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The Western Call 1912-11-22

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 shed in the Interests of Vancouve  VOLUME IV  ji-. ���������������������������������������������������*���������  THE FIRST CO-OPERATIVE  H. H. STEVENS, M. P., **&"**&&&  "*0f**  VANCOUVER, British C4lumb  \At Elmswell, Suffolk, at the end of March, Mr.  Frank Goldsmith, M.P., formerly opened the first  co-operative bacon factory in England. The foundation stone of the factory was laid on May 30,  1911, by the Marchioness of Bristol, the site occupying six acres.  The building is 240 feet long. With the present  facilities 750 pigs a week can be dealt with, and  the accommodation can be easily increased to deal  with 1,000 head of swine, if necessary. The work  is entirely performed upon one floor, thus dispensing with a considerable amount of haulage  and handling and materially reducing the cost of  labor.  The membership already exceeds 300 and it is  expected that it will be doubled before very long.  Each farmer covenants with the society to supply  a certain number of hogs per annum, and the  society undertakes to pay him the full market  " price of the hogs, estimated on the basis of the  four principal markets in the country. The farmer  will also receive a bonus calculated upon the  grade and bacon curing value of the hogs, encouraging the improvement of the breed itself.  Each member is allotted a certain number of  ., ������1 ($4.87) shares in the society according to the  number of hogs he has agreed to supply.  The King has expressed  his interest  in  the  . scheme; and his willingness t������> purchase the first  sides of bacon manufactured!^ the Society.  The Co-operative Bale of Figs in Kogland.  TKe Eastern Counties Farmers' Co-operative  Association, which has its headquarters at Ipswich, in the County of Suffolk, has been remarkably successful not only in the purchase of requirements but in the sale of produce and livestock (notably pigs) on behalf of its members.  Suffolk, it appears, is the county in which, in  proportion to the area, the largest number of pigs  are bred and fattened.  It did not, at the time the  . lecture was given, possess a single bacon factory  audit is somewhat far from the'thickly populated  , centres of industry. The marketing of pigs, there-  forepresented some considerable difficulty.  Prior  . to the formation Of the Eastern Counties Farmers'  Co-operative Asacwatiou; the greater number of  pigs reared in Suffolk were either lent to local  auction sales and bought by dealers or agents of  the bacon ewers, ,br despatched to: salesmen at  Birainghanv to be dispose^ of to the test advantage, or sold direct to private customers. ,  '' Soon after the formation, of the association -j-  -J904 the at*eation-of the Board of^fansgfcmeut  Waa drawn to.the low prices which were then  being received for pigs and to the existence of  strong 'rings' amongst the dealers who attended  the local B^e-j., A sub-committee was formed to  consider the best meant of dealing with the situation and it was eventually decided to start an  '��������� agency business in connection with the associa-  e tion.   An expert was engaged, who-was paid a  fixed salary and a commission on the sales, and  \\   the members were invited to place their pigs in  v bis hands for disposal to the most suitable buyers.  Farmers having pigs to dispose of, inform the  manager either by letter or by personal intimation.   In order to meet the farmers personally, the  manager or his assistants attend the various local  markets.   The number of pigs ?and the approximate dead weight of each are entered by the manager on a specially printed sheet, known as the  'visible supply sheet.'  In the course of a few days the manager visits  the farms and inspects the pigs. If he happens  to have an order for a truck load of pigs at a  price which the farmer is willing to accept, he  carefully selects and marks those suitable for the  particular buyer and instructs the farmer when  they are to be put on rail. If he should not  happen to have an order just then, he takes particulars of the weight and fatness, and arranges a  sale as soon as possible.  The association both buys-and sells by Hive  weight, or buys by live weight and sells by dead  weight, according as the members may prefer. In  either case, the pigs are weighed on a weighbridge  at the loading station, and when the returns of  the weights are received, the wastage from live  to dead weight is recorded for future reference.  Payments for live weight pigs are, at the present time, sent by post on the first Monday after  delivery, and for dead weight pigs as soon as the  returns are received; if this should be unavoidably delayed a cheque on account is posted. The  commission charged by the association is as follows: up to SAr($19.46) value, 12 cents per pig;  over tt ($19.46) value, 24 cents per pig; sows, 60  cents. These charges have been found sufficient  to cover expenses and make a small profit.  As some of the consignments have to travel long  distances to the buyers, it sometimes happens that  a pig dies on the journey. About two years ago  an insurance scheme was started whereby, for  the small payment of one penny per pig, the association undertakes to make good any loss that  occurs in transit by rail.  UNION MADE  CIGARS  Ask the man who smokes them.  ip__'  By Alex.  CHRISTMAS   COMING.  Christmas, is approaching with joyous leapt.  Business houses are making ready to accommodate the multitudes of prospective buyers; the  people are on the lookout for the best bargains;  advertising is resorted to as\a means of guiding  buyers to the things they may need.  The ^western Call is rapidly gaining the attention of both the buyer and the seller, hence its  popularity as an advertising medium.  SALBCOlf FISHING.  Hon. J. W. Bower's announcement of better  terms for -white fishermen gives general satis*  fatten upon the virtue, honor and life of the pW  ,ple.   The man who executes the will of the moral  ' element will win an imperishable crown of honor,  love and gratitude. v y- ���������  * OFFENSIVE ADVERTISING.  Vancouver has been recently subjected to disagreeable familiarities by the real or fictitious  presence of the "Woman of Pink Mask" fame in  ^ .the streets and other public places. Our ladies  are met ht every turn by promiscuous crowds of  i$e men who closely scrutinize and offensively  ajtproalh them, supposedly in qdest of the'an-  nfunced omnipresent mysterious lady.   Against  faction. For some reason Orientals monopolize ��������� sfich familiarities we protest in the name of earn-  this industry, which should be in the hands of jron decency and modesty. Refined women shrink  our own people. One provision is that four hun- atom such unwarranted intrusion. Men are not  dred of next season's licenses are being reserved , sltisfied to have their wives and daughters vie*  for white men alone, to be taken up by March"    timized by this Coarse and offensive advertising.  15.   If not' taken then they will revert to -the  salmon canneries, which are in the hands of Japs.  PRESIDENT TAFT  Nothing in the public career of President W.  H. Taft has shown his innate greatness more  than his manly remarks ai- the Lotus Club on the  night of the 16th inst. No evidences of bad  feeling were visible. His chief .isappointment  was in the failure of the Senate to ratify the  arbitration treaties with Great Britain and  France. His love of peace and efforts in its behalf will live in the memory of man when warriors are utterly forgotten.  FALSE CRBIK.  Col. Davidson announces his readiness to con-  Why should we invite, men, regardless of their  character, to watch, follow,accost and stop our  women? Cities have found it necessary to. legislate against similar coarseness. In this city money  il offered to encourage it. Have we become money  , niadf Has businsss blinded our eyes to the proprieties and reduced us to a vulgar mobf  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ��������� ���������������������������������!  i ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  395,000  7,000  15,000,000    20,000,000  ......  1,560,000   $374,197,650  ���������&,377#66  Area, square miles  Coastline, miles  Timber lands (merchantable), acres.  Wheat land; acres      tinue negotiations with the city council for False ' Inland lakes, acres"..-,,.   Creek.  It was feared that the terms proposed by   4fcnes have produced .....  the city fathers had discouraged the C. N; Ji. rep- ~" }������;-������*��������� produced last year  resentatives, but this fear proves to.be unfounded*'   ���������__ _ _������  -���������_.' -     ~ _ -   j    ***** ������_n'*__k*.__?  Unquestionably the city's interests are being safe-    Wrz" _fTk-RT"*1 " -*-* *' ^W?00  guarded by the men w*o represent us.  It is to W / -"fisheries yielded lait year    10*314tf55  hoped that an early agreement will, be raaejtejl'- Forests yielded last year :...   "*****-������������������������*-������*���������  and that False Creek, now an unsightly mud JM������1*>   Bailways constructed, miles .... i,. ���������.  will be converted into a cento of c^mert^by r, q^wftys mfa construction, .miles..  the money and enterprise of. the C. N. By. ***}* ^ ^       mo ;  pany. , -< ^  >-. >.������.-    -** *        ���������*���������������-;���������,  -nam n _*���������_>__��������� snnrA������nl_ -    .   ������' f ������** OPe "revenue, 1910.-..........  Now tha������tbe Balkan Sta^hav������demonstrote^t^>n      ajaeaajoent, 1810 ...*-,;.^  the* martial ability the eyes of %9* w;wld a^^^,^iaf *���������***���������** ....*.....  aiaio^y wajdung tbwr ceu***i^ 4m,*&%0 ...'.'..t.-..  of peace with bumbled Turkey.   Unless compli-   Available cash bal., Mar. 31,1911....  17,000,000  cations arise it is probable an early settlement  will be reached. It may be that Turkey will disappear from Europe, and not any too soon. The  Ottoman Government has reached the limit of  its ability. [ Further resistance would be ^suicide.  An armistice is being arranged looking to discontinuance of the war. Germany, Austria and  Italy view results from one angle, Great Britain,  France and Russia from atiothet.  SCHOOL TRUSTEES.  The approaching election will test the loyalty  of Protestants and Catholics to their avowed principles. Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church  have resolved to place certain trusted members  of their body: on the school board of this city.  Their"purpose may be safely inferred from their  pronounced opposition to ourumblic school system and their declared purpose to introduce  their peculiar church doctrines and polity into  our schools at the earliest possible opportunity.  In every country they are unyielding enemies of  popular education. They should be watched  with lynx-eyed alertness. Here, as in national  affairs, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.  CHIEF CHAMBERLIN.  We regret to learn that Chief Chamberlin -of  the Vancouver Police Force has resigned his office for a position with the C. P. R. The city  cannot afford to lose an efficient and trusted officer, especially now, when thugs, thieves, gamblers, white slave fiends and general worse-than-  nothings are endeavoring to worm themselves into  our confidence and body politic. The man who  succeeds Chief Chamberlin will have a hard task  but may distinguish himself. The opportune time  for cleaning up the city is now here. The Good  Government League and other moral forces are  organized for war upon all pests that feed and  yyyWtti  535,567,074  '��������� <&3#8a  370,083,^41  T_#fri$ftv  8,520,936  Mm  362,768.  Net liabilities of the Province, 1910..  Population of the Province, 1911 -  The Province of British Columbia offers splendid opportunities to capitalists,- manufacturers,  lumbermen, miners, fruit-growers, agriculturists,  poultrymen, dairymen, * fishermen, sportsmen,  tourists, workingmen.  For particulars and descriptive bulletins apply  to the secretary Bureau of Provincial Information, Victoria, B. C. ^  one ppwov we im  WHOLE OF PDMPKPN.  London^ Out., Nov. 20.-���������Mr. H. H. Stevens, M.P.  for Vancouver, was the speaker at the Canadian  Club banquet here tonight. His address was on  the subject of fusing Eastern and Western Canada  into one whole.-; the building up of a national spirit  that would tend towards the best and greatest  country. He gave a brief resume of the possibilities of each separate province, and said that  Ontario was outstandingly the ideal province in  the Dominion. It held to what the other provinces  held to in part.  How to bind the great parts of Canada into  one component whole was the idea he dealt with  mostly. This would be consummated only through  a national idea, a united citizenship, a sound commercial policy for the whole Dominion and a common social, educational and ethcal standard. He  declared against separate schools, and for the ������x  elusion of Asiatics.  Beautiful Art Calfndars Free, see  Fisher*8 Duag Store Ad. page 5.*!  NOT 33 FEET  BUT 66 FEET WIDE  Not near a proposed station  But 5 Minutes Walk from the Present Station at  PORT MOODY  Price not $250 per 33 feet But $400 per 66 feet Tims t^tS^S  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  y-mmmyyymym^m  mt nmt- ai wi    y'yymy^.  \TKA\Vk* TfV: OTA-***- -       n . -..^ ri1 ,   .,,.., ....  "'.���������'���������' .���������"*��������� a,vrjkintem  (Prot E. Odium. MJL. Bik.)  yewymm  yyxy$yt?mM  y.yte^jw&W-������������������  : 'yxyff^&y^wk  ���������������������������   IU this and foti^^?le*t^;the;^enii^  will have some important topics placed for consideration and guidance.   I now, for the sake of  that public, turn my *ttentioii to Fat_e?  Ke ver end Father!   Von have, at length, re>  ������������������ ferred to me in your iuM'���������9t'-*199:'f:t\i^  do so, you say :^'f*8e (Mr.;;Dulre^c������___iieloB^  Prof . Odium to discuss the inirt^si_Me^W������iitai^  -Call^ ��������� in the rough Orange ^ikjml^m*^^  be pen^tedat -meeting:^  lyzpm  ���������.yy*$k  ?*:y^Mm  ;ihmm  mm  mk  ., ^NeitherItfr.;"^^  . missioned" me to do so. or a^viimilar,;6^/������_Mfp^W  '��������� act,- in.^:;put.:;0_-;;t^''fWi^rii;xC^  ���������: ::;Thereftre^JteVere^  And bear in mind that you are Uie oflSoial :9mmm^&^^^  piece of the '*i6falU_le*' '���������aVaaMfc&aWLffi  if the said ,'infalUble cbui*ch" speaks thwuih  . wUA*1i^i$W{  then wherein is that chui*eh  '.'a.-.VK.s.'?5ftls|a  ���������������������������zniffi  ���������0m  Further you say,   "Mr. Duke commissioned  Prof. Odium to discuss the matter in the roughi  Orange Va*/.''   Here 'again:-yuU-,e*fiv ^not-u*i*i^j|  either the truth pr*tho/ Ipaaw)*^^  would not ''ebminia^^  ; topie^in: 'any other'^an'a;'lg������^  is one of the most ifeapeeted, hon^  patriotic, :publie^������pints^  Vancouver, and would in no way, or  ,as%;'a^^peii^  patriotic,' ���������:publie^������pirita^  -������_-_.__._.  __^_ -____*_ .���������������_.-J_;_,_1.^.: ^-^g|^;^|^pg^^  mm -"   *ym  thin^;^isvi^*i!*h^t|e^^  honoured lum for so nisxty years, and why they  wm put>im in for -whool trustee at the  xxy  Si^*pi^^fitSft^Sii^  certam writers, ineluding Prof .  ^^^*^j|^^^' :"'   ^'''lWy^^r.9'' "^?^*t ".������������������JaV"w-.,...;-,..   ���������. ., v.., Ww*f^i^|Nii^  earst^ Think oy������ this, Rev. Father,  write at me quite *rtfbrously and seem to  "Wm.  '=���������''  a cioua, tor you apepar to  you^tlw tW*Wle*rt -*ou,  ^*mwW;-M*iiim^ ���������._. T_.  intention-of Archbishop McNeil and his cohorta  to place in nominatiou two; 'b^;.:il^^eiHiKlii^M'  for'school trustees, one of whom uC*;il#d?������*'*te.