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The Western Call Aug 14, 1914

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 Subscribe for  The Western Call  Today  Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver and the Western People  AUG 1 7 2023  .See Advt.     \  on Back Page and  >k Act To-Day  ________ *      <_  tts *  ^ ijf.  VOLUME VI.  VANCOUVER, British ColAbia, AUGUST 14.1914  5 -GBg%yjgjOjfe^  No. 14  Fi^st Great Battle Begun===Armies Face to Face  Count Le\ Tolstoi's Vision���������Copies of Prophecy Sent to Kings and Emperors in 1910���������See Page 4  The Pitiful Side of War and Our Best Way of Help���������See Page 4  THE SITUATION  The interest of the week has centered almost  entirely on the fighting in and around, Liege.   #  The German flanking movement has been-absolutely halted. With the exception of some  scouting parties they are exactly where they were  a week ago, and many of their scouting parties  have been severely handled. At Herstal, a suburb" of Liege, on south side ,of .the Meuse, the  women and old men manhandled a party, of Uh-'  lans, receiving them with hot water ancLpistolsl  Herstal or Herbestal, is a little place of very ancient origin. Here the visitor is shewn the house  in which Charlemagne was born, nearly 1000 years  ago. It is only a very small country village, near  the Dutch frontier.  An absolute cloud of   darkness   covers the  movement of the British troops to the continent.,  How many���������what kind and under whose direct  command the troops have gone is unknown.    <  Where they have gone is also unknown, more  than that* they landed at Calais, Dunkirk and  Ostend* V  , ,'. With' Kitchener at the helm, the most efficient man on earth today, the. Empire feels that v  her land forces are assured of sound direction  and capable handling���������the British soldiers *Will ;  do the rest.    * ��������� ' ;���������, \'  As regards the fleet they are enveloped "in a ,  contplete cloud   of   darkness���������absolute   silence,  about them and all their movements has prevailed since they sailed with orders to destroy the  German fleet.   The incident of the sinking bf the, r  . Konigin Louise and blowing up of the Ampbion ,  are like lightning flashes but of dark and threat-  . ening cloud.  .-   'Will-the, German submarines lor, .the much,  ize the odds against them 4a, a question only time  vaunted air craft succeed in an attack, and equal-  can answer.  Meantime every day's delay is against Germany.   Jt has now become abundantly evident  " that Germany planned this awful outbreak and  , purposely let loose the dogs of war.  The German  leaders must,helieve that they are able to win  out, and this in itself must give every thonghtful  man a sense of anxiety, for the Germans have always been thought of as experts in the dread  game of war.   In fact, "Kriegs-spieJ" is the German game for men as whist is for the Britisher.  It is useless to deny the fact that Germany  occupies a stragetic position of great value and  I) great danger. She can hurl her armies against  either frontier with the least amount of transport,  and that organized to the very highest pitch. By*  means- of the Kiel canal she can play hide and  seek with the British fleet oyer a-vast area,_and -  [ threaten Russia, Sweden and Denmark.'  Moreover, she may be, able to make a sortie  and take one portion of the fleet and overwhelm  it with her concentrated numbers.. She can change  her front quickly, either on sea or land, and concentrate her forces with lightning rapidity. Last  of all her forces are under one -control, and that  a man of apparently desperate ambition.  On the other hand Germany may be attacked '  on many sid#es at once, and apparently all the  world is lining up against her.  That General Kitchener considers the position  serious is apparent from the call made for. men  and the measures taken in the old land.  If Germany succeeds the liberties of the world  lie prostrate at the Kaiser's feet, for he has a,  ruthless hand and is ably backed up. If the Kaiser is beaten the end we sadly fear is not yet, for  when revolution raises her bloody hand none of  us can tell where she may stop. The outlook is  not heartening.  THE MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN  Britain's.war establishment in Homeland is  now a million strong and all under arms.  Canada offers 100,000 men, gives 1,000,000  sacks of flour: Alberta 500,000 bushels of oats.  Montreal millionaire donates $500,000 cash for  defence. Toronto broker, Louis Gurofsky offers  to equip a regiment of his own countrymen- at  his own expense in order to show the loyalty of  the Hebrews and their appreciation of the liberties they enjoy under the British flag.  Blood Indians wish to go to the front.  South African Boers will defend the Empire to  the last cartridge.  Australia contributes a large contingent and  offers horses to Britain up to an unlimited quantity.   Maori Indians desire to raise a contingent.  Indian native princes wish to contribute entire  military forces.  , .Ireland���������Nationalist and Unionist wish to lay  entire armed forces at Kitchener's command and  desire to fight shoulder to shoulder. Militant  suffragettes notify all their forces to cease fighting whilst Empire is at war. This is no mean contribution. If only the Empire could mobilize them  in Berlin.  /���������������'  ''. J.   ''  ,  ... > .'  *' ' '.-  \  -  ������-     j- ,  HIGH ADMIRAL T. P. von TJRPJTZ  Builder of the German Fleet  The man who, passing through Vancouver some years ago said:  " Germany make war with England ?  Jt is unthinkable."  The man who, above all others has abetted the Kaiser in his wild  ambition'.  m  TAKE GERMAN FLAG; $1,000.  Paris  Manufacturer Offers Reward to  First  . Frenchman Who Wrests Away Colors  Paris.���������A substantial cash prize will go to  the French soldier who captures the first German  flag taken in the war.  Paul Charnier, a manufacturer of flags in Paris  today offered a reward of five thousand francs  ($1,000) to the Frenchman, no matter of what  rank, who wrests away from its bearer the first  Teutonic standard. He deposited the money in  cash with Le Matin, a daily newspeper.  Great enthusiasm was aroused by his offer.  FRANCE TO TAKE ALL AUT08  Only Those Owned by Tourists Will Not Re Seized  for Use in War  Paris.���������All automobiles must be delievered at  once when treasury notes will be given in payment. These notes are payable'at the end of the  war. The cost price is being paid for new cars  and the market price for used cars. The notes  carry no interest.    Machines owned by touring  foreigners are exempt from requisition as a favor  to the tourists although they are legally liable.  LATEST DESPATCHES  Victoria, Aug. 13.���������The British sloop of war  Shearwater, in convoy of- the cruiser Rainbow,  has arived here.  London, Aug. 13.���������State of war betwixt Austria-Hungary and Britain officially declared to  have existed since midnight on August 12.  London, Aug. 13.���������First great battle of the  war draws near.  The battle ."front will probably be between  Liege, Belgium, and Longwy, France, extending  over 200 miles.  Germany has moved army of the Moselle into  line, and strongly reinforced same. French. Belgian and British troops confront them although  in what disposition is unknown.  The struggle for the possession of the forts  around Liege has re-commenced and heavy artil  lery is rapidly being concentrated on this point.  From the reports arriving of active artillery and  cavalry engagements it may be that the big battle  has begun.  Paris, Aug. 13.���������The German cruisers Goeben  and Breslau, having taken refuge in Constantinople, the Turkish government has announced  that they will be immediately dismantled. Rumor has it that Germany has sold these boats to  Turkey. If true this would constitute a grave  breach of neutrality on Turkey's part, and would  not be tolerated.  London, Aug. 13.���������The Atlantic sea lanes are  now officially declared safe. This, taking place  within a week of the declaration of war, shows  the might, reach and strength of Britain's naval  arm.  (Continued from last column)  London.���������British war office information bureau says there is reason to believe that the German eruisers Goeben and Breslau have taken  refuge in the Dardanelles.  Complete silence as regards North Sea, Aus  tria, Servia and German-Russia frontier movements.  London.���������North Sea is again officially declared open to coastwise traffic.  Brussels.���������Holland may send ultimatum to  Germany.  Canada Svenska Kuriren  on Page 7  SUMMARY OF WAR NEWS  August 84���������Paris 1 p. m.���������Officially announced today that 20,000 British troops had  been landed at Dunkirk, Calais and. Ostend.  Tokio.���������Japanese fleet of five cruisers and ;  three battleships sailed southward today under   "  sealed orders.  Brussels.���������Renewed attack on Liege during a  terrific storm. The German troops met with another disastrous repulse.  120,000 German and 65,000 Belgian troops reported as engaged in today's fighting.  Copenhagen.���������German army of 40,000 men reported landed at   Helsingfors, Finland.     Sup-   '  posed to be aimed at St. Petersburg.  Lisbon.���������Official declaration made by Portugal in answer to Germany that she would place  herself unconditionally on the side of Great  Britain.  Paris.���������President Poincare confers Cross of  Legion of Honor on the "valiant city of Liege."  Rome.���������Italy will ::ot alter her decision to remain neutral. ,  Paris.���������Transports safely cross channel, land- -  'ing first British contingent of 20,000 men at  Calais, Dunkirk and Ostendo. .  Paris.���������French troops cross the line and cap-   ~  ture Altkirehenjn.AlBatia after severe fighting. '   '  o Brussels.���������All communication with Liege has.  been' interrupted since noon today.  Paris.���������Whilst the Germans have   occupied'  tbe city of Liege after severe fighting in the  streets all the forts are still intact in the bands of  the Belgians,    r..'.'   .   S>  It is reported that 50,000 civilians of Liege  have been throwing up entrenchments, behind  the forts against the line of German advance.  Berlin reports through Amsterdam tbat the  whole city is rejoicing over fall of Liege.  Rome, 9, 3:30 a. m. German and Austria  threaten Italy with invasion unless she forsake  her neutrality and join the Triple Alliance.  Vienna.���������Servia has declared war against  Germany. ,  Rome.