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B   ■
Vol. 1—No, 4.
YMIR, 13. C*, SATURDAY, .JUNE 11, 1904.
Prick Five Cents.
S»»»1i»»»»»'»».1i »♦»»»» »»»»Mnr
Mrs,   Graham,   has  tendered   her
resignation from the nursing   staff   of
the Ymir General Hospital.
William Bremner has leased the
Ross House bar from J. W. Ross,
from the first of July next.
Mr. Dougakl Cameron, the new inspector of Roads aud Trails, has gone
to Fire Valley on official business.
F. C. Risdon, partner of George
Harrison in the Bayonne property, is
the father of a girl born in Nelson on
the 5 th inst.
The cartoons appearing in the
Rossland Evening World look more
like the ore dump of the Hunter V,
than what they are intended to
'"■■ Nelson has two celebrations on
hand just now. She is busily preparing for Dominion day and also for the
Agricultural Fair which Is to be held
in September.
The Coeur D'Alenes appear to be
taking a tip from Ymir, and are organizing a Pioneer Association on the
same lines as those described in last
week's Herald.
Bob Sheedy, who has quite recovered from his injuries received at
Salmo last Sunday, has been removed
to Waneta, to act as station agent
there for a short time.
The Rev R. C. Collie, who re
turned from the coast a week ago, has
now left Ymir permanently for Kim
berly, East Kootenay. He is now in
charge of the Methodist church at
that place.
The Porto Rico Saw Mill shut down
on Thursday last for a few days,
while a new pier is being built in the
river to prevent the escape of logi
during the high water. Work will
be resumed on Monday morning.
The following pupils of the Ymii
public school will write in the High
School Entrance Examination in
Nelt-on: Ollie MeLeod, Bessie Clark,
Loring Mclsoacand Richard Keefe.
The examination commences on Monday June 20th, and will last three
At the base ball gamn at Salmo last
Sunday, Cob Sheedy pitched for three
innings and wan only hit once, on
which occasion the hall went (straight
up and the striker wus caught out.
Bob has acquired great curving powers over the ball, and when In: is a
little more sure of himself will make
a first class pitcher.
S. 8, Taylor K. C. uf Nelson is
making the right of his life in prosecution for the plaintiffs in the Ferine
explosiou cose, against the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company. He is arrayed against a formidable triplet of
legal luminaries, Messrs. Davis, Bud.
well and Martin. He agreed to for-
go hi* right of objection to the piling
up of council for the defence, if the
defence would admit tho necessity for
their retainment. "1'ighting Joe
Martin" smiled and said he guessed
they would be all needed.
Here is a plum for the Herald from
the Nelson Daily News of the 7th,
''Ymir is to Be congratulated upon
the excellent paper now being published there weekly   by   H.   Koarns.
The Herald is a bright, newsy
sheet that will speedily dispel the silly stories recently sent out broadcast
concerning conditions in tlio Ymir
We haVe noticed severol others of
tl* sata*) kind but our natural modesty
totbfch m to qwjfe them all,
Pole Ravecch, who has been an inmate of the hospital for nearly six
months, left on Thursday lost for
Montreal, where he is going to seek
the aid of specialists in an attempt 10
regain his eyesight. Pete is an old
timer here and carries with him the
sympathy of many friends, who sin
iSerely hope that his eyes may be fully
Rifle Association.
An effort is being made to organize
a branch of the Dominion Rifle Association in Ymir Mr. J. W. Ross
who is the organizer, has already
secured the names of forty-live members who will join. Ho has been in
communication with Mr. W. A. Gal
liber the local''member to the Dominion house, who is doing everything in
his power to obtain the government
concession. There is no doubt but
that tho Government concession will
lie obtained if the scheme is approved
by Colonel Holmes, who is the dis
trict commanding officer. A commun
■cation has boon addressed to him
asking for his endorsement.
If this necessary endorsement is
obtained, a company known as the
Ymir Civilian Rifle Company will be
formed, and the government will
supply froe of charge, ten )<ee-Metford
rifles, fitted with the new Lee-Enfield
rifling, together with 100 rounds of
ammunition for each member of the
company. This is the latest military
pattern, and has a range of over one
mile. The Government also supplies
extra ammunition of the same type at
$15 00 per thousand, and $3 00 per
thousand for minalure cartridges suitable for short rifle practice. These
prices are of course far below the pre
vailing retail price, and even then,
are only charged after the first 100
rounds per man have been  exhausted.
At a meeting held on Wednesday
night last the officers of the company
were elected, J. W. Ross J P. who is
the originator of tho movement in
this city, won elected Captain, with
A B Buekworth, Secretary, and S.
11. Seaney, Treasurer. These officers
with W. J. Hughes aud P. J. Gleazer
form a committee of five.
It is hoped that the movement will
meet with hearty support, as it behoves all persons who are gaining
their livelihood in a country to render
themselves At for its defence in time
of danger. Besides which rifle practice is a good cleau amusement, a
useful training and an opportunity
for keenly contested competitions.
