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iblishe. in the Interests of VancQu\er and the Western People
H, H. STEVENS, M. P., Editor-in-chief
VANCOUVER, British (Columbia, OCTOBER 25, 1912.
(Prof. E. Odium. M.A.. B.Sc.)
I hear some persons grumbling about certain
streets being torn up, and impassable. And the
poor Council, the Board of Works more especially,
the Engineering Department in particular, are a
bad lot. . ���
Our citizens will grumble no matter what happens. Some of them would grumble^ if they were
going to be hung.
There will always be streets torn up in any
city that has savvy enough to go ahead and keep
up with the times.
Vancouver is oh the forward road and the Engineering Department has shown splendid aptitude tor getting a lot of work done in as short a
time as possible. The Council, the Board of Works
and the said Department deserve a lot of praise
for their most excellent showing." ;���',
Were I to raise any complaint, I would aay they
are going too fast, and the rapidly increasing taxation is a proof. -V,;v.,; ,~
We are very apt to rush" the Engineer too far.
and fast. He is rapid on his own initiative without our pressure^ But with our pressure he is a
streak of light and the exchequer tells the tale.
It is up to our citizens to slow up a bit and not
tax the people and themselves into another town
or country. We would do well to let a little of
the street work stand over for some of-the unborn
generations. Our speed is killing, and giving too
many of {he racers heart failure. 90m* one please
tell us to slow up and rest awhile before we drop
panting into the grave, where we will have a long
rest which promises but little value and no actual
"I want to convince that it is folly to seek a
��ure for industrial unrest by legislation, leaving
out the existence of Almighty God, and to seek to
do so is to go dead against a stone wall."���Comment.   -,v:;; ^
These are wise words, seasonably spoken. If
all Christian teachers and pulpits everywhere
would come put clearly on this matter, there
would be a saner headway made in the iniprove*
ment of economical conditions than this world
���^ ever^iscpyer by any otfcejc w^w?., _ .
V'"';''TI^''^ii^'tte';ir^tfn Labor "men, th* Socialists,
the t W. W. ind others turned to the only source
of wisdom, of true guidance, of spiritual and intellectual uplift, and of permanent and satisfactory economics w daily life. , If so, then most
surely they will turn to the God of Heaven, to
our Heavenly Father who gave to the world many
splendid teachers from the ancient fathers, patriarchs, prophets, and other holy men to the days
of Jesus Christ, His Son, who 10 loved the world
as to die for all men.
It is a pleasure and a joy to read in the Daily
Province the above quoted first paragraph of the
Archbishop. Yes, I can heartily join with bin. in
recommending to the workers -and capitalists for
guidance and wisdom, the God of Heaven and His
only Son, the alone wcriflcial priest and mediator
between God and man. All who come unto God
through Him, and Him alone, will have life, spiritual life, and joy, and comfort and eternal salvation.
The Reverend Archbishop had to come to "Almighty God" of whom he so wisely speaks before
he ever found peace and spiritual life. He well
knows that his wot is are forceful and apt only
so far as he makes provision for our coming to
������Almighty God" through the alone Mediator
Jesus, the Christ. I would ask all earnest, honest
men to go direct to ���'Almighty God" for guidance as advised by Archbishop McNeil in his late
exhortatory talk to a large body of men in Vancouver, B.C.
This most remarkable converted Roman priest,
on October 31st, 1517, nailed on the doors of the
Castle Church in Wittenberg his ninety-five theses
protesting against the shameful system of indulgences. He was a faithful Augustinian Friar, but
was so disgusted with the sale of permits to sin,
both secretly and openly, that he felt forced to
attack his own church, the priests, the cardinals,
and even the pope himself.
He made such headway as to lay the foundation
of German Protestantism, known as Lutherirsm.
Continued op Outside Column
Per Cent.
E. ODLUM, 1710 Grant Street
Ask the
who smokes them.
*t.*****4>*jb���!��� 'i"t"l''M'I'*'H"*"!1 ����� 'I111 4 >***<*-r**M'^^^^'I":"l'4'***'��*l'>i"l"t 4 4444> ���������������<���*������!��� �����>������.'*'*�����������"!''8 ���.��� ������'���������'*'������������������ ���i^-i-i--,.���, ���
Monday, Oct, 28, has been proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving in Canada. A^
formal acknowledgement of our immeasurable indebtedness to a graciousProyi-"
dence is at once natural, rational, beneficial and a source ot true pleasure.
How natural to express gratitude upon the recognition of favors received from
human hands. Is it less natural to thank the Giver of All Good I Ingratitude is
unnatural and unworthy intelligent man.
To render Thanksgiving for mercies is rational. Only rational beings are
capable of formal acknowledgements.   Stupidity accepts benefits as the beast.
Genuine Thanksgiving for Providences of earth and air and siky is beneficial.
The mind is stimulated, the heart is wanned, and the whole man is lifted unto a
higher plane where the atmosphere is^ surcharged with health currents from the
Fountain of life. Irigratitude depresses %<_ cuts the wings of the soul, forcing the
subject into the swamps of selfishness, dofbt and disease. Were Thanksgiving
inore general and hearty, incalculable benefits",would accrue to participants and
the nation at large. ^
But intelligent, spontaneous Thanksgmijg gives rise to sweet pleasure that
flows a perennial stream to gladden the, nations who acknowledge Divine goodness, and recognize the Hand that opens to scatter blessings generously, unmindful of our unwoi-thiness. The human race eagerly pursues real or fancied pleasure
at great cost, overlooking this inexpensive and certain source of happiness th&.t is
withjn the easy reach of all.--'--" :S;-;/;fe"'^-:M-^ >-y
A full enumeration of the blessings Canada has been honored with during this
year would be superfluous, were it possible. l*7e have been safe-guarded against
the 'ravages of disease, famine, pestilence, war and earthquake. Progress, improvement, success and promise of greater things to come have been given us.
Education, religion and politics have been tnade to contribute to our domestic and
national wellbeing. Abundant harvests, regular employment and universal optimism have added to our comfort and cheerfulnbss,
Incontrovertible sigpis of prosperity confront the observer at every point* in';;
;: Greater Vancouver.   Among the signs are ithe
mmmmmmmkmmmmtyy1- -y$:'%M
r ���:�� v*^*fiaW^y^m0m
��'.;.��Lf EW*
Conrinued from First Oolumn
That he was a good man we
dence given by the well known"iTat^er
in his History of England.   He says1.
Luther, a man of ardent mind, of
morals, apd of strong prejudices against tim
we. have splendid 'fi^-^iiiS
which give Vancouver a long lead in the Coa��t cities:
��� ��� ��� ���
�� ��� ��� *
* * * ���-* ��� ** i
����� ��� ���
��� ���*������������
*   e   ���   ���   ���
9-m * *''
�������������> ���
^���***���������*' ������'���**'****3 >_*��� .*" "- r- ,f   '*ii!' ��*' - ���1?,,'"r\"_|
Church of Rome." Good moral man. '' ;y^yyiMS^ik
That Martin Luther was a bad man we have tlr^ # ^�� gv^sw
following evidence as presented by "Father" Pur- ^; ifgpgp
ness: ������.. . ��� i-'v.-'^ti-te^tliiBgr Ikmow'iif^^*ii*ill���'fcbiBkJ'-'^i^^i^lS
'. the" Protestant .-religion- was /made, vjo^lby;: :*J*m1aXxy^yyf^lf
Christ, but' 1100 years afterwards, by, i wicked :xy0m$
man called Luther; who broke his vows to Cks4,
and confessed that he made the ProtesUnt religioo ,
to please the Devil, and to spite tha pope" "*
Martin Luther! ; ,-������'"��� -.'..���
/That Martin Luther waa a very, vtwy bad
we have the following evidence furnished by the
������Western Watchman***---- 1
The Eev. Father who would like his readers to
have excellent history, and the man of high Chris*
tian ideals, ean.say to a listening world: "Protestantism is simply ruffianism organised into a
religion. The first reformer, Martin Luther, was
the vilest blackguard of all time^ip comparison
with whom the Greek Thersiteg ^s a polished
gentleman.'* ��� ::yyy'i-,^x:y:y-y
Thus we get a clear glimpse of Luther as per
the "Fathers.**; Other historians differ from the
above gentlemen.     y ::��: ;��. yy.-xyy-, -;'l-";" ��� ]
- ������ ������'��������� ��� y?-iy-'-*x:m
������-'     '���'-:'-:'.i'<':.;-!Wr.Sn*j
'��� ��� yx&y>*
Balance.' '<
$319^43 :1
- 199.649 ::
235,420 :
U6,0Q3 :
< > Seattle ...
\ Portland .
] \ Tacoma ..
���; Spokane .
\       Another tangible evidence of perra*��4*t prosperity oi gigantic proportions is ;
> seen in v       , :? ' ' * - ���
;;.....  .. vm many uiwyetti^^
:; now under construction.  Building permits aggregate more than Ht any time in the ;
;; past.   The most noticeable are at the very heart of tbe city.  Stirrounding sections ;
;; show proportionate progress.   Point Grey is making big strides j South Vancouver ;
;; is planning for present and future improvements; North Vancouver is on the ;
���; alert for possible and certain advances; activity is in view aU along the tram lines ;;
���; adjacent fo Vancouver; a sudden but long expeeted revival of interest is now cen-;;
;;, tered in Burrard Inlet, particularly Port Moody, with its approaching develop- ;;
;; ments.
;;        Operations involving the expenditure of     i   '
:: _4Itf_!ONS OP POLl-ABS
:: in the near future on extensive docks, deep waterways, adequate railroad termin
:: als, depots, elevators and shops stimulate healthy imaginations to attempted esti- ii
:i mates of the probable effect upon trade, and real estate transfers. '.'.
','.        The prospective conversion of unsightly False Creek into a veritable beehive .1
'.'. of activity and industry has given new hope to property owners and prospective V.
','. buyert in that section of Vancouver.   When once the C. N. R. commences the pro- *
!! posed constructions tbere will be a rush for position adjacent to the improvements,
i: atid values will advance rapidly.
V.        Today the spotlight is turned on
'* \ Rapid transformations are taking place.   The Dominion Government Docks, add- ' j
. J ing 1600 feet to present accommodations, will probably be completed early in 1913. i I
\\ The C. P. B. is being double-tracked ard extended around the head of the Inlet; |i
��j a new commodious depot is projected; several large manufacturing plants are now j!
;��� under construction and modern residences are being Jbuilt. !.
''>        Many advantages will attend the
,; as a city.   The new year will witness this coveted change.   A map  defining  the
;; limits of the new aspirant to city honors is now in New Westminster being officially
;; acted upon.   Anticipating incorporation,Mayor and Aldermen timber is being pros- ;;
;; pectively selected, and ambitious enterprises are being planned.   Port Moody is ;;
;; in the path of progress.   In the immediate future local real estate will leap from ;;
; I present incredibly low quotations to prices approximating real values ''
< ^|.������.���^.4i���^.��<.^.���^������_>^..^.������..;.���^.���^<..l������^.^..^���^���l���.^���.|���4���.f.���|l���^l.l���l^ll^ll^���^i���|.l|l���^������^���l^i���|l1.11 h.*. ��� m��+
.   8<n_m0K-_fDPm(M}iuun.
The first railroad train operated by storage batteries equipped with a mtdtiple triple unit control
was s^r?c<s_fully tested on Long Island recently.
It was equipped with Bdison storage batteries and
is owned by the United EWulways Company of
cwba. i'~' x.y'..yyyy:-y^y^y.y.--y".yyy'��������� ^r^^&^*
The Canadiaa^Paeific;wiil^;^
wonderful prosperit^^if^i^
30,1912,- the g^o��^^-rJ^i^^^ Jre^
with net ����iih^|^#8^^
ship eanrtngs iiUJTeA|ftthis amoujit to |4i
and after fixedK'jfcw*^6-1^*'^^
remains a s-***p^-bt^,|33,877,T54.13.' >^Mm'W9te^%$$^
$55,000,000 wm authorised expended for
improvements *~i*W!^^^
r_.��f-a- r>. �������������...��, -i-^a..*..
���*/���. .��. .���..���_.���_.-**.���*,.
^.-Hr; W��ey.4fc��; ipii^^loiB^i*^^
4y per cent of the oysters eaten on the half shell
are alive and kicking when served and poked
with the fork. ^ adds that they suffer excriici-
ating pain when douaed with salt and pepper, and
if they could would yeW right ont well
regulated dining room in protest against their
A remarkable surgical achievement is reported
from Paris. A young farmer who had worn out
his stomach by excessive drinking, had it replaced
by Dr. Roulies iu the hospital of Agen, with the
new and healthy stomach of an anthropoid ape.
The man proceeded at once to get drunk again,
which makes one suspect that the surgeons gave
him the brains as well as the stomach of an anthropoid ape; for after such an escape a man with
good brains ought to know better than to repeat
the indulgence. But perhaps we ought to apologize to the ape, for a decent animal wouldn't act
so like a fooj.
At a recent missionary exposition organized by
. the high church party of the Church of England,
Queen Mary was present. And not only did she
grace the occasion with her presence, but inspected all part8 of the exposition, even attenling
a tableau performance. This is said to be the
first time that royalty has ever visited a missionary exposition. Missions appear to be obtaining
a prestige in England.
