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 Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  Wy^MM  ^_____^___r_-_Z-----_-^=---;___-=_������-^--__--.   **QPf*f * v������ j *    '���������" ������������������������������������������������������������������������-**" -��������� ���������������������������������������������--��������� Mil-Hi���������    ���������   ������������������-��������� ���������-    ���������    ������������������������������������-  ���������i ������������������������������������ '-'i'���������'"--" ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������   ��������������������������� ��������� ii*-..--*-!  ���������  i ��������� ������������������  -.I.���������  ������������������������������������ *������������������ ������������������������������������   ._.*mi_i   -p        ,,-  VOLUME IV H. B. *?-**> 4_*_        " , Editor-in-chief VANCOUVER, British Columbia, DECEMBER L 1912  r_____s_e-_a_-M-a-------_----ap-M--!:***4;,,      ���������_-_k_w_____w_a____________-w_--i--w--a^^  _3_____B5E__3M_MM_5______S_________5M-i_M^M_S_^, ���������������"' _____w_a__i_������_*___������a__***������___a________������___������_---������_-������***������*********^^  1  COMMENTS ON LIVE ISSUES  By Alex.  TBS APPROACHING ELECTION.  The election is coming on apace, bringing certain victory or defect to aspirants to office. 'Success or failure may turn on small things such as  a word fitly spoken, aptitude in discerning the  trend of public affairs, attention to the forces that  move toward the coveted prize, or the reverse.  In Vancouver, with its constant influx of new  blood and rapid development, candidates must  needs make themselves known to the electors  if they would win in the contest. He that announces his platform and thoroughly Bati-fies the  people that their interests will be safe in his  hands, "seizes fortune by the forelock" and com*  pels success.  THE EUROPEAN SITUATION.  Peace is about assured in Europe, Turkey has  concluded an armstice with Bulgaria, Servia and  Montenegro, Greece alone remaining in a state of  war. The madness that unsettles empires, employs vast armies to punish their neighbors on  small pretext and finds satisfaction in shedding  human blood is being replaced by general sanity  and-a feeling of universal brotherhood. Militant  rulers are no longer popular. The Powers are a  unit in bringing about a speedy settlement of the  unhappy differences in Southern Europe.  The chief danger zone is at the point of contact between Austria, Servia and Russia. Sound  ���������ense should prevail and avert further trouble,  r  "The only epitaph history could write upon  ���������uch a catastrophe," said Winston Spencer  Churchill, first lord of tha admiralty, in reference  to the possibility of a general war as a result  of the Balkan situation, 'would be this���������that a *  whole generation of men went mad and tore themselves to pieces."  THE POLIOS C0MMMM0NH������8.  A singular confusion has come about between  the Police Commissioners,.. Attorney-General  Bowser and the reading public. The whole matter put in a "nutshell" reduces to the following: Alexander street nourishes and has done a  large, growing business for more than twelve  months. Other aections of tbe city have been  ���������weiring in prostitution tog ifcany years until  their condition Is chronic.  - -^'<������������������;*������^  The present board of commissioners, headed by  tfayor wBfty, 4������1wwmm| toredww thtiwitMW*  * ~ To this end they pla-aned a 1*P������-  _���������__ _-__. ,���������s. j^WPOSSJff"wntefrPp'1 \%\o "*|"**flW"*"***IO'**l  worn***, tWeby cleaning up the body of iM* efty,  *nd furthermore getting the evil into a wore convenient form to control and eventually extenwn-  #te, if poastt-Je. This much seema to be clear, and  fhould be judged upon ita uvarita, as ft means to  unend.  Personally, the writer is absolutely opposed to  segregation of any vice, and believes it to be universally a failure, but nevertheless he is prepared  to grant that the commissioners were honest in  their avowed purpose to discharge their duties;  to the best of their ability. They now see their  mistake, and have for months, hence their change  of front and urgent orders to clean up the city.  ^,-**o return to their policy: Jit is certain theyy  privately agreed among themselves not to publish  their segregation plan, but to keep it a secret, and  thftt for lever*! reftsow, chief among which were  the following:  First���������To announce such a plan would draw  fallen women by hundreds to Vancouver. The  sequel proves their fears yrexe well founded for  the Merit leaked and at once the restricted district became congested.  Second���������Publication of purpose to first segregate and then pinch, punish and uproot the evil-1  doers, would scare the quarry, cause them to shun  the district and prosecute their business secretly  in scattered sections of the city. This, at least,  was in the mind of the commissioners.  Third���������Had the commissioners openly declared  their purpose, their plans would have been frustrated by an angry populace, aroused and directed  by the religious and moral leaders of the city.  In fact, the commissioners have all along maintained that suspicion, opposition and advertising  rendered their efforts futile; hence they lay the  blame for excess of prostitution in Alexander  street on the shoulders of the Good Government  League and the clergymen.   Judge ye who can.  After months of trial, when segregation was  (Continued on Outside Column)  Vote for T. S. BAXTER as Mayor  far  1913.  UNION HADE  Ask the  BA  man  CHELOII ���������������"  who smokes them.  THE MAROLTY ELECTION  (Prof. E. Odium. M.A.. B.Sc.)  Many are sorry that Alderman Ramsay has''  dropped out of the contest for the Mayoral chair.  He has served the city many years and deserves  the best reward the citizens can give him. We are,  all deeply sorry that through the death of his  brother he has lost one from his own family, and  from his business. Perhaps in the near future  Alderman Ramsay will be somewhat freed from  business responsibility, at least so far as" to permit -  him to seek election for Mayoral honours, in  which case he should be supported by those whom  he has faithfully and efficiently served.  THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL.  er in or out of the Council, of 1913 we wish them  success. With the Council we most certainly  include Mayor Findlay.  ANOTHER OHAT WITH REV. BONNER, OF  THS "WESTERN CATHOLIC."  In a short paragraph last week, I said I would  say something in favor of certain claims of the  Roman Church. I now do so, and in deepest sincerity.  But as a prelude, I may say that no matter bow  much I may attack that Church wherein I consider  it is in error, I at no time would apply my hard  knocks to the members of the Roman Catholic  A strong and zealous deputation interviewed \ Church, as such. We have hosts of truly good,  the Attorney-General last week. No person can J loyal, shrewd, business citizens among them. They  doubt the sincerity of the men who called upon  the -Ion. Mr. Bowser in the interests of the public.  At that interview many things came clearly to  the surface. I wish to make a few comments  thereon. Perhaps four paragraphs will cover all  I care to say at this moment.  First���������It goes without saying that, as a rule, the.v  government should house those whom the working"  out of the law send for housing. Of course general ?  rules' frequently need modifying even in the^  public jnterest. The Attorney-General thinks the *  case under consideration by the deputation was'.  one of that kind, while they differed from him by  holding to the general rule.  Second���������The soundest and safest way to do \.  effective work, and that is what all true men and <  women desire, is to grip relentlessly the bigr  designing, business, heartless women who manage  the houses of "ill fame," and punish them. Bring  them before the court this week and fine them.  Bring them up next Week and fine them. Bring  them up the following week and fine them. Never  mind the jail.  . have clear notions of their duty both to the state  I and to' the church.   They need no teaching to  ���������' Show them their duty in either direction. / These  men never grow angry with me because I attack  - certain abuses and false claims made by the inside  \ .Machine manipulators of that .wonderful organ-  ^ Ization.  Now for my promise. 'I most heartily agree  with you, Reverend Sir, when you on behalf of  ? yourself, your church, your people and/the public,  ������laim that the young, rising generation should  have some sort of religious training in the public  schools. To my mind this is fundamentally,  strong ground, because it lies at the foundation of  all individual success of a permanent sort.  While I sincerely agree with you, sir, on this  matter, we would not, perhaps, fully agree on the  method of securing our desires.  However, there might be a way found for common and agreeable work in this direction. Tou  and I agree that children should not be so related  to education and history as to cut out, in an official  *Aray, all knowledge of God's dealing with the  v' v������  5tn&_S_SSr S3 f Es������tt*_������,������__M,  2L 1^L?J!__u2^_.i_S?i__i7iIt llLEl^ -Wacity; are AGNOSTICS, IF NOT ATHEISTS,  after.  They traffic in souls and bodies of helple*^ ^ th������ h   d BOt be.,  E_'i&tfflff%____*������5F ��������� ***&** . -> is a marvel how 6* people cram ft lot of we-  ^fh&jSJ!s__^J____������_t������._ ������������������*__. wk_- : fci������ *-d unreliable hiatbry into the heads of the  ���������J^_^���������_Sr,ih_K *���������_���������. ** keen from^Tthe hi*.  E&mVtt *  to draw money, ior sueh ft,������se.4esl^ fc-HSLrr������L?a_b5������ t**v ta r^hiM^  ;eeomnlice,5d by continue, mjke ^y^g^af0^^.^^ ������?& .wBS  mae^im airfer and better ftnaBcml returns w^������������^4^0-- tbe Hon. G. W. RoasT minister of  Iducstion for Ontario, and Archbishop Lynch  ~ to solve the problem. Perhepe their com-  ^ J-JpMTOtaieirWtterlbfttrmtW*-frM-ffr  British Columbia.  Here it ii in a nut-shell. After years of consideration writing, talking and earnest searching,  they decided to prepare a Bible. I believe it was  known as "The Ross Bible." It was really a compilation of scripture stories,,, accounts and lessons,  taken from different parts of Holy Writ.  This was put into the schools and was largely  used. Of course it did not give full satisfaction  to either party. But it had the merit of giving the  children some clear notion of Bible History, morals, and teaching, in addition to something of the  highest and most profound importance.  Here is the second thing���������The public and official act said to all the children as well as to the  whole world, that so far as Ontario spoke in an  official capacity, Ontario recognized, honored and  strove to obey the God of heaven and earth.  This  +,,������_.-*a *_iT ������ Jh���������������������_{���������������������*._��������� ���������*-,_������ .*._ -,,*Mr.;-~ o w������m> * distinct gain. What do you think of this  tures to tell a deputation that they are pursuing a    ���������i���������_ *o_-_-__j oj.i  good end in a manner that reaches no results of     P1������?/ **���������***������������*��������� ������irT  real value.  Much could be said, but I shall desist  as space so demands.  OUR WTCWNG COUNCIL.  . The year is approaching its end, and old Father  Time- is ready to usher in a fresh young, blustering, vigorous child, the first of his usual annual  production.  With the advent of this young firstborn, January, depart the members of the 1912 Council.  Before they leave for silent restfulness, or venture  upon another election, it is wise to tell them that  as a body they have done well.  No Council in the history of Vancouver hss  done better than the present. As citizens, we owe  them a debt of gratitude, and we praise them for  their public spirit and the constant ability they  have devoted to the interess of the people. Wheth-  long runi  ' Fx>*mb���������Th* poor filijrs Q������e:-scareely  h'*i*B9]amwm\+'^^^������***am9mW������-*aflW^WW'**������*.^'**T * w^fi^9*99*^9*wm^9,^*^r'*aa^a^^9^m^Jlmm^^^', ������������������-���������-���������������������������  ment that one of the first and mort pers^rtent  causes of he fall of so many girls on tne Pacific  coast is to be found in the number of foreign  male ^chambermaids." This is a topic so vast  thftt I care' *iot to aay more on the matter just  now.- Another cause is to be found- in the very  chaste, respectable, Christian women. Our Christian women too often run riot to save fallen men,  blubber over "saved pugilists,*! "gamblers,"  "thieves,*' and other similar, persons; but tbey  do not and will not turn ft hand to save a poor,  fallen girl. The low, impure,, immoral Chinaman  can find good homes and high wages in the houses  of our Christian men and women, but the poor f*rirl  who has made a single trip in the wrong direction  is not permitted to enter these homes as a servant*  She is forced into poverty, starvation, and shame  by the Tory class who are apt to be too hasty in  condemning the Attorney-General because he ven-  Of course you know that the plan of having a  lot of clerics hanging around the corridors of the  Eublic schools for a chance of giving a little  urried, spasmodic, conflicting religious teaching  in the name of DENOMINATIONAL RELIGION,  would never do. It would prove a curse and confound confusion, which is not desirable. Furthermore, the other plan of giving a lot of separate  schools, would be even worse folly. We want in  British Columbia, just one united people, under  the British flag, loyal to the Empire, and inspired  by the one spirit. Separate schools to suit all  sorts of claimants each with different sentiments  from the others, and owning differing potentates,  could never bring out of such chaos a united,  harmonious and an intelligently loyal people. Tou  and I, sir, should agree here. Do wef If not,  present a plan for consideration.  