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 u  .V*.-?,>>-������������������������.���������< ..���������  x- rx-y xyxXrXxyyy^BMyg^M  y'7" '7h^y"::������������������������������������ ^:S?���������>_��������� Mlii^yflfpi  B*_-___."    -       .   ��������� ��������� - ���������- . ., ,.,v������i*7,v':*vl*'^.".-,>V'|,������''J--^T._l**|  r?*-^jW' ,]  .';*.'���������:...��������� ���������'-; ���������     ��������� ���������::.?1--^.^>*V'--'^*;*feV-'i*v"r:^'!_B__M  shed in the Interests of  VOLUME V  "!  '.  tcouver and the Western People  )  VANCOUVER.  s ."*"  Frotti Dominion Gov't.   Somebody Has Been Busy at Ottawa.   H. ft Stevens, Vancouver's Representative, Represents and Succeeds*  The Business Men of This City All Appreciate His Tireless Efforts and Increasing Influence.  C-P .  . * *������/_  '���������tf    1  ** I  "?r  COMMENT ON LIVE QUESTIONS  By Alex.  SUFFRAGETTE STREET SPEAKING  The Discontinuance vf Suffragette Street Speaking  in Vancouver.  If the women of tins city wish, not personal  exhibitions of oratorical ability or sensational  publicity, but the respect and support of voters,  let them abandon street speaking. The people of  Vancouver, having read of the extravagances of  militant suffragettes in England, are in no mood to  listen to harangues by women on the streets. AIL  such demonstrations will lessen their possibilities  of success and postpone the day Of*'equal rights."  The two meetings held ojq the streets in Grand-  view should convince the friends of'"equal rights."'���������  that this method is unpopular and will not be.  tolerated. All efforts at reform should be based  on common sense and not melie sentiment. > Our  women are generally respected by men, but this  respect will be sacrificed by militant methods of  reaching desirable results. Lossy of respect involves loss of possible success/; v v     v  CANTEEN IN U. 8. ARMY  The "canteen" agitation is no new th>ng in the.  United States, nor art? one-sided, ill-founded criticisms uncommon. A study of the matter thoroughly convinced us that the "canteen" is an unmitigated evil. General Miles condemned it in  the strongest terms, claiming that its existence not  only produced drunkenness,but-propagated associated evils and reduced the efficiency of the  soldiers. |lis contention has the support of many  feadiog^scholars and public,;men...,1 _';:; ..  Disinterested students of national reputation,  having examined the arguments pro. ano con. in  the light of facts, concluded that all arguments  favoring the^canteen" in the army originate  either from appetite or financial motives. The  great manufacturers and dealers in strong drink  want the "canteen," and employ men and officers  to advise its use. Medical men are not always invulnerable to offers of bribery, hence their advice  to restore the obnoxious army "canteen." Flirtations with liquor dealers ends in strong convictions ,a������ to the saving value of the whisky jug  near at hand,���������the nearer the better. If immediately under the nose it will insure against the  4'cocaine" habit and swearing. Singular - fact'.  You must believe it or be a "fanatic."  The contention that its discontinuance gives rise  to the cocaine habit is top puerile for consideration. The Vancouver Province departed from its  regular path of reason when it characterized the  efforts of the anti-canteenists as "irrefutable  evidence of the trail of the fanatic'������ This is like  advocating segregated districts of social vice for  prevention of this evil and the cocaine habit.  Bosh!  *mam99^9w**wm^9^  w^w9 **m^m 9 9*1^99991 ���������wi  Here we merely mention a few of many possible improvements in Vancouver.  The enforcement of curfew, now a dead-letter.  Its operation would save many youths.  The cleaning of vacant lots, which are unsightly  and a hiding place for evil doers.  The reduction of bill boards, that boldly crowd  into every district, obstructing the view, sheltering filth, inviting crime and endangering life.  They are too high, too numereus, and too pre-  sumptious.  The protection of human life by attention to  ! fire traps, elevators, open walks and floors. The  wonder is that fatalities are not more frequent.  Many office buildings, stores and shops are gateways of death. Why wait until tragedy startles  and compels action? .  The control of the saloon, everywhere a nuis-  lance, a hot-bed of vice and nursery of criminals.  There is no excuse for its existence much less  for its omnipresence.  The extermination of gambling houses, whose  fleeced victims are too weak to escape their cruel  clutches.  The annihilation of places of shame. Many  Vancouverites are enduring in angry silence  this infamy of shame rather than publish our city  offence to the world. How long must the patient  wait for evidences of a vigorous campaign against  this accursed social evil?  See the announcement of Moore's Drygoods Stores  on page 5.  PARLIAMENT IS CLOSED AFTER SEVEN MONTHS OF THE  MOST STRENUOUS FIGHTING ���������������������������MEETS AGAIN IN THE FALL  Ottawa.���������Parliament is over. After more than t  seven months of the most strenuous fighting that  Ottawa has known in a decade, members and senators have left the Capital and the halls of Parliament are deserted,. It has been a session that will  long be remembered, not alone for the historic  struggle over the naval bill, but also for other  notable acts of legislation that were passed.  It is a session that has brought, to the front  more than ever the statesmanlike qualities of the  prime minister and of the group of strong ministers who stand with him. It is safe to say that  at no period of his life has the leader of the  Government been more' notably complete master  of the situation and stronger in the public opinion  of the country.  The, Government has not carried into being its  naval bill. The country knows. the reason full  well. The.Government had the persistence and  power to meet the fight the Liberals in tbe Commons put up and the Government victory over  them was complete, but it could not cope .with a  Chamber that is unrepresentative and that refuses  to acknowledge any master; notseven the force of  public opinion. One thing can be said at least,  that is that the Senate by its action on the Naval  BiH and on the Highways Bill has made its own  reform one of the most crying necessities before  the country today. ;' y  [. Outside of the Naval Bill the most important  measure Of; the session was the decennial revision  of tbeBan&Act. Hon.J^.T. White brought down  a biirwBich was far in advance of any similar  measure ever introduced in the house. It was  considered long and seriously by one of the best  committees the house has ever had, and it is a  great tribute to the young finance minister that  his bill passed in the end with but minor changes,  most of them proposed by himself. Two years  ago Hon. W. S. Fielding had prepared a Bank  Act which Mr. White found when he came into  office. The bill of Mr. Fielding was exceedingly  conservative; it was practically the old measure  without any new safeguards.  There were three main features about the Bank  Act as introduced by Mr. White. He provided  safeguards to shareholders in the formation of  banks; he made provision through a central gold  reserve for a more elastic circulation and he provided for a closer inspection of the banks. By  the new bill there will now be established what is  known as external audit, very similar to the  system which prevails in Scotland. The general  managers of. tbe Canadian Banks will elect by  ���������ballot forty aiwtors, and from this list, which  must be approved by tj������e Minister, the shareholders at the annual meeting will select the auditors  for the year, who will make an annual report to  the shareholders. In addition, if at any time there  is any reason to believe there is anything wrong  in a bank, then the Minister can appoint a special  auditof*to make a report. These are the main  features, though there are many safeguards to the  public which are a long advance. From the western standpoint the most interesting new feature  is the provision allowing banks to loan on threshed grain.  Hon. Ij. P. Pelletier, postmaster-general, has  been responsible for three of the most important  measures of the session. In some ways the parcels  post bill was, next to the naval aid act, the big  measure of the session. Certainly no other bill  will be of such direct benefit to all classes of  people throughout Canada. The establishment of  a parcels post -system has been a dream in Canada  for years. It had no chance of being more than a  dream untiljbe present practical and aggressive  postmaster-general started to work out a scheme  for Canada. It has been decided to establish  what is known as the zone system for the Dominion. The zones will be by provinces except  that the three maritime provinces will be regarded  as one. The greatest objection, outside of the  express companies, has always come from the retail merchants. They have been satisfied by the  provision for smaller zones of a twenty mile limit.,  A flat rate for all of Canada, it is admitted, is as  impossible for the Dominion as for the United  States. It is only practical in. a thickly settled  country like England or the countries of Europe.  It is the intention to start the system on January  1, 1914, or, if possible, sooner.  Another important measure for which Mr.  Pelletiar is responsible is the arrangement for a  vastly improved mail service between Canada and  Great Britain. Instead of a weekly service, arrangements have been made for a fast tri-weekly  service between the Dominion and the motherland. There was also ratified this session aitill  - providing for a cheap wireless telegraphy service  between Canada and Great Britain, which will  cut rates in balf and will give Canada its first  relief from the cable monopoly.  ' This session was marked by the passing of two  most important measures for the benefit of the  farmers of Canada, one of which unfortunately  was kilted by the Senate. The Agriculture Bill  providing for an appropriation of ten million dollars for the encouragement of the farming industry is the most important advanced step in that  '..direction which has ever been undertaken by a  Canadian Government. The money is to be divided largely on the basis of population, and a  scheme for co-operation between the Federal and  Provincial Governments is being worked out at  the present time.  . The Highways Act provided for the appropriation, as a starter, of a million and a half dollars  for the building of better highways throughout  irural Canada. "However, the measure has been  chloroformed by the Senate.  P-reraier Borden has come through the session  the master of Parliament. No session could have  ^een more difficult to handle. Facing a desperate  jftnd fighting opposition who were determined at  'any cost to force an election and Who would stop  *at^nothing in their tactics, the premier hact^bfS-,  fore him a most difficult task. Through tbe strenuous days of the obstruction the Premier was always tactful and diplomatic, but ever determined  and iron-willed. On the two stormy Saturday  nights of the blockade; when every man in the  House lost his head, the Premier alone was cool  and collected, and it was only his tact and clearheadedness which saved the situation and prevented the House from breaking up in a riot* If  there was ever any doubt as to bis being the big  man of the Conservative party, tbere is none now.  He has come through the session with the respect  and the loyal support of his every follower. *  Outside of the Premier, the man in tbe Government who has been most to the fore has been Hon.  Robert Rogers, who has been particularly assailed  by the Liberal speakers and the Liberal press.  They have turned all their guns on the Minister  of Public Works. It has been a difficult session  for him and he has come out. of it with flying  colors, and it is safe saying that there is today  no more popular cabinet minister with both sides  than Hon. Robert Rogers. Every Liberal attack  on hirii proved a boomerang, and during tbe latter  part of the session he hp been left carefully alone  and it is safe guessing the opposition next session  will think twice before they assail him with the  bitterness of this year. Upon Mr. Rogers has  fallen the duty of acting as leader of the House  whenever the Premier was absent, and he has always handled the House with the tact which might  be expected from an old parliamentarian. No  member of the Government bad at little difficulty  in steering his estimates through the House.  