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 -ii^~-r-;  7S������������  LegtaiaUve Assembly  '   '/  sj-j-fe-r*:  yjj',-.f.t,-1i;-j|..'g  VOLUME IV  mmMmmm^-mmm^mme^:������mm^mmmm^  St!-!-.!,1 l-^.l^-kJU.^-^,.';-"-��������� ������������������ ."v.-.-,- -J.-7. .,'.-.< ���������";-.���������.. ���������;.,..������������������'������������������.-.>������������������*./.��������� .^?^?*^!>i; .'���������. ������������������������������������: X'rM" '   :^;^������'' ''���������^������������������-':><'7--,-^''7 -,.'.'. ':-A>^'r^s '--S^S^S?  NOTES FROM OTTAWA  (By Our Own^Correspondent, Arthur R. Ford.)  The naval bill has passed another stage and is  n6w in the committee of the house, where it promisee to' be harassed for several weeks. Then when  it gets out ol committee /there is the gauntlet of  the third reading and after that the senate will  take a whirt at the measure. However, the upper  chamber, it ia not expected, will throw out the  bill.   \������ it passes the house the Liberal majority  in the senate will not feel inclined to take chances  of raising a storm.   The senators are not looking  for trouble.   They know that too mueh trouble  might mean their abolition.   Just what the Liberals intend to do is still more or less of a mystery.  They talk   fight.   This   was the announcement  which" was made at the close of the Liberal caucus.  , But there are no signs of more than ordinary obstruction, such as the Conservatives during their  lean years of opposition adopted on. innumerable  occasions.   However, if the Liberals do seriously  start a blockade of all business there promises to  be a spectacular fight.   The government is determined to force the bill through the house.   It believes the people are behind its proposals and it  -doesn't intend to be bull-dozed by a defeated  minority.   Premier Borden politely bnt firmly intimated to the opposition in closing the naval  ���������debate on the second reading that if the Liberals  did try to hold up business the situation would be  firmly met.   There are rumors that it might voluntarily result in the closure.  There is naturally  a feeling in this country against closure as a gag  ���������on free speech:   The present might not be the  time to introduce it.   The best occasion would  be when there was no partisan strife, no contentious bill up.   But if parliament is every going to  make progress, if it is going to be at the mercy of  every obstructor the closure in some form will  have to come. It is only a matter of time.  '��������� Premier Borden made a brilliant speech in closing the debate for the government.   The most interesting features of his speech were the passages  where he showed the inconsistencies of Sir-Wilfrid  laurier.   They, were two.   One was that he had  no Jess than four times voted against the very  thing he was now'supporting���������the submitting of  the question to the people. The other was that in  1897 and later Sir Wilfrid on numerous occasions  bad spoken in favor of Canada having a voice iii  the policies of Great Britain.  Now he was opposing the sending of a Canadian minister, to England.   However, the general public, after all, are  Dot much interested in the, inconsistencies of  statesmen.   The consistent statesmen would be' a  moat uninteresting namby-pamby individual. In  reply to Sir Wilfrid's plea against the danger of  co-operating with Britain, Mr. Borden made a  brilliant retort.  lie said:  "What are you to dot Are you to have one Empire, one. foreign policy, one combined naval force,  to resist every'peril or are you to have five foreign policies and five scattered navies to go down  against the attack which may come upon them at  any timer It is idle to pretend that defence upon  the sea of this Empire is in all respects the same  as defence upon the land. The continents are separated, but the sea is one, and I speak not only  from thw-absolute sincerity of my own convictions,  but from .the well-considered opinions of men who  know infinitely more about this than J can claim  to do wben I say that I do not believe that the  aecurity of this Empire can be maintained and  preserved without a combination of the naval  forces of the Empire under one control, at least in  time of war." ^  A point which the premier drove home was tbat  the Laurier plan would not only be of no value for  defence of either the Empire or Canada, but in  addition would be intensely costly. Mr. Borden  added on this jpoint:  "Two fleet units such as they propose, would  cost, according to the latest estimate, $68,500,000;  ten years' maintenance of these two fleet units  would cos $64,500,000; total, $133,000,000. And if  you added the necessary expense of a naval organization during the next ten or fifteen years you  have to increase that by at least $17,000,000.  Therefore, the proposition of these consistent hon.  gentlemen is that, because there is no need, no  urgency, and no peril, we shall expend $150,**.  000,000."  Sir Wilfrid Laurier made an exceedingly clever  " thrust in the course of his speech closing the debate. There is no love lost betwen the Quebec  Liberals and the Nationalists, and Sir Wilfrid  was taunting them with having swallowed all their  principles for the sake of office. Winding up a  denunciation of their action he sarcastically declared, "You can fill the stomach of the leopard,  but you cannot change his spots." Story telling  in parliament is not often heard. It is a difficult  art at any time, but particularly so in the staid  atmosphere of the House of Commons. Sir Wilfrid occasionally tells a story and while'his stories  are not usually original, they are well told and  pointed.   Theyjjet him around many a difficult  VANCOUVER, BRrnSH Cousvbia,  MARCH 7, W*.  C. H.1 BY-LAW  r     i  MOT 8N UVE TITO  (By Professor B. Odium. M. A^ B-fle-)  m  &Bl  Consistency Requires Electors to Endorse  The Agreement  i    March 15th is close at Hand.  That day we often or close ourycity door to the Ca- I  nadian Northern agreement to enter and improve FalseCreek at no expense to Vancouver. <  /  n ��������� T  It is well to ask how the city is protected in event of the O. N. R. by-law being-'  carried oq the fifteenth instant ~> If our interests ha ve been properly cared for, then ''  it ia the duty of each citizen to turn out and register this vote. We must progress. '���������  We cannot stand idle wasting valuable time in view of the great demand for trans- *y  portation facilities both by water and by land. The Dominion Government propose 4���������  large expenditures. The Oovernment have thought Vancouver of sufficient import- ''  ance to make its harbor bill a Government measure and surety it is the duty of the '  citizens to do their part in supplying adequate railway terminals, either by public ''  development or by encouraging private enterprise. We pointed out last week that as 4'  a city we had abandoned the public development idea and definitely adopted the en-* *  couraging of private enterprise. It is therefore our business to make tiie wisest  and best arrangements possible and to properly Mprotect our public interest and  therefore we ask, does this agreement accomplish this! * *  -^  A brief analysis of the agreement will enabkfus to judge of its value to the eity  of Vancouver. As the agreement is printed elsewhere in thiB paper we will jiot reproduce it here, but leave the reader'to turn to the By-law Clauses as numbered.  Clause ten provides that this tide-flat shall "be filled in within five years.  This ''  we have been demanding for a decade an4 must qfe done before this property can be '  used by anyone, public^or private. The expense pf filling this flat niust necessarily < >  be enormous however done. It may be that the railroad can use its owr^tunnel dump- ''  ings and thus reduce the expense.  This is their business, not ours.      ^. *  / Clause eleven imposes upon the company the-du$y of conirtnietrng terminals J  1 and thev company have said that these terminals and depots wiUhe ������p to any on *  ( the coast. ? ...  ., Aesthetics and utility wi}l here eoipbine^to. jthe advantage of Vancouver. Jflawi  .Street, in the vicinity of False Creek, will become a "beauty spot."  I Clause twelve provides for the construction of tunnels entering this great cen-  i tre. This will be-infinitely preferable to the "open cut" of the G. N. ft. and it is  worthy of consideration. ' .      '"  Another matter we have looked forward to as a remote possibility but now of immediate attainment.  Clause fifteen is of vital importance.   It provides for estab-  Hshment o| steamship terminals which should demand more than passing attention.   The Government are doing big things for Vancouver harbour,  t       Coast cities are vieing with each other for first place in commerce on the I?a-  t cific.  ^is competition involves the "survival of the fittest" in which harbour and  * railroad terminals will figure largely.  ShaU we spurn this chance to bring large shipping interests to our city?  Clause twenty-two provides for joint use ofterminals byother^co������^hies and  Clauses twenty-four and five cares for the impartial handling of freight cars of |  other companies.  This feature has been entirely ignored by the opposition who have  built tfoeir arguments on the false assumption that the C. N. R. was getting this  ground to the exclusion of other railroads that might wish to enter Vancouver.  Street crossings and bridges are protected in a generous manner, and all de- t  tails affecting'life and property are guarded with scrupulous care. *  Lastly (Clauses 42 and 43), all bonds of the company are issued subject to J  proper carrying out of the agreement and should the company fail to keep its part ?  of the agreement the city may do the work and charge it against the bond holders ���������  which provision is received in all bonds. From this it will be observed that our ���������  council has protected all interests in detail. We believe none can object to the form j  of agreement and be consistent with our past action as a city.       -  Indifference to the terms of the agreement and the result of the election is in-  | excusable in view of the consequences of its defeat.  Opposition, innocent at first because of insufficient knowledge, is now open to I  I suspicion in the light of free and ample discussion of the agreement in public |  | meetings by able speakers, both pro and con.  A, WMUB OOHOLUSKW AMUEgD  Undoubtedly the citizens of Vancouver  generally support tha action of the  in voting to give the Exhibition,  whole of Hastings Parte for exhibition and  purposes.   The matter's better air de-aid*!  to have the Park Board and tie Exhibition  joint owners aad managers.   The pubtie  know that the Exhibition Association haa in ai  not only the erection of the necessary baittth  bnt the beautification of the entire gronnda.  time passes. -   ' y"r"j y  'a~j&  There will be beautiful walks, flfri-jjsy Jasjnf  tains, benches, shade trees, lakelets, ayinfl^a^lMfe^  ornamental shrubs, where the* forest ti*������s*ir*ff  to be out down for purpose! of japt*. iW*i������-1in4U'  safety to the public; and inaddiUoa theta w**ttj  be an up-to-date system of toilet and lavatory ( ,  accommodation. .- "*    f ^\^  * In fact, it was the plan from the outeet of thaA J ^  Exhibition Association to' make Hastings' Park  a thing of beauty and a joy forever.   Hence the  East End people need not fear that die handing!,  of the entire park over to the Exhibition Aaeocia-;::^  tion will be followed by a savage devastation ttyy-'A  the forest, and a wild rush to make the whola*   . t  region a place of ruin and desolation.  ���������    yy   " %:^$^  Doubtless the Park Board will rejoice in thefvi7:?:  decision of the Council, as their labors will be ���������   -y:.  S..  lessened thereby, and their time and energies ean: >^^  be more fully turned to the many other parks in;  the city.   They did their best to give effort *WA  their notions, and having Alone so they cannot  be blamed in the future if the Exhibition Aatoela*. -  tion fail to do the best for the Hastings Park;  By the .timely and prompt action of the <^t/  Council, the bnijdings that are absolutely *hecea> ?.  sary can be erected this summer in tnrio for tha , . 77 ^^  fall exhibition, and other important improvements' ?>^������>  can be rushed forward in harmony .with th* &n*AAyy.;yyyy:  eral plan kKliking to-the futuw. ^    f   LmSlf  .'���������f.j*-s-^;.  mgmmm  Hv-.  BBiYiia oeumsiA mWxwl hi������  , Br^^^luai^iaa^^jfai^  specuUtion, *p&iroggestwns for^tter methods ef  living and warking., Vftmt T^rnh  just now is thisr J2kf tltey^ow  There is a Northern Siberian city, known at  ^Vladivoatock, wMch ia jb fax |ortht|sat������|j������iear  bound part of the" year. And 3?et it;e t  600,000 tons of Soya beans annually. Now if Siberia can raise and export 600,000 tons, or 12,000,-  000,000 pounds, of these beans, it follows that Siberia raises at least that' quantity. Could not  British Columbia raise and export a ton or two  just to prove that these nutritious beans can g*������W  in this province and to show that onr |^|rte aej^l  ualy do know beans from a corner lot and from  a paper company? ,     7 ' ."i!  tWr,f'������v-l^f   Tv"vWT^^^fw.T y*^J ff.W W������^������p^^^^-|^���������������.  The high ti4e of business in the United States  continues to be reflected in the railway statistics  compiled by the Bureau of Railway Economics  from the reports of the railways to the Interstate  Commerce Commission.  :,- -The returns for last Nov(^mber^show_ anJncr������ifi7,  over November of the previous year, but do not  maintain the ratio of increase displayed by the  month of October; while operating revenues in- j  creased $122 per mile of line for the month, operating expenses increased $74, and net revenue  only $48.33.  Taxes were greater than for the previous November, amounting to $46 per mile of  line.   Operating income averaged $12.13 per mile '  of line for each day in November,   an   amount  available to the railways for rentals, interest on  bonds, appropriations and dividends.  "ipli  '-AMm  t'v7S"xl  ������������������^'.t:>.j4SV|  yyyy'  'Ayx$-x  yyym  "                 -   V  union made BACHELOR..���������*������'���������''  *  Ask the*-man who smokes thtm.  /  corner. He turned to story-telling when dealing  with Col. Hugh McLean, the belter of the Liberal  party. Col. McLean in his speech said that as  Premier Borden has had an opportunity to consult  with the Admiralty he must best know as to the  conditions and the necessities. Sir Wilfrid-replied:  "When the hon. member from Queens and Sun-  bury asked me to take the word of the Prime Minister on such a matter as that, it reminds me of  a little dispute between a husband and wife. The  husband reproached his wife for doing certain  things which sbe denied. But, my dear, said the  husband, I saw you with my own eyes, and she  answered: If you believe the testimony of your  own eyes rather than take the word of your own  little wife, what sort of a man are you? I am like  this unsuspecting husband. I believe the testimony  of my own eyes, and doing so I know the situation  just as well, and my hon. friend from Queens and  Sunbury (Mr. McLean) knows it just as well as  the Prime Minister or any of his colleagues do."  HAZEN BILL DE8IONED TO PROTECT CAN A-  DUN FXBHEBQ8.  Foreign Steam Trawlers Will Not Be Permitted to  Obtain Supplies and Bait at Canadian Ports  Under New Legislation.  The Hon. J. D. Hazen, Minister of^Marine and  Fisheries, is determined that Canadian fishermen  shall be protected from the encroachments of  steam trawlers, of which there are a considerable  number at work off the Atlantic coast, and for  this purpose he has introduced legislation which  will forbid foreign fishermen entering any Canadian port except under stress of weather. Any  fishing vessel will come under the same ban, and  if the clause seems somewhat drastic it is doubtless because the Department of Marine and Fisheries can see no other way of preventing an abuse  which is ruinous to inshore fishermen.  While the French trawlers leave money in only  (Continued on Fat��������� *)  BAPCO PURE PAINT  Is manufactured in a factory where  every ingredient is carefully tested by  an expert chemist. Every can of Bap-  co Pure Paint is guaranteed to give  satisfaction.      Cesje is sal jet a cater card.  "STAROID"  (Begliteral Trsde.Xtrk)  ASPHALT ROOFING  Nails and cement packed in each roll.  Our Stoves are guaranteed  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street  Phone: Fairmont 447  J \   -  *.      ..'X*  **.'  -7 ���������> V  ^  * * y  ri  , \  1 BflmiTf ftmlttV  ��������� THE -  Grandview Stationery  Sub-Agi sy for the  Columbia  Q raphophone  Prices from $7.50 to $350.       Latest records in  great variety.  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THE SECRET  OF PAUL FARLEY  BY JOHN MARCH  ���������<>-tMililMM*liHlHIM>������ine������->l*llllll4IMMM*ie  IJ^J^JSLXA* Cf -"��������������������������� ������ -������ ��������������������� Fbr roe asm  awer to a sharp decided rep upon the  door.  i A neat maidservant entered and set  a bran ewer of hot water on the wash-  stand.  t "I am Lucy." ahe aald, curtseying  'sad smiling. "Mlse Judith's maid. She  aaked me to take a note, to you. air,  'so I tflbught I had better bring your  hot water Instead of Susan."  I "Thank you." he aald, holding out  hla hand for the missive.  { "We heard In the kttehon. sir, that  .you had met wltb an.acc.dant to your  !tacc. I'm sure I hope tt will be better  'In the morning." she added, moving  away.  } "Thank you. Lucy; good-night," he  aald, following and closing tbe door  behind her.  ! He drew an easy chair te the small  compact writing-table, aad placing his  elbows on the blotting-pad he rested  ;hls aching head upon his hands.   At-  MMMHtf* ikiTtmmnmA i������Mth U-.-T' "���������*������������������ : ��������������� ������** c.faar. Hung  ahould be," he returned, laughing; "a  hack and a country lane serve as first  Iirlndples, and they are both aooss*  ble." .  "Thank you. Ill have the answers  to these ready ln half sa hour, sir," he  aald, hurrying from the room wMh his  bundle ef letters, telegrams aad circulars.  Ill come-with you," Sir Thomas  called after htm, gulping down his  coffee and dusting his -moustache  with his serviette.  "There Is no necessity to be plagued  with the boys; let things elide today.  Farley," he remarked. ae be signed the  last letter and threw down his pen.  "Besides, I shall have to make a  speech to-morrow nt the Farmers'  Association Meeting, and I weat yen  to write me up something you eon-  elder adapted to an audience com*  posed chiefly of tenant farmers, with  and labor-  paper-knife and opened Judith Har-  ^grave's letter.  j An Impatient frown drew a perpendicular line between his brows aa be  ;bent te peruse tbe neat~ closely-written  ���������Sheets. Sre long a dark red flush  lerept over his face aad slowly mount*  'ed te hla forehead. He bit Ms lips, unloosened hie grasp en tbe arm of the  .chair, and-resorted unconsciously to J  hia .old trick of stroking the back of'  hie head wben In uncertainty or agitation. A distressed- smUe succeeded  the rush of hot blood to hts face. Ha  turned the fluttering: pages, and commenced reading the letter a second  time.  l "Fteeee forgive me for writing to  yen,* It ran. "I have tckft several  ���������tin-tee to tell yen how miserable I am,  .but whenever the opportunity came  my aerve always tailed mc. To-night  1 knew you were gone to Bast Wey*  lame, so I weat part \' ' ~  WK* Agner Fleming, -and waited te  the avenue, thinking It weeld be easier  to speak tn the dark.. tea didn't  essse. I knelt am aa the dead  Vsefcea end asked ^3od toetnd you to  9*****%me**'*ama  pp^eTp  ***n9***9**a9l**^9 -P  9**9**9f^9   w*****Wat 0*99S&  tee touch at yoar hand would ease, tee  dreed**! ache in mfc heart, 1 waited  ' j^w* sntn *Jf*w fnghteaed  -wr***w   WW1*?   mm99*9   wea*se   ���������p?*swWll^aeWw*   \ 9  -^ you wttl think I aai mad, a*  *, but Lucy says yon ere hurt,   am f/eatto ���������wfta- tear. Tbe uncertainty ef not knowing whether you  ^**PrW   V^i m*9^99*a*jM, 9199***     9   *^Wa*-w_--^^W"   ***)  Iwnr^^^emjgiat yoa ^l*******  -vwwe   f"f   tw   ���������leww'rWw   ww   -rww   wf-rWT *^W-fw   *w  psmoea ofjoye as Wis fay ktart muet  va pest carina for preprtetles. pes)  caring ter anything. T am |ust mad���������  or <lru������k���������with love of you. ForQod't  like ������e*s; me, one kind word to-night  sad tor|ivw---jud������th.H  He paced np aad down the room,  the letter in hts hand, a half-smile oa  his Upe. and e troubled expression te  bis great dark eyes.  ,     -    -  "Desperate diseases' require de*  nerate remedies." he muttered. Be-  seating himself and drawing e sheet  of notepaper towards blm, he wrote:  "Dear Hiss Hargrave,*���������The truth  la fait Instance ls essential end may  b������ brutal. I am sure you are too wise  to fret at the inevitable, end haye too  much pride to allow any man to spell  yoar wpploess. Be a sensible girl  end marry that dear good fellow Anthony Pelham and I will forgive you.  Miss Judith. I have a simple tut  under my eye which will heal In a day  or sc���������tour* faithfully.  Paul Farley."  He took off bis boots, thrust bis feet  fate s pair of cloth slippers, and carefully let himself out of tbe room. He  Et downstairs to the nest landing,  ���������Upped the note under Judith  freve's door, and returned et  noiselessly ee he had gone.  "Now, Mra. Wycherly," be said,  catching up the scented gold-emblas*  ened envelope, "I don't know wbat you  can have to say to me, but I am too  tired to answer any more letters tonight"  He cut lt open and drew forth e  thick'gilt-edged Invitation card, print  ed on a fine glossy surface.  "Bequest* the pleasure ef my company at a Bal Masque on tbe tenth of  next month. Thank you, madam, 1  will give the matter my special attention to-morrow. Mon Dieu! what an  atrocious headache. Ill ~lfe down a  few minutes before I undress."  He stretched himself on the bed,  drew the coverlet ever him, silvered,  end clasped hla fingers across his  smarting eyes.  Thus Paul Farley, bruised, barms*  ed, and over-wearied, fell asleep.  CHAPTER VI.  The Tryst in the ahrubbery  Judith Hargrare did not put in aa  appearance at the breakfast table.  Sir Thomas refrained from commenting on ber absence, but he cast covert glances at hie secretary* dark.  Inscrutable face a* h������ mi <*H.������r*t ���������������������������  preoccupied, trifling with his bacon  and eggs.  the spent  match Into the fireplace, and walked  te the door. "By-the way, Farley." he  said, "Just bear in mind that thema*  tertty cf the audience have ������ot metrt-  eulated, and that a senee of the tudt*  eroue Is latent la meet people, and,  as I haven't an itch forepeaidng, for  keaeeaw sake dont make the affair  teeleag.9  "I understand," he answered readl*  ly: 111 see to It at once."  He eat down there sad then and  wrote a concise, lucid oration oa agri-  ealtural depression, the cause snd effect of rural depopulates, later-'  spersed with a few statistics. There  wees seme clever bite st the Oevera-  SMafa policy, aad a tellteA pithy  story et an Men landlord.  