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Vol. L—No :il.
Phice Vw i: Cen i-
.       ','t /   .*^,r,       Hastings, British Cplum- .'           Fatal Accident.                  Government Aid.
LOCAL ITEMS        „,„   ,=»plorali„0 WINING NEWS.       v                      \           —       ,
........                                              _ ........                               On Monday last, Ernesl   Ualmi^oV, j «'■'• Hurry Wii«ht M. L. A. 1ms li
Syndicate, John T. Price and    Andy    I'.urgess  one of tlid employ    at    lho   Porto 1 succii*«nful in   obtaining    Ciovernin
Mm. Wilton nnd   family   left    foi
. lie .-fist yesterday.
Iii. Djherty returned frim n     vi-h
In the coast on Moii.Ihv .1 .'it.
The rep it of lhe Hastings i I'-rii-
i-'n Columbia) iC.\|.l..i .iti.ui Syndicate,
Ltd., A'hioli operates    lho   Arlington
are driving a crosscut lo tap the   vein   Kic
.iimlii'i- Cos  1.
I" cnnip   wus  aid  for   s.iv.-nil    necessary    hnpio    •
on the. Jonii mine.     They   antieipute  hii by a limb from .1 high tree.     'J'lie| mcnts >» the town.    The Governim
-Hiking  i. .•it'.i'i- ilri*. It '.■   i.nolhei    50  limb descended almost perpendicularly
Fresh Holh-iid    Herring   in    171b
kits, at Seaney's, 81.50 per kit.
ami the .•.. I struck hiin on the   head,
, -i   ,,. i ,   crushing in a portion   of   about   two
nml oil   i.v n '
i,   ,:   . ...;   : |    ' i|,is    week. \''"''""   'Vmneier-       ■'"   "il>   :,t-   »n™
\ iiiken to tho hospital and died at 0:15 | has instructions  t
Doll I
I'he  deceased's
.,  ,i i, ,,,,     friends in Quebec were ai onto   com-
aiTiinueiiiei.t.s with tlie .smelter,      fin* i *
I uiunieutc'l with nnd   instructions   received for  him   to   be    buried    here
The funeral service took   place   on
I Thursday afternoon, in   the   Catholic
will pnv I'm    ihu   constl'iletioll    ot
sidewalk in place of il tie destroy il
in the recent lire, and oiher sidewa k.s
will he repaired.     Llougald    C.l.ner ...
ih.'a.I   will.
inin ■ at Erie, for the year ending  31,
.M..y 190.4, stales that the slight    im- .     A;.'-.'-l fifteeti men wi-ie 1
pruvemeiif recorded in    tlm   lit.an. ini
C e in and see our   10c   counter,   position of the Company    duiing   the The work on the Doil'lilc Standard    i
il will surprise you. The Fair.       previous twelve months has been fur- temporarily -suspended, pending   new   ,        ,: "'""'"
A fine   selection   of   fancy   goods   ther maintained.    Cash on   hand   nt arrung
>..ii-.l.le for Christmas   present.*.,    will   bankers bus   increased    to   §21,1)10 usual foreo is still   .it   work    ....   tlm
be found at Seaney's, General expenses exhibit a   reduction'' Hunt"!- V,  from   winch   about   100
„        ,.,,•• ■      ,       of .?!)65 und expenditure on tninn [de- tons is being shipped daily.
the L*Ivmi building is now in  place
...T. II." Atkinson's   lot.   and    « il!   vc '' nXW     \    "T        ?     '     ,'■ Me.isrs. Skinnei, Cooke it Me.Mahon | uhu,c|t) j,;i|lg  ,„„,„,.,,„,   j,     ,,,,,„
shu-tly be opened us a drug store. Uiosbipppd to llie smelters   real./,• imve   a lew«   bond   river   tho   -fern . Altlloll-    After tl,-* service   a   large I tor » resarrangeine.it of   tl, it
GU  -flf.JuO,   fillet'     iJCClUCtltll!      COKt      «1 minn  und   mill   ill      Mill      Li,li„(, ll,, . „■      -i-   • .1
Everybody received „ 50«   , lesen.  .'„,„|„ **-.,, „*,.,. „,        vt,    Leslie """ ""' '""     ,"' '   ^'"^     P0'  number of   friends   of   the deceased  facilities therein.
free last week   but   vou       We   still   if h  7 . ' '"       '    lm*   ""   '"      '"'"  ■'"'l"w'"1 the coffin ... the   graveyard,
net nisi wuk   out    \ou.      ».    stii.    l.ll, tin-  'i.-.i  ...rme'.-r ami  engineer,    ,, ,„„*..,     i     \i„      \i„\i„i„„,      ....
. ,     , ''    Hecks.   "I"1     *•'      McMalion   w|iere Fufher Altliofl committed   lhe
this work immediately, li is a son,.
what unusual thing for (luveruiiKnl
aid to he given for improvemi'r.ls
within the limits of a township. In
addition, Government assistance litis
been grunted for .sun.Iry sanitary improvements at the public selipol,   .ill'/
have plenty left,
reports that developiueiit werl
states I nit n mi v -ati-liietiirv amount
remains to earth
The Porto Rico mill shut down   ..n ' "' ' '"*   -v-' linglon   mine   during   the „f mo has been shoivn up,    The\  ex-
Friday for the cold season and in   or-   twelve months totalled 1,170 feet,   at   pet-t, to start up lhe mill   next    week, I New  York Central Group.
der lo ellret several necessary  repairs   ll total ''"-■' "' ■'•■'••!''"   or $"i (IG per 1 'fhero urn al   pr sent   fourteen    men
und alterations |foot.    During tlio year 1,068 inns of |onlp|oyiS,| ftt t|,t. Inj,i,.( w|,ich force will      Tho New   York   Central   Group,
, ,    . , , ... ...nn ore were shipped,   realising  al ui„„.|i.. i,„ i„, i,• h,,.,.,,,.,,,,
lhe ben.ilitul bund i.aii.t.'.l   Water ,       , ,_    , ,   ,     . I""IH '''  laigci*, lll(.ie.iseu.
■   , . the smelter -VI .,300, after deduction
tse.ts winch we are  giving   away   arc    . .    .   . , , The Ma  I >.    mine,   adjoining    the
charges lor li«.-.gl.i alirt ireutiueiit nnd ■ J
now on . li -play.    11 you tion t get one Second Relief mine is  being    wanked
,  making llie usual smeller  deduct mus.
Us your own fault. Ihel'n.r. by the Head brothers, who own a half
llie average gross assay  value ol  tlie ■
Mni-innn   M. i-i-iurio  of N'ew I'l-nvi-i- i-       i ii     c--.i i,, interest, I he ut I.i r hall  being   owned
..iiiii.ii.   iu. i...so. . ni .>>.w i i nni,   ll|(, Klittipeu   was- gplil,   OOB.'IU   per
who   had   obtained   the  position   of  tuntsilver,   ©3.73:   total,   $56 13 rer
by I-'i..eli and C.iinpbell   of   Spokane
sobool teacher for  the  Ymir   Public hon- ,„„) L\xa average net smelter v.duo    "° ve
The vein is uf very similar   nature   t
iwned and operated bv K. Peters and
associates, is showing no itiinarkiibly
well under development, I. is situated directly opposite tho town ol
Ymir, and tni.U ty between tlio Hunter V. mine on Porcupine creek, and
the llui.-lee. Viinkco • ;i.l  and   Atlin
that of the Second Itelief, lo which ii
School, wires to my he ia  unable   to  WIUi -ft.y 33 pe|. lon  The total cost   of
■ ,|... il,,, ,„,„:, 1,,,, .  . iii- i- ■ ^...,i I runs parallel.      A   carload   shipped,
take tne position. mining and hauling to Erie  was ---...2, ' 11    •
,.,,,,..,    , ... 1 some time back, netted  the  shippers
Specu atbns are r fe as to   who    s 094.03,   leaving a gross   profit over M
I -*<1 ((Id.     (lie is now being taken    out
.     tin I'.ear creek.    There ni e live claims
the hoodoo in town.    The  camp   has  mine cost of over 811,6(5G. The gross
I       ,., ,. 11 lor sliMimenl, so to- nl:.,in  .j . tons    ol
...inn experiencing     a   .1111   of   hard   profit pel'lon   ol   me   Rlnpped   over ' ,,.   ,    .       ,
/.,.,-.,,.,. 1   lug 1   grade   st nil   truing   been   Rot
luck in the matter of fatal   accidents mine cost was 913.13, which is etjiwl     -*     b
to 31 per cent, of the net.  sineltei   re- 1
und l.nd lires.
