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The Ymir Herald 1904-07-09

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Vm., I - No, 8.
Price Five Cents.
■ •<-»'. VI 1! »■..*..•... «,**•*■ * r • -
Nols Cliilholm leaves for   Toiiopitli;
Nevada, tt* lay.
A. C O'Neill is now iu sole i barge
of ihe local postollice.
Miss Carney, from Kaslo, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Benzie of Ymir.
I In Wednesday last the tliei'inome-
tot marked 03 degrees in   tho   shade.
Archibald and Davis are now es
tablished in their now quarters at the
Palace Hotel.
Father Althorf was in town on
Thursday last, accompained by Mr.
Kerr of Nelson.
Nelson is getting seated of a water
famine this fall. Luckily Ymir is
free from ull fears of such a calamity.
The buzz of the big saw at the
Porto Rico mill is
heard   without    intermission     these
Jack Ryan has returned   to   town,
after two months absence in Portland
*--   where he has been  receiving   medical
t reatment,
There will be services in the Methodist Church Sunday eve. atj730: Subject "A Model Young Man." All
are invited.
Messrs. W. A. McDonald and
Archie Johnson, hitherto'partners in
legal firm of McDonald it Johnson
are dissolving partnership.
M". Dougall Cameron has been
ha g an operation performed at the
Nelsoi Hospital. He was .troubled
v-illi a growth in the throat
Base ball problem. 'Nelson beat
Ymir 24 to 6. Trail liest Nelson 6
to 0. Rossland beat Trail C to 0.
By how many would Rossland beat
Paul Victor Loth, secretary of the
Active Gold Mining Company, was in
town on Friday on a business visit in
connection with the affairs of the
The cedar ends of shingle bolts cut
in stove lengths make an excellent
summer wood, for quick fires. See
the Porto Rico's company advertise
inent on another page.
On Monday last the case of Kirk-
patrick vs. the Active Gold Mining
Company, was heard at the County
Court in Nelson, the planliil claiming
#:!00 for teaming, supplies, die. An
item of 825.75 was struck off the
I laintill's claim and finally judgement
-J" was reserved after the evidence hod
been all taken. R. M. Maodonald
for plaintiff and R, S. tannic for the
Mr. and Mrs. G. Buechler, returned to Ymir on Tuesday last, after
their wedding trip. Mr. Bechle is an
engineer at the Ymir mine, and the
newly married couple will take up
their residence th iv.
The following is from the Times of
St. Thomas, Out: The departure of
Miss Maud Bryant, of Port Huron,
on a 2,500 mile trip to meet her future life purtner is part of a pretty
little romance. The groom to be, Mr.
Geo. Baechler, formerly of Saruia, is
one of three young men, his conipan
ions being from other parts of the
country, who went to British Colum
bis several yoars ago, and have now
become highly piosperous Each of
the three men had sweethearts, and
as a remarkable coincidence, they
were all three school-teachers. The
wooing was necessaiily at long range,
I* mid in due time the young men's
. proposals were favoiably received.
^ The happy culmination will be a
1 triple wedding at Nclsuu>B* C., on
June 29th.
New Catholic Church.
The orcotion of the new Catholic
Church in Vmif lias now been commence I und it is expected that it will
be finished in about four weeks.
The building, when finished, will
be a very hansoiue one and will accommodate a considerable congregation. The size will be 22x10 feet,
with a ceiling 16 feet high. The
walls ure to be plastered within. On
the roof a belfry will be built in
which later on will be placed a large
boll. The front windows will be in
Gothic shape, whilst the side ones
will be  plain.
With regard to the furniture, the
altar is being brought from Nelson by
Father Althorf, whilst the seating
arrangements al:e not qnite decided
upon yet.
The erection of the building is be-
done under contract by John Burns
Jr. The site is on third Avenue between James Gille's bouse and the
Presbyterian Churth.
I *****
Forest   Fires.
Some of the Provisions of the
Preventation Aet—Cau-
tion Required.
The season of forest fires is here
and already some local damage has
been done. With the probability of
an unusual hot and dry summer this
year, it becomes more thuu usually
necessary that all duo precautions
should be taken to prevent the starting of forest fites.
The act governing the matter, and
tho amending sets, provide a means
of punishing anyone guilty of neglecting to use the prescribed means of
preventing the commencement of a
forest lire. Anyone convicted under
the act may be fined not more than
§200 or less than $50 and may be
imprisoned for a period not exceeding
six months; and in addition is liable
at a civil action, for all damages occasioned by the fire so wilfully sturt-
All persons who make or start a
fire in any woods or forest or upon
ands adjacent thereto between May
1st and October 1st in any year, for
cooking, obtaining warmth, or for any
industrial purpose, are obliged to
clear a sufficient space surrounding
the place in which such fire is started,
and the fire is to be completely extin
guished before leaving the place.
Ranchers and settlers cleariug
lands are required at all times to constantly watch over and care for any
fire they may start for clearing purposes so as to prevent its spreading
and getting beyond control, and
must fust clear a margin around the
spot or track to lie cleared up by
The burden of proving that tho
terms of the act have been complied
with is specifically placed upon tho
defendants in any action under the
It is further provided that it shall
be the duty of every provincial government agent, gold commissioner,
timber inspector, forest ranger, mining recorder and provincial police,
officer or constable to enforce tho provisions and requirements of tho act.
If the government would go a step
further and appoint district fire war-
dns or specifically designate one of*
ficiel iu each fire district to look out
for offenders against the act, some of
the disastrous fires experienced in tho
past might be prevented,
In addition to settlers   and   pros
pectots the holiday campers end   picnickers should take particular care  to
extinguish camp fires before   quitting
the spot.
4-44-4 i II 1 i k*********
-* *■
Times should be improving in
Ymir next month, tho Dundee, Fog
horn and Porto Rico mines aro all
announced to resume operations.
