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The Ymir Herald 1904-11-26

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 j    NOV 291904      «*ij
Vol. 1—No
Y.MIIt. B. ('., SA'jTKDAY. NPYKMI-KII -_'«>. 1.004,
I'll!. K   PlVK   I'l.M-.
Election Returns.
To   purt|ier   Protect    '  Uninterested   Electors.
..„„ ,        ,,,- K-^Ei ,     ISH NEWS.. '   OHn.se,     "   '    I   .,,,,„/.,,,..,„.. -„ ....
       - ..      |  >4       j    .  _   .... . _   1 ■•..•:il .-..',-ii ,n t, c ,. nii-mli.-r ot tin- Do.
Bou.v.—At KossIiuh),   on   Ndvciii- |     pieqion renin's so fn;- as   received!     The glory holes at the Hunter    V.   „,,''"'"'.'.''  "'    ,"'     ''''   "","    '"   mtn,ipn Pirliiiment, iv best   illustrated
ber 17th, tl e wife of Charles f)u,iidi.'e,   mr us follow*.;
, ,    t'hil. of \:i'.torin I'.ive st/,-.\\v<\ n |.'-.mi
re hope; cow-n.d in, I-.   protect i i^iH t^t^B
| l.y the proportip.ii of them ..Iii, I
Thorp wus mdy  que spoiled  ballot   ••'•''  -•""
put in the box. lit   thp   Ymir  polling   Hossl'U.ld 2 U'
liJoth tliu ve«r.                                     V.mir 3+3
ili.'.i'i.-i.,|io ;u*i
Miss.,'..    Whill.iiis.    public   school   .*    , ,/,..
teacher nt Ymir, has handed   in    her!,, ,     , . , ,.,
, (_.,, li in, I,., i J.].i
 "••<                                         *H*e^re^reV*e^re^*eV*e^*e^*eV**e^*e^*H*e^l^*e¥   '*' !•■■■■    i    u m   ' "i  .".' p.'oi>"(-i,,'.i "t
,,. ,.       ,,  ,,., ,  ,       .i                  i    •      .,    i    ,          , ' U' tiom -I. II. Hawthufnthwaitc    M. ■             '    '
Plduig. Galliher, Mackintosh,  linker  the miners during t|\p luui \jvat n*r.       „,.,','        '.,,    .        , eroised tl ■ franchise  last   Tuesd
v i    ,             ,,,,|             • --             7 a | |4*. I • 'l.-il   |ip will    mt i ..il^i...-    ..oiue i r
(reaigpation'te the suho/)l trustees.
Tlie beautiful snow put in its Hist
ftppoarance in tho town on tho ll'th.
kNovember.   It did not last long how
There wim ..-it   little   bottit-8  on \
lite local election thi>.   year,  the   results being very   nearly   n   foregone
coticlusii.il, !
; jslocitn
C/'iiii.lii ni,(c      .'Uil)
(ferine, '_'■". |
23 1
Is I
Vei-v encnuini/inir ipimrls   niv    I,,- i' , .i      -./. i  .-■       I In the, wliplp  Kootpiiay    Hiding    th,
|      >.i\ iiii-puingiiig 1.1. ,..*•   ,u,    un-  uniQudnienti! to the    '.flume   A'1    nli
»0  ingrceeMfpun il...*   |. er   opera- L,0 nMt seitsim. ..-* tlie   |1!Ca]   ,..,„,,.  total immbprs ,.f votprs on the hs|   „
'*   tions nn   the   Columbia   ,i|,d    IVml : tl,,„.    <-.„. lrf „„; „„„.,„,„„„„, ",,,„. j ™M'" l M"v ^v:ls   ,''i"*'   "r   ''"'
38 O'l-tnillp riveii i •!■'    i       ,    sii number on v 4 i pO voted, or Ipss I tun
u i.inn. n\,is. htbits Vhe nn,le of hhip gpiusp  'it   jmv I -   ,    ,.        .,
17 '   ,,., . .     .       ,  .      ,.';•.!  per ppitl.     In th.'  i m.r noil. .'  Ill
,.      Mr. (J. I|.   larnhiirdt l,.i-   lempor- season,     I l\i« iraiuu |t   it   .•luime.l   is        ,        , ,    ,-. •'',,,,"
I.! •   '-.', i.  • •,, •       ,      ■ total nuniber on tliti list is   llu.**,   ol
al y t-lipt ilpwn thp Porto Hipu   mi I,  being rapidly exterminated, p.w iil'  to ,,.,.- ,
'I ,    ,       ,     .   . J        these only ti2ti voted, or uC pev pent,
.titer 4   -.ii.p-s**ful   inn   p{   -.wpnty- Unci fact that it l-s ipniKutaljle
eight dnyo, i     It is also pi'iipospd to   phapge   -.-i-e-1
07 i
34.59        l?2;i
AI il|e different polling 8 tat ions
within the Yniir provincial tiding the
results were as follows;
Gjalliher-  Mackintosh,  linker.
Father Althoff will   be   in   Vmir j Trail
l.exl Mondny the 28 inst,    Mans will I Qliina Croek       1
he -ni.i in the now Catholic church on | C.istlogur "i
I (J-J
Tucsdiiy nioruiiig at U a. in.
.lolin   Campbell   of  the   Fughorn
mine, sufleied'aii  in-|u**y   last   week, i V"''1' '"'"        '■'
i i   i i    .■   -i        ii Arlington mine i
^r      nml broke n conplc o|   rib*.       He    Is |        ,**.-.•
I Slocan -liiim. 7
Granite ',1
Athabasca m. JO
Kuinie.v 5?
Willow Point 7
i.ut however and doing well,
The Ymii' postollice is being moved
tin*, week from its temporary locution
under ihe Minei's Union Hull to the
south half of peer Bros, building,
next to I'. Campbell's dry goods   de-1Hir{jtt,. i.i
imrtment. iCitohener       II
Quite a few   people,   residents   in I Creston '-,'1
♦Ymir, neglected to make use nf  their' llvkerts !l
franchise lust Tuesday nnd refrained Molly Gib. I, il
from voting at nil, The total vote Fire Valley 8
i ist »;i- ...,l\ 00 as against Iti.'l in Wilcox mine 13
the provincial election last year.
The ruins of (he   l.ei   week   were
The recept rains le.i* tninblpil the
Yniir mine    to   ngniti    ll'i!i<.'   watei'
power in running   lis   blampu,   thus
effecting a yre.it economy ip wund.
The owners of tlio Yankee Girl
mine, propose to let a contract to run
a tunnel on the vein, a distance of
10O feet, when-a point will be peached about |*'i feet below the bottom of
the 30 feet shaft. Tho work on the
shaft was stopped at thai depth, in
conscnuenco af its making water to
fust to handle without a pump.