The Se.uml Relief boys hud n race
for the barber when they ennui to
town this week. They had nil cultivated luxuriant beards and were in
11 inn ry to ^el rid of thein.
When it lutiies   to   Holiday   goods
in the group, « hi. b is traversed by
six parallel veins, ranging in width
from three feet lo fin ty feet. An
eminent milling engineer who examined this (list riot for Marcus Daly some
years ago, is authority for   lho   stat
inent that the    mother    lode    of    till
camp runs through   this   g.oup   and
fffVfTVfftfVfftltff*    I""    n     -v.i.a u.i ■-.,.	
MftTirr J j with 01 e shoots from that mother lode.
1 s V) 1 I *— IC • 4    . ,* .,- ,,
ZI According to Hus survey the   motlie.
Second Relief Hine.
The Second Relief mine at Krie,
closed down this week for the winlet
season, in conformity with its ..stud
practice. We are informed thai
when tl.e properly is started up again,
it will possibly be under new mail'lgc
me.it, a- it i-, now a.id r option,
which is liable to he taken up before
The .nine never looked b. tier than
ill pie-elit. The pnsl season has been
a more ] rorltnblo otio than any pre.
vious one, and there is at, the   present
moment ore in sight sufficient t.., lasi
the present ten stump ...ill be. we.-,
live and six years, The pay ore
vanes in width from four to six fee.
and will often average ?40 per ton.
Although there is so much ore
ahead the initio is practically in its
infancy, as the greatest .1. pth so t..
attained is not more than 240 feet.
turns. On Company's other chums it.
the Kits*. K.oo.eui.y district   m> work ' ^4^4^444.4^^444.44^4^4^44444 I the smaller veins are merely branches
'.as been  done dining  the  year,   the
Directors preferring to wait the result
'"'''r;1"1"1,1" " idjacentpropertJo* j-| — tl ,.,-,„.,',-  Wild Horso mountain I        Court of Revision
Undel- the manager's   advice   two|J     -\ Ul OSS lil.U Ki'il    111    (:11IS } | on whicli are situated the 0>>od Hopc>, j
additional sections  to ihe Blair.nore
»i.cn 11 comes   10  nouoay  gooas lldd,t, | sections  to the Blair v ♦ |„,lUtP«   flint*  Pilot- Pu«,,0,n'    Wi:'"'y'    •»■«•«««■«.   Toronto    Owners     ot      \\
i-.i.d Holiday inducement.,   cou.it   us coa| lands have been   secured, which |H1J«U .imk.ik- ♦ i Cfu,.i.lif... !',i<ili.- .^...,.1. u,,<l .,U„-is   of ,  ,     t ,     ,.*	
in .ni it.    Kcad and consider the ope, Mf. Bill   eotisiderttl   were   Btsary, fyOUt' HllljSCl'i|)tion ia  ill    ill'-
ni..1 .all and see the other. an(] will be valuable when the  proper •
The Fair. time ill-rives, for negotiating for the X l'l'ill'itinl wc VVOlUil  lie ijjlad
,,   , ,, 1.1 •  1 i sale of the properties  as to which the
I ober eliwii-l;,    the    p. uMi.e.nl '     ' ♦,,.l,,,.,,.     r.i,.,.!     ,*,..,      tl'    ......
1 Diiuctoia advise it willing policy. Tlio|?to hear   tKiiil   \ou    it   you
nss ssor for ibis district, «as down on
,,.,,,, .,     coal lands being situated in the North
\\ eiliiesdiiy last, eil(|Uiring   linn    llie
ar-peu!s for reduction   of   assessment
promise,   through    Dundee   mountain
and on lo .liil.il.-o mountain.  The big
vein of the New York group his   lies
general direction, and   has   a  nearly
verticil   but   slightly   easterly   dip,
while the five smaller   von. -   situated
...    , ...       , 1 I « iMi  1 y> im 11- ..   i in 11 1 in in 1,    A
West Territories, it became necessary, ♦ £ to the east of   the   big   ledge,      dip
which had been pal  in.   Several''i-e-  iu <"*dr*r to comply with   the  laws ,f   ♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■>♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»   we,terly.
1 the district,   to   estali-h    a   registered   ITnlnrliitnariinnfwnliniiili-f.il    feel
It. ttons were made. ..._......?-., I nu.iuixu   leei
Another Fire. I"1' tunnelling, forty feet ofshafi wi rk,
tnd consiilernblo  surface  prospecting
wi.-li to havo it continued.
Lund   Appeal   From
ufflco at Cole....11.1 ill the neigliborlinod
Messrs. Dewar, Kearns and   Kelly. Lf  tho   coalfields, and thi- has 1 1.
: "■..-.■ missioners  for   the   Vmir effected at u very nominal cost.                 On Tuesday last, the drygoods   and hag been done   un   ihu   New    i'ork
district, sat In JSVson   on   Thursday.                                       millinery stnro owned by   Mr**.   John group, with very encouraging  results
and granted renewals to   twenty-four.    Go tn Si'niiey's for fresh minoemeal   McLeojl caught fire, md bin  for   the Tlm veins « lo or lesseaf ped nv-
hotels situated    will in   the   llistiict,  nIIC* ot|l0,. Christmas cutidiinentsi          prbmpt assistance the building   would L|- with   n   borphyritlu   i-ock,   which
,„,;,,,, .,11 ,| ,„.li,..,ti,,e 1 1 ,11 ,       ...    , '     '   pio.1, and Cm ih'".   creeks.      I his hi
l»'ing all the iippliuiti  ,        ,     assortment l,ttV0   '"'"   """I1"1'')'    demolislicd,  „ Vns way lo a b I. • blockish .marts'.1        ... , .      . .,
••'(-•.'... • \  ons .1 .111.    nsKuii "    ....      .      -ii-        i       1               •• '                                                          ! was sold 11. two I In- ,, ,\ 111 I   H,      I
We .am.u.   enumeratu   I,-..-   lhe of fresh candies and feetiul.ery for; ' '•• '"" '« l'"1";'"1 "' hy ■.»'«...»..d    ,„plPgnaU.I with   Iron,   ga.t ««1 Lh|o|l-., „;1,„; ,,:.     |lr.,
naiiv Xmas presents «e   carry   ibis | Xlmh.                                              | from the   woodwork   uf  a   pall  nine blonde,   Tl.e value*   arc  nearly'
The court of revision on the Ian !
assessments made Ly assessor lie
wick will be held by W. A. Jowett 1 1
the court liou-e on Friday of this
week. There ale a number i.i 11.in 1
appeals to he adjudicated, but ihe on.
ly one of imp..1 lance is that of Cool I
md 1'van, Toronto people who I.... ■
acquired from the On il Nortlu 1
Railway somo 30,000 to 35,000 ac.
of timber land on .he north fork , (
Sah.iu.. riv.-r, yiieep, llouldor, ' 'h 1
. - a.- hut snlli.-..1 Ii. lay   Ihill    v.e    can
i| I !x     vmi     ,\ il li    nllni.-l    iinvlbiiiL'
lio.ii •".,' up,    Nun know ihi*.   i-*   our
specialty, Th.- Fair
' -a l-'iidny .he public Ccl.iinl   closed
Archie \lcl»„i,..all left for s„„k...,e U"'""*]' w,,,cl]"'' I'i'"'fm,n  t,,e  "n ■•■ K"1'1 :""1 ;|! ' ■i|;'''"'' wW'
heater pa-nl,   hefbl-o   entering   Mm  very little silver,    rn addition tj  the
In icl. 1 hinni.'V     Th" iilai in was given   .
01, Friday and is intending lo lind   n
winter local ion further snutln
IVi'c ate 10 I iveral changes   in  w„Mp,i,klv , „ the -|-..i.   the   llnmcs   , king In supplies, timlxsi   -     ,   b.
ihe -i„ii ui' ihe Ymir Hospital   short-   DeiiiB well it. hulid ..i-hin ten minutes Lidei h blacksmith shot) ...el   com	
figlire I llUI    ll   *.:    pi I   ll.'.e lllld  fill   '
second abuul -J L'0, the total   put
is miey being iJtUO.OOO.    Tin. hi.