Hotel Arrivals.
MoLislhi House—W. C. Brown,
Winnipeg, 0. V. Motion, Nelson; H.
F, Moore, Nelson; F. E. Bobbins,
Kitiville, Washington; J. J. Smith,
Emonclaw, Washington; M. It. Bayes,
Emenclaw, Washington; A. B, Dock-
•tvador, Nelson; John Darner Jr
Toronto} F. W. Ferguson, Vancouver;
W. W. Smith, Spokane; C. F. White,
New York.
Cosmopolitan HoTki.—Harry Isnor,
Nelson; S. Johnson, Dauphin, Manitoba; Andrew Slitka; A. 0. McDonald, Nelson; A. Anderson, Erie.
Ymir Hotel—Roy McKenife, Nelson; Christ Holm, Nelson; John Harris, Spokane; F. W. Doro, Spokane;
Alpha lxiwe, Centuria, Wisconsin;
Scott Jones, Nelson) G. II. Edmisoii,
Toronto; R. L. Phelps, Vancouver.
Rosa House—J. Pleishmann,
VancouVor; D. Green, Nelson,
Waldrop "rtoTRL—Con. Wolfle,
Spokane; D. R. Robbins, Spokane) J.
Montgomery Rhd Son, Nelson.
Work is shortly to bo resumed on
tlio Waller, Good Hope and Coppei
Farm r ropertim at Erie.
Archie McDougall lias finished assessment work on J he Caledonia Min
eral Claim for Mr. T. 11. Newitt,
John Harris, manager of the Silver
Crown Consolidated .Mining Co of
Spokane, which owns the Shiloh here,
was in town this week accompainod
by C, F. Bone,
Messrs. Chisholm, Lowell and
MacDuiiald have finished the assessment work on their group of claims
known as the .Surprise, which adj oins
the Ymir mine on (he south,
The Hunter V. Mine is shipping
from 50 to 60 tons per day. One
car per day continues to go to the
Northport Smelter, and one to Nelson
with an occasional car to Trail.
Robert Bayes an old timer here, returned this week from a protracted
stay at the Coast. He has gone out
with George Crowe to do assessment
work on his claims in the Clearwater
Tho Arlington at Erie is now
shipping steadily. The output from
the mine is high grade stuff, as can be
gathered from tho fact, that during
last winter 24 cars of ore netted the
company $25,000.
Mr. A. H Tuttle, secretary of the
Broken Hill Mining and Development Company, went to Nelson on
Wednesday last with a car of ore from
the Wilcox mine. This car is expected to run very h igh, as a good part
of it consists of ore from the richer
portions of the Fourth of July vein.
Messrs. Thos. Flynn, H. McLarty
and Frank Tail have gone to work on
the Highland Chief property adjoining the Hunter V. on the north.
This is a bright looking property and
we are looking forward to big things.
The new Company operating is h
strong organization of Old Country
and American Capitalists.
At the Mining Recorders office this
week John F. Harbottle recorded the
location of the Pierce and Fractional
claims. Archie McDougall recorded
the assessment on the' Caledonia
olaim on River Creek, and the Active
Gold Mining Company recorded assessment ou the Quean, Union Jack,
Empress, Horseshoe, Climax, Bernard
and Admiral Moyer.
The Star claim, adjoining the May
and Jennie on Forty-Nine creek, has
been bonded to the Canadian Smelting Works. The consideration named
is $25,000 The property is a valuable one, the (edges carrying considcra
ble iron in which there is free gold.
The Trail smelter-desires the ore. on
account of its large excess of iron, for
a 6ux. Tho property is owned by
Mr. Legau and associates.
The well known Salmo Consolidated
Group near the Yellowstone mine, can
lie leased under advantageous terms
Further information can bo obtuined
from Percy J. O leaner, Ymir,
It is uuollieially reported that when
tbe Foghorn starts up aguin ou the
first of August, u new tunnel is to be
run to tap the vein under tiie rich
surface showing at a depth of 200
feet, and that a mill lo treat the im
niensc body of low grade ore passed
through in tbe long crosscut, is also to
be put in.
John G. Dewar and Fiuley MeLeod
are now interested with John W,
Falls in tbe placer ground at Hall
siding. It is thoir intention to des-
pose of a number of small interests,
and by that means acquire sufficient
capital to pay for the installation of «
centrifugal pump and other necessary
machinery. The expense of this machinery will not be large, and the tests
which «er» extensively imwle all' over
the ground indicate that a fair margin
The   Provincial    Mining
Ok   British   Columbia.
Victoria. B. C, June 2nd, 1904.
The Elitor, Tub H i:jui.|>, Ymjr, li.
