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 %**?*  \W*  **>*  <   f*  V  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  * A  VOLUME IV  VANCOUVER, British Columbia,  FEBRUARY 7, 1913.  No. 40  Mi���������asa  V '*  FALSE CREEK AGREEMENT  By Alex  In the near future the electors of Vancouver will  pass upon the False Creek-C. N. R. agreement. Our  citizens should familiarize themselves with every  aspect of the question before they vote.  The agreement is far-reaching, involving millions of dollars and bears strougly upon the future  permanent prosperity of Greater Vancouver. The  decision once given cannot be recalled, therefore it  ahould be based upon facts and figures of unquestionable value. Don't jump to conclusions without weighing arguments pro and con. A mistake  now may affect values and cripple commerce for  many years to come.  Every elector should realize his responsibility  and record his honest, intelligent convictions  ���������either for or against the agreement now being  negotiated between the Railroad Company and the  City. Indifference is inexcusable and may result  in irreparable loss.  There is no time to waste in pointless talk or  worthless speculations. False Creek ean be valued  with reasonable accuracy as a blpck of real estate,  centrally located, in its present raw state; and also  ���������estimated as prospectively transformed into the  ���������site of busy factories on the one hand, or extensive  transcontinental railway terminals on the other.  Keep in mind that if the C. N. Ry, secures what  they are expecting a portion of False Creek will  still remain the proprty of Vancouver and can  be utilized for manufacturing enterprises.  The "Sun" summarizes the pros and cons thus:  Arguments for False Creek Agreement  "That the creek bed which has belonged to the  city for twenty-five years haa been allowed to lie  idle *nd unreclaimed, and may, remain so for  twenty-five years more if the opportunity afforded  by the C. N. R. proposal be missed.  That the City Council itself would otherwise have  to undertake the expensive work of reclamation.  Tbat the creek in its present state constitutes  an evil-smelling nuisance and a menace to public  health.  That the C. N. R. will spend at least four million  dollars in the city while reclaiming the bed of the  creek.  That, important street extensions, and a valuable  acreage of reclaimed land will be gained by the  city.  That main street will gain a valuable open park  space in front of the C. N-. R. terminal depot.  That the C. N. R. will make Vancouver its permanent terminal on the Pacific Coast, and will  establish here the headquarters of its trans-Pacific  steamship line.  Arguments Against False Creek Agreement  That the city propses to give away for nothing  an immensely valuable area of property, which it  might devote to much more profitable purposes.  That the reclamation of False Creek is not costly  and the city can well afford it.  That even if it be to the city's advantage to  facilitate the entry of tye C. N. R. the railway  company should pay at least two or threff million  dollars for the property besides reclaiming it.  That the four million dollars which the C. N. R.  proposes to expend are but ji pittance compared  with what the city is already spending itself.  That too little property is reserved to the city  by the agreement as drafted.  That expert railway experienced advice was not  secured bv tbe citv council in negotiating with  the C. X. R. experts."  The proposed draft agreement has been gone  over clause bv clause and carefully considered  by the council. Objections and criticisms have  been listened to and duly weighed  The wage clause received special attention. The  C. N. R. agreed to accept the city wage scale as  their basis of payment of labor on False Creek  improvements.   This gives general satisfaction.  The opposition is circulating a petition against  the agreement. The futility of such a course is  apparent. The arguments for the C. X.- R. terminal far outweigh the opposition. Now is Vancouver's opportunity to make good.  ***************** i inviHin i num. iiiihii 11 ii i+m������m hi imii ������>ii mi i i< tn i *+  From " Vancouver Daily Province"  ���������'���������.'_ '������������������..������.- ���������'���������������������������.���������.'  Ottawa, Feb. 4.���������-A memorial has been addressed to the Right Hon. R. L.  Borden, protesting against the construction of government docks in Vancouver.  The memorialists state that they hear with grave alarm of the government intentions. They contend that there is ample accommodation for vessels and that the  demand for increase comes from irresponsible parties and that the city had a public  wharf which it operated at a loss for a short time and then leased it. They further  state that the city owns a slip and that there is no demand for a public wharf except  by certain people whose burning hatred of the present wharves leads them to desire  to dispossess them of their business. They make the statement advisedly that there  is more than enough wharf accommodation in this harbor now and more than can  in reasonable expectancy possibly be used. They consider that expenditure of public  money in this way is unwise and unstatesmanlike. -.  TAKEN BY SURPRISE.  *  Mr. Stevens, when seen in regard to the memorial, was exceedingly indignant at  the action taken and at the language used. He had had no advice of it and only  heard of the memorial accidentally.  He said:  "It is an amazing thing that any intelligent man should oppose the development  of shipping facilities in Vancouver. The statement that there is no desire for  such development in Vancouver, except hy persons whose burning hatred against  existing owners, etc., can best be answered by the public. If true it means that  ninety per cent, of the business men of Vancouver are consumed by a burning  haired of the wharf owners and that fact constitutes a fearful arraignment of the  existing service, much stronger than anything I could say. The fact is that certain  wharf owners are heavy bidders on public contractors' supplies, such as water and  sewer pipes, cement, brick, etc., and they are .able, because the^ own the wharfs, to  underbid other tenderers just sufficiently td get the contract. If other bidders have  ; an equal opportunity with them, it will seriously affect the bidding.  ELABORATE SCHEME.  "There have been discriminations in the past, and as far as I am concerned, I  purpose working day and night until I get dockage works started in Vancouver.  I purpose: to suplement the dock already sanctioned by an elaborate scheme which  will be announced as soon as ready and on which I haye been workjng for some  months. All these men can hope to do is to shake the government's confidence in me  for a time and delay improvements in Vancouver harbor improvements, which  have been demanded for years, I scarcely think, however, that. Mr. Borden, to  .whom this memorial has been presented direct, will delay the projected works. I  expect the people of Vancouver will support me in my efforts."  MAYOR GETS A WIRE.  Mayor Baxter this morning received a telegram from Mr. Stevens asking for  his support in conection with the petition sent by Vancouver wharfage companies  to Premier Borden:  "This threatens the government works," reads the message in one place.  The mayor in an interview, given out upon the reception of the telegram from  the government member for Vancouver, declared with vigor that he hoped'the  citizens would unite in supporting the work undertaken by Mr. Stevens for the  imjprovement of tbe harbor here.  "ForTears we have been crying for better shipping facilities and now that we  have a member who is undertaking to get them for us, interested parties instantly  raise opposition. If Vancouver's shipping facilities are improved by the carrying  out of government work including the construction of a government- wharf, the  private companies who are now protesting have nothing to fear. When Vancouver  can offer facilities for the world trade there will be plenty of traffic for all.      ^.;  SUGGESTS SENDING TELEGRAM.  "Hr. Stevens was the first man who apparently took hold of this national harbor  project in earnest, and it surprises me now that he is being opposed right here in  Vancouver, where he should be accorded nothing but praise and assistance."  Mayor Baxter stated that he proposed to ask the citizens to telegraph and write  Mr... Stevens, offering their help. He said further that he would suggest to the-  public bodies of the city that they pass resolutions dealing with the subject in order  that Premier Borden might know that Mr. Stevens was acting according to the  wishes of the citizens at large. The hope that the Vancouver member would  '> receive nothing - short of a bombardment" of mesages of help from 'Vancouver was  expressed by the mayor this morning.���������  Opposition to Mr. H. H. Stevens9 scheme for Government docks in Vancouver  arouses astonishment and indignation in business circles of the city. The Progress  Club, the Ratepayers1 and Property Owners' Association of Ward, Seven, the  Vancouver Conservative Association and many others have telegraphed Premier  Borden supporting Mr. Stevens' project.  ; r  UNION MADE  CIGARS  Ask the man who smokes thtm.  FEET WIDE]  5 Minutes Walk from the Present  Station at  PORT MOODY  Price $400 per 66 feet  TERMS:   Quarter Cash; Balance  6-12-18   months,   at 7 per cent.  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  (By Professor ������. Odium. M.A.. B.Sc)  THE HON, MR. FOSTER  Here is a man who for overj forty years has ^  unselfishly served th* Canadian people.   He waa  one of the ablest eo-workers and companions of  the late Sir John JL Macdonald, the best premier  Canada has had np to the regime of Ihe. Hon. _,  Mr. Borden, who has just fairly entered npon hit"  official and responsible career.  Vancouver cannot do too much to five the'  . Hon. Mr. Foster a loyal and enthusiastic welcome.,  He is one of our ablest statesmen, a broad-minded  Imperialist, splendid financier, and an all-round  people's man. ;   i  He is coming to Vancouver aj av pubtta IBM,  and not as a Conservative. "While the Conservatives do him honor as a mah of their party, of  whom they are proud, the Board of Trade and the  general public will do him honor as a man bigger  than any party in his true relationships to the.  legislation of the'Dominion of Canada, and tiie'  British Empire.  A COAL OOMMUMBOH.  The British Columbia Government is consider- ,  ing in the right direction in relation to this matter.   If there be a few men making enormous';  wealth out of coal or other similar commodity,^,  the expense of the people, then a Commission'is .'  needed to inquire into all phases of production,  transportation and profit connected therewith'.'  But either the Commission of Inquiry or an- >  other Commission to be appointed when the report comes to hand, should be given powers similar to tbe Railway Commission, so as to do justice  to the coal users and to the coal producers, including the capitalists. All should be honestly and  fairly treated. Last year and previously, I wrote  on this, subject,-and adopted it as one of my  planks in the coming political NEXT election.  However, I am pleased to learn that the present  Government has a plan under consideration, of  acting at an earlier date. And in giving out just  legislation they will, be well rewarded by the  electorate; -       -^xyty'.  Art tht -Picture fhows a Part of tbe Holy  ���������toman Church?  ���������  aaj\w*m~*~*maawt \w*me%m*m Wlv*������" ��������� ���������  All who go to see tbe moving picture shows in  Vancouver, at least, must have had doubts ere  this as to the real ownership of certain element*  clearly a constituent part of the capital invested.  One thing standing outside the realm of doubt is  this: In some way the Roman Church seems to  be carrying on a religious or other propaganda  voluntarily, by design, or otherwise, by means of  these cheap shows. For a long time J have  scarcely been at one of these exhibitions without  seeing as a prominent part of one or more  "BEJ3LS" a representation of Priests, Sisters,  Nuw-L Bishops or others connected with the Holy  Mower Church.  To my mind there are two distinct features  of these coarse and insolent exhibits. First���������In  most which I have seen, the particular show, in  which the church dignity or indignity appeared,  was clearly immoral. An example may be given.  It runs -something like this: A young man is  absent from home. His young wife is visited by  one who seduces her, takes her away, and then  after he and she bave acted a most shameful and  debasing part, and when she is ready to commit  suicide, a Sister of Charity, Nun or Priest up--,  pears on the scene. The result of this appearance  is that the fallen wife is taken to the convent or  other church house, is pardoned and freely sent  back home after the ill-treated husband has been  put right in relation to her. Or the debauched  (Continued Pago 5)  BAPCO PURE PAINT  Is manufactured in a factory where  every ingredient is carefully tested by  an expert chemist. Every can of Bap-  co Fure Paint is guaranteed to give  satisfaction.  Come in and get s color card.  "STAROID"  (Uvpistcrofl Trn������li.'-Mnrk)  ASPHALT ROOFING  Nails and cement packed in each roll.  For all classes of building where a first  quality roofing is required.  . We will be pleased to quote on your requirements.  Our Stoves are guaranteed  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street  Phone: Fairmont 447 /y^ye^w^^^^  /, ���������     ~a~  Friday, February?. 