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The Western Call 1914-12-18

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^SexVgBster_n Call
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Published in the tpttrests of Qreatcr V��
:  / // ' ���'^ 'lL_L_. n.u T'PL jft#i
"       ___
A Remarkable Utterance From The General A
?x*xxvx4   ��
��� cimpjMgn IB VV>o3
���   >.        ���������'.'i>r-'.������''������:.. ;���-���'. .-���������vv*'i;;
[XMiiii;^ ...
(pleting a two years' term of the office, a^dw
| Loan prior, to that. .'His 4eirm_of office, has been ;
ja very difficult one, as during the two or; three
J-jreara prior to his taking the chair, the deben^
[lure issues of the city hid been, allowed tb get
fhta Succeeded in straightening out these tangles,
'   Secondly, cornea Ex-Mayor Taylor, who was;
"chief accomplishments during his terra of
was the annihilation of thehalfof the head.of
{Company, on which they were to spend $5,000,-
(000 in "five years, including a large terminal
" iepot, but nothing as yet^has been done on -that:'
|cupied; that high Office in 1909. E^Mayor
|bouglas is being rapport^'bjr-Mr^Jaiaira/^o^y,..-
i\ i%?'5X'
- X-^���J.     .t      -vf^     s  .      -  " <���"        )W&A%��SSR*M~'?&
. \   < �����   >   ���> t - P\ X , ,.       - 4   if- ��� V"HA%iN[   JX
V / . i,' x       .i.  Wl ". '.. .'.. .. r.^L.$&>tf&S&��m >k
','-���-.'��� J.'i""
v ���";.y-'i-'':-i:-.W'---��-H-.t;- .'.--:..i'5>5<_
."���,���.;";>;v'v:;>:'/^V'A1'-' ^-'������v^.'iXl
3- ^-���^7i^f;'-X'>~V,'.X''-'"!>-'l
;-i "K^XVXvV v*? 4X^V|
X ��;|.X V;XX!i^X'iX|
BB^BK%ii. -^^S^^ii-^"" y:  s\"<^y$*> y--��~ *.j*'&&*��� ���
���<if,:',, j /V ���
;Xw: <**sj
���   4��     ^       V.
_-_S_-_gy-^:^.^_- t -X V' 4 &�� ��� 'w-*^ *t&i#
*""��� "*^ia Church hiv=U;-&**Piif^-:4^;#
Eote of Catidida^-
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f^> V��
;   '
** ' -
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y   "���
4\ -^ .              i
.���      T
'    ,          **
4^*          .        ^
^    -        . . w'       / x x    - ^- i:>s
Brunswick House, ,X*'   >1       'V*V^��U�� ���
2, Central Buildings, Westminster, %X^i^%
K       ' " x llth November, ;^c' h*%^
y *
���i ���.J*.
My Dear Mr. Stevens:
I ay a letter wbich'I have jnst^X'vX
written, and which, I think, correctly represents ^'X^'X
American opinion, although it "ia* <jpite possible WM; '
that the German element in ' tbe SUtes may",'.;������..,,,.
cause trouble both,over'here and in Canada,^7^<ti$-
"   ^    J    ;      With kind re^rds/ Jl^<tsm
" ' Tours .sincerely
Dear Mr. Editor:
B. W. PEEKS.   _ U.*��_J
,Por many years it has been my duty to ps^r^Vw^p
frequent visits to the United States.    I^ve\^X4/^
i"1 f., t'    '^"%��t
made many friends in Washington. New York*   r   K
Chicago and other cities; among the politicians^X^���
bankers, ministers of  religion,   manufacturers,     %&��$��&
merchants and journalists of America. }a ^ v Xj^^^f**
.    Penonally I-felt Kttl��S 6>nbt ,0^ th^o%tb|^ ;f 1?^
* o��4he war as to wbieb way Amoi^^^JminlXi'X^
fw6md��sw*^;r ># jA -   , ej��%E^*t^E&
' Shf&#S8^^^^^S��
��� ^b&9T^m^sm^^mm,^9sm^ms^m^^
:iw.:: ^;;o\^5S^^?w^: -vV:; x;xy.';:x::
i^otwcedvtn^iir ciwi^d^t^
jf south Yt^i^eT.y':jy^y v:Jjyj^j/y ���'////'[
Otlier candidates spoken of are: ; j.^^'GainiK''
aejl, schoo^twteeYPonald Bnrgess, and lastIwt;
X-::--''l'::^x^i^^ ///^j
Ward 1-HGoUncilior Rtilie4ge. -: X
War4 2���W, B. ^nsseli and W; A. Craig.
Ward 3���A. H. Lfewis, P, Mansell, J. WWaish.
Iv Ward i^ounciUor Winram.
lVWar4 ^--Councillor Miller;
Ward ������Councillor Bowling..
Ward 7���Councillor Twiddy and W. J. Allen.
I<i (
The ekpected has happened at last.   The Ger-     eyeh that with or -without outside Help Servia
Jnder the Patronage of Sir Richard McBride,
K.C.M.O., and B. He Stevens, Esq., UP.
|^ A Grand Patriotic jConcert under the auspices
|f the above is being arranged by Mr. W. McC.
fopre and Mr. W. A. Ellis.
-The programme will include many first class
popular artists.
A great attraction should be the. Patriotic Duet
written and composed by Mr. W. A. Ellis, in
irhich Mr. W. McC. Moore will appear as the
leneral and Mr. W. A. Evans as the Admiral,
lother interesting item should be another song
|f Mr. W. A. Ellis entitled "In the Navy^'which
re understand is about to be published.
Tickets, 25 and 50 cents. , X
This concert is to wipe out, a-debt of $210.00,
iciirred by the Missions to Seamen, iri the send-
ig to England of .wo contingents of Ex-Royal
favy-men. v        -
man Navy has made aVdash   for   the   British
coasti bombarded ^scJibo^iial^^
^b^lojss^bf life, something like a hundfed non-
Xhew^ it has d^pl^anfi^
slwrt the"Vraid hi^ no miUtary; significant
as senseless a pieTO of barbarism aa the QemumJ
$JE&!^ ^retSis i
iniptt^ ��� inutder of the innocent non-combatants. -
0er*nany^ l&y .w*t vassured,'{. howeyer, that tbat:
.da^is'bnly. postponed.. /jk/jy-JJ-
X^e^ervians have done wonders. The Austrian
army   <>f   invasion - ia r shattered   and; Servia';
proudly boasts that not an Austrian Teniains on
.Seiry^n';^ as prisoner. JJ Just how- the
Servians have accomplished this complete reversal oi^inilitary form has not yet been released
by the censor. Some report an accession of
Strength ^frpri Bussia, ,yia the Danube; another
source tells lis the Russians came .via Archangel
an'd; Antiyari. Still another reports French reinforcements via Antivari.    Certain it is, how-
 ��� ./Wip.4J|iji#j.^^
has routed the Austrians and driven them, bope-
The annexation of Egypt to the Britsb Empire
baa been officially anno    - *   ^-
Arthur Ifenry McMabon appointed Sis Majesty's
;$!^}C6^ ���:j.;jyy-.jk. -Jkj
I VT^:^
vsidCT claim the advftutage;  The victori^^
^anceX>^ the Ruisia^t in East Prussia and in
Galicia would indicate^ however, that B
at least strength enough to bold the, Germans in
^^eck;w-,Po|sndX.';Xn:V;:.'i-v >-/::>;���;;.
