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The Western Call 1912-08-23

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 ;;t������"  y-^yy  '-"������*���������*,  y$%  y.y.  Combined  VOLUME W  1*4.  IV  ��������� >���������>*������������������������ 111 in i in it 111 in l' l il ������>  MU.T  GROWING    ,  T  Fruit growing is one of the infant  Industries of British Columbia, but it  is growing rapidly, and a quite certain  ere many years to rival mining, lumbering or fishing. A few years ago  the man who would venture to do*  scribe tbe Kootenays as fruit growing  districts would, be looked upon as a  visionary or an Imbecile; today Southern British Columbia is acknowledged  to be the finest fruit country on tbls  continent. Not only will lt produce  fruit in abundance, but 'the quality of  Us fruit Is superior to that grown, ln  any other part dt America. Certain1  varieties of fruit attain perfection la-  certain localities���������-for Instance, the  Fameuse apple t develops Its best qualities on the Island of Montreal���������-but)  taking a collection of British Columbia fruit, it is larger, better colored  and bettet������flavored than any ~s*-nilar  mlBceltaasjme lot, the prodoet of any  other country. Proof of this] Is not far  to seek, Is 1908 Messrs. Stirling and  Pltcalrn, of Kelowna, nn Ottnetan  Lake, shipped a trial carload of apples  to Oreat Britain. Tbe shipment consisted of Spys, Baldwins, Ontartos and  Canada Reds, Tbey arrived In Olss*  gow, Scotland, on November *tb,f In  splendid condition and sold at **. nor  box, or sboat $1 more per barrel Qsna,  the cboiosst Pastern Canadian stales  **av " "*  i miiiiimimsMHIsUmoiich  t  ���������i H  > ���������>  ikwm mm  The return ot YanewverV annual exhibition  hss brought together a multitude of-people and a  splendid aggregation ot products front oar muses,  , workshops, forests, fields, schools, art galleries  and places of business, the resets ^bt assuring���������as an object lesson in present snd future  pessjfitlftie-j. |f our eity and sdjacent country  ean yield products of such -asgaitode in its infancy, what wm it not do when manhood fr af^  *s)*ss*d*r^sfawsn::Ti*v1ii*e'- yes*f"****di' add "Hs tiuour^s  improvements and increase, unless the sporting  feature monopolizes interest tc the permanent injury of the fair proper, as too oftej occurs.  lide4lhowi at tht Exhibition.  A good many condemn these side-shows, but it  is a fact that large numbers are attracted by these  oddities and frivolities far more than by the exhibition proper. The body of men handling the  exhibition-tolerate these side-shows and must do  so in a way that will make the annual fair take  care of itself. The Association is composed of a  body of Vancouver gentlemen of public spirit  who give their time for the sake of helping out  the interests of the whole community. They get  no return but the satisfaction of unselfishly try-  ing to do something for the city and the surrounding country.  Those who complain of side-shows, horse racing,  foot races, motor races and other attractions,  should bear in mind that the demand exists for  those things, and if they are not furnished the  annual show must collapse for the want of appreciation and attendance.        .   ��������� .  We must have more money for cindering and  improving the whole'campuses well as for the  greatly required additional buildings, such as  will house the products of the mines, forests, sea,  garden, field and factory, as a permanent exhibition under skilled management. These are our  ideals in part, and to this end we shall continue  to labor in faith.  The rain Thursday and Friday seriously interfered with the exhibition, causing loss and disappointment so that the directors extended the time  to Monday and Tuesday of this week.' The result  of this extension was not satisfactory in attendance ������nd sight-seeing. Many of the exhibit articles had been removed and an air of lessitude  spread over the~whole grounds, causing the exhibition to end indifferently instead of excitement  and hope of its' return next year.  The British government, through its embassy at  Washington, has notified the United States that  Great Britain would regard the proposed Panama  canal legislation, which excepts American vessels  from paying canal toll while denying that privilege to vessels of other nations, as a violation of  the Hay-Pauncefbte treaty. Germany, France and  other shipping nations are reported to be in accord  with the British protest, but are letting John Bull  act as spokesman. It is understood that part of  Great Britain's objections is founded on the extensive shipping interests of the Canadian Pacific  Railway���������heavily subsidized by the Dominion  government. The provision in the bill as it now  stands, debarring railroad-owned vessels from going through the canal, would hit the Canadian  transcontinental railroads hard. The" indications  at present are that Great Britain's protest will  not be heeded. President Taft stands firmly by  the bill to favor American ships, and will follow  the lead of Congress. Should Congress insist on  its position, the matter may go to The Hague Tribunal for arbitration.  Having arrived at Prince Rupert. Canada's  coming tyost Important City, we took the nrst out*  going train of the Grand Trunk Pacific and bad a  very pleasant run up to Skeena Crossing, not far  short of Hazelton. On our wayr we passed  through the townsites of JCaien, Phelan, Skeena  City, Sockeye, Tyee, Mann, Kwinitsa, Salvus; Ex-  stew, Shames, Amsbury, Littleton and Vanarsdol.  .The arrangement for dining on the train was  unique" and quite satisfactory. A sleeping coach  of the cheap tourist fashion was fixed up with  small tables between the seats, and here sandwiches, tea, coffee, cake and canned goods were  served quite reasonably.  Arriving at "Kwinitsa" we were surprised to  learn that here are salt works. The water is boiled down and salt for commercial purposes is the  result. Tub salt springs are extensive and promise a valuable industry. i  Throughout the Skeena valley, up to tile crossing, about twelve miles from Hazclton, there is a  lot of really good farming and garden land. There'  are already some clearings, and the fires were  making rapid havoc of all sorts of timber while  doing valuable ground clearing for. the settlors.  "Prom'the Skeena crossing we were favored wifb  the choice of two good steamers, and the fare for  the twelve miles up to ITazelton was only fifty  cents. The current most of the way is strong and  it requires much power and careful navigation to  make a successful trip.  Old llazelton, where the steamers stop, is well  situated on the Skeena. a large and valuable river.  New Hazelton, on the line.of the new railway, is  four miles distant, and is on the Bulkier River,  through the valley of which river the railwsiy  makes its way into the interior of the province.  From Hazelton we went by stage east wan!  twenty miles, at a cost of $30.00, being sjilO.OO per  man. The stage went out in the morning and returned in the" evening, bringing a paying load. I  might say that our return to Ilazelton cost only  $1.00 per man, as we took one of the incoming  freighting teams. It gave us a really excellent  trip for our money. The difference between a  stage and a freight wagon is considerable.  Having dined at the "twenty mile house"' we  packed our stuff and selves on foot the balance of  the way,'two miles and a half.  We were visiting at the coal lands of the Grand  No. 2  No. 3  1.50-  1.0  20.00  27.50  57.50  60.50  20.00  10.00  1,00  3.00  ....il....���������ii..^i,    vfvii.   ������������������������������������  right of way almost the entire length of the  twelve sections. Th* doings for ststion and yawls  y are quite extensive and are cleared. The Coal  Company has the wster of Boulder Creek, a������ large  as Seymour Creek in Nort|i ^nconve**;' From  this it can bring to the townsite all the water and  power for light it requires. The quality of the  coal may be seen from tbe following analyses:  .Analyses by J. O'Sullivan, of Vancouver, B.C., one  of the most reliable and capably essayists in the  -.country.'." .xyyx. :������������������,-..::rx..x/:  No. 1  Water     1.0  Vol. Com. ..... 26.4  Fjxed Carbon . 53.4  Ash;..........18.6  Sulphur ... ..    1.20  Mr. O'Sullivan says: "No. 1 sample is Bituminous, of good coking quality, yielding 72 per cent,  of hard firm coke; consequently it is very valuable  for metallurgical as well as steaming and domes-  tie purposes, and compares very favorably with  Vancouver and Mainland coals."  His reports on the other two specimens are  vt-ry similar. This should he instructive to all  who are interested it' the future of Northern British Columbia. The timber of the property is coin-  posed of spruce,- birch, poplar, cottonwood and a  sprinkling of other-woods.  Much of tl'o laud is well suited for tanning and  ganieiiiii!*. This is only one of njnny valuable  properties of the Bulkley and Skeena river dis-  tl'iets.  Ill passing it will be suitable to give a list of  most of the fanning land districts of this wonderful north country. Commencing at the far east.  we come to the Canoe River district., then the  Fraser Valley, then the Peace River, Stuart Lake  country, Nechaco Valley. Black water district. En-  dako region. Ootsa Lake country, Bulkley Valley.  Babine district, Kispiox Valley, Copper R'vei*  country, Kitsumkayl'um Valley, Lakelse district,  Grand Prairie region and the Upper and Lower  Skeena valleys. **  Mi  ���������jop-dation.  The average eatings of the Ulster sgrici  .laborers was, in J907, twelve shiMngs and" one  penny per week, w compared with eleven shillings  and twopence in Munster, ten shillings and ,te**f-  pence in Leinster, and ten shillings in Connaught  Ulster property in 1910-11 represented 35 per  cent, of the rateable property of the whole of Ireland. Fifty pr cent, of the total extemsl trade  of Ireland is done through Belfast alone, and 60  per cent, of the direct trade with foreign and colonial countries is carried on through Ulster ports.  It is estimated that approximately one half the  trade of Ireland, both in imports and exports, is  done through Belfast. According to the trade  returns for 1910, the gross amount of customs re-  venue received at the ports of Ulster in 1910 was  70 per cent, of the totaLreceived in the whole of  Ireland. No wonder the enemies of Ulster want  to get control of this wealthy and successful Irish  province. If they succeed then the poverty and  stagnation common to all countries ground down  by the masters of the Nationalist party and their  tools iii the British House of Commons Mould  come to patriotic and loyal Ulster.  Trunk B. C. Co., Ltd., which contain twelve sections, or 7,680 acres. There are several seams of  coal visible. Considerable work has been done b\-  the "company, and it is evident they have a good  property. In one place they tunnelled in 136 feet.  having in view all the way a ledge of nearly six  feet of good coal. Another vein gives a thickness  of nearly three feet. Several other seams are visible on the banks of the Bulkley River, which  flows through the company's holdings, three or  four miles. With the coal, the timber, the land,  the water and townsite, the Grand Trunk B. C. C������.  Ltd., has a property that in the future, with proper management anfl the incoming population,  will be a valuable asset to British Columbia.  The Bailway Company has located ground for a  station on the coal property, and has graded its  A veteran missionary of twenty years' experience in Turkey, writing from Constantinople,  forecasts some startling developments looking to  the partition of Turkey. The statement is that a  private understanding has been reached among the  Albanians, Austrians, Bulgarians and Greeks,  whereby, as soon as the time is ripe. Albania will  receive some form of automony within the Austrian empire, Austria will advance to Salonica.  Bulgaria will move on parallel lines to the Aegean  sea farther east and secure most of the remainder  of Macedonia, while Greece will be compensated  by the acquisition of Crete and some territory  along her northern border. England may be satisfied with "regularizing" her position in Egypt,  and Russia may or may not move against Eastern  Turkey as she is already moving in Northern  Persia. This leaves Germany out' of the deal  altogether, which seems strange, as until recently  Germany has lieen supposed to have more influence  ro Tur&asn matter** than other power;  Wonderful Growth of British Ship-Building.  