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The Western Call 1913-01-03

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 yy  \yy;y  yyyyy  myy  yy; y "���������������������������  l$y  m-y  K-'-ft';,-;-;.-^.  - ',-V:i;>?J=*_-"-5  '���������'���������- ���������'���������yyfi^ii  ���������yy-Wyi  ';-y  ;7-"7  yy  ���������&$������  ;-/:..>���������  ���������k^:  *���������*���������_������������������_  HP  *#^'-:#*  ^r^Slli^g  tkWM  Ml  ^V'->i  ?"_3S*  v_y  k-.s--*<.C-:/j  9-^  VOLUME IVs  HrH. _TEVENS, M. P., Editor-in-chief  Published In the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People ^���������-.������������������.-^������������������^���������������������������^���������������������������������-v^^  No. H  VANCOUVER. BE_T_ffliCOLUMBiA,  JANUAPY 8, IMS.  COMMENTS ON SOCIALISM  (By Professor E. Odium, M.A,, B.Sc)     /  Number Two:  *  Now, ray friends, I shall take you straight to the  subject of Profit and Competition. It is universally known that trade is carried en for gain or  profit. ''Trade" is a wide Wm and includes  manufacturing, wholesale and retail business, as  well as transportation, -deluded i* the production of the raw material and its manufacture into  such goods as can be used by and'.$"*��������� mankind.  Take an illustration, to bring us to a concrete  view of the matter.  , Let us suppose there are ten large boot and  ahoe^ factories in Canada. ..These purchase the  raw material and turn it into footwear. This they  do to make a gain on their labour. To handlf  the raw material, skilled labour must be employed.  These ten factories necessarily compete with one  another/for customers. These customers, broadly  speaking, are the wholesale houses. Let us suppose that there are ten wholesale houses for each  factory. These firms must buy and then sell so as  to gather a reasonable gain, not only for their  own labour but also for the money invested in  buildings and other plant. This latter is dividend  and the former is salary. ,,Any man who has  knowledge of large wholesale houses knows well*  that'their competition is very keen, and they awf*  forced to make every effort to sell in large quantities, as well as tV make a fair balance between  profit and the keenness of competition which  comes to-them, from aimilar concerns..  - Suppose -these- wholesale houses -have each ten  Mayor? Elect NT. S. Baxter  Him���������-A Kan Among Men���������A leader,of Vancouver's Civic Sages.  ' ALD1SB.4N T. 8. BAXTER ELECTED MAYOR OF VANCOUVER BY AG������ff_UUTI01f,  *  ,*��������� - (  This event eliminates m feature of exciting interest, which is most enjoyable to men or courage  and ability. The contest was anticipated by T.'B. 'Baxter with genuine pleasure. What he desired  was an opportunity to test electors and measure arias with all contestants.  His election by acclamation, because his worthy proposed competitors) Messrs. .Jonathan  Rogers -nd L. D. Taylor, Jailed to qualify thrdugk some technicality, places/n the chair of the  chief executive, one who i^ every way is ftflly gnawed. .  Vancouver needs a matt of his calibre in this'epochal period of her development.  Mr. Baxter has many qualfications for the office. A few of them may be mentioned r He is / \  A SELF MADE MAN! A man born to affluence* honoir^ education or po������- <'  ' tion may be a great man and worthy i*_api^t and confidence, but whan * noorboy,< *  ' by application and se__-mastery, forges to^tbe front, ar double measure of credit is  *  Elected Alderman of Ward U by acclamation.  =���������-?  ���������retail arms which purchase tfceir goods, Bere  then will beJhe standing* Ten factories, one bun-  dred wholesale houses, and one thousand retail  Stores. And here we find three sets of keen competition.- They ail carry on'their trade for profit,  at least for such a reasonable gain as will keep up  their plant, their business, and the homes of those  who have undertaken these, enterprises.  .These eleven hundred and ten business enterprises represent fairly fully one branch of industrial activity in Canada* And if we multiply by  ten we get thevapproximate number in the United  States. And this one branch will reasonably represent all the other lines of factile and trade  undertakings.  Now, it is very evident that the ten factories  which primarily are making footwear for the  Dominion of Canada are striving to providei boota  and shoes for about eight millions of neople. But  each concern is doing its best to increase its  trade, and thju^ the competition grows steadily  more tense and trying. The natural result, the  necessary and inevitable result, is that each factory is forced to buy the raw material at the lowest possible priee, and at every turn decrease the  cost ofv production. Here comes the rub for the  skilled labourer. His salary _ra part of the cost  of production. Hence the factory manager is  bent upon giving as low a rate of wage as possible.  He is not his own master. He is driven to this  course. Hence Skilled Labour MUST do the best  possible to prevent abnormal lowering of wages.  However iff in any single case, labour taxed the  factory management too high a rate, by comparison, the quick result would be to throw the factory  into idleness and the labourers of that concern  .into idleness, or into a keen competition with the  labour of the other nine factories. This is self-  evident. 'Hence there must be, and as a matter  of fact there, is, a prevention against this by a  standard rate of wage among the ten factories.  Now the wholesale houses are in exactly a similar position. They buy from the factories at as  low rates as they can secure, and sell at prices to  the retail houses at as high prices as are permis-  sable in view-6f trade competition.  These wholesalers must keep down the cost to  a minimum.   -But they soon find in this attempt  that one of the chief items of cost is the wage  (Continued Next Week.)  COMMENTS ON IM II  ByAtas. .     y, , *���������  Exhibition By-Law ���������<  Vote for the Vancouver Exhibition B&--1**.  Money expended on the exhibition bow wiU ***\\  vertise the eity tod Province, and wW taring la_ga  returns in the future. If the bylaw k dafe-tad  the exhibition will be crippled, if not destroy*-,  TBI MJUATTOH Of BUIOHI  The Balkan allies may not get all they wfa* fcft  they hav������r*forced Turkey to mako large aa* to*  portant concessions. .'A      *9 -        >.    "    - ,y  The Powers are acting haraonioualy* wfckfc  fact favors an early settlement of the War,  British ftarfBo Ooal Oo.  The adjourned meeting of the B, P..JD. Cet  meets at'10 a.m. at 319 Pender St. West, Saturday,  January 11, 1913.  ,   Resolutions most vital are to be voted upon.  Shareholders who  eannot attend  should atmd  T. Si BA j������f ER. ' I   proxiea, not later than Jan. 8th, to the folloirfeg  ,   n y    ' persons: Geo. A. Odium, 2406 WestmiinUr B^idt'  ' The People's Candidate. Nature, Educfttim and Experience Combine to Qualify "   V__eouver,B. C; George Mellor, of Mellor Bros.,  ��������� TT'*-n A   \-"_*n    Amrnin *iim A   T____t_*������ *\t  Von/iA-irav'a   r*'-ir*���������   Qa������aa n *>      V\ot<\rilk   R. f!.; Jnhtl U\cA. N_W W<a_km____**. _LTL  ������    *ij*_k  due nun.  The best slope thus  rise against adverjse ciiiumflto^es devel  courage. T. 8. Baxter* % a TWiOAU  worth has been d^nj^te^ in all  99mm*f* m*m   9^9tv9^99' f)   999*   ������Y-*W*"*,i"-T^Jf ,^w^V*'*r9fi**ji"*i**' f*^9*j9*m'f^:^^9m  phtce of honor and vrnt  themselvee,. moreover the straggle to '  ^perabundant  resouircefulnees and  __LAI>E MAN, a man whose intrinsic  tof life, tanging from Utile iJe^nings in  Vr -with jaiefr '������M"������)M^l9|k������  wwofVancoiiye^ ^-^   .,  r\WWv. Baxter appll^  ���������i*  , ^#i*  1 F _-!  'r"      .Mi  y  V  f w  Victoria, B. C.; John Ried, New Weftminster. BJO.  Inattention to this notice may result in loss Sift',  disappointment.   "A stitch in time saves nine,"  TBI OAKAL X-UBOfO OOMPURXOH  The Panama canal has well been called "the  greatest engineering work of all time." A for  comparison ;w������tt_>������fa-e some impressions of ttut  magnitude *������# ^iNmrk.' The total* amount of  excavation wiU^ep 212,217,000 cubic yards.  These figftres a_������wntt comprehended wh������i it Is  stated tkWtl_#a-eMifed earth and rock Would  make si rfji %���������*%' jjwt--ida equal to the Great  Pyramid of EtyVt, and if stretehed along Byoad*  <1  *-/���������  ' the acauisition bf knowledge. #e studied an4* obtained a teacher * certifette. For '  * several years be taught M100I with success and acceptability/ Next |ie took a '  course in law-five years, - ^is training in the schools and his practical knowledge of '  law eminently qualify him for any ofSce in the City or Province.  A 3ITSJNESS MAN:   Five,yea*s ago^r. Baxter purchased frow G.  W.| |  ^tchinga his Furniture Business, which bas proven his ability as a business man ,  capable of handling his own affairs with discretion, thereby evidencing bia qualifications to do business for private or public concerns.  Diligence, industry, knowledge of human nature, mental acumen, acquaintance  with world affairs and common sense area few of tbe factors that mark Imp and  make bim a success.  AN EXPEDIENCE*) AkPEBMAN: T. S. Baxter was alderman of Ward  Five in 1900,1905,1906 and W2. .  -'       .  To him many interests x������f the city have been entrusted because of his recognized fitness and willingness to serve his constituency in any capacity. x  As Chairman of Bridges and Railways Committee this year he has achieved*  distinction which will be appreciated more fully as False Cfreejc changes from a  ��������� mud bole into a cent* of commerce.  Bis legal knowledge aided him more than a < ���������  , little. TWs agreement with the C. N. B. involved many issues of vital interest to *,  ��������� Vancouver, all of which were safeguarded by tbis committee under the guiding  mind of Mr. Baxter.  Bis attitude towards all public questions demonstrates his possession of  more than ordinary mental vision anbVmoral equilibrium; witness his views on an-  nexation of South Vancouver; consolidation of tram franchises, and 3. C. E. jly.  , in general; the proposed local harbor improvementf and-flfe5^!East End viaducts,  /in which he saved $252,000 to the city.  BE JS TBE PEOPLE'S CANBIBATE: In %the truest sense he is thepeo-  ple's choice; all people, rich and poor, labor and capital, native and foreign, liberal  ��������� anil conservative, and this by, common consent without purpose or plan on bia part  , T. 3. Baxter is the People's Candidate.  ;        His fellow aldermen with the exception of one ward invited him to be Mayoral  ��������� candidate for 1913.,  tn this choice multitudes heartily concur.  W. R. OWEN, CANDIDATE FOR PARK COMMISSIONER  '$tr. W. 9* Owen is running for re-election as Park Commissioner for 1913*14. Tour vote and  influence are solicited.  With experience in this line, Candidate Owen knows what is needed, and is prepared to make  a firm stand to obtain what is best for the interests of Vancouver.  The improvements Candidate Owen stands for are:  1. Civic Control of Bathing Beaches; which would provide free bathing for children and result in smaller charges for adults.  2. Supervised Children's Playgrounds in every "Ward in the  City, on the lines of  McLean  (Harris Street) Supervised Playground.  3. THE PARKS FOR THE MASSES.  4. Improvement of Coal Harbor, but still preserving the beauty and natural wildness of Stanley Park.  5. The developing and beautifying of the boulevards of Vancouver.  Every vote polled for Candidate Owen is a vote for the children.  Candidate.  misrioner.  P. E. WOODSIDE, of Ward VII., has served the city for two years as  an alderman, and during that time has demonstrated his worth. He is a  clean-cut young man, of considerable ability, with a deep interest in his work.  His record is clean and one to be proud of���������he will not fail to receive the  endorsation of his Ward. Those who have a vote in Ward VII, but who live  elsewhere, should make it a point to go and cast a vote for Frank Woodside.  ALDERMANIC.  Many able men of excellent reputation and unblemished character appear among the candidates for Aldermanic honors. Readers of this paper may, by turning to our Picture Gallery,  acquaint themselves with a choice aggregation of Vancouver's men of affairs who today solict the  support of the electors for positions of trust and responsibility in the approaching election  ***���������*********%*������* **********+***���������**������*****************.