~n< "   above dovoliiiimt...  >"-i k,     ■   tw.
... ... ,.l 11 . ,'-.-:m nl  '.mi ,    lh"    1 '-.1 ;•, nil    11
iboiii i.inlih.v, .01,1  ih.-   im-   brigade  „.ih-..f g I trail Inn* been built   foi      ., , ,  , ,   ,
paid, hut uen •' le .• -   an a| 1 • d   h is
b. un t iki 11     ' hi .. Imt ground ■ 1- ■   '
foi   the. wilder   h-lidai-,   ar.H   ih.-ly     Dr. Do ty U leaving and   Dr. |of ^ ti .|„,, t|„  .,, „,ls   ,  ' ./,.",,,..,„,.,..-,. f,„-the I,,-,,.    A small '' "     A" "'
I   •;   1 - and friends     In   the   nt'icr-
1,1 -a was -ei ved ami the Children
v. 1 -ie legated v.ill. candy etc,
John McYh-ar II. A lutl! Msnyer
for lhe Ymir mino-i i- now in Koss-
1,1., 1 working under I'.-i't'es-ii- flrock,
in making a series of esl.iiustivo tests
in , 11 ih.- L" llui, Will I'-igli-i I '".lire
Btiir and Snow.shoo (lloiiu'lai v. mini -.
1',-ofessoi- Urn k, « ho .-, a member .-t
ll ,. |.,,iniiii,Mi Ueologlcal   Depailmenl
|,a, eivod I. .iv '■   ui   itlwenec  fr	
i|(.. 1 louhiiii'ii Oovernment, und i-
n.al i.ig Iiiu present examination ul
Um above named mllies, foi' the ptir*
!„,.,. ,,| prepnUng detuiltd mports,
which may '..' li.-ed a*, a basis for the
liinidgain.ilioii "I' He' piopertios uiirlei
i„„, -.-ompauy, Mr, McVicar e*i!pocls
I, bo ...gaged ..le.nt three .. 1 nths un
i.l-is work
la-i ...mi uf revision ...1 th" • lu.i Is
■ ■I. .he ground thill tiny hud I- - 1
selected latt'l llu.li th.- fit *.t . I
"d, and thai  lhe pel iod "I'	
frum linn.inn dated from th • '... I
•     dren went through   loine   closing   Blllotti of Kos-ilahd,   who   acted   as L-j.oni   The work of the firemen   de- force has lieen steadily woiking  bine.
i' i"-'1   hef    an   attendance   of locum-tonens dul'lug   hi',   temporary   istfatod that tllcll'effiiiU and   ihe |UKl -.pHng undel- the   supervision   .,f "" ""',"
absence, v ill lake   his    jilnc" Ml«"   eqilt| lit now  il. il-e eo-,.1,1  cllecl ise- \|,.   ).,,,, ,". '
Thoinp.-uii   also   leaves   next   week,   |y handle any ordlnuty. eoiillagration.       ft U proposed to continut ve -
having-JedUred the poslti.ni of matron      T i,;,.,-    ,;,„',   ,1,,,,,.   „,   ,|„, „„.,„ w,„l< „ll   .1 ,uh   the   winter, ,
at the Suntlon Hospital,      Her   place Lootl. Ivan IiV means of tlio water    -,- w   1     ill 1 e     l»    ,1     „ , "»■* *Ubsct|Uent selectlnli.     lh,*    ,.,
1 . goo,is wns oi  nn an- 01 1 ne  wiitei,    a- \\ 011; wi'i lie conhn.'d Im  .lie I'rc-ent ,     , ,
will  I.l.  l-ikl-n  li'-   tti-1     'I'lulni-     •illrip    , .,    * , , , not   llplie 1  ,      Allot  n-i   pOsUlO I! groH.I.I
»ni ot iiiMn 113  nuss   Injun,  -1.1.1   f,-on, their  nature   ihey   were   verj to the big ledge, on which   a   tunnel ,    , ' ,    ,   ,       '
uftheRoV  IL   L'i  Tiiylni-,   formerly  ,-..„ 11,.,.   ,„   .„;„,..   fmni   o,,,,,, ,       111 v     ,, i» that the deeds Have not  all  1 1
■> siisiipiin.i    (..   injur]    nun.   i.ainp,  ha-, uliea.lv i.een starleu,      Arrange ,
Methodist, minisicr here. .,,,    ,.,,,■,, , ',  - , . ,1 hclweeii tint   eonlraetuig   partit-     \\
' I lie llie llsell mil v dfiiiingi'il 11 iioi'lioii uien's nre licing   made    lo    liavo   lie ' ,,     ,. ,       ,   , , ,
1 1 ■     1 ""' '"'"' "'  ''"' '.— •■ ....'lit.     I'i
11 "'ce™   ","1   lawhci-s   "t  Um „f tluig Is in the stol'e, hiit thewnt-1 «ioilp luryeyed and   crown    gri «• (Ji,w| ,   ,,,„    v   ,,    m„ Nrl,.     ,
Siindnv school are giv in,-   th"   st-liool  ,   ..,,, ., . A llvti liiindreil foot pipe iihe will   be  ,  ,   ,.
B l-r which .1 was  essitry  I.i    use   to 'ii Itosshnel w ill   atipi at-   (III    heliidl
cbild.-i'it ti tI'l'iii   on   Ghr.stliinB  eve I ,     ,'    ,       . laid.for silpplying water foi   domeslie ,,   ,        ,   ,, .,.,     .,
provelll   the   spread   ,,1    the    Unities, ,.'  ,      , ,    1 CooU) .nil   Hun.      II"
It'lluOses.        1    lid "1-  tlie  I l-esell.     IMI'llloll
,.' 1 mi" 1,1   -'
A big Christmas ttt'o will be   s.-i   up ,  p-J|.n(|HM|    Under the present   method    .       ..     .
in   the   I'rcNbvtctifii,   c||Url.||.   (,„,„, caused considerable  damage   lb   llie nf sysle .develop ,.',   U   should U,B w,un"01  "" ll"
whieh will be picsentn ,'(„-   the   i-lul- household   I'.,,-,,,,,,..-   in   ,h,-   upper nbt 00 Inhfl  hefore       N.-v,   i'ork   hasnotasjetbeblllliadbpubl
, 1.   •      1       .   •      , *,, ,,   Central group Is added to Ihn  lid   of!	
'll'""     DuHn« »*l'"ing thein  will ,- p, also t(j H-ruiun /.biers   - -  .,„.,,,;„,,.,„:,  ,h,s , p. .„    .    v., . .   .
he inilste til.d l.ciliililii.s, nnd arrnnge- !.,,.,„..:.,,.    ......lai.t n    ...,o.    ,1 ' '   I"'   ':'  '"   N')!!'  I
i.ien.*l hat e heeu ...ad" I'or line
(!liristi..|.is f.-liviiy Anybody who
wishes to lime a pilisdllt pill   ou   lhe
l.-ee t'l.l   llllV OtllBl' pl'ISon, lllllj   till     -u
pniiiiig    1 —-1.1 lili-vl 1 Hi' ill    n."H    dun..
Card   of   Thanks. PkiwiiVtbiius biiulirn   Kuitdui
H llool  and    lliblo    ( I.i--.    'I    p.     1
*l|'- ""'l wf' ;'"1"'  *1"1-" ii'1' i-:,".,ing-,.„.-, Ji.'tn.    v.,in.-.  I',.
he eiiisons,    it    to e\|ii-s ihcit' lluioks !!• the cili/."i|s ■        ,        ,
 '   ' '   "     . ..' ,.11     ,,..   I1'1'* Boeetj meets on I'rday  cvei
, ,    nl  1 .mi' Im  .he i-i■ 'iitt    and    heal, v    '
iy leaving the article at thb iliurch  would Imveuli-Joubtdlly been   niut'l. .^.j.^,,,,,. nM\^.vi\ ,|„ .,„ ,|un,i;.   ,1,',. titflo'cluck.    All are wclconm,    lit
.11 Saturday aflerllooil. cidil!.-. , ('n-. - ll. Yot.l.-j, M. A., I'li-tu',
The loss is esliiiiiilcd at  -'I-'...",    '.villi
no Insurance      Without   the rea.lv
and  ilh!.' n*.-i*1 ih 1  1 1 1
j o
THE  YMIR   HERALD ""uMI M'',,ir,-V rtcd ,w ^ '*     Companies Act, .897.     Q.   McARTHUR     &   COS
_________   to our canip.      I his    week     we    learn' ' ^~^ \sxx J   V   J    XX   *--S  X  -k. *-wV     V.   V.V    -~
en.Oi;-.,. a m-c-ri  sour h-. nml unillm!
ii 1 in-.-. or ipllviTt-rl by cnrrii-r In lovvn.
