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The Ymir Herald 1904-07-16

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Vol. 1—No. 9.
YMIR, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1904.
Price Fivk Cents.
*»*M Jti-»-»fr»H<»»»»*y*»»>»M|ifr1 frfv
Cap. Forrester is working   on   the
Rig Four group.
Pete tho Packer is busy on his new
ranch below Salmo.
Mr9. D. A Cameron returned from
Nelson on Thursday last.
Miss Neckerroan is away for a few
weeks visi'ing friends on the coast.
Mr. DeWitte, foreman at tho Wil-'
cox mine, is a patient at the hospital.
Another new nurse has been en-
giged for the Ymir General He )i-
The planing machine at the Porto
Rico saw mill jb now working overtime,
■James Frazer, brother of Provincial
Constable Frazer, is staying at the
Mr. Greenfield, inspector of pout
offices, came on his visit of inspection
on Friday.
The Ymir post office, has been removed to the store next Atkinson's
Drug store.
The local Orangemen appear to
havo forgotton all about the 12th of
duly this yoaf
Herman Zibler has removed hi.-,
shoe repairing establishment to the
old post office building.
Joseph Boyer and wife returned
from a lengthy visit to Eastern Canada last week, They arc again established at the Halfway House
T. R. Hunnex, of Erie, challenge.;
any chess player to a match. Mr.
Hunnex is probably one of the f-reat-
t it experts at the royal game iu this
On Tuesday, next, an ice cream
Social and entertainment will be
given iu the Miners Union Hull in
aid of the new Catholic Church for
Ymiri During tho evening a farcical
t( medy entitled "Sister Masons" will
I e presented.
Two immense freight sheds will be
piectod in Winnipeg by the C, P. R.
Tlio buildings will be 1,22*1, and C03
feet long, respectively. These and
tho offices in connection will give to
Winnipeg the largest individual railway yards in the world.
Provincial Constable Frazer has
been away niostof this week, on-spccial
duty, hunting up some' desperate
characters ill the neighborhood of'
Arrowhead. The chief of police from
Nelson is now on this duty, and Con
stable Frazer is in charge of the Nelson office.
On Thursday last, Dick Keifc
brought in one of the finest bunches
of li-.li caught in this neighborhood.
Ho was only down on Porcupine
creek about a couple of hours and returned with over a dozen large trout,
all rainbow trout and averaging
aliout twelve inches long. -
Mr. Fred Hazen, an old tinier here,
has left for the north. Mr. Hazen is
by profession a surveyor, and in that
capacity laid out many of the streets
and blocks in the city of Spokane.
He hai associated, in the early days,
with Phil. White and with him located ono of the claims in the Wilcox
The huge remains of a manunolli
were recently discovered by gold
hunters on Quart/. Creek, Yukon Territory. Tho tuski and skull were
well preserved and almost intact, together with three ribs. The bones
were dislodged frorn the frozen gravel
by the aid of steam. It is expected
Ihe remainder of the skeleton will be'
foiled nearby.
Gold-dredging experiments in the
bed of the Frazer river show that the
grout British Columbia waterway
hides a wealth of yellow metal beneath its restless current The Iowa
Lillooet Dredging company has for
some time been operating a dredge
near' Lillooet, and for ten days,
working two ten-hour shifts, has
averaged.40 ounces of gold per shift,
or 31,000 per day.
Lord Monkbretton, private secretary to the Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, and special representative of
the ex-Colonial Secretary on a tour of
the Empire during which he is feeling
the pulse of the poople on Chamberlain's fiscal proposals, has been in
Victoria since Wednesday, a guest at
the Hotel Dallas. He was the guest
of Sir Henri Joly de Lotbiniere at
luncheon, at Government House, on
Thursday and in the evening dined
with Mr and Mrs. James L'unsmuir
at Burlcith.
Vegetable growers will have an unusually good opportunity to take
prizes at the Spokane Interstate Fair
this fall.- Besides the regular prizes
listed in the premium list and which
amount to over 6250, one of the
Spokane seed firms is giving a special
prize of $20 in gold for the best exhibit of vegetables raised from seeds
furnished by them. Another feature
which should encourage grain and
vegetable exhibitors is the permanent
display which is being gathered by
the Spokane Chamber of Commerce.
All the best specimens on exhibition
at the Interstate Fair w>ll be retained
for this Chamber of Commerce exhi
bit, and in every case where this is
done, the articles will be plainly
marked with the name and address of
the grower.
New Lumber Enterprise.
A big deal is reported to be now in
negociation whereby Erie will have, a
large saw mill industry established
right       in       the town. A
wealthy Eastern Canadian Syndicate
headed by Mr. Cook, who has large
mills near Algoma, is figuring on
purchasing 17,000 acres of limber
land from the Nelson & Fart Shep-
pard Railway Company'. This land
is in two sections, one of which in
eludes the upper section of the North
Fork, und tho other the valley of
Cariboo Creek to the south of Erie.
As far as we can learn at present,
it is Mr. Cook's intention, should the
deab-be consummated, to purchase the
Eric townsite also, and erect the mill
right within the town limits. The
logs arc then to bo brought down the
North Fork, and through an artifical
ditch to the lake, which will hold a
large quantity of logs aud make an
excellent mill pond.
Hotel Arrivals.
WALimor Hotel:—J. Cole, Salmo;
John Stewart, Salmo; C. Walters,
Nelson; G. Roberts, Boundary City;
J. McMillan, Erie; James 'Frazer,
McLeod Hotel;—N Cbisholm,
Nelson; E. Tuttle, Nelson; A Mc
Queen, Kamloops; M. Mclnnis, Erie;
S. Bywater, Moab. Wash.; W. F.
Lemon, Nelson; W. Harvey; Victoria;
R C. Bowden, Vancouver; A. F.
