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The Western Call 1912-08-30

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 K Combined with  5!  VOLUME IV  H. H. STEVENS. M. P.. Editor-in-chief  I (By Professor E. Odium. M.A., B.Sc)  If in the history of great nations any people  have disgracefully transgressed law, human and  divine, this has been done by the United States,  arid in the last analysis by the highest official,  viz.. President Taft.  Now we eannot imagine that he is stupid, ignorant, or a wilful denser of his country. ' Let  us look-around for a **eajtonable cause.  Of course there ^re many noisy, unprincipled  aenstors and congressmen in a position of eleetive  > trust in the States. 4 These men are the leaders  andTthe supporters of Taft in his perfidy. 'But so  -far as they areV concerned, he, if left to tiimself,  would not care a fig for these shameless men  , either as leaders or as supporters.  * We must look elsewhere for the. moving cause,  for lite '* nigger in the fence/'   Taft is in a bat,  three-cornered fight at present.   He is  %������X*a^ Sc^Tnd^efr ������������������ ; it^4������a^^^^^  This malted fronr manyjigencies and mfluene*.    j^-^^.rf *g^ ^^^ ^soJjWft would  The chief is the Political Hierarchy headed by the  great cardinals of late promotidn.   -  Roosevelt would not yield to the' demands of  the papacy as a machine, and Taft diq yield.  He went so far as to send his servant, In confidence, to secure the Pope's blessing. His confiding in the help^f the pope gained for him a  speeial blessing which was drowned in the ocean  when the Titanic went down not long since. The  pope's blessing wm drowsed. Doubtless a second  was sent to* Taft that he might not be overwhelmed by a flood of adverse voters in the coming presidential election.  The cardinals and all they stand for are behind  Taft and against Teddy.  HMHMM������U1H<HIIHH  PR&TAFT HAS SIGNED      .���������..,*,-  YES, TAFT HAS SINNED  FALSE  Published in the Interests of V������*t#tiver anil the >Vestern Peof>le  CREEK AND  CAN.  ; Canadian  Northern  Ry. Terminals Parte Ci-^-K**********^  * -Milt ons for Vancouver-Cost^ Di-**ptf--CKy CoitncrJ Olyes *  E. P. Davis,K.Q.,*H������9M *^ly  - T(s> best element in Vancouver and the ^ ^  Coast rejoice* over the announced puirpoae^wl  Police Commi*a*uo*wra re prostitution ott ' "  atuler street aad the city generally.  Exper  in*M*gr*gation have not proven satiafaeUry **  -the "axe haa been laid to the root of the  and tbe workmen, headed by Chief Chan  and backed by Mayor Findlay and th* whole!  of Police ComiJsiaaioners, are btary  I . whole jungle of shameless crime  At an informal meeting of the City Council ^*t*������*dj  I of the Canadian Northern Ry. C ^  ; tensive railway terminal)-, .on Falsi  Mr> Davis, speaking for the.  tunity to prove ita value to Vau_ -   , ������������������,   ^ ^   -���������-  ; said: ''The Company asks the traitor inpfeesimile of the  ; corinany agreeing to reimburse ti**J*n*������ *\mv*tw +***&  L.t|e Miw of tp-O^^'tbey *$������& 0*k$S&*^  V      ������������������ > ���������*.������"  **ar*y *?*V r   ���������*-    ---        -������ .'"���������now Jungle or shameless en**** andfH  nj������ajk<HjS iHvid*^and atr. A. ty UeW \ ; ^ a-Jhre neither root nor branch."  tol  W^jof *Ti5*e Creek lote, the \  eity^woold pay ont for lots from J   eet, aad between .Main Street and '  lOf feet "wide, nuining' east ~ and' west \ \  atrip of land about 150 feet north*; \  to expend a minhnnm amount of ;  ^ ,_,^���������, __ ���������2-^ ��������� r , ���������^,_ _-,-__  ^- T a tftdon passenger depot; that work would' <  ; bee^ntn^llced wttnin ninety day* of the completion4������tbe agreement; and that they would agree ]  ^that other hallway Companies should have the -aee* of tbe ground, j' , *. 4  . I",-      The terata-the^/-** &��������� wosjM offer would be consiArably better for the city, he held, than the .. * -ueon that every prostitute in the city it to  ;; agreement wnwh. bad been made with the G. N. R. The financial benefit from the latter agreement !!    ���������* chased out," said Commissioner WUliamaon.   <  ��������� > could reasonably be figured at $1,090,000, thcrefwe the offer of the Canadian Northern Company \  ��������� '   ���������__   MnmtAM   t_ii il xi a. j_   _!il   Ii -ai        a��������� *_* ���������_   ; I to when the ti. IN. a. was bouna waa for land reclamaton and tor terminal tacimies, (f2,q00,000."   \ \ out of  \ \        Mr. Davis contrasted the proposed agreement or this Company and that of the existing one < > by the  ;; with the Cr. N. Ry. showing the advantage of the forme/over the latter. ! \ I ltave~  ;;        In the course of his lucid remarks he said:   ''There was also a vast difference in what the \ \ Juat ai  is the chief reason for the present, solemn, secret  compact between Germany and the Vatican which  is clirectel against Britain.  The Pope is in commaujof.the United States at  the present time, through his henchman, Taft, who  has become a drivelling human unit acting in  obedience to the commands of his near-at-hand  and far-away masters. ,  If Britain can be hurt in her commercial fleet,  then: she will be wounded in her weakest part, and  with the lessening of her commercial fleet must  come the weakening of her naval or striking fleet.  The deep laid scheme is to build up the eommer-  ciaf fleet of the States and tear down the supremacy of the British fleet. Rome would ^ be glad to  see her latest conquered child, the United States,  grow greatin commerce and possess a really effecv  the naval arm which is helpless today because it  is lacking: in a commercial navy, the right hand of  a striking fleet.  Now the rest of .the world will have something  to say. How is it that Germany has not spoken  out in her blunt manner on the Panama Canal action of the United States? It is simple. Germany  is balancing ��������� between the lesser harm to herself  and the greater harm to Britain. Hence she delays, for the present. But her play will fail her in  the nick of time. And the Cardinals who are ruling Taft will fail as well.  There are many ways of bringing the States to  time. Germany would be glad to get Brazil or  Argentina, and if trouble should come between  Britain and the States, then Germany would  quickly move, nnd the Monroe Doctrine would  hurst like an overfilled kite, when too highly  heated.  Then Japan would make a bee-line for a port in  Mexico, and rightly too. Then Britain would take  all the islands now under the Stars and Stripes.  Canada would annex the Alaskan peninsula.  Maine and Washington. The ships from the Puget  Sound wouia become British, and any stragglers  in the way of ships going north would have to  take the "outside course." At present the Yan--  kei? ships are privileged to sail between Vancouver  Island and the mainland of British Columbia.  They would have to-take the outside channel, that  is. the open Pacific ocean. The Vancouver inland  waters are bigger and longer than the paltry Panama Canal.    These waters, inland, are about 400  the ramufcJ**ons*M and other  dential a**������ b*fsiness sections  i**&Mti^  be ifresolved that he be, an** l*������r*U -_  to continue hia efforts in the rnfertir sicial'  Criminal Code of Canada in all parts of toe city.0  "Do yon mean that Alexander atreet ia to be  cleaned ont," enquired Chief Chamberlin.  -S?w.  ���������j*-^.      -  ,  'J want to know directly" whether I am to eleasV  &%$������&  do������*  commissioners.   If you say ao I will do JC,'  never yet shirked my dnty and never tifflfL '  aay the word and I will give order* to.iw"*' >x  removed from this eity at 0nee.?*"3t*  we want,*' replied CQiiuiiiaaioner  * j* 5* v?  Vaughan said of late, it is a fact that at every a The traing wowld be run hy eiectricity; everything would be electrified.   It would also be the \  turn for hundreds of years, the united power ol j, intention to have a suburban service runnings between  Vancouver   and   New Westminster,   and   '  the hierarchy   has   been directed against Great ;; between Vancouver and Port Moody." \',  Britain. , < >   ;;  Cardinal Manning announced publicly that the j; \ \  -only successful-means of breaking the. Protestant <������ In developing, a new country and building motteian-eities of the .cosmopolitan type abundant ',',  British Empire was by ''War, Bloody War." And < transportation is absolutely essential.   Large areas of British Columbia must remain inaecessable ;;  * at this hour, this same machine aims at using any J; and unproductive until penetrated by great enterprising railroads.    Vancouver can never reach <!  means to hit and hurt the power of Britain.   This j ;��������� its designed possible proportions in the commercial world unless it has adequate and suitable rail- !  *> road terminal facilities and storage.   Nature has furnished us au ideal outlet to the Pacific and ;;  II* an extraordinary centre for railroads in False Creek.   This useless mud hole may be transformed ������>  ; into a mine of wealth and a field of modern enterprise if we so elect.   It stands in close proximity !  to the great wholesale and industrial districts'of our city and within easy reach of the ocean. ;'  Among the candidates for place in False Creek is The Canadian Northern Railway, it has "  ; many strong claims to our favor-and hearty sup'port. Not the least is the fact of its being A  ;; Canadian System owned and operated by Canadians in and tor Canada. With little help from cor- ;;  ������>' porations or governments this company has forge:! its way.-to the front accomplishing incredible jj  !; success in construction and finance. In the sixteen years of its growth it has contributed much to \\  '; Canada's prosperity.  Colonize.'. ' ;;  The Canadian Northern has been a great colonizer from the first. During the last few years J J  between six and seven thousand miles of railway have been built and four hundred towns and ������������������  villages established, many of which will be made acccssable to the products and manufactured !!  <; goods of this city and province by the completion of the Canadian Northern Railway System. Up- \\  V, on thw line being completed to Vancouver they will have a Continuous Transcontinental Railway  ft-ewPfaftlf-etU'to  Epoch maker.  The construction of the Canadian Northern Railway to the city of Vancouver will, be epochal in  time and effect in the industrial history of Canada. The low grades of this road from the Prairie  Provinces to this city will enable them to haul as heavy trains of loaded cars from Regina or  Saskatoon to the Pacific Coast as is now possible eastward to Port Arthur and the lakes. This  means much to us for to add to our wealth we must have the wheat of the Prairie Provinces pass  "through Vancouver.   It now goes East.  Costly Station.  The Canadian Northern proposes to build a splendid, costly, modern station in Vancouver.' in  the bed of False Creek.   This structure, with' fine freight sheds, would be a handsome addition to'  Vancouver.   The filling of this mud hole would enhance every piece of property in the east end of '<>  the city and immediately south of False Creek.  Millions oi Dollars.  The expenditure of $5,000,000 or *(>,000,000 in and about Vancouver in the next few years hy  this railroad is important alike to labor, merchants and property holders. Now is the opportune  moment for us to decide who will have our confidence and Right-of-Way in railroad construction  in Vancouver and the Province,���������a genuine-Canadian institution or an alien.  Mackenzie and Mann.  These names are svnoiivms for success and large achievement. Thev, aside Ironi their railwav  construction and-operation, have taken an active part in the industrial development of our Province." During the last three years, commencing from the day the Government of British Columbia agreed to guarantee the bonds of the Canadian Northern Railway, 1hey ami the group of men  associated with them have brought into the Province over .+33,000,000 and invested it in coal min-  !! ing, lumber manufacturing, salmon fisheries and the whaling business, including many of the largest, strongest and lvest-known companies of this country.. These various enterprises give employment to over six thousand men. with a payroll of nearly +500,000 per month. On these loyal citizens.���������men of brain and masters of railroad building, and safe, finance, we can and do rely. The  Canadian Northern, with them as its soul and source of energy, is sure to succeed. We hail their  coming with delight. They belong to us and give assurance of continued interest in Vancouver.  False Creek, now worse than useless, may soon be converted into a city asset of astonishing magnitude^  TheTesolution was again read, and after a briel,  discussion was adopted.-    '       *~, > '* , .^  Chief to tbe Deputy.  "Deputy you will give orders immediately to      '   ;  have the inhabitants ef Alexander street moved  at once," said Chief, Chamberlin,  turnings to -  Deputy Chief- Mulhern.  "Very well," said  Deputy. Mulhern.   "We  cleaned ont Shanghai and Canton alleys, and \,  guess we can clean out Alexander street.1*  This aroused a heated discussion in whicbf  Mayor Findlay, Chief Chamberlin, and all of tue|  Police Commissioners participated. They wei  unanimous in condemning prostitution andT in!  their purpose to eradicate from every precinct of?  the city.  Commissioner Williamson said:  **I am not making these statements and intro*;  ducing this resolution to secure votes.   While J*'  am in office, however, I am going to do all in tnyK  power to make this city a moral one."  "Alexander street is a regular hot-bed of vice,"l  he continued. ''Prostitutes flock there from aU  points in the United States and Canada. It'has  got to be an established rule that any persona  desiring to live off the gains of prostitution can  do so easily by coming to Vancouver. J% ia a  shame that such a state of affairs should exist.  Will Give Them Warm Reception.  "Now, the best thing we can do is to chase  every fallen woman out of the city at once and  turn over a new leaf. We must abate, the social  evil and the only way we can accomplish it ia to  order all the prostitutes out now and- advertise  the fact that any disorderly persons coming to  this city'in future will not be permitted to stay ���������.  here. We will give them a 'warm reception' and.^i  move them on immediately."'  Commissioner Leek voiced his   sentiments  follows, in part: ,-vf������r>-.cay  "I  believe  that Commissioner Williamson ia, * ^ll^i?fi  Special Engagement  Beginning Mon., Sept. 2  Du Moulino  Man with the Double Voice  Sings deep Bass or  High  Soprano  Comedy and Melody  GRANDVIEW   THEATRE  7 to 11p.m*  ,, >.K**.******H-***H****X^^ *^������4^^.������-y������^^H������^4"ll^������^������*H������4**.*^*������4'������  -or 500 miles iu length, and belong solely to Canada. Let the Yankees take to the open ocean, and  then we shall ask them how they like that for a  change. It is time for the Tal'tian Yanks, to get  a dose of their own medicine.  In all seriousness-, there are vast numbers of the  best people of the United States who are ashamed  of Taft and his fool demagogue senators. They  are ashamed of the act of their president and are  calling for. even demanding, a change in his conduct. In spite of the men and power, foreign, behind him, Taft will fail, and a sounder, saner,  more honorable man will be next president. If  not, then Uncle Sam is to be pitied.  He will be  disgraced and made a meaner object than Turkey,  or Persia in the eves of the world.  The visit of Sir Wm. Mackenzie to our city is  regarded with, interest from a business standpoint  as well as social. He was accompanied to Victoria by Colonel Davidson of the Canadian Northern. Important business matters are under consideration. If Vancouver is to keep step with  rapid developments in commerce, transportation  and storage faciliti >* must receive immediate  attention and support. Now is the time to "take  fortune by the forelock."  right and that the social evil should be eliminated.