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The Western Call 1912-11-29

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 -i-*)  ' i     *7t A_tT?_f3S05*!  J     -/  ' \  fe?*  _-~  '*4JJ  S_w  -    .- -     *���������**��������� ���������.-,.  Phone: Fairi_i$i&%*V*w  y %%i S3_  1140  Ask' fcr Adv������rU*laf ft*������  -  ���������" X*^--?**fiffl  'j"'*������f  VICTORV  :7~y VOLUME IV  H.H.,  .,^%*_xv; i*., Editor-in-chief  Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  We  i___B������- '������$%  VANCOUVER, Biotish Columbia, NOVEMBER 29; 1.12.  =  ��������� '.(���������/, -'y:  .-'-������������������������������������   ������������������ ���������n-..'.i-aEO*i>V.-������ni  '"���������aiifi ii Am rim qcduc t���������������^���������^.���������^.4^������^^"^^^������^^^M'^^^^������*^MMH^v������*^ >��������� *<* m t*****^***-***+**,**+**** n +** 4 ���������. i ������������������ <. .n������i.*...i.i .i^..* ���������!���������������>������ <  v   '    TWflMA^RS'V!    ~        ^  Another Conversation with Rev. Father Bonner  of the "Western Catholic."  (Prof. E. Odium. M.A.. B.Sc.)  Reverend Sir:   In last week's "Western Call"    \ \  I had the pleasure of addressing a few thoughts  to you on some phases of public life and religious  teaching in relation to our National Common  Public School System.  For the present 1 pass on to. another phase of  your Church life, its aims and claims. As I do  so, I shall show you, and through you, the general public that you aim at the impossible, or in  other words you aim at making the public and  your people believe that Jesus Christ Was wrong  -when He said "No man can serve two masters."  You Sir, and your Church, claim that Protest- :s.  ants, and especially Orangemen, are intolerant,  and that tolerance is characteristic of the Romish  'Church.. ��������� ���������..   V ������������������;���������)<-������������������]'���������  Have patience with me, and I shall present my  Case so clearly that you will.get my intent. Perhaps you are acquainted with the Rev. father  Phelan. , Of him "The Catholic Register" says  "The IJoly Father himself regards Father Phelan  as a vertitable fountain-head of orthodoxy."  Now this "Father" says or Protestantism:  "Today the whole world believes that Protestantism is the mother of all abominations, the  Scarlet woman, and the whore of Babylon. The  unchurched and unsexed millions' who disgrace  every civilized land, are the waifs of the Reformation. The disrupted homes, morgues of plighted  love, are the handiwork of the Reformation. The  debauchery in high and low life in every land  where Protestantism holds sway attests the general loosening of bond's of morality caused by the  Reformation. Protestantism has become the synonym of unbridled lust, domestic infidelity, and  irreligion throughout the world. Compared with  England, Japan is clean. Judged on the score of  honesty, the United Statea stands belowSouthern  Italy. In divorces'and illegitimacy the Protestant  peoples are first and all the rest nowhere."  (Continued on Page 7)  WTO ON UVE IMS  /  By Alex.  -  UNION MADE %\  CHELOR������*  Ask the man  ���������  who smokes them.  ;  J  CANADIAN IfOBTJWN EAU.WAY.  ' Sir William-Mackenzie affirms that the Canadian Northern Railway does not ask or require  ) a bond guarantee of $20,000,000 from the Dominion Government for the financing of the British  Columbia section of the transcontinental railway.  "Our present British Columbia grant and subsidy will be ample'to meet all requirements,"  said the distinguished president of the company.  SITUATION IN NV&OPg.  The strained relation in Europe is less tense  than at the beginning of the week. Optimism  obtains at the great centres. It is believed that  Oreat Britain, France and Germany can avert a  general European war, which has been imminent.  A sane view of the international interests involved favors continued peace among the "Powers."  Adrianople is in the closing grip of the allies.  Fire^ famine and anarchy weaken the Turks and  second the destructive efforts of their enemies.  ATTORNNY-GINmi- W. J. BOW8UR  ANO THU OWJ&OVWUN.  The recent conference of clerygmen and officials resulted in opening to view a line of cleavage between the representatives of the religious  and moral organizations bf the city and the Honorable representative of the people of British  Columbia.  The former demand the operation of the Criminal Code of Canada as applied to fallen women,  including a jail sentence penalty; the latter urges  more merciful treatment of these pdor victims of  human lust, and advocates the arrest and punishment of keepers of bawdy houses, landlords  and patrons whose unbridled passions furnish a  weak, plausable excuse for these vile dens.  "Enforce the law," insists the one. "Educate and reform the women," argues the other.  The Police Commissioners now favor drastic  measures, if necessary, to clean the city. "A  change of heart!" claims the Attorney-General.  "Our duty!" insist the Commissioners.  In the meantime the prostitutes and their characterless supporters "laugh and grow fat."  Beautiful Art Calendars Free, see  Fisher's Drug Store Ad. page 5.  Tfye tremendous responsibility imposed upon a people who undertake the development of a ^;  new country has never found "a more striking example than that of the Dominion of Canada. A ��������� ������������������  territory so vast in extent that, even at the time of writing, only a comparatively small portion !!  is known, and the major portion of that whieh is settled has become known only in recent ',',  years; ;   j . ���������  '    .- ������.  Canada has a population of less than eight* billions, and an area greater than that of the ;;  United States. Vast areas, which formerly were 'considered barren wildernesses, have been <���������  proven to be rich agricultural lands and are rapidly becoming the homes of a sturdy race of'',!  prairie farmers. Northern Ontario has millions qf acres of the most fertile lands which have ';;  only been discovered within the last few years, and*'hich will, within a generation, be settled with ' >  a population of thrifty home-builders. ] !!  British Columbia, the sea of mountains, also pi proving to the world that while it is a "sea !!  of mountains" in very truth, it is, at the same tone,, equally great in respec^of valleys. Be- ; ���������  tween those vast ranges of hills there slumbers beautiful valleys, rich in agriculturalj^td horti- ;;  cultural possibilities, water-powers unequalled in ������oy other part of Canada, are these. Mineral <'  deposits, so extensive as vto justify one in saying tbat they are inexhaustible. Timber, fisheries ! I  and other natural resources undreamed of a few yeas ago. ;;  Then there is the great Northland, the Peace.-River and the Mackenzie and their tributary';  valleys, which we areonly "suspecting" of being|arable but of which government statistics tell '>'>  us, is of equal value as a wheat growing area, to that of Saskatchewan. All this implies reaponai- \',  bility. A slight indication of the problems of the future Canada, is given in the Northwest today. |;  In the pastseven months 300,841 immigrants have landed in Canada, 200,701 from across the seas, ; >  of all nations, and 100,140 from the United States. Efy far the larger portion of these have located ��������� '<  in the Northwest, In the decade 1901-1911,: Alberta's, population increased .500 per cent, Sas- |;  katchewan over 500 per cent and Manitoba over 90 per cent (owing to its restricted area, Mani- ;;  toba could not equal her sister Provinces, but now her- boundaries are extended one is safe in > '<  saying that the increase in4hat Province will equal that of the other two). ',',  Therefore one of Canada's greatest problems is, and will continue to be for generations to !  come, how to absorb this vast increase in population.  This immigration might be divided into three classes���������that from the states to the south���������that '.',  from the British Isles���������that coming from foreign countries. ' \ ��������� ���������  The first of these, from the States, is an uihisu_lly high class of settler, intelligent, comfortably ''  well off, and born to the type of life they will necessarily have to lead in their new home. In every '.',  respect they are a "desirable" immigrant, and will require little "absorption."  There is one char-.;;  acteristic of this people, which must be considered���������they bring to their new home all the traditions, *  customs and commercial habits of their native land and never once think of readjusting their ideas t  to that of the new.   By virtue of their aggressive intelligence they immediately assume a position %  of influence in the newly settled districts, and are a-Very potent factor in moulding the national ���������  ideals of the.foreign-speaking immigrant, with the ^inevitable result���������there is growing np in the \',  Northwest a sentiment, which is antagonistic to that of Easter*). Canada. This is not deliberately ;;  intentional on the part of our American friencUvAfcut quite what we may expect,    what we'������  must show to our immigrant cousins from the south ia���������first, that we highly appreciate his good 1'.  qualities, but at the same time must insist that p* respect our .national traditions, customs ;  and allegiances, to Canada and to the Empire., Jn our anxiety to encourage "land settlement," ���������  ���������i. ._ ���������__*���������_-_ ^ _ _^ * ���������_-._*.. |or ^eBX 0j 0fj������(j--tj[*4|lg o- frightening away \  good motto in,their' country which would ���������!!  ie here, which is: "If you comt to onr coun-  ���������  opt our national ideaJs"-*--a very good motto. . ���������  resent ho difficulties-hs ^a'r as assimilation ',',  some of us are inclined to suppress our national i  these most .desirable settlers.   The Americans '  apply as well in Canada, and to them when they  try to earn your living, thou become a citton  ,. _ .The���������_ee������nd-elass-���������those froift-tm* tWtttltl  is concerned, but with them it is a question of adaptation. The new conditions, climate, customsV;  and manner of life is so entirely different that many are ruined in the first few years, cThere are ','���������  thousands of cases where English immigrants, with enough money to start "them off well as farm  ers, have been fleeced by land sharks, machinery salesmen and careless advice giveu as a joke. ;  These people come to our great Northwest without the slightest idea of what they are to contend < ���������  with. They know little about farming, and nothing about prairie farming. They have no laea ;;  how to protect themselves against the colcl winters, nor do they know how to best lay out their ;;  small capital so as to win from the prairie the first crop which will start them off on their new ���������������  life. ' \:  What is required to get the best out of the British immigrant is, to provide for his instruction ;;  ���������to help him adjust himself to his new life���������safe guidance and advice as to what is required *���������  to properly cope with the new conditions. He is a good settler if given a chance, and we  should make every effort to encourage and help the British settler. At no distant (date this class  will be required to "leaven" the vast foreign immigration, or we shall find that our great national  ideals are lowered, and tbe glory of our civilization and traditions have suffered, from the preponderance of foreign influence.  What shall be said of the third division, or those coming from foreign countries f They come ������>  from Northern Europe, from Southern Europe, from Asia Minor and Asia. Those from Southern '.'.  Europe and Asia are the most numerous and present the greatest problem. ;;  It has long been well known to students of social science that Southern Europeans produce'"������;'  the greatest number, per capita, of criminals against the person of any section of the civilized 1',  world. A careful perusal of our criminal statistics will prove to any doubting person that, in ;;  our own country at least, this is more than true. Again, these immigrants have a strong tendency  to "drift" to the great industrial centers. They segregate, or hire together in "foreign quarters." Under the present system of dealing with this class of immigrants, it would take many  generations to even eliminate their most conspicuous national traits and in place of absorbing or  assimilating them we would find that we had only succeeded in perpetuating their various  national peculiarities. One alarming feature in dealing with this phase of the problem, is the constant demand of railway contractors for "dago labor," ostensibly because they are better workmen  but in reality because they prefer the American system of securing large batches of these laborers  and dealing with them through a "boss" rather than as individuals and further because they will  live under circumstances which are impossible with British, American or Canadian labor. This  should not be continued���������it is altogether unnecessary and must be stopped. We want railroads  and other public and semi-public works ,but not at the expense of our national life.  By providing "human" accommodation, fair wages and the chance *to acquire some land in  the, new country through which the road passes, the railways could secure ample good labor from ���������������  the British Isles, or Northern Europe. They could build their roads and settle the land at the same '.'.  time.   They would not need to fleece the men of doctors'  fees,  for which  they give  little  or no ;;  (Continued en Pag* 8)  ',***,* * * * |. IHI Hi! IIIIHIIIII M 4 * * H 't -1 t II1111 t"������l"H< 111  NOT 33 FEET  BUT 66 FEET WIDE  Not near a proposed station  But 5 Minutes Walk from the Present Station at  PORT MOODY  Price not $250 per 33 feet But $400 per 66 feet Tilw ������_*_(?5___!  CITY BRj,OKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  M$WmU  _>���������-':���������;': ^yy:y^y0������������yi:yx^^^^^  . A. - - __  _'��������� ������_l-,'S^'*������T^.i/*!5&  ���������^^sm^m  yyyyyyym$l$m&  H. H. Steven% M. P., Takes Exception to tha     |^  Statement*^of Araaad Lavcrgno.  y.xyyii'2  VANCOUVER MUCBEB 8PKAK8  '   ' -. BKFOE1 0AMAI)laMaL*79yS  ������������������������������������. ��������������������������� ;i,;i ;. yyyfrtftx&0ffi8a  ;.'������������������'��������� -x. ��������������������������� :x.y.y.yx^s^s^Wi  Declare* for Exclusion of  aniL Sound Ctommeroial Pottcy.  i*$-'-I'  .���������:.!:t.^':f2r'.^������  Fi^m th������ London''Free Prtee''ef No*, tlei  H-. H. Ste*rens, M. P. for Vancouver, was the         speaker and guest at the London, Ont., Canadian  Club banquet, held in the grill room of :;the;Te������>.;:|^||;ti^'^^  cumseh House  Wednesday evening. Noveml^;S^rS|  20th.. - For   aearly   two   hours ���������:,ilr.:^S������e*^^i5^^  held' hni^. beared.sp^bouhd^  personality ���������;: *������;biii*m^  timism; a sociological student of sound' pi__ci^B''���������;'���������; ������f"Si  and rugged .AMia-i^r't-i 'ana. ^i^jwj^qijaie- .^lioif^^^^^^^vA-t; _������^  reckoned with j a mian'Who,,*Ji*hile sound_ng i 'n^^  ��������� of warring along. eiirta������m:_nMi������,'. licddB' t_MB''ii_trt!bi^^l������^^������^P  ���������'��������� Canada���������-up to not nature,^ but the <:woirld.'.;:ay^||o^^s  . waxes el0qu*������_A and mo**e<_^neht m  tentiality after potentiah%, and poanbiluty^  possibility, of the now: and future of this wc  Siieoiuitrjf. :��������� y .���������yy^rxyyyyy:.my^  ''Canada But and West."   That was his subject proper.:  ^("tommencing^ik.the^  point of the Dominion���������the Marifcihi&lTOviii^^  through Quebec, Ontario,'' Mahitoba^;:.$i-^telip^'^^|^^  wan, and on to the coast, he cleariy and conch-ely  drafted the resources of each province and told in  wh*t particularity one outdid the other.   All had ^^xx^pxp^^  wonderful i*iii^*ma^  resources. : i Ontario stood ^otrt;;.jp^^minently^ai  the one particularly bright and shining *^arht       ---yyy*  the contrteDation of the many luininoeiti<^   Pish- ^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h"'  eries, -_neraVdiq*H>sii^:;fei^^  landa; water ;.v^***er,;;_ore*rta;^  sources, Mlbftmlfa'MfW  area of lan&iiijjij]^^^  where ike farther north one weirt the vaaUr  more wonderful became the i������ospect.  tih> there fi^^te^nw^apm  and elsewhere la the  tario was Awadia m an ffidorado; the lottta Ui^l  In a land tf#|*i!|f���������:r  Roughly-q^l-ittg/the jhow of liake Superior  was the dividingline; theline thataeparated topographically, the Eart from the West. But the  speaker's pdiht''wil th������t there should be no div?*  isional point. Instead of dividing, this line should  prove the pulsating, strengthening link.  The Western provincial history for the last, tef  years reads more in the nature of romance thau  consummated realities. The speaker recited statistic after statistic to show and prove the phenomenal growth and rapid developmental stwdtek!  Western Canada had seen in that time. Bfore  than doubling in its population the real growth:  had not yet begun. The country Can hold and  take care of millions on millions more citizens.  Every province can. And the potentialities of  these provinces, their undeveloped oil areas, coal  areas, the vast tracts of virgin timber land, ready  and waiting for the axe and civilization. What  is not real lumber timber is splendid pulp material  Asphalt beds unlimited. There is enough virgin  asphalt in Alberta to pave every city and town in  the Dominion. Irrigation has begun. Millions of  acres of arable land will be ready for the incomer  in a very short time. Minerals, the wealth of  which the most sanguine geologist cannot even  guess at, A wonderful land; a glorious land; THE  land. And Ontario has all these. She is the vade  mecum of the whole province. On her surface  and in her depths is to be found what is found in  all the others.  