���������Germany offers Spain territorial expansion in Morocco and elsewhere in return for  her co-operation in attack on Ffance. Spain  refuses.  London, 10 August.���������Admiralty    announces  that one of the cruiser fleets was attacked by  German submarines yesterday.   No damage done   .  to British ships.   German j3ubraarin^_U-15, carry- _  ing 12 men, sunk.  Paris, August 10, 5:50 a. m.���������Telegram to Figaro says reported agitation in Berlin against  Kaiser. Cries of "Down with Emperor," and  "Down with the Crown Prince," heard in Berlin.  Brussels.���������Situation at Liege remains unchanged. Belgians are reported to have destroyed all railway communications south' of  Liege, as far as the Belgian frontier, blowing up  every culvert, bridge and tunnel.  August 11.���������Fears entertained for safety of  Rainbow because of floating wreckage coming  ashore at San Francisco dissipated by news received of vessel.  Brussels.���������All forts around Liege are still intact. German scouts seen northeast and northwest of Liege, denoting a strong German advance  imminent.  Paris.���������French troops have! occupied Mul-  hausen, Alsatia, after severe engagements with  Germans, driving enemy across Rhine as far as  Neu Breisach, a strongly fortified town.  London.���������No news whatever from North Sea,  which is still closed to shipping by order of Admiralty.  Paris.���������Belgian, French and British troops are  now in touch to the northwest of Liege and north  of Namur.  August 12.���������All quiet at Liege with Germans  occupying town.   Belgians holding the forts.  Paris.���������French have evacuated Mulhausen in  face of largely reinforced German army. Aus-  trians have apparently made junction with Ger- ~  man forces north of Basle. French troops occupy  entrenched position on slope of Vosges mountains, and hold all the passes in their rear. Defeated in the northern flanking movement through  Belgium, it is probable that the southern flank will  be attacked in conjunction with Austrian army  corps. Fresh reinforcements are reaching Mulhausen from Belfort.  Paris.���������Evidences are accumulating that a  great frontal movement of the main German army  is now taking place, converging on a point in the  neighborhood of Arlon. Main line of German advance is through Luxemburg.  (Continued on 2nd Column)  "&  ^tt-  wee THE WESTERN CALL.  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Phone Fairmont 18S2  ^ts/zvc^  lor Results  outset; of hostilities between herself  and France, Germany is doing only  what military -.'experts have always  predicted she would do should war  break out. Press despatches emphasize the fact that in so doing Germany  is violating the neutrality of the  Duchy; Luxemburg was declared  neutral territory in 1867, and its integrity and , independence jointly  guaranteed by the Great Powers at  that time. No one has ever supposed,  however, that Germany would be  bound by' any such guarantee in the  event of war.  To understand the significance of  Germany's course of action it is necessary to know something about  that vexed territory the Franco-  German border, running from the  Swiss mountains on the south, to,  where the river Meuse enters Belgian territory,, and even beyond that,  where the Belgian fortresses of Namur and Liege guard the river, the  real stragetic boundary between the  two countries, although the political  boundary, established by the Treaty  of Frankfurt in 1871, runs some miles  to the eastward.  It is to be noted at this point that  Germany has no fortifications on her  side of the boundary. German military strategy has staked everything  upon the chance of an early and immediate success after the outbreak  of war. If they fail in that they have  no defensive line upon which to fall  back and the failure to achieve immediate success under such a policy  means defeat.  France, on the other hand; has  adopted no such policy. Following  the establishment of the new boundary between the two countries,- after  her defeat in 1870-71, France at once  set about the task of making the new  boundary between herself and her  conqueror "impregnable," or as  nearly so as the science of fortification could make it.  Modern fortification is not intended to protect a weaker power from  a stronger one permanently,' it is  meant only to delay an invading force  until - the nation which is acting on  the defensive 'can bring up her*  troops to compel the invader to employ three men for every man employed by the defender, in a word to  give the defensive force time in  which to act. Wars within recent  years, notably the Russo-Japanese  and Balkan wars, have demonstrated  the soundness of this theory. Port  Arthur and the Tchatalja lines showed the effectiveness of the modern  fortress against even the strongest  besieging forces.  With this object in mind France  set about the creation of her "great  series of ring fortresses. A glance at  map No. 1 will show their location.  Beginning just above the 'Swiss  Alps France built the first of this  series of- great - forts - at - Belfort.  North of Belfort comes a stretch of  mountainous country, the Vosges  so difficult of access and transit as  to form a natural barricade needing  little or no artificial strengthening.'  Just behind the Vosges country lies  the second ring fortress, Epinal.  Then comes Toul, then Verdun in  the Meuse river and just above Verdun the Meuse enters Belgian territory.  the south it is safe to assume���������an  assumption borne out furthermore'  by the seizure of the Luxemburg  railway���������that Germany will turn  her attention to the north end of the  French line.  As we have Seen, France and Belgium have not been under any illusions as to the likelihood of Germany's respecting Belgium neutrality, hence Namur and Liege./ The  German attack would have to be  made along the line of the lower  Meuse river. The Germans cannot  cross the Meuse lower down than  Liege and march through Belgium,  neglecting Liege, because if they  did so their line of communication,  the breaking of which means defeat  to any army, would run between  Liege and Antwerp with strong garrisons and with a third, fortress. Namur, a little further on the line of  advance. Antwerp and Liege lie far  apart but the former is indefinitely  suppliable by sea and, so long as  Germany does not control the sea,  can be made the base for an ever  increasing force. Similarly a German force cannot cross between Namur and Liege for the same reason,  the necessity of protecting its. line  of communication. Nor it is likely  that the Germans can attack Namur  before Liege since Liege , stands  nearer the German frontier than  does Namur. Between Namur and  Verdun there is a long gap, but the  frontier here, the Ardennes, as in  the case of the Vosges, is mountainous, ill-provisioned, preciptious and  thickly wooded. Military critics do  not believe that the Ardennes march  could be undertaken till Liege, the  most norteherly stronghold in the  French system, had been reduced.  It is not so inaccurate as it sounds  to speak of Liege as an integral part  of the French "fortification scheme.  It lies in Belgian territory, but it is,  none the less, as much a part of the  France's plan for the fortifctation  of her eastern frontier as is any  other of the great ring fortresses.  It, together with' Namur is garrisoned by Belgian troops in times ��������� of  peace, a source of weakness owing*  to scarcity of numbers and dissimilarity of training.  Presuming, therefore, that German -troops cross the frontier with  Liege as their objective point, for  reasons which we have seen, what  is likely to follow?  If one may judge by the war history of the past ten years, a long  and bloody siege, for Liege is one of  the best examples in Europe of the  ring fortresses.  The ideal ring fortress would be  a town capable of ample provisioning and lying within an exact circle  of heights of anl average of some  8,000 yards distance, each height  some 4,000 yards from the next, each  crowned with a self-contained closed work and each such work within support of at least two others.  Skill and the natural conformation  of the ground have combined to  make almost these ideal conditions  around Liege. Map No. 2 gives a  plan of the fortifications of the  place:  The great strength of Liege is  seen by a glance at the above map,  If Every Person Strictly Observed  These Simple Rules, the Great Annual Loss by Forest Fires Would  be Reduced to a Minimum.  1. Be sure your match is out before you throw it away.  2. Knock out your pipe ashes or  throw your cigar or cigarette stump  where there is nothing to catch fire.  3. Don't. build a camp fire any  larger than is absolutely necessary.  Never leave it, even for a short time,  without putting it OUT with water  or earth.  4. Don't build a camp fire against  a tree or a log. Build a small one  where you can scrape away the needles, leaves or grass from all sides of  it.  5. Don't build bonfires. The wind  may rise at any time and start a fire  which you cannot control.  6. If you discover a fire, put it out  if possible; if you can't, inform the  nearest Forest Ranger or Fire Warden as quickly as yo'u possibly can.  jThe main avenue  of approach  from  Were   Germany  in  the    habit    of!Germany  lies  between   Forts   1  and  Our Clients get  Results from  Our  Experience  Closed at 1:00 O'clock u Saturdays  Specially insured against burglary  and hold-ups.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Dow, Fraser Trust Co.  317-321 Cambie Street  2313 Main Street  Between 7th and 8th Avea.  McKay Station, Burnaby  respecting  treaties  it   would  be  un- 2, and is entirely dominated by them,  necessary for France to consider for-  Forts 9 and 10 and 3 and 4 similarly  tification   above   this   point,   but   nol_ie above the Meuse    at  one  has  ever  supposed  that,  in  the  event   of   war,   Germany   would   re  spect any declaration of neutrality  made by Belgium or for Belgium by  any one power. Therefore, the  continued fortification of the Meuse  in Belgium territory is of cardinal  importance to France. This fortification is ensured by the existence  of two great Belgium: strongholds,  one at Namur and the other at  Liege. .  Now, this series of obstacles  makes it altogether., probable that  Germany, instead of trying to pierce  through the centre of the frontier as  she did in 1870 will attempt to turn  the flank, or get around* the end, of  the line of forts. Where will she do  this?  