Not near a proposed station
But 5 Minutes Walk from the Present Station at
Price not ?250 per 33 feet But $400 per 66 feet Till _"*"*_ W_*"*
430 Main Street
Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street
Bapco Paint, Oil
2337 Main Street
Phone: Fairmont 447 .���������"*������.��������� V--.v~..  tew wwrwvN HAT J,  POLICE ALL RESIGN.  Members of Lethbridga Fore* Dlpsat*  lifted With Appointment of Inspector.  Lethbridge, Alta., Oct. 21.���������The police force of Lethbrldge has resigned  on the eve of Congress week. The  members of the force protested against  the appointment of Constable Skelton  of Toronto as inspector In preference  to a Lethbrldge man, and threatened  resignation unless the appointment  was rescinnded. .  The mayor refused to accept the re  signations, declaring that the .aouaoll  would not be dictated to. There are  a number of mounted men on hand,  three new constables hare already  been sworn In anl it is understood  that eight men of the Calgary force  will be loaned temporarily.  Referring to the deadlock Chief of  Police Daris declared he anticipated  no difficulty in adequately protecting  the city and keeping orded during the  rush of the dry farming congress.  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S., took  place on Wednesday evening last,, October 16tn, at Which three new members were initiated. The social committee reported that all arrangements had  been completed for the grand concert.  to be held at the Orange hall on the  2vd, which will be first-class In every i  respect and at which a large attend-1  ance of tbe public Is expected.   After  the lodge meeting on Wednesday last,  the members and friends gathered t������  listen to a  historical  review.     This  consisted of an essay on  the  period  "When George the Third was King," j  illustrated by a number   of   suitable  songs and recitations. The essay was j  instructive, but the effect was very (  largely lost owing to the poor manner  in which it was read. This was, however, very largely atoned for by the  excellent rendering of songs by Bros.  Turner, Harrison and Lewthwaite and  the recitations by Bros. Harrison, Mason and Knowles.  . A new store has been opened this  week at 1932 Commercial drive by P.  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Oct. 21.- ( DUBLIN, Qct. 21.-������'You refuse to  The King arrived here this evening to attend mwnb,r8 of frIendl- Bocletleg  remain a few days as the guest of the ^ mak9 OTceM,__ demandB om ug,  Hon. John Hubert Ward and Mrs.'  Ward, who was Miss Jean Reld,'  daughter of the American ambassa- ���������  dor. The town was illuminated in  honor of the King. ,��������� -,  AUSTRALIAN  WHALERS  MEET WITH SUCCESS  Good Catches Are  Now Being  Made  Off the Australian Coast  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,   Appraiser and Notary Public for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent  so we refuse to give you the bodies of  any more dead paupers upon which to  practice your dissecting propensities."  Such in effect is'what the North  Dublin Board of Guardians has said to  the, Dublin Medical Committee ln giving the workhouse masters orders not  j to permit any bodies from the Union  to be sent to. college or schools of  I anatomy.    J    Further, the Guardians have decided  '���������'������������������''������������������'   -"that aU doctors in their employ and  A   Norwegian   company, operating medical offlcerB ,n ^^ of tuperan.  out of Sydney, reports the, capture of nuatipn shall be communicated with to  fifteen whales in ten days, the mam- ascertain if they have been assisting  mala averaging from 90 to ioo'feet in the committee in the medical boycott.  length;   As a result of a good catch r*��������� ther* is a temporary stoppage in  . ] the progress of Instruction in surgical  by two whalers and a factorysteamer { gcle_ce ^ Qf ^ EtnerM  of the West Australian Whaling Com- Ig]e  pany, out of Freemantle,1 when ifr less  than two months 165 humpback whales  were taken, the company has ordered  two new whaling steamers. In addition to this, several other companies  have applied for Whaling licenses.  PLAN MOTOR BOAT ,  RACE ACROSS OCEAN  Captain Day of Detroit Fame Is Organizer���������Sir Thomas Upton  an Entrant.  An international motor boat race  from New York to Paris next year  has been announced by Captain Day  of Detroit, ���������'who crossed the Atlantic  ocean in his motor-boat Detroit from  his native city to St. Petersburg.  Five competitors are expected to enter for the race���������two American, two  French and one English, the latter  being Sir Thomas Lipton.  The start will be made from   New  INCREASE IN POPULATION  ������ "���������"**"*"""" * ���������   '  Census Returns Show that Penticton  Has Increased Over 100 Per Cent.  In Eighteen Months.     ''- V  Penticton, Oct. 21.���������Chief Constable  Roche reported to the council today  : that he had just completed taking a  1 census, making the population to be  2,277.    This, is  an  increase  of over  100 per cent in a little over 18 months.  WHITE  RIBBCNERS  TiCN.  IN   CONVEN-  Annual   Gathering   of   W.C.T.U.   Assembles at Portland���������President  Preaches at White Temple.  Portland, Oct. 21.���������The white ribbon army of the W.C.T.U., recruited  from all parts of the country, is today  in the midst of its annual convention.  YorkYbout the middle" of"June "and Jhe White Temple was filled to over  the trip is expected to take about 15  or 16 days.    All the boats will be of  flowing for the sermon of Mrs. Lillian  M. Stevens, president of the W.C.T.U.,  the same size and power and will be who amon& other th,n*>8' said the de"  larger than the Detroit. feat of Jeffrie* at Reno was dua t0  ���������   ���������   | his homage to king alcohol, and the  defeat of the European atMetes at  Stockholm was due to whisky stimulants.  ^       Every Women  , la Intorcsted and MiouUl know  about the wonderful  M*'vel *SSS"  MARCONI  DEVELOPS  ALARMING  SYMPTOMS  It Is Likely That the Wireless Inventor Will Become Totally Blind.      i  SPEZIA, Italy, Oct. 21.���������William  Marconi, the wireless inventor whose  ! right eye was removed last Thursday,'  has developed alarming symptoms. He  Ipassed a sleepless night, his temperu-  I ture is high, and he is suffering the  j greatest pain. Prof. Barardi, the  , Turin specialist, who assisted at the  Toperation of removing the right eye,  j was summoned in haste, and is now  ' attending Marconi.  i    Ask your drnpe'st  tt.  IT h������ eannot 8 ,  the  MARVEL, accept no  other, bat tend otamp for 1*1  trated book���������flealed. It given fall  pir'.'Ktilars nnd direction* Invaluable  to ladles.WINnson8l'PPLYCO..*iVlnd������or.Ont  General Agent* (or Cunailu.'  OFFICERS   OF  VENEZIA  HAD ARMS SEIZED  n  B-BBBBB  PROVIDENCE, R.I., Oct. 21.���������Most  of the firearms carried by the 1200  Greeks who left New York on Saturday on the steamer Venezia en route  ��������� to fight the Turks, were seized by the  police when the steamer touched here. \  According  to  officers    of   the   ship  some ot the Greeks, incensed because  fifty  of  their countrymen    were left  behind*in New York, began firiag re-'  volvers, and kept up tbe demonstration most of the way to Providence.'  Fearing  trouble  between  the Greeks  and passengers of other nationalities,  ' as  there  are  300    Italians    and  400  j Turks aboard,    Captain    Mareantetti  | asked for police assistance. j  | Officers who visited the Venezia  j seized a small arsenal of revolvers  and turned them over to the ship's  {purser. Some of the Greeks offered  I resistance, but yielded when threat-  | ened with arrest for carrying firearms.  ��������� The revolvers will be returned after  Small Houses  and Shacks  are my specialty. If  you want to get a small  house and a large lot,  get in touch with me.  I have cash payments  as low as $75 for a house  and lot.  J. Matthews  I9S0 Charles Street  ���������  Grandview  Branch Office:  Cor. Sussex Ave. & Westr. Rd.  West Burnaby, Central Park  For Every Dollar's Worth of Goods  Bought at this Store, we give a  Coupon of 5c ������alue  On China, Glass or Hardware,  CASH ONLY.  j  1,  i-  E. M. 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Cambie THE WESTERN CAM,.  ********'***l*t********9***************l*t**M*******'f\  f Provincial, Dominion and Foreign"  ���������������������**-*"*"M'*������������*'H'**'l''M  PROVINCIAL  Building Permits.  New Westminster.���������Building permits totalled $13,800 last week, which  is considered a good average for this  season of the year. The entire* permits  for the month so far amount to $65,-  300. The largest permit for the week  was for a Bix-roQm residence to cost  $2,800. There are two $2,600 residences and one $2200' dwelling include  ed in the list.  Well Stocked with 8oekeye Eggs.  Present Indications point, to a record run of salmon for 1916, according  to the reports of the Dominion and  Provincial fishery departments, whjch  state that the salmon hatcheries ai*e  unusually well stocked with m*^toT-^^^^^^^^--'^  an off year.  Spawning operations 'at Pemberton  der and  contributory  to the Crown  Pariament?  "And when this adjustment Is effected, or some modification of   it,   why  been entirely unable to keep pacO  with the' growing needs of the eountr**  commercially and industrially U nowhere "better illustrated than in the  Swift Current district. With' railways  now projected and under construction  through tbe largest and most densely  settled agricultural sections of the  West, *t mu8t still be a''matter of several months before the development of  the available volume of business now  Kill I Hill 1*11 II IH11IHH  should not the Parliament at West* __r_i.,__ ������._ ������������������_.������������������_ ���������# ���������j^������������������_*k ���������._������_  .    .      . ... ^ ,       .    . ., awaiting the coming of adequate trans*  minster be constituted   not a one of;      tatio_ ^..^ connectlng up the  the representatives of the British fed- exten8lve    agrlcultural    territory    of  eration, but also of representatives of wWca gwIft CurreIlt. l8 the distrlbUt.  I*1 _ n o Ho A -ii-3 ���������*���������---���������, 1 in nJ-kTir 7Aalann *>  Canada, Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa, India and other integral  parts of the Empire? This would seem  to be a logical way of meeting an obvious situation and projectlnng the  future of Great Britain on a firm  foundation."  ing and trading centre.  Labor Shortage at Canora.  Canora, Sask.���������Owing to the labor  shortage frequent delays are reported  by .contractors in building operations,  and in some instances it has been necessary to postpone construction work  To Work for Irrigation Congress,     indefinitely. Work on the munlciplal  Calgary, Alta.���������Returning delegates power bouse and concrete poles for  from the International irrigation con- j electric lighting plant has been almost  gress Just closed at Salt Lake City, at a standstill on this account, but  I Utah, reports prospects excellent for active measures are being taken to  secure relief from this situation, at an  early date.  More  Government "Buildings Coming.  *W.tL Ji'���������������?���������*������''Afl  :: Fraser Avenue \  rl'l���������*������������������'H"l ���������1 ������������������.-���������.*���������* fn*������������f4"l*"l"M-������i  The high , cost of living may be  equalized by careful baying of your  supplies for kitchen and table. Ellis'  Grocery, 30th and Fraser, make prices  that save dollars each week for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  gary two years hence. It is the purpose of the local industrial and de-  Lake hatchery ceased on September velopment bureau to enl,8t tne c<K)p.  31, twenty-five million sockeye eggs eratlon of the Dominion and Provin-  having been secured for the establish- clal government8 in a campaign aim-  ment. The hatchery at Lakelse Lake, ,ng at thlfl result Report(J ^.^ tQe  Weyburn, Sask.���������In connection with  the recently published announcement  ^��������� *u~ ei*.������-������ _������..������- i. (iit.j .��������� ���������-���������a���������  -------r r ��������� ---of the creation of nine new judicial  *V^S!t^^^t^Se CU,Tent ������P,nl������n that American inter-!dlstrictB ta Saskatchewan, wltn head-  ity, and the hatcheries at Babine Lake 8t in WeBtern q^^ j��������� no vthor. H at Scott Melville Swift Cur*  and Stuart Lake are well stocked. At ou_hlvaroused *, Calj.arv aB head-19 *J _ ���������T M7,e' Swj" Cur"  *h_ .������.<������_..+ ������-._i- .������,<__ f,��������� h_������������i. ousmy ar������������sea, ana oaigary as neaa- r?nt and Weyburn, it is pointed out  the present time in thesd two hatch- quarters of one ot the greatest Irriga-that this will mean a eonslderahle  ertes alone some fifteen million sock- ������on Dro������ect8 ln tne WOrid lB believed ���������   ������������������ k ,,if       . !>. con8l������ei;ab]e  eve ears are denosited While oDera-i. Pr������"ect8 *������* the wona, is Deiievea amount of building at these points in  eye eggs are aepositea. vvnue opera- to hold a Bpeciai claim aB a future the near future it fs loai-neii that  tions for supplying the big hatcheries meetIng place for the lnternational tbe near futUre- - ������ f8 ,earned tht*  at Harrison Lake are in progress, it is nongress  hot possible at this time to estimate  the amoupt. '  In addition- to the' stocking of the  various hatcheries, so well have the  regulations in connection with keeping the channel from Stevestqn to the1  actual mouth of the river been kept  clear o fnets that a number of salmon  have been enabled to reach the spawn?  ing grounds. ���������  { : The provincial hatcheries are well  stocked tils year, and according to  Mr. John B. Babcock, inspector of the  provincial department of fisheries,  more  sockeye  salmon have  reached  plans are already under consideration  for the erection of a modern courthouse of ample dimensions at Weyburn.  FOREIGN  FLYgR STRUCK BOXCAR.  Fall Activity at Macleod  Macleod, Alta.���������School facilities in  Macleod have again been outgrown,  and temporary quarters for the overflow are being provided in the assembly hall. Only last year six rooms  were added to the city's $50,000 school  building. Since the recent announce-1 WILLIAMSPORT, Pa���������The Penn-  ment of Canadian Northern officials of j sylvania railroad's Buffalo Flyer, due  their plans for Macleod as a divisional: in this city at 4:30 Monday morning;  point, a marked uplift in business con- crashed into a boxcar. The flyer's  ditions .throughout the district has j engineer, David Gotkin, of Harrisburg,  been in evidence, and dealers report j pa., was killed.   None of the passen*  important deals almost daily in inside sen were hurt,  their spawning grounds than in any'lots and farm propertiea,  other off year in a decade. 1 -''.'  It will be four years hence that the  .fishermen, and  canneries wilt profit  by the -present hatchery operations. .  DOMINION  \ ��������� _.  Canadian View of British Political  Crisis.  Winnipeg, Man.���������That the problems  of Empire are not being lost sight of  in the presence of tbe rising tide of  Canadian prosperity is indicated n the  current issue of the Dominion Magazine.   Concluding a   searching   cri-  Planning for Next Dominion Fair.  Brandon, Man.���������Thirty bushels of  wheat to the acre is stated as the gem*  oral, average that will be shown this  season in extensive districts around  Brandon, according to investigation*  of qualified observers. In view of unfavorable conditions during - harvest  season, this showing is regarded as  especially gratifying.  BRIDE FATALLY INJURED.  Fraser Avenue business houses'that  are leaders In their particular lines.  See their ads on tbis page.   We have  found them trustworthy.  I.   South Hill Grocery, Cor. 45th and  Fraser   Avenue,   F.   J.   Rolston,  Prop.  The Workman's Home Cafe, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty*  Sixth Avenues.  The Unique.Cafe, Forty-ninth Avenue and Fraser.  Hekla Cash Grocery, Fraser Avenue and Forty-Seventh Avenue.  Anatomical Shoe Store, 6362 Fra-  Ber Avenue.  ".)ir*Iack & John's Place, corner Fra-  . ser and Ferris Avenues.  8.   Fraser. Avenue Builder Supply Co.,  ,4122 Fraser Avenue.  2.  4.  C.  SCHOOL CLOSED BY EPIDEMIC OF  FEVER.  Over Six Hundred Students of Cedar  "Cottage School Granted Week*.  Holiday While the Building  is Disinfected.  . South Vancouver, Oct. 21.