C. Dear Sir:—Thank you for your
valued comment on the fact that Ymir
has not organized a local branch of
the Provincial .Mining Association
and for your voluntary testimony to
the good work the Asaoeiation is doing. It is a distinctly encouraging
indication of the steadily growing
recognition of the practical usefulness
of this organization when milling
camps not yet connected with it by
the formation of a local branch admit
the beneficial influence of this cooper
atiou for the genera! advancement of
tho interests of the mining industry.
It is not sufficiently known that the
Executive Committee is always   ready
of profit can bo obtained  from   almost |!U'li •nxiouB to do ha utmost  to   pro
any part of it
W F. Edgar has relocated the Bit-
Horn and Sophie claims, formerly
owned by tbe Simeon Alining and
Developing Company Limited, and
together with his brother is now sole
owner of these well Known claims. If
pel severance and pluck can bring to
light the much sought for Big Horn
vein, Edgar will certainly get there.
'Die Big Horn vein on the surface
assays very high, but is hard to follow
down.    The lower workings, some 400
mote the objects of the Association,
■vliich are "to protect, develop and
foster the mining industry in all its
blanches." The mealing held recent
ly at Nelson is an instance of this, for
neither those connected with the
lead-mining districts nor the Poplar
Creek mining men— the two sections
chiefly concerned in the particular
business dealt with by that mcetiiig—
requested the Executive to move; tho
committee acted on its own initiative,
having in mind the purpose of its ex
istcucc, viz , to tuke action as prompt
strike the vein, but Edgar is confident
that the face of tbe drift which
shows considerable quurt/, and from
which he got an assay of 85.50 is now
very close lo the mn. Some samples
he brought down from the surplus
workings last week assayed $08.00 in
feet in extent have   m far  failed   tO|lv as practicable for the beuelit of Urn
Industry at large.
■ It is my expectation lo spend a few
weeks in the Kootenay during the
ensuing summer, when f shall on*
deavor t:> pay Ymir a visit for tho
purpose of rendering any assistance
in my power, and that residents shall
be disposed to accept, towards organizing a local brunch of this Assuoia.
tiou, should no earlier move lie made
to act ou the'suggestion contained in
your timely comment on the pre«enl
absence of a branch in your camp. In
case the report of the Second Annual
Convention of this Association, held
about three mouths since, shall bo of
interest to mining men in your neighborhood I shall send by an early
mail twenty copies, which I shall
esteem it a favor to have distributed.
Thanking you in anticipation, 1 um,
Yours Truly,
E. Jacobs,
To Subscribers and Intending
As we stated lust woek we
started with a blank subscript
tion list. A gjodly few friends
to whom we sent copies of tho
first issue, ou expectations, have
responded to our invitation -to
walk in and deposit, but there
are others. All advertisers get
a free subscription; but wo shall
necessarily have to gradually
eliminate all those others to
whom we are now sending, who
do not declare themselves.
The Foghorn Mine.
Mr. Cor. Wollle, accompanied by
Messrs. D. II. Robbins, F. E, Robbins
and J. J. Smith, was in town this week
and with these gentlemen paid a visit of
inspection to the Foghorn Mine, in
which they are all heavily interested.
In un interview Mr. Wolfle stated
that after a little more work had boon
accomplished by the men at present
at the mine, it would be shut down.
Ho is himself hcayily interested in
mining properties in Nevada and
other southern states, and will' lie
there until tho first of August After
thut date the Golden Monarch Mining
and Milling Company, which owns
t he Foghorn, proposes re-opening the
mine with a full force of Inen, and
energetically prosecuting the work of
developing the large ore reserves op
ened up by the present work. Every
effort will be made to push this work,
lieforo the heavy snows set in, and
the probability is that soon after that
date the Foghorn will be one of the
standard producers of tho camp.
Chas. Archibald and Jeff Davis are
moving from their old established
quarters in the Ross House, and have
leased the Palace Hotel. Mrs Keefe
will remain in the Boss House, and
will continue to be a popular caterer
to healthy appetite*.
The management of tho Spokane
Interstate Fair is already getting a
move on, and commencing to actively
exploit tho many attractions. The
Fair, this year will be held from   Out
A Long Arm.
The arm of the law reaches a long
way sometimes for those who commit
breaches of it, Some time since
George McU-od mailed an immoral
letter to a young girl in Everett,
Washington, from Arrowhead, B. C.
The matter was referred to the author
ities at Washington, L'. C, who communicated with the Federal author*
ities ut Ottawa Tho Federal Govern
ment in turn dirrected tho attention
of the British Columbia Government
to what had boon done, The young
man was arrested and brought before
Stipendiary Magistrate Crease for
examination. The letter was put in
oiodatice against him slid was of such
u character as should not' have been
writlcu The result was that the
prisoner was coiiiniittnd for trial. —
Daily News.
