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 ....m*am  ���������*:i?z$M$w  '" cXX'  .riV.V^V X") '-'-������������������ V-'-X'  ������������������'./,. ,.-r?y-.-.v-r,"....'r-..;-.'*r";  . XXVX ''vi-^r-'.1.-?; .J'*X:  XV^x  ixxvx_  ?$���������  wa  Published in the Interests of Qreaier Vancouver and the ^W  Volume VI.  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, JANUARY 1, 1915.  Y-K&ftf(tffi;\;  '������������������{'-��������� j-g.-W;*-:!?'.':'.-';  .���������.���������.���������/������������������^������������������^^  m  ���������.'>o-,-| l:  'X  vvx'Xx  ���������������.������,������<4������4tfc+>������t������������+,+������������t������>������>������������������������������t������t..t  A Near  :er  ]t-:,:,V  y\  X  ELECTION NEWS.  \ A number of influential electors of the  eastern end of Ward 6 are arranging a meeting in the Cecil Rhodes School for Monday  night next in the interests of the aldermanic  candidature of' Mr. R. H. Gale. The other candidates for .aldermanic honors are being invited to speak.  The annual meeting of the South Kitsilano  and "West Fairview Ratepayers' Association  will be held V oh Tuesday evening next at the  Lord Tennyson School, Tenth and Cypress Sts.  The officers for the year will be elected and the  candidates for aldermen for the ward will speak.,  Hear "The Messiah" on New Year's Night,  Jan. 1, by the Western Triple Choir, orchestra  and capable soloists, in the First Congregational  Church, corner Pendrell and Thurlow Streets.  "'������������������'W:':  -'���������M  ��������� 4> >. $(#&. * ������* ������������������#>.���������������;��������� >*������ ���������*^**)fa ��������� ��������� j������|4> > 04. > *} ���������*fHM^ * .-If ������#���������',���������  ^ The government at Washington vhaa,sei^ *  strong protest to St. James, insisting on better  treatment of American commerce by Britain on  the high seas. xVX-XXX������������������'���������:���������,-/,  Whilst this long note is couchedin words of  pronounced friendliness, there can be no mistake  as to its origin.   It springs from a double source:   ~  First: Big Business. It is astonishing how  big business: in the States has been rounded up  by:;['%\\0~Germans. Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Jacob  Fisch, international bankers; Havemeyers and  Spreckles, sugar; Guggenheims, copper; ���������, Schwab \  iandvPrick, iron and steel and war materials;X  Cramp, shipbuilding. , XV        '  - That vthe German-Irish political pull is behind y  the note goes without saying to those who know  American politics, 'k'kk ..Jk-kk'V XXX ,.^ kkk'JJ  ::V. v^ollidp; Biehind the  Irish-German vote in  ;^d Xl������^^  "'wticr ;Xhfci|j0u ^'nowX'SucceedM embroiling  ft^-'tw^^^reai'i/.'JJir^^^^tp'natioiMi^ of: EuropeX  : awJVwho, confessedly^by the repeated assert^^  of Cardinal Manning, hope  to regain political  ascendancy in the world if in no othervwayithan  by the outbreak ol'-. war   l^tweein   ProtestantX  .;imtiow,xx ���������;, xvX; yyjy^v^y/y-j r. v x::v:xxX' yj.  V That this constitutes a danger in v inter-  national politics seems beyond dispute. Not that  war with tlie United States under Wilson and  Bryan is to be feared, for they are avowed  ''pacifists" of the most pronounced type;0but .  all the more conscious of their peaceful inten-  tions they are apt to; push negotiations   to   a  Soint that will raise considerable hard feelings  etween the great English-speaking peoples.;  Herein lies the danger, for that the Germans  are, secretly, organizing raids on Canada is as'  sure as that, we are at war with Germany.  What  they are waitings lor ia an American sentiment  that will make the success of such raids possible.  The American people   are   notorious "fttli-  ;busters,"   and   granted   a   hostile   sentiment  aroused over the British   and   French   fleets  stopping and searching steamers carrying American cargoes, the danger of raiding will become  ra^iteX^-==x="=Xxxra"^^  "The United States has no organized force  capable of stopping a resolute movement of this  kind and that the Germans are resolute has been  proved to a finish.  The Allies will not give way in their "right  of search." That is a certainty as long as  Kitchener is at the helm.'     v.  The outlook to avoid trouble of this kind is  not hopeful, and it may come far sooner than  any of us think. './'���������'���������'/y'- '���������'���������'  Eastern Canada and the Provinces are com-  Saratively safe during the winter���������as long as  :ing Frost holds sway���������but British Columbia .  lies-open to attack in measurable weather-  comfort the year round ���������and we should be  prepared, as quickly as may be, to handle any  attack.  ������'*:ffi������^3x^^  ���������^  ���������������..  X 1  ��������� '<���������  :���������>*���������:  ���������\V'  ///y-k '*;:^:^:^ftew^D  vx^^-Pear^C^���������  ^goitovtlii^;.^  busy lately, but the^  that are not advertised a^ of   the  .Government in not letting the pi^' report  movements jot troopsVha^<^������$rrot- in a marked  degree; in one instance >t^^;W  moVesoi������e tro^  attack where the troops^  V- The Germans had 150$^  they thought w^  V.;h^v^-::thatv^  ponred in and ^c^^edjth  aU concerned are quite;^m  the pres8y having nbx^^  '''nmke":iipX^:v^:v' v'-vVvVXXXX,X'X-XivXX^X^XX  As >egar^V^evNi  losses and lots more to com^, but as regards the  work performed, it w^^  jyr% would lose from fiv������V^������t ?ten iper cent' of-our  merchant shipping in a ,'iifar with Germany^ ;and ;  we; have lost Jess than two per cent, and nearly  all the raiders caught, so these are facts that-;':  don't require; any explai^g. 3 At the same time yj.  ^ur battle fleet is lmocldngiat the door and; tEt^  can come but as soon as they like; they will ifind X  something on the map ^t������de VwaitingV^  Of course, to f^orce th1ii^i[V^o||^ ; V  -V'Own^jfrme^V.&^  harbors, that are sbwn thick with minw^^^ , V  be sumde.( StUl there has been mo^  :,V:isVgen������|^y  >;X':T^Qood^;l|ope;tJ^^  job.  The Germans had the speed and the range  Xof our ships and nothing could have altered theky  result; but the moral eftect *f such an action is  V;vwbrth^heV;;ioii^  "Vjw^tlwfjilB^  said. We have been doing some interesting jobs  quite out of the ordinary, an4���������**#thinjc we yrilY  have another change soon. l   :   A. H. JI.  tt������t*t������t������t*t*t������������������t>������*t������t������������������������������*t������t*4'������4'*4'������t������������������t'������*'f������������������������������>t������������������  ''     if. ���������������������������   ������������������' -_-. ���������'. ������������������������������������.   ������������������������������������ ..:''������������������.���������'��������� ���������-        , '...'.���������-,-...<>  X'  The candidates for municipal honors so far  made known to The Western Call are:  For Wayor:  T. S.Baxter, C. S. Douglas, Joseph Martin,  4for iUdfrmro:  Ward I���������A; E. G- Weeks. R. H. Holland, Alderman Hepburn, J. W. Prescott.  Ward 3���������Aid. Crowe, Aid. Hamilton.  Wnr4 8���������Aid. Enright; Aid. Kirkpatrick.  Wt?4 ������������������Aid Evans, Aid. Hoskins, Pr. J. W-  Mcintosh, Chas. Boardman.  Ward 0 ��������� Ex-Aid. Black,  Aid. James,  Aid.  ' Mahon, Alfred Williams, independent candidate.  Wwrd ������-^Ald. White, Aid. Coterell, W. Por-  teous Jack, R. H. Gale.. X  Ward 7~Ald. M^Beath, Aid. Woodside.  . .Ward 8���������Aid. Trimble, Aid. F. P. Rogers,  Wm. Ash,  License Oommiiiionsrs:  R. S. Pyke, WO. Black, JasV Eadie.  School Truitoes:  J. J. Dougan, A. M. Harper, Major McTavish,  C. H. Sangster. X 0   >  Park Conumifioosri:  W. R. Owen, Jonathan Rogers. :   ''    ���������  SOUTH VANCOUVER.  Reeve Kerr and Geo. A. Stevens have both  announced their candidature for the reeveship  of South Vancouver. X  Other candidates spoken of are: J. G. Campbell, school trustee; Donald Burgess and Edward  Gold. ,  1, For Councillors x  X Ward 1-^-Councillor RutledgeX  Ward 2���������W. B. Russell and W. A. Craig.  Ward 3���������F. Mahsell, J- W. Walsh, G. W.  Thomas. X  Ward 4���������Councillor Winram, Richard Street.  Ward 6���������Councillor Miller and W. Hunter.  Ward 6���������Councillor Rowling.  '    Ward 7���������Councillor Twiddy and W. J. Allen.  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������*������������������������������������������������������>���������������������������������������*���������*������������������������������*������������������������������������������  ^XXK'  Jik&rimm^m  t������������������������.������t������������������)������������������������>������>������t������������������>������>������i������>������������4>������������������������  t*tf!&  kiy The'Vi^rmian/atta^^  The Grand Duke holds General von Hindenberg's  forces a* firndy at bay m hold  the Kaiser's armies in the west.   The Austrian  forces are badly beaten in ^Galicia and the Russians ho w hold all the pass^ in the Cai^athiansV y^  Tlie Russian advance ^iU^ (Gjaliciiax  and  not Hungary rather  than into  Silesia at  ^present.        :'.;..j. :kyykyky-kJ:.:v].yyyjkyjykjk  X   Reports peraist that General Joffre holds the  key tO Alsaceif and  Lorraine ^ and V the GJarmaai y,  positions in that quarter;eveniup tb: the Rhine,V^  and that any day niay see ^  '.spirevin[that direction. Jkky/yyy^^ykykjkyyy  The raid on England's ������^  ;:>tered^by;:av^noyei;'C^p  vCuxhaven^v^h������n^:^^l^  vZeppeUnxi^  have replied by an air raid on Dunldrk^  : ^ati������ck^^!;onV KingV^A^ertiXh^d^^  Christmas  a ;Fi^c;V^ayiirtJD*^  ;^i^t^::^:ya^Vb^  his Christmas dinner ^^^; are the amenities  V of i the i-.presi^^^  portance, except perhaps the raid on Cuxhaven.  wbjich lasted more than three hours, and is reputed >to have disclosed the feasibility   of the  landing of an army on the shores of Schleswig-  Holstein and frm:|pwe^41.tf># Wk^Jwei".  Canal.   It vw^ul^ be a fitting re  dirty Prussian trick if Scfaleswig-Holstein were  to prove the grave of the lGferma#empire^      ^;  RE KR1ST1AN REQfHOLD gWANOON.  News is required of the whereabouts of the  above Swedish subject who, in 1912, was at  Carmi, B. C, and was also- in Vancouver in  October, 1913. Please communicate with the  Swedish Viee-Consul, Vancouver, B. Ciy or Mrs;  Dagmar Noli, 246 South Central Street, Phoenix,  Arizona, U. S. A.  