Be ^ped  tt aad laid it ln a eoasnleeeee place  IrSfuA length ea a gardea  wtoh a dgarette anda Freaeft* aoveL  AlteV luncheon he pleVed'mjktket In  ate Mdrt sloet-ce with ������em aaCtfeW  ���������������������������p^vw^e empe  ^*T*w*m^em*w   *awa   ep>  nmam'e4maa*^aw^m\*eem**W^  ^WeJ^-ea      '"-���������WwVwe    law   f44-ww-sp    -V-rw^W      wfwW  i������^aeK^airta^  *ja*mwm\m^' *nr*www**f   -swewwp-  awww   **/*    T-nrr-g*    smw#w/we>  W^^''*^s������ *8V '"'���������r -r*WWwTPf*������5, ^^P*F^ w^?f w-pw ^^9  ww^TP-������aw*ps^f������ eyspwf lpar^un; g^g^gr WTvwvM^dwa-av e^w-IPvT.  domeftio worries.   He clothed  w*H.w w-WW���������WT-n^P*^*rvT Wfvw ���������iPvw'rw-  '���������fPee^eweT*esn'ep8^B>i>w#   ^**a***    *y*}*~ww   W-v*rw    WrT'rsat^fJBf^^  was oaamed oat ef herself, ana for  ttt first time in her fife discovered  the was a brilliant talker.  Lady Hargrave left kite eve? hit  ar*e*l*J*m*) *fj    ^*f*t*w*W   t*W   wassj   weWf^^Pp  smep^p  -v-P^p   esnwej  muting until the etarnant aUmmered  through the giant branches stretched  screes the window. At a qtferter te  eight he donned .Ms tweed cap/but-  toned a light overcoat o-r*r his even-  tag clothes, and set out in the direc*  ilea of the Manor.  The moon had been, slowly climbing  overhead, and now shone out broadly  fcroes the turnpike, Itr soft effulgence  embellishing the.Immediate vicinity,  although the woods and -plantations  were thrown into greater obscurity.  The silvery beams enhanced the weird  aspect of the old Manor House, tbey  chased the black shadows into tbe  eagles and crevices, and watched  them lay silently brooding under the  protecting root' Tbe Squire's garden  was transfigured by the charm of  romance, every shrub and every  flower assumed an added beauty with  ihe lepse ot each moment  Influenced- by his sensitive imaginative temperament Paul fancied a  century's mysterious years must be  whispering among-the fruit trees m  the shrubbery whenever the night  wind stirred or rustled their leaves.  Bxpectant and somewhat exhilarated by the solitary grandeur ot hie  surroundings, he peeped between the  Started twigs and saw tbe flicker of  o- moonlight on the dark floor as it  fell through the foliage that thatched  the summer-house. Shifting his position a little, he discerned a figure  eeeted upon the worm-eaten circular  bench, kept green and moist by the  summer rains end the droppings of the  toot. .  t.-' " "-���������  Shall I come inr be aaked, standing In the doorway smiling.  The figure started to her feet end  ���������tood motionless.  "Wont you really welcome me?" he  Inquired, amused at Agnes's attitude,  emUtng more broadly and holding out  hie hands.  "Nof Oh, fie. you dear silly Uttle  prude!"   He laughed as She shrunk  "Come," be said, striding acroee the  stained floor. "Ill take the Initiative,  sweetheart, and that means I shall  kiss you.",..  He caught her to him, pushed back  the lace which partially concealed her  face, end kissed her eyes, her mouth,  each separate dimple, and under her  rounded chin. He laid his cheek on  tke Soft fluffy tendrils of her hair and  ttebt her to him with a firm toad pres*  '-*R*i0^*8*������  "Ton really love me then?" asked a  She gave a Uttle, tew. eUMtok laugb  with a Joyous lilt hi it saTasr beautl-  feu nosom heaved aad ateemed like  peUehed ivory under the black ee-  qulned net ������������������   ~  "I'll not pardon yea for such Usees,  Paul," she whispered, going to him  and twining her arms about his neck.  -"Dear heart, 1 never dreamed of winning your love so soon." ~  "But I don't love you," he said, recklessly, unclasping her arms and holding her away from him; "it's a mistake, Mrs. Wycherly, a horrible, treacherous, ghastly mistaker I thought  to meet���������a friend, r expected to find  ���������someone else."  They stood staring at one another  tn a tense, deathly silence. A little  breese swayed the branches of the  pear trees, and the play ot silvery  light through the chinks and crevices  ot the summer-house tell across the  widow's face. Paul could have sworn  that tbe wide, wonderful basal eyes  jwere ablase with a furious Insensate  rage. The next moment he thought  hhvnerves and   the  moonlight  had  Stayed him false, for Mrs. Wycherly  >wered her long dewy eyelashes and  gated about her in distressed pathetic embarrassment  (To be Continued)  He (la fashionable restaurant)���������-  That's. Archie Temple. Very good  chap, but bit of a recluse. Simple life  and all that sort of thing.  She���������Really! He doesn't look a bit  Uke lt  He���������Fact! Had it from his awn  lips. Said he often dines at home aa  many aa three or four times a month.  ���������-Punch.  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Farley?"   he asked, as . muffled voice from his shoulder.  Paul, putting an end to his pretencei "l^wveyoU! With all my heart and  at eating, rose and excused himself., souL Why, Agnes, you are the only  "Ood bless my soul!   Tou look seedy' ciweture on earth whom 1 care fer.  enough ln all conscience": I should aay  an hour ln the saddle before breakfast would put a little grit aad stamina into you. I want to look at the  feels, end at the second crop of greet  down ln the nine-acre meadow to-morrow morning. I can mount you rerf  decently, Farley, lf you care to got"  Ton are Tory  good, sir,'' he answered, smiling a little, end gathering  the untidy heap ot correspondence beside Sir Thomas's plate into a asm-!  .Mance of order; 1 waa never across'.  a herse_ip my }%*."_ _: I  or who cares tor me."  A little hand stole up to his neck,  end In the moonlight he saw the fire  ind flash of a large diamond. His  heart stood stllL The pressure on the  slim waist gradually relaxed He bent  -closely over the head nestled coyly  against his breast, and brushing aside  the lace mantilla looked into the lovely blushing face of Rowena Wycherly.  He started as if stung, and staggered  beck on to the crazy damp-rotted  bench.  "Pardon   me,   Mrs. Wycherly," he  Sale  Eggs, Pure Blood  Brawn Leghorn  White Leghorn  Rhode Island Red  Columbia Wyandotte  A few choice Cockerek left.   Will sell very  reasonably.  Ewnire 2408 WestaiKtcf Ind er 1710 font Street  PHONE Fairmont 1140 or Highland 343 ���������a-*>-^.>i������^-k*>-������^-.a*-*^^  ���������Wx-yyyyyy 9^9^0^yyAy    'A  J'-i&A: ByiaW^to;' r*'ttfK;;a7 c������tiinv' Agree--'  iMt bftveea the City of Vancouver,  yta** the Canadian Net-then. PeelftcBj-st-  ���������*$m&Qomp*ar. ana the Canadian Nerth.'  -era j^w.-* Company, dated .the ������th day  7^77 WHBRBA8 THB City of Vancouver  ^pcgpeees  te-^mter into an agreeoMMit  ^wRh^vttoe-: (������adl*m   Norther? y^olac,  v Railway.: Company  and   the , Cftae-Man  Northern Paetae Railway Company an������,  tae Canadian KorthQrn .Railway Cam.**;  7S������ay Vnrtnf date of the Sth day et  February,   wa. 7which  agreement  ana  ���������ifithe p������ur therein:Wttrr^ Jto' are set out  ���������S*������l the achodule to this Byttwj ;  ������������������7-;;An������ WHBRi^s it 1* i^vid*j4 br *������������e  eal* agreement and by the provlelotu  -ef the-Vancewvejfc Ihcoi-ppmtloa Act INC  .and emending AW that such a������Teemeot*  aad tl������������coRvoyance������ and other inatra-  y artatiTto be made thereunder shall tiike  -��������� eeseT-va-rter.���������.:-a^ytew^'.s������re-rtna.Ji������rf:-.-^ttie  ;. ->earae hasbeenieUhmitteartOi-TVoim up������hi)  and t^dved the astMt oT th^^  -ef the; ctty%'ox#amc6uve* *������ en*������fo**esity  with and fid manner provided-by the re-'  - euirementa ef the said Acts in respect  te Bylaws fer contracting dents;  " THE MATOR AND COUNCK. of the  ���������City of Vancouver In open meeting assembled enact as follows:  . 1.   "The said" proposed agreement Between the Ctty of Vancouver and  the  - Canadian Northern Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian Northern Railway Company set out In the schea-ala  hereto is hereby confirmed and declared  te be valid and binding upon the City  -et Vancouver. ,  -  . a.. It ahall and may be lawful tor  tee Mayor and Clerk  of  the CJto of  Vetrtottver and they are hereby dtraeteg  ' fer-'and on behalf of the City of Van-  ��������� eeuver to-execute and afllx the corporate  fial of the City of Vancouver te the  said agreement and    all such- sraftts.  bleeds, o.uU-������Uimst conveyances,  leases  ������r other Inetrumfjite or documents as  L^enall be n*eeeear/ or requisite for the  r   purpose of .fulfilling and carrying into  -eJTect the sale* agreement  1.    II.   This Bylaw shall, before the time*  "  .passing hereof, be submitted, to, voted  -Seft and receive the assent of the, Mee������  te*s ef the City ef Vancouver under, ta  -etaformlty with, and In manner provld-  -������* by- tha provisions,ot the yancouver  *** EcorporatlonAct 1800 and amendments  ���������in respect of   Bylaws for contracting  h -debts. ~    -*��������� *,<-".  *T 4,   "rpis Bylaw. *t\ passed, ahaU cfem--.  Jute force and take e6eet< front the date  if the a������M peaslnr herepf.  ' Received the assent .of the ra*j*tor*  ���������vrAD., lets*:  -*J1il������.^_^.;���������...���������day of..  ^DONB.  AND    PASBIBD    W    OFBK  ^COfNCIL this ,���������-.-.day of~^-..-...~-  %.!>.. iii*. 9immr  t     '    " -dsr^RS  ���������Schedule to the Bylaw hereto annexed.  l. ARTICLES  OF   AOROTMS^^ mad*  this fifth ������������r of-February in the year  -��������������������� Our IroM cms thousand nine hundred  Binaf-  1RST  RTft  ������ANT  BSSTWL   ���������������������S CITY OF VANtSotTVjBR tterejnat  ���������Sr called "tha City.") OF THS FIRS1  ^ART AND THE^ANAPJAN NORTr  JTAY COMFANT OF THBTHIRPFArBT.  ������ WH13RJSAS the .City haa obtained  >eete from the Crovm tn right wf the  lorolnlon of Canada add of the Qovteee  ** British Columbia totbe bed of False  *������k lying east of Westminster Ave-  iue (now llaln Street) In the City of  Tancouver, in the* Province of British  eiumbia;  AND WHEREAS *n������ Cl&,-i** ������US!!������'  ������it to certain agreements which areides-  fgnated an '-Agreement A" end 'VAgree  fttR" in the schedule of the False  *k Confirmatory Act (being Chapter  of the Statutes of British Columbia  the year HID. traiwferred to th*  icouver. Victoria and Eastern Rail  approval referred to In Article 2 being  obtained, purchase and take, at the expense of the Railway Company, pursn*  snt to the aald False Creek Reclamattea  Act." and any other powers ft la that behalf thereto enabling Lets Fetty*six (M>  to Fifty-one (lO^trfueive, la Bteefc  Twenty-five (15) acaotolnj-. te Subdl-  ^vision of pistriet Let Owe Hundred and  Ninety-six <1������������T In Oroup One (1); New  Westminster District aaA LoU.One (il  to Thirteen (il)" tpeluaSve, In Block  Three <3). 'according to ^Subdivision ef  District i'ot Two If-mdred "A" (200A)  New Westminster District all in the Cftv  ������ ar sLrsr*^*e ws������  of any porflon of th* aald lands, righje  andintereets shall be submitted by  City to the Railway^ Company. If  Railway Company shall consider any  auch- price excessive, or If the owner  shall fall to make an otter of sale to  tbe City, then the price to, be paid for  irey aid Navigation Ctfei>any the por-  sleiUof the bedof False Creek tytegjsfl  ������f Westminster Avenue (now Melt  itreet) set .out in said agreement;  AND WHFRBAS the tt&efftjfejCity  under said grant from J*?..0*??? i?  right of the tfyvmce pf kBrtttsh' CoTuflg  ������" to the remainder of the bed of False  eek east of Westminster Avenue <now-  ���������in Street) Is subject to certain re-  --trtctlons^ontalned In said grant.upon  the City's right to alienate the same.  JlND WOTBA8 thc.JteJIW Pom  ���������any is desirousof establishing: In the  aKr of Vancouver the permanent western' beadauarters and P������5������>W������ent ter-  etinals (ttoth.passenger snd'freight) of  the transcontinental line of th������' Cawv  fllan Northern Railway: System (i������wus  njthe line of theRallwsy Company) a������d-  ef the trans-Pacific f-teawship Une^ tpbe  established, as in this a-n^emept provided, and In- connection therewith, has  agreed with the: -Ctt>' "tp- expend. Iarg������  Hums of money a* hereinafter set .out:  - AND WHBIREAS the City is desirous  that the said remainder of the bed of  False Creek should be filled la .and  ���������reclaimed from the. sea and used  fer the purposes hereinafter set out on  the terms and conditions herelnafter.de-  flned, and is also desirous of aoaulrtng  he property and rights authorised to  ee purchased snd taken by the False  ���������reek Reclamation Act (being. Chapter  fit of the Acts of the l^gertsilatura ������������  the Province of British Columbia for  the year ItH) and for the nurpoaes of  carrying out the matters afoi-esald the  . -parties hereto have agreed In the man-  seer- hereinafter set out;  AND WHBRBA8 by Mm said False  -greek Reclamation Act, the City wa������r au-  4tvorised te ptirchaae .or .take-certain  C-roperty. riparian. HttoraT and mother  ���������richta and Interests aa therein aet out,  "the same to.be held for certain purposes  4herein stated, and subject to the "������Jric"  ttens therein contained* which restrictions the parties hereto are_desirous pf  ... having removed, so to enable the City  7 to deal with the property, riparian, littoral and  other    rights   and  interesta  ���������aforesaidy in    the   manner   hereinafter  A    NOW TSEREFORR THIS AOREB-  7MBNT   WITNESSETH  that  tn   oonsld*  oration of the premise* and the sum ot  - ^ene dollar (91.00) of lawful money of  CJanada. by each of the partly hereto  paid to the.other tthe receipt whereof Is  hereby mutually acknowledared)- and ������f  the - mutual covenants and agreements  hereinafter contained, the parties hereto have aa-reeVl as follows: %i  TisalslatlTrB 1. The parties hereto shall.  "^ - 'without delay; a*>ply_to the  LeicUlature of the Province of British  Columbia for an Act ratifying- andI confirming this aa-reement, and authorising  and empowering the parties hereto to  carry the same into effect. .��������� ���������  -'���������-���������' 2. The parties hereto shall  join in forthwith applying.  at the expense of the Rail-  teCoaaeO way Company, for tbe ap-  :*^^ proval by the Ctovernor-  Cfaieral In Council of Canada, In.ao^fa;  as necessary, of the works In the bed ������T  ���������- Fal������e Creek as hereinafter defined, hereby proposed to be done. If for any reason it should be Impossible to obtain  such necessary approval, and the 5?"*  Way Company be Jhereby prevented from  fillingin the bed of False ������ree|c: as  orreed.   this   agreement   shall   become  I ^ null and void. - except that the Railway  ;"Cowpany. shall continue liable 4o repar  to the City any *cost and expeas*: which  *fhe'**i3ty-:mayj-"thett'-'bave.: inctfrredi-and  "1*8. -jiid*** the tei-ms hei-eofrt������re-i>afe  -   ~ ��������� "      " Campiii-e- to;~the  *%*! *5?  WSff"S!������yW0'ff  y *' y.T~-y ���������-'��������� ~- i: ��������� '���������"���������-���������'��������� r^. n.' ?'���������'���������  Ay$0?'  M^  vi-  r*������~  e^* jb^Im  T&*> >, y<tJ&$  TALSE CREEK  HEnninniinnnmDiimTirmt  'iiimiMJiiiiiiiiiiiiLimBGH  linHiiiijpLiiiiuniiiH  km i:i' u t n 1 i il h n n n m n; n n 111 n i rLf; t f i f u i! i ^ ��������� n n i i;  i  Tf  7r  i r  and one (1) second west ef due north  tour hundred sad ninety-five and thtr-  ty-alx one-hundredths (������������������M****(*) Un*  sal feet te a point, said point being sev>  enty*five (71) lineal feet distant from  the ->ast boundary of Main Street, formerly  Westminster  Avenue,  measured  Thf  such portion of said lands, rights andj*  teresta ahall be determined 4nr arbitration to he conducted pursuant-to said  False Creek Reclamatloh Act. ^The, Ratt-  way Company ahall per.jwdj^ylde .to  the Cjtr. When, and as reoutreoVthe full  cost and expense of ail sum lands, righto  end tatsrests, including, tee cost ofleV  Mining the same aa aforesaid. All of  such lands, rights aad.-interests when  purchased or  shall remain and be  the property of the City except such portion thereof (If any) as may.be Included  tn or extend Into the Railway Property  as hereinafter defined, which. portion  thereof (tf any) ahall become the property of the Railway Company, auch portion of said U>te II, is and 13 in said  Block Three (t) as may be required  for the purpose of continuing the Roadway marked "D" on plan hereto annexed  <be4ng the area or portion described in  sub-paragraph CD) of Article 4) westerly  at the same width to Main Street to be  held by the Ctty for  street  use aa a public  <t������)  . ,   _ .,  . 3.7Th*.     .  |i5^-*^^^^;7 7^b^-.na*3*Hhr ...  ^^icd^^ltt7^ttgte.l,rana  Osnveieesl. 4. The CityM shall, upon  the passing of the Aet referred to In Article V and upon the an-  proval referred to In Article 2 being obtained, whether or not the lands, righto  and Interests referred to In Artkie *  have then been obtained, purer  taken, execute and deliver to  way Company a conveyance  right v title and interest in  following lands and Isnde  water, that .Is to say, that p  bed and foreshore of False ....  eaat of. Westminater Avenue (now  Street) '��������� in ;the City of Vancouver, more  particularly known and described as fol  lows:������������������ 7  - Commencing at the south-east comer  of Lot Forty-live (45), Block Twenty-  five (26), District Lot One hundred and  nlnety-elx (IM). Oroup One (1), New  Westminster District which corner Is  one hundred and twelve and seven-  tenths (112.7-10) lineal feet easterly  from the east boundary of Main Street  formerly Westminster Avenue, measured slong the dividing line between Lots  Forty-five (45) and Forty-six <4f) in  the said block; thence seventy-five" (76 >  degrees thirty-one (It) minutes snd  thirteen (12) seconds eaat of due aouth  three thousand eight ^hundred and  seventy-four and forty-nine one-hundredths (S874.4S-100) lineal feet to a  point the said point belng.four hundred  snd. seventy-six and seventy-three one-  hundredths (471.71-100) lineal feet measured westerly along said course from the  Intersection of the westerly boundary of  Glen Drive, formerly Boundary Avenue,  with mean high water mark of False  Creek;.thence along the arc of ten ,(10)  degree curve, seven hundred and forty-  four and seventy-nine one-hundredths  (744.70-100) lineal feet to a point on a  line parallel to and equl-dlsfant forty  (40) lineal feet from the westerty-,b������und-  sry of Glen Drive, formerly Boundary-  Avenue, as extended sixty-six (������6) lineal  feet in width from the north shore of  False Creek to Olen Drive on the south  shore, the direction of the radius of said  arc from the initial point being fourteen  04) degrees twenty-eight (28) minutes  snd forty-seven (47) seconds west of due  south, the length of said radius being  five hundred'and seventy-three and slx-  ty-nlne onerhundredths (578.S9-10O lineal feet; thence on the said line, parallel  to and equl-distant forty (40> lineal feet  from the westerly boundary of Glen  Drive, one (1) degree eight (8) minutes  and ten <10) seconds ea*t of due south  five hundred and nine and forty-two one-  hundredth (609.43-100) lineal feet; thence  along the arc of a ten (lOVdegree curve  one thou-tahd and fifty-seven and five-  tenths (1057.5-10) lineal feet the direction of-the radius of sold sxc from the  initial point being eighty-eight (82) degrees fifty-one (51) minutes and fifty  (Sfr) seconds west of due south, and the  length of said radius bein** five hundred  and������eventy-threean-l sixty-nine one-hun-  ilredths (3*73.09-100) lineal feet; thence  seventy-five (75) degrees thirty-one (3!)  minutes and thirteen (13) seconds west  of due north three thousand, three, hundred and thirty-four and nlnety-dne one-  hundredths (3334.91-100) lineal feet to a  point on the line between Lots -twenty-  *vo (22) and. twenty-three CSV -������w  Three (3>. District T-ofTwo hundred A  <;#0A). Group On> (1); New Westmlnr  rstcr District ..produced r Borth-westerly,  wi4eh^lMto't--ier-lw:-ho^bnd-ju-*l twenty*  oi*airfive-(e������tJu> ^21.5-10) llntaf feet  *0rtlt^������wrly,fr6m;the-������o*5her*i bound  2?J tSnSSSSS iKl"2!i-SI!S?,,?2������ ������pv������tr-*wb. oos-hundredth* (UJ.72-1W  ^-S^-iiS^lffi'w'JSSJ^^^JfeSSf lineal feet measured atohg te.e said east  star District,  degrees twen  twenty-five '<__.   , _���������   ���������._.   ���������   north seventy-five (7������) tlneel feet^o intersection wfth the eaat boundary ot the  ������ld Main Street; toence jUong tee slid  . ������t houndary .of Sfain Street ene m  ty-n|ae  dee>rffit5^li^j������r'ml������������^ &e^,Kn������5^s^ tee*\  one hundred and ninety-seven and sixty-  one one-hundredths (llT.01-100) Uneci  feet; thence also along the said eaat  boundary of Main Street nineteen (19)  degrees fifty-four {64) minutes and thirty-five (36) seconds east of due north  three hundred and ninety-two and forty-  seven one-hundredths (393.47-1 OS) lineal feet; thence also along the said east  boundary of Main" Street: one (t)'��������� degree  forty-*one (41) minutes* and ton (I0T sec-  onqa east of due north nine-hundred and  elghty-ave and eighty-eight one-hundredths (926.18-100) Unea" feet to the  south-weet corner of the aforesaid Lot  gorty-flve. (46). Block Twenty-five ai).  istriet Lot One hundred end.ntbety-  aix7(198), Oroup One (1).. New Westminster District.* tbence along- the aforesaid dividing line between Lots Forty-five  (46) and Forty-six (48) in said Block  BlShty-tight (88) degrees eighteen (18)  minutes and fifty (60) seconds east of  due south one-hundred and twelve and  seven-tenths (112.7-10) lineal feet to-Che  point of commencement, the whole containing an area of one . hundred and  sixty-four and nine-tenths (184.9-10)  acres more or less, excepting therefrom  Lots F6rty-slx7 (18) to Fifty-one .(������!)���������  Inclusive Block Twenty-five (26), Dis?  trict Lot .One hundred and ninety-six  (198). Oroup One (1). in said district,  and Lbto One- ii) to Thirteen (1$) Inclusive.. Block Three (3). Dlstiict I-ot  Two huhdredA (200A),:Oroup One (1).  in said district the said lots ^.containing  a total area of eighty-four one-hundredths (84-1 Of) acres more or less, and  ssme is hereinafter referred to as "the  bed of False Creek), (but this definition  does.not apply to Article 18); excepting  thereout the areas or portions, following,  that Is to say:  (A) (1) An area or portion adjoining  Main Street and lots first mentioned  In Article 3 and bounded on the north  by the southerly boundary bf Hie portions on the north side of False Creek  heretofore transferred to the Vancouver,  Victoria a Eastern Railway A Navigation Company, as recited lh tlii* agreement, and on the south by the art a nr  portion tn sub-paragraph (B) of thin  article described, and contalmng 3.38  acres more or less, and being more particularly described as follows:���������  Commencing at the south-west corner  of Lot Forty-five (45), Block Twenty-  five (26), District Lot One bundled and  ninety-six (196). Group One tl'. New  Westminster District; thence along the  east boundary of Main Street one (1)  degree forty-one (41) minuter* and ten  (10) seconds west of due south six hundred and fifteen and thlrty-t%vc one-hundredths (416.32-100) lines! feet to Intersection with the north boundary of a  roadway one hundred and twenty-five  (126) lineal feet In width; thence along  the said-north boundary of ������alt roadway seventy-five (76) degrees tMrty-oiie  (3D minutes and thirteen (1?) seconds  east of due south two hundred and fifty-  six and thirty-six one-hundredths (266.