PllHsUYTBltlAM  Ctiwu—M o i n i n g
  Services, II a. in.; Sunday school   I'?;
oberard to 0th Inclusive, utid a   total j Evening wl-vlcc,7(80.      Vomit*   pen
of  $40,000   will   be   .Lislributed
! ple.V Society meets on Friday  ••■Veitiii;|
"'i at M o'clock.    All fro wcleiano,    (lev.
It. Young. M. .V., Pastor.
Id Ml '.'I        ai«-»J»'l     I.. L      III"-     IU.    [II    l.i
Published overv Sn^ijnlay niul innll.-.l to an)
(«J<lrns, ot Jpllverwl 1>>- warrior In town.
Uubiorlptlao* 03.00 V' linounj, p»y»hle In »■!-
Ailvertl'lilg rati*, SI.60 |)»r mill   P'T motilh
Tb« llta*i.i> can Iw hail from all Iwnlijnj
pdwidealor* In the dlitrlot, or can i." oljta'.ned
.Jlreol Irom tin- ofllct.
Commercial prlntmx of every dowrfptlpn
done on the premise* .at "tanilanl prtoSS.
Liberal - Conservative
Candidates for Parliament
For Kfloianay District,
Charles H. Mackintosh,
Of Rossland.
For Yale-Cariboo District,
Martin Burrill,
Qf Grand Forks.
Few Westminster District,
J. D. Taylor,
... Of New Westminster.
Base ball is supposed to be a manly
sport in which both teams pit their
Strength and agility, the one against
the other in a sportsmanlike way.
Conducted on these lines it is a
•healthy amusement giving pleasure
and satisfaction to player* and spectators alike. When however petty
antagonisms are allowed to become a
factor in the game, and brute force, inspired in spite and purposefully applied, as was the case in the game at
Salmo last Sunday, it is better that
the game should cease, Better no
• Kume at all than that tho public
should bo treated to such pitiful exhibitions of temper.
A telegram sont out  from Ottawa
JflSf. ^eekl - Wnio" was *0,,,BW"at
aiubigously worded, has been the
cause of spreading a false report as 10
the payment of the Lead Bounty upon surplus lead exported for treatment. The wire said that the amendment had passed the house, -but the
amendment referred to simply dealt
with the payment of bounty after the
first of July next, as heretofore, The
amendment astothebountyon exported
lead has not yet come up, although it
Is expected that it will do so in a few
days, an.l will pass in accordance with
tbe request of Associated lxod Mines
and Boards of Trade of Southern
British Columbia.
roads in this immediate vicinity We
wish Mr. Cameron, every success in
nis new position, and are sure that
;iis recommendation*; to the Commit.-
•doner of Lands and Works will be
mch as to best serve the main inter-
»sts of the community, and will be
rendered without fear or prejudice
The McBiide Cabinet has bead
materially strengthened by tbe addi
tion of Mr. Carter Oottoii as president of ihe Council Both the con-
servatiyn and Liberal parties are
unanimous in their recognition of Mr,
Cotton's gr.eat abilities, and his fitness for any position of responsibility
He has proved himself one of the
ablest fluaiiuo Ministers who has
over handled the revenues of tho
Province. In spite of the carping criticism of disappointed aspirants,
the Mullride government has proven
itself well able to handle provincial
affairs, and the administration ot public affairs sipce the last election has
been conducted in a statesmanlike
manner, and with more regard, to the
very necessary economy in finance,
than has been sbown by any previous
administration, with the tesult that
the lost confidence of foreign capitalists is being rapidly regained. The
instability and reckless financing of
previous provincial administrations has
always been a stumbling block to the
introduction of capital, but tho legislature pasned, and under considera
tion, by the McBiide government,
has done much to remove this un
j fortunate reputation. The addition of
I Mr. Cotton to the cabinet will greatly
I si lengthen Mr. McBride's hand.
Mr. Dougald Cameron has been appointed to the position of inspector of
Roads and Trails for the Ymir   Electoral Riding.   We are sure   that  all
Yinirites will agree that this is a very
fitting appointment, as   Mr, Cameron
is peculiarly suited for   the   position.
B irly   in life, his first  experience   of
western life   was gained in building
roadi  and   bridges,    on   large   contracts connected   with   railroad   conduction.   In   later   years  he   has
himself      taken        on        contract
tho    construction     of    roads     and
bridges, and put in a great number of
the existing bridges on the 0.   R.   A
N. Railway and   other   linos.     Tho
bridge over the Salmon   river, which
in his latest piece   of   work   in   this
' oraticli, is a testimonial of  his   capability.    Mr.   Camoron,   moreover,   is
one of the best posted   men   on   the
condition*, existing in this section, and
H   personally   acquainted   with    nil
To British Columbia, the most   in*
teresting question in reference   to  tho
building of tho Grand Trunk   Pacific,
is the date of commencement of con
struction in the Province.    So far the
1 representatives of the province in   the
I Dominion House have had nothing lo
i say or ask  ou   the  subject,   but  the
question has been raised in the Senate
I by Senator   McDonald   of   Victoria,
I Mr. Tompleman, a member of the Cab
inet, in the course of his reply said:
|-   "The contract made with the Grand
| Trunk   Railway    Company    includes
! many     onerous      conditions.      The
railway has to be completed in   seven
years,  und  necessarily  the  company
I will have to commence construction on
the Pacific coast if they intend to com
' plete the railway within the   specified
time.     The  railway   company   havo
evinced   every   inclinatiui.   to   commence wurk in the west by having for
the last year surveying parties in  the
mountains of British Columbia      As
a matter of course, it   will   take   the
to tie down the companv as to whore
they shall begin construction. They
are not required to commence con-
itruction at Winnipeg. They begin
at any point on the lino they like.
