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The Western Call 1912-07-26

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 ;^rV>'VJ';l[;,fi'H'H^  ;-' ^.T;:M*-~,v  '-������������������:/:���������>:-:"���������."-, yy.:���������xy'i^y^x^xy-y^yvryiWmSf^y  :^L^yyri:yyyyyyyy0yy'x/yy^ ���������������������������  Combined with  Published in the Interests of Vanffuivei* and the Western People  VOLUME IV  VANCOUVER. B;  m^r  :��������������������������������������������� y.}. ������������������������������������:��������� y y-!xl0y^yy^^M  ���������S-$>*&  Columbia, JULY 26, 1912.  *4 1 l'l������������������l������'I'������'M'������i-������**������������������.K'*l**������������'*'4 ������**.***H������+**  sB. ��������� -A  m-:  IWI  GOAT INDUSTRY*  A  *  ::  t  *.  An attempt is being made to introduce goat-raising into British Columbia. This Bhould be encouraged, as  the country Is adapted to this industry.  The following facts re goat skins in  America are suggestive: '���������  "Hundreds of Inquiries, regarding the  'possibilities'in the United^ 8tat������������pf a  great goat industry are reaching the  department of commerce and labor.  These Inquiries are the result of a.</  statement by the buieau of statistics  of that department that $230,000,000  had been sent cut of the country in  the last decade to pmchase goat skins  foi uae in this country, and that the  commercial value ot the 500,000,009  goats which these skins ncpresented  would, had they been grown in the  United States, have approximated-  $1,000,000,000. These; suggestions,  coupled with the further fact that  goats Of the class supplying the skins  in question could be grown on Beml-  arid and semi-mountainous lands now  practically unutilized, have added to  the interest Indicated by the inquiries  being made."  I  4  ���������  e>  ������ ���������  No,:: IB; wx������MW������&M  s������-sas*ssssss* ^;^/:yaa.'  ++*?������-yy*  EWH  ******i**i*i M t* is mi i.iii'Mi|ii4|iL^,>^^l  SHEEP IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In many parts of British Columbia  there are few other industries which     ���������,msiir,,;.x^s.  could, be made, more profitable than      ��������� $f&f|S  the growing of sheep.  This province.::  is annually   importing1 thousands   of  mutton carcasses from Australia, a* L  "'/'��������� . .well'a* from other parU, and at pr*-:  i'y,M  . sent comparativelylittleis 'prbd^c^^^^  '  at home. " ���������,:.-.��������� -:'ty \ '. ^v>v*;4#?fc*$  , y.X. small .Iloetfikeptviim^  ; ;..--farm where vitnlsed :farming is carrw^^lfj  on, and properly   looked   after   ahd;:-!^  winter-fed, to a  certain iextent, will  give  the owner  a  handsome profit..  Mutton always commands a good dg-     &  ure, and spring lambs sell quite high.*   "'"  i  Breeding rams and. ewes Is a profit*   -���������-  able   Industry, as tbey bring good    ''.  t prices.  Watch for the special sale of pure-  , bred   rams and  grade  ewes/undo* Vv  ? government supervision, in Septemba*,^<T?  *** *****IU 11*'I<"H"i"M"l"l*���������* 11 I'l*****  Sheep Raising in B:  fill 11 IS I f*|*. H I 11 HI I H .'*���������'."."*������������������ II111 ***      p  ;;.   THE STOMP BLA8T*B* MHO.  {WHhuUdtaUuWsstSttlCsU  > ������'       M  apis  ���������**-������=  CsBtrtbvUd ts ths Wsstsra CsU  :. Btj D. R. PIERCE  ,.,   Banff! bang! bang!  Hear the merry Waster's song,  As with U>ud reverberation  He is tearing up creation  AU day long.  Bang! bang! bang!  Thrilling aU the boys with cheer,  PUllng all the girls with fear,--  Ho! the merry blaster gangt  -with ^eir Wnr^a^fbatf-rr^  'Hi  lumbia  talnous districts meet all requirement*  Moreover the land is cheap and ranke*  are "of wide area.        ���������* * "��������� j ���������  mm  ?-.'  A*   v  t8IIItll������dSIMtltM������ltilslllMf*-|g;-J ',}&s  ������ -      ^    ->  *������. * *7*A .    i#i<*Wj->    **a  *********** t* ************9kl*i*y***y*44>**4f***y4 ������fS^iJI'l till! f*jr*w<.vvw'Vvvvv+****4 * I I I"-**  <��������� it    y-y  r*te  mot,  i  "Fire! fire! fire!"\  Hear it ring upon the air,  And the people how they scatter  liike the falling water's spatter  Here and there.  "Fire! fire! fire!"  Some have taken to the basement,  Some are peeping through the casement,���������   ;;  Ho! the merry blaster choir,  With their "Fire! fire! fire!"  Up! up! up! ,  See the fragments skyward dash,  As with boom and bang like thunder  Giant stumpsi are torn asunder  Jn a flash.  Down! down! down! .  Bocks and roots are now returning,  Soou the shattered stumps are burning,���������  Ho! the merry blaster gang,  With their bang! bang! bang!  Bang! bang! bang!  Oh, what blissful music then,  If some heaven-sent explosion,  Would blow all the mean corrosion  Out of men.  Fire! fire! fire!  Passion's brood forever dooming,  Roots of bittertiess consuming,���������  Oh, what jov would hearts inspire.  Touched and thrilled with Heaven's fire!  bten macle between the tft  ments of the twojpapors, the,   em Call mi the Fewt Weerily, %}\  ioluture, be issuo4 as one piapor,  J^ilOsilJ^^  *^r^ *4*nion always gives, mi, it is con-  fluently hope4 that the same degree  of patronage will, be extended to this  paper of the future as has been given  to the Western Call and the Ferret  Weekly of the past.  GEO. A. ODLUJkf,  Buaineaa Manager Western Call  FRED E. HARMER,  he management of the Ferret  eltly gratefully acknowledge, the  ) measure of support which has  accorded them by the residents  district and trust that the  irn Call, with which the, Ferret  _ m* embodledr w# be equally  well received by the supporters of  the Ferret Weekly. A full report of  the Ferret prize scheme will be published in this paper next week*  All claims upon the management  Of the Ferret Weekly should be sent  into 432 Campbell avenue immediately to ensure recognition.  ERNEST J: MOT,  Managing Editor  FRED E. HARMER,  Bwint** Manager  Business Manager Ferret Weekly  \******n MM! **y*)*+*+*i****9***#****************>*****i ************** i ft*"!"*1!1 ������'���������"���������������������  iai*<������Mi*������*)Mii<i'MiMMiinnniia**(  THB QHIOli' FLaV.0 OF WmtFSMX.  <*-ssMI-*asito^t*%ssia*as*i:'''-  The  Scotsman's  blood  grew  strangely  warm  Beneath the cross of white;���������  St. Andrew's-fowie** ftoofl to him.,  For Scotland, King and Bight.  St. George's Hag with cross of red  Meant much to England's sons,  i%������y������%  \ ?" ^^,*^-*^-^-���������^-^J?*!,l^  >    <  (4'VlM''M 1^111 !'>���������'!���������������������������'il*������������>'M1'1'i1'|lli^i1'i<'1''t'>til'<|nlM|..|li.lltl''lli i  < ���������      i,  < >     ��������� >  ������������������.I IHI llflllllll M M M M I **** * * 11 .���������*���������-���������  BBTTISH COLUMBIA HARBOB.  British Columbia Harbor stretches from Port  Moodv to Prince Rupert, and is the greatest harbor iii this world. Port Jackson, Rio Janeiro and  all the other seaports in actual use, when put together, are not equal to this mammoth land-locked  harbor of over 500 miles in length.  On one side it is walled by the mainland, and  on the other it is bounded by a wall of countless  islands.  At irregular intervals there are openings  through which ships of all sizes can go safely to  the ocean, or come therefrom.  For beauty, magnitude, scenic glory, enchanting  bewilderment and safety, this water stretch, which  I prefer to call "British Columbia Harbor," is unequalled. It is more: it is a land-locked canal,  compared with which the much-talked-of Panama  canal is dwarfed into pigmic insignificance.  The   trip   there   through   reminds one of the  ByG.A.O,  Street Improvement  < ���������  Notwithstanding much complaint and numerous criticisms. Vancouver is making rapid progress in street improvement. True, many apparent blunders ,are being made, such as paving  streets, laying sidewalks and constructing sewers while the widening of s������id streets is pending.  Commercial drive is a good example. Upon investigation, it will be found that all new and rapidly growing cities are subject to similar mistakes. They seem to be unavoidable. Patience is  essential under such circumstances. In time these mistakes will be largely corrected and forgot-  J \ ten in the presence of general progress and stupendous developments.  Harbor Construction  The proposed construction of harbors in Vancouver has given an impetus to improvement  throughout the city and province. South Vancouver and New Westminster are fully awake to the  commercial value of harbor accommodations, and are getting busy.   The Fraser River Develop-  < I  ' made in the world's commerce.  preparing  Infant Industries  Thousand'Islands of the St. Lawrence, of the north     .. ness people if it could be kept at home  Before manufacturing reaches imposing magnitude, it has to begin and pass through many ; |  X experiments with attendant ups and downs. The Manhood of Industry must be preceded by a  '* term of Infancy. Vancouver has not yet produced the Infant. Strange that a city of such enter- !!  prise should neglect an essential of permanent success. Today we are losing millions of dollars by ;;  the absence of manufacturing industries. We fully concur with the World, of the 23rd inst., in the  following:  "A sum aggregating at least seventy-five thousand dollars a day is being sent away froru Van-.*|  couver for manufactured products and the necessaries of life.    Leaving out of the consideration ������  the question of how long Vancouver can stand the heavy drain, it is obvious that this large amount  of good Vancouver money put into circulation daily in other centres would greatly help our busi-  of Lake Huron, of the Chishima Islands, or of the  great Oriental "Inland Sea."  I have taken all the great island water trips  of this world. The best by all odds is the 500-mile  trip through the unequalled British Columbia  Harbor.  Men and money provide the little Panama  canal, but God and eternity have given Canadians  this unapproachable Western waterway which  could carry all the fleets of this round globe.  Here-is an indescribable crowning glory of inestimable value to the Grand Trunk Pacific tourist  enterprise.  E. ODLUM.  iMy4^i  '������$  food bravely by their guns.  ?������*#  -*V j  m*  ->������-,   ���������  The Irish in their palmy days  St. Patrick's cross unfurled/  Aa 'gainst the foemen of their la������c(,  Their fearless troops were hurled.  Three peoples saw three different flags  To heaven's breeze flung out;  But every man beneath their folds  Cheered with the selfsame shout.  "For Ireland's laws and Ireland's God"--  ���������' For England's Crown and Bight"���������  "For Scotland's  lakes  and  Scotland'*  hills"���������  "For God and home we fight."  