^  as rapidly as possible. I am in favor of arresting  these women and ordering them out of town at  once. If they don't go when they are told then  I favor jailing them. It is a well-known fact  that these unfortunate women are just what the  men make them and therefore I say they should  be given a chance-to get out of the city. We are  overburdened witli prostitutes. It certainly is a  sad state of afnairs, but we can't deny it. The  sooner we eradicate these unfortunate women and  tiie men that live off their earnings the better it  will be for Vancouver. I certainly am in favor of  having the police start in at once and clean out  the city in the way they deem fit. I will do all in  my power to aid them aud I think every good v.yl  upright citizen will do so too."  Mayor Findlay agreed with Ihe other commis  sioners.   His Worship can be relied on to give this  new movement his hearty support.    . ""'  Now is the opportune moment for the Good  Government League and all lovers of law, order  and decency to cooperate with the Police Commissioners in the difficult task they have honestly  taken in hand. Some disappointments are sure to  attend their efforts, but Chief Chamberlin has  ability and the courage of bis convictions. We  .should be big enough to give every individual,  every newspaper, church and organization credit  for their efforts towards a clean citv.  UNION MADE BACHELOR "CMS  Ask the man who smokes them THE WESTERN GALL.  Believes in Future of Chinese Republic  London, Aug. 23.���������Dr. George E.  Morrison, whose appointment as adviser to President Yuan Shi Kai recently was announced and who is now  in lyondon, in a letter to the Times,  protests against the gloomy and pessi-  .miBtlc views of the English newspapers' concerning China.  He regards the execution of several  Hankow 'generate at Peking as unim  portant He says the men were condemned on unimpeachable evidence  and he scoffs at the idea that the Tung  Hen Hui, Dr. Sun Yet Sen's party,  could contemplate an appeal to force  or impose its views upon the other  parties.  Dr. Morrison says that when he left  China on August 6 affairs everywhere  were improving and he gives numerous instances for his belief in the  stability of the Chinese republic.  f ������4*H"t"H"MH i H 1 1 t ��������������������� I 111! l"l'1'i'������'l"M"l"H'������tl-M'������-|������l<������.f>iH'.t.������������������e  Where II Nys to Deal  t*  Heacst Prices far Honest  Goads  J. W. Edmonds, Prop.  Dealer in all kinds of Stationery  and Books     ...  n  Toys, Fancy Goods, Ice Cream Parlor in Connection:  Ice tan in Cones, Was J Bulk  Ice Cream Bricks made to your ^own order'and  delivered free.   Our Fruit Ice Cream made direct  from Fruits. --   ;:  We sell the Crystal Dairy Milk and Cream,  PriBCipa! Scbool Supply Depot for Grandview District  I Grandview  Edited by D. R. PIERCEi  Phone Fairmont IUO      t  .*   4-  ���������>��������� .*.  *. '   Note-News meant for this column should be mailed or phaned to the editor early to insure X  insertion. ������������>  *.^.*.^������.|..*. j..t..H^H{^M*.������^^^^^t.^i.4 ^  Grandview News Notes  Special Gospel Meetings.  a  l**S*'M*'MH".*������*iifr'*1'*"*'1*".  1 Lank and Legan to fir������ at P. C. Winter, who was hurrying to the scene of  the disturbance. The constable drew  his gun and commenced to return the  , ,  _       , x. Are,  hut did  not  advance   until   he  Special Gospel meetings are being judged th&t~the ro1)hers had-expended  conducted  by DR.  Scott on  Tenth a��������� the shotg ,Q the,p gunB    He tnen  Avenue between Woodlawn Road and gave cnat|e an��������� flred at.tfae men ag  rark Drive each day at 8 p. m.    A they ���������, a!ong GlbBon- Road toward8  cordial invitation is extended *o all. the lnterurban t^k.   one of the men  Fire Destroys Grocery  Fire last night totally destroyed the  grocery store of Mr. D.W. Hutchinson, 369 4th avenue west, damage to  'the extent of $1400, $1100 ofwhirh is  covered by insurance, being done. The  alarm was turned In about ������:3C and  "re halls 4 and'7 promptly responded.  Th# .blase, however, had gained too  Arm a hold and tha firemen could do  * nothing nvore thay*t������ protects the sun*  f reulidlng^i-dperty.    The fere >rigin-  ^������������������aiV^/Ml-k'-.������>������ ***re, t>e  canya*,������f wMch-ibateme ftj&itme way  ��������� Tr~'*    y<-<-<i v. &-i't J  Mrs. Oustar*, Relief.  Eight hundred and elgfct&tt 4cdlara  and^'xt**. cents Is the sum total wiiich  lias1 been donated thrdugh,,the-.World  to tha Gun'ter fund Since the aubacrip*  j was aeen to fall, presumably wounded,  but he was helped up by his companions and. they all escaped.  By this time Police Contable Thomas  had Joined P. _C. Winter and together  they searched for the men who had  disappeared among the brush, though  some of the bystanders believed the  men had entered an automobile which  was .seen In the-distance. The constables, however, state that the mien  were oa toot and that they simply disappeared In the. darkness of the night.  About sixteen shots were fired and  as Ihere, were ������/1arge number ol peo*  Jjte lnttap neighborhood It' was remafk-  at^*$^������sriyi(>ne person was injured.  5io*it!oT^the bullets passed high, or hit  the, fddewai*-^ but one craushed  i&riugb thia tHhdOw of a grocery-store  ��������� _   **., i .   _ ���������, j*!*-     __   ^      * ��������� k     , *"-*r *      -        0-  w vaa*-*������ UUUI.-J-   iuhu qiuv-o  ua-*-r aMUDV-.ay**        *.    *���������r     r+ ������__*" -*       '  tion. list waa started.   Pour- hundred'.*������,���������4cli'.W*.���������*��������� T. I^l������*r������^*, wa.  The Model Grocery and Confectionery  Moved from 1904 Commercial Drive to 1990  Cor Commercial Drive and Third Avenue  Groceries, Meats, Flour, Vegetales, Fruits, Nuts,  Butter, Eggs and Berries in season, Confectionery  Ice Cream, Soft Drinks. Woman's Bakery Goods  Bread, Cake and Pastry.  Phone Sey. 7639 L  .    Corner Third and Commercial Prive  R. QILL, Proprietor  BUITALO GROCERY  Commercial Prive ami Mth Ave.  "The Home of Quality"  a  Groceries, Provisions, Fruits  Only the best brands kept in stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.  ^psis^pwp. Plwoni fgimwn! 1033  smmsLSL  m������^^^^^^ ^^^L ^g. aMaM^maaM)e bbbsbsbsM 'aaaa IbbbW s*sUbbs*bb*1 TaraSBSBSBsTatasat ^faa**sa*������ ss**a*a*aa-*S* aal af^a*aa*aa%  9ee^9*9km9a^9f 9aj9*^*}W ^^ *w*7r**\*9*nW nrvP^aT^ ^rw 9f9W WrP^W; t'^^^������������^^W       9\^9%*j *9*WWw tt H^9t^*W  LklL*  CO*fs*f*|Tf7*nO**������X *naoa ptcwawE.  ffsttaat Maw ****** "Tha spate an alt  ���������roue from my lags aad arma aad I f������c)  ���������rood now. I am vary sratatal to yon  aad ahall narar forsat tha favor your  SMdlclaaa tiava doaa for ma. Toe can  vm my nam* In rcaommandlas It to  any auffir-r. I am golns te gat married aooa. TtaanUns yoa ooee more,  ���������te."  aVAM TWO MOMTin <***aT*cD BTif.  ���������FtatiMt Ka. ItTC*. Ace 2*. Single,  ladatged in Immoral halta 4 yeara. De-  -taalt la oriaa and dralna at night.  Varlcoae Veiaa oa both aides; palna In  hack, weak acxoally. Ho wrttee:���������"I  racelTed yoar latter of recent date and  in reply I am pleaaed to aay that after  taking two montha* treatment I would  cetMlder myaett completely enred. aa I  have aeen no tdgna of them coming  hack <oas year).  TH* WOULD SEKM8 MtFtWUtT.  rathrat Urn. IStSX "1 have not had  a rego'lar Bmlaaion I don't know when  and am feeling fine. The world eecma  altogether different to me and I thank  Ood for directing me to yon. You have  been an honeat doctor with me."  YJvawan j**v*a coin****.  Cm������ Ka.  uMta.  it������as|������  Srmptoma when ha  started ttaataait*--Aga K. atngta. ia*  dulged in immoral hablta several yeara.  Varicoee Vetat oa both aidea���������plmplea  an tha faaa, ate. Attar two month**  treatment he writea aa follows:���������"Tour  welcome letter to band and am very  glad to aay tbat I think myaelf enred.  My Varlcoae Veins have completely disappeared for quite a while and it items  a cure. I work harder and feel 1-aa  tired. I have no deelre for that habit  whatever aad If I atay like thhOwhlch  I have every reaeon to believe I will.  Thanking you for your kind attention,"  etc  gaxskd u Torxua cr 0*0 momth.  ratient Ka. ISStt. This patient (aged  58) bad a chronic caaa of Kervoua De-  lllty and Sexual Waakneaa and waa run  down la vigor and vitality. After one  month'a treatment he reporta aa follow*:���������"I ait), feeling very well.' I have  gained 14 pouada In one month, ao that  I will have to congratulate yarn." Later  report:���������-'I am beginning to feel more  like a man. 1 feel my condition la  getting better every week." Hla laat report:���������"Dear Doctor*���������Aa I feel tbla ia  the laat month'a treatment tbat 1 will  have to get. I thought at one time I  would never be cured but I put confidence in you from the atari and yoa  have cares me."  CUttlS OUAttAMTtTO Oil NO PAY  _We treat ami etara VAMCOSB VEBIS. KCTVOUS D***OUTT. BLOOD AND  ***UrtAKY CC*faT4JUNTS. KIONEY AND BLADDER DISEASES aad aB Diaaaeaa  CONSULTATION FREE.   BOOKS FREE.  If tmaaia ta caB wriU for a Qaaitlaa  * fee Homo Traatmaat  *Ma***w*TlgT*aw' ABIaWt^rrom Canada matt ha ���������'rltimd tootarCaa-  l^*S*aF 1 ���������"%-������>a& atHaa C<*iie������uimdeace Dowerta-teat a* foQow* i  C  DRS  WINDSOR, ONT.  Drs KENNEDY&KENNEDY  Cor. Michigan Are. and Griswold St,  Detroit. Mich.  Phrenology-- M"f- f*7*'*������.  ���������l^-ar Givos Practical Advice  On IVusiness Adaptation, Health and Msrriaoe  and flfty-nlne dollars- and / >Mtyt\f*x  cents, the amount donated slice ft|8t  Saturday, waa today taken' to ~ the  Royal Bank of Canada astd a draft Issued at par for tbat amount and given  to MrB. Gunter, who leaves thia .even*  ing at 8:00 o'clock on the C. P. R. train  for New Brunswick.  The Province secured to date $167,  making a grand total of 11.063.60.  False Creek Again.  Negotiations between tbe Canadian  Northern Railway Company and the  city of Vancouver over- False Creek  will likely: be expedited and a definite  proposition forthcoming from the company in a few days as a result, of the  visit of Sir William Mackenzie, president of the C. N. R., who arrived in  the city in his "private car "Atikokau"  last night  Coming expressly to settle Vancou*  ver and New Westminster terminal  matters, Sir William's visit here will  likely lead to definite proposals being  serving, aw he was struck cri|-tjsgH&:  Otter ijull^ptd!^  down and'M*j*jtn of the. P.'born*'a Jd������.  PEOPLE'S     POPULAR     THEATRE  SERVICES    BEGIN    NEXT  SUNDAY.  Next Sunday will commence a downtown movement in theatre services.  Dr. Spencer has engaged the Savoy  Theatre, 122 Hastings ������Streeet West,  and will be assisted by Rev. F. O.  West, recently from England and  South Africa, and his wife,' known as  "Sister Ethel." Both have had large  experience in the kind of work contemplated and are well commended )by  prominent men.  In the afternooh at 3 o'clock there  will be a "Vancouver Brotherhood"  meeting for j en only, which will take  a variety of forms calculatrl to help  men to help one another in ti cans  tian and social way. Tr i.-- expecteJ  addresses and music will be given.  This meeting is going to do good to  the men of the city and all men of  every creed are warmly invited.  The evening meeting will be evangelistic and open to. nil- It will be the  people's iMumlf"* service and expected  tameet the thousands with a glad note  ln song and service. Christian workers sr& <u������k������3d to-asslBt in any way possible.  Cars for Hire  ICars Stored'  Grandview Oarage  and Repair Company  Expert Repairing, Gasoline,  "Oilaiid Accessories  1424 Commercial Drive  Vancouver.  FOR    SIG^JS  W. J. PIERCE:  GRANDVIEW 8I0H WORK9  2285 Commercial Dr. AEnd of Earls Rd.  Phone Sey. 6786      -    ���������  DOMINION.,  TBE FRENCH RENOVATOR*  1706 Qraveley [Street  Suits Pressed 36c to 75c   -  High Class Work at Lowest  Prices. We Call and Deliver  t V at*/  'mmesmmmmmmgmmammm  Forestry Convention.  Tbe Canadian Forestry Convention  will convene *n Victoria September 4*6.  Atj-t6^\fo^e*d. ex|>ert������ there will be  Btt������. J!. iTernow, head of the Forest  ik^ot TOronto, University;  -.  R- H.  -* * ������������������"iv^"x.������i.i^"������'ik" w'��������� y*L -jCafci������*i*?n^lWiiq^"'-director of For-'  meat markM Cadr*r (^o tag. h*rd*ar* ^>6ttaw & C.'PicheC chief for  store and oti-* .hops in the' vlctolty, ^^.t>ft ^^ BU.  hut fortunately np one waa^Ju-jed.,    ^rlntefiaent at forestry for the Gana  South Vancouvlr, Aug. 2T.TSh0rtly dlan ^.^ j^, r, H. Campbell. I  after noon todav.the $outh Vancouver pomlnion  Director of Fdrasfry. wllf  police picked^p what seemed to them��������� preB|^e -"._-   ,    J  to be fairly reliable clues to the six  foreigners who stuck up aad robbed  the Bank of Hamilton on Saturday  night/  A squad of patrolmen were hurried  on the trail at once and the work" of  uncovering the hold-up men begun  again with renewed activity.  The police are not placing any too  much trust In the information received, but they are not letting the  chance pass by.  Canal Bill Signed. - ������  President Taft signed the Panama  Canal bill Saturday. The Dominion  government will now Join Britain in a  vigorous protest against the free passage of U. S. coasting veasela -  made to tbe city for the bed of False-WmnJfred  j,   Bnwe   Wftg mt^ in  A.quiet event took place at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brutce. 421 Glen  Drive, at 9 o'clock on Wednesday  morning, when their daughter. Miss  805 Granville St., Corner Robson  Hours:   10 s. m. to 9 p. m*  Creek. On this bead something will  be known in a few days. '  '  Property Owrttra Weul**' Be Bvoke.  Opinions that Clark Prive property  owners should be empowered to repay  the local Improvement assessment in  forty years Instead of five years, as  at present arranged, were, freely ex*  ressed at last night's meeting of the  city council, and It was decided that  the city engineer should bring ia a recommendation to that effect, and that  a court of revision be held at the ear*  Meat possible date.  Alderman Baxter contended In tbls  connection that it the matter went  through under present arrangemtns  and property owners were compelled  to repay $140,000 In five years, some  of them would be "broke."  The city solicitor is of the opinion  that the propoied new arrangtement  cannot be carried through.  Commercial Prive Fire.  The Bee Hive Market, corner of  Commercial Drive and Second Avenue,  was gutted by fire at 12:30 o'clock yesterday morning. 8ome of the stock In  the front of the store escaped destruction. Owing to t he impassable state of  Commercial Drive south of First Avenue���������the street being torn up owing  to widening operations and the laying  of new street car tracks���������the fire apparatus called had difficulty in getting  on the scene, but ultimately two lines  of hose were put into play and soon  had the flames under control. The roof  of the building, a one-storey frame,  structure, was burned to a cinder.  Tbe pressure of water was so good  that it was necessary to call a steamer j  Into action.   A two-storey brick build-1  ing adjoining the market on the north  prevented the flames spreading in that ���������  direction. Some of the windows in the  brick block were broken by the  intense heat.  Bank Robbery.  The robbers got clear away though  it is believed cne cf the men was  wounded ty a shot from Contatls  Winter's revolver.  When tbe three robbers rushed the  bank Mr. J. Scott, the teller, was being pushed out of the cage by one of  the men and threatened with a gun.  He backed up against the rear wall of  the ba&k and pressed an electric button, which rang a fire alarm at the  Cedar Cottage fire hall, and this was  responded to by the firemen off duty  by ringing another gong in the Lank  to show that the alarm had been re-!  ceived. This apparently scared the  robbers before they had time to get  to the open safe and the robber in  tbe teller's cage fired his gun. The  bullet pierced the wall where Mr. J  Scott stood and dropped on the floor  in the kitchen of Mrs. Branbury's bakery establishment next door.  