   on   Porcupine I known dii-uin.     ul tui-
.   Death oi'.lames Westgate !,•■ ..••"•-■■<.-. m  iimtin*
himself nl .ui en.nil.)"   in ..•: lit.
i lot: tor    -iih-e |i, oi |\      . m ,,.. i. ,|
slut."incut In-   luui    lllllllu   ill    'o-   li
vide  to  the   -ll.-.-t   il,i'   In-   I.
 *'•"-"-          I ■' '""■  ' ' - "   '       t-\ l,|,-||,-e.   :-,    [ ' f    - ll-, i     li,,
,„ ing   the    lonii   group  on   Porcupine known J     ut. ibis section,    ciime  .. i ,, n^ttibli* thai   llie   di
'IVv ,l 1nni.li nl .he Ymi.   Dukeri C.    J.      >oy e     I'Ppresoilling   UllUAgo      " .
11-, .' .uiii.ii ... in,   i.ni. ...lion       v. , n ' ^  me in,m   working   nil   ...   ore. to an iititin I  ' letune   ,1  ———————*———*
syndicates,     The   consideration   fr-
iiii -\ lidirutes.       Th-    cnl.siilc.i.tioii    I'm  "" _____»_____________ ■•. -i- i ';-u iu   hi- t < 'nii-iu'il.-    Kru-t
lurest bread and   largos,    loaf   tn   ,Jhe       „   |m W0,000 payabl hi..'1' >'ule f.'-cc of tha   tunnel   shows  tl ,,     , of   Tt la)    the    UU., L,
' U":l'X""rl'  ;"''' sixteen nih-iund   the   bond   calls  ■>.'*, about two-feet of wl.h-h  i     high   inst.    On Sutuulay lost ,,l-.     *,-,,..  ,..„. ,.u ,    1(1    ,„„
Hot cokes and   maple   -.yrup   till  For tlio cun-stanl   employment   of   u  "'""'" I n.lttod tu  ho ...I. „- l„- a,,*, ,-.„„
  til'.' II    -*|^H|aaaaaaaaa>aaaaaaaaaa>a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^IIIIIIIIII|IIIIIIIII1^^ ..h'Ol in." th it
n, at Ymir Bakery. g , number of men, from the first ol      Joe IViul.i lias taken  ..   lease   -, l|  l,lini"« "'' li"' ■''"'I" '" '"*■'"'■'"'    fortune, hud pitibubly m-cured throii.
l-'rcsh Holland   Herriim   in     ITIh  May ne*t until ll.e last payuie.il   has  bond on thu Arixona claim ownod   by I'      to which  lehad    ,,    mme   or,,i ;  i..,.,:,,„ii„„   i,..,*.,,.,,,    .
i .,-. n- Seaney's, 81-00 pei  kit, i been made.                                           olive.   Hlair,   ('hus.    Dosrosiers   and
,,     ,, ...      .            , The group   includes   the   Vunl.ee <>»en Hover.    The claim adjoins   the
Alex iucVicar .- no v   toi-cniui.   in •
,,   .                .„        ,         . ,      OirlnndCuiiadi.it.  (lill   claims   and   Wilcox on the   west   und   bus   -   no
toe  1 uui stump mill, ... place "t .\r-
,,,           ,     ,  r   .1 ■            i ''"' '■'"I"- l"'i-,ielion. mul I- nit nuted   mt   rich ore on lhe sUI'fuce.
r ur ( In ru who left tin-  week
I. - subject for sevei . v.- ii -. I he
-I - r examined him oil found
noth ng     rung with thn vital   organ
the   misunderstanding   i.«-t ••••.
eun-tii'il- nnd th- il-.-i-ii,  und   ii
'"'' all-mi   lii'te.-ii   minutes   dcliberuti  >
^_^_^_^— ■*'""*•   thn jury relumed the  follnwing   i<
I      lolit   ' ii st,   ,ign staring look   in    o ,
,   ■ 'llul;
....     pqmlei un., adjoining     the]     -,,„„ ,,,VIII1 ,„„, -,-  Ko|lpfig   w,„ ',' '    ^'    llia . '"Il1"" ' ;""""      "Wo find lho decease,', .lame. W,-,
lhe   pisse,,,ei-   train    on   l'rid.iy   , ,„ .„,„„, Al|| ,,s>    .,.,,,.,„.-,.     „„„,„; U ><" I" "-    ; '"<   '•   *''''^y  gate, on or about March   14th,   !!...:„
i-ioniing killed a lior,,u    bi-kinging   to  ,„„, cl, hlive KWy a „,,„.,  ;1T   .,., *              -      ^      >..-,- „. ,    „„ evident that ho  had I    ,„,,,,,,„.,,,,,.,,    ,,„„
Andy lintgess.    Johnny   Clark   was J am, ,.un ft lul|ne| oh   .,„.   vej|,   „V(., I ,..r „, .„ .„t       |,A ">mm "   °""»un- j tl vidciieo -.iven wu find Unit the,
ridingiLbutontlioapptoacliof   the j ,00 ft.( * k ,„ uutl) , ,.,.„,„„ ^ JJ^Y       -•        '    ieuted will, Constable IW,  bu.    as    ,, ,„„.,..,.,.,-„li,,,   ,,
in,,., t,el,o.*3oob,. telyrefused to   lieill,y all in   ore,   two   car Is   of ^ „;,.,   „   fl      , ,       ,, ,       ^ then  -.o late to   take      to  nv„„„   ,„,    ,,,,„,    „,„,     ,,.„„„,
:'aU'll";"""- I"'"'' ive been shipped to th, *l- .,,;,,,,„,,,,,, „ „.,,„   pill,   „f   wllicll .       "   h""l"v^   lra,»'   "    »»: Constable Fraser a-,
Kev. H.   Voung   will   preael   ter with very g I result-- will run *25 per ton.
'Missions'' in the Presbyterian church 	
aaaaaaaaHH      iaaaafl Messls.  tSkililiel' lllld l "noke,   lessee-
..,   ..    , ... .        ,    i      Railroad   Lobbying.
Miss Henderson will sing a   duet
of the Peru inine have made a sei   nd
_m_______________________________m__________________J' I
decided ti, phi-.  Inn,   iii   ;i    separate I i i  i   .        .-   , .i   .
1 • [deceased, but we tun! that every   pi •
ivunl of the hospital until the   follow- .        t    i   t , t ,     ,
' caution  hud   been  taken  as   to   ,,,■
iii"! day, when he uus lo   havu   been      .* .     .- ,t     i .     ...     *.
^  "        •' s.-ttt'tv ol  till- ill used    -..llie     lie]."     .
, .,■    ,,"    i .,, i ivoiiiuuu   i,,.,.i..i..^. ,„ lM1. ,,.,,, ,„„■>•<, iiii.c  ,„ ,.  ...      . . taken away     Dr. lilliott -uie him  u,.,    ,',     -. . -,
rnd Miss Hendprsoii will sing h   duet .       . . . tliu Hospital
...,  , , ,,   ,   ,, . .    i clean   up   with   very   gmsl   it"   Its.   hypodermic     injection     wliiclt     ho       ,   ,,     , i    .-.     i
entitled "Hark, the   voice   of   Jesus      There is littlu of public news as to   ,, ' . ,    ..    , , ... ;l ,        ,.. As thu dec ed. nfter bemi.
