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The Ymir Herald 1905-04-29

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 MAY 2 _ i
tv- -
-r. K . „
Vol, I    No "*■().
VMI It. I'-. ('., SATI 1,'li.W. Al'l.ll. l".i. inn:,
l'Kli I.   I'll I     I   I N'l"
• -•         Mrs. Oiaiiuin, f iivn uursi' ui ...... Arlington nine
LOCAL ITEMS ■ "•■v ^-.,,n..„pi„,i, , - niNINO NLW5
■      •    -.      - -    :'   '■"''' '::"":      I'linKionm ,- Mr.    Chi-. . .                                . M.,,.}, sun-lli'i'   returns    I
<l."..u.,...-|.i. lire- nl   Campbell's      '' M,;,,rida "f Ncls""-                                 u- ^    , |(   ,„.,„ ,   , ,, ,|h,   Hull Min.l.g .V Smelling C-,
•^ C Green, provincial    Imnl    stir-   v„  y,„,,,,,„, lM ;,,„,, .,,,. ,|„   Nelson, for 107   Ions   of   .„
Vol', wiik down this week tu    .uriei ,.        ,• ,* ,   ,,, dross contents: gold, 'J'.ni   .,-
- illieel imi  ol   I.l     I el. I ■
Nelson's    View*   on    II
Japanese at Salmo.
I' intniiinni.-i Vute  nl   \lii,i
Met'l iii".
Constublu Young is giving In- fain-
us bloodlu.uiids un airing al   Suliim. ,.   .
lhe Inn, of the new  lrnmvvii\    nl    lhe 02S.UI) ux.;   average       •    ! >u,    go I,       I hen' lms Minium n
Mrs. J. W. Ross und .Mrs.    I'.    S.   |.\,gboru uiiiie. Messrs, Wil i'   Spokane,   nnd -j.;i;,-, ,,z : .,',,,,.-,.-; ,„.       V -    -ash   inonious 'ting held in N.dsi
T. Ross left for tlm lia-si    on    Kridiiv        ,,-.  ,     s'"l'1*' of Illinois arrived on Tburs |Vi ,,,,„,     ,,„,     „„,.,*,,.    «eivl *hut held lust We.liii'sduj   I.    lis-u
k u* .Mime minim- pro -i.-, n,;,; .-,,,  ,   .„.„„. .-,„■   ,  ,.   m,,,..   i.bn  «itSj-!..|   n:  l'i •   iu r ■ 1 i
M ili'li -,. Tail, nu in-i ructioiiN  fi inn
fluid    C-Hmniissioncr    Iteuwick,      bus
Lacrosse seems to have laken the imide an exiiiuination of tlm Sen,ml
■ihice of base-bull this year wilh lhe Relief road, to see what repairs are
KVmii- -porls. necessary,
llev. H. Young and    family    lean-       At the shareholders meeting of  llu
.hinilv for a three   months   visit   in   llroken Hill Co, held    lusl    Tuesday
[La-leu, Can td.i. | tbe actioii of I be directors in   -.-i-nriii.
Mr. i '.    *l.    Dftvl     ivboin    llu
h'ai.kee Oirl Group is bonded, ni lived   llim' "'" ''""''"' L
•i town on Thiii-d-ti  : i-i. The Sal moil river   rose    ibis    week
A. H  Uraccvof    Nel-     vile,    [s | to within .1 few inches of ilm    erilicu
,-  iiitb   Ml    Coll    Wollle
AinoiiL'sl ilu. en il eases to he  trie
■-.'..•-.'ii-, I i, -lap i i) .md I' dm <e ill' ,    •     K
euay Shingle ('ouipaiiv *. mill
nl NVImiii iipxI   it tli   «lll   be   the "   "        " m»     Al! shades   of  politi  il   |   'li
Dundee Co. vs   Daly, Hughes el    ul., f-jre   lll.-l  railCC. were represented, nnd   ever,      ;  uk
involving tbe title In thn   Kitten-Yu
kon tl 11' I loll
illilcllila'd lhe ill*I ioil .-I    "   ■    *"i!iin
\ blue lim      - ii     by      ■   Don in-   On, ill introducing   clu tp   Mm,go
,     „   .,        ,,.         ion ('iiivi'i'iimi n'.  in     coiitainiug   re-   labour,    Men   ppo-   , ■ n • • -■ ,
i-    ,    ,         »                                               Mr   A, I-,    11 md   oi    Sew    \\ est-                                         .     ,           .            , ,            ,          ,
I,. A   hying, tor   inlvaiices    ...      tv ports on the t nun 1    tin    nil nu,   subject, sueh in   il Iit'.r*,   ■'
minster, was in   hm u   mi   I liursuuy
nel pi
,d ii t i-ii io i lie I Itindeo   mini
!« Inch i- ow in d In tin-  -v ndicatc   In
represents       I
insurance i onipiuiu
Canada, is i .st out     !. ci nliiini
dniiig iiii-nie--. in    l'i iiiiine iiiid ll"-   Daily     K,
tl upon tin- -ni.-. i*t
n   an    inti-rv iew     he
risot'i.   ;i iiceouiits up lo tin'   .11       Mayor  Houston   took   th      h
December i
n i, lb,' follow     and lho other speak,
nnccted with tbe Dundee inipc here i I I. when t bin, which holds   lhe   stllte(| ,|ml   arrangements   |m,|   been
recently married to Miss   Pitch   ()f Jlogs ir, ,l,e mill pon, ,1.1   have    „,    ,,.,_,„., ,|(„„|,  ,k    in '"g dgnre-s rebitn , to I u- lire   i.ist.r-   laylor, lilakeunire, Don,.." an 1 Mn
Uie same town. ; '■"    «'P«.«1.    to   prevepl    ll uteri aboiu I nibs time,    n   i,    is "'^ companies w-bicb do   tbe   ,,.,„«   ey.
spreading over the track. ,   , ,,, pul business in this I.iwn an: taken; After   lie geimnl uniting u'l|.iui-ii
'•'hefire    wurdeiis   are   getting  in j ,.,,.' propose,!   to   install   ,i     eompre-ssoi ^ A _   ^      Liability. I ed I ouiinitleo   m-l    ml        .'•
il.i.h- inu.il ii'in-li   mm.I    -.   '.,.    ..i'   i,i,        A dispute b finiii New-    York,    nub    i.lniii and lo drive ii tunnel   to crosss , ,.    . ,,     • ,    ■
i.iii goon vv i it K   nun    a    uu    oi    nn- . i i Including C«    the tollowtnir resolution*-:
i ....hii,- o,,I ,1 in,,, r,,,w ,ni.I,i.l,  iu   l„, i li-li-'d iii the Diiilv Mews of Thursday,   cut the vein near the bottom   of   the. a"...-it r .j
yignci.ii .ui'i ti.ingi ions moni-ii  is   ru- ... „p llesnlved ihat this nun- in.    mg
st.-it i- linn  U. A. Galliher, ih.- oe-ni      i'tO foot shaft, Anglo Am .-•■'.( I .-P-i    i**l.'ll,0-'l8
In-i- ot the Dominion   I'm li.-iineni,   for   Canadian '!•*•",."''-     -S4,olfl
At the Sunday evening service   to-    , .    ,.    . ,   .    . . , " ,. .,, , ,..      .,,.,. ..,..,
this district, wus locked up, vvtth   nvo l-..,„,iv Jnl.l.i-      -■***-..'s-
  »•**- ---.———--.-- -.- . - » . _ l.anv in i u tli
 , t anese labour ililn an itulnsti'v liilbi-i
NOT CE. X Mei-nntile g.-.-,„,ii     122,109 , ,.    ,,
1        ■'***''-• * --,pliivtng white luboui   inly, in vi.»
di.-pnsi- I  of,
\t the Sun la
-now  Mrs. Young nnd  Miss    II.-i
v       v    ,        , **************************    .   ,  i „ m„
oilier-   inn   .New   loll;    police    station    J *    IjOIKIOH   Al U   llul        I.).,,ill)
(111 i
the citizens ot Nol* in     md   ,|u*   tl
action uf the lv.. t, u .;.   *>hinglo  I'--'
he ing I 'h,.,.        i,„| Jn
oiher-  ill ii New York   police   station   -''"*"*■-"■*""•"" *..--»»>-. --_   [iU,      M , , i.       ,,,        ,   -
, ism., will sing a duet entitled   "lie* , . ,,     ,   , , X
uu ii el,urge i,I ,1,-nili I lv   ciiiiilucl     on ♦
ild Mi  Stundiiig tit the Door." .. .,., , , i
in railway train.     I l„*v were later   re T -»i—■•      -  -          -,-■••
I ♦ T                                                                  turn ot   tin-   pit iiiu    - | nil'
Duncnii McAi-ibiir   vifts   in   town   leased on bud furnished by tbe   nun ♦ A CI'OSS llUU'ked    ill    tlli.-s*  Ottawa                  .I',,,(||,'-'      .':"i,l'.'   (^onlc||| ,
his week, enduavortng  to straighten   ager of the    Wiililnrf-Asioriii    Hotel, ♦ i      Of thes,   coiiipaiiie*   the  Caimdiiiii                  '   |,Unns lin  iiction ol    '
ui th.e ofl'uiis of\tho Kunber   ui'll   on    ft apparently tnnk live   policemen    to ♦i-j,iice llulictlte.S   llllltT  Firo and Mercantile nra   Hoard   com- _                    ^            j
'...rcuiiine creek, in which he   is   in-  bundle them ♦ .... X panics and the others are mm board. , .