*.*.*********.*���������*** *****,*���������>)  way, New York, they would reao$ from the Battery to Harlem, a distance of nine miles, or, to  use another comparison, this excavated material  would load a train of dat cars that would encircle  tbe earth four times. Or, the work of excavation  done at Panama would dig a canal fifty-Are feet  wide and ten feet deep across the United States.  The concrete used ip the locks and dams (four  and a half million cubic yards) would make a  ���������olid pyramid 400 feet high and 960 feet on each  side of the four sides. In the excavation work  steam scoops have been used, each,one of which  takes five to six tons st a scoop. From the  Culebra cut alone as high as 160 trainloads a  day have been taken out. It's a big job every  way, that Panama canal.  Word is given out that the Panama canal is to  be, completed by July 1, 1913, one and one-half  years ahead of the date originally fixed.  When, a few years ago, the Americans launched  forth in this great enterprise, where others had so  grievously failed, it was prophesied that the  Americans too would fail, that the project waa not  feasible nor the task possible, and that hundreds  of millions of dollars would be foolishly squandered in the vain undertaking.  But thanks to American energy, the outcome is  to be happily different from all this. In spite.of  mishaps, such as repeated caving in the great  Culebra cut, the channels are practically dug, the  locks are nearly completed, and the canal officials  are talking about turning the water into the  gigantic spillway at Gatun dam within nine  months at furthered.  Nothing but an earthquake or a world war or  some overwhelming providence can prevent the  early use of this marvelous short-cut from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  More than 36,000 men are at work on the finishing touches, and -more than 5000 of these are  Americans who will fling their hats in the air and  shout themselves hoarse when thqy see the mighty  ships passing through the broad deep channel  they have dredged through mountain ridge and  ^iver bed from sea to sea.  Of course the formal opening of the canal for  traffic will be the occasion of a celebration. It is  intimated that at the head of the fleet of war vessels making the passage, will be the Oregon,  whose voyage around Cape Horn at the beginning  of the war with Spain is a matter of history. Col.  Goethals, who has charge of canal operations,  and his aids probably will make the first trip  through the canal. 2  THE WEST-BIN CALL.  -.���������������������������������������������MlfllllH I * III11 tlOWUKl < | Hl������Hlt< M *****  : To the Electors of WARD FOUR {  ��������� ��������� Vote for  ITHOS.   EVANS  Dr. John Knight will build a one-  Btory frame garage at 3004 Garden  Drive, to cost $1,600.  As Alderman for 1913  I am i in favor of a morally ;  Clean City,  Improvements ;;  in Roads, Sewers,  Lanes,  Sidewalks, Lights, Increased ;;  Water   Supply,   etc.,   and ;;  Civic  Management   Along ;;  Business Lines.  22 years resident in this  city.  20 years an employer of  ;  Union Labor. ',  YOUR VOTE AND  IN-   ;:  FLUENCE SOLICITED.  * *4 tl 1111���������# **** ******** in to 111 Ii 1111111111111011 *****  'Baxter is a Man of his word.  Baxter has had experience.  Baxter will make a good Mayor  en ininrii 1111; i *; oi ������i ti ������i������i ������i 4-1 mm 111 i it *******-.  WARD IV  1    Your Vote and Influence are respectfully solicited for v  C, C. DELBRIDGE  As Aldermanic Candidate for Ward Four.  J   If elected he will insist on a rigid FUEL INSPECTION for J  tlieQ  _  Will strongly advocate the Connecting' of Grandwiew with i  ������ . the City Proper by Good Paved Streets; and will support t  *       any measure that will build up our city permanently. T  ********* ******** ***** MM   MM HIUI Ml *******  *lme^mip^tm\ Goods  IS3MM  ��������� '"'iaaMammt^M':>M  ;:':';; W^^y^:-y^  ^^i^yW^m������������������ - y*!&yw!itf���������*'���������''���������*''v  ���������**��������� y '  tinCo-mwweW M**  ���������ovisions, Fruit, Stotjonery  C6t^io*i^v Jobaccos  CAW, PASrtJm BREAD  SpecW >tten^on to pbone orflere  Winnipeq Qrocerv dn������J MHery  Corner HimtU and CumpMI Ave.     .  Phone highland 1������2 &r������wc������rPo������t Office  BUPPAL0 GROCERY  Commercial Drive and 14th Ave.  "The Home of Quality "  Business, comes pur way because we keep what  the people need and charge moderately.  Groceries,  Provisions, Fruits  Only the best brands kept in stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  J. P. Sinclair, Prop  . Phone: Fairmont 1033  When Buying Christinas Presents  For your friends, buy something  useful and they will think of you  every time they use them.  Come in and see our stock.  We wish you all a Nerry Christmas and  a Happy New Year  WATTS HARDWARE CO  RUM Blghlani 125-L  1407 Commercial Drive  Mr. Joseph Barlow is to build two  one-story frame residences at 2170  and 2176 Eighth avenue east, at a cost  of $1,500 each.  The Manitoba Hardware Company  have decided to. build an addition to  their property at 1714 Commercial  Drive.  Things are brightening up in Grand-  view since the C. N. R. agreement is  now an assured fact. This improvement will be especially valuable to  this section of the city.  On Tuesday evening, December 24,  at the residence of the officiating  clergyman, 1540 Salsbury Drive, Mr.  William Guthrie and Miss Kate Poole,  both of Vancouver, were united . in  marriage by Rev. David Long.  Washer-Bay ley.  The home of Mr. Joseph Washer,  Salsbury Drive, was beautifully.decorated on Christmas evening, when  Susie, jeldest daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. Washer, was united in marriage  to Mr. William Henry Bayley, fourth  son of Mr. and Mra. William Bayley  of Collingwood West. The bride was  attended by Miss Eva Hague and Miss  Clara Warner, while Mr. 'Frank H;  Bayley was groomsman. The bride  was given, away by her father. Rev.  Mr. Lett performed, the ceremony.  After the ceremony supper was served.  On their return from a short trip to  the Sound cities, Mr. and Mrs. Bayley  will reside on Wellington avenue,  Collingwood West.  Thoroughly ���������fi<J-r_*>- Candidate  Mr. Buzza is a thorough Canadian  *ajm away back, notwithstanding his  name "Buzza." He was born in Owen  Sound, Ont., and educated for a school  teacher. He is thoroughly in touch  with the working classes, being him-  Wlll Visit New York.  The Duchess of Connaught and the  Princess Patricia are,going to New  York early in January, and it is  thought the visit there may be extended so as to Include the appearance  of Mme. Butt on January 14;  JOHN R* JACOBS, THE STRONG  CANOIDATE.  Much might ha laid of John R.  Jacobs, the strong candidate jfor  Aldermanic tumors in Ward Foor-ATo  ���������tart with, lie bai good rich Jtub  blood, both lilt father and mother having been bom la the Emerald Isle.  Hie ancestors came to Ireland from  Holland with William of Orange. Qaa*  didate Jacoba waa born in Broc**vllle,  Oat., where Ue Waa eftucftteft la the  common echooie. He graduated from  the Brockville Collegiate Institute in  1894 when a mere youth.  After wring apprenticeship see  butcher he came to Vancouver in |������|7,  and toon engaged ln the poultry butt*  nee* on Main Street, near Horn Road-  la 1902 fee sold out and started the  Pacific Fuel Co. on Main Street.  About tble time he purchased water  frontage on Falsa Cree*'-.to o*m*t* a  I^U^e miU. This project did apt  msterlsUse. but the F������i������e Creek front*  age proved a good investment  For several years he lived in Wash*  ington and Oregon, during which time  j he was local manager of the Singer  Sewing Machine interests. In 1906 lie  returned to Vancouver, where he has  been successful as a real estate dealer.  Mr. J. R. Jacobs is a young man of  pleasing .personality, a clear, vigorous  thinker, a good speaker, a man who  impresses his auditors favorably, and  wins by virtue of his true ability.  He is President of the West End  Fourth Ward Ratepayers' Association,  Second Vice-president of the Conservative Association of the city, and  Honorary President of the Fourth  Ward Conservative Association.  With his wife and eight year'old  daughter he Uvea at 738 Harris Street  self a steam-Otter by trade. His long  and official relation to the Christian  Endeavour Association is a guarantee  of moral stability,' and evidences his  sympathy with men in their struggles  against evil while seeking temporal  success and. true .respectability.  Candidate Buzza is in the full  strength of manhood, and has high  Ideals of life and public duty. He  has been closely Identified with civic  affairs, and shows an aptitude ln such  matters. ,-  i I HI umii'  ������', ���������  ��������� H   .  ���������   1   *   * -���������������������������������������.  THIRD TERM CANDIDATE.  Alderman George king, who  has served the Fourth Ward tor  two years, Is now a candidate  for a third term.  Mr. King was born in Strat*  ford-on-Avon, birthplace of tbe  immortal poet, Shakespeare.  He came to America in 1878 and  to Vance-over in 1903, since  which time he has done a very  successful ' business in real  estate. For many years he has  been.interested in civic affairs,  twenty years _s Clerk and Coun*  ���������nd for the last rf#6 years la  Vancouver. Paring the current  year he has been chairman of  the Market and Iwduttrial Commute, serving with sbtllty sns "  success. As Alderman of Fourth .  Ward he h*m used Ws Innusnct |  to bring shout many improvements, such aa rtore and tetter  Sved and lighted streets tor the  itt Fad; the' Oeo/gla-Harrlf  bridge; East end viaducts; the  u.N. Entry Into False Creek;  Prior Street peved and connected with Venables car Un: and  has worked for the general good  of the city.  ->!���������������-.������ i , , . in *.:* ******* *,*������������������������.  Good for British Capital.  That Canada now occupies a position of pre-eminence as a field for the  profitable investment of British capital ie the statement of Mr. A. Gollin,  a prominent London financier. Mr  Gollin, who arrived in Vancouver recently from Australia, is making a  tour of Canada on his way home.  HOW MUCH MONEY  IN THE BOWL?  Exhibited in our Window.  The  Nearest   Correct  Guess Gets   the  Whole Sum  We tell you it is over $100  Every ?l.jW) purchase entitles you  to one guess.  OUR   CHRISTMAS  SHOWING IS  THE MOST VARIED IN THE  SUBURBS  999C Stores  1150 CofflBcrcial Drive  Everybody's doing it-Who's doing it?  We are doing it--Doing what?  :'���������/ ���������������������������������������������: ������������������ -���������.-' ���������y- :��������� ������������������:���������'.; ��������� :;   ���������;��������� ���������/������������������ .'���������'������������������   , -.  .7.-.;.;./������������������-.  ..���������  with every $1M purchase; ;  Come in and see us.  E. M. 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James White%  ���������  As Alderman  in Ward Six for 1913     ;;    . ,.������������������   o  X ^^^aaa}aama*mmaaaaa������*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaW ���������  < <*******���������<***I*************   **************************  Alderman T: Kirkpatrick  Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and  Influence for Re-election to Ward        v  Three.  With  experience in municipal affairs Alderman  Kirkpatrick is ready to renew his efforts for the  deVelopement of Greater Vancouver. >  A. P. BLACK, THE WINNING  CANDIDATE.  All signs point to A. P. Black as ������  -winning candidate for Aldermanic  honors ln Ward Five. H1b reputation  for business ability and integrity, bis  expeiience In public and corporation  matters, together with his pleasing  personality, eminently qualify him for  Aldermanic duties and honors in Ven-  1910 and 1912. He is now s candidate  for a fifth term, and promises to serve  with an ability and faithfulness that  has always characterised him.  During the four terms of office  Mr. Hepburn served on many important committees, and always proved  himself a fearless champion of the  people's rights and a critical member  of tire hoard.  