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The Western Call 1912-06-07

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 ������&J:y:>~4  ^ tDy im-^ats of Vtyi^ver and the W^t^t* >  ���������^s?;  MMt      Vv  ���������*$���������������#  p iiiiitii  .s^,���������:S  K^-<  a p������yy:w?yy^y?xyymyx yyyyyy;/yiyyyyy::\ y  ~y , ^  *)tty ^ a.  't ���������home where yotthf women and girls c ij^lwiaidod. ^,''.;  ^ ;/*nd houwri' a|:^ j^ ���������>;<  ::'! l-kapt out on acco^ of her salary b^ .   *  1 Ift^.I&ll^ :l:  ���������*.,���������.;, x, |, i..;, 1.1,4. i**|,������ 11 n m n 44 ������ n il>lm 1'  i  5^P  mm  j������wk  ���������v#G.j..^t,,v.;'ij",.-  ���������fe  :7:������*t:-:  ������������������^���������:"'?!f;r'  an  >>:s*  r^ii His ^rahift^yorFihdlay|  -"if--ivdr- r^. liir >* -:^^dj^4mi^i^i������*ie^'i:R^: -*ct-."" -;-:- -5 -- -"'-" /  worked for: yottr^eleetioii *s Mayor, to publicly. J;  addrei&^tfiotf^  ^tud^roapp^ but  ������������������^w^;it&:JSjibili^*^  P(gi^i^:-^i^ -Vfr- :;Ma#o*:;^#^  through the inft^  ���������certain^p^^ nbtoklpt.yTou41!  yptC4tv^ if elected; you 'Woiult^at oiipcr  consideration," aft stated by one of your  ������umber. Five nwttths have p-M!������ed and there m^^m^  $i^**%e'i.*I^^  lore, except three Kousea of iU-fjmw on Al������*������*nder  ������i- " **    j-   v" "  'pg#������^^a^^������S!^*i  fc*V  .  ������S .>.... ���������-j������.  '.!:������; ��������� i-  SM  \>\yy xk ���������yyyx.yy ������������������ .-��������� 4'rWyx' yy>^yyy������i0!mm$  ������>pn^!iri������^  ft1 \-?ijii*u&?&^  !   offeiid the m^ Kr^^  yw$^*w^  ^'^*^r^;:i������i^������si*^^-^  a^.j  ^ more objactioiuble, in ������iffeatiy������, I  eencie^ marital ijjfldelity, and iiiiao  ; iaes.   The critic **^  ^;0>thiriii^fcii^  ;   Ry, honeaty and de^tion to reli^  1   ia dopicte^ *adth clwieu. ' The tnttiof ia 1  constant   exrierta������*-iitA  and   an  endleaa f  m0m?^mmmym:^^m^m  ?  Tliw*M*%*^  fefc   ^fte^a ^ fhi������ an4^j ^-- ^  <he infliction of a ������������e^r two are laughed at. You  know, Mr. MV^ tl������t liquor ia at the base of thia  cmng eviV*nd that it ia freely delivered to and  -jWm*Mta%iati& "���������  : Set your police at the door* to take down the ;;  number of barrels delbered. Jjet thero publiab the j |  liat of names of well known men who are t*r-A *  ioln^tViere clay by dny. .Instead Of arreatiiir  m  man m in a recent case, arrest a hundred-  Tbis ; >..  could easily be done every d������y- ���������Tw';������W'-������*-;?>< ���������  isaue warrants ataiust the pttmerty-owners, but   -j;- T-  none of these things you do.  The oase of Jjouis K  Hicbard, to which I am glad tbe police gave iMw-   ������; ������������������.������������������       4+  tion, is only one of a score of such.   Tbeir Uttle   \  attempts are but the touching of the fringe of tbe  evil; you know it, and the police know ifc   ^l������e  history of some of these brothel-keepers is a mat-  .;  "ter calling for firate attentiou. 'j  The fault found with you, Mr. Mayor, is tbat -  you do not enforce tbe law.  Tbe Criminal Code   ;  demands of you the closing of all houses of ill-fame   <  and tbe penalising of tbe owners.   You bave no   *  right to ^opinions" on tbat question. Tbia or tbat  law ia not your choice.  You are not true to your .-<  oath, you are not true to those who elected you by   ���������"<  allowing this evil to continue.  A reasonable time   ���������  baa.been given; and you know, Mr. Mayor, you  ahould not boast in having done this and that.  You have done no moral cleaning except under  public pressure.   Citizens have had to organize,   ;  collect and spend money on detective and other   w  work, and then present the evidence and urge  action upon your Boards before anything has been   ;  done.   These facta are patent to all.   The fact  remains that tiie   segregated district and other  houses of ill-fame Have quadrupled under your  rule.   Drunkenness   and  crime  bave  increase*!  amazingly, while Vancouver the Beautiful has become a by-word.   Many visitors have said to me:  ������������������'It is the most drunken city I have seen in Canada."   