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The Ymir Herald 1905-07-08

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roR ■■*
Yui, •,'—No K
V-Mll!   I'.. ('.. SATFJUHY, .JULY », [OO.i
Vi;n r Km i*: Cr.M-
LOCAL ITEMS I »'■'■*»■■■*'■■»: '•''''".'."'- -
'   ,    . .     ........    .... *   her 11 ni ..ml bis family,
,li.. I'.-liie i-    visiting   bin   friends       The Second Helief mini
i (iiiioligst tin- o'd t iii|Cfs in Vmir.
Im oply place i;i lawn w here vim
lean got Swift's Preniiiini bams ami
! ha, nn.    Campbell's.
1 ;ic Bye<*>Election,        New York Central, Qroup   I'he Spokesman-Review
 I  ;i _.111.
broken all fniuiLT ..'i'.aii-,    T-be   pm-
lit- for -I mi"     «.a.-    again    ah,-a.I    iif
'l'i- '■.■.- .i, rn,, ii ,,i' .Mt. Wm, N|.. Another i,li ike has been made mi
Innis .M. 1J. p, for Alberni, has now the Hover claim, hi'!.ami... u ibis
l.eeu liainled in,  nul   thai    yeiilleiu.il.   uiuup.       .-.;.    i.. .   of    lioi.ei-euiulieil
Tl.,- eopti -i for lite   l'..rii.     l-'.iii
ft bit-the Yukon district;,  ..here  nuiii-iii   ..bowing   i-ui«iilui'.i|,lo   guleiui   lr'lJ ""*■*'
May    n.l.ii h ,w
li- I,il   alii ,','| ;,| nl| i,M
ii   ass',|iue    tho   |.i,-iii.in    of   In
as    i.i'i'ii    line
1    '•I"
;,    ill,    Spoke.- nm   It.
view 1111^ been .'.-' .i  ami Im- I i   mill!
. \ioiis ietuiii-     This lesull    was   obtained in spilt- of ihe mill being    shut
l.ii-uli-n un linveriKU',    T|ir  writ    foi   whilu in anutber spiii. i)-.holt diilaiiee   '"'
i an a tuuisliim* vote,      An...  ih
the oleelion of a new member fm    Al-   away three feel uf Itiiili
lule   galena
berni bus hem; i—i',.- I    and
liumina-   ore lias boon exposed,       I'M     Peter*
llieri! v,ia'.' inni:'   llinii   four   milliiiii
e   jireai    nm\ uilv   ol
vote.  , ,:-i
li   do sen t    mailer   Im.-,'    I iti-hfi-l   ,\.tKU H ih,,,- ___    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ _______^________.
knd vigilant il   girl   is    it'   a   fellow I lion day fl\ed for l|iu    l-'iih   of   this  the superintendent of the pru|:erly,  i
|.;--e-lim, it i; ten tu oneJifi'will   dn       Tbe ofe-biiia ul   lhe    Wilcox    mill,   fiinnili      Provided the n*turni|ig   olli-   putting in a series uf iipeueiiu,    irn--   '"'
It right under her noBD- and at the tramway ter ml are   now  uer can aoeiun pli-h his   neee-wniry   ilu  | ing these veins up llu  mountain,   and |t0 lll,! •"'I'01''     U        ml'   '"   :"   '
these were obtained al the I'tte nl *>|t|
beimi one \ em - -uibsei ml iou
es-,,.    U.   Campbell   ami   Wm,  ''':'!,'" ,A:i',."K'.'"":::;:"  \he?U»let  "--"— ,< I-."-- >■   -he I it is the i in,,,,,,,,!,,,,,,,   ,|,em K^d-nor   *10,0qr.   in   suWii,
» ilh il View   .'1 opening    thru
liens,     lu llritish Columbia,   ll.
len -.1 liiken in ibe contest   n.is    \cy\
ill tlm latter mine, itself.    I'    is   ex- pulling will be the-JSnil July.
f.illev, aid aken iii tho C. p. P     e*-;.   peeled that arrangements will be cm-       liotb parties   have   stronu   cindi-1 depth. _^_^_^^^^_
em-imi    I"   I'lilmiry,    in    connection    ,,„ ,..a ,i,*   ,,.,, a.   ,, 1.......1... , 1 , 1 ,       •      .1      ,, M        *,,       ,,•-,,.       1     ' ,     ,     ...        , ., ,  • ureal ami ill 1,0.1-1   Miles    viae    cast,
-     ■ siiniinaterl tlim weoK  Mhereby the   ore Hales   in    the   field,      .Mr.    William      On tho Mineral fiono chum  in   Iue
,, ...... ,   ..     1        , costing tho friends uf thu candidate**,
Alaiison,  i'\*ii:nMir   u|    iNaiiaiuio,    is   same group, a .Mint!    h.io    been   com-
t''umm .Her -i.'i.lU't'.       llie    -.. -".•--1,, 1     '-.II.Ii
iu ilh the annual Horse Fair there,
nn' be milled without delay,
uniis (toi inei iy kiioii 11 in iiltl
An exi-ituni tool tu
0 took nlaeo un   standard be.-uei for llui   Conservative
11,, 11,T 1 from one of tlm npenciits pit
,   1 •  ..,1,, ..:.,'      -,-, •' .1    ,   .'.      Idates were Miss Flora Macdonald   •-!
v ii n ties as "fekuiny I passed through   Thursday ni' lit lasi when Ollie    Mes-   i'" '>'. while .Mr. If. A1'km, editor ot | vioiisly made.     I Im  '
ihis week   uu   his    Aiiy   lo   Mexico,   vvald and tho  eunk   at    the    Yankee  'I"' N.inniiii.. 11 ii-.i 1.1   represents   llie | of this 1shaft is now
v. hero In- goes to lule charge   of   the  (;
ill1  111   till!  In ll t«
.-  heavily    iiiiueri
{mining interest ; there of IV lluriis   ,v   H
tl niir.e, ounipeli .1 101    .1   pursu   ,,t'
liberals,    Thu electiun w ill be   hotly ' used.
fifty dollars.    The  course  was  down | **■•**■*'«•• 'V ***11' «'*'*-'••■      The   win-j     The Chicago   parly   cm-listing   of^
the bill fr.uii the Yankee   (iiii   camp   ning of tlm seal for the   (Jovei'fiment, I Messrs.    Iliyan,    llonler,      Marshall, J
Mr, Tuttle's mare Topsy has   been  to the bridge across tl.o * .1 river.   ;v'" "lra" "" •'ll""'-:" "'' its I"'11''.' I W*R'" '""l lfai8"'    **>°   "'"' )'
! Kaslo who received li'J.'.''.*/ votes,  and
Miss l'i ances I bmey of llossland « li ■
I polled .'.'..mil.    The .in    of    Nelson
as somewhat   niifortlinuto   an I    al
though 11 poll
a    1 ital    of    e'3,1!^
votes    bet ween   its two    candidal!