If elected bis voice will be heard  -o*j every important matter of civic interest Nature gifted him with keen  perceptions, a critical mind, ready utterance and boundless courage, thus  constituting him an irrepressible aid  invlnelble member of any board whin  duty calls for action.  ;������i iii1 ii **** * -H' ***** i'i' '���������"������������������ '** 4 o n ������I * **** * * *** *** ********  *t  ���������: \  Alderman Hepburn  Respectfully solicits your vote  and influence for a  Fifth Tern as Alderman of  W^ One,  i>********M'4>4'******^'**A<4*4^  ********4>4*M>4**<4\\>4^ *  i JOHN R. JACOBS,  Yielding to solicitations, consents to  be  a <[  i Candidate for Aldermanic Honors in Ward Four. ::  Your   Vote   and   Influence  are  respectfully j  ; solicited.  couver. The electors of Ward Five  can safely entrust to his hands their  multiplied interests.  Mr. Black, who was born in Nova  Scotia, came west In 1882 full ol  youthful vigor and ambition.- In 1886  he came to Yale to take oyer for the  C. P. R. all the material left by  the Oovernment contractors upon the  completion of their work, under what  was known as the Onderdonk contract  His duty was- to value ;be mills,  machinery, supplies, etc., and turn it  < ver to the company. When this was  adjusted he came to Vancouver in the  spring of _887J ��������� ������������������':������������������:. -;  A new position of trust came to bim  at this time. ' For!twelve.years he was  in the mail service���������flye in British  Columbia and seven in _^urtern Canada. In 1907/he; returned to Vancouver, and, was two ycttra awistant a**-;  sessment commissioner, since which  time be has successtpliy conducted a  private business, in which, as everywhere, he has demonstrated Ws; ability, -aud shown himself a man worthy  of confidence.  Mr. Black has well defined views aa  to ap Alderman's duties An everything  that concerns the moral, social, educational and financial development of  the city; A splendid physique, a  trained mind and ready tongue, dis*  tingulah him and qualify him to be a  leader of men. ?'"���������'���������  Committed for Trig).  Robert Hyslop was committed for  trial by Magistrate Shaw in the Police  Court last week on a charge arising  but of the death of John McDonald^ a  negro. In a dying statement made in  the hospital, McDonald said that his  injuries had been received in a tussle  with Hyslop on the premises of the  B.C. Sugar Refinery, where the latter  waa employed as a watchman. Two  of the witnesses who gave evidence in  police court agreed that McDonald was  Intoxicated, and that he had no business on the premises at the time. 7 In  describing the affair Hyslop, who took  the stand himself, said that McDonald  had made a rush for bim, and that he  had, put up his foot to ward off the  attack, McDonald running into it.  ���������������  > > I  I  I I   * .>*"*  * *  l<H������������*i  Hi|ii|i|i|i|.  Edward Adair the Versatile  Candidate  In an Interview with Edward  Adair, aldermanic candidate far  honore in Ward Four, our reper*  ter gathered the following facts:  Mr. Adair was born in Lenden,  Ont., where he was educated and  for twelve years was manager ef  a large lumber company. Twenty-nine years ago he, as timber  expert and boss, came to British.  Columbia ln company with Mr.  MacKenzie (now Sir Wm.) whe'  was then engaged in building  the C.P.R. At that time Mr.  Adair got large experience in  bridge and road eo-ftmctlom and  A TE8TED CANDIDATE.  Alderman Walter. Hepburn, candidate for aldermanic honors in Ward  One, needs no introduction to our readers, for few men ese as thoroughly  known In this city as he. He has  figured in many events and business  -_*-__  **** i m 111411111111 n ** to**% ******** **** 1111111 HI  WARD IV  ��������� __���������____. i I. i  f i       i    i   .  <*��������� ****���������    *������"*** ��������� *���������������������������*.        mm  n ���������  i -*__���������___--_������______*  ;; Your Vote and Influence are Respectfully Solicited :;  I EDWARD ADAIR I  As Aldermanic Candidate  For Wai^ Pour  < ���������*l J 'i* *m v ii> -tsj$.{  $    ft'ZZv  .    ' ^J    r '""''Ml  y   '*��������� ^yM  **** itMiiM no i mi 11 ii loiinni 11 is 11 ������>*. i ********  We Wish You  *  Every Happiness and  Good Fortune During the  Coming Year.  r  F.������/. Rolston  Cor. 45th cund Fraser     i Also River Road  * H IHMH IIHHI11 I 111II1 Ol 1 * I 8 11 t 1 * 1111111111 HI l������J  Ward VII  ; UnanimiDusly endorsed by Soutii Ward Seven Rate-  :; payers^ Association and Good Government League  <**** UMIIIIIIII * *'* t-H I'l IQISI ***** ************* Mlt  2 new 6*room Bungalows with all conveniences.     Lots, 86 by IS. feet  5 rainates from car terminus.   For prices and terms apply to  REAL ESTATE       NOTARY PUBUC  *mam9\aM*j*^9*m   H^*    S,^HWWWPtP# VW^PV   wv������l^^  QEfl. A. STEVENS  McUACHLAN & MORGAN  Hillcrest's Leader in New  Boots, Shoes and Repairs  3330 Main Street      Cor. 18th Ave.  VOTE F������>R  SCW. Enright  as License Commissioner  Who stands for raising the Standard of Many  Hotels to meet the demand of the Traveling Public ;;  and to be in keeping with Greater Vancouver, and \ \  strict enforcement of Laws governing same. SEE ���������������  HIS RECORD DURING PAS* THREE YEARS it  ON CITY COUNCIL.  ���������Ee*������ieie4*t*>i*n*i������i������i������ieie 4t������ei������������������ieieieie������eieieieie  transactions >  Vancouver, where he!'h_s been a well  known contractor of ability for fifteen  yeara.  He served as alderman in 1907,1908,  ���������*  afterwards built many miles of  roads and mountain trails for  the Provincial Government. Later he conducted an extensive  business in lumber, and acquired  a practical knowledge of mining  and. fanning.  In 1904 be came to Vancouver,  but haB been touring the continent and Great Britain as a lecturer. During this time he managed a private Immigration bureau and was the means of bringing thousands of settlers to British Columbia from the United  States and the old couatrfss.  This be did without any compensation for the good of the  country.  Among many honors Mr. Adair  was twice nominated for Provincial neiers.  He is a versatile ca������d.4ate,  and if elected proposes te aae  hla practical knowledge far the  improvement of Ms ward aad  tbe permanent eeeeSt ef tie  whole city.  The Canadian Northern Railway has  promised Vancouver eity council to  make this its home port and to establish a line of steamships on the  Pacific before JJ_0.  MMMtMMMf-MMHIHMOf IH������MH*HUMMMIHM������*  Ward II  I Electors of Ward Two:  Your vote and influence are j;  <.  ; respectfully   solicited for Alder- j;  ! manic honors for 1913.  Alex. Cteland  mu n 11 mm in i mi ii 10 :-:-f-H"H*' iiHimtmni ui  Mfrt). E. Buzza  \  ' \ h^s consented to run as Alderman for Ward Seven* \  :: Candidate Buzza h a resident of the district, has  | been the President of the Ratepayers' Association :  :| for two years, and Js planning to give his entire j \  :; time to workii^ for the mte |  ���������.������������������I"I-.t������t������l'<-t- 4 * 4 4 * ***> * It * **4 * * tO !'���������! I' 4 t * *44<* i 'I' 4 ill"! 1' 11| 11 * **}  i������ i 'it i������i ii t������t in ������ii> 11-������* mO������ ie i ��������� I���������!���������������������< * *************  | Your Vote and Influence are Respectfully Solicited :  1 y tor  I GmMcSPAPPEN  : As Aldermanic Candidate for Ward Four.  .  ?���������,-.��������� i  { All promises will be faithfully kept and no oppor- :  \ tunitylost to advance the interests of Ward Four ;  \ and the whole of Vancouver.  *     .-���������-  ..: - f  lllllWIHIMHUHMMH   MIMMIIMMIIMIIMMIIP  NERVOUS, UFEIE88  Df BIMTATCO MIN  UO NAM-SI  wmtpirr  ���������HlfTAHt CA_B GUAItJU*****flS*l  OS NO PAY  _CiliniA-.***aav_i*_i? Msteyeefcej  ffi^&^___s_r__v!f-^  ������anyaa. wSea*me%*SSaJ^SSmaW*  A������foe ym_ C___a_j-*i f/m*\ 9e met**  !____"* IT****11* **_*- ***���������*���������!���������** sa '  *_or___._-_MO<  ������d)wnn_a_i  ^TN CONSENT. N*i  iLWa-iC-asfTnr-  DrsKENNEDT&KENNEDY  Cw. MA*^iAve.t_lGrbwoMSl, DdroH.Mich.  iOTICE  All letters from Canada mast be addressed  to oar Canadian Comspoadeace Department in Windsor, Out. If yoa desire to  eee ns personally call st our Medical ImtHate in Detroit as we see aad treat  _��������� pa-������-te in our Windior offices which are for Cocref^oa^dence and  Itabocatory for Canadian boainess only.   Address all lettsrs aa follows:  DM. KENNEDY ft s_D������QDT.  Write f_ro  * i *    (A.  Ml,  A  *��������� y ij  *-1*'^  y~xy  #  * V* '"  * y* \,it  ^ t   y-  y*t   o> Jt_  1   J/t*1  {.Lf  o  -   le  y i* ���������  ^ il  ? f^^^^^^yW^^^^^^^^<^^^^.  ',***���������_*���������'"���������  2446 MAIN ST.  PHONE Fairmont 2259  A Good Stock of No. 1  Fruit  and   Produce.  JOHN E. REEKIE  PROPRIETOR  ������������������ NEW YEAR GIFTS  We have a full line of Ladies', fleets' and  Chlldren's-Fancy Dry Goods. Oriental floods, etc.  Gowns,   Embroidered  Waist   Pattens.   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TH$ MH -MSSbi'  : t������ff ***** tf. **������###������# tomJH* sir  -k WTSfwa5c������ach  f CJUCKEKS from 20c box  e  1  wwdJ^fj^W-fawmV ���������*r^e**rS"P *9'*9j0 mfV******  |^OTK������& r^ lb. '  lfrHHH{'.Vfy**,*M***H*W**tt  *rj,:ffjfttt_i______hA__a___P__-i_______e___l -  I fW**999*TW9yWmwmm9l*w**tm     ���������.*���������..*���������������������  A pretty wedding  wet eo*e*nu������*fd  ��������� w^^v*T0*r^^"#FW    wv^nP*P*rV*H Wv   **���������?���������   *Wr*je   9 9*M^*999t**m  Methodist Church, when Mies Echo  pejfeon, youngest daofhter et the  lata James Dudgeon, of Victoria, was  married to Mr. Joseph W.'Henderson.  fhe eeretwmy, which was witnessed  by a terse somber of friends, waa performed by Rev. John W. Woodside.  Vancouver. Dee. l*th, 1911.  The wedding of if tat ami* Watsoa  eed Mr. Sidney 8tea*or took place at  74 Uiaadowae avenue, ber parent's  home, by the Rev. Mr. Baker, Baptisl  a-hjlsUr of Mt Pleaa-ut.  Those present at the wedding were:  Mr. and Mrs. J. Watson, James Wat*  eon, Andrew Watson,' Gordon Watson,  Mr. M. Dun-ell, of Victoria, B.C., Isabel Dnnnett, Florence Dunnett, Kathleen Dennetv Mr. O. Skinner, Mrs.  Sktaaer, Miss Isabel 8kinner. Mr. and  Mra. A. Murray, Janet Murray, Alec.  Murray, Zelpha Murray, Mr. and Mrs.  -Maine. John Main, Mr. and Mra.  Robertson. Miss Rose Robertson, Wm.  I"1 i'g?  Married Forty Years.  "Christmas day. Mr. and Mra. P. 1!.  Goodrich, ������6������ Eighth avenue .east,  celebrated the fortieth anniversary of  their marriage. Three eons, a daugu-  ter and six grandchildren and several  old friends sat down to the bountiful  Christmas feast. Among the guests  were Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ferguson and  family, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ooodrich  and family, and Mr. and Mrs. A. B.  Ooodrich and family.  Vote foi'the Exhibition By-Law.  POPULAR CANDIDATE POR WAI-ID  Vlll.   '       '  Mr. Prank Trimble stands out prominently as aldermanic candidate for  tbe Eighth Ward. His qualifications  are well *nown, he having served the  ward for. two terms already.' During  those two years many changes and  large improvements have been effec  ted in his ward., Among them several  deserve particular mention, such aa  grading of streets, laying sidewalks,  planking roads, laying of water pipes  to every house, electric lights, building flre hall, and numerous details  that add to the comfort of the people  and the value of property. Mr. Trimble haa proven' himself a competent  and trustworthy servant of the efeb-  tort. Be is yet a young man, but haa  had- much to do with tha progress  the city during the last Ltwenty*flv**  years. '. -   -*������������������       '"   '",-  His enterprise may be gathc*r#  from the following: When a scboer  boy he circulated "Tha World" al'  over Mt. Pleasant and the Itot J������&  going on foot. For seventeen ft***}'  he conducted a meat market naer  where file present reeFestete tostneea  la located, SMS Westminster Road.  Hit per-Mfrtenoeand basins** sagacity  may la pan be judged from the fact  that only .one roan aoqtb ef False  Creek haa bean In b***rt**eet as long ag  he. <M*wt reasons opnld be given whjr  he iboeld lead hta war*l at the tleo-  ttot thia year, aa he did the laat time*  ffe claims, ht ie a schoolboy, in tbef  be .la''^wfjjre' ,>*.#���������**'-���������to, iee*������..' 3j|  promises jj returned to the. council hf  will coptlone to devote two-thirds ������j  hit time 4o the city, as he did U the  peei -yyyy,  ..  