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The Western Call 1913-03-21

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 :���������*$������������������  ���������&^ ������������������ -!'.S.#?)4J.'-'.'-'-.vAi4ff.cj../r"?*.Kftj!SS3|2  ; ^iv^vtfj^ '^4^7^.^'  ^S%"J"  $:������^S|I^^^SS^^Sp^^^^*SM  VOLUME IV  Published in the Interests oT Vartgpuvg^^  /". VANCOUVER, ^PCTWCioLDllBU.  MARCH 21. im      ,  EASTER  BRITANNIA IN CRESCENDO  c7V!AR  COMMENT ON LIVE TOPICS  ������ ���������������������������-.��������� ���������" i  wm  (By Professor S. Odlunw MA.. B.Sc)  V( The Xtord said to Abraham:���������"Unto thy seel  have I given this land, from ther River, of Egypt  ' unto the OREAT RIVER, the River Euphrates*'  Now let us have a short historic chat with you.  Mr. Public. Tou are always ready to listen to  reason and sound sense, particularly wherein you  have deep interest.  The .territory included in the above promise  amounts to ,2,500,000 square miles. King Solomon  ruled over, about 75,000 square miles, a small part/  ol the grhole. At the end of, last century Oreat  Briisin was in actual possession of about 1,250,000  square miles, qr the one-half of the whole, given  hy Divine promise to the "seed of Abraham."  In 1839 Aden came into British possession, Later the north shore of the Gulf of Aden followed. In 1855, Kuria Muria Island-,, and in 1857  Perim and Mosha followed and. came under British control. Thus the entrance to the Red,Sea  was under our command. Later on, the Islst-d  ���������f Bahrein in the Persain Gulf became British*  and about the same time the one independent  kingdom or sultanate, that of Muscat, came into  ���������nr Empire,-so that Oreat Britain is dominant  all the way from Aden to the month of the Euphrates.  Besides, the Arab tribes along the shores of the  Persian Gulf are in a treaty pact to co-operate  with Britain in all important matters,,thus git*  ing Britain the defacto ownership of tne Persian  Onlf. , .  In 1878, when ths great powers of Europe were  sitting in solemn conclave on the "Sick Man, Tur-  . key," Britain made a treaty with Turkey hy  whieh Cyprus wss added to the long list of Anglo*  Saxon possessions. Cyprus is a. most^mtjortant  gate overlooking Palestine," iyria, and ore*  Egypt. Thus we find from 1839 to 187* all the*-  additions,in thst pan of the world were made to  the sway of the Union Jseic.  fn 1882 Britain- -was forced to. eater^lfyjrf to  save the country frot* tlje internal trouWee and  civil war which were mining the land of the ancient Pharaohs. I* 1885 our flag was raised over  the southern coast of the Gulf of 46>n, and if)  ths year 1986 we added to the list*1 the large isl-  and of Seeotrs. In 1888 British rule was extend*  ed into centra} Africa down to the wroatorial  . regions.. J* the asms year on? Empire assumed  the proJtse������w*������ti sf Zanobar. la 1889 Nyasaajanl  ws#^ added'1*%* catalogue of Britannia'��������� hold-  ,   fh IBW^wftistan. south of Afghanistan, bo-  catvf British- and wsi entosetad -an with the In*  *\Tm\m99m%%im*m0 ,,  M *WHta -immeiise^jrtoBt vat. % source fof  tfet Nile became a ^r������ tf the h#|<i������iS'of the  wUHm which '*unvi tit iwBi*��������� n*  oording to Divine promise. In doe time Somali-  land, tJgs^da, Bast Africa, snd most of Central  Africa came under onr control, directly or ind>  By Alex.  tended tho ownership by Britain of a larger part  of the Euphrates River and Valley.  The same Lord of promises to Israel set forth  that Israel would possess Edom. Now Edom is  Turkey in Asia. And since Israel is to possess  Turkey, it'.follows that, since Britain is Israel,  Britain will shortly take charge of ancient Edom.  And bear in mind that Edom and Israel arc  brothers. One from Esau and the other from  Jacob.  During the war between Italy and Turkey, the  latter seeing that Italy would undoubtedly possess the land of Solium and its bay on the south  of the Mediterranean Sea did a strange thing.  Turkey, to save' Solium from Italy, gave this  large stretch of Africa to Britain, or what is the  same thing, to Egypt. And while I writs, Lord  Kitchner is supreme over Solium, as he represents  KfogJ&eorge ^-B^b6 Empire.'  * Is it not a mosji ^remarkable ..thing that Britain.  wjieh������r}at ws? or at peace, goes' on the same and  eats up the waste bits bt this earth! And she  does it quietly, peacefully, naturally, snd even  nonchslently. -What other power on this globe  could do this work in,a similar manner! None,  no not one.  And, rhstly, so fir as this talk goes, I shall ask  Bdy readout if they know that at this moment  British Vmk are tn possession of the EAST SIDE  of the STJH CANALT   Turkey in 1966 and in  1907,4rged tin Vy a certain European power, sent  soon of her troops to the east aids of the Buts>  Canal. - Britain r^qnired a removal, slid so insisted thai tiie soldiers of the Moslem retired and-  the Bed Goats of ths Briton took possession.  By  this set Oreat Britain seenred both sWjes of the  Canal, pushed lis? boldiug* farther eastward into--  OOOD FRIDAY AMD BAITER.  britub FAOiho ooax. oo.  For centuries Good Friday,and Easter have  been observed with a measure of religions devotion: the first in memory of the death of our  Saviour, and the second in honor of His resurrection.  } It is fitting that Good Friday shouldlie a day  ������������f sober tenderness for the Man of Galilee who  gave his life a sacrifice for the human race; on  the contrary, Easter should be a day of general  ^rejoicing in that our hope of a resurrection from  the dead and reunion beyond tiie grave are baaed  upon the certainties of the resurrection of our  Lord on the third dj.y after his trsgic death..  v The two memorials easily combine to form one  of chastened sorrow and exultant joy that.shsll  forever remind man that death and life alike are  made subserviant to hia needs by Him who holds  death and life in His hands.  LTvTNCWTONB'B OBHTEKARY.  The Christian world is emphasizing the life of  the immortal David Livingstone, the intrepid missionary and explorer, who one hundred years ago  made his advent into-this world in a little humble  cottage in Scotland. - -���������--.'���������  Human learning, eloquence and love are taxed  to their extreme capacity to do honor to this gen-  nine hero whose faith and benevolence lifted him  ont of obscurity and forced him to the top of the  ���������pinnacle of fame.  . SOrrmAOBTTEft Vt, SQTrRAGSTTBS.  . The militant suffragettes are stoutly opposed  1 and frowned upon hy ths rational suffragettes,  p whose chums should he hoard by reasonable men.  The coal interests of British Coining d������ar^^  the outskirts of the Land of Vrm^fMJm f/The first aro eranka who otfy a*wtf amjwmant  taped Jier grip sadl ownership w JI& Slnait% 1;^ ^jMi^Q*,* ths second ore thoughtful, true  P-������masu!s   The Mount tbat gare the fJonunsnd^ I S.Zza*Zl1 J*;i- r*,******** ���������������,������ "������������*<*��������� that  though this century jS-yoang, the^oiiowing territories nave been added to tiie Empire of George  tho fifth = Tbe Lado Enclave has been token from  ttse Congo Free State and settied itself under  the folds of tbe Union ������Jaek.  Juat Ibis year, 1913, * large slice of the seme \  Congo Free State has, by private arrangement,;  came over from the Free State to Britain. By  this means our Empire eon build the Cape to  Cario railway the entire way on our own soil. - As \  by first arrangements this' railway was'intstalo&i  to depend upon a stretch of German East Africa'  for its passage southward. , :   t  Then last autumn British forces returned after J  acquiring two more small. stretches of this old-;  African .earth from some of the wild troublers I  of the Soudanese who are now a loyal part of the'  Empire. ' ��������� '!.',"���������'  As 1 write there are fresh British forces far  away up in the northeast of British Burma, for  the purpose of pushing back the southward moving hordes of Mongols. These -will steadily flow  south, and in the end become faithful subjects  of our British King. Then in addition we read, in  the press that an expedition has lately returned  from extending our sway in the East Indies.  In Thibet, Nepaul, Nigeria and elsewhere the  Irresistible Tide of British Sway is overflowing  the waste lands, of the ancient world. And in  particular Britain is possessing the lands of promise* from the Nile to the Euphrates.  Even during last year the squeezing process,  carried on in Persia by Britain nnd Russia, ex-  of^^giif^is)  **fe1|MCri$Mi. *M>* %e erg*  BlOHTBLBSS|NO-af JOSBfB, which was the  B1BTWWOBT BLWWING OF JACOB.  > ,  *wm9* T*rf  ^���������fS^. m*^9*Tt9W^O**f v  'We -an s strsngs-4ot mi'm)**^**- ^  tieth wntory fln^ ^^^rwath family ki  able state ^x^eje^'emg^^i^. _.,  wg Wofsss������ *of f-niMwiw^H^iWMF^I^^otu^  tors. ������r drirwf t hg|������te|Hv^-thsf*iH>stwr-s^-  ininf ****, 9t4 t^'dos^f ihot^l^TTfsUi.  % how few are l9*'99mfa at tho^iWf who  hs������ stt#ine4 ts s W* ������piritu^^sliil>������������#fwteTed  SlM "Mf oriSHes,,^ ever ���������snM^4aw-*in.  ���������tt.i^'isf^-wllo^  '���������AW*VilM^-''-|9sfl������1k:'^������M-|f������l1^��������� a*- we Mke^hut the  best man on this round globe is the spiritually  mjoded msn. the man wn������ has daily sweet eom-  . munion with his God and ao regulates his sims  2Mkmk ss to give expression to his high ideals,  and ���������������> his sense of duty. .  Sometimes I find myself striking out .bard at  .certain heathenish teachings and daunts of the  $os������; ridiculous sort, which claims arc made by a  great political organization.   But in so doing, I  "ayi^sre tbsf hosts 6f the very r>eople who give  .strfingth, and wealth, and volume, and influence  ^to, tbst'machine, are in their own public and pri-  Vate'.lives noble men and women.  '(tbj������ man wrote me lately, and he claimed in his  . Tetter that he knew most excellent Roman Catholics in. spite of the false claims of that church.  My answer is that there are hosts of splendid men  ���������and Women to be found in the ranks of paganism.  They are good in spite of their teachers and false  claims. This is true of all peoples and religions.  But the thing I would specially say is this: The  best men and women -on earth, independent of  their cult, are the spiritually minded, those whose  hearts are burning with love to Ood and man.  They are ministering spirits to all whom they  meet and influence. And all who are truly devoted to the higher life are good because they  hold sweet communion with their God, the Father  of life, love and a great salvation reaching past  this period down to distant ages.  All such characters are of inestimable value to  any nation or community.  "*���������>       'I***"***'****-**********'**** >       "���������***"-       -7������--"-7      ���������T  -        '"'..**������ *        .-  womtn who, while Tionorinf tho "powers tjsv  ,ht������ft aaweatly ssk for tlte r^ht of suffrage tb������t  re.  ^T^f?^^^. ���������       y^^^^^^^Y   "' ^^^^^ Wr ^w*f'i*W t ���������  UNION MADE  CIGARS  Ask the man who smokes them.  When tbe formalities pf trsnafer are-coihpleted  snd False Creek ^Sts bf������vf Msssd nndsr new ownership, tbis landmark will JPeas from the msp  forerer, snd qpon its lite will srise evidsnesf of  the energy, skjB #nd JHsdop of msn* Soon the  heateiarfrnmantf ������[ti|s reoent osmps4f?������ w1������ oo  i������'fw4-������w''i::.; ^^^^.w  False Cmkv-fsVewfOt A^ |ww io^ the citi-  ������spt who htroieolly fougk-t to rettin you, but  fs#ed because-the better sense of Vancouver de-  creed-your trsnafer to tils enterprisinf Canadian  Northern. We will watch yon? twwrfometiens  under new management without jealousy, and  Without complaint, if all promises are fulfilled.  Farewell!       .������������������'���������-���������r- \' a  : ������������������v'**sW   T*v^^W-"W^w'lS/ly<'>S^aw'*a,l*ps^  .--..  Let no one be soothed into pleasant dreams of  the immediate regeneration of Alexander street.  With sensational descriptions and lurid rehearsals of things indecent.- w-e^-haye little sympathy,"  although even they are vastly better than indif-  .ference or prudish silence.  The social evil must be followed into its retreats  and forced to surrender without reservation or  delay.  We admonish guardians of the public health  and morals to "get busy" and lead the forces  that make for rightness before their patience is  exhausted and unpleasant agitation assumes an  aggressive attitude.  He that has his ear to the ground can hear an  approaching storm. '   *  COLLEGE Of MOUNT PLEASANT.  Seldom have we witnessed an institution of  learning succeed so rapidly and persistently as  has the Success Business College on Main street  in Mount Pleasant. Principal E. Scott Eaton  proves the "man'of destiny," who, with energy,  ability and a strong personality, has drawn  scores of promising and ambitious youth from all  sections of this city and the surrounding country  to this centre of business education. It is a real  hive of aetivitv and SUCCESS.  extraordinary consideration. Now with tfct 0>-  proach of warm, weather the coal fsatino o������ winter may be forgotten until the return of oold  weather again. With untold millions of tons O-t  cosl in our mines, it seema incredible that tfcsM  should be s shortage in the coal supply of this  city.  It is of practical interest to know that tho Brit-..  ish Pacific Coal Co., Ltd., with'headquartera ia  Vancouver, is preparing to develop .their mines  on Queen Charlotte Islands in the near future.  Success,to them!   We already feel warmer.  KIWO GEORGE OF GREECE ���������EUlBIItMMDt  ' The whole world ia startled by tbe sssassinstion  of George, King of Greece, by a Greek of low  mental and moral type. The tragedy occurred at .  Salonika, in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 18.  Death ensued as the King wss being hurried to  the hospital. Crown Prince Constsntine was at  once proclaimed King.  The slain ruler, who was brother to Queen  Alexandra, was a frequent visitor in London,  where he was accustomed to  mingle with  tat >  people incognito. ^  Lonff Record of Assassinations.  sssrW'swBja   a**9*9 ��������� vaw   way   *^^m*m*y*ak***^a*a^^aa^ai^a*a*9*  Paul, Czar of Russia, March 24,1801. ^  "Spencer PercWal, Premier of England, May 11,  1813.  Daniel, Prince of Montenegro, August 13,18sw.    -  President Abraham Unc^ln, April H, 18������6.  Prim, Marshal of Sfain, peoember 88,1870.       ,. -  Sultan Abdul Asis of Turkey, June 4,1������7#.    ���������";'  I Czar Alexander II- of Russiii, March 13, H|W. , <#  |^MdeMJsm*������ A'Ga?fiM74wir:������, W.r" '���������>  Mayor Carter H. Harrison of Cfeiaag#> ^rotowtr  28,18������3.������ ,  President Carno���������t of Franco, June 24, i99*)-  Shah Nasr-ed-Pia of Persia. Kay 1, I***  *&**WR  ,\Ki������..  y-i\  Premier Canovss del Castillo of Spain, Aug*** #,  ��������� Empress Elwaheth of Austria, September 10f Iff!  Gw?s?nor-o)sot William OosM of K*sntueky, Im.  usryao, 1900. - ��������� \[:\  King Humbert of Italy, ^y ffc *���������������,.     "?  Presrdeof WiWism McKinley, Septaiaber h 199\>  King Alexaader s^Queen Praga of 0ertia, #aat  Ex-Governor Frank Steunsoborg of. fdaho, pa-  cember 3. ,":;.���������'>������������������������������������=���������  King Carlos $99 Crown Prince of Portugal, Fab-  .   raary I. " _v- ������������������ yy".  Premier Stolypih of Russia, September 8, ifKfi;  prince lto of Japan, October 20,1900,  Premier Csnslejae of Spain, November 12,1912.  General Nazim Pasha of Turkey, January 23,  1913. %  King George of Greoee, March 18. 1913.  PRINTING, THE LATEST AND BEST, DONE  with dispatch by skiHed workmen, at the  Terminal City Press, Ltd., Cor. 8th and Westminster  Road, Phone Fairmont llJfi.  For the five months of the fiscal year the net  operating revenue per mile of line of the eastern  railways, compared with the corresponding  months of.the previous year, increased 9.3 per  cent., while that of the railways of the south increased less than one-tenth of 1 per cent.  For the eleven months of the calendar year ths  net operating revenue per mile of line of ths  eastern railways, compared with the corresponding months of the previous year, increased 9.3  per cent.; that of the western railways increased  15.8 per cent, while that of the railways of the  south increased less than one-tenth of 1 per cent.  For the eleven months of the calendar year the  net operating revenue per mile of line of the  eastern railways, compared with the corresponding months of the previous year, increased 4.8  per cent.; that of the western railways increased  7.4 per cent., while that of the railways of the  south shows a decrease of 4.5 per cent.  i  See  Owen & Morrison's  Awwwncem&nt  Page 5  :WyH0^^m  % &  r 9  TH.-: WESTERN CALL.  Friday, March 21,1913  |   *������.|ll.|.<l.|..|  .|.l|..|.l.|..|ll|l.l.l{llIl.1l  1    %    1 !(,.���������    ,tl   '   ������   l..|..t.  t.   t'1"1   lt.fl|..|l.|ll|l.l..|ll|.ltl l*.l*..i.l|..|l.t.������.|..|  ��������� THE -  Grandview Stationery  Sub-Agency for the ,  Columbia  Graphophone  Prices from $7.50 to $350.        Latest records in  great variety.  Easter Supplies  and Novelties  ���������s*  ���������' '" ���������  1130 Commercial Drive  J. W. EDMONDS, Prop.  **i  Grandview  .,   Note���������News m-wnt for this column should b* nailed or phoned to tha editor Mrly to .insure  ������������������nsertion. Jj.  *. ��������������������������� ���������!��������� .a, .1. .;��������� .