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The Ymir Herald 1905-06-10

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■J Li
.:.- i90i
V ii.. i—Ni). I-
VMM;, ll. c, SATUIvlUY, JUNE 10 mo:.
1'i'Hf |-'|\ i;  ( 'i \ i
■aawaagr ..■""..,.-
•.*-"«•*'•       -•-. Energetic School Trustees  . .....
Will   i'i li i:| nil■:. 1;    is    [ittny
,e oui. basing expedition,
Till' school   !|'ll-lee-   for     lllll     Vnill
school  uc    lo   li-,-   complimented     ui
j their energy   und   o.i-im.-s  acumen
fining  licences. A   Policy That   Depopu*
•fiitveun ,-,iii.„-,<"pi.i::t Uio.ti the    lates Canadian Towns
Im connected with the issue of  mm        *ri      t ,
......I,,., I   , i-,,, ,  ',.,, , 11"' above ;- lin-. Mile ot ., •  ...
' ' *"'   ■""'   ing li.'iiee-; ivhiuh lim.    c..ii-idei.,!,!,. , ,    ,.      ,. , '     '
ISSllCll  Iif  Hie     -V'l-i'H      li      .
I ecu shipped from tie*   Yankee   tlii I
nmbiguii v as to its
it   vear   mi     npprnpiiation     nils   ,. , " --"!" » proper   interpretn-     ,-,,  „,..:.     ,•
I'i   ti.Kdtvard   l-uii.-ui,,    former.,    .„,„.,    t-„,   __/_      „,,     L„. ,   '--' l-m <1,.- !'i,i,:!,c an,'    um,    1,,,,,,   ,*„„.    s,,,,„:, :: „f ,!„■ .\,,   ,,,'    [m	
uf Yinir, in now practising nl \iriin
mpniil    ol
ll,;.  i (ij ui iiiii'- i i.'iv puhlishe ! in ll ■'
around t!i,• -cliuiil. of brush anil   titn- '   '" says ('A person  y at any time priori pe|.     rUs u potvurful ivri'.-iiguuicnt  n|
bn- ivhich constituted a menace   I'l'mn      The lessro-j nf the P  Hico   mine   thereto, and not later il|ai    ilu*   :',l-i   the arguments put forward ""l^    |),n;
Hunk Noll was a   visitor  in   town   firo during the dry season     The work   l,re •■*'«' di>velop;ng some high   grade  of May, .     . . obtain fro,,, the   I"'"* ,,,,*, i;,.,-. M .    I',    in   favour'„)'   ibu
,i   week and    it-:   us    prodigious   a.*- j however was done by voluntniy laborl "re. "I1,J tlie '■'•'■ '*■ '" •-"'  xtarteil   up! per ollicer, on payment of tho   pi-0P*-'' Great Northern Hy , suhei ,   ,.
a number of llie boys turning  in and  in two weeks limi!     ll   ia   also   ihe j fee, a fine miner's certificate   running I st-ruution jn tbe Siniilkampun disti   i
•molding a hue."    The money secured   intention In-.-tart t,p   i|i„* compressor  from midnight on   the   :l|-i    day   of  M„ j.rona| .-..j,,.. .,„,,„..:,   *,•„   ,
was utilised in   Ltiilding   fences   nnd   P1'*"1 May in any year tu midnight   of   the1
I'.. : . •
J-e I.   . 1 liy il     ;o.I"     lo     lit.    Ill  lllll'
again n little, Iiii*    is    yel     far    fri.ii
pel lint be holds no briel !■ ;■ ' i. -   (j
-ilher  iniproveiiienls.       Rlforts   were       The Union Jack mill. „„,.„. i-'-'"^ "t Mat  „-•..    thereafter,    '" i p. l1., 1,,„]„.„,,,,,,, lK ,„   .l,,,,^,,,,,,,,
(then direeled to securing   n   furtber   pi,.e is regaining its ,.|.)-ti|,*e   reputa-  n"y ""' r'<t .il*t day of May."        til,s their case as ag,,iir--|    ibe   '!,   -,
:" '/'■ ;, ■»li!.-'"-'"11'..   nun   i-i   'I   I appropriation to buy the ground   thus   ii,„,      The   f,,,,-,.   winking   ou    the      ?"w   "' ''' " '"'''"' IJVrl' >' lk'cllcu 's ■ Nm il.. ■ n ii.   n    ver*. pb-Ui.    »„.|
;.   Ncivill, lias been" down    with    an   ,.!,.,,,.,!   .,,.,] ., , ,,,,.,,;,..,,:,,., ,...,.,.;,,.,i   , ,., . i ,.   .   Iil'inte.d lhe Instruction lo   il Ilice.r   i ,    •     ,
iie.uin, nun a (tiuituuniiiiiuin leieiicu   l^ueeu mini1, lime tipi-und up two.  feel   ' '       luminous niantior     It is tin-     ,,-,.
'. . f pneuni' ilia, lu- we .oe glad   this week, iiiim-iinees thut the   appro   of -olid "iilena m
lie-eles  tt I
ISsUlllg lllll    same,      i,,     ||
■i i, is ii litile b -ui r.
prhition has been iui.de, and the iuuii> j whole face of lho drift is   in   a   good
., tu!   ..I.e.-tp. u-.-.i li.l*. .„,  Second   '-)' "ill be available after tlio 1st July,   (,,-ade of shipping m-i*.
making tlie holder enlilled to ill    the
rights mi I prit jlege,   of a   free   miner  ,
"""'  tion ot' th.- Tribune, and   one   it!
i'lie-.e lots are cleared    and - Tlitue i-ircuinstaiices indicate llui
I'nli irk  1'lal k  1- pi
from llie u.i Inigli! of tli ■ ijav  imincd-
ivu think is a pel fectly ;.i-i on .
In- objec* of tin- projected U. S
is Iq tap the : icli  Siiiiilkiiiueeu   i on
:,g   par.   of   tbe    baseball   -I «l.    .he    Provincial   Gote nl     , L^ '- "'™«'   '"    "7   Mely precee-Jin-, the  ,l„y   u„   iil-.iel,   t,-v „,„! build on, no.  to   ,1,     I!
Tin: firs! instalment of  thu   fisher-
ll.cil -   pic.lic III   ('-.i|'...:l!'.lili ll   I,-ll.e     le
!' rued on Friday lust, nnd reported u
tcb of '.'.'."i trout and one poroupiue
thu enormous burden uf eicpei
liiilu I by the old systom of running
tho I's lucational ili'pni tinent, ibern is
n-i iiiggarillines**' or   pn-niiiut    e\lii-,
uenlly, it' u pel son ne.dects to
ire ensv ,   itipni.-• 1   i
the grades n
lo'iie thi nigh !'. ''.    T! i     |
I"* xiippl.*****, I'"' ' licial intimation   ,,„ ,;,,,„,, ,,,„,; ,J!(. N ,,,-   ,,ill...    ,„
tul1"11 e|''"Jt ■•«■• '"'"' ";;"'1    >'et.   tv„uld on lluil day receive   „    licence., •
Tl,.-!.-..,.- iiiio.it four eiiiloads   nf  .-..;.-in	
ready for shipinont,
entitlinu l.im to nil   the   rights   .md  „*■ ,„,,,,,„,,, „,,   AN1„ll:(li f
filed in putting tho sc Is  iu    goodl '■"" privileges as I    niiiluighl    of   the'     :(111a(|,i's natura mrces,      ,\
-i   :ill' Tuck is advertising a   slier-   .i,.,,,,. The leturns from the   Secouil    !!••-   ;'lsl May.    Hi   old   licence   is   valid   n       n ,
suapi - ( iinaiiiiiii entei pi i-e i«   in   i!ie   li
iFs sale of the unv mill machinery of       Afuilher   probable   iiupiovenieiil Ul'f   """"   i"v"   '"'••»   exceptionally   until liiiduighl uf the same  day,   and   u „!, ,|„. ,,,,,.,,,: i„,,.,,,,,,.,,„,,,,. ..
M-i-ii,-    .mt    mill    on     l'ornipiin. ,,„ v.| ;.. i, ,|,. ,niM.,,„ .„,. ,„lW    woi-k- good since tlie couiiiiencoineiit of work   hence there   i.   no   interval   during   tl,u nch minernl wealtb   of   ilm
neck.    The sale comes off in    Nelson |ng, is ihe   raihing   of   the   teacher's this year, and very good profits   bate   ivhich bu piivilogns have    npsed,    i" j tiii_-t, mul jn-uviijci]    thai    lb    i.
on tbe 15th inst. salary.    They have had every enoour '""'" """'"     Tl Ill-a-rs of the  oom--    spito of the fact that he wn Iu-V  interests is ei|Uttlly   well ll„
A party consisting of the    VanDe ageuieiit that the raise will bo  grain-. I'any are devoutly praying for rain, to   behind tl.e day in. d in lhe   statute I Canadian   ml,.,.    J„, . i    ..
Hogart Bros., Archibald, Tattle,   At ed, which will permit of t lie   engage-1 >"*P "P ""» F "   Vt!>\   -'-ll-'y    of j "s Um lai.t on    ti-hicl,   his   eerlilicate   lili.,-,,. (,     ,)|iim.^    ,,    _   .       (i|
eiy, McDougall and Mclvenzio,   tic, ut of a ma'.o leiicluf. ivater power. .coulddie n  deiivored lii   .1     thai    tbe   .;,    ■
■m a   I'-iimg   picnic   io   Cottonivood  •**•"  — Nurlhern   Im-   done   more   I'm
Lai    on Wednesday, Tho B. C, Siiuidard Co.,   iml   nun 4***4***4******4.4***4*4>4**^  LeViis «& Clark Exposition   niining interests of H. ,C  ilu,,,,
out tbi-. ii .-ek,   surveying    it-   witter
;.in ■ creek
<* 1'. I'. Ii.; bul  the   ligures   iju n   I   I.t
4'    The following'letter   mldresseil   to tho Tribune show ihat tb
j'he Ymir Fool   lit!!    I'lull    is    the
-.,      •       .*       | rights on 1 *i 'I'l-iij iin • ei ecu. —                                                             w       .>7'   'H'm .,,.-->..i    ...   me i rioime sjioiv ttin ti
,                          i.i i       ♦ ,                        t,.,-*>   the I.ieuteininl  Uoveriuii'   "!'    llritish   lie  ease.    The  tdiole   iiumtiltlei   ,-
Llellogart  i-   captain,   and   practices       A    telegram    iccei.td yeslei-day   -> \ itoss lllllI'KL'I      III    tills*    , ,
.,,,,, * ♦  i ..liiiiilmi explains itself:
are being arranged every evening   nn  from iMontreal, aiinounees Un,   mar-   * i
"   iiiiet* illllicntOH   that 5 >-" H. 0. July tin Iiotbiniere,        able presenlmeiit of tlm   mi.     :.indi
'.lie bill ground, which is moro  stiited . ringe of Miss Kthel (lim (formerly of « "I
lo foorhall than it is to biisebail. lho Yinir  l-tospital)   ...   Mr,   Jn
A reward ot' *?000 i-   I mm  ofi'ered
I raig, it, i
:i ii
vour snlisci ipi nm !•- iii   nr
ietitenniit-Governor of |1, C.    ii.,,,„ yoveriiing lhe i-ailtvay   situaiioii
Victoria, II. i'. in Sotiiliern Uritish   Coluitibiu,       \,
■   ;.     ...t.-,„„..,,:   :      ,.- ,    ,   .„ aoniinoix-ial ...an,  e.itly   from      ♦ ivnr aiiil we would  in' -\m\ *
paint'iminufiieluiingcoiieen. in Bi.sU !f to lieni'    l:'"!n   Villi    if   villi I \ Ukc ^"7" '." wt,,ti"" tlml    "ith.   ll| journalists noted  for  tbei,   t
leading lo the ca| line and i unvictit n
of lie- inuidercrs iif Michael Cl-u-k, n
section iiniii tile, tut- found I-i ui.-illt-
murdered ne.-u  llossbi.td lust  mouth.
