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 \WBUJ  ������*?  -N  -(.-*-������.  -1-  *&   (,v  11 ���������*><���������"  iit&f*  -amfta^B*aa**aTtSSa-BaTBv -Tar. -^<flS-^-ttS^^a*ataa*-^ta*BB*eBVJ-������l  PBUWt r-swfUKlBpn;'  Aaa isr 4OTariMs| -mis  3*i **-���������  VOLUME IV  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People   . 1(^   -s,.  VANCOUVER  MAY 9; 1918.  VANCOUVER VS. VICTORIA  (By Professor E. Odium, M.AHB.Sc)    .  Some of the newspapers seem anxious to make  capital ont of the fact that the Dominion Government has decided or is likely to decide to build  a large naval drydock at Esquimau instead ~of  at Vancouver. And with this in view they are  . anxious^ to show that Mr. Stevens is second at  Ottawa" to the1 member for Victoria.    -���������  This is a very foolish conclusion, for the good  reason that the sound sense of the Dominion Government perceives that Esquimalt is the proper  I place for such a drydock.    The two strategic  .position? are Halifax on the Atlantic and Esqui-  [malt on the Pacific.  What shallowness, dullness, opacity of mind,  [or what dishonesty on the part of any pressmen  who argue for Vancouver as the strategic position for the Canadian West.  Premier Borden, his  cabinet and supporters, including Mr. Stevens,  [are doing wisely for the country and acting in the  'higher interests of the Empire in the course they  are pursuing or about to pursue in -this matter.  Lin the-meantime Vancouver should get from the  [ Borden Government all tha aid in reason and justice for the construction of a large drydock on Bur*  , rard Inlet.   But- Vsaeoater .must not expect to  be spoonfed in all large and^public enterprises.  i The ..drydock this city is-inyttaed-of .is dne pre-1  t eminently suited for commeree%arid the economic  enterprises of the ocean, aa differing from a massive naval drydock. ' ^  TMS POWER OP m MUMS.  Rome is wise to the great power of the modern  Kpress, and uses it as no other institution on earth  'does,   ln this the leadera df that Church show  i themselves astute, clever and .able-men.   In fact,  it mtist be acknowledged that, for the percentage  of population Rome 'makes a moBt-wonderftd  'showing in her control of the newspapers and  magasines of this continent, and Great Britain.  'Here in Vancouver she has tfee ear of the dailies  as no other combination is able .to have.  Let any man watch.   He will see that' these  dailies say three times as much about the Roman  Church as they say about all the other religionists  L-eombined*  Yes, Borne is astute 1. She owns only  " one little paper in Vancouver, but she has nearly  ���������vary big daily, busy doing her work in a prompt,  ^regular and voluntary manner.   She keeps the  right kind of men on the newspaper staffs, and  works them to her will perfectly.  I have no hesitation in complimenting Bom-fT  on her press success, and would ask all others  who are able to admire a good thing to join in  expressing admiration for the way in-wh|ch the  Protestants of Canada, the States and Great Britain are her willing and most obedient servants.  Tbe "Western Call has no word of uukindness for  the cleverness of the Roman Church in striving  to make headway. She has in her hands" more  real power, considering her population, than any  other combination, and more influence than three  times the population of Protestants. In fact, the  Protestants are asleep for the most part, and  while they doze into stupidity and gross carelessness, Rome marches forward_in her strength.  Poor, dull Protestants,  Rome is united; Protestants are divided- The  press supports Borne. The press has but -little to  say for the Protestant types of religion. ~ Politicians are afraidsof the Roman Church, but>hold  the other, ehurche** as of little value, and rightly  so,forthey are of small account from the political  standpoint. They are too busy praying to get  down to work. They are so liberal that many  act as if they are'sorry, they are not in the Roman  Church, and seem to apologise for being where  they are and what they are.  The Anglican Church is badly split, and a large  part of its members are devoted Papists, though  they deny this charge. But all real observers  know that my statement is true. And Koine is  delighted with this amazing fact. Let me quote  a few words here-  Cardinal Vaughan says: "In the Church of  England many of tl������e churches are often distinguishable only with extreme difficulty from those  belonging to the Church of Rome. The doctrines  of the Catholic Church, which had been rejected  and condemned as blasphemous, superstitious and  fond inventions, have 'been re-examined and  TAKEN BACK ONE BY ONE, until the Thjrty-  nine Articles have been banished as the rule of  faith. And what is still more remarkable is that  the movement has been stronger than the rankest Protestantism, stronger than the bishops,  sronger than the lawyers and the legislature. A  spasmodic protest, a useles persecution, a delphic  judgment j and the movement continues and  spreads, lodging itself in ANGLICAN HOUSES  and CONVENTS, churches and even cathedrals,  ���������until it is rapidly covering the country."  The Rev. Father Benson, son of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, in Liverpool, told of'- his  conversion to Rome, and in so doing revealed the  overwhelming spirit of the papacy hidden away  in the teaching; in heads and hearts of the "Anglican High Church party.  NOTES F  N  (Special Correspondent A. B. Ford.)  Ottawa.���������Tha Liberal Opposition haa been  shown up in its true light in the House this weak  when the votes were taken on seteraT measures  that are of vital importance to every part of  Cansda, and the general effect of whieh could  only be to greatly advance the prosperity and  welt-being of the Dominion. Three measures in  particular stand out moat prominently: The trada  agreement with the West Indies, the bill providing for the appropriation of ten millions to advance agriculture, and-the bill providing federal  appropriations ."for good roads. Against itfiese  three measures every Liberal present in the  House registered his vote.  The Liberal party haa always prided itself an  its claims to be known aa the party of the farmer.  It made this the essaee far attempting xa drag  the country into the reciprocity pact with, the  UniteoVStates in 1911. 'The way in whieh the  farmers rAjoclefffhaj: proposal ia now a matter  of history. Were I^rans^rea������yT u ������t claims  to i*Ava&)DgM the interests* of agriculture, it  would weleome every kind of legislation that  would tend to improve the condition of thi* basic  industry, or that would surround the every day  existence of the agricultural class with greater  conveniences and comforts. Yet liberalism, aa  represented ia the House of Commons by Sir Wilfrid Laurier,and n������ followers, in one day voted  against three measures designed first of aU for  the benefit of the farmers. This is something to  'remember. ~^y  If these measures were taken separately there  can be little doubt that the bill of Hon. Frank  Cochrane, designed to provide better highways,  would be the earliest to show- its good effects.  There is no section of this whole country that  would nolrbe immediately improved by tbe building of better highways, and this is true of both  the farming country and the market town in it*  centre. The farmer who has a market town close  at hand and a good road by which to travel to it  at any time of the year, is undoubtedly in a better position thin the farmer who lacks either the  market town or the means of reaching it easily  and safely. And this main benefit is in addition  to the advantage of good roads merely from the  point of view of improving the value of farm  property.  The objections that were raised by the Liberals  to thte bill were, as in the cases of the others, of  the most factious character. They 'wanted the  money to be expended by the province, in other  words, although1 it is the Government that is putting up' the money, they would take its expend^  turnout''of the bands of the Government.. In\  the second place they wanted the minister to add  a clause stating that the division of the money  would be on the basis of population, although the  minister and premier both stated that this was  the intention of the bill. Because their demands  were not met, every Liberal present voted against  the. bill. The fact of the matter is that they only  .wanted an excuse of some kind for voting against  it, and now hope that the Senate will do as it did  last year and throw put the bill. Hugh Guthrie of  South Wellington openly intimated that this was.  what was in his mind.  "If the Senate last year took the view that this  money should be expended by the provinces, the  Senate was right," he said, "and if the Senate  takes the same view this year it will still be  right. . . And if we can kill this proposal as it is  in the bill at present we will-kill it, and if we can  amend it we will amend it."  "E. W. Nesbijt is another one of the Liberals  who openly boasted that he approved the Senate's action in killing the Good Roads bill last  year.  "Some.of our hon, friends are worrying because  the Senate threw this bill out last year," he said,  "but I would just like to ..aay that I endorse the  Senate's action. lam quite prepared to discuss  it anywhere in the country and I havo no apology  to make. I think the Senate was absolutely  right in trying to force the minister to put into  the-bill the protestations he has made in this  House as to what he intends to do." ���������'  It will be a strange thing if these" two members  do not have very frequent necessity as well as  opportunity of defending the vote that they registered against a measure that would have been  of immediate benefit to their own counties and of  particular benefit to the' farmers of those counties.  But the action taken by the Liberals on the bill  providing federal aid for agriculture is just as  glaring a case of playing politics rather than car-  "'  inf for the interests of the farmers. Hon. Martin  Bon-ell's bill proposes sn appropriation often  millions for the advancement of serfcultnre. To  this a raost nonsensical objection waa raised by  Boil Jacques Jku*eau, namely that the bill allowed the expenditure jn one year of tha whole ten,  years* portion of any one province. Hon. Mr.  Jftgrreu1 promptly replied that to do such s thing  vronld be "absolutely in violation of the spirit of  the act." But the Liberals had their excuse, and  ^following the lead of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, they  ������~ne snd all voted against the bill Ai in the ease  of the Highways Bill they will undoubtedly have  : frequent; necessity of explaining their action during the coming months, because their constituents,  know what ia in these two bills and they will not  ie deceived by the quibbling of Messrs. Guthrie,  Oliver and Bureau. ,  - ^  . finally, there was the West Indies trade agreement, prxmdiog an extension of Canadian mer-  ketf to a group of British colonies, with whieh  Canada has had even in the past a considerable  trade and which provided the proper conditions  for reciprocity with Canada in that they do not  nrtrdnce the same commodities. There wa* a most  iUtuunating incident in connection with this de-  hate. At the opening of the discussion on Tues-  etey afternoon F. B. Carvell, member for Carle**  Un, N. B, said this of the measure:  - . I'l think hon. gentlemen on botlTsides af the  House are agreed as to the advisability^ pesetas; this legislation; it will be an advantage to  Canada and I think to the British West ladies.  Any steps taken to increase the trade Of this  country cannot but be a benefit to the country  as; a whole. If I were to blame the Government  at all in regard to this matter I would charge  tbem with being niggardly in tbeir treatment of  l&ase colonies.*' '-_*-"  This was tbe view of the Carletou member ^before he got bis party feelings worked up, and  before he and Hon. William Pugsley had once  again been overcome by party feelings. The  same F. B. Carvell pronounced the agreement "a  lesson" before the day was over. Once again the  game of politics bad to be" played no. matter  what the issue.        _,  This is the sum and substance of one. day's  proceedings in the House, as far as the Liberal  Opposition is concerned. It is an example of the  course the, party has followed throughout the  whole session, even more conspicuously in con-.*  nection with the Naval Bill, which they delayed  in every way and will probably further delay as  far as tbey are able now that the rules have been  ���������:amended;  ::-��������� ���������"���������'���������--��������� -    7 '- A'---.--    yy---  H. C. McLeod, formerly manager of the Bank,  of Nova Scotia, who has advocated bank reforms  for years, paid Hon. W. T. White, minister of :  finance, a high compliment when on the stand  before the Banking and .Commerce Committee, for  the,progressive measure -������vhich be had drafted.  He frankly stated, that lie had given lip in'the  paist agitating^any reforms owing to the indifference and even hostility of the Laurier Government. He was told that there would be no  changes made, and the act which was dratted bv  Hon. W. S. Fielding and which Mr. White found  when became into office, showed that the ex-minister had made practically no changes in the act  as it stood. ^  When one follows the Banking and Commerce  Committee he is not so surprised at the stand of  the old government. It iS a striking thing that  practically all of the standpatters and reactionaries on the committee are Liberals, and they  have steadfastly opposed any progressive changes.  As a result of the taking of evidence from all  over Canada and from all classes, Hon. Mr. White  is preparing to still further strengthen the Bank  Act, and particularly the clauses referring to  bank in audit.    As for bank inspection the evi-  - dence all went to. show that an inspection to be  thorough at all would have to include an inspection of every branch in the Dominion, a costly,  cumbersome and unsatisfactory system. What is  known as the shareholders' audit the ^Scottish  system will be followed. The plan which will  likely,be adopted will be for the general managers  of the various banks to name a list of possible  auditors, reputable firms. This list will be parsed on by the finance minister and from this list  the shareholders will pick the bank's auditor for  ' ihe year. In addition the minister will have  power is a special inquiry is desired to appoint  an outsider to make an investigation.  CURRENT QUESTIONS  ,"������tJ^S  f'-s*"  . 7 "���������5tf ���������  ,������������.  T&fi  :y^gM  1 At  ByAIsac v    ^'"-^t^^M  THB D1FKAT OF THJ 9nwht9l99^tmV^^/^  To have passed the' Suffrage bill in the flare of  militant tactics and violence would have P������* ������  premium ao the destruction of human ate "sS|*"i ?���������$  property for the aceomplWunent Of a given poK -t^������  pose, right or wrong.   The defeat of this bill w^C 4^  logical and prudent., Our sympathies are with   yf%i%  the true suffragettes, but for the militants wv-i'^l^  have nO place or respect. They are clearly wroaif ������������������ g^^li  in their melhods of reaching a dasirabfe end. : 3f  Insane they may be, bnt they are neverthslesB responsible, and should be punished severely.   Too  bad that good women have to suffer for the Militants'mad methods.  ���������    ~>i        L*  -���������'������  ' ^X   'A  *- *"  pouob ooiooinomuui Am> tntnMT  . oLOforo or fruit tHonr  The action of the police wmmissioners in their  enforcement of the Lord's Day Aet in Vaneonver  is worthy of commendation. Our laws and e-aa*  toms should be respected by foreigners on their  own initiative, otherwise by the iron hand of  authority. To say the least, fruit vendors hay*  exhibited bad taste in their constant violaHff ������*  laws-which represent the mature thought and 't'^-i 1  convictions of our citisens. This entoodftent . ;H?K '7  should be general and without favor to any cuss, - AAy~ *  nationality, -time or place. Exceptions weaken . ^ V^v r^  law and authority.  Jllff      -  L.  -**f "  \ y  ,.r.  ferv"  frZfL.  ";"���������' % y-~  ^���������%ia  ->^*  '������  "> *  B010MI AT int.  wa *^^ew^^m* aa*     ww aa      -sswaavv-as ���������  The evacuation of Scutari by Montenegro brings  a feeling of delightful rest in Europe. Everyman  who has the interest of his fellowmen at heart  must rejoice over the preaent prospect of sn early  settlement of the Balkan trouble.     , '������  Will the nations never learn to settle their dtt^    /      ���������-:,   ���������  ferences like^ civiHied men  instead  of sa*at>,!xy; f^f-'"  beasts or demonst   Oh for a rest from mteSe^l x'c?:  butchery.   If increased navies and armies will'  {rJsaten the end of;war, jet^ns have tb*m at 'tjy.  cost. -'        '     " ^try  GUM OHHWWIQ.  .... Vancouver is af^icted with an offensive malady of gum chewing. Men, women and children,  forgetful of the feelings, 0/ others, indulge in the  gross habit to the constant annoyance of onlookers. Trams, street cars, parks, highways, streets,  stores and even halls and churches are pesterect  with these vulgar ruminating bipeds.   '  We reproduce the following sane and timely advice: . - ., ��������� y.77;.  -������������������������������������ "0 wad tome power the giftie gie us  Tae tee 'oortels as ithers see us,"  HaveNyou ever noticed the face contortions of  gum chewers in public!   It's not edifying is itt  You are quite sure you do not make such absurd  faces as other folks, so this cannot have afty  personal reference. Well, if.you are sure your  , gum-chewing face is different from the othef  people, keep on chewing; but be sure of this���������  any one who lays claim to the least bit of  refinement, will not continue this habit (which is  so offensive to others) in public.  If you must-chew gnm, chew it at home and  then only in your private room. Don't afflict  your friends.  v.-  Mr. II. H. Stevens has just returned from a  visit to Philadelphia and Washington- While in  -Philadelphia lie addressed the "Poor Richards  Club," which is composed of the leading business  men of that city. By request he dealt with the  Immigration problem as it affects the West, touching on the Asiatic question which is arousing  great interest in the Eastern States, owing to the  action of California. Mr. Stevens stated that in  his opinion the basis of California's action was  one of self-preservation, and not, as represented  in the East, a desire to offer an affront tb the  Japanese. He then treated very fully the whole  problem of Asiatic Immigration. His remarks  were received with evident interest, and many  present stated that it was a new view to them  and expressed deep interest in the question.  Mr. Stevens attended a session x>f the House of  Congress and heard the debate on the tariff. He  states that in his opinion the new Tariff Bill will  pass as presented to the House with some minor  amendments. He also-^found a great deal of interest in Western Canada and a general feeling  of good will as to its future.  :.vy'-%  X*$&���������  [y:rMs^*  ifP  Xi0iX  CART FREE  SEE "MERCHANTS' PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN" ON PAGE EIGHT OF THIS ISSUE. Va  A  V,o���������  *** -   _  ������v  THE.WESTERN CALL.  as-!  If You Are Sick  CALL ON !  ERNEST SHAW, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)        j \  25022nd Avenue East  j!  Chiropractic succeeds   where !!  medicine fails.  Hours 1:80 to 6 Consultation fre  srats  Friday, May 9,1918  Man Wanted  >  1  I  One man wanted In each town and  village to start a Cut-Rate Grocery  business tor large Mall Order House-  No experience or capital required.  Position will pay 120 weekly. Contract  given.   Outfit free.  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He left Vancouver in March for his -homeland and  arrived there on Wpril 19. After a  two months' visit he will proceed to  Ottawa to assume his new duties.  ROGERS PASS TUNNEL CONTRACT  18 LET.  Winnipeg���������The contract was let oa  Monday last by tbe Canadian Pacific  Railway to Foley, Welch and Stewart  lor the construction of the Rogers  Pass double tracked tunnel through  the Rocky Mountains  J This company will also build seven  miles of double tracked approaches  on each side of the tunnel, making a  total of 20 miles of double track, including .the five miles of tunnel.  Four years will be takes |o com  plete. the work and the cost will be  between ������15,000,000 and $20,000,000. It  will be'necessary to drive shafts a  mile deep' through the mountains.  NOT TO GIVE BACK CRUI8ER8.  FOREIGN  EDISON  L08ES APPEAL  Case That Has Been Before Court* 37  Years EndeJ  Washington���������After being in the  courts for 37 years, the suit oi Thos.  A. Edison and others against the Atlantic ft Pacific TelegraplT Company  and their heirs of Jay Gould, for alleged infringement of patents relating  to quadruples telegraphy, was ended  last Monday, when the Supreme Court  dismissed the Edison appeal.  ALICE MAUD MEAD0W8     -  DROWNED.  .London,���������Alice Maud Meadows, the  novelist,. was accidentally drowned  while attempting to rescue her dog  which had fallen into the water.  Alice Maud Meadows began to write  when she .was fourteen years old. Her  publications include 'The Infatuation  of Marlella," "An Innocent {Sinner,"  "Ths Moth and the Flame," and many  other novels.  PA3ADENA CHANGES ITS FORM  OP GOVERNMENT.  Pasadena, Cal.���������Sharp aC 12 o'eock  Monday, Mayor Thum handed over  the"]ob of running the city of Pasadena to T. R. Me^calf, and his (our  fellow commissioners, and this city  the first in California to adopt the  commission form ot government originated In Des. Moines, was under the  new management. The Idea of this  new plan ls the.application to municipal affairs of the practices of every  day business.   Instead of s eity coun-  Niobe snd Rainbow Wilt Not Ba Re* cti, meeting once a week, composed  _   turned to Britain. ~ | of men wbo devote moat of their time  Ottawa, April -80.���������There ts no .and energy to other lnterestsr there'  foundation for-the. report In -Liberal lis a commission of live men, who sre  cireles that the government intends paid 13,000 a year each and required  to return the cruisers Rainbow and! to devote all their time to the city's  Htll II111,11 M **** ������'* I I I I'M  ***** 1111 IU 1 111 ������11' H 11 It������  ! .-->'- a  t ���������  Niobe to the British admiralty.  .  The affairs,  story grew out of tbe fact tbat the'   The experiment is being watched  naval service department had decided  to allow such of tbe Canadian re*  crulte as chose to leave the servics  to take their discharge without forfeiting the sum of money usually exacted.  Much is to be said for this coarse,  as tbe Instruction proper is at a  standstill, the naval Instructors borrowed from the royal navy having  left on the expiring of their time, sad  they not having been replaced pending tiie adoption of a permanent naval  policy by the Borden government/ ���������  Magistrate of Osfiaws Up on Peculiar  Aoeusetlon.  dshawa, Ont. May S���������W. J. Watson  police magistrate of Oshaws was arrested on Monday nlgbt on a charge  etJJigajmy^^ ;__.. 'y'J.\  Mr. Wstson's wife left blm ten or  duce her -to return bad fatted, Wat'  son. went to Brooklands, South Dako  ta, and after a year's residence there,  secured a divorce. He returned to To  ronto, and later married the widow of  ���������x-aldermsn 1'artey of T .7.-  closely by nearby communities, and  tf tt proves a success, tt ls expected  that several southern California������ cities will .propose the adoption of the  plan. - %  ���������OC1AL.  Among tbe largely attended social  gatherings of Friday was the pleasant  tea at which Mra. Walter Smith enter-  tained her friends at her home In  Grandview. The hostess was assisted  in the greeting of her guests by her  daughter, -Mrs Andrew George. Golden daffodils were effectively^ used in  decoration of the reception rooms, snd  in the tearoom a tall cluster of carnations. Mrs. Edward Hobson and Mrs.  CSson of New Westminster were doing  the bonoiVend in an adjoining room  velve years afo and went to live I17 a table-of T*ceS was presided over by  Mrs, Bond Harris.^ he assistants were  Mrs.-C. R. Ofpple, Mtsa Margaret Sutherland, Mi������������ Isabel Martin and Miss  Inns Gordon, Little Miss Jean George  a grandaugbter of the hostess, admitted the guests.  -.7 .. ; ���������  G. E  i  y  & CO.  Cor. Main & 16th Av.j  PHONE Fairmont 899  Corner 49th and Fraser A ves.  PHONE Fairmont 11671.  W  Hoes, Rakes, Spades  Shovels, Cultivators  etc.  v ������������������       ���������  Lawn Mowers, Hose  and  Hose Reels.  House  Screen poors, Win*  ���������BR*"  incon  venience by  onus.  tt E. McBRIOE & CO.  III1IIIMIMMMI1IM1IIM  MIIIMIIIMMIIIIMIHIM  Mill III11IIMIIU III11 i** ***** 11 MM It 111 It 1111*1������������  SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVK NEVER 8EBN  NOB EVEN HEARD OF!  ' >. A Parisian Novelty.���������In Europe ii is used this year as  a little Easter present, or rather a mark of courtesie to  friends and relatives; Its value as a token lies more in the  novel idea than in the priee of the article. It is arranged  so that it can be sent, just like a post card, for a cent or two,  to any place in Canada, or the Unied States. The endearing  idea about it is the embedded LUMINOUS CROSS, which  will shine all night long (or in an-nrlark room) in a GLORIOUS, l^STIC BLUE LIGHT, after you had it exposed to  daylight for a few minutes. The price is so low that anyone  is enabled to be convinced of its real nautre. It is indeed  an article which is held in high esteem by any Christian  family or person. The Shining Cross is made of a stone,  whieh is found only near Jerusalem, and of which already  the Bible speaks of as the LUMINOUS STONE in picturing  Solomon's temple.  Prices are: 15 cents eaeh, 2 for 25e, 5 for 50c, and 12  for$1.00.  A. Netkow, 832 Yenge St., Toronto, Ont., Sale Agent  for Canada and U. & _  - Ap4  MKIIIMIIIIII11111 III III MMMM I MM MM .mViIMI  ill-  \y-i  mi<������ni" DISTRIBUTION    OF   |������URr^WI*M|  MALE  ,X '.-^.  ���������l?x  MEHT OF AQRICULTURt  OTTAWA.  ||t^������jnjf y: thsty ;^ibjii^::;'*w^7s%>ure.  'the use of well-bred maid animals is  at the p**eseat time one-of tbe great-  est dii^ities standing in ^  Ave stock development m many parts  of Canada, particularly in the newly  settled districts, tbe Dominion Depart-  meat of Agriculture, through the Live  Ckock Branch, Is this xear nndertak*  tag a wMespreed attribution of pure  bred^SciUitlMXdS^ :Ta������nll^'; tiuasi; suad-. tKr-an,  Tae original cost "of the animals will  be boitie br tjie Department and the**  will be placed In the hands of such  organisations aS agree  to  conditions governing the distribution.  i:u^;$()rl!:tli|ii sires will remain the  in^ts^^  receive' encouragement and their market will be increased not only dlrecUy  .   -X-y- :.'y--:;-:X..:: i^:,-:.-:-.:-.,x-:-^y:^jy;-:---^y~-;~y!  hot also indirectly to em--  phasis given thr<raghout the^ c^  .tp^^^^iuey' of7;i^v4^ysi^syit  may Wadded that it Is not the inten-  Uosi to place the anin^  wMrir' suitable male ���������.-li^gj^^^tipi'  same class7are��������� Wrw^ifjowa^. by7pt������  vste ind^  tec, aid secUons where prue bred sires  are lacUhg and as -������^^^ to  hew Msnmunltles In foUowtng a proper and InteWgent system tn breeding.  . All bulls distributed will be purchased Subject to the tuberculin test  amT only Stallloiurwk^ ass passed ar.  ^~ Irigtd veterinary inspection for sound*  ness will be selected.  In order to take advantage of this  form of assistance it will tie neces-  ^ property of the Department, bat the,  I local associations will be reapondMe'*****?' tor latorested parUes, in any  fer their proper maintenance aadi-**943"00- ^.^u9miea9^*99:9^am9m^  manajement under the general super- of a local association in whose hands  i vWcn of officers of tbe Live Stock shck sties as are required may be  ^*fhaaca.Ia the case of stallions, tiie  I siembers of the associations will also  t rewreid to pay a fee covering an  [aABaalinsarance premium. :���������' '  AJI   animals   dUtributed   will   be  ought from home breeders and will  [t||,:���������aaaMtan',D^  ifiv7-futyha.purchased to the prov-  i lace in which the>ai������ to ^p  placed.' ^ ;-y.. y yXy yy   r.Sx'Xy.  Complete informatics regarding the  rules and r-egulaAlons governing the  d^stribuUon may be nuUle upon application to the Uve>������tock C^mlsston*  er, Ottawa. Whea^  Offleer of the Q-ran^^^w^^  slstance in the. perfteUng of the ne*  cessfiry local oiipmisatloai;  Heay-jr_  Penalty for Bow*-  the  Hindu Ante Owner In  7yy"'diBss1d.''::--'~77.,/.  Only  ;8bw,��������� a Victoria Hindu,' receivedthe  [heaviestpenalty ever; given a motor*  k'lst -here for a similar offence, when  [llsglstrate South flaed him SJOO tor  [���������trivial aay autoaftoblle  Istafe of intoxication. - Bow pleaded  |afj|t^7to':^yekar^yy. , y#-:^"  I a^uth remarked that it wm only be-  Lcaase the niaa was a Hindu, and pos*  Jslbly wss not acquainted ~wtth the  I law* oa the subject and did not real-  flse tht seriousness of the offence,  (that be did not tend blm to Jail for  Isls months.  1^o> Vwpff PtmriMt  :.:...**WRB-  iifk Oor: Hsstings awl Gtalvine 8ts.  ���������y Van-waver. P.O.  yy;yy:9*9Qt99^9*^  Mincfceon and Afternoon  Residents In Fire-Swept Sul'ding Had  Close ���������ha.ve.-7   ���������  Fearing that, his mother-in-law,  Mrs. A. L. Andrews, would be oveiH  come with smoke and flames If she  attempted to go down the stairs when  the bulldln gin which they lived at  10SS Main street, caught lire, O. Q.  Davis towered her by means of a  ckt*bea*riae ^ rear window.  The lady ���������$: sixty-five��������� years of .��������� sge.  Davis htasietf followed dowa the  clotbes^ne, and neither are any the  worse for thetr experience. ���������  Ths building U owned by Mr. A.  DesBrisay, and is rented by Mrs. Andrews, who conducts a roan*4ng-nouse  there. The Ore is supposed to have  started from a defective Due In one  of the rooms. None .of the roomers  had any diflJculty in escaping.  The Are department bad the blase  extinguished half ������n hour after tt  started. The damage Is estimated at  between 11,500 aad 11.000, practically  covered by insurance.  a-?itt puiiith-^^  vewrtwiO* the land laws ofrBri^  iunber of moit^ tton  'i^^^^^;.(^^xt^ _  l^eittpiitDtt- ;la- -tne^pnih^rjfe  i&jy :e*ari^:torj: farming purposes. On  Iho^aoifo^a^  ^ere if eir^e piece 0  -146. acres which a short time' ago7-a-a*;:  taketi up as a pKemptl<Ni and represented aa entitled to be so  The- pre*emptor very ';anortf jr'^afteir*  wards. howWer. dis|K^ of the tiin*1:  ber upon his m yet un-crown igi-antrt  holding, at a7l**riee eisoine /dolto^efc  thousand/and straightway returned}*������.  town to enjoy himself on the results  of his little speculation, displaying no  further Interest In his property as a  future farm.- The facto coming to the  notice of the Department, inveitlga*  tton was at once ordered, a cruise  showed the timber to run from fifteen  to thirty-five thousand feet to the  acre, and the pre-emption y was" con-  celled and the:. *tinrj>er already cut  seised; Seven huadred thousand feet  Imd7arsadjir:7b^7 wt7:7tod ^''rtnusjed.  