Robertson, Dale Roberte-m, Mrs.  Bruce, Isabel Bruce, Mrs. Veftcb, Mtae  Jessie Vetteh^ IhUay Vt4t^  draw Veltcb. Tom Veitcb, Mr. end  Mrs* Donald Wataon, Mra. Campbell,  Mrs. Grant, Mum Mitchell, Mary MU-  "ee***po**o     e^^ *���������*���������*****"    *^*m**w*^fajar^*r    *w*F^*ma*t*r*jaa^*^*t*T*    *mm**mm  Georgina Kay, Miss. Uisle Smithy  Miss Ruth 8mith. Miss Blanch Fisher,  Mr. Robert McLemen, Alexander Mc-  Leman. Mr. J. W. Watson, Mr. Pettit,  Mr. Myers. Mr. A. Mcintosh.  of Victoria Drive and Napier Street  evidences his aesthetic taste and enterprise, and goes to prove that he believes in doing things well.       y  l*i 1910 he sold his interest in his  business, thus ltavlng himself absolutely, f fee to devote his entire time  to any trust that may be committed to  hia hands. The following are a few  planks of his platform*���������  He is in favor of a healthy and  morally clean city. "  Of civic management along business  lines.     s  Of the Palee Creek agreement.  Of the Hospital and Vancouver Exhibition Association by-lawa.  Of harbor Improvements.  Of immediate attention be'ng given  to the streets, lanes, sewers, sidewalks and lights in the ward.  Of a revision of the city workmen's  wage "scale by way of increase.  Of having all by-laws at present in  existence properly enforced.   .  Of the Eaat End viaduct scheme.  Of the encouragement ofindyitries.  Of the reduction of the water rate,  and the discouragement of the water  meter scheme.  Of the annexation^ of South Vancouver along business Hues.   ,  Of having Venablea 8treet opened  through to Main.  : I am not in favor of the reckleas and  useleaa expenditure of money in putting down and tearing up again.  ' These are a few blanks of a well  thought out platform, a platform  which ahowa the author ia thoroughly in touch with the needs of the  wsrd in which he is running, aa well  as well as of the city In genera*.  Today he i-eepectfully solicits the  vote and influence of the electors ot  "IWrd^FtlUV-;  -,y :>;'7" '':;>���������; v7';-7vv-7;  ffe fife yea the B������l^  Ht of all eipttsw et  etiiferi nt. seok*  kteplii.  We Give the Best for Less Money  Saturday Spamlal*  Pas Lb-  Fresh California Lamb. Legs 22c  " ������4 " -  Loins.?*.  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Tbe Ptace that Treats You Right  i IfMtepnMtont Market  WEDDING BELLS.  far the fehihrntm >y*Uw.  ;^ThV"meny ^fi^nde:' of^the.' Rev.  ^arold St- George Bwttrum, .\%m������-ttm*  ���������. e**Ty**'-9U-  V sucoaesruUy peseta tW^ n^  af-ahiation for the dasree ot Bachelor  of fivinlty as prescribed hy the board  of *A**4ias of 4ks Prof^cW  CeeAda.  M^ttraf raduatadAltJ*  ���������rat class ^^���������^ ^  n i Mi * mm  ''������"���������!*  ���������  wn 11 t*i iii  a succg������ei-uv iueiNitet  Mr. .Tboniae, Evens, candidate for  Ald������**n*a*)4c |ionora in Ward Four, wee  born in *(ln^ waa  educated Jo, the common school. He  learned the printing. trade with the  Kingston Daily News, commencing  work at the early age of 14 years.  . v  lnllU, Mr. Eyans came to Vancouver, and for twenty years was senior  partner of that well known firm Evans  and Hastings. His success In this  business is an index to.bis business '  ability. This will be more apparent  when it Is known that he commenced  hla career without any outside, assistance, and. against adverse circumstances, forged his way to the front.  He Is a self-made man, having risen  to his present prominence In Vancouver's business circles by virtue of his  Indomitable perseverance.  Hla magnificent house at the corner  eeeeeeeee������eo#o*Me������eeet������soee������ee������*eeeeeeeei������eeeeeeeeeoeee������aeeeete������eeOeeee������e*ii������Mi  Park Commissioner  V,  /  Geo. M. ENDACOTT  N  Solicits your vote and influence as  I PARK COMMISSIONER CANDIDATE  His Platform and W. R. Owen's are identical.  eeeeoitMiee������ennmnmoiieoeeeeeefomaneiimiioi>ieiioeiiteeeeeeieiiMee  ALtMMAN J. A. a, WH1TU.  ���������$ Bora in tat^atjP of Nertb-  iia-^rlend, OMarlo. of rgodtch  ': iareetagt, at.t|e age of H years  lie left the ol4'horo*������ forwbat  waa thse known -ee-.the"great  lime land. Ucaflng in the Mule  Village ef Cenpee, In the;Pro*  vince of Manitoba, he remained  : there tor a^auavber of Tjrears,  servlag two years ss Cooncllroaa  In the county of Dulferin. Selling out bia business, he moved  to the city of Winnipeg, where  he leatded tor three yeara.  When the Klond>ke rush started  he went to the north in search  of gold, remaining there for  seven years. Finally he came to  Vancouver, locating in KlUllano.  In 1910 he Waa elected alderman  for Ward Six. During that year  he succeeded in getting a lot of  streets recommended for pavement. He.got eight blocks of  Fourth Avenue paved; alao  South Granville Street to the  city limits.  Other streets, namely. First  and Second Avenues, were not  completed when the wet weather  started la the fall. This caused  a lot of dissatisfaction in the  Ward. When the 1911 election  came around he was not permitted to take part in the campaign  owing to the sickness and death  of his wife. At the beginning of  1912 be. was again induced to  offer himself as-a candidate, and  was elected at the head of the  poll.  Alderman White Is a great believer in a Greater Vancouver.  He has this year again made a  r record in the expenditure of  money in Ward Six. He is an.;  untiring .worker In the, interest  of his ward and the city. Unassuming, yet when roused is  one of the most able and eloquent debaters either in Dominion, Provincial or Civic politics.  . We predict that Alderman  White will again be returned by  a good majority. His colleagues  on the Council state that the  aMenna**. haa the goodwill and  friendship of every alderman on  the Council board.  i  I  .. i ������������������������������������������������>.  Vothfoc the bhlbition By Law.  Parker-Campbell.  The weddlnig'took places' oh Wednesday, December 18, in the Mt. Pleasant  Presbyterian Church of Edna, the  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry  Parker of Guelph, Ont., to John Gregor  Campbell, son of ex-Alderman Campbell of thia city. Rev. Mr. Ireland officiated at the-ceremony.  ';��������� MoCance-Butlsr.  A pretty home wedding was solemnised on Wedneaday evening of last  week at the home of Mrs. 8. McCance,  4283 George Street, where her daughter, Eva Alena, waa married to Mr.  William Jamee Butler by Reev. Laah-  ley Hall. , Her bridesmaid was Miss  Daisy BuUer. Mr, H. W. Olts was  groomeman. ' The bride was .gJ******  away by her brother. Mr. John Mc-  C*m*. Following the ceremony a reception waa held by Mrs. McCsnee,  who waa gowned in black silk- The  happy couple will reside here, in their  ���������piwW...'aVwV **i^,>'wMeh;rwaV7t^  bride's fin from her mother. '  'yx'ty^r' i^:"^^yii:'^y::w'';^i-\^^ii-'^j/i  Central Baptist, Coi, Laurel and  Tentl^--***Rev. v1������r.^^^ B  next Sunday Morning: "A New Year's  Measefe.*1 Evening: "The Value of  PeeIaloft.> Friends of the dUtrict cor*  Hilly Invited.'.yy'��������� > [.&  Urments of all description  -    cleaned.        /  FUES  CLEANED  lea, lj*f������te,l1ktIeli,rHeefilr.l������4  fsrki,et9 ttlhlfint.Pael9lllr.i74  See Our  The cold water  KALSOMINE  in all^olors and  shades  50c per 5-lb. pkg.  LEt&WOOb  m*������t*w,t   lamtik.m  FullLineof  i  FromSe^xip.  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Brotdwa-       Ut- PlMunt  fr-T  Poultry Supplies  of every c*eeeriprion  Phone: Fair. 186  a-fefa <���������*>.:  !7S.7  (yyyy-\y':yyyyyy-yyyyyyy  7: -A, 7'.^'���������-.������>' .- ��������� ���������������������������'-���������'-.���������      -���������.'.��������� .   .-���������..;.(.;.'���������. . -i": *.���������..��������� .'.������������������>-   --T-   ���������'--:   ;-./'������������������.-   ���������-���������..-  .-;���������}������������������'��������� .. '.,-:      '  ��������� / ���������������������������;���������-,   ���������:������������������ _���������������������������-;,..��������� ,v-'     . -. -7*. !--,��������� ��������� ���������..-. ���������.���������,-.'���������-.'-���������   --;.-,'. ������������������ * K-iyy-y^.   ���������."���������������������������A v^-y.-y-A;- v-''.-V". ���������   y.-.y .:���������:������������������:���������'��������� A- '���������' -;..���������������������������.���������-.��������� v., V������-\;\..'-~:-V.-*^**^^  Mt. Pleasant  A. F. McTAVISH, Prop. f  Phone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main J  Carriages at all hours dky or night f  Hacks, Victorias, Brouirhatns, Surveys ami Single  Buggies, Expresri and l)ray Wagons for hire  furniture  i  We invite the public to call at our new premises in the  Harris Block. We would like you to inspect our equipment ; to see -a hat splendid light and ventilation we have *,  to see our students at work. -,  If you are bterested in Business Education, a visit to  qs will convince you that this is the school for you to attend.  The best to what you require. >  E. SCOtT EATON, B. A., Principal  tk)t Main Si & Mb Ave,  Fairmont 207* '   VAKCKHJVPB, M  Ward Four has had the efficient service of Alderman Geo. MeSpadden for  four years of the last six During this  time Grandview has changed from a  wilderness to a city in itselt 81*  yeara ago there waa no atreet car service, nor electric light, nor water. Now,  there Is excellent car accommodation,  extraordinary light service and water '  in abundance. Then sewers were  scarcely hoped for; today Grandview  is being threaded with sewers of mod* x  era perfection. At that time the  streets of today were unbroken forest,  or mere "biased trails with 'here and  there a mud road.  Alderman MeSpadden used his office,  his influence and ability to bring  about these changes and thus make  the "wilderness bud and blossom as  the rose."' ���������  He has served on almoat every  committee in the council. He was  chairman of the bridge (committee  when the Granville and Westminster  Avenue bridges were built. He was  one year chairman of the water committee and is now the chairman of the  annexation committee. Previous to his  election to the Council he waa for six.  yeara building inspector and assessor.  Eight years ago he built his beautiful  residence at 1237 Commercial Drive,  where he and hla family enjoy lit*  and the respect of their many acquaintances.  i^tW^a^eitemMMmm^mm  r^9^,������wmm^m^^^p^f&^ima  yy^^yy'iyy^Amyym^^m  ���������'���������erMrtnv  -Maths!7  !' Chaasaa of adj. must *������&^m^$$������m%m  lay evanlag seek weak U lawii*e,laeat*->7:7-7S.^;7^5r  ���������oi ta foHowUa tssue. 'x:y.y-<y'yyy:yy^miM  ���������' tfottees of   blrtha, deaths ���������'���������������������������aaii-a^x&8������mm  ���������aee* inserted.free et:*mame*iysss^y:MMM^  Mmmmeamm^mmmmmmi^mmamBem^eatoklM'-S7i?���������'%W?w^  ^^^^^^^l***������^^^^^**^,^,,,������*������***������*������**'P- sMsjaftjfe.14.*s  C Furkmg, J.-at. jL^tm-^^^^^  :. David Ed������*r/^u-aa, by IL IJne a������< ^^^^     7 ^  '*$ QL\^:yiyyy^A.:'^  ' Malcolm McBeatk. by W.  ���������nd H. Whttehead.   yyym -^^ WW^^^  }9.af4\9iiiMr������yy^  v,:qe^ii*-e7-C.;.8uthJMm^  ^yy}0my^yyym^  y If y^ytf^^mfM  ill.-' mmm ^-'-'J.'^^.v5^M'.'i>-infl  Danlsl seen  irant, oy a. c<>B*a*'maty yyyxmm  ^Jyyyy.yyyyymma^  oge**f.;;**r;0.;^,^e**^  ^^:-y-yyyy^y&y&m^^  ���������g**fo.  ALDERMAN QEO. MeSPAODEN.  '.ii..i*..   MllillllHI'llllllllllll   *--*>-*������-t-Nt*-*t**������-������M  -**������***-���������������������-> ��������� ��������� i ��������� . .<* *���������* m .'������ ������������*'  * * ���������*<���������* iiliiii*  ALEX. CLEI/4<ND, for Ward II., has been one of, our acquaintances for about1 fifteen years, and during that time we have  learned^ to respect and honor him. A man of sterling qualities-���������  a success in his business, and a good citizen. Mr.^Ulelaud will  bring to- bis duties as. an alderman a wide practical knowledge,  which is an altogether too scarco feature in our councils, we  want men who know the practical side of great public undertakings  in our councils ahd }������r, Clelaud has the knowledge, consequently  will be a valuahle man,    u   \  Hay andR.B.  William Ash, bi  GGeorgeHay.>;-��������� f y y y ^yy'yyyyyyyy^^^M  v Eodarick Grant, by A. 0^:*a������w������.aie^^ip^i  Sidney MUler. ���������   ������������������-������������������^���������^'^^tv*fe*������&,  ; ��������� F***ed'.