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 :���������>--' V>.">A .  :.y&:-y ������������������:  Combined with  (;/���������:���������  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  ii  VOLUME IV  H. H. STEVENS, M. P., Editor-ia-chief  -***r  ���������A**4������*S  VANCOUVER^ British Coljw^ia, SEPTEMBER 6, 1912.  *****************������a******-**^^  No, 18  i>y  TAXATION OF CHURCHES  ' *������'!��������� ���������!��������� 8'���������!;���������!��������� ���������!��������� -t'���������!��������� ������������������������������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������&��������� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������*��������� ���������!��������� ���������������'��������������� ���������!��������� ��������������������������� -i"!1 ���������������-.��������� ������������������������ ���������; ������������������������>������������������������������������������>��������� i> 14<*4n*44*4L****44<444* I ������'������������ 1I * M"������ M'*.'������������������������."*'*, ���������������������>���������!' !���������������I tl ���������������  \  .   J. M. Ritchie, in the Sunday; morning Advertiser, talks some good sense, and some remarkable  t[nonsense.   lie says "Religion is a luxury, and  J should be taxed."   First, it is not a luxury, but  fa necessity as surely as are clothes.  M   Religion should not be ,taxed either, but sq long  if as there are buildings in cities and other sj>laees  fvwhere they cover a piece of this taxable earth,  [fthe earth under these churches should be taxed  t-ih common, with earth built upon by groceries,  'saw-mills, warehouses, hotels and banks.  Banks, warehouses aid groceries are necessities,  'just as is religion.   But we do not tax them because they are a luxury or a necessity. They are.  If taxed as are theatre grounds, simply because they  |*re within the municipal limits; not because they  fire holding above them theatrical,������* other build-  f|ngs,- which are looksd upon as luxuriesV  ill; We do not, tax the ground under our public  ^schools, jails and- xthe City Hall.     This results  If from the fact that they belong to the municipal  f corporation.   It would be foolish and a waste of  pime to tax them,.and pay the money over by  the corporation to tbe corporation.  But we d6 and propose to continue to tax thp  ���������ground under churches and similar institutions,  since they belong to private parties for the good,  ^convenience and pleasure of private parties.  From the standpoint of the public, the Orange  Hall, the Methodist Church buildings, the Roman  Catholic church buildings, nunneries and ^aimilar  institutions are purely, private concerns, as are  the Labor Temple, the Salvation Army Barracks,  /the halls rented for the use of the Christian Scien-  ItistSj the people who term themselves " Christians  "Gathering to the^Honaf of the I������ord,'? Socialists  1b& Suffragettes.,  All the grounds occupied by  ^ these private peoples and .organizations must be  taxed.   Mr. Ritchie talks nonsense either wilfully  or ignorantlywhen hesaystheOrangemen are  opposing church exemption because they are op-  >posed to the Roman Catholic churoh;The^Orange-  ^men oppose all churches being exempted, because  ���������4they object to^accept or   grant   special   favors  "either for themselves or to others.   This they do  on the |rottttft that it is bad piifrfle economy;~im?-  fair and therefore immoral, for every act of public injustice, in the end, is immoral.    The Orangemen have no quarrel .withthe Roman Catholic, Anglican Catholic, Presbyterian Catholic,  Methodist Catholic, Salvation Army Catholics, or  Socialist Catholic organizations.   But they do -object to wake the whole public pay for the peculiarities and notions, religions or otherwise, of tbe  above named or similar people.  ������fr. Ritchie speaks ol killing off " all forms of  superstition, ana all forms of religions, and looks  to the time when "pure and undiluted rationalism  it the only criterion of conscience." He must be  very ignorant and foolish to use such language.  He speaks of bringing to earth "once more the  peace and consolation which is sure to come when  all religions are cut off-"  "Once more*'is good, surely! "Once more"  necessarily pre-supposes thst such a state existed  ou earth at some previous time. Mr* Ritchie is  either dishonest or ignorant when he makes such  M statement. There never waa a time in the history of the human family when there was no religion* There never was a time when a nation or  ��������� people, outside of some Uttle insignificant group  of silly men aid women, attempted to live without,,  religion. Why he talks such-nonsense, and at Ihe  same time talks certain good sense, is hard to  fathom. I would judge his foolishness comes from  a bad spirit rather than from ignorance. If so it  is a pity, aa it is evident he has a clear head and  good notions in some important directions.  Now let me tell Mr. Ritchie and the public at  the same time that Orangemen would not only  not interfere with the Roman Catholics in their  religious worship, but they would stand by their  side in^ defending the most sacred principle and  right, viz., that of worshiping God as they please.  Their worship is a matter between them and the  Oreat Father, and no concern of Orangemen. They  hold the same notions of freedom of worship concerning the other religionists, viz., those attached  to Moslemism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto-  ism, Zoroasterism, Judaism, Protestantism and  any other "ism" that might be added to the list.  But when any of the above pass beyond the act  and state of worship, and attempt to enforce upon  others by other than persuasive and educational  means, and especially by the use of the State and  "material means," their peculiar religious tenets,  then the Orangemen are sure to raise strong objections One of the attempts to enforce the aid  of the State, the peculiar views of certain Churchmen, is the attempt to make the whole public pay  for the notions of the few���������that is, to make the  whole pay for the pleasure and prof it of a part.  FALSE GREEK  f  City's Policy���������Citizen's Duty--Wfa Shall We Vot  The question of the disposition of the bed^of False Greek has been a most interesting, one for many years, but this very fact  (years) impels us to urge that  ��������������� .some definite action be taken forthwith. -*?    ���������  Some years ago we urged, through the^qoluilms, that the city should reserve  ��������������� these tide flats for industrial and railroad purposes, leasing them at moderate ren-  ;. tals. Since then, however, conditions have changed very materially. In the first  '. place the citizens have, by the by-law,. June 2f/1910, declared a definite policy���������  ; that of giving away this property under improvement terms. The eity gave the G,  ^ N. Railway the choicest portion of the Greelt^inder that agreement, which provid-  } ed for certain improvements. We opposed it &t the time,, but once the mandate of  f the people was given we submitted gracefully! '$ow we are called upon to consider  ;��������� the disposition of the balanced What is;'to begone with itl" In the first place, we  believe that the policy adopted in, 1910 by |h$^pMMic of Yahcouver should be continued,, xyL, that this portion should be turnledoyer to the Canadian Northern Railway under an agreement of improvement. ^ of the fact  that the action of the citizensin 1910 mgiviii^lhe Great Northern the best portion  of the Cr^k, to a large extent el��������� other more  j profitable use of the property than that of J^ilway tenninals.  ��������� Again,, whereas the Great Northernis:ayforeign road, and only a branch line,  ; the Canadian Northern is a great Canadian ii*anscontinental, which is essentially  * western in its interests, and which we hope will do more than any other road to build  up Vancouver.. i  The duty of every citizen is to consider what is in the best interest of the public  in this matter.  There seems to be no question as to the desirability of having the Canadian  Northern acquire this property, but on what terms? Some urge a lease.j If the title  \ of >the property still remains with the citv and only a lease is given,, then it unques-  ; tionably follows that no taxes will be paid; on the other hand, if a grant is given,  ; the property becomes taxable and would briug a handsome revenue in that way.  ; Again, if leased, the city would have to bear, the cost of extinguishing the riparian  frigMs of the foreshore owners; if granted, the railway compan-fwould have to bear  ��������� that burden, which is no small item. ... ���������    --  ;        Then, further*, is it reasonable for u*s as citizens to give to a branch line (the,  ;; Gv N. R.), and a foreign road, a grant on excepftionably favorable terms, and then  ; impose on a Canadian transcontinental Hue conditions which would handicap them  ;;; in competition with tht* foreign road!  &ome������wtH mjr thereis no sentiment in busi- +  ; isms* ^������?]Pija^jipft.r., few/ iM������y. city or co*mt*?y.*|iii# wpu^ *  eignter which they would deny to their own -eitia-e������sf would soon realize that seuti- ;  ment is sometimes very profitable*  We must build upVamdian traffictmdiudnstvy*. Jivery transcontinental train  ;  coming to Vancouver will indirectly enridi us far beyond the cost of its operation,  ��������� by the development of our hintetfmd, which means moire to Vancouver than all else.  Tfoen whit shall we do?   What otfcer than enter into a reasonable and sane  agreement with tins company, whereby this "eyesore" will be removed and turned  : into a permanent revenue-producing property and industry, and an encouragement  ;; of adequate transportation.  ;;       This question will he further considered from other standpoints. We urge our  ; readers to study it carefully, as it is of utmost importance, and tbere is always a  danger of only seeing one side of the problem and giving a snap verdict.  MMMMMIM H ���������������������HMH*I ������H H Ml *���������������������������+��������������� ������*M MI II Ml 11IIIIMH ****** M*n ������ m  onion made BACHELOR ae*������  Ask the man who smokes them.  This is wrong, and Orangemen do oppose and will  continue to oppose this attempt.  In the main the religion of ihe Roman Catholics  is similar to tbat of Orangemen- They both agree  that ***���������**. j������ a weak, sinful person. He needs help  from bji pivine Father. Sis Father is merciful,  loving and willing to give aid to all who are willing to receive His help. -Jesus Christ is the great  teacher of both Orangemen and Roman Catholics.  The Bible is largely the^only final visible guidance. Of course there are some important dogmatic differences. For instance, the Roman Catholic adds that, in addition to the Bible as a final  and sufficient teacher, aided by the Holy Spirit,  there's one other great and ultimate teacher, viz.,  the Pope, aided by the College of Cardinals, and  certain Church Councils.  Again, the Roman Catholics worship the Virgin  Mary, saints, angels, and some others, while Orangemen worship Ood alone.  But in spite of these differences the Orangemen  have no quarrel with the Roman Catholic Church,  excepting when that church attempts to force others to aceept their creeds and forms of belief and  worship. Then the Orangemen stand for freedom  of individual interpretation of the Bible, and are  determined to oppose any church, or other organization, which would interfere with their personal  freedom and that of the whole community.  To the mind of an Orangeman it is a terrible  and barbarous, a heathenish act, to burn the Protestant Bible. Hence if any church, or Mr. Ritchie,  in his attempt at "killing off all religions,"  should try to burn the Bible, using the 8tate to  aid the work of devastation, then the Orangemen  will have something to say.  Since the Bible is the foundation of all our liberty, and of British greatness, we oppose its usurpation by any and all means. To us it is as bad  as.it would be to a Roman Catholic to see his final  authority on matters of religion burnt. Our Bible  is our standard, hence we would keep it a sacred  thing and stand for its free use by all who desire  to have it for religious consolation. In like manner the Roman Catholics would oppose the burning of the Pope, their highest religions authority.  He is to them exactly what the Bible is to the  Orangemen.  We are quite willing for the worshipers of the  Pope to so continue, and we wish to continue our  worship of Ood and His word. They, on the  other hand, worship God, the Pope, the Virgin  Mary and the saints. Very good! Why should  tbey ootf  Thia is their matter.   It can not be  -wrong to reverence the Mother of Jesus. It can  not be wrong to hold in reverent thought the angels and the really worthy saints who lived and  died to bless the human family.  Orangemen do not quarrel on these grounds  with others, but they are not in a mood to permit  any body of men to force them to worship any of  the above, not even the Almighty Himself. We  shall not worship any being in heaven or on earth  at the dictation of ottfers, even If they attempt to  ntt the ineteriel power of the *tete. And this is  the point at which the Roman Catholic Church  has become a political machine, so far as her secret Jesuitical manipulators have her destinies in  control. Hence there is war between the Political  Roman Catholic Church and the Orangemen, but  not between honest Christian Catholics and  Orangemen.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Dr Spencer Praises CoiMttisiioners.  To the Editor of The Western Call:  Dear Sir,���������The order given to clean out Alexander street vice area, along with all others, is  welcome news. I extend my congratulations to  the Commissioners on their decision to obey the  law, and assure them and the police of hearty  support in their effort.  As it has fallen to my lot to attack this question,  I am the more pleased to say that the interests I  represent will welcome the decision  The report shows, however, that Mr. Leek fears  "scatteration" will take the place of "segregation'' and he scores the various organizations  and individuals who agitated a clean up. The  gentleman does himself no credit thereby, for had  it not been for the combined agitation there ia  no reason to believe such a step would have been  taken. The people referred to by Mr. Leek are  the protectors of morals and unfortunately their  method of protection has necessarily advertised  the Commissioners unfavorably. These organizations and individuals should be thanked and not  blamed.  It will be a pleasure to refer to this decision  with approval on Sunday afternoon at the men's  meeting in the Savoy Theatre, and with others  to join in urging upon the temperance and moral  reform people and the churches, to aid the authorities in wiping out a blot on Vancouver the beautiful.  ** D. SPENCER.  Aug. 29,1912. _  COMMENTS ON LIVING TOPICS  By O. A. 0.  Juvenile Detention ffoines.  Money is never more wisley expended than.  when applied on the modern method of treating;  Juvenile Offenders, The Detention Homes and  Juvenile Courts of today are to be credited with  many lives delivered from certain ruin and dis*  honor. The probationery system works wonders .  'among boys and girls. It is not without value  when used judiciously with adults.  The Vancouver Detention Home dealt with 429  children last year with excellent results.     The-  Pine 'street addition waa much needed and is a/'  sign of the times in the art of miking men.  Mr. Borden's Return.  Premier Borden's visit to England is fit priceless value to Canada. It is essential to the Unity  and Life of the Empire that our great leadera.  should meet with and inhale the spirit of the  mighty statesmen across the sea, men who hold  the destiny of the world's greatest political power  and civilizing force in their hands. In tho/forward move of nations to ultimate ��������� perfection  and union Canada must serve an important  part. To do this effectively this country must"  be intelligently loyal to Britain in every particular, hence the necessity of intimate friendship between the leaders on both sides the sea. Premier  Borden returns doubly qualified for his important  office.  ROYAL VJSIT0R8.  ~ The Duke and Duchess of Connaught will soon  be in our midst. Vancouver is on tip-toe of expectation, v and suitable preparations are being  made to entertain them as loyal Britishers should.  The Duke is most thoroughly democratic and  would be nauseated by too ..elaborate gorgeOus-  ness in display. The geuuine love of the people  without sham manifestations of joy, or silly apfna*  of aneient aristocracy^ will command the respeer  of the royal party. Nothing is more offensive ������o*~  good taste than costly, extravagant dress or parade, on part of the host. Suitable dec^oratioUs and  festivities are.always in order.. ~~ .  