Yours faithfully, V  (Signed) R. V. WINCH,     ...  Vice-Consul for Sweden.  m  ZmkJi00k  IV'-}XVifiiS������Si;^  ���������-fj\  X ���������] f ��������� if J;t'./��������� W-wSpiJe  j?i'M  :SX:J-  mn  M:-  GRAND 8C0TTOH CONCERT-  Delegates from most of the Scottish societiesV  in the city, at a meeting held on Tuesday evening  at Thomson's Piano Stores, 1127 Granville St.,  unanimously agreed that a concert be held in  the month of January for the benefit of distressed  Scots. The societies taking the initiative in this  movement are drooping their individual January  concerts and Burns entertainments and are  pooling their united energy and influence in  order to make this united benefit concert the  success it deserves to be.  Several prominent artists have already tendered their services, full details of which will be  advertised later.  BE QUALIFICATION FOE MAYOR .AND  ALDERMEN.  Editor "Western Call," Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sir: As there seems to be some confusion in regard to whether or not a candidate  for Mayor or Alderman must be entered on the  Voters' List, I would be glad if you would give'  publicity in your paper to the following quotations from the Vancouver City Charter:  The Charter provides that in 'addition to  other qualifications the candidate must be  "otherwise qualified as a voter." Then part, of  the qualification for a voter is that he or she 'lis  entered on the Voters' List." It would therefore  seem plain that no person can be qualified to  become a candidate for the office of Mayor or  Alderman unless entered upon the Voters' List  as a voter.  I have before advised enquirers that entry on  the Voters' List "in the ward in which they are  nominated" is not absolutely necessary; but being on the Voters' List some place in the City,  is, of course, necessary, but-I am told that there  is an idea prevalent that it is not necessary to  be on the Voters' List at all, which, of. course,  is a false impression.  Yours truly,  J. G. HAY,  v City Solicitor.  fm.  L"^3  ["^3  RflTJ  LM  ������������������ ;��������� ��������� ���������**���������<*.<:;<:������������������������.'  XV  my  sir  Cold vs. Warm Houses.  As has been stated, the cold  house is not satisfactory simply  because it is cold, but because  suitable conditions can be more  easily obtained. A house built  warm; enough to keep water from  freezing is, hard to ventilate.  Should the windows be used for  this purpose, the house is cold  anyway, and the extra expense is  hot practical. Ventilation must  be provided even if., the heat is  sacrificed. Should artificial heat  be introduced, it is hard to keep  it uniform; and experience has  shown, that there is more sickness  in a heated house, and poorer  fertility from the hens. It is not  claimed that a warm house may  not provide just as many eggs for  the time being, but the fertility  is poorer and the strength of the  germ weaker, and, if warm  houses are used, each succeeding  year witnesses a flock of poultry  with a weaker constitution.���������-Mac-  donald College.  THE  OLD RELIABLE  OPltlil  KKiirnoN  1ARIACT  Marret * Reid  Independent Drag Stove  #������f. 71* JkW*. A JNtafit *9f.  137 ftaoHwpe ������fc W.  PHONE YOVB ORDER  Fairmont 668.  *  Phone Seymour 9t)86  Nnr Yiwr  Private  Peposit Boxes  in our Safety Vault, from  $2.50 per annum  TH^I WESTERN fCALL  /M^MSkSS&y/^/y  $*$**\*<iii*i#  *o������o*o������frfo������������fo^^^  VV;;; ;������������������������������������������������������������������������������>������������������������������:���������������������������.��������� ���������������������*������������cfr^  "'" "*:���������      ' '  "~ '  .���������:'���������.���������  ���������:,���������  ���������-������������������  t  THE NEW DETENTION BUILDING, VANCOUVER  The new Immigration building, which oompleted, will cost well on to $300,000,  is now ender eoastraetiom Vr Ihe wall kiswn Tmcoutci firm of contractors Messrs  Snider Bros, and Brtthour. All the partaers ef thia Company are Native Sons and  have already ereeted in Victoria and Vancouver probably tbe largest number of  buildings ef any contracting firm in the country.  ****************** **U ****************i***l>*l%*%**************** t* ******.**** *44  OUR VANCOUVER -CIPLINO  Qow, Fraser Trust Co.  U2 Bastings St, W.  Our $6.50  Lump Coal  and $5.00  Nut Coal  Which again we say without  fear of contradiction, is the  same coal that some of our  most prominent competitors  have charged you $7.50 and  and $8.00 for.  kirkT CO.  #2* MAIN ST. PHONE S������y. 1441  ' k -''     26 years in Vie Wria.  HAZING HISTORY.  Yer can talk o' yer Drakes an' yer Nelsons,  Yer Hoods an' yer Caroperdowns;  Yer Howes an' yer Ansons an' Rodneys,  An' otber sea dogs o' renown.. ,  They were fighters no doubt in their time, sirs,  The.best that the world ever seen,  Rut they thought only angels were fly in'  An' the devil was a big submarine.  Can yer pictur' yerself in a coffin  Wiv machinery buzzin' all round;  You've got a few shipmates around yer;  As for talkin Y yer can't hear a sound.  Yer ajre somewhere below in the. ocean, ,. X.  An' yer don?t dare to ask where yer are;  Rut yer waitin' to cause some commotion,  An'that's quite enough for a tar. X  Yer can't quite be sure any moment  That "Pavy" won't claim yer for sure;  When yer dodge under mines 'tis amusin',  .-:-. An' then dodge the shot from the shore.  Then to stayunder water nine hours,  Then manage a cruiser to sink-  Have yer sit ohViheVjedgeo* a razor!��������� ^  The same kind o' feelin',"I think.  To the list o' our naval 'eroes  : We shall add Norman Hollbrook, R. N.,  An'the crew Submarine Bll,  The best au' most darin' o'men-  For to dive under five rows o' mines, sirs,  Where the Dardanelles currents run free,  An'torpedo a Turkish cruiser,  Is worth more than the valued V. C.  Vancouver, B. C. W. A. ELLIS.  BRITAIN'S SONS  Tune-1-" For those in Peril on the Sea.'  L ' ' '���������   "''��������� ?**  God of our fathers, at whose call  We now before thy footstool fall;  Whose gra&e hath made our Empire strong,  Through love of right, and hate of wrong,  In this dark hour we plead with Thee, X.  For Britain's cause on land and sea.  Not for the lust of war we fight  But for the triumph of the right  . The strife we hate is on us thrust,  Our aims are pure, our cause is just;  So strong in faith we plead with Thee  For Britain's cause on land and sea.  Asleep beneath Thine ample dome ;.  With many a tender dream of home;  Or charging in the dust and glare,  With war-bolts hurtling through the air;   '  In this dark hour we plead with Thee,  For Britain's sons on land and sea.  If wounded in the dreadful fray,  ~Be^Thou4heircomfort=and their stay^;  If dying,'may they in their pain  Behold the Lamp for sinners slain;  t_. ii.���������_. ______ !._.._. : _i^_j .-lilmu  In this dark hour we plead with Thee,   ^  For Britain's sons on land and sea.  And soon, O blessed Prince of Peace,  Bring in the days when war shall cease,  And men and brothers shall unite  To fill the world with love and light; ",  Meanwhile, O Lord, we plead with Thee,  For Britain's cause on land and sea.  MISCELIjANEOUS  MANY JEWS DRIVEN FROM THEIR HOMES.  Number of Refugees and Destitutes Due to War  Approximates Two Millions.  New York.���������Approximately 2,000,000. Jews  have been driven from their homes in Russian  Poland, according to a cablegram from the  Petrograd < office of the Jewish Colonization  Association, made public here today by the  American Jewish relief committee. The message,  in part, read as follows: ,,  "The Jews-of all Russian Poland, and the  greater part of the Jews in the provinces of  Kovno, Vilna, Grodno, Volniya, Pedolia and Bessarabia, are suffering. The number of refugees  and destitutes approximates 2.000,000- Extreme  distress also prevails among the Jews in the  Galician provinces occupied by the Russian  armies." -  CHOLERA   CULTURES   AS   WEAPONS   OF  WARFARE.  ��������� Foreign  Austria General Favored Their Use-  .        Minister Opposed It.  Petrograd.���������The Army Messenger, a newspaper issued hy the staff of the armies at the  front, has now learned that the use of cholera  cultures as a weapon of modern warfare was  proposed officially by General von Hkthendorf  for use against the Russians and Servians.  General con Hethendorf's proposal was presented to the supreme military council of  Austria and warmly opposed by Count Berchtold  who threatened that if such a message were formally sanctioned he would resign his official  post.  The Army Messenger, by the way, is the official organ of. the Russian army during this war.  It was created after the armies had got to work,  and is circulated practically only at.the front.  It is a perfectly trustworthy organ.  Travellers to and from5 Eastern points who  wish to see Central British Columbia and the  great new areas opened up to immigration will'  be glad to hear the announcement made by Mr.  C. E. Jenney, of the G. T. P. Passenger Department.   " '���������'"���������'.'    ������������������--..-".   -  On Monday of this week j a new rate to Winnipeg is inaugurated, enabling the G. T. P. to  compete with other lines. The rate will be $45.55  and passengers will be provided with berths and  meals free on the magnificent steamers x>i the  company from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and  vice versa.  It is expected that this rate will bring a large  amount of travel over the new transcontinental  route, the Vancouver - Prince Rupert boats being  famous for their splendid berth accommodation  and meals. ,X;  ���������V ��������� ���������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������*������������������������ ������*|*������^  X_?ou can prove the actual; saving in cash if yoii ^ \  will try one ton of our 016. Wellin^on Coalw .[Ms ���������$ $  coal v\i^ fuel bill without 1^  ���������heat. X'-xxx' ^-:J^:ykkk>'yyy.:jj.y^y^yjj]]yyyjk''"jj--r:  ;X-xNUTXvX ..M:M^^k&^.^^k^'^i  xvx;x.-peax;::^  SLACK - ^      -      $3.50  BMQUETTES      -      -      $6.60  WOOD���������Choicest Dry Fir Cordwood $3.00 per load.  ������*���������*****���������***********���������***���������**���������*���������*������*���������*���������***********������   ;'.'<  McNeill, Welch & Wilson, Ltd. j  Seymour 5408-5409.  ,*,  SEALED  is tosfntial to safe investment.  