Personally, I did not agree with Mr. Ii. D.  Taylor's rule of the city, and, therefore, worked  against him to put you in, believing you would do  better.   You have   done   infinitely   worse,   Mr.  .   Mayor, and  I regret Slaving voted for you.   A    o  '   mandamus might, and may, bejobtained and the    *  commissioners impeached, but'.it,, would be better  for you. Mr. Mayor, to step down and out, say you  , have not been able to do your duty and leave it to  some one. else.  I understand from the papers that a number of  the public have congratulated you on the stand  ..'taken. Is it.so? Do the public endorse their  Mayor's non-enforcement of the law? Yes, I believe it. The liquor-making public, the liquor-  selling public, the brothel-keeping public, the  gambling public," the racetrack public, the fallen  men public, the fast women public and others'of  that type���������most of these will endorse your position  7  N  Q  G  E  0  R  G  E  Jxing siliee wc wej*e resolved of your trnth, fim |illW>M s^  ���������   ^ vice,   .^pyrvy&ry yryiWfclW&ffiWmF.  Jn E������gl������������d the most valiant gentlem������������������  ���������     ^ (Mm ww^fmW)  Valiant and virtw^Ufe, full of IwugJjt^wirage--  England's true-annointed lawful King.  Kingandcommander of our common weal:   '  ��������� (Titus Andronieus)  King Edward's fruit true beir to foe EngUsft croum���������  ^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^  In tbe world's esteem hel4 precious.     (t**ove*8 jLabour liost)  Noble, courageous, high, unmatch������ble,  (Antony and Cleopatra)  Gentle, lull of noble device: and indeed much in the heart of  the world. (As You Jjfce Jt)  God bless your grace with health and happy davs!  (King Henry the Sixth)  Establish here a peace indeed,  Concurring both in name and quality.  (King Henry the Fourth)  Our history shall with full mouth \  Speak freely of our deeds: (King Henry the Fifth)  Bipen justice -in the Commonwealth,        (Titus Andronieus)  Reap the harvest of perpetual peace,    .  . (King Richard the Third)  God save the King!  God save the King!   ���������  (King Henry the Sixth)  Ever loved and loving may his rule be.  {King Henry the Eighth  Arranged^from passages "from the plays of Shakespeare  by Margaret Eadie Henderson, New Westminster, British  Columbia.  yy  **************************9*************************************+**************  BANK CLEARING8, .  BUILDING PERMITS AND  CUSTOMS AND LAND  REGISTRY 8HOW PROSPERITY IN VANCOU- . ...       ,���������,���������  VER AND VICINITY, responding period during 1910  churches and pastors. Tbey <Jo s!m$tWt'.  pity, Mr. Mayor, except to do busioeM. they have  money to burn and scorn the cry^of pity.. In Vic-  I   toria, I asked Itdles to be prepared to help the  ������.;��������� women when the red light 4Htrict;:M9$Tm99t%  ITbe^we^e ready nnd wi������it"fw^'i^'tw*.'tb'j������|.||ia>'':  ;   houses only to be laughed at exeept by 9-fkw wi������o:  were helped to change their Uvea. Sixty were  ! deported to the United 8tates whence tbey oaiie,  :   and the places weire cleaned np. M* pfmaHty*  of bquordom aud brothdck>m.declared the offy  ; so far as to employ men to insult women on Hie  street in order to make^ the plea that it hv nntnfe  not to bave brothels. l*et our Commissioner* examine the records of such cities as Derkely,  Hiverside and others where neither bar nor brothel exist, and it will be seen that deliverance  from these twin evils cleans up a city.  I sympathize with you, Mr. Mayor, in the difficulties you bave to encounter. They are not lew.  Political votes count, political machine work interferes very often, and though civic matters are  supposed to be void of politics, we know they are  not. It is lor you to think how far the publie  mentioned above have votes for a future day*  Moral (reformers, are not all fools, Mr. lfayor.  Tbey know some things for which they get little  credif from politicians and from civic authorities.  