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The Ymir Herald 1905-01-21

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I    JHH241W&
t   !>
/ctor.a*   ;
Vol 1  -No. :ji
V.MII;.  Ii, C. SATURDAY. -l.\Ni AI.'V 21, UK).-).
I'i.m i: I'M i; ( T..\ is.
'reventlon   of   Forest
Installation of Masons.     Mineral Production of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    (In
' ' '■■'■ " the Ymir  Lodge So. 31. A,    V    nnd!
Cheques wished freo al   Campbell'*!        Some time ago the Ivooteniiy  Asso V line strike of   ore   wan   i  cently i ^   M. were duly installed in their re-
;,,.   eiated Hoard of 'I'iade brought lo   the   made in llie I 1 lei
ii mine al  Uric
Mr. DeWitte bn*. moved his fainil
to llu- WilcOX mine.
Mrs   Fame!! bus removed to   Mr*
he     Ai
Ll. \V,  lh
Crowe's house on See..ml Avenue.
notice of the other Provincial Hoards
the enormous damage done to mining
plant.-! and the   dcvastal ion   of   vast
B. C. During 1904.
Total   Mineral   Outjml    h
.\ri;j|.liu|'liiiiii| of T'ACl.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       Held, O.-aiid -In, ■ ■ VV, u-deii.     At  the j |v    Million  Dolllll'S,
-VmiV I:..m -j- -- h.i- rawhiilerl    do\vnj5lul,e ll'v,i"- -'■'■■ oliiceis elect of    the
il,. a i-.iiisiili'i-abloipiaiitily   of   ,,,,.   l-'bl.-lity I.., I--:,- N-,.  :i:i   (Trail)    were       l-Voni tho provincial depart i   ,.|
ireas of timber lauds, whieh have re-    ,-rilll] ,i,,, A, .;,.,,.;,,,.,:,■. v. .a,. .il.so'installed.    The  officers   for   the  mines it has   been   uscei taiiie.l   tha
Fresh Holland    I lon ing   in    171b  suited front forest lire-- through uut the I Yinir Lud"e for the ensuing year   are   *'"' approximate out put of iniucri.l-, in
kits, at Seaney's, §1,3.0 per kit, Province during the last    f.-w   years.       •'•• I'l'llmi* of the Chamber of Com-  as follows: the provin f llritish Columbia   for
,  ,       ,   .     The Vancouver ilonrd of   Trade   -ip-f imirvt-, Portland, came up on   Tliurs- John McVicar   \V   M Jie year which has just closed    is   in
J'iU-'i-lie Lrole.iu     was    .1.-touted    in , .   , . ,11, .- -,i   ,1 1    1 ,      * *   • '.,.,' ,    ,
,n, . pointed a special committee   to   take   day bust. 111 connection with the   deal w „„«,„.,,,.,.,. si  W excens of vliat ot the year   before   by
1 he iildeiiuaiuu eontost    at    Itus-lnnd. ,    . .1        ,1        1 1      .   1,   o   c-i-
up the matter,   and   its   ir-port   and W the placer grounds at Hall bid-ng,
Rowley and Anderson start to day   n.(.oll,ml.niiati,ms wera   ,,,,-,.,,.,• I   at : owned l.y Kails and Low,,,-.
tu awt out ore for s nent from   the'  ,    ,              -         The ,.-„„.n,i.tee in- ...                      .       ,    ..
V1,de.. ci.-i                                                                         ' I no average price ot stiver  during
"""***- "•""• eluded   two   in incut   I umber men,
,,!                       .   . 190*1 was Tn. 25 cents as against 53.40
Miss Kenne.lv. the matron   of   the   «ho   naturally    possess   an   intimate
«.-'•*■        11,         11             |.,„,« 1, ,1,,,...( ..ii.-   ii,,,i,.,.*   ■•uui.,i,-,..,u average price for I1I0M.    The  present
\ mir General   Hospital,   is   leaving   knowjeagn 01 "in   timoci    (esouiccs, •■>   1                                  1
Ymir shortly. luid additional weight   thus  attaches   price is .r)0 S7   ceiitH.      The   London
,,.„,,.,.       .   .    .,      ,. to the report Price of lead is now   £12.17-0 or   7-!
Mr   I. II. Atl.in-i.ii s lirotlier from                  ,.
■ ■ • • A.-eordiin; to tin- report, tin*   havoc (t.l .,), ,,*,, tlm n,-l,.n >,l iv'iiM, ,1... m.iv    ,
Eastern Canada, is paying a   visit  to ,     ! . ,l ' "' ' l"   "'lx~
 ,,   ,       ' caused last season by forest fires    wus , ,    .    , ,
Ins brother*family in Ymir, * . inium b ui.uy is obtain able,
en.unions, a- uie loss to the    (.nvern-
iw* oi the Ohiimhcr of Com-   ua follows:
John McVicar, W, M.
Warren Spencer, S, \V,
Thomas 11. Oddie, J. \V,
Jonathan Davis, Chaplain.
L'avid E Grobo, Treasurer.
Percy J. Uleuzer, Secretary.
Arthur Clare, S   I).
Finlay MeLeod, .). 0.
-la.nes Stewart, S  S.
George Mollatl,  -I. S.
A. I!. Sloan,   M, of C
Alexander Oddie, T.
§2,274,04G. The total value of tl 1
mineral produced within the coiifiiies
of the province during il.,- vear which
ended on December -'ll-t 1004, wiik
$19,770,000 The total nmoun; ..1
mineral produced other than co.. in
the year amounted to l?l5,300.001
The amount of gold produced, b >tl
from quarir. and placer, during llu
year that has gone into   the   (mrv   ,•'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       The oll'u-ers    I    lhe   Trail    Lodge j -ho hi-toriaii, was in ci.ee I of 11■
Miss.Fuller went up ibis week to ment in timber rovonues alouu is es- Messj-s. Skinner, fjiioke and Mc- wero accompanied by a iiuinh.-i- ul' j *'"' J'-3'*1' before. In 1904 lh.