Vote for T. S. BAXTER as Mayvr  for 1913*  Xmas Snaps ������-.  High Dry Corner Lot in City, only $600.   Third, 6, 12, 18.  5 Room Bungalow, Elegantly Furnished, 200 feet off Main on King  Edward, price $4,500.   Easy Terms.  70-ft Double Corner, Fraser Avenue and 36th, cleared graded and  fenced, $1300.00.  Why pay rent when you can secure a new 3 Roomed House for $1500  small cash and balance as rent.  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  VANCOUVER HARBOR  H. H. STEVENS WILL tNTRODTTCS  IMPROVE VANCOUVER HARBOR.  Extensive and intensely important harbor  -j JMtv?,s   -  '^/������<ir���������^*?a;  ^_i^#  provements and inorease of powers^for.the harlW������,-/"'?;  administration of Vancouver are eBibodied^in'A.-'J'^  bill to be introduced in a few days by H. &; ^f|       "_ _._        _*i__        _L*_.   _      *,_ - >!.'       l_>   _T.  Stevens, M. P. The bill provides for tha incorporation of the Vancouver Harbor Board, wW^lf,  is to consist, under its provisions, of two *_���������������������������-������������������-  pointees chosen by the government,; and out \  chosen by the city council -*��������� ',    ' /  This harbor board, according to the bill to jbe  introduced will be invested with powers to expropriate lands and to tax riparian properties fo "-  as to gain revenue which it is intended to apply to  relieve charges on shipping and so develop marine  traffic in the harbor to a much greater extent.  Under the provisions of the bill wharfage charges  will be reduced and further facilities will be provided for patrons of the port.   ���������  > ** **  Will Provide Elevators.  Powers to select sites for and proride ete-n^W  in view of the importance of Vancouver aa ft e4>Btt>*  ing grain port of tiie world are included and thtr  new commission generally will administer Do<iKn-  ion marine law, _a well aa acting under p**o*ritte|#i  legislation,-, all matters touching harbor ftflainb  Large wharves, each 800 feet long, one* on the)  north and one on the south shore of Burrard Inlet,  are foreshadowed in the provisions of the bill, and  the suggestion is that if the bill carries there will  be introduced shortly ft money bill to provide for  the subsidising of these wharves by the govern-.  ment. The *biU is now being revised by Mesnra.  Bowser, Reid and Walbrfdfe.  The bill ia based upon a draft form whieh Mr.  Stevens drew up himself about ft year agOv���������Thft  Vancouver ''Sun.'*  - ' **>���������  , AVJ  vv  MUR  (Comma fmrntMiio  !*���������****������������������** v *etaa>   ma fa^akymm^*\m*^r7m\ ssMf ���������^^^*r********^^*s^***************r^********^i***r  to im^wyiM^byydy housgjne]..  _tP"a*Wr���������"p ^HW**e^^">*^yB^WyjlPWjf^lHf^*1 w^fe^p^^jjfww^^^B^ ^t"^^^^���������������������������  ^ NowtheSflPMii iM*  ��������� siisperted 9Wm Phw to favor   ���������  already stftted, and p������ additional fftet  ism,".... '..:"'���������_._,   cations, believed and suggested the "fooling tho  people" theory. Can we not intelligently concede  thftt our public officers were honestly endeavoring to discharge their duty and to find ft solution  to an old and difficult problem f  We may question their wisdom and possibly  their legal right on two points, vis.: A dwriett*!  area of vice, and their iOCTtt purpose to favor it;  but it does not necessarily follow thftt they lire  friends of vice or foes to virtue and ft clean eity.  Change of viewpoint modifies and broadens judgment. Why place the worst possible construction  on their motives aud that in the face of their long  established reputation for moral and business integrity and: their repeated^ declarations of good  faith in all they did or planned to dot  It now remains to be seen what their successors  will do with the social evil and associated vices.  WEIIUH 8. BUTEK  Whose name is before ihe Electors of  Vancouver AS OUR NEXT MAYOR  will bring to the office a mind well stored  with experience in Civic Affairs, and a  reputation for ability and business integrity.  ������**<       pf'1- i* ���������>  '*V���������A,. .  ���������  ** V "saa  I *5    '  j*_- V   *3    vji* ��������� W**V'  vvh sta * j*. *^*5.  A������L  f:  '0j.  \  HARDWARE  Bapco Paint, Oil  STOVES   and   RANGES  Our Fall and Winter Stock is complete.  Call and Inspect.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street  Phone: Fairmont447 T7*vi*T  ������������������Ti  2  THE WESTERN CALL.  VAcrrzo a *_**__o������r bat m_i_w_.*r  ooT-P-irr.  NOTICE ts hereby given that the Padflc & Hudson Bay Railway Company  will apply to the Parliament of Canada  at Its present session for an Act -extending the time within which it may commence construction of and complete Its  line of railway from a point near Kims-  auit at the head of Dean Channel or  Bella Coola on the North Bentlnck Arm  along the route hereinafter described,  and authorizing the construction of the  line of railway of the Company from a  point near Kimsqult at the head of _>ean  Channel or Bella Coola on the North  Bentlnck Arm. thence In a northeasterly  direction to a point at or near Elcatcho  Lake, thence in the same direction by  the Valley of the Upper and Lower Ne-  chaco Rivers and Carp __ke; to a point  at or near Fort McLeod "or by Bella  Coola Valley In an easterly direction to  Puntze Lake, thence in a northeasterly  direction by the Naxco River, Black-  water and Mud River Valleys to a point  on the Nechaco River at or near Fort  George, thence in a northerly direction  to a point at or near Fort McLeod; also  a branch line from either of Ihe above  lines by the most feasible route to a  point at or near Fort George, thence in  a northeasterly direction from Fort McLeod by the Mislnchlnca River to Pine  River Pass, thence In an easterly direction by the moat feasible route to a  point near Dun vegan; thence In a. northeasterly direction the moat feasible  route to a point on the Ath-baska River  near Fort McMurray, and amending  Section 8 of the Act of Incorporation of  the Company, being Chapter 126 of the  Statutes of Canada 1*2 George V., to  comply with the said route, and In-  , creasing the capital stoek of the aald  Company to twenty-five million dollars,  and authorizing the Company to carry  on a general express business, and to  enter Into agreements with' the Pacific  Oreat Eastern Railway Company, the  Edmonton, Dunvegan <fc Brltl������h Columbia Railway Company, and the British  Columbia and Dawson Railway Company.  *vP*_5**.ai V������n_������uver. British Columbia,  thia 21st day of Novemter, W12.  W. F. BRO_GHA*_,  Pacific Building, Vancouver. B.C., Solicitor for jht> Pacific ft Hudson __jr  Railway Company.  ���������-12-12 to 4-MS  Millions for Rolling Stock.  Winnipeg, Nov. 29.���������The "Telegram" today Bays:   ,  "Forty-eight millions of dollars In  rolling stock ordered in one year.  That is what the Canadian Pacific  Railway has done during 1912.".  f*������tW������'l"H'M"l"l������"M"M"t"l'I'l I I I'**************************  Edited by D. R. PIERCE |  Phone Fairmont 1U0      X  | Grandview  Premier Had to 8mile.  London, Nov. ,27.���������Several correspondents of British newspapers are  cabling long reports from Ottawa on  the parliamentary session now in progress. The Dally Telegraph's correspondent today spoke of the garbled  reports from obBCure English newspapers being transmitted to Canada to  show "England Is laughing in her  sleeve at the expense of Canadian  Jingoes."  The correspondent says he showed  this extract to Premier Borden, who  smiled considerably.  Note���������News meant for. this column should be mailed or phoned to the editor early to insure  nsertion. .,.���������.-.('  i*&^}.*************^F****4r**+ *<h4'**4,*******^****4'**������V**4<  The chances are that a man who  looks before he leaps- wont leap  **************************  If You Are Sick I  CALL ON  I ERNEST SHAW, D. CI  (Doctor of C*hi**ep**aetic)  250 22nd Avenue East  Chiropractic weceede   where  medicine faUa.  Boars 1*80 to 6 CoM-ttatfan first  ������t������M  '   Mora Men for Mounted Police.  Ottawa, Nov. 27.���������Premier Borden  haa given notice of a bill amending  the Royal Northwest Mounted Police  Act. It will provide for soma Important changes In regard to the force.  The demand for more detachments  has been constant and insistent, the  population having Increased Ave times  and the settled areas having extended  tenfold, while the force has stood at  the strength of tan years ago, with  50 officers and less than SOO non-conv  nMssloned officers and constables.  The bill provides for a substantial  Increase in the strength of the force,  atid will also provide for a higher scale'  of pay for the men. The aervlce has  experienced much difficulty In keeping  the*men and in getting new ones  un'der the existing scale, while many  opportunities of more profitable employment exist in the western provinces.  A itaew departure will be a clause  ���������providing' for the use of plain clothes  man in connection with the Mounted  *Pdltee. The need for thia has been  very evident In tracking down per-  ���������sosa wanted for murder and other offences in tbe scattered weatern aettto-  ****_lis..  BUITAIO GROCERY  '    CommercbM 0riv* ���������** 44tft Ave.  ������W mm oTQwrttty"  3u8fae������i comet* our way became we keep wlwt  tfie people nee4 awl charge ������tytierate|y*  Groceries, Provisions, Fruits  Only tMt best br������<*4������ kept t* ttocft.  Our goods are all guaranteed and mooey *efuu<Je4 if  not satisfactory.  j. p. sinci-ir, prop, piione i fajfimt |033  _  HARDWARE  re Keep the pen and Our Prices are Right.  It will pay you to see us before buying*.  Your money back if goods not as represented.  Watts Hardware Co.  The Quality Hardware Store  Phone Highland 825*1 1407 Commercial Prive  The city is said to-be now negotiating for a whole block In this vicinity  in order to erect a suitable school  building for the growing population.  A new business block is going up  on Commercial drive near William.  A permanent curbing is being put in  on the corner of Venables street and  Commercial.  Charles E. Smith .has. handed In all  the options for tbe Widening of Commercial drive The few yet to be  signed are at the jclty. hall. The board  of works passed a resolution thanking  Mr. Smith tor his valuable services in  this connection.  Pleasant Anniversary.  Mr. and Mrs. H. >0. Thomas, of 1616  Chaiies street, wtho.came to Vancouver shortly after .their marriage, celebrated their silver, wedding on Tuesday evening last. Mrs. Thomas receive. t__ gnetrta, wearing, an Empire  gown of silver grey.-ilk trimmed with  applique to *~atc_. _. .very; Pleasant evening was enjoyed. Miss Thomas played a nutnber ot operatic and other selections an _������e vWWn,"ibeing accompanied on the piano by Miss *_Crakan-  thorpe. Refreshments were served  during the Intermissions, iMrs. Bellamy and Miss Mae Paterson assisting  the hostess at the .tattle. The- friends  of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ��������� presented  them with a ������umber ot'heautiful presents suitable to the occasion. Their  son, Mr. *W. B. Thomas,, now of the  mechanical trtaff of ithe cC.P.R. at  Kamloops, gave his parents aa sterling  Sty-er tea aet, ~*itib wasJigreatly.admired.  finndvJew *M_l0hts iMwrinfl.  Grandview Heights, whldb Is directly behind tarandview, mttd <-*_Jeh will  eventually be a feeder 'for the ausi*  ness femees on _e-M_ereial tiri-re, i Is  experiencing a great increase In building opera.---. Twenty-three .-oaaee  are going np tn tbe Immediate vicinity  of First evwwe aa������ frWrfwrw.  There is quite a demand taatong the  Graadvlew **e*Mef*ts and tha now settlers tn OrantWew Htriftots to Way  first a***fw*������ opened np.  ma only outlet tor Gra*Wtew He***  Men's Meeting. -  On Sunday afternoon, in St  Saviour's Church, Grandview; a men's  meeting was held, and a most helpful  and inspiring address given by the Rt.  Rev. BiBbop de Pender. The subject  taken waa "Man, the Ideal and the  Actual," and the threefold nature of  both, viz.: Body, soul and spirit, very  beautifully drawn out The musical  pa/t was well attended to In the hands  of an excellent orchestra. A sacred  solo was ably rendered by Vancouver's popular tenor, Mr. H. J. Cave,  which delighted everyone. This meeting was the first of a aeries to be held  monthly during the winter months,  and a special feature la that every  man who attends ie sure of a hearty  welcome, no matter what hie religious  denomination may be.  Ward IV. Conservative Club Annual  Meeting.  Ward. IV. Conservative Club held  their annual meeting at the Grand-  view Hall Monday evening, the President, Mr. J. R. Jacobs, occupying the.  chair. The principal business of the  evening was the election of officers  for the ensuing year, with the following result: President, A. J. Horner;  first vice-president. H. M. Burns; second vice-preejdent, A. Robinson;  secretary-treasurer, J. A. MacKa~; representative to the executive, Joseph  Hoskln. Upon the unanimous vote of  the meeting Mr. J. R. Jacoba was elected hon. president of the Ward IV. Association. ,  Speeches were made by J.'T. Croot,  third vice-president of the Central  Association; Messrs Adair, Robinson,  Creban and others. A musical entertainment was rendered by the association's glee club.  Qrandvlow  Buffalo Grocery, 14th Ave. and Commercial Drive.  Gusndrlew Staty., 1U0 Commercial Dr.  Lynn, E. If., Keefer snd Campbell Ave.  Metbsws, J., i������go Charlse St.  Mutnays, isst Commercial Drive.  fflfto .Store. 1160 Commsrdal Prive.  *t ininswt "acalwiy's. J- Mil Commercial Drive.  __  ������*-* Helfh* SwMfll Pros-1417 Commercial Drtvt.  resWenta * m^ *m*mjw m4 *m* J?!?*! *���������* *������������ <-***w***cW Prtvo,  E21 Watches Clocks  Jewelry and Optical Goods  A.   