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 VICTOR'**-  I****s.aU-e  "?"  /  i$s������iiitlllliiii  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Wes  VOLUME IV  H. H. STEVENS, M. P., Editor-in-chief  m  VANCOUVER, British Colombia, NOVEMBER 8,  _-_=���������----���������________-___=  NOTES ON CURRENT TOPICS I  ***************** n������m mu >*>������������������������>  By Alex.  Mayor Findlay.  Not a candidate for re-election in 1913 is the  announcement of Mayor Findlay.   Unreadiness to  bear involved expense is his mam reason.   In reviewing features of the curr6n^ye;ar*s work, he  --id.!- ���������:'yyy:y-yy?.  "One important point I would like to^ draw attention to and that is that the city demands of a  Mayor his full time and attention. It has; passed  the stage where a man can devote but a portion of  his time to the many civic calls Upon him. The  office also requires, if I may t)e permitted to say  so, a man of some stamina, Who is not given to  vacillating.  "Personally I lay my success to the door of the  various committees/' continued the Mayor. "They  have conscientiously carried out their duties.  "As I may not have another<. opportunity I  would like to thank the public- generally for the  support rendered me throughout the year.'*  Aldtrman Bavter.  ' Following Mayor Findlay's announcement Alderman T. S. Baxter was approached re his willingness to be a candidate for Mayor in the election  now at our very door.  "I have no statement to make today/' said Aid*  erman Baxter. He admitted that sevaral of the  aldermen who had supported .Mayor Findlay for  re-election had now asked him to run, in the light .,  of the proposed retirement of. th6 present Mayor.  After further consideration of the matter, Mr. Baxter has announced his decision tb go before the  electorate as a candidate for the office of Mayor.  U. 8. Presidential Miction.  The Democrats have their innings after years of  anxious waiting. They can attribute it chiefly to  the following:  First: The inefficiency of President W. H. Taft  and his unpopularity with his Own party, together  with the more potent force of the opposition generated and focused by the ungovernable.Teddy  Roosevelt, causing a split in the G. O. P.  Second: A growing dissatisfaction with the Republican party and a demand for *-$#ctostruction  on improved modern linear ;^ -���������������������*&>* *  -" TWrd: The great popularity demonstrated by  Governor Woodrow Wilson, who not only carried  his own state, New Jersey, by a large majority,  bnt carried also the states of, his ppponents, the  ;8*af������La������|&^*^:~������^^ tkV   _  statey"6TColonel Roosevelt's running mate, Call- -j ���������  fornia. ^ !!  Mr. Wm. J. Bryan Is Sappy.  Wm. J, Bryan, expressing his pleasure at the    ->  election of Governor Wilson, said:  .  "As a religious hymn has been brought into the  campaign by one of the parties, I think that I am  justified in using the lines of another hymn to  express my feelings:  ^  "This is the day I long have sought,  And mourned because I found it not."  SEPARATE SCHOOLS  Efforts Being Made to Underbill* Present School System  Under the able generalship of Archb:  ��������� archy are seeking to introduce "separate  | being done with the approval of the mfcn  | ectly in opposition to their wishes.  The pe  ��������� man Catholic, are well satisfied with our  ���������; bodies headed by the Archbishop.  He is se������  * school boards and other public and semi-p  that of insinuating a system of education  ; |;*p6q^;w^,'^aye tolerated it���������i. e., seetari  * W_*y#o^           ftell _  ;;b*s *W^  ���������<$**>������** *4 I**4*l4*i4i******>4 II  op McNeil, the Roman Catho  " ools" in this province.   This "ITnot;;  of the Church, but largely dir-;  e of this provmce; Proteetaiit aiid Bo-;  * ool system, but not so a few busy- ;  g to place bte understudies on the ;  e bodies, for ho c^her purpose than ;  eh liA8 been f^^n a (jurse to tWsiryfi r  hools, or pritefly instruction.  Out frankly andftell the public he and :  den his deliberate intentions under ^  j; should he have a .room at public exp^ ; by a "y*dfc_ig Italian ::  ;; m the French language, and use public fu^A to inculcate priestly doctm ;  j ring school hours*  How can Archbishop McNeil justify liis course in view of the ; ?  ;; fact #iat in Quebec, where his Church is supreme in education^  ;; nOrance tt^a In ihq^ otbei* pi*iwinee'%'_Whp _i it that his Church in Quebec ^s losing :  j; most of the profr3*3SK>nal men, because of thjirinadeq ^y.-:iyyyyy  ;;   {    -W ora estitt^^  ; undermme our system of education, aa^  itijj*������$^ ^ y]'/yyiyy::::y'yy\  ;       If his suggestion had been to inci*ease Me facility o  ;; we could not co^ a failure :  ��������������� calls for severe-icnjKfiB^ ���������- .-',������������������'>"���������'>������������������-'     ^.:>.'''.,,.:������������������ -������������������yy.yx ���������>  \;,';     British O-ftiwK the School:  ^ Board grajited hw-imgei^ent request, iioth_ng couW possibly stop further conces- :  ; sions.   His object i_t io secure the admissioib: or the pnnciple, then the reirt will be :  ; easy.,  v' .-. ,���������;���������;���������.- - ���������' ,:;:.-'���������'���������'yy:':���������'.y..;-;^;f;yy&y,':'��������� ���������.   /y',������������������.-'���������'���������.y \V. y:yy yyy'-y.v'yy<  >  At the next eledion it is the m^  to place m nomination two or more cand^ates for school ti*^^  h weijW **^*o:ei^;^  ol'iba&itffimW^  ���������m ��������� - ���������    .,-���������-��������� ��������� rky,.,;_���������:���������.������������������ 7~'iy ���������-;*"v- y^- .,y>.-'L. ��������� ,\y-i.s-):r$'*'\s..'ri~Ji-t^'^         _ __   Jffi*V *__*__ itT'' A'W__*i_r_r^''j_-"���������!___������ fc.*_^^ ^a-hL-^-i'' tfwk-W'9\3am\ '"���������'-'������������������v''"''** ~^'^7*!_*ffc^y  is a lady; these, if eleet^ wiUl^^  ^present system������������������$$,-titiafa^^  ;; will become so subservient as to seUtherr^citizenship to pro *      -������^���������..  ; r Expense ctf public pe^ee iand welfare, he oiiihe is unworthy of public cc_ifldence.  (^tot^mm*M^ .���������, _  ^__^  yTyxr^ii':%i ^i^vMM^toll^M  This is a case of perhaps  the Canadian judieiary. An  was sent to the p������nitentiifry     . __,_  Good men in To*roato and elaewhere  caae _p with auch reaistles* poirer that  was let out on parole.   Bi*t thk did not ill  1^ Atlas ind i^fr^  er a moirt cartful exaaiijwtioS into Ati1*  ...t .^ymwsi  'Srife_  the Canadian I_S_kt<*r 9f Justice haa  ���������Mttvfi-Mttv^'ic'hai^ - ���������v-'''-'"'-k  ;M: tK.^iiijB^ ? ^ ^1, ^"i?;-: 'y-yyyy  |b not ^n������h. Mr.  peradventure-tJut ht is and  <'&!%!9!*X    In niy opinian this would oft  13^^o^lMinuton^       _.. ^   tht s-������nes who have boi**de_ Mr. Atlas so  :: on rehgious mo^ds. 0jr alUnesM try the J  Punish hnaiftf ^ des*i*vea **^shmefit. :'  him if he acted honorably a**-*������W������^ to hi  But ^CanadiaM have just a^^^^^  ���������';���������   rhave faith iji the honor,  equity of ^ Cwadsan^i ^  ^���������_iW_iBi&*s 'xyjESjgizSf!1  ������������������tiM8&  ?&'%*$*&  yyrxfmi-fv  t;-yyii^-M&  ���������yx?^M%m?MSt  wt  yyym0  '������������������'���������'"-JmMM  mmWm^nS&B^m  ��������� -y Juai^h^el^as'th^^  the British Columbia GoVernwentarfM^S  ^nienwhe^itiMia^^  vote wM wveal a lara^r pw-w^  _i ���������__'���������_;. -r_*__.'__i_s__'jB*':"':- ry ._p:it*r'"-t_i_i'"''*?;'*���������- -  SyiiSfeM  minded, high-splrite(Tmen in the llkiiniaidn  .^  ..*-*,,������-., ,*_������*? ���������,,-.=,-... -,. ,,. ..,,. .,;.,��������� ��������� ,:^,,r-,,^,-,    . ;.,..������, ^.,v^^-__*������J  up  PyWe  ���������iiififx;  WAR IN TSU BAI^ANS.  South Central Europe ic today a boiling caldron  of furious strife and horrifying bloodshed. Well  will it be if the "Powers" do not be drawn into  the murderous strife. True statesmen and real  lovers of the race, sincerely pray that a satisfactory settlement may. be reached before worse entanglements are precipitated. '  When individual neighbors lose their temper  and assail each other with intent to kill onlookers  regard them as dangerous. If either combatant  takes the life of bis antagonist, arrrest and punishment follow and society, agreeing with the  civil court, brands him murderer. The offense increases in direct proportion to the knowledge of  all parties involved.   -  Too often when nations deluge the earth with  the blood of neighboring nations they are lauded  for their achievements, their honor being based  upon the slaughter of their fellow men.  Wherein does war between nations differ from  war between individual men ? By what process  of reasoning can one be made right and the other  wrong? Does not the one code of ethics apply  in both cases alike? In either case self defense,  even to the destruction of human life, is justifiable,  but bloodshed in any instance is without excuse  if it can be avoided. Most wars could have'been  prevented by common sense and patience.  The Spanish-American war was incited by newspapers and public speakers who kindled and fed  the infernal fires of hatred and strife until the  destruction of the "Maine" (a fancied act and  insult by the Spaniards) produced a national ex*  (Oootin-ud oa Ootddt Column)  be no playing at Navy-buildinf.  .Give a  m������_Vt*buUd*t  count it  W^oVePr. _   can be located  on the Pacific.  :,;:,J������;|^ion;^  ^rtonld.ma^  guarding iror commerce in case of attack by ships  of other nations that might not be of high value in  a large naval battle.  It w()uld be of great value to  3$e l^axuidi^ ?ii^ J^^  : Narrows Bridr_e.   ^ ;  ; res!##^^  ,_-_**,,** j_-ftfifo^^ "j^, ^^-^ level:  e, pej*mitting of per^^ of the largest freighting ves- ;:  rnu^ ^^������+'������_ '��������� ���������*"'ii.'-' ��������� ���������_      i. T     iu a    ooe _  ^. L*ii _ t   V w   have coast-defendmg vessela to ward off, or attack  ihe promoters of the bridge behevethat a 225-foot span W be ample to care .: I   tramp-warships which are always to be foiwd in  flti_ "faiffi*. o������/i ������w-^ +v*������+ *k- j������������-irt*.���������������������+c. ������+ m^������J mx������j- -^*ii -i. _.~ __:-������ ���������   *;^eB of p**otaeted waro,8n4 which are ruinous  commerce-bearing vessels.  Let Canada do the  two things as quickly as possible, and then  a afford to rest on ours and await coming  ;;���������-.��������� events.   And they are coming with tremendous  mr/B wpvm   inir/iD V.   ���������^''i���������aWb)a force.   Nothing can or wJU stop  THE NEXT  MAYOR. II   an awful war -in which the whole British Empire  WhyNot Baxterf���������Findlay'Retires from Race���������Strong'Man >?anted.     * '>'*   will take a testing part.  It fes been definitely announced that Mayor Findlay will not seek re-elec- '��������� tfftTOa h    ._ n-nw/w  ;: tion, which, rather unexpected statement, at once precipitates the problem���������Who >'��������� *o^������j������ un gynnwrr tq*Y*W9  ��������� Will be OUT next Mayor f .���������.-*��������������������������� ���������..������������������:: (Omtinoed from First Column)  Ald> Bamsay has been mentioned as a prospective candidate/but very little ''   P;������������ion ot ?revS������"sl_' ^erated and stored fury  -public interest seems to have been roused m his Favor, for it is generally accepted ; ���������   gJ^TJ Sf^S?^'^  I: that, while in every way a most estimable citizen^ he is not the man for Mayor. ; :p0pulaee, but now were compelled to submit^  :; Aid. Bamsay's personal reputation is clean, he is earnest in his intentions and ;;   the inevitable and nominally leadbut in fact fol  \! a hard worker, but he has not succeeded in inspiring that public confidence in his  j! executive ability which one expects to find in a mayoral candidate.   In fact, Aid.  j' Ramsay has one fault which, in a public man is the "unpardonable sin"��������� he  <j lacks decision, seldom has any one ever known hi mto take a clear-cut stand on  j I any question.   We want, for Mayor, a man of strong executive ability, sound, clear ;  judgment and prompt decision.  In Aid. Baxter, we believe, the city has a man whose training specially fits him  ;; for the position of chief executive.   He has had many years experience as an alder- ;;  the blind army to the field of strife and  low  death.  The Balkan war can be traced to the selfish  cruelty of the Turk, who for centuries has disregarded the natural rights and best interests of  neighboring states. Now they have held to their  trembling lips a full cup of the red wine of wrath  which was grown and pressed in their own vineyards. Today the enemy is at the gates of Constantinople aud Turkey appeals to the "Powers"  to arrange peace. What may be done is not yet  known.   The battle rages with increasing power  ith detailed accounts of the  horrors of war. May the Turk repent, give assurances of improved treatment of others and end  the war, for "war is hell."  m  Special attention u called to Page S of  this issue, do mt overlook it. -     v  Don't fail to get FREE' UAPvjYQ^-  uver, see Leitch & Taylors1 offer,page 8.  