Our Debentures guarantee a  a return of 5>%���������9re negotiable  DEBCNTUBfS   -are secured by $7,480,339  x ���������'".,' -' x   ly .Assets.  X:y:;X x ;���������    .'''XX-  ' ���������    ' V'. .��������� ' n;'' . ���������''���������-':���������.'���������  .'"'���������'      '    ' x ' x '' ���������>'i ��������� ' ' ���������- .    X   '  4% en Savings Deposits. Subject te cheque  withdrawal, interest compounded quarter-  yearly.  Tbe firsat Wsst Permaotot Loan Company  Vancouver Branch: Refers Bide., Oreund Floor  R. J. POTTS, Manager.  WE ARE EUNN1HG  SPECIAL SAL&  in order to make a quick turnover.  20% off all Men's  and Underwear.,   Special line* In all  department* at even greater reductions  &  WMITW  Phone Seymeiir 7|2    "  Street, W., Vancouver  35V  MOUStMOl l) GOODS   - OFHC fc HJRNIIUKt  I MOVING-PACKING-STORAGE-SHIP WtO  |nPBOJJ^������EjfJ1OU^rs6^^0fflCeMJM^  A HOME INSTITUTION  being the only Canadian Chartered Bank with Head  Office in British Columbia.  Accounts may be opened at amy branch ef the Baik  with deposits of One Dollar and upwards. Interest  paid at tbe current rate.  A General .Banking Business Transacted '������*t  Friday, January 1. 1915.  For Sale and  For Rent  Cards  10c each 3 for 25c  IHTEM hu. OFFICE, 203 Ilifwaj  A DETECTIVE'S ADVIC  Befor* cmplorbiar a Pri-  ���������ate Detective, if you don't  knaw your man, ask your  las������l adriaei.  'JOHNSTON,, tha Secret  Service httefHfeace B������-  reaa. Suite 1*3-4  319 Pender St., W.  Vancouver, B. 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COMPORT-The fire it perfectly regulated, thus areidii* tha extremes  incident with the old fashioned grate.  eCONOMY-Tha fire is ready for instant cse, night er day.  Jt gives  beat ss soon aa lighted, and al) the fuel consumption stops as aoec  satt is turned off. ,  ������  ..  1:  Sec tfceu an Pirw art *���������*# **%%r\%% cccctrclif tot ISfoipnoolo tt:  Vawccuver QesCe.      Manitoba Hardware Ct,  CswrtliaHMtngvStv 1714 Cttmrcltl ������rivt  1191 Qrccvillc St., Nttr Pavle  McCallam * Sens  3413 Hale stent  Qerdea Prtwn & Co.  ace i frccvllle &%f*H  ****>\>******************** ****.\^***,*********,i,*,i,**,i,,tf  m  Miiiwi ii i m 11, im i ' m������i������i 11 ii 11 m 111 11 im ,i, ,i������T������n si'+O  PHtne Sey. It7#-J#77  "FireWobd  ##������>��������� 4c* Avemme ancf #r������ffW#������ ff*  Wcllligtea Ceal, Cordwood and Plainer End*  The following letter from the  Old Country will be of interest.  It is from the pen of a man who  all his- life has had business and  social connections in Germany,  France, Austria, Russia and Belgium, and who has held for many  years' a* seat, as Director .on the  Board of Industrial Companies in  Berlin, Cologne, Paris and Brussels. In later years his business  connections have been extended  to America, so that his opportunities for coming to a sound  opinion on economic and political  matters have been considerable.  He writes from Glasgow, Scotland, as follows:  "It seems quite funny to read  and answer now your remarks regarding the war and your hope  that it 'would not amount to  much.' It is the most Jiorible  war that has ever been waged on  earth���������at least so far aa is known  to history���������and the worst of it is  one cannot see the end.  "One .thing is certain, we can  never afford to make peace now,  until the Prussian military autocracy is ground into very fine  powder and their powers of working mischief in the next generation reduced to a nullity.  "So far, everything is going as  well for us as we could reasonably have expected and the prospects appear quite encouraging.  "Many people think the war  may last two or even three years,  but my opinion is the economic  pressure on Germany will soon  become so terrible that���������it is  quite on the cards���������we may have  peace signed in Berlin on onr  terms by July or August of next  year (1915).  "Of course N  is with his  regiment.  D has enlisted and  has received a commission as  Lieutenant in 'Tullabardine's  Horse,-' in which there are very  many gentlemen serving as privates. They expect to be ordered  to the front very soon now.  "Kitchener is a great man for  'training/ and I hear there was  nearly a revolt among the Canadian troops because they were  not sent out at once, but. were  sent to Salisbury Plain to train.  . "Little F got safely; back  from Germany a>out   a   month  after war brojee out.   C- only  got back fronr Austria on the  very day war was declared (Both  are girls).   Jj has joinedtyhe  artillery and has got a commission as Lieutenant."  This letter is dated the 18th of.  November, 1914. '  A SHEEP BUW,J3TJN.  'CANADA'S BALLY TO THE  EMPIE-E."  Tbe Greatest,Event in Canadian History���������The Talk of tbe  Whole World.  [*****************������*******^������*****������**4tAttt4t44>***'***t*    l  The Revolt of Islam  '~rX>  Whea the great Armada of thirty-  one big ships, carrying thirty-two thousand of Canada's sons, and escorted by  nineteen great British battleships,  weighed anchor and sailed down the  St. Lawrence, carrying onr men to aid  in figuting the Empire's battles, few  people realized all it meant to Canada^  It has been the talk of the whole  world. Statesmen and newspapers the  ..world over commented on it and cried:  "Bravo, Canadai" The Illustrated  London News said the arrival was "an  event unparalleled since William the  Conqueror." It was truly a magnificent spectacle to see this great fleet  setting sail, a sight never before seen  on Canadian shores. News of the departure was censored and kept so  secret that few indeed were on the  scene, to see the big ships weigh anchor  on the Oaspe coast. This spectacle  would have been lost to the people of  Canada had not The Family Herald  and Weeklv Star of Montreal had their  staff, of photographers there to reproduce it. Their photos of the greet  flotilla are the best piece 01 photographic work in the history of the art.  They secured a panoramic view showing miles and miles of the great troopships and battleships ss they swung  into line on the way to the Atlantic.  In this picture The Family Herald and  Weekly Star certainly possesses a  treasure. It will be the greatest Canadian Souvenir of the War. It is 13%  inehes deep by 46 inches in length. It  is reserved exclusively for Family  Herald and Star subscribers, and all  who become subscribers for 1915. The  picture will be. sent free to anyone  sending one dollar for a year's subscription to that great paper. The demand is already enormous, and every  home in Canada will want it. It will  be Canada's great memento, and years  hence, when neighbors are gathered discussing the great war, this picture will  point the story. It will have a priceless value. It is truly magnificent, and  full of patriotic inspiration. Those desiring a copy, should order The Family  Herald and Weekly Star at once.  ���������������������������^���������������������������������������������<m������������.������,������.���������������������������������������������������.a������t.^������*������,������,������,+,������,������,������,+,+,+?  SATS KAISEE WANTS  TURKEY AS VASSAL  Sultan's    Country   No   Longer  Islam's Trustee, Declares  Aga Khan.  FREE  l|6������������ ������.'  '"  " * '*���������������"*'������ '������ '������'������".������ '>"*������������������* i*  llll|i|<i|i|  ������ .>i������.m ������ l||| I Hnt , i  t,i������ii(litinn  ������Q  m  Comfort  You need a good  ������������������ warm room to shave  and dress in. A Perfection Smokeless Oil  Heater will warm any  ordinary room in a  few minutes.  ' The Perfection It portable; you can take it to  sitting-room, cellar or attic  ��������� any room where extra  beat is needed ��������� and. it is  specially convenient in  very cold weather.  The Perfection is economical, too ��������� it barns only  when you need it. No coal,  no kindling; no dirt, no  ashes. Good-looking; easy  to clean and rewick.  PERF  SMOKELE  TION  HEATERS  Odorless and smokeless.  For sale at hardware and general stores everywhere.  Look for the Triangle trademark.  Madai  ROYALITE OIL it beat for all naas  THE IMPERIAL OIL CO., limited  Canary   Eajisa   Mmtrsal   QmUc    iUEUx  Vwmhc    Tanate     Ottawa  Pamphlet No. 8 of the Sheep and  Goat Division of the Live Stock Branch  is entitled "Care of the Bam and  Ewes During the Breeding Season.'' It  has been prepared by T. Beg. Arkell,  B.S.A., Chief of the Division, and Norman Stansfield. This is ah illustrated  pamphlet of sixteen pages and deals  with the subject under discussion in a  comprehensive and logical manner. It  embodies the instructions of a practical shepherd to those who would improve and increase their-flocks. The  concluding page is devoted to a number of "Don'ts," outlining a number  of practices to be avoided in sheep  raising. Copies of this pamphlet may  be obtained by making application to  the Publications Branch, Department  of Agriculture, Ottawa.  A PROCLAMATION  Whereas our Empire ?ias been  forced to take up arms in defence  of rights and liberties unjustly attacked land to fulfil pledges solemnly given,-���������  We," therefore, believing it to be  fitting that Our people should be  enabled to make a public and solemn avowal of duty to Almighty  God and of need of guidance,  have thought fit, by and with the  advice of Our Privy Council for  Canada, to appoint, and we do  hereby appoint SUNDAY, the  THIRD day of January next, to  be throughout Our Dominion of  Canada a day of Humble Prayer  and Intercession to Almighty God  on behalf of the cause undertaken  by Qur Empire and Our Allies  and of those who are offering  their lives for it, and for a speedy  and favorable peace that shall be  -founded on understanding and not  hatred, to the end that peace shall  endure; and We do invito all Our  oving subjects throughout Canada  to set apart this appointed day as  a day of Humble Prayer and Intercession.  The highest waterfall   in   the  world    is    Cholock    Cascade, at  Yosemite,  California.    It is 2634  feet high, or six feet short of half!  a mile. .  