��� In Flanders^ Stba:Allies are slowly but; surely
pressing the Germans baclc and this is trne also
all along: the fifont 'in Frw*e.      ���';        -    I
A constant stream of British troops are're-
ported as arriving at Havre and this point has
been made the British base in France, grounds
having been leased and more or less permanent
buildings erected, signifying a long stay. Lord
Kitchener evidently counts on making a lasting
job of it while he is at. it.   v     ;
Yancouver has one of the finest rinks .in this
or any other country, but for genuine good
skatjng there is nothing like the open air. - So
our, local skaters are now in their glory. Every
pond and lake is now bearing and great numbers
are" getting their first skates, and the fun at
Trout Lake and Burnaby goes oh night and day.
It is many years since the outdoor, skating has
been as good, and the B. C. Electric is reaping a
Ward I.
A public meeting of Ward One Conservative
Association will be held at the Carleton Hall,,
Collingwood East, on Monday, December 21. at
'8-p.m./ -..,;:- . ,-- ';���.-' .-.���./
XThe music, will be good and H. H. Stevens,
Esq., M.P., and others will address the meeting.
Ladies are given a special invitation.
" Councillor Butledge will preside.     ���        X
New York Irish Voliititeers
New' York, Dee. t3~A largely attended
meeting of the N. Y. Irish volunteers at Terrace
Garden was broken up by armed deputy-sheriffs. The meeting, 3000 strong; of whom half
were Germans, was intensely anti-British and
culminated in a physic! attack on the reporters
present who were only saved from grievous
bodily injury by the intervention of deputies.
About 300 Irish volunteera were present in full
uniform and armed with heavy swords. At
one stage of the proceedings "Die Wacht am
Rhein"waa sung and the audience exhorted
. to join the Irish volunteers and arm themselves
to fight in Ireland's fcomihg war against Great
Candidates for Reeveship
Edward Gold definitely announces his candidature for reeveship of South Vancouver.
-Donald Baynes also presents hiinself as a
candidate for the same office.
Adopting in diplomacy the same questionable
niethbds which they>,h^)ns^ in;
Bernstorff has us^drjeyelrfijelt^tyy&w:'
upon' 'help. from:thef'New^Yo^^Cksrmw:^
'..which bto been-.veiy';-^^y;v^itbb^-;G^
������hM;d^e herntmosilto^
.diffiailtvthito; it Wkj/ y xSfe^vv^SSS^SS
In every dii*ection Germany; has jho^ enerjy:AV;
a^ resource.   Menw^
were some elements in her favour. X-,; . ; X v
For half a centuiy there ^lil^en an: endless
stream of. German andiAustrwneinigi^ts pouring into the United States.; Walk down Broadway, New York.   On almost every warehouse or
shop you pass there is a   Gernian  name: V Go V
"down town" to Wall Street or the" busy finan--
cial quarters.  The banks and,, finance, houses are
crowded with partners and clerks bearing German names!   Trade between the United States
and  Germany  has  been  immense.    Germany's
transatlantic passenger and freight trade has of
late years growrn by leaps and bounds..  What is
the position today'?��� German commerce has been
swept from the seas, and the finest steamers inc
the German mercantile"; marine are interned in   ,
New York and Boston harbors.
Why, then, is it that American opinion has set
so steadily from the;outset in   favour   of   the
Aliies>   Our Government has done very little to
guide American opinion.   We sent out a cheap
edition of our Foreign Office papers; and employed two or three novelists upon a sort of semiofficial literary expedition.   Beyond this We did
, nothing.    Great Britain is    fortunate    in   her
American Ambassador.    Our Minister at Washington,  Sir Cecil Spring Bice,  is, happily for
England, not like Count Bernstorff.    He is not '
an idealist, and is not fond of the interviewer;
neither is he a lecturer.   He is "a practical, levelheaded man of affairs.    The real reasons why
the Germans have made no   headway   is   that
England had an unanswerable case.    Our cause
was right.   We went to war in defence of our
treaty obligations; in support of a small nation
whose territory was wantonly invaded; and we
stood face to face with the immoral plea that
(Continued on Page 4)
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' "- 4| ^  ********************************************#**************<  On August 3, 1914, forty-eight hours after.the,  Swiss Federal Council had issued' orders1 for the.  mobilization of the entire army, 300,000'men-stood  at their appointed posts, ready to defend the sac-  - red neutrality of their country.'*. -The ai xvmplish-  ment of .this feat won the admiration bf ,eyen thi<  . much engaged belligerent natlansr/or it famishes  u eloquent nroof of Swiss military discipline and:  ���������, efficiency;\ 0nl the Swiss mobilisation been ca.r.  , tried out .with less promptitude, it' is -very ^owtit>  f������l whether the .territory of the little Alp6ie>rer  public would not have been invaded right at the  beginning of German-French hostilities.,  ' Jt is interesting to note that in Europe^Swit-  . zefland. with a population of 3,800,000, maintains  the largest armed force proportionately. France  comes second, Germany and Sweden third. The-1  other countries maintain from one soldier to every  110 inhabitants, in the case of Russia, to one soldier to every 170 inhabitants, in the case of Great  Britain. -   '    '  The per capita cost of the Swiss army in J9t0  was $2.25 of the British army $4, of the French  army $3.35 and of the, German army. $������.10. The  per, capita expenditure of the United States ia  aboutfl, and according to the statistics of 1912;  this country possesses an army of 176,016 including  all non-combatant troops and the coaat artillery.  The reason why the eost of the Swiss army is  comparatively so small is entirely due to a rational military system; a system which is both  economical and democratic in the truest sense of  the word.  The' army of the Swiss Confederation is a citizen army. Every Swiss citizen is liable to military  service from his twentieth to his forty-eight  year. The federal forces consist of "three divisions,? the so-called "Atiszug", the "Dand-  wehr"- and the'*'Jjaihdstrum".'"���������'���������To the;Auszug  or Elite belong the young mien up td the age  , of 32; the Landwehr of First Reserve comprises  the soldiers from 33 to 40 years of age and in the  Landstrum or Second Reserve are incorporated  vthe men from 41 to 48 years of age.  X No Swiss citteerfc^  unless he is physically unfit or under the stipulated height of 5 feet 1 1-2 inches. Citizens who are  liable to do military service and who are prevented from filling their duty on account of their  residence in a forign country -are obliged to pay  a regular military tax. This tax amounts to 6  fanes per man, with the addition of 1.30 francs  (30c) for every 1,000 francs of private fortune  he may possess.  )tntntsitiif.ilistk%r  VTVTr'l  I' ���������*  The. rich and thej>qor have to serve side by  x Bide and there isno choice ,in the service, except  that each man is at liberty" to. decide whether he  ��������� would like'Jo belong'to the; infantry or cavalry,  - as the, cavalry soldier has generally, to provide his  ,;own hopae*^    ," -:      - ';- ' -       ' A *  s i������\ -Military instruction is imparted at the expense  /oftne S^i8s^Confe4eration by a special instruction corps, aided by the'off������cewko!/tbe higher and  lower rank! The year's recruits are immediately  sent to one of the schools for recruits established  in different citiea throughout ihe country Those'  intended for the infantry receiv������ta preliminary  training lasting 65-days;-.cavalrywen h,ave to re-,  main for .90 days; field and mountain artillery  men 75 days, engineers 75 days, transport men 42  v days and ambulance men 60 days.  