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The Western Call 1912-09-20

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 -^iMM$^^0^������l^0^0f&  . ���������^m^.^m^ms^msmii0^^^0^yiX'Jf-:  Combined with  VOLUME IV  H. H. STEVENS, M. P., Editor-in-chief  ;      Published in the interests of Vancouver and the Western People  ****--***-������********-***������***-*������*****^^  :..������_ i- -uj-* trATtf/vvrrtr******   o^m������m*. n.,m,uu:-BDnii*<ifntin  m *������.v*r.  VANCOUVER, BRTPisa Cap  SEPTEMBER 20, tSl2.  SB  COMMENTS ON LIVING TOPICS  (Prof. E. Odium, M.A., B.Sc.)  THS HONOURABLE JOSEPH MARTIN SAYS  THS THING WHICH IS NOT.  He says that "the reports which-youJn Canada  get are ALL from a Tainted Source?" This js not  true, and the Honourable Joseph ought to know  it is false. If so,���������if all the reports we get from.  England *' are tainted,." then. the reports which  Fighting Joseph brings to us "are tainted."  A tainted" report is a false reportIffa|se, it is  false through ignorance, or through a wilful lie.  Which kind is that brought over the salt water  by Mr. Martin!   He should know.     .  If he brings true reports, then his statement is  false���������-and if false in one thing, then perhaps in  many or all. :/J;: -yy  He says ������������������"���������In Canada I can see that the. great  majority believe the Bill (the proposed Irish Home  Rule Bill) is a good Bill." This too is short of  truth. It is not true. He sees a thing which is  not so. And Canadians know that iw uses his  eyes very badly when looking at anything of an  IMPERIAL nature. Anything that would lessen  the British power is the thing that this M. P.  could easily see with a rosy satisfaction. Hence  he sees the thing in Canada which does not exist.  * He says:���������-"The real opposition.to the Home  Rule Bill comes from Ulster, where a few thousand people are trying to dictate to the whole British Empire." This is not true. In the first place,  instead of "a few thousand" in JJlster thelreare  hundreds of thousands i*i Ulster, and hundreds  ! N>f thousands in other parts of Ireland and millions  in England, and hundreds of thousands in Scotland; and millions in the Over-seas Dominions  who are opposed to Home Rule. Mr. Martin knows  *fchat the Unionists are almost wholly opposed.  Then why does he tell an audience publicly that  only a fe wthousands in- Dialer., are .opposing  HOME RULEt J am afraid *i#^0**Os are very  much '���������tainted," if not dwwinnoesdandrotfran. *  He aaya:--" There is a great deal of talk at the  present ^������, ������b������������t war h*fc^^fl������2<L_ and  Germanv. but iomy mind THIS IS UNTlflNK-  ABLE*''  lie talks rubbish. That war is not only thinkable, but dangero*jsi*,:,near to action, is the opinion of the majority of Canadians, of the people  in Britain, both of the government and the opposition, and the statesmen of New Zealand, Australia  and South Africa. Why Mr. Martin tells the  public that war is "UNTHINKABLE".ia difficult  to ascertain, excepting on the assumption that he  would like to Ml Britain into sleep, and see her  unready when the deadly struggle ensues. His  talk seema to me to bear th" view of his inner  intent. Perhaps he does not know that he is  talking very loosely.  If the war were not probable, not possible, even  then it would be *'thinkable." He says the  thing that is not ao.  Mr. Martin asks:���������"Who among the Conserv-  atives here (in Canada) would support a hereditary Itouse of Lords!"  He ahould know that the Canadian Conservatives and large numbers of Liberals would and do  support such a House, for they are in hearty  sympathy with the House of Lords in England.  And as a matter of fact the said House of Lords  has in past ages been the salvation of Britain, and  will be again in the future against just such  unsafe and unbalanced men as the Hon. Joseph  Martin whose vision is the vision of the man who  magnifies bis individuality and importance instead  of the value and importance of the nation and  EMPIRE.  I have said enough to help our good friend on  the right track, if he be moderately teachable. If  not he must be furtrer whalloped.  QUESTS  8UI ROYAL GUESTS  ;  'U  ymm  Seldom has our city been stirred aa at tan", ,^i41^-3  present.   Everybody, irrespective of nationality.^  /r^iPMti  The Duke 6f Connaught, Governor Gentr*% of Canada, and HU Family  *WRR(^^Mm  ������������������MIHIH++H  -**>  *#���������*���������  STREETWALKINO.  Streetwalking is a development from simple beginnings; Vancouver has a large and rapidly increasing class���������this ancient and dishonorable  school. Children, girls and boys, may be found  on our streets���������large numbers from seven o'clock  until almost midnight. Curfew is silent or ineffective in clearing the streets of youth under  sixteen. Out of these strolling groups large numbers of professional streetwalkers and their patrons are sure to be elected.  Parents and police are both at fault in this  matter. "A .stitch in time saves nine" future  human wrecks and scalding tears.  ������K-������H������v*H������*>:*-K**.S*'WM i fttt <**"l"M"tlt1**'1 ' '  Westerly End of False Creek���������Great Public Work to Be Done Forthwith���������Will  Mean Great Development for Mount Pleasant. i  r Announcement is made that the Federal Government will undertake tbe dredging of False Creek as soon as preliminnry arrangements can be made. Mr. JJ. J$.  Stevens, M.P., bas just returned from Ottawa where he has been in conference with  the JJon. F* P. Monk, Minister of Public Works, in regard to this and other extensive undertakings.  It is theviutentio������ of the Government to dredge a ship channel 350 feet wide  and 22 feet deep, at low water, from the mouth of False Creek at English 3ay, clear  up to Main Street. This is the most extensive undertaking ever authorized by the  Pominion Government in this city. 1* will have a very decided effect on that part  of the city lying south and east of False Creek, and coupled with the proposed oper  aticpi ol the Canadian Northern should result in a marked advance in value*  throughout that whole district.  The city council committee and the C. N. B. are rapidly coming to an agreement  to the disposition of the head of False Creek aud we may expect an early settle-  rejoices over the presence of onr Royal Guests, the  Duke aud Duchess of Connaught and their daughter, Princess Patricia. Several factors of interest  add much to the honor and pleasure of the ooes-,'  sion.  The Qake is a son of the greatest Queen of -  all time,���������Victoria, and brother of onr late lament^  ed King Edward MI, also Governor-General ,oi  Canada.   To these may Le added, that, without  which all would be mere external decoi*ation%.**l*'3  A wealth of true manhood and a liberal endowment of mind which give tone and value to Royal  blood. i  These features are well supported and embellished by the other members) of the visiting party,  Vancouver extends a hearty weleome.   This ,  we express with pen and brush/ with music and *  parade, with arches and decorations, with astern-  bled multitudes and civic holidays that tbey whom  we delight to honor may know that thia Western '  Province of the Dominion of Canada ia loyal to  the British Crown and ardent in its love of onr  Royal Governor General. ���������  Sept. 18, 1912 wOl remain menrrarable in tbo  history of Vancouver, *narkin*r the visit of Their  Royal   Highnesses,  tbe  Duke and   Daehsas   of  Connaught and their daughter, thejPrimsess Patrida.           j^  ���������Kl i i ��������� i. m���������mm^^jmm  HIHIHIIillMIIIIIIMI������HHIMIIIIII  An Open Utter foVem to the at-ftl.     |  lUfiment *  Sixth D. C. 0. B. boys  Help to make a joyful noise,  And cheer ai you march up and down.  Vour colonel aa Prince��������� ���������  (He refused a crown since)���������  And Governor has come to iown.  Citizen* join with you,  ^fs^r^extn-tf^^nruehWe," '   v-: -  And none disloyal in tho lot,  To greet the prince so true,  Governor-General, too,  . His Royal Highness of Connaught-  \   t  <������  : :;  <������  < >  ues ;;   I;  as  .   ���������������  UNION HADE BACHELOR "6ARS  Ask the man who smokes them.  ment. There seems to be no doubt as to the desirability of making a deal with the  C. N. Jl., but some few persons advocate such terms as would make it impossible for  any railway to acquire and develop these flats.  It looks very strange to see men wh> .-strongly advocated giving one-half of  False Creek to the Great Northern, an American branch line, now opposing a Canadian Transcontinental Road.   If we are not very careful New Westminster will  ;; steal a march on us, and secure this great terminal. At the present time Mayor | ;  Lee of New Westminster is in the East offering big inducements to the Canadian  Northern to locate in his city. The givat object of the Xew Westminster people is  to have the terminals located there, and sMiii-ly a branch line running into Vancouver. They could then, possibly, control the Victoria traffic and divert it down  the Fraser, in spite of the advantages which Vancouver holds. We are pleased to  mark the energy of our friends on the Fraser, but must say it would be a standing  reproach on Vancouver to have it said of her, that we adopted such a dog-in-the-  manger policy as to freeze out a great Canadian Transcontinental.  Mayor' Findlay and the majority of the council are favorable to closing a reasonable bargain with the C. N. R., some few are opposing. The draft agreement,  as published, shows clearly that the council are alive to the public interest and that  sotne very yaluable concessions have*been secured, such as:���������Three through streets  east and west, the cost of paving First Avenue, the laying of sewers, the provision  for the Pacific Great Eastern, that Vancouver will be the company's headquarters  for the West, permission for other railways to use their tracks, etc.; the company  to fill in a valuable strip east side of Main Street for the city, the company to spend  $4,000,000.00 for terminals including a magnificent passenger depot, the company  to compensate city for extinguishing of riparian rights at cost of $600,000.00 or more,  the company to pay half cost of-bridge from Scott Street to Carl Avenue, and many  other points, all of which go to show'that'.our city council are alive to their duties  and the city's interests.  As. we pointed out in a recent article the property acquired by the city along  Main Street will be immensely valuable, and almost equal the balance of the Creek.  It will mean 1650 feet frontage on both sides of Main Street, worth approximately  1 $2000.00 per front foot now, and double that in five vears when the depot'is com-  I plete. or a total value to the city of $6,600,000.00.  I But if some persons have their way we shall drive this company .to Xew West-  t minster and delay indefinitely the development of the head of False Crock.    The  ��������� dredging of the westerly part will be commenced forthwith and ������oinething definite  + should be done now with the head of the Creek.  * -H-*>*K-*X-****K-*^^^ *K-H-*K**K^-*-*K*������:*-i**^^^ ���������** ���������X-I-K**"*******^^ ���������  Son of tho noblest Queen  The world has ever seen;  To honor her we welcome him.  And for Kiug Edward's sake  That welcome we would make  With  Western warmth and Western    \',  vim.  As to us he doth bring  The message of onr King,  Official welcome we will give.   -   --���������-  And with a hearty cheer  Will let hint see that here  A hundred thousand Britons live.  Then let your bugles blow  As through the streets you go.  Drums beat, bands play and march your   !'  best.  We've built the arches high;  Onr banners proudly fly  In greeting to our Royal guest.  Ohornj.  Then cheer, boys, cheer,  The Duke is here.  And let your welcome ring as it ought.  His wife so true,  The Princess, too.  Their Hoyal Highnesses of Connaught.    !  Sept. 18,1912. ���������Will Faraday.  ���������t.i|. |.| .{.ImXh-X'I"l-!"K"H-������>X">:*v*.~. ���������������!*������������������ I l������M������������  .  A. E. Hill'8 letter en another page of  this issue is worthy a careful reading.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street Phone: Fairmont 447  J, , 'S.-Kl+J  1   J    4' .      -  ���������*J  , ,   -VI  V  y> )0^y^yxyyyy^  -'i'-^-rf-r  RlEliSS^Kfe'S^  I'^yyy^y'^- .y'^' y ������������������-  kyyyyyyr:[ '���������  ****t^?  ^"^-"'^ii'P;  i'-S^r?;-:  S-TfsvLi 5-=-^rsiiiK)r*������  9  TBE WESTERN CALL.  Batttle In Balkans Hard Struggle.  London, Sept. 13.���������A Salonlkl despatch to the "Times" says that the  engagement on tbe frontier developed  into a veritable battle, the Turkish  Karakols offered stout resistance to  an attack of 500 Bulgarians.  The fight continued all day long.  The casualties are unknown. Owing  to the Berious condition the commandants of all the Macedonian divisions have been ordered to prepare  for mobilization.  Balaklava Survivor Dies.  Santa Monica, Cal., Sept. 12.���������.Tas.  Smith, 97 years old,, wbo claimed to  be the only survivor in America of the  battle of Balaklava, is dead here today. Smith fought with the Fortieth  New York Infantry during the Civil  War.  Aeronaut Makes Thrilling Escape.  Toledo, Sept. 13.���������Hundreds of terrorized spectators on the county fair  grounds breathlessly watched the desperate fight against death made by  Frank Armstrong, an aeronaut, when  he was carried 2000 feet Into the air  by a blazing balloon.  Armstrong, whose home Is in Cel-  lina, Ohio, was preparing to make an  ascension and was straightening out  his parachute rigging when the balloon caught fire and his startled helpers let go. Fighting like mad to release his parachute, the aeronaut was  carried up in a tangle of ropes.  He succeeded ln cutting loose a  moment before the flames reached the  parachute and the blazing balloon collapsed. Armstrong made a 'successful drop, landing inside the race track.  >***4'*4t***4'*4'***4f*4'*4'*4>*4'*K******4***4'a****4-***4'***4'*i  TEETH  To be Healthy you must have GOOD TEETH.  IMPORTANT QUESTIONS���������-  Do YOU have TOOTHACHE ?  Have you CAVITIES ? LOOSE, or CROOKED TEETH ?  Do you require Crowns ?   Are any Missing ?  If you can't answer NO call on '  Drs. Thompson & Wood  Dentl������ta  They will correct all dental defects WITHOUT PAIN  ; |   641 Granville.St, Vancouver, B. C (Over Van. Drug Store)  Phone Sey. 3779  oooooooooeooe������e������������o������������������������������e*>*ntt-i'������-i-'H'Oi������i'*'i-ei������i������':'������^������'i'������-.*������������  Honest Prices for Honest  Goods  Where It Says to Deal  ^OVlEWSTAr/Oyy^  ^C^ J. W. Edmonds, Prop. *?/{ 1/  Dealer in all kinds of Stationery  and Books  Toys, Fancy Goods, Ice Cream Parlor in connection  Ice Cream in Cones, Sodas & Bulk  Ice Cream Bricks made to your own order and  delivered free.   Our Fruit Ice Cream made direct  from Fruits.  We sell the Crystal Dairy Milk and Cream.  Principal School Supply Depot for Grandview District  1130 Commercial Prive  *** ***** 4 I'l H MI T111 ���������*"*��������������������������� U H' *******V*********t** I"M"*"M������t.i.i  **���������'_���������'��������� _.. -.     _ _' ���������    -.-���������*���������  IGrandview  Edited by D. R.PIERGE%  Phone Fairmont HUO  I  Grandview News Notes  *.     Note���������MewE meant for this column should be mailed or phoned to ihe editor early to insure X  -J- insertion. .*.  * A.  *^^^^^^^^j^^M*~K**!~:**>*>^*r**:**i**w~9> ������*^~"**>*:**m**m*^*������m*������>->*:'*>**>-h^****i v  briskly and we are,receiving hordes of  inquiries concerning property in  Grandview and other districts adjoining False Creek."  