-  36-100) lineal feet; thence parallel to  the aforesaid east boundary of M~in  Street one (1) degree forty.one (41) minutes and ten (10) seconds east of due  north six hundred and forty and ninety-  one one-hundredths (84 VjI-100) lineal  feet to intersection with the south  boundary of the northern portion of the.  property of the Vancouver, Victoria ������  Eastern Railway ft Navigation Company;  thence along the;, said south bounds* y  rt the northern portion of the property  cf the aforesaid Vancouver, Victoria tt  Eastern Railway 6- Navigation Company  seventy-five (76) degrees thirty-one (31)  minutes and thirteen (13) seconds west  ot due north one hundred ��������� and forty and  seventy-nine one-hundredths (140.79-140)  lineal feet to the south-east corner of  the aforesaid Lot Forty-five (45), District Lot One hundred and ninety-six  (196); thence along the said south boundary of Lot Forty-five (45) eighty-eight  (&8) degrees eighteen (18) minutes and  fifty (50) seconds west of due north one  hundred and twelve and seven-tenths  (112.7-10) lineal feet to the. point of commencement the whole containing an  area -j>f three and sixty-four one-hundredths (3.64-100) acres more or less;  excepting therefrom Lots 46 to 51 Inclusive. Block 25, D.L. 196. Group 1, New  Westminster District, containing twenty-  six one-hundredths (26-190) of an acre  more or less, being shown colored red  and marked "A" 1 on the plan hereto annexed. The same, except as in Article  38 mentioned, to be retained and used  by the City for park purposes.  (2) An area or portion adjoining  ifain Street and the lots last .mentioned  in .Article 3 and bounded on the.north  by the area or portion set out and d-'-  vSO-Ibed in sub-paragraph. (B) o'. t*ii*s  article.'and oa the; south -by the ar������.v <ir  e or less, and bo-  dascribed ns fol*  1 C  talnlng .7.84 acres more or li  Ing more particularly  laws: - ���������> -   - .  Commencing at a point situated on the  east botedery or Main, atreet. the aald  point being tme hundred end twelve and  trust in tne, ctty or Vancouver; tnence  along the jsaid east boundary of- Main  Street one; (1) de������Sw������; ������h^y***lx (It)  minutes and thirty-five (16) seconds eaat  ef due north eighty-four and  -3*-  "LT  K  11s-  nr  "A- z ox tnis arucie,  re <76) degrees thirty-  and thirteen (M) aec-  south aiong tne south  of the area or portion of land Aesertbedi  in ���������rabs>aragraph "A" X ot this article;  thence seventy-five  one (81) minutes  onds east-of due _           boundary of the area or porBon of" land  described in aub<pe>rsg*raph -Bf nf this  article, two tbouaand three hundred and  three and sixty-five on* hundredths (2.-  3v2.4f.10e) lineal feet to inUrsection  ^rith the northerly production of the.eaat  boundary of Scott atreet;-thenca along  the said northerly, production of the  aaat boundary of abolt f treat thirty-five  desraeb 4hlrty-j*lne  (W)'   minutes  *a>������.'of ������ont- Streetir Jheiice  sixty-five -portion  set out and''desertt������������d Ztiwxih-  ratftgrsph. CD) of this crU t������ and cbn-  Main Stteet nineteen tit) degrees fifty-  four (64) minutes and thirty-five (IS)  seconds east of due north three hundred  and ninety-two and forty-seven one-  hundredths (392.47-100) lineal feet;  thence also along the said east boundary  of Main, Street one (!) degree forty-one  7(illlajtfnutep.'and ten (10) seconds east  of dug nprtb two hundred and/orty-two  and!-mtt:r^ght'ione-nVdredfl<B.''x24y.t8-  100) linear/eet to intersection With the  south boundary of a roadway one hundred and twenty-five (126) lineal feet to  width; tbence along the said aouth  boundary of said .roadway seventy-five  (76) degrees thirty-one (81) minutes and  thirteen (13) seconds eaat of due south  four hundred (400)7 lineal feet; thence  twenty-seven (27) minutes and thirty-  six (36) seconds west of due south eight  hundred and thirty-three and seventeen  one-hundredths (883.17-100) lineal feel  to Intersection with the north boundary  of a roadway seventy-five: (76)- lineal  feet in .width; thence along the said  north boundary of said roadway7 sixty-  five (66). degrees thirty-nine (89) minutes ' and one (1) second west of due  north five hundred and seventy-four and  eighty-seven one-hundredths (674.87-100)  lineal .feet to the point of commencement, the whole containing an area of  eight and six one-hundredths (8.6-100)  acres more or.less; excepting therefrom  Lots 1 to 10 inclusive and the northwesterly portion *of Lot 11, in Block 3.  D.L. 200A. Group 1. New���������Westminster  District containing forty-two-hundredths  of an acre (42-100) more or less, being  shown colored red, and marked "A" 2 on  the plan "hereto annexed.  (B) An area or portion to be used  an a city street one hundred and twenty-five (126) feet in width running east  and west from the easterly boundary of  the portion of the bed and foreshore of  False Creek J hereby agreed to be conveyed to the Railway Company to the  easterly boundary of Main Street and  containing 12.79 acres more or less, being located and designated "Main Roadway," and colored yellow and marked;  B on the plan hereto annexed, and being  more particularly described as follows:  Commencing, at the north-wept corner  of the area or portion of land described  In sub-paragraph "A" 2 of this article:  thence along the east boundary of Main  Street, formerly' Westminster Avenue,  one (i) degree forty-one (41) minutes  and ten (10) seconds east of due north  one hundred and twenty-eight and eighteen one-hundredths "(128.18-100) lineal  feet to the south-west corner ot the  area or portion of land described In subparagraph "A" 1 of this article: thence  along the south boundary of the said  "A" 1 produced .easterly, seventy-five  (75) degree* thirty-one (31) minutes  and thirteen (13) seconds'east of due  south four thousand three hundred and  fifty-six (4866) lineal feet to intersection with a line parallel to and equidistant one hundred and twenty-five (126)  lineal feet from the south boundary of  First Avenue in the City of Vancouver  produced westerly: thence along the said  Vine eighty-nine (89) degrees fourteen  (14) minutes and thirty-eight (38) seconds, east of due south ninety-eight and  forty-seven one-hundredths (98.47-100)  lineal feet to Intersection with a line  parallel to and equidistant forty (40)  lineal feet from the west boundary of  Glen Drive; thence along the said lino  one (1) degree eight (ff) minutes and  ten (10) seconds east of due south one  hundred and twenty-five and seven one-  hundredths (125.7-100)-lineal feet to intersection with the aforesaid south  boundary of First Avenue produced  westerly; thence along the aforesaid  south boundary of First Avenue produced westerly eighty-nine (89) degrees  fourteen (14) minutes and thirty-eight  (38) seconds west of due north one hundred and . seventeen and nine-ten th������  (117.9-10) lineal feet; thence seventy-five  (75) degrees thirty-one (31) minutes and  thirteen (18) seconds west of due north  four thousand three hundred and forty-  two and sixty-seven one-hundredths  (4342.87-100) lineal feet to the point of  commencement.' the whole containing an  area of twelve and seventy-nine one-  hundredths (12.79-100) acres more or  less.  (C) -An area or portion to he used a*  an additional part of the street described in sub-paragraph (B) of this article,  adjoining the boundary of said street  extending from the easterly boundary of  the area or portion mentioned ln subclause (2) of sub-paragraph (A) of this  article, easterly to the easterly boundary  of Scott Street produced northerly, and  containing 1^22 acres, more or less, being  colored urown. and marked with the let-  ter C'on-tile plan hereto-emnexed. and  being more.particularly described as follows: '-yy y--\ -" ; ..* ~,,,. ,   ":v--._.;���������-. ���������  Commencing at the north-east corner  7.J6������;$  V7;.<D):.  a city  minutes and one'U) second went  -������������ aoe south .twenty-five una,seventy-  five' ruin liiiiidiMUSi^ iff Tiinn)   Hneal  feet*  thence^  thirty-one <~  seconds wei  three bund:  one-hundre  to interseoi  the eforeeL^  said eaat bou     .  twenty-five, and novel ...  dredths (26.77-100) linei��������� T.��������� _,,,���������  point of commencement the whole col  talnlng xn area of one. and. thirty-two  one-hundredths (1.32-loe) acres more or  ieeejyy yy-.y:  An area or portion to be used as  y street eeventy-five (75> fee* in  width, running east, and west, adjoining  the northerly "boundary of the ���������aid-portions on the south ������ False Creek of the  bed and foreshore of False Creek transferred as hereinbefore recited to the  Vancouver, Victoria- *- Eastern Railway  a Navigation Company, and extending  from the easterly boundary of the lots  first mentioned in Article 3 to the easterly boundary of Scott Street produced  northerly, and containing 4.84 acres,  more or less, being designated "Roadway" and colored yellow . and marked  with the letter D on the plan hereto annexed, and being more particularly described as follows^  Commencing at the north-west corner  of Lot Fourteen.(14), Block Three (8),  District Lot Two hundred' A (200A),  Group One U). New Westminster Dls-  triot; .thence���������eighty-eight (88) degrees  twenty-three (23) minutes and twenty-  five (26) seconds east of due south along  the dividing line between Cots Thirteen  (13) and Fourteen (14) in said block  seventy-five.<76) lineal feet; thence sixty-five (66) degrees thirty-nine (39)  minutes and one (1) second east of due  south four hundred and ninety-five and  thirty-six one-hundredths (496.36-100)  lineal feet to a point on the dividing line  between Lots Twenty-two (22) and  Twenty-three (23) of the said block, produced north-easterly, the said point being two hundred and twenty-one and five-  tenths (33J.6-10) lineal feet from the  northern  Twundary   of    Front    Street  one (tl^uktouta* r  ones ^f^^*������������  m&wsmw  ���������. thT^y-we^tO^iSSe  !?��������������� 7<1������) (waNlr������M������  f^J������^^^w������  <smMs*yp  ��������� ������2ty������me^cne>ht  IrndW  **!5l  *-*V  ;*e  f w*ole -  pTfySWeFtl  jtoe_soejMtr  even "  ..fUM  (13) ������ni  lundred A \  area of five (  and Thirteen  jortlon of Lot ���������   .,���������. ^,.���������,_  m. Pistriet Vol Two hundred A (I,,_  New Westmlniter Metrtet ;MmtelaMr  sixteen pne-hundredtha (If-teV) e������res������  more or less.  (E) An area or portion eontslnti  twelve (12) acres ^adjoining th*  erty boundary of the 'area. er," portion ,  be used ss a street describedAa5d set out  in sub-paragraph (B) of this srUcle.  shown and designated Acreage, and. colored red and marked "Vr on the plan  hereto annexed, and being more panic-  ulariy described ae follows:  commenclng at toe north-eaat  of the^area or portion ef Jand "  in sub-pai-agrapb .."W" ot t>  thenee ���������Jine |>������^1M to>nd \  forty, (i*i Jiaosi Tfet from: ��������� _   *PWlP2X ot,Olen Pr*jei enemni degree  eight (���������) minutes and ten (W SMondf  west of due north, one .hundredTend  eighty-nine and thirty-three one-hundredths (i89.33-ioo) lineal feet: thenee  on the arc of a ten (10) degree eurVe  seven hundred and forty-four end esy-  enty-nlne one-hundredtns. (74Mf-lffi)  lineal feet, the direction of fee radius  of said arc from the initial.potot eeing  eighty-eight (88) degrees fifty-one (ft!  minutes and fifty (60) seconds Went ef  due south and the length of said redlte  being five hundred and seventy-three sed  sixty-nine one-hundredths (|H.I|-|.fel  lineal feet; thence along the souto boundary of the property of the Vancouver.  (Continued en Psae f)  Prunes 5 Iba. 25c  Peaches, evap. 2 Iba. 25c  Apricots,   "    lb. 15c  W. Beans. 41be.25c  Rice .....:....lb.  5c  Jams, reg. 25c jar for... 20c  Jams, 4-lb. tin, 75c for... 65c  Marmalade, 4-lb. tin ... 45c  Pineapple  3 for 25c  Peas        2 for 25c  Corn' 2 for 25c  Beans 2 for 25c  Pumpkin 2 for 25c  Oysters;.....  .......2for25c  Bruce Herring .tin 15c  Sardines, reg. 15c tin    10c  Catsup, reg. 25c bottle.. 15c  Mild Cheese  Utility Milk.  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Woodford on ' Wednesday  mnrnlng In the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church. Rev., J. W. Wood-  side officiated.  The t bride was attended by her sister, Miss Florence M. Dawson, -and  wan given away by Mr. E. Faraday  Odlum, of Grandview. The groom  was supported by Mr. J. A. Hill.  . A host of pretty girls testified to  the popularity of the bride. Mr. and  Mrs. Woodford will reside' at 172  Twenty-seventh avenue west.  8C0TT MEMORIAL TO  BE ERECTED IN CITY  A meeting was held in the Ctty  Hall recently to discuss plans for 8  memorial to the late Captain Scott,  who perished on bis way back from  the South Pole with others of his  comrades.  The' meeting, which was attended  by many delegates representing important local organizations, passed a  resolution for the erection of a Scott  memorial home under the auspices of  tbe Vancouver branch of the, British  and Foreign Sailors' Society, and a  fund of f25,000 is to be raised for  tbat purpose. .  Archbishop de Pencler spoke for  the Seamen's Institute, aided by the  Bey. Mr; Ryan, who is in charge of  that mission work.- .,       ?;'  Among tbose organizations repre  seated were the Progress Club, British and Foreign Seamen's Association,  Vancouver Association of Underwrit  ers> Vancouver Shipmasters' Society.  Mission to Seamen Society, Seamen  of Vancouver Harbor, Empire League  and many church and women's guilds  and socfetles. Mayor Baxter was in  the chair and Mr. A. Chalmers was  made secretary of tbe meeting*  The resolution which was carried  after much discussion reads:  "That  this  meeting of  representa  tives of various societies in the city  resolve to proceed with the erection llmP������rt8 *nd  exports for the  twelve  Board of Trade Meets  Mr. Erakine In Address to Board of  Trade ftewtews -Conditions which  Make for City's end Province's Pro*  ensse.  MR.  F. COTTON   ELECTED P������E������|-  DEMT.  Mr. F. Carter-Cnttan was elected  president of the Vancouver Board of  Trade at a largely attended meeting  last evening. The appointment went  by acclamation. >���������*    '..-��������� c  Mr. Jonathan Rogers was elected  vice-president, defeating Messrs, Jas.  Ramsay and Q. J. Telf er. Mr. W* A.  Blair was re-elected secretary by acclamation.  The following were elected members  of the council out of a, list of forty-  eight balloted for: Messrs. A. B. Br-  sklne, W. H. Malkm, W. Godfrey, W.  Hepburn, H. A. Stone, C. S. Tisdall,  James Ramsay, A. O. McCandless, Gil  bert Blair, G. T. Telfer, Ewlng Buchan, ���������CI. H. Cottrell, A. ShaW, J. J,  Banfield and E. H. Heaps. The first  twelve constitute the board of arbitration.  ���������s  The retiring president, Mr. A. R,  Erakine, presided and read an interesting presidential report He said  Mt ls gratifying to me to be able to  eay that the Dominion of Canada has  but recently closed the most prosperous year in its history, the re*  cords of the year 1912 exceeding in-,  almost every respect those of any  previous year In all that concerns the  financial and commercial progress of  /'There is, too, no special cause for  apprehension that thia remarkable era,  of progress is about to receive any  great setback.  "The tendency te unduly boom real  estate has been deprecated, and unfavorably commented on by bankers,  trade organisations and financial perl  odtcals, and this- will no doubt fn  time bring about a satisfactory read  justment of values. .  "The great outstanding feature of  Canadian Industry during 1812 was  the difficulty of obtaining supplies  The different industrial establishments were unable to keep pace with  the' demand. This was specially the  case In the textile, teh iron and steel  industries, and the supply for build  ing material.  "The.harvest of the northwest provinces, which is so closely linked with  the business of our province and city,  was a large one, while tne tbtar bar-  vest of Canada had a cash value of  $509,437,000.  Interesting Figures.-*  "The bank clearings of Canada in  1912 amounted to 19,143,196,764, while  in 1911 they Were but 17,294.368,207,  an increase last year of nearly two  billion dollars.  "The savings deposited in the  chartered banks of Canada amounted  on the last day of November to $636-  000,000, this being $47,000,000 more  than the corresponding period in 1911  "The grand total of the value of  Mount Pleasant Livery  s A. F. McTAVISH, PROP.  11  Phone Fairmont 845 Come* Broadway and Main ::  || Carriages at all hours day or night-j;  * ' '- Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and Single ��������� -  ;| Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire ^- .....���������;  Furniture and Piano Moving  sen 111 **II11 Hil 11 i 111 tl ������ MH IHU11 IfII tin i iYimlJ  of a memorial to perpetuate the .mem  ory of Captain Scott and party who  lost their lives while on an expedl  tion to the Antarctic regions in the  Interests of Bcience.  "And further that this meeting en  dbrjse the recommendation of the Vancouver branch of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society to erect a sailors' home, which would be a prac-,  tical and useful memorial, and that a  fund be opened . for the purpose of  raising the sum of $25,000, to complete  the plans for erection of Jthe building  proposed by the society, the building  when completed to be called "The  Scott Memorial Sailors' Home."  TO  POINT GREY.  IN3TAL   FIRE   ALARM.  Point Grey .Authorizes th-e Installation  of Gamewell  Fire System���������To be*  Fifteen Boxes.  Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Feb. 26.���������  The Council of this municipality at its  last meeting acepted the recommendation of the Health, Ught, Fire and  Police Committee for the installation  of the Game-veil flre alarm system at  an estimated cost of $5,375. The chief  is to prepare a plan showing the proposed locations of the fifteen boxes,  and the Fire Chief has authority to  order the- necessary goods.       * A A.  -" "Would y<iu marry "him if you" were  m#v .-'"- y "yyyy-'y'-._yy V'y  "I'd* marry anyone that asked me;  iM were you."���������-Houston Poet,     ;���������  months ending December, 1912, was  $1,005,700,000, the enormous gain of  $188,000,000 over the previous year.  "This aggregate trade of over one  billion dollafs exemplifies a rapidity  of development unequalled by any  other country In the world, outside of  the Argentine Republic. That amount  of trade is one-quarter that ofv the  United States, which has a population  thirteen times greater than Canada,  Arid over one-eighth o fthe whole British Empire, containing a population  of nearly: 400,000,000 people."  TURKEY SIGNIFIES  HER READINESS TO  NEGOTIATE  FOR.  PEACE  AGAIN.  Has Asked Russian Government-to Be  Her Intercessor.  Sofia, Bulgaria, Feb. 28,���������Turkey  has at last signified her readiness to  negotiate for peace with Bulgaria on  the basis of the cession of Adrlanople.  The Turkish government has solicited the good offices of Russia. The  Russian Gpvernment transmitted today to the Bulgarian Government a  message received from Constantinople  containing the Turkish proposals for  fresh negotiations.  /ISt. Petersburg, Feb. 2S.���������Dispatches  received" here today confirm the re.  port that the Turkish. Government has  expressed willingness to surrender, the  fortress of Adrlanople. Russia will  not ^support Bulgaria's .demand for a  ^^^^^^t]^:^ArMfIt,     Ay ���������-���������'���������  'Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Cor. -Tenth Ave. and Quebec St.  Preaching Services���������11 a.m.    and   1:11  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:S0 p.m.  Pastor, Ber. A. F. BsJ-e*v������-Hth Ave., Kut ;  CENTRAL. BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St  Services���������Preaching at 11 .am. and 7:St  p.m.   Sunday Scbool at z:S0 p.m.  Rev . P. Oliftan Parker, II.A.. Paator.  llth Ave. W.  at  Blbl*  UT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario.  Services���������Preachtnc at 11 a.m,  7:i) p.m.   Sunday  School   and  Class at 2!SO p.m.  Rev. W. Lashley Hall. B.A.B.D.. Pastoi  PamenatS, ls< llth Ave. W. Tele. Fairmont 144S.  Alert Admit Bible Class of Mountain View Metheeist Church seeete at  ISO every Sunday. Vlsitofr-wfll be  saede wdoeae. 8. ieaaston, presl*  4eat  Cor.  / -  AJtaUOaJI.  ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH ~  .Broadway and Prince Edward Si  Services������������������Moralaa* Prayer at 11 am.  Sunday School aad Bible, class at X:S*  P.m. .. . y f  Bvenlnr Prayer at 7:S0 p.m.  Holy Communion every Sunday at t a.ca>  and let and Ird Sundays at 11 aat.  Rev. O. H. Wilson, Rector  Rectory, Cer.  Sth  ward 8t Tel  Ave. and Prince Ed*  Fairmont 401-L.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRE8BYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rer. J. p. Madill, Pastor.  8enrkes--ll a.m., 7:89 p,m.  11.00 a.m.-"Chri8tian TMnking."  7.80 p. nt.���������-* The  Romance of the  ' iSeeJ."- - .;���������;*'���������-'���������'���������'  Try a "CALL" ad;  ^ Hear Evangelist A/G. Garr and wife  at the Full Gospel Mission, 40 Cordova  Street, -East. Every night at.7:45,  except Monday.   Bring a friend.  r-'yy   .,7,.''.B..W:M6oreV ������������������,;.'���������������������������-  Superintendent.  We invite the public to call at our new premises in the.  Harris Block. We would like you to inspect our equipment ; to see *. hat splendid light aiid ventilation we have;  to see our students at work.  If you are interested in Bus-mess Education, a visit to  us will convince you that this is the acbool for you to attend.  The best is what you require.  K. SCOTT JBATtilST, \% X, frmiy*}  Cor. Main St & *0tfc AVee  TOONfJ: Fairmont 2075 .    VANCDUVBH, P.C.  WILL PIVt S500 TO S)CK  RUBERS OF WESTERN W"  *   *   *  y  Famous Scientist Who Originated the Now Wow<}erf������4  WW to SU an������4 Affin^      -  In order that every reader of "TUB  WESTERN CAU." who may not have  beard of this wonderful "ptotne Treatment" may have an opportunity to test  this celebrated medicine, the- now  famous scientist, Pr. James ^V. Kidd,  offers to give absolutely free a full  size: $1.00 package to five hundred  readers of this paper, to,prove .the  wonderful claims wbicb -have been  made for it. In making this offer the  scientist said: "I know that there  many people who have been suffering  for years with some chronic disease  and. many of tbem have spent large  sums of money seeking a cure. 1  know that these people hesitate about  Investing money in* medicine because  they have despaired of ever getting  well: Thousands have told me that  story and many thousands of the same  people have told me afterwards that  my treatment had cured them after  doctors and everything else had failed.  I want to prove to a limited number���������  no matter what the disease, no matter how long they may have suffered,  no matter how blue and discouraged���������  that my treatment really and actually  does* accomplish the wonderful results that have been reported."  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*    .     '      j-"'* ���,        "*   ^   ���*---*"-*>' - I*  ����'��'   -p       ,^��**^*"^^-t��.**--**'f-(W
ftidav. March 7. 1913
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Marketing of B. G. Fruit
A Statement by the Directors of the
British Columbia Fruit Growers'
The generaly low prices received
for fruit during the past season have
made pertinent and proper a discussion of the fundamental considerations affecting the future of our fruit*
growing industry. Many different
opinions are held as to the remedy
for a situation' which, if continued,
would be intolerable. Your directors
have fully considered the facte, and
have endeavored- to reach proper conclusions'ln regard to them.
