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The Western Call 1913-05-02

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 Legislative Assembly  ���������5       ^     fc-  y.'v,  ^  'M^aWJ^  ^KS^^fl  VOLUME IV  Published ia the Interest, of V*mcpuver and the Western Peopl  ggggggggg'   !'��������� '      ��������� ������������������* 93as&s9mm?  mi    I  I Tl*=*-S2Sm*aWBS&a  VANCOUVER, BwrW������OU7MlU,  MAY 2, til*.  wswbbb  iscTsa)  THE INSIJLT FAKE  The Liberal leader* and -their rabid journalistic  supporters are losing whatever sense of humor  they formed*/ were blessed with.   The people of  Canada are gravely told that an insult of the  grossest kind was dealt Sir. Wilfrid Laurier, be-  cause, forsooth, by the application of a rule, of -  I Parliament which he, himself had inserted years  ago, he waa prevented from moving an amendment to the resolution of Premier Borden providing for {he elimination of obstructive tactics.  No one knows better than Sir Wilfrid Laurier  that he waa not insulted.   He had declared hia  intention of resisting the government'a businesslike policy of ensuring that no factious minority  could henceforth-bring parliamentary institutions  |,and proceedings into discredit. "The only thing  Jeft for the government to do was to aee that this,  .plan of further obstruction waa not allowed to be  carried into effect.  And thia the government did,  Ojuietly and constitutionally.       ' ;r  '    >  y * * -  Tha aUal Xngult  The Globe, and other liberal, papers ot the  "Pharisee" type, are foaming at the mouth over  the supposed insult to Laurier, taey aaj ���������BgMij  ,������&M������ way^to-diaia^iUi ������r������*>JssWnwi^  999.' Thia leader of the school whicb say* that  minorities have the right to rule, has been treated  with every courtesy and consideration. Premier'  Borden personally appealed to him to aet a time  when thfr debate on the naval bill might be  brought to a conoloaion. Laurier'a insulting re-.  ply waa that obstruction must go on.  The people of Canada hive long since ceased  ta be of the opinion that King Laurier can do no  ���������grong. They aee whim toe aUporatiat. Heisthe  who wants to do nothing to increase the  effective naval tercee of the Empire.  Mt would  ���������fctaftMlfef-M^  cries and jeers of "insult" will fall upon deaf  ears. Canada baa come to see that Laurier is sn  W with few* o< clay. He hat been taugnt a bw*  49m* and that is he cannot force his will upon the  majority in Parliament. And if the amendment  of the rules did nothing better than this it will  be universally regarded as .a step, in tbe right direction- In a word, tbe people of this Dominion  are heartily sick of the adulation and worship of  this "little Canadian" whose horixon is. bounded  >y the province in which he was born.   .-���������������������������  ���������   -   .       " O���������-* -r���������r-   , .'_    ���������     .  laniard Memat facttha* umwmg}t*9\k it.  Why Than do the Libarala Howl so Loud*  .^ The Liberal press is curiously silent with regard  to the history of Rule 17, the rule invoked by the  Conservatives to block the avalanche of amendments which the Liberals, led by Sir Wilfrid  Laurier,; bad planned to move in the closure debate; The Jjiberel party, of course, will not be  able to take, much comfort out of the fact that it  was Laurier himself who had that rule passed,  intending to. make such use of it as did Mr. Borden had the occasion arose. But the incident was  merely one more evidence of the irony of fate  which seems to be pursuing Laurier and-the Liberals so relentlessly of late.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier had this rule passed during  the session of 1906. Upon reference to Hansard  for that year the following illuminating facts are  gained:      /". >  On Jluly 9, of that year Sir Wilfrid moved:  "that the House go into committee to consider  the report of the special committee appointed to  revise the rules of the House."  Mr. Sproule (now Speaker of the House) took  some objection to taking the question up at that  time and suggested postponement until the following session to permit of more mature Consideration of the amendments proposed.  Replying to Mr. Sproule, Sir Wilfrid said:  "The changes are not material ..... and  I think it would be well to have the rules ready  for next session.".  Hon. Mr. Poster took the same view as Mr.  Sproule, and in reply to Mr. Foster, he stated:  ^'We intend next session rushing into business at  once, and unless we dispose of these now I am  afraid we will not have the benefit of them when  we meet again in November."  Sir Wilfrid had his way and the amendments  -'"to the rules were passed.   Rule 17-was one of the  most important and read as follows:  J "17. When two or more members rise to  speak, Mr. Speaker calls upon the member  who first rose in his place, but a motion may  be made-lhat any member who has risen 'be  now heard,' or 'do now speak,' which motion  shall forthwith be put without debate."  Where, then, is the occasion to howl so lcifdly  that "Laurier was insulted?" Laurier was  thwarted by one of his own rules.  See the mndow displo,y of Robin Hood  FUmr and Cereals at SWINDELL BROS.  U17 Commercial Drive, jpfwne Highland  139.  r-   -��������������������������� ,-t ��������� ��������� ���������-     >^'^''-SJ������n-*  ' -ri.l  (Special ft>rresnondaa| A. R. Ford.)  nfcnt work at that port whieh the government is  contemplating, got a third reading this week. .  While the bill was fathered by Hon. J. D. Haien  s$ a government measure, yet to Mr. H. H. Stev-  ebe, Vancouver, belongs the crjedit for the bill.  Mr. Hasen, in introducing tbe bill, urged the ne*  oessity of taking immediate steps to improve Vancouver harbor in view of the great growth in  trade which is expected from the opening of the  Manama Canal. Mr. Hazen, in^ihe course of his'  remarks, said:  y "The annual tonnage at Vancouver ia extraordinary.   I am told it is approximately ten mil-  ion tons and up to the present practically no  fublic'money haa been spent there by the Federal Government.   It ia neceasary, if Vancouver .  ar to continue to hold iU present trade and to  handle the much greater trade which will probably cove there wrth the opening of the Panama  Canal, that some steps should be taken-to put the  harbor into a proper condition.   The  revenue-  from the harbor is comparati^^  are practicallyno publiciwaiii^^re.-' It ia pro*  ; posed to invest the foreshore in the commission.  At present the f^vernment ia m  from fowBhore leaaea in the harbor of about $11,-  000 or $12,01X> per annum,  ft ^  the whole thing in the harbor commission so that  (he revenue from the foMahorc *will go towarda  building up the'^r*t.^T^^  ' ihe. purposes of thia set ae inclu(i^g Burrard In-  pet. .North Arm, Port Moody, False Creek and  ��������� >  f/f. a line 6^1^ from Pomt Atkinson southerly to  the most* Westerly point of Point Grey.  ���������**'���������':  Ay-yyAmmmmwmm&mmmmmm.  J**', - >s  SHf^lK^yA'  w  v OTTAWA.���������Closure ia now a fact, it passed  the House last Wednesday night by a government majority of 35. Contrary to expectations,  there waa no demonstration or no scene; it was  one of tbe quietest divisions of the year. The  real trouble will come at the first application of  closure. It jk understood that the Liberals are  planning to make trouble when* the first attempt  is made to put the new rules into force. When  the first opposition member is Called up, having ~  finished his twenty minutes of eHoted time, he  will refuse to quit, claiming that he haa not completed; he will defy ta* Speaker and be named  and suspended. Thia' is the plan*, whether the  Liberals wiU carry out their plan remains to be  aeen. The country is getting tired of sueh grand*  stand plays. In addition it is understood that it  is the intention of the government to give tho  opposition plenty of leeway oa the naval bill;  They, will be^iven probably another week of debate. If tbey are still otatttoetiHf t*������n the new  rules will be invoked. Undif afa* conditions the  Liberate will have difficulty Working up much  sympathy through the' country.  Closure will prove to be one of the very best  reforms for the conduct of publie business if the  government does not hesitate to use it when necessary. Everyone knows that the first two or three  months ef every session is practically, Wasted by  being devoted to obstructing 9. certain measure,  or in threshing ont the old straw of election campaign issue*. The reeult of this is tbat ao mjwh  less time ia left to other important measures or J  to ������te discussion of items that coatewp hi.tbe aaU-     jajj^j^^i^iSher tida.^water# iyiAg easf  mates.   The. warm'weather cornea along;  the * ���������^     ^.*^..^,,..-^.--���������>--.=���������-..,-.-v^.-.- .-..���������*.,.���������.,. .    4  members become homesick or anxious to get home*  to attend to private business, and imporUnt public measures are railroaded through the House  with little or no intelligent disouasion.*��������� Closure,  ,if applied judiciously, will give every item of tbe  legislative programme its proper, share of public  discussion. There wHl also, ba mota4ia������������--davoted  to scanning the item* in the estimates involving  the expenditure of millions of the people's money.  No one need be afraid of closure except the members who, regardless of the expressed wish of the  people, desire to block popular government. No  government can afford to use it arbitrarily, and  no government will use it thus' without paying  the penalty* But the cry Jbat free speech is being  throttled will probably be always made. The  fact is that free speech as understood in parliament is the licence tp talk so tbat action is retarded or rendered impossible. On such contentious measures as the navy bill, no member expects that he is going to convert another. He  does not hope to Change the result of the division -r  he hopes, to prevent the division and thus block  the progress of legislation and the execution of  - the will of the people as expressed at the polls*  The charge that Sir Wilfrid Laurier has been  treated with scant courtesy by members of the  governmentparty, is without foundation. While  he waa Premier, he received far more courtesy  than his followers now accord Mr. Borden. As  leader of tht Opposition now he is receiving much  more couresy than his followers gave Sir Charles  Tupper in the parliament of 1896*90. Those who  were present in the press jrallery during the period of tbat parliament will recall the rudeness  and discourtesy with which Sir Charles was treated by government supporters. If Sir Wilfrid did  anything to curb them, it was without effect. To  make out now that Sir Wilfrid is a superior being and that he should receive better treatment  than he saw accorded to,other Opposition leaders  under similar feircumstan^es^ is to������ expect too  much, although he is receiving such preferential  treatment. The surprise of his devotees when  he is attacked, recalls the historic remark of the  Duke of Connaught:   "My God, they are firing  on the Guards!"  ���������   *   *  When Representative Frank Oliver brought to  the attention of the House the question of the  sale of the Kitsilano reserve at Vancouver, condemning the action of the B. C. government, assurance was given by the Premier that the interests of the redmen would be fully protected.  Mr. H. H. Stevens fully outlined his position on  the subject and it is worth quoting in full. Mr.  Stevens said:  "I may intimate that it is also a very strong  point with myself, as representative of the city  of Vancouver, that this change should be brought  about, and I have been working towards that end.  I may say, further, that the disposal of this reserve to a private interest is a thing to.which I  am unalterably opposed. This is a valuable piece  of land and I believe it should be held for. public  purposes. The "representations which I have already made to the government will," I believe,  lead them to recognize the value of this land for  such public purposes, and I trust it will be reserved in that way. I may say also that the Provincial Government have intimated to me���������it is  not official, but in connection with correspondence  about the matter, and as a result of public notices  in the press���������the Provincial Government have intimated that it is their defcire to protect all the  public interests that may be affected."  1 *    *   ���������  The bill to establish a harbor commission at  Vancouver to take charge of the great develop-  _ The aituation in Europe la  dangerous aspect.  The long-et^ ..  transpire.  Austria, exei-cieing the  right of authority, ia demandini' ^  atonee evacuate Scutari. This  that will eauee a general  yy: Ayym^mmsmm  ������������������^r--y^^m^^  .'.*.j.'i&-f^-aps|  fc7������vT'* ���������  'l:3*3i������|pjj  '-^1  Secretary W. J. Bryan's viait to California  yields no immedUte insults, but may ha ve a be������^ -   .'  tag on coming.' events.   The federal. g*v*eiipW^  .has - authority in international affaire and''S������ost - :vr- 77.  be respe^'i^hariaony^'W  outwme.  Can the Eaat and Wetrt lmve their own  way and still live in harmonyt '-Ai Ayyy-f  L.     ���������:���������-���������������������������  ���������������������������'"<������������������    :��������� .-:������������������-.-������������������-������������������ ^v.    x--~y   .   ^"^���������������������������������������������7,^'-:P^  xyytftSsi  ,.,:m^y*.,m  ii  ''..  ;t<7C^-.lJjA  ^0y%t,  yx-'x.y^l'^  ��������� '.u*;T"'r:'"i4  H. H. Stevens' advisory words before  Riehards Club" in Philadelphia laat Sl_  apply alike to the United States and Canada,  both are confronted by similar eondHions  problems arising from the influx, of Aaiatiea. He  said; "The problem of Amatie inunigrationakisa^  be handled in a broad way, with the good of the  whole (M>unti7 in view, and with a due r*-**������M f<M-  all the facta of the aituation."  The Liberals are suffering from a aevere  ���������i heartache over the absence of  jarring foUowing the paasing of the  Ppor Pugsley has loat much of fa-fVLMee^^  >neaa>: ��������� The country ia thankful, ^a^-^m^^"^'^^^^^  nations cease  to laugh at; bur expehstr������.yy y-A-My^^y^^i  rtd'to:ti������^"SiinM7the' :l9iM^''ii$l%fSK^  A 777:7:*yy 'A&AA&  9*-:yy^^^yiy  We commend .^ _������ -^������^w--, ������-^������  but truthful extract from one of Vaneouver'a big,x  popular Dailies: .;.���������-;.���������..      y.^ ��������� yy 'AAy-yAyyyy.  The people of Vancouver lecognise iOte iaet  that as a supporter ol the Bot*deil aanUs^  Mr. Stevens hsa done more &~&9ML9)9Jii*iie  year and a hal^than^aa^aoaomiiS^  ; vibna m9tob*m*isL*^^  regime.. We shall have a dock at Valilon^ipira^  shaU have a barber organisation and eojii^^  ^���������yi.t'Af-yi.^s.  The Snn has gone a,fter Mr. Steven's scalp .with  the sharp point of a badly-handled pen.   The Sun  practically says: Mr. Stevens has tailed to make  good, and therefore he should quit* Let 11s ^ook  at this queer advice. During the fatal September  Dominion Election, the Son tried hard to put the  Laurier Combination into power, but failed badly  ���������Therefore, the Sun ia in honor bound to <piit  The Sun tried to give the best interests of Canada  to Taft aud tbe other shrewd Yankees, buftbe  votes of the Canadian electors knocked the Sun  into failure���������Therefore the Sun should go out of  business. The Sun tried 4o prevent Mr. Stevens being sent to Ottawa to represent this constituency,  but Mi*. Stevens knocked^the Sun into cold chills  and heartache���������Therefore the Sun should give up  its foretelling the future. The Sun did its best  to prevent the Closure Bill from going through  the House of Commons, but Laurier, Pugsley and  the Sun were beaten���������Therefore the Sun, with the  sweat of,defeat on its brow, should rest-a time  and not any longer pretend to lead the\ Anti-  Imperialists in and about Vancouver. The"1 Sun  has told its readers that Borden never can pass  the Naval Bill through the House at Ottawa, but  the Sun now sees doom lighting upon its attempts  to binder Canada doing its duty to the Empire,  aud it will soon bewail its failure as it eats out its  heart in Vengeful rage���������Therefore the Sun should  cease publication. The Sun seems to triumph  over the fact'that Deadman's Island has not been  refurncd^o the city And yet it writes as though  this should be accomplished. And this, even  though his precious Grit Government and a Grit  member from Vancouver gave" that island away.  