To Bind Together  How to bind the great parts of the Dominion  together into one greater whole was the question  that Mr. Stevens lent most of his energies towards  the explanation of. The first great principle towards this end he considered to be a "national  idea." Canada was not self-interested. She waa  (Continued on Page 3)  >*iti>fc3  HARDWARE  Bapco Paint, Oil  STOVES   and   RANGES  Our Fall and Winter Stock is complete.  ^ Call and Inspect.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street Phone: Fairmont 447 ���������*>--"-**-���������������������������*-���������*.  THE WESTERN CALL.  \*  l_>  Ih*  ������a s>*i<i������iai������������.i������������������������'i-������<ip-i������.������������ - ������<"i"ii i <'������' ���������r������������''i'*'i"t<-ii'������*i"M|'i>**������<;*>������**<i������*11'**  I Grandview     mted hy A R-PIERCE *  Phone Fairmont lMbd    r %  > ��������� *  jL   Note-^News meant for this erfu__������d___!beii_i"ea'Or phoned to the editor early W inmne X  4-aaertion. X  #4,.*..i..*.frlfr.*ifl.*i.*..iHM"M^  Mrs. Ralph E. Frost, 1823 Third  Avenue, Grandview, will not receive  again until further notice.  Commercial Drive Nearly Paved..  The   task   of   paring*   Commercial  Sheet Metal Works and  FOR SALE  Will sell separately if desired  1618 COMMERCIAL DR.  Small Houses  and Shacks  are my specialty. If  you want to get a small  ho*_ee and a large lot,  get in touch with me.  I have cash payments  at low as $75 for a house  and "lot  J. Matthews  I9M ���������kartts Street - a-������**_vlew  Branch Office:  Cor. Stf-tex Ave. & Westr. 94.  West Barnaby, Central Park" -  Drive is drawing tp a close. It has  been ;a long and tedious wait oa the  part of the residents and business  men of Grandview, and the approach-  ling .completion of this great improvement to this promising section of Vancouver is regarded with relief and  satisfaction "by all. Commercial Drive  is now a most attractive thoroughfare.  Mrs. W. S. Whiteside was takes to  ithe General Hospital on Sunday, and  underwent a serious surgical operation Jdonday morning for tumor. We  are .gratified to state at this writing  (Tuesday) that she te doing well.  mew Water Main.  Workmen may be seen, in the.vlda-  lt*r cat ..Commercial Drive, along  Cfcar-es .Street, layings a ver-*. large  water main. The pipe at this point is  thirty-two inches in diameter. This  line is to furnish water for Fairview,  and also ;is to run into the Little Mountain Jtfieervoir. Its source is Seymour  Creek.  Grandview  B-Cat* *3tac������ry, 14th Ave. and Commercial Drive.  GrandHew Staty1., 1130 Commercial Dr.  Lynn, E. M., Keefer and Campbell Avs.  Mathem*. J,, 1980 Charles St.  *durray_, 18*12, Commercial Drive.  999c Store, 1150 Commercial Drive.  Rod way., J.. 1618 Commercial Drive.  Swindell Biros., 1417: Commercial DriTe.  Wismer, A., 1433 Commercial Drive.  Watts Hardware, 1407 Commercial Dr.  Winnipeg Grocery. Harris and Campbell Ave.  Tbe chances are that a man who  looks before ihe 'leapt���������wont leap  it*  BWtWLO <jR  CommerclAl Drive snd Hth Ave.  "Tfte Home of Qw<tlily  ft  PwineM earn** our way because we keep what  tbe people need and charge moderately.  Groceries, Provisions, Fruits  ,     GaJy the best brands kept ia stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  Enterprising Victoria  Drive Merchants  Many  Flourishing  Enterprises  In All  Lines  Opening  Up  in   th'*   East  End, With "Forward!" as the  Watchword.  VICTORIA  PHARMACY.  Victoria Drive's Popular Druggist and  Stationer, jCorner of. Keefer Street  specialize in Burnaby lots and acreage  _nd ,Grandview homes. They have a  large list to select from, among which  are a number of very excellent buys  for investors with either large or small  ^capital. The personnel oi me firm is  composed of Messrs. G. vV. and A. E.  Brown, who were formerly lumbermen  in Ontario, and n. W. Brown,' who was  a rancher in Saskatchewan prior to  pitching his tent in the Terminal City.  Mr. Geo. W. Brown officiated on the  town council in the East for fifteen  years.  Readers of this special article on a  number of the East End leading business men and what they are doing on  Victoria Drive, will find the Brown  Realty Company bureaus of informa-  Mr. W. T. Boardman is the popular  pharmacist in this section of the EaBt ..,__ ������������������  ���������������������������������_.. m      i    ._��������� ���������  End, lo__ted__t the cerner of Victoria ^v^J^S^a^ ��������� '? " i8ecti09  Drive and Keefer Street. He conducts l-g '*������*���������������er- .������* ��������� ta������t plea8,u������  the Victoria Pharmacy, and deals in, JLSSS%i JSnf������ \^������ J"1 i**  drugs and druggists' sundries, analf���������*^** t^**��������� ��������� hlSh P-ace in  makes a specialty of the c0mpound* j ^^  ing of prescriptions, etc. He also carries all the.leading monthly periodicals and daily papers. He has had  fourteen years' expeiience as a druggist ' and has conducted the Victoria  Pharmacy .two .years. He is a graduate of the ^Manitoba College of Pharmacy and or the B. C. P. A.  Mr! Boardman is of the enterprising and energetic type. He was born  in Manitoba, and the Western spirit  of activity and "go" is natural.  Personally he .is keenly intelligent,  and keeps abreast of the times,  Is a good student of his profession,  and is moreover painstaking with each  and every customer. Patrons patronizing tbe Victoria Pharmacy are assured of a pharmacist that can stand  the "acid test" for accuracy and thoroughness in his profession. He is a  genial young man, and Id social as  well as business circles in the East  End, Mr. Boardman .is personally popular. We would be remiss ln this  Bpeclal article referring to the leading  business men and what they are doing, it we did not rater very cordially  They also have branch offices at  Edmonds, B. C, and Chatham, Ont.  VICTORIA DRY GOOD8 EMPORIUM.  Headquarters for Dry Good*, Millinery,  Ladies' and Men's Furnishings, Victoria Xhrlv.0.  Mr. J. A. McLeod is the enterprising proprietor of this enterprise, which  waa established last June. While it  Is one of the later business additions  to this business center on Victoria  He Drive at the end of the Harris Street  car line, Jt is rapidly forging to tbe  front, and .gives promise of holding  the trade ot this section that formerly  went elsewhere. The residents are  loyal to the Home Trade" policy and  more especially wben they get better  value here than at big departmental  stores, wnerp either inferior goods are  handled or lancy prices are charged.  Mr. McLeod is a -merchant of several years' experience in the mercantile world. He is a good buyer, and  goods -bought right are more than  half sold.   .   ....... He is a gentleman of ex*  to him as we intake mention of the' cellant taste aad deals only with lead'  various enterprises operating in this  section of ths East End of Vancou  ver.  J. A. PELKEY  A Flourishing Grocery, Confectionery  and Stationery 8tore, 570 Victoria  Drive. Corner Tumar���������Opportunity  to .Buy a Good Buataaai.  Prominent among many Vancouver,  ites stands the name of Mr. J. A. Pel*  key, a resident of the Terminal City  for nearly twenty years.. He conducts  a flourishing store in the East End at  5V0 Victoria Drive, at the terminus of  the Harris Street electric car line. He  deals in staple and fancy groceries;  cigars and tobacco, stationery, notions  and confectionery, and also operate*  a fine soda fountain. He has a fine  candy factory In the basement, where  he manufactures his own confection*  and ice cream- He has operated here  nearly five years, and enjoys a liberal patronage.  .  Prior to locating ln ths Eaat End  Mr. Pelkey. was on Mala Street tor  some time, in tbe same line ofbwi  ing _rms. He.has the latest styles  just as soon as they are out, and be  takes great pains to suit bis custom-  era. He is a young man of excellent  business Judgment, and is doing well.  Ho carries a alee window display of  millinery, and this department Is superintended by Mrs. McLeod, a young  business woman of refinement and  first-class experience in this department. The prices are right, and we  are pleased to note the flourishing  trade this house enjoys. In this article referring to Victoria Drive's lead-  ing business men and what they ar*  doing, we accord this house a high  place ln these columns as we pass la  review.  ENTERPRISE CASH,MARKET.  Headquarters for Choice Steak*, Juicy  Roasts, Tender Chops and Delicatessen Supplies, 1871 Keefer Street,  Near Victoria Drive.  Here Is a meat market and dell*  catessen store, that comes in for prominent mention. It is conducted by  Messrs. Knowlei Bros., two prepossessing and enterprising young 8cotcb  ness/ He is a "man oi ^WjfB^JJ^ men. who have operated Here sine*  We Keep the Pest and Our Prices are Right*  It will pay you to see us before buying.  Vour money back if goods not as represented.  Watts Hardware Co.  The Quality Hardware Store  fhone Highland 825-L 1407 Commercial Drive  E21 Watches Clocks  Jewelry and Optical Goods  A.   WISMER  Jeweler & Optician  Repairing a Specialty 1433 Commercial Drive  High=class Groceries  Provisions, Fruit, Stationery-  Confectionery, Tobaccos  CAKES, PASTRIES, BREAD  Special attention to phone orders  Winnipeg Grocery and Bakery  Jones & Olsen, Prop.  Corner Harris and  Campbell  Ave.  Phone Highland 102 Branch Post Office  has hsd ������ wide range of experience.  He Joined the Klondike stampedflnd  spent considerable of the preclouiTsJ*  low metal, or, "lonf jrew������,** **���������**_*  his fortune in the great country of the  far Kortb. He return* a whir It  not a richer man���������ths stuns as thousands of others. ���������������, m*m*nwi has  splendid VancojiVer property and Is  one of Victoria Drlyes popular and  public spirited merchants.' He announces that be will sell out, and ats  ,l_GJrtlaa''Ji^W''l<M:Mt*:'M4''M(ti>t  pleasure in referring very cordially to  him as we, pass In review. Mr. and  Mrs. pelkey stand in the front rsnk  of our old timers and pioneers.  J-.A8T ENP FURNITURE CO.  A Flourishing Esst End Concern, 652  Victoria Drivs���������-Messrs. J* J. tennis and J. Whits, Propristors.  Prominent among the various enterprises of the Bast End operating on  Victoria Drive, is the East End Furniture Company. They carry a magnificent stock of general household  furniture and supplies, including dining room, bedroom and kitchen furniture, carpets, mattresses, bed springs,  oilcloth and linoleum, floor matting,  sofas, curtains, blankets, china, etc.,  etc. Their prices challenge all honorable competition, and they sell on tbe  easy payment plan, viz., one-third cash  and the balance in small weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.  The East End Furniture Company  has been established at 544 and 552  Victoria Drive, corner Keefer Street  (end of the Harris Street car line),  nearly tne year and a half. It eujoys  a constantly growing custom, and we  believe the East End will do better  by "Patronizing Home Trade" iban  down-town merchants, who pay sky-  high rents and therefore must make  exborbitant profits to even pay their  rents. Thesis gemlemen also do all  kinds cf upnolstering, re-polishing and  repairing of furniture, etc. They carry a splendid stock of window shades,  and in fact "everything" in the household furnishings line.  Messrs. J. White and J. J. Lennie  are liberal merchants to ,deal with.  They believe in the "live and let live"  policy and their phenomenal growth  is a demonstration that the East End  residents appreciate them and their  business policies. Mr. J. J. Lennie is  a new partner with Mr. J. White. They  united their forces as a commercial  team last October, and are doing well  together. For everything in furniture  the East End Furniture Company can  supply you.  BROWN   REALTY  CO.  Live Realty Dealers in East End and  wurnaby Properties���������Office, 551 Victoria  Drive, Comer Keefer Street.  The real estate men very naturally  come in for prominent mention in any  special  article referring to the lead-  | ing business people and what they are  j doing, for they as a class more than  ; all  others  are  interested  in   a  city's  i growth and development.   They herald  ! its praises 365 days in the year.    It is  ! they  who  induce   business   men  and  ; omers  to   locate,   make  investments,  : builu homes and in general develop a  community.   We, therefore, take pleas  the forepart of last September. Their  place is headquarters for ths choicest  Stsakf. ths tendsrest chops, sad ths  Juiciest roasts, as well as Osb, gams,  butter, aggi, and drssgs4 poultry,  etc., ia ssasoa. Thtir phone It High-  land* H*.  "Quality and cleanliness" Is their  motto, snd in tsct evsrytklag It kept  as dainty and nice as the most par  tlcular housewife's panty. Ifefsrt.  *9o|Mft;aa4 F. H. Kaowist aaH cfrom  boanit Scotland, tbs land noted for  its honest men and bonnls lasstei.  Thar Davs hsd tsvernl years' atpt-  rteact In this line and know thoroughly how to conduct an up-to-date meat  market and delicatessen store. For  meats, cheese, butter and eggs, and  country garden produce, etc., ths Enterprise Cash -terket is the place to  go. Personally these gentlemen srs  of tbe progressive snd public spirited  type, and they sre an important acquisition to the commercial interests  the East End, and we take pleasure in referring cordially to their mar*  ket here as we pass in review.  F. McLEOD'S HARDWARE STORE.  A Flourishing East End Enterprise,  5*0 Victoria Drive���������-Big 8sle On to  End of Month.  ��������� In noting in this special article the  various business people operating en  Victoria Drive, we take pleasure in  referring at length to Mr. F. McLeod's  General Hardware Store. He has been  in the East End at 540 Victoria Drive  one year, and a half, and formerly  was in the same line clerking. He  carries everything usually found in a  high class and well-stocked, up-to-date  general hardware store, including  hardware, stoves and ranges, paints,  ails, and house furnishings, etc. He  'oaves no stone unturned to secure  the best and to sell st very moderate  prices consistent with up-to-date and  hop< rable methods of doing business.  Personally. Mr. McLeod is a young  man of pleasant address and full of  vim and go, and we predict for him a  splendid mercantile career. He is well  up in his line, and works hard to  achieve surcoss, and he is doing his  share to build up and hold trade at  the end of the Harris treet car Une  on Victoria Drive. We believe firmly in the policy, "Patronize, Home  Trade," end the residents of the East  End, we venture to say, can do much  better here than down town, where  the merchants pay about six prices to  landlords for rents, and then have to  make it up off their customers. Build  up your own locality by patronizing  the local merchants is the twentieth  century motto, and no store in Vancouver, we venture to say, will use  ycu better than F. McLeod's.  The big sale which has been running for the past few days at thiB  store, will continue to the end of the  month. A saving of from twenty-five  to fifty per cent, is made' by buying  now, while the sale is on. Remember  the name and place.  Everybody rs doing it-Who'sdoin^it?  We a<re doing it-Doing what ?  GIVING   AWAY   COUPON^  with every $1.00 purchase.  Come in and see us.  E. M. LYNN  DEALER IN  Groceries, China  and Kitchen Hardware.  PHONE: Highland 823  Corner Keefer St. and Campbell Ave.  We ourselves are better served  . By serving others best.  Wl-rctt Pays to test  trices tor  ts*  fc*  J. W. Edmonds, Prop.  We have the newest and fullest  Wy  Samples of Wall Paper  in the city.  Our stock of Xma* (foods is  coming: in, so be wise arid  make  an   early   choice.  Grandview agents for Columbia Gramophones  and Records.  Please soie oar prices do oot advuee si tie X������as seasoa draws aear.  U 30 Commercial Prive  MJ7 Commercial Prive   Ptume Highland 829R  Swindell Pros,  Is URGE, FfflESH, COMFl^TE awl  of BEST QUAttTY.  Provisions  and  Chick  Feed  of all  varieties always in stock.  We aijn to please our patrons; no sacrifice is too  great to reach this end.  Small Margins and Quick Saleso is  Our Method of making the Business Pay.  OUR   SOLICITORS   WILL GLADLY  GALL  ON TOU.  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive     Neil to Voeeda Meat Market  THE   HOME   LAUNDRY   CO.  Headquarters for High Grade Laundry  Work. 174? Keefer Street, Phone  High'and S66L.  This is one of the East End's magnificent industries.   It was established  ure In referring to the Brown Realty jp brut six months ago, and has grown  Company,  located  on  Victoria  Drive.; to *je one of tie busy laundries of the  ! They, have operated here three years, i great Terminal City.  ; and have done much towards the de-1    Employment is given to twenty-five  velopment  of  the   East   End.    They young laundry people, who operate the  latest machinery and methods known  to the business. The plant has been  equipped at a coat'of nearly $20,000.00  and the finest machinery has been installed. The work turned out is the  finest possible, and the workmen are  as skilled as they usually make 'em  in th:s important branch cf human  endeavor. Tbe mammoth business  built up by the Home Laundry Company since establishing last July amply demonstrates the superior management of the concern and the expert  skill of the work-people. Up-to-date  methods and machinery, together with  skill and experience, all count in making a record success in any business  like this.  Mr. W. H. Hudson, manager, haa  followed the laundry work for twelve  yeara. He knows the ins and outs  from A to Z, and is moreover a young  man of indefatigable energies, which  are scientifically applied from day to  day in the management of this flourishing enterprise. He is moreover  good tempered, and all work runs like  clockwork. "Cleanliness is next to  godliness," and when you want clean  linen remember the Home Laundry;  phone Highland 966L. The East End  residents will find no better in Vancouver. Their motto is "The Best."  (Continued on Page 7)  Have You Had  a Guess  Yet?  For the  Over $100 Cash Prize  at the ���������  999C Stores  It will be a nice Xmas Box  for someone, won't it ?  -  1150 Commercial Drive -^Mtfj-tt M* ta  ���������Jt*f*t^.**?*^*iJ.iji),,***rty^  THE WESTERN GALL  ��������� ������������������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������������.'������i>***4>***********4 t II��������������������������������� i'l'i M"M"M'������*"|"i"|.fr'M"M''������ey  ] Provincial, Dominion and Foreign  j. |i ������������������ *,*i .|. .*. I*. ���������*. i|' ;��������������������������� ���������*��������� it' ��������������������������� '*.������������������������.������������������ *��������� '!��������� * 4>* *��������� '1' ���������'' ** *8������������I**H**fr*H**H**H������*>*****^^  PROVINCIAL {apple-growing districts were all well  ���������   ��������� ' represented/it goes to prove that the  Okanagan Valley is second to hone in  (the production of fancy appleB.  First |������ Potatoes arid Fancy Apples.  Portland, Ore., Nov. .23.���������The inter-j  knatiohal potato contest at the Pacific j  I Northwest Xahd Show here was de-J  Nelson Police Chief Must Vacate  Nelson, Nov. 25������������������Refusing to resign  elded yesterday in favor of Mr. Asa-" at the end'of this month as requested  bael Smith of Ladner, B. C, who bythe police commissioners at their  secured the silver cup, the blue ribbon, 1 last meeting, Mr. C. W. Young, chief  and the cash prize of flOO. The Cul- of police, was this afternoon dismissed  ver Non-Irrigated Products' Associa- by the board and the position declared  tion of Oregon took second prize, and vacant on December 1. A new chief  Mr. J. T. Morrison of Hlllsboro, Ore., will be appointed at a meeting to be  won third prize. I held next Saturday.   In his letter to  Mr. M. Stewart of Summerland, _..'������*<* board. Chief, Young declared that  C, who. is here after attending the the action of the police commiBBlonerg  [Spokane Apple Show, reports an*  {other victory for British Columbia,  [with twenty entries In the five-box and  rone-box classes,. exhibited by him at  (ithe Spokane Show. Mr. Stewart won  [thirteen first prizes and four seconds,  [also winning first prize in the "For*  (elgn Country Special."  As it is admitted that this year's  |apple show  is the largest and  best  ever held at Spokane, and as the noted  vlnce has a lumber area of 182,000,000  acres, estimated at 360,Q0O������QftO,O0O  feet. He says that when the Canal 1b  opened it will mean an **& rate to  Europe from British Columbia ports,  against f 16 now charged. Instead of  costing some 5300 to ship, a carload  of lumber from the Pacific to the Atlantic by rail, it will coat about $150  by the canal route. It will mean a  ready, market: and . a revival of the  industry in the Pacific Coast province.  At present the excessive rates prohibit  the use of BlittefcGoh___ia lumber in  the* East, but with the opening of the  canal this will be a thing of the past  DOMINION  For Good  Boots and Shoes  v     "  ���������coro^-  ISoutliHill _____ ShoeStore  Fraser Ave. fit 47th Ave.  * ��������� .    ..   .   /  Opposite the school.  In asking for his .resignation without  notifying him of tbe meeting at whicb  the step was taken was not in harmony with the prlncples of British fair  play, and asked that a royal commission be appointed to inquire into the  administration of justice-in the city.  At the recent assizes, Mr; Justice Ore-  gory criticised the' work, of the poller  in collecting evidence in the Manhattan saloon murder case,- saying that  they had. evidently been careless,  thinking that the case against the prisoner was conclusive. One man from  Frank, two from Vancouver, and one  from Calgary have already applied for  the appointment as chief.  Lumber Trade Will Benefit  Moosejaw, Nov.. 85.--Mr.W. C. Wlefc*  ham, of the Radford-Wrlght Lumber  Company, Winnipeg, is here today, and  is a great believer in the Panama  Canal as a stimulant to the Pacific  Coast lumber trade.   He says that pro-  I Iftic* 108-109  25  Dadson mock  Street. East  PIONESi    I  Oltieiisey-inr 164  lis. *2i-Mur2l7il  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,  Appraiser and Notary Public for British Columbia  General Real Estate. Mining Broker, Financial Agent  Rich 8trlke of Gold Near Nome.  Another- rifch strike of placer gold  has been made in the Bay State group,  opposite claims 4 and: 5 below Anvil i  Creek, adjoining the ground on which  "pay" was atrnck a few days ago. Thft  "pay" runs through eighty acres. It if*  believed th* long-sought continuation  of the third beach line has been found.  Fur- of Domestic Cat In Demand ������j*.  Market���������-Price, of 8kins increaaa.  Ottawa. Nov. 161.���������The fur of tb* domestic cat is much bought om -M- London. market,r but into what it is turned  after manipulation probably ia a trade  secret. According to a report furnished by Mr. F. M. Mussen, trade commissioner at. Leeds, to the Weekly  Report of the Department of Trade  and Commerce, no fewer than i&M&S  cat skins were purchased in 1918; aa  against 122,478 Jn 1911. Many of these  skins came from North America.  McLACHLAN & MORGAN  Hillcrest'* Leader in New  Boots* Shoes and Repairs  333Q Wain Street      Cor. i8th Ave,  Goods Made in-ft.  Tbis week of Nov. 25th to 30th, bas been set for  advertising and pushing goods niade in B.C.  We all wish, to watch  Greater Vancouver grow, and  to help ber when possible  while supporting our own B.  C. industries.  You are invited to call at  our store and see Groceries  From Our Local Manufacturers.  5. HI Ul  Qrocery  Cor. tftfc lid Fraier Avenue*  Alto Wvw W. ������n4 Fr������������er Aveifte  Ptione Fraser 99  VMUPOW VEINS CURED  I^NOHAJ^lWDWmiOin'WlUTTENCOWO^  Oonflntd to Hit Horn* for Wfritok  ���������ereraudl -rasoftan laid up for ��������� week at a time. My family  p_t-r<loi������atold_waaop������nUoBirwmyoidybctie->but I dreaded tt.  X tried several tpectalists, but soon found out all tbey wanted was my  money, loomm-aowl to look upoo ell doctors ��������� IttUe better t__i  JogtM* One day my boas ***^J^ *_*������/ I was ott wprtijo mnch and  {told blm my condition. Uead-iaed me to cenmltDn. Kennedy.  Kennedy, sane bad taken treatment from them himself aad knew  tbey were square and -kUlful. I wrote them aad'got Th* ~~~  M������t_odTb__v*_*ht. J-yprogre-awas aomewbat alow and durioc  the flrtt month "a treatment I waa somewhat dlaeouraaed. Howeter,  I conOnoed treatment for ttiree montlis *otu-er and was rewarded  with a complete cure. I could only earn fl* a week ln a machine  shop befora treatment, now lam earninj* island never loose a day.  I wish aU sufferers knew of your **alwme tnatment  BE������BTC.I<OCUST.  HAS mYOUR BIOOP MEN t DIMMED?  B1-^9I1l������__3<_M? ���������** ���������"** **-*** prerateiit"and meet serious diseases. They nap the  wy life blood of ttl_ victim _iduiU*M entirely eradicated from tbe system will cause  "*r_^J*omP"ic������*tI?n?- Beware ctf Mercury, umaysuppcesttbe symptoms���������onr KEW  METHOD curea all blood diseaaee. (  YOUNO OR MIDDLE AGED M-W.-lrrqi-raderit acts er later exoeae* hare broken  down your system.. You feel the symptoms stealing orer you. Mentally, p_y_c-_y aad  *ritaUyyc__renotthe__nyouuae4tobeari_ouidbe, W_lyo__eedt_e(_uJ^ai*j__������r  Are������ you a victim* Rare yon lost hopet Are you Intending to marryf Has   your blood beenj_te-sedr   Have you any weakness*   Oar New Mxtbod  Ear will cure you.  What it haa done for others it wUl do for you. Com  Free.  No matter who has treated you. write for an honest opinion Fn������ ������~f -  BeotoFr^-"BoT_x>d,__i_io������l,FaUieirtioo__"  (IHmtrated) on Mae-sea of Men.  NO NAMES USED WITtTO*JTWWT-rai CONSENT.. 1OTAT-. Ne  nt_EPORUo!SEETIU_?t__l!T.<  Utt and Coat ef Traataaot  DrsKENNEDT&KENNEDY  C������r. Michigan Ave, and GrUwoId St, Detroit, Mich.  NOTICE  All letters from Canada must be addressed  to our Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor, Ont. If you desire to  see us personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we aee and treat  ���������e patteats in our Windsor offices which are for Correspondence and  Laboratory tot Canadian business only.   Address all letters aa folio-re;  PR3. KENNEDY * KENNEDY, Wiadaor. OaC ^  Wrtta nr eov private addreta.  Qraaft taMalfratlea.  Aa iminigratknt of more than 500,000  people intosCanada,ln the last seven  months shova that ve shall receive In  this fiscal year a far larger number of  settlers than ln any previous year. If  (he movement should continue through  the decade Canada will gain between  four and five millions in ten years  through immigration alone. This will  be fifty per cent, at the present population.  It is quite sufficient. We do not need  to have settlers come in faster than  that unless a large majority of the  newcomers are competent farmers prepared to go at once on the land and  already trained in the principles of  self government. There la not much  danger ot obtaining too many good  farmers from Great Britain or Northern Europe or the United States. Such  people are able to take care of them*  selves from the start and will at once  take their share of the duties, burdens and privileges of citizenship.  FQREIQN  I  Movement on Foot to .Construct Auto*  mobileHlBbway Aerose Oesolatf  Wands. .  Lob Angeles, Nov. 16.���������A plan has  been inaugurated to make a transcontinental highway for "Joy riders"  through Death Valley, where the bones  of scores of lost prospectors and their  burros have been bleached for a generation in the fierce heat of tbe desert  sun.  Nine New Steamers of 0,000 Tone St*  ing Built in Britain for Service Between Orient and Commonwealth.  Sydney, N. '8.'" W., Nov. W.���������-A Japanese company haa decided to place a  new fleet of steamers in the Australian  aervxlce, which will be of 6,000 tons  capacity each.    Nine of these new  steamers are now being built.   The  service, tt ta announced, will be ex*  tended to New Zealand.  CLIMATE HAS CHANGED.  Ocean Currtnta in New Channel* and  Temperature le Halsed���������-Rainfall  Greatly Increased.  The weather ofllce of Cordova, Alaska, reports that the precipitation between January 1 and November 1 of  this year was 171 inches. Six inches  of rainfall in a day is not infrequent.  Tbe change of climate that is supposed to have been caused by a shifting of the course of ocean currents has  raised the temperature along the  coast and has also greatly increased  the rainfall.  Plan  Ocean-to-Ocean   Auto   Highway.  A plan for financing and bjllding an  Occanto-ocean highway wrom New  York to San Francisco haa been for  maDy months under consideration "oy  interested'parties in the United States.  When announced at a banquet given to  the automobile and other commercial  interests of Indianapolis, September  10, 1912, when within thirty minutes  approximately 1300,000 was pledged  to tbe enterprise by Indianapolis concerns, the bulk of it coming, of course,  from the manufacturers, and a gratifying proportion from the retail dealers.  Briefly the plan is to create a fund  by subscription from motor car and  accessory manufacturers and dealers, each subscription to equal 1 per  cent of one year's gross earnings of  the subscriber. These subscriptions  will be divided into three or five annual payments, as decided by n national committee to be later elected  by the subscribers. The fund thus  pledged is expected to exceed $10,-  000,000.  H. H. Stevens, !.P."  At LoGdon, Ont.  (Continued from page 1)  not a" self-sufficteg; entity���������not a disintegrating fierce; rather a part of the  greater whoto���������the British Empire. A  dismembering policy must not take  hold of heir efttaene All we arew and  shall eventually be, is a direct outcome of what Great Britain has jjone  for us. She has sent us the best of  her sonsr strc-g; hardy, self-eaerific-  ing pioneers, who considered no sacrifice too; great If it only tended toward  the greatness' of the country they  fought to- make a country. Armand  Lavergne's statement that **Canada  owes- nothing' to the old land"' he dabbed' ac "absolutely false." Canada, he  held, owed everything to the old land.  Itt the last six years Oreat Britain had  provided 1900,000,000 ln money for de-  veDfrpntent purposes alone. Commercially and Industrially if In no other way,  Canada owed the mother country an  unpayable debt. In her fnstltnttona  alsc.  ' "Nowhere on God's green earth are  sueh democratic institutions and prin*  ciplee In evidence aa here,** continued  the speaker.  "A united citizenship** was the second great principle towards this end.  . The American immigrant came in  for much praise and some crticlsm.  He was a desirable cfttsen, hut hardly  adaptable enough. He had become im*  pregnated with the Idea that American���������so called���������Institutions were the  last word in all tkat was democratic.  They were prone to Cite their ideas  too flagrantly. They were*wroh**. Nowhere was the democratic' Idea,' of  government so aptly seen and practiced as in this country ot Canada;  These people, when they came in,,  should be shown that as they bad  come to Canada to live and proiper  in, so should they take hold of Canadian ideas and principles and preach  them, not their own. The speaker parallelled American institutional Idea*  with Canadian and found the former  to be sadly lacking in democratic principles and modernism. When an American had this explained to him tua  was quick to grasp the fact that he  was wrong and In the majority ot  cases acknowledged this. These people  formed the leavening influence to, the  great chaos in ideas the foreign; infinx  brought. These latter people know ot  no democratism. They are- mere aheep.  Any man forceful can bend ttam to his  well. That is why the speaker advocated a preliminary examination prior  to their being given the franchise. Aa  it was they knew hot what they were  doing when they marked their ballots.  It was merely a case of doing what  they were told to do by tome possibly  unscrupulous personality.  Asiatic immigration  The Asiatic Immigration was the  vital point In the speaker's address.  He sounded a note of grave warning  in this regard, especially when he re*  ferrtd to the Japanese Invasion. They  had complete control of tbe fisheries  in British Columbia. They were slowly  buttoirely gaining a greater control In  other industries. Some of tbe cleverest and most subtle among the army  and navy, even of Japan's hordes in  the country, were gaining knowledge  that would eventually prove disastrous  to Canada's welfare should the two  countries ever clash. He told of incident after incident where this tact was  a known truth. Doctors, captains, lawyers and other educated lay and military men were working as common  laborers in the: coast towns and cities.  Tbey were making charts of every in*  dention of coast line, and taking  sounds of all waters bordering tbe  partial sea girt province. They adapt  themselves readily to their surroundings and environment. Tbey had covetous eyes on the country. With their  80,000,000 of people, their strategic  points in the Pacific and at no great  distance from British Columbia they  were a factor to be counted on, and  one which the entire Dominion must  safeguard itself agalns.  The Hindus were equally a menace.  Utterly immoral and degenerate, they  should not have been allowed Into the  country at all. They were not allowed  to vote in tbelr own country. Tbe reason waa that were they given tbe  franchise tbe country would be plunged into a bloody chaos. The crossing of  the Asiatic with the European had  been proven to be deteriorating in its  result. , The type produced had proved lower than tbe white and black  both. They should not be allowed to  intermarry with Caucasians. Rather  Bee to it that in assimilation a higher  standard of type is produced. Develop  slowly rather than quickly so the development Is only toward a higher  plane.  8ound Commerce.  "A Sound Commercial policy for the  Whole Country," was the third principle involved. Not an East and West  policy, but a united policy. Packing  houses and granaries and huge mills  and manufactories should be built and  upkept. (  The West would give to the East  what the West had in surplus and  vice versa. The exorbitant freight  rates, were all that was keeping the  idea from seeing consummation right  now. When the Panama Canal is opened Western Canada will be the highway for the carrying of the great  quantities of merchandise that will  flow through the entire country and  to our neighbors to the south. He  continued:  "Common, Social, Education and  Ethical Standards Must be Paramount," was the fourth great principle. Differential education, the  speaker said to be very bad, very bad.  "What do children know of dogma?"  he continued. "We are not putting  into the minds of our children germs  of hatred and an unnational oneness  idea that is deleterious to the best  ideas of what is right and best. When  some of our children go to one school  and some to another these different  ideas���������not only germinate���������they take  root and produce antithetical ideas  that work at cross purposes; not towards the building up of one great national idea. We do not need separate  schools. There should be but one  school, and with one idea: the solder-  I t"t IIII 111 I MI I l"WM������W  ill  fXtBX'.  MONEY  At G.JG; BiggeEk  Of Diamonds, Jewelry, Cut Glass  ��������� ���������   Wa&ihes, SUverware,;'^yzyy  Bona fide and reliable reductions.  Buy now and save nprie^.  IT. 16. A PLEASURE TO SHOW YOU _MK1 ND  Geo. Q. Bigger  Jeweller and Diamond B-Iebchant  yymmm  M. new gun of excellent workmanship and materiaL  Extt������.Ught weight.    Made to our own specifications.   