, This paper outlines the principal
factors which seem to underlie the
present situation. It Is to be hoped
that those factors will be considered
by you In your deliberations.     '
The principal condition affecting
the prices of B. C. fruit was the very
large crop in the United States, resulting ln  the  importation of large
from large timbers. Tbe stringers
from small trees are ot-beher quality
than those taken from old trees, and
the material coming from the upper
portion of the tree exhibits less
strength than that from tho lower portion.
These results will assist in making
more common the use-tjf many species
and giades of timber which have hitherto been thought useless: ^Just as ln
Eastern Cauada red pine, spruce, tarn*
a rack and even balsam fir are taking
the place of white pine, In Western
Canada such species as larch can replace Douglas fir in some of the less
important industries.
/���Certain regions, notably the Nelson
and Cran brook Districts in the Southern pari of the Province, are cutting
large quantities of larch, at the present time. This timber is being' used
in all forms of construction, ln making
floors, and in many other directions.
In the Kast Kootenay, tamarack will
rank among the four most Important,
noods. - As time goes on there will
doubtless be great development of the
tamarack trade', mainly because  the
quantities of American fruit at low
prices, or, what is worse, shipped on old-time prejudice against it is rapidly
consignment.    All soft fruits yielded passing away.
very much above the average.    The!    One of the problems which awaits
figures are not yet to hand, save that' the attention of the Forest Branch in
we know that some 40,000 carloads of the near future is the making of In*
peaches  were   shipped   commercially! Vestigations which    will    show what
this year in the United States.   The'species can be used to best advantage
United States apple crop was 34.3 per in various lines of construction and
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Plants   healthyr fllowers  m\-
usually large and colors
. extraordinary.
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cent, larger than the average of the
laat ten years. It was 12 per cent,
larger than the 1911 crop. It totaled
around 40,000,000 barrels. The quaV
ity waa generaly high, 15 per cent, better .than the ten years' average. In
the Northwest States, the box-apple
States, about 20,000 carloads are be*
ing shipped, as against only 9,000 laat
As a result of these extremely large
crops, prices would naturally he low,
supply greatly exceeding demand; 25
per cent, ot the Ontario apple crop Is
said to have rotted on the ground.-
There has been a similar condition In
New York State. The Western States,
however, will get something for practically all .their apples. British Columbia did comparatively well in the
mater of prices, for our fruit brought
more than in any other section of
Other general conditions which
helped to lower the prices were:���-
1. Tigbtnes of tbe) money market
of the United States and generally
throughout the world.
2. The largest proportion of boxed
apples to barrels ever experienced.
3. Detective methods of picking
and packing, which injured fruit and
lessened its keeping quality.
4.   lack of storage facilities.
5. The fruit-growers require their
money in the fall, and hank loans are
not made on unsold apples; apples
must, therefore, be sold in the fall.
6. Fruit distributing organiwttion,
both in British .Columbia and in the
Northwest States, in the latter particularly, should be made much stronger. -	
7. The boxed apple business is\a
new one, and little is known about ef
fective means of distributing It to
the best advantage.
i. Practically no advertising i��
done to increase tbe demand for the
Western boxed apple, while $200,090
a year is spent in advertising California oranges. ���*
9. The very large apple-handling
concerns in England and in New
York are working to depress price3
on boxed apples.
manufacture. The lumber trade and
woodworking industries have benefitted in other countries by Just aw-h
procedure, and with the gretft re
source of inferior sizes and spectad
which British Columbia has in addition to some of the finest timbers in
the world theelncrease in the value of
woods products would he very great.
-* -1&3
Hazen Bill Designed to Protect Caoadlao Hsbertes
In the last number of Conservation,
tbe monthly bulletin of the Commission of Conservation, appears a remarkable offer to the farmers of Canada. It is aa'follows: "Draw a
sketch of your farm, giving the number of acres in each field, the kind of
soil'and the kind of crops grown on it
for the past three years.' ^Alsp specify
the line you are particularly interested In, namely, dairying, beef production, sheep or hogs, or grain growing.
Distance from the market has also to
be considered. Send this to the Commission of Conservation, Ottawa, and
they will make suggestions that will
be of material help in deciding the
best crop rotation for your farm.'
This'offer is' reproduced here for a
double reason. One is tbat it might
be given a wider publicity. Headers
who bave not received the copy of
Conservation will thus be able to
avail themselves of this splendid offer. Necessarily, such a' bulletin has
a somewhat limited circulation. The
wider can be made the knowledge of
the offer, the more will Canada benefit
by it.
The second reason is to call attention to the wonderful advance
made in governmental efforts to develop agriculture. Fifty years ago every farmer had to gather from somewhere enough knowledge^ahd experience to make him successful. He had
to depend upon traditions and habits,
or to make personal experiments
which Involved delay, if not lost).
But today the Canadian farmer has at
his disposal the wisdom, experience
and practical findings of a staff of
experts. He has but to ask a question to have it answered in line with
the most modern science. Agriculture
British Columbia is fighting forjig no-longer a hit-or-miss proposition,
her natural markets, which we ate if the Canadian farmer fails, it will
jpst beginning to adequately supply, [ surely be by reason of his own fault,
..nd in which our competitors are at and not for lack of federal co-opera-
piesent strongly entrenched.
11. Because of a curious condition
with regard to the Fruit Marks Act
and . its enforcement, British Columbia growers are discriminated against
in favor of their foreign competitors.
12. Canning, preserving, and other
wise preparing fruits and vegetables,
are as.yet developed to a very limited
extent In this Province. In California
$28,000,000 worth of fruit by-products
are produced annually.
The above are among the principal
conditions which depressed prices
this year. The fruit-growers of the
Province expect you to deal with the
situation, and recommend and follow
r.p means_of securing our markets.
A series of tests to determine the
mechanical and physical properties of
Western larch (tamarack) has been
recently made by forest products experts, and,it has been shown that the
strength is 81.7 per cent, where West-
envhemlock is 88 per cent, nnd Douglas fir 100.per cent:? It.is^sfipwn;that
the :: maximum t^reng^"7?f: gjeen
bridge stringers: average.Jef' all vgrades
isv��/L9 per Center^ as~ j^jreat as the
if the sm&lxlenr heaja* cut
tion on his behalf.
< A further proof of this agricultural
assistance, given provisionally, was
shown in Dr. Creelman's excelent address at the Canadian Club, which is
printed in full elsewhere. He showed
how in Ontario the district representatives were doing valuable -work in
working with the farmers, givins
scientific demonstrations on the farm
and introducing new and improved
methods. In this the farmers of Ontario are especially- fortunate, beini?
able to avail themselves of both provincial and - federal assistance. If
science and co-operation are of any
avail/ the urban drift will soon cease
$183,000   FOR   WATERWORKS.
South  Vancouver Waterworks  Superintendent Recommends Many Improvements for Next Year.
Estimates aggregating $182,510 for
waterworks purposes afext year were
submitted    to- the-,   council    by  Mr.
Joseph. Muliett, water superintendent.
Tfeesfimiites. include $8,612:40. oper
ating; expense^ $14,736 for .the'-pump-"
log, station;" $9,050  for   maintenance
and $83,836yand  -.$66,275.60 for construction purposes.
(Continued from Pane I)
one or two ports for supplies, but as the majority
of the members from the Maritime provinces, irrespective of party, have stated, the loss will be
Three Mile Limit.
In introducing his legislation which
is an amendment to the Customs and
Fisheries Protection Act., Mr. Hazen
It has been found ln the department that under that Aet it ie practically impossible to make selsures
of foreign vessels that are within the
three-mile limit and preparing to fish
because, according to the opinion of
the Department of Justice and tbe construction put on that section by the
courts of the country in order to enforce the provisions of that Act
against a vessel which without author*
ity is within the three-mile limit pre*
sparing to fish, you have to prove It is
preparing to fish within tbe threemile
limit. In other words lf the owner
says: I was preparing to fish, but
I was' making my preparations with
the intention of fishing outside of territorial waters, you sre powerless to
enforce the provisions of tbis Aet. We
want to amend that section so as to
provide that lf a vessel is within the
three-mile limit and is preparing to
fish without license or authority to do
so it shall be liable to the penalty of
Present Law Inadequate.
"The result of the present wording
of the law haa been that on many occasions offenders nave gone/ scot-free
because the Act did not express what
the intention of the legislature evidently was when the law was passed.
; "The Bill contains another important amendment.   Under the treaty of
1818 .between the United Btatee and
Great Britain   with   regard   to the
North Atlantic Coast-Fisheries, signed
o October 80, "1818, article 1, would
show that there was an   agreement
whereby in certain-waters specified in
article 1, fidhermen and citizens of tbe
United States have tbe same rights in
regard to fishing as have citizens of
'.   .      Mistake in Wording.
"In the drafting of this section of
tbe treaty the mistake waa made of
using tbe expression 'foreign vessels'
Instead of United States vessels and
tbe result of that is not only citizens
of the United StateB who, under convention, bave an absolute and proper
right to fish in those waters, but cltisens ot all foreign countries as well
who fish In those waters cannot be
proceeded against or the penalties can
not be exacted   so   fishermen   from
France or any other country can fish
in these waters and we are .powerless
to preyent tbem."
Injure Gear of Fishermen.
The minister then explained that the
object of the amendment was to sped,
fy more definitely the word "citizen"
which in reality only means the fish-
ernmen of Newfoundland and the United States.    The minister proceeded
"These steam trawlers   come   out
from France and operate outside of
the territorial waters but   they   are
capable of doing just as much injury
to the gear of our fishermen 'as are
trawlers  from  the  United  States  or
from Newfoundland.   There would be
no great purpose served by stopping
the trawling industry so far_ as  tlio
United States, Canada and Newfoundland are concerned if we did not do
something to stop  it so  far as  the
French trawlers are concerned.    T3-e
United States, Canada and Newfoundland could come to an agreement tc
prevent the outfitting of trawlers fron-
their ports, but we are powerless as
against  the- French  trawlers,  unless
we take action-in this* Way.    Ever
then, we may have difficulty because
France owns St. Pierre and Miquelor.
and the trawlers may be able to oper
ate from these islands as a base. Th*
officers   of   the   Fishery   Department
do not believe it would be possible foi
i France to successfully carry on the
j trawling industry unless her trawl-
; ers" are  permitted  to  come  into  the
ports of Canada to buy bait and coal
and other necessary supplies.   There
is no doubt in the world that if this
provision were put in force it would
prevent French Fishermen from getting supplies from Canadian ports."
Assist   Canadians.
The minister    believes    that    laws
should be framed to assist Canadian
more than counterbalanced by the iatptmrtmaat in
Canadian fisheries. The government cutters wfll
have s much easier task in catching any offend-_
era against the law. - ',    '
and assist our own fishermen u against those of other countries."..
Act Is-First Step.
The Hon. Mr. Haxen concluded with
an Important utterance when be stated
that another conference would tbe held.
In concluding a splendid speech he
"So members will see that it la not
only the careful patrolling of (he coast
ot Nova Scotia or of Canada and keeping these trawlers without the three-
mile limit, but that aa great dinger to
onr fishing industry may occurliy their
operations on the banks far-distant
from the littoral of Neva Scotia and
ether parts of Canada. While I would-
no\ contend that the passage of this
Act alone as lt stands is going to
remedy the evils which may result
from steam trawling, yet it to a first
step towards preventing the ports ot
our country being made beset from
which the operation of the steam trw*
Ier is carried on, and It Canada and
the United States and Newfoundland
come to an agreement the conditions
may be greatly improved.
����� ... %.
Further Conference.
"In a short time all this information
will be collected and another conference will be held.   If it is then de*
cided by these countries 'to prevent
steam trawling hy vessels fitted out
at their ports and owned by their citizens, and if all three countries and
Oreat ^Britain enact lawe for that purpose and prevent steam trawlers from
France aad other countries from using
their ports aa bases of operation, then
can be accomplished the prevention;
ln great measure ot what tha fishermen of this country, what the hon.
member for Gloucester and. other hon
members believe may he a very great
source of destruction to the fishermen and very great injury to the public interest. ^
Will he Followed Up.
"Tbat Is the position in which the
matter stands-today. It will he followed np by the government. As soon
as this information le obtained, a further conference will be held with the
authorities of Newfoundland and the
United States. It is to be hoped that
the-result will be to bring about seme*
thing that will be ln tbe Interest of
tbe protection of the fisheries of Canada, but this Bill is not Introduced
primarily for tbat object. Members
discussed it as if that was its object
Thst is not it. incidentally tt Is at
In that direction; -the objepts tt we*
sought to attain I have already *#
plained to the House."
Minister's Good Record.
Ron. Mr. Hasen la ad4Uag
to the sound legislation which he hs*
already brought op since hie eeeeev^.
���ion to power. What UbersJs talkei'^0-
about for years, without any praette- ~y>%
al action being taken, le now .betas ��s*7-L^
Into real action aad practical -la��^5w-j
latioa by the new 'Coaeervative t*i*: AhJ
eminent. ��� '-"-        "ki-WKtf
Capetown, March 4���During t**4*)> A?y
cussion on a xootitm calling for en lal^
mediate increase in tbe cc*triboti-VteVv
the Inwerfel Navy la tbe Honee e*''x.
Assembly, Premier Botha -stated ��Mfc4/t
he was quite alive to the iSNPeftanefrJ^^^^;
'of tbe matter, but before m*>a*m$i��^%?pm&
on a permanent policy whether ImW^fimM
���*   - ���> r "/--Hi
"''' -V *. VI
should take the form of a SMasj csa*    ?,
tributlon, as in the case of Canaan, %*
tbe building of a local fleet, Uke Asa>
tralia,   be   thought   the   AdatiwHy
should be consulted. y-
Sir Thomas Smart accepted Prsnt*
ier Botha's assurance as the beet pft*
slbie at tbe moment and as^ees4nts>
lag aa explicit uimertaalng^taat th��.
would be enteral on between the 9*** yy^A
mier and the Minister of Defense, anal 7,./>v-^
r\   y   J -
the British Government and the sw*>-  -AyyA
lab Admiralty for the pwiwsnof see -
Ing what would he tb* b^lSsim taY
bring about the aestrei reeip._;
WEU4NGTON, NX. Feb. IT���l*S#y
Scott, widow of Captain Robert F-
Scott, the British explorer, who lost
me life on the return trip from tbt
Soutb Pole, arrived here today from
San Francisco on the steamer Aorasgf
She was met at the pier by ber brother
Lieutenant, Bruce and Commander
Even* ot the Terra Nova.
Wife���Oh, George, dear, do order ���
rat-trap to be sent home today*
George���But you bought one last
Wife���Yes, dear; but there's a rat
in that.���London Tetler.
