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The Western Call 1912-10-18

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 ���������'*���������:*���������  :yy*y<  -Xi������: :.:.V.*^  mmm  ~^*__-******^*aMt*>-'/-'^.-- ^\:--"'tVn-'-V.,-'rf-;V4.i^  a_T_a*_-_v-L !vr....'-  ^V^:__*l  *">T^/.***f-'l.>J- ^**^^'-^^^_la'r*_^������  i(_fcr  ..-������������������������������������������������������������������������4.>*-^'---  PublJs|*ed in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  VOLUME IV  HiVH. STEVENS, M.P,, Edito^nHshic^  ^    VANCOUVER, BiUTTDffl (^LUltfBU, OCTOBER 18, 1912.  Na*  APPALLING FIGURES  At the International Congress of Hygiene and  Demography held recently in Washington, D. C,  some startling statements were made indicating  the magnitude and fearful effectsi of social immorality in this country.      ���������;':���������'��������� (y^y'-yy.'.y  Prof. Vernon M. Ca'dy submitted figures showing how Americans spend their money:  Intoxicating liquors, ^,00(^w0,O00; tobacco/  $1,200,000,000; jewelry and^rn^nxents^ $800,066,-  000; automobiles, $500,000,000; church work at  home, $250,000,000; confectionery, $200,000,000;  soft drinks, $120,000,000; tea and coffee, $100,000,-  000; millinery, $90,000,000; patent me&cynes, $80,-  000,000; chewing gum, $13,000,000; foreign missions, $12,000,000; white slavery, social diseases  and other immorality, $3,000,000.  Mr. Cady declared that there were 300,000  registered white slaves in the United States, with  perhaps one million more not registered, nearly  all of whom (to be more definite, 80 to 90 per cent)  are bearers of the most horrible diseases that curse  the race.  It was declared that millions of otheik persons  suffer innocently or- otherwise through these diseases, and that a great majority of divorces, of  chronic ailments and deaths, of crimes and severe  surgical operations are traceable to the diseased  conditions.  In France there are annually about 25,000  deaths due to these diseases, and the������percentageJn  this country is increaaing stanch an alarming rate  that no time should be lost by anybody who has  the welfare of the American people at heart in  educating, teaching morality; enforcing law and  otherwise doing everything, possible io check this  monstrous tide of evil.  A great percentage of .iniai4ty ii directly traceable to these maladies. It costs $50,000,000 annually to care for the 100,000 insane persons, enough  money if rightly expended to root out the horrible  dens of evil where sueh^conditions are fottered.  I'vlA^$J&^ tb***e are the iiinomerable cwaca of idiocy, apoplexy, feeble-mindedness, paresis and  other,birth wretchedness, much of which ia the  -direct result of bad habits and bad diseases among  parents.  Worst of all, are the practices of bribery, graft,  corrupt favoritism and dirty politics in police ays-  terns, city govenments, state legislatures and board  managements where these social and other evils  are supposed to be '' regulated.' * ���������"'  HARDWARE  Bapco Paint, Oil  STOVES  and   RANGES  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street Phone: Fairmont 447  UNION MADE  BACHELOR  CIGARS  Ask the man who smokes them.  .T.t''*'������l'i,*,iMl..j,,|.,l,4,.l.,|w|..*.<,.|..l,.l.4,,l,.<,,|,.|..|>>.-t^;..m..m.M l'l<''I'>a"|M|.*.>.|.*.������l.M'1'l'-i������������i|'.'l >'���������������' ���������  ;; Comprises Whole Burrard Inlet- -Presents One of Finest in the World���������Possible  '".".' Early Developments. '  The subject of the future of Vancouver Harbour is one whieli is attracting  attention in all parts of Canada. That it 4s destined- to becqinifeone of tiie.chief  shipping centers of this continent is no\V an admitted fact;- ' ��������� .'yy,.   _  It comprises the whole of Burrard Inlet, from Pt.r^rey and pt. Atkin&m to  Port Moody. It is thoroughly sheltered, tiie inbst exposed portions being ei^eJlent  roadsteads. All of it, however, is not suitable for dockage, but quite sufficient to  accommodate a vast amount of shipping. That portion from Hastings to Coal  Harbour ia now well occupied, False Creek is pretty well taken up also. The north  shore has several stretches of valuable frontage, but theportion which is attracting  the, most attention at present is that contiguous to Port Moody. From this point to  the center of the city the shores of the south side rise rather slmrply, except in spots,  and will not accommodate industries close to the waterfront with*such trackage, as,  is considered needful, but at Port Moody the situation is .different. There is ample  room for large industries, warehouses and elevators, with ample trackage facilities,  which at once marks this point as a coming industrial center.  It has always been the opinion of close ob������ervers that the time would "come  whe?i this section would be the scene of great activity and the C P.' R/ long since  realized this. ., ' ,  Some, three or four years ago the C. }'. R. filed a route, map along the north  shore opposite Barnet, supposedly to getaJine into North Vancouver, but really  for no other purpose than to tie "up the valuable route around the head of Burrard Inlet with the view to future requirements. The wisdem of this has been demonstrated by the recent discovery that the C P. R. intended to build its elevators  there within-.the next year. The only thing keeping back immediate construction  is the. desire to have its double track completed first, which will be within two years.  A bill will be introduced at the next sitting of the House at Ottawa giving the  Dominion Government power to appoint; a Harbour Commission tp govern the  whole harbour. Several miportant works ������re already projected, such as docks,  dredging, etc., and the needs of the easterly' extremity will not be neglected. Very  little is required tb place the approaching channel in first class shape; and as commerce demands the Dominion Government: will, put in the necessary .. facilities,  besides those which will be erected by private enterprise. It takes time to get extension works, such as harbour improvement, under .way. We hear ninch at what  Seattle is doing; as a matter of fact, Seattle has talked, but not a single tap of work  has yet been done on the elaborate" improvement scheme. t������ Vancouver Harbour  fifty men have just completed a definite, survey and soon tenders wiU be called for  actual work which will be commenced at aU early 4ate and the larger scheme oi' development will then be undertaken. We ha^oo reason to question, these developments because tbey are not started as'sobri- as iltey are suggested, no on** need hesitate  ;n placing/absolute confidence in our harbour from port Moody westward.  '���������������������������������������������'������������������ ;   ���������     ���������.'���������������������������'��������� .'���������;;..     . ������������������ ���������.-       -  -   -^   ��������� ���������:' .'���������;.,      .- -.-.. ....������������������������������������   V  *________ :'^-\,..^  ���������.*'i.+,s-.*.-s������e���������_  y:ffX&(iWSs$  y-yy&ww,  k-y ^���������y^H'i^  < >  *���������  *!*  ?  i  aV.���������-^VU3*?-;-^^*���������,'"'iii^*M!-S   i^^,^.  ls0X^h^  *  Fifth Ward Ratepayers will be  gratified to know that Mr. A* P* Black  announces himself as a candidate for  aldermanic honors in that Ward at the  coming election.  >$syy  ���������$-k������  ;;.'.^-^imes of a very serious character are more numerous than, in our opinion.  ���������is necessary.   A pretty strong statement, but a careful perusal of the situation will,  ;;we. think,bear it out.  Most of them are committed by foreigners, or by Indians or white men known  as "white Siwashes." The most discouraging feature is the number which remain  unpunished. In the outlying districts the Indian or tough white character takes  to the mountains. JJe is hunted by the provincial police, a body of men who spend  most of their time loafing around the interior towns. They have little or no discipline or training. They know comparatively little qf the remote trails of the country,and, whilebrave enough at a pmch, they are practically helpless.  If the Provincial police were given certain districtsto patrol ahdV worked  under a system Whereby they had to call at given remote and distant points and  secure the signature of a resident or settler, it would have a dual effeet-^first to make  the officer familiar with the trails and the settlers, who would thus be more willing  to assist in case of need, and secondly, it would inspire in these rough settlers a confidence in the law and its officers which otherwise they are not likely to have. A  remote rancher knows full well that a "bad man" or an Indian can make his life  miserable if he, helps the officer and he also knows that it may be months or years  before an officer will come his way.   All that may be known of his fate is that he is  ; reported as "disappeared."  The Provincial Government could do much to remedy this situation if they  would mount the officers and compel them to regularly patrol their districts,  instead of loafing around the saloons of some outside town waiting for trouble to  turnup.  British Columbians difficult enough to cover without carelessness on the part of  the officers and every effort should be made to stop any further crimes such as those  which have disgraced the Province of late.  In the city a wholesale disarmament of the foreigners would be a good move.  A few stiff sentences for carrying concealed weapons would have a wholesome effect.  As long as men are allowed to carry arms they will find a way to use them.  4>*,4..t.*.^.*il|.������,iM|.,|���������ii,i.i|l',{.l������.|.,r.,;,i)���������|,,i.,| *,< ������,*,.M-'M'+'I"I ���������������>'>���������������������������*. I I |<1 Mnl 1 'I .���������*-���������  *_**_���������*. .*- J*. ������������������_���������*_ i1*..,  COMMENTS ON LIVE I  (Prof. E: Odlnm. MA., R8ie.)  The plan adopted by. the <tove***_i**ent^  Province is one of wisdom and'good:-'ecoiMMwei^^#|^^s  This has for years been one of *i*y.4j"*lintojtt^  PoUticai Platform wWch has been uieoii**-������  construction.   Instead of being jealous, owing .tojv;M:l������fS^  the Government adopting this plank, I wish':thay,r:;^'/;;'55S|f  undertaking success;   The settlers will b^'"'^M^|i'J*',';'"'"*'''''"���������'  ' helped, and the whole; ,*-feopte--*iho^d':'gm  support to4he- scheiiieVv :*������ is -the' work of ?j8llMif������g^^^^  ���������men/ yy-���������'<;���������; ��������� -���������-"���������yy '"��������� ���������--"';;  Ohuroh l-cemiption from-%-ua.  With-the majority of sane men-I;:__|^j_i'1i!efr*^^  in the movement to cut out alFeMnrii^^  Church property ftrom taxes.   inv-''*WWa!|t^  forced to pay taxes , to   AngUcana,   Melodists, ^^^^^^^^^^^^g  Roman Catholics, Baptists, or **wy~9timyi$  those who wish'������'special brand of;:r^i������mi.JiQ^^J^^^  for it in a manly and honest manner. It Ja?n^^;-?|||?i^  just or honest to force ihen'to pay for;tne:xeu^*um'';^  sentiments and special notions or:ptfo***^-;,:>;/--|Sf/#'S&^  I therefore join with all lovers of fair play and  ask the Goternment at the co_*d_������ -^i-dative  Assembly to sweep from the 8tat**te������ aU kfisla-  tion mawng provision to exempt Churches or ������ty  - other institutions other than those 'Wh|cfc-_j������^^^:^l^^^^  sesscd by the public, from taxatioh. ^yiyy^ydy^y^^^M  'Out Oaiiadian Raval T^.yyyyyyyyyy^^^m  Premier Borden should introduce^-Mifc^iWirw^"^^^������  -fearless scheme for preparing a "tiridy .CaiiiiJiafr ^^  Naval Wing-of the British Naval FUM..xW*x-&Wyl$00  Canadians are read*/ for large ventures, ���������*&���������&&������?������!|?VyfM-  8pirit is oveirwhelmingly in favor ".'of\ \taai^^ a^i^&������:^  our responsibilities aide by aide with old Brii   in the matter of defending onr Emp_r������, knowli  as Greater Britain. "���������^xy^y^yyymy^^^Wy  We are as mueh a part of Gw_t;B**l4_itt^f^  Liverpool, London, Manchester, Ot.  or Belfast.   They' are ready to face  protect the Empire from harm.   Aa$m,*rn.C*& xy-xy'-yy.^  aditns.   Let _*r������n-_e������ _loffde^lta^^  ^ let him act accoixUngiy..    .     .ym^'yyyyM-pmmisy^mm  Wm AmpW Itwflfi for tht r^-*^**^^m^  *****} *��������� p w   **************************���������* ****i******y*************>i***B'. a>a*ra>    */m/m*m  Perhaps the general public are unaware of tilli  fact that -the present 1-ibrtiry Board has eatab-  lished four branch libraries in addition to the  central building on Main and Bastings streets.  These branch Ubwies are doing a spltudid and  Vetytiecesiarywdft Btit 6������ierw5ifW^Jity  are crying out for similar aervfees. Hastings  townsite people hUve been asking for a year or  more to have a branch in their district. The councils have from year to year done good, work w '���������'<  providing money according to their view of the  case. But the aldermen are and ������lw#ya bare been  overwhelmed by claims on the city exchequer.  We must find a better plan than to beg froih a '  busy and over-crowded 'Council at the beginning  of every year.  A better plan haa been adopted  by most of the other cities of Canada. V  Provision should be made by legislation for a  certain amount on the dollar to go toward the  work of the library of this and other cities of the  Province.  In Vancouver we should have, say a half mill,  or some other portion of every dollar of city in*-  come from taxation devoted to library wrk.      -^  We hope the enlightened portion of this year's  Council will take up this matter and get it before  the coming legislature.  The Last Edition of the Encyclopaedia &ritt!-**-Jcft.  This large work, which ought to be nearly perfect, is faulty in many important directions, f have  read somewhere that the Roman Catholic Church  has condemned it as a failure owing to its short?  comings in relation to that huge political religious  organization.  I am inclined to join our Roman friends and  condemn the Encyclopaedia Britannica as a fail*  lire in other matters. Where it deals with the-/  "Orangemen" it lies either ignorantly or wilfully.  Hence it should be condemned by all Orangemen,  the world over, so far as thev are concerned.  #<  At EIGHT  Per "Cent.  E. ODLUM, 1710 Grant Street  NOT 33 FEET  BUT 66 FEET WIDE  Not near a proposed station  But 5 Minutes Walk from the Present Station at  PORT MOODY  Price not $250 per 33 feet But $400 per 66 feet TE6.R^ SS^^^SS  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  430 Main Street  Branch 164 Broadway East, near Main Street  P0RTJ00DY  We have a few lots for sale situated in the centre of Port Moody, 4  blocks from the main business street,  and in a direct line from the waterfront where, the great grain elevators  will be.  Size of Lots 50x120  Prices from $175 to $225 each  Terms from $15 cash, bal. $10 per  month. Immediate action is necessary if  you wish to share in Port Moody's rise to  prosperity.   Write or call  Ardell & Kirchner  36 and 37 Canada Life Bdg.  Phone: Sey. 6483  640 Hastings St.W.  