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The Ymir Herald 1904-07-02

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 : rOR1A
>****i**ngei .
Vol. 1—No. 7.
Price Five Cents.
> '.si ■* #**+**. +■•' 4 4*4 4444 'i ii i
There will be no services in tbe
Presbyterian Church next Sutida;.
Mr. Young being away.
Jim Ruddy has gone up to tin
Yniir mine where ho will occupy
William Scone's place as shift boss,
the latter going east.
Dr Doherty is now in charge of
the local hospital. Ho is taking up
bis residence in the Bourke house,
formerly occupied by Dr. Duncon.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Benzie, Mr. and
Mrs. Forrister and a number of thcit
friends are enjoying a few days camp-
and fishing, a couple of miles up the
John A. Baker, who was injured in
the saw mill a couple of months ago,
e.nd who has been confined to the
hospital since, is rapidly recovering
and expects to resume his duties in a
few days.
Thoro will be services in the Methodist Church, Sunday evening at 7:30
Subject, "Life of Jacob," and lesson
therefrom, A cordial invitation is
extended to all. J. E. Lovcring,
Tlio Porto Rico Lumber Company
shut down their saw mill on Thursday at noon to allow their employes
un opportunity of enjoying the Do
minion Day sports at Nelson. The
mill will resume operations on Monday morning.
The Spokano Falls and Northern
railway train passing through Ymir,
yesterday morning was gaily decorated with flags and bunting in honor of
Canada's natal day. The trainmen
and tho company thereby recognized
the mutual relations between tho two
At tho county court which opens
on Monday next, the following local
eases are up for trial before Judge
l.eamy: Great Western Life vs For-
nell, $38.80; Atkinson vs. Loth, $300;
Kiikpatrick vs. Active Company,
motion for judgement; Dcslirisay vs.
Active Company, $241.
Yesterday was generally observed
as a holiday in Ymir, and the town
line] a very deserted appearance The
business houses were closed and the
people who did not attend the Nelson
I '('minion Day celebration, organized
I .ienies or went on fishing excursions
along the Salmon ur Porcupine,
A very pleasant social was given
by the Young Peoples' society of
Christian Endeavor of thu Presbyter
iau Clii'ich on Tuesday evening, and
was largely attended The program
consisted of vocal and Instrumental
music, recitations, games,  ot-.,   after
which refreshments of cake and codec
were served by the ladies. Such
gatherings add greatly to the pnpul
m ity und usefulness of Ihe society iu
affording an evening of innocent
amusement for the young people of
I he town.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Gleuzer,
returned on Tuesday morning from
lievelstoke, at which place they wore
married on June 26th, Mrs. Gleuzer,
nee Miss Snrah McDonald, was for
the pas! three years, Matron of the
Ymir General Hospital and was held
in very high esteem, by both manage
tnent and patients. Mi. Gleuzer is
one of the pioneers of Yriiir, and lifts
ul present a thriving real estate and
insurance business, combined with iho
office of Deputy Mining Recorder for
die Ymir district. The newly married qOUplfl havo taken up their   resi
dence nn He
A. von
The Hor-
W aid Joins with their, many   friends   in
w>ngratu|fttloiu aud I est •>
For the first time  fur   many years
Nelson is to be   congratulated on a
fine day for its Dominion   Day celebration.
Mr. Nets Cbisholm is leaving this
section shortly for Tonopah, Nevada,
which now appears a very attractive
camp for mining men
Charles Archibald and Jeff Davis
ire moving their quarters to day from
the Koss Hoiiso iu the Palace Hotel
where they will continue to maintain
their reputation as expert mixologists.
William Bremner has the Ross House
bat undet lease, and with his experience at the Cosmopolitan last year,
will doubtless be a popular caterer.
Dr. Duncan left hurredly on Wednesday, in consequence of receiving a
telegram as to the sioknosss of his
youngest child, at Victoria. Ho was
fortunate in the fact that the train
made a pheno.; e tally quick run to
Nelson (in forty minutes) enabling
him to catch the C. P. It. train to
Robson,   the   same evening.
Hon Richard MoBride, Premier of
the Province, and Hon. It. F Green,
chief commissioner of lands and
works were in Nelson on Thursday.
They had but little to say to the Nelson newspaper men, beyond the information already given in a previous
interview with a leprcsentntive of the
Rossland World and which is repro
duced on another page of this issue,
A base ball match which afforded
considerable oiitertaininciit to a large
crowd of spectators, was played on
Sunday afternoon between the regular Ymir base bull team und a team
mude up of base ball enthusiasts
around town. The game resulted in
a defeat for the regular team l-y a
score of 27 to 2G, but it is only fair
to the team to say that a number of
the regular team played with the
The papers in connection with thr
organization of the Ymir Rille Association, sent to Colonel Holmes, D. C.
O. were returned to J. W. Ross, Cap
lain of the local association, on account of a technical error, but have
been corrected and returned. It is
hoped that on their receipt, an order will be issued for the sending out
of the rifles and ammunition, so that
the practice of the corps may com
menco as soon as possible
Tho sitting of the Supremo Court
which has just been concluded at Nelson, constitutes the longest sitting on
record ill the Province, having lusted
altogether seven weeks. The most
Important cases of course, were those
against the Crows Nest Pass Coal
Company, for deuuiges in connection
with the Pernio explosion, These
cases were consolidated, and a great
array of legal Iuniinitios cloudy contested each point of tho argument.