fishermen, "and  stated  so in the following-clear terms:
"The, French fisherman has a very
great advantage over our fishermen,
because he operates in the same waters as -our' fishermen do, and is also
paid a'"'bounty by the French government on the fish which he cures and
takes bacjt to France In a cured .condition. -As far as we can db-��\"Ve
should frame, laws so as to .-protect J
The Owner's Taste
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m P^A^y^A'x  ^V'^-'^'-V- "���������*,.? 'A-'-'/A.  7:&  W-  : ''[v'^;7.'<-.-y':  7.'ii.i'-7^^  :;^..T-������.������'i;  y-xx&rf, u  .���������ryyysy  (Continued from Page ���������)  Victoria A Eastern Railway A Naviga-  tten Company seventy-live (71) degrees  thirty-one (31) minutes and thirteen (IS)  ���������cco-idi- west of due north three hundred  and seventy-three and forty-one one-hundredth*. (373.41-1M) lineal test; thene*  feu-teen (14) degreea twenty-eight (28)  sstautoe aud forty-**ven (1?) seconds  west of due south six hundred and twen*  ty**tve <8I������) lineal, teat to interaeetlea  with the north boundary of aforesaid  "B"; thence along ths said north boundary of the aforesaid "B" seventy-five  <TS| degrees thirty-one (il) minutes and  thirteen (13) eeconda east ef due south  eight hundred and eighty-one and thirty-  eme one-hundredths (Sai.tl-IsS) Unsal  Seat; thence eighty-nine (IS) degree*  fourteen (14) minutes and thirty-eight  <Ssi second* east of due south nlnety-  ateht and forty-seven one-hundredtha  (taTe-MM) Uneal feet to- the point of  eafMAeaceHieat. the whole contalninf an  area of twelve (It) acres, more or loss.  "Reserving thereout to the Railway  Company a right-of-way aot exceeding  eneTundred (tM) feet In width adjoin-  tajr the northerly aad easterly aonndary  efTthe said area or. portion last hereto-  befae* particularly described aad shown  ���������Marked vtojGed Railway "Rteht-of-  Wer^.oni������* ataa hereto annexed or-a  *?E5-*H-* .between  the. parSratnretoi  bewevert that the said i-aeetwa-  isaid right-of-way la and shall      tb* Railway Com-  nant shall not be taken to lessen, prejudice er affect the right of the Railway  Cempany te mortgage or charge the  Railway Property in accordance with  and to the extent of the provisions, hereinbefore contained.  -rilling   *.   The Railway Company ahall  Jn. nil  In  the City  Property   (in-  ctuding so much of the landa  referred to In Article 3 aa the City ������baa  designate) the grades to be furnished by  the City;' Engineer, which shall be 7ap-  prexlmately the;*rrades ahown on the  plan annexed hereto, .and shall All in the  Railway Property as provided In Article  l*, such filling in of the City Property  (inclusive ;as aforesaid)-to be done con-  currehUy with the filling to of the Railway Property, a othat the bed of False  Creek shall be. filled In uniformly and  continuously -working eother east and  weat, west aud eaat, or north and south  or south and north. ...y   y.y-xy.  ���������new* fan IS. The Railway Company  Vtttlag In. wilt commence the filling lh  and reclamation of tha bed  of False Creek within ninety (SO) days  after the passing of tho Act referred to  in Article 1, or the approval referred to  In Article 3 being obtained, whichever  shall be last., and will thereafter diligently proceed with such work of filling  u and reclamation until sufficient fllllna  In has bean done to enable the Railway  Company to establish upon ths Railway  Property the terminals and works hereby agreed to be constructed. The Railway company shall, In any event, fill in  and reclaim three-fifths of ths bed pf  raise Creek (Including so much of the  lands referred to in Article 3 as the City  shall designate) within three years after such tims for commencement, and the4  whole thereof within five years after  sueh time tor commencement. The Railway Property shall be so filled In a* to  give reasonable access thereto from the  City P*-ope--ty.  11.   8o soon as the work of  et        filling ln .has sufficiently advanced to permit the same  to   be   done,   the   Railway  in th*7C.ty7*f; Vancouver, and Elsewhere than en the Railway Property,  a first-class modern hotel containln������  hot lees than two hundred and fifty  (260). rooms, auch hotel te be permanently operated aa part efth������hot������i  system of the Canadian TNortiiem Railway. -;��������� [~:y..;: ;W.- 7-7;  ,^;.ry..'X  ���������put ���������-,-;. 17.;    The     Railway ���������;.Company  ���������Track 7 ahall, itt^^^W :7Utn*s;- *t*������iiuW  .���������'.���������   by>.; th* 'City "7s*7;tCi7doi7iay7 out  and  conatruct   and   thei^eafteiT  except  as hereinafter7 p-������*id^ 7j>fe^  maintain a good and suflfcient spur  track crossing Main - Street; and connecting the City Market With' the Railway Unea to the Railway Property with  ���������witch? for same, and shall switch cars  to along and from aald spur track at  auch times as may he indicated or designated^ by the City from time to time,  aad shall ' remove-1the said switch  and spur' track at any' time, when requested by the City: so to do. -In' the  event of auch removal -the Railway  Company shall leaveOtata: Street- -and  the paving thereon in auch condition  as ahall be satisfactory to the City  Engineer; ��������� . -,"'  pamr *****������v*yte*; to th*etty frea-and clear  if. liens* marges and encumbrances a  s-sSHclent additional area or portion of  ^���������^o^rsjiTsn,  a&rtlewierljr * described  Immediately. _������a  ing. the area  raph   (B>  -    --" s,   jest thereof, to make, when added  te* said Jaat mentioned area or portion  sha full aawraht of twelve (IS) acre*  ewctnalve of said right-of-way.  -The bed of False Creek-above described, excepting the perUon* thereof de-  ���������5?-M������-i*^Vi������arag*apha (A) (B), <C)  0������ and: 4B> la herein referred to aa tht  *-%M*fwey> Property." and the portions ot  . the bed of False Creek described in such  s-A-paragrapba (A). (B). <C), (D) and  OX* are herein referred - to as "City  t-roperty."  tOaaa. I. The right, title and interest  -" tn the bed of Falsa Creek to be  ���������aweeyed tn exreardaace with tha pro-  UJgiiii *f~ Article. 4 snail be conveyed to  tiejelUltWAy Company,, Its auecessora and  ���������as. to behfM and used for all.Ume  for.eellwey terminal purposes and  purpose* expressed in this agree--  ... e-a-avta all apd every 4������f tha Artl-  of thia*Agreement, save aad except  Ides S, ltand IS, tha words "Rail-  ������4kT Ooxfpanjr shall extend to and Include the aoceeasora and aaalgna of the  Canadian Northern Pacific Railway Com*  ���������any, and the covenants and agreements  -Sontaloe-s to .each of the Articles of thia  Agreenwot, except as aforesaid, shall be  'IpMtng upon such successors snd as-  <" <.  ���������una, and shall .be uovenanta running  -with tha-land, and a charge thereon, and  tne^eaid conveyance from the ctty shall  cental* the above provisions,' and a  oUuse Chat no portion of the Railway  Property shall be transferred, leased or  conveyed by the Railway Company, Its  successors or assigns, nor shall any  right, title or interest therein, legal or  equitable, be created except upon the approval of the l*ieutenant-CK������vernor-*ln-  CtMincU. Nothing In the said clause reentries the approval of the Meutenent-  Oovernor-tn-CoonclI. however, shall be  -construed to limit or restrict tbe riant  e��������� the Railway Company, Its successors  efassleTns, subject always to aU the Ar-  JmHwsy Company or Its successors, ny  seartgage or trust deed containing power  et apta. foreclosure or right of posses-  Ssiv  /  but without thereby extending ....  .,_ : to use the Railway Property for  n-sjrposes other than those expressed In  this Agreement, or Interfering with tbe  use then or threeafter of the Railway  property by other railway companies as  expressed to thia Agreement or .the covenants running with the land and charged'  thereon as aforesaid.  en f. The Railway Company  may, either by Itself or  tbrougn soma sobaidlary company, erect and maintain a  hotel upon the Railway Property, using:  auch portion of the property as may ba  reasonably sufficient and suitable for  such purposes, the portion of tbe property to be used for such purposes to be  determines by the Lleutenant-Governor-  Ja-Councll. Such hotel shall not form  part of the Union Passenger Station referred to in Article 11. The erection of  say hotel upon the Railway Property  IS not. however. In any sense to be compliance with the covenant to erect a hotel  |n the City of Vancouver as specified in  Article   1������. ,  tj-sssss for 7. The Railway Company  tflHmfMfs*- shall, from time to time  |agt BMo. lease for manufacturing,  industrial or warehouse  sites, any portion of the Railway Property not at the moment required for  railway terminal purposes of Itself or  ether railway companies as provided in  thia Agreement, such leases to ���������*.<> subject to the Railway Company obtaining  a reasonable annual rental for the leased property, which without the consent  ���������f the Railway Company .shall not he  less than seven per cent'(7 p.e.) of the  . assessed value thereof, aad such leases  shall be on as favorable terms as those  now used by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company In connection with Its  Vancouver property on the south Shore  of Falne Creek west of Bridge Street.  Such leases shall contain suitable pro-  viaions permitting (he Railway Company or the Lleutenant-Oovernor-ln-  Councll ta cancel same upon reasonable  - notice, and proper compensation to the  |>saee. should the leased property he  required for railway terminal purposes  either by the Railway Company or other  railway companies as provided in thia  Agreement. Such leases ahall become  effective only upon the approval of the  Ijienteaant-Ckivernor-in-Council, and in  the event of the Railway Company refusing to give or make any such lease  the Lleutenant-Governor-in-Council shall  have power to direct the making and  execution of any such lease by the Rall-  <>mMar, >r ita^^^  Iishtoa*���������:������*; catwtog to h������ ���������staUlabed ad-  dlflbnat paaaenger.������������������-*reight ana) shipping  accommodation and: facilities   an    the  railway ^P^pejrt^i,^^^^^^:-^^  gobrt-77'''"'1'"  22. The.Railway Company  ahall 7 so   design   and   con-  -ii.���������       = >atre*t^. tha Union Passenger.  SMttwatrS Station^ tarmtoala. aulldinsa,  yy,xyy: ti*acka snd  facmtie^ rto V  far as sa-ne are to to loctatad nponthe  Railway^^iPoperty,    aB7 tft   reasonably  provwe. zor am uuxtto*** not only bj  the Rattway Company and the Canadian 7.K0rthern Railway. System, but by  such other railway..,���������campanlee -Ttlnclud^  lug the; |^l������c������7Qwat Eastern Railway  CompanyX-as may-require te -make, use  thereof.; Any other auch railway company shall be antltled to tb*. Mnt use  of theTaei-r pasaenger. tonhlnala, and  stations, inoluding tha tunnels ta -tha  extent of the reaaonabto eopaclty thara-  effjei '���������eoJaHr..'as.:,auch uaa shall.not ln-  terfere with:tne. raasonabla and naces-  sanf vMM enjoyment tberaet by .the  Railway Ctwmany   or    tha   Canadian  ���������t ether railway  make na������ ef ^sau  atatlen. toraalnala.  &������mm  iiantiaai^ii-^wiir*^*^^    '  e_kteteme* to la..Arttolas 33  - 33.:..   The 7 Railway 7 Company  '. agrees that. exMpi7 as in this  ^^Statutea.of  itiev  Company snail lay out, make and con*  struct, and thereafter permanently maintain upon the Railway Property, freifht  and pasaenger terminals- Including the  necessary and convenient buildings,  tracks and facilities, adequate to prop  erly care for the^ business of a transcontinental railway and of all other railway oompanfaa which may be permuted  to uaa the same under the terms of this  Agreemant. Tha passenger atatlon and  buildings shall ba modern ta all respects  and designed to accommodate-not pnlj  tha business of the Canadian Northern  Transcontinental Railway ayetem, but  also that of all other railway companies  which may ba permitted to uaa tha terminate aa aforesaid. Tha passenger station snail ba a/Union Passenger Station,  and shall be a building in keeping with  tha dignity of the XJlty of Vancouver,  and ahall cost, with its attendant passen-  aer platforma, passenger train sheds,  imp-gage, express and -oal**e-adcomm->aa-  tton which may be preyU*4���������e������ Pf"*  thereof, not leas than Ons^lHon Dol-  lara (ft,������M������.������W.������������). Such freight and  passenger terminals, Including the coat  cf- the landa, rights and interests to be  acquired by-the City at the expense of  the Company under paragraph 3 of this  Agreement, the cost, of fillips in the  Ctty and lUllway Proi^ttesTTths coat  ot tha passenger station, freight sheds;  tracks aad terminal faculties agreed to  ba erected upon the Railway Property,  bpt not Including tha. coat Of any hotel  In this Agreement referred te, shall bo  apt less than Four Million Dollara ($4,-  *0D,0e0.0t.) v  Tsaaals - 12. The approach, of the  Railway Company's railway  through tha high ground JyinaTto the  south and east of the Railway Property  shall ba by means of a tunnel, ��������� which  shall be of aufflclent sise te accommodate a double track railway, or by means  ot two tunnels, each of which ahall be  of aufQclent size to accommodate a single track railway, in driving or constructing auch tunnel or tunnela the  Railway Company shall do w ln auch  manner as\to Interfere aa Uttle as pos-  slble with any sewers, sewer pipes,  water mains, water pipes, mains, pipes  and other works of tile City, and shall  abaoTutely protect and care for, and save  from damage or Injury any and all sewers, sewer pipes, water mains, water  pipes, mains, pipes or other works of  the City whieh may ba encountered In  driving or constructing auch tunnel or  tunnela and If any of the same are (In  ������rj    '" "_^  caVon^"?her������b7^-r������PM*c9. "relay and  make good such works to the ���������atwjae-  tion of and In .such place and In1 such  manner as tha-City Engineer ahall direct.  13.   The   Railway   Company  agrees that it will electrify  tha tunnel  or  tunnela hereinbefore referred to. and will  permanently  maintain   them  so electrified,  and   that  no engines of  tha Railway Company or tha Canadian  Northern Railway syatem or any sub-    be oper-  rtlon  ree-  ment designated as 0������ Railway Property, by ateam produced from coal, o-il  or other substance emitting fumes,  gasses or smoke to such an extent, as  to create a nuisance.  14- The Railway Company will  establish and permanently  maintain a suitable pasaenger  station at or near the south or eaat portal of the tunnel or tunnels aforesaid,  and In tha event of the north or west  portal being at a greater distance-than  three-quartera of a mile from the Union  Passenger Station hereinbefore, referred  to. the Railway Company w!U estrtllsh  and permanently maintain an additional  railway station at or near auch laat  named portal, and will use for stations  for suburban'or other local passenger  traffic of the Railway Company.  Western 16.    (a)   The      Railway  tteaeewufSfS Company and the Cana-  ���������VdfVuaV dlan Northern RaM<-.ay  Company ahall make, or  cause to ba made, and thereafter ^permanently maintain the western headquarter* of the Railway Company and  of the Canadian Northern Railway,system, both for passengers and freight.  iels snd If any of the same are   ra  Judgment of the City Engineer) ln-  sreT with In any manner, the Rail.  Company shall pay all damages oc-  fnft-  ^ , it.   If  and  when   the -City  Well shall obtain the approval of  tha Governor-General , In  Council of Canada for tha construction  of a retaining wall and tha filling hereinafter in thia article'mentioned, the  Railway Company ahall  (a) Construct a reUinlng wall commencing at tha intersection of t he  westerly boundary of Main Street and  tha Property now known aa ''At-metro**  * Morrison's property and wharf," add  running thenca westerly along tbe  southerly boundary of aald Armstrong  ft Morrison's-property and wharf three  hundred (300) net and from tbence  southerly, to the northwest corner of  the present city Market Wharf, and  from thenco southerly aloha the  westerly boundary of the ssid City  Market Wharf to the aouthwest corner  of the City Market. Wharf and:  from thence southeaatly along the  southerly boundary of aald City  Market Wharf to auch .point above the  high water mark of Faue Creek on  or west of Main street aa tba -City  ahall designate, such retaining wall being shown and designated "Saa Wall"  and marked with the letetr F on the  plan hereto annexed; provided, that if  the City shall ao desire tha Railway  Company ahall construct tba aald retaining wall in auch other position (Including other angles, directions and  distances) within the boundaries of the  aald retaining wall hereinbefore described aa ahall be designated by the  City. -     ~  (b) Fill In to auch .grade aa shall  be designated by the City the^iwrtion  of the bed and foreshore of Flalae  Creek bounded by th* said ^retaining  wair and tha space between the easterly boundary of Main Street aad-said  retaining wall including tha space. Under Main Street Bridge, andi Main  Street, auch retaining wall -to ~ba of  sufficient else, depth ana strength, so  that neither the filling ln to be done  under this agreement nor any dredging in False Creak which may at any  time be authorised or undertaken by  the Dominion of Canada ahall x������ndanger  the same. Provided, that In the event  of the City not designating the position of such retaining, wall within two  (2) years from the delivery of conveyance as aforesaid, or in the event-ot  the City not obtaining the apP-roval-jjt  the said Governor-General ln^ CouncU  as aforesaid within tha aald period ������t  two (2) rears, br in any event ti th*  City shall at any time within the  aald period of two. (3) yeara 00^jra-  quest, the Railway Company ������������������ Instead  of constructing aald retaining Waffend  works in connection therewith inl wanner aforesaid���������ahall. ������������-hi������f,,ta tha approval of the <^vewor-Gen*������*a! 'lir  Council being flrat obtained by tba City,  erect and construct a retaining walrnf  the character before^n*n������������ed at and  along tha western boundary of Main  Street from the south stde to the north  side of Falsa Ciwk. and shall also remove Main Street Bridge, and ������I������V  frade andT pave Main Street across  alse Creek from the point **wa the  general grade of such atreet rises to  approach such bridge on on������ Bids to  the corresponding point on *���������������  other side thereof, such filling  m, grading and paving to> be  done in such manner as ahall be designated by the. City psineer. provided  that tn carrying out thejwork aforesaid the Railway Company ahall Pra������  vide for the traffic PJ-w^JJ^J���������  Street Bridge so as td interfere therewith aa little ��������������� reaaoaably^boasible.  The City ahall Indemnify. Pro#ctaml  save harmless the. Railway .Company  from and agalnat all claims bj ������������y  person on account of any Jf-nds or  rights in landa taken or injuriously effected by reason-of tha work" referred  to in this article.  B-rsdatag 10. Tha Railway Company  *^*~ Shalt work in harmony  with tha -potion Government or any  department thereof in any dredging of  filling material x fromr the baaln of  raise Creek wast af Main Street te ba  dona by-the Railway Company.  tfndtag, 20. The Railway. Company  ItoWsf "hall when aad so soon as the  lemW same ahall have bean fully  w" " filled in. and not in any event  later than- five (5) yeara from the  delivery of said convayaaca, make,  grade and - pave aa city streeta  Tn- manner aatlafactory to . tba  City Engineer; tha areas aet out in aub-  naraarwba (B) and-(C) of article 4,  SJw^W^araaitw maintain. wPflr ������nj  repave tha said atraeta, when and aa  required by the City, and will pay one-  halt of the coat of in^tog. grading  and paving tba atreet oomprtaad In  area aet out in sub-paragraph (P) of  Arilcle #, inclu^na'axttnslon thereof  through tou 11. Ft and II In Block  3 JcfeSed toln Article 3. and will thara-  after pay one-half tha coat of maiatato-  .���������   *������������������_������������������ ���������^  -������������������<*-��������� the    said  In eaae  ���������.��������� ���������... ._., ...--^Railway  Company, under tha terms of Ita agrae-  mentwlth the City, ba responsible for  the paving or repaying of any portion  of any auch atraeta, then the paving or  rapavfng   of  such   laat   aamed_ atraeta  any  than  com-  t ef  Northern   B^wa^   S>atam, ^or  other company, which may    ba  making  uaa of such  facflltl  payownt af Just and  r  penaauoo, far snob use.  other railwar nemnanls    shall ineludrtneTrlgtit ef railway com:  pules eata������u-������^iwb tarmlnala otha-*-  wlaa than^Utiwugb auch tunnel ar Tun-  2SJ .^SmnTlT^&^ffi  ui-poae, Jto connaot wj|h_ erj-traes^ tha  e started. tha7 tax e-fei  tained ha Cha-Her?31?: So  XtQ^^SlWP&M!*  ������% W** -  and v ������chedula7 therat������, ^anaU. pot^ apply  to tBe Railway- c^mpaay'a portion of  -nent' designatedv>as777the"v'^ftallway  Prowirty.''   The i^dlUUway Property  ot conveyance as aforesaid; /during  the twa yeara foUawing auoh thread  year -period,:''.;��������� thev^aawray^:^Property:  shall ba aaaaaaad In Ilk*, manner as  other la--vda: and lmprevementa are aa-  aessed, but the Railway Campany ahall,  be liable U pay only thr^-flftha of  ������he taxaa baaed upah tha land valu*  under tb* aaaeaament and the: Aasaa-  sor in fixing, auch land value /shall:  include therein tb* value *f. any and  -all ailing done under thia agraemant,  but no other Improvements. Attar tha  axplratlan ef auab tw*������yaar period, and:  until the year 1934. when the exemp-  Uea ref erred to la tha said StetuU ax*  plras, the Railway ���������Property aa barain*  bafora denned shall '  er wltn Zeugrj-*&W':*4^ - w ,  '��������� ' diminage or aewarae������:ttuM^ may^^^;^^^^  mmmmm  '   f.z?9������p*mKg*g9*^  ,. <^_otsr**buiia^an^*i-������fcv  .       .. lnaKand7:ctili-*i*ta^7:an*':   t*  '���������\r.y-.  tracks of tha Railway Campany at a  point between tha portal ef aald^tun-  nel *r tunnels naaraat ta tha Railway  proparty.aad sueh property, or at auch  other point, as *nay>s mast convenient.  ���������"Ting regard to tea toteresta^ef tha  Railway Company and of suchv other  railway companies entering audK tarmlnala as afpreaald and ef other latt*  way evmpaniis using or that may nil  auch tarmlmdi. au^ notet ta eaa* at  dispute to ft* detarmlnee by tha Lisa*  tanatK-Oovaaror tn C*unaJl.A The ax-  tantog tn* J^^^t^Jf^^fj^JP^  Sa SSa^ichwauId totarSfvwltn.tlhi  i*aaonabla neoeeaary oa* and  . anJayZ  inant thereof aa aferaaaid ahan. la caaa  of any dlaputa, ba determined by tba  Lieutenant-Governor ta CouncU.  