Dixon M. D, Vancouver; W. .1. Tur
ton, Van Anda; A. Nelson, Montreal:
H. C. Briggs, Victoria
Cosmopolitan Hotel:—G. Hoiio,
Erie; J Hall, Nelson; H. Isnor, Salmo; J A, CousMino, New York; J.
W. Hopletter.
Ross House:—J. Ifliteh, Nelson;
J. Scott, Northport; U W, Kocchi
Hall Siding.
***■■* 44 4 4 **-*■■* 4 44 **•■» #*•* * ***'»
'♦******.* M* %**♦*!!M « UriMi-MM.*
Arthur Phillips and Con Moore are
working the Keystone mine, at   Erie,
uuder lease.
Crown Grants aro being applied for
on the Centre Star group, owned by
Tom Flynn and others.
Falls and Dewai have gone up to
Hall Siding to commence work on
their placer leases there.
A. F. Dixon M. D., of Vancouver,
is in town lookinp, over some of the
mining properties of the district.
William Connolly, who has a lease
oh the Canadian King mine at Erie,
has his first car of ore now ready to
The Hunter V. mine is now shipping two cars of ore per day to the
Trail smelter, in addition to its regular supply to the Nelson smelter.
The annual meeting of the Broken
Kill Mining and Development Company has been again adjourned in
consequence of the lack of quorum.
The Peterson Bros, who are working their placer leases, on tho Salmon
river a few miles above town, are
very pleased with the results so far
obtained. They report that these are
far ahead of those obtained from their
claims on the North Fork, and are
of opinion that tho ground they are
now working, is more valuable than
their former locations which were sold
for a considerable sum.
A New National Anthem.
When our fathers crossed the ocean
In the glorious days gone by,
They breathed their deep emotion
In many a tear and sigh,
Tho' a brighter lay beforo them
Than the old,  old   land   that  bore
And all the wide world knows now
That land was Canada.
Then line up and try us
Whoever would deny us
The pledge of onr birthright,
And they'll find us like a wall.
For wo are Canadian, Canadian   forever,
Canadian  forever,   Cananian   over
Our fathers came to win us
This land beyond recall,
And the suine blood flows  within    us
Of Briton, Celt, and Gaul.
Keep alive each glowing ember
Of our sireland, but remember
That we aro Canadian
Whatever may befall.
Then line up and try us
Whoever would deny us
The pledge of our birthright,
-And they'll find us like a wall.
For we aro Canadian,   Canadian  forever,
Canadian  forever,  Canadian  over
Who can blamo them, who can blame
If We fell ourselves with prido
How a thousand years to tame us
Tho foe has often tried!
And should e'er the Empire noed us
She'll require no chains to load us,
For wc aro Empire's clildrcn,
But' Canadian over all.
Then line up and try us
Whoever would deny us
The pledge of our birthright;
And they'll find us like a wall.
For we are Canadian,  Cahadiau forever,
Canadian   forcveh   Canadian   over
--Wi.UAM Henry Drcmmonii.
The Sslnion river on either side ot
the Peterson Bros, claims, has Ijcen
staked for placers by half a dozen locators, all ot whom are sanguine as to
the result-! of approaching operations,
Every test so far points to a rich de
U W. Keech and A. J. Koebel
have driven 60 feet of their contract
ou the Monarch Group, at the head
of Hall cicek. This has been done
since tho 21st of June, which is quick
At the locil recording otticc this
week, Wm. Coffey recorded tho. assessment on Atlin No. 2 fractional
claim, aud W. W. Kcoch and A. J.
Koebel recorded the location of the
Independence, Dominion, Edna and
Cora claims at the head of Rover
William Fleet Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist; Hairy Wright M
P. P and D A, Cameron, Inspector
of Roads and Trails, started for the
Bayenne mine on Thursday Inst. Mr.
Robertson's visit is for geological purposes, while Mr. Cameron goes to locate a wagon road to the mine.
The stamp mill at tho Queen mine
is temporarily shut down, iu consequence of a break down. On Wednesday last the main shaft of the
crusher broke, and operations aro
necessarily suspended until this has
been replaced. A new shaft has been
telegraphed for, f-om Chicago, and
this is to be sent by express. As the
shaft will weigh in the neighborhood
of 700 pounds, the express charges
will amount to over $00.
The Salmo people are in hopes that
the wagon road to the Bayonne mine
will b« built as a continuation of the
Yellowstone road which starts at
Salmo. It is said that the actual
now construction required would be
less than sevon miles by this route,
although it would necessitate crossing
a summit. The alternative outlet is
to the Kootenay Lake, a distance of
twenty milos, but all down hill. The
point to be determined is whether a
low enough grade can be found over
the summit between the Bayonne and
Yellowstone mines to permit of the
up hill pull.
Porto Rico Mine.
Messrs. Gilbert Peono and Skon
ing have taken a Contract to drive the
No. 4. level on the Porto Rico mine.
The contract at present is for 100
feet, but Mr. gliarnhnrdt who holds
the lease of tho property will proba
bly let a fuithcr contract after the
completion of tho first hundred feet.
At the same timo Joe Prado is going
to work on the old No. 3 level, taking
out ore on tribute. The opining up
of cho Porto Rico mine at greater
depth, will give a new loase of life to
the mine, which may yet be tho scene
of as gieat activity aa in the past.