All wo require is that they shall begin the road and complete it wilhm
a given time."
Since this answer win made how-
•iver, an amendment presented by the
Minister of Justice, has been passed
providing that construction commence
simultaneously at Winnipeg, Quebec
and Moncton. The interest of the
Eastern Province is thus protected,
while the British Columbia representatives maintain a sphinx like silence.
Hardly 10 persons in 100 have
both legs of the same length. More
than 50 per cent have the left log
slightly longer than the right.
Simply by covering a 15 horse
power. Hy wheel with slieot iron so as
to offer less resistance to tlio air, a
saving of §350 was effected in the
fuel bill.
Post Ollice Store,   -   Ymih
Mining  and
mercial Men
Mining  and  Corn-
Choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be founcl
in connection.
YMIR. British Columbia
Spokane Falls &
Northern Hy.
8.46 a.m
0.1ft p.m
10 40 a.m
4.36 p in
9.32 a in
6.36 p'm
7.20 a.m
7.20 pm
11 :35 11 III
Grand Forks
4 00 p. in
8.30 a.m
0.16 p.m
connection w
rVli o only    all   rail   route   between
Points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson,  (iraud Forks and Republic.    Ruffet can run between Spo
kime and Northport.
Effective June 14-.I!'. 1003,
company much lon«er to   locate   tho Lotlvu Duilv TrHla Arrlvc
lino through the province   of   British
Columbia than on the prairies of   the
Northwest aud for my part I have no
doubt whatever   that,   as   a merely
economical   proposition,   tho    Grand
Trunk Pacific   must  commence   con
struction on the Pacific Coast.    I   am
not a railway expert, but I   think   it
would be   perfectly   absurd   for   tho
••ailway company to assume that  they
could complete that great railway   in
seven years  unless  they  commenced
work on the Pacific coast.    It will bo
much more economical for them to cur
ry llioir supplies to Port Simpson,   or
whatever port is   ultimately   snlectud
as tho torminus on tho   Pacifto coast, j    K(jr ^^ fol(,erg ftn(, ,„„ luforlUllUon
and commence construction from  that regarding trips, call on or ai'druss un
,        I ugeniof the 8. F. &N. Hallway or
point    As I have said,  there is no „ A jA(;KS0>,       h. BRANDr.
«. F. & P. A., 0. P, & T. A.
Wo are selling for almost your own price to reduce stock.
All Stetson Huts going for $4.50.    Others at similar value,
At prices that cannot be beaten
In which wo lead in price and quality.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York,
Maryland Casualty Company.
Loudon Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
YMIR, B. 0,
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly exeeuted.
G     N       R
VJrEAT      llORTHKRN       I l*
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Diiltitb, Minneapolis, Chicago
mid all points Kant,
(Seattle,   Taconin.   Victoria, Portland,
und nil Pacillo (Joust points.
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.
Dining und Utiflet Smoking Library car
condition In tho contract.    Tho   government have not thought it. necessary
Spokune.       710 W. Riverside Av.
Gents'   Furnishings   Store
The only reliable aud up-to-date Men's Outfitters
in Ymir. Our goods are the best quality, and we
do not propose to be undersold.   :::::::
A full line of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes
This Is Iho time of the year to get your pick of the many select pieces of.
Furniture.    Iron Ueds, Linoleums, Rugs, Carpets and Hammocks.
Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors
S H.—We are sole ugents for the Marshall Sanitary  Mattress ulid  the Globe-
Sectional Rook Case and Files.
Hamilton Powder Co.
Wasting, Mining, .Stumping and Sporting Powders.
Dealers  in   Electric  Blasting   Apparatus*   Safety  Fuse,
Detonators, etc.'
Orders filled promptly and carefully.
E. W. MONK, District Agent,
NELSON, U. C. *V-mrm+m*mm^**v
!   -
England uses nearly nil the lead
produced in the world.
Canada has now 100,000 Indians,
the United States 270,000
Men with blue or gray eyes are
almost in /arably the best shots.
Canada's 3000 cheese factories
rnake on an average 50 tons each of
cheese a year.
Cloves are the dried flower bud of
a species of Myrtle tree. 5000 of
them weigh one pound.