■raced its far as the Hjjavou   moadows Ollie Miswald   was the   winnei    and j t*ul'i"« ,llu   lmsl   ''""|,,il'   ■'""'   «'ill visited this property   iu   whieh   they      jtlaii,    )(.   (||Dn   w(|     M1,,.,.^,„|
■ear Sayward, having cluped    thereto mado the distance, itboul two   und   11   niureover give the Conservative party are interested, e.\f re I themselves «s | ^""'     "    ,*-, lt" ,i. .-,*' -" •= was   ci.l
Kith ono of John Dell's   ponies   from   half miles in  tho   e.Veellenl    ti     -,fjil stable majority ovei    Liberals   and much pleased with the  property    :l"'J   ,eotefj  .,. sutll 8Ut«cient to itvfniy   .:
£ti'     Mr. Tuitl-i expects to   rocovei fourteen and a half minutes.      There  ^'"M*** combined.    If the   Liberals its im I into prospects.    Ueeent   do*         ^ f half a doion young  Indie1
fi,', -in tlm e„tr-,.. of a few days. was only about a hundred  yards   |*e. j lose tho seat,   bit -to   occupied   by velopments. since tlmir visit, all   have j    ^,    „ .        ,   ., , ','. '
■   ,,    ,,  , „   ,,    ' iw,.,.„ .]„. ,,,,, i,.,.. .,,.,. " f the ablest   members   of   their U tendency to 1 firm the good   opin
1    Mr. I. l.aiinuit,    liiaiuigei    ui    ihi    i«ecn till  i.mi leu., ii 1 1 . »i
Kiihiulian Drug and    Huok   storo   in       'j*|,0   Amu,.,!    Bpokanu    Interstate   , •    ,, , ,     ,   j ,      .,, ,   ,,    subs
,. . . ,. . , ' denco in tho present opposition   lead    on that occasion   and   will   prubabb
>ei-.m, wa*, in tniMi   on   Friday   111   Pair is now tussured, mid   it   will   be '
Ji.nnection with his company's branch | held October SKh to    loth.      Unuugh
party, 1! will indicatu a lack of  0 mli- | ions of the pri.per.,y formed  by   Ihem Illml ;l "muber of people have prepai
to ih.' Fair, and   tha   only   result   ;*
ml a number uf people ha
lbs i'ipiioii*, fur -1,-a al years,
"    Wi'    ers, and disapproval of 1 pposition ' na-hai'il,.- ,u'.ii,'-- .V-'m-I. ., .'m-m -.    ^ | l»l»r wl.loh limy i.r nmy   .ml    be   or
■let,1,    wlliull    has   I
ieon     lomponally   money has been subseiibed   lo   cover
tactics displayed in tho House during   group is to bc surveyed al  mi.v.   and
any spociul usu tu Ilium.     The   papi
1 In- pa-t session
•••'"■"I-    It is reported   that   a   well*.*, uossnry expense, and the direc- 	
inown Ymir 1.1:111 will shortly be rum   to|.s .„,, „ ;,!,,,,,  t|lu, ,)„.   |,'ui,.    ,||U   444***************4*******
crown grants   ubtniuod   as   soon   as
ling the store on bis own account.        fall will bo better limn   ever   before,  J
Johnnie M iLi'o I an I family,   who   Many attractions and   other   amuse.
kj.'old liniei's iu Ymii  are   hero   for  ment features will bo   brought    from
iwu, preparatory to   loai ing  Portland,  and   much   of   tho   Prize
A cross inai'kefl   in   this
X   A Menace to* the Public   forcibly i
for ihe Nortbwost hIu-i'i- ih-y   intend j Winning Live Stuck shown there will  ♦o,-|,,(. indicates   tllllt '*■  l'l'OVillcial (iovei'llllieilt    Tiik    einulatitin as to who   wus   the   nm-l
■ttling.     The   visitors,     are   i-ous-  oolite to Spukane, us   the   t*i*.u  Stock  4 .,- .    ,   .     . popular young wumiin in  town,   with
■sof Mrs. John   MeLeod   of   Ymir  Show of the Lewis and Clark   Expos- IXyoill' SllbseVijltioil js  ill    III'-!! '''"      '   '" ' the result that the show   in  uuesi   ..
Hid aro accompanied by their    fntltnr  ition closeh beforn tbo opening uf   lhe  <•*,
kit. I in.a her,   making   three   genera-  Spukane luterstitti  Pali*.
*tiiuis in the family,
I'eiir illld  WC w 1 Mill I   In'  Lll-i'
Tlio Ladies'    Relay    liuco   .1!    the  t to llClll'    ll'OllI    Villi    if    ViillJ
pokane Inli'i statu Fair lasi fall    »a-   _
A .-i-it..in   impecunious   gentleman   >pol-'ai:.   ,,,..,-,...,. ..... .„-i ..,.1    „.,-  _.__m
fn'' i"l a ,i,n.  ben* 1101 Iiiiil'iigu and    f thu mosl  interesting   features,  t wisll to llflVC l'l   cnill illlli'il.   t H° have 11 slight lunch nf malaria,  ac
•ltt»u.'l. the proprietor for u loan,    tie  bill ii will be eclipsod by lhe new and
Wu* -invi'sslnl 10 .1 ,1-1 lain limited ex>   novel lleluy lluce  which    is   mi    the
,  I
[makesits iviuuing by exciting thp
-piii' of email.ii,,11 among thu various
towns, ami not by the value ul 1 h
pi i.-.e.    Tin- « hole thn g   reminds
f a   travelling   show    w hiel;
*    visited Ymir a year or two ago,   and
1 succeeded  in   raisins   'Im   spii ■
There Im- lieen ,,iiiie   .in   epidemic   netted about -SI00   in   return   fo
of sicknoss in Ymir receirtly  and   id-   tawdry toa set worth perhapi - .
though no serious euses   have   arisen,
the iiiiiubei of ih.i-e who hue KCemed
'•ii.npi.nii'd « ith vomiting, points tt
the fuel 1 h 1! there is a lucid noun'i
uf tumble, which shuuld bu Innked in-,1
Rifle Association.
The     scores     to    dale    nn      1
follows,      Knch   round     ei nstsli     i
seven sin,i» nnd the ; ..--im.- total   11 1
■ituuly,   which   - what   arotisnd progrnin fur this fall      In   ibis   new       Increase  ill   Lead   Duty. """  "   " j liiund is .'lii
his 11.disuaii1.il.      -Whal     he   said race only  11 will rule, and thoy will      ^ ,'"     It is believed that this sourc.   uf 200 yds. (lying;
11., ,    1 1:    l i-i       ,1: .Iiiii..,,    , filev nu u ,.ll  ,- I,,,,-,.-..., , >.       Tin   iinnoiiiit'i'iiii'ii!    made   in    the  troublo is the existauco   nf   -..    niuell .        ',       .,.     ,       ,
*,ytm ilmns a '"s nu-iii.-s    like    tin-, eiiiingfl sain 1 ies as wen as noises evei", Uouuils,     lutnl,     ,li
...,'     '.    11   ,    1 -•-      1    1   u I,,"' ..ii:,,  ,i.l;,,,. in i.,,i,.   1    ,1,,.   »,,,. daily pipers of y-esleiflay as to lho in-  stajii.ant water, isiinked up   principal-   ,    , .,   , ,
aim   "ii.', alile lo loan me-**.1.     I   shall ll-ill mile, lining I', miles a    111\    1,11  j        .   .    . - 111 Al'chibakl ,i 1"
,., 1,    1 ,1 :,,,   1, ,1,1..     'pi ,., .,1. crease of dutii's on dry white lead and   ly between    l'u-.i    Avenue   and   '.lie  . ,
UBII in.iv  report lhe mailer to    lirml- llu* entile six uajs.      I no  mail    inak- ■ Huckwiiith I
•itre.-iV I ing the best total time wliia the   race, -vhite lead in   oil,    will    be    eived   railroad track, and near lhe   Chinese L^,,, , ,,,.,
™ t. Professional running horses are   bar with great satmfactiou  by   ..II   those  laundry uu First Avenue.    This is at Lp ., i;;,
'"'"      kl','V*C* red  1 thin race, und all riders sl interested in lead  _ in the Knot*, any rain very eiil smelling,   and   its  (j  |J( '„ ^
_______    ,       .   '    :'','     ' use     legular   western   -addle   n. ••»■■>'■    Th- -ll.-.-t   will   unduubte-lly   aprearanco is itself alu.nst ei gh   in     "      ' *
I 'V^! 1U,m'""'     lJ°   r" weigl t   less    ,1      iweniy-five ■« lo largel) ie the I ,0 nmrl gge, laiiu. ( ., .,.
Kens-, iim,, ,..ioi,e,,,l,e„   „l,   as,in   ()f)>|       jm| ,,,.„,,,,„,    „,; 1   ,„   (.„l:lll,.       ,,       M|,  s   Miller has written the   Pro- t  . * [
" * " "■IU:"7 .'"J' ;"' fiirthis, -, lit   sl I   prove  "" " ' '-' '" "»' "'"   ''»   v '"' ^'"1-Mfeal.b several le.tei, '
b'I he   liust-chiKs     rail id     serviei
Yn 11 1* tiow .'iijn in- i- lo l.i- of con
again       lin*, ii, 1 he 11 .tin which habit-
Uall.  1 nn*.   nn    ' In'i-e    ilillet'.-nl     I iin. .
Sell' .ill'"-  I  I I   tt li.-l,   ll   I     due,   (2)   « III II
•it i.. •. |i". ted, imi (!i« inn ii   really
l'l Mil I
t„ he an intensely exciting race.    No  ■■•■*'■'. :" Tl,lil i'"'1 P''»bably the   cun |.