The Spokane Interstate Fair,
which is to be hold October 3rd to
9th, has a decided advantage over
many other fairs owing to the fact
that the territory from which it draws
its exhibits supports so many varied
industries. In fruit and grain, the
Inland Empire stands at the head of
all sections, and iu addition to this, it
ban a vast mineral wealth, which is
being constantly developed anil in
creased. The mineral department at
the Interstate Fair has always woll
represented this great industry; and
this year it will be larger and more
beautiful than ever befOrei Mr. W.
A. Coplen is in charge of this department, and he tins already Visited
many of the leading milling camps in
its interests:
Bayonne Deal Closed.
George Harrison  and   Frank;
Risdon get  Second  payment of $7,000.
Balance of $60,000 as soon a-
Crown Grants Issue.
The 160,000 option on tho Rayonne
group of mineral claims will be taken
up at once. The parties holding the
bond haw just paid over $7,000 under its terms and the remainder will
be paid just as soon as the crown
grants for tho claims arc procured.
The parties holding tho bond are II.
B. Winchell, George T. Magee, Albert Janczewsky, Charles F. Booth
and others of Butte, Montana, The
bond was taken in October, 190.1,
and was subsequently transferred L-.
the present holders. A force of men
was put to work developing the property. Under the direction of the
bonders the tunnel on the Bayonne
was extended a distance of 600 feet.
On the Ohio a tunnel was driven ill
for 300 feet. Both were driven iii
ledges. On the Bayonne tunnel a
shoot of Oxidized ore about 150 feet
in length*, was exposed. On the Ohio
a shoot of sulphide ore, 100 feet in
length, was uncovered. The sulphuret
ore curries pyritical iron and some
zinc Both of the ore shoots assay
well in gold, besides Carrying considerable silver values. The shoots
average about threo and one-half
feet in width with backs of about 60
In the latter part of June, Messrs.
Winehili, Magee, Janczewsky and
Booth visited the mines, Mr. Winchell being the expert of the party
When they returned to this city ou
Juno 28th after examining the mine,
the partv seemed pleased with the result of their visit, although they did
not commit themselves to a declaration at that time that they intended
to purchase it. Mr. Winehili stated
that the formation at the group is of
a character favorable to tho gold values remaining with depth. Tho country rock generally is a close grained
granite. The members of the syndicate further stated that they intended
to return to Butte and there would
decide by consultation with others interested with them what action they
would take. The action was favorable for the owners of the group, Geo
Harrison and Frank Risdon, have
been paid 97,000 and the remainder
will be forthcoming just as soon as
crown grants are issued for the claim-!
by the government.
There are ten claims in the Bayonne
group and they arc lu'iated about 18
miles to the west of the foot of K ootcn-
ay lake and urctty well near the top
of the diyidc that slopes to the westward toward the Ymir section. The
property has been bonded to several
parties at intervals during tbe past
four years. Finch .li Campbell of
Spokane, about three years since ha I
a bond on the group und did consider
able development work, l.ut finally allowed lheir bond to lapse.
PiifcsHVTKuiAN Church—M o r n i n i»
Services, 11 a. m.; Sunday school \2\
Evening service, ?:.'10. V'oun^ Peoples'Society meets on Friday evening
at R o'clock. All are welcome. !(•."..
It Young, M. A., Pa-tor.
Mktiioiust Ciiurou—Sunday   m    i
ing service 11: a, ui.   Evening serv ■'
7:*'io p m.    Everybody welcome.
Rev. J. B, Lovering* Pn •<.
jL 11 III','
Puhlllsbed ovorv Saturday and mailed to any
addreia, or dotlvcred by carrier in town.
HubeoriptloQB 03.00 t*or annum, payab)*: tn id-
Advertising rates, $1.50 per inch por month
TBI Hbrald can bo had from all It-adlni:
newsdealers in tho district, or can be obta'ned
Jiroot from tho oflloo.
Commercial printing of every description
dune on the premises.at standard prices.
SATURDAY. JULY 16, 1901.
Liberal - Conservative Candidates for Parliament,
For Kootenay Distriot,
Of Rossland.
For Yale-Cariboo  District,
Of Grand  Forks.
New Westminster District,
Of New Westminster.
Authoritative reports from Ottawa
place the date of the Dominion election not later than the first week in
November next, or a little more than
four months hence, Tho principal
issue in the campaign is of course the
Grand Trunk Railway scheme, Will
the people of Canada submit to the
diversion of public monies in such a
way as to enable a private corporation to pocket all possible profits and
escape all possible lossesi Or will the
people of Canada insist upon retaining the control of an enterprise, financed almost entirely by these public
monies. The Conservative party
i dying upon the manifest superiority
of the latter proposition, are confident
i if success.
For some not very obvious reason
the Liberal Government at Ottawa
has chosen to claBS the Kootenay riding as an inaccessible outlying district
iu which a poll of the electors cannot
ho readily taken. At least, that is
the inference to be drawn from an
amendment to the Election Act, by
the provisions of which tho returning
officer for the Kootenay district lix'es
the date of tho election himself. This
is a general procedure whore parts of
the riding aro difficult of access, and
sparsely populated such as certain
portions of the North West Territories of the Yukon district. In the
Kootenay riding however there is not
one of the usual polling places that
cannot be reached within twelve
hours, and of these polling places, all
are within four days travel of Nelson,
with one single exception. The present member for the riding cannot be
hold immune from the responsibility
of this amendment, and his explanation would be of considerable interest.
Another Kootenay paper has had
ti throw up the sponge. The Rossland Evening World has retired from
public notice, and made its furewoll
bow on July Otb. Like the late
"Ymir Mirror" tho World came to
grief through persistent bucking at
one portion of the community in
which it was published, In large
towns where there aro two or three
rival   parties,  each  of  those  parties
■iay boost its own periodical, and be
of sufficient numerical   and   financial
strength to  support   it.      Then   tho
life of the paper, like that of tho
cayuses in the Wild West Shows, depends upon the originality and
strength of its bucking proclivities.