The reniamder on the hcJdtag wss es-J  tlmated at 1.0W.0O0 feet, but actually  scaled 120,000 feet, and this has now  been sold to Messrs. Sumner aVDahl  at tjlSO jp-er thousand Tut addition to  the royalty,'wa''; purchasing firm aa*  Sliming also all charges and expenses}  Incidental to the seizure..Ia addition  there was also sold to the same; firm  all standing Umber en the extinguished pre-emptton, this comprising approximately 780.000 feet, almost wholly fir, at |1U������ per M.an^ royalty, the  sale being made conditional upoa the  whole being logged off within two  yeai-s. Forty acres of this tract when  cleared by the lowers will constitute  a Suitable slto for a snmll farm, the  soil being dark clay, bottom land. The  other portions of tke tract are st^  and precipitous.  ���������ootfX'avxas aor.-  piK-.to  TAK^ NOTWlB that PATSON  ETIIK8. UMITED, Intend to^appl  the Hegtstrar ^ef Joint Btock Compeai  after one month from date of flrst publication of this notice for. .liberty to  change the name of the mid Company  to    ImONPA    CANNINO    A    COMX  storaQb company, limited.  DATED at VANCOUVER. B.  23rd pay of April, IHI.  C, this  THOMAg..F.  FOliTCT,_  Secretary.  two Niimber Toll Service  Between Vancouver and  North Vancouver  With this Method it is not necessary to  call Long Distance to place your call nor  to hang up and wait for the connection.  Just give the desired number to the  local Exchange Operator in the same  manner as in calling a local "number in the  same city and keep the receiver to the ear  until the called number answers or the  Operator reports.  Our fifty circuit cable across the Inlet  enables us to give service without delay  and the rate is only 5 cents for 5 minutes.  y ���������-  TRY THE "RAPID  FIRE SERVICE"  sas  :.'-"'. IMMKNai LOG CUT.  ���������i0. Spruce at Menxlte lay Hearty  Seven Feet Thick and Wft. Hl������h.  One ot the largest pieces of spruce  ever cut on the Sritisb Columbia coast  is lying at Menties Bay, where It has  been drawn from the Booth Timber  Company's limits in the Interior, it  measures 7 feet 0 Inches at the base  and 6 feet 2 inches at the top. It Is  CO feet long. Lumber men estimate  that it contains 16,000 feet of lumber,  board measure. -  Dr. IS. S. Rowe, commissioner of the  Progress Club, was approached thts  morning, snd it was suggested to blm  that such a piece of timber, placed; on  exhibition in Vancouver, would be the  greatest advertisement "that British  Columbia's timber resources could  have. Timber.men say that a log of  that size is seldom seen In a hundred  yean.  PAPf fl PROM NICKEL.  Company, Limited  Can ie Made.  Book lovers and tbe librarians are  discussing the tact that most of the  present book paper that is msde Is  not Ikely fo endure. Therefore a bint  from Mr. Edison that he could mske  paper of metallic structure which  would last indefinitely, was eagerly  seised upon. The American library  Association applied directly to Mr.  Edison to know if there were really  a possibility of producing such a  kind of paper within reach of reasonable expenditure. He wrote in reply  that while in the course of some of  bis work he had used extremely thin  sheets of nickel and had remarked  that sheets of nickel might be used  for printing, yet he had not followed  up the experiment He thought, however, that it is within the possibilities  that with proper machines nickel paper might be produced. The nickel  sheets he bad referred to were too  thin. It took 200 ot them to make up  tbe thickness of sn ordinary visiting  card. ;   ���������  Changes inM.WJ.P.  Heads of ataff Switched Around, in  >. General f>pmotiont.  Ottawa, May- 5���������Important changes  in the staffs of the Royal Northwest  Mounted Police have been announced.  Superintendent Cuthbert haa been appointed assistant commisioner and will  be located at Edmonton. Superintendent Wilson of Lethbridge is moved  to Calgary as superintendent. Superintendent Routledge, who. has been located at Prince Albert'will take Superintendent Wilson's place at Lethbridge  Superintendent Primrose of McLeod,  is moved - to Battleford and he will  be succeeded at McLeod by Superintendent Stefirns, who was formerly  located at Irort Churchill. -Inspector  West \v promoted and-win be super-  eat'St Maple -Creek.: ���������  ���������:v-  Is attained through one medium only-  ence.  wisdom  merchant  Swindell Bros, ha ve gained  it an undisputed fact that  is on the road 10 building up a suc(^ssf ul  busings.   Swindell Bros* have a reputation  it ipilSt^^  remark f-priiM^ l$tm liave ^  ���������t  ;^;!lip7^|p;^  refutation  the article feffi^ ofet^a^  Bwtter  FreahVegetables  Fresh Groceries  Best Sugar  Best^Fea  a  Best Groceries  Civil CUrks  Quick Delivery  Reasonable Prices  A Live Grocery  The Human Trouble  Is the stomach; when the stomach is working properly the body is normal and capable  of sustaining the daily burden; if the  stomach is not in order/the owner immediately gets a grouch. Nearly always  stomach trouble comes from impiroper food,  adulterated groceries (ask a doctor). Give  your digestive organs a chance. Is your  jjpocer reliable? Do you trust him? If  you do not, can you expect your stomach  to digest his food-stuffs uncomplainingly?  ��������� Try..     ;    "-  Swindell Bros.  PHONE Highland 139  MIT: Commercial Drive  Vancouver, B. G.  m>ymx%  m$$x0i  >>:*..:��������� 'A.-LC .'';**Si^rj|2f  ���������Sfflj  tyyJSi  mmm  m  V^A^i-  Ixzyyy^Xf^X!:  1-* -,' ������������������'',V:,'rv:"ijn?J������i,'.-7J;-/f.  ssym  immmmM  .f/3s%������39m  V/Xyyy^m^0mi  *������������������'- ���������'��������������������������������������������� ������������������--<-*������--1 ���������*yg6:i  Vy ������������������v ��������������������������� k~vy&$&*y y  :yxxmmy^  yyA-A'Ai^y^y^-i  y'^'&yyy''^"  X~.fi.  * ���������- <-' -"V  ���������������������������S.-.  -5   , ���������.'.'  w  X ''  li  y. ���������  tltlit*  mm.  mtJ*.  TIIE WESTERN CALL  4  /  Friday. May 9.1913.  Sill I IHI IM 11111 HH 11111 if  ��������� -.yy ... ���������  ;   The Successful Firms   :  Advertise.        WHY?   ;;  ' \*%*11111ii111*��������������� iimmn'*  99 II111 ***** I'l M"l 1' I I'M"! *>**   ***4 * *4<*\ MIHIIIHII M'l'Sl  cTVlt. PLEASANT  ���������"���������  ��������� '���������' '        - ���������        ���������    "���������    '������������������   -   ��������� ���������     ' ���������:     '  i     ���������     ' i * ii*  y Ne Delivery  Ne Credit \  v  WejitsjenthttiiBc* .;  lltsisHaiptimtl ,  sillrtrv ass sUk* ���������  The Place Yhat Saves You Money  .: ../    11,7 ������������������-������������������������������������ ���������    *  California Lamb, Legs - '-   25c  :. -..". ������������������      Lotos   ���������.:-���������   25c  I Fresh Local Veal Roasts 25c 30c  > Pig Pork. Legs and Lofns 20c-25c  - Eastern Salted Pork -' - 18c  ; Sirloin Roast - ��������� ���������..-.. - - 22c  ������ Good Lard - - - 2 lbB.,for 25c  ��������� Local Eggs, 35c doe!' 3 dos. $1.00  '   Fresh Cured Bacon;"-'���������:- vt*> 20c  Best Cuts Pot Roasts  Frebh Spare Ribs     -  Lean Boil Beef  Fresh Dressed Chix  New Zealand Butter  lb.  - 15c-i6c  - 12^C  ��������� 25c-85c  35c  3 lbs. $1.00 ,  Best Roll Corned Beef 12*^c-16c ���������  Choice Roll Roast    -  - 20c-25c  ���������  A full assortment .of Fresh and Smoked FiBh and Delicatessen.  Three  Prize*   given   away   *vatyy<  week.   Watch our windows.  : 2313 lili Wrcct, or. BrMdny     ���������    :R������K8^AvCi^ ;  ** I'l 1111 "IIS lilts i|ii|iiMii������iM"I"M *   *****4>********** I ***** t* |i  fs������s������ssss������������sss������sssa������������a������������������ao������������������������������������a������s������s������ss������������������������s������sss������s������}  i Solid Leather    -:���������    Solid Hand Work f  Done by First-aass Mechanics  are necessary to produce  : Good Shoemaking | Repairing  . We have all combined, assuring our customers good results.  -      Surgical Wor*r Olvca Special Attention.  PETERS & CO;  ! 2330 Mala Strut       Tbsi.M^������e������asasrs      ?aawaver,B.C. :  'I'HSinilSSI'SlllSISSMIII   *<������������������������'*���������������'i -s *e**i e,t,* in . miir  Ail Around Vancouver.  Huge Girders fer Y. **. C. A.  On Saturday eight huge- girders,  each weighing twenty-seven tons,  were unloaded; from trucks in the C.  P. H. yards, and several of them, each  reposing upon .'two powerful trolleys,  were conveyed to the site of the new  Y. M. C. A. building on Georgia street.  So huge were these'girders���������which  are. believed to be a local record in  size and weight���������that each one had to  be brought ��������� across; the. continent on  two cars.   '-,'���������-  Christian Endeavorera   of   the   City  Will Gather at Mass Meeting  '   ' "���������  ��������� . \      on May 12.  Members, of the Christian Endeavor  societies of the city will hold a monster rally in. Wesley Methodist church  on Monday' evening, May 12. The programme has -already been, arganged,  and. every thing is In order for a large  and enthusiastic meeting. As It is the  Methodist Conference week, there  will probably be a large representation of pastors1 from the city, and also  outside churcheB. i It ls also hoped  that e\ety society In the union will  be represented.,,  iss i n ���������** ii l������i**** mu mi lei'iiin ii un iihuh ****,  ,   For good values in ,-:-::;:  ,     REAL ESrATE AND INVESTMENTS  :y. ~'y:y'\        ��������� 'Crilotty^  ,    Car, tVoewWoy *imI We������tiiili|tter Road ;  *)*}*)* t M > t If ������������������������������������������������������**������->-��������������������� ��������� w������������������mtM ������f | m*)������M >*H ������Mtl  T&fN  i T-rtw Cure of Voh- Teeth,  GOOD TEETH- tegHST''  Aid intuse of isngusge;  Contribute to comfort.  ami  PR nwOOP, 312-313 (-eeBWg.  IS PRfBpARBD rO HAKE PERFECT TEETH.  la  ***** the *ee* Vetet fer  Hesey  ���������*". .*: t^JpaSANT CO-VF^*^--'"-������������������  -gjj^y W,#, Armstrong, proa. -*Kfip|,  W 2440 MAIN STREET ^f  We have just received another consignment of  WIU4AM5' FAMOUS ENQMSI1 TOPPPP  Always an up-to-date stock of the best Candles, Chocolates 9 Fruit**  Cakes am) Pastries fresh dsily.   All the latest af agasines to be had here.  9MM9 Fmlrmmmt 1799  m  VvTEDpiNG BELbS[|  te*-s  McLeod-Stewart.  -A.very pretty wedding was solemnized jit 1162 Rose Street, Grandview,  on VVedneaday evening when Mr. Roderick McLeod, postoffice Clerk, and  Miss Mary 'Stewart were united ln  marriage..; The officiating clergyman  was. Rev* Dr. A. K. McLennan, of  Knox church. After a honeymoon trip  Mr. and Mrs. McLeod will reside in  South Vancouver,.  FORM JAPANE8E PROTEST TAKES  'San Francisco. May *.���������The Tokyo  correspondent of the ''Japanese New  World" of this city cabled today that  the protest of the Japanese Government against the alien land law of  California would be based on the contention that by its terms Japanese  were placed in a position Inferior to  that granted to citizens of European  nations ln California, and that the  spirit of the "most favored nation"  clause of the Japanese Treaty with the  United States was therefore violated,  Craig-Cochrane.  On Wednesday, morning last week  the marriage ot Miss Ellen Christina  Madeline, daughter of William Cochrane of Manitoba, and Wilbur John  Craig, of 4657 Twentieth avenue West,  Was solemnised at Westminster.  Manse, 275 Twenty-third avenue Bast,  by the Rev. Geo. D.-Ireland. Mr. and  Mrs. Craig, after the ceremony went  on a bridal trip to Seattle'and Portland.   They WiR reside in Point Grey.  A pretty wedding .took place In Mt.  In a debate for tbie SShrs cup be- pfeaaant Prfsbyterian church ln the  tween' the King Edward High School presence of a large number of friends  even ^though no   stipulation   of   the  treaty specifically covered tbe point  The message adds that there Is  strong feeling in Japan that the difl  culty can be solved by negotiations be  tween |he two governments.  Tokyo advices to the "Japanes^  American" tonight reported that. tM  Japanese Government bad announced  that a means towards a BatlBfactorjl  solution of the California problem still  remained, and urged that the peopli  await the Issue of negotiations witi  calmnesss. The means referred to.arf  vnot described in the message.  ftM 111 ** *****************   Mil MMIMI lMinitd I .|. 11 *****{  :  PHONE  ;    FAIRMONT  : 5io  THE DON  ICE CREAM PARLOR  9999 INeln St. 2d etoro free* 11th Av.  of -Vancouver and :fhe Victoria High  School, held on Saturday nlgbt, the  latter won the contest by 127 points  to 126. As the Vancouver school won  the previous match, ISO to 115, the  cup stays here this year. The subject  for debate waa "Resolved, that the  stand taken by the Borden government on the navy question Is tn the  best interests of Canada." Messrs. W.  McLelland and C. Stone took the affirmative for the King Edward school,  and Messrs. B. Gee and G. Campbell  looked after the 'negative: Mr. G. S.  Gordon and Professors G. Pidgean.  and :0..::lt Robinson were ttfts^Judges.  It 10OH TO ESURNC.  Hew Resident! AHeasrd Oak .���������treet  9*r tervtoe -to" the City.  Bburne, Point Grey, May 5.--=Com-  merclal men. and residents alike are  greatly pleased 'with the recent announcement to the effect that ai twenty/ minute car service' would be la*  augurated on the Oak sWeet line and  that the cars would run from the ter  minus here tnio the heart of the city.  The Tancouver terminus of the new  line,ts'the corner of Hastings and  Camble streets. By the new arrangement residents of Eburne and those  who live along the route will be. en-  abed to proceed Into the city without  the necessity of transferring from one  car to anlotber.  and relatives on Wednesday evening  at������8 o'clock, on April 30, when Miss  Edith Lee, eldest daughter of George  W. Gilbert of this city, and Ralph  Angus Whebell, manager of the Royal  Hotel, Cranbrook, B. C, were'united  in matrimony. TEe bride, who looked  charming in a. white broadcloth suit,  was given away by her father, Miss  Lillian R. Price and Miss. Margaret  Gilbert, acted as bridesmaids and Mr.  John G. Darling- assisted the aroom.  The Rev. Geo. D. Ireland performed  the marriage ceremony. After a wed*  -ding trip to the coast cities Mr. and  Mrs. Whebell will take up their residence, at Craabrook, B. C.  Indian Rttsrvtf For Industrial Sites  North Vancouver, May 6.*���������Just after  the adjournment of the City Council  last evening Mayor Hanes asked the  aldermen to reassemble ss he wished  to lay before them a suggestion tbat  had been overlooked by bim. His I Seattle, where they spent a short  Worship then stated tbat he was of'honeymoon.  Mrs. Forbes will be at  Wardrop-Marr.  A pretty weddln gtook place on the  evening of April 30 at 7.30 p.m. at  1126 Thirteenth avenue Bast, the  home ofk the bride's parents. Mr. and  Mrs. James Marr. The ceremony was  performed by Rev. Mr. Grant of St.  Paul's church, when Mist Kate Cunningham Marr, eldest daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. James Marr. was united tn  marriage to Mr. Richard James War-  drop. The bride was attended by two  bridesmaids, Miss Hatty Herrtott  Marr, her sister, and Miss Jessie  Dawson, while Mr. Frank R- Cope ner-  formed the duties of best man. After  the ceremony a dainty supper was  served, be presents received by the  bride and bridegroom were numerous  and beautiful.  On Wednesday evening last week.  Mrs. Olive Belle Marlatt was united  In matrimony to Mr. John Forbes, at  the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian  Manse, b ytbe Rev. Geo. D. Ireland.  Mr. and Mrs. Forbes immediately after the ceremony left by boat for  PHONE  FAIRMONT  -     510  i Milk, Creani and Butto  Agents for Woman  *. / '        y     .'