^  etc-7 These words were timely spoken, but they  were not, and are not mine. Henee, Reverend  Sir^wheire do you come in, ind where is the *'***���������:  falUbility of mother church?"  V6U, sir; are under marching orders by those  above you; and they under those above them, back  to the pope. < If he command you to do a thinig?  and you do it as you have failed in the above,  wherein does your pope speak truth to the laity f  Please answer.  Will you be so kind as to read the open letter  of J. W, Wiiteleyr injast weefcs''Western Call! 1  You will see there what kind of education your  church is aiming at. It is not at English, or  grammar, or geography, or arithmetic, or the natural sciences, but at a "THOROUGH CATHOLIC  EDUCATION."  Here are the words Mr. Whiteley quotes from  the "Right Reverend Bishop of Victoria: ���������'Unfortunately some weak-minded Catholics, parents,  oblivious of the grave obligations they have  towards their children, carried away by the glittering, but deceiving reports of the public schools,  listening also to the false charge that our Catholic schools are inferior to the public schools  without scruple or remorse, are sending their  children to the public schools, thereby depriving them of that greatest of all boons, A THOROUGH CATHOLIC EDUCATION, AND EXPOSING THEM TO ETERNAL PERDITION. '���������'  (Continued      Page 2)  '*y  HARDWARE  Bapco Paint, Oil  STOVES   and   RANGES  Our Fall and Winter Stock is complete.  Call and Inspect.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street  Phone: Fairmont 447 Y.y:  #$y^i,f������*^-~iH*:  >  _  ���������*__���������_*_  THE WESTERN OALL.  Sheet Metal Works and  Building  FOR SALE  Will sell separately if deBired  1618 COMMERCIAL DR.  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Note���������Newa meant for this column should be  -!��������� nsertion.  *���������  ������..������������   m. .*.-.*..*..*..*..*..*. -������,-���������. -*--*>--*-.ff.,t'a.*'. ?-������������������>.-*--���������- .������..fJL JL  _���������ig���������������^*][���������fjjnyv^f~"If-^*^f-^^^���������^���������^TF*ir V*fVTVT���������  Pie Social  The Grandview LiO.L. will give a  Pie Social Monday, Nov. 25, commencing at S p.m., in the Grandview Hall.  A dance and other entertainment will  follow the supper. Everybody invited.  A good time is assured.  Grandview  Grandview Ratepayers Discuss at Some  Length Mawion Park Scheme  After a very lengthy discussion, during which constant reference was made  by th various speakers to the beauties  of European city parks, the Grandview  Ratepayers' Association on Thursday  night decided they could not pronounce an opinion either for or against  the Mawson scheme of improvement  for Coal Harbor as no figures were  available as to the total cost of the  proposal.  Mr. Jonathan Rogers, chairman of  the park board, dealt at length with  the scheme for the improvement of  Coal Harbor, which tbe members of  the association criticized in a more or  less antagonistic spirit. Not that they  were opposed to the scheme ln itself,  but that they believed that more  pressing need: for the expenditure of  the money proposed to be used in improving Coal Harbor lay in the paving  of the city's streets.  _ ______.._._._....... .. . ��������� . ___���������_. >.  mailed or phoned to the editor early to insure X  IjiTi ���������_���������*_������������������_������������_>���������_'���������*r������'-'������_������i_s>%s%������%s%A������_e>**erfs������_e<_ilt������������l>lt������������l������'_^ ���������_���������  tension society of the Methodist  churches of Vancouver will be held in  Grandview Methodist church on Thursday evening, Nov. 28. ' After ^upper  the yearly report 'will be read and  will be followed by speeches, comments and plans for the coming year.  This is the first time Grandview has  been honored by this meeting.  The annual banquet of the church ex-  One of the quaint charming teas of  the season was that given on Thursday afternoon by Mrs. W. G. Graham,  1244 Eighth avenue east, to fourteen of  her old lady friends. The tea was ln  honor of Mrs. Dr. Pearson. The ladies  were all over seventy years of age.  During tbe afternoon Mrs. McKim  sang. She was accompanied by Mrs.  Bertha Hartwell. The tea table was  brightened with golden chrysanthemums and these pretty flowers seemed to typify the Joyous spirit of the  occasion. A toast was proposed by  Mrs; Moore, and Mrs. Pearson replied  fn a very pleasing manner. Those assisting the hostess were Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Rutledge, Mrs. Moore, Mrs.  Hardy, Mrs. Tibbs, Mrs. Burmlngham,  and Mra. Alexander. Covers were laid  for Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Coleman, Mrs.  Crowe, Mra. Gee, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs.  Stewart, Mrs. Meaken, Mrs. Belaford,  Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Sanford and Mrs.  Langford.  ���������  AN OPEN LEHER TO THE PUBUC  (Continued from Page I)  As the above Rev. Bishop and your  Reverence are under orders from the  same pope you must agree with tbe  conclusion, and believe that our present public school system fails to give  "a thorough Catholic, education/' and  further endangers your children, to  "ETERNAL PERDITION." And your  master, Archbishop McNeil, holds the  sima view, no doubt, for the pope  permits no schism in his church  among his obedient children.  Now sir, here Is whar* we land in  this matter: II yon and the Archbishop and any tools, (under the name  of Roman Catholic Trustees), yon may  ���������elect to interfere with the Vancouver schools, mean aartbinf by **<*****  effort*, then ti MUST BE TO AVOID  TH* "ETBRNAt PERDITION"  ABOVE MENTIONED, am) to GIVB  "A THpROUOH CATHOLIC |SPUCA-  TION," as the Bishop of Victoria alms  at.  I say here and now to the Vancou*  ver public, beware of such men and  such teaching. The DISRUPTION of  our public school system ts aimed at  and nothtnf lees. This I ������h������ll now  show in another way. And you. Reverend Mr. Bonner, be so kind as to  read patiently. Do not grow anjry and  call names. Put my letter in your  paper so that your people may have  a few sterling facts If so, some of  them will a������k you a few very pertinent questions.  Spain is overwhelmingly Roman  Catholic. The government contributes  to the church about 18,000,000 annually, and yet "tbe majority of the  Spaniards are illiterate." Here, sir,  if your church favoured education in  the long hundreds of years during its  absolute sway, then how is it that  these people are amongst the most illiterate of earth?  Portugal is another country nearly  entirely Roman Catholic. Bear ln  mind that the Protestant Reformation  never really reached Portugal. In 1555  the Jesuits secured control of the  University Centre at Coimbra. The  effects were^Berioug and permanent  Portugal sank back Into the middle  ages. In the year 1900 the illiterate  amounted to 78.6 of the population.  Volumes here! Perhaps the Portugese are thoroughly good Catholics, but their education is a myth.  Porto Rico is Roman Catholic. In  1899 over three-quarters.of those oven  ten years of age could neither read nor  write. The Bishop of Victoria would  perhaps say, "O, this is nothing, they  have a "Thorough Catholic Education.' ������������������  In Venezuela the population is nearly altogether ROMAN CATHOLIC,  and an "overhelming-majority are illiterate and practically unconscious ot  the defect." And in Vancouver, you,  Reverend Sir, dare tell the public  that you and your church favour education, other than a THOROUGH  CATHOLIC EDUCATION.  In Argentina, where the ROMAN  CHURCH IS IN POWEii., 54 per cent,  of those over fifteen years of age are  illiterate. Why is this? Are your  fellow priests of these uneducated  peoples dishonest, or are they honest  and faithful servants of the pope? If  they are honest, then you, what are  you, sir? If they in South America, in  Spain. Portugal and Italy are the direct result of your "Thorough Catholic Education" are you honestly aiming at co-operating with our system  of education, or are you under orders  to disrupt it nt first chance? Be so  kind aa to answer.  Brasll Is another ROMAN CATHOLIC countr*/ and EIGHTY per cent,  can neither read nor write. Come,  now, Reverend Father Bonner, be ao  good as to teach those ingornat millions to read and write before yoa  venture to claim that you honestly  would help the British Columbia system of public school education, than  which none better Is found on this  globe. And H is so la spite of you  and those who give you marching er*  dere.  In Japea, a land our people ao often  call pagan end heathen, bverWNUTT*  SEVEN per cent of tht obildren of  school aft are in attendence'at the  national fnMrtie schools. Reverend  Sir, your ������fe**rcfe might learn to advantage from thia nation of so-called  pagans. Tea, give me the educatloa  of tbegt ta prtfereOoe to yours.  R������v������r������*a Sir, hear mt further. Tht  above facta I give yoa from the Jteoy.  Brit. The following I give yoa htm  tht "Catholic World." The Roman  Catholte it to wteld hit vote for tht  purpott of tecariagv Catholic ascendency ta thia country (the United  Statea). All legislation must he governed hy the Will of God, UNERRING-  LT INDICATED BT THB POPE- Education must be controlled by the Catholic authorities*,: and under education,  THE OPINIONS OP THS INDIVID-  UAL. and the UTTERANCES OF  THE PRESS ARE INCLUDED. Many  opinions are to be forbidden by the  secular arm. UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE CHURCH, EVEN TO  WAR AND BLOODSHED." This,  again, you and your fellow priests  must adopt, and say amen to, for the  "infallible church" speaks the words  above quoted.  I am giving you these prime sayings  lest you fail to grasp them otherwise.  Moreover I wish the people of Vancouver to fully grasp the intent of  your tirades against Mr. Thomas Duke  and myself, as well as against Orangemen In general. Yes, as soon as your  political machine feels strong enough  it is, ready to use "the secular arm" to  work the church's will, "even to wa;  and bloodshed."  You seem to think that Orangemen  are bigoted. Perhaps some of them  are. This is a trait common to too  many in and out of churches and poll-  tics. But I may tell you what Orangemen stand for (in the main. They  stand for an open Bible, liberty of  conscience, freedom of worship, Justice to all men, making special mention of our Roman Catholic fellow  citizens, loyalty to the throne and  sovereign so long as the sovereign is  a Protestant. The reason for making this limitation is simple. A Roman  Catholic sovereign who is loyal to the  pope is but a mere puppet of a foreign  potentate. For such we have no  ufe or place.  You talk of toleration. See this gem  from    a    voice      in    the    "infallible  church:   "We would like to rack and 1  quarter Protestantism; we would like  jto impale it and hang it up for crows  i to build nests of;  we would  like to  tear it  with  pinchers, and  pierce  it  iwith red-hot irons;  we.would like tc  ��������� fill .it ^wifi molten lead and plunge it  into hell-fire a hundred fathoms deep."  Reverend Sir, what do you think of  this for toleration?   It is a voice from  the "Watchman."    Do you recognize  it?   Is it harmonioug or discordant to  , you?  Everybody's doingit- Who's doingit?  We are doing it-Doing what ?  GIVING   AWftYC^  with every $1,00 purchase.  Come in and see us.  E. M. LYNN  DEALER IN  Groceries, China  and Kitchen Hardware.  PHONE: Highland 823  Corner Keefer St. and Campbell Ave.  We ourselves are better served  By serving others best.  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Greenwood was the 13-year-old newsboy who swore at the preliminary  hearing of Dean, that he saw the accused .and four companions going toward Vancouver in an automobile in  the morning of September 16, 1911,  the morning of the robbery.  Last year the lad was suffering from  the result of an accident, and funds  were raised by public subscription to  send the lad to a Chicago hospital for  treatment.  PROVINCIAL  BANQUET TO DR. CHOWN  AT NEW WESTMINSTER  New Principal of Ryeraon  Methodist  College Given Welcome by City  New Westminster���������The Rev, S. D.  Chown, D.D., general superintendent  for Canada of the MethodiBt church  and principal of the embryonic Ryer-  ������on College, was banquetted Thursday,  Nov. 14, by the Methodists of New  Westminster in the gymnasium of Columbian College.  In reply to the toast of "Our Guest,"  Dr. Chown gave some of his impressions gathered since coming to British  Columbia a few weeks ago, and described this province at the "front door  of Canada." He touched upon the  Hindoo question, which he Bald was all  a matter of assimilation, and also upon the educational needs of the province.  Alderman D. S. Curtis presided at  the banquet.' Other speakers were  Mayor Lee, Professor Hetherington,  the Rev. A. E. Roberts., the Rev. W. S.  Crux and the Rev. E. W. Stapleford.  More than 400 guests were present.  CONVICT J08EPH SMITH TO HANG  Prisoner Was Calm When the Judge  Sentenced Him to Death,  New Westminster, Nov. 16.���������Convict  Joseph Smith was last evening found  guilty of the murder of Guard Joynson  at the British Columbia penitentiary  on Oct. 5, and was sentenced by Mr.  JusMce Murphy to be hanged* on Jan.  31,1913. The verdict was returned by  the jury after over three hours' deliberation following a three days' trial.  Smith received his sentence cooly and  seemed to have anticipated the result.  Boy Who Was Electrocuted at Royal  Oak Had Testified  New Westminster, Nov. 16.���������-Russell  Greenwood, the lad who was electrocuted at Royal Oak last week by step-  Fruitgrowers' Association Suggests Arrangements With Australia  Victoria, Nov. 16.���������-On behalf of the  British Columbia Fruitgrowers' Association, the secretary. Mr. R. M. Wins-  low, has addressed a letter to Hon.  George E. Foster, minister of trade  and commerce, urging that steps be  taken towards bringing about a larger  measure of reciprocity between this  country and Australia, more especially  in the matter of an exchange of fruits.  "There is," says Mr. Winslow, "a  duty of 25c a box on apples entering  the Australian market and 60 cents  a box on those entering New Zealand.  The quantity of fruit sent from the  United States to Australia is much  greater than that sent from tbis country, and the consequence is that If this  For Good  Boots and Shoes  go ro ���������  Soutb Hill ____! SboeStore  Fraser Ave. & 47th Ave.  Opposite the school.  IIMMBotooiiBlec-  25 Mtop Street. East  nittfc  ���������MMScrj-MarlM  Its. Ujmmwm  A. m* BEATTIE  Auctioneer, Appraiser and Notary Public for British Columbia  General deal Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent  Goods Made in ft. C  Tbis week of Nov. 25th to 30th, has been set for  advertising and pushing goods made in B.C.  We all wish to watch  Greater Vancouver grow, and  to help her when possible  while supporting our own B.  C. industries.  ypu are invited to call at  our store and see Groceries  prom Our M>cnl Manufacturers.  s. mu.  Grocery  Cor. 45iJ������ tod fraser Aveowr.  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KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windwr, Oat.  ^Wrftonv on? sclvsfts address.   ^  duty were removed from Canadian  fruit, the whole benefit would accrue  to the Canadian fruit grower, who  would thus be able to put an additional 25 cents per box in his pocket. The  Australian fruits come to Canada in  the months of May and June and there  fore do not compete with our home  products. Under such circumstances  a reciprocal arrangement would be  beneficial to both parties."  