But in small communities, such as in
the towns of Kootenay, u paper, to
succeed financially, requires the whole
support of tho community, and no
matter what fide of the various local
fights it takes up, it will invarably be
found, that a largo section of the
community not radically interested in
the intrinsic merits of the disputants,
will withdraw their support as a protest against the tone of the paper,
more especially when it descends to all
kinds of imputation against its opponents, and practically brands them
as liars and rogues. The Rossland
World and the Ymir Mirror were
practically ranged on opposite sides of
the same fight, and both have met
the same fate, which has beep in reality been dealt out to them, by a
section of their respective conimuni-
ities, which cannot be allied to cither
side of the dispute. Outspoken comment and fair criticism, although adverse, is ucceptable to the general
reading public, but vituperation and
malicious insinuations generally produce the same result as in these two
particular instances.
The Kootenay  Standard
/.   C.   Thelin & Co.
Nelson, B, (,'.
f ——
W Tho Secretary of
3K the above mentioned a
A* Company invites ap- A\
w plications from parties j/\\
W desirous of working m
W the Tamarac and other *lj
W claims under lease. 9*
?K For particulars apply: as.
W      G. H. Master,      &
Price of Copper.
Despite the continual opening of
new copper districts and mines, as is
especially tho case just now in Arizona, where millions of Lake Superior
money have been invested during the
past two years, the price of tho metal
clings to an average of about 12J
cents per pound, sufficient to net a
profit even to Michigan mines, that
treat rock running less than one per
.cent, copper. The reason for tho
stability of the market, for a change
from which condition there is at least
no immediate prospect, is the fact
that consumption is keeping pace
with the increase in production. New
uses are continually found for the
red metal, while tho old ones are
steadily broadening, so thut, as statistics show, the consumption of copper
ie growing at the rate of about 100,-
000,000 pounds of copper per year.
In other words, it means that a now
Calumet it Hecla, the big mine of the
Lake Superior district, is needed each
year to supply needs. How long it
will be possible to annually open
another Calumet Si Hecla or its equiv
alent, is something for the future to
determine; but it would seem that there
is little ground for worry on tho part
of the Michigan low grade propositions, despite tho new mines, with
their 200 pounds of copper to the
ton, being opened in Arizona, while
from the standpoint of the consumer
there appeals no prospect of obtaining
copper at prices much, if any, lower.
The best of opinion in the Michigan
district is that the present prices will
stand for sumo years to come, with
the tendency, if marked in any direction, upward.
yMIR LODGE, No. 32,   K.   P.
Meets first   and   third   Mondays of month.
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
J. C. Drwar, C. C.
Milks McInnis, K. R. S.
Meets train every morning,
except Sunday, for freight
and passengers for Ymir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. Or for Ymir mine.
Post Office Store,   -   Ymir
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
First-class Dining Room.
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Ave.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
rP ho only all rail routo botwoon
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Bullet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Elective .June Utb. 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.45 a.m Spokane 0.16 p.m
Id -to n.iii        Rossland 4.30 p.m
9.32 a.m Ymir 536 p m
7.20 a.m Nelson 7.20 pin
11:36 a.m     Grand Forks       4.00 p.m
HMO a.m Republic C.16 p.m
In connection with
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep tho
Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything bin
the FRESHEST here.    To-day we   offer   the   foljowing,
Best Sugar Cured Bacon and Ham (Swifts) per pound ,      I8u
No. 1. Granulated Sugar, 15  pounds   for $1,00,
Choice Creamery Butter,  Bulk,   27c.    Tomatoes (Quaker) per can. .. .    16c,
A Splendjd Laundry Soap 6 bars for     25c,
3 pounds Moca and  Java  Coffee  for  . ,$1,00
Try 3 pounds of our Ceylon Tea   for $1.00.
If not satisfactory your money will be refunded. We are not bard up and
have got lots of money, Save our discounts and defy our opponents to
equal us in price and quality.
Mining Agent      «      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York,
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Ottawa Fire Insuranoe Company.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods are tho best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.   :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
This Is tlio time of the year to gel your pick of the many Select piece,* of
Furniture.    Iron Beds, Linoleums, Rugs, Carpels unit Hummocks.
Uukat    I Northern    ll
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Dulutli, Minneapolis, Chicago
aud all points East,
Scuttle,   Tacoma,  Victoria, Portland,
and all Pacific Coast points.
Through Palace and 1'ourtst Sleepers,
Dining und Buffet Smoking Library car
For rates, folders and lull information
regarding trips, call on or ai'drcss an
agent of the 8. F. &N. Railway or
H. A. JACKSON,       H. BBAN'jT,
G. F. & P. A., C. P. -S, T. A.
Spokane.      710 W. Riverside At.
D. ricARTHUR & CO.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
j),B.—Wo.are sole agents for the Marshall Sunltary Muttross and  the pio.be-
Sectional Hook Case aud Files.
Fresh   Goods  for  the   Spring  Trade
Ask for Swift's Bacon and Hams (they are the best)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters, Crosse &
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and Chow Chow; well
selected   Teas,   Coffees  and  Cocoa, Government •
Creamery and Hazelwood Butter.
Fishing Tackle, Stationery, Fire Works, Sporting Goods, Magazines, Con
feetioncry, Pipes and Smokers' supplies. All tfoods sold at very reasonable
S. H. SEANEY        •        •       »       YMIR, B.C.
\ Jr =
Big Diamond Discovery.