Grandview Again Beats Fairview  In the last game of the season the  Grandview junior lacrosse team defeated a Fairview picked team on the  Cambie street grounds Saturday afternoon by a score of 6 to 4. The Grand-  view boys maintained the lead from  the first quarter, the score ending 3 to  1 in their favor'. They played fast  lacrosse, and never gave their opponent a chance to shine, completely  outplaying them from the face-off till  final time was called. Sanderson, Butler and hillingford played a steady  game on the defence, while JolilTe,  Ems and McEwen brothers were the  pick of the attacking force. The game  was well played.all through, and very  few penalties were handed out. The  Grandview team bave made a good  record this year, winning 12 games out  of 15, and drawing two. The winning  team lined up aB follows: Clarke, Sanderson, Butler, Dewar, Shillingford,  liffe, McEwen, Sanderson. Spares,  Hansen and Sanderson.  Commercial Prive and Mtfi Ave.  "The Home of Quality"  "���������"'���������_'" ������  Groceries, Provisions, Fruits  Only the best brands kept iu stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  ������***---**������*^--*******m*******m*******************^  J. P SincWr, Prop.  RlODB! FairiDQIll 1033  1417 Commercial Drive   Phone Highland 829R  Swindell Bros.  Successors to ****#  A.  9RBWIS  '*���������'���������' ComwetfclJii Drive  W. S. Swindell having withdrawn from the partnership of  Swindell & Branbury, announces that he is now associated with his brother, C. L. Swindell, in the  new firm of  Swindell Bros., 1417 Commercial Dr.  Rev. and Mrs. H. R. Grant have  taken up residence at 1063 Thirteenth  avenue east. Mr. Grant was recently  inducted pastor of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church of this city.  Grandview people will be interested  to learn that Miss M. H. Orr of Rob-  eageon, Ontario, is visiting her many  friends in that part of the-city.  Mr. and Mrs! Charles Wrinch, of  Grandview, have returned to the city  after a trip to Southern California.  The funeral of Mrs. Janet Younger  was held Thursday from Meek Bros.'  chapel, Rev. Mr. Owen officiating. Mrs.  Younger was 67 years old, and resided  at the corner of Dunbar street, and  Marine drive. -\  Quite a Blaze.  A fire broke out Saturday night at  10.30 p.m. in a building at corner of  Charles and Salsbury streets. The roof  was burned off. The place was unoccupied but was formerly the Grandview  Hand Laundry.  Royal   Bank's  New  Location.  The Royal bank bas just closed a  trade for the fine double lot at corner  of Graveley street and Commercial  Drive.The location is most excellent  for the purpose. A good price was  paid. We understand they will soon  erect an imopsing building for a general bank and safety deposit purposes.  It looks like Grandview is really moving some. _  A New Garage.  Mr. pharles E. Smith is just completing a garage on 1st Avenue near  Commercial drive. This is brick and  strictly fireproof, has a frontage of'  seventy-five feet on First avenue and  is twenty-two feet deep. It will accommodate twenty cars.  The Wheel* Are Turning,.  Building activity    is -/ery evident  along Nanaimo street since the open- \  ing of the new carline.   A large num-'  ber of  small  bungalows and  small;  houses of all kinds are going up on 1  Grandview Heights and are taken over  as soon as they are put on the market.  New Apartment Houses  Three new apartment houses are  being built at present. One being  erected for the Rev. McCloud is of solid brick construction and will cost |50,*  000. lt is located at the cor-j*ii*(,of  Commercial drive and Charles street.  The structure will be three stories In  height and have all modern conveniences. It will be divided into three  and four room suites.  Rev. McCloud, who has JuBt returned from abroad, and who bought con*  iderable  property   in  Grandview  ten  ALDERMEN  AND  GRANDVIEW  RATEPAYERS.  Commending, the aldermen for their  zealous efforts on behalf of the city  in connection with the negotiations  with the C. N. R., and urging them to  fight to the last ditch, the meeting  held under the auspices of the Grand-  view Ratepayers' Association on Saturday evening passed two resolutions.  One was to the effect that the city  should retain a strip of land 350 feet  wide extending from Main street to  Glen Drive, the location to be decided  as the council think best. The other  motion recommended that, the main  thoroughfare through the centre of the  area be reclaimed by the railroad,'be  kept clear of railway tracks, and in  the event of switches being Installed,  the C. N. R. should construct overhead  crossings.  These resolutions were passed after  the four members of the council present, Aldermen King, McSpadden, Enright and Woodside, had discussed all  sides of the subject. They explained  that each day they had asked a little  more and had gotten it, and that the  company was making concessions  daily. Tbey were of the opinion that  Colonel Davidson was trying to treat  the city as fair as possible. Tbey asked tor suggestions from the ratepayers.  Mr. Charles Reid, president of the  Grandview Ratepayers' Association,  who spoke Immediately after the al-  years ago, has decided because of th������; dermen, demanded at least half of  great demand for suitable living apart-j Fa|Be creei-. for the city, renouncing  ments and houses to, have all his lots jtbe aldermen's actions and alleging  built upon as soon as possible. , thejthat tney had been stampeded by the  smaller residences he will either rent iC  N# r, officials, at which the alder-  Both old and new customers may depend upon us carrying  the most complete stock of GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,  ETC,, ever shown on the Drive. Courteous and considerate  treatment to customers. The best goods the market affords  and prompt delivery of the same is to be our aim at all times.  OUR   SOLICITORS  WILL  GLADLY CALL  ON  YOU.  or sell.  Mr. Fred Melton Is putting up a  handsome apartment house on Commercial drive, which will be ready for  occupancy in about four weeks. There  will be 10 modern suites equipped with  disappearing beds and all twentieth-  century conveniences. Besides these  buildings erected to meet the increased demand for housing accommodations, a large rooming house is being I j,lg  constructed on McLean and Charles.  It will extend over a quarter of the  block.  Great Demand for Good Rents  Demands for good renting in Grand-  view are unprecedented. Goodland &  Goodlad report that they are forced to  turn away at least six parties daily,  who wish five or six-room houses,  while other real estate firms report the  same dearth of rentable residences.  False Creek's Influence.  Tbe general concensus of opinion  among realty dealers is that business  is satisfactory. It Is confidently expected that with the deevlopment of  False Creek it will be still better. A  keen example of the False Creek agitation on land values is illustrated by  a piece of Grandview property which  a certain city firm is holding. I*aBt  year they would bave accepted $20,000  for the property, while they have /Just  refused a $30,000 ocer for it.  Merchants Are Catching Breeze  Merchandise houses and business establishments report a large increase  over last year's business.   One promi-  men rose respectively to denounce the  speaker for not offering a single suggestion.  Feeling ran high for a while, and  Chairman Maxwell Smith had to call  the speakers to order. They came to  a better understanding as the matter  was more thoroughly gone "Into.  Agreement between the C. N. R. and  city is still in abeyance at this writ-  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive      lfelt 10 DBeeta Kelt Mirket  GRANDV1EWS ACOMING,  It's ho use talking, boys, I say ���������  Giandview's acoming.  Hard   times  have   made  some  most grey,  But Giandview's acoming.  We  won't  look  down our  nose  more,  Nor let the sad times make us eore,  For a brighter day is Just before,���������  Grandview s acoming!  folks  any  18 lbs. of B. C. Sugar  with every $20 order.  1 lb. oi 40c Tea with every $5 order.  1-2 lb. 40c Tea with every $2.50 *i  This is good till Sept. 30th, 1912  CASH ONLY.  L M. LYNN  Phone  6857  Sey.  Dealer in  Groceries, China,  z  Kitchen, Hardware  Cor. Keefer Street and Campbell Ave.  Final Section of Hudson Bay Line.  Ottawa, Sept 12.���������Tenders for the  final section of the Hudson Bay railway will be opened today and a contract will be awarded at once. It is  likely the award will ( go to J. D.  McArthur, who has the contract for  the other sections. Work on this  section will not likely be started until  spring, but by having the contract let  now there will be less delay. Provisions and supplies will be sent in  by water, and it is likely that it will  be built from the bay end.' No indication's given of which of the two  ports will be selected:  A.   WISMER  Jeweler & Optlmlmn  1433 Commercial   Drive  For Watches; Clocks, Jewelry and Optical goeds  Repairing o Specialty  Winnipeg Plant  Burned.  Winnipeg, Sept. 12.���������The warehouse  and contents of the Paterson Manufacturing Co., Ltd., building and roofing supplies, in St. Boniface was destroyed by fire today. The loss was  $50,000.  Cars for Hire  SCars Stored  Grandview Garage  and Repair Company  Expert Repairing, Gasoline,  Oil and Accessories  iJi. >  1028 Hastings Street East  A IiqoiJ General Store  Where you may obtain  practically anything  yoa   require  at the  BIGHT TOCE  1424 Commercial Drive  Vancouver  Get Your Last Year's  We'll make them just  like new 4  Ptione: Highland 469  FOR  NHNYI  *m ** Wye  Swecjjsh ftaKerv  Johnson * Carlson, Props.  Knecke Bread a Specialty;  Pttre Swedish Bye and  ,   Fancy Bread  JtOOGU'u Pi-ve      Vancouver, BO,  '   Will Have a Woman Polioeman.  Edmonton, Alta., Sept. 12.���������The city  commissioners have considered favorably the application for a woman policeman from R. B. Chadwick, superintendent of neglected children. Chadwick has been asked to name -a suitable person, and the matter will be  referred to the Council. Chadwick  claims that the work Of his department among wayward girls can be carried on better by a female detective.  Foster's Many Voyage*.  Ottawa, Sept. 12.���������Hon. George E.  nent drygoods firm says that their Foster will sail for England on Sep-  books show an increase of from 10 to tember 27 to attend the meetings of  the Imperial Trade  Commisflioh.  He  We invite you to inspect our stock of  KITCHEN UTENSILS' AND  HOUSEHOLD GOODS  You are under no obligation to buy. The balance of  our Meat Safes are going below cost, and Screen Doors at  greatly reduce* v prices.  _.^_   __     f^.   tfisbUt-i-l 825L  107 Commercial Street  Hu'tVuiiof* tl> hit IV-y flanlVure Co.)  20 per cent every month, while the  majority report a doubling in receipts  in comparison to those of last year.  "Trade is increasing right along  now," was the reply to our question  of "How is business?" at Watt's Hardware store.  "We are rushed to the limit," was  the smiling reply at Rodway's.   "Furnace repairing, etc., Just abooming."  Values Are Rising.  "Values are Improving all alo*|g the  line," declared Mr. George King, in  discussing  Grandview  property  yes-  will return to Canada towards Christmas, and will leave for Australia in  February to attend further meetings..  of the commission  Meeting of Parliament.  Ottawa, Sept. 12.���������The impression  that parliament will not meet till  January continues to grow. Among  groups of members of parliament now'  in the city the probabilities of the  session are being discussed and while  the matter has not yet been considered by the Cabinet, tbe opinion is widely  entertained  that  the  Rouse  may  .    . ,        ������������������,.,.,,      not assemble  till  immediately -after  terday evening.   "Real estate is selling the jjew Tear.  SPECIAL PRICES on FRUIT  See Windows this week.  We have the best line of Groceries in the District  and Prices are always right.  Bread,  Pastries, Cookies, Pies, etc.  Made on the Premises Fresh Daily.  .*"*"*"*"*"**"**"*"*"***j*"*j"*^^  Winnipeg Grocery  and Bakery  Corner Harris and Campbell Ave.  Phone Sey. 1139 Branch Post Off ice 1 *-������&���������*������������������; "    ' <!"r ���������"     "'"''��������� ^���������J*t*  6-*  i^S^^^^'''  TH* WESTERN tJALL.  ������������1h{-������������������.I-������I<������-1-������-I'������'I*'I'������ I ��������� l'������'I ������4 ���������'>������������������������"���������'������'l"l"'"r'."'-*;l"."������ 1'f* M '������������������������"*���������'������ f j  "Provincial, Dominion and Foreign'  ,|..|..'..*.ir.*.4.4.*.M.*. ���������i.*in..|..M  PROVINCIAL  New Westminster, Sept. 20.���������Special  rates on exhibits to the Provincial Exhibition to be held here on October 1  to 5' have been arranged for by the  exhibition management from all parts  of the Dominion, and in the State of  Washington across the line. Arrangements have been made with the  various railroad and steamboat companies whereby exhibitors may pay  the full rate shipping their exhibits  or stock to the fair, and it will be returned free providing it has not  changed hands. Special rates will  be given also by the Dominion Express Co., which will have an office  on the grounds during the fair and  for several days before It opens.  Sir Richard McBrilde will be Invited  to open the Provincial Exhibition, and  according to information received by  President T. J. Trapp of the Royal  Agricultural and (Industrial Society  he will accept the invitation. The  Premier is a native son of Westminster, and is very popular here, as he  is 'over tbe entire province.  ; Farmers and stock growers who  have entered tbeir prize animals need  have no fear for the care of their  stock. At the last meeting of the  R. A. & I. executive two veterinarians were appointed to look after the  stock on the ground and their services will be at tbe disposal of any  exhibitor.  One of the most interesting features  of the annual Provincial Exhibition at  New Westminster, is the display of  Indian work, and the Indilans themselves.  The Indians have a space reserved  for them, and they enter the results  of their labor In competition for liberal  prizes. Manager D. E. Mackenzie, of  the 1912 fair, says that the Westminster Exhibition is practically the first  in Canada to recognize the fact that  the Indians will shortly have to turn  their attention to farming for a livelihood. To encourage them in this  the management each year pays  special attention to Indian exhibits,  charging no entry fees and offering  substantial prizes for the best showing. <���������  Six big vaudeville acat hare been  engaged to perform for the crowds at  the exhibition this year. These will  be aside from the regular pay streak  attractions and aide shows, and will  be free to every one in the grounds.  Hon. Price Ellison. Minister of Agriculture for British Columbia, has  written to Manager D. E. MacKensle  of the Royal Agricultural and Indus-  trial Society that he will be very  pleased on October 1 to officiate at  the dedication of the Horse Show  building whicb is now being erected,  in connection with' the Provincial Exhibition.  Victoria Fusiliers.  Victoria, Sept. 12.���������The new infantry regiment organized at Victoria under the command of Lieut.-Col. J. A.  Hall, with Major Beale as adjutant,  has been gazetted as the 88th Victoria  Fusiliers. The regiment wil wear  scarlet tunics with blue trousers, with  red stripe and busbies.  Major Beale is endeavoring to arrange for a military tournament to be  held in Victoria next spring, lasting  three days, in which all the units of  the naval anl military forces are expected to take part.  Naked Lunatic Swam River.  New Westminster, Sept. 12.���������A patient at the Provincial Hospital for the  Insane here yesterday escaped in  some manner from his guards, took  off his clothes and swam across the  Fraser River, a good mile swim from  his starting point to where he landed  on the opposite shore. The water  was very cold and in the course of his  trip he was carried underneath the  Fraser bridge where the stream runs  like a mill race.  