xyoul'SllllSCl'iptlOll is  III    ill' J ml' i the piiiviii"- i ■   » "-.I .o ,-■
\    Curiilitiii    man    I.as   institute 1 ♦' T                     ~ ■  . -j.i ilm   Kouten.iJ   Shingle  Compaiiv
There is -nine mil. nf a  c leliiui ion   what is perhaps the   nmsl    exlrnordi- ♦ re.'U' lllld  WC -iVOlllil l«' ul.'i'l| ^_               ^                         _ in carrying out tin  pnliej     nndniiiiied
ni ih,--Jlil,,   Muv   ul   Salmo.      As   "ury suit on record.    A jug of whisk- ♦ .. X Citizens     .\SSOCiatiOI1 in the foregoing i c  lution, and   c.il.->
li-ivvvdl '     ...out   Ymir    „„    ,|',lt   ",v vva-.s-„, |„ I,in, l,v, *.,„,-.   When |t"l'""l'    ll'Olll     \"ll it Villi Z MeetlllJ?.                          upon   the   gov Ill    I o   withdraw
ituriived   i!i"   stiuiulunl    had    been *    .  ,         ,          ., ., ,    J the srecinl   police   force   ut   ',,:.-.-■'
The monthly meeting uf thi-,   a-so*   maintained at Salmo
[lay, the iSalmn i-eople   ban.   a   good   •• "" ■•-■-   '"''"'          '   J syish lo llllVli il   CijlllillUCll   j
pportunil-i drained to the last drop.    Immediate-  | J
ly tbo diniippoiiiled gentleman   enter-    a,*)*.>««a,4>-t,»*t.4>-t.i>«->a>4«44>4>-»-*i«-» cialiun wiui held ou Thlll'sdiiy lift,             11 calls upon   lhe   ijijverli,,,''!      i
•Ml interested   hi   the  Ymir   Rillo  ed ail nctiott itgainst ilk. exprtaf*  com-                      The minutes of the previous   meet- use such meinis u   uu in its on*
A-oi-inlimi are i-i-'-iie-i.-d ii.iiitend n  ]t.i;^ -,,,!,.„ il„„i-a,„|  |„Um-   lianiu-                     ,         .,,-.,,. ''ig wen. read and confirmed bring ahoitl; tlm abaudonnienl     I   '
,,e-iiigon','..-s'hiv ,1,-xi in nn- ,'it,. ,,„.,-„.,, i„,,,„i ,i„„,|, ,o i,i.  feebiConcert in Aid of Catholic M,,.M., ,* s -,- lXim „nd w   ,, |ni|jrv w|    ,(]  ||,   .,,,   Ki|ii|i
Wl*    As-oei'il i. ill  lo.. in  ill  the    Mi
Union buildil
The iar was so acute thai  it
likely lo permanently all. ci the health
_ Tin- prc-ei:i   i -is.!.-, is  ,;   ■., I       ofthovicti f the   joke.       In    ex-
Hi buiiiing  oil   old   rubbish   which   pl'inution il is pointed   mil   thai   tin
■light bu a menace   .luring   the   dr*,   h.iunr laws of the Caroliuas ure | ul-
Building Fund.
A very successful ' it    and    nl
Mclsaae wero   elected     'ih.-is   by   Shingle Conipany, and to prtven'    i-
uiianinious vote adoption in any nthel   instmic      I
The secretary I'ouorted thut    a- ti',
'"   thus sustain   tin.1   uvowoil   ;■ iliey
.  home was given by the ladies  of   lhe   taken by tin) A-soeialimi    -  t'-.r   li.nl
Catholic church, in   tho   Union   Hull. i""1    ■'"• -   *-"««"»'"•'
resulted in llui election uf He  ivm del
i Insi Mniiil ti      The   iii'oceeds   which 1     ,   . .,    en presistently   re elite I fig    legislatini
fetson     SevcrrJ ciii/«ii.i are   already   ,i','■     I Im needful cun   only    lie    pro-   l,wl •«""«"•}• ' , and the appoinl nt of Ul'   lull mil m   •
Ik im- adva.it.ijie of ft '    cured after a cmtain iiuiount'of   legal!1*" nted 111 about **-l.i ^ nre  devotea   lhe po,itiull   „,•   ,,,,,„,,,      |l,.   a|,„ , having as il   «i!p aim the   provent.ng
fonnality.    Tbo pleasures   of   iinlici-
to the fund to reduce   lho   indlil I-
li i-  reported   lluil   Chief Justice pmiou In tho case of Hie litiguul   bad   ,'1"" "" ,l"'('1"'"1''
" r will I,-ilm judguiit  tbo   ,-,|. ,„,,.„ „,„,.;„„,-,„. M.v,,;li ,!,-,-, ,i,.|v ,i,      Ag I prni/riini us Under Was  con-
pioi'-hiiigiissi/,.., i,„d   thai    Deputy be lln.dly blasted   'in    ll.e   rude   and   U-ibutoili
Aiioritey.itemrid    W.    !<     MciAHin, Ilb|.Upt p„Htponemeiit of tbe    joys    of
-iv,;! he th-. pri'-vi.-.tiiig   attorney   for i-pniijiuiioii.
tie   crown.
The >'"•« Westiujiister   Gnlumbiitii
uis lho mo*! hiev iden nt the   geugru-
Hotel Arrival-*
I ■!.;.  uf lhe intl -i'.i:    it'll. C.      ll    llilhi W'Al.l.lOtlf   lIOThlii—
, I'lalli plie-e- Ynii;' in llie Slorun    mil \y   (j   s   |J0SS   •/ancnuveri
liow refers lo S.inM   ■ us being ill   thu j, |,, Walsh, Vancmivei'i
pkiiiagilli eoi'iilry tl. ,\|   p,.,,!,,,., '|',,.,ii
,1,    .1.    Th-! on     ll,"      v,-i,„i,li. •'   S'  ,i;'1*''''" N"''""'
Notch  ei,i'.,M,"i-i.    well    known    lo  S  •,"■, "'    K'"'
Ymii atldii'i  li lo appear   in   lira °- «'olll.«, .Spokanr:
May Day Coiici-i   -i   Ni'limi,   ii.-xl   °  U"*1b ,u"1 ""'''' rlli"'-"
l-M-.ml.iv.    II.-is inking purl in   m,.'„o I "'   M   McClBft.. Cl.lcn*,..,
\ ic -I,,-,-!. Villi     '-I.'."      Mas.,,,,   '''  Wil,un' ■"'I'"1-'""-
M..    ,.i... col.ll.    "I in;;  sol,,-. ''•   rtfll'lt-'toll,   Ulilioi-
Mi I.ion II..u.i..
flisttlliueiit.il Duet
Miss Mel I and Hi.   Kllloil
liiuijo Solo
Mr  Sti- piisl
Misses .Inlieii.
l-;,i.iii. 0 N.-ii1.
[nstfi nial
Miss Henderson.
Piano Sol,,
Miss Olive   Mel-no.!.
'di. ,**i lonirpii •
Mi'.- iltiliM
In-u iiiiienlal
llol.ei-t     MneDnUgall    leaves     iii-.i!
eek   for    Mm sejji1^.   lllld      w ill     In
Dr  Ull	
L    Iii.il.. lllld, Sill mo
In compatiii
i       William     Huy-I  U M"""'>'- &
It'll,     lill ■   go lo ' 'l.e . h'ltiir    of   II
.1. i Irnolc, Siihnoi
Im .'•■ busin'es." w liinli  Im.-.   been
„.    A. II. Docksmdi'i, Melso
d ill thill    lilw,:    tiV    lhe    Porto'
H.-.'.ir Cntwafi, Nelson
lliito Luinlit'l Cn     'Khe business   in- Uf- C. Wiiikleo  Nelson";
- ii-i.. a line  linnlii i yir-l,   and   iilno   |,   li   lliruh',   V uueouvei
i -i iii ii n-iliv . ri* -i.lie 'Iciiling  chief    \y    \    -Villittrsl   V'alicouler.