Furnish them with ani'ple convenience of seeing the city and give the common people an opportunity to see our guests, and lasting pleasure  and satisfaction will result.  rORWTRt CONVENTION.  The, fourteenth annual convention of the Canadian Forestry Association being held in Victoria  this week, is attended by delegates from every  province in Canada. Able addresses hy eminent  speakers add interest and value to the meeting*  A. C. Flumerfelt presided.  Sir Richard McBride tendered an address of  welcome, which was so apt and hearty that all  visitors felt at home at once and entered upon the  business of the convention with zest. This association has a mission fraught with our young nation's future wealth.   Pfir*r fJfpJ^pcrpfQJT.  That Inspection is improving in the city may  > be true, but a visit to the dairies of Vancouver  ��������� will leave no doubt in the observer's mind 9* to  the need of better facilities for keeping mttk  pure in transition from its fountain to the consumer. If dirt breeds and harbors bscteria then  Vancouver milk is a veritable nursery.of these  pests. Never have we witnessed more carelessness in the handling of milk than in this eity.  There are some exceptions, but the rule remain*  that our dairies are disgustingly unclean. If  patrons made an annual visit to these places they  would demand many changes or abandon the use  of milk altogether. Barns, pails, cans, and milkmen should be faultlessly clean. Health and good  taste alike require it.  ^ji r^y- tiS**^  yyh\^^  ������ 7F,.j.,esT  tfORANKSFlRST OO  WTOEHfM0nhIH0������������  WM OWEN  \i  2837  Phone: Fairoont 447  wm  S3  -   "> >*ttv^,  y-'j/y-. ?-���������  Ass  ? y$W'  !*5J  '<?  ���������"��������� k ' a  ;. - -   ">.iw*?."i|  .'        > '-L-4l'"?t.4S*l THE WESTERN CALL.  ���������04* le'ieieie-i'eie'i ere ie'i������i'������������i<eieiei������t������ tele teie i *ieie<������  Drs. Thompson 9k Wood  pomtlata v  Good teeth are necessary to-masticate and chew food properly.  Remember that" a large per centage of the,common diseases originate  from bad teeth and food not properly masticated. A few dollars spent  in having your teeth properly filled and cared for now: may save you  many dollars and much suffering -and trouble later. .. We can fit you  with the best bridges and plates at the" lowest possible cost,  guarantee goes with all our work. -  Phone Sey. 3779 for evening appointments  Our  \',   641 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.  (Over Van. Drug Store)  ************** k **+****4>***4'***4>*4>*4-***4-**  Hmcst Prices for Honest  Cccrts  Where it tayslo Seal  "OSJfc^ J. W. Edmonds, Prop. "M J*  Dealer in all Icinds of Stationery  and Books  Toys, Fancy Goods, Ice Cream Parlor in ^connection  Ice Cream in Cones, Sodas & Bulk  Ice Cream Bricks made to your own order and  delivered free.   Our Fruit Ice Cream made direct  from Fruits.  We sell the Crystal Dairy Milk and Cream.  v  Principal School Supply Depot for Grandview District  1130 Commercial Drive  The Model Grocery and Confectionery  Moved from 1904 Commercial Drive to 1900 ;  Cor. Commercial Drive and Third Avenue  Groceries, Meats, Flour, Vegetales, Fruits, Nuts,  Butter, Eggs and Berries in season. Confectioner*,'  Ice Cream, Soft Drinks. 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'if Affoatatmaactommrrrt  beta dlKiindf Bsvajroaan*  Otcr Haw Ma**M*l Tf������M**������*MttviQ  Whatitbu doMlor other* it w9  __._.._*. Cin-Hnliiiftn. No awttar  whs haa trasted yon, write for an honest  *������fioyhood. SSKwd, rt5owWL'"'%JuSl^  sd)on Wir���������MOtMeo.  coroyou.  do for yoa.  wnjiMa*Jsm%nmo*jr\yanTm *>***������������������**><**������ ~ ���������**&  VEAr&Sff** r' "l'<"t*il   P*********1 lM'sJ-JCwf rfTr���������a������������������> FREE FOB HOMX  DrsKENNEDT&KENNEDY  Cor. HicH������>dAye.tndGrijwoWSt.  Detroit, Mich.  -NOTICE  All letters from Canada must be addressed  to oar Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor, Ont. If you desire to  see us personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see ami treat  sto -Mtiaate in our Windsor offices which are for Correspondence and  Laboratory for Canadian business only.   Address all letters as follows:  Write for o*r private addles-.  fit'* *$*** HIUI II i'I������M 1 11 IiM"lM l"l"l'������'l'H-H'H"H'teH������it'������������<  Terminal City Press, Ltd.  2408 ? eslmiseler R4. .       Pbene Fafrmont SKI  I Grandview  Edited by D. R. PiERCE\  Phone Fairmont 1140      *j  X���������"��������� Kote���������News meant for this column should be mailed or phoned to the editor earb   to insure *������  4* insertion. .*.  ���������^^������������������>.l..><.4..*������MHh*������������fr^*H'^*������*i������>K'������>������������������������*> *������"1***.*<'������>������**+***.**������MK  Slow Progress.  '*5-  Grandview News Notes  - The widening of Commercial Drive  and the relaying of car tracks ia pro-  Dr. Geo. E. McKenzie is erecting a'Sussing. But how slow the progress  fine residence near comer of Tenth' seems to the business men along the  Avenue and Commercial Drive. j Part affected. It is well nigh uaraliz-  A great many people are appreclat-' lnS tbe business of some concerns,  ing the new car service on Nanaimo The curbing is how laid from First j  Street between Hastings Street and Avenue to Broadway, and surveying I  Broadway. ia In operation between Broadway and                              j the city limits to where the widening  Prices Going Up.  There are still a lot of choice 'buys  In inside buBlnet-a property, and it is  expected these will be snapped up  within a very short time now. Already prices of lots near .False Creek  are going up, and quite a few sales  have been made during the past few  days. This activity in that vicinity  has been caused in great part by the  announcement of the desires of the  Canadian Northern Railway to lease  the creek, fill it, and build their terminals there.  will be extended.  | A Naw Thoroughfare.  Twelfth Avenue is soon to be a fine  ! asphalt paved thoroughfare. The re-  I cently begun Improvement reaches]  from Westminster Road to beyond  Commercial Drive. Some of the asphalt is already down and the remainder will.be-in evidence ere long. It is  greatly needed especially for teaming  purposes.  Will 8pend Millions.  If these plans are carried out, and  assurances have been given that tbey  will be if the City Council reaches  an agreement with the railway, several million dollars will be expended  in. making this' the city's railway  centre. Myriad passenger, tracks  will be laid, and there; will be a  passenger depot second to none on  the coaBt, the officials declare. Roadways for foot and .vehicular traffic are to be cut through, so there  will be a much more direct thoroughfare between the eastern part of the  city and Main street. .  These plans all make for more direct transportation into the heart  of the city, and, consequently, property Is becoming more valuable, and  Inquiries are becoming more numerous, especially in the False Creek  vicinity.  The Prospect Bright. .  Grandview is one of Vancouver's  most desirable suburbs. It has suffered along with some Other sections:  which have pressed commercial enterprises a little out of proportion to  the present population. But it is only  a question of a short period of time"  when it will be one of the most thrlv-  i Ing centers. The coming of the C.N.R.  into False Creek as now seems really  probable will open up ��������� "First Avenue  and bring along a boom of traffic and  business in general. Keep an eye on  Grandview.  The  The Scottish Ladies.  Scottish   Ladies   and  their  A Job for the Pol lea.  There Is a rough gang of young  rowdys hanging around Commercial  Drive evenings in the vicinity of Block  1600 that should be strictly looked after by the police department, they are  not only abusive to the business men,  but have commlttel acts of Indecency  and destroyed property. Complaints  have been made to the police, but no  friends were the guests of Mrs. Taylor: adequate steps have been taken to  at an at home on Wednesday after-j bring relief to those who continue to  noon at her residence on -'Balabury.] suffer annoyance. Is it possible that  Drive. The. reception room was ef-.BOCj, a state of firings must be en-  fectlvely adorned with dahlias, ;the(dured by those/who have a right to  same flowers being used on the tea''expect protection from the authorities  table, where Mrs. McNeill presided, j whom fl^y ^y t^^ |0 help support?  Assisting in tbe tea room also wer������jIjet t|w police delwrtmeat make a  Mrs. Black aad Miss White; DwiOf businesa of the Job ana put an end to  the afternoon a musical programme [ tpjg *,u<-<|j,,.r school of crlmnology.  was enjoyed by the guests, Mrs. Black  and Miss. White singing In duet,  'Love's Dream Is O'er," .and Miss H-  ���������sdale contributing "For the Sake o'  Somebody." The soloists were accompanied by Miss White.  the  - Bright Tea Party.  One of the bright teas of the week  was that at which Mlas Annie Still*  w������1l eutertained a number-of her jrlrl  riends yesterday afternoon-' at ^er  home in Grandview. The guests et  honor on this occasion were ������f lss Alice  Denton, of Seattle, cousin of the  hostees, and Miss Marion Shields, of  Tacpma, who Is alao here for a visit  of a^;:XOuple of^^ weOks; ^Asters and  sweet peas were used in pleasing  combination in decoration of the reception rooms and the same flowers,  mingled with tern, centred the pretty  tea table. Miss Manson and Miss  Fern McNeill presided and were assisted in the 'serving by Miss O'Dell  and; Miss Riley: A table of ices had  been placed on the verandah aud was  ln charge of Miss Ruth Hlllman. The  guests took part in a sewing game  for a while and were later entertained  by the singing of Miss Denton.  THIE PVFFAI.0 GROCERY  The   Buffalo   Grocery���������that's  place  I ran Into the other day.  And stood and waited half an hour  Before I got ray little say;  And folks rushed in. and folks rushed.  ..'    OUt,   ';  And cans and boxes flew about.---  And yet some men will blandly aay  That advertising doesn't pay.  8ueassfy| man know e#iter.  the  Prosecutor Is removed.  Portland, Ore., Aug. 28.-���������Proceeding  under a section of the code providing  tbat whenever an application shall be  made for clemency for any person  convicted of crime, that lt shall be the  duty of the district attorney, wher.  called upon fcy the governor, to furnish  a complete statement of the facts in  connection with the conviction of such  person, and. that in event be wilfully  neglects to do so. the governor may  remove him. Governor West at Salem  yesterday issued a proclamation re  moving District Attorney Cameron of  Multnomah county from office.  Simultaneously the governor appointed Walter H. Evans,'Republican  New Proposition.  A   new   recommendation    for  wideulng of Clark  Drive to 80  feet | candfdste for district attorney to fill  by the addition of seven feet on each i the office. Mr. Cameron defies the gov  side of the street from Powell to Fif- j ei nor, ond says he will not quit hi*,  teenth, was placed before the Board j office without a fight,  of Works this afternoon by City'En  glneer Fellowes. The estimated cost  Is given as $168.0311, to be borne entirely by the property owners. This  new recommendation is made as a  consequence of difficulties between the  city council and the owners over the  old recommendation, which, it is said,  also included $75,000 for grading,  which the owners contended should  be spent by the city as a general bylaw expenditure, and-not as the city's  share of the Clark Drive local improvement scheme.  Insured for f5,000,000.  Berlin, Aug. 27.���������According to the  Tagetiatt, the Czar Is insured in an  English company for nearly $5,000,000.  The insurance was taken out when he  was a boy, and the annual premium of  $80,000 has been paid regularly eve:  since.  King Victor Emmanuel III. o7. Italy  Is insured for $2,500,000, while the late  King Humbert carried double that  amount. - /  The late King Edward was insured  for $4,500,000 during the last two years  of his life.  RODWAY'S.  "Hey, what is the matter, my friend?"  said I, ��������� ~^~  As a man with a look of despair Two Irishmen,, on their way home  Stood   on   the   street   corner   alone, from a funeral, were conversing about  "Why," said he, the uncertainty of life.   Says aPt:  "My furnace is out of repair." "Sure and I'd give a thousand dol  lars,  Moike,  if I "knew    th*    pla-ace  How happy he grew when I said with where I was doin* t' die."  a smile, j    'Taith, Pat, and phwat good would  "Cheer up!    There's no need to be thot do yez?" -   -  blue��������� j    "Bpsot'9. I'd niver'go near th* place  Just telephone Rodway's as quick as at all, at all," says Pat  ���������;.'.-; you. "can;  They'll make lt alrliost like 'twas  new.". ,/.  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A daring robbery was committed at  the Chilllwack Meat Market, Chilli*  wsck, last night. ~ A safe containing  1100 was blown open and the money  stolen, The burglars disappeared without leaving any clue.  Westminster Cow Killed by Hatpins.  New Westminster, Aug. 28.���������A post  mortem examination recently held on  a cow owned by Mr. A. Allister, of  816' Fourth avenue, revealed the fact  that the animal's death was caused  by four hatpins which tt had swallowed or attempted to swallow. It is sup*  posed that the cow ate a bat or two.  Alpine Climbers Scale Lofty Peak.  With aneroid registering 7,250 feet  ���������higher by 1,000 feet than any mountain hitherto scaled on Vancouver Island���������nine members of the Alpine Club  of Canada on Wednesday, _ Aug. ~21,  reached the summit of the un*named  mountain known aa tbe. "Canadian  Matterhora" (n Strathcona Park, the  new government reserve.  after his real estate investments.  Mr. Hansen is vice-president of the  Terminal Cities Land Corporation, and  owns an immense amount of property  ln the west, including many valuable  blocks ln Port "Mann. He Is to meet  some'of his associates who are with  the Duke of Connaught'a party at Winnipeg, and he will discuss the Indus  trial projects of Port Mann with them  there. '  " Some delay -was occasioned by the  formalities necessary in the registration of the Port Mann townslte, but  these have been cleared up and within  four or five days the townsite will be  formally registered.  Mr. Hansen believes that Port Mann  has a great future. It will be the terminus of the C. N. R. and a great industrial city, and with these facts In  view he has been able to raise sufficient money for the car plant and  Other industries, preliminaries for the  commencement of which are being  now got under way. Because of the  great Increase in business there is a  great demand for cars throughout  Canada. The Canadian Car Co. already!  haa orders enough ahead to run.for  returned  f     ,     Ovsr Million for Lots.  Prince Rupert, Aug. 30.*-The saleI five years; and Mr. Hansen Btated yes-  of government lots In the Prince Ru- terday that he had been assured of  pert townslte closed last erenjng. Bid* J enough orders to run the factory for  ding waa strong throughout'the at^Ut least a year,  which realised $1,182,000. Pd*e������>Mt4  pert investors took about tw^^irasf  gf the .property, outsiders tb$ ttt*)Jil������  *"er������   - /-     ;<:. <>   t'  ~ The highest price was paid by Peter  Black of Prince Rupert, who secured  an old school site at the corner of  Second avenue and Seventh street for  158,000. The cheapest lot waa bought  by T. D. Pattullo tor $505,  The Daughters of the Empire secured a fine double lot (or $6,000, no one  bidding Against them. Lota close by  went for $16,000.  Port Mann to Become Townsite.  That a car factory and several Itt  dustrial enterprises contingent upoiflt,  the outlay to represent five million  dollars, will be started In Port Mann  ln the near future...was stated last  rtfgbt by Mr. J. F. Hansen, one of Can  ada'8 well known capitalists, who  came west to hold a conference with  Sir William Mackenzie and to look  ft  St(ITr*j������ttes Plan Campaign in, Canada  ', l^ejidon, Aug. ,30.���������A vigorous cam-  *Mlg*-f is premised.. In Canada on the  part of the Women's Social and Political Union, which Intends to take immediate steps to< strengthen the existing organizations throughout the  Dominion.  An official statement issued last  night eaya: ;" . '  ~ "Judging by Premier. Borden's reply  auch. agitation will meet with success.  The only obstacle" suggested by the  Premier, that tbe -franchise of the  provincial houses has hitherto been  accepted by th* 'Dominion parliament,  we regard as-no obstacle at all.  "We demand tiie franchise for all  provincial legislatures, but especially  for the Dominion Parliament and  others within the power of Mr. Borden  to give.  "Australia and New Zealand enjoy  the benefits of votes for women, why  should Canada lag behind?"  n  1 |ii Ii  JIJ28 BsStingH^treet East -  A Good General Store  Where you may ofotain  practically   anything  ;   you  require at the  Swecjjsh PftKerv  4<Mv^ * Carlson* Props.  Knecke Bread a Specialty  Purfr Swedish Bye and  Fancy Bread  300 Glen Dt'.ve     Vancouver, B. O.  POMINION  The Canadian Pacific reports an increase ot $745,000 in tbe July net earn-  j ings. . ,  .-   s. '  $20,000 Fire in Montreal.  - Montreal, Aug. 28.���������Fire about noon  yesterday did about $20,000 damage to  the warerooms of the Alaska Feather  & Down Company, St. Ambrose St.  Three cars loaded with lumber on the  railway siding went up in the dames.  Royal Party eevss Toronto.  Toronto, Aug. 29���������Their Royal Highnesses, the Puke and Duchess of Connaught and Princess Patricia .quietly  departed from Toronto last night,  leaving the Canadian Pacific station at  North Toronto on a tour or the West,  which will require five end ��������� balf  weeks to complete.  Meat Tret Under Fire.  Toronto, Aug. 28.���������-A petition to the  government asking for the appoint*  ment of a royal commission to investigate the alleged meat trust operating  in Canada has been drafted by the  city council.  Copies will be presented to the various municipalities for the purpose of  arranging for their cooperation.  Montreal Short of Coal.  " Montreal, Aug. 28.���������While ordinarily there are stored in Montreal at  this time ot ta������ year about 850,000  tons of stove coal, dealers state that  there are not 500 tons 'of this class of  coal In the city. The dealers announce  that prices are likely to take a jump  within the next two week&  No Gorman Peril Says Sir Wilfrid  Ottawa, Aug. 28.���������A symposium on  naval defence of the empire waa presented at a luncheon at the Chateau  Laurier yesterday, Sir Wilfrid Laurier  making his first utterance on. tile subject since the end of the session.  Tie leader of the opposition in effect expressed doubt as to the existence of a German periL and leprecat-  ed "the mad race for armaments."  The occasion was the visit to Ottawa of the party of financiers end leg's  lators which the Canadian agency is  taking to Western Canada. About  sixty resilents of Ottawa were present,  the party including several ministers.  Laurier Returns;  Sir Wilfrid   Laurier has  from a six-weeks' motor trip through  the United States, where he was ac-  cof panted  by Lady Laurier and Sir  Frederick and Lady Borden.  By. Canadian Route.  His Royal' Highness Prince Arthur  of Connaught and his suite will'travel1  by the Canadian route to the funeral  of the late Emperor of Japan, whicb  will take place- on- Sept. 14- and- at  which* the- Prince will- represent King  George. -  Duke's* Gratitude. -  A gracious act on the part of His  Royal Highness, the'' Duke of Connaught was tile recognition of the'services of Dr. Garrow, and the nurses ol  the Royal -_ Victoria Hospital most  closely In touch with the Duchess dur  Ing her recent Illness in Montreal  They were all presented with valuable  mementoes. Four nurses were given  diamond brooches, and; several' others  autograph photographs.  Sir Wm. Ramsay in Canada.  Sir William Ramsay, the famous  British scientist, and Lady Ramsay,  are visiting Canada. In September, Sir  William will go to Washington to attend the International Chemistry Con  gress, ef which he formerly was the  president. -  , Big Loan te Be. Extinguished..  Ottawa. Aug. 27.���������The Dominion  Government has made preparations to  extinguish outright the loan of fit,-  235,000 which matures on Ootober 1  next. The money to meet It has been  forwarded to the branch of the Bank  of Montreal at London, the financial  t agents, of the government.  This is a practical Illustration of thr  favorable position In which the fin  ances of tbe Dominion stand at pre  sent.  MIHIIHII HI t 111 I HI 11 u  < ���������  Fraser Avenue,:  ���������������*���������**������������������������ I HMi |i MM Mi������| IIHO*  ������������������������'������l'r;t'.'lt''.''*1 ������". '���������������������'*'*������'���������!"���������"  I Use Stave lake Power  Those Industries are Better  r- In ultimate results which use pur electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  The high cost of living1 may be  equalized by careful buying of your  supplies for kitchen and table. Ellis'1  Grocery, 30th and Fraser, make prices  that save dollars each week for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  Fraser Avenue business houses-thai  are leaders- in their particular lines.  See their ada-on thia page/ WO have  found them trustworthy.  1.  Junction  Rooming1 House, corner  Fraser Avenue  and  Westminater  Road.  The Workman's Home Cafe, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty*  Sixth Avenues;  The Unique Cafe, Forty-ninth! Avenue and Fraser.  Hekla Caah Grocery. Fraser Avenue and' Forty-Seventh AVenne.  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Lieutenant Louis Chanden-  ter, ������fthe- army* aviation corps, was  burned to death today while flying  from Poual to-Chalons.  The aeroplane fell to the earth and  the body of Chandehier was found  among the- tangled wreckage..  Rich Men Owned Gambling Houses. .  New York, Aug. 28.���������-Police Commissioner Waldo made public last night  a' list of places raided by the police  aa gambling resorts during the last]  year, and the names of owners of the'  South Vancouver; B. C,  August 28th; Ml*.  Councillor Robinson absent;     , .;-;  Re  Indemnity  By-Law,  1f12.  1. Elliott-Campbell���������That Indemnity By-Law, 1912, be read a first and  second time.  Carried.  2. Elliott-Campbell���������That the rules  be suspended and the Indemnity By-  Law, 1912, be read a third time, Carried. . -���������:.  ra  By-Law to Close- Lane  Running  Through South  Hilt School Site.  3: Third-Campbell���������That by-law to  close lane running through South HUI  school site be read a first and second  time.   Cwet*���������*lyyyyyy^xy:'yyy-'y.  4. Campbell-Third^-Tluit rules be  suspended and the by-law to close lane  running through South Hill school site  be read a thtrd':tline...:Carrie''I*.  Re 8urvey of: Fraser iWree*:.  5. Thomas-Campbell���������That Messrs.  Cleveland & Cameron be instructed to  complete survey of Fraser Street as  soon as possible.   Carried.  -  Re Permanent Pavement; Westminster  Road, Main St. and Fraser St.  6. Campbell-Elliott���������That the clerk  be authorized to serve notice oh the  B._ C. Electric Railway Company regarding intentions of Council' re permanent pavement on Westminster  road, Main .street and Fraser street.  Carried: '  Per Building By-Law Amendment No. 9.  7. Elliott-Third���������That Building By-  Law Amendment No. 6 be read a third  time;   Carried.  Certified correct,  JAS: B: SPRJWITfltWWK.  C. H. CL. '  You hearand read about J. HjA bfit now w������ want you  to try 1 lb> of our 50c India.   We guarantee it to be  superior to any Tea in tiie market  It is not blended, but the finest pick of the beat garden *n;m  India.  South Hill  Grocery  Cor. 45th and Fraser Avenue  Also River Road and Fraser Avenue  m  HOME REUNION WORK'  IN SOUTH VANCOUVER  *of homicide In the city and the com-  property on which the resorts weretparatively.' slight risk that attends its  Western Canada Power Company,  LIMITED >  tHene. Seymour 4770      6O3-610 Carter-Cotton Bldg.  P. 0. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C.  wiHi'HfHHUHHiimit 111111 i 11 it 1 * n 111111111 **  conducted. Among the names mentioned are those of many prominent in the  financial, religious and social life of  the city.  The commissioner turned the list  over to the district attorney, who will  UBe it as a basis of the John Doe proceedings before Justice Ooff next  month, by which It is expected to expose police corruption.  Nearly 400 places are mentioned In  the gambling list. Summoning of many  owners aa witnesses at the John Doe  proceedings Is understood to be part  of the plan ot tbe district attorney to  determine the responsibility ot th*  owners in allowing their property to-  be rented for gambling purposes,  which Is a misdemeanor.  Among the names that of the owner  of Sailors'. Snug Harbor, a wealthy  charitable institution on Staten Island,  the estate of Lorillard, who was a  millionaire tobacco manufacturer, and  J. Edgar Leaycroft and Edgar C. Leay-  croft, both prominent In Methodist  church and missionary work.  The William Astor estate appears  in Commissioner Waldo's list as the  owner of two alleged gambling houses  on West Forty-third street, raided last  year. *  Somnambulist is Hurt.  Chicago, Aug. 30.���������When Walter  Richter, 35 years old, awoke today he  found himself clinging with both hands  from the outer ledge of a third story  window of a small hotel in Washington  Btreet. Richter shouted for aid but  before passersby could enter the hotel  and* setee him, he became exhausted  antf fell; receiving fnjuries which may  cause bis death.  Gotham Murders Reach Big Total*  New York, Aug. 28.���������On top of the  scandal centering around the murde*  oi a well-known gambler, and the  charges of police complicity In graft  and crime over which New York ia  stirred to Its very depths, comes a  slieefeiof*. revelation of the prevalence  hi. 11 .iii.n  eommisaion. The records show, that  one murder took place in New York  every day during the month of July,  and that In only about one-third of  the cases were arrests made. While  thts is a Startling increase over similar  periods in previous years it represents  only a slight Increase over the records  that have been maintained for the  past six months.  Hermans Gloat Oyer Panama BHI.  Berlin,. Aug. 28.���������President Taft's  signature to tbe Panama Canal bill has  released a flood of German comment,  still, however, more or less reetraVaed.  en American disregard of treaty obligations. There Is no doubt whatever  that if the Kaiser's government were  not itself sitting on tbe lid, the people  and government of the United State's*  would be treated to some expressions  of German opinion which would make  British comment poor in comparison.  A point on which stress will he laid la  the ludicrous light in which the'affair  places the vaunted enthusiasm of the  United States for the arbitration of  international disputes.  No Mail on Sundays,  Washington, Aug. 30.���������All first and  second class postoffices will be closed  on Sundays as a result of one provision of the new postal appropriation  bill passed by Congress and signed by  President Taft. Every important city  in the United States is affected. Hereafter only special delivery letters will  pass through on that day and no mail  will be placed in local boxes.  Applications   for   Assistance   to   Be  Dealt With by Local Committee���������  Many Names to Guarantee  Bond.  South* Vancouver, Sept.. 2,���������Over  twenty-five local business men have  put their signatures to a guarantee  bond of $200 each that will enable  scores of South Vancouver immigrants  from the old country to send for their  families. On the total amount of $5000  guaranteed, banks will lend the Im  perial Home Reunion Association ot  Vancouver $2500, which can be ex  pended immediately by the committee  of the South Vancouver Board of  Trade appointed at a recent meeting,)  to take charge of the reunion work in  this municipality. Thia committee,  composed of Messrs. R. C. Hodgson,  president of the board, J. C. McArthur,  vice-president, and. Lamonde, assistant  secretary, will hereafter receive applications for. financial assistance in. getting wives and families to South Vancouver, according to an announcement  made today by Magistrate McRrthnr,  chairman of the committee and dele*  gate from the Board, of Trade ta the  executive committee of the Vancouver  Reunion Association.v Mr. McArthur.,  who was. the first man to put hia name  on the. guarantee list, statea that he  has hardly met with a single refusal  to the, businesslike appeal, of the organization for fundi, which, probably  need never be paid. The association,  after it has received, its loan from the  banks, secured, by these signatures,  becomes self-sustaining. Appllcanta  for assistance pay back their loans on  the Instalment Ulan. "**tb. interest sufficient to cover that charged by the  banks.  "I was surprised, to see the class of  people who. applied for help from the  Vancouver association," said Mr. M<:  Arthur,, who attended the last meeting  of the Vancouver executive committee.  "They were very respectable, steady  men, with positions paying them between, eighty dollars and $100 a month,  from $30. to $40 of which was sent to  their old country home- The cost of  k*������ptog a family in two places at the  sajae Ume will be saved by the reunion  association in South Vancouver, and In  addition the money which they spend  for their upkeep will build up trade in  Vancouver and thia municipality."  Giving an Instance, Mr. McArthur  told of an applicant at the last meeting  he had attended in the Hoard of Trade  rooms, Vancouver. An Englishman  with a $100-a-month position who sent  $30 a month to his home, bad not seen  his wife or family for five years. The  firm for which he was working promised to build him a home if he brought  bis wife here, and let him have it rent  free. When his people came to South  Vancouver it would mean much to him  personally and would help the municipality by the amount of meney which  would be spent here.  There are many people in similar  circumstances in South Vancouver,  and the committee of three in charge  of this work are quite willing to receive applications which are addressed to the Home Reunion Committee  of the Board of Trade. A meeting of  the local committee was held last  Jweek.  The Workman's  Home from Home Cafe  Between 25th and 26th Avennja  Opposite Peat Office  We carry a ftrst-datsline -  Bread.  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Get free information today at the above address  or Phone Seymour 8240.  F. G. Garbutt    E. Seott Eaton, B. A.  President Principal  Av F. McTAVISH, Pkop.  hone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main  C&in^   at all hours cjay Sr night  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and'Single  Bu-fgiesi. Express and Pray Wagons for hire  Express & Baggage Transferred  ; i p*������(*������������ir������yv/������w fiat  y  ���������������*>���������** ������H ******** I H f J H ������i tf W***4<4<A'*"W 14 4 4 H 1 **Y* ������>  ���������MnfcW****^^ P****4'**4''H444l*4*'4,'*'4'44'4'*4^  D. R.FIERCE Representative  Mrs. W. B. Tambling, of Winnipeg,  is visting .her sister, Mrs. C. Johnson,  857 Tenth Avenue East.  M r. and M rs. John Dtnsmore, of Fair-  view, have left for eastern Canada,  where they will spend several months  visiting relatives and friends.  Mr. Wm. Stanley, of Stanley & Co.,  Mount Pleasant decorators, 1b In Victoria attending the Forestry Convention by invitation of the government.  The Mount Pleasant W.-C. T. U. will  hold Its regular meeting in the Mount  Pleasant Young Men's Rooms on Sunday afternoon at 3 P.m. A very large  attendance Is requested. ~ ��������� '  Mr. and .Mrs. Fred-Carson, who have  been the guests of the .latter's cousin,  Mrs. Arthur B. Everett, Seventeenth  Avenue West, for the past several  weeks, left on Sunday night's train for  the East on their way to their home  at Woodstock, N. B.  Mr. E. A. McEachran, of South Dakota, has been a guest at the home of  Mrs. A. H. Lester, 657 Tenth Avenue  East. Mr. McEachran .left last week  for Le Grand, Oregon, where he will  resume his duties as professor of manual training in the Collegiate 'Institute  at that place.  A special meeting of the Silver  Cross Circle ot King's Daughters was  held recently at the home of the President, Mrs. -Steeves, in Fairview. As  Mrs. -Steeves expects to leave shortly  for a visit of several weeks in eastern.  Canada, a number <of. matters of business in connection with the Circle  were'dealt ���������with.  van wmm BROS.  Pig Summer Sale  Of Pots and Plants. Ferns, palms, etc.  Large variety of  Cut Flowers, Fern Pishes, Baskets, etc.  Great Reductions  |  099 prowl way W.,        Cor. Proadway and Oak  IIIICl IFF**, -tscW (ar iMiltal ������Wt������r������, Cf *. IMTIEI aM imifftV  Mr. and Mrs. Harry 4. Poote. of 2812  Alberta Street, who left -the city in  July for a trip to Ontario and the eastern States, "have returned to Toronto,  staying over for the Exhibition with  Mr. and..Hffa. O. E. Foote, 206 Pearson  Avenue, after which they go to visit  relatives Hi western Ontario. On their  way home they will visit friends and  relatives at Port Arthur and points 1n  Manitoba, and hope to reach the coast  early In October.  *f4+4^4>**4-4i*4'*4'4<4*4>4<4������*>44Q *:..|..|..������.;.������������������|..K'l 11 tuMni M ���������11.|***, |  ******* Catttsctt ***������������������������  I* Tew*  Vet th* Bea* Value ft  "������nay  *������  A)**    * V.H. Armstronf, Prop. 'nK  2440 MAIN STREET  %y  Tf it is CHOCOLATES or CANDIES you want, see us.  We ha/e the greatest variety and our prices are right.  In Cent Candies we have over 40 kinds.  >"*>**)������  l������l  lilll  I  II  IMUl'l  I  l.ll  HI  I  t  M  FOR SALE  _ On 12th Avenue and Victoria Drive, near Grandview  car, THREE Bungalows, story and a half each, full cement  basement, finished modern up-to-date style, heat, etc., toilet  in basement, extra toilet upstairs.  For full particulars and information as to terms apply  506 Metropolitan Building  PHONE: Seymour 588  ......  i ��������� ���������  .���������������������������������.������.������ i������ ������������������Q *  VANCOUVER  ���������#.!������ ���������#���������*������������������������������������������������#'������������������' a**a*a*im ������������������ ������������������*-������������������>������������������������ e ��������� '*���������>*���������>���������#���������*��������� o>������e>  THE INTERCOLONIAL TEA CO.  Get $f.OO fOI* Nothitig In our window you will see  some pomjd packets of our reg. 4Cc Rajah Tea. Scattered amongst  these packages there are six which contain a coupon which entitles  the purchaser in exchinge for name an.1 ad hess to a dollar. Hurry  and get one. 3 lbs. for *1.10. Satisfaction guaranteed or money  refunded.   This is deiicious Tea.  Blow of Finnic Fatal  Obel Linden Gibson, aged ten years,  died Thursday afternoon from injuries  received on Wednesday while playing  with some companions on an improvised merry-go-round. The boy was  the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson,'  675 Twelfth Avenue West It appears  that young Gibson, with some lads of  the neighborhood, was on one end of  the plank, which, balanced over the  end of a post, served as a merry-go-  round. Uke all ot his playmates, be  was endeavoring to make It go as rapidly as possible. In trying to get off,  and befofe he could^get out of the  way of the other end of the plank as  it swung around, he was hit in the  head by it. Tbe force of the blow  crushed bis skull. He was removed  to the General Hospital, where Dr. T.  Ij. Trimble attended him. He died a*t  2:30 p.m.  His Worship Mayor .Findlay and a  number of the aldermen" of the city  met in committee'at the city hall yesterday to make final arrangements for  the celebrations to be given in honor  of the visit to Vancouver-of their,  Royal Highnesses the Duke and Ducli  esB of Connaught on Wednesday, Sept.  1. His worship nnd the rest of the  city fathers are using every effort to  do the thing right royally and to give  the vistbrs a rousing reception.  A notable absentee is Sir Charles  Tupper, who has informed his worship  of his inability to be there on the day  of the reception. Major P. C. McTavlsh has been appointed In his  place.  Following is the official program of  the reception:  September 18th.  Reception committee to meet train  due to arrive at 3 p.m. Liue of march  to be from C. P. R- depot to Hastings  street, Hastings street to Main street,  Main street to Pender street, Pender  street tp Granville street, Granville  Street to Georgia street, Georgia street  to court house. Presentation of civic  address to welcome in front of new  court house. Immediately after :ttie  presentation of address tbelr royal  highnesses will proceed to the aber-  deen school. l  Drive around Stanley Park.  September 19th.  Declared a public holiday by Hi.?  Worship Mayor Findlay.  Opening of Cambie street bridge at  10.30.  Immediately aftr the opening of the  bridge, drive round city :and .suburbs.  Canadian Club' luncheon to the Duke  at 1.30 p.m.  Military Review at' Brockton Point  grounds at 3.30 p.m., including presentation of colors to the 72nd Seaforth  Highlanders of Canada, and presentation of medals to officers, also reviewing the veterans resident in Vancouver from the different branches of the  service, Including the Sikhs.  Reviewing of the Boy Scouts ot Van-  .couver.  Afternoon tea to the Royal party  tendered by the Daughters of the Empire on conclusion of review. .  Reception in banqueting hall at Hotel Vancouver, 8.30 p.m.  September 20th.  10 ja.nv, presentation of certificates  at the Dominion hall to tbe students  of the Royal Academy of Music.  The mayor and aldermen make a  special appeal through the medium of  the press to tbe ladies of tbe city to  provide artificial floral decorations  for the electric light standards an  Granville street. Full information regarding this part of the decorative  scheme will be given to the ladies by  Mr. E. R. Ricketts at the city hall,  with whom they are requested to communicate. A number of arches will  be erected at various point along the  route of the procession and ln this  connection several leading lumbermen  attended at the mayor's office yesterday in order to discuss details.  t*^^-M~^^-***Hfr*M^^^*^^.^-^.;**>*>-i������*   ^.,>.*.^x**:**i*������>^^*X*^*l*****>*!>*!*>l,*I' '1''*' '.'���������>"  :;  Ne   Delivery ^^bt^ ^No Credit  Phone. Fairmont 621  Weglvijti the beat*  fit al all expeiSM st  deliver?   and book*  keeping.  Per Lb  Legs Local Yearling Lamb     20c  Loins    -��������� ���������������������������        ���������������������������   ...20c  Shoul Ier Ribs   ���������������        " 12'^tol5c  Sirloin Roast   20c  T Bone Roast  26c  Choice Pot Roast 12 to 15c  Our Special Mild Cured  ** .  Corned Beef..  Saturday Spaolala  Choice Helectad Rabbits   -   30c each  Per Lb.  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Broadway  CHURCH SERVICES.  ���������������������������     \\    '  CEDAR COTTAGE PRLSBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. C. Madill, Past r.    .     ,  11 a.m.��������� "The Choice of Moses.'**'  7:30 p.m.���������"The   Man  who i������L goirff  some."  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  are leaders in their particular lines  and on whose word patrons can rely.  On Main street are the following:  Owen's Hardware, 2337.      _. ..���������  Lougheed-& Co., real estate, 2343.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440;.*l  The Sanitary Market, 2513,  Band's Cafe, 2611.  The" Don���������Ice Cream, 2648.  Darling's Drug Store, 2652.  Heeler's Nursery, corner Fifteenth  avenue.  McBrfde's Hardware, Sixteenth avenue.  The Toronto Furniture. 3334.  Mt. Pleasant Livery. Main and  Broadway east  , F. T. Vernon's Feed Store, comer  Broadway and Westminster Road.  Progressive Boot Repairing Shop,  232 Broadway East.  MacLachlan Boot and Shoe Repuair  Shop. 3330 Main St..  Main Transfer Co.. 2421 Scotia St  Trimble & Korris, Real Estate, cor  per Broadway and Westminster Road.  Peters ft Co. Shoe Repair Shop,  Main, back of Bloomfleid's Cafe.  Stanley & Co.. Wallpaper, 2317 Main  Street.  The Success Business College, 158  10th Avenue E.  All of tbe above are thoroughly .interested ln. Mt. Pleasant'B forward  movement and. consistently patronize  "Home Industry." One call on them  will insure another.  ������,{,*"!' 1-f l.H..I..l.������.M.iI**H-M*<-I"H"*-l"  (TORONTO  t -FURNITURE  STORE tl  y������   ^       3334 Main St.  I; 0u������* stock of Furniture J|  j: is Large, Modern and  i adaptea to the tastes of  {���������:'. Buyers.  I Dressers, Buffets, Tables  Chairs, CJouches, Mat;-  tresses, Bedsteads! etc. t]  A complete line of 41  V Linoleums. Carpet Squares, etc. *t|  '��������� Drop in and inspect our goods,  tl  This is where Vera get a square Tfl  M. H. 00 WAN        -  ''eiaeted** Overtime  South Vancouver, August 31.���������Geo.  W. Ringer was fined by Magistrate  McArthur this morning $1 and costs  for blasting after dark on the evening  of August 29.  Ringer, who has been engaged In  clearing a school site on the corner  of Ferris Road and Victoria Drive,  pleaded that they were working overtime on account of the wet weather  in orfder to ge the work done.  On Saturday evening last, at Westminster Manse, 275 Twenty-third Avenue East, Miss Elizabeth Martin, formerly of Keith, Scotland, was quietly  married to Mr. George Main, of 536  Prior Street, by the Rev. George D.  Ireland.  House plants can be kept well wat-  erd during a week"s absence of the  housekeeper by an ingenious Scotch  device. Set a bowl of water well above  the level of the plant to be watered  by means of a box or a pile of books.  Twist several strands of common  Earning wool together, or braid them  ���������o form a long wick, and soak them in  water. If one end of the wick reaches  to the bottom of the bowl and the  other hangs over the plants a steady  drip will continue until the bowl is  emptied.  Phone Fairmont IS92  3536 {lain St.  j After ironing stiff collars, roll- them  : tightly and slip inside of a glas tum-  j bier until they are thoroughly dry. In  thi3 way they will keep their shape j  and occupy les3 space.  Canadian Premier Leavea For Heme  London, August 30.���������The momentous  visit of the' Canadian Ministers came  to a conclusion today wben Premier  and Mrs. Borden and Mr. and Mrs.  Pelletier took their depature from Eus-  ton by special train. They will sail  this evening from Liverpool on board  the Allan liner Virginian. A large  and representative party bade them  hearty farewell, those on the platform  including Lord Strathcona, W. L.  Griffith, Sir Hartmah Just, representing the colonial office; Colonel Sam  Hughes, Colonel Morrison, Major Robertson and other members of the military contingent who have just arrived, besides many members ofrthe  Canadian colony in London.  Before their departure the platform  was cleared in order that Premier  Borden and Lord Strathcona might be  photographed.  Premier Borden, in his final message, expressed the highest appreciation of the efforts of those who had  contributed to make Tne visit of the  Canadian Ministers such a happy one.  The question of conditions of naval  defence and Canada's share in it  would be considered by the Cabinet  almost immediately on his return, he  said.  "The most delightful experience I  ever had," was Mrs. Borden's description of her stay in England. "I am  leaving London with a heart full of  gratitrde to the people of your country, aivl especially to the English women suffragists. They are your women  folli, and because of that I have the  kindliest feelin towards them, although I do not approve of their  methods."  Hungarian Women  Woman suffrage is making rapid  strides in Hungary, as the government,  it is seml-offlcially repotted, intends  to introduce a bill into Parliament for  the enfranchisement of 80,000 women. These include owners of property, proprietors of business and holders of the title of doctor.  We live to serve the people.  Our Stock is complete and  of excellent quality.  Our Workmen  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt,  LEE I WOOD  523 Broadway, ff.   Pbone Fair. 1510  !,H.*.*..*,*..i���������H.*'.M'<'fl'**'1< t* IM *i  mmmmsbma-msasamamaaaaaaM  YOUR HEALTH]  depends upon the condition of your spine. To  enjoy perfect health get  your spine adjusted hy ���������::���������-,'  (Doctor .of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue Ea*t  (Close to Main 8t.)  Office Hotrrs: 1 -90 to 6.     Consultation  Free.  Pf8|rmivp Poet Hepairlnfi  shop   f  231 *m*Mj f.       TMs. Firrl������|tM, prup  Has installed a  "OOOPVCAR SWHB REPAIR OUTFIT"  .   Turns out shoes equal to new  f  %  Choice  New Hay  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Gor. Broadway        Mt. Pleasant  Poultry Supplies  of evei y description  .     Phone: Fair. 186      ,.  ^ ���������^  GO TO-  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St.  The finest Tuberous .  Rooted   Begonias   in the  City now on Display  Prices Reasonable  PHONE: Fairmont 817 y$~  !3������:  x>yK>:x  -- '���������������������������T.Zj'H^^-t  ' X-r1.:^'  *-mm  fi������ .\yyx  iv -.  |5 '  I  h-'-  ���������fc  ^  TH^ TO^BRN^ALL;  \-  yyyy^$00yyy^^0yyxmm^m  '   ^viasaiisssss^yyyym  ������2^?-#s  ? If You Help Your District - ?  | You also Help Yourself ' llpflfi  *=��������� vv-:---y-. yy-::yyxxyyyyxyym B^W������m  ******H**H*������l"M':*-������^^  XHE WERERH CAU.  Issued every Friday at 24('S Westminater. Road, oiK'-liaJf block noriii of Broadway.    Phone  Fairmont 314������>.  Editor, H. H." Stevens; Manager;' Geo'  A. Odium  Subscription: Ihuo per year. so oentu  par six months; 26 cents per three  months.  C.^.i*--*-* ot' u<Im.~ mint be in i-y 'J.'uen-  day eveiiiuK each week to Iiihuiu insertion In following tMBue.  Notices of births, death* and marriages Inserted free of charge.  8oeial Evil Gets Black Eye  The effort to suppress or exterminate vice in Vancouver goes on apace.  AH the residents of Alexander Street  have been given till Saturday to get  out of town or be arrested and given  six months/. Property, owners are included. The task should have all possible support by all g60d~ citizens.  Clarence waa usually so restless and  fidgety In church that his mother was  obliged to/reprove blni from time 40  time. One Sunday he was so quiet and  well behaved that his mother noticed  ��������� ���������it, and spoke approvingly.  "What a good little boy Clarence  was In church.today! Mamma was bo  proud of him."  . "Well,' said Clarence, "I had.to be.  The choir iOofteTTTIght at me, and sang  over and over again, 'Please be still,  please be still!'"  '���������/  Dealers in Heavy Team  and   Express  Wagons  Rubber Tire Work  2410 Westmln&ter Road  Imperial Transfer Co.  When moving phone us.    We are  prompt and reliable.    Furniture  and pianos moved.   Padded  Van  Phones Sey. 648 also Sey. 133  S63 Georgia Street  U. FALL MRS  Following is the list of fairs:  Arrow  Lakes���������October 4-5.  Alberni���������September 12  Armstrong���������October 16-17,  Burqultlam���������September 28.  delta Coola���������-October 30.  Cowlchan���������September 20-21.  Comox���������October 3.  Coquitlam--September 21.  Chilllwack���������September 19-20.  Central Park���������September 12-13.  Cranbrook���������September 1819.  Delta���������September 20-21.  Grand Forks���������Sept, 26-27.  Greenwood���������September 30.  Golden���������September 24-25.  Islands���������September 18.  Kent���������September 1243*  Kamloops���������September 18:20.  Kelowna���������-September 26-27.        _  Kaslo���������October 15.   i   '"  -'������������������..  " Langley���������Septeinber 25.  Mission ���������September 24.25;  Maple Ridge-Sept: 25-2������.  Matsqui���������September 26-27.  Nanaimo���������September i7-19.  ���������N. and S. Saani^h^Oct. 4-5. . :>v; r  ;vXlc*la^Septem*ier^25.- "������������������������������������'. yy- ' ^  Morth^ Vancouyer--Sept. 7. >  iifwr Westminster���������Oct. 1-5.  Nelson���������September 23 25.  New Denver���������October 2.   .      ,  Penticton���������September 29.  Revelstoke���������October 8-10.  Richmond���������Sepiember 25^6.  Shawnigan���������September 18.  .Salmon Arm���������Sept. 27;^8.  Summerland���������October 30, 31.  Surrey���������September 24.  Trail���������-September 25*26.  Vernon���������October 23, 24.        '      ~l  Windermere���������Sept. 20-21.  Victoria,    (provincial    exhibition-  September 24-28.  AMATEUR BASEBALL  Appended is the schedule of the  x)wer Mainland Baseball League,  bleb opened the 1st of July with the  eople's Trust Co., Ltd., at New Westminster, which was won by the flnan  lers. The League is under the anspl-  es of tbe B. C. A. A. U.'and'.wlll.com-  jete for a silver cup and individual  liver medals awarded by the people's  'rust Co.,*Md., of New Westminster.  Sept. 7���������Pippins and  Tigers,  Bridge  Street, Vancouver.  Diluted oxalic or tartaric acid will  remove ink stains from books without  injuring tbe print.  I BAND'S CAFEl  W. C. Baft), Meaner  J. W. Monroe |  It's Just Uke Home  The most up-to-date place in Mount Pleasant.  Clean, Tasty and Quick Service.  Our chef, Mr. tevers, late of the  Hotel Elysium, is second to none.  All Fruits and Fish in season.  We cater to Balls, Parties, etc.  TRV OUR 25c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH  a6n MAIN STREET  Corner 10th Avenue Phone Fairmont 609  Social andJ>ersonal^  Mrs. J. D. Sibbadl, of Revelstoke;  was the guest last week of Miss Mac-  Kenzie at 336 Broadway West.  3*A reception was held at the Methodist Deaconess' Home, 12C6 Eighth  Avenue, Tuesday evening. A very enjoyable evening was experienced.  ****.