The effect of altitude on  the   eHie>
iency of air compressors   is   consider
able.      The calculation of volume   of
compressed air delivered at   sen level
and at   a   higher   altitude   may   be
01 shown as follows:    If we take  as   an
Thcio^nre I few >ma!l |,|iu-ii. --till to
very   welcome   to   the   Porlo   Hico I hem. fr0|I| .w|lfc||   vvil|  not nmterW|,
Lumber Co., which had been   exper-; il0(,,.t ,,„. n,stlh
ieucing   somo   difficulty   in getting
logs down iu eonsequimce of low wat-1     '" Ll'" Val" Cft,'iboiJ ,i,lu'-« ll,ti v""'
,,.   Thoy were also   rery * acceptable |,lt V™ent   M,"',l":     |l'J8S   (W-*«»l)
to in.-ini mines in the district] linviiij.
water-power plants,
example thu poinpressor at the   Ymir
mine wlii(-h  is   approximately   4000
feet above sea level, we 1'p.d    the    air
01 at this altitnde  has   an   atmospheric
pressure uf approximately 12 t pounds,
t) | Suppose wo compress ,'lll.l cubic f.'.'l
of uie lo a gu.iue pressure uf so
pounds,   the   volume   will   be   :!U0 x
12 7 -(SO f 12.7)-=4_^	
At sen level the volume would be 300 »„,. ivitnted for cashing two cheiiues
x 11.7 r (80+ 14.7) or 46,5 cubic eni*li foi- 622 50, onTuesduy last, one
feet.     The   volumetric  ellicieney   of | witli jtlr   Mallette and the other with |
tion 13,  wipuh pen-pit« m'ninrs  orjExpect   Qo|den   H-ftrvesij
prospeeioi-, in kj|| fqr   fond   ni   any  :—
season p,f thp yoan. '■'• "    Ricliardsuu,   ivhi-   is  ilowij
Ml-    Mii'igiovi.   se.-1-tnry    ..f    the jfl'"1"    I'dh'.'Pl-    cpllfimis   t|.prcpoil
Garni, club Rays 'that mni.y cuses that tho qlditime minors are loo|tiiii*
have been cited where n)en have ink-1'"1' :V .--"'ll1''" harvest this winter h.-.
on opt. miner's licences and nnder C'*"»e of the remarkable falling of thu
pretence of prospecting have shot water in the Ft-tuer river.
-rouse during the l|i.v.|ing season, "All almig the Fraser," s.,id lie,
close in towns und settlements, where i "■'"■"* which liave not bpen seep fo|
they could Imvo pnsily procured other seve,'ftl *VI',U'S al'° WHlllR '»'" viow
provisions.. Tl,.- prohibition of shoot- ■ rl"' "'"ui1, "f cliurn ''''"'k i:- "P'*-*' U
ing grouse l.y miners will not work ; "'' i,s "ll(l |,f lhl' "l,,st lil;i'l.v yielilin*J
a hardship in cases where prospectors ' l'U,'('s- ll '» "bout IP .V",LI"-' lh" "'"-
are near a settlement, and   in  -jage, | timers tell me, since these bars   were
where t'.ey ii|e ;i gl'PHt distance   from
civilization,   even   if   tlicy   do   .shoot
exposed before.     Thp   lowest   watei
will be about January   or   February,
urn not likely to be interfered with."
grouse or other ga    for   food,   t|„.y j am* it •■*•'I"'" thill the miners   ex pei-1
to got the best results. A good
many of them claim tlint Chum creek
has yielded £-'iU to Sod a liny pel
man. Tin. wiiter now is lower than
it has been in tlm corresponding per
iod of any year since [•*•!..'I. To gel
lo Churn .-reck prospeotors will line,
to travel 100 miles l.y road from
Tallie Pa'rr, formerly well known
In the Nelson constables, was arrested
hern by constable Fraser on the morn
itlu' train on Thursday list, Mr.
Fraser was on the lookout foe him,
having received n wire to   that  effect
Richard \\'ilHums',   a   mine.-   f l!
the compressor at the  Ymir  mine  i«| ibe Ashdown Hardware Co.      Tl I   Ymir  Licence    District.
therefore •mly about ss   per   cent  of chptmes purported  ...   bn   signed  by
iul.nl   ll   iur.i.li-1  l„, ,.l   t,,.,   launl I ii- . - . • .1 , • NOTICE il l.eiobv givell    lll.lt     th-
wti.it H woiil.l un at. sea level, | \\ n,. tjranston ,,i the opera I.push   in *  *
,, . ,,        ,, i- i • under mentioned persons have  mad,
favor ol  Harry Haslincs, wliicli is an '
,. application under  the   provisions   -:
On     pn-si,ni.i-     ' ' '
the "T-iiiuor Licence Act   1000"   foi
00; Biirrell   (Consei,vative)   14."17:
Mills (Socialist) 4H2.     There are  still , i I' ■  f^f^f^**|***™
|miito a number of outliving places|  The Active Co's.   Logs.  |.,,,.,, ,,„.,, tlV |
_^^_^^_^^_^^_              .   till to hear from ill this   riding,    but        „,.                    '      ~     ,,    ,,                u,„, I  thi-    |{,,\al    llink   tbev   were,    ^^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^^^
the A.iingt.m mine, succumbed... an  M ,,„.,.„,,. „xp,.,,,,| „,   ,„„„,.    ,,,„,,, |     1 ho logs cut by  Dougald   Cameron I ^ ^  ^ ^ ^   ^  hotel licences at  the   places   sot   op,
i',t'"'li"f VW« •'>   '"   H«>   Vmi. :(ivil|li ,tUl||11 believed (hat the result | ',,Hl *Itt*«»"  J1'"  ^P'?f ,M;"1;'    |B f,„. i> ,   ,„,. „   , i,   llt.| posito their respective nnmes;-
llospiial last Wednesday.      11.-    WiW   w*|| be altered.
lin -Id.-.'ly ma;,, and had bee'll an    in- '      ,„ bol|, ^i;,,^ ,,„, Socialist ,-and
mate of the hospital on   several   l'i-e-1 date loses hit. deposit. B
this winter.    A payment oh   aocount
was made  in   Nelson   last  Thursday
nnd  il.is  money  is  to   be   divided
amongst the creditors of   the   Active I"",'""""" ""~~       "".   ,      ...   I Willinm Gray,"Halmo hotel. Salmo.
Co. after paving  $500  as  ,»   further   -"dinB*    ()" I hursday he boarded   ,,,M„,     »,„„,    ,   .,  r     ,
'•,,,.., , , -i       Ueorgo .iiuiii'o, .Miiuro hotel, Cre-ioi
pavineiit. or   the   land.      Other   pav- : train at thai place and wus out tied ns I  ^
menth will bo mode lo the   creditors |fap as Ymir whore   constable  Fraser ,->.   ;;        '''_;-|,'sl"" llutel. ( "
lions occusious,    His body was lakei
to Butte, Montana.
^^^^^^^^^J Hotel   Arrivals.