1913  *--*-********t**M*i*--*****-*t*********������. *������������������ i -i.^^->-������  THE WESTERN CALL  / >, -,_  "-������������������W^  Mr. Foster's 8peech.  Hon. George E. Foster will address  the Canadian Club on ttondav, February 17. The subject has not yet been  announced. Owing to the big atten-  - dance of members expected st the function, arrangements are being mad������ to  hold the luncheon ln the Dominion  Hall, instead of Pender HalL A turnout ot at least 600 members Is looked  for.  Heavy Pines for Smoking Opium.  Fifty dollars anil'costs was the fine  Imposed on each of the eleven Chinese  who were arrested last Friday night by  Detective Ried and charged with  smoking opium. Appearing-In police  court Saturday morning they were financially punished to sn extent which  it is hoped will have an effect oh others  who might think of emulating their  example.  New College Principal.  News has been received In Vancouver that Rev. Robt. MUliken, formerly  pastor of Wesley Methodist Church  "here, but now pastor of a Brandon  church, i-ns been appointed principal  of the Methodist College at Regina.  Ttev. Mr. Milllken commences his  duties forthwith, succeeding Prlncl-  Tpal Andrews, who undertakes special  work for the Oovernment.  Harbor Committee's Acts.  On the.suggestion of the chairman'a  resolution was passed to the effect that  the committee write to Mr. H. H. Stevens, M.P., stating that it Is prepared to  -negotiate with him ln regard to any  matter which might come up in regard  to harbor Improvements for the city,  and that the committee would' be prepared to give him every assistance  possible.  Another resolution .also passed was  that the committee expressed Its disapproval of the claims of the C. P. ft.  as to its riparian rights on any of Its  property abutting on the water In the  city, -and that the committee endorse  the stand taken by Mr. Stevens at  Ottawa with reference to this nutter.  The failure of the defendants to appear  netted the city treasury $1475 without  the necessity of the police having to  testify. lorry-seven of the defendauts  whose names appeared upon, the court  3heet were Chinese captured in the  raid upon a three-storey' structure at  541 Carrall1'street Shortly before the  police visited the place where the Chinese games were interrupted, they  went to a Hastings street place, where  six white men were arrested.  City Beautiful Prises.  The prizes in the City Beautiful Association's competition tor the best  kept yard in the city were displayed in  tbe show windows.of David Spencer's  Limited, last week. The first prise, a  cup with horn handles, was presented  by ex-Mayor Findlay, and won by Mrs.  F. Thomas, in Ward IU. the cup presented by Aldermen Enright and Kirk-  land was won by Mies B. F. Hawkins:  In Ward V. the cup offered by Alderman Williamson was won by Jarrett  M. Mitchell; Redvers Hentley won the  cup of Aldermen White and Cameron  in Ward VI. The cup presented by  Aldermen King and 'MeSpadden for  Ward VIII. was won by Miss W. Dunning, and the other for the same ward  presented by Aldermen Trimble and  Miller, by William Ferguson.  step the company hss yet made la the  way of additions and improvements to  the telephonic service of the djtr.has  just been commenced. The plans of  the company, which am now being  completed in detail, will call for an  expenditure of over $500,000 and foreshadow the division of the central  business portion of the city for telephone purposes into four exchange  districts Instead of one, as at present.  But these four exchanges will all be  contained under tbe same roof in  what will be the most modern fire*  proof structure that human Ingenuity  can devise or money can buy. It will  also be the only building of its kind,  from a telephonic engineering standpoint, on the continent. .7  FOREIGN.  Statistics for -January 8ttrt New Year  Well.  Vancouver has started off. her statistics for the year in a highly gratifying  manner. The monthly total of building permits almost reaches two millions, while the bank clearings,' although they do not disturb previous  records, hold their own, and indicate  that the prosperous condition of the  city is experiencing no setback. Th*  large increase in building activity]  over the previous month's total and-  tbe corresponding period of last year  bears out this state of affairs, and  gives Vancouver's building year> a  bright start, which, if continued, will  place her at the top of the 1913 list  In Canada. In all other departments  the: figures are more than satisfactory,  births being well in excess ,of deaths,  and marriages as plentiful, as Dan  Cupid could desire.  Firemen Involved In "Arson Trust**  Chicago, Jan. 81.���������Several Chicago  firemen today were Implicated as  members of the "arson trust" by 8  former member, who was Interrogated  at the state attorney's office. This is  the. first suggestion of collaboration  between firemen and members of ^Lhe  "ring." '  Acordlng to the information firemen  were paid to designate the location  of fires so that the work of the public  fire insurance adjusters, who worked  In conjunction with "torch bearers"  and other members of the "trust'  might be expedited.  Doctor in 8lingsby Cass Held For Trial  San frahclsce, Jan., 31.--*Dr. W. W;  Fraser, the Weaverville, Cal., physl  clan, who is. charged here with effecting the substitution Of a live bahv for  the stillborn heir of Lieut. Charles  Henry; SlingSby, wealthy retired- Erlo  Ish naval officer, was formally held to  answer In the police court today.  His bonds were fixed at $2000,'anc*  after personally7 furnishing them he  was released. ,  Gamblers Forfeit Fifty-four Bonds*  None of the 54 persons arrested in  gambling raids Wednesday night appeared in the police court to defend  the charges made against them, preferring to forfeit the bonds under  which they had gained their, liberty.  Will Have Four Exchanges Under the  ;'���������'.. Same Roof* v 7  Through the purchase of- the B. C.  Telephone Company of a new site on  Seymour. street" near; Georgia for  a huge central exchange building that  will ultimately house four complete  exchange units,  the  most   Important  Six-Year Term for Presidents.  Washington,. Feb. 1.���������A constltu  tional amendment: which would restrict  the President of the United States to a  single term of six years and would  bar Messrs. Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and William H. Taft  from again seeking election was approved today by the : Senate. by the  narrow majority of one vote.'  SLOW PROMwTMb  _. I-*..- 1 -.- *,^.������^  PremorJoo in the traasatlsatle  la slew, aad there sre ass*  tad irasIliad rsndMstss Darn  Oabe���������What is culture? '-':,  Steve���������Culture Is when you speak  of the House Beautiful. when you  tnpan the beautiful house.���������Cincinnati  Enquirer..  Probably the captain bas been in the  same line since be begsa/as a (senta  ���������atom that he mast save had seme  ssserlaaco a  tetrad at least a ants-i  Oa many ot tbe gnat trsnsstlsntk  aaers all the oacers are hsldsw ot  aaatartf coruscates, aad tarn aama at  thtm, aJtaoagb at the bottom so far as  pettlsa goes, ate esttfled by  potent exaatiaer* ia ssauiapahfr  sad oavlgarJoa to be <mattled fit the  ������������������P.  There am ats or atveo aevlfsttas  sdkers aadsr the eaptam la the Mr  test ships, aad sack aaplies to be a  esptsla himself ta time. Piapess is  JssyrlatBlae la this  ever. The skips  as well aa the  Suppose yoa have fawn ts be esJst  adker in one of the inferior vessels of  tbs fleet; the captain diss or retire*$.  his place is not given to yon, bot ts  ths chief offlcer of the commodore shb>  ef tbe line, and yoo are merely trans*  fcrrod. witboot change of rsnk, to a  better ship. From that ship 700 peas  to a bettor and a better oattl the slow  tad wearying progress leads yoo, after  eooree of voysges and anxious experiences In the fitful Atlantic ia thai fogs  sf sommer and the bmrlcanes of wln-  tsvto the commodore ship. The com-  ���������sad ef ber becomes vacant, bnt it Is  oot yet tor yoo. Yoo am promoted to  a csptalncy���������to the csptalncy of the  least important ship of the Una, Bnt,  although you are sent down from the  top of one ladder, it Is to climb another, and yob are Uttle Inclined to  complain. ..  Then. If there is nothing against yon.  If you avoid accidents and If the owners approve of you in all ways, yoa  will in another ten years or so have  ond command of intermediate ships  ���������tnd at last bare risen to tbe newest.  ftoeet and. fasteHL By this time you  ire likely to tie verging on middle age  or beyond It. atid ttM- next Ntep wlfi  tti* toward the lluili at wnk-b you usual  -etlre. li-avlng tbe climbing to others  tome of whom.' may never reach th**  (Op. near tlibuirb It m-vum     -  ftivnr pi:i.rs 110 prirt in advani-eraenr  tt sea. All the Itti***. seep to th-M* O!  tbeir own ntili-en* wihwp ability ,sur.  liteMy art* -trm-tnt and promote tbem  .'with-, few <>sif>i>iions, in the rotation 1  ���������'nave' ueM-rtiM>ri. 7 The fiiptritns are ''els  men. w bo have, rlwri in t be tioe tbej  *n������rve. and happily  no nani-pntton bj  )Utstd������>n* Im ev*>t iie-irrt of.- WUlterv B  (tideluK in V-MiiirM <4Mii|*aoion.  *mmmmm  WAREHOUSE    SITES,  AH prices snd terms.   , Short term leans.  GEO. A. 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ISwan BrosX  HWH-OLA99 CLEANER9   |  t Garments of al! description  cleaned.  AJMES   CLEANED,  DYED  AND CURLED.  tec titles, Ita t Mali, rasas Fair. 584  wtrkMZS im Aft,L, Fatal fllr.i74  G. E. MCBRIDE & CO.  Cor. Main St. and  16th Ave.  PHONE: Faihnpnt 899  Corner 49th add Fraser Aveuues  Phone: Fairmontli67L  PER  GENT.  Ax$jm wanting a Beater  oy|||oyeo  - #^-^t> fedtm o������r stock  Ncmr js your ftpe to Jwy*  1STW  1 Hall-Mark oi Quality 1  16th et "tain    49fa Sd fraser  ^*~~~~~~~��������� ***** .*******������****.  Mount Pleasant  Phone: Fairmont 1140  Help to make these pagee ae interesting  ae possible   by   writing  or telephoning all loeal newe each week before  Wednesday noon.  Mt. Pleasant" Council, E. T. of T.  held an open night last Friday in  Lee's Hall. A fine programme was ar-!  ranged and a most delightful evening:  was spent by those who attended.  Real Estate  A number of realty propositions and  transfers are under consideration on  Mount Pleasant mt present The owner of a corner on Eighteenth and  Main has just refused a spot cash  offer of $25,000 made by Monroe &  Band. They have several other deals  on the move, with good prospects of  success.  Rev. and Mrs. Ernest Dearn, pastor  of the Nazarene Church, Calgary,  were guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. Rand  Pierce, 26 Tenth avenue east, Tuesday of this week. Mr. Dearn has been  conducting a very successful'.'revival  campaign in New Westminster. He  was on his way to Victoria, where he  is to conduct services at the Nazarene  Church.  Miss Mona Perry, whose marriage  took place Tuesday, was the guest,of  honor at a tea given by Madame Mo-  rln, at her home in Mount Pleasant  last week. Among the guests were  the members ot the Rainbow Circle of  King's Daughters, who gave Miss Perry a handsome cut glass vase, the  presentation being made by Mrs. llerk-  ley, president of the Circle.  PERSONAL  Mr. Blskney Peel, of Calgary, has  returned home after a visit of several  days with friends in Mount P)easant  and Grandview.  Mr. P. H. Strata will build a garage  at 166 Seventh avenue west  Mr. Amos Is to build a dwelling  house at 489 Sixth avenue east.  Mr. J. Saint Is to build a storeroom  at his place ot business, 867 Broadway  east   .-.',;- r   :  The Canadian 17. W. Steel Co. are  to construct ah office at their shops  on False Creek* .-.j ..,- ��������� yyx  ********>*********>****.**** *********>**>******i*ri������i *<***  i SW   THE DON  tfS&Smii  -5**> BEST PARLOR        **** SALTER- %  :: gf-fO mmtm at* 94 otoro from Itt* Mr.  CHOCOLATES  FRUITS  STATIONERY  Express Co. Is Told to Quit :",.'���������'  Montreal, Feb. 3���������The Dominion Ex  press Company recently secured from  the government the right to operate  oyer the Intercolonial. The privilege  dated from Satruday, Feb. 1.  The company moved Its equipment  flown to the Bona Ventpfe depot here,  but was put out by the Grand Trunk,  which controls the Terminal and  over whose line the I. C. R. has only  running rights from Ste. Rosalie to  Montreal.  The Dominion Express hss reported  this to Ottawa, but what action will  or can. be taken is not yet decided.   ,  The Canadian Express bas exclusive  rights on the Grand Trunk, and the  competition of the Dominion is not  wanted.  Heroic Police Chief Succumbs.  Dauphin, Man., Feb. 3.���������Charlie  Rooke, chief of the Manitoba mounted  police, and police magistrate, died in  the hospital here at half past seven  this morning, after having made a  hard but hopeless light for life since  a week ago Sunday, when he was shot  through the lungs while.trying to arrest John Baran, a Gallcian homestead*  er, wanted for wife desertion.  CHURCHES  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.  Cor. Tenth Ave. and Quebec St  Preachlns Services���������11 a.m.    and    7:10  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:10 p.m.  Pastor, Bev. A. F. taker, 6.14th Ave., Eaat  CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave.'and Laurel St.  Services���������Preachlns at 11 a.m. and 7:14  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  Rev . P. OUftJa Parkef. M.A., Pastor.  llth Ave. W.  tOBta*.  MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. ISth Ave. and Ontario.  Services���������Preaching at 11 a.m. and at  ' 7:ii p.m.   Sunday  School   Sad  Blbl*  Class at 2:JO p.m.  Rev. W. Lashley Hall, B.A.B.D., Pastoi  Parsonage, 12J llth Ave.. W. Tele. Fair*  < moot 1440.  Alert Adtlt Bible Class of liana*  tain View Methodist Cmmb���������������������������asoaja a*  180 every Sunday. Visitors uttk he  made welcome. 8. Johnston, pros"  dent   '   ������������������������������������.���������;-.'���������. ���������'���������-  ASfOXjSOAXI.  ST. MICHAEL'8 CHURCH  Broadway. and_ Prince Edward St  Cor.  r*       Sunday School and  Servlces---Mqriilng Prayer at 11 a.m.  p.m.  Ilbie class at 1:10  Evening Prayer at 7:10 p.m.  Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 am  and 1st and Srd Sundays at 11 a.nv  Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector  Rectory, Cor.  8th Ave. and Prince Edward 8t Tele, Fairmont 401*1*.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services���������11 a.m., 7:80 pan.  2*80 p.m.��������� Sunday School and Bible  ���������   Olsss.  11.00 s.m.���������"Despised and Rejected.',  7.80 p. m.-������,The    Royal   Pathway  Through Life."  * 1111������������***** ***** lit I M H I   44 till III r> 111 lllll'l'���������������>���������������������������������>  No Credit I  I   Phooei Filrmoit 621  Mo Delivery  Wa litem ths base-  fit of allaranssssf  isllfsrf  kttpiif.  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Pioneer Shoemakers  We do the Best Work for the Lowest Possible Prices; f  . Get Your Shoes Repaired Here  2530 Maiii Street  With improved quarters we improve, and increase our work accordingly.  jl! till ft 11 tt I "I"*-' ------   ���������--"-;    ���������     '���������' * I'M 44 4** II I I l<.|i������i|ii|' I 144^  *****44*********>*'.-**-.'*v'.~.'*  **************************  ORAWPVIILW RATEPAYERS' ASSO*  CIATION  !���������  , Vancouver, B.C., Feb.1, 1M8.  The regular monthly meeting of the  Association will be held in the Grand*  view School, corner   of   Commercial  Drive and First Avenue, on Thursday  evening, February 6th, ai 8 o'clock.  A full attendance is requested.  CHAS. JS. SMITH,  Secretary-Treasurer.  1684 Commercial Drive.  4  1******* ******************  ******MII*IMIMMMMMi  THE SUCCESS  -       ���������-." y y-- ������������������  Business  "THE SCHOOL OF CEOTMNTIES"  *>  We invite the public to call at our new premises in the  Harris Block. We would like you to inspect our equipment ; to see *hat splendid light and ventilation we haye;  to see our students at work.  If you are interested in Business Education, a visit to  us will convince you that this is the school for you to attend.  The best is what you require.  E. SCOTT EATON, B. A., Principal  Cor. Main St. & 10th Ave.  PHONE: Fairmont 2075      VANCOUVER, B. C.  tt l������M M*"** *********44-*** H  LABOUR COMMISSION       J  SWINGS of the Proytocisl  Labour Commission wilt be  held as follows :���������  Nanaimo���������Monday, February.  17th, at8p.m., Court-house.  Cumberland���������Wedneeday, February 19th, at 8 p.m.  Alberni���������Monday, February  24th, at 8 pm.  Ladvamfth���������Tuesday, February  26th. at 8 80 p.m.  8teveston*-Monday, March 8rd,  at 2.80 p.m.  Cbiliiwack ���������Tuesday, March  4th. at 2.80 p.m. .  New Westminster���������Thursdsy,  March 6th, at 11 a.m*, Cit/ Hall,  .j. Vancouver���������Friday, March 7th,  f at 10 a.m.. Court-house.  T The Commission is empowered  T to induire into all matters affect*  ing the conditions of labour in  British Columbis. All persons  interested are invited to attend  and give evidence..-,;  H. G. PARSON,  . (Huiirman.  F. R. McNamara, -..y,,  ���������.y:y--A   Seer^t^.y:;^^7^.m  For good vaiues in  REAL ESrATE AND 11WESTMENTS  .Call'on   '".'������������������r":;.v.' "���������  ^ "a  RJMBLE  & NORRIS  ������m\ Proaa-way ami >Ve������imlnster Ro^  2446 MAIN ST.  PHONE Fairmont 2259  4 Good Stock of No. 1  Pr^oM  Produce*  jo������n $. wwm  PROPRIETOR  2418 Westminster Rd.        Pboqe Fstrawot 1141  !  FuHy  modern,".'gas?,Granges; v\  ^^sain, ceilings, laundry tubs,j  t*^^^^'~'Aii*im^:^^  7 H FftQNB Fairmont 1584L.    ',y  Liberal Oranta for B. C. Works;  Ottawa, Feb. 8.���������Msin estimates for  the year 1913*14 were laid on the table  at the opening of the House by Hon.  W. T. White today.   The total txalim?** "' ������������������?.������'' i'!������M^fflf':>U' '���������''������  consolidated fund is 1125,850,388, and ' ~'  "   "'''   r  '"*"' ~  under,'capital expenditure is 153.801,*  854, making a total of $179,152,183. as  compared with a total of $169,226,������������7  ia.i9i2-il;������������������>:*'':,;. - "y  The Increase is nearly ten millions.'  The vote tor the naval proposals of  the Borden Oovernment is not included |  and will be brought down in supple*:  meatary estimates after the naval bill  has been passed. The main estimate  eludes over a million and a half  more than last year for militia and defence; $1,346,000 more for public  works; three millions increase fo* railroads and. canals, and $727,000 subsidies to the provinces.  The largest Items of. expenditure, are  $19,000,000 for the National Transcontinental Railway, four and a half millions for the Hudson Bay Railway,  three millions for the Quebec bridge,  two millions for the Welland ship  canal, seven millions for the Intercolonial, two millions for the Departmental buildings at Ottawa, seven hundred and fifty thousand for new Dominion buildings at Toronto, a million dollars for Dominion Government buildings in London, Eng., two millions for  Port Arthur, and Fort William harbors,  a million dollars for Quebec harbor, i Annlv  and half a million each for Vancouver PP "  and victoria harbors. ��������� Box WN, Western Call  He* the GheepeeiVtec*  Bet tbe Beet vetee fer  rtenej*  uymm$mmFBc^  '*j������$P^AJ*U. %���������-^������% Armstrong, Prop. ^ f^  ..^...^^.rJIflAlN STREET  A full line of all the Best Magazines.  ���������'���������sy :.yAy. yyyyy ;.;  Fruit a|^^GaiKly of the Highest Grade.  **���������  Furnished Rooms  2 south Bed-rooraa  Morning and Evening Meals if  ��������� ^yy y   desired.  35 13th AVENUE, EAST  WANTED  FIRST-CLASPS  BULL DOG  Good pedigree, young dog; state price,  particulars, where seen.  A.F.  Phone Fairmont 845  McTAVISH, Prop.  Corner Broadway and Main  *  ;; Carriages at all hours day or night  !! Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys andfSingle  ��������� > Bugles, Express ana Dray Wagons for hire  :; furniture and Piano Moving |  j &% | III III11 H Ml M ****** l,S>4M 11IIHHIHMIIIIUHI Frida:  THE WESTERN CALL.  *** ****** 11 m n i i i M 81 lOitffr  Help Your District |  | You Ulso Help Yourself I  ���������>l������4 IMMI MM ******1111****%  %m  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALE  A fine lot to choose from, all in  prime condition.  Sixty varieties to select from.  Mow is the time to buy for Fall plant*  ing to give good results for next  Spring.   ���������-  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St*  PHONE: Fairmont 817  umawmamamr oaoaa ov ows-  MT. PLBABANT LODGES NO. lt  Meets   every   Tuesday   at   8 p.m. is  I.O.O.F.  hall,    "Westminster    Ave.;  Mt  -Pleasant.   Soournlng brethren cordially  -Invited to attend.  J. C. Davis. N. O.. 1281 Romer 8trset  ��������� J. Ha-M-m. V. G.. 8816 Mala Stmt  Tbos. SewcdL Bee. See.. 481 fleveath Ave. B*  *****lUI'MtW'll'IIM *****  FURNITURE  STORE  3334 Main St. ;'  Our stock of Furniture ;;  is Large, Modern and ;;  adapted to the tastes of ;;  Buyers,  i Dressers, Buffets, Tables ::  t Chairs, Couches, Mat-::  tresses, Bedsteads, etc. ::  .     A complete line of *  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, ete. ���������*���������  , Drop in and inspect onr goods.  This is where you get a squsre  M. H. COWAN  ,*it<************* 4******* 11  CURRENT COMMENT  (Continued from.Psqe I)  Try a ������������������Call" Want Ad.  TEETH  Take Care of Your Teeth.  GOODTEETH-  Enhance appearance;  Conduce to health-  Aid in use of lsngusge; and  Contribute to comfort.  DR. H. WOOD, 312-313 tee Bldg.  IS PREPARED TO MAKE PERFECT TEETH.  wife enters the convent/ and becomes one of its  inhabitants. Or at a moment of extreme danger  the priest holds up hia hand and forgives the sin,  sending her on her way a sham-pardoned-chris-  tianized wife. r  Secohd-rBy this continued plan of magnifying  the priesthood,, the sisterhood, and the Holy  Roman: Church, that church seems clearly to con*  nect itself as a patron of these immoral shows, a  partner in the money-making scheme, and an exploiter of the young and ignorant minds found  in the majority of these shows.  7 Now, on behalf of the great public, I raise my  voice and warn those officially connected with this  gross impertinence and recognition of immoral  plays, that it had better be cut out, and in a hurry  too. If not, there will be such a public agitation  as will dwarf into insignificance the agitation  against the impertinent and coarse flaunting of  the Stars and Stripes in Canadian halls of pleasure, not long since.  Protestants and the rest of the non-Catholic  people will not permit the continuing of this papist propaganda in their midst. The picture hall  interests, the/film-makers, the men who lease and  run these shows, cannot, be permitted to so insolently insult the public. This is the first indication by means of the press, but if a change be not  made quickly there will be a hundred, a thousand,  yea, ten thousand voices lifted, up, and in an of-  factive manner, too.  I know the Vancouver people. They are fair-  minded, patient, big-hearted, and alow to move,  but they demand justice, fair play snd *% big-  hearted manllneaa from all others. And thay  will jo have it, too, and quickly. Therefore, the  shows had better move in a cleansing,, purging  process. v,  Row Long Should Any Ohuroh Hold in Stead  Office a Drunkard?  If a Protestant Minister, or an Anglican Priest,  or a Brahmin .Monk, or a Budhist Priest, or a  Holy Roman Cleric be ordained to preaeh the  word, as each in hia sphere aims at preaching,  and if he should becojne a drunkard, and if he  should become a public nuisance, beat a little  child on the atreet, and break her toys, or do  similar things, then how long, in tho deoant namo  -of religion, should such a religious representative,  priest or clerical, be permitted to remain in holy  orders t Mercy is good, and wise and christian.  But officially accepted, public depravity is debasing, a curse, a snare, and leads to personal and  social damnation. "How long, 0 Lord?" are  words one is apt to think of in this connection;  Our Christian teachers ought to be at least fairly  moral, even if they are openly unconverted, and  heathen in some of their prominent doctrines.  The people are keenly watching their piiblie  teachers, priests and other mouth-pieces of the  invisible deities whom they avow and uphold,  theoretically at least.   Let us have a plain ans-.  wer to the above question. y<-:.  l-jasd.*r������erytrrlday a������ 14������f Wnlili  - half block north, et ssrssaV  ������ter Road,  ���������ay.   Fhe*n<  Fairmont lis*.  editor, B. H. Btevena;  a. Odium.  ������i"  ���������3 -Vi  '"Am?  *.-������ ������-*$i  -' j y.t 4fv������-*  "V. "'  iAi*i  Buy your  WALLPAPER  ;.\       atthe -,'-���������'���������-.. y.y-''  Mount Pleasant Wallpaper Store and Save  Money/ ....[A.y\A,:: * ...  :7v^;?:.^;SsTANLEY::&7C0. ['y--yy  CONTRACTING PAPfiRtlANOCRS  991* Mat* 9*+aa1  aforrisJsUy  H-O Footo  Main Transfer Co.  -v-saaaeaaasaasBaagasaaBssa; ���������      ,     ass  Express,  Always in Mount Pleasant  Pbone Fftirmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St��������� Mt. pleasant  Breast still Mining.  A. Bressl, Italian hanker, about  whom a storm or, trouble is, raging  here, Is still missing, and Police Chief  Mulhern now believes the bank shortage will total about $30,000. The Seattle police sre said to be also searching for the missing banker.'  C. N. It. Concession on Wage Rates.  Sitting all afternoon and evening  last week the city council all but completed its Investigation into the pro*  posed agreement''.with the JC.N,,S,  In reply to a question from the  Mayor as to the company's opinion Mr.  E. P. Davis, K.C, after consultation  with Col. Davidson, 'stated that the  company was willing to provide that  the same rate of wages would he paid  by the C. N. 8-,.as was paid by contractors doing the same kind of bust  ness in the city and in addition it was  willing to add a minimum of |3 a day  for nine hours.  Writing tablets, a big ten cents  worth for one dime, at the Terminal  City Press, corner Eighth and West  minster Road.  of Ito Mi ul'!  MARY'S HAJA  52n4 Ave., South mil  The following kctureslvillbe delivered by the  REV. OWEN WLKELEY  ....... . ^  1. Thursday, February 13th  "The British Church before the Mission of  St. Augustine," ^ ;  2. Thursday, February 20th    t:  "The Conversion of Saxon* England, to the  Norman Conquest/7 ^   -    .-.;���������'  3. Thursday, Febraa^2^ :  "Papal Aggression and^tematidn."  4; Thursday, Match 6th :--2;i?'-"r::'r;'-  A " TTie Ref ormart^  5. Thursday, March 13th\r      -  "The Holy Land."       ^   f  6. Good Friday, March 21st :  " The Stations of the Cross." ^  To Commence at Eight (PGloekmch evening.  N. B.--A collection will be taken to defray expenditure.  The First Four Lectures are being delivered on Wednesdays and Mondays at New  Westminster and Vancouver to raise funds for the S. Marys Church Site Fund.  Proposed Rail Line Will Open Up  Landa of Mineral Wealth.  