-P--- Ros*t0,::  e>nd:'C.yIt"-Rawaon^';:,,,^,^ ....f,,.���������, ,-.;--1-,p;,������,���������w,,f���������  x, '���������' Frank Trimble, by iliM'^������|  a^d-WlllIam7HamIlt^  '^amirl^:;li.i'j������^\^  dale aifll S. B. Flea-3ng.  7:^^^^'':C������nmlestonere.v  ;' Two to-be elected.  <^ptalnWmtam Harvey  Charles Reid and 8. ,J!.vCaatIa**mfc  William Held Owen, by C. ML T|h*B*B777S  and W. D. Bi7done-Jack.  - George MaraheJl EndacotVbyH^&^  Watson snd F. R. McJX RueselL:   Ay  William Davis, by H. Cowan and ������.  Hnater.  $m  yy  ���������iXuuam uavu, ey ti. ivowaa ana m^-'yyfy������ym  *������fc*:...,r..7:yy:;���������:������������������ ������������������ xx.^xyyy'yy",yyyyyyAy!tfZym  Dntter.      ��������� >.,.:i ..:".���������,: - y-rj^'.-y ��������� xy ���������:Xj.yx-,'i\i^jyi.\yy"s^^'\  iiiiii^-siiei^^  ^���������^^���������a^n^ttaala^  , x^.^mmaeaejaa^.^wmamaaaamaa ._ :-���������.':.,;," .-h.yj.,,*'. ���������^^���������;t{:jS^.^Sf.?^|  ���������^^W-aaea' t*ii&MW.H. atteve-m a**4V'"---; '��������� ,;: v 'v. '���������!  :.:..V*.**!**'"***?^*f*'^������r"*''*****.^^  Wl������i������;���������!iuto;v77:7k  Ht  ja*  *%t  e*e*e������e*e*e****+*++~**  prom 2 cents up.  Enough Paper to paiper a room, with 18 ineb Border  for 76 cents.  Mixed Paints  Not Damaged, only laibe^ biirned, per gal.  Enamels and Stains  $1.90  Regular price 25c, now  2 cans for 25c  This Sale Will Last One Week From Friday  John W. Beresford  PHONE Highland 992  ���������i  W9B  1725 eOMMERGIAL DRIVE  ��������� ii ������|**iih ,', ��������� 1.1. j,  AI.O. SAXTIEB H-ECT-EP  ���������i MAYOR ������Y ACCLAMATION.  rjv-t;-.>iv yx.:;.r..-~ *���������<; y-y ���������:.������������������;;>���������:.  y ^Completf-***st of Thursday's ;  ^���������H.y yx aiomlnatloos- y.������y^  * Truman Smith Baxter, sHUng aldsr-  man do the Ccrancil for ward *, waa  declorad at nc^ ThuWday to pe el'ec'  fa%?m*7*r of VantJouyer for WIS by  acclamation.-������ry ���������*]'- y: -'y -'7 u  , i%awa|ion''j^piMfp>M^^otfafhan  fuJlVa fat tot VtAU ;D.?*)|yi6T,' ������  forjnW '������������������ mayor, were" '*jr*ient^"'*''to,  City Clerk McQueen lh ������������e morning,  ^Ut1 o^Ing to technical ert-brt hid to  lie rejected, and at 12 o'clock the City  Cle* announced tho.e)aj|*tm-i Of Alder-  inan Baxter. Friendnrff- the latter  enthuilaetlcally hoisted ^him iboulder  high and carried him about the City  amnan in ������n 1 a ������i|aji������'j������ai������i*aje ��������� t^^Jf^^lXLL^A**!**^;  Sutherland and \ seconded h%f?������ v-i%  j)*ru������o*iy: yy y y.y:y.,   ��������� ^fyt^  f James lUmsay, by WvH. MaiJOn.^  J. Duf Stuart. J-  \ :f> ;Fran*t' Pa^odaon^oy-'Fi"^^^  Ruasell and G. 9~ Gordon.  _~, yyy  Ward Two--** . ������������������'yyyy'%:y.y  : Alexander Cleland, by H. R Mo*  Donald ami W, H. Welao."  Ward Three��������� '> Ay   . yy::u.AyAyji^.  Thomas Klrkpetrlck. by F. F. Condon and J..K, M<*anale.--:^,. yyyrA  Stephen H. Ramage.-hy ^ J. Graham  and W. J- Murdoch. ���������-"7-2  Henry B^thvine Bird, by J. W. Mc*"  IJensle and T.J. Bayley.  Ward Four-*-  Thomae BvwaaV by J. W.' Mcintosh  and W.H., Copp.   . . ���������. '..  -George King, by S. K. Champion and  W. J. Orr:";" .......���������';.  George MeSpadden, by D. C  Hall corridor.     Thep he was called  upon lot a speech.    He .(^oke^very  brteSy, thanking bis rrtendi for'ksslat-  ance, and  deploring thV fact  that Uxaa and * J.tDougan,  tbroufb mlsUkei both of. bis oppon-  enta had been dlsquaMfled."- '���������'  Hoth Messrs. Rogers and Taylor  failed on the point of property qualification. ' , '"\' "  Messrs. James Junior Dougan. Wil-  Mc  l Ham DIsbrow Brydone-Jack and Thos.  . Duke were electedby acclamation a8,  ' echoo* trustees, succeeding themselves  Ward Five���������  j upon'the board.  ,    Nominations for mayor, school trus-  . tees, park commtssisner Stid license  ' commissioners closed at  12 o'clock,  'with the  nominations  for  aldermen  <��������� closing an honr later.     There were  found to be Ave candidates for the  two   vacanciea cm   the   park board,  I' Messrs. Copp, Owen, Endacott, Davis  and Fyfe Smith. There were also five  candidates for two vacancies on the  license board, Messrs. Burton, Pyke,  Patterson, Enright and Gilmbur.  In Ward II. Alderman  Crowe and  Mr. Alex. Cleland were returned as  aldermen by acclamation.  The nominations are:  Aldermen.  The following is the 12 o'clock list  of nominees for the City Council:  Ward One-*-*  Walter Hepburn, proposed by A. F.  Charles C^ayion Delbrldge, by R.  McPherson and W. Walker.  John R. Jacobs, by W. J.-Orr and  Charles B. Smith.  Edward Adair, by James A. McKay  and A. G. Main.  Walter R. Hamilton, by A. McDonald  and B. V. Cassidy.  Bx>be*r������ n'emuM Pyke, by  Cinbb and'M&'&i&yh A A ^,.....,,,;;,  and B. B. Morgan.       /^i-v^������&:���������*'  %&^;Mi*ma% :.mwm1%M^$.,y:  DouglM and C. A. Godson-  Robert Noble Ollroour, *f:M;raT*yy:  J>������weU.e*Mk.*f*.,*^ yyAA'W A^  CantHdates for Ward Foei*-  Thos. Bvans, IMS Napier Strset. ������������������ ,  -7-x ;W^,lfo|ntf^;aili%-Wefeflr.- y'y  ��������� W. M. Copp, Seconder. A^FA-:'A *\  Aasentors.  i2y-y^yimm$m  ���������*"       ;'^7p7.;;$|fl  *.*<./  W.'W Hnater.  W.W-19mm97*  -j9mSj ^!I1m^*-^^^^* "'  !^.'d'Me-eiUs.'--'.'  >N. Mc!*������lr.: ���������';'-:";  John Homer,  Chaa.Reid. '���������  W. HrDi i^dnar.;  A. McC. Creery-.  George nnicr.  p. M. HiHoilum  R. B. B Jw** .*'  D. 8. Wallbrtdge..  Dr. O. B. Price-  M. J. Orr.  G. T.Wallace*  <T  .**>  $  Alexander Pineo Black, by Sam Mc*  Clay and W. D. Brydone-Jack.  Charles E. Mahon, by P. A. Bingham  and John Third.  Ward Six���������  JameB White, by Fred Bayllss and  James Clendenning.  William Smith Cameron, by E. B.  Morgan and J. Z. Hall..  Robert Edward Mills, by A. M. Harper and J. Z. Hall.  Edward Blake McMaster, - by F.  Williams and James Beveridge.  Vote for the Exhibition By-Law.  Ward Seven���������  John McLaren, by Oliver Hemphill  and J. B. LaBelle.  John R. Edwards, by L. J. Cooper  and C. H. Bly.  Frank Everett Woodside, by James  The second" of a series of month!**  meetings for men only will ba held le  St Saviour's Church, comer of First  Avenue East and 8emlln Drive, en  Sunday, January 5th, at 4 p.m. The  speaker will be that well known  apeaker to men, Rev. Principal Vance.  President o the Ministerial Association. Hla subject, appropriate to the  new year, will be: "A bad beginning  but a good ending." The St. 8aviour*a  orchestra will be in attendance, and  the noted contralto, Mrs. Crafg, will  alng a aoto. The service arm be  simple, hearty and undenominational.  Men of all churches or of no church  cordially invited.  Vote for the Exhibition By-Law.  ?���������*���������������*���������"!  Vote for the Exhibition By-Law.  Morris Jelly  H. C. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  aMl^.^^^^^.^H^^na-M->--->>-t--*--*a-s,-*->-->-B-nai*������  Express, Baggage and Storage  Phone Fairmont 1177  1 iii 1   1 11 11    1  Always in Mount Pleasant  Stand 2421 Scotia St.. Mt. Pleasant  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALE  A fine lot to choose from, all in  prime condition.   .  Sixty varieties to select frbm.  Nowis the time to buy for Fall planting to give good results for next  Spring.  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cop 15th Aye. & Main St-  PHONE: Fairmont 817  MT. PLEASANT  NURSING HOME  Maternity Cases a Specialty.  '   Best of Care Guaranteed.  MRS. CARDMAN, MATRON.  855 Eleventh Avenue, B.*  *&&y'-'Xj^jj xxxy.. i.'' - -.'��������������������������� ^.'  fc&^&A^yyyyyyy  .��������� seve..--.f-.HZ-Ti'.-.' ���������.-'���������"XX^X_  t^nyy^S������*'^--- 's,-t-'?"- AA:y  TIIE WESTERN OABL  If You Are Sick I  ���������I  CALL ON  I ERNEST SHAW, D. G.  (Doctor 61 Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  Chiropractic  succeeds   where  medicine fails.  Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free  Honest and Artutic  D*joti������trj-  Themoat acfeatiiic and  up-to-date metjuxia  t  ||<u|| |M|||||J  Vote for Baxter as Mayor  DR. W. J. CURRY  DENTIST  301 Dominion Trust Bldg.  Open from j) to 5 and 7 to 8.  RING UP SEYMOUR 2354 FOR  APPOINTMENT.  *********i-*********%*4<*4*4 H"M'e*i"i"i'������������������e**e'i-e������������i'������ee������eee.  I Provincial. Dominion and Foreign  PROVINCIAL  nitfeeeat  For CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATIONS you want  m> man ofintcc-rrit*-. ej-per-  ieneeand|ab*lit-f. That man  ia Johnston; Moee** truar  antotd. Vidoptcaa Tbt  8-tarot Servioo Buntm.  Cre-iSai^,      999 Pmmdmm  the Queen Tea Rooms  618 Oranvllle Street  <  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  ERNEST SHAW, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Houas: 1:30 to 6.  i ��������� " \ - y '���������.  Often a slight derangement of the  spine in the cause of prolonged disease  and suffering. Chiropractic corrects  the spine.  mssmaBmaammmatmsammmta^mam  Try a "CALL" ad.  4e*H ������Ui* H ��������� II > > 1 > ******* lO 114 11II i HI I MH4< I������1 -MI-H  WARD V  ie. E. mahon, ������������������ y  -   <       ���������>������������������.���������..-.��������� e  Consenting to many solicitations, presents himself as Candidate for Election as Alderman in Ward  % Five.  *  Electors are invited to study his fitness for the  t office and follow their convictions as to his election.  * ******* * ***** t* * *>* 11 ** *>* *9: 44 4 II H 111II * 1 ** III ******  *)***********tl94****4****   ******** 4I ������������������! 'If tf I ��������� ������e������Mt������j'  Use Stave lake Power  those Industries ure Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office build-  mgs^which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  system��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably'cheaper an-d more reliable than pri-  vaterplant operation., See us for particulars  and rates.  I Mm Mmla Power Company, i  ; limited f     *   :;  j FNUti KlfUMmr 4771      6O3-6JO Carter-Cotton ftldg. J|  ! P. 0. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C. JI  '4*1*1***********4******4* *******************t***** \  Poll Tax to be Abolished.  At last the death knell ta British.  Columbia's most unpopular institution  has been sounded. The poll tax is  doomed. No longer will Tom. Dick or  Harry find once a year that his Balary  cheque is $3 short of its usual amount,  while attached to it is a benevolent  government's acknowledgment of the  receipt of the amount.  Gold Is Found at 8huswap Lake.  Kamloops, Dec. 27.���������-An authoritative report-from Lake Sbuswap states  that a sample of ore taken from the  vicinity of Celista creek has proved hy  analysis to contain a rich vein of gold,  and that a large sum of money offered  to the lucky finder by the representatives of a Seattle firm has not been  J accepted.  ,  No Agent in Paris.  Victoria, Dec. 26.���������The province of  British Columbia will nod be repre  sented by an official agent in Paris at  least for the present. The Premier  has come tp the conclusion that lt will  be better for the province to continue  the present Bystem of dealing with  French people interested in British  Columbia through the High Commissioner and the Agent General for the  the province ln London, -Hon. J. H  Turner, rather than to create a new  office. v l'  Port Moody Realty Receives Impetua.  Consequent on the commencement  of- metal laying operations by the  C.P.R. from their main lines towards  the north shore of Burrard Inlet re*  cently> a great Impetua has been given,  to Port Moody realty. Sales last week  were rapid, no fewer than forty lots  having been disposed of by one dealer,  Mr. Harry A. Johnston.  A start has also been made on the  laying of two miles of sidewalks In the  Old Orchard subdivision, and. In addition to tbis several bungalows are  in course of erection by a firm of con-  tractore. The first three to be completed will be occupied by the builders.  An Investment here looks Uke a, wise  move just. now. Port. Moody* seems  destined to rise to Importance as a  great grain port when the Panama  Canal opens.   Then things will go up.  WARD IV  Your Vote and Influence  are respectfully solicited  for aldermanic honors in  Ward Four by  GEORGE KING  DOMINION  K        *-****-t---*--**-.-������-.-*-������  Pominion Trade ei,O00,oa>,000.  Ottawa* Ont, Dee. 27.