For England's���������Scotland's���������Ireland's sous  Engaging in the fight,  Raised each his country's bannered cross   i  For God and Home and Right.  Then led of God, in course of time  These.countries three,unite  Three crosses then were joined in one  To stand for Britain's might.  O'er every wave���������to every breeze���������  East, west, and south and north,  The Union Flag of Empire flings  The same old message forth.  It's crosses flutter in the winds  O'er countries far more vast  Than Rome or Greece, or any of  The empires of the past.  "A company of nations;" bound  In one Imperial whole  Against the walls of which, her foes  In vain their forces roll.  Beneath its folds we'll fearless stand  However fierce the fight  Assured of God that we at last  Shall win if we are right.  Should hosts by traitors led e'er try  Our Empire dear to rend  Defeat will overtake their arms  For God will sure defend.  Then cheer for Britain's Empire Flag���������  The grand old Union Jack.  Which stands for British liberty  To white, brown, red and black.  "The loss to Vancouver is not alone that of the cash withdrawn from the trade arteries, but is  also the loss of the value of this money in developing our enterprises and resources, in creating  more money. This materially increases the exhausting effect of this continual financial bloodletting."  Notice  . The Terminal City Press, Ltd., on the 22nd day of July, 1912, purchased the Ferrit Weekly,  including its advertising and subscription contracts and the good-will of its proprietors, Messrs. E.  J. Moy and F. E. Harmer;  v     The Terminal City Press, Ltd., does not assume any financial obligations of the aforesaid Fer-  % rit Weekly or its proprietors, apart from the advertising and subscription contracts.  ****** MIH'MII ill 11HII1I IHUI I'M >**** il 1 * M 1 **hH*1*****>V********>*************i  J        -h*I*-.**.*-.'-,--fr*-i**M^^  Premier Borden, the head of the Conservative  government in Canada, has an extensive program.  for a Canadian navy, which he is now in London  1o negotiate. It is reported that in place of the  contribution of two��������� dreadnaughts to the British  navy or making a cash contribution, the government will undertake to maintain two fleet units,  or parts thereof, one on the Atlantic and the other  on the Pacific coast. Canadian recruits would man  them, and the upkeep of the ships would be paid  for out of the Canadian exchequer. An official  statement of the policy is expected before Mr.  Borden leaves London.  jr- yi  THE WESTERN OAJJi.  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commerciai St. Four doors north of old stand  First class Ladies and Gents  suits made to order.    Best v  workmanship guaranteed.  Cleaning and Pressing  Phone Fairmont 1217  LEADER  GROCERY  J. WEARN, Prop.  Leader Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. for. ....$1.00  C Flakes 3 for           25c  Canned Cream, 10 oz., 3 for 25c  Worcester Sauce, 3 for...      25c  VICTORIA ROAD, CORNER BODWELL ROAD  Every Line a Special  ��������� AT ���������  E. BENNETT- Cash Grocer  Opposite fire Hall* Cedar Cottage  Delivery to any part.  July Clearance Sale of Fancy Goods  AT THE  Cedar Cottage Stationery Co.  Watch the Windows for Bargains  H. D. HYNDMAN,  Manager.  35S0 Commercial St.  X<. '.yy  Save paying rent.   We bar* tor sale a 2-room cottage with lot 88x160  near car, price f 105000.   Small cash payment, Tssl. $15 00 per month.  ���������������.  fOrl SALE--At a bargalD, a 5-room bungalow with fireplace and all  modern appliances, near Bodwell and Victoria Roads: price $3800, $500  e*sb> balance $25 00 per month.  NOTARY PUPIiJC  CWm COTTAGE  rtO**ags*WOR**HOTWOS������ u~*  WE^OU* PUPIUTY  t*^smt,p^M^^*4\v^*y������**m*. jt^o-TWVany <3^fot*  yP���������*f*Jfif-j.J������? VKa***"0"**������������ *������������������������*��������� tf1***0***  is are** -rtUi.ds-l. circles {utdsr (hem, wssk tack.  aVaCwcK en-i"**-; fU������J stmjffta, tired nwnlni  t������a hmtt, bsshtul. dreams aa* toese*, s-sUme-tt ia orlos.  bollow ebseks. carawora expression, poor msroory,  I strength, tired morning*, restless nights, chsngesbls  premfttora decay, pons p-Joa, Mr looss, sore tferoa*, eta,  - a is   *   wr-ccic  --.  .     .   -rousiKl msks������*ri-ai<rfroo. Vadar ita laflo*  t taeMood^ffss^sothatsjlggge*. t*^i^_a*w pJcct*  ;-*s*^JM������-������ l-scocMsMtli^tta fscsfull and J*"***"^**-***** teturas to the  WBm*,tboMrmtmoa*t*roMm*t^m  -.. . ���������_ ,- _, omesMtftUtbsfMefuU aad olesr, tnertr rsturas to the  aad ths *-ks*j^jAr-scsl sad sexual systems are iartfforsted:-afdrslns cssss- ne  t*rftafwasmf^tfe system. Dont1st quack* sad taatra rob jmi ������C -roar laud  ������������������ ���������** Ositers. We *���������*��������� cars ywa ar tte *���������*���������.   tEV������*ri*|||r10 PRIVATE AKD COH**IWWt*l>  aajtfmk *tom*tor*Aotmtrmt������4 -few.-*rlto ays* ho*������*������t ponton ft��������� ������f CW������s.  **^Ww^~TU<Mm*m\tw~ imirstratad) *mS.tf*tV*mm,**JMm.  <KruT*oNtjSTi-ofti--o***K  O-*K*^n*Y&K0fNEIJY  Cor. MhW^Av^^GHswolda, Detroit r**Ucn*    .  -HAYIsf^sP      AH letters from Canada mast be addressed  flwl twin*,     to our Canadian Correspondence Depart*  a*a*sssaaa*asBsas*sj    ment in Windsor, Ont.   If you desire to  BaHy call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat  ,       __._ in'our Windsor offices which sre for Correspondence and  laboratory lor Canadisn business only.   Address all letters as follows:  DBS.*OSt99J9Y 9k KSWIDY, Wiai**, 0*L  Jh4m9m  ^KWAPHEtOIf  ���������sSd//  fiomance  (Co*r*t9"r, /** sr ttr&Q****** rt***)***-**,-*' Ov*m sttt 6M*rAm>*mJ  ;������������ai������i*i������d*i������i*������������i������i������*4i������*t������*>i������iti������i������i������i������<a<������m������i������i������  Drs. Wood and Thompson  DENTISTS  Lone; experience enables us to give you the best dental work. All  work ia guaranteed. We make a specialty of Plate Work, Crowns and  Bridges and all methods of Filling. We invite you to consult us and  have your teeth examined for which no'charge is made. Painless  methods employed.  (Over Granville Drug Store) 641 Granville St., Vancouver, B. C.  Hours 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.      Open evenings by appointment      Sey. 3779  *\%*********%%*%%*********4iL***********4*4*\***\***4**  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Oranvllle Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a Specialty  TIE FRENCH RENOVATORY  1706 Oraetey Street  Suits Pressed 35c to 75c  High Class Work at Lowest  Prices. We Call and Deliver  In de dinlna eah anald.' Let's go ln  and punish the provender. And now���������-  watch, please, without appearing to  do so. Notice tha way I lay these  maps upon the aeat. Notice, also,  that I take tbls little postage stamp,  fold It, and gum ltv with one-half on  each page of thia time-table. Anyone who opens the time-table tears  the postage stamp. Now. let's go and  attend to the rations."  The boys did full justice to tbelr  lunch, and sauntered back to tbelr  seats. Their maps and papers lay  apparently undisturbed, but Solano  contracted bis black eyebrows significantly as he examined the tlme-tabJd  It had been opened, and the blading  stamp had been torn in two.  "Still after us, old man," remarked  the Cuban. "No, no, don't fasten any  Sherlock Holmes gate upon the other  passengers. Don't show a sign of surprise or worry. That would be playing right Into their band. Listen,  cow: when we reach Jersey City, let's  make a lightning exit without waiting  for the train to reach the west-shore  terminals. Let's take a chance on get-  , ting our clothes dusty. If anyone is  fool enough to rush out after us. we  have him spotted���������It he stays on the  tram we have a lot more chance to  get away before he can land ta the  station."  "Wish we had hopped off al Philadelphia," sighed Brockett. "In a city  of that size we might have made a  better escape, and I happen to know  the streets of the burg pretty well.  Well have to make the best of it now,  though. The moment we hit the sod  weir run so last we'll discover several new streets in Jersey City."   ; '  Solano was silent for a few minutes, and then his features lighted up.  "Do you happen to have an Eastern  league schedule about you?" he demanded. ��������� -..  "Think 1 have. Oot one with schedules of twenty leagues In It���������this note*  book;  What's the IdearV  "Is Jersey City playing at bom* to-  oay?". y ;,.: ���������   .        :.;.���������  "Yes���������-playing Newark.   Some fun  there.   That's old Iron Man McGin-  nlty'* team."  "Good stuff. Well, bow's this ft  supplement to our first Idea, then;  right out to tbe ball park, buy bleach*  er seats, and mix In with tbe crowd.  It's hard, awfully hard, to locate anybody In a ball park, and tbe task would  be twice as bard for some foreigner,  wbo wouldn't even know bow to find  bis way around tbe stands. We wanted to kill time In Jersey City till evening-���������where could we kill It more  pleasantly or more safely?"  "Some of your Ideas, dear Ramon,  denote almost human Intelligence. It  listens good to me. But, say���������-we are  just rolling into Jersey City now. Wait  a bit���������she'll slacken a'llttle���������NOW!"  The boys sprang from their chairs  and bolted down the "aisle. An astonished negro tried to, intercept tbem  with a cry of "Hold on boss���������we ain't  4n de station yet!" but only received  a shoulder and an elbow as reward.  Solano unhesitatingly leaped, struck  on a gravelly spot, went to bis knees.  snd then shot forward on bis palms.  Brockett swung off a shade more carefully, landed fairly on his feet, and,  after staggering a doxefi yards, regained his balance.  "Any bones broken, Ramon?"  "Nothing but a suspender and my  pet pipe. Little gravel in my knees  snd bands. I'll bet they think we sre  a pair of escaped crooks, but they  can't back up the train. Hurry���������-let's  get a vigorous move on!"  Twenty minutes later the messengers of state were burled In a mass  of howling fans at the Jersey City  ball park, where ancient rivalries with  tbe Newark team were being settled.  They picked a position halfway from  the front of the bleachers, and the  swarm of fanatics all around tbem  formed a veil that would have baffled a Vldocq and an X-ray to pierce  through. Here, safe from pursuit or  treachery, they gave themselves up to  their favorite delight, and enjoyed the  battle to tbelr hearts' content Both,  of course, were absolutely non-partisan when tbey entered the park���������-  the troubles of Newark and Jersey  City were nothing to them. Before the  game was half an Inning old, however,  they had become rabid "bugs," and  were abusing each other in the glorious fashion that only lovers of the  game can know. Solano became an  ardent admirer of the Jersey City  club; Brockett allied himself with  Newark, and each cast virulent aspersion on the other's judgment, opinions  and personality.  