To attfcmpt to turn the French  line to the south would mean the  marching of great bodies of troops  through exceedingly difficult country. Supposing even that Switzerland consented to the violation of  her territory by Germany, the country to the south of the French line  is a mass of mountains, intersected  by few roads where a small force of.  defenders would have all the advantage and where* .'the difficulties of  debouching into open country after  crossing the mountains would be  very great in the face of an opposing army.  >ts entry  into Liege and its exit, Fort No. 4  occupies a pinnacle whence even  No. 2 could be supported and sweeping the high ground in front of 3  and 5. Nos. 9 and 10 dominate the  valleys on their respective sides.  On the north the whole half circle  of forts lie on crests overlooking  gradually falling ground. There is  not a yard of ground around any of  the forts which cannot be swept by  a supporting fire from one or more  adjoining forts and there is no "key  fort" the carrying of which would  mean the domination of the yfhole  situation.  To sum up: it seems inevitable  that Liege and the lower Meuse will  be the objective point of the earlier.  German attacks, that the idea of  "rushing" Liege must be abandoned  and-that the stronghold must; be  reduced by a regular siege before  a general German advance into Belgium is safe and that to bring about  this reduction. of the city a large  force will have to be employed for  some time. For Germany to attempt  to invade France through the centre of her line of fortifications would  mean a delay sufficient to enable  France to concentrate her troops  and, what is more would give Russia the time needful to throw an  enormous mass of soldiers across  Germany's  western   frontier:  Natural con ditions have this sum:  mer been more favofable to forest  fires in Older British Columbia, the  district south of the railway belt, than  in any other previous summer in ten  years. There have been eight weeks  of drought, during which hot days,  hot nights and high winds have dried  timber and vegetation, fanned sparks  and carried flames beyondS control  in an instant.    '  The great danger has' fortunately  been apparent to everyone. Land  clearing operations, campers, construction works, railroads have been  kept under careful watch by private  citizens, timber owners and forest  guards. During June more fires were  extinguished by forest officers in dangerous' districts than had occurred all  last summer. In July' as conditions  grew worse the patrol staff was increased. Towards the end of "July,  as the whole country became extremely inflammable,' awaiting only a  spark, special warning was sent forest officers to see that all fires were  immediately extinguished and dangerous operations' suspended.-  The precautions taken were well  justified., Many fires escaped control  and were only, by the wholesale employment of men, by loggers, railroad companies and the Forest  Branch, kept from doing serious'damage. Fires have gained a flying start  on the slash resulting from the past  few years logging. For two .weeks  over 3000 men and, on three occasions, special trains have been employed restricting' fires to logged  over areas. The efforts have been  successful except in two instances.  The worst fire loss has been at Bull  river, where two fires starting from  logging camps, swept simultaneously  through slash, surrounded 500 fire  fighters with great loss of timber,  and it is "feared loss of life. "Another  fire starting from railroad construction, destroyed valuable timber in the  Similkameen valley. Many fires in  slashings are still unextinguished. A  continuance of dry weather will result in further loss of timber in spite  of the efforts of the Forest Branch.  The prevention of forest fires is  every citizens' duty. Everyone is  urged to be careful with fire in or near  woods until the dry summer season  has passed. An announcement of the  destruction will be issued in a few  weeks.  H. R. McMullan,  Chief Forester.  ST. SAVIOUR'S CHURCH.  (Anglican.)  Corner of First Avenue East and'  Semlin Drive, Grandview.  Rev.   Harold   St.   G������?orge   Buttrum,  B.'.A.'-B. D, Rector.  Residence, the Rectory, 2023 First  Avenue East.  SUNDAY SERVICES ���������Morning  prayer and Holy Communion the first  and third Sundays of the month at 11  a, m.; morning prayer every Sunday  at 11 a. m.; Holy Communion.2nd and  prayer every Sunday at 7:30 pi m;  All heartily welcome.  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Marin La Meslee, an 'instructor in the University  of Chicago faculty and a former  French soldier. Mr. La Meslee, who  was formerly an instructor at West  Point, holds that the peasants of the  German lands are being involved unwillingly in war on France and Belgium, because their martial leaders  have decided to- strike these nations  to obtain their choice colonial possessions.  "Germany is a pacific nation," he  said. The people of the country are  inclined for peace. The Germans as  a whole are as peaceful as the French.  Seek World-Wide Domination  "There is a war "party in Germany  which desires domination���������universal  domination. This party wants to  dominate Europe first, and then all  foreign affairs.  "The desire for France or the  French colonies is in keeping with  this idea. The war party in Germany  is using the whole of the army to  force domination. Belgium is being  attacked to obtain the Belgian Congo.  "The farmers and small tradesmen  of Germany do not want to leave their  homes to fight.'. But a sweeping wave  of sentiment has been created by the  activities of the war party, and the  peaceful peasants have been carried  away on the wave."  Prof. La Meslee- is a citizen of  France. He recently came, to the  United States from a trip through  western Europe. His father was shot  by Prussians in the war of 1870.  Predicts War with Swiss.  Prof. Albert Schintz of Smith college, who is giving a summer course  at the Uiiiversity of Chicago, predicted that Germany would soon be  involved in a war with the Swiss, if  accounts of violation of neutrality on  the Swiss frontier are true. The professor, who is a native of Switzerland, said the Swiss are exasperated  because of aggressive acts by the Germans in building fortifications to  command the frontier and exacting  concessions in the renewal of a  twenty-five-year charter for'the Itaio-  Swiss-German international railroad  line.  Will Make No Alliances  "If reports are  true that Germ.ins  staht increase in the destruction by  insects. It has also been stated that,  if all bird life were destroyed, seven  years would see the end of venation in Canada. This has been *l>e  reason for an active campaign for tbe  protection of birds. The united  States Congress has passed an act  for the protection of migratory birds,  and interested parties are bringing  the matter before the attention of  the Canadian government.  Apart, altogether from the practical-view of bird life, there is the sentimental side. What would' Canada  be like without our feathered friends?  If we could no longer look forward to  the arrival of the first spring robin,  or of the wren, of the wild canary,  something would be missing iroin  our lives which we could not replace  This is a subject which should engage the attention of school beards  and teachers. The pupils, should be  taught to protect our feathered frit-nds  and their nests. The Boy Scout movement has taken up the protection of  bird life and in their hands trood work  is being done. ,;  CEDAR COTTAGE PRESBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill, Pastor.  Sabbath School and Bible Classes  at 2.30 p.m.  Prayer meeting at 8 p.jn. on Wednesday.  Young People's meeting at 8 p.m. on  Monday night.  ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH "*      " '  Cor.  Broadway and Prince Edward Sv  Services���������Morning- Prayer at 11 e-m.  Sunday School and Bible clasa at 3:tc  p.m.  Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 ���������.to.  Evening; Prayer at 7:30 p.m.  and lat and Srd. Sundays at 11 a.m.'  Rev. Q. H. Wilson, Rector  CUT OVER TIMBER  AREAS UNPROTECTED  The Young Growth Should be Cared  for in the Interests of the Future  ���������Revenues Will Suffer.  Thousands of square miles of non-  agricultural   lands  in   Eastern   Canada, suitable only for timber production, have been so completely devastated by repeated fires that the forest  growth  has  been utterly destroyed.  Almost   everywhere,   the   efforts   at  forest  fire  protection    are    concentrated upon  the remaining areas of  merchantable  timber,  while the cut-  over lands are, for the most part, neglected.    As a natural result, the future  forest  revenues  of  the  several  provinces   are   seriously    jeoparized,  since it is inevitable that the financial returns from the cutting of virgin  timber must' decrease    through    the  gradual exhaustion of these supplies,  leaving the balance to be secured from  operations  on  lands  previously  cut  over.   Not only will there be loss in  prospective stumpage  dues    but    in  ground  rent  also.    Lumbermen  are  not so devoid of business judgment  as to continue paying ground  rent,  after the removal of the virgin crop,  upon lands so completely .ruined by  fire that there is ho young growth  left to assure a future profit through  retention, of the limits.    As a matter  of fact, the    tendency    toward    the  abandonment of cut over timber limits' is almost universal in some sections and will certainly continue and  increase unless fires are kept out.  Repeated forest fires not only destroy the young growth, but the seed  trees as well, thus preventing the reproduction of the more valuable  species. Soil fertility is decreased  through the destruction of the humus,  Special Night Rates  Over Our Long Distance Lines  IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  Between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.  Three times the regular  day  period for the regular day rate.  Make appointments any time  during the day.  For   further   particulars   call  LONG DISTANCE.  BRITISH COLUMBIA TELEPHONE  Company, Limited  HOW CANYOii  M SO EASILY?  <���������"  and  erosion  is  frequently  so  exten-  have occupied the  city of B^sle. or sive  that  the  bare rock is exposed  even forcibly taken the railroad station, the Swiss will have to tight."  Prof. Schintz said that the Swiss  would make no alliances in their war  with Germany. He declared the  Swiss army is much more able to n.i ke  a determined stand against German  aggression than the Belgians.  _ "The Swiss have never made a formal alliance with another, country,"  said Mr. Schintz, "and: they will not  do" so now. But they will throw put  the Germans."  We deliver and hang  all Shades complete in place  Telephone Sey. 843  F. W. BOWES & Co.  MANUFACTURERS   OF  Window Shades, Brass Curtain Rods and Fittings  Measurements taken and  Estimates given.  All Colors and Sizes made  to Order.  ������  1257 Granville St.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  y.***********^z**********^  't  1 ���������__  NATIONAL CULTURE AND REFINEMENT  Can we measure the value of example ln bettering the social, moral  and mental condition of home, civic or national life?  A living example is a powerful factor in leading up to culture and  refinement as a national asset. What more so than that of an artistically made home nestling among beautiful flowering plants; roses,  flowering and evergreen shrubbery; shade trees, all encompassed with  hedges of holly, laurel or privet.  Cultivate a habit to spend your time to make such a home, and  visit our Greenhouses and Nurseries; see our. stock, and get expert advice froni our capable and courteous employees, which will greatly aid  you in your effort. Our-stock was never better, larger or of greater  variety, in our stock of over 1100,000 we have everything that culture  and refinement demands to make a home a credit to the owners and  pleasing and interesting to the community.  Catalogues mailed free on application. ��������� .  ���������  Royal Nurseries, Limited  Office���������710  Dominion. Blftg*., 207 Halting- St. .W.  Phone Seymour 5556. ...'..*'.  v STORE���������2410 Oranrille St.    Phone Bayviaw .926.  Greenhouses   and  Nurseries "at  Royal   on  B.   C.  Electric  Railway,    .j.  Eburne Line, about two miles south of the City limits. ���������      *  Phone���������Ebnrn* 43.  V  %  %  ...  f  *  *  iMf  Such areas become deserts, for all  practical purposes, instead of constituting, as they might and should,  permanent sources of raw material  for industry and of revenue for the  provinces.  X.A1TJ} ACT  %  *$***************<~&***^  'In any discussion of the protection of bird life in Canada, considerable opposition has always been  manifested by the agricultural interests. It is claimed that birds are responsible for great damage to maturing fruits, berries, tomatoes, etc.,  and, earlier in the season, to the seed  planted in the ground. This is true  to a certain .extent. But, as in the  study of any subject, there are two  sides to the bird protection question.  The damage to the fruit is visible to  the eye of the grower, and he consequently waxes wroth.  The other side of the subject is one  with which the agriculturist is less  familiar. Could the birds place their  daily food before those hostile to j  them, it would .readily be seen to  what extent they serve the interests  of those who are dependent upon the  products of the soil.  An analysis of the contents of the  stomachs 'of thousands of birds has  shown that 90 per cent, of the food  consisted of insects and 10 per cent,  of vegetable matter.' Upwards of 5,-  000 insects have been found in the  stomach of one..bird. It has been  estimated that the destruction by insects in Canada amounts to approximately fifty million dollars annually.  Last year the' tent caterpillar was  very prevalent; this year the army  worm has made its appearance and is  causing great loss to the farmers'in  certain sections.. It is known that,  with the decrease in the number of  birds   which annually   reach   Canada  Vancouver    fcanA   District���������District of  Coast   Itance 3.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Agnes L.  Clark, of Vancouver, B. C, Housewife,  intend to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted ten  feet above high water mark on Schooner  Passage opposite Branham Island;  thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains  north; thence about 80 chains west to  shore line; thence southerly along shoreline to point of commencement, containing 540 acres, more or less.  Agnes L. Clark,  '      Rice O. Clark, Agent.  Dated June 23rd,  1914.  them luminous, andtheysbow the  time clearly in the dark. It is a  day and NIGHT watch, in fact  the darker the night the brighter  tbe hands and figures. With this  watch hung up in your bedroom  yon can tee the time any part or  tbe night,   It U a speciality for  w~'w.5!in the spring, there has been a .~on-  tbose who prefer a watch different to any other. Masters' Ka  dlant witch is a genuine rime-  keeper, fully warranted, and fitted with their famous Veracity  lever morement and Solid Silver  Cases, price SO/-(i2 dolbrs),frec  to any part of the world, or on  our special foreign terms, half-  cash, 26/- with order and 26/- on  delivery. Order one of these won-  derfulM/-KadiantWatches now.  Solid GoM Demi-Huniing QJaicii.  Another bargain Is Masters Solid Gold  Demi-Hunting Watch, a splendid production, price only 90/-, or 48 - with  order, and 48/- on delivery.    Social  attention is giren to foreign orders.  Wttupplj Wotchu, Ritigt, Jtwtlltrr, Cut-  Itrj, PIaII, Oromcphtnit, Been, Clothing,  8Tt.   CATAIOGUI -will tl tint fret and  t*it paid tt any atli-titi in thl -uxrU.  Ctld Radiant Wnthu. ������j toi. Sfdio lot  MASTERS. Ltd., RYE, Eng.  C.O.D.  If the CJash-on-Delivery System is in use in your country, then  you need only send 10 \ for either watch you select and pay  balance when you receive the Watcb-   Misters. Ltd., Rjl, ElgllBd  JVlASTERS'  LTD.  ILLUSTRATED  CATALOGUE  may be seen at  203    KINGSWAY  any day  between 8 a.m.  and 5 p. m.  Saturday till 12  noon.  Orders left with  V. Odium THE WESTERN CALL  Friday. August 14. 1914  THE WESTERN CALL  PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY  BY THE  TERMINAL CITY PRESS, LTD.  HEAD OFFICE:  203 Kingsway, Vancouver  Telephone Fairmont 1140  Subscription:  One Dollar a Year In Advance  $1.BO. Outside Canada  If you do not get "CALL" regularly  it is probably because your subscription  is long overdue. Renew at once. If paid  up, phone or write complaint today.  GERMAN STRATEGY  Military expert writing in the Chicago Tribune  suggests that the German advance on French and  Belgian frontiers is only a point and that Kaiser  Wilhelm's real point of attack is St. Petersburg.  Having already defeated and bottled up the Russian fleet Germany has now complete mastery of  the Baltic. The Kattegat and narrow passages  leading to the Baltic will all have been heavily  mined so that Britain's fleet will not dare attempt the entry for a while at least. Meantime  the Kaiser's grande trmee will take St. Petersburg under shelter of the guns from Admiral Von  Tirpitz's fleet. Then having brought,Russia to  terms will turn swiftly into t������e North Sea and engage the British fleet. If successful it will put  German commerce back upon the seven seas, and  and the German army will then gradually wear  out France and Britain.  This article is backed up bV another on the  German control of the air by a scribe under nom  de plume of Espionage, from which we give the  following extracts:  Whatever the final outcome of the war, this is  certain:  Germany is going to surprise the world by her  mastery of the air.  For Germany and not France ranks first in  war ���������aviation. The ponderous dirigible, not the  fleet aeroplane, is the most destructive machine  that soars.  Jteady to Mtack London.  Germany stands ready to assail Paris, Warsaw, and even London by an attack from the air,  and the odds are against the defenders.  While. Frenchmen have been capturing the  prizes in aerial contests, Germany has been far  from idle. After experiments with every kind of  engine that soars the air she has abandoned the  newer, heavier than air creations for the dirigible  of ancient origin. This she Has made tbe deadliest  machine that flies.  J have worked as an itinerant mechanic on the  military air craft of every.nation of Europe.  Germany and France represent two distinct  and different types in the air fighting. France  stakes her all on the aeroplane. The Gnome motor is her foundation. Germans cannot duplicate  4t. The-Russian air: corps are ajraere shadow of _  the French system. Austria patterns her weak air  corps after Germany. England's system is a composite between the two without the perfection of*  either.  The dirigible is a fighting machine���������& dreadnought of the air.   And the aeroplane is a scout '  cruiser, and little else.  Why Dirigible Surpaisei -  Here, in brief, is why the dirigible surpasses  the aeroplane as a fighting machine:  It carries a crew of from ten to twenty-five  men to take observations and direct operations.  Can carry as much as twenty-five tons of  nitro-glycerine cartridges���������sufficient to demolish  Chicago.  Can hover over a city during night time in silence, and while slower, can outmanoeuver an  aeroplane, inasmuch as it can hold a stationary  position, while an aeroplane must keep moving.  Carries rapid fire guns which can be aimed  with deadly accuracy. '  An aeroplane carries four men at best. It cannot carry effective pieces or ordnance and cannot  drop bombs with any accuracy.  It can be heard and located by sound a mile  distant, while a dirigible painted sky color with  motors and lights shut off can neither be heard  nor seen at night at a distance of 700 feet.  This is all very well. Doubtless the "expert"  is at heart a German sympathizer, and the wish  may be father to the thought, but both "Military  Expert" and "Espionage" are confronted intheir  theories by facts that have already transpired.  1st.���������Germany has hurled 3 army corps  against the forts at Liege, and been repulsed 4  times with terrible slaughter.  2nd.���������Germany threatened Liege with one of  her terrible Zeppelins manned^ by 25 men, and  saw it destroyed by Garros, who rammed it with  his aeroplane.  3rd.���������Germany's commerce on the sea is-already on a fair way to destruction, and all her  .��������� colonies to  appropriation either by Britain or.  France.  It may be a fact that Germany has beaten and  perhaps destroyed the Russian 'fleet, land she  may already have landed, not 40,000 but 400.000  troops at Helsingfors on their way to St. Petersburg. If so ��������� it is only one more very definite  proof that Kaiser Wilhelm and his staff have gone  mad.  