The Moose has the largest horns of
any animal. They often weigh between 50 and 00 pounds.
A full mail, carried by a big Atlantic liner, averages 200,000 letters
and 300 sacks of newspapers.
The temperature of a swallow's body is very high being 112 degrees
against 98j in ihe human body
The United States has 44 time* as
many newspapers as Canada, but on
ly 15 times as many inhabitants.
Alaska has the largest mountain
belonging to the United States. It
i*. Mount Jjoger 19,500 feet high.
A white frost results from the
coldness of the earth, a black frost
from the coldness of tho atmosphere.
If the earth   were equally  divided .
among its present inhabitants, esch ofj
us, man, woman and child, would  get
25J acres.
A person usually begins to lose
height at the age of 50 and at the ago
of ninety has lost at least one and
a half inches.
The record of timber produced
from one tree was 80,000 feet, from
a red wood 30 feet in diameter, cut in
California in 1902.
Toronto's total loss at the fire is
now    estimated    at    $11,000,000
Eight million and a half is   the   total
insurance paid for fire losses.
Winnipeg's assessment roll for the
year is 148,220,450. The assessment
Commissioner estimates the population
at 80,000, showing an increase of 36
per cent for the year.
J. E. Holland and E. Warren
Steers of Chicago, have purchased
40,000 acres in Assiniboia, north of
Qu'Appelle, and will put the whole
under cultivation. The transaction
involves an outlay of $500,000.
Winnipeg, Yankton  &
Gulf Railway.
Incorporation papers have been
issued for the Winnipeg, Yankton,
i Gulf Railway, which will run from
Winnipeg to the Quit oT^Mexico, a
distanco of about 1500 miles, of which
100 miles will be in Canada, 250 in
North Dakota, 250 ill South Dakota,
230 in Nebraska, 220 in Kansas, and
5000 in Oklahoma and Texas. The
line will run due south from Winnipeg
to Brenham, Texas, without special
regard for the groat commercial cen
ties of the west. From Winnipeg
the maps of the company allow that
the railroad will run near Lisbon,
North Dakoto; Watertown, Madison
and Yankton, South Dakota; Norfolk,
Geneva, Clay Centre and Oak, Ne-
brtslca; Cancarda and Hutchinson,
Kantian; and Fort Worth and Bren
ham, Texas Tho promoters who are
Nebraska capitalists, assert that the
surveys have been completed from
Yankton to Cancardia, Kansas. Tin
plans of the Company are that when
this portion of the rood is completed
it will be continued to Hudson   Bav.
The White Han's Burden.
While the Socialism of the Alls
tra'ian Commonwealth has seemed to
British statesmen the most seriou>
colonial problem of tho day, a recent
speech by Premier Balfour direct>
apprehension in a new direction
Viewed at this distance, it would appear that » political ariai. is being ap.
,» •     ■
proached in Cape Colony, not a crie'm
which involves merely the defeat or
even the destruction of a Ministry or a
j arty, but one which may shake the colony to its foundation The negroes of
CWjJT. Colony are tUe cause of - the
grave feurs which are apprehended by
the statesmen of British South Africa,
In Cupe Colony at the prosent time
are 377,000 whites and 1,200,000
blacks. All-of the population, white
and black, more than 21 years old
who are able to write their names,
their ages and occupations are entitled to vote. There is a small property qualification, a voter being r«»
quired to occupy property worth $375,
or in default of this, to receive $250 a
year in wages. It is difficult to see
how the franchise could be lower than
this. Everyone who cares may vote
So many bjaoks do exercise this privi
lege that they hold the balance of
power between the political parties,
with the result thut both are bidding
for the Kaffirs' support. It is not
difficult to imagine that the time is
not far off when both will unite to
hold their own against a black Par-
liament. Hitherto only whites have
been elected, many of them wholly by
negro votes, but sooner or later the
first Kaffir will be returned. After
that, predict the alarmists, the deluge
At present neither, party dares to
make the first move towards curtailing
the privligcs of the blacks, for the
other would immediately take advantage of it to seoure Kaffir support, and
defeat its opponent.
Just now the blacks are organizing
themselves, under the guidance of the
African Methodist church of America,
which has despatched many bishops
and missionaries into this promising
new field. Children are being sent to
school in rapidly increasing numbers,
there being no fewer than 91,000
black pupils in South African Public
schools last year, compared with 60,
000 whites. In a word, the blacks
are keenly alive to the great opportunity that is before them. And are
striving to fit themselves for what
they consider their birthright. They
are citizens of a country which has
been developed by the white man,
who has also offered them the means
to educate themselves and to manage
their own affairs. At the end of it all,
they expect to enter into the peaceful
occupation of their heritage.
Ymir Transfer Co.
Teaming and
Express ....
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest care exercised in the
handling of goods
►♦ -M-f-M-f*
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Builders' Hardware,
l'aint, Oil, and Glass.
Tinsmithing and Repairing
of every description done.