Votes count all the same. It may be dangerous  to give the names of white men found in gam*'  bling dens, or to expose the gambling carried on  infhigh-class clubs where men win and lose their  thousands to the impoverishment of their families  ���������it would be dangerous to the voting quality to  interfere; but it should be done, for some of the  fashionable clubs are red hot gambling dens.  Chinatown and Japtown are small fry. Obey the  law in these matters, Mr." Mayor, and a rude  awakening will come to some people. It must be  acknowledged that the tendency, to evil is growing and that political and civic affairs are dominated by selfishness to a larger extent than many  people would have one believe. Enforce the law,  Your Worship, and you will earn tha good-will of  those whose good-will is worth Iwivinjr.  In conclusion^ Mr. Mayor, I make no apology  y<yi^0y  yyyyyyy.y^m  ���������Ss;#**?  yy*y:x  ';yy*y*xys$ix  :m%My$  ������������������*.;.������������������;'-.' -A-w-v-w.  v ;y-x-.-A'Xy-.-SfeM  ���������yiyysmi  "���������-���������'������������������: xyy;m  yy. yxW  yymli'  4\  $9,456,653  in  comparison  with  those couver for May, 1912, show a large ia-  of  the  corresponding month  of last crease over the retunw for the corre-    for thus havinj-adcirwssed you.    As a Minister of  year and a gain of the sum of 119,- sponding month of 1911.  518,518 over the clearings for the cor-  Building Permits $1,600,000.  tin; Gospel,.as the Chairman of the Moral Reform  Committee-of my own denomination, as interested  ���������y.   in the geniTal reform work of \\w, I'rovince, and  The revenue of. the Vancouver Land     especially as an elector in Vancouver who voted  Registry office .during May, 1912, was     }lll(l worked for your election, I appeal to you to  Land  Registry Record.  uv f<>r n,o lanrocf ovflf cvnario^ori     do vour duty and' put the Criminal Code into  records for ban, dear-     Building per���������ite ,or Ma, computed * ������ ������������������ ���������������?������������^Jj     openti��������� wi,.,������������������t <l5ay.  in  AH previous  ,   --., *      ���������     .11 bc j-uutpusiuuji ���������er p shattered durine the month UP to noon today went about 100,000 "*"**" "^"-'"".u"'    '" "*"wa "1V/" J)   SPENCER  to let Alexandra brothels go on doing business,    ������ngs were snatterea aunng tne monin    i ��������� .......   speak well for the general properity of v T    ,, ,���������,���������  spread disease, ruin girls and young men, and rob    of-May.   The ciearihgs for the month beyond those for the month of April. tnfB city> are as fouows:  May, 1912, Vancouver, 13. C, June 4th. 1JU.  the city of its moral character; but,I challenge totalled $55,979,196, an increase of ?1,- The April total was approximately $1,- $29,802.83,   as   against   $25,819:30   for  .you,  Mr. Mayor, to publish the   names of your 947>578 over u^ previous record fig- 490,000, as against $1,594,158 for May the corresponding month in 1911 and ggg CLTWlOWflCeifYieUt OfNCW  endorsers.    You do an injustice to moral people u        which  were  made  durine  the ������n^������e today. $25,955.41 for April, 1912. <J  bv such an announcement.   Give your names, and ure8' ^ we*e ���������d* during  the . It will be seen ata glance that the StOrV      The DiaMOnd   ClVk'  I will give ten times as manv against vour posi- TContn of November last year. Month's Customs Receipts. number of real estate transactions is ,, u -. "  (Continued on Outside Column) "-' Th6 clearings show an .increase of     Customs receipts of the port of Van- rapidly increasing. CT,      OYi PdQC  I * ���������*Hli  >,  ^-V .n*.l -,Vl #������&**"*'*,���������������>��������� ?*;*''> V ?*  ������������  ,-11  (.  c   >^>  V. <S.V  "V^  ''������������������Js*1"'*  r ^   ^i  A-   lt<  ��������� *?���������"   i  J- *J d  it ���������������  THE WESTERN CALL.  u*  IK*.  V>  1^*",  fe: *  AJ"  I?t--'   '  &<������  Vl  -*,.  re*  .-f*  h*������-   y  BS*5������ "' ">  My  (ffiL*<    ' '  p/1  to'  ivf-  :V  v>  i' -  $$ykx':  SSw,  u^  i������s*t:  GRANDVIEW  AND  VIGINIT  ������ I HM1 IM Ml! HI Mil HIM   COST OF CLARK DRIVE WIDENING!  