1   in hlilidei'   Slip) lii-v      In     I ie-v   of
ibegreui inlh.s  nf   ifmnigriiiits   into I    t-'"i-ii«ii'oi.n-.\x llrtrhi.i
i< N'i Ith-Wesl   ann' lhe   cmrmtplenl   (I   Fuller, Uriej
-'"'■■" d'.'Miaii'l l'*.r I'.mbei   lllld    build     N|    |,   , 'j,.„,,.,„.,   \V|,„, u ,,|,-,-
« ■ iiiii-lie--    ii    in tv    In"    id-'-,,    for ,  , ,i     ■
' A . Jobiisiflt,   Moyii"
of holding n t'elt'bi'atinu uu the      'h
of MilJ Will llri/in-lict! and il   wa-    tli
During   ne-   evening,   Ufiigrt'itflVe  cided thai tin    aasOciatinil   Lake   nn
' whi-". Ilim-li, tlwiiiiiio.-'. ali.'l pi,    w.-re  action ill tho matter.
pluyl'd      Iii   i'i"   prugiesfiirn   ithi«|    Tht, introdilction  nf   ilaimtiesn   ul
Mi-  i;i.iii'- to..!. Iii •   prize nnd    Mis,
Win, Clark cecond,    Afiei   lill'   '-'in-
i-cii   .•ei're'bii,''!"'-.   were   m-I'.-'I   ilnd
lie- tlvenluK " nund up    « il li   "    '■ el'y
| CiijoVahll' dunce,
communicated a reply received   f  of lira iimploynionl   ot   Cliinuj
Mr, Wrighl M   P   P as to  appropri- Japaliase in the llldustri-w of thn pro
M,i'11'- '"' l1'" 'Hstriot,   pointing   oui vi. •„ ..,,„„.,,,  ,  . ,,,
ih.ii rJIOoOO had I n se urcd mf ,1
. district.    A vote ni tin" k« vv.t-   p ■
ed to Mr  Wrighl  for elli  i-<   i
to the   eoioner-hip   and    a.      priu '' iml to the. disustroi    ell'ect of ll
lioiis. employment of strati labour in   breal.
Mi. Duekwulih reported  i1       ilm Ing Up lira Immes of u comiuunitj  ■
dee "I .of the    Cl '1,1-1. ' V     gTOUII llll'l
been duly recorded as instrii
The llev. II, N' / then   i   i
l'l nils ,,|'    tin i'-    indiisii y    for   sevel
venrsj and il il  the   nplninu   of   lh ■
incetltljj tli-it lib ,',-.-;dis   ttill   f.,|i...
tb     .! , . inn   uf   .t    -iini'-ii     p..li.*'
... |    .; I . ,,.    ,1     ,.-      ,■.. |,„l„ ... !      ;,||,|      w i!
i'.i,ilu' -, I'll nisi-i "'I'-- ' lira l. isiiie
lh" iiuestinn as i" the ad iiv
i y pari of the disti • i   direetly   «i
li direct*, ill,   ttt< nti ,n ui th,  gov
iblislit'd al Si In',' and depi iv ing   I   -
bin* labourer*)   nl   tin   n   un il it, I
I,is resignation trom t     ■•"• r, turys ni .
a step "i which li • wa- lo-   the
fuel limi he would    bu   ulrtu; '    ■- .nra
mouths.   Percy J. Qlcnxur was ,' ■■:■-.I
, 1.1 lho i.e .Mil  i.lli.-i.
dhvctly liependcnl tip ui   the   |,
il •  of Hiicll lo'-ali'i-i
'J'h,,'' !'• nn  "Id   pnniblt!   ttblillt   .
' mole iu vuiii brotbci a   , ve,      Whili
llrai-ilhllilHhiHgliirttlllwiistlii.il   dis    I'ln-nm ,.,-,*,   i'n, i*,';.    S U n d u. «
eiio-rail, und it cortiinitl insblhijj of Sclnfol und   l!i»)h-   Clus-*,    10   „   tu
Me-..•-. riil.-le.'i.'llh   ("h-i-.-i■ :i!id  !lo-   ^veiling seliice, T:-.H.       k'nuiig Pen
..,-.,. i  .      i*. .-,   , l'le« Siiciely meets on Prid ,   ,-veni   •
i was apI'linit'-.i  to   ilr.it,,   resolutioiiH,   '
,       ,            .                             it 11  i'cl ..-'.. All oh  iK'h-i ill,',    Rev.
lexpl-Msllig ihe  ilnaiinilo'ils   - r-n11*• r• --r.•   ,,   „           ,, .     T,
111 oiing  M At, Phi :•■:
of tli" A --"i-iiiii'1,'1 In rohdi miii'"*;   the
a.-lion of lira 1* ootenuy Sthhirf'd   Co .
.rtiiited that our fwo fiiuil Is   * il!  bo
Mr-. I'. MoArtlii;
|il busy lukeiug in the shekels   for
be   anierprlHing    luml-er    com|«uiy Ml-s.-J. MeDoiuililt Sulmn
 ell    I..iv    il-    li'-adiji'l ill--i-s      h'-t-c ,\li-   llliiiicliard, Salmo.
i       'li-i'l al-.',"i'l(.)i---s   il    c'li-ideia- 11.  Moolitfy,   ^ullllo
Iiie block of real ("stilte ifl lilt! town  uf \t'.   ||. Sluiipe, Sal'ino.
M'.i i- j iw ,
P, l'i'.:!'■!. Silb'ue
N,-l-'.i, ehi.'.e:,. wir li„!du,„' imli.'ti.:*  I tn forward ctiples of ll.B -in,'-  tt.      ''il'1-' Bl'lgdde  Signals,
lion nraelittgs itgailisl thli ItitfOlltlctioh the I'l-ovinclal ^eerntillt, Ml    'v'i  (hi
of .l.i|i.-iii!"io ill lhe I'.i ii ili-li.lv    Miiligle M    V   I', .mil   Mr.    H.-lwIho!-,"' ,
mill ni iiidni". ,, leiii-i- fioi'i   tbe   -'.- ; M. V  V.  with   U'l:. N   ,-'
retary of the SeUiiti    l-cl.-i.-i!    I,'!;.,! luttch it»kirij< lliein to   U	
' Union puilils ollt ilidl   Ifieh    .-:!.•   ■! most inllueticii «llll   tht)  (Jnti
I iiuiubstnt Cliiiiei,    wdrliing   ill   (lit) to i/uJucc il id Intrtrfol-e fof lid
litiiibel-yurdi at Kl'lwiii tectlrtll of tfhitl \&oVtli.
>' ■■ chief C'lffi.j b      | -. pured   tin'
ting •■:■ .: di fof I, ilidlifig tbe flit'
si"   I.-   ' Inghig   in ■ ui    in
■  - [mtfsi ' I -.'    ':'..■'.  oi-. .
: ri "I"-. infill      I       II for help
li lira   Ii .-■•    - Ii ui   di, • it"   no I
i ■       "it to. ii'i.-.i -j-,-- We have just got in a
new line of i
Mci'tH ii.'iin every morning
t'.Ni-ept Sunday, I'or f'reiglit
und |i.i.-s,'iio'i'i'.- for l'tnir
mill, liy special orders on
Sundays. < >r for Vmir mine.
ALLX   ODDIE    Prop-
ire hard to i«-at for price and duriibilily.    Also   a   line  of   the
brated Ann- Hold 11 shoes.
Wbii ii have just nn ivetl, i iVr n large variety of strictly up-to-date  styles.
S ui- line "!' Stetsons,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Canadian Mineral Output'amounts of capital.     Companies   are
being formed for the   rccluinution   of
'"': M '"I""'1-' >"■'■    "■••■•<-   l,uWic.. abandoned placer   ground   in   which
' Ottiiwu, -show   coit-ideruble   falling   , ,l(1 ixafion reaebes figures   -,-!-
'  ' '"K"1,1-     ri'--'^"**"" I I«ved,  in   ,| „, ,.,.,, iM t|ie i(|        im.
■ 1. -SlO,.'.37,OOOoi,l of a total pro   , tll]   „,;.,;.,,,   ,.,„;,.,;i|l-
ction of ?10,4UH,Oin).      Tbe   total
W.VlKii   SUPPLIED    l'i il.    DOMESTIC    AND     l'l 111-;
1'Uhpo.sks   und i-: n
-I-I     i-ui'Mi-.      NIKS
I'. S. T. I!"ss, Secretary
Carries The Stock,
And Leads in Price ant! Quality.
UOOI'S, SltnKs AM) rl.'li'HINC  DEI'Altt'MK -,' 1": --'.V- '■■■■■•   nil
■priiig goo. Is in ..ml cheerfully in vita ilio public Lo in-p ■ •' our "nr*,   lh ii
/~m -*--.    ii «-.   i-imy'Rtisfy Uieni Iii nualiiy nnd prieu.
l" M,,,« -r:7m"\ "T   ■ Spokane Falls &     .mi-*.. , w„wns_» i,,,,,,,,... stock, .■„,■ ,PMk ....•  ,.*
one county ol lahfoima    there   is'       •*■ Pl .   ,.
..,...,-.    .            i, -K.-T         ii                 -i-> This line is eoiillneil to us. iiiid no one el-ie oan procure tlnmi iu this town
;' I.';,;,,;,  -. I,'.-         '   ' -"fueled drcdKc.,  thi.,  y ■ Northern  Ry.                 Wealsihari'tl .elusive right of famous Weston Shoe lor hoys. ,
TILL' ""' |'«giug'iti„gel,.sel e million   dol         ^^    ^   ^  , * a, „ | „„il oiilweur two pair of any r ordinary .mike.