Similar to Those Found in
South African  Fields.
An important discovery of diamonds in the matrix has been made
at Oakey Creek, twenty miles from
Inversell, New South Wules. The
matrix is oi deloric rock, which experts claim to bo of similar formation
to the South African diamond bed.
This is the first discovery of the
diamond iu Australia, though it has
long been thought that the Inversell
district was diamond-bearing.
Intense excitement prevails.
Miles of country have already been
pegged out, and great hopes are entertained of the new fields.
The discovery was made by two
prospectors—Pike and -O'Donnell—
who have been working the neighborhood for six years.
Grit Comment.
"A statemont before tho Railway
commission that the Grank Trunk
Railway company paid $2,000,000 in
damage claims last year shows that
there must be deplorublo inefiiciency
somewhere, Such a record on a
government railway would lead to a
political campaign. It is a common
impression that a small part of. this
sum judiciously expended in
strengthening the force of employes
would go a long way towards prevent-
in" the accidents which have resulted
in these damage"claims."
We reproduce this editoral from
the Nelson Daily News, a consistant
Grit paper, which in common with the
other Grit papers is championing tho
Laurier proposition to build a transcontinental railroad with tho people's
money and hand it over to tho Grand
Trunk Company to operate. We agree
with tho sentiment of the Daily
Nows, and think that the Government, even though it wero a Liberal
Government, could display better
Mr. A. C. Garde, manager of the
Payne mine, recently took the opportunity of visiting tho World's
Fuir at St. Louis In an interview
published in the Lead and Zinc Nows
he referred as follows to conditions in
the silver-lead districts of British
Columbia: "Conditions have imf roved materially since tho lead bounty
became effective. There has been in
excess of $100,000 distributed in this
manner and tho payments during tho
remainder of the year will bo still
heavier, owing to tho fact that tho
production of tho district is to bo materially increased during the second
half of tho year. Naturally, tho zinc
industry is attracting much attention
as well. The idea of having a well-
known expert on zinc make a careful
examination of tho zinc resources of
tho Province is mooting with much
favour and it is quite probable that
uueh an examination will bo made
during the next few months. No
choice has been made for tho task,
although Mr. Walter Ronton Ingalls
has been frequently moutionod in
connection with the work. Sinco tho
addition of a singlo dollar in not 10
turns over the mining and mill
. iug costs means so much profit, the
interest in zinc possibilities can be
better understood. Sinco tho majority of tho largor silver-lead mines of
tho Kootenays and the Slocan carry
zinc valueB, you can readily see why
it is that any opportunity to add to
tho commercial value of a ton of ore
is grasped at by men whoso proper
ties have not been recently worked ac
a profit. We in British Columbia
ore looking forward to an era of pros
parity, which wo hope to be able to
extend boyound the period of bounty
payments. It is quito probable that
British Columbia will bo manufacturing her own lead products before
many more months ensue and in that
way wo propono to foster 'homo industry," *  ,
. First American Newspaper.
The first number of any American
newspaper was Benjamin Harris's
"Public Occurrences, both Foreign
and Domestic," published in Boston
on December '25th, 1690. But the
authorities suppressed it after tho
first issue. Fourteen years late, on
April 24th, 1703, James Campbell,
postmaster of Boston, issued the first
number of the Boston News Letter, a
weekly newspaper, which lived for
seventy-two years. The second American newspaper, the Gazette, was
printed in Boston, and the third, the
Weekly Mercury, in Philadelphia.
The first New York newspaper, the
New York Gazette, was established
in 1775. Now there are more than
2,000 daily newspapers and 15,000
semi-weeklies and weeklies published
in the United States.
I Hotel Ymir
The Best Meals
And Accommodation
In Town.
A fine selection of Wines,
Liquors and Qigars.
Thee Quanti Bros., ot Vancouver
have been held up to tho tune of
$9000. They were bookmakers and
were returning from the race course
in their hack, when guns were presented at their heads and they were
forced to deliver all they had on them.
Four arrests have since been made.
Miss Quann was here last summer
visiting Mrs. Finlay MeLeod.
J. W. MASTERSON,     Prop. V.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Respecting Coal   and    Petrqi-euii
Lands in South East Kootrnay.
NOTICE is hereby given that licences to prospect for coal and petroleum
upon and under lands situated within
Block 4,698, Souih East Kbotonay,
will be issued forthwith to all persons
who have made proper application, in
pursuance of the provisions of the
"Coal Mines Act," and amendments,
The fee for each licence will be $100,
and all applicants who have not deposited accepted bank oheques to cover that amount are hereby required to
do so without further notice.
Licences will be issued in the following form, yiz:—
Coal Mines Act and Amendments.
"In consideration of ono hundred
dollars now paid under the said Acts,
and subject to lUe provisions    thereof,
I. W. S. Gore Deputy Commissioner,
acting for the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, licence
to enter, prospect,
search anj^ work for coal und petroleum (but. no other metal or mineral)
upon, in and under all that piece or
parcel of mineral laud situated in and
forming part ot Block ! ,6lJ8. East
Kootenay District, aud desorlbed as
and not exceeding in the whole six
hundred and forty statute acres,
"Owing to the number of applicants
for bceneeB to prospect for coal and
petroleum, and tbe peculiar circumstances surrounding the application for
the issuance of these licences, and the
well known fact that the issuance has
been unavoidably suspended for so
many months, the Government of
British Columbia finds it impossible to
determine the equitable rights ol the
numerous applicants. Therefore, for
the purpose ot enabling all persons lo
go before the proper tribunal for the
determination of their respective
rights and priorities, this licence is
issued und accepted subject to such
prior rights of oilier persons as may
exist by law, and the date of tills 11
cenee is not to be taken or held to
waive enquiry by the Courts into the
proper performance of all conditions
precedent as between adverse claimants; and further, on the understanding that the Government shall not be
held responsible for, or in connection
with, any conliict which may arise
with other claimants of the same
ground, and that under no circumstances will licence fees he refunded.