All church notices, notices of ���������  'births, deaths, marriages and "  items of general Interest insert* .  ed free. Readers are invited to ���������  contribute to this page. [  To .Insure insertion, all copy ���������  should be sent to the "Western j  Call," 2408 Westminster Road, .  *j" corner Eighth, not later than ���������  * Tuesday of each week. !  H.i*.i|..������i.', | .g. .!��������� | .M.*..*.-.!'! niim **.,  District Fire Alarms  Hfc"#M*������p,J Kln- ****** 8treet  ������**������������������Burns' Abattoir.  UHV-Powcll and Woodland.  J*J���������gsnder and Salabunr.  IM   Oxford aad Templeioa.  IS?���������Vernon and Powell.  }fT���������-Salisbury and Powell.  }���������������������������H������������tln*r������ and Victoria Drive.  IU���������*Pawel. and   Raymur, Sugar  ������^������.   _**nery. ,  tja~HaeUng������ and Vernon,  5������~SVtlfi*������������ and LaJcawood,  Jft���������PoweU and Baton.  Uf--OraTele-r and Park.  RS���������E*"*** an* P>-r*>*  f|f-.Gto>velev and Woodland.  Hfi���������������h*rt������w and Clark.  ������J-*-WUltanui and Woodland.  Ija. ���������Parker and Park.  ������1���������������.Venables and Cotton.  i ��������� * ii-Jland.  *..    ������������������������* ������"������- P*r* Drive,  fai���������William and Park Drive,  fenjark and Park Drive.  Jhirg adn McJUean.  ���������Keefer and Victoria.  -Parker and Victoria.  -WlHianw and Victoria.  ������a-***UBma������k and Lakewood.  ������f...a������cpnd and victoria.  ���������������n**-���������Stath and Victoria.  Jg������*-^ewood and Barnard.  ������T^*gun!odt������ and Hasting*,  nit--Powell and Clinton.  -Baton and Clinton.  HBlocan and Pandora.  -Dundatf and Renfrew.  oWlndemere a*d Pender.  Re-  e^p>���������venaoies ana con  ���������fl���������.Venable* ���������*���������* Cat  aS���������Canipboll and fiiu  att   Harris and Woodli  B. C. FALL FAIRS  bails' of Provincial fairs Announced  A completa list of the British Co*  Nmtata fan lair* Has' been compiled  aa* iba datoauifned.    > >   <-*   >,  wJJI  take  ?   ,  place Wednesday, Thursday and Frl  day, 9������?i������g'h*r Mt ��������� $**}**��������� -'  FoUowini U the lift of fairs:  ,  Arrow Lakes-rOetober *4}.  x Alberni i a^ttembf u.  \S****fl9j*%*^^  , B^ CooUv-Octooer Iff.  y Crawtenanr^Dteaiber IO-2t:  4^i������ofc---Oetober/|.   L ���������     ���������  <Jo*nJtJam--������^t������mbOT  Cb4Wwack-g������ptemDM 1*20.'  Cantral l^rk-HSeptember 13*������8.  Jl*^b^*-^btamber 18*19.  Pelta-Septeiobei; ^o-Ji.     .  - ;ilraiii������^������l5vH^^t*^JW.  0������e*������WOOd^BeVt������mber 30.   -  0^4������������---������e*>t������abor 84-J5.  Wands���������September 18.  ICent���������Sentomtmr |t-l*.  JCamloops���������fltptember )|*20.  |C������lowna**Hefptember 26*27.  Kaslo���������October 15.  tangley���������September 25.  Mission���������jSeptember 24-25.  ��������� Maple Rldae���������Bapt 26-26.  MatWjul���������September 8C-27.  Nanalmo���������September 17-19.  M. and 8. Baaalch���������Oct. +&.  Nicola���������-September 25.  North Vaacocver���������-Sept 7.  New Westminster���������-Oct 4-5.  Nelson���������September 22-25.  New Ponver���������October 2.  Peotlcton���������September 29.  Revelstoke���������October 8*19.  Rkhmond���������September 25-26.  Stiawnican���������September 18.  Sabaon Arm���������Sept 27, 28.  Summerland���������October 30, 31.  Sarrey���������-September 24.  Trail���������^September 25-26.  Teraon---October 22, 24.  Vaaoouver���������August 10-17.  - Wtodenaere���������Sept. 20-21.  Tktoiia,   (provincial    exhibition-  September 24-28.  Grading and Rocking Will Bring the  Total  to  $320,000,  The total cost of widening Clark  drive, and also grading and rocking the  Btreet will run to 320,000, it was reported at the board of works meeting yesterday. The city engineer submitted a statement showing that the  grading and rocking, including damages, would amount to $188,000, while  Land Purchasing Agent Williams  placed the cost of widening at 1132,-  216.  