The decision handed down by the
learned Judge (Mr, Justice Martin)
was to tho effect 'that tho explosion
at the Coal Creek Mines on May 22nd
1902, was substantially a coal gas
explosion and not a coal dust one, Iu
addition the court, absolves the company from negligence, dismisses the
actions with costs, and in conclusion
pays a compliment to the plaiiitiils
leading counsel for his conduct of a
long mid difficult case."
Tho last clause refers to Mr S,, S,
Taylor K C. who conducted the case
for tho plaintiffs and was pracl ieally
alone itgainst the best known counsel
ill tho Province.
From this decision it follows thai
the test actions are dismissed with
Ihining NEWS;
M*# * •■•••',* * V *. '■ (HI •' • * •■•'• i " •• X I
A good ,trike is reported from   the
Pilot Group on Wild Horse Creek.
Robert J. Elliott reeoiiled the location of the Empire Mineral claim,
this week. This is a relocation of the
Fern Pay Strike claim and adjoins
the Fern mine on Hall Creek,
Louis Noll and John Dewar are
doing assessment work on I lie Spotted
Horse Group on Round Mt., two
miles south of Ymir. Hank Noll,
formerly of Porto Rico and now of
Northport, is the principal owner' in
the property.
John Mitchell and Hairy Jackson
have acquired an Interest in the
Buckeye claim ou Clearwater Creek,
the other interest being held by W.
11. Hayes They have brought down
some fine samples which on being
panned show a quantity «>f coarse
A letter received this week from
Mr. A. E. Ram), of the Dundee Syndicate, states that a new company is
now iu progress of incorporation to
operate the Dundee mine, but that it
is not probable that work will start
until the fall. By that lime however
things will be in shape to operate the
mine on  an extensive scale.
The Dumas Group, which, although an undoubtedly rich property
has been under a financial cloud, and
at last sold by the sheriff, is now on
the market again. It has a lino body
of ore shown up by some oUO feet of
tunnelling, and was formerly held at
$20,000. It can now bo handled for
a considerably smaller sum.
Juck Hennessey, one of the best
known mining men in tho Province,
who with his brothers located the
well known Noble Five Group in the
Slocan, has just returned from the
Sixteen Mile section where he has
been doing work Oil what is known as
the Hennessey Group, consisting of
the Wisconsin and Lucky Strike
claims. He has also had tho trail
from the Kooioiiuy Lake to those
claims put iu shape.
Nels Cbisholm and his associate-
have just finished work for the season on the Ooodenough Group which
adjoins tho Ymir mine on the town
side. This group consists of four
claims uud Is traversed by a fine vein
of quartz about ten feet wide which is
interspersed with galena throughout.
Tho rich ore from tlio paystreak is
very similar in appearance to the
shipping ore from tho Ymir. The
mine has been opened up by   a  series
of openouti and the showing obtained
is very encouraging.
The Ymir nine.
The inii'.e manager reports tho fol
lowing for May: "Forty stamps ran
28 days 19 hours and crushed 2050
tons (iOOll pod lids) of ore, producing
789 ounces of bullion. The estimated
realizable value (gross) of tho product is $8450] 220 tons of concen
trates shipped, gross estimated value
$0250] cyanide  plant   treated    2090
Sum Miller has boon suffering
from an attack of fever this week,
Wo are glad to report that his condition is now improving.
Just before going lo press, a wire
from Nelson reaches us, that the
Ymir boys were snowed under in tho
baso bull game with Nelson. Better
luck noxt time All tho Ymir team
needs is a little more practice toget'i-,
er and they will make a fast combination
The Broken  Hill Com-
The returns from the mill til the
Wilcox mine this month will probably be tho largest on record. The.
ore which is now being used for tho
mill-feed is from the No. 2 tunnel on
the Wilcox vein. This tunnel was
run several years ago by ihe Canadian
Pacific Exploration Company, when
tons (2000 pounds) of tailings, pro ' that^any had the property un-
ducir.g bullion having estimated value,(]w ^ ,nlf Mm fo„owing . tho
of $1100; sundry revenue $900-$Io7. vvh> 0 |hort d;8tano0j by M)mL, moatw
700. Working expenses $15,000. tho-i,uunei was run along sidn ot it a
Profit $1700. There has been ex- dUtanoe o{ m f(,et Um,el. thfl
periled during the month on develop- pregent management> ,. drift [m bec„
ment work $1690." run from a point about forty  feet   in,
and the vein caught again at a distance of about eighteen feet from the
side of the tunnel. Here a line shoot
of ore, averaging about three feet
wide, and running from ?.'i5 to $200
per ton has been encountered. As it
is ditlicult to sort the higher grade
from the lower the whole body of
ore is being stored and put through
the mill, with the result that the
plates are now showing a remarkably
large quantity of gold recovered.
Development Work is also in pio
gross on the Fourth of July portion
of tho Broken Hill Company's property Here new stuping ground
12.j feet, long, has been opened up
consisting of high grade milling ore
running between $25 and $28 per
ion. Of this grade of ore the vein
shows a width averaging between 10
and 2H inches.
The above represent actual ore in
sight and are of themselves   sufficient
New Hospital   Regulations.
In the Provincial Gazette of this
week it is announced that His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor in Council has been pleased to make additional regulations governing the
granting of public aid to hospitals.
The most important clauses of
these new regulations are intended to
clear away any ambiguity in the existing .statutes, and are an outcome of
the trouble in connection with the
Ymir General Hospital.