couver.  UNION HADE  BACHELOR  CIGARS  Ask the man who smokes them.  MOODY  Price not ?2so per as i������t But $400 per 66 feet *^__*_W_S  CITY BR3OKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street -yy Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  tammat)  ;; man, and on all occasions has acquitted himself with credit to himself and benefit ;;  ;; to the city.   His practical legal knowledge is a distinct advantage, enabling him to ;;  ;; readily judge of the merits of various technical   questions   constantly obtruding ;;   and fury.   In any case we, unwilling witnesses,  - ��������� themselves upon a civic administration.   In his personal life and character, Aid. ;;   are to be nauseated w  Baxter is above reproach, strict, yet brradminded, he would see to it  that  the :  ;; laws were enforced to the letter.   In our opinion it would be hard to find a bet- ;  ;; ter man for the position than Mr. Baxter, and if it is possible to induce^ him to ;;  ' ��������� enter the field, he should have a strong backing, and we believe would win.  Since writing the above we learn with pleasure that Aid. Baxter will be a ;:  ;; candidate.   We wish him success.  ,*_���������.<���������<��������������������������������� ,*,,���������.,*-,,i, -i������___������������ ������i*iii������i | $ t>4 *++++++++4+4++*++Jl+++++*++ ���������������w__���������,������.__v������.������y_.������..������M������..���������������-,���������������.������ ������  NOT 33 FEET  BUT 66 FEET WIDE  Not near *\, proposed station  But 5 Minutes Walk from the Present Station at  HARDWARE  Bapco Paint, Oil  STOVES  and   RANGESf  v  #__  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street Phone: Fairment 447  *e?t:-r^__^_^.  sg^^pyy BUfFALO GROCERY  Commercial Drive and 14th Ave.  "The Home of Quality"  Business comes our way because we keep What  the people need and charge moderately.  Groceries,  Provisions, Fruits  Only the best brands kept in stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  J. P. Sinclair  prop. Phone: Fairmont 1033  Have You Had  a Guess  Yet?  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"I regard Vancouver as one of tbe  coming cities of the Western hemisphere; and I consider Grandview  property to be one of the best buys in  real estate which your -eity offers,"  said Mr. Arthur Rickart, a prominent  Australian realty man, as he stood on  the deck of the Marama and surveyed  the beautiful harbor of the Terminal  city the other day. Mr. Rickart is  returning to Australia, after completing a tour of the world. While in Vancouver he was a guest at the Vancouver Hotel, and at the home of Mr.  Charles Smith of Grandview.  "You have a most magnificent harbor," remarked Mr. Rickart. "It is  one of the chief features of your great  city and is famous throughout the  world. I was particularly interested  In the False Creek reclamation scheme  and the wonderful effect lt will have  on Grandview and the surrounding district Grandview, of course, as it adjoins the creek, will receive a decided  impetus. It is a fine residence dlsl-  dence district I was particularly impressed with,the beautiful view of the  mountains from that section of : tbe  city."  Mr. Rickart is returnlngjto his home  In Sydney. He is accompanied by his  nephew, Mr. Fred Rickart.  ..������������������r_i_F*is*_���������*__**--*--*���������--*--*_**** i*-!**!   *���������f--*--*--*-'���������*- -���������-'-���������--������--*- -���������-   ** A  ��������� ������������������ ��������� *_��������� "*��������� **��������� v*^"^"j***y ���������^���������k***i1" .*������ ���������i*������**j"������*v ���������i****y V���������rT*8fTT"������  CROP  CONDITIONS  IN  CANADA.  Several stores have .hanged hands  of late on Commercial Drive. Business bas been picking up constantly  tor some time.  Rents continue ln good demand and  sales of houses are frequent.   Three  were   .bargained    for    recently    on  Charles Street.  Chief Would Build Jail In Grandview.  That Vancouver is in need of ^another jail in the est end ot th* city,  was the statement made Friday after*  noon by Police Chief Chamberlin *%t ������  special meeting,of the police commissioners held in his office. Chief Chsnv  berlin desires Mayor Findlay to take  the matter up and see if funds can be  appropriated for one in Grandview.  Chief Chamberlin pointed out thai a  jail In that section could be fitted up  to receive women as well as men and  that it would be a great benefit to the  city. Crime Js lower in Va^couy^. to*,  day than it has been'in tMmr woo-ms  be declares, but in spite of this tact  many arrests are being made and  more space for prisoners is needed,  according to Chief Chamber'!, and  Peputp Chief Mulbern.  No definite action was taken, but  the commissioners promised te give  the matter consideration very shortly,  as tbey stated tbat the** wished to  assist the police w mscb as possible  in providing simple spate for the care  of prisoners.  It was 'pointed out that criminals  are human, are entitled te considers-  tion and should be kept In sanitary  quarters. Chief Cbamberlln was agreed  on this point and stated tbat be  thought it would be a good idea te  maintain a place where tbe unfortunates could work while serving ent  tbeir sentences.  -lee Martin Estate.  The lots in tbe Joe ICartln estate  are selling rapidly. Inquiries are coming in from the eaBt, and half tbe sales  are being made to eastern people. Several school teachers have invested in  this property. Placing this sub-division on the market has created a general current of activity all thorugh  this section.  Activity in Real Estate.  Interest in real estate along False  Creek continues, brisk, In the Grand-  view section several important deals  are being negotiated. Much more ac*  tivity would be manifest if the dealings with the C. N. R. were only complete.  WHAT'S IN A NAME?  Judge Alton B. Parker, Democratic  condidate for President in 1904 is aald  to tell as a favorite story the tale of a  young man in Savannah named Du  Bose, who invited his sweetheart to  to take a buggy ride with him. The  young woman had a fetching lisp.  When tbey reached a rather lonesome  bit of road the young man announced:  'This is where you have to pay toll.  The toll is either a kiss or a~Bquee_e."  "Ob, Mr. Du Both!" exclaimed his  companion���������Human Life.  OTTAWA, Oct. 16.���������A bulletin issued today by the Census and Statistics Office covers the crop conditions  tin Canada for the month ending September 30th. It states that during  this month disastrously wet weather  continued' to prevail over most parts  ot Canada, especially over the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. At September 30th large areas  of grain, both in the East and West,  were still eitber uncut or were exposed to the wet in stock. Much  damage has been caused by sprouting,  and in the Northwest Provinces second growth has In numerous instances  caused uneven ripening and consequent lowering of grade. Frosts during September in those provinces did  some damage, but as a rule only late  sown crops. Including flax, were seriously affected. In parts of Southern  Ontario the ground is so wet that  many farmers have abandoned the  sowing of fall wheat tor next year.  Tbe estimates of yield published a  month ago could only be regarded as  of preliminary value, because in consequence of the bad weather and late  season, harvesting operations had  made so little progress.  The new estimates of yield obtained  from correspondents������������������.���������-.atCthe end ot  September confirm generally the pre*,  vious estimates for most of the crops,  but lnasmsch as very little threshing  had been possible and large areas of  grain were -still ..harvested, it lis  feared that the final estimates, after  completion of the threshing, may turn  out lower than the figures now given.  For spring wheat the estimated pro*  duetto- is 188,816,61)0 bushels as com-  1 pared wit- 18t������,904,500   bushels   last  year.   For fall Wheat the estimate is  16,868,700 bushels compared with 16.*  014.000 bushels last year, the total *���������������  tlmated wheat production being tbere*  fore 206,686,800 bushels as compared  (with 216.tl8.600 bushels in 1911, a d������-  ; crease of 6 per cent   Tbe yield per  {acre lis 21.08 bushels for all wbeft ss  against 20.77 bushels last year.   Oats  'show a total production of 881,602,000  bushels   compared   with   848,186,600  , bushels lest year, the yield per; acre  being'41.81 bushels   compered   wltb  , 37.76.P Barley is estimated to yield ���������  ��������� total of 48,816,160 bushels compared  , with 4MW.00I busbels last ye������r, tbe  yield per serf being   31.00   bushel*  against 88.14. Tbe total prodacttot ot  rye Is 3,186,0,0 bnsbels against 2,6f|,*  100 basbels in ltll. tbe yields pernors  , being respectively   jo.76   aad 1T.41  butbels.   Ot oats, barley aid rye In*  i creases Is total, production as com*  j pared wltb last year represent percen*  < teges of t. I and 16.   Tbt eetlmated  production of pea* is 4.292,400 busbels  of bean I4t6.l0f busbsls,   ot buck*  j wheat lf.l24.10t busbels. of flaxseed  2l,14S,4tt busbels, tf mixed grains 17.-  MO.tft bushels and of corn for busk-  ing 14*211.400 busbels.  |) The average vuallty tf tbese crops  I at berreet ttve. measured upon a per  eent basts of itt as representing grain  jweU heeded, well filled, well saved  ' snd unaffected te any appreciable extent by frost, rust, smut, etc., Is SS  follows:    Spring wheat    88.70,    oats  86.01, barley 84.48,   rye 80.82,   peas  66.41, beans  68.81. buckwheat    8087,  mixed grains 80.58, flaxseed 83.86 and  corn tor husking 71.92 per cent.   Ot  these crops wheat, oats, barley aud  flaxseed are above, while pens, beans  and corn tor husking are below tbe  average quality for eitber of tbe two  previous years-   Rye is slightly below  tbe average.   Flax 1st well above tbe  quality of both 1911 (75 per cent.) and  1910 (73 per cent.)  Root crops continue to show excellent figures as representing average  condition during* growth. The highest are potatoes, 90.12 per cent, and  the lowest corn for fodder, 80.68 per  cent The last named crop has lm-  j proved by over 4 points during tbe  month.  1 ARCHIBALD BLUB,  Chief Offlcer.  Concentration does not mean straining every ;nerve and muscle toward  work���������it means dropping everything  that interferes.  The man w_o can, but doesn't, must  give way to the man who can't, but  who tries-  '  HARDWARE  WATTS HARDWARE CO.  The Quality Hardware Store  1407 Commercial Drive Ptwne Blg-ldtf S25-L  ���������*-  Everybody^  Weam^  GIVING   AW|^  with every $1.00 purchase.  Come in and see us.  E. M. LYNN  DEALER IN  Groceries, China  and Kitchen Hardware.  PHONE: Highland 823  Corner Keefer St. and Campbell Ave.  We ourselves are better served  By serving others best  VhercitNystttesI  Jr W. Edmonrf., Prop.  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' '  ���������������>'~������.V' '^.a^^.<������>A<.*������lyuiH/^,v.j<M^������*<"J_������_*^*^***M������__���������*���������*_____���������  "The School of  One of a family of Successful Colleges established throughout Western Canada.   A Phenomenal Growth in a  Remarkably short space of time, forecasting a still more brilliant future.  The accomplished][Principal Interviewed by,the News Editor of the "Western Call" for the purpose of drawing  the attention of our army of readers to this splendid institution.  '.;';'��������������������������� -xy-yky*yy4:*ijWi\ti  -.���������-. ������������������. ���������,-,��������� ���������/. iy--y--yi^i>:z?ksm  -���������������������������  '^yxryyyyyMiMi  - - ���������*'*- ��������� <'*.y x ���������'-���������^-t$MiX&3h'3&  ���������'.-��������������������������� ������������������v->.-io^v'������Kf-:M3Wlj*W  Mr. E. SCOTT EATON. B. A.  .���������:;:,r'Vl^ncipal:.;:;''  1 ��������� '= ������������������������-, ���������: ��������� r/-r.v7YAii8fefi_si������  i:..  yyyyyyymm  ;���������:-.'-V;; --:v -*5i-*������{raaitr  ������S������;.  MISS&HOWSON  Yiee-Prfodp^  ���������'yyyw0>*%r  ���������y'iMyy0&$  *'''y!&'/y%'M  ������������������������������������ i -__f$i  PE HOME OF "SUCCESS BUSINESS COU.EGE."  The New Hsuris BocH, Corner Mam Street and Tenth Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.  It is the purpose of the news  _Mteo������lJ������_^^  [frequent intervals for the benefit  of its constituency some of our  ' more prominent people and institutions.   It is a real pleasure to  , begin this new feature by calling  the attention of our many thousands of readers to the Success  Business College and its splendid  home in the new Harris Block,  corner Main Street   and   Tenth  Avenue.  r    Hot������ Doubtful Ventwt.  We have taken pains to investigate the Success Business College.  