-_ ,-■ ' M.ssi-s. Wull   Hughes unci  loin      ..,  I tliui-ht woel'l he -.nUn-ii-nt   tn    ni.ike .,     .,
I i-rying! railway development,  but   ihe   Gov.    . ,, , , ,,,,,,-' insane, was not outside  tho
1 dall have taken ove.  J.   MncMahons
Captain Duncan apd Alex Thoinp* erpment is at   present   devoting its  ,ntere,t jn Uw leM1)    M present the
R  son have staked the Pot Hole   place, whole energy to the consideration of  ^ e force iN working in   tl.e   mine,
claim On   11 nil    creek-        The   tri-nund   a direct line  by    the    shortest     .out," „    , .    ,
t .inn on  nan   titti,.       .to   giouiui .' |in(j  (i,,. ,nl||   ,v,||    b,.   stat   -i    Igain
iiirers a   dfen    hole    hist    nhovp   Ihn   from 110 KootentlJ' to the COUst. , ...
t   uis.i  otep    noil   just   tt'iotL   il.ti nboitt th f lirst of next month,
, tiiyon, two miles up the creek, which i    T" tl"' infinite ijilportance of   such
i- supposed to contain a   considefal le U pwjwt^lhe   aoVernmenl   is  very ^ |dy on the veranda outside,    He   im* , |vi,, t|„. ,fmn;i, ^ ftn,, ,,,.  .^
l»,sit.    <>uiti* n   quntitity   of   gold  """*  ■''u '   |!i l0     H   'J • mediately closed tho window into  his: ,-,,,       ,   ,
tiiken oui of this bole some vems the po cy s„, „n, h, tienllv   expressed,! rvnTirF 1 ,,i et  wns  l-ill,.w,..,|   by a    number   --t
i.iM.i out ot tins ,.mi soi.u   urns        i      . , ., ▼ 1>U I ICr:. J own room ill.d   warned   thu   patients ,    ,- ., ,
-  ■ ■ ~ Zi |      J     ' friends ol tho-flcccased,
thought woel'l he sullicient lo make
him sleep during the night, but about
11 p. .... heard hi... knocking  ut   the
door of the   « ill d,    which    had    I ll
locki-d. The do'tor reached tho door
in lime to hour the window glass
■i.ish, and tho noise of a fulling   bo-
insane, wa- not outside tllO I !• ■*- j i ■ -,.
until lie escaped, this verdict practically evwnerate  evorybudy.
The deceased   wus  buried   in   tin
Ymir  cemetery   ""   Thursday   ufle -
noon,   iininodhitell   the   imiu .st   « i-
concluded      Tho   lUiv.   II      Ymin-j
both list session and during this one,   ,
j nil lhe Hoot'   of    the    House    by    the
A cross inarketl   in   t.lii*.j
in tin: general   ward,      In   company
wiii,   K.-ir.es.   Mori.., tlie hospital Combine at lErie.
cool.,  lie then   inmle   un    "-s.illilli.iliuli
and found Westgate had disappeared. Mr. ii.  M   Myers,   president   und
Constable l'Yaser was   iinmodiately manager of the   Lucky   Hoy    Minim;
warned nnd pro dod to the hospital and Devclo'pifiBtit   Co.,   which   own
from which ho traced   the   tracks  of claims near the Second lleliof mine u
i > bare feet across the   snow,   down   to Krie, has said In ah interview.
bur In both cases the flames were tx-.""" ""'. ''    .'   Jtoheill'    IVulU   yOll    if   yOll!! tho railroad and as   far  as   the  lirst "We have Just actptired   four   full
i ished before much  dnniiige   was 8ud,ft l,nc Uiemeelves.    No   propost- i                                            •      ! I j laeginff oaTinp al-out one   mile   north, claims along tile   government   wag...,
turns coming fr lie middle-man or I wi--.li to llftVO il   continued.   J
^^^^^^^^^i^i^i^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat^o-iiel ll-l-ll prninoler    ♦
'llie Hist regular   meeting   uf   the —who simply desires extensile   eon-   ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦*♦***♦
Vmir Hive of the L-ulies of the Muc- cessions of laud or money    in   order ~~
M        There were two sinull fires ill   town I _       , ,       „,        ,
-Premier, lo the effect thul    no   nego _                         ___________________
I   tins-week, caused   prnbublv   \>\    the    ...,,,               , .              , •                            .                      ,      "
,-,„-   i   -,,1 ,,      ',     ,   ,,     tuitions will be entered into,  und   no fspaec iii.llc.itcs   that;'
high .winds in llie eajly  part   ot   the     .,                                     ,       ,     .*  I •»
,                         .                ■                           railway   scheme   enttrtiineu,   miles- 4                                                         11
..*  '.,.-i'S hi,iwiihf.ipnrk:. ."ii shingle roofs. 1              -                                               . •,.,„,,.    ,,|.^,.,.i,,ti,„, is   in    -n- "
I                     o  '                                     eniiinatnig   from    bona   llde   pnrt.es J\"'tl    iihm'1 i|»i 1011 ts  111    III-,.
I he roots of the cabins' occupied   re*     ,          ' ,      ,                           . . •'                                                     ''
.    .    ,      ,                                ,      ,    . who 1.tie,id und    u.i-    ill    u    position, 4                   .                    , .   ,          it11
pectively by Jim Stewart,   and   the!,,       . ,,       ,    ,      -                 , ♦ rear and WC would  00 inatl"
I ltiiui.eu.llv nud otherwise,    to    under- •                                                                  ''
  'ne i,, . ,,
,    ,'     "    ,       , ,        ,      I tiniiin-iullv uihI otherwise,    t
unI let I, mu rt, brothers,   caught   lire.
  undertake und em tv   out   construction   of
i nu.- . live oi uu; j.tiii.es oi u.i*   muii- t cessions oi l.lliu or   limner     in    muc,
i-ubees was hfld in the Masonic   Hall; that he may muke  his   own   bargain Presentation  t O Arthur
i n Tuesday lust.    Mrs. (.i. Matthews,  with thu coiistrupting company—will Care.
,the Lady Commander of  the   Nelson  be considered for  a   moment.      Pro
Hive look churge of tho meeting, nnd : vious llritish   -Jolumbiit   government ;     '"l's week Mr, Arthur Clare leaves
ixeinplvlied the work fur the   benefit huvo been tin) lolfg lhe   plaything   of tho Ymir mill   with   whieh   ho   bus
of llui members of the now 1 iiVe. Mrs. these uefuriol|s   ii.dustrial   purusitesj been identified since it wus built   six
I uinl, captain of the   giin.il   of   the the game is now too old,   and   more* years ago, to take a  similar  position
Nelson Lodge was alio .present,   und I over, tho present Government i'-   nol In   the   stamp   mill   of   tho  famous
explained the drill work.                      tmite the "easy mark" somo of its pre- Nickel Plate mine   in   lho   ISimilk.i-
The K.   It.   it   N. -colniiaiiv   has 1 Uscewwii) inothce showed   thoinselvfs menn      <»n   Monday   his   associates
i         i              ,   .               i          i    i    hi lie pt-i-senteil hint will, n htt.ldso.llo silver
liiade a el.ange of time on the   sched* **' ""• '
,i        .-   i      ,.-     i     s..   i         a                      J      'I'hlls   ilhile llie 1,1'osliecls    for     the Ia-»l service, U'-eolupMlticd   l.v   the    fol-
ide- ot lho Kusji'-N.i.'lsfin •St'-aiuer and        inua, nun,  tin. pioup, i is    nu     un •            I
he'KiwIo-Siuidgn U-ilil'l,      rterenfter 6-msiruction of such a   line   ns  that lotving uddfess,-
ilie  sleiinier's   d.iily   i-.m   will    be:UbllVe ''eferred to may bi isidored
.cave  K.islo   at   lli.'Ki   n.   iii.,.t.r-  vory fair, the Oovernnient   Is  forced ^^^^^^^
i in-in Nelson 10 a. iii ; leave Nolson P-0 ^■''••m the greatest enre and   ap Ml   Al'thut-Clnln,
n-lo p. in,, arrive Kaslo Olio   p,   m, ply die most sevore   tests,   before   „ Vmir Stump Mill,
'he train will leave Kasl., nt H n. ..,, j**"' ul"i sntist',i,-t„f-y proposition   t.ti.; I 'ear Sir.