Mr. Winslow also remarked on the  somewhat interesting fact tbat the  Australian and New Zealand demand  is for apples of moderate size. He  attributes this to the fact that the  apples landed there cost about $4.00  a box, and the dealer therefore finds  it to his advantage to have the box  contain a considerable number.  To Be Undertaken on Extensive 8eale  at Sidney Experimental Farm  Victoria. Nov. 16.���������It is not at all  probable that the department of agriculture will take and further steps at  present looking to the establishment  of a poultry experimental farm in  British Columbia. The provincial authorities had serious intentions of asking the legislature at its next session  for an appropriation for this work, but  in the meantime lt has been announced  tbat poultry experiments will be undertaken on an extensive scale on the  experimental farm which the Dominion Government has established ia th*  neighborhood of Sidney. The province  therefore will await the action of the  Dominion department  1MIH#  *  'mi inut-  ?$  . y-y >7*m  m    '*  mm  S:  tmuew  93,  **** 1II4II III 1 HI I ****** MOM *' 11 H IIII 'I ��������� ��������� 11 ll'IM *****  DOMINION        x  1  Pure Bred Stock for Coast Farms  Winnipeg, Nov. 18,���������-Manitoba is  now taking a hand at the game of  8tocking~Brltish Columbia with pedigree Clydesdales, pure-bred Shorthorns  and Aberdeen Angus cattle. A bunch  comprising six Clydesdale horses, and  three Shorthorns and four Aberdeen  Angus cattle were shipped on Friday  by James Tule of Winnipeg to A. D.  Patterson of Ladner, B. C.  New Town Hall for Entwlstle  Bntwistle, Alta.���������-Entwistle's new  town ball when completed will mark  one more step In the steady and rapid  development of this growing population centre. A considerable part of the  material for the new structure will be  supplied from tho Immediate vicinity.  A well-known timber and land estimator has figured the standing merchantable timber on tbe Pembina River at  700,000,000 feet, adding that in bis  opinion tt will not be over two or three  years at the outside before *$dmonton  and nearby cities will be looking to  Entwlstle tor their lumber supply. Entwistle's sandstone quarries are to be  developed by an % 18,000 stock company,  recently organized- Tbe stone from  these quarries is pronounced by experts tb be equal in quality to the celebrated Calgary sandstone now being  used extensively at Edmonton and other large centres. The Entwlstle quarries will have, lt is believed, practically a monopoly of the Edmonton market, through saving in distance and  freight rates, Entwlstle being 130 miles  nearer than Calgary to Edmonton.  Contractors state that already the  scarcity of building stone in the West  is beginning to be felt perceptibly.  The hig-  equalized by  supplies for ki r  Grocery, 30th tp  that save dol  patrons.  Several saljjjjf;  are report-^  street  '��������� ���������,   -; . L)  "l"M"M������  may   be  of your  Ellis'  Ittiake prices  for their  al property  nd Fraser  Ratepayers Protest  8outh Vancouver, Nov. 15. ���������The  Cedar Cottage District Improvement  Association recently passed a resolution protesting against the permanent  paving pt Westminster road until  mains, sewers and gas mains have  been laid. Tbis action on the part of  the Association was subsequently criticised by Reeve Kerr, who was allged  to have stated tbat it was "too foolish"  for the council to notice.  Tbe association took exception to  the reeve's alleged remark and passed  a resolution protesting against the  reeve's criticism.  rMr. J. J. Cashion presided and a general discussion on the annexation question took place, arrangements being  made for the forthcoming campaign.  FOREIGN  New State Frattrrial Congress  A state Fraternal Congress has been  organised ln Alabama, the object being to protect the mutual interests of  the fraternal societies, especially in  the matter of legislation. Frank O.  Cray of the Maccabees has been chosen president; W. A. Mair of Knights  of Honor, vice-president; J. E. Spill-  man of the Tribe of Ben Hur, secretary and James Sharpe of the Knights  and Ladies of Honor, treasurer.  BUY YOUR  XMAS GIFTS I  At G.|G. Bigger*.  MONEY   RAISING   SALE!  Of Diamonds, Jewelry, Cut Glass  Watches, Silverware, ete.  Bona'fide and reliable reductions.  Buy now and save money.  IT IS A PLEASURE TO SNOW YOU ROUND  *T*#'  * J.   /������        c**_*    i  VM-y ���������"���������  ** _1>?  Geo, Q. 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This bill, lf submitted, will also  provide, it Is said, for a change ln the  voting procedure in the municipality  so that instead of the requirement being that of 51 per cent of the assessed  property must declare for annexation  an ordinary money bylaw majority of  three-fifths of the qualified money bylaw voters casting a vote will be sufficient. Past experience bas shown it  is declared that it Is an impossibility  to bave 51 per cent of the assessed  property even recorded at tbe poll  much less to have it placed on the  open ballet list & being in favor of  annexation. ���������  If legislation modifying tbis annexation procedure is sought, it must be  advertised within a few days, it ia  pointed out, and the purpose of the  meeting on Monday Is to bave tbe  views of the Vancouver aldermen on  such a suggested bill.  New voters' lists are being prepared  In South Vancouver at the present  time and tbey will be used in the event  of an annexation poll being held early  in 1913. Only holders of registered  deeds or registered agreements of sale  are entitled to get on the bylaw lists  and in the event of the registered  agreement of sale owners desiring to  vote they must obtain the consent of  tbe owners of tbe registered deeds.  Owners of deeds or agreements of  ���������ale which are not registered may get  on the general lists for the election of  reeve, councillors and scbool trustees  as householders, if tbey live on tbelr  property.  A new gun of excellent workmanship and material.  Extra light weight.    Made to oar own specifications.   It's a beauty.  Every standard make of Rifle and Gun in atoek.  Ammunition to suit all guns and rifles tat common om. v  TISDALLM UNITED  B19-990 Hmattarya Straat, \������mat M  B.O.  The He Blouse Co.  , 1'  ��������� -* v Hi  ' t_&l  y ���������* 3  V*  IMPORTERS OF  SPECIALTIES AND NOVELTIES  in todies'Wear  WReCTfROMPU  >fc y,  ft?  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Its rates  are graded to the National Fraternal  Congress table.  r Mobile Bill Now in Force  The first valuation under tbe Mobile  bill, provided for annual inventory of  the assets and liabilities, accrued and  contingent of fraternal beneficiary societies, will be taken as of date Dec.  31, 1912. This first valuation is not  for publication, but it a preliminary  valuation, made for the information of  tbe state insurance departments. The  first valuation for publicity will be  made as of date Dec. 31, 1914.  Sad will be the day for you when  you become absolutely contented with  the life you are living, with the life  you are living, with the thoughts you  arethiaklng and the deeds you are doing.  Won Debate at Central Park  South Vancouver, Nov. 15.���������Following a most Interesting and instructive  debate on Incorporation vs Annexation at Central Park, the adjudicators  as to the merits of the arguments  brought in a verdict in favor of annexation on moral, sanitary and financial  grounds, and as being likely to be  most helpful ln the development of a  harbor scheme.  President Cleveland occupied the  chair, and Messrs. C. T. Bailey and  Thomas Todrlck supported incorporation, while Rev. Merton Smith and  Mr. W. H. Brett upheld annexation.  The adjudicators were Dr. Gregory,  a recent visitor from Eastern Canada,  who has just purchased property In  Central Park district through Messrs.  Todrick & Co.; Mr. Van Home and  Mr. White.  While the adjudicators were considering their decision Rev. Merton Smith  obliged with a song, "Roaming in the  Gloaming on the Bonnie Banks of the  Clyde," and Mr. R. C. Hodgson, the  president of the South Vancouver  Board of Trade, referred to the present financial position of the municipality, which he said, was entirely the  fault of the ratepayers���������a fault which  could only be remedied, he said, at the  municipal elections.  Ex-Councillor Dickinson also spoke  on the annexation question and the  forthcoming election.  Rev. H. J. Mackay Becomes Pastor of  South HMI Presbyterian Church  South Vancouver, Nov. 15. ��������� Rev.  Henry J. Mackay, tbe newly chosen  pastor of tbe Soutb Hill Presbyterian  church, was inducted Into the pastorate by Rev. Dr. Wright of the Presbytery of New Westminster.  There was a large congregation and  addresses were delivered by Rev. H.  R. Grant, of St. Paul's; Rev. R. Ireland and Rev. Mr.* Henderson and a  sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Van  Munster of North Vancouver.  Tbe new pastor is the son of the  late Roderick Mackay, of James  street and 29th avenue, 8outh Vancouver, and was born In Boston, Mass.  He was educated at Brandon High  School, Montreal College and Princeton Theological Seminary, his preaching license being granted by the Westminster Presbytery at tbe last graduating ceremony. Rev. Mr. McKay is  described as "one of the most promising of the younger men in the West;  a strong preacher, endowed with the  good qualities that go to make a successful pastor."  Phronology  maa. rouaa  Qtva* Prmotioat A*Mom.  On Business Adaptation, Health and  Happiness  806 Granville  Street, Corner Robson  Hours: 10 a. m. to 9 p. m  New Residents Pouring In  There has been an unusually heavy  influx of residents Into the district radiating around Fraser street during  the last few weeks. One real estate  firm reports the renting of forty  houses during the past week. Tbe  people from the prairies are beginning  to arrive.  MANSLAUGHTER  CHARGE     ,  J. A. Rithet of Victoria Ran Down  Chinaman in Auto  Victoria, No. 16.���������John A. Rithet,  son of R. P. Rithet of this city, was  charged with manslaughter in the police court this morning. He was arrested on Fishguard street last night  after running down a Chinaman with  an automobile. The Chinaman was  killed.  Rithet was allowed bail in $15,000  and remanded until Monday.  Furniture  If you have to Furnish a;  Home, a room, or perhaps you  only want a single piece to fill  in, you wHI find you can do  better hare than elsewhere.  Call and see me. I will be  pleased to quote you prices.  Ercf-ft-lag la iMse Firalshltfs.  CAJIME1ST PITIERTS.  "-.    *t   ~ /  ���������/���������*���������-.    '  d. a. mgclelland  301 CORDOVA WEST, Cer. Camble  **"-;-", ***i*.:*  .'���������-���������* ul  :iy  myy.  ^=*#*_ I /"BrS&W'A*^**^-**-*^^  THE WESTERN CALL.-  +****************4*****>4'4"***i  ���������������  v  i   The Successful Firms  ������   Advertise. WHY?  -^***������>*******i*������*������������**4>**>'I"t*'I''I"I"Ii *\  /  OK an ag an Valley  Fruit Market  2446 Main Street  Xmas Trade  To enable us to deliver goods  promptly, please order early.  OK. Fruit-Four Carloads Just Received  Jonathan?, Wagners, Newton  Pippins, Grimes Golden, Northern Spy, Spitzenberg and  Rawles Janet.  Your last chance to secure Macintosh Iteds.  Mount Pleasant  EDITED BY D. R. PIERCE  Phone: Fairmont .1140"  Help to make these pages as  interesting  as  possible   by   writing  or telephoning all local news  each  wsek before  Wednesday noon.  H. H. OWEN.  Mr. H. H. Owen was born In Grey  County, Ontario, in 1870, and died in  Vancouver Friday morning, November  15th, 1912. His death followed an op-  peration for appendicitis. Deceased  was well known and highly respected  In this city, of which he was a resident 12 years and where for seven  years he was a grocery merchant on  Granville Street. His death is much  lamented by a large circle of relatives and friends. He leaves a wife  and a daughter of sixteen years, also  three brothers, J. J. Owen of Eburne,  Geo. A. of South Vancouver and W.  R. of Mount Pleasant.  The funeral was held from his residence 122 Fifth avenue east on Monday at 2:30 p.m. Rev. Mr. White,  Presbyterian minister of Eburne officiating.  '  The following is a list of the floral  offerings:  Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Chesman. spray;  Mr. and Mrs. W, R. Owens, spray; C.  O. F., wreath; Leland Hotel, wreath;  Mr. and Mrs. Schmael, wreath; Mr.  and Mrs. CO. Muller, harp: Mr. and  Mrs. W.G. Davidson, wreath; Air. and  Mrs. Harry Wilson, wreath; Mr. and  Mrs. J. J. Owens, cross; Mr. and Mrs.  A. T. Garvey, spray; Clas3 3, V. H, S.,  spray; Mr. and Mrs. C. Owens, wreath;  Mrs. Murry. wreath; F. O. E., wreath;  Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Noecker, psray;  Mr. and Mrs. N. Sorenson, spray; Mrs.  F. R. Stewart and A. Brenchley,  wreath; Mrs. Tolly and family, spray;  Mr. Geo. Owens, cluster; Oscar Brown  Co., wreath; Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Klng-  combe, cluster; Mr. and Mrs. T. J.  Ford, cluster; Simpson Bros., wreath;  Mr. C. Owens, spray; Miss O'Leary!  spray; Mrs. E. A.. O'Connor and family, cluster; Store Employees, wreath;  Mr. and Mrs. I*o A; Noecker, spray;  ses Blanchet, Taylor and McKenzie,  spray; Mr. Pendray, wreath; Mrs. and  Miss Green, spray; Mrs. C. White, cluster; Mr. M- Tait, wreath, if r. and Mr*.  Harvey, spray; Mrs. Mitchell and M-ss  Smith, spray. .'...> '������������������  in abundance and compulsory education Is in force.  As a manufacturing and industrial  centre the city of Belfast takes a stand  second to no other city in the British  Isles. Here we have five of the largest  concerns of their kind in the world,  viz: ship building, rope work's, linen,  flour and tobacco. .  The south of Ireland with its fertile  lands is not so prosperous as a tourist  might expect.. Many of the people, ln  fact the major portion of them, are  ignorant and superstitious, I admit,  but this part of Island is not alone ln  this respect, as any country or portion  of a country up to the present time,  which looks wholly to the Roman  Catholic Church for its education is  more or less in the same condition.  If Ireland should be in such an Ignorant condition as Mr. Woodside would  have us believe, we certainly ought to  give her credit for at leaBt her many  fair sons, who are leading: many other  English speaking countries in every  walk of life.  Tours truly, ,  ROBERT KERR PORTER.  439 Hornby St.,  Vancouver, B. C.  No   Delivery  ���������*p#y*-*fa**$**ag*->p*gMge*g������������gMjM2se|M9s ������������������������ 'J' ���������J* ���������5*'*i" *V* *3* "i* *I^**V* '��������� *���������'  t  '  *  *y  ������>  ���������*���������  -5*  *  *  ^l^^t^H^yr!f***^**^*'*'*4f* * * * * **  No Credit %  Phones Fairmont 621  Wt give !M the leac*  fit of all aiptuis of  diilvar*  aoti leak*  kaaplif.  - The article in last week's issue of  The Western Call, written by Mr.  Whiteley, Is very appropos at this  time. That the Roman Church is  very desirous of gaining control of the  school boards 4s further evidenced by  the acts of the "State" convention.^  Qood Goods for Less Money  Saturday Spoolata  Per Lb.  Fresh Local Veal Roasts 20c-26c  Choice Pot Roast - ��������� 12 to 15c  Pig Pork, legs and Loins, 20c-25c  Eastern Salted Pork - ��������� 18c  Sirloin Roast ..... 20c  Good Lard - - - 2 lbs. for 25c  Fresh Eggs, per doz.     -   -  35c  Pas Ls.  Frash Local Lamb, Legs    -   22c  "       ".    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The groom's gift to the  bride was a solid gold watch and'  chain, to the bridesmaid a pearl broach"  and to the best man a pearl stickpin.  