We have examined its spacious  and well appointed quarters; have  conversed extensively with its  gentlemanly and well-equipped  principal, Mr. E. Scott Eaton, B.  A., have watched with profound  interest its fine appearing student  body, bending with diligence to  the' task of mastering the rudiments of a thorough busiuess education, and we are ready to pronounce this the most promising  institution of its kind we have  ever come in touch with, considering the brevity of its existence.  The whole atmosphere of this  school dispels the thought of that  which is merely experimental.  You feel an air of confidence, of  certainty. It has been well designated, "The School of Certainties."  One of a Chain of Schools.  The Success Business College is  not merely a local and independent institution. It is affiliated with  [the flourishing Garbutt Business  [Colleges of Calgary, Lethbridge,  JWetaskiwin, Lacombe and Red  [Deer, and the Success Business  J College, Winnipeg. The latest of  (this notable ehain of schools is  j being opened this week in Regina.  Every one of these schools is the  tlargestin the city in which it is  [located, and it is a remarkable  j fact that each one became the  [largest school in its locality with-  lin one year after being established: and this in the face of the coni-  Ipetition of schools established as  {long as twenty years. Some i^ea  lof the size and importance of these  [schools may be gained from the  [fact that they use more than 300  1 typewriters and have a yearly enrollment of over 2,000 students.  Mr. F. G. Garbutt, of Calgary,  i who is associated with Mr. Eaton,  holding the office of president of  the,,local college, has been -the  moving spirit in the inauguration  of all the various schools already  mentioned.  A Well Equipped Principal.  Success in every important enterprise depends so /very largely  upon competent and aggressive  leadership in this twentieth century that ho undertaking can expect to survive without it. We are  gratified in this particular case  not to feel any misgivings in this  direction. The principal of Success College is of the stamp of  young men of today who grapple  with difficult problems and conquer the situation. We give a  a glimpse of his career and also  an excellent facial likeness.  Mr. E. Scott Eaton, B. A., the  principal, comes from Nova Scotia. He is a graduate in Arts from  Acadia University, a graduate of  the, Business Educator's Association of Canada, and holds an intermediate Chartered Accountant's Certificate. He was for two  years director of the business department and vice-principal of the  Union Commercial CoHege, Char-  lottetown, P. E. Island; for one  year principal of the business department of. the Maritime Business College, Halifax, one of the  largest and best business colleges  in the Dominion; and for five  years has been connected with the  Alberta Business College, Edmonton, Alta., as director of the business department, and during the  last three years as principal of the  school. Prior to entering the  teaching profession, Mr. Eaton  was for some time employed as  chief accountant by one of the  large joint stock companies of  Nova Scotia. His wide experience  in teaching and actual business  fits him in a high degree for the  efficient training of young people  for the practical duties of life.  The thousands of his ex-students,  who are today efficiently filling  positions of trust, are the strongest recommendation this new  school can have and the best  augury of its success.  A Strong Teaching Staff.  Besides the principal the school  is manned with a vice-principal  and five other excellent members  of the teaching staff. The college  is especially fortunate   again   in  "Every Dollar of Tuition Honey  Paid to Us will lie Refunded to  any arcuate Whom We m to  in 3 Position within 30  Pays after they Graduate."  possessing so able and experienced  a vice-principal. We are delighted to be able to present her likeness also to our Host or readers  and a brief sketch of her busy career to date.  Miss H. Howson, vice-prineipal  and director of the shorthand department, is an Ontario Normal  trained teacher, holding a professional certificate and is also a  graduate of the Business Educators' Association of Canada. After four years' experience as a  public school teacher she became  principal of the shorthand department of the Peterboro Business  College, which position she filled  for five years with entire satisfaction, resigning to become vice-  principal of the Garbutt Business  College, Calgary. During her  three years in Calgary Miss How-  son lias achieved a very marked  success as director of the shorthand department and the fact that  she has joined the Vancouver  staff is an assurance to the public  that the local school is maintaining the same high standard for  which the other schools have become so noted.  Remarkable Progress Already.  The school did not open here  till August 1st, and then under  much disadvantage in temporary  quarters, yet in only three months  time this brand new school has advanced by leaps and bounds till  already it can show an enrollment  of one hundred day students and  one hundred and ten night students. Two hundred and ten  students in. three months and  the numbers constantly climbing.  That is certainly a record to be  proud of and enthusiastic over.  At the l-ate of progress thus far  evidenced, the five hundred mark  will be reached in the not far distant future. This is really phenom-  inal.   Mount Pleasant is honored  by the presence of such a high-  class institution in our midst. This  year has seen unmistakable evidences of solid progress. Brighter  days are lighting up the eastern  horizon. Success Business College  is one of the bright rays.  Housed in Splendid Quarters.  The location of an institution is  of vast importance. As we have  already stated this School is most  I'excellently situated. It would be  \ a difficult matter to improve upon  j this feature. But equally import-  jant is the question of living and  j working quarters. This college  |could not have secured a more  ���������attractive and perfectly arrang-  jed home for the prosecution of its  work. Its home is in the beautiful new Harris Block. We are fortunate in being able to present our  readers with an excel lent cut of  this fine., up-to-date structure. It  is modern in every particular. The  appearance from the street is ex-  jtremely artistic, the brick being  exquisitely tinted and the architectural design very attractive.  The rooms occupied hy the college were specially prepared for  its use and are, therefore, ideal  for school purposes. They are  large, light, steam-heated and well  ventilated. They will be easily accessible" by modern elevator service. The elevator is now being  installed and will be in operation  in a few days.  The furniture used by the school  will be all of quartered oak of latest design. Forty-five typewriters  are now in use and more ordered.  Some Strong Guarantees.  The officials of the Success Business College are not doubtful as to  their ability to accomplish definite results. They make this plain  by the following guarantees which  they have placed before the public, and from which we take the  liberty to quote. Their statement  is as follows:  if, tfter you have ptfd w fort/at  month's tuition* *m Jwrt *$*m%  the month in attendance ������t the  school, yon are not satisfied with  the instruction we are giving you,  we will cheerfully and promptly  refund your money.  "It is understood tbat this guarantee is good, not only for the first  month that a student may be in  attendance, but for any succeeding month.  "It is further understood that  if a student, after spending one  month continues for a second  month or a portion of a second  month, this action on his part is to  be taken as signifying that the  first month was quite satisfactory.  This guarantee will then apply to  the second month; and so on from  month to month, the student is entitled to the benefit of this guarantee.  ''Every dollar of tuition money  paid to us will be refunded to any  graduate whom we fail to place:  in a position within thirty days  after graduation.  "We believe that a school preparing young people for business  should be judged by the standards p:Tv;iilin<* in the business  world. All big business to-day is  done on the 'money back' principle. We persuade young people  to take a business course because  we know that we can find ready  employment for all who faily prepare themselves. If we cannot we  want no money.  "We knoAv that our work measures up to the most exacting test.  If we cannot satisfy you, we want  no money.  "If you are interested in a  school which replaces vague promises with an absolute guarantee,  you will be interested in the Success Business College, the School  of Certainties."  A Word to our Readers.  Should this article fall under  the eyes of some young mah or  young woman who has felt burning within his or her breast a desire to enter the arena of life in a  way in which, perhaps, their parents and ancestors have been unable to do, take the advice of one  who was once a poor boy with  very adverse prospects for life  before him, but who, with much  struggle and sacrifice, was able to  dip his faltering cup into tht  fountain of knowledge to some degree and then saw life take on #  new-hued meaning���������Seek IWUkfo-  ������������tlo������! .  U you cannot, because of cir-  cumstances, secure a classical education, you can surely becomes the  possessor of a commercial education. There is scarcely a boy or  a girl who cannot procure a good  business training* In youth the  desperate need of gome special  equipment for life's battle is not  always realized. Later in life,  when the opportunity may have  gone by, the one who has carelessly allowed his opportunity to pass  unheeded will look back with bitter regret.  The day in which we live is de-'  manding more and more, a good  business and mental equipment,  if we are to rise above the dead ���������  level of things. Do not let opportunity slip by you, grasp it while  there is yet time.  How earnestly the parents of  our boys and girls should covet  j'or them a better chance in life, if  possible, than they themselves  have had. A trained mind is a  better endowment than uncounted  dollars without it. We rejoice tha}  a splendid institution like Success  Business College has been located  in our midst.  \m  .-���������mm  ywm  *$w  tf-#.r*3S  :y**m  ���������&wm  Pi  mm  GET 3C-/!_ LEARNING.  By  D.  Rand  Pierce.  If your life is now too ploddy���������  Get some learning!  I? you wish to be somebody���������  Then get learning!  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I-   !     ""'-
^.^.';-:V>';:>; yy',..
���������t' 'i-'t-i1 ���*���">���-����� ������t-�����!������������ ��� ���:��� ^ �� ��e- ���;��� <��� ���!��� 'i"i"i
The Successful Firms   %
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"l* ej***_***9***f*^****I*"aQ" "M1 'J* V ���6***^,**T***I,***I,*,5**.
���.s-v: >���������!-
yy \ ���'���
'�����������: ���"
%��� ���
?��� ���g"
Business College
has secured temporary quarters at 153���10th Ave.,
east, and are opening classes, Thursday, August 1st.
We are offering up-to-date courses in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Typewriting and all
other commercial subjects.
Day classes meet during August from 8:30 to
1 o'clock. Evening classes every Monday, Wednesday and -Friday evening from. 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock.
Get free information today at the above address
or Phone Seymour 824_.
R Q. Qarbtitt    E Scott Eaton, B. A.
President ; Principal
Mount Pleasant
-���������'   Phone: Fairmont 1140
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Mrs. S. Elkins will receive at her
new home, 1717 Dunbar street (West
Kitsilano), on Tuesday, the 12th, and
thereafter on the fourth Friday of
each month.
That houses were loosened at their
foundations, were cracked in the plastering in a wholesale manner, that
hundreds of windows were smashed,
and thousands of domestic articles
broken through the excessive blasting
of the G. N. R., was asserted during
the hearing of complaints against the
way the company is carrying out their
work in the Grandview cut.
Funeral of Angus McDonell.
The funeral service tor the late
Angus McDonell,, the foreman of the
Rat Portage Lumber Company at Harrison Lake, who was killed Tuesday
by a C. P. R. train near Agassis, was
held yesterday morning at 9 o'clock
in St. Patrick's Church, corner of
Twelfth avenue and Quebec street.
Mr. McDonell, Who lliveid at 430 Tenth
avenue east, leaves a wife and six
.Pleasant Livery
;<rf,   \y
t ?-7^ '-���-���
.?Vr'"'i#':' yyi.v*
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up-tc-iate manner.
Tanned and Lined for Rugs.
Expert Taxidermist
Headquarters for FUR RUGS.   A large stock always on hand a
Reasonable Prices.
555 Georgia St. Vancouver, B.C.
First New Candidate for Election aa
Alderman Endorsed at Ratepayers' Meeting Last Night.