Al Garvin 1ms purchased  the   old      Cosmopolitan     Hotki.:—W,     .1
McGregor lintel at Hull siding and is  11,-<.»,.,-, Itoslund. .1, McDonald, Kns-
putting it in -l.--.jx-- fortiso daring the||H)   \\-. C. Hall,  C. Dickson, Wunetu
whiter, when Mrs Garvin will run   ,.
.tii.iuy room,    This will   bo   ..   ureal
W'.u.j.oiiK   Md'I'RL:— A. Hail,'V und
son, llii/ville, A. Ferguson,   .1. Il.iin-
' found 1-, be  forgeries.      He
,      ...      ,,,,«,..      _^n       ,.,,.,le f,,r I'a.lal     various    hotels    al I I „^___^^_^^^_^^^_^_^^
for the Active Gold Mining Co,   have,   ......      .        ,,   ,, Joseph Walker, Hu«sol hotel,   Kilch.
, ........ ,       *, which he had registered, but he was,       ' •
been sold to A   McKay,.who Will put1 , ,.i,(.|.
,, .,,      ', ., , not to bo found, so notices were sent !
in a small saw mill and cut them  Up j0|„, Marshall, Marshall hotel, Kitch
to the several stations down the   line,
It now appears that ihe culprit pulled
,,   , , ,.*  ,     ,      Joseph   Blnnchurd,   Korthern   hot.!,
out ol   town   early, on   Wednesday '
noriiiug and walked as fui-   as   Hall !
it thp tv mul -isi v day*
',,   ,,. ,     , ,,   '     '    " I Fred Adie, Fort Shepiard hotel, \\
spotted Inn. and put the lira.:.-lets  on. Ir" •
ncciimmodiition to a number of   miii-l    , s,       ,   ii,..,,'.,..   j   i m .i-.-i..»-1   I Ho was lield hero  until  ll veiiihg
ing men, ..I.,,,-ne working   properties  N(,K (. Sutlrerland,  Snndon       ' ■ ****,'***»******* i train, when lie returned to Nelson  in
Iu the neighborhood of Hull creek. '    ' ,       ;;       Still ill the Ring.       !! company with tl instable,
j      Mi 1,1.011 iioti'.i,;— (j. |). Slaiiditord   '/                                                  n ,
Wen (   t,,   iiimiii    i!,o    \i-,-i 1 v   .,           i\*  1,       ,    >•              I,, <>      Before leaving however, tho pi isoti*
"' "r111    P'.'n    "»     -eij   Nurtliport,    \V. Uiiriiiid,   \nncouvor,         11. s II  Hnnnev  hem   to an                          ,              , ,           „
serious Mine* of Mt   A,   II.   TutUi-.!*  1 i,„   ,■   ii„n  n n......   \   \i,. '♦....!,„.!..'.,. ,11'1.1. .-,'.  ♦   er mude a dote net! but inelVeclual
"••iH. Huniley, 0, Bell, D, Gray, A. Mi
secretary of the Broken Hill   Mining   Kinnoii,
from a,
ed ul.
up iii Ihe Wilcox every (Jay,
ions,   \V. \V. Il.-er,   JI hat he   is   ngiiili   doing   liiisiu
rf«K»««urrc ,f   , I, , ,,,. ,, 0, Matthews,  Moid , < |"» SStd"^?'   IU «SZ% ! "^  ^     nT     I " 7        Mitchell Tait, P I, Y	
* 1      i>     1 ■   1   1 tv - JIIH' mcl-t-COU   nOUM.       110 WimiOH    LOT L lit    cC     ni iv hit III"     hi-'     11   sciiic
'• «*'««"«k"**l'l« "-*■- F, Huiu-ock, F. Jensen, A. Andor , h tlmuk l,U ci nors fnr   the   pat* i ,   ,      \ ',, ,   ,,' ,  J. W. Miuterson, Ymir I ,,    V	
■«»■ "«* «tl»»K»-      Or.   Do*   VV. Barker, Brio,    A. Hall, linderby.    ;nm>go thej ex led „,   him    J n""' l ,U *"*', P,U    l'"'U ""      '""'   di. M   Peters, St, C le, I, V	
. Is islant attendance, ruling   '   ||foro the fire and fur tho sympathy} ';' he pnrtitioh belwee^ •"»» »*w   |.-|I||mv MrL ,_ Mt.f/Hlj |,llMli Vlllll
The arrangements  for   conducting
thu balloting adopted iu   the   feden
elections, we,,- in nianv ways   a   dis
1 Inul luiprovenieni up"., iliim'o ailupi
(-1 in p.eii,,..-, elootion**, both feden
and pi III in,-in!.      .Ml llie   deeliiiiiliole
(if the deputy n tun.'iiig olllcers,   polll'
clerks und   oundidules agents,   wel.e O^ie sfrnke (pau*e)
houtld logetlici1 Ut the "lid of Ihe   poll j tlll'CO strokes, in.-a
book which ...... .itied the li-t uf   vol-
.-. - who 11,,.,ie use "I 1 hen- franchise,
so that this book formed a complete
record nf all the Irai < ictiotis In tl..-
polling station, 'I I10 n< •> method
which reipjirei the voter to hand his
hallo), after mm king it,   tu   the   re
tin niiig ollicer   that lie III liy • l.-.r    off
reeling it up after 11-
noiiine lo all his forui. r Customers,
whieh has been   expressed    oil    a
e> w ill be as eomplel..' in all   lines    as,, .        ,. . . , .
l„llu-n.h,„lin./™„.ol   I', 1   1       .       ,i 1        111.1      • 1       <■ then directed Ills attention
si1) iwo si,,, ues (pause) ,fp  was before the lire.     III addition ],
,1 ..      ,   ,    .    ' In,,; ,.„.,, ,„„„U -ii,d    l',,..ii,.i v..   loft, to which I lin.led and co
iciiiis 11 call tor help to  J-wiuisunas goons ami  ciiiiiocuonory * j
,       ,   . .IJaro'iinM  ing in.      For   Christ- f I ed nn attack Upon j.he ruof, inen
liuntllo   U.a  Imso  when drying  and || -;;j;^;^my^, -ann,,.' do"h.-t-| forcea my ili'l-nUgl. ..,,,1   esc.pe'hy
Serviies, II a, in.; Sunday school    l!!;|
11,,I patrons will lind thai ill every
theeounierfoil, is not u. be cmiuend. I Bvfrnlnff sorvice, iillO.     Voting   Poo-11 "jiV.p i^^itod,"^' waiiut """ ' """^    ""
».*.t bowev..,.    I.   gives   thai   "ll..'''.'-:,,i,.s'socieiv meets,,,, 1 ,id,iv  ivctiim..  ♦,-„„ „ow be' nded to n*   hereto-.!;! inalnder of   lho   -
livery opnorttii.itv to sen Inns I lie Vole it, .,,„.,
Is cast, in spito &t its   being   folded,  * B "'dock.    All aro welc     I!ev.   X1"" ! j, handculle.1 he
should he s.i deslro, |it Voung, M. A„ ftintnf, I 444444444444+**+*+*+*♦♦♦♦♦   dopot'
attempt It
"., lOeo, Meli.i,,, Mersey hotel, ISrie,
lin-   cimstuble ,.i    1     ,i,
C.   •   Burgess, Ivlna hotel, 1'atl.
the next cell, and -ueeeeded   it.    kick-
In    the
eaning I.
iwever   int.-i*
Smith, Kootenay Fulls   l.ot-1,   Sin
can Junet ion.