An interest in the Rainy Day Fraction, adjoining the Foghorn mine, car.
be acquired by any ono willing to do
thu assessment work. Apply to Percy
J. Gleazer.
Jim Gille is recommencing development work on the Ibathei'dew
Group, which lies near the Foghorn
on Wild Horse Creek. This is one of
the most promising free milling propositions in the district.
Tho repeated notices in the Huku.d
as to the profits to be made from
placer operations on the creek and
river beds iu this vicinity, are having
there due effect. Several new locations were made this week.
During the month of June the
shipments of ore and concentrates
from the St. Eugene amounted to 2,-
900 tons. Of this amount 1,500 tons
were shipped abroad to Antwerp,
Belgium, and the remaining 1,400
tons to the smelter at Trail.
Mr. G. H. Bernhardt, who has the
Porto Rico mine leased from the Canadian Pacific Exploration Company
of London, will resume operations
there next month.      It   is   reported
Mining in Siam.
Mr. James Stewart, who has just
returned to Ymir fiom Siam, gives an
interesting account of conditions prevailing there in the mining and industrial fields. He was in the employment of the Duff Syndicate and
accompanied Mr. Rion/,i Macfarlane
in 1002, when that gentlemen took a
party of Ymirites out with him, to
prospect the Kclantan district of Siam,
in the interest of the Syndicate.
The story of how Ymir became
connected with tho enterpriso is in
itself interesting. Mr. Bourko who
will be remembered here as a one time
partner of Mr. Macfurlanc, returned
to England in 1901, and soon after
obtained an appointment with the
Siamese government f.o a position
very similar to that held by the
Minister of Mines in British Columbia. While holding this office in
Bangkok, the capital of Siam, he met
Mr. Duff', who was iu that city for
the purposo of con firming with the
Sultan the concession obtained by
him from the R ejall of the subsidiary
province of Kelantan. After sccur
ing fchlB confirmation, Mr. Duff' expressed his wish to obtain the service,
of an expert mining engineer and a
number of practical and experienced
p-ospeetors, and Mr. Burke immediately recommended him to write Mr.
Macfarlane ut Ymir and get him to
come out and tying a number of Ymir
prospectors.    This was done, and Mr
that considerable   now   development'Stewart, who has just returned,    was
work is to be done this year
Wm. Waldie, manager of the
Queen mine, at Salmo, passed through
on Tuesday last. He was taking a
gold brick valued at £2900, to Nelson
which represented a run of fourteen
days on the ten stamp mill. He has
now sixteen men employed on the
mine and mill.
A fine strike of rich ore has been
made on tho Goodenough claim near
the Ymir mine. Since our last issue
further work has sufficed to uncover
several rich streakes, of sufficient size
and value to make the prospect a very
piomising one. The vein itself is ten
feet wide and runs parallel to tho big
vein of the Ymir mine. Through
this width there all four streaks, each
about six inches wide of almost solid
galena ore which will certainly run
high. The vein has been traced
about 700 feet, and a shaft sunk
about 10 feet on it, besides several
opencuts. The owners of the Good-
enough are Cbisholm, Lovell and
Tamarac Mines Ltd.
The financial accounts of the Tamarac Mines Ltd., for the year ending
.'list, March 190*1, have just been
rendered, aud show a balanco in hand
at that date of $636.53 The balance brought,forward from the previous year was $10.r2.H|, and during
the year payments were received as
follows: Insurance recovered §5703.-
41, assessments (169.60, refund
tramway $137, bank interest §40.55.
The item, refund tramway, probably refers to the cable und buckets
sold to the Broken Hill and B. C.
Standard Co's.
Tho principal items of expenditures
during the year me: Development
work $1090.44, D. Roberts 8030,
043 Spitzio shares purchased $1234,-
75. office rent and salaries $350,
managing director $300, S. S. Fowler
tee for examination aud report 8500,
legal expenses 8509.40.
Among the assets of the company,
the machinery is valued at 81500,
buildings $.')t.97, tramway $2578,
railway spur $320.54, and Office furniture $150
one of the number to leave here.
Mr. Stewart states that the Duff
Syndicate has now a number of
promising prospects under development, and u big dredger which is
working the Kelantan liver. One is
a fair galena proposition and another
is an immense vein of almost solid
iron pyrites, carrying gold None,
according to him are of very high
average value. The lower country
is covered with a very dense jungle
and very difficult to prospect. The
timber is of practically no commercial
value. Game is abundant, several
large species such as elephant, tiger,
panther, deer and wild lioar being encountered, besides wild peacocks,
chickens, and pigeons.
In consequence of the dampness of
the atmosphere, tho heat is very oppressive, and malaria is very prevalent, Every European connected with
tho Syndicate, suffered from malaria
moro or less all the time. Tho Syndicate employes about 25 Europeans
and over 1000 coolies, consisting of
Siamese, Chinese, mid Mai ays.
Of the party that wont from Ymir,
Mr. Macfarlane and Mr. Petrio re -
turned after the first year, whilst
Messrs. Clark, Manson and Stewart
stayed out two years, Clark and Man
are now home in tho old country, but
expect to bo back in British Columbia
this fall.
Mr. Anthony McMillan's statement to the effect that there is no
truth in the rumor as to the closing
down of the Northport smelter is an
inportant ono to Ymir. It means
that the Hunter V.mine will shortly
be operating again with a full force
of men, and shipping to Ihe full capacity of the tram, instead of sonic
50 or 00 tons per day, as at   present.
Kitamaat Likely to  be
Terminus for the
Q. T. P.
No Authoritative  Confirma
tion,  but   Loeation and
Advantages support
Although, as a matter of course, the
Grand Trunk authorities will not make
any statement on the question, the
public seems to accept the report that
the Grand Trunk Pacific's western
terminus is to bo located at Kitamaat:
Although not so familiar with this
name as others on the Pacific Coast,
Westeners say that no mistake will 1 e
made if Kitamaat becomes the future
port entry of the new Pacific railway
Kitamaat is located from four to
five hundred mills northwest of Van
couver and something more than one
hundred miles south of Pore Simpson
which has been generally considered
as a strong claimant to recognition Lithe different promoters of Canadian
railway enterprises looking for a port
on the Pacific Ocean, Kitamaat is a
long arm of the sea exti nding inland
in a northeasterly direction from forty
to fifty miles.