_.'���������    l      -      '  Bread  and  Confectioileiry;  The Klace for good Candies and  'Chocolates.  I  P  I  Mount Pteasant Livery  * A. F. McTAVISH, Paor.  ;  Phone Fairmont 845* Corner Broadway and Main .>  : Cairiages at all hours day or night j |  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and Single  Buggies, Ehcpress and Dray Wagons for Hire  ; furniture and Piano Novind  MMHIHHiMMtlUmillMliniUIIIIIIIMlUnlMI  PHONE Fairmont 1177  PHONE FairsMat ������4 R  MAIN TRANSFER  Express and Bagjgage  Furniture and Piano Moving  . Always in Mount Pleasant  un Stand: 2421 SCOTIA ST.  opinion that much good would be derived by tbe city if tbe Provincial  Government v would purchase the  Capllano and Mission Indian reserves,  and either lease or sell at or near  cost price for bona fide industrial purposes. He thought thst the council  would discuss tbla subject and finally  pass on it at the adjourned meeting on  Thursday evening.  The idea was immediately grasped  by tbe aldermen, and a motion was put.  by Aid. Vance and seconded by Aid.  Allan. "That the Provincial Government be written to requesting them  to purchase the Capllano and Mission.  Indian reserves, to be leased or sold  for industrial purposes only. Also that  tbe district councils of North Vancouver and Westminster be written .to  asking, their co-operation in the appeal." The motion was unanimously  carried. , -   -  It was generally agreed that the  purchase of the Mission reserve would  particularly benefit the city, and with  the reclamation of the tide flats on the  extensive waterfront' of the reserve,  somewhere about 700 acres would be  available for the purpose, whicb with'  the factory areas and dockage facilities  provided unequalled inducements,  which would be offered to manufacturers. The city clerk will Immediately send the city's recommendation  to Victoria.  FAREWELL  home to ber friends at her residence,  2138 Alberta street, after the first ot  June.  The Merchants'  Publicity Campaign  Merchants Present s Pony snd Cart  to atimulste Trade.  To stimulate trade and'local interest a number of foe leading merchants  of this dlctrict have agreed to run a  Grand Publicity Campaign. Avery  Jtandsom'e pony and cart has been obtained, and is to be given away on a  ballot contest. This contest will start  on Monday, May 12th, and will be concluded on Saturday, August16th, wben  the one having the largest number of  ballots will receive, absolutely free of  all eost, the pony and cart. This contest has been organized by the merchants with the object of stimulating  existing business; of drawing new  patronage, and generally to bring the  residential and business sections of  the community- into closer -. relationship for the mutual good. ��������� - -  The welfare of a district such as  this depends in .great measure upon  the prosperity of its business section,  and a campaign such aa' this will do  much, toward keeping local trade at  home. -  The Grandview Sunday Scbool gave Much business which should be  Mr. Curry a purse last Sunday in ap-J handled by local tradesmen is at pre-  preciation ot his services as a teacher Jsent going outside of the district, and  and superintendent of the school. The (this campaign, will do much toward  pastor, Rev F: iett, speaking for the the building up of the locality by ere?  church and school, said !*Gtodbye" to]atinr a demand for ballot, which can  member 'mow leaving 'only be obtained try paU-oaiti-ag total  Mil 11 Hill 111 111 It'll I M **   >41 lllllHII'Uftll-Hetliej  41111 H 1111 IJ Itllll I ij M I   -IHI | tin MI n 1111 ** 14 I |'|i.  I COMBINATION ELECTRIC TOASTED  ANDSTOVE  /      AT HALF PRICE  One Day Only  -  -  -  -  Saturday-May 10  Thif -appliance will tave iU cost in a tingle  | week by rwiioii of the comfort and convenience it afford* during the coming warm  wett-bor.  FIIWTCOMP ��������� - ��������� -��������� FIRST SPRVI5D  Oely eee Appliance to Eech Putchwer T:  B. c. pw:ctwc CO.  Carrali and H-wlingi Sti.  U38GrimviUe St, ne*\r Davie   m    >  ti i������t������������Mi������i ************* y ********** ii< mm i *****>���������**,  You cannot expect satisfactory sport unless your  T40������lt?.������ right.  Our stock affords endless choice of the best that  can he haj. Our long experiecne enables os to select  Just what is hest for every local purpose.  TI999i.*UllW1T*fO  ���������laVftO Ha9tlm*j9 9t*m9t, W99t Vammmmvar* 9* Q.  tikis   useful  Grandview..  stores.  X\- -. ������������������:  rs**  Ash Potatoes .......<.. ....$1.00  Roman Meal 30c. pkg.  Roman Meal Bread ........���������...���������......,..^. : ���������...10c loaf  -L a DIG  -DUllCr > -������������������������ ��������� t...........OOC   lX).  Local Eggs, 3 doz.  .���������.:......$1.00  Cream of Wheat, reg. 2?5c .���������.......*..... !..........���������..���������......20c  Purity Pood, reg. 25c ............i.....,;... _.....v.20c  Krinkle Corn Flakes .-...........:..,....  ..,.....: ......3- for 25c  Quaker Marmalade ......���������:. 15c glass  Home-made Jelly  ..ji    15c glass  French xPeas  .....,..���������..;:... :....:  2 for 25c  Corn ....���������  2 for 25c  Beans .....: ^ ..���������..���������...���������.,.... '.. 2 for 25c  Pumpkin '.  2 for 25c  Sliced Peas :....15c tin  Panshine ."........ ii 3 tins 25c  Can Crab ....���������.....���������  .'. 20c tin.  Noel's Asst. Paste.......;..... ���������.���������.   15c glass  English Small Asst. Bis. _ :.... 2 lbs. 35c  Stretton's Sauce 3 bottles 25c  Stayon Shoe Polish ������..:.:.... .....5c tin; reg. 10c  Empress Baking Powder���������Money Back Baking Powder��������� (  Vl lb .y... .- - - --.:    .-15c  1 lb.  :...��������� :. ,..-.*-:���������-  25c  See our Window Display of Map of Italy Oil/  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive      Phone Highland 139  i-jfc :.���������4 *>.*.**Jw^i^,'  \y.' :Xyy,A, -yx^yix^x.������<Jy-'.'iyy-yy  y-x *y.yAxyx^^.fx;-m^r$xr  "���������������jy.yy -������������������': ''&&??.;������������������  Friday. May 9. 1913  ancouver  ���������atj^;ii|iifiipi:M?i:.lffWi  pX?yyx<yyyyymxyyXmmX;i^  i  If You HelpYour District  .; j^tjil^is^^  ' yxyyx.-.-yt.^'^^^yy^yy���������x^xxXjr^.y&xi^^ht!'  ���������Mm  .CAXXv  Issued every Friday at 3408 Westmla  ���������ter Road, one-half block north of Broad  way.   Phone Fairmont 114S.  Editor. H. H. Stevens; Manager, Geo  a. Odium.  Sabscripttoa* fl.00 per year, 40 eeat*  per six months; 26 cants per, thr*  moatha.   Chances of ads. must be In by Tues  dey evenlnc each week to Insure laser  ttea In followins; Issue. ���������    .. ���������     ��������� ���������:���������  Notices of   births,  death* aad  rlasss Inserted free of cbarse.  Located in the  Heart of the  Mt. Pleasant  BUSINESS DISTRICT  mm^mmmmmmmmmmmm^m.mmm0mm^mm.  You Will find one of  9 r the best selections of  WALLPAPER  in the city ��������� everything hew and the  prices right. For  painting and paper-  hanging  we   excel.  STANLEY t CO;  F*ir.M*  2717 Main Street  CHURCHES  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Cor. Tenth Ave. and Quebec St  Preaching Ser-vlces���������11 a.-*- and    T:il  --   p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  Paitor, Rev. A. F. Baker. fl-Mth Ave., East  CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. snd Laurel St.   .  Services���������Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:������  p.m.   8unday School at 2:S0 p.m.  Rev. Geo. Watch, a A.. Paitor.  ��������� llth Ave. W.  onr**.   -,  ..- .-  1IT. PL.BASANTN(*HURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and, Ontario.  Ben-leas-*-Preaching at 11  a.m. jand���������ai  7:iJ p.m.   Sunday School   aad  Biblt  7 Claiaa at 1:80 O.m.  RevySf. X-aVhiVHall. B.A.BJB.. Paslot  Parsonage, 128 llth Ave. W. Tele. Fairmont 1441.  Alert Adult Bible Class of Mountain View Methodist Church meets at  2.30 every Sunday. Visitors will be  made welcome. ���������'., R Johnston, president.".'    , y';'    ���������������������������'.-.,;  Mt. Pleasant Hall  Main St. and .Sixth Ave,  ��������� '(Undenominational.'). -.-' 7'  Sundays���������Bible Address .....J.r...3:16  Gospel Service ..,.-.....7:30  All are cordially invited.  THOS. KINDLBYSIDBS. 8ecy.  4236 John St, So. Vancouver.  AsrauoAJi. ���������������������������';"���������  8T. MICHAEL'S CHURCH  Cor. Broadway and Prince Edward St  Services���������Morning Prayer at 11 a.m. '���������  Sunday School and Bible class at 1:10  p.m. -. ������������������*.  --  'Evening Prayer at 7:80 p.m.  - Holy Communion every 8unday at 8 a.m  and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11 a.m  Rev. O. H. Wilson, Rector  Rectory, Cor. Sth  ward-St Tel ,  Ave, and Prince Ed  Ave,  Fall  rmont 400-1*,  OEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  ",-������������������,        OHURCH y'  Rev. J. O. MadiU, Pastor.  8ervices-ll a.m., 7:80 t>.m.  11.00 a. m.���������������'The Transflguration of  Msn."  7.30 p.m.-"When the Hair Began  to Grow."  ���������:������������������*��������� >^  FJowers  Tomatoes  Cabbage  Celery   .  etc.  Jifany jcincls  an4  varieties of plants.  PEER'S NURSERY  Cor ISth Ave. & Alain St.  PHONE: F^rmoM UT  Central City Mission  211 Albeit Wwtt  will, call for second-band clothing,  boots and household articles.  Pbone Seymour 3047  ������*>.ff������t*������������������**Hill i ������������������������>���������������>��������������������� l*'!��������������� i > 111en ������n���������������!��������� i-*H'>iei"ie>  Business Directory |  ,** ****������������������.******************* '''������' 4 4 * I * * ���������'��������� * * * 4 4 I ** 11' i 1 **'**>  Trimble & Norris have good buys.  Corner Broadway and Westminster  Road.  Landscape gardening by Wm. Smith.  Phone, Fair. 464L, 550 Seventh Avenue B. 7  Bulbs, In sixty varieties, at Keeler's  nurseries, corner Fifteenth and Main  street- "'  f. '">.���������.���������  '���������������������������' -':���������: *y'r*yj-A. -yy  Peters ft Co. do the best shoe repairing: this shop is up-to-date. 2630  Main atreet  - Swan Bros, are reliable cleaners.  We know from personal experience  their work Is good. .  .���������'*' -���������    ���������-'���������"       ��������� 7*  For knives thst will cut and hold  their edge go to Tiadall's, Limited,  618-620 Hastings St. W. ; ���������'.  /. .**.   ;',.'.e.' ������������������  o . '.'���������'���������  ���������   ���������  ������������������  W������iF*fl-ft*ff t OHH-t et 999* '  ���������  WWHIWi  MT. PLEASANT *tX>001B NO. If  Meets every JF*-**������*ey . at  t>avJs  - hall,    Westmffister   AviL MT   ���������r.   eoourning brethren wrwsliy  ted to attend.  J. O. Jfcria. ** O.. 1JSI fltr-mar Straat  f. Waddoo. V. O.. WM *W* Stt**  Tbos. SawaD. ftets See.. 4W Seventh Ave.������'  ���������tJBR  ******** II111II1 It MIMt;  Swen 9ree,  meo-eieee ewietee  Leo ft Wood , 523 Broadway W., sell  wall paper that is up-to-date. .Try  some.  Let them fix up your rooms.  ������������������ ��������� * *  O. E. McBride ft Co., corner Main  Street and Sixteenth Avenue (phone  Fairmont 899), also, at corner Forty-  ninth and Fraser Avenues (phone Fairmont 1167L), sell general hardware of  best quality. Their stock is always  up-to-date, everything In its season.  ese  The Don sells high-class chocolates,  fruits and stationery, at 2648 Main  street second store from Eleventh  avenue.  e  e   e  Bitulithic paving makes Ideal roads.  Get some of their literature, at 717 j  Dominion Trust Bldg.; or phone Say-  Mr. M. H. Cowan,'at 3334 Main Street.  Dressers, buffets," tables, chairs,  couches, mattresses, bedsteads,-etc.  .������������������':���������������>. e  Stanley ft Co., 2317 Main St., are  selling * high-class wall paper; they  will supply the paper and put it on  your walls, by single room or by contract do the whole house. Their prices  are very, reasonable,,  ".- ';-7-;'-7  ���������"' ���������-,���������. . "A-XAy-yy  Did you ever stop to think that the  business that remains in business'is  the firmjthat gives satisfaction? The  Winnipeg Grocery, corner Harris and  Campbell avenue, has been giving  satisfaction for all its career.  ��������� VV ���������".���������;���������'*..:x ~y:��������� y;yy- ������������������  ��������� To have a successful career, either  as a stenographer or bookkeeper, a  course at the Success Business College, corner Main and Tenth Avenue,  will go far towards giving you the  realization of your ambition.  ; ' ������������������-'.���������:.��������� '���������''    '���������!   " 77:���������'  The Sanitary Mfcrket, 2513 Main  street,. near Broadway, sells meats,  fl..-h and poultry: of a little better quality and'tor a little less money than Its"  competitors. For example, see Sanl*-  tary ad. oh page 4 of this issue.  ... .-   .    ..  Ernest Shaw, D.C, Doctor of Chiropractic, '250 Twenty-second Avenue B.,  close to Main Street. Office hours,  1:86 to 6. Often a alight derangement  of the spine is the cause of prolonged  disease and suffering. Chiropractic  corrects the spine. ,  "5g^i**<""������*?  VETERAN tlSHOP DIES  Victoria, Bi C, May 6.���������Bishop  Cridge Df the Reformed Episcopal  Church,' died early, this morning at his  residence here at the age of ninety-  five   years.   His   health   has   been  v  ���������J1C7.  i*|i|ljjjjjji^^ ^^  0yy iXy^yv;0yuM^^^-  V  reri  ...   ���������   ..���������    M-'L  -ft'.-*  -*- '.Vv.'-s.'-*;  y/:l*0X-  ~X%$-  -.y-yitfy  7v77rS^  The ^'JSii^  -'.<yi^::  yAx-m  "XM  m  ?^1  M&  '$.$&7:������i-':'[-> ";��������� ra  yywmm  $$^Mxm  rapidly 'falling of late, and bis death j  mour 7129. !was expected by his famUy.  For the!  f.:V. e ���������' jlast tour years^ the bishop had been}  M"i 'afflicted by partial blindness, being'  For express, bswsge and storage go unaWe to vita>  to Main Transfer   Co.   stand.   2421     BiB|,op cridge came here in 1851 as  Scotia Street   Mt Pleasant.   Phone chap,a,n t0 the nwdBOns  Bay  Com*  Fair. 1177. J pany and as clergyman in charge of  ��������� ������������������;"'������������������ *'���������.-*��������������������������� Jthe district made the Journey by way  For rigs and carriages at all hours  *  IITORONTO!  ;  FURNITURE STORE ::  3334 Main St.  ; j Our stock of Furniture ;  ] | is Large. Modern and ;  i: adapted to the tastes of j  \\" . Buyers.  | Dressers, Buffets, Tables  ^taiaina Couches,  Mat- \  tresses, Bedsteads, etc :  A complete Hne of  [Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. j  7 Drop in snd inspect our goods. '<  This is where yoa get a square  7" deal.  New  SPRING  Stock  i Uoeqitdlled Bargains i  .������  M. H. COWAN ,  iiMiiiMimiiiiHimn  Garments  of all description^  m. tmet, in i nil, rum H9*m  9art*, Itl Htl It*-, t, rim Fair, f 74  Our Stock of    ���������"'  Spring Wall Paper  is latest in design and best in  quality.'  Our  Paints  are uuexcelled and our workmanship is urtrivalled.  If you contemplate having  your house papered Jor painted,  call on us.  LEE & WOOD  Importers of Wallpaper  of the day or night go to the M-  Pleasant Livery, corner Broadway and  Main,   phone Fairmont 815.  e e   e  Jn tbe spring the housewife's fancy  turns to cleaning and to paint W. !R.  Owen ft Morrison, 2387 Mian streetrhas  s complete stock for painting and  cleaning.  ���������     /���������'"���������   e ���������   -  Swindell Bros., 1417 Commercial  Drive, on page /of-this issue have a  very interesting list of goods carried  by tbem, and the prices they sell at.  For quality, go to tbls Ana.  e e   e    '  For dainty, clean and   appetizing  luncheon Just try the   Queen   Tea  Rooms, 618 Oranvllle Street.  ��������� ��������� . ��������� *  Many a train bas been missed, and  many a dollar lost by a man carrying  an unreliable timepiece. Take your  watch or clock to A WlBmer, 1433  Commercial Drive, and be will make  it reliable.  ��������� ������������������ ���������  The Honig Stores are still In the  game, and are offering bargains tbat  ARE bargains.  Investigation will be  worth while.  ��������� ���������   e    ���������  The B. C. Telephone service makes  miles grow short. See their rates and  you will find tbat for quick, communication the prices are'reasonable.  :  ���������  ���������   ��������� ���������  For tbe best grades of stationery,  books, magazines, toys and confectionery go to tbe Grandview Stationery,  1130 Commercial Drive, sub-agency for  (the Columbia Graphophone.  I ���������   ���������   ���������  At tbe corner of Commercial Drive  and fourteenth Avenue is the Buffalo  Grocery, 'The Home of Quality." The  groceries, fruits and provisions kept by  this firm are all guaranteed.  ��������� ��������� '���������  Good teeth enhance appearance,  conduce to health, aid in use of language, and contribute to comfort Is  the undlsputable argument of Dr.  Wood, dentist; 312-313 Lee Bldg.  * ���������   ���������  For confidential investigations you  want a man of Integrity, experience  and ability. That man is Johnston;  secrecy guaranteed. Vide press. The  Secret Service Bureau, 319 Pender.  * ���������   ���������  A reliable, high-class furniture store  U tbe:Taroato-taattnre Store/ran by  of Cape Horn in the sailing vessel  Marquis of Bute.  He left the Church of England, in  consequence of a difference witb  Bishop Hills in 1874, and was shortly  afterwards elected Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, the site for  tbe local church being presented by  Sir James Douglas.  He was. consecrated a bishop of the  church in 1875, and continued as pastor of the church until failing health  compelled him to retire a few years  ago. He was presented .wltb a purse  by prominent citizens on the occasion  of liis 90th birthday.  COMMON8 REJECTS SUFFRAGE  011.1.  Militant Policy Hurt thflr Csiise  " ^ House  London, May 6.���������The fate of the  Women's Suffrage Bill was sealed tonight by the votes of more than fifty  Irish Nationalists, who voted against  it. Tbe bill, whereby it was sought to  enfranchise 6,000,000 women, was rejected by a majority of 47. The vote  stood 266 to 219.  Hurt By Militant Tactics  The debate today proved that the  militant policy of the suffragists has  done the cause great harm as far as  Parliament is concerned. The conciliation bill of last session was rejected  by only a small majority compared  with the Dickinson Bill, which was  under discussion today, and previous  bills, giving some measure of enfranchisement to women, have passed tbe  second reading, although they never  survived subsequent Btages.  Recent police court disclosures of  acts of incendiarism planned by tbe  militants, far surpassing in magnitude  anything heretofore attempted, and the  burning of St Catharine's Church at  Hatcham today, undoubtedly influenced  many members to vote against the  bill.  y-y?&:':-~  ^rg&x%y;m  etiymmmi  ������������������,:-:t3T.;' 4.VP.-''^"L>*  *.~-  A Pull, With Water-  * Brush���������and a Pkg* of  Alabastine  *jm&tTeathtmth.t*'l������**eiUlBU,wemotbu**a sfsrt  fT  -������f niMaMat. atsbssUae wells ete ptawtag ��������������� the  calUvatod tastes. Am**om ess apply  Atefe-Mtlaebyfallow!** Ue-UmtlaM.  Att  yoa ated Is a pall, with water, aad S Cat  brwh. The rest Is easy.   AtoSseUaa, eaMhe  wall peptr sa������Hkslwwlat. Hardeas, aad beeeaMs  -pert ef the wM ItwV.    AUbaatia* sticks to the wall  pm-uaeatly. It ia tht oaly absolutely essJtaiy waU cafcriaf.  K~r-*-*i   f-*s  iss-.tr*���������  A petition demanding a revolution in  the banking system of Canada and imputing much of the depression in  business and commerce to the arbitrary decision of the chartered banks,  is now being circulated in Vancouver,  and is being largely signed. Copies of  the petition have already been forwarded to Mr. H. H. Stevens, M. P. for  Vancouver, and the other members for  B. C. constituencies. When the desired  number of signatures is attached to  the petition lt will be forwarded to the  Banking and Finance Committee in  Ottawa.  WATER,  A sew coat eaa be applied without removing old one. Alabastine ia made in  white, and twenty-one charming tints.  Come in and get the Alabastine tint  book. Well show you how really beautiful Alabastine is.   "  FREE STENCILS  These free Stencils are worth from 60c. to  11.00. They enable yon to more beaut,  {fully decorate your home. Call  in for particulars.  Sold by W. R. 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I-was  ISS?  y wanted tamediatohr.:  rather taken back at the fellow's ele*  'wtthont betraying his tstease rellet JJjJg*   1 w������ r/u^nSPS a bit  I   tL'rS? as^2rt*at the _oor,Pw_?M������*lc*tlB������ ���������"���������������' *"������������������������ tor "������  \Jh2rJ?*������\������5e. i���������*tptotare. when be quietly told m*  .-���������a**??*.?* n____a- ha ttU __.������. to pfcrassolcgy he sometimes affected,  Jr!ti* t_TTS___������t loSSvTSd -t *������������������ ���������" eaaltag *������*&. eaa. "to  ia. -wisa me a pMseaat joaraey aaa .MaM( m*%mmmt>m*tnt c*m*\*t^.   ho  M2 ffls?n������T������,Hi!ffr * .riband hi* a^umenU, I uJmght  ^^^25^*>m^LiJ Hara waa a long way ott being a fool.  SSLS!!^-*^!?.^ ������ -MWears somehow, by. accident, I  *   frnm.^rT^SfiZfit*^ .*hlak. he discovered he possessed a  it   ma*   aa���������a   haadred   things W^ dormant power, a. partial gift  eat. \~������ wM������vflnniilam. whlfih ha waa Aat.9.  V  f^anu^lf .IKTiL. u if ������������������������������*. <* Teatrlloaulsin. which he was deter-  4jy"^Jm ,ww tDJStol ? ? 1!S__* mlaed to cultivate, aad so -wltb hla  iJ2^;??^_!5ftrf.WS_ *������_,  SS ,������*������������������������������������ his services at Scotland Yard.  ______***___H*,*1* ������?* lMt 9nh and they, my dear Fleming, they lhV  IsagSd embrace she 1st blm ge. !*������__��������� tamped at him.   He hss dona  ^it?L^SSlffa^lS+;S!reS3Slsl H^^TosS^  aaeotm haagwjsam cast P���������***?, but then, these are tha days of very  S^^w^atoBd  silent  James "^ ������      ^ know-JIta, dartu  ^^9*^*Uit^L*0Lth\t^ ??-t SSMhaven. and rather aristocratic-  -"-    Paul ertskftd bis hat on bJajT^-.. .   *  i2S2&t&.Si? %* *__._1__i_ I   *TSi' t*>-nk *���������'��������� *��������� ���������*������������������������ top ������*���������  "Good-nlghf to the smiling maM ' mtxir TMx Mked.  ha ftoaai James by the arm. leaned ,-TS, ^ i am cermu, tt wireUk ^  _M*eastoasi at a bound, and ran dowa 'htot h#-n ^ P|lriCy to the Hfe# tor  ll^2?,t J.���������? * ?*^** ... ��������������� , 'all he's worth-^ulet. dignified, and  -Hit Bene, sir! 8top! You've reserved. At any rate, as soon as tha  tea������a all the wind oat of av aafuat" train Is la we wlU drive around to fete  ��������� Feel stooped, let go the panting lodgings and ascertain. Hare has aet  Jemes. aad laagaed a yoaag. wild, free entirely severed bt* connection with  -ION*. the Scotland Tard authorities, but he  j -Let ma help you oa with your ooet, takes private cases, and tt he Is spe*  9\t, It's not so mUd nor so muggy tf dally wanted there���������ah, bere she  tl was earlier, aad 1 daresay you've comes!"  aseae from a.wera roota." The tram glided alongside the plat-  t. Tory warm.- he said, with empba-  form, and Paul leaned from the wln-  -m   "Aayflklag wrong. Jameaf ha'gow et bis comparUaent, opened tha  __������������������__ aulcldy. buttoning bis   coat;   door, snd sprang out where tbe two  *9M Thomas never seat anywhere for men stood, a small, light leather bag  ta bis hand. A gleam ei. satisfaction  came' into the squire's eyes a* ha  grasped his arm and marched htm off  to the cab standing outside the Sta*  vent her procuring and satisfying a  desire, however illegitimate Ita object  may be, provided her mind is seriously set upon ks attainment. There is  an unscrupulousness and a daring  about her that Is, to-my mind, brigandish in tbe extreme. It. would'not astonish me to find the strain date back  to an ancestry of outlaws and freebooters."  Austin Hare"������laughed. and his dark,  violet eyes, black in certain lights,  went back to Paul. They seldom left  him, except to glance at Felix when  he apoke, in courteous assurance of  hla attention. He was unobtrusively  watching Paul, studying every attitude  and gesture, every trick of manner,  speech and expression with tbe dill*  gonce and verve ot the true artist.  "Superficially, the thing strikes me  aa being the most tempting piece of  work ever offered me." be said, ln answer to the squire's sentiments re*  specting Mrs. Wycherly. "There is a  pleasing dread ln the unknown, Mr.  Fleming, which bas a real charm tor  me, and hence my profession. Figuratively spesking, a sail ln a obartless  sea, to Wander la a mass without a  clue, to walk blindfold near a precipice, gives a sort ot honey-gall lest to  existence. Shorn of Ita mystery life  would be a very disappointing theme  to mo. Do you smoke?" he asked,  addressing Paul. "Are you musical?  Do you sing, recite, conjure? Do you  go ia for say parlor tricks?"  1 eaa play the violin a Uttle." he  said, modestly, accepting a cigarette  from Hare; "but aa I don't possess an  tantrvment, the Weybernites have  never heard me."  "Will you stand, up. and perhaps Mr.  flemlag will give me the difference In  our height, and will you also let me aee  yen smoke tbat cigarette?"  Tbey stood back to back, sad the  ���������quire acted as umpire. ^  "There ls not much in It, Hare," ha  said, after soma consideration, ulf  there Is, Farley haa the advantage.  By Joveryoor hair la several shades  lighter, and so ta your sktnl"  "TlMtfaihraatet-Jal^they can easily  be remedied; ifa the eyea that trouble  me. Mr. Fleming," he said anxiously.  "No one. let alone a man. pught to  have eyes like Mr. "Farley's,' in addition to the sixe, the beauty, the wonderful gold glint in them, there'a* that  haunting, spiritual expression which  goes to give the uncanny impression  that tbe soil's awakening la in nercct  LAND NOTICES  TasrcovTam x-asne szanutc* ,  SUrttlet of Ooaat, Baage ���������  TAKE notice -that Qeorse Hunt of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation janitor,  intends t-> apply for'perrnisaion to purchase the ioliow!nr described lands. -  Commencing at a post -planted at the  north  end of Taunialr Lake and about  40 chain    west of Robert B. Ellis's Initial poet, thence we������t*40 chains, thence  flouth 160' chains,* thence east 40 ohains,  thence back to place ot commencement  containing 640 acres more or less.  Said  Tsuniah  Lake being east of and near  Chilco Lake ln the 2nd Range.  OBOROB HUNT.  Per I'renk R. Angers, Agent.  Date, 88th December, 191s.  ���������AJHHjutaufc ___n>  Metfiet ef Oeast, aaage a  TAKB'-notlce that Robert B. Ellis, of  Vancouver,    B.   C,   occupation   agent,  intends to apply for permission to pur*  chase the following described lands:  Ms-Met er oeaee, Baage a  TAKE notice that Alex. Fletcher of  Vancouver,  B.  C.  ocupatlon carpenter,  intende to apply for permiaaton to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a pofit<planted on the  west  ahore of  the Chllco  River throe  mUes below Its source one mite down  from   William   Worden'*  initial   poet,  thence meandering down  the river 80  chains, -thence west 10 chains, thenee  south 80 chains, thence back to place of  commencement,   containing   *4Cf   acres  more or less. - ���������>..  ALEX. FLETCHER,  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Ageat  Date,' 30th December. lSlST  -- __t planted at the  head of TsunlalT Lake on the east shore,  thence meandering along the shore south  80 chains, thence east SO chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence back to place of  comemncement, containing 840 acrea  more or less. Said Tsuniah Lake being  east of and near Chllce Lake ln the Snd  Range.    *  ROBERT a ELLXSr  Per .frank R. Angers, Agent.  Date. 28th December. 1018.  r     ���������������������������.  &ajn> annuo*  ef Ooaae. Bangs S  TAKE notice that Thomas Mathews,  of Vancouver, 8. C, occupation agent  intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a poet planted at the  north-east end of Tsunlah Lake aud ad-  Joining R. B. Ellis's initial poat Thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  thence south. 80 ohains, thence back to  place, of commencement, containing 840  acres more or leas. _aid Taunlah Lake  being east of and near Chllco Lake in  the 2nd Range.  THOMAS MATHEWS,  Per Frank ft Angers, Agent.  Date, 23rd December, lf 18.  of Oeast, Baaga a  . TAKE notice that Alex. MacMUlan of  Vancouver, B. c* ocupatlon bank clerk,-  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  t Commencing at a post-planted at the  head of a Bay on the West aide ef Chllco Lake about thirty mllee from the dis*  charge of the Lake, thence weat 1*0  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence  east 180 chains, thenee bank te place  of commencement, containing 840 "acres  more or less.  ALEX. MacMILLAN.  _       Per Jean Bugene Angers, Agent  Date, 18th February. 1S18.  -   TABoOUvna **������ABB JftlntJUOC   ���������"i  ' Mstxtot of Oeast, aaage ��������� ' . ,  .TAKE notice that Charles E. Collngof  Vancouver.   B.   Ct������ occupation   agent*  Intenda to apply for permiasion to purchase tbe'following described lands:���������*  ,  Commencing at a poet planted la the  Jttemlab Valley and adjoining, the northeast corner poet' oTIndlan -Reserve No.  l, thence north SO chalna,' thence west  80 ehains. thence aouth 80 chafinL. thaws'  -back-to place of commencement, contain-  tog 840'acres more or less, said Nemiah  Valley being, near ChllcoLake.   --    *,-  CHARLES B. COLINQ. . .    *  - ,7   Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 14th February, ltll.       **  ^J  ma^otoee  *m aad ha htm*t now; it's Just me,  Mr, bttmbly beggteg your pardon; but  ��������� ftmu the esulres doing. He says to  me on the quiet tike last night, 'Look'  >ere, James.' says lie, *Mr. Farley is  lathing a call to-morrow evening up at  %h* MMrchea, gnd he's young, lames;  wFVf-H no grown ausplclona about  -m*M, sad especially wldders; will  - gtep yogr eye oa him for me while  i fn Minnea? ff he don't return  ���������a bear from the time he leaves  )mW Juat yoa walk along the turn*  ^ aad meet him, sod if In another  ���������a minutes yon don't aee htm,  m...^m wltWi-ra bell, aad give aa urgent message, snd you waft for him,  fames, and bring blm home.'"  ! ^fliiirtHrou, James." ha said heart*  Hy* touched by Felix's devotion and  forethought; "if ever I can do you a  'anal turn you may depend upon it  | Tni obliged to you, I'm sure, sir,"  |������e returned gratefully; "but don't yon  aa ta think I want compensation for  say chance turn I do yer. I'm pleased  ,to wait on you. sir. and so sre tbe  -maid*; yoa gives no trouble, sir.  (There's no cleaning up after .you;  gbere's no cigarette ends; no lobacco  .tth. and no spent matches a-lylng  ���������round the library of a morning;  they're all as neat as wax on the  (fcroase tray���������very different to some  geetlemen's wayg as we get down for  f9o shooting."  . M| don't like giving trouble If 1 can  anyway avoid it," be said, affably, "I  would rather by half wait on myself.  Toul! accept a trifle. -Isiuee. for tbla  damp unpleasant walk." he said, trying  tion.  "I'm content now, Farley," he said.  looking at him with a brilliant smile,  "and the rest may go bang!' I had an  attack of nerves last night for the  first time inony life. I couldn't sleep  for thinking you might be, spirited*  away before 1 could get you safe here.  