���������That the  year now closing has been one of unexampled prosperity has .been s**own  by figures of Canadian trade for that  period.' The aggregate will be a  billion dollars, which creates a record.  165,000,000 for Railways and Canals.  Ottawa, Dec. 27.���������The annual report  of the Department of Railways just  Issued shows that for the fiscal year  which) ended March 31, 1912, the. total  railway expenditure by the govern*  ment amounted to $35,907,972, of  which $23,712,098 was charged to  capital, $1,117,070 to income, and 111.  078,802 to revenue.  Quebec Dam will be largest In the  1 World. /  Quebec, Dec. 27.���������Hon. S. N. Parent,  chairman of the Quebec Streams Commission, which bas been invested with  the powers of. a corporation to carry  out ita scheme of constructing a huge  storage reservoir "on the Upper St.  Maurice for regaining the flow of that  river for generatin gelectrlclty, aays  that the dam wilt be three times as  large as that at Assouan, which is the  biggest in the world at present. The  latter coat about $12,000,000, but the  provincial government proposes to  build the one on the St. Maurice for  about 91,250,000.  CHURCHES  ���������������������e4-������'H'e-i--i"i'-i"i"i-'i"i'i-'ii'y'i-4''i!������i������* *********************yv*^  ithe barn.     Riley lived only a   tew  minutes.  President Taft hha Narrow Escape  from Dynamite.  Panama, ,Dec. 26;���������Fifteen minutes  after President Taft had passed on his  way to the ball In his honor last night  at the National Theatre, a kioska near  the station on Central avenue, the  principal street of the town, was blown  up by dynamite while the street was  still lined with police.  One man was badly injured^ Several arrests were made. Tbe mayor  and the Republican committee hurried  from the ball to the scene of dynamiting.      '   .; .,'.'���������  Remarkable Record Made by Submarines Belonging to Prance.  London, Dec. 27.���������A remarkable record has been established by French  submarines, which despite storms  travelled 800 miles; submerged all the  time, without a single stop. It Is considered by the naval authorities, in  view of this feat, that submarines  would have the best of torpedo boats,  even though heavy seas were running.  They consider that the safety of the  channel is assured by the presence of  Bubmariness, even though the remainder of the squadron were absent.  Urge Repeal pf U.S. Sealing Act.  Washington, Dec. 27.���������Immediate repeal of the Act of Congress requiring  suspension of the killing of fur seals  in the Prilblbff Islands in the Behring  Sea is urged in a report submitted by  Dr. David Starr Jordan, of Stanford  University, California, and Mr. George  A. Clark, to the Bureau of Fisheries of  the Department of Commerce and  Labor, which was made public today.  The report is the result of an ex*  haustlve investigation by Mr. Clark  and Dr. Jordan at the Instance of the  Bureau or Fisheries.. It declares that  sealing through the slaughter of females has been the sole cause of the  decline of seal herds; that its abolition as demonstrated by the experience of the past season is an adequate  remedy for this decline/  Dynamiters Found OulHy.  Indianapolis, Dec. 28.���������Thirty-eight  labor union officials were today found  guilty,of complicity In the McNamara  dynamite plots, llncuding the wreck*  Ing of ihe Los Angeles Times building.  Frank M. Ryan, president ot tbe International Association of Bridge and  Structural Iron Workers, was among  those convicted. He, with others, was  accused of using the union's funds to  destroy the property ot contractors,  wbo refused to recognise tbe union.  All those adjudgod guilty were found  guilty of all the counts charged In the  indictment. '  After Judge 'Anderson had cleared  the courtroom of all spectators and  the families of the defendants, the  thirty-eight prisoners were taken Into  custody by deputy United States" marshals and special detectives, and - were  taken to the Marlon County Jail. Sentences will be Imposed on Monday.  Herman C. Seiffert. of Milwaukee, and  Daniel N. Buckley, of Davenport, Iowa,  the only two men out of the forty  labor union officials to be adjudged  not guilty,, were discharged from out*  tody. '  AN OPTIMISTIC CANDIDATE.  FOREIQN  inuinniin,*t,,,"ll"a"tft"fn"nl1"1111111  uitiniiii'"''""ft""ll"ll> j  MR. A. P. BUCK FOR WARD V  Mr. A. P. Block is a candidate for  alderwAinic honors in the Fifth Ward.  Knowing him personally, we feel sure  that, with his personality and executive  ability, he will make a very appreciahle  addition to the Aldermanic Board. Your  vote and influence will be well placed if  used to elect Mr. Black.  III! 11IIIII I I M'' * ' v ' '"���������*��������� **������'������'*"i'������������������*',"M*������������  Sen ef Old John Brown Dies at Ninety.  Akron, Ohio. Dec 26.���������Jason Brown,  aecond son of John Brown, "the liberator," is dead here today, aged 00,  Salmon Brown, a younger brother,  lives in Portland, Or.  War Scare Increases Emigration.  Berlin, Dec. 26.���������The general fear of  war which.has been sweeping over  central Europe Is giving a strong Impetus to emigration. About 8,000  sailed from Bremen and Hamburg In  one day for North and South American  ports.  King Serves Warning.  St. Petersburg, Dec. 26.���������Despatches  received here from the Bulgarian front  at Tchatalja say that cholera is rapidly spreading there.   Czar Ferdinand  C. C. Delbrldge haa well defined  views of an alderman's obligations and  of the needs ot Ward Four,, to the  electors of which he presents himself  aa a candidate for aldermanic honors.  If elected he will insist upon a rigid  fuel Inspection In the city of Vancouver, a much needed function. He will  puah forward all needed Improvements, especially on the streets connecting Grandview with the center of  the city, to facilitate travel, transportation and lire protection; He will at  all times strongly support everything  pertaining to the city'a best interests.  His residence- Is at the' corner of  William Street and Cotton Drive.  Huge Crowd on Care.  A total of 190,424 passengers was  carried on the Vancouver street car  lines of the British Columbia Electric  Railway Company Dec. 24, and this  number establishes a record -that has  not before been equalled in the city's  history. About 170 cars were in service, and tbey, were crowded until a  late hour, as they moved the late  Christmas shoppers to and fro. A  new record was set IaBt Saturday, only,  to be again broken by Tuesday's showing. Saturday the total was approximately 175,000. All of the company's  new cars that were in running order  were UBed.  Dec.  has Issued an official admonition to  the soldiers to strictly obey the army j Vancouver  ......$2,245,651  sanitary regulations. j Seattle  2,392,599  ....    1,650,556  Spokane     662,153  Tacoma      570,346  Total   weekly  Vancouver  Killed by his own Invention.       'Portland  Hamilton, Ont., Dec. 26.���������Frank  Riley, a farmer, was killed by an explosion in his barn near Carlisle yesterday. For the past three years he  has been working on a new explosive,  which he intended having patented.  He had just eaten his Christmas  dinner and entered the barn when his  wife and five children heard a terrific  explosion,   which  nearly   demolished  See Vancouver Grow.  28 bank clearings included:���������  Clearance.   Balance.  $481,516  232,314  142,003  124,092  33,763  clearings  for week ending Thursday, December  26, 1912, $10,949,857; for corresponding week of 1911, $9,360,746, and of  1910, $8,123,827.   Increase of 1912 over  1911, 7.92 per cent.; Increase of 1911  over 1910, 13124 per cent  May Revise Plans for an Enlargement  y ��������� '   ��������� ������������������-.���������-    r-  False Creek Dredging.  Mr. H. M. DaVy, government engineer in charge of test borings, who has  been at work in Vancouver add Victoria harbor all summer, Is now engaged with his staff in drawing up details for the contracts for dredging  False Creek. Mr. H. H. Stevens, MP.,  stated that the contract forms for the  work will be ready by January 31, and  that the Dominion Government Is  anxious that work should be started  as soon as possible.  f\. PLEASANT    BAPTIST    CHURCH  Cor. Tenth Ave. and. Quebec St  Preaching- Services���������11 a.m.    and    7:10  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m. >  CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Lausel St.  Services���������Preaching at 11 a.*n. and 7:SS  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  Rev . P. Clifton Parker. M.A, Pastor.  11th Ave. W.  inoniav.  MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario.   .  Services���������Preaching at  11  a.m. and at  7:.J p.m.   Sunday School   and Bible  '" Class at 2:S0 p.m.   -  Rev. W. Lashley Hall, B.A.B.D., Pastor  Parsonage, 123 11th Ave. W. Tele. Fair*.  :   mont 1448.' ..     77 7 "  ' AJTOUOAV. '. ���������'���������'' ,;  8T. MICHAEL'S CHURCH  Cor. Broadway and Prince Edward St.  Service*���������Morning Prayer at .11 a.m.7   .  Sunday School and Bibla class at 8:30  m. v  Evening Prayer at 7:30 p.m;  Holy Communion every Sunday at 81    _  -   and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11 am.  Rev. O. H. Wilson, Rector  Rectory, Cor.  8th Ave. and Prince Ed*  ward Bfc Trie. Fairmont 40S-L.  CEDAR COTTAGE  1  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services���������11 a.m., 7:30 p.m.  li.00 a. m.���������"Communion."  2.80 p.m.���������Sunday School and Bible  Class.  7.80 p.m.���������"The Throne of Love."  Phrenology  MRS. YOVNB  Ohrma Prmotloml  On Business Adaptation, Health and  Happiness  805 Granville Street, Corner Robson  Hours: 104. m. to 9 p. m  WARD VIII  Your INFLUENCE and  VOTE are Respectfully  Solicited py  Frank Trimble  As AldermanicCandidate for Ward Eight  P������y your Christmas and New year's Presents  ��������� from ���������. :  CHRISTIAN UTERATURIB PEPOT UP.  M75 Oranvifje Street  Cards, Mottoes and Devotional Books,  largest Stock of Bibles in Western Canada.  everything nt ������|o������e Cut Rntes.  BituUthic Paving  This scientific paving composition combines  iii. the greatest degree the qualities of  DURABILITY,  ���������3CONOMY,  NOIS:E*L*SSN3SS,  NON-SUPPERINESS, RESILIENCY OR  ^ASTICITY,  SAWTARINBSS  It has won the highest favor with drivers  of horses and automobiles. It has been  studied closely by municipal engineers all  over the continent, and has been adopted  by fifteen cities in Canada and over two  , hundred in the United States.  COLUMBIA BITULITHIC, LTD.  445 GRANVILLE STREET, VANCOUVER  (Cor. GranviHe and Pender)  Phone Seymour 7130  Vote for Baxter as Mayor  flt'lttMIMl'l!lt������l������tt������������������t*-lOiai*lll'tl'll''llllltlll**IIMI������  WARD IV  ���������  ��������������������������������� "  ! WALTER R. HAMILTON  Respectfully Solicits Your Vote and Influence  as Aldermanic Candidate for Ward Four.  Mr. Hamilton has been  endorsed  by the Good  Government League,  i ii 11 mi i m * i ��������� 11 ii i *** i moti 1111 in i n 111 ********* i a LAND  NOTICES  TAmaavram, a. a, *uun> vamoom.  ���������Orltrtarlot ef Cosei ***&*���������, Mo. 8.  Take notice that I. "Alfred Barker, ef  Vancouver. ' B. C. occupation, plumber,  Intend to apply tor permission to purchase/the following described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  Courteen miles in a northerly dtretion  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot Number thirty-nine (3.0. and on the  east aide of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north el thy chains; thence west  eighty chains; thence south ���������l*hty  chalns; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement  ALFRED BARKER.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent,  .   Dated November 18th, IM.  wMMoavrmm, a. c., **���������**������ oiavaior.  -M-rtileti of Oeesti *eas**e. ve. a,  Take notice that 1, John A. Cstterall,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation, clerk,  intend to apply for permiaeion to pur-  7 chase the following described lands:--  i Commencing at a poet planted about  fourteen miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner, -of survey  Lot .Number thirtynine fll), and ofl  the east side fit the We-na-Klene River:  thence south eighty chains; thence, weet  eighty chains; thenee north eighty  chains; thence aait eighty chalna to the  point of commencement  JOBS A. CATTBRALL.