Powell Secures Respite.m  According to a wire received by Mr.  P. K. Ahem, superintendent of the  Pinkerton Detective Agency, Seattle,  Martin Powell, committed at Detroit  for extradition to Canada on a charge  of robbing the Bank of Montreal at  New Westminster, applied yesterday  for a writ of habeas corpus and got a  ten days' respite.  This is regarded as a scheme to get  time to enable his counsel to appeal  to the United States Supreme Court,  as was done by MacNamara, an alleged accomplice, now in custody in  New York.  North Pacific Fishery Wealth.  Sir George Doughty, M. P., a great  British fish magnate, and son, Mr. W.  V. Doughty, are at the Hotel Vancouver, having just returned from an  inspection of the plants of the British  Columbian Fisheries Ltd., at Queen  Charlotte Islands. This new corpora*  tion waa organized by 8ir George and  has a paid up capital of 91,500,000.  The visitor stated' that the fishery  wealth of the North Pacific contlngu-  ous to the Islands were among Canada's greatest assets.  The new company employs about  20 men and will increase the number  shortly when halibut fishing will be  started, with a fleet of five large gaso-  lfine boats. The fish will be shipped  to the Eastern markets via Vancouver.  **** * 11 < 4<4"P4'**4**4'*&tt'+4t'***  Fraser Avenue..  Alleged Plot to Blow Open Safe.  An alleged plot to blow the safe of  the New .Westminster post office and  steal its contents was discovered last  evening at 9 o'clock by Nich Dann,  found guilty this morning in police  court of shop-breaking and remanded  for sentence until next Tuesday.  Dann told the police that his companion, James Jefferson, arrested on  a charge of having stolen goods in his  possession, and who will be sent to  New Westminster to stand trial on  this accusation, asked him to assist  him ln nitro-glycerlning the safe in  the post office, stating that it would  be an easy matter to accomplish the  job.  May Cruise for 8eal Again.  Victoria, Seut. 12.���������Following the  failure of the Canadian Government  to yet compensate tbe sealing men of  this port, who, after the sealing treaty  between Canada, the United States,  Russia and Japan went Into effect,  lost their main sources of livelihood,  tbe masters of the schooners will next  year apply to the customs department  for licenses to go on sealing cruises.  Several sealing corporations yesterday  announced that they had decided to  take this step unless the compensation  was -forthcoming very shortly. It will  be remembered that some time ago  representatives of the four nations interested In the treaty gathered at  Washington and it was decided to compensate the Canadian sealers to the  extent of $200,000.  Compensation   Not   Forthcoming.  The American Government was to  hand over this sum to the Canadian  Government, which in turn was to  appoint a commission to allot the compensation money. So far, the Americans have failed to live up to their  end of the agreement and consequently the sealers feel that they are being  unfairly treated, after being deprived  of the right to seal.  DOMINION  Thanksgiving Day.  Ottawa, Sept 13. ��������� The Cabinet  Council has not yet considered the  date for Thanksgiving, but the holiday will probably be fixed for Monday, October 21. - '  Abe Orpen Fined 11000.  Toronto, 8ept. 13.���������-Abe Orpen, the  well-known race track man, was fined  $1000 and costs by the police magls-  trateyesterday^*o^keej*4ng^*^ett4ng  ; | *..*��������������������������� 11 ���������!��������� i������.���������.���������.������������������.���������*��������� ��������� ���������������������������*.*������������������������������������ m-*������������������* ������������������  The high cost of living may be  equalized by careful buying ,������f .vour  supplies for kitchen and table. ElKa'  Grocery, 30th and Fraser, make prices  that save dollars each week for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  Fraser Avenue business houses that  are leaders in their particular lines.  See their ads on this page. We have  found them trustworthy.  1. Junction Rooming House, corner  Fraser Avenue and Westminster  Road.  2. The Workman's Home Cafe, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-  Sixth Avenues.  4. The Unique Cafe, Forty-ninth Avenue and Fraser.  5. Hekla Cash Grocery, Fraser Avenue and Forty-Seventh Avenue.  6. Anatomical Shoe Store, 6352 Fraser Avenue.  7. Jack & John's Place, corner Fraser and Ferris Avenues.  8. Fraser Avenue Builder Supply Co.,  4122 Fraser Avenue.  house.     Two others were fined $800  each on the same charge.  C. P. R.'s Enormous Purchase.  Montreal, Sept.' 13.���������-No fewer than  105,300 tons of steel rails have been  purchased by the C. P. R. during the  year, making up with fastenings and  tieplates, a total of 206,14.7 tons. These  are chiefly the/ output of the soo and  Sydney mills. The order aggregates  $7,700,000.  Canada's Best Harvest.  Mr. Randolph J. McRae, formerly of  Vancouver, and now of Winnipeg, 1b at  the Hotel Vancouver after touring the  prairie provinces to study tbe harvest  situation, which he pronounces to be  the finest in the history of Canada.  LAND  NOTICES  ���������������*������ '**. OOAft X,4*n������ ������IfTWOT.  *Mst*le| of Va*t*Nr������*-ttv *���������***���������# Isle***  Take notice that Thomas H. AoSuof  Vancouver, B. C, occupation Bartender,  Intends to apply for permission to pur*  chase the following described lands:*-- ^  Commencing at a poat planted about  1*4 miles from the soutn*w������st comer  of Price. Island, and about IS chains east  of high tide mark. end. being f. H. A.'s  S. W. corner post, thence east 80 chain*,  thence north 80 chains, thence west .10  chains, thence south 80 chains'to point  of commencement, containing 840 acres,  ������������>��������� or '������������������������   T���������oMA8 H. APAK.     #  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Pate July mil. 1812.  *J-+*fwf S* OOAST ***4MTO *M*J*M*Vt.  91st*** of TaaotaTt*. frlee **���������*���������*������.  Take notice that George Cartelyou ef  .jjicouver,  B. C,  occupation  laboretv  intends to apply for permission to pur  Vancouver, B. C. occupation laborer,  intends to apply for permfulon to pur  ch������������e the following (feecribed l*nd������:���������  Commencng at a poet planted' about  1H miles south from the, northwest  corner of Price Island and about 88  chains east from high tide mark and  being George Cartelyou N. W. corner,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80  chain*, thence north 80 chalna, thence  west 80 chalna. to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more  or less.  GEORGE CARTELYOU,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  pate July 19th, 1812.  tends to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lands:���������  Commencing atifa poet planted about  2 tt miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 8 miles  and 8 chains east from, the high tide  ���������nark, and marked H. C/s northwest  comer post, thence fbuth 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or less.  HUGH. CAMPBEM..  By William H. Wooley, Agent  Date July 19th, 1912.  **������������* 9, COAST ***** *f**T*ai0T.  jMstrJc* of y-mooavtr. *"***ot isiaai.  Take notice that Thome* Rowe, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation blacksmith,  Intends to. apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:*���������  Commencing at a post planted about  2ft miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island, endabout 8 miles  and 8 chains east from high tide mark,  -and being T. R.'s N. E. corner Ijost.  thence south 80 chains, thence Wftt 80  chains, thence north 80 of  east 80 chains, to point o;  ment, containing 640 acres i  THOMAS BOW**,  By William H- Wooley, Agent  Date July 19th, 1912.  ce  ice'  *ta������oa a, co**** ft****) piithjot.  jHsttict of Vancouver, *Mca Island.  Take notice that William J. White,  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation chafceur.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase  the  following described  landM:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  1 % miles south from the northwest  corner of Price Island and about 93  chains ean* from the hl������h tide mark, ana  being William J. White's S. W. corner  pout thMice north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640  acres,  more  ������r lCSS' WILLIAM   .T.   WHITE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 19th. 1912.  -MjrOS 3. COAST SAflrS 9Z**T������3CT.  District of Vancouver, Price Zsutnd.  Take notice that Walter Deptford, of  I Vancouver, B. C, occupation hotel keep-  i er,  intends to  apply for permission  to  purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  [Itt miles south from the northwest corner  of  Price  Island   and  about   1   mile  land 33  chains east from the high  tide  *i mark, and being Walter Deptford's N. W.  1 corner   post,   thence  south     80     chains,  [thence  east 80  chains,  thence north  80  ���������chains,  thence west  80 chains,  to point  lof commencement, containing 640 acres,  ���������more or less.  WALTER DEPTFORD.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  |������ate July 19th, 1912.  BAJKl-E 3, COAST LASS 9ZSTBZCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Xslmad.  ���������    Take notice that William  Stonehouse,  lof Vancouver, B. C. occupation expressman, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands.  ���������r CommenaJng at a post planted  about  11^ miles south from the northwest cor-  Irier  of Price  Island  and  about  2  miles  Kind 33 chains east from high tide mark  and   being William  Stonehouse's  N.  W.  rorner post, thence    south    80    chains,  thence east  80  chains,   thence north  80  thalns   thence  west   80  chains   to  point  pi commencement, containing 640 acres,  nore or Jess.  WILLIAM STOXEHOUSE.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  )ate July 19th, 1912.  BAVOE 3, COAST XWUTD DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Price 'Island.  Take   notice   that  Hugh  Campbell,   of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation miner, m-  ������**<������* 3, COAST HAWD DWT1MCT.  District of Vaaoonvtr, "Prioa Island,  Take notice that John Walsby, of Vancouver,  B.. C, occupation engineer,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  ?tt miles south from the northwest corner  of Price  Island  and  about   1   mile  and  8  chains  east  from  the  high  tide  mark and being J. W.'s N. E. corner post,  thence south 80 chalna, thence west 80  chains,  thence north  80  chains,  thence  east   80  chains  to  point  of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  JOHN   WALSBY,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  *tA*OS 3, COAST X.AWD DWTSUCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Luclle Ralchle, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island, and about 1 mile  and 13 chains east from high tide mark  and being L. R.'s N. E. corner post  thence south 80 chains, thence west 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains to point or commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  LUCILE RAICHLE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  KAVOS 3, COAST TuAXD DISTRICT.  District of Vaacoaver, Price Island.  Take notice that Fannie Giileysie, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 mile  and 13 chains east from high tide mark  and being F. G.'s N. W. corner post,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.  FANNIE GILLEYSIE.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  SAITOE 3, COAST Z,A*ffD DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Martha CosteUa, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following.described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3J/4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 2 miles  and 13 chains east from the high tide  mark and being M. C.'s N. W. corner  post, thence south 80 chains, thence east  80 chains, thence north 80 chains; thence  west 80 chains, to point of commencement containing 640 acres more or less.  MARTHA C08TELLA,  By William H. Wooley, Agent  Date July 20th, 1912.  sAwas a, coast x-AJrp dwt*mct.  fHstriot of TaaootiTtr, Price fslaaa.  Take notice that Emma Webber, of  Vancouver. B. C, occupation storekeeper, Intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about  4tt. miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about Itt miles  east from the high tide mark and being  B. W.'s N. W. corner post, thence south  80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  to point of commencement containing  640 acres more or less.  EMMA WEBBER,  By William H- Wooley, Agent  Pate July 80th. 1912.  mA*/OS 3, WAST X*AJfl������ P-STBICT.  District of VaaeonTer, -pries laiaaa*  Take notice that Ana Bell, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation rooming house  keeper, intends to apply for permission  to purchase the following described  lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  4tt miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about Itt miles  east from the high tide mark and being  A. B.'s N. E. corner post thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains  to point of commencement, containing  6*0 acres more or less.  ANA BELL,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  -SAsTQ-S 3, COAST XtAIR) DISTRICT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Thomas Clanfleld, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation laborer, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  Stt miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 1-8 miles  east from high tide mark and being  T. C.'s N. E. corner post, thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,  to poiht of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  THOMAS CLANFIELD.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  General Nool and Wife 8uicide.  Tokjc} Sept 13.���������General Count  Maresuke Nogl, supreme military councillor of the empire, and bis wife, the  Countess Nogi, committed suicide tonight la accordance with the ancient  Japanese custom as a final tribute  9&99BS^y%fjf$$.  KAmt* amaY 9*UmA      '    >    Mw&t  ���������s-iwj -WMfataammmmnnf** i ��������� ���������������������������-*������������--������-**s<*itisjsjis*  to their deigned emperor aad1 friend.^ \], ^i^i}  Mutushito,    The death "by, their own " ���������' -^i''^-  hands of the famous general aad bJ������  wife was aa dramatic aa lt was sad.  Tbe general   cut his   throat with a  short sword and tbe countess comntit*  ted hari-kari.  You hear and read about X Jli A but now we want yoa  to try 1 lb. of our 50c India.   We guarantee it to be  superior to any Tea in the market    >  It is not blended, but the finest pick of the best garden in  India.  Tea  Tea  India  Tea  South Hill  50c  50c  50c  per lb.  Grocery  Cor. 45th and Fraser Avenue  Also River Road and Fraser Avenue  ',l  s\  .   i '-<* yy"  ���������^ ^yy ii  . , hv ������������������Vai  -   Py' 31  ���������E>\a*Sa<  . vis" VI  "     ��������� i/inl  L L     '   \      11  -   5*'&*.*��������� *"jj  -    1r= 0>"S  Lady Immigrant Agent.  Winnipeg, Sept 12.���������Miss E. Lang  for six years with "Der Nprdwestern,"  a well-known Winnipeg German paper,  has been appointed a special immigration commission for the C. P. R.  Miss Lang, who speaks the .principal  languages of northern continental  Europe fluently, will leave shortly for  Germany, Scandinavia and Denmark,  where she will point out to the agricultural populations tbe advantages  tbat Canala has to offer to tbe new  settler.  Man Being Brought Out.  Toronto, Sept 12.���������-A Grand Trunk  special train from Montreal will pass  through Toronto some time tomorrow  carrying several hundred construction  'abusers to Western camp* of tbe G.  