23.   The .Railway   Com-  Kny ahall - provide   and-  rnlah   upon   tha    Rail-  way   pr*per^, aufllciant  track* and frablht ahadsUaJ all 1Smaa  reasonably accommodate and provlda  for.tha.handling of tha freight cars  and .ft-eigfit af.any atber reUway com*  paalea referred to in the nrat aan-  XS** & Article U, to me ter a* by  natog ltd own raasonabla and necessary  ua* and enjovmant of fte^ JtalHray  Propertv ahall not ba aubstaatlally  impalred* *r interfered wttb, and such  . and.  value axad in saaanar ^afbcaaatd,  tt* taxea  bassd on such land 'vauiSi  Taxaa ter tha Burpee* ef Jthla -Artlola  shall b* taken ta mean aad Include all  taxaa   and  rata*   either lee  ordinary  yearly er uaual taxaa aad rata* or for  ���������   ^ . ..      .  school/ taxas* and ratee^ er atharwlaa  howaoaver, but thera shall be a* exemp-  Uan aa te local impravemants.  21. Tha Railway Company  oansan-maad agrees to th*  City ajttendlaa either Carolina ������? 8cetrtltreet7aa the  . -     . qty- may at any time elect  by an ayerhead bridj-a of such matariai  and design an tb* pity ahall determta*  aerass the Tad *f Fatae Cmwkv aud  anew ta permit tha eity ta placa and.  at ail -times maintain tha foeUngs and.  aupptwta et auch bridge upon tha Railway Property, and ta prevlde tha land  necaasary jttmafar. The Railway  Company, ahau alas provide from out  -af the RaUway Property such land ad-  Jolalair Main Roadway being extension  ef Flrat Avenue aad adjoining the  atreet a-a-the south bauadary of th*  Railway Praparty aa tha City ahall  designate as necessary for tha erection  thareea *f~atana ma* ramps leading  t**9 Aft. aald streets te tha said overhead brldg* la addition to tha width of  auch atraeta The Railway Company  shall 'pay .eae-balf the coat .ef auoh  bridge, lactodlag auoh last mentl������a������d<  to th* Ctty such  fer^i������^r  J. a^dittf^Raligaa  ,- - ^^*i^^^^t^m^9Miem,  je^yes.M^lene^tuyee'^ftm'.ee'-  :taa^o*w.imayjtbe-sltt^hs.-;ba������^  Ct-a^^^-^^^^c^-;;^;^^ -  ''���������'������������������'78^e;|^^|g^1j|^r!^  ���������urreea that In the event <  yyy'yyem xtme/rii^ye*yyeme^ ^^.,  ^ng cai* of ,-my iia*Bf*|;j-rtu^  haw running toto Falsa Chwek or pm- 7  i^tlnr^snyl^-sow:v-from.77:-|uchr^--wa������e'r.r  couim from .winning tberehvto-pay'toff* CUy.th* amountit would hava^oat  the RaUway Coaapany  to   itself v toka  care of. aucV water couraa, or the "  therefrcm, tha amount ta: oasa ot:  puts to ba aetUad by ajWtmUan.  furnfab  rand    provlda    alt/  ftrafsh  rand.  ���������������������������������  ������latS^^^?ii^^  any order shall at any tima ba med*  by tha Lleutonaat-Oovanaor la Oeuacn  In i-Mpect ef j������rotectton.a4 any jSS  crossing tha. Railway QNupany^wui  agree and cenaant that alhoqat and ax-  ���������rear, oa directad to ba ipaid by tne  err  i^agg  over or under any ,���������   OtojpaWrji pretaajpa - far *a*l'B-scV  ti-aflc twhsthwr^aneer 01-aa^ MjSrer*-  said_or otharwtoe). than -each ataaat.  roaoTar highway sha������ b* ������o jSSSu  over, or. under at tl������-fuU,w������eV^Ke-  jtMlce  to  tha liability of, any- pajgasa-  (other.than the CityF to stSilftuls or  queatlon, In tha event *f dlaputa, to ba  datormtaad by   "    ner to Ca-uncfl.  tha   X-leutenant-Gover-  tha  _JBt������  under  and their principal weatern termluua at  the City of Vancouver and not elsewhere, and the Railway Company shall,  within five years from the data of delivery of conveyance aforesaid, procure  and thereafter .P**^**50j-OXl.|nalntato  deep water wharfage and facilltlea therefor within the City of VancottTer. ade:  quate to the needs of a tranacontlnemal  railway and a trans-Pacifle ateamahlp  line, and the Canadian Northern Railway  Company covenants and agreea:  (I). That said Canadian Northern  Railway Company ahall. -on or before  January lat if", obtain authority by  statute of the Dominion of Canada authorising lt to operate a trans-Pacific  steamship line both for passengers and  (2). That said Canadian Northern  Hallway Company ahall. within .eight  (S) years from the date of delivery of  conveyance as aforesaid, establish or  cause to be established, and thereafter  permanently maintain or cause to he  maintained a trans-Pacific ateamstilp  line   both   for  passengers   and   freight,        . .   having its  freight   and  passenger ter-  way Company,  subject to  the payment  m-na*8 ang its home otflce at all times  after pay one-nui tne coal ���������������> "������������������"������  12s ^d^!rt^wat*"1-  tba British Columbia Electric Rai  j  :?-������������������'  of a reasonable annual rental as aforesaid. In the-event of Its being deemed  necessary to extend the terminal facilities on the Railway Property to enable  the Railway Company to accommodate  any, other railway company desiring to  make use thereof under the terms of  this Agreement, such railway company  desiring to make use thereof, or the  City of Vancouver, may apply to the  Xieutenant-Governor-in-Council to direct  the cancellation of any such lease or  leases, and the t,ieutenant-Governor-in-  Councll may, subject to the rights of all  parties interested to be heard, direct the  cancellation of any such lease or leases  conditional on the payment to the lessee  .or the Railway Company on behalf of  the-lessee by the railway company desiring to make use of such railway facilities of the amount to which such  Id-see shall be entitled as compensation  for such cancellation under the terms  of the lease.  shall be done hr.the Railway ^mpany  tn conjunction with the British Columbia Electric Railway Company, ao that  the tatter company may pay, or provide, ita fair and proper proportion of  the coat of tha work. In the*y*nt of  the Railway Company and the Brltiah  Columbia Electric Railway Company being unable to agree aa to the dolngof  any of tha aald works, then tha Ctty  shall itself do the work^he Railway  Company paying auch portion of tha  coat thereof as la not.parable by,the  British Columbia Electric Railway Company aa aforesaid.. The Railway Company further agreea that in rat-pact of  any atreeta. lane* ee pasaagaa .ejfcar  than those hereinbefore to thia Article  referred to made or epnatroctad. by the  Railway Company and permitted to^ba  used by tha public in or upon the Railway Frcperty^'th* Railway .Company  shall at all tlmea keep such atreat-L  lanes and passagea paved and in goad  repair. In case at the time when under  theprovislons of this Article sny streets  are to be paved It ia impracticable in  the opinion of the City council to do  the work to consequence of the ground  being liable toaetfle or otherwise, then  theTRallway Company ahall by planking .or otherwise make temporary roadways suitable tor use by the publte.  and thereafter when practicable to pave  such streets the Hallway Company  ' -   ��������� ���������-     -  ���������    ��������� *-- x  o  ^-jj,,. ��������� Subject eiwey* t*  of Jtwvds authority ot the ueutanant*  sag sbili Governor In Council under  tbla agreement, tha aald  freight yards and freight ahads ahall  be under the sola control of the Railway company, and Uw freight cam  and freight of any other railway company da aforesaid eheU ba handled aala-  ly by tba RaUway Company, except  that .such other railway company ahall  ba entitled to access to and to^pjace Its  freight cars upon the transfer track  or tracks referred to la Article if.  gig. ILb"^? SSf^i^ ^rop:  tbtttwaffe arty th* freight mcen ot  _, other ^companies rafarrad to  In tha Srat sentence of Article 12, for  auch period end upon, auch terms and  subject to siicb sUputatlons snd upon  payment of auch Jpat and, raaaonable  compensation as may from time to JPm*  b* mutually agreed, upon, and tba RaUway compaay shall provide raaaonabla*  and convenient access to such yard or  yard*, so that auch other --onpaalas  may enter aama for tba> purpose etwee  lug cars on-* ���������mtabla transfer Jtiack 01  traeka which the .Railway  sbaUT provide, thatain. , JPha  company eball also, handle Jboth- ���������t  out through tha. aald tunnel or tunnel  tba freight         ���������  tralnr of   any .afich  (Which  ���������Ufh  not  nger  ������tbet  cars and  other comfeny  ���������_ dasirous of ^ bandUog  . .... cars and ttaina. Jtoelf by. ajeetrj:  cardevices), aad-ln^tha caaa *f freight  car* and train* shall haul sam? tefwi  and from auch transfer trees or tracks.,  and In ������a..caaa ^paaaenger cwa^and  trains shall haul--aama to and from  the Upton Passenger Station, for auch-  pertod and upon such terms and aun-  Ject to such stlpulatlona, and'.umni  payment of auch Juat and reaaonaWa  cpmpeiiaatloo as-may   from   Mfne   to  Railway c^ipaay shall handle both tn  and out through its freight shed* on  the  Railway  Property  the  freight  of  such other companies for sueh period  snd  upon  such terms and aubjact ta  ������jr_               auch stipulations and Won payment of  auch reasonable, --ompetoatlan ge mar  from time to time be-mutually agreed  upon, sad ahall allow excess, by..means  o*.i**y ariv������w������7r l% "f? ���������wwHab. to  said freight aheds for the receipt and  delivery of tha freight of auah other  companies, provided that the Railway  Company shall .not, in so doing, substantially Impair or Interfere with Ita  own reasonable and necaasary use and  enjoyment of tha .Railway Proo*Wty.  and auch question, in tba event of dlaputa, to ba determined by tba Lieutenant-Governor in Couaett.  30.   in tba event of tba  itenaat-    Railway Company rafua-           Ing  to  allow  any other          railway, -mmpany to usa  tha wSd Union Pasaenger  Station, terminals, buHdtnga, track*  faclittias or tunnels, or refusing to allow *py other railway company to obtain access to aald Pasaenger terminate and atatlon. or to connect with or  ore** tba tracks of tha Railway Company, as aforesaid or neglecting ,or re-  fuatog to handle or haJJl the freight  or pasaenger cars or trains of .any  auch other railway company aa aforesaid, or neglecting. or ref using to  handle tha freight care or freight of  any other railway company as aforesaid,-or in any other manner neglecting  or refusing to comply in sny particular with the provisions of Artlclee S3  to 3t Inclusive or In the event of. any  such other railway company complaining of the service given by tha Rail-  pay any portJe* ef said coa(Fe* aspanas  other than any -mah; aarttoa af aaat ee  expense  which  mar  ba  rapaya-bta  at  may  anytime by th* City  ie.  Tha  to^raeh  . _  Railway Ceeajaaa  sb*l|  naeav*  aad.- permit  th* usaaa.apnaic drive-way eta strip  o*  th*  Sfty fact   (M> to  th*   Railway   Property   adjetat  eaatorlyj^toarof thaiarea at  of tha bed of Falaa r>aak sat  nettc*   to  eaaatruct  lta-  th*jbta wMn auch    c^Mruetiaa   of  track* will he i-camacMaaa^had during 1  aald periad. et tbraa ma������tb* .the City  Engineer ahall  designate  tha location  and dlmenalana  porta,  .shall   i&f -25*15!!* 9Jhe uaa* to b* mad* of  tha ItoHway Properiy, and a* aa to  interfere therewith aa little aa reasonably psaatMs.  iiajijmal      W.   The   Railway   Com-  *������V aT av to   the city at any -tune  hmeftee axtaading by  &***? -J?* ovarhaad brldgaa. two additional atraate running narth and soutb.  d -" "-  "  _   tb*  paction  _ __ rn^dWrn^^SaB'  from tha. ajrea of porUoa^aet *w| fi  tnib-ataua* <1> af  Article 4, and  one to tte east ane^ ana to the wast  aw������s tha bed. ���������TfUi* Creak, aad  SPSS"*.*0, parmlt th* City to place and  tJ&reaftotr at all time* .maintain on  the Railway Property feotings and sup-  S������*wrtSVaJWl Ue  Railway Property, and ao a* to Inter-  aupporta of tha Carolina or Scott i  l������rldg*- . If. precttcabla tha city  ���������^hrtdsaj,  ^Itt^f  City wUl  *%L thejocationa af auch footloi  the;   Railway    Cpmi  eh footings  !ld*Vct*y  eatebllah Ita tracks, and abauM the  fall ao t* da it, sbaUpey tha eoi  pMyiag any ef .tba tracks of tha :  . whicb may ba in   togs and aupperta.   TK City shall have.  the /bjmt~M* Ue    aCBeers^    servants,  ing ind iwpaJring tb* ovarSead bridgca  running North an-2 atouthjSutharisaTby  thia agreement, and the Railway Com-  ������%n^m4^Sf ** grant and does grant  to tba City suah eaaemente as shall  be nacaaaary upon^ the Railway Property for.tba purposes In thia article  mentioned.        ��������� '  end thereof, to Main Street, and from,  at or. near tba abstk anertbanet to  Main Street, or to a*n*a: other atreet  or highway aonaaetlng with Mam Street,  and may aa*)-* such crattaoatlona la  either reunded a* anwrxag dWactlaaa, er  ta auch otter fiteettqtm or manner em  \^J^*^^^^SSi  ���������&U*!&**11 tfb" B-*1-' '������������������������ i%*> ���������������  width���������Jhreeimaator any g-raatar width  tbMee^-euittaa Sfty feet'lt) and tar  ���������PSIrttanel ���������!,w-ww,' ������������rt-of ���������*���������  ��������� W of aut  ��������� J aa ahall .   Th*Raflway -Company  f       lanes a*t Kit to  ArttcwJ. as jhaU be^aquiSta  of  end SB t* to manner  aad to  Engineer II  way at and  " ifo  hen!������x^1ne*T  before apectflad T -  pany to reefatm an<  property.     nnd  tbe  T.  pay to the City  ���������r���������jw ef aevtng '������*,.  shall thereeftor pay te  factory.  to the  -Qwa.^   Cempeny  way Company to connection with auch  Union Pasaenger Station, or In  ling or hanltag such freight or  or to    hand-  shall pave  same  or  the cost of paving  ArUcle.  pay   one-half   of.  provided In this  of  Tarn-inaJa  Va* for  tr*rx������laal.  -0.*a7.r  Company  Northern  covenant  Property  y<*    *> .^,  8.    The     Hail way  and   the   Canadian  Railway   Company  that   the   Railway  shall at all times be occupied: and used as the principal perm an  ent Western terminus and terminals,  both: for passenger and- freight, of the  Canadiam-^Torthern Railway system, in-  ctodlng the Hallway Company, their and  itsfau<-ce.ssort and assigns..  AUyy- A-Ay-'y'-'  yyyxyyx .^ v^)i>.;*Efe  as effectively in the City of Vancouver  aa the Canadian Tactile Railway Company or any company which may operate  or control the trans-Pacific ateamship  steamers operated in connection with the  ..������������������jrt's.w pacific Railway ��������� from-time to  time makes the City of Vancouver the  passenger. and freight terminals and  home pert of such trans-Paclnc steamers for freight and passenger traffic; and  (3) That supplies for said ateamahlp  lines shall at all times be purchased for  and supplied to its vessels tn the City  of Vancouver in so far as they may be  obtained on as favorable conditions there  as elsewhere, and that auch steamship  line shall at all times make the ..City of  Vancouver Its head office on the Pacific  Coast and the place In Canada for the  signing on the crews of its steamers and  the point at which in so far as possible  such crews shall be discharged and paid  (bV The "City of Vancouver" la,this  article shall mean and refer to the" present limits of the City of Vancouver.7 ~  Xtotel 16. The Railway .Company .and  to the  Canadian  Northern  Railway  Ctty     Company   .covenant   .and - agree;  that   the   Railway   Coni*>any_*r  the   Canadian   Northern   Railway   Company shall within  five   (8)  yeara after  erect?*%&& ^*t*ilgSg^  21.   The Railway Company  shall proceed with ail the  works  hereunder including  the  works  referred   to   tn  Article   18,   so   that   the  Union    Passenger    Station,,  terminals, tunnela  and works shall be  fully established, constructed and completed within five  (5)  years from, the  date of delivery of conveyance as afpreaald.   " Tbe Union    Passenger    Station  shall   be  constructed  and    established  facing on the driveway referred to in  Article 94 and at  some point  between  the northern boundary of the Railway  Property and'the northern boundary of  the   "Main  Roadway"   marked   (B)   ������ni  the   plan   referred   to   In   Article. (4).  The freight sheds shall be located immediately adjoining the roadway shown  on   said  plan   and   marked   (C).     Said  -pasaenger   station   and   freight,    sheds  shalt thereafter be permanently maintained in sueh place, *r inr-^auch other  .niece a*'--alx4tt--a*raaye*d7u^e-a--;.hyi.tbe  ,  meir aim   erect,      cunBiruti       aut* ���������-, v������������������������"*'������*;������**������.-.   7^T -^iZ���������       ^i-T.,,-  j._������^M������- - ,v������~- 7*,^*II.-r>������  This .-cove- 'thereafter -'permanently;, maintain,--'-W|t!- lloWeTer,   ahail",prevent-Tftt^.:^lway  Union Pasaenger Stall  ling or hanltag such fteigna ol __.���������  gar cars < and trains, or handling  freight, or in tbe event of tbe Railway Company-���������and..any .auah ether  corn-May a* afoceseJd-*-6-JUag, to agree  on the period or. upon the tanas and  conditions or upon tba sum to a* paid  aa a Juat and reasonable -ooropeaaatlon  for any of tbe matter* aforeeeid. sueh  other company ahall have tb* right to-  apply to the Lleutanant-Gove-niof to  Council, who shall nave power to order  compliance with said ArUcle* 22 to SS  inclusive, and to direct the .masses-  thereof, and shall determine the reasonableness or otherwise of auch neglect  or refusal or service, and coaArsa a������eh  refusal, or direct the BaUw*y Company to permJS the~J������tot use of such  Union Passenger Station, terminals,  buildings, tracks, f*<*UiU������s aad- tunoeta  to the extent hereto provtdad. tb* nature  and extent of such waa to b* determined by the order Of. the Ida*teaant-  Governor to Council, or direct that auoh  other company have access to said  passenger terminals aad atatlon and be  at liberty to connect with or cresa the  tracks- or the Railway "Cempany .for  that purpose, or direct the Railway  Company to handle or haul the freight  and "passenger cars and trains (or any  of same) or handle the freight of auch  other company aa a/01-eeaid. or improve  the service, air the,.case may be, to  such* manner and for auch period and  upon such terms, and subject to- auch  stipulations, and upon payment of auch  sums aa .the Lieutenant-Governor to  Council may determine, hut nothing in  thia agreement contained eball. be  deemed to authorise any order or direction compelling the Railway. Company  to increase the capacity of Ita tunnels  or to construct any additional or other  tunnel than as to this agreement expressly provided. -.-.__  Vm-gnttor** 27. The Railway Com-  fes*avee pany ahall not. so long  Wltk Other *S -*e-*-*o������i������bla and Just  Shrdtwaya ���������".- .compensation;::-'-an^hereto-  ^^��������� . . before.v iwrewad :^to la  duly paid, atiany time do o-^permttto  be.done; any mafter.or thlnjr to-tanr"^  or infei-ter* with thf���������:*& -hy the  dfa-OSit  ~  litoeilss  Si.   Whenever the City shall  flSfl determine to extend    Flrat  eVTeaae Avenue ao a* to cojrmeetaiOoL  .iu w^^ F*r"t ***������������ee at Clark Prive  with bridge or tverbead cmaalnk across  tbe. property of the Vancouver, victoria  and Eastern RaUway and Navigation  Company, the RaUway company abatt  pay to the City one-halt of the coat of  purchaatog ar expropriating auah land  being lots Seven (7), Eight (3), Nine  illTTen (l������) vend E-avenUl) In Btoek.  Fifty-ninejttt) or auch porUona ofsaid  Lots and Such portion of Block Sixty-  eight (18) ae ahall be necessary for such  purpose, all to iMatriot Lot ts* A to  Group i. New Westminster DlstriaV up  to a width for auch atreet of one hundred and twenty-five (125) feet, including the purchase price or values paid  for or fixed foe same, and alt coats,  charges and expenses in connection with  purchasing, acquiring or expropriating.  eame. In caae the price for which the  City can purchase aay portion of aald  land is deemed too high by the Railway company, then the prtc* of ee-m*  ahall be .determined by arbUraataa under Section 133 of the Vancouver Incorporation Act and amendments. Th*  aald coat of purchasing or expropriate  ing. of, which. the Railway Company  shall pay one-half, ahall mean theTtotal  coat of aame.whether to th* City alaaev  or to.the city and any ether person  providing any part of auah cast  fridge* 13. Tbe Eailway Company  ������. * W.. ahau. connect the aridgiac  . . overhead ereaalng ref acred. tain Article 11 with the area ac pertlen-  of land described In Article 4 B (keaa  Roadway) by suitable rampa to be constructed of auah sanv state-rial and de-  eta* and i& ������*ehi manner a*, th* City  CouncU shall, direct. .When from Urn*  to Ume1 pursuant to order of the tales) ���������  ta*)ans**9toaa**a*c xa^-^lannesV e* f  olution of the Ctty CeaacU. eatd  or overhead cxeaatag ie required to _.  extoajded weatesty to or toward* Main  Street for the purpose *f aveMaag the  e-reeslac ef rafSway tracks to th* bed ef  SajSm^caeata ***** ahall a* a* extoaded  and coast-meted by th* Railway Casn-  paay at aach width.aa the City Oswacil  sliaft deteraatee. and with suitable  ramps ceaneeUng with said Main Roadway: if each extension la to avoid tbe  expanse ef paving ������*lt1  ahall thereeftor pay, t*^. .���������.____  cost end^expene* of **a-|w*-mg end maln-  tatntog to good wwlje aaid dtHfve-  way at any time in the future..  Itohot. 37. The Railway Company  - ahaU net carry ea.Wy.of the  construction ���������' works referred to- In thia  agreement on or in connection with the  Railway l-tapetty or*th* City.Property  on the Sabbath Pay;" and shall aet,em- "  play ape* the eomtrwevtan of any of the  werlto .referred to to this -tgreamest  either dlreetly or indirectly any Aelattc  or peraona ot tb* Astatic race, and to tha  event of the Railway company a* employing sny Aslatta or .pence ef tb*  Asiatic race. It shall forfeit aad pay to  th* Ctty one dollar (It.oO fer each and  every day or portion of a day that each  sueh Astatic or person of the Asiatic  race may or ahall b* employed by tt.  Wages, w The lUttwey Company  ahall pay or cause to be p*������  to aay and all werttme*, .artlsana, mechanics and laborera employed to *���������*->  nectton with the conatructton. ef aay  pf the Weriw referred te> to tb*>. Agra*'  ment jmon the Railway Property er th*  City Property the current wage* paid k-y  the Ctty at the Ume to competent workmen engaged upon simitar Work, tb*  saw* working hours te prevail and no-  later tabe paid a* ��������� tasa rate tha* th*  mtntotum wages paid at the time by tbe  City.- and in the event of the RMbsra-r  Company failing te pay ta any workman, arUaan, mecheafe or laborer wegSs  to accordance with the pravisiona of ������ii*  ArUeta. tb* Rattwer Oampany shaft pay  to tbe City, one dwhvr (fft e*> per map  for each and every day or portfaa Of ���������  day that any e-aeh. workmen, erU*an.  mechanic or laborer te employed or paid  at wages lass than .are pravtded to thia  Article, auch one -totter <STjf*> to be  paW for each person employed fee each  day or portion ef a day that heia. employed at wages leaa than aforesaid.  