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The Western Call 1912-06-28

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 i  ^yv^^yswyyty&yyz  m^mmm^MMiw^S  ^  VOLUME IV  80  H. H. Stevens, M.P., SoiroR-in  immmmmmmmmmmma^matma -���������-"���������-���������.���������������������������-���������-  sSSi^ioMaoi  Interests of  V^COyVER,  [COMMENTS ON UVINQ TOPICS  By G. A. 0. ���������,    siwi���������  Children on the Streets >���������  city among many, visited haw we seen as  bldren on the streets at night as in Van-  }In Grandview, where it is,ottr privilege  sores of children under sixteen, many  frelve, may be wen and heard on the  i* night even as'late as ten and eleven  Phis tendency is increasing rapidly and  checked at on.ee. We. heartily agree  tayor Findlay when he says; '"Now that  Ie cry has gone abroad that immoral conditions  >revail in Vancouver, it is well to safeguard the  roung people of the city by keeping them in the  shelter'of their homes at night, if is' weH known  that too many children are ont at aH hours here  ind to no good purpose very often." Our only  criticism is on waiting untiHhe- ''cry" was: made,  for the fact has been known, for a long time.  Street Influences **  An ancient writer of note prophesied that the  time would come when boys and.girls may play  "- tbe streets in safety.  That n*lde*iday htm 9m  ^^**^a^****s*s3*oo*o?ooo*^*oTs^'ix^i  ^':>.^' 'MasooaToorl'aiit^aK'AS.J  m  n  ver and the Western People  Columbia. -JUNE 28, m%  '���������xxyyxxxx;  ^ 9WSaa\^Lk*tA  *f������*PlM JiWffeet ratm-  intbeir  ey, gojnbnnr, a**e***������et*ance, ateafinf , been,  iess and the etaiol vice eonf rent them at  t*tt^ eeow a^ tJiey way.  jBooape is im-  ������ U He ot������������te are ^txraented uwisr atefe-  X^tamblatioti U the inevitable    J  iiimhee. aebook and ehy *ato*m* to  iDt^eji Mlinjii eluiaMl^ w������11g'*%  ' *W,*9.Xa9it-hna*\9a thew _._������������������,  f ia mer-alov hlouxiciiijod. *&**  **i&&.aW9p������f<  ^ tl* eteeta of street"  ��������� l-wIw^ '^^^99J0*p9*y ^^   ~^S9***\   ������������������Jwf^^'e^fl-p-���������   *;*s^-w-    *������������j--^rjrT���������     --v-  t'jrtlift w^]*!lm**^& "tne  {���������PJeg,*;:  a The advent ojf noted inei^^vmany^ {lands and  callings in Bfe to our city is of comraoa^  and is one of/'|aie.:jij^  looming iip mrg^on^he^hon  . When this famous pei*aona^*e, representiug "  Roman Catbo%Chi������e^  people wiUbon^^  utterances.' :?^yo*iljHibe\ s-fqpjiip*^  authority on the luir***^  he is reputed W^be; a fearless man, doubttesevhe  ***iii aay m^ ~:y&y~-\������������������.:"  .(w^iie; rai:ife ���������'  bi&s^otnft&o^  position of^Hiiptelratt yyy  - An impoi-������sM w������k, " Ferroria's Eccleeioaticol  Pjij^^ia^e^^  Bibliotheca   ca*obfoirav j****^  ieft;ism<fi1m|aojf^^  '' "'''''-^Mio^^^  *Mh������-^  no don Ut of the  of this ejthaus-  An extraetortwo from the edition of 18110 may  lw of intei*eait������ o*������ waders as well as to Father  '���������Pa^'tttts^e owt  ?-!������*���������  ttitx.  .b.sc.). . ���������;.:; 'yyyyyyyy:: ��������� J^���������';%.:'���������:>  hirelings out of their^hi***chesv  ^  to pay men to sit down as dotards in the  ce of Father Vaughan, or any other Revered  who makes the claims made by the Roman  lie Church.-    ;'": .?.���������������������������-��������� '���������;;<:. yyy,.*. ���������'���������  iw for a look atothers than the }'Protestant  M referred to above.   Read these words:  '���������Item divinus monarchalac imperator eiifiTefaus^  etr^ regum.'r  Translation: "He i* likewise the  fti*$|������ monarch, and supi^me emp^wr, *md king  o/^wgs.'* ������$ur*ely there is no lack of self appre-  cfatjjin on the part of the pope and hia church in  tb^i|w4������rdarC^:,'^:;';r.; yyyyyyy.: ���������:-. ^^.^y)  "'' N^wJ wish to ask our men outside bjttl^*^e>  ulpits, especiaUy ^  of England is the official head of the <  mpire, what they thii*^ of t^^  official as u required, most surely!  c, like a lot of cowling e*wsjrd*vgo������iif; to  >r to the Pope's coining re^MfeoentatiTe,  Vauglian, wlien he ofeiaHy stands fortb  pubUcly, j������rivately. on oath, or withoot  *^f>W6#Wmmm  ;Many of tiie most unconmromisin^ o**tbodo**:  '; brews', in Jerrosaiem/ whim tn^ll reo\>l*n>ly_  vehemently diaavowing the Meosiabsnip of J<  the Naxarene, do not h���������������tate, howower, to  that the British Israel theoir has eveiy oomb!  . of;veracityv::;:; yy,yx '^SMy^0^^^$^^.  y   In ���������foot, the bxma fide conservative >Je^w^  unequivocally beUeves tn tbo infanibility ;oi  ���������,Bible,.c>nnpt>:a^^  ef the Identity claims, remain *>a8siTt Or .._,.  ; ent towards that interesting movement which.  for its object the solution of one of the moat  y mentous bibHcal and historic**! prob^ms  lias ever occupied the inind^ of WI>lw __,  y*$*w&^  Besides, whom should the  tion: Whew aw now thelMissinf  %: Israel, concern more keenry, or W*  ly, th������ the wanderi*i|r, ex-^riatetf. Jew^  $9m&#M!^  :^pide^^  '" the fouitt oentury  qs4pt^^ emperor, then he  George m l-at a^  the mi������*hty Romojir ^  jokingt Is the Roouo)  ving a UttJe_by-f4ey, when  >Tath^ Veu-jhan m ea**et-t ������ b* i   _  to the above teaching t  Or are they all in  eaniest t   Do they i***aaui what tbey say t  ey deterauned to make good theiir claims in  " t y - sAx% tbjey:$y^^^  present ���������:jij$j^^ -  men, our piremki^ otnr attc-mey*H|eo^  'awt minio^rs, oitf *nayo^  ajttil^inoijsii(*einthe,piroo^  !;^Wslsi^s*t||^e1^^  asunder tbis veil of  over the eyea of the vast majority of wnr  , ia t** eoTirw of their wewr :  aa H wew a*nong  dw  T^rj^e-^Js^sj"-^:.   r*mm9mt  ���������yyiyyyyyxyyyfmimm^  books and twatit^ atw^^^^  in rabbfaic Ubraries on thia wy  no leas t^ tw^ty-ftve ex-jodttsoM  - "i;"^"  wd *aa*mm^  wnot iasfeof andas^ai-rd  tribes of w^y^yy::y-ymmimmMM^m^^^^^  >ow **oioo>loo*Mmvjojpp*o*M^  0*W h^er, ttvsV^P^^  vinced the)  belong to thj  brought  8o}oni(  wf Onto  ^���������asss  had been  **���������|fp^5?S*'*!P*aws"'***������;jf^^  ^������������������'^���������.���������^������������������.'"^SgS  iy contact, especia .  lark places and reaps a harvest of death ft  inexperienced children and youth.    Save  [young, and this hideous, disease-breeding,  I damning evil will soon consume itself and ei  dishonor and tbe grave. Home is the most sec  Elace on earth.. Under its protection beauty  fe, nobility of character and fulness of raanh  develop in symmetrical proportions as the li  [blooms or water flows to the sea.   Home is f  Paradise of earth and the Vestibule of heav  J������eep the children home as much as possible.   To  this end make it attractive and exercise well  directed authority to restrain them from evening  outings.  The Curfew has been proven effective as a  compliment to wise parental authority and a  measureable success in- the absence of home government. To make the most of Curfew several  factors must be present in its enforcement.  First: A good alarm or announcement. The  best of which the writer has any knowledge is in.  Grand Rapids, Mich. It is a powerful siren (mill  whistle) which can be heard distinctly, on any  night, throughout that city of 120,00. There is  something so definite and startling in its cry that  every boy and girl on the street feels it rush up  and down their spine, impelling them to make a  bee-line for their own door without delay. A  Weak voiced bell, whistle or gun instead of compelling haste is either not. heard, or being heard  assures.the offender that all is well���������and procrastination is safe.  Second: Judicious, unflinching enforcement of  the law. Laws unenforced by authority soon become a dead letter with adults, much more with  children. Soft-hearted policemen render the law  ineffective. The children in one large city always rejoiced when a certain, bia/, good-natured  policeman was near when Curfew announced nine  o'clock p. m. This easy-going policeman would  take the twang of this whistle out of their nerves  by saying good-naturedly: "Boys, you had better  go home." That gave another hour's extension  of time. The iron hand of the law must vigorously operate the Curfew machinery or Curfew will  fail. In its enforcement there should be an absence of partiality. Children's eyes are quick  to see favoritism which generates anger, jealousy  and rebellion, with the result that law and authority are despised and Curfew is relegated to oblivion.  Third: Co-operation of parents and guardians  [' is indispensible. In the absence of this, little can  be done. Police are not omnipotent. There will  always be retreats where children ean congregate  at late hours unless the parents stand in with the  police and assist them to- discover the young-  , sters. Moreover, if the children know that their  parents-are co-operating with the police they  \f will double their diligence to be at home in good  time. Again, co-operation will help the polce  who, notwithstanding their angelic appearance,  are realy human, and therefore responsible to  influences of friendship and appreciation. Without this they may weary in well-doing and throw  responsibility and all* bad consequences back on  indifferent or unfriendly parents. This1 would  be a calamity andsHf>uld be guarded against by  patient and constant co-operation with the police.  ���������W-'Ws&JWo^^  fountain and! source^ and fulness of all holiness."  "He alone is the Vicar of Christ,*' Do our Protestant ministers admit this statement? Do they  deny it in positive terms? When Father Vaughan  arrives with the usual flourish of trumpets, will  our Protestant ministers, as usual, bow down to  the great Church dignitary? Will they be silent  when they are told they are heretics because they  are outside the pah? of the only true church on  earth, the only church presided over by the only  Vicar of Christ? Will they flock to hear the man  who comes from the Pope, who is called "God,"  and the only representative of God on earth  Again: "Item Bpiscopus universalisBcclesiae."  Translation: "He is also the bishop of the universal church."  If he be the bishop of the universal church, then  the Protestants are outside the universal church,  or they are under the bishop of that church-  Let our Protestant ministers tell us whether  they acknowledge allegiance to the pope as their  bishop, or whether they are in or out of the "universal chureh." If they are under the pope, let  them say so, and we shall know what to do with  them and ourselves, in our ehurch relationships.  If they are not under the pope as their supreme  bishop, then let them tell us whether they belong  to the universal church or not.  If not, then what church do they belong to ? If  not, where are they leading us to ? But if so, and  if at the same time they are not under tiie universal church's bishop, are there two universal churches ?   If two, which is right ?  Father Vaughan says there is but one universal  church, and its head is the pope of Rome. When  our ministers of the various Protestant denominations know that- such claims are made, oft repeated, and officially affirmed by the luminaries of  the Roman Catholic Church, and when they know  that such claims give them, and their teachings  the lie, why are they as silent as clams ?  As long as the Protestant ministers sit still and  permit the Roman Catholic representatives and  the church officially to call them religious and  theological liars, just so long will the ordinary,  plain thinking lajrmen think of them as poltroons  and cowards.  The Protestant laity will soon begin to spew the  fellow-citizens? The time is coining when the  people will demand a settlement, and they will  mako it, too.  However, I must push along a little fiither. We  cannot stop midway. Read this fine bit of Latin  from the "Prompta Bibliotheca":  "Hinc Papa triplici corona coronalur, lanquam  rex coeli et terrae et infernorum." Translation:  "Hence the pope is crowned with a triple crown,  as king of heaven and of earth, and of the infernal  regions."  Here it is in good plain Latin: "King of Heaven." Of heaven tool "King of earth." What  should the kings of earth think and do in this  matter ? ''King of hell.'' What will Satan think  of this? He, too, is only second in his infernal  regions. Poor, dethroned Satan. Answer for  yourself, Satan. v.  I have already asked our Protestant ministers  and our loyal, patriotic citizens what they think  of this mighty claim of the Pope and his church.  I have left the infernal side to Satan. But now I  ascend a step. There is one whom the Scriptures  call the "King of Kings." That is God, and God  alone. There cannot be two of such standing.  Further yet! Are there two kings in heaven?  While God, the Almighty, is King of Heaven, is  "God" the Pope, King of Heaven too? Surely  this is awful, preposterous, monstrous, blasphemous, and damnable. Will our loyalists, our Protestant ministers, our ordinary laymen, our newspaper editors, magazine writers, and all those in  authority, who, because of their office, elected or  appointed, have taken the oath of allegiance to  King George, sit in silence, and let the emissaries  of such insolent claims have the full run of this  earth in quiet*  Perhaps I have not grasped the situation. If  not, then the public would be glad for Father  Vaughan to clear up these tremendous questions  of priority on the part of his pope and his church.  We shall await his arrival and his announcement.  A play on words, or repartee, or special pleading,  or sarcasm, will not do in Vancouver, even in his  own church. Too many Roman Catholics are readers of history, and too many of these men are as  fearless as they are clear headed. They, too, would  know the whole truth.  'iJ*T*Js]paT)  -a-*s*Hnna������i  '        B"-tf-ev;e*l������HKthe>r^  Tbe inteliPPt Hebrew, as every other Biblo  student knows full well that unless prophecy resolves itself into history, it is no prophecy at all.  Prophcy and history is an elaborate romance  in two volumes,���������-what was slightly hinted at in  the first is gradually developed in the second  volume where the author's plans and combinations are fully elucidated.  It seems to us that those who pooh-pooh the  yery idea of the British Israel Identity, are either  grossly ignorant of the Scriptures, or are too short  sighted to be able to see the wonderful similarity  and relationship that exists between old Israel  and ]the7Angl������Sa^  To us, English history is the expanded flower of  which prophecy is the bud.  The discerning chronologist or historian, who  is at the same time a spiritually minded theologian, finds reflected in the British Nation almost  every characteristic, nay, every idiooyncraey,  which in olden times distinguished peculiar Israel  from the surrounding Gentile nations.  We have often asked ourselves and others the  question:  Could it be possible that blind, unaided chance  alone has shaped and formed a nation and company of nations in the far Isles of the West and  beyond the Seas, resembling in every detail the  one great Nation shaped and formed thousand*  of years ago in the Near East hy the omnipotent  and omniscient Creator of the Universe?  Wo again ask, Could it be possible that blind  fate alone has allotted to Britain all the advantages and blessings which the patriarchs, and  finally the great legislator Moses himself, bequeathed to each of the ten tribes respectively and  distinctively!  Could all these be nothing else than accidental  similitudes?!  Believe who may, that it be so; we, on our part,  cannot stretch our imagination to such an extent!  Could a blind man, however talented, chisel out  a rough block of marble a magnificent statue  that should meet with universal admiration?  ���������Certainly not!���������far less is it possible, or even  probable that the present blessings in the possession of the British have come to them by mere  chance or by the natural process of evolution.  