For the proposed construction of  the Pacific and Hudson Bay Railway, a  bill was read in the House of Parliament at Ottawa Monday in which is set  forth a request that the government  guarantee the bonds of the company  Over a space of thirty years.  The proposed line will open a Country rich in meneral deposits. It will,  when completed, extend from Bella  Cdola, which is 250 miles north of  Vancouver, eastward through fertile  table lands, taking in the valleys of  the Peace and Parsnip Rivers, and on  through to Alberta. The Alberta terminal will be at Smoky River/  Mr. E. C. Harris, prominent among  ^hose interested in the company,  has outlined the proposals ot the  company as presented to the government.  They propose constructing a first*  class standard gauge line of railway  from Bella Coola, B. C, to Smoky  River, Alta., with a connection at Fort  George, approximately 800 miles. The  balance of the line from Smoky River  to Hudson Bay will be projected later.  Further plans of the company have  under consideration the erection of  large dockage facilities at Bella Coola,  and arrangements with large steamship interests, to have them make this  port their Pacific terminal.  The men at the helm ot the project  are Mr. W. Denman VerBchoyle, now  in London on business for the company, and Mr. E. C. Harris. The latter  Is a railroad man of experience. He Is  a Canadian, raised ln New Brnswlck.  Mr. Verschoye is an eminent engineer  who has made thorough examination  of the country through which the lines  of the railway will run.  Professor Says Poles of Earth   Are  ./  Wobbling.  Washington, eb. 8.���������That the poles  of the earth are wobbling about at random, that the rotation of the globe lis  becoming slower, and that possibly the  north pole will some time slip down to  the latltdue now occupied by Washington, is the startling theory advanced  by Prof.. George A. Hill, of the United  States Naval Observatory, one ot the  foremost astronomical authorities In  the world. \  8hould either Peary or Amundsen  make another trip to those elusive lit*]  s omelegmtoa taoh rddrd aotrrrrhh  tie poles, both Would find flags which  some time ago they planted oa their  trip ot discovery removed fifty feet  from the spot which would now ho the  true north pole. It means simply  this: if the north pole were a little  black spot It would he perpetually rolling about in an aimless sort of fashion, strolling in an aimless circle with  a radius of 50 feet.  six  ���������aoathe.  i $i.sa per ������������  naeotbs;   ft* eestts  ie?.������;; yfp\m  Cluuaea of ate., mast he 4* W*  lay evealat^eaek.weak to Ismmhv  MoOese^^blrtlM. daatha .  Hacae inserted free ef etnrae.  **%,%**  '   i i/ ***v  . ���������**  - rp,  ������*  Thia ia tfaa reduction wo %*vt* magna*  ...7.-'-lor:oqr  *rf  First Annual Sale of  aper  Call in and let ua convinee yoa that  we are making the above reductkm tss  all Wallpaper in our storo to mafto  room for 12,000 rolls higa-clasa Spring  '&&'..������������������.. y ���������"  LEES, WOOD  Importoraof WaHpaaor    ,  mam SM-ks-Ma St       -bsi^ma t*fe sSsMI  SZSWMiliy.I    rW*fmtm*mm  ^otmssBmssBssssams m J '���������,, a  SJngJe and Rose (^mb  Landscape Gardening and Whst to  Plant  Just to band is a copy of "Landscape  Gardening and Wbat to Plant" by the  Fraser Valley.Nurseries,���������a booklet of  32 pages profusely and beautifully illustrated with cuts which furnish the  reader with a fair idea of what the  nurseries at Aldergrove are doing,  The author, editor, manager and  promulgators are to be congratulated.  It should be widely distributed, aa It  is interesting and instructive.  Three Suicides Break Calm of Day of  Rest.  Vancouver police sre endeavoring to  learn the cause of the suicide Monday of Amber D. Ball, 38 years old, the  third case of self-destruction to occupy  their attention since early Sunday  morning.' The other cases investigated  by the police were the death of Mrs.  Ii������e Chong, a Chinese woman, believed  to have thrown herself from a window,  and tbe vicious attack mad������ late Saturday night by Patrick O'Hagon upon  Mrs. Violet Campbell, mother of three  chidren, shortly before he'severed his  throat with a razor.  Committee Inspected Many Cemetery  Sites. ,  Various possible cemetery sites .were  Inspected on Saturday by the sub-committee of the health committee, the  general opinion being that District  Lot 81, comprising 168 acres, was the  most suitable. It has a nice southwestern slope, without any hilly parts,  and the price is $1,450 an acre. Aldermen Cameran, Cleland, Evans, Mahon,  Ramuge and Rogers, Dr. Underbill and  Secretary H. Gidley had to tramp  about; seven miles through three feet  of snow during their tour ol Inspection.  Recommendations are to be made to  the committee.  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  are leaders In their particular lines,  and on whose word patrons can rely. I  Don, The, 2648 Main.  Fruit Store, O. K., 2446 Main.  Heeler's Nursery, ISth and Main.  Lee ft Wood, 523 9th W.  Mt. Pleasant Livery, 9th and Main.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440 Main.  Main Transfer, 2421 Scotia.  McBride ft Co.. 15th and Main.  Owen, W. R., 2337 Main.  Peters ft Co., 2530 Main.  Sanitary Market, 2513 Main.  Success Bus. College, 10th snd Main.  Stanley ft Co., 2317 Main.  Shaw, Dr., 250 22nd E.  Toronto Furniture, 3334 Main.  Trimble ft Norris. 9th and Westm. Rd.  Hsvo rostlH up 8 GrtM?fP������  One Price, f J.75 per f#  Each sotting will contain  eggs from  each pen*  F* J3. Warmer  McKay, p. C.  McKay Sia������os3.ce.R.Wtfhili������HrMf������  For Rent  3 furnished Housekeeping Jtoowir  ...|BP,l!ir..3fiWW^_.^..,.v.J_,  Ajiply  99*9��������� meld 91r*ef  ���������    tlood Paper; JOc, 2f* Nfc  IS Terminal City Press, It*.  ft*?        4408 Westminster Ro������4  h COUPON WITH EACH DOLLAR PURCHASE  Quaker Flour  Rolled Oats  Corn Flakes  Puffed Wheat  Puffed Rice  u  a  n  n  Each Coupon gives a guess as to weight  of large sack of Flour in Window. Best guesser  gets the sack FREE I  Decision will be given Saturday night, Feb.  i5th, 1913.  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It burnished the braaa plat*  tfbed to the gateway, dassUng, and  -effectually preventing tha occasional  ���������pedestrian f ram deciphering the other*  -wtae usually plain- inscription���������Pen*  ���������anoanat des Dames BquUller.  At an upstairs window, tha lower  half of tbe sash thrown up. and totally  ���������unprotected from the afternoon sun,  ftaa girls were sitting. They were  '���������sonversl&g In low eager tones, when  -amddenljr they ceased, and leaned for*  iwasd to watch a small procession ot  ���������priests and acolytes carrying Extreme  Unction to some poor soul at the point  ot death/ -j  The silence, the solemnity of the  ���������cone, the reverence of the peasants  smarting f.mong, black-peaked shs-  slows striping tho sunlit, thoroughfare,  floddened and sobered thorn tor  awhile. Bnt. they were young ind  fcs-nltby, atandlng, aa it were, upon the  dhrashold of life, and life appeared ex*  easdwglr desirable to them at that  jssoment, seeing that the unknown fu*  ���������tare looarad big with the realisation  of youth's golden dreams���������and tho  day, too, was very fair.  There goes Le Chat Botte," es*  -slnimed the elder g*lrl, tosslnga -gaudy  picture-book to the worm-oaten  Aoards, "a legacy "of the 'long tine ot  4Upfrtng pupils who follow me."  "And may they also master the lan*  meage in three months," Agnes ^Fleming rejoined, looMngaat her companion  -with eyes full of affectionate admira-  ' Aaon. Pauline Jervols smiled. ;���������  i "I believe that fact still astonishes  7.900. Agnes," She said. A  "It did, and to a certain extent it  now, but I shall never he sur*  again at anything yon 'may  atUl and parched  beneath  tha,.--- si*.. -,   ---        , -       .  sun. Its fierce rays bleached tha! to������ Hilton's poems in preference to  granite blocks and eoorched !���������*��������������������������� darkness and solitude of her bed*  grass-grown pavements ln the {chamber. I could shed an ocean ot  ..���������������������. ���������*��������� . ��������� Hl'lteftrt wnen I think of that clever,  white-faced dark-eyed child plodding  steadily and faithfully through that  travesty of childhood, and-*-Agnes.  what a foolish girl you are!"  ��������� Agnes Flemmtng had slipped to the  floor, and lay with her head ln Pauline's lap, tenderly kissing first one  white hand and then the other.  "Oh .never mind me, why didn't you  tell me all this before? I would have  petted you, I would have loved you  over so much more. Oo on, tell me���������  afterwards, when you grew older���������did  you go to school?"  ; "I went to school, to classes, to lectures, and then to College, and matriculated. This last nine montns I have  'allowed myself ss a sort of recreation  in which to acquire fluent French and  German. I was twenty-four yesterday,  to-morrow I leave Vilvorde, and at  Harwich I part with the only friend  1 ever made���������all very prosaic, simple  and uninteresting, eh, cherie?"  > "Very pitiful," she said, a tender  sadness in her voice. "Tell me," she  added, suddenly twining her arms  round her friend's waist, "tell me  about to-morrow, what will you do,  where will you go to-morrow?"  ' Pauline Jervis unwound the' loving  arms and walked to the end of the  room. Agnes watched her expectantly, as she came back and knelt at the  window, clasping her hands upon the  dusty sill.  "To-morrow?" she asked softly,  when the silence, broken only by the  bussing of the flies on the window-  pane, had become well night intolerable, "let me See, to-morrow will be  different,from the stagnant realm of  those Innumerable yesterdays. Tomorrow I shall be free, free to court  success, free to give rein to all my  ambitious yearnings, free to take my  intellect into the world, .and win name  and fame among Use savants of the  day. The thought, Ajj&es. is like the  sweet rich flavor of a frost-bitten  apple, such sb one finds under the tree  in December."  ��������� "And you will, Dear, I know yoo  will/' Agnes exclaimed enthusiast!  cally, "you will become the talk of  London, tbe world will rave about you,  you will be feted at every capital in  Europe, and people will go mad to  know you Poor roe in tht little vli  lags ot Weyberne will sometimes man  Ss to get a London paper, and read  ont the celebrated Paulino Jervols,  how,,ber last essay' Influenced the  House of Lords In passing���������"  Pauline laid a nervous band! over  her friend's mouth.  :   "Such wild extravagance proves-you  don't take me seriously."  !   "Ob. but I do.   I take everytttwg  you say and do most seriously."  "And being assured also tbat yoo  love me, that you wish m* well, I w������l  take  this  opportunity of sharing a>  "t-aiu, ���������._-. - UM-dytmrta hear the  secret."  "That is the secret���������-ai I appeared  in the tableaux on the night ot my  arrival, ao shall I appear to-morrow  in���������London." . (  All the pretty color left Agnes's fair  face, she ���������prang'to her feet, and held  out her hands Imploringly.  "Oh, don't," she exclaimed, ''don't  do such a mad, repulsive thing as  that; I am so fond of you, I couldn't  bear to tr^ink of you doing such a vile,  wicked thing. You can't do it, you'll  never do it, you have too nice, too  clean a mind, you are so sweet, so  gentle, so dear, so loveable, so tender-! earted," so everything that is  poas.~-e. darling, you are joking!"  "Do I look itr aha aaked gravely.  No, Indeed, tho dark face, the glorious eyas bending over Acnes were full  of purpose, full of strong patient determination. Agnes gave one questioning glance at the thin, clever lace,  and knew instinctively. that persuasion and argument were alike futile.  Some atrsnge, undreamed-of force had  bubbled up above the surface ot Paul  steadfast, ao purposeful. I mean to  be kind and careful of others, to do  nothing but what is right, 'honest and  just I intend to tight ahd win my way  to the top of the,��������� tree alone and unaided; but I shall not push or trample  oh others; I snail awing myself from  branch to branch gently; I shall hurt  uo one���������unless, God help me, I fall."  "I can't bear to think of it, Pauline.  What about love and marriage? Suppose you fell In���������".���������  Hitherto Pauline had Always smiled,  a quiet, slow, dreamy smile; now the  first real uncontrollable ripple of  laughter eohoed through the hot, sunlit garret  "Dear Agnes! Susceptibility was  never my strong point I don't anticipate much difficulty in keeping my  heart under my heel. Agnes, exactly  as a nun takes tho veil which shuts  her Irrevocably away from the world,  so do I take thia atop; it raises an  Irremovable barrier between me and  aU human love. I havo trodden tho  winepress alone, and I can go on atone  I to the ond. I bave never boon sought  after, never petted, nor loved; I havo  lne's calm, sweet nature, and f rose j n#T#r t^Q uaed to sympathy, to oare.  there, forming a hard incrustation between her responsive heart and Agnes's imploring eyes, and Instinctively  feeling thia she put out a hand somewhat blindly to find her chair.  "Yea, ait down," Pauline said tenderly; "I startled you, dear; I have  looked forward so long to this crisis  in my life that I scarcely realised how  ugly and even appalling tha scheme  or attention. I have simply worked.  I have plodded, tolled, striven for one  aim, one object one ond; still I have  bean idling here in soma thick-blooded  heart warmth, and, undoubtedly, I  shall feel a bit lonely and chilly to-,  "How?" he asked, slipping a  vous hand Into- his trousers pocket ..  "By answering a plain oration  truthfully, to the best of your ability.  Do you think your presence here has  influenced my daughter In her treatment of Mr. Pelham? Have you ever  seen a look, a. blpah, even the quiver  ot an eyelid, that would lead you to  suppose she entertained more than A  friendly feeling towards you?"   Paul Farley advanced a few steps  and leaned upon the table where Sic  Thomas sat  "You place me in a sorry positron.  Sir," he said, in a grave; suppressed  tone. "If I answer 'No,'���������it's a falsehood; lt I say 'Yes,'���������what do I appear in yoar,. in my own, in any decent man's sight? I���������I can't help  thinking that your daughter is���������not  indifferent to me ,and I give you tha>  knowledge, sir, with a horrible sense  of shame."  "Think you, Farley, you ar* a good  fellow. I see you understand and appreciate the peculiar circumstances.  I think you are sufficiently wideawake to be aware that I should not  sanction an alliance between a child  01 mine and a gentleman���������whom I  duly appraise���������but who is, in a. measure, a stranger to me, whoso family  is unknown to me, whose social status isr-ei-���������."_ ..;-.,-,- ������������������- ��������� ..,  ~ fully alive to my  position.  .   '���������* "am fully alive to my  .  morrow." ; 1 air, and if I remain here you will: find  Agnes went to her, put her arms! 'tnat I am not the sort ot man to for-  around her neck and held her doss.  "What will you do ln London to-  -st^s us ttssx; i Sb -���������- *w ���������*n ��������� ��������� ������*  to follow me, try to see the thing with JMoymant  ' ->���������_-.  a m*a**M a.*. --    -Su-aI-m*.  get it."  -OT oruve.. Mrs*  Wycherty,.  ���������est*  "Thi* 1������ tho tirstc glimpse I have. J  had of your den," she- said, her gown,  01, white crepe de Chtoe trailing nolae-1  lessly over the vivid colorings, of the 1  carpet. "Oh, Mr.. Partey,*' she sddedJ  clapping her littl* hands Joyously,]  "what a darling of a? typewriter r Do[  show me how you; work: it"  ,  "Let me give yftr a-lesson, suothet  time," he ssid, striking- a> few lettersJ  with his forefinger,. "Lad* Hargrave-J  will think me ungrateful it I allow af,  second^edltlon of tea to grow cold."  "Oh, she won't mind;; you are  favorite."  "I am sincerely glad to; hear thatjl  still, if you don't mind.. I should likei  some tea, and aleo'fr little fresh air:"  :   "Oh, I am so sorry!' Naturally, you|  want your tea.*'  "Will you give m* my hat?" he-i  asked, looking at hair with an lndul-J  gent smile.  1 She had taken it from where he hadil  thrown It in his surprise at her ad-J  vent She was holding it to her and!  stroking the plait with) a light car*]  ressmg touch, as If it were somet  aave, something that felt, sqmetht  ���������that she loved and prised beyond. 1  sure.  {   "Your hat?  Ob, I beg your pardon,"  and she gave it him with a prat  iblusn. >  They went out* into tho sunshine J  snd walked slowly down; the gravel]  path, serosa' a-'- larger expanse ot lit  "Why. what do you mean; eawdeV  ���������I mean���������it seems a strange thing  ' to aay Juat as we are going to part,  -a/ben we've been such kood friends  Sod comrades in spite of your���������your  IWlIalness; but. honesUy, I don't quite  jMdafStsnd-. you,. 'Panl|ne.V-r-.l7',cah,t  sjpdafstsnd that uncanny.' Intuitive  mental grasp you have- o: abstruse  OiBbJecU, quite through down to every  day, common-place matters; it gives  aee a horrid, creepy feeilag.  Pauline Jervoiae turned a pair of  tfjonderful dark eyes upon the lovely  POgllsb face opposite to her. and laid  a> large, thin, white kand upon ber  frfehd's knee.  "\ am not going to diaperage mr  mental gifts even to my sweet Agnes."  Ohe said, smiling, "because I am open-  ly and confessedly proud of my brain  power, Long ago I became'fully alive  to the extent of my intellectual caps*  city, and I glory in the knowledge,  Out at the same time, Agnei, my whole  training and trend of education enables me to arrive at a quick, apposite conclusion in regard to most problems. Concerning the French language, 11 ust have been a dullard indeed bat) I not spoken V. in a tew  months. When you consider I am ss  eeuversant with the deal languages.  as ihipiate with their nuthori as I  am^Vlth the works of both English  and American novelists, tbat I speak  /fluent German, and a while ago I  r timed more than a smattering of  vftaHan���������when you take Into considera-  rlton these accessories, these favorable  rdraimitsnces, -floes it stand to rea*  rawn vthst I could very well help my*  *r "No���������yes-^wdll, there. I don't know,  Pauline, dearest. In the whole three  ���������months we've been together you have  ���������never said so much about yourslf aa  i-youMiave during these last five min*  ''SOtea, Please don't stop, tell me about  /four people, where you live, where  ���������mm went to school, anything, so that  you tM me something."  > Wmmm clasped her largo, capable  loatdni handa behind bar shapely  .���������torn head, rstoed her eyee to tho  JMaf sky, and lot the sunlight dance  "Sd sparkle ln their dark depths.  i*r*taU* *������ UtU* te tell." aha said, a  ' jtaaJSscurving her upper Up, until tbo  Tries*. (Of email even teeth became  '���������risible. 'It was. lessons, Agnes,' les-  vaaaa, aehotH,  classes,  study,   short  ��������� Vmatt. sad again study���������nothing more."  I "-But   yoar   parents,   dear,   your  Vhome;"  ^sV-^'-asWo no parents.   I dont even  'istfsnttT- them; stUl I know that my  my eyes, in my light. With my brain,  my ability, my tact, my purity of pur  pose there is nothing wrong, nothing  'repulsive, nothing to which the most  prudish could take exception, or need  mind."  Agnes looked at her with surprised  inquiry.  "It csme about like this, sweet:  Three years ago tbe college gave a  series of amateur theatricals, interspersed with Greek plays, the parents  of the undergraduates and the elite  of the townspeople being- invited. I  wss cast for the part of a dandy in a  1 modern society piece, and Aunt Barbara, who always liked to do things  well, took me to a first-clsss tailor,  and I was measured for the Suit you  saw me In at the tableaux. The play  was a huge, success, and my rendering, my interpretation of the dandy,  brought down the house. Later in the  evening I felt a touch upon my arm,  and turned to find Mr. Jerome, tbe  mathematical master, at my elbow.  "'What an all-round clever fellow  you are, Jervols,' he said, laughingly.  "'Not st all,' I returned in the same  strain. 'I can't help myself, it's simply second nature.'  " *Ifvyou had changed yoar sex with  your dotaes now, to-morrow I coi.a  have placed you on the first rubs of  the ladder of fame.'  '"And can't you in spite of my being a woman?' I asked earnestly.  " 'No. I can'V be said gravely, 'a  woman ii so hedged round by social  customs and domestic traditions) that-  it is next to impossible to emancipate  her.  With her inherited conservatism,  bev conventionalities, her vaporing*,  hen straining, at gnats, and swallowing,  camels, an# also with Mrs. Grundy's  watchful snf malicious aye oontinoally  upon her, sha is handicapped at life's  startlog post- and therefore best left  to ru������ to aee* to ber own hackneyed  fashion.  To take your own peculiar  ecas.   Miss  Jarvoia:   Dame   Natur*  played, you a- scurvy trick when sho  dropped that nicely   arranged   grey  substance into the cavity of your skull.  What at woman; is going lo do with*  1 your   intellect  and  achievements I  czn't conceive.   These Is no occasion!  .to minluise padpable facts; you aro  I by far theclevesest woman I have met J  Were Iii your ahoeav Miss Jervols, L1  would nevei; resume���������pardon me���������tho  petticoat; and' ywu* I know for a fact,  -would noo be tbs first Amerlcaine to-]  .step over the conventional traces-li  iorder to give her bead; fair play*' Th������  iauggestloip   sounded detestable* and.  'not altogether  free  from   vulgarity,  "What kind of employment, dear?"  ! 1 don't know, I shall take what*  ���������over offers itself. I can fill almost  any post, nothing much will coma  jamlss to me."  .   "Hive you money?   Do please tell  me lf you haven't enough.  |"we  have, all- finished;  pray ooma,  ;along.'  ;   Paul   extended  m hand, and Mrsi|  {;Wyoherley clung to lt while they de  ascended - the   moss-boundi   slipi  ���������stops.-'/  "Plenty, cherie, my violin will fetch  a long price."  "You will write to me? You must  write, Paul. I don't approve of thia.  venture, but I can't bear to lose toucn  wliu you."  "I will write at Intervals unless you  forget to give me your address," Pauline said, smiling through wet eyelashes. "I will write to tell you where  I am, and how the world is treating  me. I shall bave nothing to look forward to or to love but your letters, so.  idon't quite forget me, Agnes."  "Will you kiss me, Pauline, and aay  you forgive me?"  "A thousand times! Hist! There  Is the tea-bell and tho last of the  itartlnes."  (To be Continued)  &el'but.rbeli.ve-h. meant^^>���������������\,������f ,^^0% volne than  **��������� ..      ,_ Jioina."  ���������   "That'a o ������mory.   He haao't your  Sate   dataila.   nor   your,   head   for  SUPiMihi ito&'JKLJf1"  ���������wa. Faslay, how would ���������������* act?  "^SeS^ut." he said pramnUy. "tho  rice ottha stock wUl nevar be higher  Castor waa a celebrated violinist and  affonlTtning of value that I poMeja  ^ feto j-UradivariuB. I waa born to  " ���������.'w .������h until racently I havo  New Tor.\ and until recently  ���������always Itvod there with my only relative. Aunt Barbara Jervola."  (  *Only ont relation ln tha   world!  How you mt-st love your Aunt  aecret with) you.  "Oh. you dear, sweet Fioiine!  "Come close, put your head on my  shoulder, and listen   quietly.    First']  you    must   promise   tha*   however]  shocked and displeased' yoo may be,  you will treat my cootldeucw as a sacred trust.   Will you be faithful and  true to me in this one instance so long  as I need your help?   By yaw help I  mean your silence;''  i   Agnes Fleming drew a1 deep breath.  "Yes," she ssid slowly, "I*-f prom-17 Agnea looked w piteously.  '**��������� "���������    .    "But you have: decided to carry out J  "Well, now listen.   You remember-his advice?^ -    f  tbe night of my arrtrsl, the nfgbt of "Yes, tha seed was sown, and wb������oJ  the Easter tableaux? MlaSemoissIlo I each day brought fresh evidences oti  Duval was taken HI a* fbw hmrns be-   tko truth of hia assertion, it, grewj  I fore I came, and Miss Fleming was" ���������-������-������������������ ��������������������������� -���������.-m ������.0tr  hw.   ill  stranded, she-was minus her csn-nitor.  No one tn the sohooT wan anfftaisotly  tall to attempt the part, and" naturally  the new arrival, being: fiver, thai ates,  waa hailed with vehonraot daiiaJM.'*  ��������� "Oh. yes; how those allly girls  crowded round you. and *  .   "Never mind tho gfrla.  V*  to say you remember Mlso Jstwofa going away to unpack, ood! half am boor  later a tall, alight young, man: walked  .Into tha refectolre and took tt* ptoca  beside Miss Fleming?; After aba curtain dropped I believe that yojrt* put  his arm round MIm aieming* waist  and Wised'her, and if I  ransaeanot  rightly Miss Fleming actually blushed.  Why. I verily believe- she IS e-htshlna  again at tha rseMlaettoni.   \*m you  fall ln love with me that mght Mlas  Wemlngr' .  .   Agnes  throw back her asol   and  dlsplaysd a crimson toes.  CHAPTER HL ]  dlr Thomas Harorave's Secretary  / In a handsomely furnished room ot  moderate sise, somewhat darkened by  curtains and blinds, sat "Paul Farley."  ; Sir Thomas Hargravo's secretary and  bis son's tutor.  v   A streak of warm September sunlight fell across bis sleek dark bead,  as bo leaned Idly in *-carved oaken  elbow-chair, gasing absently  at his  pen.   The writing table before bim  Iwas   strewn   witb   papers, >. letters,  narcomania and blank sheets of foolscap, while on a mahogany shelf between the book cases stood a smart  new Remington typewriter-  Hia dark  ���������face; worn- a gloomy expression, and a  perplexed frown drew bis eyebrows  tote a straight line above- tha gold  ii-lrao of bis eyeglasses.  j   Firm' advancing footsteps without  -and ������ brisk turn of the door handle  ; brought him to an upright position.  I8ir Tbomaa. the genial, much-esteem-  iad owner of Weyberne Hall, entered,  iatrodo across the rich Axmlnster in  ibis ponderous riding boots,, and flung  an open telegram on the library table.  ���������   "Awire from Head and Boffin," he  aald. "about those   Mexican  shares.  I've halt a mind to aell."  1   Th,e young, man. pushed back his  chair, placed a sheet of paper in the  'typewriter and waited. ;  i   "What do you think yoursalt. Far-  \*rv   ���������---*-��������� ,-,-..-,  - "I heard Miss Hargrove say at  rbreakfaat tbat Mr. Graham would be  lidown in a few days.   A practising  *    advice, sir,  irr'Thomss left the table, and laid j Cl^-T,,?'ZfvJ������ZZZ?J? ZZ  a kindly hand on the y,una> r^\&3^tXZ������r^^ ,  " should be very unwilling to P^l^oS^N^1^^^^ SSJ?  iwlth you. Farley, moat unwUUng. Ii'SJK'Jft^^KZliSKJ^  only trust your Owh heart is not ^^a!^-in^-^^t^^^'lM*9������^m  ���������volved."  Paul's s<.ort upper lip gave a and*  den curl  :   '1 have an honest, wholesome liking  lor. Miss Hargrave," ha said, the har*  rassed expression dying  out of  his  jhandsome eyes, "as I should have for  anything fresh snd aweet and clean;  at your daughter, sir, were the Only  Woman in the British Isles, and I waa  desperate to marry a wife, I should, I  iho.uld go farther afield snd choose  altogether a different type."  1  Sir Thomas held out his hand.  i  "With nil my heart I like and ro*  !spect   you,   Farley,"   h* exclaimed,  ismiling, "and now will you go a step  further?   