QUARANTEED  American Silk  HOSIERY  We Want You to Know  Tfcese Hose  They stood the test when all  others failed. They give real foot  comfort. They have no seams to  rip. They never become loose and  taffy as the shape is knit in, not  pressed in. They are GUARANTEED for fineness, for style, for  superiority of material and workmanship, absolutely stainless, and  te wear six months without holes  o? replaced by new peiri free. -  OUt FROT OFPBR  Te every one sending us EOc te  cover shipping eherfes. we will  send, subject to d������ty, absolutely  .fm:  Three pain of sir famous  men's AMERICAN SILK  HOSE with written guarantee,  ���������ny color, er  Threo pairs #f eur ladies'  Hose m Black, Tan or White  esters, with written guarantee^  P0NTD3t4Y-Qfer expires  when dealer in yeur locality is  selected.   Give color  end  ������se  .desired.���������  THe Ifttenwtlonel Hosiery C*.  21 Bittner Street  Psytee, Obis, U. s. A.  The text of the message addressed to the Moslems in India  and in other British dominions by  the Aga Khan, declaring that  Turkey, having allowed herself to  be made the tool of Germany, no  longer ia the trustee of Islam, ia  given aa follows in the Calcutta  ' 'Englishman:"  "With deep sorrow I find that  the Turkish Government, having  joined hands with Germany, acting under German orders, is  madly attempting to wage a most  unprovoked war against such  mighty sovereigns as the King-  Emperor and the C?ar of Bussia.  This is not the true and-free will  of the Sultan, but of German officers and other non-Moslems who  have forced him to their bidding.  Germany and Austria have been  no disinterested .friends of. Islam,  and while one took Bosnia the  other has long been plotting to  become the suzerain of Asia  Minor and Mesopotamia, including  Kerbale, Nejef and Bagdad.  "If Germany succeeds, which  heaven forbid, Turkey will become -only a vassal of Germany,  and the Kaiser's resident will be  the real ruler of Turkey, and will  control the holy cities. No  Islamic interest was threatened  in this war, and our religion was  not in peril, nor was Turkey in  peril, for the British and Bussian  empires and the French Republic  had offered to solemnly guarantee  Turkey all her territories in complete independence if she had remained at peace. -"''_���������  "Turkey was the trustee of,  Islam, and the whole world waa  content to let her hold our holy  cities in her keeping. Now that  Turkey has so disastrously shown  herself a tool in German hands  she haa not only raifted herself  but has lost her position of trustee of Islam and evil will, overtake,  her. Turkey haa been persuaded  to draw the sword in. an unholy  cause from which'she could not  be -ruined, wh&tevtr else' bap-  pened, and she will lose* her position as a, great nation, for such  mighty sovereigns as the King-  Emperor and the Czar can never,  be defeated.  ' .:.'   '  "Thousands of "Moslems are  fighting for their sovereign al-;  ready, and all men must see ttat  Turkey has not gone to war for  the cause of Islam 6r ������or. the defence of her independence. Thus  our only duty as Moslems now is  to remain loyal, faithful and -  obedient to our temporal 'and  secular allegiance."  The Aga Khan is the religious  leader of the Ismailiah section of .  Mohammedans.  He is believed by  his followers to be a descendant  of Mohammed's daughter Fatima.'  Like his father and grandfather,  the latter the first Aga Khan, he  is   a   strong supporter- of the'  British Government in India.  He  has the title of "His Highness"  from the British Government and  has been decorated by- the Kaiser  and by the Sultan of Turkey in  recognition of his services.  Phone Fairmont U40  Ring us up for  PRINTING OR ADVERTISING  Our Job Department is fuUy equipped  for High Class Printing.  ORDER YOUR  Calendars fqr J9J6  ATTHB  Western Call Office  OUR PRICES ARE LOW  m* * ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ������������������ i . ,. .-.  ...������������������������������������  ���������-. . . . f r T -_. _. ��������� __��������� | f ( M|        -  o coAnn'  WHICH WIU. YOU 5UPP0RT  The Csmpany wfcicfc sell* 1 (The Company which sells  British ColiimW*CogUn4>-OB-f  employs WWte Ubor   J (   ploys Oriental Uhor?  Fift������e������ years in Vancouver Coal Trade  WetUNQTON AND COMQX COAf-  WHITE LABOR ONJ.Y  AUccJonald, Marpole Co.v144.  427 SEYMOUR STREET ��������� . PHONE SEYMOUR 2W  t'lllll   ������  ������  ��������� tH > I  I  ��������� ������ > i'l t *  I   I  I , *   * t  A   *   * ������.���������������! |  Muter*' ������������������Mtel rial ���������������������������������. SelU B-������t. W������M!_( Ring ntf ���������!���������������������������  UtrSt la th* wwuTarMad ���������*������������������ aow.ao4 paT IfeoadaUvwy.  Masterr nar-elloM valae, lolld ia-ct. Wedding Ki... ..... !  eitheri8-ct.GemRtog,������etwithDiir7.ond5.R_biesPearlB,4<: tor  40/- (of dollars), or 30/- with order and ao/-on delivery.  Special attention given to foreign enqnirias.    Write for List.  ���������ASTERS', LIS., Hsstt Ctsrss, RYE. Eb|*  ���������IMS  ������0/-ta  dvo.  Writ*  for  - ���������!!���������  ������������W  AIM  U8_  Mat  C. fi    f%\     Ifjthe Cash-on-Delivary System is in use in your country, then  II    II     you nee^ on^ ^"^ ^/ *or e*t^ier ^ ^'nK8 y������u "elect and pay  I Ut Ui    balance when you|receive the Rings.     ItStCTS, ltd., RjS, Eoglastf  MASTEKS'  LTD.  ILLUSTRATED  CATALOGUE  may be seen at  203    KINOSWAY  any day  between 8 a.m.  and 5 p.m.  Saturday till 12  noon.  Orders left with  V. Odium  i % i  X -  j  1 L  t 1  'I *��������� J."  J if, 1  ' -4?  >) ft  .^ "l  <v<  ~������ :-v;-:<V:.  "���������'"'" ���������''���������'* ��������� ���������       ���������.-.������������������'���������..���������-���������-���������..' ���������.;-..-���������-.' s   -    .,    .      ................. -���������..���������-..-..,->,      ..    I_. ...;<..>..,_..--������������������--...  '.'. ���������.-.������������������..       .-.---..    -v.     ...... - ^..,.   ..  , -.     ...s.j       ....,.*       -'-���������',      --  - j-'.- .-���������:���������:������������������.:-..������������������������������������ .    ->...-.;������������������.���������    ���������.   ..  4 -       -    X v',  ,    Friday, January 1,1915,  THE WESTERN  CALL  THE WESTERTtEALt  :    PUBLISHED EVERY F&IDAY  BY THE X. 5  TERMINAL CITY PRESS; LTD.  HEAD OFFICE:  203 Kingsway, Vancouver  Telephone Fairmont 1140  ^_5_2-_������5������2&3EBSESSBEES5SE35E2EESSSX35SBB__E5H������  Ci V Subteorlntionr  Qno Dollmr m Yonr inAdvanoo  $UBO OuimMo emnmefm  TT  ���������I If you do ������ot f������t ''CALL" regularly  it is probably beiause yewt subscription  is long ovtrdme. Wenew at ewm* If paid  tip, phone or write ���������o������pl*int today.  THE CUR5E OF MEROZ  '- It is greatly to1 tMe Credit of ^the Unitedv  States that they have already^ provided food for  tfee starving Belgians to 'the amount of from  $7,000,000, to $10,000,000.        ,.   ' ^  -_ The, tfaoniah neiysp^pets ' aft claiming���������and-  We are 6ei%ainly inclined ?to mow them foil  credit���������for this work of philanthropy.  k; All the same,; we h^ye awo^d^or.ijtwjtt.to.8ay.  - td our American brothers, and' foe" believe that  this is the time to say it.    I   JbxxV;������'   ~-  ; There is hardly an expert' in America���������naval  or military���������who does not today recognize the  fact that the United States ^^yr^immiuiity^  from attack because b������ the supremacy "of the  British fleet: Or, to put it more-agreeably to the  American mind, that should Germany succeed in  conquering the Allies, then America would be  compelled to fight for her liberty "and life as  Britain and the Allies are'fighting npw.v k <\  ; Germany has made a most elaborate and expensive^ effort to secure the moral support of  the United States and yet it is generally stated  and, we believe with reason, that 85 per cent, of  American opinion favors the cause of the Allies  as being just and right. In other words, the  United States believes .that the Kaiser and his  junkerdom are the aggressors in this greatest of  all crimes that has beset the human race.  And yet the great American people amoves  not a finger to quench this awful conflagration!  True, president Wilson has, by proclamation,  set apart a day on which all Americans should  father in their churches and pray to God to'  ring the war to an end. And we believe in  prayer; we believe also that while men pray they  should not faint and that when men or nations  really pray they get strength to work out the  answer to their prayers.    ,  We believe.that the United States never sent  V a truer prayer to God than when Pewey said:  "When you are ready, Gridley, fire!"  We also believe that all -the prayers the  United States can now utter will not lift the  "Curse of Meroz" that today Is"her's because  "they came not to the help of the Lord, to the  help of the Lord against the mighty."  God, or Providence, or History; or whatever  you like to call it, never forgives a blunder or  ��������� sin of - this description. - It is always- wiped out_  " in blood.  Can anyone doubt that had the United States -  ranged herself with Britain against the tearing  up of the treaty that guaranteed Belgian neutrality that Germany would have halted 1   .  Instead, the United States is busy praying  for peace and supplying the combatants, with.ail"  materials necessary to carry on a protracted war~  From the President's initiative, .the Halls of  Congress and the daily press, the idea seems to .  be that: "It's an ill wind blows nobody good,"  and that whilst America deplores and prays that  the war may cease, still she sees the unrivalled  opportunity of gathering in the commerce and  industries of the nations engaged' in the death  struggle.  Can anyone believe that the United States  will get away, with this?  Once to every man and nation comes the moment  t     ' to decide  In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good  or evil side; >'  Some great   cause,   God's new  Messiah, offering  o each the bloom or blight,  Parts the goats upon the left hand, and the sheep  upon the right,  And the choice goes by forever 'twixt that dark-  '* ness and that light.  ���������James Russell Lowell.  ************'M^**********<i*****A'**^^^  I     BE PREPARED!  %        Every Canadian should protect himself and  * family by carrying a policy in  MUTUAL LIFE OF CANADA  Established 1869   *  ���������5s  f "CANADA'S ONLY MUTUAL"  t  %   -   For  rates  and  full information see our  l! agents, or   *  W. J. TWISS  Diatriot Mana.ar ���������  ij  317.319 ROGERS BUILDING ������  ... ��������� ... ��������� .       . ' ;���������������������������-��������� XX-'. -r' "='��������� *  x������x^'K^-^;-.^^:"i^4S-4--x-������X'-X4^t���������****i 11 it*  GRINDING THE FACE.  X  Germany is demanding a new indemnity from;  Belgium, this time one of-seventy, million dollars.  From every point of view that we can see, it is  an abominable imposition. Bight after the outbreak of war, Germany, through her chancellor,  admitted that she was doing a wrong by invading  Belgium on her way to what she expected to be  the conquest of France.   She did not fight with  - Belgium, but she forced Belgium to yield her the  use of her highways to^ France and to the sea at  Ostend.   That Belgium was bound to object to  'this Germany cannot deny, having herself admitted that she was doing a wrong in breaking a  treaty, to which Belgium was the party of the  . first part, and by violating the neutrality of a  power with which she had no cause for dispute.  Having gone in'and murdered the Belgians���������and  it cannot be called anything else than murder to  ,jgo into a country with which one has no quarrel,  and kill its.-inhabitants because they object���������  Germany then proceeded to take from those inhabitants; mostly women and children who stayed  in their own homes, their supplies of food and  their farm crops.   Having done this and reduced  ' the people to starvation, Germany had tjie impu-  " dence to declare Belgium to be a part of' Germany, and after thus annexing it, to continue' to  treat the inhabitants as enemies by refusing to  provide them with food, though Germany  of-  . ficially continues to tell us that she has lots of-  food for her own people. * j&b if ^o pile injury, and!  insult/ on injury and instilt; Germany having al*  ready plundered the cities to exhaustion at the  ;,must&e of the nfle, now extorts, from a starving ,  nation, the sum; of seventy million dollars. i That -  is conduct becoming to brutes, not men.  Her evident.'intent is to-take from the Belgian people  everything they have, leaving them destitute, ^to  be fed and clothed by the outside world.   It is  this  conduct  on-the part  of Germany that is.  making people formerly inclined 'to look on/her,  actions with leniency, turn bitter against her.���������  Montreal Witness. _. ..  ������������������_!  tt*'  ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������<,.+������������������������+���������+������������������������+.������������+������������������4������������,������a+������+  -.:;  ���������u,  Electors of War4 Six:  :fi "  Your influence and votes are so-' \  licited for  ���������ftftQMS k  as alderman for Ward Six during 1915.������  +���������+���������+���������������������������+���������+->.+���������.���������,+.+������+,+,+���������+���������������������������������������+������������������  License . Commissionersfcip  Walter LeeKx  4 .������<       '  Respectfully Solicits Your  Vote and Influence as i  ' - o  License Commissioner -���������������  ���������������  *>***���������*���������***��������� k*****'*������***********������******  ��������� Ward VI  Alderman  Jas. White  Respectfully Solicits Your  Vote and Influence  ������  ' FOR HIS RE-ELECTION  a.  \ I  AS  Alderman  for Ward Six  >/-. *.-  . i  Ward III  Alderman  C. W. Enright  jiespectfully Solicits Your  Vote md Influence  -For his re-election as  ALDERMAN  Ward Thrde:  ���������P   f^-T,  WAIIP IV  SOWCIT8 YOUR   ,  ^  Vote and Influence  '���������    -    -   -AS     -    "-  Alderman  for Ward Four  License  Commissioner  for 1915  TO' THE 8W3CT0BS OF TOE OXTT  OF VANCOUVER:  Having been  requested by a  large  and influential    deputation    of   rate-  {layers to be a' candidate for License  'ommiaaioner at the forthcoming Civic  Elections, I have decided to offer myself for. election. I am a resident of  ten years' standing in this city and  was formerly License Commissioner in  the Province of Manitoba for ' five  yeara.      -"  ���������- Your vote  and influence   are therefore respectfully .solicited.   '  James Eadie  ��������� ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������> ���������������������������������������>��������������� ���������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������<���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������<_  i >  i>  i >  i>  > ���������  < ���������  ���������1'  ��������� ���������  4*  ,.  ��������� >  i*  < >  WARD .THREE  ������.  Alderman Kirkpatrick  respectfully solicits your vote and  *  influence   for   his  re-election  as  l ALDERMAN for WARD THREE -ii  4  >���������  M  < '  < i  < ���������  i ���������  ���������h  ��������� >  < >  ��������� >  <>  4\*  <���������  <>  *\*  <>  ��������� ������������������������������������������������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� A^������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  License Commissioners, 1915  '        :���������r������������������ X   "  Vancouver, B. C, Decker 7, ,1914.   -  To R. S. PYKE, ESQ., and DR. P., P. PATTERSON. * X������  Feeling that  it would be unwise to allow the business of^he Board of  License Commissioners to be in the hands of -an, entirely new setjof men during.,  the coining year, and also the fact that you aire,both familiar with the work, the  following voters hereby request you to again Btand as candidates ;for the Board,  as representing the City of Vancouver for the year 1915:. '     ^  3. H. Stanton, J. Rogers, Capt. Geo.  W. Melhewish, C. A. Crysdale; E. Whee-  son, J. Stuart Jamjeson, Charles  Dickens, Edward B. Ross, Perry Lad-  ner, W. A. Cantelon, W. H. Walsh, L.  H. McTaggart, T. H. EVans, R. V.  Perry, E. Brettell, W. J. Hogg, P. A.  Cieland, Geo. W, Phipps, J.--W. McNeill, Lome C. Kyle, C. W. Craig, J.  P. Nicolls, C. II. Macaulay, William  Savage, D. B. McLellan, T. E. Mason,  R. W. Harris, R. D. Rorison, Jas. W:  Hall, C. L. Lightfoot, William Shannon,  J. J. Logan, 8. M. Scott, Norman G.  Cull, B. W. Greers, A. Cotton, ,W, p. S.  Rorison, D. P. O. Ross, Henry New-  march, C. B. Mansell, F. D. Gross, Chas.  H. Vickers, Jaa. F. Cook, R. Sparling,  Geo. Gilley, A. Sinclair, H. J. Witter,  Merton Smitl), Alex. Johnston, W- Dal'  ton, C. E. Mahoney, T. M. Henderson;  A. C. Lochead, D. J. McLachlan, Thos.  Kirk,-H. Waddell, W. H. Leckie, Wv  Behnet Hood, R. A. Mftthew*. C. ,Gt  Pennock, D. T. M. .Loehlan, Qeo.%oiie^  J. A. Henderson, Jas. J. Simpson,, B. 'E.'  Land, H. Rockin, D. Robinson, R.T. ^f;  Granger, J. Foster, W, J. J^twgeU, Br  H. Crook, John M. Aird, Mrs.' E: McMillan, K. J. Morrison, W. A. McLennan, C. A. Gbndoley, - Mrq. > *%. E.  Schooley, J. J. Tompson, Walter O. C.  Stevenson, A. 8. McArthur, Fred  Smith, E. J. Strange, G. C. Wilson, A,  R. Fulton, W. W. Fraser; W. Innis  Paterson, M. A. MaeLean, Mrs. r W.  Calder, Sarah G. Moody, H. Pink, C.  Stevenson, John Morley, John Menzjes,  % E. Mitchell,' W.^G^. Humphrey,;J."A;  Ferguson, H. W. Ferguson, H. A. King*  toil, J. 8. .MasQn,, Peter Stebbinga, JF.  W. tyrielt tS. Spiin.VB. Nfcffzinger, J.  G. Clark,_D., Alexander, Chas. Roberts,  To THE ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF VANCOUVER:  Ladies and Gentlemen���������In response to the above requisition, expressing']  confidence in me and in my record as a member of the license Board, I haveJ  decided to stand for re-election for 1915. I will "endeavor, If elected by you, ta ]  maintain the policy-as carried'out by the Boatd for the last two years.  Soliciting your support,  I am, yours 'tndy,  F. .O.-Seath, F. T. Vernon, T. E, FinlsyiV  W/F. Dolftendorff, E: Sebtt Eaton, J.V  JB. Dodson, G. A. Steele, A- Earle, Geo..-  J. Lamb, H. H. Hotaon, J. F. Malkin,  ������ P.UD, ,Malkin,^E. E.' Disherj J. Saint/  W. H. P������rrjr, E. A. Thomas, J. Moriee'  WHght, S. Smith, E. Keenleyside, B.*  Martinson, W. Synpson,;W. J. Conway,"  Jas. McTaggart, "W. Richardson, 'TSj  Churphill, E. Fountain, H. McLean, A.  M. Bolock, G. A. Robinson, W. A.  Silent, J. A. Shorley, John C. E.  GloVer, Ii/'A. Carter; O.-.-P.'i'Matchu-J���������;  L. Bpwen, Lorne P, McTntosh, A.  George A. P. Jenion, Jai Matthews,; J-.  H. Whittaker, S. D. Moses, W. Savage/.  G. R. Gordon,  C W. Murfitt, Daniel   |  Jones,    Henry  Clipsham  Hobday,   R?  Radcliffe, .  Anton     Opgrave,     John  Fletcher,   {'Robert'i   Balmer^    RicharaT  Mane/, Charles Arnott,   Gus C. Bark>;  mw,' Charles B. Corder, 8. E. Cogger^  M.   C.   Stewart,  Talbot Ward, C.  B:  Wtllett, Alfred Cook, Wm J: Cain, Jas/  Bkbcock, W. B.  ShephttdJB. WUsonV  A; E. Carter, tT. D. Awde,VJaWs V^all,  K. C. Wihon, JM. E. Rankin,   E.   Ji,  Ckmpbell, C. E. Mahon, J. W. Wiftiam.-  son, W. C. Findlay, H. B. Margeson, J������  Tucker, G. O. Hntcbeson, F. N. Brodiov /  J: M. PattullO, Angus B< McNeill, S. ^  Moore,  J.  8. MeKinney,  G. G. Ricbj  mond, 'Henry T. Thompson, Catherine  MdKenzie,, Duncan Campbell,  Williai������|  GraXt, G. A. Barrowclough,   Mrs.   Mi  Scott, John   MacKenzie, Mrs. McFai^i  lane, - Allan Swan,    Geo. C. PidgeoiK ,  David    MUler,    Jm.   MobdieXa   -hi  Kirknp, BFC. Howie, A. M. D. Bereaii  ford, L. -.-O. Pallott, H.   Gage,   T. W. I  Smfth,VP.tMeyer, B. M. MUlar, J. M.J  Graham. . ' ,  ,       '  % S. PYKE  ;; License  Cojrimissionersliip \  TO THS BLE0TOB8 OF THB CITY" OF'VANCOUVER:  Ladies and Gentlemen���������Owing to the Retirement, of Dr. Paterson  from the Liquor License Commission, where he ao faithfully served the  best interests of civic and social life, I offer myaelf aa a, candidate fpt  the vacancy, and if elected williollow in, bis footsteps, with- an aggrei-,  ,sive policy of law enforcement to meet present conditions and such a*  * are likely to arise when the bars are cldkei across' the line in the* Btttfe -  of Washington.       *  While*! consider the liquor traffic a dangerous one to deal with, so  long as we are in the business and license the traffic, we should stand  ������    by those who live up to the law and demand the complete suppression  of all illicit traffic.  