take a position as probationer uiirsertjlmited at no less a sum than SaOO,- Muhon, lessees ol the Kern mine, | other Brothers of that Lodge, md | amount of gold taken from thu eurtl
,1 the Kootenny Lake Hospital nun     |TI   j**,    recommendations   re-   , .      , ,, 1   .   u    ,-,
ll ive place I the     mine    and     inn!     111
,,,...1:....  1....:. 1...: 1,;.. 1
S. McKay uf   the   Porcupine   -aw   u
guiding legislation   i"   prevent   tin
nave p
mill, brought a good    pair   of   heavy
draught   horses   from   Calgary   this
fearful   waste  of   I'.iitish   Columbia's
most yalutible  asset,   tl.e   committee
,   charge of -Mr. J   J. Oolbath,   hue   of
the Athabasca Venus mill,    in   order
advises the repeal of the present Bush I to satisfy the   demand   uf   tin-    n
Kin- A'-t and amending act.-, and   the   whose pay   is   somewhat   in   arrears
lieu.ember and ..lake .10 other    Cll-   nnn.'tmort ntr   a    new     imii-o    ut  n. I >■« -i        1 1 1
  . n.i-.iini i.t 01  a   iievv    nieusui.    or  a    11„,|.(. ls ^.,,,1 t,, 1,,.   an   ample   supply
there wereul-o visitors I'i  the  Nel- |amounted to $0,400,000; that semi,
son and Northport Lodges, all „t S in 1'-'d-'l was s:,.s7::,.i'Ji;. -li-hily .0 •
whom wt 11 the guests of the Ymii j l|,l'f ll ""ni"" ',""i""i lr"s lim" *,ml '
Lodge while in t-«... the year jUst past     The   silver   pu
After ihe joint   installation   core* | duct of 1 he province in 1904 was ali
monies had In en  concluded,    the    as-j
   seuibled inembers and theii guests sat 1
ngement for the night   of   February   mudi'mnro drastic nature,    The  new              1      1   1    1         1               ',', "   down to a sumptuous   biinnuet,   pre-
,,,.■,.,.,,.,,...                                                                   ot ore already ijt-oi.eu   d-nvu   ...    the                             '                    '     '   '
lib, which is the night of the I**,   ot  .„.* should,   in   lho   opini E   lho '. pared by Mrs. Finluy Mel i.     The
'•dance. Committer, provide for   lho   appoint    ' "' ' "' * "" '   ""'"  "''   table was tastefully at ranged and the  '■ ""    "•'   silv"'   ''ll*1'11   fl '■""    "''
NV)n    DoluhVi   ,,,,.   „|,|     hu.i(|eeimc,,t   "''   ,l   """I"'1''"1'   C'liiel    Kire  w!lh   wUat   '■•"   ;ll,""lv   ' "   n,M   menu provided was   all   that   could   IWtWi Columbia mines  total..'.!
Wai'h-ii, who should b 1 olliciul   of  through the mill, will bu tulrloient  to | possibly bo desired.    The now Master  521,473.    The copper  produced   I..
of tho Yinir Lodge occupied the chair, | V*""'   w'18    slightly     in     excess
in exeess of that of the year provioe
The silver ouipui of 190-1 was ..*.
200,000 whieh miis 6(i7,-*,-".-'*' in ■
re— of   the   yi ai    190,'),   win,.   tl
'laeksmilh,   v. ho was a candidate   lot    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mayoral honours at Phoat.ik, was du- \t,,e Qovt'i-iimciit, em, loved   .In-   year   pay up all the arrears
fritted by 97 to 7.'! votes.
round at 11 stilui'v   ample   to   war-ami
his undivided time and attention    be
am! was Hanked  on   eiiher   side  l.v  that mined in 1003,      Luring    il".
the Grand Lodge   otllcer,   tho   Trail  •■■■■-   l"l!'   '""I""   «''«   $4,000,00'
D, McDonald, late of the furniture hng devoted lo tho preservation of oui   ♦♦♦•^♦♦♦^♦^♦♦^♦♦♦♦(.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^   master and the past,   mtwtora.      The Tlio lead'mined in 1901   was   vulmd
Kjiiipany in.Nclson, was in town  Uo«  timber.    I.  is  further  rncommended   t wATirB J following toasts were responded to;      a*. §1)89,714, a total much   less   tb--.ii
week,   looking   over   the   Porcupine that the act should   provide   for   '.he| NOTICB. f\        The King and the Craft. [ that of 1003.    Tin
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Id   provi.h'    for    '.he   I
saw mill in which I e is interested.      | uppuititment of 11   BufHcient   nninbei   "
of lire rangers who   shall* net    underlJ      A cross lllnrki'il    ill    tlli
the direction "t the Chief Fire    Wnr«
.-eon engaged fur s. in*> time   pnst   at den, and who shall    miployed   at
I,"   Cent re   Slur   .yinide   mill     at
mil    ami    ei.
.lack Young paid 11 vi-it to his old  "'
lii-uds iii Ymir this v, -ek.     II •   hi
-|iiict' hulicntes  llml
The Grand Lodge.
The l'a-,t   Masters.
Tho N'i.-itin^ liiothei-i.
produced in the province was   valu 'I
it $4,3.'12,2G7, the aniouii! being   1 ■•'
■-.-linens that mined In the   year   tl il
  ♦ ■	
least ti,,1,1 .Im,e 15th to October IO1I1 j|youi' stlbacl'iptloil is   ill    ill
lhe season    'luriiio   whieh   ler-h   I'nes   ♦      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
are nio.it prevalent     More   authority ♦ riMl'ami  \vr would   1)0 gllld
McCorijiiodale and   Walker,   have  is also recommended   for   the   Chief*
baeu working must of tho week   iais«   Fire Witrtlen and his sttl linales, ns|| tfa'llClU'   fl'0111   VOU    il    vou:
iiif thejold Windsor Hotel piuparatol-y  the   eommitteu   desires   that     they  4    .,        ,
•     movinrt \,l-',l    11 'Hill"   smiled      I       Ml , ll ♦ Wl.-ll  I 11  llil \ C  ll    CI lilt 1111II 'I
.    moving,      .vii,i,ii   n.oving siatiu.   Rboiild have power lo '-.11    upon   any   4
oi  Monday*
The New Oili.e.-, of   the   Ymir I preceded,
Lodge, ''''' approximate statement of   I
Th.- lirst toast *as responded to by  mineral Output for the yea.    1004    in
the singing Ot tllO National    Ati.heni.   iV> folluwhl
II. W. lie,,,   sehoil'eld   responded   to Gold * n,_400,i.n.J
the toast to the   Grand   Lodge,   and silvel' '"■'■*•"	
hi- .email,- for ih- good of   Mason ry Copper I.''."".'  "'
»- I, appreciated by ile- Uroth ; l-''"1 '•■' •'""
in- - and lu'i'i
"s< vvho are diiving
i likens to ni-i ihem in   extinguishing ♦♦♦-»♦»♦■»-»♦»»♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦■>♦♦♦♦♦ ers assembled.       I'i."   toast    t«.   tho I Misccllaiieous
ii.,-. should it he deemed   necessary, |   Past Masters «,-i", responded t.. by \V.