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November llth, 1112.  wA*ffoov*******#, a. c, xAjn> tuataum.  Mtrtrlot of Ooastt Baage, sTo. ft.  Take notice that I, Samuel C. Cornwall, of Vancouver, B. C��������� occupation accountant, ir/tend to apply, for psrmls-  sion to purchase the following described  lands:���������    / ������  Commencing at a pout planted" about  ��������� six miles/in a northerly direction from  the aortc-west corner of   aurvey  Lot  '    number thirty-nine (SI), and on the east  aide of/the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  north eighty chains; thet-.ce wast eighty  'chains';     thence -south   eighty   chalna;  thenc> east eighty chatns to ths point  of commencement - -  1// SAMUEL C. CORNWALL.  / Per Chas. McHardy, agent,  pated November 16th, 191 J.  ���������/k-roovTBB, b. o.( **xp vtatamrt.  ; ../..   Mstrlct of Ooast Baage, Vo, a.  7   Take notice that I, Frank R. Corn-  7 wall, of Vancouver, B. C., occupation ac*  /   couniant intend to apply for permission  to. /Purchase   the   following   described  lands:���������*  Commencing at a post planted six  miles in a northerly direction from the  north* west corner of aurvey Lot number  - thirty-nine (St), and on the east, side of  tne Kle-na-Klene River; thence south  eighty chains; thence west eighty chains;  thence north eighty chains; thence eaat  eighty chains to. the point of commencement  FRANK R. CORNWALL.  Per Chas. McHardy. ageat.  pated November llth. 1113.  vAjnrat-rvam, a. o, aawm mtmnmcm.  VUHHe* ef Oases Baege, Mo. &  Take aotlee that I. Aitrad WllllMns,  ef Vancouver. 9. C occupation clerk.  dwcribsd lands:���������  ember thln*fcn������e (il), and on the ea  south slfhty chains; thenee westJ**B*i  chains;    thence   north   eighty   chain  ns;  thence east eighty chains to the point of  commencement.        '         .   _  .,_,'  ALFRED WILLIAMS.  Per Chas. McKardy, agent  Dated November 19th, 1113.  TAMoov-na, m, o* *c*amb  -ffdstaiot of Oases mtmae. Mo. ft.  Take notice that'!, Jamas McCreatb.  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation mercantile agent, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:-���������  Commencing at a post planted about  eight miles in a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine <3������), and on the east,  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  north aighty chains; thenee west eighty  chains? thence south eighty chains:  thence east eighty chains to the point of  commencement _ .���������_L, i.^l-,.,-,,  :   JAMES McCREATH.  . Ter Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November llth, 1113.  TABOOUTBB, M. OL. 3i43������ **^t3M0*r.  Sltota-let of Oeert mease, Mo. ft.  Take notice that I, David Chessman,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation elerk.  intend to apply for permission to purchase tha following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post Planted about  ten miles In a northerly direction from  the north-west ^oorner of Survey Lot  number thirty-nine (II), and on the eaat  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  ������*outh eighty chains; thence weat eighty  chains; ' thence north' eighty chains:  tnence east eighty chain? to the point  of commencement.  DAVID  CHESSMAN.  Per Chas.  McHardy, agent  Dated November lath, 1112.  vAMCoorBm, b. o��������� ***A3i������ ������nr---*uoT.  ,  matrlot ef Coast Baage, Mo. ft.  Take notice  that I.  John N.  O'Diis  coll.   of  Vancouver.   B.  merchant,  intend  to���������a;  sion to purchase' the fol  lends;���������-  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles In a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (SI), and on the eaat  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  eighty chains north; thence eighty  chalna west; thence eighty chains south,;  thence eighty- chatns east to the point  of commencement -  JOHN N. 0'DRI8COLL.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent,  Dated November llth, 1113.  TAVOOTcr-rsB, a. o��������� uuro mmraaxrt.  ���������Mtrtrieft of oeeet Beage, Me. a.  Take notice that I. Samuel Flack, of  Vancouver, a. C. occupation broker. Intend to apply for permlaaion to, purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles In a northerly direction  from tbe north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (II). and on the  east side of the Kle*na*Klene River:  thenee south eighty chalna; thence west  eighty chalna; thence north eighty  chains; thence east eighty ehatae to the  point ef commencement v  SAMUEL FLACK.  Par Chas. McHardy. ageat  Dated November 18th. 1118.  TAMVOVVBeV B. ***������ *W99 ���������****t*****Mtt*t<  9j*Tm*Wmm*9^9 wm  wSbbi maw^^fw* **m*9* ^9*  Take notice that I, Robin D. Mess,  of Vancouver. R. C��������� ootmpatloti sales-  man. Intend to .apply for Mralsston to  purchase the following daseribed lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  joiiQ ������. \j una-  B. C-. ..occupation  ipply far permls-  ollowing described  twelve miles In a northerly direction  from the north-west comer of aurvey  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  east side of ' the Kle-ria-Klene ' River;  thence north eighty chains; thence west  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence eaat eighty-chains to tbe  point qf-commencement  ROBIN D.   ROSS.  '  Per Chas. McHardy. agent  Dated November 18th. 1912.  T*fkMOOVYB8- B. *%. **vAJTC> 3H******ft*tC**>.  iMtrtrlot of Ooast Baage, Mo. a.  Take notice that I, Frank Buckley,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation ���������clerk  Intend to appry for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thlrty-nlpe (89).,and on th*  eaat aide of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence north eighty chains; thence eaat  eighty chains; tnence south eighty  chains; thence weat eighty chains to the  point of commencement  FRANK BUCKLET.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 13th. .1113.  ���������amOOVTMB, B. Oh  B4**Meft of Ooast Baage, Mo. a.  Take notice that I, James T. Lee, ef  Vancouver, B. C. occupation surveyor,  Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:��������� v  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve milea In a northerly direction  from tho north-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thirty*oine (II). and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence south eighty chains { thence eaat  eighty chains; tnence north eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement .  JAMBS T.  LEE.  -Per1 Chas. McHardy. agent  Dated November llth, 1113.  ���������amoovtbb, a. On urn atatamt.  ���������Mstrlt* of Ooast amaf. lie. tt    .  Take notice that I. Thomas M. Carter.  ot Vancouver,  B.  C,  occupation  merchant Intend to apply for permission to  purchase tbe following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  fourteen miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thirty-nine (89), -and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence South eighty chains; thence eaat  eighty chains; - tnence north eighty  chains; thence weat eighty chains to tbe  point of commencement   ���������  THOMAS M. CARTER.  Per Chas. McHardy., agent  Dated November 18th, 1113.  *f AMOOVWBBv B. On *t*AM3) JUi0****U8*r.  of Ooast Baage, Mo, ft  Take notice that X. Joseph Clarke, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant  Intend to apply for permission to. pur-  ehaa* the following desc-ribed lands:���������  Commancir>r at .a post planted about  fourteen, miles^ In a noHheTly_ dtrecuoa  aad on  sj5*as**se.    fpaaeev l -***"&     *i������as*0     *va*Av**raa>avw*cab#s**(aafl      JUw"H"|  tnence north eigttt** chains; thenee. east  eighty chains; thence soutb eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to t|������e  point of commencement  JOSEPH CLARK8,  Par Chas. KcHsrdy, afent  Dated November llth, ltll.  fe-U-lt-tt-l-W  from the north-west comer of ������urv������y  Lot number fhlHy-nfae (II). and on tne  east aide.of the Kle*na*Klene   River  wmm mum  I'.V "'���������'(  UW>������ltCM>T������D.O,  CRU.PI**lf'f  9*w*'99Pm9^^^ S ^9   *}w^'**mrTr'9***T*' *9  ������lB-01N0  9������nmy ���������--   cm**** Pi-*  99-  HORSeSHOPINU  mih-s a Hoor������CR  frtciktiWQmSmmt  ��������� . 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C. occupation Parmar.  intends, to .applv for permission to lease  the following described iaods:���������  ComoMnclng Tat  .sins ta)Mie7 from.  ���������iw00-! P������*M������t������������ ���������*���������  the Eaat shore of  ut 30 chains North  mouth bf Marble Creek,  ***eat eoast of tha me/n-  , Columbia and edjoinlng  edeiwea'e epplieatioai for lease el  ' thence put SOjehaips: thence  !halns; thence West 80 chains  r. ���������_ ^ _th Mast corner oftJohn^Pederr  sen's location .-^thence North .ejong the  East line of padersen's applieettoi  ohaine te point of commencement  HBRMAN W. VANCB.  ���������th December; ttl8.  to the.South  Sout  in 30  Date,  m  ... Y ;-fU^:-aBJtHff^ *BFf   Re let II. Rloek tl. DJ* llfj^Orau**  1, New yremtmUMtet District: J**W***������s  proof of lose o^.CeatWcate of Title No.  !207e for en. undlvidad half Interest te  the above mentioned property. Issued In  the name pf Law A. Tarn, has been died  in this office, notice ts hereby given that  I shall at the expiration of one month  from the date of the drat pobllcatlon  hereof Issue a duplicate of auch Certificate of Title unless in the meantime  valid objection be made to me In writing.  Dated at the I-and Registry Office at  Vancouver thia llth day   of December.  A.D   1912. -  ARTHUR O. SMITH.  District Registrar.  Dec. 21, lilt, te Jan. 17. 1113.  rAcxrxo a mgSSyjB,** ****>w  OOMPAMT.  NOTICE* Is hereby given that the Padflc & Hudson Bay Railway Company  will apply to the Parliament of Canaila  at its present session for an Act extending the time within which it may commence construction of and complete It**  line of railway from a point near Klm-<-  fiult at the head of Pean Channel or  Bolla Coola on the North Bentlnck Arm  along the route hereinafter described.  and authorizing the construction of the  line of railway of the Company from a  point near Klmsqult at the head of Dean  Channel or Bella Coola on the North  Bentlnck Arm, thence ln a northeasterly  'llrection to a point at or near Elcatcho  hake, thene*? (n the same direction by  the Valley of the Upper anil Lower Nc-  chaco nivers and Carp Lake: to a point  at or near Fort McLeod or by Bella  Coola Valley In an easterly direction to  Puntze Lake, thence in a northeasterly  direction by the Nazco River, Black-  water and Mud River Valleys to a point  on the Xechaco River at or near Fort  George, thence in a northerly direction  to a point at or near Fort McLeod; also  a hranch line from either of the above  1ine������ hy the mo^t feasible route to a  point at or near Fort George, thence in  a northeasterly direction from Fort Mc-  T.oofl by the Misinchinca River to Pine  River Pa<=s, thence in an easterly direction by the tnf)������t feasible roiite to a  point near Dunvesan; thence in a northeasterly direction the mo=t feasible  route to a point on the Athabaska River  near Fort McMurray, and amending  Section 8 of the Act of Incorporation of  ���������he Company, bein? Chapter 126 of the  Statute;?' of Canada 1-2 George V., to  comply with the said route, and increasing the capital "stock of the said  Companv to twenty-five million dollar?,  and authorizing the Company to carry  on a sreneral express business, and to  enter Into agreements with' the Pacific  Great Eastern Railway Company, the  Edmonton, Dunvegan & British Columbia Railway Company, and the British  Columbia and Dawson Railway Company.  Dated at Vancouver, British Columbia,  this 21st day of November, 1912.  VT. F. BROUGHAM.  Pacific Building. Vancouver,  B.C.,  Solicitor for tho Pacific A Hudson Bar  Railway Company  l-13-lf to 4-1-13  Warier PL Hamilton, the Candidate et Fraetlcal Idea*  Interviewed, Mr. Walter R.  Hamilton, aidernianic candidate  tn Ward Pour, aald:   ;    ^ v  "In all matters "of; lecal Improvements aldermen should encourage the ratepayera and take  the initiative rather than binder  and diBCourage In the matter of  building up the ward and city.  "Statutes and by-laws affecting the well-being, hetaith and  protection of the citizens should  be strictly enforced, and every  opportunity should be grasped  to secure to the city franchises  auch as telephones, light, power  ~and-tram lines. United efforts  should immediately be commenced to secure to the city^aihple  dockage and Federal ������������������expenditure on our harbor to provide  for and attract the enormoua  . ahipping interests that ahould  be diverted to this port upon  opening of the Panama Canal,.  "Interurban tram traffic should  be removed from all leading thoroughfares. Nanaimo street ear-  line should be extended to  Strathcona road at once.  "First street should be intended to Main street and Venables street should- be properly  connected with Prior atreet ao  as to afford flre protection to  Grandview and to give better  travelling conditions east and  west in the city.  "A comparison of civic con.:  ditlons in the several city wards  reveals-lack of business ability,  thoroughness and general efll- ,  ciency on put ot the aldermen of  Ward Four. They, have not given attention to conditions In  their ward in the nutter of  streets, lanes, sldewalka, sewers,  etc. The men who rap-resent the  ward ahould secure ..large*; Un*  Srovements and make war on  le needless waste of money  caused by constant tearing np of  new work and many needless  changes.  Mr. Hamilton !��������� ������n edmlrer et  wide awake public servants ef  any part* and Is greatly pleased  with Vancouver's representative, H. H. Stevens, whose work  he follows closely. He balls  from Pruce county, Ont, spent  twelve years in Northern British  Columbia snd tbe Yukon. He  has been In Vanoouver flvto years  end is a prominent business man  and haa always tnken a live Interest in civic matters and pus*  lie affairs. He Im bmw of Ideas  and t-*owf what he believe*  inn ii iiiiii '���������'<*���������* *������������������ * * * ' ���������'*"*  A COMPrr-ENT CAWOlPATf  C. BS. Mahon. aldermanic candidate  for Ward V., was bom in Paisley,  Bruce County, ont., whic*r place Is well  known by many cltisens of Vancouver.  81*. reers ago be came to thia city, a  young man;,.cf high and^^ worthy ���������inW-  tions. Belnf possessed of an active  temperament, busineas ability, intellectual acumen, quick perception and  good judfpent. he baa been selected  on many occasions to organise and lend  moral, municipal and political bodies.  His success u;oi:g wicoe iinea is now  a matter of local history. Nature lavished on him the gifts of ready wit,  overflowing humor and a good working  vocabulary���������all of which have been  modified and disciplined by education  and experience.  Today he is in tne prime of life, full  of physical vigor, mental aptitude and  moral equilibrium���������a n*nn in every  way qualified io fill any cnTice in Vancouver. Tiie elector? of Ward V., and  the people of this city are to be congratulated in (hat M: *rn.ion, the busy  real estate dealer, hr.s yielded to numerous solicitations an.'., consented to be  *. candidate for aldermanic honors in  Ward V.  In the event of his rl^ctiDn the personnel of the city council will be well  sustained and the interests of Vancouver will be eafegiiarded by one who  bas proven himself at once competent  and in every wsy trustworthy.  yyyfyy<yAyAmmw^W^^Al^$:i  '"'a-i'-'-^ :v'^is^':-: XKX>:"xxz;yx^i*^y2yy'fi&^Miyy  Chest Devel(*pei*������;I**r*li*ui  i yA^0;m^^'  'AyyAyyryyyyy^^  Dii^onds, Jeweliy; (L*ut Glatt  Watches,: Spi^fvyi^  Bona fide and reliable reductioiw.   now and save money.  yAAm:^  ���������y '': ���������<-' ������������������>>��������� %'z~y\:$;  ymyyik  xyyy^yyym  .-���������'���������x: xvy->->xyit4  y<,y;yyyAyoM  IT IS A PLfiA3URe TO SHOW YOU ROIJND  143  g*sun>M> DuMmm^^ymm ^m  Hastings s^m^yW^  UMMOMMMIHIIIIIIIHOIMIIH  ." -.:.'.v ./������������������/���������'������������������lOi.i'.. i~y..\-&:t i>yi''x?n&:&ifSfm<  ********.  ���������������������������.xyx  We have a complete line of  to Pure Wool,, niocleWiife^^ *  form $2.50 to $5.50, in grey  ������ a*4 Vtoxfc  y-yyxyAy  Fancy UwtikmHef \^^ $M  #an4J*ewh!efs iixp 50c  NecHwear of all ]fcto4s at fttpricieis  ,������������������< %y.>. x.tft&x\:fr. <yi  ���������^4#y^-vyAi4  W!yy$y$Ai%i  i*y%Ay%y  y'XrXf������yiS'.ff  ������a^  Chic Blouse Co.  733 Qeorxin St.  0->p. 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THE HONIQ STORES .3?  iro    1 56*58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  J  ���������\  SI  _ -A  ^1 :  V  /  s K'  *\  CANDIDATES ���������  ��������� At this time of the year a great number of citizens are at a  loss regarding the claims of the various candidates. It is our  purpose to write briefly our opinion of, some of them, and trust  that our readers will consider seriously our remarks when selecting their candidate on election-day. ���������     .   -..' *.   a,-  ������ ��������� .-.is  MAYORAB '       *     <   v  '  Aid. Baxter, in our opinidn, is one who would fill the mayor's  chair with dignity and effect. We want a man who can DO  things. He -will be to the fore in that regard. Mr. Baxter has  had several years' experience as an alderman���������he is a trained  business man���������he is a cultured, clever gentteman and well able  to fill any position entrusted to him: We have no hesitancy in  laying he will make tood.  ,W    \AipERMANIC-WABDV.  A. P. JtiAGK, ESQ., lives on 12th Avenue East, and for a  number of years has been very active as a citizen in promoting the  Interests of the Ward and of tha city at large. He is a business  iktaft of wide knowledge* an old resident of the eity, well posted in  ita requirements, ana has a forceful manner in presenting his  cause. Hejvrae for some years one of the assessment commission**  era, which gwes him a special knowledge of civic affairs. He will  look after Ward V- weU.  ; TOAKK TOJ1C$L& of Ward VOT., has also sat on the  council for two years, with credit to himself and value to the city.  fte ii a quiet, reserved roan, hut with a good level head on \m  ���������shoulders,, His advweis pot recklessly liven, but when it is you  tSan j*e|y on 9, E������ is iwwofotely honest. His services have been  ��������� *"^- given and War4 VOT should return him at the head  ���������***-*���������**���������"  of thepo:  i*"  HAJSPWAISE  ^y * Papco Paint. Qjl  " /;' *'.     ;;    "���������"*,/���������.  Owfall sad Winter Stock U complete.  Call and fctsptet.  license Commissioners]  jixe F- P- Patterson  Ancl  -|to    S*>  Respectfully solicit their re-election |s  License Commissioners. *���������  They are capable and reliable,   <  MOODY  WILL IHVI?  MAMMOTH DRAIN  ELEVATQRS  The G. P. B. will erect their grain elevators at Port Moody. The daily press haa  already announced the railroad's intention. It ia the Aim of the-C. P. R. to ship 60,000,000  bushels of grain to the Coast annually, hi order to do this it ia necessary to have the ele*  vators built by the time the Panama Canal opens. * 1 '   '  A large gang of men started work 'this week laying steel on the C. P. R. right of  way,-which runs right through onr property,    '' J  neeesaary w nav-Kzrom nine 10 eleven mueav  of trackage adjoining tho groin elevator site.   The whole city of Port Moody ia now aglow. H  That which waa predicted months ago haa e6me true, and Port Moody has come into its own.   '  We have -the statement on the very highest authority that the head -of the C. P. R. will  have an ihtenatinf antoottncement to make early >n the new year, when he makes public the  annual appropriations. "Watch tho papers and you will see something regarding Port Moody  that will convince yon that it ia destined to become a groat seaport  WHaT TBI O. f. E. WILL OO fOE POIT MOODY.  It will triple track ita line between Port Moody and Coquitlam.  It will make gigantic preparations for the handling of millions of bushel* of wheat ,  from the Prairie Weat  The O. P. S. will operate forty to sixty grain trains a week, each train being newly  half a ndle in length.   -  , , .*-*���������-#  The C..P. R., which owns a large portion of the property at tho head of the Inlet,  propose reclaiming 160 seres of tide-flats.  \   The 0. P. B. is doing everything possible to a>ake Port Moody ready for tht open-  \>t the Panama Canal '  - Our property ������ selling fast, and those who purchase now will never regret it   The  price wo a^ asking for choice, high, level lota it    7-  tl7B.OO JACfn.  Terms:   fl&OO cash, balance $7.60 per month.  Free exeat-stow daily to port Moody, leering pur offlee #t 1*1$. p.m  mx^M^m  \  inr  ������  0. # kiAHON.���������JSvery one who knows $4.' admires his integrity. Ton cannot help trusting 0. JS. Hahon. He has also  ^een a very active man in civic matters and baa a very comprehensive knowledge of civicafairs. Tbetelectori of Ward V. are  very fortunate in Msuiinc him as a candidate, and we helievejie  will mike a painstaking and able wpr^sentative. We are most  anxious that only men of known integrity shall be elected, ahd ire  pleased that we shall h������ve the opportunity of supporting such  mw M theaa who are forward in Ward V.      7  Next week we wiU fcave somethmg further on thia matter. In  the meantime we believe the electors should take advantage of  every possible opportunity of hearing the various candidates discuss public questions.    ,  mm ������"��������� 1111111M1 *"<  > iniii 1111 un' 11111111 h 111111111111111 ��������� >i  ***>������������*--**������*--*i I Still*  **���������-#������  W. R. OWEN  t8f7 Main Street Phone: F������irmont447  -  \  r,-  .   f-                                        .     1  ..���������              ~'1      ~  e  EHELDRam  . 1'  Ask toe  wm  wko smokes them.  .1  V  ���������v  .-.--'  ���������.  Xmas Snaps  High Dry Corner Lot in City, only $600.   Third, 6,12,18.  5 Room Bungalow, Elegantly Furnished, 200 feet off Main on King  Edward, price $4,500.   Easy Terms.  70-ft. Double Corner, 36th Ave.,near Fraser Avenue,cleared graded  and fenced, $1300.00.  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street Branch 164 Broadway JJast, near Main Street  THS PION***-** CANOIPATS*  Ales. Clelaot}, tbouf b only ta mttMJe  life, Is a pioneer resiOeot of Vaaoott-  ver, having lived here for twenty-three  jfaart,  , Be was bom and educated to Ottawa, Ont la youth he left Ms Vast*  era home and came West to grow ap  wltb the ooontry. He at onoe became  interested in the spirit of the West,  and Identified himsetf with the thlafs  that five stse.awt stablilty to a city.  After derating -rears to work of material deveto-**aent teqalrinf hard  labor, be toned bis attention more  particularly to otmtraetlag, to which,  capacity be Is well aad widely iaowal  As a business man and a man of  strong social Instincts he has a long  established reputation for honor and  veracity.  Mr Cleland is familiar with the city,  and is in touch with its ambitions snd  needs for future enterprises, the  moral, soda!, educational aad financial  development of Van. appeal to him  most thoroughly. He Intends to devote his entire time to aldermanic  duties.  Ward Two did well to elect blm by  acclamation. He will give a good account of himself.  Vote for Trtoible foy Ward VJJ1  Vote for the Exhibition By-Law.  On Tuesday evening, Jan. 7, at 8  p.m., a silver medal contest will be  given in Mt Pleasant Baptist Church,  under the auspices bf the Mount Pleasant W.C.T.U. There are seven bright  contestant, and a good musical programme, will be provided. - The public,  are cordially invited. A silver collection will be taken to aid the work.  Vote for the Exhibition By-Law.  " Be sure your're right, then go ahead."    ���������/,   y ,  If you are in doubt about what to purchase for your  friends, call in and exanjine our stock of good* suitable for useful gifts,     the great variety we offer will  make it easy for you to decide.  PARTIAL LIST  Ladies1 and Men's plain  or initial Linen Handkerchiefs.  Men's and   Boys' Dressing Robes  House Coats  Fancy and Knitted Vests  Silk Hosiery  Muffler, knitted or in silk  squares  Neckwear   in   silk   and  poplin  Ladies' and Men's Umbrellas  Ladies' and Men's Dressing Cases  Ladies' Hand Bags; one  :   line at half price  * . ���������  ^Collar Boxes, Purses and  Pocket Books  Fancy Arm Bands, Garters and Suspenders  Fitted and Leather-lined  Valises in great variety  Clubb & Stewart  309-315 Hastings St.W. Phone: Sey. 702  T*"~*������3f4- iJtVW^-r-  '^~.r~*^!&jsGttl^5~'t25ttf**&Z&XL.i:- -


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