$-  .The residence of Mr. en J Mrs. Barton 315 Sixth Avenue West, was the  scene of a pretty wedding on Friday,  August 16, when Mr. Robert Wilson, of  Mrs. Patterson, of Sault Ste. Marie,I this city, and Miss Margaret Pollock,  arrived last week, and will spend the of New Milne, Ayrshire, Scotland,  winter with her daughter, Mrs. D.  Pettlgrew, corner Twenty-fltfh Avenue and Main Street.  TO PRE8ERVE FRUIT  FOR EXHIBITION  were united in marriage. The ceremony' was performed by Rev. J. K.  Unsworth in the presence of a number of friends.  ~ A recent issue of the Seattle Times  says: "A ^very pretty wedding took  place Tuesday evening, August 20, at  the home of Mr. J. O. McMulIen, 607  Thirty-third Avenue, when his eldest  daughter, Mabel, was united- in mar-  Tried and-True Formulas That Are in-  General Use. V  Lethbridge. Alta, Aug. 17.���������The  preparation of fruit in glass for exposition, purposes is only successfully ac*, 4 .. ��������� ���������-.-������������������������������������  complished by a few who have made a|rla*e to ^ George Tuck, of Vancou-  study of It. There are certain fixed jver' B- c' Tne bride entered on the  formulas In use and'practice makes!arm of her -ather to the strains of  perfect.                                                 ���������   I Lohengrin's   wedding   march,   played  In view of the number of classes; & Ml8S Hawsl Deliuff;of Tacoma. She  provided at the International. Dry-1w88 attended by her sister. Miss Pearl  Farmed Products Exposition at Leth-.! MeMullen, and Mr. James Nichol, of  bridge, Alta.,. Oct. 19-26, for .fruit pre- j Vancouver, acted as hest man. The  served in glass, -the Exposition com-! ceremony was performed by Rev. AI*..  inittee desires to call attention td a ���������3������rt Beaven, ^f������ .Rochester.^N. Y��������� In  few' f^Jnulas in general use. j;Oiei presence pi^*boub twenty-five rel-  The es'sentiar' reflufsites to success, a**y*8 aneTTriends. \Ir. knd Mrs. Tuck,  follow: yy.���������;,'������������������ :yyyx 1     |,Ief������"for a two weeks trip north^apd  ���������It Is Very necessary that the fruit, will later be at home to their friends  be first properly prepared. Do ndt'at. 1H2 Fifth Avenue East, Vancou ye ,���������  handle the'fruit with bare hands,, wear 1". C."  a pair of soft woolen gloves; clip the  fruit from the vine or tree, leaving  the stem. Wash it under a spray o;  hose of cold water.to remove all dult  or foreign matter; hang by the stem  until thoroughly dry. Be Burl- to select perfect specimens, placing tbem  - the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ma-  caulayr 130 Tenth Avenue West, was  the scene of a quiet and pretty wedding on Monday evening, August 25,  when Miss Maude E. Williamson, of  Orillia, Ont., became the bride of Mr.  in the preserving liquid 24 to 48 hours. William M. Cullln, son of Mr. W. H.  Before thoroughly ripened have your Cullin, of Victoria. The bride was  jars cleaned and ready, also preserv-' given away by her ancle. Alderman  ing liquids prepared before gathering George E. Williamson, the Rer. Dr.  your fruit After fruits are prepared .Fraser officiating at the. ceremony,  set in a cool, dark place^ Always use .The rooms were beautifully decorated  distilled or boiled water, but never. with white and pink carnations and  rainwater. IsWeet peas,  with  which  smllax  and  Don't get discouraged if the.^.flrat-, ferns were effectively mingled.   Mies  Edith - Macaulay acted as bridesmaid.  attempt does not prove successful, but  keep experimenting until you do sue  ceed. Don't fail to properly label the  specimens, giving name, variety, where  and by whom produced.  The formulas follow:  For berries and all fruits.���������Clear  water white keroslne Ib frequently  used with good results with strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and currants. Be sure tbat no drops of water  remain on the berries.  All fruits and vegetables.���������To every  gallon of water add one-half ounce  corrosive sublimate. This has given  good satisfaction with nearly ������11 kinds  of fruit and vegetables and should it  become clouded or dim can be renewed. Must be handled wltb caution,  as it is rank poison. Peas placed in  jars with' pods cracked open make a  nice display.  For firm, Bmooth-skinned fruits.���������  To (���������.vfif' gallon of watei* add oi.e  quavl cf glucose and ba-i-halt ounce  formaldehyde. This floss well lor  pears, peaches, prunes, grapes, cherries, currants and gooseuerricet, but  not for logan berrias, black or raspberries.  For light colored fruit.���������Te every  gallon of water add two ounces carbonate of soda, six and a half ounces  potassium nitrate (salt peter) one and  a half ounces glycerine.  For dark colored fruit and berries.���������  To one gallon of water add six and  one-half ounces potaaium nitrate, one-  quarter ounce formaldehyde and one  ounce glycerine.  It Is time to begin preparations to  exhibit and a premium list will ne  sent gratis u->on request to J. W. Mc-  Nicol, chairman Hxpoaitioa Committee, Lethbridge, Alta.  and Mr. Albert Cullin, ot Victoria, sup  ported the groom. After the ceremony a reception was held. The bride  and groom were the recipients of  many, handsome gifts. Mr. and Mrs.  CulliiLileft on the Princess Alice for  the?Sound crtles, auditor a while on  their return ihey will be the guests  of the groom's parents at their summer home at Shawnigan Lake. Later  they will make their borne in Vancouver.  A quiet wedding was celebrated at  the residence of the bride's father,  Mr. Arthur Charles Gray, Victoria, on  Tuesday, August 27, at 4 p.m., when  Miss Ellen Florence Gray and John  Alfred King, of South Vancouver, were  united in matrimony. The Rev. George  D. Ireland, of Westminster Church,  Vancouver, officiated at the ceremony.  Mr. and Mrs. King will reside in thiB  city.  [DAW'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST.,COR. Uth Ave.  e  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  :  ���������  ���������  *  ���������  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PRESCRIPTIONS  A SPECIALTY  BY  REGISTERED  MEN  THE HOUSEHOLD  WThen applying stove polish, whether of the liquid or paste variety, use  a small paint brush. It does not soil  he hands and reaches all the corners  and the little seams so hard to get at  any other way. The brush when not  in use should be kept in a cupful of  water to prevent it hardening.  Thin rings cut of green sweet peppers make an attractive garnishing  for the sliced red tomatoes and add  not a little to the taste of the latter.  The marriage of Miss Mary A.  Youngstown, B. A., of Kingston, Ont.,  and Rev. C. E. Kidd, B.A., B.D., of  the Presbyterian Institutional Church  at Union Bay, B. C;, was solemnized  in the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian  Church on Wednesday evening at 9  o'clock. The ceremony was performed  by the groom's brother. Rev. W. J-  Kidd, assisted by Rev. C. M. Diarmld.  Mr. and Mrs. Kidd left for Victoria on  the Princess Royal. Both are graduates of Queen's University.  y&yC9y  PIONEER SHOEMAKERS  Are still at the old itand  2517 Main Street 1^^^ citv  Most reliable BooV and Shobmaking in Mount Plsasant.  ���������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������<������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������<oee������ett������������o������������e������e������������e ������������<������������������������  ;i H |. M i| M'������*' H' 11' |N>������*K4i.*..*.������f������  *****(***'* * ||' I ��������������������������� j i|i|iiM ���������*������������������������������������'  PHONE  Fairmont  2948 Meln HT. 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J4*4t 11 Ifgfl I III |>M������  ������������'������4 *****���������*���������** it 11 ** V4 i *������fiiiijLjjjiyi:! 11 jJ I iVaiil M VllillJljS  yy<Bm.yy&  ' y ���������. '.^*-*s ��������� ��������� '*���������-��������� ���������';'--^^*-������tfasf-,S:  y������������% m������������mm  ktayim'i^g-<f^m-  yxyyr:--^yy:\y'\{P\i\^  Is almctet indespensible to you.      c  No other medium will give you such general aiid  such satisfactory information about Methodist  activity in this great growing province. Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodiit  movement   Send your subscription to  Manaer Wtetttt*lec*jrter f. I f. C*\,Ut   * *  $1������0O ~   Omm tmmr  ^ *  . :-x%m*  s-. ;',^^i������JSssl.  WHWHHIIUIIIHHII >Q|������< IIIIII M|IIMIIj||J|N|l|  ���������1������������������������e*l������MI������l������>������ 10 *������������������������������������<���������  *************************  For good values in  REAL I3STATC *N0 INVtiST/nENTS  ���������".. 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U30 Main St. and Cor. |8th Ave. and Main St.  The beautiful home of Mrs. .Malrolm  Last Tribute to General's Memory  Despite the pouring rain and (he lim-  ������������������e.Millan, of Fifteenth Street East, itert capa������������*y of the Avenue Theatre,  was the scene of a happy ceremony \the memorial service Sunday after-  last Wednesday evening, the occasion'noon *n General Booth's honor was the  being the marriage of her cru.sin, .MIsb!,arge8t and mOBt Impressive memorial  l^sua Al. Forfcee, to Sir. George S.  Kennedy, of North Vancouver. The  ceremony was pel formed by Rev. J. D.  ��������� Jillam, under a canopy of flowers, in  the presence of a large number of relatives and friends. Many handsome  presents were received, while the flowers were a feature.   The happy co'.iple  service held  in  the  Dominion,   with  the exception of Montreal.  Colonel Gaskin, who conducted the  meeting, spoke of his "personal remin-  iscenses" of the General. Rev. J. K.  Unsworth, President of the Ministerial Association, paid a tribute to the  memory of the dead leader.   Alderman  WANTED���������Ladies lo do plain and  light ���������M'-A-inf* at home, v. hole nr spare  time, (iood pay. Work Hen* any distance. Charges paid. H*ml xtauip for  fnll particular*.���������Nntioiml Manufacturing Co., Moutreal.  departed for the  Sound cities amidst j Ramsay,  representing the City Coun-  a chorus of good wishes. jcir, read a letter from Mayor Findlay.  ���������  [in which he expressed his deep regret  Among  Ihe  quiet   weddings  of  the I at not being present and paid bis trib-  week  was that which took place last! ute to the General, stating that "the  evening at 6 o'clock at the residence! life and  works of the great man will  of    Mr.  and    Mrs.   Robert   Blain,   944 j be written  in history as the head of  If  after  washing  a   chamois,  there  Tfairtee^   Avenue   East, when   Miss-the   great   army  of  men  and   women  seem   to   be   harsh   places   rub   them  Emma   Victoria   ^endrun.   sister    of j who have wrougt so much good in the  steadily but gently through the hands, P?ra- Blain- was marri^ to Mr- folin j world."  land soon they will quite disappear.     (Oswald Carrathers, of Fort Vermillion;     A telegram  was also read from Sir  To   untangle   hair   that   has   become!01"  the Peare  River- A1?a-    The '-ere-j Richard    McBride,  in   which   he   ex-  ! matted during illness, dampen it with : monv    was    Performed   by   the    Rev.; pressed his deepest sympathy for the  alcohol   and   the   tangles   will   readily  George  Ireland,  paster of the  Mount j Salvation Army in their bereavement.  jbiush  out   with     little  exhaustion  to, Pleasant  Presbyterian Church. j      i the invalid.  PHONE:   FAIRMONT   514  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  "My girl used to think mere of her  pug iiog, but I've managed to get the  ���������������������������������������������������������������eo������o������++++<  The  best  way   to  take  the  tarnish  off cf silverware is to let it stand in  edge on him since we married."  sour milk for a short time.    It is justi     "How  did  you  manage  it?"  as clean as if an  hour or  two had  ! been spent in scouring it. I did."���������Louisville Courier-JcurnaL  To Bent-!) Roomed Bouse  4-529 Valent!ne St., between 29th and"  30th Ave.,   South Vanccuver; strictly  FWo wouldn't eaTheV cooking and   *���������tern, new.     Apply IL'uir & I obb, I  HOUSES  PAPERED  $35.00  UP  Stanley & Co.  Contracting  Decorators  2317 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 998  i  2410 Westminster Road.  Try a" CALL "ad 6  THE WESTERS flALL  ���������*���������*���������  Monument to Vancouver.  The Progress Club has appointed a  coaamittee to look after the erecting of  a sninnment to Captain Vancouver,  which will perpetuate the name of the  ���������a-mder of what is now the fourth city  fat Canada. This committee will have  charge of collecting the money, choosing tbe site and supervision of the design of the monument. The following  are members of the committee: Mayor  Findlay, Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper,  Messrs. P. C. Wade, K.C.; Jonathan  Rogers, J. R. Seymour, H. H. Stevens,  M.P.; J. J. Millar, Dr. E. S. Rowe, commissioner of the Progress Club, and  Prof. Odium.  Mr. J. J. Millar is chairman of this  committee and will call a meeting  shortly to make preliminary arrangements in regard to the proposed monument. ������������������  "Are you Hungary?"  "Yes, Slam."  "Then come along, I'll Fiji."���������Albert  Lea, tn College Bulletin.  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St.  Four doors north of old stand  First class Ladies and Gents  suits made to order.    Best  workmanship guaranteed.  Gleaning and Pressing  Phone Fairmont 1217  LEADER  GROCERY  J. WEARN, Prop.  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"Ah'm sorry, suh," cried tbe negro,  "but Ah distinctly saw yo* reach Into  dis behth and paw all around. Yo*  behth Is way up de cab, and on de  otheh side. Whaffo' yo' come fussln'  round dis geminan's behth, anyhow?"  Solano's head protruded from the  curtains at this moment,-while Brockett thrust down a leg preparatory to  descending. -The pajama-clad man  struggled to shake off the negro's detaining clutch, and protested blsslngly  ln German accents.    ;���������  "Borter, you vas mistook. I vos  ^coming from de vashroom, yen de  train It lurch und uppet me from meln  balance. I dake holdt off de bert' to  steady mehieelf. und dot vas all. Vot  right haf you to insuld a resbectable  drafeler ln dis vay?"  The negro waanatto.be blarneyed.  "Ah* saw yo' rommaglnk roun' ln dat  behth fo' live minutes befp' Ah stop-  piDd yo', an' yo' neveh needed no s'ech  time as dat Jest fo'-to get yo' balance.  Oh, debe yo' is, suh. Is dehe anything missing from you behth, suh?"  Solano rapidly inspected his clothing. "Two pockets turned Inside out,"  he announced, "but nothing taken.  You've got a cheap railway thief  there, George. Hold him tight, and  the car company won't forget you."  Brockett, descending lightly from  his berth, peered into tbe face of the  pajama-clad captive.  "Glad to see you,.sir," laughed the  boy, exultlng'y. "We met in Washington only the other day. if I am not  mistaken."  With a' guttural roar of rage and  chagrin, the baron broke from tbe  negro's hands and rushed down the  car. He gained the vestlbuled. platform before another clutch could be  laid upon - him and -smashed a door  no spies or shadows seemed to be on  tha trail as they walked from tha  park, and there appeared to be no  reason for special caution.' Much ad*  venture and many unpleasant happenings, however, bad converted the  youngsters Into thoroughly suspicious  Let me see.   *WIth tha compliments  of Agullar*"*  CHAPTER XV.  "These sleeping car adventures,"  complained Ramon Solano, as tbey  disembarked at the Chicago station,  ���������"are somewhat wearing to the nerves.  I suggest, after this, that we either,  .walk or sit up in the day. coach. Three  'strikes and out, you know. Twice we  .have been extremely lucky in Pullman  car- happenings���������the "third time may  be bad for both of as." -;  "I agree with yon," assented Brockett "We can figure out ways and'  means of transportation, though, after  we get through with our mission. I  wouldn't mind going back by sea, if  such a trip is possible. You have a  pocket atlas, haven't you? Yes? Then  we can map out a sea voyage to divert  ourselves during the afternoon,"  "Your cipher," said Solano, thought  fully, "notified you that you would receive orders ln Chicago, didn't it?"  "Yea.  801 understood."  "How will any orders be given us?  Where would we go to meet any mes-  aage-brlnger? How does any government agent know where to locate us?"  Brockett shook hla head. "All way  past my understanding, Ramon. All  I know is that we are supposed to receive orders here���������somebody, - somehow, will Hand them to us before we  leave Chicago. F am as certain of  that as ll am of���������of���������well, of eating  breakfast this morning.. Remember  bow we were given the card In Detroit? Some one'will pass the! newest  orders to us, and do it just aa queer*  I**.