The committee concluded that after  taking away 875,000, which the city  will give aa a whole towards the grading, the balance of, roughly 115,000,  ought to be raised from local improvements on and near Clark drice and accordingly thia recommendation ' was  made. A court of revision will be held  as soon as possible and In the meantime the city assessment commissioner  will make an assessment cm the abutting property. The widening scheme  will have to be brought up at a later  court of revision.  80N8 OP ENGLAND.  WMie Rose I'cRree of Grandview  Lodge No. 2������������, S. O S. B. ������, mot at  Grandview Hall, Commercial Drive ou  Wednesday, last, liicy 29th, with a  good attendance.  Two Brothers .tre advanced to the  L'c.r.-Ke, being 'oiy much IrrpreeoeO  1./ ibe eolema r.Wt-.! The Social Committee reported ilat arrangeim'nis  w-.Vf being miti3 for a Lodge Fl':n!c  to White Rock to-vards the end ot  July; and asked the members of the  Degree for their approval, whicn was  icadily Rivon.. Welcome was accord*  ed to Brc*. Hi|������n and Maso:i, whe  bave just returned from an extended  tour of'the .Antipodes. Ther had evidently enjoyed themselves under the  Southern Cross, but stated how glad1  they were to be back with their old  friends on this side of the"Paciflc.  CAPILANO TUNNEL WATER MAINS  ANO MANUFACTURING CO.  CONSIDERED.  For the constructing of the tunnel  at Capilano canyon, the water committee accepted the tender of George  H. Webster at the rate of 213.50 per  lineal foot. The total length of the  tunnel will be sit hundred feet, the  heighth being seven feet and the  width of six feet. The highest tender  was $25.00, and altogether ten were  received.  An application was received from  the Canadian Turpentine Syndicate,  asking that the committee would give  them free supply of water for a year,  the amount to be one hundred and  fifty thousand cubic feet per month.  This is a new manufacturing concern,  and the plea put forward by the pro*  motors was that in order to make the  place pay, they would have to receive  assistance from the city ln the way  mentioned.  Water mates to cost approximately  919,090 were agreed to. These will  be located on the following streets:  Thirteenth avenue, Ogden avenue,  Garden drive, Cambridge, Twenty-  fourth, Dundas, Cornwall, "Keefer,  Alberta, Water and Alexander streets.  WESTERN CANADA  NEW LETTER  ���������  RECORD BUILDING ACTIVITY.  Moose Jaw, Sask���������Advance estimates compiled'at the building inspeo.  tor's office place the May total of  building permits at 990,000. This estimate includes the final permits for the  Saskatchewan Flour ��������� Mills , and thq  Saskatchewan College, besides' a number of huge warehouses and residences, v  REALTY VALUES GO UP.  PEN. PICTURES.  It is probable that no institution in  the Dominion of Canada comes into  touch with so large a number of persons who have made improvident investments as does the Annuities  Branch of tbe Post Office Department.  It is ^derstood that hardly a day  passes . that several communications  are not received, in which the writers  bewail the loss of money invested in  Macleod, Alta.���������The highest price  eyer paid, for Macleod real estate has  lust been recorded for 22 feet of property on Twenty-fourth street at 9262'  ne? fooir The same property changed  hands about a year ago. at 175 per  foot A modern business block will now  be ertced on this site, and already applications have been received for alt  the available space In the proposed  t-block.  SCIENCE AND PROGRESS  estimated ���������  steam-  today   is   12,000,000  ._ The world'B  power in use  herse-power.  The latest English census returns  give a population to Greater London  of 7,252,963, while the area is 693  square miles. That is almost as  large as the population of all Canada. ' -���������  some scheme that promised phenom- Tttg Sacramento ;Bee says' thai of  ehal dividends or returns. One tf 8iXty.four countries having railroads,  the saddest of these cases Is that of a fifty-nine of them are publicly own-  lady who about three years ago en- ^ Twelve republics have public  quired as to the cost of an annuity of ownership, and ln only flye of the  $600. The information was promptly countries are all tf the roads pri  given to her, but the opportunity to lately owned. All of France's rail-  purchase was not embraced; She be- roads will be publicly owned as soon  lieved she could Invest her money to. ^ the present arrangements expire,  better advantage, and that by tbVwhen the government takes over the  time she attained her 55th birthday roads without compensating the  she would not only, have enough .to present owners. "'    v  David H. Wilson, of Chicago, has  LOOKING TpWAWOfrTrit fUTUKE.  