The amounts specified in tbla Artiete-  andi In Artie** XT ar* agreed open a*  liquidated damegee and not a* a peoaMy.  and the llahmty to pay au*h> amounto  ahall not prejudice or Interfere with the  right of the Supreme Court ef British  Caeumetav er * J wage thereof to 1  mandamus or Injunction to en  obeaiene* to sueh Artt-Hee, aad tbe Ralt-  m   thi  grant  iforc*  ������������������*������������������  "'*   M-  ci-osatosj of tracks at a point one thousand feet -or more weat ef Gaan Drive,  fenaerly. Boundary Avenue, 'marked  rosea Drive" oa the nlen hereto annexed, then and in even caae the said  hsMge er overhead eraaalag ahaU. be  ao extended and continued by the Railway Cempany to the easterly boundary  of the overhead bridge referred.to In  Article 2������ (CaroUna or Scott Street  bridge) and If such extension ia to avoid  the crossing of tracks west of aald  bridge referred to to ArUcle 29, then  auch bridge ������r overhead croaslng ��������� ahaU  be extended to each point weat a* said  bridge referred to in Article 2a. as the  City Council shall determine; and from  the westerly end of any auah extension the Railway Company shall construct soluble ramps to Bald Main Roadway, and:all extensions of said bridge  or overhead crossing referred to in  Article 31, and all ramps therefrom  referred to in thia. ArUcle, ahall be  constructed of such atee, material and  design and In auch manner as may be  directed by order of the Lieutenant  Governor in Council, or reaoluUcn of  the City Council, and such extensions  and ramps ahaU at all times be maintained and kept ln repair by the Railway Company. Such extensions ahaU  be so constructed that titer* shall be  no level railway croaaing thereof.  *^ i*,   Thev^ Railway    Company  ? 7   -        consents to th*^ City, extending  any 61 -ftx^eeWara. -dtwtos. and Culverts  hM titoe- tea; Ume U|-pbe)gj������7 ther Bail way  ,������������������ ^ t~hT>opertjr^a-ejiib ptactai as ahaU. be; con*  tV^-^J"?'^^^"���������ft-r*'"*-"---"--." '2.  *���������'-���������'- '.*-"i-t '��������� -"^S-'       '.-";������>.",-'^v-"*T" '' "/���������T-'-/- '- ���������    ",  ' *'    **-������':������-^j ���������*--��������� Sr ������-*-; "������������������   '-'1.7 f*r'-******5-i^"**-?'!i *7.- -^-V' -- A~xf-~; ~*\ '"��������� -  x.~~-~i^~''-'zA.-.x^z  w*y. Company- agreea that obedtoaco  thereto may a* a* enforced at the suit  or th* Ctty.  St.   Tb* RnJaway -Cempany  agreea that aU Ita employ aee    and ���������������*������ the eetaatrucUen ef  __. ef th* works here*** agreed to b*  done, shall be realdent-ret the Province  eg Brittah Cetamaaa, la s* far aa It to  peaaibla fer the ItofSway CNatginy to obtain auch ea-jpleyces'wb*>- are reetdea**  ef Brittah Cotambta, at the rate of  wages agreed to a* **M ta ArUcle St.  and that in aad during any such *������������������������  pleyment the pajlway Ceempany shall  Impose a* taatiltUeai whatsoever aa any  such employee a* to where he ahaUUv*  while employed by. the Railway Company, hut aay aach employee shall be at  liberty to^Uv* wherever he pleaea* When  so employed. The Railway Company  further agreea tbat to any and aU contracts or sub-contracts let or entered  Into hy the RaUway. Company providing  for or relating to. or affecUng works  hereby agreed to be done by the Railway  Company or any part thereof, the Railway Company ahall provide.and ineert  or cause to be provided and inserted a  etaua* embodying and effectually providing for the carrying eujjt of~the provisions of this Article and Articles .37.\  38, 40 and 45, but sujuh) provision and  Insertion shall not in, any way release  the Railway Company from any liability  under this Article o* Articles 37, 38, 40  and 46.. .   -.-     .  Stotartala. 40. The Railway Company.  ' . ~ '.--- -fujftarjer agrees that all ma-  terlala and eupptteB purchased and obtained by. U for the construction- and  carrying oat oi any of the wo-*b* in  thia agre,tm*������t referred to. shalk. provided terms and prices are as favorable aa -  can be obtained elsewhere, he purchased  and ea4*toed within the Province of;  British Columbia.  41. Nothing beretobefore con-. -  tained shall prejudice or take  away the right of the City to  apply to the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council or other authority (Dominion.  Provincial or local) official or person  having Jurisdiction in that behalf for an  Order compelling or directing the. Rail--  way Company to fulfil, carry out and  perform any of the terms and provisions  of. or any of the works agreed to be  done, perfarmed or carried, out by -the  Railway. Cwnpany- in,this Agra imaut-OT-  any matter or thing, mattog Uterajto- "  " -til The Railway^Stapan-r*haU  \ rhrnish  a  bond OTLbtttds  wUft  (Co-*tln****l aii nea������s|Mi4jeJvri^  ������������������-y-   -. :-v*:-s:- -������������������<--:'.'' yy-j<~yAjyy  --*:  '-���������My  y^*nyy~yy ^������������������^^���������"^:,&yyyyy^hjyf^^'iy^  jr^andSie^  _ ^ under the asrtos ������ t^ .^  k^tin^pair b������ th* Railway CXrapeny  c^the^  City, to *������faenal*-um.of"on  ea*h7 *-*^tto>ed7 tor the  ance.'ia accordance with  SVJHpmiSn^  3ei������������&-.o������fos^^  Not-thern Railway .Comp*ny7 by  ioWM7ArUaeaJ%7^ta?lgrpSi..  aa to--oatatenai-K-e after-o*aatiai^o*-i)7U,  if (except es to maintenance "tkfterco-i.-  stt-uction and MmpleUon),i&vSO (except  Sa: to   maintaining. 7 rapalripg  and~re>  paving street������;;or^-paybtqfT|sw-������tHe^JB*Bt'.  of auch, and except'^vtoUta laat pa*-a^  graph of said Ai^cli); 21 (except asto  matotenanca 'WfterTSnatauctHmia^ieon^  pretion), 3������ fif tM extaitalop^f -iwch  atreet to made;, witbto nW^yeara -mem  the delivery of oi>pveyance a* afontaaldl;  3t^(lf the puh3MuVtog.or.ex--^prtatlng  referred to In aald Article la Tone within  five ; yeara: from the 7 -delivery 7 ft  conveyance as aforesaid). 38 7(11 ..-tba  order or determination to extend-auch  bridge. pr overhead, crossing,.���������: .is  ...         ;yv^th*va*jn*7*i  ^tasfr*^'  revjded  ;������**(  '    r optidn^i^er  or MK-ueat mad������r ***  Health and  Granville Stx-ea^ Corner nVmeon  Bon^: 10 a^ m. to 0 p. m . -SS  mm  :^l^^������^m^0,  ���������r-tf* Detective,  knew ner a  *ma*Smtc.   JOtWSTON. tea Secret  to    be    performed    by    the      referred to to ' the lMt preceding  ArUcle; the City ahaU be at liberty  to perform -the: same at the -ej-p*aa* of  the Railway Company,; and -tbta prpvl-  aton ahall be Inserted in the bond or  bonds referred to in Article 42, and "  aald 'bond or bonds ahall among o   thing* l>* conditioned 7 for.*tbe? payment  of thesexpane*;of (performing auch Work  - tf 7 aame has been 7p*rfortned, or tbe  amount -wbicb 1 it would cost to perform  same if same baa not then been.-per-'  formed; auch-amount *hah-recovered ;ito  be expended ibytbe City to pertoi-ndng  _aneh^w������Ht.;;'; 7 yyy       -������������������"?������������������ -��������� ���������������������������-"���������  lly^Ee*.' 44. Thia Aa^-^taMdl  ^..-���������^ ,:,^.--.7teh* .ve������ect^.-'*jnUl--*'' ;hy-  appi*ariag7of --Uiea*me7lMa n>een vo  upon and ^received .the ���������aasant <of 'the;  electors ��������� of (the City of Vancouver, under  and in manner, iprovlded iby ithe provi-  .. __... iel*v47-7'v^  *19 Pe-ader At, VV.  \ JM^mmmmm^m^.,  *9L.Z'y'^-r.~.,r.-..-  ., y.*^m*WJ.'%*9'jr^jf^&'*'T/\  ,  A,ts.m*ai-**aa>a-m-������S manSaT--*i-������a  '  -' WVeweWlOUwWpVwIW -  ^-w-wri    ---���������--.-���������- ��������� ��������� \\7*9.'~ K&me.^-;.Wwwg.i .  -'. ^^v-' 'i- 9*]W***)^^^9.^*9**^Q^fmp._ v -yf*'. ,.  ,-'W-r'^''-'w"'-rT'rT-Ww#Ww-|^ -Iv"���������v������   .;  :.F*PwW',; wl*W,     Ff*^ .   *TTW ;���������...  Tweretore, to %im#.<eJft.Mp\  ���������teg bajofc -u> h^  '..:*v*���������Wia*   '-*rJ?v*rWW';* Fw- -    9*^*9^9eyW**f*.      .���������*4j^RJxjm**p ,  ' "*"T^WI*J*.; y������vW.' -^"P' iWwHf-Hrll-IWwwWVvf' "v-������-W7  . ~ea,^*vSma> -   ^-ee*-pr;,:. sj-*^**pgug*>   -7-*-a*ps>"ap. ���������^SJ"a^w-.:-*SH*MW",,  e>aeN iiaft, the hind wwe mue^  7;:;^yW, ^-^W.*WfeI������_v^0e_ ���������������;-���������. '���������_;  -'���������"-"^"���������W-PPer' '-WflW; ''*w9^^9^^9*ri'*f***Me . 7^-afw  list restore ������OH������rdinatlon- T*ey  ajpajsH*,. ^yeSmHFWraj^sjpgg,    we* ; vSjWsy . W^e   vmvm.   *aamy  eseed part which is  physical.  w*Wbj^^v**1W'-v*,Wvw ' *T-������-Wf w 'VIWi, -���������*���������*"*   S*^W-fq*������JSjJI'Ww���������'  phye4c������4 part, and do not re-  ';;ed|^;en^r^aiwtlcm.;:: ���������  ���������"- "T" ������-*S^^p*"^PW*SvW*W   .    -WweWS^pBtfl^l,.,,   4W*o>*pK-*a^P9'  Heejers and others work o������ the  ntental part by siting euggee*  ties, etc.  This does not restore  ;i|^;a^l^^ Difference  y.y&y&ei������ff9*^^ ��������� ���������  ���������'������������������- |ustaa*������t removes the pressure  -which Is triftd-ering communication betweeu the brain and the  sea* et: trewhle. Neture then  sets tg) wetlt and soon restores  co-m^itMtlos. Harmony, flealtn.  Some day TOir will try Chir-  epmctic Spinal Adjuetmeut  Why net nowt H wOl nmlxe yen  feel yeara younger, make a sew  wian or woman of you.  For further information ss4  explanatory literature, eaH on  Ernest Suaw,l)X.  Chiroprector.  250 22nd Avenue'Eaft  - (Close to Main St)  Oflke Boars: 1-30 tn 6.    Oonsultatior  Free.  within five yeara.from th*  con veyence..as ^ a>f--4reaald V iM;711,7 It  of  and J������.. Unlew ^aald ; bond   or  are furnished, within ninety day*,  thepaallng-ofAet^efearea -to In  1 or from toe.ohtatol-ig cf.appi  ferred to .to tA-rtwUr IT whlenei  be last*, this. Agreement' sbsll  null and void except  Vtrtlcla 3i. The *el5  yer  not be dettvered until  have been furaiahed.  ar mentioned^-;in-  bond or bonda  41. ^:-in,;:-4imV'i������wiitt^^;--tiii  Railway Company, failing  .,   ......  ���������-..-. to.pe-rform. to^acoordanee  -ritbth* provtolonaof^Uita Agreement.  anyv ,;cf 7 tta2^eeiiaral x������ thtoa* . as*-*ed  aiona of .the Vancouver Incorporation Act  and amendments, for-the etibmleeion-to  and voting upon and assent of the elector* of aad In- respect of -By-f-awa for  contracting debts, vend untu .this- Awiie-  ment bu -been MUfted and conflr-nad :by:  an Act of the Legislature *f theProvtaoe  of BritUh Columbia., All partlea ahaU  joia71n endeavoring to ohtatoiCheTnece*-  eery^ratifyingl-sgiilaUon,  45. The Railway Company  , ahall indemnify, protect  and aave hermleaa 'the City drom and  agatoatany'ltablUty'for damagee, .com-  pene������tlon or coite arising ^romw  oecaeleaed by any work er -works none,  performed or carried oa ar agreed to be  &-My;perjBgrjB^^  ���������way;.:_  to *r in coanecUon  ���������eatrMeeik.: ���������*������<.������*"'"  or nature ahall   ;f*rmad;^7cj^eS^on  any^itoT* bartolter-'  way Company with  ;ta^-w>i-;v:ot^j|������aprtrty:7...  **d  -liaitwi  7'abAifr  toeJt1  ay of j  ^the-  mm  9^i*y^**t^iH%m4t *efer  to, and;lf,m������y^inilo?ienj.^._. m..._.  -Mt-^^wiMMmf^o^coe^  tWL^'JB������ /Ol������mio/Jtotlmit.���������  coatvaifil expense, -to sstand at  or aetian.   ��������� ���������' ���������:-���������'������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������,  ."���������"V ��������� ��������� *w*^v'*r****'****pr.   - _ - . ��������� 4,���������._,   . j.- .-    -'-.;;���������"-,���������  M^rew������ieajsj--i 7'Wt*"wjx ..-"ef  :*n������  .jment ^   ,_  empowering-  t**bereto7tot-cir^  paasedWiL...... _���������.....__.  data: of this Agreemant, than  iittent,tben 7tbSAgV������a-  Mned shall be null and  thing therein contained shaU be null and  voidT and tba parties hereto ahall The  and be deemed to-be in the same pmUton  if thia Af-reemem bad never heen  "   ~ liway company  made, except that the Rali  -  "    fnue Ui  City may have incurred which unde;  nto|-^'.be7:'eaeifieia*d ._    _   ., ._r. _.-_, ,  notice given,'or proceeding, act,, thing er  deM^dpne^ir pertor^ hy^tmc^Tth*  sa^ne->eh*u,unleas required by this  Agri^toent^*^:^doa* by^ by-taw^^be.-ex*  e-wti^ xeada, a^vei^ done or perfona  bythetaty Council by reBOluUon.7 Wherd  in thtaiAe^lemen^������fei*ei-*ce tam  .any brder,; dedaion, detei-mlnaUon or ap-*   *-������������������ ntade or*4*>������nJt>y the 1^   nor in Council, awhirefer-  ance-abaU  be eoastrued  to  give futt  power and- authority ,t<> make  or give  auch  or  on.' determination er  approv������l.*aid to refer to theUeatenant:  Governor in Council of the Province of  B-4M-m Columbia, and the power to make  or give-.any- auch, order, declaton, > de*  tet*a-ttoaU������n or approval may be exer-  <x������ed f������m time to Ume. as may b*  deemed neceaaatry, and It la .agreed tbat  in addttlon to^lh* partiee directly later*  eated.^Uie CHy ahairhave thaligbt of  being, rapreeentoi and heard befc -"  Lrleutenant*Oo-vernor to -Council,  Uie making or giving of any atjcb 01  determinatioi  ume  declaton. determination ..  the .Railway Company ahall  fill * to pavev or; re-pave any     .   or highway of the City to aceordaac*  Wlthlbe provlslona of this Agreement,  or to do or ]perform any other  work*  which tt U  dp  ahd  ........  ,      . .  T.      perform  ttodwthte Agreement, and which th*  City undet;tte-Aet cf Incorporation and:  Amending Acts has or may be given authority to do and pei-fonn aa- a local  jnepsorewen*. the City may from' time to  Ume do Suah paving, or re-paving, and  do; and perform auch- other work* ag  aforesaid .upon the, .local. Improvement  pish under Ita Acta, of IncerporaUon and  Amending Acta, and in the event of the  Ctty ao doing the RaUway Company  pree* not to oppose any auch action by  _ .e City eitherlfy petition anUnet aama  or before--any Court of Revlaton, or In  any ������ther manner whatsoever. It J*  agreed:between the parties,hereto that  time shaU he deemed to he the eseence  of tbta Agreeatent   In thta Agreement  w^in^^������arW^S������^rS:  phKal, and Words to the plnral abaU to  elude . the ��������� ato*^lar,;*j������l; the   word  i-Ttotseii?; ahaU hM-tode eomnanr er other  cornpraUon.  a^ the  WOi-dX^co-l-pan���������-,'  ahall ln������^de peractu^*nd the cxnr    ^  ^ty7Bngtoeai������,;7SeJl^mean^^^^     _. .  Engineer of tne CWy,^ Wbe-wtbla Agreement   proVldeh. tbat: tbe Railway. Com*  pany eh*31 --ermit other railway companies to use any of the: railway termln-  ala and facilities herein referred to, the  Railway Company shall, upon the terma  time* *nd condRione upon .which Such  said -Railway termtoala and {acuities 'ar������  to :be uaedjr^**ing' determined, enter into  an agreement with aiich other railway  company or comitanles, aetttng out: the  terms, time* and condlUon>, aforaBild  and ������greetog to the use of auoh railway  terminal* and factllUea to tbe extent and  for the Ume;' and upon the wterms ao >de-  termtoed apon;**-:aforeaal&-..Where to  or. -by. thta; Agreement,tbe: Rattwaf.CoJii-  pany-or������k*TSBMtt������an'>torthe^^^  Compajny. tmdei-takto to^ ������  particular work:*r works .or acquire or  -������in-My;-an/-.iK-im*ity^^  ahy act  Unartthe  mean th*7..._-._i..      orthatc^meRnof  pantt. im7deia-Md -sn u>* ^  coiatgtou^Ct at^ '       ^J  ^'!%xyyx^xyyx\:..yi-:yxyi;.x:^yy'i:X::'X^xs^ }  inn  ^I^jir^'i'roOT'fli^jb^  .?������:  o.  .any auch. ;worka_ -ahall  ���������..-._., for e pe|led^eo^.ve|-ntt. to  $L*ammat^^eejeen^mtr^  Company or'.ghe Canadian Korthwn  YJ^Com9Mr^^^f*emAto^eane  tenW->G^rnoTt^^onc^ena^  the rgole  pomsr^y*merM^,m yto  -py;.<ej*ja**M.,������f the ftswwoyitympany joy  anadian wrthernT^iattWey tSpm-  .end .������ee7to/.wn*tbe^������*uaas .delay-,  e proaecuUCn orcompleUon of any  :^yymmm^^  :0*ii^-y^  Tl^^ departinentt  Spvroxlmately half ^  li^ and condu^in^  cial seed exhibitions and field crop  OompetiUons. - Ail wh������ Iniow tlw ^  Tsntafes of usinc good ^sdddV r^JJse:  the value of these org-aiaiiatkms In the  Unprorement ofSeld 'and garden orpps.  .The new and. auperlte atreiM ^ ae^  iproduced at eiqperfnieat ata^olaa ntay  .he lnoteaeed in qritantlty by: ^  -tta meite a spedalty OTs^  tered eeed under the supenrlston of ttt������t  fjattadian Seed Orowers' ylaexwlatlon.  Such regtotered eeed Umueh^te  inand by farmers wlu> oompete In iehl  oompeUttona,    -Tne prbdnci of -their  tnope,though not elJ������4ble for refletra-  tion, iilUinately necomM d  either directly ,^;,ttii^rMii-k- ^uf^^ijBiir^i;  pmon* the-1^  ^e locality. 'yAy^yyyy--- y.-y/yy.  ^Experience has shown that the -e-  Ipenaee for a4-M^  at seed fairs and field crop 'c^ftptlr  tfons amount on the aveia^  |K for each ot-ganin^  2m tor seed bdre/^^  for field crop ^^^^^^^  judges are required" to t^  tancee.  Biuier of these ~  Id weU provided for when           Ust enrtonnU to $76, m  penditure of a|������ioxlmately f 100.  Vn*  4&t the new plan of rennburslng the  provincial departments of agriculture  by money subventions^ on receipt of ce  certlfl^statomentshowmgtiiea  of work for two-thirds ot that amount  I* issued to the department wU^  ducted the competittoM. Buch subventions however most not exceed |6������  for each seed fair, ISO tor each field  Orop ccmpetltldti^^^^^  ^tloiw In tiiree 1^  ricultural scclety) and |^<������ for a pi^  ���������rincial seed eabibltlon.  Any ptx)^ino*  with less thsn a nruUlkm a������i^ to teU  :e|^;|aa^^reoelv������'au'a^  not exceeding $1,000.   For sny prov  anxHUit-of tb* subvention bt  pro rata, |l,0W tor each  :j|'T^;:^^/s^^.iiit^������w^^  sho.wn by the onrevleed census returns  for WH, and the a^snt otWinifc  iren������o^'es^;:rt  - '':'W0MmM^    .,.., *i;sdasjM^7lirii,.  ������������������;:3?; y4x^$yw5My.yx$>,.  ���������i^tmMmf^*'  . .     .  '^i-yr.--'r^yyi(-H ���������fr>WL-VAy&; ���������  Gonnclt awarded    *  Ri^d pa-rtag contract to  '  Bitulithic Ctompany and the B. C.  turn amount la ore* MJW*^ ?!*%!&&.  that awarded for the sejMWOTjt^^  last yeai������ Counca     T^  ixm������penyrte to receive $2M,16������.0������ for  pnv^vtl^itt^^^  _^; 7^-:^^^.7 ���������:*maj*sasisss^s*a^^  the  ahall continue Uable to re-pay to" the  ~" d expense  Which  city aay coat  tbe  tbe  *y  terms hereof are payable by the  Company.  fetorpretetto*.    47    AU   Acts,   deeds.  - mattera    and    things  which by.Uda.Asrreement iajre ee ^dana,  performed, fulfilled or carrier  carried out by the  Railway Company shall be ao done, performed, fulfilled -and- carried out at the  -iole cost and; expense - of  the  Railway  ;Whe-w-*ny   order   to :*e  or obeyed 7 by  tbe. Railway  " the   "  Company.  performed ..  Company la made' by ihe Lieutenant-  Governor to Council, pursuant to the previsions of this Agreement such order  shall be olndlng upon the Railway Coro-  . pany, and ahau be promptty compiled  "with by the Railway Company. Where,  by tha terms of tbla Agreement, any  works are -to be maintained or kept to  repair by . the Railway Xteropany, .the  aama ahall be maintained and kept to  Bfctrfc RwwtofwT fet Ifiee  rautjphWHll gsg������������ *"n aeraa.la ttwbedf  paaewBMMt. irioanabj*x.ortwafev  vJMPV9*nTwV wWP^*l**aerPwWeEP^ wrWJS  Sold at  Campbeirt   Drw������   Store  Cor. Hastirejs and Granville 8ta.  Vancouver. B.O.  W?TNK88   WHEREOF   U������e 7aaid  i hereto have on the day and year   move written, hereunto aet tbelr  respective   corporate, aeula   under   the  hands of the respeeUve officers to that  "betwees.  side of Uie w trMlm  io^;J|iMe^:>^^  the::;trecl������������''..;.^  suhlaet to the suc^esatbl cMUsvttCora  keepingthe road way in repair for ten  y*ara. lt per cent c< the contract  Price being letaluad by ^e municipal  Hydiirlhg that^^ t^  :g^.ert^eat;,'jpT4m  work coadhionsl o^n st^  ment being entered IntoliH^^:' eoi'  tractora Md u^ the pav^  dotwaati^  iipirliie^^V^..:^  In answer to ia petition tr^^^^^^^^  Ward One 7 lUtopayeraV Aasociatlon.  that the Council revise tha voters' list  ^^^e)u4ji^t^en'ef;;agreementa Of  sale^ReOve Kerr said that the p^  ���������tot ltat c������oJd not be   clianged   this  ���������478,000 POR SOUTm^Ay-yAm  ": 9km^^^9'l^:' y^'A9*B^P������:  School ^rd and   Cm  after;- a confei^ee   tbJa^ evening to  aubmit a School ByUw for ?4*0,00*  this year.   Of thta amount $440,00 Is  tor'newVScl^  ment, etc.; and |30,eo0fdr the expense  of a bytow.  An addition of $78,000 as  a t^������iment gru  oinlnary expeeidttura  total rf $*7t,()00 for school imrp^  durii^ ltl8.   The conference r*a������nlt*������  to a wlwjtlon of W.OOO frnsa  by the board,  pisr. O. M. Whelpton, ch*Jrnu������  J^,9e**f*f9^9^\  99������90f������[l!9J9*'  l^m^piia^^n^^  tjelirlllMM^  ac-ct>mmodatlon adjoining the Munlci  .pel :Wsll.':-'i5^5^i<it������a6^  MMMpI  77*7" '��������� -AA'AAxA'.-' ^������y?W^2^W^$mi?f$R  ��������� .���������.���������'���������'���������- ;.-.'   '������������������ga^fcg2JJ^B;'/'.-<-. ;it77-*;^7^  *xyy. yy - M*aaaaa%aWy ��������� ���������yy-^-A-m  *mg^*-W^.*���������������9  iaia^i^ -*Ay>k  Ta\.X&.''<?Z?i'j������!.%'-VKSi  ut-srt, eo^ .  It chaiiia. theim*T___. _.  north .44 cbatoe, thence  to potot of  acrea mereor  AA'yyy^tP^^^maW^.  Z)ato, t>ee*aibar tta^ '  gi������S*5Ss*5s  m  MSiiA^  TAS3 notice that M.  -------   ;.***.���������;������������������  e*^������s'iigi'  m  a������������������  behalf duly authorised.  816NEP* SEALED   '  to the praaance of  ANP EXECUTEP  Aa ito the. execution  Vancouver.  by the City of  As" to the" execution 'lay the Canadian  Northern -Padflc Raiiway Compeny.  Aa" to" th'e'exec'utlon by the CMa^an  Northern RaUway Company.  TAKtf NOTICir tSarthe above is _  true copy of a proposed By-IUiW which  has been taken Into consideration and  which will be finally passed, by the CouncU to the event of the assent of the eieetora being obtained thereto, after one  month from the first publication in The  Weetern CalL * newspaper published in  sr, Uie "  Vancouver,  date of which first pub-  ������e<imiiMiiiiiin>t>* 11 < e������*������4tnitiiirjieinHtiiu  Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  tinder a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is unde-  niablyjcheaper and more reliable than private j)lant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  *** ** **** ** 1111111 > 1 n i"i  ;       LABOUR COMMISSION       ;;  OITTINGS   of  the Provincial  ���������v   Labour Commission will be  held as follows :���������  Nanaimo���������Monday. F������4>rnary  17th, at 8 p.m.f Court-house.  Cumberland���������Wednesday. February 19th, at $ p.m.  Alberni���������Monday, . February  24tb, at8pm.  Ladysmith���������Tuesday, February  25th, at 3 30 p.m.  Steveston���������Monday, March 3rd,  at 2.80 p.m.     "'"  Chillhraek-Tuesday, March  4th, at 2.30 p.m.  New Westminster���������Thursday,  March 6th, at 11-a.m., City Hall.  Vancouver���������Friday, March 7th,  at 10 a. m.. Court-house.  