WISMER  Jeweler & Optician  Repairing a Specialty 1433 Commercial Drive  High=class Groceries  Provisions, Fruit, Stationery  Confectionery, Tobaccos  CAKES, PASTRIES, BREAD  Special attention to phone orders  Winnipeg Grocery and Bakery  Jones & Olsen, Prop.  Corner Harris and Campbell  Ave.  Phone Highland 102 Branch Post Office  Methodist fExtemHon ���������edst* tonqust-  The .fourth annual banquet of the  Vancouver Methodist Extension 9ai  ciety was held last evening In the  Grandview Methodist Churchy Following tbe banquet speeches by members of the society on the various  phases of tbe work were given. Mr>  W. A. l-etcher, on tbe subject of "The  Work of the Extension Society," pointed out that the objects of the society  were to promote a spirit of union and  co-operation among the various districts of Vancouver, to provide an opportunity for a free and full discussion  of denominational affairs, and to promote a better acquaintance through  social Intercourse of the various (denominations. Besides the work of  opening live new churches during the  past year the society has undertaken  to do something to combat, the serious  problem which confronted the  churches with respect to the large foreign Immigrant element which was  coming to the city in everlncreaeln.'*  numbers. To this end the society had  been successful in getting the conference of the church in the province to  set aside one minister whose whole  endeavors would be given up to this  work. The Rev. J. C. Switzer pointed  out that over 51) per cent, of the. lawless are rescmited from the ranks of  the foreign immigrant. The task of  the church, he said, was to see that  witlTthe increase of population there  was not a weakening of the two most  important institutions for the betterment of the moral U'e of the peope,  namey, the home and the church. The  Rev. A. M. Sanford, treasurer of the  society, was gad in the thought that  whereas the Methodist Church in Vancouver six years ago had but five ordained men and two students, it now-  had eighteen ordained men and seven  young men to carry oirthe work. The  Rev. Mr. Sanford said that so far as  he was concerned he sometimes felt  that he would like to get along without any churches and run his own religious affairs to suit himself. Yet be  thought great good for the future can  be accomplished when people combine  to forward an object,  Hastings. wWle If Vint *������*m am* %WJ***W** W* Oommaralai pr.  opened <*���������,*���������*#������* ������J%4i**tt fgW^^ ���������������"*������ ������������������������ Csmp*  would He able to pttr*m*s i*������ ���������rfvf5** **-  chants of coamtam drive. Urand-  vfew ft������ff*tf ffoforty ma* >btW of  the market for ������ number of year* by*  Toronto syndicate, bt������t ttoe It hss  been of esed for n*o It ba*..*bttj������ 3*  good demand.    Three hundred ���������'4)mA  forty scras were cleared tsst year, mt  the section Is bulWrag ������*������ very rapid!*?  Oranvlew road Is pla**ad from !fast>  Ings to Fifth avenue.  tU#*rnt* Holt Kills Mourns*.  ���������rabaiMMMburj. South Africa. Pee. t.  ���������T4*n**������l������g 4ttt*H������, down fo-em-jew  mourners foils*' wWle ther were;e*tnnd*  log st ������, gnaveside in Oemistou, in  Rbodssls. Om of tbem wss killed  and dvo otHani siojs '.*or severely Injured tbst tbolr Hives are despaired of.  i  Injonlly Assonj risobolers.  Statistics of lis tW**A SUtee de-  iPtt-tment of tbe Interior show tbat  there Is more insanity among bacbe  lors than benedicts. Tbe latter are  ���������arwr** ia get married, tout *b*ay generally regain their senses a few months  after that event.  Franchise Only to British 8ubjnst������.  Many natives of the United States  who own property in Vancouver, and  who are on the civls voters' lists, are  unaware that by the .city charter tieej  have no legal right to vote at the municipal elections. Owing, however, to  the fact that the civic lists are made  up from the assessment rolls It Is difficult for the City Hall officials to remove from the lists those not entitled  on account of nationality to vote.  With so many foreigners the di....culty  Is solved because of their names, but  this solution does not of course apply  to natives of the States. It Is believed  that at the present time not a few  men from the States, through being  placed on the civic voters' lists as  either property owners or tenants, are  yearly casting votes in the civic contests.  Everybody's doing it- Who'sdoingit?  We are doing it--Doing what?  :$^Njd': *v AW9%;:a-:%0UPONS  withavery $1.00 purchase.  Gome in and see us.  E. M. LYNN  D-ALBR IN (  Groceries, China  and Kitchen Hardware.  1 Conditions in Nelson.  The following telegram on the subject of moral reform was received by  Rev. Principal Vance yesterday, with  the request that it be made public:  "Nelson, Nov. 28, 1912.  "Rev. W. H. Vance, Latimer Hall.  "Ministerial Association of Nelson,  representing Anglican, Presbyterian,  Baptist and Methodist churches, supports movement in Vancouver. Unanimously endorses statements in Rev.  Logie's letter ancl presses for Royal  Commission. Publishing pamphlet on  local conditions.  "FRED. H. GRAHAM, President.  "A. E. Smith, Secretary."  The letter referred to was one written by Rev. E. S. Logie attacking the  administration of the law by tbe Nelson Police Commissioners.  PHONE: Highland 823  Corner Keefer St. and Campbell Ave.  We ouraelves are better served ���������  By serving others best  ';'������������������ Make';  Appropriate Christmas  They are UJeeful, .Handsome and Inexpensive  .Look Over This List:  Bleetrie Ranges  Toasters       v  Heating Diees  Coffee Pen-otaton  Teapots  Immersion Boilers  -Utility Outfits  'Obsfing Dishes,  Washing Machines  Wanning Pads  Foot Warmers  Electric Irons  AU are Operated from an Ordinary Household Socket  See These AppJUaceg at Our Sales-rooms  brnlarifli^Sii 1138 firanville SU on Davie  .> ���������"  U\1 Commercial Prive   ptKw* Highland ������20R  B���������   w .- _*-���������> T*;.*r**- i iiit  "r^"> t **x\*. V ^  "fT^t\i%  19 WflG& m&n, COMPWJTP mi  of WJST QUAMTY*  provisions  and  Chick  Feed of al)  varieties always in stock.  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Chinaman Pined fer Cruelty to Pig  wg. v  Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Nov. 29.--  A Chinaman named Yip Chong, on the  charge of allowing a young pig to lie-  about his yard for three weeks, with  one of its hind legs cut off at the fetlock, was fined $25 and costs by Magistrate Proctor, in the Point Grey police court yesterday morning.;  B. C. Looms Large In Eyes of East  Victoria, Nov. 29.--*"The Province of  British Columbia never stood higher  in the eyes of the people of the East  than it does today, and I have great  pleasure in bringing back the mesa-  age that our development Is attract-  ng the attention, not only pf Eastern  Canada, but of the United States'as  well. Everywhere I went, whether In  Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New York,,  Chicago or San Francisco, I found that  the progress and the future of this  province was a topic of live interest.  There was a general concensus of  opinion that much as we have developed within the past few years, we  are only on the fringe of our destiny,  and that with: the completion of the  Canadian Northern and the G. T. P.,  together with the opening of the Panama Canal, a future win be assured  which will make B. C. the banner  province of the Dominion."  Championship Winner.  New Westminster, Nov. 29.���������Mr.  Ashael Smith, the Delta potato king,  Is back with the championship cup his  display won at Portland against all  -comers and $100 in cash prizes as well.  Mr. Smith feels that he was treated  with great courtesy at the land show,  and says much interest was aroused in  the Fraser Valley by his success.  8its on Powder Box; Lights Fuse.  Prince Rupert, Dec. 2.���������Sitting on a  box of powder and lighting, the fuse  with the result that he was hurled to  his death, was the insane act of James  Bell, a Queen Charlotte Islands rancher. Bell's mind, it Is believed, had he-  -come unbalanced through a prolonged!  debauch.  That Bell deliberately planned to  take his life is indicated by a note  which he left in his cabin, stating that  he intended to kill himself. A Bean*  party located the suicide's mangled remains in the woods, some, distance  from his cabin.,  Wireless Will Circle Globe.  Sydney,   N.S.W., Dec. 3.���������Arrangements are being completed   for the.  erection of the Port Darwin wireless  :/ atation. which will be the ; highest  power station in the world. -When  this is completed it will be paasibie to  communicate with Singapore, through  which messages will reach London via  Bangalore, Aden and Cairo. A high  power station: will also* be constructed  at Pretoria in order that South Africa  may be linked to the chain Via Aden.  'From the New Zealand station it is  intended to communicate with Sydney,  thus practically establishing _m Im*  ' perial wireless connection.  Medal Treasured.  Victoria, Nov. 89.���������-William    Tzou-  halem, an Indian, who lived -ear Duncan, and one of the three Indiana who  on December 5 laat received Jrom the  bands of Mr. F. H. Shepherd, M. P.  for Nan*Umo, medaJK donated by the  Jtomltilon government ������s a. reward for  their heroism ai the   wrack of 4 the  , steamer Iroqnfls, Is daad.  / Tsouhalem was very   proud at bis  medal, and when told on Wednesday  tbat he eonIA not recover, he oallad  ^three-year-old son to ils bedside,  and placing tbs medal on his breast.  clerks in the office of the C. N. R.  freight department, were tied hand  and foot yesterday morning in the  freight sheds on Fourth street and  McKenzie avenue, and placed in a  room adjoining the main offices while  the cracksmen blew the office safe and  obtained $650 in currency and silver,  leaving $50 owned by Wallace and a  H>'l'<l'll������li''l''l''l������l'4"l������l"t������l"H">'*."l"l'll"t"t  ������-  Fraser Avenue..  ��������������� I'M H I.* | *.,|.������.*,.|,i| * * Ifr! UH ���������  The high cost, of living may be  equalized by carefiul buying of your  supplies for kitchen and table.      Ellis'  large quantity of cheques belonging to Grocery, 30th and Fraser, make prices  the railway company behind thaw  American Vessels.  Ottawa, Nov. 29.���������A movement la  in progress to further provide against  a grain blockade b> allowing United  States vessels to carry wheat from  the head of the lakes to porta on tbe  Georgian Bay. This would have con*  siderable effect ou the wheat movement between Lake Superior and  Georgian Bay ports.  The question is to come up for discussion touight and a deputation representing tht������ Dominion Marine Association will wait on the government.  Does Not Require Guarantee.  Toronto, Nov. 27.���������"There is no  truth in the report sent out from Ottawa that the Canadian Northern  Railway Company wilt ask the Dominion Government for a bond guarantee of $20,000,000 in order that the  C. N. R. may complete Its financing  of the British Columbia section of. the  transcontinental," declared Sir William Mackenzie recently. "Not only are  we not asking the government for any  such guarantee, but we do not want  or require it," added Sir William.  "Our present British Columbia grant  and subsidy will be ample to meet all  requirements." --  that save dollars* each week for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  DOMINION  Britain Wants to Know Decision*  Ottawa. Noy. 29.���������-Hon. Geo. E.  FoBter returned to the capital thia  morning from England. He said the  people ot Britain are anxiously await*  lngvthe wwouncement of Canada's  neural proposals.  C. N. R. Clerks Art Pound snd Robbed  Edmonton, Nor. W.���������At the point of  revolvers held under their noses by  two masked men, Messrs. William  Wallace and Fred Campbell,  night  FOREION  War Between Russia and China Believed Imminent.    ,  San Francisco, Nov. 29.���������That war  between China and Russia is imminent over the Mongolia controversy is  declared in despatches received here  today by the Chinese consul and. local  Chinese newspapers. The news is  said to be official, and Chinese  throughout the world are contributing  to a gigantic war fund..  At the Chinese consulate it waa admitted that sums ranging from $100  Germ Destroyer Cleared Street Car.  There are a score ot suspiciously  smelling Individuals, who appear to  have just come from the Isolation hospital, wandering around town, and  their friends are giving them every  latitude. There is a street car on the  Fraser avenue line which fond  mothers have started: to^enter and  have suddenly changed their minds  when they got the odor���������visions of  smallpox and typhoid being conjured  up. And there la a health inspector  who is minus one injection, or ejection, of formaldehyde, which started a  fumigation panic ,on a crowded car,  Saturday morning when challenged by  the germs that were .getting a free  ride on' the rear platform.  Assistant Health inspector Eccles*  ton left the Municipal Hall at South  Vancouver for Cedar Cottage armed  with a Gladstone bag charged with  the disihfectant Never.- dreaming  that It might get loose, he left the  bag on the rear platform of the car,  paid his own fare, entered and contentedly aat planning a line of campaign on some germs he was going to  attack at Cedar Cottage! The Gladstone bag and the formaldehyde  thought themselves neglected, got together and ignited. Conductor William Ferris sniffed���������then sniffed  again. Something waa burning. Then  the passengers sniffed and coughed,  and decided that was where they were  going to alight They had the same  visions of smallpox or diphtheria or  typhoid that their friends conjured  up on getting the scent from them  later In the day. They dropped off,  and spread disinfectant all over town.  ������  extinguished���������put out   _nd  tbe car proceeded.  