] Unit ci.iiallv brighl prospects   are   iii
in unv I        J     ■ «*      I       I
Notice is hereby given  that Suvan- '
■ utj' ■: ; -i-'ii- W.0(||..t iiti.nitn, i jiit.lii In nil-
ti'""''*     '
AuvcriUi.n.' r.ai.... || ;.,i i ,-i- im t, i i.r ,.. i -i,
i'.iK   lliiiu.n aim  I"- Ii nl   tr mi ull  |..|i-lue:
-i-_t 111 for our sister town of iv ie. (Jn j
lhe front page n ill bo found the re- |
perl of the Arlington  initio, which    is;
I verv opium- Im us to the prospect s   of
,.,.vvM|.-iii.-rs in Hi.- i|l-..rn:i .,r uijj.ii  Ii.i  nliln'm-.l
rfireotrromtlmonipo. .'■''■' propeities immediately surround-
ConiuK-rui.-.) priiitii|ii q(   ,-,...-    k-vpri-jiioi, I'ng'Jl'een City and    prophesies    thai
I'll,', ini,.- ;.r-:.. I*.- ul -.',;,.,:! ,i. tllCcitJ    will   bccunio ll   Kl'C.ir.d      LllHe.
run. i-iii.u ny rip;
HI-..1AI..1   I'. III.IS!..Ml    COM IMS V
II.   KK.'.KV.S,   \|.VN.\illill.
; lie li.-.- over lOOp feet of develop.
men I \yorlc dp,np op the Cppper  Farni
| without trvinutii   ship   ayd   expect-)
I uc-.a i.-prinjj to interest papital which
will put il il| shape to become n large
produce)'pf low grade copper ore.
There is als,q g<:..'| news fioti* the
Second Itelief whioh, vyithoqt deep
development, I pis sulljoit'lit .ire in
sight to Inst ifs mill five or si:; years.
The ore piorpoypr -pi in- (,.. be  bpcom-
nah   Johnson   Speak,   resident    Mine
1 I
Manager of lin-C.-inpanv n. Vmir, II '     " '
C, I""! been sub-tilt,ted   Attorney I HOUSEHOLD    NECESSITIES
of   '.The Ymir (hild  Mines, Limited,'I
land that   the  former  -id... itution   of
llichar.l Mend    Vtwatcr uiifl  Gporgc *-:,|..;    AGENTS    FOR   TIIK    MASON-EISCH    I'iA.'vi
I'liled pctoh -r "'•!!, l!'0*l.
"S, Y. W notion,'
IfegisH'arof Joint Stock Companies Furniture Dealers and  Itinera! Directors
^~ NELSON. B.C.,
S y.—We are s/il.i i,geiits tor tliu Marshall Sanitary  Mattress, nml  the Ujolic.-
This i- tin- liiin- of ill" year lo g.-t .you- piek of Ihn many suluct pi.-ei -.    |
I'm niiiiie.    {roil Beds, Liuoleiiins, Kugs, Carpels ami  llaiiiinocl,-.
The rpuyo|-al ponte$t,ip Nplspp, lu.s
jig.iin degeiie|'.it('(| iptp a piud slinging
exhibition, one of thu pajididldps being himself ap eifpprt. at the art, apt]
tin- other beipg backed ).y |i news, ing of higher grade ih.-.n heretofore',
paper editor, wllp is jil.-p ji first plan*
exponent of the .same.
The lasi three pionthj   |iavp   been
have beep   crowded    wilh   pasuultieu is repi,-.tel] moreover that   after   tin
.-o thill  thp past unison has  |ae|i    thp
most prosperous in ihe history of the
mine, whikjt the cpmipg seuspi. i- expected to he sti'l more profitable     I.
ijartc.i moreover
present « inter shut   down,    iiiiange-
iiiL'iifs wjll be ini'de to run    ll|6    pro-
i-noi|gh to k|sl over two years  of   oi
ilinuyy history jn Ymir*    There hav
been within iliat period, threodestruc ]l(.,.,y ....ntinou-iy,   through   -um.,
live lires, and   su   de.iths,   four   of
i>f which ware the result of   accident.
previous to tl|0   last   throe   months,
there had beets |io fatal   accident    for
.. long time.
A i the lire tins wook which destroyed the gi'oiiter portion of Mrs
Mcl.cod's dry good-, nnd millinery
slock, there was a large turnout of
helpers, who worked vigorously and
well to get the Rl'O in hand. Their
efforts were rewarded by the C01llln.fi
tuition being completely subdued, ten
minutes after tho hose ...■rived. An
Important auxiliary tu tlio base equips I
and winter The Ida D. ttdioiuiiu,, iv
ulsq shoving up well, and ds prepar
ing to -hip high grade oi e,
I ii addition ... tl xcellent  l.iii.iiif
outlook, I'lrie will probably be llu
center of ti great |limber industrj
next siiiumer, Messrs, (.'note uml
l.'yau have acquired some .'I."., 1)11(11Hereof limber land oil the north fork ...
lit. Salmon, Sheep, lloiild.-i. Champion, ai.(1 Cariboo creek-, the purcll*
use price being §00,000.    It is probo
hie that the Work of cutting    will    be
comment ed next spring.
Chamberlain and Rose-
nient wincii might havo beon   worked I
lo advantage was however Ion    large! faery   Oil   Canada.
extent neglected,    Mr.   Coffey,   cap-,    M|.   .., 1,^,,-,",^   ttl.itle» u
lain of the lire brigade, states I lull he   \..Ut.i% ,,f vv|,jc|, tho following nre e.\-
|i;is endeavored   to   impress   on   all  tracts, to the London "Ti s'! in   re-
llicwo who have   rmall   chemical   cx» ply to Lord llogebery attack   nn   his
tingushew, that their first object,   imH -"Iil;-v:
,,   , "Tniperial Liberalism as  represoi.t-
hearing the firo alarm   should   he   t..'   ,,,,,,      „    ,
en bv Lord  Huselicrv,    "has now   de-
fjet those exti.igusl.ors on the ground Lm'vnle(l ,nto R m.-m „,- s„„(,.s .,,
lis soon us possible Iii the early |,|„, motives and intentions of tin
hinges of a lire, these exlingusht rs are 11 loionies in supporting a   preferential
very ell •.•live, nnd tun of  be   used   policy witlt the Mother country
I u such effect   ns to subline   n   fire, I    "»-*'eause, with a t 'ere.ico,   it   i-
,,, ,               .    ,                  ,         impossible for anyone to  say   before-
which has nol gained great   headway, ,   ',     •    , f
I hand what, will he the  precise    coiali
omiroiy obviating ll.e use of the bigL-0||1( ii( _ mm^ undol1)tauding,
hose. Ily this means, slock and fur-1 Lui-d Hiwcbcry brings himself into
nii'in is much less damaged by wat- line witjt tliu Little Ijugliinderi hv
ir than when the hose   i-   used,   aN s.- tig the  idea   that   any   under
though lho latter  sl Id   always   be
uu ihe spot to supplement the opera-
lion ut thu hand mm liinos, Tlie
la.i.-i etui bo got (o the  wil   of   lhe
•landing is possible,
"The formal i. nolutioii adopted hv
..II the Premiers ul ihe last London
conference is   igiu .. d   by   lit in j   he
doe- nol   appear    III     he     aw ale     that
fire far re quickly   than   can   the I Im ge preferences have   already   beei
big hose, and two or   threo of  them|acconled by Canada,   Mouth   Africa,
vv ill subdue II fo..side: ible   ( ollllagl I.