Newark, to the intense delight of  Harry Brockett, drew ahead and won  out, while Solano, after declaring tbat  his friend was a base-born idiot, that  the umpires were a porch-climber and  a door-mat thief, respectively, and tbat  tha Jersey City manager was solid  stone above the .shoulders, calmed  down, smote a fat man two rows  ahead of him with a bag of peanuts,  and looked innocently at the setting  western sun. Then the boys, vastly  refreshed and cheered by the afternoon's diversion, mingled with the  outgoing myriads.   As they  poured  across the new in the ruck,' they  crossed the track of the Newark players, bearing tbelr bate triumphantly  away. A gray-sleeved arm reached  out from tbe group ot victors and  caught Brockett by the aboulder. Th*  boy turned and looked into the grim,  weather-beaten face of Iron Man Jo*  McOlnnity.  "You're young Brockett, tbe colleg*  alugger, aren't you?" growled the  Iron Man, ln what he meant for an  amiable and conciliatory tone. "Uh  bub. I thought so. You aee, son, I  don't often forget faces, specially when  they belong to kids who did wbat you  did to my pitching two yeara ago. I  rather expected you'd take up the  game when you left college."  Scores of curious fans were staring  way atation met their view. As tbey;  descended the stairs the clangor of anj  approaching train was heard. Putting:  on a buret of speed tbey scurried for-,  ward, slapped tbelr coins upon the;  ticket-window, and leaped upon a car'  without the fraction ot a second to-  spare.  ��������� '.-.'  Once seated and their breath recovered, they bent over the strangely de-j  livened  letter.    Inside the envelope!  was pne small sheet of note-paper.)  and across the sheet was written, to:  Brockett's.own cipher:  "WP TC Pin Pos W SH AB SHi  2BH HR EEHRE 2BH BB SH PO  PO PO TC TC BA SB TC W BA SH  PO PO WP." ;  "Which reads," translated Brockett,;  "You sre beginning well���������look out forj  Kelly." 1  CHAPTER IX. j  "Outside the gentleman mentioned!  In the song, and a number of good hall*  players," aald Solano, "I never heard  of any Kellys. There appears to be  something doing. Harry."  '.'That Is evident st first sight," responded Brockett. "It look* as If both  our friends and our enemies were  hanging to our track. Aa far as  tracing us Is concerned, I'd have  thought lt rather harder for our friends  rto keep close watch over us than either the Japanese or the big German."  "I can figure out," commented So*  ,lano, "juat bow sheer luck would help  '.anyone to locate us ln Jersey City.  (Anybody who knew our tastes  and  (To be Continued)  Phone: Fairmont777  A. McINNES  GROCERIES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES  The  Store  that Serves You  Rest  Cor.   15th  and Westminster  Road  *������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������  tXfaaa  st the iron Man and the boys. The  grating voice ot Joe McOlnnity carried a long distance, and if tbere waa  anyone within twenty yarda who  hadn't heard bim that person must  have been atone deaf from childhood.  Brockett, nervous and agitated at this  loud announcement of his name, yet  secretly pleased at tbe patronage of  the great old warrior, flushed' and  slammered, while 'Solano's eyes, bespoke chagrin and apprehension.  ' "Tell you something,'Brockett," the  Iron Man went on, "I know a ball  player when I eee one, and If you want  to take up the game you don't have  to start wltb any Class Z leagues. I'll  take you on tomorrow, If you want.  Come see me' ln Newark during tbe  day. will you?"  ' Solano's eyes telegraphed a message, and Brockett understood. Speaking in a voice loud enough to be  heard halfway to the grandstand, be  answered: "Yes. Two o'clock be all  right? I'll be there," and then, shaking the Iron Man's band, retreated  once more to tbe shelter of the crowd.  "Annoying luck, that." remarked  Solano, "it anyone was bunting us In  that ball park it's a certainty that Mr.  McGlnnity tipped us off In grand style.  You made the proper play, though, by  making an appointment���������which we  will be unable to keep. It may lead  some one of our faithful followers  astray."  "Baseball luck la a queer thing,"  said Brockett, half angrily. "I was  lucky enough to bit McOlnnity for  two singles and a three-bagger the  afternoon we played tbe Newark team  ���������and he didn't forget lt. If he bad  struck me out three times he'd never  have remembered me. I wish be bad  fanned me three trip* on nine pitched  balls."  The youngsters wandered around  Jersey City for a brief period, doubling on their tracks several times.  Tbey glanced behind and around them  ever and anon, and were unable to  discover any trailers or pursuers, but  a vague sense of worry and uneasiness, an Indefinable dread, seemed to  be uppermost in their minds. Finally, m  when It had grown amply dark, they  hurried to the row of ferries tbat  fringe the abore of tbe North river,  and slipped aboard in the swarm ot  Jerseyites seeking Manhattan for their  evening's pleasure.  As the boys trailed along in the!  crowd which flocked to the front of:  tho boat as it approached the eastern;  side, Brockett Imagined tbat be felt;  a band touch lightly against his left;  hip, or in his pocket. -He turned in-!  stantly, but could not detect tbe prob-'  able pickpocket ln tbe jostling crowd.;  Thrashing his hand In his coat' pocket;  he felt the outlines of an envelope, and.  clutched It tightly. A moment later,  be stepped ashore and walked rapidly.  away.  "I've something with tne that I  didn't have when we went on the,  ferry," spoke Brockett Is aa under**  tone, continuing to pace along.  "What's that? An enlightened intellect?" the Cuban bantered. Brockett!  drew out the envelope, noted that iti  was innocent of address or mark of'  any kind, and returned It to Ms;  pocket, '      !  "Subway train might be a good place.  to look at that, whatever it la." aald;  Ramon,   and   they   walked  sturdily;  tew* till tJkeJbosis et a sab-:11  If You Are Sick  CALL ON  1 ERNEST SHAW, D. C. |  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue East  where  Chiropractic succeeds  medicine fsils.  Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free  \*(************%**********%9  OFFICE hours:  9 to 12 lto5  Saturday evening,  7 to 9 or by appointment  106 fan* q!  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WALDEtf BUILD'G  25th Ave. and Main St  EveitWomi  ^ Is istertstsd sad shea**, aaorr  i tdMatthswesrfsrftd  SSUIm Sbmb  sws-hsb- ajpfs*-  Douche  tt. g ss e���������not sssrtr  ths -s^tTHVKL. sceJj������i_ _  etJas*. he* saad stasis fbr *****-  tfMsl book-satted. It sfrts Ml <  Wt*tMaama*&TM*omiMramtikt  S������*SSS������a.W--*lJSUBS*J*?-*XTCO. ~  ,Oa*  Cedar Cottage Fuel Supply  Tens* Cms  for Coo| ond Wood  Phone Pairmont 404  Order office 3418 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage, adjoining car terminus  Victoria Road  Meat Market  5545 Victoria Rood  Fresh and Salt Meats  Fisfi, Ham and Green  Vegetables  Orders called for and delivered  at lowest prices ���������"  H. L. WELLMAN. watchmake*  All Watch and Jewelry -Aork guaranteed  English Work a specialty  3645 Commercial Street  Cedar Cottage .**,  /������  /  Till, WESTERN CAUL  9  The Butcher  From McKay  has removed to -  Royal Oak Market  Royal Oak Rd.,near Westminster Rd.  Good Fresh Meats of  all kinds.  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Special attention given  to defective feet. Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  done.  FORGEOpposite West Burnaby Scqoo  Give us a trial;  MM TEA ROOMS  Cor. McKay A ve.Jand Westminster Rd.  |ce Cream, ^  Lunches an4 Short Orders  WHITE HEM*  flow About Your  AU close to Bank,  Post Office  School, and Churches  Large lots thorough-  ly cleared $50 cash,  $10 per month  4 and 5  room cottages fully  modern from $200 cash with the,  balance on easy monthly pay  ments. .  fIre Insurance  News of the City  Hudson's Bay Company to Soon Start  Work on Large Baildiaa.  As soon as the plans are completed  work will be started on the new two  million dollar fireproof store that the  Hudson's Bay Company Is to erect on  its property, which extends on Georgia  street, from Granville to Seymour  streets.  This building will be erected to a  height of ten stones and will be of  steel and reinforced concrete construe  lion. The building will be erected in  two parts, the first part extending  from the site of the present lane to  Seymour street, and will be completed by next August, when the demolition of the. present structure and the  erection of the second portion will be  started.  The new structure will be up-to date  in every particular and will have every  convenience devised for the comfort  of the company's customer.). In order  that the.different floors may be made  as easily accessable as possible, no  less than ten elevators of modern pattern will be installed to take care of  the large number of persons who will  daily visit the store.  The exterior of the building wjll present a handsome and substantial ap--  pearance, being faced with grey' terra  cotta.   The cost will be $2,000,000.  Social and Personal  Hota-H������ws meant for this eolumn ahoald Im  s-sfle4er������ho*Mdts-tkcsditorasjrlrto buuw insertion.  Good 16 in, and 4 ft Pry Fir  in stock now.   Prompt delivery.  - A. H TATOW  Residence: Smith Avenue  Central Park, B. C*  Palmer & Goodwin  Builders ant)  Contractors  Jobbing Work in all ita branches  Estimates furnished free  P.O. McKay.&���������(���������  Residence: West Burnaby Cafe  Dominion Express orders sold.  Th's the cheapest and best way  to remit money.  Phone: Collinqwoo4 24  P. O. Box 25, Collingwood Bast  ft-ETCHCR ii BRETT  RML ESTATE  Loans, Insurance, etc., Notaries Public  Joyce Strest,' Collingwood Bast  " MINIATURE RAILWAY.  A novel outfit to operate on circle  track; 14*4 in. guage, with electric  train line signals, used throughout, and  may be completed in time to operate  at Vancouver exhibition. .If finished  in time will be a great booster for  Vancouver and the exhibition.  .This is one of two, and is the smallest built in Canada for service, Canadian material and workmanship being  used throughout, and will be worthy  of its christened name "Vancouver  Special."  