As aforesaid, we. find the orthodox Jew quite  willing to hear and understand the arguments of  tin; British Israel advocates.  It is the sceptical and stoical Jew that we find  most difficult to polemise with on the subject.  The latter, far from being proud of belonging to  the traditionally high-bred, aristocratic race, is  actually ashamed to own his origin and even denies it whenever he finds it possible. Indeed in his  heart he is sorely grieved and disappointed by the  accident of his birth.   ...  According to him, Moses made a tremendous  blunder in taking the Jews out of the land of  Egypt, as well as erred in geography by mislead-  (Continued on Page *>> ���������"J ^>Jj- w-jrw-r^y,^ MiS/**^������Zl**W>Oii-Aj**>l ^   J,r m������"  *n  Jl������l" T*h "*������*������*S*J J<  ���������   irtHt'fcp-iStA.'^.^l^^-u-YJ-. V.  *.**..*��������� rMsaao*a������9-o**M%trSsVa  Knott&ttt  i ?w������ * *v" - '���������  THE WESTERN CALL.  H&  BEAUTY HINTS.  Amost every bottle or jar or tube  warranted to "soften and whiten the  skin," to "remove tan and freckles"  la to thin plums to about 2, 2 1-2 or 3  or to beautify and rejuvenate in other  ways bears a label with directions  which Involve thorough cleansing and  massaging processes, and I am inclined to believe that a good deal  more than half of the efficacy of the  prescription depends on these.  MIRROR, CRYSTAL AND SWORD.  News of the City  B. C. E. R. ORDERS 8AMPLE CAR  OF WEW TYPE THAT WILL BE  APPRECIATED BY HOBBLE  8KIRT  WEARERS.  The management of the B. C. Electric has recently ordered from tbe  J. B. Brill Co., of Philadelphia, a sample car of the latest type known to  electric railway men and the equipment probably will arrive ln Vancouver daring July.  The new car la termed the "stepless  car" inasmuch aa the design provides  The three symbols of the Imperial j for entrance and exit doors on the  house of Japan are the mirror, the'aide and at the centre, the floor being  crystal and the sword, and they are only ten Inches above the rail level  carried ln front of the emperor on all at the point, thus doing away with  atate occasions.   Each has Its elgnlfl-! steps.  cance.   "Look at the mirror and re-J   The doors for the entrance and exit  fleet thyself,"   or.   In   other words,* of passengers in the centre of the car  ''Know thyself," ia the message ot the  minor. "Be pure and shine" Is the  eryatal's Injunction, while the sword  la a reminder to "Be sharp."  \  -"A-  Reno. Nov., June 21.���������For the first  '. time In the criminal history of Nevada a man will be shot to death ln  accordance with the law of the state.  Thia wil) take place on the 23rd of  thia month. Under the new criminal  code, poooed by the loot Legislature,  and effective January 1 loot, any condemned murderer la given the privilege of choosing the method by which  ^he is to be put to death, between  hanging and ohootlng.  Andrew Mlrcovlch, aa Austrian, of  Tonopah, was on Saturday given his  ��������� choice oo a result of hla conviction of  the murder ot John Gregory, related  ���������-  to wealthy residents of thia city.  Upon being arraigned for sentence  he was asked by the court which he  . mrafarred, and replied: . "I prefer to  '   ba shot"   The new law prescribes  1 thMa*-Mmg three riflemen Bring *dm-  1   nltansously at the heart, two shall  v have loaded and one blank cartridge.  >  '  !  Prairie Crop Conditions.  ' ,A **-4**ate wire from aUplna, reeelv  M here ooaoenjlng tha crap situotKm,  ' stsyo: - -AJ-nost Ideal weather has pre-  ���������mOed o^-t-mf the peat week, local  obOwar* over tho province and groin  gi-owtagfaat ;1 drove it* miles in my  ear ysfjtoTfSoy, sooth of Regina, and  eo*4dlt!o*s to tbat district ore almost  aMfcrtect**  Iscmolly favorable conditions ore re-  ���������oorted' tw-9*9*im*> Alberta. ���������  Following If tbe list of fairs:  ��������� 4*row i^aJ-aa-HQkrtober 4-5.  Aj*wrat--������epttmber It.  Ann*t**o****���������October 16-17.  lm*^t*am-~September U.  Holla Coohv-HDctober 30.  (Jowlchan���������September 20-21. t  Comox���������October 8.  Coquitlam���������Septembef 21.  Ohllllwack���������September 19-20.  Central Park���������-September 12-13.  Cronbrook���������September 18-19.  Delta���������September 20-21.  Grand Forks���������8ept. 26-27.  Greenwood���������September 30.  Golden���������September 24*25.  Islands���������September 18.  Kent���������September 12-13.  Kamloops���������September 18-20.  Kelowna���������September 26-27.      __  Kaslo���������October 15.  Langley���������September 25.  Mission���������September 24-25.  Maple Ridge���������Sept. 25-26.  Matoqul���������September 26-27.  Nanaimo���������September 17-19.  N. aad S. Saanlch���������Oct. 4-5.  Nicola���������September 25.  North Vancouver���������Sept 7.  New Westminster���������Oct. 4-5.  Nelson���������September 23-25.  New Denver���������October 2.  :   Penticton���������September 29.  Revelstoke���������October 8-10.  Richmond���������September 25-28.  8hawnigan���������September 18.  Salmon Arm���������-Sept 27, 28.  Summerland���������October 30, 31.  8urrey*--September 24.  Trail���������September 25-26.  Vernon���������October 23, 24.  Vancouver���������August 10-17.  Windermere���������Sept. 20-21.  Victoria,    (provincial    exhibition���������  September 24-28.  are two ln number, each being 23  inches wide, thus giving a total'passage way of 46 inches. The doors are  operated automatical by compressed  air. The conductor Is stationed on  a platform immediately opposite the  door and operates the device which  opens or cloaea the door by means ot  a foot lever. The- mechanism is so  arranged tbat it will be impossible for  the car to otart until the passenger  door is cloaed tight. It la *lso impossible for the conductor to open the  door until the car has tome to a  stop.  ; The motorman'o cab Is separated entirely from the passenger's comportment, the operator taw being entire*  ly free from annoyance by contact  with passengers,'s The end ot the car  is somewhat corvedVolmtlorly to the  "front end" of cars, now ln use In the  city, thus giving the motorman a clear  view to the front and both sides.  The total length of the cor is about  41 feet At'the entrance door there la  divides the stream of  The  oeatlng capacity of the ear Is 61, and  the makers claim that 30 additional  poasengers may occupy standing room  without undue crowding.  The primary object of the designers  of, the new oar woo to provide for'  safety as far as possible.  Wben the cor wao placed in opera*,  tion In New York Is waa humorously  termed the "hobble akirt" cor* owing  to the possibility of ladles wearing  the oltra fashionable type of skirts  now In vogue being able to enter'It  wjthout difficulty.     _  a rail which  lNuuetftero entering or leaving.  held ln the school board offices yesterday afternoon.  It was stated that funds were not  forthcoming aB quickly as was hoped  for. The money that Is needed now  will eventually be paid back to the  donors, as the corps has every expectation of clearing a surplus af^r the  necessary expenses have been paid.  All who wish to contribute to the fund  should make their cheques payable to  Sir Charles Hibbert Tuper, who Is the  treasurer of the funds.  CITY CREMATORY SUPERINTENDENT    EVOLVES    NEW    PLAN  FOR OFFAL DESTROYER.  Mr. Peter Wylle, superintendent of  the city garbage destroying department, has been atudylng conditions  with a practical object in view. Much  of the garbage that ia burned at the  crematory Is what is colled ''green."  Tbls requires considerable fuel to  bring It to a combustible state " With  new a new plan evolved by Mr. Wylle,  for which he has been granted a patent by the government, the green  staff will be made to consume itself.  The new destroying rornaco:can be  adopted to wholesale houses, so that  each can have Its own garbage destroyer, and all that will have to be  hauled through the streets will be a  small amount of ashes Instead of  great drayloads of decayed fruit exuding evil-omelling moisture at every  jolt of the wheels.  WORK STARTED ON NEW* LIGHT*  HpUSE IN ENGLISH BAY.  An octagonal concrete lighthouse,  to replace the wooden, "building at  Point Atkinson, is now. under construction, and the steamer Tasmania!, is acting aa'tender* In conveying  the material to the point As pre*  vlouoly announced; the new, lighthouse lo to be ready by October, and.  a diaphone fog signal Ii to be" Installed. _-.---.  BRICKLAYER   DROPS   OFF   ROOF  I  TO HAVI MA-l OEWVERY*  Point Grey District to ie Given foetal  Foollltlff. i  Mr. H. H* Stevens, Tot. P., at the request of the officials of the Municipality of Point Grey, bas been looking  into the mater of postal facilities for  the Point. rOey district;and he states  that the question is under the consideration of the postoffice department  He informed a deputation* that wait'  ed on him that he expects that very  shortly the postoffice department will,  announce ita decision to grant the'  some facilities to Point Grey tha*  are enjoyed In the South Vancouver  district, portions ot which have a  house to house delivery once a day.  ANO ALIGHTS ON HEAP OF  DIRT WITHOUT INJURY. .  Foiling toff the fifth story of o  building In course of construction at  the corner of Tenth Avenue and Birch  Street, * bricklayer named Jim Doyle,  aged 60, sustained no more serious  Injury than a severe ohakiat up and  a mouthful of grit   He alighted on  CAR EARNS AT, KITSILANO.  The eB. C. Eleetric Railway Company announces that new cor barns  and shops are to be erected on the  Kitsilano reserve, held by the company under lease from the Canadian  Pacific Railway. The new sheds will  have a capacity for stalling seventy-  five cars at first and wil be constructed with a view to extensions. The  shops will be used for the inspection  and repair of cars and will Include several buildings.  Plans for the new building ore now  in course of preparation and It ia expected tha the work will be completed before tbe end of the year.    .  In addition to relieving the congestion at the Prior Street and Mount  Pleasant barns the new barns will result In a better service to the west and  eouthweBt portions of the city, as the  late cars will return to the-barns at  Kitsilano.  THE   BORDER   TAILOR  REMOVED  To next Johnson & Bell's  REMOVAL SALE  Ladies' 136 suits at    -  Gents' $30 suits at    - -   -      ���������  Inspection invited.  CEDAR COTTAGE  Right where the cor stops.  $30  $25  Alex  Crawford  LADIES TAILOR  1015 COMMERCIAL DRIVE  l    S-rftin*-������ in atom. Gtt-j* sad Brows  fiatd with StiMMr'o Otursatowl Sstte:  >t SO) par salt*  ���������F*slLwS*#fWs^sja*sjB^  **Bjs'0CB--' ���������E9*i*'-**ra*a*oT ~*x**j9r^**m^9^99]9l*9*9  ta the G*������������***4 Hospital. No bones  were found to bo broken, but the man  waa snf feting from shock and he was  detained tor a few hours.  "%  Eire  Had the expulsion of Hindu women  been put into' effect recently, as  mooted, Miss Hlr* Singh would have  taken her first peep at the big1 worid  in a steamer-on the wide Pacific.  Thanka to the action of the Dominion Government in rescinding the  deportation order, she began the first  stage of lites journey in Vancouver;  where she h* an object of great interest, for the good and "sufficient  reason that she Is said to be the firat  Hindu child to be born in Canada.  Though Kipling says that "East is  East, and West is West; and never  the twain shall meet: till sea and sky  meet presently at God's great Judgment seat;" yet, In this present time,  the hearts of all mothers --/Hi beat ln  womanly sympathy with the mother  who fought so bravely for tbe privilege of being by her husband's side;  and will have none but good wishes  for the future of the little brown  alien, born m such a strange environment.  COUNCIL IS UNDER  INJUNCTION.  FUNERAL OF MRS. R. G. HARVEY  AND BABE TOOK PLACE IN  AFTERNOON.  The funeral of Mrs. R. G. Harvey  and her little son Reginald, victims of  the distressing automobile accident on  Ladner Road last Snuday afternoon,  took place Friday afternoon from  the family residence, 1619 Barclay  Street The service, which waa private, was conducted, by Rev. C. C.  Owen, rector of Christ Church.  Floral tributes to tbe memory of the  deceased lady and the baby were  numerous and many beautiful wreaths  and sprays, were placed upon the  grave.  Mr. Harvey, who was badly shaken  up when bis auto plunged into the  ravine, was unable to be present at  tbe funeral. '  Is Restrained From Transferring, Lane  to Hudson's Bay Company.  Alleging that the City Council at its  meeting tonight proposed to transfer  to the Hudson's Boy Company the end  of the lane east of Granville Sstreet,  which now dividedes the Georgia  Street frontage of the company's; store  from the block adjoining Mr. W. S.  Lane. thia morning secured from  Chief Justice Hunter an interim injunction restraining the City Council  from taking any action to dispose of  the lone.  words, Scott did not notice that the  elevator had gone up and as the pas*  sage was in darkness, he put his foot  out and fell to the ground, several  feet below. When picked up he~was  suffering badly from his injuries, and  the ambulance conveyed him to the  General Hospital. .-  HOSPITAL TAG DAY COLLECTION  REACHES APPROXIMATELY  C  $6,600.  Unofficial figures place the amount  collected ou Saturday for the General  Hospital by the "tag" system at the  street corners at $4,032. Thia aum  doea not constitute the*total collections of the day, for the workers ln  the wills, warehouaes and factories  have not yet reported' the amount collected by them. It lo anticipated that  this will augment the fnud by between  five and six hundred dollars, making  a grand aggregate of about $5,500.  CONTRACT LET FOR  BIRK8' 10-8TOREY BLOCK  Steel  Work Gets to NortoivGriffrth  Company for $S0u000.  The contract for the eteel frame of  the 10-storey skyscraper to be erected  tor Henry Blrks 4b Sons, at the corner  of Georgia-and Granville streets, boo  been awarded to tbe Norton Griffiths  Steel Construction Company, for $84-  000, by the supervising architects,  Messrs. Somervllle and Potman.  Seventy-five men will be placed on  the work as soon as possible, and a  couple of derricks and the big pile  will be reared within four months, the  time limit according to the contract  The new building will have a frontage on Granville of 100 feet and on  Georgia of 120.  AID PROM GOVERNMENT.  Sum  of  of Thousand Dollaro in Aid  _ Cadets' Australian Tour.  That the Government will fitaatF  dolly old the Vancouver cadets in  their trip to Australia, Is the information conveyed to Copt R. N. Davy,  commaading the youthful soldiers, >y  lit. H. H. Stevens, M. P. _  It will be the policy of the Gov-  orament bajreafter to contribute annually to the cadet corps for the par*  -^Jpose of sending them to camp. This  ~ will be a part of the additional training that the Government means to  give 1bom. The Government will  probably grant $1000 towards defraying the expanse of the Australian  tour of the cadets.  a heap of dirt A fleets wo**^** ifrs^^e&i*- Wttt tfHWCTfft  permits totalling almost seventy  thousand dollars were noosed by tbe  bonding inspectotfs office recently.  Chief among these was xme In respect  of a gorgage for Messrs. F. R. and F.  B. Beggs, at 1001 Georgia Street, the  plans tor which have been drawn by  Mr. M. B. Williams, architect The  cost of the structure will be $00,000.  ROYAL CITY tltlEPtL  f\ a-*    - *.~L  Mr. H. K. Hope, who haa been practising here as an optometrist and  otyled hlmoelf oo -an eye, specialist  was fined $100 in policev court on  Wednesday morning for a breach of  the Medical Act. His solicitor, Mr.  Adam Johnston, gave notice that he  would appeal tbe decision.  Wednesday evening's report showed  tbat up to 6 o'clock tbat evening more  than 200 people had joined the ranks  of the Progressive Association.  