i,          i  i       m   i      i     ii                   i '     Total nliner,d production
 ..,„„.,   .,,    ,- -r-t       * i         i               e   ■           ' llros.   -loliii   MoIjco.I,   Dewar    and                             '
1,11 ,xi""  '" ,,-.,„,-,, ,, i ., Hie Advantages of In-    ... .    ,         ,.            . ,. .        other thai i1      ,L"'
ot tl.e lires, ut nil events in me   ctmsi "                           Clark, who severally spo-to   .1   then
district, aro stiiricil   l.y   pn*s| tors, corporation.                  experiences in the chair,     Respond-
and    leeonuiiends    lluil      luring     lhe
tiionthsof July, August and Hcptcm- Tbo Trail News in    It
______________________________________ ('oal. (.'rows Ne-t I'a
ing to tlm toa-.i to the \ isiting llroili-
I    i-*ii- ...    i,       .,,      ,,• ,, ('o il, Vancouver I-hi
.1--, \^ . Rro, Noble   IJintis tl..- new
$|,"i,.'100,i iiu
  i The vi.nuliitlee eniisidel-s    that     liiuuv      ,
-•(-..(. mi    ino    loiia   expect    ni ^^^^™
,- lh-   villi    Hi    alililhei-    twenty
Stringers   of   linn  galena  ore
,'ii iily  .-li.-.v    In   the   face   ef   the
I,,-,-.In-   public' shall   h"  pmhlbited published the financial   stutomimi   "'', m,,,,,,. „,-,,,, -p,,,,,   i,,.,,,,,   |1|mK,   „
Tool d .■..ilro.t.l -scents How lo  be  feoui .ntlng out ll.es .my where in the ' ""I"'""'"" "i  "v   "'    I «". L|ljqU6ll(   .,,,.,.,1,,   dwt.mnj|   „„     ,|„.      Total t'oal l.m.ia^
..m.ingoni eti schedules  Onr   P.ovliicr, pnloss a permit  in   ivriting The assetsm .rW- I, anil liabil-U  ||i||uo|i|  _lmttiryi [u ,lt.iv(,,.,      V'alUe
ih.'lbiiei.i ll.r .tables,   llliotli | shall l1|"l llbVo lleell   llblained    from """•''"""-     I'hfie is no town of   <"<> L(l|jlv tin uuelioltl. tliu worlil, /iml    the
iu Canada .■...i li a-t    ol    as    cleat    a ',,, --...,       , ,     i-i    Coke, C.  N'.   1,
ennobling sp i. ii nl Inoile i liood wlinli
i slate as Tl all,    and    Mayor   *--lioliehl ... .. Cuke.   >'.   I.
  existed between Minium.   »lipresorvoi
null thu aide.in hi havo   received   the  , . ,. i,       i,  ,i     ,
1.1,.*..I a....*   ..i. i.hev   might   meet.      Itro    Had   ol
rIOtCl All l\tll.-. unbounded end a-a i from the  mo-   ..   , Total coke t.mini
,-■     ,- ,1   ..„ i.l  , .Noil hpo t a -o nddic-s, d    lr    inein-
•:i   '    ''!"i'   "hieh have taken pft. „f'|'ra   W continue to u.anagn   , ' , V.il',,- ■	
, ,i   , -,.,,,, ...   ,, 1,,'is to tin-   mine   ("fleet,   mil    short
■'       :        I         no years  n-(r),       McLkIiIi IIotHi.i    W. ll.   Spnicrr, their alliiiii ,,,,
■'      "  lioUSlol        .     | :.   tilted   bv    hi-    Nel-,,,,..la-  II.    K,| ihIhoIi,     Nelson. liming lie- pi-.  }'. a:   l.ea.ly ?3,000   7, j,'V). - \ , ^, t.'J        ' ^ I",..  ' * I. .   -, .,V    tl.C     »•• "   'hll output  *I«J,770
;"ln,ii"    -vith a p'ug   l.-.t, e.dl  u|   John Uovvnr, NrlsontJ. II, Seholleldi   was esiiendrd in lUbliu iliiproremehls "   .   '       '   ,','!'   ,,',''' The liiineinl ut foi   lOO.'l
-I  I'-'ve   i.   iu   -vi   Trail; 0  A. Weir, Trail! A. 1! C, .-  ,,f ,1,,-t an. hi,-,.-   .1 i!;*;^ ^.."1 '.,''.'.'.' "IS!-!'   T.UmIi,**
i-r il," lim.- when lhe trains   lire   e.v-   the rite Minger of tlm dWHct,
I   ...   I. nnd lie- third lhe    tin'..'   win-.i '
11,1 , '-IIII lip
i noo (Hii>
•:'■'•.-j7...i Oil
• ii i
llem -■ when he n   pi ill's in 'he  legishi-    belli Tl'illlj S.  I'. Weaver. Trail. A. -I.   consider tllOltlSelves unduly   tu !    Ill
li-.   hall Morten, Trail; I'   II   ( hilpiililu, Tl-.lil .   all.      Iu fit'-t  their  lures    aiiioi.nt     to
I (Jeo. White Jr., Traill   II    C.    llall, I huriJlr mole thn.j those paid   by   in
ill i/.ens   ilo    nol   .... , i   r -e
I.dinting -.one' choice  melodic ,        11
ihe lufit toast,   W,    Hie.   John    Mi
Vieut- the now Master of   the   Ymir '] Silv"1'
V„   illn    ,. I,., I,,l ii. '„     mint. In   lee. !'"'"'   "o1""..,   inn,,     n       ..      ■».,,, , uanilT illliru llllllj  ill,™   N.ii-i     ">        ,      , ,    ,  ...               ,     ...     ,,     , 1 CoilDI'l'
iniiiite   >- i.imiv.    ,  .-ion io iii -1                          ,,,.,* liOilgci responded lll'sl   and -itid    lluil       lr"
 ;   .,              ,    .v;i|. „i.., I   in  "ortlipon! A, ll. hloiin, Ivrin W.   -I.   hubitiints of uitiiiiiorinirutud tttwiis,      ,.,,,,           ,        , ,,      *,       , Lead
i|ucntiy yisn .-,   ■ n, ivitt tie gip.u   *.,,,.     .     i      i         , he tl.iinked the members of tlit-   Ymir ,**"u
learn that lhe   Porto   llieo   Lumber   ™'' f',""'1", U;    v»"IJel-»K,",l.                     _ |.,„|„„ .-,„. ,,„. ,„„,, |111I1I:1. ulli,h   ,,,,.,.. .Misei-ll.,...-.... ■
,,      ,                 ,      .   i,    i ,         i.i    ,1 , I'-i'i." -I. ".     lllrk,    \\ inliipeg;    Mi's. ,    ,         ,        ,              ,.
I o., has i ,;,.ioi-i.ii.-ii- din., ,e,j a  load i                                           i                , ,               had conferred Hiion   hiini   uu   htinoi
~^mw^^^^^ ~^^^^^^^m            | in' hew          null I'j.'iipii.e
* .'.,-7-'; (••'!
1,521  li
Cl.s'.l   .
,f .by wood close td   ll d'uital.le   <'- ■b-osheij.', NWsotlJ    l».     I..    Hover.
creek,'■la.i"l -awing this   week,   mil
I'll It'll   he  M i Ull!  -II il"     10     lilt-tit      b
Tol-il    Inilll i ai    " II i   II
depot at the mountain station, vvhicti   Nelson | Mrs. Ceo,  ll.itherh ■    Nel    ' ',"'', ",','. ," ! every efliirt in Ids power,    lin   dwelt]        dlhel'that :; I.'..".