The robbers then rushed from the  marriage to Mr. Clarence Hadden ot  Kensington Prairie, B. C. The rooms  were prettily decorated with dahlias  and roses. Rev* H. Fraser performed  the ceremony In the presence of a tew  Intimate friends and the relatives of  the families. The bride was given  away by her father, and was attired  In her travelling suit of navy "blue  cloth with bat to match. Her bridesmaid was Miss Stella Ferguson and  Mr. Robert Bruce, brother of the bride,  acted as best man. Following the ceremony a reception was held and the  Wedding breakfast served. Later Mr.  and Mrs. Hadden left for a trip to Seattle and other cities, and wIH return  to take up their residence, in Kensington Prairie. Mr. Bruce Is an old-  timer jn the city, having resided here  for upwards of twenty-five years, and  the young bride is a nativefbor*������<daughter of Vancouver.  GRANDVIEW.  By D. R. P.  . PHONE 3������y. 8749  RODWAYS HARDWARE  Thia is the time to get your  Furnaces Repaired,  Get our prices on your sheet  metal requirements.  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"Oh, ho," said I, "from where, I wean,  Can best the landscape fair be seen?"  "Grandview," said he.  "And where, pray tell sue, could I find  A neighborhood with peopie kind?"  "Grandview," said he.  "Why, sir," said I, " 'tis very plain.  You've got Grandview upon the brain;  Do all agree?  If you were me where would yon. trade.  To get the beBt that can be made:"  "Grandview," said he.  "Grandview!    Why,    sir,    I in    quite.  amazed;  I   fear  through   trouble   you've   been  crazed,  And strangely see.  Yet one more qustion I will try���������  When dead where do you wish 10 ^ie?"  "Grandview," said he.  I^fovite-yd j to inspect x>wr stock x>f  You are under no obligation to buy. The balance of  our Meat Safes are going below cost, and Screen Poors at  greatly reduce^ prices.      ^  Ww***: DlfMfad I2U  Jl   N97 Ceiwaerciil Sirttt  rwar*������ Co.)  Total Fire  Loss."  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Swedish &������Kerv  jotmson * Carlson, Props.  ������necke pread a Specialty  Pare Swedish Bye and  Fancy ������read  300 Glen Pa've     Vancouver, B. O.  Political Freedom.  THE HAGUE, Aug. 22.���������A monster  demonstration by the Social Democratic party of Holland in favor of general  adult suffrage is being planned in connection with the opening of parliament  in September.  The coming session will be the most  crucial in ther history of the suffrage  movement, as tbe project for tbe revision of the constitution to provide  for woman suffrage Is to be taken up  by the government. The Woman Suffrage Association bas issued an urgent  appeal to tbe men of Holland, asking  tbem to give political freedom to women in 1913, as tbat year marks tbe  centenary of the recovery of national  Independence.  Provincial, Dominion and Foreign  ' 'Hfrfll IHHMlHIHIIIUtlllll'll MI-H4-*������H������H":-. ���������������������������   ���������  Hand UuwJrv  Ve also do Uce Curtains  906 Hastings Street East  Vancouver, B. C.  Trust Prosecution.  New  York,  Aug.   23���������Washington  PROVINCIAL  Port Moodjr Is preparing for incorporation as a city.  Death of Rev. MeEwen.  New Westminster, Aug. 31.���������The  death took place in this city last evening of Rev. P. H. McBwen, one of the  best known ministers of the Baptist  Church ln British Columbia.  City to Apply for Conveyance.  Application is to be made by the  city, according to a resolution passed  by the harbor Improvements committee yesterday afternoon, to the Dominion government for the conveyance of  the bed of False Creek west of Main  street and east of Carrall street, extended southerly, in conformity with  tbe provincial grant. >    ,.  Wharf Gave Way.  STEVESTON, B.C., Aug. 19.���������Through  old age and the persistent action of  the water, the old wharf at the Scot  tish-Canadian cannery gave way, and  from 600 to 600 cases of salmon, ready  for- shipment, were precipitated Into  the> river. It Is understood, however  that the cases have all been recovered,  none the worse for tbe Immersion.  Fear Labor Conditions  May Retard O. T. P.  OTTAWA, Aug. 20.���������Industrial conditions exist on the Prince Rupert end  of the Grand Trunk Pacific which bid  fair ter seriously retard the completion  of the 480 miles gap between the eastern and western sections of the line, is  the oplnibn of Mr. Collingwood Schrei-  ber, general consulting engineer for  the Dominion government, who has  just returned frm a five weeks' tour of  inspection from Edmonton to Prince  Rupert.  Carter-Cotton Chancellor  VICTORIA, Aug. 22.���������Hon. P. L. Carter-Cotton, M.P.P., was elected  first  chancellor ef the University of British  Columbia at    the    first convocation,  which opened here yesterday morning.  Carter-Cotting received 678 votes; Sir  Charles Hlbbert   Tapper,   242   votes.  The following were elected members of  the senate:   R. B. McKechnie, P. W.  Howay, N. Wolverton,. J. S. Gordon,  Mrs. J. W. deB. Farris, P. C. Wade,  W. P. Argue, W. D. Brydone-Jack, J.  IM. Turnbull, E. W. 8awyer, Mrs. M. A.  j Watt, C. D. Rand, Hon. G. Hunter, J.  ,M. Pearson.   E. P. Davis and A. U.  idePencier tied   and tbe   election of  'either one of these as fifteenth mem'  ber will'be settled by the senate. -J. 8.  {Gordon was elected permanent secre-  Itary of the senate.    C. D. Rand as  ' treasurer.  Dr. R. Eden Walker of New Westminster, was elected on the executive  committee of convocation which will  also consist of Dr. O'Brien, Nanalmo:  POJV\|N(ON  W. H. Mclnnes, Vancouver; Cecil JUI-  and Chicago dispatches intimate that' lam. Vancouver and C. H. Lugrin, Vic-  suit tp compel dissolution on Amer* toria,  lean Tel. & Tel. Company Is about  to be brought by Department of Justice under Sherman anti-trust law.  RtsponsibHty Ier Maeaacrta,  Salonika, Aug. 23.���������The Turkish)  commission, which has been investigating the massacre of Bulgarian*  miles southwest of Uskup, on Anfust  2, bas established the m*xm*tf|*4"4ty  of the Trukih military Ji||aftHes.  Steps are being taken to oo**-r**-*aiiial  the officers implicated,.  the country, which at the present time  should be filling up for winter demands  are in many cases being absolutely depleted to supply limited current demands. Prices are accordingly rising  and in Winnipeg, Pennsylvania hard  coal has gone up from $10.50 to $11 a  ton.  Ruinlous as War.  Edmonton, Alta., Aug. St.���������War between Great Britain and Germany is  Inevitable unless arrangements can be  made for tbe curtailment of armaments, said Lord Congleton. in an interview last night. He declared that  even war would be better than a continuance of the present ruinous competition ln naval preparations.  Bean Crop Ruined.  Rldgetown. Ont., Aug. 21.���������Notwithstanding the fine appearance of the beat  crop a couple of weeks ago, the yield  will be the poorest ever harvested owing |o the heavy rains. The crop is  practically ruined. Tbe loss to Kent  Is inestimable as beans are the main  project. Hail fell on the Oxford-Howard town line yesterday and did considerable damage to corn and tobacco.  Labor Dispute* Increase.  Ottawa, Aug. 21.���������Industrial conditions were seriously disturbed by labor  disputes during July, the number in  existence in that month being considerably greater than thfe number during  June.'.The number actually commencing, during July, however, compares  favorably with that of the preceding  month.  Binding Twine Pamjne.  REGINA, Sask., Aug. 22.���������The binder  twine situation continues to grow more  acute and unless large quantities 'can  be rushed into Saskatchewan before  the end of next week, many farmers  must suffer great inconveniences, if not  actual loss.  FOREIQN  Ur**ed to Tour.  London, Aug. 22.���������General Bramwell  Booth, new bead   of the   Salvation  Army, succeeding his father, the late  General Wm.  Booth, received) thousands of congratulatory messages today.. Bramwell Booth is   being urged  to make a tour of inspection of the most  important posts   of   the    Salvation  ������������������J Army.  ���������HI jf * * * *>**** 111 Ut I H* *������������������  ������.������������������< 14* 11 ***** III H M 11 ���������  i Use Slave lake Power  .those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factoriest or office build*  ings which operate private powelr plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  Western Canada Power  LIMITED  f%mt %qwm 4771      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg.  P. 0. BOX 1418. VANCOUVER, B. C. |  ��������� sMIMIIMHHIIIIHIIIM   S11111M M 11 IM Mill IH III  Improvements *J,000,000.  Montreal, Aug. 14.���������Direct rail and  highway communication by a new  bridge to the Bouth shore, the establishment of extensive railway terminal facilities, on Mackay Pier, the creation of an anchorage pier tor vessels  between tlfe old guard pier and the  Alexander pier and the construction  of fiv new piers for ocean liners between the Victoria and Laurier piers  and better ferry connections form part  of an immense program' of improvements which the Montreal Harbor  commission proposes to carry out within the next three years at an approximate cost of six million dollars.  - Big Increase in Assessment.  Montreal, Aug. 14.���������Reaching the  enormous total of $649,000,000, the assessed valuation of Montreal's property  for tbe current year shows an increase  over the assessment of 1911 of $159,-  000,000. Deducting from this great total  the exemptions of church property,  civic and government holdings, the taxable property amounts to $495,000,000  while last year the total was $381(148,-  200.  Mr. Hazen to Sail Today.  London. A****- 21���������Hon. J. D. Hazen  will sail for Canada today accompanied  by Admiral Kingsmlli. Mr. Hazen is  gratified at the growth of the idea of  imperial federation in Britain, and  with the attitude of parliamentarians  of both parties towards imperial defence.  -Right Hon'. R. L. Borden, the Canadian premier, will sail August 30. The  premier does not expect that anything  will be done by the Canadian government regarding the Panama Canal bill  until after hi sreturn to Ottawa, or until after the measure has been finally  ratified by the signature of the President.  Coat Shortage Fearjed.  Winnipeg, Aug. 21��������� Reports from  the Pennsylvania anthracite fields  show tbat the producers in spite of  every effort to avoid a shortage, are  likely to be overwhelmed by a mass  of belated orders accumulated during  the strike period of the spring. The  stocks of big coal Jobbers throughout  "Home Rule" Por.Alaska  Washington. Aug. 21.���������The conference on the Alaska Administration  Bill, providing for two branches ot a  legislative assembly and a railroad  commission, was adopted yesterday  by tbe House. Its approval by the  Senate and tbe President's signature  will provide "home rule" for Alaska.  Wall Street Gossip  New York, Aug. 21.���������Within the  last two days U. S. railroads bave  asked for 110,000 tons ot steel rails  and over 10,00 cars.  England plans to file an immediate  detailed protest with Tbe Hague  against free passage for American  ships if President Taft signs tbe Panama Canal bill.  Congress rejected Taft's proposal to  refer the bill to the Supreme Court.  No 8uit By Mrs. Astor  New York, Aug. 21���������A statement  given out by counsel for Mrs. Madeline Force Astor, in reply to persistent reports that a contest of the John  Jacob Astor will is being contemplated, says:  "Mrs. Astor bas always expressed  entire satisfaction with tbe provisions made tor her by ber late husband. She has not now, nor has she  ever bad, any desire or intention to  dispute the validity of .the antenuptial agreements."  Traffic in Chinese  New York, Aug. 21.���������A scheme to  smuggle Chinese into this country  was discovered today wben a policeman opened an immense bundle in  the rear of an automobile. The bun  die revealed three badly frightened  Chinese.  <**rV * -V&X&Z?'    v jWi  Hekla Cash Store  -������������������---������--������-������---.���������<*---������.������--.J.-.���������������^������������������-������������-<--l-.-MM--^i  '    ' '    ' ' ' '  "      '        I "   ' '   V.' ' I 1 '    ������*���������*������*  General stock of Fr^esh Groceries  -   Tea. Coffee, Sugar, etc, Provisions,'  Butter, Eggs. Vegetables, Fruits, etc  Pick where yea like from ear Special Talk ef 5c, lie aa*f lie Articles  Oddstad & Johnson, Props.  Fraser Street and 47th Avenue  &x$2*  yry}%s*  yZ'M  *���������"**?  ���������*���������* r   tj  The Place to  after your walk or during *  ~-    the hot weather call at  South Hill's Centre  The Unique Cafe  49th and Fraser St.  ���������  Mpst inviting Dinner or Lunch,  Meals 25c and up, - \  *- , *aw  ���������*<.*��������� *  Delicious   Ice  Cream  and  Soft Drinks in the  Cool Rest Parlor.  **/ r  y: <*%&���������$  '      ',    iS ^^*V*jJI  -i*-* 4$*V**S  ���������y y0S  ri..i  -srV-./w*'  ?''  ' ^jj?:"-*-!*  !>...' .(  "* ^ J  $3  f     rt  '������*j *���������  '���������*������ "  ���������***  **B  i���������a.j^.���������������>%������������������������-.������������������.-������..*. .*>.-���������-  a-.a-    a. .������    a,  ���������    ���������_ ..    ������. _a._'������������������_.  '*''*''*ym***a?m*''*m,a''+''\'** **~****"*,*tmm%,mi*m*,m*m*tmm*ymi% 9 ���������  ��������� I  :: Fraser Avenue \\  **-**B  ?Si  .', yrSi  II III I MlliHUI MUM IHi  The high cost of  living may   be  equalized by careful buying of your  supplies for kitchen and table.      Ellis* I  Grocery, 30th and fraser. make prices I  that save dollars each weeaf for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  Fraser Avenue business houses that  are leaders In their particular lines.  See their ads on this page. We bave  found them trustworthy.  1. Junction Booming House, comer  Fraser Avenue and Westminster  Road.  2. The Workman's Home Cafe, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-  Sixth Avenues.  3. South Hill Shoe Store, opp.^outh  Hill School.  4. The Unique Cafe, Forty-ninth Avenue and Fraser.  5. Hekla Cash Grocery, Fraser Avenue and Forty-Seventh Avenue.  6. Anatomical Shoe Store, 6352 Fraser Avenue.  7. Jack ft John's Place, corner-Fraser and Ferris Avenues.  8. Fraser Avenue Builder Supply Co.,  4122 Fraser Avenue.  1 ���������       s;'"^v     a*- '*���������'- 'n, ���������  The March of Progress.   '  The old-fashioned woman who wort  red flannels and turpentine as a protection for her chest now has a daughter who wears talcum and a bangle 011  hers.  " ��������� --'Jit  > -J'^<-|  . y>  pean complications, either at the present time or in the future.  This united action, he concluded,  had been immensely strengthened by  the. support which Great Britain was  giving to Franco-Russian aims.  Represent the Kino  London, Aug. 21.���������The son of the  Canadian Governor-General, - Prince  Arthur of Connaught, has been- selected by the King to represent His  Majesty at the funeral of the late Em-  i>������  Opposite Sooth Hill School  H. WICKER, Proprietor  Boots and Shoes in the  latest styles and best quality  'Wees are Itight"  *SB&  The Workman's  Ifome from Home Cafe  Between 26th and 26th Avenues  Opposite Post Office  We carry a ftrst-classline of  Bread, Confectionery* Ice  Cream and Tobaccos.  Fon't Forget"4l35 Fraser Ave.  Room and Board $1.00 per day.  Special rates by week or month  Junction Ihwmlirti ffowc  Cor. Fraser and Westminster Rd-  fQOl TABJ^J  JL.  jW%������  *fr������  Jf.  The  chauffeur  told  the police he Peror of Japan.    He will be accom  was getting $25 a day for carrying panied by Ixird Methuen, Admiral Ed  Chinese from Buffalo to New York.  An Ancient Offence  Boston, Mass., Aug. 21.���������On his release on parole yesterday from the  state  prison,  where  he had served  mund Poe, Miles Lapson and Captain  Bonham, Prince George's equerry.  Aviator Killed.  LAMAR, Col.. Aug. 22.