The Sun has steadily tried to hinder the Hon.  Sir. Bowser in his public work; bnt in this the  Sun is as impotent as a new-born babe. And Mr.  Bowser goes straight forward in his duty as if the  Sun had no existence. In fact, its existence is  worse than its non-existence once was, or would  be again. ~  From the frst, the Sun has been striving to prevent the wheels of the British Empire from revolving; and yet, in spite of its Herculean efforts,  the chariot of Britain moves forward with ever-  increasing velocity, and Canada is growing more  loyal and imperialistic every day. Hence the Sun  should step out to the journalistic bone-yard and  lie down among the skeletons of past hopes, failures and follies. In every one of the foregoing  cases the Sun failed ignominiously, while Mr.  Stevens was on the winning side. -  The Sun ''greets" many scalding tears because  Borden is not fool enough to go to the country,  even though he is not yet two years in power, and  though he has a splendid majority behind him,  and though the country is solidly standing to  support him, therefore the Sun should be replaced by a paper managed by a sane, patriotic,  loyal, big-minded combination. Poor old glimmering Sun! Thou aft very simple at times. No,  no, you are. not making capital out of your attack  on Mr. Stevens, who is your superior at every  turn. Fie, fie, thou blinking, eclipsed, sham, mirage o'f a shadow pf a shade!   No Sun art thou.  ajaten^iis^^  ciate it.' ��������� '^'^a*^^  ���������.-':- ���������'-���������."'"������ :���������-"������������������"���������':L-y.,���������'.,.:������.������������������   -.-.,��������� ���������.*���������'���������>������.' 7*7",���������-.xx,y.^y:x';Si-.yyyxysy--ii'yi  x Her Royal Hifhuess the Pucbeas of  .��������������� not raKyjng^frxw  was performedyon Tuesday. J.i*%   not recover. The symptoms are alarming  ���������"y  ���������xyy<  -^yyAyyyyAi  The sixth and best annual Howe Show in . .ww-  .couver reached a splendid climax on Saturday,  when #prfee-winners came into competition for  championships. The performances and performers  elicited wejl-inerited applause. The awarding of  the trophies waa watched with breathless interest.  The puke of Connaught's trophy was lost to  British Columbia because Aranya, our provincial  favorite, is the victim of "apringhalt*",k fact  evident to men of horse knowledge.  Final summary of championship*:  Vancouver horses  2f  Eburne horses .A..............................' ���������*%      f  Victoria-horses ,....................���������....:.  3     p  Burnaby hbraes .........:..........  3  Coquitlam horses ....................;,..: -.'  2  Murrayyille, B.C, horses.,��������� ^^.. ^���������.   2-    ;  Chilliwack horses         2  Everett, Wash., horses  C:...........   1      |  Total championships awarded....: 41  y ~-~"-������������������-  (By Professor R. Odium. MA.. B.Se)  This seems to be the all important question iu  the minds of a few ignorant men in connection  with the Work of a certain Commission appointed  to attejnd to important public business* The  Orangeman is a bugbear to the disordered mind  of one who has shown himself unfit for. any im  port ant position of trust. "Are you an Orangeman?"   "Do you favor Orangemen?"  Suppose a man is an Orangeman, what thenf  If he be a Mason, what thenf If he be an Odd  Fellow, what then? If he be a bison, an elk, a  bull-moose, an eagle, a Knight of Pythias, a for-  rester, what then ?  This disordered brain does'not seem to care  about any of the above, except the Orangeman.  And why? Bo is under orders knowingly or ig-  norantly. His master, who uses him as a tool, is  out of public sight, and, in all probability, has not  revealed himself to the simpleton who has practically only one question, viz.: "Are you an Orangeman?"  To locate the true cause of this oft-repeated  interrogation, just turn to the Official of a well-  known organization, held together by principles  to which the Orangemen the world over are enemies.  This tool of the power out of fight is asking a  fool's question, so as to bring one of the best associations in existence into disrepute.  He seems to think an Orangeman should not  ask any man at any time to join the Orange Order, if this man be working under him in public.  Why should not a Mason, an Odd Fellow, or  any other man not ask at any tiuic any other man  to join his order?   All ha-vc sens.? enough to so  ask, and they are right in so doing, whether they  (Continued on Page 8)  Mayor Baxter has returned from  Ottawa, and assures Vancouver that the  city will have dry-dock and elevator. J*"   '   .^c    *-"  t-f       * - *vt  THE WESTERN CALL:  r������  -/-  ifw;.  If You Are Sick  CALL ON '  | ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)        \ \  250 22nd Avenue East \\  Griropractic  succeeds   where \ \  medicine fails: \ \  Hours 1:30 to 6 Consul tation fre < ���������  Man Wanted  One man wanted In each town and  village to start a Cut-Rate Grocery  business for large Mall Order House-  No experience or capital required.  Position win pay $20 weekly. .Contract  given.   Outfit free.  The Consumers Association,  Windsor, Ont.  ��������� THE -  Grandview Stationery  Where it pays to deal.  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Fraucarf) reports,  under date January 29, tbat recent  estomates place the yield of sugar In  Queensland for the past season at 113,-  51& tons���������as compared with 173,296  for the 1911- season���������Of which the  yield from the southern centres, from  Mackay to MosBman, is put at 74,000  tons.  A regards the coming crop of Sugar  cane, the estimates for tbe north are  given at 1,113,000 tons, and for the  -������#ports From Canada increasing  Auckland,, Isl. Z.-Judgtajg from the  total tonnage carried from Montreal  and St. Jfehn toy the Canadian Eastern  service, and from. Vancouver by the  Canadian-New Zealand mail line, trade  with Canada is steadily-increasing.  The figures- for the last quarter of  the current fiscal' year are not yet  available, but taking tbe three-quarters as a basis there is no doubt that  the year's -business will disclose a very  satisfactory Increase over the corre-  sjfbnding period last year.  Tonnage from Eastern Canada  From Eastern Canada tbe tonnage  for the fiscal year ending March 31,  1913, amounts to 28,179 tons. This Is  ascertainable because the March vessel from St. John has arrived. For the  prevjous fiscal year ended March 3lJ south as 586,631 tons, a total of 1,699,  Ptione niKbland W  Branch Po������t Office  1 *,-  M Watches Clocks  Jewelry an4 Optical Gooxjs  a. wiMinen  Jeweler nnd Optician  Repairing * Specialty 1433 Commercial Prive  Xhisidentmci^^ciwapwition^binet -  in the jrreategt degree the qualities of  DURA3J14TY,  $^^  SS^ICITV. SAWTAHWttSS  1912, the tonnage was 24,520 tons.  There is an incresae for the year, of  3,659 tons.  Importance of Personal Representation  Canada is far behind other countries  in not keeping in pesonal touch with  New Zealand ^Importers. The export*  ers ol GfSfft Britain, Germany and the  United States are represented here at  least once a year. A New Zealand im*  porter *-Vlth~ large orders _ to bestow  appreciates the compliment when he  is waited on by a direct representative of the firm desiring lo sell goods.  Tbis subject has been alluded to on  several occasions, and your Commissioner is firmly of opinion that the  results would justify the expense.  , Larae^ Butter Shipments  .. During'the fiscal year 1912-13, 71,062  boxes of butter have been shipped to  Vancouver from Auckland direct, and  cool storage companies, from several  points itt Canada, are endeavoring,to  get. in touch .With New Zealand butter shippers.  Heavy 8hipmanta' ef Beef  Since the arrival ol a'representative  of a Canadian produce concern, ship*  ments of meat have  fhcerased   considerably. - This firm ahs arranged to  631 tons. Allowing an average' ot 9  tons of cane to the ton of sugar the  output should be 188,847 tons, the  northern and southern parts of 'the  State yielding 123,666 tons and 65,181  tone respectively. The season has  been a good one in the south, so far as  rain la concerned, and the conditions  point-to a good-crop, which may even  prove a record one as regards the actual quantify of manufactured sugar.���������  Board of Trade Journal.  Sao Diego Exposition  San Diego , Cal., April���������The San  Diego Exposition, an exposition of  processes, gives to exhibitors an opportunity to show the world how to  "make good." The world today haa  greatest interest in ,the doing of  things. Following out the idea of  Col. Ti. C. Collier, the Indefatigable  president ot the San Diego Exposition,  the whole exhibit will brlng~into competition the appliances of industry.  One of the contests that will be  Been at the San Diego Exposition Ja  that of tractors. Five acres have been  set apart for this demonstration. On  tbls tract makers of gasoline, steam  and oil burning tractors will demon  ship 2,500 quarters of beet in April,   .   .   A. _.  and 6,()Q0 quarters ta May.     Fromy���������*** ������?* ���������^*Uty_??. the*  December to May tbe shipments af  this one firm will, according to prjBsefit  arrangements for April   and    Ms|r,  amount to 10,000   quarters - ot beef .. ,      w       _,,_  (equal to 2,500 head of cattle) ���������B4!I??^^^_w!!^^Tm^0!B  2,000 carcases of veal.   .  products. These machines will tear  up the earth witb immense gang  plows, move heavy loads from place to  place, conditions of soil and roadway  Applet for Argentine  Lest winter an Important development occurred in tbe direction - of  opening up a market for New Zealand  apples In South America. Reports  since received from Buenos Ayres (the  port to whicb the apples- were consigned) speak moat favorably of the  fruit. Tbe statement has been published that orders haye arrived for  30,000 cases to he shipped from Wellington and Auckland duiign the  month of March.  Indian, glee and Sugar Crops, 1912*13  time to time to make these tests  conform to the demands ot everyday  service on tbe farm  Automobiles will be shown under  similar conditions. Instead of a show  of pretty cars on benches, the exposi  tion will offer a thorough and popular  education in regard to the inward  mechanism of cars, their operation,  etc., the requirement that everything  be a demonstration of process acting  as a force to make tbe exposition a  mine of useful information concerning  the how and the why of things.  This Sort of thing is projected for  the San Diego Exposition lh order that  The  official. Indian Trade Journal tit may be an essential and distinctive  Bitulithic Paving on Murine Drive  COUH1WA WTUUTHIC ITD.  BUFFALO GROCERY  Commercial Drive and 14th Ave.  "The Home of Quality  n  Business cornels our way because we keep what  the people need and charge moderately.  Fresh Stock  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  J. P. Sinclair. Prop.   PtlOBC: FaiMl 1833  (Calcutta) of February 27 contains the  final general memorandum on the Indian rice crop for the season 1912*13,  which deals with some 86 per cent, of  the total area under rice in British  India. '  ���������   ;-  -the total area reported under cultivation, in 1912-13 is 66,405,000 acres,  Which represents a bet increase of  1,679,000 acres, or 2.6 per cent., as  compared with last year's area. The  total estimated outturn is 520,023.000  cwts. of cleaned rice, as compared  with 601,473,000 cwts. (revised figure)  for last year, representing a decrease  of 13,5 per cent.  According to Out same issue of the  Indian Trade Journal, the final general memorandum  on   tbe sugar-cane  departure from the kind of exhibitions  of tbe past.   The-San Diego Expos!  tion is a pioneer In the exposition  field, upsetting all:; expoaitional tradl  tions,  marking a decided  departure  from precedent  There will be a great dairying demonstration at the San Diego Exposi  tion. Fat, sleek cows will be there,  but they will be tat and sleek because  cared for in modern manner. There  will be milking machines, of early and  late pattern, at work; there will he  sanitary dairies. The cows are not  to be a prominent part of the exhibit  ���������their presence is necessary to the  demonstraUon of dairying processes.  The prise will not go to the owner of  the fattest and sleekest cows, hut to  crop for the season 1912-13 gives the the man who uses the best process for  total area under sugar-cane in eight ��������� for making them fat and sleek,  provinces as being 2,514,200 acres.) There will be contests without num-  Thls represents a net Increase of ber at San Diego, and.they will be of  133,900 acres, or 5.6 per cent., as com* the sort never staged before at any  pared with the acreage last year; and exposition. President Collier haa in-  It Is about 9 per cent, higher than the vited the Canadian government to In  average of the preceding five years.^jtall a display showing how things are'  The total yield is estimated at 2,552,* done in Canada, and around these ex  000 tons-of unrefined sugar���������an In- hibits to* picture her different and  crease of 100,900 tons, or 4 per cent, wonderful opportunities for home  as compared with last year, and one holding and investment in provinces.  One of the many busy eceres at the n*wlv incorporated  'Oit^OfCoqxiitlan.''  & co.  I Cor. Main & 16th Ayi  PHONE Fairmont 899     y.  \ Corner 49th and Fraser A ves.  ���������;. PHONE Fairmont 1167L  QARDEM  * *��������� -I  Hoes, Rakes, Spades  Shovels. Cultivators  "etc, -.'".-',: /  Lawn Mowers, Hose  and  Hose  Reels.  House  Equipment  Screen Poors, Windows an4 Netting.  expense ana inconvenience by calling  on us.  [ Q. E McBRIDE & CO.  i������l II I M   Itl III t Ml Ml II111111 n | U  '-''"������������������'���������'". "        N>-' /1  til 11111 in 1111 n ii i ii mi ii i min i n i hum nt nil  j. BOMBTHINO THAt YOU HAVB HK VBE 8x5KI  NOB EVEN fflUW) OF!  A Parisian Novelty.*���������In Europe it is used this year as  a little Easter present, or rather a mark of courtesie to  friends and relatives. Its value as a token lies more in the  novel idea than in the price of the article. It is arranged  so that it can be sent, just like a poet eard, for a cent or two,  to any place in Canada or the Unied States. The endearing  idea about it is the embedded LUMINOUS CROSS, which  . will shine all night long (or in any dark room) in a GLORIOUS, MYSTIC BLUE LIGHT, afte-ryou had it exposed to  daylight for a few minutes. The priee is so low that anyone  is enabled to be convinced of its real hautre. It is indeed  an article which is held in high esteem' by-any Christian  family or person.   The Shining Cress is made of a stone,  - which is found only near Jerusalem, and of which already  the Bible speaks of ae the LUMINOUS STONE in picturing  Solomon's temple.  Prices are: 15 cents each, 2 for 25c, 5 for 50e, and 12  ������  for $1.00. ��������� ��������� ~ -  A. Netkow, 832 Yaagc 9t, Terwato, Ont., S*4������ Agent  for Canada and U. S. ~   Ap4  iiiii i mm mu muni umiiiiiumhm wm  r-ivii^i'rnaf ftpfefe^^- A;**ff>y&y ?^^aft^^^  M������.rm>iin**.*.m*im>*mm.mbsw^4'^a^-^^���������.mmw i1 r mm iir*. ni.:������m������-^3M*r������iinfiH!i.in'Ln'. i   ��������� . .<<.������^jf.n..^.. .. ~���������^fc������������. .i.i.h /-..i.ritsta   i iiiiintniii iir niiiim    V( irllniil  ���������~*t;u������. ^.*^.V*^"JS^-fc-,v''^  'r .^^ ���������'**'-*"*-^.r.r;-T-^r*';K"^i^.-".J;^  MwssSifcrM-ais5fiigii^Ciasisstt->j*a*ik*-^sstt-a*-^������^  Spslij  ������.1|Wii$l^^  : The riddle helow, wMch *������ hot oal������  poetic Quality, afr  the Censua and Statistical per cent (W.3M.000 busbels); AlberbiyJlrohJeet. a, statement that may glv������   i*t^������al^(������,^^  mm��������� ., a.��������� _..._....._  that, accoi^g to reporta  i by correspondents at the end of  jriii^;^^**^^  'ra$bm&k������.t ���������'y.