,,      .  . 1,1 hi- lllieildy    out     eltollgli     li-.nil,er    to - '
I. always e.pnppi'd with   (I   slovo  bill |mn|(J *     McfntyCr,     Van,-,a,.M     .,.,.    ,„.„   |Ull,   ,,,;,,,   ,,,.   ,,,„,,,  upon so. f the prinbipal   ..-,„""   of  Vi. .   ,,,,,,
■ accum.llali ,'   lutf*   masonry, and (lesc-rilicd the  hencllehil   {.|U.
ell'ocl which the stricl   til. in vanen   of   ,,,
Pitc L'Hgade Signals,
: ''■    '"i 'il.   Ki'\*""i   r>.     MeLt-alij   buildings.    Tin
|M"<'«<•'••". i- val'iuusly t'stiliititeil  ul   (.tunpri ingj'"-'   -•  ■*■;-■     -   Tfi| dlii'i-.il oiltplil Ut
Wu.noli,,    II,,,,,,:       M     SI,il„,e,.:iV  II. pnil.o-.f il!i„l, : 'I,,-.,,- .,-,„- I no,  I „l ,,,       s,.,,., <-.- ,_____*
mill,,,,, ,,*..l a To.r..:   fee.   of    be,   "I Lfs followed by tl th-.'    newly '"' •» <   "' '
Spol,line; lliilniid Ma.ken,    Spok.U.n
and   Ml    Mi-K .IJ   I-'-] '-.Is   to    h.'lV I'     ll
I.'!,    chief Coll'ev has prrpnrbd   the Suifittel JoJ-nt,    Nelsonl   A,    Rlcllat*,     ,      .,.,,-,     t    ■.,„,.       -r. ,,   eecditigs closed   with   the   »iu*<iu*(   of
1      ' •' nil Ctll  lo   lb,' In ll     ".     ■ >pl II- I '"
frllnv, ii..- -ui    - foi l.ahdlihg the fire Nolsoli
.--nn     -'-..!'.   lihgitig   means   die.     CosWopo/.itaS     lloThiii
' cutting of   I "i    foi    III ir! Hi
S. ' eo.nulenee- on Nlollduy next, and   the
An!'! Lam; *-'*ne
.  IH'llCll   Mi'l'l.  I'.
i'i.'.- - ', . . li' - \    '   II fill II ll '!
-, In   . nml    llibl.    C'h,        I   p
On.   h '■ pousc) two strokes (pause) jfi.hnson, Snndonj J   Albhrtsoii,   ki-*  privill-gn of   using   Ihfc   Hu'tltei    V.      See the halillsolno |iit'llnes in S   II livening si-rl ice, T.';ld      ','    ■ .-    I'i
ii...    i'  ii . ii - an.- a .-..li for help to  |„, [,* J. j;ui i,-,   N'elsoii;   (l.   fjialit, I side li'tiek ful 1- .o" ic.:   li -•   has Seaney's window,    Olio Of these   will pi,    f-iocit-ty I i   I'tid.i,   -\-
Inndln ihn   I-.use   when   .hying   and  Phoenix; J, ft. Yottngi Trail; Q, Mull   bcrn bbtailied from  the   nageir.eul bn given away with every fash purch- nt 8 n'clot-k,    -S - ■ .-■■•-.;. ■•■•-■     ll*-*.
„hl.bU C Standard (3d, use ojtUj. dollal* t[. Young, M  A. PustoL
i g i!  Up alter USC.
nt, Ktie; A, Albeit,  Krie; The display of   Canadian   piiiducls
made last year at t|id Sit.    Louis   c.-
p isitioii proye.) a iij.iiked    sine.'—;    ii,
, all.-ill-ling ag|-i,,lit i;ri-.ls t,| the   We-t-
orn pniii'ip
Gentleman qf lhe !|"-i-'' I if Commons.
'['ho accounts of the |a-i   vear   wi|l
, be laid liefo|,i }-iii|.      11  iv ill be    -al js-
' factory to you to learn that    ihe   ex
... ,1
, | e|)ditii|c has aec|| his, thjii lie'   rpv ■
'.•,....•,   leaving   -i   *>u|-plmi   imxt    .jll
The u.-tilil i!e:. f,j|- llie uoiliillg    yen I
' yill he submitted at   nil   early   date
|||(iy have l.|-ei| pr,-|iaied iy i tl j   a    due
Ll'rgnrd fi]i' ppiinoiny i-<,ii..i-ie,i'. -vith
I tip'.levelop.ni'.i.t of jlie resources uf
! I) nniiii,in.
I l|,.n. (ienth'ipeii of thi' .--ua'.e,    Gem**
lli'inen nf |l|e    ll'iiis.     of   <Jo.|lj
i-^iiisuii  i  tmmmaummmmmmmm .■um..' j, .     |        nmiisi
i " ,..,
f-'rophpt Dowie'6   lJpj*i|st*;=   -Mill'- HpfrTWMilil H -PllgllWl.  »'"'       F 'livjte your* Ijpul attention. In   ill,.-
is, n,|W iji Ijer.   i|H'l|    .:||.itcai|    o|,    |h<" subject* I have ||.|i|.li..|..'.l and invoke
borders nf Lake CunStappe. | the llivjnc b|('!jgj||g |„| your   delibe| a,
Th,, Loniloii /-joiiretn   sadly   ni|i|ii| , tjons
that Mile. l|ofe|' has pp part ip   any
ftinniiit pt'iliu fin    tl|e   future.       |>ul
they are happy ip   dm thought that
CI|i(J-s|o|.r is slid thp unklsspfl.
I'Vesh ci|i- of groei-i ie-„    (jet (|ip piie ■ on the-e go n)s a   wp
me -oiling ll't'Hi chp.ip, apij   ue  a|yy*|ys  lead  fur  low
\\'t' e.in plpasp }o;i fo, fiuulity un   ";.|!   a.i   pi-ipe,   a']   li||ce
I'pjpg    |eili|,('.|.
•\Vpre selling |ii very |pjv prices,    |l|.'bhp|'s—wpsip gping
(D plpsp tjiepi out bpfupe spring      Ret ,.;.r
ni'icps before bliyiflg.-
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Thursday l'Jth.   The -wet*   of  his   «;•«' ■••»       gP»««»«
> ' 10 40 ...... Kosslund
e^i gon.
HijS   phpspp   Wi\o   * i**t■=*
Tired pf |}ie Outfit jinil
(Idffi |W'U Hi»nic..
A tall, slight gill, with lovely my
i air and blue eyes, panned through
London last mwitli on ('OHtP for the
L'i i.tinent.    .