i"five Sainton 10.26 a. in j leave San- be submitted to the   House.     It   is We, the undersigned, being tin
on ut I.'in p, ..... arrive Ka«lo   3:-wlvei')' "''" f"' t,ia Opposition press   to mi.nngef, office staff, and employees ir
, ln                                                   howl Its impatience   some   of   it   is the  mill   department   of   the   Ymii
j edited- and muclfnioro, controlled by, Gold Mines Ltd., learning   with   re-
Mr  I-.  V>   WidUowsoli, Wore Ibav ^ n #(||j |n th^ .     q{        ^   |,m.! gn-t ihui you ut-,- aboil I to sBVer yout
.-    ,,a ^ ; *«h» to tlmnh Idi clients 1,^,    nmj   wMml   ^         0, c„nnBotinn with thi ttonibany, Hid in-
|   in ibis  district   f-.r   their   generous i1(i|)11M*((. iM,-,„,mati„rli ),„M1K,„|   ,.„,,,. eidnniullywith „„,,,- , desire to ox-
;,i,ii„,„e  lit  the  p......  und    hopes, I   |( ^ ft .^   }   ^^ ^ p.es. our «ppreniatH/n of lhe   ,,„.,,.„-,
lo    lllll  ill   Nelson, -1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1------"   —~w   -----------^aa^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
I 1...   w
i oiitititiutu e of those filVOII that  l.avi
enabled him to built! up his  business
lis new offlcB)  whilSli   Is   situate
He there lost tlie   trucks   nnd   after road.   On these claims two veins Imve
searching around returned   to   town,   ■»  found, one of which is If) to   I:
resuming his search   early   tho   next fept wide.    Samples have  given   vul
morning . nd examining tlio   lino   as ues of-*?30, prineipnlly in silvor,   1.'
far us Hall Siding, without any forth- Und copper,    A largo bunk house and
or discovery. a blacksmith shop   have   been   buill
Al t   midday   lldph    Hilligass, Und also a  wngli-u   f.J. d   to   cimiieei
employed at the sis I illilflfer   camp  with lho goyernmetit wagon mud llui
discovered the naked body of West- fefit below. This plopertj has been
gu.e lying on tl„- m„,-v nuar tlm an.algai.iatetl with tha l.n.-ky I'..,..
Tamurii" Hiding. Meeting llurgeas and ,M nddltloll to these four cluinis, th,
Aiihui   Campbull   who    wee     out  1-ueky Doy company has just  secure!
searchiii    ho infoinied them,   and   a   title to tho PaltillsB olaim  whiel	
message bein      nt to the   constable, U*'s the Socontl lteliof ledgo fm-    I-",""
the   body   i tunoved   to   Yinir. M™*-.   On the Palouse (ilaini un   open
From th.-tin'     in the  neighborhood \oot has developed an ore body, assay"
.,   .    .j „ | it wu- e-iden     mt thn deceased   had   front which give >ll fT Hi illVer, i?(..-J*1
' -ith' M-ii.-ii  IQQ5 wondored ni     --ly   around   ihrough   i" gold, and 10.0   pel"   cblit.   uoppen
'' '      ileepsnowd,   t      Iii   legs up to tho  which at   pretolit   prict's   'if   coppel
knee    .-,... scarred ,., d cut from eon-: would aggregate abotit f58.
tun n       'p. ioy particles   At tho end      "Our Heourlty   grotlp,   four   miles
however I     retns to have lain  down  nearer Efh will bo developed       The
quietly on tin in.'w, md passed away, j'"'1' f'"lM ,l''' w Ililr eontnins   excel
as there w.r, no . ign nf u struggle   at  lent lluxillg properties and tliu   -iii.-i
lhe spot where I, •   was m -ty illy found. \ •■'■■•> offi-r .,-. il l-.iti: that f- lis Iii ■•  pro
l strange feat.      showing the  total   fits Oh 8K0 ore;
aberratibh of id,     of Hit  unfortunate j    "I'he Hew purdltasoi's of Cili« Second
man, wlis the fact    .at   lin   had   re«  Kollof aro heavily IliUii-efttell   In   tin
moved his nightshirt, ,,    ,„ ,y article | '-'"'''V 1% properties.      Negotiation**
is.,--: •"   "-- ,. ■■ I of clothing hb had   on when I  are pt'ogfBMing'looking to the nlnalg,.
ihe whole province has tince   had   to|In which you have  """ ■',"'*-""1 -T"llr |nl„(..| „i,d l„.d M,l!,-tl it.'.....   bundle, h'"'"1' "f ,lil >1'"   pfopbHies   of   th
,|,„i..s in y'„,r pMiliAf,    u.uongs.    ns             '       ^^         h     ,lfl„ p)ie|ng  SecOl.d MM ithtl '.1.(1 Ucky Boy,
During the many yea'f* wc have heen ' •'   ~i ( i	
Plfe Brit<at.e Signals,
suffer tut.
UUring ll.e i.iitnv veins nu iium  ukuii ,   -
,.sv.-mt,.,l Mfnti   jbb,   whilst   always " '""''', " '"M '"''"'1,Y'
in,  flake,"  Mr,,  Hohon,  opposite die     there lias been mii.-l,  cuHbslty   «»|.WthhMft , |ttM   m  j -   t.m.|,n,A T   llJ"*      i?7", n
"•f'rlbui Illce,  will  ho  o|ened for 11" il.e oi'igin   of (lift twHto "c6ektail." ' " '■■•■■■'•'•■■■ •
 '-"*-'    i i ■. (iliivrs, vou  have   ul«u'-i   slmwi,
iness on  Monday   morning   the [ In tho early days wliMi dot'tors use,l|kjf)/)|y oonili€|BMt|dta (ltr ( ., „,„!,
ITlnii-sililv nfit't'toDi,,    It/-   I I    ,\r>	
thur prdsidingi    I'he   fury   .-.insisted1     Kiro tiliief Coffey has prepare,
suit brought uunlnst lilm by his wife. IWl1'    '"   :'"'   '""'""'   "■    '   •'"   m.tdingly beg your aceepUnco of   the  ";•,";; '' ;;•""■■a'"   '    ;   .;
 -gertu'ds-diopuv   .ml   wu,   on remodj dame to be , las a   g,.r«U'( 1,,^ , .,.,,,. on.p.1*. "•'   »" »^''^ v!l   I ,
T day last colfiJtted to   ge.il   br -till rttulnlng IU »W n«w.     DoHAr L,,, „ M hi (I.Mi ,,H of ,„„' notify In   u,.,si, l e KrrtSef,    te ,-■„,-; ,,„,,„,,,,,,  ,,„-..,„.,„„„„
...memptof-.'mt    Ho was prompt- «■« c0("* ^ ** ^Mm l'«  ^«B esteem and r-apert. J derfhlHlt'*"'' rt^J"r t'•'»J",, b°;Hcl,«el -t«d   fHble   CW,   "   p-   «
,v bailed out by tih frlMkh   however, U"«» »■** °< l"«   J^*«   ' f«™-      Wl« gy *y Access In   your \*<«* °   '^uT^^, H Rvenin-, servlee,IM     V ,   »',-.
hail being fixed at fl ,      His   „.->'"- »pi.'iU, sugitr, bitters «nd si, on  _ ,.,.,,„,„, tifiered   %  *M  ttatoll  ihe d,- , p|n(1 H  Uj meots on I Hduy  ,-i	
 ,r   ,„,,   appealing   against   dm -till it became the bevennsr   of   to- -*'„ are, coaflid, but the iloclof Said llltft nftor Ht g „'ejo0k,    All aro wol ne,    >»e
in,l„me„t, ;,Wr, Votns 'cy sincerely, etc. §i»hig llin. the i..K"-'t'(m, it #oftld notfH, Yotrng, Hi A,/ P«tt«rt
(ilt'licM NOTlCtt.
, I'll. •'.,ITI*.il.*'S-     ClUJrtSfll-   H   '.   0  tl   .,   ■'
t AiLVoii.-.uJio   .en.efully   j'Ciids
reports of proceedings in the   I'lotin
'ii.i.ii-lii-il every  S»fgfi i.t llii'i   "ll I" l   tn
ii.-.- . ; ... Iii-.'.r.itl lij uiirrl.-.r  i   '■-,.;.