By tbe way, I thought If I said bring  your bag you would conclude you  might have to stay tbe night, and I expect you will, because If we get this  ebsp Graham wants he wUT go back  with me this evening,'and-1 shall take  him to 8Ir Thomas and explain matters.- Pld you arrange things before  you left? I mean, did you lock up letters, money, jewellery, anything you  don't desire looked over and meddled  with by the man who will occupy your  room? Of course, this Hare will be  all right; still, it's expedient and business-like, and ought to ba done under  *ny_clrcumst*nces."  .es, thank you. I did." he answered; "everything 1 consider of any value or interest to me is under lock and  key."  'That's all right then. Jump ln!"  They drove three la a hansom to a  street leading out of. Russell 8guare,  and drew <up before a o,u!et, unpretentious-looking house. Graham alighted,  rang the bell, inquired for Mr. Hare*  and beckoned to the others upon hearing that the gentleman In question  was tn and breakfasting tn his room.  Austin Hare bad finished hit repast,  and sat reading the paper In an easy  to^^LtJI?Vwe^At0 ������. ^SJ-. cb,klr by *-��������������� lire, bis allppered feet In  "Bore a hole through It aad bang it ��������� gem* 0f ceremony quite appalling, and  on your watch-chain. James, as ajlttle   thea   catching  sight of 'orabam, he  memento ot me," he said, light-heart* '������������������--���������     ?*     ���������-  -  -       ���������**���������*"��������� "���������  edly; "you aee, when I am gone you  will need a reminder.'  "I don't mind doing that," he said,  thoughtfully. "I'll keep it; perhaps,  coming from you, sir, it will bring me  lack."  ��������� "While you have lt you won't want  far gold, and there's some luck In  that." he ssid, watching the msn's serious face with amusement, and as  James's ruminations were alow and  at-bfound the rest of tbe Journey was  completed in comparative silence.  ! On hia return Paul went straight  to the library to discover what business letters the post had; brought In,  and on the centre of the writing-table  lay a telegram addressed to himself.  He turned up the reading-lamp, tore  open the; envelope, and read: "Come;  bring handbag with change in case  you need it.���������Felix."  ���������ril jvagran. I hope yea will exoase  maT he said, entiling, whan ha heaame  Rata al tha flush en Paul's face,  try a pair of faintly aawka-tlated  ays glame." he resumed, "aad also a  fair ot magnifying ones, and let you  Judge ot me effect li Mr. Farley wlU  s*sa aerate to an old haunt at atlae  twUl get my hair aad skte touched an  to tae exact shade af hss, aad then I  ahaU aet need to trouble yoa  ���������ea further." -  Tae.youna maa doaned Htlr  aad Hare Jet Wrnsett out \*  Orthtm tnd Feto^togdj^tery  ntmlNloa to rtmmmm brttkftft  ^Ongs tnd retlr^ Ttrit7 mu8t^bt  anl up lomewbtft for ��������� tight or two.  I should like to IttTt blm to |W cgrt<  ef Oeast, Baage g  .TAKE notice that Thomas CL Holt of  Vancouver, B. C occupation contractor,  intends to apply for prrmiasion Mo purchase the following described lands:���������  Comntamdng at a poat planted oa tbe  west shore of the Chllco River at a  point 800 paces aouth ef the junction of  Sheep Creek with the ChUeo River and  10 yards east of the trail to ChilcO Lake:  thence north 80 chains, tbence west 80  chains, thenee aouth 80 chains, thence  back te place of commencement, containing 840 acrea, more or less.  THOMAS O. HOLT.  Per Jean Eugene Angara, Ageat  Date. 80th December. ltltT  waawoutaB x-awp m_tbiot   -  mjUist ef Oeast. Baage a  TAKE notice that J.- B. Honrahan of  Vancouver, B. c, oeeupatloa-    *     '" y  cbl^^fo^w^daTS^^  ^^d%i:v*a^tasffikgtos:  south-wast oomar post of Indian, Be*  serve, No. 1, thence meandering aleng the  lake/shore south 80 chains, theneresst  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  ���������^���������J to^plaoe of commefaoament eon-  taintng 840 seres mors or less, said Ne*  mlah-Wj ^-^-guTce lata  Dato, ^^br^y?^0���������������T% A"fc  letTSS  try dew*  bare you the tooommodtttop in your  *^S5>t t������H������l|ht. I btTtnV ht m*  wheeling around tad eotfTopttiig him*  -imtwiwrrow, W ^.ll|tt. hi oga  6ve mr room.  I shall bt vnf* I  4 thought of locWnf tht plaot up.  t If yotTbtrt jTme W%fc  amp there I egn htPd tht hty.otef.to  tj  CHAPTER XV1U.  Austins Hare  It was a little after ten, and the  second train from East Weyberne was  due at King's Cross in another five  minutes.    Felix Fleming and Hubert  Graham were pacing the platform together.    The barrister was speaking  rapidly and impressively,   while   the  -squire smoked a cigar and listened  with a smile on his handsome face.  :���������   "You see it came about ln this way,"  he was saying, wltb his eye on the  ��������� clock, "young Hare was my office boy,  did all my shorthand and typewriting,  and a sharp spruce lad be was, too.  After a year or so, to my infinite disgust, he developed a mania for the  ���������  stage���������no use trying to suppress that  sort of crank once it's got a firm hold,  ae L yeryT "weU know, to my cost- it'a  started up wltb a glad, impulsive, boyish welcome tbat was reassuring snd  refreshing.  Hubert Grtham introduced his  friends snd. ascertained Whether bis  time for the next few days or perhaps  a week, could be placed et their disposal. Receiving a ready affirmative,  he proceeded as best he could to disclose the why snd wherefore of their  visitation, and finally banded the narrative over tor the others, who were  better acquainted with the. facts, snd  better able to piece together and make  the story somewhat comprehensible.  "Tou want me," he said, looking up  from bis note-book, where he had  their explanation verbatim, "to pen  sonata that gentleman," bowing to  Paul, "to play the part of secretary to  Blr Thomaa Hargrave, to court this  Mrs. Wycherly without apparently  much heart in it, keep Miss Hargrave  nt arm's length and Buffer myself to  be kidnapped, married, or murdered,  Juat as the fates may decree; and,  moreover, you want ne to-night?  Very well, gentlemen, you need go no  further, I shall-be pleased to accommodate you. There is Just sufficient mystery and danger about it- to make the  adventure attractive, but one question,  an Important one���������Is tbis woman, this  Mrs . Wycherly, mad?"  Paul looked at Felix, and for the  first time lt crossed his mind as to  whether that might not be the' solution to the whole gamut of Rowena  Wycheriy's behavior.       .  "I think she ls perfectly sane," Felix  said, in a tone that admitted of no contradiction, "but self is paramount;  self is carried to such an extraordinary  tt an bote! though, wtniftrt tot" t  Ttry WmlTil *#at tbtaWnf bt  WouW bt under your prtctktl tad tf  ntritnotd eye," Kill rttun������td. Jaagh*  Kg, "but ot courts to mr abetnoe  be might just ts well bt tt aa hotth  Artyou off on b������Mrtnsatt���������,  "PleMurtble bvttotat, I Imagine,"  ht ttid. a triCt ���������betpttbly.  He looked out of tht window and  watched tn eltercttkm between a  hansom cabman and in fare- an4  after thty had tet������t4 tht ������f������������tt  amicably, ht twisted awiwd wtfii a  heightened color, and took bold of tht  squire by the lapel of hit coat.  Minever Intended to Itt tht cat out  of tbe beg until tbe pertomenta wat  over," he remarked, tmlllnf, "but  here's sn open confession . flaming,  my boy; I'm going to be married eariy  in the morning, and by to-iaorrow  night my wife tnd label! be to .Win-  burgh."  "By Jove," Felix exclaimed, admlr^  Ingly. "You are making np for tht  time, Graham, you watted in courting!"  "Tbat it bow r put It to Patricia.  I told ber we ought to have been married twenty years ago. tnd, at neitbar  of ut was girl or boy, we did not want  the regulation ceremony, tbt usual  finery, tomfoolery, and parsphercaJla.  A quiet, solemn service hue city  church without a gaping crowd of die*  TAKE notice that George C Hlnton of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation electrician,  intends to apply for permiasion to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing ut. a. post planted at the  North'end-of Tsunlah Lake, thence north  160 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence  south 180 chains, thence back to place  of commencement containing 840 acres  more or less. Said Tsuniah Lake' being  eaat of and near Chllco Lake In the 2nd  Range.  GEORGE C. HINTON,  Per Frank R. Angerj, Agent.  Date, zlrd December, 1818.  TAJTOOOWBB *&SJfB BtgVBtOT  gdsttet ef Oeast, Baage S  TAKE notloe that W, A. Wright of  Vancouver,' B. C, occupation bank clerk.  Intends to apply for permiaaton te purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post slanted at the  east shore of' Tsunlah Lake and one  mile south of George a Hlnton's Initial  post thence meandering along the Lake  shore south 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thenee north 80 chains, tbence  back to puce "of commencement containing 840. acres more er less, said  Tsuniah ������ake being But of and near  a.ilco^n^d^ge.  per Frank ft Angers, Agent.  Date, 28th December, 1812.  TABS no  intratt to*appfr;for pei  Beattie of  auctioneer,'   Ion to pur*  bed leads:���������  chase the following ...  Commenelng atja post planted en the  west shore of GbUeo River, about Ave  miles dowa from,Chllco Lake and ad*  fining It N. GUmour*s -initial post  thenee  meandering,  up  toe. river  80  chains, "thence  ick to place of  containing   840   acres,  chains, thenee south __       west 80 chains, thence back to place of  commencement  mere pr lees.    A. M. BEATTIE.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 80th December. 1818.  ���������4VOOVTW *&4II> 9eW9ttt9  9*eme% ot Oeast, IMWfO ���������  TAKE notice that Eugene Cleveland  of Collingwood East, B. c, opunatlon  agent, Intende to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted near  Tsunlah Lake one mile soutb of W. A  Wrignt'e initial post and about one bun*  dredTand flfty paces from the Lake shore  and two miles from the head of .the  Lake,  thence South   80  chains,  thence  east 40 ohains, thence north 80 chains,  *���������-������������ . i������������ Hin hw -m. m.w. ������������������  tbence back to place of oomemncenMUt  Per Frank R. Angers, Agent.  Date,- 28th December, 1818.  TMOwW**** 9V99 mifno?  ���������     metric* ef Oeeet laagt ���������  TAKE notice that H.^ McDowell of  Vancouver, B- C, occupation merchant,  intends to apply .for pannlaalon-to purchase the following described tarns:  Commencing at a post .planted three  miles north of the head of Tsunlah lake  and three miles from Robert B. JSIHa  initial -post; thence south 80 chains,*  thence east 80 chain*-, thence north 80  chains, thence back to.place of commencement containing 840 acres more  or less, said Taunlah Lake being eaat of  and near Chllco Lake in the 2nd Range.  7        h. Mcdowell. .  ���������  Per Frank R. Angers, Agent.  .Date, 28th December. 1812.,  y- t*ww������vt 99 ***** 9������mmr* -  IHsmet ef Oetst, pwge ���������  TAKE notice that Wallace Law^ of  -Vancouver, B. C, occupation salesman,  Intends to apply,for permission to pnr-  cho.se the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted on the  west shore of the ehllco Rlyer near the  Junction of the  Sheep. Creek and   100  yards south of the trail to Chilco Lake:  Tnwni-e south 80 chains, thence west 80  chains." thence north 80 chains, thenee  back  to place of commencement con  Ulnlng 840 acres inore pr less. .  WALLACE  LAW.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date,.80th December, 1018.  TAKB notice that R. N. Oilmour ef  Vancouver. B. C, oeeupation clerk,  Intends to apply for permission te pur*  chaae tbe following desc*ibed*lands:���������  Oemmandng-et a nostotaated on the  west shore of the Chllco River abouttve  miles, down the river from CMloo __ke  and two mllea dowa from Ales, fist;  chefs initial post, thenee meandering  down the rtv-*rt-4benee west JO chains,  thenee south ��������������� ehains, tnence .back  to place of cemmenecment containing  MO acre*, moiextr.leak'  JR. N. OjWtOUR,  er Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  0th'December, lilt.   ,_  T*HSIS59 ostffitaSW?*  TAKE notice that T. F. Paterson of  Vancouver, B. C occupation manufae*  turer. Intends to apjpjy for permission  to purchase the 'following described  lands:-**  commencing at a nest Planted about  one mile north ot the head of Tsuriiah  Lake.. ���������  ���������  -"         ^^���������"���������  south '80" chains, thence hMk'_������_  of commencement contalnpig 1st  more or was, said Taunt  east Of ^^pSSfc^  Per Jean Eugene Anger*.. Agent  Date, 28th December. ltl*������.  r*ti3S2Rlfte������f83!?iow  aaaja/am.aaja) arm- wwtPvW *ajr*',tFarBiw w  TAKE notice that J. Prtsken of Vancouver. ������. Cm occupation bank clerk,  intands to apply for nersalsslon to purchase the following described.Tends:���������  Commeneing at a poet Phuitod ������n the  south ahore of Choelquolt Lake at a  point 80 chains west of the north west  comer post of Lot 881, thenee meandering along ������be shore west tt' chalna.  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thence back to Place of coin*  mencement containing 840_ acres more  or lean, said Choelquolt Lake being  near Chllco Ukfc^,,,  / J. FRISKEN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date. 31st December, 1912.  Blstrlet ef Oeeet, Baage t  TAKE notice that Harry Jtobarts ef  Vancouver. B   C������ occupation hotelman.  Intends to apply for permission te purchase the following described lands-���������  Commencing at a post planted en the  west shore of the Chllco River,.at a  point where it comes out of Chlleo Lake,  thence west 80 chains, thence nerth-H  ohains,  thence east  80 chains, thenee;  meandering along the West shore ef the"  Lake, back to place'of cbwemncemenC  containing 840 acrea more- or Uaa.   .  ,_ HARRY ROBKRraT^  XieAe, SBth Dac������-nber, lOJfc:  Btatrlet ef Otaee, Baage s  - TAKB noUee-,that^Charles .Over, of  Vaaoouver. B. C. occnpatlon hotelman.  Intends, to apply for permiasion to pur-  .,_ the following .described leads:���������- ^  C-Nnmenclag at a post planted oa the  west,shore of the Chilco River one mile  dpwb from Its source, one mile north of  Harry Roberts Initial post thenee meandering down the river 80 ohains, thence  west 80 chains, thence aouth tt ehains.  thenea-back to place of commencement  containing 840 acrva. more otJess.  CHARLES OVER.   '  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent  Dste, 28th ixx-atahor. 1818. - -  YAJfOOUf BB IktJnt SSg-tBKhV  ateMfl ot Ooast. Baage S  TAKE notice that R. G. MeSween of  Vanoeu-i-er. B. C��������� occupaUon bank dark.  Intenda to apply for permission te pttr-  ollow��������� *- --������������������  - -    -  * a ___.  eeehiiai west of ^ Frislmrs Jattlai  rhass the following described lands--?  \?*wi___elaw at\o pest planteXea^to  south ahore ef v Choajaueft Lake about  paraglag friends, is more In keeping  wltb my feelings on tueb e secret1  oecasloe. and I ain glad to say Patricia  feels the same. We shall amuse ourselves tomorrow evening sending  cards and cake, and it any one feels  -inclined to eend a wedding present  they're welcome, if not, we shall be  none the-worse. With the wedding-  ring on Patricia's finger, 1 don't mind  inviting settle spiteful animosity; a,  few snubr or adverse opinions will'  tall very pit end wide of the mark,  once we are honey-mooning."  "lavish you Joy, Graham," Felix said,  "and I won't anticipate the papers,  they shall tell their own tale."  "I should like to return the wish"  he said, beaming. "Don't put It off too  long, Fleming." he added .growing  suddenly aad, "the years pass so quickly, and presently we become aware  there's nothing but grey hairs and furrows, a dim veil of decay and loneliness betwixt us and the next world.  