SIik win; Mile. i Infer, hailed sit;
v eeks ago by JSjon city as thp chosen
'.-• id- of the piopliet's son Glodstohc
I low ie, |''i'( in i-.|iiot.g the heitessns of
;i - world |)|'. Powjp had chosen the
! autiful Swiss girl for Gladstone,
bis "unkissinl son," as he callod   him
In all his thirty years of exir-tnnce
pi girl had ever imprinted a kiss on
lie iiiootilieli'Ss lipu of the ' saintly
l.liid.-toiie, nnd bis vonorablo father
realized with a pang that, if the line
.! tho prophets vvus to be carried on
I rolita'oly, Qladstono must .submit   to
■ ■  kissed
To lind u suitable bride ful1 his son
I ..- been tlio main object of the proph-
i t's life for tlm hi*.t four yoars. Not
. -i ii in i^ion, thu prophet's own city,
v m there a maiden til to ipate vvith
t i • -. irtuous Gladstone,
He was dcilined   with    thanks    bv
'...owing young women of   Chleu*
To    liurope,    therefor.',     three
, i ai *, ago Weill    the    prophet    on   his
-1, fur ii wealthy bride.    At   Li.-h*
l.mg Castle, in the Canton of   Thur-
-i vie, lie discoverod Mile. Ilutl. Hof-
tho young and beautiful heiress ol
ii wealthy Unrioh brandy distiller
Th- conversion of the heiress nnd
1 er mother to tho doctrine of Zionism
tins only a matter of time, and lust
.'• ii. when the prophet descended upon
l.i-i.O ,n, he was iiecompai.ied bv
Mlla, I Infer.
I. -rpool ...rent station is believed
e been tho scene of Mile I lot' ■
ii :' I in 'cling vvith her iinkisscd
ink a
'I hi voung llul) approved of the
. ,.! bearded Gladstone though hei
I'mnil, were furious nnd declared  that
il    the    .nailing.!    look    plaoe     /ion
■ i    |,| have it ponnyless bride.
\lli.. I Life- accompanied the Howie
{.,<;;  ,,• Sca   Voill wheie tlicy a.'.liv
i d un    ,1... u    '.'7    Ins..       l'Vou.    New
..    , .  , ...      ! leriuil ii.luil uominisHioil    eoinpo-eil    of
loll,   llnV   pioeei'ded  straight   III   /.loll , '
,,,   , iii.ii   three rorrcseiitattvos from each conn*
( iiv wherti ijiel-toiic explained to his
I |-i -p.■• Hi.     bl id-    the    . li.pl.'He    of
II in i-hip in I hut city of virtue,
An ^ th- rules of courtship to be
i b-i't veil mi- the following!
1, Kissing hould nol lake place
itulil 11 ii- solciiiiiization of 11,. • nupti-
i'.: i I'o. nl -'    pel mi-si.ill    must    he
gi.iii bifoie courting commence*!,
,.'•, ,',11 courting should be done in
the pi, -eii— of at   least    one    of   (be
I .    Two no preferable.
Mil .,,-.. i -  II   l-t. I.ot Willi; out   ill'lel
,    rk villi   II     nsei.l of the    pa, .
i Ills,
Com ishil  on the-o line-, it  is   siir-
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry,
The Opening Qf Parlja-
f|lgnt. '   ''J'heoiily    all  ri.il   route   between
  points east, Uest and south to llnss-
,S|iei'c|i   l-Voin tlie Tl-l'Plic     , hm.l, Velsoti,  Grand  Forks and He*.
*   public,     llulti't ears run between Spo
The pominipn houses of parliament | k,'»B »nd Vorthport
wero formally iipeucil by   (Lord  I Lev
the Govei'tlPI' (Jeperal (if    Capadil    ol,
Kllective Jllilfl 14-.li. 1900,
eiive Dailv J fr-iin Arrive
il. 1-5 p.in
. .    4-86   p.II.
Majesty's representative was   as   fob    a.jjg _m y *.,;.. ;, x; v m
luws: 7.-ill a.iii Nelson 7*20 p-ni
,,      .,     , .    ,      ,, |l::b).iin     Grand Forks      4.00 p-m
'"Hon. Gentleman uf   the   Semite,    ggon.m        Itepubllo 0.16 p.m
Qentlpinen of the House of Commons; OA-V/C     TlJl/IC
1 di'siri-on this occasion   to assure J3/\ V C      1 llV\l^»
you how sensible I nm of    the   great   J^X-Xj      THE      TIMS
honor conferred .... um by   the   King, | MY    USING
iu appointing nu' to the distinguished   fjonnf
position -if Governor-General. MnRTUPRW
My pleasure in being   culled   upon! *> vl» » n»«-i'*»
to icpi-eseiit His Majesty in the    |)n- RAILWAY.-
mini,in has been  heightened    by   the 'P/ j,
cordial welcome I   have   received  on '
ni,      k      n i   „ Seattle,     lacoma
nil side- and troiu all classes. *^       -        '
Thi-favored land, wilh all its   vast AND ALL
resources and improving facilities for   |>\i'||.'||'   POAST     l'(ll\IN
transportation, is attracting people on  '
"" evor "s"" "« 80ale ' ""'v St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
VII'.AI.S .1    |.,v   '  Villi.
frail the United Kingdom, but also
from the United States and from
many other countries, A» the nppor*.
tuuitiies for se'.lleineiil under the nd
vantiigeous conditions which exist become better known, this dominion
will become the home of tin increasing number of happy and contented
people, whose i-hiu'iictor nnd pro-per
ity will udd strength to tha great
Empire of which you are -.. hnpor*
,,„„ a part.    It is gratifying lo   note   Best    Mea^~     Whci;ls.
lluil  lhe Hade of (lie Dominion, which 	
in recent years has   so   steadily   in- ' r\     FAST    TRAINS      (~\
creasedi i» not diminishing, the aggro-    / /
,,,,,,,,.    , ,      L EAST AND WEST DAILY 4-
gatO tHide tor tl.0 last bsial vear being .he largest on record.     The   rev. .
. Special   Excursion   Rales
en.io foi1 the past si\ un>nlh-    is    also
g,-e„..,r ii.ni. f..r t oi responding To World's Pair, St. LOUi'l
period of Ihe preceeding year, YoUl' Choice of   RoUlB.
On the im i. atioi i of i he   President     ,- , ,, ,, „ , ,
I oi rules, fohlnri nnd lull Information
of the United States, my govei nt   regunling trips, enll on 'diesi tin
ha- joined ,,, the formation of an   in   agent ol ilia 8. I'. .\ N, l.'uilwuv or
(i. I-'. & V  A,       ll, I'. ,V T- A.
;io VV. K, v ,*i - A \,- Hpckanc
try In investigate   and   repon    upon t
the conditions and uses of lho wall i■-
adjacent lo the boundary line between the Cited Staves and ('ami.Ill, '
and to in.ike such recommendation*,
for improvements and regulations as
shall host subserve the interusls of
nav i^'nl ion in the said Waters
The inpid growth in tlie population
•if the Northwest Ti i ritoi tie*,   dining
the past two vear- jus,iii. -  the   « i
dom of conferring on those Territoiici
provincial    lllllniioinv.        A    lull    I'm
thai purpose u ill   be   su 'mil led   fur ,
your conslderal ion.