Vancouver  'Send for one of oar free maps of Port Moody  just compiled, it will show you the situation at a  glance. ���������fimmmmm^-mmi  7 ,-     ���������  .->.���������. ������������������^y'.yyyy'-y  'TEES WQST-MCbXL  -5 a*  51?  ���������$';������*>.  BUITALO GROCERY  Commercial Drive and 14th Ave.  "The Home of Qualitv''  Business comes our way because we keep what  the people need and charge moderately.  Groceries,  Provisions, Fruits  Only the best brands kept in stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  J. P. Sinclair. Prop.   PhlM: FaiffllOnl 1033  WATTS HARDWARE CO.  The Quality Hardware Store  1407 Commercial Drive Pheoe Highland 825-L  Esr Watches Clocks  Jewelry and Optical Goods  A.   WISMER  Jowolor *% Optlolmn  Repairing a Specialty 1433 Commercial Drive  Provisions^ Fruit, Stationery  >   Confectionery, Tobaccos  CAJCES, PASTRIES, W$W  Special attention to phone or4eys :y[  Winnipeg Grocery  '     Jones & Q|sen, Prop.  Corner norris and Campbell Ave.  Phone Highland 102 branch Post Office  t  Iflfc* IflflM Dotoan Block  n m\m vm\* m  mttuianrm  l������. jejatHir 2l7������i  a* m*  Auctioneer, Appra-ssr and Notary Public for Fritish Columbia  General Heal tEstate^Mining Broker. Financial Agent  Good Paper; J5c/2f0r25c  Terminal City Press, Ut  3408 Westminster Ro������<|  BL00018 TAINTED  ULCERS, BOILS,  SWOLLEN   GLANDS.   BLOTCHES,  PIMPLES. AND ALL SKIN AND BLOOD DISEASES  ARE COMPLETELY CURED BY THE  NEW METHOD TREATMENT  We desire to call the attention of al! those  ainict< d with Buy Blood or Skia Dkeaa* to  our New Method Treatment as a guaranteed  cure (or these complaints. There is no.excuse (or ������ny person having a disfigured face  from eruptions aud blotches. No matter  whether hereditary or acquired, our specific  remedies and treatment neutralize all poisons in the blood and expel tbem from the  ftyttein. Our vast experience in the treatment of thousands of the most Bullous and  complicated cases enables us to perfect a  cure witlrout experimenting. Wedo business  on the plan-Pa- Only for th* Benefit Yoa  Derive. If you bave any blood disease, consult us Free ef Charge and let us prove to  you how quickly our remedies will remove  nil evidences of disease. Underthe influence  of the New Method Treatment the skin becomes clear, ulcers, pimples and blotches  1ieal up. enlarged glands are reduced, fallen  out hair grows in again, the eyes become  bright, ambition and energy return, and the  victim realizes a new life has opened up to  bim.  YOU CAN ARRANGE TO PAY AFTER  YOU ARE CURED  CONSULTATION FREE  Send f or Booklet on Dneeie* of Met*  "THE GOLDEN MONITOR" FREE  II *n__U to ������*!, write for a Qnet-oa list  for Home TretA���������tot  DrsKENNEDT&KENNEDY  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold Si,   Detroit, Mich.  ������MATIf*F AUlctt������^f-om Canada mtist be addressed  IVV HVti to our Canadian Correspondence Depart-  aaaaaaaaaaam ment in Windsor, Ont. If you desire to  gee ns personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat  _��������� ���������-_���������ts in our Windsor offices which are ior Correspondence and  Laboratory lor Canadian business only.   Address all letters ������s JoUows*  DR3. JCENNEDY * l-ENNEDY, -Wi._sar.0_t  .Wills f_f Q���������***tltat������a6~~���������*������ ^^  f*4 ������������������!>>'* 11III *** I'M'1 *4 144 t * * ************ * ** ****** * !������������������������*>  v XJlUjIbUsVWW Phtme FairmmilW  A' *. . ���������   ���������-������������������   - ���������������������������_: _____ :��������� _-i__ y���������������������������  %   Note-Newt meant for this columr. should be mailed Or phoned to the editor earlr to faSure j������  ���������'. insertion.  t.i..j 'i 4. H"t"I"i"I"K"l"t"l 1II lit 14* : -I"*"!** ���������������*���������������������������' ���������'������������������*M"M- >V**4W4f.*****>l:'l:  Grandview Jews Nutes  "The Wool Shop," corner First  Avenue and Commercial Drive, has  been sold to Mr. Rosser, of Ontario,  The present line of goods consists of  woolen caps, coats, and children-  underwear, and a full line of ribbons.  This store carries the largest stock of  wool in British Columbia. Mr. Rosser  will add to this stock by a full line of  Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, and  Ladles' and Children's wear. Mrs.  Conolly wishes to thank the people of  Grandview for their patronage, and  hopes for continued patronage under  tbe new management.  GRAND MU8ICALE.  The Grandview Methodist Church  Choir will give a Grand Concert on  Thursday, Oct. 24, at 8.15 p.m.. in the  Grandview Methodist Church, cor.  Venables St. and Victoria Dr.  The church choir will be assisted by  members of the Wetsh choir and other  talented singers, among whom will be  Miss Lesson, the popular contralto.  The proceeds will be applied on a  new organ   Admission 25c.  Empress Circuit at Kamloops.  TIME TABLES. r^T>  KAMLOOPS, B.C.���������The new Kamloops theatre on Seymour street near  Third avenue makes one morejlnk in  the Empress Theatre circuit, and  marks an important step in the raising of the standard of entertainment  provided for this city. The new structure is a spacious one, occupying the  entire lot running back frtfm Seymour  street to the rear of the -eland hotel.  The judgment of the circuit management is well known as uniformly reliable J_ the matter of selecting new  locations as links In tbelr coastto-  i      ���������       ���������        .  coast chain, being backed by unlimited capital and by the world-wide reputation ot such widely known film  companies as the Edison, Vitagraph,  Biograph, Selig, Lubln, etc. Their  latest project would appear likely to  prove profitable from the outset   ..  Watrous Gets Steam Laundry.  I AX up In asUrfmomlss, and in ftttvn  neat and dsrlsal-  Ths orbits' of tbs pUuMtsTvs rsduosd  to tbe numerical���������  Tta# paths ef an tbs comets and ths other  bodies spharleaL  It'a really Jdst%* simple as can be.  1 ean figure to a psrsssng by methods  mathematical  Ihe route of aay hspUte who has made a  snatch ��������� grammatical  And stopped till "Ho dearohus" passtd *  few rsni-r-s emphattcaL     ' .|  There's nothlnc'any easier for me.       I,  i .Bat a minus log-rithm is a modal of taplflk  If ���������������������������  Hy; ' ��������� '���������'  ***** nebular hypothesis a bit of mere **#���������  **m*r. ���������  InespaMe of. causing me a Jot of the timid*.  ������������������ .���������: ���������������������������������������>'������������������ *���������;-  I feel for railway folders of the day. ������������������  Though ''central time" and "eastsrn time**  mean something ondsntablfc  And reading ****** ptaoe of down is nsvsr  Justifiable,  And type that's'black and light faced Is  essential, stwrm liable  TO board a train that goes the other way.  Aa to modern railway folders. I admit an  inability     ,  ���������for arasplnf why tbe dau which I'm  seekinf with aglUty  Are always -***stradlcted and reduced-to,  mere futility  By mlcrosooplo footnotes down below.  Wot 'tnakln** close oonnectlons" I confess  an incapacity. ���������  A folder's "s. and p. *o.'s" only foster my.  pugnacity,  And, though perhaps I'm lacking In apparent perspicacity,  I never find the thing I went to know.  -F. \% *?. In Century Magazine. <  Thin ������lass and Thick.  Glass Is a substance that we cannot  Ugure tbe strength of as we can a  treat many other things wltb which  we are familiar.   It varies greatly in  Itself. Jbe strongest.glass, as a rule,  breaks into the greatest number of  fragment*. Comparing the strength of  thin glass wltb tblck. the former |g rel  Stlvely tbe stronger    Tbla Is a thing  very often lost sight of.   Then, again, as  to the difference between rough plate  and polished plate, we Ond polished  plate the stronger.  Tbis ts perhaps to  be attributed to tbe fact tbat all these  very One surface nalr cracks are polished out These only go luto the glasa  to a certain deptb. and when thpy are  all or nearly all polished and grqund  off. there is less chant* for aonie of  tbem to form the basis of a crack, and j  thereby   the   glass   Is   increased   In '  strength.    Tests have been made, and I  some formulae bave been arrived at. j  As was to be expected, they show very I  Irregular results as to tbe strength of :  class. j  A Baseball His Tombstone.  The grave of William A   Hull*>rt. at ;  one time'president of the old National ���������  Baseball   leai**ue.   is   niurkpd   with   ������ j  tombstone in the sh;t|te of a baseitutl   ;  VN'hen Mr. Hiilliert died. In 1832. soiiip  of bis old associates set about to show  tbeir love and respect for bitn. and the  result was tbe monument in Or;ueland  cemetery,   Chicago.     The   baHolmll   .*���������  made   of   red   granite,   about   twenty  Inches In diameter, showing the seams  as tbey appear upon the balls used Iu  the regulation games.   Across the toj;  appears in raised letters. "W   A/Huj  bert. President National League. P   R  B. C 1870. 1882."   On one side nppear  tbe names of  four chilis   in  the old  league���������Boston. Providence. Worcester  snd Troy-and on the other those of  the   other   four���������Chicago.    Cleveland  Buffalo and   Detroit.   Also there  Is a  headstone of wblte marble, upon which  appears the name, together with the  date of birth, Oct   23. 1832. and tbe  ���������ate of death  April 10. 1882.  WATROUS. Sask.���������The campaign  for new industries at Watrous would  now appear to be well launched, and  with the start that has been made this  season insiders anticipate the substantial development of the town along industrial linea from now on. Among  the most important of the new enterprises secured within tho past few  weeks., is that of the co-operative laundry company, which will build and  operate plants In Regina-and Saskatoon as well ae Watrous. Stock for  this purpose is being subscribed, and  about $30;00d Is expected, to provide  for the requirements of the local plant.:  A brick building of modern structure  will be erected, designed to accommodate about 30 hands. The development of tbis and ether Industries  seems likely to accelerate considerably the already rapid increase in  population of Watrus. '  BRANDON, Man.���������The action of the  city council toward the securing of a  site for. the erection-of car barns for  Brandon's street railway is regarded  quite generally as in keeping with the  requirements in the Immediate vicinity. The site is easily accessible, and  the spur line of the Canadian North;  era now building will be extended to  the property. There can be little  question but that the spur line will increase the value of the property by at  least |25,000. It is the Intention to  have tbe street railway ready for actual operation in time for the Dominion fair next year. Specifications  for equipment and single-track, pay-as-  you-enter cars are now being prep-  pared. As a result of the announcement of the street railway company's  plans a pronounced movement in real  estate circles has been developing during the past few days, particularly in  the southern section of the city, where  it is believed a large number of factories and warehouses will be located  at an early date. The expediture of  $15,000 by.tbe commercial bureau during the presen year is already showing  marked results ln tbe city's growth  aud expansion.  ���������AHrcotrr-B**- *.***n ������*__*_r.c_.  District of Coast.  T'KE notice that Thomas W. Mitciiell  ���������f Vancouver. R C, occupation timber  rierchant. intend^ to anply for permls-  icr to p-nrcha~e tiie following described  =������Tid.= :���������<~?om~itricing at a po^t planteil  iboi:t Ave mile's in a Northerly direction  "rbm t!ie North Fa<_t corner of surveyed  ',ot No. *?. Kane-'1 2 ami on the Easterly  hore of K'e-N'fl-Klere River, in the vicinity of Knight's Inlet: thence North  SO chains; thence Fa-t SO chains; thence  South 80 chains: thence West 80 chains  to point of commencement.  THOS.   W.   MITCHELL.  Per Cha-i. MeHardy, Agent,  ^ate October Sth. 1912.  Small Houses  and Shacks  are my specialty. If  you want to get a small  house and a large lot,'  get in touch with me.  I have cash payments  a? low as $75 for a house  and lot.  J. Matthews  1980 Charles Street  ���������  Grandview  Branch Office:  Cor. Sussex Ave. & Westr. Rd.  West Burnaby, Central Park  WATCH THIS  SPACE.  NEXT WEEK  VbcrettNT-tetesI  Nsacst trices far Nseest  J. W. Edmonds, Prop.  We have the newest and fullest  r%  Samples of Wall Paper  in the city.  Our stock of Xma* Goods is  coming, in. so be wise nnd  make   an   early   choice.  ���������.'.."���������-������������������������������������ .  Grandview agents for Columbia Gramophones  ������������������������������������   and Records.  Please w������te oar prices 66 not advance a* Die Xman season draws near.  1130 Commercial Drive  1417 Commercial Prive  IPIione Highland S29R  Swiii4eT  Is LARGE, FTOSH, COMFLCTE and  of BEST QUAUTY.  Provisions  and   Chick   Feed   of all  varieties always in stock.  We aim to please our patrons; no sacrifice is too  great to reach this end.  Small Margins and Quick Sales is  Our Method of making the Business Pay.  OUR   SOLICITOR'S  WILL GLADLY  CALL  ON   VOU.  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive     Next to Uneeda Meat Market  ir  ERNEST SHAW, D.C!  . (Poctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  Office Hours:  1:30to 6.  Often a slight derangement of the  spine is the cause of prolonged disease  j and suffering.     Chiropractic   corrects  the spine.  Ef ery Woman  Is Interested ud eho_4 know  ' mboat the wonderful  Mirvel Douche  Atfexonr _ragK_t for  It If he e-_aot taprtr  tiw MA_V__. ���������cMrpTao M  other, tmt.M-d ���������tamp Ibr Bins-  tnted boclt  eeeled. It gtrea fell  p__e__*e eaddlreetioB-lBTtJaeble  u_dtM.wi*iiJW������BSc*-i-*r 00-1  ~ _������������_��������� f ������r C_b_������*.  .Ont  Get Your  Last Year's  Airtight Re-lined  We'll make them just  like new  Phone*. Highland 469  FOR  RUNWAY'S   1618 Park Drive  nuunni u      shkt hetm. vomb  Sieves      *__k>      Milts       ran_ce lc������_f s  \  If you have to Furnish a  Home, a room, or perhaps you  only want a single piece to fill  in, you will find you ean do  better here than elsewhere.  Call and see me. I will be  pleased to quote you prices.  Evcr-lbiM- In Poise Furnishings.  C1S1 01 EAST NTIEim.  d. a. ngclelland  Mi CORDOVA WEST, Cor. Caabje *u  - \  V    <  *>- >v r ������   -'"r^\ y-*s**&,���������&  ���������       i_i*i*V������.412:-a!?iu  j*  THS WESTERN CALL.  "t\';  **���������  *W  TWO WEEKS  aEAN  Richmond's Bazaar Store  Temporarily at  One block east of Main Street, and  Richmond's Bazaar Store  Consists of a fine range of JM Goods,  ka4iesf an4 Children's Wear, Sweaters,  Night Gowns, Underwear, Stockings, Press  Goo(Js> Prints, Stoves, Heaters, etc,, etc  "It's not to reason why," it's a case of turning^this  large stock of goods, into CASH at tKe E-VW-JJET  possible hour, hence this UnpiiralM Sfnuqliter of  Seasonable Merchandise.  