parties interested should call and  see it. The locomotive being a scale  of 909 of the Grand Trunk railway ays-  tern, having six connected drivers,  each 9% In. diameter. One pr. heading trucks, length over all 6ft. 2ln.,  height 3ft;. cylinders 2inx3in,. Weight  about 1600 lbs.; is very typical and  built for service. Tender is 3ft Wn.  long, having a capacity for 25 gallons  of water, and fuel for six hours. Cars  are the open air passenger style, same  as used on all miniature railway outfits; three in number, with seating  capacity for 8 adults or twelve children each. ������  THE 8UPREME WORP.  If you want to buy,  sell or trade real estate see US,  SEE THESE  2 roomed house, lot  cleared and fenced; $100  cash, balance $15 per  month.  Cleared lots 33x132*  20-foot lane, 2 minutes  from car. Price $650  each. $75 cash, balance $15 a month.  6-room modern house  on easy terms.  Western Investment Co.  Real Estate and  Insurance  Phone: Collingwood 35  Coll.ngwood Cost, B. C  Fixtures, Wiring and all  Electric Repairs  JV TRIPP  ELECTRICIAN  Residence  Central Park  Postoffice  Collingwood East  Do You Know  We handle a Fall Use of  Vegetables which are always  Fresh.  Butter, fully guaranteed to suit  the most particular, 3 lbs.. .$1.00  Eggs, the same as you buy from  your neighbors. 3 doz. for. .$1,00  Raspberries at the lowest market price each day.  Since we have a cold storage  plant of the]very best, we can  always guarantee a full line of  the best meats.  Burnaby Meat  Market  McKay  B.C.  Phone Collingwood 69  .!*.������.     ���������������..****������**  Mr. Robert J. C. Stead, author and  journalist of High River, Albert, is m  the city today en route to Alaska. Mr.  Stead is best known for bis poetry,  which has run through four editions,  and is now published in Canada, United States and Great Britain. Mrs.  Stead and their two children accompany him,  ������d.  My muse commands;  "Search seas and lands,  All depths and heights,  Through days and nights;  . And. then record  The Greatest Word."  searched the volumes of the dusty  past,  Homeric strains and Aristotle's lore,  swept the compass of all modern  thought  Which touches Europe to the Western shore. /  In all my quest  I find'no rest,  Their notes are round  And rich and sweet,  Plain or profound,  But not complete.  With double pain  1 cry to God:  "Man's thoughts are vain,  Teach .me thy Word."  He answers me:  "The greatest word  Man ever heard  On land or sea,  Below, above,  Is, GOD IS LOVE."  Mr. John MePhail and family have  removed from 967 Howe atreet to 2537  Oak street, Fairview.  ��������� ���������   ���������  Miss Gladys W. Tafts, a graduate  Of Wesley hospital, Chicago, is a visitor in the city, the guest of her uncle,  Mi*, James Lnmsden, 133 Eleventh avenue.  ��������� ���������   ���������  Dr. N. Allen, of Fairview, has left  the city for a year's visit to the continent, and his house and practice  h*v������ been taken during his absence  by,Dr. James A. Gillespie, who has for  tb* last eleven years been a resident  oft Cumberland, B.C., and surgeon at  tbe large Dunsmuir mines, situated  there.  ��������� *   ���������  Mrs. Alexander Douglas, Nineteenth  avenue east, who has been on an enjoyable tour for four months, returned  home on Friday.  > ���������   ������   ���������  r;Mr. and Mrs. John A. Douglas, ot 26  T%nth avenue east, are ln Ferndale,  Wash., attending a religious gathering. Mr. Douglas is president of the  British Columbia Ceiling & Roofing  Co., Ltd., corner 7th avenue and Bridge  street.  ��������� ���������   ���������  Mr. Wm. B. Everett, of the A. L.  Oftys Co., Ltd., is at Cloverdale on  business. He resides at 3250 Heather  street.  ! eee  Dr. Daniel Healy, who has attained  eminence for hla original research  work in bacteriology, and Mrs. Healy,  of Lexington, Ky., are In Vancouver  for a few days, the guests of the doctor's brother, Mr. J. J. Healy, Twelfth  a**.*nne west. Dr. Healy ts a Toronto  boy and a graduate of McGUl unlver-j '  slty, Montreal. He now holds the chair L  of bacteriology In the University of  Kentucky, having previously been on  tbe staff of the surgeon-general of the  United States army, with headquarters at Washington. The visitor,  .whose wife Is also a doctor of medl-  ig*ge, is.* member of a committee of  five experts appointed by the United  States government at the request of  the National Pure Food and Drug Association to establish the bacteriological standards to be used throughout  the union.  ��������� ���������   ������  Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Wallace, Algonquin block. Tenth avenue east, and  their friends, Mr. and Mrs.' John F.  Ross, Sixth avenue east, left Vancouver Monday evening for a ten days'  trip to Stuart and Prince Rupert.  ��������� ���������   ���������  Mrs.. W. H. Gray, of Saskatchewan,  is visiting with her sister, Mrs. G. W.  01t8, 22 Tenth avenue west.  Hardware Merchant  has removed from opposite Northern  Crown Bank to NEW PREMISES on the  Westminster Road opposite AGRICULTURAL HALL. Central Park, where he  will continue to carry a full stock of  Hardware. Paints, Oils and BUILDERS'  SUPPLIES, Stoves, Ranges and Kitchen  Utensils.   SPECIAL PRICES on  Screen Doors and  Windows  ���������f i> r������ "^j  * '\yi  y !^mi  *- ,w J<P  111 a������������������*M**<**������*as  Summer Time-Just a Word With You  This is the best time to re-paint your house or buildings,  fences, etc. We carry a full stock of Paints. Oils. Varnishes  Painter's Supplies,-etc., and the prices ARE RIGHT.  The Royal Hardware Co.  Cor.McKay and Westminster Rd. Orders ^Solicited and De*i***r*d  Phone Collingwood 73 l  >:  yryin  iiinmiiiiMiiinii Miininii  '-*-V&  K]  * a iii ��������� i*������������*������a*������-*������*****-*������*********4������*a*y  1\>  Clerk���������Can you let me off tomorrow afternoon? My wife wants me  to go shopping for her.  Employer���������Certainly not. We are  much too busy.  Clerk���������Thank you very much, sir.  You are very kind.  BELL THEATRE  WEDDING AT CENTRAL PARK  A quiet wedding was solemnized in  St. John's church, Central Park,  Thursday morning, when Miss Harriet  Philpot of East Collingwood, and late  of Ilkley, Yorkshire, Eng., became the  wife of Mr. George Jeff err, South  Vancouver. The Bride, who was beautifully gowned in white satin and  wore a large picture hat trimmed  with sweeping ostrich feathers to  match, was given away by her brother, Mr. David PPhilpot, of Edmonds,  and was supported by her sister, Miss  Violet Philpot, of Vancouver, while  Mr. Harry Haigh, of Burnaby, acted  as best man. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery  will reside in East Collingwood. The  marriage ceremony was performed by  the Rev. W. Thomas Johnson.  * ���������   *  Rev. Dr. M. P. Burns, superintendent of the M. E. church, Minneapolis,  whose reputation as a preacher had  preceded him, preached to two large  audiences in the Mt. Pleasant Methodist church on Sunday last. Dr.  Burns will occupy the same pulpit  during July, while Rev. L. Hall is away  on bis vacation.  * ���������   ���������  Mr. W. J. Milne, formerly of Mount  Pleasant, but now residing at 3500  First avenue west, has just returned  from a trip to Poplar, B. C, where, as  president of the Golden Gate Mining  Co., he has been looking after the work  being done on the company's mining  properties. Men are drifting in from  a tunnel previously driven, and have  struck a vein at considerable depth,  which had been uncovered and showed  good values on the surface.  Mrs. W. Carter and her two young  daughters, Kathleen and Evangeline,  left on Tuesday's boat for a two  week's visit with friends in Seattle,  and iwhile there will see the famous  potlatch celebration.  Mr. A. L. Olts and family of 43  Eleventh avenue west, are taking a  vacation at Secret Cove, about forty  miles to the north.  JOYCE  ROAD  EAST COLUNQWOOD  Q. W. BURNBY, IVUfMgcr  The moving pictures shown at this theatre are of tbe very best o*J������*dn<  able, nothing objectionable is allowed by the management.  1  ;v  :?r*M  Amusinq  Instructive  MucoflofwM  Paring the summer months will open on Wednesday and 8*tnrd*y  only.      Children's matinee Saturday.     Special this Friday and Saturday  Homer* 0<Jyssey. See This  More letting ycur Painting an* paperfwoqiira see  H.Srigley  Tor the liest aM most artistic worH  Uncolii Avenue, ;CollingwGo<j p. 0.  "Si,  ^'2  Buxton, Watson & Co.  Uuilders and Contractors  Let us give you a figure on your building,  provided..  Plans  vJn  pox 9  Central Park  GRANT PHIPPS  WIRING, FITTINGS, fIXTURES  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Koad  :?^St  Prof. George Freeman, of the agricultural experiment station of the  University of Arizona has invented a  device for ripening dates artificially,  which promises great things. Some  desert parts of California and Arizona  are well suited to the cultivation of  the date palm; but the one drawback  is that the natural heat cannot be depended on to bring the fruit to perfect  ripeness. But Prof. Freeman's invention, which is a simple affair, ripens  the dates perfectly and renders thern  as sweet and delicate in flavor as the  naturally ripened fruit, and far superior as a table delicacy to the dried  and pressed dates with which we are  familiar. The industry in tbe southwest promises to become of great importance.  PMONE: Collingwood 81*  Box 236 Mceay P. O.  KEEFER SUPPLY STORE  ERNEST SHAW, D. C.  (Robert J. Burgess kMgr.)  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  Groceries, Provisions, Flour,  250 22nd Ave. E.  Feed, Patent Medicines,  Close to Main Street  Bread, Cakes, Fruit and  Office Hours :  l:30*,to 6.  Green Vegetables  Nervous Troubles and Chronic  Dis  Crockery  eases given special attention. Epilepsy,  b% Discount for Cash.  St. Vitus Dsn������e, Sciatica, Headaches,  Terms:   Strictly 30 days nett  Female Troubles, etc.  Cor, McKay & Westminster Rds.  Copy too late for this  The new fire hall, corner of Twenty  issue.      Watch   this  fifth avenue and Prince Albert street,  space next week  is rapidly progressing toward comple-  ���������  'yfm  Rev. Dr. Kexridge, pastor of St. Andrew's church, Ottawa, arrived in the  city today on a visit to friends.  Your orders called for and  promptly delivered TRE WESTERN CALL.  ; *t**l*������*-+-"**>**.**.-*i"W**l-*^^  COLLECTIONS���������Bad Debts Collected every-  where. No collection, no charge. American-  Vtmeowrer Mercantile Agency, 336 Hastings  Street. Vancouver, B. C Phone Seymour  8650.  '*** i*h-i ������������������������������������������������������*������i-������-*������*������������!������*****������i*������������I^^  i  Mt. Pleasant Livery  *> v    A. F. McTAVISH, Prop. *  * *   Phone Fairmont 845 Corner Broadway and Main j;  i; Carriages at all hours day or night j;  Hacks, Victorias, Broughams, Surreys and'Single  Buggies, Express and Dray Wagons for hire  ii Express & Baggage Transferred ||  O   ���������.       *'  a*** # 11 n 11111111 h i������*< m mi i un 11 ti 1111 i-i 11 m > 11 i'i *  M'ti a 111 ii tin 11 i 111 m. i ;oi *i i n im 11 ii 11 n 11 in i i'l;;  :: Phone i Bmyvlew 1182  VAN UfPORD BROS.  Big Summer Sale  Of Pots and Plants, Ferns, Palms, etc.  Large variety of  .Gut Flowers, Fern Dishes, Baskets, etc. j \  Great Reductions  ���������  999 Broadway W.f        Cor. Broadway and Oak  II1KI imct, sfasjaj ftr ���������asfdtil rttJtsri, C*t. IEATIEI ui MtilWAT  ***** lUttlai"! IW'MI-HI'MOl'IHU I'l II I'* I IM H'������I'������M"I'������j*  "-"-a f*a **aesi*s-a> fta*?  I* Tew*  Sal ������*��������� Bast Velaa for  Tttmy  &  -VV** *r. H. Arwatronf, Prop. nK|  2440 MAIN STRISPT  *t>  We Juive an ICC CRBAn PARMIR with.26 different  ice4 4rinks, Ice Cregm Sundaes, Sodas and Cones. We deliver ice cream in bricjc or bulk and a call will convince you  our goods and prices are right  *****������*������* Fairmont 1177  Mt. Pleasant  Main Transfer Co.  *%  ���������--.'���������'���������  Phone Fairmont 1177  2421 Scotia St.  MacUVCHIuAN & MORGAN  ff-0||  CLASS  ttOOT*  AND  SHOES  Of Guaranteed Quality  f. Gentlemen's and  Children'!   at  kali city price*.  BOOTS WMl 5H06S 8BPAIRED  Our   long   experience   and    equipment  guarantees good wo-kmananip.  3330 Main St. and   or. 18th Ave. and Main St.  ii. Hill I III I III ll*H  TOR SALE  On 12th Avenue and Victoria Drive, near Grandview  car, THREE Bungalows, story and a half each, full cement  basement, finished modern up-to-date style, heat, etc., toilet  in basement, extra toilet upstairs.  For full particulars and information as to terms apply  506 Metropolitan Building  PHONE: Seymour 588 VANCOUVER  ������*���������***������������-*������������������������   II Il I   I Ill   ������Q������   ���������   ���������*,������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������!   ������������������������������������������"������   *���������*������������������������  THE INTERCOLONIAL TEA CO.  Patronize home industry. We deal exclusively in Tea,  Coffee, Cocoa and Spices. We are here to please you and  we want your help. We will give you the best value, try us.  Tea from 25c up.    Fresh Coffee from 30c to 40c  Cocoa, absolutely pure, 35c per lb.  3S56 Main St.  Phone Fairmont 1592  Advertise in THE CALL  Local and    \ WPW^ WUP  The new Ruth Memorial Baptist  church, coiner Twenty-sixth avenue  and Prince Albert street, is partially  up and being boarded in. This promises to be an attractive edifice.  When father comes home hungry as  a bear, move him up to a table, serve  dinner but be sure you have got your  groceries of Ellis, 30th and Fraser.  The West Coast Trust Co., Ltd., is  about to remove their office from its  present location at 2515 to 2313 Main  street  The Right Rev. A. U. De Pencier,  Bishop of New Westminster, will hold  special services in St. Michael's  church on Sunday, July 28, 1912, at  3 p. m. nnd at 730 p. m.  Mr. P. T. Spence, President of the  Dominion Alliance, will speak at Wesley Methodist church next Sunday  morning, and also address a mass  meeting of citizens at 4 p. m. at the  St. Andrew's Presbyterian church. City  authorities and people generally are  cordially Invited.  Cedar Cottage Presbyterian church  will hold its third anniversary services next Sabbath. At the morning  service, 11 a. m., Rev. Mr. Wilson of  St. Andrew's church will preach. At  the evening service, 7:30 p. m., Rev.  Dr. Pidgeon of Westminster Hall, will  preach. Monday evening there will  be an ice cream social at the church,  when an address will be delivered by  Rev. Peter Wright Come to the Sunday services. Come to the Monday  social.  A quiet wedding was solemnized on  Tuesday afternoon, last week, sit Trinity Methodist church, when the Rev.  P. B. Stacey united In marriage Miss  Flora Prophet and Mr. David R. Far-  quhar. The bridesmaid was Miss Annie P. Simpson, while Mr. David K.  MacKenzie supported the groom.  One of the prettiest of the season's  weddings took place on Thursday,  July IS, at the home of Mr. Edward  Farr, when his daughter Alice, became the wife of Dr. O. W. Murphy,  of Eleventh avenue and Commercial  Drive. The Rev. Dr. Fraser perform-*  ed the ceremony in the presence of  relatives and intimate friends. The  graceful bride, gowned in her travelling costume of grey cloth, Bmartly  tailored, and a becoming hat to match,  and carrying a shower of white roses  and lilies of the valley, was brought  in and given away by her father, Miss  Nellie Hunt playing the wedding  march softly, and the bridal party  standing under a swaying bell of  white flowers and greenery during the  service. Attending the bride was Miss  Alice PlewB, wearing a suit of tan  whipcord and picture hat and carrying  pink carnations, and the groomsman  was Dr. J. G. Shaw. At the conclusion of the ceremony a reception was  held and the guests partook of a wed*  ding dejeuner. Afterwards Dr. and  Mra. Murphy left on the 9 o'clock  train for the east, travelling by Winnipeg, St. Panl and Chicago to New  York, they will visit tbe old home of  the groom, at Portland, Ont., before  returning to Vancouver.  a meeting Saturday afternoon in the  Royal Bank Building, corner of Broad*  way and Bridge street, for the purpose of drawing up and signing a  petition to the city council request  lag that the name of Bridge street be  changed to tbat of Camble street;  making It uniform throughout.    : ^  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  The residents and property owners .'are leaders in their particular lines  in the vicinity of Bridge street held;and on whose word patrons can rely.  On Main street are the following:  Owen's Hardware, 2337.  Lougheed & Co., real estate, 2343.  P. Paris Shoe Repair Shop, 2436.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440.  The Sanitary Market, 2513.  Band's Cafe, 2611.  The Bon���������Ice Cream, 2648.  Darling's Drug Store, 2652.  Keeler's Nursery, corner Fifteenth  avenue.  McBride's Hardware, Sixteenth avenue.  Tbe Toronto Furniture, 3334.  Mt Pleasant Livery, ^Msin and  Broadway east.  P. T. Vernon's Feed Store, corner  Broadway and  Westminster Road.  Progressive Boot Repairing Shop,  232 Broadway East.  MacLachlan Boot and Shoe Repuair  jShop, 3330 Main St.  Rosio  & Jones, Wall  Papers, 2440  Grading on Sixth avenue is under  way preparatory to paving. The work  alll he completed this summer, .which  will add another feature to the beau*  ty of Mt. Pleasant.  The extensive sewerage improvements on Broadway and Bridge street  are progressing towardB completion.  The Mt Pleasant school building  has been thoroughly renovated, all  the rooms being newly   kalsomined,!Main" St  painted and varnished. They present  a. clean and inviting appearance. The  work was done by Stanley.& Co.  Another commendable improvement  at the Mt. Pleasant school is the installment of swings and other apparatus on the school playground for  the enjoyment and health of the  scholars.  The employees o fthe B. C. Electric;  Railway are holding their first outing  and picnic at Hastings Park yesterday and today. This will be the largest and most notable occasion of  the kind ever held in British Colum-  blo. Games and sports of an extensive variety will be on the program.  Thousands are expected to be ln attendance. The affair is under the direction of the officials of the company.  Main Transfer Co., 2421 Scotia St  Trimble & Norris, Real Estate, corner Broadway and Westminster Road.  Peters & Co. Shoe Repair Shop,  Main, back of Bloomfield's Cafe.  Arthur Prith's Furnishing . Store,  corner of Broadway and Main.  All of the above are thoroughly interested in Mt Pleasant's forward  movement and consistently patronize  "Home Industry." One call on them  will insure another.  .a���������*' '������"��������� '������"������''������"l,l������l V**4*4rif4>*+4$***4''l~h+   ���������l*������'l-l-l"H"l"I"l-������-l������'I"l'-I--l'������i-|-������f'I'*>������*'*||  No Delivery  No Credit  ��������� '  . ��������� - ���������:��������� -M ���������  Phone. Fairmont 621  We gin yai the bens*  lit al all expenses et  delivery  aad book*  keeplai.  The reisoi ne make good becaase-Qualltf the best-prices the Bast reisenable  Saturday Spaolaia  Pin Lb.  . 20 to 25c  A 80NNET.  Josephine  Pollard.  Once a poet wrote a sonnet  All about a pretty bonnet,  And a critic sat upon it,  (On the sonnet.  Not the bonnet)  Nothing loath.  And as if it were high treason,  He said, "Neither rhyme nor reason  Has it.   And it's out of season!"  Which?   The Bonnet?  Or the bonnet?  May be both.  "'TIs a feeble imitation  Of a worthier creation,  An aesthetic innovation!"  Of a sonnet,  Or a bonnet?  This was hard.  Both were put together neatly,  Harmonizing very sweetly,  But tbe critics crushed completely,  Not the bonnet,  Or the sonnet,  But the bard.  OUR YOUNG FOLK8  If I Were You  If I a little girl could be,  Well���������Just like you,  With lips as rosy, cheeks as fair,  Such eyes of blue, and shining hair,  What do you think I'd do?  I'd wear so bright and sweet a smile,  I'd be so loving all the while,  I'd be so helpful with my hand,  So quick and gentle to command,  .  You  soon  would see  That every one would turn to say,  " 'TiB good to meet tbat child today."  Yes, yes, my girl; that's what I'd do  If I were you.  Or, if I chanced to be a boy,  Like some I know,  With crisp curls sparkling in the sun,  And eyes all beaming bright with fun���������  Ah, if I could be so,  I'd strive and strive with all my might  To be so true, so brave, polite,  That in me each one might behold  A hero, as in days of old.  'Twould be a joy  To hear one, looking at me, say:  "My cheer and comfort, all the day."  Yes, if I were a boy, I know  It would be so.  ���������Independent.  All of the eggs at breakfast were  properly boiled except one.  "I'd like to know what makes this  egg so hard when all the rest are  soft" remarked Mrs. B.  "I know," spoke up Tommy, "it was  laid by a Plymouth Rock."  Choice local Veal.  Legs California Lamb 20c  Loins       " ������������������      .......20c  Eastern fed Pork Legs 20c  ��������� Loins .20 to 25c  The best Pot Roast.. .12*s' to 15c  Lean Silver Side. .16c  Heel Beef, all meat. .10 to 12������������c  FISH-Salmon, fresh, nd. 2 lfaa. for 26c  Halibut, resh choice. S Iba. for 25c  Pq Lb.  