Mankind Instinctively pines after a  home, and It's a delusion, a waste of  substance and warmth to spend one's  days alone. I've lived a quarter of a  century alone In chambers, oo I ought  to know ��������� something ot its proud  pathos. I feel. Felix," be said, smiling  again, and stretching out his arms,  "like a long silent harp that the magic  of the musician's fingers has brought  i_to the full abund of harmonious  life!" :-      '���������'"..  The Squire knocked the ashes from  post, thenee meandering along the chore  HO chains wj__, thence south 40 chalna.  tbence fast itt chains, and meandering  along the north shore of an unnamed  jlake. tbence beck to-place of Conuneaos*  ment. containing 040 acres more orlMS,  saM .Choelquolt Lake being near Chlleo  west. -  -*. G. McSWEEN, j  *      ?  Dato. Jl&^agltf"* "*t  r'iwm^mW?r '  TAKE notice that Mrs. M. Rogers  Newman, .or point Grey. B.^C., occupation housewife, Intends to apply for per*  mission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Cemmendng at a post planted in the  Nemiah valley and adjoining the north*-  eMt'cqrner post of Let 888. (hence north  80 ohains, tnence west 80 chains, thenee  south' so chains, thence back to place of  id   acres  ��������� ,  ������������������ Saltl Krnniah ^     "  car Chllco Lake.  vaauouy mm 9*99  ������������������'���������'��������� Wstrtst af Ossft. Baagf t  TAKE notice that Williami Worden of  Vancouver. B. C occupation hotelman.  intends to apply for permission to pur  chase, the following described lands.-  Commencing at a post planted on the  west shore of the Chilco River two  miles from Chllco Lske and one mile  from Charles Over's Initial post; thence  meandering down the river 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence sooth 80  chains, thence back-to place of com-  mencen*������nt. containing 0*0 acres more  or' less.- ������������������-���������-������������������"-������������������  ��������� 7*7   . WILLIAM "WORDEN..     -  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 28th Decem?t������r, 191S.  NOTICE OF DlttOLUTION.  ^-^feH������.aWjBB������**i  TAKE notice that, W. H^ Swan. 7of  Vancouver. B. C. ocupatlon bank clerk,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands :���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  south shore of Choelquoit Lake at a  point adjoining the north-west corner  post of Lot 881. thence meandering  along the ah*re west 80 chains, thence  Bouth ������0 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thenca back to place of commencement  containing 840 acres more or leas, said  Choelquolt Lake being near Chllco Lake.  W. H. SWAN. . .  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Dote, Stet December, 1018...  VAaoouvaa j.m jwmmwm  Bistriot ef Oeast, Baage t  TAKE notice that A.'"If. Leltch of  Vancouver, B. C ' ocupatlon broker,  intends to apply for permjtasion .to purchase the following described ton**uK-~  .Commencing at a poat planted in the  Nemiah Valley about M> yards southeast of James Robertson's pt-e-erapuon  post No. 384 and adorning 4the northwest corner post of .same, theftce.eaat  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thenee  ���������est 80 chains, thence back to^place.^  commencement -containing. 040 acres  more or less, said Nemiah VaUey being  near Chllco Lake..   _;__  A. M: LEITCH. .    i  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent.  Date; 14th February, IMS.  commencement,   containing   840  more_pr. less, the SaM Nemiah Valley Is  co Lake.  Mr ROGERS NEWMAN.  _       Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 18th Fobrnary, itlt!  1t4|S!S^o^*wifCH^of  , TAKE notice that T. K-- Tracy. ������f-  yancouver, B. C., occnpatlon engineer.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described-lands:���������  _ Commencing at a post planted about  four miles from the head of Tsunlah  Lake and adjoining H. McDowells Initial poat: thence north J80 chains, thaace  east 40 chains, thence south 180 chains,  thence back to place of commencement  containing 840 acres more or less, ssid  Tsunlah Lake being eaat of and near  Chilco Lake in the second range.  T. H. TRACT,  ��������� Per Frank R. Angers, Agent  Date. 2Sib December. 1818. "      t 7  i7*5R^jar^f#*"7  TAKE notice that H. A. Matthews of-  Vancouver, B. C, oeeupation bank clerk.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lends:���������  . Commencing at a post planted In ths  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the southeast corner po-it of J. A. Hasrahan's  initial post, thence south 40 ehains,  thence east 180 chains, thence north 40  chains, thence back to place of com-'  mencement containing 840 acres more or  lea*,   said   Nemiah   Valley   being  near  Chllco Lake.  ^  H. A. MATTHEWS.  Date, 17th February, 1811.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  SWetrjet s*  TAKE notice that Mrs. Margaret Newman of Vancouver. B. C, occupation  housewife, Intenda to apply for permiasion to purchase the following described  lands:��������� .... "...  Commencing at a post planted In the  Nemiah Valley two mllea north or the;  northwest corner of Indian Reserve No.  l. tnence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chalna, thence ��������� weat 80 chalna, thenee  meandering' along the shore of Chllco  Lake back te place of commencement,  containing 840 acres more or less.  MARGARET NEWMAN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date 18th February^ 1818. ^  '8;1S-I8^10-MS  ^- ^  excess tbat it positively amounts to'a  his cigar with his little finger,  S������IP}%������ ^o _bstaci_-l_._llq__t__o pre*l    "I've bad  a decade at   loneliness.  (Contir.ued on Paqe 7)   ' .  NOTICE is hereby given >.tbat_ the  partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, as Manufacturers' Agents and Merchants In  the City of Vancouver, has this day  dissolved by mutual consent. ._  All debts owing to the partnership  are to be paid to J. A. Laidlaw, at  1775 Eleventh Avenue-West, Vancouver, B. C and all claims against said  partnership are to be presented to the  said J. A. Laidlaw, by whom' the same  will be settled.  -   Dated, at Vancouver, B. C, this 3rd  day of April, A D. 1913  J. A. LAIDLAW,  J AS. M. ROBERTSON.  Witness:  J. P. McINTOSH.  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Hubel  Grahanaolapped-Hare on the  dsrlt glbasv hair and clear olive skin;  With ltd faint blue trscerj about the. oooi���������  templseSr^ shadows under the eyes/^  Twill you, Tpnrchase itr  Felix ssid, laughing;  Itg!*^  artei  IU  SfenllUior  ��������� ���������T'wni;*  buy the ri  The quartette filed out on to the  pavement, and there separated to go  their different ways.' Aiistin Hare  started 7j������walkr to" tlaar^est Bndii  Qraham hailed a cab and was driven;  to hi* chambers, whllelPanl and Felix  ann. and Iljed^hls gresl srt  on the l^, handsome tac&^X  ^.-^^���������-^^l^ijtj^^  ���������aid. earnestly, his voice shaateg tn  antton^ith^Is hanS        -wsw������ *  ^*M^1^-^i^3sSi;^il^lM Ij  ���������houldnever forgive mirs^tt^^^^     "  sorry you������  ���������ao* doubt the tittle   ^rti^seVllWlai1*  cat wltf  m$  :tOontrjl������i|^^  ���������^Yoti'i^^ixmox'iW^BuW^  "'"'" "" ""W^wktl^  ^y*WiltmW>^0tmi^  I.   -If ^tl������ fhllSK yj^^aijract prosifscuois Hm  *#:���������&*������#*.-��������������� ;M*&&-&*&e*'&^  ***������?  ���������rt flrst-<laas; he  blm ta tbs atatlon. and" wb������_h������  :*a������v^lifclHi*-^?s^^  er  believe you will spoil that  ...I ___*__���������������������--!__*  lie reiterated, hU' lofiky man?   9b, $&*, _  ba a  yf%  'rmi"'ii *r *'_ifli_e������'li������*fir-ii Tm i  ymm*m  night, not for s time?'   " ^ll>������ipr������������Sse7lt^  rtto^uatbt Squire said, ore  the trembling fingers.   "What a feT*i  .........al, .,..-... ..,. ***>������������ are formoods? Farley, you're  walked round, looked closely at els: nervous; in a regular sweat about me,  :^*^M������������^3Wiat^  .jy<:'J   \:Xi*  .   . _ . . ..._   7r*Ml ehot  snd deeper tinge upon, the upper-ilpefa swift-glance upward which tiaas^  and Js|r^:^!alated^C^ " "     - - ? -���������"- **"* ****  '*&������������������ Suit Hie: Mr Farley's, an Ih-rer*;  a low-crowned hat, and a  _^.suJ*fi-3lently magnifying to^grrtf.'tiA  correetcstse to ;-tie*e*^>*^^c^iifltti|  the likeness .ehf' be ssked,7 smiling.  A ^You are progressing, Hare," Fel  remarked casitoisly, "but 111 tell you-  I think of your artlsUc artifice  _,. *ex:vm$>x^^  nvhlch train, Mr. Flemingr'he asked. &itTMiMhml99aa^^. thlriav; Thai  wm land, usthe^ lp time for the  Cf/fi*" "-~"'r *-"--'''''"'*'" '",iS*-  met ��������������� W������dD(  ^1X*���������  mm  am already  &;-*l*faa';:f^  figured: hla whole fac e and broiight a  curious expression Into the gray eyes  Win,xHe .|**eas^ _S!I__^  stepped back, lifted his bat ever eo  ^igh_y..nn^;;to^^^:s^���������~  WaM^P^}J&'^yyyA0y  - f' Tbe^l'oi^yi^iiitos^  Journey Felix employed In 7 peruikig  the "Standard.^' and gaslng ont of the  ow thio the^daiw^^Ji^^inuUMft*:  dtiuer. tad ailow a a-Ood. mat-tin tor??    ** ^f^--** "e **** sentathvthe  "    He felt the brake applied eome  slowed so gradually that  :^!^^i*i^W9''9ial*-Tt!  more than half ^mfffy-XX y;yy y .  ?:,v?!i*__ft!s^������i*iW  Xx^amn,m*^aii-:.yyxmAAAxX  y-^:%*****^^  :T09l?yyxxi;-xy~yyyyyyyy:xyys:yyy  ������i$9&������*1^$l>&  tolated.Mwbat  about ^^  J*-"* *������? J*"**1 forma to be gone  through befoce^a couple eaa piesent  themselves in > church or chapter  registrar-a orrtee for marrtagerifVo.  wish to >��������� aurrtbd la^^^^^^^^  bawwmuatU published tor Uu^sti*  cesstve Sun-fays, or a Uoenae must be  obtolned.   IJ either (^^^^  :|������yen^7fatoen^daya/**. r..  ���������be  about  vanta^ bf---^  Tiava.sadtaMrirtill  -''���������3*90m(9x:!uM   "  Love  w.fw^coiwfe_ii  eermon, Itev. 8. t>  eial snperlntiiiden^  dlnatioaservlcei Tcoi ^ __.  I*rt>sident of Confereaos;  eessitm of the Stindsy  *^bf:9&;-x&;jwm.,  semon by Rev. James  Meant Pl-*-asaB  Rev. Br. Bland:  mm ;BarUett,':'^7^^a^f^^a?|it.  ;t^t������-i?frt^-t*itti^^  Jain** AJlea; 3^.m.;ad^  fgUiator^ lay^ dirtctloa^  y The moon, Tfhtt hsd ibemed to toK  low tbem and peep-inquisitlveiy in;o  the carriage window all the way, established Itself befilhd: the sine roofing ot the shelter, smiling calmly down  yupon the smoky paraffin lamps, and  casting long black shadows across tht;  |l^tfolrm.';;T^re'?  " and";K_e| 7JmF,  Bb*^seeure7t3W������KMh^  private hotel, and afterwalra.. ������?&^l**&2������& i^!l *& '-1W*'  tlto sauJrt-e-������ressed It to^^^o^  **J8oatly iSSyT^S^  |n������sq������dj^^  mw,mm:^m������m.'"mL'*a*^*^*-  f*7 9m>\ ^meyomim ������������������ trt������^^wa������r* WS������&Z������S^'*&^&^  " outstdt into a misty ^Jll99n^;m99fZ,y*yiy^  ""*%; gnd fbere, 'ffaMmft-'tim.- mooar  _.. t Tfttt^var7th| corrugated rooflni  to one broad stream along the asphalt.  ���������--;r*.   ^ ^        .   ,,_  ....^, . ,      ���������,.^,.^JSl������1  jwrties muatihave rettitd^^ Geo. B. Wdlahd;" 7J^ jo^ R^  Kitsilano  T. BartleU;  |__U|__jO W���������*���������������������������������������������'���������*'���������-'-; v'v --'���������������*"-���������' '   ������������������-���������"I'-jti"- - -:--.**-i," .i'- ->��������� '1 '-,���������,?,���������  v"-**���������*���������.���������'��������������������������� ���������"���������r*^***s������aaa*^*^ge-a������w, --^.--������������������ ^%v-**yfT^i,*-"-i-^g*a**i).--tfet:  ^st^da^lnt^Sl^  tgariy, toying with the edge e7_bi'    Tolmie Street���������at a.m. Re% C. %  *i iy;ke>rr������dsl������^ilSt������|^  by.^ tirafte^raooatheV >** bis flasses   off,   sat   staring  be^ oonoertr though tbey mSS^^^^^y^^f^W^m  ad to lea va before -^tcrt^Jg^^-^^,:.^;. ^^.-^^  tajs'-'p������������_iiins8ivlB'orae'r'to  mtifiEZimLSk ^rtwtl making a aue<>easf*il ������ve, ^toh hold.  ������Stood ItowentWycharlyrhtr grscefui  ^lt^i!iars'75ri||i^  Ui������y were driven in tto**-*Plritedwi  Id.^gHHigm flM ant& WW*  _____������,^hi atl-j^y IttWaig^^s^^ ^4 _������i-_i teii_^ _^^i������i;i^^.w-k t^������*v^.  tqnlrt tnd throw^ bifikl^  with t Uttle Imparioui^eeture com- M0*^ fasting dathe waves of her corn  nwn to ISJ ^StNSrf^  ^ ��������� W������i*ed ht^ and bar face with Its  otlitrof the two Fanl farltys. aad'ra������:i'<'1^-**T#-y *<M*':"  aStoti)'tlShtf! ~.Fy*F��������� y\yj*^'&y������iiir glsssat and get out  ^,T*iyMrs disappointed. Mr. I^toin-^ feS-' 0? we-h*U *��������� *^������������ ?������  lagl" Htrt ssid eouablv.   "what   Is7toWystern."  irwg'9^ ���������,^���������P'7,       "'     >  |    ������������re   compiled.    He   stepped out  *No, I'm not" be said, "at least it'si^kw,urdl,y' continuing to gas* ts If  -wtW. It's aoconfound^ly good that \ ^ "ere dazed or half daft  oogt collar, "I have, a _  bomb and a specisl Ucraie^^^^ m  sU ta due proper legal form. I have  beeii Uving in the parish of Weybeme  quite long enough, so eyerythlng must  9ml ���������slid ahd In order. If you art will*  tag:!^a drive straight 'to the Vicar*  |sge how and give notice for the cere*  ���������mocy to take pla^to-inarrow morning  st eigbt.T Tou are wiUlng, Paul? Oh,  iny darltnt^ aay you are wlU Ay   "jjg~~"~ ""^'':  was dH   W������������d������y  $MM  avittet ������*!*!���������___������>_;  MTdoa-t btlf Ilk* It. Utre  JTon could' not htve paid me a  fmtor. compliment, tlr/' be taidi  wWlag.the paper; "but have you noticed, Mr. Fleming, that however I  Pitch my voice, it still remain* * semi-  ton* tower thta Mr. Fanty't? Would  t slight oold In the throat be sum*  _������������������������������* Plet; A hoarttattt engendered  by travelling in the etrly morning tog  tnd a_cwuy nlgbt wittr  -:-,n should think to.  Mr *ar it not  !5 *fS*:-1__--V* ***** Hav* you  t������y Waa, F*riey. wb*th*r Mrs. Wych  trur it mutictltM -  .'���������Notgay,' Paul ttld. tmUlag; "but  r**ould Imaatnt sht It - aat ���������; Mrs.  Wycherly's suspicion* sr* not aroused,  Mr. Hart, therefore she won't be Us*  toning to every: Inflection in your  voloe; she will t*ke you as a whole, .���������. .^ _  tnd b* thankful to have Psul Farley! d?*w ��������� ���������-*������**P. de*p  beck again safe." | phenomenal youth!  m*1 don't agree with   Mr.  Farley,"  Hare ssid, politely; "a woman In love  Is like a sensitive plant, all feelers.  Kvery tone, every breath. wU find sn  toho In her hetrt. she���������"  ^"iSscuse me," Felix ssid laughing,  "but it's blasphemy to call thst woman's demoniacal Infatuation 'love.',  Lbv*," he went on. growing grave, "Is  a spiritual force breathed by the angels'  Into ns poor mortal*; It'* selfless; tt'  longs for another** bspplness;  It Is  ehMte and pure; It I*  quiet,  deep*!  flowing, mating, unchangeable; It Is  tiie king of word* snd   carved   on  Christ's heart"  There waa a slight pause, and then  Paul turned to bis double.  "I don't know whether you sre fond  of children, Mr. Hare, but lf you com*  across the boy yoit will be gentle with  aim?"  "Is there a boy?" he asked, taking  out his note-book.   -  "Te*. Guy. a dear, erased Uttle chap;  we made friend*, he and I, and wben  he tee* you he will expect a kindly  greeting. A kiss, a little fussy attention���������yon won't disappoint blm?"  "No; poor little man," he said kindly. "If I aee him he shall not detect  any change In his friend. Give mean  account aa near ae you can of the  conversation between you and the lady  last evening, lt may prove i material  guide in conducting negotiations  later."  Paul ran over the various and,  which he considered, the most important point*'and item* touched upon  during the interview, and Hare wrote  swiftly until an official order came  for passengers to take their seats: Ths  ���������quire slipped into the compartment  followed by Hare, and the door was  banged after them. Felix let down the  window and leaned out, his anna folded on the framee.  "Take care of yourself. Farley," he  whispered;   "keep good hour*; keep  keep  straight   aad  will love rem.  ������ I goa't  fWbo ts she?" be whispered, gra?p  Ing Falls by the arm.     \y- ������������������ X      .  ������������������Mrs. Wycherly." he returned In an  undertone; "I told you she wa* handsome."  "Handsome!" be repeated, without  moving bis eyes from the upturned  face, "there's not a word, not a Ita-  gutge to describe or express such a  tlorlou*^ d������llrious7 type - of beauty���������  tn{ I am to take this marvellous ere*  ture In my arms and receive her kisses unmoved? Good Heavens! My  dear sir! What do you take me for?  po you think I could pretend to court  t woman like that tnd remain proof  against her powers, her Influence, her  dawlement? Why, the very cattle la  the fields must feel the magic of ber  beauty a* sha passes 8o .this Is Che  woman Mr. Farley has resisted?" He  breath. "What a  lias be blood in  bis veins, or Is it curdled milk! Look,  sir! She hga turned this way; she has  recognized us; she Is smiling���������oh, ye  gods snd graces, what a smile! Introduce me, sir, I���������"  "Introduce you! If you ar* going to  lose your head, say man. >ou had bettor return to town by the next train.  Tou won't hsve to wait long, she will  come to you; she Is engaged to you;  she has been waiting hours for you.  HI wager she has mat all the after  noon trains. Just pull yourself to  getber, Hare; get this Uttle interview  over, and throw up the sponge after  wards If you like."  She caste floating towards them,  her outstretched hand bare, the stones  in ber rings gleaming snd scintillating  In the moonlight sad then there came  * wild electric flash from two pairs  of dark eyes virile and mighty enough  to kindle comets.  "Good evening,'' she said prettily,  glancing with saucy defiance at the  squire; and as he raised hla hat and  moved away she caught Hare'a hands  snd clung to them with nervous  strength.  "You have come back, my" darling,"  she said tenderly, "come back for  good! Ob, Paul, my dearest I thought  perhaps you wouldn't I thought I bad  been a fool to let you go. The day bas  seemed a year. I've been mad with  suspense. I've been tortured with misgivings, with ghoulish fears, and all  sorts of cruel imaginings. I'll never  pass anoiaer day like this! Tou shall  never go away_again, Paul, without  me. Tou must come back wltb me tonight I can't bear you out of my  sight  "I wlU come later on in the evening, Rowena," he aald, "I have business wltb Sir Thomas which I must  transact before dinner. I have the  ring, and will tiring it as 1 promised."  She looked at him Inquiringly and  knit her brows.  "Are you not well?" sac said. "Have  yoo a cold? Tou are quite hoarse,  darling^  am  Wright; *S0-9my  Bp.',y yX'-yxA  Richmond���������11  Beamish; 7.30 p,  ���������   Central Church���������11  Scott; b^^Mn-*^^^  ^OraitfB^wi--^  8ia$i.B:ifc;77.$tf  m^mo^mmMmm^m9mm  Dunham  **>*^,*?m  __BB_m; -���������'������������������-���������- ���������y:.-:-f-x-x'-;-yi:'?^yx '^i-yxyx^mmm  e^tyii^a^^  ������J*;S^;7|i^?JM^^^  7.W pja. Rev. R. J. Melntj  Orac* Cburob-11 aJ*��������� R������v  Qulgley..^^���������i*  W:*W9mi&?9M:  ColUngwood-^ll  'm9j#y90*iyy%  pmmmmmm  ^^BW&^Ml^^mm  a  yaat^ti^-tt^:  Robson. B.~    Thompson.  ^^Lt^s^^em^^^**^^.  J. Rutherford, JS.A.; 1J9) 9M,y  W- 8oott7        :7'7"7,7^. -''Ax..',    y-y^.y:-:  ;';yMouatain'7Wei^i:tm  W. X)avid-*6n;- PP., 74M������ p.m;, Rev. C.  M.. Sanford.' :';,       77' 'XXxy -;?':Vv- X  &Mi  I fit ������| | M l������i->4< I M-rH rHM fft |,������.|������������t H >������������������������������ III III I ������M  ���������'������������������������$���������"���������  mmmmi  THIS    ���������  (Publifalied Monthly)  1^������ ������^ to you.  No other medium will give yoo auch general  guch   satisfactory  information  about Met*  -   activity in thig great growing province. JvYh-  a Methodist or not you are interested in Met'  movement   Send your gubacription to  wVWVTW|Wt    WWfvWWf-s^^^PI'wT v������Twf    -f** *9. *J 9 ^Wf -fW?W* TTwfv-fT fW| W*   T^ (>-  $1.00 ��������� Qee r-tttr  ay**  Ar?--. :*:.^5 7*^������?vS  ���������.y.yy-xy^y^i  m  U il * II itlft ������������������-> It lit! M I tOI MMHIMIMIIUHIM Mlf  9E09CT9 OF HW9E UFE  ^_ ^^9^^^ 9^^^^ JL* M^m 99^9^^9 ^tjm^amaa)^^ a^aa^m ^maa^m || af^aVasti  erT  tmnmanvnomu. blood pissask.  radM* Ha. ItMt   --Tha spsta sn all  Sotm frora mr teas aad ansa aad I f������������i  sood bow, I aat ***y srautal ta yoa  aad akall aat-ar forsvt tba favor jro������r  taadlciaw ha-*e doaa for mm. Tou can  aae mr- aaaM la rccommaadlas It to  aay saSaNr. 1 am solas to set married saw. Thaafctas raa aaoa mor������,  ���������te."  . ���������'<-.-  sats m/o months ccazD not  ratfca* x*. lerei.   as* tt.  smsto.  ladalfad la Immoral h������it������ 4 yoaia. Dc������  ���������oslt In arlae aad drain* at nlcht.  VaricoM Vein* oa both Mdco. pain* in  back, weak sexually. He write* .-������������������!  received yoar letter of recent date and  la reply I am pleaaed to say that after  taking two moothi* treatment I wou'ei  consider myself completely cured, aa I  bave aaea no ilsaa *t them coming  back (one rear).  THE WOBOD SEEKS OIFTnEBKNT.  raUest X.. 1SKS. "I have not had  a resulor Emles'oa I don't know when  aad am feeling fine. The world eecnis  altogether different to me and I thank  Ood for directing mc ti> you. Vnu have  in hoaeut doctor with mc."  Caaa Xa. Ittta -Syaviams wbea Ha  start** traatraaat:���������As* 81. ���������tasta. la-  dulsed In Immoral habits several yeara.  Vartcoaa Valas aa b*4b sM������ slsuplas  ���������a the faoe, ata. Attar twa raoMbt-*  treatment ba write* aa fallows:���������"Toar  welcome letter to baa* sad am very  slad to. aay tbat I tblak tnyaelf cure*  Mr Varlcaae V#lna hav* compleuiy dbv  appeared for qalte a while aad It aeanM  a care. I work harder aad ifael l*aa  tired. 1 have no dealre for that baWt  whatever and if I stay like thia, which  I have every reaion to believe I will.  ThanktD*- you for your klad attaatlon,"  ���������tc.  CAXNCD 14 FOCNDS IX OXC MONTH.  I-etk-at No. lilt*. Thia patlam <as*d  SS) had a chronic ease of Nerve** Dainty and Sexual Weakneaa aad waa m  dowa in-visor and vitality. After ene  month'* treatment be reports as fol*  low*:���������"I am feeling very wall, t bave  sained ti pound* in one akoatb. ao that  I win have to congratulate yoa." l������ter  report:���������"I am beginning to feel more  lik* a Rita. I feel my condition i*  getting better every week.** HI* U*t re-  jxiri:-r-"tH*ar Doctor*���������Aa I feel tbla i������  the la*t month's treatment that I will  have fy get. I thousht at one time I  ���������������-oa!d never be cured but I put cr<n-  fi'lence in you front the start and ye������  tiave eared nee."  W* (rajid-m VAS3COSC  wawaav cosshjuwts. kidney  *mc&5*&n:  eurtes cuakaktcio on no pay  ���������LOOD AND  TA-nONFaCg.  BOOKS FREE. If  .VHdMOtL OUT.  NnTirPMt*-<*-n-^c-u^**>*-*-M-**bi  llV/JIWaa a_to������rwrgpiBlfc*Di|������rb*ama*  ���������asssssa-n   oas.*ziotu>raKt*tnu>ry*  Dt������.KEHNEDr&KENME0Y  At**, aad GrissroU St, %ygy$iM������  THE WESTERN GALL/  v.  Wm MADE  BACHELOR  mm  Ask the man who smokes thun.  VflBicipality if  Saath Vancouver  ���������tilth Vaeoeuver Council Has Av^rded  Reeerveir Centraete  South Vancouver. May 8.���������The Muni-  clfgl Council awarded contracts yeater-  ���������iajr tor the construction of a 100,000-  aaVaa wood tank at the Municipal  Ban, to Messrs. A. G. Langley A Com*  aaaar. Vil^ Vsacoiiver, cost $3000, and  fer a stoat stand-pipe to store 750,000  asSoas of water at Central Park, to  ta* British flgolpmeat Company, at a  atat of Mt.414, subject to the contract  wd siwcneattons bring approved by a  eogiaeer tad solicitor. It  ������edied tbat a bond of $15,000  avast bo put up.  Moo* AttetrtUn haa Seen Attracted to  ���������oath Vancouver ���������uutMeaMon  ,h.   .^9**0.  South Vancouver, May 3.���������-The project for establishing, a,, gardtu city la  South Taaobuver has attracted a good  9*9* af atteatloa. sad msny tavorabe  tiirtisslsts tf opinion, bave been  maaa as to tho feasibility of the  Athene. Bat so far ao material ad*  -ftaetsstat has been made with the  .Imstaess tMt of the project.  The gsatral conseaaus ot optaion  tpfrears to bo that given sufficient  ���������vaUssto capital qui Idea ot eetatglsb-  f*g a gtrdta city in the municipality  fr.s* etilaeatly practical one. Those  Opsin] C.P.R.  Waterfront Qaim  Ottawa, May 6.���������The case of the  Canadian Pacific RalUvaju vs., Burrard  Inlet waterfront property owners was  up again today before Minister of  Marine Hasen. Mr. W. Scott represented the C. P. R. and Messrs. Guthrie sad Smellle represented the property owners. Mr. H. H. Steven*^  M. P., wss present in tho Interests of  the city nf Vancouver. Mr. Scott  claimed, on behalf of tho C: P. ft., that  they were the riparian owners of all  waterfront from the dty of Vancouver  east to Port Moody. He argued that  wherever a railway secured a rlghtof*  way along navigable water, that lt  became owner of all riparian rights  Counsel for the property- owners  argued that according to-fit Railway  Act, all that, any - railway company  could acquire was tho lead actually  required for its. railway. ������������������������������������v / \  Mr. Stevens, member for Vancouver,  declared that according, to; the arguments before the minister;,tht railway  could only claim a right-of-way. aad he  protested la the strongest bosajble  terms against any action which would  permit the railway company; to ebatrdl  the' waterfront of the 'harbor; and  added:  "The proposal of the C. 9. S. te this  claim Is preposterous, snd11 will lea-re  no stone unturned to protect the,  rights of private owners and.of the,  public to this watortront'* '  Qe also polated oat that If this were  granted the C. P. R. would eeotrol  twelve miles ot the harbor front, 'InJ  addition to tfcelj- present holdings..'  The minister stated that If the claim  of the c. p. R. were legally right. It  would be necessary, to bring in legts*  jlatioa to correct it, as tn his opinion  23,000 Names  On Phone Book  _ ��������� \  This  Number  Covers  only the  City  a Proper���������New Directory Is Out.  Distribution of the new telephone  directory is being made by the B. C.  Telephone Company- this week. This  is the second issue this year, the previous one ; being on Jan. 1. How  many people watch Vancouver grow?  The "city has expanded so widely that  further growth can take place and few  be aware of it. In fourteen months the  directory has increased 118 pages; In  eight months, 68 pages, and in the  four months 38 pages. The January  directory was 30 pages larger than  that issued last September, but the  present May directory ia 80 pages  larger In. the section devoted to Vancouver alone.. The number of -subscribers lh Vancouver is now about  83,000, thatjB, served by the Seymour,  Highland, Fairmont and Bayview exchanges. On the lower mainland  there are between 3,000' and 4,<  more.  -  m*m hav* the mater tn hand are con  SiesU that with proper management jJ^elTcialm was "not in public interest  99* scheme may be carried through to Further argument Is to be submitted  ������ successful Issue. | to the minister of justice.  Company Seek* Heavy Oamage Prom  the City  v  (roceedinga in the arbitration case  between the Vancouver Lumber Company and the city, in which the former  claim $519,000 damages for alleged depreciation in value of their property,  tn the south shore of False Creek  owing to the change in levels made  necessary by. the construction of Con*  naught bridge, will begin at 2:20 today  In the eoart Jsouse. -  >_ His honor. Judge Grant, will represent the dty on the, board of arjbitra*  tion, while Mr. Frank L. Buckley will  represent -the lumber company. The  chairman will be Mr. J. L. Gibson,  The case Is expected to occupy about  tea day*.  _^ . -   *t  By*law* to Bo Prepared For Stock tia  Bridge Company"  North Vancouver, May 6.���������The usual  wee1#y session of the City Council was  held laat night Mayor. Hanes prn)  sided and all aldermen were present.  It .was resolved, ^oh the motion ot  |Ald. Vance, that the city solicitor big  instructed to prepare two by-laws, one  tor $112,000 and the other for $88,000,  to authorise the council to subscribe  tor stock In the Burrard Inlet Tunnel  ft Bridge Company, aad that a vote of  the ratepayers be taken on the same  wben approved by the council.  9  i  r_L  Merchants' Publicity Campaign  ma_*    *>/������^*-    a_     ������������������**��������� taw**    * ^a������-    -*���������������.������/������������������������  irnii-n   MA VI ath to AUOUST 1601 INCH-USIVE  p^ai. v/mm vov opt tw miufts  : Grocers, butchers, Pry Good's, JJanJware, WUlinfery- Tailors, Furniture,  'Stationery; intact, merchants in every line of business are giving ballots.  i3w*wsrt������*,**"-'J  /*������ ������������������ :v\?-?*'  &'*'. *%r .*-&-x  I -���������������������������- *&  I ***f*"********3  ! k**sb' '" "  :'*_ETS������������.  .   *������������������"?*  :**������,iL:������  Friday, May 9T191,  xm  THIS EXQUISITE  and Cart Free  to the one who gets the largest number of ballots durir/g  the contest. '.-. '  Ballots are given by merchants of  Fraser Avenue, Cedar Cottage, Mount Pleasant f Grandview  Look for the window cards.   Go in and ask for particulars.  SAVE THE BALLOTS.        GET YOUR'FRIENDS TO HELP YOU.  A. full list of tradesmen who   are  giving   the   ballots -will   be  published  in  this paper next week.  /  Is Cutting Still .Qeeper into the C!ost Price  at his big Hardware Store, 56-60 Hastings  St E,   Don't Miss It To-morrow.  He Is Compelled to Do It  Here are a Pew of His Prices:  Screen Doors, Screeft Windows, Grass Shears, Lawn Mowers, Spading  Forks, Garden Trowels, Garden Forks, and Rubber Hose in large variety at  Honig's. - ^ '        , ?  For 10 days we are cutting, prices on these lines far below ordinary. Be  sure you see us before jrou buy.       # ^  *   # ^ r LOOK OVER THIS LIST.*  Oak Grained Screen Doors* all sizes  ��������� 90c*  yarnished Doors  $1.75,$1.95, $2.15,$2.35,*&.!&  25c. Screen Windows.   2Qc-  50e. Screen Windows. ^r .-. 35c.  $1.25 Best English made Grass Shears, per pair *  *.85c.  12c. Best 3-ply Garden Hose, per foot *   7c.  20c. Best Ribbed JCinkprool- Hose, per foot - ��������� I50*  $10.00 High Wheel, Ball Bearing Lawn Mowers, each fT.15  Grass Catchers, each...... ...\...'.V 75e., 90c., $1.25  $5.00 Electric Irons, 10-year guarantee, each ���������. ��������� $3������65  $1.25 Handled "Axes, each <    90c.  Lawn Sprinklers, each -*\ ;,...-. *   75c.  Don't ovtrlook tat many goocl  bvjv st e*9 ttor������. Cow and Mt  for yovrolt  15c Cups and Saucers..-, \ 2rfor 15c  15c Cups and Saucers .-..-:-. 3 for 25c  a  Hand Painted China; values to $1,00, for 25c  15c Dinner Plates ., 3 for 25c  25c^Cream Pitchers '.' Eacl^l5c  $1.75 Best Tea Pots  .75c  Candlesticks  .2 for 15c  $1.75 Enamel Tea Kettles    .75c  White Enamel Covered Pails for.  r  .75c  Glass Wash Boards ..   Each 4Qc  $1.50 Wash Tubs  90c  Japanned Mail Boxes . .'..*.' ,..... ���������65c  Spring Clothes Pins ....................... .... .Dozen 5c  60c Steel Garden Hoes ............. .v.  ��������� ......35c  50c Malleable Rakes ...................  30c  12c Best 3-Ply Rubber Hose..................... .Per foot, 7c  - ���������  The time to buy is when prices  are right.   Yon know you need  a Hose or a Lawn Mower.  \  ,y  56 Hastings Street, East


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