.:.ilm   i li.o-l .-li, of Nl l-.i,, i--   in-i-,
old ciiniirv, ami  repi-esents   a   large  4
. in   Canada       Tl Herald     join-  $
with nialil   olliei-    of    Mi -.     Cl'ttitt'i
J      Ui-iir Sir:    On behalf of the   Lewis I reply in the Hill int.e--ij.si      hat
4  and Clark Cetiteniiial    lixposiliou,    I   parently    ben'u   mi,a..; I,   .. ■     ,,.
viow of doing htjuor to tbe greal   I'm-  and llotvery extravagaiices have    I    i,
„,', ♦ it i-li I'. Imve il   riiiiiiiiiinl.   J   viueo of BritWi Columbia and organ-  retained
Ymir friends, In wishing    .1 oupl
every happiness nnd pros pi 1 ii t.
'    44444**0******************
4   izing 11 hi'.it-iii.iiic movement bv which
tliu peoplu of il;"   no ion-   coiuiiiuui- ■
I ic in llu   J.'ioi in, e ran.   in    sllbsl'lll-
Hotel Arrivals
i. i.i:..ii 11..n:i.: -
1 ■ ■ 111 that those aldei'jnan ithodii   iml
,., ,           11.,                   11 A nice point of law has been   mi--       The tunnel mi lhe Yankee  Hul    i-.   |,,| 1,,,,,,1,,-i-s   o rue,,. 1., 1 i ii   ml „„
-;e In to stand by tbeir jarlv pledges .                           .        .                                                                                       nm uumueis, ariunge 10 tun nun en        x
,, ,',. ,,• ed in a n 111 case   in   Nelson,      A. now in about 350 feel     At 300   feet    :„.. i|1H ninnifnlil  .., 1..,.,t;,,,,,■   ,„|,.„„
•liould resign,    It  tl.:-,    is   11    proper .                                                                                                                     l'l **"■  mauiioiu   ituiianoiiai    iuiiiiii    (,   .,         .,   «.
,   .             •        .-, -       ■ 1 Btnkes a claim but does not record   it. a conuoction has   been   nut   through    1 ,..,.< -»... 1 -al,,.,- ,11- ....;   ,1,1,. \-\ .           usiiuii, ne.sou;
rule in municipal aflalis, voy   nm   in ' *"ol"""" '""    n" " l!  ■" ".'  '••     1    \,  1 v     1
,   „      ,    1  , B. comes nlong a few days after, and to the shaft which is   ml   feet   doop.    nosilion Vhii V.vnmittiin   M mm       'inm-isoii, norm port;
provincial ullairs!    John   appeiu-s   .0 ■                                                                                   1      posmoii, iin   i.xpn.iiiiiin   .uiimigeuiuiii    .   (.  ,,   ..
.,.  ,  .,                           ... before   |ii   days   have expired,   111.d The hisl  I50feetof the   tunnel   and    1.,, ,i,., .;,|,.,i ,,', ■.,.<    ....... t   ilu,    ,„,,;.„l   ' '   "'   '   ''"'■
I hink the cases are iml siiniliir. ' "" • '."  'L   apan   tnu   penoii   .   -.,,, .■ ,
makes a location oyet the same ground up Ihrnugh the shaft is   nil   in    high*   commencing  Monday    July    .1    ami   ' '        , teen, .mi-oii;
Tlio Ymir f  ball club is   in   re. iV|,ieh ho duly records,    Months later grade shipping ore,-whilii   ir    sur    ending .Saturday, July S, M   --|';, i'u.i, ''"'"' l!""' l';''i,';
'•'•'Pt of a telegram fn.-in J   A.    Ki'k- wh,,, |! ,„.-,i;,s ,, v.,1,-,,!'lii-,-li,i,„,    A face ii.dicatioiis    -*! t' would   Columbia Week '     Separate days   in   °  1Jl"'bl'iclf' Sul ;
palrickseerelniyoftl.e !<""-juomes along and declares lluil   II   has appear I ntinue 1 siderably   fur-   the week can be designated by muni    W  ''' U'|II';""M"1- N"'-"
ranteed and tl ■ piyb-iliiliiy   i-   .,,-„., ,1,,. ,|,,„.   „,■   |iis   location,   I be
a  nilllcli  il il] l.e ill   HI
lime allowed l.v law for   111.iking   tin
cipalitics of .lie   Province   for    their
Wednesday Inst.    Tl,  is a   heavy   Haj" has already I .1   arranged   for
C OK.uoi'oi.n t*. Ilii'ii-.i.: -
II. < I.t en, Spokane;
initteo for lhe Domini ■•.i.i   eekibra-.   no tide, Kince when ho made his loca-1 ther pasl the shaft
lion ni    N'elson,   rhu  i-uging   for   a  ,;,„,, ,\ was owner of the ground,  1." I     ,.      ... ,,, ,    ..   ■ ,,,-.,,
,,,,,. I     ion. Wollle   brought   .Lout   some   i'~l"'iii' -p'-i i-.i " le.it.iiions ,u    1 in-   .    .    .
innlcn nn l'..i.iiinoii ! • ■■•       I'.xpenses   ;,,,, ,,ii,;ii,,.i ,,, :,    ...,,-a   ,-..■.,.,,,,   .]„,.. ,,       .. ... .   , '   /inaorson, .Nel-,,
.. iit^iiiioii.iioii     110111     11111 1 11    out-     ,       ,     1 ■ . ,      ,.     1 I*..,,,,,,,,,,,,        t   *lt ,,■,,.,,,,,,, 1.,
fine looking ore f I  lie rug can   on    *A ""•' '""      ■'     1'onolin.ii ol 1 an el-   ,..
I I,, ,....,■ 1 1     1 ,..'*• ,Ih' mOII,    lei 1,1.
K  U'l.i"-   Fernie;
■I.    AUIl   .11.    Nel-,,,,
iilphlde, which should run high,   Mr. Salurday, July  1st,
The Ymir Lodge cfti-lv   - --, of  reeord.    ll-.. .en:.,,,,   ,-   thai    A \ \v„,„„ ,„„.„,, ,,,„ ,|„„.  h   a   g I       If this plan 1 ith   your   a,, ..:;.. ;~"'
Pythias will hold a  ...1 .'  .i.-.i- cl. , neve.'  having   been   leoordwl,  foup feef (jf.,  i,,,,,,,,,, ,,,- ,f proval, wo itouid reijuesl   issuance '    '"    " "" l"^'h""n""
In the Masonic hall 1     ■ inh,   ha landing at all   in   l.i,   iftei   t|10 „|mfu now ,],wn a| ,    ••„-,   ,•  by you of a proclamation a month   in " „■      '     7,       "'"
,1,1,,,-, in   meintiiy   ,.''   I.   .    •-   ivho the date of  .1-   pussible   1—i.l   Was   v ,■ ,w , w-.n.-i,  ll-,,,
.-I,.in-.--   in   il...  ni i.iii'e,,, -uis   advance   of   tin-   suggosted    peril
I. .1. McManus, T nto;
'"-"   j««"w.vc<l   I     -'• bdge past, ami is ll m if slakes had „.•,,„.;„„..<„_ ,.,,,„„   ,mvo calling attention   of   .1...   , ,,1,-   „,  —    •""""-    ;•';■»"
"l>"vethee ,ly l..d-,e    'I       .    ice never I n put up al all.    Tl„*  ,...|^.- !„..,,,*,„„ , r,..,_vilv ,„.,-,,,. lt   ,s pu, Uri. ish Columbia I --,-   auspicious I 'J',; \). !""': hl ";
Vl!l'"'l"l..*'l ie-.!    .  '■' I All    bi-.e-erleililee,., „     Mil,     „ ,- . ,j( el elll-*, I, l,d   'I I-il,'.' et e, V  |, , I , io! ie -ol,    ,'. '     ',   ',     " '" "''
,-     •    1   . -    . ....... ' '1.    II      h III,  ell.ll      \el-,
K night! ai-- reiiui ■ -
hall ,it 1 ;*"i" -it u-p
i mi , .■„,.- ..'••'I   li.iriib anli, Nelson:
110   nim poiiii.,                                                                 _              ,.    ,   . and daughter of your greal    Province  ,,   ,
A |.i"-| ting tmiiiel 1-   hemg  inn '            . .                    '■. He,I, Salmo:
Shony lliggin.   is   qualifying   fo,   by lllP Yt„ir Mine.   Co.,   above   .be   ^ "«f»'"We at tha hx|    during   ,.. I;. Au , v  N„K,„L
The new steam feed ,, *   llie title of cl.an.pi He,   of   the I     *n ve|n_     , „„„,,,„,„,„,'   ll"- '■ '"' ""' l""l M"" »K
prifveincnt and ecf.i:' 'im   Porto  district .   Tins year .,,   far   lie  |,,.    .     lloat it dicates the exintence if in       icasion and by their presence in- 	
l!""-""-"i:     '' " pi^ible bugged three bears.    On Sunday lasi 1^ fch(jf|t  lium,,v]m(t   ovet.   Ul0   {'jld  »' ""'"   "^   »"V»**<> '"        Fire Brigade Signal
l""111 f.o... lii-"'.'*             mil more on visiting f his traps, he found   iV01.killga, a,„l there is a strong   ,,..,- H'IU"
arrange I it attached to a very big follow,     A-   ,m|.|j|v ||ial   ,„„,„.,   n,|W   ,„■ In this con it.on, permil   n,e   to      Fire chief CofTey has |,„.p„„,l   ,1
mid that .Ic Mat... of each city   will
fee.   1, r (liij   11 ill,  li
menl, Imi a- ibe   1'
I,, e|.   l||l.   111!   i   tl.C  C l|
-, -ii !il    not   lin* hiin bad unit' can-lit  the   end    ot , .      . , - - -    - • ■    - -    -'       ■'
' ■ driven will catch It, as the float is be>        . , ,      ', ' oiiowing signals for handling tie   i
,fll,0,lry    Hruin's long elans, Shorty exec la  ,       „ „ .„   p|ontjfu|. ^ ",vi,cd (l'  ''-?   ll,B   '-!"—"  „,„,,„     St„;„|v   ,,„,„„.