|. .;��������� <��������� ���������������. ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������;. ���������;. ���������;������������������!��������� ���������;��������� ���������!< ���������;��������� ���������!��������� -t- ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������������������� ���������->M**-Hfr������.������!->*;^^  PROVISIONS, FRUIT, STATIQNERY  TONFEGTIONERY,  TOBACCOS  (Cakes,Pastry, Bread  Special attention jo phone orders  Winnipeg Grocery and Baker*/  O. E. Jones, Prop.  Corner Harris and Campbell Ave.  Phone Highland 102 Branch Post Office  .:: A.   WISMER  ;,;������������������ .%j9meie^^  Repairing a Speciaity 1433 Commercial Drive  The Grandview' Whist Cluh closed  their season with, a pleasant and enjoyable evening at the home of Mr.  and Mrs. Peters, 1934 Victoria drive,  the host and hostess providing supper  to which sixteen guests sat down. A  special night was set apart for the distribution of prizes and- a social evening was spent' at the home of Mr. and  Mrs. Nightingale, 1916 Third avenue.  The prize winners were Mrs. F. E. Peters, Mrs. Brooks, Mr. W. E. Clarke  and Mr. H. Brown. This was the first j  anniversary of the club and  was a.  corner of Victoria Drive and Graveley  Sts. lately. . t v  Victoria Park will sooo.be in good  condition again. Though St Is rather  wet at present, a little sunlight will  remedy that.  ONTARIO'S INDUSTRIES.  Their Use of Wood Studied by  Dominion forest 8ervlce.  What woods do the brush-makers of  A vote of thanks was'Ontario use?    How   much   of   each  great success  passed to Mr. Rutter, hon  Mr.   Dawson,  pianist,' and  all  tbose  who gave their services to make the  club a success. _ ,h  Another of Vancouver's pioneers  passed away yesterday in the person ] use  of Mr. Duncan S. Lothien, who reside*!  at 56 Eighth avenue east. Mr. Lothian  had been ill for some time. The deceased, was a provincial timber scaler.  Mr. Lothian was born in Ontario, but  had lived in Vancouver for the past  eighteen years. He leaves a widow,  one son and three dadghters. The funeral will be held from his late residence tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock,  Rev. Dr. FraSer officiating. Center &  Hanna haveScharge of the funeral arrangements.  A  very  pretty  but quiet  wedding  was solemnized in Cedar Cottage Pres-  secretary,'kind?   Whs* is the value of the wood?  Where doeB it come from?-  ' These and cither questions With respect to the industry mentioned, and  also thirty-five other industries whic'.-  ,use wood. In their products are  ' answered in a pamphlet soon to be  Issued by the Forestry Branch of the  Dominion Department of the Interior.  The pamphlet is known as that  branch's Bulletin Nov 36,. and is e:i  titled "Wood-using Industries of Ontario."  . .'."'; V-  For some years the Forestry Branch  has issued statistics as to the quantity and value, of wood' used in the  saw-mills, pulp-mills and other wood  manufacturing industries. The scopf  of this booklet, however, is different.  The tetm "wood-using industry," as  here used,, is intended to refer'particularly    to  those  industries  which  mands a lower price, however, than  Douglas fir, because pf the prejndtce  which exists against it.  When cut edge grain it makes an  excellent flooring material. It finishes  smoothly on account of the uniform  texture of the wood and it also wears  evenly. It is not suitable for use in  damp places on account of its tendency to warp under such conditions.:  As a finish lumber it has the advantage of containing practically no  pitch; it has a beautiful grain, Works  smoothly, takes stain readily and,  when properly dried, will not shrink  or swell materially under normal conditions. s It presents a comparatively  hard surface and consequently does  not mar easily. ��������� ���������  .Western hemlock slabs and edgings  are manufactured into lath, and as a  lath material it is equally as valuable  as Douglas fir or other wood. In this  form tbere Is-no distinction, made as  to species, all pieces of a ssitable form  to make lath bing thrown ln together  and used Indiscriminately.  It Is used to a large extent for barrels and boxes tor BhJpping foodstuffs. For this purpose it serves admirably,, since the wood is odorless  and tasteless. A great development  along this, line may be looked for  when British Columbia consumers  realize the true value of the wood, and  cease wasting it as at present.  Almost Everything from  5 c  to  999������  A most  varied stock of  every-day  wants  999 c Stores  1150 Commercial Drive  **1  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Oranvllle StreetA  Luncheon and Afternoon  j       teas a Specialty  This scientific pa>ing cbmp^il^ -  in ihe greatest degree t*e^wlities of  ' \V>*'.  byterian church at 8:30" Isst Saturday | use for their raw material wood which  evening, when Beatrice, daughter bf has already been put through one^or  Mr. and MrB. J, Ainslie, Cedar Cottage, more processes of manufacture. For  was united in marriage to Mr. Horace instance, the saw-mills, which use for  W. Bucke of the firm of Luc^ and their raw material the logs as they  Lucas, and a son of Mr.- P. E. Bucke come from the forest, and which saw  of Ottawa, The ceremony was fer- into lumber, are not Included. The  formed by Rev. J. C. Madill.'��������� yThe|planing mill; on the other hand, J^kes  church had been decorated with green- for its raw materials the boards,  ery and spring flowers by the friends plank and other material which the  of the bride. The Lohengrin wedainsBaw-mill turns out as Its finished pro-  march was played by Miss Brown as duct, making these into sash, doors,  the bridal party entered the church, etc.-So the planing mill falls into ihe  The bride was given away by her class of ''wood-using Indus'tries," as  father and was attended by her sister,'understood in this bulletin, while the  Miss Agnes -Alosiie.7/ Mr. O'Brien saw-mill plainly doas not. Such a dia-  acted as groomsman. 'Following the tinction cannot, of course, always be  ceremony- the party drove to the home carried but strictly. '  of the bride's aunt, Mrs. C, 8elkirk, j The wood-using industries of the  Fifteenth Avenue, where^ a. reception j other provinces will be studied ty?  was held for tbe relatives andJptlmate soon as possible, tbe'study of these  friends.   Mr: snd Mrs- Buclte left b7 industries in the Maritime Provinces  the midnight: boat for a trip to the  South; after/-which:, tbey. W������L refijjTJ*  to reside Jo tfcta 'Oit^yA-L. ��������� -y^x. >-.������������������������������������*  Special Easter, services will be held  next Sunday In the Grandview Methodist Church, In the afternoon Easter  songs1 and *rec1tVitlons ��������� wlH: ts> S^ven  and a r^eif ^6f Pavfd LNInfeBtonfe's  1Mei-ifa''w6rix?'*:> ^  mnMmm im, m  Bitulithic Paving on Marine Prive  717 Dwalnlw jm mn*  is almost completed.  Those interested In .the- present  pamphlet may obtain copies gratis,  when issued, by applying ta thePiwij-}-  tor of Forestry, Ottawa.   .  Tbe British Columbia Forest Ser  vice has data showing that Western  hemlocks wbiclf,: IS being cut in- in-  creasing quantities' on the Coast, ia  ^ much more valuable^ timber than  was heretofore thought/'Tlie 'saie ie  f^eveht 'tfas at W80 OrSnt St  :   ?. *���������,��������������������������� -.'���������v  y ��������� ��������� ���������-.������������������, .   -.  vt:  increasing throughput Jthe province,  some companies'Bdvlnls placed, it ob  the prairie market In succe3Bfu^ coir-  .petition wUtf Dpugfa8 fir, on j*coun'it  ���������, ijjstyjuimejfthV home '-df^Wrs. jfc  F. paiuBo was^e scene- of 'int Wotan  at l'urich^.n, '^Jse present -w^e Ngrs.  Prof'  OdKim,  Mre.  tfiomrt^O^iil^f  Mrs. Wm. Odluiiii",Mjii.'Vibtbi! Odium* I^ the lower^rolgjfct rate and the reft-  Mrs.'J.'vV'; bdlunf^'thpse tadles ^wttlfc Uvely sgiajjer. of -splitting In nailing.  tfi&f'hbsi^sVwa^e six Mrk  ������3i.WSirnbm'llvs- fn GratftlVliw. fn������ *for/itelnjB������g sn4,^: 814^.4.^ present  Ashcroft Potatoes........ ...'$1.00 per sack  16 sweet Oranges. 25c  Can Flums........... 2 for 25c  Salad Salmon, 1 lb. tins....... .....2 for 25c  Eggo Baking Powder, 16-bz. tin. ......25c  Quaker Oats, large pkg. ......<................35c  Jellsopej 25etin......;U:.  15c  : Kootenay ^Cocc^.i.>:.:;....;...:.'..15c'-and 25c tin  ���������Telly Powder, assorted.................3 for 25c  Vanilla Extract.......:,.......... .... 10c bottle  Lemon Extract.;. v.;.'..'vv.........V.:^  Cocoanut. y........:...... A....;:...... ......^SOc lb.  Seeded Raisins.-.......... .'4"for: 25c  KrinkleC. Flakes..........;....... ...37fbr25c  Muscatel Raisins, reg. 10c...;. ......4 lbs. 25c  Valencia Raisins, reg. 15c .............J.0c lb.  Currants, cleaned..................,...;^J0cJb.  J^rity|3our-;. >^ ..................30c sack  PU Pickles ;...r;.;;...... ........;.. 20c doz.  W*Wv%' yto tried -;Swincleir ��������� Pfosi *$5c '-,  Cofieei ;|t /is winning many palates.*  $itf:Coip^^  f  i  <ms  4  Why send your son to occupation not congenial to him ?  Have you observed his God given talent for his  Life's course? Buy him a  TECHNICAL  BOOK  We supply issues to help men spiritually and temporaly.  CHRISTIAN LITERATURE DEPOT LTD.  U75 Granville Street \-  y Mr. Slconi pf Giant 'ft..and^Victoria  prive died suddenly IwV Monday. |He  was buried from bis residence. There  was a* large attendance at the funeral  which wss held in tbe afternoon. ���������"  . .Tbe. moving of tbe  buildings ion  Commercial    Drive    is    progressing  Quite a few* buildings bave been; removed,, the largest of which is tbe  Manitoba Hardware building.  Spring is coming, and.already the  people of Orandview are getting their  gardens into shape foe spring planting.  See 'the Chic Blouse store ad.   For  dainty things they can't be beaten.  BUFFALO GROCERY  Commercial Drive and 14th Ave.  "The Home of Quality"  Business comes our way because we keep what  the people need and charge moderately.  r  Fresh Easter Stock  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  J. P. Sinclair, Prop  . Phone: Fairmont 1033  A new store has been started on the  *-******4*4-*V*-***~i**^~>***  LABOUR COMMISSION  SITTINGS . of   the  Provincial  Labour Commission will be  held as follows :���������  Nanaimo���������Monday,    February  17th, at 8 p. m., Court-house.  Cumberland���������Wednesday. February 19th, at 8 p. m.  Alberni���������Monday,    February  24th, at 8 p m.  Ladysmith���������Tuesday, February  25th, at 3 30 p.m.  Steveston���������Monday, March 3rd,  at 2.30 p.m.  Chilliwack ��������� Tuesday,   March  4th. at 2.30 p.m.  New Westminster���������Thursday,  March 6th, at 11 a.m., Citv Hail.  Vancouver���������Friday, March 7th,  at 10 a.m., Court-house.  The Commission is einDowered  : ,to inqnire into all matters affecting the conditions of labour in  ' British Columbia.       All persons  interested are invited to attend  and give evidence.  H. G. PARSON,  Chnirmari.  F. R. McNamara,  X Secretory.    7-2-13-7-1-13  t*ei m I'M ****** tl 1111'S i ***  the principal us^^^i^I������k% InTpr^  Ish- Columbis ,is 1C,>ulp^ manufacture,  great nrelwi in tn"ev noAh;*'bain������v cut  over to supply thiB growing industry.  Authentic data are fa&klngf with to-  gard ib the durability..of wfefltern hemlock as compared wttb Douglas fir  and other woods. Tiie general inr-  presslos Is that Douglas fir i* ike  more durable. A few experimeDts  a*ade to determine the adaptablUty of  western ��������� hemlock to- treatment with  liquid preservatives .Indicate that, as  compared to Douglas fir, it offevti  about the same resistance to impres  nation across the grain, but that it. is  easier to penetrate along the grain.  Western hemlock is well suited fn^  use in all but the heaviest construction work, as shown by results of tests  which have been made, but up to the.  present time it has had a limited use  in bridges and treBtles. It bas been  used in some -Instances for. caisson  construction.  A considerable amount is cut into  cross tfes. Many of the western railroads use Douglas fir, western.larch,  redwood and western hemlock ox  clusively for tie material.' A largo  percentage of these ties are laid without preservative treatment.. Occa  slonally it is cut into telephone or  telegraph poles, but its use in this  form has been very limited. It has  the requisite, strength for pole Use  and grows in such dimension^.as to  make it very suitable for this class of  work. With a good treatment with  some efficient preserving fluid it  should give good service a* a pole  material. ,  Though practically all piling in the  province is of Douglas fir, western  hemlock is used to a limited extent,  however, for this class of work and  has aparently given satisfaction.  In house construction it is ueed a  great deal as a framing material. For  this class of work it serves as well as  Dsuglas fir. and locally commands the  same price. Western hemlock dimension stock ia cargo shipments com-  $��������� If o������se wivti ���������^rejyc  ?;;f$gUze bc&&&  T^sVWbyJ^  ;w^i^worli^ne������t only-flodra  ���������arc rnacfehandsome anew.  $Wey find it fan to apply this  <��������� <ji������ck drying,- ^o������?j: ^������������������b  rtfiat <a? *%ca\%^9xn.\* or  :   paint. Tow should try  Ha* ��������� hundred uses about the house,  and out. Costs little���������a gallon coat*  SOO square feet. In tins. 19 colors of  solid enamel, 9 pretty Lacs to imitate  iwoods, also M L Transparent for natural  finish. Good paint stores sell M L Floglaxe.  Write us for name of one nearest you, and  receive Free Book that will interest you.  |!~PEm������lVAMI8H4  imiirte     torokto  For Sale  Eggs, Pure Blood  Brown Leghorn  White Leghorn  Rhode Island Red x  Colombia Wyandotte  Enquire 2408 Westminster Read or 1710 Grant Street  PHONE Fairmont 1140 or Highland 343  EASIER OFFERINGS?  AT THE  999c  STORE  150  Commercial    Dr. ���������  teuuM  ,syya  A:  Friday. March 23,. 1M3  W  CALL  Egg Laying Contest  Pen  l. ���������  2.  S.  4.  S.  Second International egg-laying contest, held under supervision of Pro  vinclal Department pf Agriculture, at  the Exhibition Grounds, Victoria*.  Total eggs laid from December 2,  Hll* to March 2nd, 1913:  Class  1���������Non-weight varieties,  six  birds to a pen.  No. of  Gff tf  O.   P.   Stamer,   Cowlchan,  Anconas    215  V. Cleeves, Hagan P. 0.4  Saanlcbton, White' Leghorns .......4    23,4  R. W. Russell, P. O. Box  430, Nanalmo, White Leg-  ssoro**i ���������*������������������-)��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������i���������������������������->���������>���������������������������������������������>������������������������������������-,��������� ���������-������������������������>���������������������������   ������������������������;������  A. Unsworth, 8ardis,' White  Leghorns  ..��������� ' 'HH  B. A. Orr, Chilllwack, White  Leghorns . A ������ '......   160  V. H. Wilson. Koksllah,  White Leghorns    206  J. Emery, 'Sidney, B. C.,  White Leghorns    313  W, Senkbeil, Britcola P. O.  Black Minorcas .        7  F. P. Hearns ft Son. 1557  Eleventh^    Avenue    East,  '   Vancouver, Anconas ..,    Ill  H. Nicholson, 'Turgoose ��������� P.O.  ' y' Saaolchton, White Leghorns  _.....*.    1���������9  11. C. N. Borton,' Summerland,  Brown Leghorns     ISO  12. A. H. Anderson. Laity Road,  Port Hammond, S.S. Ham-  burgs  .'........,    213  13. Mrs. Cross,    2138   Belmont   J  Avenue,   Victoria',   White  Leghorns     232  14. A. Easton,    Duncan, B. C,  White Leghorns     25."*  IB.   Norle    -Bros.,      Cowlchan,  White Leghorns     322  16.' J. Amsden, Box 1, Deer-  holme P. O., White Leghorns ,. :   27������  17.   B. Boole, Cowlchan,   White  Lsshorns   ,    321  lt.   Seymour Green, Duncan. B.  C, White Leghorns  %' 2������6  II.   J.   B.  Balnea,   Saanichton,  a    White Leghorns    1*2  M. J. Allen. Box 48, Fort Langley, Buff Leghorns    109  ,    ClStS H.--W������labt VsHstlss���������Six  birds |o s s������n.  21. R. Wilson, Langley Prairie,  Barred  Rocks %    H3  22. U   P.    Solly.   Westbolms,  WWte Wyandottes     227  7.  t.  is;  119  220  .123  SIS  101  2������. A. C. Lsvekia, Gleagarry  Farm, Metchosin, Barred  Rocks    24. O. E. Henning, Mead,    Ne  braska, Black Orp's     15G  25. Joseph     Arnould,     Sard's.  White Wyandottes      26. J.   Wood, . 1153   Caledonia  avenue,     Victoria,     Buff  \J*\jp *M    ���������>���������*������������������>������������������>->������������������    ���������.���������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������������  27. Dean Bros., Keatings, Wbtte  Wyandottes '.:...."..._.  28. W.      MUler-Higgs,     Sooke  Way, near Victoria, White  Cor.' Oame  ..........i..j........  29. J. J. bougan, Cobble Hill, 8.  v ��������� C. Reds ..........j..:...............   30. F. North, Sidney, B. C, Col.  Wyandottes ...A.Li:L.'::.....  31. vG. AciamS,    box 84(1,    Vic  toria,  White  Wyandottes  32. C. W. Bobbins, Chilllwack,  Bufi Orps   38. Ferd.. Matthews, Kamloops.  Barred Rocks   34. O.' B. Ormoild, k. D. No. 3.  Ri c. Redsyy^y.'.'A.......   35. H.   E.     Waby.     EnderVft  Barred Rocks i...  36. Dr. W. H.  B. Medd, Mount  Toliiiie, Black Orp's   37. Mis. E. McC. Mottley, Kam  loops, 8, C. Reds ........  38. W. H; Van Arum;   Willow  ' *     ��������� Park' P. 6., Victoria,  W.  'Orp-s   ...................:;..:....... .'.  39. A: E; Smith, May wood  Victoria, S. C. R^ds  '40.   S. D. Evans, Box 201,  tlctcm/^Kprp's, A.yy.  