Here are a few of .the prices. No time or space to  quote more;    Read carefully and compare with the  Big Store Prices.  * i  Children's Bear Skin Coats, in all colors,  Reg. $4, $6, $7, now at $1.75, $2.25, $3.50  Children's and Misses Underwear,  40c and 50c, now 15c and 20c per garment  Boys strong Ribbed Stockings, reg. 35c now 20c  - Six; Only, Coal or Wood Heaters and Stoves,  (Marathon) reg. $10.00, $12.00, $15.00,  now $6.50, $8.50 and $11.75, (big size)  Also on sale Cups and Saucers, 60c per dozen  Big stock of Fancy China, just the thing to  pick up for Christmas presents.*  Gome* to> tfte stores and see for yourselves, when you  read, this, decide at once to come and come early.   Get  in on time.  Others will benefit.   Will YOU ?  Safe Sfcarts Saturday, 19th inst., at 9 a.m.  Dont forget the address please  Orange Hall Block, 267 Hustings St. E.  One Block East of Main  And 1678 Commercial Drive, Grandview  Sale on at Both Stores  14 II i I���������>III M *.I* H 14 *.<��������� I' 11 ������f  Frasefr: Avenue \ \  , ������.���������.*. |.*. i *,,* ,*���������*.������������������������*.<���������* )1IHIIHI������  The high cost Of tiying' may be  equalized bjr careful buying of your  supplies for kitchen and Jtable. - Ellis'  Grocery, 80th and/ftawr, make prices  that save dollar? feaeh week for tbeir  patrons.   Proraptxlelivery.   '  Fraser Avenue business houses that  are leaders ln their particular lines.  See their ads on this page. We haye  found them trustworthy.  1. South Hill Grocery, Cor. 45th and  Fraser Avenue, Fi >, J., Kolston,  Prop.  2. The Workman's Rome Cafe, between Twenty-firth and Twenty-;  Sixth Avenues.  4. The Unique Cafe, Forty-ninth Ave-,  nue and Fraser.  Hekla Cash Grocery.. Fraser Aye*  nue and Forty-Seventh Averiue.  Anatomical Shoe store, 63*j2 Fraser Avenue.   VV,y������������������'���������������������������  Jack & John's JPlajrse, qorner Fraser and Fei*r1������ AvelDulsi. :  Fraser Avenue Buflrier Supply Co.,  4122 Fraser AVeriue.  5.  . We have juat received oar first *d_ip*-������i.t of  UNBEDA BISCUITS  from the National Biscuit Co., U. S.    ^ We think you will agree tha  these are the fin&st lines yet, offered.      Come in and try a sampl*  with our 90o INDIAN TEA now being demonstrated.  Tea  Tea  India  Tea .  South Hill  SOc  60c ^  50c  Iter lb.  Grocery  Cor. 45th and Fraser Avenue  *. *  Also River Road and Fraser Avenue  _&  **r z  .���������.*���������     ' 7r  . 5>.,!������/-* .*      ill]  f*-___-________Bf-M_-*-H_a______9_>  Dyspsptio Philisoptiy. V  Money talks, but sometimes It contradicts Itself; :.    i  Some girls Much naturally. With  others It's fill pnf on. !   .������������������ <'  Low of people live ln tbe seme  square wbo.don't move In the same  circle:'  Some men will give ft to charity  and then sp< nd $1U to advertise the  fact.  We sre all apt to., be generous to a  fault. If the fault happens to be one  of onr own.  Where the hill collector Is concerned  ahsem-e surely makes tbe heart grow  fonder.    -  Never strike a man when he Is  down, especially-If you are going to  strike blm for a limn.  Why Is it that the people who don't  know right from wrong seem always  to be to the wro_g*?���������New York Times.  *. *,���������������������������*������������������ in, n 111 H H 111 f 11 It [  "' Common Mistake.  , "De man dat .altera wants de  biggest an' de moat* of everything." said Corte _beo. "U liable to pick up an ostrich an*  overlook de itirkey bird-"-Washington Star.'  Hekla Cash Store  Oddstad 9 Johnson, Prop.  General stock of Fresh Groceries  Tea, Coffee, Sugar, etc., Provisions,  1 >.    Butter,, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.  Pick where yoa like tram oar Special TaWe of 5c, ltc aad ISc Articles  ���������������__________!_���������_���������__���������������������������_���������_���������������������������������������������_������������������������������������������_-_������_______���������___________  ���������* Fraser Street and 47th Avenue  Yomfnextfor a  '  smvEot  L        ^      - -       ,       ������  Jack t John's Place  ��������������� -  Come in and have a  Game of POOL  Icecream &.Soft Drinks  Just the thing for a hot day  Cor. Fraser and Ferris 8t*teeta  iiIl.l,H.II-*llin'll"i:-H-l"lltl  A Genius Who Works. '  Robert W. Chambers.' the novelist,  was called n geuiiw the other day at  tbe Century club In fiew York.  But Air CbamtH*r������i. with bl������ wonted  obartninK modesty, dented tbat be was,  a f-eolux.  "UnieHH. indeed" he addfd. "we ac-  t-ept the definition that genius ts 1 per  cent foHplrntioi'i and W> iM'r cent-per*  8plwtioo."--Kew Vork Tribuno.     "  Vanity.  "Now that you U������ve made yonr pile  | supnone you are bnppy."   '.'-���������-.  "No: mother won't: let me see any  show I wa uter. dnuffbter won't lemme  wear anything I wabter. and the doctor won't lemme eat auytblng I wau^  er."���������l-oulsville Courier-Journal.  A Touching Appeal.  "Say. mister, bavo ye got secb ���������  thing as a cigarette about ye? I'vs  bad secb a good dinner It'd be a  ���������bame not to smoke after If���������Browning's Magazine. , ������  Making a Guess.  Bard Looking Customer (slinking  into pawosbopi���������Bay. bow much can I  get on tbis gold watcb?  Plain Clothes Policeman (suddenly  appearing*���������Let me aee lt H'm. my  friend. I think yell get about a year  sn that--*C_icago Tribune  imnrrtAL invb������  Builder's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, Pte.  Estimates Free Plans Submitted  Praser Avenue  Supply Co.  412J friisef Avenue  F* Plumnier, Props.  PHONE:  Fairmont 1128  1 v  v ^i  /   > -11  j ������ y,  Phrouology  ma** rouaa  0*w99  *r*P99l*l99*7 iMvwilNI  On Business Adaptation, BWUb hd4  nappiVees  806 Granville Street, Comer Roboon  Hours: 10 a. m. to 9 p. m  The Workman fs  JJome from Uome Cafe  Between 25tb ������n4 26tb Avetmoa  Opposite J������ost OfBce  We carry a first-class line of  Bread, Confectionery, Ice  Cream and Tobaccos.  Fon't Forget 4135 Fraser Ave.  ************************** **************************  Jealous.  "How did yon happen to lose out 1**  "Some of nay ml*_ukled friends got  ap an automobile procession for me,"  explained Congressman Wbangdoodle.  "Most of the* f otets. however, have no  ���������ntomobUa.**-*S__a-i City Journal.  Always Peesibla.  Stella���������Ton can't pot an old head oa  young shoulders.  Bella���������Bat yoa can put a new waist  line on any aged woman.���������Judge.  ltll 111111 111 111 Mill MM  The Proorastinators.  Tbe trouble with some of as  is that we wait till we're triced  np by the thumbs before we'll  consent to take a brace.���������New  fork World.  t it *.i 1111111 ��������� |*_11| 11 j | m  In Your Kitchen  Saves  20 per cent.  on Coal  It is a wonderful patent  device, the Oxford Economizer, and is licensed for  use only on  Gurney-Oxford Stoves and Ranges  This marvelous regulator keeps the oven at a given  temperature. No heat is wasted; nothing goes up the flue  but bad odors, steam and smoke. The fire is held for hours  without attention ��������� ready for immediate use���������and all this  labour, time and fuel saved by merely turning the crank.  With the DIVIDED OVFN FLUe STRIP you have even baking,  because of the perfect distribution of heat secured by this  expert arrangement.  The REVERSIBLE ORATE is provided with strong interlocking teeth that reduce the coals to ashes by a single turn.  In appearance, in details of finish and design the Chancellor  is an ornament as well as a necessity in any kitchen.  The range here represented and other Gurney-Oxfords  tpf every sort for every purpose, displayed on our floor.  Special Demonstration Now  G. E. McBRIDE & GO. I  Cor.  Ave.'::  Main Str. and 16th  PHONE: Fairmont 899  BRANCH STORE: Comer Miles aud Fraser Avenues  Phon������: Fairmont 1167L  itW>IM*HI������limiHIII)   IMMMUMMUMMMimi ���������^a.^?v^'M^?W���������!^i,<V'^^5  7':yyyy  yT^*^'1**������>^Vaj*1-W*A'^*���������^'^'"-*^^^ '���������'.'  ;.:_-il!������3A_fi^  Si* _C/������lHrt7*-'-J;i.M41-".- -J  THS WBSTWWf CAfiti.  ���������:>-:S:  ill till 11 i ii a I n i > * im i m i  The Successful Firms  Advertise.        WHY ?  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A 12-year-old boy, whose parents  live at 464 Twelfth avenue east, was  yesterday sentenced to the reformatory. He was taken Into custody by  detectives Of the city police force, who  say he stole three gold watches, a  chain and a locket from a Mt. Pleasant home. He made his entrance from  the basement, according to the detectives. One of the watches was valued  at 1100.  < ���������  ���������������������������I������.  r  :/���������  myx*::.  ,.������������������ ./CSV-.'  ���������.'   r- :jy"-x;-..y:x-.-./-'������'--'-y 'A.-:F.-'  Phone Fairmont 845  McTAVISH, Prop.  ^Corner Broadway and Main  Carriages at all l^ttrs '(^y:,or-!i^h^  ;' Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and'Sinigle < /  -        Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons fon hire .  ; pxpressiS* Baggage  Murderess Arrested.  Acting on a general request mailed  broadcast to the Canadian police by  Colonel Dairfd^ P; .Wilbur, .United  States consul in Vancouver, Detectives  Crewe and Thompson of the local police force,.after * four days' search,  succeeded in ^arresting yesterday afternoon, at hejr home in Po*nt Grey,  Mrs. Lorona Mathews, a middle aged  woman, wanted for the murder of her  husband, John Mathews,,, in> Payne  County, Oklahoma.  This is t"ie.second time that Mrs.  Mathews has been arrested in Canada on -the.-7same charge, the first  arrest taking place on the instance of  the Oklahoma Territorial authorities,  at Edmonton, in November, 1910.  When arrested In Edmonton, Mrs.  Matthews successfully fought extradition.^.- ;/:. v ' ,; "���������;". ���������������������������.. .;_. -  Story of Murder.  -The murder for which Mrs. Mathews  is. now being held was committed on  the Mathews'stock farm m Payne  Count**, Oklahoma, in* Eeb*_ary, 1910.  At this tiihe Mrs. vMjathews, wljo the  police state, wa?'infatuated with one  Dr. Acheson Improving.  Dr. W. C. Acheson, who was badly  injured when run over by a street car  several weeks ago, and who as a result  of the accident lost his right leg and  left ankle by amputation, will be out or  the hospital ln two or three days, entirely reoovered, according to a report  from the General Hospital last night.  It was aald that the physician has  recovered very rapidly, and that he is  now In good condition.  band  by placing strychnine iii    his  Big Railway Contract.  Murdoch ft Co., of this city, have  been, awarded the contract for the  construction of forty, miles of the  new line of the Canadian Northern  Railway from Cowichan Lake to Alberni Canal, Vancouver Island, at a  figure approximating $1,500,000. The  Bame company has the contract for  the grading of the E. ft N. extension  to the canal, a distance of twenty-  seven miles.   -  Boy Falls to Death.  Growing dizzy, with fear wheri he  looked over, the side of an ascending  freight elevator in the empty premises on Seymour Street formerly occupied by the- Cadillac garage, 12-year-  old Lome Presby yesterday afternoon  fell forty feet to instant death down  the concrete shaft, before the eyes of  his terror-stricken playmateB. ;  The dead lad'is the eon of M: and  Mrs. George Presby, of \Ht) Seymour  Street. His parents came to the Coast  from Northern Ontario./; two years ago  ^  _ for the express purpose of seeking a  of the ranch ha_ds, poisoned her hu'*--' more healthful' clima*te for tho^r two  children,  Lome  and  Margaret;  who  food, andWs'ttieiri/alleged to have fled'were incline to be delicate    Mr. Pres-  f rom tlwf coui^^ by is an electrician employed by the  rrcn.  ���������y  ifffff������4l*i|.i*.i*if������i|M|i4l.|l.;..|..H"t'-l"**' fr:������������**4*������<**<*������K>������^^  %*f 'h*o^~f*fy*srfplH***^**f^"%^*?* Mv*,*^k*iNiHi*,^,**fl^f,,,tH7 ���������  *<***#.M^������l������j*^;~M������y:~  "���������'.:;'*������������������'  :��������� WNwhm Bsyvlew 1**9  Big Summer Sale  Of Pots and Plants, Ferns;J^lms, efc.  '> ������arge'variety; ofS���������;.'.y:'yy-  Cut Flowers, Femi)ishes, to^ts^^tc,"  Great Reductions        >!;  999 ^roadway WM        Cor. Pro&dway and Oak |  II4RCI Omcii. special for HespIUI visiters, cm. BtATBEB ind BB0ADUT       *!  ���������     '    * .- ���������' * ��������� **'  t.4ii*>i**i|i4iiV������>4i'|i^^'^i|ii*������������M**M,'**,>*W*,***i**' O -:*-������*>*>*;������������;*������i**>*i>������>*w**i*������t''>'l''I''l''I"l''l''*'|l''>������t  . HUafaxto Vancouver.      J  Stained with the evidence of strenuous travel, covered with mud and oil  and grease, but; with jsvery component'  part performing Its allotted function  regularly and efficiently, as the day it  left-the bleak N^va Scotia coast,  the Halifax-tp-Vanpouver . Reo automobile, bearing the banner of the Canadian Highway Association, wltb Mr.  Thomas Wilby a^t the wheel, drove up  fn front of the Vancouver Hotel at six  minutes tofo\ir o'clock Monday afternoon, completing ��������� its epoch-making  transcontinental'^ journey begun on  August 27. The total distance travelled was approximately 3,900 miles.  18  u  i  $.1  THE INTERCOtONIAU TEA GO  For High Grade  Tea, Coflee.Cocoa, Spices, Extracts  Tea from 25c per lb.  up  Coffee, extra choice, 30c, 35c and 40c per lb.  Cocoa, absolutely pure and delicious, 35c lb. ;  Phone Fairmont 1592 3536 Main St.  Cascade factories on Howe street.  **������������������|M|.li*.������������������������������i|l������������i>*>4.������4.l|,.|..t.������.*>.*>   ������*^>**.^m-*������*H-'***1.'��������� *���������*���������4<*4*��������� 4*'���������*���������������  No  Dollvory  Ho Crottlt  Phone. Fairmont 621  WtglvtititBsfctic*  fIt af ill txptisti at  Itllitrr  ait) bosk*  kesilig.  +  +  t  X  t  _���������  We Qive Good Qoods find Save Your Money*  8attw9ay Spoolata  Pek Lb.  Fresh Local Lamb, Legs - 22c  .'.'���������" ". " Loins '- 22c  Choice Pot Roast ��������� - 12 to 15e  Fresh Local Veal Roasts   20c-25c  i.  Sirloin Roast  Good Lard   ���������  Spring Salmon  Ficah Halibut  -   -   -   20c  2 lbs. for 25c  PsaLs*  Young Pig Pork, Legs   -   ���������   20c  "      "     "      Loins  -   *   26c  Fresh Spare Ribs -    15c  Fresh Dressed Chix   - 25c to 80c  Choice Table Butter  -   -   -  86c  Fresh Eggs, per doz.     -   ���������  85c  8 doz. for    ....    $1.00  F1SH  16c lb. FintAHaddle  2 Rw. 25c Kipptm  Choice Selected Rabbits 35c  perlb.l21-_:  ���������     311_.26o  2513 lain Street, nr. .roadway  *"l"M"t< 1"1' t I H"> t H't"|.i|n|i.l.l>i|. |i.t.itnt.  .       Tbe Ptoee that Tresis You Rlcht  Tbla la an Independent Market        4  ���������H"t"t"������*"l"l"fr'i"t"l"I"l"H"|-t'<|.*.*..t'.t..1.4������������|.  GRANDVIEW.  