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At the present time there is being installed in Mount Pleasant Methodist  Church one of the finest pipe organs  ever brought to Vancouver. Two years  ago the officials of the church decided  to have the very latest triumph in organ building. Much time and care  was spent in drawing up the specification, so that the completion of this instrument win represent the most ad*  , vanced work ln   organ   construction,  the doors, many being unable to even:During the last three weeks Mr. Wal-  iM. Pleasant Mvery  ;* A. vF* McTAVISH, Pitop. j;  j;  phone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main j;  i! Carriages at all hours clay or mgfrt j j  ( ...y ujujjjg, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and 8ingle ij  j|    . Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire <>  ; \ Express & Baggage transferred ;1  find standing room. Alderman Baxter  presented the new Instruments on behalf of the committee to the W.M.  Bro. H. Birmingham, who made a suitable reply. The chairman then performed the pleasant duty of presenting  on behalf of L. O. L. 1842 the bandmaster, Mr. Rfdhurn, with a fine bandmaster's "baton," to which Mr. Redburn replied, after which the program  was opened by some splendid selections rendered by the new hand, whleh  were well appreciated. Then followed  a short musical program, followed by  the most important part of the evening's enjoyment, the "Mock Trial,"  Bro. Thos. puke acted as Judge, and  different members of the lodge acted  ihe other necessary parts. This part  of the program was brought to a-line  finish by the offlcer in charge arresting  W.M. Biro. H. Birmingham and handing hirri over to the tender mercies ot  a* lady Judge, Mrs. J. J. Tulk, who presented him with a silver-mounted Irish  blackthorn cane, on behalf of the Lady  Orange. The remaining part of the  evening waV taken up with refreshments and selections rendered by the  new band.  Next regular meeting of the lodge  will be held Thursday, Dec. 5, at which  election of officers will take place.  Vancouver, 5Jpv. 28,1812.  bourne, the assistant manager of the  company with whom the contract was  placed, and a staff of experts have  been busily engaged ln the work of  installation. This organ contains 47  speaking stops, besides many couplers,  mechanical accessories and other devices.  The action is electro-pneumatic  ������ ������������������������������������������!��������� ���������! l"l--t"t-���������t'.l"l-'������-t">;l"t"t'1l'������a-'f' ���������* g> ������������������������������g..|..t*.I.*t*.i..t"t"?";"l"t"8- -t"!' ���������I"l.-g-.v������'I"t"l"f  V ��������������� ������������������������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������! -i t- 't1 '> ��������������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� -t-���������!��������� ���������l">������������t"l'������������������������ ������������������������!"���������������������������- O ***** *** **** * >������** 1' * * ������������������������������ ���������!' * *'������'  ;: '  ��������� '   ' ��������� ���������    :  ���������ii A 45x98 ft lot is nearly 500 square i  !i feet more than a 33x120 ft lot, and *  ;; is better on account of being wider.  Burned In Gas Explosion.  Joseph Campbell and William Davidson, both residing at 516 Eighth Avenue West, were severely burned by an  explosion of gas at 4:30 p. m. yesterday, when a gas pipe broke in a trench  in which they were working, near the  coiner of Charles Street and Woodland Drive. One of the men was. smoking a pipe and a spark ignited tbtf leaking gas, causing an explosion. Both  were burned about the bands and face.  Campbell was taken to the General  Hospital, but Davidson was conveyed  to his Jiome after bis burns bad been  dreBsecCThe trench was being dug for  the city;  Fell from Ladder; Fractured 8kull.  Missing bis footing while ascending  a ladder oh the new H. O. t������ee building,  at the corner of Main and Broadway,  Mr. Edward J. Cutler, a well known  builders' supplies traveler, fell two  storeys, fracturing his skull. He was  rushed to the hospital, where he now  lies In a precarious condition, with his  (chances for life depending largely, according to the attending doctors, on  whether he regains consciousness in-  'side of the next few hours.  The accident happened shortly after  t  We can sell you 45x98 ft. Lots for $350 i  Terms, $25 cash and bal. $10 per month  The choir gallery of the church is also  being enlarged so as to accommodate  a larger number of singers. It Is proposed to open the organ on Sunday,  December 8, when Rev. A. Leonard,  D. D., pastor of the First Methodist  Episcopal Church, Seattle, will preach  both morning and evening. On the following Sunday, December 15. Rev. O.  W. Kerby, D. D., of Calgary, will be  the preacher.  Madame Yulisse, who has been a  resident of Vancouver for some years,  and who has won remarkable success  as a musician, has been appointed soloist and leader of the choir. As organist. Prof. J. J. F. Ainaley, P. I. O. C. M..  has been engaged. Prof. Alnsley received his early musical training at  Durham Cathedral, under Doctor Phillip Armee, M. A., Mus. poc. Oxon, et.  Dunelm, Professor of Music at Durham  University.  On Monday evening, December 16, a  {grand organ recital and concert will be  given. The very besl local talent will  be secured.  Church Notices  Central Baptist, Cor. Laurel and  Tenth. Rev. Dr. Spencer preacbeB at  11 a. m. on " The Purpose of the Lord's  Supper." Evening, **Wow May I  JCnowMy Sins are rorgiven?"  Savoy Theatre, Hastings St, West.  Men's Meeting at 3 p. m. Everybody's  Meeting at 7.do p.m. Speakers, Rev.  f. G. West and aimer Ethel* Christian/ interested in Mission Work are  invited to corn*; and help.  Special meetings are held at the  Gospei Mi-won, 4tf i ordove Street, E-������  conducted by the rull Gospel Evangelist-), C. W. J-oney and wife and  Sister Westfieid of Seattle. Every  evening at 8 o'clock. Ail cordially  invite..  Alert Adult Bible Class of Mountain view luetbodist Church meets at  i.ao every Sunday. Visitors will be  made welcome. S. Johnston, president.  Mt. Pleasant  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  are leaders ln their particular lines  9 o'clock this morning.   Matter.*at \���������*��������� **!T������ ���������* patro08 can re,y  the time, was coming down a ladder  m  yk>  y\  l&V.  hpy  I LOUGHEED & COMPANY  2343 MAIN STREET  PHONES: Fairmont 496, 497  i****************.M'*******0 <-*���������������-��������������������������������������������� t..T.n,ii.|,.|..|.������t ���������ii*ii|.|ii|h*.*.M  Writing Tablets at the " Call Office."  f&k  us**- '���������  WARD VIII  Your INFLUENCE and  VOTE are Respectfully  Solicited by  Frank Trimble  As Aldermanic Candidate  for Ward Eight  a  from the third floor, where he had  been inspecting some building material  in which he was interested. Mr. Cutler is a traveler forthe builders' supply  firm of Bogardus, Wickens & Begg,  and resides in North Vancouver, where  lit- has a number of relatives, and is  well known. In his fall he lit on a pile  of building refuse and received severe  injuries, mostly to the head and  shoulders.  The ambulance responded to a hurrj  up call and took the injured man to  the General Hospital, where the doctors found that the frontal occiputal  was fractured and he^had also sustained interal body injuries.  Choral   Recital.  The choir of the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, under the leadership  ! Of Mr. L. R. Brldgman, P. T. C. M., will  give a choral recital next Thursday  evening, November 28. JT.he first part  of the programme is to consist of a can-  jtata entitled "Penitence, Pardon and  Peace," by Maunders. The second part  is to be of a miscellaneous character,  | and will consist of unaccompanied se-  ! lections by the choir, solos and a trio  for ladies' voices, as well as a number by the Mt. Pleasant male quartette. Among the choir selections on  this part of the programme will be  Gounod's "By Babylon's Wave" and Sir  Henry Leslie's "Scots Wha Hae." This  choir is, perhaps, the largest one in  the city, there being sixty members'.  Over a dozen different members will  Band s Cafe, 2611 Main  Don, The, 2648 Main.  Farrlngton, T., 232 9>th E.  Fisher's Drug Store, 9th and Scott.  Fruit Store, O. K., 2446 Main.  Heeler's Nuroery, 15th and Main.  Lee & Wood, 523 9th VV.  Lougheed & Co., 2343 Main.  Mt. Pleasant Livery, 9th and Main.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440 Main.  Main Transfer, 2421 Scotia.  Model Ladies' Tailor, 2450 Main.  McLachlan & Morgan, 3330 Main.  McBride & Co.. 15th and Main.  Owen, W. R., 2337 Main.  Peters & Co., 2530 Main.  Sanitary Market, 2513 Main.  Success Bus. College, 10th and Main.  Stanley & Co., 2317.Main.  Shaw, Dr.. 250 22nd E.  Toronto Furniture, 3334 Main.  i Trimble & Norris, 9th and Westm. Rd  VanUfford Bros., 999 9th W.  Vernon. F. T., 9th and Westm. Rd.  GOOD  PISHING.  ,|..|..|..i..*..^.t..*..*..*..|..*.<.������.|M|^<H^**i������������>*w������-tH' *^*:.������^���������^^^������������^-*.������������i.^-������^������H���������|Il ������������������"1"*"H"*i������  t  S:  No   Delivery  No Credit  Mark t  We give job lbs bane*  fit of all tipmwet  delivery  *Bd book*  keeping.  Trade With Us and Oe^ Your Money's Worth  Pbone> Fairmont 021  Saturday Sjtaolala  Peb Lb.  Fresh Local Veal Roasts 20c-25c  Choice Pot Roast - - 12 to 15c  Pig Pork, legs and Loins, 20c-25c  Eastern Salted Pork - - 18c  Sirloin Roast - - - - - 20c  Good Lard - - - 2 lbs. for 25c  Fresh Eggs, per doz.      -   -   35c  Peb Lb.  Fresh Local Lamb, Legs - >22c  " " Loins - 22c  Fresh Spare Ribs - . - 15c  Fresh Dressed Chix - 25c to 30c  Choice Table Butter - - - 35c  Heinz Grout and Mince Meat  SEAL SHIPT OYSTERS  Freeh Salmon  Frash Hilibut  Smoked Halibut  ���������  >     21U). 25c  ���������      2 lb.. 26c  2 lbs. for 36c  Fin*n Haddie  Kippma -  Fresh Smoked Salmon  per lb. 12 _-2c  ftcperpair  2 lbs. for 86c  2513 Main Street, nr. Broadway  .t..^.^.^.M..t���������.M^^^^t^^^������1^^���������'���������^������>������^^*'^'^���������^^^^l'^^^���������^^^���������������    ***������******.**.**.*������4M*i*  The Place that Treat- Von Rl������ht  This la an Independent Market  A brisk application of hot acid vinegar will remove paint from glass.  LODGES  nrDBPBVOJtHT OBS-B 0* OD_-  -raiAova  MT. PLEASANT LODGE NO. 19  Meets   every   Tuesday   at   8 p.m.  ti  I.O.O.F.   hall,     Westminster    Ave..   Ml  Pleasant   Soournln.   brethren  cordiall>  Invited to attend.  3. C. Davis. N. G., 1281 Homer Stteet i  J. Haduon, V. G.. 2616 Main Street  Thos. Sewell. Rec Sec. 481 Seventh Ave. E.  LANG LEY���������Owner has a few 5H to  5% acre faims, 12 miles from New,  Westminster, near, the B.C.E.R. Rich  soil, suitable for fruit and gardening.  Wishes to sell at once and will take  one-third less than price of surrouncing  property. Three year terms, no interest, no agents. For particulars apply'-Bo*-. 2343, North Vancouver.  I Swan Bro* A  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALE  A fine lot to choose from, all m  prime condition..  Sixty varieties to select from.  Now is the time to buy for Fall planting to give good results for next  Spring.  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St  PHONE: Fairmont 817  |..M-."������"l"I"l"H-������'I-������-l"������-M"I-4">*l"M"l"l"������  [TORONTO  I FURNITURE  STORE  33$4 Main St.  Our stock of Furniture  is Large, Modern and  adapted to the tastes of  Buyers,  Dressers^ Buffets, Tables  Chairs, Couches, Mftt-f  tresses, Bedsteads, etc.  A complete line of  Linoleums, Carpet Squares/ etc.  Prop in and inspect pur goods.  This ie where you get a square  deal. .  M. H. CbWAN  '���������^������������������**.t.������t������*?**i.^"l*4l*l'ill*Sw  . >  ������������������'  ���������>  ��������� >  ���������>  ���������������'  ..  ������������������������..-  ������������������:���������  ��������� ���������  ��������� >  ��������� >  i ��������� ���������  ���������>  ��������� ������������������  ��������� ���������  ...  Garments of all descriptioif  cleaned.  There is no pi a ure in wearing  soiled furs or furs that have been  exposed to, the dust and--moths.-  Send them to be dry-rl aned and  you will thank us for the suggestion.    N  lie. Office, III | ������ili, PMm Fair. 804  Wcrks,A29 Hid *ve.,t.,Plorn Fair. t74  Progressive Boot Fepsfrini  SHOP  lit InMmr t       This. Firrtagtso, fm  Has installed a  "GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR OUTFIT*  Turns out shoes equal to new  See Our  K. M. Wharry was telling some  friends about a proposed fishing trip  to a lake in Colorado he had in contemplation.  "Are there any trout out there?"  asked one friend.  "Thousands of 'em," replied Mr.  Wharry.  "Will they bite easily?" asked another friend.  "Will they?" said Mr. Wharry. "Why  they're absolutely vicious. A man has  to hide behind a tree to bait a hook, j 523 BrOS-Way, W.  The cold water  KALSOMINE  in all colors and  shades  \  oiee  f. T* Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Eoad  Cor. Broadway       Mt. Pleasant  ������������������������������������������������������������������������I .Jl ������������������--������������������m  Poultry Supplies  of every description  V  Phone: Fair. 186  J  Try a "CALL." ad.  50c per 5-lb. pkg.  LEE & WOOD  "tone (air. 1520  Full Line of  Wall Papers  From 5c up.  Stanley & Co.  Contracting Paperbaogrrs  2317 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 998 -ttMM���������aa���������manc  THE WESTERN  .,--,--  ......      ,.   . ���������X'X-fx&'iigi^ tytf  V*!**$*ti&>4b'i?i.* ^^^M^^^W^Mi^^  BE  Q  as  Your Name and Address at  FISHER'S  If you would care to receive one of our Beautiful Art Calendars for  1913, which will be ready for distribution in December.  FISHER'S  DRUGSTORE  ti  COR. BROADWAY  & SCOTT ST.  LONDON'S MOST NOTABLE CLOCK  0      AND ITS UNIQUE TOWER  y  HOME;  y4--i..;-<..;**;**>i..^..;.....{..;^i>.X^������^.^^j~i.. 0.,,l"l"l"illl,'l,lll'l"l"t"l"llll"l'll''i"l"l"l"������,l'll"t"l"''  Phone j Bayview 1132 |  VAN UFFORD BROS,  We Specialize in BUIJJS of which  we have a great variety.  Leave your order for Xmas Trees  and Holly now. if  ��������������������������� :������������������������������������ ������������������������������������1������������������y ������������������:���������:'������������������:' '' ; ������������������.������������������----*;  999 Broadway W., Cor. Broadway and Oak  lURCI OFFICE, siwcUl tor laspltal f Isltm. GOI. IEAIIEI nt IIMDWAT  ������������������������!��������� <��������� ���������1-t-l--l-l'���������!��������� <l..l'*l"l"������"l"*i-���������!������������������!��������� -t-���������!��������� !��������� ������������������������!��������� ���������!������������������>> < <.���������!��������� .g.���������!��������� i.���������!-.������.|.���������!��������� .|.���������������.|..������������������������������������ ������������������.t. 1.���������!��������� .t..|.���������!��������� ���������!��������� t-���������  THE SUCCESS  Business College  ^.''���������;������!i^-������3HOOI* OF CERTAINTIES"  ������������������������������������'..  ��������� :���������������������������  .- -1 :      \   :  We invite the public to call at our new premises in the  Harris Block. We would like-you to inspect our equip-,  ment; to see u hat splendid light and ventilation we have;  to see our students at work.  If you are interested in Business Education, a visit to,  us will convince you that this is the school for you to attend.  The best is what you require.  E. SCOTT EATON, 3, A., Principal  Cw^m    St & 10th Ave,  TOONE: Fairmont 2075      VANCOIJyE^ &C.  Cracking of the Voice of "Big Ben"  Has Caused a Lot of Worry In the  British Metropolis, Where the Great  Timepiece Is Regarded as Almost a  National Institution.  ;  ���������tt������������H������������*������fWW������t������tH������������  ������������������ftI*)**)****)**H1 *******4  For good values in  R|5A^ ESTATE AN|X INV^STMeNT5  CattonV      ,  !TR|M������l-e  &  NORRIS |  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  "MADE IN  B. C." WEEK.  One of the brightest and best object  lessons ever given the citizens of Van*  couver, and thex stranger within) her  gates, is the demonstration of home  manufactures being carried on all this  week under the auspices of tha Retail  Grocers' Association,, through the medium of their "Made in B. C." week.  Subject of universal comment has  been the display of home manufactured goods in hundreds of handsomely dressed grocery windows.  The plan of this week's educative  programme, by way of attractive .object lessons; Is largely due to the inlt-'!  latlve of a forfoer Mount Pleasant business man, Mr. P. W. Welsh, who was  also at one time president of the Retail Grocers' Association. Mr. Welsh  graduated years ago from "The #111"  aad from the pioneer, grocery firm of  Welsh & Nightingale, to the broader  field of down-town business," and is  now the head of the London Grocery  Co. .Ltd. Mr. Welsh is this week seeing the plan suggested first by bim  carried out In a sweeping1 success.  The most interesting feature of the  week to, many of the friends of the gro-  'cere and their employees is the contest  ! for tbe prises awarded tor the best  'windows.    Several substantial prizes  ���������are given.   The city has been divided  ��������� into  three  districts,  and  in  each a  first, second and third prize is offered  for the best window dressed by an  employee, of the shop in wbicb it is  set.   In nd case can an employer aid  in the design or display.   The goods  exhibited are exclusively "Made in B.  C." and the manufacturers have assisted by giving the clerks competing  the choice of any goods desired.   A  sweepstakes prize is open to ail com*  petitors, in addition to the    district  prizes.  Many of the shop windows on Main  Street, Broadway, Granville Street  South, Fraser Avenue, Westminster  Road, Commercial Drive and other  suburban thoroughfares would do  credit to larger 'shops.  FOREIGN.  Pensions for Future Ex-Presldents.  New York, Nov. 21.���������Future ex-  presidents of the United States are to  be pensioned in the sum of 125.0000  annually,, by action of tyie Carnegie  Corporation of New York today. .  