The British Board of Trade gives the following  returns concerning the increase of shipping in  Great Britain, the Empire of the "Naval Covenant":  In 1831 the tonnage was 2,221,356; 1841, 2,935,-  .'*..���������.); in 1853. 3,663,344; in 1861. 4,806,826; in 3871,  5,694,123; in .1881. 6.691,996; In 1891, 8.279,297;  iu 1901, 9.608120; in 1911. 11.698.508.  This is an amazing rate of expansion, find is a  splendid refutation of "the oft-repeated and silly  statement that England is growing effete. By a  covenant, never to be broken. Israel was given  control of the "Deep." And the House of Joseph  has that proud position today, and will so continue "world without end."  GUM-CHEWING.  This is a hurtful habit and is not characteristic  of refinement and good breeding. Real ladies,  with a keen sense of modesty, do not chew gum  on the streets, in the tram cars, and trains. No  man takes a deep delight in seeing a girl or woman smugging wax or rubber, by the mouthful,  as she rides along in a street car, or while she is  in church, or even at a theatre. The habit is costly aud unhealthful. It is all right for saliva to  flow at given and necessary times, but to keep it  flowing by chewing mouthfuls of gum is most  hurtful. Besides it is s < hideous and unrefined  habit. . -    . THE WESTERN CALL.  ;.-,';,'^'."'::-v^^  y.'x'xyyxxyx^ y y,''yy,yyyy?yy yy-j-y^yyy/^fxyyyy^'^^j^^  '.'.'��������� x*... '.���������f:-'x.':-\':.'������������������;:.'.'.;x.yj'/:"'xy'.-:-'x.-:y%'~?8?pyhx&^  WamaWaaWM  y*������. yy  Everything a High Class Grocery  should cairy always w        at  Lowest Possible Prices.  Special Prices on Fruit  :      :      :      See Our Windows      :      :      :  Bread, Pastries, Cookies, Pies, etc.,  made on the Premises Fresh  Daily.  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Tbat Her Royal v Highness tbe  Duchess ot Connaught will not. be  able to take a prominent part in  any of the events of the civic reception of the royal party here in September, was tbe subject of a message received yesterday from Colonel  Lowther, aide of the Duke of Connaught.  1028 Hastings Street East  Hood General Store  Where you may obtain  practically anything  you   require  at the  RIGHT PRICE  ������>*4 ** 4 4 11 11' M' I *>*4 41 'I I I14***  *************************>������  Use Stave Lake Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate'private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  <������  ���������������  ��������� ������  ��������� ���������  i Western CanadB Power Company,  : LIMITED  : Phiui SeyBt-V 4771      6O3-6IO Carter-Cottoa Bltfg. j:  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER. B. G.  HMUMI IIIHIH  MIHIIIIII I **U������II ****** ������  PROVINCIAL  Three prisoners, escaped from the  B. C. Penitentiary the other day, but  were recaptured after three hours of  the joy of fredom.  Hospital 8taff Is Demoralized  Nelson, Aug. 15.���������Following the expulsion Tuesday night of eleven pupU  nurses at the Kootenay Lake General*  hospital, MIsb R. 8. Haw, the only  pupil nurse upon whom the axe did  not fall, quit work and declared that  she will not resume her duties unless  her co-workers are reinstated. Six-  nurses are at present carrying on the  work of the seventeen nurses who  were formerly carried by the hospital.  Just what will be the outcome of the  sbakeup is a matter of speculation.  Public opinion appears to be to a  large extent in favor of the nurses and  action of the board is tbe chief subject  of discussion throughout the city. Doctors are united in Bupport of the girls  and are said to be likely to take some  definite action toward' securing their  reinstatement and possibly the dismissal of Miss Baxter, acting matron,  when the trouble arose.  Caught Poaching  Caught right in the act of illegally  catching fish in Canadian waters,  three American halibut Bchooners,  whose skippers mistook the Vancouver tug Dreadful for a Canadian Government fisheries, protection cruiser,  discarded their gear and fled to sea.  Latere when they discovered that they  were not being pursued the American  poachers returned, to pick up their  dories and gear.   '  Shot by Officers  Nanaimo, Aug. 16.���������Defying the pellet to capture him, Chung Lee, a  Chinese merchant, armed himself with  an axe and a revolver tonight in an  endeavor to stand off the officers. He  was shot, and probably fatally in  jured, by Provincial Constable George  Hannay.  Port Moody Wharf Contract.  oCtawa, Aug. 16.���������The contract for  extending the wharf at Port Mood]  has been awarded to Mr. George  Griffith; price $8600. The contract tor  building the second section, 68 miles,  of the Hudson Bay railway,'has been  awarded to Mr. J. D. McArthur, the  price being $1,887,500.  Likes This Provinct.       . .  "This country is a"'comer.' I can't  hardly find words to express my opinion of it," said Mr. Samuel E. Rank,  president of the Belt Railway and  Stock Carriages Company, of Indianapolis.  "It is certainly the country for  young men to come to, and I guess  they are coming, too. Your country  is becoming famous all over the world  ceived the following telegram from Mr.  T. Bruce.Walker of Winnipeg, the representative of the branch at that city:  "Crop conditions for the past ten  days have been splendid. The outlook  continues of a most gratifying character. . Labor conditions in the west sre  acute._ Between forty and fifty'thousand men are.urgently needed, ninety  per cent, of whom must come from  eastern Canada. Cutting is general in  southern Alberta, while ten days from  now, if wether continues favorable, the  harvest will be general throughout the  entire west"  GOULDING APPRECIATED.  When George Gpulding, the Olympic  walking champion, arrived home from  Stockholm, Toronto gave its distinguished athlete a great reception. ....o  doubt Torontonians, > after their frequent enforced walks when Niagara  power played tag with the lightning,  have learned to appreciate good walking, y t ;,.,   7,., ; ,y ixfV..   . ,...'.  BIG BANQUET PLANNED  ON BORDENS RETURN  Ottawa, Aug. 15.���������Preparations are  now under way for the holding of a  big banquet in the Chateau Laurier in  honor of Premier Borden immediately  on his return to Ottawa from England.  The. date has not been fixed, pending  the receipt of definite information as  to the actual time of the premiers arrival home. All the arrangements are  being made by the Conservative Association of Ottawa.  HUDSON BAY ROAD PLANS READY  Winnipeg, Aug. 15.���������Complete plans  of the Hudson Bay Railway to tidewater were put on exhibition today at  the Dominion government public works  department here. Much curiosity existed as to how the rival claims of Fort  Churchill and Port Nelson for the terminal would be dealt with, but the engineers show the line to both ports. It  can be definitely stated that no choice  between them has yet been made, nor  will ibs until Hon. Frank Cochrane returns from his trip north, whose main  object is to inspect both ports and  come to a decision.  Calgary Peevish Over Hughes' Slight.  CALGARY, Aug. 15.'���������To' discover  why Colonel Sam Hughes snubbed Calgary on his recent trip west, a big dele  gallon will go before the city commissioners this week and demand that  steps be taken at once to secure a  *2*#.0Jft armory building for this city.  Colonel Sam Hughes promised armory  buildings to Edmonton, Regina and  Prince Albert, but did not meet Military men interested in an armory for  this city, stopping off only a few hours  in the evening between trains.  Will Doubts Track From Calgary.  MONTREAL, Aug. 15���������The C. P. R.  wlil establish a great line of ships on  the Atlantic and double-track its line  iffsr.yswiW!  z3MW$?Wr!$*  GtentBral sto^  Tea, Ck>ffee^ Sugar^  Butter, Eggs, Vegetables, Fniit^e^^  Pick where yes like from ear Special TsMe sf 5c, lie ssd 15c Artidss  ���������"'���������      ' ���������       - ��������� i   ii   i ip-u������  Oddstad & Johnson, Props.  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He 1b at the Hotel  Vancouver.  Extensions of Telegraph Lines.  Important telegraph and telephone  extensions are under way and proposed  ln northern British Columbia by the  Dominion Government, Bays Mr. J. T.  Phelan, superintendent of the government telegraph lines, who has just returned from a trip as far north as  tbe Skeena river. The amount of business being handled has brought about  a congestion that makes imperative  an increasing of the present capacity.  DOMINION  Noted Educator Drowns.  Toronto, Aug. 16.���������Rev. George  John Blewett, professor of theology  and German at Victoria University,  was drowned this morning at his summer home at Co-Home, a remote resort on Georgian Bay, in Muskoka.  No particulars have been received.  Building of the flret government  owned terminal elevator, at the head  of the lakes, goes to the Barnet-Mc-  Queen Co., of Minneapolis. They were  far below Montreal' and Toronto companies.  The Allan liner Corsican, which recently rammed a large iceberg, was  more seriously damaged than at first  reported.  Alec McLaren, a Calgary bootblack,  has fallen heir to a $100,000 eBtate  in Vancouver.  A C. P. R. passenger train was  wrecked near Toronto Friday. A number were injured, none killed according to report of officials.  Crop Prospects Gratifying.  OTTAWA, Aug. 14.���������Mr. W. D .Scott,  superintendent of immigration, has re-  Can- which  will  probably  absorb  a  large  part of the new issue of stock, if not  the whole of it.  Will try to Propagate  Oysters on the Coast.  OTTAWA, Aug. 16.���������Possibility of  successful development of profitable  oyster beds on the Pacific coast is suggested in a report made to the biological board in a rport by Prof. Stafford, of McGlll University.  In 1905 a number of Atlantic oysters  were transformed to the Pacific. Since  that date no attention has been paid to  them. Recently, however, Prof. Stafford has visited the beds and learned  that the oysters are breeding rapidly.  ��������� As a result the Department of Marine and Fisheries will probably take  further steps and propagate oysters in  Pacific coast waters.  8askatoon Grows Bigger Every Day  That Saskatoon will have 50,000 people in 1915 is the opinion of Mr. G. E. i  I Ml l������*l I M* MM I ������������������.���������������<*> Ma i  The high cost of living rosy be  equalh*ed by careful buying of your  supplies for kitchen snd table. EUis1  Grocery, 30th and Fraser, make prices  thst save dollars each week for their  patrons.   Prompt delivery.  Thetis*!*  Cash J store,  corner of  is a  new  < The   Hekla  Fraser St. aud 47tb Avenue,  pp-to-date grocery haviflg^a^^^ ������&.  prietors two men in the'vigor of manhood . Messrs. . Qudstad and Johnson.  They briug into their business the very  things that please patrons and make  success. Their stock of goods is fresh,  select nnd of good quality. We bespeak for them a warm place in the  friendship, confidence and support of  South Vancouver.  Dulmage,  now at the  Elysium.    Mr. j  Du Image was formerly a druggist in j  that town, and now interested in real-1  ty, says:   "In  1903 we only had  113 j  people;  last year the census gave usi  18)000, and fully 6000 or 7000 have been inB.for you fe.,,0WB to ?et.the_ ga?g to  added since then.   The population is  estimated at 25,000.  Vallon's counsel, "to throw Police lieutenant Becker to the wolves," but to  shield the names of the three men now  regardd by the state's attorney as directors of the graft system-  Jack Rose's Confession  In the confession ot "Bald Jack"  Rose, as prepared by the gambler for  District Attorney.Whitman, and printed by Rose's own spelling and punctuations, Rose declares that Becker had  decided to kill Rosenthal himself, if  others bad not done tbe work. After  the murder Rose says he met Becker  by appointment near the scene of the  murder. In bis written confession  Rose says:  "I opened the conversation by say-.  ing: 'My God, Charlie, this is horrible.  