Since the year 1907, when a new military organization took place in the Swiss army, tbe cavalry and all the forces of the Auszug have to attend a yearly repetition course lasting 11 days.  Formerly the cavalry alone had these yearly  exercises, and the other sVvices attended a repe- _,  titiojr course every-otber- year. The -Jjandwehr  forces also have thejr repetition courses Vnt in  their case they take place only once in four years.  Special courses and training are, of course, ���������re-  quired in the case of soldiers'who are desirious of  advancing to a higher grade. There is' a central  military college at Thun for the instruction of  officers of the general staff and another for regimental .officers. "Infantry instructors receive  their training in a school of that description at  Basel and there are furthermore courses for shooting (especially for officers), also for ambularce  work etc.    ��������� ������������������.v.'"-X'.->x--; ;���������  .Every soldier is obliged, morover, to do a certain amount of rifle practice each year, and A record of his capacity in this line is carefully kept  for him. It is therefore not to be Irondered at that  all. the men are eager to produce good results.  There is hardly a village which has not its own  "SchutzengeseHschaftXi;e.rits ownlife chrtrand  all these men take a pride in doing as much extra -  practice in rifle shooting as time will, permit. This  is the reason why the Swiss markesmen show a  well nigh infallible accuracy and this also accounts for the fact that Switzerland attained for  the fourteenth time out of. sixteen the world's  championship on the occasion of the rifle-shooting contest at Camp Perry, Ohio, in September,  1913.  A WARNING TO FARMERS  DEATH MAT LUBK IN SILOS.  The ."Journal of the American  Medical Association" calls on papers with.a rural circulation to  sound a warning in regard-to the.  ���������silo, which is a common structure  on the modern farin. It-appears  that carbon" dioxide gas, most  deadly; forms in silos, and that  fatal accidents are likely to. happen  if silos are not carefully ventilated  before being entered by human  beings. It appears that out in O-  hio such an'accident has happened  costing the lives of four workmen,  who were employed on ihe farm  of a. state hospital. These men  went UP the ladder on the outside  of the silo to an open door about  twelve feet from the top and jumped down on to the silage, theV top  of which was about six feet below  the door. Five minutes later two  other workmen did the same thing  and" found the first fomk uricon������-  scious.   The bodies were at once  taken out_ and the .doctors in the  hospital were' immediately summoned, but were unable to resus-  ciate any of the men. Tt is supposed that the carbon dioxide gas  bad formed during the night, form  ing a layer some six feet deep, into  which the men jumped. The medical journal says the same thing  may occur on any farm with a silo,  hence the necessity for thorough  yentuationX-St. Albans (Vt.)  "Messenger,"   v  ������S>*8MiMfr't''l''t'frfr4fr,M'''I''t''l'ij''M  t   i   7 I   1   >%    I       f    Old  Wellington  will *  COAL!  Reduce Your Fuel Bill  '1  This is the cheapest COAL in Vancouver.  value considered.  x     . -    . 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B. t ACTIVE SERVICE  EMERGENCY Fill  IHE WAR  IN EUROPE  wmm  ���������J������  " Nil.*  Try Our Printing  Quality Second   to None  A. E. Harbon       J. A. Harron      G. M. Williamson  HARRON BROS.  FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS  The exigencies of war bring  about the formation of many different funds and Societies,, and Has not affected the quality  VANCOUVER  J   Office & Ohapel-1034 Granville St.  Phone Seymour 8486  NORTH VANCOUVER  Office ft Chapel-122 Sixth St. W.  Phone 134  ���������M,.t,.M^������*-M"M'*M'I'������'H  j.������ urn m i* i n 111 i>*** 11111111 m mt i ***,**************  JOS. H. BOWMAN  ARCHITECT  910-11 Yorkshire Building  Seymour Street Vancouver, B. C.  **m*w-h**H"^^ ^h^^-m-m-w-^m-m.^^  GAS FIRES  $1.00 DOWN AND $1.00 PER MONTH  Gae Fires do everythinginrtte lineof heating, wkich eaii be aecured  r*3,nr*3, and with the following advantages:  -������_, _u.__. ji j.  _ .     ���������.   .   .   .     i "���������*  *t _.*!_��������� i^SIL-E^���������^*'"*"* "*"* *"Hl ww*w������iowing advantages;  ���������   *^^V���������TtofTIra U ready for instant we. night ar dav_. It ri*.. ������'  as needs arise, means have to be  taken to meet them.  A recent visit, of a well-known  citizen to Salisbury Plains    disclosed the fact that there were a  number of  emergency  expenses  (that had to be.met in connection  'with the Troops, quite unprovided  ������|for by. the Government regulations, and up to the present time  they had been covered by the officers themselves, who olten with  families are quite unable to bear  the expense, and indeed under no  circumstances should they be permitted to do so.  A largely attended meeting was  held recently in Vancouver, at  which Col. A. ,D. McRae outlined  the special needs and a unimous  resolution was passed forming the  above fund and appointing as a  provisional committee: ��������� His  Worship" the Mayor, Messrs F.  Buscombe, H. Bell-Irving. Dominic  Burns, G. H. Cowan, P. R. Glover,  T. H. Lockyer, R. P. McLennan,  and A. L. Russell with Mr. W. H.  Ranson as Secretary.  Headquarters bfcve been secured  at 183 Pender Street West where  all information can obtained.  Subscription totalling approximately $1500.00 have already  been secured and the sum. of $500  each has been cabled to Col. Leckie, Commanding the 16th Batai-  ion 3rd Brigade and to Col. Hart  McHarg, Commanding the 7th  Batalion 2nd Brigade.  Colonel Cameron, in Winnipeg, j  has intimated that the .residents  there will take care of that share  of the fund required for the aid  of the contingent from that city  and it is prestuned th$t, t^e city  of Ha^ailt^  for tli&itfei;&^  of Printing turned out by  our plant. Our high standard is still maintained, in  spite of the fact that prices  of raw materials have risen  considerably.  . When you place an order  with us you can depend on  having it delivered in tbe  shortest possible time, consistent with the best of workmanship and .accuracy.  Terminal Clly Press, Ltd.  903 Kingsway  Phone Fairmont 114ft  GOOD NEWS FOR  r  Back to the land.   A Home in ttie  Sunny South, the Garden of Ctjen  Ten Acres for $240; Payments $3 per m\i  $12 per month for 40 Acres      7 '  fall  ������������������.b��������� lfD^ best ?^W^ealth^people, drainage) W  year. $300 per month from 10 aeres���������$6000 per yeai-from 40  acres.   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It ia now known in taurines* circles that  for more than a year previous to the outbreak  of hostilities German bankers and "big business  Germans all over the world were^p*ep$j*ing for  "The Day," aa well as the army and pavy.  *   It waa known aaid openly asserted iii jnany  quarters that Germaiiy waa preparing to wage a  ruthless wax for universal supremacy, buVthat  the   whole   German   nation���������Kaiser,   officers,  preachers, professors, philosophers, cdnservatives,  centrists, agrarians, liberals; and social democrats  ���������would lay aside evfiiy principle ;������of honor, _,  Aonesty and civiUrationViind   become   a   great  "rubber' band," restf^^fe^V ������od    ������������7  through any method* that MM help them, to ,  conquer not only in militanr ntattew but also in  ^umeree, was not ,e*eiis4^^  Germano-phobiflt centres. X *;'%*>  .;: The Jrasinesli ^edd" today Ttooks   on.   with  .imtWm inured at the 4ifa%rea   of.  the  piratical   methods   of   QW^Jei^w^,  f&wu^that are ������ow-dai^^i^>w^^d it is  ^ot too mu*h to say that while the Nationsbave  determined  to] utterly destroy from the earth.  '&r9mWMH*^  ^WOrldV ' h 4 \   "N^a"       " "^ <^v- u T >  X '"���������(  -> Strange'" aa it may -seem, how^rw; Toatt^jBeW,  _ww#a i������ whieh the German ,.tde^ dj<*;;fcard.  -We titer to German ^iritual^teac&wg?   And  yet thia is; or, ought to he, redog&laed as the  toun.datiou of. all-   -,       ���������   , ..X,.,., -       -7  I For over one hundred yeara German philosophy,  haa been makjtog war ^'Christian doctrine. The ^  German professor'has pracftcafly. captured the  English-speaking educational centres,and German   philosophy   and /tbeologyX Jw������   ousted  Christian'doctrine to'an ;extent'4hat coi������BtituJf^  a real menace to our Nation.   The Master has  said, "By tatir trntti j������ sh������U Jwfrw torn," ������������d  this was said relatively to spiritual teachings.  The fruits of German philosopher and religious  jieg&tions are now before tjie "wprld and to  destroy the froit without destroying ;th^ source  from which this fruit has come is plain madness.  And yet our universities are loathe to let even  the German professors go, to say nothing of the  gennanised professors who, hayev* imbibed the  German philosophy.  - Sow German philosophy���������get a. pagan wamor  and a >dishonest merchant is as ;"trftel- as plant  cabbages in the spring and you.vm'ay eat saner-'  kraut in the fall.  Toronto is having a time with this problem,  and we commend Sir Edmund 0������ler on his pro- <  test against the retention, in waiy form, of the  three German professors on the ,te&clun������ staff of  Toronto University. ������������������."..,���������....,  We are through with German "Kultnr'Vmili-  tary, commercial or theological. We want no  more of it. It is bad medicine and the .poison of  it has already done us immense' injury.  It is still a question whether we.can recover  Ourselves from the miasma of German paganism,  so loudly vaunted by men and mow, so fearfully  rebuked by God. -f ;r. ������������������     ,;.���������-.  ���������THOMAS & McBAIN offe������you the choice of  any Suit in the house at 2ft ptf cent, discount for  a few days.. .At the sign of 8EMI-EEADT, 665  GBANVILLB ST.  taken from.. The chwreh must, put in  *1^tf WW.* Ipr&tcan;'IT������l������Ew  By order of the General Assembly -of the  Presbyterian Church in the United Statel, the  following declaration on the essential principles  of the Protestant Reformation:  Whereas, Eternal vigilance is the price of  liberty, and,���������  Whereas, There are" febundant indications' of,  the    need    of    directing    the attention .of the t  American people anew to the essential principles  of the Protestant Reformation, which underlie  the civil and religious liberty of our modern lif e,>  insuring    progress    of thought "and increasing  righteousness; therefore,���������  Resolved, (1) That the-General Assembly of;  the Presbyterian Churph in the United States of,  America calls upon its ministers to review with ,  their people the history of the great Reformation.,  period, to the end that the essential principles off  Protestantism may be reaffirmed and re-empha- s.  sized in the face of conditions that demand such  reaffirmation and. re^emphasis/ ' > ;  Resolved, (2) That the executive commission >  of the General Assembly transmit this action to*!  every presbytery, and adopt such measures aa".  may be fdund necessary to carry out its pro--*  visions during the year, 1915,.rwliich the assembly  has already set apart for the special commemor-.  ation of the life, labors and martyrdom of John"  Hubs, one of the great pioneers of the Reforma-i-  tion^movement. <     i -  The Presbyterian Church is -distinctly and^  \ unequivocally-committed to the principles of the'  Reformation. They are engraved into the letter^  tod spirit of, ito doctrine and life- Without^  their assertion and activity its'existence and itsV  right for existence cease, ^hey "carry in them the������t  vitality of Protestantism, the culture of spirituati  life, the progress ^of civilization, the fact of civiFi  and religious liberty,'and the purity, Scriptural  reality and influence of the church of Christi.  The fundamental principles of the Reformation^  ^ar'e:     u. /   ^  1.   The absolute supremacy of the Word of  God.   The Reformation, unchained the.Bible.   Ii  dethroned councils and vaticans.   Whatever help\  or illumination may be in, Christian conscious^  ness ' or cultivated scholaisticism    or - _ drdained.  priesthood, the supreme unquestionable authority,  iniall matters of'faith or morals is the Word oil  God.  It is' the dominant authority in the soul of*  the Christian, textbook,of the ,chijrch|!!  and the?supreme-study fl*tii4 lninuter.' This t*%t  thority should, be emfiheaized.   The formula' ofi'  Chillingworth contindlsitrO be the expression o������-  our faith:    "The Bible, the whole Bible, and-  rfothing but the'Bible is the religion of Prof  testants.,"   Tb^e open Bible is the ehart of o  American civilization, its ethics are onr efficient  protection for~ public virtue  !  2. The absolute supremacy of the grace ol  Christ. Justification is by faith alone. Thl  ^toning tMWk^&^if^Qfcfa.  isame principles be  preserved. <���������   fccclesiasticism  must be rebuked in any attempts for recognition  and   power   through   partisan   politics. , The  Christian citizen should guard the money   and  offices of the state against any encroachments by  sectarian ambition, and our public officers should  be compelled to hold churches aloof from the  suspicion of such influences.   The life of the republic lies in the separation of church and state.  The five hundredth anniversary of the life and  work bf John Huss gives welcome and needed  occasion for the, reaffirmation of the principles  of the Reformation.   We suggest that during the  coming winter and spring this special emphasis  be made throughout the church.   Let'the biographies and histories of. the Reformation have  large place in the literature of the  Christian  home, in the columns of our church papers, the  study classes of our missionary young people and  men's societies, in*the themes of our pulpits, and  on special occasions of presbyteries and synods;  in order that the trust of the American republic  may be conserved, that our free institutions may  ' be transmitted in integrity   and * righteousness,  and the church of Christ may be held distinctly  and exclusively to its supreme mission.  -'   This is one of the most remarkable'documents  issued by ��������������� Protestant body in the last quarter  '. of a century and bears the impress bf a n������w, life f1  ' in Protestant church circles that must be������ gratifying to* ev^ry lover of Truth and Liberty.  ntt-  A Letter from Sir R������W. Perks  (\  ^ i (Cjon^naed from Pi  Might is Right, and that wea"^ nations- mdst Igo  Louvain, Rheihjs^the1 fugitive people and shattered homes of Belgium, the **acrap of paper,"  ,^the brutality,and drunken savagery of the Ger-  man soldiery ��������� in < the villages ofLpTrance^���������all these  L< terrible incidents impressed thA mind of America  as they have Impressed the wferid.  '    There ii anpther reason, and,that a very potent  ^one, why the sympathies of theftJhited States are  ��������� on the side bf England and hQt Allies; and that  fis the instinct of self-preservation. "Count fiem-  istorff, whdse uttMances have'been marvellously  ������ inept, stiggestad a f eV days ae/o .that the United  ������ States ought not to regard it,, as a violation of  } the Monroe poctrine if Germaj^ "ahould, land h^r  ���������*��������� troopi i������ Qs^adaiXid obtain- in,the Pominion  ��������������� "at least a tepnpotary^footholdp!'  Americ^qji did  Inot need thiTblunt reminded toh^lp t& to  grasp-jth* w<m   empire, supreme in arms an  Alli^ ^re Wptiiig on the C  and in the North Sea the ba1  well at their own. '  %* ������acrifice i>f th������~ WiWti* S^turaf ^r*  e turn of the  Ififpte&n^^ -Pr. Roland  against military  a German woxtd  '$& commerce, the  ke|orifee������iS^  I!  -^mmf0mmm^m9W^^9rm^  i less by* eharacter or any human ability pr ex-  gerie^ce/ hht >y the blood o( Christ alone: There  KmLne*r gospel.^ The message ,of .the. ftefojma-  . tion id the message of evangelism,   the address  of the pulpit should be direct fand unmistakable.  1 Whenever the .church fails, it is when she be;  clouds_or conceals or pervertf-her mission:' ^Tjhe  evangelistic note is the note of her salvation,  , the effective challenge to human sin and need,  and the breath of benediction to the homes and  liberties of the> nation.      \i .  3.   The general priesthood of believers.   3*he  Reformation was a protest against despotism.Xff"  reaffimed__th_e liberty ..of^the^aons o|���������God* -rjt_,  ^ was a defense of the personal conscience.   It was  the assertion of personal liberty.   It proclaimed  the, right of private judfmfftft. * Jt   denounced  - coercion,, and enthroned w Mman hearts tbe proJ  found sense and recogititiej bf. i^ivicfiial respond'  aibility.   It restored^ to the soul its .privilege of  .direct approach to God.     It   estahlished 'the/  . democracy   of   the   church. .It ordained that *  Reparation of church and^te: w\&fi$ :%&'fat  veloped in its most evident* reality in thia re���������.  public.   That separation must be most valiantly  and  persistently   maintained. We" are  in   tha  presence of the insidious and dattrmined efforts  of a dethroned tccleiiaiticism to regain its lost  power in civil legislation and government.  That  way lie danger and dismay.   The state must he  Christian, but not ecelesiastkat  The liberties secured by Reformation principles must by the  $JHie*# *he:Profee*or of Hij^riat Washington  ^lJ|nvewit^i%^Ns^haa put jthis point with re-  i? markablefo'rc*r^ltia 'hhok,, *^an-(^mianism,"  r;buhJished}%;^ ^onths/before'' the ****.^*Wqt-  ylimtefof^^yi; "for England* andTrance,  *(^'^id^^gi^^lffi|ih ecoi^omi^ assistance is  ^i^tivel^^pbratiive1 -for them, "finds their as-  s iiu^nce^ela^y'int^fa^ive.... It is perhaps no  ' exaggera^^5^^yrth^|jthe prosperity of the  ^tfn&ed S^������%(depends t������j>on t^e preservation of  her.relfttiota with E^enS ������n4 France that in  ' time of war only an alliance with them would  save her frojn almost certain bankruptcy."  , . Already the. rcar, has, cjwmed widespread industrial and commercial trouble in -the United  " States/ "What' would the* state, of American tride  have been if our Navy had failed to. sweep "the  '������German>arships from th> seis;, if'the ports of  London,. Liverpool,, .Glasgow,^ flavre; Bordeaux  and Archangel had all been Shut; if the,trade  ���������routs across the-Atlantic had$>e$n closed? if'the  large flow of exports and imports between'these  '��������� countries'and America had been completely cut  "off.     ' "' ���������*- ,. .  Should the United States be called upon as. a  neutral" nation tb sacrifice for a time, probably  only'for a brief period, her trade with Germany  and Austria, the American traders and people  ought willingly to regard such a temporary loss  as the contribution which the citizens of America  will, make to the great struggle which Great:  Britain   and   her   Allies   are now waging, at  gigantic cost, with* all their might, on land and  sea, for humanity and Pw^Pffcom. . ;'^;  The -Press o,^ne United-States simply!echoes  the voice of the, people. * This is. abundanfiy evident in the jttfiffte letters which rea^ this  country. " PerMi|������ I may be allowed to!J quote  from some whiclh I have recently received.   ,  The first writer is' an engineer, who has been  employed by the United States Government on  some of their great enterprises:  ,  "You need have ho fear that the people in this  country are being for" one moment fooled by  German statements. Regardless of class, one  scarcely meets a^man or,woman here who does  not devoutly wish"and pray for Germany's downfall."        '"'..���������  My next correspondent is the president of one  of the largest-and best known railways in the  United States.^ He'says :^  "I share the belief that the Germans in building up their Navy are laying their plans for us  quite as much as they are, for Ijlngland; and that  Germany has' her teyes on. South. America, and  proposes some day to, question the Monroe Doctrine with fleets and armies. } If, however, she is  :, chastened, $ri I devoutly hope will be the case,  we shall not need to worry. .Public sentiment in  America is 'almost unanimously in favour of the  Allies."-.  A w������flI-kiK)WB[ banker in Chicago,, who visits  Germany every year, .and left there a few days  before^Wr was'declared,1 writes:   .  "England^ has-our full sympathy   and   beat  wishes for.jits suedess in the present war, which  >w$%roi_ght:on by^Germany."  The following-is    from    a    prominent New tvI  Yorkerf .bearing a Scottish, name^ whose Jfore-~  fathersrleft Scotland in the, days,,of the.Young  Pretender:  "As a nation before the world we are neutral,  and every effort, even to the point,of suffering  some national indignity, will be used to keep us  so. But complex, as our natures are, and much  as we abhor* vwar,v the individuals of America  know that the awful business is on, and must be  finished, ^ven, tyhile their lips speak prayers for  peace, and their hearts bleed for those who are  involved, in this greatest of all calamities. As  individuals we cannot he, labd are, not, neutral.  That the* Kaiser was' discovered in his intrigues J  r in the nick of time and outwitted by British  diplomacy, and lost his hWd and cast the die, he  and' the mffitary party ifi Germany had long  1 been wishing ind prepariiifr; for, ������we^na-evident  to most Americans. Every. (Jerman-Americia  with whom. I have talked thinks that the success  of the Allies is the surest and shortest road |o  the breaking down of Jhe military spirit of Gal*  rmany. J abjnse our< jrolitiealneutraUty asfj  hastily review arace, language and religion old|r  than political bo^ncferi������i|'<iM J^mSmlier t������t  all my red blood js British; and X am marchiS*  . wfth^thefSeotch/a> mydaddies^nsed to do.'X>  The last corespondent I will quote is the Senior  Bishop of the Methodist HpiscopUl .Church *f  ,-Amenea., Bishop Hamilton says;     ^     X\ V  -/%������^^W^ pf #jMiA^untiy )m������  Vne mwtary power.of Germany, responsible-{or  thia gigautic^crime, against God *nd man." ,  Replying to, my American friends, I tell them  that England is facing ther ordeal of. war with  her ancient courage and resource; that on lan4  > and sea there is the same endurance, and the.  same vigilance. 