of���������aad H-atuSAttfcds  Dm-ttr-  Er? *" 3?  There are fifty million germs at  Cedar Cottage celebrating the victorious strategy of their allies whoj oat-  flanked the health inspector. It is for  all the world like a gathering of the  Bulgars, and the festivities,are hobo  kept up until the next attack by the  genu destroyers.  *" *f*_im__M__i_ta_a_^"~< &v^$  aa*^^^*r^\j-**** *^*4a***ae*im*am'*^eaaM*^*i  ~ np*������w Sitwwfrttwdi. ,,  ,������'^ L-^m  ERNEST SHAW. D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropraotio)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Hours: 1:80tot.  Often a sKght derangement of the  spine Is the cause of prolonged disease  end suffering. C-iropnaotie corrects  the spine.  DR. W. J. CURRY  <l ���������     DENTIST      r,   ,  301 Dominion Trust BWflT.  Open from** to 5 and? to 8.  f  _���������*_  RING UP SEYMOUR 2864 FOB  APTOINTMISNT.   ,;  aaaaa  J&j*? , 5y  *CM   ,      tfirft**- /> fir  y#k%  For Good       ���������__.  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Letters ac*    companylng the contributions state I The bag waa wall alig_t when the  that the money Is to be used in caaethealth tnapector dlscovwed he hail  of a war between China aad Russia, .the car all to ht_|*el& without even  Flat refusal by the Russian goVern-i *the oustomait gem getting a tree  ment-to withdraw troops from Mofc- ride. The eondnctor stofiM ^e car  goia snd the bitter complalnta from *snd was making for ths fw alarm,  residents ln th*t section sg^nst Ihe when h* chwnged.hla mted sad got  Interference of the cssr's soldiers hss aid from McQualfs blacksmith shop,  brought me Issue to a criticsl point., FThe bag and the germ destroyer were  --.  _M_i_u |M_aSi^i*i'M__  yy  - ��������� ���������; .-_���������;���������. v  i^||^||||g;*j^^  *WIVFP������f?Wwt%      ���������*SrJp**,Wf***ffT''"^WT*T-;'*%*l*^^^*tw-' '-.:T-'-**'tS*?v*;''''*v***^ '.���������fl^*rV*^*'*Wj\^^**^rrT^W^^^^>'/<^'.*^.'":'"i^{j  lnl������ia> RmV_������* ���������y.WkeiitMmBmca^  099S^W^^  mm  n ������������������  Q iven Aw������y Absolutely Free  We are of ������ing ow N^ the Pest Gra4e of oil  yet mtMje.     In rennrog this oil we use a double process, which tafces ottt all had odors.     This  oU wiU give a clearwhite tight and last longer.  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WHY?  ?  ���������������������������������M"i"H"i"i"i"i"i"i"i"H'������-i'i"i"*>-t"i"i"i"i"i-  OKanaqan Valley  Fruit Market  2446 Main Street  Only One Carload  Everybody needs them now.    HAVE  YOU made the Mince Meat?  We Guarantee Every One of   .  these Apples Sound Fruit.  But 720 Boxes  Will not admit of any delay on your  part.  First Come, First Served.  , And All Satisfied.  Mount Pledsant  EDITED  BYD.R. PIERCE  Phone: Fairmont 1140  J^_P*"������*e'p to make these pages as  interesting -as  possible   by   writing  or telephoning  all local news  each  Wttek before   Wednesday noon.  Mr. John Douglas, of 26 Tenth  avenue east, left Monday for Toronto  en important business.  Mrs. G. H. Hunt and daughter Fern,  of Victoria, are the guests of Mrs.  John Douglas, 26 Tenth avenue east.  Mrs. G. W. Olts, of 22 Tenth avenue  west, has been in ill health for some  time. She has the sympathy of many  friends.  Mr. Malcolm Douglas, of the British  Columbian Ceiling and Roofing Co.,  Bridge street, bas removed his  place of residence from the Frontenac  Apartment Block,, corner of Quebec  and Eleventh avenue, to Eighteenth;  avenue.  I- y.  f!*V  .*-"  ������*'    '  frV  -  )py  '  Te    *--       *  ,             *"  _    '  "������/* ���������J      ���������"  y*   l v  1            -1  **���������*+*"'..  \f  35-;  n   I  IS*  *?*r   > *  ��������� u  A. F. McTAVISH. Prop  r f hone Fairmont 845 Corner Proadway ������n4 Main j  I Carnages at aU hows day or night i  ' Backs, Victorias, 8*-oghstns, Surreys and*8ingle  3uggies, Impress and pray Wagons for Wre  I furniture and Piano Having i  VOTE FOB PAXTO FOR MAYQJt  WARD VJJJ  Your INFLUENCE ana  VOTE are Respectfully  Solicited by  Frank Trimble  As Aldermanic Candidate  for Ward Eight  Net tlwClMspMt Ptou  ant Uw Best Value for  riMMjr  ���������jAC^*** W*H* Arn,*troB*- Pr������P* ^**5  *^������  2440 MAIN STREET  <T>  Our f ver increasing trade is the best evidence that both  our Goods and Prices are Right.  We are Opening Up Our Xmas Goods  See them before you do any Christmas Shopping, and  we will be satisfied with the results.  Morris Jelly  H. C. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount! Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St.. Mt. Pleasant  Alderman Baxter League's Choice  t Alderman T. S. Baxter was endorsed  for mayor Thursday evening, November 28th, by the Good Government League. The meeting was  attended by about 75 members of the  league, which has a membership of  1600, and was held in Pender hall.  Raid On Allege. Blind Pigs.  South Vancouver, Nov. 29���������-Raids  have been made by the local police on  some premises' near Twenty-fifth avenue, on Main street, which they allege  have been conducted as a "blind' pig"  with the result that quite a large  amount of bottled liquor has been seized and taken to the police station.  .^^^^���������^^������������������^������^^*Mw**;���������^^^���������^'l���������^I^^^^���������I���������*>������^������^>^^.H'^>.^^.   ^^^*^^Mf^**^**4*4'****4'4'***  "   ' "*������������������  No   Delivery  No Credit  Phone: Fairmont 62!  W������ give JIB till BHC*  lit el ill eipeisas si  dsllwtry  aid bmi*  ktaplBf.  OUR MEATS are Just a Little Better Than the Best Elsewhere  2  Ward Vlll Endorses Mr. James  A meeting of the ratepayers of  Ward VIII was held on Monday even-  Ing, and among other matters considered, endorsed the candidature of C.  N. James, Good Government League  candidate for Aldermanic honors.  Royal Bank Building.  The new home which the Royal  Bank is constructing, corner of Eighth  avenue and Main street, Mt. Pleasant,  Is rapidly nearlng completion. It puts  a beautiful touch of artistic finish  upon an increasingly attractive section of our far-famed city. The view  up Main street from Seventh avenue  haa changed wonderfully within a  year.  9500,000 for New Cars.  The desire of the management of  the B. C. Electric Railway Company  to meet the demands of the growing  traffic over its lines on an adequate  basis was testified to tie mh '  basis was testified when the announcement was made from the company's office of the closing of the first contract  for city passenger cars to be delivered  during 1913. The expenditure represented by this single contract will be  over 1500,000.  Saturday Spmolala  Peb Lb.  Fresh Local Lamb, Legs    ���������   22c  "���������      "       "   Loins   -   22c  Corn-fed Pig Pork,  Legs and Loins 20c to 25c  Choice Pot Roast - - 12 to 15c  Eastern Suited Pork - ��������� 18c  Sirloin Roast     -----   20c  PbbLs  Fresh Local Veal Roasts 21c to 25c  Fresh Spare Ribs - -15c  Freah Dressed Ohix - 25c to 80c  Choice Table Butter - - - 85c  Heinz Kraut and Mince Meat  Good Lard - . - ��������� 2 lbs. for 25c  Fresh Eggs, per doz.    * -   -   35c  SEAL SHIPT OYSTERS  Freah Salmon,  Freeh Crabs  Smoked Halibut  -  21b*, 26c  ��������� 2 for 23c  2 Iba. for 36c  FfoauHaddie  Kipptra  Freah Smoked Salmon  perlb.l21-2c  5c per pair  2lbs.*or8Sc  No Saloon Will be Allowed.  There haa been a rather disquieting  rumor floating about that a movement  was on foot to secure a liquor licence  for a saloon at corner of Broadway  and Main street We are In a position to set anyone who may have  been disturbed by said rumor at per  feet rest concerning the matter.  Wa have the postivo statement of  tbe License C-wwmlMtoners that tttf  application with such.an object In  view would be for a moment conald*.  ered by them.  ���������ucoest Nwrtneas Colttfis.  Progress is constant at this lire Institution. Th* enrollment has now  reached 940. Any who are Interested  are Invited to visit the college and  view its up-to-date quartan. Principal Eaton will be glad to talk over  tbe question of securing a commercial  education with any young man or  young woman. Out of his wide experience he can usually draw Information and advice that is exceedingly  helpful to tbose facing the problem of  a business education.' The college Is  at corner of Tenth avenue and Main  street In the new elegant Harris  Block.   See "ad." In this paper.  Sixteenth  A few nights ago the motor-  * Tried to Derail Car  Within the past two weeks, two, if  not more, attempts have been made  by someone to derail British Columbia  Electric  Railway cars on  avenue.  man on a late' car noticed a heavy  scantling lying across the rails on  Sixteenth avenue near Ash street. He  saw It in time to stop the car, and at  that time the occurrence was not  thought to be anything but tbe prank  of some boys.  When the same thing happened in  almost the same location again the  British Columbia Electric Railway  officials began to think that lt might  be an attempt to rob the car in case  it was derailed, or some act of spite  on the part of someone.  The police have been notified of the  affair, and are investigating.   *  Surprise for Madame Yulisse.  Madame Yulisse had a pleasant surprise Thursday evening, when some  eighteen ladies and gentlemen, including Rev. H. F. Waring, pastor of the  Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, where  Madame Yulisse has been choir director for nearly two years, called and  presented her with a handsome inlaid  "server" with sterling silver scrolled  girder and handles. Mrs. Woodworth  and Mrs. Lesie made the presentation,  and in a very cordial speech said  Madame Yulisse had charmed as  much by her personal qualities as her  musical ones. A delightful evening  was spent in song and story, the  ladies serving dainty refreshments before the gathering dispersed. Madame  Yulisse.bas become director of music  for the Mount Pleasant Methodist  Churcli. Her wide popularity should  prove a Btrong asset to the local  church.  CON8IOER THE  HORSE.  Frosty mornings this week have  been welcomed, as they bring bright  days. But the white "frost on hard  pavements has made the going very  bad indeed for heavily burdened dray  horses. This is especially true on the  hills, and many teams have been  stalled in trying to make the grade.  Some distressing accidents have occurred, and more than once loads  bave had to be left until the frost  melted off.  A wise snd humane measure baa  been Inaugurated by the street- superintendent, who has had * Urge number of the men of his force busy each  morals! iafljr scatterti^coiJrse aanf  on the slipD.ry pavements, thus giving the poor jhorses a chance of a foot*  hold. The motor truck Is tn most  cases able to swing naughtily by the  team-hsuled dray on the frosty streets,  another ' argument why the horse  should be superseded.  There Is one point Impressed from  observation of\the many incidents on  the crowded pavements ss the hundreds of loaded teams start but tn the  mornings. That Is the vast difference  in the teamsters. Happily for ths  ���������poor horse, the vast majority of the  men seem to have a feeling of sympathy for the struggles the brutes  have to keep tbeir feet and get along  with the load. There are so many  really fine horses employed in hauling  material In this city that naturally  the^men to whom they are entrusted  have a great deal of pride In their appearance. That this is true Is seen  from the excellent appearance of most'  of the horses on the streets, evidence  of care and good condition. Men who  are thus considerate of their horses  are sure to be even more careful and  considerate when lt comes to protect-  *ng them on the slippery pavements  'n the frosty weather. The shoeing  forges bave been busy putting sharp  caulks on horse shoes all week.  There are, unfortunately, some exceptions, and an observer on "The  Hill" has had occasion to remark a  number of such exceptions, when coming down Main street this week. It  would seem as if some of the men entrusted with the care of horses expected the dumb brute to have more  sense than the driver himself displays.  To judge from the cruel, inconsiderate  actions occasionally seen thiB week,  there are some men who would visit  the blame of frosty, slippery streets  on the horses, and punish them for it,  and for failing to keep their feet, as  well as when the roads are safe. To  the credit of the teamsters as a class  these thoughtless, cruel drivers are  a very small minority.  SPECIAL  TO  OUR  XMAS  OFFERING  A Chance With Each Purchase of 25c or over.  1st Prize -- A Fancy Electric Coffee Percolator.  2nd Prize���������A Ten Pound Turkey.  3rd Prize��������� A Ten Pound Turkey.  Drawing takes place Monday, Dec. 23rd, at 8 p.m.  No Two Prizes to One Family.  2513 Main Street, nr. Broadway     ���������    teMa������Wr  W.W..V-'. ��������� .���������..���������-���������^WU.V������.A.'..*..*..*~������.^.*_'_������.JU    <*..%.V.*..*..*������*w$m*~*.���������*��������� *��������� ���������*��������� ���������*.���������*��������� ���������*��������� i*i if, ���������*��������� ��������� i|ii|i*i*i  *t  LANG LEY���������Owner has a few 5*-������ to  h%\ acre farms, 12 miles from New  Westminster, r.eir the B.C.E.R. Rich  soil, suitab e for fruit' and gardening.  Wishes to sell at once and will take  one-thir<i leas than price of surrounding  propei ty. Three year terms, no in*  terest, no agents. For particulars apply Box 2343, North Vancouver.  9 wan Bra*  +*************************  TORONTO;:  f FURNITURE  STORE ::  jl ,334 Mala St.  I Our stock of Furniture ; ���������  I is Large, Modem and :;  > adapted to the tastes of :;  I Buyers,  I Dressers, Bufets,T������bles::  * Chairs, Couches^ Mat*::  |lf VBwwl������|     *9*9a**%9^**f^*Wft*f&**r'     1���������r^rws*#"    4  A complete Hoe of . V,  *eums, Carpet Squares, ele. ��������� -  jp in and inspect otw goods. r;;  is is whers yo**. get t* square>.,  J M. H. COWAN  -4rt|H>W>H*_}HMl������������****** * fiif *,*****  Garments of all description  cleanecl       \  There is no pleasure in wearing  soiled furs or furs that have been  exposed to the dust and moths.  