���������Oversix'  "hundred school children were today  granted <a week's enforced vacation by  the school authorities upon recommendation of Dr. Murphy, medical  health officer.'Some half dozen cases  of typhoid fever have been reported to  Dr. Alex Graham, school supervisor,  in the Lord Selkirk School, and the  building will be closed and disinfected throughout; This action is being  taken only as a precautionary measure. The students will return Tuesday  'morning of next week.  .There are nineteen rooms in'the  Lord Selkirk or Cedar Cottage school  and between 600 and 700 pupils attending. Almost a hundred of these are  High Schoql students. '  ���������xyyxyyyy.yy^y-yyyxxyy:yyyyy^m(0^m  yyyyyMMyMyyyyyy&  **-*���������;'] ^yyi:;:yw9!!^^S9mwm^  :<mmm  '���������"������������������ We haye"?*ece|yed atiart:air^  g:':::X;:;UhJ__vD^  The*% need no mommeiklation.   Come and try (tern.  .; /; do you,j,se oijves ana pu^;';; M&y0  We have one of the largest assortments ot these high-class goods in the  '.city..' Price^|$i.asV.;..;;u4;;::^'  yyyymmm  ^yy-ytmWm  "SPECIAL*���������We have a contract with local WHITE flshenten to  smoke for us Fresh Sslnlou, 2 lbs for 25o.        '       '  _     South Hill  Tea  Tea  India *  Tea  Cor. 45th and^ Fraser Avences  60G  60ci  per lb.  Grocery  Also River Rd. an. Prater Avcmm  y������yyW$M  yyyyS0&%M  3:������V:  wy  mi&M  >t'*.^,Vt..'..,.-;:f.Ui*Aif?.l  WMm  ���������'���������* iyi&xitf$&\  ���������"yd"  Hekla Cash Store  /:  Oddstad & Johnson, Prop.  General stock of Fresh Groceries  Tea, Coffee, Sugar, etc., Pj*o*v*isions,  Butter, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, etc  Pick where yon like from our Special Tabic ot fc, Itc a_d 15c AiUdct  <Praser Street and 47th Avenue  ���������yy-:xyitsl  yy;Wm  ���������:~-y- .*il^-:'-liJ  xyyx?.m  .'-V-  ��������� x-->y  :yyyy������m  yxy*  X-.^i'i.  Your'next for a" *  SHAVE ai  Jack & John's Place  *Come in and have a  Gme of POOL  I ce C rea m & Soft D ri n kt  Just the thing for a hot day  Cor. Fraser and Ferris Streets <  VALLBJO, Cal.*-Mrs. C. F. Brown,  a bride of .but 30 minutes, ie in a hospital here Monday suffering from In-' d0 Not Approve of Fire Chief's Choice,  juries received when the automobile^^ According to a statement made by  which was taktegjier on her wedding ^^ w,nd. of the fire department,  journey collided with another machine. at a meetln- 0, the Are and light com-  mittee on   Saturday-   evening,   there  TPiikiMBM .....,n seems to be discontent   among   the  TRAINMEN **^e'; ���������   members of No. 4 fire hall; on account  FROM BURNING CAR8 6f the reCent appointment of an out-  ���������^^-i^T....^_.- ^..   .     ������   ���������'.'       aider as assistant chief. The men con-  WOODINVILLE^Wash.,  Oct.  ������.-| 8^ered that No. 4 hall had been slight  She is not expected to live.  Brisk Activity at Watrous.  Watrbus, Sas.���������With new industries  locating in Watrous almost weekly! Engineer Tollui,   Fireman   Youngers ed by Chief Wan(, m notappoinMng  and withv a record building programme :and Brakeman   Keefer   miraculously. elther Cautaln smith or Captain Ring-  -     "  * "-     "     es^Ped with their lives at 5 o'plock _ ross to the posIt,on.  this morning when an engine ran Into     ChIerwand stated that bis reason  a   Northern   Pacific     freight   train. for  B      appointing  either,   although  tique of the Irish Home Rule measure, outlined that will require months for  the editor says: "When local govern- its completion, the outlook is brighten-  ment is established in Ireland, If it is mg daily for a busy year-end at this  to be granted, there will be a spontan- point. The 'first published statements j smashed the caboose and set the cars'they were ^ exceneBt 'men,~ was  eous and exceedingly embarrassing, if Cf the plans of the Farmers' Machine on flre- J that if he appointed one the other  not resistless demand, for immunity Company, now establishing the first Keefer crawled out of the caboose .would strongly object so he gave the  on the part of Wales and Scotland. unit of its new foundry and shipping on*y -'ter ** no*e had burned through' poBition to a total stranger The new  And the claims that will be advanced headquarters in Watrous are found up*|jt- The en8*ne Pile������- on top of the, a8Blstant chief has been over six years  will be quite as reasonable and as po- on investigation  to  have been alto- caboose and set  " "  tent as those that have kept Ireland at gether conservative. It is now learned dIte*y-  the boiling point   for   four   decades, that immediately upon the completion' ���������~~  What the effect of such a disturbance of t_e main building two other struc-  within Great Britain would be is not tures will be erected for the housing of  hard to imagine. - (extensive machinery and appliances.  "If anything like these untoward Besides employing a large sales force  conditions are to be met, why should throughout the west, the company will  not British statesmanship see in the extend its mail order business to  perfect working of Canadian confeder* reach practically all parts of the Do-  atlon an ideal scheme for the future of minion,  the United Kingdom?     Why should. ���������   it on    flre    imme- wltn tfae Mox,treal flre department and  was capable in every way.  DARROW APPEARS ON K was decIded Dy   tne   committee  SECOND INDICTMENT thf l���������e q"���������f i������������ wa" one *������ Jf fet"ed  .  only by Chief Wand, and that they  LOS ANGELES, OCT. 21,-Attoroey | coul<V^^^ ' *.'.  Clarence  there not be four provinces, just as  there  are nine  in  Canada, each  en-.  dowed with local self-governnment un-  construction in Western Canada has  Exceeding All Calculations.  Swift Current, Sask.���������That railway  Firemen's Concert.  The members of No. 3 firehall will  hold a complimentary smoking concert  in the Municipal hall on Wednesday,  October *������30. Reeve Kerr will preside  programme  SECRETS OF HOME LIFE  StMentelx ou_e by palints tiOdag the New Method Tre_bae_t   Tuey know fcCves  t_*** No Nunc* or Toft-noni���������U wad without written co-went  coxsTrrrnoxAi. blood disease,  Patient No. 10474.   "Tho spot*) aro all  gone from my legs and arms mid I {eel  good now. I am very grateful to you  and shall never forget the favor your  mcdiclnca havo dono for me. You cttn  me my name In recommending It to  any auffcrer. I am going to get married toon. Thanking you once more,  etc."  SATS TITO MONTHS CUBED HIM.  Patient No. 1G.65. Age 23. Single.  Indulged ln Immoral halts 4 years. Deposit in urine and drains at night.  Varicose Veins on both sides, pains in  back, ���������weak sexually. He writes:���������"I  received your letter of recent date and  in reply I am pleased to say that after  taking two months' treatment I would  consider myself completely cured, as I  have seen no slsns of them coming  back (one year).  THE WOULD SEE3IS DDTEBENT.  Patient No. .15933. "I have'not had  a regular Emission I don't know when  and am feeling Sne. The world seems  altogether different to mo and I thank  God for directing me to you. Tou have  been an honest doctor with me."  VARICOSE VEINS CURED.  Case No. I8B88. Symptoms when he  started treatment:���������Age 21. single, Indulged ln Immoral habits several years.  VarlcODO Veins on both sides���������pimples  on the face. etc. After two months' writes as follows:���������"Yuur  welcome letter to hand and nm very  glad to say that I think myself cured.  My Varicose Veins have completely disappeared for quite a while and It s?cms  a cure. I work harder and feel less  tired. I havo no desire for that habit  whatever and if I stay like this, which  I have every reason to believe I will.  Thanking you for your kind attention,"  etc.  GAINED 1* POUNDS IN ONE MONTH.  Patient No. 13523. This patient (aged  58) had a chronic case of Nervous De-  ility and Sexual Weakness and was run  down in vigor and vitality. After one  month's treatment he reports as follows:���������"I am feeling very well. I have  gained 14 pounds in one month, so that  I will have to congratulate you." Later  report:���������"I am beginning to feel more  like a man. I feel my condition is  getting better every week." His last report:���������"Dear Doctors���������As I feel this is  the last month's treatment that I will  have to get, I thought at one time I  would never be cured but I put confidence in you from the start and yoa  have cured me."  CURES GUARANTEED Oft NO PAY  We treat and care VARICOSE VEINS. NERVOUS DEBILITY. .BLOOD AND  URINARY COMPLAINTS, KIDNEY AND BLADDER DISEASES and all Diseases  pec������������������-' to men. _    CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS FREE. If usable to call write for a Question  Blank for Home Treatment.  "\I^,,_,*_"| _"***(_" All letters from Canada must be addressed to onr Caa-  1~i*l_** 1 1*1���������*E���������i adian Correspondence Department a. follows:  maaaaaaaaaaam   ors. Kennedy & Kennedy. Windsor, ont.  DrsKENNEDY&KENNEDY  Cor. Michigan At*, and Gri*rwo*_ St., Detroit, Mkk  S. Darrow, charged with  jury-bribing, appeared before Judge  Dinsmore, In Department 10 of the Supreme Court today.   -  He was represented by Attorney H.  J. Geisler, of Earl Rogers' office, who  asked for a continuance until Novem- and an excellent musical  ber 25.   Today's session was merely a has been arranged,  formality to fulfil the law. J ��������� ���������  The continuance' was granted with- Residence Burned.  out opposition from District Attorney:    Early Sunday morning flre broke out  John D. Fredericks. j in a three-story residence situated on  The district attorney said the state the corner of Forty-eighth avenue and  would probably be ready to proceed on Fraser. Despite the efforts of the flre  For CONFIDENTIAL JNVB3  TIQATtONS you want a man of  integrity, experience and ability.  That man��������� Johnston; aeerecy  guaranteed.'' Videprese Tbe  ,. Secret Service Bureau.   .  318 Ponder  ��������� <V'-X  x^-yysfX;  Builcjer's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, Etc,  Gstimates Free  ���������&  Plans Submitted  fraser Avenue  Builder's Supply Co.  4122 rraser Avenue  F. Plum mer, Props.  PHONE:   Fairmont 1128  .'' Olvaa Prmothiaf 99������fo*������; .yy, yyy-m  On, Business Adaptation, \^mM������'m^yy^yy'y'iM)?;  ��������� 8appi-e6s  806 Granville Street, Comer tobton  Hours: 10 a. m. to 9 p. ro*|  HI  Tbe Workman's  Home from Home Gate  Between 26th and 26th Avenues ' ���������  Opposite Post Office  We carry a f*r*t*������lass line of  Bread, Confection e r y, I c e  Cream and Tobaccos.  Fon't Forget 4135 Fraser Ave.  m  "Mm  **************************   **************************  November 25th.  CANADIAN  WREATHS  FOR  LONDON  department, which labored for over  three hours, the building was totally  destroyed. Tbe loss is estimated be-  twees $4000 and $5000.  LONDON.���������Monday being the anni  versary of Trafalgar, the Nelson monu  jment In Trafalgar Square was beau-' health commlttee  l  tifully  decorated   with   wreaths   from  Will  Inspect Dairies.  It was deoided at a meeting of the  Saturday   morning  that Health Inspector Pengelly be di-  Jail parts of the Empire, Including Salt rected to _ccompan- the health offlc  I Spring Island, Esquimau and other erB on a tour of thft provmce in order  { parts of Canada.   A huge block of ice to -..pect the 80urce of water supply  enclosed a wreath from Wellington,  !New Zealand. Another magnificent  ! wreath has the following superscription:    "Australia obeys Nelson's last  signal."  ; to the various dairies.  ANOTHER  COMET   DISCOVERED.  GENEVA, N.Y., Oct. 21���������Dr. William Brooks, director of Smith observatory and professor of astronomy at  Hobart College, discovered a comet  about 4 o'clock Monday morning in the  eastern sky.  ENGLAND TO INDIA' BY AEROPLANE.  LONDON, Oct. 21.���������An aeroplane  flight from England to India is to be  undertaken by Colonel S. F. Cody, the  British naturalized American aviator.  Several Indian princes    have offered  Removed to Hospital.  After being confised to his bed for  some tlme> Magistrate McArthur was  removed to a West End private hospital on Saturday evening.  Dr. Hunter, his medical adviiser,  states that Mr. McArthur is suffering  from a complete breakdown of health,  consequent upon overwork, and he  thought it better to have him removed  to the hospital for treatment. Dr. Hunter entertains no fear of anything of  a serious nature developing.  Figure it out in Dollars and Cents. If you  can make five tons of  coal last as long as six  tons and with coal at  $7.50 a ton, don't you  make$7.50clear? Now  the  Chancellor Range j|  illustrated will save you  20$ of your fuel when  hr.rd coal is burned and  * a similar saving in soft coal. It is fitted with that  |  greatest of modern stove improvements, the  \   Curney-Oxford Economizer  I which is a device that is put on Gurney-Oxford  t Stoves alone;   and in putting them out for your  * inspection we feel justly proud of the choice we  | have made in selecting this line of satisfaction  I giving stoves.    Look them over on our floor.  TIRED OF THEM.  "Going up to hear that lecture on  appendicities  today?"  "No, I'm tired of these organ reeit-  flnancial support for the attempt, and a,s-  the route has already    been mapped ]    (The above was contributed by Miss  wbo bas had a recent ���������"_-  out .by the  clety.  Royal Geographical So-'B  perlence.)  G. E. McBRIDE & CO.  Ave.  ������ w  Cor. Main Str. and 16th  PHONE: Fairmont 899  BRANCH STORE: Corner Miles and Fraser Avenues  Phone: Fairmont. 1167L  ^*:i***********������*******������**** **********************u*\ ^*&*VJi^ri'*o^ ab*Kft^_^*^*5--f*?'*'.*" > ��������� -; 'i-H ^ mr j������ m-a *T^".i^._a?*-r ������v*_������ -Wl.' *-; -*-i- ^^*^ ^l*trc-i _.-w ^-r-vh-.k. _.-������r .v _; _ \ * -!_-**���������- >  TELE WESTERN GALL.  m*  '^W1..'..'**'1   r*. rt ipr - j n i  -/���������������������������  < >*** I *.** * I I I 111 I 4 * I "1 111*' I'������"������ 4.  :;������������������.���������;������������������. .- ���������-.-��������� .   v.--;:  :   The Successful Firms   ;  Advertise.        WHY?   :^  *'***4>4f4 44-4+444f**<*44ri+****M\*'  ���������������;.r t-^V-i* ^.  THE SUCCESS  Business College  has secured temporary quarters at 153���������10th Ave.,  east, and are opening classes, Thursday, August 1st.  We are offering up-to-date courses in Bookkeeping:, Shorthand and Typewriting- and all  other commercial subjects.  Day classes meet during August from 8:30 to  1 o'clock. Evening classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock.  Get free.information today at the above address  or Phone Seymour 8240.  F, Q. Garbutt    E. Scott Eaton, B. A. \  President Principal  Mount PleaMaM  EDITED BY D. R. PIERCE  Phone: Fairmont 1140  99THelp to make these pages as interesting as possible by turitirig or  or telephoning all local news each week before  Wednesday noon.  New Apartments Will Be Erected.  Another apartment house will soon  be erected in Vancouver at the corner  of Sixth avenue and Main street at a  cost of about $45,000.  Reinforced concrete and mill construction will be used ln the erection  of the building. The supporting columns of the first floor will be of concrete while the remainder of the building will be of mill construction.  Mat brick, which is capable of being  worked into many designs, will be used  to face the building. Trimmings of  stucco will be used in the ornamentation. The building -will be four storeys  in height.  Three stores will-occupy'the ground  floor. Of these two will face on Main  street while the other will front on  Sixth avenue. Tbe building Is to have  a frontage of 44 feet on Main street;'  and 132 feet on Sixth avenue. Twenty-four three and four-room apartments  are to be located on the floors above;  These apartments will have many modern conveniences including telephones  and hot and cold running water. An  entrance hall finished in marble and  tile will give access to these suites. '"'  Messrs. Braunton & Leibert are the  architects and are now calling for tenders for the construction of the building.   Dr. I. W. Powell Is the owner.  MEN INTERESTED IN DRY  FARMING GATHERED  FROM THE ENDS  OF THE EARTH  Lethbridge. Oct. 22���������After the enthusiasm of the opening yesterday -the  International Dry farming Congress  took off its collective coat and got  down to Individual hard work.  Throughout the day no general meeting of the congress were held, but  the organization split up Into Its component sections, each of which became an animated forum, busy with  discussions of peculiar interest to certain brancres of farm work. Agriculture, forestry, agricultural engineering, agricultural colleges and experimental stations, farm management,  scientific research, crops and breeding  and agricultural education, all found  exponents and advocates, and numerous discussions ensued.  