"' "'"""   ^,li""-'" '"•    Tl1"   ut'«*1'   ll"1 One pi i" I  IV".    tunnel Mfll'B8on.ent to make appropriate ..,-
means    ii
liln is limiti... il.-- -    •
I llie   llieee   H-llloien     IIOIII      nil'     I,IIII,, I ■ (. .
u.1,000 feet per dav i ,     ctaim           enscuised hhnsnlf. touether with   the ,1 ;.       t   rongements for the visit of his   City's     "    "oae (pause; two strokes (pnus'
-               1         • '    *s iveigiis several   ou^ alio   cousisls   ot                                                                    ,             ,
.,.,    .,   .   .....   ,                              trap,   11 a dttii null ut of which it , ■ , delegation lo ibe   Lewis   and  ('lark   three strokes, moans a cull for hi i>i
Ibe > imi Hide / 1!   n appears       '                ' high graile ore,
lo lie RllflOl ill^  ll- ',,   ,1   lill K ol    I nfll'IS   '.     ,.
Would lie dilli. nil to.ling   lo,11    » Leu
killed.   SoSliorty dolivi'ied 11   "lick-*      The  nenornl  health  and  necidenl   8ured of a heartv weic	
Centennial Imposition and all are a--  bundle tlm   hose   when   ilrviii"
ia..„.   Tin. ullairs,,.' tin*   Association j,,,... jn t)ia ,*., whioli ciiiiseil   llruiii   , ies issued l.y the   Canadian   Cu-1     Veiling your ivplv  I .mi
with regard to capti y   mid   lius-. I .„ hiioi-1 with ra-,1*. and       fnuili    ,u,llty Co., are th nt liberal   poll.       '   Very res tfullv Vours
1 bi|'I-**" "II been-ii.ieji.cned mil,  .ally up il,. I,,,,!-.    Having thus   „c     ,     „\)X_\„M„.    There   are   1,.,   „- ,,   «. OOOIjI
there is a supply nf   1 itiniti....   on  ' I'1"1""11 J"" "' ""' llll'1"""
liiiud, and practices can begin as sunn
reeling il 11,1 after u-
tic hut •, uissiioi    ....,, ","h ijitiiction - ...d  "'ai "   H.ioniptly   President, I is it CJnrk Kx| lion.   |'Hiwiim:HiA» Cnt-wii    s „',   ,
bead which 1 iptly pul   „   stop   i.,|".i'l     Hy paying say 1? 15 pur n „   School and   Mil,',,   ci,
"'"'■■"■«"' l"Mbeen I '"'•■   all In-  1 Ll"-.    Tb,    I,,..,.,   i,.„    ,,,-|,. ,, ,„■,    is   protected   fro,,,      The fireat Northern Hailwav   Co.,   ,.■,.„, ,1      -  .    '
1.1' 11111'_{   •> 1 * 1 \ 1 r 1' (   1 -, 11
Captain Fruscr luui several limns   eu- mngniflclenl   silverlip,     and     ulicii! any foi f disibilily, nnd 1 attei 1   ' "inMC,\   nn   ,„,|,.,   ,,,,,,.,,.. ii   '""'"'-'~''M"".' ""•      l"'!i...'
deavorcd to get together   a   gang   in Nlrclclied    ilia   hide    asured  elghi   nlmt hap|   ns to hiin, his ine  will " I'1'"1 >,"'i',y ta on I'rid.ij   •,     ..
go down and help fix the   raiign,   bul tenl.t  -,■ . 11 •'. -i,   I,    fur   1,,.,..   go on jflsl lb   -mi'1     I'. Olelmsi1  has l"'""' "     *i'« date   fr  the  at •< .,, |.„ |-.    All nru tvelcomi.     Ilei
unsuccessfully so far. exeellepi t,oi,-ir,iiiii'" 1 -                     ibe,e pulitie> (or sale, l*th, June. tl JYoUngi il. iV,   Postoi We have just got in a
new line of
leeys ii.-iiii run pionillHj
rxrcpi Suiiilnv, {pr freight
aiiti  [iio-sepgei-*-;   I'pv   V-U'i-i'
AMERICAN SHOES  \ ^% __*%£%)£■
ALEX   ODP'E    P'*■■■••
SVbiiii are hard to heat for price and durability,    Al-n  a   line  u(   tli-.1  fi-le* j " ' ' r '      '    	
li ——SB      ■ i-i I
biated Ames Hok|.i, shoes, V!UlR  WATER   WORKS
°us    NEV/HATS
Vi'iiieli liu\e  ii it arrived, oiler a large variety of strict I i up«to-ilute  styles.
.See our lu.i! of Stetson*i.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
p-aaaaaaj   I, H^..F."^^—n*m^~»w^——■———.—^^———m.
Wonderful  Caves    Near   , inost ut ifijftilut- intei'tiils,    li„i   now]
standing out iii bold  relief,   1>I:,'  the
pylons   of   pome   iilirienl     llgyptinn
i Jl-i-nl   Attl'iictitin r.il' Totll'istt-i | tomP'B'    *l|Piie    projections     formed
with the sniiiller walls a sucrcssiun   of
iVt'.iTl.'i;   si'l'l'l.||-',l)    l-'til.    lui-
I'l'iirnsi-'s   i n i. i-: i:
po   iuI'Mis    i'i!i-:s
I . H. I. It tins, Secretin-
The catacombs v.|iicb";die  nmiians j smaller eaves,   the   whole   wonderful j nuii.i  ,        u „ u,-,. ,„,, roceived our spring stock of Men and Buys
cavuted as tho result of oentufies of formation resembling nothing so much I Q-r.r»L-O*naO   CTallc    Rr , ,'. , ,•■ i  p..; v
QJJUjS.ll-i.lCJ  S cilia    0&   ,u-o threo good features about them, Style, Quality   and  In...      „
le.'i.led ... .mike ■■: general cul in prico, in this depart nt, for tl e   tu
lays, and will rpuii-anlei. you a big ,,■ li,utio« in  Sail-;,   Sunnnei'   I'luhi'
pari in initural form in tho Canada of
: i -In
'.'bal nn cl. In-,.; been i.iii.l,. apparent
ii.e  clouds  overhanging  the  Selkirk
liange of ibe Canadian   llockies—ha-
found the entrance to what may pos
■ibly prove the uiost   extensile  seriei
if caves a- v.-i known.ti the world.
1'iiu, us has bceu suggested, tin
knowledge of.the nave or oaves—fm
ibcre are.for ontfar.cos that   may   oi
useless industry have their counter-   perhaps 'i« a vast cathedral   will.
-ui porting cluster uf pillars. ' NOrtherii Vij.
"We were just   nhoui   to   ret,- j,.,,,,, op,y   a„   mi|   ,.,„,,,,   |j(,twi,i.i|
our  steps,   but,   on  liccoiul   thoiight,    ' points east, west and south to Hoss-
.... the superficial   discovery   recently 1 concluded to proceed iiitu the   second  land. N   ton,  Grand   I'orlis  nnd  lle-
liiiioiinci il by Mr    r.    |1.   Ucutscb-   cavern, ihe erilnuice to   ivhich   could  public     llulibtcars run between Spo
man, who, in the sides of Boss peak-   be discerned by the   lighl    from   our  k,ine alld N'"ll|i-""
nmujtain which.ream its-head amid   lamps.    This   cavern,   ihe   last   one     li"11'"1 Cal'8   i"^ **<-''«'eon   Spokane
-t bieli tins visited, is fully a hundred
'eet wide and nboul two hundred
'eel long t onni cting n ii It at leusl I ivo
ither cute-, |n the one entrance ue
id.'unued only a short distance, and
icre we found i-iirboiittic of lime banging froin ih,* wall like a beautiful and
delicate drapery and smaller   stalncii-
inai nol In- coiniecleil.,   llial   may   oi   tes jusl fiuming nu lhe roof
iiiity.noi form separate   uavos   (these      "At different   points   within   lie1
fuels have still to be   determined)—i-  basin there are entrances into   cite*-.
■ a;. liini:i d.    Thus far only the   en-1 none of whioh hav« as yet   been   ex-
! iunci-.- Jim'.;* Inieii explored, the bowels   plorcd,    The basin with its   caves   is
of ilm earth  having  been   penetrated  situated about two miles in n   north-
i ' a distance of   bin    threo   nr   four  westerly diroctiui    from    Hosii    Peak,
hundred feet.    Mr. Deutsohmnn esti*.1 An easy grade to the   spot   is   being
mutes that in that   distance   he   do*, laid out, so that  visitors   may   reach
cended from a hundred to a hundred it iu about an hour's walk   from   the
nul fifty  feet,    Tin:   height   of   the railroad traok     Mere is  oi f   the
in in- is bcliveen u hundred  and   a most beautiful cauif big-grounds along
liiiijdr.ed   and   fifty'  feet,    while   theI the Line of the C.  I1. II.      Frum   the
•■ i'.ih is from six to titi-lsi: feet. basin to the surrounding peaks i-   an
The caves are situated   about   live easy   eliiub    mid   in   gruudeur   the
and a hull' mile- west   of   ibe   Great|soenc has no! an equal in any country
Glacier, nl ivhioli point thu C   P.    II.   in tin- woild."
t'liinpany has   one   of   its    moiiiitaiii „
.hotels-, and the climb to tho   eutra       The ehanioter of a number   of   an*
•* »•'■■' »ol i" l»' unduly tlilliculi,   the  ,; ,,„. ,,,|,|„,,.s ,ln,| bronzes aiialyzod a.
I rogress npivurd being only to a  nlti- j ,1,.. pMl\ Columbian museum lea Is lo
1 f about iwo thousand feci  from',., suspicion that the persistent   boliel
ih. iiiilrii'iil truck. in a ",'>sii art"   of   tempering  copper
. i.ii.iNiis  of   POLISHED   ;may,,,. |MM., Bpon  „„ ,„,„.,. bttsi>
M Alilil.l1.. than luck of skill in   smelting  union;
There is everv likelihood that these     , . , .,
ancient    peoples.       Very     imperfect
caves will be tbo objective point of   ai
,       ,-, i    •      .,     elimination    "t     iron,     phosphoru"
large number ol   tourists during   the|
iipproiiching season,    Thoso who nan
- en the cites —and    these   are   -I i!
i' -    -ay thai ihe nisi entrances dead | pei
oi difleroin directions,    A local news-
i   | i iman al   It.-telsloke, tt ho has t i-
•   ■ iia elites, M:ys that, owing to tie
fill Hill..I   III   llie line of   I'l'ogle.s-,   .il
Siloes, I'lats .f  -v.
anil Nelson,
J-limn:   April  1905,
' em..           linilv Train Arrive
0.-10 a.m          Spokane ij.'-JO p.in
11 u.'i a. in         ttosslntill -1 .Vi p.it
'...lu a in             Nelson li lie p.ni
; 1 ::'ii, a in     Grand Porks :> 60 p.ni
|n.no a.ni,          Phoenix o HOp.m.
r.nll ii.ni         Hepubllo ii :in p.ni
A-HiXj   the    ttimie:
iiv  using
5eattle,     Tacoma
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
ALL   I'OJTO    K    «
LIBRARY.    ('Alls,    MODERN
I.l MM:  CARS,
hi. ti.s t   i.a   i tnu:
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
Wo carry a few specials our competitors da not, such   as   Swift's   I.
nn |!aco:i .ml Hun, HiijcIm I   Hotter,    Auhoroft Potatoes     -"I   vai
ilier articles.    Tin' price i- as low aa the Irnvesl and ijiuility stiarante • 1.
ll,.|,.\ «!  ..e Jiine.    We Inn.' greatly added I u  Patent  M-d
... i, and ..in supph you with mnsl anylliiiiji ul strictly lis! pricn
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,     Ii.     ^.