**  (To Be Continued)  ntrMttrrcoM  mw&*a*w**tr*mu������  Newrmm/K;  We m*  Pushing V*\n%  Th������ parting scMon  l������ at han4 and we are  ready to take care of  your requirements with  $H������W*-WfUJM  Nut,nmm  It Is the )>est and  most economical paint  you can buy lor your  property*  Come In tod look at  color cards and have a  paint talk with us*  if E.  ������CO. i  Cor. Main Str. and 16th Ave*  PHONE: Fairmont 899  B8ANCH STORE. Corner Miles and Fraser Avenues  Phone: Fairmont 1167 L  a*******************-'*******  *-*>���������*������*+****>+***************  FINES*  Offlct Sermr M4  las. Uja^rimi  Mice* 1M-1M Dodson Block  25 Bastiogs Street. East  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,  Appraiser and Notary Public for British CJolumbia  General Real Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent  - i  *v/w4wpmism*r  'me mamwflfme  open aa if ft had been a barrier of  straw. Pressed as he was, pa jama-  draped, hatless, shoeless, be burled  ���������himself out Into the night, and the  thick darkness swallowed him from  Tiew. -   ��������� ���������  CHAPTER XIV.  Detroit���������-borne of automobiles and  Ty Cobb���������is a pretty place. It was  vastly appreciated by the boys, both  for Its natural beauty and the fact  tbat tbey encountered Cobb on Monroe avenue. Tyrus, who had met  Brockett some months before ln  Washington, was not only affable, but  anxious to go out of his way to guide  the youngsters round the burg. Solano, like many others who bad never  made the acquaintance of the Georgia  Peach, had always believed bim a  swell-headed, inflated, disagreeable  character, and was amazed to find  him a splendid young, fellow, gentlemanly and entertaining. After Cobb  bad left them the Cuban shook nte  head In a bewildered fashion.  "Finding out my mistake about Ty  Cobb," be explained, "was some jolt  believe ma. m not be surprised to  discover, after that enlightenment,  tbat Baron Zollern Is our dearest  friend and that Mr. Yazimoto would  just die to make us bappy!"  "They don't grow any nicer than  Cobb." said Brockett. "He is pretty  nearly tbe best ever."  Naturally, the messengers went to  see Cobb perform that afternoon,  after securing tickets and berths on  a Chicago train. The great Georgian  was at his best, giving a wonderful  display of his speed and matchless  bitting powers. After seeing him  turn an ordinary single into three  bases by nervy running, the boys left  the ball yard, garrulous as monkeys,  wildly delighted at the doings of Tyrus Cobb, but not forgetting the dangers and demands of tbelr situation.  .Nobody bothered them at the game;  and watchful Individuals, and every  bulky German, every passing Japanese  'or Chinaman, loomed large as a pos-  ' alble emissary of the foe.  |    Marching   majestically   amid   the  throng, and toweling above tbem like  ] Gulliver among the Liliputlans, a gi-  ' (antic negro came up the street. The  black man must bave been seven feet  high, and was gayly costumed In scarlet coat, blue trousers, and silk bat  With either hand be dealt out the advertising cards of some dentist, and  , kept a continual stream of pasteboards,  j flying through the, crowd.   The boys1  , sidestepped to let the giant pass, but!  the   mammoth   negro   checked   his  , course for the fraction of a second  \ and thrust a couple of his cards Into  , Brockett's astonished hands.   Resum->  ( ing his march, he paraded up the  ( atreet, with a mob  ot small boys  Stringing In bis wake, turned a corner,  1 and disappeared with bis attendant'  train. ,  | "Some advertising"agent, that boy,"  laughted Brockett. "Wonder who  bires him, anyhow?"  One of the cards bore tbe name of  tome "dental parlor." Across the  other, In small but clearly written  letters, were these hieroglyphs:  "WR E h TO W Flu B TO HR TC  |S *u Pos TO CUBS." ;  "Instructions at Chicago," Brockett'  translated., "Say���������let's catch that  black man and ask bint where be got'  tbla card."  Tbey hurried to tbe cross-street;  Where tbe negro bad changed Wei  course, but tbe gigantic African was.  nowhere visible.  Wben tbey boarded .tbe Chicago-;  bound train tbat night, Bolano'a rest*;  lets brain batched ft new idea. ���������  "It occurs to me, W*m*n be ?en*.  tared* "that anyone wbo Is tracking.  us on sleeping cars   will   naturally'  prowl Into the lower beirth.  Wbr not  ! frame up a dummy, leave him In the'  .lower, and both of us climb Into thai  upper?   Then we can   take   turns;  watching, and ought to come pretty!  ,near to landing any Inquisitive gen-i  tletnan who gets bis locations mixed."!  I   The Idea appealed to Brockett, and'  , was quickly carried through.  It waa.  , by no means difficult to construct *;  fair Imitation of a sleeper In the low-  ; er berth, simply by rolling up the  I blankets, rumpling tbe pillows, and ar*i  ( ranging a few articles  of   clothing  I 'round the bunk.  Wben the work was!  I finished, and the electric light turned  ; on*, tbe life-like effect was wholly sat  ; 1stylng, and the boys could hardly restrain their laughter aa tbey climbed;  tike Alpine chamois into the mountainous regions above.  Brockett took  . tbe first watch���������-and nothing happened;  I to disturb tbe tranquillity of the car;  j except a wrangle between two claim-;  ants of lower seven, each, through  some  mistake,  holding  tbe  proper;  ,0040011. "  i Solano was on guard, and Brockett  was peacefully dreaming, when the  green curtains were slightly agitated.'  The Cuban stretched himself towards  the edge of the berth and peered  ^downward. Nothing visible.' If any-"  lone bad been trying to rummage ln  toe lower berth, he had fled with  ���������'snake-like silence and lightning speed.  iSolano. deciding that he bad been In  error, drew back, and waited out Jxis  ! watch without further incident.  : With the first rays of sunlight, both  boys were astir. _ Slipping down into  the aisle without waiting for the porter's ladder, they looked Into the lower berth. Something was jutting but  ifrom the blanket-roll that had simulated a peaceful sleeper���������a black han-'  idle, from which fluttered a tiny bit of  | paper. Brockett seized the handle,  ��������� and drew forth a vicious knife, with a  [strangely modeled, almost half-moon  j blade.  j   ������A Filipino knife,** exclaimed So-  [lano.   "Spanish writing on tbe paper.  XEOAROTABE  Mrs, A. R. Shewan and daughter of  Montreal are spending a few weeks  visiting with Dr. D. R. Shewan of  Cedar Cottage. Mrs. Shewan is the  doctor's mother, The visit is therefore  a special pleasure to the doctor and  family as well as a treat to tbe visitors.  HALIFAX 3EE8 MAN  START ON  TRIP TO ,  WEST  COAST  BY  AUTO  Under the Auspices of Canadian Highway Association, Thomas W. Wilby  . Leaves with Message for President  W. J. Kerr.  The Star Black-  smith Shop  Westminster Rd. and  Commercial St^^  ���������y Horse-Shoeing and r  Wagon Repairing.  Try Our Lunch Room  HOME COOKING   S  Ice Cream, Tobacco and Cigars  fraser'S The^H* aid Only  Car Tenonitis Victoria Road  Our   Motto \4iCleaiilme$s."  PRONE: Fairmont 1595  Cor. Victoria and Westminster Roads  Jobbing Promptly Attended to.  Estirhates Furnished Free.  Distance no object.  Ceitr Cottage P.O., South Vaaceaver.B.C.  ita************************  !��������� If You Are Sick i!  CALL ON  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  Chiropractic .succeeds   where  J | medicine fails. '   - _  ���������! Hours 1:30 to 6 Cfeht-altationfree .!  Halifax, N. S., August 28.���������At three  o'clock yesterday afternoon, Mr, Thoa-  W. Wilby started from the city hall  on an automobile trip which he plans  to end on tbe western' coast of Vancouver Island about six weeks hence,  thereby demonstrating tbe practicability of the Canadian highway. He is  the official representative of the Canadian Highway Association, and flies  the pennant of tbat organisation on his  automobile. This, and tb* flag of the  Automobile Club of Canada, are tbe  only decorations which be sports.  For .several months preparations  have been going on for this first cross-  Canada journey. Co-operating with  the energetic pathfinder, tbe officers  of tbe Canadian Highway Association,  bave prepared maps, plans, charts,  etc., which will be invaluable to Mr.  Wilby. A chain of pilots baa also been  provided across the continent. Those  in Eastern Canada, as far as the Great  Lakes, have been selected by different  automobile clubs in these districts,  while west of this point tbe men have  been appointed by tbe Canadian Highway Association. In most cases tbe  pilot Is a member, frequently an offlcer, of tbe association, and lt ts bis  Intention to accompany Mr. Wilby for  at least one hundred miles on bis journey, resigning bis services as guide  when the district served by another  offlcer is reached.  office hours:  9 to 12 1 to 5  Saturday evening,  7 to 9 or by appointment  m took ti  Ottawa UnflUfHf  Corner  ., ., '  Seymo������rlHM(li0  . toy*  Q.W.QRW!HPTT  0**TOM-ST**i8T ANP  Ey*b Sight Spbcuubt  *  Consultation free.  fbone: Fairmont 777  A. McJNNES  aROCPRJES, tWITS. VPtWAPUS  The Store that Set ves You Hest  Cor. 15th and Westminster Rotut  S. PAW0B  CWW C0TTMC I**? *H������T*������-Wt.  Every description of Second-  Hand Furniture Bought or Sold.  Highest Prices Given, X*owest  Prices Charged.  ALEXANDER 8TREET. ���������  By D. R. P.  Alexander Street! Alexander Street!  Who can thy sullied name repeat  And feel within his breast no shame  For all thy ignominious fame!  Oh, long will live the crimson stain  Where honor bright was sold for gain;  Where, like an ox to slaughter led,  Unthinking fools their ruin sped.  "Clean up the street!" has rung the  ; knell.  Close up this passageway to hell!  Let only memory remain    "  To tell of blundering ant shame!  But shah the arm of law restrain  While other hell-holes still remain?  Shall public sentiment now sleep  And fall at harvest time to reap?  O men of God and men of right,  Awake! make hotter still the fight!  Train every gun upon the foe!  Swell  loud  the  verdlct���������"Vlce  must  goi"  For CONFIDENTIAL INVB5  TIOAT'ONS you want a man of  integrity, experience and ability.  That man is Johnnton: secrecy  guaranteed. Vide press The  Secret Service Bureau.  319 Ponder  Cedar Collage Fuel Supply  Terms Cisti .  for Cool nnd Wodfl  Plume Fairmont 404  Order office 3418 Commercial Street.  Cedar Cottage, adjoining (jar terminus  Meat Market  5545 Victoria Rood  Fresh and Salt Meats  Fish, Ham and Green  Vegetables  Orders called for and delivered  at lowest prices  H. L. WELLMAN, watchmaker  AH Watch, and Jewelry y.ork guaranteed  English^ Work a specialty  3545 Commercial Street Cedar Cottage ������A. n: y  y  ^ <yy   -w  m  -*      *x -��������� v^.  THg feSTERN CALL..  mm  91  /***?fcw4..  HI      I '  PHONE: Collingwood 8L  "'       Box 838 Mckat P. O.  KEEFER SUPPLY STORE  (Robert J. Burgess ,Mgr )   "  Groceries, Provisions* Flour,  Feed,  Crockery,   Glass  ' Fruit and Green  Vegetables  5% Discount for Cash.  Ter nib:   Strictly 30 day6 nctt  Cor. McKay & Westminster Rds.  We deliver Stumping Powder  Tuesday* and Fridays only.  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Mr. Beatty was one of  the pioneers ot Saskatchewan, but  stnee coming to Vancouver he is so  impreshed with the advantages of this  city and province, particularly as to  climate and outlook for tbe future,  that his present trip to the East is  largely for the purpose* of interesting  men with capital in Vancouver and  the surrounding district. Mr. Beatty  ia a real booster for Vancouver and  looks forward to explaining condl*{  tions as they are In this province to  those less closely.ln touch with tbem. |  Mr. and Mrs. Beatty will be absent  for about two months.  How lo Become a Voter  'jS*t   "     ' -   '  Edj|or. The Western Call:  Dear Sir���������I have been asked by the  Central Executive" Ratepayers' Association' to write to the city newspa- j  pers giving as accurately as possible i  the information needed re tbe comptl-J  ing of tbe civic voters' lists so tbat  those who may be new comers to the  city, and others also may be able to  "get put on the lists In time to vote at  the coming mr in January next. {  For the  purpose 's this  as >  they former- held under the Joint auspices of the deal a8 po8B������tle , prop08b     divide it'  British Columbia Poultry Association,' '  Advertising copy and News Items should be sent in to above address  T.   by Tuesday evening of every weekv   ;.  I.   **-  -������..*.   -���������-J* -*.--fc.-������������������������ *A**.a.������Lj.*LAA.S.Ai\||AA������|-|A  fffffffjffffffTffffTfTfTfll W  EGG LAYING CONTEST  International  Egg Laying Contest,  Vancott\er Exhibition Board, and the  Provincial Government.  Total eggs laid up to end of tenth  month, August 20th,  1912. "  Class I.  Eggs  Laid.  White Leghorns   841  751 j  All close to Bank, Post Office  School and Churches  Large lots thoroughly cleared $50 cash,  $10 per month  ' 4 and 5 room cottages fully  modern from $200 cash with the  balance on easy monthly pay-  Central Park, Sept. 5th.���������On Thursday evening next will open the annual  exhibition of the Central Park Agricultural Association and Farmers' Institute, at the Exhibition buildings,  Central Park, and at the rate the entries are now coming iu, the buildings  will be taxed to tbeir capacity to bold  all the exhibits.  The buildings will be open to exhibitors Thursday morning, and for  visitors at 3 p. m. The official opening will take place at 8 p. m. The  exhibition will remain open until Friday evening, 11 p. m. Entries will  close Saturday, Sept. 7th, and should  be addressed to P. O. Box 235, McKay,  B. C. Children will be admitted free  on Friday afternoon.  Pfn  No.  2.  9.  14.  19.  4.  10.  18.  12.  20  23.  1.  5.  7.  22.  8.  into three divisions: First, who may  vote; second, who may not vote;  third, how to get on the lists to be  able to vote.  Who May Vote.  Every male and female of the full  age of twenty-one years, who is entered on the voters' lists as owner of  teal property on his or her own right  within the limits of the city or as ten*  meats.*  Fire insurance  Conveyancing -  Dominion Express orders sold.  TMs the cheapest and best way  ;#> -remit money.  Phone: Collinflwoocl 24  *P. O. Jfc>x S*, Collingwood East  BPntpSTATC  Loansj Insurance, etc., Notaries Public  Joyce Stiust, Coixisowoop East  SPORTS POSTPONED.  Central Park, Sept. 2.���������The sports  which were to be held at Central Park  by the Ward Two Conservative Asso- j 35  21.  13r  16.  15  17.  11.  38.  33  31.  26.  34.  37.  39.  32.  Buff  White  Brown  White  An^onas-  Wl.'te  646  631  625  590  582  582  580  476  478  454  450  402  380  361  elation, Saturady afternoon, were adjourned indefinitely because of the unpleasantness of the weather. i  1* *,ji*ii*n*ii*i* * * 11 * * * *[���������* ii * * * >*���������  We handle a Fill M*e ol  Vejtetabks wfcieh are al**vays  ���������Fresfcy: -y.y:  Butter, fully guaranteed to suit  the moat particular, 3 lbs.. .$1.00  Eggs, the same as you buy from  your neighbors, 8 dox. for. $1,0:)  Raspberries at the lowest market priee each day.  Since we have a cold storage  plant of the very best, we can  always guarantee a full line of  tbe best meats.  NrnabyMeat  McKay    -   >   &.C.  Pbone. Collingwood 69  11| I I  IIIIII'MIIIIIIIH In* In*  Palmer & Goodwin  Builders and  .Contractors  Jobbing Work in all its branches  Estimates furnished free  P.O. Mci1av*iVC.  Residence:  West Burnaby Cafe  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Ave. E.  Close to Main Street  .Office Hours: -l:30]to 6.  Two dear old ladles were discussing  husbands, said Marie- Dressier.  Said the first: "I have been' married three times. Each of my husbands  is dead, though. They were all cremated."  Her friend was a dear old maiden  lady.  She listened attentively to her  friend, and when she bad concluded  the sad story of her life..she said:  "How wonderful are tbe ways of  ,      Class H.  White Wyandottes 692  Rhode Island Reds  687  "      630  Barred Rocks   ...���������..' 604  White Wyandottes  592  Barred  Rocks     680  Buff  Oprtngtons     574  Rhode Island Reds'  569  Barred Rocks  513  Buff "  465  White Wyandottes  442  Buff Orpingtons  ". 436  Partridge Wyandottes 427 *ect-  Silver Laced    "         380  ������40 ant of any real property within the  'city of the assessed value of three  hundred dollars, may vote. Where  real pioperty is leased, rented, or occupied jointly by two or more persons and Is assessed at an amount  sufficient If equaly divided between  them to give a qualification to each,  578' then each shall be entitled to be en*  573 tered on the voters' Isltand vote in  553 respect of such qualification, other-  545 wise no one shall be entitled to vote  53$ in reipect of such property. All wom-  479 en owning property and over 21 yeara  of age bave a right to vote.  