Send them to be dry-cleaned and  you-will thank us for the suggestion. ';    -  fl*. Office, tfh tins, mils Fair. 904  firks, 821: tnd hfn E.rt*������*B fair. 674  Choice  Progressive Pool Rereirinq  shop  232 BrMftwir E*       Tins, rarriaglfla. Pratt  Has installed a  \ GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIK OUTFIT'  Turns out shoes equal to new  See Our  Church Notices  Central Baptist Church, cor. Laurel  and Tenth���������Rev. Dr. Spencer preach  at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.. Visitors and  strangers welcomed.  Savoy Theatre, Hastings St.���������Men's  meeting 3 p.m. Men and Women's  meeting at 7.20 p.m. Speakers: Rev.  F. G. West and Sister Ethel.  Alert Adult Bible Class of Mountain View Methodist Church meets at  2.30 every Sunday. Visitors will be  made welcome. S. Johnston, president.  The cold water  KALSOMINE  in all colors and  shades  50c per 5-lb. pkg.  LEE & WOOD  523 Broadway, f.   PbOBe Fair. 1520  ���������N  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Cor. Broadway       Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of every description  V.  Phone: Fair. 186  J  Try a "CALL "ad.  Full Line of  Wall Papers  From 5c up.  Stanley & Go.  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We would like you to inspect our equipment; to see what splendid light and ventilation we have;  to see our students at work.  -.   tf yw *** interested in Business Education, a*visft W  us will convince you that this is the school for you toattenoX  Tne best is what you require. y.  \%it SCOTT ?ATON, ������,A., PHncipal    ;  Core Main St. & IQft -Am  VnOW* Fairmont 2075     VA!*COUVPft P.O.  For good values in  rpai* estate anp investments  Call on  ttJtlMftUS  & NORRJS  Cof.^ Pnwidwiiiy and W^tminifter  #^������t������f������t������t������������.*itf������i������i������������������������������.i.eict.i������������������i������<������������t������������������������<������������������������������M  Monday, Dec. \6  Every Article Sold at Prices Astonishing to Buyer  "Seeing is Believing."  You are invited to examine Our Stock and Satisfy  Yourself.  This is a Genuine Slaughter Sale  2338 Westminster Road  Mr. Frank Trimble stands out  prominently as aldermanic candidate  for tbe Eighth Ward. His qualifications are well known, he having  served the ward for two terms already.  During those two years many changes  and large Improvements have been effected In his ward. Among them several deserve particular mention, such  as grading o* streets, laying sidewalks:  planking roads,. laying of. waterplpes  to every house, electric lights, building flre hall, and numerous details  that add to the comfort" of the people  and the value of property. Mr. Trimble bas proven himself a competent  Carnegie Passes nockefolSer.  i The statement is made .that Mr.;  Carnegie's latest contribution of *>1_5,-  000,000 to public purposes brings the  toUft sum of his gftB to $50,000,000  above those of Mr. Rockefeller.  Terrible Typhoon.  .Washington, Nov. 29.���������Despatches  received by the state department bere  today confirm the report of the destructive typhoon which occurred in  the Philippine Islands.  At least 15,000 are believed to have  been killed.  Manuel Will Get Hia Stuff.  Lisbon, Nov. 29���������The Portuguese  government has come to the decision  that the furniture/ Jewels, works of  art and other property belonging to  King Manuel and Queen Amejte shall  be sent to them in London. In order  to separate the belongings of the royal  family and those of the state, old Inventory books of the family, are being  consulted. ;   >  ������!^yi:'y'y  ' Issued *v*ry Friday at 240i Westmin  ter Road, one-half block nortb of Broad  ���������ay.;: Phone Palrmout 1140.  Edttbiv H. H. 8teve_������; Manacer,Oefe  ������  Odium-;.-   yxxy.y,xxxy^-'x'���������������������������:  ���������ubsflctptlo-i $1.00 per year. SO cent*  jer six months; 26 cenU per thre*  nonths.  Chanae* of ads. muit be In by Tues-  lay evening each week to Insure insertion In followlna Issue.  Notices of   births, deaths aad  lajten Inxerted free of charge.  Great Fleet of Dfrigiblee.  Berlin, Nov. 29.-���������Germany is planning to create ran air fleet consisting  at first of twenty Zeppelin dirigibles  of 920,000 cubic feet capacity and a  .speed of 50 miles an hour, capable of  remaining aloft for four days without  landing.  Each airship will carry one ton of  explosives.  A bill to this effect wlU be introduced in the Reichstag by the government.   .: yy  and trustworthy wrvaat of the elector*. He Is yet a young man but baa  had wwch to do with'the progress of  the city during the last twenty-five  yeara.  His enterprise may be gathered  from tbe following: When a acbool  boy he circulated "The World" all  over Mt Pleasant and the East End,  going on foot . For seventeen years  he conducted a meat market hear  where his present real estate business  's located. 2503 Westminster Road,  His persistence and business sagacity  may in part be judged front the fact  that only one man south of False  Creek has been in business as, long as  he. Many reasons.could be given why  he should'lead his ward at the election this year as he did tbe but time.  Valuable Cat .lain, by snapping Turtle'  Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 29.���������William  Chivington, an official of the H. C  Fiick Coal Company, and who resides  on North Highland avenue, teUa how  he lost a $600 Angora cat. At Mr.  Chivington'a new-home la an aquarium stocked with rare apeclmena of  ftihi Around'the top of the tank la  an additional canal, In which are itept  several species of turtles, among them  a btf snapper.  Recently the big Angora cpt motrot-  ���������4 the rait of the tank and wa* playfully dipping in the water at the fish,  unmindful*** the "snapper."  The latter shot out Ita keen jaw*  land grabbed tbe cat by .the throat.  Leaping to the floor the cat pulled the  "snapper" with him, but tbe turtle  did not relinquish its hold: The nolle  brought several members of the  household to the scene. Tbey found  the Angora expiring with the turtle'*  jaws locked through the jugular vein.  ANNEXATION  OI8CU8SEO  ��������� MONDAY.  Aid. Baxter. Trimble and Enright in  ���������   Victoria.  Aldermen Baxter, Trimble and Enright went to Victoria to discuss the  annexation of South Vancouver with  representative* of the Provincial Government on Monday morning. 'They  were joined in Victoria by a deputation from South Vancouver.  Legislation enabling the municipality to join the city on a three-fifth*  majority of the property owner* voting In the district is desired by both  delegations. At the present time  more than one-half of the assessed  property In the municipality must be  declared on an open vote aa favorable  to annexation before lt can take place  under the existing statutes. Thia regulation Is claimed to be such that it  is impossible to obtain amfexatlon  under it.  iIM-isfeo^  'Sixty ?wHbtte������ir  >"*��������������� _v*  Now ia the time to fa**** tor Pall  ing to give good tttratts for wot'- <  Bprlng. \r-  ,-.  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. ft Main Sit:  PHONE rFalmoot 81?  ^"rifSSSSHH.  mmWy  ���������y :. ^  MT. PLEASANT V  NURSING HOME  Maternity Cases a .Sperfalt*-.     -' y  Best of Care Guaranteed.  MRS. CARDMAN. MATRON.  855 Eleventh Avenue, E.  COLLI NQWOOD.  The marriage of Mr. Cyril Gauter,  of East Collingwood, and Mia* Rose  Swendsen, of Vancouver, waa quietly  solemnised at Central Park on Thurs*  day evening "last, Rev. W. Thomas  Johnson ofldatMg.  *Wrai  - **?  ������*������%m  * -������_i**55_B  YOUR HEALTif  depends upon the condition of your spine. To  enjoy' perfect health get  your spine adjusted by    , -  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  (Doctor of C_lropraette>  260 22nd Avenue Easf"  (CtoM to Mala St)     <  f 1  *?*���������'  ^u     _"V  '      *P '���������  "J  L    1^  >--*;  ���������������*  P*W  y^M<  l. "-���������&ifi$  "il <������i_  ������������M  #  Oflke Hour*: I'M to 6.  Pre*.  Con������dtitf������i  if y<S"  '���������������*.'������*<  ypk  9*  ��������� M<*n*HtiiiHii������iiMi������ioiiniii������iiiininiiMMM|  Pbemei B*%y*rlmw 1t9M  VAN  -!****  y*y'i?&  **************************3***********************9*  PETERS & CO.  Pioneer Shoemakers  We do the Best Work for the Lowest Money.  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Portland, Ore., Nov. 29.���������Fred Love,  well known police character, is under  double guard In tbe city prison today  as the result of a murderous attack  on Jailer Morelock. For several minutes while the jailer was locked away  from other officers, tbe drink erased  man battled with the offlcer. finally  pulling a long knife from its place of  concealment and making a lunge at  Morelock. The latter side-Btepped and  with a well directed blow to Love's  jaw, rendered the prisoner unconscious.  We Specialize in WW& ofMm  we have a great variety.  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Enquire  WESTERN CALL OFFICE  3408 Westminster Road  , Specimens of Ursus Kermodei in  Oemand.  Victoria, Nov. 29.���������Mr. Francis Ker-  mode, curator of the British Columbia  Museum, has received a letter from  Professor .Strassen of Frankfurt, Ger-  many, asking that a specimen of the  ursus Kermodei be procured for the  museum of that city. Requests for  specimens have also been received  from Ottawa and from Hobart, Tasmania. There is Therefore obviously f >  a fairly active market for such sped-1 j*  mens. Mr. Kermode adheres to his ! **  statement that so fnr as lie has been j >  able to obtain information en the j >  subject, not more than twenty-five of '��������� -*  ���������hese bears have ever been killed.  The last one obtained was at Cascade  Inlet in May last, being shot by an Indian and sold to the manager of the  Ocean Palls Pulp Company, who sent  it to the Old Country.  TWOS.   EVANSh  I (Formerly of Evans 9. Hastings) < v-  ! 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Ramon, that we will be right with, him  ln the morning; and that; we; will do  our -best to teach him what Uttle of  the game we know."       '-  There was little chance for the',  fugitives, even had their lead been ,  twice aa long, for the Inexperienced ,  rider has small show against the man i  who has lived from childhood in the ,  saddle. It was only a few minutes be* ,  fore the grim pursuers   overhauled ,  MMMIMMHIMMMIMM    "HHMMHMMIMMMfj  Usb Slave lake Power  Those Industries are Setter  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  i Western Canada Power Company,  LIMITED  Ptionet _eymoyr 4770     6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg. ��������� [  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C.  |Jt_M"'M"*-4"**������%-V*fr*M**>*'������������������������������������ I * ���������"*���������*������������������������������������*���������*'   th4f4'4"1"l'4"*>4'**4'********'******  es me to secure these papers, turn;  them over tb him, and fend oft the!  other with some wild tale Of failure.;  Carramba, but these diplomats must,  be deep-dyed .prevaricators! Of}  course, I taxed each ot them for ex*!  peases, ln advance, and there now re-j  poses in my sash, caballeros, 6,000;  good American dollars from each one  of them." '   j  "How do you propose to deal with!  themr-and with us?", asked Solano.   >  '1 fear," smiled the brigand, engag-j  lngly, "that the problem of dealing!  with you two is very simple. I cannotj  permit you to resume your Journey,;  CHAPTER   XXIX. .  "Ask the sentinel at the door," said  Brockett, after the prisoners had been  shown. info a rude but comfortable  hut, lighted with whole rows of candles, "if he can get a needle and some  strong thread. Tell him I want to do  some repairing on my clothes���������they  need it badly."  The puzzled Cuban executed the  commission, and the sentry, an obliging, jovial fellow, soon brought ln a  heavy needle and some* twine. Brock*  ett, seating himself where the light  ���������was brightest, then produced an old  ball, bearing evidence of many a vigorous swat upon its horsehide cover,  ���������and calmly proceeded to dissect the  .sphere, while Solano looked on In  mystification.  (To be-'fcontinued)  wmtMT  them, swept alongside, and checked  their horses by strong hands upon the I  bridle.   Solano drew his revolver, and I  then, quickly realising the helpless*  ness of hla situation, calmly returned '  It to Ita resting place.  Brockett drove i  hla right flat, viciously, Into the face i  of tha nearest rider, but **M wrapped������  round with powerful anna before he  could strike ��������� second Mow. Tbep the *  cavalcade, sseorttag   tha   prtMoara, \  turned* rode out of tha little "croaa* i  road, and trotted slowly up the hill. |  Descending tha farther slope, they  rode on In tha am* deed silence for  perhaps an hour. Goailng to a thicket  beside tbe road, they wheeled Into Its  dark stretches, threadad their   way  along # narrow track to tingle Hla,  and mnhed upon ��������� clearing, u������ which  a cam-Hire blaaed   brigbtiy.   while  some afty wan wart Kwntrinf round  ������������������WW  *j*jmJ9*)9*MWe     am WP(M*ff *m VJJ w *} IWfif^^W- ,W Mf-  five������ and answered; tbe borstmta  dismounted, picketed their horses, sod  assisted the prisoners to tha ground.  A big, superbly-molded fellow,  standing toma ten feat from tha  damn, seemed to ba la full authority,  and the toys ware ltd toward* *Ja>  w*m k* wavad hit hsod. Richly  dressed, heavily armed, tha d**aHf|>t  *Yf9w W������  ""  Waw  WVf#f w^^^  *f**f*9*m%mr.  aeaea, *e looked tha pert tf ta* **>  trago -Wain or the masto! bflftod.  