2     FAST   TRAINS      ft      L.     _
11 pruiiucco ii very mini ami oriine cop- li
s mli imdj llu Id irs II u l« .. -,
Paints an I Oils, St i.e.. Cul.
Steal, 1'i.v I ll*, I'a-'. an I C ip .
ilranii.i and Till .i an . Sto i n
All    kinds   of   Plunibiii!**,   Tin
-. i ■ i i L11 i 11 u.   and    (Jeiieral    Hepail
60   YEAR8"
i.I .I- dblu lo follow 11,esc lo   any
■ ■ lelll li 11 hi .ti I    prill iding    one's    self
■ Ii i he I'liuipuiont cssi nl iai lo   such
Willi his companions, how«| ^_^__
'~Wf__W.      WS4i   Trade: Marks
. - .-i. In- e\|.l. n-.| iiii cut rale e   taillii'i', '7|V   Mv Dfs.gns
'    !"   -''"-      '"tn   .1- entrance       ,n,nn!S^ i^S^^i,
I       eded about a ouarter   of   a    rrS.r^il.iVi^Kri.S^llmana""
,       .     ,          i iiii,,..«oii-ily..iiitlili!iit:iil. Ilii,iiit..i.ikiin e..i. nt«
, v. i    ii I ivsical    i itlli-nllies    once ■■■it • OlSoat nitonor for aocurlniipiiloiiti.
1 l-.iii.nia tui...a ili'oiiL-ii Munn ,i i... r.i-t-lrn
- pri-HCiiU'il themselves.    'Uie con »i"o.ii*i.n,.-. ».n,.„,ii-imrj.*„..,,tii,,
- of opinion, though,   im.   that,]     >Cl*tt.tlllC /itttCnCdtl*
i\ (Htidinrnely IllnitnUod woaklf.   I i
"iii'.ti.ui i.f iniy BclohtlOo iournal.   Ti
reiiri rourrpohthi fi. Bold bf at I hflwitidnlortt
MUNN & Co.36'8""1^ New fork
•Srai-ii*. uitli-e. tit F hi. WUHIOUIoK UU.
! I..- illienl igatnr «iis supplied with the
i -i'i   appliances  in   iIn-   -Ini f
.. ilinu lop. -, ladders, lighta, ele.
'llu nip ns fat as prosecuted was not
. if ■_ii*ni diilieiiliy. There mis a
I. .line nil i he way of about tell to
.'.".■on teet iii   every  hundred.     The
• i oil' i- of   polished   mm ble,   whilo
the Walls lake on all in inner   of    fan
I   -i i ■ nnd beautiful -I,ape-.
' M. i; a  VAST  ( Al HEDRAL,
"From tl.'-  entrance,"   w riles   the
i, irrntfir, "which   »oiiietiluil   narrows
. i lii -!. io tie limit , f   oui   research,
v.-    Im.I    picked   our    'tut    carefully
it ong       ihe      luggod       liineston
lloor. avoiding contact «ith   tl
 ""-'buttreMM ttl:ir''  '""Jwl "'■'♦ ♦mmtmm»ffJ
44 4*4*****444*************
I Hotel Ymir I
Tli.1 Be.il  Mollis
Ami Arc(iiiiiiiii(l.'iti..ii
In Towii.
Le'wLs & Clark Fair.        [Ur Mlltiml  Life  I iiMinilM-r I '.>iii|i;iuy of N. Y
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000,
For rotes, fohhirs und lull information ...... . .
regmillng trlpi   call  on or ai'iln -as uu        A  [KlIlU*,   lllll   I- I In- silc-l   Hit ol in.'li!  KIUIWIl t(l   lllllll.
'-""""""•s '' ,v s """*•. '" ('null invested in |,iib Inwnmnec is enxli invested lluil    will
II. A   .1 Ai h-.l.*., II   lll'.AM.I', ,  .
(, 1  & I*- a.      ... I-. ,1 r.\   rt'l urn .'..iii|i'iii!i.l iiiii'i''"!.
''" N' "■      ■ VII siii'CL'ssl'ul liiiHiiinss nii'ii I'M'!"}   largo  iuiioiiiiIh  ul' lid1
_-^—^-^—.,-.-..-. ^_,..*_~__ in-iiiiin'i'.    I' piiii'ilr- for 'In1 liuiiily, [initeets 11 man in   In-
ild ngfi, and protect*- Ids other invi'slineiits,    [''or   rates    .:i
ui) lb nn of life iiisiil'iuiee applj to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent.
\ lim1 seleetion of Willi
f      l.iiiu.irs mid (iiaars,
TKIISIIN,      Prop,  X
if   l«n** I .1   W. MAMTE
"""   ;| Sterling
Ptnm n crlTrc
•jvxju to a tliou'*-
■ nd dolUr pre*
■rulatIon *.*"t
Henry liirku ft
Bona'     fntilitlr**
for miking wll-d
•I1vtrwif6 i"-
posicsatd by n"
Other concern In
clauct ju«. ArtlfUcderiftt*
ern, modern ntchloery, end iktiled bind*.
workfrn, n-l nil.It tlie illirrt ntperrltlbb of
prictlcftl member! of the firm, mike ttw nn
equalled coinhltiiition for turning ottt line
Wfilr for lltufttftted r.itfitcjrne.
Jev.elry,    "'
Silver Plate,
Watthci, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
Jewfiirrn to iiii fCutlleacy
ili*» 1 ...I of Min t.
M l'l \T    .M.MIKKT
WASHINltTON & (J,  \.  Ill
V,  V... & K   HV., & N  ro
lill ' Ioi-ii-   N"-1 Imi n,  N. 1 ll • 11'|   !',  ■
  nml 0  It, .'• N. ('...   for poitiis
."■'   ni"l  sitiIi     ncctH  111   Hi
i i'!-l anil  N'"l--"ii   h ah    flic   I '.nun1'
I'.i. il'..' lliiilv ity,
KIIKS1I   iM'  SAlTKfl Ml-ATS ,,„„ ,. „, N,,   „ ,  .;  ,,„    .,   ,
.V N.   Co,  !'.'!■   Kii-l-i  mil   K,  nn I .-
Doll !-.
\\'l|o|i-ll|..|ll|,|  |t!.'lllil
Mull Dl-ik'l'H rccuivc pi'onij.l   ai ii'iil i
.11 HI N   I'llll.lil-.li'l,   I'm
('I'liin-rts iii i lurleii  « Ith  -i .iue fn
(lit'ciitiooil mi'I Mi'lttnv, I: i .
ButTi'l   cam i un on truiiia i.■•
Spokano and  Itepublio
Ifl'lli'lHl 1
,«p„ _ tiO**W*!S-**£-*—*!*-*-*&
THE VMiR HERALD'•i"f"u":"-N"!j'-w""i"^;i' *
■ tin- n hi- U liiiinrl mid tli ■ -.-.In-ill In i:.-;
'   :     -Yililll tJ.ODGK Nu. -'il  A. I;   i  A.
., , ,        , with ,:li.-i. .-ii...   ion* il.-.-.  lopiiii nl    in
y nml mulled M      Meets hi -i     J'.ndny    m   pa
r i ;,y u-irrl'T
il    limi     l. oui iml   lr .11,   all  li-iuliim
■■-..' .-,!,     I  I-       ■-.-:.    HI
I liiri -t "i'ln r;i!: ui,  ii.   ii hii ll     il.'  ;
,!,.||;    Mi   '- !'  HI,   W.   ^.
I'f.iu ; ■'.  ' lu-: iiti ii, iSt'i'fi in, v,
■ :     •    ....■:,      . .   :.; In ,.
il   .  ... Inni i i. ■•■
iniifi. ii -,-,''■!':.io-:- linils   ino..|    conn nil-all i    :'■*
. Olll III    ' of ill.hl  '.v.     mi'l     li'"    l.i   ■•
.., iivioo |jf„  .,■;'„,„.!...      \V„,,,;,,..  i, , ,|jj(   jI;iiU;   N.;    ,.,    ,,;      A    ...
ii i in. in.- ...il.. 1. iljljl-- ,i ' ny, bn|    il M,..;. (j,.sl  ..,,..   -;,,.,!   Monday   in
i- n lu.i ii of nn |i,                                       | each    1'iolftli.       S'isitin.;     I'l-i'l 1 ■ :i
' ,'-;- -j *.  iii-iii i:,   \Viii.ii,..-.    U'lii .■- v i*lf.*'i||M.*<l.
■■' 'ii-i.-i.i.- Am iii|i.si.|i, <'. C.
iim*mmm   ' A. MACDONALD & Cc
The Kind Von Would Like
•J'tUltll.   Vi-iljl;.,  IjJ'Dl
l'l-    tl  l'l   ■.,.,!,
., Winiiipi-
Ji,  1-   i-lo.l.l   .-(      **..  :
j,ni*,-1; i -I." in, ji. J.', a- •-'.
"'   "     "'"'' no •      Hi!    In   ;. -..-    il,-.    .Vllililill.lv
'""':: I)"'^        must !.,.    ,',,',,; ,|,c   „.,-;,. .'    V.MJH  IHVK, L-VllFiw OL*'   Till
;i..-.!.-::: ■ 1,11 ,.,,,. -,,,;,-,,, i   ,,s      MACC.M1KIW        Meel "..,:
nel fouil h 'I ii'-. lay in each inoniji.
*'      '•'"' , S. Ci.i:i;'|■!.'.  I.. ''
business to • il ,1 i'.i ;i ill if J tlilli    tu   t ■ :.
'J'.vN'l i.'-' CDOp      In GOOD
Old Settlers Maple  gyrup,
1.1. !*:' uu 1 i ifulloii Tin-..
II.   i.i.- "--.    ■   N I'll I.-.
llil' ': u.i. ,,: .,;'   IiM/mi
\TL'RJ.)AV, .i\-y.V..   10,   !!.':o.    kv ,|„. \mr ,,!,.„,(   Wiimipt-       V.-.