-i,-,*"M' I lull. '.'.* V; l "i"  ion:;
.".ikiTll.-iiii: riii-*-. fltfi [■■■'
ci.d J*.ti-liiiii.H-i,I, wi,!l ;..vi,.-ly he   struck
, l,v . he ...jiti uu'iij u|yH»a^ai.ei-    of    the
'"'' "■->■"■   name of Mr (,'!i*-t-r, llje   in.-mUr   for
'""'; ,|BIIW,V *■••■■ '"' '""'        - ,»» : ""',*   -jc.|tll       ,\   ,,l.;.,',l|    ,„,,,„,]   #   ),;,
t.    tl—l.-iil-T.- Ill  111-- .0-,'^i',', '.I    'r,-   .    I,"    l*l.ttl  tn.-'l
.;.-.-■•. ir--,,,, .i..-..ni.-*.-.'' speeches   wusl   wnpress   die   'iea-let
■•„iiii,"r.-;,.i  |i*>ii"*.u-at .t},   .-,.-      ji-nri ,,'w,ith die versatility   ,,'ud   oni;risisie;ice
tf^i-j-ns juyji condUions a* die  Govern-
incut would Under die   provisions   of
A..,,.:, -.-...-.    ,,.,-fi.i;-,   .-,„-   ih. I he "Land Act," e^ceptb. .respect   to
tiuther lii.yls nil ,t,h.e Company*
bl«cks, \vli.ii-/p sittfii he suhject to the
regulation**. is-.-iad  -by   the   Company
relit ive tfl tlie tilting  of    lot,her    Oil
ilu.* (Jol-^iibiu u-ud Western Railway
1.11,-1,1 (jlj-anf.
IV ,«i G.QBE,
 it lit." i.r.-iiii—.- ut .-!■!ii.i
■', I'-,','-'.',' " '.'.
ni.i: ll.p   i", iii.isiiim
it. kkm.'Vs,  \j;;; v.m;.
s,yrjL;jtp4.y, ty.\n . i-( i;n,7.
"lore C-antljdaj.es,
An .iiiicudnifiil, lo lie- I!!.-,-!;.-,,, A,;
i." tin- gentlen1a.11. .V ■• ;;i#i£er
whether tl,.- Attoi7ip3'-.Qciu.'i-al Jyh g-
i'i a bill .concerning legal pi'fWdnj-e,
,.,.: .he Mj.,dstei of Education a bill
fyfgl'i/lg to (education, o/' ijie J^ina/ice
Minist'-r u l-ill c/wquivjiug finance,
,tji,e bu... ;;jei,ibe;- ♦',„• ;hii fu,v;ii;ig
,-';ii-;i.i,-ti;,.;- I;.;';\'..-, a g-veal d-aaj ifmyo
about ii than /he. SJ.ii.iste-f iu uuesfjop
v.ho  e,-.i-() if li>. wiw   nnt   uluxiPI)   f.lf
,    .  1   ,- n 1,1.       I hi-e.vpcil ki.oi|'le./ge of that parjticu-
how It-lore }he p-,,i i.'ei.tl P i--_'i-!,;t-.,'.-e. '   ' .1- 1   ■<-    t.
,1        .1 -, .- l-ir blf*>iuM-Kii may bo supposed (,- Irfyo
places the deposit for   e.imlidut/";,    1..1 ' ' '
1 . '
I'm limnen. ut ^/JO  inslpiuj   of   i'?Ol
pno inevitable effect nf  thi    measure
Htudied ii  • 1.hv.ha.. i')iil to   k.eA-
lin!" whereof |je is    talfcujij
n turgor nunit
1 Lengthy Imurs uf study must therefore Mr* Oliver havo put in, Jo 1141-
ipiiit- his I'i.'pi'i'i kiiowlaJge of all
those subjects/ |i. tho Houu. he
hus no time for study because he is
always on his feet talk, talk,   lulling.
When he is not talking on 11   specific
I In-iintioii.it t-uii nt uiiide lin.   week
1     ,.       .  1    .. ... , subject, he is tiuurelling, celling down
is to 1 bp bonding oi tpc 1 unkee Oifl.     *    '
lor being called down.   And when ..oi
lUurelling   hi-   is   u-skillg   i|tit-st ;.,!,<
v. ill he the placing
I if en.uliilutr. i.'i   '■'■I'-'l;    field     l.-,   t)i-
j rejudicc of struigjit )»,;;> cn/i tests
gBragBBWaajra MM   hi
The Yankee Girl,
Inine, will be acceptable news   10   till
interested iu the mining  industry   nf 1
(in- camp.
some tiipc past it h
11,11 recognised among ilu- miners
nnd prospectors of Vmir, that ll.e
' 'imk, e Oirl had all tlio ear murks of
great  .nine, and ll| it the    illtl'odlll1
: ion of tin- nee. usury cupilul    lo   pro-
perl) develop it, would soon bring   it
lo tl.e self-supporting nnd pinfit-liink
ing stage, when il  would make 11   per
luuiienl additi it, in   the   pui -roll   of
the i-.inip,    Tho purlios who have now
taken bul I of il are believed lo   have
ample resources   behind    them,   nnd
.- I.en t lu-i  get     to    "in i-    abool     I he
middle of net month,  «ill    probalilv
push develojiincnl  us niiitl.lv in    p"s
Tarte, Blair and   Slfton,
111 1 he pas. history of ihe l.iheial
ndiiiiiiislration nuclei Prouiii 1 l.uurier
tic -1 length ot' thu iiilioiiii-i.utioii
has been admittedly due lai g.-lv tu
Ihe ability nnd strenuous rti-operaliou
it' the chief minisl, rs forming tho
(iiivprumenl Premier I.aurier has
himself admitted ihi-. and « Idle Im
was himself of course tl.e t'orner
.toiu uf lh eililice, 11- sl.ihiln i was
bused on   these   -ini.- tut    but 1 resses,
1 'iibiippily, und « it liin 11 tipurativo
K -Inn 1 spare nf ti    no   I,   -   lliiin
I Pretty Hourly every supportur of the
Government h;js hod to ask Mr
Oliver to mplain away uertaiu statements which sei'ineij to I11110 a pUI'-
.-oliul ift't-i i-eiice.      Ile    is    unm'tiiu tlv
having Imt seutiles with the labour
representatives, And in order thut
he may ever he hi the  minds   of    his
opponents, he regularly presents then.
with a string of .'iiestiotis, with which
in occupy their 'tei'tii-c moments,
P.elty nrni Iv e\e. ;• ol'i.t-iiil ft'porl of
proceedings in tl.e Holise''c'on'veys tl.e
inforniatioii lluil "Mr. Oliver will
■isk" who did this! why) wlicni lion,'
At ivluit eosl; How milch wus spent
.-li thin trail since the year eighteen
hundred?    Why not niol-u]   Why not
Ies-; Did [ll.e Altmiiev-Ceneiul
triiiel lirst t-iii-s or ilnnl' Ant! soon,
It' Mr. Oliver properly digests all the
! information he elicits out of 1111 harassed Government it-, is no tvondcr that
In- can display such an infinite
knowledge of special departments,
Jieputv   Gowniissioiier   of   ^aiulsi
&  vVorks     (,.imJs   und    Wurss    l>e
partmeiilj J
Victoria, ll. a, 23rd, Feb.,  11105.  ]
lh',*Wv.4 in Sf;i()V mul Fajjcj' tirocevif®,  Hr«ej's SiHidrics
Estate nf Ear«#st gglanr,
'1' V li Iv Iti'olicii that l.y an ordef nf
His J-IonoMi- Jttdgc Forin, duu-ij tli/;
l.'ith day of Ivbr-juty JJlUn, |,he 011-
dersjgncd was appointed administrator ot the estate tof tlw above named
J')rne.*it Itelangei", decea.sed, ;
A)I persona liaying   minims  against I
tho yiid deceased 01 his estate are re* |
fjuired to tjle thp same with lin1,  duly;
verified by  u/fidnvit   or   declaration,
wjthifi one month from   the  date   of
this notice, after which time  lhe   es»
tute will be distributed   without   re.
g.ud to any claims of which   |   shall
not have had notice.     And   nil   jier
sons Indebted to said deceased or   bin
estate are heieby   required   fo make
payment to me forthwith.