..,,,,,          ,      ,                      "'         ld "I'l'iyedoul    placer l point.s east, west and south to Koss-          Spring .Soils for men aim' hoys arc also in, and nnrkeil .lown lo ih
DOCK     Paralyzed     by       districts me being   rejuvenated,   and luml, Ndsoti,   Grand   Korku  and  lie- possihle nnleli.    I'm-nn ess  nnd  il Inlily,   one  glance   will  con  irn-i
I ifi'lltninir                      '"'"' ",;r" ''''''"" '*' ".n-ilil. -- i- proving public.    IJulibt cars run  between Spo- i I .-dicplienl Mini wc curry lira real tiling for western trade.
I priceless.    There   is   I.mil    in    Yuba kime nnd Northport.
county. California    thai   three   vears Uull'et Cms   run between   Spokano   .                                        (jl'OCen   Department
it  tlie   stop-           *                    ■                       .   ■ , .. ,
uniiitie ousei'val ion
.if n clock bv lightning lias   been ' '.'*"
i- hv Dr.
in  su.,.,,,,. |„ts al ihi-ce    dill-
Brunt   llartwig,   of  lira  larH I*1"um'' wl,ich is  ,,ow   l,"!'1   llt
l'.„, hery observation,    He was   nm- ""''"" ' "' "   '      :'!
lug lira intervals   bi tv ecu   lightning !
''-.-' i - and thunder when the rod   on
the   observatory   was   struck   twice
Ilm ie county, held a few year*
per acre, solely for lnulienllur.il    0.10 n in
ml Nelson,
l-lln nu   Apiil 190.5,
on vi- Daily Train Ai rive
fl, In ii.ni Spokane 0.20 p.m
11 i ."i a. in llossland .J.ilS p.n:
Nelson li :i.'i p.Ill
purposes, are now   coininiiniling   S-v   . 1 sSO ii m     (Irund Korks       ll.fio p.m
lo no a.m.
I' i\ ,'i llOp.m.
Nt -cl- no count), nl, we have go! llie slock und cun s.ive you mote
Stationery and Druj? Department.
v\'|. an- gi -ning lira I hi-in.--- why?    Because, if a puekug.  is mirk,
the milker, lluil   « all ion uru renini-nl to puy for ii   here.     We ih
I , I 11 i • ii ■ | j'-'f"'.i.iii( aii-i-.-i.-. i|    uvi',111' • - --
ivilI, an interval of-111   seconds.    The per Here  us   golil    mines        lira    7.1,0 ;1.,,, j;,.|„u,iic G.30 p.m   nny fancy drug store prices on the 10,000 articles we curry in tins   ileparlm
[dock on 11 stone pillar in    lira   base-   K"lfl ,,mIKn '» Paving indeed 11    mar- _,      _-        _, *,,,,■* se,|,ieilly wu have lira good will and pali-uuugc of the comtnuui   •
Lent stopped .Tl    I-   after   the \ <* SAVE       I 1MB.
,-cond stroke    The clock was not in-1    ™° ALL     THE      TIUVEE
ed, bul   the   peiiduliiiii   seems   lo Notice. HV    USING
I       i 11 momentarily nllecied by   n
||   .h 1 ful electric shuck.
"■""*"" TO Clmrlci Q. Simpson, or any  other
Canadian    Steel Rail      | person to whom he may   have   trans-
Industry fered bin interests in lira "May    lllos*
The ('iiiiiiiliaii sleel rail indu-li v   i*
I: e    lolloMlllg    In inn! ir
Seattle,     Tacoma
an     mineral    clnhii,     situalcil     on
Irown   mountain   two   nnd    1    half
it-v  ii-ci-iviiig   from   ii,:-   government I miles soulbwest from    Ymir,   in   lira
(1)       A   Nel-,.,,    Mining    Division   of    Wesl    PACIFIC    COAST      POINTS
St.  Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
U. S. T.  ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant.      Ymir,     H.     C,
bounty   011   pig   iron    manufactured. Koolimny District, and    recorded   in
*n in C.-iniidian ore ?o per cent, of  $«'!   the llei-orders olliee   for   the    Nelson
j 11 Ion and i'i pi-i   ci-ni,   of   s-_"   mil Mining Division.
I ..-ign on s; (-J 1 a bouilt) ol    1 "1   pel i     Ynil nnn eneh of  vou   nfn   Irarehy
-m   of ,*5;l on sleel ingots   uiniulfac-   nolilletl, thai  I have   expended   Two
l  red fr  iiigredien's of   which   not   hundred and    live   dollars (.'-.Oil)   in PALACE   AND   TOURIST.
h -- limn ."ui per ci-ni. , 1' ilteii-   wi-lgbl  lalnmr and   iniprovenieits   upon   lira MLEEPEUS     UUFFBT,
fi i.-i-is ol pig iron made in   Canada,   above rniiralal cluim in order   lo   bold     MftllVHY    CA113      MODBHN
I'I    I'-Hiiii v iiienlio I makes n   total   the siinra'undcr lira provisions  nf  llife
liiximuin of So To   per   ton   un   ull Mineral Act, and   if   within   ninety
wlcel rules 1 lu.i.I lu -be lineal    vein j ilAys 1',. 1,'1 llie date uf this notice   you
J .■"•"'.■-I.o.'i in  llinii,   and   IJIl.lfi   in  fail or rpftlsH lo contribute your   pnr-
I '"7.    Tlra clistoiiH   duty   on   steel  tion of   expcndiluro   (whieh   is   mm ,     „„      ~ ....      ,
hundred nnd two  dollars  .-.nd   iim   licet   Meals   on   Wheels.
.UKAI.S A    l.v    CAHTE
H ils ivliiuh vvenl into  full   ellecl on
-.          ,      .,,,   ,,,,, 1   .     _i cents tor  ihe   two    years   ending
7*. ivember 110, l.'ol, is   1*1    pi i-     i .,
1 ilm
Mlralf iim] lluil I. - Hard -■ re,
I'.iinls and Oils, Stove,. Coal,
Steel. Powder, Fn-,- and Ca| ■
1 .'niiiil..    nnd    Tinware,     tSli'um
All    kinds   of    I'liimiiing,    I'i
Miiilhiiig   and    ' lunerul     Repa r
2     FAS I     IKAlNS     Q
...    .,,    ,vll   ,,.,. .,.   ,,,  ,,  V   Z
 ni->...-. .... ...oHi.,,...,    un.i-iu,,.,.. I eoi,,., win oecome lira pixipeny 01   tin- hAbl       ______[    IA"'1
lion nt less   plicn   Hum   lie  iiinrket  subscriber, under .M'cliun 1 of nil    Vci '       ,-  . __n n , _,., .,	
piicei ry of production,  a \™^   "A..    Ael    10   ,\ ml   the Hp-ml    ^cursion   l.a.,-, ^_
j.,-,,.,„,. ,, i,i ,.„,.. I.,,,,,,, ,„ u„. Mii»-i'-iAci,iooo."    ^ To World's Hair, St. Louis   I lie Mutual  Lite hlslirnlKT ( <iiii|hiii\  Ol A.  H,
iiiu of the cm in price (lull nol to   d,,,„| „, Ymii-, UNiii, April  11)0"). Your Chuico of lioulo. Has Assets  L\CCedinjJ S.|<)().OOO.OOO.
' ' ont"hrtlf 0|   ,l"'   "- '   '""i__ I    rot-rnles, folilera and full liiforninllmi .\  ,,,,|i,.\  jn j|  is tllO Sllll'sl   illVl'Stllieill  km,Ml: In   mail.
■ -I"- -Iniv . ie iy oi- in,p.,- ,1, 1. i- ,   tlra j I'eijiirdllig Iriim, enll  on  or lU'tlress   .  . ...
I'.ish iiivi'.-.i'',! iii hili! I nan ru it ci. is eii.-Mi in Vcsti'd thai    \\   I
♦ ■♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦-♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦•♦■♦♦♦♦♦•«•♦♦
^ ■ iijifiil oi lira •**. 1'. * Ni llnllwu) or
'^^ || 'Hotel Yiniri"-AhVrri ,1--«?.,¥.51?-P-.a.Irot!1"1 «*l"'p«tn««iinco».Ht.
no vv.
Progress  of   The   dold   I 1
Dredae Method. I    And Aei'.»nini«..lntion    l
In Towni
X •!   W, MAHTI5II.SON,     I'r.'p. X.
4 *
Akin i" the innrvi Hull' la   tht!   ex-   *►
I   union . f tlra rliedge Inetbod of   Hold   t 1
iniiiiiig,    llrotigbl uitbin i I'.---.   v»ni-|t   A III',,"-.rlirl inn nl Willi'--.  X
h    Lb- height of pel feetioil ill    llurtli"   t IJiaiOl'.S lllld Ciglll'Hi •»
|l a i tlifni iiiu in the km ■ . -. uf gold
.in di e| gi i" -1 I, i- „ Iii re Hiin r
1 . , ■ of mining plov, ll n • less, its
hili>|il ion i- taking pl ice in 1'lin-er
-,: ii iets n'1 ovel the uilrld, In lira-
the gold dredge i- III ing in ulgiui*
li -I ni l he diaiilondif : a'.-' gravel
I'.i Id- In 11" over diillllotld' In Hi it-
ii i 'oliniibi.i ami Alu-kn lira dredge
,. ing iiisiiilli'd where the hydraulic I
I <s has proven ful il'1   bei'iiusn   ol
'ilni.ii."--' of lira deposil  or   iniri*
1 i   is hiiivel. or wh'-ii- there   wai   " ■
,- I'ahundauce of watei.      In   I lali- \
■i lira -I''- loin; !',,- "..'Id   hi-    i'"-
I lira -er-.il ■ of the liighosi   min*
.    drill mid e-t.il)li*l,e,| new   theii" ,
' -    foi    lira   eniplui ut   of   Inrgu
(J old,   Silver   oi    Lead *?l.00
Ciippcl-,     • *?l.iiO
Gold Silvel',      •     ■ 1\ "i"
(.'lim -.-,'- for olh' : nn inli" on applies! Hill.