There will be Hades to pay.' He,said:  'What 1b the matter? Don't worry;  leave all that to me.' I asked: 'Have  you seen him?' and he said, 'Yes, I saw  the squealing .   I would have liked  to take out my knife and cut his tongue  out and hang it on the building as a  warning to possible future squealers.'  He said: 'Well, I was saved the trouble  of doing it myself. I became tired wait-  FOREIGN  Gunmen Threatened  NEW YORK, Aug. 15.���������Threatened  with death if they revealed information  regarding the three men "higher up"  in   the   gambling   scandal,   "Bridgie"  Webber and Harry Vallon, two of the tnai cage today. District Attorney Whit  do it, so decided tonight to do it my  self.  "I asked him how? 'Well,' life-said,  'after Heft Jack Sullivan I instructed  Otto to drive up by the Metropple and  slow down without stopping. I intend  ed if Rosenthal waB there to take out  my gun, blaze at bim and tell Otto to  keep going, but he wasn't there.'"  The grand jury was prepared to re.  sume its investigation into the Rosen  -lib  lip  ***&K  South  ?*?*s������/z-  iwfi  "*>*.'  Opposite South Hill School  H. WIOKER, rroprtotoe  Boots and Shoes in the  latest styles and best quality  ���������-Prices aw ^t^  m-r-  .-*  The Workman's  Bom* tram'Rome Cafe  Between 25th snd] 26tb Avenues  Opposite Post Office  We carry a first-class line of  Bread, Confectionery, Ice  Cream ant) Tobaccos.  Fon't Fo**get"4J35 F**sje**Ave.  '���������'���������?   X ''   .#':  X    :|1    Jfe  Room an* .^u^tji^J^.  Special rates by wf|fc������:4** montn  junction Rooi  Cor. Frsser and  POOl, TAW.E  '���������^%iMy  Your next for a  ���������wst-r-j*  jack������ Ws PIP  Come in and have a  Game of  POOL  Ice Cream* Soft Drinks  Just the thing for a hot day  Cor. Fraser and Ferris Streets  mm0M  wmMm  fill  '%f:>4i'y  ANATOMICAL SHOE STORE  MilK HOUSTON. Prssftcter;  6352 Fraser St., Opposite 60th Avenue  Repairs a Speeialty  Hsrness and Shoemaking  SUnc4VarkfMBshi������<iaaraalcctl   A trial SoftdtcS  associates of "Bald Jack" Rose, may  prove to be recalcitrant wituesses.  The two prisoners are confronted on  the other hand by possible indictments  charging them with the murder of the  gambler Rosenthal, unless they tell the  whole truth. Webber and Vallon have  been "reached" and told, according to  JAMES  HAUGHTON  Proprietor  Red Arrow Pharmacy  Corner Campbell and Keefer Sts. Phone Sey. 2889  Try our guaranteed Corn Cure 25c per bottle  SEE WINDOWS  man's assistants are making investigation of real estate transactions, information having come to the state's  attorney that within the last year one  police inspecor has invested more than  $200,000 in choice uptown lots.  For Great Battleship.  WASHINGTON, Aug. 15���������Democrats  of the House yesterday agreed in caucus to recede from their "no battle-  Bblp" programme in this session, and to.  permit the* battleship champions to  vote in the House for one such vessel.  An effort will be made to have the  warship to be authorized, the largest  and'most formidable fighting craft erer  laid'down.  Builder's Supplies  Sand, Gravel, Etc.  Estimates Free  Plans Submitted  fraser Avenue  Builder's Supply Co.  4122 rraser Avenue  F. Plummer, Props.  PHONE:   Fairmont 1128  Afyy  la iBtareatad aad ���������boold tcaow  aboct tha waadarfol  Mirvw Douohe  St- *-L.*!*L8H^* ���������***���������*" ^  tka- *sA*a*F*g*. awiat ss  <**���������*. set seal ataaw S  nig ii ah ���������uliTlti  [*������swi ���������y  THE WESTERN CALL.  *<|Ml..tl.^.;..tMiMt..}..lMt..I..|..'.,*l.^.'..^.|..fr.-^^>^,*>>A  . T  |   The Successful Firms   |  I   Advertise.        WHY?   *  *I- S"l"l".' 'I1 'I' ***frfr ������������������*������,M'i****������������Hrv������**������***������>**,*M"**������M  *~x]j.  ,      THE SUCCESS  Business College  has secured temporary quarters at 153���������10th Ave.,  east, and are opening classes, Thursday, August 1st.  We are offering up-to-date courses in Bookkeeping:, Shorthand and Typewriting and all  other commercial subjects.  Day classes meet during August from 8:30 tp  1 o'clock. Evening classes every Monday, Wednesday and Fridav evening from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock.,  ^ (let free information today at the above address  or Phone Seymour 8.240.  F. Q. Garbutt    E Scott Eaton, B. A.  President        yy Principal  Phone Fairmont 845 : Corner Broadway and Main  Hacks, Victorian Broughams, Surreys snd'Single  #n������gie-v f&jnrees snd Prsy Wsgons for hire  s & 3aggflj*e Transferred \  ******* *********** M t MI<W)*H MI MM HHIIM11M It if  Otherwise  R PIERCE Representative  Fairview Factory Burns.  Fire completely destroyed the frame  sash and door factory of Hatch Bros.,  at Cedar Street and Fifth Avenue,  Fairview, last evening, with a loss of  $45,000, practically covered by insurance. The cause of the Are is unknown.   The Arm will rebuild.  / r  2648.  After being unconscious for ten  days, the result of being terribly  stung by bees. Mr. Frederick Gunter,  of Thirty-third Avenue Bast, succumbed at the Vancouver General  Hospital Monday morning. The deceased was formerly of Fredericton,  N. B. His case puzzled the doctors  completely.  Mt. Pleasant business houses that  i are leaders in their particular lines  Jand on whose word patrons can rely.  I On Main street are the following:  Owen's Hardware, 2337.  Lougheed & Co., real estate, 2343.  Mt. Pleasant Confectionery, 2440.  Tho Sanitary Market, 2513.  Band's Cafe, 2611.  The Don���������Ice Cream,  Darling's Drug Store, 2652.  Keeler's Nursery, comer Fifteenth  avenue.  McBridc's Hardware, Sixteenth avenue..  The Toronto Furniture, 3334.  Mt.    Pleasant    Livery,  Main  and  Broadway east.  F. T. Vernon's Feed Store, corner  Broadway and Westminster Road.  Progressive Boot Repairing Shop,  232 Broadway East.  MacLachlan Boot and Shoe Repuair  Shop, 3330 Main St. '   \  Main Transfer Co., 2421 Scotia St.  Trimble ft Norrls, Real Estate, cor  Robert Elliott was killed and Thos,  Haynes was badly injured on Satui*  day afternoon when a tree which the ner Broadway and Westminster Road.  men were cutting down fell prematurely. The tree crashed down before  the unfortunate men had time to get  out of .the way, the butt striking Elliott on the head, smashing his skull  and immediately killing him. Haynes  was also struck by the butt and sustained a fractured thigh. r.  South Vancouver Municipal Council  Business  Upon   mption by   Campbell-Elliott,  the Clerk was instructed to communicate with the North Vancouver Municipal District Council to arrange a  meeting for committee of South Vancouver Council re ' wateV.supply;. ^ , .  Campbell-Elliott: That the Clerk be  Peters & Co. Shoe Repair Shop,  Main, back of Bloomfleld's Cafe.  Stanley & Co., Wallpaper, 2817 Main  Street.  The Success Business College, 153  10th Avenue, West.  All of the above are thoroughly interested ln Mt, Pleasant's forward  movement and consistently patronize  "Home Industry." One call on them  will insure another.  British  Columbia  Coast  Union  Summer School  The  B.   C. U. S. S.,   for  Sunday-  school, young people and all who are  interested   in   Missions,   Temperance  ���������������->>-^-i--w-^*i**t������->*>*;..i-���������<.|..t..ii.{.<i..|..-..t..i..,..i..|,  No  Delivery  *-  W+Wrb+W+trttrtf*****^*'*****  No Credit  Phone. Fairmont 621  Wi I've jei tit bus*  Sit et all ti-wim if  ���������llfftTJ   aii beak*  kMplll.  We have the Goods st Prices Yon Like  9atut*Oay Speolaia  -   Pot Lb.  Legs Local Yearling Lamb .. 20c  Loins " ���������' " ....20c  Shoulder Ribs " "12^tol5c  Sirloin Roast. ... 20c  T Bone Roast  .26c  Choice Pot Roast 12 to 15c  Our Special Mild Cured  Corned Beef....10c  PssLm.  Our Special Mild Cured '  Boneless Beef. .12%c  Short Ribs Boil 10c  Fresh DressedOhix. .25 to30c  Fresh Leaf Lard. .7 lbs. for $1.00  Choice Table Butter..........86c  Fresh Eggs, per doz  .86c  3 doc. for $1.00  Fresh Onions, Parsley. Cucumbers, Lettuce, Green Corn .  Fresh Red Salmon, per lb. 16c       FISH       Fraah Smoked Halibut, per lb. 15c  Fresh Halibut, par tb. -  -  10c Choice Finnan Baddie.       121.2c  Fresh Cod, per lb.     ���������      -10c Kippera, Point Grey. S Iba for 26c  -   - -  -fur"    ------  Freeh Hen-ins*. 4 Iba. for  25c  2513 Main Street, or. BroaOway  ������4.i*..|..|i.|,.|i.ti.l..|..t..t.*..|.i|i.ti4'M'������������������������**  A foil line of Freah a d Smokad FUh  The Place that Treat* Yen Rick*  Tbla la aa ioaependetrt Market  4^4~w**:-i-r * .���������������������������M'<'������|M"*"a"i''*������.������������*������������  SOUTH   VANCOUVER    MUNICIPAL  COUNCIL BUSINES8  Re Moving Thorsen,Building  Elliott-Campbell: That J. B. Helli*.  well be paid the sum of $550, beidg  final payment on the moving of Thor-  sen building on account of contract.  Carried.  Third-Campbell: That the Engineer  instruct the B. C. Electric Railway Co.  to fix up Fraser Street and leave it  in same state as it was before they  laid their track, the same to be done  at once. ' Carried. *''  i*  instruced tq reply to Messrs. Wood,'and Social Reform, now in session--  Gundy ft Co., Fiscal Agents, pointing Auguat 19th to 28th���������inviteB you to  out that our chiefdifficulty is In cop* its classes.  ing with ourlncoming population, pro-; For particulars injuire at 615 Duns-  vlding streets, extending water system, muirStreet Rev. I. W. Williamson,  building new schools, etc.; also; that Chairman; Mr. W* C. Findlay,. Secre-  we must insist on tuir amount of cer-tary.  tificates issued or the return of por  Big Summer Sale  Of Jtot? an<J Hants, Ferns, Palms, etc.  l^TK������:variety ot  C������t llowers,fern JJisJjes, Paskets, etc.  ^^^^^        0  W9 Broadway W,;       Cor. Proa<jw*y awl Q*k  uinvi ii mi tfseni nr n**m vistim, cm. mm* m wumi  '>**** IU ******** ****** M'I������Q-������ItI tl *4***4************\  m  *f99**9 **99 Wv*WB^ssj***Pv> ***************  la Taws  Set IS* Asa? Value t������r  "toney  fP  \>V^ * s/. tf. Armstrong, Prsp. /*Cj  2440 MAIN STREET  '**  We have an ICE CRBAil PARU>R with 26 different  iced drinks, Ice Cream Sundaes, Sodas and Cones. We deliver ice cream in brick or bulk and a call will convince you  bur goods and prices are right.  tion not covered by present mpneys  advanced.  Cairied. -  ��������� :"'".':.si.".���������'���������'.'-  y Men Paid 6ff.vV''- ^'-f'..  South Vsncouver, Aug. 16.--<*nse*  quent upon the delay in the placing of  the municipal bonds, s large number  of men engaged in ward improvement  work were paid off yesterday,  the necessary appropriations  ������>ean secured it will be impossible to  engage any more workmen.  Widening ef Clerk Prive.  Land Purchasing Agent Williams re-  norted thst as the conveyances in connection with the Clark Drive .widening  scheme had all been obtained he was  anxious to know what the.city was  ready to do in the way of banding  over the money to the property owners. His letter was referred back for  further information as the committee  wished to know about how much would  he required for the strips to be taken  by the city.  Ifsln Transfer Company   .  The proprietors of this firm sre  Messrs. Morris Jelly snd S. C. Foote.  They sre located at 2421 Scotia Street,  hear the corner of Broadway,and  Westminster Road. They are tinder  contract with the government to do  mail collecting, but combine with this  the transfer business. They are well  equipped, and though new in this locality sre gradually building up a good  business. In the transfer service tbey.  ester specially for Mt. Pleasant, trade.  Tbey are anxious to faithfully serve  the people of this section of the c'ty.  Again we are Impressed  with the  Licking Creation  One of the reputations which tbe  American has abroad is that he can  slwi^5 oyertop ^ni^ng' ^beHsees in  Europe by something be has at home.  An Italian was showing an American  friend shout Italy, and hsd not hsd  much success in arousing bisenthusi-  Uptiljasm. As he showed the Campsnlle,  bsve I the American said, "We've got a monument in Washington two hundred  feet higher." If unbowed bim tbe Coliseum, he remarked, "The auditorium  at Chicago is bigger^ Finally the  Italian showed him Vesuvius in eruption, and thought surely that must stir  bir-awe. -But the American after gazing for a moment at the burning mountain, said, "We've got a waterfall in  America that would put that out tn  Ave minutes."  