Who May Not Vote.  No married man shall be entitled to  vote as tenant by reason of his being  a tenant or occupier of real estate  owned by his wife, and no Chinaman,  Japanese or Indian can vote In any  municipal election.  No person can vote more than once  for alderman in each ward, and no person shall be entitled to vote more  than once in the election for mayor or  for any money   by-law.  Ne American, unless he may have  become naturalized and become a British citizen, can vote at any municipal  election.  No tennnt, voting as such, can vote  on money by-laws, only for mayor and  aldermen, and mubtte a British sub*  " PERFECTION ���������-**'  Bread and Cakes  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  -   -/ ���������  ���������' t.  The Perfection Loaf contains all the necessary  ingredients that go   to   make   a   nutritious   ���������  satisfying meal.   Our customers say " It's just  like mother's."  ������  - Have you tried our Cakes ? We have nothing  but the best. We make Madeira. Cherry. Premier Cakes, also Buns. Scones, etc.   We can  satisfy you. _���������  Rowantree Bakery  CENTRAL PARK f. H. DURRANT, Prop.  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(These are    shade    temperatures).   Bain fell on eleven days; very!    "devolves  on  each  person  heavily on the 15th.   Twenty-one days wl������������"������ l������ ������erc,8������ ������������������������������ oru ������Jf vot*tto  bright, and four dull days were re- ������������ ��������������� f?roo������������ t0 tbe c,ty b������"' <*������������������������������������������  corded-   A great variance of tempera-  I ture was experienced on the 4th, the  Columbian "         364  Sliver Penciled Wyandottes. 338 oi 0*'������������r. tbl������ havln8 bee������ changed  for tbe mat time last year, thus giving  .. . p������ the frtfe the sole right to vote on her  W!!!!!!' o*u$ofrefty.  How te Get on the Uets.  It devolves  on  each  person  who  the ilew lists, and if lus name' is not  already on, make application to the  providence.   Here I've lived all these; "jT^'"^Vt^\^Vto^7katmm clty e,erk to be P>������t ou and also to:  . .��������� .. ������.,- . * * tQg aggistaDt commissioner to be put;  Fears were expressed that ,the egg  T. H. McCort  Central Park Opposite Agricultural Hall  hardware, Paints, Oils, Builders' SwppHe* *  Stoves* Ranges anil Kitcnenware  Special prices on Ranges.  Call in and 999  them*  years and have never been able to get  one husband, and you've bad husbands  to buru."  "Bent whalebones can be straightened by soaking them in boiling water for'a few moments aud then ironing them straight  Pbone:  Collingwood 18  Box 22  Collingwood  Reol  Pstnte  Aqents  ma toas ������..couii*ft*i*oo-������ taisT  We hue wroe ol ttiB Utat Pul!*  dlofl lo:s In the Collingwood  mm  U(> os Joyce St. from $991 up  \i sere on Joyce St. with 3*Toom  Cottage, 18260; good terms.  2 good lots, $62*i: 130 ������a b, bul.  $10 per month.  Other lots from $425 up on very  easy terms.  yield would suffer during the past  month, owing ".to-'..tbe Vancouver Exhibition being held on the grounds.  From a perusal of the records opposite results were obtained owing no  doubt to the fact that blasting was  dtstintinued during the Exhibition.  The egg yield was higher from August  13th to 20tb than during the earlier  period of the month. During the first  day of the Poultry Show the birds  were greatly disturbed by the crow-  ���������ni-  on tbe assessment roll tf owner of real  property. Any one making such application to tbe city clerk will not Be  allowed to vote on money, by-laws this  year, as the law says the previous  year'* assessment roll shall determine  who ma or may not vote in this re-  ! gard.  ! Tbere Is an erroneous idea tbat if  1 any person.pays taxes it gives the  right to vote. This does not of necessity apply, for unless the name Is on  the assessment roll It will disqualify  the one wishing to vote, as the as*  1 sesfaiueut roll is tbe basis of qualifica-  Pen 2 in Class I still forges ahead, tlon .wi not tne tj,, ljgt     go once  Increasing its lead over Pen 9 by 17 agal��������� jet jne Bay> go personally to the  eggs during the month.    Pen 19 dis- clty hajj and get put on the ,lBt lt l8  places Pen 4 in fourth place, and ties ai80'absolutely necessary to have a  Pen 14 for third place.   Pen 10 creeps complete aii*rI'accurate list that each  up nearer to Pen 4, six eggs only be- pereon changing their addresses since  ing the difference this month. Pen 5  drops from 7tb to 12th place. Pen 20  JumpB from 12th to 6th, tieing with  Pen 12. I  Following are highest producers during month: Pens���������7 (109). 2 (107),  10 and 20 (105 each). 18 (103), 1 (102),  12 (99), 21 (96),. 19 (95), 9 (SO). _ Pen  last year shall now notify the city clerk  or assessment commissioner of such  change of address. With the rapidly  changing of persons from one location to another, it Is impossible for  the department to keep track of these  changes unless each person notifies  them of his new address.   If this was  before letting your Painting antf Papertianging s^  for tne fast <w4 most wilisfk: wofK  Lincoln Avciwe, Colllngwoow f������. 0.  GRANT  WIRING piTTINqs, ffXTUWS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Hoad  3 scored 17 eggs, and Pen 17 24 eggs always done we should have a com-  during the month. ��������� The former pen Is plete and accurate list ho tar aB loca-  moulting, and appear very listless. tion Is concerned.  '   In Class 2, Pen 38 increases its lead If vacant  property  changes  hands  by one egg during the month, over during the year the last o\vn< tb name  Pen 33.    Pen 26 separates from  Pen will appear on the lists auu have the  39  In  fourth  place, and   reduce  31's right to vote unless the new owner  lead by 10 eggs during the month. Pen applies to be put on.   The assessment  I 32 reduces 37*s "lead by 20 eggs this commissioner wishes me to say that  West Burnaby Pharmacy  A first-class DRUG STORE now open for business.  Corner   Sussex   Avenue   and  Westminster  Hoad  f Opposite West Burnaby School)  Drugs, Stationery, Confections. Cigars  Special care taken with Prencriptionn. A   ������i*it   will  be   muck  appreciated.  GILBERT J. SPEARS  DRUGGIST  HORSESHOEING!  MILLS & HOOKER  Prsciicsl Horse Shoers  Aad General Blacksmith  Registered um'er the Worshij fu  Company of Farriers, London, Er.������r.  Thorough knowledge of'Anatomy. Special attention given  to defective feet. Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done.  fOROCOpposite West purnaby School j  Give us a trial.  j month.  Top scores for the month: Pen 32  (108), Pen 26 (95), 37 (88), 38 (86),  M3, 31, 34, 35 (85 eat*).  Broodies���������Pen 30 (5), 25, 20 (4  each). 35 (3), 27, 34, 36 (2 each), 26,  31, 32, 33, 39-(l each).  It will be noticed that in Class I  quite a few pens have equal records.  Pens 14 and 19, 12 and 20, 3 and 21,  are running neck and neck.  As corroborating the oft-repeated assertion   that   strain   and   stamina   is  It would greatly help the department  if persons claiming the vote would  bring with them their deed or agre-  ment of sale for the property on which  they claim, so that accurate description of the property can be obtained.  as in many instances persons claim  the vote to property give a wrong description of same, they, of course being  put on and thus depriving the rightful  owner of bis vote and causing annoyance and trouble.  Application to be put on the assessment roll will not give tiie voter the  BCU. THEATRE  Open every evening. 7:30 to 10:30.  JOYCE   ROAD  EAST COLLINGWOOD  Tho moving ptatniVM shown nt- this thaa're nre of the very   best obtainable, uothiug objectionable i* allowed by (be management.  Amusing Instructive  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. ML  Change of Programme every day.  Educational  Good Music.  .Nervous Troubles and Chronic Diseases given special attention. Epilepsy,  St. Vitus Dame/ Sciatica, Headaches,  Female "Troubles, etc. .  Every Woman  U interested and *honld know  about tUe wonderful  "*r**1 TCftST  AikTrwr dntgfrtrtftx  It. If Im eannot tmpplr  t������e MARVKI* Meepf-W M  other, bat saod ���������tamo ftr fflaa.  tntod book���������setled. It gi*e* foil  ptrttetasr* sad directJon* JnT-JnaW*  toiss/Om^nanmsMwevvvtco^noamn, o-*t  <3���������nJ A***������������tj for C<m*MU.  more important than breed, it may be right to vote for money by-laws this  mentioned that four or five of the year, but will give the right to vote  leading  pens  in  Class  1   are  related,   for mayor and aldermen.  md are all close up.  W.  H.  STROYAN, Supt,  J. R. TERRY", Secretary.  A  Catastrophe.  "I don't wemember what I ate, but  J had an awful dweam."  "Wbat was it, old chap?"  "I dweamed my valet went away  v.ithout lacing-my shoes."  | The new lists are now complete ami  j open for inspection in the city clerk's;  j office from August 1st to September!  130th, and the department is anxious  j to have the full list of voters oom-  I plete. The only way to do this is for  every voter or would-be voter to go  I personally to the city hall and for him-'  ! self or  herself  make   sure   that  the!  proper name and address is on tbe list, j  i Men are always going round the city;  from the assessmedt office trying to  verify names and get an accurate  siatemenf^of property. location, etc.,  1)U the fact still remains that the only  reliable way to accomplish be best results is by each person ag on<e applying to the city clerk for his name to  be put on the lists. New residents in i  the city or new property holders  should note this and act accordingly.  WILLIAM W. "W1NX,  3075 Tenth Ave. *������^  Fixtures,  Wiring and all  Electric Repairs  J* TRIPP  ELECTRICIAN  Residence  Central Park  s   v      "  Postoflfc'e "  Collingwood East  ���������&zy,yy���������y 8  ^���������'P. VVESTKRN CALL.  The Profits of Co^operatioii  Without the Risks of Investment  HOW TO OBTAIN THEN  Study carefully the Co-operative proposition now being carried out by the HONIG  STORES. This is what it is : Every customer becomes a shareholder in the profits of the  HONIG STORES by the simple action of dealing at the stores. Honigs divide their profits  in two���������two equal halves���������one-half goes to the proprietary, one-half goes to the customer.  The customers are not asked to buy shares or find any capital or take any risk. They just  purchase the best and finest goods to be found in the city at a considerable reduction on' the  prices usually charged by most stores, and. with each purchase a check showing the amount  expended Js [handed them. These checks show the amount upon which the customer's  dividend is payable and should be kept.  - Ask for further particulars of this Co-operativee scheme from the stores management  or any sales clerk.      Ask, too, for full particulars of the  DEPOSIT SYSTEM  7 Per Cent Interest- Great Convenience  Insures Goods being delivered.    Enables you to go out.    Ha* many other  Enables you to go out.  advantage*)  Phone:  Sey.  3472  3473  HONIQ STORES  Phone  Sey.  3472  56=58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST     3473  LAND   NOTICES  ajuren a, coast ���������*���������****������ Banior.  IMstftet ef ���������(UMoaver. M������t Island.  Take notice that Thomas H. -Adan of  Vancouver, B. {*., occupation Bartender,  Intends to apply for. permission to purchase the following' described landa:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  %%W miles   from   the south-west  corner  of Pride Island, and about 13 chains east  of hlfh tide? mark, and being; T. H. A.'b  8. W. corner post, thence east 80 chains,  -thence north 80 chains, thence west 80  ^chains, thence south 80 chains to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or less.  THOMAS H. ADAN,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July l������th, 1S12. _  ) ner  of Price Island and about 1   mile  ' and   8 chains  east  from" the  high  tide  mark and being J. W.'s N. E. corner post,  thence south 80 chains, thence west 80  chains,  thence  north   80  chains,   thence  east   80  chains   to  point  of commencement, containing <40jacres more or less.  JOHN  WALSBY,  By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 10th. 1912.   -  *vurap *, coast ***A**rj> atavamt.  ���������BtsttUit of Vaaeoavex, *Me* Island.  Take notice that George Cartelyouof  3, COAST LAID DXB*~*XCT.  .District of ���������aaoouver, Mm Island.  Take notice that Lucile Ratchle, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3 V4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island, and about 1 mile  and 13 chains east from high tide mark  and being L. R.'s N. E. corner post,  thence south 80.chains, thence west 80  Vancouver,   B.   C,   occupation   laborer,   chains,  thence north  80  chains,   thence  intends to apply for permission to pur-'east  80  chains   to  point of commence  chase the following described lands:-���������  x Commencng at a post planted about  1% miles south from the northwest  corner of Price Island and about 33.  chains east from high tide mark nnd  being George Cartelyou N. W. corner,  thexre rnuth 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  Hest 80 chains, to the point of com*,  mencement. containing 640 acres, more  or less.  GEORGE CABTEMTOU,  By William H. Wooley, Agent  pate July ltth, ma.  ment, containing,640 acres more or less.  LUCILE  KAICHL.E,  -.'���������������������������.       By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  ���������AA-f (*s a, COAST *4**T*> *>*st*wct.  **>W***e������ of TttaoaaTst, ****h>tUt*w*%  Take  notice   that William  J.  White.   ���������,   .������������������  ...   ������������������  ���������.���������..������������������,   of Vancouver. B. C, occupation chaffeur. I west 80 chains, to point of commence-  -aA*fOS 3, COAST *bA*79 *������*������TSXOT.  district of Vaaotravar,s-rteo Island.  . Take notice that Fannie GiUeysie, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation clerk,, intends to apply for permission to purchase, the following described lands:���������  Commencing ut a post planted about  3*4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about '1 mlJe  and 13 chains east from high tide mark  and being F. G.'s N. W. corner post,  thence south 80 chains, thence east 80  chains,  thence north  80 chains,  thence  BAJTG8 3, COAST *C*A*ff*a SIBTBICT.  Platelet of Vancouver, Price Island.  Take notice that Bella Blake, of Vancouver, B. C; occupation' widow, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted, about  6% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 chain  east from high tide mark and being  B. B.'s N. W. corner post, thence, .south  80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west.80 chains  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  BELLA BLAKE,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th. 1912.  ���������;__ In Western Call Sept.������ to Nor.������, 1912  CITY  Intends to apply for permission to pur  chas* tho foflowlnr described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  1*4 miles aoiith from the northwest  oomor of Price Island and about 93  chains oast from the high tide mark, and  ftefjif William X White's 8. W. corner  post, thence north 80 chains, thence  east ������������������ chains, thence south 80 chains.  thence west 80 chains: to point of com-  inaneeinent, containing ������40 acres, mora  ������? loss.  WILLIAM   J.   WHITE,  ..- s By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Qa^o July l>th, ltll.  *. COAST ������VA|n������ SfSTHCT.  m*\y    wm9^9twmw9*9Wt ���������'*Ww*Ww . ^wHlsJWa  notice that* Walter peptfori, of  ver, R C, occupation hotel *ep-  _ jfands to apply for pertnlMloV fo  purchase the following described lands:���������  - Coinmencinr at a *-o������tjilante4 about  lit n*lie������i south from the northwess corner of Price Island and. about t mile  sag M chains east'from the high tide  mark, and being Walter Deptford's N. W.  earner post, thence south 10 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence north to  chains, thence west 80 chains, to point  of commencement, containing 640 acres.  more or less.  WALTER DEPTFORD.  ������y William H. Wooley, Agent  Hate July l������th, 1912a  ment, containing 640 acres, more or less.  FANNIE GILLEySIE.  By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Pate July 20th, 191*f.  ���������*---������������**-**������******���������*���������>  SASOS 9, COAST IVAWP a*VT*WXt.  *Mf**-*et of TaaooaTer, frier Island.  Take notice that Martha Costella, of  Vancouver, B. C\, occupation clerk, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  3*6 mites south from the northwest corner of Price- Island and about 2 miles  and 13 chains east from the high tide  mark and being M. O.'s N. W. corner  post, thence south 80 chains, thence east  80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  west 80 chains, to point of commence*  ment, containing 640 acres more or less,  MARTHA COSTELLA,  H& William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 20th, 1912.  ***AS-#-f a, COAST -f-499 VPrtVtOT.  IMsttftet of veaeoavt*, **t-������ Was*.  Take notice that Emma Webber, of  Vancouver, B. C, occupation storekeeper, Intends to apply for -permission to  purchase the following described lands*  Commencing at a post planted about  4*4 miles south from the northwest corner of Price Ialana and about 1 *4 miles  east from the high tide mark ana being  mawam *, coast **ir-������ *n****w*t.  **Hstrlet of Tanooaver, Price Island.  Take notice that William gtonehouse,.  of Vancouver, B. C, occupation express-;  wan. intend** to apply for permission to I  purchase the following described lands:!  CommenaSng at a post planted about' r������������t������ JuK-  ,<IH miles south from the northwest cor-}' ttie JUI>  <Sjer of Price  l������land  and about 2 miles  E. W.'s N. W. corner post, thence south  80 chains, thence ea-tt 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence west SO chains,  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  EMMA WEBBER,  By William H. Wooley, Agent,  20th, 1912  <Sjer    _  ..  .  and 33 chain* east from high tide mark  and  being  William Stonehoune's N.  W. |  corner post, thencn    south    80    otmln",'  thence east 80 chain*,  thence north  xo  -SASOS S, COAST SAHS SISTBXOT.  ."Mstoot of Tanooaver, Price Island.  _...   __   . _       .         Take  notice  that  Ana  Bell,   of  Van-  chains.'thence we������t KO chains  to point   couver, B. C, occupation rooming house  ���������f commencement, containing 640 Here*,   keeper, intends to apply for permission  Snore or !e������*.  WILLIAM STONEHOITHE.  By William II. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  tn   purchase    the     following    described  lauds'���������~  ��������� Commencing at a post planted about  I 4% miles south from the northwest cor*  I ner of Price Island and about 1*4 miles  ���������oust trtim the high tide mark and being  , A. I'.'a X. E. corner post, thence soutli  I 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  ~  80 chains  containing  BAjrss 9 coast. x**\aa -nsnuc-r  ^!^^^7^^l?������ltT^n^^i'nf'ri"'^ SO chains,  thence ea-t  80 chains  *������2������������.J22Pn   r.i,at������L.H���������U������'L���������������C,���������"Sf^l' in    to  Po-nt of  cotnmencement.   containing  Vancouver, B. C, occupation miner. In-  r ,������������������mnr*> nr- io������������  tends to apply for permission to purchase g��������� atl" more or le**'   AN*A bell  the following described lands:��������� | Rv Tv-iniam H wviolov Acent  Commencing at a post planted about  .....   ������yjv iniam H. wooley. Agent.  S% mile** south from the northwest cor-.Date July 20th, 1912.  nor of Price Island and about 2 miles ��������� ���������   ���������    ���������-  and  8  chains  east  from  the high  tide    _._������_ ���������   -<.._-> *.w������ ������.���������**������������������������������  mark,   and   marked   H.   C.'s   northwest:   ������AJ������0*B 3, COAST KABTO DISTSOCT.  corner  post,  thence  d uth    80    chains,      XHstrlct of Tanooaver, Price Island,  thence east 80 chains   theijce north ^80      Take notiCe that Thomas Clanfleld, of  chains,  thence west 80 chains, to point  Vancouver, B. C, occupation laborer, in-  of commencement, containing 640 acres,  tendg  to apply  for  permission   to pur-  . chase the following described lands:���������  1    Commencing at a post planted about  5% miles south from the northwest cor-  I ner of Price Island and about 1 1-8 miles  , east   from   high   tide   mark   and   being  more or less.  HUGH CAMPBELL,  By William H. Wooley, Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  JLAaTOB 3, COAST Z.ASTO StSTBICT.  District of Tanooaver, Pries Island.  T. C,'s N. E. corner post, thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north  80 chains,  thence east 80 chains,  Take   notice   that  Thomas   Rowe,   of  to   point  of  commencement,  containing  Vancouver, B. C, occupation blacksmith,  640 acres more or less.  intends to apply for permission to pur- .  chase the following described lands:������������������    |  THOMAS CLANFIBLD,  ���������  _ , By William H. Wooley, Agent  \ Commencing at a post planted about r^,. Tll]v ������nth   ioi*"  *.% mile* south from the northwest cor-  Date Jul> 2Q%t>' 1!*lz*  ner of Price Island, and about 2 miles  and 8 cha<n.o .east from high tide mark,  and   being  T.   R.'s   N.   R   corner  post,  thence south  80 chains, thence west 80  chains,   thence north   K0  chains,  thence  east 80 chains,  to  point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  THOMAS  ROWE,  By William H. Wooley. Agent.  Date July 19th, 1912.  n a, coast *bAra szstsoct.  *2*lf*Met of Tamooavsr, Prloe Island.  Take notice that John Walsby, of Vancouver, B. C, occupation engineer, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  fl *������ miles south from tho northwest cor  OB S, COAST *bASr*> OISTBXOT.  3Mstrict of Tanooaver, Price Island.  Take notice that John A. Beattie, of  Vancouver, B. C. occupation teamster.  Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted about  6% miles south from the northwest corner of Price Island and about 1 1-8  miles east from tbe high tide mark and  being J. A. B.'s N. W. corner post, thence  south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thence west 80  chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  JOHN A. BEATTIE,  By William H. Wooley. Agent  Pate July 30th, 1912.  Here to Compete With Standard oil.  The Indian Refining Company, which  ia affiliated with various companies  owning oil wells in Borneo, it is announced, will, enter this field to compete with the Standard Oil Company.  Its representatives are now Id Vancouver making arrangements for a  site for a large distributing tank ware-  house in this vicinity.  Finss Will Bt Heavier.  Hereafter all operators of "blind  pigs" will be fined |200 and costs, and  in default of payments of the assessment will be sent to jail tor a period  of three months, according to an announcement made by Magistrate South  In Police Court recently.  The first-person to softer under the  new penalty was Mrs. Angelo Maria,  who pleaded guilty to operating a  "pig." -  Liquor Casts in Casks of Water.  That the .operation of "bUng pigs"  has become a serious menace to the  city, and tbat tbey are fast becoming  hotbeds of conniption and vice, waa  the statement made by Magistrate  South tn the police court recently.  Magistrate South further stated that  the most drastic measures would be  adopted by the police authorities in  order to wipe out these dents of despair, which were growing apace. Hla  worship said last* session the law had  been altered to the effect" that there  should be no levying of distress. He  would like to rescind that law and  would in future impose a fine in all  cases of 1200 and costs or, in default,  three months.  The disclosures made by the police  in their recent raid have shown some  very cunning devices resorted to by  those who have been running this nefarious trade. Underground passages  for the storing of liquors have been  opened and casks of liquor concealed  by submerging in larger casks of wa  ter.  Two cases came up this morning  Angele Marie and Gus Frank, both  from tbo East End, were fined $200  and costs with the alternative as  given out from the bench and detailed  above.  Hundred Thousand Russians to Come.  Mr. W. D. Scott, superintendent of  immigration, arrived in Vancouver  Thursday. He is only making a  short visit, and will, while here, hold  several conferences with the immigration officials. One of the matters  which will probably be given his attention is the admission of the Russians of the "New Israel Colony" who  wish to come to British Columbia.  Thia matter is being given considerable attention by not only the provincial authlrities, but the powers of  the Dominion as well. Instead of there  being a few thousand of these immigrants, lt is understood that there are  in tbe neighborhood of 100,000 of  them.  This tact has developed through the  repeated investigations and examinations held by the local immigration authorities. At first it was understood  that there were only seven thousand  of the immigrants, but. it is-now definitely known that the faith of the  "New Israel Colony" extends throughout Russia and that there, are a large  number of small settlements scattered  pretty much all 'over the land of the  Czar. All of these people wish to come  to British Columbia. .  Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Rusten and  family will return to this city on Aug.  25, having spent a delightful holiday  in the east, visiting friends and rela-  aives in Ontario and the New England  States.  Milwaukee No Right of Way Here.  A. M. Ingersoll, vice-president of the  Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound  Railway, said on his arrival from Tacoma laBt night In the yacht El Pirn-  ero, that no right of way had been purchased by his railway through Burnaby for entrance Into Vancouver. He  denies the rumors that have been  afloat in real estate circles to that  effect, and does not know what will  be done in the future.  ' To Pace Six Charges.  Mrs. Margaret George was brought  before His Honor Judge Mclnnes  Thursday morning on five charges of  obtaining money by false pretences  and Que charge of theft. Miss Mary  Aubin was the complainant in each  case. The moneys alleged to be involved amount to about $500.  To Investigate Charities.  The following committee has been  appointed by Mayor Findlay to investigate the Associated Charities and  other organizations working in affllia  tion with it: Aid. McBeath, Trimble,.  McNeill, King and Cameron.  In view of the anticipatpd necessity  of supplying funds for the destitute  next winter it is believed by the aldermen that great care should be taken in the operation of the Associated  Charities, the city creche, and so  forth.   '      ' '/"' ������������������'���������'  Expression of Thanks.  South Vancouver, Aug. 28. ��������� Mrs.  Frederick Gunter desires* to thank the  tradesmen and men on the road* in  Ward Two wbo contributed to the  $200 collected by Police Constable  Winters on her behalf. This amount  was handed to Mrs. Gunter by Rev. J.  C. Madill yesterday and she expressed  to him her gratitude for all the kiudlj  heip and thought for the welfare of  herself and family displayed by the  pepple-pf the municipality and through  out the city generally.  The $200 contributed through P. C.  Winters was with the exception of  $55 all in small amounts. The following were among the contributors of $6  and oyer: Reeve fCerr $10, Rev. Mr.  Madill $5, and Messrs. Dickenson, H.  Q. Brown, W. O. Russell, Gratten,  Holmes, Vivian, M. Galer and W.  Brewer, all of whom contributed $5.  .   Not an "Epileptic Fit  it has developed tbat Mr. Ritchie  Gallaber, who was stricken with Illness at the comer of Granville anl.  Broadway on Sunday morning, and  who waa. taken the General Hospital  In an ambulance, was not the victim of  an epileptic fit, as reported In the  press. To date the medical men have  been unable to diagnose his case,  ���������estenctw as Vfflnnt.  Arrested on suspicion of having attempted, In company with another  man, to enter a bouse at 1040 Georgia  street at 2 o'clock this morning, Wm.  J. Wren was today sentenced by Magistrate proctor to serve four months  at hard labor in jail on a charge of  vagrancy.  Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Musgrove of  Vancouver, who are at present visiting the eastern provinces, attended a  reception held by Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchesa of Cod-  naught anl the Princess Patricia, at  St. John, N.B., on August 19. They  were accompanied by their neice, Miss  Thome, of St. John. -  Dynamiters at West End.  Thirteen persons narrowly escaped  death at 12:80 Friday morning,  when a partially successful attempt  was made to dynamite the residence  of J. Dragin, an Austrian, 425 Heatley  avenue. The kitchen was completely  demolished by the explosion and the  remaining portion of the house was  badly shaken and thrown out of plumb  over an Inch.  ���������I'l 1 H"H���������i,,', ��������� 111111111111 * "MOM IJ II It 1 11 Ul 111 u H I >>*H.  We Have all the Cheapest  Lots in D. 1.  .������ -    .   ... -.-, -    : :���������>������������������ ���������--.-���������  : 7th Ave. 50 ft., tyi blks. west of Main, only  $ 7500  ::  , j 7th Ave. 50 ft., 5  ;T7th Ave.-50 ft, 1^   "   east  : |. 5th Ave. 50 ft., \%   4<   west  \\ 5th Ave. 50 ft, .%��������� "  :: Lansdowoe 50ft,  y2  "  5th Ave. 100 fjt., 2  :! Dufferin 50 ft ^ 3  ������<  ti  ll  n  east  <<  it  tt  tt  tt  it  it  it  it  ti  it  tt  it  5600  5500  7000  13000  12500  7000  10500  f  i  Good terms to arrange on all the above.  2  Corner 7th and Victoria Street, 80x82 feet with  ;; large house, only $11500. Terms are exceptionally  [\ easy. ���������. V ������������������  MAIN  STREET  44 feet near Larisdowne at $45000  .'::��������� 132 feet corner Front and Main at $800 per foot ;  .. ..'���������'".'       *  50 feet near Broadway, at' 1000 per foot  50 feet near 12th Ave., at    450 per foot  Easy terms arranged to suit.  &  : 2343 MAIN STREET  PHONES: Fairmont 496,497 !  ***>*'***aa4>444'**44>4'il4':'44<t  OM**W^>*K^-^**:-.f<Mi.<M|,l|i *,i*,<m|ii*i ���������^���������f-^f  New Mission Uader  Mr. A. J. Robinson, Executive Secretary of the Men and Religious Forward Movement for Hamilton, arrived from the East today. Mr. Hob*  Inson ts taking up the position of Superintendent of the Central City Mission, and will be given a reception Tn  tbe mission auditorium on Tuesday  evening, September 3, to which all  friends of the Mission are Invited.  PRESUMING, PQWIN6  Underclothing. Childricn's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mbnihng.  c^JW*5. I-ESTPR  SwWi Avenue      ��������� ^  Central Park  aaaamsmBssmBBsammmmassBBseaB  Tbe Queen Tea Rooms  ������|8 QranvilM Stt*eet  Uwcheon ������n<! .Afternoon  y    J999 9 SfKciftlty  MUM tl M f MI If * MIM ft ������Pf * 'Mill *)'*) H������tH 111 If ���������> M fl  H.S>  Are carefully selected by an expert, ;  f rom the gtocks of tbe largegt Diarnorid <  dealers of London and Amsterdam.   Each wlected gem is ]  mounted on the premises in our own factory.   We can  therefore guarantee the ABSOLUTE PURITY of our i  Diamonds and the workmanship and quality of our mount- \  ings.  I Geo. Q. Bigger |  : Jeweller and Diamond Merchant  | 143 Hastings Street, W. f  *i0 i|i | * ��������� |i | if M. a4t..*i*.t *..*i *���������.������. MM-'g*,**,* ���������, *,������������ *.������*' * SI *I4 ������.| ������,���������������������������<������  At the last regular monthly meeting of the Juvenile Protection Association of Vancouver, held in the City,  Hall on the 20th Inst., it was moved  by Mr. Cross, seconded by Mrs. Mac-  ken, and unanimously resolved: That  we ask the Health Department of the  city to take steps to have the vacant  and uncleared lots through the city  cleared up, so as to prevent any of  them being used as a rendexvou/i for  children, also that the School Board  be asked to endorse this action, and  a copy of this resolution be sent to  the press for publication.  CHAS. M. MACKINNON,  Secretary J. P. Association.  P. O. Boa 29*, City.  FOR THE HUNTING  Dr. Percy H. Power, o-te of Vancouver's most prominent and respected  physicians, died at his office at 3.30  o'clock yesterday afternoon.  Guns and  Rifles  Every make which we know to be reliable and effective is in onr stock, all  calibres and gnages.   The widest range and latgest stock of ammunition in  the country.  A copy of our Synopsis of the B. C. Game Act, free for tbe asking.  TISOALLS LIMITED        .  (Successors to Chas. E. Tisdall) 919~9*0 Haatmaaa 9t., Woat  VU A NT C fl    Gir,i ""d toy*'men and women������ *������ le������ro ���������t������**������>gTap**y  "Al'l Jul/*"%t Boyd's Shorthand Institute, 7W Dunsmuir St.  Only 6 to 8 weeks to become competent. Individual instruction. Many  calls for stenographers daily.   Complete course $48.00.  Boyd's Shorthand Institute D-*2aW


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