Regulation No. 4. reads: "In computing under Section I of the Act,
tho amount of aid to which any hospital is entitled, the number of days
treatment shall be calculated from
the dale of admission and during the
stay, to date of discharge of each  pa-
lice of a hospital receiving aid under
the act, it shall bo the duty of the
Matron, or nurse in charge, to keep a
register of all patients admitted too
and staying in the hospital from day
to day, and said register which shall
show the name, date of admission and
disease for which patient is treated,
shall be certified to by said matron,
or nurse in charge, at the end of each
PiiKsiivTiiiiiAN Cut iw'H—M o r n i ii g
Services, I I n. m.; Sunday school 12;
Evening service, 7:,'I0. Voilng Peoples' Society meets on Friday evening
at R o'clock. All are welcome, Rev.
H. Young, M, A., Pastor.
tient as an inmate of such hospital."
Regulation No. 7, reads:    "In   ml-1 to guarantee a large   profit from   tl
dition to any register kept in the   of. future operation of the mine      Apart
from these however, is a large potential asset which bids fair to outrival
anything at present in sight. A little above the Fourth of July vein and
running parallel to it is a largo vein
of ore, which until the present summer has remained practically un-
lyorked, A short drift on this vein
from the surface opened up eight feet
of on; running $11 in gold. This
however does not represent the full
width of the vein, which on the surface is over twelve feet wide. A
crosscut ii now being run from the
deep workings ou the Fourth of July
vein to cut this vein at about I'i'l
feet deep, Should I". at this paint he
found lo have maiutisned its dimensions and average value as shown in
the surface work, tho Broken Hill
Company may   be   congratulated   on
what practically amounts to the  ills
eovery of a new mine, sullicieiit in itself to supply a large stamp mill for
many years of profitable work.
Altogether the present condition
and fill me prospects of   the    Wilcox,
never looked better than   at   pre* t,
There are large quantities of back-,
developed and in sight, in addition to
which recent surface exploration has
resulted in tracing tho Wilcox vein,
which diverged as explained above,
over a distance of suvoral hundred
feet. This is practically unbroken
ground, and tho probability is that it
will continue to show the values at
present luting recovered from the exposed portion.
The annual meeting of the Rl'Osen
Hill Company will be hold oil tl".' 9th
Inst, as announced in another part of
this issue, ft i- hoped all the local
stockholders will end",.or to i>e
present, when tltey will have   an    <*}>-
Hotel Arrivals.
Cosmopolitan IIo'iix — H S, New,
Klin; J. Thompson, Eric; L. A. Snyder, Nelson; Angel Jones, Erip; J. G.
Dun, Spokane; M. D, Clements, Erie;
G. Davies, Erie.
MoTjROn Iloi'sti—llev. J. Irvine,
Vancouver; John F. Iluine, Kelowna;
II. J. Moffat, (ireenwood; E. D.
Keuaiid, Peoria, III.; Cluis Scott,
Nelson; J. <i. Curruthois, Nelson;
Ti Livingston, Hall; N. Cliishohn,
Boss Hot si; -W.    j,    Brenner,
Moyie;     S.     McDougall,     Itossland;
Ralph Halligess, Minnesota;  F    Till
man, Minnesota; It, K.   Brown,    Neb
Ymiii lloi'Kl.—P. J. Hiiks, Vancouver; Miss Mi Malonoy, Nelson;
Scott Jones, Nelson; (< Allen, Porto
llico: J. O. Scribb, Spokane; II. J.
Tuttlo Jr. Chicago; E. Merrill, Nul-
W.u.nout' Ho'l'Kl,—Percy Jay tins,
Victoria; It. linker, Toronto; A. Swan
null, Nelson; Rev, F. Graham, Nelson;
C. Walters, Nelson; A Campbell,
Northport; J. S. Poston, Arrowhead:
C. Doyle, Spokane; J. Campbell, Nelson; W. Fullerton, Vancouver; J.
Stewart, Salmo.
Vancouver IIotix--L Peterson,
fog Horn Mine; Joe Jlonick, Ymii
Mine; Tlios. S enl, Erie; James Wet-
gents, Trail; Paul Deharnais, Ed llav,
OJlttSi DesroslerS, Wilcox Mine; Henry Cautine, Nelson.
porliiuity of inspecting the mine and
mill, after which they will prbbably
have adequate reason for congratula*
ting themselves on their  Investment,
W.J. Cook,  Grand  Folks,   grand
I'liblllshfld t-vurv Sat unlay and mulled to any
u<lt)ri'-s, op delivered by carrier In towo.
Sutiscriptlonb f/i.oo |,cr anuum, payable
id ad*
Adverll-ing rates, $1.50 per inch per month
Trn: IlKitAj.D can bu bad from all laadtns
newsdealer* la the dlbtrlct, or can be obtained
direct from the office.
Commercial printing* of every description
done od the premiaes'at standard prices.
The election of Trustees for the
Ymir public school district, held last
Saturday, resulted in the election of
three men, in whose hands the educational affairs of the town will be ably
and conscientiously administered.
Messrs. Ross and Clark are well
known business men of ability who
will bring to tho discharge of their
public duties the same forethought
end wisdom that they have displayed
in their private affairs. Mr, Peters
is a prospector and has lived in Ymir
for a number of years, has a family of
children attending the school and
will be suro to take a deep interest
in its conduct. While we do not
tare to criticize the acts of any former boards of Trustees in Ymir, it very
often happens that tho trustees elect
fail lo take the interest they should
in the details of its management.
There is no more important institution in our midst than tho schools,
and if it ii true that the public school
of a community, reflects the condensed intelligence of tho people, it is
highly important that it bo kept up
to the highest degree of efficiency.