Among the many gifts were a purse  of gold from the groom's parents; a  purse of gold from the bride's parents; Mr. Graham, silver chafing dish;  Mr. and Mrs. Green, cheque; Mr. and  Mrs. Harifln, table linen; Mr. and Mrs.  J. Hampton, china tea set; Mr. Stanley  Ray, silver cruet; Harry Ray, carving  Mt Pleasant Uvery  * A. F. McTAVISH, Pnop. ;;  J  Phone Fairmont 845 , Corner Broadway and Main ;;  Carriages at all hours day or night i j  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Sorreysand'Single \\  Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire \\  Express & Bsggage Transferred ii  I******************4'****** 9 \'****4>*******4***********  ���������H������.|'^:-->-:'-;-*H**.**W>-K**i^*>'*'t''t''."l'li'*. O    ********4********>IW*4,***1'  The Vancouver Exhibition AsBociai  t|cn have ^commenced the. prellmin"  ary work for a membership, campaign  ���������*--������-".-<> 5.000 new members for the  Association In the week December 9th  to 14th. It Is the intention of the  Association to form a Committee of  60 prominent business men; each of  whom will undertake to procure 100  new members. On Thursday, December the fifth a banquet will be held at  the rooms of the Progress Club for*  the purpose of properly launching  this scheme.   It is expected that the  Progress Club will give a luncheon at  which the  various members of the points to the  campaign committee will be able to posing them to eternal perdition.  report progress and re-organize for a | course the good Bishop would like-to  ter set; Mr. William Smith, silver tea  pot; Mr. and Mrs. Earle, fern pot; Mr.  and Mrs. Miles, table linen; MJ*bs  Edith Ray. china fruit set and silver  spoon. Mrs. and Mrs. Ray will spend  their honeymoon in the south, visiting  Portland and San Francisco, after  which they will reside on Camble  street, Vancouver.  Receiving Office     Fairmorit 504  Workii Fairmont674.  the Knights of Columbus, held at New  Westminster last spring. This org_n-i������*- Mr- ������nd *���������v aBIk\������ut g���������as! wa;  izatioh, as most people know*; is com  posed entirely, of Roman Catholics, for^  j no other purpose than that of uniting  t Its male members for the furtherance  of the designs of the Church In the  political and social life of .the country.  :< At this convention the delegates  pledged fidelity and submission to the  Pope, Archbishops and Bishops; tbey  further pledged their supoprt to the  clergy In the matter of Roman Catholic education. We all know the stand  of the Roman-clergy In this matter,  therefore; the resolution yfetetvek to  Is, In reality, a resolution against the  public school system of British Columbia. '' ������������������ ���������. ��������� y[\yy..x:yyy^:.-  One of the officers urged the necessity of the members taking an active  part in the cause of Roman Catholic  education, and said that it was gratifying to be able stb report that the  Knights In Victoria had been alive to  the situation and that two of their  members were among the hardest  workers on the Victoria school board.  Yet the Bishop of Victoria takes to  task these Catholic parents who send  their children to these schools, and  langer of thereby ex*  Of  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALE  A fine lot to choose from, all in  prime condition.  Sixty varieties to select from.  Now is the time to buy for Fall planting to give good results for next  Spring.  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M.  about the extreme superstitions and MacPhee were unIted ,- marrlage hy  Ignorances of these people. When the Pafher MacDonaid at St Andrew's  beautiful cathedral (St. Patrick's. Dub- j chl|rcn   Tueg(layi Nov   12     The brWe  was  a  former  teacher  in   a   Mount  Pleasant school.   After a wedding trip  see the removal of this grave danger  from their midBt. |  It is plain that the Roman Church'  is organized agatas't our present school ���������  system; it Is also plain that they are  organised to place their members on  the school boards.   But if the voters  of British Columbia are alive to the  public interests, they will see to it  that the control of the public schools  is not placed in the hands of those  who are pledged to the destruction of  this  institution. READER.  SWAN PROS.  STEAM DYE WORKS  mmm mmn  Garments of all description  cleaned.  UQ. OFFICE, COP. IW AVE. I MUN ST.  WORKS, 5211911 Alt, MST  I  WEDDINGS  I  I  :%J  ���������,m  m  ft  WARD VIII  Your INFLUENCE and  VOTE are Respectfully  Solicited by  Frank Trimble  As Aldermanic Candidate  for Ward Eight  among the Sound     cities the young  : couple will reside in Alberni.  Mr. William. Burnett Davidson and  Miss Jane Burnside Webb were united  ln marriage on Wednesday by Rev. A.  M. Sanford in Marfew Hall before a  large number of relatives and-friends.  ,The bride wore a pretty white satin  regressive Pool Ripfrinij  SHOP  292 IrwDwiy I*       Teas. FirrlBgtos. Pros  lias installed a  "QOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR OUTFIT "  Turns out shoes equal to new  See Our  lln) was shown on the screen, we were  told that it was a beautiful structure,  but situated in the slum district and  could not be reached without first going through that locality.  If Mr. Woodside had taken the route  via. Dame St., which is one of the most  fashionable streets in Dublin, he could  have kept away entirely from that locality which he calls "tbe slum3." To  those   wfio  have   not  visited  Ireland  (for on those who have, it would have j gown witn a vej������ and carried white  little effect), Mr. Woodside's address ] r0SeB. She was given away by her  would lead one to believe that Ireland ; brother, Mr. Robert Webb. Mr, Cook  was a beautiful island (as he himself jpiayed the wedding march. Miss Mar-  admitted) but inhabited entirely by a. garet Webb, sister of the bride, was  weak-minded,   slothful   people,   some  what similar to our Indians here, and  housed in even a worse condition. Such  i3 not the case by any means.  We were not told of the many cottages built by the British government,  and rented by the working class at a  very nominal sum. These two storied  buildings built of stone with slate  roofs, make substantial and most comfortable homes.  The rural districts of the north of  Ireland are second to none in the  United Kingdom as regards the farming clasB. Here one is met with a  thritty,  clean  living,  prosperous  and  bridesmaid, and Mr. Alexander E.  Davidson, brother of the groom, was  groomsman. After the ceremony a  wedding supper was served. Mr. and  Mrs. Davidson will reside in -South  Vancouver.  A very pretty wedding was solemnized Friday afternoon at the home of  the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.  Sharpe. Kayside, When Minnie Beatrice Smith was united in matrimony  to Mr. F. I. Ray of Vancouver. The  bried carried a beautiful boquet of  white roses and maidenhair ferns, and  j looked charming in a grey silk gown,  LEE & WOOD  satisfied people.   National schools are   with   pearl   trimmings.     The   brides-' 523 BrCadf-*/, W.      PilODe Fair. 1520  The cold water  KALSOMINE  in all colors and  shades  50c per 5-lb. pkg.  pf Te Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Cor. Broadway        Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of every description  V  Phone: Fair. 186  J  Trya"CALL"ad.  Full Line of  Wall Papers  From 5c up.  Contracting Papernan.ers  2317 Main Street  Pllone Fairmont 998  ..'i������r7*.';:-*-*~- ' THE WESl'-JRK CALL.  ___-__-__M__-^^^  v  ��������������������� 11 i 1 ��������� 11II11* '1 *> K*-I-������X-fr*K**}-<  | IfYou Help Your District J  Yourself  ���������I* I'll*, l'<"H-j-<4-������*<'-l''������������t*-*������*^������������W.j  Q  Your Name and Address at  I cern.   The business has ���������t>een estab-1 operating In the East End.   Thin bank  lished nearly two years, end Mr Wal-jis one of Canada's foremost financial  NSSgp  .sr',!;, (Tip1?  ;_Tc^t,''if  FISHER'S DRUG STORE  If you would care to receive one of our Beautiful Art Calendars for  1913, which will be ready for distribution in December.  FISHERS  DRUGSTORE  IT  COR. BROADWAY  & SCOTT ST.  Ier Is recognized as one of the best  and most expert horsemen in Western  Canada. Livery horses left at the  Empress Stables receive his personal  ! supervision, and are properly looked  after.   Mr. W. Walksr was formerly  (Mayor of Carberry, Man., and one of  the town's big real estate business  men who resided there twenty-six  years prior to coming to God's country. They are "men of affairs," with  ample capital and ability to do things  as they are done in Vancouver. Dr.  W. H. Pickering, expert veterlnery  surgeon, has his office at the Empress  Stables. His phone is Seymour 4664  R.  ������.������������.������ii.i.ot.^~/v-;**;--������*.*^-^������*-j-*i>v-*;*-;--.--;'*>-.0;,ii"l"*i'f*"l"i"ti*li'l"**,l,i**il"***liii'���������������������������I'I'������"1"H <  Pbone i Bayview 1IB2   .  VAN UFFORD BROS.  We Specialize in? BULBS of  we have a great variety.  I Leave your order f or X_iia6 Trees |  and Holly now.  J -999 Broadway W.,        Cor. Broadway and Oak  IIMCI OFFICE, spwlalfar lupltil visitors, COI. IEATBEI ud BMMDMf  J  CHARLES QUICK.  Batter Known as "Dad" Quick, tho  Wall-Known Horseman and Manu*  faetruer of Race Horse Bridle*  _. Saddles, Ac, 1549 Powell St'  , "Dad" Quick in hia ninety-second  year is one of t_e best known horsemen and manufacturers of race horse  saddles and' bridles, etc., on the continent. He was bom In England, and  for many yeara was located at Emeryville, California,' ln the palmy days of  horse racing there. His goods have  been snipped to England, France,  Germany, Mexico, and all over Canada,  and without question he is the "king"  of manufacturers in this special line.  He has operated in Vancouver since  last March,' and 'makes a speciality of  horse boots. He also does sall kinds  of harness repairing.   He is still bale,  ******4 <*******************< *li***4****>l>**>*4 **4 II 1"1"M 1 ���������!'���������  THE SUCCESS  ���������   4<THB SCHOOi.OF CERTAI^TteS" ^  We invite the public to call aiou**new premises in the  Harris Block. We would like you to inspect our equipment ^ to see *a hat splendid light and ventilation we have;  to aee our students at work. c  - If you are inte**e*rted in Businesl Education, a visit to  us will convince you that this is the school for you to attend.  The best is what you require. : ���������  -    E. SCOTT EATON, % A;, ^ipaj       ^  FflONE: Fairmont 2075      VANCOUVER, E. C.  institutions, and the new branch Just  recently opened here with the many  new developments, is, another practical demonstration of its enterprise  and progresstvenesB in keeping pace  with the growth and onward march  of the various sections of the great  lerminal City.  The Northern Crown Bank is capitalized at $6,000,000, with an authorized capita! of about $3,000,000, and  aggregate assets of over $20,000,000.  This assures depositors tbat It's as  safe and solid as the proverbial Rock  of Gibraltar. Tbe new branch has  been opened here less than one month  and already Is becoming an important  factor In the general commercial ope-,  rations of tbe vicinity.   Many look|  OAZ-W  ^tslfi  Issued every ~Ttda** at J4������������ W<  ���������(er Road, one-half block north et  way. - Phone Fairmont IH*.  Editor. H. H. Stevens; Manaatr, *7mm  K. Odium.  ���������Bbeeripttoai  $1.00 per year, tt  ������M?r   al* months;   36 ernts  months. -  Chans;** of ads. must be In by T������w>  lay evening each-week to Insure huge*  don In following Ustwv  Notices of   births, deaths and  ���������Is_������s Inserted free of ������*ts*_o.  amasaasmammmmmmmmmmaaaaaam  . yyi&'K%  "���������*���������**- *OjA%  amamar     ������  v      "���������    JfJCHY-A  The following resolution' proposal  Leading Firms in^the East End  GRANT *% WINTON. '  To Live Grocery Merchants At  a. 1900 Powell 8treet  Prominent among Vancouver's live  meiciiuuts are Messrs. Grant and Win-  ton, at   (Cedar   Cove)   1Mb   Poweii  street.   TLky  conduct  a  nourishing  grocery, store, and specialise in tine  high-grade tea and coffee.   Their fine  store is well stocked from end to end  with staple and fancy groceries, fresh'heart/1and vigorous and bright as a  country produce, butter, cheese, eggs, *J*w dollar.   He was born In Somerset,  fruit, &c.   They have operated here' England,   and   has   travelled   exten-  two years and a half, and formerly!lively. _____  were in business in the Old Country. _,._. .. . ���������._ ______���������,  Mr. Hugh Grant hails from Edinburgh,' '��������� MAPLE LEAF GROCERY.  Scotland, where he was in business tor Conducted by Miss Lottie Pease, 217/  some time in the same line at 13q .��������� PoveM 8treet, Cor. Tom'pleton Drive.  Branttield Place. Mr G. Winton was. The east-end has numerous flourish-  born in England, and belongs to a Ing enterprises in all lines, and we  family that has been In the mercantile take pleasure in referring cordially to  the Maple Leaf Grocery. It is located  at 2177 Powell Street, at the corner of  Templeton Drive, and Is conducted by  j Miss Lottie Pease, one of Vancouver's  popular young belles, who has resided  1 in our city nearly ail her lite; she  Having received her., education here.  Her store is a popular trading place  In the east-end for "good things to I  eat" in general groceri.es a���������d provl-l  slohs. and a splendid business is being  ranldly bultt up. 8b������ has operated  here nearly two years in business, and  has made jnany warm friends as woll  as palrons," Her^phbne is H 387;      -'  nearly  all legitimate enterprises. Hector McKenzie, a young man of sixteen years'  experience, is manager of the new  branch. The superintendent of B. C.  branches, Mr. J. D. Roberta, corner  Richards and Hastings, give* clow attention to the needs of various sections, and ''Progress" Is his watchword.  CHURCH NOTICES.  business there for over half a century. He is a graduate of Bernard  Cattle. In noting Cedar Cove's business enterprises here, we take pleasure in referring very cordially to  these enterprising merchants as we  pass In review.  LATTIMORE _ RLOTt.  Headquarters   For    Hardware... The  Famous'Majestic Ranges, Granite,'  v -y (kc������ 1874, P6w������ii Street.    -  For- three years the above named  gentlemen have conducted a flourishing' hardware store at (Cedar Cove)  .iM.i Powell Street.   Their stock em-  brace, a full line of general hardware,  {stoves, and the famous Majestic Steel  I itanges, which they are now special*  izihg In up to Xmas, at holiday price's.  These gentlemen are both wide awake  '���������menbf affairs," and have had wide  experience in the business.   They are  splendid business men, and enterprising from the word "go."  *49*********************>* ^W  For good values in  RUM ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  |TR������M&LE  & NORRIS  Cor. prowl way and Westminster Road  \r************************>***4********4*4***4*4<*4****-4'  Not the Chsspest Plsce  In Town  out the Best Value tor  rtoney  *������;  \\ v*v^SANT C0NFEcrtfi"  fifi* W. H. Armstrong, Prop. vfe  2440 MAIN STREET  ���������t>  The ever increasing trade is the best evidence that both  our Goods and Prices are Right.  Give us a call and you will be convinced.  *  WE HAVE OPENED UP OUR HOT DRINKS POR THE SEASON  Morris Jelly  H. C. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  ^m^^amaaaaaammmamaaammmm*mMwmmmmm^aaaaaamMm -^ -+r^mmmm������mm������m*+mm*mmim*mmm*wr-mmmm*k*mmm>mmmm*m/  Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177  Stand 2421 Scotia St.. Mt. Pleasant  STERLING CAFE  THE SANITARY  EATING  HOUSE  ^m^maaaam^maaaaai^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmaMaaaaaaawaaamaaamaaammmmmmmmmaa^  Save 1    Meal   Tickets,   regular   price   $4.25,  50c. J    now reduced to 3.75 ��������� to everybody  Place: 625 MAIN ST,  Prop., S. KUBOTA  B. TAYLOR.  