���������Caught by a  sudden gUBt of wind here yesterday,  more than eleven years for burglary , while making an exhibition flight, Geo.  of a brewery ln Lawrence ln 1900, Thompson, a Denver aviator, feU 200  Frederick- Allen, alias Jos. Huddle, j feet to the ground and was instantly  alias John D. Rown, was rearrested ' killed. His machine turned turtle, and  for the Canadian authorities. Allen when the planes began to dip the avia-  is charged with being one of a band tor attempted to save himself by jump-  of men who robbed the Eastern Town- ing.  ships Bank of Dab ville, Que., of $15,-  000 about twelve years ago. The robbers were captured In a swamp after  China to Leave Tibet.  Simla, India, Aug. 22.���������Peace negotiations between China    and    Tibet,  a gun fight.   Later they escaped from which were opened some time ago at  the jail at Sherbrooke, Que., after an j L'Hassa,  the  Tibetan  capital,  bave  shots   with the prison  exchange of  guards.  Franco-Russian   Entente  Complete  Dunkirk, France, Aug. 21.���������Premier  Raymond Poincaire was welcomed like  a victorious general when he landed  here today from the French armored  cruiser Conde on his return from his ' Identiai campaign,  successful  mission  to  Russia.    The Grangers' picnic at  been concluded. All the Chinese troops  are to leave Tibet, but the Chinese  traders will be permitted to remain in  the country.  Wilson   Will   Start  Campaign.  Sea Girt, N. J., Aug. 22.���������This week  marks his actual plunge into the pres-  addresslng    the  William   Grove,  Your*next for a  *H4VC*1  Jack I Mil's Place  Come in and have a  Game of  POOL  Ice Cream 6V Soft Drinks  Just the thing for a hot day  1  V.  Cor. Fraser and Ferris 8treets  Builder's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, Etc.  Estimates Free  Plans Submitted  Fraser Avenue  Builder's Supply Co.  4122 rraser Avenue  F. Phimmer, Props.  PHONE:   Fairmont 1128  entire town waB decorated with flags . near Harrisburg, Pa. From tbat time  and all the inhabitants tnrued out to until November he will be an un-  cheer him. At a luncheon given in , usually busy man, for it is planned  his honor by the Mayor at the town j that wherever It is deemed necessary  'hall Premier Poincaire declared that \ the governor shall edit the speeches  his visit to Russia had resulted in a of many of the big speakers and have  complete understanding in regard to tbem include paragraphs from ad  the common action to be taken by  France and Russia to meet all even  tualities likely to arise oot of Euro-  to be made.  dresses written by himself to suit the  districts where important speeches are  ^.-���������;*^J--*ail*.  *������*W-������..-.--.--  ysrV-V.-** ���������������������������������*���������������"  .sfiyy'x-c.   -  yyyyyyiyx THE WESTERN CALL.  *������-������*K"l"*>������������'l''l"l"t"li*iH"l'll'*l"������"l"l"l"l,������*I** *  |   The Successful Firms   r  I   Advertise. WHY?  J  /  V V  '-  44*4'^^,Il,M*^^**^^^^*>*K*^*>-it*fr^*i������������!������������i*^4  ill  ' ������  m  ]M  y  ���������< :���������  h  ���������*...���������..  IB  ������ 1  I  ���������8- I  Ii I'  THE SUCCESS  Business College  has secured temporary quarters at 153���������10th Ave.,  east, and are opening classes, Thursday, August 1st.  We are offering up-to-date courses in Bookkeeping-. Shorthand and Typewriting and all  other commercial subjects.  Day classes meet during August from 8:30 to  1 o'clock. Evening classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock.  Get free information today at the above address  or Phone Seymour 8240.  F. Q. Garbutt    E, Scott Eaton, B. A.  President Principal  t         < ���������  ��������� airrnont 845 Corner Broadway and Main ;;  I Garriages at all hours day or nigW  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and'Single  Buggies, Express and Pray Wagons for hire  |; Express & Baggage Transferred ji  ������1*>**"l"l'������'������"I"l"t"H M"������"t Hi'Mil'l"!H;'������-l''l''*'������*|-<Ml"|������H"|"M"|-l'|"*'<"H"t"l't"l  D. R PIERCE Representative  A baby boy, Wilfred Hovey, was  born Sunday to Mr...and Mrs. G. W.  Cits of 22 Tenth Avenue West. Mother and baby are both doing well.  Impressive Baptism.  The Apostolic Faith Mission people  held an impressive baptismal service  August 23 at Kitsilano beach, when  ten candidates were immersed. Rev.  .Mr. Paul and an assistant conducted  the service. A number of Mount  pleasant people  were interested.  Pleasant Picnic.  A very enjoyable picnic was held  Tuesday, August 20, at Stanley Park,  near Georgia Street entrance. The  occasion was a reunion of those who  came from Dauphin, Manitoba. About  sixty were present. Fifty-six sat down  to an open air supper. Many Mount  Pleasant people were among the number. Mr. William'Carter of 44 Broadway, was one of those chiefly responsible for the pleasant event.; -x  PARTIAL REPORT OF FIFTEENTH  GENERAL MEETING OF THE  SOUTH VANCOUVER MUNICIPAL  COUNCIL, YEAR  1912.  V*i^*->*;-V'i**������>-^->*>*>*^->^~>^i--M-*i.->������i-J~i  No  Delivery  y<4*>**������������:������***^^  van urroRP BROS,  Pig Summer Sale  Of pots and Plants, Ferns, Palms, etc.  Large variety of  Cut Flowers, Fern pishes, flaskets, etc. |  Oreat Retlwctions  I  l  " i  |  009 ftroacjway yy. <        Cor* ptroatlway and Oafc j���������  llft-JCI ft?NCE, special Isr iBSBltal visitor*. C0|. IMTIEI M* IWalUT  *H,<,������'������">"������' '"������������������'"' ������'l"i'������'l'������i|'������ii"l"i"i"H'0* ���������M"i"i"i"i"i"<'������������������"i'*>������'������������������'|'.������*������.|.*..|.������*.i.  Nat ttta Cuaapm Placa  la Taws  Put theHaat Value for  rumey  ������p  - rvtE'SANT ameertor  jV)V* v. tt. Armatronf, Prop. 'nK  2440 MAIN STREET  *>  We have an ICE CREArt PARLOR with 25 different  iced drinks, Ice Cream Sundaes, Scdas and (ones. We deliver ice cream in brick or bulk and a call will convince you  our goods and prices are right.  TOR SALE  On 12th Avenue and Victoria Drive, near Grandview  car, THREE Bungalows, story and a half each, full cement  basement, finished modern up-to-date style, heat, etc., toilet  in basement, extra toilet upstairs.  For full particulars and information as to terms apply  506 Metropolitan Building  PHONE: Seymour 588  VANCOUVER  ���������!>���������-���������������*.'������������������������������������������ ���������' w> m ���������������������������aWa)   a*-a*S>���������#������������������#*-.>��������� ���������������������������.���������������>>.������ -OQ a���������Qua*,..*..* .������������������������+ ^.^������������������a>nai..a>-a*|.iaTi.-aVaa>i  ��������� i a*   ���������  ���������'">   ���������  ���������  THE INTERCOLONIAL TEA CO.  We have just received a shipment ef Wgh Grade Teas direct from  tfis gardens this year's pickings. You will be delighted with them,  r'reah and t.elicious.  Tea from 2'c lb. up.    Eeft grade Oolong f, Tec and 9Cc lb.  Delicious Coffee, 3' c. 3Ec and 40c per lb.  " .-   .      Cocoa, absolutely pure, 35c lb.  y^yyxYon would also do well to try our Flavoring Extracts and Fpicep.  Tnej/^are the finest money can buy.  Phone Fairmont 1592  3536 Main St.  Street Improvements rush forward  apace. Aspbalt paving is being laid  east of Main on Lansdowue and  Eighth Avenue. Also on Tenth and  Twelfth Avenues east of Westminster  Road. On Westminster Road from  Prince Edward to Knight Koad.  The electric line on Sixteenth Avenue west of Main Street is being laid  rapidly. This will be a great boon to  this locality.  A new coat 5f paint has been put  on the Mount Pleasant police substation. '''"  A good, up-to-date, fireproof garage  is soon to be located in Mount Pleasant. The completion of the Lee. and  Harris blocks will bring to this section a class of business men who will  need such accommodation.  G. Edward Pierrot is erecting a four-  apartment building at corner of Prince  Edward and HBeventh'Avenue. It will  be ready for occupancy about September 1st.     -���������'"������������������ '"jy\  Real estate is moving some now.  There is a large amount of exchanging going on in this locality.    -v  The new Success Business College  is keeping up with its name by really  succeeding. Mr. Eaton reports a good  number of Students and an especially  successful night school. Do not forget the splendid opportunity for a bus~  jtaess education now in our midst. See  their "ao." ~  All present.  151. Elliott-Robinson. That the  plan of proposed sub-division of "Lots  38 and'39A, sub-division of 4 to 8.  Block 7, D. L. 393, be approved and  signed.   Carried.  15. Robinson-Elliott. That Vanness  Avenue (Ward 1) be graded as per engineer's profile and that the sum of  $10,700 be appropriated from By-law  7.   Carried.  Re Annexation.  16. Elliott-Robinson. That the various Ratepayers' and Progressive Associations, also the Board of Trade and  School Hoard, be notified to appoint a  representative to attend a meeting to  discuss annexation to the City of Vancouver, otf Tuesday, August 27th, at  7:30 p. m.( at the Municipal Hall. Carried.  Re 43rd Avenue Road Allowance.  17. Elliott-Campbell. That the matter of road allowance on Fortythird  Avenue, between Wales Road and  Vivian Road, belong to Mr. George  Wales, be left in the hands of the engineer and Councillor for Ward One  with power to act.   Carried.  Re Repair Gangs  18. Robinson-Elliott That a repair  gang be established in each ward, consisting of three men, the gang to do all  sundry repairs to roads, sidewalks,  etc., and all work to be charged to the  contingency fund, the councillor of  each ward to have the privilege of appointing a ^suitable man to take full  charge of this new, department and be  held responsible for all repair work  throughout his own ward.   Carried.  Re Extension of Car Lines.  19. Elliott-Robinson. That the  clerk be instructed to write to the .B.  V. Electric Railway Company making  formal request for the extension'of the  car lines on the following streets under the terms of the Tramway Franchise Agreement of June 10th, 1909:  On Victoria Drive from Forty-third  Avenue (Wilson Road) to Fifty-sixth  Avenue.  On FraBer Street from Fifty-ninth  Avenue (Page Road) to River Road.  On Commercial Drive along Twenty-1  second Avenue to Victoria Drive,  thence along Victoria Drive to West-  ^M*^^*.^^.������*^.^.������*.^.^*.������*.^.������*M*^M*^.^.".t*M*^M*M*1  No Credit  Fairmont 621  We give you tbe bene*  fit ol all expanses of  delivery   aad book*  keeping.  Saturday Spoolala  Choice .Selected Rabbits   -   30c each  Per Lb.  Legs Local Yearling Lamb .'. 20c  Loins " ������������������ " ....20c  Shoulder Ribs ���������' " 12'$tol5c  Sirloin Roast  20c  T Bone Roast 26c  Choice Pot Roast  12 to 15c  Our Special Mild Cured  Corned Beef.... 10c  \ Per Lb  Our Special Mild Cured.  Boneless B eef.. 12*-fc'e  Short Ribs Boil 10c  Fresh Dressed Chix.  .. 25 to 80c  Good Lard 2 lbs. for 25c  Choice Table Butter 85c  Fresh Eggs, per doz  35c  3 doz. for $1.00  Fresh Onions, Parsley, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Green Corn  Fresh Red Salmon, per lb. 15c       FISH        Fresh Smoked Halibut, per lb. 15c  Freeh Halibut, per lb.  -   -   10c Choice Finnan Haddie,        121-2c .  Fresh Cod, per lb.      -     ,-   10c Kipper*, Point Grey, 3 lbs for 25c  Fresh Herrings, 4 lbs. for   25c A full line of Fresh a d Smoked Flab  .        Tha Place tbat Treats You Right  This Is an Independent Market  2513 Main Street, Dr. Broadway  +  ���������t<4..i..H"l"t"l"l"t"t"l"l"l"H"l"l"l"t'4'l"l"l"l"t'    ***!^^V'^**-*V'T->*M^.4.n^M^^^M-**~M--l'  CHURCH 3ERVICE8.  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. C. MadiU, Pastor.  11 a.m.-" Life on God's Plan."  7:30 p.m.���������" The Singing Man."  Special Service will be h*'ld Sunday  Evening ut 7:30, Sept. 1st, by Elder D.  MacOregor of tin . *'*'Be-orf*anized  Church of Jesus Oims-t of Later Day  Saints," at the Mission Hall, 242d Scott  Street. All are welcome. "No collections " "������������������  minster road.   Carried.!  \  Re Increase of Number of Councillor*.  20. Elliott-Campbell. That it is hereby, resolved by the Council of the District of South Vancouver that the num.-'  ber of members of the Council shall  be increased to eight in all, including .232 Broadway East  the' Reeve, and that his resolution! MacLachlan Boot and Shoe Repuair  shall take effect at tbe next ensuing Shop, 3330 Main St.  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  are leaders in their particular lines  and on whose word patrons can rely.  On Main street are the following:  Owen's Hardware, 2337.  Lougheed & Co., real estate, 2343.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440.  The Sanitary Market, 2513.  Band's Cafe, 2611.  The Don���������Ice Cream, 2648.  Darling's Drug Store, 2652.  Heeler's Nursery, corner Fifteenth  avenue.  McBrUJe's Hardware, Sixteenii������''&v-  enue. N' v  The Toronto Furniture, 3334.  Mt. Pleasant Livery, Main and  Broadway east.  P. *T. Vernon's Feed Store, corner  Broadway and Westminster Road.  ' Progressive  Boot  Repairing  Shop,  BU8INE38 PROGRE88.  Mount Pleasant, though one of tbe  most beautiful and desirable portions  of tbe city of Vancouver, has acquired  the reputation of being somewhat behind other precincts* ia the march of  progress. In looking around a little,  however, we find a general spirit of  activity that is very gratifying.  "New Warehouse.  -��������� At the corner of Quebec aud Duf-  ferin Mr. E. Denton is erecting a large  three-storey brick building tbat will be  used as a warehouse.    The building  will cost |25,000, and. the whole property will be worth around $45,000.  8alea Stable and Warehouse.  At 15 Dufferin East, Albert Milton  has in the process of construction a  fine three-storey Wick building to be  used for sales, stables and warehouse.  This property when completed will be  worth around $60,000.  New Building on Lome..  ' J. R. Jardine haa a new sales stable  and warehouse at 160 Lome West.  This property will total about $20,000  and is a fine addition to tbe business  of the locality.  Large Pop Factory.  At 36 Lansdowne East Mr. E. h. Irving is erecting a large factory for the  manufacture of soft drinks, at an expense of around $18,000, land and all.  New Business Firm.  Williams & Moshier is the name of  a new firm who .are establishing them-  selvces at 148 Dufferin West. They  will engage in tbe manufacture of tapestry faced brick. The brick is made  by a new and patented process, the  rights of which they have purchased  for Vancouver and adajacent territory.  They will make the first brick of the  kind to be manufactured in Canada.  They make .large claims fqr their  product and expect it to become popular at. once. It has been used in some  of tiie fine buildings of Seattle and  other cities across the border. It is  made of cement, is beautifully tinted  and proof against the actin of water.  The cost will be much lower than that  required hitherto. We welcome these  enterprising men to our midst.  annual Municipal election.   Carried.  Re Paving Car Tracks���������Main Street.  21. Third-Campbell. That the  Reeve and clerk execute agreement  re. paving of street car tracks on Main  Street, between Sixteenth and igh-  teentb Avenues, with the B. C Electric  Railway Company.   Carried.     ,  Re Tax Notices^  22. Elliott-Robinson. Recommended  that the clerics whose names appear  Main Transfer Co., 2421 Scotia St.  Trimble & Norris, Real Estate, corner Broadway and Westminster Road.  Peters ft Co. Shoe Repair Shop,  Main, back of Bloomneld'e Cafe.  Stanley & Co., Wallpaper, 2317 Man  Street.  The Success -Business College,  1*53  10th Avenue E.  All' of the above are thoroughly In-  ^ ^ ..     ���������,.        ,. v j terested in Mt.   Pleasant's    forward  on appended list, 2. in all, be allowed movenMmt and con8i8tently patronize  payment for overtime  in  connection  Pedestrian���������Hey! You   just   missed  with extra work in getting out tax notices, total amount of paymen, $76.50.  Carried.  Rt W. P. Owen's. Account.  23.   Elliott-Campbell.   That the account of W. P. Owen, dated July 31st,  1912. amounting to $606.44, be paid.!  Carried.  Re Building By-Law Amendment No. 6.  24. Elliott-Third. That Building By-  Law Amendment No. 6 be read a first  time.   Carried.  .  Re  Main  8treet  Local   Improvement  By-Law.  25. ThJr4*Ellott. That the Main  Street Local Improvement By-I^aw Xo.  1 be read a first and .second time.  Carried.  Certified correct,  JAS. B. SPRINCEFORD.  "Home Industry."   One call on them  will insure another.  