Will you make my daughter  xoallse her mistake?"  i   Paul took off his   glssses,   slowly  jpoluhed them, replaced   them,   and  looked Inquiringly at his interrogator.'  Sir Thomas picked up a quill, played  jwith it, and finally tapped with it on  ���������his ���������secretary's arm.  1   "I know enough of human nature.  ���������Farley,  to  be sure that a rebuff, a  bnarked slight on your part, would suf  rUce to give Pelham his heart's desire.  jl should wish the remedy to be effective, but not too severe���������see?",  [ "I will do my best" ho saldr with a  Bow laugh, stroking the back of his  'glossy head, "and I will be as con*  Slderate as a woman."  !  "0������v Lordl.   I've  sometimes soon  Ithe   consideration  women   entertain  for   one   another," Sir Thomas exclaimed with a guffaw, recovering hla  .usual flow of good spirits.   ''Heigh!  what a* queer world*--oh, tho deucel"  ihe said, slashing his boot with hla  Iriding-crop; "tbe   ladies  are  having  iscandal���������I mean tea���������on tbo Terrace,  ;Lady Hargrdve entrusted me with a  charming,  message   to   that   affect, j.  Good-bye; tell bar. I'm gone to Aaber-  Envoys Ordered to Return.  Constantinople, Jan. 31.���������The Port������  today ordered the Turkish peace en]  voya to return to Constantinople frouf  London forthwith.  The   summary   withdrawal! of the  Ottoman   plenlpotentaries, .while tbe  allies agreed to leave one envoy eact  In London, is regarded as retaliatlonl  for the allies' hurried'denunciation "61  the armsitice.  Plan to Overthrow British Landowners^  . London, Jan. 311���������"The foremoBt tost  of Liberalism in tbe near future Is tht  regeneration of rural life���������the emauci]  patlon of the land of this country fror  the paralysing grip of a rusty, effeti  and unprofitable system.'"     -  David Lloyd George, chancellor oi  the exchequer, made this momentous  declaration tonight at the annua i  meeting of tbe National'Liberal clubJ  The land question has been one of Mr|  Lloyd George's bobble-s.  nourished and spread itself, like  green bay tree."  "I don't saa that 1 can tL������ much tov|  help you"  ne. Pauline;:  to toll mad?!  >priceof  loan ib ta now.  * EX* a -���������* ���������* ... - -������^ i L MCkw*1 TtU 8oWn to Wtrid of this  I think-1 said tt was yoar sHattOstj )ot  By-tho-bya, tbo reply ought to go  in to-night''  i Tli walk over to Eaat Weyberne  otter dtanar. air. and noat it myself."  ��������� "Thanks, ar���������I aay, Fesiay." be said,  nomlnd back and seating himself on  Nfea a-tta ot tha writingrtabla, Tvo a  ���������woni or two I want to say to you���������no  (time Uke tha present I suppose," and  feoawung hla legs and. laaiajhod a trifle  B-jBossntortsjuly.  I  Pool Farley turned* and clasped bio  IHnaaaa ovor tha rail of bia chair,  I  "1 dont want to bast your feellngsr-  Bar*  '"l^in the si������w smile eangbt the up* (back  face..  ���������Tou know I dt*���������oh,           whole hatotol fires ^J^SJK  lng.vtbo ������������������P'iS'^^r-ltlu^S  realistic. I dosrt -*��������� *> ���������*caU *���������������������������  evening" ^     .     . tmmm  let. nor bead ffaJs  Sit*  ���������attainments  I;  per Up.  "I am afraid .< do not love bar,  ting here beside you a sanas of duty  ���������and thankfulneai   for  my   acholarly  unmenta makes me reel I ought,  11 believe I do, respect her.. Nfever-  lesa. looking hack to my childhood.  I���������oh,  Agnes,  picture to  yourself  a  little precocious child, ail brain and  ���������re and timidity.  Picture her in the  of a   clever,   capable   woman  at upon moulding a prodigy out of  4hat delicate Intelligence, regardless  ���������at the mental and physical coat Think  ,'ert that little child through tie livelong  .summer gazing across her Latin gram-  .anar at the birds singing their hearta  .taut with Joy ln the large cool branches  -ed tha alma, listening to the murmur  ���������of the bees in the core of the great  fellow blossoms, striving bravely, ever  ao bravely, to crush a pernicious de-  -��������������� ������-������ j*. Anwn and rait to sleep ln  ^ tfll it ^.^"^eJRti* toYaam. this f-lin* of mine.  aire to Be down and rsat,  _  ���������jitter lush crass and sweet-scented  !5S!^Ith nmto than n susplclssi ot  SKsSit lurking ijkar *������*^������  Hht*   remembered Agnes   tmbarrais  ���������-tt  theT anxiety of the other glrta  S'obtoln^a wort, or even a look: tram  w   fStdame'e deterance white ox*  ^;-riM uUasantrtea in tha vestibule  2?lftoUari!rthe aevera catechtoing  ta    Madame's   sanctum.     She   bad  ������J^JH^IM->kable sensation, pra  lEZi   *a  extraordinary  impraasion  2^-rtoat    ttT estobltohment.    It  SSSffSar Enough to Paulino that  KtS STtimS?������t *~to������ on *W;  dui ot existence were the ������*w������l  Sfiax. and a puissant poise of brain.  -Too   thought   tho   impersonation  -oodfstrangVtrue. iolW*sr she������sked  SSptly. ���������WttofWj*".*11   ^^^  itt-aiarht tato Agnes's eyes.  "?*������&  too  good���������it  wss   simply  devilish." ,���������  I    *������Toa naughty girl, Agnes!  I wanted."  "Then why (W yoo tell  waotevar oaasesasd you  Why. oh, w������-f -fid you?"  "Because I was under the impres*  talon you cased lor me, Agnes. I neve*  bad; much thno for sentiment; I nova*  bad tht bkaa nor ths Inclination^ to  give   a   teQow-creatura   a   second  thought But I have bees Idling bans.  !and yen have occupied a very proas*  'nsnt place tn my thoughts wblle> I  'hove  bean   growing   over-weeninaiy  proud of the���������what shall I call it?--  tender n���������si deration -pn have shown.  ���������mo.  My baart haa beam getting, vary-  sore at tha prospect of parting: with:  -tha aobj soul who haa aver show* me  [eaa   jot   of���������tender   consideration*.  Btlll. 1 hove lived without love,, and 1  ean da without It; say career,, my as>  piratiesa. my amnftlon,   auffle-a   me.  though somehow lately I fancied it  wvald be a  pleasant thing to feel  than waa Something in tho world 0  this���������-woolc-    this falling; of mine,���������and. kaww-  mg. would ayskpathlse, not cos-damn  It" .     '  "1 do care tor you." she. said passion*  ately. her eyes full of tears. "1 must  love you, and you know it, Paulino.  You compel lt I don't understand it;  all I know la that you are Intrinsically  different tram most people. You aro  naturally good, genuinely conscientious, and unneceaaarily considerate  of others; you look at lite from such a  correct standpoint���������save In this one  terrible Instance���������that any feeling of  friendship from you Is very precious  to me. All the same. I think you are  acting wrongly. I am certain there  will be no luck, no success, no reward.  '���������Paul, dear, consider; no good can poa  Mbly come out of evil."  *, "Is lt an evil? - Dear Agnes, lt can'i  (be. 1 feel so earnest about it; I fer  (the responsibility, tbe gravity ot tb*  ^undertaking,  and  1   mean to b* ������  V  I shan't���������buA. asy.  common  d my.oi  boy, it  oommoa  says  tock neither, yon will clear up a nsya-  L-th* mystery oft a woniaoTa baast.- _  IpSoi Farley1 ftoahed to tha roota of  this amooth, dark hair.  ���������"Ever  since say   daughter waa; a  eWld." Sir Thmnaa conttnuedVwItb in-  ereaslng ^^^'J^J+S iS  thony Pelham and ehe were boy and  i-drl together their liking ans^eweot,  Sartlng has, bwan n*���������***,���������*  br myself and my old trtond. Oanarai  Sir Anthony I-elham^T-ho HargWIj  land Polbam estates joto. and t-bajg^t;  famillea bova raspocted and known1  ona aaothe* for genorattons. It Is a  mtgriaf to my wife and to me that  fust as our hopes and wishes were  Soat to be realised. Judith should  4-Mlars there was tmmatrm^i*������-  :Ws^-rw-*������-*r.XjW*.,.   w-������������f,   ^-.-^-r.  ->--*   ,,,��������� ,.������.    ���������,    ���������  'wood's farm.   All's well   that ends  jwell, you know.   There's no need to  ;worry. youraelt." ���������-������������������  The door slammed.  Paul sank gracefully into the e^bow  chair, leaning back in   his   fasrorlte  attitude,    his    long,   white   fingers  clasped behind his head.  "Oh, xe godsl" he gasped, staring at  the emboaaed ceiling. "What tools  women axel Upon my soul. I must  have a very pretty way with met So,  Miss Judith,, you are to be brought to  a proper sense of the tttness.ot things.  Well, you are a sweet girl, but it Is  not permissible, my dear, to ruin Anthony Peiham's happiness nor Paul  Farley's career."  He rose and paced up and down the  carpet the sound of his restless footfalls deadened by the thick velvet pile.  The room felt warm and close, he  pulled back the curtains, drew up tbe  blinds; and threw open the. French  window leading on to the broad gravel  .walk., allowing a cooler atmosphere to  play about his hot head and hands.  Presently, he bethought a cup of  Lads Hargrave'a tea in the open air  would prove beneficial and refreshing,  also a quiet cigarette later under tho  copper beach might serve to steady  hla pulee and soothe bia irritated  nerves. Ha looked around tor bia  atsaw bat Ha had put It hurriedly  away In tha morning, and now felt  misslsd at ita absence. Tha next moment ba saplsd ita white projecting  brim batwoan tha book shelves, and  made a sudden dash at it.  "Good afternoon,  Mr.  Faalay.    I.  nave boon petitioned to oome and. ass;  what baa detained yoo," said A soft.  childish voles.   "Lady Hargrove baa,  ordered fresh tea tor you., ao. do please  looms!" ���������  !  A boautiful woman, with, an lnno>  iosnt,   pleading, face,   wan   peeping,  '   tho  Ftaack window.    Bar  basal eyes, tnU.of Intereatod  worn nsviac alowly roend  tbe Ubrary-  '  "I am coming at mua* Mia. Wych-  asiy," ha. aald. bowing, eourteoualy and  iaapprsasina: an  impatient  exolamar  pan. "I don't Uko eoid tea: and wo  Seaenot ba anro of many mora Septeav  (bsr aftenamaia Mka..two."  !   8ko cama nsosar and stepped lightly  ���������***> tb* tk4*saJa01C  MD9e YQVNQ  fUva* Prmmttoml *9*Mom  On Bnsiness Adaptation,. Health andt  Happiness  806 Granville Street, Corner Robson*  Hoursv 10 a* m. to.'jp. m  B-WMtsa-liABtistie  DenH-.tr***  up-to*-tat������ methods.  DR. W. J. CURRYi  oeNTifrT  304i Dominion Trust BWg.  Open fromtf to^.and Tto-8.  RING UP SEYMOUR 286s FOR  APPOINTMENT.  Wet OOHfgWWTIAl. IN*  vfUfMtoTIOItS-flMwsatj  a smw of intsarU**. ���������  IsBsssa-SsMHt-*. TlutB-aal  Is Johastoo; ssca  satssd.   Vldst-r-ss    TImI  Bs-ftst 8ewrl>> Bnr���������u.  9t9  between bar and Anthony; tbat 1 imaacor o great deal of character, a  aha never dreamed ot nmrrytng blm  A law daya after your arrival he went  to town and boaght tho engagement  Tin,, -m you ean imagine his dismay  :���������������% she utterly refused to touoh it  or listen to blm. although until then  Sho had led him and all her circle to  believe they would ulUmatelr become  man and wife." '  "Strange!" Paul   muttered,   under  hla breath.       A        ^     .        ,     .  ^Do you think ao. Mr. Farley?   1  fbosgbt you might solve the problem. I vandng to the table.  ������������Mas 1 -eorne to?" aba aaked timidly.  l^sesltatodT he had no particular  BkfnM tor the beautiful widow, ho  iadlfedy endutod bar aociaty. Ho  neithor trusted bar. nor quits believed in tie wide Innocent gsse of  those haael ayes. He fancied bs  eould dlaoarn beneath her childish de-  jatratum.-.of psrsevsrince. and  -atraoajdkvaf pappose ...  food fbr tBoight^apari taom ni  en^rosslnf interests, tand at times  rather amused himi Still, here was an  Instrument wltb which to chastise tbo  rebellious Judith. 'Handled adroitly,  a speedy contrition for her delinquencies, bar too open and decided preference tor himself, might be brought  'about 7  May I coma ln?" she repeated, ad-  jlfflYou Are Sick,  CALL ON /I  ! ERNEST SB AW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropraetic)  250 22nd Avenue East  Chiropractic succeeds   Wheio  medicine fails.  Hours 1-30 to 6 Consultation free  ooooooooooooooooaaoooooao^  The Queen Tea Room!  618 aranvUle Street      ���������  Luncheon and Afternooi  Teas a Specialty yjzyAlmM  Friday, February 1. lfllS  THE WESTERN CALL."  *   ���������    -���������' *-*s;v^*^fSj  LAND   NOTICES  aiaiot-omotoioaoaoiasoio-iMmMM mist mas i  itHIOOf]  Provincial, Dominion and Foreign  ������I * * A * * II fill ��������� 111 * ��������� M 11 ������������������ 0 M III I *>* 11 HIII 4 II' *4 1 1 K������-  lew -worthy of tbs glorious trodUssiOf    *  Jtheir race aa true soai of noMe aav. 7,  cestors. ' ������������������/-"  rajraotrfn, at *o*������ mama  Take nottoe tbat I, Alt red Barker, of  Vancouver, B. C., occupation, plumber,  ntend to apply tor jpermission to **rur-  shase the foUewinj- desorrfbsd lands:���������*-  Oemasenrtna at -a post .planted about  ourteen miles In a northerly dlretton  rrom the north-west corner of survey  Dt Number thirty-mine <S&X. and on the  __ ust sMe of tbe Kle->na-Hlene River:  [thenee nerth *Mthy chains; .thanes wast  lelSThty chains; thence south eigne*  ehains: thenee east eighty chains to tbs  point Of commencement.  ALFBBD J8ABKKR.  ,   Per Chas. MoHairdy, agent  Dated November 18th. 1������12.  ���������OOOWss*, ft. ������-, AASm NgSaTdMrY.  ���������taSHet et Ooast meaae, So. a.  Take notice that 1, John A. Catterall,  ������f Vancouver. B. C, occupation, clerk.  