T. P.; ��������� ���������'��������� '   '  ���������  tbla consignment wil) be followed  by others to fill tbe depleted rank* of  help in British Columbia and Alberta  campa. Tbe canvassing for laborer*,  following closely on tbe return of  President Chamberlain points to further energetic efforts to recruit labor  in tbe East Wben passing through  Toronto, Mr. Chamberlin said tbat tbe  deart hof labor waa tbe only hindrance to tbe rapid construction of wo k  along the G. T. p. line. Tbe destination of this party is Tete Jaune  Cache, on the eastern end of tbe Rockies.  FOKeiQN  Lord Milner Sail*.  London* bept m.���������Among those wbo  sailed today on the Virginian for Canada were Lord Milner, Senator Gibson, colonel Smith Park, President  Holt of tbe Royal Bank, and James  carrutbers.  BAXOE 3, C0A8T 2.A1TO DXSTBXCT.  District of Vanconyer, *Price Island.  Take notice that John A. Beattie, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation teamster,  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  5% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 1-8  miles east from the high tide mark and  being J. A. B.'s N. W. corner post, thence  south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence west 80  chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  JOHN A. BEATTIE.  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th. 1912.  KASrOS 3, COA8T ������AVD SI8TBXCT.  District of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Bella Blake, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation widow, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  6'/fe miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 chain  east from high tide mark and being  B. B.'s X. W. corner post, thence south  SO chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence vest SO chains  to point of commencement, containing  610 acres more or less.  BELLA BLAKE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent,  Date July 20th, 1912.  In We-tern Call Sept. 6 to Nov. 9,1912  Negro Officer Promoted.  Washington, Sept. 13. ��������� Captain  Charles ioung of tue Ninth U. S. Cavalry, the only negro army officer  grauuaied trom West Point, has been  promotea to the rank ot major. U  is said no other colored man has at-  tainea tnat rank in the regular army.  Young is now military attache to  tauerut and is organizing the army  oi the black republic,  lo Aoohsh Use ot Army Monoplanes.  ixmuon, cept 13.���������Despite the oppo-  sition of the war office officials, the  House of Commons decided today to  aooiiBh the use ot the monoplane lor  military purposes.  'i his action, it is said, was brought  about by the death of tour lieutenants  in the army within one week aa tbe  result ol monoplane accidents.  Last Honors to Late Emperor.  Tokio, Sept. 13.���������Passing in magnificence through the silent ranks of  hundreds of thousands of the subjects  who in life honored him as a god, tbe  body of the late Emperor Mutsuhito of  Japan, was borne this evening through  the deadened streets of Tokio for his  public funeral services at the Aoyama  parade ground. The actual burial of  the late ruler, will be held tomorrow  at JVlomboyama, near Kioto, where lie  the ashes of Emperor Kwammu, Mikado of a thousand years ago.  "Throughout the whole day Tokio  was thronged with spectators of the  ceremony from the whole empire, and  the streets were gay with color, no  black, being worn as a sign of mourning. The principal official event of  the day was the proclamation of amnesty by Emperor Yoshihito to polici-  cal offenders, in which, however, those  members of the anarchist baud of  Denjiro Kotoku still held in prison  were not included.  More Intervention by the U. S.  Washington, Sept. 13,���������The United  States is about to intervene in Santo  Domingo. Warships will be despatched  at once to the island. A revolution  has broken out which threatens Amer-i  cans and other foreign interests.  Hekla Cash Store  i  Oddstand & Johnsoi, Prop.  General stock of Fresh Groceries  Tea, Coffee, Sugar, etc, Provisions,  Butter, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.  Pick where you like from our Special TaMe of fc. Its aad ISc Articles  Fraser Street and 47th Avenue  *.&������������������  -*Li  "Jfclt^  ���������y$?Z  ��������� "x M  etvma JVf-ttflitfrl 9*Mo9  On pusinees Adaptation, Btaltb and  Hanniness  "T^***PS**sr*T^T "^"**������w  80S Granville Street, Corner Robson  Hours: 10 a. m. to 9 p. m  The Workman^  Home from Home Cafe  Between 25th and 28th Avanaaa  * Opposite Post Offles  We cajrry a flirt-dais Hne of  Bread, Confectionery, lee  *a*-r���������"��������� ^s**p**as)s> *B*p*p**>*ii**������   *mt *iS7ps***n^a*pSjras**a*v  Fon't Forget 4185 Frwer Ave.  '������������i  >j">y.  ��������� r * ,41  >,   \ ������* >1  /    *      --1    c'CfJ  RcKxm an4 Boar4 f**00per to.  Special rates by week or montfc  to*"������������ ^2MJ2P  ���������'wt ��������� *** .9*���������*****���������*��������� * "WT VT "|ss^***^"*^**^****j**s^****> <-f**s)***  root, TAW*  Builder's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, etc.  estimates Free Plant Submitted  fraser Avenue  PuiWer's Supply Co.  4133 Preter Avenue  F.. 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C.  t.4.t.l..l..l..I..t..M������*I"I-*l"I-*I"i"M4-->-i"l"I":"I"I*   <-^^.-4^-M-*-.*+<-*l**+*!*'  <������  < ���������  Office: 108*109 Dodson Block  25 Hastings Street. East  rnfiES:  Office Scyasar 864  tes. Sej-Mor 21711  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,   Appraiser and Notary Public^for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent *yrz  T..j^j^:ffij|^ffiff\-^jffi^^  t  yyy  ^x  r  ������������������**���������*>���������.   _ *>*���������  i*ttt**WF.STEftN CALL.  t  ***** tl' It I 'I *<l 11 *���������*��������� ���������..���������������������������l*..*..M. Wy  i   The Successful riritis  J   Advertise. WHY?  ^y���������������������������������l^^l���������^^^v^^l���������^^^������������������^l^^l���������^w^������^^������l*������^*^*>������>^^^iH^^^'^������H  THE SUCCESS  has secured temporary quarters at 153���������10th Ave.,  east, and are opening classes, Thursday, August 1st.  We are offering up-to-date courses in Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Typewriting and all  other commercial subjects.  Day classes meet during August from 8:30 to  1 o'clock. Evening classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock.  Get free information today at the above address  or Phone Seymour 8240.  F. G. Garbutt    E. Scott Eaton, B. A.  President    *y Principal  'fJh  Mt Pleasant livery  * A. P. McrAVISH, Prop. ,  J   Phone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main  Carriages at all hotirs day or night  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and'Single  aodgies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire       ,   ������  Express & $aggageT^ans|erred  i*******^****,,*.** ������������������.���������K"M"H-*'H*������*M*-X'������*^^  ���������4-*>***iS4rWi^  i���������. |������**04wr*:;lifiyWa/*-* 1108/. y .[  Mount Pleasant  EDITED   BY D. R. PIERCE  ......   Phone : Fairmont 1140  Help to make these pages as interesting as possible by u'rit'tig or  or telephoning  all local news each week before   Wednesday noon.  Mr. Earl H. Wilcox, son of Mr. and  Mrs. M, C. Wilcox of Twelfth Avenue,  who was a student at the Vancouver  would be very detrimental to Mount  Plearsant In my opinion. A drawbridge would necessarily be open a  High School last year, has inatriculat-: great part of the time, thus cutting off  ed at the Harvard Military School at our downtown sections."  Los Angeles.  The Women's Guild of Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church met Tuesday  afternoon instead of on Wednesday.  Ab the work for the new year is to be  entered upon a large, attendance at tomorrow's meeting is requested.  Mr. Owen stated that business was  very good. He reports.an Increase of  25 per cent over last year.  Royal Bank's New Building.  The Royal Bank of Canada has be-  ....... ,    , .,    gun the erection of a fine new block  About thirty young people pleasantly.^ ^ corner of MaJn    gtreet  surprised   Miss   Bessie   Law   at  her j EJghth AveQue   The design is elegant,  ily conceived, and the entire front, in*  eluding the cornice even, Is to be of  beautiful white terra cotta. The building will be two storeys high. The  first floor will be devoted to the banking department, while the second floor  home on Thirteenth Avenue on Wednesday  evening.    The  evening  was \  passed in cards and music and ended  with singing "Auld Lang Syne."  Rev. JohC W Woodside and his  bride, formerly Miss Currie, returned  tt tb. city ob tt. Imperial W������l^"^^np"iTiinirTk."S  ^ssissszssSuSr \ zx^ttsrir-z b"i,d'  ������._       j, .������������-���������-   r.   it   t ! ing at this time is one of the many  Mr.  and  Mrs. C.  K.  Larmor and!������T.j4���������nrt���������-,- ..,���������,. ���������, ��������� ���������       ���������. ,        ���������  ...   ���������_; .. T        ���������������������������   .   ���������'������������������������������������.���������  ���������.. ��������� A.     indications that Mr. Pleasant is really  MIbb Enid Larmor have arrived In the'  city from Winnipeg on their way to  California, and ' are staying with  friends In Fairview.  Last Sunday after morning prayer  the members of the choir of St. Michael's Church, Mount Pleasant, presented Miss O'Dell with a handsomely  taking-on new life and energy.  The  A New Firm Operating.  firm of Williams ft Moshiier,  newly established- on Dufferin West,  have begun the manufacture of their  beautiful, artistic .cement brick. We  bound hymn book as a mark of .their have examined their output personally  esteem. Miss O'Dell left on Tuesday and are free to say that we have seen  for Columbian College, to enter upon nothing of the kind worthy ofcom partner studies. r son- \ The beauty combined with the  Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Reid, 37 Tenth]almost endless durability of these.  Avenue West, formerly   of Peterboro,' brick must create at once a tremen-  ,|..|.l|..|..*..|,ll..|.<.,|M|,.|,.|,������jl.|���������*,.l,.|..|Mi..t..|���������|M*.������ 4^M*^^^:^4������,i,.i���������i.^.������..t..|..i..|.,i,.| ���������������������.*.4\-\  J No  Delivery  No Credit  Fairmont 621  Wa gift job ths heme*  fit tf all eipniats tt  Itiivirj  Md kwk*  ktepli|.  1  +  + >  +  +  +  +  +  +  %  *  *  Our Quality the Best and Prices the Most Reasonable  eatuk-day *$peo/������4-t  Per Lb.  California Lamb, Lees   -   - 20c  *���������     Loins -   - 20c  "           *���������     Ribs   -   - 18c  Sirloin Roast  20c  Rib Steak     ------ 15c  Choice Pot RoaBt -   -   12 to 15c  Choice Corntd Beef   -   -   > 10c  ���������     ��������� Psu Lb.  Choice Boneless Eeef ' - 12^ c  Lean SHverside ��������� - - - 16c  Fresh Dressed Chix - 25c to 80c  Good Lard * - - 2 lbs. for 25c  Choice Table Butter - - -86c  Fresh Eggs, per doz. - - 85c  3 doz. for    -   -   -   -    $1.00  Fresh Onions, Parsley, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Green Com  Fresh Red Salmon  "   Halibut  2 Iba. 25c  3 ita. 25c  Fresh Cod  .   -  Fresh Herrinoa  perlb.l0e  4 Ita. 28*  J      If jfM irt ist trtilBf at tht Sailtarj larktt, girt is a trial ni bt cMViaeti.  : 2513 Mate Street, nr.Broadwiy    -   'teBWS^  .������������������i.t..t..i..i.������.t.������.;.i*������i.it..t"M������i..t..|..*.������.t"i"t..i.������ ���������f*-v;~x--x*������*:"-*i-<t"i-������{..}.4-*;.:"l-l'i'?'l'l-lM������  CHURCH NOTICE.  Central Baptist, corner Laurel and  Tenth Ave. Rev. D. E. Hatt, M.A.,  will preach at both services on Sunday next. Morning subject: "The  Value of a Christian Education."  Ont., announce 'the engagement 'of  their youngest daughter, Myrtle E., to  Mr. D. OBcar Wing, third son of Rev.  M; L. Wing, Berlin, Ont: The wedding  takes place October 8th,  dous demand for thair production. Add  to all this the fact that they can be  sold for about one-half the usual price  for their kind, and it is not hard to  conceive the beginning   of   another  Mrs. W. H. Harvey and Miss Isobel *?eat tusinesB enterprise for Mt.f*leaa-  Harvey of River Road, South Vancou- aBt'  ver, left on Tuesday morning for To- j '.'��������� ���������" ~~���������r���������-  ronto.    They  expect   to  be   absent  about three months. /  Hordes of Inquiries have been.com-.  ing Into the real estate offices because  of . the   anticipated   development of!  False Creek.  | Several realty .dealers state ; that  j property on which options were  'placed some months ago are being  (eagerly sought after.  < >  VAN WFORD BROS.  Mg Summer Sale  Of Pots and Plants, Ferns, Palms, etc.  Large variety of  Cut Flowers, Fern Pishes, baskets, etq.  Great Reductions  999 Proa<|way W.,        Cor. Broadway and Oak  * H'XCB OfFICE, spcilil far loipHil visitors, CM. SEATBE1 n* ItMIWU  H  Buf   ffi *i '��������� In**   *   *   **���������-*'   *���������--**��������� -���������--���������-'*   *������   ������.-���������   ���������- ���������   * sSa     .t.AJ'rt't.' -���������-'.- ���������-_���������__���������������������������������������������������  i(fj*M*^f4**>*^|taja4****'^***fB**������j**r *fjS      ���������i#������j������*^**t*t-������*>4-) ���������.������������������. ������������������L"'"'5"'"i**'Sj*������"  Tha Nstd of a Hotel Felt.  Mount Pleasant needs a good hotel  ; in the opinion of many of the merchants, who consider there is a good  j field in the district for a first-class hostelry, one that would cater to a select  class of trade.     Several    prominent  | business men are In hopes that the  C. N. R. will build a hotel on their side  of the creek.   They think there is suffi-  P.eal Estate Is Moving.  The West Coast Trust Company has  just closed a deal for the transfer of  fifty feet of property south of Broadway.  A number of large warehouses are  being constructed on the west side of  Main Street.  Mr. F. J. Whiteside Is Just finishing  an apartment house on the corner of  Eighth Avenue and Victoria Street,  which will have sixteen suites and will  be handsomely furnished throughout  and equipped with every modern convenience.  A double corner en Sixteenth Avenue has Just changed hands, the consideration being $5,250. The present  owner intends to utilize the lots for  building purposes.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. C. Madill, Pastor.  11 a. m. ��������� " Gates on every side.''  7:30p.m.���������"The 8}ow man."  FOR RENT  8-Roomed House  4529 Valentine St., between 29th and  30th Ave., South Vancouver; strictly  modern, new. Apply Muir 4 Lpbb,  2410 Westminster Road.    , V  Imperial Transfer Co.  ��������� When moving phone us.    We are  prompt and reliable.    Furniture  and Pianos moved.   Padded Van  Phones Sey. 648 also Sey. 133  563 Georgia Street  l������������4"l"*"I"I"I"H"I'������4"I"I"H-;"I'*M"i-������f*-������  {Toronto!;  I FURNITURE  STORE I  'H 3334 Malh St. '      |  Oar stock of Furniture |  is Large, Modern and +  adapted to the tastes of f  -Buyers.  Dressers, Buffets, Tables  Chairs, Couches,   Mat-  tresses, Bedsteads, etc.  A complete line of  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc.  Drop in and inspect our goods.  This is where you get a square  -        deal.  M. H. COWAN  H--I*->������>H*-M*������������X*^*I--,^>*I^������*������4'������1'4'>*>  BAND'S CAFE.  cient demand for such strictly first-  class hotel such as the C. N. R. would! If you're after tasty cooking  undoubtedly build. j You can quit your further looking,  ^������������������y- ^- "���������----���������,-���������;..���������'- rv  ; |    Make a line, iny friend, at once for  ��������� Band's Cafe;  For of all the chefs and waiters,  Steaks and fish and pies and 'taters,  j    Band's can carry off tbe prize most  any day.  