The problem of mat stains has been  solved by holding the damaged fabric  in boiling rhubarb water.  S*aia*a*a*aa*BaaaaBaa*aa*asBa9inf>B*atR>*ap^  AMATEUR BASEBALL  me by an inch.  !    Chauffeur���������Be patient,  back directly.^-Puck.  I'm coming  Appended is the schedule of the  ���������ower Mainland Baseball League,  hich opened the 1st of July with the  eople's Trust Co., Ltd., at New Westminster, which was won by the flnan-  iers. The League is under the auspi-  es of the B. C. A. A. U. and will com-  ete for a silver cup and individual  ilver medals awarded by the People's  'rust Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.  Aug. 31���������P. T. Co. and Tigers, Mount  Pleasant, Vancouver.  Sept. 7���������Com������ts and P. T. Co., Simon  Fraser School, Vancouver.  Sept.  7���������Pippins  and  Tigers,   Bridge  Street, Vancouver.  To 8e;rf ���������8 Rcomed House  4529 Valentine St., between 29th an3  30th Ave., South-Vancouver; strictly  modern, new, Apply Muir & Lobb,  2410 Westminster Road.  We live to serve the people.  Our Stock is ^-complete and  of excellent quality.  Our Workmen  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt.  LEE & WOOD  523 Broadway, W.   Phone Fair. 1526  >.|.>������,.|..I.,������..t..*..|..|..|,.|..|..*..I..*.,*.������H-H"l"H"l'  I TORONTO*  t. FURNITURE  STORE  u 3334 Main St.  Our stock of Furniture  is Large, Modern  and  adapted to the tastes of  Buyers.  Dressers, Buffets, Tables  j; Chairs, Couches,   Mat-  l tresses, Bedsteads, etc.  *���������  s*  t  i  A complete line of  i* Linoleums. Carpet Squares, etc. *  '** Drop in and inspect our goods. T  ThiB is where you get a square- *  deal.  M. H. COWAN  i  ^T**������^*V***r^^Tf^8^Tr^T*^i^PlTr*^pTr^^^r*V  T  you������ mmn  depends upon the condition oif yow spine, v To    *  eiijoy perfect health get  your spine adjusted by  Ernest Shaw, p.C,  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22wl Avenue East  (Close to Main St.)  Office Hours: 1:80 to 6.     Consultation  Free.  Pont Uplrimi  SHOP     f      P  232 Irettlwar i.       fits. Firrl������ales, prep  Has installed a      '  "00ODVEAI. SHOE REPAR OUTFIT''  Turns out shoes equal to new  r.  Choice  %  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Or. Broadway      "Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of every description  k=  Phone: Fair. 186  J  GO TO  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th'Aye.',& Main St.  ~ The finest Tuberous  Rooted   Begonias   in the  City now on Display  Prices Reasonable  .   PHONE : Fairmont 817  |������*RV*ti-*eBSBt������*ei������*t������CT^t>i-ii THE WESTERN CALL.  gf Vancouver  hill 111 Mil* 11 ****** 1 8 *<������������������������������  -r -x.       < jy     ' ��������� *���������    i*. *L  rf&*"*������jU-*P--,   ,  f If You Help Your District ������|  ��������� You. also Help Yourself  t **���������*-**���������*���������  THE WESTSBlff CAX.X..  Issued every Friday at 2408 Westmln-  ��������� ter Road, one-half block north of Broadway.    Phone Fairmont 1140.  Editor, H. H. Stevens; Manager, Geo  ������   Odium.  *r*yj-*^^-Bsj  Mt. Pleasant Carriage &  Horseshoeing Shop  Dealers in Heavy Team  and   Express   Wagons  Rubber Tire Work  MUIR &  LOBB  2410 Westminster Road  Subscriptions $1.00 per year, 00 cents  ���������*-i six months; 26 cents per three  -non! ha.  Change*) of ads: "niii ���������*'*.' be in by Tuea-  lay evenlnf* each week to Insure Inxer-  tlon .in following Issue.  NotU'en of birth*, deaths and mar*  iages Inserted free of charge.    Imperial Trafssier Go.  When moving phone us.     We are  prompt   and   reliable       Furniture  arid Pianos  moved.    Padded   Van  -Phones Sey. 648 also Sey.' 133  5C3 Georgia Street .  Women Must Try Women Murderers.  Chicago, 111., Aug. 22.���������Mrs. Florence  Bernstein was acquitted late last night  of killing her husband as he lay sleeping. The verdict was returned after  the Jury had been out twenty-six hours  and after it had been announced to  the court that it could not reach an  agreement.  The verdict came as a surprice. M rs.  Bernstein's, defense was that she could  recall' none of the hapenings immediately preceding or following tbe  shooting.  The verdict was a bitter disappointment to State Attorney Waynian. Angered, he denounced the jury and said  that the only sure way to secure the  conviction' of women murders was to  have a jury made up enirely or in part  of women.  Social and Personal  ���������y*****************^^  * . -j-  ..Mr. Emerson Harris of IngerBoll,  Ont., and Mr. A. F. Mayberry, of Winnipeg, are visiting the latter's sister,  Mrs. F. W. Hahne, Eighteenth Avenue.  The Rev. John Woodside, who left j  ' A wedding which, although rniietly j.  for the  east a  fortnight  ago,  is  at' celebrated,  was attended  with  much1  present in Montreal, the guest of the Interest in a wide circle in Vancouver  Malcolm A. Campbell. '  I was tnat ������r Miss Marlon H. B. (Mazel)  Rev.  Mr. and MrB. Arthur Spearman, Fair-  view, returned on Friday from a three  months' visit in Eastern Canada.  While away they visited Montreal,  New York and Boston and spent several weeks at Mrs. Spearman'B former  home in Hamilton.  The congregation of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church where the mar  Church, corner Fourteenth Avenue'r,a8e wa8 soleninized at 1:30 o'clock  and  Burns  Street,  held  a  reception-Wednesday  afternoon, the officiating  1 clergyman being the pastor, Rev. R. J.  Rochester, second daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. J. Y. Rochester, 2919 Alder  Street, Fairview, and Mr. Beverly W.  Browne of this city, son of Mr. and  Mrs. H. G. Browne of Berlin, Ontario.  A simple arrangement of palms and  I ferns banked the altar of St. Andrews  last evening in honor of Rev. and Mrs.  Grant.  At.the home of the bride's parents,  Mr. and Mrs. McPherson, 2201 Manitoba Street, Mount Pleasant,. Miss  Margaret Rachel McPherson was unit*  ed in marriage to Mr. Frank Merrill  Wilson. A large number of friends of  the bride and groom were present to  witness the ceremony, the wedding party itself including only the closest  friends of both families. The bride was  brought  in and  given away  by  her  PETERS ������& CO.  PIONEER SHOEMAKERS  Are still at the old Htsnd  2517 Main Street SSdL*. c.fe  Most reliable Boot and Shoemakinc in MoUnt Pleasant.  .V.  ^1  ���������*-Yjv*rl  yft*  ^).     J  ���������  *+*44*+4'*#**4*4r*4rt^**<*''i-<*v ���������^���������^���������^������������������^.������������������*'+*'��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������*������������*������������{���������''  i  *  *>  +  ���������  Our  on the  Range Question  We know we have your confidence arid we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  best merchandise in our line. 4  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market.   In our opinion  is the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  In every good thing we can  say of it If there was a better range made, we would  advise you to troy it   Will  you not come and see it?* We  are sure we can convince you  inaide of five minute* that what  we aay about tbe South Jsena Malleable is true.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 447  . ��������� ������������������a.*.+������������*.������������������������+���������!���������������?���������������. 1*������*.������.*.������4.������4>������ ������������4������<M>.*t.^  BAND'S  W. C. Hand, Manafer  J. W. Monroe  Fowler of Red Deer, Alta, the Rev.'rather as the bridal music was softly  Ronald Macleod peiferoming the cere-' played by Mr. Bewell. *.Th������ weeding  niony. robe was beautifully fashioned  On Wednesday evening, August 26,  the wedding ceremony waB performed  at the Manse of Westminster Church,  275 Twenty-third Avenue East, by the  Rev. George P. Ireland, of Miss Elizabeth McFarland Cross, formerly of  Glasgow, Scotl-aid, and Mr. Robert  Watt of 4112 Prince Edward Street.  Rev. Dr. Fraser and family have  removed from their home at 400 Cordova Street East to Thirteenth Avenue.  ������������*l-*l"M"I'������l"������'M"t������l"t"l"{"t"l"Hi*>*H-l*������  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  I *"���������"��������������������������������������������� >���������!'��������� IHII'iilllimilM  THE   DON     cJMcGOWEN :  ICE CREAM  PARLOR <* SALTER \  2648 Mein St. 2detere frem Uth Aw. \ \  Is the coolest Parlor in Mount Pleasant.  Call and try our Ice Cream, Sundaes. Sodas. Cider, Soft Drinks, ete.  We get our Sweet Cream, Milk, Butter and Buttermilk fresh daily.  Large selection of'Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos.  Agents for Woman's Bakery.  JL V*  +  Il ������1  \*.  *+************+**4'4<***l**  **���������������!��������������� **������W������ ���������������������������*������������������*���������������������������������* I im ****,  /  ^^^^>*^^>*������������������������^&���������^^������������������������^^������������^^������I^������M^-^^*K^���������: ��������� %*****"** ii.ii.|..|.*������������i|..i..|..|i ii m * i  *>  A marriage of interest to many In  .Vancouver was that of Miss   Marion  B. Woodside, sister of RevC John W.\  ; Woodside of Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church ,this city, to M<\ K. Or-  ( ville MacGinnis of Mo->se Jaw, Sa&'<.,  wnich lock place at :h������ home of .sir  Ale.-ranatr     Woodside,     Leuonx* ilie,  Que., on Wednesday afternoon, Aug.  14, at 3:30.    The ceiemony was per-  j formed  by the Rev. John  W. Wood-  MisB Sybil Tanner of Guelph, who side, brother of the bride, assisted by  has been the guest of Dr. Eva Taylor, the Rev. G. A. Woodside of Brantford,  Fairview, for the past few weeks, has j aiBO a brother^ of the bride, and the  ARE YOU INTERESTED IN B. C. METHODISM?  THEN THE ;;  Western Methodist Recorder Ii  left for her home in the Eaet.  It's Just take Home  The most up-to-date place in Mount Pleasant..  Clean. Tasty and Quick Service.  Our chef, Mr. Levers, Lite of the  Hotel Elysium, is second to none.  All Fruits and Fish in season.  We cater to Ralls, Parties, etc.  TRY OUR 25c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH  3611 MAIN STREET  Corner I Oth Avenue Phone Fairmont 609  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  *������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  iS DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST., COR. 11 th Ave.  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PBESCRfPTSONS  A SPECIALTY  BY  REGISTERED MEN j  *  -^ ^=��������� ���������   . t  PHONE:   FAIRMONT   5141  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  BCFALt FAIRS  ��������� ���������^        ���������' ''  Following Is the list of fairs:  Arrow Lakes���������October 4-5.  Alberni���������September 12  Armstrong���������October 16-17.  Burqultlam���������September 28.  delta Coola���������October 30.  Cowlchan���������September 20-21.  Comox-rOctober 3.  Coquitlam���������September 21.  Chilli wack���������September 19-20.  Central Park���������September 12-13.  Cranbrook���������Sepiember 1819.  Delta���������September 20-21.  Grand Forks���������Sept. 26-27.  Greenwood���������September 30.  Golden���������September 24-25.  Islands���������September 18.  Kent���������September 12-13.  Kamloops���������September 18-20.  Kelowna���������-September 26-27.  Kaslo���������October 15.  Uangley���������September 25.  Mission���������September 24 25.  Maple Ridge���������Sept. 25-26.  Matsqui���������Sepiember 26-27.^  Nanaimo���������September 17-19.       /  N. and S. Saanlcn���������Oct. 4-5.  Nicola���������September 25.  North Vancou ver���������Sept. 7.  New Westminster���������Oi*t. t-5.  Nelson���������September 23 25.  New Denver���������October 2.  Penticton���������September 29.  Revelstoke���������October 8-10.  Richmond���������September 25-26.  Shawnigan���������September 18.  Salmon Arm���������Sept. 27, 28.  Summerland���������October 30, 81.  Surrey���������September 24.  Trail���������September 25-26.  Vernon���������October 23,  24.  Windermere���������Sept. 20-21.  Victoria,    (provincial     exhibition-  September 24-28.  I Rev, Malcolm A. Campbe.ll, of Mont-  j real.   The bride, who was given away  i by her father, wore a becoming gown  .of white satin, with overdress of nlnon,  ���������trimmed  with  seed  pearls and  rose  i point'-'lace, and carried a shower bouquet of roses ��������� and lilies of tbe valley.  j MiBB Margaret MacLeod of Haverhill,  | Maes'.',  played the    wedding    march.  Aftejr  the   ceremony   Mr. jand   Mrs.  | MacGinnis left for Quebec and the Sa-  guenay, the bride travelling in a suit  (of navy blue broadcloth with hat to  /match.  (Published Monthly)  Is almofat indespensible to you.  No other medium will give you such general and   .  such   satisfactory   information   about  Methodist  activity in this great growing province.   Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodist ������ ���������  movement   Send your subscription to    '     '  '  Manager Metfcedlst-Kecorder P. I P. C*.,IU.   * *   Vldtrti, it  Bt,.00  -   One Yemr ^'  J* Ml"  1 , *P ,-*56  -:n^i  1  PRAYER.  ������������������ ���������..t..*..t..������..t.<..l.,*���������*.,|..|..*.������*..i..*.*.,|ii|.ll..|..|i i^t*i***<i������y*i**a4 *t 111������11 **** I ������  **} *<* >���������< * $*4*���������!������������������ ���������!���������������4*4*4 **** *   ******** |41 ������| ** *4 ******* If  For good values in  By D. RAND PIERCE.  If I could breathe but just one word  Into the Christian pilgrim's ear,  And ne'er again on earth could frame  Another word to bless and cheer,  Yo;j wonder what, perchante, I'd say  With all eternity so near���������  I'd whisper���������pray!  l-ove  might  have been jny  message  sweet,  .   Or faith the golden key of pow'r,  Or hope, or fair humility,  Each to the soul a priceless dower,  But, oh; how soon would these decay,  Should you or I, in life's dark hour,  Forget to pray!  Whnt mighty deeds of faith, think you,  Were born that knew no quenchless  prayer? .  Or dark clouds swept from out the sky.  And  victory   won  o'er   doubt   and  care?  What foe has stood, or can today.  Before faith's battle-line of war  When true saints pray  O. prayer!  blest refuse of the soul  Through all life's variegated maze;  Sure fount of strength, and alchemy  That    turns    earth's    sorrow    into  praise;  I ''ould not live content a day.  Amid the things tbat dull and daze,'  Could I not pray.  REAL ESTATE ANP INVESTMENTS  Call on  5 TRIMBLE  & NORRJSJ  Cor. 0ron(|w8y ������nd Westminster Rand  %4*4*}4a********4>*4****>*'a **************************;  M ������rris Jelly  H 0\ Jtote  Main Transfer Cq.  m^m^^ammmm^m^mmmmm*mmmmwmmmm*^mmmmimmmmmimmmtmmmm  Express, flagga^and storage  Always in Mount Pleasant  Phone Fairmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St,. Mt. Pleasant  MacLACHLAN & MORGAN  man  ���������.file*'.  CLA5S   BOOT*   ANP   SHOES  Of dwr*m(*tf Qeattty  GetitlonN'tTs nn<l   ChiHrcn**   at  bull city price*.  aoOTS ������mmI 5H0C9 KRfAIVEO  Our   long   experience    an<l     vqulpmin  fu*>r������nt������e������ gtxhi vTorknuiDHhlp.  .iJ30 Main St. and Cor. I8tn Ave. and Main St.  Asks for Eyes of Condemned Man.  "Flying Legion" Starts for North.  San Francisco, Aug. 22.���������The "Flying   Legion"   of   San   Francisco   business and professional men headed by i  Mayor Rolph, will leave for Victoria,  B. (.'., at 4:40 o'clock this afternoon.  The first stop will be at Portland, Or _  at   11:45   Friday   night.     Among   the  delegates will be Benjamin Ide Wheeler, president of the University ol" California; A. Carnegie Ross, British Con-  i sul-General;  Luther Burbank, the hor-!  ! ticulturist; the Rt. Rev. William Ford  ! Nichols, Episcopal bishop of San Fran-'  '��������� cisco, and many representatives of tiie  ; chamber of commerce and other com- ���������  > mercial organizations.   The purpose of I  I the trip  is  to invite better acquaintances between the two cities and ex-!  ploit the Panama-Pacific international  exposition in 1915. '���������  i i  THE  HOUSEHOLD.  