A CITY OF VANCOUVER PENSION FUND.  Instead of depending upon the public for a  promiscuous and spasmodic charity in cases of  murder, or accident leading to death, in the discharge of public duty, there should be a pension  fund provided by the city. This should provide  for the depending relatives of any servant of the  city losing his life while in the discharge of duty.  It need not matter whether such a man be a  sewer, or water, or fire, or police, or other man,  so long as he is employed by the public corporation, and meets a fatal or maiming accident thereby, while at his work. He or his depending ones  should have direct help from the whole city and  not be dependent upon a few who may be moved  by the spirit of sympathetic charity.  For BARGAINS in Men's and Boys' Furnishing  Goods, go to Harvey's, 125-7 Hastings St. W. See  ad. on page 8.  A wide awake hardware store, Parker Bros., makes  an interesting announcement on page 4. it wil! pay  you to look it up.  FOR THE CITIZENS'WELFARE  (Prof. E. Odium. M.A., Bi.Sc.) v f ]  THE JAPANESE ABE NOT MONGOLIAN*  After giving twenty-seven years' study to the  origin and ancestry of the Japanese people, I  have no hesitation in affirming that they are7 not  Mongolians any more than are the Yankees, or  Irish, or Scotch, or Dutch. They had their origin previous to their migrating into Japan far  west of China, in the Mesopotamian Valley. Tbey -  travelled from ancient Babylonia, or Assyria, or  both to the distant east, during which time a  division of their kindred moved West from Assyria by the head waters of the Tigris and Euphrates over by the Caucasian Black Seas',- a^v up  through Europe .to the Baltic, On to Denmark,  Scandinavia, and* the British Isles. One great  wave, in broken fragments, scattered oyer Europe  and the British Isles, while another broke, into  fragments in its Eastward sweep. Hundreds of  the most careful scholars affirm that the Japanese *  are Hebrews. Many are of opinion they are a mix- ���������  ture of Assyrians and Hebrews. But no scholar  who has studied the matter carefully, and with  all the data before him, would assert that the  Japanese are Mongolians. Of course, there are  Mongolians in Japan; as there are in Canada,'or  in the States. But they are only a fraction of  the population.  VACANT LOTS SHOULD BS CLEARED  IMMEDIATELY.  Some years ago. just after a brutal assault bad  been- committed upon a young woman in one of  the vacant lots, there was a strong demand tnat  all city lots covered with brush should be cleared.  I was in the council at that time, and spent some  months in getting the machinery under way to  accomplish this necessary and urgently demanded  work of safety*  The by-law was got through the council, and  then the routine work of finding'bnt ajl vtcant  lots was undertaken, after which tbe next move  was to discoVer the actual Owners or bona fide ->  agents of these brush-covered lots.  This in turn was to be followed by proper notices sent out to each responsible person. But  before the work was completed I left the council  owing to my departure for Europe and great Britain. Since that time nothing has been done. Had  the clearing been done and the lots kept clear,  this late murder would not have taken place.  Perhaps some one in the council will go at this  matter and keep -at it until all the city lots are  cleared. "A stitch in time saves nine."   .       ,-*������  ~   ?H* HONSY IttttrojWW.  Now-a-days aU sorts and conditions of men are  telling just why money is scarce. To be in the  fashion, I must take a turn at tbis problem.    ,  First���������Money is scarce because hundreds of millions of dollars���������I venture to say even billions-  are tied np in the vaults of France, Germany.  Austria, Russia, Italy, and the other European  powers. This in itself means that the money  ordinarily free to circulate and keep business  moving, has been withdrawn from the world's  use. ������������������������������������,���������  Second���������Over-speculation in real estate, stocks,  and badly founded financial and industrial corporations, have landed many, in all countries, in  a hole out of which it will take time to crawl.  Third���������Over-production of almost all sorts of  factoried goods has piled tip an enormous amount  of wealth, or, to use another term, of used but  not utilized labor units, with the result that a  serious stringent economy is now in process aiming at a better average of goods made and used  by the public.  Fourth���������Extravagance in living, and in purchasings things of a pleasure-giving sort. There  has been an enormous waste of wealth, an extravagance not surpassed by that of ancient Rome  in her days of bloated wealth, accompanied by  the prostitution of that wealth, the prostitution  of the best manhood and womanhood of the nation, and the prostitution of the best morality of  the people. Luxury, sensuality, wanton waste,  wild speculation and wholesale dishonesty in pub-  lie and private matters, soon destroy any people.  Fifth���������Graft has much to do with the waste of  money both in public and financial life. Corporations and parliaments have been too easy for the  grafters, and there is a balance sheet evolving  during these hard times.  ANOTHER CAR HELD IP���������PASSENGERS RIBBEB  Wednesday night at 9:30 two men boarded an  Eburne-Westminster car and held up the passengers  and crew with revolvers. The bandits secured $50,  a little jewelry, then disappeared in the brush. The  car was rushed to Westminster, and a posse started  on a so far fruitless man-hunt.  SHETLAND PONY  AND CART FREE  SEE "MERCHANTS' PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN" ON PAGE THREE OF THIS ISSUE.  -' ������. t J   I  <--.  1  THE -,  A-* *���������  Grandview Stationery  Where it payB to deal.    V  Look at our windows and see  the  *>  Gramaphone and Other Prizes  we are giving away on the  10th of May.  1130 Commercial Drive  J, W* EDMONbsrProp.  __J-S_L������SSSm������mm  -t*  sss  ���������������IIIIIHIIIMIHmMII'HIMOtMMOMIIMIHIMMM  Friday, J^ii������ 13,1913  High-class Groceries  PROVISIONS, FRUIT, STATIONERY  CONFECTIONERY,  TOBACCOS  Cakes, Pastry, Bread  Special attention to phone orders *  Winnipeg Grocery and Bakery  0. E. Jones, Prop.~  Corner Harris and Campbell Ave.  Phone Highland 1561 Branch Post Office  ____ Watches Clocks  Jewelry and Optical Goods  A.  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Our  prices are 35c, 40c, 50c lb.  s^^^sssssssssmssstsssaessssss  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive      Phone Hlehland 139  Gmndwew  ���������f-fSt St IIIII 111 * *xS**9 HUH *  HlllllllllllimflM.il**  s-w.  Note���������Mews n_-*_-t.<3r<_Oa -__.������__������ ������_p������__ be mailed or pJx>Md to Um editor early.to insura  m **i*v* Mtnmnniiiunm h h . mm n ********** ?  GRANDVIEW-WETHOWST  EPWORTH LEAGUE  SHARKS ANO OASTS.  &i  p.m.  Pastor���������Rav. F. Q. Lett.  '  8unday Servlcaa:���������  Preaching 11 a.m. and   7.3S  8unday School, 2.30 p.m.  Epworth League���������Monday 8 p.ta.  Prayer Meating���������Wednesday 8 pun.  ....The young people Invite everybody  to their League meetings, artd suggest  regular attendance at all services of  the Church. The People are. Welcome.    ���������������������������'���������' ������������������.���������'':������������������"  ^ Epworth League. >,  On Monday evening, Miss Griswold,  tbe president of the Missionary Committee, presided. This committee have  purchased several copies of the book,  "Tbe Stranger Within Our Gates,"  known to1 all students of immigration.  Tbe book Is diveded into parts, each  comprising chapters suited   to   the  GRANDVIEW METHODIST CHURCH  On Friday, the 6th inst, at the week*  ly practice, the personnel of tha cboir  underwent sojpe changes, consequent  upon the departure of Mr. Lewla Roberts to the Old Country' for a few  months holiday. Mr. Roberta has  served ln the capacity of organist and  choirmaster for close upon two years  and his services are appreciated by  many outside the Church as well ss  those more intimately connected with  it. He goes with the best wishes for  a happy and enjoyable visit from everybody. Mi*. Xetcher, a former choir*  leader and efficient musician, baa con*  seated to act as choirmaster and Mr.  Ingram will in future be found at the  organ. The control of the organisation  has been vested in a committee, comprising the conductor and organist,  with Mr. Potter as president, Mr. Keast  as vice-president, Miss Edna Smith aa  secretary, Mr. Swindell treasurer, and  Mr. Lord and Miss Bell as librarian  and assistant librarian;' It is the hope  of the choir to make their department  more-attractive and more efficient than  treatment of one phase of the subject,             Miss Griswold summarized one part, I ~ -'etore; an���������Tthe*ouUook to die*  dealing with the causes of immlgra*' ,y br,ght/ ^ Simday mornlBg  lion; eg, better working conditions, -^ ^ ^^ the ^ p Q ^  etc,   The talk In- occupled tbB pai^ preaching from the  volved several Important aide Issues,' ���������    -  religious freedom,  vis., the attitude of the Christian to his CMni*u aMWer to ^ duidpiea', moth-  neighbor Oriental; the head tax on the [ er ^^ preference for her ������������������������. Mr.  Chinaman; the moral tone of the Mon-.Lett made a strong-Indictment against  gol races, any one of which would'well the pre_eat homo lit*, stating that the  have served a whole evening's discussion. It ls the Intention of th* Missionary Committee to deal with several chapters each monthly missionary  night, and interesting and stimulating  meetings are anticipated.  thugs and tricksters, and those who  utilised public positions for graft as  well as the people working for good  came from homes, whether Canadian,  .British or American. The cauae was  (because wrong ideals were instilled  Next Monday, instead of the custom* ^a inculcated In the home, chiefly by  ary meeting, the Literary Committee o^ mother. Children ahould be taught  haa arranged to have a supper at Sec-wlf sacrifice ������_* aervlce, gaining  ond Beach at 7 o'clock, -to be followed position by merit unaided by Influence.  by a walk. Everyone is. welcome, but  must contribute something to their  own and others' eating propensities.  APPLICATION OF ACT  CONCERNING SABBATH  ARGUED AT VICTORIA  Legality of Document, Which la Signed  on a Sunday, le Debated Setoff  Mr. Justice Morrison.  VICTORIA, June 9.���������The application  of the Lords day act to Vancouver,  which'will have to come before the  courts on an appeal* by the' city,-wis  the subject of a. legal argument before  Mr. Justice Morrison this rooming In a  West Coaat Realty case.  Meters. Walter T. Pawley and Wn..  Simpson are suing Mr. Edward Proest-  ler to enforce an agreement to se!i  some land near Clayoquot. Proestler's  main defense la that tbe agreement,  -having been signed on a 8unday, te  null and void under the Lord's day act  ,. For the plaintiffs, tbe same contention Is advanced, as was successful before a police magistrate when raised  by a merchant recently charged witb  seHing.gopds on a Sunday.  In |869 the English laws respecting  Sunday observance were declared In  effect in tbe colonies of British Columbia and-Vancouver Island, but Borne  twenty years ago the legislature, at  the request of the Island members, excepted this part of tbe province from  tbe operation of these laws.  As tbe Lord'a day act declares tbat  it does nojt repeal or override any provincial legislation dealing with Sabbath observance, It.Js argued that lt  does not apply to British Columbia and  tbat as tbe provincial laws in tbat regard have excepted the Island, there Is  no 8unday Itlw here, and that  the caae In question, tbe dsy of execution of a legal document cuts no figure.  His lordship, wbo reserved Judgment, appeared to take the view that  the excepting of Vancouver Island from  the operation of tbe British Columbia  Statutes, left the field open for the  Operation of the federal statute.  He appealed to parent*- to make the  home life more what it should be.  'The school nr* ia the afternoon,, aa  usual, the weather Interfering little  with the fine average attendance of  nearly 850. At an early date we, hope  to. give a record of the work being ac*  eomplisbed by this department of the  Church,  we.  tn tbe evening. In tbe absence ot  tbe Rev. Mr. Lett, who was conducting  anniversary services at Jubilee, tbe  Rav, If r. Colwell ot the latter Church  ijiu^edr-aua' very ably continued the  to<-*W "toSies that bave been tbe vogue  fbr several 8unday eveneings past.  