--*>x  \<^e<������ad' -)i>������Mlif rate;'  'uisti^^-ii^yw ibasteis; '^ton^a^:- ^^M^^^ ��������� ^^^f*: }^^  be of merchanuble quality.' In tha   ^ piwi^l**^ ������������������*��������� %������^y-^.7*f*'  Ontario the proportions were- smaller  this, being 88 per cent, la Prince  iwarsV Island! 86 par cent ln Nova  lt*-et!a.w8l per cent. In New Bruno*  VlcVTfe per eeat. ln Quebec aad Si  cent, la Ontario; but In the three  lortaweat   provinces .of   Manitoba,  ^tfchewen aad Alberta, where the  [nlk of the wheat crop ls produced, the  srcentage of saerchaatable Quality  taa la each case about 98.   In British  tambta, the   quality   proving mer  stable was only 76 per cent.; but  this province the total production  . relatively small-  It brestimated that about 12" per  at of the total-wheat crop la Caa*  Tit, 44,668,000 bushels, remained  farmers' hands on March.SI.   as  spared-with 87 per cent, represent*  I 5M������.������00 bushels of tbe crop of j- ^ ^ hay a||d lkft��������� tt  II which remained ln farmera* hands |     **f      t  'wB-e^teAai: :b^^i^|jt^iMi^  Suahejsf^:^  ....   -.,. ...   ^,,._...,..,.^...,..���������..^  msrchanUble quaUty, and that 86 per  cent., or 15,404,(K>0 bushels, rwnalned  in the hands of farmeiw at tte end of  March. .The correspoodln* flgures for  last year were S0& per cent, or St>  688,000 bushels, merchantable, and  82.6a per eeat., or, lSWiOOO bushels  la tamers' hands on March SI, 1811  The bulk of the barley crop U produced In Ontario and la Manitoba,  lathe former province 18,001,000 bushels, or 81 per eeat, and la the latter  13.416,000 bushels; or 90 per cent* was  ef merchantable quality.  The merchantable yield ot corn for  husking was 76~per cent, ef the total  crop, ol buckwheat SI. per eeat, of  flaxseed 8* per cent., of potatoes 78  per cent., ot turnip* sad other roots  March SI, 1912.   The quantity of  at estimated aa remaining in far*  .__^haada en March 31, IM*. was  "the maritime prqvincea 886,000, In   _ 850,000,- V OnUrio S.SSHOO0,  r -the three Northwest provinces 40,*  [4,000, and-in British Columbia 46^00  lushels. *  Oats, the estimated yield of which  last year 861,788,000 bushels, was  merchantable quality to tho extent  Lf fi per cent., or S8MS3.000 bushels,  the quantity remaining ln far*  ���������a<"-hands was 4-U1 per cent, or  1,948,000 busbels, as compared with  yaw's flgures ot 89 .per eeat. mer*  . ratable, or 810,074.000 bushels, and  MIS par. eeat or 153^46,000 bushels  farmers' hands on March 31, .IMS.  pioportloiis merchantable ot the  It-op of ISIS were, by provlnceaj  _*ce Edward laland, *6 per cent (6,-  1(57.000 bushels); Nova Scotia, 87 per  (sat. (2,758.000 bushels); New'Bruns-  ck, SI per cent. (4.618,000 bushels);  ������c, 73 per cent. (88,016,000 bush  ^Tu������); Ontario, 83 per cent (76,074.000  Ms); Manitoba, 99 per cent. (58,  _ Sold at  [C#mpMr������   PjrwsT   Store  1    Oor/HasUngsand Grenv-lle St*.  Vancouver. B.O.  I The Owen Tea Roams  OiSOraavllle street  Mincfieon ami Afternoon  Tfas e Specialty  per cent.. The quantities on hand at  March 81 were: -corn, 8,969,000 bush*  els; flaaaeed,^5,808,000 bushels; po*  Utoes, S5-M7.O60 bushels; tunibe and  other toots, is,8W������������60 bushels; and  hay and clover, 3,444,000 tons.  -As * aeneral rule, live stock wintered well, ami their average condition for all Canada expressed in a percentage of 100, representing a healthy  and thrifty state, was, -for hones-, 95,  milch cows 93, other cattle 91.- sheep  95 and swine 94.   Ia the maritime  prormce*, Quebec and Ontario, the  whiter proved exceptionally mild; and  with an abuadanee of fodder aD. descriptions of farm live stock caVae well  through*   In the Northwest, provinces  live stock did well on the whole; but  in many , localities   cattle   suffered  through the lack of prairie hay, which  was spoiled by last year's heavy rains.  Many   deaths   amongst   young   pigs  were attributed to the cold farrowing  season"'Tbe winter proved long and  cold in Manitoba, and Saskatchewan,  hut was unusually mild and open in  Algerta.  Indications at the end of March  were for an early spring and sowing  season throughout tbe eastern part-of  Canada; but in the Northwest provinces, where deep snows and severe  cold persisted during March, it was  anticipated that sowing would be late.  With few exceptions the fall wheat In  southern Ontario was reported to be  ln fine condition. It was too early to  report on the fall wheat of Alberta.  ���������������������������I|>||*** 1*******1 Ht+������ ft->tMlMM������HlMMMt1������lt  ^ipi^-|in|r'^s^te;y, ,"^  yt^pti^mii^lAyr;yxy : yy.-.-A  auUeless, deceiving,. ���������* 'i'A ^ 'iyyA-  Though unbelieving, ������������������"*'������������������  Free from all sta;  By mortals adored,'  Still I Ignored j"  The world 1 was In.  King Ptolemey's, Caesar's  And TlgUth Pllesers  Birthdays aro shown; g  Wise men, astrologers,  All are acknowledgers,  Mine ia unknown, 4   -  I ne'er had a father, _.      5 *  Or mother; or rather,  If I had either " .  Then -they were neither  Alive at my birth;  Lodged In a palace.  Hunted by malice,-  1 did not Inherit  A spot on the earth.  Nursed among pagans  No one baptised me,  A sponsor I had  ~ ���������N  -  Who ne'er catechised me;  She gave,me nojume   y  To ber heart was the dearest;  She gave me the place  To her bosom was nearest  But one look of kindness  She cast on me never,  Nor a word in my blindness  I heard from her ever.  Compassed by dangers,  Nothing could harm me;  By foemen and strangers  Naught eotild alarm me.  I saved, I destroyed;  1 bleesed, I annoyed;  1 Kept a crown for a prince,  But had none of ay own;  Pilled the place' ot a*klng,  Bnt ne'er sat on a throne;  Rescued a warrior; baffled a plot;  1 What what I seemed not;  Seemed what I was not;  Devoted to slaughter,,  A king's lovely daughter  Watched by my bed.  Though gently she dressed me,  fyinting with fear,       /  She never caressed me  Nor wiped off a tear.  Never moistened my lips,  Tbotgh parching and dry/  (What marvel a blight  Should, pursue till she die).  Twaa royalty nursed me,  Wretched and poor.  ���������^Twas royalty cursed me  In secret, I'm sure.  I live not; I died not;   -  But tell you I must  Tbat ages have passed  Since I first turned to dust.  Tbls paradox whence?  This squalor!   Tbls splendor!  Say! was I a king?  Or a silly pretender?  Fathom the mystery  Deep in my history;  Was I a man?  An angel supernal?  A demon infernal?  Solve It who can.  ���������JfV  tr*X  mmSM  {Mount Pleasant Baptist Chubch  Where a Bible Conference will be conducted May 4th to Sth.  ...   NOTED SPEAKER COMING  The Church public of Vancouver will be pleased to learn that  Mr. A. C. Gaebelein, of New  York, Editor of our Hope, and  one Of tbe foremoeV Bible scholars of the day, will conduct a  Bible conference in the Mount  Pleasant Baptist Church, May  4th to-9th. This is Mr. Gaebel-  ein's first visit to Vancouver, and  "we are sure this will be a treat  that will be much appreciated  by the people of the city. At a  similar conference In Winnipeg,  recently, seventeen hundred men  gathered to bear ac address by  tbis God-honored speaker. He  Will be able to be with ns for  this short conference only, as  the calls from so many places,  and his extensive work as Editor  and author, necessitates tbis  short stay here.  The meetings will be interde-  nominatlonal. He will deal with  Historic, Prophetic and Dispen-  sational Truth, ^and other Kindred doctrines.  It ls sincerely hoped that large  numbers will avail themselves  of this splendid opportunity.  To those who do not know  and have not heard of Mr. Gaebelein, it might be of interest to  them to know that he is an associate worker with auch men as  the Rev. C. J. Schofield, of the  Schofield Bible, Philip, Mauro,  Deaa Gray of the Moody Bible  Institute, the. late Arthur T.  Pierson, Doctor Torry, and many  other leading Christian scholars  that are being used mightily of  the Ibrd. Don't fail to hear him.  Admission free.   All welcome.  BRITAIN'S BUDGET ASKS  9978,200400.  Ix>ndon, April 22.���������It w'll cost the  staggering sum of $978,200,000 to run  tbe English government through the  ensuing fiscal year, according to the  chancellor. Right Hon. David Uoyd-  George, who Introduced his budget In  the house of commons this afternoon.  This is a big increase, the augmentation being caused by expenditures for  army and navy armaments. According to the chancellor, the British public is going on the "water wagon."  His speech showed that 8,700,000 gallons less spirits 'were consumed in  the last four years than in the preceding period. The export trade of  the country has now reached its high  water mark.  -������������������������������������' ������  'l-H-MiM Mill pnilM'IlMfl   ������������������< ������l ������M 4 ill 11' I H41HUI������t  Editor Western Call:  Sir���������Anent the blocking tactics at  Ottawa I submit the following:  "NOTICE TO QUIT."  Your shoes, Sir Wilfred," we'll All  With a gent, they call SlipperyBlll.  We've had the wrong soo by the lug.  As the Reverent J. A. would say,  "Every dog has his day,"  Make way for the New Brunswick bug.  W. O. BLACK.  "coKx*ansa act.'  TAKE XOTICE that BATSOX FISHERIES. LIMITED. Intend to apply to  the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies  after one month from date of first publication of thU notice for liberty to  chanf-e the name of the said Company  to REOONDA CANNING A. COLD  STORAGE   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  DATED at VANCOUVER, B. C this  23itl Day of April,  1913.  THOMAS F. FOLEY.  Secretary.  Is attained  "Ex^m&e" Swindell Bros, hkve gained;  wisdom and Und it an undisputed fact that  the mctfchant who waters to the individual:  is on the road to building up a successful  business. Swindell Bros, ha ve a reputation  such a*s few grocers can boast of; they  study the wants of their customers and  make it thefr object to satisfy these wants.  One man oh the street was heard to  remark "Swindell Bros, have the most  ���������reliable grocery in their district, nothing  too good can be said about them/r Swindell Bros, know they have this reputation  and so live up to it.      '' _���������  You can rest assured that if  the article is of the best quality obtainable.  FreshEggs  Fresh Bntter  Fresh Yeg^abhs  Fresh Groceries  Best Coffee  Best Groceries  Best Sugar  Best Tea  Civil Clerks  Quick Delivery  Reasmable Prices  A Live Grocery  The Human Trouble  Is the stomach; when the stomach is working properly the body is normal and capable  of sustaining the daily burden; if the  stomach is not in order, the owner immediately gets a grouch. Nearly always  stomach trouble comes from improper food,  adulterated groceries (ask a doctor). Give  your digestive organs a chance. Is your  grocer reliable? Do you trust him? If  you do not, can you expect your stomach  to digest his food-stuffs uncomplainingly?  ..Try..  Swindell Bros-  PHONE Highland 139  1417 Commercial Drive  Vancouver, B. C.  mm  -, -: ur^.  I  " ~,A* --55s!  5. vs>h y. -7,  '���������'aS&fj-r-i  \AttfprAAr  yj  ,,-���������������^  .  * -^ ,  ���������������������������*  '>y:ndty  *. *��������� *"   ���������*������ >"*i b- (*vJ  ��������������� <���������-":&   J-*$A    '\  - - r -y-^ysyiL -  '.������7 - ?*1" \, J,  ���������fli.^f'-'-Wf  TUB WBRTEBN CALL  Friday, May 2,1913  mm imiiiiint  The Successful Firms  Advertise.        WHY?   I  i*** It I Ml ������III11 ** HI 1 ������ 111������ 1  . PLEASANT  ***** *** Mill MM ���������! M' 1' I ������������'M   ������������������������������������V***-! 1M ��������� ������1'H 1 I'MM1 ****) )  No Credit *  ������. Ne Delivery  :  Plmi FtJrowt 621  as  ti  WtllltftitfetkMC-  ftttf HlluauiMit  isllftry iK      "  kttflH.  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Broadway and Westminster Roacl  ������������������l������ts)t->f������i������������������������|������t������< 9*9*99***9*******9*9*9**M9*)9t  rmtH-  ' Tult. Care of your Teeth.  GOOD TEETHA tt*Bgg������::y  Aid in use of language; and  Contribute to comfort.  PR. fl. WJHW 312-313 tee Bldg.  |S PRSPARCD TO WA&JS PERFECT TEJJTH.  HH the Cheeammeee  I* Tews  W  of*  fX-Mke Best VslHt for  Your Honey  *\  W. H. Armstrong, Prop.  2440 mm STREET  We have just received another consignment of ,  WILLIAMS9 FAMOUS PNOLISH TOFPPI2  Always en-up-to-date stock of the hest Candles, Chocolates 9 Fruit*.  Cakes and Pastries fresh daily.   AU the latest Mugasines to be bad here.  P9W99 flrmomt If99  Childress Gardens  Bach child in Vancouver Is Invited  to-enter the children's garden competition of fhe City Beautiful Association, regulations for which were  drafted on Friday night by the  Domestic Garden Committee of the  organization. Children desiring to  compete for the prises must file their  entries by June 15, and* blanks for  that purpose may be obtained from  the teachers In the schoolB or from  Mr. W. E. Payne, secretary of the organization at the Board of Trade  rooms.' The entry forms must be  countersigned by parents.  , t Prises Offered  Two cups donated by the city aldermen will be awarded this year; one  for vegetable growing and one for-  flower growing, together with four  other graded prizes in each ward. In  addition to the prizes, each winner of  a prize will be given an appropriate  certificate, and a further certificate  will be given each competitor, hot successful'*!* winning a 'prize>  -  :-.'"''' Conditions.  : Children from 8 to 16 years old are  eligible to enter the contest, and those  between the ages of 8 years and 12  years-will be allowed to avail themselves of assistance, but those more  than 12 years old must work alone.  Flower gardens and vegetable gardens  will be judged in two classes, and the  entry blanks must tgll whether the  competitor, will coutea^tbr the prize  for flower gardening, vegetable gar*  dening, or both. ,,-  Competent judges appointed by the  association , will V visit the. gardens,  twice each season, and in making  their,decision .will take Into consideration the varios cTJnditlons for  which the competitors have worked.  The following points will be considered in making the awards: the  nature of the soil, exposure of garden, variety of specimens used,' and  tine-design and>artistic effect of the  whole; r;'y yy .-yy.  The committee recommends that a  record be kept of the time ot planting  and maturing of plants, character of  soil and difficulties overcome, weather  conditions, weeds, Insects and, dis*  .eases, in order that the data may be  available for future reference,    j  Local News  8eamen's Tag Day  Friends of the Seamen's  collected |633 Saturday though the'*,^   appointed principal of the Col  sale of flowers adn tags.   The money  New College Head  Rev. A-. M. ^Sanford, how pastor of  Institute' the  Trinity  Church,  Vancouver,  has  will be demoted to the building fund.  A ' high-class_.. concert in aid of the  building fund for the recently burned-  out institute on Oore avenue was held  in the Labor Temple on Wednesday  evening.  A atreet car ran into a team of hqrse  belonging to the Beaver Transfer Co.,  at the corner of Georgia and Bid well  streets, on Saturday afternoon, and  so badly injured one of the hones  that It had to be shot, the driver of  the rig, named McDonald, was thrown  out on the pavement and severely  bruised.  Mount Pleasant Livery  A. P. McTAVISH, Prop. z  11  Phone Fairmont 845 Comer Broadwayimd Main ';  : j Carriages at all hours day or night j|  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and Single  Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire  y furniture and Piano Moving j;  m M fo-My  ''- ' 7 'r ���������   ���������       ' i      >.  A treaty agreement between "tSe  West Indies and' Canada passed after  Opposition had tried to amend twice;  a third reading on Agricultural Aid;  ���������nd a Highways Act, adopted on a vote  of 83; to 44, there being Ave divisions  during the day's sitting, all in one day,  are evidences that the government in  Ottawa are.no longer obstructed.   