A very useful article can be made  out of an ordinary scribbler or notebook. When you came across useful  suggestions in the "Household" column cut than out and paste them in  your book. If you wish you can classify them ard so make them easier  to find. Some time *hen you want  to remove an ink-stain or tea stain  in a hurry you will be thankful for  your trouble.  A vast amount of dusting is saved  if damp cloths are spread over each  register just before the furnace fire  is shaken. The dust arising from ilie  ashes is thus prevented from sifling  over the entire house.  In sewing buttons on garments that  will -be laundered, have the knot of  the thread on the right side "between  the button and the cloth and sew over  a good-sized pin -to allow sufficient  thread for shrinkage.  _ ���������  ^������������������^���������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������e������#*>*>������������>������������������'>������������e������������������e������������>������������'*������>*������  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  j    "'.My husband says he always does  i better work when^fhinking of me."  '    "I noticed he made a very good job  ;<,f   beating   the   carpets."���������Pittsburg  ' Tost.  Skim the. fat off the chicken broth  and use it to shorten biscuits. These  are much more delicious tban when  you use lard.  Denver, Colo., Aug. 23.���������If the  strange request of William J. Abra-  i hams, a blind man of Denver, is grant-  | ed by tbe state authorities, and con-  j sent to one of tbe most remarkable  j operations Known to medical science  j is given by Lewis J. Wetcher, con-  | demned to die iu the state penitentiary  ; at Canon City next week, Abrahams  ' will look through the eyes of a murderer for the rest of his life, provided  the proposed operation is successful.  Abrahams has forwarded his petition to Governor Shafroth, Warden  , Thomas J. Tynan of the state peni-  J tentiary. and to Wetcher condemned  ; to die on the scaffold for the murder  , of Clinton J. Burrows in Denver last  year.  j     His  petition   is  supplemented  by  &[  ; statement   from   a   Denver   physician;  ; who   after   an   examination   of   Abra-i  I hams' eyes declares that the oj eration  ' can he performed successfully.  If Abrahams' remie3t is granted, the;  physicians and surgeons will he in the)  doa'.h   chamber   when    the    trap     is  sprung.     Immediately   after   Welcher  i is dead the eyes will be removed.  ! They will he placed in a saline solu-'  tion after which the surgeons will!  rush to a hospital nearby and Wetch-J  ; er's eyes will be grafted into the sightless eyes of Abrahams.  WANTED���������Ladies to do plain and  light sewing at home, whole nr spars-  time. Good pay. Work hi nr any din  ranee. Charge* paid. Send e'nnip for  full |������rficulan* - National Manufacturing Co., Moutreal.  ���������L .SB  WM. STANLEY  MariaKvr  ���������   S. R. REDBUBN  Stanley & Co.  Contracting Painters  and  Paper-Hangers  Full line of Wall Papers  2317 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 998  C*Trya"CALL"ad. .if!  t.        *-  ���������  6  THE WESTERN CALL.  ������ha***l*l*l*t'*l*4'*4'9****t'*l'*tti4>l*4***l**'**fa4*t***t***'*'*t  Good Teeth  >   Are absolutely necessary to chew food properly and thus enjoy Rood '���������  ''   health.    We will fill all cavities painlessly and permanently and clean ,  !!   your teeth thoroughly.      Do any bridge work necessary.     We will fit . ���������  i i    you with artificial teeth as comfortable and natnral as possible.     We ];  '}   guarantee all our work.      Prices reasonable.      It costs nothing to have ,  your teeth examined.  Ore. Thompeon & Weed  OonUmta  641 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C. (Over Van. Drug Store) ! \  Hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Phone Sey. 3779 for evenings appointment ��������� ���������  (  ������������#���������������������>������������������������������������������������)������������������t������������*4>t*������*}M������*l������������**t*������l**il������t'^l������l4>ltl������l*>l*������  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St.  Four doors north of old stand  First class Ladies and Gents  suits made to order.    Best  workmanship guaranteed.  Gleaning and Pressing  Phone Fairmont 1217  (Co*r*im*r. /** Sr Ht&Ol4m**K G*t*w>T0������ Cmuuu* am* 6*tAr**hv*J  I  LEADER  GROCERY  J. WEARN, Prop.  Leader Creamery Butter. 3 lbs. for $1.00  C Flakes 3 for 25c  Ganned Cream. 10 oz., 3 for 25c  Worcester Sauce, 3 for 25c  VICTORIA ROAD, CORNER BODWELL ROAD  Every Line a Special  ��������� AT-  E. BENNETT, Cash Grocer  Opposite fire Hall, Cedar Cottage  f ^ *  Delivery to any part.  ���������P  Save paying rent.   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Some of us Is entirely too popular in  Jersey. They'd like to keep us there  for a long time, they like us so much  ������ver there."  As the lights of the ferry came In  sight the gang chief-called a sudden  halt "Seems to me," was his sage  observation���������the remark' of an able  general���������"that If those Japs have anything coming at all It'll be pulled on  tne boat, and the same plan as we  worked In Park Row ought to be a  winner. You two go on ahead and  board the boat Just a bit ln front of  us. We'll all be right on tbe Job, and  If anything happens some of those  "fellow boys will have a smoky go-out.  That all right T Sure lt Is. Now beat  it along and leave the rest to us "  Brockett and Solano had by thia  Ume learned to trust Implicitly in the  rat-faced and slinking members of the  Eastman gang. They were upon the  big ferryboat scarcely five seconds  ahead of the departure signals, and,  as they sought the bow of the clumsy  old vessel, they could see no sign of  their, faithful escort ln the midnight  crowd of home-seeking Jerseyans.  Nevertheless, there waa the pleasant"  feeling that the gangsters were still  with tbem���������somewhere within hearing  and striking distance���������and it was a  cheering thought to realise tbat the  subtlest enemy, against such rough  fighters of tbe dark, could inflict but  little Injury.  .The lights of the city were dancing  on the black waters of the North river  when from the forepart of the cabin  rose a shrill cry.- of surprise and horror. Then another.cry, tbls time of  pain and despair. There was a rush  of feet, a tussling amid a knot of-men,  end the next moment two little fel-  jowa, finely dressed, and, as the cab-  In llgfate fell upon tbelr faces, showing  "You have to give credit to the  Jap," remarked Solano. "He was  game, he took long chances, and Sher.  lock Holmes never had anything on  him when it came to following a clue.  I'm almost sorry that he's tn the  river."  i "Always provided that he Is," mur-  > mured Brockett, doubtfully. "Somehow or other I can't believe that we've  seen  the last of him.     I'd   wager  i\wk\ftMn*tHa*%  /tmttmr/u.m  awfaTtf 8/lMK  imemusr  PSMES.  Ifflcs StrMar IM  Its. Sar-sair2l7H  Ifficfe mm Dedsn Mock  29 lastiifs SHeet. East  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,  Appraiser and Notary Public^for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Mining. Broker, Financial Agent  tha  unmlsUkable  features  of  tha  Sriental, were Jammed up against tha  de-ralle of the boat. For one in*  itant Ota light shone upon tbe frenzied  f������rowu visages, and the boys caught  pne recognizing glimpse of Mr. Yast*  Jnoto.   Then the lights of tbe boat  Sent out; utter blackness shrouded  ia huge floating structure, and there  was a eplash, a gurgling yell, and another splash beside tbe boat. Tha  lights flared up again, and the gang  leader stood beside Brockett, cool, un-  ruflled, smiling affably.  "Good thing Hogan knew where to  Cad the electric switch," he said, pleasantly. "He worked on one of these  boats last summer, and he knowa  where they keep everything. Your  Jap friend la pretty wet by now, I'm  thinking. We made 'em Just ln time.  They had you spotted and was Just  slipping up to hand you something."  On the big boat man were running  jand bellowing hoarsely. Brockett and  ���������Solano heard the uproar, and gazed  out across the silent waters of tho  [North river, while the members of tha  [Eastman gang, aa unshaken and disinterested as the most Innocent mem-  Jber of the throng? were idly standing  pear them. Somewhere out among the  wash of the tide two men were fighting for their lives, or, perchance, had  already sought the bottom���������but there  was nothing to be seen from .the rail  of the ferry-boat, and the North river  was keeping its newest secret well.-  vmhv ta'cwemst/fimm*** ctnmtfr  something���������If I ever gambled���������that  he came safe aBbore, and Is after us  again."  "I hardly think so," said the Cuban.  "Our friends of the Eastman gang  settled him for keeps, and his partner  with him.   What I can't understand  1b the way they attended to him with*  ' out Interference or trouble.   Tbey put  , him overboard without  any ot  the  1 other passengers cutting ln to stop  them, and they all got-away without  ��������� being bothered by the police.  I can't  admire their lives or their principles,  i but we owe a great deal to them."  1   ' "We may have a chance to pay them  ��������� back some time���������at Mast, I "hope so,"  \ Brockett commented.  I "If not one way, .we will another,"  said Solano. "After this trip Is over���������  If we get back with our heads and  skins���������I'm going to,visit New York,  call on Mr. Kelly and Invite the  whole Eastman gang to a banquet at  my expense. What they have done for  us was well worth It, wasn't It!"  The train pulled into Pittsburg to*"  wards noon, and the youngsters debarked. They had decided to turn  tbelr route, to Cleveland, then to Detroit, and thence across MJcntgan to  Chicago, changing railroads at each  city. A night train to Cleveland was  selected for the next trip, and. the  boys put In the afternoon In the Justly  celebrated city of steel, shipping and  eccentric millionaires.. A glance at a  baseball schedule showed them that  Pittsburg was playing at home during  the afternoon���������a circumstance which  settled their whereabouts for the  greater portion of the day* It had  never been the fortune of either boy  to see Hans Wagner, and the chance  ��������� was one tbat waa not to be resisted.  , Even   wltb   the  anticipation   of  a  glimpse at Wagner to lure tbem on,  1 Brockett and Solano did not lose their  caution.  Instead of going straight to  Forbes Held* homo of the Pittsburg  team, tbey started In the opposite direction, circled here and there among  tha busy streets for an hour, lunched  In a restaurant with entrances on two  different streets, and departed by the  door through which they didn't come  I wben tbey first went In.   Then they  separated, went 'round opposite sides  1 of a block, and rejoined each other  ' on a side street* so clear of traffic  tbat they could easily have spotted  ' anyone following., or shadowing tha  1 movements of either one.  Tha trip ta  I Forbes Held was then ln order, and  '��������� tha youngsters worshiped at the shrine  j of the great German shortstop for two  1 delirious hours.   When the   mighty  CHAPTER  XIII.  Manhattan, tbe Hudson, and the exciting scenes of the previous day were  far behind. Tbe adventurers were  rolling west upon a rapid train, planning details as tbey went, and reviewing their recent adventures with muct  perplexity. Most bewildering circumstance of all was the way in which  Mr, Yasimoto seemed to have kept  track of their movements/and the persistency with which he had turned np  at everr Inconvenient hour.  the boys - ->re> ptepartftg: for mut-tf.  needed  sleen. and' handed1, a- smal  square envelope to< Brocket*.  "Gemman in de crowd done- gib me.  dis," he explained.   "Said to hand It  to de young men in upper and' lower  seben as soon as de train waa under  way, so heah It am."  "Gentleman in the crowd?" echoed  Brockett.   ''*^y-**-w.Kat-*--*^  looking man was he?" ,  N  The negro grinned: and. shook bis  head.":;-: ���������:..:...��������� ^.'y^-x-x-x'-yyx-yyx'-y  "Couldht iactly tell: jrou, sub. Dere*  was three or fount people climbln'  abbahd de can, an' Ah was so busy  Ah bahdly noticed anyone In, pahtlc-  ulah. Jest took it soht, ob- mechanical,  sub, soht ob mechanical, an' Ah neveh  did see de pusson."  Solano turned on the electric btttb  in the lower berth. They drew the  green curtains tight, and. Brockett  opened the envelope. It contained,  only a square white card, and aerosa  tbe card was written, in the diamond-  cipher, these letterings:  "R SBH pos E tmi SM W TC Pin  TO SH Pos TO C Oil B AB SH BB  Pos TO R 3BH SB Pin PO."  "Meaning." Brockett translated  "change route at Detroit.. Bo watch  ful."  "Meaning also," said Solano, "that  even tf. we have evaded our pet ene  mles we have not passed from the  sight of the secret service: chief. I  take off my bonnet to hint and to hU  people."  The humming motion of the wheels  bad. soothed both boys to sleep, .and  Brockett was dreaming of a baseball  partnership with Hans Wagner and  Christy Mathewson, when the soun<*  of an angry altercation woke him ,_ ���������  (To be Continued)  The Star Black  smith Shop  AHilt I NcCready  Westminster Rd. and  Commercial St.  Horse-Shoeing and  Wagon Repairing.  CEDAR COTTAGE  A quiet wedding took place at Cedar  Cottage on Saturday evening when  Mlsa Martha Beatty Brown, of this  city, and Mr. Aaron Carter Dunn, also  of Vancouver, were united ln marriage  by the Rev. Dr. Fraser. Mrs. John  Henderson attended the bride, and Mr  Henderson attended the groom. Mr.  and Mrs. Dunn will reside in Vancouver.  Bank Robbed.  South Vancouver, Aug. 26.���������In spite  of the fact that two policemen had  been on duty ln the vicinity of the  Cedar Cottage branch of the Bank of  Hamilton all Saturday evening, the  bank was held up at 8:56 p.- m. by  three masked robbers who were" afterwards Joined by three others and M00  was secured from tbe teller's cage.  The robbers got clear away though  it Is believed one of the men was  wounded by a shot from Contable Winter's revolver.  Try Our Lunch Room  *��������� ���������".'���������'..  HOME COOKING  Ice Cream, Tobacco and Cigars  Frd&r'S Thtfone and Only  Gar Terminus Victoria Road  Our   Motto    "Cleanliness."  **~ez*~emasammmmmmmmamjmmmma  PHONE: Fairmont 1695  WM.  RflTHie  Cor. Victoria and Westminster Roads  GENERAL PLUMBER  Jobbing Promptly Attended to.  Estimates Furnished Free.  Distance no object.  Cedar Collate P.O., Sent** Va*-coarer,B.C.  :: If You Are Sick  ' | CALL ON ' !  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  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South Vancouver, Aug. 23.���������Municipal Clerk Sprlngford has received replies from the neighboring municipal*  Itles of West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Point Grey agreeing to  meet in conference with the South  Vancouver Council to consider the position created by the recent decision of  the Privy Council In the Anderson tax  sales case.  OFFICE hours: ..  9 to 12 1 to 5  Saturday evening,  7 to$ of by appointment  Ottawa Building  Corner  ���������^ ^^^e^^v^^^wa*W_*f*"pe"nwe^a"|***'l"  nm ley, 532  Q.W.aR!WETT  Optometrist anp  Eyi Sight Specialist  Consultation Free.  fbone: Fairmont 777  ojrocewes,^wra vcqetablbs  Se Store that Seives Ton Best  r.  15th and Westminster Road  s. mwoR  mm come **c*.t*e!*KT**ttr-  JSvery description of Second-  Hand Furniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Frices Given, Lowest  Prices Charged.  Honus, In the tenth inning*, put his  ���������weight against a fast ball and drove  it over the middle wall for the home  ran that won the game, no native  Plttsburger could have created more  Boise or come nearer an actual delirium than Brockett and Solano.  The early evening hours were spent {  in pretty continual motion, and the j  boys were well fagged out when they  betook themselves to a Pullman car,  Cleveland-bound. They had decided  to take two berths, upper and lower,  with 8olano sleeping in the lower  berth, while Brockett. with the Jeal  onsly guarded letters and cipher keys,  fwonld mount on high, beyond tbe  reach of a possible pilferer. The good-  'natured negro in charge of the car  made up their couches without delay,  !and then went to tbe platform to receive belated travelers, arriving barely in time to swing aboard the train.  