Expert Boot Surgeon, 1921 Powell  -'   Street.  In noting in this article some of  Cedar j Cove's representative business  men and what they are doing, special  mention should be given this expert  specialist in boot and shoe Burgery.  He has followed the business all his  life, and has had over a quarter of a  century's experience in the business.  Mr. Taylor has" operated at (Cedar  Cove) 1921 Powell Street a little over  one year. He has a splendid factory,  and makes shoes to order, does expert  repair work promptly, and specializes  in orthopedic work for all foot deformities. Boot making and repairing in  all Its branches receives careful attention. He is one of Vancouver's ex-  parts. His prices as well challenge  competition.   THE EASTERN  RESTAOURANT./  Conducted by Miss M. Colmar,  1415 Powell Street.  Headquarters for First-Class Meals at  Popular Prices.  In referring, tb a number of Powell  Street's leading business people and  what they are doing, we take pleasure  in according the Eastern Restaurant a  high place in these columns. It Is  conducted by Miss Colmar, who has  operated here four years. Miss Col-  m_r formerly was in Winnipeg, where  slie operated in the same line, and she  therefore has had wide exparience in  this Important line. Her place is  large, and she can food between fifty  and seventy-five people at one tim^.  Her rates are twenty-live, cents per  meal, and four and a half for meal  tickets by the week. She enjoys a bi ���������*  Made, and her meals are unsurpassed  for the money. Everything is spotlessly neat and dean, and good, wholesome home cooking, and plenty of it.  Miss Colmar was born in Scotland.  She is a very enterprising and pleasant Scotch lady to meet, full of  energy and "go." She Is ably assisted  in the conducting of her fine restaurant, by her brother, -John Colmar, and  more than ordinary good-looking waitresses. When you want a good square  meal, go to the Eastern Restaurant,  14j 5  Powell  Street.  EMPRESS STAPLES.  Headquarters   for   High-Class   Livery  Teams,   Heavy   Teaming   Outfits,  Baggage Transfer, Piano 4. Furniture Moving, Ac, 1879 Albert  Street, Cor. Victoria Drive.  Phone:  Sey. 6213.  Prominent among the east-end business enterprises is the big Empress  Stables, at 1879 Albert Street, corner  of Victoria Drivp Herp *-ou f"r> ������-������+  a livery team with a dash, with the  Lest and latest rubber tired rigs on tne  ^^rlcet, or a fine saddle horse as  frisky as they make 'em, or as gentle  ss a family pat steed where all 'he  kids pile on toeether. There are from  sixty to seventy horses to pick from,  and'the stables have fine livery accommodation for 150 heads. Thev ?lso 6n  al! kinds of heavy team work, and  rmke a speciality of furniture and  niano ropv'nsr, as well a? o-en9rfli r-<?w-  gase and transfer. Mr. H. E. Waller  and Mr. W. Walker constitute the personnel of this flourishing east end con-  BRAIDEN'8 GROCERY.  Located 2253 Powell St., Headquarters  for Staples and Fancy Groceries* Ac.  Here- Is a new .enterprise Just  started,' and Is rapidly beeomlh**'one  of tbe; east-end's busy mart's trade. It  is conducted by Mr.. R Braiden, formerly one. of:Winnipefir'Sventemrisln"  merchants, who Jbad operated there In  tbe same line two years. He was also  in business in Toronto, and he bails  from the "Emerald Isle," the commonwealth of his nativity. He Is a genial  young Irishman to meet, and an important acquisition to the mercantile  interests of the east-end. ..  Central Baptist, corner Laurel and  Tenth. Rev. Dr. Spencer preaches at  la. m. and 7:30 p. m. Every body Invited. . .-. :>,������������������'��������� y-  Savoy Theatre services. Miss  Hughes. New Zealand lady orator,  will speak at 11 a. m., 3 and 7:80 p. m.  and will lecture In Pender Hall on  Monday and Tuesday at 8 p. m. Everybody invited.  j The Woman's Guild of Mt. Pleasant  Presbyterian Church are having their  annual Sale of Work, home cooking  and candy ln the schoolroom of the  church on Thursday and Friday of this  week and the members hope by tbla  sale to considerably lessen the .debt  of 81,230 still due on the organ, "which  cost $5,400, and which they undertook  to finance.  Refreshments will he served during  the afternoon, and a substantial supper from 6 to 8' p. m. In the gymnasium. 1     - -   i  Weleome  Gospel Mission, 40 Cordova St. Hfeatf  Evangelistic servlcee every nlgbt except Monday, at 8 o'clock., Sunday, 10  a.m., 3  and 7:30 pjn.   Evangelists  B. S. Moore end w|$fcr  help.   Come one'  terested in tne upYife ol  cal Equality League at the mi  held in Aberdeen school: 'That as 8fr  Rlchard McBride haa said that a onpP  miaaton on labor matters would t������  shortly appointed, be It moved  the^scope of this commission be  sufficiently hroad to admit of clefts.  accountant* and alhauch helpera,  or feinale. whether in financial,  trial, mercantile, or other similar  suits ' The resoluUon will b������  warded, to Sir Richard McBridei.  Ralph Smith waa appointed to  the.,, vice-presidency. >-*ncant on  count of Mrs. J. C. Kemp's aba  in the East   :"���������;���������:/"���������'.  ��������� ��������� '���������'������������������������������������ -yxk^iimn  yysymm  ���������yyjfm.  y<M8s$  mm  yx&tk  .lyxy.!m^&sl.L.  mymmsm  .'X? '-Xi 'V *���������������&-��������� -'L$$*&?  yyfyyfiM^  wm  Wxy,  Commsrcial Drive Contracts  The co-tract for moving back  Ing on Commercial Drive which  croach on the strips deeded to the  for street widening   purposes,  awarded by   the  council to lfcCai������  Bros, at a figure of 118,610.    ���������  !:yyysM$.  x'- yyx&fi.  yyyp[������xy$  :-xy^ns&^y  ^iyyyyy4$$a-?!  yf4yymmm  d by local  jwho aro ln-  umanity.  OXFORD MIEAT MARKET.  Headquarters for Choice 8teaks, Juicy  Roasts and Tender Chops, &c.  105 Templetcn Drive.  The Oxford Meat Market is conducted by Messrs. E. Bird and 6. Bush,  who have operated the business seven  months, and have built up a flourishing business. They are located at 105  Templeton Drive, corner of Oxford  Street. These gentlemen are well un  in tbe butcher line, Mr. Bush haying  spent thirty-four years at the trade.  He was five years formerly in Edmonton, and learned the business in England, his native land. Mr. Bird has  had four years in the butcher business,  and is a young man of enterprise and  energy, and combined these two gentlemen make a splendid commercial  team���������the bird and the bush.  Aid. Baxter gave notice at the council meeting of a bylaw to change tbe  name of Laurier Street in Mt. Pleasant formerly Victoria Street, to "Connaught Street."  YOUR HEALTH  depends upon the eondi^  tion of your spine. To  enjoy perfect health get  your spine adjusted %  :*m  a&^I  JHH  iii  y.-yyymma^:ia^;^  Office Hours: 1:80 to 6.   . ^sirtli|*ii|i^ yyA  yy:-.y 'yyy-?*������������������������.-,������������������y-yryyy.yyyyyy1  m  - GLOBE IRON WORKS.  General Machinists and Manufacturers of Oil Burners and Oil-Burning  Machinery, 1815 Pandora St.  This is an age of progress, and  rapidly the oil-burning engines are  superceeding the coal and wood engines. The Globe Iron Works are  manufacturers of oil burners and oil-  turning machinery and rotary air  compressors. Tbey are conducted by  Messrs. Wm. Taylor, R. Mi-intyte and  it. ObwrII, all of whom arex experts in  this field, and are engineers and machinists of many years' experience.  They do general machire \v������. :���������: urm  engine and boiler repair ������.'or'<. etc,  They install oil fuel systems and bave  recently j.ut in plants at the Lord  Nelson school ;md the Labor Temn'e  buildings. They also carry marine  and motor car gasoline, etc. iue  Globe Iron Works employ ten skilled  machinists. Their phone is Seymour  4023.  '/  All  the newest  Fall Shades, in blue and  ���������black Serges, Tweeds, Cheviots and Fancy \  'Wot.teds, BEAUTIFULLY TAILORED  We are not in the high-rent district, that is  why we can niake up these' regular $40.00  and $50.00 suits at 030*00  MODEL LADIES' TAILORING  2450 Main Street, near Broadway  ������������������Better Clothes Made Nowbere"  We Guarantee that  PHONE: Fairmont 2273  J.  ANDREW j  Er*;ctiri(* a Fine He.-/ Cerr;sge and'  Blacksmith Shop in the 1700 Block:  on Poweii St. |  For three years Mr. J. Andrew has'  operated   a  flourishing   carriage   and i  I blacksmith    trade    at   200   Salisbury.  I Drive.    He is now busy putting up a i  (fine new shop, 24x05, on Powell street!  in the seventeen hundred  block,  into!  ] which he will move shortly.    Mr. Andrew makes a specialty of manufac-  r-t ������������������"il*i*������. 1 4 * l"."i **',������i !">*{���������������{������������:->���������:������������>������������������������>   **'>'3f><ir^Hr4'*'i">v -rvi".  I phone   tuf nnMi   j?������~nSZn  C   fairmont f ff C-,   J-fC/fW      cTVlcGOWEN  I  51������ REST PARLOR ������������������* SALTER^  |:  Z648 Main SI. 2d store front 11th A v.  Confectionery, Fruits and Soft Drinks  We get our Sweet Cream, Milk, Butter and ButteYmiik fresh dairy.  Large selection of Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos.  Agents for Woman's Bakery.  %  ���������f  i  4  4  turing high grade vehicles, and has  built twenty-four of these in the past  year, besides doing a big general  blacksmithing and horsesboeiD? hn.=i-  aess. He gives employment to four  skilled men and is a live, enterprising "knight of ihe anvil' to nice.  ���������e  -J-  i 4~i~{**>-*.-!-*****' ���������! i ���������*.,*,^������x���������!������-?������������������-:���������!",-,~t"X"T-.r- /-.:-.vv%-:--t--t-:*-:������!-*!--t-*>-v.>.:������vjt.x-->-?--*--i--)  i    ���������  X  t  . *  i*  PETERS & CO.  Pioneer Shoemakers  i?  THE NORTHERN CROWN BAMK  Establishes New Branch in East End  at 1553 PowH St-'i*'-���������.���������.���������Jtho-< i  Capital, $6,000,000; Subscribed Capital, about >3,OCO,0C0; Assets, *_0-  000,000.  Ihe many friends of and depositors  in The Northern Crown Ban!: would j +  certainly expect that we would ac- j *  cord it high praise in referring to a! J  We do the Best Work for the Lowest Money.  Get Your Shoes Repaired Here  .  2530 Main Street  With-improved quarters we improve anil Increase our v:ork aect-nffngly.  number   of   tbe   leading    institutions,  t  _.  4-  t  *  X  +************************4 e *<>i -: -. i*** * ~+~*i-***%-.- >**������������������ ������������������ !Wp������������i'S$z$m  myf  THEWESTERN CALL  &  For CONFIDENTIAL INVBS  TIOATIONS you want sn���������a of  integrity, experience and ability.  That man is Johnston; secrecy  guaranteed. Vide press The  Secret Service Bureau.  319 Pondai*  Cedar Cottage Fuel Supply  Terms Cash  for Coal ond Wood  Phone Fairmont 404  Order office 3418 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage, adjoining car terminus  Farmers Complaining That They Are  Unable to Secure Adequate  Revenue from Holdings on Island  S. PAWOR  CEOM COTTXCC  Null* the Theatre  Every description of Second-  Hand furniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Prices Given. Lowest  Prices Charged.  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Granville Street .  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  Steveston, Nov. 16.���������A .growing dissatisfaction with the inadequacy of the  present drainage system on Lulu Island is becoming apparent. During the  unusually wet weather of the last few  weeks and land which lies at a distance from the few drain trunk highways has been little better thar a  mass of mud over which the water lies  in pools measured by the acre.  The extreme western portion of the  island with gates opening to the full  height of the tide has not been so  badly off in this respect as has the  remainder of the island,, but even in  the west end many of the main outlet  ditches are so clogged with weeds and  Bediment as to greatly interfere with  their usefulness.  The central part of the Island with  no drainage system whatever aud the  eastern portion with an incomplete  one have been ln a most deplorable  condition.  I  WAREHOUSE   SITES, BUNGALOWS  AH prices and terms.   Short term loans.  fitfl     A     CTsPVENC    REAL ESTATE        NOTARY PUBLIC  ULUi   At  U1 Lf LilU   Srufiflnr Car Tsrali.s, Ctdar ctttass  Every Line a Special  ��������� AT ���������  E. BENNETT; Cash Grocer  Opposite Eire Hall. Cedar Cottage  Delivery to any part  Special Bargains Until Xmas  Ladies' and Gents' Suits greatly reduced in price.  Special line in Q. B. Sweaters.  Old Country Travelling Rugs at Bargain Prices.  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St. Cedar Cottage  PHQH& Fairmont 1917  ^ftei^^  m% invite you to inspect  our display of JJome mm-  ufacturec} Goods, as this  will be the week of window displays.  AND HARDWARE  ftim WnnoW 1684     Knight id. mil 24tb Ave.  G. R. PAGE, Prop.  mi  p.  -1  J  U f  <HIUH MM* MH-mM m.v   * ii | M 111'I'M *mHi ���������*.*.!���������������������������������������  j Use Stave late Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation.   See us for particulars  and rates. i  ! Western Canada Power Company,j  LIMITED I  Phone: Seymour 4770       6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg. |  P. 0. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C. ::  Hininitiiwniii iiuiti *** * 1 111 tin m.ii������  Six troopers rod* out, beating tbe  'chaparral, but with little hope of overtaking the lasso-throwers. The triumphant common citizens and the defeated cavalry returned to camp, ex* J  changing much persiflage, and map- |  ping out the preliminaries for the  third game of the series. Brockett  and Solano, assigned to a comfortable  jtent* started a debate as to the Iden*!  tity of their latest adversary. i  The fact that he was a small man,;  leaving a small track," said 8olano,,  "seems to indicate that bur Japanese!  friend Nswam out of the North river.;  Doesnt it look that way?"  It surely does," assented Brockett;  "Still, the German baron may have a>  few small men as his confederates.!  That ^ould be possible, wouldn't it?";  "The baron Is still locked up at  Little Rock." objected Solano. "He  iwould have considerable difficulty in-  directing any operations from the cell;  where we last saw him. I cant see;  anyone in this but the gentle Jap.j  Can youf  : "It appears to be some of his playful doings," said Brockett "He has!  kept himself well under cover, though.;  The officers-���������wbo beep their eyes and;  ears openr-ell tell me that no Jap*!  anese gentlemen have been seen in!  ithiavicinity.**  . Solano smiled, slgnlflc������nt|y. 'That;  may be���������but did lt ever occur to you:  tbat the average Chinaman looks very!  much like tbe average Japbueeef Audi  Ithere are quite a few CJbliiameu along;  the river, ap Vm told."  The boys looked oot of the tent andj  .gated upon the dreary panorama of,  brusb, rock, sand end turbid river.;  Then. smitten with the pangs of ex-!  cellent appetites end -wetuberlug an;  invitation to the eating-place of the!  war osrretpondenta, they stepped over!  p*Ww       *rtP^^^Wo*'#*^e      . ***\\       m9^^9���������***w9^^^qp&*4> *r*f\  dad, miserable of appearance, inter*;  * "I hef pardon, seporee .**  *������TeJl It lo Spanish, if yoa cent ini  English," said Solano, emlebly. Tbeji  Mexican at ooce started a brief, but;  mmaene oraUoo in the OestiUen  Imfwo, and wound it up by prcestug  a soiled piece of ctrdbotr* Into So*'  llano*! bend.  "He says," interpreted Solano,;  "tbat he wm ��������� poor peon, very nrocb  In debt; that he' had eeved a little:  [mater, end took ��������� gambling chance to-;  day by staking It on the bell feme.  