The survey, necessary for the !.."..
i »oi,i  began to pall, and the ro- tion of the linn uf the nalionnl   tnuin
.ii.ii        f tin   ; .  ,-is-t-d -un of I he pro-i coniinenial ( aiuuli u. Itailwiij aro be-
I I the beautiful Swiss girl  was  big vigol'oilsh prosecuted    in I    il    is
i , ppi'ii nil had passed tho confidently believed thai tenders fin
I. tngi", but was still in tha blosr the construct iuu nf «nvei'.il Kcctions
... m i nmy be Invited   dtlring   the   Coming
After, bidding   fdlwull   to   /ion, seu-oti.
c.»nfT JUd.
Pmtn i ccll-f-f
ipoon ton Oioum
■ nd diillur pf*
leiiUlfoti iet.
Henry Dlrkift
lion*' ftdlltiei
f<..r mnklti({ snWA
MAfiv/nre ah
powteMed liy no
oilier concern in
ei§, mr>'-'"fi Binclihiery, mw1 iktlled hand-
workeri) «n under Uie direct »«p< rvWoii rf
praetlcat rneinliern "f Hip firm, make tn un
equilled omblnatlon for turning out 6ue
Write for Illustrated rutatoBue.
lev. p)-y,
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
Watchti, etc.
Henry Itirks& Sons
J.w. llntlo II,. .■■,i.,lt,,cy
ih- Ku.l.fMiiil*).
HARD AT !'i, HAjYiriER AND   TONOS   FOR   >Q;>,-s
\ ear iiftpr yeai- \ye solicit ymir worthy natron.'.'.:!' and vve herebv evi.- -
niir sinccrp gi'D-titi|de fop j'ouc libpral patrqi|age ii| thu oast |ti|[| In ho..";-:
d|iuli..ga j|i||l Imy jirjees hope to merit your cqnti|ii(anc|).
'.'i.n: ij.-i :| pull ini,) rpcpiye f||ll V||.il)0 I'i;:- ( v(t-y ,jo|li|r ,'..i| sou Ijt to due. 1
ur Wily.
Orocerieg   and   Provisions,
We will name prices tfiat defy   competition,
Hi|ii^a|iaii lloi||- il So |ip|-Sij,i|i.
G|-aui|latpd sugar ,-fT.Ul.i pC,. aiU:|;
An.eiiiiin 1 lam nnd (lapon   the   very
■ clioiccsp - I r, l-'Jc per Jib.
No.   I  l'reii;|e|-y lii:iti-|- :JN(- pel- H,,
,|u,dity guariiiitoDrJ.
. ,\-hvi(.i't pota[.ies,'no better   in   tlm
world "e per pound
Fancy IliBcujts      I". to 30 it-, per lb
Dinger Snap-s \i u-.1 .-i-, pep lb
Paticy apple- $1.6-1 per b'.\.
Iteiuiiinh,>|. oirp soup o(fer, viith r\,-\\ jijc purohase vou roiiuivo  a   livtk. I
which eniities yon tn a tlrawing for a $50.0(3 (.runuphouo nnw on e.\hibi.iioii
ii. o.|r iitofB
The Mutual Life fn.suranue Company ot N^.
Has Assets Exceedino; $400,000,000.
A policy ill il is tlie sftfoHl investinenl K'tiown to man.
< 'ni-.li invested in Life [tisui'tuiod is easli invostcil lluil    will
leliii'll compound interest.
All suri-essl'iil ldisiness men   CIUT\   liii'o'c   tltiiotlllts   ..I'  lib-
iiisiii'.iiiee. it provides for tlio family, protects a man in lii*.
old age, and protects his other investments, Voy tales 011
anv form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
VMIR,   lb    C,
II iinllino heavy IVeiohi a
M.l.-O N & II'- SIIKI'Alill KV. (1)
IlKllMOl'MAlN' UA1I.W.W id
V   V. .v K   KV, & S. CO.
nd Hreat  N'orlh'Tii, N-n'thorn   P.I -iii
and (1. It. ,V N. Co,,   for   poiul-   '-.i-i,
' ivo.-t   nnd   south , connects  at   II"-
, hind and Nel-..,, with   the  L'linndiaii
I'neiiie llnilway.
Connect* at Nelson with the 1'  II,
v N. Co. for  Kiwlu  nnd   Iv   nud -
( 'o.iuoet-   al   I'U.I.'VV    VV ilh    -, rjr ,'. ,'
iii'eeii.vood and Midway, li I'.
li.iil'.'i   cam run on ti ihii in-tiv.-i-n
I .ii'i-espiiiiileiiee promptly      Spokane and  llnpubll.
alien I In.
(reie-riil L'uMnilKQr A,;..
Spokane, '.\'.i-t-
I'ei m.i.ieitl p.wii ion; . apid .iilvnneo.,
innii; anlnry nml  < v|.. n-.--.   full   In- [ jVlct'tH   mm in   eVPI'V   IllOl'Ililiy
-nm tion-l'i if    ebai'je:   eleilli    de-        r\ee|it   S...l|,|:iy.   fdl'    fl'cijflll
-liable bu-ines-. »l"l    pa --.'lioel'-     for     VilliI'
The J. I, NIcIioIh Co.,  I..d   Toronto.      ■"■•■'    ' .V Ml ',l1 "nU"'8 .""
Stmdavs, ' lr lor r mir iiiine,
, Mention thi. pn|  1 1
A I t'X  ODDIE    Pa
I'osl   Olliee   St.ne V'.MIH,'
_uw>-J.m.'■:*:'»--U-*—** ■
\ nnv 1 iii/''ii<
l.v -t Tl |.-|. \\  I?   I VCII   M"S I'll
.1   \V   lb,.-   I',   ident.
11 ( oii'.u 1,1, - rctat v.
I isi.n  Mi I,..-.I'. Tien   lr. THE YMIR HERALD ir1* ""'""" "l" "' se '"""I
- joined in a nefarious  scheme   to   ile-
s, roy ii bv Itnocliiuu ou
sections i-i
i,|ii-lii.,| evcrv s-o uoliiy ami iiiuil.ii
, —. "I* .I--!i v. --r--'l b) '-urni-r in  town
ie   ot    It- )
(row ii. of   Greenwood,
■ WU) |.'T    IOJI
iiiiyniiii-Iii-nl-   ihe Liberal who defeated Com.    Mill-
Liberals, a- follows: llno.n, McNiyen,
Ui-ury,    Mi line-,    Hv uis,
|s   HONOUR   the   I.i.-u(.-mint-
i luvei nor   in Council ha-   been
by a narrow majority, was selected to   pleased lo appuint the Hon,   !•'.   Car-
l-lmtuttni mt-.,. H.W ,,-1  ,, ,.,r „..    ,,,, ,!„. wuvU       ,,is „..,*...,*.,.,.,...    ivns.ter Cotton. President of   tho    Execu-
iiih iisnAi ui Ub luui  i,  mi ...j,..i,i... ',|,,,',..,l,„|i   i,,,,,,,,,,..   ,,,„|   ,,,-   ||„.   |.-,  tive Council, the Hon. It. G,  Tallow,
vntint'for it all save   Houston   were  Minister of Finance,   Duvid    llu-.-ll
Ker, "f ihe City of Victoria,  Esquire,
and Johannes Bunlzeii, of the (lity of
inner,   .- i- i     , •
Vancouver, r.snmre, to   l.e   ' iimmj.s-
oliv.-r, -I. A. .M.:Donald,    Henderson,  sjoners  under   ile-   "Public   Inquiries
Munro, Pnterson, Well-. Hail.   Cum-  Act." for the purpose of eni'uirini; into
..pm. and repi.itiii^ upon the  operation   of
i,       ,,,,. ■    ,i     ,   •       ,. ,,.    tho "Assessment Act, 1903," with ro
ll  is -ullii-ienily ooviou-  tioin    this
■ spent to its practical bearitlL's  on   the
and from several other ...stances   no-    '       . . .-',,.