7  Pioneers' Banquet an Interesting Event  large Attendance  Reminiscences grave and gay featured the addresses at the second  annual banquet of- the Vancouver  Pioneers' Association, which was held  in Spencer's lunch room Tuesday  evening. There was a large, attendance, and the guests included many  ladles. The pioneers present showed  a wide disparity in years, some of them  being well up to the three score and  ten span, while others who have lived  In Vancouver nearly as long hgVe not  yet seen their twenty-fifth birthday.  .Band concerts In the parks will be  arranged for at an early date, intimated -Chairman pwen  board, this week. Applications  are being called for by the board from  bands wishing contracts during the  summer. They must be in by May 12  and a special meeting will be held  soon after to award the contracts.  Band concerts, says Mr. Owen, will  likely begin on May 24 as usual. ��������� ..',  Drydocl. forjaocouverj  Dr. McGuire Believes Government Wi(  -   Establish Two Drydocks  on the Pacific  Qr. G. A. McGuire, M. P. P., who hail  just returned from Ottawa, believes  that not only will the present drydocl  at Esquimault' be enlarged to handlf  the largest vessels, but that Vancou  ver will be given a drydock as well  The extension and improvement of th)  Esquimau establishment will be par  of the government's larger nava  ther' course of study.   While Mr. San-' scheme, while the Vancouver drydocl  umbian College. 'New Westminster.  The appointment was made this week  oy the unanimous vote of the board  of directors at a meeting held in the  college.  Principal Hetherlngton resigned a  short time ago and asked to be relieved of his dutlefr in June. He will  the nleave for Chicago to take a fur-  ford has not definitely accepted the  appointment, it is understood that 4ft  will not refuse the unanimous call extended to him. . r"  The "Rev. Albert Morris    Sanford,  B.A., B.D., is a native of Nova Scotia.  He graduated from Mount Allison XJni-  of  the  park-J-verslty, and after   being    associated  with Dr. Hart in the City of Halifax  By Big Majority By-law Is Carried���������  Construction Work to Start  Within a Month  Edmonds, Burnaby, April 28���������By an  overwhelming vote the B. C.  B. Ri  franchise in Burnaby carried at the  polls Saturday.   The vote  stood 712  for and 298 against.   The  Edmonds  district, Central Park, East Burnaby,  Lakemere, Burnaby Lake and Fraser  Arm voted against the franchise, the  latter place not recording one vote In  its favor, while at Barnet the vote was  an even one for and against.     '  To Start DredalngMay 12*  The Pacific Dredging Company.  Limited, will begin work on the False  CreeH dredging contract on May 12.  In the meantime the company has  been asked to do some dredging at  Newport.. One dredge will be sent  oyer this week, and the work is expected to take less than a week.. At  present vessels have difficulty in entering that port owing to a sand bar,  which will be removed. It was ia  order to - permit tbe company doing  will be utilized for ordinary shippih]  needs. .  The great and growing shipping  this port,, he declared, is recognised  the government, and the need of t-  such works on this coast as well. Ol  ithe East coast there are drydocks  Montreal and Halifax as well as  Quebec, and ultimately St. John ms  have one, too. He stated that  local drydock would be at least IOC  feet long.  REV. A. M. SANFOROs.  New Principal of Columbian College  as. co-pastor, of the Methodist-Church,  was transferred to British Columbia  in the year 1897. H* was ordained  in tbe Wesley church of this city, and  this work that an extension of time his first appointment was to Sandon,  was given in starting the False Creek B. C.  contract.  To Encourage Manufacturers    -  With the intention of ascertaining  what Inducements are offered tor the  encouragement of manufacturing  plants in their cities and towns the  Progress Club baa been in correspondence with ya^lofls places (on the  Pacific Coast Cities in the United  States middle states, and places in  Western Canada. The club has received replies front a large number,  the consensus of opinion being that  the action adopted has been in the  direction of purchasing land for sites  and leasing the same for certain terms.  Tbey bad. not adopted the practice of  bonusing, the giving of free sites,  or making any exemptions from taxation, these methods being considered  as belonging to the past. What they  do Is to assure people property atjvanc0~Uver,  reasonable prices. After fully obtaining and -classifying    a list of every  This, as was pointed    out   hy one manufacturer in the province, it is the  speaker, illustrated the extreme youth intention of the club to confer with  of the, city as well as the tremendous  strides made in such a short time.  J Mr. William Godfrey, president ot  the association, occupied the chair,  and seated with him at the.table were  Messrs. Cunningham, H. H. Watson,  Campbell Sweeney, R. H. Alexander,  William Murray, C. D. Rand, Prof, Odium, Alderman Ramsay and J. W.-Mc-  Farland. '  Says King George Will Visit Canada  the sub-committee of the city council  with a view to formulate a general  scheme for the city.   ���������  In September of 1897 he was married  to Miss Barnes, also of Nova Scotia.  Since leaving Sandon, Mr. Sanford has  supplied the following churches: Rossland; Wallace Street, Nanalmo;, Central Church, Vancouver.    .:  In 1908 Mr. Sanford was elected  president of the conference. He has  been a representative of the British  Columbia Conference on the Board of  Missions for the Methodist Church for  the last three years, and has served  the church.in an official capacity for  pinery ears. He is also a member of  the Board of Governors of Ryerson  College.  Mr. Sanford is a very thorough student, /a strong thinker, and is'* recognized as one jof the strongest leaders  and debaters of the Methodist Church  ln the West. He has been very active  tn church extension work in Greater  It is understood that he  was mentioned as a successor to Rev.  Dr. Borden as principal of the Ladies'  Collegiate, Mount Allison, but that he  declined to bave his name brought'  before the authorities.  ***4 ************* HIH'IIIH ������ *4 flU ** 4 I 1' i -I' I .!'��������������������������� 1-1' ���������������> vi<4 M  PHONE Fain������os(II77  PHONE FaJmesi (S84-R  MAIN TRANSFER  Express and  Baggage  Furniture and Piano Moving  Alwaya in Mount Pleasant  PHONE PataMt tin Stand: 2421 SCOTIA ST.  The Brooklyn Eagle's London correspondent, under date of April 12,  writes as follows:  "I am able to announce definitely  that King George will visit Canada in  1914. y  "Only some such unexpected event  as a European war involving Great  Britain or a family bereavement will  prevent this trip taking place.  "It wil] be the first time that any  king of England has ever visited Canada. It is hoped that the Queen will  accompany the King, but nothing Is  yet definitely settled as regards this.  The Prince of Wales is likely to be  with his father on this interesting  trip.  "The trip to Canada is only the forerunner of others.   It Is King George's  Wedding Bells  On Friday evening at Trinity Meth*  odist parsonage, 1810 Seventh avenue  east, Rev. A. M. Sanford united ln  marriage Mr. Robert Alfred Brown  and MIsb Lillian Pearl Sutton. The  couple were attended by Mr. John t>.  Cleveland and Miss - Edith Evelyn  Creed. The bride and groom are both  of Vancouver and will take up their  residence herey  Famous German Surgeon -Oead  The death is announced of Prof. Von  Grammann, the noted surgeon, who  performed the operation of. tracbe-  ology on the crown prince, afterwards  Emperor Frederick IL, \n 1888.  Burglar Burnhsm's Sentence  W. E. Burnham was given two year  imprisonment for. attempting to  the Jewelry store of J. E. Hough,  the corner of Main street and Sevent|  avenue in Mount Pleasant.   At mlt]  night last Friday Mr. Hough heard  noise at his back door, which upon'  vestigation he decided was the woj-j  of a burglar making his entraace  cutting out a door panel   He passel  silently from the rear of his store  the front on Main street,  where  found Sergeant Waite, who' at one  proceeded to the back of the stor  with Mr. Hough and arrested Burnhar  The offender in the court, pleaded it  toxication, but properly got two year  for   reflection  and   reform.   Hougli  Waite and Shaw did it!   This dougbt]  Irio   proved too much for Burnbat  Burglars beware!  **it*W999*9r QMpmm 99 *nm>  *rl***W>Wi  MT. PLEASANT LODOTE NO. 1|  -Meets   every ^Tuesday   at   ��������� p.i  lO.O.f.  hall. * Westminster   Ave.. ._,  piesaimt.   goournlng brethren cordlafi  fnytted to attend.  J. C. Psvis, N. <*.. 1281 Bcomt Street  J. Kr-jMo-v V. 0.. 8616 M-an Stfnrt  . Tbt*. S������w������ll. Kee. See.. 481 Serentb Ave 9' <  rdiani  Located to the  JHt.fle������sftnt  BUSINESS DISTRICT  You will find one of  the best selections of  in the city ���������every-   y\.  thing new  and the   ���������'  prices    right.    For  painting and psper-  'n      hanging   we   excel.  STANLEY ft CO.  MkwwFa<r.aM  2317 Main Street  A very pretty wedding was celebrated at the home of Mr. and Mrs.  J. McBurney, 730 Thirteenth avenue  east, on Wednesday evening, when  their niece. Miss Emily B. Longman,  was united in marriage to Mr. Robert  J. Elliott. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. H. R. Grant, pastor of St. Paul's church, in the presence of a large number of relatives  and friends..  After the ceremony supper was  served.   The happy couple left for the  ambition to be the first king to visit south, and after a wedding- trip of  not only Canada but also Australia J some duration, they will take up their  and Qrputh Africa." [residence in Vancouver.  lei lllli 1'1'lH'l-ni'l Hl-ini'   11 M'*������iJ'ii'l'0'l'*-.'-."l 11 IM l>������������*  THE DOM  , ICE CREAM PARLOR  9949 Mein St. 2deiore fremiti*Me.  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  PHONE  '    FAIRMONT  510  *N  ���������j. Milk, Cream and Butter fresh daily.  Agents for Woman's Bakery  Bread   and   Confectionery.  The place for good Candies and  Chocolates.  iiiiiiiiiiHHtimiiitiii 111 m 111 ii-f-m 1 iMnnill t8e Heart g  OAUb.  Issued every Friday at 24*8 Westmln  ���������ter Road, one-halt block north of Broadway.   Phoae ��������� Fairmont 1140.  Editor, H. H. Stevens; Manager, Geo  *>. Odium. V *  ���������afeserlptloat 11.00 per year, 60 cent*  per six months; 26 cents per thre������  months.  Changes of ads. must he In by Tuesday evening each week, to Insure laser*  tloa In feUowlng June.  Notices of   births, deaths aad  rlagee Inserted free of charge.  - CHURCHES  J If You Hetptour District  Swan Bros  HI0N-CIA9S Ol������AM������RS  )   ���������-���������  ���������  I  Oarttients  of all descrlptionii  GLEANED I PRESSED  Itt. OillCi, Ilk I ltll. l*s������M Fair. IM  Works, in 8th it st, E..FkMt lair. (74  iM M * ******* **** ******** **'*���������** * i+*4**+******4**+'**'***1  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Cor. Tenth Ave. and Quebec St  Preaching Services���������11 a.m.    and   1.H  p.m.   Sunday School at a:S0 p.m.  Pastor, Rev. A. F. Baknr. S-Uth Ave., Best  CENTRAL. BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St. ��������� ��������� -v  Services���������Preaching *t " a.m. and T.:lf*  o.m.   Sunday School at i:������0 p.m.  Rev. Geo. Welch, B.A..������aator.  llth Ave. W.  UT. PLKASANT CHURCH    ,  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario,  gervlcee���������Pretwihlng at 11 a.m. ������*������  In) p.m.   Sunday  School   and Blbl*  Class at 2:80 p.m.  Rev. W. LMhle/ Hall. B.A.B.D.. Pastoi  Parsonage, IIS llth Ave. W. Tele. Fair  mont 144t.  Alert Adult Bible Class ot Mountain View Methodist Church meets at  1.30 every Sunday.    Visitors will be  made welcome.     8. Johnston, president y\y_  -. y :'..y-'-A':  )��������� .Mt.. Pleasant Hall  Main St. and Sixth;. Ave.,  (Undenominational.)  Sundays���������Bible Address ............3:15  v Gospel Service ..........7:80  All are cordially invited. .  THOS. KINDLBTSiDlBS, Secy.  /       4236 John St^So. Vancouver.  :vy,yi,.:. ':Am9txbJut.ry,.<.y,  ST; MICHAEL'S CHURCH  Cor.  Broadway and Prince' Edward St  Services���������Morning Prayer at: 11 a.m. r  Sunday School and Bible class at 2:10  ipiB.  Evening Prayer at 7:30 p.m.  Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a.n  and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11 a.m  Rev. O. H. Wilson, Rector  Ave.  and  Prince Ed  . Fairmont 400-L.      J  Business Diiilliip  \~**t i; i u m i !���������< niiiiii **** mi ***'**������*****.i** i.********.  Rectory, Cor.  8th  ward St Tel  Flowers  etc,  Many kinds  and  varieties of plants.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services���������11 a.m., 7:30 p.m.  11.00 am.���������"The Transfiguration."   '  7.80p. m.���������"Moral Color Blinlness."  2.80 p. m.-Sunday School and Bible  Class./'  Hair Evangelist A/.G. Gsrr and wife  at the Fall Gospel Mission, 40 Cordova  Street, East. Every night at 7:45,  except Monday.   Bring a Mend.  N 3.S. M00K3,  Superintendent.  nurseries, comer Fifteenth  and Vain  street. / _  -.."'' '   *���������  Peters e> Co. do the best shoe repairing; this shop is up-to-date. 2630  Main street.  ���������"'".������>������������������������������������'������������������'  Swatf Bros, are reliable cleaners.  We know from personal experience  their work is good.     ;  ��������� *���������' e .ro>y.-..y.  For knives that will cii^ and hold  their edge go to Tisdall's, Limited,  618-620 Hastings St. W.  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He added that if the hospital experiments should be as successful as the  first test it would be possible to protect many persona from infection In  times of diphtheria epidemic.  A doctor of Marburg University said  today he had inoculated a child with  the serum, and then had transferred  the serum t������-������ another person, which  was the first case wherewith immunity  against infection had been obtained  by means of human serum.  Novelties ^wfcys inW0i  Ay0^AMy  yxyt'syv^y';  yxyzryyj'-jy  ty.'yxyiA-i&L  iy?Ay*>Ay������:  723 Georgia St., Op. Dofej TWWW Phone ty. 2������23  W. 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PmI became earns, aad looked at  his loam anoemfortably.  "gtfoooo glvee eoaeent; tt acknow  flges an aaapokea fast, sad I see for  myself I have aat Improved your  sty. Oae ear ts se_blg again as  aaJTlaaghr  much as too Uttle, ao use to anul the  stable door wben the steed has gone.  We know our charming widow would  not atlck at much, snd probably, for  her owe gratification, she would prefer kidnapping to murder.1"  Psul rose, caught bis chair and  placed tt close to the squire's. Vails  oarefully knocked the ashet from bis  dear with hla Uttle finger, then looked  end laughed.  "Are you serious r Psul asked, turn*  tag la a profuse perspiration,~  ^Qntte." he ssid. gravely. That  mast be her Ides, otherwise where  dees Denham come tat No one la  their seases would take that course,  Felix answered.  seases weuia wan un rmw, ct-zj."   ig poacher, with his shomtaoamjf^wi'e.  J Into their house tiiaHv-irfed U!*"?*  it without sosMtsaeeml and, I *������!������ ������ ������**  oa your side. By the wat; 1 am terribly sorrx apout Judith Hargravet'  "I am sorry, too. hot X lave mots  sympathy with, her family and her an*  femnate' prospective husband, mlas  Hargrave haa never been misled or  encouraged, and therefore I consider  she ought to have restrained her feel-  lags; she ought not tb Ta*ve permitted  herself to sink Into this deplorable  state."  "Mrs. Wycherly Is just ss mad In  her way," Felix said.  "It's a Quarter to  marked, looking at  ought to be back."  "And so ought J."  .lastly..clasping^his bauds behind his  bead and smiling up at him. "I wonder wbat those two women see in you,  ���������Farleyr i  ! "Goodness only knows!" he return-  led with a deep sigh. "It's s mystery  to me, worse than the Sphinx's riddle."  1 "It's enough to make a msn ashamed he's been born ot woman." Fells  ssid, putting on his hat, and walking  to the door with his. ooat oa his srm.  