Joo Buyer, Valley hotel,   near Ymir.
A meeting of tlm Board of   1-locin.
Cothmissioucrs of thu   Ymir    liicenee
DistHct, .\ HI be held i,, consider su. I.
l.tei ilon col,,   Seunoy'i   to   make* ,,,*, , „;.    ||„ m
                           I                                .     ,,                                  ,, , opted le.  I he                      I be col,-I able, *e<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<i<<<<<<<a*'i<<<<<B*'ii<<<iiiiiBi^*'iiiBia
J kinds of fancy leather goods un-,, '         - applr'atioiis, nt the Court   House,    it
CHURCH NOTICE,              * cure sots, Hole! eases etc,               (i who, finding il.e bud llown from   the '
4     .,.,        ,              ,  1      •           ,            ♦ 11                            .,     ,  .-,         1   ,- the divot Nelson, Oil    I li..i-d-,v    the
P1.1anvw.niAS   (.'nil:, 11-Mo, nine 1     ll hacco nfid   cigar   depart-i ►- cell, went tip int.. tlm loft, apd disc.v. •   •
*....'.. I. 1 asconiplele   as    eier, |   ,,,,| |,in, hid behind I.l   box.     lie   "»"'"'"''l'   "'    " "''     I "01.   "
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— ; the hoill   "I ndock     il,     Ihe    I	
wus i-iireliillv wut.'lied durum tie-    ,e-
lime,   and  securely        w   [{   |;|-Uu,.K WMIlHTEII,
"'I1   |n""   '"   ,l"' Chi.l' I,..-,-,,,.. Inspect. ,-,
| Nelson ll. ('  'J lib, Sovcinbei.   llu I, THE YMIR !iERALy>''j:'j■i•v'|i"."''"",^";";,i>---j"tii1- -"•;■:   companies Act 1897.   j£).  McARTHU R   & C(
j -.
I'„l,|l|-|l„ll    .-, .,-.-     S .     Uf ; .,..   ,1,1,1   1    „
■ -a .-,■ 1 ■ '■ I \ i.nr, .'■: ll,  ,,,.. ,.
Sul"" ilptli 11- -.'-.",.. 11*1   100,,1111,  imyiu,
-.  . :     ■ .
,\,.| ic - is hereby given  that Sayan- |
null   Johnson   Speak,   resident   Mine'
Manager of the Company 11 Vmir, B
'•birth palsy."
,     Piniilysis in old    people   or
to ;;i-^.M!.m.''luujri!'n,''r 11   °- ■"« ««oi» -ubciiJutod tin  Attorney I HOUSE-HCLD    NECESSITIES
' •'»«'«•*. »••■* .  ■ 1   im. j „H> comes  fr    the   decay   nf   tin
,...:   lluiiA, ,) .-.,. luui   [nun   „,
1 ■  '-■iii slur* in II, - dtstrl ■■    .   --.in  In- ,:
llr, - • troin ||„    in -
,'",ii.ii'-i'-ii,i   [,,-:,in,,-  ,.,   uvi-ry    il.-
1" '  'HI thi   1 I-.-I..I-.-.-;,;   .im;,;.,, i ,,|i,:,.>
I'CI'.l.l- ,,,.,,   ,11   THI.
I iiiu iplc nerve,
,    Tw 0 children, victims of birth   palsy,     ll.iv-     been    expi-i iincliled     Upon
, with such success   that   the  patients
This is llie time nl tho veil- lo g, 1 your pick ,,( the manv scl,-,-i \
Furniture.    Iron Beds, Unoluuins, Hugs, Carpets ami II '..
1'   'The Ymir Cold  Mines, Limited,''1
...id that   the  formei   suhsl itiition   of i
I Uichard Jlead   Atwater   I  George] sou*;    AGENTS    FOB    THE    MASON-RLSCJI    PIANO
II. Bariihart has been revoked.
hated October 25th, 19(14-.
11      .1 1 "•""•• Y, VVootton."
are ns well us llie most imxious moth. _-, , r»     1 r-
ni.u.M.i.   i'i iii.isi.im.  i-hmimnv      'er could wish     Dr. Clark, one of tho Registrarof Joint,Stock Companies |             lUl'lUtUre Uealers   and    Funeral   Directors
operating physicians, has recently ex- ———
plaifn d before an audience of  medical ISotiCC.
men exactly how the operation is per- XI',.-  YVe sue jmle. agents for llie Marshall Snnit„ry  Mattress and  the (.
_   formed.     The   nerves  which   luppli TO  DELINQUENT CO OWNERS.             Sectional Hook Case inni Fihs.
supply motion to    the   ullcclcd   limb-
11.   KKAKNU,   MANAIilin,
Dealers and  Funeral
SATURDAY,  NOV . 20, IU0-1.
: are severed as close to the spinal cord   TO Wai.tkii J.    Huiilius,   or   any
--   as possible and then  grafted   to   the    * oilier person to whom lie may have
„.,     ,     , ,, nearest trunk line.    If  no   coniplicn- .       ,      , ..   . ,,,,',
J he elections are ul  over now, even   ,■ ,      ... ....      ,,     '. ,.     transterreil his interest in the Meadow
. I inns arise in course ot time the   dell-,
ill Kootenay,  and   ihe   Liberals are cute threads unite and the   paralyzed   Ijttl'k   l"i"|,|';l1   ''••••",,   situated     o.n
everywhere ace-high for another   five TU "ll<"."" 'I'"sh   '%•    'Naturally   Wild Horse block about seven   miles;
the operation is exceedingly   difficult, I from tho town of Ymir. iu ihe Nelson '
.....is.    'Ihe town winch is   celebrat- because   the   nerves   which    mrlinte   Mlnliiit Diviaiun of   West   Kootenay
ii.glhe   victory   most   is the A,,,,-,-    ron-the upper   part   of   ^ TO«|   District, und recorded in the llecord*
,.*,,,,,.. ,. , cad are   so   great    111    number   and |    ,
lean oily of  Portland,   Maine,   which cl-0Ss and recross  each   other   in    so  er s olliee for the Nelson   .Mining    Di
I elieves its future now assured as  the  complex a manner.    Another dillicul-
,       ■ ,- , ,   ,.       tv lies iii the   fact  thut  anaesthetics
I, imiiois ot u   transcontinental   line,    •       , , •,,.,,
must be used spuiritigly, for the long-
utid one of the greatest ports  on   the er the patient is under their inlluonce
Atlantic seaboard, the harder it is   to follow the   nerve
You and eneii ,,f   vou    nre    hereby
notified that I have expended seventy
-ix   dollars    and    eighty-seven    cents
(■■*;7r>.,s7) in labor   and   improvements
.-„, j "I""1 tho ubovo mineral claim in order
The total vote east in tho Kooti 11
i.v ami Yale-Cariboo ridings for   ll,
i-'.-de-al   Candidates    is    very   small,!      COFFEE    ROASTERS
compared with the vote cast from lho
Rinno diitricts for   provincial   candi
dales.    'Ihe reason is of   course   pb
vious.    .Many people   will   not    taki
the trouble.to go any distance at   all' Hfqh  • Grade  •* Coffees   ' "f ""   '"Jt   entitletl   "Al
,,,.,, Amend the Mineral Act, 1!