Calgwy, Alta.-Tb% gathering of  wpreseaUttves'of'Weatern boards of  trade in Calgary during the exhibition  week in Jul? Ul regarded as the most  Important meeting of commercial bodies yet held in Western Canada. The  principal Interest of the meeting will  be tae dissuasion of conditions and  opportunities Kkely to be brought  about by the opening of the Panama  canal. 8he opinion is becoming general tbat long before the opening of  the canal the 0. P. It will bave double-  tracked its road from Brandon to tbe  Pacific Coast ae double rails are already laid from Lake Superior to Brandon: and even *t t*et it * likely, la  tax the resources of railways and Canadian steamship tf*������������ plying between  Vancouver and Liverpool via the canal  to take the grain crops out of the  country each season.  tUORTtMEN'S  PARADISE.  The Judge���������I shall have the next  person who interrupts put out Into  tbo street immediately.'  The Prisoner (leading a somewhat  forlorn hope)���������Hip! Hip! Hooray!���������  Tbe Sketch.   ���������  o**Sf������nm*o*o*omss-e-o*oT^e*e-ea*o-*e������*������*^^  THE   BORDER   TAILOR  Removing  To next Johnson & Bell's  Monday, June 10th  REMOVAL SALE  Ladies' 835 suits at    -      -      ���������      $30  Gents'230 suits at     -      -      -      $25  Inspection invited.  CEDAR COTTAGE  Right where the car stops.  Alex  Crawford  LADIES TAILOR  1015 COMMERCIAL DRIVE  lewortcd Spiting fat Bin*. 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Lethbridge, Alberta, May. ���������That  Canadian money circulates in Palestine may be surprising co people of  this country, but the receipt by mail  by Mr. John T. Burns, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the International  Dry-Farming Congress, of two'$1 bills  of the Dominion of Canada from the  Jewish Agricultural Experiment Sta  tion at Haiti, Palestine, Turkey, is  proof of the fact.  The bills were sent as a subscription to the publications of the Dry-  Fanning Congress, which.has a large  number of interested patrons throughout Northern Africa, where the modern scientific methods of farming are  being adopted in an effort to revive  the great granaries of the oM world,  which in the time of Christ was considered the most important industry,  pay for the Annuity outright, but a  little fortune besides. This week .another letter has been received from  the same lady, who. by the way, is  now over ftfty yeaje of age, .which  furnishes the sequel to tne story. She  says: *I have spent my savings on  worthless,stocks, believing, Pool? believing, that l'would sooa, be rlw- 1  would, not listen to advice, convinced  that I 'knew best. I wonder at' my  foolishness now, to waste my all In  schemes 1 knew nothing about For  some time I had * large salary and  gave to certain companies every  month. Now tbat tbfy have turned  out worthless, 1 see how crasy and  wrong I was. I am sorry, it ever anjv  one was. sorry/ for what 1 have done,  but nothing will bring back what 1  have wasted-" Her case is a pathetic  one, and her experience has been costly, but it Ib the common experience  of many who have tried get-rich-qulck  schemes."  . In the Same month' ot tne name year  (1909) another 'lady enquired as to  the cost ot a Government Annuity.  She, ,toowhad saved a nice little sum  for the "rainy day" as the result ot  her own labors. She began payments,  starting with a lump sum, and continuing monthly payments with a view to  purchasing the same amount of Annuity to begin at tne same age (55).  