There are several islands above the
entrance, and a good ship channel on
each side, but the upper portion widens into a deep and extensive harbor,
and being landlocked on three sides
and open all the year round, experts
hnye pronounced Kitamaat amongst
the best harbors in the world
The future terminal, it is understood, will be built on the northern
side of the harbor, which can be
reached by the rails of the Grand
Trunu Pacific through a natural pass
leadim-; to the Rockies It is said, in
fact, that tho grade would not exceed
one per cent, from the proposed terminus to the pass to be hereafter
chosen through the Rocky mountains.
It will remain for the engineers to
choose either the Yellowhead. tbe
Peace or the Pine river puss as the
connecting artery between the northwestern plains and tho Pacific   slope.
Services, II a. in.; Sunday school 12;
Evening service, 7:30. Voting Peoples' Society meets on Friday  evening
I at ft o'clock.    All are welcome.    Rev.
i H. Young, M. A., Pastor.
Hotel Arrivals.
Vascouvek Hotel:—Joe Predo,
Sandon, B. C.j John Crawley, Nelson;
Alex. Kennedy, Salmo; J. Buyer aril
wife, Ottawa; Paul Gagnan, Wilcox
McLeod Hotel:—G. F. Williams,
Vancouver; W. Dickson, Rossland;
G. C. Datowam, Rossland; A. Jones,
Eric; 11. J. Moore, Nelson; Milford
McNeil, Stillwater, Wis.; W. F.
Lemon, Nelson; K. R. Wallastan,
Victoria; A, S. Wheeler, Hunter V.
Mine 0. S. Wheeler, Hunter V.
Wai.hokf Hotel:—Lee Blake,
Davenportj S. Forrll, Spokane; C.
Walters, Nelson; James Frazer,
Grand Forks, Michigan.
Ross Hoisr.:—Ralph Hilligass,
Minnesota; P. Corrigan, Nelson; (!.
Keefe, Rossland; John Kelley, Nelson;
J. Ryan, Spokane; A. J. Kerr, Nelson; Harold Kinohan, Nelson; S.
Saunders, Victoria.
Ymih Hotel:—R. H. Crasson, .ml
1). L Crassen, St. Louis; L\ Christen
son, Salmo; Chas. Waline, Seattle;
Paul Stergeon, Spokane; Harvey Vim
Busk irk, Idaho; John Sutherland,
Nelson; John liurns, Nelson; Wm.
Feeney, Salmo; Geo. Slrubort, Onm.
berland, Eng.; R. S. Hogg, Trout
Cosmopolitan Hotel:—John Hail,
Salmo; James  Stewart,-Siam;   Bert
Potter, Erie; J. s   Bioiunor,   Eriej
G, Pcone, Colvillc.
l>uh]li>t)c{l overv Saturday and ruallcd to any
address, or doMvurud by carrier In town.
Subscriptions SB,W|*er unnum, payablo In »d*
Advertising rates, 11.50 per inoh  per iimntli
Is!" Hi.H-M.u can I,., had from all leading
newsdealers in the dlatriul, or can be Qbialued
direct from Ihe office.
Commercial  printim*  ol   every    description
done on the pruiniatVat semdard prices.
i-irni.i*.iir» St tub
II.   KEAUMS,   MaHAtilB*
According to  Mr.   James  Stewart
■who has just returned from  the   Far
Fast, the Ymir   district   beats   any
.thing he has found out there   in  ,tho
.mining field.
formed to operate the Hall Creek
Hats by hydraulic methods Formerly a comparatively high average was
necessary to render such ground profitable, but with model n machinery
the cost per cubic yard has been
greatly reduced. In California today, ground running seven cents to
the cubic yard is being operated at a
profit with this improved machinery,
and we do not hesitate to say that
there are dozens of possible locutions
in the Ymir district, where ground
gunning three to four times this value
can be found. In the case of the
Hall Creek flats the average value
jK>m severall hundred tests is over 50
cents per cubic yard, and wo venture
to think that when the owners of the
ground have got their machinery in
operation, tboir enterprise will be
followed by many similar ones.
The best brand of domestic
The Kootenay   Standard
J.   C.   Thetin & Co.
Nelson B. 0.
The attitude of some of the Liberal
newspapers in regard to the coal and
.oil licences issued liy tbe McBride
government, is distinctly amusing.
l''or a long time they were in ignorance as to what course would be pursued. Correspondents at Victoria sent
out more or less imaginery schemes as
being under consideration, and the
papers in question tumblod over each
.other, to condemn each and overy one
of such schemes. Whatever course
was eventually pursued thoy stood
ready to condemn it. H tho Government decided the locators rights, it
entailed too heavy expenditure, if they
didn't, it was unfair to the locators.
No soheme which could bo proposed
found favour, because it might have
been adopted and then the mouth of
■carping criticism would liave been
•closed. And a Liberal paper which
cannot kick, however futilo the kick
may be, at the McBride government,
is a very curious anomaly in this
Province. As a matter of fact the
course which has been adopted, is the
only practical and business like one,
and while assuring a considerable
revenue to the Province, works no
injustice on any individual, leaving
all matters and disputes to 1-e settled
at the tribunal provided for that purpose.