ReetfTlag tht hon wfct a walla (Hat  *i9am*i W* ittoaf*t1Mta ***** fa thor*  wwjpw '*\**i**ay*W*9*9TW*)m ���������rw^Vw^eWe* Ww WrwrFYwIWww  .**}w*W*j99 : mmJ. .f/ww ���������- wtj/ajaar f w.w .^Wv ~9&w9n^9r*9w -  ,1PWIW *W*aw*   "a *y Ww wf^W^^T waP^^-WrrrW^  STERLING CAFE  THE SANITARY EATING HOUSE  Save V  Meal   Tickets,   regular   price   $4.25*  50c... I   now reduced to 3.75 ��������� to everybody  Place: 625 MAIN ST,  Prop., S. KUBOTA  -j sMk lmt nr* paar JNwM>" lit  apologised. "Tow am if **o������~t**ik  ���������peal*** tir  Solano promptly too* va tbe eon*  ������wvwwFfwm     rWWf^wHW|     wwwvwlim;       '**  testes'* tb Brocket*. w������o lot friarly  eommeet* whlc* tit Caban rapidly  translated to their oeptor.  "I am g lad to meet yon two yooaf  catNMIeros,** ran tht fuart tpttcb of  th* big brigand* amllM rippling  throufli Wt words. Thtrt art raa-  toas for my pltssora fa making your  scQtialntance. Tha fact Is. caballeros,  thai two genUemen���������not one, but two.  such ts my uncommon good fortune���������  bara made ma grdtt oSera for your  capture���������or, rather, for certain documents, letters or messages which you  boar concealed upon you. These messages, If I understand rightly, are addressed to Gomes Esteral, who makes  hit headquarters at tiie Rancho Nogal, and it appears to be of great Interest to these two gentlemen that  the documents should never reach  him.   Do I state the case correctly?"  "Ask him." Brockett cut ln, "if he  has any objections to telling us wbo  the gentlemen of such liberality may  ber  "Not ln the least," the brigand answered, amicably. 'In fact, as you  will doubtless meet them both tomorrow, you might as well receive your  Information in advance. One of them  Is a German. His name is quite difficult for a Mexican to speak, but he  la a very big man. with, apparently.  a violent temper. The other is a Japanese, and, I regret to say, his name is  also among the impossibilities."  "Are these two in alliance, thenf"  Brockett demanded. The big man  smiled sweetly, and shook his head;  emphatically.  "No. caballeros, no. That "is the  best part of tbe whole thing. A drama,  a play, is it not? I learn, from these,  two gentlemen, that while they are  very good friends, and have worked  in common at times to run you down,  that each now desires the sole, exclusive possession of the papers ad*!  dressed to _?������__s ^*_raL  Each, wish-;  for Gomes Esteral has a long arm and  a violent disposition.   He would in-]  quire most searchlngly into the stop-)  page and robbery of any messengers.  bearing documents addressed to him..  It seems to me that I cannot let you  turn back to the Rio Grande, either,,  lest your colonel make complaint to!  the Rurales, who would soon swoop  down upon me.  No, no.' It grieves me.  extremely, young men, but I fear that  ���������ou must die.   As to the papers���������I.  .-.y auction them to the highest bid-  -r.   However, do not let these things  .jtross you before tomorrow.   You>  h-!l bo well treated while with me,  .a the word of Juan Torrejon!"        j  Solano sprang up from his saddle*;  chair.   "Tou aro Juan Torrejonr* ht)  demanded. !  "Wholly at your sarrloa, caballsro.  Juan Torrejon, humble captain of a  little band that Is for tha revolution  today, for the government tomorrow���������  and always, at all times, for Juan  Torrejon. Ton have hoard my namef  . "Harry, give mt tha card that Ms*  loan handed you!** And Solano quickly  transferred the card written by Torre*  Jon's grateful brother to tha dutches  of the robber chief.   Jom Torrejon  rand tho words thereon wrlttt-. and  attMsd fo madttato for a ftw aUmtts.  Then he bunt Into a rlngtaglaag-,  (WW*' *9m\w*^t\r^^9 m **w*^,a>m0, '*m*m*9W9 m^mma- 'imi  9t99a^99*9*^*fw ,Wa ^W*W'ij|ra,������wWmwT#  **I*Ww������*4s, doubly fortunata  yon, - oaballtros, tba% .yoa''���������**o^frod  ^^a**df  **jm*aa**fa*m^m*w'' m*m .m*a9* ���������WT,"*s���������a^s���������Wr"'. yam m^^^mm  To-*rtjoa! Jjs-^salt know aot of my  ^T'STf^p,J.^^^^*^*^W'\;'^^'rWTmy5^Wv*v\r-^^" -- ���������  wlm*Tmf i'WWyfF.^'Wfff '-'tW' f*F'i,PWFf v_^Pf������wff^*rw#���������  f*m *au now, for yoar ssftty. Jssn  Torrejon woaid a������H Hi yoa lajwrol  ar sbostd. As to tht dowmMts, how*  trer���������I fttr that I mwt rt������trt yoa  of tham-  If y word If pasted to tht  BWwWj^Wt^tW ��������� ���������twvt . wWw w9**frWT^^^9*J*]*w*9*M^f9*}w  ^^Wflvws' llff^   t   "fWmF   fWw���������   www   .t^t  Him i *t������m to gala. 9m* wt wui  talk furthar w tho morrow. WW yoa  yoaag mm give me yoar word of honor that yoo will not destroy tht JBt������  ttral mlsfltst dnrlag tha night? If to,;  ytv fh������U hsrt a aaf to yoarttlvtti  Www   VtwVw    ^WWWf   ^^^*^'^^___^ *TWTw   ���������-  yaar'-man as la tht tm*m*r  ^__y_!!_Ar_������f. **%>      M  *mi_!_ff  w   WWW 99* ww^^ww      t wW wrmm T������wwwmffi  vWt wf Wfrr Wf wwl rwlM W^f WiFt  y*ff*^9^^9*    asw     wfMpWw W w*^������    *m*9^99*l*m*mr^^v    j^kW***^999t  W9w fir \% ^w *9>m fPp^e ^VmmwvVww wW  ^**^"   ^T_fww   vnmw  w^m^iw/   vgw  t^^w w***^r**  ^raW* ^ww frf Www *7t*\**W*iW t) w^*^WWvw*W|  WVvW    WtW    TW    ^^^r^wMf    WWfW    TW-   wWw-  ^"'1  *^fi> 9tf It bt.** aaiMM J^mjsa.|  **f aoaift yoar irofd* Wlia fcaowa* m?,  mtads. but that yoa. ** ___L___j_:  W^^* twwW~W v*ww^rv . T*-w^r^pm ^1Pi^WI*#w"  *9W   WvW    fw^rww    9*JVta������*w*m*9*m    9**g99*^997w   ^rWasm*  ot^sr taaiorroirf As, yst jaat aa la-,  elisatol, frleadt���������I haw htard mash  CEDAR COTTAGE  Veteran Married.  South Vancouver, Nov. 29.���������The  marriage took place last night of Miss  Elizabeth Stewart and Mr. A. Morgan  Pier-nan st the house of the bride's  father, Mr. Hugh Stewart, corner of  Sixteenth avenue and Victoria road.  Rev. J. C. Madill officiated, and after  the ceremony the newly married  couple left for Victoria, where the  honeymoon will be spent.  To Meet Government.  South Vancouver, Nov. 29.���������Reeve  Kerr and the members of the council  joprneyed to Victoria Monday night to  interview the public works department concerning the Westminster  road pavement question, and they are  arranging for a conference on Monday  with Hon. Thomas Taylor and the  Attorney-General in respect of the  RupeYt Street grading operations,  which have been suspended on the advice of Mr. H. Colin Clarke, municipal  solicitor.  The deputation will also take up the  annexation question with the government, and It the conference Is satisfactory tbs council will at once proceed to put affairs Into shape tor tht  Inoomlng council to carry through the  annexation proposals at the earliest  possible opportunity.  C0DARCOTtAOI5?fl������������������TT������DWAN  y-l&, y-'-yj c9W9JB\%%*#'<-i&i$, N 'i  Rev. J. O. MsdHl. Fsator.  Servlctt-U sn., 7 JO p.m.  U.OO a m--"T������������������ tHvIna Romsnca."  7.80 p. m.��������� "Tho 8ool> Supmns  ���������'.   Mmm?.'*   yy- ���������.  To gvlct ao<ith Vsnoouvtr f oik.  After tbt expiration of tbe fifteen  dsys appointed by Mr. JusUce Gregory  last Thursday all tbe persons now re*  tiding on tha Anderson property near  Cedar Cottagt are to receive notice  to vacate tht property, la fator of Hr.  R. A. Aadtrsoa aad Captain Msloolm I  McLeod, tht lawful owatrt undtr tht 1  recent Privy Council judgment la tha  Anderson vs. South Vancouver east*  If tbey Ignore tht order they will then  be liable to be treated st squatters  aad trespassers and subject to bs evicted by tha shsrira misiL This was  the effect of a itatemeni mads this  morning by Mr. J. E. Bird, of Mac*  Ntlll, Rird. Macdonald and Rsydsld.  solcitors for Mr. Andtrton sad Cap*  tala McUod.  "Of course we can tags no steps  until tbe expiration of the flfteet-  days," said Mr. Bird. "It is quite certain that the order to enter the Privy  Council judgment will not be opposed,,  because it would be a futile opposition. After that we will find out who  is on the property and issue notices-  to them, warning them to vacate the-  property. It is an unpleasant duty  that we will have to perform, but the  decree of the court Vesting the property in the original owners, puts the  present: occupants of the land into  the category of trespassers."  Mr. W. H. D. Ladner, counsel for ,  Mrs. Fleming, who until the recent  judgment waa registered waB part  owner of the property, stated that he  would not oppose the application to  enter the Privy Council judgment, aa  it would be futile to do so. He stated  that Mrs. Fleming, had some years  ago given an argreement of sale to  Smith Brothers of this city, who In  turn had sub-divided and given agreements to a number of lot Owners.  Mr. Ladner intimated that it waa  understood that' Smith Bros, would  make some arrangements with the lot  owners, whose properties are now  taken away from them, and that  Smith Bros, woud in turn look to  Mrs. Fleming for a return of monies  paid to her. After this is effected it  is possible that the question will be  raised of the right of Mrs. Fleming  to claim against the South Vancouver  municipality for damages caused by  the giving of the faulty tax sale deed  which >as caused the litigation and  loss.  If you have to Furnish a  Home, a room, or perhaps you.  only want* a single piece to fill  in, yoa will find you can do  better hero than elsewhere.  Call snd see me. I will, be  pleassd to quote you prices.  EitntMsfi m mms Pafaiiisifs.  cam it east mmm.  o. i mmm  m CWD0VA WPST, Gir, CtmMf  *>������^;  .*���������*.  1 Ui'-,'  Phr analogy  m*i.rw*a  wimm vw*mwgmK 9}9i*f*99  On Business Adaptation, Health and  ������������������eyas^Masa***Sw  S06 Granville Street, Corner Robson  Hoars: W s* m. to 9 p. m  of your great prowess In the Gringos':  game of baseball. It Is the sport of  my camp. We play lt at all leisure  hours���������but, I fear, we play it very  badly. The gentlemen of unpronounceable names do not come till  afternoon. Will you not, during the  morning, give us valuable instruction  ln the game of baseball? It will, I assure you, be a glorious favor."  Despite the misery of their situation and the apparent overthrow of  aU their plans, the boys could not restrain their laughter. This brigand,  this land-pirate, this desperado, who,  on the morrow, might wreck the future of great nations, asked for In-  istruction ln the diamond game! Tbey  cfiold ������Qt keep fron*  laughter���������and  *������  C  *��������� *������������������  SOWING HIS WILDCATS  HEAPING A HARVEST 6f SORROW  Row away yottng aw*  can look be* on tbelr  early Ills sad regret their  misdeeds. ''Sowing their  wild oats'' in various ways.  Excesses, violation of nature's laws, "wine, women  and song"���������all have their  victims. Yjou have re*  formed but wbat about the  Seed you have sown���������what  about the harvest? Don't  trust to luck. 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Michigan Ave. and Gi_wold St., Detroit, Mich.  ���������^^^NOTICC   All letters from Canada must be addressed to our  _^*-*e"r maamaaaam Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor,  Ont. If you desire to see us personally-call at our Medical Institute in  Detroit as we see and treat no patients in our Windsor offices which are  used for correspondence and Laboratory for Canadian business only.  Address all letters as follows:  -, DBS. KENNEDY a. KENNEDY, Wi-dsor, Ont  Write for onr private ad_wm.  _. ?^&3^1Silp  &f$$%  THE WESTERN CALL.  ������������  LAND   NOTICES  \  T__rcoir***_B, a. c, x__n> _xs_micr.  BUrMct ef Coast Bang*, Wo. a.  Take notice that I, Alfred Barker, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation, plumber,  Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a Post planted about  fourteen miles In a northerly dlretlon  from tne tioith-weat corner of Mirvey  Lot Numoer thirty-nine (39), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north elthy chains; thence west  flighty chains; thence south eighty  chain*; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  ALFRED BARKER.  Per Chas. McHardy,  agent.  .  Dated November 18th, 1912.  ���������-jraotrt-ca, a. c **__n> oxs-mxar.  DUrtacljDt of Ooast Meage, We. ft.  Take notice that 1. John A. Catter-U.  of Vancouver,  B. C, occupation, clerk,  ������������������.,     Intend to apply for permission to jpur-  II     chase  the  following described lands:���������  1 Commencing at a post, planted about  fourteen miles In' a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot Number thirty-nine <3������), and on  tne east aide .of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence south eighty chains; thence West  elahty chains; thence north eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  JOHN A. CATTBRALL.  Per Chas. McHardy, ag������nt  Dated Novamber Utfa. int.  ramoatrnm, a. a, *-_-*������ msnuo*.  a_rMet ot Ooast Baaga, Me. a.  Take notice that I. Samuel C Cornwall, of Vancouver, B. C.occuptMtlon accountant. Intend to apply, for permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������-  ��������� Commencing at a post planted about  six miles in. a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and, on the east  aide of the Kle-na-Klene River; thenca  north eighty chains; thence went eighty  chalna; thence south eighty, chatns;  thence east eighty chalna to the point  of commencement.  SAMUEL C. CORNWALL.  Per Chas. McHardy. agent.  Dated November 16th, 1912.  V-XCOUT-S, B, Oh *-*-***-*��������� DIOTmiOT.  Blstelot of Oowrt maage, Bo. S.  Take notice that J, Frank R. Cornwall, of Vancouver, B.C occupation accountant. Intend to apply for permission  to purchase the following descrlbta  lands:��������� ......  Commencing at a post .planted six  miles In a northerly direction from the  north- weat corner of survey Lot number  thirty-nine (SS), and on the east side of  the Kle-na-Klene River: thence, south  eighty chains; thence weat eighty chalna;  thence north eighty chains; thence east  ���������Ichty chatns to the point of commence*  ment.  FRANK R   CORNWALL.  I Per Chas. McHardy, agent.  Dated November Uth. 1918. .  