All work entrusted to us is neatly and
promptly   executed.
to yolo on an already decided result
The Liberal parly was in with a largt
majority ami theso bye-electioni
would make no noticeable difference.
lind they been brought off on llu
hiinic day as t'.o general election   th,
total VOto    would    have    1 11    iniicl
-   I/„„x  C    -CC r>       '• '"' hold inn..' under the provisions   of
Kootenay Coffee Co.: Mi,,,,iAc, uL^n mne."
you fail, or refuse to contribme   your! A,    /VI AC'LHJ IN A LL)   (X   t/Oi»
I portion of expenditure, together with
j all costs of advertising, your    interest
in said claim will   become   the   pro-)
perty of the subscriber, under section
I of an act entitled "An Act to
Wholesale und retail dealers
in Fresh ((ousted
MITCHELL TAIT.      Dealers in Staple mul FancV Groceries,   Miner's Sundries
NKI.SON,  B.C. Dated at Ymir, B. C, this ^9   day ,,,     1   .     .,    1      w.. -ni i>   1 1 . t    •
,.,.,,    ,.„,. *|        Blankets, bocks, Mitts, Gloves, .Rubbers,   liitler
I, .,.,. ■, ot tjctobci' IhOI,
wear,    Overalls,    Patent      Medicines,
In tin- Kootenay riding Mr, Galli-
lier i- returned l.y ,1 lurge majority,
•is was expected since (he 3rd, NoVcro
her, There is one thing to be said
how, ver Ilia a an fiom lliBi|UOsli( nal
nnd unworthy tactics displayed in delaying tho election until three Weeks
:i1"!,-I  llie general election) the  l-Otlttst
in Kooleiiuy has been    n    clem ,
and conducted throughout with the
lit most fairness and courtesy on all
(.ides, There has been no pbisoiial recriminations used on public platforms,
und neither the winning not llie losing side can   be   iiccUsed   of   unfair
pi 1, li, , s.     I 'ullUppily the   sniue    can
hot In- -aid for other ridings it. Ontario and Manitoba where evidence
of 1 he inanipulai ion ot   ballot   boxes
iii.d uilers ]i-ls by ihe l.-ihciid 0I**|
gani/.ers is alien.Iy cohiihg lo light,
11 e l,,cid callipaigti has been mi uphill light for th'- Ciitim rvutive cause,
lind every , redil is tlun ihb pally or
gnniwrs for the good flghi that wus
lull lip. The party is temporally dl*»
ti all (1 but Inidisliiayoll, and I •• -uly lo
light again.
-■"• —
Nerve Splicing
Nervo splicing, or   restoring   dead
liei ves to lil'ei is    one    of    tilt!    latest
achievements uf slirgoryi And though
Ihe process is itill in its Infancy, ii is
believed in modioli cil'clos   that   the
bperntiiiii will onb day b ..'■ us coin-
Ini 11 us trepanning'. Thri'e canes have
already tosulted ill | :'i fei t success,
The euro fiif pal'alysis and pnKy is
brought al.out by menns ..»' thi-- pro
-1 • . I n the ('Use df yoilug children
linh i is brought itboUl by ttnho   ncci
th-lil   III    I,lllil    v. Ilicll    ciihprc'*,,.,    lie
■; :';•.'
• ';
'*'"■ V
Our facilities are unsurpassed for obtaining the
best possible  assortment
in cut glass.
• <
A hati(Uoiiiooiit>quar( water
bottle, graceful in ihabe, i*»
Ni'« "ST1? ***1 only $j.oo,
Send   for our mail-order
catalogue.     Careful consider
1' ■';".
ation   is given  to   treing tlint
goods are delivered at jutl tne
time rtquircdt
BOX 1095.
;T() U, W, Keech, or any other per
sou to Whom he  in iy    have trans*-
forced his interest in  ihe St. Thomas
and Telegiaph mineral claims situated
in the     Nelson        Mining       Divi*- J      .    .
sionofWest Kootenay   District, ami; Mining  Agdlt
i recorded in the  Recorder's  office  for
; the iS'elson Mining Division.                                                              ""      ————•    —
you and   udcli   of you ere   hereby. —   AQKNT   FOR- -
nolificd thai I   have   expended    one
I hundred and two  dollars    and   fifty .\IliHlitl Lift) I lislititlicc ('oliijuiliy  of Nfc\V Yoilv
Canadian Caaulaty-Boiler Insurance Co,
Stocks and Shares
London Mutual Kiiv [nBumnco Companj'i
Ottawa Vive Ensurancc Company.
oents (510-2.50) in labora'nd improve*,
meets upon the nbove mineral claims
in order to hold same under provisions
o!' the Mineral Act, and if within
ninety days from the date of ibis nn*
ticeyou fail ,,r    refuse to   contribute
your portion of expenditure, [together \     . ivi-Vi-i,-
Willi nil costs of advertising, your   in-  11KoJ    AV l'^1*-*"
I terest in said claim   will    become   the.
property of the subscriber, under   sec.
ion 1 of nu act.    entitled "An   Actio      •* •••••♦•••»••••••••••••»♦•••#•••••»•#••♦••••••••••
Amend   llie  Mineral     Act,    1900,,
Dated al   "I'uiii.  D, ('.   Ibis    I 111,
day of Nu\   100*1
V.MlR,   11. I
Mortgage   ————
c Ymir Transfer Co,   :
OctlW     •     t     •     I JACKSON & U'lAHY, Prop.,       |     J
• H'-KADQUAttTMria   FOH    MtNtNO   MEN    .\M>   THE
.\loi'lcv   A   (o.   Sit irk
of Xiiuis GodiIk.
Fancy (ioods, Toy:-; and
B6oks- Vio-iiis, Quitjirs,
Banjds etc. etc.
* Newly ftlrhishetl througho.lt.   Sample rooms ill connection.
• Kali-'. ?1.50 to l}2.50 tier .lav.