Tou*ll put the taaehlae oa the cart  lend drive back with mer  I "Please." he saM eagerly; It's wet.  dark, sad muddy, sad Just llstea to  the drip of tbe rata from the eaves,  and the wrestling of the boughs in the  wind." he added, ss the squire opened  the door and let la a rush of damp at*  you at ths Hall, snd I  mind to tell James to  LAND NOTICES  sha etaer." he ssid, balTlaaghlng. and  tbsa, suddenly laylag* his   hand  oa  tOaleor. he said In a totally  veioe, "I suppose tt would  yea. Farley, if I told you I  hest myssK a vast deal mora than I  4M you, clear bey.   Tou doat under*  'stsad tree feejteg I have for you, and  Hfs not to be wsalswd at, seeing I am  'aeJte hir-jsmsotost to analyse It my-  - sett   It's sa catMordlaary kind   of  'SafctJoe,   If you were a woman 1  seaposs I Should   be���������bang  it!���������we  Iwll letU reinato iinchroaWwd.   Upon  ���������my seed, Farley. I'm ashamed to tell  >fcrh*w very-much I care."  1   He dtveeted hlomelf of hla coat, and  -*4*ak<lato the shiny, mahogany arnv  chatr ee ene side of the hearth, looking up at Paul, aad la the sudden bush  .���������mere waa not a  sound   save  the  (seatta** breithlng and the patter of  the rata eg the reef:  | 'Mf%ls is what took am to the sum-  t���������z*..*.- -Farley,'* he ssid at  last.  aa awkward  silence;   and  brewa, leather case from his  selected a dirty-looking ended it to Paul.  ! ' He raa bis eyes oter the anonymous  letter, end a glittering comprehensive  Ught ttgtis to dawn In   their   dark  sonant without ***J9*m������ XSS-i'fcewp sn Vye on you for the next few  ST&Sr^^e&tSSlR-gi rst. uutU I eaa get m  I "And when I come baekr  t  "If I scent deager. yoa won't oome  hack; you will share Graham's chambers for a day or so.  We hre not go*  rua any risks, dear Kofr  bit his lips,  flushed.   t   ^  and smoothed his hair ln the  glass.  Mrs. Wycherly's  servtoe   the  dsy."  "X shall bs nervous shout venturing  out atone." he said, throwing his dear*  site tato the fire aad leaning bis elbow  ~*mn^stXAi*!,  ass.*.  vemgevead  .   ���������tea eaa put this masterpiece down  -fa Mrs. Wycherly." he ssid. "she and  gbe afce* would be the oalyindtyiduel  s*--tfloteetly letereeud or likely to esl* j  oileU the chances that I should make  ~~"M������t of you or your sister.   It>  sver move., sad brought about  trod Jesuit   Hay I tell you.  the night of the hall?   Yoa will  r anderetend why ahe wants to  generate up. I think she would rather  JoVteckie, -fen. *r. Fleming."  r?r3rrWaat to hear." be said, tab-,  tag a efgar from hit case; "one mom-  {$, vSSS&TvM be weat to the door.'  fg# gave arieft for the mare not to  be "Sat In" tor half an hour, and a,  **#a|tt Scotch*' fo bo brought for Mr.  -1 believe.   se long as you don't oppose bar. To  my mind your greatest danger Use la  ossesltion "  ^Do yoa mean I mast fall In with  hey wishes; 1 most carry out the engagement, end*-*-'*  Tor a time, yee. Tou see. Pnrtey.  you siwlo rather an evil looking hole,  aad It'a essential to get yenijaMrtth*  out publicity or scandal, end with a.  whole skin. Duplicity Is the only  means of defence you possess until we  have gained time to turn ourselves  round, aad beggars caa't bo elieosers.  It it were eny ordinary reasonable  love affair or misunderstanding I  ahould recommend sn extremely plain  letter, or I would aet aa������an emfeaary  oa your behalf���������as a matter of fact  do any thing you thought helpful, but  the occurrence to beyond elT parallel,  and quite outside my ken. Too must  do some courting- to-morrow night,  Farley, or I won't be answerable tot  the consequences."  1 He saw the dismay on/Paul's face,  and buret into a hearty laugh.  "Surely you don't object to making  love- to a pretty woman for  -  *���������  turned  vancouvTB safes ntsrmxcr  Statelet of Ooeit, aaage 8  TAKE notice that George, Hunt of  Vancouver, B. C. occupation Janitor,  intends t-> apply for permission to purchase  tne following described lands.  Commencing at *x post pianted_at the  north end -of'-Tsuniah Lake and Shout  40 chain-: weet ot Robert B. Ellis's initial post, thence west -to chains, thence  south 160 chains, tbence- east 40 chains,  thence back to place of commencement  containing- (40 seres more or.less. Said  Tsuniah Lake being east of and n������ar  Chilco Lake In the 2nd Ranee.  GEORGE HUNT,  ~       ..... -H?** !*���������������*������* R- Angeri, Agent.  Date, 28th December. 1912.  jststrjet ef 49eest Sseag-e a  TAKE notlee that Robert a Ellis, of  Vancouver,    B.   c.,   occupation   agent.  Ion to" pUr-  scupatl  rtnlssl  intends to apply vfbr pei        ���������  chase the following described lands:  Commencing ������ e^pdst planted at the  head of Tsbhlsh Lake on iba east shore,  thence meandering along the shore soHtb  80 chalna, thenee east 10 ehains, thence  north 80 chains, tbence back to place of  comemncement, containing 848 acres  more or less. - Bald Tsunlah Lake being  eant of and near Chllco Lake In tbe tnd  Ranee.  ROBERT B. EIsLia  ��������� . ^ Per yrank R. Angers, Ageut  Date. 28th December. 1112.  Ms-Met ef Oeass, aaagVa  TAKK noUce that Alex. Fletcher of  Vancouver. B. C. ocupatian carpenter,  4ntenda to apply for permluion wpur'  chase the following described laods:-*-  Commencing at a-post planted en the-  west ahoi* of the CbilcS Rliw threS  miles mow Its source one mile dowa  from wnilam Worden's Initial post,  taence meandering down the river so  -cbalm, tbence west SS chatns, tbence  south 80 chains, theme back to place^of  commencement, containing ' <40 acrea  more or less.  ALEX. FLETCHER,  trv .    SHLJS*aB tSumeah Angers. Agent'  Date, 80th December. 1*12.  malum si ooast. Shug-e s  .TAKE notice that Thomaa Mathews.  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation agent,  intends to apply for permission, to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a pout planted at the  nortb������east end ������f Tsunlah Lake and adjoining R. p. BUIs'a initial post .Thence  north 80 ehains, thence west JS ehains,  thence aouth 80 chains, thence back te  place of commencement containing 840"  acres more or less. Said Tsualsh Lake  being eaat of and near ChUoo Lake In  the ind Rr   ~  hoars," he asked, 4*even tt the lady If  rather too unpleasantly willing?"  "I would as soon make love to e  panther."- he said, breathing aujegly.  ���������Really and truly. Fleming, I am  afraid of herl" ^ A .  A  "Vm not surprised at tbst, but you  must get your courage up to boiling  point hy to-morrow night. Ton* must  satisfy ber sufficiently to allay suspicion. Tell ber you will imrchsae  tbe ring the first opportunity theafeeb  presents, don't oppose her In WT^"**!*.-';  "nd yet don't overdo the thing* ^111  go to London to-morrow, and  talk to Graham. Hla heed ts screwed  to a sbrewdisb pivot; I think he is the  CHAPTER XvH.  Mrs. Wycherly et  i Dinner over, Psul changed bte hoots,  and set out resolutely to, payble ad-  kliseets to his beautiful fiancee.   It  was Hue overhead, bnt mild and moist  after the jaln, and the roads were  '    ddy.  A dank, autumnaf smell per*  Jed the air, and the brown and yel-  iw foliage still shone with the day's  twnpour. - *       ���������  He walked _slowiy, hlseyes on the  ground, loth to hasten the dreaded Interview.  His heart beat high, bis head  ���������burned, his bands nnd feet were as  JDold as clay.   In his trepidation he  {noticed   the  commonest -and   most  "trivial objects by the wayside.   The  Sr������, red gravel heaps on the viyld  tgreen turf, the grass Jewelled  with  (raindrops, gleaming In the light of the  jwatery moon, huge white stumps of  stimber blasted by lightning, black decayed trunks of trees, end. when at  - length the grey sombre  steeple, of  a fewjniveyberne Church came into eight, he  "     toew he could not-much longer post*  Ipone the evil moment   There was  jao surcease of reluctance; he looked  [between tbe larches, and felt very  much inclined to show the white tea*  IOMA8 MATHEWS,  _ er Frank R. Angers. Agent.  Date, 28rd December, 1S12.  VAmpaxrwrnm a-aans  gmetriet ef Ossek, STaage a  TAKB ae-tloethat George a BtotM of  Vancouver. Jft jg*. ocenpagon elkffflelak,  ly for permisrilr ���������  owing described  intends ta  chase the fol _  ,   Commencing at .a poet planted at the  North end of Tsuniah Lake, thence north  180 chains, thence east 40 chatna, .thenee  south *t������0 chatns, th������nee-r "" "  of commencement, oontala7_   _      _  _  more or less.   Said ^auiOah^-afee betng  east of and-near Chllco. Lake In the 2nd  Range. -- ~  GEORGE C HINTON, ���������  Per Frank R. Anget**, Ageat  Date, 28rd December, 1S18. - /  of'Ooest. Baage S  , TAKE noUce that .Alex. MacMillan of  Vancouver. B. C., ocupatlon bank clerk.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:*���������  Commencing at a post planted at tbe  beed.ef a Bay on the West side of Chllco Lake about thirty miles from the discharge of the Lake, -thence west ISO  chain*, thence north 40 chains, thenca  eaat ISO chains, thence back to place  ef commencement containing *49 acres  more or less.  M ALEX. MacMILLAN,  _    Per Jeuxageae Angers, Agent  Date, llth February. 1818.  .TAKB notice that Thomas G. Holt ef  Vancouver, a p.. occupation contractor.  Intends to apply ^for p-vmlaalen ta purchase the foUewlag described lands:���������  ComsMpelng at a post planted oa tha  west shore of tbe Chllco River at a  8olnt 800 paces aouth of the junction of  beep Creek with the Chllco River and  10 yards eeat of the trail to Chllco Lake:  thence north 80 chains, thenee west 80  chalna, thenee South SO chains, thenee  back to place of conunenoement con-  taints* 840 agree,.more or leas.  TmOUAa O. HOLT.  - Per Jeaa Bugene Angers, Agent  --Date, 80th December. 1812.  vjJHM}Q*fsn> itajne aggs'swow  xtttrttfte* ef Oeast, Baage t  .TAKE notice that Charles E. Celiac of  Vancouver.   B.   C^   occupation    agent*.  ^Vt*p*hn^^^%&^  *%SF?$e% WajBaJ������ ������Wt  east-corner voetyt la-IJanBreserve Nor  iSWXmf  itm to iM^ffSS^ih. foUowiwr describee   . I^cmtmenclng ata pest planted on the  weet shore of Cldtoo River, about five  ndlea down from Chile������ Lake ana adjoining R. N. Gttmour*s Initial post  .thenee taeenaej-lag up the >stver so  chains, tbence aouth 80 chataa, thenee  west te chalna. thence back to place of  commencement containing 840- acres,  more or less.  A. lf. BKATTIB.  Per Jean Eugene.Angers, Agent  Date, 80th December, Al2.  f-ariey. mu   ^        I meu'to'autt tbe^situation���������  J-***  "Ho," Paul protested, "not for me.! your grog, and I'll give you tho out-  Td rather not** I line of a scheme I bave in my head."  "Tou won't be beholden to me for psul rose, stepped to the chimney-  aUaeaoywortb of whisky. I take it."   | piece, gulped down the whisky, and  *7f you put It' ia tbst way I'll bave stood with his back- to tbe fire, hla  It, 1 drink more than ls good for me ������7es fixed on the squire's calm, band-  as it is." -I some face.  Mrs- Radler brought the whisky and "Now, look here, Farley," he said,  g yule-like log for tbe flre at the same tentatively, "it I go to town to-mor*  time, and left them in Undisputed pos*! row and look up Graham, and he  session ot ber hest room. Paul lighted thinks It necessary to see snd ques*  9 cigarette end leaned back in his) tion you, will you comer  ibftlr opposite to Felix, and iraraedi-} "i could be spared a few hours In  etely set to work to weave an able and the middle of tbe day, but I should  a-rwbte description of Mrs. Wycher- want to return to Weyberne before  fy'S proceedings within tbe sscced m^t."  srecracts of her boudoir on the night |    ������i daresay you couldw a few hours  T������ ST! _--������._.*.   V-M        C.1I..   At*   M>������   In.      l J    ������-."..���������������������_ I,'������    llV'T" this     If   tin.  {ther. snd walk back to Weyberne Hall,  but Felix wished it; on the way home  Felix had again laid stress-.snd^em*  bhaais on this particular point; Fells  had forgiven bim. be was putting himself out ofhls way to help him. There*  Ifore. at all hsssrds, st all events, it  liny personal cost, Felix uwst.be  jobeyed.        , ^>-  ^hend.S^t4Sft53&^-^k^Uro^8o^8o^hS^ W  '^. _������__������_  _. .������.^ ������i���������   .*.--���������.������ m������a   fta8^ <0 cha|n8f mence north 80 chains.  thenca back to place of comemncement.  containing 820 acres more or less, aald  Tsuniah  Lake  being east of  *  of the masked bail.   Felix did not in  'tempt him, hut sat with his eyes very [  Wise open and fixed intently on Paul's :  %sndsfrmft mobile face: and wben, at,  almost the end of tbe telling narrative,'  .- he handed blm'the letter be bad received from Mrs. Wycherly that morning. Felix took it silently,   read   it ;���������  gravely and carefully from beginning  to end, crumpled it in his band, threw j  tt Into the fire, and aald "Beast!"       '  "Whet   sort  ot   love do you call;  . that?" Paul asked, uncrossing bis lsgs j  to reach his glsss from the chimney'  would suffice. It's like* tbls, if Graham falls in with my plan, thinks it  feasible, I shall telegraph for you."  "Will that really be needful?" be  asked anxiously.  "Yea," be returned, decidedly, "be-  casse I Bhall employ a detective, have  blm down bere, and I ahall want him  to personate you."  "Felix!" Paul exclaimed, going; ������0mg to  white,* "don't���������be careful���������I���������dort he won't y<  rash."  "Don't be a fool, Paul." be aald,  roughly; "if there must be a tragedy  niece. j at Weyberne I don't intend you to be  i "If it's eny sort of love at all, it's , the^victim. It 'that crasy wanton  very much deformed," he said with a: Jesebel requires some excitement let  oonUmptuous lsugb. "A woman like! her kidnap one of Scotland Tarda  thst doesn't know tbe meaning of love.' ablest human fe/rets. No doubt he ii  You bave satisfied ber teste, Farley; be a men of ths world with plenty of  she has taken to you; It's simply a' mettle, able to comprehend her lady-  case of natural selection^ The beanti- ��������� ship's unsavory proclivities, and there*  Cal creature bas marked you for her'  Erey, and It will be difficult to baulk |  er." I  f i*What do you advise?" Paul asked.  ��������� Hf can't advise; there la no telling  to what lengths a desperate woman  - may go. She expected you to-night, I  take It. with the engagement-ring, to  fix an early date for the marriage.  You don't mean to marry her, but she  intenda to marry you. You ~have a  conscience, she none; you have a  thousand scruples, she not one; in  short, tlte contest -will be unequsl unless you can. meet her on her own  ground and fight her jvith weapons  similar to her own."   "*~  -*--'J suppes'i the most honorable and  straightforward course to pursue  would be to throw up my situation?"  ' "I don't see thst at all!" be said,  indignantly, flushing crimson. "Tbere  to no occasion to treat Mrs. Wycherly  ���������as If she were a school-girl whose  heart you had stolen, and your con-  ecien.ee was pricking you and urging  you to make the only amende possible.  The woman has developed a wolfish  kind of passion for you, torrential  enough to sweep all obstacles before  it, and the mania' simply represents  life or death to her. I don't for a  moment think you would be allowed  tp leave Weyberne."  Psul looked startled.  "i don't want to frighten you," he  said, smiling, "only, under the circumstances. ITs just_as weljjtojee too  fere vastly more entertaining than you  could possibly prove," .  To tbat sentiment Paul inwardly  acquiesced, and some of the dark bus  began to resettle beneath his shin.  "All I shall want you to do is to lie  low for a few days, end give the other  Paul Farley a chance. We must take  Sir Thomaa into our confidence, andj  psTsuade blm to allow the new man to  take your place, and afterwards the  procedure is simple enough; we have  nothing further to do save wait on  events." .. ;  "I think, keeping Miss Hargrave's  Interests in view, Dr. Hunter would  like me to leave thia part of the world  altogether," Paul said slowly. "I  stipnlated for another two months,  but I promised to take a week In town,  snd also to go whenever he liked to  fix the date."  "Wbat'S thst for?" he aaked quickly.  "For Miss Hargrave's benefit.   It's  time- something, were  done to bring j  matters to a climax between her and!  