Mrs. Hugh R. Grant received the  ladies of St. Paul's congregation and  her friends in her home, 1063 Thirteenth Avenue East, between 4 and 6  o'clock. M/8: J. M. Fisher, MrsT Bruce,  Mrs. Hopper and Mrs. H..P McCraney  assisted the. hostess   Cut flowers and  autumn leaves maae pretty and appropriate decorations The tea ta*ble, decorated with oxeye daisies and srailax,  presented an .artistic appearance.  At the residence of the officiating  clergyman, 1540 Salsbury' Drive, on  Wednesday evening, Oct. 9, Rev. David  Long united in matrimony Robert William Pyne and Amelia Polly Harvey,  both formerly of Wellington, Somerset, England. Mr. and Mrs.- Pyne will  reside at West Vancouver. ��������� ���������.yA   ;  ���������*e  MT.   PLEASANT  CONFECTIONEftY:  Santa Claus is now busy making bis  first delivery of Christmas goods in  the Mi Pleasant Confectiojlnry, 2440  Main St. Among the things we noticed were luscious candies^ nuts and  fruits, also palatable homemade cakes  and pastry,. and bread -too. There  were magazines and many things that  please. This first instalment is simply  a sample of the larger deliveries to  follow as Christmas approaches.   ,j ,y_  W. H. Armstrong, the proprietor,  was horn in Dufferin, Ont., spent 17;  years on the Prairie Country, has been  . . 6 years in Vancouver, and 2 years tn  Since the beginning of pathflndlng bu8i_e8B ln prc8ent quarters.  expeditions no tour by-motor car has  caused more widespread interest. The  difficulties attendant upon the expedition were almost incalculable. Mountainous, unmarked country had to be  RICKMCrCS   CAZAAR   8TORE8.  'The Emera'd Isle. Is^tb; be credited  ,_. -.,       /    . .-��������� ��������� ���������   _ ��������� u-      with the birth of J. I. Richmond. Pro-  traVfersed, watercourses crossed where     .   ��������� * * - ������������������������������������-w: _t_M_ ���������:._���������������������������.*.  ' ���������      -���������_ ,_    _i _ ���������������������������_���������������  t-��������� 1 prietor of  the  Bazaar -Stores  wnlch  there were no bridges, country trav-; *���������. _t���������w-.--^  i=  ������  bear h!s  name.   Mr., Richmond, is a  man'widely traveled, having journey-  of roads.  si!  1  $<-  si i  ^   ;  ft Bi  I DARLING'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST., COR. I IthAve.  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  :  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES   .  CIGARS, TOBACCO-  psescriptions A SPECIALTY BY REGISTERED MEN  ���������  i  1 PHONE:   FAIRMONT   514  I  a  ..0.  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  elled where thire were no tails or  paths,  and  in   many-cases  railroad ,_���������������������������&-   .��������� ���������. ���������������������  rights-of-way and grades taken in,lieu ed aro,undc tl^ TJ1^ "-*   V  "��������� 2  **������������������*> ~ - years In South Africa, i.ve years  in  Alberta  and  Edmonton -and  the -last  three years in Vancouver.  Lirs. Rich-U-d- is now visiting  in  iCava'n County, Ireland.   She will re-.  j turn to the city as soon as she suflSc.I-  1 ently recovers from the Injuries  she  , received  in  a railroad accident near  I Ca'gary on her trip east.  The Richmond Bazaar' was opened  in  Grandview in  the  spring of  1911  with a very large stock of fine goods  direct   from   the   factories.   To   this,  new supplies have been added from  time to time.  Mr.   Richmond   feels   compelled   to  and convert all Into  Everything  is  Another Bank In City.  Colonel James Mason, general manager of the Home Bank of Canada, arrived in the city yesterday en a trip  which is admittedly for the purpose ot  looking1 into: the question of establishing a branch inf. Vancouver.  Colonel Mason stated that It could  Only be a matter-of time before his  bank would be "forced to open up a  branch in Vancouver en account of the  fact that the largest Customers doing  business with the Home Canada insti-  FOR RENT  a-Roomod Hov*io  4629 Valentine' St., between 29th and  80th Ave., South Vancouver; strictly  modern, new. Apply Muir & Lobb,  2410 Westminster Road. '  Ml. Pleasant Carriage &  Horseshoeing Shop  Dealers in Heavy Team  and .'Express   \yagons  Rubber Tire Work  MUIR & WPP  2410 Westminster Road  ������*, ,|, ,*, ,|, ��������� ,*, ,!���������������, ,���������, ,*, ��������� 1 ,*,,������, ,*, ,v -, ,x t ,*,;!, ,v |, ,| t,  4-  TORONTO!  FURNITURE  STORE |  |! 3334 Main St. T  ^iQur stock of Furniture ,j  ^'is Large, Modern and +  ^adapted to the tastes of |  I      \    Bayers. t  S: Dressers, Buffets; Tables 1  i Chairs, Couches,  Mat- ?  j: tresses, Bedsteads, etc. i  j. -      j,  :��������� A complete line of +  ;j' Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. -K  X Drop in and inspect our goods. T  This is where you get a square +  deal. ���������_<  [x: M. H. COWAN I  ���������>*������l**'!**^-M<������l'****>ii'������-I"I"t-'&-:''l'���������!������������������!��������� ���������!���������������  tution belonged to the Manitoba Grain  Company, as well as the large elevator  red,,ce ,lis -tock an(  concerns   of   the   Middle   West   who  cash   without-delay.  would eventually do a large business  offered at incredibly low prices.  through  this  port once the  Panama1    The sale wU1 be conducted at two  .anal was opened.       ��������� .places,   1678   Commer.cial   Drive,  and  the Orange Hall 'block, 267 Hastings  Mother Asking for Son. -street  east.   It  will   commence  next  Arthur _. McMahon   left Cleveland, Saturday forenoon and continue two  Ohio, August 13, intending to come to weeks.   Nothing will be reserved.   A.  British Columbia and work on a rail- few   samples   of   his   prices   may   bs  way in the North, evidently the Grand seen elsewhere in this paper.  Trunk Pacific,   Since he started West: :        "  his mother, Mrs. Minnie B. Livingstone,     _       . j   r������ ���������*        I  Oleon, New York, has heard nothing of; SOCIfll 1MU P���������rS0H_ll  him, and she has just written to thej There will be a social gathering at  postmaster of Vancouver, asking his central Baptist Church on Thursday  aid in interesting the railway contrac- j next at 8 p m There will be a 8nort  tors in the search she intends starting, mug^- programme and recitations,  *?The strain������of not knowing where he aDd the ladie8 wiU proVjde refresh-  Is or whether, he is living or dead is ments  more than I can    bear.   Won't    you   please help me? He is. my only boy. Mrs. Clement A. Rutherford, former-  Please write." This is part of the let- ly of St. John, New Brunswick, will refer from the mother, who adds that if ceive Thursday afternoon at Mount  the boy is found she wishes he would Stephen Apartments, 101 Seventh ave-  be asked to write to her to let her nue east  know that he Is still alive.  ._������MeMi������������<������������MM������OMt������a������M������MMoeo������������������������������������������������������������tt������������oao>  Reputation is what others give us.  Character is what we give ourselves.  When we changed the glory of labor  to a curse we walled up -man's shortest road to happiness.  CHURCH NOTICE.  , Alert Adilt Bible Class of Mountain View Methodist Church meets at  2.30 every- Sunday. Visitors will be  made welcome. S. Johnston, president.  We live to serve the people.  Our Stock is complete and  of excellent quality.  Our Workmen  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt.     ~  LEE & WOOD  523 Broadway, W.. flume Fair. 1521  YOUR HEALTH  , depends upon the condition of your spine. To  enjoy perfect health get  your spine adjusted by  Ernest Shaw,p.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  (Close to Main St.)  Office Hours: 1:80 to 6.     Consultation  Free.  Progressive Poot Repairing  SHOP  232 Broadway E.       THos. farrlngtoo, Prop  Has installed a      '  "GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR OUTFIT"  Turns out shoes equal to new  Choice  New Hay  Fo T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Cor. Broadway        Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of every description  %  V  Phone: Fair. 186  J  Bulbs! Bulbs!  FOR SALE  A fine lot to choose from, all in  prime condition.  -   Sixty varieties to select from.  Now is the time to buy for Pall planting to give good results for next  Spring.  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St  '      ' ' PHONE : Ffcirmont 817  V -0:-im  TH_I WESTERN CALL.  *������e Heart %  mm  i >x-y:ry..-}ityr^:;yyy-yyxyyy.yxy " ��������� ���������-���������  rtJsyyiAy  "M^W^XIM^^^^  You also Help Yourstff  |  'ffil,ijjji;i������!^  D*  tl IM 11 H"M'I'* '*"** 4 1111 I'M"! IOI' 1-H 11' I l"l"l"ll"|"|ii IIIIHlllH  6 roomed 'modern house on 17th Avenue in C. P. R.  :: section, hardwood floors* built-in buffet, steam heat.  :'.. This house is worth inspection. (Price $6000, terms  to arrange.  On 11 th Avenue East, in 400 block, 50x122 in lawn, small  house.   Price $4200, $1200 cash. bal. to arrange.  ;; We have a large list of four room bungalows on 24th and  ������������������ 25th Avenues, in city. These are well finished, fire-place,  :: panelled walls,'tinted ceilings. Only $2900, $300 cash, balance as rent.  I HUGH FEB  ,ii 2343 MAIN STREET  PHONES. Fairmont 496,497  H <"*��������� * ���������!' I"*"*1 'M' ���������*"*��������� 'I"!' >I"1"M' *���������*'* ���������!��������� ���������l'4"t O ��������� ���������������?���������.��������������� .ti .!��������� .���������>��������������������������������� * ���������������4i��������� ��������������������������������������� ���������! '������i������'M"l iM w**<*  ���������)_���������  Net tht ChasBMt Pises  la Towa  #  J^  Mat Mm Beet */���������!_��������� for  Your rioacy  V. H. Armstrong, Prop.  2440 MAIN STREET  %*  Sr>  To make room for our Xmas stock, we are offering during, October,  Writing Pads and Pajpefries  at specially reduced prices.  We sell all the latest magazines at publishers' prices.  Mount Pleasant people have learned the proper place to go to get  Cakes, Pastry, Table Fruit, Nuts, Candies, Chocolates, etc.  Our Ice Cream Parlor is yet in full swing. -  **************************a********>*4***************4.  Threatens to IKli..Calgary Policeman.  Calgary, Alta., Oct. IB.���������After Rose  Griffiths, his wife, had been sentenced  to two years' Imprisonment far slashing William Norman In the face with  a razor, Walter Griffiths, blaming the  police, threatened to kill several of  the officers and was given two hours to  leave town.  West Is Rich.  Winnipeg, Oct. 12.���������The Canadian  Bank of Commerce, after a comprehensive and systematic examination of  the crop conditions in Western Canada  estimates the wheat yield at 196,000,*  000 bushels; oats, 224,600,000 bushels;  .barley,  49,600,000  bushels;   flax,  12,-  900,000 bushels.  The total value of the grain crop to  the producer is estimated by the bank  at $208,000,000, of which wheat at 62.  cents totals $121,250,000; oats at 25  cents totals *56,125,000; barley at -33  cents totals $16,533,000, and  flax at  ,$1.10 totals $14,190,000.  14-Year-Old IGrl Under Arrest for  ' Murdering Baby.  Cobalt, Ont., Oct. 15.���������Charged with  poisoning her three-day-old baby a  year ago, Marie Caya, of Ville Marie,  Quebec, who is only 14 -years old and  PETERS & CO.  Pioneer Shoemakers  REMOVAL  From Rear Bloomfield's Cafe to  2530 Main Street  With improved quarters we improve and increase our work accordingly.  bought, "sight unseen," a section of  land In the Fort Beorge district, and  who, immediately after hla first trip to  look his property over invested ln four  more sections adjoining it, is M. C.  Gray, of Pullman, Wash., who waa  here recently on a business trip. Mr.,  Gray is an enthusiast on the subject of  Fort George and district, and will go  into development operations on a large  scale. Hia purchase, Just described, is  in the Salmon River valley.  HlmBelf one of the- best-known  breeders of blood horses In the  western United States, Mr. Gray plana  to start a stock farm on one portion  of his land and develop a town along  natural lines on the other.  Ambergris Reward Mariners' Patience  Fifty-four pounds of ambergris,  worth a small fortune, was picked  up on the surface of the water near  Seward a short time ago, according  to Information brought from the north  by the steamer-Spokane, which has  arrived at Seattle. The news was  brought by A. C. Gould, an Alaska  mining man, and the lucky finders of  the valuable stuff were Dr. Elliott  and George Bowes of Seward.  -" Elliott and Bowers were in their  were  *jM9ib.y>-  rssied eveir rriday at'S4e������ WMtmla-  ���������ter ***������<*, one-half block north of Broad*  **ay.   Phone Fairmont 1140.   .  Editor, rH. H^ Stevens; Manacrr, <_������*'  V Odium.  ���������... ,. ���������-:..���������---���������������������������  -*,- v.������o >...������ ^���������Q������ hi^t. ���������/������ .-,.*>.������.. launch  and    were    preceding ��������� from  wbo has just given birth to another _        ,  .    . . , .,,������������������  child/is  under arrest at the   Silver \SeW^ ^ot ^hen a large^whale  Nugge*. house in North Cobalt. ,cse ln flont of them and barred &*lr  ���������nbeotipttoat $1.00 per year. SO cents  *������r al* months; 26 cents per three  -nontha.  ���������$-i9$������mWLW^^  lightnewing at)_o_ie^*_^  time, ';iqi^iiG*5^  ikV^yxOim^ ...,.,        fall ^jitiguUtte^  li*_'C&v^i������r*^^  _f;^^.v.LS;.*;^fw  Chance* of ads. muit be In by Tuee-  i-.v.*>v*n!na;.M4!h week to Ineurs Insertion In following Issue.  Notices of births, deaths aad mar-  daces Inserted free of charge.  maaaaammmtsammmmmmmmJimmakwmM-  B. C. FALL FAIRS  Following la the Mat of fain:  Armstrong���������October lt*17.  Bella Coola���������October SO.  Kaslo���������October 15.     ^  yx  Summerland���������October 10, 11.  LODGES  OB*������aa or odd*  MT. PLEASANT LODGE NO. 1������K  Meets   every   Tuesday > at   8 p.m. la  ���������.O.O.P.   hall,    Westminster    Ave.,   Mt  Pleasant.   Soournlng brethren cordially  Invited to attend./      .   . ~a ��������� ���������..-'���������-..  J. C. Davis, N. 0..1_n Homer Stteet  J. H������ddon.V. O.. 2816 Main Stoeet  Tho_ 8ewe0. See. See. ������11 errata Ave. K.  yyyyy^yymy^Stms^  ^mmmm0mmm**U y-yxyymym  ���������' ... ���������'.'.'��������� v'/.v/V'    *X.Xyi '-^Vi'-jrt!^^.***.*  00111$  PE'R::il  CaatractUq* PaKtt-tfm  Phone Fairmont 998  yyy mwyy^  *&  txMwm  ���������U*1.  m  y0M^m  ;>y:4yyZ&gm  ���������,ty >.   _V-T-"J  ���������y.y*rz;'.*r--z  mm  ������������������yy-y^x-'MyjSm.  .yxy^yi^j^M  ������������������ ���������-.: ���������.���������i.-i?J;3S'.v'.-'>:-Bi*t%ia  y.'.(!-.-'xi;y-^y.y-0i������  *���������"*������������������ -j-;--; ���������' - -��������� ���������'j.'..**:*'->*--r,*������i���������  ymmym  *****M**[**^Vt*****4***'*:^****L. ������������ H. >|ii*i t������ I If ) 1 , ��������� 1: ������������������.���������.������������������*-yi  It is alleged the girl told part of her  story to the officer, giving horrible  details and implicating her married  sister and two brothers in the affair.  During a visit to Ville Marie, Provincial Constable Lefebvre heard of the  case and enquiries of the townspeople  and the priests are alleged to have  brought further facts to light.