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One of the rocks on which the government of Cuba is in danger of being wrecked is the financial one;  When Cuba started as a republic ten  years ago she did so free from debt  But she has since borrowed and  spent S51,500,000, and also her $35,-  000,000 a year regular Income. The  funds of the island are at their lowest  ebb. A loan of $15,000,000 obtained  for the sewering, paving and Improve*  ment of the water system in Havana  and the installation of such a system  in CienfuegoB is gone with the exception of $3,000,000. Another $3,000,000  of the loan, opponents of the administration declare, cannot be accounted  tor. ������������������;.' ���������'.���������>-���������?,"    ���������:"���������.!��������� :-y- '���������'  It is now hinted that tbe big cane  sugar interests, knowing that it Cuba  were annexed to the United States,  the sugar duty would come off, have  been, along with certain mining Interests, indirectly fomenting the disturbances which now afflict the two  republics.  Already the situation in Cuba has  become so critical tbat American  troops and marines are on the spot  ready for bloody action the moment  orders are given.  Tommy has climbed up onto the  sloping barn roof, but the shingles  had proven damp and presently he  lost his hold and was slipping down.  "Lord save me," he prayed. Then his  clothes caught and he added, "You  needn't brother, Lord. I've caught on  a nail."  To Bent-8 Roomed House  4529 Valentine St., between 29th and  30th Ave., South Vancouver; strictly  modern, new. Apply Muir & Lobb,  2410 Westminster Pbad.  Varnishes  Paints and  for your little odd jobs. We will intelligently answer any question that may  perplex you regarding their uses and  application.  Oar range ol fall Papers Is complete  LEE & WOOD  923lrMiway.W. Phone Ftir. B������L  ���������*** t******* *t***4<**'****4 >  JTORONTOi  :��������� FURNITURE  STORE i:'.  :. 3334 Main St.  :; Our stock of Furniture ::  :;is Large, Modern and ::  :: adapted to the tastes of ��������� >  ::". Buyers. \\  ;: Dressers, Buffets, Tables : i  :: Chairs, Couches, Mat- ::  :: tresses, Bedsteads, etc. ::  ��������� ������ A complete line of !!  ;; Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. ��������������� ���������  ,. Drop in and inspect our goods. ''  ��������������� This is where you get a square .  ;' deal. ���������>  ;���������;."'���������'     M. 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Mc-  DONEI.L, of Vancouver, B.C., occupation  Lumb������rman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the  Intersection of the South boundary of  Lots One (1) and Two (2), Block One  (1), Subdivision of District Lot One  hundred and eighty-four (184). in the  City of Vancouver, British Columbia,  with the high water mark of Burrard  Inlet which high water mark Is one hundred and sixty-flve (165) feet more or  less from the Southeast corner of the  said lot; thence North sixty-two degrees  fourteen minutes we^t (N. 62* 14' W.).  distant one hundred and twenty-nve  (126) feet; thence North forty-one degrees and twenty-nine minutes East (N.  41" 29* E.). distant two hundred and  thirty-four feet, thence south thirty-  seven degrees and fourteen minutes East  (8. ST* 14' E.), distant one hundied and  twenty-flve feet, more or less, to the  high water mark at the intersection ot  North boundary of Lot Two (2) produced; thence following the lil������h water  mark of the ghore of Burrard Inlet to  the point of beginning in a southwesterly  direction.  JOHN W. McDONELL.  Per SYDNEY A   LAKE.  Agent.  Dated 17th May. 1912.  Ever since the time of which  Chaucer wrote, English people have  been fond of meat pudding. Only recently has It been discovered, however, that the substitution of corn-  meal for white flour makes a much  more delicious dish than the time-  honored pudding. The receipt requires two pounds of round steak, or  other lean beef, two cups of corn-  meal, one cup of flour, one-half pound  of suet and one tablespoonful of salt.  Chop the suet fine; mix it thoroughly with cornmeal, flour and salt, and  add enough water to make a stiff  dough. Roll out the dough to a uniform thickens of a little less than a  half an inch, and place it on a cloth.  Cut the beef Into smal pieces and season with pepper and salt. Put the  meat on the dough, draw the cloth  together and tie it tightly, so that the  meat will be completely enclosed by  the dough.   Boil for live hours.  Social and Personal  2436 MAIN STREET  (BEWEEN 8th and BROADWAY)  First-class Repairing.a Specialty  Boots and Shoes.made to order.  P. PARIS, Prop.  Also Corner of Sth Avenue  a*****a*a**4******9**********4*\t,*,i*i,*4>*4************'.  Our Opinion on the  Range Question  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  best merchandise in our line. 4  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market.   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Forester, hardware  merchant of Neepawa, Mass., is in  Vancouver visiting a number of his  old Neepawa acquaintances, many of  whom reside in Mt. Pleasant.  Mr. George H. Morris, proprietor  of the Champion Shoe Repairing Co.,  623 Broadway, met with a painful accident on Monday. While explaining  the working of a new machine to a  friend the index finger of his right  hand was caught and jammed so seriously that he repaired to a nearby  hospital and had it amputated, losing  the whole finger.  CROPS  ANO   LIVE  STOCK  CANADA.  OF    1*****M  Mr. B. L. Estey of the firm of Es-  tey & Patterson, 3638 Main street,  has returned from a three weeks' visit  to his family in Fredericton, N. B. He  was unable to bring back his entire  family with him because of the severe illness of his youngest daughter. Her mother remained to care for  her. She has rheumatic fever and at  last accounts was no better.  '���������������M*twtt������tw*������t������������w������������ *************************<  I WALLPAPERS I  IN EVERY SHAPE. GRAPE ANP STYLE.  Estimates  Qiven for  Papering  Painting  and  Kalso-  mining  r-alotersSupplIes  Ready nixed  Paint*  Stains  Varnishes  ills  Brushes, etc.  rosjo & JONES  2440 MAIN STREET Betwee* 8tb Ave. and Broadway ;;  Phones: Fairmont 1862-1660  **a**************4'*4*4*******************************  DAW'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST.,COR. Uth Ave.  i  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY BY REGISTERED MEN  B. C. FALL FAIRS  Vancouver Exhibition Attfwt Uth to 17th  Following la tbe list {of fairs:  Arrow Lakes���������October 4-5.  Alberni���������-September 13.  Armstrong���������October 16*17.  Burqultlam���������September 28.  itella Coola���������October 80.  Cowichan���������September 80*21.  Comox���������October 3."  Coquitlam���������-September 81.  Chllliwack���������September 19-20.  Central Paris���������September 12-13.  Cranbrook���������September 18-19.  Pelta���������September 20-21.  Grand Forks���������Sept. 26-27.  Greenwood���������September 30.  Golden���������September 24-25.  Islands���������September 18.  Kent���������September 12-13.  Kamloops���������September 18-20.  Kelowna���������September 26*27.  Kaslo���������October 15.  Langley���������September 25.  Mission���������September 24-25.  Maple Ridge���������Sept. 25-26.  Matsqui���������September 26-27.  Nanaimo���������September 17-19.  N. and S. Saanlch���������Oct. 4-5.  Nicola���������September 25.  North Vancouver���������Sept. 7.  New Westminster���������Oct 4-5.  Nelson���������September 23-25.  New Denver���������October 2.  Penticton���������September 29.  Revelstoke���������October 810.  Richmond���������September 25-26.  Shawnigan���������September 18.  Salmon Arm���������Sept. 27, 28.  Summerland���������October 30, 31.  Surrey���������September 24.  Trail���������September 25-26.  Vernon���������October 23,  24.  Vancouver���������August 10-17.  Windermere���������Sept. 20-21.  Victoria,    (provincial    exhibition-  September 24-28.  July 17. A bulletlng on the crops  and live stock of Canada la issued  by the Census and Statistics Office  today. The correspondents of the office report that in the Maritime provinces and generally throughout eastern Canada the weather of June continued cold and wet, and growth was  therefore slow. In the Northwest  provinces the weather of June waa  hot and dry, and rain was badly needed at 'the beginning of Jaly. Rains  have since fallen, however, and conditions have improved. Prospects for  spring sown crops are generally favorable.  According to revised figures obtained at the end of June the total  area under wheat this year is 10,-  047,300 acres, compared with 10,377,-  159 acres as returned by the census  of 1911. The area sown to fall  wheat in 1911 was 1,097,900  acres, but winter killing has reduced  this area to 781,000 acres. The area  sown to oats is estimated at 9,494,600  acres, compared with 9,233,550 acres  in 1911, and to barley 1,449,200 acres,  as aga'nst 1,403,969 acres in 1911. In  the three Northwest provinces spring  wheat ' covers 9,029,000 acres, aa  against 8,946,965 acres in 1911, the  Increase being in Saskatchewan and  Alberta. Including fall wheat the total wheat acreage in the three provinces is 9,246,100, compared with  9,301,2$3 acres in 1911, the decrease  being accounted for by the large area  of fall wheat winter killed in Alberta.  Oats ill the three provinces occupy  5,037,000 acres and barley 826,100  acres, as compared with last year's  census figures of 4,563,203 acres for  oats and 761,738 acres for barley.  Whilst not equal to the exceptionally high figures recorded this time  last year, the condition of spring sown  crops 1b generally good. The highest  figures for spring cereals are recorded ln Prince Edward Island and British Columbia, the per cent condition  ranging, from 97 to 99 in the former  and from. 90 to 96 in the.latter pro*  vlnce, the average for the Dominion  being from 80 to 89. Fall wheat  remains low, being only 70 for Can  ado, 73 for Ontario and 71.6 for Alberta.) Last year tbe condition was  also low, viz: 75 for Canada; the  average of the four years, 1908-H,  was 81.5. Spring wheat is 89.73 p. c  compared with 94.78 last year and  88.25 the four years' average; oats  86.43 against 94.46 in 1911 and 90.42  average; barley 88.58 against 93 In  1911 and 89.28 average. Rye Is 87.84,  peas are 80.08 and mixed grains 84-98.  Hay and clover show a condition per  cent of 85.59, against 84.97 in 1911;  alfalfa 90.59 against 82.31 and pasture 95.66 against 90.77. In the three  Northwest provinces spring wheat,  oats and barley range from 80 to 88  p. c, figures which are close to tbe  average of the four years, 1908*11,  and which are below last year's exceptional records by from about 10 to  '.5 p. c.  The estimated numbers of live  stock show further decreases except  as regards horses and dairy cattle,  the former being 70,400 and the latter 14,500 more than last year's estimates. The census figures of 1911  are not yet available. The condition  of all live stock in Canada is uniformed excellent, the number of  points being 97 horses, 98 cattle, 97  sheep aud 96 swine.  