I ion, In tho In i in iiiu. • "n\\ one
vmi*. foi ihciiining, ai u .. I   o oi    threo
Inure had been   present    to    eolith	
lhe good iinik done In  il, i. ;s   | i-
I,'., thai much lo > damago miglil
have been done, Tho chief would
like tin polnl I" bo ben n • in mind,
and ii i ci i lainly a [pod one. 'lhero
is oi,.- p.mi' about fires in Ymir   and
tinI  |s    I hill     the    help    iniinedi i!' I;,
md New Zealand, and that grcatei
advantages have been promised ill re-
...in I'n reciprocal action on our part,
while   his   profound   knowledge   of
Colonial human nature convinces Inni
that our fellnw.subjucts vvill lake all
that they can gel. and give nothing III
rcliii ii.
"li' in1 add Iu (his evidence the un*
eotitcsled statement ..I Mr. Fielding,
the Mini-ier of Finance ..f the Dominion    of ('ana.la,    ill    his     lllldgel
speech, that ' ivo say to the Kngiish
people  ihai   Canada is practically a
L-lion.il Bool. Case and l-'ih
TO  l>!-.i.lXi...r!,NT CD OWN PHS.
'To Wawkii •'.    lhi.tirs,   or   any
oil.ci person l|. whop, he may have;
transferred his interest in thp Meadow
Lark mineral plpim, si l mil ci I on
Wild llo.se ci-ek about spypn piiles
froip the town of Yniir. in the Nelson
Mining Division ijf West Kootpnay
District, mid i io. iill <l in the Recorder's ollicp for ihe >>p!-..u Mining Di
You ;.n.l each of you aro he.el.v
notified that | have expended spyepty
six dollars and eighty-seven cents
l*?7ii..**7) in l.iln.r and ip.p|oveu,iuiits
upon the above mineral claim in order
io iiuld 1.11:1' under the p.IovisiollH of
the Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from the date of this notice
vmi fail or refuse lo poulribulo y. ur
portion pf expenditure, together  with -.—...^.»„.,...-. .,-,-....,  s        ........
t^Jl^t^r^T A, MACDONALD & Co,
jii-.iy ui lhe subscriber, under section
I of an ael entitled "An Ael to
Amend the .Mineral Act, ruin.'
I ...h d ai Ymir, L. C, this '-".J   day
of Ootober 1904,
All w<>rk out rusted tons is neatly qm\
prorpptly   exenitcd,
Nut ice.
TO C VV, Keech, or any other per
son to whom  he   ...iy     have trans*
Pwilers in Staple jukJ Fancy Groceries,  .Miner's Sinwlrii"-
I'lltmlvcts, Socks, .Mills, Gloves,   Rubbers,   VuiWv-.
wear,     Overalls,     l'alrnt      Mi'tliciiics,
m  he   in iy     hnve trans-i Milllllllt'l V.
ferrcd his interest in the St. Thomas NELSON  B.  6, • BOX  1095,
and T.lcgia|ih mineral claims situated
in the      Nelson        Jliuing        liivi-      mm _        ,     ,. .        ,	
sion of West Kootenny District, and
recorded in the Kecorder'a ..ll'.ce for
tl.e Nelson Mining Division.
You and   each   of you art!   hereby
notified that J have expended 'l'11' V^nm-«T AffPnt
hundred and two dollars and fifty 1MII1IUJ5 /IgCIU
cents ($102.50) in luborand improve-:
men ts upon the above mineral claims
 ACKNT    FOB   -
Stocks and Share,?
Mutual Lifti Insiiiaiicc Company of Now York,
in oi.l.r lo hold same under provisions
ut lhe Mineral  Act,   and   If  vv ithin
ninety days from   the dale of thi-  no* I
licevo.l   fail or     rel'm.elo    co.ili il nil- ( -.* nal |j;in  ( 'asllltll V --- I lllilt'l"  I IISIiralH'C ( '. I.
your nortion of expenditure, liogether ,      ,, ,   ,,,      , .,
...  ,,    ,   ,.       ,. .     "„,   |, London Mutua   v ire Insurance Lompam,
with all cos's nt advci Using,  your    in I       '
ici.st iii said daim will  bcoome the        Ottawa Firo [nsurance Company.
property of tho subscriber, under sec
um I of an act. entitled "An A.-t t«.
Am.-ml   the   Mineral     Ad,     1000,,
Dated at Vmir,  11. 0.   ibis    I Ltil
day of Nov   [904
V.MIR, I'.. < .
iiuil in support of pcrfereutiul trade,
pjven to those  v.l.i.'.e   (,'oods   are   in  [ think  we may conclude thai there
• ,i ., i, i. always sponi ukjous and
hearty, ovcryone lurning   in  lo help
legaldle-s of I III II • lllpl •'• ...' Ill III' of
the good clothes lle-v n ay h- wealing.
I,ill  week vie    had    sonielhing    lo
i ii  iiioui the la ighl pros] - I'm the
In.m< ibale flitilte, which   W0    holicd-d
arc nolle so I.luui ii. this country as
those |i.iiiv |ioliiii-iaiis who will nol
see iii these i.iiinil'e-,1 uiions||of opinion
.■in', ut aging proof oi' the desire of the
Colonies lo unci ..*. halfway in any
concessions We niay be culled upon to
ma le,
"There was a lime when    Imperial
[•'(•deration ..ml commercial unity were
objects for ivhicll I.old Hosnheiy was
1 cMill III   to   die,'   but   he   is   IK.   dotlhl
inn h more In his clement a, ll cynic
limn us it mm Mr
Year by year our 8ta- fe-
tionery and leather Roods
department lias been
extending    its    business
throughout the Dominion.
»«    i\* envelopei   in   miitctt   (or    M
/.!>      «'nly$i-oo. i,*:
Engriving o( citdi, wedding
invitfilion*, etc., iiromptly
attended lo.
Wf Will »e»J. rxprm-% prrpmil.
f*j full ulirtti oi linen ubrlc
wrltlnff p»p»'f. Bmltotioil  '«
Color   «'i'l'    Wiy   trtilinl.   aitJ
[HADQUAUTKRS    I'Dl!    MINIM!   MKN    AND   Till
Newly furnished throughout.    Sn.nple rooms In connection.
•      Hates 91.50 lo IJ2.I50 per day.
I'INLAY   .MeI.KOI), Proprlet.
Ymir Transfer Co.
JACKSON & I.KMIV, l'.o|.s.
Tcaminyj and
Express . .. *
All   o.d.-is   promptly   attended lh
Uld the gl'eiltUsl cue • .',el i io .1   III   ih.-
nit.idling of goo.li
n^^*-w» rrT^mv-T-.-mi.    .....   -.•-....,..-
Ooltlj  Silver, or   Lend i*?l,00
Copper,     - -    -     91.50
Cold Silver,       -     - ,*?l "lO
Chai jjCs i'or oth. r n eh:'., on up
I'iuv im i,d Asstiyei'
P.O. Inauei- Al I'i,   V'JIIII, IK'.
m—- Thoughts of Home.      J A Bath House Histake.
C. N. P. Coal Co. Gets
C. P. R. Branch.        L , "      ~, .
_ lit dus mc good to go back hum,
Tho  Crow's    {Jest    Pass   Railwav |      Wl"'"' "" m-v f"liiM's !*.
Company look over, on December  15, ! A"  (■>'•' *■'' WW1*' welcome thet
the Canadian Pacific Railway branch !    '■''"'•>' ,llllUi llavl' ,V|' ,"0;
from Fernie to   the   mines   at   Coal j l !il"" tow 8ee '"*>' neighbors, tpq-
Creek    This  move   is  in  connection'    Th'wut)s I uster know
with    the   Great   Northern   Railway , When * " B-- j*'-*' '* litll*J "l,l.
construction   which   is progressing so !     A long, long time ago.
rapidly in the district. The  American The qPhoqfje looks about th' same
line   will   thus   have direct access to!     A nestin' mungst lh' trees;
the fuel fields which are to so   largely   Th' birds is singin' lost ns sweet,
pupply Montana and other American I    Likewise the honeybees: Once in the course of ii parliament*-
points hereafter. Tl.e Great Jforthern ' And up anil   down    lhe   front    var.l , "ry speech, which was punctuated by
Around Stockholm there
n.e ninny suburban       res
.sorts where Rea bathing is indulged in
I when the weather is   warm   enough.
At one of those resorts a   visitor    olt-
. served a large signboard at   the   gale*
way    leading:   ''Dam    Pad     Haus."