Endorsatlon was given last night at
the East End Ratepayers' Association
to the candidature of Mr. A. P. Black
as one* of the representatives of Ward
V. in next year's City Council. Mr. J.
J. Dougan, president of the Central
Ratepayers' Association, considered
that a safer choice could not havo,
been made.
Brother Missing.
Mr. Henry Jones, 822 Eighteenth
avenue east, reported to the police
Wednesday that his brother, Thomas
JoneB���otherwise known as "Pat"
Taylor���haa been missing from the
rooming house in which he was residing in the 600 block, Cordova street
since October 27. The missing man
had be,en in the employ of the Burns
abattoir. He is 34 years old, with fair
hair, blue eyes, slim build and is 6
feet 5 1-2 inches in height.
>*+**$4'4"l"*'*******���������! ��������� 'I'���**���!���* *>l*   <>'l>4'-y4-'t"l'-l-4'44'4"hl44<4'444444'***
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Phflnei Fairmont 621
Ws gift fw fln buo
fit if ill iipaus tf
delivery  i-i bo��k*
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Saturday Saoolat*
Young Pig Pork, Legs   -   -  20e
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16c par lb.
:: 2513 Main Street, nr. Broadway
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Jt.**^uV***,t>*********,l*4'4'^V*   M4^M^%VM^<��>MNM4^tHH4i
Tha Placa that Treats Yod Right
la an Ii
Mr. H> H. Owen of 122 Fifth Avenue Blast, whose, serious illness we
reported in last week's issue of this
paper, has been an extremely sick
man,eince that time. , He was taken
to the hospital again and for several
daysjiovered between life and death.
Every means known to ^nedical skill
was resorted to and at last the hoped-
for results were realized���the patient
took a. turn for the better. Though
his life for a time was despaired of,
we are Informed, at this writing by
his brother,-Park Commissioner Owen,
that hla full recovery is now confidently expected..' }s ���;'
All friends are relieved and delighted with tbe good news of bis promised
recovery. He will be detained in the
hospital for quite a period of time.
Repeat Concert.
Music-lovers will rejoice to hear
that the excellent concert' recently
given, by the arandview Methodist
Choir of fifty voiceB is to be repeatel,
on this occasion in the Central Metho-'
dlst Church (corner Pender and r)un->
levy). In addition to re-engaging the
same artistes the programme for
Thursday evening, the I4lh of November, has been enhanced by the inclusion of Madame Olive Clare, one of the
foremost sopranos of the Old Country,:
who will make her debut to a Vancouver audience on that evening. Madame Clare has appeared with signal
success at the Queen's Hall, London,
and Philharmonic, Liverpool. Of the
Other vocalists might be mentioned.
Lewis RobertB, who will preside at the
organ and also direct his. choir.
The recor of St. Saviour's Church,
Grandview, will preach a special series of sermons every Sunday evening. Nov. 10th: Sermon to Young
Men; Nov. 17tb: 8ermon to Young
Women;   Nov. 24th:  Sermon to the
Miss McKenzie Dies.
Becoming suddenly worse,
showing an improvement for several
days, Miss Margaret McKenzie, Injured by falling from a streetcar near
the Main street car barns, October 30,
died Wednesday morning at the General Hospital. As the result of her fall
she sustained a fractured skull, which
rendered her unconscious for twenty-
four hours and made necessary an
operation. After . the' operation she
seemed to rally and it was hoped
she would recover. She is a daughter
of Mr. John McKenzie, 259 Foureenth
avenue east
conver lodges to attend a big White
Rose meeting there, at which there
will be twenty-five initiations. Special
free car will leave Carrall street depot
at 7:30.
Press Correspondent.
Middle. Aged; Dec. 1st: -What the
New Testament Really Teaches on
the Second Advent. All residents of
Grandview are cordially Invited, to
hear' these sermons. <.
Central City Mission.
The first of a series of Sunday afternoon services similar to those so
favorably remembered from last season will open on Sunday afternoon at
:46 in the Central City Mission, 233
Abbott street. The speaker on this
occasion will be Miss Anderson
Hughes of New Zealand, the world
missionary of the W. C. T. U. Miss
Hughes' came to Vancouver with an
excellent reputation as a woman
orator and in the meetings where she
haa spoken here her addresses have
merited the highest praise. This
service is especially for men.
The splendid new garage on First
avenue and commercial Urive is almost completed, it will be opened the
middle of November. This garage is
modern. atrictU fir proof and will ac
commodate thi< t> curs.
The new, commodious, modern-
store or Cochrane tc Elliott, at 657
Fifteenth Avenue and Westminster
Road carries a large stock of groceries, provisions, fruits and vegetables.   Fresh arrivals daily. To make
warehouse accommodation they have^g world  *B an author of ability,
been obliged to convert the east half)    The muglc wa8 led by Mr Moore,
of  their  large  double   store  Into  a who  delighted  the  audience with a
warehouse. goia   MrB# Cra-g rendered a solo with
Quality has been their constant aim j excellent effect,
in   buying.  In  this  tbey  have  sue
A well attended public meeting was
held in the Orange Hall last Sunday
at 3 p. m., Prof. E. Odium occupying
the chair. The speakers were Rev.
Newton Powell of this city, and Rev.
G. B. Berry, Anglican minister of Plymouth, Eng. The former spoke on
"Protestantism as the Representative,
of Domestic Purity, Liberty and Progress"; tbe latter spoke on the "End
of All Things." Rev. Berry, who is
now making his second trip around
f|-entral Baptist. Cor. Laurel and
enth. Rev. Pr. Spencer preaches at
both services next Sunday. : Morning
���subject, ���*l�� the Bible the Word of
God?"   Evening, "Graceand Glory."
y   " y  ...   .' :>
Dr. Spencer to speak: >
Dr. Spencer will speak on "The
present Crisis in Morals in Vancouver," on Sunday at 3 p.m.. Savoy
Theatre, Hastings street. Miss Anderson Hughes, New Zealand's lady
orator, will speak at 7:30 p.m., on
"The Sign of the Cross."
Alert Adult Bible Class of Mountain View Methodist Church meets at
2.30 every Sunday. Visitors will be
made welcome. S. Johnston, president.
tmaawaavMWf oanaa or o����-
Meets   every   Tuesday   at   8 p.m. In
I.O.O.F.   hall,    Westminater    Ave..   Mt
Pleasant.   Soournlng brethren coro1all>
Invited to attend.
4. C. Davia. N. G.. lt�� Hmxr Street
4. Hadden. V. O.. JB16 Wain Street
Thoa. 8��well. Kee. 8ec��� 481 fceventh Av��. E,
ceeded in a remarkable degree. Patrons
get what they want and hence return
The   concert   organized   by
with regularity. Orders are filled and Grandview. on Wednesday, the 23rd
delivered with pleasure. Phone or-,inBt., at the Orange Hall, was a
ders are appreciated and receive per-'great success. This is the second
sonal attention. 'annual event, and the high standard
Their specials found elsewhere In!set   at the   first concert was   fully
this paper show the dash and stability
of this houee.   Why go from your own
door when staple articles are sold at
the prices quoted?
We cannot but admire their enter-
maintained. Mr. H. E. A. Robertson
presided very efficiently as chairman,
and ln his opening remarks he drew
attention to the fact that to be a Son
of England under the constitution of
the society, English birth was not ne-
VOTE are Respectfully
Solicited by
; As Aldermanic Candidate
for Ward Five
See Our
prise and ability.   They give tone to ��"���� K���"*���^* �����
this particular section of the city.        English     ancestry.       Mrs.      uaggs
proved an excellent accompanist;
and the orchestra under the
direction of Mr. Mcintosh was
much appreciated. The list of artistes
comprised the following: Mesdames
McMahon, Robs, Minto, Lewthwaite
and Morrow and Messrs. G. H. Grant,
Wm. Hicks, Jones, Harrison and Wing.
All the performers acquitted themselves well. There was not a week
number in the whole program. The
annual concert of Lodge Grandview
has evidently become an established
Members of the White Rose degree
of this lod?e are hereby informed that
a special dispensation is being obtained to cancel the regular White Rose
meeting on Wednesday next, the 30th
On that occasion the members
King -.ward High School.
One hundred and thirty thousand
dollars is to be expended in the construction of the new two-storey addition to the King Edward High school.
Reinforced concrete faced with Denman island stone, will be used in the
construction. This addition is to be
erected in order to give the different
laboratories and workrooms better
facilities. On the ground floor will
be a large auditorium with a seating
capacity for 1000 persons; on the first
floor will be located the principal-
office and teachers' rooms as well as
a most completely equipped physics
laboratory and lecture room. The
sum of 520,000 is also being expended j inst.
on interior improvements In the pres-jwill go to New Westminster with
ent building. White Rose members from all the Van-
The cold water
in all colors and
50c per 5-lb. pkg.
Ht. Pleasant Carriage
Horseshoeing Shop
Dealers in Heavy Team
and   Express   Wagons
Rubber Tire Work
2410 Westminster Road
Progressive Peot Repairing
MMrMtlWiFL       TMt. FirTintii, Pr��a
^     H%�� installed a      ?l\    .^ ���
Turns out shoes equal to new
F. T. Vernon's
Feed Sjiore
2471 Westminster Road
Cor. Broadway       Mt. Pleuant
Poultry Supplies
of every description
Pbone: Faty-. 186
523lreadw8j,I.   PbOM Fair. 1521
Full Line of
Wall Papers
From 5c up.