Armstrong and Salmon Arm took  prominent place in prize list. British  Columbia potatoes were the best.  TT"  *************4>****4'***4"W>*  I No Del Ivory  Fairmont 621  ������.l..I.^.*..*^M-*l--}"V ���������!'���������������������������l"M'*l"l'*."l"l"ll'l,l������ 4 *:  Mo Credit I  ====== *  ���������*���������r :���������-*���������*-   +,  t  +  +  +  +  +  t  t  t  Mark't  A. F. McTAVISH, Prop.  Phone Fairmont 845 Comer Broadway and Main  !  ii Carriages at all hours4ay or night iI  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys aind'Single  Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire  ��������� ������  *>  4>  M  i>  ���������4>  ***i|ii|ii*������if i{i^*.;iitM;n|ii|M*.itii|ii{ntii*ii|ii*^**wi^..; J{ >******������>������;^^*><'������;**t*^'*,,},<>****,������**.'4'4"l'4'4'4'4>4  || Express &  King Edward School Edition.  '.Reinforced concrete, faced with  Denman Island stone** is the material  used in the construction of the new  two-story addition to tne King Edward  High School, which will be completed  soon at ia cost of $130,000.  In erecting this building the idea has  been not to provide more clasB-rooms  to the building but to give tbe differ  ent laboratories and workrooms bettor  facilities.  JURY FIND TfeUB BILL.  Harold A. McNaughton Charged  With Manslaughter in Case  Vs of Sjhnard.  Harold A. McNaughton Charged With  Manslaughter in Case of 8penard.  The grand jury at the assizes yesterday evening brought in a true bill  charging Harold A. McNaughton with  manslaughter in connection with the  death of Ernest Spenard. The  charge on which McNaughton was  committed from the police court was  that of murder, but the crown did not  submit an indictment on the more  serious charge.  Mr. E. P. Davis, K.C.. has been retained to conduct the defence of. McNaughton at the trial which will, take  place at the present assizes.  We give yea tbe bene*  tit et ell eipcises et  delivery  eed bookkeeping.  We Give Good Goods and Save You Money.  Saturday Special*  Per Lb.  Fresh Local Lamb, Legs f 22c  ���������* ���������*.��������������������������� Loins - 22c  Choice Pot Roast - - 12 to15c  Fresh Local Veal Roasts _Oc-25c  Sirloin Roast - - * - - 20c  Choice Selected Rabbits, 33c ea. -  Good Lard   -   -   -   2 lbs. for 25c  . Pas Lb.  _*oung Pig Pork, Legs - - 20c  ���������������������������:��������������������������������������������� '* ������������������". Loins - 20c-25c  Fresh Spare Ribs - ��������� 15c;  Fresh Dressed Chix - 25c to 30c  Choice Table Butter - - - 35c  Fregh Eggs, per doz. - ��������� 35c  3 doz. for    ....    $1.00  Frc*h Salmon  Fresh Halibut  Smokea Halibut  FISH  16c lb.  2 lbs. 26c  15c per lb.  Finan Haddie  Kippers  Kippered Salmon  per lb. 121-2c  Be per pair  16c per lb  :: 2513 Main Street,,nr. Broadway  4*  Th* Place that Treats You Right  This Is an Independent Market  +���������  + .:  +���������  t  ���������*������������������  t  +���������  +���������  ���������+-������������������  +���������  ���������J*  ���������*  +  +  *  +  Speolol for Thanksgiving Dinner  Local Dressed Turkey '"Local Dressed Geese  Local Dressed Duck?  Fresh selected Seal Shipt Oysters  |>e|ll|w^si^i ifr'ifr ������$M%*3������������^tfr *$M^$������*efr������fr  iTaRONTOl  -���������**t*^*J**X*^*X*,X,,.**^">*J*'**-">,t--.',*,-*">'.'  O*������^*fr ������*H*������fr*fr*������**H**fr*H,*i**l"4"''4'������*.'���������4''I'���������'!'<*���������  WESTERN   GRAIN   GROWERS  WILL ATTEND VANCOUVER  CONVENTION IN.  DECEMBER.  That there will be a convention -is  Vancouver early in December to dis-  r������w ���������*������ ���������r���������������������������fl fl���������nr nnd nocnnvine. CUSB   tne   Panama   Canal   and   what  On the ground floor, and occupying Vancouver ._ tQ dQ ._ preparing for  part of the former light well of the old, its openmg i8 tne statement of Mr. B.  building, is a large auditorium capable j h. Heaps, a member of the British  of seating 1,000 persons, this room is | Columbia executive committee of the  ~ i��������� i,-���������v.J i������'*-,_ 4.v h������> hv nWestern Canada Trade Route Associa-  amply lighted in the day time by a tkm> an 0rganizatl0n formed to en-  number of flat skylights, while the ar-1 cqar_ge the exporting of grain by  rangements illumination are most com-j way of the Pacific Coast  of celling and wall  t FURNITURE   STORE  % $334 Main St.  $ Our stock of Furniture  * is Large, Modern  and  * adapted to. the tastes of  Buyers.  Dressers. Buffets, Tables  Chairs, Couches, Mat-  tresses,^Bedsteads, etc.  A complete line of  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc.  Drop in and inspect our goods.  This is where you get a square  deal.  M. H. COWAN  iLODGES  plete,  lights  Phone i Bayview 11*32  van vtrcm EROS.  Big Summer Sale  ���������  consisting  On the first floor is also located the principal's office and teachers' rooms  ly equipped physics laboratory and lecture-room.  All the rooms on the first floor are  .   O. K. FRUIT STORE.  The Okanagan Fruit Store, 2446 Main  as well as a most complete-] s*;> under the management of S. A.  ! Good, is doing a large wholesale and  I retail trade Jn apples, potatoes and all  kinds  of   farm   produce.      In   thfree  I  Of Pots and Plants, Ferns, Palms, etc. |  Large variety of ij:  Cut Flowers, Fern Dishes, Baskets, etc. |  Great Reductions ������  999 Broadway W., Cor. Broadway and OaK J  BUNCH OFFICE, special (or Hospital visitors. COR. HEATHER and UMIMV       j  ^^^-f*.^^><**;*���������x*>x������������������^���������^*>*^*^���������>^>,K*>^*>������������������^��������� O ������w**;**^*>������������������>������i*������>*^-?������<i������������*������ii|**'���������!������������������������������������<��������� *4><������������������*���������4*���������  We are now located in our new store  Cor.lOth Avenue & Hain Street  ���������   y ��������� ___  With more room and better lighting facilities,  we are in a position to give much more satisfactory service.  While 'soliciting your kind co-operation for  the new store, we take this opportunity to thank  you for your past kind patronage on the old stand.  The exclusive agency for  Campbell's Made-to-Measure Clothing  has been secured for the new store.  Arthur Frith  MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS  HATS, BOOTS AND SHOES  Cor. 10th Ave. and Main St.  Open evenings until 8 p. m.  Come in and inspect our new quarters.  finished in oak. On the second floor weeks the business has increased sur-  is the gallery of the auditorium, the prislngly. Such is the confidence of  arts room, the botany room, library buyers that whole carloads of fruit  and chemical laboratory. Oak is also' and potatoes are sold before they  used for the panelling and other dec- reach the city,  orations on this floor. '    All commodities  come direct  from  The basement is given over to a the ranch in the Okanagan to the  manual training centre consisting of buyer, thus insuring quality and low-  carpenter shop, forge room and ma- est possible prices. The display of  chind shop. The steam-heating ^ap- fruit is extraordinary. Prospect*ve  paratus and ventilating system are lo- buyers and delighted admirers congregated ln this portion of the building, gate  constantly   in  this  busy  store.  For the purpose of making the au-.Orders are being filled with great  ditorium easily accessible to the pub- promptness. This* is a promising busi-  llc another elaborate entrarice will be ness. ,  made facing on to Twelfth avehue.   In j   order to make the rest of the building j   . CHURCH NOTICE.  in keeping with the new portion about I  i���������  S20 000 is being expended on interior >    ,Al������rt  AdTilt Bible  Class  of  Moun-  1 improvements.   It is stated by the ar- ^in View Methodist Church meets at  p        ���������      '     .    T      .      ..   .    .u,. 2.30 every Sunday.     Visitors will be  chltect. Mr. N. A. Leech,    that    the made weicome.      s. Johnston, presi-;  building is one of the best of its kind _ent.  in Canada. , j    Ontrl Baptist Church, corner Laurt-1  The new wing is 226 feet long by; ami Tenth.    Kev. Dr.^pencer preaches  40 feet wide,    lt was    built   by the: ������t 11 a. m.  Norton Griffiths    Steel    Construction  Mt. Pleasant Carriage &  Horseshoeing Shop  Dealers in Heavy Team  and   Express   Wagons  Bubber Tire Work  MUIR & LOPB  2410 Westminster Road  '- _n>B*rBxr9-*-rr obdzb or osd*  rsL_0W8  ,  MT. PLEASANT I.ODQB NO. 19  Meets   every   Tuesday   at   8  p.m.  in  I.O.O.P.   hall,     Westminster     Ave.,   Mt.  Pleasant.   Soourning  brethren   cordially-  invited to attend. \  J. C. Davis. N. G.. 1281 Homer Street  J. Haddon, V. G.. 2616 Main Street  Thos, Sewell. Rec. S������c. 481 Seventh Ave.E.  YOUR HEALTH  depends upon the condition of your spine. To  enjoy perfect health get  your spine adjusted by  ErnestSh������w,PX.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue past  (Close to Main St.)  Office Hours: 1:  B0 to 6.  Tree.  Consultation  West /mm  strangers  Company.  Men's  Furnishings.  At the corner of Main St. and Tenth j  j Avenue is a  Men's  Furnishing  Store j  ; that shows signs of prosperity.    It is j  the business of Arthur Frith, who for.  ' merly occupied a stand on Broadway;  j near Main St.   Two weeks in the new j  : quarters   convince him  that location j  i has  much  to do with  success.    The J  | place,  larger space  and  more  lights!  j together with increase of stock have I  more than quadrupled his sales. Men's j  jand boys' furnish'ngs, with toots, audi  ' shoes and hats -are here in variety and |  ; abundance.    Arrangements have just J  jbeen made with the Campbell's Made1  to Order Clothing House so that patrons can buy made to order suits here.  i    Arthur   Frith,  the    proprietor,  was  born in Jamaica, British West Indies.  Eight years ago he came from his native land to Vancouver where he has  won the respect of a large circle of  friends.    He is the treasurer of the  Mt. Pleasant Methodist Sunday school  and a man that compels confidence.  nnd Rev   F. G  | Soufh Africa at 7.30 p. m.  cordially invited.  Ssivoy Theatre, H������stimrft St. Dr.  Spencer will preach to men at 3 p. m.  on "Geton the Wa'er Wnuron " Miss  Gittins will play the violin nnd Mrs.  Katchelnr will sing. Men of all ranks  co f!i;illy invited. ������\t ".3<) p m. Everv-  b'dv's   Meeting. Dr.   Spencer  will  preach on the " Wavside Cross."    Singing led by Mr. Horton.  Progressive Coo! Repairing  '       SHOP    r ...  232 Broadway C.       Thos. Farrlngton. Prop  Has installed a  "GOODYEAR SHOP REPAIR OUTFIT"  Turns out shoes equal to new  WANTED���������Ladies to do plain and  light sewing at home, whole or spare  time, Good pay. Work sent any distance. Charges paid. Send stamp for  foil particulars.���������National Manufacturing Co., Monrreal.  Rooms  PAPERED  From  $4.00  Stanley & Co.  Contracting Paperhangirrs  2317 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 998  Varnishes  ^  Qice  New Hay  ___M_������__Ml____fc-^������__-____-^_-____-W-_-----_-_-������M  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Cor. Broadway        Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of every description  ! We live to serve the people.  Our Stock is complete and  of excellent quality.  Our Workmen  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt.  LEE & WOOD  523 Broadway. W.   Phone Fair. 1520  V  Phone: Fair. 186  J  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALp  A fine lot to choose from, all in  prime condition.  Sixty varieties to select from.  Now is the time to buy for Fall planting to give good results for next  Spring.  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St  PHONE : Fairmont 817      *���������  Try a "CALL "ad. tLvi)^^/.>V-^':"'JI'';  ��������� ���������><���������><<#< ������������4������t ������������������>������������������������*��������� ������>l-i l-3<HI>  i I If You Help Your District  *; Yoi������" also Help Yi>ur������MJf; fc  !I ���������������������������111������������������*���������������������������iiimjj11:11i,.������>*,%  > *  v* ���������  <- ~yy  -*������  vt-i  ������������������i'i|.ii..������'|i'i-*"i"i"i"t-i-������������'m ut it't������i6i'i������i"Ki''i|i'ii'i'|it I'-i'it'i-i'i i iii i tt*  /<���������  y  6 roomed modern housed 3#th Avenue in G. P. R.  section, hardwood floorsi'Siilt-m steam heat.  This house is worth mspectwfe   JViee $600t0, terms  to ajrai^ge^  <On llth Avenue East, in 400 bl-cfe 50x122 in lawn, small  house.   Price $4_00, $1200 cash, bal. to arrange.  " We have a large list of four room btingalows on 24th and  - > 25th Avenues, in city.   These are well finished, fire-place,'  panelled walls, tinted ceilings.   Only $2900, $300 cash, balance as rent.     '  &  2343 MAIN STREET  fHONESt Fairmont 496,497  Some of the  Leading Business  Men  'and What They Are Doing���������Ladner,  the Distributing Point for One of  the  Most  Fertile  Districts  in the  Province,  t������.uurnirHiMtitfri4Hio"'  MMMMiiiiMiiMfMi. !|������ *������ j^*^������������*������ ������ ������*c������������*  Net the ChMPMt Ptaca  In Town  but ������w Bast Value for  rtoney  here give his *postomce box number,  which is 1470. >_.'-'���������  W. R. ELLIS is a young man who  has resided In this section of the  Province for twenty-one years. He  owns a farm of one hundred acres  two miles south of Ladner, which he  bought fifteen years ago at $75 per  acre and which today would sell for  over four times that much per acre.  During the past year and a half he  has conducted the People's Meat Market at Ladner. He has sold out and  will now live on the corner block of  easy street for a few years to come.  He is of iriBb extraction and was born  in Ontario.  CLEMENT & LAMBERT    conduct  Ladner's flourishing   hardware store  and are expert plumbers and/sheet  ant of Elder Brewster of Plymouth: metal workers.. They have operated  CAPT. GILBERT WELLS BREWSTER operates the steamer ferries  S.S. Delta and S.S. Sonoma, running  between Steveston and Ladner. Con*  nectlons are made at Steveston with  the B. C. B. railway leaving Granville  street bridge at 8:30* a.m. and 2:30  p.m. For six years Captain Brewster  has plied on the Fraser river in the  transportation line. He has resided  here twenty-four years and was formerly on the Atlantic ocean and fol*  *j (lowed the seafaring life.- He was born  ������w  -\>v\ V. H. Armstrong, Prop. TCJ  2440 MAIN STREET  *T>  To make room for our Xmas stock, we are offering djiring, October,  Writing P_4s and Pap-tries  at specially ieduced prices.  We bell all the latest magazines at publishers'prices. >  Mount Pleasant people have learned the proper place to go to get  Cakes, Pastry, Table Fruit. Nuts, Candies, Chocolates, jstc.      , ���������   'WE HAVE OPENED UP OUR H >T DRINKS FOR THE SEASON  **************************9********~******W**+^  \:..,    PETERS & CO*  Pioneer Shoemakers  REMOVAL  From Rear Bloomfield's Cafe to  253a Main Street  With improved quarters we improve and increase our work accordingly.  ************************44 0***k>******f**+************.  -VISIT-  W. C. Band, Manager  You will find everything clean, comfortable and  homelike.  Our meals are quickly and daintily served.  25c Business Men's Lunoh from 1X:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  and Dinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  #  Commutation Tickets $5.50 for $5.00  We cater to social gatherings of all descriptions.  3611 Main St.  Cor. 10th Ave.  NEW VIENNA CAFE AND GRU-l- UNDER  NEW  MANAGEMENT  * Unexcelled in the city  P.WALTON,Prop. V40 Robson St.  4^^^j.^4M������.^**<***������^*>������;.*<*4������:*������^������x**,r*  + F'or good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Gallon  . TRIMBLE   &  NORRIS  J Cbr. Broadway and Westminster Road  ^���������������.|������*.������*.*fr.|M������������*****������������****������^  Rock fame, and is a brother of the  / member of parliament. Captain Brewster is well known throughout /this  1 The Delta Hotel has reached to a  section of Canada,  section of British Columbia.  I THE DELTA HOTEL is Ladner's  leading and - only first-class caravansary. It Is conducted by Mr. J. John-  con, who has had charge of the house  for the past three years and a half.  