Clark's  Furniture  Store
Undertaker   and   Furniture    Dealer
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Birch Strmt,        •        •        Ymih
IHotel Ymir!
Thn Best Meals
And Accommodation
In Town. l\
A fine selection of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
X j w.
MA.STER.SON,      Prop.
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Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
Gold, Silver, or  Lead    -    81.00
Copper,     -----     $1.50
Gold-Silver,     •   -     -    •    $1.00
Charges for other metals on ap
Provincial Assayer
P.O. Drawer A113,   YMIR, B.C.
Headquarters for Hining
and Commercial Men
Most comfortable hotel in tho district.    Everything first-class.
Hotel ....
(Under entirely new management.)
Dining Boom and Bar
supplied with the best
in the market.
Bight opposite depot, Ymir
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
in Fresh Roasted
High » Grade « Coffees
Headquarters for Mining Men
Bar  supplied  with  best brands of
wines, liquors and cigars
Pnuvr Avrnuk,
Ymir, B. C.
V. V. & E  RY. & S. CO.
and Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. it N. Co., fpr points east,
west and south ; connects at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P. R.
k N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S,
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Buffet cars run on trains between
Spokane and Republic.
General Passenger Agt.
Spokane, Wash.
$2.00 per annum. {
Eastern Canada, the Western States, Coast
Towns, and in Great Britain.
It Is Important
To   let   these   financial centers know   that
is one of the richest free-milling camps
in British Columbia, and
Has More Stamp Mills
in operation than any other camp
in the Province.
It Has Developed
and Paying nines
And many others which only need a comparatively small amount of development to
become profit-earning.
IN  THE. . . .
j*. "raw —7»-u ww1
/      ^tli
1- <*** 'Mil
I*i ""Sri
•$8    !P*H
ijlMSnKif'   B  1
I    *
.  ,
,. ..'„
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watch it will pny you to examine
our «tpck. Wo carry the largest
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tilt! interior. You can have any
movement in any fiaap you desire,
and we guarantee you satisfaction.
Watchmaker* and Jewellers   -   -   NELSON, B. C.
N.R.—Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention.
American Diamonds.
Diamonds have been found in three
region* of the United States, via,
along the eastern base of the A'.le
ghanies, from Virginia to Georgia,
along the western base of the Sierra
Nevada and Cascade mountains, in
northern California and ami t hern
Oregon, and that of the so-eallad
Kettle moraine district, of southern
Wisconsin, Of these the, the Allegheny district has been the most pro
lific in diamond*, tho largest stone
found there having weighed slightly
1ms than 24 carats, being known as
the Dewey diamond, and watt found
near Manchcs^, Va. North duo
Una has has produced a number of
gems of from one to four carats. The
California and Oregon stones have
mostly been found in gold placer
mining, and mostly small omm, but
of much purity. Diamonds of the
Kettle district, of Wisconsin, are of
comparatively recent find, and it is
known that some good sized stones
have been found in Wisconsin, Michi
gan and Ohio, and were extracted
from gravels doubtless of glacial
Church Union.
The much talked of Union of
Churches is being very utrongly advocated in tho Canadian Press, and
there is a great probability of its becoming an actual fact in course of
time. Professor Goadby, one of t he
lewIcrs of the Baptist Church of ISng-
laud, used to say, that "an independent church !h not a Christian ohurch,
our boasted independence is a device
of the devil for breaking up the King
dom of God." Sectarianism in the
church has ever boon its weakest
point since the time of Pharisees and
Kiidducecs, tho Scribes am) Levitm.
As a Hindu philosopher once remarked "You send your missionaries to
tench til the Gospel of Christ,, but
each one brings us u different religion
and would teach us to worship CM
in a different way, from that which
his predecessor taught. I low then
«hall we know tho truth of you, if
you yourselves know it notl' Am in
other more worldly affairs, the Church
should have regard for the wholesome
maxim "United we stand, divided
we fall "
The Two  Plans in Contrast.
Mr. Borden's brilliant stroke has
won for him the enthusiastic support
not only of his own party, but of the
better elements in the Liberal ranks
and of the entire body of independent
thought. When the two railway plans
are contrasted, tlio lllOOAss of the Borden proposal can be all the moru rend
ily understood. What is tho Lamier
nchwitrl As we have seen, the Grand
Trunk management came to theOitawa
Government and asked for authority
to build a transcontinental road from
Nort'i Bay west. The eoit to tho
country would have linen some (I'»,-
000,000. It l« true that a land
grant and exemption from taxes are
hiw alleged to have been a-iked for.
But the Mere application for those
considerations doe's not mean that
Ihtry ought of necessity to   have  been
Tbd Government refused to entertain the company's: proposition and
devised one of its own instead. 'That
plan is the most mixed up atliir
ever presented to a Parliament, One
novel feature is that which siiys thai-
there shall lie $g5,0QQ,0Q0 of stock in
tin' rood, and that the Gtntid Trunk
Railway shall receive it us s free gift.