Grand stewards—J. Warwick, Na-
naimo; G. I). Christie, Victoria; N.
Thompson, Vancouver; Dr. W. F,
Drysdale, Nanaiino; George N. Tay
lor, Trout Luke; and D. E. McKen-
zie, New Westminster,
The meeting of the Masonic Grand
Lodge last week, in Rossland, is a
milestone in tho history of tho Koot-
enays. In past years it was taken
for granted, that the only suitable
place for holding such meetings, was
one of the coast cities. The interior
and more particularly southern British Columbia, was considered almost
u "terra incognito." When such an
important body as tho Masonic Grand
Lodge, of British Columbia, honors
one of our Kootenay cities with its
presence and recognizes the district
among its prominent olticor.s, it' shows
the trend of opinion. The following
uio tho appointed ollicers:
District doputy grand masters—No,
1, district, P. J. Riddell, Victoria;
No.2, W. E. Vanstono, Now Westminster; No. .3, W. J. Harpor, Kani
loops; No. 4, J. Stone, Barkorville;
No. 15, D. Stephenson, Nanaiino; No.
tl. M, L. Grimmot, Sandon; No. 7,
W. G. McMynn, Greenwood; No. 8,
J. F. Armstrong, Forjt Stoolo.
W. A. doWolf, Smith, New Westminster, grand historian.
■I. J. Randolph, Victoria, grand
senior deacon.
P. H. Wilson, Chilliwaok, grand
junior deacon.
F. J. Baird, Vancouver, grand director of ceremonies.
W, J. Astloy, Rossland, grand
iittperintendont of works.
James Sclater, Vancouver, grand
W. J, Dovilt, Trail, grand sword
W.- J. Gurd, Cranbrook, grand
standard boaror.
W. A Jowctt, Nelson, grand  or* I
As was expected,   the   Republican
convention held last week in Chicago,
selected    Theodore    Roosevelt     and
Charles W. Fairbanks, of Indiana, as
the presidential and vice   presidential
standard bearers for the election to lie
held on November 4th, next.     As   a
matter of   fact,   the   convention   although it extended over  three   days,
could have concluded its  business   in
one, such was the unanimity of   opinion in regard both to  the  candidates
and the platform on which tho   party
will appeal   to   the   electors   of   the
great   republic.      Outside   of   being
chairman of the Senate, and such unfortunate   incidents   as   placed   Mr,
Roosevelt in   the  presidential   chair,
tho office of Vice President is of min
or importance, but Mr. Roosevelt   as
president of the United   States,   has
proven himself to be mne of the   lend
ing statesmen of the world to day,  In
his dealing  with  foreign  powers,  he
has always, while upholding the  lion
or of tho nation, been ready to rocog
nize the demands of justice and right.
In his conduct of the domestic  affairs
of tho country, which at  times  have
been troubled, he has invarably acted
with great tact and discretion.     The
platform os adopted by   tho   conyen
tion reaffirms  the   adherence of  the
party to tho policy of protection.    In
this particular it declares "Protection
which forwards and "develops our in
duslries is a caidinal   policy   of  the
Republican party and therefore  rates
of duty  should   be   readjusted   only
when conditions have so changed that
the public interest demands   the   al
teration."   Tho platform also endorses
Mr Roosevelt's viows   in   regard  to
the maintenance of a strong navy   to
uphold the influence of the  nation in
foreign affairs and also to onforce the
Monroe   doctrine   against   tho    encroachment of European   powers  on
the American Continent.       The two
above mentioned with a  small   para
graph inserted, declaring   the     party's policy to bo in favor of reciprocity in trade with other nations, aro tho
most important planks in   the   platform affecting us as   Canadians   and
llritishers, but   when   considered   in
the light of tho record   of   tho   past
two years, there is no  fear  that  tho
pleasant  relations  between   tho  two
groat members of  the  Anglo Saxon
race, will be in   the  slightest  degree
interrupted by the success of the Ro
publican party in the United   States.
The best brand of domestic
The Kootenay   Standard
1   J.   C.   <TheM~& Co.     j
Nelson, B. C.
§ w
W The Secretary of $
3K the above mentioned Ji
y|> Company invites ap-
<&j[ plications from parties
W desirous of working
w the Tamarac and other ...
W claims under lease. JJ?
}K For particulars apply: ili
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep the
Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything but
the FKESHEST here.    To-day we   offer   the   following,
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No. 1. Granulated Sugar, 15  pounds   for $1.00.
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A Splendid Laundry Soap 6 bars for     25c.
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YMIR LODGE, No. 32,   K.   P.
Mcots first   ahd   third   Mondays of month.
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
.). C. Drwak, C. C.
Milks MoInnis, K. II. S.
Meets train every morning,
except Sunday, for freight
anil passengers for Ymir
mill. By special orders on
Sundays. Or for Ymir mine,
-     ALEX. ODDIE. Prop.
Post Oflice  Store.   -   Ymih
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men.
Choicest  Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
YMIR. British Columbia
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'P he only all rail routo between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, (iraud Porks and Republic. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effective .hum H'.h. 1003,
lAtnve Daily Train Arrive
8.4ft a.m        Spokane il.l/ip.m
10 40 a.m        Hossland 4.36 p.m
»..'!..' a m Ymir ft 36 p m
7.20 a.m Nelson 7.20 pm
11:36 a m     Grand Forks       4.00 p.m
8.30 a.m Republic 0.16 p.m
In connection with
Ukkat    INorthbrn     llY
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Driluth, Minneapolis, Chicago
and all points Knst.