• I'lX'LAV   McLEOD, Pi'opWctdi'
« -j^-j-j*^.* •»»»»•> *4MM»*$ii*totH4»»**9»*»b»i»i**»*9f***
At Prices Without Regard       ',  -.
for cost.    You  can   save
50 per cent.
he; COS  ,\hieh r nliate from lie-     -piii.il
bllllll ,'iu'l if ill the Uppoi part   ol'    the
EverythlHg in this class
must be sold before XiUus
and prices ate redicUlous-
ly low.
\ I.l,SUN.
Teaming and
Express ,-,.*. j
All   nrdbra   promptly  attended t...
iml the greatest cure exercised ih tho     ••?
,a,„,,i„K„fg,,„ !|       UNION MADE
1 -AIJIv- j
%      ^Hfe BEfeT tlsf Tli'S   MARKET.      $
'it i
J When tlicy   conie frditi !p
LEN7.   &   LEISER S
... tj
iii 1'iictorj at  \ I'-iiiri.i. t)
>-i. ('; CARRUTHEHS- I
Hold,  Silver, or   Lead 91.00
Clipper.       -.      -
Cold Silver;     ■    -
Cluilges i'or other inntulH ull n|
Shirts aud Overalls
*1.D0 3    i
si 50 '    ■
I'ioiincl il Assnyur
I1!!. |lU,.er Al 1.1,    b ..III!, B.C.
IV   Ol    lU   Oil, t Nell-Otl,    H     C.
Union   Label   on   every   (iarment.
•5(&feir*rSi5*i*f.*+eet>4*Wt **+iS-*2t4*4*****'*44*<hi*tif***
*, Humor in Schools.
y        Un  th,    blu Itboard   u   chil I   had
- -:. '-I (hounding of Mos-
111 his a count I,.-,-in-1   , Ic-   sen
i,   - , "Dt-tttt ii.-.- -,-i Iu tlie b.iil-i iisi,,,
■ lUglltl l     ■,''     I' i,in,il,    - i«      ii,,.
- i idle and knew th.- buby    to    1„*   .-,,,
I  I i, litl. '     I  turned ipiiekly and  de
m -ii l,d. "Hurry, Ic. did the daugh
- ■ "I I',, aroah kno« 'I:.- baby    .•,   >•
'-I-   1-,.,,-i'le' '      1,,, n -l l! .-!, I a'lie     t!,,-
' ■  iv -i --'ir in,- -, "Uy the ii-  e.
I n to-tgiou s ... nn ii,,. buinour of the
youthful modeller n.  ■'-i>    ui   .me  ,,t
the Ward  Sch
lo,s     win
In,llie '
and confessed that he had I        d, h u
.-lay muddlin'.
Sometimes il is   the   mother.'     \>
contribute to the gaiety   of   nati, i-
"1'ieiise, Miss Brown excuse To,,on-,
for his absence and   don t winp  I,,,
"hen he ain't there."      Again   it    i
llie locally loyal janitor who (lem in ;.-
BCornflllly, "And  I'd  like you   t.     te
llie, if you can, what felicities f. i    ex-
Miniii.iti<uis they have in   Vain*   l\ »*."
The fruits of presistcni mice in
a,.'seen in Germany "German) cap
ini Pew-line."
This is obvious "The sense ,f sigh,
is very ureal in the eve." And . 1 is.
"l-'.dwiu-d 111. claiuicd the I'rench
crown because he got. his   l.irtl     fi.nn
his mother."
It. was   in   a   local   Sundav   school
last Sunday that a   teacher   tried    in
_i*  lain to convince a seven year old that
310,000 Worth
of Goods
Must be Sold regardless of Cost.
he was wrong.     The hi   lie was us in- '
listen as Wordsworth   little "we are
seven" girl, and calmly closed llie   a-
gumont with, ' I think I'm right;   n.. I
father is u J)  A,"
Those who think that the study of
grammar receives to much attention j
in our schools will be pleased to learn
that il ha*i uses ulterior to mere cor-
lei'iness of diction, for one little I, iv
has learned that grammar teaches us
to speak und sell correctly." All
have not learned the little boy's les>
win.   The boy who  writesi     Miuscu-
line— peacocki     feminine—hen-cock," !
should not hunt game out of season.
There is a finality about,   "Positive
sick,    Comparative,   worsci    Superla- j
live, dead.
lin. ii is the  subject   of   anatomy j
which   furnishes     most     food     for
thought,       "What   ale    oiliglands?'1
"Oil-glands nre little pipes filled  with
oil nil through the body.      They   are
for oiling the heart and the liver   and
lungs so that tllCV can do their    work
smooth    Mid    lick,"       "YuU    should
lieier work either before oi after eat-
hig."    'Cohesion is.a substance   latin into the body to Btiok the. particles j
together." j-,"W*0 should not. think hot''
water nnd then cold because it, cracks
the tartar on tho teeth.'1   "The teeth i \an£.    1\'£1*
Kliould bu washed after every meal   to
remove any articles that may   be   '" i HriiiJ
The lire sale is now on. Do nol overlook the fact that oxk dollar
has the- purchasing power of two in ordinary course of business.
Here we start with men's Clothes, Shoes and Furnishings. Suits nobby
and up-to-date, formerly twenty dollars, now $ 1.2.50. A swell and nobby
line thai readily sold at seventeen and a half dollars, now $10.00. Canadian
Tweeds thai were considered a bargain al fifteen and a half dollars, now $9.50.
Iii shoes we carry the (anions Bell Shoes al greatly reduced prices,
while they last. \Ve also carry a large assortinenl of other brands which
we cannot enumerate, .it prices that will cans" vou no hesitation to stock up
for the winter.
Underclothes, lice is where we appeal to vou for quality and bargains.
We carry the following famous brands: Woolsey, Britannia, iron Duke,
IVnnnian in the line lines, the latter is a live dollar line, wehavecut to 83.50.
The most complete stock iu Ymir. We are throwing il out at
vout'own price. Writing pads formerly a 50c line, now at genuine fire sale
price 20c each.
Our large and well assorted library, 3000 books usual retail prices 25c to
75c, take them away twenty books for $1.00.
Remember this is a rare opportunity to outfit al Purse Pleasing Prices,
first come first served. Our entire stock will be cleared out regardless of
price, t<> make room for a new stock no in transit.
ll,.'in."    '-Hound shoulders are caused ;
by leaning on the stomach ''
Vila- poem "The Old  Oaken   Bucket".
/ i     ...        .      .    •   .       .,  :
■«..s  under Uisctueiiun  in  n juvenile
class.     It    lui'l    been    l-ead    end    its
I'caiities pointed out (Villi painstaking ;
patience.   Then,   according   in    the
p,esent day (ad of  tlltlntic   develop   i
n.ent, (he infants were u-,ke.l tt)   illus* ,
I.ate the poem,     One   yoUth    blinded
in a piece of paper on wliii'li appeared
a large circle, three   I tickets   and   r
bunch uf   tint.-..      "What  tluea   thi1
mean;" demanded the le.ieliel'.    "Why i
lim'tun," ho explained, ''the   circle  is
the well   nml   there   nn-   tl.t-   three
buckets."    "But why have you  three
' ii-st -class J linilig Room.;
111-. I     lnniuls    of   Willi'*".,!