-ti ilu- sul.jecl nnd 1 li-    lesull   of   his
struction nf   other   refineries,      The  elTurts is thai lhe matter has been 1
I'llll'llire   fee   |S   «• 11 ll I ^< < I   ,1 ll' I   llie    llllll-    	
i ment hnpe to receive a iiumbei   ol   miner will probahly be able I urejfe I to  Mr.    Ilulluck Webster,   ihel,"'"""
_------^---i ■___■     ^■|(.l"..'-l
Archibald II
luckwoilh        1
Biitiles.    Further particulars can   l.i- :' '"•"'•'   pih-o   fur   crude   lend   nre   I I chief nf provincial police.     Act-t
*^B hul ft.an II..hi. II .('-is "ime     Mu nu- whilo Ibe inciTilsed demand will   omi I ing oti iiistruetious received frum   tin
Th   ( iuiie-e .niii mil   troubles   a.-  ,„.,. ,,|'||„. S|,,,|, me | ,!.,t,.  run. ble lower gniile ore to bu shipped at n   lalter, Cunstiiblo Fr.isei   has imidu   a    ,'.   '
till nifiiii, in lie- Tiiiiis-Sabiinii I'l'ilil ^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
, ■ ,        . , A liu-h lin* of    fm a.ml .hi.-   di inmi- 	
In-, mid-i.l oi.*.  i   -nek   "i   limber. , 	
"- " ' "I""1   Ilmi-«lii>    .nm- MoU-l Arrivals
.'. I
On- ini- ii." rn i 'luui,   « .. h a t ion to
Ull' i eiiriieil ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
k. , ., ii, '' k, and made    rapid    plogrrs     Up       Mi'l,Hull  ll.'il.i
|«S. IM' •      Ull'       'IL 1   11.S ll«l  III I HIM* ' ' ',
At   , , i  .■ i ... the creek, burning over a   |,nrti,ui   ol   |) /..nun, N'elsim;
le.ilii i i I. • em   - .rn i. loiiii.iis mtenl
,   ,, land on which tbo Piirtn lllen L her  Tbos. (Hough, Nelson
1   liroi l i .|e I   I.i     i v.    no     -nun-     ol      I hl'-e **
i       ...      i.i i   ■ Co., ha i cut out tlm huts      Cuintiib o   I:  15. Ouille. Nelson
log- ami nidi   i'i. i in hrcwiiiid   Im , .    .    i
llu- :. o.i,,''   i.f   ,ihne   .,„,,'s   -bins. Fraser got on the ground  shortly  m'-   A.J   Ander,  liij,
Hen •• ih.-.|.-. Luui. ,i ...'Mm-.nul   aii  tfi lhe lire wa« noticed, in   order   Ui
l»Uii"-|'liere nt    lentil   and    ireii/u'd   discover any possible traces as to   the
culls,, of its Ol ilii11 The    new     hush
.1 A. T lylur, Tmonn
John (IdguiN, Creston
I., li. Avery, S'olson:,
bfofiii iiv. •     ■  	
* ■ I'Hll-e  Ol    O-'IIISIO I lie       ne,v        imi-,i      ,,,,,! .1
If, J      1 >ll''! II -111 IV,   .Nel-  HI
II "v.|hi-ii. tlel mn, ,ii,m-i".,"|   pol     lhe am in.p,,-.- far   I'-.ivi.-i-   peiiultif."   H. H. Ilowijen, VhIil-iiuvui
**i,MI"   I '•       ■- ;il"   ll'",mn ,,-,„,,.,,I ,,.,,,„ ibl-afur  Ignit-   W  ii. I!..--. V..
Ililli'l ll .11     . Il it     | ,     t 'lunula,
^Bfids for fie : until her i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I..- made iin- vear by the <im.ernineiil
limii'   l.   n-e I  I" si'U'V  in  l     lin1   "allli-
aneollt el ;
ins a bush lire, and even clloi'l i-   tu   P. Murray, Nelson;
\, .1. Dates Viuiiiiiir-ei ;
|."i i "ii ilm i|U,uilil \' and    i olidltiol
uf the •tngli'ilil n liter, and    huji jested
I dlleh,    lhe    eon I l III I lull     '.I     »I if cli
'..•uld    leal    iwin    •' bji ■■ i in , 1,1,-
miil ier.
Prupni ly   -|■" il ing    i lie    i dlr i ifl
. ii mv shuuld do the in " ssary
imrk, seeins thai the embankment of
i he iiiiii md i rank is ilm m iin cause
uf ihe trouble, and thai lhe townsite
which i- prejudiced t hereby, i- ii- :
pi .p.-i i \.     Representations have been
lili.de In I In-Ill on the lii.ilh-i     -i,     III'-     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I'ln', in. ml    limii   uf    Health,    with       Fire chief Cull'ey has prepared
■.thai success has mil yel been    li'iiru-   ullowing aignals for handling the I
ed     Tl,,- Hoard Imw
I . .
U '
I '  '
|s      I
I , i
1 i
I     i
llllll yds (lying
Archibald •"■ ll*J
liuckwiirlh 1
(llen/er il
I,me ,'|
Fraser -
Winslow I
I' ,
I - -i
I- I
I.   i
Tire Brigade Signals,
ever m 1,1     i. ol.it
■ol..nim,    party,      Ho«     slugulai   Ui out down tlm hi nil   of, valuable.
tJici.i.r  i"  -'■'• a    s'i"l   'lii,   ["ipi'i   timber aniiualh laid tviwtu   by   hush
S.  ||    Se,imi', Nel-.hi;
WaI  IK ll'Hi.1.: -
John   r.'Ulllhee,   l(.i-l.IIId;
illke ,ii   "hiu N.--V-" s'". litiff in the  fires     Jtisl null ihn woods , mm , ,     ,, ,,   m j
*- .lollll   I n'll,   I .1 II ,
the f i 'i ilia!  die «ie and    hellillcOlll   piualiieh dry  I .pii-kVil   ignition,        C,i-.|.,i'.ii,ii.\s lloTMl.i
Qrn ' "'..a in ..'ni In.- ■■• ■ it i'-:   in   ("I- and if the high winds which have   su ,,|. J, Freman, Nnlsun;
lo«    the es.IUI| le ' f     lhe     tiwil      l.llllV,     I'll'  hi ell   I  ill'll!   lill*. VCIII1,   Clllltl'l  ,  '   ,,'" Ul *"' .  '
1 I.l | ,    |,,,,v nVi  -..,',,,,,;
Midneie.e 11.11 ii . 11,11 ■•    I'.in   ill during the summer, it i*i   f e,i it'd   iiinl Win. Syines, Kiisluj
lllfi-1 i loluliitiw i-Mi'io        This    Hen iinle-. lie1   sieai.'-l     |i I'l-aiu ion-    are M- I^iucll, npiilfalie,
( I',. Ilallingpi', I'.ii'.
bp ...... .  iv . i ■ m•..masni.  it.e   irade lakeli, some vl'i-V disaslloUi   li..    «ill
yliUl il  i- hind In I'ni h un 1 u.i si n led.
T Junes, N'el-'.n;
r. lii.i.Mi. li..- liiiui
alio in:      Slemiv   lilisins    me,in-    I
^^^^^^^^ Ulio stroke (puiisel two strokes (paii
I.ly see Ill'll  tin   llielllicl! lo the   pnhhr ,
three -trokes, mean- ,i call lur help
ll"1'111' lv"1 """"   K'movpfl,   and 'il,.-  |1|Ul{J|6 ,|pi.   (    u||„n   (!|vi
.iue.limi a- in   the   llabilly   for   tin*  reeling  it up after use
i\ ni m iiiu be -ei i led t hei eafter,
  rill Kill   S'O'I II I.