••And the holder hereby waives any
claim or demand against the Government, and expressly agrees not to take
any steps or proceedings, or present
any petition, to enforce any alleged
claim or demand against the Government of thu Province of British Columbia arising out of thu Issuance of this
licence or of any other matter or thing
apprctaining thereto.
"Tlio land being under reserve from
pre-emption and sale this license does
not Include any right other than the
right to prospect for coal and petroleum*
••The duration ol this licenco is
for one year from the ,1'J0.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - 81.00
Copper, - - - - - 81.50
Gold-Silver, • - - $1.50
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A113,   YMIH, B.C.
"Daputjr OomiuUilonef ol L»mi» * Work*..
i.i.ti'i- mi.i Wii-uh Dspftitmsotj
Vlolnrlu. II. a. .100."
11. P.ORBBW,
Oblaf OonunlsiloMt ol Iiandi * Worki
Lftodihnd WorksDiputrnttit, \
Vlctorln, 11. U,.t)'.li lam WW. Jut)
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything first-class.
YMIR, B. C. 9
Hotel ....
(Under entirely now management.)
Dining Room   and   Bar
supplied  with   tho   best
in tho market.
Right opposite depot,  Yniir
Headquarters for Mining Men
liar  supplied   with  hest brands of
wines, liquors and cigars.
Fiiist Avenue,
Ymir, B. C.
V. V. & E. RY. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Ross*
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. R.
•Jk N. Co. for Kaslo and K. aud B.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, 11. C,
buffet cars run on trains between
Hpokano and  Republic,
General I'asscngcr Agt.
Spokane, Wash.
$2.00 per annum.
Clark's   Furniture   Store Ymir   Bakery   and   Cafe
Undertaker   and   Furniture     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Birch Street,       -       -       Ymir
Short orders a specialty.   Fresh bread,
cakes and pies daily.
FOR   THE   NEXT   130    DAYS   WE   WILL     GIVK
20 per cent, discount
for easH	
On  Clothing, Furnishings, Boots,  Shoes, Hats and Caps.
In  Groceries  we   DEFY   competition,
We will not  be  undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
For  86.00 We offer a regular   $30.00 Belt.
f\  For $25.00 We offer a regular f\
\\J .   .   .     Sandon $40.00 Belt.  \J
Both these BELTS are in First Class Condition.
Directions how to use, with each BELT.
Only two left.   Call or send for them.
Druggists and Opticians, Ymir
To Saw Mill Employes,  Prospectors, Miners, etc.
A small annual premium will insure you a sum varying from SfiOO to
$5000, in case of DEATH or DISABLEMENT, and in addition will seeuro a
weekly indemnity whilst prevented from working in conseqiionco of an
accident,    For full particulars apply to:
Percy J- Gleazer,   agent.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Hates §1.50 to $2.50 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
Shirts and Overalls
When they come from
Factory at Victoria.
P. O. Box 5fi,     -     Nolaon, 1!. C,
Union   Label   on   every  Garment.
»♦♦-■» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Please forward The Ymir Hkimi.i* for
. m> ilil Ii
J \ and acknowledge receipt of enclosed ij	
Tm Herald is published every Saturday fhoirT.ng and
> contains tdl  the news  of tho camp.
Hatkh—Per Yi.ar, $U; Hai.k Year, 81.
»>♦*»♦*■)♦*♦■»♦»->»■>»♦♦♦♦♦•»♦** ...A GOOD WATCH...
at $12.50
IS size,Nickel, open face, 17 jewel, adjusted,  Waltham  or
Snine as above with 20 year Gold Killed Case, $20.00
We especially recommend this watch to working men.
Send for one. while they last.
We carry a very large stock of line railroad movements.    Prices of which we
will be pleased to give on application, or send C. 0. D. to  any
address  for  inspection.
Watchmakers and Jewellers   -   -   NELSON, B. C.
S. IT. SE-A.2srE"y, ^O-EIsTT, Yl^ZXR,.
Wc    carry   the   leading   brands    imported     Liquors
and Cigars,  Stoat,   Ale,   Brandy   and   Wine.
4,4-4,. -t 4-444-i-4■*4*-» i.4-4 444 il***
it m
Tlio weight of a cubic foot of water,
English standard, is 62.321 pounds.
Ono square foot of grato will con
sunie ou an averago of 12 pounds of
coal per hour.
Ono cubic inch of water evaporated
under ordinary atmospheric pressuro
is eonverted into ono cubic foot of
steam (approximately).
In mines having very bad water,
containing acids, the action of this
water on nn unprotected rope would
cause oxidization, and if not attended to will commence its work of disintegration. Once this oxidization
commences on the inner strands, it is
then impossible to remedy it by any
sulmcqubnt covering from the outside
anil from the time that oxidization
( MiMineiiees, the tensile strength of the
re 'pe commences to decrease.
Crystals of native gold have been
found, but thuy aro by no means
common and may he included anion:'
l iin rarities. Thoso crystals aro usually octahedral form and at times associated with the rare gold tellurium
petzite. It is very seldom that crystals occur with smooth faces and
sharp odgos. The largest crystal of
(■old over found measured under an
inch in diameter, and this crystal is
owned by tin British Museum and
valued at a large figure.