Senttlo,   Trtcoma.   Viclorln, Portland,
and all l'acitlc (ionst points.
Through Puisne anil Tourist Sleepers,
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S. H. SEANEY       •        -       .       YMIR, Be.
, ."''■ «-,*" •   •y"
-m   ..j.
The Dundonald Episode.
Lord Dundonald  Explains
How   the    Department
of Militia   of  Canada
is  Conducted.
Lord Dundonald in an article
igiven to the Canadian press states
briefly and tersely the causes of the
trouble between himself and the Department of Militia, which was afterwards made iv Cabinet issue with the
result that at a Cabinet meeting,
Hon, Sydney Fisher acting Minister
of Militia, secured the dismissal of
Lord Dundonald as Commander iu
Chief of the Canadian Militia. The
following is a summary of Lord Dun-
donald's letter as sent out in press
Lord Duudomild's fivo column
statement, given to tjie press, is a
summary of grievances which have existed since he first came to Canada.
He declares he sedulously kept out of
politics and sought only to improve
the force. He had not endeavored
to impose his policy on the Minister
of Militia or the Government, but
had sought to carry out the plans ap ■
proved by tho Government. His
claim for freedom extended only to
the "technical" side of the work. But
he asserts that his efforts were constantly hampered by interference
with that particular part.
"This interferance," he claims,
"began very soon after my arrival. It
has continued incessantly ever since.
Hon. Mr. Fisher's interest in the affair ot the Scottish Light Dragoons
was simply a final incident in a long
list of varous phases of obstruction.
My only reason for remaining in my
position was to benefit the Militia of
Canada, but my efforts were so pre
sistently blocked that I came to look
upon the case as a hopeless one.
It seemed to me that the best way
to help the Militia was to let daylight into the workings of the system."
He realised, moreover, that the
new Militia Bill would soon be discussed in Parliament, and that it was
his duty to give warning of certain
dangerous items before lt> was to late.
It seemed better to make a public
protest and leave with the Government the option of heeding it or of
opposing a system which is destructive to the efficiency of national defence,
He was in this frame of mind
when Hon.
as ho puts it, with tho Scottish
Light Dragoons. This brought matters to a head, It-precipitated his
resolution lo speak out, no matter
what the consequence.   "
Proceeding ho charges Sir Frederick Borden with suppressing a portion of his report and of characterising
it as "private and confidential,"
when he expressly told the Minister
lie desired it should be published. In
the li'O.'J report Sir Frederick Borden, he claims, struck out whole
pages without reference to the Won-
ii al.
"Among the portions so eliminated
were references to the condition of
the Permanent Corps, which 1 pronounced in many respects unsatisfactory," coiitinuos Lord Dundonald,
"Last year, for instance, the IV r»
maneiit Corps, with an establishment
of y'.io, was 207 under strength and
hud 277 enlistments and 154 desertions, Two small instructions bat
leiies at Kingston were practically
reduced to otio. Dissatisfaction in
the Permanent Corps and   its  urgent
requirements had been pointed out by
me to the Minister over since I camo
to the country.
A more recont instance occured iu
coriMiiion with tho organization of
the Ordnance Corps. Tho establishment of this corps   was   fixed   at   al
colonel, second in command, with the
rank of lieutenant-colonel, and three
lieutenant-colonels. This whs a
larger establishment than I would
have recommended had I been unhampered, hut Sir Frederick Borden
was anxious to have a number of
senior and highly paid posts, and the
scheme which he desired was carried
out. Soon after this I went to the
North.West. As soon as I had left
Ottawa the Minister of Militia ordered the Adjutant General to prepare
an order increasing the number ol
lieutenant-colonels to five thus giving
seven officers of the rank of lieutenant colonel to a corps of about 100
men. In this connection it must be
remembered that the most elemental)
requirements of the Militia were neglected for want of money."
The General then deals at length
with cases of what he calls ''political
interferance in the Sec ml Dragoons
and the Scottish Light Dragoons.
Me complains that his
for the promotion of officers was side*
Hacked, that nothing was done to
procure suitable training grounds and
that many other suggestions were
pigeon holed. Proceeding, Lord
Dundonald says:
"It may bo a matter of indifference
to some whether the Militia lacks
guns, rifles, ammunition, equipment
and all that is nece.-suy to make tho
fighting force efficient; it may be a
matter of indifference whether tho
great North West, with its splendid
fighting material, is to be loft in the
defenseless state, without a gun and
with patriotic oilers to organize urgently-needed corps ignored; above
all, it may be a matter of indifference
whether other considerations beside
military considerations influence the
choico and advancement of the mili
tary leaders of the people, but as I
am now free to speak more openly on
matters I have often referred to in
public, I desire hero emphatically to
warn tho people of Canada, that,
though they may bo indebted for tho
integrity of their territory, and. indeed their national existance, to tho
forbearance of others, they are as regards their preparations for war and
their belief in readiness to successfully resist aggression, living iu a fool's
paradise "
He concludes: 1 take leave-of the
Canadian Militia with regret. My
relations with tho officers and men
have been exceedingly pleasant. My
observations of the force have confirmed the high regard which I formed iu South Africa of the soldierly
qualities of Canadians. From my
brother officers and fellow-soldiers of
the rank and file I have received loyal, ungrudging support, which I can
never forget. Had I been able to
help to place these troops of such fine,
natural qualities in that thorough
stato of preparedness which is their
duo, and which the nation desires, it
would havo been an achievement of
which I should ever have I oen
When Truth :s   beheaded   an I   Lib-
i rty threatened:
When traitors conspire and  attempt
to enthral;
When grafters and plotters their fangs
havo embedded
In the heart   of   our   country—then
woe to us all.