l'l.I,-ni I'KHIAM    I 'ni in II      S I a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       I I   nmI     I'. i ,' ■ ■    (Ti--.      I
relish        Wi,,-,,'   itl    f'mnplells,    ..II    |.;,, „„,„ ; „, v„„ 7 ;;„       V  i    .   I
picked, Nm 1 Ashcl'ofi, no betlci    lu  |,|es'Sueiety meets un l'iid.11   1   ■
lho world, special price oil   I'm   -el.   nt S u'eloek.    All ■.■"■      11       '
.„„ II   V.-i.im, M. A., I'.-im
.in..-    ilia!   \',,ii   can   eni   ami i i ii     l-'t deration     id      Denver,
which    nini,mile,!    I,,    .-"'! iiiii.       This
nm..um will be distributed among limi    ,.a,h    month.      Visiting    broil
THE YMIR HERALD! ^.«,uiir« » ■«~~ ■«
i Namiiiiio and many    men    and    llicil
„ ., v , ,      , , , families ore leaving the district,    The
I'ublli-h'-il i-vitv S.iliir.liiy un.l niiiil,',!   n, ,in> j
.1 -    - i.'liv.'r.'.i i.y i-nrri.-r m Linvn, ; lirst linaiti'ial aid towards the strikers
-i. i   ten- oa.ou |..*r ion.nm. I'nyiiiiii'iii i-i   u.i- received Ins: Saiurday by   Sucre
I lury Killeen'from headi|tiarters of ihe
v-iiiri -.-,.- ruli*. 5l.ni  ]., r  inch   .,< r  tin nil.   j ti. , ,
1 iii    Mini iii   bo  Ii nl   from   all  I. u.i
.,. .- ..Ii'iil    . ,u tli    li-iri-i nr  utlli   I.    nhln i
i ■  ul tr ,:  • 111"-.
i ..in.:.. "-..I  i.riiiiin-. .■'  .it.   .i.*.'r,|.   members of the   Western   Federation
:'• i;i'' i-i-"'!.!"-.'!' -eiiiiiir.il., -. only, whose membership al present   is
;ii.ii over -'">     Secretary Ivilleen states
, llmt iinutbei 52,000   i-   expected    in
two veek- an 1 will  be  divided    equal
iieiween Ihu   members   of   ilie   locul
um ui.    The support expected by   the
SATURDAY. -Il'I.Y, 8,  1(105.      members ol the United Mine   Work-
(■:•-> i*** §.S |K*i' v\ri'k for   iiHirritid   men
A Public Bacl<-Do^n.     „„, w ,„,,. U1„,,.  ,„. „„_,,,.   „
A week or two ago we commented There have been absolutely no new
mi the dastardly attempt uf the "Van- devel pinents uf late in the sit.ualiuii
ebuver World" to miiku political cap- '""I I ■"''"'- indications poinl lo a
ital out of the appearance of Prpiner[P,-u"'"*ite'c' "truggle. A imtice has
Mi liiide's nnmo a- a reference to one ''ecu posted by the miners asking all
Michel King in a prospectus of' the miners to keep „«ay pending a settle-
\Vestorn Canada Pulp and Paper (',,. [ment of the labour trouble
Tlie sun,'-i   insinuations   were   mail
VMll! LODGF So. ill  A. F.  -v A.
M      Meets lir-i    I'ridav   in   each '
month, vi-iinsi„ i,, 11 ,i TheKind You Would Like   1
John Mi \rn in, W. M.
l'i.in v .1  Hii. -./.i.e. Secretin y.
VMllt  LODGE N"   VJ    K.   ul   P-1 TASTES GOOD.     IS GOOD.
Meets lir-i  ami   third   Monday   in
•L-^tV-.-v,'*.,-f, rXn
l-l n;  -in.n l*.    Tit,
lll.l! 11,11    I'l ni.ISIIINU   l OMI'.\X*i
asaiii-t ilm integrity of the   Premier,
ulin made instant and   complete   de-
Ai'i i. an Sci ip Lapses. Al mid-
ishi lasi Fi iday week the land scrip
niul thereto It now appears thai. |gni;itt,d ()y lhe j-ji-itiali Columbia gov-
the whuln business was got up by   ■*-"   t,,-nmen- tu voltinlcers of   the   Smith
"Pl'"-*.'ti<*n company   to   « "(U   African war, lapsed,
I lie "World" was induced lu lend    it- i
lie  scrip    wu
ted In ih<- legislature "til I' 01   to
niii.     In iis issue of . he   ""illi.    -I tine. '
the men who went from this  province
lhe world makes   iis   graceful    ">•"'-i ,„ s„„,h Africa to flgnl in   the    Hue.1
Iu«n" as follows; I -f|I0 ,,„,,, of K|*    ,,„,. JM.
"On Friday tho Wurltl published   n        , ,,   ,    ,, .,-,, ,.,,   ,
1 gents, in  nl anuut   i.ii.l, were  miiilli'd
leltef from Mr. J, S. IHmiiieraon, win
i- president of u concern hearing 'I"
high-sounding title of tli. II.C, bog
sers association,      Tho   epistle    wu
In scrip,     which    ' ui led     wilh     ii     11
crow ii grunt title tu   any   unoccupied
land the holder   might   choose,   free
Iioiii taxation lor u term "1 ten   yean
and free of all fees and    dues    in    ri
cording     A-   a   basis   of   acquiring
land, South   Africa   scrip   Im-   I u
counted one of the    • e-i    nnd    suiest
titles iu llritish I lulumbiu,  and   ipilie
mean', to l.e a- Mply to one by    Prein
ier MeDfide, which appcurcd first    in
  News-Advertiser and ihcn in   the
columns of 'hi- newspaper. While
i. e fell it to be u public duty lo ac-
,. de i.i the request to id •.■ Mr. " in
iher'son's letter due publicity, we fail
i„ lind irt'il limi evidence   which   he I" bit of speculation in these securities
|e.) ii   lo believe he had which    would   nat tlra IK resulteil,    'I'.i iiiii li-   ii,'ii
■ mvinco lho government  nf- t"   call  ibe scrip was selling as high is   "JiOO
iispndcn   .-pad rooked    work    in |,-,,,., ,,„.,,-,., section, but during    the
connection with the Western   Canada . ,        , ,    ,,
|.a-i sixty da\'.   ha-   been   gradually
Pulp and Paper I lolllpilliv.    Von  thai !
(hupping until al tin- close it wns   of-
l .' Im- been provt d to be «rung In   u j
feieii in snail- Oases as   low   a-    --'Inn
( hi miii:- Am iiiiiAi.ii, <'. ('.
John G I r.».mi. K. II. Si S,
MACCABEES Meets second
, nd foil11 h Tuesday in each iiionlh.
Old Settlers Maple   Syrup.
I 'tn i- in 1 -', 1 -:  and 1 gallon Tins.
'(§$mv,frm\ *;■
Sold by
L.  i'.i a -Kin mill, li   K.
— i   d. CAMPBELL,    -
L. ('
vm.r. wjmmm
Lands and   Works.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Mining Agent      -      Stocks and Shares
.Muiual Lin [nstirance Company of New York,
Canadian Casiilaty—Builcr [nsurancc (' .
London Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Ottawa Vive. Insurance Company.
OTfCE is hereby ifiven thai the
reservation established in pursuance ttf the provisions of the "Columbia and Western llnilway Subsidy
Acr, 1896," notices of which weie
published .n the British Columbia
Gazette and dated 7lh .May, 1890,
and nth June, l-'.ul, respectively, aro
hereby cancelled.
Crown   lands  situated   within   the
area embraced by tin*   s;ljd   teserva-   -_m
lion will bo open to  -ale,  settlement,    ^>ii'fe'.i-.&ii>*iii^-v-N_._.:v>.*ix.v.>..«i..\
_fflr     1^^~'^w99999^99999^999W999A
lea-e and other disposition, under tin-  rf\ -*•,-.
YMIH, 1!.
proi isions of the ''Lund    Act,"   tlm
 ,.,„ - ,-i,.„ s^JOB    PRINTiNG
lication of this notice in   lhe   Ui-iii.li  A^W^MIMIMW»M»»M,WWMW|M^M#gM%WM,llW
Columbia Gazette: provided, however,  fa - M'
most important particular, people will
he dial nel i nod to place any weiv;hl up-
ii further eominuuication*! which Mr.
Kinnici'snii maV make to tlio pies- nn
lliis sul-juct. We aimpl) published
his lei tor "ii l'i iday in order  m   givi
miii every I'hiineo "tu uiuke g I
■We frankly - y limb while wo are
N..I milch of the hind taken up was
located by the men who actually
earned the scrip by iheir bravei \.
ili.it in ull cases when land-   are   su  A\
sold, pre-empted, leased or   otherwise f|\
alienated by the Government and are   _J
-ul.si-.jiii-ntI\- found, upon tho   survey   '?.:
of lhe Columbia and   Western    Kail-   iiv
way Company's blocks, then tl.e   per-  A\
-■nr. in -■ i ni iiii!/ such   lands    .-hall    ac-   |/J\
i|tiiie their   litlc   thereto   from   the f.fS
KailwaJ Coinp-iny  wlio   have  agreed   _\?
to deal Wiih   Mich   purchasers,   pie    -.»■
emptors, lessees, etc,   on   the   same  ilv
terms mid cundiiions aa the   Qoyern-  fa
menl would under the   provisions  of  *W
ihe "Land Act,' except in reaped   to   ,-f
limber   land*   "ii     the    Company's
blocks, which shall bo subject to   the
i *•.
regulations issued   by   the   Coinpitnv
relative to the cutting of   limber   on
lhe Columbia and  Weatern   llnilway
Land f limit.