^ Work-  ; ling on these details the officers found  i**************************9*****4>***y**y*************** jthe 'girl at the North Cobalt? hotel.  VISIT -  ���������s c  W. C. Bsntt, Msoafer  You will fin(4 everything clean, comfortable and  homelike.^  Our meals are quickly and daintily served.  25c Business Men's hunch from U:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  and Pinner from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Commutation Tickets $5;50 for $5.00  We cater to social gatherings of all descriptions.  3611 Main St.  Cor. IQth Ave.  way. Vuey stopped the launch and  watched the animal' until he swam  away. They discovered that be had  left floating on the surface of the water  nine, chunks of ambergris, which was  strung together as with sinews. The  men then proceeded on their way to  flEh for sharks.:  On their return they  showed the  ambergris to a Seward chemist, who,  .pronounced It as the real stuff and  ' worth $40 an ounce.  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  A. the alleged murder occurred in'\������^^-^������%F2Z#^  Quebec, the girl will be taken back to the^tod up to ^$38,280, the most val-  Ville Marie tomorrow and the case will,^r^orU^lnxi^y^.    .  be heard In the Pontlac county courts.,Anglers. Land Trout Weighing  17'/a  Fear Coal  Famine Through  Alberta.  \   Calgary, Alta., Oct. 15.���������On account  of the car shortage In the Crows Nest ,P- HeId ^turned this week from Bev-  Pass country many of the coal mines I61"*1 d-y8' hunting and fishing at Paul  THE DOM  REST PARtM  264G Nlaln St. 2d otoro from ttth Av,   I  :u   PROHUBTOU  cTWcGOWEM  IdBle''  %  Cor^ectjmery, Fr^  We get our Sweet Cream,^ Milk, Butter *uwl Buttermilk freeb, daily.      :  Large selecUen of Cigai^Cigawtte-. ro>d Tobaccos.  .-���������y.xyy ' '��������� Ajrwt������'fW:Wqinii^a'lE^^ ;?  ������������$���������������'i i ���������I'lti't iii i|' ij ij t g i .it i g if ji 11 '#<Li������������j ^'������ ������.���������'-;������ i; $ | <. j i. _ ,g.V j^ i #^;iyt Cij  m  y&x  mmmyyy4  vXt-.yh'X.Xy.-y-X.x^^-fi'yjS  ''xxyyB'yyysyyA  ~ yyyixyyyy^y^  yyx+iWxymym  ^silip^  ISW#'^  -4  y-yy'^yyi  ;j \ i ' Pound**.  \   Kamloops, Oct. 15.���������Mr. and Mrs. C.  are closing down and unless there is  < some relief there may be a coal fam-  i lne in Alberta towns this winter. .  Big Wheat Shipments Out of Lake  /Porta. .  Fort William, Ont., Oct. 15.���������Seven  hundred and twenty-four cars of grain  were inspected at the head of the  lakes yesterday, this being.a record  for oFrt William and' P orAtr taoiaoa  for Fort William and Port Arthur.  There has been a slight increase in  the rates for Buffalo cargoes, and the  big American freighters are now handling their share of the, year's wheat  shipments.  NEW VIENNA CAFE AND QR\IU UNP������R  NEW  MANAGEMENT  Unexcelled in the city  P. WALTON, Prop. 740 BiSOB SI,  and Penetan Lakes, with a splendid  string of trout and a fine bag of blue  grouse. In Penetan Lake one trout was'  caught Weighting 17% pounds and,;  measuring 2 feet 8 inches in length,'  and at Paul Lake twenty-seven trout'  were taken ranging from 2 pounds to.'  8% pounds. |  With their guns Mr. and Mrs: Reid  were no less successful and bagged  fifty-seven. blue grouse, all cocks.  P. Herod, who is one of the keenest  sportsmen in this city, states be. neevr  saw a finer bag of game.  Attempted Assassination of Roosevelt.  A brainless crank shot and serious-  Geat Grain Record.  Winnipeg, Man., Oct. 15,-With 1.342 * wounded ex-Prwldent Roosevelt in  cars inspected yesterday and on the' Milwaukee, Wis., on the night of the  market today and 1,200 cars in sight "th *nsL His condition on -the 15th  for inspection, all records for re.>as not such a^s to warrant probing  ceipts of grain in Winnipeg were bro- for the *���������"��������������� Pu,8e 86' temperature  kon. Ceaseless toil is the order of the 99-2- both above normal and causing  day In the grain inspection offices, for attendant  physicians some^fears.  ^bliow the crowd to  t**t* 11 "n 11^'iMfetMySlM^I  ;,- y yy'y'yyxy-j"*������Mapii^ >|  ���������t---__-_____________.^^'   '^^������;^   A%  $m-y������M? kJ  ;L-,~!x-tii4fo*f������  ^j  ���������on-  PROAPWAY'������������������f%?T; MAIN  where you can get the  S   AtPownTowu  cANpies       Prices  ���������Mp.'  mm  the great onrushing flood must be analyzed'' and classified. Night and day  the work goes on.  Standard Oil  Road. I  Calgary, Alta., Oct. 14.lt is  stated  War in the Balkans  The war cloud in Europe is full to  overflow lug,  McUCHUN & M0R0AN  MilJcrest's Uader in New  &oots, Shoes and Repairs  333Q ^ain Street      Cor- iStft Ave-  of His Majesty's guests, and Princess  Tbe Balkan States feel Mary is even more interested than her  fa*********?************?***  4'*4'*4f*4-*******4*4***4***4* .here that the "Western Dominion Rial  way Company, said to be a subsidiary j  f  I  X  X  i  For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  TRIMBLE   &  NORRIS  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  *������^<^.*.*..*,*.*.*..*_^,.*.4,.Vt.^.*.^  forced to address an ultimatum tu  the Porte becj.uee of Turkey's refusal  to reply fo their note. The Monte-  : grins have ben advancing rapidly with  brothers.  the Twin City Street Railway Company $50 in cash, not to speak of several   hundred   dollars in   court   and  concern of the Chicago. Milwaukee &  ! success.. The fortress of Houms  has' so far denied permission  Last week Her Royal Highness de- 'attorney's fees, because   a   conductor  clared  it  was her greatest ambition  threw a passenger off one of its cara  to  soar aloft,  but  her parents   have rather than accept a 25-'cent pie.ee ia-  Morris Jelly  H. C. Foote  Main Transfer Co.  Express, Baggage and Storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177 .  Stand 2421 Scotia St.. Mt. Pleasant  _     _    ,   . .     .  .,       . .,      e been token and.rixty-two Turkish offl-  St.  Paul, has acquired the rights of i ...    .���������..���������  ,  ...    ,    ���������    .���������    D  ., tars have fallen ii.to their hands,  the proposed Alberta Pacific Railway, |  the suggested route of which is from Amazons for German Army.  Whisky Gap, a point near the Interna-1    Bw,in-  ������ct- 1B.-Compulsory  ,mill-  tional boundary line, between Alberta! ���������a'"-' service for German girls is advo-  and Montana, to Calgary-  cate.l  by  Prof.  Wltzel. of   Uusseldorf.  sued by Canada.  King  George   Buys  Farm. j    In the Supreme Court    an opinion  London. Oct. 12��������� The King has pur- j was handed down concerning the tind-  chased fcr $60,000 Shernborne Hall lings of the Ramsey County District  farm, close to Sandringharn. The farm j Court in the case cf James Conkle  was bequeathed to Emmanuel Col-j against the company. Conkle was  lege, Cambridge, many years ago. An { awarded the damages to the amount  interesting clause in the agreement be-  of   $50.     Conkle   tendered   a   25-cent  Th_  mllfi-fo of  the   nroi)3*-ed   rra<liAl1  army  of  women  should,    in    his  The mileag. of the  propped   re ''l^,^   foHow e_ch   a���������my    _f    ,_.,_  tween the college and the tennant is i ���������|ece, issued by the Canadian govem-  combatanta not only to cire for the  H'at tn������ tenant should supply six fat j ment,  and  received  twenty  cents  in  caoks   and ��������� turkeys'yearly to the college. change.    Later on the conductor re-  Extraordinary  Duel. turned  wjth the piece of money and  Vienna. Oct. 15.���������An extraordinary demanded the return or the change,  duel between a man and wife armed claiming that it was not legal tender,  with hatchets is reported from Volos-  STERLING CAFE  THE SANITARY  EATING HOUSE  Save ^    Mea-   Tickets,  regular  price   $4.25-*  50c... j    now educed to 3.75 ��������� to everybody  Place: 625 MAIN ST,  Prop., & KUBOTA  is subsidized by the government.  Milwaukee is closely aliind with the  Standard Oil Company, and the report  here is that the road will be extended  into the asphalt and'oil country north  ! of Edmontcn.  Shipping Fruit from the Kootenay.  Nelson, Oct. 15.���������Seven carloads of  j apples are in sight for disposal  ! t hrough the Kootenay Fruit Growers'  i Union, and Raymond T, Hickes, man-  i ager, left on Monday morning for the  \ prairies with the object of marketing  ! the fruit.  j "Tbis is the first occasion upon  ; which the union has had such a large  ! amount to ship out and thre fact marks  jan important step in the progress of  ithis district as a fruit growing cen-  iter,"  said  Mr. Hicks.  Lord Roberts Will Visit Vancouver.  : Ottawa, Oct. 12.���������Colonel- the Hon.  ;Sam Hughes on returning from Eng-  i land has announced that Earl Roberts,  'accompanied by Lady Roberts, Lady  | Evelyn Roberts and Lady Mary Rob-  j erts will visit Canada next year. Lord  | Roberts will visit Eastern Canada at  jthe time of the Quebec Tercentenary  {and the 1913 visit will Uke the venerable field marshal across the Dominion  j to the Pacific Coast.  'Establish Farm for Breeding  Horses.  wounded,   but   to   act   as  heamstierses.  Counterfe ting Plant in Prison.  Cairo, Oct. 15.���������After .worrying fcr  months over the increasing amount of  counterfeit coin in circulation the police have finally located.the source in  Tourah prison. In an obscure corner  cf the institution was found a complete plant, and several cf the inmates  were discovered to be "coniackers" or  international reputation. It is believed  a number of the prison officials are  implicated.  Will Buy Aeroplanes  Berlin, Oct. 15,  Conkle had no other change in hia  i ca.   The pair, named Pilevitch, locked ^clothing and was compelled to walk.  \ themselves in their kitchen. The worn- j Passing on the use of the Canadian  an severely wounded her husband in [money   in   Minnesota,   the   Supreme  the head;   he chopped his wife's arm  Court said  it was generally accepted  and iinaiy shatieied her skull, killing in Minneosta aud in every state along  her.    Crawling to the window he told   the Canadian border.  | passersby what had happened and ex-  J.  RODWAY.  pired.  England to Blame for Opium Traffic.  "Opium smoking among the Chinese j  is steadily on the decrease, and Engl    The J- Rodwa>T Sheet Metal Works  Turkey is negotiat- Iand ,8 alone t0 b]ame that the evil at  1618 Commercial  Drive is one of  ing  with  German- manufacturers, foi ' is not altogether removed." |the  substantial  business  concerns of  the purchase of aeroplanes and has j interviewed yesterday, Mr. M. Feely! Grandview. It has* been established  also engaged military aviators as j gave it as m-B opinjon tliat the Chinese slx years, but has been in operation  trainers Both Turkey and the Balkan t generaly are a peaceable, well-be- at tne present place for four years.  states are making endeavors to buy j nave(- na������on, and stated that in his Hardware, tinware, graniteware. also  war automobiles in Germany. '     [dealings with Chinamen, covering    a'ranges and stoves are kept in stock.  Is Keen Aviatrix. j great numb**r of years, he had never)    The Sheet Metal feature is promin-  London, Oct 15.���������A yearly event at! known one addicted to drink and but a ent,   and   gives  name   to   the  house.  Balmoral when the royal  family are j few to opium. j Furnace repairing is a speciality, and  there is the instruction or the young English owners of large poppy desrves particular mention, as Rod-  princess   and   her sister  in   Scottish fields in India have, according to Mr. ( ways have a large and growing trade  dances. Now Princess Mary has to-  come enamoured of the sport of flying  minature aeroplanes in the heather.  Indeed, this pastime is said to be out-  Port George, Oct .15.���������A man who rivaling shooting among the younger  Feely, forced tbeir    drug    upon    the in this and general repair work.    Mr.  Chinese, who are now rebelling in no Rodway, who is a native of Winnipeg.  uncertain voice. j Man., has associated with him In busi-  Canadian Money Good on Border. ��������� ne>ss his two sons, A. L. and Roy Rod-  Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 12.���������It cost way. ffivjj_aW������Ji'."'���������''' ^'^^tpi'Si^'otii  t-*v^n*nM*-wt^i(i_w^3irj muff nyi ���������!>_������������������'***���������*���������������<p*������m  6  ���������5  il  if  11  tiff.  WAREHOUSE   SITES, BUNGALOWS  AU prices and terms.*   Short term loans.  REAL ESTATE NOTARY PUBLIC  Grandview Car Ttrnliss, Cedar Cotlagt  GEO. A. STEVENS  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St.  Cedar Cottage  Ji^st received a large assortment of latest  Fall Suitings for ladies and gents.    Prices  * right.  PHONEi Fmlrmont 1217  LEADER  GROCERY  J. WEARN, Prop.  >i  Full stock of Quality Groceries at the lowest  possible prices.  New Laid Eggs and Fresh Butter always injstock.  VICTORIA ROAD, CORNER BODWELL ROAD  PAGE'S  Our stock is bought to please our patrons. We plan for coming years. The  people's needs are always in mind.  GROCERIES  Full, Seasonable and  Serviceable.  Machines, $30.00 up.  Washing Machines.  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The prizes we  tare gobbled this night are worth  more to us than all the money ye  could hand us, an' we were looktn' for  jbo graft on tbla particular eventa'."  Use Stave Lake Power  Those industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  i Western Canada Power Company,  ; LIMITED  : PHODe: Seymour 4770      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg.  P. 0. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C.  nnimiti t u tut. i mt i ������������������������ iiitiimimiiiimiiiiii  Advertise in The Call  11 ~  *417 A \IT C |*|__'G*r'8 and boys, men and women, to learn stenography  Tf All 1 ___/==at Boyd's Shorthand Institute, 7(W Dunsmuir St.  Only 6 to 8 weeks to become competent. Individual instruction. Many  calls for stenographers daily.   Complete course $43.00.  ���������309  Dunsmuir  Boyd's Shorthand Institute  CHAPTER XX|.  The missing property safe to tho  bauds of its rightful custodians���������  [through shear good fortune, not  through skill or Sherlock Holmes  HMgaclty���������and only a limited space of  time remaining for the journey to the  Hlo Grande, it was only natural that  the young messengers should wish to  (���������tiurry on their road* They did not interrogate either tbe wounded negro or  .the captive Filipino, much as they  would have desired to do so, for neltb-  er whs In condition to stand an Inter-  Irlew. They did manage, however, to  get this Information, through tbe good  ioffices of Flynn: that It was not the  jFlilplno from whom tho giant African  Ud wrested the bfelt In the corridor  of the hotel. How big Sum had fallen In with Agullar, how the Islander  probed the secret of the negro's sudden affluence, and bow be also learned  of the more valuable contents of the  ibelt���������these were mysteries reserved  jfpr later solution. The boys were glad  enough, under present circumstances,  to regain their property and be on  .their way.  