Not the ChsspMt Phw*  UnI the b������j* Vslue for  "V������aey  tACk^ v> "��������� Arm*tro������f, Prop. *N&  ^������  2440 MAIN STREET  ���������*r  If it is CHOCOLATES or CANPIE5 you want, see ub.  We ha/e the greatest variety and our prices are right  In Cent Candies we have over 40 kinds.  Car Line Work Progressing.  The grading and paving operations  on Westminster Road, from Fifteenth  to Knight Street, are now almost com-  ! pleted.  !    The new street car line on Sixteenth ' T,       ,     . .,  ! Avenue has Just been ballasted, ������d.''/.^^JT^: ?i ~ 2-^  cars will coon be runlnng on that tnor      ,,....   ...   .  ,     ..,-.*.   L  oughfare.    TWs will naturally facili-1    With that fee. lul load that comes  tate transportation in this section and  j will tend to promote building opera-  t tions.  Tbe work of double-tracking Broad-  i way West ia getting along near the  finish.    This will  be another superb  piece of work when completed.  . And the food will not half kill you  With that fearful  from indigestion;  But you'll feel such satisfaction,  And euch readiness for action,  That you'll ezt at Itend'B henceforth  without a question.  Mt. Pleasant Carriage &  /  Dealers in Heavy Team  and   Express   Wagons  Rubber Tire Work  MUIR & Lope  2410 Westminster RtaJ  YOUR HEALTH  depends upon the condition ofyoUr spine.    To c-y.  |   enjoy perfect health get  ���������    yout spine idjuste^l by  Ernest Shaw, p.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Aveijue Cast  (Close to Main St.)  Oflgce Hours: 1:30 to6.  Free.  Consultation  Progressive Eoot Repairing  in Iraatfway E.       THoi. famaalai. mi*  Has inHtalled a  "QOODVEAR SHOE REPAR OUTFIT '  Turns out shoes equal to new  f  W  POR SALE  On 12th Avenue and Victoria Drive, near Grandview  car. THREE Bungalows, story and a half each, full cement  basement, finished modern up-to-date style, heat, etc., toilet  in basement, extra toilet upstairs.  For full particulars and information as to terms apply  506 Metropolitan Building  PHONE: Seymour 588  ������llll   II   Hill   M H������0<  VANCOUVER  I  -a ***������������������������!*a a ��������� ���������������%������������������ *���������������������������>��������������������������� a .������ ������������������������������������  THE INTERCOLONIAL TEA CO.  For High Grade  Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Spices, Extracts  Tea from 25c per lb. up  Coffee, extra choice, 30c, 35c and 40c per lb.  Cocoa, absolutely pure and delicious, 35c lb.  Phone Fairmont 1592  3536 Main St.  False Creek Helps Mt. Pleasent.  The "proposed development of False  Creek is toning up business in Mount  Pleasant considerably.  A majority of the business men of  the vicinity seem to be heartily in favor of the C. N. R. obtaining the  False Creek flats for terminals and a  union depot  The general opinion appears ���������Ho be  that the terms of the proposed agree-  LEE  ANO  WOOD.  This progressive and successful company commenced- business \at 523  Broadway West in January 1912, since  which time their goods and services  .have been in steady and increasing  demand. Paper-hanging, tinting and  decorating, together witth the sale bf  paints, oils, varnishes, brushes and  glees bave given constant employment  to from 20 to 35 men and aggregated  over $25,000 income.  j * Of many of their big contracts a  few might be mentioned such as Guilford Court, Denham Court, the Dun-  i can Building, the Canada Permanent  Buildinsr. renovating Winch Building,  ment are quite fair.   When the creek  is filled up the bridge between the city decora"tW7he7m^  and  Mount  Pleasant could be elimi- ��������� costly   60-rooro   Shaughnessy   Lodge,!  nated, and this wo-jld tend to shorten  the distance between the "Hill" sections and the main busines portion of  the city.  Commissioner Owen in. Line.  They  will  soon commence work on ttf    i* .^ .    ������������������_._���������il. ^^.������������������i^  the splendid ten-story London-British  We live to Serve the people.  North  American  Building,  of  which ,  Sommcrville  &   Puttmann  are architects.  Of this company E. A. Lee was born j  in Ontario 30 years ago.     In the year!  11996 he came to Vancouver, bringing  Park Commissioner W. R. Owen in \ with him ambition, ability and busi-  d]8cuseing the question said the other! ness experience.     From his youth he  day:    "It is the best thing that could has been a contractor, and an artist  happen to this section of the city.   We  feel confident," he continued, "that ths  Council will see that the interests of  the city at large are protected.   If the  C. N". R. comes in here it will  invaluable to the business interests ������������.  ���������   ������...   ������, .       , ,        ���������   , ,  ....   ji . - .   -r���������.   j.   a   ��������� i        ,^     ��������� South Africa, for several   years   fol-  this district.   The disadvantage of hav-1 jowil)g the war.     For u^ j^,, he  ing   a   bridge   would    be   eliminat-!  Our Stock is complete and  of excellent quality.  in his particular line, in which he is  a master.  Wm. Wood, the second member of  the firm, was born in Aberdeen, Scotland.     He served as an officer in the  prove 1 British Army in the British-Boer war.  sts of **e TVS" in DU8'nesB *n Johannesburg,  i hss been in Vancouver doing business  Some prominent officials have ad-1 and   winning  friends.      His  age   is  1 about 36 years.     Lee and Wood are  men to be known and honored. They  x.    ..     .  ^   ^ .,       ���������,      are regular advertisers in the Weston the south side of the bridge.   This ���������rn qail.  ed  vocated that ships be brought up the'  inlet and dockage facilities  afforded  Our Workmen  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt.  Choice  %  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Cor. Broadway        Mt. Ple&Mnt  Poultry Supplies  of every description  V.  Phone: Fair. 186  J  LEE I WOOD  523BTM4way,W.   Rhhk Fair. I5?t  GO TO  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St  The finest Tuberous  Rooted   Begonias  in the  City now on Display  Prices Reasonable  PHONE: Fairaont 817 THg WESTERN CALL.  ***"  ttSmpFPi  ''. ��������� ���������   ^ V"; fi" ��������� r*"*w  *tc  a****.  ancouver  *11������11*** 11- in mum *->m+/ iflfa  ���������������  ;; If You Help Your District \  \.\ou also Help Yourself  ��������� 'm������'������* 111 f Ul i I M 11! I 1 ti*** 4  i m  jw*&8  ymmm  \   ,  :   t"H"M"I  M"l'**������'t'������'*'<"*"I"M"M"ll*"MO^^  . > - '  ..        . t  | We Have all the Cheapest  Lots in D. L  ;: 7th Ave. 50 ft., 1% blks, west of Main, only $ 7500 ::  a  a  n  a  a  tt  .a  t*.  n  tt  east  west  7th Ave. 50ft, 5  7th Ave. 50 ft,\ltf  5th Ave. 50 ft., lyi  5th Ave. 50 ft, X  UMdewoe 50 ft, yi  5th Ave.100 ft., 2  .'a^flM^'^'livS;-  Good terms to arrange on all the above.  a  a  east  a  tt  tt  a.  n  a  a  t*  tt  a  a  tt  tt  5600  *  5500  7000  13000  12500  7000  10500  Gorner 7th and Victoria "Street, 80x82 feet with  large house, only $11500. Terms are exceptionally  easy.- '    \    ���������* *     ���������  MAIN  STREET  44 feet near iLansdowne at $45000  132 feet corner Front and Main at $800 per foot  50 feet near Broadway, at   1000 per fdot >  50 feet hear 12th Ave., at    450 peir*foot  .  ^  Easy terns arranged to s^^  I  : 2343 MAIN STREET  PHOJvES. Felrrooqt 49^, 497  "ii-ii* iii,iin|n������i|i*|ii|i������i|iiii-t������iiitiii;iifiiVii'iiii|iitMi"i'  OH*H,K4<l������i*>  CORRESPONDENCE    \  Vancouver, Sept. 9, 1912.  The Editor,  "The Western Call":  Sir,���������We h������"-e all, in our time, I  suppose, played "hit's and seek," and  been told that we were "cold" or "hot"  according as we were distant from or  close to the place of concealment of  the hidden object of search.  Professor Schaefer's quest of the active agency, in the vitalize tion of Inert elements has led him, I believe,  close to the hiding place of a wondrous fact.  But, although It should lead him  away from the "hot" end bf the spectrum, if he will take a good look among  the ultra-violet rays, I am prepared to  believe,that he will And the object of  his search.  We'know that the solar radiation,  decomposed, affords for spectroscopic  examination rays of 'three different  recognizable characters���������Thermal, Luminous, and Actinic.  We know tbat the Actinic ray. is tbe  active agent in promoting the assimilation of-inert elements by the organisms of the vegetable kingdom.  Is it not accordant with analogy,  and possible, and'not unprobable, that  A very pretty wedding was solemnized in Chalmer'8 Church, Fairview,  on September 7, at 2 o'clock by the  Rev. J. A. Logan, of Westminster Hall.  The contracting parties were Mr. C.  Todd Berry and Miss Elizabeth Cook,  both of Vancouver. The parties were  supported by Miss Bessie Haldon and  Dr. Patton. After' the wedding a number of friends were entertained at the  home of Mrs. Webster, sister of the  bride, on' Seventh Avenue, where, the  newly married couple will make their  home on the return from their bridal  tour.  On Monday evening, September 9,  the home of Mr. and Mrs: John F. Nicholson, 167 17th-Avenue West, waB" the  scene of a happy event, when'Miss Ellen May Clark and Mr. Gordon Stanley Nicholson were united in marriage by Rev. 'H....M.'"Jackso*K'V:'''*riie  home was prettily decorated in pink  and white, and the young couple were ,  recipients of many handsome presents.'  At the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian ln the solar radiation (perhaps by  Churcii on Tuesday, September 10, thesomemethod of transmutation) there  marnage; was* quietly solemnized ' of.! ****** sti11 remain to be discovered,  Miss-Marie'Beaton, lately of Inverness.������������������( aw*y outside of the violet rays of tbe  Scotland, to a,iv Thomas Frederick spectrum, an,elusive, invisible, intan-  Whitmore of this city. The^eereraony gible, highly refrangible Vital Ray,  was performed by Rev. O/C. Pia,geqn',;i*-''-,,*,h- fa!Ung upon inert elements snot Westminster Hall. The bride was, scrub! ei in due proportion, and in ap- J j;  attended by her sister. Mr. and*Mrs. Propriate environment, may vitalize  Whitmore will reside in Vancouver;    [and produce life therein.  ������ I    As well as with the direct solar raya  At the Westminster mansfe, 275-we are familiar with diffused light.  Twenty-third Avenue East, on Wedhes-j with diffused sunlight we must have  day last. Miss Annie Wenzig, 6304 Que- diffused heat, diffused chemical or ae*  jbee Street, South Vancouver, was tinic activity; and, if my hypothesis  quietly married to Arthur .Edward be correct, what we may term diffused  Dean, 831 Davie Street, ��������� by the Rev- vitality.  George p. Ireland. j    In this all-pervading vital energy, we  On Wednesdayevening,   the   11th'*lnd' as * am di8D08ed t0 beMeVft* ***  Inst., at 7:30 o'clock; th the vestryof a������ency ^at ha8' a11 down through un,  imaginable duration, wakened Inert  elemental matter to sentient being;,  and peopled the waters, and the air,  and the earth, with their swarming  myriads: to be moulded under slow-  iy~yyyyyyy' ~~ yyyy  changing conditions through countless  OAJUtt.  Issued every Friday at, 2408 Wentmln-  <ter Road, one-half block north of Broadway.   Phone EaJrmont 1140.  Editor. H *^fctevena; Manager, Ge������  \   Odium       ^bt  anbecrtftloa: 11.00 per year. 5u c������nt>  -������r six months; 26 cents per three  nontha. . .���������  CIi������iik������i* <���������* adM. muit be in by T.uee-  lay evening each week to Insure ln������er-  tlon la- following:issue.  Notices of   Wrths. deatbs  and  mar*  rlsaes fneerted free of charge,  *B**a*a-a-BB������-*-aa*a-*aa*-a--B---i--^  Social and Personal  Miss^ Carol S. Everett,^ of Boston,  Mass., arrived In Vancouver. Friday,  Sept. 13, and is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Ward Burpee, of 6280 Somer-  ville Road, South Vancouver. MIbb  Everett is also a sister of Mrsl Pierce,  wife of the"Western Call's" news  editor. ���������        ������������������'���������'q;,..y-:yyyyyy:  wwmsff  xmi>M*zM**Mr-*aai  or o-ao*  BIT. PLEASANT LODGE NO. 1������  ���������> Meets .every   Tuesday   at   8 ftin. 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George D. Ireland performed  the marriage Ceremony *4niting Miss  Janet Kinsman, of 123 Tenth Avenue  East,"and James Elder Steele, formerly  of Coldports, Scotland.   Mr. and Mrs.  live at  233������ Brunswick *&������'  iut0 more and   more  complex  forms of animal life.  Fbt7 ultimately, what is the solar  At Wesley Church last evening at 9' radiation?  o'clock the marriage was soiemmzea 1 What but the transmutation, and  jby the pastor, Rev. J. C. Swltzer, ot Mr.' reflection, of, an energy imparted by  Albert .William Bryant of South Van-! the One Great Cause of all Effects---  couver, and Miss Ethel Beatrice Ham-' the Omnipotent Word, without wKom  Steele  Street.  will  ^,jmow*var*i*mm,-  ejvicoowiisr  294*9 mmlm 9t. ad m^mrm frmm  {a tb������ coolest Parlo^ in Mount Trleaaaiit.  PHONE  fAWMONT  510  9mSMmm  mi  Call and try our Ice Creamj Sundaes, Soo*as, Cio>r, Soft l^rinka, et������.  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We cater to Balls, Parties, etc.  TRY OUR 25c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH  ���������?~-  3611 MAIN STREET  Corner 10th Avenue Phone Fairmont 609  ber of friends of the young couple were whether or not intended by the writer  I present to witness the ceremony, after^tb bear a different and larger, and lof*  j which Mr. and Airs. Bryant took the Iter  signification,  I, deem  it  neither  their irrational nor irreverent to take it as  j expressive of a literal and physical  ��������� fact.  .-.���������'������������������'���������  [late boat for Victoria, and on  'return will reside in Vancouver.  { On Sept. 11 at the': home of the  i bride's mother, by thj*. :^tey.. s|.:. Willard  I Lltch, B, A., J^lfred4^nde*^o<Ml We-  'berg of Kerrisdale wae-u^^;in' mar-  ! riage to Viola Sophia Hatt^^ijghter of  ���������Mis. John W. Hatt of 32t^igi������th Ave-i  I nue West. The bride w^i attended (  ' by her sister, Miss Hazel Hatt, and the;  jgrom  was  supported  by   Mr.   R.   H. j Coiin<,,i of North Vancouver.  'Quinn.   They will spend their honeymoon  at   Boissevain,   Man.,   Mr.   We-..  after which they will, aatisfactory enough for publication to  'the general body of ratepayers,  Yours respectfully,  A. B. HILL.  Civic Affairs in North Vancouver.  To the Editor of "Western Call").  Dear sir,,���������There is a growing feeling of unrest and dissatisfaction with  the way in which affairs have been  and are being arranged by the City  For one thing, the price realized for  .the city bonds does not appear to be  ���������  ���������  i  a  I  ���������  i  DARLING'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST., COR. I Ith Ave.  berg's old home,  take up their residence at Kerrisdale. > W|thptamlltlg (he apotheosis which the  ���������financial    ambassadors    received  on  their return from tbe East by the pre-  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY BY REGISTERED MEN  PHONE:   FAIRMONT   514  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  ********************%**M***9***********9************>  not-  sent chBirman of the finance commit  . tee and the majority of the aldermen.  j    Then an enquiry  Is desirable into  many matters amongst others the rock  contract., i  As to ownership of the quarry:  as j  to arrangement of the contract: as to!  the action of the City Council In as-  ! sensing the price of the rock contrary |  to  the  schedule of  prices   per  yard ,  ; per street specified in the said con- j  . tract. _,  !    Also as to  whether am-  alderman j  or any  person  in  his behalf or any <  person In  partnership with him has |  entered into or obtallned any Interest  directly or indirectly in any contract  . entered into by or with the citv (see  : Sections 20, 21, 22 Municipal Clauses  1 Act).    