Lyddite is an explosive that became known in 1888 by reason of the
English government adopting it for
use for charging torpedo shells. . It ii
composed of picric acid 88 per cent.
diIlltrobeDtenO 8 per cent, and vase-
lino 4 per cent. These aro molted
aud mixed together in a water but Ii.
and while in the fused condition they
are poured into shells, where, on cool
ing, they solidify as hard as stone.
I.yddito was giviu a good test in the
Hoof war, but the results aro said to
have been disappointing.
The mining of marble at Rutland,
Vermont, is done by the very lattfst
machinery. Klectrie cranes aud dot -
ticks that inovo the marble in the de
dived direction easily and quickly are
the features. One of these traveling
cranes has a lifting capacity of 100,-
ntiO pounds. No explosives are used
iu breaking the marble, the stone being tesi soft. Tho channeling ma-
chine docs the work, A channclm
consists of ft row of  long   chisels  set
ii a strong traveling framework, that
■ihrato up and down, culling a ehan-
lol in any wanted direction in the
luce of the marble lodge When the
channel is svHIolontly long and deep
the machine is reversed and cross
channel* are cut and the bottom   per-
(orated, Wedges aro carefully driven
in behind the hlo-.k of marble  and   It
gradually topple* over-, and the crane
removes it to the surface,
A Clever Trade Scheme.
English busiuoss firms havo at least
one clever move to their credit whose
mgeniousness compares with that of
their American competitors. During
the past year or so we have heard so
mucn about the American capture of
tho British markets, that for variety's
sake, if for nothing else, it is pleasing
to hear that an original and enterprising scheme has been conceived and
put into effect for the extension of
British trade. This new scheme is
none other than a floating exhibition
of British manufactures which is to bo
scut to every part of the Empire. An
Atlantic liner has been chartered,
and fitted out? with samples of English manufactures of all kinds. The
steamer calls at various colonial
pints and the exhibition of assorted
wares is viewed by business men who
may prove future customers. The
idea of the exhibition is to acquaint
such business men with tho variety
and excellence of British manufactures, with the hopo of encouraging
nioto e'.teusivo. trade relations with
the Mother Country. The first port'
to call on thu programme of the exhibition is Halifax, then St. John's,
Newfoundland and perhaps Quebec or
.Montreal; the steamer will then sail
to the West lndios and South Africa,
eventually visiting all parts of the
Whatever may be said of the pro-
bable results of this new departure,
whether Canada will or will not be
thus induced to deal more largely
with England, the idea is to be commended as one of shrewd enterprise.
The English manufacturers have
proved themselves capable of meeting
trade facts bravely and ingeniously.
But Canada will lind this floating exhibition worthy of attention from
quite another standpoint. If il works
out successfully why should not Canada mako a similar experiment, ou a
smaller scale! Wo need just such
advertising among our sister colonies
and other countries, and a traveling
exhibition of our resources ami pro
ducts would do something to bring
more trade our way.
The Swedish antarctic, expedition.
that spent two years in tho. south
polar regions, made tho important
discovery of tho fossil bones of many
vertebrate animals, including somo of
great size, together with abundant remains of plants. Those show that, as
in the case of the north polar regions,
a mild climate once existed whero now
everything is in the grip of perpetual
frost. Tho explorers found evidence
that great forests had once flourished
on the borders of the antarctic continent, and the animal remains indicated that vast expanses of herbage
must have existed there to servo as
feeding grounds. Strange birds prob
ably Were also among the inhabitants
of this ice buried land.
Noted Athletes.
John F. Scholes, of Toronto, should
be nearly as "proud" to-day as Queen
Victoria was suspected by the Scotch
to-bo when her daughter was married
to the heir of tho Duke of Argvle.
Mr. Scholes in his younger days was
a celebrated athlete. He "went in
for" all kinds of sport, from snow-
shoeing to boxing. He was ono of
the strongest men of his generation.
Although an Englishmen, lie was as
deeply devoted to the pastime of curling as the dourest Scot in the borough Also the stanes he east were
the despair of all who be
lieve in moderation in all things,
oven in partaking of Olenlivot when
the rime of tho frost fastens itself
lovingly upon the whiskers. To
"oracle an egg" upon Scholes's curling
utensils with stones of ordinary
weight meant the sure waste of a
shot. Wherever John took up his
station he might be considered as
anchored. When Charlie Mitchell,
the only man who ever got the better
of John L. Sullivan when that celebrity was in prime fighting trim, was
in his heyday lie paid a visit to the
capital of Ontario, and John F.
Scholes was persuaded to go a few
rounds with him for tho delectation
of the "nobility and gentry" of the
town and surrounding country. John
Beverley Robinson, a representative
of one of the old loyalist families, a
devotee of the manly art, Lieut-Governor of the Province, who had himself "slugged" and put out of business
on the public streets an offending
editor, was a prominent personage at
the contest. Die exhibition was reported by authorities to have been a
classic of its kind, and a draw.
Mitchell had the advantage of youth,
his antagonist the longer reach and
pessibly tho greater strength. Now
that the hero of so many spirited
contests is in the sere and yellow leaf
he should be niightly pleased to find
his two sons following so closely in
his footsteps. One gained the title of
amateur champion boxer of the world
by defeating all aspirants in Canada,
Great Britian and the UnitodiStates.