■ |nj li1, I nl  t mi imi- l.i,ii fof :,i-  n niii.
cipiil priili1, y_ou ti|-e proud of him Iiinl
; In- c nncs of Jiritish   -:
Canada As l{ Is.
mi1 i-  tbo    ti! li-   of   ■!   in
In •'. Poster l'i n*. r,   just   pub.- i
/ in-i] .-. L n    :,  l,y    (',,--,'1!   ,v    ('"
:     :.' i
ii fjistnigifiiilieil   liy
;      iu j i.   -:  :.- ■  ■-. ..i 1 .   . . |.-ci illy    i
i .     Ull    l' I.-.     .1   Ull!   lilttL*,*,  |--l.l-i-|:i.
.-    he achieved ti real i :i -i-i■-- ill    sity
Lillji  Ull  111 l||l -| !:■•: ■     Hi,'!     oulliniiii
i '   ■ i.il ! ii ' !  .1  I . IS   1711    .     -III!     in     li1--. !
In- i- ii limn, nil i-i ii. I luiU- :. llu-
touch uf ui - y in l.i.- Imir, Im h
tl.,- buoyancy of youth lb' i.. si-
coulideill   ■'
I . llajKiyoiiTii, I!   If.
Lands and   Works,
(..■Micella!ii.ii .'if  liescTve,
3old by
I 'r7*mi77 m
Mining Aeent      -      Stocks and Share.--
Compiii-ina C in-1.. ,ii..l Siberia tin*       oTICE is lii'i-oby jiii-en   thai   the
...  U|l Min .1 HI Ulltl   -\ till! i  | , .*,,.. \ i i*  l     1    •
Inutlio,'siiys I'Tlmy art) sis.'|i|'l:intls.'     jl~     rei-eiiulion csinbliMuil   in   pur.
•li.lllir ml' lin* pro I isiulis ol'   till!    "Colin -.- I
uinbiii nnd Western Itnilway *-'uli--iily
ni .   iiiu   -hi,
III*.'     l|o| ICIlllUI III      |
iiii: ii -, i li.- siunu liui^ ii intei. sjusp of;
! Act, I**!)li," ii.iii.--i-.    of   «iii.-h    in
pnbliiheil   in   ili.-    Hiiiisli   Columbia
- I'.   l""1 '•«'•■ (1,i/.i.ue mi! .!:::.-il   7th    M/iy,    |8UQ,
,-. ipiiv lion eiei    in    In i    --.1111111.1 y   ol                                      .       ,      . .
, in il, nun. wilh tlio   erisp   Iiihi-iiil;   nir liniil oth June, |SJ1!j, respectively,  aro
iiiiula ami Cniutiliati   oliiirai!lei'i*itic.s. ,      ,              ,,   ,
mil lhe forest foliiijje fired iviili jjor-1 heieby cnncelled.
'■ i.i- book i*. » i ii ten in t iyoroils -I v!r,
genus im!-.     A tice-plesiileiil of llie
t ith n | iiiii'i' of pid ul i-*ii:ii'   ilesei ip- I
I 'iini.li.ui Pacific  linl'.tiiiv.   «lio l,i-
lii.n. bill in the snleclioli of his  tvues, I . ,        ,    .,. ,.,    .       ,.
• '       jourlieyeil on Uie I nuis-Mut'i inn   line,
i; ■ tt i iu-i I ni h.   i, - ,-D.-.i hal    mil', r-      . , ,., ,
-u.i io me      " I here,   aro   pltici -   in
tiiiiute. ,-ii        i        i i   -.     t i
11 uiiitij.-i ivliiu'ii I coulil ^ii    tloivn   and
Ai lhe ...ini,.--in enienl Mi.    I'1... 'ei
,M ttj nit I Life Insurance L'onipaiiy of Nre\v 1'ork,
l 'tiiijidian ('asuhitv— Hoiler liisitraiice i 'o,
l.i'ii.'l'iii Mutual I'ii'.1 Iti.-iir.'iiit" l 'niiijiiiiiv.
i lltawd I'iii' Insurance i 'oniimny,
-ut. 'this is Sibei-i
:i iiiiiiis in  iii-.i'i'l   .-oinn   illusions, i     ,,     ,, ,, ,
1 ' Mr   1*tiisoi- cotiL-luilcs ii nli n   hasty
i : .- lirsi is  com ci ning    llie   (.'liuintt:, :
■   the u -■! il pitv for the    I'.nt'ii-li-
:.,.iii choking in di i-vV nml fog.    "! u
i.v life,'1 I ii siiys.       "1    huve   never i
-  nut n — ii*li   miii,    su li    cliiniiniiiess, 1
i h n cold, .-hiu riny biumm r as 11
ill ii when I visileil the euslei n  pi
i inceii of I Im I lomiuiiiii '     Annili.'i : -
if ii..- Colnn
cxaiiiiiiiil ion .-! Ciinadiaii politics, oil
lien! iou, lhe constil ul ion, ll.e future
relationship ttiih li e United Stntes
All lliesii impliciito i-n^.' prtiblems
tt Inch ' min.it i... ndenuatcly delill
wilh   ni-.hi-   the   i-.iii.iiiion-   nf   ibis
Clown lalicls situateil within the
urea niilliraeu i by ! he - -::. 1 i •—«-1 villi.ni u ill ho open i . sale, setl lement,
leuso and other disposition, under llie   ffi
Mat, ii. t
Im .ii.    Its inlue   noi's   ii,ii    n-i    in
■■■■nn what hasty and,    in   soliu
i:     in i epled L'onti'in;
I'or John Hull, it ho is    " low    lo i'*-»i"'ci«, erudii generalisntiim
die nn.I loo shortsi^bli  I l" *    across
i   •• streel ,"    lii ilons are -Iou enoimh
ii j i- -.'i.i.. -in excelleul   picture   of  n
' nul   i f i in i im us    possi'oili I ii  ,   seen
■ ""'"y i''-!"'^"" I'd l'"M--   "but    i"   ; :„,„,;, ihe eyes of one nol loo l.lin.b
. inv lesi eels thev urti '  u com-     , ,      , .   .      ,
ed liy . ie roin,incc  ..i   lis   I ogiiiningH
:i.■ I ii ith iin' Can i.liiin*:.''
•   to see tin  uthei side, «Inch i- too   "!'-
'I he chief assel iu    lh     i nil idiaii .
i in hiilden by e.xub 'rant, malt i iai
p ..-1 ei ,i v; Imi nevertheless ii ith iii in
faith in tin' cnpncitlt - of il- um Ital-
1. i ." 'I I'm lire tli -t in v.
i miucter i- ifln.lous milliusiasin ami
li i in himself and his country.
Hrilolis are prs-ili med In lake n
I. ■ -iini-i ic view of tilings, The t la-
i niliiiii i evels in npl iniisin. 1 Ie lives j
:•   i whirl of it,    lie is  ulivii1 -   i um
;, ■_ himself tu John    Hull   to   l.i*
on ii satisfaction ami the deti im nl   • l
I' l,n.    Ho welcomes with open   uiii.s   fi,  DELINyU ENT ('(>-< iWM EH
,,  i in . li . pitality    is   win in   nnd |
t_i___A J&j&&'a»-&*&!fe*fe&^*&^*fe!^*^*^*&*&*>'X .
so anil ollior disposition, unUer tlie   r$ "Tii
:;;::::;;:::;:.,;:;,.:;:;:| JOB   PRINTING f
licntion uf this notice in   tho   llriiii-h  ^i-os-i"^^.^.-.-;*..;,^^
Columbia (lui-ette; |iiui'ided, however,   Ilk          4 V.1'
s; to
■'' s? sr*
r"*3 to
-*: J. su
z - to
- to to
. ? to
, - to
'£ to
r- su
r su
te to
r SU
: /a
ti..-a 111 all cases 11 her 1 lands   are   bo jjj\
soltl, preempted, leaswl or   otherwise /j^
alienated by the Govcl'iinieiit and ure '(<
subsequently found, upon tho   survey tv;
.1 inn  i -  nut luui1.     :: um    the    "ol I
I'd Chill'le, (i. Sinn.-on, or nnv   oiln
1. 1
of tbe Columbia nnd   Western    llailivay Company's blocks, then ll.e   per- fa
sons acquiring such   lands   shall   ac- /j\
quiro their   title   thereto   from    the Ifft
Itailwai- Companv  who   have  agreed '■"
in .leal itiili    inch   puicliusers    pie-   ;;;
1      as
eniplors, lessees, oto.,   "ii   tin'   sn,|iio  /is
terms and conditions as the   Goyofn--  fa
menl would under ihe   provisions   of  flj
lhe "Land Act,' except in respect    lo   (B
limber lands on the Conipau-y's
blocks, tvhitih shall be subject to the
regulations issued   by   the   Company
i.-; it ive to lho cutting uf   timbei	
he 1 lolunibi 1 und   Western    11.ii,... at
l.nii.l Grant,
Doputy ''iiiiiini-.-ioiii.|- of Lauds
a- Works, Lands and Wocks Dn
pal 1 incut,
Vir'.'ii 1, It, c . _■:*. 1.1, l-'i-l,..  1900.
unti 1 . '    Vi I he 1- unable lo   con
it,- bun anyone   . in    pa. - ihrough   "l"i llis m'"" ^ '» the "May    lllo
1 l.i- Dominion w itboui brina in   cm
ml '' tii*>y.
■ 1 ■- 'i io 11 Iioiii he nuiy   haie   1 rails-
11 d l.i- nr. re 1 ■ .11 : he "Mn y    lllos
-.un      miiiel nl   claim,     -n u ited     01
I '■: nt 11   111.m 111iii 11    111 ■.    mul    1    hall
£~  '/
iz   Z   *-;
1, r 1 1-. i-
filial       ill     I'.i    ihl      Ill
il.-- SOU'   ,1-1   li   .ill      1*111
nee of lit- Till'!    Ill 1 ' ll ll HI '"I     l'l**"
Iiiieineiit,   1 in ol'len "1    bl .j.1"^    i1.'.
I'uriiii   - it.- ■'  n ii:.ii.-.     mid   cun ril
....    ,,   ■    '    t-d !■■ by    ii. ■   ful    in
itiui,   which   tlio   Ciiiindi in   io-
,.,... fiuiu   -,.,!, -,,„.-ii    ill    England, [hundred nml -even .1 - in   ami liftt
,. 1   , ..I f.'iOT.oll) in labour nnd iiupint 1 1*
•    midii hf.s 11 ..'.lniini'i ol  liny,     It ... V
tq-oit Uiuiionve limn 1 1 . .mn i.i iinler to
n. oi in.
.'••■■ mi M i.ii._ 1 'ii ision ..I We 1
l\....i 'im) Disti ,11, nn.I 11. nrded it.
the lleciiidei 1 ll e I'm 1 lie Nelson
.\liniiiu Dni ion,
Yon nud eiii'h ol    ■        leri-bt
mil ill. il, ihu! I Im vi    expended Thn 1
/mh*_   to
j /is
-c     /     —
,      j il 10 ihi! einpiie,     |- cares nol a
!,.... I'.niliin:: for   Hi ituin   as   Ureal
hold   lhe vim. iniili'i  ibe piotisi ins nl
■ he  Mineral Act,  nml it « illiin 1 imi 1
liiiinin,  nud  it-   sltoiigi   t.sentiuiejlt lays fluni lhe diile of this milieu    t..i
|B n„it ihe  develop ul   of   natiijnal   fail "•• refuse io 1 tribute ymir   pur
,,|,■..,.    (Le 1 ,-,"ii of itself n- ii   nation
, ,1 ■; 10 iiianbooil.