When Justice is bleeding and    Chris
tians unheeding
Are dead to their duty ami   Heaven's
Then wolcom i tho courage that shows
tho misleading
And crowned   be   wjth   honor   who
warns our dear land,
Right Noble Dun lonald, your countrymen hail yon,
We'ro proud of your record of honor
ii nd fame,
But grieved  that  political  schemers
assail you,
We bow down our   beads   'neatl;   the
weight of our shame
"A Foreigner,'' youl in our Empire of
"A   Stranger'"  are  you?   where   the
Union Jack llies.
No, no, and we say to the chief prince
of Thraldom,
The coward who said it—we tell   him
he lies
Might Noble Dundonald, you are not
a stranger
To honor   untarnished,   which   snobs
cannot mar;
Your laurels were won when   fighting
our battles,
Your name is illustrious in peace and
in war,
Like your sires, brave   and   loyal,   a
soldier and genius,
We boast Noble Cochrane, your lineage anil  race,
And well  may  you  scorn  the   rude
insults of claptraps,
For yours is  the  Honor—but   theirs
the Disgrace.
Respecting Coal and   Petuoi.elm
Lanos in South-East Kootenay.
NOTICE is hereby given that licences to prospect for coal ami petroleum
upon and under lands situated  within
', 13lock   4.593,   South-Eagt    Kootenay,
\ will lie Issued forthwith to nil persons
who have maife propel' application, ill
pursuance   of   thu   provisions   of the
j "Coal Mines Act" and amendments.
I The fee for each licence will he if 100,
and all applicants who have not do
posited accepted bank cheques to oov-
er that amount are hereby required  to
' do so without further notice. .
Licences will In: issued in the follow-
' ing form, ylsss—
"Miking Licence issceii under  the
Coal Mines Act and Amendments.
"In consideration of one hundred
dollars now paid under the said Acts,
and gubjnet to the provisions thereof,
I. W. S. Gore Deputy Commissioner,
acting for the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works, licence
to enter, prospect,
search and work for coal and petroleum (but no other metal or mineral)
upon, in and under all that piece or
parcel of mineral land situated in and
forming pari ot Block 4,5(18. East
Kootenay District, and described as
und not exceeding in   the   whole   six
hundred ami forty statute acres.
"Owing to Ihe number of applicants
for lioonces In prospect for coal and
petroleum, and the peculiar circumstances Burn nulling the application for
the issuance ol these licences, and the
well known fuot that the issuance has
been   unavoidably  suspended   for     so
many months, the Government of
British Columbia finds it Impossible *o
determine the equitable rights of the
numerous applicants. Therefore-, for
tlie purpose ol enabling all persons to
go before tin' proper tribunal for the
determination of their respective
lights and priorities, this licence is
issued Mini accepted subject lo such
prior rights id other persons as limy
exist by law. and the date of Ibis Ii
ceneirls not to be taken or held to
waive cnqtii..' by the Courts into thu
proper peiluiiuancu of all conditions
precedent as between adverse claimants; and (either, on the understanding that the iloveriimi ut shall not be
held responsible for, or in connection
with, any r'iitiict which may urine
.villi other I'laim.ints of the same
gtound. aid thut unili-r no circumstances will licence fees lie refunded.
"And the ladder hereby waives any
claim or demand against the Government Slid expressly agrees not lo take
any steps or preceedlngs, or present
any petition, to enfoice any alleged
.diuin or demand against the Govern*
ment of Ihe Province of British Colum-
in arising nut of the issuaneu of this
licence or uf any other ninltcr or thing
sppretalnlng thereto.
"The land being under reserve from
.re emptii'ti and sale this license does
i.il include "iiy tight other than the
■ight lo piii.-pi;ct for coal and petrol
■'the duration of this licence is
or oue year from the ,11)0.
To   Relieve   Slocum
Jacob H. Schifl, treasurer of the
committee appointed by the mayor to
solicit subscriptions for the relief of
the victims of the Slocum disaster,
reported to-day that the committee
had thus far received over $90,000.
Absolutely pure gold is 24 carats
fine. Every carat less represent* the
amount of other alloy present. Thus
II carat gold contains 10 parts copper
silver or other metal. Gold lias never been found absolutely pure, a small
percentage of silver always accompanying it.
The greatest known platinum min
ing district in the world is that of the
valley along the river Iss, in the
Urals, Russia, for a distance of 85
miles. The annual platinum production of this valley has for years, ex
ceeded 1.50,000 ounces, and, in fact,
it represents fully two-thirds of the
world's entire output
Please take notice that the adjourned Annual Meeting of the Broken Hill Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's Office, at the
Mine, on Saturday the 0th day of
July, 1904 at 1:30 p. in., for the
reception of the annual report and
such other business as may come
before the meeting.
Yours truly,
A. H. TciTi.B,
The miner should not forget tho
fact that mineral specimens of rare
nature, or specimons showing fine
crystallization, are much sought for
as additions to mineral cabinets The
business of collecting minetals has
grown so that there arc 20 dealers
through the country who'are always
on the lookout for fine cabinet specimens and s'und ready to purchase at
any time specimens showing fine crystallization or rare minerals. Many
fine specimens are thrown on the
dump, their value not known. Tho
average good-sized crystallized or rare
mineral will bring dollars apiece at
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods.