Average price of eggs  dozen. Pen temperatures  C2 degrees; lowest 24 degrees; n������e������n  42.6 degrees. Rain fell on six days  only. Snow on two days. Frost was  registered on seventeen . days, and  sunshine was absent on five days.  ��������� Taking. Into consideration the variety of breeds and strains competing,  the egg production for the month hss  been very satisfactory. The yield averages a little better than fifty per cent.  for the whole forty pens.  The outstanding feature of tiie  month has been the performance or  Pe n 22 (Buff Orpingtons). It is true  last several records have been broken  thts month, but tbeir yield' of 140- eggs  in 28 days certainly deserves special  mention.7 'Appended is their dally  record for the month- 5 4 5 5 6 5 6 t"  5 3 5 5 6 6 3 4 6 6 4 6 6 5 5 4 6 5 4 -">.  Total. 140-eggs. In addition to this, h  might be mentioned that only two  pens in Class It are laying larger  eggs thsa Pen 32. The eggs average  26 1-4 ounces to the dosen from this  pen. In the,first contest, the highest  monthly yield bt either class wis 1U  eggs for 31 days.  In Class I. Pen^lS have ousted Pen *-**ta ye*'  17 from the leadership   by   one egg.  Pen 4, with a splendid yield ot 123  <-8gs Jumps up two places.    Pen    8  commented laying on the 20th.  The leading six penis in Class I. are;  15, 17, 16; 4, 18 and 14.  The following pens ln Class L were  the'heaviest producers for Isst month:  Pens 4 (125), 15 (114), 16 (106), 18  and 20 (102 each), 3 (101) snd 17  (100) eggs^  j   In Class IL, as mentioned above.  DOMINION  Big Things in 8ight at Brandon.  Brandon,    Man.���������Regarding    Bran*  don's present industrial development  .the estimate Is current    in    well-in-  I formed circles that building   permits  yill reach  something like  21,760.000, as against S 1.100,000 during 1912.    Brandon's population has  increased at the rate of 1600 yearly  during the past two years, and Insiders are now figuring op a population o/30,000 In less than five years'  ���������tliie.  P.O.  Pen-  :*.;.....;,. 7f  3i>c per  7 highest  Pen 22 especially distinguish them*  selves, and in doing so, move up from  fifth position to first. Pen 30 more,  up from seventh to second place, having a record of 122 eggs for February.  Pen 26 moves up one place. The  leading six pens are as follows: Pens  32, 39. 22, 29, 26 and 85.  Following pens were heaviest producers: 32 (140), 89. (122), 87 (113).  173 25 (107). and Pen 28 (102). The last  mentioned pen, White Cornish Game,  soon got into their stride, as the first  egg was. laid on February 1st.-  At the first experimental weighing  ot eggs, it was found that all. pens  were producing eggs well above the  minimum weight prescribed, 22 osss.  per dozen. Pen 37 heads the list with  27 3-4 ounces per dosen.  The following pens in CIsss I. lay  the heaviest eggs, 7. 9 and 17 (26  ounces), 2.tand 3 (25 1-4 houses), 1  and '���������'tV '(lis?- ounces.);  Class II.-T-87 (37 3-4 ounces), 39  (26 1-2), 2J and 32 (26 1-4), 22, 26, 30  and 34 (26 ounces), 40 (25 3-4), 27 and  39 (25 12), 38 (25 1-4).  Heaviest day's v. production���������148  eggs.   ..; ./'.''..���������  W. H. STROYAN,        J R. TERRY,  224  176  11.0  254  184  11  41  209  70  234  A Land of Lakes  1 -l    -  i *\     "*J* *A'*2-.WTi  j     ,    ,r+ r,   * t ,*  T  "is*  -  * WV4, -���������* if  ��������� i    "* .v1jV\ u/E  JlJ  Owing to the wonderful sprinkling. 000 acres was her share of Lake Wmr  of large and small lakes which ttjnlpef before the hoaadatr oxtoaslosi.  possesses. In addition, to many noble]Lake Winnipeg la oveM,00o,009 aarss  streams, Canada can claim to bo the altogether, and the ���������xteaalpa of ths  best watered region in the entire  world. The lake property ot Canada  is computed to cover 77,391,804 acres,  or 120,000 square miles. This allows  to the United States a share of the}  boundary adds to tha lake  ot Manitoba. Wtaaayagosls oovtn If  800,000 aerea, aad thia new belong* to  JtoUtobS..   ...-..- ��������� y ���������.-...,, yyyy yyyx$y,  In the eenstu recoird ne^y ^lf m  . yy^th  "   -,: ������������������ 'fit  Rsgina's Utilities Extensions.  Regna, Sask.���������The tremendous In  creases   in   population   of   western  cities makes lt necessary to expend  large sum* upon Improvement vorki.w..-MVH> w ������.���������������������  each year. Regina is no exception in lof 1^60,810   acres,   of   which   tha  this regard.   During the present year largest Is Atlln, with Ul.fSO acres la  It Is proposed to spend upwards of this Province and 7,840 acres in   tha  lakes along the frontier. '.There are [lake area of (Jsaada was m tlw NOfO^  over 200 lakes or i>aris of Ukes in the wsst Territories.   No fowor  Dominion, counting none under 1,000  acres.   In addition. It is certain that  there are scores of small Shasta of  water yet to be discovered.   British  Colombia is credited   with 16  m?*  "'M$y  $5,000,000  works.  upon various improvement  Will Rush Maelood*Calaary Line.  Yukon Territory. Babiae, Stuart,  kootenay and. Cblloo are each ovor  100,000 acres, snd so sre the two  Arrow lakes taken   together.   Qaeo-  Macleod, Alta.���������In view of the large nel, Okanagan, Harrison and Shnswap  programme  ot  railway  construction are among those over 75,000 acres.  work in the Macleod district for this  year, local merchants are already preparing for a record rush of business  Alberta has almost the same lake  area as British Columbia. Athabasca,  divided between Alberta and Saskat*  during the spring snd summer.   It is (chewan, has an area of over 1,800,000  also reported that Canadian Northern acres.   The Lesser Slave* aa Alberta  construction contractors are consider* water, ls*307,000 acres In extant       r  ihg the possiblity -Of the completion     The twenty-three lakes snd parts of  In-its entirety-ef the Macleod-Calgary lakes in Saskatchewan   aceonnts for  line and even the running of passen-[ 6.380,000 acres.   Reindeer is over 1,*  ger trains over the new line. by fall. 1600,000 acres.   Manitoba has over ������,*  Meanwhile   important   building   sc*| 000,000 acres of lake, whereof S,68������,<  tivity Is being scheduled, which shsll  include   many   new   residences and  business structure, in addition to the  public building contemplated by the  Dominion Government.  Poultrymaa.  Secretary.  Old Hand (to new /ticket seller at  Stats fair)���������Ever been on the wicket  before in a crush? v    ���������.'���������������������������"  -Seer. Hand���������Nope.  ' Old Hand���������Thought set.  New; Ha������d--Why not?  Old Hand���������You give change first  and tickets'afterwards.  New Hind���������What Is the difference?  Old H*nd���������Hondi-*ds of dollars.my  boy. No one ever passes ia and forgets his tickets.���������Judge.  Encouraging Lethbridge Industries.  Lethbridge, Alta.���������Lethbridge has  at last awakened to the fact that ft  has potentialities, such as are necessary . in the making of a large industrial and commercial centre, and. has  come for ward x with an Industrial  power In the nature of goal snd gas  (coal at 50 cents per ton and gas at  15 cents per 1000 cubic feet). Loth*  bridge manufacturers will not now enjoy exceptionally cheap power at a  rate of $12 per horsepower, per sn*  nam, tree sites, exemption from taxation for ten years and light aad  water at cost.  lakes are reported   In tha.  which the Great B������ar (7^i5.000 aeras)  and tha Great Slave (MM,000 acras>  are the larfsst y.'���������,,;  ' Ontario claims SJil.OOO aorsn ;, em- yyynimmi  .Lake-:Brio, U72.000 of Huron. 9J^i:&ymM&  OW ->f Ontark). 746^00 ot ���������aptrlar,  awl 74S^0S of tne Lake of tha Woods. . -.f^.t  Lake Nlplaw'la'tha-oW.ota^  asesadtag a million acraa. AltsfalbsS : 7;77 ,^-^  Ontario laeladas 26,761.000 ,.#m&yMi$������iM  laka In 41 lots.- 9r*9m^Uam^.'aaaa^M^^^m  recorded, with an area ot SJOT,** AySMmm  acres. Bat this was bsforo tho north- ���������' ������������������>'yi  ara ���������xtension, which aa^ many am> -^;,|^M  lions of acre*. She has Lake Metrflla I  of $00,000 acres, Mistasslnl 424^00, St.  John 224,000, wltb a great number of  Ungava wmVete manlng up to kalf .a ' '77vJ,';,  million acras. yy'y yy-x ��������� ��������� Aymm^M  Two salt watar iMkm ero roeoHo** ' yyyyM  In Nora 8MUaVtha;B^:d>Or;'^mlsM>$%^^|i  of 147,000 and 88,000 acres, whlW NOW '7 v 777 ;;7V^  Brunswick has only Grand 1& **-      yyx'x'A.  * ... 7 J^i'*"  \'*U-~ .'-���������-���������'.i-f.'. -*:���������������-. ^lI^*\V,'5lm  *m.***.y :��������� -y yxyymmm  ���������'������������������������������������������������������   ^'V.,'^������'a -AS  ;A0kEjmfi  '- iy$&j!&iy  I* IIMIMIM  ������MMIMIMIMIIIIIHIM������  Crswford���������To do-a thing wall, you  know, you must do It yourself.  Crabshaw->-But you miss th* fun of  HWag tho other fellow work.���������Judfe.  THAT YOU HAV1 Ml VIH SUH  NOR XVEN H1ABD OF!  '������������������\ A Parisian Novelty.���������Iii Europe it is uaed this year as  a little Easter present, or rather a mark of eourteaie to-  friends and relatives. Its value as a token liea more in the  novel idea than in the, price of the article. It ia arranged  so that it can be sent, just like a post card, for a cent or two,  to any place in Canada or the Unied States. The endearin<  idea about it is the embedded LUMINOUS CROSS, wliieh  will shine all night long (or in any dark room) in a GLOBI-  OUS, MYSTIC BLUE LIGHT, after you had it exposed to  daylight for a few minutes. The priee is so low that anyone  is enabled to be convinced of ita real nautre. It is indeed  an article which is held in high esteem' by sny Christian  family or person. The Shining Crosa is msde of a stone,  ���������whieh is found only-near Jerusalem, and of whieh already  the Bible speaks of aa the LUMINOUS 8TONB in picturing  Solomon's temple.  Prices are: 15 cents each, 2 for 25c,,5 for 50c, and 11  forfi.oo. } . 'Ayyy^yyAyy'yyy  A. Netkow, 832 )Tooge St., Toronto, Out, Sole Agent  for Canada snd U. S. v  ���������-���������-xy!;-x-fi>M-(&m  yAygmm  v-yy^ymhm  . '-rxxyyyAm  xi'. 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Phone: Sey mow--4770  R. F. HAY WARD, General Manager  WESTERN CANADA POWER CO., Ltd.  JOHN   MONTGOMERY. Coiitnuf A sent  P. 0. Drawer MI5  Vancouver, B.C.  'My.Sm  ' ;'-7 ': :_ff?  aiiiMtiiiii>4i.iiiiiie iii i-h^;-4-x~:*������>*k tii i'tit i-ii iii ii'x*^^ 1111 imm-iiih mnmimuu n-iuiiiiiinmiiit i,  ������������������������������������- (.  1***********4**************  The Successful Firms  Advertise.        WHY?  1*4**** * 4***I**************  THE YTEStERN CALL  Friday. 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'  Monday was St. Patrick's day and  the patron saint of Ireland would have  a rather wet. time, in Vancouver.  Most people have the erroneous idea  that St. Patrick was a Catholic. Thin  Is a mistake.  . The hen thief is abroad again. Six  leghorns'" disappeared from the hen  run of Mr. Franklin at 2763 Westminster Road last Thursday night, and  two were stolen, from Mr. Vernon s������t  386 Eleventh avenue east.     .  t  1  We do the Best Work for the Lowest Possible Prices.  Get Your Shoes Repaired Here  The new light standards on Main  St. are being rapidly raised.; When  they are finished and the lights have  been turned on Main St. will look like  a necklace of light.. For a new city.  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Brwtfway nnd We������tm|nstcr R^  Imndoooao Qardonlna  ajoffje %\mtime (not fa Spring wben the rush Is on) to plan j  ^^^^Tm^Si* piactical axperiwea laying Wgounds J  in YmSSSmt frosy be abie to give yoa soma advtee.  l������ow and spocislize in up-td-dete Pehlles; also farnUb Rases  aaaaven&V*&^ yor charges and  farther ^formation, address    wau*m **ITH^y M  TWff  Take Care of Voitr Teeth,  '   Quite a runaway occurred last Monday morning when a' horse and wagon  belonging to a -Chinaman went dareer-  ing down Westminster Road and turning east on 8th avenue, dashed into a  horse-shoeitfg shop near Scotia St. Before any one could dose the door it  tore* out again, as the shafts had been  separated: from the wagon and were  hanging around the horse's feet, It is  probable that the legs of the jequtne  flying machine will be sore.: I  ������.>**>*-t*B->-*>**>>>>>-*-*>--tHi-M-->-**>--B^.**--i--a->--***aB  Preliminary Heporl Oi)  Nineral ProOwmm  CANADA. 1S12  Statistic* subject to Itevitfe*  . The total value of tha mineral production In Canada in 1912 waa 1133.-  127,489 according to the preliminary  statistics published herewith, ^rhlcb  are based upon direct returns from  mine aad smelter operators, hat sab*  Joct to final revision. Compared with  the previous year this, production  ���������hows an increase of |29,90S,495wtNr  nearly 19 pe^ cent. The mineral output la JStl, Jiowsver, was somewhat  iresirlotedjjp^^ extsaded u  GOOD TEETH- ������!g%%ar!  kiA in nt-j> off lantmaa  Of the total production in 1912 a  value of $.61*177,989, or nearly 46 per  cent., is credited to the metals,   and  $71,949,500, or 54 per cent., to non-  metallic products.    With, the exepv  tioh of petroleum every mineral mined,  in Canada shows an increased production in 1912, in so tar an value ia  concerned.   In the case of silver only  is there a decrease In quantity,   and  this slightly leBB than 2 per cent., the  increase in total value of silver being  due to the much higher price obtained  for the metal during the year. Among  the'metals, Increases in quantity ot  output are  shown as  follows:    pig  iron, 10.5 percent; gold, 28 per cent.;  copper, 40 per Cent, and lead, 50 pets]  cent.   On 'account of the generally  higher prices of the metals' the, in*  creases in total value of output considerably   exceed   the   increases   in  quantity, and are as follows: silver,  12 per cent, copper, 85 per cent, and  lead 93 per cent  ��������� The    morst    Important, increases  among non-metallic  products  are  in  coal, gypsum and cement. Cpal shows]  an increase of-30 per cent, in tonnage,'  gypsum/ 11 per cent, and--cement. 2;>  per cent   . '. . ..  ".:,. ..'.;  It is a matter of;'regret to have to  .report a continued decrease in tho  production of petroleum.   The Canadian output of this  product a few  years ago was about 50 per cent cf  domestic consumption..   At the present time not over 5 per cent of Canada's consumption of petroleum and  its products is derived, from domestic  sources.    .    /.' ..���������  . ,  , The record, of production by' Province's given above, shows some slight  changes In the relative importance of  the production of each.   The   only  change In the order of magnitude of  output is that Alberta, the production  o'f which had exceeded that of Quebec  In 1910, but fallen below again j:������  1911, on account of Its restricted coel  output, again takes premier place in  1912. Ontario is still the largest contributor to the total, being credited  with , 38 per cent.; or |51,023;134;  British Columbia comes second with  32 per cent, or $29,665,323; Nova  Seotla third with 818,848,384. or I'  per cent; Alberta fourth with $18.  U0,������������0, or over 9 par -assV and, .Quebec firth with $u,67M8l, or s little  under 9 per cent- ���������  It should be .remembered Ta dealing  with these comparison! that Nova  Scotia in the'above record WiVrttt ao  credit on account ot ths/ larse Iron  smelting and steel making industries  at Sydney, New Glasgow^ etc. The pig  Iron made here ts entirely from. Imported ore and naturally is hot credited as a Caaadlan mine output Tbve  aama remark applies,'to, a hMrge per  ceptage of toe pig Iron production in  Ontario as well as ta the production ot  aluminum In Quebec.  Tbere was. an. increased output  In  n mt,   tbe  in Alhtfrta1 and  ***************'**'***}******.   .lV.li.l������|.������'l..l-M"l"l"l"l"i"l"l 'Il"l"l 1 ���������!'���������������������������<  PROFRIKTOaa:  c^WcGOWEN J  C& SALTER^ J  THE DON  REST PARLOR  2648 Mein St. 2d etore from 11th A9. |  PHONE  FAIRMONT  51*J  CHOCOLATES  FRUITS  STATIONERY  'S ���������t-,-1- -t <' ������:#'t ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ��������������� ;8- -t' '!��������� *8-������-8'���������������!��������� ���������, -*-S' ���������!��������� ���������t-������**'������lMi'.*>-*8- -t' -1-jl- ���������' ���������������������������"���������t'/l; ���������> ��������������������������� ������<.'������f ^gTJ  "THE SCHOOL OF CERTAINTIES"  We invite the public to call at our new premises in the  Harris Slock. We would like you to inspect our equipment ; to see y. hat splendid light arid ventilation we have;  to see our students at work.  If you are interested in Business Education, a visit to  us will convince you that this is the school for you to attend.  The best is what you require.  % SCOTT EATON, B. A., Principal  Gor.^^^^^^M^   St. & XOth Aye.  ?80NIJ;^a1r^ 2075      VANCOUVER B.C,  PHONP Fsif-sil 1117  PHQNP psirpaai t84-R  MAIN .   Express aire) baggage  Pwrnltiire ������n<j puwo Moving  Always in Mount Weasant  mm f#tmt M7T Stimd: 2421 SCOTIA ST.  Aid in use of langiMge^^and  Contribute to comfort.  PR. R. WOOD, 312-313 U*M$*  IS PREPARED fO MAKE PERFECT TEETH. ���������  restneteo owiws"wrv*������* ���������������^w "      There ww.mw������<������w" ������w  bor disputes snd the largest prevWu* ^^j, of tbe province* In 1918.  production was in 1910 compared with ,BTgeft ^^ being in Alberta  INttlMSeievstasfw  n-iser  fee Ossam Piece w*n **m *-**--* ������������������*-*-��������� <  J^JV^* W. H. Arssstroag, Prop. ^������?P  2440 MAIN STREET ���������<  We have just received another consignment of  WILLIAMS' FAMOUS ENOLISh TOFFEE  *  Always an up-to-date stock of the best Caadies, Chocolstcs * Fruits.  