limine.al   i e.|iiu enienls   ot    the    J ro-
I'-d in the report, lluil   ihe   Socialists  vj||n,
are not   ..(.   present    predisposed    lo I    The said coiin.iiHsioner.s    viill   hold
throw in their lot with   tin-   present their first meeting at the office of the
Minister of Finance, on Tuesday, tbe
Huh day of .January, IHU"., ut |(, a.
of which all persons interested
are hereby to lake notice and govern
themselves accordingly.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
20th December, 1904.
.    • -,|i'iil,-r- in Oi* ,||-iri'il, it  'Mil   In-   oblll'll
1     . ' In,in ll li,--.
I  ■  ::illl..r,*l.li     tirilltltlK    "f     i-V'TV       -1 - -■* n 1 -(I -
■   .!..■  ai 111-' i.r'-iiu-'.- ill -eoi.hir.l iiiiii,.-.
l-i inoio.li in  i io;
i:i:.;.ii.i.   ei iii.isuiNo   i ii.vn-vsv
.1.   IvK.VIivs,   M.V.V.U.KIl.
I h'itlri'-in Staple ami l';uie\  Groceries,   .Miner's  Sundrii-
Blankets, Socles, Mitts, Gloves,    Rubbers,   Underwear,    Overalls,     Patent      Medicines.
B0X 1095.
The Liberal pros? of   the   Province
has lately been   assiduously   pointing
out to   lhe   people,    the    tiling!)   the
sociaibiti, are going to-do to ti,.. ••■ ;Ym.r Transfer Co,\[
Urido Government   during   the   ap- j
,. ,, ■       ,   ,   ,,„!       JACKSON & LEAHY, Props,
proaclnng session,    I tin a  tact   mat '
the Conservative ami  Liberal   parties
..re so equally divided that    the   two
Socialist members of the house,    have
considerable weight       ll   is   known
that these two uentlemetl   have    been
Teaming and
Express ....
npproaohed on behalf of   the   present |     A|]   ,„,,,,,, ,.,v   „„.,„,,.,, .„ f> V>~- Keech, or any other per
11   • 1 son to vv
vhoin  he   in iy     have transmit! the greu.est care "-.oici-e.l in   the   ferred his interest in   the St.   Thomas
handling nf goods
* 44**4*44***********4*****
iiiid Teleginpl. mineral claims situated
in lhe      Nelson Milling        Divi
sion of West Kootenay   District, and
recorded in the Recorder's office for
opposition, with a view   to   inducing
them to co-operate   in   at.   effort   to
overthrow the   Mcllride   administra- i
lion      If however, we may  judge   hv
the record of the proceedings   at   the
Socialistic    Congress    at     Vancouver.   X    W_" ' j" t" ~x"t •" ' t    ''^ e'1""* Mining Division,
,, .        i t   n t   MfllPl      V tTIII* 1      You and   each   of you are   hereby
these overtures have I n wholly   nu -,*   I 1UIVI      I  11111    ♦.,.,,
f * notified that I   have   expended   one
v"'ll'"v'"1- , X  ■ X  hundred and two  dollars    and   fifty
The two Socialists in   the   legisla-   I The I lest   Meals | cents ($102.50) in labor aud improve
tu re, Messrs. Ilawihoiuthwaite   and | _      Ami Accommodation      ♦ nients upon the above mineral eluin
Williams, made a   formal    report   on i
proceedings in connection   vvith   thai
body.     Iu this at the otttsi't thev   re
fci to Liberal overtures for   a   couli- >
Iii Town,
♦  in older to hold same under provisions
T of the Mineral   Act,   and    if   within
ninety days frum  the .late of this no-
fail or     refuse to    eolili illlti
X A Hue selection of Wines, X mnety '
t       Liquors nnd Cigars.      t l"rv""
f * your portion of expenditure, I together
tion with them after the election,   tisjf ~~    _       ^       || with all costs of udvertising, your   in
to which we nre told of the   Liberals 'X •'   W. MAKTERSON,      P-'up- | terest in said claim   will   become  the
Hint "their attitude and that of   \U,.\,-\**************************   property of the subscriber,  under   sec
ion I of an act    entitled "An   Actio
"™~~ Amen.I    the 'Mineral     Act,     1000 „
 __,    <••■-> YEAB.V "        A.B.PETERS.
'he government  organsi   too,   "had. I      .*J fcEXPE iiEf'-.S
for the till..' Ill-it.!;,    but    little to   -av
press, towards us wa- interesting and
Instructive, where nol   contemptible."
Condemnatory of Socialism, und our
treatment in the House l.v members
sitting on the rigid uf the spcakei
was coui'teolls in the extreme, also
for tl.e time being!
Under the circumstances the Socialists prowlTtid to tnlie   a   position   of
alined neutrality,  Using    their    inllii- '
1-nee to secure   Bitch   cnlicessiuns   as
bollld    be    obtained.       Tlteil'     I'l'porl
bole- thai i into and again their efforts vvtie blocked bv "ppo-iiitiii from
tilt) Liberal -id,- of lhe    llon-ve,    Until-
Dated at Ymir. H. ('.  this   I Ilh
day of Nov   IHU I,
Trade Marks Notice,
Copyrights *a -e,,  ni.'LTNOL'ENT CO OWNERS
Anon,*" lending UKkplrliniiilcli-wrli n noir ''             '        '     '    W                '   '*'"•
Tuii-uly ii.i-i-rintii uiir opinion freo wnellior un 	
ittvi-nUi',1 i- it-,luil.ly I'.io-liOitil,,,   i* i, • oen-
0"ii--ioirtlyfiiiii|.loiitljil. Iluniltj-jniiiiii I'l.i.'iit. T*( 1 W'l.-.i.'.i .1       Mr,.ill's     or    nnv
■,,•1111  Oll.-Ml llltnil,*,* fOf lOCUrljlKJIUtOMU, I            ">.-..-..   "■       U.'.ni.s,      ,.,       ,1,1,
'' " """"""""*'" •• " -<""■ •"■« '   ■ ,,1 her person lo whom he may have
transferred hi- interest in the Meadow
AhsrliHomoi-/llliiilfalm) w.-fiiir,   Ijiroutotr- Lark    mineral    claim,    situated      on
i-ulntliiii ,,f iiny KI-lulilISi; Juiirlial.   ToriM, I.l o ,_., ,   .,                     ,      ,
t.-.in iMiirnii.iitln »,. boldl»»nil ,i.-wHii..„iar«. ' \\ i]i|  Horse eli-ek llboill seven    miles
"U1.-II   .