Says he got live to one for hit money.'  He myi that tbe catch you made!  saved blm; that be can now not only  pay <������ hla debt, hut tbat be will he  quit* % rich man, for Mexico. Just to  ^express bis gratitude be also says that;  his brother, Juan Torrejon, is a very  noted bad man on the Mexican side of j  the river, and that lf we should ever'  encounter Mr. Torrejon tbe card he  has Just handed me will reoommend  us quite highly to his good graces.  jVery civilised of the gentleman, Isn't  itr  ) "Ton can never teU. That card may!  he mote than useful yet   Let's hurry!  along to supper.**  _____ i  CHAPTER XXVI.  Colonel Lewis, under whose com-j  mand both the Fourth and Sixth cav-.  airy were temporarily guarding  thei  border, was a soldier of the old school,'  white of mustache and hair, erect'  and stately despite his sixty years and]  more, and possessed of but one great |  grievance in life���������that wars did noil  happen often enough to really keerj  him busy. As a boy he had blown ej  bugle when the very regiments h*|  now commanded swept into the fight',  at the battles of the Shenandoah Va!-;  ley. The war over, he had been sent  ,to Weet Point to put the finishing;  polish upon an education acquired lnr  actual campaigning. Graduating in:  1869, he had fought Sioux, Cheyennes,';  Comanch.es and Apaches; he battled;  ln twenty states, and received five!  wounds in action. In 1898 he served'  conspicuously at San Juan Hill; then,!  transferred to the Philippines, he wonj  honors and promotions ln Luzon an";  Samar. The old gentleman was now i  commanding two whole regiments andj  two batteries of light artillery���������the  largest force ever assembled under hit!  personal direction. . Counting in the'  stormy days of his bugling boyhood,}  Colonel Lewis must have taken part tnj  200 fights, and yet.be was unsatia-i  fled.  "Confound it all," he growled to his'  young aides, "there was a Roman'  once���������I forget his name, but I read-  About him at the Point���������who took]  part In one thousand battles, and per*]  sonally killed one tnousand barbarians. That fellow had some enjoyment  but of his life. In his time, there was  fighting to be done, real fighting, coming to you all the time, and you didn't  have to sit around doing nothing or  watching a yellow old river for fear  somebody might declare himself In on  some graft that the other fellow had  barely overlooked. Those were the  happy days, young men, those were  tbe happy days!**  The colonel, baving Just returned from]  San Antonio to the cavalry camp be*!  low El Paso, was In a grumpy mood,j  somewhat augmented by memories of;  the times when he had fought three1  battles with the Lipkn Indians not  fifty miles from his present location.  . "There's one thing," be grumbled,  "that I deeply regret about those fights  with the Lipana. I killed too many  of 'em, and scared the rest away, it  1 had gone a little slow about it end.  not played hog, they might have last-t  ed till the present time, and I might  go right out this morning and chase  tbem over the river. Well, Conroy,  wbat do you wantf*  The old trooper saluted. **0"������pte(  of young fellows to see you, ooloneLt  They've been bere two days waiting  for you, sir. Blamed food ball play*!  ers, too, both of'em.**  "What tbe Waxes do t care eboutj  tbelr ball playing? TeU 'em to come!  In, and show their excuse for livlogr'  Brockett end Solano, two handsome,!  athletic youngsters, somewhat frayed)  as to, dress, saluted the old warboree;  wltb becoming gravity. Brockett drew;  from bl������ clothing a flat package, and  handed It to the colonel, wbo received1  It wltb a qulxxJcal smile. ;.  "Never mind any explanations,"  said tbe old soldier. T bare been |  given n Uttle advance explanation-"'  concerning you. Tou are the secret  service messengers who were to*  bring tne certain orders and mstme-:  tions In a cipher thut no foreign spy{  could translate without the aid of a;  chisel If you got through and'  brought me the papers safely, I was]  to learn tbe confounded cipher, audi  adopt it fbr future correspondence. !t<  you didn't get through I was to re-f  port tbe fact wltb deep regrets. Cor-!  rect isn't itr  'Tel, colonel."  "Have much trouble getting borer l  "A trifle, colonel." '  Tbe old fellow chuckled. "A trifrtv  eb? ru bet It was more than a trtlle.i  Good fame boys, both of yon.   Tola:  ASAtoSOOt 4 OW4AU&  crowstm sm <waMm*&  package contains orders that may mean  a lot to our general foreign policy, and  at least two governments that I could  mention would give * good deal to get  the key. Tell me about your trip, and  what they tried to do to you."  The boys, thus encouraged, told the  veteran the full details of their jour  ,neya, while the old man alternately  laughed and stormed. Wben tbe re  .cltal was finished, Colonel Lewis shoo!,  hands with them heartily, and tbd  ���������youngsters knew that the grim old!  ���������hero was their friend tor life. '  \ "I'l) ^ave to devote my attention to)  this cipher code of yours for the next.  .two hours," said the colonel- "Youj  boys will mess with me today, I bope?"f  : "We must be on our way as quickly1  as possible," Brockett negatived.;  "There is still some margin ln ourj  time-limit, but we would like to round)  -up everything as rapidly aa possible.;  After delivering these papers to youn  our orders take us to Rancho Nogal.'  on the other side of the Ri<rGrande."J  '"Rancho Nogal, eh?" And the colonel's eyebrows were raised in sur-'  prise andr Interrogation; "Message- to  Gomez BBteral, r suppose?**  "Yes, colonel."  "You know who Gomez Esteralmay  be,, of course?"  "No, sir. Wo didn't find out any-  'tiling about him. All we know is that  jwe are to deliver him-a1 message, and  jthat was all we cared to know."  I The colonel beamed with appreciation.  j "Ton boys wiU make good soldiers  yet The first essential of a good sol-  Idler is to obey orders, without asking  (questions, and that I see, you.have  jalready learned to do. Under thedr*  cumata-cee I think t will give you a  Uttle Information concerning Gomes  Esteral-���������lt may help you to realise  ithe Importance of your final mission."  ��������� The boys sat down and hitched  ithelr chairs near to the colonel, who  tspoke In a low, impressive tone, wbUe  jbls young hearers fairly gasped at  ���������the revelations that were now. unfold*  ���������edjo-their attentive ears..  (To be Continued)  CEDAR COTTAGE  i    Cedar Cottage and Vicinity.  Border Tailor, Cedar Cottage.  Bell Theatre, Coll. E.  Cedar Cottage Fuel Supply. Cedar Cot;  Fawor, S., Cedar Cottage.  Fraser Ave. Bldrs. Supply, 4122 Fraser  Ave;  Jack & Johns, Fraser-Ave.  Leader Grocery, Cedar Cottage.  Mills ft Hooker, W. Burnaby.  Page's Grocery, 24th and Knight Rd..  Phipps, Grant, Central' Park.  Ratfaie, W., Cedar Cottage.  Rowantree Bakery, Central Park.  Stevens, Geo. A., Cedar Cottage.  Srigley, H., Coll. E.  So. Hill Grocery, 45th and Fraser Ave.  So. Hill Shoe Store, 47th and Fraser  Ave-.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services���������11 a.m., 7:30 p.m.  DEDICATED NEW RESCUE MISSION  Principal Mackay Preaches the 8er*  monr Compliments Directors.  Tbe dedicatory sermon of the new  Vancouver Rescue Bfission, was  preached Sunday by Rev; Principal  Mackay, of Westminster Hall. JprtTo-  ctpal Mackay based bis discourse on  part of the words written |������y Paul; to  the phUUplans. Paul Was sick and In  prison and hourly in danger of death,  but his words were full of hope, not  despondency. He called on the Phil*  llptans to rejoice and again- rejoice.  Tbe preacher hoped for much blessing to come on the work in this building which bad been erected for the  glory of God and the good of men.  The chair was taken at the meeting  by Rev. Mr. Sanford and brief addresses were made by Mr. J. J. pou*  gan, Mr. Burnet and others.  At the first meeting held in the  new building, which is situated at 150  Alexander street, tbe sermon was  delivered by Evangelist E. B. Flab, ot  Seattle, who also preached on Sunday  morning and in the evening conducted  a song service led by Mr. H. H. Roper, who led the singing also nt all tbe  services.  The new building is a substantial  one, with a fine auditorium on the  ground floor, with class meeting rooms  and lodgings on tbe upper floors.  Tbe officers ot the Vancouver Rescue Mission are: President, J. Law-  son; vice-president, W. Seggle; secretary, J. J. Dougan; treasurer, A. W.  Coulter; trustees: Rev. J. C. Madill,  H. Sparks, Dr. A. E. Bolton and A. W.  Coulter; Supt, D. P. Henry.  Plenty, of Farm Help  , It is reported that there is a plentiful supply of farm laborers in Vancouver. Mr. Malcolm R.. J. Reid, locals  Immigration agent, will, be only too;  pleased to supply and number of men  to farmers who are in need of help,  providing the said farmers make) their  wants known at the C.P.R, immigration shed either by letter or otherwise;.  BANK GOT JUDGMENT  Court Declines to Add- Amalgamated  Development Co. as Party to Suit  The Royal Bank of Canada was-  successful in obtaining; speedy judgment against George M. Blernes on a.  note for $2000 given for the purchase  of mortgage fund bonds in the Amalgamated Development Go.  An application by Mr. E. D. Grant  to allow the case to go to trial, adding  the Amalgamated Development Company and Mr. James Mcair, its president, as co-plaintiffs fo rthe purpose of  a counter-claim, was refused by Mr.  Justice- Morrison after lengthy argument. Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, K.  C?, appeared for the* bank.  Downtown  Bachelor Cigars.  Beattie, A. M., 25 Hastings E.  Boyd Shorthand Inst., 709 Dunsmuir.  Bigger, Geo. G., 143 Hastings W.  City Brokerage, 430 Main.  Chic Blouse Co., 723 Georgia.  Clubb & Stewart, 309 Hastings W.  Honlgs, 56-60 Hastings E.  Johnston, H. A. A Co., 422 Richards.  Leitch ft Taylor, 309 Cambie.  McClelland, D. A., 301 Cordova W.  Ruggles, H. D., 336 Hastings W.  Queen Tea Rooms, 618 Granville.  Sterling Cafe, 625 Main St.  Tisdall's Ltd., 618 Hastings W.  Western Can. Power, 603 Cotton Bldg.  Young, Mrs., 805 Granville.  Low Rates for Lumber  Mr. D. G. Curtis, president of the  Erie Lumber Co., of Erie, Pa., who Is  in Vancouver on business in connection with his large British Columbia  timber holdings, is firmly convinced  that the opening of the Panama Canal  will greatly benefit the lumbermen of  the Pacific Coast. He argues that in  the advent of the canal will open up  new markets with the Atlantic seaboard and that freight rates will be  cut ln half, thereby giving inferior  grades of lumber a big market on the  east coast of North and South America.  Old Hospital 8ite for City Market 8t  The suitability of the old hospital  site on Cambie street for city market  street- was discussed by members of  the market and industries committee  at a meeting yesterday afternoon. Aid.  McNeill brought the subject up by  suggesting to the committee that steps  be taken towards the establishment of  a permanent market location. Involving the removal of the present market  premises on Main street It was  agreed that the site of the existing  eity market was not all that might be  desired because at a point frequented  by pedestrians nearly all those who,  passed it being passengers on street  cars;,  Aid. McNeill urged that such an  objection did not obtain against the  old hospital site as It was* close to  tbe business center of the city.  Chairman King pointed out that in  Seattle and New Westminster farmers could drive to the marteks in their  own wagons but all produce for the  Vancouver market had to be shipped  in cars because of the distance from  the- city to tbe farms.  "Good roads will solve the difficulty," said Aid. Baxter. ������^f we ^tftfi  paved road to ChjU^wack,; toj ������M������nide;T  firms could operate motor trucks and  bring great quantities of cheap produce to the city market. The farmers  might even have their own motor  ears."  No .action was taken by the committee. The matter fill be discussed  again at some future date.  October Revenue '  It waB announced by Aid. King that  a slngleldelivery rig had been secured  for the market and operated at a  monthly cost of $125, special delivery  charges being made. This one rig  bad showed a profit of $35 per month  he said and the committee authorised  the continuance, of the service.  Market Clerk McMillan gave the  commissions for the month ot October  at $350,04 with rents amounting to  $827. For ten months ot the year the  receipts reached $11,044. It was stated  that the New Westminster market  commissions for Octiber were only  $248, for the first ten months of the  year $2436. The accounts of the city  market here showed a balance at the  end of October of $2300.  Chairman King and Building Inspector Jarrett were asked to report  upon the advisability of erecting more  permanent buildings at the rear of  the present market structure for the  purpose of giving additional storage  and display room. The Edenbank  Creamery company applied for increased space and it was thought that  an extension at the' rear could also  be made to suit the purposes of this  concern.  ERNEST SHAW, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Hours : 1:30 to 6.  Often a slight derangement of the  spine is the cause' of prolonged djsease  and suffering. Chiropractic corrects  the spine.  Ef er? Wi  ^ Is Interested and should kaow  about the ���������onderfol  Nhl'llng Saray  Douche  Askyon? drcfg-lst tot  It IT bs cannot snppj-  ttM X_SV__, secept Be  other, bat send ststap for Shis* i  tnted book-sealed. It gtres foil  y_-He_aisaad directions ltrndsable  ���������9 __Js_WIH_������OB8DP3_VCO���������-|  General Areata for Caisa���������������.  . ,:_t>. .r-^^.^������-^ THE WESTERN CALL.  v-  If You Are Sick  CALL ON  1; ERNEST SHAW, 0. G.!  jj (Doctor Of Chiropractic) ���������  *  250 22nd Avenue East   ���������  .:      - - i  J,      Chiropractic   succeeds,   where **  - .4  1  < | medicine fails.  i ��������� Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free  ������  ��������� ������  **************************  HORSES HO El NO  MILLS & HOOKER  ipnuticai Horse Shoers  And General Blacksmith  Registered under the Worshipfu  Company of Farriers. London, Eng.  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy. Special attention given  to defective feet. ������ Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done.  Opposite Weet Burnaby Scboo  Givetus a trial.  ������ung Man's Death Was Accidental  Edmonds, Burnaby, Nov. 15.���������A verdict of accidental death was returned  by the coroner's jury which investigated the cause of death of young Russell  Greenwood, who was electrocuted at  Alta Vista on Tuesday last.  No blame was attached to anyone  and the evidence was identical with  the report as published in The World  of Thursday, Nov. 14. The funeral will  be held from the family residence at  Alta Vista tomorrow, Interment at the  Church of England cemetery at New  Westminster.  -    \     ' y*ry ^-"^&'f?^W&,,  <**/*"* '. --y^fAf:tfm  l   4 '. ,- i y, i *��������� s.^i 8������  y      <���������-,'<-��������� \������>j!$m  ���������" *T'>yr<t-������7l as  saM__H_s_aBsss__lJ' ~> i:j4-  NORTH VANCOUVER  ANI) POINT GREY  NORTH VANCOUVER  An Oklahoma farmer keeps himself  in spending money by. shipping butterflies to Germany where they are  used as exhibits in technical schools.  He receives from 25c to $3.50 tor a  mounted specimen. All the capital  required Is a net and n speedy pair of'***8 year was elected as follows: Presl  Reconstruction of Ferry Company  The ferry board in conference with  representatives of the city council  Monday decided that lt was imperative  that the first step towards the construction of a new ferry should be  the re-purchase of the fl 28,000 first  mortgage debentures, which now take  the form of a blanket mortgage o.n all  of the present and future assets of the  ferry company.  