Re Paving Westminster Road  Robinson-Elliott: That Engineer  Clement De instructed to confer with  tbe Provincial Oovernment Engineer  to discuss the class of pavement best  suited for Westminster Road and bring  in a recommendation to the Council  ss early as possible. Csrried.  - Certified correct.  J AS. B. SPRINGFORD, C.M.C.  CHURCH ���������*EI������VIC*E������.  ************' f  '" -        Tnjnt  *4 -iii t1     <  Cedar Cottage Presbyterian Church,  Rev. J. C. MadiU. pastor. Morning  service, U o'clock, subject, ''Froin  nature to Grace." Evening service,  7i80 p.m., tubject, ''The man thst  comes short"  *** * * 11 |������l������*i������iH.t"t..M..l������H'1"������) |  <������  FURNITURE  STORE  3334 Main St.  Our stock of Furniture ;:  is Large, Modern and ;;  adapted to the tastes of  Buyers.  Dressers, Buffets, Tables :;  Chairs, Couches, Mat- ::  tresses, Bedsteads, etc |  A complete line of   .     ���������  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. +  Drop in snd inspect our geode. \ *.  This is where yon get a square ..  If. H. COWAN  Hid I * *** ** K 1 T.1 *******  I  a  AMATEUR lASeiAU.  ************  iMiiiiiiiiO iimiiihiiiiii iiiiiii  FOR SALE  On 12th Avenue and Victoria Drive, near Grandview  car. THREE Bungalows, story and a half each, foil cement  basement, finished modern up-to-date styte, heat, etc., toilet  in basement, extra toilet upstairs.  Por full particulars and information as to terms apply  506 Metropolitan Building  PHONE : Seymour 588 VANCOUVER  ���������*>,������-.������������������������.  ���������i i ��������� 111 ���������������'������ *������������������* * . ���������3������>*  Tl?e HoM������e1ip|i1  If you have an old. brussels carpet  that bas become too much worn to  look well as a carpet, but the back  of which is stiU good, you may make  a most excellent oilcloth or linoleum  of the wrong side of it. Make a cooked  paste ot flour and water of a consistency to spread easily with a brush.  Turn the carpet upside down and apply s liberal coat of this to tbe wrong  side. This paste serves SB a filling  and prevents the carpet from soaking  up too much paint When dry, paint  It any color desired. It will take two  ccats to give it a good finish. This  makes a fine covering for a kitchen  do or. It will wear for years, with  occasional repaintings when it becomes worn in places.   If padded pa-  large number of enterprising young \per #,B ?*\ ������������������������f ��������� ������������ * ������o* ������������������*  men who are entering into business ������>������������f������rt������W������ ��������������� the foot,  in Vancouver.  Appended Is the schedule of the  .ower Mainland Baseball League,  which opened the 1st of July with the  eople's Trust CO., Ltd., et New West*  ilnster, which wss won by the flnan-  iers. The League is under the anspf*  es of the B. C. A. A. U. snd will com*  ete for a silver cup snd Individual  liver medals awarded by the People's  *rust Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.  Aug. 24���������Pippins and P.T.Co., Queen'*  Park, N. W.  Aug. 24���������Comets snd Tigers, Mount  Pleasant. Vancouver.  Aug. '31���������P. T. Co. and Tigers, Mount  Pleasant, Vancouver.  Sept. ^���������Comets snd P. T. Co., Simon  Fraser School, Vancouver.  Sept 7���������Pippins and Tigers,  Bridge  Street, Vancouver.  THE INTERCOLONIAL TEA CO.  Patronize home industry. We deal exclusively in Tea,  Coffee, Cocoa and Spices. We are here to please you and  we want your help.  We will give you the best value, try uf.  '       .Tea from 25c up.    Fresh Coffee from 30c to 40c  "'"' -   V.".. -     Cocoa, absolutely pure, 35c per lb.  3536 Main St.  Phone Ft irmont 1592  Mr. Jelly is 32 years of age. He was  born at Shelbourne, Ont., of Canadian  parentage. He was raised on the  farm, but about fifteen years ago went  to Winnipeg and served.some years  as a street car conductor. Finally,  after a trip to Australia, he decided  to settle here, and has now been in  Vancouver five years. During this  time he has been in the tiansfer \r*-r,-  iness.  Mr.  Foote has seen  but 30 y<mrs  The place of his nativity was Portage  La  Prairie.    He has  resided in this  city  twenty-one years, and has been  engaged with his father for ten years  i in collection of the mails.  These gentlemen are agreeable and  j obliging, and are an asset t our growing community. Their advertisement  will be found in the columns of this  paper.  For unscrewing can tops and the  caps on oil cans, lamps and similar receptacles, keep on a convenient shelf  in the kitchen two or thre strips of  sandpaper about an inch wide and  seven or eight inches long. Instead  of struggling with the obdurate screws  simply press a strip of sandpaper  around the Bides and turn in the usual  way. It is seldom that the screw does  not give at once.  YOUR atom  depends upon tbe condi-  ������    g-m^yvwr *|>tow. -<������Tp    -  enjoy, perfect hegjth get  , your spine adjusted by  frnest Shaw, PXi  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 22nd Avenue ^nit  (Close to Main St.)  Office Hours: 1:30 to 6.  Fros..  Conaoltstion  NrmlvB Pwt lepalrim  t3t|rw������W')L       m������. Fliriiftfs, frS",  Has-installed a  "QOQOVeAR SHOE REPAIR QUTfW  Terns oot shoes equal to new  /T  CHIROPRACTIC.  We live to serve the people.  "The people I lived with before,  ma'am," said the new cook, "was very  plain."  "Well," asked her new employer,  "are-we not plain here?"  "You are, ma'am, but in a different  way. They were plain in their way o'  livln', not in their looks,  ma'am."  Dr. Ernest Shaw of 250 Twenty-sec-, n���������r . c^U  '������,   mmnlptp   and  ond Avenue east, is demonstrating his, Uur  &TOCK IS   Complete   ana  ability and the efficiency of his art to,  the satisfaction  of many of his pa-1  tients.    It will pay persons who are]  out of health to consult this Doctor: Q-jj������   Workmen  of Chiropractic before giving up hope  of restoration.    He can be found at  his office which is close to the car line  on Main St., any time between 1:30  and 6 p. m.  - ��������� i   ���������  Ta Rent -8 Roomed Boose  4529 Valentine St., between 29th and  30th Ave., South Vancouver; strictly  modern, new. Apply Muir & Lobb,  2410 Westminster Road.  of excellent quality.  are  Skilled  Reliable and Prompt.  Choice  \  F. T. Vernon's  Feed Store  2471 Westminster Road  Ccr. Broadway       Mt. Pteaunt  Poultry Supplies  of every description  LEE & WOOD  523 Broadway, f.   Pbone Fair. 1528  V  Phone: Fair. 186  J  GO TO  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. & Main St.  The finest Tuberous  Rooted   Begonias   in the  City now on Display  Prices Reasonable  PHONE: Fairmont 817 m  THE WES  CALL.  .-.x'.ixf/xxyx-x^'i...',-*T:x.x:-: ..cx:r -.L-'xy^iiJSga&s^&ggm  m.  %****f*4'^*.*' *i*f**' i. i ;t,  vm,  ***m  Nt. Pleasant Carriage  Horseshoeing Shop  Dealers in Heavy Team  and   Express   Wagons  Rubber Tire Work  MUIR & LOBB  ������410 Westminster Road  ������B WBBVE-Ur CAJW.  Issued every Friday.at 2408 Westaaln-  .ter Road, one-half bloct north of Broadway.    Phone Fairmont 1110.  ��������� Editor,  H.  H.  Stevens;  Manager, Geo  ���������>. Odium.  Social and Personal  Mrs. Baker of Victoria is. the guest  of Mrs. A. W.Ross, of Fifth Avenue  West. Mrs. Baker will spend the week  here. .  ���������abaorlption: f 1.00 per year, 60 cents  ������������r nix months; 25 cents per three  ���������nontha.  tope wal Transfer  r When moving phone us.    We are  prompt  and reliable."    Furniture  and Pianos moved.   Padded  Van  Phones Sey. 648 also Sey. 133  563 Georgia Street  Change* of ads. mint be In by Tues-  tay evening; each week to Insure ln������er-  ���������ion Jn following Issue.  Notices of births, deaths and mar-  taaes inserted free of charge.  Where Wheat.ia King ���������  CARDSOTN, A1U���������Splendid crop  prospects are reported this season  from -every portion of the CardBton  district. There is now ������ greatly increased acreage lit wheat; due to the  ,breaking done last year. Cardston's  elevator capacity 1b reckoned at 80,000  bushels, while the local mill is capable  of handling, an output of ISO barrels  of flour dally. The substantial development of the grain business in the  ��������� Cardston district has all taken place  since 1905.  Gillet���������The peope in the Hat above  us are constantly fighting.  Perry���������Doesn't your wife ���������obje.et?  Gillet���������No. She likes to have a fuss  made pver her.���������New York Su,n.  ti**************************^***^***^***********^**^,  '������������������'.���������������������������    -   .       ���������       ������������������'     ./  Our Opinion on the  Range Question  We know we have your confidence and we bave  taade ourselves worthy of it byhftTrdlwgthevery  beet meidiai*di������e in our lkie. ������  We are familiar with the good (-piatttaeB of every  etove a&d range en this market.  In our  fWOTNG BELUS  ./'  Mr. Frederick Gunter of South Vancouver, who was terribly stung by bees  is still unconscious at the hospital.  The doctors are puzzled.  The Rev. Fred W. Locke and Mrs.  Locke of tacombe, Alta,"are.spending  a vacation in the city and are the  guests of Mr. and Mrs. George H.  Healy, 2550 Quebec street.  '"**"***,'  TV"*"   T.'*''***.?^'*******************' . ***������"*^******?*********������**^^  #a4^*********:***9*****4v*  M ....... -��������������������������� ... ,-j. ... j...   ������������������ ..v .-. . ...t  it:   -r   ,������������������   ������������������ '  It*  'O '������������������-.--  o   ���������.  The wedding of Miss Blanche Walker and Mr. James Stout (was solemnized on Thursday , evening at  1824 Thirteenth Avenue East. Rev.  Mr. Madlll ,of Cedar Cottage, Presbyterian Church, officiated at the service.' --y ''���������'"_  Mrs. Robert Holland Cromwell, who  Miss Margaret Brown Pollock, of  Ayrshire, Scotland, and Mr. Robert  Fullerton Wilson, of the postoffice  staff, Vancouver, were   quietly mar-  has been jthe guest of her mother, Mrs. j ried at the home of Mr. O. Barton, 315  Edwin Parker Bremner, Fairview, dur-'. Sixth Avenue, on Friday last, the Rev.  ing the summer months, will return'*t^^ the cere*  to her home in New York to Septem- ntony;,in th,e presence of a few ihtl*  ber.  Miss Hall and Miss Westley have  removed from their home in Fairview  and are becoming settled in South  Vancouver, -where it is their intention to Open a private hospital this  month.  ths bast of them all and the  "������*fvW     a*sf-a*"aar*B*'     ^Sfap       ****fm ������������������ TT *r     "jfTT    "JFtt"      rw *-?  ('���������^N^HWa^-   fff   m*^^9*ytmf 99r*w- ^rv tT#*   ym^*w*w,m9    HW.   *Tgj7  my of it ltwer*wm*\vetr  {sMliSr'tlJI  199 pot come ������i*4 a*eei^*. We  VTTWT-yW !w^*-������TT*^ ^*PWWTay%^a*sy    fffwr^  ������*    t^  ���������^��������� wWlgj'Wr**"*rV T*r*Fw esfffarlsfTf** ^T*^^T*Jsf eJa*Faja^"rr**"  ieaoMt It Una.  a/*^a~W**T^ ���������***������   " ���������**���������������������������������������������  W. R.OWPN  ��������� 2337 Main Street        - Phon������ ffinixm 447  Mrs. eGorge A, Ross and daughter,  Miss Helen Scanlon, of Wenatchee,  Kash.,, are house gueBts of Mr. -and  Mrs. FiedVfopham, Sixth Avenue: East.  Mr. Ramsay has recyently moved bis  family from Toronto. They will soon  occupy a new residence on the corner  of Alberta Street and Fifteenth Avenue.'''  mate friends.  HlND-MELLIS���������On Saturday, August  3rd, at St Saviour's Church, Vancouver, B. C., by the Rev. St, George  Buttrum, Ada Mellis, youngest  daughter of William Stewart Mellis,  of Shortlands, Kent, England, to  Harry William -Hind, eldest son of  .-Louie Hindi nee Fox), of Anerley,  'London, England. The bride was attended by Miss Nellie Frost, and  was given away by Mr. Alex. Fraser.  Mr. W. Frost" acted as best man.  The happy couple spent their honeymoon in Seattle. Present address,  2021 Twelfth Avenue East, Vancbu-  ���������   viry    ���������-    ���������-���������������������������������������������''������������������.���������:������������������  PIONEER SHOEMAKERS  Are aUII at the old rtasd  X'. ;v;.itf:y:.\.r. ��������� J*  ,*".",",,<,   :��������������������������� -    " "     -���������    ll*im  Most reliable Boot and 8bo*ui*-cing m Motim  ?