Mr. Johnson formerly was in Vancouver four years and for Some time was  1 manager of the Hotel Alexandra, and  'prior to that was manager of the  I Commei cial Hotel in Calgary. He also  conducted the Sechelt Hotel at Sechelt. He is manager of the McNeely  wharf where the steamships Delta and  Sonoma: land at Ladner, directly op-  aposite the Delta Hotel. j  Tho Delta Hotel has reached to a  marked degree of comfort in hotel  [keeping, under the supervision of Mr.  Johnson. The dining-room is tastefully furnished and very liberally patronized, the waitresses more than ordinary good looking, and the festive  board would suit an "epicure. The  rooms are, large, well ventilated, with  up-to-date appointments and very comfortable. Mr. Johnston is to be congratulated on his well drilled force,  from chef to housekeeper and clerk to  ' chauffeur. ; He has a line automobile  for the patronizing public and a splendid large garage for housing autos of  tourists and guests of the hotel: '  Personally he is a pleasant and  keenly Intelligent host to meet and  one of Ladner's busiest men.  LANNING, PAWCETT & WILSON,  Ltd., conduct Ladner's big store. They  are a triumvirate firm that deals in  everything in general merchandise and  we would be derelict did we not refer  cordially to them as we note the leading business men and what they are  doinig. Tbey conduct "Ladner's big  department store, and while many  thousands of dollars are spent elsewhere for goods by the farmers around  La'dner, yet we believe that by "Patronizing Home Trade" they would not  only build up their own town, but get  better goods for the same money.  Lanning, Pawcett & Wilson have conducted this store since 1907, and  which was established nearly a quarter of a century ago. "This is the  "pioneer" mercantile house of Ladner,  and many of its patrons have been  trading here for years. The personnel of the firm are well known here  and elsewhere for their sterling qualities and public spirit and enterprise.  They are keenly intelligent "men of  affairs" to meet.  THE LADNER INVESTMENT &  TRUST CORPORATION, Ltd., deal in  real estate, farm lands, stocks and  bends, loans, insurance. They are  capitalized at $250,000.00. They have  been established since April and prior  to this Mr. Hugh A. MacDonald, manager, officiated in the same capacity  at Ladner for the People's Trust Company, a large financial concern. Thos.  Ladner is president of the concern,  E. P. Douglas manager of the real estate and insurance department, and  Ladner &  Cantelon    solicitors.    The  Mr!  _.adner,  CUUU-.  fsailed every Friday at 2408 Westsaln*  car Road,, one-half block north of Brosd-  -ay.    Phone Fairmont 1140.  Gditor, H.  v Odium.  H. Stevens; Manager, Geo  Snbaorlpttoa: $1.00 per year. B0 cent*  .���������er si_ months; 25, cent* per three  nonths.  Changes of ads. mu-t be in by Tues*  lev evening m������j������i week to Insure iaaer*  tlon In following Issue.  B. H. FALL FAIRS  Following it the Hat of fairs:  3ella Coola���������October 80.  Kaslo���������October 15.  Summerland���������October SO, SI.  Hv  -l-v  FOR RENT  8������Roon������otl Honmm  <Cf  *���������*  Notice*!  of   births,  deaths   and  dagea inserted free of oharge.  4629 Valentine St., between 29th and  80th Ave., South Vancouver; strictly  _,._,  modern, new.    Apply Muir ft LoUy'  J 2410 Westminster Hoad. ^^  .^  ift$d  4  -)  4  -:  v  V  Morris Jelly  Main Transfer Co.  ____M������***-W-**-W*******e**^^  Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177  'a***************"*���������������.{,ftt !������������������ *���������< !town  is called  <?tter,  Mr: i_idner, a  t*^wvttytt--.t.t.T-. T> - > "pioneer"   who  has  been  here   since  the "early days," and owns about 500  acres    near    the  town,  worth  about  j $1,000 per acre.  CHARLES McKILLOPS GENERAL  [Store is one of Ladner's largest and  1 most flourishing enterprises  and  can  i rightfully claim a creditable place in  this article  referrinig to  the leading  business men and what they are doing.  Mr. McKillop, proprietor and manager,  is building up a business of which he  may well feel proud.    On the first of  July last he took over the w������l! established bakery business of Billy SmHl).  who hail  operated   here  some   fifteen  'years.    Since that time Mr. McKillop  'has  added  departments   in  groceries,  'dry goods, shoes, furnishings for both  ! sexes, and expects to add clothing for  men in the near future.    He sells at  the lowest spot' cash  prices  and  no  store anywhere carries a nicer or better quality of goods.    He  is  developing a splendid  trade by enterprising,  honorable principles, close application  to the needs of customers and by up-  to-date commercial methods.    Prior to  locating in Ladner Mr. McKillop was  a prominent "man of affairs" in Vancouver for nearly ten years.    He is an  important acquisition to the business  interests of Ladner.    Personally he is  a   nleasant     and     keenly    intelligent  young man to meet, and we take pleasure in according  him    this generous  mention  as  we   pass  in  review.     He  H. C. Foote  Stand 2421 Scotia St,. Mt. Pieasant  a. little over three years here. Mr.  Clement has followed these lines thirty  years'alid he is ably seconded in his  work by his partner, Mr. Lambert.  No Job is too heavy or Intricate for  them to' undertake and they believe  firmly, in the policy of "right prjees."  Mr. Clement said when interviewed:  "We have the most productive land in  British "Columbia adjoining Ladner,  and with 'direct rapid transit for our  products to Vancouver we can reduce  the .cost of high living considerably in  the 'Terminal City.' If Vancouver  wants to help us, let them help us to  secure this direct transportation," continued Mr. Clement. Few men have  more faith in Ladner's great future,  than have this enterprising and substantial firth. !  J, B. ELLIOTT is Ladner's well-  i*nown extractor and' builder who  has resided in' this section of British  Columbia since 1887. Many of the  buildings of all Kinds, including'  homes) business houses, canneries, J  barns, etc., have been erected by Mr.  Elliot. He has followed the business  for over thlrty~years. He Is at' present engaged In putting up a fine $6,000  house for Mr. Green on Crescent Island. Many of the country homes for  miles around Ladner are the product  of his' skill and workmanship. Personally Mr. Elliot is a live and agreeable gentleman to meet, and,Is an  up-to-the-mlnute expert and progressive artisan from the word "go." He  was born in Quebec.  S: W. FISHER is Ladner's popular  druggist. He has been established f  here five years and has followed the  business since J.896. He Is a distinguished graduate of Toronto University, Pharmacy Department. :. He carries a complete line of drugs, druggist sundries, books and stationery and  periodicals, and Is agent for phonographs 'and records; Mr. Fisher is  vice-president of Ladner's enthusiastic  Board of Trade.  THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA,  which is capitalized at "S25.000.000 and  has a paid up capital of $11,500,000.  with a rost fund of  $12,500,000 and  aggregate assets of $175,000,000, conduct a branch at Ladner, which Is in  charge of Mr. H. F. Bishop, who has  been manager here since last March.  The branch has been established some  eight years at Ladner,    Mr.  Bishop  has been with The Royal Bank of Can-!  ada at various places for ten years.'  This Is one of Canada's finest financial institutions. I  HOWARD BROS, are expert Ladies'  and Gents' Tailors at Ladner.    They j  have operated three years and a half;  here and have ofllowed the business,  all   their   lives,    ln   fact   they   were:  practically born in the business���������their I  father before them was a. tailor, and!  their grandfather as  well.    The personnel of the tirm is composed of lour  brccners, two professional tailors and  two apprentices.    The names of the;  boys   are   Bernard,   Edward,   Harold,1  ana Alex.   They are a quartet in their  line' hard  to  beat.    They  guarantee',  style, fit and prices to suit..  J.   REAGH  conducts   Ladner's  fine:  exclusive shore store, and bas operat- j  ed here since 1894.    Mr. Reagh is a  practical  tlioe  man  aud  understands  all the various brunches.   He has had !  wide experience in  the  various Iinea j  as maker, seller, and wearer.    He has i  followed    the    shoe   business   for   315 j  years.   i\'o merchant who follows gen-1  eial   work   can   be   as   expert   as   ilia;  specialist, and  Mr. Reagh carries  the,  wiiQing standard brands and rubbers,'  and  makes custom  work a  specialty.  lie is from Scotch ancestors and  waa,  born in  YY???? |  G. S^-MAKER is one of Ladner's;  exiiert^'kniyhts of the anvil," a?;.i aas,  been established in l.-iinor twelve  \ears. lie has followed tho business  iwcnL>'-fi\c >tars. He has one of the  Lest eqi'ii. pul general blacksmith  shops ou the C'cast, fitted up with  every device anu machinery for operating with 'dispatch. He does everything in iron and woodwork, carriage  building and painting, horseshoeing  and general blacksinithing. He also  operates a grinding mill and does general  custom teed grinding.  W. H. TAYLOR is a practical expert horse-shoer and general blacksmith at Ladner. He has operated  here ten years and has followed the  business for the past twenty-one  years. He eaters more especially to  the horse-shoeing trade and rubber  tire setting. Mr. Taylor is kept very  busy, and has built up a splendid  trade since locating here. 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"Yes, young fellers," the sheriff con*,
tlnued, "you stand accused of gettln'
some mighty valuable documents'
from the German gentleman. He'll
be down by the next train to Identify!
you, and, In the meanwhile, I'd jest
better take charge of any papers or-
letters you two may be carryln'. Of;
course, I ain't sayin' he's right and'
you're wrong. That's to be shown at!
the hearln' before the proper author!-:
ties. Anyway, I'll see lf you are totln*
anything: like' what he claims wasj
taken from him." j
The sheriff thrust an lnqulstlve hand;
Into the front of Brockett's shirt, and!
at the same Identical moment^ that!
section of the car seemed filled with;
life, animation and agitated .doings.,
Brocket^ as the sheriff bent forward,;
drove his knee savagely upward, and!
the sheriff, with a yowl of anguish andj
surprise, fell back, doubling up andi
going to the floor. His falling body!
completely blocked the aisle so far as;
his deputies were- concerned, andt
there was really no reason why Solano:
should reach across the intervening;
space to smite one of the worthy Ar*j
kansans upon the nose. He did, how-i
ever, and the deputy, falling upon his;
chief, made the progress of the con*!
Btabulary doubly difficult Before theyi
could get the tangle cleared, both boys<
were out of the car, and were dashing up a little runway which slopes:
downward to the Little Rock station.,
They were two good city blocks away
and Opt losing any ground when the
frantic sheriff and.his men tumbled
from the car, and a few minutes later'
they vanished into a jungly network;
of vines and shrubbery beside the!
river. '���'   .
The sheriff sighted the. disappear-'
Ing figures and trained a long blue revolver on the fast-receding Brockett..
He might not have'hit his target at!
that distance and be might only have'
fired in the air to frighten the quarry;
Into surrender. However this might!
be, he never delivered the bullet. At
���mall, stocky boy, intensely Irish of!
general feature, stumbled against the:
gallant sheriff at tbis Juncture* andj
for the second time In two minutes!
the valorous official sought the sod.'
Rising, b�� aimed a well-meant kick at!
tbe youngster, who was perhaps ten!
feet away as the boot wiuzseq" and!
then, realizing that the mishap was)
pt rely accidental, paid no further at-j
tentlon to the newest disturber. I
"Git after 'em!" he bellowed. "Hur-j
ry along there! Wbat are ye all, any-!
how? Hookworm cases? Git a move'
on!", Aad the deputies plunged pant-
Ingly tn tha mad pursuit of two active!
young men who had a start of at leastj
a thousand feet and every Incentive:
to exert themselves to the utmost;
���   ��   ��� |
-Brockett and Solano, their journey;
once more Interrupted, lost no time
la lamentations or vain objections.
The circumstances were hardly, suit*'
able. They struck out through the
Arkansas bills, making remarkably
good time, and doing all their complaining inwardly. Baron Zollern and
the epithets mast appropriate to that
noble German could wait, but tbe sheriff of Uttle Rock was hardly likely
to do much waiting. After bustling
a'ong through tbe underbrush for per-
���haps twenty minutes, the sounds of
pursuit died away to a far-off murmur, and the fugitives took breathing
space, though still pushing doggedly.'
ahead. (
Clear of Little Rock'B outskirts, the
boys made sharp detours around several farm houses, and even dodged
sundry negro cabins. Coming up to
a white, irathar attractive house a little farther on., they wero about to
skulk by under cover of a hedge, when
Solano suddenly halted.
"We nerd something���at least, l'
think we'll need it awfully soon," ex-'
claimed tbe Cuban, "and I think we!
can get It at this house. Come right;
along���no time to lose, but this tei
something we've really got to have." :
A pleasant-faced old lady answerec-i
Soiano's knock, and the Cuban, witJi!
the utmost politeness, apologized for
the  intrusion.    "We would  not h_ve
disturbed you," he continued, "but for
the fact that we are quite a ways from j
a  store,    and   we  really   must  have j
some pepper.   Could you favor us with i
a little pepper���red, If possible? We
are   camping  out  on  the  river-bank,
and pepper is one of the things you
simply can't do without when you are
cooking In the woods."
The old lady, beaming upon the
good-looking, gentlemanly youngsters,
hastened to present them v.ith a liberal quantity of fiery cayenne, and
then urged thorn to sit down and rest
awhile. With polite excuses Solano
explained the necessity of a quick return to the imaginary camp, and they
trotted off, Solano exultant, Brockett
deeply mystified.
"What on earth is the pepper for,
Ramon?" he demanded.
"Dogs," replied Solano. "If I know
anything about these people they'll
have hounds on our track at any mo
ment. Long ago, when Cuban slaves
hid in the canebrake, they used to
stop the hounds with a little pepper,
used at the right time and place, and
the stories I bad heard came back to
' And even as {he Cuban spoke the
howl of a hound came down the wind
���then anotheri and then the chorus
of a pack!
The events of the next few hours
seemed like some sort of a weird,
wildly mingled dream. Brockett.and
Solano found a stretch of rocky ground
near the river bank, and ran briskly
on this for several minutes. Then,
descending to the water's edge, they
skirted the river a little ways, while
.the noise of the pack grew momentarily nearer and stronger. They
came to a little creek, running at right
angles to the river, and crossed it,
wading knee-deep in the brown water.
Then tbey struck off. into the woods.
At the very edge of the jungle.was a
big boulder, a relic of some glacial
slide of centuries ago. They climbed
this Tock; and took a long Jump from
its summit, after carefully spreading
pepper all over the fiat top . of. the
stone. The deep footprints made as
they landed from their leap were
sprinkled with cayenne. Cayenne covered their tracks into the woods for
the next half mile, and when they
leaped a slender stream, they peppered
tbe spoor on each side of the water.
Then they raced on, tired almost to
the dropping point, staggering, stumbling now and then, but keeping their
nerve and spirit undiminished. At
last a railroad cut appeared before
them. They crossed it, climbed the
bank on the farther side and borrowed
In a tangle of long, dry grass and
weeds. There they lay, gasping and
puffing, while their lungs seemed
bursting through their ribs. And from
the dim distance, borne upon the
breeze, came faintly the howls of
hounds In bitter agony, and the shouts
of baffled men In fruitless rage.
"That seems to have worked pretty
well,** grimly commented Solano.
"That particular pack of dogs won't
be in shape to trail anybody for a
week to come. If they want to follow us with hounds, they'll have to
send back foa* another batch, and by
the time tbey arrive we can be some
dlstanoe on our way. If tbey try to
track us without dogs, we have a
splendid chance to get through these
woods to some spot where we can
board a train. The chances are all
with us right now���your noble baron
Is fooled again."