At the annual meeting of the North  Vancouver Club, held last week, the  new board of directors for the ensu-  legs.  1  DRESSMAKING, RENOVATING  Underclothing, Childrbn's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue       -      Central Park  GRANT PHIPPS  WIRING, FITTINGS, riXTURCS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Hoad  West Burnaby pharmacy  A first-class DRUG STORE now open for business.  Corner   Sussex Avenue   and Westminster Road  (Opposite West Burnaby School)  Drugs. Stationery, Confections. Cigars  Special edre taken with Prentriptione.  appreciated.  ;A   vieit  will  be  much  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  dent, John Alexander; vice-president,  Mr. Ewart Adamson; executive' com*  mtttee, Messrs. A. Chapman, P. M.  BayHss, A. McKay, C. H. Hooley and  EJ. J. H. Cardinal.  The funeral of the late John A.  Forbes took place from the Masonic  Temple, North Vancouver, on Monday  at 12:16, to the. Vancouver cemetery.  Burrard Lodge of North Vancouver  officiated.  TIRADE  AGAINST   BOY  6C0UT6  Trades and Labor Council Pass Resolution Denunciatory of Tendency,  to Militarism Fostered Among  Young Children of Nation  That a soldier was the only animal  that did not eat what it killed was the  statement trade by a delegate at the  Trades and Labor Council's adjourned  meeting a few nights ago in the dis*  cussion on a resolution which was carried, strongly denunciatory of the boy  war and the helpless and servile conditions" Imposed upon them lf they became members of the army or navy.  The committee also appealed to all  parents to keep their children away  from all organizations and private institutions which fostered the boy scout  movement.  A resolution was carried asking the  city council to establish an emergency  hospital at the city jail and that a  police surgeon be always in atend-  ance.  CORRESPONDENCE  scout movement. j  .It waa a resolution brought forward' the city council to insert in the C.N.R.'  by the parliamentary committee,   tn 1 False Creek agreement that the unJon  Kamloops, B. C.  H. H. Stevens, Esq.  Editor Western Call,  Dear Sir:���������  In your paper of Oct 18th  rriad with interest and satisfaction the  article under the heading of "Sertoli*  Crime."   As a settler and not very re* \yy?  .motel) situated, either, I beg to ������*���������*/'*'  The council further agreed to ask'dorse every word of it. and uifMV4>  ������. ._��������� '. -      , '- ._    ���������.     ���������__���������_��������� '     l_ _.    ���������     _.    :������������������-���������', ". .���������.: ". ;"'**"***_a*w������  -���������    *  Wa  members of which urged upon the  council to look with apprehension and  grave forebodings upon tbe attempted  revival of militarism as embodied In  the boy scout movement.  In placing this before the council,  the committee considered the success  of such a movement not only danger-  rate ef wages be paid on the work.  Delegate Trainor was elected a trustee, and other matters relating to the  welfare of the organisation were dealt  with.  to think��������� that' there Is at last one -Ms  who has the courage to exprese '  opinions In print and hope you  continue with tho good work. Had I  the pleasure of a personal Interview  with you, I could give you some of *_*  own experiences that would aulur  your hair stand on end, when you thlak  of the absolute peril law-abiding act*  ; tiers live In, and God help them If  m  y$m������m  North Burnaby, Nov. IS���������Disappoint   _       _, . r  oua to the future peace of the world/ed with the eudden quashing of the j they are unable to protect themselves^  _... _-*., .v.. ..  ,^ _ -Burnaby Franchise bylaw, the reel*, and depend upon the provincial pollee  dents of North Burnaby are planning to do so for them. Such articles sheuM  to organise' a co-operative motorbus; be a great advertisement fbr any paper  but held that lt would be a' menace  and a power In the hands of the master class to be used against workers  aa they struggled to Improve their  conditions and to bring about the final emancipation of the class from the  conditions of wage slavery. They  therefore appealed to the working  class to counteract the movement as  much as possible by warning and by  teaching their children the horrors of  yys^mm^  '������������������ yw&m&m  ymm&m  " '.���������'-". ?.':;i.-'->?'---iW. _|  'm  system to the Pole Line Road or to  Hastings Grove. Funds for the pur*  chase of a sixteen or twenty passen*  iiiiiiiiiii  y-.������������������ X:'- ��������������������������� .s-.  ** inn i������''������i ������'*������ * ****** nil.������ ������������������������������������������������������������< m ������.������m -in n ������^������^������  Summer Time-Just a Word With You  This ia the bett time to ro-paint your boute or bwWinga.  fences, etc. We ctrry ������ full ftock tf iPawU, Oilf, Vwriiahef  Painter's Supplier etc., md the prices *RE BIGHT.  Oor.fttcKsy M Westmiueter R������t Orders SolWted and tPettvere*J  .- flisnt CslllafweMil 78  ���������������<������������iS*i iii sfiwy-s^iiiii-wiiiii 11 im mm ii ii mi i *<* * *>*'*<* *i������ i,i ii w ������  Ratepayer* Draft 8trong Resolution  The executive of the North Vancouver Ratepayers Association Thursday  evening drafted  a strong resolution  to the provincial government demanding to If row why. the provisions ot the  ' Pacific Greet Eastern Railway's char-  J ter is not being carried out in respect  ] to construction  from or near North  ! Vancouver.    The feeling that North  ] Vancouver is being deliberately ovei ���������  looked is general on this side of the  water  and   comprises  some  of  the  government's strongest-supporters, as  | well as the opposition.   It is a com-  I mon cause in which, the cltisens art  crying out for, justice.  According to tha terms of the agreement, as stated by the premier, the  construction of the P.O.B. was to start  from this end, or at least tea miles  from Vancouver. Present Indications  however point to the start belhg mad*  elsew_*re and the local claim Is get*  lag moT* insistent dally.  being, as they are, founded on fact,  with all kinds of evidence to be gstt*  ered In support of their truth. .r"***n^.?:;':;^^^l  ger car are to lie secui^ by publlejulent HomMteed^  subscription. The new,service will co-{B. C." would make another IntomtlW] ���������:,,:^,-^  operate with a present one conducted heading; also one o_ "Qcheral^Qimj^y:;^!J^M  by S. F.. Munson to carry out a half- In B. C. "������������������������������������' ,,>:^^;:^v^i^!|fl  hour schedule. I ,  a  SaTtTiLm^'^y^Wh^M  ��������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� '������������������-   ���������xy:y-:-.-^$m%  my- xyi:/yyvm  y-ix'^yy&SM  %��������� '������������������������������������' yyy-iSyAizim  LAND  NOTICES  yyyi&y^zmi  ������������������<���������'���������.'���������;��������� ���������! y.x?x-Ki^xyit^figS  COAST ������_n**uo*.  OOA***r 90s-���������OOT.  ���������aaace _.  TAKE NOTICE that I, R D. Ru������le������, .TAKE NOTICE that*I. H. D. RuSflMi.  of ths City of Vancouver, barrister-at- of the City of Vancouver, barrister*at-  l������w, int������n1 to apply for a license to ���������**"'. Intend to apply for s license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and prospect for cool and petroleum on and  over the following described lands:���������    .over the tollowlag described lands:���������  Beflonlns at a post marked H. D. B.*s! _ Beelnnins; at a post marked H. D. R.'s  N. W. corner, planted two miles northi*������u"_ corner, planted three mil** north  of the weHterly point of Sutheriand Bay: [et the westerly point ef Sutherland Bay.  theoce runnlnng- south SO chains, thenc*,^_n<-* running aorth ������������������ chains, thence  .ustll chains, thence north 80 chains, w*������t_������0ohaln������. thence south SO chalna.  'thence west 10 chains to point of com- thene* east te chains to point of com-  xy?x.:  By.  (Jefore \mwymP^ty99At9pc?m&ty  HvSrigley  for tiie liest dim most ������rtl$tK work  Uncol* Avenue, CrtliiT-ijwood p. Q.  PP|_i|-j      ������ 111-^% f  fv|_-   EAST COUMNOWOOP  Open every evening, 7:30 to 10:90.  The moving pictnros shown at this theatre are of the very best obtainable, nothing objectionable is allowed by the management.  Amusing  Instructive  Educational  L  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day.  Good Music.  mencement.  Dated this 2Cth day of August, 1������12.  -    H. D. RUOOL-8.  9 , B. C. MOL-tOT. Agent  ���������nepcemeat  Dated this ztth day of Aagnst. Itl*.  IL D. ftVOOUBB.  M. C. MOLLOT, Agent  OOAM  tag* X. .  TAKE NOTICE that I. H. DvRunlee.I    TAjK������NO*rB  tb* City of Vancouver, barrister-at- ?������_**��������� fitv o<  law. Intend to apply for a lloeoee to !*_i_JaU^a ts  TAKE; NOTICT that 1, H. D. RuoDw.  of the atv of Vancouver. barrlatorS'  law. intend to apply for' a lleeen^*  prospect for eeal uii petroUunTiTem**  ���������������������������rth* .following 4*eortb*d Uats*-^?"  'iMmim  ������������������������������������.������������������ yw<%M  Beetanlng at a veet markad Ht D.  N. ^K, corner, pleated thro* mile* i  and two mllM weet   of   th*   i  voi>!i ofBntheriaad Bay; thane*  south te chains, thene* weet ������������������    thence north SO chains, thene* east  chains to Dotat of rftiaminnmeaL  Dated this 2Sth day etjkjgf^ink  $0  l yx yyt?&m������  .yy''gm%.&{-  ��������� -.: ���������;���������-;��������� jSv*e-1' xy  x}r~y~tyyyif!i  ���������yfyjififiy.:  ���������y-'yyxy%&  TAU Nones that I. tt ft  f the city of Va   oVer^h* following described lands:���������    .etrer th* following  OOAfT  '' ���������sage f.  TAKE NOTTCB that I. H.  theno*^ running  ���������sat it chains,  thine* wast ti  * _*T������S* this if th day ef August, ttis.  H. D. RUOOLHB.  -.'���������'. yy ..:.:������������������ .W.C. IfOLLOT, Ageat.  t������������ra*r pleawdw  inning at a ���������������*���������������������������**.-*������������������* u n ���������*���������_'  : tM_inaina at a Boat market _L D. _.'���������  *S_^9St_L W_s|^ ���������������. the  & W. ooreer. pi  of tb* westerly  Wedding Veil*  The Rev. Ronald Mcteod officiated  at two weddings last week. The Brst  was that of Mr. John steveasoe ef  Victoria aad Miss Ruby Wright of  North Vaacouver. The bride was  given away by Mr. *foha Qrsdr. while  Mr. Joha Turahun "Wood of Victoria  acted as froomsniaa- Miss May Mc*  ���������elridf*, VaaeouveT, attetded the  twWt.. :,������������������'*  The second wedding was that of.Mr.  ^Ijvldeo. ^ *e������jst, to MIm Sg^SS\WSSS'^S:^%^Bm^^i&i!amW ^uire:ch.tn-?  ISarab Turner, else of Belfast.   The Th'ncTwit |(i o*iin��������� to Mot of wro-; ^ to noint or com-ni  _*iV_e>i>_iSMi_i_it ������dkk_tte-_>   *������_   M_-g_������*   -������.# ���������     i I-.���������. _. _ .    Fut-i OntriM**  Kftn.  y:W&%0������  y.'-X'i^Mm  m-   y X-.\ 'C-'r'XX^''^V'lVSl  p. ������������������.���������i-V.V-^'^&V'ftJsl  iyyyyixh'^tjim  ^_J. ���������'-'.-:..'' .  -v'-V?.1^'���������  7%l: !$'i, S1oS?&#;M  n. Ruatrlex.  et the City of Van������ouver. barri������t*r-at  Intend  _..������ct for coal  , , T .... _  ev*r the foiiowiag described lends t���������  -A*wm^*y*j*%:  X. c tfOLLOT. Agent  mm  yy?M  T*YKP99f99k 9*99 |������lif������Wf.   ^ - . -  law. 'intend to  proMpect for ci  rtJ  for  TA|r*-i notice that Theme* W. Ml  ef Vancouver, f. c��������� ������ocBr       merchant Intends to  -non to put-chas* the  ������������i  to pjh  :���������_oi  merchant Intends to enply  .   ������������������     >. *~b*������* the fwowl.._ ...     .,  to l*nd*:----o������*nine-iclnf at a pest p|ant*#  . .-___-_._ ^fr$e^i  *a mm  jr^netjjS  wing deecrth**  "5S8  happr couple will make North Van  couver their home. Both ceremonies  wsre performed at the manse.  POINT GREY  *Ftaed Wor Hot fuming Resr Ught  Kerrledal*. Polat Grey, Nov. 18.���������  Five "no rear light" case* aad on* of  violating the building bylaws was the  complete docket at th* Point Grey  police court.  In the motor cases, th* Reliance  Auto. Co.; P. A. Coddi W. C. Vernon;  C. S. Douglas and Co.; and E. A. C.  Studd were fined $5 and costs. Por  the building bylaw violation, J. C.  Allan was fined $10 and costs.  DOING WHAT?  Why, eating PERFECTION HOME MADE  LOAF, and they all sav it can't be beat.  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make   a   nutritious  satisfying meal.   Our customers say " It's just  like mother's."  Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best, We make Madeira, Cherry, Premier Cakes, also Buns, Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you.  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK  f. H. DURRANT, Prop.  All leading Grocers supply Our Bread.  At a special meeting of the council  held ��������� Thursday morning. Messrs. Al  phonson Di Donator and Baxter were  awarded the contract for putting in  catch basins and making the s������wer  connections to the property In D. L.  472, Kerrisdale and Eburne.  A roadB arid highways bylaw Is before the municipal council just now.  covering all rules and regulations to  be observed by both pedestrians and  vehicles on the various streets of the  municipality.  HA���������JMS __���������____���������  **w9m*f eJfWVSr****-.  Seaef* _>  TAJCB Nones) that I, H. p. Rafflee    th* citj or Vancouver. tNHTls*if**t  ������ llcens* t������ law. Intend to apply for a Itcetwe       prospect for oo*| *nd Kr"  -    .*v*r the f*!!������-51��������� '' ���������  n ^,SJ__.,t������f_S2_l V^^&J_irtS'_ WX&JL  a. w. <*ore*r, pi*at*p w������r**^miia������_iwrto,������. jb. corner, .  ���������f th* westerly point, of Sut^er*������������4. flwr. *������d IwtiM  - g-lth.**-^,,. ������������������������ ,ww rWWW. B_���������-iS.-._ .fra|niir fni^-wift>������ chsl������.    .-.���������     -Mm*n*������������e*m*et  s^Mmeet.    '  ' _'"^       My       ��������� Jchslns to poVt orcointnsneement- " " Dat* October ������th.������tlt.  Dated this 2tth day of August 1������13.     Beted this ftth day of Au*u������t. 1112. THOS.  W.  mncwthV.  If. D. RUqOI.E8. j ,H. D. RUOOWEJg Per Chas. Mcffardr. Agtwt  ��������� K. P  VOUAT   lt.nl '      Ortic tj Dee. ts.  9. C. MO^trOT. Agent I  V. C. MOLLOT, Agent.  ������__t__Mt  ��������� . ^*^S*mm^99mT^  movtwotAX. mqiomovs act.  Tanooaver City meetoral Ototriot  TAKfc NOTIOB that 1 have received  ebjection In writing to the retention of  the following name* on the RegUter ot  Voters for the Vancouver City Electoral  District, on the Kroundts stated below:  And take notice at a Court of Revision  to be held on the 16th day of November.  1912. at the new Court Houho, Howe  Street, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, I  shall hear and determine the nald objections, and unless said persons or some  other Provincial voter on their behalf.  *atl������flea me that RUch objections arc not  well founded. I shall strike auch nmne.s  off the said Register.  CD. McKAY.  Register of Voters.  Pated thU 28th day of October, 1912.  POINT GREY GAINS  CONCESSION At OTTAWA  Government Waives Claims to Reserve  In Lieu of Drill Ground  Ottawa, Oont., Nov. 16.���������As a result  of the conference held between Col.  Sam Hughes, minister of militia, ami  Attorney-General Bowser, it is understood that the militia department has  transferred to the government of British Columbia the claims, right and interest in the Point Grey reserve- at  Point Grey, and that British Columbia will give to the militia department  ten acres of the land for use as a dri!I  hall.  