1 ion of expeiidi'iire 1 ■. Inch i- on" bun
I red nnd III'1 '■ llil-i'i tlnllai - and sevt 11
ty fito .'.'Hi- for ilu' lin''.' yeai - ending
- May  I'.ui.'i) logelber it ilh all rusts of
ri    " Ibis de . ripl  is certain-1 udvc-i-tisiiii*, you.' inu*i mi iu the    said
Ij nol the typo of the true  Canadian.  Jui,,, Mill become tho property o!   tin,1
l'i,- 11| e from   « hich    Mr.   I'Yasei
Ited lluil In' i- enluely neil	
1 . 1 in(| -i.;i'-| osse. sed. In- poise i-
, 1,, , 1 briiggiidncio, bul "I bold
i,   . ,, ndencii mul self i-eliance.
11.,. ii.ni .'-ni 11* of vital i.iii-i'-i has
suImci ibnr, un Ier seel ion I of mt A.-t
entitled "An Ael lu Am -n I tin
Mineral Act,   1000,"
John I'. Il.t' iiii:
Di '.ed ri Ymir,  l.'ltli,   \luy.   1 l'i.0.
Our range in ebony
toilet articles is Inryc
and varied.
A (nvorile ael, in Imndiotna
..,-...,- So, 11-. 7.   li	
tiiiu. l..,ii..oi-li. mirror and
five oilier neceaaar) plena,
mounicd with sterling -ilvtr
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next y.*u nre thinking
about gift-making,
Send for ii lo-day,
\z\im BROS.
/.  .:
B 5 7
/is      *i -
ah    - / ,
/IS      -I z\*
as    .■ 4
as      2 -.
/is      -/; i
/is 3
n        Ymir, B. C.
VG £ (£ afi £ i~ & **■ ~ ~ tw\ * *& tC -i &. ••£: a£ >*-• __i __, _Xi_tiA
— ——— —— — «-*t*C*f*tt,fff|f|a|lf^ffg
if THE VMIR fipRAI.?)slli,v'Uuf"u-N'u,M"Wwl *» u
. the wheal funnel njid ih ■ wheal Ih ills
, _-_  , •   .     Oj*,|,j|,.,  if; V ,. :i|  A. I-'    .'A.
., , ,        , wiih ,then enoiji .mis  i ai  ,opii|enl    in       ,, ,. . , ,
iinrdii) nn i niuiliiil  :    in) .   »     i |     jj       %|.. ,|. I-, -i     J'riilnv    ll,    pad
wwiwift   :/v. MACDONALD & Co.-
;i iU'"| m , v,-i,i,;,i,:,':!,'i'-tvi.!., i |jle feiw} y0y Would Like
i'l-i'l'' as. - Und     in" I    c -1  ■■ ill rati I    !'..- ^..i,.   i|, . |, i, , ','-,■. \|.
roninii   > of industry,    nnd   I In*   nim [''ijiry.J .' lu izi u. s' -i-. ai v.
...i  'ini.. i;;'-   .,' | ',!,ml...      Winn.]..   ..     ., ,,,.,   |,;..,~|.   vi;    ;*.j     |<      „,     ;. | .*'. -*'! ,'-**  I !, 1/ ij i        1-fi GOOD
-.  .  I      1!    Ill     ....     ll   .       I
-   iyll   I i.   ■ilm, I,-1
'   VMI!'   | '.i,U:  No.  '.VI
II   lllll,   IIII
'-.'!'• I. ibbipdi'ho)', bnj    !'        m, . ., fjrs,  ,.,..;   -:,„,|   Monday   j„
ll ff>'.'>r--r,l-^   I.JC-H:.
i-vi-ri     .     '.,'■■..
I-   II   lllll ll   ol   Iiii ,1.
' Hip, t  n, iii in   ;.t iniii.i, e    bpli, .
■ n   • ... lu  i ur,.:
■  .       rim
■-,.  -.i.   rir,;,'
II ■--     ' ■ v ..ol i>,
i nip":'      I Ie    I,..!:,"■ >'■   .i Im    .', Intiiih
n nsl hay   ove, Inukpd tlm   iipjjjlil,  I
In ■ d or ii would lui-.-)! been chus-i'ii   ns
the Gurdefi of  Edpn      !!■-    -.II     ..   I
i business lo sii /J-m ;i and lull;   to   yon
' 'ili-'AV, *:l'N!v   )..,   Djlf-",,    h,*, ,!„. I,,.,-, .,,,,,,,    \Vii„iip,.»        Yi u]
■mi le, I in iim loti' Mm for his muni.-
Canada As l( Ip. -, ,, ,„,,,,,',,„ ..,,,. ,,.„.,! ,„• ..*.„ „.,*
lie i- nncs of [Iritish stock, Yi|U see
In- is n mini, nil lii it. 'I'lmu' li t:.-■, i-
i- n touch of ni. y i.-i l.i.- hnir, he Ini -
11 ,- buoyancy of ) oui li ){e L self
each    i,,-null.       Vi-ii iir.j     broil
■■ elptiijipd
•' 'ii -ni.i- Am iii|!Al.|>, i'. *'
Juiio- G I'l.M wi, K- Jl- iV y-
VMJIj  If IVE,  I. M:l ES nl''   tip:
i     MACCAliKES        Meets     sccmid
i      or! fuur! li Tn.-. lay ;:i encji inontli
S. (.'i.l.iy.i'li,  I,, l'
I,. Iin liwoi in, I!    If.
;*V-ffWI i
I Iii  nbi ve i-  the   title   of   h    ■-
lit- J. !'''.-ii'i  Eraser,   just    pub.*
In I in L n    :,  by   . '.,--.-,1   ,v   Co
Mt   I , . ■ i . ■   : ■ en distinguished  by '
in-i l'i   -■:..■    . ■.,,..   , 11 eci illy    in :
•'   mi pl '..' sum up .-"iin i in and  Ann i
I n tin   cini    ll the lull'*)', i-oi'i'in
he ucbict   ■; .i i   nl - llcci -- ill    slit
Old .Sctlltr-s Maple  gyrup,     Si W^M!J;)MM
I'm'  ;n J.!, l-.'.ini l ui.!l.in Tin.. ■Kli'Ss^^:
mm, !3K*K
3ol(l by
p. CAMPBELL,   -
Lands and   Works.       ^|njng Agent
Cniicollatioii ot'  I'-v-i'i'v.1.
Stocks and Share*
Ciniipiii-injf C.iniid.i ,,n,l Siberia the       , ,-n- -■.* is ,„.,. ,;, „,.,.„   liia,   tj1B
author silts .'Thn) im   sislpi'liimls."     j I ^>     reservation i-sluhlihluil   in    pu,'»
'!,,,..   aw   :!.,-   umiiu   bnilii lless  <u.tiice. .if llie provisions uf the   "Col-
niiibin ami Western llnilway Subsidy
in;j ni. utni' -[ here and   outlining
prni, i". tlie sumo    ngi iculiurnl    | - -.:■ i-
Act, Ip'90," noliceii   of   which    weie
bilitips, the snniu Ion" winter, uuso "of      , .. ,    ,   .       ,      „ ... ,    ., ,     ,
l! .- birth oi .. i. '- nu   .   -lie   is   less ,1 1"!|1"1   ''•    ''*«    l^itiil"   Colnmb
•|i,ii.,    ai'ilent    kuminer,   ami    Mien  Oa/.elte nud d.-iled    7th    May
■ oil.nun. with tho   crisp   hrnciii"   nil- ami Oth .lune, 1 Mini, respectively,  ure
nml i In- i'.-h'-i i".1..i..'i- filed with    nor-1 hereby cancelled.
Crown   lands  situated   within   the
area eiiibracud by  I he   said    i esi i t ii
lion nill be open I .  nale,   setllement,
le .-.'■ nnd other disposition, under the
:. ippv hot' '"■'-,     in    hi      ■iiiiiin.iy    ' f
lU.-ula .md Canadian  oliariiclel'isties,
■ i li i   ti i ii ten iii -. igoroUs style,
V ith n | mi it oi picl ilfestiuu ih--. i ip- !
: ion, bill iu the selection of bin ty* es, I
i; - wiiler I it-, bueu soiqeivhal unt'.T- '
, ■   . . ■ .
Ai llie ".ini,..-in emenl Mr. Pru 11
i nt pains to dispel somo illusions,
. '■ lii -i i- coucei niii.- the climate,
. : h ihe '.'-:: il pity for i!i" I'.nfii-li
i,.nu choking iu drizzle and i'n:,'. "In
my life,' I n  - ii i.       "I    have   never
I .:.,«n such   lain,    such   clamminess,
. li n cold, shift t in^; stimuli : as i i'i
iletl tt Lin I t i-iii '1 the eastei n pro
i. ice   uf the Dominion "    Anothei is
II ni i i-iiii-d coiiteinpl nt' toi' Culoiiii ■-
l'i John Hull, nim i- "loo slow to
dioiindlooshortsiuhli I to see   nciosslil | ivseuls an excellenl  picture   of  u
I     1!     II..'!. I'i ..'in-   Hi"  slot!   I'll. Ill.ll     ',,;,;     , \    , -,. , us       |„,s-i',,ili I |. -.     -IMm
':- ""-"V .i-sppcus." be holds,   "bul    in   .,,,„,;, l|liieyos of one nol too blind.
iiinv ii-i mi- they ni" 'husllei - com-
pare I wilh i Im (Ian idiai .
'I he chief assel iii tin < 'iinndiiiti'ij
iiiiacti r i- iflmions enthusiasm nnd
li t in   himself   nnd   his    eouulrv.
- AGENT    l-'< *ii--------
.MiiMii!1 Life iii-1i:-.111!•• * t'onipiiny uf New Yuri-.
('iiiiiulinii ('iistilitiy--- li.iil.']' Insurance ('o.
).ii!i.'l'i)i jMutiml Kirn Insui'iiiia* Ciiiiipuiiy.