■ This notice gave   hi;.,   quite   a   shock
until he found out it meant   "LipJies'
Bath II..use."
has  jest   bridged   the  Elk  river air
pontraots for the depot  section  house
nnd  other  buildings   at Fernie have
-s i
been let,
Rossland Wants a Cop=
per Bounty,
At n vvell attended meeting of   tho
Where once f uster play,
The samp   spnfjow'rs   t|ipt   blpoinefj
(.bar' then,
Is bloopiin' thar' tew-day,
Ole Shep, who's knpw'd pie ever sence
I v. us -i little boy,
Will alius !peet me at th' gate
Vn' hark an' jump fer joy;
r.s he -.viis years ago,
A..: mother's head is rqos' es vvhite
Fs la*-t December's suovv.
Thar' hain't  no spot    ojl    this    gi
Whar I kin feci es  free
1 Ks back limn' whar' I alius kimvy
I     A vvelciin. waits fer mej
iT hate let- think aboi|t th'  time,
|     Which soon er lute must cum,
When thar' won't he no one left
Tew welcome me tew hum.
Hoard of Trade, of Rossland, the   ful-1 I notice pap ain't quite so spry
levying  resolution   was   unanimously
"Resolved that in view nf the
groat disadvantages which gpjd-cop
per mining is labouring under in this
Province, and the vast revenue derived from it by the Dominion Government, lhe Kosslund Hoard of
Trade do take steps to petition the
Dominion Government tp grunt a
bonus on copper ns it has done on
lead and iron, and that this Hoard
shall, as a preliuiinaiy step, invite
lhe co-operation of the various Boards
pf Trade throughout the Province,
with a view io presenting a unanimous memorial through our representatives in the Dominion  Parliament."
In debating on the subject, it win
staled that life copper miners were
taxed very large sums in the way of
customs duties annually in order to
protect, the Fasten, iiiuniifncluiers.
It was held that this being the ease,
the manufacturers should be taxed a
Iiitli- to pay a small bounty on cops
per. 11 iv as shown that while the
gold copper mines have paid dividends
of $2,500,000, the silveflBad mines
have paid §3,500,000- If the lend
miners are entitled to n bounty under
such oircumstances, lho copter minors
should be Healed likewise and lllis is
particularly the ease when il is known
that tlie copper millers have a much
larger quantity of capital invested
than tic le nl miners.
Mints   On    Building
It may be of some interest and use
lo those cmten.plat ing building cabins, out i.i the mountains, to describe
a method which is found to answer
excellently in keeping the interior
dry and warm, no matter how much
snow  may   accumulate   around   lhe
outside.    The whole secret is   in   tl.e
construction of the roof.     Long   and
heavy ridge poles should bo Used ex-
lending over both ends of the cabin,
Shakes are then laid ill the ordinary
wny to cover tl.e cabin proper. Over
these again pules are laid up and
down, and spiked to the first ridge
poles, about four f"cl apart, an I pro
j. cling over the sides    snllieielit ly    lo
make wide caves,   Other ridge poles
.ire then    laid   on   ll ,   the   same
length ns the first ones, ...id the
whole roofed with shake,', from end to
en.I. This gives a free circiilntioii of
air between the two roofs, and ii effective in keeping the walls nnd under roof perfectly dry, and the burdensome task of endeavoring to keep
the roof free from melting loo is done
away, as the snow may be allowed   to
accumulate and melt on the upper roof
without the least effecting the inner
roof or walls. Iu ordinary cabins
when lho ice begins to mell, it perco
hues through und runs down inside
the walls, often giving rise to pneumonia and such like complaints. It
is important that the upper or false
loof should extend from end to en I
nf lhe projecting ridge   poles,   other*"
—Ohio Stale Journal.
King Edward the  Best
Socialist of His Day.
Presiding Wednesday   night   at  a
dinner in Ramsey, Isle   of    Man,    to
two hundred Manx fishermen of the
Lifeboat Rocket Brigade, coastguard,
and oiher services, Mr. Hall (.'nine
said they recognised in th.i King the
best peacemaker in Europe, and rejoiced i.i the fuel thai during his
short, reign treaties of arbitration for
tl.e settlement of international diss
pules hud linen made with nearly
every country
They shared ill the spontaneous
tribute to his servipes towards peace
which had lately been made hy the
representatives of two millions of
trade unionists, and thought that at a
time when the ] rincipje of monarchy'
nnd lhe pi iuciple of labour weie at
open conflict throughout the test of
Europe, the fact thai the Throne and
workshop hud eolne into line in this
country was -ho must startling duo in
European history since the llevolu-
ii if I BIS,
They looked forward to   a   furthei
development, of King Edward's services, when he would not only feel     il
to bu within his rightful function in
h.-lp lo compuso iniernaiioii.il difference, but as one who was above III'
possible suspicion of personal or sec*-
'io.nil ii.Iciest, to intervene as arbitrator in  the  iml i ii id tl    conflicts    ul
irade, which in the form of Bti'ikcs
..ed lock .uis sometimes brought ruin
and nn*. iy In so many lames, nnd
drove away from the country so much
of prosperity
King Edward was the reol father
of his people, and at mice thu best
Monarch, tl.e best Republican, the
best Democrat, .....I the best Socialist
of his day,
Boilor scale has been Holed ... contain gold. In lhe 'Transvaal, bollei
scale frequently carries several ounces
of gold lo the ton. Another case has
been noted in Australia at the Mount
Morgan mill". In this latter case,
owing to extreme shortage of water,
mine water was used nn 1 returned repeatedly lo tl.e battery. When after .1
time, boiler water became short, the
battery water was allowed ti settle
very thoroughly and the clean wale,
was used ill the boilers. After a line
the  boilers were cleaned nnd il was
nni'iy interruptions, John Bright was
saving: '-Personally, I do not feel
disposed in iriige war against these
Philistine-,' when nn unruly listener
broke.in with a loud '([lee-haw!"
'•If, howcer," Mr. plight continued
without n second's pause, "my friend
there will lend uie one of his jaws,
| shull be encouraged tp reconsider
my attitude, in view of the historic
.success of   Sampson   whep  provided
with a similar weapon. '
Clark's   Furniture   {store
Undertaker   ami    Fiirnilur..'     Dealer
Mail orders promptly attended to
Hit.. I. S-n:.-:i:T, - - Ysuu
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wholesale and retail dealers
iu Fresh Roasted
High *•*■ Grade - Coffees
Car of Aslicrofl Potatoes.    Do not fail to get   your  supply
For   Winter,
 — Our   Stock    is   Complete,    Prepare   for     Winter —
Our {ii'occiT ,^t(i( k    is   fresh,     [can   and   Up-to-fjuto
DesBrisay Jobbing Co,
%  —
Please forward Tim Ymih Hi.k.w... for
i    *
. in. mill   ->
♦ ******** *****************
* *
I Hotel YmiH
wise the snow will block up   the   In— |
Ui-venlng ipace, making ft worse than found that the soals assayed  eleven
with no false roof ui nl
cs gold lo the ton,
iTlie Bob!   Meals
And Accommodation
In Town,
X A line select ion of Wines,
♦■      Liquors nml ( itmrs.
I J   VV. MASTFIlMiN,      Prop.
t> ****** ************* *****
•ti Vvr w
0 S li •'< sa 1 '■■: - . ■■■
K\&>_ s *v*'
'►'ttw*   c-i
Anv-oi •■ ii n a-' i ■• '-■■■■».
Ti!,-;.ly n -  ■ ill. our ,"'■■:      -
il,villi".. In iiri.tintil)-.         -.' ■   -      ■
UoaiMirlcllliK.iilliliiiiil.il. .. ■! .  ■■
| ■■;!  Il„„.  lll'r-,1  Hill • , -.   !        WKllltl
IMtunti iiiki -i tlit-in ill -• -
iprclai notice, irliii, tit, cbiirw. In
♦ to    	
md iiel.noiyli.il;,'.' .eceipt of enulosod
Tin-: IIkkai.h is published   every Saturday inoi'iiing and
<p   cut.lain*,   all   the   news   of lhe camp,
_ «
f I! v.k.s- -l'i-:it Vrau, 82;  111 i.i*- Ykar, 81. •
*> .  ,  , i i
♦ I
First-claps Dining lioom. | (O-d-lw    •    •    •
Best    brands   of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
Second Avo.