Fooled more completely than the
boys imagined. At tbe very moment
when Brockett and Solano lay panting!
ln their weedy lair, a large, double-!
fisted, irascible man walked up to)
Baron Zollern, who was just alighting!
from a' train and was gazing blandly*
upon the unaccustomed scenes of Lit-I
tie Rock.
"Baron Zollern?" demanded tbej
double-fisted and irascible individual.!
"It lss me. Vot vish you?" ac-j
knowledged the baron, amiably.        -j
The large, irascible man seized!
Baron Zollern with a clutch like that;
of a laundry presser. "I want you.j
first," he thunder*-*, "and then I wantj
that gang that you hired to bluff the*
conductor of the Chicago train. I'll;
put you where the fleas won't bite;
ycu and then I'll collect your part-i
ners!" ;
And  the  genuine  sheriff of Little1
Rock, without further delay or parley,
dragged the noble Baron Zollern headlong from the station platform.
Even In the Arkansas hills news
travels swiftly, and the boys had hardly began the second Installment of
their flight when they were halted by
js grinning and wholly peaceful negro,
ibrlnglng tidings from little Rock,
Iwlth a request that they return forth-
jwith and give whatever evidence they
���'could against the German noble. "Ah
lies' *bout rode a hawsg todeath, gem-
," protested t_�� blnefe; man,. T*a_f-
when Ah eouldnt rid* him aoito-geh.
dis canebrake Ah dona hiked suth*
l* pbw'fnl te cotch yof. Da sheriff,
lowed dat he'd gib> m�� $5. If- Ah
brought yo' In, an/ dat he'd Jest
__e'nully kick de debblf oaten me if Ah
didn't���an' so Ah stirred mahseff right
i Throe hours later the .youngsters,
stained, muddy and thoroughly tired,
were having a friendly pow-wow with
the sheriff,; while a furious German,
who had been forcibly relieved of sun-
'dry Interesting papers, was foaming in,
a strong though, crudely constructed
' "Right smart sort of crook, this
(Dutchman," said the sheriff,' half-admiringly. "Found out, somehow,
Which road you. .boys   would   take.
(To be Continued)
International Order of Good Templars.
* "Springridgs"'Lodge No. 79, Interna*
t'onal Order of Good Templars, hold
their usual weekly meeting in the
Cedar Cottage hall, Victoria Road,
Friday evening, 1st inst. It is proposed: tibafc another lodge be instituted
in the city to meet on Thursday
nights. Arrangements will probably be
completed and lodge instituted next
Thursday..  :-
The initiation ceremony was gone
through and miscellaneous business
transacted. A basket social will be
held next Friday evening beginning at
8 o'clock, and' a good time is looked
forward: t��>.
OTTAWA, Oct. 21.���The formal announcement of the retirement of Hon.
F. D. Monk was made on Tuesday.
When the-name of Mr, Monk's successor will be announced Is not
known, but in the best informed quar*
ters it Is believed It will not be delayed longer than a few days.
The name of L. T, Marechal, K.C.,
Montreal, and Hon. T. Chase Casgrain
of the International Waterways Commission, y continue to be mentioned,,
but Mr. Marechal would appear to be
the favorite. There is still some
speculation as to whether or not Hon.
W. B. Nantel will resign. Mr. Nantel,
who has not said anything one way
or the other, has gone to Jollette,
Que., to attend the marriage of his
daughter on Tuesday next
Rev. J. C. Madill, Pastor.
Services���11 a.m., 7:30 p.m.
PHONE: Fairmont 1595
Wintry Weather in Alberta.
Winnipeg, Man.���The weather has
taken on a wintry aspect in Northern
Alberta and - Saskatchewan with as
much as twenty; degrees of frost at
night and heavy snows in some districts, whle light snowfalls have been
general all over Saskatchewan. Clear,
bright weather has been maintained
in Manitoba.
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"The McGregor Football"
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YOU WILL BE SURPRISED am  amwm  ���������""""���������""*  ri__W=  5=  THE WESTERN t?AL_i.  W  HBBB������  &*&'������������������  * "hi.* *'  ,j5?3**s9- /i  T  Dominion House Will Meet en Thurs-which wOlUi spadal **a_to*.'of Om    -y^y  day. November-. |mmo_.   It Is not .���������canary thai 9"\ TjC?".  Ottawa, Oct SI.���������The proclamation should be mentioned. However, tfc������ a*  calling parliament together for tbej_ouncemcnt of the *am*fsuuj n_**_f  transaction of business on Thursda**, policy of the government wUJhe"���������"~  BBESSMAKING, REWMTlWi  umd-aclo-hing,  chilor-k's  g_*__-nx8, baohe_���������������_  Menwnq  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue       -    * Central Pafrk  HORSESHOEINU  MILLS & HOOKER .  ���������  Practical Horse Shocrs  And deneral-lacksmlth  Registered under the Worshipfa  Company of Farriers, London, Etig.  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy. Special attention given  to detective feet Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done.  ��������� tfOROE Opposite West Purnaby Schoo  . Give us a trial.  ***** H >* 4��������� t111 *������������������! 11 1111IIII * 14 ** 1 * 4 11 i 11' * III ������111 111II H * I  il Collingwood, Central Park il  ij and Vicinity  Advestisingr eo^jr and Ne#B Items  ���������by Tuesday evening of every week.  F. E BABMEi, tepreseiitatlvet   :  McKAY P. O., McKAY, B. C.  should be sent in to above address  BUflNABY.  The Burnaby football team held  their annual meeting in Gray's hall on  Thursday, tbe following officers being  ele ���������ted: President, Mr. Mansfield;  manager, Br. Forrest; secretary-treasurer, Mr. Newsome; committee; Mr.  'Donald anil Cope. Burnaby expects to  Held one of the best teams in the  league, as a number of old countrymen have signified their intention of  lolnlag.  The Standish block at the corner of  Douglas road and Edmonds street is  nearing completion-.  Councillor Pau Vel has left on a trip  to Medicine Hat for the purpose of  purchasing horses for the municipality  Mrs. Pas Vel will visit friends in Spokane during his absence.  Improvements Will Not Be Extended.  Edmonds, Burnaby, Oct. 21.���������An Important matter that came up for discussion at a special meeting of the  council on Saturday waa that ot -ub*  dividing by metes and.bounds. Councillors generally . spoke strongly  against this system of subdividing, and  it was resolved that ln future no im-  LAND   NOTICES  *____������ 3, coast ___ra stsv-OK*-.  Mstarta* of Vantoavar, Nw Xstead.  Take notice tbat Thomas H. Adan >of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation Baittenaer*,  4nt������n*ls to apply for permission to pur-  ������ha������e'the fo'towrlng described lands:-*-  CoimTn-ncinB at t post, planted about  l% ������i4J*������ fnam the south-we^t corner  ���������i Pries 1-laiid, *_<J about 13 ..chain* e������;t  ���������f high tide mark, and _e������n_ T. H., A.'������  _. W. corner .post, thence ea������t 80 chain'',  thence north *0 chains, thence weat ;I0  chains, thence south *0 chains to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres;  ������*>raorle_..   .tHOMA_ m A-,AN,  By WilHam _I. Wotiley, Agent.  Date July mh, 1812. \  A  .tends to apply for permission to purchase  the following- described, lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  S*A rhileo south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 2 miles  and 8 chains east from the high tide  mark, and marked H. G.'s noFthwe-t  corner post, thence south IS Attains,  thence ea������t 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, to point  of commencement, containing ������40 acre',  more or leaai ���������   . ���������>_������������������'���������'"���������  ������������������������������������    HUaH C>MFB__L.  ���������������"'.. By William H Wooley. Agent.  suuroa s, coast un ������w**__cr. ���������'  Mrt-rlSt of Tanooaver, -Woe Zaland.  Take notice that George Cartelyou *������C  Vancouver, B. C, occupation laborer,  intends to apply for permission to pur*  chase the following desoitbed lands:���������  Commencng at a post planted about  IH miles south from the. northweat  corner of Price Island and about SS  chains east from high tide mark ana  toeing George Cartelyou N. W. corner,  thence south 80 chains, thence east SO  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, to the point of commencement, containing !640 acres, more  or less. ���������  GKOriQb CARTE_TO_.  By William H. Wooley. Ageirt.  Date July 19th. MIS.  _UUTOB 3, C*OA������T __JH> DM___CI.  District of ���������ancoaver, "rrloe Ulead.  Take notice that WMMam J. ^White,  of Vancouver, B. ���������_., occupation chaffeur,  Intends to apply for wmteslon t to .pur-,  chase  the  fofiowtng described lands :--  Commenclnff at a posrt planted about  iv. miles south from the northwest  corner of Price Island.. and , about ������S  chains ea������t from the high tide mark, and  being William J. White's S. W. corner  post, thence north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chain*; thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chatns point of-commencement,  containing ������40  acres,  more  WILLIAM   J.   WHITE.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  pate July 19th. 1018.  HAWGI* 3. COAST *AW������ ������****r������XCT.  IMstrtet of Vanoonver, Price Zslssd*  Take notice that Walter Deptford, of  Vancouver.  R. C, occupation hotel keeper,  Intends  to  apply  for permission  to  purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing  at  a post  planted  about  1% miles south, from the northwest earner  of Price  Island  and  about  1   mile  and  33 chains  east from the  high  tide  mark, and being Walter Deptford's N. W.  ��������� corner   po������t,   thence  south     80    chains,  thence  east  80  chains,  thence north   80  chains,  thence west 80  chains,  to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or less.  WALTER DKPTFORT).  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Pate July 19th, 1912.-'  ������A*-re*B 3, ���������OA������T ****������ PXSTRXCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.._...  Take.notice that-WUMam Stonehouse,  of Vancouver. B. C. occupation express,  man, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commen<*.nK at a vpo.������t planted about  > I H miles south from the northwest corner of Price I land and about 2 miles  nrd 33 chain-; ea������t from hi*h tide mark  and beinc William Stonfhou������e's' N.; W.  corner post, thence south 80 chains,  thence east SO cha!n������. thonce north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains to point  of .commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or less.  WILLIAM  STONEHOUSE.  Ry William H. Wooley, AK<n������t.  PHt* .Ttily Iftthl 1912.  Cwike July 19th, 1912.  ___T������m 3, COAST X-OTD Dxv-nucr.  ,; jMsteiet) of Tanooaver, Frloe Zala-d.  Take notice that Thomas Rowe, ef  Vancouver, B. -C, occupation, bleckanrith.  Intends to apply for permlseToe to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  2 _ miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island, and about i miles  and 8 chains east from high tide, mark,  and being T. R.'s N. E. corner post,  thence south 80 chains, thence west 8S  chains, thence north 80 chains, thanee  east 80 chains, to point of e*_���������Mnce-  ment, containing 640 acres mere er less.  THOMA8   ROWS,    ���������  By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  __L*o_ 3. coawt iia_ro D*_r**-axc������.  ' District of Tanooaver, Moe Zaland.  ���������Take notice that John Walsby. of Tea-  couver, B. C.. occupation eaglneer, intends to apply for permiaeioa to purchase  the  following described lands :���������  Commencing' at a post planted about  i%^ miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island- and about 1 mile  and 8 chains ea<>t from th*. high tide  mark and. "being J. W.'s N. E. corner po*t.  thence south 80 chains, thence west 80  chat-is. thence north 80 chains, thence  east '80 chains to point of commencement, containln* 040 acres more or less.  JOHN WALSBT.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date-July'19th. 1912.  KAB79S 3.  COfl-CT _*vI*D DTST**ICT.  District of Vancouver. T/Mce Island.  Take'notice   that   HukIi   Campbell, ��������� of  Vancouver,   B.  C,  occupation   miner,  in-  COA8T DZSTBXCT.  Kange X.  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Kugglcs  of the City of Vancouver, barrlster-at-  law, intt-nd t������ apply for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the  followlnR described lands:���������  BeRinninR at a post marked H. D^ R.'s  N. W.- corner, planted two miles north  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bay.  thence runninng south 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated  this  !!6th  day  of  August,   1912.  H.  D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOV, Agent.  ISAirOSS 4. 4TOAST x>Ain> Dzmr-wcT.  District; of Tanooaver, Frice Jeland.  Take notice that Luc lie Ralchle, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase the'following dc>scribed lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3*4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island, and about 1 mile  and 13 chains east from high tide mark  and "being. _. R.'s N. E. corner pot,  thence south 80 chain?, thence west SO  chains, thence north SO chains, thence  ea������t 80 chalna to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  LUCILE RAICHLE,  By William-H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th. 1912.  BAH*}- 3, COAST SASTD DXSTH-XCT.  District of Tanooaver, *"������rice Xtlend.  Take notice that Fannie Gilleysie, of  Vancouver,. B.-C. occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing" ot a post planted about  3V4 miles- south from the northwest corner of-'Price Island and about 1 -mile  and 13 chains ea^t from high tide.mark  and beine V. G.'s N. W. corner po-t,  therce south 80 chain", thence ea--t SO  chains^ thence north 80 chains, thence  \ve=t 80 chains, to point of commeTioe-  ment. containing 640 acres, more or less.  FANNIE GILLEYSIE.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Dato Ji|ly 20th, 1912.  *������A*ff���������*E  3, COAST XrAKD DISTBICT.  District of Tanooaver. Frice Island.  Take notice that Martha Costella. of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for ppi-rnl'-i������lon' to purchase the following described land-1:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3*4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 2 mflcw  and 13 chains eavt from the high tide  mark and being M. C.'s N. W. corner  post, thence south 80 chains, thence ea-t  SO chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  West SO chains, to point of commencement, containing S40 acres more or less.  MARTHA COSTELLA.  By William H. Wooley, Agent..  Date July 2������th, 1912. .,'..'���������  mAVOB 3. COAST -AJTD DXS*ntXCT.  District of Tanooaver, rrice island.  Take  notice  that  Emma  Webber,   of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation storekeeper,  intends  to apply for permission  to  '"     " "It ......  i>.  proveihents, such as "water, light,  roads or sidewalks would be extended  to these subdivisions.   '  f  St.  , To Vote on November 2.  _*dmondsc���������At a special meeting of  tho council on Saturday, the roads im-j  provement by-law for $150,*K)0 and the]  sidewalks bylaw for $50,000 were ln-1  troduced aad advanced   to the third  reading. They will be presented *o the  raepayers to be voted upon on November 2.  These bylaws, which were passed by  * large majority ln January, have  again to, be submitted to the people  owing to a technical error having occurred ln connection with'them, in the  first instance, and aa the work provided for under them has practically been  completed, very little opposition is  anticipated when they again come before the people.  At Central Park Friday evening.  Miss Margaret K. Robertson; of Wig-  tonshire, Scotland, waa united In marriage to Mr. Harry McAillster of Central Park. The ceremony took place at  the residence of Mr. A. Lewere, Park  avenue. The happy pair afterwards  left on a tour of the province.  Poisoned by Mistake.  Central Park, Oct. 31.