Tho other, July 6th, won the Diamond
Sculls, rowing upon the Thames, and
making a record for the course. The
feats of tho Scholes family prove that
a product of English blood and Canadian climate is hard to
Shot aro formed by running molten
lead through a sieve or pouring molten
lead from a ladle with a sorted' edge,
from the top of a high tower into
water at the bottom. The stream of
motal breaks into drops and becomes
rounded. Iu falling the particles of
semi-fluid lead, acted upon aliko over
their whole surface by the current of
air, are made tp assume the globular
form, and by the time they reach the
bottom they are sutliciontly hardened
by cooling to boar the shock of striking the water, the water being of
sufficient depth to break their fall,
the shot resting on the bottom.
Large shot require a greater height of
fall than small ones. Other methods
of manufacture aro dropping tho met
al through a tube up through which a
strong current of air is forced, or
dropping the motal thiough a column
of glycerine or oil,
"All along the main line of the C.
P. R., from Winnipeg to Calgary,"
says an old Liberal in a Winnipeg interview, "I have found the Conservatives enthusiastically prepared to follow Borden's lead. I havo found the
Independents equally pleased with
tho stand he has taken, and ready to
give him (heir vote and influence,
Also a considerable number of Liberals prepared to cut loose from their
party on this great transportation
question, and I think tho chances for
the Opposition candidates are excellent all slung the linn,"
The Approaching Election.
The   Grand   Trunk     Pacific
People up   Against   tlie
Alien   Labour   Bill.
The word has gone forth to all the
Liberal headquarters throughout tho
country to get ready for the general
elections. Liberal members of Parliament have also bcon notified to the
same effect, and copies of voters' lists
are being transmitted to them by the
King's Printer. Nominations will
take place in October, and polling
certainly not later than the first week
in November.
The report is creating  considerable
talk in the lobbies, and is being   eagerly canvassed on both  sides.      Cou
servative members are eager   for   the
fray, and confident of victory.
It is stated that the sudden decision of the Government regarding the
elections—for it is admitted to be
sudden—is due to further complications having arisen in connection
with the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Unquestionably the Grand Trunk
Pacific people are greatly worried
over the announcement of Sir William Mulock's intention to introduce
a bill this season prohibiting the em
ployinent of aliens on any enterprise
aided by Parliament. The Minister
of Labor lias been so often twitted
with playing fast and loose with this
question that at last he has taken the
bit in his teeth. Mr. Clarke's per
sistency led to the appointment of
Judge Winchester to investigate into
the alien engineer quostion, and every
statement made by tho member for
West Toionto has been fully justified.
Once ho realized the gravity of tho
situation Sir William then did what
he should have done sooner He
called for explanations from tho |
Grand Trunk Pacific people, and not
getting what he wanted, he told them
in very plain language that somo deference must bo shown to public
opinion, and that the information
desired by Parliament must be forthcoming. Certain alien engineers
and other employes have been deported, and others will have to go.
The Minister of Labor does not
rest here. His bill to amend the
Alien Labor Act, if it becomes law,
means that no man can be employed
ou the Grand Trunk Pacific unless ho
has resided three years in Canada,
and has taken tho oath of   allegiance.
There can be no importation of live
or ten thousand navvies to worn on
the G. T. P., and certainly no Chinamen can come into tho country with
practically an exclusion law in force.
This, then, is tho quandary in which
the Grand Trunk Pacific people lind
themselves. Sir William apparently
will not recede from his position.
The other mombers of tho Govern*
ment arc in a quandary, ami they
think, therefore, tho best thing is to
bring on tho elections as soon as pos
sible, and trust to luck lo get them
out of thoii pret-ont holo.
K. W. Wlddowson. r-
W. A. Hnfschmldt.
Percy J. Glenssor.
John Pliilbcrt.
T, II, Atkinson.
OliY   GOODS   AND    if'KNTS   IfKNISIIlM. 1
I). Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
8 H. Seaney.
U. S. T. Ross.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau.
MeLeod House—Finlay MeLeod
Miller House—S. Miller.
Palace—Tait & Ruddy.
Vancouver—Oweri Boyer.
Waldorf—George Coltuan.
Ymir—J. W. Masterson.
Mp. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co.
T. II. Atkinson.
D. Campbell.
S. H. Seaney.
Harsbaw & Wilson. J
Jackson & Leahy.
Alex. Othlie.
William Clark.
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & LEAHY, 1'iops.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, aud Glass.
Tinsmithing and Repairing
of every description done.
Marble will stand great heat, the
groat fire at Patterson, N. J., iu lUOIl
demonstrating this lluildings of
granite crumbled, while thoso nf
marble still stand almost as good us'j
before the fire.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale uiitj retail doftlew
in l'Yu-sh Koiwtwl
High * Grade * Coffees
60 YEAM* .
Trade Marks
Difttoro      V
Anynnn nflndlrid n nkotrli mid dmcrh/ttnn may
quickly ni"'i*rtuin our opinion froo wliatlior aii
in vent Ion m probably jiutmii nlila. Omniiiiiiilca-
Mmiflft<rirur<">rif1<1entfnl. llniitllHKikoti I'nionU
•cnt fnio.
I'n t nn ts 1
tptcint notice,
probably pntunln
, -nonddentfal. liar.	
tiiU'Ht asency fomnourlnii pufnUk
ukuti un-ouL-h Munn A ( o. lucetr.
-,r, without oliirtte, In tho
Scientific American.
A handnrminly lllnttratftd WMkly. },nr«i>*l ntr-
dilation of any aclantldq Journal. Torma, |l a
roar i four nionthi. fk Bold by all nswadQalera.
-Stanch Ofloa. fl» f tt~ WubUigtoe, I>-C.
|    M\LL WOOD.
Delivered any
plaoo in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
Porto Rico    * •
Lumber Co. Ltd.  :
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦■ ♦♦♦•♦•■♦ H+4++ +M '
s .
)    ^


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