Choosing tbe text from Genesis, "Let  there be Light," Mr. Colwell traced the  gleam of light growing and broadening right down to tbe moment. He believed tbat the political, social and  spiritual outlook in tbe Orient and in  Eastern Europe were but symbols of  bis text Mr. Colwell Is worth bearing  and we trust we shall have tbe plea*  sure of hearing bim again tn tbe near  future.  G* !!���������  *"- -a  area  I Cor. Main & 16th Av. I  PHONE Fairmont 899  i Corner 49th and Fraser Aves.:  PHONE Fairmont 1167L  Hoes, Rakes, Spades  Shovels, CuUiwJbts  etc.     .  em  Water pressure throughout the city  has been increased 25 pounds aa a  result of connecting the new Sey*  m&ur Creek pipe to Little Mountain  reservoir laat Tuesday. The water- in  tbe reservoir Is now three inches  from the top and tbe waterworks de*  iMtrtment is - contemplating turning  the water off, rather than have the  overflow pipe to go Into commission,  when ihe water would run down  Brewery Creek into False Creek in a  sma.1 flood.  ARCTIC SHIP READY  TO LEAVE ON TRIP  BY NEXT SATURDAY  VICTORIA, June 9.���������The Arctic exploration ateamer Is almost ready to  start north and can sail on Saturday.  The provisioning of the vessel is practically completed and the scientific apparatus and supplies are now beim  taken on. All the members of tne  party have arrived in the city and  Capt. Barlett is assembling the crew.  Mr. V. StefansBon will address tie Canadian Club tore on Friday. .  PENTECOSTAL CONVENTION  Held Under Largs Tent, Corner ISth  Av*. tad Sophia St, One Block l_a������t  .   of Math, Vancouver, S- C, June -  ttth to SOttV * v'.  Tor tbe promotion of tbe Unity of  the Spirit among .God's people wbteb  la requisite to a Revival of Real Sal*  vation.  Workers expected froib Los Angeles  acd cWerent points. Some stress will  be laid on tba ���������'World's Crisis" ana dis-  peasattonal themes.  Beloved, we are "One Body, the  Church." So we cordially Invite all of  God's people from Churches and mission! to come and Join us. Bring your  unsaved friends. Services every nlgbt  at 7:10 except Saturday, and air day  Sunday.  B. S. MOORE, Supt.  Lavm MomrsyHoSe  cM HoseReels.  _     "      ���������' -  'v.  Seem ^Doors, Windows and Netting.  ���������**>���������**������.:  ���������* ���������*.  ! MMA  i Save expense an4 mcon-i  venience by catling-  on us.'   Q. E. WcBRIim & co. I  ������������������������>o*TJ M< h . i Ml 1111 itr>w4-tmms.H4������������>������sw������������  ana!na-9������BSHa_9___--^^  I  /���������  /  Two Number toll Service  Between Vancouver and  *    North Vsncowver  JACK JOHNSON SENT TO JOL1ST  Chicago���������Jack Johnson, the negro  pugilist, was sentenced on Wednesday  by Federal Judge Carpenter to pay  a floe ot $1000 and to serve one year  and a day following his conviction in  the penitentiary. The negro pugilist  was convicted of violating the Mann  white slave law.  Sentence was pronounced on Johnson after Federal Judge Carpenter had  denied a motion for a new trial made  by counsel <or the negro. Johnson, ob-  talned two weeks' time in wbicb to  prepare:a writ ot error and tbe bonds  for $30,000, on which he has been at  liberty since his conviction, were allowed to stand.  Judge Carpenter said:���������  "the circumstances in this case have  been aggravated. The life ot tbe defendant, by his own admissions, has  not been a moral one. Tbe defendant  is one at the best known men of his  race, and his example haa been far-  reaching. The sentence, shall be that  the defendant shall b confined a year  rod a day in the Joliet penitentiary  and that he be fined $1000."  The court denied a motion -of the  attorney for Johnson tbat the negro be  allowed to serve the term in the dty  Biidwell instead of state's prison.  - Witli^this Method it b not neccssary^o  call Lrong Distance to place your call nor  to hang up and wait lor the connection.  Just give the desired number to the  local Exchange Operator in the same  manner as in calling a local number in the  same city and keep the receiver to the ear  until the called number answers or the  Operator reports.  Our fifty circuit cable across the Inlet  enables us to give service without delay  and the rate is only 5 cents for 5 minutes.  TRY THE ������������������'���������RAPID-. FIRE SERVICE"  Company. Limited  m iii.4������irioa.������������i|i%������MMi  ^':;^J_t^l:;S>^?i___^R^r#  Ry^������Ih*^^  ^-���������^flSfF*^ -- y������ -. y������y -y, ^-xyyyyzyyiyymyyyyWmy^yyy-  jjjoww service^  ings which operate private |>ower|^^  under a$^ iMq^  trifling accident may disorgani__etijeir whole  svstem-more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Steve I������ake PW  niably Reaper and mow liable thim private plant operation. See ue for particular  ~.Xy:'-^ y:''y^yxy  OlWl-l II   UUIIUUU   I |P Wt Ul    *UUIII|f UH j a  iMviM "I'.'.' \.S,...  P. 0. BOX 1418,IVAN^VER. %^^^^^^^^^/  4*4 Mi 1 4 1 IU I I * I I 11 * *'l������. * O ���������'!���������'������������������ '*>* * **** ti*** i* I'M 4  .--..v.TjBLi1 .*._.:.;!.-\,?j..'..,.&. 1$,*-.. ���������'*..''  yT. ���������I" /"IJfj^gPW'f*^"'. ./../i^sssajsgB^j-; ���������'I J.- *���������.-* s*-**-*������!  ������MilM������lOHlii*MH_^  ������������. v^fcG* wv,'i^*,**<f7,:: 7^;;':/; .���������. '^^'^3^J^^''^./v.      -.���������'-: ;;';���������.':i j3t:: ^fci7;K*. "-.���������,."..?$- yyx."::  yh9  yy'  mty  ���������*&������������������������*  seiim  *if*lfe^  xyy-ykiyx  !  -      This scientific raving" oimpoaition c*^  ' y\:J!*-"2^-^  w.,  ���������-VtSi ���������'.'--.  :W  at&sgi^;^  & ^t^i-if^sBi*'^: -y y  k_:.  s^pt  .n3������;;u  ^:%40%e9W  BMNaant <aff VancoVave^  of foriw  wW seriously ir not fatally Inju^ at  5 Vcock Sunday ajtUrnoon on the  AT-nstrong-Kamloopa Road^ aeven  milea oiii from the latter city. He  waa one o-f-a party of ae veil * in an  automobile owned by Mr. Jaokaoa 6t  Armstrong, who #as driving. In some  way the car toppled Into the d^teh at  a culvert crossing and turned   com  p*a*^''(^k-xXX''''y^:���������'.'���������> '''yy..  Mr. Jackson crawled out practically,  unhurt.   The ladles In the   tonnean  werth sitaken up, but not bodly   in  jured, while Mr. Jackson's little son  was somewhat scratched. .  Mr. Oppeqlielmer, who had been  sitting in a front seat, was pinned  under the car. Mr. Jackson was try*  ins* heroically to;; j^ve T^^eii^ whet*  another motor, being, driven by Mr.  W. F. Hayden, -and which had been  only a mile or so behind the Jackson  party, cameV up*.:.:^Tne;;. fi^%������eop_e7 lia  the second car were''rJL\^-x*L*^^aky'  sist the others i iia ^  auto and Mr. Oppenbeimer was released. He was brought in to Kamloops by Mr.. Hayden.  aire i'fr^tw^^^^-^P.  : -,. yirjiEtfy#r^  Hoppe and V. Maiden, held  to the city Jail on a vagraicy cha^  ���������wjwra Identified in eourb T_t<i^y morning, by William Lyneand^joaeph Mot*  itrw as the two men^who* helid up a  Main 8treet car near Sbujrna Road  on7Wednesday night and jroboed the  conductor of $20. They wlU be banded  over to the Soutb Va-acotrrer author*  &*b NOT 8TART WORK.  ^ The ^������������n vere arrestdd by Detectives Crewe and Sanstrum on suspicion of having been connected with  the holdup, and a charge of vagrancy  under section "A" was laid against  them. They were broagtft before Magistrate South on Saturday altd were  remanded until Monday, when the  mbtorman and condujctor of the car  were present Tbey Mehtlfled ; the  _aen,: wlthout'hesiti-^  ^tTbe holdup> occurred .about 10  o'clock last Wednesday night in a  parti9ilariy lonely spor near the  fnsety. River.; % -Th%y highwaymen  boarded the -jar andyat;/t^!6(^lnt;ot  a gun too^ Mon*oys caoney be^^  camping into tn������ ttndefb**uah. - .     .  Hoppe la well Imo^  having ;;;j0peii*8d ;:^to  times on dift*Went cbai^, it Is sal������L  !_!������������_  J. /fc'S -,_  _i-  a-INANClAL MARKET  ���������'���������-ifETTSlt-SV:  OCTOBER  BituUthic Paving on Marine Drive  mm  7I7  JJ2_______________.  Only a Few Men Ready to Work In  ^:;yryj!nglepot.';. ���������._ -;Ay.Ayy  .', Nanaimo.���������The attempt of the Van-:  couver-Nanaimo Coal Company Monday morning to open .its Jlnglepot  mine near Nanaimo witn* men not  members of the United Mine Wbrkeint  of America was a complete failure;  "Less. than, 'lialr ���������������-. dplieariiw^^i^.l'lt.  total working iorce of $&, :ae^^deii  to tbe ������������n. Th^  Irf^^y^lon'vw  the mine, with the object of Inducing  strikebreakers not to go to work. The  half-dc������eh menywho wew^^^w  jgo^to wor|t returned borne. *Tn������*e  were no disturbances and no signs.of  intimidation shown, it is stated tfhat  the company will keep the mine open  for several days in an attempt to have  operations resumed. ���������;��������� x'^'-yy  Bulbs, la sixty vartetlea, ai ataalsi*a  nuneries, corner FltteenU)-aad Mala  itT*eatiyy-'^''' ������������������'. 'x-y ���������-:..Xy-XX'fBA.y  a'"X': '-'���������'7.yyy'*'���������''*���������'.* y'y"- x.-yr-: "  Peters * Co. do tba Trtet shoe repairing; this stop ts optedau mo  Main street ..-'":������������������'. \XvA'yy  Xx. '"'ry y~--\yi:. -���������*y:o:y,yyA.:.Xyy  Swan Bros.:. are rellasla  We know from personal  their wwk is good. 7'-::''>"  ���������A'yy.. '���������'''':-. y'*y*'xo y...; yyyy A  ->'-~X-,~..  '.'������������������       7������..>~ '    ..V.; .;,!',���������.-"'-7. "'-.'...'. 7 7  For knives that will, itmi aad bold  their edge go to TTaaa-Tsp limited,  ������1*������20 HasUngs 8t. W. yyyx&Ay\  ' ������������������������������������ XA.yy::~ y'e ��������� ������������������*;  ���������'���������'���������'''��������� ���������y;:-A,"-:-AyA  cleanera,  WAV to AUGUST  www m m w ������ai*wts  !������  to the one who gets the largest number of ballots during the contest.  Ballots are given by merchants with every 25c purchase.  Look for the Window Cards.  Go in and ask  SAVE THE BALLOTS.      GET YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP YOU.  Mr. H. H.Hambllng, general manager of the London and Southwestern  Bank, London, England, which has  large dealings with Messrs. Macken-  sle, Manny* Co., was In the city Sat-:  urday on hla way. Bast after a "few  :^ys,yisiay:1n''yicto^-  ;_first7telp: to Western ycaaaa^i.?������������������������������������:'��������� He:  vlalted the big plant of the Canadian  Western Lumber ;C!ompany/rnt(7lh^r  Mills, and - was accompanied by Mr.  7. EL Burkei, assistant to Colonel A.-D.  *|to|Ea__MBi. /^srli^o *, Sgg f^ih������ - J^-W^wfci^pNBj^ ^ >?;m. ^^ft Ci ^r-  : Befoitf living ttie eity Mr. Ham  flog 'aWmtJm&ffi im  pressed with the West as a field for  the investment of BrtUah capital. He  declared that the stringency of the  money market would temporarily re*  ;������trict .tbajjowr-. bt capital in this dlrec-  tftonv but loolted to a gradual Improvement by October, In the event* of the  termination of tbe strained situation  In the Balkans. Tbe general unrest  {and distrust existing among tbe great  powers had conspired to make l-on  d������l}.y Parts and Berlin financiers reduce, their loans and bad also adversely affected the stock exchanges.  Lee A Wood v 6������ Broadway W., seU  wall paper tlistTai up4^          some.; ^t tbem te up your roo-ia.  ������^X^^0^^X^^  ,y.0^vELyM^ri^aVvj^ c<ot������ l|aln  StiHsH and Sixteenth rATeaM^^  Fairmont ***M). sJaoj at om_a^  ninth and l^aeer Avenues (p>Um^  mont 1167L), aeU general haMware of  best quality.   Their ^  up-to-date* everything .tn' 'Its season.: -;:  ���������'y'.y'yxyyyy.o   oy'.o ���������'-  .'."'-���������'^'j-.  fruits a_M_ stationery, at 2S48.   Main  street second storo   from   Eleventh  wanoAXx Ap'tyy.:        yy^yy>---  fxyyx.yy yy"*: '-*y*y:.S yyyyyyy.  7 Bltvdltblc paving r_ra^<_e lii^eal r^^  Get sonie of their litorature^^^  Domtoibn Tnu^ Bldg^ or plu^ .Serf*;  aii������M!itis������V^  S. :^7:iB^ifI;#^%i>ig^   ForexpMaa,beagagaandatoi������gego|ar, tiry  to Main Transfer Co.^rataaS,/-.tl^|^'----V-'tij:-:;-  Seotta Street,   Mt. Pleasant   Phonal  foit.'i^1.y,yy-y Ayy.yx'y' "  ���������y'"yy-",y ������������������e-:io'-'Vy:r- ���������:  '������__*���������*.'������������:  a^es girow short  you wUI Sad that  csitton Uia nrlees ara  y,M:^M^A0^4y0^^  x 7IW the bast grades  of st  books, msgatinas, toys aad  ery go to the  Oraiid-rlaw  lltO CcmraenxfiU ttetve^ i  the Cotuabla  xx Xiy'x ]-A'A~o:<--$0;-yAyy  At .the oorner of 7  and Ftai-t-teoth A vaaee !