Meets train every mornin g
exccpl Sunday, for freighl
tiiid passenger.*! for ifinir
mill. I5y special orders on
Sundays. Or for Vmir mine.
ALEX. ODDIE.   Prop-
SckW-iiffe ft\m\m.
A hnnninmcll llliiulnitol vmetilc   ' ■ rent ol.
rii.ini 1 .my di-iL-n'..1 ■    "u »     •    '
T.-ur • I., uric, in, :i (,'   ■■ •'• bynl . a ■■ -    ' • <
;1! I! .■'- OltlOO   I'i.  I   M     -O'll-.IUI   '■ ' .  L<  .-'
Fmni ■ cedt
Ifyv-ail ti. a (li.j.t-
t. .1 dotln  pit
fcl'llltll Ion ^^t
ll.-llty BlrlKl
B in'     In. II lifer nmUIng st.li'l!
ill'.ci WifJ m <  i
pn«i,CAse.l l,y ft"
oilier ronieto In i
Ca li.-i.tn.
Artlitlcdcdnn, |
eii, niu,l.tn machinery, ""-I •ktlleil lno.tl ■
wotkerji. a I inni r tlie itl-ert miprrvlslon t.f
practical in' iiiIiti of .!.'• (inn, untie nu un  ,
pqtnilleil eoinbtuotloii lor lurulng out Bnt \
C HB.T lilt.
Willr tor lllit.lmtrd rsln'o^iie.
I,.*-.,. ■,.,,,,.. t
lev. dry,
| SUrlln-J SUVer,
Silver ri/itt,
Wdihei, clc.
Henry Blrks & Sons
BlPf.-*.' UU11D.N0        I
I I-,. 10 III* I .  . l.o.y
il.. I •ili.fMiu.o
1 'iiumin-ii( position; rapid urlviincc-
net; .salary and cxpcnHCMJ I'l.ll in-
-iiiii tions free of charge; cl.-nn du>
-ir.dil.' l.i.siiicss.
I'hc .1. F. Nichols Co.,  I.i.'.l. Toronto
(Mini ion lids - apcr.)
Ymir Citizens
J, W. Ho.ss, I'rcsid.-iit.
I) Campdkll, Secretary,
Fini.av MoLkod, Tic-isiiic.
>>*************** +♦ + ♦♦♦-»♦
Morley iv   Co. Slock
of Xuias Goods.
Fancy floods, Toys and
Books, Violins, Quitars,
Banjos etc. otc.
At Prices Without Regard
I'or cost. You can save
50 per cent.
Everything/-in this class
must be sold beforeXmas
and prices are rediculous-
ly low.
Delivered any
place in low n.
Stove Lengths
$1.00 I
Per Cart Load.    X
Porto Rico
Lumber Co. Ltd.
Wilson & Harshaw
Draymen and
VMIli,    II.    0,
H'uulling heavy freighl ti
orrcspondonco promptly
llllell.leil In.
NK1.E0N & IT. SIIFI'I'Allli KV en
V   V. St K   11V. .V- N. CO.
nil Great Northern, Northern Pncifld
nnd O. II, .t N. Clo., for points cast,
west, nnd south ; connects 1.1 Rowland and Nelson with tin' Cnnndlnil
Pacific Hnil-iiiy.
('oin.i'i'is ,-it Nelson with the P. II.
.I* N. (.'o. for Kaslo nnd K, and H
Connects ..1 Curdw with stago for
Greenwood and Mi dway, ll. ('.
I'..did   curs run on tr..i..s lu-t v.. c.
Spokane and llepublio
11. a. -IA( KaoN
(icin-riil Pnisengor Agt,
Spoknnc, Wndi l&tttt&&ttfc_*&&&tt&&tt&§_\    YMIR   BUSJMSS  CHIDE
I have you 1 .»■ =:
I SEE TV f  '	
iU .*|*. iii   11 ft i-.it.
JJ?   The 1835 R. Wallace Silver   Plated War.? JK     John w.iibm.
;;; *!'    1.111   .,uoiitt* vsn   ..i.nt- i.i,mm..m
4_ \!/
$ w
flN       lis (lesions ;uc uiK.q nailed in beauty w
$• • \»/
*•<♦>  and we guarantee its wearnm' quality, w
m • 1    . ^
•f     \!/
2j      Asa gift or an H-1^ - *  V"
Ymir Is Safe.
itlditiuii to your own   M
/L   table'nothing could be nicer than our )!(
£   Spoons and Forks in  tlie   Floral  Pat-   j|
tern, French Grey finish.
Among ou*' other specalties in .Jewelry, Watches and Novelties, will be
found many attractive things suitable
for Christinas presents.
liKOKKIM.iK   AMI    INs.'l.'.Wi K.
Percy ,1. i.l.-nz'r.
.11   l'l  III.!..
I). (Jiinipbel:.
1). .-Ilii-.iv Jobbing .-.'.
New i'i ,v.- to,
S»/ COME   AND   SEE   US   OR    SEND     US <•)/•
m Y0U^  ORDER. \»
jjs   A
^ Our Watch Repairing department -m
/•|\ is first class in every respect. Send us ^
A your work we guarantee satisfaction. )K
W WatchmakorS) Manufacturing Jewellers anil W
t (.p.iei.'ins. I
; iiim . 11..:   I.KAI.K.i
William Clark.
'.i,..l .......s.
1)    (':iiii|ili, -||.
Di'sUilsii) Jobbing Co.
B  II. Si-i'ii.cv.
(Josiiiopiilitiiii—.I0I111 Bi'uiin.
Mel., o.l lioiwn— Finlay AM.'-,id.
Miller liniisii—S  Miller.
Palucc—Tuil >; Kuihly,
Vancouver—Owen Hover.
W.iltloif—(ieoiiie Coin.an.
Vinir—J. W. Masterso...
I.AIjIKs     II 'HMMIIMl     AM.     l.II.I.INKltV
Mrs. .John MeLeod.
Percy -I. (llm/.er.
I'ltl.N I 1NO.
Herald Publlsl.i.ij- Co*.
STA . lilNKIiV.
II.   Cillllpljcll.
S. It.  Sciuicy .
HiiibIiiivv .v \\ ils,ni.
Jnul.son .ii Lealiy,
AlCX. Oil.lie.
L'NDEltl AKI.Il.
William Clink.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'I1 le- only   all   rail   route   l» tween
pnil.t.-. east, West lllld soutli to lios.s-
liin.l. Nelson,  Orantl Forks and lie*.
|nililie.    Iltill't't curs run between Spo
knne and Northport
KITuoilvo June 1 I'd:. 1008,
e.-tve Diiilyl'l'l'llill All'ivu
8.48 ft ... •  Spokane (1. lfi p.m
lo in a.ui UoBslanil 4.86 p.m
0.82 a in Vinir o 85 p in
7.SO a in Nelson 7 20 p-n.
! 1:38 a in Grand Forks -1 00 p m
h 80 i.ni ltepubllo ii. lo p.m
A-XjI'j    THE     TIJVCB
vVe Have Medicines For All Ills Of The  Mind  and
A complete line of patent medicines of which the following
(ire a few: Castoria, Beol Iron nnd wine, Lung Balsam.
Pierce's L-'avorite Prescription, Yellow Oil, Paines Celery
('(.in pi in i nl. flood's and Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Painkiller, Syrup
iMg's, Pink Pills,. Carter's, Chase's and Dodd's Pills. Nestle',-
Milk Pood, .Mecca Ointment, .! II Liniment, Florida Water.
Castor Oil, Epsom- Salts, -Sulphur, Glycerine, Vasilini*,
Linseed, Tooth Powders, . . . We have also put in a coin
[ilete line of-school supplies,
I.   Itl'Dli'j
YMIR, B. ('.
We     cany    the    leading    brands     imported       Liquids
and  Cigars,  Stout,   Ale,    Brandy   and   Wine.
The Mutual Life Insurance Company pf'N. Y.
Has Assets Exceeding $400,000,000.
A policy in it is the safest investment known to man.
('ash invested in Life Insurance is cash invested that   will
return compound interest.
All successful business men  carry large amounts of life
insurance. ' It provides for the family, protects a man in his
old age, and protects his other investments.    For.  rales 011
any form of life insurance apply to:
Percy J. Gleazer, Local agent.
■■■■■■'•'-■■ ' ' ' "Domini/"    is   tin-    Corliixhiiinn..