Dated the 13tll day of Feb    |008
3. P. Tuck,
0(1,,i.d Administrator,
ftltmketsj rSoefcs, Mitt-s. -Utoy^ JJttWiny^   W<)pv
yifiii'.    DyrfijlU,    ]'-i|»'ii( M/vlicijiWii,
NeiLsei\ b, e,      - Bex w\
Mining Agept     *     Stocks and Share.*
'"pd James Graham or any other per-
to whmn he n.uy have transferred
Ida interests in the Yankee Oirl, Canadian (jitl aud Yale Fraction miner
ul claims, situated on Dundee mountain, about two miles from Ymir, iu
the Nelson Mining Division of We-t
Kootenay District, and lecorded *t>
ihe liet-oriler's oilice fur the Nelson
Mining Division.
You ami each of you nre heieby
notified that we have expended three
hundred dollars (§800.00) in Inbof
and improvements' upon1 the above
mineral claims in order to hold same
11 nt lei- the provisions of the Mineral
Act, and if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail.or refuse to contribute vour portion of expenditure, together witl, all oosls of
advertising, your interest in said
claims will become the property of
thu subscribers, under section I of ah
a,-, entitled "An Act to Anient! the
Mineral Act, 1000."
I I). K Grpbe,
D McLen.d,
I o. A. l.ou-11.
Dated ul Yinir II. (,',, this    10th,
day of January lOQii.
„*_AGBNT   FOH----*
Mut'iitl LiftiJ,risiu'ajice Cojnpany ot X«'w Voi'k,
rajiiidiiiji r.'i'siil/.ty—Jjojk'r IjisuiniiiUBtCb.
I.'in.loii jVfutiuil  Vhr Iiwuamv ('omjmnv,
Ottawa Kirc Ijisuwuiw) Company,
Hlii, B. C
as s»
Lands and   Works.
('.llici'llnli.ill   <.♦'   I'r-cl'i."
..oe,- uf uip.il lieutenants have' IMONICK is herein given   thai   llu
11     reservation CKtablli lu-,1  in   pur- t
ileserled their posts.      Messrs    Tai'le,                  .,,                         ,. ,.      ,,., , t
sun 11 ce vi tlie ploviHtons ol lhe   "( ,,1- ♦
llinii and Siftoti, nil of whuni aro able llMli,m Ml„| Weslfrn 'Uiiiiivay ISubsid;•''
1 tiliticiaiiH, bul   nen   whu   will   nol   Ait, 181)0," notices   uf   which   woi
1 1
iibu.il   to   lui-e  then    individuality published  in   the   llritish  Columbia <
-.unit in lluil  gl 'ratal *m   M' Oawlto mid ilittetl   Til,   May,   l8D(J,|j
,       , , 'und oil, June, 1800, respectively,  mi
tl..   Liberal pailv, when their indiud- , ' •
It, It 1,1    culieelled.
md opinions dill'cr wilh those   of   its      C|,ow||   UwU  si|UM|„(1   w| ,  ||m
lender, have nil resigned   their   p"-i- ,,,,,, emlum-cl by tin-   suid   reserva.lt                                                     *
tun,-.     They have ull openly   opposed don will bo open to  sale,  settlement,It ''   W' MAHTEKSON,     Prop, I
,,,,.,.,,,,.   introduced   l.v   the   party leuse and other disposition, under the ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ tf ♦ ♦'l>'r*'>>ff^
leader, and which , corn   legishitim, l'"A l"i""s'" 'l"'"1"""1   Aft,"   three
x Hotel Ymiri
Tlio Best Meals
.Villi Acriillllll.iililti.ill
Iii Town.
A fine selection of Wines,
Liquors nix I ('-igars.
in «hid, thei are   respectively    most
t op,-nt ned, -iii"! of  v l.i, h   they   have
months after the dale <>.' the lir-i pub-
In iilio.t <>i ibis ,i'ii iet- iu the British
Columbia (Ja/.ette; provided, however,
ll.e more expert knowledgo As Mr. ] that in all cases whui-. lands are su
li.aii- inn be  upposed to know   more mild, prci'mpted, leased or   otherwise
alienated bv the Ouvrriilnimt und -o,-
-iih-i ijlienlly found, Upon the mum v
-f the I 'olinnbiii und    Westell,     li.il
itljt.i ' railway matler« limn Mr, l.nur
Ier,    , ion Mi   Sifioit be supposed ."
I now more uboul the workings of the  way Co.npuliy's blocks, then il.e   per*
,,      v   ,,    sons acoiiiring stich   hi,id-   shall   tiu-
si piii.tt" -1 hool tyslinn 11. the    .s'u.h '
'J:  -Z:
,**"^       tmS      •*■
- ~
-— ~   ■*
**^                  w
•i             **^-
•?r- __ •
tar*       ^      ssj,^
-4. 5? "?
**- ,                           tea.
7c   C"   ^
Cf" B   •*•*,
•*» *~~>   -^
^'.a -a
£T fir -?
■■**    —     •
ft"   *?5
to      **-*
3~ "*-v
as    2 Sit
as   77 7. ?
west, than does Mr l-mi ier, If a
hum's own experts condemn him, In
whorti .hull l.e he jusliHod!
their    title    I herein    from    lhe
1 lliiilway Company  who  have agreed
I,, deiil wilh   such   purchasers    pie-
ilttplols,  lessees,  etc,    ull    the    -nine
Trade Marks
Copvriohtb Ac.
AiivniH- .cn.Uiii, ;i -liftcti and dftaorlntlnn may
'cil.-l.ly ,i.,*,T,i,,,i n„r ,,|,mti,ti fnto wlii'tln-r 1.11
111 v«■ 1 ,,,.„, ts tiriitmtily ,, iti'iitiihltt.   t'eititiiinilrn.
1   ,, .   in- Hv -"I,ll.l..ml ,1,  fl.ii,. ll„ wilt 1,11 I'lilfiu*.
mul ti-.-ii. iu,,t'.t ituntn-v fi.r lecurltiapotOSU.
I'Httjtltl tiilt.-n tlirnilL'li .Mlllill It Cu. i-ocal't
,;,ri-l„, not IC, wl'.li.ut cllltrtfo, in I,to
Scientific Hmerican.
A hnndiomolf lllllflrMtd wpeklr. )»nraMt dr.
nilutloti nf any iciihliRfl ji-mrniii. Tornn.Wt
v«-nr 1 i"nr nontbi |i  t";i'l byull heWMpa1Sf|,
MUNN & Co ^'a <"■"•*> New York
•Jt»i.,-i. omoa. rt. 1 nt. Waaninituii. ut,
I        Ymir, B. C.       f GENTS FURNISHINGS.
Wt' liny*' il brand new littP apd can lil yon out
from lii'jifl to fopt, with a good foundation (if tin'
best shpps pbfaiwdple, and finj<ihjug oft with one
of our new find Ptylijsli hath,
\Yo f|pn't need to keep on ti'lliiijg' vou we arp
here, anil i|i \\u> Grpcery husinesp, bpcauso it in
woll known tjiut tjie best goptlsi jtnil the best
ni ices 'ie(> always t(i be got -if tjtc
DesBrisay Jobbing: Co.
Wilson & Harehaw
Drfiyjnen and
V-M1K,    II.    C.
}I-iniIling heavy iViijghr a
CPlTPspppdeiipp promptly
intended to,
The New Oarne   Laws.
tir? .he handsome pictures i.i S, H.