��������� (__*  Oroeeir. **1^ ffonia <  grn-serles, fruits and;  this firm ai^liaBwM^^  yyyy' - -J I m:$;^;MyMM&&������^1  Good  tesW ea_haM>a s#psa^  ���������aduos to>, health, aid ,^ia*,k_|fcpl^  guage, and ooatrttwte 'M'tjimm^m^^^^  ttia undurputable argument   e<   1 ������*"-*"*���������'**  M99^9L*aaM  __r"- '���������>>-*:; ':>S*s.-*fiv.*.  1^ ccuifidentlal in'  want a man of: Integrity^  and ability.   That autn is  Seci*aoy guaranteed. V^  Secnret Seirlo^ Bt^  yAyy,'-:eyii>'yii  A rolUble, hlgb-daaa furniture  Is the Toronto lr'araltura  Mr. M. H. Cowan, at 3SS4 Main Street  Dressers, bufets, tablea. ebalim,  couches, inaUrossea, bedsteads, etc.  iS0m.y&m  "'$*0mL  ���������-y:-L4i^:--^t.^^--'T  ���������X*_l___i������;������������l_  ^ff%XXtXK&c^t������  _i;^.r-:>^v-i'a--f..;:*_5t|.#_.-  ^ ���������- >ftl_&.?-0*_������l  wiU aun^ tha paper  '���������9mm%k  timet do tht.  yo^waltt;^y_*_ttfja;i^^  ���������-'������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������   -���������������������������-������������������'���������       '���������'��������� ,'\__ii-������__--_*  a^^ttpiil  OVERSORROWINO HAS  CAUSSP STUINOSNCV IN  POMINION Of CANAOA.  MONTREAL. June 9.���������While Sir W.  Max Altken, British M.P., who arrived  here today from England, is as optimistic as ever regarding the future of  Canada, he regards the immediate outlook in the money market as anything  but reassuring.  "Canada has been overborrowlng,"  be remarked in tbe course of an interview. "Tbero can be no question about,  that The provinces and municipalities have been getting top much money  and now we will have to wait till the  effect of this has worn off."  "Do you refer to Quebec or Ontario  with regard, to overborrowlng?" Sir  Max was asked.  "No, I am not referring to old Can-  Ada, neither can anything be said  against tbe financial methods of tbe  Lower provinces. The West, however,  has been going too fast In a great many  ways.'*  J'Have you Alberta In mind?"  "Yea," he replied, "that is where the  shoe pinches. Alberta financially has  been anything bat wise. The Western  municipalities generally have also been  going It at a pace a good deal too rapidly, but of course tbe wonderful development and rapidly increasing population will help them cut in the end."  Slf Max is of the opinion, however,  that Canada will meet no serious setback, but she will have to halt for a  time.  SHIPMENT OF FOXES.  Animals Worth 960,000 Shipped Prom  North to Prince Edward Islands.  Saakatoon.���������Destined for Prince Edward Island, a very unusual shipment  passed through Saakatoon Sunday  evening on the C. P. R. in the shape  of sixty-nine foxes of the silver-gray,  black and red varieties.  According to the two men who are  taking carevof the animals on their  long journey from North Battleford,  where they have been collected, the  shipment represent* a value of $60,-  000. The animals have been collected  during the winter and spring months  by Indians In the Far North.  for rigs snd carriages at ail bours  of tbe day or nlgbt. go to the If.  pleasant Livery, corner Broadway and  Main.  Phone Fairmont 8iB. y  y' yy  y^xy^^y^yy^- y'-^yy'.  In the spring tbe housewife's fancy  turns to cleaning and td paint. W. B.  Owen * Morrison, 2S37Mian street, has  a complete stock for painting and  cleaning. ."* -     _  Swindelk Broa., 1417 commercial  Drive, on page/ of this Issue have^a  very Interesting list ot goods carried  by tbem. and the prices tbey sell at.  Vox quality, go to tbis firm.  :-  -e   ���������   ���������  For dainty, clean and   appetising  luncheon lust try the   Queen   Tea  Rooms, 618 Granville Street,  e' e   e  Many a train bas been missed, and  many a dollar lost by a man carrying  an unreliable timepiece. Take your  watch or clock   to A. Wismer, 1������3  :-^yxr-xyy:y^W^0^$^  ���������'���������'-��������� yy. ���������'-.'. Axo-''**'-'-'-*'' yxyy'y'S'-~y$yyi������yy$&&ykjM  - xy- y-'-i   y''- ��������� ^y-yv.-y. -j -xyxy-yX- '��������� ���������'���������:.; J;K^'~"-.7^r>$.^l  9~*99   9y9*9 rw*-SJPS^^^^s������^...f*^^-*^*a^p(^^-|^.'_:.^^^^^-^,^^|^,y  #m  xyyx:-i^'--fi$ZiXiyys  ?7>,V->l.-i5*_i-  ss  FINAL SESSION OF BALKAN  f������gACf CONFERENCE  London.���������The final session of the  peace conference between the delegates of the Balkan alliea and those  of Turkey waa held Monday at 8L  James Palace and ended without any*  thing being decided aa to tbe exchange of prisoners or other matters.  The delegates agreed to leave all outstanding questions to their respective  governments. .  Each of the Balkan delegations advised its government to conclude a  separate convention with Turkey.  The Montenegrin delegate, who presided at today's session, delivered a  speech of farewell in which on behalf  of himself and hla colleagues be paid  his respects to King George, thanked  the British foreign secretary for tbe  hospitality shown tbem and the counsel given them.  Had the peace conference lasted  longer there would have been few  delegates to attend it, as Dr. 8.  Daneff, representing Bulgaria, left  some days ago and the two principal  i^spfii^^^ ��������� T^fW*\', s>*mawmm*w*sr  9*m*.'*^9^a*a^^*timmw9*^.^999y -,���������  .999*9 :*T**a. *** ?. w*f**Hs������rw-.9*9aW^"**." ^^9*m^9'^99meawo**a>M.^ "jaf^mmtWy,  W*tntW-S**���������^^ '  CamObell avenue, baa   mm"  sattstaction for all its career.y*':  ...... -������������������'- -���������"������������������ ������������������*���������-..'���������.. y^^'-'^y-'^A^-^X^^^/^^^^^^  *��������� w ' *fMS"a/"^  ^ . WV*l*vV#fas_aST ���������.;T*^r.^_7a_llfll,'-fPTTP-v^WL'1':  aa. a stenofrapber or boo%-|Mef������K, ���������  course at Uie 8u������!*j������s Business Cof  lege, corner Main and Tenth Avenna,  wlU go tar towards giving you the  realisation of your ambition.    *.-j*|  Tbt Sanitary Market,  VM  street, near Broadway,   sells  fl<b and poultry of a Uttle better quality and tor a imle less money tban Its  competitors.   For example, aee Saa>  tary ad. on page * ot this lame.  ��������� ������������������'.."������������������������������������'.'��������� ."������������������ A ���������"'���������; X.'-'y  Ernestsiiair, p.C^ Doctor of CWro������  practic, tm Twenty-second Arenue ft*  dose to Main 8treet. OQoe bowiw*  1:30 to 6. Often a slight daraagemeat  of the spine is the cause of prologfm  disease and suffering. Chiropraotle  corrects tbe spine.  Servian    delegates.  were    reealM  hastily to Belgrade yesterday.  Panger ef War.  There is sUll a great deal of  easiness jest war breaks out  the Balkan allies. War U almoet Inevitable, according to a Sofia dispatch  which declares that the^ solution of  the cabinet crisis must not ba looked  for before June it. The DeneK oath  inet Is expected to effect a reapproche*  ment with the triple alliance aad  meanwhile a meeting of the premiere  ls extremely doubtful. Servia la allowing tbe passage of no Bulgarian  massages.  LOW  INGUSH  BIRTH  RATE*  Figures First Quarter of Year Provide  a Low Record.  London.���������The official returns show  216.SS0 births in England and Wales*  In the three months ended March  11.  This corresponds to a rate ot 18.8  annually per 1000 ot population, the  lowest rate recorded for any flrat  quarter of the year since the establishment of civil reglatratlon.  Why send your son to occupation not congenial to him?  Have you observed his God given talent for his  Life's course ? 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At 9 o'clock members of tbe household living at the front of the lot had  spoken to Turner, and one of them  gave him a cigarette, so that the man  must have come to his death between  that hour and 11 o'clock. It Is supposed that he cut his own throat, committing suicide in a flt of^ctespondency  at his failure to secure steady employment ^-  Turner-had been a soldier in the  British army for 13 years, it is said,  and served In South Africa and also  in India. ~ He was about 32 or 35 years  of age.  ������������������*-���������������������������~���������~:'  Canoeists on Bay Have Whale Story  Making a sound like the.churnlng of  an old paddle wheel steamer, a achool  of about 40 whales left Burrard inlet  Tuesday night, passing through .the  first Narrows and proceeding along  through English Bay, colse to the  Kitsilano and Point Grey shore line,  say canoeists who were' out-* at 10  o'clock at English Bay beach..".'".'.  Practically every-one of tbe canoeing party on the water at the time  heard, and'saw the whales. They were  quite .certain of the identity of the  huge oBJects thfey saw awkwardly, disporting themselves in the water. Tbe  whales were first heard gqjng through  the Narrowsand later, In but a few  minutes,, the canoeists could see them  in the moonlight They struck out for  Kitsilano In almost a bee line and  then turned ��������� west towards the. more  open waters of tho gulf. The swells  made by the members of the school  were almost equal to those of a good-  sized boat, such as one ofthe PrlnceBS  steamers. :   ��������� '-'���������.���������**���������.  * ********************>������***** I l'������'l*������������ .'fr'M'l'M' j'*H > ������' H 1114* .*******)*<4**4 ****** ****** *'*%  Of  GrandvleW Wedding Anniversary  The twenty-fifth anniversary of their  wedding was the occasion tor -a delightful evening of merry-making at  the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles  Parmer, 1710 Victoria drive, lata Saturday evening. Seventy friends of llr.  and Mro. F������rjne,r were present, among  whom were about twetny relatives and  friends from the old borne town, ��������� St$  Thomas, Ont The evening; was spent1  at cards,'Sifid hearts were alwajra  trump. The ladles' prise, a cut gl**s  dish, waa won by Mrs. McMillan, and  the gentlemen's prize went to Mr.  Sabln, both of North Vancouver.  The pretty: rooms were transforemep  into flowery bowers of fragrance an*j  beauty with festoons of smilax and  laparagus ferns. an<J large clusters if  lovely feathery white spirea, pink carnations and tall 'spikes of deep pink  gladiolas. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer received many beautiful gifts from the  guests and distant friends, and Mrs.  Wood, who played many, pleasing selections, waa presented with a beautiful bouquet and * pair of brass candle*  sticks by little Edna Crittenden. After  several pleasing speeches from the  guests, complimentary to the boat and  hostess and full of good wishes for the  coming years and anniversaries, ther  guests sang their good-night shngs and  departed.      '  y  Kellvs Grocery  2333 Main Street     Phone Fair. 935  MONEY TO SS RAISED  FOR ORPHAN CHILDREN  At a meeting of tbe Vancouver Play-  grounds Association, held in the School  Board offices on Wednesday afternoon, representations were made concerning the Alexandra Orphanage and  the Children's Aid Home, and it w������s  pointed out that the Inmates of these  Institutions who were not enabled to  participate in the advantages of tbe  outdoor playgrounds problded for tbe  children of the city, were entitled to  Just as" much consideration as the  other children.  Representatives conversant with the  conditions and the needs of the two  homes were present at the meeting and  outlined what to their minds would fill  the requirements of the institutions,  and the meeting decided that as far as  possible both places shoud be provided not only with playground equipment  but kindergarten material as well for  entertainment and-instruction indoors.  The management of tbe two homes  will be communicated with to ascertain the exact needs of the situation,  but it was estimated that to provide  the ordinary requirements the sum of  |500 will be necessary.  To procure this amount the meeting  decided to embark on a membership  campaign for the Playgrounds Association, all tbe proceeds of which will be  devoted to tbe purchase Of the equipment and material for the children's  .homes. A committee to act in the raising of the money, in this way was appointed as follows: Dr. J. G. Davidson,  We want to print an ad. about some high-grade Watches that we have in stock.  These Watches were built to please exacting people.  They are not the highest priced Watches there are, but they cost enough to give a  perfect performance under anything like normal conditions.  ���������    Both ladies anil gentlemen's sizes in gold filled and solid cases.  In filled cases $12.00 and up  In solid 14K, good weight, $25.00 and up  We guarantee them to be tyg value for the money.  