ARCHIBALD BLUB.  Chief Officer.  PETERS ������S CO.  T.  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July 18���������Victoria Heights   vs.   South  Hill.  Aug. 9���������Richmond vs. South Hill.  July 24���������South Hill vs. Richmond.  July    29���������South    Hill.    vs.    Victoria  Heights.  Aug.  2���������Victoria   Heights   vs.   Richmond.  All games will be played on the first  named club's grounds.  Every man who has accomplished  anything in the business world knows  the value of the personal touch. A  man is far more apt to buy goods if  you use personal persuasion than if  you try to sell only through correspondence or advertising. These latter  have their value, but the best business  of * firm Is done through its travelling  men, the men it sends out to come in  personal contact with the buyer.  COLLINGWOOD���������-BELL THEATRE.  Education   of   Motion   Pictures.  Photo-plays produced by the moving  picture manufacturers of the present  day are of the highest quality and  most educational features. With the  advance of the moving picture world,  productions are not of the dime novel  feature as they were in the beginning  and should not be barred the children,  as is the case of non-frequenters. It  has been decided by some of the biggest institutes of Great Britain, Canada and the United States of America  to be. one of the best systems in the  present educational sphere. One's own  common sense will teil them that  seeing one of these perfectly produced  educational features will become impressed more vividly on one's mind  than all the reading to be got.  It will be my ambition to procure  every feature of this character that  is delivered to Vancouver. Apart from  these education films, the present productions of drama and comedy plays  go through such a thorough examination by the censor boards that nothing is passed but what will suit the  most refined of tastes.  "Is you gwine ter let dat mewel do  as he pleases?" asked Uncle Ephraim's  wife.    "Wha's you* will-power?"  "My will-power's all right," he an  swered. "You Jest want ter come out  hyar an' measure dis here mewel's  won't-power."  It's Just Like Home  The most up-to-date place in Mount Pleasant.  Clean, Tasty and Quick Service.  Our chef, Mr. Lev****, l*te of the  Hotel Elysium, ia second to none.  All Fruits and Fish in season.  We cater to Ball*, Parties, etc.  TRY OUR 25c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH  j6m MAIN iTRE-eT  Corner 10th Aveniie        PJione Fairmont 609  t������������������Mfti������f������������f<Ht'if������������->#������# tt������ww������m������tm������tWH  I  For good values in.  REAU ESTATE ANP INVESTMENTS  Call on  ITRIMBLE  & NORRISI  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  ***i*****l*4***4***l*4*** 4*****4*4*t*t*t**********  * >  l*******************f*,1** ***********1**********1**  Sliding Lawn Settees for verandahs I  or lawns.  i Hammocks for home and campers. 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LOUGHEED 1 COMPANY  MACKS  BLACKSMITH SHOP  Cor. 53rd and fraser  Horseshoeing a Specialty  Wagon Repairing  South Hill Shoe  Store  Opposite South Hill School  H. WICKER, Proprietor  Boots and Shoes in  the  latest styles and best quality  "Prices are Right"  Survey Party Reaches Brantford for  Preliminary Work.  Brantford, July 20.���������With the arrival  at Brantford last week of a surrey  party for the Canadian Northern railway, the first step in the company's  projected line from Hamilton westward to Detroit seems to have been  taken. The party, which came here  from Dundas, included engineers and  began at once to locate the route  through this district.  Sir William Mackenzie, some time  ago, said that it was in his mind to  build through to tbe boundary at Detroit in the future, but the railway president then said that the matter had  not proceeded beyond the embryo  stage. Things have evidently moved  quickly during the last few weeks, as  the surveyors who are here clearly  mean business, though they are not  communicative as to the scope of the  work they have come to carry through.  The Workman's  Home from  Home Cafe  Between 26th and 26th Avenues  ,, . _  Opposite Post Office  . We carry a first-class line of  Bread, Confectionery. Ice  Cream and Tobaccos.  Fon't Forget*4l35 Fraser Ave.  Blue Book Issued on Rubber Atrocities  Confirms Worst Charges.  Room and Board $1.00 per day.  Special rates by week or month  Junction Rooming House  Cor. Fraser and Westminster JEW., -  POOl. TA3WJ  Yaur'.nextfor*  *H*Vf*1  JgcM Ws Place  ������������������,'���������*������  Come in and have a  Game of POOt  lc* Crt*m * Soft Prinks  Just the thing for a hot day  Cor. Fraser and Ferris Streets  Builder's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, etc.  Estimates Free  Plans Submitted  Fraser Rvenue  Builder's Supply Co.  4122 rraser Avenue  F. Plummer, Props.  PHONE:   Fairmont 1128  London, July 20.���������The Blue Book1  containing the results of the investigation of atrocious cruelties in the Puiu-  mayo rubber district of Peru by Sir  Roger Casement, British consul general at Rio Janiero, which has been officially published, brings o..* tew farts  in addition to'the report already printed in America cf the result of Sir  Roocr's investigations.  The Putumayo river is about 1,000  miles long, and it was not the main  stream of this little-known river, but  the two northerly affluentB, which was  the theatre of the atrocities described  in the Blue Book, to which many men  from Barbados, British subjects, bore  witness.  The Blue Book contains a preliminary report, presented in January, in  which Sir Roger said that the natives  almost everywhere bore evidence of  being flogged, in many cases brutally  The marks of tbe lash were not confined to men or adults. Women, arid  even children, were more than once  found with their limbs scarred with  welts left by the thong of twisted tapir  hide, which waa the chief instrument  used for coercing and terrorising tbe  native population of the region  Worst Charge* Warranted.  The crimes charged against many  of the men In the employ of the Peruvian-Amazon Company were of a moat  atrocious kind, including murder, assaults on women, and constant flogging. The conditions revealed fully"  warranted the worst charges brought  against the agents of th?' Peruvian-  Amazon Company and <ts methods of  administration. The United Statea is  co-operating with England in uncovering and suppressing these atrocities.  The English suffragettes lave pressed their campaign ot attacking leading  statesmen till the task of furnishing  them with guards has been made necessary. There is grave danger that  the tactics employed will prove the  downfall of the suffragette cause.  China is in a serious turmoil. It now  seems quite probable that the empire  will be split in halves. The task of  reconciling the radicals and conservatives Is fully as difficult as was found  to be the case at the Republican convention at Chicago.  2m MAIN STREET  PHONES: Fairmont 496,497  **������*��������������� * ***>*<****** ���������*������������������*���������'*'������������������������������������*"���������.". <'������*������<*������0������������-t'4'i-M--*-*������'M-*l-*I'*I"l"l-������4"ll'l"l-'l'-l1'll������*  Advertise in THE CALL  ANATOMICAL SHOE- STORE  MMK HOUSTON, traftrlesor  6352 Fraser St., Opposite 50th Avenue  Repirs a .Specialty  Harness anal Shoomaklng  SUUct) Vo-kma-isMs Csarratcet]    A trial Sottdte*  The murder of the noted gambler  Rosenthal in New York recently has  stirred the authorities to vigorous ac  tion. The police department is suspected of being involved. Six. men are  in custody at this writing, with the  prospect of more arrests soon. None  so far arrested are regarded as the real  murderers. The stir has been so  great that the city is the nearest free  from criminals that lt has been for  years.   A real scare is on.  *******"*"M* 1"! 1111 I'l K���������������������������������������������'������������������'��������� ���������*��������������� 1 * 1 11 Ii 1 11 111 ���������*��������� I'H 111 HM������f  He Sees Best  Who foresees the consequence of eye neglect and  sees us in time to avoid serious optical trouble. Now  is the time to Look us up  that Looking a year from  now will be an easy matter.  Your eyes are subjected  to a thorough examination  and lenses ground to fit  your individual needs.  ..  * %  Geo. Q. Bigger  Jeweller & Optician  i 143 Hastings Street, W. j  ^H'4>i4**H'4������^>*H'44-Ot"I-'M--t"l''I''l"l'-t'-I''M-1 * I* 11. M 4 4 M  We carry a first-class stock and  by buying for cash can give you  the lowest price on all lines.  Make us prove this.  Corner 20th ond Pj-oser Avenue  J. 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Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  I Western Canada Power Company,  :.   ��������� LIMITED *  I  PhonS: Seymour 4770      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton Bldg. %  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. C. |  ��������� ���������^������������������������������������liil''l'il"l''l*^>***������l.ii..*..*..x������������>^4>^M^..^..;..������.   ^..;..;..,..������..*..;.^}^^~*^m}..*..i..;.,i,.i..*..*.*..*..*..j.^.  PHONES, ....  Office Stimtmr U*  les. SeynMr2l79L  Office: 108*109 Dodson Block  25 Hastings Street. East  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,  Appraiser and Notary Public for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent '^^������f ,^y^'-  yvyy^m  11 <*������  THB WESTERN CALL.  Buffalo Grocery  Cor. Commercial Drive  and 14th Avenue East  (GRANDVIEW  fruits  For Preserving, now  | in season; Peaches. Apricots and Raspberries.  The Price is right and  [the quality the best.  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Young, 1743' Ont., are guests of their aunt, Mrs. B.  Charles street.   Mrs. Young will visitCobb, Thirteenth avenue east,  the Sound cities before returning east!   'Miss Mary Nelson, who has been a  early in September. {guest in Grandview for a few days,  A.   WiSMER  Swiss   Trifle, 2 pkts. 25c  I Strawberry "      2 for 25c  | Raspberry  "      2 for 25c  Custard Powder, 25c  per tin  Picnic Size   ~  Roast Beef.pr. tin!5c  Cornea "       "   15c  English Brawn "15c  Corned  Beef   Hash,  per tin 15c  Beefsteak and Onions  per tin 15c  Pigs Feet, per tin X5c  Minced Collops,  per  tin 15c  K. O. plain and Tomato Sauce. 2 for 25c  Our Tea is always  a winner, 35 and  40c per lb.   Our  own blends.  THE  Buffalo Grocery  And Provision Store  Commercial Drive  and Uth Ave. E.  Phone: Fairmont 1033  J. P. Sinclair, Prop.  