Co-tractiaj- P��per_aa_ers
2317 Main Street
Phone Fairmont 998 '    '; ���������    -:ry: '���������"<���������'������������������'��������� yl'X-?���������*/���������*;<r.y.'.\\:"������?:g-.y ^v.1. h^^f4Vr;������������������r-f-1-1-,"^V*"7-?r:t-y?>/-':.*:^l--tw W*;-*^ ;r^?*^^**1^FV*rB  ~ ***^iY?^iP**^-"���������*_��������� ������������������'���������'"**>?  '^V-VL_^3?i:.-.V-i,'.ii  ^^^^L*Wl,i&y'cW^^  y y,yyyyy,y0 y&>$&&i&������mi^  ���������'��������� ������������������;:"-' -"',;-   ���������������������������"��������� ��������� ��������� :-- ��������� -''-: - ������������������ ,-.-'';,;; '-''������������������������������������ -������������������'���������'���������������������������'-'������������������'���������: ���������������������������yx-z:'yyk'?--r-!?-.'&teyi-'<-w   ...       ....      ���������jj*Si*������T       ji  .   .���������!,.'."������������������ ���������'"..���������.I,   ''..'I miii ,;.,.i... i  -.iii.,!.  .,)! Ul>T������,l).iiJ.il^%:^*^'  ^vtea������*_  4>i M ������������������! IM I t-S 111 11 ! 11 UMtM  fTORONTOf  ;: FURNITURE   STORE 1  ;; 3334 W������in St. J.  ^; Our stock of Furniture ^  ;; is Large, Modern and i  ;; adapted to the tastes of J  ;; Buyers. *  ;; Dressers, Buffets, Tables 2  :: Chairs, Couches, Mat- I  :: tresses, Bedsteads, etc j  A complete line of 3  J Linoleums. Carpet Squares, ete. ���������[  ',! Drop in and inspect our goods. 5  . ��������� This is where you get a square *>  * deal. j  .. M. H. COWAN 3  4,.|.*..H..I..H..l..|..M-t������l"������-l"t"t"l"M'*>-i������������4  YQllR HEALTH  depends upon the condition of your spine. To  enjoy perfect health get  youi* spine adjusted by  4  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  (Close to Main 0t.) \  Office flours: 1:80 to 6.  cree.  Consultation  An  Interesting Special Article on a Number of Grandview  Leading Business Men by H. A. F.  SHARP t\ co.  ������*r������i**fr������������*.*������.*vv*;������*i**.������^^  Phones Bmyvlew 1182  VAN UFFQRP BROS  I We Specialize in BULBS of which;;  we have a great variety.  Leave your order for Xmas Trees 1  and Holly now. I  ���������        , ������������������I  999 Broadway W., Cor. Broadway and Oak %  BEiFICI OFFICE, special for Bospltil fisltors. COI. BEATBEi ud BBOABWif        %  *   :    ' *  ********4***4>**************0 -M������M-i"M������M-!-  Expert Electrical Engineers and Supply House, 1149 Commercial Drive.  Sharp A Co., 1146 Commercial Drive,  are expert elect-"cal engineers, and  deal ln ail kinds of electrical supplies fi.a well. Mr. Sharp has been  located in Grandview five years and  has had ten years' experience in the  business. He carries a very, large  stock of supplies in wiring, fittings,  and fixtures of all kinds. They _re  experts in house-wiring, the installation of electric apparatus, and in fact  in doing "Everything Electric." They  also give special attention to repair  work. This is one of Vancouver's  leading electrical concerns, and their  store, 80x16, is stocked from end to  end and floor to ceiling with all kinds  and fair, honorable dealings they are  developing a very satisfactory trade.  ���������Mr. King has operated here since the  first of laBt July, and was in the same  l|ne on Cordova Street three years.  He is,an expert practical shoe man  and his growing business is certainly  a credit to him. -  DAVID80N-S BAKERY.  of electric supplies.  Seymour 5184.  Their phone Is  uneeda Market.  2446 Main Street  FORECAST:'  Business Barometer Reads���������BIG RISE  ' P"ce Thermometer Reads���������-ZERO  We are too busy to argue or reconcile this reading, but  we are tiever too busy to sell the  RBM OKANAOAN APPLE  Headquarters for High Class Bread  and Cakes, 1126 Commercial Drive.  The Davidson Bakery ia one of the  neatest, and well stocked bakeries in  Grandview, and we consider tbst it is  an enterprise that Is Indeed a noteworthy addition to Vancouver's' business houses. The Davidson Bakery  carries a very fine Una of bread,  .cakes, pies'and in fact general banquet supplies, and in short it la a first  class one in every respect. Mr. Davidson was born In the business, his  father before him having followed  it all through life. He Is ably, assisted in conducting it by his sister. They  hall from bonnie Scotland, as the com*  mon wealth of their nativity.  mm  mm  such as this is entitled to mention en  its merits, and it has been running  for some time. The business is constantly growing, and there are patrons  who have been dealing with this establishment many months, and there  can be no better recommendation for  a store. The staple and fancy groceries are well chosen and the goods  are bought from well established and  reliable firms. Mr. Banbury does a  large business and buys in large quantities and ia enabled to quote as low  prices as any other concern here*  a bouts, He has had years of experience in the grocery business, and  is an active - and' driving commercial  man, who wil) no doubt increase the  large trade that he haa already built  Up since locating ln Grandview. Per*  sonally Mr. Banbury is a pleasant,  and' keenly Intelligent young man to  meet, and makes friends easily with  his many patrons. He was bora in  Ontario. -  their prices challenge'c������_^  ^etw gentleme������_ wide ������b*^*^M  and  tion.  rience in commercial lite aaakes  good buyers,, and good- bought  are more than half sold.  Grandview have, an excellent  here for their festive board,  phone is Highland 162.  (Continued en Page 8)  w������$t  Ist-Md^cnran PHdajrat S4������t ���������.  ���������t������r -toad, one-half bfock jaorth of  ���������ay.   Phone ratrant IMS.  ' Editor. It BL Stavws; Ifaaager;  .Odium.        ' -\y-:.���������"':'  fyy^yi^^m^  ,"*2____^Vi?:'#!^4s4^a  ������������������xy-xjyy?mti$m  ���������   ' "- -mmT  8T-EVE8 *%  PERRY.  A  Flourishing  Wholesale, and  Retail  . Meat Market, 1411 Park) Drive, Mr.  D. Ferguson, Manager.  The markets of Grandview are. at  present   in  a  first  rate   condition;  though of course some are more successful  than others;    we will note,  however,   the   most  prominent  ones  here jr.<1 those whose reputation has  always kept. up to the highest standard for cleanL'rK ss. as well as choice  steaks, Juicy roasts, and tender chops,  and poultry In season, etc., etc.  Mr. D. Ferguson, manager, is a gentleman who is making many friends Ccnvmcreial Drive. In referring to the  here, as well as substantial patrons,  for the market. He has operated here  some three months, and has been with  the concern he represents four, years.  The Uneeda Market does a wholesale  as  well as a retail business in all j goods and fashionable ladies' tailor-  ; kinds of freah and cured meats, and; ing.   The proprietors are artists and  (poultry, etc.    This is one of: the P. have had fifteen years' experience in  Burns & Company markets.   They al-! their special line of business. -Messrs.  ways maintain   their business at  a! Long Bros., though new-comers, hav-  t very high standard and their many ing been established in their present  ���������markets  all over the  Province  and location some six months, have come  Alberta are recognized, by the govern- to the front, and our ladles may con  ment aa first-class ln every respect, gratulate themselves that a concern  . and up to standard.  In fact, too much of such-skill and experience have lo-  conslderatlon can scarcely be given to  that class of a city's industries that  caters to the dally wants of its inhabitants.   However here everything is as  ' clean and dainty as a iousewife's pan*  try, and upon government inspection  of meat markets this company's markets were endorsed unequivocally.  JOHN LONG BR08.  Headquarters for. Chinese and Japanese Silks,. Kimonae arid Ladies'  Tailoring, 1112 Commercial Drive,'  Grandview, B. C.  In this description- of the commercial interests of Grandview  we take  | pleasure in referring cordially to tbe  above named firm, operating at ill.  different. lines of business we have no  hesitancy in stating that John Long  Bros, conduct the leading and only  place in this section, of Vancouver for  securing the most fashionable Oriental       ������ 11.00 p������r year,  vwr  six months;   SI cents  -Maths.:--:-        ,v;^.vj-';y ���������  ChanaM ot ads. m������*.t>   Ur evtmtnr Mch.wMk to tawure  Uob In foltowlaa issuer  NotlcM of   blrtlw, deaths  rtaaea Inserted frte of  f char.*.   ,, xy^xxBW0^������M  ������������������::'TmMWmiSm  Bulbs! Bulbs!  _Yj*Ft  )  A Flourishing Grocery Store, Head*  quarters for Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Butter and Eggs,  Etc., 941 Park Drive. ,  In referring to Grandvlew's leading  business -hen and what they are doing In this article, here Is a house  that comes in for worthy mention.  Their store Is a busy one aad enjoys  a splendid trade.   Tho store la stock*  ed from end to end with high class  staple and fancy groceries, fresh country produce, butter, eggs, cheese, ete. i  These gentlemen maintain their bus!-J Now is the time to buy for FiUl plaat^  ness at a very high standard, and as|     ing to give good results for n*jkt' ,..  they are both personally popular and] -prinj. /  meet competition on every-side, they I  are very naturally winning. They V"CCI pD'C MITDQPDV  make deliveries promptly, and cater!a%s_s_l_l������rf_V ���������*-* il*UIv������_Ht'_\l-  closely to their customers' wants. Cof  i Sth Ave^dt Main St-  Everyone dealing with them is aa*| pfr0NE^m^i^-^^-   spf  -yy-yx:iv*is?ij;  ������������������������������������ --yi^fyM  A fine lot to choose _rom, all ll|  prime condition.   .. '  Sixty varletks to aslsyt frow.    >  SSSa  <,^yyyym  \  BAND'S  W. C. Baocl, Wsnsfer  You will find everything clean, comfortable and  homelike.  Our meals are quickly and daintify served.  25c Business Men's Lunch from U:30 a.m. to 2 p.m>  and Pinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Commutation Tickets $5.50 for $5.00  We cater to social gatherings of all descriptions.  3611 Main st.  Cor. 10th Ave.  cated in their midst. Moreover, it  should further be stated "here that  John Long Bros, do all kinds of ladies'  wear jqade to order and fit and style  absolutely guaranteed, as well as quality and prices to suit.   Messrs. Long  ��������� Bros, are well Informed, enterprising,  and go-a-head  young ��������� business men.  (They are bright and    intelligent, and  GRANDVIEW DRY OQODS STORE- aim to keep abreast of the times*-  1 ��������� ���������   ���������*������������������'. I all same as Americans and Canadians,  Conducted hy James Maelntyre, 4*.e* etc.  eently from Scotland, 1403 Commercial Drive.  This popular mart of trade is one  of Grandvlew's busiest stores.    It is  conducted  by Mr. James Maclntyie,  who formerly was in the dry goods  business six years in Scotland, and  has operated h������re about three months.  He carries a much, larger stock than  his predecessor, whom be bought out,  jand being late from tbe Old Country  lis therefore in close touch with the  i Old Country markets and manufact-  'urers.   He deals in dry goods, ladies'  'and gents' furnishings, and specializes  in infants' wear.    Mr. Maelntyre has  had on a big sale for the past two  or three  weeks  at  greatly   reduced  prices to make room for large shlp-  ���������    ^     SWINDELL BR08.  <****"* ���������*"*  Popular Grocery Dealers and Importers of Foreign and Domestic Cheese,  1417 Commercial Drive, Grandview.  . These gentlemen constitute one of  Grandvlew's successful business firms  and their record In the community ei.  titles them to worthy mention here, as  we note the leading business men and  what they are doing in this special  historical article.  To win in any line 1b exceedingly  difficult'these times, especially in the  grocery trade, but Swindell Bros, owe  their  prosperity to   their   excellent  methods, and their reputation for ab-  , solute honesty that they have estab-  ments of new fail and winter goods; lished.    Everyone dealing with them  now on the way.    He Invites you to is assured of the fairest treatment,  come to the sjtpre and get acquainted., and a child could trade with them as  He says: "Although we are new to  Grandview, we are 'old timers' in the  dry goods business. We have values  here that will hold you loyal to this  store and our methods of doing business is 'Satisfaction or money refund-  j ed.'"   Phone Seymour 5058R.  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA.  t������**\*******X*4***4***4>***  4*****4*********4*********  f        For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  !TRIMBLE  &  NORRIS j  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  '������������������^������4������l������i������l������l������l������iei������l������-*������i*i������l������l������i������l������*.������le<������*������<������l������M  Morris Jelly  H O. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  N Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St,. Mt. Pleasant  Capitalised at 925,000,000, ������11,500,000  Paid Up Capital, Rest Fund *12,-  600,000, and Total Assets $175,000,-  000���������-Grandview Branch, A. D. McLeod, Manager.  Prominent   among   Canada's   moBt  foremost financial institutions is the  Royal Bank of Canada, with branches  from one end of our fair Dominion to  the other, as well as in many of the  leading cities of other countries.   The  Grandview branch Is In charge of Mr.  A. D. McLeod, a financier and banker  of over ten years' experience.  