���������Mistaking a  bottle of carbolic acid' for one of  cough mixture, Mrs.. A. A. Scott, of  Joyce road, thia evening gave her  little three-year-old son ^vor two tea-  spoonfuls .before : she .found out **er  mistake. The father and mother worked over him until Dr. Puller could be  ... summoned, and he was then sent to  east from the blgb .tide - mark and belBf i.-. _   ������__-_���������_._  /_.���������_���������_!   u������-^i*_i    rw.  E. w.'s N. w. comer,po^t..thence south jthe  Vancouver General  hospital, Dr.  Buller and  Mr.  Scott  accompanying  hiin..'.      y... '-'-':'''.; :// . .-  It was'stated there that the lad's  throat was badly .burned, and that Jt  was doubtful 1f he would recover.  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at. a post planted about  4V4 nille-< soutb from the northwest cor*, j  her of Price, Island and about 1*4 miles  90 chains, thence r������t 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence we-t' 80 chains,  to point of commencement, containing  840 acres more or less.  ' . ���������"��������� EMM A   WEBBER.  By William H. Wooley, Ag*>iit.  Date July 20th. 1912.  Nov. 21, was Issued Monday by the] soon after the konae meets, ptobakly.  king's printer. It contains the usuar right after the conclusion Of the de*.  proclamation, there being no special, bate on the address. This 'prebabt**  reference to the navy announcement, will run over several days.  GRANT PHIPPS  WIRING. PITTINOS, n^TlttCS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Hoad ���������  L' t -M  ' ft *   -.'J 'l  '  -'**    '  T*      J*-?/1  ">" }'&  j������'/.-������  , ,** ~'r  ��������� -���������' :x-x,x ���������yxy^yxyy:*i&$mm  yy.yy-y<yyyymt$m������������  ��������� x-y-x:-~-..yy xyyxww^iy'  y' ������������������--y'^xx. ':-:-xyxxy-oym&m  West Burnaby Phairnaey  A flrst-claaa DRUG STORE now open for ta*_ness.   '  Corner   Sussex  Avenue   and Westminster Road  (Opposite West Burnaby School)  Drugs, Stationery. Confections, Cigars  Special ear* tofcm with Prtmsriptiorti.''      A  visit will to wuuc*\  . appr*eia**d.  "v-yy-yMLni������  ���������-U','-��������� J < ?.���������--;Jr*J'"tfijS  -'. 'Xu-X/^: ���������'.vj'-;; ^"^STJjtS  yxyy.yyyyiw  yyypy&yi  y&yi?000i*i$  ���������yy^iM-^p&ii  yy-ipmmm  -/<  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  Terminal City Press, Ltd.  IM W������sts__*tar t*.        Pfeesc FatraMt IUI  ������ ii mi it mi ������ ������n>iim> ii i������ii ii i w++++m++xm ** * "���������^������������������������������������^^^���������������������������^eNrt  Summer Time-Just a- Word With You  This is the best time to re-paint your house tor buildings,  fences, etc. We carry a full stock of Paints, Oils, Varnishes  Painter's Supplies, etc., and the prices ARE RIGHT.  bastos a, coast -AJro bxbvbic*.  DUrteiot of Tanooaver, Frlce Island.  .  Take notice that Ana Bell,  of Vancouver, B. C. occupation rooming; house  keeper. Intends to apply for permission ������������������  to -i>urcha.<ie   the     followlna:    described,  lands:���������    v I  Commencing at a post planted about  4% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1*4 miles <  east ftbm the vhlsh tide mark ana belnr*  A. B.'s N. E. corner post; thence south  SS chains, thenctkwest SO chains, thence .  north 80 chains, thenco cant SS chalna  to point of commencement,, containing  ������40 acres more or less. <  yyyyy .".���������' ana bell,  Bjj William H. Wooley. Ageat.  Date July 20th, 1912. J  SAITOS 3, COAST **AH������ 9XSTIOCT.  District of Vanco-ver, *rrlc������ f aland.  Take notice that Thomas Clanfleld. of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation laborer, intends   to  apply   for  tiermission   to   pur-,  chase the followinK Otiscrlbed lands:���������    i  - Commencing at a post planted about  5*4 miles south from the northwest cor-  ner of Price Island and about 1 1-8 miles  east from - high tide mark and being  T. C.'s ,N. E. corner post, thence south  80 chalna, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,  to. point of commencement, containing  840 acres more or le-'i. , ,  THOMAS rx'AXFlELD.  By William H. Wooley, Agent  Date July 20th. 1912. .  Mysterious Death of Old Lumberjack.  Mysterjr surrounds' the death of a  lumberjack, whfiae remains, badly decomposed, were" found by some hiunt-^  ers in his little shaelc on Elk Bay, some  fifty miles up. the coast on Georgia  8tra"tt.   The old man's name waa Tom  Paten.   He has been known along the'  coast fbr over forty years aa a hand- ���������  logger.   The story'Of the finding ot,  his body was brought to the city by |  Mr- William Burnette, manager for the'  Merrill   A   Ring   Lumber   Company  ot their large limits tn British Colura- j  bia, and whose head office is ln 8e-.  attle.    Tha "tor/ aa related by Mr.!  Burnett is to the effect that the hunt- j  ers found th6 old man, who" was prob- j  ably 65 years of age, sitting on a chair  in bis log cabin with a paper in hia  hands, just, as though, he had quietly {  died from heart failure or the infirmities of old age without any pain or  struggle.  Royal Hani ware Co.  Cor.MeKay.and Westminster Rd. Orders Solicited and DeUverad  Hwne Collingwood 78  .���������.'i'^rs-l  yyy^yx]  ,'.:.!.-.:-U.'^^Xi'-,>jl  yyyy- ?���������  Wyy^0x,  \xyfcy  ���������.y.y>y\  y.xyyis.  ���������'���������.yHti'tfcM  ym*m  !;i-;-;ic:*#i  Hfc\:'-.'.:Sk>S  yyy%mm  ':WM  ��������� i Kii ���������������������������������������������.  T. H.  Central Park  Opposite Agricultural  IM*VO|l 8. CO%ST lAWD OI8T3SCT.  District of Taaeonver, "Price Island.  Take notice that John A. Beattie, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation teamster.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:-���������  Commencing at a post planted about  5 _ miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island . and about 1 1-8  miles' ea^t from the high tide mark, and  being Jr A. B.'s N. W. corner post, thence  south 80 chains; thence ea-t 80 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence west 80  chains to point of commencement, containing ���������40 acres more or less.  JOHN A.  BICATTIE.  By William 11. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 20th. 1<*V>.  *������A*fO_ 3,  COAST _AK_  DISTRICT.  District of Vaneoaver, price Island.  Take notice that Bella Blake, of Vancouver, B. C. occupation widow, intends to apply for n,eimission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a po������t planted about  *>% mile1! south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 chain  cast from high tide mark and being  B. B.'s N. W. corner po-t, thence .south  SO chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thenco west SO chains  to point of commencement, containing  040 acres more or less.  BELLA BI.AKR,  By William H. Wooley. Ag'nt.  Date July 20th,  1912.  MANITOBA   SCHOOL   3Y8TEM.  u  hardware, Paints, OHs, PuHders' Supplies  stove*?, Ranges and Kitchenwure  Special prices on Ranges.  Call in and see  them.  .:;tf|-:'*'l  >ymy  Motion Opposing 8sparate Schools .Is  Rejected by the Ministerial  Association.  WINNIPEG, Oct. 21.���������A strongly-,  worded resolution, .opposing the Intro-!  duction of the separate school system j  into the Province of Manitoba, was |  read this morning by-Rev. Or. DuVal j  of Knox Church at the regular meet-;  ing of the Ministerial Association. It,  was thrown out in favor of a suggest  tion made by Dr. Crummy of Grace,  Church, that a select committee of the  association make a careful investiga-;  tion and report their findings to the  chair.  More letting your Paintirg end Paperhanging see  H. Srigley  for the best. nd most artistic wort.  Unccln Avenue* Collingwood P. 0.  OPEN DRY FARMING  CONGRESS   MONDAY  In Western full Septf<> to Nov. !i, l!l!'.������  coast ozaxmxcT.  Xan_e I.  TAKB NOTICE that I, H. 1>. Kuggles.  of the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-  law, intend to apjdy for a license- to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described lands:���������  Beginning at a post marked H. D. R.'s  S. E. corner, planted three mlie3 north  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bay,  thence running north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated  this  26th  day  of  August,   1������12.  H. tf.  RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOY, Agent  COAST SI8TBIC*-.  Range X. ',  TAKE NOTICE that I, H.  I).  Ruggles,'  o$   the  City  of  Vancouver,   barri������ter-at-  Iaw,   intend   to   apply   Tor   a   license   to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over JHe following  described lands:���������  Beginning at a post marked II. D. R.'s  S. W. corner, planted two miles north  ef the westerly point of Sutherland Bay,  thence running north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  ihence we.������?t SO chains to point of commencement.  Dated this  26th  day  of August,   1912. i  H. D.  RUGGLES.   .  E. C. MOLLOY, A������ent  COAST DISTBICT.  B���������are X.  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Rugg'<-.<=.  of the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-  law, intend to apply for a iicenst to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described land?:���������  Beginning at a post marked H. V. R.'s  S. W. corner, planted three miles north  and two miles west of the westerly  poiijt of Sutherland Bay; thence running  north SO chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence south i 80 chains, thence west SO  chains to point of commencement.  Dated  this  26th day of August,  193 2.  H. D.  RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOT, Agent.  COAST 9SSTXZCT.  Banff* X.  TAKE NOTICE that  I.  K.  D.  Uuj-glc*.  of  the  City  of  Vancouv������-r.   I>.irri������tcr-;U-  law.   Intend   to   apply   for   a   license   to  prospect for coal  and petroleum on  ami  over  the  following" de.scrihed   hind-;: ���������  Beginning at a poet mnrktd rf. It.  tt.'-  : N.   E.  corner,  planted  tliree  miles  north  and  two mile.s  west    of     the     westerly  , point of Sutherland Hay: thence running  south  SO chains,  thence  west 80 chain*.  ��������� thence  north   SO   chain's,   thence   east   SO  chains to point of commencement.  Dated this  26th  dav  of  August,  1912.  H.  D.  RUGGLES.  E. C.  MOLLOY,  Agent.  COAST DISTBICT.  Banff* I.  TAKE NOTICE  that  1,  H". 1").   Ruggle.^,  , >������������������*   the   '"ity   of   Vancouver,   harri   ter-a'-  law,   intend   to   apply   for   a   license   to  nrospeet for coal  and petroleum on  and  over the following described  land = :���������  Beginning at a post marked H. I>. R.'s  , X.  E. corner planted one mile north  and  two miles we������t of the westerly point of  Sutherland   Bay;   thence   running   south  SO chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north   SO  chains,   thence   east  SO   chains  to <noint of commencement.  Dated this   26th  day of  August,  1912.  j H.  D.  RITGGLES.  j E. C. MOLLOY. Agent.  Oct, 25, 1912  COAST DISTBICT.  .   Baaffe X.  T'KF VOTICF that I. H. D. Ruggles.  ef the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-  law, intend -to apply for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on end  ever the following described lands:���������     j  Beginning at a post marked H. D. R.'s J  S. W. corner, planted three miles eorth}  of the westerly point of Sutherland Bey, ���������  tkence running north 80 chains, thenc*  east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, j  thenee west 80 chains to point of com-,  meneement.  Dated  this  2������th day  of August,  1912  H. D. RUGGLE6.  E. C. MOLLOY, Affent  COAST DISTBICT.  Banff* X.  TAKE NOTICE that I, H. D. Ruggle.-*.  of the City of Vancouver, barrister-at-  law, intend to apply for a license* to  prospect for coal and petroleum on and  over the following described lande:���������  BeffinnlBS at a post marked H. D. R.>  S.  E.  corner, planted  three miles eorth  and two miles west    of    the    westerly  poiet of Sutherland Bay, thenee ruaning  ���������orth |fl chains, thence west  80 chains,  thenee eeuth   80  chains,  thence east  tt  chains te point of commencement-  Dated  tbis  2������th day of August.  1912.  H. D. RUGGLES.  E. C. MOLLOY, Affent.  ���������AKCOTJTX-?.   _AZTD   DISTBICT.  District of Coas-  T/KE notice that Thoma? VT. Mitchell  j of   Vnncouver.   B.   C,  occupation   timber  ' merchant,  intends   to  apply  for  permission to purcha������e the following de^crihe-i  'ands:���������Commencing  at   a   po-t   nlanteu  abolit five miles in a Northerly direction  -, from the North Ea>--t corner of surveyed  : I>ot No. 29. Range 2 and on the Easterly  ��������� hore of K'e-Na-Klene River, in  the  rl-  einity   of   Knight's   Inlet:   thence   North  SO chain1:; thence Fe~t 80 chain-: fierce  South  80 chains; thence West 8t chains  to point of commencement.  Date October 5th. 1912.  ! THOS.   W.    MITCHELL.  Per Chas. McHardy, Agent.  Oet. IS, 1912 >  Hon. Martin Burred Officiated at Important Agricultural Gathering in  Lethbridge Today���������Notable Delegates Present.  At. 11   o'clock  Monday  morning the  seventh international dry farming exposition was officially  opened hy  His  Honor  George   H.   Hulyea,  lieutenant-  governor    of  Alberta.     There   was  a  goodly attendance at the spacious exhibition   ground)?,   southeast    of    the  city, and addresses were delivered hy  Hon. Martin Burrell. Dominion Minister    of  Agriculture;     Lieut-Governor  Brown,  of  Saskatchewan;   Hon.   Dun-'  can Marshall, Minister of Agriculture  of Alberta, and J.  H. Grisjale, director  cf Dominion   experimental  farms,  Ottawa.    Chairman J. W. McNicoll, of.  the Exposition Beard, formally turnel;  over   the   exposition   of   the   Interna- ���������  tional    Dry   Farming  Congress,   Hon.!  Duncan   Marshall,   who     is   honorary  chairman  of the  Canadian    board  of;  control, accepting. !  _          ;  ***+4>4*******4r:**4>**++****4 |  I If You Are Sick j |  BEI-I- THEATRE _-?  JOYCE  ROAD  COLUNQVVGOD  Open every evening, 7:30 to 10:30.  The inoviug pictures showu at thjs theatre are of the very best obtainable, nothiug objectionable is allowed by the mnuugeiiieut.  Amusing  Instructive  educational  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day. Good Music.  CALL ON  4  *  4  ERNEST SHAW, D. C. \  j (Doctor of Chiropractic) }  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  4  *  where 4  4  Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free 4  4  F������  Chiropractic   aucceeds  medicine fails.  DOING WHAT?  Why, eating PERFECTION HOME MADE  LOAF, and they all say it can't be beat.  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make    a   nutritious  satisfying meal.    Our customers say ** It's just  like mother's."  Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best. We make Madeira, Cherry, Premier Cakes, also Buns, Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you.  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARI.  P. H. DURRANT, Prop.  All leatinj Grocers supply Our Bread.  ***************** iip^P'SafP  mmi^mmmSm^-'  it"vs;'i,.  ������������������������������:  TfW WKSTEBN CALt..  In Merchandise of every description MUST be disposed of before the end of the year.     Look at these  prices���������these are specimens, only, all stock goes at same rate.        ������������������      ������������������ y   '���������  '''_.">"-'' ������������������  Nickel-plated Copper Kettles, sizes 7, 8, 9  values to $2.00, all sizes $1.00  White, Grey and Blue Enamel Tea Pots,  3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, values to $1.00 now 40c  ��������� "    '���������    '   ,i '  Veribrite Liquid Veneer   -   25c size for 15c  __    60c size for 30c  Dowswell BJe-acting Washing Machines, r  -''^���������'���������"������������������-������������������-^IQ'only) reg. $10.00 now $6.50  Blue or; Grey Enamel Ware, Pudding and Pie  Dishes, Cake Shapers and Plates, etc.,  .'��������� 35c Values now 10c  Two-in-One Shoe Polish  Staon '������������������.