Also  as   to   whether   it   lay  j within the power of the City Council  ;q������>-1911 to sell or exchange 12 acres  ; more or less lying upon the slope on  the  west  side  of  Mackav   Creole   for  j 8 1.-2 acres, ,more or less, lying in the  ; bottom of the, said creek, whether the  ! sairl  the exchange was equitable.  j    Also a full explicit statement as to  ' the present position of the Rice Lake  Progressive   Boot   Repairing   Shop,'. Land dispute, and as to whether the  232 Broadway East. j Council are acting within their power  ' under the Municipal Clauses Act, in  I spending  money  upon   tbe  said  pro-;  Iperty.  ]    Also as to  whether any  alderman  ���������,..,.���������_._,_, t . ��������� acted as agent for the vendors of pro-  Inmble & Norris, Real Estate, cor-; perty contiguous  to  Rice  Lake,  and  ner Broadway and Westminster Road J demanded or received commission for!  j Peters & Co. Shoe Repair Shop, '���������the sa,e of ������n>' portion of the said,  L. ,    ������.    ���������     . t.i    _c ,j.   r> . property to the city. ;  jMain, back of Bloomfields Cafe. j    The opinJon fa eXpregsed by manv!  I    Stanley & Co., Wallpaper, 2317Main '��������� persons that this enquiry should Uke j  i Street. *-*-*. , the jorm 0* an audit by a person or,  ������������    'a��������� ���������    . ��������� ��������� ,._: persons appointed by the Lt.-Govemor;  laH1'*!^?8*.Bu9iness Col]e������?e'  L8in   Council    under  the    Compulsory!  loth Avenue E. , Aud|t  clauBes    of    the    .Municipal;  All of the above are thoroughly in- clauses Act." j  | terested  in  Mt   Pleasant's    forward j    Commending these matters to the i  movement and consistently patronize earnest consideration of the ratepayers, I remain yours truly,  ! WILLIAM KNOWLE9.  P. O. Bo* 1854, North Vancouver, EX.  Mt. 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You haf told de  ;truth. You vere robbed by a skilful  ^fisherman, tnlt a line und hook, operated drough de transom. It vos defer  vork."  I "Some one of your people," exclaimed Solano. "Why don't you get  .the papers from him, if you are so  wild about them?"  The baron turned his mottled, anguished face-, upon the speaker.  "Young chentlemen," he cried, raising  his right hand on high, "as dere iss a  Gott, as I lefe und honor de Cherman  kaiser, no man off mein hass done dis  ting. De drlck hass been bulled off  by somevon else, somevon to - whom  dose babers vas as valuable as to me  ���������or you. Ve hat both been fooled, Und  I am de bigger fool off two fools."  There was no mistaking the ring of  ihonesty in the German's voice. There  was no mistaking the look upon hi::  tenance, eyed the prisoners for a mo-! horro-8trickMl vlsaee    He had been  ment and then spoke in a tone of the   norror wnoken visage,   ne naa neen  ERNEST SHAW, D. ti  (Doctor of Chiropractic).  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Vat haf I efer done dot you should be  so abuslf?"  ; "You have done enough," snapped  Brockett, "to get yourself put away  for years to come���������you have proved  yourself a German spy, and even this  country doesn't deal very gently with  that kind of yellow dogs. Give me  hack my messages, and let me go, or  you'll know what a jail looks like  from the Inside/'  Baron Zollern laughed amusedly.  ... "How could I," he gurgled,"gif you  back your documents ven I haf dem  not got melnself as yet? I exbect dot  I vlUhaf dem In a very few mlnids,  und den ve vlll see apout glflng dem  hack alretty. At bresent, I half dem.  not, so vy such excitations?"  f*You are a liar,*' snarled*Solano.  "The papers were stolen not five minutes ago, and you haye them in your  pocket now."  "No, no, aber nit," ckuckleci the  baron. "Gif me time. Pe bapers vlll  he here, in mein own llddle hand, in a  few mlnids, but vr andlcibate? Two  off you men search de clodlngs of  4ese young man, und bring me,,vat-  effer documents dere may be con*  cealed dereln.**  :   "You don't need to search,"  said.  Brockett; **Some of your thieves took ���������  the paper* from my coat a fair minutes *m-o.'.-91*^  transom, and fot tha-n* It wm ��������� nice  trick���������one I euppoee J ouf ht to ���������*!?���������  you credit for."  : 'Tithed for d>*n? Ofer tW>tr*w>  Isomr queried tbe baron. "Notndeet.  |pot In aot de vay | Inttndet to-*9  .quire does documents. Not at all. It  vot my Intenchuaa to make fou de  T  -what are rou going to do  '���������iH"t'l"i'4iii"i"*"i'<ii:-:-K->->������:--:*t">v-;-. o--.-*v ^H*-*********:* ���������*** 4 M1 *-i*l"l"H"t"l"liO  1t-~  Are carefully selected by an expert,  from the stocks of the largest Diamond  dealers of London and Amsterdam. Each selected gem is  mounted on the premises in our own factory. We can  therefore guarantee the ABSOLUTE PURITY of our  Diamonds and the workmanship and quality of our mountings.  Geo. Q. Bigger  Jeweller and Diamond Merchant  j 143 Hastings Street, W* |  "   *  4^4^^^j^-������f4>H^H.^X..>.X^;..X.-:oK*������H*^*-K*������H*������������H-������K-������!-'11-14 IVIM I*  t  i  ivery fair offer for de bapers. If yoa  ���������vos so Insensate as to refuse, den Z  :could take dem forcibly���������-but fish for  5em ofer de transom? Vot craclness  it diss, my frlendt?"  : Zollern'- men emerged from the  ���������room, bearing whatever clothing  Brockett and Solano had left behind.  They reported that nothing of any in*  terest had been found, and a quick  search of the prisoners turned up no  papers of any special value. Baron  *Zollern's face wore a bewildered look,  and began to cloud portentously aa  <he turned upon his captives.  "You haf hidden de bapers," he  ���������purred, ominously. "Berhaps ve can  ,flnd vays und means lo induce you to  ;dlscofer dem?"  "I have told you, you German sneak.  jthlef," snarled Brockett, "how the pa-  jpers were stolen. Ask your- men  which one of them went flaking  [through the transom, and you will  'have the one who got tbe messages."  Baroa Zollern walked over to the  ���������door of the room where the boys had  .slept. He studied the panels, 'the  'floor, the carpet leading from the doorway. He dragged a chair to the door,  etood upon it, and examined the transom. Then he returned to the wondering group again, his face a strange  commingling of purple, white and  crimson.  "It iss as you haf said," he rumbled, half-chokingly. "Someboty, climbing on a chair, fished ofer dot tran-  *wm.\I^t_nie_see_your coat.   Ah-h���������  I baffled at his own game, and, in the  very trap h# had prepared, had been  beaten to the prize by some unknown  scoundrel. Brockett, heartsick and  desperate, could almost sympathize, in  the midst of his own troubles, with the  disappointed Teuton. For several minutes Baron Zollern, clenching and unclenching his handB, the mottled colors playing back and forth across his  face, leaned heavily against the wall.  Then be shook himself together, and  forced* a grim smile to his lips.  "I Manned it veil, young chentlemen," said he. "You yonder how It  vos dot I could do such tings in dis  hotel? Dot vos easy���������-but vearvully  exbenslfe. Laid nighd, before you had  been In de blace an hour, I bought de  hotel. Made de acquaintance off de  brobrietor, Told him I musd make an  Investment, musd make It, HImmel, so  sudden! Asked him de brice off de  hotel. Acb, hut he vos, mlt himself,  moid liberal! Den und dere I laid  down de money, de grisp American  hllla; vltin half an hour I vos in full  hossession off de house, vtt some  faithful employes at my gommaad.  Id vos de quickest dransactlon In hotel  broberties on record, ya? Und Id roa  all for de good burbose���������und Id ros all  -nated." ,:.::-������������������;  ; "Can't fa** we are aorrr for youf  trouWet,"X spoke  up   Solano.   'Tho  question ft*-'  wit* wr*  Baron Zollern shrugged hla wldo  shoulders. "I belief." aald ho. "dot ve  muad gome to a gombromtae- Tou  haf load jour documents. I haf not  ���������egured dem. Ve are both In, rot  you call Id���������a defll of a flx."  "In all probability." cut in Brockett.  "7our dear friend. Yastmoto, baa tht  papera now."  "If ao," sighed Baron Zoilem, "dot  j9m me no goot���������apsoludtir no goot.  %ln irounf frlendta, nation* change  delr aUlances eren aa men change  dont. If err Yaalmoto und malnaelf DM  ho longer Indereada In fommon. To  blm. your documenta aro of exceed-  Inf value���������and to mo aa veil���������aber.  netder off ut now wlshea to ahar* dem  mlt da oder." ���������:  "All of which," aald Ramon 8olano,  "haa no hearing on that question���������  what aro you going to do with us?'"  Baron Zollern debated. Interiorly,  for five mlnutea before ho spoke.  Tofng chentlemen," aald be, "I belief dot I can gif you your liberty,  mitout de' leasd gorabunchuns. Under  de clrgumstances, you vlll hardly care  to tell apout de alleched robbery of.  your bapers, nor. In any case, to'  charge Id to me. Moreofer, If I turn  you loose, you vlll, mitout a doubt, do'  your utmosd to regover your docu-i  meats. Dot vlll gif me, bosslbly, an*;  Oder chance to dake dem avay from'  you. I vlll release you. Ve vill both,  atart de bunt for de stolen bapers���������:  und may de bead hunter vln! In'  broof off de good vlll I bear you, de1  moneys dot you paid for your room'  shall be glfen back to you. Vlll you!  also do me de honor to dake break*  fasd mft me ln mein new hotel?"  CHAPTER XVI r.     ���������  ; "I thought." aald Solano, aa the unhappy adventurers waRcett mournfully'  through the Chicago streets, "that you'  had your messages, your money, and,  everything else of any special value in  a leather belt tbat you wore next to  your skm-r*  "I certainly did." sighed Brockett,  despondently, "But the belt had chared  my skin.   I took il off last nigbt while  I gave myself a rubdown, and ���������when I  went to h������d I tucked it into the inside pocket of my coat. Just forced it  on the thief, as you might say. He's  got the goods; his government will  have taem as quickly as he can tnrn  thea over���������and I suppose I might as  weil try to locate a position of some  kind here in Chicago. I haven't the  nerve to go hack to Washington after  this. The chief might not even say a  word about it, but I'd be set down as  a rank failure.in his mind forever."  "Why' give up so soon?" the Cuban  said encouragingly. "Let's make one  last effort to get back the letters. Luck  has broken wonderfully well for us so  iar aiony i..w ,^d���������IL mi&iu siio.v ������.  us now."  "I'll do anything, that you suggest,���������'  Brockett acrjjicaced, "but the chancer  are about a���������'roill'lon to one against us.  What course would offer any possibilities?"'  "We might report the theft to police  headquarters, simply stating that you;  had lost a leather money-belt, naming  the amount of currency, and saying  nothing as to the papers or letters."  "Description of thief," dolefully remarked Brrckett, "a man who had a  brown hand. That was about all I  saw of hiin. It niight have been either  Yazimoto or Aguilar, or a countryman  of Neither' c:ie. Can we have every-  .lap and Filipino in Chicago rounded  up?"  Debating nnd discussing various  ideas, none of them seeming to offer  much hope, the boys walked aimlessly  along, killing time till tbe morning  was almost gone. Three times they  passed Japanese gentlemen, t dressy,  -smiling, bland of face and innocent '  (To be Continued)  im i wmmm*mmm*mm^*v^^'''H\   i ��������� *mr*w*aw-w<*~'*mmm*mpm*mmt*mr*  CEDAR COTTAGEI  Mr. .William Hayton arrived by the  Zealandia from New Zealand, and will  open up a'business establishment On  Victoria Drive.  Mrs. George Johnson' of Victoria  Drive, arrived safely in Wellington,  New Zealand- While abroad, after a  brief visit with friends in New Zealand, she will also visit Australia.' She  ia combining a business and pleasure  trip.  It is expected that the car line on  Victoria Drive will be extended in the  immediate future. Great Interest centers around this improvement. The  extension will be followed right away  by an Influx of new residents and new  businesses. Values will increase and  all will be delighted:  Road Improvements are being pushed forward on Beveral of the avenues  off Victoria Drive. Janes road Is being  graded and paved.  Several new houses are being erect  ed In P������dar Cottage. The increase in  community activity Is slowly reaching  -here;- .;;.'-;/  Westminster Improvement Association met Tuesday afternoon with the  South Vancouver Board of Works to  take up the matter of extending the  paving of Westminster road from  Knight road to f ark avenue, the boun-  ���������������la.7.:'N  Mr. WWtaktr'a Trip.  Mr. F. A. Whltaker, Just home from  a round-the-world trip, reports a mosi  delightful time abroad. HIb journes  took him from Vancouver direct to  Honolulu, where the sightseeing Wat  magnificent���������all the loveliness of the  tropics. He next visited Washington  Island, where the whole business la  oocoanut growings Then to Fanning  Island, tbe cable station. Then to Fiji  Islands. From here be sailed to Auckland. New Zealand, then to Sydney,  Australia, where he remained two  weeks. Thence to Hobart, Tasmania  where the ship took on 80,000 barrels  of apples raised on the Island. From  Australia he visited India, then passed  through the Red Sea and Suez Canal,  visiting the noted Port Said. Then  through Egypt and Cicily to Naples,  Italy. In Italy he visited Rome, Florence, Milan, etc. Then Switzerland and  France, stopping especially ln Paris.  Then across the English Channel  from Calais to Dover. He spent some  time visiting his old home in England.  After visiting London, Birmingham  and numerous other English towns,  he visited Ireland, finally sailing from  Bristol to Montreal. From here he  travelled over the C. P. R. to Vancouver, taking in Niagara and Okanagan  on the way.  Mr. Whltaker brought a nephew  back with him.   It is putting it mildly  Phone: Fairmont777  A. McINNES  GROCERIES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES  The  Store  that Serves You  Best  Cor.   15th  and Westminster  Road  *  For CONFIDENTIAL INVES  TiQATIONS you-want a man of  integrity, experience and ability.  That man ia Johnston; aeereey  guaranteed. Vide press The  , Secret Service Bureau.  319 Panda*  to say that Mr, Whltaker's friends  and neighbors are glad to see him  home again, and are pleased to know  that he had such, a.pleasant trip, mar*  red by neither accident nor disaster.  At All Saints' Church, Cedar Cottage, recently, the wedding took place,  of Mr/. P. E,-Wheeler, and Miss. Marjory Twist, the Rev, Lewis H, Hooper  officiating. After the ceremony the  wedding party adjourned to the home  of Mr. N. H. Johnstone, .1216 Lake-  wood Driye, where a wedding supper  was served. The rooms were decorated with sweet peas, the table being;  especially pretty with a large wedding  cake in the centre apd, from its trails  of sweet, peas: running to each corner.  In the evening Mr. and Mra. Johnstone held a reception, at which a'  large number of friend gathered to  welcome the bride, who has just come  out from the old country. Mr. and  Mrs. Wheeler -are at present the  guests of Mr. and Mrs. Johnstone,  pending the completion of their home  at 2756 .Albert street,, where, they will  afterwards reside-:.  The feeling over the question of.  the. annexation of South. Vancouver  to. the city is running high throughout  Cedar Cottage. The citizens here are  highly incensed at the impossible  terms proposed by the South Vancou*  ver municipality.  If a teaspoonful of water is added  to each egg used for dipping croquettes it will prevent the egg from  becoming stringy.  PHONE : Fairmont 1595  WM.   RATHIE  Cor. Victoria and Westminster Roads  GENERAL PLUMBER  Jobbing Promptly Attended to.  Estimates Furnished Free.  Distance no object.  