Considerable attention is being
given in the Provincial press to a
statement wo made two weeks ago, as
to the gold contained iu the old river
mid creek beds in this section, and it
is certainly a statement of fact well
ijualifiod to attract attention. We
do not mean to imply that a man can
take a shovel and dig down anywhere
to find auriferous gravel carrying
gold in paying quantities, but wo
contend that nearly all tho flats in
the neighborhood, which have at one
time formed the beds or basins of
ancient rivers, lakes and creeks, are
profitable fields for hydraulic opera
tions. Thore are a largo number of
such flats, and whore ever they havo
been tested, auriferous gravels havo
been found, carrying considerable
valuable black sand and running high
enough to return a considerable margin ot profit.
Bnck in the eighties, most of the
rivers and creeks in the Ymir section
werS worked for placer gold and
many of them, such as Hall and Wild
Horse Creeks and the North Fork,
found very profitable, oven when
worked by tho crudest methods. Today, creek diggings are in operation
on tho Salmon river and tho North
Fork,   while   a   company   has   been
fhe Plant Is Assured.
Mr. Ferneau  wilt locate his
Zinc Plant at Fernie.
The terms offered by Crow's
Nest   Company  are -
Definite information has at last
been received announcing the final
decision of Mr Ferneau to locate bis
zinc smeUer at Forme. The many
advantages that Fernie possesses for
smelting purposes were readily recognized by Mr. Ferneau when he first
came here and he has been engaged
arranging the details since that time,
says the Fernie Free Press.
The terms submitted to M r. Fer-
neau by the C. N. P. Coal Co., re the
sale of the land aad tbe cost of the
slack coal to be supplied continuously
>to the smelter were taken upliy Mr.
Ferneau's directors in London last
month, and on representations made
by Mr. Ferneau were acceptod Tbe
latter instructed the coal company to
prepare formal contracts, etc., ready
for signatures. The last communication from Mr. Ferneau is dated London, .Tune 13, in which he made ar
rangeinents for certain payments and
stated that though the actual date of
his departure for Canada was not
then fixed, he hoped to start very
shortly, when he would ullix the necessary signatures, etc,
The contract between Mr. Ferneau
and the Coal company calls for the
erection of a zinc smelter plant costing at least $100,000 which will bo
in operation this year, Mr, Ferneau
has already given orders for the
building of the zinc enriching plant
at Ilosobery where the ore is mined
Tho Fernie smelter will bo where the
concentrates will be reduced to zinc
matte. Tho site will comprise several acres on the north side of tho Coal
Creek branch railway above the old
power homo.
YMTR LODOE, No. 32,   K.   P.
Meets first   and   third   Mondays of month.
Visiting   brothers   welcome.
.1. C. Dewaii, C. C.
Milks Mclmtii, K. R. S.
Meets train every morning,
except .Sunday, for freight
and passengers for Ymir
mill. By special orders on
(Sundays. Or for Ymir mine.
ALEX. ODD1E. Prop-
The Secretary of '$
he above mentioned ;!;
jy Company invites ap- M
-y» pjications from parties /J\
w desirous of working m
w the Tamarac and other /l>
W claims under lease. ^
-■-  For particulars apply: ik
!/       G. H. Mastkk,       %
^ Bossland,   -   -   B. C. #
Post Office  Store.   -   Ymir
Wholesale and Retail
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
First-class Dining Room.
Best brands of Wines,
Liquors ant  igars.
Second Ave.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Jty.
rP he only all rail route between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effective June 14th, 1903,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.45 a.m Spokane 6.15 p.m
10.40 a.m Rossland 4.85 p.m
9.32 a.m Ymir 5 35 p m
7.20 a.m Nelson 7.20 pm
11:35 a iu      Grand Forks       4 00 p.m
8.30 a.m Republio 6.15 p.m
In connection with
UrEAT      llORTHERN       My.
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago
and all points East,
Seattle,   Tacoma,   Victoria, Portland,
and nil Pacific Coast points.
Through Palace and 1'ourist Sleepers,
Dining and Huffet Smoking Library car
For rales, folders and full information
regarding trips, call on or ai'dress an
agent of the S. F. <SiN. Railway or
G. F. & P. A., C. P. &T. A.
Spokane.       710 W. Riverside Av.
Our Stock is Like Running Water, ALWAYS FRESH.
A large trade, quick selling methods and prices, keep the
Stock moving continuously. No chance for anything but
the FRESHEST here.    To-day we   offer   the   following,
not« the Prices!
Best .Sugar Cured Bacon and Ham (Swifts) per pound      18c
No. 1. Granulated Sugar, 15  pounds   for 81*00.
Choice Creamory Butter,   Bulk,   27c.    Tomatoes (Quaker) per can....    15c.
A Splendid Laundry Soap 6 bars for...      2oc.
3 pounds Moca and  Java  Coffee for. $1.00
Try 3 pounds of our Ceylon Tea   for $ 1.00.
If not satisfactory your money will be refunded. We are not hard up and
have got lots of money. Save our discounts and defy our opponents to
equal us in price and quality.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Lite Insurance Company of .New York
Maryland Casualty Company.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
YMIR, a C,
AH work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
Qents    Furnishings   Store
The only reliable and up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods are the best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.   :,:'.:    :    :    :    :
A full line of Dry Hoods, Boots and Shoes
This is the time of the year to get your pick of the many sulect plecos of
Furniture.    Iron Bods, Linoleums, Rugs, Carpets aud Hammocks.
D. ricARTHUR & CO.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
N.B.— We are sole agents for the Marshall Sanitary Mattress ami. the Qlobe-
Sectional Book Case and Files,
Fresh   Goods  for  the  Spring Trade
Ask for Swift's Bacon and Hams (they are the best)
Dundee Marmalade, Blue Point Oysters, Crosse &
Blackwell's Pickles, Jams, and Chow Chow; well
selected Teas, Coffees and Cocoa, Government
Creamery and Hazelwood Batter.
Fishing Tackle, Stationery, Fire Works, Sporting Goods, Magazine;*., C<v
fectionory, Pipes and Smokers' supplier All goods sold lit, vory reasonable
YMIR, B.2. ■**+•#•* >-i -t ■4*-4;.**-***-II-4ri *>i 4 4 ■!