The government of British Columbia  has handed over areas of land on the  crown lands without timber, the place  to be selected by the militia department within the next five years.  It has also been decided tbat in case  ;t is found necessary by the Canadian  srovernment to establish a battery for  'lefensive purposes oa Point Grey, 3  miles of land may be recovered.  WAK9   8.  Th* following pcrsonH are reported absent  from  the district:  Name:  ������.    Attwood, Albert Bruce.  AdilreHH:  3G3S Main St. -  \9.    Blair.  William.  Blk. ������, James St.. Hillcrest.  ^.1.     Buwden,   .)os������.'|>li,  2:".th ��������� H;ei>t. Ave., S. Vancouver.  ;ia.    I'l-ierley.   David.  ifclii  Ave., Sub.  P. O. 9.  o".    I'row ������������������.'���������:���������',  S.vdnev,  2S5 J Sth Ave. E.  3S.    Bruckthaw. Jo t-ph Henry.  20th Ave. E. of West. Ave.,  Hili.-rest.  ad.    Carter, George,  ������00 ISth Ave. E.  63.    Crux. George Charles,  303  King Edward Ave.  E.  92.    Everitte,  Joseph,  Cor.   liuti _ North Arm  Rd.  ;02.    Grcen-lade,  iith  &   Ws-tinin'tr-r  Ave.  110.    Harris, Austin Maitland,  l^ot 301.  Cemetery Road.  1-24.    Hick*.  Albert,  Lot 31. 18th Ave., Mt Pleasant.  1H6.    Hicks,  William.  Lot 301, 18th Ave.  ! 133.    Jackson, John Everton,  j 246  18th Ave.. D.   L.  J01.  14������.    Knowland.  Harold Vivian,  ! 222  24th JVve.   E.,  City  Height?.  j 169.    MacKay, John William,  16th & Main, Hillcrest.  202.    Powell.  Edward William,  D.  L.  301.  ! 238.    Smith,  George  William.  j Blk. 90, Lots 13, 14, 15, D. L. 301.  "66.    Waite, William,   ^  Lot 301, Westminster.  ������**********9*******>*****1   **************************  Stop the Leaks in  Your Coal Bill  Think of a stove  that will save you one  ton of coal in five, when  compared with the old  range; that will hold  fire twice as long; obviate the juggling of  dampers; and ventilate  your kitchen. All this  can be accomplished on  Gurney-Oxford Chancellor Ranges  It's the Oxford Economizer that does it.������ It fits  on the smoke pipe at the back of the range and  forces the range to save fuel.  This is the big point on Gurney rarges ; but not  the only one by a long way. The broiler top, large  fire-box, the divided flue-strip that keeps the oven  evenly heated, and others, are features that we will  gladly demonstrate to you any time you call at  our store.  ��������� i  VANCOUVER LAND DISTRICT  Dirtriet of Coast Range 2 j  TAKE NOTICE that William H. Wooley, of  Vancouver. B.C.. occupation broker, intends to  apply for permission 10 ru-chas* the following  decribud lands : co menciiift at a post planted at j  the north-west corner of Lot 13. and bei> jr W. H.  W.'b. N. E. corner po-t. thence west 80 chairs,  therce south 40 chain?, thence east S0_chsins.  thence nor h 40 chains.fo pl?cn of commenceVnent.  co taininsr 320 ac ��������� a Tiore or l..sa.  Date 17th Septal* be-. 1P52  WILLIAM H. WOOLI3Y,  Oci.2;th to Dec.20th, 1S12  G. E. McBRIDE & CO.  Cor. Main Str. and 16th Ave.  PHONE: Fairmont 899  I  :  ���������  *  *  *  *������  ���������  ���������  t  *  *  ���������  i  BRANCH STORE: Corner Miles and Fraser Avenues i  Phone: Fairmont 1167L | 7Tr-~r*?'-~  S  THE WESTERN CALL.  ���������,,.:^&smmi^^&^mA  if*  Hardware Has lo Go  \m  yy-  TEA KETTLES, $1.00  Canada's Blue Enamel.    l-*piece Copper Niekelplated���������either style in sizes 7, 8 or 9  values $1.35, $1.50. $1.65, $1.70 and $2.00-ALL ONE PRICE.  Shoe Polish, 10c and 15c tins, 2 tins......  Pure Ready Mixed Paints, per gallon...  Stove Polish, 15c tins, 2 tins.....   Shingle, Stain, all colors, per gallon.......   15c   $2.05  ...  ... 15c   85c  iwfel  m  '������  vm  m  SKATES!  SKATES!  SKATES!  We have a really most complete assortment in Mic-Mac, Automobile, Ladies' and Gents*  Beaver, Ladies'Glacier, Regal, Acadia and Boys' Nickel at special low "get-out-quick "  prices.   See these now.   You will save money.  Galvanized Pails, extra heavy, 12,14 and 16 qts., all 45c  Galvanized Tubs, extra heavy,  reg. $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 values, 75c, 85c, 95c  Phone  Phone;  5* THE HONIQ STORES _S  3472 ��������� ' ~~    ~ TV ~K���������"~   3472  i 56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  3473  3473  fylmt-  ation Is UNEQUALLED  Service Twice a Da^/tfr  ��������� y'r+'y'y. y  0^SIB-__-sS-^_s-^__---_SES___SESS---aa-s-^-----B_s_--_-3  I Electric Household Appliances  ��������� _���������_,_._>  Make  Appropriate Christmas Gifts  _________     *  ��������� V They are Useful, Handsome and  Inexpensive  i  Look Over This List:  Electric Ranges  Toaatcri  Rutiic -Mica  Coffee Percolators  Teapots  Immersion Boilers  Utility Outfits  Cbafing Dishes  Washing Machine*  Warming Pads  *J.^M^9*Mt M M mil    !������������������������������������  Feat tm eralers  Electric Irons  All are Operated from an Ordinary Household Socket  See These Appliances at Our'Sales-rooms  tanl ill HasttnjsSts. 1131 Granville St, or. Davie  BtTtfUTHlC  i , The Pavement wjth more  QOOP QUAMTIPS  than any other  3ituminous Pavement      ,    j  Wdby,  :���������QUJMA WTUUTHIC, tf%  Phones Sey. 7130, 1255      20-23 Fairfield PWfr  (loving Higher Up  Here is a saie with a REASON WHY.   A clearance sale of HJGH-CLASS  SEM1-REAUV TAILORING  V     ���������  We will shortly open up our new store at 655  Granville Street (just olie -lock higher up the  street, same side.)  New Store and (New Fittings call for New Stock  and we aim to start in with all new clothes, so���������  Every Garment Must Go  When WE say BARGAIN you have your proof  in the label where the Semi-Ready Company put  the   price   at which  each   garment  is   sold in  EVERY CITY in Canada.  Sale Started Friday Morning  At the old address  519 Granville St.  Thomas & McBain  Sole Agents:  Semi-Ready Tailoring, Vancouver  CITY  The monthly meeting of the. board  of directors of the Young Women's  Christian Association held last week  was well attended, and the reports for  October showed great activity in all  departments. At the main building  clubs and classes and social gatherings  of many kinds had been well attended.  Rev. Prof. Thompour is giving a very  Interesting series of lectures on the  minor prophets on Tuesday evenings  at 7:45 and this class la open to all  women desiring to attend. A few  minutes each week art given, to the  International Sunday School lesson.  A large reception was given1 In hon  or of Rev. J. W. Pedley of Toronto, a,  former pastor of the first Congregational church, who has been in the city  to take part in the ceremonies attend*  ant on the opening of tbe new church.  Mrs. H. WyHarpur, Mrs. H. O. Foster  and Miss Fewster were the hostesses  of tbe entertainment which wah held  at tbe home of Mrs. Harpur on Carde*  ro street. A large number or invitations were laa-ied to Mr. Peeper's old  i friends, wbo were thus afforded an  .'opportunity of meeting blm again, an  opportunity of which many availed  themselves.  The cheering announcement that tbe  sum of |362. bad been realised by the  Anti-Tuberculosis   Society   from -the  rummage sale held last week.   When  the low price at which all donations  are offered to tbe public Is taken into  consideration  It will  be understood  that this sum represents a great deal  of labor on tbe part of tbe members.  'When this amount was added to the  results of the Madame labadie recital  tbe society was able to make a contribution of |500 to.be applied to tbe  maintenance fund of the sanitarium.  A similar sum was given for tbe same  purpose last spring, which brings tbe  results of the year's work of the Van  couver Society up to the very creditable sum of $1000.  the  Keystone  Copyright,  Canad-s  in the  Year 1912 by  Port   Moody   Investments,  !    . Ltd.  at  Oovernment  Wharf and  Old Orchard  ^.M.m.UM.WjM  T  T  Canadian Pacific Railway.  800 Line  GreatNorthern  Railway.  Chicago, Milwaukee & Paget Sonnd.  Canadian Northern Ry.  Union Pacific  Railway.  Pacific Great.  Pastern.  British Columbia Electric  Wttway.  Western   Can-,  ada Power  Company.  Ka*l-*ax  Lin-ss  ik operation  anp unpbr  Construction  NOW, suppose someone told you of a place  where you could, by Investing a tew dollars,  make a sane, and generous profit in a comparatively speaking .short space of time, would  you believe them? No, you would, want to see  it, wouldn't you���������and you have a right to, for  the man who invests money in a piece of real  estate without seeing it first is going against  one of the first laws ot nature. See what you  buy.  We are pleased to inform the public that we have now  chartered a "mail" boat to run two fast dally trips between Vancouver and PORT MOODY. It is large enough  to seat comfortably fifty persons and wIH run daily,  rain or shine.  -Why do we do this? yon ask. Simply because we want  to show you the exact location of our waterfront property at PORT MOODY.  Gangs of Men Clearing Streete on Old Orchard.  We want yoa to see exactly what 1st going on at Port  Moody���������to see the large gang of men who are clearing  streets, making it possible to reach each and every lot  easily. We want to show you where numerous bouses  will shortly be ereeted on our property���������Old Orchard.  We want to show you Just exactly what we consider  are the best buys. Mind you, we are asking tb show you  all' this, and more. There are many Important things  that will interest you and will he pointed ont If you  wish hy our representatives.        - 1  _  You are personally invited to take this trip with *w������p  tbe Inlet; we will make lt one of pleasure for .you. Oar  representatives are NOT annoying salesmen, but they  will give you facta and figures and all the information  you desire. All we as*c is, see Old Orchtrd and compare  it and its price with surrounding properties, and yoa  can only come to one conclusion, and that is- that Old  Orchard Is the best buy on the market today. Choice  high level lots at low prices and exceptional easy terms.  Call at either office and procure a fret ticket for the  tflp. While vow are there, ath for an lllustratsd folder  ���������it's free for the asking.  Harty A. Johnston Co.  '   Head Office: 422 RIOHARPS ST.  Phone 8eymour 1567     Open Evenings  Branch Office: 160 BASTINGS 8t. WpST  -avvuuM  r  T  1  Harrison     Direct Line.  1  Canadian Australian  Royal  Matt Line.  Canadian Mexican Pacific S.  8. Company.  (  Canadian Pacific Railway.  Bine Funnel  Line.  Maple Leaf  Line.  ������ast   Atlantic  Company Ltd.  Grand .Tww*  . Pacific  Coast  S.S. Co.  -  Northern  Steamship Co. ���������  of B. C.  -  Pacific    Coast  8. S. Co.  Sttamswp  Liniss m  -ttftA-nON  1  1  LECTURES.  Mies Anderson Hughes, the New  Zealand lady orator, with a worldwide reputation, will deliver two lectures in Pender Hall before returning  to New Zealand, viz.:-Monday, Nov.  25th, 8. p. m., on "100 Minutes In the  Land of the Kangaroo," with magnificent stereopticon slides. On Tuesday,  Nov. 26th, at 8 p. m. on "Why Women  Should Have the Vote," with New  Zealand's example: In these lectures  Mis* Hughes sounds a strong note ot  imperial unity and the wisdom of Empire federation.  To Maintain 8trong Navy on Pacific  While Dr. P. B. Vrooman, editor of  the British Columbia Magazine, was  in England recently he became associated with prominent Imperialists  in a scheme to establish a patriotic  organization to be known as the Pacific League, formed for the purpose of  advocating the establishments of a  powerful navy in Pacific waters to be  maintained Jointly by Canada, New  Zealand and Australia. Branches of  the Leagnue are to be formed throughout the Overseas Dominions as well as  in London and all British subjects  will be eligible for meml>ershlp. The  promoters of the new patriotic league  argue that the Anglo-Japanese alliance  is only a means of delaying for a time  the inevitable clash vfor supremacy on  the Pacific ocean.  A man with a monocle always has  something to live for.���������Kansas City  Journal.  Premier Asquith would doubtless  like to have the suffragettes bury the  hachet���������but not in him.���������Richmond.  THE FRASER HOTEL*  The Place For Vancouverltes To 8top  When Visiting The RoyaH City.  Vancouverites visiting New- West  Westminster will find The Fraser  Hotel one of the most convenient and  nicest places at which to stop when  visiting The Royal City. It is located  near the B. C. J3. R. and C. P. R. Stations at the corner of Front and Bee-  bie Streets. It is steam heated, and  hot and cold water in every room, centrally located, and prices are very  reasonable. The house is conducted  by Mr. and Mrs. T. Wlthyman, who  have had the place since last July.  They keep everything spotlessly neat  and clean; the rooms are well ventilated, furnished and lighted. Every  courtesy is extended to guests, and  nothing Is left undone to make their  stay very comfortable, indeed. The  hotel' that properly looks after its  guests seldom lacks for patronage,  for news about tbis and tbat hotel  soon travels. About the first topic of  conversation when travellers meet is  the hotel. Such questions as "Have  you been to Westminster lately? Well  when you go tbere be sure to stop at  The Fraser Hotel. Everything is first  class, and the landlord and landlady  are as genial a host and hostess as the  stranger will find in his travels. Vancouverites and tourists will be delighted with their visit at Westminster  if they Btop at The Fraser Hotel, for  everything will be to your liking.  hear clairaudiently, feel clairsensiently  and heal the sick as they go teaching  all nations and preaching the gospel  of tbe kingdom are in line with The  Word, and the .Master's own work. If  you need counsel or advice or healinar.  Madam Sherry, 1015 Granville Street*  stands out as a great, grand and good  woman in this wonderful field of human endeavor. This we will vouch  for unreservedly. Her office hours are"  from x a.m. to 9 p.m.   JVJcUCHMN & MORGAN  HMlcrest's l^eader in New  Boots, Shoes and Repairs  3330 /VUin Street     Cor, 18th  1    ' ���������   ������  MADAM SHERRY.  Psychic,   Scientific  Astrologer,   Readings Dally, 1015 Granville Street.  To devine the past, present, and  future is a science, and many are  qualified and ordained by Nature for  this extraordinary work. The writer  has met personally with this sgifted  lady, who, by the way. is one of Vancouver's ablest lecturers and interpre  ters of Biblical lore, and who lectures  Tuesday evenings in O'Brien's Hall,  and no one interested in the higher  life and work should fail to hear her.  Musicians, orators and inventors are  said to be born, not made. This applies equally with chairvoyants, scientists, psychics, &c, &c, for no one  can be what they are not. Whom  nature qualifies she ordains, and  added to this special training and  study makes tbem what are usually  termed experts. Nothing is truer  than that all old things are passing  away, and all things are rapidly becoming new, according to the Great  Occult Master's teachings of long ago.  Those  who   can   see   clairvoyantly,  Ave.  FOK  A handsome line of goods suitable for  Christmas gifts are now on display. Many useful articles for men.-fomen and boys are included  in this number.  V  list:  Neckwear in all the  latest Umbrellas, plain or fancy  novelties. handles.  Handkerchiefs, plain or with Dressing Robes.  initial. House Goats.  Gloves, in Suede or Kid, lined Fancy and Knitted Vests.  orunlined. Valises and Club Bags in  Ladies' Handbags great variety.  ***   .        ���������  Clubb & Stewart  309-315 Hastings St.W. Phone: Sey. 702  ,.���������"*=��������� ���������'..-*������?������������.-  sxr^smrt


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