Will those ladies and gentlemen who are interested  Watches, make it a point to see tihese.   -  in something extra good in  _____  ' \/:y'yyyrXyyj.E:HW  Jeweller and Optician Cor. 7th Ave* and Main St.  ,*~m*.������^*-*.---vn.----~>*^^ ***l* ��������� ���������11 ii m  president; Mrs. J. J. Roberts, Mrs. W.  J. Mathers, Mrs. D. S. McLaughlin,  MrsrSurley, Mrs. S. D. Scott, Miss Mc-  Goun, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. B. W.  Leeson, Mr. J. H. Whittaker, Mr. G. M.  Endacott and Mr. J. H. Maxwell.  The annual Strawberry and Ice  Cream Social and Sale of Work will  be held on Thursday, Jane 19. by  the ladies of the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church. The social will be  held during the afternoon and evening. You _are cordially invited to  come.'   --.v-v   '���������' ���������  The " city beautiful" movement  has made its latest appearance In  this district in the^orm of two amall  open spaces, one at the corner of  10th Ave. and Westm'nster Rd. and  the other, a triangle bounded byf  Westminster Rd., Sophia St. and lltb  Both have been graded and grass*  seed sown. V  Swan Bras,  we eeuiuue euMetes  Our aim is- to turn out  - the highest class of  work at moderate  prices.  tlt.imc*l1MI������Jl,rtoMFi'T.M4  firls,ftf Hlk 4ff-t,**bwiFi!r.������74  '  REMOVAL  NOTICE  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  ������****���������  Has removed his office  . ^ tO ;  Suite 307, lee Bid..  Corner Broadway aad Msrlo St.  Office Hours:   1:30 to 6:80  Consultation Free.  _���������  Res- 250 22nd Ave.- East  We beg to advise t-tfe public that we bave taken aver  tbe Hardware business lately con4wcte4 by W, A,  Wooas. 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V  J  THE  nr a-ifi-V*  'J-   *-   .*���������������������������������'  ���������I 11 ****������. in ii 11 rug lit'-ij  ancouver  fou als4������ Hf*^ You  MiirmiHiiiiiMn^  C^TCiT**,  I.auad arery Friday at 1408 Wsstmla-  ���������ter Road, one. half block north of Broad  jray.   Phone Fairmont 1140.  Editor, H. B. Stevens; Mana-jer, Gee  a. Odium.  ���������atsoiiyttoai $1.00 per year, 40 eeat*  ter sla months;, _S cents per tbret  moatha.  _. laacea of ada. must be ta hj Tu_a*  aar eTeuat each week to Lai ore laaar*  tfoa la followins leaue.  I\       Notion.' of "blrtha, deaths aad  l(    riaaas inaer^d free of charae..  ItIMMII***4111M11111**>  ResMeace. CO t*tk Aveeae, Eaat    .  | FairmonlRepalrtliflp  E. R. Matthews, Machinist  ! Cor. 8th Ave. Westminster Rd. 1  ' Auto. Bicycle Repairs and       ������  Accessories.  General Repairs  ;   -Hectric Irons, La#n Mowers,  Baby Buggies.  ������M������M*IMIHMim>*Mll  VICE   PROBE   IN   TORONTO  Council off Women  Ask to Have a  Commiasion Named.  Toronto, June le.���������A jdelegatkm of  women representing tbe local Council  of Women waited upon the Board of  Control Tuesday morning asking that  a civic vice commission, consisting of  lawyers, medical, church, business and  university men, labor interests' and  others, be appointed to report on the  various aspects of .the social evil and  allied vice in the city. The ladles represented 48 societies wltb a membership ot .pearly 7,060. An effort may  be made later to have " a provincial  commission appointed on the question.  HllhUMHIHHI-llillll.    **** ** HIKIIIH t'I'l 11 II I  We are specialists on  CAMPING ORDERS  For quality of goods and prompt shipping we are unsurpassed. .Give us your orders and get satisfaction.  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Ensign Idaraall, superintendent of  the social work of tbe Salvation Army  in Vancouver, inatftuted a novel departure from the ordinary prison routine on Saturday, when, with the permission of Warden William McMynn,  of the Okala prison farm, and the cooperation of Major Simcoe, ln charge  of district one of the army hero, and  Bandmaster H. Bell, he took the band  of the Salvation Army out to the  prison and gave a concert to the prisoners. /  The concert, which waa given in the  prison quadrangle, was attended by  160 prisoners, and the whole gather*  ing listened with rapt attention and  greeted each number with great applause. Ensign Mardall said that part  of the keen enjoyment of the- day to  the Salvationists was the manifest delight of the prisoners at the break in  the dreary monotony of their existence afforded by the strains of the  music of the silver band.  When the hymns were played the  audience waa requested to join in the  singing, and the whole body of prisoners did it -with a will. During the  afternoon Major Simcoe - delivered a  touching address, and many of the  prisoners were visibly affected. The  concert consisted of fifteen numbers,  including marches, hymns, songs and,  recitations. A very impressive number was the last, "Abide With Me,"  which the audience wa aparticularly  requested to sing, and which was done  with much effect. .  On Sunday Ensign Mardall, Captain  Kerr and Adjutant Blackburn went to  New Westminster jail and sang to the  prisoners,* aud in the. afternoon repeated the performance1 at tbe Okala  prison farm, while Mrs. White ' and  Staff Captain White visited-the Industrial Boys' Home at Point Grey.  The report of the superintendent of  social work of the Salvation Army in  May shows that 2,725 beds at 25 centa  per.night were occupied during the  month, 93 beds at 20 centa, 483 beds  at 15 centa and 125 were occupied  without charge.   Ten men were hand  ed over by police and magistrates to  the ensign in 'charge, I_aqlgn Mardall, and these men were supplied with  37 meals and 12 beds, while 14 articles of clothing were furnished to  them, eight were supplied with situations, and two were returned-, to the  police as "no good.? The number of  jobs found for men in the month by  the employment bureau was 210.  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  IN BEST POSITION  Sir Max Altken Ssya That This Prov*  inca  Will   Peal   Returning  Prosperity First. "  "While everyone ls most optimistic  regarding Canada, the money outlook  at the present time Is anything but reassuring. Canada has been over-borrowing, and the West, especially, has  been going too fast in many ways. Alberta is the province where the shoe  pinches most tightly. Western municipalities generally have been raising  money at too rapid a pace, but, of  course, their wonderful development  and rapidly increasing population will  help them in tha end. British Columbia is not ao heavily involved aa the*.  Middle West and should feel a' change  for the better, probably before any of  the rest ot Canadara sshe can afford  to pay higher for the money she  needs," is a. statement made by Sir  Max Altken.  'Sir Max Is of the opinion that Canada can not meet with a serious setback and is optimistic over the general outlook. He thought tbe action  taken by the Federa Government regarding railway subsidies was the cor*  rect one. (British investors now fully  realize that Canada I������ big enough tor  three transcontinantala.  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OOWAN t  14-HMM III 11 H MM IM MM  I  THE SECRET  OF PAUL FARLEY  BY JOHN MARCH  SS 4 ***** *** III11 IHMI..M 111 1111 IIII Mil I'M * * 1 *****  Zl$ lSHli*S^^iJ^ St' TKveTTon. with all what?" he ask*  2_f^fb^^^e? & ���������-.wholly undisturbed by the out*  tool!   Oo you wast the lad batehei*> ���������*���������**��������� ^   4  tdf* "All this nonsensical anxiety about  "No, I don't; you know I don't Mr. Farley. Y<ra know you are far  What do you meanr I front well yourself, and Jack said If  "I mean yoa havo sons th.^ht'tou tookcold tathat -*ojJJ~ _������f  way to work to bring about an atro.������ls*he become permanently stiff.  Yet  clous tragedy. Don't you see what  you haye done? lira. Wycherly sent  this," tapping the telegraph form, "and  you���������you hare gone and played Into  her hands; you have driven the boy  Straight Into that mad devil's arms.  Why didn't you keep him?. Why didn't  yon coma and tell me he was here?  You know the trouble and pains I'vs  been at. to pro-rent the   issue   you!  **1 was not -thoughtless; I thought  too much. If there had been less to  oonslder I might hare thought of this.  I did It ell for the best.   Felix, I���������"  > "Bah I You wobmb are all alike.  You commit the most egotistical folly,  yon get out of a warm bed to walk to  Weyberne Hall .this bitter cold nlgbt,  and I daresay you will to without half  enough on." j  "Would you like me to stay at home  aad let Farley take his chance?" ~  "N���������o, 1 don't want any harm to  come to him; and equally as much I  dont want you to risk���������.- Fells, it be  is at the Ball you will leave him there,  won't you?"  "If he Is at Weyberne Hall i shall  leave him there; if at the Larches I  shall bring him" back here with me.  I have no time now to argue tbsrpolnt  as to whether.orno I make myself  ridiculous respecting Farley's safety,  or whether I have more regard tor him  and then say you did It for the best! than for you, not.even it **'"���������**  -     * * ' talking sense, which you are not.  A DETECTIVE'S ADVICE  J:  V,     ���������>  MFon emplagriac a P*:-  vate Datael_mtf irea don't  ka-nr tout nan. ask year  legal ad-ri-er.  JOHNSTON. the Secret  Senrice latelBfcace B*_-  i������aa, SaM* 103-4  319 Pender St., W.  Vaaconver, B. C.  Electric Restorer for Men  Pl_oanttonol ttetetm avary aerve in the body  rawyiwiwi,. Ut vroper tension. reatorea  ���������rim aal vitality. Premature decay and all sezaal  weakness averted at one*. neephoMl -will  nwk������ yoa a new num. Price __��������� a box. or two {or  SS. Mailad to any address. TIm BooWn Drta*  C^,Sc.C_.tb_urtn*M,Ont.  Sold at  Campbell's   Drug;   Store  Cor. Hastings andXJranville Ste,  Vancouver, B.C.  It Was'the beat possible worst you  could have done, and why in the name  of common sense did you tell him  there was no accommodation here!  You could have had a firs lighted In  thia room- If you were afraid ot hla  oomlng upstair* In the middle of ths  night It seems to me yea have become remarkably prudish and audaciously untruthful aU In the twinkling  of an eye, and I should like to be msds  acquainted with tho reason ot tbis undue haute to eject Farley and- the���������  worse than prevarication���������deliberate  lie you told? What's it all about, aud  whither does It end?"  "I had ao idea lt was prudish not ta  aak him to stay when there was ao>  where for him tb aleep; and the li*  ;|*e*__v wis on your account Ha was  gone then,, and1 aid aot want-yon top  est lack said yon were not to ho a������  ctted or worried, and I meant to carrj  out-bis Instructions to the letter. 1  . was thinking mors of your health thai  [of Mr. Farley'��������� comfort."  j   "You   oould  have considered both  had you the wit as 1 remarked before  'If you were bent on not disturbing ma  an s������sy ohalr by the flrt down hen  would have been preferable to- turn  tog him out again a night like this  :! wonder when ht had anything to eat  ������������������****. I suppose yon���������there's no use la  crying. Agnes;   that won't jinAo.lt  .Thare only remains now to set atast  ftoing what lies in our power to Inter  capt, If possible, or. feillnf, to lestev  fdf ooaasfnences.    Von had bettet  e9*r #������* hy that tfnw r thai! *  'fiiiy for yo* to btHp m* jwlth m������  ooat Iffpeot tt wm bs wsfls hefori  'I oaaJet this arm baok without astlst  ,*m*r   ryyxy.x-y- ~:yy--y:yAxyy.  i   wArs yon going out?" *he ssked,  wiping bar eyes. ��������������������������� /.  "Yes, I em going to call up Ralph  aod.tahe him with me to the Hall. I  must find out whether:������������������:���������'Fifliiy- hsi  .arrived there; Jf not���������the deuce tsM  'her!���������he's at the Larches, and It wi������  be aa wail, now Vm a bit crippltd, tc  have the man with me f/ben I pay thf  widow g^Doctarnal visit. She It bac|  la Weyberne," he added, as he reach  ed the door. "But bow on earth 4H  ���������he get Fatley's address? Here dltto'i  know'it.";-\-  ���������"<������������������,���������.���������������������������-��������� -;,.-���������,.......xx--|  -I can't imafine." she answered  looking at bim dejectedly* .  He knit his brows, intently studies  the telegram in bis band fer two e������o  onds of time, then sud4enly his fic������  cleared: lie turned, sprang upstairs,  ������n4 knocked sharply at aose Pvgrlm't  4oor. -' '���������������������������  ' "What about that letter. Bote, ad  dressed to Hr* Farley?'