9. On  ef.ooeet aeage, Ba. 8. .-���������:  'aim notice that I, Alfred WUIIamj.  Vancouvflr. B. C occitpatlcn elsrk,  et ventvu.-M. <  In^Sh.l.T^  ���������Gem  et  'iV,ium6ej  tide, of  south elf hti  ������**������tn>r*th  >r tnlrti-nlfu  ttghtr ehtf(  -post f'aot������  herlyjUr  ������9), and. on  ebotot  ���������fght miiss in a aortherly dl-tKtioa from  the .north-west eoi  of .surys  ref Lot  pint (ff>. and "op the east  -������������������Went River: thsoet  nsMh-wM west flinty  north  eighty  cf  thence east eighty chains to the point of  commencement.  ALFRED  WILLIAMS.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 19th,/1912.  v-jrcouTsm, b. a, _j_n> bib-B-Ov.  Diatrtot of Coast Baage, Bo. S.  Take notice that I. James McCreath,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation mercantile agent, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  eight miies ln a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of aurvey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  aide of the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  north eighty chalna; thence west eighty  chains; thence south eighty ������ chains;  thence east eighty chalna to the point of  commencement _ _   ���������  JAMES McCREATH.  Per.Chas. McHardy, agent'  Dated November 19th, 1912.  Bo, S.  TABUOUtB-s B. ft, -ABB S-SnXO*.  B-n-let et Ooast aeage, Bo. a  Take notice that I, David Chessman,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk,  Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles In a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of aurvey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  south eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains; thence north eighty chains:  tiience ea-t eighty chains to the point  of commencement.  DAVID  CHESSMAN.  Per Chaa. McHardy, agent  Dated November 19th, 1912.  T_-*C*Ot*-t-BB, B. 0^  Statelet of Ooast  Take notice that I, John N. O'Drls-  coll, of Vancouver, B. C��������� occupation  merchant, Intend to apply for permls-  alon to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles in a northerly direction from  the .north-west corner of aurvey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; tht���������ice  eighty chains north; thence eighty  chains west; thence eighty chains south:  thence eighty chalna east to the point  of commencement _  JOHN N. O'DRISCOLL.  Per Chaa. McHardy, agent  Dated November 19th, 1912.  v-jrooirraB, s. o., ___*_> Bxa-nuo*.  Mstrlet ef Ooast aeage, Wo. a  Take notice that I. 8amutl Flack, of  Vancouver, _. c.. occupation broker, intend to apply for parmnslon to purchase the following described lands:���������  . Commencing at a poet planted about  twelve miles In a northerly direction  from the north-went comer of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (It), aad on the  eaat aide of the Kle-na-Klena River:  thence south eighty ehalaa; thence west  eighty chains; thence north eighty  chains; thence eaat eighty ehalaa to the  point of commencement  SAMUBL FLACK  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  ' Da^td Nevflmber Itth. 1SH. yyy  ���������YAPOgWTWt 9* 0**.*Wf9 *~99i999*}*  ��������� ��������� ��������� .  99***Wmw*fm*f W#   wvsaPwr/. *a^f^**j9*H ' Ww 9*w  Take notice that. j. Hobta���������D. Boss,  of Vanoouver, ������. C., occupattqo salts*  man. Intend to apply for Mnalsflon to  purchast the follpirinf dasMbMjIeadt:  CommsBciBg at a post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  east bide of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north eighty chains: thence west  eighty chains; thence sou Mi eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement  ROBIN  D.   ROSS.  Per Chas. McHardy, 'agent  Dated November 18th. 1912.  t_-*co*~-bb, b. c, ___n> BtaXBIO*.  BtoMot of Ooast Bang*, Bo. ft.  Take notice that I, Frank Buckley,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation ���������clerk  Intend to appsy for permission to purchase the followtn- described lands:���������  Commencing at a" post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of aurvey  Lot number thirty-nine (88), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence north eighty chalna; thence east  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  FRANK BUCKLEY.  Per Chaa. McHardy, agent  .Dated November 18th, 1912.  T-jrOOOTBB, B. 01, -ABB -XS***-XCT.  -StrMet et Ooast Meage, Bo. S. .  Take notice that I, James T. Lee,'of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation surveyor,  Intend to apply for permission; to purchase the following described landa:���������:  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve mile* in a northerly direction  from  the-north-west corner of aurvey  east side of, the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence south eighty chalna; thence ea-it  eighty chalna; thence north eighty  chain**; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement  JAMES  T.  LEE.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 18th, 1912. ,  TABOOOTBB, B. C, -ABB B*_**MUC"_.  Btettiet of Oo-st Meage. Bo. ft,  Make notice that L Thomas M. Carter,  of Vancouver, B. ft, occupation merchant Intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a poet planted about  fourteen miles In a northerly direction  from the north-went corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39). and on the  f_������t aide of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence south eighty chalna; thence east  eighty chains; thence north eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  THOMAS M. CARTER.  Per Chas. McHardy. agent-  Dated November isth, lata.  T-Boouram, s. a, _aw������ ataraxott.  of Otaet steam, me. a.  Take notice that I. Joseph Clark*, of  ���������, B. C. ������ecu]   '    ��������� apply for pe:  ._ ,_  chaa* the following described lands:���������  Vancouver, _  Intend, to aptj  iph ��������� ���������  occupation merchant  ermlaalon to put  Coaunanetbr at a poat plt_t*g about  fourteen mile* la a ���������  from the north*we������'  fourteen mtleV la a. noithe^^Metttti  Lot numbflr thlrty*n!  ea*.t tide j������f, the  tnenee oo*-& eight  etgbty   ouSniy '  chalne;,thence w  point of coram  JOgEPH CLARKE.  Per chaa. McKardy, agent  Dated November 41th, lilt.  t9-U*M-t4.t*U  ANOPEJUETTER  Vancouver, B.C.,   >  November 28th, 1912.  To the Editor Western Call.  With regret I am forced to trespass  on the columns of our valuable paper.  I had the pleasure (?) of listening to  an address given by the Rev. J. W.'  Woodside, entitled "Ireland and the  Irish" (or advertised as such), and in  my opinion it was nothing short of a  blackmail on the land that gave me  birth. Mr. Woodside informed us that  Irish blood runs..in his veins. It must  be very weak, as be certainly showed  very little of the honest optimistic  mood an Irishman is in when speaking of his own beloved country.  Mr. Woodside chose to emphasise  the fact that the Irish people as a  whole were very Ignorant and superstitious. I would like, to know what  nationality a man would be when he  would not resent such a libel. Even  if such was the case, he showed very  little tact in making such a statement.  I might make a similar attack on the  Province of Quebec, and. probably no  man would be more Indignant than  the Ren. J. W. Woodside. and Justly  so. Why Mr. Woodside spoke such  a ridiculous falsehood regarding  marriages in Ireland I cannot understand, namely: That the contracting  parties did not know each other until  the hour of their marriage, and that  the bargaining was done by some one  interested in either of the parties.  This is a direct Insult to all Irish men  and women. If Mr. Woodside will do  justice to that little Irish blood In his  veins, he will come out and explain  why he made {his statement.  Mr. Woodside endeavored to explain how hard it was for Government  officials to gain information from the  Irish people in regard to the Old Age  Pensions scheme, etc. It seems to me  they put one over on him when he recently visited their land.  If itr. Woodside should ever contemplate giving a similar lecture, I  would suggest that he advertise It as  "China and the Chinese." It would be  more' applicable to that raoe.  , Tours truly* < ;i  GEO. A. RUTHERFORD.  Kerrisdale, B.C. .    -  Highest tirade Cutlery- SS_i.SSrat!  ***' ef        Ra_*.*a   ,_#������  ���������'Iff  Baaors. etc  An immense stock, bearing the brands, of Genuine      ������- <  Joseph Rogers, I. X. 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Agent  OctlRtbDee.il.  t������n-n--w-M-_-HM-_-__H__>-_-B----e  VANcouvaa land district  Dirtriet of Coeat Rwift 3  TAKE NOTICE that Will-in H- Wooley. of  Vancouver, B.C., occupation broker, intenda to  apply for permiMion to purehaae the following  dancribed lands: co ������m������ncin_ at a post planted at  the north-we������t eerner of Lot IS, and faeinir W. H.  W.'a. N. E. corner po~t, thence weat 80 chains,  thence south 40 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence nor h 40 chains.to place of commencement,  co tainins 320 ac ra more or Wss.  Date 17th September. 1912  WILLIAM H. WOOLEY.  Oct. 2!>th to Pec. 2������th, 1912  HX*** W_STK_**ST__ Ul!) DISTSZUT  pUtarios of Coast.  Take notice that Jolin Pedernen, of  Vancou ver, B. C, occupation farmer. Intend1* to apply for perminKlon to lease  the  followliiK described  lands:���������  CommcnclnR at a post planted on the  Kast 'shore of Homfray Cliunnel about  '5 chains Northerly of the mouth of  Marble Creek, Lloyd Point. We*t coa*I  of the Mainland of B. C. thence east -'0  '���������halns; thenee south 20 chains: thence  west 20 chains; thence northerly aioni*  Ilie ahoreUne to point of commencement.  JOHN PICDBRSEN.  Per Frederick B. Joue.i, Atfent.  N'ovember 28th, 1912.  7-12-12  to  31-1-13.  Youth's Arrest May Stop Petty Thefts  New Westminster. Nov. 29.���������A  youth, aged 16, employed as a waiter,  who states his native city is Inverness, Scotland, was yesterday found  guilty of the theft of a metal calculator from the home of James L. Webster of Burnaby. The Burnaby police  have many charges of minor theft  against the young man, and with his  arrest have solved the mystery of  the many petty thefts occurring in  that municipality. At present four  other indictments are laid against the  youth, and when arrested a shack occupied by him in the outskirts of New  Westminster was found to contain a  large collection of missing articles.  The young man seems to bave a dread  ofi the reform schools and from his  remarks appears to favor the penitentiary. He is very cool about the  matter, but does not seem to realize  the seriousness of his acts.  Didnt Want Him to Know It.  Mrs. Jones: "Why are you going  home so soon? Surely your husband  can get along without you.  Mrs. Smith: I know it. But I don't  want his to find out that he can."  m m wm  1 tli f seeps tt Heatings,  -swim throufb fee staple taat held  the lock of a door at HasUafs foal, sis  prisoners, servm* from three to six  iMWitfes on vairaacy caarf es, escaped  8uada/ afteraooo about * o'clock, wben  the guard left tbem for half an hour.  Because tbe prisoners as Hestlnis gaol  art mild offerers tbe*. ere given considerable liberty, many of tbem deem-  In* It rather a privilege to be allowed  to remain In tbe gaol's shelter during  tbe winter months, so a break was not  considered by tbe gaol officials. Tbe  escaped men are wearing tbe purple  uniform of gaol, unless tbey bave  by now, obtained other clothing It Is*  considered probable tbat tbey are In  hiding to tbe Burnaby district some  where; and their capture is expected  Real Estate Broker Pisappears.  Leaving his desk open with valuable papers in plain sight and carrying $4,000 In bills, F. G." Morton, a  prominent realty broker and member  of the firm of Lawrence, Morton and  Madill, walked out of the Arm's offices, 313 Holden building, on Friday  afternoon with the avowed intention  of returning in an hour's time and  since then has not been seen  For several days a search was Instituted by his partners and anxious  friends, tut finding 'no trace of the  missing man and discovering circum  stances which led them to believe he  had fallen a victim of foul play, the  police were communicated with yesterday and at the present time detectives are closely investigating the  case  Morton, who is a well known figure  in the realty world here, having been  engaged in that line for several years,  is a young men of thirtylfl%e years of  age, six feet in height, slim built and  ���������Jark featured. At the time of hiE  disappearance he was wearing a  brown suit of clothes, heavy dark  overcoat and a soft felt hat.  Mr. Morton had financial troubles  but was supposed to have surmounted  them. His wife is prostrated. The authorities also fear foul play.  Inspector  Smith   Back  After eleven weeks of serious illness.  Inspector Thomas Smith chief of  provincial police for the Vancouver  district was welcomed back to his office on November 27th, by the mem  bers of his staff and many courthouse  officials. The inspector who is one of  the oldest and most experienced officials on the provincial force, has been  suffering with an attack of rheumatic fever, which he contracted performing duties in the Ashcroft district  during the strike on the C, N. R.  CHIC BLOUSE CO.  OUR XMAS STOCK''.W0.  Neckwear, Gloves  is now c^piirik  - y'yyyy.yyyymy  The Nefelcwear Is most woaoiwbly  eonafctt of Jabots. Lace ColUw, Ki  Coat Sets, ete,* etc., prkr������ i^mging from w������c  to |3.00. y^y^yyyyyyw  We can rtww you K$Ni^  tlw City for $1.00, guaranteed.    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Main Str. and 16th Ave.  PHONE: Fairmont 899  BRANCH STORE:   Corner 49th and Fraser Avenues  Phone: Fairmont 1167 L  ~******************4h>******   ********>**********>+***%+*, K-M*-y _ (_���������������_U'.v. '.