Cedar Cottage P.O., South Vaacouver,B.C.  OFFICE HOUES:  9tol2V      tt������6:  Saturday evening,  7 to 9 or by appointment  RwHH ***,. .-'  Ottawa NiliHrf  ���������"���������yy comatyy:,yy{-  S*ypimt*n***M*p  OW.i  I  optombtrist an|t  Eyb sight Sfecumst,  Consultation Free.  qMHIf CDTTMI-  s. ?mm  MHlte**Wlliett*f  ^very description of Second-  Hand Furniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Prices Given, towett  Prices Charged.  Cedar toltsge F������p! Supply  Tcr-asCtsU  por Coal oN Woo<|  PImmic Twirmont 4m  Order office 3418 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage, adjoining; car terminus  Victoria Road  Meat Market  5543 Victoria Retrf  Fresh and Salt Meats  Fish, Ham ami Green  Vegetables  Orders called for and delivered  at lowest prices-  Even/ Line a Special  AT -  .  E. BENNETT, Cash Grocer  Opposite Fire Hall, Cedar Cottage  Delivery to any part. f  yy  ^y^yy  THB WESTERN CALL.  PHONE v Collingwood 8L  Eox 236 Mcka.y P. O.  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C.       4  C Advertis'ng copy and News Items should be sent in to abDve address   j  j. by Tuesday evening of every week.                                                               ***  THE BROOD SOW  NEDS EXERCISE  Do You Know  We handle a Full Line of  Vegetables which are always  Fresh.  Butter, fully guaranteed to suit  the most particular, 3 lbs.. .$1.00  Eggs, the same as you buy from  your neighbors, 3 doz. for. .$1,00  Raspberries at the lowest market price each dav.  Since we have 8 old storage  plant of the,very best, we can  always guarantee a full line of  the best meats.  Market  McKay    ���������    ���������    &.C.  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Aa Iowa farmer who has bean  very suco-HMful in raltta* bogs for  inert tbea thirty years never feed*  his sews during the gtaution period  wholly op com. though, on the other hand, tbey are not stuffed with  high priced ooncentratea He usee  ���������mall grain. such' as oats, barley  end wheat, in quantities composing  ftbotit ���������one-third o* the total ration;  tbe balance of the grain being corn.  During the last month or six weeks  of the gestation period he feeds a  little oilmeal or tankage, tbe purpose of these foods in hie opinion  being to build up the muscular tls-  ���������ue of the sow and Insure strong,  healthy pig*. v  WW NEED NERVE  EARLY   INOIlCRCTIONf   AMP  EXCEME9 HAVE UNDERMINED YOUR tY-fTEM  The nerves control all actions of the body so that any  tuing that debilitate* them will weaken UX organs of  tho system. Early InaUereHow and E*ctm��������� have  ruined thousands of proiuLtu;; young; men. UnastttrfJ  D*"*in������sa;> tJclr v;p or and vitality and they never develop  ion proper condition of r.:a;;-20od. They remain weak*  lln^s, riu-::tai:y, i.hysia-Uy and scsually. How you feei?  Arc you i:ervcus and w-.-aic, despondent and gloomy,  s;������cks Ixl'oie ilioeyfa v.ith daric circles uniior thorn,  v.c-.i: bac':, b.'Jacys Irritcfcle, paV.itaiion of the heart,  ba .'if ul.CebiUteting dreams, scuiuic at in urine, pimples  on tho faco, eyes sunken, ho'.lonr c!:*e!:i, csreworn expression, poor memory, lifeless, distrustful, lack energy  r.':ds::-e:i<nh, tired mornings, restless nights, ciiange-  ubiu moods, pretuftturecccay, bone pains, hair loose, etc  TkisistLeconditionour Mew Method Traetmeas is  GUARANTEED TO CURB  V7������ haro tnsRfcod Diseases of Men for almost a Hf������._  time s-i. du ltct bave to esperimeot. Consult us***|  FREE OF CHARGE  and wo wil tell you whether you are curable or not.  W������ ctusentee cnrabl* cases of  NERVOUS DEBILITY. VARICOSE VEINS. BLOOD  AND   SKIN   DISEASES,  CLECT.   ELADDER  URINARY AND HONEY COMPLAINTS  Fn* BooUst oo Qisesses of Mra.  K n*M* t������ cell  write for  vWeeristM *%��������������������������� S;  _      QUESTION LIST FOR HOME TREATMENT  KENNEDY&KEWNEDY  Gor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.   Detroit. Mich.  I la the cat* of twootl animals and  particalarl*' among hogs It may be said  that their present means of getting a  livelihood la so radically different from  those upon which their progenitora da*  ponded that it la a surprise tbat wa  have so Uttle pestilence and dlseaaa  among oar herds, says tbe Iowa Homa-  stead. Great aa is tbe annnal loss  from cholera and other causes, wa tie*'  peat that this toss la small compared  with what might be expected when the  conditions under which bogs are leapt  are taken Into account  The ohanga that we would enforce fn  the manner of handling hogs would be  to make rustling a compulsory matter.  This applies not only during tbe breeding season, but during the entire gestation period. We believe In liberal feed*  ing method* from tbla time until the  sows are safe In pig and even until  farrowing date tbey ought to be kept  gaining a Uttle every day. The gain*  ought to be made not by piling it on in  tbe form of fat, but rather by growth  and development of tissues from tbe  right kind of foods and a safe aud sane  plan of exercise.      .  In tbe matter of exercise one successful Iowa breeder never allows his  sows to loaf around their "sleeping"  quarters a single day during tH������* lute  fall and winter save only when the  wealber Is so stormy as to cause tiietn  great discomfort. He scatters their  Kmln ou the ground and even teed*  oats and barley after thin fastiUm  Old sows are often made to walk one-  half a mile for tbeir <rrnin. Iu 01 ber  words,  grain  Is  stored   half  a   mile  All letters from Canada must be addressed  to our Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor, Ont.   If you desire to  see Bftipereanally call nt our Medical Institute iu Detroit as vre see and treat  awpetaaat* in .-our Windsor offices which are fbr Correspondence and  laboratory for'Canadian business only.   Address all letters as follows:  DM. KENNEDY * KENNEDY, Wiadssr, Oat.  _WritetOT.c*i������s*i������������te*������ddress.  away from their sleeping quarters,  and they are fed at tbat point once or ���������  twice each -day. Ae the result ef thia  plan they spend most of their time  walking backward and forward, and  as their time is of no value tbe energy,  spent amounts wholly ln gain by the  building up of the right kind of tissue.  The man who feeds bis brood sows  wltb a scoop shovel and allows them  to hang around tbe yard with lots of  straw in It all winter where tbey can  have access to tbelr sleeping quarters  at all times should not expect much  pity from his more enlightened neighbors when hla little pigs come Into the  world weak and when they drop oot  ln middle life as a result of tblsj that  or the other disease.  Silage Far Ewes.  In the wintering of pregnant ewea  the safety of a large, lone ration of  silage with grain has aot been definite- ,  ly worked out. although the'Iowa station badxso*ne good results the past  year by feeding silage alone with a  grain ration of oats and bran. Where  silage and cottonseed meal were fed  (cottonseed meal furnishing the necessary protein, and. by the way, silage  needs considerable protein to balance  It up) the ration did not produce as  good **ea*iifc*. Although the lambs were  quite strong at birth and showed vigor, they revealed a'tendency to have  smaller bone than lambs produced  upon a ration containing some clover  bay.���������Iowa Agriciiituiist  *Ht*wp as Producers.  Sheep are economical producers.  Tbey can make a pound of inutton  from less grain than can a hog or  steer to make pork and beef. It baa  been estimated that a lamb can make  100 pounds of gain on 100 to 160  pounds leas feed than a pig. On the  average cattle require 600 pounds of  grain to produce 100 pounds of gain.  hogs 400 pounds and sheep 200 pounds.  ***��������� <*\������  DAIRY   WISDOM.  I  ������������������tooting the Breeder*.  When deciding whicb *-!lts to save  N>r bi*eede*** count the t**rtdevelop-  iient. and' ch^oow* the sow* woicta'^vf;'  'Ight or more ou a ������|o>. CIjcww otwefV;  ���������r* npTH* tbiit thlK I* an ttofalllug ia-  'ii atloo of brvf-dwHt-g ������ar*te Wtei*-.  WeslCi)E-)ilaNiWileft0  Rising Tide of Proaperity.  Calgary, Alta^The rising- tide of  bufilnees in Calgary is making itself  especially felt in. the postal service,  arid relief for the congested city post  office is being sought by providing  temporary quarters, pending the erection of a permanent building.  If a heifer Is well rained* ������hi*  should bteconie a milker and be  profitable at from tweuty to  twenty-four months old.  - Tbe offspring ot tbe dairy  breeds when wt>I! cared for Inherit tbe ntrly milking quality  of thPir auw������ton������.  The cow������< rnnst be comfortable  to be prolltuble. Plenty, of b������nl-  dlng should rw ������npplied.  Don't depond upon tbe fro*>t  bitten pnstvr": there la; nothing  -��������� In it. The fou<j tnuxt be nnpplied  In ilie stable it returus ure want*  ed.  Wben cows are given lean food  tban tbey require for matnte*  mince and production tbe milk  production must suffer or tbe  cow.  v A nervous cow is preferable tp 9 I  a stolid one.    The chances are  tbat she will give more and better milk than ber dull, mopish  sister.  f+*+*>4p*a**t������**'  SELECTING A DRAFT SIRE.  Qualities That Indicate the Most De*  sirable Animal.  Every one who Intends to undertake  to raise draft horsps should look before  heVl^aps. says the Country Gentleman.  Tbe same qualities are desirable in all  breeds of these horses, hut unfortunately all tbe desirable qualities are  not conOued to u single breed. For in  atiince.. there Im no breed equal to the  Clydo.sdnlp in hind pastern; tbe Suffolk  hu.s good feet, superior bowels and a  disposition equaled by none; tbe Shire  has more size; the Percherou an attractive carriage, smooth legs and a  style and co'or pleasing to those who  like the grays and blacks. The Belgian lias* fewer admirers becau:������V ti������  lacks nation, yet be la aturdy and a  "pli'udi'l doer  Thore are splendid animals of all  breeds, yet tbe undesirable will always  predominate. Soundness must be the  first quality. In a ntallion feet must  always be marked down as quality No  2. Small and shelly feet are often  transmitted from Htallion to foal. 'The  foot should be round and wide at the  heel, aud the born should be tot gh.  Disposition should be placed third.  Though a stallion should be maacu'ine  In every way. yet he should be easy to  handle; and fret* from vlciousn-ss.  : Fourth Is bowel development It la the  mainstay of u hard day's work. 'Che  horse wllb good bowels baa room to  Htbre hl*t food. l������ a big eater, a food  doer and a hardy animal. Do not be  deceived, however, by tbe shrewd <tal-  IJon dealer, who can put fat on a bad  j boweied horse and give bim tbf de  j sired appearance.  Quality No. 5 will be cheer! and  quarters. A draft home flboiJd be  wid#' in th^ chest and hla quarter*  Industrial Expansion Continues.  Moo6e JaWj Sask.���������Puring the lant  few days marked activity has been  hoted in real estate circles, good  business properties along Main Street  being in special demand. A strong  movement is on foot looking toward  the erection of an industrial building  to be used by the Board of Trade  chiefly for exhibition  purposes.  Much Builcing in Walnwright.       i  Wainwrlght, Alta. .-- Walhwright's |  new flour mill which is being erected1  j by C. E. Bird & Co. is expected to be  I readv for operation in ample time for  jthe needs    of the district,   following-i  threshing.      Present reports indicate  that something like double Inst year's  acreage   in   the   Wainwright   district  is under crop this year.  Biggar in the Limelight.  !    Biggar, Sask.���������Outsiders    can have  - but little conception of tho extent, and  I rapidity of present railway construc-  j tion work in the Biggar district, and,  {in fact, throughout this section of the  j West.     The increase In building ac-  i tivity as well as in all lines of season-,  al business over that of a year ago  is very marked.     Already local mer-;  chants  are  making  preparations   for;  a big turnover this fall.     Real estate j  men report an increasing demand for (  uilding  lots,  and  large  transactions [  ire being recorded daily. j  The modern Belgian can be described as wide, massive, ample,  round and compact in conformation, says the Breeder's' Gazette.  The head is shorter than the Flemish, the ears are short Snd thick,  and the face is rather lacking In ex-  prttssioii. The npok Is characteristic\  of the breed, being short and mas-'  slye and surmuunted with a short,  d������hse mane-of coarse hair The  withers sre wide and thick, but not  i'������rjr high. The back Is wide and  strong, but a little swayed, while  the croup, owing to its superabundance of muscle. Is double. The  shoulders are strong, the knees wide  ond flat and the canons short. There  are soma blades and many roans.  but .the prevailing colors are bays  and chestnuts. The general appearance of a Belgian denotes enormous  strength, coupled with a calm temperament, more or less lymphatic.  The Belgian stallion shown was five  times a first pri/.������ winner at Brussels.  Pronounced Dead But Alive.  Winnipeg, Sept. 13.���������Pronounced j  dead by a qualified physician, laid out j  in his house while the authority was ;  being sought from the coroner to bury |  aim without an inquest, resuscitated j  by another physician after a police in- \  spector had suspicloned a spark cf!  life and today walking about the I  ���������streets of Winnipeg, is tbe strange ex-!  erienee of St. Musik,  1009 Hod wood j  venue.  Bullion is Stolen.  Toronto, Sept. 12.���������A mysterious  robbery occurred yesterday when a  lackafe of silver bullion valued at  '300 disappeared in broad daylight  Torn a Dominion Express Company  wagon. The' consignment was tbe  ?ize of a brick and was shipped from  the United States to a Toronto firm.  It was received at the customs  house by employees of the express  company, but when the wagon reached  its destination the silver was gone.  The trip was made through the most  congested part of the city, and it seems  almost impossible that anyone could  have taken the package from the  wagon unnoticed. Detectives are  working on the case.  No indications of Car. Shortage.  Ottawa, Sept. 12.���������It was stated today at the tail way board that up to  ���������he present time no complaints haye  been received aa to car shortage.     At  . this time laat year they were begin-  [ mug to -come in quite freely.  broad and musr-tilar and well let down  to the hocks. Action is sixth. Al\v;jy* i  Mtand directly in front of or iie'iind  the home as he is walked :ind'ir<itu>d  Tbe notion should be true. 1 lit* hind  feet tnoviu*; Iu a direct line with tiie  front. No "winger" or "paddler'  should be scie ted. Tbe horse should  pick up his feet with a snap iu h\>  movement.  Quality No. 7 is bona Tears ago it  was supposed thnt big bone was 8  necessary adjunct of a draft horse  hut sim-e no one has yet heard ot a  horse '���������reakln}* his leg bemuse his  iHine was not large enough the term  trig bone is used only by would be  horsemen and those wbo are iguoruat  of tbe desirable qualities in hone  Quality ia what we want. Tbe none  should he bitrd aud flat, and the ten  dons 00 the legs should stand out  prominently. The rouud boned horse  should U* discarded.  The other qualities to be considered  nr* st might bind legs, straight feet-  pigeon toed .1111J slew footed horses are  to be avoided stn<H>th shoulders well  laid bock, neck th.:t shows ���������puility. In  telllgeut countenance, broad in tbf  forehead, small ears, general smooth  mess over ouck. loins and hips aud a  rail well set np  Dairy equipment.  The women fo>b on the farm should  assert tlieir risuts and bave the mod  *������rn and necv-wary equipments in tbe  Iniry and fhns produce with less ia  Ltur a guo������ article of batter.  