The  institution   recently   bought  a  lot at the corner of Commercial Drive  and. Gravely Avenue, where they will  build   in. all   probability   rext  year.  This bank is capitalized at 125,000,000. a  Flourishing   Emporium  for  Fancy  with a paid up capital of $11,500,000.;    work and Millinery, 1437 Commer-  a rest fund of $12,500,000, and aggre-,    cial Drive.  ! gate assets of $175,000,000, and in re- j    *n noting a number of Grandview s  i ferring to 'Grandvlew's business men   busy places of business  in  this re-  eafely as a grown person could. These  young men are high class grocers,  and they have had considerable experience . in the business. They -are  wideawake and progressive citizens,  with "forward" as their watchword  Tbis Is the place for fresh produce,  fruits, ranch eggs, butter and cheese,  and staple as well as fancy groceries  of all kinds.  Swindell Bros, have put into tbeir  store this week a fine sanitary cheese  refrigerator.   They handle the famous  . English 8tilton cheese, the Swiss, and  i Canadian  cheese, Gorgongla  cheese,  : Roquefort cheese, Limburger, German  : breakfast cheese, Mcl_,ren's Imperial  ' cheese, 'Pimento, Edam, and Camem  bert cheese.    Here is an assortment  of cheese large enough for the Dukef-$  or Connaught or the  King  of  England.  j    Remember the number. 1417 Com-  ��������� mercial Drive.   Their phone is Highland 82SR.  _-r  Tailored Suits for Ladies  or Fancy,  All the newest Fall Shades,-in blue and  black Serges, Tweeds, Cheviots and Fancy  Worsteds, BEAUTIFULLY TAJLOREP     '_  We are not in the high-rent district, that is  why we can make np these regular $40.00 .  and $50.00 suits at *>  f������0t{H9  HOWLiAWES' TA(WRING  2450 Mftin Street, near Broa4w������v .  -" yty.Zm  3 iyx"'' "*"*"  / JX..   "itlHlf  ���������     y:;&*#:**  -; ymw^,  Vi-'J f Ae.-^J.'^*  yBMM  0y&y&i  i y$j&i,.._  \$yfy<&iZiy0M  -������������������s;,^y0iSiix  y '\y$(x?r..,F..v  KW'^yy :-;->y  xyy:Myy^y  yy.jy  M Better Clothes Made Nowhere"  We Guarantee tbat  TOONE: Fairmont 2273  m  *���������>���������>������������������-:������������������������������������ **���������'!'���������������������������������$"������������������ H I MM������ ilHP'MM  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  THE OQH  REST PARLOR  294*9 Mmln 81. 2de1or* from Iff* *%v  *ma*mx*vtp*va  ������?WcOOWEW  <* SALTER*  ConfectioiMry, Fruits and Soft Drinks  We get our Sweet Cream, Milk, Butter ant! Buttermilk freah daffy.      ������������������������  Large selection of Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos. 1  Agents for Woman's Bakery. 1  f**i.H I M lillllllUMHW   IIIHIIIIHIIMIIIIIIIM If  ********** I *******************************************  MISS   McKINNELL'8  MILLINERY.  | and what they are doing, we take  ! pleasure in referring cordially to this  ; institution, so closely identified with  I our city's growth and progress.  KING FOOTWEAR CO., LTD.  STERLING CAFE  THE SANITARY EATINO HOUSE  Save 1    MeaI  Tickets,   regular  price   $4.25,  50c... J    now -red"ced to 3*75 ~ t0 everybody  Place: 625 MAIN ST,  Prop., S. KUBOTA  Headquarters for Shoes of Quality and  !      - Style, 949 Commercial  Drive j  Prominent  among  Grandvlew's  en--  : terprising  and   successful   merchants  ; should be mentioned the above* named  : firm,  and they command  a place of  merit here.    They are specialists in  ; the footwear trade and no meu work  ' harder to achieve success.    They sell  their goods at the lowest prices consistent  with correct  business  principles, and we wish to state emphatically that the same goods cannot be  bought for less money from any  reputable firm in the city.   They transact all tbeir affairs in an upright, progressive way, and the wants and wishes of their patrons   are always the  first consideration with them.    They  carry  _  complete  assortment  of  la-!  ; dies' and gents'  and children's  foot- J  j wear���������shoes of the leading makes the:  ' markets afford. j  j    Obliging and attentive assistants at-'  : tend to the wants of customers.   They [  view article, we will call sepcial at  tentiqn to the nicely conducted millinery store oiwratei by Miss L. Mc-  Klnneil. She has had five years' ex-  ]>eiii nee in the mfllinery and fancy  work business, and has been on the  Drive during the past year. She has  been In her new location, 1437 Commercial Drive, for a little over two  months, and is doing exceedingly well.  Miss McKinneli has a very large business and social connection here, and  is really well known.    She is a dis-  PETERS & CO.  Pioneer Shoemakers  We do the Best Work for the Lowest Money.  (Jet Your Shoes Repaired Here  2530 Main Street  With improved quarters we improv. and increase our work according*-.  McLACHLAN & MORGAN  Hillcrest's Leader in New  Boots, Shoes and Repairs  jo   ic���������ii^    ���������cu   _uu-.it.      oue   is   a   uin- km        ��������� r*> a a S* /<.��������� ���������  tinguished graduate of the Vancouver   3 \ \{\    m_l||1    StrCCt GOI".    loth    AVe  High School.    She has lived all hen ���������J'J-*^        *"'    ������*-y*-������^^**- VVI *    ���������****"������    *~-V'g������  life practically in Vancouver, although j . .    .      .        - .  ;  was born In Kent, England. She\aaaaalKtKKKKSKKKKtSKKtettKKKteKtKeKe9tK^KtSOKKSeKSBKtl^  is a very pleasing and refined business lady to meet, and makes friends  easily of her many patrons. Her Btore  in Grandview is a favorite place for  the elite ladies to do their millinery  shopping attend we venture to say  that they get better value here than  at great large stores. Miss McKinneli invites you to give her a call.  H. S.   BANBURY'S GROCERY.  Headquarters    for   Groceries,   Fruits,  Provisions, Teas, Coffees, Etc., Commercial Drive and Parker Street.  I sive attention to every detail of the'    This concern is run on liberal, up-  business, and by courtesy to patrons to-date commercial principles, and it  Not the Cheapen Place  but Um Beat ,ValM far  fWmey  -      PU*SANT C0JVF/iCr ^  *a0\^    *        H* Ar*~*troBt' Pr������p* '*c_  *#  2440 MAIN STREET  *r>  To make room for our Xmas stock, we are offering during, October, *  Writing Pads and Pa pe tries  at specially reduced prices.  We sell all the latest magazines at publishers' prices.  Mount Pleasant people have learned the proper place to go to get  Cakes, Pastry, Table Fruit, Nuts, Cardies, ChOcolat**, etc.   "WE HAVE OPENED UP OUR H _>T DRINKS FOR THE WASON I;- ;j  V  M  J  n  ���������  S  -il  Ii  i ;  IS  i j.  II-  if  \\  ![  if  ������������������t*i-,  :^"^;-^  ������������������H-.; '/''-'.i'-V-  TlfTB WBSTBRN CALL.  Owners Mutt Post Names.  PORTLAND, Ore., Oct 2.���������Owners  ot hotels, apartment, rooming, boarding and lodging houses are today preparing to follow out the mandate of  the City Council in passing an ordinance forcing them to conspicuously  post their names on their respective  holdings; The ordinance is for the  purpose of letting the general public  know just who claims ownership of  the alleged questionable houses  ���������gainst which so much complaint has  bee* directed recently. It Is ex  pected a storm of objection will meet  the drastic measure.  Little James had been Imparting to  the minister the important and cheerful information that his father had  got a new set of false teeth.  "Indeed, James?" replied the minister, indulgently. "And what will he  with the old set."  "Oh, I s'pose," replied little James,  "they'll cut em down and make me  wear 'em."  WAREHOUSE   SITES, BUNGALOWS  AH prices and terms.   Short term loans.  REAL ESTATE        NOTARY PUBLIC  entfitnr Car Ttraliis. Cater Cattiga  GEO. A. STEVENS  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St.  Cedar Cottage  Just received a large assortment of latest  Fall Suitings for ladies and gents.    Prices  right.  PHONEs Fairmont 1217  '  LEADER   GROCERY  J. WEARN, Prop.   ____ - ,   "    ���������(    ��������� ������������������- ;' ������������������: ;  ���������..,  Full stock of Quality Groceries at the lowest  possible prices.  New Laid Eggs and Fresh Butter always irfstock.  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The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance., A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  !  I Western Canada Power Company,  :: LIMITED  ::  PhOrte: Seymour 4770      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg. \\  ; i P. 0. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. c. :  ' **K*****K******"*********^ *M"l-*l-������4"l-������*l"l"*"M"l"l"t"l"Ki.t'H������*|..ii*|.  Best Month In City's History.  Breaking all previous records, the  bank clearings and' building permits  were remarkable for the month of Oct.  The bank clearings amounted to,*59,*  492,120, which was a considerable advance on any previous month, the next  highest being May with 155,979,196.  There is little need to draw any comparisons between the value of the  building perinitB issued in October and  the total of any previous months, for  all records have been completely  smashed. A total of over f 4,500,000  was reached.  Ward 4 Conservatives Meet  The monthly meeting of Ward Four  Conservative Association waa held  Monday evening at 1422 Commercial  Drive. Mr. J. R. Jacobs, president, was  in the chair. Mr. Adair gave an interesting account of the Revelstoke convention, and indicated the wider field  covered by the educational system, not  only in the province, but also in the  whole- Dominion. The people's questions ought tp receive the most careful consideration before being presented to the government of the day. Mr.  J. C. Croot followed, enlarging upon  the ideas of Mr. Adair. Mr. J. J. Dou-  gan moved that in future all resolutions intended for the provincial executive should be in the hands of the  general secretary by July 1, and be  placed'immediately In the hands of  the local executive. The motion was  carried unanimously.  Fewer Lives Lost at Sea.  The toll of the. sea is gradually falling. In 1894, 1,874 masters and seamen and 1,197 passengers, making a  grand total of 3,071, were lost, aB compared with 997 masters and seamen  and 24 passengers (a total of 1021) in  1911���������-figures which appear in a British mercantile marine return Just issued. The proportion of mariners lost  in 1894 was one in 116; laat year it  had fallen to one in 248. Nearly 250,-  000 seamen are returned as serving In  British seagoing merchant ships last  year, as against Icbs than 220,000  fifteen years ago.  It is noticeable that of laat year's  over 230,000 were engaged on steamships, as against only 15,000 oa salliag  vessels. In 1894, 68,587 teamen worked under sail, agalaat 159,257 under  ���������team..'.  .       White Plague 'nereailn**.  SACRAMENTO, Cal,, Oct 26.���������fifty  thousand case* of tuperculoaii to California; 5,000 death* from thia plague  every year t������ tlw������ itata; wort tbwi  two-third* of the tubercoIcMils vlctim������  in California were *>orn Here or hare  lived here ten yeara; incomea of l������,-  000 store and factory employee! in  California average 116.58 a week, or  about $800 per family per year; necessity tor the state to assume the  cost of caring, In sanitariums, for at  least 25,000 of these tubercular patients, lf the disease is to be checked.  These are some of tbe salient facta  developed by an examination bf the  tuberculosis problem by state officials  during tbe past six months. Substantially, these points will be brought  out in a forthcoming report of the  tuberculosis commission -to the state  legislature. ������������������"(������������������  State Board of Health has compiled  the records which prove that 5,000 per-  Statistician George B. Leslie of the  sons die each year in California from  this disease. As it takes the average  patient four years to die after reaching the stage of the hopeless infection,  there are at all times 20,000 victims  In the state certain to die of this  white plague. Experts in tuberculosis treatment estimate that en this  basis the total number of cases In  California now cannot be below 50,-  000.  LAND  NOTICES  COAST DBSnUOT.  -onge ���������  TAKE NOTICE! that I, H. D. Ruggles.  of the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-  Iaw, Intend to apply for a license to  prospect: for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described lands:���������  Beginning at a post marked H. D. It's  N. Vf. corner, pi���������n ted two miles north  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bay;  thence runnlnng south 80 chains, thence  ���������Mt 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to point of com-  ���������ae-cement.  Dated this 26th day of August, 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  , ���������   :. B. C. HOLLO**, Agent.  coast i>_*f*naxoT.  X.  TAKE! NOTICE that I, H. D. Rugglas,  of tha City of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  ! law,   intend  to apply  for  a license  to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  lover the following described lands:���������  !    Beginning at a post marked H. D. B,'a  ;8. E. corner, planted three miles north  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bay,  thence running north 80 chains, thence  i west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  'thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated this 26th day of August 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT. Ageat  COAST BXSTBXCT.  X.  COAST B2STBIOT.  **���������*������**��������� X.  