The Commission is empowered  to inquire into all matters affecting the conditions of labour in  British Columbia. All persons  interested are invited to attend  and give evidence.  H. G. PARSON,  Chairman.  F, B. McNaJCASA,  J -S^rretery.    M-u-7-t-il  SI IIMMHI * It 111 1111III >  S HI! ��������� ��������������� II111������III I'M Ml II* ' ell Hll 111119*91II1111II **  Western Canada Pom Company,  * limited ::  4771      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg- ::  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER. B. C.  Ilcatlbn is the 14th day of February,  ISH: and that the votes of the electors  of the said Corporation will be taken  thereon on tbe llth day of March, 1913,  between the hours-of nine o'clock in the  forenoon and seven o'clock In the afternoon, at the followins- polling- places:  Ward 1���������At Pender Hall, corner of  Pender and Howe Streets.  Ward 2���������At the Dominion Hall, III  Pender Street Weat.  Ward I���������-At the Orange Hall, corner  of Hastlncs Street and Gore Avenue.  Ward 4���������At the City Hal), on Main  Street  Ward 6���������At the Oddfellows' Hall. Lot  2, Block tl. District Lot 200a, Main  Street, Mount Pleaaant.  Ward 4���������At the Fairview Hall, corner  of Oranvllle-Street and Seventh Avenue.  Ward 7���������At the Exhibition Building-,  Hastings Park.  Ward I���������At Ash's Hall, corner of  Twentieth and Fraaer Avenues.  WM. McQUEEN,  City Clerk.  Vancouver. B. C, Feb. llthr 1*13.  Jpi*srUicea.7 ���������     ,r;77-ew������pa.\7  prince Bdward Ial��������� <������,7������5  Nora Scotts.^.-*,i W9.C-I0  ijfarBrimswic^  Quebec  ...���������-~::.:AiA$W<W  Ontario ..........~..._.....Mt3,M0  Manitoba .................Afiii.m  Saskatchewan ..........8.00M21  Alberts ......................3,277,006  BriUab Columbia.....    43,024  Subventions have been paid durlns  the present year on account of; these  organisations to aU of the provinces,  snd although aome of them may not  during the Qrst year the total amount  of the subvention made available it is  enconraging to note that much interest has been taken in the work and  that the expenditure has been productive of excellent results. British Columbia successfully conducted SO competitions In Held crops, Including oats,  wheat, potatoes, turnips and red clover. This plan of co-operating with  and assisting the province is In vogue  In Europe and has grown out ot centuries of experience in the administration of organisations working for the  perfection of field agriculture. It vir-  tualy imposes upon all the provinces  the maintenance of a highly efficient  service for agriculture, tor whicb  they must bear half the expense. The  benefit which any province may receive on account of these subventions,  while not involving Urge amounts, Is  restricted only by a liberal estimate of  wbat the province is able to accomplish the first year.  During the past month 496 samples  were received at the seed laboratory  compared with 227 the corresponding  month last year. The Increase however Is principally In root and vegetable seeds. Most of the samples of  alsike seed were uncleaned anil consequently low grade.  Of the toted samples of timothy and  clovers only aboat 25 per cent, were  from farmers.  ' GEO. H.CLARK,  Seed Coaraissioner.x  Ottawa; November 20.  |gf<[^-r'S*#"':^^ :bT7  ���������Pr.--p.;*i; Wlleyv;; v^'r,7.  ���������.mmaamsaBmaassaaam  RING UP SrrMOUH $864 F0H  ^7-:r^.:7AfP^|W^|^>V77:77:7.;;:  sBeamaasBmsmsammemssmBmmasmBasm*mmeaemm*mmmaam  *** 1 ������������m������*M M Metl������*H 11 ������HI|t l|ff^'f.H|tTM:ii<!y���������������#  (?ul������lishe4 Ht^tWy)  ~f    Is almost ii^^  Notother medium will give you such general and  such   satisfactory  information  about Methodist  ������������������:-'   activity in this great growing province.   Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodist  movement   Send your subscription to  Manager ielhOelst'BeconJerf.If.Co.,Ui   ��������� ���������   Werte*l\v\ i  *$1.QQ ���������  Qee Yeer  Ayyyy:..-i  A.'iAyAA  .tfe&M  **Wf4~*******^*******4>***40** ***** 14 *****************  ROYAL WEDDING.  Princesa Louise of Germany to Marry  Prince Ernest an May 24.  Berlin���������It is anounced unofficially  that the marriage of Princess Louise,  daughter of the German Emperor, to  Prince Ernest Aogust, soa of tbe Duke  of Cumberland, will take place on  Hay 24, the aama day on wbicb tbe  court will celebrate the silver anniversary et th* wedding ef Prince  Heary of Prnaeie.  SECRETS Of HOmEUFE  Wj f*/**********\*j*/e *m*m**9mj *mmw -pvww **i*m*mmm^9 9^^^99t*mmma      ^^afa e9g*W*W *j*\ mm\mmm  '*4e  ar TeMlaHalab) seed  wiiHa  ���������el  COSSflWTIOSdX H4Ms> OlSBSCT.  patteat We, IMT4.   ���������"The epeta are ell  gone from nr ieg* aad arm* and I feel  good now. I am very grateful to yon  aad ahall nev������r forget tba favor your  medicines have dona for me. Ton can  om my nams la recommending it to  aay suffer**. I am gelag te gat married aoea. Thanking yoa once more,  ete."  SATS TWO MONTHS COSED HIM.  Patient Ke. MISS. Age il. Single.  Indulged In Immoral halta 4 yeara. Deposit In urine and drains at nlgbt.  Varicose Vein* on both atdea, paiaa in  back, weak sexually. He wrltea:*^-"!  received your letter of recent dat* and  In reply I am pleased to aay that after  taking two month** treatment I would  eoaefder myaetf completely cared, aa I  have aeen no algae of them coming  back (one rear).  THE WOSLO  DiFrnootr.  "I have not had  Tatlea* He, latSt,  ��������� regular Emiaalon I don't know when  aad am feeling an*. Tb* world otema  altogether different to me aad I thank  Ood for directing me to you. To* have  bee* aa honest doctor witb me."  VAMOOSS VSDf S CDgfA  ������aee No, 1SSB8. Symptoms when he  started treatment---Age 21. -dngte. in*  dalged In Immoral hablta eeveral year*  Varices* Veins oa both aide* pimple*  on the faea, eta. After twe moatas*  treatment he Write* as follow*:���������-Toar  welcem* letter to hand and am very  glad to aay that I think myself ear**,  My Varlcoe* Vein* have completely die-  appeared for quite a while aad It aeema  a core. I work harder aad feel let*  tired. I have no dean** for that habit  whatever and If I stay like tbla, which  I hav* .vcrr reaaon to believe I will.  Thanking yoa ter year kiad atteatlon,**  etc  GAT-OED 14 POTODS IN ON* MONTH.  Patleat Na. UStf, This patleat (aged  SO bad. a chronic ca**).of Nerve-as Da-  llity and Sexual WeakSeat. and waa raa  down la vigor and vitality. After, eae  month'a treatment he report* a* fellow*:���������"1 am feeling very well. I have  galited 14 pound* in one month, a* that  I will have to Mttgratelate you." Later  report:���������"I am beglaalag to feel mere  like a man. 1 feel my condition la  getting better every week." Hla laat report:���������"Dear Doctor*���������A* I feel tbla le  th* laat month'* treatment that I win  have to get, I thought at ae* Mm* I  would never be cared bet I pat  Sdene* la yoa fr**a the start  bave -  --    -    -  W* tt>**at and ear* VAJBCOgg VIMS. NDIVOUS  URSWART CXMfPLAJNTS, K0MCT AMD fclAODSJt^  CUMf OUAMAMTtSO OB NO PAY  -vaJTAaSOOSK VIMS. HI  UNTS, B3DMCT AMD t\������k  CONSULtTtION PREE. ���������OO0PREB. If  D^KEHNQJr&KEKNEDr  Cor. IficUfriB A.m*% s-jmI GrfswoU St, DmtrxA, ftfiek -ii-* ������������|.M-������0*-������v-rt*"*-^--"V"**r"r-"-������ ���������*- a*  *:  f  i  I������  If  NEW  SCHOOL ENGINEER.  At a special meeting of the school  trustees last week Mr. F. H. Sprague  was apointed consulting heating and  ventilating engineer of the School  Board. His salary will be on a percentage basis, being 3 1-2 per cent, on  all cost.  The tenders of Mr. E. G. Parnell  Were accepted for supplying school  desks during 1913. The desks "must  be Canadian made.  BURNING OF REFUSE.  Plan for Generating Heat for Down  town Buildings.  The regular monthly meeting of  the council ot the Vancouver Board  or Trade was held last week. The  council considered several^ letters regarding the proposal to establish in  Vancouver a company ,to use mill  refuse for the purpose of generating  steam to heat buildings in the business district. A letter waa read from  the Seattle- Chamber of Commerce  paying that a similar plan worked  well In that city. The whole matter  waa laid over for consideration by  the full hoard. /  ary report to the Board of Works yes*  terday, commented upon the original  petition favoring wood blocks that  was filed with the city clerk recently,  as follows:  "No fewer than 33 agents ~have  signed this petition, which is contrary  to the bylaw.  "Another instance is where a man  appears to have signed five times for  different individuals.  "I wish also to direct your atten  tion to the,fact tbat Lot 4, Block 29,  DX������. 640, haa been signed for twice,  and also Lot 12, Block 22, D. L. 640.  "Another feature in connection with  thirreport is, I am at a lbs sto know  how the city clerk is able to verify  the signatures as being authentic, as,  so far aa 1 can see, this is practically  impossible."  Mr. Woodrow Wilson  SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT OF  THE  UNITED  STATES  HON. MR. YAOA LEAVING.  -'' Hon. Chenasuko Yada, who has  been Japanese consul-general here for  tbe lest five years, will retire temporarily from office next month. Under the' rules, of the Japanese consular  service a consul after five years .in  office Is entitled to a holiday and Mr.  Tada some time ago notified the home  authorities of his deBlre to take ad'  vantage of this provision.  He has. been notified that he Is per  ^mitted to return \\ome to Japan next  month after turning over the duties  of his office to Mr. Y. Hori, who is  now vice-consul at New York. Mr.  Yada stated that he jlid not know  whether he wduld^return to Vancou  ver or not, bnt in any event he will be  away for several months., Hon. Mr.  Yada took charge of the office here In  February, 1008.  MAYOR  BAXTER   RE   DEADMAN'S  I8LAND.  "The statement that I bad anything  to do with the granting of the lease  of Deadman's Island to Theodore Lud  gate Is absolutely and entirely false,'  stated Mayor Baxter recently.  "I had nothing whatever to do with  ttrnnllxmaaaamaaaa^a^ his  worn  -granli  ed.  ever, I,  of Vancouver, believed ~*Wll**mWOme  that.lt would he' in the interests of  the city to let him go ahead and develop bis industry on the island."  Mayor Baxter also said he spoke fn  favor of this at a meeting at the City  Hall in 1899, at which a motion was  csrried unanimously/ favoring Mr-  14-dgnte being allowed to establish  his Industry on the island.  ,' He also stated emphatically tbat he  did not Intend to follow either The  Sun or Mr. Wade in any campaign  ef mud-slinging. So far as the Canadian Northern agreement waa concerned, it was a good one and ita sup-  porters had no need to Indulge In  mud-slinging.  Voters Lists Cancelled  -   SCHEDULE.  "Provincial Elections Act."  Notice ls hereby given that the list  of voters for the Richmond Electoral District haa been cancelled, and  that applications to he placed on the  voters' list will be received at my  office at 601 Pender St W��������� Vancouver,  where printed forms of affidavit to be  used In support of an application to  vote will be supplied.  The list of persons claiming to  vote will be suspended from and after  the seventh day of April, 1913, and a  Court of Revision will be held on the  nineteenth day of May, 1913, and  notice of objections to the insertion  of any name on the register of voters  must be given to me thirty clear days!  before the holding of the Court of  Revision.  Dated this 4th day of March, 1913. 7  J. MAHONY,  Registrar of Voters for the Richmond  Electoral District.   .   v���������  8CHEDULE.  "Provincial Elections Act"  Notice ie hereby given that the Hst  of voters for tbe Vancouver City Electoral District has been cancelled, and  that applications to be placed on the  voters! list will be received at my-  office at 601 Pender St W��������� Vancouver,  where printed forms of affidavit to be  used In support of an application to  vote will be supplied.  Tbe list of persons claiming to  vote will be suspended from and after  tbe seventh day of April, 1913, and a  Court of Revision will be held on the  nineteenth day of May, 1913, and  notice of objections to the insertion  of any name on the register of voters  must be given to me thirty clear days  before the holding of the Court of  Revision.  Dated tbis 4th day of March. 1913.  J. MAHONY,  Registrar of Voters for the Vancouver City Electoral District.  Mr. Fellowes, City   Engineer,  Takes  Exception te Methods Allegtd to he  Employed in Obtaining Names.  In connection with tbe paring of  Fourth Avenue, Mr. Fellowes, city engineer, In presenting his supplement-  Writing  Tablets  \  Cor. 8th &  We^tm'r  Rd.  Age Limit in Schools.  Toronto���������Requesting tbat the government raise the age limit for children entering schools from five to six  years, a deputation of the Toronto  school trustees-interviewed Sir James  Whitney. They told bim that there  were 1913 children under Seven years  attending tbe Toronto schools and  that the raising of the limit would  save Jbrty-rooms of badly needed accommodation without injuring the  educational growth of the children-  Sir James told them to prepare a  stated case on their request.   ���������������������������'���������  Manager (five and ten cent store)  ���������What did tbat lady who juat went  out want?  Shopgirl���������She Inquired if we had a  shoe department���������Boston Transcript  Succeeds Mr. Taft.  Washington, March 4.���������Mr. Woodrow  Wilson of New Jersey, was Inaugurated today as. President of United  States; Mr. Thomas R. Marsballjof In  diana, its vlcepresident; Democrat, the  vehicle of its deBtlny. It was an intensely human precedent-breaking in.  auguration. It took place witb members of bis chosen cabinet surrounding hin^ his wife and daughters actually dancing for joy on the platform  below, and Mr. Wm. H. Taft, ex-president at his side, extending the promise  that he would not fail them in the  guidance of their government.  The military and civic parade was  five hours passing the reviewing stand  The delight of the President's, family,  particularly his daughters, at hla elevation to the White House, was a  great feature of the day's ceremonies.  Oath is Administered-  After Chief Justice White, follow*  ed by the justices of the Supreme  Court, had entereL the inaugural  stand, President Taft and Presldent-  Elect Wilson appeared in the door  way of the Capitol. Their presence  was the signal for prolonged cheers  from the crowd assembled in the wide  esplanade, the huge grandstand, and  perched fringe-like on the roof of the  capitol from one end to the other,  promptly at 1.30, o'clock Chief Justice White rose to administer the oath  attd'Mr. Woodrow Wilson stood with  right hand upraised to heaven, the  oath then being administered.  Kisses Open Bible.  When the new President swore to  uphold and defend the constitution, he  stooped and kissed tbe open Bible,  held in the hands of Mr. James B.  Maher, deputy clerk of the Supreme  Court. His lips touched the page,  turned at random, and fell upon'the  119th Psalm, 43 and 48 verses, inclusive. \  Throughout bis inaugural address  President Wilson was cheered frequently by persons immediately in  front of the stand, wbo could hear him  They were permitted to crowd in the  space cleared just before he began  his speech. The applause waB par  tlcularly emphatic wben President Wil  son declared:  "The scales of heedlessness have  fallen from our eyes. We have made  up our minds to square every process of our national life again with  the standards we so proudly set up at  tbe beginning, and have always carried at onr hearts. Our work is a  work of restoration."  see  LONDON PRE8S ON WILSON  POLICIES.    ���������*  London, March 5.���������-While paying a  tribute of admiration to the earnest  and lofty tone of President Woodrow  Wilson's address, the London morning  papers express doubt that he will succeed in translating it into practical  politics. " - ,  The "Daily Telegraph" says: "Presl  dent Wilson has plucked the string of  pure idealism whose sound may he  pleasant In the ears ^f his countrymen, but ff done It probably win he in  response to irresistible movements in  the nation, rather than in defence to  tbe desires expressed by tbe President"  The "Morning Post" says: ' "It remains to be seen. whether President  Wilson is a great statesman.   But at  The Honig Stores, Ltd.  Beginning March 1st THE HONIG STORES, LTD., will carry a complete line of CROCKERY AND HARDWARE.    * '  Our Hardware Department is already noted as the Real Bargain Hardware Store of Vancouver. %     ' J -  Why can we do itf   Because we sell for CASH.  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VAvU������i um������i< ������������������������������������.!. ~ .������������������.���������.������������������������������������������.. ������,.100  Solid Copper Tea Kettles, Nos. 7, 8 snd 9; regular values to $2.25; now alt one price........$1.60  The space occupied by our Stationery and Fancy floods Department is now ternee? tate  ������ Public Market under the new arrangement. \  Phone:  The Honig Stores, Ltd. %"  ���������t 56-58 and 60 HASTINQS STREET EAST  least it may be said that his address  has statesmanlike qualities."  The "Daily News" says: "President  wllson has set up a line ideal, and,  like a bi-ave and bright man, has delivered himself into the hands of hie  judges by giving/them a measure by  which to test hiS loyalty to his cause  and his fitness to undertake lt."  CYCLONE  WRECK8  ANTIPODES  CROPS.  Victoria, March 4,���������-Making her last  voyage from the Antipodes to the  British Columbia toast, the Canadian-  Australian liner Zealandia, Captain J.  O. S. Phillips, berthed at the outer  dock early this afternoon.  tfews was brought''of a devastated  banana crop In Queensland as a result  of a' cyclone which swept over tbe  northern part of tbe souther continent.  In tbe Tully River, Maria Creek and  Liverpool Creek, districts tn Queens  land, 90 per cent, of the crop was des  troyed. In the Innlsfail district the  damage teethe cane crop was most sc  vere. In the Freshwater district.  Cairns, and in the neighborhood or  Cahinda tbe land was completely denuded by wind and floods of bananas the citrus and other fruits. Tbe  cotton crop in tbe Cairns district has  been much Injured, the maise crop  has been destroyed, and the sugar crop  has been seriously damaged by floods  Cinnamon trees were blown down,  banana trees and about 50 coffee trees  and 50 para jruhber trees were laid  flat, and' a nursery of 3,000 para rub  ber plants, together with a tool shed  and implements, were washed down  the river.  wptaamowwt oiwyi aw obb������  MT- PMBASANT J-ODGI5 NO. If  Meets   every   Tuesday   st   t p-m. j*  I.O.O.P.  ball,    Westminster    Ave..  Mt  pleasant   Soournlng brethren cordially  Invited to attend.  J. C. Devi*. If. G.. 1������1 Boater Sbreet  J. tfs-Mon, V. O., WW Main 8tieet  Tbo*. 8*well. Bee Sec.. 481 Seventh Ave. B"  Notes from Ottawa  (Special Correspondent A. R. Ford.)  Try a "GALL "ad.  e������eeeseo������see������eeaee������o*������������e*e  7 If You Are Sick  CALL ON ! '���������  | ERNEST SHAW, D. G. i!  (Doctorof Chiropractic) j;  250 22nd Avenue East  \'.  Chiropractic  succeeds   where ',',  medicine fails. ������  Hoars 1:30 to 6 Consultation fre ���������  e>eee������e������eeseeesesesee������e*oeo  The naval debate during the past week hss  paled into insignificance beside the calling to the  T)ar of the house of R. C. Miller, the recalcitrant  witness who refused to tell the public accounts  committee what he did with the $������1,026 he admits  he paid out to get $117,000 worth of government  contracts.   To have s prisoner on its hands is a  novelty for parliament dnd no incident for years  has created as much amusement, although it hss  its serious side as well as comic.   The whole affair was first treated as a huge joke and columns  of stuff were written by imaginative Ottaws correspondents either describing his horirble position  locked up in the tower, pr the beautiful time  he was having ordering up sumptuous wine" dinners at the expense of the country.   Mr. Miller  himself is a pale, washed-out looking individual,  largely distinguished by his enormous drooping  moustache.   He looks as he describes himself, as  a man with a few law suits on his hands. -As he  pines in jail meditating on the heinousness of his  crime in defyin gparliament he has at least the  satisfaction of knowing he is now a hiteoric character.   When many of the present cabinet ministers are dead and buried and when they are no  longer even a memory, Mr. Miller and his case  will be quoted as precedent.   His history will be  embodied in the next revised Bourinot and a hundred years from now statesmen will be^ quoting  the Miller case.   It may have been a mistake to  have dragged him before the bar in the first place,  but having gone as far as it did there was but  one thing parliament could do to uphold what  little dignitv it has and commit him to the common jail.    To have allowed Mr. Miller to have  defied parliament would have been the end of sny  usefulness as far as the Public Accounts Committee is concerned. Just who hss been the moat  embarrassed this week, Mr. Miller or parliament,  it is hard to say. The parliament buildings sre  not fitted up as a jail snd to have a state prisoner  is a unique experience in Canadian history. The  last case in England wss in 1879. It was very  similar to this. However, the prisoner succeeded  in.evading summons until the day before prorogation. He was then sent to the Newgate jail, but  was, of course, released when the house arose. If  it is any satisfaction Mr. Miller can reflect on the  fact that he has good company, for Walpole spent  a period in the tower on command of parliament.  B. H. STEVENS AND OPIUM TRADE.  There have been many rumors lately that the  British Government is. yielding to the pressure of  wealthy Indian merchants who have made fortunes out of the opium trade and that the Chinese  government has been asked to remove or moderate  the present edict prohibiting this traffic in the  Celestial republic. As a man who has seen the  degradation which has been caused from the  opium traffic Mr. H. H. Stevens, the member for  Vancouver, has asked the government-if its attention has been drawn to the statements and if  it is prepared to voice the feeling of Canada  against the infamous trade by protesting to the  British authorities. Mr. Stevens feels that Canada  is vitally interested in the question with its  present Chinese population which almost invariably bring the opium habit with its debasing influences with them to this country.  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