- he asked  'when he had made.ntr comprehend  ; tha drift of hit questlonlof ���������. "Did yos  post tt or not? What did you do wits  Mr  t Dsnbam, sir, and he oftsrel  it for me st Past Weyhscn*  blm, beeaose--''  ; that's all I want to know/  He shut himself Into his room, look  tag white and worried. Agnes did at  alt ww bidden, dressed herself quick  ty. end returned ln the nick of timi  to assist with the squire's coat-sleeve  Sao followed htm downstairs Into th.  [keeping-room, and there watched hla  select and equip himself with th.  weapons he considered most likely tc  tnstU a soupcoa of wholesome feat  Into the minds of a ruffian and pre  somably a mauleo, uuid, at the sam<  r, do the least amount of mischief  least possible dengsr of life and  'property.-  ���������"llay I go with you. Fellxr sh������  aaked very coaxlngly and witbal-ver)  earnestly.  ''Most certainly not," be rejoined  decidedly. "I don't know what I  should be taking you into: I can'l  form any idea what to expect. All I  know is that It I find him alive, or in  such a condition as will admit of hli  being nuried back to health, I shall be]  able to���������to forgive you, Agnes."  "And if he Is dead, what then?" she  burst out clinging to him ln great distress. "Felix, Feltx; bow can you be  eo unkind? You delight in showing  me that you have not a tithe of the  affection and consideration for your  sister that you have for Paul Farley,  and he is not even a very old friend.  You have only known him four  months. You had not seen or heard  of him six'months ago; and yet you  are wrapped up ln him. Everything  must go down before the infatuation;  even natural affection. Everything in  the world sinks into insignificance beside his bafety; you���������. Fells," she exclaimed, somewhat hysterically; "It's  a pity Mr. Farley ls not a woman, then  you could marry him and have done  with.it all."   You  ,'t seem to be at all clear as to  what you really want or wish. You  don't want him murdered, and you  don't wish me to try to prevent It  Yob have all at once become absurdly  and unwarrantably Jealous of the boy,  and behave as If you were averse to  my bringing blm back to the house for  a few hours' Shelter. .The next thing  I shall hear win be that you are beseeming yourself and conducting your  self ln this contrary manner all for the  best I don't understand you, Agnes.  I don't understand why yon should  grudge me Farley's friendship and Intellectual society. In a tew months  yon will bs married, and I think you  ought to feel glad to_know I shall have  hla companionship to fall back oh.  Yon'might search the-world over and  not find a nicer, a siore modest, and  gsntler chap than Farley, and 1 don't  understand why yon should have de*  yawped title sudden hysterical temporary dislike. I say temporary advisedly, because I feel sure It can only be  a passing prejudice, which ln all prob*  ah llty, when he sees lt Farley will  lose no time In removing. No-tr, I can't  gtfi yon a list of Instructions to carry  oat la my absence, because I have  ���������neh a vagus Idea as to wbat may be  reqnlred; bnt yon won't go tar wrong  In having the kitchen fire lighted and  plenty, of hot water ready In case ot  emergency. Help me with this nlgter,  Agnes, and see to the flre in n������y room*  It's low. Make a respectable one. J  ���������hall not object to a good toasting  when I retnrn. Oood-byel Kiss me,  and f^oirget differences, an4 behave  pretOly to Farley if be comes."  She followed Mm down the hall;  saw him turn In the direction of  Salph's cottage, and closed the door  swiftly In the face of the bitter. coH  wind* She bad never felt so nervous,  so uncomfortable, so 111 at ease ip her  life as she did now.     7      / '  "Oh, dear," she whispered to be^  self; t"I hope he is sate at Weyberne  Despite her secret misgivings, she  lost no time In procuring Hose's ser������  vices for the kindling of the midnight  fires. She decided upon ope In tba  parlor In case fan! should be unhurt  and well enough to disappoint their  hospitality by refusing to occupy tha  Tlsltor's room- She knew FelU'e rtle,  and If Fanl came wounded, bleeding,  and 111, Feits would take possession  of him In bis usual kind protective,  ubiquitous way, and reave her, Agnes,  the right person to see after him. entirely out in the cold. If Paul escapes  oomparatlvely uninjured and fairly,  wsil���������snd sha/ hoped and prayed hi  might���������he wis perfectly competent t*  take care of himself. He could pass a  portion of the time In the parlor, and  leave, as he originally Intended, brr-the  first morning, train.    .  Still, the outlook waa disqviteUng  and terribly unconventional, though  Felts waa the laat person in tbe world  to wittingly harass tbem. If he knew;  If he guessed her dilemma; his rigid  sense ot decency would receive a severe shock, and ha would be a vast  dear-more distressed aad nonplussed  than they. Dear Felix! Dear, proper.  BtralgbMaced Fells! Dare she tell  blm? No, a thousand times, no. If  worse grew. Into worst she would  rather toll -Tack. Fells would storm  and rage; he would accuse her of aiding and abetting a fraud. He would  declare her sympathies were enlisted  on the side of what was licentious and  low; that such purlsnt instincts only  pandered to the worst forms of depravity and vice; to a state of lobe*  lax morality. She knew; on, aha  divined, exactly, clearly- and perfectly,  what Felix would say!  Bending forward Impetuously with  the poker she gav������ the fire a vfoloue  stir, then sat erect aad stared at the:  brilliant flame.  "Oh, dear; are you sate? Don't, tor  heaven'e-*ssake, come here. It you  dream of preserving your secret keep  out of Fellx'e way."  8he wandered aimlessly round the  room, the night was well-nigh past  She lifted the blind of the French window and peeped Into the moon-lit  garden. 8he stood there, her nerves  ajar, watching and waiting and listening���������listening for what? Dear life;,  what was she listening tor?  The night was dying, Rowena Wycherly would soon see Its ghostly grey  dawn, and he, her life's great love,  bad not yet come.  Not a glimmer of light shone from  the windows of the- Larches. The  Minds were drawn ,the grey stone  house nestling among the trees lay  wrapped' in. slumberous stlllneVc  strtped by inky shadows traced w. *  tbat mAhn'a nencil from behind tht  '--^r7'X_V_,^&_*K_tf____  reflected larches. Tht lower half at  the boudoir window was open, an Inch,  of the fluttering blind was bent back,]  and a pair ot haael eyea gased stealthily down the drive and held the approach to the ga-e. Rowena, insufficiently dad. in a. cream silk eyoqlng  gowa, had knelt in berjtedkms, -cramped position for hours, unmindful-������f the  stinging bite of -the wind; watching  for a sign from the emissary she had  despatched upon a delicate, mysterious mission; a purpose;that represented life or death to her���������a gay, laughing, dancing, life;1 a long, hot summer  of maddest love; or the void, trosen  stillness* of death's-long winter.   -  At last! A shadow glanced Over tba  Intensified whiteness of the gate. It  was the shade cast by tho burly form  of her ambassador; and he, the wary  veteran of a host of- rough, drunken  campaigns, had sworn that hs would  not return to the larches alone. She  shrank back, laughing softly, crouching behind the wainscot, until the  crimson camellia in her hair touched  the dark wood. Heavy footfalls echoed from the frosea gravel, advancing  nearer and nearer, In regular, mono*  tohous precision, till they stopped sud<  denly beneath the boudoir window,  and their welcome sound waa replaced  by a low, not unmusical, whistle. The  smile died on'her lips aa shetore the  blind aside, leaned out bare-necked,  and looked Into the upturned, brutal.-t  drink-sodden face of the man below.  ' "Alone!" she gasped; "alone!"  ; "I met everyone on them trains," he  said. In a subdued whisper, "since I  sent the telegram, 'capt the lent;  then I went into the Ooose and Gridiron tor a glass, an'���������an' missed the  beggar."  "You good-for-nothing, drunken  knave!," she exclaimed, parking out  her arms with a violent gesture, indicative of an ungovernable desire to  strike could she reach him. "Not one  shilling, one penny; not a farthing  reward���������-  ��������� "Hello, milady; not ao feat Stop!  I've cot finished. listen. Oomln'out  o' the public house I see Pointer, an'  I arsed who'd come along o* the mall,  an' he says on'y one passenger���������the  young secertary chap trom the Hall.  I followed hard arter him, and I seed  Miss Fleming a-lettln' of hlm-ln at the  vgarden winder. I thought maybe yer  might be weary o' waitln', so I came  to tell yer he's there, an' I'm a-goin'  back to watch the house."  ''Perhaps he will stay there sll  night"  "Not he, milady. The squire's abed  Miss Agnes, she couldn't keep him  over the night; 'twould get to the doctor's ears. He'll go to the Hall, else  to tbe Popinjay, and thenll come ma  chance."  , "Bring him to me, Denham; bring  him unhurt, and I'll make the one bun  dred pounds two."  "Good, milady. I'll bring him If I  hev to fitch blm out 0' tbe Manor."  ."How long do* you think you will  be?"  "I dunno; depends on how long he  stops there."  "If you are obliged ta use force,  dont strike too hard. Denham. If ht  bat to be hurt I will do It myself."  "Very good, milady. Tou shall hev  him with a whole hide, or ma name'*  not Joshua Denham.-*  The man ������louche# across the garden into an adjoining field, and from  tbebee over a couple of marshes Into  tht squire's shrubbery, crawling round  to the front hedge* ~ ������.  "Two hundred pound! My oertyf  A roarln' prica for -the tikes o' Wm.  Wttb her darned beauty to entice a  personable man, what eaa tht wench  want of that sickly, mstly-moutbed  chap* Tat afeard rlrtat. ala't htr  ���������trwiMr^tlnt*** ���������������������������--��������� ������������������������������������;;-;' - ���������.:;������������������<  x y'::9999\n������. m w*fr.w#  -,. Ths inarchw hid ewehenM t-rou* &r  period of darkness and sleepy repots;  Mfhts shone thnmgh tht *rawfnf*  ,->oott. windows; a curlGrus. sensuous  Shads diffused itself over the me������ow  tinge ot tbe pictures; ovar the carpet  which seemed to glow with, living  flowers; over ths artlstlo taste that  wrought such artful splendor from tht  rariety of decoration  adorning- tht  Solid Leather    -:-    Solid Hand Work  Done by First-Class Mechanics  '/        -- *��������� -aapTttcesBstytoptoduce -  \ Good Shoenjaking  I Repairing!  We have all eawjnned, assuring our customers good results.       ._  SargtcalW^k Qiveo Special Attention.  PETERS & CO.   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Paul Farley lay, hit eyes  closed, his face pale, a smear of blood  across one temple. Rowena knelt by  hla aide. bsthing_ his forehead with  Sau-de-cologne. She *waa crooning to  jUm tn Mttw abrupt mttodloaa whisf  ers, and alternately stroking hla da*%  hair. ��������������������������� y^ "  *T told you not to hurt him." shs  .said, looking at Denham, who stood  'awaiting further orders. MI believe  you have killed Wat"  i "No fear, milady; he ain't dead, not  near dead. He'a a att stunned. Tou  tee, ma'am, I wore forcer to gtva htn.  a tap. I couldn't havo carried a tong  chap Uke him srkloking, straggling,  and a-bawllng; not comfortabU Hka  Tou've the brandy, ma'am, and the  [salts; ts there anything else 1 eaa  ���������>tr-7-: .. ���������-".���������  ! "No; you can go. Take the key out  at the door, and lock It after you."  ;' Denham efficiently carried out his  mistress's orders, and remained a tew  minutes in a solUoqubus moad on tb.  landing scratching his head.  ''I'm biowedt*' he muttered thought  fuUy. And as no other inspiration was  forthcoming, he repeated: "Well  there; l*ra blowed!"  It took time, but at length Rowens  .won him from his lethargy,, and h������  awoke, forst to the strange lovelluae*  of his surroundings, and than to th<  chill of her presence���������to"the horror ol  the beautiful face bending over him  He struggled to a sitting postore, and  stared at her, fear and abhorrence  written on every line of -his face.. Hs  was terrified, and'showed it. Never  theless Rowena met the look with s  tender smile and calm melancholy  grace. ���������"   ';  "You are afraid of me.-Why?"  "Because you act like a mad woman  Why behave so extraordinarily? Whj  resort, to assault.-and abduction? Whj  outrage common decency by employ-  ing force and violence to retain m������  here against my wlii?"  .".- "Why? Because no other metho.  