This is a sul'Hidy of $:lii,000,000, not
paiit out of thp treasury, to lie sure,
but. provided, all the same Jt is the
basis upon which dividends are to lie
earned and-profits ai'0 to be made.
! Having bargained that the Grand
Trunk shall have the slock for nothing, the next question which necessarily arose was how to find the mon
ey, which ought to be raised by the
sale of the stock for the construction
of the line. This problem is solved
in a curious way. The line is cut in
two. One half runs away in the
north and east, and is regarded by
the railway company as premature
and as a poor business proposition;
the other half traverses tho prairies,
ami is expected to be profitable. It
is arranged by the Government that
the people shall pay for the poor half,
and that the company shall own the
rich half. We thus have to build tho
eastern part, which will cost us §76,-
000,000, and to rent it to the company for ten years for nothing, and
for forty years more for .'{ per cent
upon our investment, mid for fifty
years additional if the company so do-
sires Tho ten years of free rental
will odd 126,000,000 to the public
IcOst, while the forty or perhaps ninety years of rental a", It per   cent,   will
 imi forty or ninety   years   of   loss,
because WO lease the property, not at
'.he iate at which we borrow the mon*
ey we have Invested, but at one-half
of one per cent, less per annum The
country lakes all the loss here, und
the company stands to get all the pro
tils. Passing to tho Western section
wo agree to take the responsibility for
throe-fourths of the cost, and to pay
mi that part of the line west of Edmonton the interest charges on the
borrowed money for seven yours. If
the company makes money it owns
the road forever. It it. does not lind
the bargain so profitable hn it expects
it, to be, we lose the money, and the
company, through a receiver, still runs
the line. Should the Wert end lie
profitable and I he Hast end unprofitable, the cwupaiiy retains the profitable part and the country takes the
responsibility and the cost of the un-
profitable section, whioll will have no
Connection with the prairies beyond
Winnipeg, and no connections with
lh" business centres of the Bast this
sldii of the City of Quebec. Tho
thing calls for 0150,000.000 of public
money. We give the Grand Trunk
i^o.OOO.OOO or slock in the road for
accepting it,, and after putting up
$150,000,000 we agree that the company shall have all the profits, if there
are any, while we shall take all the
' losses. At the sumo Umr, no ade-
j iptate provisions is Hindu for low rates,
I and thorn i<t no guarantee that the
j purpose for which this ull'air is said
to have been devised, namely, the
! tiaiHponat Inn rif Western produce til
Canadian ports, will Imi attained.
Tilts' i'i Where the Government stands.
It is the policy upon which the    Min
isters propose to go to th/ country.
Mr. Borden's plan is based upon
the principle that we shall own w|iot
wo pay for. It declares that the people shall have the profits upon their
owrt investment., It assures the
West a railroad that will not have
to make profits upon water, (t thus
makes for reasonable rates, nnd for
the development of the country. In
the Bast it saves the Intercolonial,
which the Laurier Government lia-s
marked for destruction, while it promises business for the Atlantic ports.
Ontario and Quebec ought to be, and
indeed, are, warmly in favor of it
These two provinces will have to pay
very heavily towards the huge subsidy
that the present Government proposes,
in addition to which they are to be
sidetracked. Both will lio placed oil
the'through line, and the smaller ex-
pence involved ought not to be a burden, for seeing that the country owns
ihe road, the enterprise may be expected to pay for itself. With the
financial liability reduced, it will l>e
possible to push forward the work of
colonization in the north, which would
be out of the question were we to
put if 150,000,000 into one line, and
get no part of this vast sum back.
There is statesmanship in Mr. Borden's proposition, and the country,
when asked, as it will be, to substitute it for the unfortunate scheme of
the present Government, will lie oer.
tain to consent.
8 .*!• 1   ■     	
K. W, Widilowson.
W. A. HnUctimiitt,
Percy J. (iletij-.er.
John Piiilbort.
T. II. Atkinson
1). Campbell.
DesHrisuy Jobbing t'o,
Newitt & Co.
William Clark.
1). Campbell.
Dcidiiisay Jobbing Co.
S  B. Seaney.
V. S. T. Koss.
Cosmopolitan—John Brctut,
MoLood House— Kililay MrLcoil.
Miller House—S  Miller.
Palace—Tait & Ruddy.
Koss House—(J. Archibald.
Vancouver—Owen Beyer.
Waldorf—George Column,
Ymir—J. W. Masierson.
Mrs. John MeLeod.
MINIMI    KKCOItlll.il
Percy J. Glenieer.
IIclaid Publishing Co.
'1'. H. Atkinson.
1). Campbell.
S. II. Senney.
Haralinw & Wilson,
Jackson & Letfby.
William Clark.
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Hatoh--Phii Ymau, tllj IIAt.t-' Ykaii, fl.


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