I'ruVinei il A ssnyer
Nelson, 13. C.
^lf I Sterling
/ Silver
Prctn a ci-ITcr
ai*.A.ti lon iliuus
c ntl d-.llnr \itt-
■ffntftUon art.
lli-aty llirkafi
Bom' ficUltlea
for making »"l»!
lilvi-i wnre in i
(.,,-s--v.'fil by tin
other ctttlctrn In
era, rioitrrn inn^'ilnctT, Sml ■killed liaml-
ivotkert, nil under llie iliirrt lupervlilou ct
piai-tlc.il ntemlierl of ili^ firm, malse n 11 un-
enualted eoiuUtUatlon tor lunilng out flue
-A'tlti- for tlttiiinited calslogill,
| Iil-Hiiti! Silver,
I Silver PUU,
j Witchei, etc.
Henry Birkstf Sons
J, .f Ier. Iii II,, I .  f,li*IKt/
>hl I ..,!, I M.i,i.i
All  Mlri'l'S-sl-ll  l,l!*-i|U--S III,'11    rill!')     llll'gt.    IllllOlllltK    (){'   ll! '
ill>ll|-.,ll,-i'.      |!   jil'iil Itll'P  I'll' I ll''  111,,lily.  (M-Mlrel- n linili  in    li ■*
ul,I .-I..,., ami ]ii-,,i,.,'t- Iii- otlti't' iiivcsiin,'in-     I "f   t'ati'H   > i
nnv iv ini) n|' I i IV? inmihinci! iipply tn:
Pwrcy .J. Gleazer, Local Agenl
a ».   ---'    .■-•> :.      1----4  i.n/lr- *4i     m
Wilson k Hai'shawi ™*™*vf*im,uu,nYt
ltl-.ll.\|i!l I.N I'AIN II Ul.ll \V < ,i
Draymen and \VAsiii.vurox ac >--. uv
V,  V. a  19   UV, ,v, ,v , ti.
Will.    II,    C,
ll'ihtlliWg liunVy fl'felglll u
.■'-in'ci.-ill y.
I 'ii!'i'i..jiiiin]t'lit',i [it'dinplly
attoncU'il in.
and Clival Northern, Nortlii'rn  1'aeili
a,el <>  H. ifc >. C...   fur poim ,  east,
iviml   and   HUH 11, ' conn,   '       t   Ho
' 11,,d mid N"l- hi   « illl   ','    ,  oi nl in il
I'ncilic  itiiilwuy
i 'oni is ai Mel ion ii iUi the  I'll
IA V  I.'...  tot   li miii  and   I*. nnd -
' 'i.lllll cl-   l'l   < 'lOlcl!    I", iiii    -| im. f,,l
fJreeiiwood nml  Midway, I), ( .
Hull,-!   .-.*i * run on iraim, 0..1 neeii
Spnlcuile .ted   |le|lilblii
il   ,\. -I ll iv.-tiN
lie,H r,;  I' .   lenjri ,   A If I
.-,' ., i i . ,Viii mw0-~~w~~~—* '■■*-'■**■""
THE YMIR HERALD  Emigrant ^^*i From
!■; ruisw   i A. JV\ACDONALD & Co.
I-  (.'.oiiinieiiciii'
j YMII! LODGE No. •'!! A. I',   -v   A. I
,,iv       m* M.   !;,t I'Vidny i,    i,The Kind You Would Like
'ilb'.ihli'.d  i.j-i-rv  s.ei.r.lny nil.I in.,iil,. 1   to mil
'.:r. --. .ir I -!i;. >■;.;' I,v ■-, rri.-r in ;■,;.-. n.
Siil.-crlptliill*! Cll.l , |--.-  -inri'iii!.   i^yuttli. in -i.i.
Tin-  IT;I|      lo      I 'iill.-el i      ha-,      bt'g'll
I'lllly    lill-    Ve.-ir,    siivs    l1:--     II".II,-.Ill
London, l>\pre.-s       Even   third-class I Y.M,1/1   l,o|,,||-   No.;'.■:   K     of   1'
*.i...iI.t- in ih- -i ,.;;,.;'. .r -.-vii i... ...ia,. ii-. i pussengi is    line    -iln-iili    began    to       Meets fjrst ajel   third   JJu/iiliiy   in
•ot r**.,i,. il i'i,.- nook ti,eiy b,.rtb.< tjireo vveeks    u.l.ioiid.       each    month.       Vi-niii.     b'-olheis       QJcJ   Sgttl«r*S   M.iplt'    S\Tl|p
-. :.-i:i-nn.' i-.ii,... fl :,, |i,.-r :,-,,•;,  , • :■ un i  r
1 UK     UBllAl li   C-)tl    I"-   lill,I     If 'III     ,i:     I.   .  .;(:.
;i'!i. Visiting brolbej-H welcomed i
John M/'Vii nt, \V. )).
1'j j;  v -I   (ii.;- i/,i ,-. >.- 1,1 Hint-*,. I
TASTJJ-S C-OiOp.     I.--: 00.0D
y7_0ffo'i''fr>, '
/fair (SV-LrM
i   nm, - ■: i   print, m
!.. -iTi|.l..,l   lit   i*,      e> peeleil     tllllt     lllll     i'III : _['It 1 e ' 11
i -,-.-..,, ,,..■ |.r.ri„i-.-iii H-itiUtinl .-;,.--. li-fiu-es will break all r n-ds.
'>l;'"'"" "1   ".' |       "We    ll*a|-|     a     njilliol,    llbllj-bodil'd   \
:i.-:uvi.i>   ei iil;vhm.   ui;m'.'.>n>       | i. mid u ujilliuti w.j n.   -u.i    Mr. j
-   - i \V. T. II.    Preston,   the    l-'.niii:;-,-:, i
ii.   KKAUXS,   V! "v iflflt, '   '•.iiiiiiis-ioij'-i  I'm- Caiiada, lo ,-,--i     I'
press repri uenlotive iccenlly.
"L:isl y.'.u- .■.."-.U'It,' i-'i;i_'i nut -    weijl   |
-.  ITI:,.>.-*.y.  ,-VPlVIL, W,   1903.    ,„„.-,„„ :ll ,),.;,„,.    ,ri,|:,.„;m„!
. - -' !..,,. ' ' i
pcnoil ilu- I nileil -i.ile-.eii, '.-;   lie-;-
ll is .soinevvhal    qmusiti"    lu    not. i 150,000 new spltleis.
•.vlmt a little the i)evv'spape--s iiijd   the       "'he   emigration   of  p/eople   frum
| lhe    \\i--ji ii,-     .1 i|i'.;-icaii    States     to
'..-. • I
, 'll ' I ! ,.-   All- Ill/IAI ". ! '.  C
.Ions i: I iu ij in, K. .11. a S.
v.uiji IIIVK, LAplES oe  tiih.
VIACCADEES Meets     si ud
.md fourth Tuesday in one), inontli.
S. (Il ).V/-,Kll.   I.. (',
I.. Hi ' i. v o..--i ii. II   K.
I'oiv i-i '-i. .-•:' nnd i '4>hWt>!) Tin-.
„So}d by
-tv WmMM
».-? I p
i'lival experts I;,;;.,.. ;.)   -jay   a'.-oiil   t hi j
I (Jnmi'lii began only a few   yenrs   ago, '
an.I ih" Iii tt. ye ii- i-i|ly seven  hundred
' ' - i-sons went mirth,    T|)is yi a;    pro- j
;h uices foi- -.i,-i", y ('..,- either Togo .a
Itnsiesvinskey    i;:    i
(■rent Itaval battle. Till, flfct ij I h.it
the chances i,;e about eiiual, and till"
beiiipg is coiiiil. ('oiisi-ijijenily none
(if lhe .--.pi-;!-, likli I., I:,,   loo   explicit
inks and
ill   t
r LvL'/acrv*
Mining Agent     »     Stock*- ami Share;
biibly I To , An*eri(;,ii)s   will    sett)
in Western Can ida
"Tie- -V in- ;i<*;jn set.fler.s ,-;,,' u hardy ' IV]'iT I'*'K i* hereby given   thai   llie
class of people,    and    t lie.    lliein   '^     reservation i'stabli.slie/1   in    pu|-
,      , , . I practically the s,| terms n«    "t-'Uli fs su,ll"-''! "f tlm proviuniis of llie    -''ol;
f ml lose tliu lihunco ol sayiim "     lo.il u'nibia and Wester,i Rnilwui'  Sidisii!--
t  I'.ijrope vybo life mil Hrilish sub  ; lml"'  '  ».*•'. i o I. -.- ■■-,;   - .i"siub.