At Lowest   Prices,
Seunpy's t-vifiiJo**/.    Que of these   will
be given iiway with every cash purch-
country like Canada, tt'it|i its   vnr.Jfi|y
-.— •_:—■ of interests, without   ppmproini.se   oni
On Wednesday lust week, the Pro- ; ln,-nol, ()m.,-tir,*is.    J!Ht when essential ] use of (en (lollin
iincial Seoretary introduced .-, bill   lo p|-inpiple is involved there pap be
amend   tin-   Uunie   Protection   Art. J compromise,    We grapt wjthput In?
ipliat soine stfitiKent measure is peed- itation or   reserve   the   integrity __■!___
e,l to prevent the total   depletion    of pU|posp, lhe loyally of conviction, the)      NortllBrn -RV.
the game of the Province is geperftily conscientious regard for right and ,].■•.'..,,,,
 „,k,„l    .,,„|    ,i„i;,l,„,c   fni>    xin-li.       i*t  i .   i .t    -n •      m-   I  I' ie only    all   rail    route    between
leeosnisea   unci   pennons   to,    Mien ty, whiph jinve actuated the prune .Mm' 1
;f; Spokane Falls &
i  i
legislation havo   boon   forwarded   toi kler in tllki     *.,   „,„,„, ,    , .
'. '..0"n";"^,,t..1?',"l,n(,St,   r'4^iM..iHrg.|tB speech   ip   Jin,!.' n" ' "*
It ii
game assoo'.-vtian anil club iu the Pr,
vhire, us well us by many private individuals. That the suggestions con-
lained in tliesn petjfjpps hnye bep
giver, due consideration by die Pros
li.u-ial K.NC-i-tjtivo will bp shown by a
perusal of tbo Hill, which will, we
think, be fount! to meet the letpiir"-
liitnt.s of the case.
The most importqnt   provision   of j amj responsibility whirl,   the
lhe new Game Act is that   providing [ Minister claims for himself he
lie Introduced the   Autonomy    llillc.
No mul. can uytiuiie him of   unworthy
motive ur sinister purpose.       Itut   in
this matter there is involved a   ques-,
tion of principle und of public   policy
so vital und so fur-reachiiitt thut each  ,,, ..
,     8 I 10 on .in.
mil.i .oust judge for himself,   and    no  *.o.8|5 n in
party interests   or   political   attachments  ruji   intei vene.      The   liberty
if... the appointment of   a   Provincial I i,B ,|1(1, ,;,..[ t|1 g(..(|U ,„ ■,*„ .,„,,*,.„,.,..,.
Ic.tiue and Purest Warden.    This   of 14>e|ilwnirely but   unhesitatingly   the
"'"*  Qlobo took its position   in  opposition
to the educational clauses   which   in
our   judgment  subvert  the principli
Public    opinio..
I'll till-
'pipta eust. west and south to lloss
_     and  He
aiblic,    |]uffot cars run between Spo
me and Northport
Jlulfet Cars  inn between  Spokane
and Nelsoij,
Effective March, lill);".,
enve Rttily Train
9.8(1 a.ni Spokane
Koss bin (I
Grand Forks
P.20 a in
: 1.20 a m
!1 iii) a.m,
8 UO a. in
(j.20 p.m
4.55 p.m
•' 12 p m
li Mil p" m
8 Hi, p.m
8.30 p.m
lieiul is to give his entire   time
Jul tendon to tho game,   forestry   and
fishing interests of the Province, con-
Ihn i prosecutions for violations of the j of p,.0vj„cial |-iylit.,.    . „	
■mm affecting these matters and goner, k, ,|)e Liberal party und in the
j, Lily to see that the law on  the   sub- | „.v ln.iv sllpp(,..t ,,,;, Oovernment
Ijjeei is carried out.    This olHci.d is to j it ,,my ROftpolt the Globe.    The logic
of events will decide which course   is
[he appointed by the  tiieUtmiapt-.Gov-
*i i .uu-iii-C'ouncil ant]   power   is   also
I light.    Itut in all such   situations   a
responsible public Journal mustchooso
___________ "\ f°r itself, placing the country    before
time may be found   necessary-     The
nlclegated for die appointment of suohl
l.eputy Wardens   us   fiom   lime   to j
Provincial police will, as iu the print,
pon'inuB to oiiforoo the guuio laws
ami no doubt many uf tl.ei.i nil! be
Hppninted deputies, so thut the extra
expense incurred will not bo great,
One of the principal objections lo the
present law is that there U no special
nilh iul to see that it is observed,
Thi- will, however, bo roniedied by
llu- new Act, while us tho Game Wnr«
lien hus to make a written annual re-
1(0.1, any eliaiigns in die law found
•fflsiruble can be readily brought to
l)u- intention of the ftxoenlive.
'The Ac: also confers greater power
Oll-uine ollh t'ts in the mutter of
Kftn-hof | "i suns am! premises in
Ctkiies of supposed violiitiou of tl.e law.
Tin- Art provides a close seas tu. for
heaver for ., perils! of six years from
August, 1 IIO'i, and also gives greater
protection to several srecies of game,
Wh"se early extilietiun is ihreutened
If iIn- present indisetiininate slui.ghier
|k allowed lo t'oiitiiiue.
The "Globe" on School
Wl'he attitude uf the Toronto Globe
tl.e lending Liberal newspaper of
Eastern Canada, on the school clause
ill lhe Autonomy Hill bus occasioned
HUl'l use I,, it- own friends, us well ns
to h- pi'liiieal opponents. The Globe
lifts come out us strongly us circuinures set-in to permit iu opposition
lids feature of the bill,, and in
iityii.g itself for its action, for it
j.i-iiis lo feel that some justification
essury, i. has ll.e following.
"In the present Ihstnnc-j tho Globe
11 to whut il believes to be thu
I uric Liberal principle and to the
Hi- v calculated to serve most surely
H Light sl interests of the country,
jH minor questions, involving mete
fl' .<>ii*, there inuy be ouinprotlliso
Wr,- .an be  no   (lovernmeiit    il.   a
party, and setting loyalty to principle
highei ibun allegiance to the Govern,
incut... any political leader. This,
at all events, is the relation of the
Globe to the Government.'1
I hate this day sold to Wong Mil)
the Laundry business heretofore carried on by me ut Vmir.  •
Hated this I Ith day of .March, '00.
All, Chip.
I'. s. T, lloss, Secretary
__!.,    THE     TI3VCE
Seattle,     Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
.1IKA..S \   I.A   cUITR.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels.
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Special   Excursion   Hates
To World's Fair, St. Louis
Your Choice of Roule.
For rates, fohlera and full Information
iigiiriling trlpi, cull on or ai'dreu in.
agent of lho .S. K. & N. Hallway or
II. A. JACKSON,       H. HKANIil',
(i. r. ,t i'- a.     (.. r. ,v t- a.
71(. VV. River ■ h.t.i •
Vou'l) like the ti^to. You'll like the pricp.
!|'o tiny v.e nre un(jerse|li||g our cqnipotitors ii, evnrything it. the ur.-t, ii
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poise s||i-li and t.iiii make you prices that will ataj'vp thp cmpbiims to death
We parry a large assortment  (if   Patent   Medicines  at   Manfaeturi
.milked price jj.id cini show yoij a saving of 33 per cent, ju thi*. line alone
Stationery und Magazines, wo carry everything that the tnulv ih u i-i ., .
autl strictly up-to.dutr. ju fancy Paper-ties, Calling Curds ie. ,1-e.
In this Hue tv.i have a lurim stoolc.    Bee what we  have    lit-i.   '-'••.-.•>
use your own judgment, don't think they m-e cheap because the pre'' is.
Johnson's Clothing and Bell's  Shoes  are  Qpr
U. S. T. ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Ymir,    B,     C,
.Slu.lr mul Builders H.ii.i.v.n*.
r.iints and Oils, Stoves, Ci:.:.