-/.,, nl/ tl'fliCf, -All ll,,III  1 llMTL"-. it, 1)10
Scientific American.
ti hiir-dK'iMi.'iv lll»i"trnli»fl wi-clOr. Viirv-M. (jlr
uiiii i.ni (if ..i.v ■•"!'■.iM'|.' Jouriial. Tormi, t-( i
fciri [our miiiiibs |i. f*'jiii i.y nil ii.".v-i'i>-nU'r*«
MUNN&Cost,i"-"^ New York
Brn,-,-i- o.'.'-j. t!H. b M . Wuliinit.ji'. I-.,;.
from the town of Vinir, in the Nelson
Mining Division of   West   Kootenay
District, and recorded in the Kecord-
er's olliee for the Nelson   Mining    Di
bly iu lho   matter   of   nucUring   the   th iHlLlNi,.!'1-iNT Co OWNkliS. j     Vou and each of you   aro   hereby
rights of the setllel-n in Un- hi.  .1'   N I notified that I have expended seventy
,-aiUuv   bell.     A-    ,„    .hi-    «e   ,„„   y"'l"""-""'l.',m"ianvolhe, per |siN   .l,,!),-.,-,   „,„l    BiRhtysOVBII    ce„l'-
io whom he i.uiv  haiH transferredWiJ7o,(j7) j„ |ttijur  ..ml  Improv t.ts
11 his it.i--n-.i- i'i .he Yallkee Uirl-   t'a-1 Upon t|,,. Ii\,uu. m\ma\ 0\a\m |„ ,„,!,.,-
  ""''"' ""   ll,"ll:l" Oll'l  I  Vale I'Va.-lion nuiier  , ,„ |„,|,| „„  ,,,,,1,.,. ,|„. provisions    of
(he. inea.ui" .'. a- opposed bv the Lib*     ,| elan,,-, . i.ualed bin, „,„„-   ,|,e Mineral Act, and if within    l.in.-
i-i-als iii ilu- llou-e, am!  L'QorK   were  tiinii abuht two miles from   Vmir,   InUy days'from the date ol  ibis  notice
i,lade   io   dip   in   eiiecii'..-i,e-   bj   dm NfrUh Mining Division of   SVostL„u fa|| 0|-refuse to contribute  yuur
i i. Kootellliy District,    nnd    lecol'de.l   111   nnit.loi, of I'Xnnnililnin   Ini/nllinr   wil1
Inenns   ot   wenkeuiug    amuiulllients, | 11 " '"'"  " ' ^1' i""11"1 ■ l"-' im '  **"
M.icilonald I le- It-ad, i   uf    tin-   party
;.he llecoide, s oiliee fo,- thi-  NcNoiii,*,|| amut of iidvertisliig, your   intere-t
Mmijit! Division. Iin said claim will   become   the   pro-
llislill"ui-hei    billi-elt  ill  I lis     le-pecl    '.        -,-   ,,     ,   l ,,„,.|,   ,,,'     ,., ,,,,    |,,.,,,| , ,.,,,,
i i.... ......'-.. i. ot   jou   ale  lieieb)  perty of the subscriber, under .section
Oetierally speaking, this   man -   iilli- notified that vVo havd oxpeiidwl   three u. 0f „,,   :{t-\   entitled   "An   Act   to
lude towards heforltis, i-thd his anxiety I'undretl dollars  (9U00.00)   in   Inbor   ^ ntl lhe jiineral \cl   1 (100"
*"i brfmlf  o(  con lion   lltlflests, «">   nn|u,,v,,„e,|,s upon th.. ill       '   ' MtTcHBLL TAl'l
I   II  I   ■  llll'll   I        I     1  .1   I   III  M        111        IlllflUH       1,1        I  . i   lit I ..,1.1...'
would tllnio'!  lend out! IU Itclievb   thai
the term Libernl, n
local part) bearing il, I-* .1   misn r. I ,|„. thtta of this iiolict. you fail oi
liiitl thill   i!   Inoie   tin!1    1'i'pl'i'Keiils  fusi to uoiitributo your portion of ex-1
t-npitalistie ini,'..-s.    Ibi-.. however,   pomli '•, Uigetller
i ih.-,   ,|uosti..iti  bill    which!<«l**rtWii»   yoiir
■all   for  cdiisidelutiiiu   liy  mir  pa, -
mineral claims iu older io hold   same
...el,, th.-pto-.i-ioii-of   ibi.   Mineral      l*,»tcd at Ymir, B. C, this Ul)   day
',|'1"'11   '"   ''"'; A.*i  mul if within ninety   days l'i , of October I "OL
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Sharei
Mutual Life Insurance ('(impanv (if New York.
Canadian Casnl.tty—Boiler [nsurancc Co.
London Mutual Firo [nsurancc Company.
Ottawn Fire [nsurancc Comoany.
VMlli. li (
w %
n '    ,-
*9r < <■
** *5i
V>   *fi   •/
< v   r+
wiuinil iwsis  I Kootenay Coffee Co.i Jjj
inlete't    ,n     -aid Xc
.'lain.-..,ii h.comi. un- pmperty oi|    COFFEE ROAStERg
the silhscrihcl-, lllidel' sec ion I „f  a.
, net t'lititled ''.\n Ael t"   Amend  tin
The , o.-hi .hbltr law tor '• .,a|  ilihiers  Mlhet-iil Act,  IllOO."
IiIko "was oppn-.-d il ith bit.clncss   bv '
Imiiiy  Liberal-.,   principally   Un   lhe
■.,,.11.1,1- thai   i.   i.lle. felled   ..ilh  'l'l.-,'- j ,il|(„|  .,,   Vniit   I',.  I '„  ibis     |,l||
do.., of   uonlrai't.'     <,;o''   naVo   lite da.y of ilaliuarj* 1905,
I   ll,    I",,   ll.'obe,
I)   M.-Leod,
lO.   \. Lovell,
NVholeHaib and retail dealer*.
ill   l-'li-h  lb,■,,!.,I
%.% 5'
fit   I
i". tf a
; i   w
a if
$., v»/
-r ssi
Hiflh. Grade-eorteesj! Ylllir,    B.    C. I
NWIJ40N, li O I     W4k£&£0_iCt_A_*______±__el_._._._. __W


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