MISCELLANEOUS : '«*' ■■■■ ■-"-'. «ii«i -*«>
 pin«   l.v the tnetiil mirier* tlml is  tin-
,,  working away of the  barren   .„•   low PACIFIC   COAST     POINTS
Seattle,    Tacoma
We aro doing business again, and next  week will   have   as
complete a stock as ever.    We have now a complete line   ..1
WEAR of all grades.
At Present In the Union Hall   building.
Hotel ....
['or purposes   uf   eiilei.luiiii"   rtiuf
,   .   ,     ., ,     ! U'l'i.de liin.eri.-ll friilll the   ,i,le ul' n   ii,iv i l
Mlesses in sn.ltt V dl-lrlcls .1    null'     l.c I 'V «.,.,,., .  ..
,.     ,   ,     , t-U'oiilc so ua to breiik tl.n l.utnr down St.   Pail,    Chicago,    New    (Uiiilcruiitirelyiiowmanagonit.nl.)
liil.cn ll.lll OHO    mine    loot   ..I   MinW " | » "       **»   '
. ,    ,. - ,      .,*, ■      ,, ,■    ' cli'iin.    I lie operation'in   ....Iv   nossi
ti'ci'/lis ...-. poitrum,     lli.s  iilliiw-,   im ( •(
i , ,  I .   I ulo when tlio pay Htrealt is   ..f   suill-
linn .ted dc.c.lv idler IlK  sii.ni    latM     , '   •
u.    i  e ii,    » • i   I1'"'111  Iciidncs*,    iu   Kt.illll,       A   sul'i,
- i- I line.      l-l-e-.il t.llll'll t.M.lv  well;!,-, ;
I nl'Ulllllly pin  -l.e.il, ,1111 mil  1)0    hll'in.
Iilimi.  .1,'J pound ■ pel' cilljic tiiiit. ,        |
. I "I     A*   tlio   ii nn   .--.rippiim"  Im-
York, and
1;"' ' •>•■■ "' w,ucl "'.|..i.."l for i , ,,.A, ,. , „,„ nU()i   ll|0   ,.cf1)(n>
,,„„,, ,„ill »iii v„,y  Kreally   i,cc...l ■ in„ „,■ a ,,,,,,„ .,,„ |(   „,■  11U, i,,,,,,, „
liiji tu il Iitiructei of   ih"   .ne  and
ll,,. niiiiinei in itlii-h il..- buttery wan
rim. Tli.ee Kallonx per lintit'ry >.i
lit,, ht.inipfl and i-i.. nnd mie half
uallonH foi llie coiicciitralui -    tied
fwfi-f -'"'"i   '"' '"im!I*v   1''1'"11   "'   Inn l.eli tlio wold n, spelled bv   tin
slekpehs,   nrri'KT.
I.MillAliY   CARS,    MODERN
... bIIiih ih    in.i-s   bi'low   In   l,e PAY COACHI28,
.pniiricl, il   llli|-lil    li"   mi*, i-ililc   to DINING   CARS,
,l[',,u'i ' !" hvw   "''   (l"'  CoritUI. MBAW v  u  , Mni,
Ic. in    in    iiinii'i -i uiiikI    (vork,      We - I
have Keen tho word Hpeiii-d  "reHuing" Best   Meals  on   Wheels.'
Headquarters for fining
Ditiinu   Kiii.ni   and   liar ,  ., .  , M ,„
and Commercial ivlen
supplied  wiMi   the   liest|
in lhe market, i ,,,,,.,,.•
  Mont uoittfol'tttblb hblel di tlio di1»
Uiglll   Opposite   depot,   Villil* tt-ttst.   Everything flfot-clu-rt.
li- ul :■,::-■   IT(|I If.  nl'.
A Ion nl en!, inn. t nl-bi'Ii* w ill   ■:■ ii
. rat*, ,-d uut 10,000 f. el   nf iieoiylenc
io bo nioro etylnolngleulh rorr..t.
V. .  >\'..('l,listie, in   II,e     IlieJ r !
i..«   N'l-lls,  lepurls     (1)0     !'■.III.\l ill)
2     PAST    TRAINS     Q
i(,wi iii burnii.K this ipis, will  proiluen Hlll0llg ,hd Mg|l 8U.e) t.i,imm.VH i„ t|)0l Sp»W   Bxoumlon   lUtw
■lint 250, audio  of   llgliti | Uniicil   BtoUw     Nichols   Chemical I To WoHd'» Fair, St. Louls| ' "*   ^«»«»3y
and   -Juanita
YMIR,  11. 0.
meat markki
VoUl' CI...ice of   K-'.'h
 anufarture ono  ion  of c.iloium  Cotnputiy, Uioolclln, Now York,   Bit
carbide teiiuires  tho   ev| lituro   of fl!0| i,,,,^ ..„-,,-.„, |„ dl-minptpr nl I •
I-'""   kiliLwaulioitr,.    of    energy.   ^ feet           I'eiuiHylvaiiia   Hull     ^or rito* (oliliiri ami hill liifonB«lliiti
, ,   ,    .-        if  ,i;„., 11,. i ' in.... re-riii'i nm Inns, cull   mi   in in'ilrens ill.
^""h '"' m '" "' 0,,CI»>' "   '"""^   Compaiit,   Vair..n„,     Poniwylranl... agontof ihu S. V. AM. Uallivoj or
N|«nt in mc.iMiloHCOiit lightingi v....-M ;-.-:i., .■„,., Uilill< ,„ >•„,,,   „lUJ   ,iM| ,,.1M,A JACKSON,       II. IIIUXIM'.
produce 1,110,000 eaiidlo.hour'f. Maryland Stl-el Coinpudy,   Hparrdw'J "'A*'" A' ,   {_ l',' * }" A'
.      ,      ti ■       «.      i     .     •      ..                                      .1" W. It vers Vi-,. SlulMlld
lhe iimi.il .-.tu.mil-   made   ..I    llie foini, Blaryl.uiuj two chiiinieyH| c.eli       	
amount-of power a mail  Can   duvolop  'I'iv fctt IiIkIi and 13 feel    iiisidu   di
|i ioo high,    The  muni   euliiti.de   lit I nmelei     li i-   noicworthy   thai   nil
i,ii.-*siMl- "I ,t h..r-1 p.i«ei:  inking  ii | thcio   ui-ii   ni   inet.illurgiCal    plitnts. I
.im '-. wm I. "t ten I.m.r*. ii   man   can I Also, tin Ic;!,,  i two brick   I'hlmnoyii
|,hi uut iiiu,ei tun-niuili   "I   ,i   horne  i.i mutnllargiciil   platiUj   .1 Id
j,,,,!,,,..    I-',,i   very   hhort   periodH   n-Orniit mnelier at   llonvcr,   Colorado,!
.j,,,i...,„:,I, cm   develop   iximiblj    a.and the workn of lho Oxford   Coppei
|ioi>m< power, bat for Rituh a period   us  Compniiy al   Cniintablo   Hook,   N. ■• '
even a. minute, a man who dan (level | Yoi-lc lini-li iclt   of   il  'beliie
up iliiei-t'iii.rilis i.i ii li.ii'si.  powet    in.
f.Xcepti.....ti, ",l""n UnOfeot ... height
l'ltKft 11  ANjI.fsAi.TI-'.ll MEATS
Standard Wlibifoaloahd Retail
Mail orders Iweive phi.npt altonlioil
11.1X1 -I--.M Ti-.t.-:i. l.v
(.sl    Olliee    Mure,     -     Yuil.'
~ji   <j> Jthelln & Cd,
fteluon, l». ('.
JOHN PHtLDERf,  fioii,
1'i/e .-hi''I' (.'..ll'.'y Ini'i prcp.iii'.l   the '
following t.-igual« for Handling tho firo He/*<l'|M.'ir(er.- I..r Miiiiilg Mori
.ilitrui.    Steady  Mffging   tlifcalK   life, j
due   it.,l,i (pause) t\toi-iti-oke* (paiittb)      Hat1 supplicl   with   bunt i.ni'el-, ■•
Ihreb Htrolina, inenhn d call for belli lo *,ir,M' ''T'"11'll"1 '•'■*'"'"'•
li.iudl.'   ihe hollo  «li.-ii drying audi 	
roeltnu ii up aftw us
FllST Av I *. K,
Ymih, It. <


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