Mr. Pelham. and Dr. Hunter's idea is  that It would be more easily accom-i  pllshed behind my back.    What do  you think?" "]  "I'm not going to trouble my bead;  sbout that," he responded tersely.;  "You in London and a fellow person-!  sting you at tbe Hall would of course |  complicate things for the Hargrave* j  However, they can take care of Jud j  lth, but lfs not so easy to protect you,.  and our efforts must certainly be at  the staple of the large, white gate,  and was about to pass through when"  !a curloualy-sbaped bundle near the  ipost attracted his attention, snd he  Stooped to examine it. The thing was  Shard, and warm, and moved st his  ���������touch, rolled over, opened, snd e little  'figure scrambled to his feet from a  woollen shewl. and stared el him.  It was not a very smsl! boy, but a  jweak and emaciated one, witb big.  vacant, basel. eyes, and a few scant  golden curls ou his forehead, damp  with perspiration. -Forlorn end woefully altered ss Paul thought he must  be, still he recognised Felix's description of the little Guy Wycherly. and  lifted the thin, poorly dad child In  his arms.  I "What are you doing here, chappie?" he asked gently.  i The hoy gazed at him. lost In wonder at tbe rich, low, caressing tone.  1 "Who are you?" Guy asked, in a  hoarse, broken voice, such as Paul  .would never nave believed a child  could possess.  }   "I am a friend of mother's; I am  see ber; you'll come with me,  you?"  No," he said, with  a  wise look.  "She'll hurt me like this."  He put his  hands to bis skinny throat, and grabbed it spasmodically.  ;   "Ah,  you  mustn't  do tbat!" Paul  said, pulling at the long-nailed fingers,  and he was smssed at the strength of  the frail bony bands.  |   Guy laughed a weird, tuneless lsugb.  [   "I mustn't; but she may.   She likes  to.  Wouldn't yon like to?  I'll let you,  though I kick when she does."  i   "No." be said, tenderly; "I would  " atotttot of tjeaet, smnge a  /'TAKE notice that W. A. Wright of  Vancouver, B. C, oocupatto* bank clerk.  Intenda. to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: ���������  Commencing at a post plante* at the  east Shore.of Tsunlah ������ake and ene  mile south of George C Hintoa'a Initial  post then-M.-jjeanSertag Slang tbe Lake  shore-aouth 80 chains, thenee east te  chains, thehee north 80 ehains, thenee  back to place of commencement ^^on-  talnlng 040 acrea more or leas, aald  Tsunlah Lake being Bast of and near  Chilco Lakelh tbe 2nd Range.  W. A. WRIGHT,  Per Frank R. Angers, Agent.  Date, 28th December, 10J.2.  TAgOOVIBB* 1*0*911 IMg*e*B>|p9  ���������Mstriot of eoett saage f  . TAKE notice that' Btigens Cleveland  of Colflngwood {East,  B. C, ocupStton  ������enr&to-7oStoawiy %rpermtoMfSn'ieIJ?jH^������^������ft ���������?fcffng^tSSl  purchase the following described lends-   '���������CSf-'T,  post Ptented^ar  __,..���������_ ������������������ ���������. _.Jfe south of W. A.  Wright*e initial post and sbout ope hundred and fl������y pacea from the Lake shore  and  two miles from  the head of  the  Commencing at a ;  Tsunlah Lake .one mi:  and near  ���������*  EUGENE CLEVELAND,  Chllco Lake In the 2nd Range.  Per Frank B. Angers, Agent.  Date, 28th December, 1012.  TABOwOYBB 2������aaJB BigiRggnw^  Otowtet ot CMNiet, aenfe t  TAKE notice tbat H. MdDowell of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation, merchant,  intends to apply for permiasion to purchase the following deseribed lands:  Commencing at a post Planted three  miles north of the head of TsunJab Mjk*  ���������and three mllea from Bitot B.. Mils'  initial post*.-thence aouth 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence back to place of commencement, containing 040 acrea. more  or lens. ������a!d Tsunlah Lake being east of  and near Chllco Lake in the~������nd Range.  h. Mcdowell.   ���������  Per Frank R. Angers, Agent.  Date. 28th December. If 12.  VAarooirvng ������vawn wstbict  Blstrlet ef aeeo*,9em*je S  TAKE notice that Wallace Law. of  Vancouver. B.C, occupation salesman.  intendicfo apply for permiaaton to_pu  "fowihf- agar.'" *  Commencinr* at a *p&t  rather kiss you.1  i "What's thst?" he asked, puttied  ! "Put your face near-mine, end I'll  show you," be said, shocked and astonished at the question.  i Guy held his face close and Paul  'kissed his soiled, tear-stained cheek  and mouth with a warmth born of the  sincerest pity.  "I like that," he said.  "It  doesn't  hurt"  "I Wouldn't hurt you for the world,  Gay," be said, clasping him closer,  i "Then 111 stay with yoa." he decided  'contentedly.  "I would thst it were possible, yon  poor little, ill-used kiddie." Paul remarked-fervently, setting blm on his  feet and keeping hold of bis hand.  "Come along," he said, wrapping the  shawl around .blm,/-and letting the  gate swing to. "We'll go back home."  i "You won't let her hurt me?"  > "Not I," he returned stoutly, With s  boldness be was far from feeling, and  he shivered to find tbe little figure  run willingly beside him in fearless  perfect faith-  Stung with secret fears, and not  daring to trust himself to linger, b������  hurried along the drive, up the- flight  of steps to the entrance hall, and lifted  the brass'knocker.  " There was no reply.  It waB not to be wondered at; h������  had' smitten so feebly tbst .the sound  (Continued on Page 7)  chase the following deacrtbedaanda:  Commencing at a-p&st planted-on the  weat shore of the Chllco River near the  Junction of the Sheep Creek and 100  yards south.of the traiL to Chllco Lak������|  thence aorfth. 80 chain*, thenee west 80  chninn. thence north 80 chains, thence  back to place of commencement, containing 840 acrea more or lesa.  7        "        WALLACE   LAW.  .Per Jean Eusene Angers, Agent  -' Date, 30th December. 1912.  VASJOOVTBB X*ASm 88SWBSOV  Btotflet of coast, Baage S  TAKE notice that William Worden of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation hotelman.  Intends to apply for-permiaaton to pur  chase the following described lands: _  Commencing at a pout planted -on the  west shore of the Chllco River two  miles.-from Chilco Lake and one mile  from Charles Over's initial poaf. tbence  meandering down the river 80 chalna;  thence weat 80 chains, thence south 80  chatns, thence back to -place of com*  menceir-snt, containing S40 acres more  ���������or leas; ���������^  WILLIAM WORDEN.  ;-..-���������  Eer Jean Eugene Angers. Agent.  Date, 28th December, 1S12. _  TAKB notice that B. NT OUmonr of  Vancouver. B. ���������U oocupatl-m clerk,  Intends to apply for persuasion to par-  chase the following jiseerfbed lands:���������  Commencing -at a post punted on thi  west shore ef the ChUoo mVer about ave  pest tiMBtee -neuderlns  \PaaZm?%������rS&  mUes dewa the river .from Chlleo L������ake  and two miles dc#u tjroer Abut Fist'  char's Initial post  "  down the river. "  thence  south  l.    ., .,_      to place of mmiaencement, containing  040 acrea ^������jPfg^  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date. 80th December. 1112* y  . T4������Bls9uoW*a^^  ..TAKE notice thst T* F. Peterson of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation manufac  turer, * " '  ing 040 acrea more or leas, aald Nemiah  Valley being near Chllco Lake.    ^^  _ CHARLES B. COLINO.  -^       Per Jean Bugene Angers, Agent-  Date. 14th February, MisT    ' ,  ���������Ajrooovam raajne Mwraxor  IMslilsl ef Oeast, Baage a   -  TAKE -ftotice^that j. B. Manrahaa of  yancouver. B. <&, occupation ,-' ,  Intenda to apply for.-Mrmtsalon te pals  theme tbe foUewing o>ecribea.toads^-  Commenctnc at a pest plantedla the  N������������%toh   Valley   and   adjoining   the  south-west earner post of Indian Reserve No. l, thence meanderinaiaJuinsLthe  lake shoreAaoutH 80 ohalna, thonee east  80 chains, thence north 80 chalna, thence  pack to place of commencement containing 840 seres more or less, ssid Nemiah Valley being near Chllco Lake.  J. .B. HANRAHAN,  _       Per Jean Bugene Angers, Ageat  Date, Uth February. 1818T   "?���������"*���������  Blstilsl ef Oeast. Bsegs S  TAKE notice that Harry Roberts of  Vadcouver. B   C.. occupaUon hotelman,  Intends to apply for permiaaton te purchase the following deacrtbed laads:**-  Commencing at a post planted on the  west shore of��������� the Chllco River, ate  Point where it cornea out ef Chllco Lake,  thence west, 80 chains, thence north 8*  ���������Aalns.   thence  eaat -80 -chalna,, thenee'  meandering along the west shore of; the  Lake, back to place of cosMmncemsat"  containing 040 acrea more or less. ^  \ ^ HARRY ROBERTS.     -."  i>_.    ������EST rl**0 Bugene Angers, Ageat  Date, 28th Docanber. 4012.  B4s4slet of 9eak% omoge S  TAKE not l<*e that Ciartee. Over, of'  Vancouver, Btv c. occupation hotelman.  Intends to apply for permiasion to purchase the following described landa:���������  Cemmenslna* at a poat planted oa the  west shore of the CbllcO River onelnlie  down from ita source, one mile north of  Harry Roberts initial post thence meandering down tbe~ river 80 chalna, thence  west SO chalna, tbence south 80 ohains,  thence back to place of commencement'  containing S40 acrea, more or-leas.  ��������� -CHARLES OVER.  _ Per^Bsn Bugene Angers; Agent  Date, 28th December. 1SJ*. .V  \^u  et Oeast, Sissgs S  TAKB notice,that R. a McSweendof  Vancouver. B. <X, eccupattea bank clerk,  Intenda to UMOly for ^permission to purchase the following deacrtbed. landai���������  Commenvinf at a post (Ranted   shore of .Choelquolt Lake- about  south  80 chains  the  west of J.  ������T 40 chalnaV thenee  Cdmipvnclajr at a nest 'planted about  one mlfe north of the bead joLTeun*  south 80chaloar thence back to place  of commencement, containing-220 acrea  more or less, said Tsunlah Lake being  east ef and near Chllco Lake.  ^ T. F. PATBRSON.  Per Jean Bugene Angers, Agent  Date, ������8th December. 1112.  mmmmt a? woees* waage a  TAKE noUce that J. Frlsken of Vancouver, h. C. occupation bank cleric  intends to apply-for permiasion to purchase the following deacrtbed landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  south shore -of Choelquolt l*ke at a  point 80 chalna weat of the north west  cprner post of Lot lei, thenee meandering along the shore weet SO chalna,  thence aouth 10 chains, thence east 80  chalnsv-thence buck to place of commencement containing 840 acre* more  or less, aald" Choelquolt Lake being  near Chllco Lake.  J. FRIfKEN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date. Slat December. 1812.  ,_      .. ��������� Frtokea!s Initial  boat tbeue* meandering along) the shore  ISO chalna west thence south 40 chelae,  thence eaat If 0 chains, and meandering  f12nt\,th������ n?rt,������ ���������*������* of an unnamed  lake, tbence back to place of eossmance-  tnent, containing 040 acrea more or fess,  aald Choelquolt Lake being near Chllco  Lake.  ^    R. O. McSWBEN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent  Date, 8lat December. 1012.  m TAKE  notice   that   Mra.  Newman, of Point Grey.. B.  Rogers  occupa  tion houaewifa, intendSJo apply for per  mission to purchaae The * following e>  scribed landa:��������� - ��������� T '  ��������� Commencing at a post planted-In  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the not _  east corner post of Lot 388, Thence north  80 chains, thence weat 80 chains, thenee  aouth 80 chains, thence back to Place of  commencement   containing  .acre--  TAKE notice that W. H. Swan, ot  Vancouver. B. C, ocupatlon hank clerk.  Intends to apply for permtsalon to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  ftWutlv shore of Choelquolt Lake at a  point 'adjoining the hortlt-weHt corner  post of Lot 301, thence meandering  along tha-ahore west 80 chain*, thence  south 80 chains, thence east 807 chains,  thence back-to place of comrnehcement  containing-������40 acres more or 4eaa. said  Choelquolt Lake being near Chllco Lake.  -   / W. H. SWAN, -   7        t  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent.  D������t*. Slat December. 1912.  vaaroovvw nam jNur**BjOT  pistrtot of Cteast, Baage S  TAKE notice that A. M. Leltch of  Vancouver. B. C. ocupatlon broker,  Intenda to apply for permlMlon to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a poat planted In the  Nemiah VaUey about 20 yard* southeast of James Robertson's pre-emption  post No. 884 and adoinlng the northwest corner post of name, thence eaat  80 chains, thence north .80. chains, thence  went 80 chalna, thence back to place of  commencement containing 0*0 acres  more or leas, said Nemiah Valley being  near ChIlco7 Lake..  A. M. LEITCH. ���������.-.-,-  Per Jean Eugene Angers,. Agent  Date, 14th February. 1S18.  .     OM    ...,.  more or leas, the said Nemiah Valley Is  ear Chllco Lake.  M. ROGERS NEWMAN,  ^ .    -fSJ^-S". Eugene Angers, Agent  Date,  16th Febrnary, lOlsT  TAKE  notice   that  T.  H. Tracy,  ot  Vancouver,  B. C. occupation engineer.  Intends to apply for permtsalon to purchase the following described lends:���������  ^ Commencing at a post planted about  four mllea from- the  head of Taunlah  Lake,and adjoining H.  McDowells tal--  tial poat; thenca north 180 chains, thence  east 40 chalna, thence aouth 100 chains,  thence back to place of commencement  containing 840 acres more or lean, ssid  Taunlah Lake being eaat of and near  Chllco Lake in the second range.  T. H. TRACY.  -Per Frank R. Angers, Agent.  Date. 28 th Deceinbar. 1912._    '  TAKE notice that H. A. Matthews of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation bank clerk,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:��������� -  Commencing at'a post planted In the  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the aouth-  easU_������orner. *)ost of J. A. Hanrahan's  Initial post thenca south- 40 chalna,  thence east HO chains, tnence north 40  chains, thence-back to place of commencement containing 040 acres more or  less, -said Nemiah valley being near  Chilco Lake.  H. A. MATTHEWS.  Date, 17th February. 1013.  Per Jean Bugene Angers. Agent  vaaTOirvBn xaam niswntor  pletrtct^f Ooaa% Baage S  TAKE notice that Mra. Margaret Newman of Vancouver. B. C, occupation  housewife, Intends to apply for permission to putyhase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a poat planted in - the  Nemiah Valley two mllea north of the  northwest corner of Indian Reserve No.  t. thence east 80 chain*, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  meandering along the shore of Chllco  Lake back to place of commencement,  I containing 040 acre* more or leas.  MARGARET NEWMAN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent  Date ISth February. 1918.  3-18-13-16-543 7       r      7  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.  NOTICE is hereby given that the  partnership heretofore-subsisting, between us, the undersigned, as_ Manufacturers' Agents and Merchants in  the City of Vancouver, has this day  dissolved by mutual consent.  All debts owing to the partnership  are to be paid to J. A. Laidlaw, at  1775 Eleventh Avenue West, Vancouver, B. C, and all claims against said  partnership are to be presented to'the  said J. A. Laidlaw, by whom the same  will be settled.  Dated at Vancouver, B. C, tbls 3rd  -day of April, A. Dv 1913-  J. A. LAIDLAW,  JAS. M.  ROBERTSON.  Witness:  J. P. McINTOSH. ^A ^ _.  Which can ne depended upon to give satisfactory  service, that's the " RUDOE WEDOE"  Easy Running, Strong  Durable.  In   both   Gents'   and  Ladie's Patterns.:  TISDALLS LIMITED  618-620 Haotlnga 9troot,1Waat  Vamoomvai; 9. O. ._. ^MM^^*ff7the7 _.__._  7^.a|*i^;e*$  |v  ������ay  ~-f^A:^W  How often we h^7BUtemebts  lfte the above. Are'you la such  a condition If so^ybu;ahould  consult a Cbirdproctor. Have  yod friend or relation who is in ���������  such a state? If s67 you should  tell him to see a Chiropractor.  .. A Chiro^ctor knows that all  .dlseise-* Itr; inco-ordinatlon between the-yerious?parts of the,  body���������lack of hamony between  the brain and the tissue cells.  This is caused by pressure ot  ������nerves.   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In;all his  fi had never^elt as he did now.  ���������uty was all so glowing, yet-so  st it seemed as If the house s<  ������ desert,or must he bf sorne^s]  {made Invisible to those who res)  Inear or passed -hy it, so that any fonn  M misfortune, accident or crime coild  happen In it without the posslblnty  'of attracting human aid. ; y'r'x'y y^i  j  A portiere of thick brocade swayed  in an unexpected quarter of the roOm,  and Rowena: Wycherly advanced with  outstretched hands, her  lovely,7-Kte*'  jwitching  face   wreathed   in   tender  smiles, her fi|ll rounded bosom hesvipg  jwlth peUt:up passionr 7 She stood *e-  <orehimlntheglandngflreUght, out-  jseymg. beautiful beyond compsr-v, a,  heritable  bird of paradise, a lore|y,  wicked, wanton tbJng, utterly devtild  ���������an4--ee'*������*as:taiea!^^  icomlmMs of *hihd.  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BOX lfifl^YAMCOUVEli'*M ;  at ��������� J>t III ������l 1111 Mt I id I t*S I 8 8 8 8 8 8 81III i|g,|| j 1  i^7lin*elgi8Bgt^^  ~.,^*tmW99i9!&&%e999$&  taan^cs^g some of Ms own terror to   #ea!oprt^rt;iMtSWi  ':; irva^twhoy^ked^*  small iiji^mW^'^W^  ' 'ItSr aVh|h������e,r*#f|^  '9aM^'--7^^te%^^*w.  ^nmdame(7is^ ekBec^iitg*^^**-  my name; Itbinh'she^S-^  :    :'-'Tl  r-*-:t.   _���������  X'--.\ Jfe,  : 'f%r*?'>  bea^|dcH>r clanged-witba  ������""W and Paul ifefehis   lylaiohe, beyond till 1������  ^yy^^A ���������:���������: yy yy^'Ay yy  ���������Masier'':Onr,.  me?" the girl said, with  an upward' knowing glance.: ��������� -  i   "No." he   answered,   clasping  tbe  Mtti|^<L*t^4;������losar, ���������'ifealte Wm'  with m>.''-v 'y-:Ay':'   yyyyAx-WA:  "Excuse me, sir," she said rav-riy,  t would'annoy  t}m't;''-jaAtireeaj^'~c-9|Jr.  chUdis never allowed m the drawlBg-  T<mm< :<���������. y, .:--x~y. s-.---'-.- y:-y?\:-y 7ffc  world fer Gajr.r  strange .indivldnal  force  which  1 him in place of nerve, iaddmlj  assert������4 ItsSlf together with a bttod  inaxpMorble feeling tbat he was safer  with than without the boy.   v 7 yy^y  l "Nonsenie,"   he   returned   cboUy;  i*^he won't object to hla coming with  !me----will yoa please lead the -wayl"*v :7  '   Wlthdut farther demdr she turaed  land Paul followed her up the white  UmiosUfid   staircase,  carpeted.: ^ with  {broad crimson. velvet- pile,  heldfeln  place by. massive sUver-plsted rod8,  Into a weftllghted^ lofty, msgnlfi-jent  I   lapertfaent. He dreW a deep breaUwa^  ' eyes aan-eool he dranh in^^^^  .'a*Team7otr:tb������::  Wssed himtei  :mf*\m^kXJ^^y^y^y ;yysyybiyy  s^legeUcajly, turninglo otbe beeuti-  fol,    heartleas    creature,    Jcsiooflly  j*|ratcMngei:>h|A;-:-^I^^^ '""  wouldn't let me have that boy for S  3||^7t-^:^K.2:7^::y^7^^''"'  "Whst would you do witb the  fright at the Halir ihe asked.  1  Atanyrattvaa ..,    _ .  ... .... . ?a;^ill|^ve;p|o^  lodglnss sad ascertain. Haro, has not  entirely severed b|s oenneoUf* with  the Scotland Yard authoHt*ss,>U be  takes private cas^s. aad ffh������ la we>  :^ly;swen^S|r������iie^^ ..  ���������      ^^^^������^  e train glided sJongside the piat-  ,. ._i^^������*3eee������*;^^  jd%t*oi������hiS7l)bmpiii^^   QoamgAyy  ^t oowoi nu compoirunent, oneaea the  $-*������ft-*M.:.'S^  ^������Tom a^^ii^^wo^^  somewherei,Mrs. Wycherty." he.sale, ^J^ ?"d������iA *l9*P.^ Mt������*^en,  langhlBg; ^y wbnldlSe ad ** ������k?���������Jffi. ^Z3f!&ttt23&  ton In the visit;   The   little "t90am\-ff^^:^-^-^ilf^-}^t}'^:  wsnm: a irtaymatev one the 1������^  .hnys^a^-shch :j6lln?wh^ee>^^  irotuig plclries^to^-rh^  yotuig pickles; to^-fhi>agam������^ iiHi,���������,    ���������,  would h^ the bebt me*3n^  WorM f������r o������w������ 7- ������������������ xfyyr,^- ������������������^���������^5v-rand.:3he,wet-.:.ntav-.a"  ���������yy  ^lj*4flitv.^ snd always. PauljdearesV  / uiu ui������ iv������ may go hang!   I bed an  ���������������o������v An������uh*t w.n������ .��������������� m^n������!n������. *^1.:**t^Viel..MnseS laat-night lor; the  iflr,thif^gy^otr might: he splritetV  sway before Tt^ould get yon safe heref  1^ the w*yr I rhought If I ssid bring  migM have to stay th* night, and I ex-  P���������^ you will, becauBc if we get Ibis  ���������chap Uraham wants he will go bach  is not rtght in his heM. he lg insane;  At times he U raving mad; 1 ��������� hit*  him:: .ft hated his father; I hated my  nmrrUge. 1 want to forget bim; I  want to forget the -hateful paet; I  want only to live tn your love, now  me a littler*  : "A very little." V said, with a smile  which seemed to belle hi# 'words;  "and. what unmfie; I have not bronght  the ring. That silly UtUe bird was  Wrong, ltowena; t have not been to  London.bat with.your land consent  fU go to-morTow. Which ehsll It ber*  he demanded, dropping Into on inviting divah by the fire, "diamonds,  or sapphires ?"  ft,  .  _        .    ..  j  "My lord, my king!**-������he  said  jaoft reverential ton*i, curtseying  id with her uprtsing, she hil^t  happy, Joyous, ringing langb, th  t herlarmsTarounfJi^Ws ;o������cki.iwlt  rceness thatmoM l*l*n etagger.  "I knew you wboldV.ew������ei,vda>J  e said childishly, "I knew���������"  Ker first bewildered paroxysm 71*  ve passed, she looked about her, be-  jrohd ner Idol, and there from the darks  She slipped gracefolly to the leopard  jskin at his feet, laid a firm, white hand  |on Us lmee, end loofsed^ t^  dark face, her eyea sparkling, her heii  neck and shoulders snfftqwd with thl  . prosy 'glowif -the '3^AS:&?&to20X  >:^I*me%^them^',^  ;hfs face, 7^1%ai^.7^i.t^g������;moa:tlro  jlarge rubles cut Iteeit   Shape,   the  jhearu fastened together hy a  tiny,  [wee, diamond arrow. There'a a good  jeweller's M  Piccadilly.   I don't re-  jmember the name, biit it's nesr a superb fruiterer's.    I  think you  will  :!eesilr:flnd-lt/,r77yyyMA-. y-xyxyy:  i   "I shall find it,H be said, confidently, "J>ut. Rowena, Won't a ring like that  be some long way out of a poor man's  reach?   Don't think me mean; I am  'really generously Inclined; but, to tell  jthe truth, I've not taken my salary yet,  ���������and I'm quite sure my bank deposit  {won't cover tbe price of such a ring  l*w^en--9miieii9m^  j   "Let me give yon a cheque for ������tD0,  .deareat^*' she satf coazit^  'ring won't <������nt quite t^t, but the sur*  =plus will pay yoar expeiiMs.  You sre  _ _ fgolhg entirely ommynccount, and yon  She tobk^theci^^  'imM            ' "*"  Vteisterial  vene on W-j-a^wday/Moy 1*.  The SUtkmlag CommltfW  ^^Monaar;^lla^^1a^4������^r  y^tie^stitistMs^y^ijy  on Tuesday. May 18,-atl(  9m*y0%^  ": 8nnda> servl������M, 11^  :Coai������i-raee?:|*0^  mm^m^imySSoi^r ���������  secbio4 l*^v. 8. D. C^o,^ j,.^  with mo this evening, and I bhall taV+dlnation service, conductad  blm to Sir Thomas sM%iplaih m^ *k-"J'"���������~' ���������-���������^- -"^ ^^  ters. Did you arrange thing* before  you left? I mean, did you lock up let-  tars, money, Jewellery, anything ybn  don't desire: looked over end meddled  srith by. the man who will occupy your  rmohyOt course, this Hare will be  aU right; still, its expedient snd buei-  iiess^tte, and ought to be done under  ^snjr;:circunistshces."'"yyAy-A :K7t>.;  -yy:iyMx^^^  ";���������'-���������; 0(ws^lMit7I*si' Olit.7^ AxfiAA  hlste - Aimio fe|i overboard  |ast': noi|* ���������-. :A; "/y-.'Ax: ��������� '������������������'Ay ���������? ��������� 7 A. ?.. ��������� A y  yyG0^ii^9fh*/': didn't:: joer7:glve ':Ves  sisrni?  -'yyxy- -yy-'yy-~y^yy'yy;  FIMtMate^Whst wu tbe ase?  was, ail io!-Burv'ird Lampoon.  &*  lose hand, opened it, bowed o*er  Buy at. the Cecil, darling; go to  eae^aiea^tne:1*)*^ U3&&fta9>'a*imw yxyAA  ^y-Uord^ -mi '  ���������������.-���������- *.���������.*��������������������������� - .*,. --   ---.-..- ,,.,..-.,.._,..  , Tou are moat Und and co-TiSlderate,  Roweng," he said; **bat I can't  ;money from you; 1 can't let yon hay  your own engagement ring;: the Mea  [Is preposterous! Choose something  simpler, something more in occoi-dance  jwlth my shallow pocket May I bring  yon the prettiest and dalntleBt ring 1  jam ahie to aftord?"   !   "Bring what you like, anything; I  have shoals of rings; I don't care what  [voluminous folds of ������ curtain she sawT it U so long as you bring yourielf safe  iGuy*s curious peeping f*ce. The ex-  ipresslon in her eyes told Paul she was  {cognisant of the child's presence, and  ���������the sudden tightening of bis srms  about ber might easily have been mistaken for a lover's warmth.  "Let me- go," she sold, struggling.  "Oo?" he asked in faint surprise,  "without one little hies, Rowena?"  "I can't hear It;'* she panted. "I  can't enjoy ^yon with that thing In the  room wotchin me. How did be come  hereT":--:^  *He came with me; I tound him  truantlng outside. I wss sure be belonged to you tiom the likeness, and  jconsequently he Is dear to me. If he  :ls going to be mine as well as yours 1  imust know him, and learn to love  :him."-:  } 'Ton shall not!" she exclaimed defiantly. "Vour love is all mine, all  mine."   '  < "Well, Uke him. then." he said, feeling he had overshot tbe mark, "and be  jkind to him. Ton will let me be kind  to htm, Rowena?".  i y He let her go, went to the child,  ceogfat him in his arms, walked to a  low coach, and sat down with him on  his knees.  "Too can't Uke blm. Paul," she ssid.  sorrowfully, going and standing close  to bim, her two hands crossed on his  shoulder. "He's possessed! He will  hits yon, tear your clothes, kick you,  end spit at yon. He Is nothing more  or less than a demon; he has no business to exist."  "As he is bere we will make the best  ot him," be said, smoothing the rumpled earls, and g anclng u * at her with  a look tbat set her nerves a-thrilllng.  and tossed ber heart Into tbe rise snd  fell of her white bosom.  "Too won't be unkind to me, will  yon, chappie?" he ashed, bending to  look Into Gay's bloodshot eyes.  "No, never," he said eagerly. "I  only bite and scratch and tear ber  .when I'm so," and he touched his heed  significantly with bis red, bony -fin*  gera.  ' "Why, what's the matter with tbla  Uttle early bead?" Paul asked, smiling  to keep back a sudden rush of tears.  "I don't know," he said, with infinite  sadness, " 'cept it's a goat that mostly  comes. I'm a goat. I run at everything and hurt it and try to kill It.  Why does that goat come?"  "I wish I knew, sweetheart, then I  would keep It away," he said, as the  child nestled to blm. "Poor little  soul," he breathed into the shining,  spun-silk curls; "poor, forsaken little  soul!"  "Now, Paul, I've been very patient,"  Mrs. Wycherly said, the band on his  Shoulder fluttering to his neck, and  anon up and down the back of his  glossy head. "Let him go, the sight of  bim sickens me. I shall strike him If  yon dont put��������� bim Out of your srms;  I can't bear it any longer."  s "Very well," hs said, readily; "goodbye, Guy. Will you remember me?  Will you know me when you see me  again?"  The boy looked at him long snd  steadily, a pained expression in his inflamed eyes.  -Tes," he said positively, "I'll know  yea again, and' I shsn't hurt yon, the  goat wont come where yoa are!"  "1   b   hoamaur!"   he   exclaimed,  sprrltftgtag up with him te his arms;  aoaeValgbt:    go   to bed;  back," she retorted; letting the crown  of her head rest on bis breast and  tossing up her arms to clasp bis neck.  "Paul, when do you leave Weyberne  Hall for good?"  ! "Christmas, I expect; why?"  : "Nonsense! I want to be married  before then. What notice is usual to  give?" ���������  ; "Three months, to leave, then���������'  , "I won't wait," she exclaimed passionately: "I declare I'll elope with  yoa first; Psul! TU-^-darllng!" ahe  whispered, changing her tone with  the sudden withdrawal of ber arms,  sad turning her marvellous face to  his, "it you do stay till Christmas it  won't interfere with our marriage. It  can't make any difference to Sir Thomas whether his secretary ls married  or single, how should it?"  "Ho you mean bring my bag and  baggage, take up my residence bere  at the Larchee, and visit the Hall ig  the day?"  "Tea," she said, with a gleeful  laugh, "that is exactly what I do mean.  Promise you will."  "I can't promise to-night, I am not  my own master, so it would be foolish  to pretend I am. I will speak to Sir  Thomas, and -if he is willing to concede, we must wait the appointed  time."  "In that case I should wait untU my  hair ia grey; my knight would blow a  kiss from his finger tips, snd ride  bravely and golly away. Oo yoa think  I don't know you are temporising,  Paul? Oo yoa think I don't know you  aro Indifferent to me, that yoa would  escape me U yoa could? Why you  have mora feeling for tbat miserable  imbecile of mine than you have for  me. I watched you, I saw your face  quiver with pity for tbet wretched,  pony object, and yet you can contemplate my rare beauty, my exquisite  surroundings, my wealth, my absorbing love, and not move a muscle.  Paul, dear love," she hid her face on  his neck, "yon don't love me, I know,  but yoa wlU let me teach you? W1U  yon try? Whether yoa love me or not  I shall marry yoa, dearest, and I shall  win year heart one dsy."  "I have never ssid that I did or do  love yon, Rowena, but I am willing to  he taaght; willing to learn. I am not  natnrally hard-hearted, I���������"  A low knock at the door silenced  him.  "Leonle witb the coffee." she ssid.  Irritably, rising hastily from the leopard's skin, and arranging the soft  ruffles of lace on her bodice,  .The smart, coquettish maid wbo bad  conducted bim upstairs, entered, snd  looked curiously from one to the other.  "Sir Thomas Hargrave's man has  brought a message, madame. Mr  Farley Is wanted Immediately."  "Thank you," Paul said, quietly,  without betraying bis Intense relief,  "say I will come directly."  He rose ss the girl shut the door  and held out his hands.  "Good-bye, Rowena," he said, smiling, "wish me s plessant Journey and  a fine day in town to-morrow."  "I wish you all tbe good the gode  will send," she exclaimed, clinging to  him. "Good-night, I've half a mind  not to let yon go. WW you swear tc  triog tie ring to-morrow night?"  - "Net" he said, gravely, "some ace*  nafcrsasse etreanutanes*  AyXy' 7Eqiapped-1-,c*:Battl4v7r AxxA-  ; "That .mhirs bo rueau be W-oald flght  wttb himself^      :       ;���������:���������',  "But It takes two to make's quor*  ^������AAAyA~;--yyy:-.-   -Ay. ������������������������������������''<:.:���������.  "Oh, but he leodH one of those doubts  )lve-*,"-Pbllu.i^l^lij Lodger  te  Aigyi  v57vvr:::"^::.::-y.:7..^0insimiegleel^.",  ^tUl tryiog to muster np  propose i07;tbaViglri^ain^foei7  Don't be a claHr..**0;-���������/,y-yy^Xx  \ 7*Deeh hoy.  I cewn't.; be a  dont yoo know. Rbe saya I'm a lob  :*^yyXyAyyAxyx.  ^yyyMMxA^yyiA^yy^AyyyA^^^^i-^  ���������ym  WW  M  y&y  *0^M  77a������" \'X':X'LjS<?.'^As<  .of'cMlertnee";^  of the Suaday Mlktofc  ���������ed7-by Ret; 3X9...W99*fMft$������  sermon by J^Vf Jsmee AHen,  .'.; Mount Pleasant r.^arj^_.^^_^^.^  Rev. Dr. Bland; .Ji.p^.,^ao^i*8aa^p^  Rev. Thee. Key worth; ''���������'IM&.mmm^  S. T. Bartlett.;-. y- X,' :yyyyyj.y0m0^ ^  Sixth Avenne;;Chur^**---i^  James Allen;; 3 p.m, sddress by Rev.  9^'vBL4lilsal������'),iailH|gis^^  Iii mtaUano;^t|rc|^t7sIim^rjiiiM������^  T. Bartlett; 7^ p.m. Rev. GwrgeiV-  *Mej>.^^''-;-:^:!-^  r7';SouthyKitsilMo^^p|i7 '  w. Whittaker. y^iyxm....  Tolmie -jfocm6^^  Kinney; 7.80 p.m.,^ev.J?B.  :. vKoTirsaaats^iV^  .Wright,^ 7^:vxax90^y^myn^!m^^.^^  \jjy. yyy-:- '��������� yx:- yyXi^ryyy^^m^^.  '" 'mctanobdpiyiia^  Scott, BD*;.7.S0 p.m.,Itov. 1^; C|hVR#  Tc^mttiavlew^iia^^iw'1*^ ���������  8lng. B.D.;,:T;S07iuh.,;:Re%^l*^!;BlBS^^^  ' Dundas::'^ree^���������li>;aimv^  aimer,;* "IX-frT.*^^^  Dunham.  B.D.; 7.80 p.m.. R������V. A, B.  7.10 p.m., J*ev. -J^;J;r;laT������^tjrsj^  7  lc^fe5;S?^  : 'Xy "-.i^M-'H'-  Why need |reu t������ rcgrettul y������ . ,  iTOr beyboee days so knig s-otte by t  A bent pbveeugbt your asbi but tbOt  ; ������*a;eoale7 not t������Hi tw big int..;; .^  ;||e-:e>(^:.ywr':irusty little gun  ''777;  prougbt down tbe bird snd squirrel ,_  pqf then you could nottcU sucb tales  Of bow you kill������������ ��������� tigw dresav^- Ay^x  Ke doubt tbe quiet swlmtolbg post 7   7;  Beheld some very daring dives,  But then you could not tell the tale     7  Of how you saved four dosej. Uvea  ebsrlcve not for the.peutng years  Thst   may   have   made   your   prowes*  lame.  (WwM-n prrfi^rm.ince and th������ tale  The hiilanre mill rcmaiiiH ihe.aam*  -McLandburgh XVIIoon in Nt*w 'Vork.'aii-*  . .Xw>  . :Gjro^:C*urefc#-liVo^  Wood; 7JO p.m. Rev. B. C. VireaeasmV"#3  ��������� Ferris ma^^.aaM^mmrim^  ktnson; */M:  ������������������n.m.(  Wilson Helghts���������tt a,m  Qulgley, BdL; 1W  W.iGantonVJttA.7K  ;77C4olii^6oa}~it.:a4n;  Spencer. M.D.; 7.M; "  wmm^:^:A;^y..,  North Vancouver���������11  \%ft4^t9Jk.lyl&:,yjJto  tm*9*V^^yyXyyX-AyyXX'  Lynn ;TM!e^U-'a^'S^  J. Rutherford, B.A.; 7,30 pMi^9*^^lii  w.;ficott.:"/-; ��������� -'���������' yyy Ay x-yxxM  MoonUIn View*--ll am., lUv. 3bha  W. Davidson, B.D., 7.30 p.m.. Rev. <5.  H; Sanford.  yxy$'i������'ym  yyyyyy*  a  H  n  1  [Wastern  (Publishea MontWy)  ^Ib almoat indespensible ,.ta-ym������.yyy:y^x^y  No other medium will give you such general and  such satisfactory information about Methodist  activity in this great growing province. Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methoditt  movement.   Send your subscription to  ^M^WMW-lteCefllTPjr.-^Wt.    ���������   ���������    fWWrt,H  ffeOa ���������  ������it��������� Yeer  ******>************** et is 81 e **** * 1 is ****** ******** *)*)*>*} y*'  3  YOUR BLOOD 18 TAINTED  ULCERS, BOILS,  SWOLLEN   GLANDS,   BLOTOJES,  PIMPLES. AND ALL SKIN AND BLOOD DISEASES  ARE COMPLETELY CURED BY THE  NEW METHOD TREATMENT  **Todoihe toesn (be sttestlsa ef sB  etr.kt< a wilb any BIm-I ee Sbsa Phi in te  our N-w MilbsdTmfiimM a gusmateei  cure tar tlteee cwptsitru. Tbere is ao.es*  euw for aay pt-fsoa kerloc s ttWfgured  from erupUona aad blotches. 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MidUganAve.BndGri$woWSi,   Detroit Mick.  ^ATII^bT     A*1 ,etters fr-OTCaooo'amastbe addressed  H V I Ifeffc      to onr Canadian Correspoadence Depart-.  ssasaaaaaaaaOBaai Dentin Windsor, Oat. If you desire to  __ as personally oaH at our Medical Institute in Detroit ss we see snd treat  ������������������ psliaats in onr Windsor offices which are for Comcspoadence aad  Lalmstofjr for Canadian buiaeas only.   Address all kttera as foOovis:  MS. KBO-SDr * KaW8DTv ; v  f*f  -MOB  THE WESTERN CALL.  Baaiaaaaai  y  .Friday. May 2,1918  V  .  K^  nipuri nn  \  wim ������*������ DAtntLIJK ������fi^  4  ������--  >  Ask the man who smokes thtm.  .  Wans  , m*\ H. H. Stevens,   M.P.,  in  PMla*  delpha Addreas, Telia easterners  m ot Asiatic Influx Situation  Philadelphia, April 18.���������A general  defease of the attitude of those who  oppose slien ewnershlp of land sad unrestricted Asiatic imlgration waa mode  today by Mr. H. R. Stevens, member  at tr-je Canadian Parliament from Vancouver. B. C., in an address before the  Poor Richard Club.  Declaring that if the Eastern United  States and the Eastern half of Canada  "eeuld appreciate the real situation on  Ike Pacific Coast, they would sympathise with the viewpoint of the  peseta eat there towards the Chinese  sad ���������laneaeee.'*  ��������� - Mr. Sieves* laid down as a basis Cor  Bis argumeat that "Inunlgratlon ts a  privilege we' grant, not a right for  eliees to claim." ���������>  Only an Opening Wedge.  "It might seem a small thing to let  them, ewa thirteen thouaand acres of  land.   Bat that *������ on opening wedge.  a begjoniag," said Mr. Stevens.   "Call*  fernisns think they know only too well  hew It would end. 1 think anyone who  ��������� y     studies conditions out there will sgree  " ���������       with ate that it would be criminally  derelict for the lawmakers to do any-  . thlog that weald tend to upset present  '  standards of'civilisation.  "The problem of Astatic Immigra-  tloa should be hsndled in a broad way,  the East, the power naturally centres  here, and the West suffers, just aa onr  West suffers because the Dominion  government Is in the East," concluded  Mr. Stevens.    -  "Let us hope no hasty action will be  taken and: that the. government at  Washington will look into the situation^  carefully before trying to force the  Pacific Coast Into toe."���������News-Advertiser.  Grape Juice Dinners Have Come  ���������toy  with tbe good of the whole country In .  Toronto, April 2S.--"My answer is  ���������slew aad wltb a due regard for the  facta of the sltustloo.  la explaining the Canadian immlgra-  ������<m law. Mr. Steveas said that by " s  secret treaty, a diplomatic arrange*  sseat with Japan, only some 400 Japanese come info Canada each year."  fte added: "We charge 1400 head tax  tfaoa the Chinese, sad are thinking of  seeking tbe law agatnat them even  atore stringent." ,  ,    ,     Hew tbe West ���������affect  "Wit* roar federal government in  Sacramento, April 28.���������The grape  juice served at Secretary of State  Bryan's Initial banquet to the foreign  diplomatic corps at Waahlngton was  not an experiment, according ie Secretary Bryan. -  "I do not consider it necessary ta  main a defence of nor actions ss host  to the ambassadors," he said, "end 1  will not devote any time to snswerlng  the criticisms of those who don't agree  with me. The Incident la closed sad  the custom may  established.  -  "When I became secretary of state*  at President Wilson's reeaett, 1 told  Mr. Wilson that I would not; furnish  wine at official banquets unless he directed me to do so^He told me,to do  is I saw lit, aad we hod a thorough  understanding before I ventured.to  make the change."  REPLY- TO   THE   MPOflT   OF  RESIGN BD e-ORTPOMO < ���������-������������������  that  the only  above was tbe answer of Hon. J. J.  Henna when asked this morning if  there was say truth in the-story which  appeared in a morning paper to tbe  effect that, according to a rumor, he  bod resigned bis portfolio pending the  report of the committee on privileges  snd elections, which is to investigate  the charges brought by W, J*touflfoot,  M. I* A., against the^Premler and tbe  provln^l: sea-eta^ ���������  "Times" ante Again  Seattle Newspaper Returns to Building Dan-aged by Fire^^  The Seattle Times building, whose  two upper floors were damaged by  fire an the morning of February 1$,'  was reoccupied on Monday, the occasion being marked by exercises on the  roof of the building, where a band  played, bombs were hurled high into  tbe iir to explode and the American  flag tbat waved through the smoke  and flame of the fire, was unfurled  again, a company of state militiamen  saluting the banner when it was  raised.  AMBASSADOR   ARRIVES  Successor to Right Hon. Jsrrtes Bryce  Reaches New York  Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice, K.C.*  M.Q., the new British Ambassador to  the United States, arrived ln New  York on Sunday.  By Invariable custom tbe Ambassador's baggage was posted without ex*  amlnatlon, and* he went from the pier  to the home.. of Lawrence Oodkln,  Where he was a gueBt at luncheon.  Taft to be Coach  New Haven, Conn., April 28.���������It was  announced here last-night'that Prof.  William Howard Taft would coach the  Tale Freshmen debating team for the  annual debate with Princeton and  Harvard. This^is the first time ex*  President Taft has taken en active  part In undergraduate activities since  coming to New Haven. ���������*.  Csreals fer Dessert in Harvard Halls  be considered asf Curfew-for pie, cake*pudding\end  charlotte rasse has soundee> for "the  1200 Harvard students who dine in  Memorial Hall Breakfast food will be 1  served hereafter-for dessert. Cereals  are being aerved In place of pastry to  bnlld up brains of Harvard men to a  higher degree of efficiency.  The placing of 'the breakfast foods  on the luncheon and dinner'menus is  tbe result of suggestions submitted to  tbe management of the college dining  boll by the diners.* ,  "������������������ Ia several of the courses in Harvard  undergraduates study the brain value  - -    ��������� - of all foodstuffs.  Wheat products are  it is simply ridiculous.  That's invaluable, they' decided.   Tbe dining-  nly word I've got to say."  Tbe'ball management acceded to the continued demand for cereals.  Kelly's Grocery, 2333 Main atreet,  bos been improved at great expense  recently. It looks inviting witb Its  new plate glass windows, which are  in perfect keeping with the interior  and the big stock of fresh groceries.  Kelly forces circumstances by dauntless courage end use, of good judgment.    "���������'..'' X: ;'x yjy  ARE \W W xm*WEMW?  (Continued froinfNae *)  are public servants, masters, \or in employment  to bbx msn or corporation, even the city.  Q<W Fellows strive to increase their order, and  TigBtly too, no matter where they are working.  So it is right for the Masons to keep up their  umbers by Using such means as will accomplish  their purposes.  Again: Suppose two men come to me for work,  and I can give employment to only one; then I  am .perfectly right in using my judgment, my  tastes, my sentiments, my knowledge, in making  the selection. And, all other things being equal,  I am quite correct as a private or public man in  giving the job to a man'jyho is known to me to  be a reliable patriot, a supporter of law and order, an imperialist, true to his king and crown,  and in the most positive manner in sympathy with  , the jirjneiples I hold most dear, viz., the best in-  terwst&**of the public. The other man may bf as  good a man, but by certain marks I know the  selected man to be a safe person to set in advance.  This Oisagemen do, or should do. This Masons  do, or should do. Do Knights o| Columbus turn  down their own members to aid others, unless the  others would serve them better. Not so, unless  they are false to their oaths, and act the part of  simpletons. Any fraternal society man will, as  he should, give bis brother the preference, all  things being otherwise equal. Do not the Socialists, the union men and others do just this thing,  and rightly so? Then why try to drag the Orange  Order into publicity so as to attempt to throw  discredit upon that Association*?  My answer is that it is done primarily through  hate, and a desire to hurt a body af men who  stand preeminently for the best service as against  a set of foreigners manipulated from a foreign  country, and without any honest caring for Hris  or any other country on earth.  The Devil always was a fool, and those inspired  by him are no better. Neither he nor they can  hurt the Orange Order, but they can make themselves ridiculous, and are so doing at present.  f COMMISSION RUN RIOT  For the most part the Government has acted  wisely in granting the people Commissions on demand. Hut the demand is becoming so common,  and is being turned loo much into a farce, so  that it will soon become imperative to make it  more difficult to-secure such a means.of airing  petty spite, and infinitesimal grievances.  Perhaps it would be wise to demand a very  large and influential petition before granting certain kinds of Commissions in the future.  When men make a travesty of justice and good  sense at a Commission it is time to take cognizance  thereof and- place limitations so as to secure a  fair amount of respect for this valuable method of  finding truth and data fpr legislation and other  useful action. T        y1:  In the above remarks there is no-fwrd of asperr  sion intended for the Commission sitting at the  time of this writing. The members of this Board  of Inquiry are able and careful men who have  taken an open, straightforward course. In jacty  tbis has been characteristic of all the Commissions  I am or have been able to recall during the past  twenty years. But -too often the interested parties show clearly that they are not in search of  truth and fact so much as to hurt others whom  they have spite against.  A STRONG WSTORIO At ADD WSS  The Rev. Mr. Buttrum, B.A., B.D-r gave an ei-  eellent address last Friday evening to the Imperial L.O.L. in. the Orange Hall In addition to the  members there were many visitors who listened  with profit and pleasure to a fine historic talk  on the Early British, or Anglican Church. He  made it quite clear that the British Church was  organized and at work.throughout Britain hundreds of years before Augustine and his monks  visited England about 597 A.D,  By historic references and quotations from  Magna Charta, he showed that the British Church  never was engulfed by or swallowed up in the  Roman Church. The members of Imperial and  the visiting brethren voted Mr. Buttrum a most ���������  heart.* appreciation of his lecture.  PORTUGAL ON THE UP-GRADE  Portugal is now," as perhaps never before, open  to the gospel. The Jesuits have been expelled  from the country; the people are loosed from the  thraldom of centuries and are striving to rise into  the higher realm of modern education and a better civilization. Is it not strange that the Roman  Catholic countries are kicking out the Jesuits,  while the Protestant countries, which have less  knowledge of their blighting influences, are opening their doors to receive these hordes with open  arms ?  Just in proportion as their true nature is discovered, they will most surely be driven elsewhere  by an awakened and vengeful people.  If these men would attend to spiritual matters  in an open manly way, and not try to dominate  the political situation of the countries in which  they live, they would find friends everywhere.  They will not. and must suffer the result of their  madness, and false doctrines.  No power on earth has been so turned towards  the debasement of the intellect and spirit of manly freedom' as has the power of the Jesuitic machine. In' this statement I have no reference to  Roman Catholics as such, not even to that church.  apaamWaWe  ���������>���������  )*"    ' i  \  :/'���������  Is Cu^ hiM#te Gost Price  '  at his big Hard ware Sitt^  7" ���������������������������.. ���������...���������  :    7'���������.������������������'*-.���������'  ���������'.''���������������������������.-.'���������������������������'     ������������������ I . :',..��������� -'yX-'    ~   ��������� y \ /'������������������ ,   ���������''  He Is C-^  ������SSB&SBSSSiSSSSSSBSSS^  Here are a Few of His Prices:  15c Cups and Saucers 2 for. 15c  15c Cups and Saucers    3 for 25c  Hand Painted China; values to $1.00, for   25c  15c Dinner Plates    3 for 25c  25c Oream Pitchers -.... *    Each 15c       /  $1.75 Best Tea Pots "...' * '. 75c  Candlesticks ��������� ..T r2 for 15c  $1.75 Enamel Tea Kettles .: "..  .75c  White Enamel Covered Pails for 75c v  Glass, Wash Boards Each 40c  $1.50 Wash Tubs ............' ;, ;.\.90c  -    Japanned-Mail Boxes .."'." ^  .^ /. v .65c  Spring Clothes Pins ..,..-   Dozen 5&*~  , 60c Steel Garden Hoes (.......{... 35cv  5$c Malleable Hakes ... r... T t,,...-.'.*... .30c  12c Best 3-Ply. Rubber Hose Per foot, 7c  $9.50 J3aU-bearing T^awa Mowers t  .$745  Pont overlook Uit w������*y food  buys at the ita*.  Gowt and sat  .'���������... / ���������������������������������������������'-.  for yourself. -  .ipuy yoiir Electric; Iron now; all makes. W.y*......."..... .$3.65  $6.00 Ball-bearing Wringers for..'.-....        ..... w..... $4.65  $9.00 Washing Machines ...."........  .........;. .*...  .. .$5.50  $14*00 Washing Machines for....'y.... TT".' :T.. TT .^T.... ��������� $9.25  See our Steel Range, Special for.  ..$34.50  25c poor Hinges- ........-������.'............. ���������-...,..... Pair 18c  40c Bim JiOcksT complete .........,........., ���������........... .25c  60c Mortise Locks ........ f.......................... ICach 45c  '������������������-'������������������ y.     ���������     .     'x   ���������   "'��������� 7 ���������:  50c Casement Adjusters ......... ��������� .................... .30c  $3.00 Pure White Paints .................... T.. .Gallon $2.35  35c Gold Paint *������uc  Best Wire Hat and Coat Hooks     ...'..    .. Each 1c  Pure Orange Shellac .Gallon $2.60  Pure White Shellac ... .>......." ��������� Gallon $2.90  Government Pure Wj^te Lead. .Lb. 914C  $1.25 Shingle Stain .... *,.    ............ ^* .Gallon 90c  100 Gallons Mixed Paint; warranted pure  .Gallon $1.90  Get a Coffee Percolator and enjoy a good cup of coffee; almost  half price. \  Tile time to buy is when prices  are right/ Yon know you need  a Hose or a Lawn Mower.  II IF HONIG  56 Hastings Street, East


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