As Solano was tossing off his shoes,  aad Brockett loosening his tie, tbe  train cleared the Pittsburg station,  gathering speed and wUsafng along  on Ha northwestern way. Tha porter  camo Bringing np to tht hattH where  INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF GOOD  TEMPLARS.  On Friday evening, 23rd Inst.,  "Springtime" Lodge, No. 79, Interna:  tlonal Order of Good Templars, held  ita usual weekly* meeting In the Cedar  Cottage Hall. Victoria Road. Bro. M.  A. Timms, Chief Templar presiding,  the lodge was opened with appropriate  ceremonies.  Bro. C. M. Tait, of Victoria, Grand  Chief Templar, who Is visiting this  city, favored the lodge with his presence, rendering a very spirited and  encouraging spech. It was pointed out  that owing to the proposed visit oi the  Duke of Connaught to the Coast the  Grand Lodge session, scheduled for tbe  third week in September at Nanalmo,  may be postponed a week. Definite  advice will probably be received by  next meeting.  , C. P. 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The school trus^ Trade laat evening.  teas have found accommodation for an  unmarried teacher and they hope to  In, the course   of   the   discussion  which followed, Mr. Appleby .recom-  open up within a few days. The new j mended the purchase of an automobile,  building at Alt* Vlata wasopened'this to be stationed at the police station,  morning wlthjr6*t scholars. The trus-J-Xnig hold-up/is only a starter," he  t������es areTat their "wits' end to find ac* remarked optimistically. "It seems to  commodatlon for the rapid incurelse In te a 8nap to get away with banks ln  school, population, v������h(j a *jy-.ajr wMirsouth Vancouver. We have only twelve  be submitted to t& el^ctorfcte wltfelnvQ,- thirteen men to, tfovor fourteen  a short time,  whlth -Vould provide gquare miles ot territory;", Mr. Vogel  {reminded, the Jward that both Vancouver* an&N?*ta*s 'Westminster had sup*  pjifd .*>im\5o^upe. and asked, face-  , tWhstf. why ttaoee ha$*������ ahould not go  r back east to avoid bt***tg/held up If the  more new schools and~teacbers^  ^-*  DIRECTORS MEEF  Bread and Gatke^l  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  *ci*. *  *���������������  v        :**-t  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make   a   nutritious ,  satisfying meal.   Our customers say " It's just  *,-  like mother's.  ,���������������������������  * "i  ��������� \*-T    <"  Haye you tried quit Cakes? We have,nothing:$ft������������  but the best.   We make Madeira. Cherry, Pre- \  mier Cakes, also Buns. Scones, etc.'  We can -^  satisfy you.  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK  r. N. 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Wecwyaful!stockof^inta������Oils;V*^  last evening, final arrangements were owmnted man In each ward-live^ would i    '������.     ',   ������       i*        *, a Hm     ���������        anoofoo-r  made for tbe big exhibition to be held ^ enough���������with telephone   at   the       Voter's Supplies, etc., Slid the prices ARE RIGHT.  on September 12th and 18th next, all n0,we ot each man.   That would b������-  the committees reported tbat the illf better than an auto, which might get  ferent departments would be well-fllled Btu*^ |n the mud  and In all probability it would be necessary to build another big addition  No action was taken, as the board  The Royal Hardware Co.  ta'itoi������e*ib������'������irtfo"Stto^ w ham " "* l**, meeUl* *'*"' ��������� ****>������*���������'.     Om.Het*r mi WeUmiMerM. Oram  ������^������ . k ha.    laTZ*- *w'"V",t^"l.^ the ���������ft������rc������.ln 8ou*h Vancouver,  present building.   It was also decided     ... . . i  to give two prises for exhibits from! Tbe ���������*��������������������������������������� P<>"cy came ln for a  tbe different Woman's Institutes, S10.00 b?������f diacusslon, when It waa suggest*  first prise and *5.00 second, aa well aa ���������* that *���������* board 8nou,d Mnt! ��������� *������������������������-  first prisea of $1.50 second, $1.00 third. **** to *>to' ^ delegare from tha  60c, and fourth of 35c for best canary Wara 1Ute Payera' m������oc*������������o**s to-  exhibited. ' It ia expected that some nl������nt * *��������� council me*Un������ whlcb  fine birds will be shown In this class.   w"! ������������������ heW to dl8CUM ������** question  The directors have also arranged to ������r ������****e*''*t*0������--  have a small railway in operation fori The P^-dent, Mr. B. C. Hodgson,  the amusement of the children and wuo w������*������ proposed as the delegate, de-  grown-ups. Friday afternoon children clined the honor, as he thought it  will be admitted ftee to the buildings, would give the council the opportunity  The official opening will be held on latojLo������j;ettIng out of its responsibility  Thursday evening, Sept. I2tb, at 8 by saying that tbe delegate waited  p. m. Orchestra will be in attendance upon them and could formulate nojto-  afternoon and evening during the ex- nexation policy.  Solicited and Delivered  ������*������  *-f  iiiiiiHiiiH  ii ** i * un ii iimi ������"������ ������ * * * * *���������-*;,  ItoYoufinow  We handle a f������fii Mte M  v-jctaMes which are always  "rVtak*-      V;  Butter, fully guaranteed to suit  the most particular, 8 lbs. ��������� .$100  t3gy*,tbe same as you buy from  your neighbors. 3 dos. for. .$1,09  Raspberries at the lowest market price each day.  Since we have a cold storage  plant of the very best, we can  always guarantee a full line of  the best meats.  hJbitlon.   Hefresbments will be served  on the grounds.  Messrs. Harrison and Prowse were  emphatic that lt was not the time to  discuss tbe annexation policy, the latter adding that be was sure it would  be utterly impossible to get tbe 61  T. H. McCort  Central Park Opposite Agricultural Hall  hardware, Paints, Oils, Builders Supplies  Stoves, Ranges and Kitcftenware  Special prices on Ranges.  Call In and aee  them*  fVIERY MN*E 18 iNTEftESTINQ  The Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer bas evidently found tbe secret of per cent vote necessary to ensure an-1  perpetual' youth-     After   sixty-eight nexation.   It was decided not to send  years of untiring faithful services de- a delegate,  voted to the upbuilding and shaping j some discussion took place in refer*  toe fortunes and destiny of the Do- ence -* lhe banquet to be given by the  minion, it still continues to set tbe Board ot Trade to Mr. Monk, Dominion  twee In the Held of weekly newspaper- (Minister^ of public works, and it was  dom in Canada. decided not to fssue complimentary  It has always aimed at the highest tickets to the councillors, but to issue  standards, and proven itself to be a them to federal members, local mem-  roost reliable national and borne news*, nem.-��������������������� mayor of Vancouver and tbe  paper. The agricultural Interests and presidents of neighboring boards of  general welfare of tbe. nation have trade  been and are sUll In thV broadest sense     ���������,.! ^ R G,bgon te<J ^ Mf  of the term its chief concern. !���������  H> gteTOMf M<P., ^ interviewed  to order to maintain this premier the Vwcouver p^t^.ter, who had  position and keep abreast of the phe- 8fadted that there would not be a  nomenal devetepment and growth of de��������� fa   Collingwood  Canada, The Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer bas increased its facilities  ���������ad  perfected its  mechanical eqnlp-  spring.  I   Messrs.  till   next.  McArthur and Brett were  ment.    Apparently nothing has been anPolnf������0' ��������� committee of iwo to in  left undone to make every detail from  forest the boards of trade of B. C. in  Phone:  Collingwood 18  Box 22  Collingwood  WM. H. KENT  & SON  Real  Estate   Agents  JOYtt ROAD N..COUWCWO00 EAST  We have several good buys  in Burnaby  Collingwood East  Jficp 4 rootu honse. on a 45 foot  lot, all modern, on Joyce street;  12800; SHOO cash, balance arrange.  5 rooms, all modern, jrood basement, open fireplace, $3150; $100  cash, balance arrange.  4 rooms, near proposed car line,  furnace, electric light, plumbing,  etc. 12150; cash $25 per month inclusive.  the gathering of the news to the de- ,he *������fM������to������*t of a public utilities  livery of the paper to the reader om*  plete. The Outlook (New York) was  pleased to say in a recent Issue, that  commission, and to bring the matter  before the provincial legislature. The  commission would deal    with    tele-  Before letting your Painting avnl fapeilwmfltow sec  fi Srigley  for flic Irtst wl rorct artistk wcr*  MfKojn Avenue, (^lin(|W(Ki������t f>* 0.  0RANT PHIPPS  VIBIN0, PITTIN(������, nXTURPS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Koad -  Stamps in Rolls. ;  Ottawa. Aug. 20.���������Prom now on tbe J  post office department will issue one  It hi now one of the most complete pnone*' car8' e,������ctrlc ������Kht  ������tc  newspaper plants on the Continent.     |  The staff bas also been increased  tnat -the improved facilities may be  fully utilised.   Full and accurate syn-     J A ^ .       ..    L    .  opsla of the world's news, written by "J *"������*T ??***  ���������     ^ "  trained men. who know how to say ,n " *��������� ������������������h^ '���������������������������   These are ������w.  mhm* i.n^.An...��������� i������ ������-.������ #-��������� ..      _j dally to be need in  stamp-affixing ma-  wbat ianecessary in the fewest words; ..    _   _.    .��������� . ..       .  ������i^..i ���������^   .__������ ,i     j,. j       . , chines and will prove a great boon to i  original and carefully edited articles; .���������������,,��������� ���������..,-..;,���������������, ��������� ������        w ?���������. j  .^^.i-i    -. _. il .i . .    j. ,rre Industrl"' flrnis, both as regards'  special   contributions   from    ^n** the saving of time and the prevertiou  writers    Miscellaneous reading of the(0f pllferln^ The tuMm of tne d  )art.  V17B.ter.8t!nd,ardJ   ^    efatUre8,ment is largely due to the repeated  which make It the leader among Cana-'. repreFentati0���������g of the Canadian Man  dlan. Metropolitan   Weeklies.     Every  llf?f.t���������rers.  Association,  department pulsates with vitality. The ,,d..F11tr,ffes of rhe ,^m*������.trl������-  The four pages of bright pictures on ln>? machines is that a roll of 500  calendered paper is in Itself equal to;gtam^B can be placed in it and it wi!1  fifty-two of the ordinary premiums giv- f automatically wet and place these on  en away each year by some papers.      (,ne envelope one at a Ume.  Very favorable arrangements have j The stamp-affixing machine also in-  been made with The Weekly Globe dicates the number of stamps used, so  and Canada Farmer whereby our read-that there can be no possibility of em-  ers can have it in combination with; pioyeea pilfering stamps for their ������ri-  this   paper  on   remarkably   favorable  West Burnaby Pharmacy  A first-class DRUG STORE now open for basinets.  Comer   Sussex  Avenue   and  Westminster Road  (Opposite West Burnaby School)  Drugs. Stationery, Confections, Cigars  Special care taken with Pre*criptun*$. A   vxeit  will  be   much  appreciated.  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  paper  on  terms.  Sample copies will be sent to am-  &CU THEATRE  JOYCE   ROAD  EAST COLLINGWOOD  Open every evening, 7:30 to 10:30.  Th* ���������mviti-j* pii**ar-'* slin vu ������*. this theatre <������re of tb*> very  best obtainable, uothing objectionable it* ullowed by rhe nianagenieut.  Amusing Instructive Educational  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day. Good Music.  vate uee.  The new rolls will be available aliout  September 1, ar.d it is expected that  address, by making application either) they will  te'grestly in demand.    An  HORSESHOEING  MILLS & HOOKER  verbally or by card to this office.  Charred With Murder.  Regina, Aue.  23.���������Besto and  Shito-  vlsky, two foreigners, yesterday were  rhareed je<ntly with the murder of a  Practical Horse Shoers  And General Blacksmith  Registered unc!er the Worshipfu  i Company ot Farriers, London, Erj2*.  extra charge of six cents per roll of  "���������00 ^ill be made to cover the cost of  50 Owill be made to cover the cost of  manufacture. j  The stamp-affixing machine is chief-1       Thorough knowledge of An-  ly made by American firms and was 13torny.  Special attention given  felolw countryman, following a fracas i not much in demand here on account j j*;' detective leet. Kepairs ������I J*"  in the East End. They were committed j of the fact that stamps have not soijj'l-d8  promptly and   thoroughly  | for trial.   It is alleged that Besto held  far,   teen   issued   in   rolls.    The  au- j done.  Uhe victim while Sbitovsky dealt, the nouncement will create a big demand \fOMiB Opposite West furnaby School j  -' fatal blow with a club.  [for tbem, however.  i  Give us a trial.  Fixtures, Wiring and all  Electric Repairs'  J. TRIPP  ELECTRICIAN  Residence  Central Park  ���������  Postoffice  Collingwood East  y^yyX'  S*;i*:->rv  mmm Hv  THE WESTERN CALL.  M^-  HARDWARE  SPECIALS  All Steel Enamel Refrigerators, reg. $35 for $23.00  Ice Boxes, reg. $4.50 for       -      -      -      -      3*15  Numbers 8 and 9 Enamel Kettles, extra heavy  reg. $1.35 for 95c  Number'3 size Galvanized Tubs, extra strong  reg. $1.35 for 95c  Look out for the Coming: Announcement as to our  New Co-operation Scheme, no investment requ Ired.  We give you Half Profits. V., .  THE HOMO  1    56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  Phone:  Sey.  3472  3473  CAMP LIFE AT WHITE ROCK.  By A ST. MART'S CADET. (C. L. B.)  White Boch la a ^ small tUlage situated about two miles from : Blaine,  Wash., and Is composed principally  of campers who spend the summer  months there. Our camp Is situated  about two hundred yards from the sea  and' haa a commanding view of ^ the  ���������Gulf and Vancouver Island. Having  given a brief description of the place,  weJ will now return to our 'proper  aubject.  Itt. the morning at half past six we  are awakened from our slumbers by  tne roll of the drum.: Ten minutes  later we may be seen enjotrlng a  feaost refreshing bath in the briny,  for wUcb we are allowed about five  minutes. We |feen return fo our camp  refreshed and ready for our day's duty.  ���������Immediately after returning the  cooks appointed for the day prepare aj  good and substantial breakfast, which  is eagerly devoured when it reaches'  the table. |  Breakfast Is over at half past eight,;'  after which the cooks and orderlies  wasb up and get the wood. From nine  to nine fifty we have for mending  clothes and sewing on buttons, etc.  A few minutes before ten we fall in  on the sands for parade and for'two  hours we are instructed and drilled.  When twelve o'clock arrives we >are  marched back to camp to change our j  uniforms for our ordinary clothes. By,  half past twelve the cooks have prepared the dinner, which is again eagerly eaten. From one to two o'clock  the orderlies-are engaged in their several duties. For one hour, from two  to three o'clock, we are allowed to  indulge in reading and games, but all  look forward to three o'clock, which is  tbe hour for recreation, which is spent  ln several ways.   Sometimes we go for  Jutant and restoring life from drown-J  ing, bandaging and hand   ambulance  drill by the captain.  MARVELOUS    TRAINED    CLE-  ���������;":   PHAjrftv ���������'-_���������.s:;;.  One of the many attractions < at; th*j  Fair at New Westminster'ibis -year  will "be the famous troupe of Musical  Elephants, whose work has been the  marvel'of thousands of people in the  leading vaudeville theaters of the  United States during the past two  years since their importation from  Europe, -where they were for many  years engaged by the leading circuses  and tbjsaterB. Tbey first came to  America to take parj. in the gigantic  productions of the Hippodrome In New  York city, and it was only during the  past few months they have been away  from their first engagement. These  marvelous brutes do some of the most  astounding stunts ever performed by  animals, not only going through the  usual stunts performed by animals, of  tbeir huge bulk, but also playing on  several musical instruments with/apparent ease and versatility.  