'W, in the olden "diy's; that odr  sons are answering nobly to the call of their  country; that the voice of party political strife  and industrial conflict has been silenced in face  of national danger, and a new spirit of human'  brotherhood and sympathy is abroad in the'land;  and that, trusting in God, and believing in the  righteousness _of our cause, 3ve_ipray_ for, _andJ  expect, Victory!  ">      Yours faithfully,  ROBERT W.TERKS.  ��������� j  i  AI3AKU ANP fALWroiB STARVINO  WashingtonrP.O.���������Dire need of food among  the people^of Albania and Palestine has been re-  ported*t6"tKe^Sl_tte Department. In these countries, the report eaid, more than 300,000 people  are facing famine and 30,000 already have died  of starvations <  -  COW'S qELBBBATUD JLNOIOSH PA1A-  MATTAI at the Semi-������#ady for half price-this  week. Remember ths place. ��������� THOMAS A  McBAIN, 6W OranviUe.   r   -  VANC0U7XR mfr* WWi RAFH)  .     PROMOTION.  ���������* t -^  *****.l.*******j.i***t ********l***l* 1 I'l l"!"!*'  BE PREPARED!  . - * *  *.   . -'������  Every Canadian should,protect himself and J \  % family by carrying a policy in  MUTUAL LIFE OF CANADA J  E������.afe>ll������li*4_ 1080  "CANADA'S ONLY MUTUAL"  For  rates and  full information see our %  1 agents, or  I W. J. TWISS  * Di-trlot Manager >,  ������ 317-319 ROGERS BUILDING %  Z*******~:-* *: *4 *************** mi n v**  London, Dec. 15.���������Lieut. Robert McMahon, of  Vancouver, who came over with the contingent  as qaartermaster-sergeant and since has been  given a commission in the tenth battalion East  Lancashire regiment, has, now been promoted  -adjutai&4>f .this^egiAdn^.' Lietfi MeMahoh, who  i������kin the Canadian customs department in more  peaceful times, Served in South Africa; capturing  Boer colors in the march to the relief of Mafe-  king.   He was also in the Jameson raid.   ,  ADVERTISE IN the WESTERN CALL  FOR BEST RESULTS.  vonc*.  l-3rd OFF ANY OVERCOAT FOR A FEW  DAYS AT THE 8EMI-RE.ADTr655 GRANVILLE  STREET,  NOTICE is hereby given ; that An  application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Brit--.  Ish Columbia at. Its next Session, .foivan  Act to Incorporate, an Educational ^Institution", '-and. bein#4khe- Anglican. Theological College of British' Columbia...In  connection with the Church of England  in Canada, and .under.the authority;:of  the provincial and^eeneral Synods there-,  of, with power U> Iwuire,'hold, pos8#SB  and enjoy real.-%nB-personal property  within or without the. Province, and; to  lease, mortgage.;, sell and transfer '.Ihe  same; also with power to borrow, or  loan ihoney,-and. t*r~ give, or receive security therefor; also with power, to Arrange and teach classes In the Theological and allied subjects; to establish halls  in affiliation with said college, to af-  filate with 'the University of British.  Columbia, and with other Halls already  established, "and "to confer degrees -in  Divinity and generally to exercise and  enjoy all such other rights, powers and  privileges as are usually possessed by j  Theological'Colleges. \',l  Dated this 28th day of November. A. i  D.  1914. '.'. VV.'I  Cowan mitehle k Oraat.    !  Solicitors   for  Applicants.  :;;-.-' ���������.-.   ;v;.--..'   ���������:���������;.���������   ���������';���������;���������   .;f '.*   .       ,^   J J    -'.^J^JJJ ' ��������� ' ��������� ��������� . ,.  V .' 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Ml I If Ml I Mil i ii jet ���������������������������.������������������< 11111 !��������� M11111IIIII Mil  +������������������< IM Ml | f *<>���������������������������������<i >4 H ���������������! f i HUM HI I MMHIIIMI^  t::v;vv;|l|v;ljMI^|:;;::^-  As' Alderman fofVISlS  XX  X*X'  :^Cri^i^ti^  ���������) III I Ml MM I >������������������������������������������������������������*������  i*'i.'i>_<-i-^"'ii;_'  MM  ���������������������������MM*t������IMIIMMMM  ss  >���������������>'��������������� ������y<r..y������������y#j'rM,M.M\'VM^  < >.  ijajoMPl^^  ;..;VXXXXXXXsV  ���������������H  ���������^^^^i^^^mi/  XXXX^IXt;  xxff#t  ������':::'i;i-.K..-&."--���������'���������'���������:'fcT!W.i;::_;������������������EH;-*' ''vgM'.-igJ|T"_Vi''/'o.^rB- :"-;._R!_;-'';l:-'*_ V^l"������������������1"i;' B^i. _FT'_' 'J-'i- '''"iV^':?.  4.4    |  ^' tfflJ.AU.lVJ~.l_  ,'guWW_.  llrTOf  as German in Ward Ori*.  ^  -V  have taken a more active interest  in^$S!f;'^$^  Saskatchewan during the present  but what applications ar^received  bj^he ftii^c$or of cd-opera^iv^^i^  e^i^&tive^ b^^  ing rassoeiations ^^moi^^alr^  ^^th^l^yinceyj: ^^JMewkiMk  sociatiohs have been granted chart  ers during tine! past ^elr,V & Vfol-:  lo^������ :fc Assiniboia Cd-operative As-  <iiationi ,Ltd,, capitalizatibn $5,-  PPp;;; PenzancevCtobperative,: ^  sociation, Ltd., capitalization $10^  000; ftiryih Co-operative Associa-  tion, Ltd;, capitaliaation $10,000.  ���������As the interest in the co-operative  movement ^grows, the demand for  bulletins dealing with the matter  seetas to teepjpaceV  afl'spartaof tte'tproyike* arelseek-^  ing definite information as JtoJjor-J  ganization and methods by which  eo^CTaijiv*^^  ing can be raccied on successfully.  SStt=S=  ������*���������  * ������  l< >  u*  M  +****+**************4***+w+**w***+*4**************  ���������      x ��������� 4 *  War4 Vlt 1!  >       4.  4.  <^_H_HI_li;':/;_i_ii. i'v, i-_.4������a  ::  ' ^_________________L    IHI      ��������� Artistic in design. * / / % \  "���������  _^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_B  ''    Ml     -lAirti^-jtl^A.' si. A_.t_.i_ X !  Malcolm McBeath  respectfully (BoHcits yow |  vote ,������nd influence as J  alcjerroanic cancjidatt $  for War* VII. *  ���������|.*������,K''M'*'M'������������'H''H1^'*^^  1 ��������� ������������������������������+���������������������#���������������������#������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'   ������������������������������,������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  J. J. DOUGAN  solicits your vote and influence  as  School Trustee    -  _���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>��������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������*������������>���������������������������������' ������>>������������������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������#������������������>���������������������>  VOTE FOR  W. B. RUSSELL  A& COUNCILLOR FOR  Ward Two, South Vancouver  __   f f A. *  Efficient and strict business.  Retrenchment where possible.  Public ownership of utilities.   ���������,--.>--���������.  Local industries encouraged. ,.  X .Noi^ ���������������������������' yv  Diy Labor-���������ei^ht hour clay. '  ���������..��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� >>>..��������� ���������..������.������������������������ ������.��������������� >���������>,������>������,������ *������������������������ ������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������>>������������������������>.���������������������������������  -s^ liV "r i^-.- ^XX ;1V;;V:  '������������������H:*..!  ;y\m  (j -��������� - -.  ?XH  ri-.ft:  '.i!V' t,;.;:  vXf:?j>  ^���������';:������X  a-l^X  ^*X.'-X:''' "^tHfii^ wV'^^^fV ^Hv-'X;;  S������'X!V!" _jr^_Jx_i__j>jtf ji '-'"^-^-^  yScJ^j*;:; .'i^ftMmSlll^f^t'WWWWWW <&'l3?r??p  't'.'t������tir-V-.-. ,��������� ���������,  *1  5'*^Xx^-XAX^%X^-VvVV^  ^w$M^$m������MXM$mm^M������-WWwM^^  >"*.'. t^..  Coiiti^iB^  ''K^H^S  \v*yi^'.,.:4.:;;.i,-3^5  -'?Jv-������'3  Phones High. UIS-I7S5  ���������**���������!  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C  fjBiitll  Makes a Nice Christmas Present  Until January 1st;* 1915, at  all Exchanges, we will, in-..  stall Telephones  Residence or Business  ti  * 44>  upon payment of $5,00 rental in advance.  ,ftl- ���������f.:f,;TiVTj^,4'  1l  tlj   ir  ���������3  For particulars call Seymour 60.70  CONTRACT DETARTMENT  J-O"  +r+*r*m^9,  COLUMBIA TELEPHONE  Company, Limited  V<4V..!.tbjLV,r  VXX'X^VV.ri  v������:;1^w,|ro^:v;4^  fenors inJyVar4 V fe v  .fXste  :kVsVX??;';'^I  ���������������4������������������������>������<���������I���������������#������������������������������������������������������������������  '������������������ift'.'--:  ,IX  MIMIM MMMtMMUMMMM >���������;;  Your Vote and Influence are  ^ RespectlU^  As Aldermanic Candidate  ������������������ a i i 11111 > liti 111111 ��������� i in i # $ n i < m ii 1111111 ii i ****+ *  ****************9**9**9*9***********e*99*9*9*e9e*****  ���������    W. CaHerX-  i - F. Ohapmsn  Office Telephone: Sey.  5983  5934  Merchants Cartage Go.  EXPRESS, TRUCK AND DRAY  Orders by Mail or Telephone Promptly Attended to.  FeediDd_*i������st.bie.: X, 146 Water Street  ��������� 716 Cambie Street      Phone Sey. 3073 VANCOUVER, B. C.  ���������'^."-.i'-.-z'i *��������� 3     r  6  THE WESTERN CALL  Friday, Decern for 38,, 1914  .r..;^...;..^^^.;..;..^*,. ^.^.4j^i.^~J~^~...,~l..'*4������-������..'.J.....^ -  *8%x���������  ���������V  Mount Pleasant Livery  TRANSFER  Furniture and Piano Moving  Baggage, Expresa and Dray.    Backs and Carriages  at all hours.  8*$ _ *V.  if������~3ik  44������".-       J-   t/A.'  ���������ii"      -Sft/f- ���������������   4  Phono Fmlrmont 34*9 |  Corner Broadway and Main A. F. McTaviah, Prop.  I  ���������, *  44MH.."K"{"t"M-H"l"t"M"^'?'?"t"l"l"l"I' t***********************'**  4M^.i.,;..;..;..;���������;..|.4..i..i..t..x>^^������H'-?<,K^H������ **************************  Baxter & Wright *  4m/  $S^x<  COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS  Cash or  Easy  Payments  ::  .$40000  Stock to  Choose  Front  Come in and talk it over when looking for furniture.  BAXTER & WRIGHT  I  Phone Seymour 771 410 Main Street {  4������  ���������M"M"M"l"M'l 1111 <1 t"H"H"t"l"t"M- *���������+*******:.,  Cffliierclal Printing at  1                                         "        -v.                   v  "Western Call" Office  r                              >���������                                r\           r.    j  ,'  1                                   1                                                     .    ���������>       '            >  j                              i          r*                                                     t  _<L^^  4' ���������#' 'jl'  Governing Timber on Dominion lands  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the  Xorth Weit Territories, the Railway  Belt in the Province of British Columbia, and the tract of Three and a Half  Million Acres Located by the Dominion  in the Peace River District in British  Columbia.  Ucenaee  A license to cut timber on a tract not  exceeding twenty-five square miles in  extent may be acquired only at public  auction'. A* rental of $5.00 per square  mile, per annum, is charged,on all timber berths except those situated west of  Yale in the Province of British Columbia, on which the rental is at the rate of  5 cents per acre. In addition to rental,  dues are charged en the timber cut at  the rates set out in section 20 of the  regulations.  Timber Permit, and Dim  Permits may be granted in the Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, to owners of portable sawmills, to cut over ft definitely described  tract of land not exceeding ene square  mile in extent, on payment of dues at  the rate of SO cdnts per thousand feet,  B.M., and subject to payment of rental  at the rate of $100 per square mile, per  annum. ������������������  Timber for SnuitMdm  Any occupant of a homestead quarter  section having no timber of his ��������� own  suitable -for the purpose m*y, provided  he has not previously been granted free  allowance of timber, obtain a free permit to cut the quantity of building and  fencing timber set out ln Section 61 of  the Regulations.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  r-/x 'M  I, Xp*  ,* M sf*  '%',%* \d >  r, 1h������'.s:  f ,X'- &fu-  i *"'  XX  nr&\  . Tfck oW established  house ly still, apxious to  do bmnea* with you���������  complete itock of Heating  Stores, ������������BtaM������ lUnjrto  md Household Goods.  PAINTS, OTIS ANP "GKkAflS  We Ww Not 3s Uwte*sow>  W.R Owen Morrison  The Wt. Pleasant Hardware  Pbone Fair. 447 2337 Main Street  sxvoMia or ooas  bmv&atxoits  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a portin of the Province  of British Columbia, may be leased for  a term of twenty-one years at an annual  rental of $1 an acre. Not more than  2569 acres will be leased te one applicant. /  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent1  or Sub-Agent of the distriet ln which  the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must be  described by sections, or legal sub���������divisions of sections, and in unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  Btaked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5, whieh will be Ire-  funded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of 6 cents  per,,ton. ...c......-,.y-y..,.,:..������������������...:,-,,���������....,..;���������������������������-..-;���������:. -...���������...,..-.<  The person Operating the n^he shall  furnish jthe Agent with swern; returns  accounting' for ��������� the full quantity of .merchantable coa! mined and pay the royv  alty thereon. If the coal minings rights  are not being operated, such';returns  should be furnished at least once, a year.  The; lease will include the coal mlolhg  rights*only, but the lessee'per-  ralttedT to purchase whatever cvallable  surface rights may be censlder������i$*ee������-.  B*r^;f6rCth*yworkiinif;d  rate of. $10.00 an acre.   m  Just a Few Days More for Your  CHRISTMAS SHOPPING  and jfit there are many gifts to be selected. Why not 'combine  serviceability with beauty in your gift, and what gift could be  more serviceable or beautiful than a handsome piece ot furuitiiie?  The stock in this store is varied enough and extensive enough to  provide a gift for almost any friend. Visit our store when op.  your shopping tour. Wp are always pleased to show you our  stocks.  This Massive Oak Library Table  Would Ornament Any  Home  34x50 inches in size, heavy 4-inch lean,  all quarter-sawed oak, fin-   a_������T7 AA  i$hed in fumed, ?rice.   V*'?w  Fine Quarter-sawed Oak Finished Famed Rocker.  Auto seat and loose cushion back covered with genuine Spanish 0>OA AA  leather.    Price....:.?....:...   $a4.UU  Christmas Extra Special  This Rocker is built of solid quarter-sawed  Oak, strongly made, in Golden, Fumed, or Early  English finish; spring seat; upholstered in genuine Spanish leather. Just like the .. <������0 IWI  picture.   Special price....... :. ..tJ);MJU  Cash or Credit  THE GARDNER-BROWNE COMFP, LTD.  673-675 Granville Street  For^full.infortnfttion. application  partmWt-ot the towlol.sQtl^  *n^ Ai^t or ^8Ub^g������bt; of; '  -:aW:^.i.JlM.4444,.'lrlnMfM>M..:.l4_\f4W4_ii-������^  mmpm^m^w^^i&mjmmyB^m^  yivid wwumt of a polw bear huct  in the Arctic regions to the Decem-  ���������t  ' TA|p4T^N0TI<������^t||Clhf ___-.. M__  m-& ������wb?m( shoe  Stock Compwiiee   t������v������t   it*   neme   p#  ch������n*������*tp J'������tcPoni_|4( Bro*.*, pnfV  Pate** "at VancouTer, p. C., tbl������ Iftf������  ������ar o* Noyerobfr a. p. W4.  ���������,   -  ,   ������.?. ***&**,���������   .  - < 8#ertt������ry  413 GranTille Street.  s VancouTer. p. 