(i|t.i\\;i Vivo Insiii'tuice Company,
•reoiis tints. A vice-piesiilenl uf lhe
l 'iiiiiiii.iii Pacific Itailwny, ti ho lms
journeyed on the TruiiK-**.ibtTinn line,
said io iue; " lliein are places in
(liinada « huru I could sii dim n and
-nv, 'i his i* Siberia ''
M i' fi.i-r,' concludes tt iiii n hasl y
exiiiiiinni i',n oi (liinadian pul il ies, nd
uc.-il iou, : 1. ■ i-onsl il nl ii -ii, the future
relationship tt ith u e Uniteil States
All these implicute large probleius
which i.-uiiioi in- adei|uately dealt
with nn.In- tbe coiiditions of ,bi-
bo ik. 11- value docs mil resl in
:in -i siitin whal busty and, in some
i-i  peels, crude generiilisiitinns,      Hul
MIJi, B. i
oil by ti;" nun..nn'  of   ii-   I cyinning
 the other side, whioh i- too   of
i in hidden   by   exuberant,   malt i iai
p:o-l i-i ity; bul nevertheless with  fii n
faith in lhe enpacilit - of   ii-   uiicbal-
li i ." '1 fuliire di -: inv,
,,  to
provisions of the "Land    Act,"   tin
months after the dulo of the lirsl pyb- W
li.--.-itii.il of ibis notice in    ihu    Hiiii.-I-
Columbia Gnjcelte; provided, however, /»v
thai in nil cases when lands   are   so /&\
■-old, preempted, leased or   otherwise lf{^
alienated bv the Govei'iinienl nnd  ure '(l
leutly loiind, upon the   survey •/.:
I! ill-
of the Columbia nnd   Westi
way Company's blocks, then the   per- /j\
sons acquiring such   Inn.Is   shall    nr- /|1)
tjuire their   titlo   thereto   from   the f\\
lldlti it Con,i,ini-  who  havo  agreed '■"
to deal  "iiii    inch   purehi
■ ,.-.-.-  .■^■j-*-.,.-jii.i:<..-.ia<i3r.:.ii *--»-.i.,L.-^ir-j-ji
Unions are pre- dupest d tu I die n
I ei simisl ic view of i! inu i. Thu < la-
i linn i evels in opi imisin, I Ie lives
:• . 'i hit 1 of ii. Ile is idtt n; - i nm
p ,. or. himself tu John Hull to his
, ,i    itii faction ami I lie deti iim nl   i I'
I'l.ii.    IL- ivel "ii"- with open  mm*. TU  DELINQUENT CU-UWNEHS,
,, 1 In-, hospitality   is   win in   nnd
unstinted    anybodt    f he   " Id   ''M Iihi-Ic G. Simpson, oi any   ..tlici
,,,..       t.' l.e i- unable   lo   con ' P'1"'" '" wl ' liu ""v   L'v"   "'■l""
itehoit any uu i      ill   uKl    """ !''" ""'''" ' ' "*•'*>'    i;1'-
.,  Dumiiiiun itithoui Lin.'   oi   con-   '    "■""•••■•I   "!'!il"'    "itl,""'l    ""
iiinl i-. I., ■. '    ""   ll"lll»",i"   '""   :""1   '■'    !'"»
Mi.  !', iser    (1ml     iu   Ci i.    in   '"':' '   "'•' ■'  "' """    Vl"il'    '"    ""
i.      i .'■■    ■ n    M iniim    I'.' i»ii n   uf    Wesi
',    uce ol III' i '1.   ill i ■ lill I    l'i -
Is....'   n it   11. *'i n-l,  nml    n i i-i ded    in
"'" ,;''   l"" °'l,;" ""    ""J;"'-    'f   thellecoidersotrK'e   I'm    the    Nn-,,
■    ll'l       'I'   '   '-";->''   •      ""'I    '■'" '■ " ! tliniin;  Dnisio...
i,   ■    '    ed t'.i bt     '        ful it in   ;      Ymi ami i n il ol    iou     ne    ... n \\\
itiuii   which   lhe   Ciiiindiii    nolilicd, ihnl  I have   espi-mled Three
, ,,    , ,,,    I',,,',i„|  i hundred ami seven dollars and lift v els
,.   | ■   ■■,    I     i |i|| -I    ll '   -Ill-'ll III I-.I.I*     OIO.    |
,,   | f.",0" iitll iii labour mid iinpiiivenier-ts
i  iiiiiiia I-  - i '.'ii i ir ".   lestiny,    It .       ,  , .    .
tiputi iin' above mini nil i Inun in order to
i      yiiltotheempiii!.    I* emus not n   h()|(| l||(, ^ .„,„!,,■ ,|„. ,„„.. iM,.lls „,
Ill-ass fm thing foi'   Ilrilain   ns   Great L||(, Mineral Act, and if within i.inett
liiiiniii, nud ii-  aii'Oiijii  I   -"'i.ini' ii' ' lays from the dati! of this notice   ymi
|K tluw lhe  tlovelop u1   of   nathiiial   fail or refuse lo < tribute your   pur-
emptors, lessees, i-tc,   on    tin*   sa|nc   >i\
terms and conditions as tbo   Govern-  fa
uit-iii tt'onld under tin-   provisions   uf  'V
ilu- "Land Act,' except in respect   lo   f(!
limber   lands   on     the     C'oinpntiv s    8
blocks, which shall bo subject  to   the
i cgul ii i..:.-. i--i;- I  by   I he   Company
relative, to the '-Hilim,' uf   timber   on
ihe Columbia and   Western    Llailivay
I.nii.I Grant.
W s. GORE,
Deputy Cuininissiouer of Eauds
it Works, l.iii.i- nml Woi',.'.- Do
V'n n, II, ('. .'."ml, l-'i'li..   1 '.'iir..
C"  /-    -,'
jfo   0
iii, i. —the t.-i'.n "!' itself n- n   nation
.    ■. ing nml""" 1*
iim; of expenditure I .i Inch i- unit bun
I red nml (iff v thl-ee dullui-i nml seven
| it- fite cents for lhe three yeiu - endint
I'he type* from   »liich   Mr.   Fn* |s ,|jy ;,„,.-,, ,„_.,.„„.,. ttilll ,;i,,  „ ,,
rn .'ii ii'i-- 'i''-"'l i '' i-i'i'tiiiii"  mlvertisiiiif, vour interest in the    said
It . it the typo of the true  Canadian,  ^ai,,, will become the property o!   the
itd I thul li--i* .-inn.-It  -,-,i-.-..ii   NUi,*,cl*|bnr, under section I of an   Ael
I   ,.,.t and self-possessed, his poise   is j ,.tl, j, |,., 1   --.\n    Ael    lu   Am in I    the
i       ne ' I liraggiidiicio, bul   "I   bold I Mineral Act,   11  IO.'
i.   . pi ndencii und self reliimee,                              j,„|N y HAnBo-ni.i*
,,,,. ,,,,| ,.,.,,.ri- oi timl imi-n-t In-   p, i,,,,i ,,, \ ,f uiti^ \i„v  in,,.-,
I■'"■' Our range in ebony
toilet articles is Inrge
mil varied.
A favorite aat. In liamlninie
caae, .- N'n. 11*.-. li con.
ii,.,1, l..ii..i,rii-li. mirror ami
live other tteceaaary plecea,
m.-.i-ii.-.l wilh iterllng -ilvcr
ihii .:., S, .....
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next you are thinking
about gift-making.
Send for il lo-d:il'.
^•*t«««6«!e«*S««t«««««««t)!<|-6aj-e, ,
1        Ymir, B. C.
^^€*$€€€€€€€€€*#€€€€€€€*##' emnt ---r—>
We have just got in a
new line of I
Mi*(*|s   ii.niii   iiiii   illuming
r\ii']ii Sujiilnv, i',.r  freighl
illl,I    | III— I'lpJ'lT*-.      lid'      Ylllit
il.ill.     By slifrilll npilt'l-    nl,'
AMERICAN SHOES   \ * '-'U,v,„i,i,„„..
.-, ■ ,                       ,                            11      it.         ti            i-         ,   ,i         i                 afli-t'X QPp'lE    Prop
S\ Imh are hard to heat tor price illld durability     Al-;:   i|   li|in   .'1   I ill  vfli-.* r_ '      ■ ■_■	
—»•—»» aaaajaaajaj     ■a-Maa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
bftttpd Am.-, ll"!'!1 u shoes,
Take a Look
V.'liirii have ;u ,t arrived, oIIit u Im-ge vtiriely of strictly iip.-to-.i.ii,- -it I, -
See our bio' of -stetsons.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
CPriPANY 14(1,
Wonderful Caves  Near iinost at n-aidar intervals   iim  now
stnnditiK out in bold   relief,   like  llie
I pylons   of   point-   ancient    Egyptian
Ill-fill   Aui-iictiiin ful- Toui'istH  '''-"'l'l",    thft-o    projections     formed
with the smaller walls n suceesiiiou   of
The i atacimbs tvhieh "'die  Ilomans   smaller eaves,   the   whole   wonderful
i -.rni,iti d t, tho result of centuries ol I forinution resembling nothing -n much
i.'i-i'li—, industry have their counter, j perhaps >ni a viint eatliedral   with
pari In nutmill form in tho Canada ol   supporting cluster uf pillars
'We were i'tsl about to ret.
Ihat inrcl, has been made nppnrent
l.y iiie superficial discovery recently
iiitiulinci tl by Mr I', li Ucutsch-
in.rn, who, iii the Bides of l!n-s lYnl.—
ii inountain whioh rente it.: head nmirl
IWATI.'I!   .s!'l'l'l.!!',li    l-'()i;     DO-
Ml'sTIC    AND     I'llll'.
['Uiirasi-.s   r n i. k ii '
I'.'i    nil'M'S     pilES
l . S. T. Km
asm ».*a **a».a»
'    t™*~:          :        Wo have just received o«r spring stock of Slen and Duysi
Sp0kClI16  FiftillS    &  are threo y I features about them, Style, Quality   and Pii ■■
our steps, Inii, on second thought,
loncluded to proceed intu the second
tavern, lhe enlraiico in ivhich could
in- discerned by the light from mn
lamps, This oat mn. lho lasi one
-vhich uns visited, i- fully n hundred
'eel. wide and aboul ttvn hundred
Vi't long iimn: tlmo tiiih at least im.
ii her caves, In lit" one entrance tt e
id.'unued only a short distance, and
leu' we found cm li.iiinii- nt' !jifit* hung*
injj from the wall like a beautiful nnd
delicate draperi and-mudIer   stalacii-
Northern Ry.
'V lin only    all   mil   route   between
Points ;';t.I. west nud soilth In Koss- j Shoes,  |lats fjc. it'
lecided to make n ycnerul cul in price, in .hi- department, for ihe
lays, nnd will miurtmtee you a big reduction in Suits,  Summer   '
:I.,   clouds  overhanging  Ihe Selkirk
ll.iiiu- of the Cniiiiilinn   llockies—ha-
Found the entrance to what may pos
•ibly provo the nioiit  ojetensivo Boriei
nf . lives :i* yet known.1 ; the world.