**��������� UM���������*_������������������-  ->'W**������^_fV-fe_K;4*I^M<d4-���������������M-.W^^  f������JMfct^)^i*Wb4W������JUMii  t*^A--->i_i<_i I Tit���������,_���������_-.  THE WESTERN CALL.'  Y  "GHUMS," "SCOUT," "BOYS' OWN"  AND "GIRLS'OWN"       -       -       -  $1.45  MECHANICS'  BOOKS'  andbooksupon  almost every  trade.  Qreat  Bargains in  Cloth Bound Books  Comprising Works by  Scott, Thackeray, Harrison  Ainsworth, Fennimore Cooper,  Mrs. Gaskell, Bulwer Lytton,  Capt. Marryatt, Tom Hughes,  Hawthorne, etc. etc. Over 300  titles.  3 for 50cor 7 for $1.00.  Phone  DICTIONARIES  Cook Books,  Poultry Manuals and other  textbooks.  Phone:  3472  _: THE HONIO STORES .3?  9 56*58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  3472  3473  3473  told Taken Lead  Was Substituted  London. Nov. 27.���������A remarkable  theft of fifty thousand dollars In gold  ���������coin from a consignment of one mil-  Don despatched from the Bank of  IB-gland to the offices of the Credit  fjyonnals at Alexandria, Is bewildering the police, not only of England,  lrat of Egypt, and those throughout  the continent.  The most unusual feature of the  Tobbery Is that, when the cases containing the gold were opened at  Alexandria, the heavy seals put on at  london were apparently intact.  . , She^fa^-ad been packed iniLon*  ���������on. sot-it .the entire space in each  , av** should be filled, thus preventing  any movement inside. As the cases  were being bandied, however, some  ������f ths officials noticed thst in the  case of two of them the contents  aeemed loose.  The dock authorities sent for Mm  -representetlves of the Uoyds underwriter*. Tbe seals were first exam*  fned. w������ then weighed. The weight  was amt*e%* but tbe fact remained  that two of t)*e forty boxes bad eon*  tent* Wbieb were loose. It was then  jedded to open these two boxes, and  Inside, Instead of gold, the office*  found lead.  police Inquiries led to tbe belief  tbst tbe substitution of tbe lead for  tbe gold took place on tbe train Jour  mjej between Bremen and Trieste.  HONIQ'8 STORES.  Ottawa, Not. t7.���������Mr. W. '8. Mid-  4Reton, ��������������� P. for North Orey, be*/ been  ���������chosen assistant chief whip of the  ���������Conservatives. He succeeds Mr. A. E.  Ooodeve, ex-M. P., now a Railway  Commissioner.  Bernard Honig is the directing  mind of the big, popular Honig Stores  at 56-60 Hastings street east, stores  that are gradually drawing trade, not  only from all parts of Vancouver, but  from adjacent towns and cities. The  popularity of these department stores  can be traced to four things, vis.:  reasonable prices, large stock of great  variety and wide range, superior  quality Of goods, and above all to the  true business instincts of Bernard  Honig, who, after twelve years, has  risen from proprietor of a small confectionery shop on the north side of  Hastings street to this present extensive and thoroughly up-to-date, aggregation of stores.  At the present time important  changes are being arranged which,  when complete, will consist of Seven  Floors, thoroughly. Stocked and organised so as to give the people tbe  greatest possible benefit by a maximum-volume of business at a mint:  mum expense.  Mr. Bernard Honig, now a, loyal  Canadian, is deeply interested In tbe  European war. ss be is a nattf e of  ftoumente, where be spent bis early  life and received bis.sducaUon.  Chinese Lsois.  An American tourist, on pricing tea  In a Chinese store in Shanghai, waa  surprised fo And tbat be could purchase five pounds of a certain bind of  tea for f 2, but that lf be bought ten  pounds the price would be |6. .The  American argued with tbe Chinaman  tbat such an arrangement was ridiculous, but Che proprietor of tbe store  Insisted that logic was on bis side.  "More buy, more rich; more rich,  more can pay," be explained.���������New  York tribune.  VotuforNeras^yor  Prices ol * Few XMAS 000PS  ton*vH*\ , ������������������"_���������:_������������������'#__���������  JUifi-*, leaded wft-l**-*'  " *w#t*f      -A**** a*  "     Beran fpanish   lb.20otoMe  0*7s1������Ux#4 Gfeer-riei ,'.' .������������. ������0o  ������m,        ...*H������. ne  Qlase4 WrolW assorted X% ������<*  Almond Pasta    ������. 60c  . .Ground Almonds lb. 60c  Shelled Walnuts        ...lb. 40c  ���������\     Almonds lb. 46c  ������'.        "      Jordan  lb. 66c  Dromedary Dates   pkg. 16c  Fard Dates  lb. 16c  Golden Dates .lb. 10c  8weet Cider .quart 20c  Boiled Cider bottle 36c  Turkish Figs   lb. 15c and 20c  Wack Figs ..'         .....lb. 16c  China Preserved Ginger jar 26c  Young _tem Ginger -  .jar 40c  Pin Money Pickles     bottle 36c and 60c  Mince Heat. Hein_ 2 lbs. 46c  V     "   Local ........  ..21bs. 26c  Xmas Plum Pudding  .,. jar 40c  Xmas Cakes   lb. 30c and 60c  Sardines, Royans a la Vatel tin 20c  "      a la Bordelaise   .tin 20c  "       Des Sportsmen tin 26c  "      Yacht Club, Boneless       tin 25c  Choice Bfixed Nuts   ...2 lbs. 35c  Mixed Nuts, extra fancy    2 lbs. 45c  Xmas Stockings   .5c to $1.00  ���������'**   Bon-Bons 20c to $1.50  OUR CHEESE DEPARTMENT:  English   Sti'.ton 60c La Trappe 50c McLaren's Imperial..30c  Swiss   Cream��������� 50c Roquefort    60c Gorgonzola    50c  Edam   .��������� 90c Brick  30c German   Breakfast-..10c  Limburger  30c Camembert   35c Pimento   .. 10c  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive     Next to Uneeda Heat Market  Roots and Fodder  Crojsjf Canada  Ottawa, November 16.���������A bulletin  issued today by the Census and Statistics Office contains estimates of the  yield, quality and value of the root  and fodder crops of Canada during the  past season, based upon returns .from  agricultural correspondents at the end  of October. Upon total areas for potatoes, turnips, mangolds, etc., hay and  clover, alfalfa, fodder corn aqj*. sugar  beets amounting to 8,78_,000 acres, as  compared with 9,180,000 acres last  year, the total value of the products  Is 1102,6000,000 compared with 92S8.  790,000, a decrease In value of $33,390,  000. This decrease Is caused by the  diminution, both In ares and yield, of  the hsy snd clover crop, which Is loss  than list year In ares by 416,000 seres.  In yield by 1,000,000 tons, and In  value by 118,880,000. , All the other  crops show Increases, except altalfe,  the eras of which In Canada Is rem*  tlvely small. Tbe yield of potatoes Is  8l,3������,OO0 bushels, of the vnlue of fit,  178,000.; of turnips and other roots  87,605,000 bushels. Vnlue  110,718,000;  of fodder com 8,858,900 tons, vnlue 818,  521,000; of sugar beets 204,000 tons,  value $1,020,000, and of alfalfa 810,000  tons, value f8,������lo,eoo. In quality all  these crops are merited hl������b. the Standard percentage being shout 87, excepting for .turnips, etc., which are 98,  snd for fodder com, which Is 82.' A  word of caution ts necessary with regard to potatoes, for whilst yield and  quality are generally good at. harvesting, there are numerous reports of rot*  ting in the cellars, the produce of the  heavier soils having been considerably  affected by the constant rains.  Tbe area estimated to be sown to  fall wheat in Ave provinces of Canada  this season aggregates 1.086,000 acres,  as compared with 1466,900 acres the  area sown last year. This represents  a net decrease of 70400 acres, or 6 per  cent. In Ontario the acreage sown Is  696,000 acres, compared with 7974100  acres, a decrease of 101,200 acres, or  12.6 per cent; in Alberta tbe figures  are 312.000 acres, as against 300,700, a  decrease of 11,800 acres, or 3 iM per  cent.; and In Saskatchewan tbe area  sown Is 72,000s acres, against 58,000  acres, an increase of 19,000 acres, or  36 per cent. Small areas In Manitoba  and British Columbia complete the  totals. The decrease in area is due to  the persistenet rains which have hindered ploughing and sowing operations.  The condition of this crop on Oct..  31 was 92.67 per cent, of the standard  for the Ave provinces. It was above  90 in each province, except Manitoba,  where the small area of about 4.000  acreB had a per cent, condition of  88 1-2.  The percentage of fall ploughing  completed upon land intended for next  years crops ranges from 45 in Ontario  to 77 in Prince Edward Island for the  East, and from 24 In Alberta to 38 in  British Columbia for the West. It is  remarkable that both this year and  last yea j the seasons in the three  Northwest provinces have been adverse to fall ploughing, and less than  about 25 per cent, of such ploughing  has been possible in both years as  compared with a more normal percentage at the same date of from 50 to 75.  In the three Northwest provinces ,the  area summer fallowed this year is estimated as being from 2 to 5 per cent,  more than last year.  ARCHIBALD BLUE,  Chief Offlcer.  No guess work is needed to determine the future values of lots in Old Orchard.  If you knew how fast these lots are selling you wouldn't hesitate a moment before you  secured a choice location. J  Old Orchard sub-division lots are being sold, not to wealthy men alone, but to the pay  envelope man, who is going to build here his ideal home.  Already there are a number of houses being erected on Old Orchard and we have not  the slightest doubt that by mid-summer next year Old Orchard will be a community of homes  of men who have their businesses in Vancouver.  We" have sold many money-making properties in Vancouver, but we must admit with all  candor and earnestness that we know of no other property in Greater Vancouver which includes  MOOD  than  OW ORCHARD  Because Old Orchard combines every advantage that appeals to the investor o������ home builder  with such possibilities of enormous profits.  To those who are seeking a desirable home site we have a special offer. We will arrange  to erect for you a nice little bungalow on any lot in Old Orchard sub-division and allow yon  to pay for it on exceptionally easy terms. We are able to guarantee you rapid transportation facilities to and from your business.  We seriously urge those who are contemplating investing in Port Moody to see our  property. :.'-'".,.  Old Orchard is waterfront property and is located at the pivotal point of Burrard Inlet.  Lots are selling fast. Why not make arrangements :: see this property? We will take you  there in our motor launch.   Phone Sey. 1567 and ask us to reserve you a seat.  .**  CHOICE HIGH __5V___WTM_76. TERMB* $15 OABH AND $7.60 PEE MONTH.  HARRY A. JOHNSTON COMPANY  Bead Office, *22 Bicbards St.       3nrocfc Office, J������6 Hastings Street W.  phone Seymour 1567.  VANCOtfVm  Open Evenings,  MA**jY*f urn* "AM.  Mary bad a little raw,   .  As black as. a rubber shoe.  And everywhere that Msry went.  He emigrated, too.  He went with her to church one day���������  Tbe folks hilarious grew,  To see It walk demurely  Into Deacon Allen's pew.  The worthy Decen quickly 1st  His angry passions rise,  And gave it an unchristian hick  Between the sad brown eyes.  Tbis landed Rammy In tbe aisle;  The Deacon followed fast  And raised bis foot again���������  Alas! tbat first kick was bis last.  For Mister Sheep walked slowly back  About a rod, 'tis said;  And ere the Deacon could retreat,  He stood blm on bis head.  Tbe congregation then arose  And went for tbst 'ers sheep,    "  But several well directed butts  Just piled 'em in a heap.  Then rushed they all straight for tbe  door *     t  With curses long and loud,  While Rammy struck tbe hindmost  man  And shoved him through the crowd.  The Minister bad often, heard  That kindness would subdue  The fiercest beast.   "Ah Ha!"  He said, "I'll try that game on you."  And so he gently, kindly called,  "Come, Rammy, Rammy, Ram;  To see the folks abuse you so  I grieved and sorry am."  With kind and gentle words he came  From that tall pulpit down,  Saying "Rammy, Rammy, Ram,  Best sheep in the town."  The Ram quite dropped his humble  air  And rose from off his feet,  And when the Parson lit  It was beneath the hindmost seat.  Ab he Bhot out the door  And closed it with a slam,  He named a California town���������  I think it was "Yuba Dam."  , CARNEY.  More Senators ier Province.  Ottawa* Nov, p.���������British Columbia  members of parliament baa an Interview wftb ju. Hon. W U Borden today on the subject of representation  of the province la tbe Senate. The  Prime Minister assured them that the  delegation from British Columbia  would be raised to tbe same strength  as In tbe other Western provinces,  and a bill to this effect will be introduced. This means tbe appointment  of three additional senators.  Finding en Audience.  "What are yo& cutting out of the  paper?"  "A piece about 4 California man  getting a divorce because bis wife  went; through bis pockets"  "Wbat are you going to do with it?  "Put tt In my pocket."  Queer Given Nome*  Tbe need of tbe proposed guild ol  gottysrent* to save innocent children  frotn tbe burden of j-~-oestcrae mimes  fs revealed by tbe registers at Somerset House. Hundreds of examples of  tbis poor f orm of peretttfcl wit occdr In  tbe entries for the past few years.  Nosh's Ark Smith, Sardine Box, Jolly  .Judos Iseariot Crown, Onetoo-  Johnson, Not-wanted 8mitb.Ho-**>  Odious Heaton, Anno.Demim Davis are  the names of children  wbo will have to tbeer  life, unless tbey  with subterfuge,  observe   the '9  -Jjondon Chronicle.  lirWvtaf  tbroogh  lives clean  ivjssntuchchildren  commandment?  , "If you had to choose between me  and a million dollars which would  you take?"  "I'd take the million; after tbat  you'd be easy."  r  BOYS'   DEPARTMENT  Navy Serge and Nap-Sizes 23 to 3_  regular up to $7.50;. your choice   $2.50  ���������-.."���������-' ���������       ��������� *?  Fawn Coverts and Light Tweeds���������sizes 23 to 35  regular up to $7.50; your choice   $8.50  Clubb & Stewart  309-315 Hastings St.W. Phone: Sey. 702  L  .���������5^i^'ggv^;T*_?���������^_jB���������-sv^  Sm  __r_____������__l  ___lt_____i  ___���������_���������______!


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