• I
-* "■*••' ?■ rV.fr+^f^SM*'***.*..! J. J.-J-.t
The customs returns for the port of
Nelson for the month of June, the
lust month in the official fiscal year
were as follows;
Imports—dutiable   $68,309.00
Imports—Free  .•    18,303.00
Total imports $80,67^.00
Duty collected ¥16,110 00
South African gold is cooping
again to the front. Quartz crushing
on the Rand in March of this year
yielded 38,212 ounces of gold, worth
nearly $5,000,000. The most productive month in the history of the
rand was Augusc, 1899, with a yield
of 175,000 ounces, and over 100,000
Kaffirs were at work. In March hist
only 72,3*10 blacks were at work, but
the number is gradually increasing.
India, China and other far eastern
countries continue in the market for
silver, and it is a truth that India
and China annually purchase almost
half the world's yearly production of
tbe metal For hundreds and hundreds of years these countries have
been mining silver, and, as it is the
money of these countries, their enormous and increasing populations require a vast amount of metal. Yet
that year after year half of the
world's silver production is swallowed
up by these two countries affords one
of the greatest of world's mysteries.
The world's annual output of silver
for years has exceeded 170,000,000
ounces, and that India and China
have consumed 85,000,000 ounces
eaoh year offers much food for
thought. The greater part of the
population of both countries are very
poor and most ignorant, and it is
highly probable that vast quantities
of silver are hoarded by this great
aggregate of population, and the silver thus is out of circulation. Certain it is that no silver is ever exported out of these countries, and it
must be that the governments yearly
lose vast quantities of the metal to
these hoarders, as they are in the
market regularly for immense quantities of the metal,
On the subject of gold bearing ore
treatment, Mr. W. J. Adams has tho
following to say: "All gold bearing
ore is not adapted to the free milling
process, and on opening li mine this
point must be definitely determined
before the reduction works are erected. An assay will determine the
value; a panning test will demonstrate if any of the gold is free, and a
laboratory working test will inform
us of tho amount that can be expected to be saved by amalgamation and
concentration. But if the final tailings are still very high, some method
has to bo found to recover this value.
Should the highest percentage remain
in the tailings, cyaniding must be
tried, or chlorination, if tho gross
value of the ore will stand the expense, while sometimes a combination
of all must be used. If the ore is
very high grade and refractory, as
well, smelting of the mass is the proper procedure. Neithor cyanogen or
chlorine will ieoninically act on coarse
gold, and both processes require
crushing. If our panning tests show
coarse gold, and the value is too low
for smelting, we have to crush, and
then, either before or after the cbemi
cal work, can secure tbe coarse gold
amalgamation. The greatest detriment to successful milling is the
presenco of tellurium compounds, except the telluride of lead and copper.
Thcso cannot bo amalgamated to a
practical efficiency, and yet, if those
ores, as usual, show great richness in
freo gold and coarse gold, they are
milled, and, as a consequence, hun-
ilieds of thousands of doll-irs aro run
to waste, all of which would have
been saved if the whole mass had
been shipped to a smelter. Therefore, examine tho ore for tellurium,
and if of sufficient richness ship, even
though at the same limo lich in freo
Lode vs. Placer Claims.
The recent legislation over the
Lucky Jack group at Poplar, which
was staked over by one Tanghe, has
opened up a wide field of debate, as
to the diverse readings of tbe mineral
law maintained by either party. The
Provincial Mining Association of B.
C, lias been endeavoring to have the
ambiguities of tbe law rectified and
for this purpose has submitted the
following resolution to tbe Minister
of Mines:
"Whereas the judgment recently
rendered by the Hon. Mr. Justice
Martin in the case of Tanghe vs.
Morgan et al., decides that whenever
a free miner makes the statutory
affidavit (Form G) required by the
Placer Mining Act and pays or tenders the requisite fee to the Gold
Commissioner, such free miner becomes entitled to a record of his location notwithstanding the fact that
the ground is already occupied as a
lode location, and the Gold Commissioner, after personally inspecting
the ground, is of the opinion that the
application for a placer locution is
not bona fide, and
The Cheapest places for tbe   iiiunu
fieture of iron in the world are South
Chicago and the various ports on   the
south shore ot Lake Erie.    To   these
paints coal can bo brought    with   the
shortest haul, and ore   cms   can   be
brought down to meet it at   a    minimum cost,     since   the   enlargement i
of the ship canul at Sauk Ste.   Marie,
ships almost as large as ocean   steam-1
ers come  laden   with   Luke   Superior,
ores right up to the docks at    Lorain,
Cleveland, Pairport, Ashtabula,   Con-
neaut and Bullulu,    where    they   are
unloaded into the very yards in which
the blast furnaces are   built   for   the |
uso of  Pennsylvania coal.      As   two |
tons of iron ore to one   ton   of  coke
are required in the manufacture, it is
evidently cheaper to bring the coke to
tbe south shore of Lake Iu ic   than   it
The Northport Smelter.
The Northport Smelter is not to be
olesed down after all.      The   rumors
which have been extensively i-irculat-
ledus to the shutting  down  of  both !
; the Le Roi mine and the smeller, are;
'now   directly   contradicted   by   Mr. I
i Anthony J. McMillan, the   managing
i director.      We are still of opinion
i that these rumors were first   put   in
I circulation by the stock jobbers  con- j
necled    with   the    London     market.
Before leaving Rossland for   ihe   old
country, Mr-McMillan said:
"As regards the future I may say,
notwithstanding rumors to the contrary, that it is not our present intention to close either the 1/8 Roi
mine nor the North-port smelter.
Since T arrived I   have   done   every-
♦ •)♦♦♦♦♦*>
Hotel Ymir
, ,      ,,. . .        i thing possible to keep things  moving
ii to carry the ore to   the   Pittsburg!  , ,     ,       , ,   ,
,..,,,,, ,.       .  „    , along at  both   places   and   hope   to
district.    But the conservative   mflu-1       ° .