I'.iii, iiii hus beeu suggested, lin
'.i.nii ledge of tlm eiive or caves—foi
Ihere are.foi1 ontfar.ces that   may   oi
Iiiiii nol be ciiiinccled,   lluil    inny    oi    ten jus I forming on the roof
.limy, not form separate   cits   (these j     "At different   point*;   within   the
furls have still to be   determined)— is  basin thero are entrances into   caves,
very, limited,   Thus far only the   en-1 none of whioh hav« as y.et   been   ex-
tri e,s liave been explored, the bowels  plorcd,   The basin with its   caves   is
of lhe earth having been penetrated situated ahuut tit i miles in n north-
lo a distance of bin three nr four westerly diroctiui from llosn Peak,
hundred feet, Mr. Deutsohmnn esti*. i An easy gradu to the snol is being
nates that in that distanco he do*, laid out, su that visitois may reach
' ."id'.-il from a hundred in a hundred ! ii in about nn hour's walk frum the
mil fifty lii'!. The hoight of tin* railroad traok Hero is on.- uf the
in in- i- between a hundred and a most beautiful Mini iiig-grouinls along
' 'i-liiil nnd fifty' feet, while .In- the line uf the C, I1. 1!. From ihe
• i ih is Iioiii six to twelve feet. bi-in o. the tun-bunding peaks i.   nn
The caves are situated   uboul    live  en-y   climb    nnd    iu   grandeur   llu
nltd n hulf mile- tust.    of    the    Greul ' scene hits no! nn equal in lllll' COUIitl'l
Glacier, n I whioh point ihe C   I',    li.   in tlm win Id."
I'ninpany has  one   of   its   mountain ,.
.hotels', mid the climb to the   entranoo      The eharaoter of a number   of   an*
i- -md nol io b.. unduly dilnctill,    llu-;, j ,,„. ,.,,,,,„.,.< ,,,„] | ,zeH analyzed al
rngi-ess tiptvurd boing urdj to a  nlti- | ,1,,. |,-j(,|t| Columbia
land. N    nm,   Grand   I'm.;;   and   lb
pul,:,.'     Iiulli't i-ni- inn between Kp<
k.*1111• nnd N'oi thpoil
11 ti (lot Cars   iiiii hetwi-,.,1   S),'.ik;n.e  . Wo cany a few specials our t ipotitors do not, such  n-  Swift's   l'i
and Nelson,   Ilncon and Ham, Hnnelwotid   Uutter,   Ashoroft  Potatoes
1-llu tin  Apiil, lu'1."',
cave Daily Train Arrive
Spokane 11.20 p.ni I
in iiiii-i'iiiu en
i- in
'" f'11*0*" tw" thou--iii.il i.e.  from  „ sa.spicin,, ,|,.lt ,|K, pci,isteut   beliel
*'" imlioid iriitik. , in n ",',-i mi'   of   tempering copper
( 111 I.l Mis   Ol-     POLISHED
may be based upon    no   better  basis
ib.in luck of skill in   smelting  iiuniiii.
There is every likelihood that these t ,,
: ancient   peoples,       \ ei v    imperfect
raves will be the objective point of    ll      .   .      .
,       ,   .     .... elimination    of     iron,     phosphorus,
I ii j.-iiiiuili.r of   tourists during  the '
ipi hing tenson.    Thoso who havi   «"'*«enic and aiitimony, has   fri'i|ucntl)
eu the cues—and   these   aro   still I produced a very hard and brittle nop-
!'t       -i, iiiii tha nisi entrances-lend  per.
ii. dill.-i. nt directions,    A local news
I    |'i mn ii nl   li.'ii'lslol.i1, ii ho bus t i-
■   I the i aves, says thut, owing to llu
foi miii.: iu lhe line uf prugllCS*,   il I
ini| in .ible io follow these to any
■•■iii mill..iii   pun Idiny   oii"'s   -iff
i lhe equipment essentiul to   such ,
Willi his compniiion-,  ho« -
iier, he i (pit nd nn enl 1'iilieo   fit llier
I iiiii   iin- entrance.
- oilier ni'ti
MO u.lll
11 Do u.in I'osshinil
S1.10 n m Nelson
'. I iiiu n m Grtiiiil Forks
10.00 u.in, I'lioeiiix
Toll :i. m Ki'inililin
Tin- price is ns low ns lie1 lowesl nud ijnnlity gtini-aiiit -1
11 .'ui p.ni I
.'i 80p.m. j
(1.80 p.ni ■
Seattle,    Tacoma
AM) A I,I,
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
I'ALACE   AND   Till'I! 1ST
I.II'diAllV   ('Alls,     MODERN
DINING   (Alls,
MIC A 1.3 .1    I.A    l ARTE
Best   Meais   on   Wheels
2    FAST   TRAINS      Q
lime's wh  ive shine     We have greatly added to qui Pntenl M-
o.'l, ami -nn supph yiir will *-i ttnythinu nl stricilj list prien
U. S. T.  ROSS,
hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,    B,     C,
__ \'
,<  _   .-*
nil V!.I'.i!   i \.
S mil   and' I'm Id :rs     II u l-t u
V Ll 11 tl IIII I'll-.     St It
Steal, I' of I -., I-''.-"   nn !   dps,
I iriiiiim   nud   'I'm .t,n*       Ste on
All kinds oi I'i'i'nliiii'.'. I'm
siiiithiiiq and General Repaii
50  YEARS*
TRAoe Marks
Aiii-.ilii- '.-inUiill li llltttch mill i|...crti.tl.'ii innT
ill ,. .nil. I.lv ,»*....rI in, inir ..inni..ii fir.' wl.rlliiT nn
i  ci pioceedeil about a quarter   ol   a     ,.,-.'. o,i.,, ,h ,,r-.t...i iv p.,i..o,..i.i.-. r ..nm™.
,.,,,.                           iii„o»liii'llyi,itill,l.-iii,nl. Iliiinll....illi.iil1iili'iil«
IV hell 1 iv-ii'.il    ilillleiillies    once      loiitlr oliloat aaaniir.for Bacuflnigniliiiita.
1 l-.ii. uia nil...ii  lliiniiL-li  Miiiiii A I ... r-i'.-ln;
ii  presented tlieinselves,    'Uie con      v«ta^llwwiijoutolji™o.lntliii
i,,uh of opinion, ti.ou«i,, ii... '.im..; Scientific /itiicriCiiti-,
.*.- could in- •undily overcome w In-n
.in.■ .iij*iitiii' uns supplied «i.b ilu
A li—.I...H..-IV llltialrntiM w-oklv.    I ifMll I 'r.
citlnil f any iii'ii.'i.utif Jmiriiiii.   'I'itii'-s 1.1 a
i. .ii imir! ilhl f. Bold l.yiill li"iii"!^iil"r..
MUNN & Co-36,Br»at--* New TorK
inper  iippluinces   in   ih.    shapu   '•! !      BrtcohoTllci.m Cht. WuBreiitoii.II.0.
'iujj  topi ,   ladders,   llnhts,   etc,,!
Le'wi^ &aarkFair.       Thi' M,"":l1 Life '">'»■'"«■«' {,">ii|».n.y of'N. ^
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
For rules, foltlers nnd full liiforniiition ,,...., ,.       . ,
reUHlillna irlps, call  mi  or lu'rin-ss un        A  j t < • i n ■ \  lllll   I- I In' Sllll'sl   mt f-sl ini'lil   KIIOWII tu   1111111,
„:„,„i7i,.->.i. ,v.n. ii:.,:.t,i or ChhIi invosti'iliii Lifn IiwnmncM'In wwli jnvnntwl lluil    i    I
II, A   JACKSON, II   111'.AM. I', ,   .
i,, !■ i-i p- a,      (. i'. .via   return I'oiiiiioiiinl iiiti'ics-t,
''"u- okmo     . All siti'i'i'ssl'iil hiisincs.*, liii'ii  .'iiir-.   large  iiiiioiuitH  .d
,,„   | -aaanaaaanaa— aaaaaaaa —    i 11 - 11 la I Id'.        ll   | ill i *.'''I''-   I'l'l'llll'   lillllill.   [ll'lltl't'tS 11   III,III   ill     lll-
i,|i 1 n'.'e, mul iirotepl- his ntliiM" iiiveslinuiits,    I'm    pales   u.i
.nu Ibi'ii! i'1' lift* insiil'iuiee ii|i|.li in:
lin nip n- I'm ns prosecuted was nol |
-   i i .ir.il dillii'iilty.     There Was    e,   ■♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦•♦♦♦♦♦•(>4**-44-t'**» + + 4->-f
Inline iill tin' ii nv of about   ten   to I f   I I     a.     t     \T •       _
.":■. '.'ii fn-! in   every   hundred.     Tlu-l-t   IIOLCI      Y ITI I V  •»
* "
 ._■ i- of    |ioli"lll'd    nun bin,    while ' f
l! !• null- inke on nil iniuiiinr  of   f.in  ! *
'   -i i ■ nnd bi'iiiii iftil shapes
Tlir RcnI   .Meals
Ami Acciiiniiiiuliil imi
In Tiiwn.
*■ l'i imi tin- entrance,"   «riles   tin
narrator, "ivhich   sometvhal   narrows I ♦ •♦
I 'tli—t, to tl.e limit of   ou.   researoh, f A Iiiii* sclccl inn <.1' Willi's.
.     Iml   picked   our   nul   carefully J l,i<|ii<ir.s anil ('ioai's
nlotiK       'le      rusffod      limestone *r   *t
llnor, avoiding oontuct with   the   iu.-JT ,|   \v, MAWTERSOKi     Prop. X
^'^ Sterling
P,om it crfT*?*"
•|v>ou to a tliui-m-
■ nil dullor pre-
»rnlali'iii net.
Henry liirltn ft
Sonii' fncililie."
for rtinkiiif; solid
lillvfrwnre orr
Ijosscvifd by no
oilier conrcrn in
C n nnd it.
HuMiHu liunm-*-.-.'*   which   project   nl
eri, modrrn murhhiery, «nd *kUlt-d hand-
workerSi all under tha diiert Mipervlslon of
practical mamben of the firm, make itfl tm-
r una lied combination for turning o*!t fine
Write fir IIHuIrnted c.ltntojrfie.
Jev.elry,    '
Sterling Silver,
Silver Plate,
WiUhci, etc.
Henry BirksS Sons
JtWelltrilO Hit Kxc-rllCDCJf
llir l-ntl ot Min f.
Percy J. Gleazer, Local i^qeni
'£ jvt i ~i
I'HKSII    i\l'   HAI-flvl)  \l!t|:
Wholesulu nml lli-lnii
KEDMOl'N'l AlN ll \II.-V \V I "
\\A.*IIIM.I'U.\ ,v .'.  ,\    111
V.  V. St V.   IIV.  & \   in
,"ii'! Owii! No-|iii'in, S'oitlinrh  I'.
nnd 0 H, ," N. c,.   for |, lin'ii  .
".-i-1-'   nml   liduth ■ cbnncctM   ill    I'
i i*i-l mid \..|m.ii  nidi   tl-..   (Jim id
Piicific Hnilfii-
I ',,'in....is ni  Nol.,.,.. tt i-i, i||(.   If  |
.( N. Co. for   ICiwIu mid   K    .   i -
I oi1 i-.
( '"lllll TN    III    I 'Ul'l.-U      il i|i,      .1,,.,.   ;
Cii'i iiiiood nnd  M i.l«.i v, lie.
,.  ., uiuuui   enm nm on trunm i
.Mud onloi-.i ix'cinvn iirmiiiit uttclitioii    .   ,
Spokane mul   Itepubllo
JOHN  I'llll.lllillT,   l'i.,|.
li'lli'lHl i
.1|IO   j


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