'""'•"■" jects.    There. >rn frw srwits  ofl'Uiil   Act> >'S!),>'" '"dice,   uf   vv|,ieh    vveie
fo all, bi|t llie non-Uritisb settler   lias   publii-lmd   in    l|m    |l|-ilis|i   Colmnbiu
'.., become ii ininirii'ii.'-d liriij-.b   iub- ,(i'izette and limed    Jlli    Mnv,    I80G,
About the only business   of   great
Importance   in     llriiLh     Columbia,  j
which has not ,-i   n-;,I,a|   ni'^-'llii/'it ion 1 •*'''''
....  lll;; ,      -,    .  i.,,..,,,  : ,    -. ,,,, mid utb Jin,,-. |KHfi, I'l'speclively, are
ii-reliv  caiiei-lli-d.
rVI|itiuil Lift; lii.-iii.'iinv »'ii|ii|iany uf S'".\  Vol'
('a)ia(liiin • 'tisjiltily---I'milcr Ijisnrniiw; Co.
I.tiiiilnii Mntiml V'nv Imovnwv Coinpany
I njaiv,'! l'i.''." lii-o'ii.ii)i7-1 'oiupany,   ■-
yearn before In- can secure   ihe   li:!'--
ubero those iiiteroi.te,| in ilu- business
i in meet and ili-.c|j-s lin* colldjl ion of
i heir pm tic.dm- industry, is that "t
the newspaper business, .Vi- presenl
I here is in niivtfspifpor men's nssocin-
iion, bijl an ei,i.i( is being inndc In
,i'j,ni/.'i omi,   a,.-J   ilm   preliminary
meetings nn- lo he held 'll  tin1   West
minster  I'ail
llritish Columbia appears to be
li itiim past ilm Blanc where ii i-
i ,-, essury lo aid railroad eonstructimi
u ii li Iiiu grants   of   either   lanil   oi
in y.    Tlie Iii cat Sortberii railroad
js starting new branch mad.   in    the
southern purl of the Prov line,   vviib-
nill an iicre of Inn I    or    il    dollar    ol
liuuie*, from ilu-  Provincial   treasury
n.'i I'lii.irn V|. n.v:;i:i:|;.
Crpwii   lands   situated   vithin   llie     |''|j;S'\     VI''.M'I''..
tea embraced bv ile-   said   rcserva.  —
'ri'e" - "" Hltlcal -hvuger   fr [ lio|1 ,, „,,,„ ,„  ,„,,.,   Bettk, „-, ^9&&&9^&99&*9^^&&^&iU
tbo inrush of Americans, ns   ,l„v -i.l'     i disposition, under the _W J-J-   £        _,        ^
::r■-■:::.:-:;::.: ■ i ! -  % JOB   PRINTING . |
ada who talks about Canada   bee - hiontjis nfl«* tlu* dale of the lirst pub- & ~ y|v
iiigamiexud   lo   :he   United   States,' lication of this notice in   ilu-   British ji'**.-**^**)-**:***?**^^
I and In- is an Englishman - Mr.  Gold-j Columbia fliijtette; provirled, buwever, fn
tt'iuSmith. |tlml ;„ ftl) CUSM „,„,,.. |a|)t]s   .„.,,   B0 j\\
'''I lie rush of t|ie Americans  -Ihavs     ,, ,       , ,       . /i\
sold, iii-i-i'inpii-il  leased or   othi-rwiso -,!:
thai tb-'i'i* i-. pli'Hiy of room  for    | eo- ft\
i   .   ,,       i ',, , alienated hv the Government und 'ire j.^
pie iii Ciimidii, .nol plenty   ol    oppon- fn
tiinity for those who will work. A suhsc/|uently found, upon the survey jK
north country bnard of guanliniis is of thfi Columbia nijd Wostern lluil- /A
just sending oui sixty inun, who . Way Company's bloqkii, then thn per- <f|V
 d otherwise cost the rati!    P'UP'X j sons ,u:iuiirilltf such   landn   shall    a,- AS
li"il ot    inoni.v.
la inula '
ipiiru their   litlu   tberetu   from    tl
they mil turn to nnd   work,      There! ' /j\
, ,, ,,,, I llailyriiv Comp'lliy   «lio   ban-   agreed iiii
ire no pnorbouses   Ibere,       I hei ■    i- . i     i - f^y
vork for every imlii who wants it.        to deal with   such   purchasers,    pie- /jy
"We do not advise n married    inun  emptors, lessees, ele,   on    tbo   samel flS
I'm- Corbin Ii■)■• v. il! be siiniliii'ly nn-
llitled,      ll u il! nf   nulls'-    be    argued
ii.., these lines aro passing through
districts, lhe resources of which have
a I rent I v bctui largely developed, ami
i here   is   consequent)!    business    in
igbl for lhe 'leiv roil I-. Of (he in W
' Ileal Nm ili.-i n line,   ibis    is    p mlv
i , I in ilu- Corbin   !i,i"   vi ill   pass
through .-, siretsh of country in    Busl
I « >ih several children ai .1   no   money I,,
nn,, aiid .-■ until ion- as the   Govern
.men!, vvinilil tin.Ier  He-    provtsioiis   ol      (W
I i In- "Land Ail,   except in respect    t'l
to take hi- f uiiily wjilt him   al    Hrst,
but if In- Works le- «ill -:oii    I.e   alile
io him- them oui.    Ami if il.e   mar.
delcrminod to gel    a    living   ..n    '.h  | blocks, whii.-h sliull I ubject  lo   llie
land, he will siH-i-eeo, uie- is   preiiiir   regulations issued   bv   lhe   Coiiipnny
ed In fnen the altered coinliiioiis. relative lo the cutlini! of   limber   mi
ion -;       Intnl.-    on      I he     ('oinoanv s
I n-l Inwii iiiiii wnli a luiinlv goes mil I
"Mo-t of   ihe   ll.-irr   colony   were
tflvvns-people,    They ivenl   . ul   Ihn
ih.- Columbia and   Western    llnilway
Land Grunt.
w s. (1011E,
years ago i., „ ,|„,i     |.sii    |M.|,.S   ,,	
ilu* railway.    To-da*, they an-  neiii ly
Kootenay, which is quit... unpopulated | a"'luina well, and the   i-.iilwny    now       "''I'Uly   Commissi r   of    Laudi
iuiis Ibrinigh their   nettle nt.      An.v  Works,    Land-   ami   Whims    He
jinn: n-e   railway   dflvolopinelil     has i partlneut
i'"'J"" I       Vietoii.t,  I!   C,  L'.'lld.  I'Vli.,    1005.
md tindevelopeil, iilthmigb Known   to |
be i i. b iii miii ill resources.
—**   r.    ~.
^-  r.
ft    Z    -
s to
L   Mill-,   I'le-lilelll.
Tie-    I loiniiiioii    (inni iiiiii ni     lul
iigaili disallowt d ilu-   lh ilish    Coltllll* j
hii Provincial   A.-i-    pnwieil   during  Till'   l.i!"'i.y   HoV Milling   lllll I
ll„. lasi session, which contain   pi-nlii** I )t'yM(i|illll'lll <'"..    Ltd,
bilious and distiiuilillciitions  of   -Ian-      .,., , , .       .    ,
' I le- i.-_iil.il iiniiiial iiifetlitg ol    i In-
 ''-    These Acts include  tho   An - ,,,„ .|;|,„|,j,.,., ,,, -,|„ n|)uV(, „„„,,,| , ,
i, ..ul.itiiig i grnliun, 'be   nel   ro« p-uiy, will lie ht'ld id   ilu-   C pany'a
ling to employnienl on vviirk   under olliee, nl  Erie 11    C,   on   ile-   '.''.'ml
., ,,,,-lii.,-  granted   by   private  »__*,••*>•«■' M'v l;,":'"" ""'  ' ''   '
mul tie aniendinenl to ile- • !0b1 mines:
regiiliition Acts.      These   acts   luivuj
I u repeatedly passetl in I'-.  ft,   an.I
us ma,iv times disallowed hv the  I'"
minion (loveinme.ii, un ihe   ground*!
I Iml il.- Imperial  interests ni    -lake, j
mi re important   (linn   the   local:
labour trollies in thin provinc-,    in; Ercsh Bread Evefy Day.
consequeni f tl.e close  alli.ii.eii   bn- A   ,,,  ,~^ ,»,..,,...j..,,,t.
I wt en Hi" il  I'.iilnili and    lapitn,   inn!  - ■—■-.-   ,        ■,,  ■     .
•   ,,, ,, ,i    I'   f    eoiisl   i,.1 I'lS'l'llU'T MANAHI-'.l; WAN! ED
I !n* ]. i ..-.iiiiii v  1.1 I le-  I.l       ' iilisi     I"
,,.,. ,|||:„„.,. i-l ,,,l . i.   :     expecied      IVrmnimi.l positim.j rnhiil ndvnnee
I'or All Kind- of
Hint a'- -orII il- lhe vi II" 1 •
;,,.,,!,.. I, ., '..in-- of li ele ■
ltl| j, -..    I li, I ...'l-li    I'"     ''
un lil; Hillary nn I   expenses;    full    in-1
-I i ih I imi- l'l f    i hill'ifi'i    eleiin    ile-
.ii-Abli' I ii- i ie*
Our range in cboi
.'. toilet tirliclcs is lurge t*;v
tin! iiirii'.l.