W   S, (idlti'i,
iJepuly   ''.luitnis-iiiiiei-   uf   Lands
a-  Works,    l.aiul-i   and   Wonts   be-J
*•    **t       "
S""   A     if
/;   c  —
.   sr to
'S,-^   su
? 3   to
: Z.   to
- =-    su
tr to
'-•     to
4, to
§ SU
disappohil'ed in   Mr,   Um-r-mi.    weL.   r,^.^, KN*,* C0.0WN|.]UM.   ^mem*
n-e l;!.i,I i-i lin '■   ili-it    I'u miei    Mc- |     > icti.rla, 11.
t of this   .iii.tir   with TO Charlei (I Simpaim ur any  other
('., -J-'ii.i, Feb.,  IIIU
la Hie comei "l.
llyill« "ol"l -i itllli I'll,    h"    lee.    -leei I.
lull   leal Clllll' me    lllld     I.Millions-     ill
1 nulling tin ".uhjcel «liicli we oxpeel
l'i ..in a in a"! u ni im minister We
: .ue always been -■ iliin-j to give Mr.
Alel'.i id • credil for doing lii-. ul mo I
in tbo in'.ie'i nf lliu proviuco.
-. :n i iiue.- «■:- ha-.e   iii'tn    Unable    It,
-. e il e  In eve   ,'. lib   hilll.   III   SOI1IO C l-i -
-- .'! imieiii "ni Im1!'! hal e not com-
mended iheniselveu lo it-, bill the
limii\e- of lhe prcmici have mil been
■ alleit in iiur-M iou  by   i'-   heretofore.
11" hie- -'i.e. II " • ii'.'v. I" ,'" '.-"in
pleln -aii-i".',''"., that tli ic '11in_
'   III  be said of him  ill   ft-jflll'tl     I"     till
|ipearance uf Ii in nan i    tlm   pulp
1 oiiipan) - p taped"- t" li c efeiict
I'm Michael  I'.im'
We     Mould     !' Illlftellll   ""'I      111!
World" ie tllO Ileal    Ui ■ .i dtlll     « hen
,' t- anxiotte to Ueainircli i lie niiino ol
li political o|ipiine:ii li'nk more closelj
, roof,
;.e, -.rn in « limn he miiv lulv,' trans*
find bin iliieivti iu lltl1     iiul     lllos-
..illl llllliet'ltl     ' I,ill!',        "'In lie.I        mi
I'n'owii nmiinlilill i«i mul i hull
inle- -..!!• im. -i from   Vmil.   In   thti
Nil*i lu    '.linim:    I hs i-i I     Wesl
K....I 'iiaV I 'i-n im . and lecill ded ill
ihe ll."."':.!1!1 nlllet* fm the Si'Noli
Minim.1 Ihii-imi.
^' iml each uf ymi   aiti   heleb)
mitilled, lluil I ImVi*   i X|ielided Three1
hundred and seven dollars anil llf0 cts I
($o07 'i(l) in labour and iniprovcnieils
a pun tht* above iniiicial cliiini iu nrd'.'l1 In
mid the same undel' 'I"1 pinvisioils uf
•he Mineral Act, and if within i imai
lays fi'iu' tilt! dale i,i ilu- notice   ymi
fail m iefUse tu t-iiiur mile villi-   , or
timi of e.'.peutll1 nre i « hich i- one bun
Ire.l and  lll'lv llu loll .;- i ibi seven
ty live cents foi lhe three year*, endinc,
- Ma;. I'lU'il |....e'||,.i i- ilh all Cliat.*! uf
nl v il I i-'ii!.'. ti'i'i   imi'ie-t   ill lhe    -ail
ilaiin uill l"'.'iiiiii- die |.|ii|!eiiv ol lhe
subsei iiie", undel' necl imi ' of an "iet
•iniil.'il "An Act in Aulend lhe
Mineral Act,   H'00."
Julia I''. II uiii'iii i.H
diilnl i.i    Vli  i,  I."ah,   Mm   I!' 6,       I
Perhaps yotll* watch
does   not   run   ns  it i
I '-r alsnil lialf a renlury
lliiic.iabliilimonl hoaninJo
i-..;-,.. Inlty .,1 Kkilled wntcli *
i ,■;..urn n, A wooden boa
|i ..| I..- -ent nit roqueal in
which you can forward your
i' n- plcca !o 'i«.
We   prepay   all
cbttrges in  returning
• iValcbca   nnd   jewelry
paired bv usi
l>Vi>l!_ Bfcos.
I        Ymir, B. C.      I Lake of the Woods
-A'rso New Supply  of   Canned Goods	
Mc ids   lmill   I'M i.\   mm uir_:
I'M-i'iii Sunday, I'or I'reiulii
Call on us fm-fn; lliiiie in the way of Hat-  Shoes, or   Clothinj
the lali'sfstyles, linesi quality and luwest  prices
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Ilv special
'H    till
lys. (lr for
>    PpLlEI
in^Tic .
i'i it i-
Take a Look
it lii'osi-'.s   r N l> l-:'i!
Ves-ttVlllS NOW  In   Violentl'i-ghasdecri-aHcd i|ui|e 50  per   cent.
Men now prefer a  place    where    ihev
llro.-i.tIJiaaater Seems lin
e.an eat as well as ■ jiink, and I lliink
iu the course of a few veins all the
west-end bars will havo   been   super-
Spokane Falls &
Vesuvius has started another Said Mr. Hem■-, Walter (Jilbey, of
lei.nn of terror, Violent, eruptions the greiit wine and spirit firm of W.
have follov.'i'fl rach other with such iiiid S. Oilbeyi "In two or three
an alarming ificreaso in numbor and, west-end clubs that 1 know there has
force that the prefect bus ordered lh been an a*! iwtraordiniiry falling oil
inhabitants to llee from Limit* lumiea in the iciurns from lii|um-s, In mm inane and Northoorl
mu!' take refuge ill a safe distance, ease the fall ia about 6700 a year; in I lluQ'el Cars run between Spokai
For'dayS'tlle* failroad up the   side   of | another club of  about   i)00   members and Nelson,
•.lit'i eieunti,* volcano bus nuspended the decrease is £500."
operations Tourists have been Cuming directly frum persons so
n-ariied not to attempt the ascent, directly intereatetJ in the sal" of li-
und everything ia being made ready quor, these statciliciits are mosl im-
for another outburst of lava of a moat | portant, They seem, indeed, to fore
dt'sttiictive charucler. < shadow the day when drinking will I e
Nut since   September,    190*1,   has   Unfashionable.    Fallen   ilm-   fur,   ii
L'i s. T. I'oss, Secretary
Northern Ry.
'I1   e only    all   rail    route   between
points east, wesi and south to Iloss-
laii'l. Nelson,   Grand   I'orks  ami  lie-
public,    I'-ull'et eais i tin between Spo
will cense in be   le-iiei't.tbl"   sborilv
di'iiey ia plain, and i! can be   arrosled
only in miH way.
ihe niouiitiiin that overwhelmed Pompeii antl Hercttlftiicuin presented such
a dallgflroua appearance. Al that
iituo the eruptions were greater and
-nn.re destructive than any since 1872
''in' | refect expect** that the present
Eruptions'will be even more terrible
limn tlm' "f last 1- ir. (hi Sept '25,
I !KU, observation-, showed that in 111 An At|(,s For $1.00,
hours there were   I.km    violent   ex* ,
plosions and that masses of redhot The Croat Norihern Ifidlv.-tv has
' imn' mid boiling lava weighing many ' issued uu Atlas uf "i'l pages cuntiiin-
tons Mere tosaefl o!" of the crater like ing up-to-date maps of !..*•*.:■, Wis-
••" iiinnv feathers
1-llielivt- Ap.'ll, I'.m.'i,
'.rim' Daily Train Ai rive
II. lii a.iu Spukane U.20 p.m
11 .ii a.m Hosshintt -1..".."> p.ni
:i.I«t u.in Nelson tl So p.m
; 1 iim a m Grand forks tl 6U p.ni
lo in ii.ui. I'lioei.l.x a 8Up.ni.