������������������������������e������������t������������������MM������*ie������������������tMaM������e������ieM������iiiiiiM<tU*ii(i  ;>HHinn 1111Hiinini* iiinM<H<ttMH*.v'i|������i  Mrs. Walter Bauer was the hostess  of a very delightful small tea .yesterday at her home on Fifteenth Avenue, Fairview.' The guest of honor on  this occasion was a niece of the hoBt-  ess, Miss Flossie Pentham, "of Brock-  ville, who has been a visitor in the ghlre, .England, was united in   city for aeverai weeks and-who) is leav- j riaj(e to Mr. A; 8. Huhtingford, of this  Ing fo^ rher home in the east eart*r "- '���������"��������� < - -  "on Saturday afternoon a quiet.wed*  ding took.place at St. Mark's Church,  Kiisilanp. when Miss Stella Cakebread,  dau|h|er of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cake-  '$?*& qi' l^nieux-Pe^ham, Haitfoni^  The ceremony was performed  next week. The tea table was bright-'by"u������ ReV. R. B/bay. the bride was  jned with greit clusters of sweet peas attended by Mrs. W; Priest, and Mr.  and the hosttss was assisted In tbe Priest acted as groomsman. After  serving of ber goMts by Mrs.. Rose andt the wedding * dainty luncheon  PHONE  PAI*tMONT  510  THE DOM  rjMcoowiai  icey creammmm^  2B4B 1**1* St.Mtletore  Lii.*^  Is the coolest Parlor in Mount Ple*u*������nt  Call and try our Ice Cream; Sundaes, Sodss, Cider, Soft Drinks, ete.  We get our Sweet Cream, Milk, Butter and Bottm-ntilk freah daily. *  '  Large selection of (**gai-^ Ciga**ett^  ������������������. >-.#* yyyyy.': 4*^*^:*^w^  i-l III 1M I Ml ft III > H 0 11111   'Mt������<H������MM������e*vtl-><  H| ������l:������������i^f i tM*JjJ:!t|*3*$MMi^MJM$^M^&MJ^**  Mrs. Randall.  ���������;wa������  served ^ at the. residence of l*r. ,,'.������h4.'  | Mrs. Iriest, where several guesta were  entertained.   The young couple will  take up thelr^reaidence at Sonth Van*  mm- ^ y* y,y,-y..^* .-.-v- ���������  eANP'5  W. C. BtM. Mm tier  **���������   Wa   WfPPfWw  It's Just Ulce Home  The most up-to-date place in Mount Pleasant.  Clean, Tasty and Quick Service.  Our chef, Mr. Levers, tste of the  , Hotel Elysium, is second to none.  All Fruits and Fish in season.  We cater to Balls, Parties, ete.  TRY OUR 25c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH  a6ii MAIN STREET  Corner I Oth Avenue Phone Fairmont 609  ���������  :  '���������  *.  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������4  DARLING'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST., COR. 11 th Ave.  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PRESCRIPTIONS  A SPEGBLTY  BY  REGISTERED  MEN  following ji ike Met of fatre:  Arrow ta^w;---October .*��������� 5. '  Alberni���������September J.2  Arnwtrong���������October i������-l7.  Burqultlam--Septen������ber *������.  Bella Coola-October 8������.  Cowichan���������September JO-21.  Comox���������October 3.  Coquitlam���������September 3i.  Cb������Ilw*|ck-8epteoiber 19-20.  Central Park���������September 12-18.  Cranbrook���������-September 18-19.  Delta���������September 20-21.  Grand Forki-Sept. 26-27.  Greenwood���������September 30. .  Golden���������September 24-25.  Islands���������September IS.  Kent���������September 12-13.  Kamloops���������September 18-20.  Kelowna���������-September 26-27.  Kaslo���������October 15.  Utngley���������September 25. /H  Mission���������September 24-25.  Maple Ridge-Sept. 25-26.        .. y  Matsqui���������September 26-27.  Nanaimo���������September 17-19.  N. and 8. Ssaatcn���������Oct. 4*5.  NMcola���������September 25.  >Torth Vancouver���������Sept 7.  New Westminster���������Oct. 4-5.  Nelson'-September 23-25.  New Denver���������October 2.  Penticton���������September 39.  Revelstoke���������October 8-10.  Richmond���������September 25-26.  Shawnigan���������September 18.  Salmon Arm-Sept 27, 28.  Summerland���������October 30, 31.  Surrey���������September 24.  Trail���������September 25-26.  Vernon���������-October 23,  24.  Windermere���������Sept. 20-21.  Victoria,    (provincial    exhibition-  September 24-28.  ���������;'$  The-best method of removing, rust  from1 a polished stove or grate ie to  scrape down to a fine powder some  scouring soap, put it into a little oil,  and rub the spots well with a piece of  flannel dipped in the mixture; then apply, some whiting'and rub in well. R������  peat this process daily until all traces  of the rust have disappeared.  ti������* ������<m i * *>** ii # i������ m m m t  ****H*********m*****9*9  "��������� ���������  ,\ ���������'.;���������':��������� .'���������' ������������������'-' A".,   -.,.->/': '-���������j'-'^;-r'*-''iA.~'".'!-',-'i"'i *������{     F   '  ';���������������������������������������������'. '.    ���������-���������.<���������:������������������;������������������ -!^'~ y.,^y^y^vir,;.t^.^\^rK4\~J^       \  WAL ESTATE *Np INY^SJin������3NTS  ~bu.yrikt������-i} k.y^Mki'^/M.^^x-^iy^^^-'^ii'  '. ��������� Callo?ir.>4j',^W-yyyyyy'y^  #ym������$kWf  m  Cor. Broadway and We������$nilflif������r Rom|  ************************* UMiiMMMMIMIMIIItl  -*-*-t*---*--BS*--������------^  i  Always in aft. pleasant  t  IT^fW^O^W:  MacUCHUAN & MORGAN  wan *^5*222I?oliaS������r  adiaa*. Gantle-aen'a and Cbildrea'a  half city prices.  at  Mats Msttinti Appoints  Lo Vigilenoe Committee  NEW YORK, Aug. lS.-^-The determination of citizens of New Turk to  rid their police force of graft and Blackmail was given forcible expression last  night' at a mass-meeting at Cooper  Union, whon they appointed a vigilance i  committee of prominent men aud women to see that the public office, s now  engaged in exposing "the treasonable  alliance of the police with organized  crime" do their full duty.  ' The resolution appointing the com.  mittee was passed unanimously by a  crowd that overflowed the hall. Four  thousand persons were in the auditorium, while blocking the streets outside  were thousands more.  The'resolution appointing th** vigilance committee, which was kivon the'  power to Increase Its number to thirty  and to solicit funds and to **ngage  counsel, called "upon the ponce department to put forth additional efforts  looking to the arrest of nil thofc.* implicated in the Rosenthal muvdc upon  the d'ftrict attorney to bend e������**ry en.  ergy as be has been doing, to ihe apprehension snd conviction ol those  guilty; upon the sldermanic in.������*sti*mt-  ing committee to make a thorough and  non-partisan examination Into causes  which give rise to blackmail aud graft  jand to apply remedies by whicn these;    Several Chinese generals have been;  : causes may be remover): and Ujjon citi- executed   for  consuiiacy  against  the  : zens and officials bavins information  new republic.  < upon these conditions to lay it before i ���������   t--  to  TriitiM Moved on Short Notice  Phone Fairmont 1177 Stand 2421 Scotia St.. Mt, pleeatnt  i    ii i. ���������������������������;  mom m*$ *tiot*s **t***At-tf*#  Oar . lone   experience   and    eonlwstm^  iriaraatees good w<rrfcm*u������bl-������.      V-  3330 Main St. ami Cor, 18th Ave. and Main St.  FOREIGN  Evangelical Alliance Preparing Protest  London, Aug. 16.���������Premier Asquith,  having refused to receive a deputation  protesting against tbe ne temere decree, the Evangelical Alliance is preparing an imperial protest. In tbe  autumn a great Protestant meeting  will be held here, where tbe withdrawal of the edict throughout the  Empire will be demanded.  WANTED���������Ladies tn do plain and  light sewing at home, whole or afore  time. Good pay. Work tent any distance. Charges paid. Send stamp for  foil parUculars���������National Slannfaetcr-  ing Co., Montreal.  "������BT"****a������  mm  I  Ive lived in the east, and I've lived in  tbe west,  And I've journeyed the whole country through, j  And I've sweat with the glass at a hundred and four,  And again, I've been frostbitten, too,  And it matters but little what other9  may think,  Or tbe place they would give most  to be,                                              j  For of all the fine spots I have seen  I would choose ]  Summer time in Vancouver for me.!  the district attorney or the aldermanic  commitee in he full confidence that  they will be protected against. terrorL  zation and threats of all sorts.  Tbe members of the committee were ;  Eugene F. Outerbridge. Jacob V. Schiff, |  Eugene A.  Philbin. Henry  Moskowitz,:  Allan   Robinson,   F.   S.   Tomlin,   Raymond   V.   Int?erso31.   Mrs.   Charles   H.  Israels and George B, Agnew. i  On the platform sat representative ]  wen and women in all walks of life.'  The speakers included District Attor-;  ney Whitman. Dr. *.ym?n Abbott. Rab-  Lawyer Clarence S. Darrow, being  (ried at Los Angeles for bribing a juror  in the famous McNamara case, has  been declared toot guilty. f  The recent earthquake In Turkey,  killing 3,000 people and injuring thousands more, together with great property loss, has not subsided yet, shocks  still occurring.  I  PHONE:   FAIRMONT  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  514  bi   Samuel   Schull,   Alderman   H.   H.  "Ch, hubby, (tear, what do you think ��������� Curran.   chairman   of  the   aldermanic'  police   investigating   committee;   Em-;  ery R. Buckner, counsel for the com.  are the first words our baby will say?"  f gurgled Mrs. Matron.  I    "Well, if she takes after you they  2; will probably be, "This is a nice timw  Orozco Sues for Peace ;  MEXICO CITY, Aug. 1������.���������Definite  proposals for peace were received by  President Francisco I. Madero here  today from General PascuaP Orozco.  commander in chief of the revolutionary forces.   It is expected that a truce  to come home," said the brute.  mission; Henry De Forest Baldwin,; ������'ili be declared immediateiy and nego-j  and Mrs. Chas. H. Israels, a promin-i tiations. opened which will result in'  ent social worker. : the rebels laying-down their arms.  Wat STANLEY  Haaasar  8. B. REDM7BN  Stanley & Co.  Contracting Painters  and  Paper-Hangers-  Full line of Wall Papers  2317 Main Street  Phone Fairmont 998  Trya"CALL"ad. ^v***^-***^*^-.  **.**ft *'-'g^aL'*-^-^lt^Ptf*f IM-^i^ *������*��������� -w wa-^^M.i^w  THE WESTERN CAM,  THE BORDER TAILOR  3438 Commercial St.  Four doors north of old stand  First class Ladies and Gents  suits made to order.    Best  workmanship guaranteed.  Cleaning and Pressing  Phone Fairmont 1217  LEADER  GROCERY  J. 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O.   1  .3779   *|  ^WAPBELOK  (Co*r***r.***srmsotvmm Ovum*w^iai>wta>i������.*asea>.'  ���������"Entitled, not**" aald the generous  Mr. Kelly- "Look here, you two���������  dont be so dainty about money. Look  at It this way: This Jap is an enemy.  He was using his dirty money to do  barm to you and to your government.  Wo have his money now. It is prize-  money taken from the enemy, just the  same aa If it was a fleet, do you un-.  deratand? Take it and use It to help  along whatever errand you've beeni  sent on���������I'm hot asking what it is.  Here's two thou���������twenty centuries���������<-  for each, of 3'ou.   Cart it away."  8olano; laughed amuBedly.  "Mr. Kelly, your arguments are the  best I have heard In many days. I'll  tell you what I'll do; I'll take my  share, and hold lt In trust for Mr..  Yazimoto. If he ever calls for it he  can have It."  "Under those circumstances.** said:  Brockett, "I will take the money. If I  ever become, friendly with Mr. Yazimoto, I will give it back to him.",  "As for me," said Mr. Kelly, dealing out the sheaves of bills, "I am now  a naturalized American citizen and a  loyal one, even if I was born in Sicily.  As a prize court, sitting on the dlvl-;  sion of moneys taken from a Japanese;  warship, I declare the same condemned; and split evenly among the  five cruisers which effected the cap-,  ture. Do I hear any objections? None.  The money is hereby divided."  "I suppose," Mr. Kelly resumed,  after the money had' been pocketed  and the laughter had died down, "that,  you fellows want to be on your way.  There's another exit from this place-  through a little tunnel that leads under tbe Chink ^unkstore oh the south  and then turns Into a passage1 tnat  runs aU the way Into a basement In  Bayard street. Now there's a chance  tnat the Jap will be stalling 'round,  watching for a chance to put something over, bo I'll just tend to that  all probability," argued Solano, "they  will be counting on our going either  -north, towards Albany, or east towards Boston,, and we can simply alter  one small section ot our route to fit  the exigencies of the cane."  "We will have to cut out a few of  the turns; and bends we had mapped  out," said Brockett. "or the delay we  have just beea through may hold us>  back, considerably.   Once back on the  iioiooon>ooooon*ioo������i<iieK������i������4������i������t������i������i������i������ieiti������i������i������t  tocmm .  for you.   There's four huskies���������two  guineas, a goose and a harp���������upstairs,  who'll go with you, and nobody will  start anything with those babies, I can  tell you straight.   They'll   see   you  wherever you want to be taken, and'  you keep 'em with you as long as you1  think you need 'em, see.   And, when  all these troubles are over, come down;  to,Doyers street some day and spend  a little Ume with Kelly."  CHAPTER XII.  The spoils of war having been carefully put away, and the escort of four;  gangsters notified of their duties/  Brockett and Solano started on tbej  devious journey that was to cover so:  large a portion of North America be-;  fore It could be satisfactorily com-!  pleted���������a longer trip, ln fact, than the  youngsters had anticipated, and even!  more replete with excitement and ad*'  venture than they had expected. Kelly,!  frankly cordial and evidently wholly]  honest In his intentions, introduced:  tbem to the precious four who were to'  see them safely out of Manhattan. The!  gang leader's Instructions to his le-!  gionarles were short, simple and eas-'  Hy understood.  "These two lads," quoth Mr. Kellyj  "are right people. The best ever, believe me, and I want you four to look  out for them till they are over in Jer-  ������ey. If anybody tries to get to them,  it'll be a nunch of Japs. Keep cool,  watch close, and anytime a slant-eyed  monk tries to get gay, just trim him.  If you have to use your gats, why use  'em���������it will be all right, and there'*  somebody higher up than me that will  see you don't get none the worst of it.  Remember, now���������keep heeled for yellow men, and don't be nowise slow if  you have to get some cf 'em."  Brockett and Solano had quickly decided that tbe Christopher street ferry  should take them back to the Jersey  side, figuring out this plan of action  on the theory that their tireless enemies would hardly expect them to  double bock upon tbeir .tracks,   "in  mrcsrfrmww*mm  Jersey side, we can hurry right along..  We etui have a fair margin of tbn������  ahead of us. but we can't waste many  hours."  The escort provided by the friendly  Kelly strolled along with the boys Cor  a block or so, pointing out places of  Interest and showing every evidence  of good humor. As tbe little group  turned Into Park Row, one of the escorting four whispered in Brockett'*  ear. briefly, admonisblngly.  "You two fellers walk ahead���������'bout  fifty feet or so. We'll come along back  of you as If we didn't know you. If  anybody's laying for you along hero  we can pretty near get 'em tbat way."  And, like ,a quartet of welt-trained  soldiers, tbe gangsters dropped back  till perhaps twenty paces separated  tbem from their charges. Brockett  nnd Solano, willing to accept the judgment of tbe gang-youths In such affairs, walked along, gazing Into the  windows of the ancient pawnshops,  scrutinizing the tide of riffraff and human flotsam that came ebbing to and  fro, and In general conducting themselves after tbe fashion of verdant-  greens just seeing New York by arc  light.  The huge, gloomy shadows of Brooklyn bridge loomed ahead, and the  surge of mixed humanity was thicker  and more diversified than ever, when  halt a dozen young men, rat-faced,  weasel-eyed, slinking amid tbe darker!  places like wolves along the edge of  the forest, came softly out from tbei  blackness -that surrounds the great  pillars of the "L" road. One of them,  a stocky fellow with a gray cap pulled  well down upon his forehead, stumbled against Solano, and, regaining  bis balance with a quick spring of his  nimble legs, caught the Cuban by tbe  arm.  "Say, young feller, wbatchu mean  by sbovin' people around, anyhow?  Can't you see where you are goin'?"  Solano shook off the detaining hand,  and Brockett closed up beside blm.  The pack of rat-faced young men  seemed to spring up around them like  ambushed Indians, and tbe trap was  as neatly sprung as ever a savage  planned an ambuscade. The next sec*!  tond there came the quick patter of-  feet from tbe rear; four more rat*'  faced, furtive-eyed young men hadj  mingled with the attacking half-dozen,,  and the whole ten were exchanging!  amicable greetings.  , "Just keep off these two guys, just!  let 'em be," explained one of the es-<  cortlng four. .  J'Frlends of yours, Casey?" queried:  the apparent leader of the newcomers.'  "Friends of Kelly's, Ike. He told us'  to see that tbey got to any place they!  might choose to go." j  "Tbe deuce you say! All right. If  youse ducks says so. Tell Kelly yom  seen us, and we sent him our best re-!  gards." |  ."Sure thing, Ike. So long. See you'  later, maybe."  The recent assailants faded into thej  darkness of the "L" shadows as)  strangely as they came, and the quar- i  tet of protecting gangsters resumed!  the journey. J  "Good thing we went with you fel-l  lows," exulted tbe chief of the protective squad. "Those gorillas would  have fixed you sure." '  "So I should judge," admitted So-'  lano. "We would have given them'j  some fight, at that, but six against;  two would haye boon a little too;  strong. Are they part ot your own.  crowd?" ,  "Nix, not ln a hundred. Tbey's  Jive Potnta. do yon see?  And we aro  _*E**Wt^������M*..::*****^  friends���������best on eartht Kelly* an?  jBastman, and ; a > topnotebse*. te������y Imt  the Five Points all* llke< hlta���������honest  they do-r-and they wouldn'tta>notMng:  to .no pals of his, nottfoe. any money.  Must have been the^ Japs HWiy tipped  us offi about���������they- muet, have* seen  this gang.. and, fixed: lit wijffc them, to  hold you up. In that caeaj the poor  Japs gets double-crosseAitwo times In  the same place. It's? a* einch those  gorillas wouldn't take en nothing  like that >unless they; gob the kale in  advance, a*d we kno**;W������tat Kelly, did  to the one that was flxiegt* have you  nloeghed a little whUe ago."  "Any. chance, fori-anyr more exeite*  intent?" asked Brocket;. a������ the oxpedi-.  tion, passed the bridge- eatrance and  then began a new. tack that- would  lead tbem to the fe**r-������  ; Tbe gangsters were -Acertaln. "Not ���������  jmuch shew for a***ftt*alng with any  ;gangs,'*-explained^ their leader, "but  '.If tbe Jap glckB are- as wild as ��������� tbey  :8eemto get yon, tneco may bo some*  i'thlng doing. Pretty mean people,  {those Japs. They'li bang. on. forever  tin hopes of getting am even break with  j anyone they're after. Tell ��������� you: what������������������  )Kelly didn't tell! us to go any.- farther,  !than.the feiry,.hut we'll see you get  safe to Jersey^ anyhow. Might: be  .some doings omthe ferry, you know."  ��������� The little; squad went through various deviouB wanderings aad, doublings  during the������ res*, of the route to the  Christopher' sfejwet ferry, pursuing- a'  tortuous, course that, evoked expressions of. admiration from the disciples  (To be Continued)  Large** Yield 8ince 1906  WASHINGTON, Aug. 15���������The wheat,  crop of tho DJnited States for the pres.  ent year is estimated at 680,000,000  bushels in the government report issued, today. Tbls is the largest yield  since 1906, when the crop was, 735,250;-  970 bushels.  First Celestial, in New Yock Dsad.  Lee Ahow,: known in criminal, history  as "Quimbo Appo," is dead,. sajs the  Chicago Journal,, aged 90. Place of  death,, Mattewan hospital tor the insane. Ocdinarlly the announcement of  the death: of a Chinese charged with,  murder and alleged to be insane would  be occasion of slight public notice. But  "Quimbo AppO" had a place of interest.  To begin with, he was the first native  of China to set foot in New York City.  Because of this fact he had for some  years a sort of distinction. He was  placed "'on exhibition" for a time/even  accorded a place among the "attractions" in London's Crystal Palace  Show. His claim as tbe first Chinese  to arrive in New'York was questioned.  But tbe state historical society secured  ample evidence ot too truth of tbe  claim*''''���������-���������''���������������������������;-: y :y*yy:- i. ������������������ ������������������-yyyy.y  Three times in bis long life "Quimbo Appo" was saved from the noose by  the hangman!  German ".naineer Solves Problem.  BERLIN, Aug. 16.���������The TagUche  Rundschau says tt learns thai a German engineer has made a remarkable  invention, permitting an aeroplane t  remain stationary in tbe air at a given  point for an indefinite period.  Tbe military authorities are said to  be enthusiastic over the new Invention  as it opens up incalculable possibilities  in observation and the dropping of ex.  plosives.  AI&U * Mrtreariy  Westminster Rd. and  Commercial St.  Horse-Shoeing and <  Wa&oo Repairing.  Try Our Lunch toom  HOME COOKING:  Ice Cream, Tobacco ami Cigars  FraSCf'S TheVmfcwd Only  r  I  Car Termnius Victoria Road  Our    Motto    44 Cleanliness."  ��������� -    '      -w*-*--ap-M-*--*-*-������������-i----.i  PHONE ;; Pairmonttl595.  WM.   R������JHif  Cor. Victoria and Westminster Roads-  riCNERAt PlJfMBfcR  Sbhbing Promptly. Attended to*.  Estimates Funuahed Free,  Distance no object.  Getter Cottage P.O., Sooth VaocoavertB.'G^  11 ��������� '. ��������� .'   '   ..'.   . *'x.  **************************  ���������I M Yoti AreSkfc;;  s"OABJ..ON ��������� ���������  I ERNEST SHAW; tt il  (Doctor of Chiropractic)        | ���������;  250 22nd Avenue Blast  j;  ,,     Chiropractic  succeeds-   where J ������  ** medicine fails, ������'���������  !! Hours 1:30 to 6 Consultation free !!  I*************************  Big Apartment House  Plana.were deposited today with the  building inspector's department for a  $100,000 apartment house tor Messrs.  Robertson ft Hackett at tbe corner of  Beach avenue and Nicola street. A  permit will be issued.  OFF1CB KOUR8:  ft to ���������������:���������     ltof>  Saturday evening,  7 to 9 or by ap-  poihtment  "fWW   TTvT'rTTt   |ff  0UIW9 QdUiII|  *\Zm^mimmmmwa aS Bala*aa*a^aB*B*a**B*Bl  Wmw ley; 5������  aWORIMMPTT  Optometrist ani������  Eye Sight Speciaust  Consultation Free.  tfhone: Fairmont 777  A. 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W; Walker: 2nd, 3rd cock; 1st, 2nd,  3rd ben; 1st, 2nd, 3rd pullets; 1st,: Snd  pens.  White Minorcas, Rose,Comb  F. Maromto: 1st, 2nd, 3rd hens.   >  LftacfcMJnorcas, Single Comb  .Joseph Clark, City:   1st cock.  W. Walker: 2nd cock, 1st, 4th ben;  2nd pen.  Wilson Bros.: 3rd cock, 2nd hen.  Geo. Simpler: 4th cock,' 3rd hen, < 1st  cockerel '������������������-'... ...*..;..:  A.'S. Stronne: 2nd cockerel, 3rd pen,  ft. W. Timmins: 4th pullet.  Black Minorcas, Rose iComb  iH.M.-Woalrtdge, North Vancouver:  1st, 2nd hens; lot, 2nd,.3rd pullets.  /Andalu-rian*  Gordon A. Mould, City: 1st cock; 1st,  ;2nd,:8rd, 4th hens; 1st cockerel; 1st,  2nd, 3rd;pullet; let, 2nd pens.  * Xnconae  F. P. Hearns & Son, City: 1st, 2nd  u German Antlers  G. C. Palmer: 1st cock, 1st, 2nd, 3id  ���������hens;  Partridge Rock  G. C- Palmer: 1st, 2nd, 3rd hens.  Game Bantams, B. B. Red Exhibition  L. 6. Hlllier, City: 1st cock, Snd hen,  let, 2nd, 3rd cockerel; 1st, 2nd, 3rd  pullet; 1st pen.  P. Alberto, City: 2nd cock, 1st hen,  4tn cockerel.  Game Bantam, Old English B. B. R.  Red Feather Poultry Ranch: 1st, 2nd  cock; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th hens; 1st  cockerel; 1st, 2nd, 3rd pullets; 1st, 2nd,  3rd pens.  Golden Duckwing Game Bantam  P. Alberto: 1st cock.  E. Galloway:  2nd cock 1st hen.  Red Pyle Game Bantam  P. -Alberto: 1st cock, 3rd ben.  W��������� H. Steenson, Victoria: 2nd cock,  2nd; hen.  A. H. Hortin, City: 1st hen, 1st, 2nd  cockerel; 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 4th pullets; 1st  ���������pen.  Game Bantams, A. O. V.  P. Alberto: 1st cock, 1st, 2nd hens.  Black African. Bantam Rose Comb  \V. H. Steenson: 1st, 2nd cocks; 1st,  3rd hen.  E. D. Cale: 3rd, 4th cock; 2 hen.  W. Walker:  4th hen, 1st cockerel,  cock; 2nd, ilrd. 4th hens; ,1st, 2nd, 3rd.;.   , ���������    .     ,     '  ,"���������     i���������   , . ������   * o j     ,, x     . . ������  .,2nd. 3rd pullet,  cockerel; 1st, 2nd, 3rd pullets   1st, 2nd     , ' .     :���������.,,       ���������, .     ., x . ^  Richard Wilson: 1st pullet, lBt pen  pens. .  \WHeon:Bros.: 3rd oock 1st hen, 3rd  pen.  s Silver Polish  balance <on ������easjr monthly payments, v.  JtistiMftGe  Dominion Expreet-orders sold.  Th������������ tthe cheapest and .best way  to remit money.  iP.O. *3ox������5,Collingwood flast  mvm i wm  PCJH-fSTATf-  (joans, Insurance, etc., Notarise Pnbljc  JOVCK STRKBT, COLMNQWOOn tS������^������  . ,, , ,..������ i ������ i������.i* l|i|i|| ���������*������������������*< ��������������� * *��������������� * * * * ���������������  OoYoul^now  We handle a fell Line of  Yt-j-ecaMee which are always  ;Freab.  Butter, fully guaranteed to suit  the moct particular, 8 lbs.. $1.00  Ej:pa,t.he same as you buy from  your neighbors. Sdos. for- .$1,09  RaanWrries Ht tbe lowest -nur-  $wt price <each day.  Since we bare a cold storage  pfant'Of tHie very best, we can  always guarantee a full line of  the best meats.  Burnaln/Meat  Market  McKay    .    -   B.C.  Pfwne Colllogavood **  Phone *  Collingirood 18  Box 22  Collingwood  WM. H. KENT  W SON  Real   Estate   Agents  JOYCE COAD N..C0UJNGWO0B CAST  We have several good buys  in Burnaby  Collingwood East  Nice 4 room house, on a J5-foot  lot, all modem, on Joyce street:  ������2800; "���������:*(:() cash, balance arrange.  5 rooms, nil modern, pood bese-  ajent. oren fireplace, ������3150; ^-300  cash, balance arrange.  4 rooms, near proposed car line,  fnrnace, electric light, plumbing,  etc. $2150; cash $25 per month inclusive.  -*t*t**--aa**--  White African Bantam  R:..B. Cale:, 1st cock, 1st hen.  Sur;>rize Poultry Yards:   2nd cock,  C. P. Lockhart, Eburne: 1st cock, 1st' 1-������Mnd cockerel; 1st, 2nd, 3rd pullet;  latvpen.  Buff Cochin Bantams  R. B. Cale:  1st cock, 1st hen, 1st  cockerel, 1st pullet. ,  ,Richard Wilson: 2nd cock, 2nd hen.  v^i Hines: 3rd cock.  Soon Fong, City: 3rd cock, 1st, 2nd,  3rd-.(pullet; 1st pen;  ������������������'���������. Light Brahma Bantam  B;B. Gale: 1st cock, 1st, 2nd hen.  White Cochin Bantam  rW. Walker: 1st cook, 1st, 2nd hen;  hen. ���������'. - ���������  Golden Polish  <C.fF.iLockhart: 1st cock, 1st hen.  811 ver Penciled Hamburgs  W. H. Hadley. City Heights P. O.:  1st cock, lst,l2nd hen.  Golden -Penc||ed Hamburg*  Rolston Bros, City: 1st, 2nd cock;  1st, 2nd, 3rd hen; let pen.  W. H, Hadley: 3rdi 4th cocks; 4th  hen, 1st cockerel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd pullets;  2nd pea.;'  Black Hamburg*  Rolston Bros,  ben; 1st'pen.  Feverells*  Geo. H. Gray, Collingwood East: 1st  ben, 1st, 2nd pullet;. 1st, 2nd cockerel;  1st pen.   . '..''.;'.-.'  "PERPEaiON"  Bread and Cakes  Made in a Sanitary Bakery.  Thia Bakery has taken the highest awards  Bread, Cake and Jfo^  and New Westminster  Exhibitions.  BREAD is the staff of life, and to get that sweet  nutty flavour you must get the -  <<x^r^tionI^af.,V  \/:y^i  A   i,*i *m9  "*-*���������^^ * ^ rt'vt  A4*       i  - "     -J  - .   f v,V"  y <���������  ���������y>  v r*  ' ^V-     1  yC'$0j;Hf&f9  *x. yyyyyy?m  t  ���������������������������������  ^  '.X  ���������yy^rmm  y^ryyyyyp;*  yy?y&$$m  yy:yyy^M  ���������:yyymm  m0mm  iSigtil  y\^im$m  yyyyxyym  iV'}*>'"v! ':*''-*1,l,,'rt-f)������,:? 5^|;l  '������������������xxy^yyjy&M  .yyy-y&w$i  ;^Vv*^rt:*^^>^  ':'t*i;;,*':-',^vljV'"'t\f,l  ���������������:': ���������������������������:,':;:,-^r;f.?^ri*irt.|  *ymmi������m  y^y:y'.^^?^Sf0M  Summer Time-Just a Word With You {       ]  All leading Grocers supply Our Bread.  i *ni 'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiin **iiii*-^**M������-a*a������#***������*^a*a������<������ai������a>.  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Arthur: lsty 2nd cockerel;  ���������Biiff Orpingtons . 2nd, 4th hen  Central Park  Opposite Agricultural Hall  hardware, Paints, Oils, ^liililerfSiippf let*  Stoves, Ranges and Ki^H^vvJire  i  Special prices on Ranges.   Cult in and S4je  tfieni., ,       , . >������y*':yy\  .. I  ��������� I. II I ���������! I'        I''     '-!*���������i���������U  Mrs. J. Lii8<ellea, Collingwood En St:  White Pekin Pucks  1st cock, 1st, 2nd, 3rd hen; 2nd cork-K^W: James: 1st old drake, 1st youn?-.  erel; 2nd, 4th pullet; 1st, 3rd -pens v   drake.  W. Walker: 4th cock, 4th hen, 1st j    If. J. R. Arthur:  2nd young drake.  3rd ptillet; 1st, 3rd cockerel; 2nd pen.  i let young duck.  C. W. Robbins, Chilliwack: 2nd, 3rd! Indian Runner Duck  cooks, |    Miss Mabel Evans  White Orpington j        . ;'v Geeie  F. J. AdeB, Cedar Cottage: 1st cock.!    w-  Walker:   1st,  2nd  gander;  Red  Feather -Poultry Ranch:    2nd 2nd, 3rd goose: 1st breeding pen.  1st,  cock, 2nd, 3rd, 4th hens; 2nd pen.  _ Surprize . Poultry Yards:   3rd cocfc,j  3rd ben, 4th pullet.       ' ]  W. Walker: 1st hen. 1st cockerel, 1st,  pen.  R. W. Tlimnins: 2nd. 4th cockerel.  John  Barton:   2nd, 3rd pullet;   3rd |  pen. j  Black Orpingtons  Belgian Hares  F. J. R. Arthur: 1st and Srd.  G. Routley, 2nd.   C. G. 1-ance, 4th.  Anpora  Pabbite  J. R. Arthnr:  1st and 2nd.  Bromer:   3rd.        .  F.  F.  Young Negress Executed  RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 16.���������Smiling  W. Walker: 1st, 2nd cocks; 2nd. 4th; and unafraid. Virginia Christian, a ne-  hens;   let, 3rd cockerels-,   4th pullet,; gress,.17 years old, the first woman to  2nd, 3rd pens, l>e executed in the history of Virginia,  J. D. Fraser: 3rd cock. I was sent to her death in tbe electric  Wilson Bros.: 4th cock, 1st hen.       |chair,at 7:23 o'clock this morning for  Surprize Poultry Yards: 3rd hen. 1st, the murder of Mrs. Ida Belote, 72 years  1th cockerels; 1st, 2nd, 3rd puiletB; let old, a white woman, at Hampton, Va.  Twelve Hundred Pray Over Dead Man  NEW  YORK.  Au������.   1(5.���������As  the ������le-  pen.  Black Breasted Red Exhibition Game  Allan Graham. City:   1st. 2nd. Srd, capitated form of Frank Rinioli. one of  4th cocks; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th hens; 1st, their leaders. lay sprawling on the car  2nd, Srd pullets; 1st pen. j trackH after being beheaded by a  J������������-  Indian Cornish Game ' r������>me   avenue   <#ar   here   today.   1200  Surprize Poultry Yards: 1st cock, 1st. Italians, returning from an open a'r  2nd. 3rd, 4th hens; 2nd, Srd cockerel; celebration of the Feast of the As-  2nd. 3rd pullet; 1st pen. sumption !n the Upper Bronx, knelt in  C. F. Lockhart: 2nd cock. the street and ������i!ently prayed for. the  H. S. Elliott. City: 1st cockerel, 1st soul of the dead man.  pullet. 1    Rimoli, having put his last cent in  White Cornish Game j the plate at the feast, .lumped on the  G. C. Palmer. City: 1st cock, 1st, 2nd,! wrong side of the car to avoid paying  More letting your Painting an<| Raperfurofling see  H. Srigley  for the dest ������wl most artistic wwli  Uncota Avenue, CoHi-flwoofl" p. 0.  Puxton,  Watson & Co.  Builders and Contractors  Let us give you a figure on your building.   Plans  provided.  00X9  Central *w1.  3rd hens; 1st pen;  W. James, Pitt Meadows:  3rd, 4th cockerel; 1st, 2nd,  pullets.  Pit Game, A. O. V.  H. M. Woolridge: 1st cock,  3rd lien;   1st pen.  J. P. Mason, City Heights:  2nd  cock; 4th hen.  1st. 2nd.  3rd.  4th  1st, 2nd  his fare.   An L pillar knocked him under the wIirp's.  NEW YORK. Aug. 1.",.���������Canadian Pacific: calls special meeting of stock  holders on October 2 to authorize $<!0,_  000,000 increase in capital stock and  increase of consolidated debenture  '���������rd .stork to acquire outstanding securities  of Dominion Atlantic Railway.  GRANT PHIPPS  WIRING, PITTINGS, OXTUBCS  Estimates on all classes of electrical work  Joyce Koad  West Burnaby Pharmacy  A first-clasB DRUG STORE now open for business.  Corner   Sussex   Avenue   and  Westminster  Road  (Opposite West, Burnaby School)  Drugs, Stationery, Confections, Cigars  Special care  taken  with  Prescriptions. A   visit  will   be   much  appreciated.  GILBERT J. SPEAPvS  DRUGGIST  HORSESHOEING  MILLS & HOOKER  Practical Horse Shoers  And General Blacksmith  Registered under the  Wor.shipfu  Company of Farriers, London, Ere-.  Thorough knowledge of Anatomy. Special attention given  to defective feet. Repairs of all  kinds promptly and thoroughly  ione.  FORGE Opposite West "urnaby School  Give us a trial.  Fixtures,  Wiring and all  Elective Repairs  J. TRIPP  ELECTRICIAN  Residence Postoffice  Central Park Collingwood East  BELL THEATRE  JOYCE   ROAD  EAST COLLINGWOOD  Open every evening, 7:30 to 10:30.  Tli'"' i)>r>vi:]<r picMr>!.s shown nt this theatre nre of tho wry  best  obtniu-  rslile, uotl)i!)^r objectionable is allowed by the management.  Amusing Instructive Educational  Saturday Matinee, 3 P. M.  Change of Programme every day.  Good Music.  yy  'yy%\  :yyiyy^i  yyy-MMt  yxx-yyAAs  yyxyyysii 1 ���������%������������������'���������  I  ������  8  THE WESTERN GALL.  GARDEN HOSE  Last few Lengths at Special Prices.  Best 3-ply, reg. 10c at 6c; Maroon, reg. 15c at 9c;  Kinkproof, reg. 20c at 13c.   MEAT SAFES Below Cost  $1.55   $1.95   $2.45  GALVANIZED BOILERS & TUBS  Extra large, extra heavy, extra strong;  Values to $2.25, all at $1.00 each.  MIR FBllfl DEPARTMENT is the Best in the Gty  Peaches. Pears, Prunes, Plums.    Berries of every sort.    Tomatoes,  Cucumbers, etc., etc.   Finest and Freshest at lowest prices.  NOTE- Our Drug Dept. Cuts Prices Througout.  Lawn Mowers Below Cost.  CORN BROOMS  25c  GLASS WASH BOARDS  35c  Phone  Phone:  s^ THE HONIG STORES^"  1    56-58 and 60 HASTINGS STREET EAST  3472  3473  3472  3473  *>' a  CITY:.  The attendance at the Vancouver  exhibition broke all records. Was a  pronounced Buccess.  The London directors of the B. C.  Electric Ry. still refuse to make better terms with Vancouver and neighboring municipalities.  One thousand Indians from all over  British Columbia will gather at North  Vancouver to greet the Duke and  Duchess when they arrive on September 20th.  The track work on Hastings Street  1b said to be held up>y a deadlock  between the B. C. E. R. and city officials over the Pender Street switch.  There is no time for delay. Business  Is suffering.  Thieves Busy on Pender  Clarence Lester, staying at 520 Pender street, had his room broken into  last night and a sum of $29 was stolen  therefrom. Thieves also visited the  house of Mr. Milligan, of 948 Pender  street and stole a revolver.  PLANS OP NEW DEPOT.  Bridge Will Have Three Floors Above  Cordova Street  Mr. F. W. Peters, general superintendent of the British Columbia division of the C. P. R., today received  ���������a co������y of the floor plans of the proposed new $1,00,000 railway station  ta be erected here," from Westing-  house, Church, Kerr ft Co., the New  York |lnn which has designed the  strootnre and wil carry out the entire  the general and ladies' waiting rooms,  band baggage and parcels room,  smoking room, ticket offices, lunch  and dining rooms..From the rear, ln  addition to a fast elevator service by  large lifts, there will be six broad  stairways leading down to the tracks-  platform, which will also be reached  by two other stairways at the west  end of the building entering upon  the Granville street overhead extension to the wharves.  Just above this floor and the first  floor will be an intermediate mesza*  work of construction.  Thsre will be three stories above nine floor to be devoted to a waiting  th Cordova atret entrance. The! room for immigrants. The apace on  track, pr ground floor, will be devoted'the three main floors above the Cor-  to tho teggage, express and dining j^ova street floor will be reserved for  oar d������**a**t*nents7    fa^  tweea it and the street floor and at] "*"**t*"""1  aa elevation of thlrten feet will be a "A rK)lltleatf **arty," Baid Uncle Eben,  metuanine floor with apace for ; a "is sumpln' like de chu'ch choir. De  kitchen, conductors' rooms and bond* man dat make de moa' noise In It  oi haggage. J ain't alius de one dat is most promo-  Oaf tha atreet floor will be located tlous of hahmony.'  4Bt  * '***&���������'*��������� ** "-���������*���������' ���������* -*' ���������������������������,.���������;- ���������   ��������� rt'��������� - -  m  Wggefs  ftmetm every goo4 quality :  you (Jesire in a timepiece. ;  Tbey Wear Qoo<f. MwHOoo-l. ;  MaKeOood.   ^  Kvery high grade and reliable make of watches is rep-  presented in our stock.  QeOa O, Bigger  ....,,,_'.   Jewbllpr and Pjajiond Merchant "T.  | |43 Hastings Street, W. y  , --...������������������ ������.  t *><i< t'' '���������'���������'-���������-t-'--"*"*"*"*"*"*"'"*"*"!"**'***^*1 *t n *������*****^������*v**������������t������<*������*****w*^>������>������**<������*>**������*****^i''t"i' 't"t' ii���������*  THE 999c  ELM   LEADS  IN CANADIAN COOPERAGE, BUT 18 DECLINING.  Although elm still leads among the  woods used for slack cooperage, spruce  is rapidly supplanting it. In the total  output of barrels In the Dominion last  year, there were used, according to  figures compiled by the forestry  branch of the Department of the Interior, 80,016,000 pieces of elm- In  staves, headings and hoops, as against  37,704,000 pieces of spruce. There were,  however, over 11,000,000 \ more spruce  staves and 9,000,000 fewer elm staves  reported for 1911 than for 1910. In  time, elm will probably be used only  for hoops, as It ia the best wood for  the purpose, the supply is fast diminishing, and other species can be used  to advantage for staves and headings.  The ultimate substitute for elm will  probably we birch, which ia comparatively Plentiful.   ���������  Slack cooperage is of vastly greater  Importance than tight cooperage in  Canada. This la because the majority  of Canadian products are of a rough  and dry nature, such as lime, potatoes, apples, dry fish, flour, cereals,  etc., and because Canadian woods are  best suited tb slack cooperage.  " White oak, the only Vobd which can  be used for containers of aicbliblic  liquids, has been practically e������haust*  ed in Canadian woodlands. JnV19U  only 2,7������8,00 Doak staves were' cut;  while 7,893,000 were Imported.   ::  A rough estimate on the part of  the forestry branch places the taifnt*  mum amount of material used In the  manufacture of all classes of cooperage  as 62,353,190 board feet, made up as  follows: Staves, 89,367,714 feet; "heading, 24.466,666 feet, find hoops, 62;853,-  190 feet  Arrested for Murder. n -"  CONSTANTINOPLE, Aug. f������i--  Lleut. Herbert G. Montague, formerly  of the British Army, was committed  for trial here today, charged with the  killing ot a Manchester merchant  named Dayan in a local hotl last Sat.  urday night.  m11iiim111iiiin -ni*��������� 4hohmummiiiim***hi.  i .���������������������������-������������������������������������".��������� ������������������������������������������������������    - --< ������������������  Haney Factory Sites have waterfrontage and  trackage,, are only twenty-six miles frcm Vancouver 11  and on the main line of the G. P. R. Fort Haney  : already boasts of a sawmill and brick yard, so that: E  in moving your factory to Haney you are not ���������;  pioneering. Lots vary in size from one to five ;;  acres with from one hundred to two hundred feet of i I  waterfrontage.   Prices from $25 per foot.  Mrs. J. W. Kerr of this city has arrived in the east after a very enjoyable  two months' tour of England;and Scotland, which she made in company with  her father, Mr. W. P.. Allen.of Bowman-  vllle, and her sisters*. Mrs, R; C. Cruick-  shank, St. John, N. B., and Mra. George  Ball, of Toronto.  Mr. 8. P. Judge is having a very  interesting exhibition: of piotures at  present in his studio, room 8, Courthouse Bloc*. Robsoai Street The pictures are sketches: of Japan,. India,  Egypt and Italy, and are the fruits of  his recent tour around the world. The  collection is a most interesting and  and picture-lovers should not lose the  opportunity of seeing it  VANCOUVER CENTRE  MB- SHIP-IUILDINO.  Mr. Jamas Vickers of English, firm  ��������� Pins Fatth on Thia City as Port  Mr. James Vlekers, of tbje shipbuilding firm of Vlckert), Maxim, ft  Company of England; believes Vancouver to be one of the two centres in  Canada suited for shipbuilding fron*  their accessibility and nearness to a  coal supply. The other Is Sydney,  Nova Scotia. Mr. Vickers Is at the  Vancouver hotel* oa hia way to San  Francisco. He was one of the party  of British Manufacturers who; visited  Vancouver six weeks ago.  Csnadtat* Northern Awards Work  East of-.Yale- to Vancouver Firm  The contract for tha erection of the  substructures of eight steel bridges  and trestles on the Canadian Northern  Pacific Railway east of Tale has been  awarded: to Messrs. Jtigby ft Marsden  of Vancouver.  ������ >+���������  * *-.���������'  3436 Sophia street, 6 rooms, modern.    $31:50 ]\  per month.  935 17th Avenue east, 6 rooms.   $25 per month*..������  19th and Ontario, 8 rooms,- new  and modern.  $40 per month.  2420 Victoria street, 11; rooms, newly decorated. : >  $45 per month. i|  14th Avenue near Ontario street, 8 rooms.   $35',; ;  per month.  Corner 7th and Main, 8 rooms.    Rent $40 pen j;  month. '    y.  John street near 18tii Avenue, 6 rooms, new J  and modem..  $25 per month.  743:15th Avenue east, 6 rooms.   $25 per month.  Store on Main street near Broadway,, fitted up \ \  ; for real estate office.   $80 per month.  &  2343 MAIN STREET  WHWdtfe I*fr#)fl#4llr.4l7?  ii ���������������)���������, n ��������� ������ a n * ������ ��������������� i������ i> a ������������������������ * ���������* -.* ������ hi ti Ql <m 4<*4 M**< * i* * * 114 * * * * * i  * ���������-���������  up to western Idea* of cleanliness,, and  that 9m '���������*-#���������> d*si**ous oft having, healthy surroundings.  The letter, which is reproduced; as  penciled,, reads as follows:''  ....... "Vancouveri **k c  "Mr; Inspector Health Oentlemenv  ',  "Dear Slrs.--Please yon must come  down Shanghai St. there and* quickly  see lt. But we never saw a Street  Uke that fn. thia city, the d*rt a bout  half food high, about did not clean  The total amount of money Involved  in the work is about $60,000 and the for three months ago, and very stink,  total of the eight completed bridges by and all people have sick and you  will be 3300,000.  Construction work will be started  must get men quickly clean it.  At the end of the letter follow the  two weeks hence, and the substruc* stamped signatures of four firms car-  tures of all the bridges are to befin- ryteg on business in that locality.  Ished   early   next   February.    The J    Dr.  Underhill, medical health ofll-  superstructures will    be    finished    a;cer, says the matter has been attended  month or two later.  TOO   MUCH   AIR   PRESSURE.  Verdict of Jury as to Cause of August  Skedine's Death.  A great deal  of contradictory evi-  Come and see our  Hand Painted  China  Picnic Plates  li50  Pocket Cups Paper Napkins  COMMERCIAL DRIVE  China Horrified by Counterfeiting  NANKIN,  Aug.   16.���������Now  that  the  redemption has begun of the military  notes issued during the early days of>nce developed yesterday at the in-  the new Chinese republic, the authorl-i'lu'3St held over th body of AuSust  ties are horrified to discover the extent j skdlne' the diver who met death  to which the provisional currency has!whiIe at work    ^sening the ' hard  j stratum    of    earth    for    the suction  pumps which are being used ln con-  been counterfeited all over the coun  try.  The situation is particularly serious j "ectioQ wlth the construction_of the  in view of the fact that no very accurate record was kept of the  genuine  notes issued, so that it is next to impossible to check these counterfeits, of  to, the cause of complaint being obstructions rather than filth.  Alderman Crowe on False: Creek  The development .of the city's portion of the bed of False Creek along  what Alderman Crowe, Chairman of  the Board of Works and a member of  the special C. N. R.. Conferen.ee  Committee, considers feasible lines is  shown in plans which City Engineer  Fellowes now has in course of preparation: "���������  Alderman Crowe proposes to fill in  west of the Main Street bridge for 150  Curtis testified that'feet   out   into   the  water, extending  -aiasi  Great    Northern    dock on    Burrard  Inlet.  Dr. George F  from his post mortem examination of j docks still farther west towards ^he i  w^ich'VisrVvVdent" toerTmust*haw [the body he judged that the leased; Great Northern bridge.   He would also j  J  Good Cutlery  The most, extensive showing of superior  quality Pocket Knives in the province.  Genuine Joseph Rodgers, Henry Boker, I. XX.  These brands are of world-wide reputation and are unequalled for quality  and  finish.  TISDA LLS LIMITED  (Successors to Chas. E. Tisdall) 618-620 Hastings St., Wast  W A MT P II -Gir'8 and b������ys' nien and women������ to learn stenography  Vf All I Cl/==at Boyd's Shorthand Institute, 70i> Dunsmuir St.  Only 6 to 8 weeks to become competent. Individual. instruction. Many  calls for stenographers daily.   Complete course $43.00.  Boyd's Shorthand Institute i������.X..*r  been an enormous production of such died of t0������ much air   Pressure  clever execution that it cannot now be  told from the somewhat clumsily made  genuine money.  fill in between Park Lane produced  south across the city's part of the bed  and Main Street.   In addition he would  Lectures to  Mothers.  The afternoon lectures to mothers extend Flrst avenue west through to  given each day at the exhibition byMain^ Street and provide on each side  Miss Hall under the auspices of the!of il * striP of land for industrial purposes   at   least-150 feet   wide,   with!  trackage  facilities.     These   improve-  The   old   mountaineer,    who     was*  standing on  the  corner of the main Vancouver branch of the Royal Victo-  street   in   a   certain   little   Kentucky  rian ������rder of Nurses> approving an  town -had never seen an automobile   attraction to the women who visit the ments would be for the   C*Y   ^^lf-  town, had never seen an antomobile. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^    ^ .^^ Alderman Crowe states.that he would  hospital, in which emergency cases of,then lease to the c- N- R- the remain-  sickness and' accident are treated, is der of the bed- requiring the company  also in charge of Miss Hall, supervisor!01 course to do the "ing which has  of the work in Vancouver,-and is well been referred to for ..by the-city and  equipped with everything necessary to also to pay over ?600,000 which was  the  prompt  and  skilful  attention  to raised ^ hy-law-recently for the es-  When a good-sized touring car came  rushing up the street at about thirty  miles an hour and slowed down just  enough to take the corner on two  wheels, his astonishment was extreme.  The old fellow watched the disappearing car with bulging eyes and open  mouth. Then, turning to a bystander,  he remarked, solemnly: "The horses  must sho'ly ha' been travelling some  when they got loose from that gen'le.  man's carriage!"  A theological student was-sent one  Sunday to supply a vacant pulpit In a  Connecticut Valley town. A few days  after he received a copy of the weekly paper of that place with the following item marked, "Rev. , of the  senior class of Yale Seminary, supplied the pulpit at the Congregational  Church last Sunday, and the church  will not be closed three weeks for re  pairs."  cases of all kinds.  Friends of Mr. Geoffrey G. Sharp,  formerly of the Mission to Seamen in  this city, will be interested to learn  of his engagement to Miss Annie  Bright of Christchurch, New Zealand.  Mr. Sharp is now located at Sydney,  N. S. W.  tablishment of raiparian rights of lots  in the vicinity of the bridge  CHINESE SETTING  WORTHY EXAMPLE  Underlying a quaintly conceived  example of "English as she is spoke,"  which has been received by the city  health department, is the fact that  the Chinese residents of Vancouver  are making a determined effort to live  DRESSMAKING, RENOVATING  r  Underclothing,  Children's  Garments, Bachelor's  Mending.  MRS. LESTER  Smith Avenue        -       Central Park  The Queen Tea Rooms  618 Granville Street  Luncheon and Afternoon  Teas a SpeciaJty  a  of Vancoliver,,  wew  For Sale.   Act  now while there  are yet good  homesites at  good prices.  That $100 won't  be much good  in six months,  it will now  secure a  splendid lot  consult  Bailey, Telford  & Co., Ltd.  NOTARIES PUBLIC  317 Pender St. W.  PHONE:   Seymour 5294  Collingwood Branch  Joyce Kd.   Phone: Collingwood 5


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