A Invorllo aat, l'i linmlanine
,. .. .N.-. us :. It roil-
laliti I..il< .bruhli, minor i.nil
Iiv.* i.ili. i   neccasary |iirci-a,
|,-,„ii i.-tl i-illi Mil i.iit; .-liver
altii-lils, $i..,i...
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next yon nre thinking
about gift-making.
Send for it to-day.
K>YI2lli lil->OS.
I III   lo    I.' I
Vimtn *! I
^1*   /    ~
%        Ymir, B. C.       |
- avv
■ x*. ,i0-. *r. -*   ,r, .*>■   s- American and B.  C.   Hydr^uliQ \W\\  HI>mm GUIDE
Placer  Coioeany Ltd.
J'lii' *L.'(iiii|iiiiiy i.-* ntJiv piciinpini; i,, \voi]< llu' tiolil
DretlgC, lllnck Siiinl ,'inil N'uggcl jihui-i Ii'-im'k al {lull
Siding, -iiid in milrr to imn hn.-'i: the nra'.ssfirv iniii'liiiie
fry, tin* |)i'(>iiii)ti'is liavr set (isii.lp |i limit,',I nuinlii'r id'
•shares, fp,r- imincdjatu .-.ale.
Tin* *s|inj-,-s jtrc fully i«iiil an I, inni ii.-.-,'.-.-iil,!.'.
Tll('('ulllDjinv's  o|',i|l|iil :i\t'i';iof> ,",l| fi'iits    mv,   i-'iliii'.
t'UI'll   (,|l   ill!"     S|ll'|'il("l".  |l\,T  •'. \0   llt'l'l's.
I'nlil lu'd i'iici< i,*s j'rjirlicii |lir.-i'   pilinvt't-s   ni ll   I'r   .'I'
iniiii'd at ■■! lijirgain,
Mfilll'.V.Ililo   till"  llVil.-tllV      -llie)*.       ( -.'HI I.l'l 111        ^llill'l'-l       in
left ijivilv-1,
A.-slj IN',.
)-;. \< vViiitiouson.
I,I,I'III jIAl.l-.   VMi    IS>-| |! AS>.'|-\.-
I'l'ICJ .1. l.l.-iiz-r.
Ill   It pi!((.
.lo.ia I'liileel I.
lOli . ooolip    v.vl'     . I.:» I c   li IIM;lllMi*-
Capital $50,000 ip 500,000 (Sjiarps pf ten pept£ ePPh    p. <;,mipbei'.
,     pesllrisiiy Jppbhuj Cq.
Tin 1' 11111 It  lli-e,.* ui; I   I| 'Qk lo,-
,||.:.mI'i.i    !'i.vf.|.::
Williiiin Clark.
11. (.'ninpliell.
in ,.liiisii\ Jpbbiug I 11.
!»   II. Siniu-y.
|IOTKl s.
(i'osi;iop..litini—John lire.-iii
Mt |,u,il |Io|is,!— J-'Inlny M,-,.. i.l.
Miller ji,,ti,,._s Miller,
1'nliice—'I nil ^ ){ii.hii.
Van -eiuer— Owen |)oyer
Williloif— (jeofgc I'olnian
yniir—J. -iV.  Mii-i'-i-nii.
II viil'irvjii:
1'. S. T, Koss.
1  Vlills     I I 1,-M- ill* |,     INp     ,lll+INKl:
Mrs. Jolin Mel. I
MIN|Ni.    111., I!lll)|-:|j
I'erej .1.  (ilcii-;cr
I'lllN'l l>,o.
ilernlil Publishing Ho,
«i' \ i ii'\| ity.
|). C.'nnipliell.
p. II.  Sell,icy .
TkA VI.11.11:.
11 nr-|i:r,v it \\ ilson.
iluckson iV Lenliy,
Alex. Oildie.
I'0|1 VI I l'l-|
uf.tuipet.tiiH! iu the licitmciil of   in*|    To the slivlent of-*Vci-ipttire   uyery  I    '   'W ''VxpEitl,vHi:|(.
lluen/.a. thing in uuntieotiuli ivjili ihe iv-mk   oil     \Vi|jjnin Clark.
Accident is said  to  have  revealed  t|10 i-i„|t..sliIR. ]*j.Np|0,,lti,m l-'und is   nf |	
its usefulness.    Thero wus nn epidein*   int•.-fc-.-ii ~ 	
i.- of influeiiita iiiii'ing the workmen of
Union watch factories   in   Madretsch,; |j„|js
but those eniplnyed in a fourth   were!     Tl,*..,*. im.-lu.lo a large hall or  pidiiun
entirely   immune       In   ile-  factory Lf about ll.C. -JOOQ not yet  fully   e.\
.iiiichiia*iiniiiiinc.oil of  turpentine  envutetl; a (Ine bfuiiito sciniitnr,    -iinu1
it,.-, used for ilm opciniioii „f turning |.„, ;„ --,,,,„ ,„ ;l|1   As*-yrinn  scimitar
'..',,"'.'..Ui-b-coes       The   frictiun   iu    of U. C. l.'lAO, bul possibly   Ivgyptiun;'
"...Iveil in   the    pi'OCCSS    Warmed    mid   „„ j|n|1l)|,.,,,,  „., .j,,,    ,,,-    S,,1M|,%    „MJ j
evaporated the oil, and tin-   workmen   ,,,,,,,!, .,.,,;„ .*,,,;;„. .,_ |„,..,,.    ,,,„„.
ivero almost continually inhaling   lhe   |„,.   ,,.-   *||t,   ||V|*HW   (,,.,j«„j    ,„,,,   ,,f   I'lisl    OflK'C    iStOI'l* YMIH.
viipour tbei.-l'ioi.i. Kbyiiii in gnjtj  suning-wliieli   I uint I
—r~~ ■ lo mil'h iiilcicoiiv-e |,i-i tn en I'aleslini
Shingle Combine Revived mid i'.gvpi under tlie Hykww ..sii,.,,.
herd Kings), nud n   large   -iimb   ofi
Nl'.'U'ly All Companies Ol'fjllll     Amei.botgp III, and liisipieen Tbyi, j
i/i' tu li'isliil'i* f'l'i'-i'.*.. iif lhe lime  uf, the    |VII   el-Ainui-nu
  lidilel-, -evei-al now   f S iif   polletv:
I, would appear that heller   , ' *«**«■   — '    «"*■"    dated , >'AsT'.'..ri«K|UV'.N K.M'll MoSTl.
sdiiiis prevailed in the shingle   le 'HOJLP.. "iiicli iippai- y   refers.to      I-'im.u Mt.T.Kol., President.
in llriiiJ, Columbia and limi  (IU   per " ''"''' "",,,"i" ,i,""h" '■'«."'" '"'«" "f ] I!kv' "   Vouno, Secretary,
cent, of the  trade   Intra   voluntarily   Mnna«wli; uiiii|ue spee uis of  i.r.ui- A   11. |ln*'10Voli'l'i|, Tiens,
pu il bey 1 their power lo   commit   im'",,i '" '"""'■ '' ""l,;  ,l"'   ' ''"-'' ■' 	
lite  folly   of   breaking   the  mirkm 1'"' I'1'1""" 1""'1 '''"'''' "  '')'  •>i,>-""1 I
,-rice of. shingles   below   the   profit | -Mnuviibneusi „   line   -en,,   .,f   !-,„,,s;
point..    Tu„ companies have!,,-,,, or- jtnn I''""1-v   '''""'-inii.-   period    In
e.niiscl to handle lho entire uuipul of|t,,u ''""' "• r"'-"o''i'i"; nml two sea!
tbe. mills mid fully DO per cent of the  ""-" "'' ''"' l'"""1'  wmlui'V.   "lie   n- ]
Turpentine and Influenza I        Htiried History.
(hiii. in iiiiilic-.il uieii are  piii-.uiii",.      KxijJ()l'at|(il| ill l'ii|i'st tin1
(iivisiigiitions into lhe elliciicy   of  "ill
eference is made    in    I lie
linillpll  HI lll'l   to   t|ll! Iliore     i||lpO|'|ll|lt
Yniir rili/.cjis
Association i
 m i: !-;i's	
M   TAIT.     " " *''■   l!K"l'V
YMII.', 1). C,
\V,.    .-,,it\    tin.    Iptuling   lii'dii'l-v    !ttlpo|'t««l      [-.'•111,!!'(-
ami   t'igtu's,  Slimi.    Vie,    l'-P'Ul'!y   aii'l   Wjii''..
•     h|:aI»<v»rAHTl.li^   Ful!   VtMjN-.i   AM"N   A>U   '.'!■!'■ .   J
; ii'iAVKhMKii m-i.|c. •
* —Wf-mmm!tl————~~~ ♦,
Spwly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.       ,
J      Hute- Si).uO to S3.50 per duy.