A similar amount is to be paid to  widows of ex-presidents as long as  tbey remain unmarried.  *>************************   1������1* I ���������*��������������������������������������� !������������������������������������������������������< ������< ���������>������������������< J  a  Net the Chesput f>tac������  In Towe  t������m tb* Bmi Velu* for  "looey  ���������JP  \^ ?V*-^ANT CONPEcf.n?  jViv* w. h. Arntatron-f, Prop. ^    'fe  2440 MAIN STREET  *T>  The f ver increasing trade is the best evidence that both  our Goods and Prices are Right.  .   Give us a call and you will be convinced.  WE HAVE OPENED UP OUR H JT DRINKS FOR THE SEASON  Mission Fund Now Stands at 131,000.  Since the commencement of aotive  canvassing Monday afternoon -nd up  to noon Tuesday the men in charge of  raising f 100,000 for the Central City  Mission bad secured 113,842, and received several promises for further  amounts if needed.  Word was received last night by tbe  committee in charge that Lord  Strathcona would donate $5,000 towards the fund. The City Council  also voted $2,500 at its meeting last  night These contributions, together  with the provincial government grant,  bring the total collected up to $31,342,  leaving $68,658 to be raised by Saturday next.  Morris Jelly  H. C. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St,. Mt. Pleasant  _very    one    connected    with    the  scheme is confident of being able to j feet from the .ground.  "Big Ben," London's most notable  clock, is regarded in the British metropolis as almost a national institution, and considerable worry has bean  caused because Its voice has recently  become bracked.  "The bell has ueen badly used," said  Mr. W. W. Starmer, at the Royal Institution, "as nothing but. serious lit*  jury/could result from the cutting of  the holes in the sound bowls. It was  said that the holes were cut to ascertain the extent of the crack. The holes  snd the crack, apart from any other  consideration, seriously marred the  tones of the bell."  The Sphere has published a unique  view of the tall tower at Westminster  in which "Big Ben" has its home. No  architects' drawing or engineers'  plans were available for the artist's  assistance, so that the drawing had to  be made. from personal'��������� Inspection bf  each part of the tower. For the pur*  pose; of explaining the contents of the  tower thoroughly to the reader a sectional treatment has been adopted. The  whole of the side facing the north has  for the purpose .of this drawing been  removed. The most salient features  thus revealed is the great weight and  pendulum shaft, one side of which is  formed by the outer wall, the other  sides *eing internal walls. The various compartments and store rooms  ��������� shown run around three sides of the  tower.  Starting at the bottom of the teweer  the presence of some huge wool cushions has to be noticed. These are ta  {.preserve the weights or- pendulums  from breaking in case they should fall  The fire indicated is really separated  from tbe cushions. Its purpose is to  create a draught and clarify the air in  the shaft.  Climbing upward one reaches the  waiting room for members of Parliament's attendants and - chauffeurs.  Above are the rooms of tb.e sergeants  fat arms. Above these two stories 1b  tbe Parliamentary prison room, to  which Parliamentary, offenders are  liable to be sent. The next floor is  empty: The floor above is occupied**oy  a store of mouldings and stone carvings used for storing the Gothic embellishments of the tower. The floor  above is a. model room. The two succeeding stories are at present empty.  Mounting still higher, one reaches  the gas and electricity meter room.  Then a few steps take one into the'  clock room itself.  Doors communicate with the bell  chambers. Above the clock room, is  the belfry. In "which hang "Big Ben"  and the quarter bells. The stairs from  this belfry lead to the lantern from  which the rays of light penetrate the  city's gloom when the Houae is sitting.  Tbe Uluminant in this case consists of  six gas "Jets. A magrilficient view of  Westminster is obtained from this gal*  lery.  Here are some striking facts about  "Big Ben":  It is the largest striking, most powerful and most accurate public clock  in the world, the fliBt blow on "Big  Ben" at each hour denoting correct  time.  The four dials are each twenty-three j  feet in diameter, the centres being 180  The figures are  Isuueri every Friday at 2491 Wee;  *ter Road, one-half block north of  ���������ay.    Phon* Fairmont U4������. ; '  Editor. H.  V Odium.  H. Steven*{"Manager,  :wr;.y*sX- ^SSi'ySjKSXS]  mMmmmm  V'.'^->'-Vi-V;*W.SS?fc65e  ���������r,���������:������������������-'.���������.,;���������= ���������tt-  ���������abseitptton. fLOO p������r year. *���������  uar.  six  months;   2*������ cents   per  nonths. <  y?Wi&,M  Glasgow. Nov. 23.���������In the presence  of a large and distinguished gathering, including Lord Provost, of Glasgow,, many prominent Scotchmen, andj  representatives of the British Admiralty, the new Canadian Pacific liner,  "Empress of Asia," waa christened today by Mrs. Boa worth at  shipyards.  '��������� The vessel glided gracefully into the  water alongside the Empress of Russia. The ships, were considered by experts present as the finest pieces of  marine architecture hitherto built, ctid  will create a sensation when placed in  the Pacific service.  ��������� Change* of ads. mult be in-by,Tn^yy^^m^  lay evening- each week to: tenure *amm*-Vy'';&������$$m  tion ln following Issue.  Notices of   births,  deaths  -laces Inserted free of chare*.  Youngest Daughter of Earl Grey Weds.  London, Nov. 23.���������At St.. Margaret's,  Westminster, today, Lady Evelyn,  youngest daughter of Earl Grey, ex-  Governor-General of Canada, waa married to Lawrence Jones, the eldest son  of Sir L. Jones. The bride wore a  gown of silver brocade trimmed with  old lace, while the seven bridesmaids  wore frocks of cream. net and satin <  with blue ribbons and lace caps.  Sailor boy pages held the bride's train I  of priceless Brussels lace.  Among the numerous presents were  a silver Inkstand and. candlesticks  from tha Minto Skating Rink, Ottawa;  a grand piano, from Ottawa friends, a  handsome clock from Mrs. Hosmer or  Montreal, a silver basket from Mrs.  Sanford of Hamilton, a silver mirror  from Mrs. Charles Harris, and a  cheque from Lord and Lady Mount  Stephen.  Many Transferor Most Valuable Cl^  ..-.���������:.:.l-roparty,-';      yy:j.i^?00gjt%    ;The realeatata markdtc* Vancb^  ft.irfie.ds j duriDS the ������������������*������������������*. *������������������"������. u-onttis ''\^9mmi''MM^%  very active and' .the record ' h_i^4NW:S;^iyfS3:S*l|  marked with many ;^ntactia^.;-'|_./,"4s^|^||^  volylng large 'sums of money. .'''^t^yyyyM^^  blgj^t; movement ;of :.pit>perfy;;a^  ently has ,lia^'-1ii.'0*������!'_6w_tjii^ .  .business districts ������������������ where expa^f*;;S|gf|||||g  parcels of land have changed' ;_iii^^3^iS������M  The record for high values In 'Via*^:  couver: real' estate has .bew-:__irt*i^i:^;V*l|^^  and now the figure represe_tli^;-tll^;^i^p^ift|  largest amount of money :p^^::fb*^������|^f^  business property stands ��������� at ������������������ $������S^^|"^^SS&I  front foot. ;--ThI������ ^ii-nwi :*���������*_-:l^:Vti^;_li������rr^'f"^  minion bank for the southeast  of Granville street    and    Dunamidr  street . ���������":.'  . Recently a half interest in the northwest corner of Powell street and Wood  land drive was Sold for $62,500. Thia  property has 150 foot frontage on tmm-.  ell street andv 120 feet on Woodlancl  drive. yy-:xyyyxy.xy:\yi  Mr. W. A. Rutherford sold fifty feet  on Hastings street In the 700 block f<  $40,000. Approximately $70,000  paid for thirty-two feet on ���������ka_*ri_������  street In the 1000 block. Sevang thousand dollars was paid for th-������: hialf fti*  terest; ���������*nr*':io| ;*f feet ���������'��������� ^^.,f^-*M  the cbraer of Ctelumbto ud M  ttrt^'x~yyyyyyyyyyyyfyyyy  Two loU in tne 800 block on Or^  'llp^pii  ' ymmmm  ���������    ^        Fatal Wreck.       "  -  Medicine Hat. Nor. 25.���������Tbe early  morning train dua In Medicine Hat at  4.30 o'clock from - f&btenay landing  piled in a heap about 3.30 o'clock this  morning at Fitzgerald, a small cross  ing between Seven Persons and Bulls  Head. Two enginemen lost their Uvea  and some seventeen persons were  more or less Injured. Two or three of  tbem were seriously hurt, and one will  likely die.. \  Engineer James Cain, a veteran engineer, lay under the firebox of his  engine. He suffered a most terrible  <leatb, as did also his fireman, H. H.  Flower. When it stauck the switch  the engine careened and rolled completely over, the train broke loose, and  the baggage, express, mail car and  coaches left .the rails and rolled over.  8ong for the Ne** Party.  My country, 'tis of M e.  Sweet land of mostly Me,  , Of Me I yell.  Land to wbicb I am sent,  Beyond all argument,  Choose Me for President  Or go to���������well.  ;V*f>  vllieati*eeV.s^::to  respectively.   :FJ|f������!:^t;-|*^^  the 600 block on Ot������n**^  bbught;hTc*#;*#i!^  *Miyyyyy\Byyyy-y^  *?i4fc^:fc������^.:'*^'r^-:-v.:,>.f;^v.:';:������������������>!;  "Np, oi don't '-'kafi^^iMyM}  don't, for If Oi loikedM'.i^^J^  annI Bate the aomned stiiff.'' ��������� yy?y ���������;;'���������  ���������''"��������� ;': ' .;������������������'', r:\':" y ' "'������������������''"'j-;  :f:  depends upon the eohdf*-  tionof your spine.  . ^o������  enjoy perfect health get,  *   your spine adjusted by,  Ernest SfcftwJX.  (Doctor of CWropractlc) ^  250 22*ri(9 Avenue East  (Close to Main 8t)  Office Hours: 1:80 to 6.     Consultation.  Free*  do this, and all are greatly encouraged  by their Buccess so far.  CANCER.  New York, Nov. 15.���������With the statement that practically twenty-five per  cent, of women afflicted with a form  of cancer peculiar to the sex cad be  cured permanently if the disease is  treated in its early stages, the Clinical  i Congress of Surgeons at its meeting  iast night in the Academy of Music,  Brooklyn, took steps to start a crusade of publicity throughout the country, which, it is believed, will help  largely to check the ravages of the  usually fatal malady.       '  A committee of five of the leading  two feet long, and the minute sapces  one foot square.  The minute hands are fourteen feet  long and weight about two c.vt. each.  They are made of copper and travel a  distance equal to a hundred miles each  year. l.  The hour hands are nine feet long.  The pendulum is thirteen feet long,  beating two seconds; the bob of the  pendulum weights four cwt. '  The weights of the clock weight  nearly two and a half tons.  It takes two men five hours three  times a week to wind it up and there  are 374 steps up to the clock room.  "Big Ben," the bell on which the  clock strikes the hours, weights 13%  __> *  ...J. Mi...  East End Ratepayers Assn.  At their Last Meeting  Unanimously Endorsed  A* P. BLACK as Alderman  For the Fifth Ward.  There was not one dissenting voice.  Ull ''I"* M l**4**l***+****** ���������****K*+**K-  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  THE DOM  REST PARLOR  2648 Main St. 2d store from Uth Av.  ;���������������*..*..*..<  PROPRIETORS:  cTVlcGOWEN  C& SALTER-,  i gynecologists of the United States was, tons and the   hammer   weights   four J  'cwt. !*  The four quarter bells weigh nearly  Yielding to the solicitations of  lany electors, Mr. C. E. Mahon has  consented to be a candidate for Alder-  mnic Honors in the Fifth Ward at  the approaching election.  appointed to begin the fight at once  and to report at the next congress.  eight tons, viz.: Three tons eighteen  cwt. one ton thirteen cwt., one ton  six swt., and ont ton one cwt., respectively.  Twice a day it telegraphs its time  automatically to  Greenwich  Observa-  Cohjectionery, Fruits and Soft Drinks |  We get our Sweet Cream, Milk, Butter and Buttermilk fresh daily.       4  Large selection of Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos. t  Agents for Woman's Bakery. 4  e********4A'4*****l*l-JH^***  *********4-*******4 'I"**"*' *"* **  Irishman Lives to Be 114.  Dublin.T���������There died today at Brat-  tlebridge, in County Leitrem, a m an  named Patrick Reynolds, who was reputed to be 114 years of age. He died  in full possession of all his faculties.:. _.. .  ������������������ ., _ ��������� -  TI    , _.    . , ^.-        .      ..      ,, j tory, which enables its performance to  He knew Daniel O Connel well and  presided at many of his meetings. He  was also intimately acquainted  with  many  of  the  leaders  of  the  Finian thefollowing lines:  movement in 1867, and to the last he)'-*11 through this hour, Lord, be my  be checked.  The chimes of Big Ben are set to  was    a    staunch    believer In  "physical force" creed.  their  guide.  And by Thy power no foot shall slide."  **************************a*********************++++*>  I PETERS & CO.  {   " Pioneer Shoemakers  * ��������� :   I We do the Best Work for the Lowest Money,  *���������  Get Your Shoes Repaired Here  I  2530 Main Street  With improved quarters we improve and increase our work accordingly.    ���������  **************************04***4*****i*********y******m t -**-<% >i*mii������������ liVIM^U^n.,;  6  ���������Hi  T_I_ /WESTEfiK fiAtit.  MM, i  I  ^ *j  k 5  hi  'ia*'  HS."  ���������i  ^  For CONFIDENTIAL INVE5  TlOATIONS you want a roan of  integrity, experience and ability  That man ia Johnston; secrecy  guaranteed. Vide press The  Secret Service Bureau.  319 Pandor  Cedar Cottage fuel Supply  Terms Cash  for Coal and Wood  Phone Fairmont 404  Order office 8418 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage^ adjoining car terminus  MILLION BBLS. OF  CEMENT  IMPORTED  S. PAWOR  CEaXaCOTTACC  Next to the Theatre  Every description of Second-  Hand r urniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Prices Given, Lowest  Prices Charged.  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Oranvllle Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  For Five Months, June 1  to October  31, During Which  Duty Was  Reduced, $1,328,937  Worth  Entered Canada  Ottawa. Nov. 16.���������Information wbicb  has become available shown rhat during five months, June, July, August,  September and October, during which  (he cement duty was reduced, not  quite a million barrels entered the  country. The exact amount was 988,-  393 barrels and the value was $1,-  328,937, an average price of $1.34 a  barrel. Consumption ot cement iu Canada this year probably was eight million barrels. During the same period  in 1911 the Importation was 449,048  barrels, valued at $560,659, or $1.25 a  barrel. The effect has been most  marked in the prairie provinces.  British Columbia increased her importations from 200,136 to 393,460. ln  the other provinces there was little  change; Ontario and the Maritime  Provinces there was anactual decliue  ln importations.  WAREHOUSE   SITES, BUNGALOWS  All prices and terms.    Short term loans.  REAL ESTATE        NOTARY PUBLIC  Grailfliw Gar Ttralus, Mir Cttttgt  GEO. A. STEVENS  \ "Gomez Esteral," said Colonel Lew-  Is, "Is probably the brainiest and most  jambitlous man between the Rio  {Grande and Cape Horn. Hla plans  'are boundless, his talents those of a  'Napoleon. When Dlas was over*  'thrown, only a few months ago, Gomes  ���������Esteral hoped to gain a high place In  Special Bargains Until Xmas  Ladies' and Gents' Suits greatly reduced in price.  Special line in Q. B. Sweaters.  Old Country Travelling Rugs at Bargain Prices.  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St Cedar Cottage  PHOMEt Fairmont 1217  We Believe in Patronizing  and invite you to inspect  our display of Home Man-  ufactwecj Goocts, is Sis  will te the weelc of win-  %-yy:'::-:.������������������'������������������  ********������*��������� 99   **���������������* 144*4 ****>*���������* >*****>*>*<**  Usb Stave Lake Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  system ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  jthe new government of Mexico���������a po*  'sltlon that would serve as a stepping'  ���������atone In bis ambitions. Disappointed  ,ln this, lie has been raising men for a  [new revolution, and the lighting which  tttas already taken place between hla  men and the government forces has  tarnished the excuse for the cavalry's  'being stationed on the river, exactly  las was the case when the lnsurreo*  ���������tion against Porflrio Dlas broke out  ; "If Gomes Esteral and the Mexican  government were simply fighting but  Weir troubles to a finish, there would  .be no special activity, either on the  jpart of the United States or bf any  (foreign powers. Tou probably thought  .it a little singular, didn't you, tbat  [tbere should be such marked Interest  jPbown I* your messages and cipher  ���������code? Of course you did- If It mi9  ���������been merely a case of guarding a fron-  ���������tler, or maintaining ao even break be*  I'tween the Mexican factions, neither  ^Germany nor Japan would bave cared  ,e boot fa Hellfe* about you or tbe  {documents wltb wbicb you bad bean  antriisted."-  "It does look that way. colonel,'* assented the wondering Solano.  ������U so happens, however," resumed  tbe colonel, "tbat tbe situation is ona  of far greater Importance than a mere  frontier, campaign   of . idleness and  [���������kbemlng.   Gomes Esteral bas mud*  greater ambitions than even tbe presK  denor of Mexico.   He bas lor m*f  .been planning, plotting, working a net:  of Out wires til tbt war **������������ Uooore!  to Chile, and bis plana are nearly rlpeJ  (feme plant, ta������, believe we, lada." .  ;  "Wbat are tbt gentleman's tmM*  i***y**m*w*        *^fl9m*ww*19**Wmlmf     Wt     IM^Wf^VOVVf  Brockett   "Bott be wltb to be tn  'eoiperoT****  , "Perbape," t������������e* tbe ookwel, "but  ���������that would be merely *a Itctdeote*.  :Oomtt IDtttrtt pleas a confederation  ,of all tho Utto-Amsrtoit asthma,  wltb t united front end t central gov  !t**f*mt������t-~btmttlf. of oouree, to be tbt  bead���������and tbat united confederation tt  ���������to tier Itt tremendous strengtb to tbo  btfbset bidder, whether tbat bidder be  'Japan or Germany, tor an aUlance  .against the United Stntet and tbt coa*  Ifottt ol tbo nation!"  '  i CHAPTER XXVII.  I  \ Western Canada Power Company,  : LIMITED  ::  Phone: Seymour 4770      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg.  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C.  t  AAA.'J^J^_.'J,A* ������������������������������..������. *..*��������� .���������������������������*. .���������,*.*������������������.*     ^���������������-���������*..*���������<~*~<~?���������Ti .ti *��������� .ji *��������� ���������*������������������*��������� ** ** *��������� *i *������������������*' **  STERLING CAFE  THE SANITARY  EATING  HOUSE  Save 1    Meal   Tickets,   regular   price   $4.25,  50c... J    now reduced to 3.75 ��������� to everybody  Place: 625 MAIN ST,  Prop., S. KUBOTA  i   The boya sat half-daxed for several  'minutes, while the colonel's fierce old  leyes twinkled above tbem.   Then So*  Jano spoke, slowly,   measuring   bis  (words.  ;   "Has Esteral made much progress  {wltb his plansr  "Tes. Wonderful progress. Tbe  Latin-Americans In nearly every nation bave accepted his propaganda  blindly. Tbey honestly believe that  the United States, land-hungry, eager  for conquest, intends sooner or later  to annex and colonize the whole  world of Mexico, Central and South  America. Once president of Mexico,  Esteral would consolidate his empire  of 'mutual defense and vested rights'  ln less than two years. Then be would  jsell his alliance to Japan or Germany.  ���������Both are eager to gain bis friendship,  [and both are making him tremendous,  [offers. He Is financing his revolution  1 with Japanese and German gold. Japanese and German spies swarm all  {over this country, bribing, scheming,  j working to gain the secrets of defense  {and military policy. Japanese and  'German agents also try to block every  avenue by which certain messages  could be conveyed to Gomez Esterai  [If those messages reach him I bellevi  bis dreams will be shocked into sua  den awakening, and a great light win  burst upon hirn."  "How���������how do you mean, colonel?"  Brockett questioned.  "Because"���������and the old soldier's  *_gjdg_fAlrjyJ?urned their way through;  the very souls of Ms young auditors���������-;  "because both Japan and Germany  have every plan arranged by which  Esteral Is to be deceived, betrayed,;  and made a catspaw. Germany pro*;  poses, lf the United States Is crip-,  pled, to seise upon Brazil and make:  lt the borne of Prussia's overflowing!  millions. Japan already counts upon!  Sonora and Lower California as part  of the Pacific empire whicb the  mikado is to rule. These schemes  are aU matured, and the execution of  tbe plans would be commenced as  soon as the war was over. In other  words. Gomes Esteral, dreaming of a  great Latin nation, Is to be awakened  by tbe shock of finding himself tbe  tool of a great land-grabbing con*  ���������piracy, and his new-formed nation  tbe prey of Germany or of Japan."  . "And," asked Solano, eagerly, "bow  do we figure In this drama of the nations?*'  ������������������You have quite a part to play,"  mild the old soldier. "If I am not  mistaken, the packet wbicb you carry  to Gomes Esteral contains not onlx  the cipher code, and messages from  the United States to Esteral, but absolutely Irrefutable prcofs of the Japanese and German treachery���������-proofs  made .out In the dpher code, but fully  convincing to any man of ordinary In*  telligence. Esteral, I think. Is a man  of rather more than ordinary brains,  and the evidence that will be set before blm will give blm a sudden ahock  nnd a complete awakening."  "I think I can understand now,"  aald Brockett "Why ao many attempts  were made to rob aa oa tbo rood."  "E-actly." concorred tbo colonel.  -And now, boys, I have something  .else I entrust to your keeping���������a llt-  <tle addition to the messages yon must  ���������give Gomes Esteral. Hero aro some  tpapera taken from your friend Baron  Zollern���������papers whicb were sent to  ���������ne from Littl* Rock, wltb Instructions  to give tbem to yoo as toon aa you  reached me. Tbey will pretty nearly  clinch tbe case, so far aa Esteral Is  'concerned, ������s tbey contain notice to  Baron Zollern tbat be win be appoint-  td governor of a Brazilian province  wben everything bus been properly  adjusted. Rather foolish of tbe  kaiser, flon't you think? However  tbot may be, beret tbo documents.  Add tbem to whatever you already  bave in stock for Gome* Esteral. and  start for Rancho Nogal whenever you  fee! so disposed. I can't even send a  cavalry escort across tbo river with  you���������-Esteral would take to the high  grass If be saw a solitary trooper approaching. You will have to look out  for yourselves and' for tbo safety of  your letters."  ��������� '������������������'.���������> ,**\.���������..".>'���������>���������"���������-���������'"  Under tbe rich light of tbo Mexican  moon, two young, horsemen rode tbo  trail tbat leads to Banchp Nogal. Both  boys could ride OUrly well, though  neither could lay claim to tbo skill of  a cowboy, and tbe thoughtful old col*  onol bad provided tbem wltb moontt.  1$ tm can stick oa *mur "bortet***  ttfd ba, "It win short** tbe dttttnet  to tbt Rancho, and mtr also carry yon  out of dinger If turbod** tttpt Ton on  tbo wty." Well-provided wltb directions* tnd wltb btavy cavalry revo*-  ���������art buckled tt tbelr Wpe, tbt met*  tMftrtttt ont on tbt met stage of.  tbelr journey In **oytl tptritt. *Pt  troopor������ttw tbem safe torott tbt Wo  Grand* tnd dismissed tbem wltb wav*  Ing of bats and urgent xecpoett to bo  book tn time for tbt deciding fell  game. Tbe group of friendly borto*  men faded Into epectvtt and then  blended with tbe nlgbt; dark stretches cf shadowy chaparral tdrtnotd Itt  rays fell upon tbe summit of the Incline, a solitary horseman loomed up,  huge and menacing in the shadows.  Silent, grim and somber, he sat hla  horse five hundred feet beyond, and  seemed to patiently await their coming. ��������� ���������: . !  "I don't like the looks of that fellow," whispered Brockett as theyj  -eared the silent figure. "���������   <  "He doesn't look' specially good to  me, eitber," replied Solano. "Still,,  there are two of us, and there's only  me of him���������no,Tm mistaken. He 1ft  Hstinctly plural."  Three other mounted, figures ranged  op beside the first one, all equally  grim and menacing In the moonlight.  Brockett half turned his horse's head.  too late for a retreat���������five more of  the silent horsemen were slowly walk-  lag tbelr mounts from the direction ot  the river. Por one moment the messengers halted, Irresolute, and then  moved forward towards the watchers  st the summit of the hill. Perhaps 200  feet further on, they came upon a  cross-road���������a mere thread of a trail  breaking forth from dense undergrowth and midnight jungle. Instantly Brockett wheeled and plunged Into  the new-found trail, wnlle Solano followed. They drove their horses to a  gallop, and as they started on the  dash for safety the silent horsemen,  both before and behind- the fugitives,  came charging after. They gave no j  err, they voiced no shout or threat,  but the clatter of the hoofs and tbe  clanging of accoutermenta made wi'.d  discord on the evening air. Down tbe  thread-like trail, straining every nerve  to increase their horses' speed, fled  tbe messengers and, fast closing up  tbe distance, the nine pursuing riders  sped along >_.*: Ind.  (To be Continued)   '  A Heavy Fine.  Joe Ferris was fined $200 by Magistrate Shaw Monday morning in  Police Court upon pleating guilty to  being the keeper of a gambling house  at 50 1-2 Hastings Street East. The  police raided the place on Saturday  evening, and 23 men were arrested on  jcharge8 of looking on and playing..  City Council Passes Money Bylaws.  Chief items in the 54,000,000 bylaws:  School board, $716,000; hospital, 9325.  000; exhibition, 1165,000; city market.  $100,000; park board, $396,000; board  of works, $1,525,000; Creche, $72,500;  paupers' cemetery, $15,000; new cemetery, $400,000; water works, $740,000;  old people's home, $30,000; Banitary  conveniences, $50,000; police ' substation, $10,000; Jerry subway, $80,000.  CEDAR COTTAGE  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  tCHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services���������11 a.m., 7:80 p.m.  11.09 a. m.���������"Sentinels of the Soul."  Memorial Services fbr Mrs.  McDonald.  7.80 p.m.���������"Temperance to the I. O.  G.T.  The L. O.. L., No. 2125, Cedar Cottage, has just signed up a three years'  lease for a hall at the corner of  Twenty-elglith Avenue and Victoria  Drive. It will be known as tbe Cedar  Cottage Hall. .  OO������3/fck'/&fT0.  *wsm/ya>mf?'i  gloom in contest with the bright rays  of the moon���������and the boys, bearing,  missives whose vast importance they  had never known till that same day,;  rode onward through the dusk, mile  after mile. Tbey expected to make.  Rancho Nogal about daybreak,'if all:  went smoothly���������but the progress of;  these youngsters, somehow or other,  never seemed to bave much smooth-;  nesa anywhere along its line.  Perhaps ten miles from the river,!  they encountered a slight rise In the'  road, and walked their horses slowly:  _P tbe grade.   Suddenly, as the moon-!  Annexation Endorsed..  South Vancouver, Nov. *15.���������-The  Ward IV.. Annexation Association met  In the ol<*^8choolroom, Main Streiet.  thiB evening, to hear discussions on  annexation. The speakers in a debate  on the subject included Messrs Gale,  T. Dickie nnd Wlnram. the audience  of some thirty odd persons endorsed  tbo annexation agreement of the  council.  ,.-.-,������������������ 8outh Vancouver** Needs-  Victoria, Nov. 28.-T-A deputation  especially interested in the school affairs of South Vancouver is espected  to pay a visit to tbe capital during the  ensuing few days, with the object of  conferring with the minister of education do tbe subject of the municipality's scbool estimates for IM*. These  are placed at f 398,000 in the aggregate, and special contributions thereto  from tbt provincial treasury will be  urged. The deputation Is to Include  Trustees Wbelpton, Neelands tnd  Iflcbelmore, wltb Inspector Graham.  Cedar Cottage tnd Vicinity  Border Tailor, Cedar Cottage.  Bell Theatre, Coll. E.  Cedar Cottage Fuel 8upply, Cedar Cot  Fawor, 8., Cedar Cottage.  Fraser Ave. Bldrs. Supply, 4122 Fraser  t  Ave.  Mills A Hooker, W.,Burnaby.  Page's Grocery, 24th and Knight Rd.  Phipps, Grant, Central Park.  Rowantree Bakery, Central Park.  Stevens, Geo. A., Cedar Cottage.  Srlgley, H., Coll. E.  So. Hill Grocery, 45tb and Fraser Ave.  8o. Hill Shoe Store, 47th and Fraser  Ave.  Lord Strathcona Gives $6,000.  The campaign of the Central Mission to raise funds in aid of its building enlargement scheme received,  notable encouragement last night,  when the announcemen reached the  committee that Lord Stratcona would  contribute the sum of $5,000. The intimation was conveyed through Mayor  Findlay. The sum of $2,500 was contributed last night by the City Council for the same object.  Increase in Immigration.  Winnipeg, Nov. 25.���������Returns compiled by Mr. J. Bruce Walker, commissioner of immigration, estimate the  total number of immigrants entering  Canada during the seven months from  April to October at 300,841, as against  263,834 for the corresponding period  last year. Tbis is an increase of  35,000, or 13 per cent. The highest increase was shown ln August, which ^~mjne~  showed a gain of 49 per cent.  Pastor is Honored.  Rev. Mr. Merton Smith, for the past  ten years pastor of Knox Congregational Church, Cordova Street, was the  recipient Thursday night of a band-  some gold watch and chain from the  members of his congregation. Rev. Mr.  Smith has retired from the pastorate  of the church., and the gift was a  token ofv the esteem in which he is  held by all.  , Rev. Mr. Smith thanked the congregation for their gift and also for the  loyal support given him during the  years of bis ministry. After the presentation ceremony a musical programme was rendered by members of  the chureh.  At the suggestion of Rev. Fr. Luigi  Giambastlanl arrangements were made  for the founding of a benevolent society composed of the Italian ladles of  Vancouver, which shall be known as  the Sancta Maria Society. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. A.  G. Ferrera, wife of the Italian consul.  Officers elected are as follows: President, Mrs. A. G. Ferrera; secretary,  Mrs. Leone Palombl; treasurer, Mra.  M. A. Fllitti. A special meeting will  be held Tuesday. Nov. 19, at 3 o'clock  at the home of Mrs. A. G. Ferrera, for  the purpose of making arrangements  for the reception to be given Sunday  evening, Nov. 24, ln commemoration  of,the treaty of peace between Italy  and Turkey and to bid a hearty fare*'  well to his eminence Archbishop McNeil.  REPORTS GATHERED     ;.  BY PROCRE8S CLUi  Growth of Inland Centres is Rspld and'  Und May be Had at a Reason-  able Figure In Many Districts  Some time ago the Progress Club  sent out a tabulated list of questions  to all the cities, towns and villages in  tbo province asking for information  about the progress and industrial:  needs of the different communities..  Among the questions/asked were the  extent of growth, the number of Industries, the openings for new Industries, tbe shipping facilities, the chief  products, the local officials and general  Information. A great many replies,  have been received aad these fro being tabulated for use In tbe Industrial  and Development Bureau conducted in  connection with the club.  The reports from different centers  Indicate opportunities for new enterprises tnd lots of cheap land.  *__-_&-  VAvoouT-m x_uf������ umxaeu*).  Stetrfot of Ooaet.  TAKE notice that Thomas W. Mitchell  of Vancouver, B. C. occupation timber  merchant, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������Commencing at a post planted  about Ave miles In a Northerly direction  from the North East corner of surveyed  Lot No. 29. Range 2 and on the Easterly  shore of Kle-Na-Klene River, In the vicinity of Knight's Inlet; thence North  80 chains; thence East 80 chains; thence  South 80 chains; thence West 80 chains  to point of commencement.  Date October 5th, 1912.  THOS.   W.   MITCHELL.  Per Chas. McHardy, Agent  OctlS to Dee. 18.  VANCOUVER LAND DISTRICT  Dirtrict of Coast Range 2  TAKE  NOTICE that William H. Wooley. of  Vancouver, B.C., occupation broker, intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands: commencing at a post planted at  the north-west corner of Let 13, and being W. H.  W.'s. N. E. corner post, thenco west 80 chains,  thence south 40 chain*, thence east 80 chains,  thence nonh 40 chains,to place of commencement,  co' taining 320 acres more or less.  Date 17th September. 1912  WILLIAM H. WOOLEY,  Oct. 25th to Dec. 20th, 1912  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Hours :  1:30 to 6.  Often a slight derangement of the  spine is the cause of prolonged disease  and suffering.    Chiropractic  corrects t  i.  ���������������������������������*> . /n. jiv* ������r������ sJfJ&fieM  y  ''H:*'pw._B  THE. WfiSTflRN CALL -;...  _.  If You Are Sick |  | CALL ON j  j; ERNEST SHAW, D. C. f  ��������� ���������  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  * 250 22nd Avenue East  ���������  t  ,,     Chiropractic  succeeds   where  "  medicine fails. ,  11 Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free J  : ���������  **************************  HORSESHOEINti  MILLS & HOOKER  Practical Horse Shoers  Aad Qeoeral Blscksmltb  Registered under the Worshipfu  Company of Farriers. London, Eng.  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy. Special attention given  to defective feet. Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done.  fDAO������Opposite West Burnaby Schoo  Give us a trial.,  NO MAN CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS  (Continued from Page 1)  Now this sets out in terse form just  what thiB "Fountain head of Roman  orthodoxy" thinks and means to give  expression to.  He further says of Protestantism:  "For four centuries It had filled the  ,world with, hatred and division, and  filled the armies of hell with recruits,  protestantism is, par excellence, the  religion of dirt. When it disappears  therewill be a monster Augean Stable  to clean out; and the nation will feel  relieved of a plague that threatened to  last forevor. The world Is vile and  sinful; but filthy as it is, it Is far too  pure for Protestantism."  Now, dear sir, this.is the general  estimate of Protestantism as held by  your Mouthpieces of the infallible.  Roman Church. Of course it is not  bigotry. It is not the spirit of Intolerance. It is not the spirit, of the  foulest hate, vengeance, and of the  blackest murder. Kindly do not answer that the Rev. Father P does  not speak for you.   Of course he does  DRESSMAKING, RENOVATING  ,    Underclothing, Cbildrsn's   *  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue       *      Central Park  BITULITHIC  '.'���������'.'��������� . '*������������������'..���������.���������      '��������� -.���������y.   ���������'. . "."���������>    !  The Pavement with mote  GOOD QUALITIES  than any other  Bituminous Pavement.  Laid by  COLUMBIA BITULITHIC, LTD.  Phones Sey. 7130, 1255       20-23 fairfield Bldg.  MaKe  liiey are UsefMlt handsome nnd Inexpensive  ������eetric Rangss  Toasters  Heating Discs  Coifoe Percolators  ILook Over TW������ M������t*  Teapot^ Washing Kachints  Immersion toilers Wsmring Pods  tmutjr Outfits FootWarmors  Cbafltng Dishes Electric Irons  All are Operated from an OrcHiiary Household Socket  See These Appliances at Our SnJes-ropmi  farral and Hastings *% 1138 Grille St., w. Davie  Moving Higher Up  Here is-a sale with a REASON WHY.   