With best wishes, I am, yours truly,    <   <  JUo Oomo* Street. W.   0,   JBJjACJC    ] \  4\������****y4********������****>*^*^*^*^4*******4*:**4*********)4  South Vancouver       f  W.W* Hilton  solicits your vote an4 influence as  ; ��������� School Trustee in South Vancouver  ' ' x  :���������*********>*********+*+*+++*<  't>������'������'t������t<t������������������t������t<������'������'t'^t,'^t������*������t<t������������>������������������������������������H������t  '������  ���������  SOUTH VANCOUVER ;.  W.J. Allen  J'[ '/       <       ' rs x  ~ Independent candidate  for  WARD* SEVEN  solicits yout vote arid in-  fluence.       x  Ward 7, South Vaiwibuver.  *������***********i*i**********ii*******t*9***t*t*t******4  ************************^*^4^*********<t*t*t***������***������i  I j^m^km^ VOTE FOR 4i  * ���������  4*  ��������� >  4>  i >  ���������������  <���������  ���������1'  < >  4*  ��������� >  4'  <>  ���������  < >  4*  < >  ���������  *  W. B. Russell  ,AS COUNCILLOR FOR  Ward Two, S, Vancouver  Efficient and strict business.  Retrenchment where possible.  Public ownership of utilities.  Local industries encouraged  North .Arm Harbor.  :~ Day labor���������eight hour day.  ���������Hi  _Y_ lilltlllllx^  .X ��������� r* -, ',���������*." ���������' - V'. -j i:i f ft '/.$*-'  +<IIIIIIIIH������������tlM>mi**lll������l*lllllllllllllllllllli..  X  j������j0i.$i$  ���������MIM������M>*������l������l������������*iilllllintM������IM>tllllllllM������������������������*  ^4^*^*4fi!*.M*:������*^^*i*^J������^  +4 l������l I MM M*f ��������� !��������������������������� 11III l������l Ml I HI IM HI! IIII t**t *'+  '.;X-K  ^liiir\lfli^iii^h  i^ouii^^  ���������tf--Vj  llllllliivig&l  X'V i ThjeifollowingVitaetihjijpiw^ i^^'ir'^yjjyyyjyy.  v/X V:/J������^ ScjioblvVto^^lson: and^iietoi^ ������  X>'X:' X^^^School JHjoi^^e!ork^ra,Bex\ Aye; and IRw&r :^Rd^X   ->/Xvv; X^";&^^  V:. 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VI:  X-:  Va^oU^it!  XX  IJiinOTl^lor  X^X^'IXX  WARD EWQ  ^wv4V;;v;vV:'-:';:v:'-~';'--rii^:''������'r: ���������'''''!��������� .T,r.i?:-i'T;;v.;v.;.:-;^----���������.',X'>': '.  ":;  ''"���������' ; ���������'::/'���������'.���������> ���������--���������; -'X.   V'lj-^f;''' ,��������� ,i-X.',V"*- ' ������������������;' ���������.:, ���������. ���������-���������X ���������' '���������:, ��������������������������� ���������.   ���������;'; '���������":.-���������; ������������������*.���������   ���������    ���������'���������  ..',.;,.,>..  iej^*t*jf'*jfe.i#9:*-pej^  .<-'���������'.-.' ,.k ��������� -. v ;���������! 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C^Vi_������^^*^li_������^i_M&^^^:_. _-'__^_>_iV:  ;; Phone ^rnjottt 44 '.Jpf ��������� At all Grocers ;;  ��������������� *������������t ��������� ������������������������ ���������������������������������_>_> *4������������������-^4-������������-*-������-������������ ��������� t >..���������*���������'������ t < ��������������������������� * ���������������;��������� < t >i  ��������� 11 * t t.tfft t ft trt.t ��������� ��������� t ������.��������� ������������������.��������� ��������� ������������������ ��������� ��������� ��������� ft ft 11> 11 ��������� 1111111 ft ���������, t ��������� ���������:  ���������4*4������***<,*������4***4,**4*4*4������*+*+*+*}r+*  V '���������  ,'���������' '  [���������*���������  ':.,<������������������  \4f-  \'' '���������'  V4*':  J, .  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THIRD TERM ;  *+*+*+*+*������*���������*******���������**********+*  t*>**������tt������������t������t������t������������������������������������������������������������������v������������������4>-������������������������������a������������������������������������������������������>������������������������������  WARD I  < >  < >  Your vote and influence are respectfully solicited ^  ;"���������-...,.���������' y     .    . (       ��������� , ��������� . ,\. 4.  *   forthe^re-election of / '  WALTEfe HEPBURN  .'TV  4*   as aldennan in Ward One.  as^ Alderman for Ward ;,  Eight  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*t������t������t������t������t������t������t������t������t������ttt������t  -uj ���������'���������'���������-.. . ���������  Vote for Alfred Williams |  CANDIDATE FOR WARD V.  ****j*������******j**>***.*j*������*+4+*+*+* ���������*****���������***���������*���������***���������*���������****  <>  4p  <>  < >  ���������  4t  4'  i >  4*  He stands for:  No  salaries   for Mayor   or   ^  ���������      Aldermen.  ,   No reduction in salaries of    i  .,|      Police and Firemen.  ,; j   Civic Control of Public Utilities.  X 'A  Retrenchment consistent with   ���������������  > Vf'|      legitimate developments.      ^  X j   Complete revision of Assess-   t' \  i      ment Roll.  Encouragement  of local industries.  Committee Rooms:   2247 Main St.   Phone: Fair. 1973. ���������������  Public Meetings will be held 5th and 12th Januarv, 1915. ' f  t   in,Oddfellows HallA2214 Main Street, at 8 p.m., to which all *>  ���������������   are cordially invited.                     ��������� V V      %             ' *\  4>-         Mayoralty and Aldermanic candidates have been invited ''*'/  it   to meeting of 5th January. 'I  *>                                                          "��������� ,"  *���������*���������*���������*���������***���������*���������*���������*****���������*���������*��������� k***������4������*������**>**>*4>**4*4������4*4**i Iw^hVmMm  THE WESTERN   CALL  W-H<"l"l������K-������H'-K4-H"l"l"l'l'M'H4 M'l I'M ."1 * I"' *���������"������ '.���������' t'''1 '"w'  Mi  Friday, January 1, i915.  iff?5-jg!^-"^jgr  j^~i-������  TXKBEB  BEOTO&TXOSre  i1 Mount Pleasant Livery  TRANSFER  Furniture attd Fla-io Moving  * ���������>  Baggage, Express and Dray.   Hacka and Carriages  at all hoars.  Phono Fmirntont B4B  Corner Broadway and Main A. F. MeTavish, Prop.  ********************** t'l111 * ******** ******************  ***** *********** ***********. ************** ** > **** >���������>������'������������  ���������������,  ���������������  ������������������  ���������>  A*  ������������������  ������������  4   >  Baxter & Wright  COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS  taker  'toy  i i fijntits  ��������� ������  A*  V\  ������_  >-t y>x  $40000  Stock to  Choose    |  From .   ^  f  '     Come in and talk itjover when looking for furniture.  BAXTER & WRIGHT  ;; .Phone Seymour 771 410 Main Street J  ���������������  4  >  ��������� <' ���������������# 'I''K������'I''������������������������������������ -t'���������!' ���������������!���������'���������������> '> ���������> '>���������!' '!��������� ������'l > '������    **************************  *������������  Commercial Printing it "Western Call" Office  $s  JS wish you, one  and all the compliments of tbe  season and a prosperous an4 happy  New Tear.  W.R. Owen Morrison  The *lt. Pleasant Harclware  Phone Fair. 447 2337 Main Street  Governing: Timber on Dominion lands  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the  North West Territories, the Railway-  Belt ir\ the Province of British Columbia, and the tract of Three and a Half  Million Acres Located by the Dominion  in the Feace River District in British  Columbia.  Ueeneee  A license to cut timber on a tract not  exceeding twenty-five square miles in  extent may .be acquired only at public  auction. A rental of $l.0������ per square  mile, per annum, is charged en all timber berths except those situated west of  Tale in the Province ef British Columbia, on which the rental Is at the rate of  5 cents per acre. In aOltien te rental,  dues are eharffed en the timber eut at  the rates set out in section It ef the  regulations.  Tlmfeer Veralt* aa* Base  Permlte may be granted in the Provinces ef llaniteba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, te ewnera ef pertable sawmills, te eut ever a definitely described  traet ef lanA net exceeding ene square  mile in extent, en payment ef duea at  the rate of 6* eents per theusand feet,  B.M., and subject te payment ef rental  at the rate of |1M per square telle, per  annum.  Timber far Keraesteadera ���������.  Any occupant ef a hemeetead quarter  seetlen having ne timber ef hia ewn  suitable fer the purpose may, previded  he has not previously been granted free  allowance of timber, ektaln a free permit to eut the quantity ef building and  feneing timber aet eut in Seetlen II ef  the Regulations.  W. Tf. CORT..  Deputy of the Minister ef tha Interier.  *****  '[?$������< *>Y&&Ji  I'Bh pL*   - iiJf l_-_4������ tt- *  for Good Times  ���������_ mr e������am wmr*  ���������MVUffMfl   ,  Ceal mlaing rights ef tha Dominica,  la Manitebe, Baakatehewan and Albert*)  the Tuken Terrltery. the Nerthwest Ter-  rlterles aad in a pertlg ef tha Province  of British Columbia, may be leaaed fer  a term ef twenty-ene yeara at an annual  rental of $1 am acre. Net mere than  SIC* aeree will be leased te ana applicant.  Application fer a leaaa must be made  by the applicant in person te the Agent  or Sub-Agent af the district la which  the rights applied fer are akuated.  In surveyed territory the land must be  described by seetiens, er legal aub���������divisions ef seetiens, and in unsurveycd  territory the traet applied fer shall be  staked out by the applicant himaelf.  Bach application must be accompanied by a fee ef $1, which will J������ refunded if the rights applied fer ara net  available, bdt not otherwise. ��������� royalty shall be paid en the merchantable output of the iriine at the rate af i centa  per ten. >  The peraen operating tha mine ahall  furnish tha Agent with sworn returns  accounting fer the full quantity af merchantable ceal mined and pay tha royalty thereon. If tha eeal mining rlghta  are not being operated, auch returns  should be furniahed at least ence a year.  The leaaa will Include tha eeal mining  rlghta only, but tha leaaea may\be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered necessary for the working af'tha mine at the  rate ef flO.M an acre.  For full information applleatien aheuld  be made to the Secretary af the Department ef th* Interier, Ottawa, ar ta  any Agent ar Sub-Agent af Demlnien  Lands.  W. W. CORT.  Deputy Minister af tha Iaterler.  N. B.���������Unauthorised publieatitn at  thia advertisement will aet fee paif fer.  v&^sr^^vttr9'  TAKE NOTICE that Tha ifacDenaW  Godson Company. Limited, intends tt  apply at ,tha asplratitn of one month  from'the data of tha first publieatlo*  of thia natlta to tha Registrar af Joint  Stoek Companies that ita name be  changed tt "M������ePon������l������ arte.". IBngl-  neering Works. Llmita*."  