TAKE NOTIC9B that I, H. D. Buggies,  pf the City of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law. intend' to 'apply for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described lands:���������  Beginning at a; post marked H. D. It's  N. ET corner, planted three miles north  and two miles west of the westerly  point of Sutherland Bay; thence running  eouth 80 chalna, thence west It chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence east 84  chains to point of commencement  Dated thia 26th day of August. 101*.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT. Agent  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Rugglea,  of the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-.  law,   Intend  to apply Tor a license  to  prospect for coal and petroleum oft and  over the following described lands:���������  Beginning at a post marked H. D. R.'s  8. W. corner, planted two miles north.  et the westerly point of Sutherland Bay,!  thence running north 80 chains, thence j  east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence went 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated thiB 26th day of August, 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT, Agent.  coast x>nrmxoT.  Bamge X.  TAKE NOTICE that I. H. T>. Rugglea,  ef the City of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law, Intend to apply for a license te  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  ���������ver the following described lands:���������  Beginning at a post marked H D. R.'s  S. w. corner, planted three miles north  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bay,  thence ��������� running north SO chains, thence  east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated this 26th day of August. 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT, Agent.  COAST BXSTaXCT.  Baage X.  TAKB NOTICE that I, H. D. Ruggles,  of the City ot Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law,  intend to apply for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and;  over the following described lands:���������    |  Beginning at a post marked H. D. R.V  S. w. corner, planted three miles north  and two miles west of    the    westerly  point of Sutherland Bay; thence running!  north 80 chains, thence east 80 chalna.  thence south 80 chains, thence west It,  chains to point of commencement I  Dated thia 26th day of August. 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES. |  E. C. MOLLOT, Agent  *---������- X,  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Ruggles.  .the City of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law,  Intend to apply for a llceaae to  pf the city of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law, Intend to apply for a llceaae to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described lands:���������  _ Beginning at a post marked EL D. It's  N. _T corner planted one mile nerth and  two miles west of the westerly point et  Sutherland Bay; thence running south  80 chalna, thence west 80 chalna, thence  north 80 chalna, thence east 80 chains  to point of commencement.  Dated this 26th day of August Itl*.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E, C MOLLOT. Agent  Oct 26 to Nov. 28.  COAST B���������ffflttCT.  Baago X.  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Ruggles,  ef the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-'  law,   intend  to  apply  for  a  license  to.  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  ever the following described lands:���������     I  Beginning at a post marked H. D. R.'s  S. E. corner, planted three miles north  and two miles west of the westerly  ���������tint ef Sutherland Bay, thence running  north It chains, thence west 80 chains,!.  thenee south It chains, thence east 80  chains te point of commencement.  Dated this 2������t������ day of August, 1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT, Agent.  T-jroo*y~B������ x-u-rs mstbxct.  District of Coast  TAKE notice that Thomas TV. Mitchell  ef Vancouver, B. C; occupation timber  merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  !and,������:���������Commencing at a post planted  about five miles in. a Northerly direction  from the North East corner of surveyed  'Lot No. 29, Ran ire 2 nn'l on the Easterly  shore of Kle-Na-Klene River, in the vicinity of Knight's Inlet: thence North  SO chains; thence East 80 chains; thence  South 80 chains; thence West 80 chains  to point of commencement.  Date October 6th, 1912.  THOS.   W.   MITCHELL.  Per Chas. McHardy. Agent  Oat. 18 to Dec. 13.  VBOTTffCXAX, SU-CTXO-- ACT.  ���������aaoou-sr City Hectors* Siettot  TAKE NOTICE that I have received  objection in writing to the retention of  the following names on the Register of  Voters for. the Vancouver City Electoral  District, on the grounds stated below  And take notice at a Court of Revision  to be held on the 18th day of November,  1912, at the new Court House, Howe  Street at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, X  shall hear and determine the said objections, and unless said persons or some  other Provincial voter on their behalf,  satisfies me that such objections are not  well founded, I shall strike such names  off the eaid Register.  G. D. McKAT,  Register of Voters.  Dated this 28th day of October, 1118.  ,���������..': .Wa99':*%:]yy  Tbs following persons are reported ab<  stat from tha district:  . ������������������ Name: :���������  I.   Attwood. Albert Bract.  Address:  3'3| Mala St  It.   Blair, William,  Bli t, .fames St. Hillcrest  St.-   powdes. Joseph,  26th * West Ave., S. Vancouver.  It.   Bruckthaw, Jo������eph Henry  39th Avt. E. of Wttt Ave.,  |0.   Carter, George,  200 18th Ave. B.  **.-. Crux, George Charles,  303 King Edward Ave. E.  S3.   Evtritte, Joseph,  Cor. 19th * North Arm Rd.  102.   Greenslade,  17th & Westminster Ave.  110.   Harris, Austin Maitland,  Lot 301. Cemetery Road.  124.    Hicks. Albert  Lot 31, 18th Ave, Mt Pleasant  126.    Hicks, William,  Lot 801, 18th Ave.  133.    Jackson. John Everton,  246 18th Ave., D. L. 801.  149.   Knowland, Harold Vivian,  222 24th Ave. E.. City Heights.  169.   MacKay, John William.  16th & Main Hillcrest.  202.   Powell, Edward William,  D. L. 301.  330.   Smith, George William,  Blk. 80, Lots 13, 14, 16, D. L. 801.  3ft.   Watte, William,  Lot 301, Westminster.  crwt  VANCOUVER LAND DISTRICT  Dirtrict of Coast Range 2  TAKE  NOTICE that William H. Wooley, of  Vancouver, B.C.. occupation broker, intends to  apPly for permission to purchase the following  described lands: commencing at a post planted at  the north-wost ccrncr of Lot IS, nnd being W. H.  W.'s. N. E. corner po������.t, thence west 80 chains,  thence south 40 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence nort b 40 chainB.to place of commencement,  co taininK 320 acre* more or less.  Date 17th September. 1912  WILLIAM H. WOOLEY.  Oct. 25th to Deii. 20tb, 1912  The Chic Blouse Co,  IMPORTERS OF  SPECIALTIES AND NOVELTIES  in Ladies'Wear  DIRECT FROM EUROPE  Prices reasonable���������.incredibly low.  Call and inspect the stock.  723 Georgia Street  Opp. Hotel Vancouver Phone Sey.  3823    C. A. Stark, Prop.  Oysters! Oysters]  5. HILL  We are handling Fresh  Oysters. So now you epicures know where to come  for this elegant appetizer,  50c per pint.  Grocery  Ctr. *S\k Mil FfiMr Atmum  Alio Rlrtr R4* ���������*<? 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The negro has put himself absolutely  beyond the pale and should be ostracized by the public.generally. Leaders  of his own people, among them Mr.  Booker T. Washington, the most eminent negro in the United States, have  denounced and repudiated him. Johnson has shown himself to be a shameless beast and immoral wanton. No  possible good can result from exploitation of the negro and the public is  now thoroughly disgusted with him.  It's lots easier to slide down a banister than to climb a flight of stairs.  You can slide down to obscurity without trouble, but it takes climbing to  be somebody.  South Hillc__$l)oeSlore  Fraser Ave. & 47th Ave.  Opposite the school.  Cedar Cottage Fuel Supply  Terms Cask  Tor Cool and Wood  Phone fairmont 404  Order office 3418 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage, adjoining car terminus  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Oranville Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  S. FAWOR  CEOAB COTTAGE  Next to the Theatre  Every description of Second-  Hand furniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Pi ices Given, Lowest  Prices Charged.. ^^SKSPISS^^^B?  THB WESTERN 0A1j_  =vV"-: T^is?" :*Uff*������?^  Pleasant and  a/r^uMceto the people of Mt.  __ __ __  vicwMv that weare Ovenina dt**^^*.*********  ii If You Are Sick !  n CALL ON  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  I  \\     Chiropractic  succeeds   where  '' medicine fails.  2305 Main Street Near Cor. 7th Ave.  Having had long experience in the Jewelry Business atid Watch Repairing, tie  respectfully solicit a sIwmv of yow pafoowxge:  WeywiM do our best to please all customers  find we guarantee all our work. We will  wv Ime of goods usu  yi/na Jewelry store. >  Bemg a graduate of SOUTH BEND  COLLEGE OF OPTICS at South Bend,  JmMana.; ami of the CANADIAN OPHTHALMICCOLLEGE, Torcmto; also the  CANADIAN COLLEGE OF OPTICS,  Toronto; anil having had 11 years practical  {experience,  **********������**<+************  DRESSMAKIN6, KNOWING  Underclothing. Children's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue      ���������      Central Park  DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,  FORESTRY BRANCH.*  PRESERVING TIES.  ; *************************  ���������:yy ������������������:,. ���������. ���������-. -^u^-^  yyyyyymy^yyfy'^y^  ���������*-i :*<br\yV<-< .Ly.*-w^  ^ ���������*:":^<& ^y:ymmymmy<ymmmmd  H^^^^^__________*^;v-'r;iJii;'iv:'gi;.  yy y-y>MWm0mw$  to Test the Sifllrt  mrefylly cmd sdentifimlly and correct errors of vision*  Iftewillw a ���������' a^������J--.td- -:ini^6M( :cnir-ifl^eH^ o^^ewmes*  j. E. HQUOH, 2305 Main St.  Would Save Canadian Railways Vast  Sums Yearly.  There were 13,683,770 cross-tlea purchased in Canada in 1911, according  to statistics compiled by the Forestry  Branch of the Department of the In*  terlor.  '���������'  This is an Increase of 4,469,808 (48.8  per cent.) orer the number purchased  1-1910. The increase is largely due  to railway construction, which was especially noticeable in the Western  Provinces bia the new transcontinental  lines.; The replacement of ties on existing lines amounted to about 10^000,  mo.   .-.     '.y\].:-.y:  Eighteen kinda of wood were used,  Jack pine standing Drat in importance,  numerically, with about 40 per cent.  of the total. Tamarack stood second  with almost 19 per cent., and Douglas  fir with 14 per cent, and hemlock with  12 per cent, occupied third and fourth  places respectively.  T**e average price of ties In 1911  was 39 cents, one cent more than in  1910. Southern pine ties at $1.10 Im*  portal from the United States were  the most expensive,, and spruce ties at  26 cents were the cheapest The  sawn tie la increasing in favor evidently, as 70 per cent, or 3 per cent  more than in 1910, were the. product  of the *niU. Sawn ties cost, on the  average, 41 cents a piece, or 4 cents  mere than hewn ties, while in 1910  the h,ewn .ties were tbe most expensiveJ������y 3. .cents.  .  Only 206,209 ties, or 1.6 per cent, of  the total number purchased, were  given preservative treatment. However; this is practically a clear advance over 1910. two treating establishments are now in operation r������n  the average the treatment of ties prolongs their life by ten years- H Is estimated that at least 350 million feet,  ally through this process.  .-������������������*.-���������- ci '���������' "> .--'-vi.-1  pwsm  mmmm  Think of 9 stove  that will save you one  ton oi coal in fivej when  compared with the old  range; that will hold  fire twice as long; obviate the juggling of  dampers; and ventilate  your kitchen. AH this  can be accomplished on  GurneyOxford Chancellor Ranges  It'stiieOxfbrd Bcondmizer tl^      ,.,..,,,_,  on the smoke pipe at |he back of the range wi#| ^������ft������t  7^3 therang6tosaveiiiel..." y-#y 'y\:.2ySfyM !***  This is the 6iy point on Gurney ranges; but not  the onlyphe% a 1^ The Milerib^ ii^ *  fire-box, the divided n^e-strip that keeps the oven :  evenly heated, and* others, are features that we will ;  gladly demonstrate W you itay time you call at %  our store. --,-0,,*  xyy  .���������������������������r..V,v'.>,..v.i.'i!.K-a  y ���������:,������������������ yy&ixL  y-xix^yxy^m  yy.xx^mA  xy tyi������y$yi  p- yx'.iLrV.'y.L-f'^m  mmm  !������������������������������������ ;'iy:,>vt������-?*t>}i  y$'.L&.;y\  Cor. Ma^  PrjONE: F*^o&8W^^^^g  BRANCH STORE: Coroer Hfles and Frwcr  Phone i 0^  ******************* *******  *************  mm  yyS;:xim  ymywit  Mil  yj$,,  fit*"  SiiSili  yyy^yymf  m 11 m 111 m 1 ti 11111 i;iivi jii^.^iVi *WM'*Wi^ifwifiW^^^^  AT  657-l5th Ave. and Westminster Rd.  Apples  Winter Apples in all varieties, 45 lb. boxes      $1.50  Macintosh-Red Apples, 45 lb. boxes    -      -        1.25  (Only a limited quantify of Reds)  Potatoes  No. 1 Ashcroft Potatoes, guaranteed.     We will  give a  special price   on 5, 10  or 20 sack  ���������ts during this week's sale.  No. lChiUiwack Potatoes, 1001b. sacks     - .75  Flour  Yes, Flour has struck Rock Bottom Prices.  We have all the Favorite Brands in stock and will  sell at prices unheard of.  