On June 28 the public schools In  New Westminster will close for the  summer holidays.  Tenders for wiring the new high  school will again be called by the  school board, owing to the fact that  there was some misunderstanding aa  to whether or not a marked cheque  should have been enclosed with the  tenders previously submitted.  FELL DOWN SHAFT  CADETS' TOUR.  Only a general discus-don of the proposed tour of the Vancouver Cadets to  the Antipodes, occurred at the meeting  Jailer Scott 8eriously Injured���������Someone Moved Elevator.  Jailor Arthur Scott was taken to  the General Hospital shortly after 7  o'clock Saturday . morning suffering  from a broken leg and arm as a result  of falling from the main floor of the  police station to the basement below.  Scott took the elevator from the cells  on the top floor and alighted on the  main floor to make his morning report to the desk sergeant He left  the elevator on the main floor and  keep the door open. While he waa  away some one got into the lift,and  took it to the top floor.  Returning about two minutes after-  New Westminster, June 21.���������After  examining the* spot where the fatal  Harvey accident occurred, on Sunday  and after hearing the. evidence. of  many of the people who had been at  the place at the time of the accident  o coroner'a jury returned a finding,  placing almost the entire blame for the  accide nt on the condition of the River  road, to Ladner at, a spot known as  Horse' Shoe curve, near Annleville post  office.   Following Is the verdict:,  " We find the death of Lillian and  Reginald Harvey was caused by an  accident when their automobile fell  over the embankment at the Horse  Shoe curve, about five miles from New  Westminster, on the road known as  the River road to Ladner.  "We find on the evidence presented  that the accident was caused by. the  very dangerous conditions of the road  at that place. \  "Having personaly examined the  road from Annleville postoffice to the  top of the hill beyond the Horse Shoe  curve, we find It extremely dangerous In a number of places, but particularly where the accident occurred.  Advise Use of 8lgns.   .     .  "We also consider that the responsible partieo for the road should be  compelled to-put it in a safe atate  and until ouch lo done, to put up  signs warning the public of its unsafe condition."  GROCERY  Cor. Commercial Drive and 14th Avenue, E  Grandview  r  Fruit  Oranges, Apples. Bananas, Lemons  and all kinds of Preserving Fruits  in season. 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The main business of the meeting  had to do with the numerous changes)  to be made in tho teaching staff after  the summer vocation. "Several women  teachers' places will have to be filled  and a vice-principal'engaged for the  Lonsdale school*  Aa a result of the expert advice  that was called for some time ago  regarding the installing of an additional heater for the Lonsdale ochool,  tenders will be called for a new general heating system throughout the  school building in order to be pre-  'pared for the coming winter.  ' . -*- *  ��������� II ���������'   ��������� I        ���������      II      ���������������������������  Electric buttons connecting with  the engine room from all parts of the  local ferry boats have been installed  by the North Vancouver Ferry Company as safeguards from tho possibility of fire or accident of any sort  A supply of new rafts, lifebelts and  the most up-to-date fire extinguishers  for oil fires resulting from the possible overheating of automobiles while  on the ferry booto have also been oo*  tarnished, aad evcorthlng possible for  the protection of pasaengers is being  done by the' ferry directors. Many  frequent pasaengers would like, to see  the lite buoys at-praaeut hanging at  either hand of tha booto towered at  least one foot to enable them to bo  speedily handled in cose of a drown*,  lag accident  WTTift POtTAt. ���������itWIC'E.  Wickets to *N Mat Open Unftr in  " If OJIffWa. -  North Vj^HR J<w������ tt*���������Post*  McMillan *9^Ha������ mode arrange  ments to keep open the wickets continuously from 8 o'clock In tho morning unto * o'clockAm.the evettfnir-at  the postoffice for the procuring of  stomps, money orders and, to register  lettera. Heretofore these windows  have been closed during the mall sorting'hours.   - **  It Is also unofficially stated mat  the department is favorably inclined  toward a street delivery In North  Vancouver, but until the report of  Superintendent Rosa, who recently  visited the north shore, haa been "made  nothing definite can" be announced.  It was declared, however, that no  steps will betaken until signs are  placed at the otreet corners and numbers upon the houses. The City Council ts,considering the matter of otreet  signs.  GRANDVIEW  SONS OP ENGLAND.  There was a record attendance of  members at the Red Rose meeting of  Lodge Grandview on Wednesday loot  the 19th Inst The depressing affect  of the weather condltlono-apparently  did not lessen enthusiaam. One new  member waa Initiated. On a vote of  the Lodge. It wao decided to'abandon  tiie piano tor a picnic to White Rock  aad to make arrangemento instead for  a visit to Bowen Island on the first  Saturday ln Auguot, which is, therefore, the date now fixed.  Hit mDTTKftslTMfiTttPllE?  Qrandvlow Property Seriously Af*  footed by This Real Estate Mova-  rnont--Proflt and Loos in Operation.  The resldenta of Grandview are in  something of a quandary at present  and are likely to continue In that un-  pleaoont atate for a conalderable,  time. The bloating operations jrf tne  G. N. R. oystem are seriously ohaking  the houses In tho vicinity, and ln  many cooes plaster and foundations  are crocked. Recently an Injunction  was granted an applicant agadnat the  railway oompany, but the order does  not compensate'for daaaages. Then,  too, tha oonstructton of tho lines is a  most desirable thing for Qrandvlow,  and while tho blasting la daterlorotiag  the houses, 4t Is indirectly enhancing  the value of the land. To stop the-  work would be almost impossible, and  to bring an action for domogeo against  the company would bring about and*  less litigation. To tie .up the work  with injunctions would bo aa serious  SOUTH VANCOUVER  MEN CARRYING ON BLASTING  NOT AWARE OP PROXIMITY  OP TENT.  A verdict of accidental death wap rt>  turned tty the jury empanelled by Coroner Jeffs in the cose ot Mrs. Thorn*  klnson of South Vancouver. Mrs.  Thompklnson was killed by a large  piece of a stump that had been blown  460 feet through the air before it  dropped through the tint In which  were" Mra. Thompklnson and her little  daughter, Violet, the husband and fa  ther having gone to work.  The man who put the charge in the  Stump said that he had uaed even leaa  explosive thin the foreman hod authorized him to do. The-charges had  been overlaid with as much brush as  two men could lift      <  The coroner in addressing the jury  said that it woo necessary to have  streets cleared, but It waa also necessary" that due precaution ahould be  taken when bloating la going on. He  beHevSd that the necessary precautions had been taken In this case.  Thinning Trie-Frmfe  (Balance of Circular: No. SS, com* termiao how many fraito there stomlsK* ^wi*?*  tinned from June tl, *i*$tnnlug Fret*  Fruite*")       ,   ������~  :-*p" T^tf)jThia.?  As soon as the* crop con bo determined and the supply of labor permits, thinning should be commenced.  Start with those varltlee whldi are  most advanced. Generally, apples,  pears, and peaches are thinned when  about the also ot a htakory-nut, and  the thinning ahould be completed before they are more than double tbat  slse. On the various plums 'the work  should be commenced as soon as possible after the dropping, familiarly  known aa "the June drop," is over.  Apricots, cherries, and crab-apples  are not usually thinned by hand, because the crop which they are to boar  lo 'a reasonably certain quantity, and  can, be controlled to a certain extant  than in the larger fruits by proper  be left, on the treer  Another rule wWch might bo take*  attractive business salght bo ratfvasV  The Interest ���������wakened by the latter:;  movement on the part of tho *redoral  In connection wJtbr the prevtou* "on-in-5  ^l^sfwSK*1  Ij     ,* S-w������"a*w  ��������� ���������1 ***  M&^i  inches; peaches, 4 to 8. depsndreg tj-fc, '****'-*'  the eorliness of tho variety;jpaa^ahA?;  apples. 5 to 7 Inches opart. m thsa-  *���������*  ning paara and apples, it u~only with'  early varieties that more thai on*  e&mi  >A  ohould bo left oa any'frtut-spa**, and.  with those early varieties part of tho  crop moy bo removed te oner |*lckinf  and. tho balance later'  ���������rarletles ot apples it to a good t*sjo>  to leave fruit only oa each altafMte  spur, to encourage ,o*mual  hoarlaoj  On slender twigs and on wosol otitis)  past season's growth (where jjoootX;   -^  varleUes boar heavily In Brttiah J$oVv!������  * WithVrlirtai-^^C  prunnlng.  The Italian prune and the lombia) it lo well to thin to a greater  5o*I  TWENTY-FIVE   COUPON8   OP   MUNICIPAL BONDS LOST IN  OI8ASTER.  South Vancouver.���������An echo of the  Titanic disaster came before the fin-  anes������eommittee this morning when a  letter' was read from tho manager of  the Canadian Bonk of Commerce, Vancouver, In which It was stated that  the Scottish Union 9 National Insurance Company of Edinburgh shipped  twenty-five coupons of the Corporation of the District of South Vancouver, 6 per cent debenture bonds (waterworks loan) at $15,000 (bonds Nos.  70 W 94,), by the Titanic and they  were lost with that vessel.  The" committee was asked what  proofs or indemnity to secure payment would be required. The matter waa referred to the municipal solicitor.  "You must not talk all the time,  Sthei'' sold the mother, who bad boon  taterrupted.  "When will I be old enough to,  nm-ama" asked tho Uttle glrL���������Yonk-  era Statesman.  -  for the resldents-ultlmately as for tho  company. A solution of tho difficulty  is hard to find* Tho people are long-  suffering, recognising the hardness of  the problem, but to have their bouses  (all about their ears .will overrule all  other considerations.  peach plum are not usually thinned,  because normally the set of fruit of  these varieties is not-great enough to  warrant tho expenditure.  How ta Thin.  To sot rules for thinning is oven  more difficult than to set rules tor  pruning. The fruit-grower must determine for himself Just how much;  crop tho tree will be able to carry.  Much depends on tho variety, the ago  of tho tree. Its vitality, the soil, cultivation, climate, and district Under  equal conditions tho Wtaesap may-bo  thinned to, say five inchos, whore tho  Jonathan would be thinned to six or  seven, and the Northern Spy to eight,  in climates such aa that of Vancou*  ver Island, where no irrigation Is  available, and the rainfall averages  about half an Inch per month daring  tho summer season, or one-fifth that  of the average Ontario district,. an  varieties are thinned to a greater dte*  tanco than tn districts of greater rainfall or when irrigation to available.  In this district It to advisable to thin  many crops, the whole of which could  be carried to tf vantage under other  conditions. Unhealthy or diseased  treo%. ohould not bo e**peot*4 to grow  aa great a toad aa those fa potfoct  health, while trees n***tng extensive  growth may very wan bo allowed te  carry much more than ave**og������ trees  undsr tho same conditio***.  By one rule which to practiced to  some extent the grower stoo*  tho conditions and  many boxes of fruit ffeo?  carry.   It to a small mat  distance than on strong fruit*e**������ra fit  tho body of tiw ttreav On tho ontawo   ���������  twigs and shoots the frnlt wttt avor- r?  ago  omaltor  than on  tha  slsnljr ^  branches: they are unable tb 9**f9*i  close crop of fruit to" portsctl***u'  A very Important point, wall flt-Ml-  trated by tho Yellow Newton at***,  to that tho centra appto of tho stoslsf,  and not one of the aid* sepias, ofossjlt;  remmn.   The centre blossom oaV ta*,,  cluster conies out first; its atom ij>:  usually shorter and  atocator tha*  thoso of the outside blooaxNBa, aM ii,  tho time ot tWnnlng the apple to *���������������  aaily much larger thorn tho  and on a ohorter stash.   Tho  apple usually hongs.^better   *a  tree. Is the typical apple of tho var-  ety, to less liable   to   variation in  ohape. and having a shorter otssn to  better for pac*slng and for  aake.  ^  r  Fruit-spurs vary greatly In ste* ai*^-  vitality; tho l>eat spurs boar ti>o':s5s***"-r  fruit; the wsakar spurs shftitf ���������������  given a chance te dovolop tote MtusTM' ^  onos before next year's -stop. .  m tho prMuetion of fancy fJ-tait,  pays, and pays wott^st ,  toU*oossot*aacoco?o**������pa  of only high class fruit It to not  likaly to bo of value unloss tho orch-  ���������srd It rtfbt to tho matters of variety,  ���������Jr^rv MW W# P        ������w*TW#"wwv'a*TS3f>       ^*n*Foej*"t*'"oo*o*������n.      o*oo*puo>  spraying; It Is not likely to give good  raturns unless tho hlgh-claof articto  produced is properly packed ottd asar-  ���������sWPTS'wf*! 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Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads, Billheads, Dodgers, Circulars, Pamphlets, Church Bulletins, Menus, Time Sheets, etc., etc., are a  few of the things we'print.     Promptness and perfection are our aim and we hit the bull's eye with astonishing ease and frequency.  2408 Westminster Road  , LTD.  Phone Fairmont 1140 u3~**tT������������>.^.''iis'bi'''^*^.5y"*J.****/'^**; ^.;*7*������***������������-*f*-****-'*il "*��������� ���������.^*"!j1***"  ���������:-;v   y  ���������-/  THE WESTERN GALL.  4.������4.������0.ri|.t..|ut..|..|..i..ini>.|..t,^^;^*H**i*������:**H-j  | Guaranteed Circulation -j  t in Mount Pleasant 2500 ]  !>*H^-5-MK~l'**>*H'*3  MOUNT  PLEASANT Y. P.  S. C. E.  The meeting this week was taken  by Mr. WOOdslde, assisted by Miss M.  Scott. Mr. Woodside gave some very  Interesting and helpful suggestions on  the opic, which was "Reading That Is  Worth While." He divided the subject into three parts���������Devotional Reading, Reading for Instruction, Reading  for Culture. 'Under these headlnga  were mentioned the names of noted  authors, poets, biographers, novelists,  whose works can only be appreciated  by those who cultivate a tase for good  reading. A means was suggested by  which one might acquire through intelligent reading a good style for  speaking and writing, Seevral of the  members gave titles of books and  names of authors from whose works  they hod derived much pleasure and  /benefit.  After tbe Intermission a short  business meeting was held.  Miss Langley read the minutes ot  the executive meeting. After some  discussion on business matters, the  meeting closed with the Mlzpah benediction.  FAVORABLY IMPRESSED.  New York Capitalists Speak of Vancouver's 8hlpplno. Facilities.  Seattle, June 25.���������Declaring that  (hey were favorably Impressed with  conditions In Vancouver, Eugene  Thalmessinger and C. Palmer Woodbury, the New Yorkers here in connection with the harbor improvement  plan, returned yesterday from British  Columbia.  ������ IH1I1 . I i'l' IM' H 4X4 I II I' I It   * I *** mi Ml II 111 11111111  Arthur Frith  Men's and Boys' Furnishings  Hats, Boots and Shoes  I 150 Broadway, East, ? - Wert of *  Main Street   .   .  <  ������  With moderate prices, courteous, i  i treatment and a well assorted stock \]  : our business is rapidly increasing. ;  Store Open Evenings Until .8 p. m.  r  Ask to see our Hats.       We can save you ;;  ;; money on Hats.  ' \***������**4 4 *****************   M1HI ut 44 H* *********** ������:  * <*********r**************** M*********************** \  \Cajrriages^t; all lwurs|<Jay o*? Right \ \  Hacks, Victorias, and Broughams at  reasonable charges.     