„       ,,.,,,. *   continue tins policy.    The mine is  in
ence of established business centers is ,        , ,    , .
,  .,   .    i.,,    ,, ,' very good condition and    there   is  a
such that still   the   greater   pai't of; , ...
,, . .   .       ,      j.   ,i ii*   I very large  amount  of  ore  in  sight,
this ore is transferred to the coal  dis ; ■ °
. . .      .,      .,      t, , .   ,,    .       i Much of the low grade ore we hope to
trict, rather than the coal to the iron, i °
„ . ,. i.i  concentrate if the tests  wo aio  now
Carnegie   at  one  time  contemplated:
,   .,,. „ , . ,      carrying on are successful
building new furnaces and iron works
at Conneaut, O., but  finally decided,
on account  of   tlio extensiveness    of
Whereas   the  said   judgment  also the   pIant   afready   established      at j
Homestead, to transport the   ore   to
Respecting Coal  and   Petboleum
Lands in Sovtii-East Kootf.n*.v.
affirms that in an action brought by
the placer locater against the earlier
lode locater, the placer locater is entitled to the judgment of the Court,
notwithstanding tho Met that the
evidence established that ihe so-
called placer claim was not a placer
claim at all, because there was no
placer ground ill it, and
Whereas .n the case of an   adverse
action between rival  claimants  of a       ,   ,„   ,
,   ,     , .        , ,    , .      , NO riOE is hereby given that  licen-
lode claim, where  both   parties  have ceg t0 proSpect for coal and petroleum
filed   the  statutory   affidavit  stating j upon and uuder lauds situated  within
that they had, respectively, each dis- |,B!?ck   *'M3'   So"uttfEaft   Kootenay,
. . will be issued forthwith lo all  persons
covered mineral in place,   it   has   al-! who haVe nladl. prope|. application, iu
ways been open to the Court  to  find   pursuance   of   the   provisions   of the
that one, or both, of the   locations  is i "V'°al,P'es Aot!' ;,nd am8^l?el,if^
'     ,   -*■ !    The fee for each licence will be SflOO,
invalid by reason of the fact  that no | ami an applicants who have   not   de-
mineral had been in truth discovered;' posited accepted bank cheques to cov-
and it is difficult to say whv tbe  law I "r U,ttt amounl, arl: l,ev"h" m^nA to
' I do so without furtlior notice,
should be administered differently   in j    Licences will be issued in the follow-
iug form, viz:—
'•Mining Licence issued under the
Coal Mines Act and Amendments.
the case of placer claims; and
Whereas, if the said judgement be
correct, intolerable confusion will
arise by tlio locating of imaginary or
fictitious placer claims over valid ex-'
isting mineral chums, and the said
judgment demonstrates that the pro
visions of the   Act,    relating   to   the
to enter,   prospect,
matters in   question,   are  ambiguous  search and work lor coal and    petrol-
"In consideration of one hundred
dollars now paid under the said Acts,
and subject to the provisions thereof,
I. W. S. Gore Deputy Commissioner,
acting for the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works, licence
and doubtful.,
Therefore bo it resolved that tho
uncertainty and confusion which ap
patently exist in the Placoi Mining
Act ought to be promptly removed by
order of the Lieutenant-Governor in
Council, pu.i-.uant to the powers conferred by Section 150 of tho Act, and
that a copy of this resolution together with a copy of the letter and accompanying report received from tho
Poplnr Creek Branch of this Association be sent to the Hon. the Minister
of Mines." : .
It is reported that some of the deported miners from Cripple Creek will
undertake mining on a co-operative
basis near Tros Piedras, in New Mexico. Thero is no reason why these
men should not succeed at such a
proposition, providing the location is
well selected. In any event, the proposition will be watched with much
interest and some curiosity, for un
ionists will be in the position of em
ployer and employe, and thov can
have a taste of the troubles of both.
Please take notice that the adjourned Annual Meeting of tho Brok
en Hill Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability, will bo
held at the Company's Office, at the
Mine, on Saturday the 9th day of
July, 1901 at 1:30 p. m., for the
reception of the annual report and
such other business as may come
before the meeting.
Yours truly,
A. H. Tt'TTI.F.,
cum (but no other metal or mineral)
upou, in and under all that piece or
parcel of mineral land situated in and
forming part ot Block 1,593. Fust
Kootenay District, and described as
and not exceeding in the whole six
hundred and forty statute acres.
oOwmg to the number of applicants
for licences lo prospect for coal and
petroleum, and the peculiar circumstances surrounding the application for
the issuance of these licences, aud the
well known fact that the issuauco has
been unavoidably suspended for so
many months, the Government of
British Columbia finds it impossible to
determine the equitable rights of the
numerous applicants. Therefore, for
the purpose oi enabling all persons to
go before the proper tribunal for the
determination of their respective
rights and priorities, this licence is
issued and accepted subject to such
prior rights of other persons as may
exist by law", and the dato of this licence is not to bo taken or held to
waive enquiiy by the Courts into the
proper performance of all conditions
precedent as between adverse claimants; and further, on tho understanding thut the Government shall not be
held responsible for, or in councction
with, any conflict which may arise
with other claimants of the same
ground, ui.d that under lio circumstances will licence fees be refunded.
••And the holder hereby waivos any
claim or demand against the Government und expressly agrees not to take
any steps or proceedings, or present
any petition, to enforce any alleged
claim or demand against the Govern-
ineut of Ihe Province of British Columbia arising out of tho issuance of this
licence or of any other matter or thing
appretabiiug thereto.
"The land being under reserve from
preemption aud salo this license does
not include any right other than the
right to prospect for coal and petroleum.
••Tho duration of this licence is
for one year from the ,190.
"Deputy Commlmilonur ot l.imili .v Wotk».
"Luudn :.uil Works DspurUntnt,
Vletorli. B. ().. ,190."