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Mr. Douglas  is, essentially the type of man who  does honor to  the office  and  he,  of  .. the three candidates in the field is  the only one who has been sought out  by the representative citizens of Vancouver. Although he occupied the  occupied'the mayor's chair in 1909, he  is far from, being a professional politician, and had retired definitely from  public-life. Strangely enough, his opponents also have occupied the chief  magistracy, in Ithe city, both for two  years, but they are of an entirely different type. Both Mr.^Baxter and Mr.  Taylor are office-seekers of the first  degree. They have become perpetual  candidates, it would ' seem, and although they may be admirable men,  it cannot be said that they are creditable representatives for a city as large  as Vancouver. Mr. Douglas is sincere .  in :fcfc desire to keep out of the ring -1  aad Tt is greatly to his credit that he  permitted himself to be over-ruled.  Vancouver needs a strong nian at  the halm, particularly a man who has  made- a success of his own affairs and  .whoscan be tristed with  the larger  ' and more responsible duties of a large  ' city.    Neither; Mr. Baxter    nor    Mr.  Taylor has - eVjBr- distinguished himself  during 'aiformeiC;term of office. Neither  ' can claim, to lie" a success In his own  ' business' and _ from alt appearances it'  is {made obvious that" they are in poll.  V ties' for tbe salary that goes with it,,  Mr. Baxter has   been    a , jaek-of-all-,'  trades.'*"Lawyer, school teacher^ furniture dealer and professional politician.'  ,  His regime at the city hall has been  " >>��������� racked by no constructive TefornXof   t  ;any deseriptionXWitb the* prospect of ^ ,  the openingrof tha Panama Cana} right V ,.  before liim, the, mayor lias , done ncFV  thing to .atimtt; \>mtom$q ���������������T������ie; t.-1  greatest vrvr affopif* mayor in tlie <���������;X  city of Vanetasver. ,wa l>ave had fcard  time's and me������y*misfortuneBf bat. tlie - *.  mayor h������������ 4<me ootWucto prepwe for  the good times that1   are   bound to -*������������������  come.   We .cannot- blame'Mr. - Baxter ��������� "  for tbe financial .eonditions of Vancouver.   He most be given credit for ,,  accepting,a policy of  in the matter of' land clearing, bat it'  cannot be sai<l that he himself has,    '  been acti"������.in any measure.   His obviously theatrical scheme  of cutting  salaries at the end of. bis present term,   ,  thereby censing considerable hardship1 '  to certain classes of civic employees,  will not bring him mucfc applause.  Mr. Baxter is a man of small calibre.  He is a shrewd ward politician and  _has some superficial attainments as_a   'speaker and handshaker. He has done .  the city no great damage, unless his  advocacy'������f the False Creek may-be  considered in tbe light of- a mistake,  but he baa done the city no good. His  opportunities have been many and results few. -   '  As regards Mr. Taylor, one must regard him as a sort of annual disease.  He runs for mayor as a part of his  business and has been successful formerly. Swung in the balance with Mr.  Baxter, one would be doing neither an  injustice by saying tbat their weight  is about equal, although Mr. Taylor's  capacity for doing damage is somewhat  greater than is that of his rival. Mr.  Taylor, however, has been an absolute  failure in his various undertakings. He  is one man ia whom the citizens can  place but little trust, for he has been  found wanting too often, and, if one  might attempt a mild pleasantry, too  much.  Next year should witness a remarkable change in the city's affairs. The  Panama Canal will be open; there will  be large expositions at both San Francisco and San Diego, and there will be  a rush of immigrants to this country.  What has been done to prepare for -  thesef What has Mr. Baxter donef  What reason does he advance why he  should be re-electedt He has had two  years and has accomplished���������nothing.  Let us make 1915 a big year in the  history of Vancouver. We need a man  such as Mr. Douglas to take charge of  affairs and put the city on a sound  basis. A man of scrupulous honor and  unquestioned ability, lie is entitled to  the strongest support from the citizens  who have the best interests of Van- (  couver at heart.  Your Vote alict  Influence as  Chas.Dqug.las,  Mayor of Vancouver in 19$*  Candidate for Re-Election, 1915  : ___i,. ������������������������  MMMMMMM.  Vole for On S, DOM  '*JTC>  LOWER TAXES  From the  "News-Advertiser"  Another candidate for mayoralty  honors is definitely in the field, the  newcomer being Mr. C. S. Douglas, who  was mayor of th^ city in 1909, and  who was defeated in January, 1910, by  Ex-Mayor L. D. Taylor. Thus two former opponents will again cross swords.  Mr. Douglas has stated that among the  planks in his platform will be retrenchment in civic expenditures and  the reduction of the salary of mayor  and aldermen.  From the "Province"  CHIEF MAGISTRATE  OF CITY IN  ���������   1909 PROPOSES TO RUN ON  ECONOMY TICKET.  Mr. C. S. Douglas, who iwas mayor  of Vancouver in 1909, has announced  himself as a candidate for that office  again in January.    ,  He Btated his platform this morning  to be civic economy, reduction of the  salaries of mayor and aldermen,, and  ( the, equalization of taxation. He told  , The Province that he favored a return  to the 25 per cenk tax ��������� on improvements which was in viogue during his  last term of office. X'N '/  "It is, only fair that >e" should make ���������  tbe: owner of the big building pay for  the extra expenditure, incurred ,on* his -  behalf," he  said..   "To tax/the  im-v  provements   would   be fairer on'> the  poor man." "    ,'        ', -   ���������  He added that it will be -imperative  to reduce the tax rate to, 20 mills next  , year, and to do this the tax jam im-  provemente would be necessary./-_ He  favored reducing "the salaries of mayor  and aldermen considerably/ although "  .he did not say they should be wiped  out entirely. When be was mayor In  1909 he had to spend a great deal entertaining the city's guests. He, with  one or two others) were hosts to Lord  Strathcona that year.   ,  "We want a mayor that does not  favor tbe Canadian Northern Railway  too much," he added. "We must see  that it lives up to its agreement."  He; had not wished til    stand    for  mayor, but at the solicitation ,of some  of his friends yesterday, be bad con-  '~sented"to be a candidate "  MB. C. 8.  DOUGLAS,  A  FORMER  *ATO| ANU WHwWoWW  CmZEN, WILL ENTER  FIELD FOR CHIEF  MAGISTRACY.   '  Another hat is in the mayoralty ring.  Mr. C. S. Douglas, who had resisted all  attempts to bring him into tbe campaign, finally the insistence of his many friends yesterday  and last evening announced himself  definitely as i candidate.  Thia will come as good news to the  citizen's of Vancouver. Mr. Douglas  when mayor in 1909, proved to be one  of^the most efficient and'popular men  ever to have occupied the mayoral  chair in Vancouver. Mr. Douglas has  been intimately associated with the  growth and prosperity of the city and  has done a great deal to further the  best interests of the community.  "Some retrenchment of civic expenditures, the reduction of the mayor's  salary, as well as that of the aldermen,  and the equalization of taxation, will  be the main; planks of my platform,"  said Mr. Douglas last 'evening. "I  don't believe in cutting down the-firemen, policemen and ' other underpaid  employees of the; city, but I do think  that in other cases it works no hardship."    ;X'- .-���������-���������:   :V::---  V       .  X   y.  ���������fine-


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