I,i,|i.i.»'.--. nn*I Cigars,
OWtSfc      )\ -illi Plop.
St ml Ave. V.MlIt
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
VMIK,   II.    C.
Ht lulling lit-it ,\ lYujghl n
Correspondenci! |>roniptly
attended to
Mil.SON & FT. MIKI'I'Al.H KV. t!U
l.iickeis. Jiiiunier    Why, .me is   tlio | jy|el,[fl   tl'uill   every   Inol'llillg j    KKH MOUNTAIN UAII.U'A V (<>
CXCbpl Sunday, fur freight WABH1NGTON iS c. X. KY
and piisHOilgcrf- 'or i'mil' \- v. & k kv. ,>■ .*■; co,
mill.   IVY nneeiiil orders  on
Hid oaken bucket, one i-, 1 In- iron*
hound I.ticket, and tl.e other in tin
li.oss-coverl-d bucket that liUng 111 the
well." "And what are the dots!' j
'• Tliev are tile Lived JpOM which my |
Infancy hue*.
Politic! ulis ■'•hiili','t' their c'otils    but I
, ,. i nil Oruat Northern, Not-thorh Pueillc
,Siiii,lays. Or foi; i (.ur'nine. |fl)u| .,,.,, NCoi) ,.,„. ,„„-,„, t.;l.,
went    and    BOUtll | COIlllCetM   111    Ho—
laiid and Nel-'on with   the  Canadian
Pacific Hallway.
Connects a| Nel'.m with the   P. It.
ALEX, oron:   p.-
|(',ir uF Aalicrofl Potatoes.    I Jo nol fail to yet   your  (tupplj
I'ni'   White*',
- t),n   Stuck   is   t'oinplcte,   Prepare   fur   Winter —    --
Our (Irocory Stock   is   Fl'enlh   Clean   ittnl   Up-to-dato,
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
PIl-llKt lot'Mud Tnl; Ymih IIi.uai.i, fur  ,'month
Ills'lHM"! M A.* At) rU< WAhrBDl&Wi Co.  for   Kaslo and   K. and 8,
the youthful    hiilot iiiu    tvhb    'vrites.! point*.
PcHhanelit position rapidatlvanee-     o,„,„.-.- at Curlen with  atagoftir'
in.-ni | -alaiy and  .■*• j.i'iis.-•   full   in-1 (Jroenwood and Midway, U. C, |
ellurgel   elt'iilt   de* I    Duffel   euro ran on train* bBtwefen
•Iii cluiilu'c their Iii.los,' goes oils    bet-   .j.-nHHi huMnciwi ' Spokane nnd   llepuhlit
A ''        DM"*'     Vam-'ivn,     In  Tl.c"J.IrNieliolaCo.1 Ll'd. Tolontb. "'^VenS ^wenger Agt.
'The Indian*, in   Culllldll    Wall;    |oSg
\li-l inees to the     IludsOn   Dily    polls
i stluctlonS tree ,
go (heir'hiiles,'  -.'oes oils    bet*   ^^ ]m,u[,,^
I «'i-.—Agh(
(Mention thin paper.
Hpokutttoi WttJti.
\ \ and llt-kllovVledgtl h I|'. i>f etiultMod *....   .
' >
9 Tne LlRKAl.li is publish,-.1   every flatUI'diL)-moiuiiig itl'.d
« I'lilitnilin all  the  liewu of tho camp.
I IImi.s ■ -I'i-ii  Yi'.ui, ■*•".'; ilvi.e  Y'.u;, 91. i
• 4
««'»«'|.4>. *»*»•«-*-»«•**.««»<»♦»■»♦«■» *A*>-»-*>>»-^»-»-»*««*««««««««*k« Suggestions for Xmas
§mmmm m      jewelery,
t^~. r-i *
And    Sterling    Novelties    ■,. <*:,,,,,,i*,.i-.
l),-.-Hiis,iv Jobbln
K. \V . Wiil.lowson.
Mrs. Crowe,
llliOKKKK'iiK  ANIi   INs, l:\M-K
Percy J. Ulen/.cr.
Ill  I, IIKIi.
John i'iiillicri.
I'l.'l      US    AX1.    oh N't-    | I I.-NISIIISO-
1 Heart tfOc.
2 Hearts 60e.
lleai-l and Maple
Leaf 70c.
Nelson flug-En'al *",0c
Crescent it     "
Maple Leaf      86c,
Sterling .Silver   •".
pieces $3.50.
Jleautiful Design   nnd
very new
Quitiir Brooch $1.50 lleiirt     .<i(J and .**0e.
Ma'lill      "            1.50. Maple Leaf I'.'h   -*Uc.
I'anjo       "             Toe. Bur Pin I  Maple
Pendants            40c Leaves             'JQc.
CUT STEEL Bar Pin •". Maple
French Cray finish Leaves           "70c
the   nicest   ever Chatelaine brooch t-1
made, varied de Pine Enamel Chn-
Slgns                 8Qo lelaine     Brood,
Same. Pendant  oOc. •*! .70.
(Hull Marked)
Thistle 10c, and (i.'ic.
I logger
Hat   Pin SI 00
Sl 25 and SI 75, SSgSSSi
I o.
Scotch Pebble Brooch       $5.00.
From 50 cents   up  to  $40.00.
Watchmakers, Opl ieiaiiH, niul Manufacturing Jowcllci'-s.
Phone 203.
Quit the Mine to Soon, ,     ymil. Citizen
Ten men employed   in   the   Cam- V ••    .'. t'
Brintis mini', near WhMytown   Oil., .\sM«-|;il loll,
have a  great   joke   on   the   Eastern
Company that has the property under
bond,    The company was   unal.le    lo   |(AHT TfKHDAY IN  KA'II   MONTH,
meet its obligations   to Its employes I
Under the bond,  tlil-otigh some misfit     J   w-Ho«», President,
between the Eastern stockholders and j " <■'""•■"••■•■■• Secretary
their moneybags, l'"lvlu MoLkoii, Treusurei.
As the only honorable way tilt I  of ™     "
the dilemma the management  at   the| 444444^>4444444+4,+444^4
mine told the men. that   they  could.I   ■ ■ ,     _ . ,      1
take the initio and mill   and   run   it  1   li-OlCl     Ymir*
Newitt .*.- Co.
I'l.'KNITpitE   i.i:ai.i.i:
William Clark.
I». Campliell.
I)esli,i«.,y Jobbing Co.
5 II. Seaney.
(iosiiiopnliiiiii—Jolin Breau.
MeLeod Motimi— Pinliiv Mel.cod.
Miller House—S  Miller,
Palaeo—lalt & Ruddy.
Vancouver—Ovvuii Boyer.
Waldo,f— (juot'gu Col 111:01.
Ymir—J. W. Masierson.