Tun ii.ni Kemililie 0.80 p.m
I ben it will In-   considered   indeceiii,   at t       _?_-_!__     T1"' ~Nd~T_!
and following step by step the descent
u.: many of its victims, it nil! presently cease lo elist      The    jfetieral    ten-
The lava (low lit  thill    till!!1   IlieltCfl
'In1 iron rails of the   feruicular   rail*
Seattle,    Tacoma
Wu hjivi* just received our spriug stgak of Men and Uuys suit-.      I
aro three good features about them, Style, Quality   and  Price.      We
decided i akn a ..a neral cul in price, in thi- department, for i!      ie
[lays, and will i|uarautee you a big reduction in  sail-,   Summer   I m'
Sillies,   Hals  ,ie. ,Ve.
We carry a few specials our competitors do not, syuh   us  .'    ift s   Im
nim li...',,ii ,md Ham, lla/.elwnud   I: nm' ... Ajju-mfi   Potatoes
oiher in tides.    The price i- as luvw ftlTlhe loweal and ,|uality guarantee I
ilere's where we shine     We have greatly added tn mn  Puleni  v:   li
-lu k and can supph you with mosl anything ai strictly li»! price
I..I   ■fn11T--TTnrr    —_      I   m     M    '--——-■>-■— m^jm---^-t-i>*-H*^'r~>~-»~~'>*-*-+-
U.  S.  T.   ROSS,
Hardware    Merchant,     Vmir,    13,     C
consih. Minnesota, Nnt-lli   und   Nuuihi , —, . .,
St. Paul.   Chicago,,   New
Diikiitii) Montana, Idaho, Washington
liriti.sh   Columbia,    Oregnti,     Kansas.
I'i,ad and burned  away   many   house** Missouri, Nebraska,   Wyoming.   Col-
and huts       Vegetition    within   one oriulo,      Alaska,      llawtlii,     Japan,
mile of the  crater   disappeared,   ami Philippine Islands, Jliiiui, the Llniied
many farms and vineyiuds were   dea- States and of the World
Iroycd,    The  tremors   that   precede
violent eruptions   have   been   noticed taihs valuable  statistical   information
fur weeks, and   recent   explosions   in relaiiie to tbe states nainiil above,   i-
the cratei indicate that   a  disastrous | rioted oh the very   besl   quality  "I
a'itd terrible convulsion of   Nuture   is paper, showa the linea of   ile-   Greui
i n paring. N'nitInrii Railway, and   i.i   i'i   even
_     -»«r—-     - way a cnmiliendable wolk.
-LeSS  Drinlvinjy   NoW This Allan will  h-   tlisiributed   in
V«)rk, and
SLEEPERS,     IH'l-i'KT.
n addition tn this, lhe Allan  emi  i   [-lliRARY    CARS,     MODERN
'II.AI.s .'    l.A   i  IIITK.
Best   Meals   on   Wheels
I ihe actual coal of production and "h  I ' )
lie ocensiun of the list   British l be sent to any address   upon   i*pceius   ■_■ EAST A
1 iu Um ocensiun of the list   uriusu i uu sent to any address   upon   r, "■ i|
budget lho   Chancellor   of   tl"'   ISx- of 1*1.00.    Address, V.   I    Whitnov, |
i-bet|uer deelaredi     "Tie'  but   seems Paisimger   Traffic   Manager,     'ii
to be that we are witnessing u change Northern Hallway, Sl   laid, Minn
ni the habits of the people.      He  re* ——.-  —■-—
leit-eil In th" di'i-eiiM.   iii    li...   annual k_jiyy_l^rf       ^0   YEARS'
i.tiiiMiinpti I   pirilsj and his   -'ate-        ^y____1____r_F.XP*:M'ii..-'* E
.,,.':il   wa- v - - i I hlippol led    b'      (IgUIOS,
l-'oi ilm HhchI  year    I"' '■   I"1"1.    I".-
.. i.;, - ii   i,, . .a.  oi mik   by   tl"
i   ople of Btiglatid, I" Ian I. and s, ot -
, i • .     ,i *Ae*_5!B13_Kif-'   Tn--.DE Vin.-.v.
i  no.       In    IH"'".  I    '     lii,|i-*i,"--'l ^*W-W*P1*V^ (Jcsicna
til, ns wc mu ..   h and in L004-D       ,...,,!7^,^,,,,F°* .™M-.".*':;.
only ilightly moro   than    10,000,      K-J^nHnRUV^'-SItt
, i        ., , i:..n..-iii...fi'-iii-.-:"-.!. Ifflliil I ' '   '"I  ■"•
t ons, a ',■■'-•■ rly    io   per     mm n-po, ifiiinfl uj\ r.f":, "'Kl'1'•'■",-
1        . |'.il,.,i-a I '!<•■"   Un -'mil  .*!."",  ft ' ' . I"'"!",
, ni.    Continuation "> ibi- nurpnaing     i»if^inoi*«,ltmiuaioli^B,miiiii
hunge is I ■ i tiosbig, a ;• scientific H««crsc<.!U
lew days ago, of   tbo Criterion   bar,,   ^>"S{\Vgf~l$g_ Wgfjft
" *   ll1"   "•"'■''   l'"l'Ul«i'  drinking     Bjjj'jju'p pj, ^.B^d^'NewYSrif
saloons in London, a veritable   palace    *%««, faWfo t•«_ w„_,fl?0S!tlWft
among bars,    This   unusual   ini-.-li-iit ■ ___,     ,.,,. ,  ■
.  , - _i..,ii joy |o temperiinco   peop e,
mu! was aceinuil of'sulliciuiit   inipui*.  i ■♦
 -i!t" "i'i--■;-"" iHj Hotel Ymir x
part of   nn1  maiiae, r.      Interviewed I w
fur a I.,.n ' newsp Ipi I*, he 'aid: ;
"The day of tbo bar is ovi'r,     Men  I ] |,,- j',,.-1   M,.,i|-
uo longei want to stand up at   a   Ur I A\u\ Al'l'OllllllOtllltidll
merely lo drinkj and I am  'mt   sorry X In Towili
lhe liar lms gone.    .Men of good class I X
.. iuld no longer frequent   it,   so   *»•&.,..
, .,. '4 A hut' M-lfi'lniii ui \\ ii
have s-uopt n  away,     li- place   will i T
'„•   taknii   bv   ii"-!iiiir.iut    drinking,
, ui   l,i- n ,loo,tie I ii! lie- wesl'ond uf, t
M, WEST 11
s 2
\II.V _-
lit. M.l.b   f.S
inlf  .in IJ Uuililers    I' ii    '
imi- and   I',!-.    Sl ... -. Cell
.   Powder,    I e-       aid ('.'l|   ■
I iiaiiiif    an I    'liuwai '. Sloan
Ml    kin I'    of    Plumbing,   T.m
-e.-Inn.'      .'J     I • -ll.a J       llepilil
Sp.' i".l    I'.V'iii'imi    II ,i  -
Lewie & Chirk Fait.
I'm- i a1,'. folilDn nml lull htfoi imitioii
11 (fiirillng i ■ | ■■. c.i'l  mi m tti'di eli an
i;o ni nf il," S. V. .v N   lliillu !\. rn
II    \   .l.\i K-'i.s.        II. lili.Wl.f.
t,    I    ,'   I'   A I     I1   .v   | • A
*■]..!.!.,e ', I" \\. li versiilit A'.
:\        ■■      A,      ,.
i*~'<-  •  •    ■ ': '.i'l'l X'-^Vf
A. Jltylf II];
) y
/*— -       I
I   '*»'»•  •••'
'I'he Mutual Lilt' tusiiram.i' Company ->i'N.'<
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A 111,i.,*\ in 11 is tne  al'i'sl invoHtlni'iil Iciiown to man.
Ciwh invc.ftetl in Life Insiirtllit'c i« liiidi invi'.*.U*il tliai    «
re I n rn t'olliiiolili'il ill! (M'i'M.