Shelf Hardwaro,
Builders' Hardware?
Paint, Oil, find (llas.s.
Tinsmithing and Repairing
of every description done.
"Ili'liuty UotnDlllllollor of l.ioeli * Work-.
-I.inal- mid Work* |)>>i>uriiai*ni.
Vluturln. 11.(1.. ,U0."
It. V, (illKI-.i,
ClilffOoiniululensrof I<andi .*- Worki
i.mill*, unit tVorki DspftrtmtDl,
Victoria, Ii. U.i Dili Jinn.', loot. j«*u
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Binou Sthbkt,        -        - Y.mik
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High ' Grade ■ Coffees
Hotel Ymir f
Tho Host Meals
And Accommodation
In Town.
A fine selection of Wine
Liquors and Cigars.
J. W. MASTEESON,     Prop,  t
•»♦+ +♦•»♦+♦»♦♦ »♦♦♦ ♦•»♦»♦.♦♦♦♦♦
Wilson & Harshavv
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - 81.00
Copper, - - • « - §1.50
Cold-Silver, • - - 81 .*"•«
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer All'),   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for Hilling
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel iu tho district.    Everything first-class.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and 1'misapplied with the best
in the market.
Right opposite depot,  Ymir
SAM MILLER, Prop.     /
Headquarters for Mining Men
Bar   supplied   with   best brand-, of
wines, liquors and cigars.
Piiist AvKMUli,
Ymiii, B. ©
NELSON & FT. SHEl'l'Alil) RY. CO
V. V. & E   RY. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. it N. Co., fbr points east,
west and south ; connects at Uoss-
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. II.
>b N. Co. for Kaslo ami K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
firoenwood and  Midway, II. C.
Bullet cars run on trains between
Spokane and Republic ,
II. A. JACKSt in
General Ptiissnngor Agt.
Spokane, WiMi.
$2.0Q per annum.
W&* W. TAIT,
.1.  RUDDY
We    carry   the
sviid Cigars,  Stout,
IK,  Ii. ('.
lira nils
and   Wine.
No Summer Session.
Hon. Ii. F. Green defends
the policy of the Mc-
Bride government.
Hon. R. V. Qreen, Provincial
Minister of Mines, visited Rosslund
on Monday lust, and in an interview
with n World representative, is reported to have made the following
statesmonts regarding the policy of
the McBride government:
'■When approached on the main
topic of the day, tho coal and oil licences, the Minister of Mines -held
concurrently with the premier that
the way the promises had been redeemed as to the «oal and.oil licences
was the only practical way it could
have been undertaken at all The
position of tho government was mere
ly this, that they should issue a licence to any applicant. It seemed
that, some places had been staked
over and over. It was unfortunate
that this was tho case, but the government could not exorcise judicial
function and say too which applicant
n licence should be granted, and to
which others it should be denied.
This was not their office and it could
not be expected of thorn to take tiny
other course than the sensible one
that they havo adopted.
Referring to a summer session Mr.
(irccii declared that at one time Premier McBride had hoped to present
some railway legislation to the house
and for this reason the holding of a
session \va8 entertained. But as
nothing had been arranged tho Government did not propose to full into
the mistakes of some of their prede
cessors and flood tho country with
a lot of paper railways.
Coming to the question of a two
per cent, tax on low grade ore the
Minister of Mines said that the mat
ter was ono hedged round with difficulties. Some attention had been
paid to it in the past nnd the matter
would in all probability be taken up
al the coming session. It was the
incidence of the taxation that was
complained of more than the tax itself and in the same way much more
harm hud been done by the agitation
against tho tax than, in his opinion
was done by this particular levy.
However he recognized that harm had
been done and the government would
undoubtedly take up the matter and
see how tho tax could be altered so
tint its incidence would not bear so
heavily on low grade mines."
The Fifth Regiment British Artil
lery bund of Victoria, li. C, will
furnish inuiio at the Spokane Interstate Pair this fall, October .'trd to
litli, This is one of the famous military lands of Canada, and they expect to play a long engagement during the summer at tho St. Louis Exposition. They will play during the
day at the fair grounds, and also give
a number of evening concerts.
E. W
The Annual Premium List of the
Spokane Interstate Fair is out. It
ionics in a now shape this year, being
about the size of a railroad folder and
opening on the longer edge. It is a
lery convenient size, and is well
worth reading.
Among the changes observed,   ono
of the most important is   the   largely
increased prizes in the   fruit   depart'
incut.    Besides this there is   a   complete new department oxclusivoly   for
'lie children, and now   prizes   in   tho
Fine Arts Department,     livery tlivis
inn shows changes, more or   less   im
pot 'tarn.    Copies of this book may Is'
obtained   by   addressing    lioht.    II. j
Coxgrovc, Mannfier, Kooin   .'I'.'U   Mo.,
hawk Block, Spokane. I
is   Religion   on  The
A prominent clergyman   declared,
not many days ago, that religion was
on the decline, and that at the rate
things were go'ng it would not take
long for mankind to completely Jose
its faith.
Was the clergyman telling the
truth, or was he laboring under an
honest delusion]
The trouble with the minister in
question, and witn those who would
agree with hiin, is this—they con
found religion with theology and
conclude, because the latter is having
such a hard time of it, that the former is going by the board.