1, would have availed." . .  Rowena. have you no self-respect;  (Continued on Page 7)  PffOPH- f9\tmae f |TT  T-l-fHr' rtwptfl- wWI'1;  t  fSg  Always in Moqnt F������eii8������nt  ������������������������������ h��������� ���������������������������;*i*m*>*)9**4W9**** *$n**********������h������*;���������*...ji:iEfr  ���������-���������'���������       '���������'    USB A  wiitor mm jjisiieki  This appliance is operated hy connection 9  with an ordinary household socket  It savea all the hard work of wash day ss It  does, in a perfect manner, the washing and  wringing. /  The coat, of operation is only a few-cents  per hour. Ay- y--y,.' yy  5ee this machine demonstrated at our Salesrooms and  make 'enquiry concerninf terms for payment.  B. C. EIJ.CTRIG CO.  Carrall and Pbone  Hastings St*. Seymour 5006  ���������Ti i nm iihih itn n 11 nt 1111 ***** < in nixmi 1 is*  ii3S (IraovUle St.  Near Davie St.  You cannot expect satisfactory sport, unless  TAOKLE i8 right.  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In life  not- been   frustrated  .Mev-ar, la on* instaaoe during Am*  extsteaos, have I gained ont  talagupoa which I aet my bean  nd.  I save aowh iffebthm aat  reaped hate; I hav* aown hlndheak  -aad taapsd tmaeheryv: T*h^ you ������sl  ���������Uther I leave  noVsejf*sfla^ement  Have you no sense Of the Hidlctouslf  He sMiired at the beautiful orsatuN  gMuslttng and plucking, the fur fren  tha rug at his feet He was frightens*  and bewildered.  He had no manner o>  doubt but that the crista In his lit*  bad oome.   He was up here alon. av  '-���������tieLssrcfaes. miles Irani any  of hei  habitation.   Not a creature, with tht  axoepuon of the drtak-eodden labors)  \-oa_ U_e "other side-������f the door and i  little l������U>t chikd to hear him even 1  I In breaking -thawlndowi  >���������   Hid his sin been at  _      ,   i ts;.-suHrrant a violent death ������-  tb* hand ���������pf.9maniac?  Possibly; wsi  h������ not holding the safety of three, per  '"       e^>w U*res to the hollow of hii  If   Why hsd ha persisted ln tb������  ���������    I which" had wrought miser)  catsitrophe'to the homes of thoat  ^had taksualm ohtiusWah^  kind to him? ���������, "yy'yyyy ������������������:���������_-" XXlVx  .;  U the terror we>w coming, he hope.  It would eonM eoon.  There was little  In prolonging the agony, thong}  ilwllx was. silivei and naturally he nov,  wtsl_ed������ollvs. And this was his pun  7 talmaat---**no doubt well earned: Never  y Jo -am abb) to tell them he wsa sorry  aVmrry for the; S^ef he had eansec  -those dear friends.   They would fin.  -rrtit   Agaes, In h������r dletres* wohk  teU, and a bitter lwsentmidiU WoaU  ���������dttngtetfi that wss left of blm.   H<  - - would -Iktonsse a pelnf-d s_cii_*J_r -'-U1  those Ito icrrsd. esswclally to one fw  y^hjom- ha wduid Mve kid down hb  ttfa.   He had^Mver totonded to ie.  Peltx again. H*bad bean detonates.)  -in that-acore. But to be in the work  f smd lt-������w tlurt P*H������, too. was tb*ff������  ���������lw hear a, blm. To think of him. Tt  dream of hin^ wsnll be fc Qod-give.  heoo; wuuld,-ah.Hewena'a hands wen  crasplng upwards, and he feared the)  were Mining about his necg*  Ht sprang to his feet. unwMely act  fag under the influence of bit inteas<  dWike to her caressing toudh.  ;&*&*&���������: wt*-- Rowena," be exclaim*  atierplr: "and.elf on a chair."x-  -,S ���������iha-aheytd Immediately, and. flush  Ij^thTwccess, be added: "Now, opet  : v .fNtver," she whhiptrsd with a eon  aiag laugh. "You are my ptltoner  Paul. My stolen property. I am goioi  to keep youbsre."       ^~y  y.--..??��������������� cgaf* Some ont will tursto  ���������suae." -lit cried, goaded to deepen  tkm by tht axpresslon In her eyes  . **1 wfH break tvtry window to tht  room H you don't open the dom*."  . -Do ft." she said, looking at blm ad  mirtogly. Ton are at liberty tc  wreck tht contents of the room. Tot  ������hall do anything you choose; any  thing- that amuses ivru> If: you con  elder the old* china aad  br!c*e-bre<  ,7-wWhy.ot. your.j.alligfr*':!:  .they wart worth '-'ta* AmH9t of - monsj  they coat gad of same practical use at  last. HeT*-" tht teiaamed escRedly  ^l>rlng beneath an ebony cabinet an<  brlaflaf tut a pair of small revolvers  ���������^ hue* a brtter game than that^i  ��������� >No; no,!*, hs iinplavad. almost, tear  fully, pushing bar hack- "put msn  away.*'  8ht laughed mirthfully, wltb some  Jhtog of tbs bid childish UK te tb*  ^fdon't want to shoot," be ssid, try  anmltedtatc.  !&_JBi_i*^^ t  90mm  at ������hf <nialtty  Btty^verse-itti- _  to.leeve hold; to le^^  gargling t!c_bl ������_t conetant anxiety  a_d toM of x_tt>vo power, cdmhmed  with thhi present" supnmehoi^  completedthidr woik; bs waa^^p^  Jeit:4������pD-**4t4t^  to74nteflert between t^  toiws.Jbe yelling boy and tha gurgllag  ���������m^jfft*���������y'"Xxxyyy^ yx'y^~-'yy~^:~- -.-  *I^ jt^tl^ of her Jew^Ued hshda  ^^ially7 became mors  feeble,7 tha  ^t lto m^ellbua b^  heaving of the MU white  ATew,;;;Jee^^and:   _  4    his wffl tba awful agoay. the  ;������av������4__aiiggtort^  ^vlOBrbt:^mal^ uhcotutoloua  h* waa unable to conjecture; aat  slowly regaining hU senses he awoke  to a strange, wstod stillaeas. The fit*  had buraed holtow. tl������ boy*a scream-  lag bad i>_M_f^;iMverthaless, be still  duiig tenaciously to the stiff upright  flgui* af a wonata whose crown of  onsn-oatead balr coiled and waved  abenw a dsa^ black. >41storssd face.  ':- asa:-elbaed.hla.a|a1i������  almost dying; his toqU fihatsaiwd, aad  ha ahook will, ths ihlll of tha fast-  oooUng room, with tha cold rOinoa*  phare that waa toimSbg, drcllhg round  the rigid u������pse.';^ ^7^.,' yyyx^ ���������  AJiQh, heavens; was hs to be looked  ta them to stars /orerar at that  hideoua sight?::;; ���������;/  HairM  eonieoiie hs^l woiidared at the pro-  ������long*_d -alleaca; someone wait comtag  toaee If aU were right, a. tt should  ..lia; Thef key grated in the lock, tba  handle was wrung round by a power*  tut .hand, tht door flung open, and  throe h^^  most; ;JIe looked it th* frightful  shape of death with tha boy kneeling  on its atiffening lap, uttered an excla-  nmtion of amassd lnmor, and hastened  :aeross: tlu rtKip. to J*aul*  ^���������'fifia'-youyh    He said eomethlhg in raspoue; he  did not know what  He was   '  the oppoelie extreme. -She waa objaO'  t_OT_ablycloa������ to hlin, patting his to  ���������living her conscience without doubt,  lat any rate treating him much In the  aama way. with the same freedom, she  me__*!Iy3n^  simply a waste of time tiid.enacgr ta  try to penetrate or fathom "uVelr mo*  three.: They had   none;   tbey   were  ���������awayed "ayslatpulae^lnfl-_mced by clr^  'cumsltoces,   and g^n^  %$9&������MW'''  their hearts to take precedence of  their heads. It was 1^ Ume to dla  turb the colloqUy,^ ^  himself to what extent Paul ware!  hurt, to take him under bis Owa wing  and insist upon absolute quiet sifter s  night of such excitement and horror.  Accordingly, he cleared his throat  abut the door, marched SM*������M th* parlor, and swept Agnes uncars-sonlonaly  ���������*ei*^'rafa)a^:.y.,y'y'  '���������Tliera sra pkaty *_f -3___iiw tn t*������  room, Aghes, my dW," U remarked  la a tone that had :a  amount ;df starch la It, and  Ing a hand on Paul's shoulder, h*  ed anxiously, "Where's ths tnlschiet,  *U*v9kVry:yAyy\:A  Paul brought a hand swathed -, la  Hnan rag from bensath his coat, aad  looked at it dubiously.  (To be (^tiiuied)  ilroonded, utterly ibroken daim and  cowed. I_e*sng4hrnugh a -blunad -slat  the face of bJa idellaiitar he Juat raised  his arms feebly ������hd -clung i* Valla's  ,  .-���������.*M_S%;^S^^flSa^  tearfuny; "g* __��������� out trf .h-S^wcm/V  ���������1 wm; ^duiiH giva way ������s^ thensw  a good fsllow.    The boy -  -Ing to be calm and preeslagbsr dow_  Into htr chair; "I only want one thing  --I want���������dear Rowsna, will you let mt  :g������r  ..  -There lo nothing else 1 could den)  yoa. I can't let you go. I should nevei  tea you agalo, and then 1 might at  well be dead. Shall I he dead? 8hai:  we both be dead? Tea, let's both be  dead.   Tou first, then L"  She aat smiling at htm. He had hit  band oa bar shoulder. He waa tremb  ling te every limb and terribly upaet  :-jHe bad not the slightest idea what bt  was saying, but he was talking to hei  ia���������:������ a pertnaslve. soothing tone, wbec  she raised her hand and pointed tht  jnussle of the weapon close to his face  "Stand sUU; let me kill you; or. sl<  down. H you like. I can aim straight*  ;r   It bad come then, the crucial, the  awful moment had "come.   He stag  ger-ejH-sck Into his chair, panting, hall  swooning, wondering In a vague. All)  5wsy at the curious scuffling In the fold  of the curtain behind him.   The nexl  -instant a ringing yell made his blooc  ���������run cold.  It forced open his eyes, and  he saw something white dash past, tc  spring with the agility of a panther  on to the tap: of the woman opposite  him.   With the impact the revolve*  .kicked, and aimultaneoual-r: with tbt  stinging pain In bis left  thumb  he  heard a hoarse,/tuneless voice shriek  Ing:'"She shan't hurt-you. man, kinc  jnan.   The goat shall hurt her; the  goat shsll hurt her, Uke she hurts mc  so .so   so!"  -7 Half fainting, half dazed, and full o!  excruciating pain, he stared at the  ihorrtble scene before him. Guy's red  bony fingers were fastened round fait  jmother*s slim, white throat. He clung  'there, shrieking to Paul to run away,  to hide himself now, while the goal  held her. The woman struggled to bet  feet and tried desperately to throw  : him off. She struck sickening blowi  at him with the,butt end of the revolver; she scratched, fought, writhed  lost her balance, and fell back In he.  ihair with tb* strong fingers locked  mxy:y;:y'y  ^2_^^-'������������������______*- ���������������������������----  ; "WWy9**l'w--. r^"^9^. ^?9*9l*^**^r\f$ '���������^e**W*9. qHK1v*P-w*e^*Vvwp  ������������������ *l-*afwJ*f *) y*7f*Wi9'. 99m*r*fr*\*a**\*mW'm^e ;* -Ffr-ljWW "'*P*WP   -IM-Ir  nap^; aspasate Hmte twal**. y-?:'y ���������  lu#tf<Uto.l-W mptaf of the **^>1-'  ttM������ unMnass. ������* wifttt;.....__ .  ^{iLMTuiSy -aerotf bit  ^p-arav-v   _*TT*ai_^^.~L*m^9^9   *^^**f^^^99^^mr*^***9   *** ^^^9*9*  ���������\9l    ���������^w*r-t**ap^fV ��������� m}w*99'9*W .fwf     ^^999^9**f9*W*\*et        r  pareotiy was not even y*t sated, and  he absolutely refusad to flat up hla  A%m?���������iti called.WmMvimft  on Denbsm's repulsive task; -Our.  come here i"  It was a kind valet, and be knew ft  notwithstanding the two years since  be bed been} it Though ft camefrom  tht dim past the vptoo had dwelt with  him;; hs remembered-4t as sometbted  kind, pleasant, and vary food.. De>  ham few the gees? relax, and toekad-  vantage ut Um loosened fingers.     .  "It's alin&st right, sflr." the man a**  ���������w**rapa**s>w'"*p  . jp*sw *aa*jaa.t^^aMyw**fa9a*f* .^taia* *^*j*ma}^, iVj^-l*.  have done the pnstnses"   ���������  -Qay.imis man; I want you.-  The *oy slid from the set Umht and  Prablsm Hu.Confrentsd Pi^  ���������. _*''laeh'ConfersiiM  '���������xx- !$^y3-: yyytmf^^yy^x y-xy-.  :y-7T^*^fvT-b#^  Wlnnipsd. who Ium not been specially  strong .for chUrch union th the past^  question at the meetug of toe general  assembly Ion Monday afternoon. Ay  It bad been fesfed. he said, thst the  holding of the great Preeb-rtertaa con*  greaa, At-^cnded by evertr -ah^  the denominatloh, would have the *1*  feet of *tr*ngthenlng the deno-olna*  Uonsl aplrtt Methodism had aaid to  htm tiu.t they ?^^  sn_*_rthawat_ia*t������et; tl*ereaolt_^  not bbrme out tau^jtf^  the tl_ought Wt on the mind of the  congram waa tlmt the chowa. waa; a  great fighting toree,- snd tlmt the- pow  ers oppoaed to tt were entroched and  prepared to;mil^'^'!^^''Ml^X  " It the church y^^lrt^ia*f*������������'  force, and If H bad a real batUe to the  death before It it wa* obvious that it  ought to get together under one head.  With reference to ^be report* from  the union oommit(*e of. wbicb tbere  waa a majority report and a minority  report, he wss dlsssUsfled with both.  V. V. MURPHY KIM-PP  IV TRAIN AT miHCAN  Vfctotrla.���������-A aeriiouo accident, resulting la tot death of V. V.yHurphy.  