TOLSTOI'S VISION  We publish today the "Prophecy and last  message of Tolstoi," said to have been seen by  him in a vision and spoken as in a trance to his  grand niece, Countess Nastasia Tolstoi, and by  her communicated first to' Kiig Edward, Kaiser  Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas, and now given by her  to the world: r  "This is a revelation of events of a universal  character, which must shortly come to pass. Their  spiritual outlines are now before my eyes. I see  floating upon the surface of the sea of human  fate the huge silhouette of a nude woman. She  is���������with her beauty, her poise, her smile, her  jewels���������a super-Venus. Nations rush madly after  her, each of them eager to attract her especiallly.  But she, like an eternal courtesan, flirts with all.  In her hair ornament of diamonds and rubies, is  engraved her name:'"'Commercialism.' As alluring and bewitching as she seems, mueh destruction  and agony follow in her wake; Her breath, reeking of sordid transactions, her voice of metallic  character like gold, and her look of greed are so  much poison to the nations who fall victims to her  charms. '��������������������������� VV,:V/"?;- .-  "And behold, she has three gigantic arm3 with  three torches of universal corruption in her hand.  The first torch represents the flame Of war, that  the beautiful courtesan carries from city to  city and country to country. Patriotism answers  with flashes of honest flame, but the end is the  roar of guns and musketry.  "The second torch bears the flame of bigotry  and hypocrisy. It lights the lamps only in temp- t  les ancl on the altars of sacred institutions. It  carries the seed of falsity and_ fanaticism. ' It  kindles the minds that are still in cradles and follows them to their graves.  "The third torch is that of the law, that dangerous foundation of all unauthentic traditions,  which first does its fatal work in the family, then  sweeps through the larger worlds of literature,  art and statesmanship.  "The great conflagration will start "about  1912, set by the tiorch of the first arm in the countries of Southeastern Europe. It will develop  into a destructive calamity in 1913: In that year  I see Europe in flames and bleeding. I hear  the lamentations of huge battlefields. But about  the year 1915 a strange figure from the* North���������a  neV Napoleon���������enters the stage of the bloody  drama. He is a man of little militaristic training,  a writer or a journalist, but in his grip more of  Europe will remain, till 1925.. The end of the  great calamity will mark a ������ew political era for  the Old World. There will be left no empires and  kingdoms, but the world will form a federation  of the United States of Nations. There will remain only four great giants���������the Anglo-Saxons,  the Latins, the Slavs and the Mongolians.  "After the year 1925 I see a great'change in  religious sentiments. The second torch of the  courtesan has brought about the fall of the  church. The ethical idea has almost vanishe$.  Humanity is without the moral feeling. But,  then, a great reformer arises. He will dear tlie  world of tbe relics of monotheism and lay the  cornerstone of the temple of pantheism. God,  soul spirit, and immortality will be molten in a  new furnace, and I see the peaceful beginning of  an ethical era. The man determined to this mission is a Mongolian-Slav. He is already walking  the earth���������a man of active affairs. He. himself  does not now realize the mission assigned to him  by a superior power.  "And behold the flame "of the third torch  which has already begun to destroy, our family relation between woman and man is accepted as  a prosaic partnership of the sexes. Art has become realistic degeneracy. Political and religious N  distrubances have shaken the spiritual foundations of all nations. Only small spots here and  there have' remained untouched by those three  destructive flames. The anti-national-wars in .  Europe, the class war of America, and tlie race  wars in Asia have strangled progress for half a  century. But then, in the middle of this century,  I see a hero of literature and art rising from the  ranks of the Latins and purging the world of the  tedious stuff of the obvious. It is light of sym-.  holism that shall outshine the light of the polygamy of today, there will come a poetogamy���������  a, relation <5f the sexes based fundamentally upon  poetic conceptions of life.  "And I see the nations growing wiser, and realizing that the alluring woman of their destinies  is after all nothing but an illusion. There will be  a time when the world will have no use for armies,  hypocritical religions and degenerate art. Life is  evolution, and evolution is development from the  simple to the more complicated forms of the mind  and the body. I see the passing show of the  world drama in its present form, how it fades ,  like the glow of evening upon the mountains.  One motion of the hand of commercialism and a  new history begins."  INTERNATIONAL DRY  FARMING CONGRESS  The Ninth International Dry Farming Congress convenes at Wichita, Kansas, October 12-15,  and at the same time the International Soil Products Exposition and the Wichita Fair and Exposition, October 7-17, will be held.  It will be a place of abounding interest and  profit to those who are interested in the semi-  arid farming question. ���������  CONNAUGHT APARTMENTS  Corner Eighth avenue and Guelph street. Suites  in this modern fireproof building to let at moderate rent. Phone Fairmont 1716.  Snider & Brethour, the contractors for the  new immigration shed, are "Native Sons" of our  province, the mother of the Snider Bros, also having been born in Victoria. This firm has erected  in Victoria and Vancouver probably the largest  number of buildings of any contracting firm in  the country.  VANCOUVER EXPOSITION  HOTEL MEN OFFER BIG  PRIZES FOR BETTER ANIMALS  Additional Money for Vancouver Exhibition  Vancouver's hotel men presented the Vancouver Exhibition Association with the sum of  $200 to be used as prizes, and this money will be  awarded to the best milk producer, to the team  over 1,400 pounds, and the best team under 1,400  pounds.   .The prize list now exceeds $60,000.  The Vancouver Licensed Hotelkeepers Association put up the money, and like good business  men they enclosed their perfectly good cheque  for the amount.  They decided that they would offer a First  prize of $50 to the owner of that cow which produced, the best milk at the Exhibition grounds  during Fair week. The remainder of the inoney  was divided between two classes of agricultural  horses.  These horses must be owned by bona fide  farmers. Several substantial prizes have already  been put up for competition in other classes. /The  best agricultural team of over 1,400 pounds will  be awarded a prize of $100, and the prize for the  best agricultural team under 1,400 pounds will be  .given a $50 prize.  The time for making entries expires August  . 20, and judging by present indications more entries than ever before made will be received this  year. Every department of the Fair, and they  are numerous indeed, shows an average improvement of one hundred per cent. Thev Fair "will be  held in spite of the war, and only a German invasion' of Vancouver during the Fair rweek could  stop it.   But this idea is preposterous.T  PATRIOTIC OFFER  Amongst other evidences of the patriotic  spirit in Vancouver the following should be mentioned:     i  H. H. Stevens, Vancouver:���������  "Offer to Government free   use   Vancouver,  Arena for military and storage purposes during  war period." -  Frank A. Patrick, Victoria.  Vancouver will, should the war attain world  wide proportions, undoubtedly become a great  military depot. Indeed, the sooner that.25,000  troops are concentrated at this stragetic point to  guard the great main lines terminating here, the  better for Canada.  WAR'S PITIFUL SIDE  August 12.���������Four guns, 2 of heavy calibre,  and 2 lighter, arrived in Vancouver today, and  are being mounted in selected points for defense  of harbor.  Our three regiments are now mobilized and  in quarters at Arena, Armory and Exhibition  grounds. The Naval Reserve is also on war footing and the B. C. Horse is completing its ranks  and equipment.  From every quarter of Canada comes the story  of intense and patriotic activity, and Canada will  undoubtedly do her share in the defense of the  Empire and that right quickly.  Most of the volunteers are assured of their  positions being retained for them, and employers  are granting mostly half pay.during absence, and  in many instances full pay.  WAR'S PITIFUL SIDE  There is, however* a pitiful side to war that we  must not forget in the midst of the enthusiasm of  getting ready. \  Many���������-very many���������bread winners will be  taken away, and mothers, young and aged, left  with scant support  Yesterday whilst on a car the Seaforths  marched past with pipes and drum, admired of  all on board. But one young mother with her  babe at breast burst into tears, evidently the  father was in line.  A movement has been started whereby every  wage earner that remains at home can help defend his country, and that is by contributing from  10 cents to 50 cents, according to conditions, viz.:  Suggested assessments:���������  Single persons  50 cts. per week  Married persons .."... 25 cts. per week  Juniors '.. 10 cts. j>er week  Heads of departments what they can afford  Sure it is that every Briton, male and female  ���������must buckle to if the Empire is to continue.  We are entering a time of stress that calls for  disciplne and self sacrifice beyond anything this  generation has known.  MEN WANTED  Men and women wanted in all localities who  are "willing to work a few hours in spare time  showing samples to their friends and neighbors.  Position will pay $15 weekly. Sample case with  samples furnished free. The Consumers' Association, Windsor, Ont.  ^^M������^MSi0M0MW:^M^^^^^i-^  Get It  it  Stanley's  Watch 0������r Windows  for Bargains  Open Saturday Evenings  STANLY & CO.  2*17 Main Street  Phone Pair. 998  Heeler's Nursery  Corner 15th & Main St.  Carries a full stock of  *  Flowers  Potted and Gut  ns  FOR  Funerals  Weddings  Social Functions  ,���������    AND      .      l! '  Public Events  Phone Fairmont 817  CHARLES KEELER  Stocks  Investor's Bulletin  "   A hand-book for sucossgfol  investors and speculators, free  on request.     Write for your  Soarfa, Miaca  ������>Py todm'.  DONALD M. MacGK66l  Hbr. Vancouver and Seattle  'Stock Exchange.  Wlack teHtfiaf        Pfcoae Seym������r S46  Cattea  trala Local  THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS  Bananas (fancy) 20c doz.  Oranges (Sunkist)   16 for 25c  Tomatoes (fancy) 10c lb.  MANY OTHER BARGAINS  Follow the crowd and save money.  