���������������������������������  5c  5c  25 only Stanly Wood-bottom Jack & Jointer Planes, reg. $3.00 value now $1.65  500 gallons best Eastern Manufactured Ready Mixed I Japanned Door Butt?,      ....    5c per pair  Paint, reg. $2.75 and $3.25, now at $2.15 per gal. I Sash Locks,   -   Re each      Cupboard Catches, 6c each  Shingle Stain,      -      -     reg. $1.25, now 86c per gal. I Rim Locks, complete, 30c  floor Wax, " Ye Old English," teg. 65c, now 48c pint I COME EARLY- COME OFTEN  ��������� Phone  Sey.  3472  3473  Sale Started Wednesday, 23rd, at;8:30  THE HONIG STORES  * 56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  Phone:  Sey.  3472  3473  Call at either of our offices if you have not. It-shows the exact  location of  NORTH VANCOUVER  SCOTT BROS, conduct a well known  and popular grocery store at 801  Broadway East, corner Burns Strreet,  where the residents of that section if  Vancouver have a convenient and  bountiful resource for their festive  .board. For fourteen years these gentlemen have resided in British Columbia. They have operated on Broadway  three years and have built up a magnificent business. This store is spacious and inviting in. its appointments  and display of staple and fancy groceries and delicacies. Seopt Bros,  make a specialty if fresh California  Jfrult, fresh ranch eggs- and prise-win*  ning creamery butter and general  _*mntry produce. They handle the  best oteverjfJiing and sell at the low-  eat prices. * Tbey do possibly the lar-  ���������CMt grocery business of any operating  ������_ Broadway and their phenomenal  _nccess is Justly merited. Personally  __gy are live^ voung, energetic West*  enters to meet Thew own their own  corner block and give promise of be*  ������_pt_g Important tactors in the com  -Sercial life of the great terminal city.  _l_tr phone is Fairmont 420. It  sOrauld farther be added here that  _ktbtt Bros.' Grocery 1s lieadqusrters  ���������Iso for til cured bams and bacon.  ffc*������ta and dried flsh, etc. Scott Bros.  af* young men who aim to keep to  fjpse touch with the best markers and  *gf**4ij������tirni*4_s^  Some of the Leading Business flen  and What They Are Doing  Remember the number, .801 Broadway  East.  THE ACME, 764 Broadway East, is  a well conducted millinery and ladles  tailoring establishment. It Is in  charge of Mrs. T. L. Sutton, an expert  specialist who has had seven years'  experience. She has been here two  months-and Is doing well. She is a  pleasant lady to meet personally popular.  MRS. MARGARET KEPNER, 746  Broadway Blast, conducts a dry goods  and dress making store...-. Here ..ladles,  have a chance of picking out "their  goods and have their suits and dresses  made to order. Mra. Kepner started  .in the spring in a small Way as a  dressmaker and has recently added the  dry goods department She Is a hostler and is doing well, and is a.very  pleasant lady to meet.  JOHN BU8H, corner Broadway and  Commercial Drive, conducts a liberally  patronise- cigar and confectionary  store. He also bandies soft drtnks, td-'  baccos of all kinds, fresh fruit and  does a good business. Mr. Bush has  operated here six months and'has been  a_ resident of  Vancouver two years.  Ha was born under tbe "Starry-^iltt*  ner.**''  MORTONS GROCERY, 1016 Broad*  way- East, is headquarters for fancy  and staple groceries and fruits nod  J2gt������bles^|j^l*toj*to^h������sb*������j*_on  Broadway one year and a half and has  become well established. He has one  if athe finest stores on Broadway a_d  his flourishing business is constantly  growing. He is a nktive son bf our  fair Dominion and������ is ah staunch Con-  BGrv&tivd  LEWIS, THE TAILOR, 734 Broadway East, operates a well conducted  tailoring establishment. He has been  here one year and a half and has followed the business ten years. He also  does cleaning, pressing and repairing  of men's and ladles* clothes. I He is an  expert^ tailor and guarantees fit and  .Style. . .'-.. ,..;��������� ."..-.>���������-���������  ���������  , *. '  Fell off 8treet Car.  Mrs. R.   Pestworthiy,   1671   Fourth  'avenue, west, fell off a street car on'  Fourth avenue, at Pine street, on Saturday night, while she was attempting'  to board it She was badly shaken up |  and received a cut o nthe nose, but(  heir injuries were not thought to "tyj$  serious enough to   wt^*rant, r. hospital  traattnent, and she was taitep horn*.  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 OraavQI* Street  Luncheon nnd Afternoon  Tea* n Specialty    -  (Jive the 3oy m Cftotw  If a man does something worth while it is Ibleeaiise he first <U4 some- "  thwg when he was a hoy. ".,.:"'.:���������:'.:���������  A hoy who is always pampered and made to believe that he is the^;  oniy Uttle boy, and given nothing to do, is the fay *vVho wiU do nothing:. >  To be successful requires Jong preparation���������it won't do to begin at  maturity*  X-et the hoy do something. ...������.*   ���������  poing chores is the hoy's salvation. Pay hiin for it in this way: het  him know that he is being paid for what he does. yMake his first payment  on a lot in  and is the official map of the city of Port Moody.   You will be  wise to visit us and have a good idea of the site for the great:  developments that we shall announce shortly.  . . .- - *  Look to our future advertisements.  Won't you join us in one of our free excursions by launch to %  PORT MOQDY  every afternoon at 1:30 p. m.  '*���������'..   ... ���������'..,'..'.��������� ... .���������-'  ������������������ ' v v ������������������   y ' ��������� ��������� ��������� . '������������������������������������'��������� '���������'' -:;-' ������������������"  '"  Present price of a limited number of our lots is        ,  $175 EACH  Terms one-fifth cash, balance half-yearly over 30 months; or  one-tenth cash, balance monthly over 30 months.  Head Office,  422 Richards St.  Vancouver.  Phone Sey. 1567.  OPEN eV������N|NGS  COMPANY  ��������� Branch Office,  160 Hasting W.  3ROAPWAY EAST  A pew of the Busy Enterprises  fn a Growing- business Pistrlct  H. C. WRIGHT. CRAPOCK * CO.  are enterprising real estate brokers meats  and lumber merchants at No. 9 Lens- orde��������� -_ _._      D1_mDt   attention  dale Avenue, North Vancouver.  Tbe\������7er_ ****!??   nromDt   ���������������*������"������������  cerles, fruits and produce ind cured  He Is doing well, and phone  His phone is 247. .  f -, ,  t.  NORTH *U)N8|IA|4B:-tf|D4^l|A]^  ������_lrprlE_!J?f **!_ *r*_'lng. m8tr?P������_5- f*OT. 8347 Lonsdale   avenue.   North  i#r- Wright said, when interviewed* Vancouver, is conducted   by   Mr. J.  Newton, a young men who has served  thirteen years in the butcher business.  52���������*-&K'S!_S_i!_������_i ������t_7������ "��������� *��������������� *������"��������� established In bis present  40,000.   TWi is phenomenal when .Jtljmgtum four months and is doing well.  concern has been established ���������lace  11M>4, and le one of the "pioneer" en*  rprises of the growing metropolis.  f. Wright said, when interviewed,  that their firm bandied a lot on Lone*  dale Avenue in the pioneer days of  the town at $225, which today Is worth  $ ......    w _���������  (s considered that North Vancoaver If m mr%9% u M dainty and clean as  scarcely suited>and ���������tojoat emerging.������,������ infest housewife's pantry. Mr.  from Ita swaddling-clothes. Another | Newton Is the young man who rescued  example given by Mr. Wright was a ������ mRn [*_���������_ drowning on Ferry No. 3,  piece of property that a short time  Sago sold at |4200 and today Is worth  00,000. Mr. Wright is a member of  e Board of Commissioners and Pres*  November 5th, for which he was  awarded $50.00 by Mayor May. He  was a deep water sailor.four years.  Mr. H. F. Peters of Water St., Van*  ���������hu l_et him loiow that he is a property holder; it will help him to cultivate' the habit of thrift. The reason why more men are not wealthy is  because tbeir parents let them spend every cent they get. You may think  this is just a selling talk to try and ginger mothers and fathers up to buy  real estate.   But it's not���������it's true���������isn't it very true I  Fifteen dollars paid today on a lot in our property means much to  the boy���������because within twelve months that very same lot will be worth  twice times $245.00, and it will continue to increase in value every year  you leave it there because  Port  I  I  I  is now on its largest era of growth. It is the focusing point of the great  Tailroads, the manufacturers and shrewd investors.  If nothing else happens outside the development now pending in Port  Moody, it will be a large city.  But there are big announcements to come out inside of a few weeks  that will make you wish you had purchased before, if you don't buy today.  You don't have to take our word; you don't have to do as we suggest, but if you are a wise mother or father you will investigate and act  upon your good judgment. :  We run free excursions to and from Port Moody every day. Excursions leave this office at 1:15 p.m. Come down today���������bring your boy with  you.  PRICE AND TERMS:  $65 Cash, Bal. $20 every 3 months,  $110 Cash, Bal. 6,12 & 18 months.  ident of the Ratepayers' Association, jcouven will remember the nlght'he ������_.  and is a ferry commissioner and dlr-'C|*jentally got a bath by a misstep in  ector.   He is also a staunch Conser* m^ gar**.,  va"v?* _..--_,_ . _rt _   ,.     M   A   STABLER 9 F1NDI.AY are real es-  J. J. WOOOS ft CO. deal In   North ;ute brokers located at the corner of  Vancouver real estate and also nego-l**>wenty-fifth  ���������*"?���������  stoves, tinware, etc.. and   tha**  building up * flne business.  THE NELSON TENT fe AWNINQ  Co., Ltd., are inanufacfurers of tenia,  awnings, sails. Sags and all kinds of  canvas work. This concern Is capitalized at $25,000 and Is successor to  the Nelson Manufacturing Company,  which has operated here some time.  James Cashman, from Honolulu, the  noted sail manufacturer of the firm of  Cashman ft Nelson. |s now spending  a few months' visit in Canada and Is  associated with Mr. Nelson, his former  partner, while on his vacation. He  will leave next month for Honolulu.  He is the gentleman who made the  sails tbat won the cup in the yacht  race from San Pedjv to Honolulu.  Mate loans and write insurance. At  present Cove Cliff on the North Arm  of Burrard Inlet ts attracting wide attention and prominent among the  realty operators of this section who  and Lonsdale avenue.  North Vancouver. They are ably represented by Mr. D. C. Ritchie, manager, who Is In charge of the North  Vancouver branch office, at the corner  of the Grand Boulevard.  They deal in  are bureaus of Information on thei out* *otft acreage, make loans, write Insur-  look la the above named firm. They *nce. aiM* mt|*e quite a specialty of  are located on Lonsdale avenue on the | tmiidin- hunr-alows. Their phone is  west_8idei next to the ferry wharf, isa.  Ur, Ritchie was born in Scotland.  5S_ a_dcomo_S1?f,thVfler-S, &������������ THE BANK OF BRITISH NORTH  nhonp J, No 5? X AMERICA Is the "pioneer" financial  ���������  -22 J ������  *.V ��������������������������������� ���������,-..-������, -.-^'Institution of North Vancpuver.   There  TSJSJ1* V- PERRY BOATS CiOAR _ro some eighty branches of this bank  Lots $245  LEITCH ��������� TAYLOR  309 Cambie Street.  Phone: Seymour 1577.  Office open evenings.  Vancouver, B. C.  I  I  I  STANDS are conducted by Messrs.  Mitchell ft Gooch. They handle cigars,  tobaccos, soft drinks, confectioneries  and the daily papers. They enjoy liberal patronage and also operate a similar business at Capilano. Every accommodation is accorded to customers  and these gentlemen are bureaus of  information to many tourists on British Columbia opportunities.  THE N. V. CARTAGE COMPANY,  Ltd., do a general dray and transfer  business. They have well equipped  padded vans for piano and furniture  moving. They are prompt and painstaking with work entrusted to them.  J. L. Hampton is the enterprising  manager. Jas. L. Dodds is secretary  and treasurer F. G. Glalwin is vice-  president, and C. Albertson iB presi-.  dent of the company. Their office is*  at No. 7 Lonsdale avenue. North Vancouver, and thefr phone is 141. They  also conduct a sales stable for horses  on Fourth St. West.  THE STANDARD GROCERY COMPANY is located at 1841 Lonsdale avenue. North Vancouver, and is conducted by Mr. E. Olson. It is one of the  well conducted enterprises in the bon  ton -residential section of i\orth Vancouver. Mr. Olson has just recently  started here and was formerly in Vancouver for some time. He was born in  Sweden.  THE NORTH SHORE GROCERY at  the corner of Fifteenth and Lonsdale  avenue is conducted by Mr. R. W.  Berry, proprietor, who has operated  here for six months and was formerly at 143 Lonsdale avenue.   He carries  extending from Halifax to Dawson  The head office Is at. Montreal. Tbe  bank is capitalized at $4,866,000 and  was established In 1837. Mr. H. C.  Roberts 1b the enterprising young  manager. He is ably assisted by two  clerks and a stenographer. He has  been with the institution a number of  years and was born in the "Emerald  Isle."  BENNETT BROTHERS, adjoining  the Canadian Bank of Commerce at  North Vancouver, are gent's furnishers and conduct one of the nicest  stores in the' growing metropolis.  They deal in clothing and furnishings  for men and their place is daily growing in popularity as their stock is unsurpassed for style and quality and  their prices are "riight."  THE AVENUE MEAT MARKET,  1341 Lonsdale avenue, is conducted by  Kirkness Bros., who have operated  here two years. They have followed  the business for some time and for  choice steaks, juicy roasts and tender  chops their market is the place to go  to. They also carry a nice' stock of  cured hams and bacon and smoked  fish. They are located at the corner  of Foorteenth street and Lonsdale avenue.   Their phone is 268.  PATTERSON ft GOLDIE, 105-107  Esplanade West, conduct one of 'the  leading harlware Btores of North Vancouver. They have operated here  some nineteen months and Mr. Patterson has had nineteen years in' the  business. Mr. Goldie formerly resided  in Guelph.    These gentlemen carry a  Had Stiletto in Coat  Facing a charge of attemptlng'to  murder Alexander Barran. 748 Keefer  street, last Saturday morning at 3  o'clock by stabbing him twice la tbe  head, Frederick Barrack waa Monday  morning arraigned before Magistrate  Shaw and committed for trial la a  higher court.  According to tbe evidence, a quarrel  arose between the two men and Dar-  rack drew a stiletto, slashing viciously  at Barran. The knife cut two large  gashes in Barren's head, after passing  through the crown of his hat.  Two hours after the alleged stabbing, Darrack was captured by. Detectives Champion and McArthur.  When searched at the police station a  stiletto was found bidden in his coat.  a fine line of staple and fancy gro- fine line of shelf and heavy hardware,  Reading Rooms Open Sunday.  The Y. M. C. A. have opened their  reading rooms to young men on Surf-  day afternoons now between 1 o'clock  and 7 o'clock, feeling the need for* such  a place on that day. Professor Tram-  pour, of Latimer College, spoke to a  meeting yesterday afternoonn in the.  gymnasium. Mr. Ernest E. Brooks, a  member of the Gideons, and a returned missionary of the Anglican church,  was also present.  VANCOUVER LAND DISTRICT  Dirtrict of Coast Range 2  TAKE  NOTICE that William H. Wooley.. of  Vancouver, B.C.. occupation broker, intends to  apply for permission to purchase the following  described lands: commencing- at a post planted at  the north-west ccrner of Lot 13, and being W. H.  W.'s. N. E. corner post, thence west 80 chains,  thence south 40  chains, thence east  80  chains,  thence north 40 chains,to place of commencement,  containing 320 acres more or less.  Date 17th September. 1912  WILLIAM H. WOOLEY.  '.������������������������'. y<z<  ij.*  Wmymy-y  ^j-i-ri-SS} .  y^  w.'**5^^'$-������.i"v;|i.-*(^u^j  ' =j<.w������Ki.--,- -jwtct:.-  m  ���������__


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