Steel, Powder, Fuse and Cupi,
(ii'iiiiitn und Tinwftre, Steam
All kinds of Plumbing, Tin
smithing .uu] Oonerol Uepai
NELSON * KT. silKI'Altli KY. CO.
V   V. ,V: K   KV. tli N. ('(1.
aiul (ireut Northern, Northern Pacillo
ami O. R, it N. Co., for points cast,
went and south ; eotintiels ut Itoss-
h.tid and Nelson ivitll the Canadian
I'lieilie Railway.
ConnocU at Nelson with tin- I'. R.
A- N. Co. fur Kaslo lllld K. and S.
Connect* at Cut-lew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, II. 0.
Mullet ears run on trains tieltveen
Spokane and  Republic
II. A. .lACKSt""
(it-lier.il I'll.-Uii'llger Agt.
Hi l-iu l.e, Wast,.
Prom a C1"(T«
apron to a thoua-
anil dollar pre*
aantatlon act.
Henry Blrka ft
Bona' facilities
for making a.ili.1
lilverware arc
posaeaaetl by no
other concern ln
^^^^^^^^^^ Canadt.
etaatTju*. Anlt-tlcd-ftUrn.
era, mo.lern mnchlnery, and ak.l.cd hand-
Itrorkcrt, a'l undt r ll-e ili.ccl attt>er*ri*ion ol
I-, ru ti,-.-,l liielnli' Tn of tin- linn, mnke nn l,n-
rutialled combination (or tumins; out line
Write for lllualratt,' Mlalotftia
DkMaiMr-vf* -
Sterling SllVer,
Silver Plate,
Wilttlci, etc.
Ileiirv IM*;& Sons
til, ll
• Kail ,.l '
'I'he Mutual Life [i..suranee Company <»1'N. V.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the siU'eHt invoHtmonl known tn man.
< 'ni-ali iiivc.iti'.l in I/if'c Itisiii'iiiiiM' in onsll investod flint   will
ii'tiiiii compound interest.
All miccensfiil busincBH men enwy large timountH ul' lib
insuinnce,   It provitlen for llie l.imily, protects a man in hi*
uld age, an.I protects his other investments,   For   rates on
nnv form (»(' lit'., insurance apply toi
Percy J. Gleazer. Local Agent
As I am closing ou-t my'business iu Ymii.
and removing to Nelson, I have
The Following Store Fixtures:
Soda -Fountain, Coffee Mill,   Acetylene   Gas   Ma*
chine, Large Queen Stove, 3 Show Cases,
Light   Truck,    Counter    Balance
-Scales, Paper Cutters, etc.
At Tin-; Cash Grockry. "———
American and B,  C.  Hydraulic Jvmir  business giide
Placer  Company LM-
K. \V. Wltldon-soi'.
IIIU Hi I.|iA(l|:   AMI    IKyrilAKCK.
Percy J, (ileai-jer.
III 'iiiu r-
John I'liilbert.
Capital $50,000 in 500,000 Shares pf ten cepts each,   p. oniupbeii.
HesBrisay Jobbing Co.
VTiij-ij-fUii*-:   itKAtit;
Williiini Clink.
ll. Uiitnpliell.
Ilrslit if„ty Jobbing C-ti.
*"*i   II. Si-nut y.
(jiisiiioptilitii.i—.lull 11 B'|'i",|li
Mi-Lfoil Jlousn— l-'inljjv .Vri-'-'l,',.
Miller l|iiiist-—S 'Miller.
I'ltlmiL-— Tail it 10,.My.
I    Vancouver— (livi-.t Boyer,
Waldorf—(Seorge Colman,
i    Ymir—j. VV. Masterson.
niih   || i.m;|.ih-    an }>   ini.|.ivi|
,     Mis. Jul.1. MeLeod
1liN|N(;   lt|-cUltUE|*
J'elTJ' J.   (ill-ll'-ll'.'.
!    Jiuralil publishing Co.
1   p. ctmipiipii.
S. H- Seaney.
11 it li- Im ***>■ tV* 1\ ilsoty.
Jackson it Leahy.
A|t."X. (I1I1Iif.
The CoHionriy js pow pi-enuring t(. wprk the (Iiiid
predge, Black Sand anil Nugget plat-i-r leases at Hall
.•siiling, and in imler tp nute|uise the neoessai'v niacliiii-
."i\, the prompters h;ive *»e| iisi,le |. limited iiiiinl.ee pf
shares Ini- i|u|iiciliatr sale
The .shines nre fully pnidajid ppp a*.f-cs.-(il>ji..
The (.'oiiijmnyV ground uverjigea 50 cents per cubic
vnril op the  s|ii'faee. pvcr ^40 acres.
I 'mil lied rpck is rcaehi d f|iesp shaj-es p|iji he p|i-
tained t>| i- bnrgain,
Mciiliwlijle tl.e treasury (Stock (•2()Q,()(J() i"*!*l*IT**) Ip
It'll iptlict.
1      1        ■■ 1. w   i.i   ..-wm it .i   \m         11      1 —.»—-■—
SllCCesS   Late  in  Life.      |dressed ... his   uniform   ns    llligmli
, burgeon in thp Army of   Ihe   United      Wjlll am Clark.
1 "  HA|iDii-A|(i:
I   ,                     ,,                           ,          1.       ,        1 HA|il)lVAl(l
Pi*. Osier's recent pud >t;.rtiii>g -ui*. st,lles     •*« lotuijierl lo r-iiglawl us .1 _  s *f< Ro3g
„ iin.-i-iiii-i'it tji.ii  ,1  man's  usefulness veteiiifi of the Americiin   Civil   War, Tobaccod-I
.•11                    .         1       1     .   mul il  iv.-is lit-t    until     ISliS    Lluil    In- Miles Mplu.lis.
as pr.iotic.illy over   when   ho   ii.nl I ""'"    l "■    1 «    *"     '"
leiiehed (lip n-je of forty, has aroused ■■•*•■"•*" •"" fl*'8t appearance tm tin
it storm of u.ii.iin'iit. Many instances ; '""''•"" -t"--'1'' Tllt-lt is ill years ago,
,. ultl be given of ipe« who l.(lve >'"' >"'» •» l"'iv'He 'if? I"' looks 11
achieved suet-ess Inter in lifo than I middle nsed itmn in the pink of pom
forty, (it' those the fallowing are diliun
notable illustrations! Mr. SliorH*ou-,p in the ago of My.
Sir   Hubert   lieid   wm   forty-five **"'«-" Wix* ll cl ne-j.! man itfuctiirer in
tun's old before hi-- big venture* be. IMnningham. \'oV twenty year* Own
i-ii.i tn attrapl piiblip imtioe. He i-!'"' '""' bee" l'"s-v '" ■■•*■ l,'iMln' li"";
sail to own Newfoundland, ,„„i js "" a novel, which he published ul
c.eatiii",'a railway system to eQiine-i.t'ast privately for the   am.14-1em.ent   of   j^*.   ().}.(,(i   St()(.(
I '.- colony ivith the Win lines of   the llillls('ll! •••••■ ■'•'* '"ionds,    Such in   the       	
tioiitinciit.   The   tlistii.if,"   across   t(i!°**Se" "■'"-1"'"'   ll.glesii.il,"   one   of        ' •■   -
New V,„l< is over  3,000   miles,   but I,l"' P»o»t -'"""^ ****** ill Hm Knyli-I.   WBTRJCT MANAGER WAN I'EP
ll.e .-.mil- in  SI,   John's,   Newfound   hmuii'iKe- Permanent position; rapid advance-
s,,   ui,-     Wi"   Rdwnrd   Clarke,   the   Kine's , , » ,,
■" " h        moiil- uiiln,-l> nnr]    f-xnt-nsP";;     fllll      III-
MRS,   J.   McLEOD
Vmi 11.
niiiii; salary uixl
laud, ii only   1,700   mile
liobert proposes to halve tho Atlantic'*   """   ""-"   """"''   "'   ' "" "" ,    , , .