lb the course of time she became afflicted with a malady, which, though  not fatal. Incapacitated her from  earning a livelihood, tinder tbo  terms of the Act she was entitled to  have her contract converted into an  Immediate Annuity contract. . She  had this done, and Is now receiving,  and will receive aa long as Bhe lives,  an Annuity o fover |2J2. It is doubtful If there is a more satisfied woman  in aU Canada.  The Annuities System does not  promise to give something for nothing, and no benefits can be received  which are not paid for; but it does  promise to give a return, and with  the security of the Government of  Canada behind it, greater than can be  obtained from the Investment of the  same amounts in any other manner.  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Petit said, produced lasting radioactivity of the system-  He thinks it highly probable that radioactive serum may be obtained In  this manner which will arrest to a  certain extent the advances of physical decay In human beings. In other  words, radium may be made the basis of real elixir of life.  U30PARKPRJVP  *************************Q******9*******l  f************************* MjMiM I *****  Tbe . hydro-electric system of  western Ontario, transmitting "white  coal" from Niagara Falls, is said to  be the largest nnd highest voltage  transmission line in the world. It  baa 292 miles In all, and extends to  Guelph and London, and will be  built on to Windsor later.  Lukewarm water, is being used as  an anesthetic in most of the operations for appendicitis at Johns Hopkins hospital, according to the statement of a surgeon connected with  the institution. The water is injected under the skin in the vicinity of  the part operated on. "We have'obtained great results through the use  of water," he said, "and in most  cases would rather use it than a  drug." While the operation is in  progress the patient feels no pain, is  fully conscious and watches the man  with the kn\fe.  The richest -copper   belt    in   the  i Yo������r Attention for a Moment i  We eawy the largest stacjc of  PAINTS, OJ2&S, VARNISHES, FAflEB flANGPRS' f  TOO^S ANP PRUSBES  Ja Gran4vie vV\  Just Bing Seymour 8691  AncJ>e will <Jo the rest. You will find our price right :  Garden Tools  Our Spring Stock of  HODS, RAKES, FORKS, MOWERS and SHEARS J  Is now in, so that we are now in a position  to fill your requirements.  one in a shape adapted to the smallest j world is said to be situated about  of depositors." Tour Postmaster will 2,300 miles from Cape Town, on the  furnish you literature descriptive of i Cape-to-Cairo railroad. It is on the  thiB marvellous system of investment! Congo-Zambesi divide, with' an altl-  or you may obtain the information de-Stude of-from 4,000 to 5^00 feet  sired by writing to the Superintendent!aboye the sea level.  Of Annuitiep. Ottawa, to whom  letter will go free of postage.  your  "My chief's esteem towards me  seems to dwindle strangely. Last year  he gave me a goose, this year a canary."���������-Fliegende Blatter.  The match trust in surrendering its'Moore, in his new volume,  patent   on   sesquisulphlde    matches  points a lesson to other monopolies  which is more luminous than its product.-���������New York World.  Dr. William Osier, in his Harvard  lecture on Science and Immortality,  has packed it full of the Bible. Its  forty-three small pages contain forty-  one Biblical allusions and quotations,  and on one page seven Scriptural expressions are made use of in close  succession.���������President     Walter     W.  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BacterUl disease, such as pear  blight,''"' ;���������''���������*";'"'"|' ''"v"" " r I"'  :,'4;._ Physblogtcsl diseases, such as  cherry-tree gumosls,fruit pit and water  core.x/\. y.Syrxxyjy.:,_yxy^xyyx jv  Insect Pests-^Before destroying any  Insect affectina: the orchard, three  points should be^ carefully observed.  1. Whether it is actually inurlous  or beneficial. Many insects, such as  the lady beetles and the Syrphus flif Si  *rp^^ai;benefit./, Watch closely,  jano' detemine the J fbm'bf b^ury^ V  y 2; ftWljth injurlouf insects^ note the  manner in whlcbthe food is absorbed,  partloulariy whether from the surface.  