A clearance sale of HIGH-CLASS  We will shortly open up our  new  store  at  655  Grauville  Street  (just one blocl*. higher up the  street, same side;)  New Store aud New Fittings call for New Stock  and we aim to start in with all new clothes, so���������  Every Garment Must Oo  When WE siy BARGAIN you have your proof  in the label where the Semi-Ready Company put  the   price   at which   each   garment   is   sold   in  EVERY CITY in Canada.  Sale Started Friday Morning  At the old address :  519 Granville St.  Thomas & McBain  Sole Ageiits:  Semi-Ready Tailoring, Vancouver  not. But he does speak (or your  Church, and ycu dare not openly call  him a liar, and ask him to stop writ-  (ing like a madman, your "infallible"  Roman Church cannot speak fallibly  to the world; aad therefore from its  standpoint this "Fountain .Head of  Rcmish orthodoxy"-, is speaking your  inward mind. If so, where Is your  tolerance of spirit' and of private Intent?     ���������  ���������: '��������� Now for the Two Master Problem:  j You tell us that a Roman Catholic,  : loyal to the Pope. can at the same  time be true to King George of England. You teach that your people,  and especially the priests, still more  particularly your cardinals, are able  to properly serve the King of England and the Pope of Rome.  Let us look at this impossibility for  a moment.  King George stands publicly, officially and as the Head of the Old British Anglican Church, for the reading  of the Scriptures, and for the avowed  principle that the Scriptures are the  final and sufficient guide of a man's  duty in all religious matters, when  aided by the teaching of the Holy  Spirit. This is fundamental with him  in his official and kingly position,  which he could not hold unless, he so  teach. Now, let us see what your  Romish Church says: "The supremacy of the Bible aa a source of faith  Is unhiBtorical, Illogical, fatal to the  virtue of faith, and destructive of unity.''  This is taken from the "Catholic  Encyclopaedia" and Is sufficiently  clear to be easily grasped. The King  says officially the Scriptures are supreme, while the Pope says they are  not., Here Is an instant clash, and no  amount of talk or sophistry can do  away with the fact  Now, here is the point of conflict  The Pope says that he, the Pope. Is  the sole authority in teaching the Intent of the great God concerning man,  and King George says: You are wrong  Right Reverend Sir, the Scriptures are  the final and highest authority.  Now. Reverend Bonner, can you  obey the King and the Pope In this  matter? Can any man? Can the Arch-,  bishop of the city in which you lire  do so? This is a present and continued conflict of official authority.  You and your co-adjutors say that  the Pope claims supremacy only In  spiritual matters. This you say. at  times, and publicly where It will do  the most good. But let me ask: How  about the above conflict between King  George and the pope? It Is not purely a matter of spiritual or religious  authority, that of Holy Bible or Holy  Faakl.yy :'y.yy-,.  Now here is what the "Western  Watchman" saya: "The Churoh In the  United 8tatee,. from the cardinals  down to the humblest laytoan, le loyal  to Rome. What the Pope says Is law  In this country." Here you have It.  Tbe Pope ts the final lawgiver. Not  Taft, or Wilson, or tho Senate, or tha  Congress, or all combined. Just the  Pope, a foreigner at that! 8imply an  Italian priest voted 'JtoftUIJMe" by a  oomptny of fallible man, whose helpless tool he is Unlay.  But let as go a little farther ana  ste tbt tint spirit of your Roman  Church, on Ita political and machine  side, r would gladly say some good  words about Its truly Christian 4eeda  oh many occasions when It was tree  from machine and political control.  But to tht work wbtls you are patiently listening:  ���������'We of the Catholic Church are  ready to go to the death for the  Church. Under God, she is the su-  oreme object of our worship. Tell us  that we think more of tbe Church  than we do of the United States; of  course we do. Tell us wt are Catholics first, and Americans or Englishmen afterwards; of course we are.  Tell us, in a conflict between the  Church and the Civil Government, we  take the side of the Church; of course  we do. Why, if the Government of  the. United States were at war with  the Church, we would say to-morrow,  "To hell with the Government of the  United States"; and if the Church and  all the governments of the world were  at war, we would say. "To hell with  all the governments of the world."  Now then, Reverend Father Bonner,  when this is the voice of your infallible Church, (and it Is), how can you,  a loyal son of the Church, be loyal to  King George, who teaches differently  from your highest mouthpiece of that  Church, to wit, your Pope? Can you  truly serve two masters? You and  your people at times pretend you can,  but Jesus says you '-cannot."  When that Pope is crowned he hears  words which when translated into English mean this: "Receive the tiara  adorned with three crowns, and know  that thou art father of princes and  kings, Ruler of the World, vicar of our  Saviour Jesus Christ on earth." If  he be ruler pf this "world," then he  is Ruler of Great Britain, and if so.  King George is not our Ruler. He  must be a poor weak sham.  Now, Reverend Sir, I must press  ycu a little" more closely to history  and your, Church claims. Read this  from Pope Boniface VIII. in bis Buil  Unam Sanctam: "We learn from the  words of Gospel that in his poue.' are  two swords, the spiritual and the temporal. . . . Beth, therefore, are in  the power of the Church, the sni ritual  sword and the material sword; the  latter to be used by the Church, the  former for the Church; the one in the  hand of the priest; the other in tne  hands of kings and soldiers, but wiled-  ed according to the will and sufferance of the priest."  "Now it is fitting that s,word should  be subordinate to sword, and that the  temporal power should be subject to  the spiritual power." '  This is strong and plain withal. It  shows that there is a definite claim'  that the Pope, the College of Cardinals  and the whole Church combined a3  one organization, bolds both spiritual  and temporal power.  Now, to return .to my first easily  understood illustration: King George,  the British Parliament, composed of  the fiords and Commons*, and the  whole Empire as officially speaking,  say and affirm that the Civil, or material sword belongs to King George  in his official and representative capacity. But Pope Boniface calls King  George a liar.      Necessarily,  and in.  WEST CANADA NEWS LETTEfc  fact, King George must call Boniface ' *)*****<*******************4***************t*t*4*****4*  a liar, \ $ ���������      r  But you, sir, .must take sides with  X  Pope Boniface.   You cannot dodge the  Issue.  The above Bull, Unam Sanctam, was  approved by the fifth Lateran Council.  The Vatican Council of 1870 passed a  decree that gave this Bull validity  with the Romish Church.  And yet, in spite of all the above 1  .-���������Hr** '"I- ********* ������������������������������������*..������������������ !��������� * * * * *4 ������������M-H *** *** ***** i 4 * I 1 ***���������  Better Than a Bond Issue  Calgary, Alta.���������A proposal being advocated by Mr. R. B. Bennett, Cal  and a thousand times'more'we could *~*iy,s popular representative at Otta-  submit, you dare to tell us that youlwa, with a view to    increasing the  CAN "serve two masters:   That you"'--*---* -��������� -*- ------  can serve King George and the Pope  whom you claim as the Infallible successor of Pope Boniface. And thus  in your public and private capacity  you are forced to to all you can to  the above  iation at an early date. The plana  do not contemplate anj general/sW-  pension of construction work during  the winter. Work is now being rushed!  ������n the exhibition hall, and the now  !J"**-tiou school funds of the West, le receiving j race track Is iiow^  much ��������� favorable .comment...' The. Idea. ***���������"������������������.' . .yyyyyyyyy  Is to require the Canadian Pacific rail*  way to pay taxes on Its millions of  .   .        ,       , acres of unsold    lands   through the  ���������������t������������r^^^^ ">������ resulting revenue to be ap-'.-tons new prise-wlnning record nt ^  protestantism, its Bible, which your    ��������� . .   .   ���������      .    , _   .     w . '��������� 1 _������������������_.*���������.���������._   ���������-.������������������������.-_���������- :-���������i-LA^  people have burned by tons; Its com- Dlied to the school funds. That steps -uethbrldge Dry-Parmlng Congresa  mon free school system of education; !must be taken In any case to maintain \ ���������"**������������������������*" outsiders are turning tbeir at*  its splendid civil and public legists-' a proportionate Increase In the school tentlon to the poaalbllitles of the die*  JreL?������^ --* >lct ������������ ttratn gra-^ng and dlv.mil  ���������  Cardston Mowing Record Yields  Cardston. A1U���������Aa a reault of Card*  l>ji'?>%>M  ���������' -i Js^'-I  1 - ?,*. * -  ���������mmm  However, while you must in obedl  ence to the Pope and the Infallible' mltted.  Church so destroy to the best.of your  ability, you pre! end to us that you  and your people who are loyal to that  Pope, can serve loyally two masters,  viz., King George of Great Britain and  the Italian priest, made an "Infallible"  Pope by a college of sinful men known  aB the College of Cardinals.  Read your own "Ferraris' Ecclesiastical Dictionary" in itB treatment of  the Pope. There you will find that he  Is thus styled:   "Hence the Pope Is  population  growth Is  generally  ad- '-rming   As sUted a few days ago by  ���������,"v*'-"'itf>V'',;#  ���������yxti'mm  yy^M  ���������!V������i4������_���������  No Let*up at Brandon  Brandon,   Man. ��������� Brandon-  new  a close observer of Western condltlosia  "The Cardston district Is Ideal for dl*  versified fat-Ung. Grains of aU kteda  produce large yields.   The growing of  vegetables for nearby markets la he*  street railway system Is to be In ac-'coming an important Induatry Dairy  tual operation by May 1,19l3, accord* t Ing and the rilslng of poultry are high*  Ing to engineers' reports now being ly profitable. Live stock of every klad  given out. the possibility of operation' thrives in the district and cattle, hoga  at an even earlier date being at the and sheep find a ready inat-et Grata  same time understood.   Track laying'growlng Is profitable and crope are  Tbe man who grows grain and  Infernal regions."   Now King George | ������-*������eP"on of the C.N.R. crossing on (sells it has one profit snd a good one.  tells us that the King of Heaven is! Tenth street; and Steel standards for(The man who grows graln^and feed*  the Almighty Father.   Your in- overhead work bave been ordered and It has two profits, nnd the second la  God  fallible Church, through a most popular work, claims that your Pope is  King of Heaven. King George commands me to * believe in Scripture  teaching en this point, and I gladly  obey.   What, Sir, do you do?  Do you. obey both���������serve two masters���������or juat serve the Pope?  In my. next article I will espouse  the cause of the Roman, Catholic  Church in some features.    '  are expected to be on hand for instal- the ^arger one,'  :yy^m$l  x;mMm������  distill  ...'-.'��������� J'f .;,������������������: :"���������asi.'������i  .���������".���������i','!���������.':t'r-;siiSsifi  '.'Xx '.'.-^ -X X.'.j'i'il1^  : ^���������yyr.^.r.r.-auSi  ym?0M  ���������yrniM  xxxyytki0s$  "' yyyy&M  ii -.- '-!<, ��������� ::;���������>> VJ.T Jt.  ' "\ ���������'������������������ ������������������.-4'-,V'fJs-'':'H!^  "���������-. ���������vft^:i?j!������:,',^  :'.:���������: %'iV^mS^  yy~&$'3Mj&  \yyyym������������  ^���������:':������;'3>iiii*L  'mm  DOMINION.  Fnterprlslng Victoria Drive Herchants  (Continued from Page 2)  J.   FISH BACH ER  Enterprising Grocery  Merchant, 2624  Albert St, Near Clinton 8t.  .Mr. J. Fishbacher conducts a flonr-  ishing new store which he haa Just  erected and opened at S624 Albert  street, near Clinton Avenue. He for-  merlq was two years at the comer of  Pandora and Cllnttn and officiated as  postmaster also during that time. Thia  fall he bought a lot'and built his fine  new store and ta now running, full  blaat. Mr. Fishbacher also has a store  at tbe corner of Keefer St. and Victoria Drive* which he desires to sell  out at wholesale Invoice cost price.  Here Is a good snap for a fine young  business man to' buy an established  business. Call at 2624 Altert street  for further Information if on the look  oiit for a business location, etc.  Party Program.  Ottoawa, Nov. 25.���������Formal notice is  given by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon.  R. L. Borden, of three important government measures as follows:  An "Act to authorize measures for  increasing the effective naval forces of  the Empire."  "To increase the senatorial representation of the Western Provinces."  "To amend the Royal Northwest  Mounted Police Act." |  completed have been sock that the  lake carriers .hart, been Intonaed tbey  need have no canst for alarm Insofar  as the Ice Is concerned.  Money In Black foxes.  Fredericton. N. B��������� Nov. JM.���������Excltt*  ment attending the black fox industiT  ln thia province was considerably  heightened yesterday by the aewa of  the sale of six pairs of foxes from the  Charles Dalton Ranching Company  to a Russian nobleman.tor ooe. hnsry    dred thousand dollars, to heV<lsfl-fm4i.'  _,_,_,' .In Russia next 8e**tember by Dalton  Members   salary increase. Inergonaily    This year tht nrlci opt*  Ottawa Nov. 26.-A movement *^l������Tt_oWZ^7_/_M S2|  been started to increase the pay of, t -fMi|lfc -j^ *&^wjf%  the member, of Parliament to three K   u ttfgUrt fo������ bw-tag .i������il_;glv#  thousand dollars.   For the past six or}-^^ lmpettt, to ^ taa^tft  seven yeara the allowance has stood '  at twenty-five hundred dollars, and  laat session an allowance waa made  for stenographic help.  ���������y,&$'H*!?$im  '',-��������������� V !-J'.-jVi*'i: ttlV(V_?l  ���������yy-i;yysmmi  ��������� yy'y$$M  ���������������������������'V&jr-w&'X&������*,  ^.y^y^mim  yi'LVfiJi-m-mA  ���������yy./yxi;imi  x;y..x,+&$0$d  yyyyyyMm  , ^yyyyymm  ''-,"'i,".,-i.'*-:'V: iJiV''-V'$_l  '-. r-y:y&i$$fiiM  :7- ;'y: y^'y^0fS^9  y. *���������'-*���������-'��������� i'^LlQ&<i$4*lm  ���������yyyyM^m.  ���������x- yxyMMu*  .,    ..... ...^;i.!'li..S|  y-':yyr������s$&m  X.iV  J. H. ATKIN8* OdOCSBY  Corner of Pandora ami Clinton Streets.  Headquarters for Oreesrlss, Mtstf.  -etc.' ..::.:.-.'  For thirteen ynars Mr. J. H. Atkins  conducted a grocery business at 696  Hamilton, comer of Georgia. He recently bought the fine property In the  Bast Snd located at the corner of Pandora and Clinton streets, tbe grocery  store operated by Mr. J. Fishbacher,  and post office. He is an important  business acquisition to the East End  snd we take pleasure la according Mr.  Atkins tbls generous mention as we  note a number ot tbe leading business  men of the East End and what tbey  are .doing. Mr. Atkins also conducted  the grocery store at Rouson and Ho-.  m������r streets.  Harhort to *t Ktpt Open Until Late  in Pectmber.      {  Ottawa, Nov. 16.���������Arrangements  havt been made hy tht government  for extending tht season of navigation  on tht lakes till at least December SO.  Full consideration waa given to every  detail of tht question, and nil plant  were perfected for tht placing of icebreakers at different points whert  they may unrequired.  Port Arthur and Fort William have  them every year, but the Soo, Port  McNIcal, Midland and other ports will  be served this year.  The department of canals is undertaking to see that the canal at the Soo  is kept clear, and the arrangements  Illinois Watohee Western  m  Conatdtrahlt Interttt la  played In Chicago and throoghowt the  Bute of ininola in ti������ rapid nrogrtsa  of Western Canada, according te Mr.  N. Baraloux, proprltter of tht Colonial  Hotel, Chicago, who It 00 a pleasure  trip to tht Pacific Const nnd fa e guest  at tht Hotel Dunsmuir. Mr. Barsa*  loux, who haa largo Interests in Chicago, will "save In a ftw days fer U*  Angeles. ������������������'  yyyjyBm  yy^mim  yyyfem������s  yymmm  It rtqntrtt a derrick to got somt m������p  ottt of the rut onto tht asphalt.-;  Some men are bom real men, others  make men of themael**ee tvtn fgilnal  odds, whllt a large numhtr of men (?>  simply lie themselvea Into thinking*  tbey art men.  GILT EDGE  GROCERY  MARKET.  ANO MEAT  headquarters for Choice Groceries  snd Fresh Meats, Etc., Victoria  Orive and Keefer Street.  The  Gilt  Edge  Grocery  and   Meat  Market, as the name implies, is gilt  edge in its line of providing the very  finest and freshest of groceries, pro-  j visions, and meats to be had on the  j market,    lt is conducted by Mr.  Al-  1 tid-t Edward Potter, who has operated  j here two years, and enjoys a flourish-  jinu trade.   He keeps three clerks busy  ! waiting on  his many customers, and  ; no doubt from his growing trade will  1 need us many more by this time next  yenr.    He learned how to "do" things  when a rancher in Alberta, where he  was for eight years prior to opening  up in the East  tnd of Vancouver in  the above lineB.    He is a young man  with a  "go,'   and  is a level   headed  "man   ef  affairs"   to   moet.     Victoria  Drive has numerous prosperous inor-  chants, und none of them work harder  to achieve success and give to patrons  'full   value   lor   the  money  than    Mr.  Potter.   H^ had the right idea in view  vhen he said "Ciit Edge."   That's the  name, and tbe motto, of this flourish-  '< >ng grocery and butcher supply house.  !    The  Gilt  Edge  Grocery and   Meat  ; Market also  uandles Sour,  feed, and  ; country     provisions.      