H. P.QREBtf,
Chief Commissioner of I.uiuL a   Works
l.iiii.I- uinl Works Department.
Victoria, II. C,Otli June, luol. Jell
The best running races ever seen
on the Spokane Interstate Fair track
are expected at the racing session
this fall, which covers a period of six
days, October 3rd to 9th, inclusive.
Twelye thousand dollars will be
divided as-purses during the meet and
from present indications a greater
number of horses will bo entered this
year than over before in the history
of the Interstate Fair Association.
Most of the 500 running horses now
in Set ttle at the Midsummer Race
Meet are expected to follow the
North Pacific Circuit to Spokane, and
the liberal purses hung up by tbe
fair management has already called
in a large number of entries for the
early closing stake races
For tho Interstate Fair Stake Race,
purse $1 200, there aro 23 entries, a
record breaker for any Spokane track.
For the Bolster Stake Eace, purse
$700. there are 1G entries.
All other events so far listed show
a remarkable increase and not only
good races aro assured but from the
quality of the entries, fast time may
also be expected
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods.
Shelf Hardware,
Builders' Hardware,
Paint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinsmithing and  Repairing
of every description done.
Clark's   Furniture   Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Birch Struct,        -        •        Ymih
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High * Grade » Coffees
The Best Meals
And Accommodation
In Town.
A line select ion of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
•I   W. MASTERSON,     Prop.
++♦■»♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ +1-> ♦♦»♦♦♦♦■♦■*■>•♦
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
OIIK,   B,    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Gold, Silver, or Lead - $1.00
Copper, ----- #1.50
Gold-Silver,     •    -     - 81.00
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer All3,   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for nining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the district.    Everything first-class.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Room and Bar
supplied with the best
in the market.
llight opposite depot,  Ymir
Headquarters for Miniiig Men
Bar  supplied   with   best brands of
wines, liipjors and cigars.
Fihst Avenuk,
Ymih, B. C.
V. V. & E   RY. & N. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. it N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. R.
it N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet  cars run on trains between
Spokane and  Republic
Goneral Passenger Agt.
Spokane, Wn-li.
$2.00 per annum.
Ill»Lsr_ ... A GOOD WATCH...
at $12.50
18 size, Nickel, open face, 17 jewel, adjusted, Waltham  or
Elgin. __________«___»_
Same as above with 20 year Gold Filled Case, $20.00
We especially recommend this watch to working men.
.Send for one while they last.
We curry a very large stock of line railroad movements.    Prices of which we
will be pleased to give on application, or send C. O. 1). to  uny
address   for  inspection.
Watchmakers and Jewellers
s. it. S-ELA.it-T.Ery", .agi-ieiin-t, yi^/lxti.
Chinese in Eastern
The invasion of Eastern Canada by
the ubiquitous Chink is now proceed
ing, and according to latest reports
the effect will be to make the Dominion House at Ottawa thick twice
before again repealing British Columbian Anti-Chinese _ legislation. It
has often been said that if Eastern
representatives, at Ottawa, had had
as much to do personally with Chinamen, as fall to the lot of the inhabitants of this Province, they would
long ago have concurred in, and endorsed the British Columbian acts,
which have been so often repealed at
Ottawa. We clip the following from
tbe Toronto World:
"The advent of a lot of Chinamen
has not done much to solve the problem of domestic service in the City of
. Toronto," was the remark of a mem
ber of the board of trade to the
World yesterday. He went on to
hay that, while there wore several
hundred Chinamen in Toronto now
and quite a number of theso were engaged in domestic service, they were,
most of them, altogether unsatisfactory. They did not keep their word
when they mado engagements; they
were extravagant in their demands
for utensils; they wero not oven economical in any direction, and they
throw up their situations ou the
merest pretext. They weie always
asking for more money, and a cook,
who would come^for §G, $7, or $8 a
week, would give notice before he
was in the house a week that he
wanted $10. He did not know that
the Chinese servants in Toronto were
banded into a trade union, but to all
intents and purposes they wero linked
together in some way to get the
greatest amount of wages out of the
public with the least amount of work,
Where he and bis acquaintances
had found the most dilliculty was in
the unreliability of the Chinuiiian, and
though they wero allowed to come to
this country and to make money, ten
times as much as they could muko in
thoir own native land, thero was no
way of holding them to an agreement.
If Chinamen are to form part of the
economy of our city, he contended
that some way must bo found of
compelling them to be reliable and
keep their word. If this could not
be done, ho was in favor of making a
law practically prohibitive of their
entrance into Canada, Instead of
helping to solve tho labor problem,
the prosonco of several thousand shifty Asiatics in this country only tended to complicate matters.
He did not think much of the
methods of the Chineso missions that
wero operated iu Toronto. Every
Chinaman that he hud met, or that
any of bis friends had met, was very
pronounced in his professions of bo-
ing a good Sunday school attendant,
and marvelously weak in doing his
work of carrying out his obligations.
He thought the Snnday school, so-
called, was where tho Chinamen were
made better prevaricators, rather than
anything else. The Chinamen had
found a way of  "making   marks"   of
One cord air-dried beech, l'ed oi
black oak weighs about 3,2"j0 pounds,
and is equal to about 1,450 pounds
coal. One cord air-dried poplui
(whitowood), chestnut or elm weigh-
about 2,350 pounds, and is equal to
about 1,050 pounds coal One cord
air dried agei'age pine weighs about
2,000 pounds, and is equal to about
925 pounds coal. From the above it
is safe to assume that two and ono
fourths pounds of dry wood is equal to
one pound average quality of soft coal
and that the full value of the same
wbight of different woods is very
nearly the same—that is, a pound of
NELSON B. C. I hickory is worth no more for fuel
| than a pound of pine, assuming both
to be dry. It is important that the
wood be dry, as each ten per cent, of
water or moisture in wood will detract about twelve per cent, from its
value as fuel.