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Cochrane"* elliott  657 15th Avenue and Kingsway  PHONE YOUR ORDERS FAIRMONT 761 CK'i '!���������  //*-::  Friday, August 14. 1914  THE WESTERN GALL.  6  %  Pease Pacific Foundry Limited  HEATING AND VENTILATING ENGINEERS  MANUFACTURERS  ������������������ Steam Heaters and Ventilators for Public Buildings  I  (i ���������_}        ��������� ��������� Steam Heaters and Ventilators for Public Buil  r*������TflIIfllTIV       Warm Air Furnaces ��������� Combination Furnaces  ,    >UVVUVU1J        gteam Md ^t Water uoae^ RegTstera  M Iff am! " Steam and Hot Water Boilers  111 Veil       Radiators, Pipe and Fittings  1116 Homer St.      Vancouver, B.C.     Tel. Sey. 3230  ><|ll}4lfrlfr4ft4{l4ft4fr4frlfr4}44fr4_l4frlfr4}44{������|M|w}4^M$������}M$M$^������^  j|''M''4fr'i''i''4'4'fr'4l)>'i44{'4}W8'4}Mfr4^  JOS. H. BOWMAN  ARCHITECT  910-11 Yorkshire Building  Seymour Street Vancouver, B. C.  4fr.frlfr.������.lfr._..fr.fr.fr.fr._..},.*j������^.4ft.fr4t4.^..I.^  ****\******************** W*************************  South Shore Lumber Co.  LIMITED  Lumber flanufacturers  1 Front St., Foot of Ontario St.  PHONE Fairmont 154        VANCOUVER, B. C.  ^****************A******** +*^^������^^^~H^-H^W^^H^^^M������  *****&*******************  *******,  DOMINION WOOD YARD CO.  Cor. Front and Ontario Sts.      Phone Fairmont 1554 %  ,J___Wl_____MW_M_.______M_._W___.___._._._.W-^__._-_������_-_W.^.-_-_-M_.^p.lW.^_Pf.^P  , All Kinds of Mill Wood  Stored Under Cover  Robert Burns' Lament  On the Occasion of the Departure of the Troops  During the Last Great World War v  A,   4.  + ',      '  Gae bring to me a pint o' wine  And fill it in a silver tassie,  That I may drink before I go  A service to my bonnie lassie.  The boat rocks at the pier o' Leith,  Fa' loud the wind blows frae the ferry.  The ship rides by the Berwick Law,  And I maun leave my bonnie Mary.  Gae bring to me a pint o' wine,  And fill it in a silver tassie,  That I may drink before I go  A service to my bonnie lassie.  The trumpets sound, the harness fly,  The glittering spears are ranked and ready;  The shouts of war are heard afar,  The battle closes deep and bloody 1  It's not the roar o' sea or shore  Wad mak' me langer wish to tarry,  Nor shouts o' war that's heard'afar,  It's leaving thee, my bonnie Mary.  Gae bring to me a pint o' wine  And fill it in a silver tassie,  That I may drink before I go,  A service to my bonnie lassie.  The three Vancouver regiments have volunteered en bloc to go to the front  So have 100,000 other Canadians, There will be many a lad sing Burns* Lament  before these evil days are over.  ***************������i>*************w  ���������{.���������i..i..t..t..|..|..|..g..t"t"i"t"i"i"i-i-i"t"t"t"t"t'������i������"i' <������t"t"H"t-i"tMHi.i..n������i..i..i..i������t"i"i-i--i"H"t"g"|>  SNAP FOR CASH  OR ON TERNS  Four Good Lots at  White Rock, B. C.  APPLY TO OWNER, WESTERN CALL  203 KINGSWAY  4lIMt..rltMlM|l.(M|ll|Mtl^.(M|,l|Mln|���������|Mt,.1Mll,tnlM;Mt.,t.llltnInl,.|M^ltMtM{M(l,lMlnlM|ntnlM|nIn|l,}Mti>,I,ll,,1,,>4.  Subscribe to The Western Gall  ;i111tinnmmm111ni 111ntntiintiininni������-<  Use fuel Oil  and Save Money  -If_you are interested in reducing your Fuel Bill,  see us. We are saving money for others, and can  do the same for you.  We supply and install Fuel Oil Plants of * all  descriptions. Wb cannot give you a cheap ptant,  but we can satisfy you when results are considered.  We have a large number of plants now In operation in hotels, office buildings, apartment houses,  schools and colleges.  I;  ,  i  fuel oil Equipment Company i  713 Pacific ftlity.    mm Hi 9727    Vancouver, &. C. \\  *f*****W'************* ������������H"K"H������ ���������H***^H"M"!^M'������H>'H������H"H"H'^^ .v  ��������� .     ' ��������� j- -       t*%~  ,\-i'<������> >���������  s-.  r-v  ���������^���������lt..t.���������H.^������������������^t^1'������������'���������������^^^������������<'������i1'i������������������������������������'t'^l'^l^'l^'^^^l���������|^������������^H'^������'^H.l<JMlt���������t���������^���������������'  TO THE  N impression having arisen in certain quarters tbat this Com  is restricting shipments ot sugar and thereby  sumers, we desire to inform the public that there are ample stocks of  refined sugar in our warehouses and we are prepared at all times to fill  any legitimate order.  If your Grocer tells you he cannot get sugar, it is not true.  What we have done is to endeavor to eliminate speculative orders only,  which action is entirely in the public interest.  ���������  -��������� / '\ - ������  PRICE OF REFINED SUGAR TO-DAY:  EEW     YORK   6    12   CENTS  PER   LB.  VANCOUVER   5 HO   GENTS  PER   LB.  The British  ia Sugar Refining Company, Ltd. THE WESTERN  CALL.  Friday. ^August 14,1914  ^^^^..;���������^.;,.^.v.;..:..^.>^..;..;���������%.^.>.v.i..J~:-<*'I*-i- 1p**********A *"* 'M1 *4~Mnfri*i������t*&*  .4.  ���������:���������  *���������  *  *  I  Mount Pleasant Livery ;  TRANSFER  Furniture and Piano Moving .  Baggage, Express and Dray.    Hacks and Carriages  at all hours.  Phone Fairmont 345  I   Corner Broadway and Main A. F. McTavish, Prop.  ^���������'i"i"t"i'������'i"t"i'ii'4"i||i"i"i"i"i'|i"i||ii n **** i 'i m-m x<****************  ************************** **************************_  Baxter & Wright  COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS  1   Cash or  Easy  Payments  $40000  Stock to  Choose  From     t  Come in and talk it over when looking for furniture.  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TAKE NOTICE that Catherine Florence Beatty, of Vancouver, B. C, Lady,  intends to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas  on the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the  southwest corner of Lot 2025, Group 1,  N. W. D.; thence north 80 chains; east  SO chains; south 80 chains; west 80  chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.  Catherine Florence Beatty,  Per Agent Thomas J. Beatty.  Dated 6th June, 1914.  Tiiroovnx laho dxstbxct.  District.of New Westminster.  TAKE NOTICE that Catherine Florence Beatty, of Vancouver, B. C, Lady,  intends to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to prospect for coal, petroleum and natural gas  on the following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post plaliited 80  chains north and 20 chains east of the  southwest corner of Lot 2025. Group 1,  N. W. D.; thence north 80 chains; east  80 chains; south 80 chains;- west 80  chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.;  Catherine Florence Beatty,  Per Agent Thomas J. Beatty.  Dated 6th June, 1914.  X^AND ACT  Of  Vancouver Xiand    XHstrlot���������District  Coast Banff* Ho. a.  TAKE NOTICE that William Moore,  of Vancouver, B. C, Tinsmith, intends  to apply for permission to purchase the  following described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted at the  northeast corner of Lot 496; thence east  80 chains; thence south 80 chains; thence  west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains  to point of commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.  WILLIAM MOORE.  William   Henry  Wooley,  Agent.  Dated June 8th, 1914.  XrAVXCtASX-X. WATSfcS PROTECTION  ACT.  MACDONALD MARPOLE COMPANY,  LIMITED, hereby give notice that they  have under the said Act deposited with  the Minister of Public Works, and in  the office of the District Registrar of  Land Titles at Vancouver, B. C, plan  and description of a proposed extension  to their wharf on the fore-shore at  False Creek, Vancouver, adjoining Lots  20-25 inclusive, Block 23, D. L. 196, in  the Vancouver Land Registry District  AND TAKE NOTICE that after the  expiration of one month from the first  publication of this notice, the said Macdonald Marpole Company, Limited, will  apply to the Minister of Public Works  for'the approval of the said plan, and  for leave to construct the said extension.'  . DATED AT VANCOUVER, B. C, this  29th day of July, A.D. 1914.  MACDONALD MARPOLE  COMPANY. LIMITED.  ! MADE IN B.C. SUGAR 1  ��������� *  * *  **************************  No article of daily consumption  has gloomed so largely in the eyes of  the housewife during the last week as  that of sugar. On the first, pronouncement of war, an apparent advance in price was made by the retail shopkeepers; The accusation has  been made that this was caused by  the manufacturers' desire to profit by  the war. This is contradicted, however, by the statement in the. press  under the signature of B. T. Rogers.  Some time ago sugar was being  imported' into British Columbia from  China, and was sold at a slightly  lower rate than the British Columbia  sugar. Chinese sugar is manufactured by cheap labour, and to stop this  importation and keep British Columbia white labour employed, the B. C.  sugar refiners sold their sugar at  practically cost. No manufacturer can  continue to operate at a loss, and the  price is,now what it was before the  Chinese sugar was imported. The  British Columbia sugar is sold to  the wholesaler allowing only a reasonable manufacturer's profit, which  does not allow for any contingency  such as cessation of supply of raw  material through interruptions of  trade routes.  Under the circumstances one would  naturally suppose that the .commission men of this city would see it to  their advantage to encourage all local industries, but this is not the .case.  We have the city appointing an Industrial Commissioner to try and locate industries in Vancouver. The  Industrial Bureau work much along  the same lines, whilst the Board of  Trade is ever alive to the necessity  of providing work for the people of  Vancouver. The British Columbia  Manufacturers' Association are expending large sums of money to  bring before the eyes of the public  the necessity of encouraging home industries, and never was this more  thoroughly required than at the present time, when we are suffering from  trade depression.  The public should demand sugar  manufactured in British Columbia,  and see that they get it. This is true  patriotism.  *-m<*<A*-**<m,*,m������*������-*,***������gf _iuii|ihm{).������i|i.������.    .������i������|ii������.ifr.������.i$ ������iij4 .iifr.4j.iSi.������l||r. igi m<* ������ ^>il������n **���������* '  CHOICE NEW HAY fOR SALE  ���������AT ���������  F.T. VERNON'S FEED STORE  Phone Fairmont 186 Hay, Grain and Feed 255 Broadway East  We specialize in POULTRY SUPPLIES and are able to meet all  your requirements for successful Poultry raising. , We have justje-  ceived a full line of PRATT'S REMEDIES, including Roup, Cholera  arid Gape Cure. Pratt's Poultry Regulator will keep your fowls healthy  and increase your egg supply.   