Their    prices,  moreover,    challenge    all    honorable  competition.   Personally Mr. Potter is  a  pleasant  gentleman  to meet,   and  makes friends easily of his many patrons.   He was bcrn in Ontario.  m������Mt������mmtm������������m������t������ *******************%%%*)*)%  Christmas  PRESENTS  We have one of the CHOICEST selections of Christmas Presents in Greater  Vancouver.  You are not doing yourself justice if  you do not PAY US A VISIT before  buying.  Our .prices are right.     Our attention  the very best.  ���������������  Female Immigration. .  j     London,  Nov.  25.���������In the House of  Commons yesterday, Col. Yates, call-  I ing  attention  to  the decision of the  j Canadian Government to  establish a  I woman's emigration branch in Britain,  asked Colonial Secretary Harcourt if  j he   would   consider   the   question   of  1 forming    an    Imperial     Immigration  Doard with Oversea representatives to  ; go   thoroughly   into   the   question   of  female   emigration.    He   said   the   excess   of   females   over   males   in   the  United Kingdom in 1911 was nearly a  million and a half.  Parkyte   Closets  20% reduction on Parkyte Closets for  ONE WEEK ONLY.  When you want a STOVE or RANGE  get the  benefit of our long experience.  To err is human; not to air others'  errors is divine.  fl. E. McBRIDE & CO.  I Cor. 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Hie should have schools in,whiclL the ;  , I national tongue, English, should be taught.   He should be instructed in Canadian Civics.   He ���������  *\ should not receive the rights of citizenship until he has some idea of its responsibilities.   Few ',',  ������; of these" immigrants, from foreign countries, know anything of-how to exercise the franchise, and ;;  '< ��������� less of Canadian institutions, hence the necessity of teaching them how to think for themselves. <'  11 They should know how to read ,at least, for in that way they could study, through the medium !  ;; bf the press ,the questions of the day, and vote intelligently.   At present they are "herded"  !' to the polls like sheep, and vote as instructed by leaders, who, too frequently, are paid to''deliver  !! the vote." . ' -    *  ;; Canadian citizenship has been held too cheaply in tbe past, -and unless we place a greater y  ��������� ��������� value upon it, we will be faced with the natural sequence of our. own neglect���������a lower national I  I! standard, one on a level with the average life of the nation's component parts.      ' I  ;; This is one great preblem as it presents itself in the Northwest, and, to a greater or lesser |  ������! extent, is applicable to the whole Dominion.    It is only one of many, we will present to our |  !', readers others, from time to time. . s i  ;; We do not hope to reform by merely presenting the problem, but if each citizen will consis- j  ���������' tently do his or her part, we will have succeeded, in some slight degree, in solving the problem.    , *������  \ *4 ***************** I * 4 *l**> ���������!****+***&*+**++ I' *"t * '��������� *' *'*���������** *> 'l"l"t' %>**4**************<V****%  There are thousands ot different  species of bugs  Comprised in the scheme of creation,  Each one subdivided 'til memory, lugs  A load that defleth citation!  "DO IT NOW I1*  Bacilli and Microbes of various breeds  Conduce to obliteration;  Their fatal and murderous number exceeds  The scope of imagination!  But the virulent microbe who Btrldes  in the van  'Of the ranks tbat tablet devastat'on;  Insidious, blighting, to progress a ban,  Is the' Bug ot Procrastination.  UND  NOTICES  ���������Awcotrrs*. ������. c, ***v _w*nw~T.  District of Coast fteagw, Wo. a.  Take notice that I. Alfred Barker, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation, plumber,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the. following' described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  fourteen miles in a northerly dlretlon  Jrom the north-west corner of survey  luot Number thirty-nine (39), and on the  -east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  ifthence north eithy chatns; thence west  eighty chains; thence Bouth eighty  .Chains; thence east eighty chains to the  j>olnt ot commencement.  J    x ���������  -:.=< AtiFBEP BARKER.  --������������������  Per Chas.  McHardy, agent  Pated November 18th, 1912,  TA*foo*rr-s*a, a. p., ������Mn> unmnot.  District et Coast Beafe, Wo. ������.  Take notice that i, John A. Catterall,  of Vancouver,   B;  C,  occupation,  clerk,  Intend to apply for permission .to purchase  the  following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  fourteen miles ln a northerly direction  from  the  north-went  corner of  survey  Lot   Number   thirty-nine   (39),   and   on  ilie east side of the Kle-na-Klene River:  thence south eighty chains; thence west  eighty    chains;    thence    north    eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  JOHN A. CATTERALL.  Per Chas.  McHardy, agent.  Dated November 18th, 1912.  ramoovrram, a. c, *wun������ wnrvwor.  District of Coast Sent*'. Wo. a.  Take notice that I, Samuel C. Cornwall, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation accountant, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  Mix miles In a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  north eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains; thence south eighty chains;  thence east eighty chains to the point  of  commencement.  SAMUEL C. CORNWALL.  Per Chas.  McHardy.  agent  Dated November 16th, 1912..  wawcotrraw, w. c, dawd ������wtsxc*.  District of Coast Baage. Wo. 8.  Take notice that 1. Frank R. Corn-  watt, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation accountant. Intend to apply for permission  to purchase the following described  lands:��������� '. "       ���������  Commencing at a post planted similes in a northerly direction from the  north-east corner of survey Lot number  thirty-nine (39), and on the east slide of  the Kle-na-Klene River; thence fcouth  eighty chains; thence west eighty chains;  thence north eighty chains; thence' east  eiehty chains to the point of commencement.  FRANK  R.   CORNWALL.  Per Chas.  McHardy,  agent  Dated November 16th, 1912.  thence east eighty chains to the point of  commencement.  ALFRED  WILLIAMS.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Pated November 19th, 1912.  VAWW>**V_*. W. C, DAW* DWTWfOT.  District of. Coast M**%ge, Wo. a.  Take notice that I, James McCreath,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation mercantile agent, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  eight mi.es in a northerly direction" from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  north eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains; thence south eighty chains:  thence east eighty chains to the point of  commencement  JAMES McCRBATH.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Pated November 19th, 1912.  rawoo-jvww, w. c, dawd wmfsicr.  District of Coast Weave. Wo. f.  Take notice that I, Pavid Chessman,  of  Vancouver.   B.   C,   occupation   clerk,-  Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles In a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kie-na-Klene River; thence  south eighty chains; thence west eighty  chains; thence north eighty chains:  mence eat eighty chains to the point  of commencement.  DAVID   CHESSMAN.  Per Cha?.  McHardy, agent  Dated November 19th, 1912.  TAMCOIJ--*^ B. C, -AMD DX8TBIC-  Distrlct of Coast mange, Wo. S.  Take notice that I, Alfred Williams,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk,  intend to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  'eight miles in a northerly direction from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side of the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  south eighty chains; thence west eighty  -chains;     thence   north   eighty   chains;  TAWCOVTWW, W. O, DAW9 DZSTDfOT.  District of Coast Sea***, Wo. 9.  Take notice that I, John N. O'Drls-  coll, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation  merchant, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the follbwing described  lands:��������� \  Commencing at a post planted about  ten miles in a northerly direction 'from  the north-west corner of survey Lot  number thirty-nine (39), and on the east  side, of the Kle-na-Klene River; thence  eighty chains north; thence eighty  chains west; thence eighty chains south;  thence eighty chains east to the point  of commencement.  JOHN N. O'DRISCOLL.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Dated November 19th, 1912.  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot nutnbeivthirty-nine (39), and on the  east side oN the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north eighty chains; thence west  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  ROBIN  p.   ROSS.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Pated November 18th. 1912.  \W,O.M.M.M.Mi!-_  T  Canadian Pacific Railway.  Soo Line  GreatNorthern  Railway.  Chicago, Milwaukee & Paget Sound.  Canadian- Nor-  ��������� them Ry.  Union    Pacific  , Railway.  Pacific Great  Eastern.  British Columbia Electric  -Railway.        r  Western   Canada Power  Company.  Railway  14NES  in  Operation  and Under  Construction  make a sane and generous profit in a comparatively speaking shtirt space.of time, would  you believe them? No, you would want to see  it, wouldn't you���������and you have a right, to, for,  the man who Invests money in a piece of real  estate without seeing it first is going against  one of the first .laws of nature. See what yon  buy.  We are pleased to inform the public that we have now  chartered a "mall" boat to run two tast daily trips between Vancouver and PORT MOODY. It is large enough  to seat comfortably'fifty persons and will run dally,  / rain or shine.  Why do we do this? you ask. Simply because we want  to show you the.exact location of, our waterfront property at PORT MOODY. ^  Gangs of Men Clearing Streets on Old Orchard.  'We want you to see exactly what is going on at Port  Moody���������to see the large gang of men who are clearing  streets, making it possible to reach each and every lot  easily. We want to show you where numerous houses  will shortly be erected on our property���������Old Orchard.  We want to show you Just exactly what we consider  are the best buys. Mind you, we are asking to show you  all this, and more. There are many Important things  that will interest you and will be pointed out lf you  wish by our representatives.    .  You are personally invited to,.take this trip with us up  the Inlet; we will make lt one of pleasure tor you.-Our  representatives are NOT annoying salesmen, but they  will give you facts and figures and all the- Information  you desire. All we ask Is, see Old Orchard and compare  It arid its price with surrounding properties, and you  , can only come to one conclusion; and tbat is that Old  Orchard is the best b'uy on the market today. Choice  high level lots at low prices and exceptional easy .terms.  Call at either office and procure a free ticket fo/ the  trip. While you are there, ask for an illustrated folder  ���������It's free fop the asking.  Harry A. Johnston Co.  Read Office: 422 BJCHARPS ST.  Phone Seymour 1567      Open JSvenings  Branch Office: 160 HASTINGS St. WEST  MMVrJUUV  T  T  Harrison Direct Line.  Canadian Australian Royal  Mail Line.  Canadian Mexican PacificS.  S. Company. -  Canadian Pacific Railway.  Blue Funnel  ' Line.  .   ~~  Maple Leaf '  Line.  Cast Atlantic  Compiny Ltd.  Grand Trunk  Pacific Coast  S.S. Co.  Northern  Steamship Co.  of R. C.  Pacific Coast  S. S. Co.  Steamship  Lines in  ���������" operation  NOT MUCH UARGI5 TIMBER.  TA-fco-rr*B������, a. a, *wur������ *jwt*wc*t.  *ttstr!ct of Coast -teafe, *fo. a,  Take notice that I, Prank Buckley,  of i Vancouver, B. JC, (occupation ��������� ��������� ,  intend to apply for. permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39). and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence north eighty chains; thence east  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  FRANK  BUCKLEY.  Per Chas.  McHardy, agent.  Pated November 18th, 1912.        '   '  TAVootrnqt, 9. a, iaito oistsiot.  Stab-lot of coast fteaf* He 9.  Take noticd that I, James T. Lee, of'  Vancouver, B. C, occupation surveyor,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  .Commencing at a post planted about  twelve   miles   in   a  northerly   direction  from   the  north-west  corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39). and on the  ea*t   side   of   the   Kle-na-Klene   River;  thence south eighty chains; thence east,  eighty    chains;     thence    north    eighty' Watorwavn  chains; tbence west eighty chains to the   ���������*lerw"y"  point of commencement.  JAMES  T.   LEE.  Per Chas.  McHardy,  agent  Pated November 18th, 1912.  T-jrcotmtm, a. c, laid bzstbict.  District of Coast Ba-ffe, Ho. 8.  Take notice that I, Samuel Flack, of  Vancouver, _���������. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  twelve miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence south eighty chains; thence west  eighty chains; thence north* eighty  chains; thence east eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  SAMUEL   FLACK.  Per  Chas.  McHardy,  agent  Pated November 18th, 1912.  TAXCOVTEB, B. C, _AJT_ 9Z8TBXCT.  District of Coast Ban**, Bo. 2.  Take notice that I, Robin P. Ross,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation salesman, intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  TAJrCOCTSB, B. O- JMKH SXSTBXCT.  XMstrtet of Coast Beat*, Bo. S.  rake notice that I, Thomas M. Carter,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant, intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  fourteen miles in a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey*  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  thence south eighty chains; thence east  eighty chains; thence north eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  THOMAS M. CARTER.  Per Chas. McHardy, agent  Pated November 18th, 1912.  YAWCO-T7-3B, B. C, -ABB DISTBICT.  District of Coast Bang*, Bo. 2.  Take notice that I, Joseph Clarke, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  fourteen miles ln a northerly direction  from the north-west corner of survey  Lot number thirty-nine (39), and on the  east side of the Kle-na-Klene River;  tnence north eighty chains; thence east  eighty chains; thence south eighty  chains; thence west eighty chains to the  point of commencement.  JOSEPH CLARKE.  Per Chas.  McHardy,  agent  Pated November 18th, 1912.  29-11-12-24-1-13  The Fbrestery Branch of the Department of tbe Interior has had a  number of parties out during the past  season continuing the examination of  the unexplored districts to find out  the supply of timber on Dominion  lands, and determine the lands which  should be reserved permanently for  timber purposes. These parties are  generally in charge of graduates of  the Forest School of the University ot  Toronto. Tbe work for the season is  almost completed, and the parties are  now returning from the field. Two  of the'parties have already reported.  Mr. S. H. Clark examined during  the past season the district lying  north of Lac La BIche and east of the  Athabaska River In Northern Alberta,  which Is along the route which was  proposed for the Alberta' Great  Railway. The season  was, and, as the district was found  to be covered largely by muskeg, the  examination of It was difficult. The  muskegs were almost Impassable, and  the few trails that werefound are in  poor condition. In spite of the condition of the trails quite a large number of people were going into Fort  McMurray to locate.  It had been reported that there waB  considerable large timber north of  *Lac La-Bache, but the examination  brought out the fact, which has too  frequently been the cvase, that the  quantity of large timber is small and  only in a few scattered areas. There  is, however, a large quantity of immature spruce --and jack pine hich,  ���������which needs only protection from fire  to be a valuable crop for pulpwood or  lumber. The land is generally covered with muskeg, and the soil, nowhere first class, becomes lighter and  sandy towards the east, where is consists of sandy jack pine ridges with  muskeg' between. The undralned  muskegs make the timber growth  slow, but the whole district is more  suited for timber growth than for  agriculture.  One night a couple of travelling  salesmen arrived in a small Kansas  town and found the hotel crowded. Not  a room was to be had.       ������,  "I bate to disacommodate you,  gents," said the hotel proprietor,  "but even the pool table's occupied.  But, say, see that old church across  the street? I bought it to build a  new hotel on the site. 'If you don't  mind, you can go over tbere and sleep  In the pews. They're upholstered, and  they ain't bad slfeepin* at nil."  The tired pair decided to try it.  About one o'clock in the morning  the hotel proprietor was awakened by  the loud clanging of the church bell.  He got up, roused the porter, and told  bim to find out the trouble. In a few  minutes the porter came back. "Well?"  asked tbe owner, excitedly. "Party In  pew 26 wants a gin rickey," was the  answer.  FOR.  CHRISTMAS  A handsome line of goods suitable for  Christmas gifts are now on display. Many use*-  ful articles for men, women and boys are included  in this number.  list:  Neckwear in all the  latest  Umbrellas, plain or fancy  novelties. handles.  Handkerchiefs, plain or with   Dressing Robes.  initial. ,  Gloves, in Suede or Kid, lined  or uniine_.  Ladies' Handbags  House Coats.  Fancy and Knitted Vests.  Valises and Club Bags in  great variety.  Clubb &  309-315 Hastings St.W.  Stewart  Phone :��������� Sey. 702  mi  -*~t-*3_ta������:-E~*J  \  __AI_________M____i  ���������__���������___  m


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