This la.-but one of the many attractions for there will also be at the fair  LeRoy and Paul, Isbikawa Japs, Bex  Comedy Circus, the La Vallee troupe  and the Idanlas troupe. All these attractions will be shown free to those  who are in attendance and in addition  to the many other new features of this  year's: fair will prove a valuable addition.    ',    .,:.-'���������'������������������':������������������',.:  Initial b>^na.';V  NORTH   VANCOl^ERy^Aug,   22���������  The first oil .anrta������#|"g**^ on  the\ city ;vati*ef>tB ;l|rar;ib^(f^:ya^if^  when a c^Ui^ Of oll,^  asphalt, was spread oh ^  frbm' liinsdale to Mabon avenue. The  SprinkUng waa done witb jthe city's  nelr oil snrlnkleT hauled by the steam  roller and; was witnessed by a large  crowd, Including Engineer Smith, Assistant Engineer West and other eity  officials.  Car Line Extension.  SOUTH VANCOUVER, Aug. 20���������Announcing the result of an interview  with Mr. Glover of the B.C.E.R. at a  meeting df the board of wOrks yesterday afternoon, Reeve Kerr said the  company would extend the Victoria  road carllne from the present terminus  at 43rd avenue as far as 56th avenue  if the council would send in an application to have the work done. Mr.  Glover also spoke of extending the  Grandview carline from Cedar Cottage  to the Westminster road carline next  year. - ;���������  Rev. Grant's Death.  Rev. Roland Dwight Grant, lecturer  of continental fame and a former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Vancouver, died at his home in Waterloo,  New Hampshire, last night at 8.30 p.m.  Woodward's Extension.  Paying around $400,000, the Woodward's Department Stores/Ltd., have  purchased 86 feet on the west side of  their present premises, on which they  will erect a ten-storey addition to accommodate their increasing business.  Gamblers Fined.  Found guilty of running a gambling  club known as the Beaver Club, on  premise*) in the Panama Block, Jack  FeA-aa and J. Boln were each'fined  $100. by Magistrate South at tbe police  court this morning. Louts Conn convicted of looking on at tbe game waa  fined $20. .  ;..,., .��������� .  Duke Will Qe Guest  At Hotel Vancouver  Mayor Findlay today received a message from Col. Lowther,. military secretary to the Puke of Connaught, to  the effect that the Governor-General  and'Party during their vialt. to Van-  couvlar would.������tay at.the   Hotel Van-  ^tw^<:A^:^.f'';'-^;..' y:yy '  Memorial services for General Booth  will be held the world oyer Sunday,  September 1. Colonel Gaskln, assistant ohief secretary of the whole Army,  will be In Vancouver and lead the  memorial serviceB at the^ Avenue The*  aterafternoon and evening. The public Is cordially invited.  Favor Board of Control.  The special civic committee to appear before the municipal government commission next Monday, held  a meeting tbls morning at the city  hall,- at which was practically , concluded to advocate board of control as  more advantageous to the/ city than  commission government.  Bibles for City Hotels.  Last evening (Thursday) a Bible  was placed in every hotel room in the  city by the Federated Bible Classes  of Vancouver. The Bibles were carried through the streets followed by  the delegates from the various classes  in autos, the final distribution taking  place from Harris Street. Similar work  has been done throughout the United  lllllHIIHHHUIHIIllllOJI'lllHIIHIIHUlUllilHi  We Have oil the Cheapest  7th Ave, SOft., 1# bib. west ol Main, only $ 7506  walks and other times we make rafts  ���������for use during bathing hours between  five and six.' At six we bave tea, after  which we generally go shooting to  turn in by nine o'clock and have  .prayers, after which we are soothed  by Nature's soft nurse, "sleep." On  Sundays we have church parade. If  wet, signalling is taught us by .the ad-  pr. Sun Dined*  ~, Peking, Aug. 26.���������President Yuan  Shi Kai and Dr. Sun Tat Sen, former  provisional president of tbe republic,  dined together at the capital last evening and later held a conference lasting several hours, during which the  political situation was discussed.  . Dr. Sun considers that Yuan Shi Kai  Is eminently fitted for the presidency.  On leaving the palace he said:  "Yuan is a great man and is worthy  of support."  Tbere is now a bright prospect for  unity in the new republic.  Bigger's  Watches  Possess every good quality ������  you .desire   in   a timepiece,   j.  T  They Wear Good. Look Good.  *t;  Make Good. !������������������  T  Every high grade and re- *  liable make of watches is rep- *  presented in our stock. *  I  4  f.*J9S9  Geo. Q.  General Booth's Death."  London, Aug. 21.���������General William  Booth, commander-in-chief of the Salvation Army, died at 10:30 o'clock last  night. He was born in Nottingham in  1829.  The veteran Salvation Army leader  was unconscious for 48 hours before  his death, the medical bulletins had  not revealed the seriousness of the  general's condition which, for a week,  it is now admitted, was hopeless.  Twelve weeks ago General' Booth  underwent an operation for the removal of a cataract In his left feye; For  two days after the operation indications gave hope of his recovery. Then  septic poisoning set in, and from that  time, with the exception of occasional  rallies, the patient's health steadily  declined. The general recognized that  tbe end was near and often spoke of  bis work as being finished.  Throughout the commander-in-chief's  illness, his son, Bramwell Booth, chief  of staff of the Army, and Mrs. Bramwell Booth gave their unremitting attentions to him.  The aged, evangelist died in his residence, the Rockstone, Hadleywood,  eight miles from London, where he had  been confined to bis bed since the  operation. Present at the bedside  when the end came were Mr. and Mrs.  Bramwell Booth and their daughter  and Sergeant Bernard Booth, the gen-  and son, Adjutant Catherine Booth,  eral's youngest daughter; Commissioner ttooth-Helberd, and Commissioner  Howard Kitchen, and Dr. Wardlaw  .\iilne.  ^ C^ and Victoria Street, 80x82 feet with  ; lairge fioiiae, only $11500.   Terms are ex<^ioaally  ������������������ easy.- : .: ' ���������       . ���������:^y'.^y''/;iyy..yy  Jeweller and Diamond Merchant  143 Hastings Street, W. j  ���������J���������i-*i- -I���������> *���������  ���������:-.>*������������������������������������:��������� ���������:������������������:���������������������������:��������� ���������:������t������:***x-*-:"  A  :-**t^**x*****j*'>*>*X'*:**>'X***>-x**>******-M  Good Cutlery  The most extensive showing of superior  quality Pocket Knives^in the province. ���������  Genuine Joseph Rodgers, Henry_Boker, I.X.L.  These brands are of world-wide reputation and are unequalled for quality  and finish.  Tl SO ALLS LIMiTEO  {Successors to Chas. E. Tisiall) 919-620 Haatlnga St., Waal  8on Will Succeed.  Public interest now centres in the  question of a successor to the late  commander. Unc'er the constitution of  the Salvation Army, the general nominates his successor. This General  Booth did several years ago, placing  the name in a sealed envelope, which  was deposited with the Salvation  Army's lawyers, with instructions that  it should not be opened until after  his death.  Upon opening the letter is was found  that Bramwell Booth had been designated.  May Not Restore Duty.  Ottawa, Aug. 23.���������There has been  an enormous increase in cement importations since the government granted the rebate of over half the duty on  cement. Statistics show that during  July the importations increased by  nearly 900 per cent.  The order in council remitting the  duty expires October 31. There is a  feleing at Ottawa that the diity will  not be restored, although members of  the government carefully refrain from  giving any expression of opinion.  States by the'Gideons.  Ships for Coast Defence.  "Canada should provide a certain  number of battleships, which might be'  stationed on the two Canadian coasts,  but under the command of the Admiralty and manned by the Admiralty," said Major-General Sir Frederick  Benson, K. C. B., who, together with  Major-General Boyce Coombe, C. B-,  arrived in Vancouver last night.      ..  Decide Against Beard*  After having chosen board of control In preference to commission government at a previous meeting, the  special civic government committee,  which met this morning to prepare  evidence for submission to the Municipal Government Commission on Monday, decided tbat the present form of  government In Vancouver was even  better than board of control.  Muct Install Smoke Consumers. '  Unless the. mills of the city take  steps in the immediate future to install proper smoke- consumers tbey  wiir-probably fall "foul of the City  Council. The special civic smoke  committee at a meeting held yesterday  came to the conclusion that the residents wbo have been complaining of  the smoke nuisance tor years past  have been sufferers long enough and  that it was time the mills and other  smoke creating Industries afforded  tbem relief by a change in methods.  Want Mr. Stevens In Cabinet  A resolution putting forward the  name of Mr. H. H. Stevens, M.P., for  the proposed new seat in the Dominion  Cabinet, was the feature of the Ward  V. Conservative Club meeting last  night. The resolution, which was carried unanimously, is to be forwarded  to each Conservative Club in the constituency. Mr. Stevens was not present at the time the resolution was proposed by Mr. W. R. Owen and Seconded Ly Mr. J. W. Whitcly, but he  arrived shortly after and delivered an  aggressive speech, dealing with the  i fisheries and the question of Asiatic  ��������� immigration.  j White Siaver Gets Three Years.  | Despite her copious tears and loud  | protestations that she Was an inno-  I cent and maligned woman, .Mrs. J. A.  JlcKee was Saturday morning sen-  i tenced by Judge Mclnries to serve  j three years in-prison for her crime Jn  j procuring a young woman for immoral  ! purposes. ._  I    "It   is  a   painful   thing  to   be  con-  i vinced   that   any     woman would   be  j gfuilty  of  such  a  crime as  that you  j have   been   charged   with,"   said   his  honor   in   passing - sentence,   "but  in  ; your case the frank and fair evidence  , of the  young woman who was your  j victom has been amply corroborated.  } Two things appear to me to be outstanding in the story of your crime,  | the very deliberate and cunning way  in which yu went about accomplishing your purpose, and the awful and  terrible degradation    you    wished to  "east  " "west  it  7th Ave. 50 % 5  7th Ave. 50'ft., V/{  5th Ave. 50 ft, \%  5th Ave. 50 ft, ���������, y%  Lanstowit 50 ft, %  5th Ave. 100 ft, 2  Dufferin 50~ft, 3  Good terms to arrange on all the above*  ������    <<  "   east  5600 j:  ^5500 1\  7000 :  13000 :  12500 |;  H6W  ���������. ���������.-��������� '-���������     ������������������>:..-..���������-v  y/-yyy y^UAmy:^  44 feet near'.Jjtij&fati^  t 132 feet corner Front and Main ^t $^00 per foot  50 feet near Broadway, at   lOOO per foot  50 feet near 12th Ave., at    450 per foot  Easy terms arranged to suit.  Vv  &  t 2343 MAIN STRECT  FHOrVES. FalrroODt 4%, 497  *'*��������� 4<>i4111'f1.'1'������'*''M'*44'4>44>l 4>4>���������I"l-������������������ fl^Lu^^i t f ,*- .f.if ,f��������� ,*|, ji*' | jjj  subject her to. For' those reasons I  must pass oh you a severe sentence,  and I sentence you to aerve three  years in prison."  Seeks Her Husband.  Mrs. IS. C. Glanz of Mineapolis has  written the police here asking for any  information tbat will lead to the discovery of the whereabouts of her.husband.  Kept Blind Rio.  Mrs. M. Roche was fined $100 and  costs this morning In the police court  for selling liquor without a license.  She was arrested last week in a raid  conducted by Detectives Champion and  Jewitt.  Point Grey Trani Question.  . Kerrisdale, Point Grey, Aug. 21.���������  On Saturday, September 7, the people  of Point Grey will be given an opportunity of declaring whether or not  they'will accept transportation facilities under practically the same agreement and conditions as the old franchise by-law, v/hlcb was defeated (by.  the ratepayers last January.  Leads Dominion.  Vancouver, Aug. 20.���������The big gain in  building permits issued during the  month of July in Vancouver has placed  this city in the first place of the entire  Dominion with regard to increase, according to tables compiled by the Financial Post of Canada. The difference  over July, 1911, was $965,634, or 87.1  per cent. The total for Canada shows  an advance of almost 50 per cent, over  that of last year. Edmonton, though,  is not far behind Vancouver, and is  keeping up its rapid pace with a gain  last month/of $930,771.  A  Big Contract.  The Hartley Iron and Wire Works,  146 Dufferin West, were the fortunate  bidders whose design for the expensive and elaborate gates of the government building at Victoria was accepted. It is on.e of the largest orders of  the kind undertaken by a Vancouver  firm doubtless. A large amount of  ornamental brass is required, which is  being-executed by Tiffany & Co., New  York, the leading firm in America. All  other work will be done a( the local  factory. A large amount of iron fencing is included with the gates. The  order totals about $50,000. Tiie job  surely will put a feather in Mr. Hartley's cap.  New Westminster, Aug.^-That the  1918 Provincial JSxbibiton to be Md  here on October 1 to 2, under the, ana*  pices of the Royal Agricultural and  Industrial Society will be the nio-t successful ever held is the opinion of the  fair management, who state that the  number of early entries is unusually  large. -Entries of Btock or produce are  coming in on every mail, aud the applications for space in the Manufacturer*'  and Industrial Buildings are being received daily. It is feared that the  capacity of these structures will be  taxed to their utmost, as the number of  exhibitors in this division will be exceptionally large.  On account of the late date at which  the fair is held, exhibits from farmers  and ranchers who felt unable to .leave  their work during the harvest period  when many fairs were held, will all be  in New Westminster, assuring the  greatest Agricultural and Stock display  of the season. The other side of the  fair will not be overlooked, however, as  some of the greatest vaudeville attractions on the continent have already  been arranged for. These will be free,  aside from the regular side shows and  other amusement devises.  Work on the new Horse Show build?  ing at the fair Grounds is being rushed  with all despatch in order that the  building can be completed in time for  the Second Annual Horse Show. Some  entries are already in for this event,  which will, without doubt, surpass any  Previous ev. nt of its kind ever held  ere.  Minister Shocks by 3unday Fishing.  Klamath Falls, Ore., Aug. 20.���������Klamath Falls churchgoers are shocked  j today at the action of Rev. C. F. Aked,  of San Francisco, in openly fishing  here on Sundays. Rev. Mr. Aked,  who was formerly known as ''Rockefeller's Fifth Avenue pastor," gained  considerable fame by advocacy of New  York Sunday baseball.  DRESSMAKING, RENOVATING  Underclothing,  Children's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending.  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue       - *     Central Park  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Granville Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  W A NT P IY- =^*r^s anc* b������vs������ men and women, to learn stenography  VT/111 I Lirj-   at Boyd������s   Shorthand  Institute,   70t>   Dunsmuir St.  Only 6 to 8 weeks to become competent.     Individual instruction.     Many  calls for. stenographers dailyY   Complete course $43.00.  Boyd's Shorthand Institute DuSuir  &#-.  ia���������'-.-jw ���������.-*������:���������.


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