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Regina.���������The first passenger train  to travel over the Grand Trunk Pacific from Regina to St. Paul, left Regina on Saturday, August 1st. It  consisted of 23 coaches pulled by two  of the largest engines on the division.  Regina.���������The fire chiefs of Western Canada gathered in Regina during  the last week of July for their an������  nual convention. ^Orie of the^ interesting features of the programme was  the demonstration of the use of motor  fire fighting equipment given by the  Regina brigade.   .  ROD AND QUN  The August number of Rod and  Gun issued;by W. J. Taylor, Limited;  Publisher, Woodstock, Ont., has appeared, and is up to the usual standard, of excellence maintained by this  representative Canadian magazine of  outdoor life. The cover cut is an attractive one, and illustrates a big  catch of tuna in Nova Scotia, where  the sport of catching this big fish with  rod and line is growing in favor. The  contents include many interesting  stories, and articles, among them another canoe story "To Moose Factory by Canoe," which in so far/as  the territory covered is concerned  forms a continuation of the account  given in last month's issue of a Trip  from Lake Temiscaming to Lake Ab-  iti.bi. Bonnycastle Dale gives, a graphic description of "Wild, Fowling  with the Kwakiutls" and the issue includes stories of interest to the general reader as well as articles and  departments containing special information for the sportsman.  The Lee Mason Co., Ltd.  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THE  WATER-MOBILE  UNDERWRITERS  103    Carter-Cotton   Building  Vancouver, British Columbia  AT HOME  AT THEOLUB  AT THE HOTEL  Ask for  ���������11 ���������  iiKinson s  The Health-Giving  Natural Mineral Water  Refuse Substitutes  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY ,���������,SM  TRY AN AD IN THE WESTERN CAL1 -V*i  Friday, August 14, 1914  THE WESTERN GALL  Vancouver  ANMALAN!  Med anledning af krigets     ut-  Ibrott och som en foljd daraf, det  -hastiga afbrott i snart sagt all  affarsverksamhet i Canada ar det  [med stor ledsnad vi se oss nodsa-  Lkade att for nagon tid framat ned  [lagga Canada Kurirens verksam-  |_iet.   Vi hoppas emellertid att den  [sorgliga situation som vart adop-  terade land nu befinner sig i icke  skall blifva allt for ihallande, oeh  itt de morka skuggorna     skola  fskingras for det klara varma sol-  [ljus somen gang, skall lysa ofver  [Canada.  Under tiden som Kuriren tager  jjig en hvila, kommer den engelska  fidningen The "Western Call, v&ra  >renumeranter tillhanda och i den-  samma hafva vi var syenska af-  lelning, dar meddelanden och ny-  ieter, rorande vara landsman kom  ia att inforas.  Detta hastiga afbrott ar for  Canada Kuriren icke alls valbe-  lagligt och var verkligen for oss  jalfva hogeligen otfverraskande,  ien ingen anada nog heller at Canada sa hastigt skulle inblandas i  frigets allvarsamheter. Man sa  jer att i krig ar allting tillatet  kh. da ar det ju icke heller. sa  inderligt att man gor en tidning  jf tva, uta'n afseende pa tungoma*  ens fbrbistring.  Vi hoppas emellertid att vara  trade lasare icke ser med alltfor  &tor ovilja pa denna y&r forsta  jvarighet och vart fbrsok att hal-  ia oss ofver vattnet. - Vi     amna  ������6ra vart basta att komma ofver  lenna stotesten, som med tanke  j& krigets fasor verkligen ar gan  kka allvarsam och att vi i framti-  ^en. ater kan gora honnor for var  trade publik och Kuriren d& befinner sig i storre och forbattradt  Iprmat.     ,  Rekommenderande oss i Eder  ifista valvilja, forblifva vi Eder  Jdmjuke tjanare:      *" . "   *  Jtedaktionen.  Kineser hanvisade till kriminal-  ratten. Chong Him, Chin Wah och  Jol Cum Wong, tre' kineser som  tog sig oradet fore att sla ihjal  en af sina landsman vid ett slags-  mal i Shanghai Alley, tisdagen  den 14 juli skola underga ransak-  ning vid kriminalratten i host.  Vid forhbret i polisratten komma handelser i dagen som bevisa  att det ibland gar hett tillvaga i  kinesstaden.  Vilja icke st&nga kl. 6. Den'' bylaw" som forordnar stangning af  alia affarer kl. 6 pa kvallen ar en  lag som motts med storsta motvil-  ja bland affarsman som hade for  vana att fbrse allmanheten med  diverse lifsfbrnodenheter efter  namnda tid. Da de fiesta af dessa  gjort den rikligaste fangsten p&  kvallen ar det ju icke underligt  om de opponera sig.  I den har staden dar man straf-  fas med plikt om man begardet  stora brottet att kopa sig ett brod  pi en sondag ar det ju forlatligt  att "de vise" anser det for lika  stor" synd om samma forseelse be-  gas efter kl. 6 pa kvallen.  Milde, Herre Gud! Hvad kom-  mer nast?  Dodsfall. En i, vida kretsar i  Vancouver kand personlighet, dr.  Ivan Sinkler afled forra torsda-  gen a, Savary Island, dithan be-  gifvit sig for sin halsas skull..  Dr. Sincler var allmant kand  och aktad och hans bortgang lam-  nar ett stort tomrum i den stora  vankrets han har lamnat efter sig.  genom lif vet af ,den stora vanska-  ra de aga bade inom och utom  Vancouver.  Mrs. Selset ar dotter till kap-  ten och Mrs. Brynelsen i South  Vancouver.  Canada Kuriren gratulerar pa  det hjartligaste.  Vancouver Exposition. Vancouver arliga landtbruksutstall-  ning som bppnas den 3dje September har i ar har en sarskild hog-  tidsdag hvarja dag iritill stang-  ningen som bliver 12 sept.  Dar blir Opening Day, Manufacturers Day, Childrens Day, Labor Day, Farmars Day, American  Day, Citizens of Greater Vancouver Day, Visitors Day and Ladies  Day.  V:  Pen stora utflykten som af logen  .innea och Canada Kuriren for-  jeredts i Central Park sondagen \vardt som en polisstation  len.16 aug. kommer att afga som  Fedan annonserats. Vi hoppas att  mra landsman komma att tillslu-  [a sig manngrant och att ingen u-  [eblifver som kau sla sig Ids.  Som  jlen synes lofva att skina den da-  Ifen.ar det otvifvelaktigt att vi fa  brilliant och harlig dag.  Den nya polisstationen. Poli-  sens nya hufvudkvarter a, Cordova  Street oppnade sina portar for  forsta gangeh i g&r pa onsdagen.  Denna hbgtidlighet var for he-  la poliskaren ytterst angenam, da"  hela rangskalan fran domaren ned  till brottslingen kande en lattnad  att slippa ur den gamla ladan  vid Water Street. Man har van-  tat pa denna flyttning under sex  manaders tid, men mtn vet hur  det ar med stadens. inrattningar;  de blifva aldrig fardiga. Den nya  praktiga byggningen som visst  icke ser ut som nagot sa     afsky-  och  fangelse, hoppas vi i en langre tid  framat afstar fran alia skramor  och skavanker, atminstone hvad  sjalfva byggningen betraffar, sa,  att borstar och slefvar icke behof-  ver tagas i ansprak till valbehbf-  lig reparation.  Parad pa "Laborday". En af  le mest storartade parader Bom  jagonsin passerat Vancouvers ga-  feor kommer att paradera pa "La-  iorday" genom staden.  ; Vancouver landtbruksutsta11-  iing som arligen ar arisvarig for  lanna parad, sparar inga krafter  for denna arbetardagens glahspro-  ;ram. Icke mindre an tre musik-  jand kommer att deltaga.  Styrelsen for utstallningen ut-  lelar priser f or den bast utstyrda  phare i paraden.  Denna parad som ar kand  fom.industri och "trade parade"  iiade forra aret 1500     deltagare  A\ detta a? infpas man goivs li-  it battre.  The Cowboys infdelningt.-n  Hiva sarskildt intressant.  Hafvet gifver igen. Den dbda  kroppen af Ensign Mardall fran  Empress of Irland olyckan __ater-  fanns i forra veckan och kommer  att begrafyas i ostern, dar den  dbde hade manga vanner.  Frid ofver den vansalla mah-  nens minne. .  Kr  Nedstucken p& gatan. J. Lind-  trom, snickare till yrket, blef pa  lirdagen knifstucken af en neger-  tvinna i en fejd i narheten, af  Zeefer Street. Den sarade forces till General Hospital, dar hail  i������efinner sig;i ett ganska betank-  |igt tillstand.  Enligt denberattelse som Lind-  ptrom afgaf for polisen; hade ne'er kvinnan stulit $31 ur hans fic-  cor. Han forebradde henne har-  t'Br.oeh genast slog hon honom  led nagot tillhygge ofver hufvu-  let som gjorde honom sanslos. Da  ian af pblisen upptogs, befanns  let att han, afven blifvit stucken  *       *  led en knif strax ofvanfor hjar-  |pat.i Kvinnan ar annu icke arre-  l$terad men man hoppas vara hen-  lae pa. sparen.  V  SjaWmordsfowolc. William  Bennet, 28 ar gammal, fanns pa  lordagen liggande pa golf vet i ett  af tvattrummeri a ett Cordova St.  Hotel med bada handlederna af-  skurna och flera knifhugg som han  sjalf tillfogat sig. Han fordes  till hospitalet, dar de, endast lin-  driga skadorna forbundos. Ben  net ar till yrket kypare och hans  handling ar en foljd af missmod.  Drunknad i   Kitsilano   Beach.  Robert Martin, boende a 1438 8th  Ave. West forlorade pa sondagen  lifvet vid badning i Kitsilano  Beach. '  Martin som var en medelalders  man, badade i sallskap med tva  vanner, och yid pass 150 fot fran  stranden anfolls han af kramp  och sjonk pa 7 fots vatten.  Martin lar vara gift och efter-  lamnar familj. ,  I hvad man skall kriget ef fekte-  ra Vancouver. Medan krisen i  Europa annu icke i namnvard  grad haft nagot inflytande pk Van  couver markes emellertid storre  konservatism i bankaffarer och ett  sakta aftagande i den allmanna  handeln.  Mangen begransar sma utgifter  till det nbdvandigaste tills orolig-  heterna igen skingra sig.  Fran val underrattat hall ar  man emelleraid benagen att tro att  da kriget utbryter pa fullt allvar  skulle affarsforhallande i Vancouver mycket forbattras.  Sjofarten pa, Vancouver ar tro-  ligen den som lider forsta afbrott  fore alia andra brancher harsta-  des. Stadskontrollor Baldwin  yttrade haromdagen att med krigets allmanna utbrytande skulle  inga "money by laws" framlag-  gas i januari.  Att gora detta vore lonlbst da  bonds" icke skulle kunna saljas  till nagot pris i Europa.  Fyra till fern manader skulle  forflyta innan man. ens tankte pa  bonds och d& vore mahanda kriget ofver. Om nationerne skulle  bortslosa $50^000,000 om dagen pa  kriget sa skulle under alia forhal-  landen rantorna stiga.  Mayor Baxter var emellertid me-  ra fortrostansfull och rader till  att icke ga ofver bron forr an man  natt den.  Om Storbritannien bortsopade  tyska flottan fran varldsytan  skulle England vara den sakraste  plats i varlden for kapitalplase-  ring. Dar skulle da finnas till-  rackligt med guld fast att rantorna blefvo nog storre. Personer  med kapital borde icke draga fbr-  del af den financiella krisen och  forsumma att betala sina skulder.  Att ga till landets forsvar ar  endast en vag att vara patriotisk  och alia kunna icke gora detta.  