Oskcs and Pastries fresh daily.   All the latest Magazines to ba had here.'  PH099 Fmlrtmomt 1799  pnNlu*--->wf4 ���������*���������-���������������** ������������������������ ������-*- --������������������--  iisrat-*.   ���������������-���������������������������*���������  ������������������������������  i-ai^'i^^-t-W.-allaiws ������n Ineraasoi^^ig-^ coiumbis.  of|lM4^8������������,or6var24perceat Tb������l   .   ..   , ^^.^  per^ ca^ jn^uctipn   In 1910 w������*  flf.18, ������ud this bas increased in 1912  to over |18.th'������ record Is a gratify-  lag ideation or coaaTmatloa*-of the  tact that Canadian mineral Industry  tn mi has had by tar the most sue  i cessful rear in its history.  I This prosress Is all the mere sails-  |! factory because It Is evidently due tj  j a widespread and substsnttal development of the country'* mineral resources. Tbe only new camp ot Importance to contribute largely to the  year's .output wae Porcupine, the go������d  eroducttoa of which, was shout one  , ������... M   _*������.������ A  in hlova Scotia both coal sad fyp-  sum mining .were particularly active  though -a reduced production of gold  is reported. "Copper aad asbestos  miaias ia Quebec aaptribute vfciefly  to the Increase ^^hatprotiate-  Ontario had taa^erwat Increases la'  alokel aad copper but more eepeoially  Iu gold from the Poreoplo������ district  This province hss a large output of  non-metal^} products, Including cement, clays, etc. In Alberts coal mining haa had a record year, exceeding  la tonnage the British Columbia production.   In the latter proviace   the  production of which, was shout one   rtlic.   , WCrease wit la copper, with  sn������������ three-quarter million dollars.   A^      8Uw lead flBC> g^ ^ .true-  slight scarcity of labor was reports*:,  particularly In connection with the asbestos and clay working Industrie!?.  There were comparatively few labor  disputes to Interfere with output, the  principal difficulties being a strike of  coal miners on Vancouver Island, beginning ln September, and a labor  dispute at Porcupine toward the latter part of the year. The total coal  and gold production were but slightly  affected thereby.  A substantial increase In  price in  most of the metals, which took place  - ~      **- ���������      ���������.-1 M>.n#in,,.*.<1  gold, silver, lead. slac. coal aad struc  tural or building materials ss Import  t*jit contributors,  MR. LEVI MORTON NEAR DEATH.  letterheads  BUUmfo.  Envelopes  "Written Stationery  Visiting Cards  ^Smee Irritations  AdrnwHon Tickets  Our promises are kept.       Our prices are fair.  Our Work satisfies.  ��������� -ji wm W PRESS, tw.  Publishers of TBS WESTERN CALL  PHONE Fairmont 1140 2408 Westminster Rd.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  early   ln  tbe   year' and  throughout,  had a    very  bearing on the year's operations and  contributed largely to the Increased  value of the output.  A feature of particular Interest during the year has been the continued  and extended development of ore re-  New York.���������Mr. Levi P. Morton,  former governor of New York, and a  former vice-president of the United  States, was reported ln the early  hours this morning' to be in a more  critical condition then at any time  thus far in his grave illness. Mr.  Morton is suffering from hardening qf  continued the arteries.  important     Mr. Morton, who was born at Shore-  OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS  ham, Vermont Is 93 years old, and  has had "a distinguished career. He  was a member of Congress from New  York in 1878, In succeeding years he  filled Beveral high political offices, being United' States minister to Prance     ***-������       ������   -       * MAO  Mount Pleasant Livery  A. F. McTAVISH, Prop.  ',  Phone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main  i I Carriages at all hours day or night |  "*    "      *���������-���������-*���������������������������   o .1...,.   SnmiM and Sirarle %  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and Single  . Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire  ! furniture and Piano Moving   -^....il, SI I 0 ��������� 1 *** ** * *** *******4 ***���������% Vr  4  ilHUllllll  MIII * I III I M 11 It ** 14 t* 11 I' 11 > X*������������"  serves. The satisfactory results from from 1881 to 1885. From 1889 to 1893  these operations, particularly in the he was vice-president of the United  case of the nickel-copper ores of the States.  i Sudbury district, the Porcupine gold ���������  iorea of Ontario and a number of tiie  copper and lead deposits of British  Columbia, point to much greater annual outputs in the future.  Extension of ore smelting and refining facilities and ln a number oi  easee special improvement* In metis-  J ode of praetjce_ji*ve also bee^a,. In  -Did you see ML'Pleasant  Livery's New Furniture  Van? It is big, safe and  well manned.  Try ������T" CALL "ad.  WALLPAPER!  500 Patterns  to choose from  Come in and see how we|  have extended our  store  _     ... _.v l .      nn.       PHONE   PU**������Ht   ���������������*  STANLEY & CO. 2317 ��������������������������� st������et :7V-.  friday. March 21. 1913  THE TO3TBRN CALE.*    '���������  v "777*5,<- ���������  ��������� ������-l tia>������-l*l ������l������IIMIH >������ll������ M ���������������  sVy <���������;������������������:  IfYou Help Your District  also Help Yourself  AyA:' ram m vat mam cxt&.  iasuefl every Friday at 2408 Weatmla  ���������ter Rpfd. one-halt block north of Broad  way.   Phone Fairmontr 1140.  Editor, it H. Stevens; Manager, Geo  A. Odium.. ��������� .:\- 7'   - "   7  aabawlptlofti $1.00 per year, 60 cent*  per alt mftntha; il cents per thret  monthi.  Changes of ads. mu-it Jb. tn by Tuee  ay evening ear" J���������-  tion In folio win,  ter evening each week to Insure Inaer  ���������     InTollowlns l������r���������  ..otfcjen PJiMnW  rlsges Inserted free  tMue.    ^  m* deaths aad t mar-  o< charge. .   ���������.  I Swan Bros.  HMM.OMMCUAHBtt  I  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Cor. Tenth Ave. and Quebecft )y --.A  Preachlns Servlce8-*-ll a-m--yf*p^.������������������  -  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:������0 p.m,  ' Putbr, Kev. A. F. Bafatr. a-14th Kri., Beat  ,     CENTRAL, BAPTISTCHURCH  Cor. 10th Aye. and f*urel 8t 7;...  Services���������Preaching at U^a-m. and 7:11  p;m.   Sunday School at 8:10 p.m.  Rev . P. C-llftin ParkerArM.A., Pastor,  llth Ave. W.     .  ft  Garments of all description  cleaned.  Garnients.  of all descriptions"^  Gleaned I Pressed  he. metl Mb ft lili, Mom Falr.M4  lirks, szl ISth art, E.. Float Fair, f 74  FOR  MT. PLKASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario.  Parsonage, IIS llth Aije. W.-Tele. Fairmont I44fl.  Alert Adult Bible Class of Mountain View Methodist Church meets at  180 ovary Sunday.    Visitors will be  made welcome. ' 8. Johnstoa, prest*  dent ; '������������������____ '���������"'  Mt Pleasant Hall      ;^  Main St and Sixth Ave.        V  (Undenominational.)  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Gerr and wife  at the Full Gospel Maston, 40 Cordova  Street, East.    Every night at.7:4a,  i except Monday.   Bring a friend.  B. 8. ftfOOKJS,   Superintendent.  Pyofessor^-Vou soy you aro engaged  in some origiMT research. Upon what  subject?   '   - n  Sophomore���������I'm trying to discover  why tbe laic won't flow from my foun*  tain pen unless I place it in an-up*  right position to the pocket of a tight  fancy vest-rChlcago News.  ....   A TOAST.  Here's to the man who plans things-  Builds things���������makes things;  Who prates not of wonders of old,  Nor gloats upon ancestral gold.  But takes off his coat and takes bold,  and does things.  ������������������Judge.  Gk> ^ Clubb ft Stewart for high-class  gent's furnishings.     ������  '       "���������.' >:".;  -.;,' " ':'���������    i    '"���������'���������     * ' ���������'   ,*'.-'��������� -A''  Trimble ft Norris have good buys.  Corner Broadway and Westminster  Road.-  .-. 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FARLEY  BY JOHN MARCH  ; :<m*hk^i |, hi in i* n |.| ** ****.^************4'4i *********  f Paul leaned forward, his elbows oo  Bis knees, a cigarette held daintily between a finger and thumb, and let  Ids dark eyes feast upon the handsome  tfaos opposite to him, paled and  'etherealised by the last rays of'lln*'  ������gering daylight���������a strong fsee full of  wise thought, of Innate love for all  things pure and ot good report.  "I never felt so near happiness aa 1  ;4a at this moment," be continued,  'plucking one ot tho pale blush roses  jatestertng about the window and glv*  [lag It to Agnes, who stood behind his  g***-**lr with one hand on his   broad  alder.   "Hare's something smaller  suitable, for a bntton-hole," hs   sd, tossing a halt-open bad across  jsskls Mead..  ' ifor all afUr-time tha faint delicate  of a pole pink autumn rose  _ t to, Padl Farley's mind a sud*  vlvM picture of tho quaint "dusty  I  "Have you ever met a really clever  up-to-date University woman?" Paul  asked;  "No. I have not," he returned with  a laugh, "and I very much doubt  whether I want to." ������  "Why?" he asked; "would you ba  Jealous of the virility of that little  grey mass of matter commonly called  the bralnr > r  Felix Fleming threw himself back  In his chair, crossed his legs, . and  broke Into a loud, hearty laugh. "I���������  jealous of a woman���������Jealous of her  hard-earned store of knowledge?  Not I. With these two hands I could  crush the little skull that held the lore  of all the ages. A woman is welcome  to all the learning she can pack her  head with, provided she does oot oust  out her:womanliness to make way for  it."    ..-.   '��������� ,  "I should think a University woman  could be a womanly woman," Agnes  said, hovering like a modth near the  lamp In her white dress.  "No doubt you are right, sister  mine." he said, holding his tobacco  pouch between his knees and carefully filling his pipe, "I am simply an  old-fashioned fellow, with old-fashioned. Ideas respecting women and  thta- ways."  "I know exactly the kind of woman  to suit Felix," Agnee M*f, taking a  loir seat between.them- "To begin  with she would bare ai well-edueated,  weH-endowed healthy aiind, small piquant features, a clear wholesome  bloosa with Just a sprinkling of freck-  les-*-*-aecause she would be fond of being about In tha open air with her  husband���������a Uttle, light, elastic crea-  , tuTe as graceful as a bird*   Besides,  ******* m. ****** -M-iti.  ��������� ���������i Dt ������������������"������������������������ aba would be domesticated,  suspect a aaeaaaT youth, a real; -foe, would be Juat as accomplished in  aftermath,   ealf  eomos   with  soma'the drawing-room as practical in the  creat aaart-jap aaea as a lata autumn, kitchen, and .whether ln  society or  ! knlttlag. or scouring pots and pans,  Mrs. Prim would wear a black silk  parlor, of;Agnes ia bar white dress  aa-a coronet ot bronse gold hair, and  tha handsome manly figure of Felix  Bokfng peacefully In the twilight.  "lata dfwy freshness, thhvjuvenes-  _jg*ee ta;,tha atmosphere, seems to  Moisten tay heart." he aald, with a  taoga.  **l had almost forgotten  youthful I am still."      J  *To������ are young.1* Paul said, emitting; thta nine rlaga of smoke which  edvalad and-curled' above bis head:  ���������the first flush of youth bas passed  [lata- eartar prime, tha most perfect por  'Hon of-a man's life/* 1   *  '   "Oar first youth- bvna'yalue," he  answered; "we are not ooaaelous of  M uattt It is gone."  .   "I believe that," Paul said.   "I be*  ���������eve a late* partod. what one might.  turn our eaoand youth,  ls  happier,'  aaspar aad richer by far."  1   ~  lata. or-*perbaps to crown some other  aad festival in one's Ufa." ���������  Tea, aai the gods will envy a wo*  ia crowned by such aa aftermath."  "Beaaea aad all Ita angel* bleea  lat woman who thinks the same,* Foils said, knocking the aahes^front his  ������*.. "Agnea\eaUd," kaadded sadly, "don't you think It's time we  a light?"  J      I  Sho touched the bell-pall, and Rosa  pilgrim entered .with a lamp and' aat  a wa a massive black walnut table In  tha centre of tbe room. Involuntarily  Paul's great searching eyes went  across to ber. Ha felt a certain Interest, tn tha girl on account of her ansa*  etaMoo with the Larches and little wuy  Wycherly. Sha ,was not, he dlscover-  pi, particulars young looking, but  aamelr enough ta a fair red-and-wblte  plump way. Their eyes met aad Rose  Hushed a deep red. which suffused her  wkole (ace.from brow to chin, then  ���������lowly receding left ber exceedingly  "Rtose * ia all confusion at being  brought unexpectedly face to face wi h  par sweetheart's handiwork,*. Felix  laughed in answer to bis' puzzled ques*.  Honing look when the door hsd closed  twfcind the woman.    !���������:���������'���������  *I don't quite understand." be, ssid.  "Why. Denham is courting Rose PiV  Blra, snd Rose is * friend of Mrs.  Mller at the Popinjay"  i A"Mon Dleu!'?he said in consternation. "You-dpn't mean that a nice-  looking.' respectable person Ilka Hose  Wim dellfK-rately, of ��������� her own free  .-will, tie herself to that drunken blackguard"  ������������������Yea, I do." Felix said, "and very  pleased and thankful, she'll be. A  jnan and a cottage Is tbe goal of theae  country girls-' aspirations. A young  woman in a poor cottage with half a  dosen children down with diphtheria.  and a violent brute of a: husband  .���������pending most of his earnings in  drink, would degm herself lucky to  {are eluded a few yeara of aolid, reportable service.   Such is the calibre  of the bucolic mind!"  "Don't you think." Paul aaked. look-  , lag at the glowing end of hia cigarette, "that the reason women more  especially those of the vast middle-  class, are compelled to look on marriage aa a means of livelihood, a sort  af life Inaurance, because of the cheap  There's no necessity to launch out too  extravagantly; we could-���������" .  "I can quite understand why Mr.  Farley demurs," Agnes interposed;  "he has been such a short time at the  Hair; it would seem like taking advantage of Sir Thomas's good nature  to ask leave of absence, so soon."  "I would mufch prefer not to: ask permission unless some very important  and unavoidable b -loess called me  away," he. said, with intense earnestness.  "Very well, Farley, don't bother,"  he said. "Ill run up for a few hours  and take Agnes," a shade of disappointment on his brow.  "So you mean to face the music,"  he inquired after a pause, "and put la  an appearance at the Widow Wycher-  ly'sr  "I promised--''  The sharp report of a gun rang out  o.. the still night air. Fells sprang  to his feet, ran down tha steps on to  tha grass, and stood  searching  the  Friday, itehix, jSia  LAND NOTICES  apron, a wince*/ gown, neat linen collar aad euffs. and gild the homeliest  duties with an atmosphere Qf loveli-  neeeaadjoy. I think la all probability  she would thrum aa tha harpsichord,  walk - a ' mtuuat, > and work Antique  tapestry stitches on a sampler���������s  4 slightly modernised replica of Lucre  ��������� tla spinning In the midst of ber maid  ens. tf you remember, Mr. Farley-?"  '.'Remember the -croaking! of; tt?  frogs in,Egypt," Felix s&id seut.i  tlously.  ���������       ,  y* expect that Is sn excel'ent wor-  sketch of .th? future Mrs. Flemlm  Paul said, sml-int- ���������* her tbmi'gb *,  ���������Mttotnf jlaf*������s������ ,lPo yon thing the  -twuMmskVaolotdtKUe wife?"  -Tee, | think she would, but, oh, my  gracienf. what ��������� paragon ot ��������� tlster-  fr-lew! Felix Is a food tort -but I  dog't believe even) he Is virtuous  enough to live up to her."  > "Nothing ever charms ma more  than when i meet my superior." be  remarked, calmly puff lug away at his  Spe. "one who makes me sincerely  el he is .������*y superior.'*  "I don't tblnk you-wW be likely to  meet that man -bften," Paul remarked.  "Oh.^ oomei,; Farlay/' ha- returned  with a broad smile, Hl can't digest  flattery absolutely frae of adulWra-  tloh. I don't value a oompllpeat,  wrap it up e# poetically-aW delicately  a* you may. 1 am plain, honest yeoman, and (Tl tried to flounder hhout  tn that artificial tomfoolery, I should  soon-ba beyond'my derfth-"       it  ���������Tardon me." he said, with a winning smile. "I spoke, .-jut the tbanght  In my mind; It was* not eapeWant.  and has certainly, a fulsome flavor  coming from almost a stranger." ' >  "Now. Ill compliment you both."  Agnes said, shifting her ottoman nearer to Paul and treating him to a quisling smile from ber half-dosed-Ofes,  "a great, good, wise and handsome  man stands the first of all created  thlnga!" :y'  "Thst's m crib, if lss Fleming, and 1  oaght to pinch you." he satd. throw-  lag away tbe end of his cigarette.  "Nothing , of the kind you horrid  wiseacre," she pouted, taking the rose  from her bosom and hitting bim with  it. He took tt from her after a tklr-  . nUsh and put lt tn his button hole with  stamp placed, upon their work? Men j the half-open bud. Felix looked from  never are. never can be fair judges' one to the 'other with an taiulgent  ���������of a woman's capabilities; they .smile I [smile. He was glad and oontent to  or sneer, each according to hislndi- see the easy bantering bonhomie, the  vtdual cheerful or splenetic tempera- young people had rapidly established  ment. while the world at large, ab-1 between themselves. !l augured well  sorbed in ita jstereotyped cut-and-drkd j for the long cosy winter evenings-  definition of things, never dreams of: the parlor ruddy with a cheerful fire,  taking them or their doings serious-, the light glimmering and dancing on j  iy." [the dark oak panelling, and the inter-j  :' "A man." Felix said smiling, "can; eating, artistic figure of Paul Farley i  rarely disassociate the magnetism of j very much in the foreground. '  sex  and  the personal charm of  the j     "Tel'J me. Miss Fleming, ar������ you go- j  Worker from the quality of work done,  ing to the ball at tbe Larches?!' asked  There have been and are I will own ! Paul, holding out the rose,  a few exceptional women who have j     "Yes, I am, Mr. Farley, and h shall  competed fot some sort of success or i expect you to ait out all the waltses  fame in the world's arena and come  with me."  away with a laurel wreath.   Still, Far-      "Rather a large order, when nowa-  ley taking the race, I honestly believe  days every other dance on tbe pro-;  gramme is a waits.   Are you going.  ihe woman to be man's inferior both  ���������mentally and physically. She is the  weaker vessel, an after thought, designed for a helpmate, not a breadwinner; ahe was formed" for the domesticity, not the publicity of life;  ehe was constitutionally created to be  ;in subjection to man. and therefore  her modesty, her deportment; and her  jcolor of mind should match the divine  intention."  "But look at the thousands of women, sir. who are; whom adverse cir-  'cumstances bave compelled to be,  jbreed-wlnners.' '  ��������� "God help them! Yes, there are  '.millions, but, Farley, I am not saying  a .woman cannot or should not work.  .Both Adam and Eve tolled, but he  delved and she span. 8he did not filch  the spade. We have it on good authority that she worked, and was useful  ;ln her day and genera:'.on. but within the limit-' the Create, set when he  moulded her."  Mr. Fleming?" he aaked,  "I am going to take Agnes," he aald,  "I think tbis affair will be a shade out  of tbe ordinary dull routine. 7- You aee,  there's precious little dissipation tn  the country, and I don't want the child  to get hipped..' I shall run up to town  next week and get her a domino.  Wbat do you say, Farley, to a Jaunt  with me? ,How will the 'Cecil' suit  you. a first-class recberch* dinner, a  theatre, and home next day?"  "Admirably!" he said, pushing his  chair back into the Shadow of the curtain, "that is If I could get away for a  night, which l,am sure is next to Impossible.'*  "Pooh .nonsense."  "Now, Mr. Fleming, lf you will purchase me a mask when buying for  yourself I shall be much obliged."  ���������1 will, with pleasure," he s*M cor-  dislly, "but, on my soul, r don't see  why you should not come  with me.  horlson with bis keen grey ares. ,  "What ls lt?" Paul asked, Joining  him.  "Someone after tha. pheasants In tha  plantation yonder. I think 111 slip  down there, and find out who the rascal is. Are you in tha mind for a  chase?"  "Tes." he said. Tin ln vary good  trim Just now." i  "I suppose you are a crack shot?"  "Oreat Scott,  I've never had a gun  la ay hand."  "Ill give you a day's shooting later.  I don't think It will take much tuition  to ensure your getting a rabbit Agnes," ha called, "fetch a couple of caps  and tha lead bludgeon from the keep-  lnrroom, and then run in, that thin  dross la no protection when a heavy  dew is falling."  Paul stopped aad turned up his  trousers at the ankle.  "You think that thing sufficient defence?" ha asked, ss they left the gravel and walked on tha edge of the  damp grass.'  "Plenty," he said, swinging the ugly  cudgel airily round. "If it's Denham  and his kidney, they're the most cowardly scamps unhung."  fiBo Denham Indulges in poaching  aa a pastime?"  "He gets a few rabbits* and snaras  a young leveret noWiahd again, bdt  the lout hasn't the hardihood to do  much harm. He knows I'm wedded  to my gun. arid -rarely star off the  land. He takes It I'm at Bast Weyberne meeting to-night, which accounts, for yon stray shot."      ,  Tbey crossed the turnpike Into a  wield, kept along ta the shadow, of a  fence, and then, leaving the ot������n.  clambered over huge clumps of prickly  yellow gorse Into the plantation. The  moon was not so fujl as on the previous nlgbt. and stumbling among tha  tangled undergrowth. It seemed as If  a double handful of darkness bad been  flung broadcast betwixt tba aged and  blackened trunks of the pine trees;  Suddenly Felix stopped to listen,  and Paul came plunglif against .him  breathless, half-stupetted by the dork  mass of luxuriant growth snd foliage,  aad stared at blm with a dased glance  of laqutrr- ���������' J  Thr^mmi aat bit hand oa Paal'i  arm and d?^w lilm elota.   =-/���������' "w::  *wnat'������ the mattarr he whispajran,  bending down the better to discern bis  features ; "you are all In a tremor l"  "ff������ tarrjhlf dark and oppreaslve  here," he aald "I should Uke If poa-  slble to keep beHde yoa Instead of  tumbling aimlessly about behind. I  have a tague mdefloable feeling that  a* shall eoma anon apmathlng horrible directly."  An arm came around-htatboulders,  and Paul heard a sound flmiiar to that  of a stifled laugh. ���������  ;        . -I   A ,_��������� .  "What ar* m waltiar Wr?^ ha  breathed.  ������������������-,���������'.������������������������������������...���������-���������  Ha could feel the beating of the  Squire's heart, and the tbrobblac of  tha pulse In the wTist>around his aeck,  and the heavy bronse moustdche tkk-  **A*M.e*nryy-y:x^yAx-^. . >*&���������<���������-A  "I can tearKmapund, of .snapping-  twtid.'r bei?aatdV^Mmr.}������ ������Mr  the dropping of flr-oonef; still, I wink  there's life about, though not human,  perhspa -Jwhat-^'a4������ia1o-',of aaryed  jw> art/', be added, feeling aaMHa  vest pocket fer hla matea-box, and1  resting hla cb(n oa the crdwa of Paul's  ���������head. 7^'-.���������.-.������������������..'������'������������������������������������������������������; ' '. c ��������� -.-������������������ y. '  "This Wad of recjreation Is rathar  novel, and I should W a triOa hasar-  dous." he snewered. "and I baye a  decided preference tor a whole .skin.".  "We are running no risk at all, I  aasure ypu." FelU aald. "Had I scented a possible danger I should have  oome alone and brought a pair of pistols with me I always keep loaded.  I know everyone of Denham'a pals by  sight. They're a lot of crass, good-  for-nothing loafers, who want to make  a few Shillings/rat of snared game at  the nearest- market town. I don't  think the men are vicious or deeper  ate enough to spill blood over tbe  business.  "Denham has a grudge against yon,  though," Paul said, his mind all at  once harking back to tbe sceae opposite the Tsoplnjny." "I noticed, an  evil look tabla1 small eyes; the, other  night wheif you ��������� threatened to sack  him lf he didn't go quietly .home."  "I've had dealings with Denham  <ver since I was em nipper of a lad.  He's a good laborer, though nearly  always in drink.^1 should be loth to  think it more than a momentary anger  at being pu}b)d up;short in the presence of an admiring and applauding  audience."     ��������� ',- '?...-  It was a still night, and although  the moon was hidden, the heavens  above the dense "blue-black plantation  trees were studded with myriads of  stara.  "The beet thing we can %do Is to hug  one another." Felix said, "until ber  Majeety comes out from behind tbat  cloud, and���������h^lto! what's this coming? By Jove, It's a dog, and he  seems- to know me, too!"  Tbe animal cringed and sniffed,  leaped and then fawned upon him. It  ran a little way af>d returned, wagging  not only Its tail, but its whole body  seemed in an ������cstacy of delighted satisfaction at his timely find.  "He looks like one of the Weyberne  Lodge dogs," Felix said, stooping and  rubbing the collie's ears. "1 wonder  what he's after down here? I believe  there is something wrong, Farley, and  the intelligent creature has stopped  the first human beings he has met to  tell them-in his dumb, dog fashion."  The animal  whined,   ran   forward,  looked-behind to 6ee if_they were fol-  (Continued on Pane 7)  TA������cbvy-������ x-aw-d BxanucT  Slatxio. of Oo-ast, vfttu>ve a  . TAKE   notice   that   oWge   liiint   of  Vancouver,   B.   C.;"   occupation   janitor,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the loUowing described lands.  Commencing- at a post planted at the  north  end of Tsunlah  Lake and  about  40 chains west Of Robert B. Ellis's initial^ po t, thence West 40 chains, thence  south 160 chatns, thence east 40 chains,  thence back to place of commencement,  containing 640 acres more or less,   bald  ������f*y,n*ah  Lake  being-  east  of and  near  Cliilto Lake In the 2nd Range.  .     OEORQE  HUNT,  i-, .     ..... ������er v**nk R. Anjters. Agent.  Date, 28th December. 1912.  Stotrlet et Oeeet, aaage ���������  , TAKE notice that Robert B. Ellis, of  Vancouver,    B.    C.    occupation   agent,  lntehds to apply for permission to purchase the following described landa:  Commencing at a post planted at the  head of Taunlah Lake on the eaat shore,  thence meandering along the shore south  80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 8Q chalna, thence.back to place of  comemncement, containing 640 acres  more or Ipss. Said Taunlah Lake being  east of and near Chllco Lake tn the'2nd  Range.  ROBERT B. ELLIS,  - Per .���������"���������������������������ink R. AngerB, Agent;  Date, 28th December; 1912.     , ,   7  j ��������� ���������*���������- ������������������������������������������������������  TASootnram z*sra> vxarawr  XMst-riot<of Ooaet, Baage ������t  .TAKE notice that Thomas Mathews,  pf Vancouver.  B.  C��������� occupation  agent,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:  : Commencing at &, pout planted at the  north-east end of Tsuniah Lake and adjoining R. B. Ellis's Initial post Thence  north 80 chain*, thence- west 80 chains,  thence aouth 80 chains, thence back to  place of commencement, containing 640  acres more Or less. Said Taunlah Lake  being eant of and near Chllco Lake In  the 2nd Range.  THOMAS MATHEWS,        ���������/ -  . '��������� Per I rank R. Angera, Agent.  Date, 23rd December, 1912.  . TA-gbou-rajiulbto maaaxo*  Btatrlet of Oeeet, Baage a  TAKE notice that George C. Hlnton of  Vancouver; B. C, e-M-upatton^elsai-rlctan,  Intends to apply for. permlaslcWTio .purchase the following deacrtbed lands:  . Commenothg.at a post planted at the  North end of Taunlah Lake, thepCe north'  160 chalna, thence east 40 chains, ttw-nce  ���������south 160 Chains, thence back to place  of commencement, containing-. 140 acres  more or less, 8ald Tsuntah Lake being  east of and near Chllco Lake In tbe 2nd  Range.,      :��������� -v^.... .-���������������������������  GEOROE C. HINTON.  per frank R. Anget .<, Agent.  Date, 23rd December. 1������12. :      -     .'"/  Bletelet of Ooeet, Baage a  TAKE notice that W. A. Wright,!of  Vancouver, B. C. occupation bank clerk,  Intende to apply for permission to pur-  chaae the following- deacrtbed lands:  Commencing at a post planted at the  east ahore of Taunlah Lake and one  mile south of George C. Hlnton's initial  post thence meandering along the Lake  ahbre south SO chains; thence eaat, SO  chains, thence north 80 chains; thence  back to place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less, said  Taunlah Lake being Eaat et and' near  Chllco Lake In the 2nd Range.  w. a. wrjohtT .  Per Frank R. Angara.,Agent.  Date. 21th December. IMS, ':AA  ���������Tamvawfam ���������^*i*9m.mi9Pn*mf9'' ;��������� '.���������"���������.-  iHs-m������t er cn^ Bsuft a  TAKE notlca that Eugene Cleveland  Commencing at a 'post planted near  Tsuntah Lake One tmlle south of W. A.  Wright's initial post and about one nun*  dred and fifty paces from theTLake Shore  and two milesv from the head of the  Lake, thence 8outh . 80 chains, thence  east 40 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence back to place, of -comemncement,  containing 520 acres more or less, said  T-tnniah TLake being east of and near  Chllco Lake In the 2nd Range.  EUOJ3NE CLEVELAND,  \ Per Frank R. Ahscs, Asent.  Date, 28th December, 1912.  TAVOV0TBB -MJIB a*9f*Wft  afatriet of coest, tBaage i  TAKE notice   that   H.   McDowell  of  Vancouver,- B. C, occupation merchant,  intends, to apply for..Permission to purchase the -following described lands: .  Commencing at a post planted three  miles north ot the head of Taunlah Lak������  and' three thlleB "from Robert B. Ellis'  initial   post:   thence .south   80   chains,  thence -esst'SO chaltis, thence north 80  chalna,. thence ���������' back - to place of commencement;  containing 640 acres more  or less, said Taunlah Lake being east of  -and near Chllco Lake In the 2nd Range.  H. MCDOWELL.      "  .   Per Frank R. Angers; Agent.  Date. 28th December. 1912.  vaatwu ?b������ t**mv pcttbict  Bfatriet ef Oosat, Baage ���������  TAKE notice that Wallace Law, ot  Vancouver, B. C, occupation salesman.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted on the  west shore of the Chllco River near the  Junction of the" Sheep Creek and 100  vards south of the trail to Chllco Lake:  thence south 80 chain*, thence west 80  chalna. thence north 80 chains, thence  back to place of commencement, containing 640 acres more or lewn.  WALLACE LAW.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 30tli* December. 1812/  ���������AsTCOVTBB XtABB PX8TBWJT  x Blstrlet of Ooast, Baage a  TAKE notice that William Worden of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation hotelman  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted on the  west shore of the Chllco River - two  miles from Chllco Lake and one mile  from Charles Over's Initial post: tnence  meandering down the river 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence south 80  chatns. thence back to place or commencement, containing 640 acres more  or less  WILLIAM WORDEN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent.  Date, 28th December, 1912.  ��������� ��������� TAsrcKwriB xuun������ -oxarmxor  District of Coast, Bangs a .  TAKE notice that Alex. Fletcher of-  Vancouver, B. C, ocupatlon carpenter,  Intends ^to apply for permission to purchase the following described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  West shoro of the Chllco River three  miles below Its source one mile down  trom William Worden's Initial poet,  thence meandering .down the river 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  south 80 chains, thence back to place of  commencement, containing 640 acres  more or less. . .  ALEX. FLETCHER,  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 30th December, 1912.  ���������aapo-orsB babb nxarrnxoT  Blstrlet of Ooast, Baage a  TAKE notice that Alex. MacMlllan of  Vancouver, B. C, ocupatlon bank clerk.  Intends to apply for. permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the  head of a Bay on the West side of Chllco Lake about thirty miles from 'the discharge of-the Lake, thence weat 160  chains, thence north 40 chains, thence  east 160 chains, thence back to place  of commencement, containing 6.40 acres  more or leas. ,  ALEX. MacMILLAN,  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 18th February. 1913.  ���������ABOOVTBB ZJLBB BttTBlO*   .  Blstrlet of Ooast, Baage t  TAKE notice that Thomaa G, Holt ef  Vancouver, B. C, occupation contractor,  Intends to .apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted on tbe  West shore of the Chllco River at a  point SOO. paces south of the Junction of  Sheep Creek with the Chllco River and  10 yards east of the trail to Chllco Lake;  thence north 80 chains, thence west ,80  chains, thence south 80 chains, thenee  back to place of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.  THOMAS G. HOLT.  Per.Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 30th December. 1912.  YABWVTBB BiLBS  Mot of  Statelet  TAKB notice that A. M. BegUle of,  Vancouver. B. C, occupation auettoneer,  Intends to apply for permission "M, purchase the following described lands:���������.  Commencing at a post planted on the  weat ahore ������f Chllco River, about'five  miles down from Chllco Lake and ad-  Joining R. -N. Gilmour's Initial post,  thence meandering up the river 80  chains, .thence. South 80 chalna, thence  weat 80 chains, thence back to place of  commencement, containing 640 acres,  mors or less.  A. M. BKATTIB.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  7 Date, 10th December. 1913.  >- - ��������� I,,,,,, ������f Oeest, Baage a  TAKE notice that R- N. Gilmour of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk,  Intende to anplyfor permission lo purchase the feliowlng described lands:���������  , Oommeneiag at a post planted on the  west shore off the Chllco River about five  miles down jhe river from Chllco Lake  and two mllee down from Alex. Fletcher's initial post thence meandering  down the rlvsr. thenee west to chains,  thence south ** chains, tbence .beck  to place of commencement, containing  640 acres, mere or lese. ���������  ft N. GILMOUR,  : i Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, sotl* December, 1912.  