Cream  Jersey, St. Charles, Canada First and  B. C. Cream, our price      -      -      .10  s Market  Phones Fairmont 761, 762  .70  3 lbs. $1.00  .30  Jams  Empress 5-lb. pails       -  Tea     Tea    Tea  Regular 40c, our price -      -  Blue Ribbon, regular 40c, our price  Coffee  C.&E. Blend      -      -      -v-      -    3 lbs. $1.00  Special Mocha and Java       -      -      -      - .50  Soaps  White Swan, Royal Crown and Golden West, 14 bars .40  Oatmeal Toilet Soap, 8 bars       -       -      - .20  Washing Powder  Royal Crown, White Swan, Golden West and  Pearline Washing Powder, 2 pkgs.        - .45  Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 tins       -      -      - .25  Our Winter Goods are arriving daily in large consignments and we are obliged to make room, hence our  incredibly low prices. Our patrons will overlook some failures to deliver in time, Rush of business has  been greater than we anticipated.  t Siast Saturday was Our Banner Day in Sales  $0$ Appreciate Phone Orders and they have our personal attention.  BWiQiii  Atoiapjggi^  Of Piamonds, JewelrV, Cut Glass  Watches, Silverware, etc.  Pona fide and reliable reductions.  J_uy now and save money.  IT IS A PLEASURE TO SHOW YOU ROVNP  i  Qeo.Q. Bigger  *; Jewblleb and Diamond Merchant  : 143 Hastings Street, W,  -���������**+���������������.">** "���������'���������������H,4*44*'M������t������i-:'M.*.: Q M T"t T T 1T M till 4111| % ***.**]  Till  fieitlmr-  welfht  Gnn  A new gun of excellent workmanship end material.  Extra light weight.'    Made to our own specifications.   It's a beauty.  Every standard make of Rifle and Gun in stock.  Ammunition to suit alt guns and rifles in common use.  TI8OALL8 LIMITS!  619-09O Hmatlmg* St/*eot, Waat  Vamaomvar, 9* O.  DOING WHAT?  Why, eating PERFECTION HOME MADE  LOAF, and they all say it can't be beat.  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make   a   nutritious  satisfying meal.   Our customers say " It's just  like mother's."  Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best. We make Madeira, Cherry, Premier Cakes, also Buns, Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you.  Rowai-tree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK  r. H. DURRANT, Prop.  All leading Grocers supply Our Bread. *S       '> '  ���������-(  THE WESTERN CALL.'  I  I  I'M  lit-  III  1 ).    vJT  f      \1  AT THE HONIO STORES  "Changing Hands" SALE  V    Our entire energies are being devoted to clearing the immense collection of  BOQKS!    BOORS!    BOOKSI  We have undoubtedly the greatest, finest and most comple assortment of Books of every  kind, sort and description, and our range in popular styles is something wonderful.   We are  CUTTING PRICES FURIOUSLY  This is tout chsnce to build up your library, or set in a store for winter reading.   These  prices cannot last, so hurry.  NOVELS���������Paper, Generally sold in Canada at 15c and 20c, now 3 for 25c  NOVELS-UsuaUy sold for $1.25 and $1.50, no*A for 25c.  Christmas Cards, 83 per cent, 50 per cent and even 75 per cent. off.  Phone  Sey.  3472  3473  Phone:  THE HONIO STORES ���������������  A 56-S8 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  3473  N.  GRANDVIEW  ���������(Continued from Page 9)  GRANDVIEW  DRUG STORE.  a\ Popular and Universally Patronised  Pharmacy, Conducted by Mr. Wm.  m. Hunter, Phm. a., Commercial  Mktb* ������nd Parker Street ,  ft would not do to leave out tbe  4_r__dview Drug Store, as it plays an  Important part In tbe line bere, and  Mr. Hunter bas many friends as well  smi patrons. Tbere is no better man-  ;������_ad pharmacy in Vancouver, and be  casapounds bis prescriptions In a  ������������������iBstaUng manner.  ;T_e Grandview Drug Store is weU  ^loatted, tbe appointments are excel-  last, aiid tbe stock is weU arranged.  A full line of drugs, druggist sund*  ���������Isa, a superior assortmentof toilet  articles and perfumes, etc., are carats-, and a splendid .confectionery and  maia fountain department is conduct*  *ai in conjunction. Mr. Hunter com*  bere four years and -.half  wben tbere was nothing but  ipa adjoining him in tbls new  and residential section of the  ������tt*** Mr. Hunter is a graduate of the  Ontario College of Pharmacy, and To*  to-ito University, class 1901-2. He has  fbpowed the profession for flfteen  years, and ts therefore well qualified  fe*fe by training and practice for his  special line. We therefore take pleasure in referring cordlaUy to him and  the Grandview Drug Store ss we peas  in review. .yy.x  and is popular.   His phone is High  Und.21.  J. W. CAMPBELL'S ���������TORE.  .One of Grandvlew's Finest Dry Qoods  and Millinery Enterprises. 1017  Commercial Drive.  Grandview is well supplied with enterprises in all lines, and some of  them should receive strong commendation from us, and J. W. CampbeU'a  line dry goods snd millinery store is  one we have no hesitation In endorsing unreservedly. Mr. Campbell bas  operated here over four years, and  has had many years' experience In the  mercantile business. He caters closely to the needs of the fair aex taw the  dry goods, millinery, ind furnishing  lines. His goods are well selected,  are up-to-date in style, and bis prices  challenge all honorable competition.  He Is a very pleasing and keenly intelligent merchant'to meet, and we  are sure the ladies of Grandview will  find no place in Vancouver where they  will receive nicer service or better  value for their money. Mr. Campbell  Is a master in the buying art and believes that the elite ladle* of Grand-  view want the best and thst the best  Is none too good for them, and bis  constant ambition is to cater to their  needs in a most practical and serviceable .way.   He enjoys good business;  THE MAIN GROCERY 8T0RE.  Hsadqusrters for Choice Groceries,  Provisions, Fruits, Cured Meets,  Etc., Corner Commercial Drive and  Napier 8treet  The Main Grocery Store, conducted  by Mr. Main, at the corner of Napier  Street and Commercial/ Drive, In  Grandview, is positively unexcelled for  fine location and. a fine store. Mr.  Main has been ln Grandview some  five years, and bas been a resident  of Vancouver for nearly a quarter of  a century. For several years he was  on Hastings Street, and is one of Vancouver's most highly esteemed "pioneer" merchants. He carries, a fine  stock of groceries, vegetables, fruits,  all of which are well displayed, and  his clerks are ell polite, prompt, snd  Obliging.'"':--':'        "'I ���������...:���������.'������������������  Mr. Main, being one of the "pioneer*'  merchants on Commercial Drive, as  well as having a wide social connection, has very naturally built up a  splendid trade. He carries the best  goods to be imd wid sells at ��������� close  margin and his customers stand by  bim. Personally he believes-4������ -the  best snd in the "live and let live-  policy.   He is progressive and a  believer In "printer's InV' s^l ibert  Map of the City of  Vancouver  33 Inches by ll Inches, Printed in Two Colors  to(1-  Of Course There's a Reason  l':r" When you see railways laying their plans to build into Port Moody,  when you ������ee proposals for making Port Moody a fresh-water harbor, and  when a scheme is launched for constructing a four - million - dollar canal  from Port Moody, to link it up with the cities reached by the Fraser River,  then you know there is some reason for it.  The reason is that PORT MOODY HARBOR is preparing to receive  the millions of bushels of grain that will come tp its shores on the opening  of the Panama Canal. The great transcontinental lines coming to the Pacific Coast make Port Moody their destination. That is why the GRAIN  ELEVATORS WILL SOON HAVE TO BE ERECTED. Our property,  . ������������������������������������������������������,'...'������������������  is the spot around which all these big developments will centre. If you  doubt it, we invite you to make the trip to Port Moody. We s_������ll be  pleased to take you there with us tomorrow on one of our free excursions  by launch, starting at 1:30.  You will also see by the official maps of Port Moody at our offices  that what we sajris true. Our property is in great demand and as soon  as our promised announcement is made we expect realty values will take  a decided upward leap. #  We j3till have a few more high level lots which we are selling for  $175 EACH  TerinWpia^fifth cash; balance half yearly over 30 months;"or one-  |enth cash, balance monthly over 30 months.  Bead Opce^422 RMJhards St       BranchOffice, 160 Hastings Street W;  ' / XVAiJCOIJV^p.r.-      ���������-"; .  ������������������.'���������-;��������� phone Sev|aour J567. Open Evenings.  f *���������������  i?f  ���������I  ���������1  8  US  MESSRS. IiEITCH & TAYLOR,  309 Cambie Street,  Vancouver, Canada:  Dear Sirs,���������Please forward me a large authentic map of  the City of Vancouver, also full particulars regarding the  estate of Joseph Martin, K.C., M.P.  I understand that this property is located well within  the city limits of Vancouver, and as I am desiring an investment of well located city property, you may send-me full  particulars about this property, together with a plan of subdivision, illustrated folder and price list.  It is understood that I am not obligating myself in any  way by sailing for this information.  Tours truly,  l/lalllQ      m* m.*)���������������������������������������������������**���������*������ *y ������������������*}������������������ *> *y ** ���������������������������  ��������� ���������������������������������������������#���������,������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  *������������������  ���������  ���������������������������  Address    .......  (W.C.)  CUT AROUND THIS LINE  I  I Write For It Today I  ! ���������  distinction   here.   He was born in  Scotland. .������������������..: "^yyyyyyyyyy  GRANPVIEW  THgATBe.  A Popular Place of Amusement; 1712  Commercial prive.  Among Grandvlew's various enterprises none deserves more prominent  mention than its, popular amusement  and pictorial educational resort���������The  Grandview Theatre, 1712 Commercial  Drive. It has a seating capacity of.  between tour and five hundred., and a  change ot programme is made three  times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays  and Saturdays, and the price of a-friis-  sion is only five cents for. children,  and ten cents for adults.  Next week, commencing Monday  night, the Grandview Theatre will  have an expert new piano player and  singer and illustrated songs from Cuba. Miss Padre is recognized as a  charming vocalist and musician, and  Messrs. Corriveau Bros, leave no stone  unturned to secure the very best to  be had in their line. They have operated here since February and have  made a great success. Tbe shows are  all well patronized.  Will This Prophecy  Be Fulfilled?  Le Devoir of Montreal republished  from a Parisian newspaper a paragraph  which bas interest in reference to the  ������ resent situation in  eastern    Europe,  [ere it is:  "The year 1912 promises to be fstal  to the Ottoman empire, if we are to believe an ancient legend of the Balkans.  A propnecy has it that Contantinople  wifl fall again into the hands of the Chr-  istions in the year in which the festival  of Easter shall have been celebrated  March 25, Annunciation Day. The  prophecy was made, it is said,in 1458,  the year of the taking of Constantinople  by the Turks, and this year, 1912, for  the first time since. Easter of the  Orthodox Greek church was celebrated  on If arch 25. The prophecy ssid also  tbat as , the city of Constantine was  taken by a Mahomet (Mahomet 11.)  it would be taken from a Mahomet;  and it is a curious coincidence that the  present sultain is  Mahomet V."  London, Oct. 28.��������� Prof. Richards,  lecturing at Oxford on the sovereignty  of the sir, said that if the air remained  free, the defensive works of ���������every  country would be expired. Grave difficulties, be ssid, would arise regarding the rights of belligerents flying in  neutral states. It wsb essential for  these countries to have absolute sovereignly of tbe  air above them.  BITUtlTHie  ���������-.'��������� ���������   :-        :'������������������������������������������������������ '������������������'���������������������������;.������������������ '-���������������������������-y. ,>..������������������"   /���������������������������.���������:���������������������������....��������������������������� ���������:������������������.  . \^^e'J^yem^it with niore  0OO|> QUAUTIES  than any other  Bituminous pavement.  ..'^/.���������'v..:.:.'*W<i'by'''  COLUMBIA WTUMTHIC, UP.  Phones Sey. 7|30,1255       20-23 FairfleW ������ldg'  Writing Tablets at the " CallOffice."  EferyWonaa  , U Intmrad sad ���������hooldkarnr  i ������lxiBt_~iron_s-f!jl  Alkrosr diiggl**s I   tt If tw q_���������at tspplj  th* XA-YXL. m-htTm __  otftv, tat mb������ ataap for tins* _  trmUd j)qr>tg   ������������������*���������_!> gtrw flfflT*  p_ttc__"issd _nettovB_***iiM*M*f  tota_M.w_niaoBs***-*nr.*rooMr  r.o_*  Boys' Clothing  We have the largest and best selected stock  of Boys' Clothing and Furnishings in the city.  We carry the celebrated  "LION BRAND"  SUITS and KNICKERS, double seats and  knees; there is nothing stronger on the market.  BOYS' HOSIERY, SWEATERS, UNDER-  WEAR. In fact everything the Boy wears is kept  in stock.  Clubb & Stewart  309-315 Hastings St.W. Phone: Sey. 702  m  .._  w&


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