Det ar lika mycket en mans plikt  mot, sitt land att hjalpa den som  ar i behof af panningar f or narva-  rande.  Att starta en panik just nu skul  le skaka grundvalen i det stora  kejsardomet.  NU INKOMMET  Dr.  Hakansons  SVENSKA  SALUBRIN  HOSTA  Vfir medicin mot hosta och for-  kylning sviker aldrig.  V&rt Magic botemedel mot hoa  ta och fbrkylning torde svika i ett  fall mot 200, och i detta fall aro  vi villiga att aterbetala, hvad som  erlagts tor detsamma.  Ofver hufvud taget. ar det den  basta medicin vi n&gonsin sett.  Orders per post en Specialitet.  Skandinaviska Apoteket  R<JDA STJERNAN  Skrif p& Svenska.  .  Red Star Drug Store  63 Cordova Street West  Midi emot Hotel Manitoba.   -  Telefon Seymour 1053.  KOM1HAO  att den nya naturalisationslagen  trader i kraft den 1 Jan., som ford-  rar att personer for att blifva Ca-  nadiensiska medborgare maste  hafva varit i landet 5 ar, och sarskildt forhor infbr en domare.  For narvarande kunna personer med god karaktar' som varit  bosatta i Canada under tre ar blifva Canadiensiska medborgare.  Drbj ej for lange utan besok  genast  J. Fred. Sanders  Notary. Public  601 Holden Bldg.  PRUKT- OCH FARMLAND.  Om Ni bnskar en farm med jamt  land,'och inga raviner eller mos-  sar i narheten af B. C. Electric, be  laget vid god landsvag, en mil  fr&n jernvagsstatiori, sa gor ett  besbk hos undertecknad.  Vattensystem, elektriskt ljus  och telefon kommer att installeras.  En del 5 acre lots kunna annu er-  hallas for $700. Villkoren aro  $25.00.' kontant och aterstoden ut-  strackt ofver en tid af 6 ar.  Flera svenskar finnes bosatta  alldeles i narheten.  James Brooks  401 North West Trust Bldg  ��������� 509 Richard St.  Ett statligt brollop.  Ett statligt  brollop firades.'a Hotel     Canada  torsdagen den 30 juli, da     Miss  Borghild- Brynelsen sammanvig-  des med Mr. Alfred Selset.  Den unga damen ar mycket popular, saval bland den Svenska,  som Norska koldnien harstades,  och de basta lyckonskningar fol-  jer det nya paret pa deras resa  A. f.  PETTERSON  L  Svensk Urmakare  och  Jovelerare  57 Cordova St, W.  Alia sorters reparationer ut-  fbres och garanteras.  Hotel West  444 Carrall Street  Vancouver, B. 0.  PETER GIOVAJfDO, Agare.  Jens Olsen, forestandare  Vancouvers nyaste hotell med  ofver 100 rum. AAla stora och  ljusa med varnit ocbTkallt vatten  samt telefon i hvarje rum. Forsta klasg buffet och gafee.  Modemta priser  Brown Bros. &  Co., Ltd.  BLOMSTERAFFAR  Frukt- och dekorationstrad  Krukvaxter,     Vblomsterfron,  blommor och begrafningskransar.  ��������� Tre affarer: ���������  48 Hastings Street, East   ���������  402     Granville     Street  782     Granville     Street  Hus till uthyring  och  Mobler for salu.  236 Jackson Ave.  "(Call after 6 o'clock")  WRS. KARY FUIBERO  Barsmonika.  ^Dtextminertd i Stockholm.  M C^ton Drtv������, Gra������4vi������w,  (Hornet af Cotton Drive och  Venables St.)  Ska^cJinaviskt  Bageri  Alia sorters svenska brod, s5ta  limpor, seckerskorpor, smorba-  kelser och kaffebrod.  Alia bestallningar utforas nog.  grant.  FRU MARTINS KEMBA6ER!  505 Richards Street  Vancouver, B. O.  ^5Z_n_52SB52������<325E5_iSSZ5B5i_ilS_5i-n������i^^  VANCOUVER  EXHIBITION  fran den 3 till 12 September  1914  $60,000  i Priser och Premier  Anm&lning&r mottages e\ senare an  den 20 August!  Utstallning af prisenia  hos  Manager H. S. ROLSTON���������  424 Pacific Building  Vancouver. B. C.  BASTA JARNVAGEN TILL OSTERN  The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rly.  Finaste genomg&ende tag mellan  SEATTLE OCH CHICAGO  hvarest forbindelse gores med alia tag till ostra, sbdostra och  dylika platser.  Bada tagen ha Standard och Turist Sof vagnar, Matsal och  Coach.  For vidare underrattelser angaende dessa genomg&ende  tag, bilettpriser och sa vidare, var god och skrif till eller besok  A. W. NASE, Commercial Agent  H. B. EWER, City Ticket .Agent.  443 HASTINGS STREET WEST, VANCOUVER, B. C.  Den nya banan ar den kortaste.  Canadian Pacific  Snabba, genomg&ende t&g till Ostern gor forbindelse med alia!  Fartyg till Europa  Standard, Tourist and Dining  Gars  Regulara afseglingar till  British Columbia Coast Canneries, Prince Rupert och Granby  Bay, Vancouver. Victoria,( Seattle, West Coast Vancouver  Island, Prince Rupert toch Alasfca, Nanaimo, Union,  Comox, Vancouver, Ladysmith, .Tacoma, Victoria,   Upper Fraser River, Gulf Islands   For vidare upplysningar banvande man sig till:  J. WOE, C. T. A. 434 .Hastings St. Vancouver, B. 0.  S. Goranson <&. Co,  .   328 HASTINGS ST. EAST  Enda Svenska Grocery & Importingaffar i staden.  Alia Svenska delikatesser pa lager.  Gif oss ett besok!  JCapplopningar vid  Miaom Park  Dai  Cameron's Store  For Men  Handgjorda    kostymer      fran  $15.00 till $25.00  Stetson hattar.  Nyinkomna varor for hela sa-  songen.  Stanfields underklader och vat-  tentata arbetsskjortor.  6 Cordova St. W. Vanconver, B. C.  Speciella t&g afg& fr&n den nya Granville St. stationen kl.  12, 12:30 och hvar 15de minut dar efter till kl. 2.  Kapplopningar foreg& s&val regn som solsken.  'JZ5ZS-5ZSZ5SS2SZ5SS2SZS25ZSiSZ5ZS2  FLainier  Hotel  JOHN BINDER, Agare.  Hornet af Carall & Cordova St.  Storsta rum i Staden.  JS25ES_S25ESESE5ZS25ZS2SHSESESESSSii  J. O. Alhberg  Earls Road  . Svenska konserver och spece-  rier finnes alltid pa lager till bil-  liga priser.  Gor ett besok!  GLOM EJ  vid behof af UR jamte  REPARATIONER  m. m. b.esoka undertecknad.  Ni erhMler det basta mot huma-  naste priser.  FRANS AHLQVIST  Svensk urmakare  49 Cordova Street W.  Oriental Hotel  REVELSTOKE  Cor. Front & Benson Sts.  Etabliserad ar 1885.  Hufvudkontor for skandinaver  Rekommenderas i  vara lands-  mans atanke.  Rate $1.00 om dagen.    Gif oss  ett besok.  J. A. STONE.  Tel. 203. Box 191 8  THE WESTERN GALL.  Jjrida2^u^ustHJL9i4_  THE BARAMBA  CAPITAL, $500,000 (NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY)  j  HAS SIX CL  SEVENTY-FIVE MILES NORTHWEST OF VANCOUVER.  Ore in Cut and on Dump _ Tunnel with Crew  The character of ore is magnetite and copper pyrites, affording a splendid flux and insuring minimum smelter charge.  The confidence of Vendors is proven by their willingness to accept payment for property out of shares and returns from mine.   Not  one cent of cash.   There is no Promotion Stock.  A Cleaner or More Assured Mining Proposition has never been submitted to the Public.  AFEWF^CTS.  1. Enough work done to secure Crown grant.  2. Sole water rights on creek.   Abundant power.  3. Exposed ore-body running through claims.  4. Open cut in ore-body 150 feet in length*  5. Ore-body crosscut on 200-foot level*  6. Elevation of tunneU 000 feet.  7. 1500 tons ore in sight and on dump*  8. Average assays $12.92.  9. Ore is self-fluxing.  10. Directors receive no pay till property is shipping.  11. Steamer culls bi-weekly at Company's floating dock*  12* A 2000-foot chute will convey ore from mine to scow.   /  ]^. Arrangements bave been completed for erection of this chute.  14*   9ona-ftde investors can confirm these statements by visiting property at Company's expense.  Only a limbed amount of stock for sale*  e of FIvb  Gives $12.92  of HiqR tirade Ore tafcen  Gold, Oz. per ton        Value Silver, Ca. per ton        Value  MO        1122.00 8.5 $5.01  The above is a picked fetmple end in no way figures in profit calculation*, but foes to shew what values in gold, silver  and copper are to be met with in the ore bodf..   Away made by J. O'Sulliven., F.C.S.  Third ciwmce" Claim  Copper % Value Total per ton  13.75        $44.00       $171.00  The Profits assured, for the small  desirable nature of the ore, the easy  human ever can be*  amount of capital required, teem fabulous, but the enormous amount of ore easily obtainable, the  access t������ mine and the favorable shipping facilities make this proposition as certain as anything  Mil Mining Company, UmHed  (Nen-Personal Liability)  authorized capital, $500,000  president:  josiah maycock  Capitalist, Lynn Valley, B. C.  VICE-PRESIDENT  FRANK UNDERWOOD  Merchant, Nerth Vancouver, B. C.  MANAGING DIRECTOR  JOHN CARMICHAEL  Mining Expert, Lynn Valley, B. C.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  EDWARD MAYCOCK  Capitalist, Vancouver, B. C.  FRANK UNDERWOOD  Merchant, North Vancouver, B. C.  JOSIAH MAYCOCK  Capitalist, Lynn Valley, B. C  JAMES PEARSON  Agent, Lynn Valley, B. C.  JOHN CARMICHAEL  SECRETARY-TREASURER  o       EDWARD MAYCOCK  SOLICITORS  MESSRS. BOWSER, REID & WALLBRIDGE  Canada Life Building, Vancouver  AUDITORS  BUTTAR & CHIENE  Chartered Accountants, Vancouver, B. C.  BANKERS ,  ' ,    _  BANK OF BRITISH NORTH.AMERICA  APPLICATION FQR SHARES  BoromN Mining Company, iimiteel  _    NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY  HEAD OFFICE, LYNN VALLEY, B. C.  Authorised Capital, f 500,000, divided into 5*0,000 shares of One Dollar Each.  Offer of 25,000 shares ef the Capital Stock.  form of Application  TO THE DIRECTORS OF THE BARAMBA MINING COMPANY, LIMITED:  I enclose herewith ..... ... ........ ...  '��������� ��������������������������� ��������� ������������������ ������������������~������������������������������������������������������ ������������������-: ���������   being payment ln full for........... .. fully paid up and nee assessable shares of One Dollar eaclr of the capital stock of the above  Company, and I hereby request you to allot me that number of shares, and I agree te accept; such shares, or any lees number that may  be allotted to me, and I authorize you to/ place my name upon the register of members in respect to the shares so allotted to me.  (WITNESS)  Dated   Signature .................  ....Address .........   Cut this out, fill in and send today to Fiscal Agent, with Cheque.  SELLING AGENTS TO WHOM APPLICATION SHOULD BE SENT  Thos. Duke:.  ........................ -.^  MacBeth & Brown .....................:..... .^.:...,....:....::.: ..........578 Richard Street, Vancouver  The New Investment Co............. ........336 Pender St. West, Vancouver  Pound & Third. .... 1..           4173 Hain Street, South Vancouver  Frank Underwood... >;...,   .........:...���������..1........6 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver  W. C. Breedlove         ;....i.....v;.....vV^;...--:....'...-...'..'-..,.,........'.:.i;...-.20 Hutchison Street, Montreal, Quebec  T. Timson ....   i. ....���������;........���������... 3 iluseum Square, Leicester, England  All Payments to be Made by Cheque in favor of the Baramba Mining Company, Limited  DO  NOT  NEGLECT THIS


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