• TLNLAV    MoLEOU, Proprietor S
• ■ ' i
?**tf«tM«MI««*?t«tftt«4«**-Ml*l*'>* •••♦•••J* ••»•••••••
************************** 4*********************
I THP   VMfB   HBRSl,!)
Vlciue forward Tut* Y-i'lli Hpii,-\j,|i fny
ti. in lh
mul apkimwlndge roceinl -.f oiiulospd §.
'I'ln; I j-tu vi.p is published   pyory ,S||tt!i'day i|ip|-||i||g ilJid   *
conluiiis   ill  ilu- iir.v.s of lhe camp. *
l.i vTi.*-- Pi:|i YiiU., *?-; ll.vri-' Ypvu, 8|. *
B      ... ■
jrm.—. .ua?
GRAND (JENTHAIi KOTKL c'ar!<'s  Hurniture   Store
llppositi- t'oiillhollse   :i|id    |10W    V isl , C|ldi'|'|;lkc|-    lllld     !''liri!illl|-i"       Muilli'l"
i.llii-i-,    r,t-si 'Jo • un'iil   iii   town.      Mail orders prompt;)-altepded lo
l-luropean upil Ameiiciin plan, p||tr|i' Sthhpt, - Yvui,
iinly   white    labor    i-,.i i .1. - v.. I. i .
first .-lii-s bar
T||i>M.\S a-  KIIK'KSOS',
"aa—»«""M»i^""      inn laai ajaajal
,-\M   Mll.l.|-:i;. Prop,
;•... .-..,.-   I.,.,. ''..!, - ,-.,-1 .n-ii   io I'l'^'iiiing id of Christ. | "7~\,.   ■      u
thepl,,,,,    Tliu -   ot   the :     The great.,mnber and   variety   ..,   11.;.'1< ,u:.ll i'1's li,.' Mniui- M.-l.
|».uies are the   lix-port   l.umher    I|l|*'«" "";'-"!'-'   Unav,    I      ,,„. v|i„(l "„;„; ,„M ,„,,„,, ,„■
fShingleCi nnv. himilud,   and   i Ibeir illuslration of nearly every   per '
I Vancouver
'j l-'il-st-t-ltis-s .Diniii^.'. K ii
Hi'sl    IjiuiiiIs   of   Wini'-v
l-itipors and ('ioiuv,.
Hotel ....
'Uniler eiiiin-li new iniiiiugetliiinl.)
piping  licniii   nml   |Jiu>J ii\vi-;n |jt.v|-;i!, Prop,
Btipplietl   wi'lt    ilu-   lit'stj
in tlie inaiiket. i
Second Ave, VMI I
lliglil   n|i|ii!.-iti-  depot,   ^ luii'i
  —w~^—if mm——i«" ' li       m       mi" i  *■■' ■*■■*—,   l
John nni'.Ai', i-rup,
m iues, liipiors and clear-
Vvim.  |I.   (',
Vnion I.umbei   Company,   Limited, jil"' e<m>ni\ by lhe   liiblu   iiarralivi*,
Customer*, of all tho mills have   been  "lake a complble exauiiiintioii of   the    yvtT Avf.M'I
nine;, I,,,   a,-,piiiiiiiiu-   iheiu   with   meninl nf special iuipmlaiipn, and   the
..    ,,. i     .-   ,i     couiinillee hope thai their  ell'oii-    to  —--——--•—
llie eolinilioii ot   all,ins    nud    ol    llie ,, .        ' ,       ...    ,
..it.tin im- emi   ii ill   he   nenerou-ili
''h.uiBO lu the price of   .him.'lcs.   -i"<l  -.,,,,,.,, t,-.l. More iliaiijiftlf tlm   iHen
■e*kitiH ilii-m in [|i|i| direct with  these remain* In bn expl ,1
• uipanies, _
.-should any mill,   liowevoi" .'ive        N,:U   ful til ini" lh. Ulltl)
"; lo1 ll'""'1" "Ml ln«» "il! ll'11"1 l« T iiininer inaiiluns go;
nver to the selliiiy   comp.uiy   to   HII.      Tl„.y seek a <(uiet luiinlet-
T.he price of sliin;;les, ulllioujjll ralnOd, Also n lim	
1-less tli.-in the schedule price   before ~^-~
,|,o price war.,   T Id   price   was      U'Auber: "This is the landscape   I   High * Grade « Coffees
wanted vou i-i suggcsl ii title t'",-.'
•*-'■.'.Ii"i to lil'tv cent poiiil-. nnd   83    lo       ., .    ' ,    ,,,..   ,      ,       .
i i Itteek: "II m! ratlinr unprussioii-
poinU outiidc,    T|io presonl   rate   isjjslj0i    Why not call it'HomeT
tl.oO to fifty cnt.t point,, and  beyond      D'Auber; "'Homo')   Why.'
i-'.'!,.",     The presunl plan,  of course,      Criltoek: "Jlccnuso there's no place
'in   in -I' IHi \\|, i,i   i„i\ii-:ki'ic
Kootenay  Coffee CO. ThB KootehPy  Standard
C0t=FEE ROASTERS and  Juanita.
\| l.VI l' vi'Ti i(i:n in
Wholesale and retail dealer*.
io l''ri-li lloastl d
MM.SliN,  I'.. C
|    HOTEL . . .
Headquarters for nining
i ■'
and Commerciali/Vlen
, **    "~
Most  eoiiil'ortiible  hotel in   lhe   di  .
i,i.i.    ISverything first-clans,
YMIH, II. c,
J'.   C.   Thelin & Co.
Nelson, I'.. ('.
makes the control of the output prao
lienlile.     Tliis,    of    ionise,    via,    lhe
Limi c-vil   io   he   guarded   iigiiinst,
SVnh ,i pus.iible output uf,   from  one
luiiidiid ntid fifty   iiiiiebiiH s of 11iin-1
hundred ■lillion a ycal, ant)   wilhoul
son i" ii "j ii in I loo, over piod. I cl iou   wu-
\eiy likeli   to   follow,      With   each
like  il.
* 4*******4*4************^
X   MILL WOOD.   *
j   The Canada Drug and 11
Hook   Co.,  Ymir.       if Uelivered nm
Trade Marks
Copyright -s A%c.
Anrnnf sonillnii n ukrlrli nnil dnorlptloil nmr ■
mill mud according to an   equitable,     ^X"7A^fft»lZ[f^&nySS.
, . ,    ii    , iionMtrietlywnOaontiiif. Himaboofconfttenyi
itiHl MM). I" w ui:h nl       i;i\i-   UUI'OC'U,      lonlfmo.yldm nuency foriocurtntrnalootiu
, i •    ,     ,i 9PKUU notwtt WlUiotit t'lmrao. 10 too
;::,:;::;,:::;,:;::■::::,:,- scientificnmerican.
"''■"""" a liaii.i".":"-lr lll"",rn,..<l w.-i.klv.   l.nri'i-i.1 rlr.
n .ul.it I nl.r "'-I II.- l-.iiinitl.    Tl'HH», l-'l •
c eiuier. iiioro   ecolioiiiicuiii   -uio   nn     raari fgurnpnilii il Holdbrill nomiMisra.
I    ~ ~ .....
more legitimate lines,
EXPERIENCE 1+ I'hU'i' III I own.
Our   lending  lib,-,,,->   bus n   lurga J 	
circulation, and.   renders   will   enjoy j        StOV6 LetllTlh-s
looking 1111..,, -11 it.    After   il,,-   Hrsl f
bo.,1, has been.lei it   only    costs   you t   '"-v *' "" '"" '■    ' '"
J."i ccnls for nnv   hook,    OUI    of    two "'
MKA.T   MAaHKK.'l'
I'lii-'.sn ami s.\i,Ti"'.a,Mi-:.\i'>
Wholesale iinni Retail
Mail orders receive  pinicpl-. altuiltion
JOHN  flllldll'.il'i',. Prop,
hundred Lo pjck fiom.
I.invi- vo'ii oriler wilh us  fur   any
book yoll  innv    ,i nit,    nud    ne    ii ill , 4
pronipllv pioi-nie it for you,
Per Cart Load.     J
Now i- '.he lime to
..-.-ir: e.iii iii..iioi*i ai. t-uia uyini in-i*-..H'-ii'-rs.
MUNN&Cd.3«'B,o.a.., New York
JtSL-oh Ol-l-**. ffu 1 Ot. Wuliinsiuii. I*. C.
to pill iu ^
(,'OOli supply. 4
I'orto  Rico
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON -J, I.i:\nr, Prop,,
Teaming and
Express ....
l'i      Kllinlls   „IC„-sll„.l....:.|,   'he      |*       j',) 1 111 ] ),. I'   ( ',.      ||(| J        A"    ""lrM    '" 'I'*b'    utt.en.-e,
DRUG   3OTW *        ' ♦!„    '
iml the uruntest
........ „,,. m-.i,,;*.,, cure exni'ei
Into 11 ii. in. mul -I io Oi.'IO |i   in.  ' iiiiiiii..,,, ♦!,
i ^44444444444^HH^4H4 tllnMidlilla of gooda


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