They were standing near the sergeant's desk in the police station on  the following morning, bidding good-  bys to the big officers who bad done  !*o much to aid them, when a little  .bunch of "harness bulls" came ln,  hustling a clump of Intoxicated prisoners to the cells below. Two or three  of the captives could hardly keep their  (eat; the group swayed and weaved ,  from side to side like some huge,  broken-legged animal, and the boys  were almost trampled under tbe un*  certain feet of the drunks and tbelr  guardians. As they broke ground to  get free from tbe crowd, Brockett  thought a hand sought his pocket,  and, ./Warned by the painful memory  of recent happenings, snatched quickly at lt. He caught nothing. Hurriedly thrusting hla hand Into his  pocket, ho brought up a scrap of paper, dingy and 'thumb-marked, but  criss-crossed with the sign of a familiar code.  Stepping over to the window he  ���������read, scrawled upon the dirty paper,  these hieroglyphs:  ���������_,TC A SH FA SH TC FA PO SH  8BH Poa T SH A TC W SH PO Pin R  BA TO 3BH Pos E L  SH E L SH.  R TCETO HRB Fin SH TC E W TC  Fin TO SH TO HR PO PO SB Fin W  TO 3BH SH W HR E L TO W Fin R  TO HR TC E _.*���������  "Some people have more luck than  sense. Continue on route till further  instructions," Brockett translated.  The adventures which had their  climax ln the opium joint gave Srock*  ett and Solano plenty of material for  discussion as they rolled out on a  southwestern train. This time the  messengers made no attempt to disguise their course, but went straight  to the station, bought their tickets  and climbed aboard. Instead of purchasing the red or yellow slips whicb  license you to toss about in the berths  of the Pullman, however, they decided  to stay in the seats of the day-coach  and get what sleep they could, while  alternate   three-hour   watches   were  agreed on as the .best way ot fending  off any possible trouble. 'The man  iwho really wants to get you," remarked Solano, sagely, "has a much  better chance ln a Pullman than ln an  ordinary day-coach, and you take ten  .times as many risks for your extra  money."  i Before beginning the nlgbt watches  the youngsters traversed the whole  train, passing through the sleepers on  their way to the dining car, and satisfied themselves that none of their enemies had started on the same Journey. No German nobleman, big, gruff,  and devoted to his kaiser; no cat-like  Japanese, no slinking Filipinos, were  to be seen from smoker to diner, and,  as none of the berths were made up  early, there was no possibility of a  concealed antagonist crouching behind  tbe green curtains. After aupper they  returned to their red-plushed perches,  and spent three hours discussing the  happenings at Chicago, or the adventures yet to come.  Solano flBhed from some Inner pocket a tiny Anglo-Spanish text-book, and  urged Its Importance upon his companion. "Tou may need to know a  few words of the language before very  long," he Insisted, "and now Is as  good a time to begin learning aa any."  "Why not let me carry the book?"  responded Brockett "Then, if a Mexican starts any conversation, I ean  simply dig up the book and read him  the proper answer."  , "Good Idea,** assented Solano, "except ln emergency eases. Suppose a  large, thick revolutionist, of the bone-  head variety, asks you to give a quick  acoount of yourself, and has a rifle  pointed at you while be Is asking?  And suppose, also, that he gives you,  tn Spanish, a time limit ot two mi**  utea to make good? Aro you going to  resurrect the book, begin with tho  sentence, Tbo dog of my one}* hat  bitten tbe left leg of tbo cow betoaf-  Ing to my father,' and #0 down tbo  pages till you find tbo proper ton*  tence for tbe exigency!**  Brockett chortled, to tbo Intense an*  noyance of an elderly lady across the  aisle, and seised the hook. Ho Immersed himself, in Its psg������_ till ten  o'clock, when It was time for tht Urst  watch .to begin���������a duty wbicb bad  fallen to Brockett by tbo flipping of a  penny. Closing tho book, be leaned  back against tbo plush, resolved to  beep bis eyes open and give Solano a  'fair chance for bis three-hour nap���������  ,and discovered, as he gazed on bis  oompaslon, that the Cuban bad stolen  an Indefinite space of time upon bim  and waa already sound asleep.  Nothing happened to disturb tbo  travelers through the night, but the  alternation of three-hour pertodB left  tbem In a more or less drowsy, half-  dazed condition when morning came.  The train was bowling along through  tbo half-fenced, half-cultivated fields  of Arkansas; Solano was nodding In'  bis Seat, and Brockett was trying to  absorb some more of the Anglo-Span-  name* are* Harry Brockett ant  Solano,, ain't they?**'  "Not exactly,** parried Brockett. "Mr  name ta. Thomas; Jackson and ray  friend'* name is Henry/ Hawk-Uk."  *T don't" believe your young teller,**  dissented the sheriff,, sternly.. "There's  nobody else on this train' answers the  description I've got.here, and, furthermore���������'" with one quick clutch he  twined his fingers in Brockett's- collar, unbuttoned it,, and jerked it from  the shirt-���������"furthermore^. boy,/the laundry initials in this here collar is IL B.  Reckon: you're the parties, all O. K.  Come with me quietly���������it'll be easier  for you If you do "'  "What's lt all about? What** this  foolishness mean, anyhow?" demanded  Solano.  "Oh,, nothing. Nothing at all,"  laughed the sheriff, his stern features  relaxing,   "Only a wire from the prop-  *&*&. CiHTWfl  lab ae-tenoes, when a stowing np, a  bteateg of slackened steam and a jarring stop announced arrival ln the  town of Little Rock. Gazing from the  wlaAows the boys were finding considerable amusement ln the signs which  told of racial segregation���������such placards, for example, _s tbooe upon a  reatauraat. "White Side,** "Colored  Btde." and other marks of sharp dis*  ttnetloB, wben half a dosen long, lean,  day-colored Arkansas- came tramp-  lag down the aisle.  The conductor preceded the group  of Little Rock citlsens, led them  straight to tbe double seat where  Brockett and Solano were reposing,  and halted abruptly.  "These young men," said he, "are  the only ones aboard who answer tbe  description. Go ahead and make your  own inquiries, sheriff���������that's all I can  do for you."  "You two boys,** said the leader of  the Arkansans, Impressively, "had better speak. light out and tell me the  truth, now, and, nothing else.   Your  INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF GOOOv  TEMPLARS. '  So. Vancouver, B.C, 12th.'Oct.,,1912.  "Springrldge" Good Templar Lodge  No. 79 held its usual weekly meeting,  on Friday, the. 11th fast, in the Cedar  Cottage HalL Victoria Road^ foot' of  23rd Ave., East. The chair was taken  by Bro. M. A. Tinnns, C. T. Arrangements are. being made for the annual  church parade, which will take, place  In the near future. The closing ceremonies wound up a profitable' and:  well attended meeting.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Services-11 a.m., 7:30 p.m.  er authorities In Chicago to arrest and  hold you two boys on complaint of  some German feller���������Baron Zollern,  that's tbe name. Charge, stealing val-  uable papers. Will you come over to  the lockup nice and quiet, boys, or  must wo carry you?"  - (To be Continued)  PHONE: Fairmont 1595  WM.   RATH IE  Cor. Victoria and Westminster Roads  GENttAL PLUMBER  Jobbing Promptly Attended to..  Estimates Furnished Free.  Distance no object.  Cedar Cottage P.O., South VancoBver,B.C  S. 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I"l"t"l"l"l 1' 1 1' I 1"! *"* '���������' 1' 1 H *��������� I' 1 "������'i"tH ���������*������������������������������'*.���������< '"I'M t'������������������**������  Winnipeg, Man., Oct ?. 1912.  . Fall Turnover at Moose Jaw..  MOOSE JAW,  Sask.���������When aaked  [regarding the development of the Fall  f niarket In Moose Jaw recently, well Informed dealers call attention to the  [steady expansion of the   city in build-  ling and industrial lines, and the aub-  atantial nature of the season's turn-  lover.   By.October 15 twelve carloads  [of machinery,  practically  the  entire  [plant of the new automobile, factory  [will arrive here from Indiana.     The  [new creamery company la Just starting excavation work for the foundations of its plant on Eighth avenue,  I which when -completed will be one of  (the best equipped of Its kind ln the  [West.  Within the next few days a de*  [finite announcement  Is  expected  of  [the  plana of the  Moose  Jaw  Odd-  [fellows' Building Association regard-  ling   their   new   site   and,   proposed  |$76,006 lodge hall.   The contract for  Ithe new industrial hall calls for completion by November 16.  Action by C.N.R. Expected.  WEYBURN,   Sask.���������With   the   entrance  of  the  Grand   Trunk  Pacific  low fully assured tor the near future*  l}t is thought to be an opportune mo-  lent to hasten if possible a definite  lannouncemenjt on the part of the C.N.  officials: regarding prospective con-  International Dry-Fanning congress at  Lethbridge this month, the faithful  work of the publicity bureau ot the  congress is coming In for very general  commendation. For months past the  bureau has been supplying gratia a  regular weekly service sent out to  leading newspapers and taagatfam In  all parts of the world. As pointed out  by the organizers of the congress,, this  movement is calculated to promote  and disseminate the knowledge of better farming methods not only locally,  but among enterprising farmers everywhere who choose to avail themselves  of the Information gathered by the  congress.  building in Biggar thia year on tht������lTHE ORIGINAL YANKEE DOODLE  Account.   With wheat acreage of tho  Biggar district Increased about 70 per  oent. over that of last year, and with  ithe prospect of still further1 increases  both in 1818 and 1914, the elevator re-  Thls popular national air has been  called "a child of thlrty-slx fathers."  Some think "It composed Itself." There  is a tradition that lt came from Asia  ���������Into Europe with the great migrations.  <iulrements of tbis district will un-l Hungarians and Spaniards have both  doubtedly necessitate several new ele- claimed It as a nursery song, and so  vators at no distant date. ��������� |ba~e the English.  In the time of Charles I. a ditty waa  ;;IHMIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMIMUlllMIIIIIIHI|t  ii Collingwood, Central Parted  j; and Vicinity i__Jte__S?S_ ���������'���������=!  Advertising copy and Newi Items should be sent in to above addreaa *'  ���������.   by Tuesday evening of every week. J,  The Rebuilt Walnwright.  WAINWRIGHT, Alta.���������Wainwrtght's  new and commodious fire hall Is now  approaching completion, and should  be ready for use about November 1st.  The fire hall la only one of the many  substantial buildings to bo built here  Bank Loans for Farmers.  sung in England under the style of  "Lucy Locket," and when it crossed  the ocean to New England It was  known as "Lydia Fisher's Jig."* Among  other verses of the song was this:  "Lucy Locket lost her pocket,  Lydia Fisher found it;  Not a bit of money in It,  Only binding round It."  .  In the time of Cromwell, a loyal  poet composed another English song  this sense n.   Yet insiders express the  belief that Wainwrtght's building erg mtended "to deride the^ giii^ProtW  has only Juat begun, pointing to the tor." It commenced with:  fact that with five branch lines In addition to' being a O.T.P. divisional  point, It can be only .a question of  time when the development of an important   distributing  centre  at   this  "Nankey Doodle came In town.  Riding on a pony, -.-  With a feather in hla hat  Upon a macaroni."  A surgeon ln the British army, who  WINNIPEG,  Man.���������The movement  for a Government agricultural bank ������������������*|^int'wlllTe required bjTthe rich and j was with the"provincial Troops' under  Manitoba 1a now tairly launched, ac- 3,*^,^,, wiculturai territory of thia,Gen. Johnson at the head of Lake  section of the Province.     Since the  cording to The Dominion Magazine,  which In Its current Issue goes on to  define more precisely the exact scope  of this proposal. The movement contemplates primarily, says The Dominion, the establishment of borrowing  faculties for the cattleman and the '^: b_.l8~0f"prog^i;_1^re_t  grain grower on the same favorable  terms as are now open to the lumber-!  man, the grain man, and the real estate operator. There is no fundamental reason, it is argued, why capital  should not be as readily available for  George, composed a sng to the air  which he calle- "Yankee','7' Instead of  fire of last Spring the business district  haa undegone a striking transforms- "Nankey Doodle." Thia became very  tion, and with, substantial, permanent, popular with the British troops.  structures on every hand taking thej    In 1775, wfilie the British were yet  pine? of the shacks of a year ago, a In Boston after the arrival of Waah>        ,ington    at, Cambridge, some verse*3  ���������    .'���������'...''     ' . ������'. ���������     '.' maker, wishing to  deride the "awk*:  DDFCQIIllffllR    fttlflVif IJ-fi ward- *ank*v appearance of the Amerl-  UH-dOffiAIIIHU*   ntnUIAtMil <*_ soldiers, composed the "Yankee  Doodle" song, which has come down  to us as the original.' Both armies at  once took lt up, the one In derision,  the other in defiance, and lt was' sung  Underclothing. Children's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending.  the devlopment ot a nation's agrlcul-j MRS    LESTER  Istructlon work ln this section of the jtural resources as for the development s^h AVtnUi;     .       ^fa,.,,, Park a��������� thr0   h ^   Revolution, being ren-  Iprovince.   As far as can be learned of Its railway and banking interests **������������������-- ,���������*-���������*_-������������������  there has been no change in the com-j  Ipany's   published   plans   of   several  aontms ago for the running of their  [branch line through this point to connect with the Winnlpeg-Regina line.  The assurance of Weyburn'a being a  lirisional  point  on  all of  the  new  lines as generally regarded is likely  to signify a marked increase in the  city'������������������ population, waiting only upon  the anticipated move of the C.N.R.  The movement must expect to meet  with Opposition, but the Western farmer is seeking relief from an intolerable condition, It is shown..  Elevators Needed at Biggar.  BIGGAR, Sask.���������A number of local  Improvements are under consideration  by the Biggar board of trade looking  toward the town's development along  industrial lines.     The only _andicap  seriously   felt at the present time Is  jthe shortage In the labor supply, no  j less than three separate elevator com-  LETHBRIDGE, Alta��������� As the date panles having recently given notice  [approaches for the convening of the that they are compelled to postpone  Good Publliclty for Lethbridge.  