Jeweler A  1433 Commttrolal   Drive  For Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and. Optical goods  Repairing -a Specialty  Ice Cream Milk  Davidson's Bakery  Class Bread ind Cikes  1126 Commercial Drive  Grandview  Phone  Sey 7694 L  Oars for Hire  .Cars Stored  Grandview Garage  and Repair Company  Expert Repairing, Gasoline,  Oil and] (Accessories  1424 Commercial Drive        Vancouver  Mrp. W. J. Orr and Miss V*ra Orr,  Venables street, and Mrs. E. E. Lang-  ford, have returned from a pleasant  holiday at Shawnigan Lake.  Mrs. J. L. Turn bull and children, of  Broadway eaBt, are holidaying in Ontario.  Miss Bennet, of Seattle, is the guest  of Mrs. Gillespie, of Grandview, for a  few weeks.  Mrs. E. B. Cooms spent the week  end at Shawnigan Lake.  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gait are home  again after a week's visit In Seattle.  Mrs. J. E. Wilson and her daughter,  Mrs. Gerald .Wade, of Winnipeg, are  spending a few days, with Mr; and  Mrs. Frank Wade,v Lakewood Drive,  before proceeding to Victoria and Seattle.  Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Bishop, of the  Richmond apartments, have left for a  three months' visit to their old home  in Wolfville, N. S.  Mrs. R. E. Metcalf, of Brandon,  Man., is the guest of Mrs. E. Henley,  Seventh avenue, Grandview, for a few  weeks.  Miss S. A. Sinclair, of Montreal, is  visiting Mrs. W. C. McLaren, 1101  Woodland Drive, and will remain  about three weeks.  Miss Nora Black, of Winnipeg, is  visiting her sister Mrs* McKeen,  BBroadway East.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brooks,, 1530  Eighth avenue east, Grandview, > left  Saturday evening for the east, en  route to the Old Country for a vacation of several months.  Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. J. WWilson,  ot Cedar Cottage, and their, families,  are camping at,Collingwood east.  . Mr. Van Alstyne, of Park Drive and  Third- avenue, is visiting at  his old  has left for her home In Calgary.  The engagement is announced of  Miss Violet B. Walker, only daughter  of W. Howard Walker and Mrs. Walker, of Cedar Cottage, to Mr. Evelyn  Townley, second son of Mr. and Mrs.  T. O. Townley.  Miss McLeod, of Tacoma, Is the:  guest of Mrs. E. Hall, Eighteenth avenue east  Mr. and Mrs., Edward Eberts, Tenth  avenue, Grandview, and family, have  gone to their summer cottage on the  North Arm.  Miss .Helen Foulds, Second avenue,  has returned home from a month's  visit with her sister, Mrs. E. D. Stark,  of Victoria.  Miss Taylor, of Winnipeg, was the  guest of honor at a most enjoyable  dance on Saturday evening, given by  Miss Stella Foulds, whose guest she  is for a few weeks. A most enjoyable  time was spent and after the serving  of the supper the guests were conveyed to their homes by automobile..  Miss Edith and May Clarke, who  have been visiting with Mrs. Clarke,  Fourth; avenue east, left Sunday for  Banff, en route for their home In Winnipeg.  Air. William Braid, for the past  twenty years a resident of Vancouver, left Friday evening for the east  en route to his old home in Scotland,  where he will make a prolonged stay.  80N3 OF ENGLAND.  Owing to a desire to allow the members the maximum amount of time  out-doors during the beautiful prevailing summer weather, the routine business of the Red Rose Degree at the  meeting held on Wednesday, July 17th,  was-disposed of as speedily as possible.  .. . _     .. ������������������ Tho only business other than routine  olcrhome^near Toronto. .     wa. tSe ap*������o*nt������nent of a successor  Mrs. W. Crossman 1741 Thlr- ^ ������������������,j^ ^ ^ GuWe> owtog to  teen* avenue Grandview, announces Bro; -^ ^^ ,eft foj. Aw^  the ew-������emjnt of her daughter Bes*| A^geroejrt8 tor ^ picnIc ,t ^en  sle, to Mr. William Bow������, of this city.  Mr. and  Mrs. James Rattan and  ���������**���������  THE 909c STORES  1150 Commercial Rrive  Fruit Stew Kettles and Strainers  AU Sizes and Prices  Galvanized Wash Tubs  79c, 89c and 99c  Picnic Bates and Baskets  Island on Saturday, August 3rd, were  . reported well advanced, a good program of sports, etc. having been prepared.  J. J. PLOMMER,  Press Correspondent  :   Majestic Range, regular price $80.00; Our Price $40.00 ?  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Interesting observations with regard  to it are found in the 1911 report of  the Director of Forestry, published as  part of the annual report of the Department of the Interior for 1911.  These are in continuation of the report on the timber along the proposed  line of the Hudson Bay railway, published as Bulletin No. 17 of the Forestry Branch.  Mr. T.-.-J. Blackford, an experienced  woodsman, acquainted with conditions  In the north, reports on the conditions  of the forest around Oxford House, his  explorations covering some 5400  square miles of the country. Of this  only about 1600 square miles bears  merchantable timber; on the remaining 3800 miles the timber has been  burned. There is abundant evidence  that the whole country was originally  forested with spruce, tamarack, Jack  pine, balsam fir, birch and poplar, and  on islands which have by their position been protected from tire are dense  stands of trees two or three feet in  diameter.  PULPWOOD  EXPORT,  1911.  What Canada Could Do With Wood  She Exports.  Fifty-six per cent of the pulpwood  cut in Canada during the year 1911  was exported to the United States.  This is the fact shown by statistics collected by the Forestry Branch of the  Department of the Interior.  The total quantity of pulpwood cut  in Canada during 1811 was 1,520,227  cords. The quantity exported amounted to 847,939 cords, while the remaining forty-four per cent (672,288 cords)  was manufactured in Canada.  The value of this pulpwood was *>5,-  340,592 (an average of $6.29 per cord).  Had the wood been retained in Canada and manufactured here, it is estimated that the value would have been  increased to about $15,000,000.  Had Canada manufactured into wood  pulp all the pulp wood she produced,  she could have had enough to supply  a hundred and twenty-two mills of  the average size of those operating  in Canada, instead of the fifty-four she  now has. Quebec could have supplied sixty per cent more mills than  she is now doing, and New Brunswick  could have doubled the number of her  mills.  Closing Out Sale of  GROCERIES  All goods to be sold at wholesale prices.,  early ancLget the best goods.  jy  Red Cross Grocery  2239 Commercial Drive  sZKh  " (    * *  j*      ' *? ���������* '.���������Mi*.-'1  yyy>MM  ' ;yy'JM  iy?y$xtz}i  mm*  yyyy^0iiw!������  Wy0ff^  ���������^yy<&t&&  ���������.'.-.-. ��������� '^v. yjxLVv vl -'  v - .-iV*,*.'jV Ji,������  ���������j -ar.-';; ��������� >>-*������������������.'.������;??.Wt**  yyyyymMm  vyx>y^w$m  yyy^^mi  yyyyy?i&fMm  We say "Kodak" advisedly.  We do not  mean camera, but the particular - make of  that bears the trade-mark ' 'Kodak."   The  tory results that it has given to our customtcft  tify us in specifying "Kodak."  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When our property is all sold out you will not have an Opportunity to  buy at Original Prices  Close in Property in Tofield  Call and Investigate  Tofield Townsite Company  47 Hastings Street West  Phone Seymour 6794  Vancouver, B. C.  WEST CANADA NEWS  ���������S;^}^^yy  Winnipeg, Man., July 13, 1912.  Western Progress.  For the first half of 1912 Winnipeg  stands second only to Toronto In value  of building permits, the figures running over $2,000,000 ahead of the record of the corresponding , period of  1911, while the percentage of increase  is even greater than Toronto's. It is  conceded on every hand that Western  prosperity has been . reflected with  striking accuracy by the present industrial exhibition and centennial festivities.  G. T. P. at Biggar.  BIGGAR, Sask.���������Hundreds of carloads of steel rails have just been  brought into the Biggar district for use  of the G. T. P. construction camps for  the completion of the Biggar-Calgary  branch, line, which railway officials  state is likely to become in a few  months one of the most important  branch lines in this section of the  West, tapping as it will 350 miles of  rich farming country, besides the extensive producing coal regions 50 miles  southwest of the town.  The extraordinary railway development of the Biggar district is attributed by insiders to the record expansion of the district along industrial  and agricultural lines, the wheat export having increased from 5000 to  300,000 bushels in two years, and the  crop prospects for 1912 under present favorable conditions being about  double the, figures of last year. There  is pressing need, for at least two more  grain elevators in addition to the one  already installed.  Full Speed-Ahead at Moose Jaw.  MOOSE JAW, Sask.���������Tire local situ-  ration in building and real estate circles has become the topic of comment  in business offices and hotel corridors.  |2;194,525 was the figure recorded in  the inspector's office at the close of  business June 29, the permits Includingmany handsome residences of the  $8,000 and $10,000 class. Although  there'are already three large parks  within the city limits of Moose Jaw;  the city council has just approved of  a policy of judicious park extensions  from year to year.  I . ���������  Future Well Assured.  MELVILLE', Sask.���������Reports coming  in from an extensive agricultural territory indicate that farmers throughout tola section are preparing for  record crop production for the coming season.  Work Is soon to be started on Melville's new city hall, to cost $55,000;  and many houses and'stores are now  on the books of the contractors for  construction this season. Other municipal contracts' include a $20,000  school and extensive street and parkway improvements, besides the completion of a. magnificent waterworks  system.  Railway Centre Developing.  MACLEOD, Alta���������Macleod is now  attracting many settlers both from the  States and from Great Britain and the  district is fast becoming an important  supply centre for British Columbia  lumber and maning camps which provide a ready market for farm and  dairy produce. Rapid progress is noted  on Macleod's new $100,000 hotel located near the C.N.R. depot.  Looks Good for Lacombe.  LACOMBE, Alta.���������In connection  with the present inflow of capital into  the Lacombe district from many outside sources it is pointed out that the  C.N.R. has recently purchased more  land in and around Lacombe than at  any other point in Alberta, and large  grading outfits with hundreds of men  and teams are now at work right in  the outskirts of the city.  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