Also Prays.  Express & Paggage Transfer red i  ���������"���������������������������'  >  >. F. McTAVlSH, Prop.  :. Corner Broadway and Main  \***4\********************   **4******4m4M'********\**  i  AlucUCH UN & MORGAN  tllOH  CU5S  BOOTS  AND  SHOPS  Of aasrsirtsstj QwUtty  ladles',  Gentlemen's and  Children's   st  half city prices.  BOOTS and 5HOES RBPAIReO  Our   long   experience   and    equipment  guarantee* good workmanship.  3330 Main St. and   or. 18th Ave. rand Main St.  Not the CMSpest W*e������  But ths Best Value for  limey  --1 o*JL*SANT C0NFBcTty^  iACjV V. H. Armstrong, Prop. ^*fi  *A������  %  Ice Cream Parlor  A complete line of Sundaes.   A modem Fountain with a full  line of iced drinks served in prompt order.  2440 MAIN STREET  **+**********************< Ot>**************************  BOARD OF TRADE TO DISCUSS  ADVERTISING COMMISS'ONER  On Saturday evening, June 22nd, at  the FlrBt Baptist Church, corner ot  Nelson and Burrard streets, Fred.  John Wood of HornechiOrch, England,  and Hiss Mabel Selina Cumplen of  London, England, were married by.  Rev. H. G. Estabrook. Mr. and Mrs.  Wood will make Vancouver their future borne.  Mt. Pleasant Baptist, next Sunday, is "Children's Day, Flower  Sunday," and opening ot new ������rgan.  The children will sing, Dr. Spencer  will preach a children's sermon In  the morning, and in the evening on  John 3:16. The choir will render  special music. /Strangers cordially  invited.  The Victoria Road Presbyterian  Church, Cedar Cottage, held a lawn  social and sale of work at the residence  of the pastor, Rev. J. O. Madill. Fleet  Road near the station, Tuesday evening.  Many people took advantage of this opportunity to spend a pleaoont evening in  congenial company and amid pretty surroundings. Strawberries and Icecream were aerved during the evening,  and all who attended seemed to have  an enjoyable time. The weather man  looked very threatening around six  o'clock and even went so far as to let.  fall a shower, nut in spite of all, the  evening proved * success. The strawberries and ice cream were well worth  eating.' ���������" v-:. .������������������..; '_������������������'-'      y  Programme of A. B. C. Federation  Rally in Mount Pleasant Methodist  Church on Thursday, July 4, 1912, at  S p.m.*'.-���������-���������  Song flervIce--4*od by Bev. Ix-VC  Williamson.  Devotional Service���������Rev. >W. lashley Hall. ��������� y- ~yy  Roll Call of Classes 'for Banner  Competition���������Secretary h Cooke.  Special music by members of O. B.  ���������c.-'..���������;."��������� ���������������������������'���������.���������..���������������������������'  Address, 'Tbo  Social  Geo. C. Pidgeon, p.D.  *r*roseutoUon of BaanersC  Hymn.  ..'*,'* , \..y  Concluding prayer. .-     -  Everybody welcome.   For rstferved  seats, classes will apply to Mr* C. A.  Irvine, 2832 Victoria   Street,   phone  Fairmont 653R.  SOUTH VANCOUVER. ��������� Realizing  that the benefits South Vancouver has  to offer to-the outBide world are not  being well enough advertised, the  Board of Trade at their next meeting will discuss the matter of engaging an efficient publicity expert, who  will properly handle the publicity campaign that many persons think South  Vancouver needs.  Most of tbe larger towns and cities  now have publicity men, and it is  generally recognized . as necessary  The municipality has now reached the  stage where It 1b no longer without  the need of this department.  Some time ago the Board of Trade  received a large grant from the com*.*  cil for the purpose of publicity, and  with this amount numbers of booklets  and pamphlets were bought and dis*.  trlbuted, but the result was generally  acknowledged to be .unsatisfactory for  the reason that the place had outgrown this stage.  Baseball bugs of South Vancouver  are growing very enthusiastic these  days. The work on the new grounds  is being pushed to completion as rapidly : as possible. Uniforms have arrived and practices are the order of  the day. Manager Ford Is anxious  that all candidates for the team should  come out and practice. The season  will open up in full swing before the  summer gets much hotter.  Evil'���������Rev.  y:y.y  s&i-yy  ���������T. MARY8  BAZAAR.  The congregation o������ Str Mary's are  congratulating themselves on the re--  suit of the bazaar held last Week in  their Parish Hall, the sum) of Sir&OO  being made, which, considering the Inclemency of the weather and that the  Church of England has only recently  formed the new parish of St. Mary's,  is entirely satisfactory. Greatly encouraged by the success, the congregation bas now appointed a strong  committee for tbe purpose of raising  AGAINST HALF-HOLIDAY. .  Burnaby   Councillor   Declares    Fine  y   Weather I* Time for Work.  Edmonds, Burnaby, June 25.���������Councillors'last night appeared to be averse  to granting the day labor gangs a Sat*  urday half-holiday.  DUCHES9 WIL LMAKE  THE WESTERN TRIP  Montreal, June 25.--It 'was seml-of-  ficlally announced that upon the recovery of the Duchess of Connaugfat,  the Duke of Connaugbt will make an  extended western tour with her royal  highness. Princess Patricia will ao*.  company her mother and father.  PEA POOL PROHIWTED.  No More tat-ibling In Poolrooms of  ..��������� Vancouver. ;  Trades license Inspector Jones has  put a atop to pea pool playing in the  city pool rooms following out instructions from the finance committee and  acting In conjunction with the city  police. He stated tbls morning tbat  be had little difficulty with the proprietors,'most of whom acceded to tbe  suggestion that tbey bar this alleged  gambling without any demur.  ALMA  TADEMA, OREAT    .  BRITISH ARTIbTj l>E*D  Wiesbaden, Germany, June 26.���������Sir  Lawrence Alma-Tadema, the famous  English painter, died here last night  il..|���������|..|..t..|..l..|..l..|l.|.li,t.l|..l���������|..|..|.*���������������.i|.,1..l���������l..|l.*t  i  '���������>   Phone* FalrpnoDt 621  No Delivery  Mo Credit  ft llfiyis tie stunt stall MpcMtssI  ������������������iillfirr aid atak*  ���������resist.  Our Seturtlmy's Speolel*  MEAT  Pa* Lb.  Pot Roast .... 12#c,16c  Pot Roast, rolled - - 18c, 20c  Legs Yearling Lamb - - 20c  Loins Yearling Lamb - - 20c  Shoulders Yearling Lamb - 16c  Our special miW cured Corned Beef, 10c per lb.    Boneless, 12^c per lb.  ....... ***** *-*���������  Legs of Local Pork cut any size 20c  Choice Young Fowl   -   - - 25c  Young Chix   *   -   -   -   - - 80c  Swifr8 Premium Ham,  whole or half     -  -   - - 25c  Swift's Bacon   -   -   -   - * 25c  ;;   Fresh Halibut, whole  .���������������'���������     '������"  "      sliced  8c  10c  F/SH  Fresh Red Salmon  Fresh Linn Cod  Fresh Sole    -   -  ���������  15c  10c  8c  A full assortment of Smoked and Fresh Fish.  ���������*������������������**  2513 MttlD Street, nr. Broadway  ��������� ���������������������������*i-H"l'������-H"}-������������l..|������l������t"t-H'-|"*-������*l'*l.-l������i<  .        JS* ���������*!������������������������ that Tresis You Right  '. .   This Is ail lajdepcndeat Msrkst  ���������H'*������*t*������,*vi"l"l"l'������*l"l"|' 1"H Mi'mIi-M"**  Mt. PleassBl Feed Store  Broadway & Main  Hay, Grain, Feed  ANQ.  Reliable Poultry Sopplles  Diamond Chick Fbbo  Grit Shell   Bomb Bbb*nbxrap  Lice Powdbr, etc.  TRY OUR  Scratch Food 9 Chicken Choi?  Tbey''Can't bo Boat.*'  ^  Phone: Fair; 1*6  ������a.  SulU Spqqjea ^il frewed  <     99 IHNlft  CLEANING %NP |H5������AIItmG  Polf Price to students. <  737 BROAPWAYv WEST  "M"t *<* ***>* *>** 'K;'|.������.i''I"l"il 't ****���������  : FURNITURE STORE ::  : 3334 Main st; ^;  ; Our stock of Furniture ��������� |  ; is Large. Modern and :;  ; adapted to the tastes of ���������:  Buyers. \\  : Dressers, Buffets, Tables ;;  : Chairs, Couches, Mat-::  : tresses, Bedsteads, etc ::  '  ��������� A complete tine of  ���������; Linoleums, Carpet' Squares, etc. ������>  ..Drop in and Inspect our goods. '[  ��������� > This is where you get a square ,,  m. a. cowan i:  y:*tt * i ���������.���������* |.| m in 11 i'k ***,',  TITANIC  "* Wroclt of ''Titanic," largest, best  written, beat illustrated, and most attractive boor over ojjTorsd public for  11.00. Agents wanted. Biffast com-  mission erer. tfiWprWW Ou^  fit free. Send 10 cants, cost mailin**.  Rush to-day to rtarltlsno |>Wwlia|ifao;  Co., Bos 94, 8f. ****** N, B.  He had been suffering-from ulceration  $1500 in twelve months. In order to Uf the stomach and was undergoing  I53-*'.  Phones Bayview 1182  VAN UFPORD BROS.  Big Summer Sale  Of Pots and Plants, Ferns, Palms, etc.  Large variety of  Cut Flowers, Fern Dishes, Baskets, etc. ���������-  Great Reductions  999 Broadway W.f Gor. Broadway and Oak j ���������  hiki trncE. sfMcui ttt tattm *m*m,cu. iutiei oai miiffii  H1 * * I IfrO-l 111 f 111 * * * t * t MO i I Hill Mil lllllllMIIMlT  secure the land on which the tern- > treatment,  porary church and parish ball stand;  and when that Is done steps will be  taken to build a church worthy of  the parish, for the little present building Is quite uncomfortably crowded on  Sundays. Mrs. Machin's costume  concert on the first evening of the  bazaar, was acknowledged by the  crowded audience to have been the  best concert they had ever attended,  for each lady and gentleman who sant*  was an accomplished artiste, so Mrs.  Mocbin ami- her talented party received a thoroughly   hearty vote of  He was in his 77th year.  CZAREVITCH MAY BE  A CRIPPLE FOR LIFE  Only 8on of Russian Emperor Suffering from  Tuberculosis  of  the Knee.  Vienna,  June 25.���������The    Czarevitch  Alexis, the Czar's only son, and heir  to the throne of all  the Russlae, Is  suffering    from tuberculosis   of    the  right knee, and may be a cripple all  his life.  He is the* pride of bis rather, who  thanks with the wish that they might J iong au-aited the coming of a son and  be seen again.  The dear little glrln In their Maypole dance and skirt dance were encored- repeate������fly, It being acknowledged to be an extremely pretty sight,  and during this performance the'Joeies  of the congregation presented Mrs.  Bulkeley, who had trained them, with  a superb bouquet of carnations.  The ladles of the St. Mary's branch  of tbe Women's Auxiliary and the  members of the Church of England  Men's Society worked Indefatigable,  and the Church Cadets in their new  uniforms attracted considerable attention and were of much service at the  halls.  It would be invidious among so  many kind and earnest workers to  mention any Individual names, but as  ice creams were so largely in evidence,  the name of Mrs. Thaker, who gave  them, must not be passed over.  The next important social event  will be the annual parish and Sunday  school picnic, particulars to be announced later on.  heir. The Czarina presented her  spouse with four daughters. Then the  Czarevitch was born. He gave evidence of constitutional weakness some  months ago. He hurt his leg and it  was a very' long time mending.  The .future autocrat will be eight  years old on July 30.  Steveston, B. C, June 25���������The  three-story Richmond Hotel building  here was destroyed by fire at 3:30  o'clock this morning, with damages  estimated at upwards of $12,000.,  BUILDING PERMITS.  SOUTH VANCOUVER���������The building permits Issued during the week  ended June 11th amounted In value  to $44,075, representing fifty-seven  buildings, the hugest of which Is a  $6000 store and apartment house.  EMftWOMI  ��������� faitwastod uid ���������boold kaow  itoat ths irtiQdtgftil     ^^^  ������"v*"oS?i8r  -  "Now,  Tommy,"  said  the  teacher,'} Ask  "If you bod twenty cherries and -yajurj tot  Uttle brother aaked you for half of jg&gj  them, how many would you have lef^f 1  "twenty," replied Tommy promptly.  ' ���������:��������� ~'K '"*!. ��������� ���������..-,���������- - ������������������ _       '���������.-  Pi Has te  And with tbe Spring comes the  Re-PPCORAT������Na  You may be dreading THJS TASK.  Come in and talk tbe matter over with  PRACTICAL MEN.  You will be under no obigation. You  will be treated courteously and, should  you have any dealings with us, you will  find our business .methods honorable  and our prices reasonable.  Come in and get your  Paints, Stains and  Varnishes '  for your, little odd jobs. We will intelligently answer any question that may  perplex you regarding their uses and  application.  Our range ol Wall Papers Is complete  ToUt  J3LEGANT FURNISHED FRONT  ttoom; telephone, bath, etc Very  suitable for student on string or reed  tottroments. Reasonable rental.  Cowan's Academy of Music, 2348  Westminster Hood. Telephone Fair*  mont 1667.  Von Are Sick  And have tried everything else  Try Chiropractic  And get well.  Numbers have been restored to Perfect Health by Chiropractic. Why not  you? No drugs and no operations. If  If you are interested call on  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  250 Twenty-second Ave. E., Vancouver.  (Close to Main St.)  LEE oV WOOD  523 Broadway, W. Phone Fair. 1359L  DRV  If you once cook a Christmas  Dinner with DRY WOOD you'll  never rest content with- any  other. Our Wood is Dry Wood.  $6.00 per Cord, delivered.  R. DOHERTY  675 Tenth Ave. W*   .  Phone: Fairmont noi-L  Office Hours: 1:30 to 6.  Free.  Consultation  Progressive Boot Repairing  SHOP  232 BraiivaT E.        Tbes. Farrlsgtsa, Pros,  Has installed a  'GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIR OUTFIT"  Turns out shoes equal to new  PARISIAN DYE WORKS  Suits Sponged andBressed 50c  Ladies'.and Gents'Tailoring  903 BROADWAY, WEST  Work called for and returned.  PETERS & GO.  PIONEER SHOET1AKERS  Aze -.till st the old stand  2517 Main Street %Z������Lm^  Most reliable Boot- and Shosmakimg  IN MOUMT PLCASAKT. SSSSS^^'dJiWt'i'fei-'*:. '/���������v������r'wi-.,  iii  ���������JOT^O^J^J^IiL*  WS>'K"-  yy:  "***"**  /^���������������������������"���������g  ii  xy.  llMMIlMIIlMIHNimH  m  *��������� ^ ��������� *��������� _      i  :; You also Help Youraelf j  ��������� in i m n hii him m ii ti������oin  m .-."***2i^  t-r* -���������_���������������--  mia*38  THE  HOUSEHOLD.  One  level teaspoonful of  season one quart of soup,  vegetables.  salt will-  sauce or  -   For those  who  find  maple  syrup  beyond their means, try this:    Five  *cupfulls  of  light brown  sugar, and  about one-quarter to one  pound. ot\ and a    dessertspoonful    ot    ginger,  maple sugar; odd water, and boil to  the consistency ot syrup.  Ginger Pears���������Peel a dosen large  under-ripe' pears" and cut Into long  thin strips; place ln cold water Immediately to prevent blackening.  When the pears are prepared, drain  carefully and add two-thirds as  much sugar as fruit, the juice of one  lemon, ��������� two-thirds' cupful   of water  s  Arthur Frith, corner Main- and  Broadway, wears "a smile that will  not come off" because his trade Is enlarging. Boots, shoes, furnishings  and general haberdashery- are being  Bold from his store to the satisfaction  of all concerned.  Boil all together until the fruit  transparent.   Seal ln hot jars.  la  GOTO  KEELER'S NURSERY  Cor 15th Ave. <& Main St.  FOR  FLOWERING SHRUBS  And  ORNAMENTAL TREES  Of oil varieties.  Rose Bushes a Specialty.  PHONE: Fairmont 817R ~  Repairs  Bicycles, Baby Buggies,  Lawn Mowers, Electric Irons  etc., repaired.  Saws Filed  Fairmont Repair Shop  John Waybrant, Prop.  COR. 6w AVE. aad WESTMINSTER RD.  Wanted  Fire Insurance Agents to represent" British Fire Insurance  Company (Board Office) who can-  secure preferred business. Reply  British, c-o Western Call Office!  2408 Westminster Road, Mount  Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C.  2436 MAIN STREET  (BEWBEN 8th snd BROADWAY)  First-class Repairing a Specialty  Boots and Shoes.msde to order.  P. PARIS, Prop.  