y*Km: notice thatrT- F. Paterson of  Vancouver. B. C occupetlon manufacturer, intends to apply for permlaston,  to purchase the, following described  lands:*��������� ��������� - ��������� '  7 Comreencrag et a post planted about  one mile north of the bead jii Tsuntah  Lake, and one mile north of Robert B.  ElUs's   Initial  io  posf.   thence  north  ohains, time* west ������0 chalna. thence  south 80 chalna, thence back to place  of commencement, containing 320 acres  more or less, said Tsuntah Lake being  east of and near Chllco Lake.  T. F. PATERSON.  :���������'    Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent.  Date, -28th December. Ill2; '    .  ��������� TAKE notice that J. Frlaken of. Vancouver. B7 C, occupation bank clerk,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase/the following described lands:���������-  Commencing''at a poet planted on the  south shore of Choelquolt Lake at a  point 80 chalne west of the north west  comer post of Lot 3S1.V thence meandering along tbe shore ..west 80 chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80  chains,- thence back to place of. coin*  mencement containing 640 acres more  or less, said Choelquolt Lake . being  near Chllco Lake.  J. FR18KEN. .       A  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 31st December. 1.912.  TAKE notice that W. H. Swan, of  Vancouver, B. C ocupatlon-bank clerk.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  'Commencing at a post planted on the  south shore of Choelquolt Lake at a  point adjoining the north-west corner  post of .Lot 361. Chance meanderinu  along the shore west 80 chains, thence  pouth 80 ��������� chains, thence east 80 chain**,  thence back to pjace of commencement,  containing 640 acres more or less, said  Choelqnolt Lake being near Chllco Lake.  - ,W. H. SWAN.  _ Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date, 31st December, 1912.,  ���������ASrOOOTBB X-ABB BX8TBIOV  Blstrlet of Coast, Bangs S  TAKE notice that A. M. Leltch of  Vancouver, B. C. ocupatlon broker,  intends to apply for permlsBlon to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted In the  N'emtah Valley about 20 yards southeast of James Robertson's pre-emption  pOst No. 384 and adolning the northwest corner post of same, tnence .east  80 chains, thence north 80 chains-, thence  west 80 chains, thence back to place of  commencement containing 640 acres  more or less, said Nemiah Valley being  near Cbilco Lake.  A. M. LEITCH.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 14th February. 1913.  TABOOUTBB XkaJTO TDZaTBIOT  ; XMstttet of Coast, Bangs a': :<  TAKE notice that Charles B. Colihg  Vancouver,   B.   dy Occupation    agenti  intends te apply for 'permission to pur  cnase the following described lands:--- <  Commencing at a post planted in th]  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the nortnf  east corner post of Indian'Reserve N<i  1, thence north 80 chains, thence wes,  80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thencJ  back to place of commencement contalr  Ing 640 acres more or less, said Nemla  Valley being near Chllco Lake.  CHARLES E. COLINO.  __        Per Jean Ehgene Angers, Agent  Date,  l������th February,  1918. T  - TABOOVTBB BABB BBRTBIOC  Btatrlet of Oooat, Baage; 8  .TAKE notice that J. E. Han'rahan ol  Vancouver, B. C, occupation  intends to apply for permission to pur  chase the following described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted ln th*l  Nemiah   Valley   and   adjoining   tti  south-west corner post of Indian  serve No. 1,:thence meandering along th-|  lake shore south 80. chains, thence ea  80 chains, thence north 80 chalna, then,  back; to place of commencement coil  tatnlng 640 acres more or less, said Ne  mlah Valley being near Chllco Lake,  w J. E. HANRAHAN. ���������������������������  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agenl  Date,  14th February,  1918."  .Blatrlot of Ooaat, Bangs a. ��������� ;���������'  TAKE notice 'that  Harry Roberts   n  Vancouver, B C occupation hotelmaa  Intends to apply for permission to puij  chase the following described lands:���������j  Commencing at a post planted on ti  West shore of the Chllco River, at  point where it comes out of Chllco La"  thence west 80 chains, thence north  chains,   thence   east   80   chains,   thene  meandering along the west shore of thl  Lake, back to place of comemncemenf  containing *640 seres more or less.:  HARRY ROBERTS.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, L8th Doc*:nber, 1912.  ^���������ajtoou tBB mama BxavBxos.  ~? ���������  Blsttlctof Ooaat, Baage a     TAKE notice^' that Charles Over, 7c  Vancouver, B. C, occupation hotelman  Intends to apply for permission to pur  chase the following described lands:��������� f  Commencing at a post planted on thJ  west shore of th* Chllco River one mllf  down from its source, one mile north o  Harry Roberts Initial post thence mean  derlng down the river 80 chains, thenc-J  west 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains  thence back to place of commencement  containing 640 acres, more or less.  CHARLES. OVER.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent  Date, 28th December, 1912.  . ��������� TAJIOOU>BB B4BB BMWBlOg  .      .    IMa-Met of Ooearl^ Baage a..:. ���������  .TAKE notice that R.7O, McSween o|  Vancouver, B..C, occUpsvtlon bank elera  Intends to apply for permission to pur  chaae the following described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted on tht  south  shore of Choelquolt Lake-abaT  SS chalna west of J. Friskea's. Initk  post, thence meandering- along the ehor  160 chains west thence south .40 chalnL  thence east 160 chains,-and meanderlna  along the north  shore of an imhame  lake, thence back to .place of commene  ment containing 640 acres more or let)  xald Choelquolt Lake being near.'".""���������  Lake.     ������������������-.������������������ ������������������������������������-��������� "��������� ������������������  ���������-��������� R. O. HcSWKKN, 7  .    Per Jean Eugene Angers. Agent  Pate, Slst December. J912.        _^.  TAKE  notice  that   Mrs   M.   Rogers]  Newman, of point Grey. R. C, occupa-i  tion housewife, Intends to apply for per-1  mission to purchase the following described lands:��������� ���������:..������������������ ;.  Commencing at a post planted In, thei  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the north-]  east corner post of-Lot 383, thence north I  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence 1  soulh 80 chains, thence back to place of j  commencement, containing 640 acres 1  more or less, the said Nemiah valley is J  ���������ear Chllco Lake.  M. ROGERS NEWMAN.  Pef Jean Eugene Angers, Agent.  Date,  15th Febrnary, 19.13.  TAKE   notice   that; T.   H-  Tracy,   of |  Vancouver,  B. C,  occupation  engineer,  Intends to-apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing st a post planted about  four miles from  the. head of Tsunlah  XMt������ and adjoining H-7 McDowells initial post j. thence north 160 chains, thence  east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,  thence back to place of commencement,  containing 640 acres more or less, said  Tsunlah Lake  being- east of and near  Chllco Lake in the second range-  T. H. TRACY,  Per Frank R: Angers, Agent.  Date. 23tb December. 1912.  Ta;  gs^^5o^a^"sr  TAKE notice that H. A. Matthews of  Vancouver, B. C. occupation bank clerk,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted ln the  Nemiah Valley and adjoining the southeast corner post of J. A. Hanrahan's  Initial post, thence south' 40 chains,  thence east 180 chains, thence north 40  chalna, thence back -to place of commencement containing 640 acres more or  less, 'Staid Nemiah Valley being near  Chllco Lake. 1  H.  A.  MATTHEWS.  Date. 17th. February. 1911.  Per Jean Eugene-Angers, Agent.  VAJrOOVTBB ZWUVB BtBTBICT  BUtrlfet ot Ooast, Baage S  TAKE notice that Mrs. Margaret New-  man   of   Vancouver.   B.   C,v occupation I  housewife, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:������������������  Commencing at a post planted in tha  Nemiah Valley two mites north of the  northwest corner of Indian Reserve No.i  1. thence oast 80 chains, thence north SO'  chains,   thence   west   80   chains,   thenco  meandering  along   the   shore  of  Chllco  Lake   back   to  place  of  commencement, j  containing 640 acres more or less. .  MARGARET NEWMAN.  Per Jean Eugene Angers, Agent j  ������Date 15th February. 1913.  3-18-13-16-5-13  FOLLOWING ADVICE  A man, who had not been feeling  well for some time, Went to a doctor  recently for advice. . .  "You don't need medicine," the physician told him. "You need a complete  change of living. Go away to some  "quiet place for six weeks. Go to bed  early, eat plenty of roast beef, drink  plenty of good, rich milk, and smoke  just one cigar a day."  Six week6 later the patient walked  into the doctor's office looking like a  new man, and the doctor told him so.  "Your advice certainly did the work,  doctor. I wefit to tbe quiet place, and  did all the things you told nie to. But  say, doctor, that one-cigar a day nearly  killed me. It's no joke starting to  smoke at my time of life."  Lacrosse and Baseball  The Spring Sports are" just  beginning  UUrsiacmssStteks  a  HIEaCIHlalbt6ISTss, ���������ills,  etc.  Our stock is very extensive and complete.  Everything required for.  the games.  610-020 H*  TISDMLLS LIMITED      .  itfisffs Straat, Wmat Ymmoom*/**, B. Q.\  Writing Tablets at the ~Call Office." Friday, March 21. 1913  .THE WESTERN CALL."  Phrenology  MRS. 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Disease lsj tneo-ordinatton or  disowrd, the communication be*  tween the brain and tbe diseased part being hindered.  r*"CTherefore.: to bring a sick per*  son back to health, eo-ordina-  tion must be ��������� restored, there  must be free communication between the brain and the diseased part, tbe hindrance must  be removed.  Drugs and prescriptions do  not restore coordination. They  are supposed to act on the diseased part whicb is physical.  OperatioAs cut out tha diseased  physical; parti an* do. jot re*  atore co-ordtoattdp..  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In 1-911-12, the number of passengers was eoual to about 69 timer tbe  estimated population���������In other words,  it represents 69 journeys per annum  for every inhabitant ot the United  Kingdom. The number of passengers  carried yt&e 3,127,318,732.  Of the 290 undertakings, 172 belong  to local authorities and 118 t������ companies or individuals. Local authorities made a net profit Of ������4,233,374 on  the year's traffic, out of which. In addition to setting aside ������488,BW in relier  of rates, they applied ������1,247^08  towards the reduction of tramway  debt and carried ������976,504 to reserve  and renewal funds.  ' Flour to United Kingdom..  As Canada and the United States  are the only two countries which send  any considerable quantity of flour to  the United Kingdom, it Is of interest  to compare the relative positions which  they occuped in this trade during tha  past five years.   The progress made  by Canadian flour millers Is particularly gratifying, as is shown by;the  following  yearly  imports  of wheat,  meal.and flour:���������  Imports    Imports   Imports  from from      from all  Canada      TJ* S.. :  sources  cwts cwts CWtB  ......1,529,122 9,958',839 12,969,855  ......$059,460 6,929^011 11,652,540  ......2.783,76,1 5,123,780   9,960,491  ......3,268,768 5,116,411 10,065il32  ......4,003,877 4;212,604 10,i89>476  Year  1908  1909  1910  1911  1912  seat of trokblei - Natwa? ; tijetfcir���������������,  sets to work snd soon restores  ''���������*��������� ���������* co-ordination;. Haraspqy, ���������Heal^K^.  Some day YOU will try CMr*  opractle Spinal Adjustment  Why not now? It will make you  feel years younger, make a new  man or woman of you. -  Forfartaar lafonnatloa am  explanatory iReratura, eaQ on  Ernest Shaw, (KC  Chiropractor.  250 22nd Avenue East  (Cloaa to Main St.)  Ott -e Hoars: 1:30 to 6.     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'I never told of It, but he  Repeated it twice over." . -y-yyy  .-;������������������ ���������       >-*-Jodge.  Tve tried to propose to Mabel ri  .dpien times, and .hanged if I can do  \V I've siumpe^every time." "And  she let you slump?" "Yes." "My-boy,  you "sre courting the wrong gir1.'V--  Boston Transcript.  BJtctric fcwtortr for M-sn  Caw at. Cethertaes. Oat.  Prsg  ^oldat  Campbell's   Drug:   Store  Cor. Hastings and Granville Sts.  Vancouver, B.C.  ������������������t������t ��������������� I'M M**4*I'l-1 If ��������������������� 1   ���������������*t������'l"l"l"l"H"M"l"|i|"H'������-t"I"l"H"l������i-  Use Slave lake Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  lowing, and then came dejectedly back  snd looked up pathetically at Felix.  "We had best follow bis lead," be  said, drawing Paul's arm through his.  "Right you are, old man," he said,  addressing the dog. "get ahead if you  insist on dragging us Into your affairs." -  With a glad bark, he rushed on in  front, and they lost sight of him ln  the dim distance, but turning an angle, and looking down one of the narrow, devious paths, they spied him  midway, patiently and expectantly  awaiting them.    4  "What.ls he standing over?" Paul  asked.  Felix paused, unclasped bis friend's  band, uttered an. unintelligible exclamation, ran forward/ and bent over the  prostrate form ot a man. Paul reached him just aa, after tumbling with  tbe matches, ha struck a light. It was  a young man, tall aad fair. In evening  dress. He lay on his side, his gun  near him, V crimson stain upon his  shirt bosom between the gleam ot bis  diamond ituda. His blue eyes were  half open, snd his teeth clenched under the small blonde moustache. Felix  turned tha boyish face toards the light  asc It flickered out, but they had seen  enough, there was no, one anything  like him ln the neighborhood, there  was no mistaking him. It waa Anthony Pelham.  . CHAPTER IX..,_  A Turning s>dlrtt  With a choking cry In "his throat  Paul staggered , back against the  friendly trunk of a tree, bis face cold,  his forehead dsmp. his mind full of  horror at what he had seen. Stifled  b.' the thick atmosphere of dread he (  was afraid to Inquire, almost to lma-j  glne, bow the fearful catastrophe had  come to pass. :     .:  "I told bim I hated bim. I said he  had been a plague and a nuisance to  me all my life, and I wished he were  anaa-P^^V ��������� y.y'A<y ' ���������  Judith's passionate careless words  came seething and surging around In  ���������did chaotic tumult until the awful  truth had penetrated every corner and  cranny of his brain. Pelham, despised, rejected, miserable, goaded  past endurance, bad chosen ^ what  seemed . to him in his agony. the' only  way of laying aside a burden too  heavy for his young shoulders.     .  "You mustn't take this too much to  heart," Felix said; with a kindlr Sympathetic pressure on his arm.  "Tell me," he gasped. "Is it��������� ?"  His voice failed him, only his Quivering lips framed the word "suicide."  "Hush!" Felix whispered,   looking  around about through the glimmering  indiaflnctness. and raising his hand  to Impress' caution, "it was an accident, he is still alive, and please God  he will live to be a hale old man.  I  want help, I want medical aid, I want  y-ou to warn Agnes. He must be taken  to the Manor���������the nearest place.   1  can carry nlnn^aava you a nerve to  ���������run on ahead and tell Agnes?  Get a  doctor from; somewhere, aad, remember, Farley, it's an accident, one of  those unfortunate, deplorable, untore-  , accidents which will happen:at  aa la ipite et all precautions."  City bom and Dre**> custom and  habit gripped him fast. He hesitated,  looked through the gloom., and. shivered. The thought, however, tbst  lite might be slowly ebbing from that  long, slim figure on the ground acted  like a potent cordial and sent ��������� him  rushing-along the zigsag, spongy footpath till he reached the clump of  scrubby, dwarfed trees and the welcome yellow gorse; Once across the  open-field and the high road he was  within the radius of light from the  parlor windov, and he was able to see  Agnes pour but a cup of coffee and rearrange a little tasty dhth Hose bad  placed on the'tdale. -L ��������� >*���������;  ��������� "Agnes," he-taid; goin*. wotJojl}**  decanter..,and. mixing hhnjaelf. b.������U a  glass Qf brandy and. water, '"there nas  been an accident in the plantation,  and-7*'r' "���������-" '   ��������� ��������� ���������*���������''��������� ;*���������*���������**������������������������ t���������.���������...-.:.���������'������������������  To wndm���������ttdt^ Felix-?" sha> aakedi  growing white. -. .- . ..������������������.* .-*,(A..~..������.-y-.  "No; to Anthony..;li was.sn.acci-  dent, Agnes, you uri&erstajfll, s������- sect;  .dbnt Felix is Hruinglngi-hiK. here.  Who add where is*Jthe nearest n*������dical  manrv   ..--.     7 . .7 '..'���������'-A^ .'. " '  Hia-lips were .tightly compressed*,  his great eyes glittered In the lamplight' He was holding -himself superbly In check, and spoke wltb preternatural calmness. .  "We hsve po doctor nearer than'  East Weyberne; you can't go tbat distance to-night. -You are too upset;  you are not fit. I shall, send Rose  down to Oenbam's cottage to tell bim  to go."  "No, Agnes," he ssid,   decisively.;  "I'll go myself; Pelham's lite may depend upon opportune surgical aid.   An  empty-headed, drinking dolt like Den-1  ham Is as likely as not to vhdt thei  i'Qoose and Gridiron,'  and forget  all I  about the doctor.   