1.A1IIKS     I I KMSIIlXi.     AMI     MII.I.INKKV
Mrs. John MeLeod.
MixiKu   iu:< <n;i.1:11
Percy J. Gleazer,
Herald Ptibllsliing Co.
I). Campbell.
S. H. Beaney.
Harshaw & Wilson.
Jackson & Leahy.
Alex. Oileie.
William Clark.
Ymir is Safe.
vVe Have Medicines For All Ills Of The Mind  and
A complete line of patent medicines of whioh the following
are a few: Castoria, Beel Iron and wine, Long Balsam,
Pierce's Favorite Proscription, Yellow Oil, Paincs Celery
Compound. Hood's .-ind Ayer's Sars'iparilla, Painkiller, .Syrup
Figs, Pink Pills, Carter's, Chase's and Dodd's Pills. Nestle'*-*
Milk Pood, .Mecca Ointment, :! II Liniment, Florida Water,
Castor Oil, Epsom Suits, Sulphur, Glycerine, Vasilino,
Linseed, Tooth Powders. . . . We have also pur. in a complete line of school supplies.
•si Meals        I
themselves until November '12,  iindel
the restrictions of the bundi and ikm- X , ,
X In .   It
nlbrj* they  might  iftke out   enough X . 4
gold to p.'.y ti,,-,,, ivh.it MMiheir due i     '"••' Aeeiimiliodation     *
,11,,1 for thei,   work   in   digging   out X liiv-.li. J
their pay I   J
The miner* fell in with n will,   and I  ,\ Hue M-lcctifln Oi'Wines, X
fortune smiled   upon   them,      II..-v *****       LilplOI'sanil CilfAl's,       *
struck a good piy    streitk,    find    the  *   4
lit.letwi.s.a,,,,, mill »-„.* kept pound,   t,    w   jJAHTfiftSOK        top   X
lli« i-wiiv oil all thi' ore (hilt eoltld    lie   4. J
(.hoveled Into It day or    night.       The  **************************
minors had worked on their Owd hook j "
old) a feit    da.*,    wlil'II    all    iifrenrs , ******4********44 4444 4 +44
ti.-ie i.aid lip in full,   and    now   thev   1 4
ire clearing all the wat fhifh   *l   un   4      MILL   WOOD.     %
.     1    , \± - t
!o fill a day for   each   mail.      J hey j J "" S
liever make lesu than tile big K-nge ,f   1 Dt'llVci'eil nM
*i a d,iv, mul .-. ir,  lies been tl.e t place In town,
highext H'ngfi taken out. J10 (I    day   *
Is about the avei-agO{ and thef   havo | *
almost a month right  of vent  rtlici
bf them.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'J1 he only nil rail route between
points east, west and south to Ross*-
land, Nelson, Gland Forks and lie-
public, Buffet curs run between Spokane mul Northport.
Ktl'ective June i Ul:. 1003,
' cave Daily Train Arrive
8.45 ,1.111 Spokane B.lfi p.m
10 -10 a.in llossland 4.35 p.m
9,.ii a 111 Ymir ,i :io p m
7.--'i) a.m Nelson T.^0 pin
11:35 am Grand forks 4 0Q p.m
s SO a.m Itepubllo H.l.-| p in
ALIi     THE     Tli^B
M. TAIT. .1.   IM'I'l.V
YMIR, P>. C.
Wc    carry    thp    leading   brands     imported  ,-  l>iipuii|9
and  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Whir."'
The Mutual Lite [nsui-ance Company ol'N. V.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the safest investment known to man.
Cash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested that   'till
return compound interest.
AH successful business men carry large'.ainonnts of life
insurance.    It provides for the family, protects a man in his
old age, and protects his other investments.    For   rates on
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local Agent-
We are doing business again, afld nest  week will   have   as
complete a stock as ever,    We have 110W a complete line   of
Seattle^     Tacoma
St. Paul,   Chicago,   New
York, and
MINIS'*!   (.'Alls,
illkA 1.8 a   1.a  1 tint*:
Best   Meflls  on   Wheels.
GLOVES,   HITTS,   TOP   SHIRTS,   and   UNDERWEAR of all grades.
At Present in the Union Hall   building.
t/ MIR LODGE, No. M,   K.   P. WALDORF
I      Meets Hist   .md   third   Mon- ¥» XllJi^UlVl
iys of month. TJC\*I' U'T
Visiting  brother*   welcome. Xl.\Jl£ll±J »  .   .
\\ M. CoFfEV, C. C. --        . . - ...     .
CHH..H.R wmiMiuh, K- R. a j Headquarters for nining
and Commercial Men
Hotel ....
(1,'mliT entirely HOW lllltlltlgl'fll.'llt.)
1 linilig   Rootll   and   Hal'
Bttpplied   -«'ifh    the  best
2     FAST   TRAINS      Q in the market.
HAST ANI) IVEST DAILY JL\ ,,    1 ,   , ."""1       ,     \-
. 1 Itighl  OimoBlto depot,   \
Most comfortable hotel II) the  .li"-'
ti'ioti   EvBrythinjj fint-olaU.
YMIH, I). Ci
t  -
;      St«Ve LeitRths     |
$100 J
Pfer Carl Load,    t
Clark's   Furniture   Store*
WILLFAMCLAHH | f),,,.,^    Ri(l<, X
UiiderLukcf   ntid   t'urr/ituro    Dealer|t i.i *
Mm! onlei-in ptly attended lo      I I ill III I K'l   (  o.   |,ji|      %
11 *
Hiif'ii SniKKT, -..•*■•*
Mtffc.   J,  McLEOLl
v..,. ■i<4444444444*444444444444\i\¥wt   < »H»ee   Store;    -     Vmii,*
S|..-(iiil   Exuui'Hioll   Ifntt's
To World's Fair, S*. Loui«
Your Choice of Routt',
For rale*, folder* nnd lull Itifurnintlofi
regiicding trlpn, cull on of ttClrofi nu
(("(•III of llie S. f. .♦ X. IIiiIIhki   of
H. A. -lACKSU^i       II. IhtAN'DT,
0. I''  & I" A (,. I'. H r- A,
7J0 VV. KiveisMi' Ave S|iiikiiu(-
'    —-  T
pot,   \ mir
•   ' 1      1        1 ni
Wlii.lesiile'uii.l Itciiljl
Mall orders receivb prbrifpt attentiod
JOHN PHIMtliltt;  fcrop,
'rill'. liRfs'T lili>\l> OH Ii.i,\m:*--i'I''
The kobtenpy   Standard
•K.vxrpw "ftii'*ti 11 v
~J.~ C.   Jhelin & Cd."
Neli'in- B; (.!: K tttft Avtsoti
SAM mfr/LEHj iv..',.
Hc)i<l(fit:i''ier's Ftft*Mitifffg ,M
Biif nrfppflefl \*fth bfeit i.i'-.ni.l.,,.
wi'lt's; li.'fiiiiiH .111.1 Olg.lf*),
Ymih, li. t


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