Also Corner of Sth Avenue  WOMAN'S BAKERY  AND CONFECTIONERY  Only the Best kept  C. A. BABBEn       655 Broadway V  The Sanitary Market, 2513 Main  street, distinguishes Itself by keeping  the price of meat down to the low-  water mark while Wholesale houses  have' gone up. Quality is the best  possible means of drawing custom.  The Toronto Furniture Store, 3334  Main street, does a reliable business,  always keeping tbe interest of patrons well In mind'both In' buying  stock and selling.  A>.P. McTavlsh, proprietor of tbe  Mount Pleasant livery, corner 'Broadway and Main street,-runs a transfer  In' connection with his livery, and  finds ^business brisk. ' i  McBride's Hardware Store, corner  Sixteenth avenue and Main street,  keeps proprietors, clerks, workmen  and horses moving rapidly from morn*  ing till night. It pays to keep the  things people need.  Tbe Don reports buslneos Increasing daily. Ice cream, soft drinks of  all kinds, confectionery and .fruits are  their specialty. They are popular  caterers to customers of good taste.  Lougheed & Co., 2343 Main street,  is a prominent real estate dealer in  this city. Their "snaps" are worthy  special attention; and their business  is well advertised, which in part accounts for its growth.  Owen's Hardware Store is a decidedly busy place. Its proprietor, W.  R. Owen, stands well to the front ia  the things that make Mount Pleasant  grow. He Is truly progressive, and  thoroughly up-to-date.  <��������������������������������������������� * ********>**9*<*101 o ������***%+ I * * ******* 10101 ******  *** / t  Our Opinion on the  ���������BSM-M-s-tasv   mmm*mmmmm*mmfmmmmm   m*mm*m   wmmm���������mm  Range* Question  We know we bave tout eonfic  m*rje ourselves worthy of It by]  *Ja*a**9w #^a/W%mr*s/sjPs^s*^*fsv*s*s**srw Sf#T  "���������'���������rT   T^ffVt  We fire familiar wftb tbe good  titove an4 range on Ita jnadcet.  and! we bave  ^ the very  4  |of every  "- opinion  ���������������  the  we can  ,_, wa.bet*  advise, you to 6iy ?trTw~  y<m not come and we ftTc We  , . .������* ������jw w* can convince voir  inside of five ufatitef that what  we say about the South Send Mai*  Jeable is tru������t      ^     ^  At the corner of Westminster road  and Ninth avenue is a real estate office, where you are sure of a square  deal, and where you can also Insure  your house. Remember Trimble  Norrls.  Darling's Drug Store, corner 11th  avtftt'uVand Main street, baa juat in*  stalled one of the finest soda-water  fountains ln Vancouver. An expert  artist on the ground 'developo - and  finishes films for amateurs and does  all kinds of commercial photography.  P. T. Vernon's Peed Store at tho  corner of Broadway and Westminster  road' is one of the busiest places In  Mount Pleasant. His business Is  reaching out into new districts constancy.  t 111 11IIU101 Ml 1110 MIHI   IHmnOMliilMMH  ���������v  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  eHJE DOM  Zfa^wfe-'-mtm  ICE CREAM PARLOR '* SALTER*[A      *  ~       #urV3  2648 Mmln St. 2dmterefrem  Is the coolest Parlor in Mount Pleasant  ���������   Call and try our Ice Cream, Sundaes, Sodas, (Soar, Soft Drinks, etc.  '<  We get our Sweet Cream, MUk,'Butter and Buttermilk freah^afly,  Large selection of Cigars, Cigarettes, and Tobaccos. . '��������� '���������*-^  Agents for Woman's Bakery. -_ lyffitEfi  ******* ** I IHI I������1ft11141 **   ****** It Ml III11 Mil I|f i11 *W*&4 - .  yz%$m  '4&������$  EMPRE68 OP CHINA i  HA8 BEEN SOLD  fjjLtf*  REMEMBER THE NEW  FANCY DRY GOODS STORE I  757 Bnwlway, Cast ��������� ���������  Best Grade of Goods and Moderate  Prices will merit your Patronage.  **l* ^.  ������������������m  1 '"W',.,.  AM  --J3  ************************** ***********$*$***********  I  v*-vi?^SS  Everyone likes a nice place to eat  their meals. Band's Cafe, at 2611  Main street, ia U*fe a fairies' retreat The walls-have been newly  decorated, with panels done In brown  and pretty mural designs. Two new  electric fans bave been Installed, by  Mr. Band, the proprietor, to enaure  coolness, which Is essential these  days. The-tables are spotless and  prettily decorated.  The C. P. R. liner Empress of China  has been sold to a firm of Japanese  Junk dealers for $65,000, according to  41 newn brought by the Monteagle. The  I probability is that the China will be  broken up, but Purser E. Syder of tbe  Monteagle also suggests the possibility  of tbe liner being put in shape and  operated on the Japanese coast  EXPECT BIG RUN  "   : OP 80CKEYE SOON  BAND'S CAFE  W. C. Bold, Maiifer  .1   TV    *** ������������������  - - - -  ���������i. w. sisjoowo  R.  :;  2337 Main Street - Phone Fairmont 447  >      ���������. ���������'    .     ���������-���������-.-  >*** ********************** +++4^********<i***4******* i  When you want ice cream and flssy  soda, go to tbe Mount Pleasant Con*  fecttonery, 2440 Main street. Toucan  get cherries, apples and all fruits  here, oo well as all soft drinks.  When you wear a hole in your shoe  or your heels run down, go m- peters  9 Co.'s shoe repair shop and get your  shoes mended or new Catspaw rubber  heels put on. Tbe Bhop is behind the  Salntary market, between Ninth and  Tenth avenues on Main street.  P. Paris has a shoe repairing store  at 2436 Main street and another at the  corner of Fifth avenue and Main  street, at which your shoes con toe  repaired while you wait by competent workmen.  Keeler's -Nursery, corner Main St.  and Fifteenth avenues, 1b headquarters for cut flowers, potted plants,  hanging baskets and special designs.  BJWTJSB WJOUJ. JPBNTJTY  ��������� .        (Continued from Page I)  ing theiii to a desolate and fever-stricken Palestine; instead of bringing them to a salubrious and  plentiful land.  No wonder then that in the eyes of such seeptics  and scoffers,. the adherents of the British Israel  theory are nothing more than exalted and hallucinated cranks.  They laugh at the very idea that individuals  belonging to a greatly honored, emancipated nation like Britain, should glory in descending from  a race which, since history lxjg.au, has been a  despised and rejected people���������often slaves and exiles, sjbd who arc still an astouishment, a proverb  and a byword among the nations.  But not so with the believing Hebrew who expects the unfoldings of Biblical promises, in the  same manner as the alchemist patiently anticipates  in his laboratory, the development of a combina  tion of several chemicals which he is perfectly  convinced must produce the desired effect.  In conclusion we would say,, if the British are  not in reality the lineal descendants of the exiled  and dispersed ten tribes of Israel, then a great  historical problem remains unsolved and the. sublime prestige of the Bible receives a severe blow.  Jehovah has sworn by His throne and by His  oi'dinanees that Israel shall not cease to be a nation before Him for evr.  Now*, is it possible that the judge of the whole  earth, whose seal is truth, should break His promises?  Indeed no!���������^for,  "Godis not a man that He should lie:  Neither the son of a man that He should repent;  Hath He promised aught and shall He not do it?  Or hath He spoken and shall   He not make it  good?"  Catch of Spring Salmon en tho North*  era Coast Has Been Small  to Oat*.  Although the catch of spring salmon  woo small, tbere is every Indication  of a big run ot sockeyes on the Skeaoa  River this 8eaaon, according to Mr. J.  M. Macmillan, managing director of  the Wallace Fisheries, who has fust  returned from the norb. He stated  that fishing operations tor sockeyes  started on June to and a largo fleet Is  already assembled. Mr. Mocmlllon Inspected, the Claxton and Casslar canneries.  THE HOUSEHOWP.  A new broom, tbey say, a weeps  clean���������but It will loot longer If before tt is used It is steeped In worm  water.  Help" for ostrich plumes out of curl  has been found In putting them in a  hot oven, leaving the door open aud  watching carefully to prevent burning.'"-'^" "���������'"  "":""' -y--^-  Whiting mixed with warm water  to form a paste makes an excellent  cleanser for white paint. A thorough  rinsing with cold water should follow applications.  It's Just Like Home  The most up-to-date^lace in'Mount Pleasant.  Clean. Tasty and Quick Service.  Our chef*, Mr.-Levera, late of tha  '   Hotel Elysium, is oecond to none.  All Fruits and Fish in season.  ���������"���������' '''  Wo cater to BolU, Portiea, at*.  y ) ;&������  y- ?u*!*:.  TRY������;OUR 28c ������U81N^SS Mr3N*S I-UNCH  STR^PT  Pnwie PiMnirforit-WrO  REAL EST>'"'  y%v  ^sk.  tMtt������MM������t������������H������lMftT������)T'l������  p INVESTMENTS  on  TRIM^I-E & NORRIS%  Cor* Broadway and Westminster Road  W������������hi������i*4������4o*������������oi������i������i������>������ ������������������������������������������������������M������mo������*������*m*m**M  4 A piece of ordinary--court plaster  the size of a ditne put over the portion of the forefinger liable to pricks  in sewing'has been found a satisfactory protection.  Dutch Apple Tart:���������Line a i>iepan  with pastry. Peal and halve medium-sized apples, remove the cores and  place he halves in the pan, with the  rounded side up. Spread thickly with  brown sugar, dot with butter, sprinki**  with cinnamon and pour over them j  two or three tablespoonfuls of water  Bake until the apples are soft.���������  Harper's Bazaar.  -l-������l������IO������������l������I-������r������I������l'������l������.*l11-   *V***\*****4*4*****4****'*"  wallpapers!  IN EVERY SHADE, GRADE AND STYLE.  *  i  *  *  i  A large shipmenf  of  This Season's  Specials  Has just arrived.  Prices range from  5c to $2.00  per roll.  PilBter'sSupplies  Ready Mixed  Paints  Stains  Vanishes  Oils  Brashes, etc.  ****************************************************  DARLING'S DRUG STORE  2652 MAIN ST., COR. I Ith Ave.  iiii  ROSIO & JONES  2440 MAIN STREET Betweea M Ave. aid BroaaVay  :     Phones: Foirmont 1863*1660  ">e*om������������ot*as������i������������������io i ���������*���������** 1****4 ******t*i*i*t*%***%*  DRUGS, STATIONERY  CAMERA SUPPLIES  CIGARS, TOBACCO  PRESCRIPTIONS A SPEQnLTY 5Y 'REGISTERED MEN  PHONE:   FAIRMONT   514  J. R. DARLING, Prop.  I**)*)**)*)**)*)*)**)************* *************************$  Sliding kawn Settees for veranclabs  or lawns.  Hammocks for home and campers.  National Electric Irons, 4 and 6 lbs.,  guaranteed one year; burn only  [ half any other on the  I market.  t  I    Coal Oil and Gasoline Cookers.  j  I White Frost and Success Refrigerators to keep food cool during  hot season.  ���������  3  :!::  i Ii. E. HIDE & CO.  Cor. Main Str. and 16th Ave.  PHONE: Fairmont 899  B ANCB STORE: Comer Miles aad Fraser Avenes  Phone: Fairmont 1167L J  ������������������***99*������**$**%*%*9************9%***************9****.*****%**������***$$****$y9**9%*  OSIMMIMilMMIHUMM  ���������  i - ���������*-<*-uv^* ������,������.���������.���������,,  ���������*���������*���������**���������  I    (wrtMMWV  ���������sj^Sif t1s*i 1 yl  MOiiil illssm iil>*l**"it**li������*r������ni-*������*'-*������������-������.  ��������� .tin  ��������� ������-al ���������.������  'WW   '    *T* *���������***���������  ���������r     >   ' --  6  the Western call.  iVf3t(;s m General  CENTRAL WEST TO BENEFIT  MOST.  Winnipeg, Man., June 25.���������That the  significance of the Panama Canal for  -*t*ie commercial interests ot the Central West is gradually gaining recognition is Indicated in a comprehensive  ���������write-up on this subject in the cur-  -current issue of Winnlpegy Once-A-  Weefc. Among other things it is  pointed out that even at the present  time the Canadian prairieB ore exporting nearly 200,000,000 bushels of  wheat yearly, and this In spite of the  entire Inadequacy of railway  facill-  ~ ties to handle the available traffic.  "All this," says the correspondent,  "means much to Vancouver and to  British Columbia; out it means far  more to the Prairie Provinces.  EXTEN8IVE IMPROVEMENTS  Biggar, Sask., June 25.���������-An extea*  aire schedule of local Improvements la  being advertised to the ratepayera by  the Municipal .Council, these including many blocks of cement aldewalko,  the cost of which are to be assessed  against the frontages affected.  fanning, but almost equally In the  related subjects of poultry raising and  market gardening. As stated by M.  C. Herner of the Manitoba-Agricultural College: "Poultry raising works  in splendidly as a profitable branch of  dry farming. The market demands  are practically unlimited, and tbe  price of dressed poultry and eggs is  sufficiently high at all times of the  year to make poultry keeping a paying business, even when prices are  lowest. The equipment required to  operate a poultry department on a  dry farm need not be large."  ONE DAY'8 WORK.  BOULEVARDS FOR WEYBURN.  Weyt-ara, Soak.. June 15.���������-It lo  potetei out that the near-completion  of the city*o first- boulevard In South  Weyburn is giving a decided stimulus  ta real estate values. The new road;  way ia said to foreshadow the inauguration of an extenalve boulevard aad  park eyatem for the entire city, the  specifications calling for a oolidly  graded highway 100 feet wide, and  with shade trees on either side the  entire length. The demand for high*  class reotdenees ln sad around Way*  burn continues unabated, although  contractors state that the present  year will see the completion of some*  tainr like MO new houses.  MIXEO FARMING WINNING RECOGNITION.  naotioa with tha approaching dry*  (arming congress It Is pointed out  that a new Interest Is being created  Wainwrlght, Alta., June 25.���������  Through the influence of S. B. James,  president of the Wainwrlght Board ot  Trade, local property of an aggregate  value of 110,300 waa sold a few days  ago to three Ontario farmers who  have recently decided to locate permanently in the West. The three  brothers with their families represent  all told an addition of 16 people to  Wainwright'a population, to soy noth-  ingoT on aggregate capital of $75,000,  to which extent the district will benefit.  TOURIST TRAFFIC  BOOSTS WAT-  ROUS. ,'  Watrous, Soak, June 15.���������Already  the advance guard of the army of Summer tourists and visitors that is annually ln evidence in this district Is  beginning to arrive. A Special feature  of thia season's development Is the  unusual number of cottages being constructed at the lake for use of ettt-  sens and transients. It Is noted that  many automobiles are now running  dally between the town and the lake,  while auto livery men are also toklng  out licences and preparing to handle  the excuroioniat traffic on regular  schedules.  PANAMA   CONFERENCE   CENTRE  OF INTEREST.  -**r  Lethbridge. Alta., June 25.���������In eon*.    Calgary. Alta, June 15.���������The wide  spread interest In the subject of the  effect of the Panama Canal on com'  merctal conditions in Western. Canada  opt merely In the problems of dry* j recalls the prophecy of Col. Patrick  M������HHUHHH������mHMM* fMIHHIMMMMMUMMf  I mmm mm m \  :   3 W Westminster R4. mimf?*lrm*MtM*  \  : Cornices, Jobbing-4jft$ Roofing \  FURNACE WORK A SP^MMT.  C. erring-ton \z>;*      C.M*frnone  j  ,***4l*t******************* *������������������ -      *.*���������������..������������������.*���������-.a������.|iiii��������������������������� ������+*������ ������-*+**  ���������  FOR SaLP OR PCCHaNQIS  Wall Paper Stock and fixtures; also Faint and painter's  Outfit   Must sell on account of sickness.   Will take  a vacant lot in part payment.  M6 Broadway, &     Phone: Fair. (243  Residence Phone: Fairmont 229R  SOWING HIS WIU) OATS  REAPING A HARVEST OF SORROW  S..J***       How many young men  t~ *Z$l#ffjSLm\amw.    eon look back on their  early life and regret their  misdeeds.   ' 'Sowing their  wild oats'* In various ways.  Excesses, violation of no*  ture'a laws, "wine, women  and song"���������all have their  victims.    "Won have re*  formed but what about the  seed you have sown���������what  v>'7*u*ooooojaon   (���������&>     *7X"Y *tmm\Hi     about the harvest?   Don't  v":**Hi^^Hs> ������&&���������** ������r\ liSKsw*'    trust to luck.   If you are  at present within the  Clutches of any secret habit  which is sapping your life  by degrees; if yoa are suf-  m *12:^**m\\ *\W **������aSBaMf SM     '**b**|b\       -*Hng from the results of  f 'r^^aavr^ *^*JJ������llf?*-������r*L<Vi 7tt\     P*8* indiscretions; if your  " blood has been tainted from  any jfrivate disease and you  dare not marry; If you ore married and live in dread of symptoms breaking  out and exposing your past; if you are suffering as the result of a misspent  life-DRS. K. *%. K. ARC YOUR REFUGE. I*y your case before  them confidentially and they will tell you honestly if you are curable.  -   YOU CAN PAY WHEN CURED '  Wo. Troot and Core VARICOSE VEINS, NERVOUS DEBIUTY,  9L9GD ������osl URINARY COMPLAINTS, KIDNEY aad BLADDER Disco*** asai oil Diseases Pocaliar to Men.  COtOtrurLTAnOW FTSEE. Book.Fr-~.-a IMmm** ������f Urn.  r������Q-������-***'*M Steak for  IOM8  TKBATMENT.  to c*J*. mitf  DrsKENNEDY&KENNEDY  Cor. MirhigSB Ava, and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.  lOllCC All letters from Canada must be addressed to our  SSBOnOaoosa* Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor,  Out. If you desire to see us personally call at our Medical Institute in  Detroit as we see and treat no ponoats in our Windsor offices which are  used for correspondence and Laboratory for Canadian business only.  Address oil. letters oo follows:  DRS. O*MNE0Y at KENNEDY. Windsor, One,  arritetor oar t*l*mt* ���������&&&*������. y-  Donan made a dosen yeara ago with  reference to the population of "Pacific  Coast cities, which within the time  limit thst the colonel gave have  either reached or surpassed the figures he predicted. It is of interest to  note that Col. Donan also fortold the  exportation of Western groin" to Europe through British Columbia ports.  The date June 28 has now been definitely fixed upon for the opening of  the Calgary conference for the consideration of the Western commercial  situation in view of ihe approaching  completion of the new waterway.  Skilled workmen are having no  trouble to Becure employment in Calgary this season. Among the large  contracts recently placed are thoBe  for six new schools of an aggregate  cost of $335,000. The coming season  will be an especially busy one for the  construction department of the. street  railway company. In the near future  a bylaw will be submitted to the ratepayera authorizing electric light extensions to cost $200,000.  These figures show that 42 more in-j J. Ritchey. $2, and Susan C. McNeiUV,  dustrial accidents were reported in  May, 1912, than in the preceding  month and 158 more than to the same  month of the preceding year.  WEDGED IN   IRON  BED.  Coquitlam, June 20.���������Coquitlam municipal council, at their last meeting,  duplicated the government grant ot  $750.00 towards the construction of  the proposed hall for the Burquitlam  Agricultural Society. The request for  $250 for prize money for the fair this  year; was refused.  ��������� ���������    ��������� ���������   ���������*���������*������������������ ������������������ ������������������������������������ ���������  ������������������<���������  BONU88IN6 BABIE8 BORN IN AUSTRALIA.  Baby'e Houro of Agony While Mother  Woo on An Outing.  -Cincinnati, June 22.���������A most peculiar ease came to the attention of  the police yesterday when two Cincinnati policemen, after breaking  through a' screened window at the  home of Mrs. Preen, found a six-  months-old- baby with ita, tiny head  wedged between the bora of an iron  bed. The tear-stained face and relaxed body ahowed that the little tot  passed through several hours ot a  terrible ordeal. The officera, after  having the baby cared for by neighbors, awaited the mother's return and  placed her under arrest on the charge  or cruelty to the child. The attention  of the officers was attracted by the  neighbors, who allege they heard ti\*\  child crying all day, ao though in distress. -.._  The mother had gone off- on on out*  ing. When found the little one was  wriggling in an effort to get itself  free from its prison, but its efforts  were futile. ^  72, both of Bast-J*ork township.  WILL  BE PROSECUTED.  Charge of Manslaughter Against  _ Chauffeur at Seattle.  Seattle, June 21.���������Admitting that he  was running at least seventeen miles  on hour, with his muffler cut joat to  hold the power, Ha*rry'J. Smith, -n  chauffeur, startled ��������� those at the coroner's Inquest yesterday by his cool  recital of how he ran down and killed  Mrs. Marion C. Steevea at midnight  last Monday wben she stepped from the  curb ahead of her husband to board  a northbound street car. The coroner's jury found he was exceeding  the speed limit and he will be prosecuted for manslaughter.  An addition of one tablespoonful  of sugar to one quart of flour paste  increases Its adhesiveness and tenacious quality.  &  *te,Ct*MFIDENTIAl. INVB*  TiOATfONS inm-mat a man of  intagrit-r. exp-irtatm sad ahOtt*/  Thst man is Johnston;^ seen***  cnanuttesd. Vide press *fh������  Secret Service Boreeu.  319  Great West Cartage to.  B. P. Andrews  Limited  H. w. Effis  &H. Williams  A. B. Ten-unit  Express, Truck and Dray  " Furniture and Piano movers  Freight Bills Revised  Loss and Damage Claims Handled  Customs Brokers  Forwarding and Distributing; Agents  Phone: Seymour 7474  193 Loo BIk., Cr. Hasting* k Abbott St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Sydney, June 22.���������The Common*  wealth Oovernment has Inaugurated  a bonus system for all babies born  ln Australia. 'The tonus/for each  child is to be $250.  START ON HIQH 8CHOOJL  Chllliwock, June It.���������-Tha first sod  in the excavation work for Chllli-  wack's new $60,00 high achool was  turned yesterday afternoon by H, J.  Barber, chairman of the Chllliwock  school board. The ceremony In1 eon*  nection with tha tuning-of the sod  was a very formal one, only the mem*  bers of the school toert being present The contract for ttte excavliUon  work was let at a nmetW.oY the joard  lost night and reoalted m'lCrneat  Tretbeway getting the controet, The  tenders for the construction of tho  building "will be opened on ftttiay,  28th Inst., after which the work of  construction will be rushed to.oompla*  Hon, -  Victoria, June 1>.���������That practical  ly nothing has yotneen acoom*#o*wt<J  towards settling tie olfflcuHlet that  have arisen between- the IT. C. f**������ptr*a  Railway Compony^and. Ortatar^im;  couver, was jthe substance of the re  ply which Sir Richard IfcBrida* mod*  yesterday to *%%* deputation NrHteh  waited upon him to hoar an account of  the conversations which he bad;with  Mr. R. M. Home Paype w**die recently in London. As to the fran^lses  the I*Te*nler stated that unless,some  agreement was reached with ths*-eom  pony before the next session" of the  Provincial Legislature, tbe government had decided that the ntnesoary  legislation would be passed to reauce  these franchises to a term of twenty-  one years. He added in conclusion  that he strongly advised the municl  polities interested not to make, any  declaration of war against tbe com  pony at present, but to continue their  negotiations in the hojpe of effecting a  settlement satisfactory to all parties  concerned. If anything could be accomplished by another visit to England by himself he said he would be  quite willing to go.  CROMWELL STAIRCASE,  Report That It la" to Be Removed to  America.  London, June 22.���������Negotiations tor  the purchase and removal to America  of the beautiful staircase ln Cromwell  house. Hlghgote, are reported. The  staircase haa thirteen handsomely  carved ^figures representina; various  grades of the Protector's Army, placed  there by General Ireton, 'when he  lived In the house. His wife, Bridget,  was Cromwell's eldest daughter.  NEW DUTCH LINERS.  Two Vessels Are Building itt Amsterdam for Indies Trews,, '  'Aeoot-Usig to the American Consul  at La Qualm, the Dutch Royal West  Indieo Hail Una Is having built two  steamers for rts aervfee iron Asoster-  dom to New Yorkv via Surinom, Vena*'  s-Msaa ports, Curacao and Haiti.  These stammers win be of slightly  gmter capacity than the Oranje  Nassau ($000 tons net), now the lort>  est oteamer on this line. The steamers will hove smaller accommodation  for passengers than the Oranje Nassau, end It is expected that the Orst  one. will be ready for service by the  end of thia year.  Notice of Removal  W. C. THOMSON & CO.  Structural Specialists  Will remove from 319 Pender St., W,  To  Labor Temple  Corner Dunsmuir and Homer Sts.  Oil 1st July.  L  '���������t-i KILLE0-iYEX������LOilON.    r  a������Kl-snl������ Le������*f Life In Acoidant at  ^'r#naln*e '#wurmf Plant.  Nanaimo, June 2t.���������By the bursting  of a steam pipe in the plant of the  Union Brewing Company, at 11:80  o'doch this morning, Albert Handle,  a mechanic in the employ of the company, wao instantly killed, and J. He-  Roe. an engineer, injured about tbe  head. The man were making repairs  on the top of a boiler when the pipe  of an adjacent boiler burst  Handle was born in Nanalmo and  woo 47 yeara old.  PEOPLE FLEEING���������BUBONIC  PLAGUE IN PORTO RICO  CRYSTAL  PALACE  MAY  TO EMPIRE.  BE GIFT  London, June 17���������(CA.P.)���������Several  boroughs surrounding London concur  in the proposition that the Crystal  Palace ahould constitute London's gift  to tbe empire, the maintenance to be  defrayed by the imperial and Dominion . Parliaments.  8TATUE OF KING EDWARD.  Tivetrton���������At Tiverton the Countess  of Portsmouth unveiled a statue of  King Edward, which has been presented' to .the town by Thomas Ford,  who, as the mayor, Mr. Gregory 7re'  marked, has been a loyal subject of  six British monarchs. In his ninety-  fourth year Mr. Ford is still bale and  hearty, and he followed the proceedings with interest.  Thousands of school children sang  Kipling's "L������8t We Forget," and "O  God, Our Help in Ages Past," and a  crowd of 12,00 Oafterwards joined in  singing the national anth%m.  Five Now Cotes Develop Within Last  48 Hours and Populace Becomes  Alarmed and Begins'E*odus.  San Juan, P. R-, June 23.���������The outbreak of bubonic plague in Porto Rico  ia having a serious effect particularly  in San Juan. The circulations of exaggerated stories is causing alarm,  with the resultant deterrent effect on  business. It is estimated that five  thousand persons have left San Juan.  Five additional cases of plague and  two deaths have been reported within  the lost 48 hours, bringing the total  up to 19 cases and seven deaths. The  director of sanitation announcea. that  he has the situation well in bond.  MniMiiMMismiiMMiisiiijiiiinHiinmiiiNi  ARE YW lmiSESTEB IN B.C.MEltl9eiSJI?  : Western Methodist Secirder \  1 ^    (PublW^ Monthly) *  , U stoati i**4*������peii*i^ to yo*L  }$Q%9^;tty*1fimwill i&njmgjV|  5*"V*"*>r  *--^4siiis*fi^ iSo^'youriro^a**^^ ^������*tS; \  >, jS^B^BO" f)wr^|"^vwWwTw**f. fV.W v* Fwf fw-f*>* 'a?   " IIPffJfRT" S>p*. --*  fffflj;** fv^ffff  *SB-a-a---B*s*5j*o-*e-*o*--^^  ***  tMMMtyWffflto*^ 't-ltf������������������������������������t������lHTy������4������t>tff?j ���������  M  300  DOUKHOBORS  COMING.  Party  MAY FATALITIES.  Ninety Accidental Deaths in Canada  ^ During the Past Month.  Ottawa, June 17.���������Tbere was an increase in the number of accidents sustained by workmen in the, course of  their employment reported to the department of labor during May. Altogether 90 fatal accidents and 241 resulting in serious injuries were- recorded as against 62 fatal and 227 nonfatal during April and a still smodler  number, - 52 fatal and 141 non-fatal,  during May -*-������������������ year ago.v . i  Leaves  Saskatchewan  Village  to Join Colony in B.C.  Canora, Sask., June 21.���������The third  party -of Doukhobors bound for British Columbia left here today over the  G. T. P. ^���������y:y:r^y '7-  Three hundred have'Teft their'viK  lages to settle near Nelson Were over  1,000 of their people are already es-  Veregln.  MINISTERS COMING WEST*  TORONTO, June 24.���������Hoa. - Frank'  Cochrane, minister of railways and  canals, was a viscltor at the parliament buildings today. Mr. Cochrane  is getting-ready for an extended trip  through the West when he will Inspect the route of the Hudson Bay  railway and give his personal attention to the transportation needs of  that part of Canada.  BECOMES BRIDE SIX TIMES.  Illinois  Woman  of   72 Has  Notable  Matrimonial  Record.  --CARLTLE, ni.-rSlx tlmee a bride  afv"*2 years of age Is'the record revealed ' by  the  marriage  of  Thomas  Those Industries ������re better  In ultimate results Which use our electric  power service. The factories or ofllce buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense for maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  Western Canada Power Compafw,  i limited f ::  IlWWt Seynwr 4771      6O3-6IO Carter-Cotton BIdg.  P. O. BOX 1418, VANCOUVER, B. a  <**********4*t t ***********: 11 imn i inn urn 1 mn������  riOFiEt.  Wflcs f������*swsr IM  Its. St]nair217fL  Ottiee: 19 WM Do4mo Bleck  25 Hasiiogs Street. East  A. M. BEATTIE  Auctioneer,  Appraiser and Notary Public for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Mining Broker, Financial Agent  ********+********���������******* **************************  Bake Ovens Chibopractic Electric Therapeutics  "''    \      Spinal Derangements [Nervous Diseases  fciot Spring I^ttitariurn  725 Stay the Street I   -  SPECIALTIES:  Ladies'Baths Face Bleaching Hair Coloring       v Massage  Electrolysis Qdropody  Miss-Hone, Matron   .  *���������****���������**���������*���������************** **************************  itff-- :��������� ^V-Ty.1-? v**i������/>-sVi*,  Wwi.  f*ig*^.fi^*>^  / **M0 use, Mr. Plnkwell, no use ot  tSL t am begiiinlng to believe what  Von Bchlmmel, tho German expert  aald in thia room two weeks ago. He  oillntainad that ths**e wm nev*������r rat  ja. dpher foraukUed that the genius  {of deductive energy could not Solve,  :jnor a cipher so guarded that It could  not fall into hostile hands.'' c  j.^The able head of the secret service  : [Bureau almost Snarled with vexation  las.he spoke, while the gray-mustached  .[.veteran In tha huge   leather   chair  iluoked at him sympathetically,   but  jgavo no sign Of hla emotions.  Padng  !������pand down the border of oPuchlo  ;*reBV Chief Wllklns tore up a few irag-  jf*MUt| of note-paper, and resumed his  'oooDologuc. x, x '���������"iy:y^y-:y;- ���������'���������.y'-yy^.:  1 don't know where the leak lo, but  I do know that there's o leak   Urge  ���������noagh to let 60 per cent of the war-  i :deparUaent*a pet secrets go trickling  through. That's why I om working  ;wlth OTary bit of anergy and every  available man to hdp in the time of  thlngo that the secret  lee hasn't concerned iteelf with  lotnoe:}t*M.y That's why 1 am ooklng  arou to come into the hunt, you and tha  litest msa ot **o^ don't inted  !^ni|ia; *roa that I aholl commoadoar  ' agency/ too; Mr. Plnltwe*!.  ooacerM the i*oliema o������4 deotl-  <;jo*;tl*������J*gi^ ��������� "*"'  ��������� cB*n0^eoo*Dna*L'  T,v?''-^*m*^ti������tii^fo:'''j&*m*I������^ym&*u\& ���������''iiUk  tSttiBiwsa^  '  **������rl** Barnoe rtgM Into thU roam,  :' sbm'<t*en**B**a*sjn*e i***a***wt0B too. ������ you  eaa a* .tint. m coitfor ^ with them  llkeav  r^t*-* t*r wm ^  \**yw~**r*\ t. ry^y yy yy'y  ��������� ���������fy';"' ^T^-,^wvjywvRr,v'" *,1*"T^^.i"1 ���������*Tw  .^9*l*M*9*f ;'wjf|^WC. ���������'��������� ������������������ ���������v*vTFW^^B*.~Wwk_  . tft;ls������7 JWJMfc^Welkj^  ** m^m9r<iMf*mintM'  ���������sank whsm tiooo' and otmunt*  ,ejop.eispor. - - ii **ioi|*. i *"T**"*"*"er ���������_ "**7r*i*v"*\' *****rv. ^TCrvW'v  ifWr . ��������� TwPy ���������; ||v*fTi*TT7 ��������� ������w; ��������� -WT^^'  *--  ���������    , .