FOR   THE   NEXT   30    DAYS   WE   WILL    GIVE
20 per cent, discount
for easH	
On  Clothing, Furnishings, Boots,  Shoes, Hats and  Caps.
Coal, Oil and Wood.
The advantage of oil over   coal   as
a fuel is demonstrated   by  a trip  of
the   steamer   Nebraskan   from   Sun
Diego, Cat, to New York.    The  trip
covered 12,700 miles, and occupied 51
days    Its  average  speed,   therefore,
was about ten  and   one-third   miles'
an hour.    But the  most  remarkable i
thing about   the   voyage   is  the  fact I
that the Nebraskan, which   burns  oil '
instead of coal, was   not   obliged   to
Mrs. William Davis, of Nelson,
who made a name for herself on the
dramatic stage as Myeo, is in Victoria
for a short visit, and has oficred to
get up un entertainment to raise
funds for the purchase of a site for a
new home for the Old Men. Her
offer wustiittdo. to the Mayor, and she
stop once during the   trip    for   fuel.
She burned nearly 10,000  barrels   of | stiP>^tcd   that   the
oil, and had more than   1,000 barrels '. should be in charge of a coinimttee to
left.    Three   furnace   men   did   the ! be named by the Mayor,
work,   which,   on   a   coal    burning
steamer, would have required the services of    12   stokers.      The  furnace
men   received   higher   wages     than
stokers;   nevertheless,   the saving is
considerable.    The   relative   cost
oil and coal for such a  trip   has   not
yet been determined.
lot I- .
Canadians, as far as   housework   was
eonceiiiC'J, and ho  thought  the  timo j weighs about 3,850  pounds,
Coal was once wood and vegetable
matter. Through millions of years
the earth's crusts have been subject
to gradual and slow upheaval and
subsidence, making contortions in the
strata that wore originally horizontal
In certain places plant life has been
buried, and age after age has covered
it with additional deposits of earth's
material, until it lias been subjected
to a slow distillation by the heat
from the earth's interior. Millions of
years have doubtless been consumed
in changing wood to coal bv the uc
tion of heat pressure and percolating
waters. The process is merely the
destructive distillation of vegetation
ou an enormous scale for an unlimited
time. If the distillation was complete, the product was graphite that
being nearly 100 per cent, carbon.
If less complete, the product was an
thracite or hard coal, about 90 per
cent, carbon. If still loss perfect,
bituminous, or soft coal, with GO per
cent, Carbon, w is the outcome, and
lower down would be peat, etc., with
less than 10 per cent. Carbon,
Tho British Columbia coal produc
ers are much perturbed over the loss
of business at San Francisco. The
increased consumption of California
oil for fuel purposes in San
Francisco and through tho state of
California has had tho effect of much
reducing the demand for tho British
Columbia bituminous coal. Efforts
are now being made by somo of the
largo producers to locate other markets. Ono of the latest thus striving
is tho Wellington Colliery company,
operating mines on Vancouver island,
who have agents at work in Moxico
endeavoring to secure a market for
their product there. The wholo of
Canada mined in 1902 7,639,225
tons of coal, British Columbia furnishing the greater part. British
Columbia possesses extensive beds of
u good giade of bituminous coal, and
its production could bo greatly aug*
mented were there a sufficient market,
and now that California is utilizing
its oil it is a severe blow to the Canadian coal producers.
One cord air-dried hickory or hard
maple weighs about 4,500 pounds,
and is equal to about 2,000 pounds of
coal,    One cord  air-dried   white oak
bad come to resent It,
I equal to about   1,715   pounds
E. W. Widdowson.
W. A. Hufschmidt.
Percy J. Gleuzer.
John l'hilbert.
T. II. Atkinson
D. Onmpbell.
DosBlissy Jobbing Co.
Newilt & Co.
William Clark.
D. Campbell.
UesBiisay Jobbing Co.
S  II. Seaney.
U. S. T. Boss.
Cosmopolitan—John Breau,
MeLeod House—Finlay MeLeod,
Miller House—S. Miller.
Palace—Tail & Buddy.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—George Colmau.
Ymir—J. W. Mastersou.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
Percy J. Gleazer.
Herald Publishing Co.
T. H. Atkinson.
D. Campbell.
S. 11. Seaney.
Hai'shaw & Wilson.
Jackson & Leahy.
Alex. Odtlie.
William Clark.
In  Groceries  we   DEFY   competition,
We will not   be  undersold.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
For $6.00 We offer a regular   $30.00  Belt.
*%   For $25.00 We offer a regular
.   .   .     Sandon $40.00 Belt.
Both these BELTS are in First Class Condition.
Directions how to use, with each Belt.
Only two left.   Call or send for them.
Druggists and Opticians, Ymir
To Saw Mill Employes,  Prospectors, Miners, etc.
A small annual premium will insure you a sum varying from $500 to
$5000, in case of death or disablement, and in addition will secure a
weekly indemnity whilst prevented from working in consequence of an
accident.    For full particulars apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer.  Agent.
Ymir  Bakery   and   Cafe
Short.orders a specialty.  Fresh bread,
cakes and pics daily.
Delivered any
place in town.
Stove Lengths
Per Cart Load.
Porto Rico
Lumber Co. Ltd.
♦♦♦»♦♦♦■■♦■»■♦♦♦»♦♦♦.♦♦,♦ »♦♦♦';
Wc     carry   the   leading   brands     imported     Liquors
and  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection. £
• •
• Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day. •
• FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor •
Shirts and Overalls I
When they come from |
LENZ   &   LEISER. ;
Factory at Victoria. %
P, O. Box 56,     .     Nelson, B. C. *
Union   Label   on   every  Garment. §
Please forward The Ymih Hehai.d for
and acknowledge receipt of enclosed §	
The Heiuld is published  every Saturday morning and    "
',,   contains all the news of the camp.
Rates--Pun Year, $2; Hale Yeah, |l.


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