.V'l ,i:ri ," ",|n| l.ll-il''.'-- in.'H   I'llll'N    l,i!'.''   .iliiiiillll      ill' Nil
iii-.iii'iiiic(.      li i)i*o\ iib-1 for 1 Im Ini,.ill. |ii.ii','l - .1 in in iii ln-
oltl iij^o, und pi'otoctH lli.i other investment.**1     I*'i»r   I'.itcs n 1
nnv i'ori 11 of life iiiHiiranee apply to:
Percy J. Glea-_eri Local Agenl
eir.tit* ''Ji.
I,it|iitir- and (ligiiri
'   11 I :      lu ihe lasi '.'■"' yeai- drink-  +
.1   W   MAStl'lHSOy,      I'li.p.  X
I ,
J ' j 5-UrllRjSlM
f" ••' ft ceffet*
*•-, '.' h thou*
t -'. ■■ Nor pre
tfcul il lot) -ti.
iicmy bitttifi
C it»" ti ties
tot 1...■'-■ ig ■ il It!
titve 1 ■": * a-1
tit lift .ccmetii lil
ri,   1   •'icrti »•::    ■,l-*!y, tlio riilUcd hand-
,,.. . 1 ,-■ - n'l 11 ti lei the direct itipcrvlildli of
I. ; ■■       il of Ihe Brtii, itmltc .111 uti-
] , 1 iin 1 cci! I   ullod -fui luruloj oil! due
v.-; ':•■ * "■ IliUttraled caMtbffUti
Henry rBirksS Sons
BIRK3' u"il**I::3
,, , ,        , J«*i |r!» in 11 ■■* I % elleney
WltchM, «lc. |R, Kail a MU f
ho—r i-i •- ■'■ —"''"'  ' •'•''
' Ml,.-I N iS I I. SHEl'AHIl ii'. .    ' ■
nil   <   ril       \1   l   |> 1     l.'Ti      WASIll.NdTON &  '     '     liy
Al I'. -\ !     MA WW K I !      v v & ,,; l;v     s ,,,
lind lii'ea! Nortllei n, S'lutberi Pa
a 11.1 11. I,', a-  N. I'.■,   ful    |*i   i ' easl
ne.-,   nnd   null nniii   '• 11
land i'"'1 >'.■!.:■   ii'itl '
I'le-ll'v   ll.il-i-V.
I HKNll    .NM) KAI I'ICIi MKATH Com i al '*• .     P  r
■'■.''..   !'■  ■   I- ..    1  ,1*1      |>
1' mn   ■   a'. ('nil •• nil     -■ .. r
(irei'iiwuod an I  Mi Imiy, 11 V.
Hi'""!    i on ti .in-- '-.-■ ■ •   •
Midi ul ll-l • receive 'irnin'il  all, iti .ti  Sprikam   m*l   lb p .'•:
II   A   .l.\i Km iN
i.-i" ml i ,      •     \ "
l"ll'-   i'i|il-l;i*|iT   Pi i'. • ,     .      ,« .  ,
Wl' iH >'il      ,ii,  ii Watch   Repairing
v . , , .   , ,,-i that will be ladies b-
No matter whal i; th'* matter with   your Wll ule befl,t,0 women
A Girl's i • ■■:■'«•.   on   Boys.
Hoys are men that have nol gut „s
big as iheii papas, and girls are ivoni-
. ii that will be Indies bv nul by, Man
I.      When   limi
•valch we can make il as oyumI as new, as we '7^1/1 A','"; ""7""" "T'i
"Well, I tlmik I ean-d ,   oetler   if    I
employ only expert workm n   <in<l our   work|ti,y,i8,iin"  Ami he made"Eve God
. liked Etc su iniieh better limn   Adam
is all   ii'iiarantecil.      Lea.vc your watcli  with tiimtheie have been '-wore »•„ n
- ' i
than men.
Boys are u ti'oiililo,       They   wear
out-everything but-.soap,    ll'   I    had
mv way half tho world ivouli] be [girls
! and the rest dulls     'My    J'i|»it    is    su
; nice thar I think lie inusl   have   been
manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Optician. „ hui.- UM when he was H little boy.
.Man was iiiaile and on the seventh
N ELSON- B C- .day he rested. Woman was then
                                                              1 ni.ule, and she has never rested  since.
• ttllllaltllll**!*"*-)'*1""
8• • • • • <     e 6 I '. (* '■- ■ 9 '•"' »•••••••
•     HEADQUARTERS    FOR    MINING   MEM    AND   'I'll
Newly furnished throughout.    Sample rooms in connection.
Mr. A. I_. French, oliv local agent.
J. O.   Patesiaude,
--Ladies' II-inn- Journal.
American and B.  C.   Hydraulic   Villi:   i:I'sim:ss ctidk
Placer  Company Ltd.
A.1SA1 INC..
K. W, Wi'hhi.v.-un.
I',n-y ,1. (jleaze.r.
Ill Trill'.!-..
.iniin riiiiiii'H.
•      Raton ---l.-.U to §2.00 per day.
FINLAY   McLEOD, Proprietor
| ,',.
Please forward The Y.mir Hehai.ii for
. Iiinllt h
and acknowledge leeeipt of enclosed *?	
Coital $50,000 In 500.000 Shares of ten cents each PJ J"^8bl*Kp UKNTS ,IKMMI,N'
Di'-lil i-av -liilihini; Co.
The Company is now preparing to work tlie (jold
liredge, Black Sand and Nnggel placer leases al Hall
Sidintr, and in order it, purchase- the necessary liiacliin**
1*1 v, tlie promoters'have set aside a limited niiiiilier of
shares bn' immediate sale,
The shares are fully paid and 11011 assessable.
The Company's ground averages iiO cents per cnliic
yard mi the  surface, over "-J40 acres.
Until bedrock is reached these shares can be ob-
t nined :it n bargain.
Meanwhile the treasury slock (-2(10,11(10 Shares) is
left intact,
percy j. cileazer.
I'he Ctua Iii Drug ami Hook i'.i.
nilMTI'l.'l;    I3EA1.EU.
William Clark.
11.   ('lllll|,lil'll.
Ili'slliisav fobbing Co.
(.'nsi'.iopnlitiiii—.John Iirt'iiu.
MeLeod lit.use-l-'iuhtv MeLeod,
Miller House—-S  Miller,
I'liluce—Tail & Ktuhly.
Vancouver—Owen Boyer.
Waldorf—Ueorge Column.
Vmii-—,J. \V. Mastcrson,
l'. S, T, ltn-s.
I M II -     I 1 I,Ml lilt-',     AMI     llll.l.lNKl!
Mrs. John MeLeod
Percy ,1. Gleaner.
I'lil VIIMl.
•Herald Publishing ('".
I), rami,iiell.
Harsliaw & Wilson.
■GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL Clark's   Furniture   Store
'iii-re's nothing like   perseverance       To encourage.the shipment uf   nine     Jaekson & Leahy.
1 ■. ....nud 1,. ii-li in tie1 Ion" 1 ■un.   ex-  ure frum llritish Columbia, tu   Kansas "     '    ']*oiiacciji«
■1 :; ill ise ot a lien sitting on   n   and Missouri smellers,  the   Caiiadiali 1     Miles Mclunis
,, . ,.],,,„ ,..,.,. I'.u-iii.- railroad ha- lately reduced the uniiehtaheii
', ,.   .  , , ,,' |    >\ illiam Clink.
. ,    ,      , lieiuli! rate tu ten   dollars   per   imi.
lhe l..'V|,lnnis an    - nd    I,,   have! ,,,..,.,,•
.   1 , oinee ilieu llu1 linti-li ( uluillbia    Him-
in i». itiiital imi gems .,1 l'iii— anil  au- . .
1 -„,, | ',|'e Italic ha-eriiwii iiileiesliiiidv,    at
I unity hi- il that as t'arly    as    oOOOl ,
. least lu lite   .let.Iiii    producel -.    « no I
(1 1    ihe ai 1 was known.       In    iiianvj I
, .    '    are already experiencing   cumpoiiltuti
i'i      ui.i.t   alll-li-lit      lbs  have    heel; , .