HORSESHOEING  MILLS & HOOKER  Practical Horse Sboers  Aad General Blacksmith  Registered > under the -Worehipfu  Company of Farriers. London, Eng.'  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy. Special attention given  to defective feet. Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done. " ���������-,���������'..  F0R99 Opposite West Purnaby Schoo  Give us a trial.  (-AND  NOTICES  Hawaii 3. COAST ***\Wa mvnXOt.    Jf*"*5! to apply for permission to purchase  n*I*mtui ���������t -viiiLiii-r-T   -Me- lai-Bd.    i the following described lands:���������  IMfftSfot of *rwwotnrf->. irrlce Jiaans.    I    ConiInencin-- at a post planted about  Take notice that Thomas H.Adan of - 2*6 miles south from the northwest eor-  Micouver, B. C., occupation Bartender,  ner or prjce Island and about 2  mile*  [Vancouver, _.  _..  .     ,    ,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  1% miles from the south-west corner  of Price Island, and about 13 chains east  I of high tide mark, and being T. H. A.'s  S. W. corner post, thence east 80 chains,  thence north 80 chain*, thence west 80  chains, thence south 80 chains to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or lass.  THOMAS H. ADAN.  By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 19th, 1������12.  *A*a*3 3. COAST 1**\%M> ntSTIWCT.  JMtrtriet of Vancon-er, *Fric������ Island.  Take notice that George Cartelyou of  Vancouver, ��������� B. C, occupation laborer.  Intends to. apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencng at a post planted about  1 % miles south from the northwest  corner of Price Island and about 33  chains east from high tide mark and  being George Cartelyou N. W. corner,  thence south 80 chains, thence ea������t 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more  or  less.  OROROK CARTELYOU,  ��������� By William H. Wooley, Agent.  ��������� Date July 19th, 1912.  -CAB-- 3, COAST X.-3TD  DISTBICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Zaland.  Take notice that William J. }Vhlte,  of Vancouver. B. C, occupation ehafteur.  Intends to applv for permission to purchase   the   following   described   land*:���������  Commencing at a nost planted about  ty. miles =nuth from the northwest  coiner of Price Island and about 93  chains fn������t from the high tide mark, and  being William J. White's S. W. corner  po*t. thence north SO chains, thence  east SO cli a in", thenco south 80 chains,  thence ������p<t 8" chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres, more  or less. WIIjMAM   .t.   WHITE.  Hy William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  KAJfQ-  3. COAST XiAIT**' _-IST-?ICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Walter Deptford, of  Vancouver, K. C, occupation hotel keep-  ; er, -Intends   to   apply   for  permission   to  (purchase the following described land-:���������  Commencing at  a po.-t  planted  about  1>4 mile-* south from the northwest cor-  tner   of'Price   Island   an,1   about   1   mile  land   Z'i  chains   ca~t  from   the  high   tHe  f marlc. and helm? Walter Deptfnrd's N. W.  fcorner   po^t.   thenco   south     80     chains,  Ithence  east   80   chains,   thence north   SO  ���������chains, thence  west  SO  chains,  to point  lof commencement, containing 640 acres,  fmoro or less.  WALTER  DTCPTFORD.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  iDate July 19th, 1912.  and 8 chains east from the high tide  mark, and marked H. C.'s' northwest  corner post, thence south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or lass.  HUGH CAMPBELL.  By William H. Wooley, Agent-.  Date July 19th. 1912.  *AWO*3 3, COAST _AWD DISTJMCT.  - District of ������������������soonver, **xice Isliwd.  "take   notice   that   Thomas   Rowe,   of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation blacksmith,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  2% milet south from the northwest oor-  ner of Price Island, and about 2 miles  and 8 chains east from high tide mark,  and being T. R.'s . I*T. E. corner po������t.  thence south 80 chains. th������-nce w������-wt 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thfiice  ea������t 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres mnr* or less.  THOMAS ROWE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 19th. 1912.  9tAtra-B 3. COAST X.AHD DISTJMCT.  i District of Vancouver, **rlce Silaad.  Take notice that John Walsby, of Vancouver, B. C. occupation engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase   the   following  described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  IVt miles south from tho northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 mile  and 8, chains east from tht. his^h tide  mark and being J. W.'s N. E. corner post, i  thence south 80 chains, thence west 80  chains, thenco north 80 chains, thence  ea������t 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  JOHN' WM.SBV,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July  l!������th, 1912.  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  MARTHA COSTELLA.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date. July 20th. 1912.  *AWO*e 3, COAST *A*9 DISTJWCT.  . District of Vancouver, *rr*ce Island..  Take notice that Emma Webber, of  Vancouver, B. C��������� occupation storekeeper, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  4_ miles south from the northwest corner of Price Islanu and about 1*4 miles  east "from the high tide mark and being  E. W.'s N. W. corner pos-t, thence south  SO chains, thence east SO chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  EMMA  WEBBER,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  ������AXO*2 3, COAST %A*ffD DXETSSCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Ana Bell, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation rooming house  keeper, intends to apply for permission  to purchase the following de.cribed  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ���������1% miles south from the northwe-t corner of Price Island and about 1 _ miles  i.a-st frtm the high tide mark and being  A. B.'s N. E. corner post, thence soutli  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north SO chains, thenco east 80 chains  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  AXA BE���������I..  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th,  1������I2.  dered in triumphant good humor when  the British surrendered at Yorktown.  The fifteen stanzas ran as follows:  "Dad and I went down to camp  Along with Captain Goodwin,  Where we saw the men and boys  As thick as hasty-puddin'.  There was Captain Washington  Upon a strapping stallion  A giving orders'to his men;  I guess there was a million.  And then the feathers on his hat,   '  They looked so tarnal fineaj  I wanted pesklly to get  TO give to my Jeinlna.  ���������:. '��������� yyyy- y- ��������� ���������        -y%-.'  And.then they had a swampin' gun,  As big as log of maple,  On a deuced little cart,--  A load for father's cattlet  ���������And every time they fired it off,  It took a horn of powder;  It made a noise like father's gun  Only a nation louder.  I went as near to it myself  As Jacob's underpinnin'  And father went as near again���������  I thought the deuce .was in him.  Cousin Simon grew so bold,  I thought he would have cocked it,  It scared me so I shrinked off  And hung by father's pocket.  And Captain Davis had a gun,  He kind a clapped his band on't,  And stuck a crooked stabbing iron  Upon the little end on't.  And there I see a pumpkin shell  As big as mother's basin;  And every time they touched it off  They scampered like the nation.  And there I see a little keg,  Its head was made of leather;   .  Tliey'knocked upon't with little sticks  To call the folks together.  ,*-''*S_tr:  a    '/'.-to  ,.-f y->f[  \'.;- $  '-.  ���������ATJ-fc-'i  GRA^ PH1PPS  WIRING, riTTiNOS, PIXTU������CS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  .' Joyce Road  ,?y.  x>M^Mz&?xiy  &m  y::jMyyyy^S&im  A first-class DRUG STORE now open for business.  Corner  Sussex Avenue  and Westminster Road  (Opposite West Burnab*/ School)  Drugs. Stationery, ^Conf ections, Cigdrs  Special ears tt_V#n with Pmcriptions. A  visit will be  much  epproeiatod.  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  j yWil?t!m%l������2?$  '���������y*'y;,'^-'..y  \.XZy-:>.y;-j;:*ryi  " yy':^^A.  ���������'���������*   ��������� ���������������������������������������������' *(iW������l  ::yy.y::$m  y-X     'i^ft,������i;iSS  :^yy$mSi  'lyxi/ii^w  y '^���������jiicii'^.''*}"''if-s  yyyyiyyyX  yyy\.yy^y&\  :, -Xxy X'-i'ifa.^  ' " ������������������ i XXL"-yyy:-%j^  ''���������'���������'v.\.. ,-    ���������'���������'���������.-      ' .y?'"* ���������-������������������''���������       ��������� ��������� ���������������������������' ''������������������ ��������� ������������������''���������'���������'���������'������������������.:'���������������������������y^Ji.-i.v.-it^'i^fy^  Itip^lfa Press, '_-tPi|ft  m We*ts___ter Ii.   , . .sSjlSii^^  ,v ������������������ yyyy       .���������.-.- -yyy^  ������������������   y.- y-yy yy  .y YV'vv,:; '-   y' .?&$������!$$$$������  "iiiiiini ������HN*������e-e-������i Si in'm  lie ��������� i iiiii i ii ��������� mi in i . ii in  Summer Time-Just a Word With You  This is the best time tore-paint your house or buildings,  fences, etc. We carry a full stock of Paints. Oils, Varnishes  Painter's Supplies, etc., and the prices AJtG RIGHT.        '  The Royal Hardware Co.  Cor. McKay and Westminster,M. Orders Solicited and DeHverod  C I^ne0611tagwood78  ���������'>v.������  ?m  [Lltyyi  mil ii ������'i i"> I hi i ,i i ii i ii iii *m+^+^+^+>+*^~**'++***i****+-+mm  ������������������'-,' ~-*yy������<������!>  ��������� ������������������������������������������. ...-rSi ���������'!���������&���������  ��������� '������'���������''������������������ ������������������-yyyi&fi  Myyy  ~yyi?ji}liji*  y:m  m^rn���������  CeniralPark  ite Agricultural Hall  hardware, Paints, Oils, BiiiWeri' Supplies  Stoves, Ranges and Kitcfienware  Special prices on Ranges.  Callin and 'see  them.  :$0<  st1' _  '?'_* ~V **-- ;d~, ������^������^4V"i^i_  ��������� ��������� ��������� yvxmyy^v  y^H^sym  before letting your Painting and Papcrlwnfllng see  W.Srigley  for the island most artistic worH  Mncoln Avenue, CoMlngw������KK| p. ifc ; i^  R,A**__  3, COAST __KS  SI���������TT*.ZCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Ltioiio Itiiichlo, of  Vancouver, 15. C, occupation spinster. In-  teiids to apply f>:r permission to pur-  clia e tne following iloxcrilicJ laiuls:���������  Comniencinf* at a post planted about  %\k miles ������outh from the northwest corner of Price Island, and aiiout 1 mile  find 13 chains east from liig-li tide mark  and being t>. R.'s N. K. corner po-t.  tlience south SO chains thence west 80  fhaln������i, tlienco north 80 cliains, thence  ">a-t SO chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  r.,T'ci_rc raichLe,  Ey William H. Wooley, Agent.  Bate July liOtli. 1912.  XAIfOB  3. COAST _AN3>  DISTRICT.  District of Vanconfer, Price Island,     i  Take notice that Thomas OlanOei.l. of |  Vancouver, 15. C, occupation  lubort.-r, in-  ;tends   to  apply   for  permission   to  purchase  the  following described  lands: ���������  Commencing' nt a post p'antcd about  5*?_ miles soutli from the noitlnve t <������������������!���������!  ner of Price I'-land and about 1 1-8 mi'es ]  east from lilgli tide mark and hein'-r I  T. <Vm N. fc. corner pot, thence ^oui'i !  SO chains, thence west SO chains, thence !  north. SO chains, thence pa^t R0 cliains, j  to point of commencement, containing  (MO acres more or less.  THOMAS r-LAXFIKLD.  By William H. Wooley, Aiff-nt  Date July 20th, 1912.  BAIfO- 3, COAST LANS DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that William Stonehouse,  )f Vancouver, B. C, occupation expressman, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Comraenains at a post planted about  r% miles south from the northwest corner of Price I-land and about 2 miles  and 33 chains east from high tide mark  ind being William Stoneliou^e's N. "W.  porner post, thence south 80 chains;  Whence ea=t 80 chains, tnence north 80  thalns. thence west 80 chain;; to point  [������f commencement, containing 640 acres,  nore or' le=s.  WTLT.T'M STOXKHOUSE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  ������te July 19th, 1912.  SAVOS 3. COAST _A*TD DISTH-CT.  District ot Vancouver, Price Ial-nd.  Take  notice - that Hugh  Campbell,  of  ?anc������uv������r,' B. C, occupation miner, ln-  ���������SAKOE 3. COAST -&ND DI3T1������CT.  District of Vancon-7e?, Price I^'and.  Take  notice  that  John   A.   Beattie.  of  Vancouver,   B.   C.   occupation   teum.-ter.  i intends  to apply for permission   to pur-  icha^e the following de-crilied lands:���������  j     Commencing  at  a  post  planted   about  ]5_ miles south from the northwest cbr-  _, ,     _  ..      ., ���������. t^ -���������;Q r>ui_������.e<o   nr 'ner   of   Price   Ii.lanrl   and   about   1   l-S  Take  notice  that  Fannie  GUIevMe .of (mileR ea,t f     n the hj  h  ti(1e  marl< an(1  Vancouver, B. C. occupation cici-.k. >n-|D���������in~'j ^ b's N W corner no-1 thence  tends to apply for permission to pur-j ,������������������.��������� 80 c)iains,'thence eat SO'chains!  cha^e the following described land .��������� , thenee nortn 80 cha!ns, thence west 8n  Commencing at a post planted abont eha,ns to , t Qf commencement, con-  3% miles south from the northwest cor- tainln- 640 acres more or le^s.  ner   of   Price  Island   and   about   1   mile " Tn������\T   ������    RC.,TT,P  and 13 chains east from high tide mark ,^,ffi       ������   ���������������    ,        .        .  ^nd   being   F.   G.'s   N.   W.   corner   post. | By William H. Wooley. Agent,  therce' south   80 chainsrthence  east  SO (Date July 20th. 1912  BAJTOE  3,  COAST -AND  DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Isla-a.  in-  And then they'd fife away like fun,  And play on cornstalk fiddles.  And some had ribbons red as Mood  All wound around their middles.  The troopers too would gallop up  And fire right in.our faces:  It scared me almost half to death  To see them run such races.  Old Uncla Sam came there to change  Some pancakes and some onions  For 'lasses cakes, to carry home  To give to wife and young ones.  I see another snarl of men  A diggin' graves, they told me,���������  So tarnal long, so tarnal deep,  They 'tended they should hold me.  They scared me so, I hooked off,  Nor slept, as I remember.  Nor turn about till I got home,  Locked up in mother's chamber. I  RFl I    TUPATDP      4ovcp wrAp  P|_,|_*|_*    I nMVl tV|_ just cqlunqwood  Open every evening, 7:30 to 10:30.  .   The moving pictures shown at this theatre nrd of the very best obtainable, nothing objectionable is allowed by the management.  