-,-- - -.- J,'.tTTtT^P,;l!lr^w,:r^yT|^  l&r$������������ing^^  .������������������/fPUP,..: 'Tfrl??,*��������� *������������������ TrW7****i****P tv*Tvw-v't-*Ft - Ww"���������������������������.-W,  fc  l;Ui*j  ���������?jr-=l.���������*l-.i  vi,% -^r^rr. ���������":-**���������*������������������  some one goto to the more important  massages. Tho dphero have bean;  changed, reversed, revamped. Invented  brand nsw by tha most sdeutlfid ex*  vatia^yyy-  "mo very proUbly sold out their  process msMe ot an  acting business with tha war depart'  meuV'Pinkwell hrterjected.  '���������NO. Hardly. Because���������" and Wtt-[  kins almost snorted oo ho forced out!  the words���������"I peroonally invented the1  latest cipher uoedr-eooked it up fromi  ancient Greek, my old collage trlgo*.  nometry end sixty words;"of theyG*������;  manche tongue, learned when Ijpenti  m vaoatlon at Fort SilL You'd think;  that would be soma cipher,Billy,some;  olpii^;^t held them tor two days���������  ibvc I found good evidence that it hod}  ba^ktl^naloted."-.~ 'r/;; -���������>-  :^"By wbo*o, and for whomr        ' S  y "Billy, there's thei tonghest problem  In the whole blomed ofloir.   I cont>  even state, definitely, which government ^"accuse.   All I know is that]  oar aimy oilers, oar Mexican policy,;  atrdr don't Idww what elae besides!  are being continually relayed to oni  unMemliy power, and I can't actually'  ,naBM: t������0 ^powar.** ;\  yv������*The process ot elimination," sold'  the old detective, slowly, "should easily datnonatrata the location of the;  leak, and the power to   which such:  a1^|^v^y,*ie^u!dkK '-X Whiok - do you-  . , fc'tactki. jwrnUoa���������yellow;  ^������������������wfciiie^^  w,.m:en" or, wooden-: sh��������� 'ok;  :tli*-cklslVV **t am -a"  i^;^sk^^es|a^  tunea,������r I could bave ended tbla whelev  bttslnaos without colling for outaldaj  tu^ya)*^^:^  he reniarlrea. ouavely.   --StUK r tiuiu-|^r^  Uie person who took t^  *o^:*wk^plac^':a^c^  Ond ihea trac^ your writing ;wtthoa;  :Nb.CWpjmcii^  'W'0i:'.j*^:-'itoe,^e  ���������T^e'i^i^; o^������������d^  to ^o iighti and '^j^^^txii**^yM  magnlfy|ng gia^   Crumpling up th^  sheet, he flung it Into the waste boa,  ket, only to have the detective fish'  it out. raooth it oeatb, *md ^  tn'to^;his>;pwket^^  most inosculate with wrath, eatOm^^i  toed the desk\ the dmwer, the keyr|:  hole, and fmolly sot down disgusted?  '*a9:&g*iik^^ . ���������,���������������������������';��������� yyyyyy  ���������forget iikj Jotut," admonished'Pink*;  welL "l^rget It absolutely. Don't W  a^^oiarkrof stoaoiraplmr ta the offlce'.  Sao yoo with aa much as a scowl upon'  your lovely countenance. Bend somei  w acme one you think you can talk)  pleaaantly to at this annoying mo-i  tnent���������-to tho esteemed secretaries.  Don't use tho phone.**  A push-button bussed akrlUy. Tne  door of the privato ofios opened, and?  k tall young fellow, with a much-J  irwormcfD n&&wtn#em  little talk with you. We can exchange secrets of state without Interruption���������there won't be any cipher  messages exchanged or stolen on tbe  way.** ,  Plnkwell carefully distributed tbe  osh of his short, thin, pole yellow cigar upon a red design of the Pueblo  ;;rug.  "Suppose you tell me about the cipher messages, chief V* he auggeSted.  "Inform me in full aa tip your troubles.  "Open confession is good for the soul;  as I told the -fellow who blew the  Bouthwick bank.'* ' t "'-���������'���������-,'  "Did he agree with you, Pink?'^  ;' "Not exactly. He said open safes  were good for the wallet, and gave me  the lightsome ha ha. Tell yoa about  him some day���������he waa the fellow who  opened safes with a surgeon's stethoscope.   Some class to him."  "Tell me at-dinner.  Maybe he'a the  boy who haa been pilfering pur ciphers.   When did he get out!**,  I   Plnkwell laughed grimly.  "I Imagine it would take as clever  ;a performer to read a government cipher," he responded, "but this lad baa  ���������eight years, Ave months and fifteen  daya otill to go, allowing for good con*  and. Bat come on���������come through  with,the dpher story. Have the  ifaandwriUng experts "been turning  > tricks with the war department meo-  jsogear  "Smphattcolly yea. Two-thirds of  tJ-e o*^sw*tMo the troops in the tsM  siang the M������dean border have be������  ttnaateied, either In transit or before  i leaving Washington. Telegraph, wire-  letter by trusted  tanned face and a ahock ot tangled'  brown bair^stepped In.    ::y-x.-,--y^  "Did you coll me. Mr. Wllkinsr h������  iiiH90ctM*j.y^yy^yyy'jyvy.y  ^Thechieflooked him over rapidly j  "Are you the only clerk:���������: remaining1  tids afternoon r  '..' "Tea, sir.  ItveiTone else want away  atfoir?*-; yyuyky'y^'y  *lm huh. Gone to the boil park  ka usual. I presumet" .-.'���������: ���������.^.'.f-  .... ''Tea, dr.   O^odipime today.   The1  White 8ox are here, and���������"  %   ,  "Naver inind about tbe White 8ox.  brthePlnkHlf^Mulm dther^^Wled  the'rdile^r^Trou;;aro aa bod aa the  converaatlasi   ~*o*  - J offlce. Probably, In thirty--ax or  .���������._.  ... .._.   ....    :tOO.|li^f;J^^  Mj^Brockcttiitauppoae. ^yd������^wl*i^#falw^  cipher, a transcription M a i%w: when^       ' -������������������������������������'���������-������������������'"-���������"-������������������-           ���������'������������������-''^"'---^���������?*a-irJ  y^y^MMyij^y'yy^^yyB^yyBmy ��������������������������� y.>yyyy ^.t.ifMm  ;*tffSia������^;nM^  dl1  I/will give you and then let us:  ^'-to^diasect;if^^-?-?:.y; yyyyyyy  tyr^^young^fellow>toOk;t^  *^ut I wiofuld---<m, wW^^w  nO^niore -^ii^i^s^ iii^sa?  tollowe^aW&ilf^t  ls^cti?!C>oJ������i  'SBOTUtfOf^g^ll  >  Wllklns and Plnkwell gased at that  *ireugs document for several mlnutoa.  w|th faces which clurmged from good^  natured raillery to perplexity, aad  the%L to kt^eneat interest Young  jBrockett, hand upon the doorknob,  jwoited for the verdict. The chief  {folded the slip of paper, and thrust it  in a pocket;.' - ���������'  r"8h������ll I leave, you the key to the  fdpher, Mr. WUktnsr aaked the  Voojigster. ..yx?t. -  ' "No. Well see what we con do with  'H Just from the original dictation. On  your way now, my boy���������Idndly; tend; to  jWuif'! errand. And--4u*d���������win you re-  pMt to me, perso-aaily, bait an kour  Ibetore your uoiiol time tomorrow r*  i Brockett woo alamM a^rooo .tho  Itkreshold. when the votos of Plnkwell  Ikalted him. --y-y���������;.-*;'-���������������������������-.  i, "Bon,"  asked  the  old  detective,  fwhat do you   cell   thU   chart   of  ftwwrot** ���������        yy'yy^y ':yyyr .  Piomond^Cinlwjfft^^  Occei-tfeven a Bbjribjck^ 1^  iwhlcb the chief motioned, drew a ->en-1 Hon^^O  ^#j#unvUBv.-^^  jlop sheet from a paper pad.   Chief | . A slim, neatly dKssed **o*}Ug wom*L  ^j|lkino.'.-sradiedv.fo^#^  {the^dicteted, slowly aud^^^c^  {^^ijtch ��������� b������Iow Ungtry^;:lUrtner:  jt>rders.   Reportedf j[or^; ������*! I(K> inaur-  'rectos near bj^-y^-y^^y^r^yfxy.  \xy&qdtott-:.wroM  imoments, and then handed the chief  Ja;"a)faaage: oonglonierat^  BB Pos TO R 3BH AB BH PO TO BB  PO Pos B JBH TO W WP  HR PO PO SB Fta W TO ������BH 8H  WTCWBM8H' W*U  8H PA TC W TO 8H BH SB TO  W R BH LB Paskert  EL flnWWBHRTOTO L  BH pos WAB WP.:  '  CHAPTER II.  wwT'K, wnrv.  tfosllaaiM  -rr*'*������'*VTT*T^TW s  |,e|i^^,<h^*|,  - ssisrt that  "|U"e"S"^r"* w ���������  w������r*rai*T"1_  fftti?  ^V *^l******^, i Wtt jT���������***1 I*,  i^P^i. ���������'Tni-vT ''^w^i.  Ildtharcaat!  ,^am_im^ ... *w9m-w-  ^ **m**W^I*^m*, ** yet, beau*!  wily tklt **>tr������4 cerTalkty: Nothing  (rots out of WosWugtoo concerning  tke **M>Temeats of deeta or ormles  without koaiy risk of transcription  and interpretation by our enemies  There are only two avenue* open-*  you can easily gttess tkeat Ymtk."  "Kltber tad the leak���������or devise *  dphar that even a Japanese or Oer  man sdentlst eannot take apart and  reaa**ta*-We.'V  Tbe chief nodded emphatically      .  "If wo found the leak, we would  stop the source of Informotfon���������for a  little while. If we devised an undo*:  dpberable cipher, we could make  monkeys of either kaiser or mikado  until our plans bad matured, and our  bands could not be forced on either'  the Atlantic or Padflc. After that,:  we could ferret out the leak at lei-;  sure."-. ^  i -Bxoctiy,*' assented Plnkwell "Thenl  you think It would be best for my;  office to make some sort of bluff at!  digging up the guilty parties, while  you devote your energies to the con-;  structlon of a cipher that not even!  such a man aa���������well, we will say!  Von Scbimmel���������could possibly dlsen*i  tangle?"  Tbe chief'a nod waa more emphatic j  than before. I  "I have thought of asking tho secre*'  tary of war ond the secretary of the!  navy to Join us In formulating a new  cipher. Among us, we might possibly,  turn out something that would be too:  much for the wisest fellow .that ever J  jcomblned or subtracted words; and!  letters." .-:."���������'���������"..:-< "-.j  "Something like tbe Dandng Men  In the Sherlock Holmea story?" queried the demtive. with a reminiscent)  smile.  "That Idea," returned the chief���������"a'  tiny dancing figure. In a differentJpo-t i  sitlon to represent each letter, was'  original and clever. You will remember, though, that It waa finally turned'  into Plain English, without much difficulty. I almost think Von Seaim mel j  was right���������that! there is no dpher!  which cannot be read by the expert I  delver into such foadnotlng subjects, j  Still, something must be done, and'  done in a hurry."  "Horry is the proper word,** assent- ]  ed PlnkweU. "Ton will have to get;  buoy aa rapidly aa your offalrs Willi  let you." i  Wllklna turned, opened a desk)  drawer, and began to fumble lndde.  1 waa ���������experimenting on .a dpher!  thia morning." he explained. "Noth-!  ing complete, and nothing elaborate. *  Penciled it out, for a holt hour's dl-;  version.   Here  see It you con read'  it"* ������  Pinkwen took tlso sheet,,Inspected1,  tt for sin Instant, and then turned It!  over. 1 dont think I eon road youri  l^etetjlypba em short notleo. John,"  ���������TfT*V   ww��������� ^aamjm*mm~^^^mjpmj'-,ym*mmmj  bjb>  9f9W- *P*V'-fyep������W^:-vWfw''TWvvjTW������ ''*y  ' *^^I ^^r* ^^^T'Pr'r'e^r^Tw' |ov*iaj*������fy ���������"aB^B*SB**p*^..'f*p _;S*i"sjaBj  ^^**\r  *w^t|IwT .-^WT- W^WTOf' L9*9v. ' ^W^pwW "rTTWv*rW  OBlfuajQB>-;:^. '���������^^^JfK^^^-?^'^'1'^  '..: '.fwW��������� ^h"^9fW'��������� .Wtt*Ptw������>*t WQfyWv990*l*t'JfW_  meej^f^w frltiide,^ o^ Ut������e  |fTW^WW.',Wr    wwv  ���������-"w W.v-P  ''FtHw    WTT^v^Wvfva'Bv* '}���������  "11 ''jv^ffftW^'-WW^viT^f^PJTWv'^T^r." "-"twJW^vt' :" "^yTr  fWWT, ^W?"^.':*^WPIip^*W!rTTW^V -,- W ***\w /* tWW : TWwW*  ���������w&i&mim. mm''$ tew:.*Wn*������tei  of your Tuluoble tfmo, even If It 1������  after ofice bourif*'  The hoy bobbed an aasentlng bead,  triad to tbrust the. red cap Into >  pocket and dislodged some folded papers, which fell rustling to the door.  As he bent for tbo papera, PiukweU  sntidpsted his hurried grasp, and  caught tkam up. Tbe detective calmly  unfolded the papers, finding tnem covered with some freaWab letterings,  while the boy turned red, Hind the'  chief looked qulxslcoUy on.  VI beg your pardon/'apoke up Pink-  well. "I earnestly beg your pardon;  for such rudeness, Mr.���������Mr.���������"y���������  ������������������Brockett. sir. Harry Brockett,*' on*1  swered the youngster.  "1 apologize once more, Mr. Brock-1  ett I have grown so auspldoua of  everything and everyone in my old-  age that I really Imagined these pa-l  pers were plans of a Padflc fort, or  tbe details of the new rifle. Tronslo*'  tion of an Aztec scroll, son?"  "Well, hardly, air," laughed youngt  Brockett, aelf-confldence returning. "Ij  was amusing myself with building a  cipher���������something that would be ratb-'  er bard for anyone who wasn't en-'  gaged in the building of It to makei  out"  The grim face of the chief relaxed;  Into a semi-smile.  "How did the experiment work out?"'  Brockett grinned frankly. "I'm no!  expert practitioner in auch subjects, ���������  Mr. Wllklns. 8tlll, I think It would,  take a pretty capable scientist to pick.-  it apart and put it together again. He'J|  have to be an American, too���������or pos-i  albly a Cuban."  "Why so?" questioned Plnkwell. "Is/  the cipher written ln Spanish?"  ?-  vyyy  ��������� B**ockett. eager to oo*>elttdo hla er*  nBtd and Join hia oan***a*uoiio, loot no  'time on the road. By five o'clock the  tan youngster waa buotly efig>ged In  aj-yajrgament, ,accon*panl*d by prac*  *I1oh demonstrations rro and eon, as  te tkeiiUUty of the l*ange stool Some  ���������Twenty of Brockert's friends���������derks  BoWldotaelf, ooHeglans home on voco-  ^oo^aM even the two sons ot a Biaio*  ese 1 iigfjsi ii offldal���������debated the prao*  rtte**tM^of the trick by wlUcov im������  3mLana������, the great our of toe long  0470, wm wc������t to oimex the middle  ���������������*��������������� Bjpc|pe^;a-*4^^  i-vj^wWWHWIf',' -^^R^B^w^,   ^sjav# ; - Wv-^PB^sJ . * ^*W*9j9- ��������� vWf^j  fenly posomto Irat almoet unotoppable;  Hbt SiameM youjifsters and :t^t root  jot the UtUe,gatbeTiiH- deda^e^  Ion - iWrt: iKMiwyV^k^sd ���������; k> croick-  -thlnklnf Infleldei^ w^d inaks Hit  yi*W+mW9l������9m  ��������� ,**J9f*ti9 ��������� etfolifrirHlt gny koad  *aai gny QTBl Ot aU.*' d^lalnitd fihulo  sWvv.fa". ofiis" .  "fj^-oof* ��������� wr  *oj������TTf      ���������*TWTTwm/*v*r,',^vT 'V������e^*os***|B-  Bit to th* bog, and you can't put ft  or. No chance f*u>eptlaf o0 ��������� i-nV  ���������������w1W'a^r������������������.,,^���������:W^    ���������y-x  ] ���������Tot don't grasp the point," Brock-  iatt responded- ���������'Tho catcher doesn't  Hgnrs Jo tbla stool at all. He is a  .dead on*. He I* axac������y as If he had  move? existed. Th* trick In the Unge  ;tt*al is to stop oo first till tbe pitch  is ov*?, and than, when the catcher  [begins to return the ball to the pitch*  lor, you go down. It's three to one,  .���������easy, that the pitcher will get, rattled  land throw wide, or that th* second  baseman, not figuring on a steal, ho*  'moved away to play for tbe batsman."  "A pitcher who keeps his wits  fabout blm," negatived Ramon Solano,  'the Junior cashier of the Cuban tobacco house, "wouldn't fall for that  ;play at all. Try it, with me on the  flab, and see-bow it goes through."  ; The experiment was immediately:  -node. Chula Lan Kon, donning the;  mask, went behind the plate; Solano  took a pitching attitude on the slab,  and Brockett Impersonated tbe daring  base runner.. Second waa covered by  a fast Uttle inflelder from Annapolis,;  and a Dartmouth shortstop prepared,  to take alternate throws. It took flf-  ieen minutes to fully work out the  {theories of the Lange steal, and the  sentiments of.the whole throng were  voiced wben Chula ten Kon remarked didactically, "If yoa make It,  p/ou are a hero, and if you don't make'  it you are a bone-head."  Darkness dispersed the crowd, and  {Brockett, dead tired but full of the,  ���������sheer Joy of living, strolled away wltb;  ���������Ramon Solano���������his chosen friend and)  ^confidant, and linked in comradeship'  >y tbat strongest ot youthful ties���������i  trimly through the gathering dusk,:  bod smiled recognltionupon*Brockettl  !U tbey apprtooched   The ^  their hats, and Brockett exidained. aa:  they stenped by, "Miss   Lawson, the;  Oluet*s':stenoir^ejr.'S:A^roiwer, on ������V  typewriter---futeat w^::'?Kre.---ever"  :aeeii.*'! -jy ���������������������������yy~ yyyyyyy.y yyy'yyy':  ; Boltno  holMurne^  and ���������.: >seredi  tlwpough tl>������ twilight  "Rude form,  I  kiiow,'* he sooke, haif-ai������logetically.  ���������*to otaiw after a jnmn^ I was  Sunt wonderis^ tbAugh, where I kadi  seen her lotdy   several tlmeo. lis Mot.:  A-hem/ Harry--ahe has -net a Me*������a.w  ;   Half a block up tJw street, a BtOa  niain. bis iMad acai*-������*r up  nogrs^he^a, ohoulder.   nod  em^  from tbo: slMltajt, ot a dooi^^  lifted iuo--kati^with:^ron������-siloo������7i^  4sj^smi bowed ow^  "wen*Mw exte^ed hand. -MliB^ovw*.:  son checked her ohwo^ wolkfw^  troetion of an instant and ^the *roung  meti. Idly glancing towordo tt^  saw a fiaah of *-raito paosing r-*am 'the.  girl's band into^ that otn^^^  jfrlend.   The Uttlo soon bowod again;:  Isliaa iAWSon walked on, and tte  tie nwm came down tto *itreet wtth;a  ra*>ld. Jaunty oMde.   As ho ismsed  the boys, bis face won tor oa iutant  in the dying light of the day. and the  strong, brown features, with a wide  sc������ across one cheek, were eiearly  outlmett   - yv; -yyyyx. yyT ..��������������������������� ;^ .���������;;  ;:-.:'Ho':**rosT;.a; Japanese,   yxyy,  Wben "Brockett;; preoented lajssaelf  at Chief Wllklns' private onlce In the  nioralng, none of the othar clerka bad  as yet appeared. Miss Lawson, how*  ever,.wao already at her o^eaJkHt kid  long been her cuatont to come 'duly,  'and work late, with an intalllgence, a  ���������nltkfttlneaa. and an attentloii to detail  which had.won her repeated commendations from the chieL Aa  Brockett crossed the otioo and, batted  at the chiefs portlculor door, the girl  JoOked up, threw the boy a inn^ddhy  otoile, and reaumed the pnakiklsg of  koUM snuul fa^rtor of ner  BrijckHt retnrnatl the  lightly on the froetod  a load -Cosse in.'*  Cklirf Wlllrins oat  fanked by the burl]  Tliree bigleather  occupied by three  whom Brockett with na<  9^*^^t*j)9*f*a^*^9, ~W9f   'V*B^fjf  w*%y**9*9*\&--.**&  oral Col*, commander  Th* boy. thu������ **r*dpl  *ttnj*aisbed oonoiavo.  ^*^^ymf^^r*w^.w*w ��������� ��������� "������������������*��������� w w * *>* ���������������ww*'  .jkoughts and sensof  bitnee of * ckrod of  ���������ad. In default of a dear  vvt'^t'  w"*>* *awm) ~*a**f**a*fWm^^mf**p e#ss^e*pO>^  Iniuirtngly at tb* grim  : -Mr. Brockett*' cam*  tonse of the chief, cuttinf  boy's understanding Uk* 'W^'tjm*  point thrown from a long, long dig*  tance, "will you give tkeoe gentlemen  another demonstration of your cipher?"  The spearpolot went dear through,  sod Brockett woke up.  ������������������Why���������yeo---"������f course* How aball  I demonstrate it r  "Suppose." explained tbe chief, "we  bave General Cole dictate a sentence  to you- Write out that sentence In  your dpher. Then read the sentence  "howo   i^^iilBSH  o^c^tj^l^^:^^  S' t ColumbU.  v"   school, sir.  ither  JOW  mmmm  you to support the family, tspppoos);  '-'-m*W*W     ' "���������'" ������������������"-"������������������-  "Speak any  Wiftyy  .^'naVe^pld-edjiaf  rriend, a Cuban,  H*m. Ihb. lliat acooimta tot  **moik ot yeotoiday���������th^  might understand thladp  yoa sl������own it to *-oor Wooj  .^^���������;ss^e^:;tiifc^j|^  ������^e of the fjomto m rke d|^  r ,. H-sa, h-m lather t-onr ^  To thU 80U00 a good> aaaare f "  ;^*Beat^ln;tki;-a>r^^  ^ortcanvjhitovo^^  wao*,ehiet ?mJm&mmhimffi&^  . ^'Ilirosw-itaj^^  at this Juncture.     ^���������^���������.^',';^v-,;..^^^ '"  ���������1 think I know thia        '" ���������l���������    and I ttwiw nisi  ^l|ipoi1liatolr������n^  *^;man *l| need ^Mimm���������.^^  under. ���������9Lw**Ja*am������m-^^  -,CtaetWls^~**essB^  99&>-'yyy.--:y^^^  yy-y- ���������-��������� B4**ii^;[otT;.^M^  Has 22 Charter taembero wltn        ~  ^>.;:a|ki*isyt "''-^''--^:-  - Port Mann, Jum  .  in the brief history of  passed on Wednesday  moot of the nrosalio  the.' place; m* m tke now  i*esoWed themaelvea tato *;^  t^f^������������������^���������'.W!*tt^p^^;  thesoselves on  the flrat i^eaidept win bo Mr.    . .  A.Mo*aey.lJ**es*-v������wko^"b^^  toa*s)*ssWwhiehia  m;'*^'WeatooUsistor^  lf^M|Bk*itgy*-||^-'^'^^' ^i'^^i  ,_ ,_    . :m\Van**ir|  Too viestion of��������� 'i^-.i*en^\'nn^,ip^^5^^^  ���������Wse*tf!s1i^  noo^ sy������*������o wm ������>��������� *������lo:������t ^M^yyyywm-,.  """'"��������� token up by the new       '-���������  ym  W?i  ���������;.&  -the brotherhood  of the   boll   field.'  No, sir. Plain Bngliah.  Would yo������;; [Brockett waa'in underpnld"cierk7 do-,  like to go oyer It,,some time when, ^ hl, hwt to caro for a wldowed ;  imother and a younger sister. Solano's  you-hove o little ldsure?"  mow������  avmcmamz  jback again to us���������just to show that  Thank you.  night, eon?  believe, Mr- Wllklns  would   address'  you." |  ; "Just a small errand, Mr. Brockett;  Kindly run over to the secretary qf;  war and the secretary of the navy/  Ask them if they con come over here;  within the next hour. Then- go and;  attend to your baseball difficulties!  with a dear consdence.   That's all.".;  Brockett was opening the door,!  when PlnkweU reached ont a detain-!  Ing hand. "Son." remarked tbe old i  detective, "this cipher of yours is cer-'i  jtalnly bewildering. That ia oupposeel  to be the best point about successful  idphera, I believe. Tell me. my boy���������i  can you read it yourself?"  "Why, of coarse. It lo so simple)  that I dont even need a written key.''.  "Indeed? Suppose you demonstrate!  it to uo. Juat for a moment Are you)  agreeable, chief T"  "Go ao far ao yon Ilka, Billy," th?-;  chief assented    Til confess   ogoaht*'  , (Solano nod on Independent income,  And now, M'jaiuto'fTdBi nlo liberal   salary,   that;  Srould have turned the brain of the]  [average American boy. aAo far aa the  (friendship" went between Cuban and:  {American, however, Solano's wealth,  'counted exactly aa much ln the scale'  jus Brockett'o poverty: nothing what-:  ���������ever. The alliance cemented when:  Sjoth played on a team of ten-year-olds  jhad only grown firmer with the lapse  lot time, until Ramon Solano, pitcher,  ���������considered Horry Brockett, center  {fielder, the finest fellow of his numer*.  pas acquaintance, while Brockett  ���������classed the Cuban aa hla most loyal  Mead.  ; "We go for a vacation to tho Yellowstone," solid Solano, aa the boys  sieored Brockett's home. "My father,  toother, and two or three friends will  fcome over to get mo���������it will bo sv  lolly crowd. If I could peranade you I"  .. Brockett laughed goyly. 'ISo-no day.  tsUnmn, but hardly tbla year. If I;  (stick to my desk, in cUmb np m tko!  V���������explain the key of the cipher.1  Brockett had. shaken himself together, and the group of dignitaries,  no longer over-awed him. Pad and  pendl ready, he waited for the general's words, and the soldier, slowly,  eententtously, dictated.  "Bend Eighth cavalry, 385 men, to  leredo. Support with First infantry  Jby Friday. No guns at present."  . Brockett penciled briskly, and band-1  ed the general a sheet scribbled be-:  Wllderingly in this fashion:  , L SH B BH BOSTON R Poo T posi  PO W WP COBB TO TC PO poo W*  SH BH TC L fin FA FA TC W TO!  BB HR TC 3BH CUBS HR K SB Pos.  1 TO W WP AB WP SB W HR BH  pos WP UMP sBH fin B L pos TO FA,  W SH L SH B TO. !  The sheet of paper went around thai  elrde, and then back to Brockett, who1  promptly read of tbo general's orlg-'  laal dictation. Silence followed for a  ���������omen*, and then the sterol, slap>  %ktf kls hand aharply om km knee. ���������������  T*n^*^^v**Bv|RJ     fBO*r*Jf;.   *aen*oo>ey ��������� r*p*so*f*p  '#MiMlM:fn^  ....���������.f*9p.y,yZ--. y^yyjg\  w|U see the lorgoat *mfM,wmi  Brltlah CeluB*������ia ^9*9ft9*%������  ' ||gag|- r-#jp ''*j^f*|a#r-^iD(i, |Mo1|V-jffM^  Island to the J&mtoony* iM*j  prune, peach, near. aj|#':B|fj|n>r,  trees have been full of bJooscm, an#  tbere ha* been no loss 'fWsB.-f^'ipjr;  unfavorable weather. Ifoat of fk#  trees are certain to have a kea*ry !������������������#;  of fruit, of wkioli very much^will k*,  undersised unleao thlualng I* proo-  ticed. It I* konod that ****9>999W*M-  will grasp tbo situation rightly.: T|H^  prices for underolxed fruit are ilovii^  very remunerative. It Is^Wwaim ik^-  good, iorge, perfect frolte that :W99y,  paying returns. Thl* year the dlffor;,:  ence in price betweenLfancy and-  grade fruit will be emphoolsod. _'  yields of irult aro x&amafQf  tario, in the Middle;>9*jj������mM  California, MontoimiS  and Washington, ailfidM  Columbia. The I<*iirwestorh SUt������*yr  in fact, have the bumper crop of their; ^  history; and they look to the Canadian prairies to buy a great deal of  it, as times are god in Canada, while  money is scarce in the United tates.  This means thht there will be plenty  of poor fruit for sale In our markets  without any from British Columbia,  and tiie returns for this class of fruit  are bound to be low. Neither do the  canneries want small fruit; there to  no money in pie-peaches for any one.  Every grower should resolve that he  will not grow any peaches smaller  than "90's." Any shipper knows that  there will be no market for the small  stuff, and that even In the earliest  varieties we can grow, returns will  be unsatisfactory for the small gradeo*  Fortunately there is no good reason  why any grower should have any percentage of the email sizes to market.  It is unlikely that any frult-groweii  will thin too much; it is quite certain that most growers will not thin  enough. While the average man may  know about thinning, be is short the  nerve necessary to carry it out Most  of the growers of British Columbia  have not yet had enough experience  to realize the difference in profits on  large and small sizes. Those men  who see the situation clearly and who  recognize the fundamental necessity  for adequate thinning should ubc their;  influence by getting their neighbors  xo take it up.  "Pat," said the doctor, "your case  lo a very peculiar and baffling one,  and If you'll agree, I'd like to call in  another phyalclnn. Two heads are  better than one, you know."  "01 agree," returned the willing patient "Sure, th* folly must be worth  soein*. Bring In tbe dodor with the  two beads!"  m%& Sfl**������S IHUIOU U.U,JUJ*i  iJ>t ���������**!*>* >M-fcJLjt.iMH>v.  ^*^���������*5^^W^^^^T^--^^!  *s**9-jPB*a*iSon-aB-i  sssi  B*B2fJ|  8  THE WESTEHX CALL.  TRAW BERRIES  Are at their finest and best this week.      Now is the time for all  good housekeepers to put up this luscious fruit while it is at per-  section.   HONIG'S keeps the best and at lowest prices.   PRESERVING SUGARS  too.      Ask our Groeery Department.  Camping and Picnic Outfits  Largest and most varied assortment in city and every price cut to lowest.  CAMP STOVES without oven $1.00 up;   with oven $2.25 up.,  $5.00 Hammocks, our price $3.45  NEW FEATURES . .;   ��������� '���������������������������  V Drug* Department Now Open  Everything finest and best from makers of the highest reputation. Our prices defy  competition.  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Many valuable presents indicated the esteem In which  the couple are held. , Mr. and Mrs. 1  Jenner left by the .night boat for a  visit to the coast cities, and on.their  return will moke their home on Ferris Road.  *** 1114 I ** 4****4**4 I 'I"*"*"* * I * **l* II HUHItmit Mt t*  LOUGHEED ������ COMPANY)  ;  2343 MAIN STREET  HEW BUILDINGS.  (  The two stores and apartments  erected for Mr. F. A. Whltaker on  Westminster road, . near Gartley road.  are now completed and are a very  creditable addition to the main thoroughfare. The stores on the ground  floor are well lighted and commodious, and four suites of flats, two on  the first and second floods, respectively, also possess every modern  convenience.  STRUCK BY STRUT CAR.  While allghhtlng from a street ear.  M. W. POrter,. 1014 Twenty*8econd  avenue east, was struck by Westminster rood car number 240, going In  the opposite direction nnd, after: being hurled to the ground, sustained  a broken thigh and other minor injuries. 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Pntl-ih: potumW*,  with tha hlBi water mark, of Burrard  Intft. whlchTiIgh water mark to one hun-  Jrid and slxty-Sve <-<l������8) feet more or  le������T from the Southeast corner ot the  satd let; thence North slaty-two degrees  fourteen minutes west (N. ���������!��������� 14* W->.-  distant one hundred and twsnty-flve  (t2S) feet: thence,North forty-one de-  ���������rrees.onl twenty-nine minutes. East (X.  41* JS* 8.). distant two hundred and  thirty-four feet; thence south thirty-  seven * decrees and fourteen minutes Ea������t  (S. W* 14' IS.), distant one hundred and  twenty-Ave feet, more or less, ..-to the  high water mark at the intersection of  North boundary of ������ot Two_ ������) produced; thence following the hlfh water  mark of the ahore of Burrard^ Inlet to  the point of betinntng In a southwesterly  direction.^ ��������� ��������� w ^jgr:  Per SYDNEY A  fcAJCE.  . Agent  Dated 17th May. ISIS.  PHONESt FAIrmont 496,497  < >  j We Live for Contentment;;  Contentment ^means happiness.   Happiness can be obtained in a cosy home.-  ijVVE SELL HOMES!  Modern Horn  ;: $500 cash will put you in possession of a thoroughly ;  ; up-to-date six roomed home just a block from the ;  J car with every modern convenience. Price $3500. !  ; The terms can be arranged to suit. We should be :  ; pleas6d to have you* make an appointment to inspect ���������  this.    Inspection will lead to a purchase.   ,  ir  ^1  We have 3200 feet of deed Fraser River Waterfront- \  : age with C. P. R. Ti^kajje in the rear at Port ;  : Haney (26 miles from Vancouver) at only $26.00 per ;  ; I front foot en terms, of one^Uo\rter cash and the  ; Is balance one, two and ttow yeara, at 5fc ^  ;; the price of this waterfrontage with any nearby and ;;  you will appreciate the snap this is.  J 2343 MAIN STRPBT  ;'������������������������������������ i";  BsBJsnt  TvTOTilwil Cli^ss, t#  - Set W.MmtMtw |������. " ; - Him, Pt4n*Ht M������;  Slazenger, *yres.' WrtfU't  tsnnls 9mu*������*U aad Dolls  Those and many other famous makers  oral Vepro-  stmtedtnoor  stoch which  Is tho most  comprohonsive in the Province.  TI9WU4* t-WTH*  (Sneewm to Chw. K TW������1B #?**������*������ HMMpft <*v  8000 yards of S^-inch Natural Pongee  at 89'cents per yard  Regular 75c Yard.  Anyone who buys this silk at 39c a yard  secures a bargain. It is a good weight  silk, free from flaws in the weave. .A nice  bright finish and suitable for almost every  purpose that pongee can be used for*  Please note that it is the wider width, 34  inches.   Sale price, per yard ;..........39c  34-inch dress pongees; regular 85c yard; sale price    65c  30-inch dress pongees; regular $1.25 yard; sale price ��������� 85c  30-ineh coating pongee; regular $1.25 yard; sale priee :..... 75c  DAVID SPENCER, LIMITED  ERNEST SHAW, ������.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  sso-saml Ave., ������.. Vancouver, B. C.  Close to Main Street  Office Houas: 1-J!0*to6.  Nervous Troubles' and Chronic Diseases given special attention. Epilepsy,  St. Vitus Dante, Sciatica, Headaches,  Female Troubles, etc. If yoo are ruf-  feriiuj in any way call onjl aee tne. I  make'no charge for consultation snd I  may be able to help you.  The  and Confectionery  Moved from 1904 Commercial Prive lo 1000  Cor. of Commercial Prlve and Third Ave.  OFFICE hours:  9 to 12 1 to 6  Saturday evening,  7 to 9 or by appointment  ltiBMkK  Ottawa Building  Corner  Seymour I Hastings  none Sey. 532  GROCERIES  Tea 3J2 par lb., 3 lbs.   $1.00  Coffee 35c per lb. ,3 lbs. $1.00  Sugar, Rice, Cheese*  Canned Goods  G.W.GRFMMETT  Optometrist and  Eye Sight Specialist  Consultation Free.  MEATS-Hom ond Bacon  PLOUR-All best Brands  veaeTAM.es, pruits and nuts  bUTTER-lmperial  35c and 40c per pound.      ���������  eeas  30c and 35c per dozen.  BERRIES, In Season-Eor Table or Canning  SOPT DRINKS and IMPERIAL ICE CREAM  CONFECTIONERY���������Presh, large variety,  best quality  WOMAN'S BAKERY GOODS  Bread, Cake and Pastry  I  Phone Sey. 76391  R.GILL, Prop.  H


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