It is a great mistake to fall into; a
mistake that is pardonable, perhaps,
in a layman, but inexcusable in a
Between religion and theology
there is, to begin with, a tremendous
When a man feels that lie is tlie
child of infinite Lore, and that that
J-ove has him ever in its 'keeping, he
is religious.
When a man, not stopping with
this feeling, goes on to argue about
it, and finally formulates tho results
of his argument into certain bard nud
fast propositions, he becomes theological.
It is possible for one to be thoroughly religious without having such
hard and fast propositions, just as it
is possible for him to have any number of them without being at all religious.
Religion is the sentiment of the
soul; theology is the carefully formulated logic of the head.
Religion is what humanity feels
and hopes about God and the life to
come; while theology is the result of
the attempt on man's part to reduce
the feeling and hope to mathematical
certitude and clearness.
There can be no sort of doubt
about the fact that theology is on the
decliue We can see the evidences of
the fact on every hand.
The creeds are breaking up—as
the icebergs go lo pieces when, drifting down from the frozen North they
come in contact with the warm wu-
tera of the Gulf Stream.
Theological dogmatism is losing its
hold upon the intellect of the age.
The great majority of thinking people, even in the churches, havo no
use for it. It is to them as a "tale
told by an idiot, full of sound and
fury, signifying nothing."
But while theology is declining, re
ligioit—the SOutlmont of the soul, the
instinct of the heart, which causes us
In feel that all is well with ourselves
and the world —is as powerful as ever
it was.
Humanity is not being dehumanized It is as human as ever it was;
and to-day, as was the case ten thous
and years ago, men and women are
charmed by the call of the Highest.
It. is the souse of the infinite,
which has been in man's soul from
the beginning, and which will be
there to the end,
It. is the sense of the Grand Completeness, of which this little life is
but the faintest hint—an Inspiration
which call never perish from the great
heart of humanity while that heart
beats upon this planet.
It is because the men anil women
of to-day are the possessors of more,
rather than of less, religion, as com-
|sired with their ance-lor- of the long
ago, that they are breaking with   the Second Ave.
creeds and turning the cold shoulder
upon the old time dogmatism
The people Of to-day are skeptical
of the ancient dogmas not because
they are irreligious, but because they
are religious to a much groater extent
than people oyer were before.
If Christ should come to America
to-day He would And  a   great,   many
more people who could appreciate and
love Him than He found in old
Jerusalem two thousand years ago.
There were never so many Christ-
like men and women on earth a*;
there are right now.
fn the best and highest sense ol the
word, there aro more pure-minded,
right-thinking, right living people on
earth in this year of grace 1904   than
could have been found at any
vious period in the history of
Minerals containing radium have
been discovered in the province of
Quebec. The-ore from which radium
nod oxide of uranium have been extracted was taken from a white-mica
mine about 18 mile- back of Murry
Bay, in Charlevoix county. White-
mica deposits exist at several points
in Quebec and eastern Ontario.
FOB   TllK   NEXT   :;o    DAYS   WE   WIU.    (ilVF
20 per cent, discount
On Clothing, Furnishings,  Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps
In  Groceries   we   DEFY   competition,
We will not   be   undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
For $6.00 We offer a regular  -130.00   Pel,
For $25.00 We offer it rejmlar  ,/S
.*Vss.\ l I NO.
\V. A. Hnfsebmidt.
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John Phjllicrt.
Bill OS.
T. H, Atkinson
I). Campbell.
DesBiisny Jobbing Co.
Newitt & Co.
W'Uliaiii Clark.
I). Campbell.
DnsBilsay Jobbing Co.
S  H. Seaney.
V. S. 'I'. Koss.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau.
MeLeod House—Finlay MoLootl,
Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tait ifc Ruddy.
Koss House-—C. Archibald.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer,
Waldorf—George Column.
Ymir—J. \V. Masterson.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleaner.
Herald Publishing Co.
T. H. Atkinson.
I>. Campbell.
s. Ii. Soanoy.
Harslmw A Wilson.
Jsckson & Leahy,
Alex. Oddle.
Wlliaui Chirk.
%J?  •    •   «     Saxdon $40.00 Belt   % J
Both" these BELTS are in First Class Condition.
Directions how to use, with each Belt.
Only two left.   Call or send for them.
Drugqists and Opticians, Ymir
... -A GOOD WATCH...
at $12.50
1> size, N ickel, open face, 17 jewel, adjusted, Walthani   01
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Same as above with #> year Gold Filled Case, $20.00
We especially recommend this watch to working men.
.Send for one while they last
W-e cany a very large stock of fine railroad movements.    Prices of which we
will he pleased to give on application, or send C. O. D. to  any
address  for inspection.
Watchmakers and Jewellers   -   -   NELSON, B. C.
J Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
• Rates $1.50 to s?2.50 per day.
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
J »*W*y IfTOflfWflTif W» W7Tf 7l7lf wlf» TOWWTO WW w WTOVTW o
Ymir   Bakery   and   Cafe
Short orders a specialty. Freeh bread,
cakes and  pies daily.
First-class Dining Room,
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors and ignis.
Shirts and Overalls     ^
When they come from
Factory at Victoria.
P. 0. Box 36,    *    Nelson, B. 0.
Union   Label   on .every  Garment.
«.«««e«"6«i «*«««*«*««««« ««««««««««« *.«*««!«•:«««««*:««:«<:• *
► ♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Please forward Tiik Ymih Herai.ii for
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed $	
Tin*: llr.it.M.n is published   every Saturday morning and
contains all  the news of the camp.
ltATKs--Pi.it YiiAit, $2; Haw Ykau, *l. v


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