Intend to apply tor permission to oar*  phase the followins described lands:*���������  Commencing at a post .planted about  fourteen miles In a. northerly dlrectloa  rom the north-west corner of surysy  ������t.Number tntfty***atne (}t>, and/oa  he east side of tbe BSfr-na-Klene Wverj  hence south eighty ehains; thence .west  rhty . chains; thenco north eishty  iains; thence east elshty ohains to the  jlnt ot commencement  JOHN A. CAtTTBRALL.  Per Chas. ISoHardy, aajent  Dated November l������th. MU..  lowing describe*  rAjraoow-sds, m. o\,  xNasttot at OoaaS Jtaaje, ate. a.  Take notice that I, Samuel C. Corn*  ���������wall, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation sc-  wuntant Intend   to. apply   for perrols-  ���������lon to purchase the toUow  Hands:���������  . Commencing at a post planted about  Islx miles in a northerly direction from  Ithe north-west ooroer of survey Lot  Inumber thirty-nine (SS), and on the east  [side of the Kle-na-KJen* River; thence  ���������north eighty chains; thence west **4(My  ���������chains; thence south ���������eiituty ohrdnn;  Mhence east eighty chains -to the point  let commencement  SAMUEL <5. COBNWAIX.  .Per Chaa. McHardy, acent  ,i!   Dated November ISth. 1J12.  tbence eaat eighty chains to the point ot  commencement. __   -  ALFRED WILLIAMS. '  Per Chas. McHardy, agent '  Dated November Mth, 1*13.  ���������Ajsooom, a. a, loan* ms*������io*.  Blstrlet of Ooaat Banga, are. a.  ,Take notice that I, James McCreath,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation mercantile agent, intend to apply for permiu-  slon to purchase tbe following described  Isnds:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  northerly direction from  eight miles in  ilie north-west  corner of   aurvey Lot  number thirty-nine (>���������), and on the east  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; thenee  north eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains; thence sooth eighty chains:  thence east eighty chains to the point of  conHnencement  JAMES MeCRBATH. v  * Per Chas. McHardy, agent-  Dated November Mth, MIS.  ���������Agfoovwam, a. c  XMsOrlot of Ooaat .gangs, Mo. O.  Take notice, that I, Frank R. Cornwall, of Vancouver,.B. C.,-occupation ac-  purchase  'conntant, Intend to apply for permission  -    -��������� -   following * "  LtO  the  described  ., Commencing at; a post planted six  pnfles in a northerly direction from the  L north- west corner of survey Lot number  ^thirty-nine <?t), and on the east side of  , the Kle-na-Kleno River; thence, south  I eighty chains; thence west eighty chains;  I thence north eighty ohains; thenee east  [eighty chains to the point of oemmenee*  rment .  FRANK R. CORNWALL.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November ISth, ISII.  TAsrooomt a. o- tJtmrn  tevavsWVVv ��������� *99 '9**m***mm**m  *awmaa*j^e*-y ewwe *am  Take notice that I, Alfred Williams,  ��������� of Vancouver. B. C. occupation olark,  , Intend to spplyfor pe**m}sslon to pur*  , chase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ������lht miles in a northerly direction from  e north-west corner of .survey  Lot  TAjrootrrsm, a. a, iasto pigtaiw.  Bistriot of Ooaat Baaga, ate. at'1  Take notice that I, David Chessman,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ten-miles in a northerly direction from  the' north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (St), and on the east  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  south eighty chains; thence west eighty  ehains; thence north eighty chains;,  tnence east eighty chalne to the point  of commencement..  DAVID CHESSMAN.  Per Chas. McHardy. agent-  Datei-I November l������th, 1*12. '���������'.,.     o  TABooormm, a. o; zuutB imnrauo*.  Bistrtet of Coast Baage, sTo. a.  Take notice that I, John N. O'Drls-  ,colV of ;Vancouver.j .R. "<?., occupation'  merchant intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:��������� . - . ��������� ��������� '  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles In a nonberly direction from  the north-west corner of survey. Lot  number thirty-nine (SS), and on the east  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; tnence  eighty chains north; thence eighty  chatns west; thence eighty ohains south;  tbence eighty chains east ttiuthe point  of commencement n ' :  JOHN N. O'DRISCOLL.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent-  . Dated November 19th. 1*12.  ���������Ajrooowant a. On xAint sutbxot.  ZMstriet of Ooast aaage, ao. o.  Take" notice that I, Samuel Flack, of  Vancouver, -a. C. occupation -broker, Intend to apply for, permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles In a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (8S), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thenee south eighty-chains; thence West  eighty chains; thence north eighty  chains; thence east eighty cbalnr to the  point of commencement  8AMUKL FLACKY  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th. mi. "77  ��������� w-w*WwPwvw w ���������wmm* *\w*. 9ae*)- *mtmmm*t**w ���������l-v*if������IPV������wFPW^e  atotrtot of ooast aange, ao, a..  Take notice that I,  Robin p7 Ross,  twelve miles in a northerly., direction  from th������-v north-west corner ot survey  Lot number thirty-nine (89). and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north eighty chains; tbence west  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to tbs  point ot commencement  ROBIN D.  ROSS.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th. l������lt  TAooouwaa, a. o, &aao Btoxaxo*.  Bistriot of Ooaet aaage, ao. a.  Take notice that I, Frank Buckley,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation ���������Clerk  intend to apery for permission to purchase the followins described lands:���������   ,  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from ��������� the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (It), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence north eighty chains; thenca east  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point ot commencement  FRANK BUCKLEY.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th, M12.  ���������Aaoothraa, a. ov, iamb Bxasaxoc.  Blstrlet of Ooaat aaage, ao. a.  Take notice that I, James T. Lee, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation surveyor,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a pest planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (89). and on the  east side of the Kle-ns>Klene. River:  thence south.eighty chains; thence east  eighty: chains;- tbence. north eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point ot commencement .  JAMES T.  LEE.  Fer Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th, 1912.  PROVINCIAL  Many Hanaed In Royal City.  Now Westminster, Feb.. 1.���������Since  1881 tbere have been twenty-throe  executions In this city, the banging of  Joaepb Smith yesterday being the  twenty-third. This waa tbo first hanging to take place at the penitentiary.  bor Party.   The resolution carried by  a vote of 850 to 487.  C. P. R. Oil Tanks.  The C. PR. will erect oil tonka at  Port'Moody. Coquitlam, Mission Junction, Ruby Creek and North Bend for  the storage of oil to be used In the  engines which run between Vancouver  and North Bend. The oil will be  brought to Port Moody and Vancouver  by Ocean vessels and will be pumped  from Port Moody to Coquitlam. Oil  cars will carry the amount conslgened  to Vancouver for distribution to the  various points along the lino.  Ss'sMng  Plant  side of. the Kle-na-Klene River; tbence  south eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains;    thence   north   eighty   chains;  number thirty-nine (89), and on tne east of Vancouver, B. C, occupation sales  man, intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  ���������Aaootrraa, a. cjl, Baas ozaratoc.  ! District of Coast. Baage, ao. s. yy  i'ake notice' that I. Thomas M. Carter,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant, Intend id apply for pertai99lon"to,  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing' at a post planted about  fourteen miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner, of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  c&st side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence soutb eighty chains; thence east  eighty chains; thence north eighty  chains', thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement  THOMAS M. CARTER.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th, 1912.  ���������AaCOOTBB, 8. 0, XtABB BxOtMxO*.  BUtriet of Ooast aaage, ao. a.  Take notice that I, Joseph Clarke, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant  intend to apply for permWsion to .purchase the following .described lands:*-���������  Commencin������* at a post planted about  fourteen miles ln> a northerly direction  from the nOsth-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thirty-nine (89).,and on the  east aide of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north eighty chains; thence east  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains: tbence west eighty, chains to the  point of commencement  -���������'-     J h   JOSEPH CLARKE.  Per Chas. McHardy.'-agent  Dated November 18th, 1912.  29-11-12-2M-13  Latest Shipbuilding  ��������� 'Ideas. '���������  With the object of getting the very  latest ideas in the way of shipbuilding  plant facilities and vessel construction  to be Incorporated in the extensive  plant which the Coquitlam Shipbuilding and Marine Railway Company is  establishing at Coquitlam, Mr. L. D  Sbafner. president of that company,  and Mr. P. L. Buckley, managing  director of the British Columbia Lumber Corporation of this city, are.mak-  Local Option In Oregon.  Salem, Ore., Jan. SI.���������The home nil1)  bill giving; municipalities control over  the matter of permitting tbe aale of  liquor in incorporated town mad cltlea,  and the county control over unincorporated communities, haa today been  passed by the senate, and is now up  to the house for consideration. The  senate passed the bill after hours of  'debate.  x    Lords Rsjsot Home ftuls.  London, Jan., 81.���������After four days  discussion tne House of Lords late  last night rejected the Irish Home Rule  Bill by a vote of 8t������ to 89.  Suffrage in Nevads.  Carson City, Nov., Jsn. 81.--*With  but three opposing votes ait amend  ment to the constitution granting women the right to the ballot passed in  the state senate today. The amend  ment has already passed in the house  and will now go to the people for ratification.  Whole Family Also Ii* Burning  Richland, law Jan. II���������Major Hanbv  hla wife aad two ehfidran and bs>  mother were burned to death early to>.  day wwbn their farm homo was d������  stroyed by Sre.  iv-f?  ���������WJift  Five Battleships to be Laid Down.  London, Jan. 31.���������The increasing  gravity of the naval menance is shown  by Rt. Hon. WinBton ChurchrH's de*  dlslon' as accepted by the cs.binet to  increase the naval estimates by at  ing a tour Of Portland. ������������������as^,--aW|W.;^lg������������^V  other coast cities. Jtdt>1 ������*������2^������<M������.������������������-   Wvenew super*  All the very latest Ideas in the way Dreadnoughtsare to be provided  ot mechanical equipment are to be included in the new shipbuilding plant  at Coquitlam on which the preliminary  work is to be commenced in a few  weeks.  DOMINION  Canada's Next Governor.  New York, Jan. 31.���������A London cable  to the "Herald" says:   "It is rumored  Ulster Goes Nationalist  Londonderry, Jan;. 81,���������Control of  the province of Ulster is today in the  hands of the Nationalist Home Rulers;  the official count of yesterday's bye-  election, showing thst David CY'Hogg,  Nationalist, defeated Colonel H A.  Packenham, the Unionist canditdate  by the narrow margin of 67 votes/  The  official-count  stood:    Hogs.  Doctor Is Oead From Ovems-wfc ^  London. Jan. a.���������Another btov? to  Lloyd George's national lasuraaco waa'  given yeatorday daring tha Itoarinc at  evidence at the Inquest oo tko dsotst  of Dr. Ducket, a physician wurkiss; Sa  an insurance panel. ^  The doctor was found lyinf eases**  setous in his office three daye ago oast  died yesterday.  Mrs. Ducket, giving evidence boloiif  tbe coroner, hysterically laid of har^  husband baving   worked   himaalf   ts> <  death, trying to comply with tho i*>  gulaUons aat down by tha insoraaeo  act  Carnegie Attacks Canal Builder.  New York, Jin. II.���������Charsctorlsiasi  as "madnees" Colonel Ooethars kOaat  and moat startling estimate of no laao  thsn 25,000 soldiers aa necessary to  guard-tbe Panama Canal, Andrew Carnegie, speaking laat nbjht aa presidios  offlcer at tho annual meeting of tho  New York Peace-Society, urged aga**-*  st military and naval increase.   UJo  said he hoped Mr. Woodrow Wflsoars)  response to any proposal for tncroaat/  would be:   "Pray tell us first agatoat -  what enemy yon need thia farther pns-  tecUon.-   "Probably not one of tiro  three additional batUeahlps demanded  if built, ever will flre a shot against  a foe.  They will rust in uselessneaw���������r  $46,000,000 needlessly squandered." Mr.  Carnegie declared.  ' ��������� m  ��������� . .{*������*  ��������� - y.%&  - y'  yd  r'*?���������>*  L > ft        ���������  ' - * S q  wo-aoo.urfJMt \**mm inasajof  TAK^^cS^V^^^  ot Vancouver, R. C, occupation Farmer,  intends to apply for permission to lease  the following described lands:���������    ���������    ������������������  Commencing ^at a ^post planted 15  chains inland from the East shore of  Homf ray Channel, about SO ehains North  gut of the mouth of Marble CreeHs  Lloyd point West coast of the^maln-  fand of British Columbia and adjoining  John Pedersen's application tor lease on  the East; thence Bast 20 chains; thence  South 20 chains; thence West 20 chains  to the South East corner of John Pedersen's location; thence North along the  East line ot Pedersen's application 20  chains to point of commencement.  