Besides, I must be-1  stir myself; I couldn't bear to be inert i  when so much hange on the passing,  of each moment.   Tell me the man's.)  name and I'll bring him back with me  If he's above ground."  "Hunter���������Pr. .Hunter," she shaid;  "but should he be called,out there's a  Mr. Snell, who-r-  miles around here knew Jack Hunter."  "Then, for Heaven's sake, turn back  to the Manor House and drive like tbe  devil." he said, springing onto tbe  step and scrambling into the vehicle.  "I Buppose you were on your v?ay  for me?" tie doctor remarked, back  ing into the hedge to turn around, and  hooking the leather apron over Paul's  knees.  "I was on my way for anyone I  could get," he said.  "What has happened? Something  serious, by your manner."  "Yes: Anthony Pelham bas met  with a gun accident."  "How long back?"  "I don't know���������an hour, a year, perhaps ten; I haven't been able to keep  count' of time."  "Pelham is a friend of yours?"  >  "Yes. For goodness' sake drive a  Uttle faster."  Dr. Hunter cracked his whip, curling the Insh around the shoulders of  his powerful, energetic steed .and they  sped aldhg������the turnpike at a reckless  rate.  "Anthony came around to m* the  other morning to ask tor a pick-me-up,  and said he had a fit of the blues," the  doctor remarked, wishing be had  given tbe matter more consideration  ait he time. "I didn't like the look of  him���������he's been losing flesh much too  rapidly; neither did I Ilka tha expression ln the boy's eyes, so I thought ss  I was passing the Lodge to-night I'd  look In and see what I could make  of him. How long have you known  our mutual friend?"  , "Some few weeks how," he returned,  shortly.  "Ok, well, come, you can't be such  tremendous allies t I've known An*  thony all his life. Five and twenty  years ago 1 was present on an Interesting occasion, tbat ls to say wben  he first opened his blue eyes on this  comical old world. Twenty-five years  ago! ^ Good gracious! I lay abed tbis  .morning in a comfortable half drowse,  making business plans.for to-day,  philosophizing and speculating on the  probability of tbe next twenty-five  years: 7'Jack,' 1 said to myself, 'you  joanie to East Weyberne as assistant  to old Bnyles at the age of twenty-five,  and you've plodded steadily and soberly along through fair weather and  foul for another good five and twenty  yeai-s., Therefore, - two-thirds ot a  quiet happy buBy life have slipped  past, the years bringing with them the  meed jtor which we have toiled. Now,  Jack; my laddie; another twenty-five  will.carry you beyond' the span allotted to man, and in spite of your'robust  health, your firm, fresh face .and your  agile1 limbs, there's not a portion of the  last 'third you can stake a small bank  note on���������-not, on what you may 1 fairly  call your'own. To me, you know, 1-  can't account for the inane feeling, it  ma*j*; be sheer vanity, but to me there  Is Infinite grimne'ss and pathos in  having lived half''a century.   Age be  gins then to stea  :;:  ���������_.  oy# one-e figure, and writes unwel  come legible records of sorrow, Worldly Selfishness, and hypocrisy, as tbe  case may be, nolens volens, acroes  one's countenance.   laexoect you are  Inwardly cursing tha Wpplsb moral  Icings of a., garrulous old fogey-*-eb,  young map?"   .   w  "tbef your, pardon, I didn't bear  what/ou were saying."  "I'lf be bound you didn't* I've seen  folk In trouble before. Now, If you'll  excuse me. 111 tell yon something. I  am afraid, with those eyes, and thst  mouth of;--purs, you have tbe capacity  for suffering abnormally developed.  If I am not great]-' mistaken, you are  Ithe kind ������ft indlyidual to deUperately  cjit and lajh ^odrseif^rubthe wound  m\X\\ salt. a^d".y6dr teetb with the  smart of it, and continue to repeat -the  operation at intervals. ^Ydu aire stim-  bern Of purpbseytlo, young.man*l<<You  are the sort tb*tnjps a wblm*������a������-iiu*-*-  qtlc'idea. like: a*4*lt between your  headlong  told age's at last  r nTteWe."  attr wrong,'  salver.  name  ^S!w,Bf'^S5."'������ iriiiiiirtna  ! If You Are Sick J  CALL OM  "His  I Hargrgve*s  me when I found'Anthony.   Wbyr*  "Because-���������well, lt seems a strange  thing for a man of my years to say,  but that boy Just beginning  Ufe  Is  perfectly familiar to me.   Blame It!", * -,_������--,���������������, --- ....    ���������   j,    x  he muttered, taking off hla hat. and! i FDIiF^T SHiV    II   ���������     <���������  wiping his head with a yellow ban-  * LIUVLul   UU/tlTa Ua.lle "  dana, fl can't for the Ute of me under*  I y \ru^*t������ ������# e>hiHi������*>L*iok        *  stand.  unleas-Look  here.   Fleming.  J <������������tor of Wuropract������c)  when 1 was a young fellow walking { o&O 22nd Avenue ISflsfc   *  the hospitals I lodged at Nbtting Hill 11 **?f **"a **W������������ tUSSL  ^���������teJ^^K.!,^d.,5Wt?thV!rtti,,������!*     ddiopracttc succeeds   where  room with this boy's double and I can X -,���������_*��������� *_������_     >r^~r*  assure,you never until to-night have I  5T^,JTiT- ������      ,    ,    .      w  my salad days been so   vividly  re- f Hours 1*������ to������ Consultation ire   ,  ffjy'-j^^^       aa; ' ������ *  soul was sitting behind those great  dark windows patiently waiting fori  something the world could not. and  would not give���������there's the same oval  cleanshaven face and mobile mouth,'  now weak, now obstinately tenacious. 1  the same temperament, ��������� too, artistic  Lr-   'v ~.������-Z~$  ^y>t n  - *'      w^>  -. r        ,*���������. ^  f  v   * -  w  and sensitive My friend-���������he would  be about my age now���������was a musician, he was great on tha violin, be  had a valuable instrument, a Guaraer*  lus or a Cremona, a genuine thing  whatever ft was; he used Just to cuddle the thing under his chin, lay his  cheek on It. aad the old masterpiece  Quivered snd throbbed with melody.  "Jervols earned a goodlsh bit In  those days by playing In the orchestra of various London theatres. I  lost sight -of him whed he went to_  America , although I believe he visited  East line of 'Pedersen's application a*  Europe once or twice afterwards aa:ch������,,,��������� to polnt.?l22VI&S2&S1^--v  a celebrated vmllnlst* ... |    ^..  ..^ ^ZESZ&X:^^^eIt  bis  name?   I didn't  "What  was  catch its  "Jervols." he said, "Miles Jervols.,  Whether he Is dead or alive, whether  he ever married or lived a bachelor,'  like myself, I can't remember; all I  know lo that this young Farley ts a  reverberation of him,.an echo of thirty  years ago or more.' ' ' 1  "Assuming that this Miles Jervols  had a son In existence, In all probability be ls np more like his father .���������  than the man in the moon.   Faithful | -  family likenesses more often skip a;  generation or two, and perhaps once  ln a lifetime you'll meet with a* Queer,  unaccountable riddle Uke this one."  "Where does he come from?" tha  doctor asked.  "New York."  "Ah ! I wonder If he hss heard the  .name of Jervols?"  .  ������ril ask him," Felix said, wringing  the doctor's hand; "good-night/'  pu-uiet ������������������* Mew   TAKE notice that Herman W.'VaacA  of Vancouver, B. C. occupation Termer,  intends to apply for permission to lease  tbe following described lands:--**xyy 7,,  Commencing at a post planted'���������!���������  chalna. inland* from the East shore ef  Homfray Channel, about IS chains Nona  Bast of the mouth of Marfc> Cras*.  Uoyd Point, West coast of the .mainland of British Columbia and adletesag  John Pedersen's application for l������ase*~oa  the East;,thenee East 80 chains: thstaae  South 29 chains; thenee West 20 chetae  to the South East corner of John Pedeti*  sen's location; thence North along- the  East line of ~  Date.. sth December. 1*12.  TAavoomrma %am������  .    Mstrleft of Ooaet,  TAKE notice that'G. F. Moncktoh; ef 7  Duncans, B. C, occupation mining en-:���������*���������  Clnoer, Intends to apply for. permlsstea .1  to   purchase   the   following/ described  lands:-*-  Commencing at a post planted at the  northwest corner of Quinn pre-emption.  Lot 279, on Phillips Arm, thence souths  40 chains, thence west 20 chains, .theqest)  north 40 chains, thence east 20 chain**  to point of confmencement, being 89 j  acres more or less. 7, ~ .7.;-7  . GEOFFREY F. MONCKTOJ?,^ :A  Ver Alfred J. 8mlth, Agent:  Date, December 9th, 1912.  '.'������st.  gtASm AO*  :(:  tAmoaimm x>Aan> 9-wr^ze*  -Mstrlot of Ooaet, auwge t"-;���������  TAKE,notice that M. J. Monckton, of  Duncans,   B.   C,   occupation   civil   en*  i sineer. Intends to apply for'-permission  I to lease the following described land*:���������  1    Commencing at a post .planted at. the  northeast   corner   of   woolner's  ^���������'7:?P7<Sff*^  ;iSilfl  yyymxm'^'  $M  ... ���������-    ������������������l---'$FS&  ^y:..,yyAMmm  '. ���������-���������'.. :������������������'-:���������������������������'; x'AyWxxtfym  ���������'.'.'���������'?.��������� ���������<���������; '< yy- yiy#Am  :yy'xA^:xyyp^������Mx$  yyAyAAm&0l  yy::yyyyMm$M  ~ --.   ��������� ��������� ' '������������������ ..:.^.x ���������-:.-?���������>/���������; ���������  and looked down the road in the direction .of tbe Hall, an absent, far-away  expression in -his eyes.  "By Jove!" he muttered, awakening  from bis short reverie and striding towards the houBe. "Farley's on tenter*  hooks jn the jtsrlpt tot course/'   -  (To be Continued)  PWhIK!  20 chains, thence east 40 chains, .thence  -   _   .     _ .       -    corner -���������-���������_-������.  He lingered a moment at the gate,! "w*1??!.^^. 7^^^*SLlS^i  Ay  M  Arm, thence west 40 chains; thence nor  . Griggs���������This morning, I caught   a  then to steal Hhe a" sad twilight | fragment of conversation between a  native and a foreigner.   The former  ������outh 20 chains, to point of commene***  meftf, comprising SO acres more or less.  M. J. MONCKTON.,;,,-7 :../$l?.A  Ter A. Smith, Agent   y  Date. December 9th, 1912. 7 i--: ^������7 7^ 7*  .     - - 17*13^)***1S   77  Ho-MataadArtiatk  vDanttetn>  ntaa-a-^aaiaati^t*^  ^*^^-,S^S"gea-pS^a Ss^s-p*a4s---B-Sa-SP, j-. ������a* -  -teeth *aneV go  feanion jtftb^  *!I hope ;and  doctor." he said  with  "I^Bbould-be aMiann* and.*R1(<H>esse  If-I-- tBd%gnt- *;--*WaV ffreq^dlU}--*, to;  *br������������K*ahy-a.--������k- In r*a****:bo������y;,too:  ���������wearKBaagalriSv-of^a ������aP������-dajj>recj(nfee.''  ��������� "Ah, no>dpubt. we hopg��������� toTdo weU.  We trust we.= Intend ������ be. virtuous;  BuWhen: hell is^a^d with good in-  .tenqbns-   Still, I'm nbt^xactly a seer;  .and  forewarned." you know, -is������fore-  ,armed./What'i that o'a the-road?" he  ���������Shdledr ������b* they- hear������d  the . Manor;  ; "y*Qif' *yes are youhger than mine."  "It's Mr. Fleming;  I know by hla  extraordinary height."  "Ah, Felix Fleming!" Dr. Hunter  repeated, "the prince of good fellows;  lf ever you and I meet again, my lad,  I'}1 tell you a story worth hearing bf  this same Felix Fleming."  'He threw the reins to Paul, looked  over his shoulder and said '"Dick."  jumped' down and walked quickly  through the garden with Felix. The  necessity for further exertion, the  need to curb his strong emotional nature, baving all at once subsided,  Paul's mood changed.  He entered the parlor by the glass  Win tt, ntr-l. .nd dl. .J~������  .���������������������>���������. *   >������?���������������������.fA?"- .1SS1  DR. W. 4. GMmWk  was saying:    "The '0,' remember. 1b j  pronounced like T ln Jim."   ^hati n^^l^l^a^T-iai**':*W*i**:-  word do you suppose he referred to? -*>V| UOfttiMOIT I ttfW P*Mg.  Brlggs���������That's   easy!    "Women," of|  course.���������Boston Transctlpt. l    .. Open from H to 5 and 7 to $.  x:xyy:yyA$By  yyyyyyyAyA  AA^m&M  yyy^fAtmM  .'.  .,77 .'���������-/������������������.' i.v-- Jt-',t'.i~V*s-.  ���������������������������'���������4td^mk  iyAyy<AWm  yyyyy$0m  .:*,rx.yy;i<i*~vxsM  x.v x,-yyy'ytf$������t<������  yAyyAyMig0i  v :yyyy^0$*M%  A-Ayy^iMiWi  ���������' Ayyy$MA$i  iiyx>yyy?M>yy  ryr-\i ,n.-rx  Try-a.r-CAJ4*".a4,  RIKG UP SEYMOUR 2S5| fO|t ^  APPOINTMENT. v  mm  ****4'******* I"**4H"t&***!#** *****'>-t******'t>*****4'*****���������'  .V ���������':���������*������������������  THEN tm-yyy'--  ���������a.*'*  No "other-j  r(J^blisl*^MoiitWy>  Is������Jm4;i'indfspensible to -/.oii^*.,.*.>.... '.-   -,'  ' ������*^^itf-fe8t 3rtve:'j^'a^htil^i-t-:in5 "  /  ���������such   satisfaZt^y^inorm^tion ..alymt. .* Utet!ipa|8^ ,'; fc ���������  activity in this great -growing province.  iThetn^V :.  ������.-. . a Methodigtijsr not you are interested in Methodist  tn'oveinbftt' Seiid yoor subscription .to. .    *   -,v<  Hanager HelHodlst-Recortfir f; I f. \%U*%v. ��������� ���������   flctorii, B,&  0I.QQ ���������  Qee Veer  V^^..-..T.^.>.^VVT**V*V<������*>*1'������'<1-!'.''''|'.������-|''10>"H"l'***%**4*y*'**'*\* * I I *>* I w  k  i  \ \ Western Canada Power Company,  ;; LIMITED  :: PfclM: Jeyowr 4771      603-610 Carter-Cotton Bldg.  I: P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C.  ' ."""t'ttTriiinnifmniifiiiniiiiii  appeared   before   she   had   finished  speaking. i  After twenty minutes of alternate:  running and walking, he heard the  sound of wheels behind him, and, look- j  .ing back, distinguished the outline of  a man driving a thorough-bred, which  even at that distance appeared to possess a great deal of action. It was  a dogcart hex perceived, a high, solid,,  useful vehicle, carrying a second man  lolling with folded arms at the hack  of it, and in a few seconds they had  overtaken and -slowed down beside  him.  "Hello, there!" the driver exclaimed.  "Are you Anthony Pelham?"  "No," he answered, twisting around  and peering intently into the man's  face; "do you know him? Are you  a friend of his?"  "Yes to both questions," the man  said, laughing. "I've just been to  Weyberne Lodge, and found bim out.  When I saw you in "the distance I  thought I had spotted my man."  "Will you tell me your name?" Paul  asked.  "My name?   Why, John Hunter."  "Are you Dr. Hunter, of Eaat Weyberne?"  ... J!Cert*tnly; I thought everronejor  around the empty room with a sinking  heart, and shivered from .head to foot.  Tbe rambling old house was unnaturally quiet, no sound of life broke the  stillness In the low, winding passages,  nor ln the room above him. He paced j  the dingy carpet for what Beemed toj  him an eternity, until the slamming  of a door somewhere overhead set  every nerve in his body tingling.  He went out .to the steps to listen,  and turned his dark, anxious face to  the grey mass of drifting clouds hovering above the house like a great brooding human trouble. Little soft gusts  of homeless night winds cooled his  fprehead and the fever in hia veins,  and in a measure calmed the tumult  of doubt and confusion in his busy  brain.  Hark! There were low voices and  delayed footsteps in the stone passages. Felix was speaking ,and tha  doctor as punctuating his sentences  with little running comments. "I'll  come with you to the gate," he heard  Felix say, and they passed on and  were out of earshot before Dr. Hunter  spoke again."  "I say, Fleming" he said, as if the  thought bad just darted into his mind,  ���������"who's_ the ypjung fellow X picked up  mmmti  HO NAMES OR PHOTOS USED WITHOUT WHITEN CONSENT  NCRVOU8 DEBILITY  -CJ.  ^ Thoursadsof  through Earir li  lowing symptoms  '-  - ftndglc  -v������lrri  ...  lea od the I  dent ������*><  kidne:  snd middle aged men are anm-ally swept to ������ ptwmator* r*r-M-e  ���������ritliMi Fir���������M and Blood Pta���������  wMonttbto-btt.  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Don't let quacks and fakirs rob you ot your bard  earned doUan. We wil cure yoa or ne par.  EVERYTHING PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL  READER* fto matter who has treated yon. write for an honest opinion Free ������f Chare*.  Books F-ctj���������niMGold-nMotutotr-*  (Illustrated) oo Secret Dhsa���������i af Mca.  QUESTION LIST FOR HOME TREATMENT SENT ON REQUEST  DrsKENNEDY&KENNEOY  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St,  Detroit, Mich.  ���������HAflf^P      Al* letters from Canada must be addressed  HVIIVSi      to onr Canadian Correspondence Depait-  it in Windsor, Ont.   II you desire to  Institute in Detroit as ire see and treat  which SBBBBSSfflS  WSiX&i'^^fm^^ tL^^Afa^^^Xii^-*^r-Wv^^.\J.'.:t^f -(    ��������������� *a-^J-**-.--fta:*>yj-**^  ���������^it&&  --}  i  THE WESTERN CALL.r  Friday; lte& t, ft&  ���������*f^s>e������o<a^������>o������oo*s>o������o*������o������������c^o*������o  Hovv They  Two Lovers Managed Their $  Affair Diplomatically  By JANET LITTLETON  x  Oee-rrlat-t hy American Press Asss-  elation, MU.  I afa*o*o*o*o*oo*o*o*o*o*fp*l  ffilmer Wortblngton. a banker of both  Inanctai and social prominence, called  his daughter Mabel Into bis privste  waiting room and said to bar:  "My dear. I am very much troubled  at-having seen you walking wttb tbls  actor, who -mem* to bave thrust blm*  self upon you."  MVeu are mistaken, papa, tn attorn*  lag tbst Mr. Deane bas thrust tumsttf  .���������POO B������S.'';.  "Well, ae is an actor, and 1 wish you  st understand that no actor Is welcome  tn my houae." .       N       ���������  ���������The profession of the stage Is an  artistic calling, and I consider It above  toying and selling saerchsndise or  lending money. But you art not right  in assuming that Mr. Deane Is an actor. Be was an actor, but Is now a  playwright, wbicb means that he Is s  Member of tbe literary, profession. Ht  hi the son of s gentleman, has recti-'.  ���������a  ���������  --.-*���������?.������������������ -  ���������av mmmwmaovu, ss toe-f������*4w -  *9 a etWege edoeetloe sod west on tht  stag* for a short 9m* to otter to pro-  part hisatttf for tho wot* of- wrftttf  I  "flty-tiff** or tetor, Ws tttttlo  I Moot aet aet ear ttsocif tftot. tew IU  ,1  Py,T^'   ^r^^P-af   WT    ^^-tW-1        fv^ ���������    ff   OW-feT    "rWWWv  |W *e^***\*\*fi   wtW W^rT-rviy ���������ww'w'-ar fw   WW *Vve-������.^V-vVy  ber. He hired a detective to watcb Mr  Deane and report to blm lf tho nctor  were ever again seen ln Mabel's com  pany,  after  wbicb  drastic  measures  would betaken.  It Was pot Ions before the detective  reported that .Deane and Miss Worth  ington wfo*e ��������� teen Sitting side by side  at a matlpee.   The meeting was re  ported  to the banker,   who told  his  daughter that be bad heard of tier dis  obedience to bis order and if she defied  him  again  he  would  send  her  away  where she would have u<* o-t  Dortunity to see the actor..-...A'clnudes  Mne meeting took  place soon after  this, in which Mabel told ber.lover of  her fsther's threat, which she knew .  he would make good. '  The same evening she bad an Interview wjtli her father. .In which she  told blm tbat he must look to Mr  Deane to fulfill his orders. If the playwright Joined her be did it on bis  own responsibility, and ber father  must ceil him and not her to account  for such action. This was something  of a relief to the parent, who would  rather deal with a man than a worn  an. even If that woman were his own  daughter. He did not doubt that  Mabel would assist her lover rather  than her father in any contest that  might arise between the two, but be  considered himself a twitch for both.  Within a-fortnight his detective re  ported that the lovers bad been seen  together. Mr. Wortblngton spoke to  his daughter about the "matter and  asked her if It were true. She replied  that; as tht had Informed blm. be must  settle alt each questions with Mr  Deane end ahe bad nothing to any.  "Very well." replied her father. -I  thai! write Mr. Deane that tf bt again  thrusts himself upon you I shsll take  such meant aa 1 think proper in tbe  premlete.*  '  Mapei ItftJrim without a word, and  be knew that the fight with the play  wflgttt waa on.   Be sent- the note, an  he Informed his daughter ho would.  and received a courteous reply, ss fo!'  'l^n^:'*JliAxi-Y-J^', ������������������ .'������������������',-, X,      ���������������������������_���������,--:  -7.-;./-,..'..'  My Dear llr-lT y������nr Inforniant on the  amy and hear of this alleged meeting had  paMaeV rem, h*mt������ to A., the suburb In  whieh I Hve whm at home, and looked  usrft ssy'strody-window he would have  temPOM dtUgeotly engased at my work,  that occasion putting hi  of s play'the jeeaario of   inst' natsned.   I enoeratooo  #Mir -daethter that yeu bad for.  Meeta be*-,te meet ew agate  1 haye the  ttaor se ht yoar obedient servant.  ^^   ' ���������     HARWOOD DKAMS.  ,-#��������� Wortalngtott calltd Ms'dttec*  ttHf Jferaa wpjaoaUon, and tht latttr  ttwWjte -Iwat ht had not seta tht  lertra toftiW. Ht had seen Missy  forttiloftoo otter a friend's boost  a*4 haa.seeo a' waa who looked rtry  em.iP*mm tater the tame boost  half to hoar tetar. After let nog Mr-  Wtffotftot tht spy took a train Im*  tee^P-rwI^rlj. ,Je������T -apt* WfW JE^ T^vW*^-tr  9*^9^9*99'   *W*fJw    Wrn'mj     anms-my    -a**-*    WV?*   w*    9W*aw  fttlr wlMtw.'' itftnf ivftMM tot  fotf It h|t eayoioytr. the latter hired  awtew -ttirOTt to watch too play  .   ,-.... 9 ftbtWett fft hj thf  *P*f*)' etee (if oot Mft 9*t 4WeW4ew9  m*m mm %m������ ffWr bad feat lof  theoii^om oA Satf a-ewatsnaL as* WostaW  "*���������*****���������"W^IW4V WW WOW "W���������Wf-***********l***i W^T* W/"**T���������*W*v  ���������woveo*- ajtpe oot 9 tagw to mma>  eiwar eMlgwajk' teifM Mftjo  iWRs' H  ^Itv   'W. w*-,- -*--���������--,   ���������v^awjo-noxav - ���������      v-:---     o  tflff,  sseavoae aoigea  It wit wtMtif otftrt tUt ������Miy wt*  foflfvo taaa\r*m$ 4*m*i*<f wttWif. gfr.  WtltMafttt %a*M ��������� aitiaortadam of  fetitXt wttr atd aOaatf ate teat tt  emweetf ��������������� ������������������ tit-igr> wjt  wW9 ���������  wwPow* 9**M9 tPfWtWt lot  9*9999 ftftrttw loot el lift  atBmwa-a%JafkdBwa������Ba^OjrttfHra# ha*,'  w**s������5i-sl  .too ���������: w^o: ^^ow^yt'ijjjfo,  t ^oooof am* ��������� .e-ep^^ji  ���������9*>x.: ���������������*'���������.7  insteca or wrmng a tnreattning aota  to tht playwright. Mr. Wortblngton  dimply reported the fact to htm that  he bad been again informed pf a meet  Ing of Mr. Deane and his daughter  and would Uke to know If it were true.  Deane wrote a reply stating that he  had not left his residence at A. on  the day bo was reported to have met  M*������e Worthlngtoa.  4t -bird report of a nteetlng between  the lovers came to Mr. Wortblngton,  but not through either of bis detectives. The lovers were said to have  been seen walking in a park near tht  center ot tbo city. The person report  Ing the meeting was a sister of Mr.  Wortblngton. who, ln tht event of Ua  daughter's death or disinheritance,  would inherit the principal pt*tt of hit  property. He telephoned at once to  his spy In A; asking If tbt playwright  waa ttea ln hit home on the day aad  hour named. The reply came that Mr.  Deane had not been seta there after  10 o'clock la the morning, when be  aai driven out with bis mother.  Blace ho waa reported to have been  tttn walking in tbt park with Mabel  at 8 In the afternoon ht would hsvt  had amplt time to go to tbt dty tt  keep an appointment at that hour. Mr.  Wortblngton, wbo wat now moving  more cautiously, wrote Mr. Deane,  stating the facto and asking for an ex  plaaattoa. Mr. Deane's reply contained aflda-Hta of three different personi  that tbey had seen him driving In I*,  a anburb of the city, fifty miles dh>  tant, between 8 or 4 o'clock In the  afternoon of tbe day to queattea.  When Mr. Wortblngton read these,  replies his brow lowered.    He was  aware that hla alstor was boxt ojl kin  after his daughter, and he at oncoous  pected her of plotting to prevent M+  beTe niarriagts.-'--Tbe more he thought  of socb a sebeme the a������te feasible It  seetaed to Mm.   Ho roiiJtmbtred^that  If a-girt set her-heart on a man and'  Bfaatt wttb a oUaapiM������tottae������,^ ahe^K  very apt not toTawjoo^ anrone^lsei^It  Miss Aoj^to W������rtl������iag-i<m-^x>uld eacurt  Mabel's ciietoheritanotv that wetjd ht  even a Wrttor schemetbAntoTpreveni  ber ntordago. if be bad bean convinced; of* a, pk* oaVtbe..Dart pf bja atatoi.  bo wtoid haot aaoseated, to his *Up***.  tor's loorrtyge^t tact. -But thtjjnat-  ttr wastrteatty E-t-ajnidoa-;  Hewtveay.be ������aa -aat ourejwt thai  eome-ooe-'ttao actlag J������ M9mm*h&  Doaae -ta^^atobti* -aail tS motived.  Urn otslMsrshi������H Wtma^xme^oyaning  Maaot aokat mmta take,*-* ^tht  tlmtotbftLU������|ial,to.- tt waa. the drat  alfbt'of fc ftwTpSy. 4mtibo okt-gea-  titmaalbtwattalaf abWtba^ ah  ht did *vm'*������ tlrt* t������ tbt play  profT ^������PWtiJ>i������>^ttwMMi| W+  ttlf, bteaatt- vofr.-m* **e*S&tffa  It aee) **M������y toMtoolle. Wben tbt  cartala ftU at lot tow tf tbt third.act  gHoott wart owdt tor jbt, at^Qr;  Wboa ht tpptared Ht- Wjca*bbja*qn  INll������ Wlt^Jtllrtaf m tot twrm^f  V%Swe^v^  r  <*oaoasaoaawawAtao^   Boaoaswtawaaom   gloat^  fwrv^Va/vwoTTw-t    m**m*TWWw9*a9'   -Wf  I-IWtootabefoot itvootbwttb^  ii  We carry a most complete line (of Hardware  and  Crockery  at. prices that appeal- to all  HARIWABE SPECIALS THIS WEEK  Carpenters' Aprons, regular, $1.25, for  .;..���������...... _     .'..$��������� .76-  Carpenters' Axes, regular $1.25, f6r.:���������.......;.............i.       :..���������;;.:.........���������..._.;���������-... ...,....;' .86.  ���������OtCll VloIllautJU   -X OlU|*>;- Oloif-S-s*-i-������*,���������������������*������������������������*������.���������������������������������������*���������������������!���������*���������������*���������������������������*������������������ semV''  Clothes Pins, 3 do%^ for*,....**.:.....................~ ���������i .,; \(HV  Spring Clothes IHm* psr dozen........... .........;..w......          ......i.;.........^........... ..:.. .06'*  V-'0PP'-Si7    ivH XaV-clwtVapa   BU  BIX-BB   ���������������������������������������������������������������.���������.������������������������������������������!���������*>������������������������������������������������������-������������������>������������������������������������������������������>��������� ���������������������������........���������.���������..���������������.���������...���������..���������������������������.. ..................���������..���������->���������������-���������������-*.>..>.���������-,���������.���������.*......^.e1>oOv  -X UllVv      JL   wimMeS*.       IJCaV      A Valla*���������*>���������>-*���������������������������������������������**��������� ���������-������.������������������������������������'**������������������������������������***���������*������*������������������'���������*������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������     ������������������...*>��������� ���������-,..������������������*.....������������������������������������ .*���������.������������������������������������ ������������������������������������.......���������.......���������.���������>��������� ���������-r*i-r.t..->������������������*���������-*���������->������->���������������������������>���������������������������       oW-*   ,'  Electric Flashlights, regular $1.50, for.,..       ..-.. ...;.���������...,.;... .90  " *i\iicii*cii i*i>irr0evB| ftii sizes * vaiuep 10 MitH******!*!.... ,  aW**, -  Enamelware Pitchers, regular $1>25* for...^..... ....:..:........ ......���������..:......:..;.. ....���������.... JS9'  0E00K1EY SEE01ALS THIS WEEK  Plates, flower designs - regular 10c each, for...       ..���������;;....���������.���������....���������. ... .WF  92-piece Complete Dipner Set, regular $12.50^. for ....���������...........:......:..,...:......:...,. ^..���������:���������... -AW  Baby Buggies, rubber tires'and hood; folding*, to take in street car.. ...:..............u~.Vi.���������...8.W-  We are clearing out all our Carpets, Floor Ollfelbths, etc., at prices that cannot be equalled  in any store in the city.  They are going fasti. Coitie in and.get your share of tftese bargains.  r^lione  3472  Phone:  ������resfc*:S  M73    "-56*58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST      3473  Voters'Lists  .���������.-*'* -vr.-.T  ^ ^.;'   '  tCHCOtlL������.  *4lotliiela- itU������Btlooo Act"  -*    '     -- ���������    ������������������      -     ���������   ., .  Netfcele hereby fereea that tbo list  of voV-a**- tor flit- ntctanond Blec-  totsirttoosrlet baa beta> saaitHtd. and  ��������� tbaV appHtaUoiio to- ba������ placed on tha  >rtsJtnV-1ltl*w������ be rocetvtd- ot say,  oCee ot oot Fefloer gt. W^ Vaacoover,  where prhtAed lormo of affldavlt to bo  aot������ at aoo-port of e������ t������lkattM> to bniiness  vote wftf to tooortoi. ��������� ���������������-.-������  Tbe list of persona olatrntng to  tote wlU bo- aua-*aa*o>������trttt and after  tbe tevowto tgoy of Apris, m*\ and a  Coon af Htvttloa wHI'be Ml ta tbt  t-breteea-tb day ot May, %n*, m$  notice of t4>|ttttoaa> to tbjo ItitttWh  of any awbjo on the regttter trf.votere  ���������sWwoerjr  WW   ^f-OTrorw   v*W *%Ww   9*r*tW9*'W    w*\*W*^9   ���������^���������w���������  before ������t heWttf ���������# Ibo Cotrt of  9m^9^^e9w*i**/*>  Unite) fbjt 9m 99W tf ofPtoV Wt.  ji mmntm, .  THE UMtBtPECTED.  ;,!9m,'  ,, the man who saved yosnr Hfe  T ��������� *- .i'ii'   ���������   !������������������-��������� '|,-/i       s*. ~, ������*-i������..*(iSTSgJ*w-������ i  by palling you out' of the wator yes-  \������' r������ '"���������  terday, Is at tbt o*or.^    ^-Ij ���������>:,������������������* .-������.>;  "Confound bis tbeek! He'fr. after  money, ot course.. Bat be basnTk any  claim. Did yon teh h.to.tiatr *He  c^a't get a cent oot of me-*-&ot ih coat.  If he wanta to go- around divlb^ Mo  rivers for drowning, people, theft bit  I dldirt.< ask him to* do It.  Up can sue me if bo thinks ,ltt worth,  while.. * don't   care.   l*oolc   bere.  Here's a dollar ttr blm���������teU tdnt'ibatt  wmBO-txaBSssmr-ssssBassi  in full of all clalln-*  Maybe yoo/d btf  ter. get a receipt!?'  **He hasn't comee-liir mo������W;"   "  j^l.,T:.Ue .basar^.....Tmt.,,idpes;v  want?"     7 ���������.  tft-.jwrfay, he-Juat dfopptd in to say tL  if he'd known it wao yon wbo tell  the river he'd baaw let you drown."  Cleveland Plaint]  **  "Beg pardon, sir." sold tbe door  at the Staghonr CftsV ^Haven't  made a mistake?*  "I reckon not*r repSed   St. G  tasset   "The ;������lgn em tbe door  'No admission; mat tt there's no  mission It's freer sJnft, It.'*���������Judge.  ws*BmsBmemmmmsBeBseaa*Maaaam  PrintilKT Terminal City Press,  I   #111 *���������������#{>   ������*������W������t-*i*i*rlM.      An-Mn  t wWwww^ f f  tl  ���������* wo?-se^imjmj^jn^  ottf nr* w9ieK9999*' ^eawm w  t*  We are now showing a mo4t^^ complete and  exclusive line of fancy and plain serge and Fpama  cloth dresses combining refinement of ^BtxJe and  simplicity. These dresses will appeal at once to  all women who know how indispensable;'.just^such  a dress is this month.  They're suitable for house, street or business  wear, and the range of sizes and styles includes  the most popular ones.  Modestly priced at $10 and $12 in Panama  cloth and $18 in the serge.  -tMMt-to   W^WPIll^owStW   -asoW'WIW  ���������: ���������fPW1  to tecwrt ib* tfoierty.  ���������'  ^et^taofa^tatyonebttoo^rtt>  latuy. tttp wttwa* 't ��������� mam tttw*  onto foot tboot from sty tort mm*  aUtoa. This ttrroivea t coofioww  Wbtt at aa actor I wat swdylag tbt-  toeha4awt of tbt-atsge 1 took t o������th������t  part rtaqhing my tpptaraact ot tbt*  boardt when I waa out there. A damn*  wot ceoMtwirtte- that wat say taact  twin. Whoa you pat detectives attth  mt tblt -aoaomf woe placed la mf.  study window and afterward, when, a  drove oat with my mother, wat eat>  rled w rappee, in s shawl loto the eaa>  rlagt. I got ont at tht etattoa and tat  mother drove to U wttb tbe darnvr  tlttlng beetdt her. whllt I wtafc.lt>  mtet Mabat l������ tbt park."  WtvT$*t^ -r^Pwfv-*^ t^P H^PP-^^i^^^l-f^^^ ^^^  Tbt Utt of persono  voto mm bt ittyia������������ froat owl after  twa- tttoatb tor. tf -tptUv W*> tad a  Oetaw ofHtiawta wKT to btW oa tbo  nlattiintu mm of btay. W*. tt4  a*otjot of ttfrsWtai to tot tatertkm  ������������������99*99 99am *9 t-bt ttfltttr of votort  mtotWateontowemrtrelevdara  before tbo boWtow ot tbe   Ctort   of  'Ratlilotx  OotwiT vhtb vtb day of Iforcb. ItlS.  J. MAHONY,  oglatrar bf ���������otert for the Vancou-  !vor Ctty Vteetetat Dtotrlet  * V?  mam  ������e**t  ���������maaMpssaoi  m  ���������MMMHMMMMMIMMI v������MI<������Mv������>'������MMMM������Mij  tromnii)ii|r New in Omrittvvfw  Pvfytlitfig tH AstwHitWitfly Mm> Prices  Mi#itry  Vvfcy-M&SQ  ������ia|'^- ^Hiiifc, ^Mm^iy^x'^^  1^40 w^mmvircliil PHve  NOT FAIR  Chic Blouso Co.  The store for smart dreeeers  723 Georgia St. Opp. Hotel Vancouver  "Look -here, Abraham," said the  Judge.."It's been proved right here iar  court that instead of doing something  to help support your wife and children  you spenr your whole time hunting  'possum." r  The old negro hung his bead.  "Now, Abe, you love your wife, don't  you?"  "Ah suttinly does."  "And yonr children?"  "Yaa, suh."  "And you love them both better--^ *  "Better every day, jedge," Abe broke  in.  "Better than a thousand 'possum?"  "Look hyah, jedge," exclaimed Abe,  with  widening  eyes,  "dat's  takin'  a  coon at a pow'ful    disadvantage."  Bohemian Magazine.  PHeme  ADVICE  "i wao vtatttag my married sister in  Toledo mat week.- relates "Buck"  Hawoo. "She* got a tbree-yeapold!  kid, and, white I am fairly fond bt  children, 1 am a bachelor and somewhat set In my ways. I was rather  dismayed, therefore, when my sister  proposed leaving me in the house wttb  the cbIM ofe������ afternoon. 'And here's  what ehe sold: 'A  "Don't put yourself to~a bit cfttw?  hie���������be can take care of himself. See  that he doesn't climb up to Ibe pantry  shelves, and keep an eye on him so  that he won't get into any mischief.  He won't annoy you. Dont let him go  down the cellar and watch that he  doesn't get hold of the books ia the  library, and he'll amuse himself all  right. If he cries, give him a cooky,  and if that doesn't stop him, ride him  on your back. But don't let him  bother you a bit. I'll be home in an  hour!"���������Cleveland Plain Dealer.  \  Prop in at the  SEMI-READY  6*5 Granville Street  and see our new assortment of  SPRING  "The codfish," said; the professor,  "lays mere than a million eggs."  "It is mighty lucky for the codfish  that ahe doesn't have to cackle over  every egg," said a student who came  from a farm.���������Indianapolis Journal.  "More tough luck," whispered his  wife.  "Well, what now?" he muttered.  "You know Miss Green never sings  without ner music?"  "Yes."  "Well, she's brought her music."���������  Detroit Free Press.  Semi-Ready Tailored Suits set  the fashion in Vancouver and are  moderately priced.  Visit us in our new home.  655 Granville St.  Thomas & McBain  Sole Agents:  Semi-Ready Tailoring. Vancouver


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