Dated at Yaneourer. R. C, thia ������ftfe  day of Nortmbtr A. p. 1M4.  9m W. #itt_rtt>t  Sttrttary  413 Graarlllt Strttt, 7  Taneoaytr, U. C.  For Fresh and Cured Meats  go to this Old Reliable Market  It Is not excelled for Qnalily or Prices in Vancouver  This is the Oldest Established  Market in Vancouver, an example  of ''The Survival of the Fitt^t"  Place: Corner Broadway and Kingsway  Proprietor . FRANK TRIMBLE  Phone: Fairmont 257  S. l Miirn  & CO-  We are offering this week  exceptional values in  Ingrain Papers  Now is the time to secure  your paper for your front  room, dining room or hall  and to have them done for  the least possible outlay.  Before placing your order  for Fall decorations, kindly  call or phone  T^issitore is ready to fit yon out with just the  Homi^PSirnishings you have been planning to buy. ,  We are maintaining our reputation for Lowest  Prices��������� / V  We are continually perfecting our already Superior Service���������  We extend you Credit of the most liberal character--*  We are able and willing to aid YOU to greater  home comfort at least cost.  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'The Hermit of White Otter Lake'  tells the story of ������ canoe trip thtt  led to a wonderful house in the  woods built by old Jimmy Mt-  Ouat, sportsman recluse. "Toik's  Sololiquy" is ���������> fascinating tale of  a brindle bull terrier/ who saved  his, master from financial ruin by  ability to fight, and who, later  straightened out the erooked  eourse of true love. "The Bird  Dog" will appeal to all those interested in thie "embodiment of  canine intelligence." Otber articles f here are of outdoor life from  Atlantic to Pacific and department! full of interest to the  sportsman-hunter and. fisherman.  ST. MlCHAXVa CHURCH  Ctr. Vrttfwtr **��������������� France JS*w������rt ft  fervic������s-~|fern!������v Fraw at 11 *���������������������������������  ���������vMar Scheel an������ Bible eUee v% %������������������<���������  Hely Commuiilta erery sundey *jx t ���������������������  Ivenlnf greyer at T:80 p.m.  en������ lst-������n4 Iri Stindays at 11 *m  Rev. G. H. Wilson. Hector  2317 Mais Street  Phooe Fair, m  *********************4W***************\.************i  I DRESSMAKING PARLORS  /    No. 4 Seroatli Arrant, Ea*t  >fMi_.ifl_ln_L__h_fha\i*i _te alaaTaiaV-laatnl A   *   *-*-  *   *- ______k_______k_Jk____J_L_____l  For Rent & Sale Card* 10c ea. 3 for 25d!  \ ^tttt������tt������������Tt������t������������������S'������'������fttt,������,>**l>'l',>'l'll,������������f������-'������������'>������'������������'>'Tt'H'>l'������������������.t.J  I f imi Yiimi' mji to.'  ii Real ]Bst������te an4 Insurance grofcers ;;  cowv������y4NcwG  WWTS COW^CTEP  W)ANS N^GOTUTUP  :;  PHONI2 F������lr. IM       26$ Kingsway j;  V������ncouv������r, p. C.  ::'  ���������    Soatli Vancouver Undertakers  Hamilton  Bros.  We are foremost in our line for  Moderate Priced Funerals  W7I Frmr *trttt ;fliaa fww H  FOR SALE CARDS HERE  r************************************^***^  Pease Pacif j& Fmiiidry Limited  HEATINQ AND YENTIUTiNOTeNQINKRS   C ^  MANIJFACTUBERS  ��������� . ���������',:v -X >...:,.;...���������,:V.  UT* ^ '   ^ ������������������ Steam Heaters and Ventilators for T\  KCnnOlTlV       Warm AirPurnaees ��������� CoraWnatioh]  A-< WU Will J       Steam and Hot Water BoUera. Resisl  99 Steam Heaters and Ventilators for FuUie Buildings  ���������n,���������i.. ������;^__ r.���������<-:--4:~n Furhacea   '-.'���������'  Begistera  "I/|/j#l|" Steam and Hot Water Boilers  1U V <t 1       Radiators. Pipe and Fittings  1116 Homer St.     yaocoaver, B. c.     Tel. Sey. J230  WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THESE ATTEE CHRISTMAS BAEOAINS?  Salted Peanuts^ 1-5 lb. .���������.��������� ���������.--���������XX-". :���������..... **���������.  Toffy Bars, fancy, 2pkgs. :......���������.::..:....:::;X..........���������..................................... -������3C  Spearmint  (Digest')   Gum, 2 pkgSi ���������:......;............. ...,.::... :.  Gold Flake Cigarettes, regular 20e, now 10c.   Great reductions on fancy boxes  of Candv, and Pipes. V ''  THAT NEW StORE  LEE BUILDING We lead, others follow; 169 BROADWAY, E.  AT HOME  AT THE CLUB  AT THE HOTEL  Ask for  The Health-Giving:  Natural Mineral Water  Refuse Substitutes  I  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  SOLE  HTPORTERS  J  *m  ______ ff;  Friday, January 1. 1915.  ���������,  I :mI iSiSHi.lt"1"  ^"''HillllllllK'  m  OWHATAN  WASH1NGT0NM.  calS  OF AMERICAN ID  Located on Penntylvaiila Avenue, 18th aa4 H~ Street*.  , Wuhineton'e Newest Hettl.^    ~       ,_  Ideally   aituated,   within   two blocks  ot 4he  Executive  ManS  ���������ion. only a short walk to the public buildings, -{hops, theaters,  end points of historical interest to visitor* end tourists.  ' The    famous    Indian    Grill Room, the beautiful Palm Court)  the delightful Tea Room, Grand Pipe  Organ   (only  one of its  kind  in  Washington),  and  an Orchestra of a superfine erdcr,  ������re attractions greatly appreciated by PowhaUa guests.  Room* with detached bath,   fl.SO, fa.10 and up.  Room*  with pmat*  bath,  t-.5������, S3.M aad ������p-  Write for booklet with map..  CLIFFORD If. LEWIS,  Manager.  At-f44r������iilitMI>1^af^V-ISil<>wl������-.C44������tW4ltM.Twrt������tl-tll������..*c-������ili������-iri<nia������i  ~^mm*m     ������44_.  STERN GALL  War in South Africa  An Interesting Campaign Ahead ef General Botha  T^WilY DOOMED  t*.  S '������_<_  I n������_> Piid>i nil  Use Puel Oil  and Save Money  \*'  r������.  ���������������  I''  If you ara iataraatad la raduelac your Fuel Bill,  aea ua. Wa ara aarlmc -taaay for etkera, and can  do tha eaa_e for yoa.  Wa supply aad iaatall Vual OH Want* of all  description*. Wa do net advocate a eheap plaat,  aat wa eaa aatiafy yam whaa reaulta are oaaatdered.  Wa kara a large auaiber af plaata aow ia. oper-  atloa im kotela, eflce amlldiaca, apartaiemt houcee,  aeaoola aad eaUacaa.  ii Fuel oil Equipment Company::  LIMITSD  | 713 Pacific iltjj.    tkm toj. 1727    Vancoivcr,ft.C. \  '************************4***********************4**k>  -������.  ������������  ��������� >  ������������  4>,  A'  4*  4*  4*  ������>  ���������������  ������ ������  ������ ������  ������ ������  t  >  *  >  '% * 1 *************** > *** (H'4I ������������<"l-������l"������-������-l"l"l.������������������������.i.������<t..l.������->������������������''  IX  Are you going to  wear this winter?  *  Why  ii Uckie's, of Course  And J am foing to gee tbat my wife buys tbtm  for THE BOYS too. They art the beat to  *      wear vni ar������ made in Vancouver.  '^^���������^'������a*<l"|"ti������'t'^i������i������'t'4'4'li'^'l'4,^4,,l,4,4������������*������4'4''t''t''l,,V4,4l^5,4^ '  Pflone Stymtvr %\7\  f STOREY & CAMPBELL  518-520 WATTY ST.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  MANUrACTUlSBS OF  Ufbt ������������������������* Heavy Harness, Mexican  Saddles, Closed Uppers, tiff ins. etc.  A larfe stack ef Tmnks and Values always  ���������n band.  BUOOIES. WAGONS, Etc  Leather et all Itisds.    Hone Clothing.  We art tht largest manufacturers and  importers ef Leather Goods in B. C.  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Filmait Of  IM irMdway laat  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������*������������������������������������������������������������������  The r^ftf^pum the Union of South Africa'  General Botha noW considers at an end, and, according to 4j_Mcm from the Cape, he has gone on  his farm for/* shpri vacation before undertaking  the command of Va campaign against German  Southwest Africa.      ~ ^  That this campaign will be pushed energetically goes without saying.  Britain has loaned the Union $35,(^)0,000 for  the purpose. Already recruiting has been brisk,  and Scottish, Irish and English regiments have  been raised to co-operate with the loyal. Boers  in operations against tne enemy in South Africa.  The Germans have invaded Union territory  and strongly entrenched themselves, the point  chosen being one that makes the carrying on of  a campaign replete with difficulties.  On the first outbreak of war a force of two  hundred and fifty Germans attacked the Union  post at Nakob, about three miles from the German military post of the same- name.' These  points are situa.ed on the Orange River at the  extreme southeast corner of Namaqualand (German Southwest Africa).  The Union garrison, consisting of only eight  police, resisted until their ammunition was entirely exhausted. The assault was made at daybreak, the Germans swarming up on two sides,  killing two of the garrison anil taking three  prisoners. The rest made good their escape, after  the defenders had fired the 700 rounds in their  possession. The Germans captured all the cattle  in the district and took all the natives prisoners.  Well over the British border are the Upington  kopjes, and these were held in force by the  Germans.  Boer Women Fight  Thirty miles down the Orange River, at Schuit  Drift, a German patrol attacked a force of  Afrikander refugees on an island in the river.  The Germans, after a brisk engagement, were?  repulsed, and left behind one sergeant killed, one  man wounded and one taken prisoner. The Germans called upon the Dutch-speaking people to  surrender,their cattle, but the Afrikanders went  into laager and defied the Germans. The Boer  women helped the men to throw up trenches, and  some of them 'assisted'on the firing line. Schuit  Drift is fifty miles from Nakob, where the Germans- first crossed, and shows that the invasion  of the Union of South Africa,is seriously con-/  templated by the military commanders bf German Southwest Africa. r t  Airship Ovar Johannesburg.  Johannesburg is about'450 miles from the  German border, and .the distance could be  covered in eight hours by a Zeppelin airship.V  Mysterious aircraft have been sighted" at different places far from German territory, and one  circled over Johannesburg, hovering over"^ the  city for nearly an hour, and then disappearing  iu the direction of the West Rand.  / Botha {to Command,   x  '.,-  General Botha, the Premier,'-will have com-'  mand of the Union troojjs that are to form the  expedition for the invasion    of    the   German  colony, and a strategic line of railway is being  built from Prieska, in the Cape, to Upington, on  the Orange River, which will have an important  bearing on the South African campaign.    Sand  storms and sand dunes are the natural characteristics of the area between Upington and the  border:   Feyr undertake the journey save in the .  wet season,  as,  apart from the Orange Rivfer,  there is no water available for many miles.  Horses and mules give place to camel teams, and  it is here the camels supplied by India may be  employed in transporting guns and supplies. It  is a fortnight's trek from Upington to the border  and' water must be carried in carts. A species  of melon that abounds in this arid area supplies  moisture to travellers who'have run short of  water. But sand is the staple product, and all  the police troopers in this Sahara ride camels.  For hundreds of miles on every hand the sand  dunea rise and fall with monotonous regularity.  A few kraals of Hottentots herding goats that  draw sustenance from the parched roots of, the  "salt bush" are met with occasionally, but these  are the'only livings things encountered on the  march through the desert.  The "Dead Ind" ef South Afriea.  . ���������*  MOSLEM EGYPT'S LOYALTY.  ������������  Rietfontein is^the last police station between  Upington and the German border, and is only  equalled in its dreariness by the "dead end" of  Australia.  It is through this territory that Botha will  likely strike at the Germans, and the difficulties  of his task are appreciated by all military men  who know the country. But the obstacles in the  way of' the German invaders are equally great.  They must bring their supplies long distances  over the sands and carry water for man and  beast. The Orange River is a big asset, as it is  nearly three-quarters of a mile wide at certain  places during the wet. season. An important  oasis, Eahamas, lies between Upington and the  border. Eahamas has large areas under irrigation, andfis a Dutch Reformed Church settlement.  It will probably figure in the fighting between  Botha's force and the Germans. It has an inexhaustible water supply all the year round from  the Orange River. After leaving this fruitful  oasis the traveller must journey by camel to the,  border. The whole country round is like a petrified seal  Germans 3,000 Strong.  In selecting this district as the point of invasion the Germans will be handicapped from the  outset by the necessity of taking their commissariat with them. They are reported to be several  thousand strong, ^.'bushman's diet of insects  and dried melons does not offer'much sustenance,  tb an army of 3,000 on the march. Every fifty  miles may be found a farm set in a sea,of sand,  but the family living on it can hardly obtain a  livelihood.. There is nothing to spare for the invading locusts. The long summer is now on, and  will continue to the end of April. The summer  heat rises to 110J degrees in the shade, but the  nights 9>re cool. Night marches, and attack at  dawn will be the order of battle in this sand!  swept,, sun-baked region.  Native* Dislike Qermans.  Thousands of the natives have fled during the  past years from German territory, and have been  absorbed by the Union of South Africa in mining  and agricultural industries. German rule is not  liked by the natives, and they escape from under  it where possible.  Strategic Points.  Upington, Prieska, Eenbardt, the Orange  River���������these places on the fringe of civilization  will iu the coming campaign acquire historical  interest, for it is in this region the Germans have  elected to. harass British South Africa, and so  prevent the Union lending material assistance to  the Allies on European soil.  Turkey "Doomed to Destruction  Cairo. ��������� The Council of All  Chiefs of the Ulema, composed of  the -leading Moslem religious authorities in Egypt, has published'  an important proclamatipn urging  Egyptian Moslems-to maintain a  calm and peaceful attitude. ^��������� **���������  After invoking Allah  and his,  pro'phet, who counselled mankind'  to love peace and avoid ������trife, the  Ulema remind their   flock   that.  Providence has spared. Egypt the  horrors   and   sacrifices   of   ther  present war,, which has spread to  one state after another; therefore  it is their duty to remain calm  and confident, to   behave   with  discretion, and to let reason guide  their   acts, to   avoid gatherings.  when idle words might be spoken,  and to shun intrigues and sowers  of  discord and  ignorant or interested counsellors  from whom  good cannot come. v  The appeal is signed by twenty-  seven Ulema, including the Sheik-  Islam of Egypt, who is also Rector  of Al-Azhar, the famous university, the Vice-Rector, the Grand  Mufti, and all the chiefs of different, ritete. .;  The, chief religious Shieks of  the Soudan have spontaneously'  addressed a communication to the  Governor-General expressing on  behalf of the whole population  their loyalty to the Government.  They refer generally to the benefits conferred by British rule, and  in particular to the sympathy  which has always been shown to  their religion, the justice which  has been meted out to them, the  educational advantages given  their children, and the help afforded to the pilgrims to Mecca.  They  entirely, disassociate them-  id^^frpnvf ^^J^oj^c^^k^'' 7  Turkish Government in declaring  wari-on Gr^iBritiaiii:  V'l  ).*LJ  .A  'U'--  ft  X";  ^Hi!|9il|  Allies^ili.^^  tliepsa^V^^  ;t^;ib&t;iml^^  Goverau^^  f_^6Vcbu_is^  tion and alienated itself from tfce  ������^patMe8 of;M^  ;ou$������t^^  :'?Os:;  \e4^*T*&^s  ���������:������������������ ������������������i-M^&^W}'^  '��������������������������� ');-^������^^_$  kymmm  xvvpils  j:myym  vxpgi$pl  1j_tf  NOTICE ia hereby'' ������lren th������t an  ���������pplleetlon will be made to the J_e������isla-  tlrt Aaeembly of, the Proyince of British Columbia' at Ita next Session, for an  Act to incorporate an Educational Institution, and being the Anglican Theological College of British Columbia, ln  connection with the Church of England  ln Canada, and under the authority of  the Froyinelal and General Synoee thereof, with power to' aquire, hold, possess  and enjoy real and personal property  Within or without the Proyince, and to  lease, mortgage, sell, and transfer the  same;   also   with   power  to   borrow,   or  loan money, and to glye, or receiye ae-  curlty therefor; also with power to arrange and teach classes in the Theological and allied subjects; to establish halls  in affiliation with . said' college, to af-  filate with the Uaiversity of British  Columbia, and^wlth other Halls already  established, and to confer degrees in  Divinity and generally to exercise and  enjoy all such other rights, powers and  priyileges as are usually possessed by  Theological Colleges. '  Dated this 38th day of November A.  D.  1������14.  Oewas JUtoUa m ������rea*.  Solicitors  for  Applicants.  ****4**********'t<*********^  ftvtrefyi titotirj  Artistic in design.  Perfect in finish.  Made in Canada.  Taylor-Forbes Co.  LIMITED  Vancouver, B. C.  ************************************^  ���������������������Me������eMSMCMtseMseee������MCMseseoeeeeec������sese*������eee  W. Calder  F/Chapman.  Office Telephone: Sey.  5933  5934  Merchants Cartage Co.  EXPRESS, TRUCK AND DRAY  Orders by Mail or Telephone Promptly Attended to.  146 Water Street  Feed and Sales Stables:  716 Cambie Street  Phone Sey. 3073,  VANCOUVER. B. C.  mm mm mmmwnm  uww?X;xX;^  date Valves, Hyd rawt������xBr#ee Goods, Water  ftletere, U������4 Pipe, Pi* \jeM4, pine  ������nd Pipe Fininf * x  Railway Tree* Tools & WHt* Waste  Caacrete Albert,  eue*  Wheelbarrows  nm mum m uoi waoiiw n^ vuwover,  ^*************************4H******\******^  i; J. Dixon G. Hurray  I    House Phone: Bay. 886 Hetse Phone: Bay. 1137L  I Office Phone:  t Seymour 8765-87���������C  [ DIXON A MURRAY  I Office end Store Fixture naeafacteirers  Jobbing: Carpeatera  Painting, Peperhanginf and KeJeeiNtoinz  ShapMOeS Dwnamwlr St. Vancouver, B.C.  .:..x<-+<������*:~M*->-M~:'+':������W"X������w-j'M^~c-c������4'������^,<  HEATING Eco"on?,,?to^iciency  Our Business has beci tullt ua by merit aUne  LEEK & CO.  * . \ Keatinf Eagtnecrs. ������  i   1095 Homer St. Sey. 661 ������  * *  <.**^*****<'**************** ************************** *  ^.x.^X-H-JH~>'^H~;^~;~X-I-H'^.'l ^-������������< 4 1 < 44*44**\ 1 < 4 t 4 <-4"l������4-4"������������  I      6PERCENT. MONlBr^      %  Loans may he obtained for any purpete on acceptable Real  Estate security; liberal privilege*; correspondence  solicited.  A. C. AGENCY COMPANY  75i Gae, Electric BuiMiag Denver, Caloratfo  I  i  t-f ttJttttamtttttttttttttftTftf tftt***AAAA^Ai>^**^<'*J   ****************4������^***********4 IU < 1 +********4 1 < ***4 ������* 8  ���������"������������������������������������'���������n������.   ' v   ������������������'���������   ������������������-���������:��������� '      ' ''   '            '      x - .      ,....- j-   ' i x                 J'T      i������������������������������������ I  Ttfttjf.  ��������� .,  " I.  To the Electors of the City of Vancouver  *** *** 11 in itum 11������11111  s.  I  ���������I  . i       \ ���������        i>   >>>��������� Vic" * - A,  m i-'s  and   Influence   for  MAYOR FOR  i   \  y, y:~  ��������� ,���������,-* -.  i  &  YEAR 1915  V      >���������  "#  eee  " 'J -HFttfTW:.-? 'fa X .v  v xv "c\' ^x -:^8W^:  i iA. .-Hat  Chas. S. Douglas? for itfor for 1915  -     J        U.  ��������� ������������������  vet  l   .,f.       .    -     4,     -     "���������     .  rV  V,4';v;,.   c.-\V  -���������- r .  .si I   4>.. , .*.  LOWER TAXES.  Reduction of $2500 in Mayor's Salary (at present $5000).  Forcing Commencement on False Creek Terminal Construction.  ���������������������������;-.���������'������������������,'. '1 ��������� ��������� -    ��������� ��������� ' '  You want better times.   Then make 1915 a big year in the history  of Vancouver.    A well managed city along business Hues will help.  MARK YOUR BALLOT ON THE 14tht EQR C. S. DOUGLAS  {���������>���������' ���������   -A  ������������������������������������*M  Head Quarters C. S. Douglas, 549 Granville St  Ward III Committee Room,   1830 Powell St-  '-���������X/XXX  \r.r-


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