HERMAN W. VANCE.  Date, 9th December. 1912.       ���������6Asm aattttrar act  Re Lot U. Block 19, D.L.x 196AOroup  i. New Westminster District: Whereas  proof of loss of Certificate, of TlUe No.  ������������207e for an undivided halt Interest in  the above mentioned property.. Issued In  the name ot Law A. Yam, has been Sled  in this office, notice Is hereby given that  I shall at the expiration of one month  from the date of the first publication  hereof issue a duplicate of such Certificate of Title unless In the meantime  valid objection be made to me in writing.  Dated at the-Land Registry Office at  Vancouver this 18th day of December,  A.D. i������i*.   ,  ARTHUR G. SMITH,  District Registrar.  Dec. 20, 1912, to Jan. 17. 1818.  TAaoooraa **** otarwow  aistrist of Oosst, aaafs X  TAKE notice that O. P. Monckton, of  Duncans, B. C, occupation mining en-  ~   "   rnply for permission  following   described  alneer, Intends to apply for permission  to   purchase   the  lands:��������� ,  Commencing at a post planted at the  northwest corner of Qulnn pre-emption.  Lot 379. on Phillips Arm, tnence south  40 chains, thence, west 20 chains, thence  north 40 chains, thence east 20 chains,  to point of commencement, being 80  acres more or If as.  GEOFFREY F. MONCKTON,  Per Alfred J. 8raith, Agent   /  Date, December 9th, 1918.  Semi -Ready Sale  Save Yffur Dollars  .   /   ���������  " BABGAIN " is a word that has been much  abused. Usually it means merely a reduced  price for some undesirable piece of goods.  But at the *%emhReedy Remevel  Dele it is different.   We are selling suits  for which you would willingly pay the full  price and be satisfied, under the usual conditions.   ~  We're moving to larger quarters up street,  and must reduce our stock before we move  in.   So better not wait;   Come to the old  address,  519 Granville St.  Thomas & McBain  Sole Agents:  Semi-Ready Tailoring, Vancouver  ; frA*P ACT  YAWcotnra* x**am awrnwor  aistrtet of Ooast, aange 1  TAKE-notice that M. J. Monckton, of  Duncans,   B.C,   occupation   civil   engineer, Intends to apply for permission  to lease the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the  northeast   corner   of   woolner's    preemption  on   the  west  side  of  Phillips  Arm. thence west 40 chains, thence north  20 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence  south 20 chains, to point of commencement comprising 80 acres more or less.  M. J. MONCKTON,  Per A. 8mlth, Agent  Date, December 9th. 19i2:wa_M^8  8uffrsgett*s Disappointed.  London, Jan- 87.���������A declaration of  guerilla warfare by the suffragettes  was made at a meeting here this evening by Mrs. Emnaellne Pankhurst. The  militant leader stated that the war-  tare, which would include sorties and  riots, would begin at once. This  declaration followed hard on the decision of the government to withdraw  the Franchise bill, upon sn amendment to which the suffragettes based  tbelr only hope of securing tbe franchise tbls session.  Mrs. Pankhurst declared that there  were many women who were prepared  to endanger their lives ln the. cause.  Miss Annie Kenny ssid that the  Women would "make the lives of pub*  lie men impossible."  Many shops Immediately began to  hoard up their windows.  *.jCV  8hef>lkes.Amcrlesn Man.  This from lily Lena, the English  eomsdlanne, wbo finds   In  something which sho snvlss  "American men aro too  dressers ta tha world and tbalr clothes1  fit Thar are not silly In thetr a������Us������������  ilona to women, bnt they aro ahram  courteous. Tbey work bard and atah  well aad pay their wives' bills, nagf  of Connaught as Oovernor-Qeneral  Canada,  of  Duke and Duchess Prepare to Leave  Ottawa, Ont., Jan. 3t.���������With specu  latlon rife as to whether they will  ever4nreturn, the puke and Duchess  of Connaught and'their daughter.  Princess Patricia, are today preparing  to depart tor England in the near  future. t  Mew Railroad Will Pa Started In May.  According to dispatches from Victoria the Burrard, Westminster, Boundary Railway <fc Navigation Company  will, during 1913, build twenty miles  of railroad between Stave River and  Pitt River. The construction of this  part ot the company's line will be commenced ln May, and it is expected that  within the course'of two years the entire line will be completed and Mission  City will have rail connection with  Vancouver.  Ctettic Restorer for Men  Pliuaultlllslll 'eel'*��������� ������'WT nan i la Un Itnity  zJSSSfSSSslto Its proper tension 5 restores  lis* sadntsUty. PireaMtare decay sod sllss-nsf  subuss averted st eace.   rheepOaaat wul  Sold at  Campbell's   Drug   Store  Cor. Hastings snd Granville*3ts.  Vancouver, B.C.  ERNEST SHAW, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Hours : 1:30 to 6.  Often a slight derangement of the  spine is the cause of prolonged disease  and suffering. Chiropractic corrects  tiie Bpirie. ���������    _ ""  Try a "CALL "ad.  Fishery ttosrd Members Named.  Ottawa, Jan. 31.���������The minister ot  Marine snd Fisheries, in compliance  with his already expressed intention  of appointing a board to consider the  question of development of the fisheries of Canada, has selected.the following gentlemen as members of the  Fisheries Advisory Board:  The Western members are: Messrs.  D. 8. Reid, Selkirk, Man., representing  Manitoba fisheries; John E. Sinclair,  Prince Albert, Sask., representing the  fisheries of Saskatchewan; R. Tegler,  Edmonton, representing the fisheries of  Alberta, and D. M. Mclntyre, Victoria,  B. C, Provincial Deputy Commissioner  of Fisheries, representing the fleherloa  of that province, along with Mr. F. H.  Cunningham of New Westminster,  Dominion Chief Inspector ot Fisheries.  Royal Bank Wins Famous 8uit  Winnipeg, Jan. 31.���������The privy council of London rendered judgment too'ay  ln the appeal of the Royal Bank of  Canada against the Alberta government in favor of the bank. This was  an action carried through all the  courts of Canada, in which the government won, until lt reached the highest  court In the empire. The government  must pay all costs ln the lower courts.  The application was for the disallowance of an act of the Alberta  legislature under which the provincp  assumed an even million dollars  placed on deposit in connection with  the Alberta ft Great Waterways Railway project financed and outlined by  W. R. Clark, a Kansas City backer,  and his associates. The money now  will be given back to the bondholders.  FOREIGN  Labor Supports Woman's Suffrage.  LONDON, Jan 30���������Opposition to any  franchise bill which does include votes  for women was expressed here today  by the convention of the National La-  2699; Packenham, 164}.  that. Earl Beauchamp. one bt tbe few -aJtZTLum^a ���������**- m.w. ituV^talr ������-wgb~to^bear a womao*a  Liberal peers, will succeed the Duke T,n British oalioraBaiiavsO to Have Wae ^      --jgoment and consider Ita  Seen Drowned.  London, Jan. 31.���������Lieutenant Humph  rey W. Smith and nine bluejackets of  the British cruiser Perseus are .believed to have been lost while watching for pirates on the Oman coast of  the Persian Gulf. They had been detached in one ot the cruisers' cutters,  which appears to have sunk wltb all  hands during a sudden gale, as no  trace ot them has since been found.  Turks New Leader.  Constantinople, Jan. 31.���������Izzet Pasha,  chief of the general stall ot the war  office, wbo, after the resignation of  Kiamil Pasha's cabinet, assumed pro  vlslonally the portfolio of Minister of  War, has been appointed commander-  in-chief of the Turkish forces, fn succession to the late Nazim Pasha. Isxet  today addressed a general order to the  troops, notifying tbem of bis assumption of command of tbe army and calling on r them in this critical moment  ot Ottamaii history to show themselv-  value.  VT "Tbe dear 014 souls aro lotng as*o*  tWngs every any and making otbor,  nations sit ut> tn Mtonlsnment -  "American  wives, cwecthearta so*.  daughters should no proud of tbeir I  men. Tbey are tba kings of tbo oart* fe  and tbelr greatness Is aa yet onsneao-1]  ured.   Most visitors to tbls eowotry I  rave about your women.   I beflovo  they are nice, hut the men���������wall, 9  American women could travel about  the world more and make a few ow*r  sarvatlons I tblnk tbo stability of  homes In America would ba faftntbafF?  increased   snd   tba  divorce  Judawa*  could sleep Iste In tba mornings*"*        ,  W'1  w-sWPWW ^*\f99m\w twT  tvaV  atJ?T!"V<x>*wt*-*������sv.  ******************>******* *}****!******************* 1  Use Stave lake Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office build-  ings'which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is unde-  niablyjcheaper and more reliable than pri-  vate.plant operation. 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Mr.  Lynn sees that all customers are  served promptly snd Invites anybody  and everybody to teat bis store.  *>'���������>'*>.'.. . y:..������������������<y:  The Sanitary Market, 2513 Mala  street, near Broadway, sells meats,  nVh and poultry of a little better quality and for a little less money than Its  competitors. For example, see Sanitary ad. on page 4 of this Issue.  '���������*>**>'..'  Fruits, vegetables, flour, feed, tea,  coffee, cocoa, sugar, at the South Hill  Grocery, run by F. J. Rolston, the Reliable Grocer, corner Forty-fifth and  Fraser Avenues.  Also. River Road and  Fraser Avenue.   Phone Fraser 99.  * *   *���������  '(.'���������������������������������������������.  Ernest shsw, D.C., Doctor ot Chiropractic, 250 Twenty-second Avenue E.,  close to Main Street. Office hours,  1:30 to 6. Often a slight derangement  of the spine is the cause of prolonged  disease and suffering. Chiropractic  corrects the-Splne.  ��������� *   *  G. 13. McBride'& Co., corner Main  Street and Sixteenth Avenue (phone  Fairmont 899), also at corner Forty-  ninth and Fraser Avenues (phone Fairmont 1167L), are offering 20 per cent,  off heaters. Are you wanting a heater  or.stove or range? Now is your time  to buy.  Get It Before Feb. 15th  it it's a waist, a pretty tie, a blouse or some stylish  hosiery you are needing, now is certainly the time to get  it-gnd this is the place. ���������  By the 16th of February all our new' spring stocks of  beautiful, stylish ladies' apparel will be opened up; and  we're determined before that time to clear out all odds  and ends of our winter goods and al! broken lines and odd  sizes in ladies' waists, dresses, ties, jabots, hosiery, etc  These goods ha ve not * $ftg ^ ins^r with thero ]90\  are as pretty and as stylish as they ever were; but you  know what it means to a store to have its shelves cleared  of old stock before the new come in.   A reduction of  From On^-f liifil to 0ne-|fnil Off  (tegular Prices  ���������bould tempt you and move the rest of these goods quickly. Hurry in before the J5th. You will get some choke  bargains. -;������������������  Ohto Btouwe Oq*  723 Qeorglfl St.. IfftlWrtllMllWW Phone IIJ.28J3  landmoane Gardening  9JQW lf <**��������� tim������i (not in Spring when the rush is on) to plant  year new home surroanditsrs.  Having had ten years practical experience laying out groonds  in Vancouver, I may be able to give you some advice.  I grow and specialise in op-to-date Dahlias; also furnish Roses  and everything in nursery stock at reasonable prices. For charges and  further information, address .  WUU4M 9MITH  TH. Fafrmomt 4941 99Q 71* 9va., 9aat  'Writing Tablets at the '*(?all Office.  ���������I  Revolution  in  Fruit and  Vegetable  Drying.  Mayor Baxter has on view in his office samples of vegetables and fruit  which have been dried by some new  process and which are restored to  their original condition by a simple immersion in cold water for a few hours;  It is stated by the discoverer of the  process that the articles of food'do not  lose their flavor and if this claim can  be established beyond cavil there is a  revolution in fruit and vegetable preserving close at hand, which will bring  joy to the wise and thrifty housewife.  Pieces of carrot, beetroot, green  corn and cauliflower apparently lifeless and worthless, were left by the  mayor immersed in water for a few  hours and they resumed their original  wholesome appetizing appearance. The  discoverer states that small fruits,  such as raspberries, can be treated in  the same way, and if this Is so there Is  no season in the year at which the lady  of the house may not give ber guests  fresh fruits.  SPECIAL VALUES  GIRLS' TAM3 in red, brown, myrtle, cream and Af>A  navy.   Reg. to $1.25, to clear     bOC  GIRLS' JAPANNED WATERPROOF HATS, black **mm  and tan shades.    Regular to $2.00, to clear.. bOC  GIRLS' /HEWSON SWEATER COATS-Fine knit, pure  wool, splendid for wearing under a rain cape. Colors  red, brown and navy. Regular to $2.50. 4 AA  Toclear...    | .UU  GIRLS' LONG COATS in tweed and brown serge;   only "  2 dozen of them.   Sizes 26 to 34.    Regular      4   TIC  upto$9.00.   Toclear       "...  1 . I O  BOYS* SUITS-Fine quality tweeds and worsteds, full  bloom pants; about 200 in all.     *+M**t*2_ nAr rAni  To clear at a reduction of jd^ P^*   Ceill.  I  Clubb & Stewart  309-315 Hastings St.W.  Phone: Sey. 702  s>


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