West Burnaby Pharma%  A first-class DRUG STORE now open for busineee. .  Corner   Sussex  Avenue   and  Westminster  Road  (Opposite West Burotby School)  ilit  Mhm  Drugs, Stationery, Confections, Cigars  Special care taken with Presctiptit'nn. A   visit  will  be  atiteJt   ������f  appreciated.  ^  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  IP  iVvMnwssMr*1  liPlil  WW  ���������mw0mm  > ->j  ��������� j* ���������*��������������������������� * IB. ���������  ��������� ������������������  ���������  ���������  a ���������  ���������  ��������� m ���������   ****** ������ii> I I  I il  I ��������� ��������� ���������  HI Hint  MU ^i**********************.  Summer Time-Just a Word With You !  y������W&mmM  -This-is the best time to re-paint your 'house or^ biiiMih^!pi^^  :fences,\etc.: ;We:caiT>a;::fuir  WmmKr  sy^m&  Painter's Supplies, etc., and the prices ARE RIGHT.  The Royal Hardware Co.  Obr. McKay and Westminster Rd.  Orders Solicited and Delivered   *  Phone Collingwood 73  t������ 1 iiiiiumi 1 1 > .j. ������.������������������������,������ .������ > ������ ��������� n ��������� n ��������� ������ ������ i������n> . ��������������� . ������  m  ���������Xf9-:i  '* . * * mm^^^^^^mjf  iSI  TjMxM^^U*^  Central Park  Opposite Agricultural Hail V  Hardware, Paints, Oils. Builders'Supplies    ^  Stoves, Ranges and Kite hen ware  *��������� \  Special prices on Ranges.   Call in and see  them.  fllPP  llffi  mm  Before letting your Painting and Paperhangina see  H. Srigley  Por the best *ntj most artistic work  Mncoln Avenue, CoHlmpwooil P* 0.  y&>mm  yp%$m  ���������fimm  mi  0RANT PHIPPS  WIBIN0, PITTIN0S, nXTURCS  estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Koad  P|L|������|������      | nl^n |  lv|-   EAST COLUNGWQOD  Open every evening:, 7:30 to 10:30.  Th^ ������ioviii;r pictures elio.vu at thi*. tlieatre <%rn of the very beat obtainable, uotliiuK objectiouuble in allowed by the mnnagenietit.  Amusing Instructive frfucfltjovuH  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day. Good Music.  DOING WHAT?  Why, eating PERFECTION HOME MADE  LOAF, and they all say it can't be beat.  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make   a   nutritious  satisfying meal.   Our customers say " It's just  like mother's."  Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best. We make Madeira, Cherry, Premier Cakes, also Buns, Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you.  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK  r\ H. DURRANT, Prop.  All leading Grocers supply Our Bread.  ERNEST SHAW, l> I HORSESHOEING  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E. !  Close to Main Street  Office Hours:  l:30jto6.  MILLS & HOOKER  Practical Horse Shoers  Aad General Blacksmith  Nervous Troubles and Chronic Dis-  ;ases given special attention. Epilepsy,  St. Vitus Dance, Sciatica, Headaches,  Ft male Troubles, etc.  Registered under the  Worehipfu  Company of Farriers, London, Eng.  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy.   Special attention given  to defective feet.   Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  j done.  ! FORQE Opposite West Burnaby School  i Give us a trial. ^^R3f3f?''t*r&^ '������������������''t'^v': ':'ty&~'< .-������������������'" yyyy :-y>' <���������'''"  'zg^mxys^frnzp.  ^���������y^^yy^^yiviti-.  THE WESTERN CALL.  iH  ..<<������������������  Is forced upon us by the necessity of making an entire clearance of all  summer lines.   This is your chancer because this present Indian summer  seems likely to last and it is surely good to you to get 20$, 30% and  more off your purchases and off our very low prices.  Hammocks, Picnic Plates, Refrigerators, Meat Safes, Lawn  Mowers,   Sprinklers,   those  all  are away below   cost..  Independently of Summer Wear, closing out a big lot of  y ENAMEL WARE  Great big Tea or Coffee Pots   -   50c Large Sized Pitchers, reg. $1.50   90c  10-inch Enamel Plate we have been selling at 15c each we now sell for 2 for 15c -  SAD IRONS  Mrs. Potts, set of 3 and stand    $1.35      Dover, latest patent, per set      $1.85  ��������� Asbestos, the best, per set of three, $2.50  See our prices on House fittings.    Cupboard Turns and Catches, Casement  Adjusters and Fasteners, Locks, &c, &c.  I****' THE HONIG STORES 2*"  3473    1    56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST     un  m������y������  mm*  Given Christian Burial.  Quite h different burial was accorded to the skeleton of Bd%ard Pollls  Thoradaj than that which the remains  received at the Ume' ot the man's  death twenty years ago when hia hody  waa hastily thrown into a hole that  had been made under the woodshed In  the rear of his residence on Seymour  atreet after' the man had received a  Mow on hla head' that crushed his  ahull. The remains, which were  Jdentlfed aa those of Edward Foil's,  * contractor here. 20 yeara ago, were  recently brought to light by some  workmen who were excavating for a  buUding. Mack Brothers had charge  of the funeral. '  Finishes Unpleasant Task.  Chief Chamberliln, In reporting to  tike police commissioners at the regular meeting held Thursday afternoon  In hla office declared that his men  aad done their duty thoroughly and  tpat Alexander atreet had been cleared  ,jMH of disreputable characters.  ��������� n don't think tbat there Is a single  disreputable woman on the street,"  ���������weald.  The commissioners adopted hia re-  pott and commended the chief for his  efficient work.  Instruments Stolen.  ��������� Mr. O. K- Mc|*ean, architect, room  46 Fairfield Building, reported to the  nolleo that over 1700 worth of sur*  veylng iostramenta had been stolen  A**n>m his office the last two months.  , ^About iiwr worth were stolen   Wed-  tl-atday erenlna.  Vtot***t guilty of seliuif olgarettes to  %*nteor,.Oordoo Taylor was Thursday  4-JfcrJM9* sentenced to pay a fine of  $ I* or serve fifteen days in jail.  Will *������W Three ������toreys.  i *Pro**tded the council approve of the  aehame. the plans for the new police  "    "      'Brs are to he chanced, ao  that three additional storeys may be  t*dded to (he proposed flvd-atorey.  structure at a later date, when the  growth df> the city renders increased  accommodation necessary. Instead  of locating the morgue in the basement of the station it is now planned  to have it placed in a separate structure adjoining the main building.  Killed When Car Skids.  Kerrisdale, Sept. ,13.���������-A fatal motor  car accident occurred at the junction  of South Granville street and Eburne  avenue, at an early hour Thursday hy  George Duncan, of the Dominion Motor Car Company, in attempting to  take the curve at this junction, skid*  ded and plunged over the 25 foot embankment at the side of the road, carrying with It to his death a passenger  named Arthur Douglas, and causing  another passenger, - E. H. Johnston,  to be severely Injured.  It appears the automobile party was  on Ita way to Eburne, when the accident occurred, but few details can be  got from, ifhe police,  although the  driver of the car, who did not even  have a scratch, has been taken in  custody on a charge of manslaughter.  I    There is a long incline at this point,  jrunt.ing clown into Eburne, and cars  t get up a high rate of speed here, so  that the car which lies smashed to  matchwood, must   bave  been hurled  with great -force.     The wonder is  ��������� that all three young men were not  I killed outright.  The body of the victim was removed  to the city, where an inquest will be  held,  ���������  Indian Chiefs WSJ Meet Puke.  1   Chiefs of the various Indian tribes  of North Vancouver are to he presented to the Puke of Connaught,  i upon the occasion of his visit to that|  municipality.   They will also have an  opportunty of presenting an address  to the puke.  M , yoo has* to Furnish a  pome, a room, or perhaps you  only want a single piece to fill  in. you will find you can do  better here than elsewhere.  Call and see me. I wil! be  ���������leased, to quote you prices.  %nnW*t || f *s������t f sftlsllasa.  cm it hit ?w*fin*.  Cordova*  Si Oof-JwaWesTTOor. Cambie  u.  mwm*, wmm  Underclothing. Children's  gxitmbnts, bachelor'8  Mending.  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue      -      Central Park  On Friday evening last, )3th Inst,  "Springrldge" Geod Templar tadge.  No. 79, held its usual weekly meeting  In the Cedar Cottage Hall, Victoria  Road, Pro. Timms, C. T., presiding.  After the initiation ceremony was  gone through, the matter of the an-  plication for bottle license at Collingwood was brought up. It was pointed  out that the South Vancouver license  Commissioners, at their regular meeting last Wednesday evening laid the  matter over until their next meeting  (which w||) be the second Wednesday  in Pecember.  |   A paper entitled-   "How    Mental  ' Power May Be Weakened," was react,  | which proved instructive and inter*  esUng.  The Queen Tea Rooms  6.8 Granville Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  Rowsntree Oakery.  Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Durrand, proprietors of this popular bakery, have  earned the reputation of making bread  just like mother's of our boyhood days,  the kind that made us long for meal  time and grow Into healthy men. Central Park has come to depend upon  them for the "staff of life".and also  {cake and pastry.    The perfection of  i their output has come from long experience, coupled with care, skill snd  ���������' np/ivc ability.   To eat their products  I is to believe in them.  FOR THE HUNTING  Guns and  Rifles  TO TIE I0K Of C0MM0C1T  Dear Duke,���������  I'm not a man of distinction,  Of valorous deeds I've done none,  'Tie not that I've lacked the courage,  But no chance to me ever come.  Nor I'm not a man to cut a dash.  Or wear clothes up-to-date;        \  But I know you're a man that don't  mind that.  So long as a fellow's straight.  I shall be at the depot here to greet  you,  At the time you're due to.arrive;  As others will be, and make much ado  With ideas they have connived,  'v  But you won't see me there In' a long  frock-coat,  And a silk hat on my head.  I'll be waltzing around   where   the  stands, are free,,  And straining my neck Instead.  ItVmayba I'll see but a soldier's hat.  There'll sure be Such a tremendous  '- crowd.  No, I shan't be there, like a mighty  fine Earl*-  But I'll bet I'll shout twice as loud.  I can't come up to the place where  you'll speak,  And hold out an extended hand,  'Cause I'm not the sort that's presented at Court���������  I'm one of the crowd, understand.  I've seen you in pictures, in colors,  and such.  And seen your   dear   Missus, of  course.  I'm not like professing to call you a  pal,  Though I've served In tbe British  liftt-horse.  And you're one of the sort I just do  line,; -  A phtcked one, a brick from the  "start;  You won't see me tbere with jewels  on my clothes��������� ,  But, dear Puke, here's my band and  my heart!  J. C. WATSON.  Old People's Home, Camble Street,  Vancouver, B. C.  Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 17th, 1912.  Bryce Goes to Maine.  San Francisco, Sept. 13.���������James  Bryce, ambassador to the United  States from Great Britain, left here  this morning for Mosehead Lake,  Maine, the summer quarters Of the  British embassy. He arrived -here!  yesterday from Australia, where he  had spent the summer, and refused to  discuss in any manner the policy of  his government toward the Panama  Canal.  Every make- which we know to be reliable and effective is in onr stock, all  caltbrys and guages.   The widest range and largest stock of ammunition in  the country.  A enpv of our Svnop.sis of the B. G. Game Act. free fortheaskiug  TISDMLLS LIMITED  (Successors tp Chas. E. Tisdall)  618-620 Hastings St., Weal  llf A \TT C I*! Girls and boys, men and women, to learn stenography  Vf i*AIl 1 Cl/ = =at Boyd's Shorthand Institute, 709 Dunsmuir St.  Only 6 to 8 weeks to become competent. Individual instruction. Many  call3 for stenographers daily. , Complete course $43.00.  Dunsmuir  Boyd's Shorthand Institute  Growing More- Poppies.  Peking, Sept. 12.���������From the Province of Hunan comes news of the renewed cultivation of the poppy. The  officials appointed by the government  to destroy the crop are vehemently  opposed by the people. Before the  revolution, the Chinese were successfully compelled to conform to the law  regarding the growing of the poppy,  but conditions lately have not been  favorable to the strict enforcement of  law, and In conseuence, poppy cultivation has been widespread this season and smuggling Is again practiced.  China Plans Railways.  Pekin, Sept. 12.���������The project for a  great  scheme, of   Chinese   railways,  which holds the foremost place in Dr.  Sun  Yan   Sen's  programme  for the  modernization    of    China,   has,   commanded the support of the Pekin government, and it may involve a great  extension of the privileges of foreigners in the country and the possibilities of an immense Increase In Chinese foreignu trade.   The government j  has authorized Dr. Sun Yat Sen, who ;  was formerly provisional president of j  the  republic,  to  establish  a  railway [  corporation to carry out a system of  national   railways  covering  territory  territory seventy  thousand  miles in  extent  um-  POINT  On the Clere and Buckland Rds.  Here's an opportunity that won't come again���������we are offering you the most  select property in all Point Grey. If you know this pretty district you must  know that Block 63 is one of the highest and most beautiful spots in the Municipality of Point Grey, commanding a lovely view of the eity, English Bay and  Gulf of Georgia.  Seclusion, a desirable degree of ex'ajusi veness; location with regard to view,  a lot sufficiently large to avoid being hemmed in on either side, modern improvements, such as light, water, phone, adequate transpOi'tation facilities, etc.���������  these are. factors of paramount importance in selecting your^ future home site.  If you will spend an hour with us investigating our new property, we are  confident you will agree with us that Bryn Mawris the logical place for that  home you want. '*''.-';���������������������������'.'.  For  M  Come With Us  And See  Bryn Mawr facet on the  Clere Road car line, to  adequate car tervice it at*  tured*  TJte building of tbe  Cler*. Road line wil) undoubtedly precipitate a  period of great activity in  Point Grey, and tbe early  buyer will reap * neb ber-  vett-  All lot* in Bryn Mewr  are 50*130 feet- Every  lot it cleared end greded������  Tbere will be no un-  tightly wbeelit in Bryn  Mawr, beceutc tbere it a  building restriction of f 2,-  500 on each lot. Tbitre-  ttriction it your protection  end i* emple etturence  tbet your neigbbort will  bedetireble-  Bryn Mewr it only one  block from tbe new Sacred Heart Academy,  where over f300,000 it  being tpent to make tbit  tbe fuiett institution of itt  bind Wett of Winnipeg.  10 per  t.  ���������I  In addition to the University of British Columbia and the Sacred Heart  Academy, there are six other colleges planned and under course of construction, involving a total expenditure of millions of dollars. This means that Point  Grey is to be the educational centre���������the centre of culture and refinement-���������the  place where you can rear a family in the proper environment���������JUST THE  PLACE FOR YOU.  Our prices are very reasonable���������and our terms the most reasonable in the  city. We only ask 10 per cent, cash and give you POUR YEAftS (should you  want that long) to pay for the balance.  The tittle is indefeasible. You owe it to yourself to see this magnificent property. Call us-up and make an appointment. Autos and courteous salesmen at  your service.  GREATER VANCOUVER CO,, Ltd.  433 Richards Street, Vancouver, B.C.  Open Evenings  Phones: Sey. 4429-4430


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