Amusing Instructive educational  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day. Good Music.  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west SO chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.  FANNIE GII.I.EYSIE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  BAIT-- 3, COAST -A1TD DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Prl^ Island.  Take notice that Martha Costella, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3H miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 2 miles  and 13 chains east from tha high tide  mark and being M. C.'s N. W; corner  post, thence south 80 chains, thence east I  BftKOE  3.  COAST -AKD  DISTRICT.  District of Vas coa ver. Price Island.  Take notice that Bella Blake, of Vancouver,    B.    C,   occupation    widow,    intends   to  apply   for pei mission   to   purchase the following described land*:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ������>i������ miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 chain  east from high tide mark and beintr  B. B.'s N. W. corner post, thence .south  SO chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  BELLA BLAKE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th. 1812.  In Western Call Sept, * to Nov. t, 1912  T  *  *  *  4  I If You Are Sick  * CALL ON  1 ERNEST SHAW, D. C. j  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  where  Chiropractic   succeeds  medicine fails.  Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free  t\  ������ !  *  ���������  4 I  ������ !  it  DOING WHAT?  Why, eating PERFECTION HOME MADE  LOAF, and they all say it can't be beat.  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make    a   nutritious  satisfying'meal.   Our customers say " It's just  like mother's."  Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best. We make^-Madeira, Cherry, Premier Cakes, also Buns, Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you.  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK P. H. DURRANT, Prop.  All leading Grocers supply Our Bread. t^.������ iTw-iaiU a^^MiPaaiiSS_SS  atsatsHWse)*  *ji*������t^-<������������**������l.qs������t������....  . ��������� _���������; -X* i9"*p%t-S������^*e^HOn _*VrA-.Ucw un. u-*_>v3uf "��������� ������������Mn-*H-A v. w ������������������������**^_ifc_ -u-M iw-}*Mi=*,_-j.������^;* (,  W&i  ,xy.~xy$-  ���������X'S'y ��������� "x-x.  ���������rtiYt- WBSTJB-N GILL.'  mmmm  y&i;:,--., ���������������������������  ���������Xsxyyx-, (o..  r-.\&y.-y.i..  Very Special, TOKAY GRAPES; 6-lb. basket 25c  Stoves and Heaters  Upright Coal Heaiters, _teavy Nickel-plated, with Ornamental Urns> for hard or  soft coal or coke: *���������;  11-inch 13-inch  $6.50 and $7.65; $9.75  All Cast-iron Box Store ���������the old - fashioned  kind, last a life-time, $6.25, $7.25, $9.85  Upright ���������'Alumino" Heaters, Japanned or  Nickel-plated,  ..$4, $4 50, $5, $5.50, $6  Plain Russian Iron Airtight Stoves, burning  wood only      $1.50 up  15-incK l 18-inch  v$lL85 $16.85  Small Steel Ranges���������Three very special  values: 12-inch oven, ash pan and grate,  reg. $15.00, burns coal or wood,.... $11.75  13-inch oven "SPARK" $12.75  18-inch oven  *'_RA.NSCON,"very large,  reg. $23.00, for $17.50  Groceries and Provisions  m  it'  Sardines, 6 tins for v.. 25c  Worcestershire Sauce, 3 bottles for.........25c  Pure Maple Sugar, 3 cakes for    25c  Jersey Cream, 20������oz. tin     .  ..10c  Prunes, 5 lbs. for       ...25c  5-lb. Pail Lard Compound 60c  Fresh Eggs, 3 doz; for 95c  Phone:  Sey.  3472  56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST      3473  Our Best Flour, 49-lb. sack...;..... ...$1.60  Pastry Flour, 10-lb. sack   ...,....'. 30c  English Walnuts, per ib  7_c  Tomato Catsup, large bottle, 2 for .....25c  Excelsior Pine Apple, 3 tins for 25c  Sweet Potatoes, 7 lbs. for... 25c  Ginger Snaps, 3 lbs. for.............; 25c  a C. Sugar, 18 lbs. for....... ..$1.15  THE  : Jl M4*K  THE   TORONTO   FURNITURE  ���������������������������   N     STORE.  ���������'  ���������:&.���������  . *T_|������ well known Furniture Store at  3*34 Main St., Hillcrest, is owned and  managed by M. H. Cowan, who has  a manner as pleasing as the sunshine  srhich ta part accounts for his continued; success even through'.the dull  season., His stock comprises dressers,  traffets, tables, chairs, couches, mattresses, bedsteads, in fact everything  in house furniture, and a limited supply of office chairs, tables and desks.  He carries a complete line of linole-  ������ms and carpet squares, and treats all  ealiers with the utmost courtesy. It  Is a good place to buy furniture. Like  many of out best business men, Mr.  Cowan h-ttrfiram the Bast  ��������� -. \  McOinnls kept a public house and.  Itved with fats family upstairs. One  day bis barman shouted to bim:  -Guv-nor, shall I trust Jim O'ljeary  for a drink?"   * *     ,,..  '���������Has he had the drink?" called  back McOinnls.  -He *as."  "Thin thrust blra."--Tlt-B.ts.   '  City Improvements.  The following recommendations were  passed by the Board of Works at its  meeting on'Tuesday afternoon: Rocking Fourteenth avenue, from Main to  Sophia streets, cost $1,100; rocking of  Parker street from Victoria to Semlin  drives, cost 11,050; grading of Prince  Edward street from Twenty-first to  Twenty-second avenue, $800; construction of sewers at total cost of JfSS.lOO,'  as follows: Thirteenth avenue, from  Glen drive to Clark drive, $4,600;  Fourteenth avenue, from Glen drive to  Clark drive, $3,500; Fifteenth avenue,  from Glen drive to Clark drive, $3,000;  Clark drive, from Tklrteehtn avenue  to Fourteenth avenue, $1,500; Clark  drive, from Fourteenth avenue to Fifteenth avenue, $1,500; C. PR. tracks,  from Thurlow street to Burrard atreet,  $8;550; Thurlow street, from tracks to  , Seaton street, $1,050; Beaton street,  I from Thurlow street to Burrard street  '$2,550;    Seaton street, from Thurlow  street to Bute street, $4,450; Trafalgar  road, from Second avenue to lane  north, $400; Stephens street, Second  ! avenue to First avenue, $690; Fourteenth avenue lane, from Hemlock  street lane to Hemlock street, $960;  Hemlock street lane, from Fourteenth  avenue lane to Fifteenth avenue, $470;  First avenue, from Collingwood to 300  feet west, $890; on Bays water street,  $500.  CRY8TAL PALACE.  Mr. Geo. G. Bigger has made a new  addition to his already capacious jew*  elry store at 143 Hastings W.  . A new room at the end of the building has been enclosed with mirrors  and plate glass Bhelves. Arrayed in  an artistic manner you will find cut  glassware���������and nothing else. The  room is dotted with electric lights,  and this combined with the mirrors,  makes the room look like an endless  hall lined with cut glassware. There  is anything here from a cut glass salt  shaker to a punch bowl. Beautiful  Wlntillntihf cut glass everywhere.  The room *s open to visitors aay  time and everyone should go and see  the display, which is one of the best  in Vancouver. The place is 148 Hastings St, W.  a  : i.'JfXi.  YOU are not asked what you "believe," or what you "presume"--  you are asked what yok KNOW. In the realm of business you qualify  on the same basis; Facts open th? door to opportunity. When we  teilyou that you will double your money in just twelve months by an  investment in���������  m  m0-  m  hi  we are not presuming, we go one bstter than mere belief���������we KNOW  you will do it. '���������'...      i ���������  An investment in our property at the head of the inlet today  means that you are enabled to tap the reservoir of the liveliest real  estate proposition of the hour.  At Port Moody the developments are actual facts; some of them  are now under way; others will fonow.immedia.tely.  Development means an increase in value, and you have now, the  chanee to let these developments make money for you.  We run excursions to and from Port Moody Saturday p.m. Excursions leave this office at 1:15 p.m. Phone us and let us reserve you a  seat. '  BURRARD INLETS PIVOT  Port Moody is still iu the limelight, and, judging by appearance, it will continue to be  for a long time to come. People from all over the country are flooding us with enquiries  respecting this city and we have our work almost cut out in answering them.  It is a great convenience to iys that we areablje to make use" of the columns of the weekly  press, otherwise we should be kept busy all day. answering our numerous correspondents.  Those of you who read Saturday's News-Advertiser saw a news story there to the effect  that Port Moody was now demanding a car line to New Westminster. That Port Moody  will get this car line was the opinion of the writer.  This matter is a smalt one compared with other far larger developments that are in.  store for Port Moody. Every day brings news of some further development to theseity and  .also for further activities that will take place in the immediate future.  We have never made a more substantial investment than when we purchased our delightful subdivision in Port Moody known as  Old Orchard  It is situated in the very heart of the coming business activities of the city. It is located  adjacent to the site for the proposed four million dollar canal. It is in the immediate vicinity of the site for the great C. P. R. elevators. It is within a stone's throw of the site������for  the new C. P. R. depot. It is waterfront property and the most ideally situated of any of  the subdivisions in Port Moody. .     ���������     ->     .  So valuable is property in Port Moody becoming that proposals are now under way for  the reclamation orthe tide flats directly in frone of our property. This will considerably  extend the area of Port Moody: y  Incorporation will be granted the city next year and then Port Moody will no longer be  under the control of the Provincial Government. Attorney-General Bowser has promised  that the matter of granting Port Moody a charter will be one bf the first subjects dealt with  on the opening of the legislature. Port Moody then will have the control of its own finances,  to be used in the development of the city.  ,. We are now putting before you a business proposition, the like of which we firmly believe has never been broached before. Port Moody realty is the best buy on the market today and we give you the opportunity of purchasing one of the finest lots in the whole of  the locality. It is splendidly situated and is undoubtedly the finest investment that you  could possibly wish for.  We are honestly convinced that property in PORT MOODY, which has recently taken  a rapid upward trend, will enhance in value in the near future at a far greater rate than it  has done in the past. That is why we are so convinced that you cannot do better than purchase here.  We are running free excursions to Port Moody every afternoon and we cordially invite you  to come with us one one of our trips. The boat starts at 1.30 p.m. rain or shine. Nice  wharf to land at and board walk from the wharf to the property.  \  Choice, high, level  Lots which we are  selling for  Each. Terms one-fifth cash, bal. half  yearly over 30 mos., or one-tenth cash,  balance   monthly   over   30   months.  FREE EXCURSION by Motor Launch Daily, Parties leave Head Office  at 1:30 p.m.  Uead Office,  422 Bichards St.  A. JOHNSTON COMPANY  VANCOUVER.  Phone Sey. 1567.  Branch Office,  160 Hastings W.  Will Study M������thod������.  Park Commissioner W. B. Owen was  delegated at a recent meeting of the  Park Commissioners of Vancouver to  visit Victoria for the purpose bf studying the Capital City's methods of supervising her beach and bathing privileges. The city hss decided that it  will be in the interest of all concerned if our beaches, bath houses, etc.,  are placed under official supervision.  Victoria has already been attending  officially to her beaches and bathhouses for two years, and it will be a  wise policy for our commissioners to  gain the benefits of our sister city-  experience along this line.  /  Prices and Terms  ii  111  i  i  i  per Lot I  $65 Cash, Bal. $20 every 3 months,  $15 Cash, Bal. $10 per month or  10 Cash, Bal. 6,12 & 18 months.  LEITCH & TAYLOR  309 Cambie Street.  Phone: Seymour 1577.  Office open evenings.  Vancouver, B. O.  I  I  I  ~        gullet Punctures Tire.  While proceeding along Tenth avenue In bis automobile, Tuesday nlgbt,  Mr. Norman York, 1730 Davie street,  heard a shot from the bushes at the  rosdBide, and a second later tbe right  front tire of his car burst open at the  point where it had been struck by a  bullet. Alighting to investigate Mr.  York was almost struck by a second  bullet, which whistled past his cheek.  The shooting occurred near Alma road  and hearing the supposed   assailant  running along that street, Mr. York  punusd Wi������ % short distance, but ineffectually. v  Board of Trade Approves.  By a vote of 37 to 24 the Vancouver  Board of Trade decided in approval of  tbe proposed agreement between the  Canadian Nothern Railway and the  city of Vancouver for the use .of a part  of the bed of False Creek as a terminal site for the railway.  Pastor Accepts Call.  Rev. Dr. MacLellan, of the Congregational Church, Boston, bas accepted  the call sent by tbe congregation of  Knox Church, Vancouver, to succeed  Rev. Merton Smith. It was at the lat-  ter's suggestion that the invitation  was extended to the Boston preacher, a  wire being dispatched after the meeting. laBt Wednesday, at which Ifr.  Smith resigned from the ministry of  Knox Church.  The new pastor is expected to .assume his duties early in January.  Though he has been living in Boston  for several years, the Rev. Dr. MacLellan is a Canadian by birth, being  born in Nova Scotia.  fOYP   SHORTHAND   INSTITUTE.!  ��������� The Boyd Shorthand Institute at 709  Dunsmuir St. and Corner GranvIUeJ  was established in this city two and]  one half years ago.   Graduates hold  many of the best positions in Vsn-I  couver.   The Boyd Syllabic system o������  Shorthand bas been  taught success-1  fully in the leading cities of Canada!  and   the United   States  for twelve]  years.   The ordinary student can he*j  come competent in 6 to 8 weeks.   Ill  a longer time is required no extra]  charges are made.   Day and evening!  sessions are held regularly.   Students  may enter at any time.     Price for  complete course $40.   The course -includes    everything    connected    with  Stenography.   Individual instruction is  given each student.'  B. Foucar 1b the  Principal.  The Queen Tea Rooms;  618 Qranville Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  PORT MOODY LOTS  AT LESS THAN ACREAGE PRICE  The owner offers a block of 24-50 ft. lots at  the special price of $125.00 each, for an  immediate sdle.  The location is ideal, being close to deep  water, railway and industrial developments.  The present selling price of these lots is  $300.00 each.    Easy terms will be given.  Address  a  ������  P.O.Box 1213  Vancouver, B. C.


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