the well-known Cowlchan cricketer,  and Injuries probably fatal to Captain  CHffen, who owns * ranch at Weat*  holme, took place at McKlnnon Junc-  tlbn, on the IB. * N. Railway, about  noon Monday. ;The two *������era moto^  '^rJe^^m"and ho?l *** **** Pmctm ������**^hen attempting  rsa -te bim- T -_���������. ^^~~^ ���������* w^��������� -w- - -  ried from th* jwom. followed close s* to ������H*e/tha level crossing at Mc  b4rtoe^bM-ke*asMn, who^^e  >^2____:,1__^i__r'^^ t^,*,l��������� ;$**&*- *������������������ hiatanHy  iiiofurtttuiar!a\Mffia f,S? hlired and Captain Clllfen so severely  J^3tb7n^  tloa for this sxatltr as tooa at It*' recover. He is now lying is the Duncan hoaptfal.  '  Mr. Murphy was one of the most  popular as well a* the most  skilful cricketers on the Island.   At  daylight and I will *tay dowastairt  until the doctor'corns*, fan need not  hurry to fright** tb* tarvant*. jo#h-  -IU itt *emfind It out. sir;  that-      . ���������*- **    Uonle Is a Jabbering, prttlng foot Jthe recent visit of the Aostrallanr he  !?*J; ���������%*_-*** *���������"������������������ ^S_?; _5*'*lT! Played  oh both the Vancouver^ow*  STy&W'iwl*^"^,flr'**iichan and British Columbls   teama.  "Blood!" he asclnimed; Tt* aot^P**1* ClUton waa a farmer at Weat-  beennear blood, and ther* 1* no** ba'holme where be has resided since his  the boy. How the deuce did It get arrival in this country tw������o years ago  there������ ; -.���������..-���������^���������- ~-  -I dunno; but It's there, an'���������-   .  - -Heavens!"   Parlay pat hit arm  round bit neck.   Wat It from him?  Had ah* shot him? Waa ha hart after  ���������"Catch bold of this boy. DWh4M^������,C0W^toB������~������a*eut the Dominion,  he said, impatiently; -I won't stay.  Tell Dr. Hunter to hurry up and noma  straight on to tbe Manor���������I expect Mr.  Asabciation  ������^;toufi-tea:^  Iritton ott__s g^  p-Jlts' mjiss^la .^^  %d efforto of those who  sjty foracUo^ j^d^stlmu^  ^th whom the Issue Is SMjfy^^  g7pne.;^:;:7 ������yy::;: :AyyXXAXXAyy&:  ������;lt publishes Uie^TCsj-adtSA iroi^bry  |>urnal, an Illustrated monthly devoted  toHhe interests of forest conservation.  i;;7tt;-p^ti������-Inq^irOT  'Itfst ,sou>ce*/olt|lnfbirm8^^  IU pfflcem deliver illnstiat^ lecture*. .:.'-���������; XAX,.'"  ���������..*������������������  ^  hold* conventions for the Inter*  ha^ycli^flaamwlaip*^^  0-������rnva Wyn������iam wsa bora in  don,Ang.������,im.atte^  graduated f������>m the Ito  Ct|piptttr3Ba������^^  glv������n the honoz_u������y degr<>e of D. L. C.  *t Oxford in 19M, waa n_ade an 14^  at Olasgow three years later.  He bad  b^jt|ii|rai^ii^^  moa from Dov-sr _Jw������ ia������9 ^  i^djbMetc^  tmji������K^^  fii������ miUt_u7 career began with tha  CoMstream Ouarda ia 188t, and he  serrsd in the;. Suakim campalga and  enange^bf the latest and best Ideas fb (^pi^, a4id wsa awawled a  laicmg^jhr^tr^  The resolutions adopted at Ifa a_e*t*  tags are regarded ss an Indication of  the desires of the Quu^lan oec^l* WithiRt. Hjm. A. J. Balfour from  ^^fd^ftr^^cp^  ; y Not a ^wlot. tha- admfe^tratlve reforms of tb*j^ ^  lytneeabtotothdAssocia^  meinclatlona.   ':- xy:       Xyy:yAy: .:  :\ At the present time it Is urging upon  the vs_rious Governments, timber own-  ;ar8'sad':publlc:-4'y;vyy :' \.Ay  y(D The prevention of squatting or  aettlement oh lands chiefly valuable  'ftJir' timber: -A. :yyy yy "���������;' ;yAAy  X (2) The placing of the employees of  all forest departments tinder ciyfl serf.  vice regulations, by wblsh all appoint*  ments and promotions v^ll be upon  merit'-:^'- -';Ay. Ax\ yy :y '��������� yy y^'y y - A  ^ (3) The formation ;,*f._;;MHb^ratiy*  flre protection assoclstloiis. " ' :.  ) (4) The adoption of effective means  of disposal of logging debris.  (5) The revision of Uie flre acts ot;  ^Manitoba, Saskstchewsn and Alberta.  In brief, it stands for a solid, progressive, scientific, business-like hand*,  ling of all the nation's forest problems.  It want* wtHlet, ^tialirvai^IIIitSr ^teJMe)^-  tng patriotic Cansdlans to Join the  great work.  ^Membsia jet tlm Caitadlsn Porestry  diurnal every asonth, and the aantml  '^p^;cm^|^::te full the addreaeaa  itt tiie AaMctatioa Ckmvsatloaa,: and  are entlUed also to aU the prtvlligea  cl (Megatbo ������t: a������* Ckmv*ntIona^  / A nominal annual fee of 6ae Dbnar  techaigeC fiochmembemhlptesapa^  leas than one-halt of the Association's  f_touet:<r*_tp^^  The Association wants your membership, your partlctpaflouln this work of  laying sure the basis of national pros*  ^i,:^,:,. I.,;  ;:_;.,'��������� - \,  7 It Is laying It sure���������ss much as any  lddlvldoal citizen can.  there la an opportunity, even a r**|  sponslblUty, before you. |  ';0*t-,'ln touch with the Association  how. -  andUMlQkedlve*BXarand wMni-vJor  ���������of ytha>Che^ilre; y*  He wa^ private secretary to th������  lift to  l*^7|N_rllamenti ���������r-:,.;-;.--_;^---  of state for war from 1S������8 to lMt.  and became a e^inet tntnl^ :'to'  1M1,   He waa e%ie^ rector of  OlSigbw University in 1901 and of  Edinburgh in itOg.  . y TB*-rlj^^aaia.. .at^-mm^y^a-rdialwii^  wetrlngyapaarel at the -R*d Aj-ivw^  Clothing Hoass, l������-7 '__sathil;y|!^  ,We_t,; la attracting unuaualatt������  bWttsebf'the.o^udlty^^  freedOm.of the sa^fM  tl-ttv'Ttorfeoften caaraetariaa"  sslei, ^^^ii;������rta^Hahadrr^h^  tl^onbf J. Nr Harrey for fair de^^   '  y The in_My aiari^    tow, hyeaeb this  cut price sale.   The  b-^tf-fptiln^apee^  ceptionally low, and..tlia:':erbwo*' are  there buying.. - Don't forget the name  and place. J. N. Hsrvey, UiL. 1������*7  HutiUga, West. See their ad ������opa*e  8 of this tssus.  Falmont 686 for Ie* Cream  for year party er socUL   nwsdeU^  j^'^iL__'-'_>_.__k'___.'____.'._____������>; '���������  ���������H  ii  SP5  MIHHIHIII Ml I III! I ****  PHONB  ;mm.yy    ICE CREAM PARLOR  9*f4������ mel* *t* 9* eHr*  x'. .' y \   '..'.'...' ,u.\ " .��������� .. ' '.\.y. ������������������ ��������� ���������  . AgeDteforWoman'ifMiJiwy  3re*������������4 ������n4 Confectionery.  The place for goo4Can������4ie������w*4Ch^  ���������>fSM������������f������������������������������ffM������M*.-IMM   .MfMMMMIIMHMM>MT  INPUiTBIAt 1ERA  VlilTt ORAND FORK*  A VALUAILt ftePORT.  The wonderful progress- of   forest  Parley is hurt   By the way, how did  that boy get into the room?**  "I dunno. Leastways h* wet* oa tha  stairs In his shirt when I carried Mr.  Parley in. *8pect he follered and hid.  afar."  CHAPTER XXIX.  Mrs. Grundy Frowns  -The crass Inconsistency of women!  Felix had pushed open tbe parlor  door, and from his coign of vantage  beheld Paul lying hack supported by  cushions, with Agnes perched familiarly on the arm of his chair.  -He was sipping coffee, she holding  the ssucer and he the cup.' A plate ef  the daintiest of bam .sandwiches stood  untouched on a stool, unnoticed, forgotten, In the Interesting absorption,  so engrossed were they one with the  other. Agnes's..head all but touched  his; while she apparently laid- down  the law ln a subdued voice and' Impressive manner, which appeared to  possess the power bf eliciting bia entire attention. The exposition had  also the gratifying advantage ol promoting profound silence on tbe part of  her auditor, causing him to listen to  ker with a m*imncboly apology for a  a_oi?e and a pfinsd contraction of th*  eyebrowf.  I with particular reference to British  Columbia, In which Province the Asso*  | elation held Ita fourteenth annual con-  . ventlon Mat September, is reflected in  ��������� the annual report of the Canadian Forestry Association, whicb has Just been  issued. Mr. James La wier. Secretary  of the Association, notes that there  never was a time in the history ofthe  country when the message of the As-  solcatlon was more' needed or more  i likely to meet with active response. In  the psst year the Association has added largely to Its membership. Increased Informative efficiency through  press bulletins, lectures and conventions have also marked the Association's progress.  All the- speeches of the prominent  conservationists, forestry experts snd  officials at the Victoria meeting, are  given in full in the report. As these  were from every province in the Dominion, the report will cause widespread interest. The Secretary announces that copies are to be had free,  on application to him at the Canadian  Building, Ottawa. *  Grand Forks, D. C.���������A steady Jn*  crease in th* local payroll st Grand  Forks baa recent!*, been noted, the  aggregate now being estimated nt  fi!*,������00 monthly. Among the chief  contributor* to this amount are the  Grenby smelter. 135,000; three rail*  ways, 127,000; two lumber mills, fl*,-  0M; government highways, fl0,(HK������.  Th* opportunities for manufacturing  concern* at Grand Porks are also  proving a strong drawing card, an almost unlimited supply of power being  available for all the industries of the_{.  district. Including mining, smelting,  Irrigation, etc. Power rates at the  present time are quoted at a very low  figure, aad raw material In great variety Is also at hand in the surrounding  district.  For Jar Cream pricks, Phone Pair*  montCIB.  ;t������*l������������l*lt*lf-it*lt������������t#*ltttt->t IMM MM Itllff III 11 Iff Iff  i. Ple^Bl Slioe Rewfrjoii Co.  ' ���������.::  Qmr*9t999*9.9m*9mm 9t  : A^     ar*������M>t*dfor  ReMiitH> *rt Spmly wm  We cater to tbe public with modem]  machinery and skilled  mechanics.  Woricinfmsn's  asptcislty.  Made to order.  RBUEMBBR-NotWiifbut  fuarant**d.  Order* called for aad delivered  of of leather used.  All work  i.  Mt. Pleasant Shoe Repairing Co.  Cor. 8th Av*. aad Male) Stratf PttONB ptlraaont ������ff jx  Uss������������������������������*��������������������������������� etttatttaaww* I**************************  Vancouver Cut-Rale Fruit aud Candy Company  J. N. EIIU, Manager  2452 Main Streett Cor. BroaUway  Try J. E. 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This bill would have been brought  down during the session of Parliament  Just prorogued, he said this morning,  but for the fact that the harbor commission for the city had not been  formed* and the money could not be  voted until this was done, as the board  would have to make all the arrangements for the paying of Interest'on  this amount.  At the 1911*12 session of Parliament  $760,000 was voted for Vancouver's  harbor for use in 1012, and this year.  At the next session in the autumn "the  bill'providing for the expenditure ot  $5,000,000 Is to be brought down, stated  Mr. Stevens today. ..''  'The personnel of the harbor commission will be announced within ithe  next v few days," said Mr. Stevens.  "We are going to get the ver*. best  men that we can get, and they will be  given very wide powers. The bill in*,  [traduced at this session bringing the  commission   into   existence  gives It very wide powers. It will have  absolute control of the bed of the harbor from Point Atkinson and vPoint  Grey to the head of the North Arm.  It will have control ot such foreshore  as is now owned by the Dominion  Government, and'any improvements  that are to be undertaken by private  owners will have to have Its approval  before they can be started."  SOUTH VANCOUVER.  Thursday night at Godwin's hardware  store, the newly formed Central Victoria Road Improvement Association  held their second meeting. The committee appointed-to find out whether  it would be possible to get an extension of postal delivery' to Forty-third  Avenue, reported, seeing Postmaster  MacPherson, who said the matter was  having his attention, but nothing  could be don* until the residents had  got the numbers on their houses.  They also informed tbe members that  correct numbers could be obtained  from the Municipal Hall.  SPECIAL  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  Chiropractor.  *������  ���������** .  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Our priee 60c   Sale price...45c  Our 90c Silk lisle Shirts and  Drawers.    Sale price only..������5c  Combination Balbriggan Underwear.    Sale price............ ..75c  Fine Wool Underwear  Reg. $1.25 Underwear for .....95c  Reg. 1.50 Underwear for.. .$1.15  Reg. 2.00 Underwear for.. .$1.45  Reg. 2.50 Underwear for...$1.85  Reg. 3.00Underwear for...$2.35  Reg.   4.50 Underwear for.. .$3.45  This price list has been made by J. N.HARVEY and everything here quoted is guaranteed personally by him to be Just as advertised;   both  original and sale prices are marked in plain figures-YOU CAN SEE JUST WHAT YOU SAVE.  This Big Sale is Making Thousands of New Friends for the Red Arrow Store  REMEMBER THE ADDRESS-LOOK FOR THE B1Q " RED ARROW " SIGN  125-7 Hastings St. w7|    J.  125-7 Hastings St. W.  ���������^tssr-i-^n^rv^::'  '������������������-.T'yV^XTSf*


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