•    • , ,v.,.,,       , .. , strUetions flee of   charge    clean   tit
passiiftp, and cut new   York,   HostonI'PP01 lei'ln I5,00* nm) fuHi-years later
nnd Philadelphia, out of their nnssen. | ^S**" •»»' distinuiiished career   as   a s.rahle business.
barrister. The J. I.. Nichols Co., I.t'il Toront.
Mr  Punlop invented the   pi.euma- (Mention this paper.)
ue.   11.uie.
I im..il". Smith, a Scotchman, etitei
it! the Hudson Bay   Co.npaiiy's   service at the age of eighteen, worked tieth your, and   Mr.    in, Cros,   who
l.i- way to the top, and retired   from
il.e chief   coininissionership   11   poor
i.t- .v..1 when Im had paused his sis-
tiellt your, lllld Mr. Pu Cros, will
handled the invention    ..ml   made   u
bla fortune, win   nrer   fifty.      hind
n.ati and well over fifty yeui-s of age.  Maslian was an old   mnn   before   he! r.
Then ho began   to   sptoulate, He ,JiSUOvei'cd a process for Utilising silk W gars
found for hii partner, Mr- -li... Hill, ,-i       ,  ,. » .. i\t .'..ni t'h    tun    iioMi-vrir
1 j wuhte, whirl, iniiili-Ini foitiiiii". I   i.'ii 1'" 11."    vmi    uumwiiiu.
who was freighting   goods   into il.,*|
,,   1   . ,', .,,, 1    lliereis.i great   contrast   in   this
lied river settlement,    Lhe two men
j matter     l,i-t ween
and Fruits,
1.,,,1,1 up some scrapirou  in  tin*!""""'•'   "mv'"'"    Uj'ti»hers   .md   Tobaccos, Confectionery
khapo of a pirtly finished  mid   alian-1 Americans    Tl.e Englishman,  i.1   he
iloned railway tl-ack, which had   ne.itI is going to end well,   begins   lo   end
iuPutchpriijeotorsinto   bankruptcy wel| from the fl„t, starting a   career      MTLES MetNNIS,   Proprietor.
In .nine caoaole hands the   line   mm- i  .--.,,.
,    ,      '    . .„ ,     nf pro-pen.v ..1 vtiiilh,   and    t'a.iv.i.g   __________________________»__,
l.hi-lieil, opening up Western Canadu
on steadily lo   i.    iiiiiuiiiliiiiit   close, •*■*.*•     •     nii.*
,.,.     .. . .   .      i        1 lllll- ( 'ltlZOUK
Hie Aineniitii, more lively    ami    less
tu Aiiici'ic.in i.iuhi, ci eating ihe   city
of Winnipeg, und   tl.e   now   wealthy
province of Manitoba.
The retired  fur-trader   became   .1
-,J.   EUDPY
We    carry   tho   leading   bmndu     imported      1 i<i'" i'«i
and  L'igiii'H,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
I(lv\iKirAltTI-;H8    FOR    MINING   MEN    AND    THE
Kuwly furnished throughout.    Bapiple ."'no*- in cpnnpction.
lintes •fl.-'in t,i ^-.-"iO pui dpy.
KIKLAY   McLEUD, Proprietor
Plea-.." t'oi'iiard Th'e Ynijt il vmi f.p t'ni'        .     ,.,.,month   J
anil iivliuiiwleil^'t. ipcpipf lit' eftclfwed I	
Tup ll|i|M|,|i is jiiiblibhi'il  every Saturday moi'tllHg and   ♦
Plipfajps i||l  thp news pf tjiP camp. 4
||.\TfiS-P(jR   YBAft   S^:   11-M.K   Yl'Ml,   Sl. J
GRAND CPTRAJi HOTKI.iClark'g Furniture store
Opposite Courthouse  nnd   new   Vast Undertaker   an.!    Furniture     PenH
olliee,    Best 251 meal   in   town.       Mail or-det's proinptly atteiulpd t'.
Kuropean und American plan,
Only    white     lftbo|"     etnployiiil.
First elass bur
Hotel ....
(Ut.tler entirely new management.)
Dining Room nml Bap
supplied wifli the bent
in the market.
Right opposito depot, Ymir
Jlilit'l! .Stk|;|:t,
iMi-isfehu-s JJiniiiy,' rtooin,
Besfc brands of Wines
Pquovu iind C'iyavu.
Second Ave,
solid, jump-,   from   trade   to   trade,
spoculatos with reckless oournjfo   am!
Meets   tiaiii every niurninjj
,\ee|.t Siimliiy, for freighl j
ami  pnssciiofi's   lur   Vinii
millionaire, organised the buil(lln«   of K008 to utter ruin-only t ippea.
tin-  Canadian   Pacific  ItuiUuv,  mul; ,,,,
, - ..» a mill.limine
I ,-lpeil iu llu- ui.ikiiiii ") 1I111.   rfigailtio
entt 1 pi ise.     Now hois l/tnl    Striitl,-.•*■■■—-—*-------—----------i---"a™a^«^««««^«.—__^_
conn, llii'i. • oiiiulissitiii.-1 tu,- Canada,
member of the War Commission, who
OilVe 11 liiy hospital to Mont real, eti-
liniteil 11 University, and nt 11   eost   of
(•.300,000 presented i" the Kmpire
the Canidian reginini.t known a-
Strathcoua's Horse, lie i- eighty.
tl.iee vci.rs, inn] working haul.-.' than
In lffflO 1. niidleaged   man   immeil
<i| nut, e\-liei.teli.ini in the I'liileil
state- At my. ■UK engaged with a
wagon ill haul..i;; fotico-l'illl" at St.
Luis. Mi-souri. Five years later
1'I\ ssi's s, Orant was Commander.in*
Chief of lhe U. S. Army, und throe
years after that President of ihe   lle-
last thi KKD.-.V i\ i:\rn MONTH.
l-'.M.ti Mi'l.non, President.
Km. II. Yiii'st., Secretary,
A   11. Ilt'OKwonTIli Tun-.
SAM   Ml Ll.i:i:. Prop.
mill.    Bv special orders   oil L.     , J~\,.  .      ,.     I?
Stin.l.iys. Or for Vinir mine.  Hcmlqiuirtcw lor Mining Men t
Till"', lll-xr  HltANl) Ol"' luiNir.sTIf
The Kootenpy   Standard
and  Juanita.
II 1MK.1.TI Itl-ill   111
__ C,   ______] Q Co.' '
Nelson, 15. (',
I'....- supplied   with  Iii-t brands of
win,--, li.jti.it - ami cigars,
lli-ndi ik Ibsen, the dramatist,  was
fifty vt'-'it- old  beforo ho published
"I'lil.i.s of Society,' tl.e first   of   hfsl
famous play-.
When Sir Churl'-- Wyiidliuin, il.e
actor, ll.si had his photograph tak*"ii,
In- appeared with n loiig, tlttl-k   l.eiii-.l,
I'llST A 1 MM I'.
111  lhe i-oiil-M- of   the   ne\l    ft-»
wet-Its, I intend transfering my
Assay OtHce io Nelson It. C,'.
Wishing io settle ALL business
accounts before leaving Vmir,
I should he obliged, if everv
one whoso name is mi mv '--nolis
would   call   and    settle    theirs.
Win, I'.,   c
Kootenay Coffee Co.j
Delivered any
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
Headquarters for Hlnlng
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the ilin»
dint,   Everything first-olasu,
YMIH,  11. C
Whole-ale ami retail  dealers
in l-'n-sli ltun-.l,.il
High * Grade * Coffees
Wholesale and lletuil
.Mail orders receive prompt atti-i.i  a
Ymir TransferCo.
1        JACKSON ,ti LKAllV, Props',
Teaming and
Express ....
I       l?orto  Kicii       J
I  Lumber Co. Ltd.   !   ?' "",Plh '"' ptly atte"tl	
♦ I and the greatest care exercised in ihn
, X44+H44H-ffffffffMtf-fH 111'tthdlltig of booU*


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