'.' lill  H e-lcl'li nn--.      I III  the    It IMS     ol
fi 1 remarkably good  iiliitalioits   nl;
, ,        .        OK nei  eeiil. /uie, ele is '.-..a lh    ilboill
■ line-. emeralds, sa|i|,hn- - anil    ill ll""
laei iulls -I..la.-—.
o The Hehai.ii is published   every Saturday morning and    *
*  euiilains   all   the  news   of the camp. 4
ii vies- -l'nit Yiiaii, §2; Half Ykah, §1. *
* «■
44********************************************** *
Undertaker   and   furniture    I'eali
Mail orders promptly at!' 111I1 i to
Opposite Couithouse and   new   Post
iiiliee,    Best 25 • meal   in   town,
European und American plan, I Bmcii Strkkt,
Only   while    labor    employed, •**
First ,'i.i-s b«r j Vancouver
Hotel , . .   .
(Under entirely new manageninnt.)
•Dining Room and Bar
supplieil wlfli the heal
in the market.
Right opposite depot,  Ymir
• 1" 111 ll ll
111 1 he iiiainii'iiiiure  nf  bi'sl   grad!
..' .-1 iiliiiuli"
Pupil --I did, un um, bill I did'nl
In,   n lu.
1,.,-it-lu*!    "You didn't moan to?"
|*n|iil    "'*.' ii'ani.    I laughed   in
1,. Klieve ail . ilidn 1 know tliei " win
. .• 111 in. elbow."
fckwtli  Afi'iciih   Win- Land
Grant Act,
l.-i.-hei     "Who    Was    thai      wl...
nip chimneys   -and   !|iiarried   1111111
silica rock, lim-l\ ground   alid   sifted
llnnugli    In    inish    screen    is    used,
. • I! WIS ul im,.I 'ii-i.I.-   l.i  V11I11 r-   lln-lr
likewise litharge,   wbilu    pulltsh    and  11   ,„.,„,„„„,„, ,,.,.  rl..t ,1 .1,1.
■ -'"la       l,|r        "'d US        lluxes,   Wl    ,.,. .ui,,..,.,   i„ 11 11.nu,,n i„,,t    h
I I'hu sand is iiiellUd iu a furuauU   hied   . ■..;  -1.. 1, 1.. \.-1.. •■ li.ci.-l   i,> il-.- nniiitii-..
iy gas f  he ith nh'fi Contain!,    I 1 ' ■"" ' l"1"'" nraidny nljulj   iWtt,    sain,.
to 10  large     iting    put-    ihat    an-  ''■ lh-r"r"r"   '   '" '  '"'," ""
,,..,... ,,     '       , ,    ,   . , I f.ir.iid, liitul- mull In- i|li-il al 11 l.iiii-riit  a
11 I |i. Nmlli-Wi'sl   I rn. i'u n .     Ill*  rn„ 1 L.il from a upecin  V prepare,     |it) I
1 'I '        I'lll.-i' b) llmt iiun-. 1 *
11. ,'i.iei ivlu-al tbis year is   I.In-.- . ,.|.,Vi       |'| lelt.ng pols   are   ii-iis|I\ !;   ,, , _ j. t , s t
' 1 '   - res,      Mill   i-   about    151,000   || ii cbes ill   their   large* t   dialneterj < ,,..■! 1 -.', ,1.,*.   mrofl  .*. Work-. I 4
i.-ies iimrii   til ni    '-'.a-   planted  witli  and 50 iueliisin liciglil       They   me   '.,,,.• ,„ 1 u,.n.* n 1 .-nt, *
u-lii'iii   lasi    v   ,i If   tliu   calling  ananged in a eirelu witl.ii    fill "'    "•"■'    'm> M"*'- *m
1      - -    ■   ! -  > 11 • ■   Ii-i   h\'    lis    llllli'ii    im,.,- (-i;..|i  I,I •,-!'••     ii     lllliir. I'm.
I ti.   present eonililioii   nf   llie  crop  tiikex 21 liours tu melt ll untents ol
  !•  niidiliiui of  a   year   ago, :, j,,i uf 1I10 sir.e ilescribetl
II \ ,. :.| .till lw hail' a-- Iai .;e again , ,,       , .
1    Th.- gla7.fi nn I'urculain is a vilnncd
1  ,    ■    I.l ,„ iiei s -kin 11 a   -I. in   ei in- , *,,    I,.,,,-..    1,,
lilting imparling tu    ll    a   brilliance SAM   MM.I.'•.!!,  Plo|
Thi: uiK'i' iiHAxn oi.* iiii\ii*:k'|-|i-
The Kootenoy  Standard
nnd   Juanita,
'l >si--..-|irtlKD  Iiv
Fii'st-elusK Dining Kouin
Best brands of Wine
Liquors nnd Cigars.
Second Avi
Y.M 11
Headquarters for Hi nim.
nnd C ommefcial Men
Most comfortable hotel in the di-
triet.    Everything Br*it-claiis.
YMIH,  Ii. C,
J.   C.   __W\ & Co,
Nelson, I!. C.
♦ ♦•f+ + 4*+++4+ + *).>*+.+++*>+*»
Ddllveictl any
Vmir Transfer Co,
1 rnp
Teaming and
Express , ,.,
All   orders   piumptly  iilteiitieil
ml ih,* grcttteut care pxerci I in ilu
l!;|ri I|; i"»n- -hiaiidliiigofgooila
Stove Lengths      J1     y,
by ij 1.83,
Green $1,00. *
'mir Citizens
Per Carl Load,    _
1 he ,-ii--,- ,,f ihe   ,/lar.i!    |irop
In.-1111 .i.i 11 -   nf mil' li len 1  ill   ii-ed    In
. .   .       'and  impel nieaoilllv        I'u-v   are   nf ■»
 "'"     ''   - i""i'"*"i '""" ; Headnuai'tcrs for Mining Men 1     No* ic the time to put u,     X
II -I ,...;..!'tin-, f cattle  three classes,    lhe glnr.e p.upe,,   the I   ♦ ft _ ( ^       I ? I LAST Tril I1SDAY IN EAl'H MONTH
",i.i the int. -lilies uf ..ii'l   cattle   are soft glaze uud tl naiiiel   oi   opn,|iie      ■}„-.   supplied   wlih  best brands of i 1 X      I'islav McLkoii President
n-l n,  timdiii ii"   pnckel   or|gla/e».    These glaties aro obtained   by j (vines, liquors ami cigars, \_ I J. ..*  ,    pl X Phii*"y Ql.BA7.nn, Secretary,
I "III)    11 Id i ♦ ini,
.,,   , -,., I     *,    \mm ■ 1 un     I.    i      ■» i A   ''•  '"J.CKWOBTH,  TlOIIH
1 t iii lh" iinild    S.'lO   leave-..        I
■..■liI tu lie In red out i-   laid   I
'     , en   On *■'  :   It".!
\ nn< ell ' Inferring   lo   hi*   I
it -
111- enilnli n i,..-.- fell
Hi-- roi - broke
Hi  ;, , -i   ml
II    hah rose
| | |.. e\ "■    h'.i '"ll
||, ■ . on)   burnt
iwj»„i„g feldspar, ei.aik or    ,it„„,iKootenay Coffee Co.;:mH ^i
I kaolin and nuart».    In soft Bluxee lhe| "' ■ ai
Iglazoiseitl    silicate   or   n   boitl     COFFEE   ROASTERS
silicate and the bii"e*i   employc'tl   in-| 	
■ •lilde lhe OHi'le.1    all'i     Clll bn ll lies    O
I lead, ziie' potassium, sodium, cnleiuiiif I
barium, magnesium and   us   coloring
i agents thfl sails iron,   ctibali,  copper.
Wholesale and retail dealer*
in IVi'-'i liottstl d
II,. bin 11 ''" '•■
''      "•'■' ><•"■■■■"■>; *■" ■   '"' |,l«kel, antimony chronieim nml   man
, ,. ,,, ii,,,,-.'    Im ll    together   and
,,.,,., v ih. jul ill tl"1 lust chapter,        g-anesei
Hicjh * <Srade * Coffees
KHTJJONi 1». 6i
■^RS    J.  McLEOD
■?»J8l  Office (Store   -   Vmih.
CilKMIs'C    am,    AssiM.ii.
iUn jiuvri RibSn Smaller!
Quid,   Silver,  ul-   h,,W     _    .i| in
* "* 11 ■•'.    -   -   -   .   -     $1,51
Quid-Silver,    -   -     ,       ,-ji .-,,,
Charges for ritlitr Wetals on up
lioker St., NeUon.     !
PO Drawer 1108.   Phdho ,\'I7    !


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