Or. whettiejf:by suction from iMow Jit  M^Kfyy:y������;yyMWiy&iyy  r^tibj^^^  J^::pt^is?;;:^^f ;y&[ '!^0M&^^ (  '���������^Jtmufa oi^perfect; form/"  .;' ^;;;^e;^e1^;;or the tent caterpillar,  for tastance^^  thqi till; hi it mass, surrounding  young twig, and coated with a waterproof 'covering. The winter spray  usually doe* them JittJo harm. The  eggs hatch in the spring the iarya  pr caterpillar growing rapidly on the  young leaves. This is evidently tbe  time to destroy it with a stomach poison^ as it Is a biting insect The codling moth ���������& another, ���������erampleij'^TnlB.  egg Is laid on .the surface or the leaf  or" fruit, and It not vulnerable to any  practicable spray. As ^e yoting la>  va hatches' Out, Wi)cc^)t^^x^t\sv-  days on thesurface '^th^leaf,'--but  *^^\Jk*m^viwii\9ihA- .mtki.M.^ASL^- ��������� '-a^i-i^i^'-'it-i^i w^ti-l^w   >r^-^a-ta-----aaattiieafeM-*taHMMe*ne������B--iiM  ym^iM&x Cherry  iB]injyv larva, 'm^Vlia^^  ap^rance, butvom^e^^  l^$������gy-found''^  'faiO^'^.^e. /leaves:! of ^the y$ea& a������$  cherry. The first brood is prevalent i������  June and early July, the second ^>  Anjeust   One of the eaafetrt Tiweet* So  destroy, either with awej-pto oi; 1^  i;|jtoiuna;to' 40 gaUona, or el^wlimlcfe  dlnai? road-dust or sucked n^  .Itl^^t-tiiera-    ���������'���������'���������  y a&e'Jnsecta,:.^  louse,,the 8an Jose sca^e and a slumber pf others of the same type, are all  eaallycontrolIfHl by the milter arpUca-  'taffit'ot ��������� lime sulphur soliim^:;1^  commercial lime suln^iv^e|^ sf*4  degrees Baurae, should be diluted with  nine parts of water. This spraying  controls all scale InSecte, and Is beneficial in other ways. If applied In the  spring, just as tbe buds are swelling,  it uot only aids in destroying th* eggs  of aDbJs and red spider, but ih lnrport-  ant in' the control of many plant dis-  usually takes Its firat meal on the  _   surface of tbe fruit, gem^ pos^ Ie*t cui^ appte  .., J������ly*^d.^^  3-   Decide oi the most vulnerable (stacking It uhlesit has penetrated ^ejAp^  point in the insect's life blstory.       j fruit, it is evident that somd stomach J aphlsr Oh the awl^  For general, purpose of control by  ii������������*������- *������-*Ai*.>.-^^--.-i^ *.-^-������ ,-y flret meal." ^  senlcal spray, thoroughly appUed just P-um and pra  (easoosWe Prices        Proa-pt Delivery  it.  PHONEr Fairmont 1514  PROPRIETORS  msm  spraying, insecte; may be divided Into  two, classes :"��������� -^y yyly;.:'. -'.^y'-y^y'  Firs|---$i^  .".. '^>^^^i|ll|pf!-*4;^ food.  Theser are usually controlled by covering the plaot with a stomach poison,  such as arsenic in a suitable form.  ?i Second-Bucking insects. Are more  difficult to control! They are ��������� jprovldv  ^ wlOt: sharp beaks; with which they  pierce the surface and draw their food  In the form of plant juices from below  It ��������� There is ho way of reaching them  with a stomach poison, just as a mds-  Quito; which Is One of this class, cannot be poisoned by Paris green. The  aphis and the various scale insects are  our principal foes In this class. - For  sucking insects we, therefore, use a  contact Insecticide, that is, one which  will kill the Insect,by touching it, either* by filling up the breathrogv pores,  which are'situated along the sides of  the body, as wtth kerosene emulsion,  or'by the general caustic action *f  the spray as. with time sulphmv, To  get results with contact insecticides.  ���������very Insect must be covered. With  the entire surface liable to injury.  With contact insecticides we spray to  cover ev^mr Insect  Host Insects have four stages ln  their life history.  First���������The egg.  Second���������The larval, or worm form,  which Is the period, of .growth, and dur  after the;. blossoms" fall.. We have no  means of attacking the pupal form or  tbe adult form, despite many v trials.  Wltb a thorough knowledw  principal facts concerning the life history of any pest, we are able to determine possible and practicable meth-  6ds of control. :i 'yy'.-yy-'. xyyyy.  ���������x 8ome Principal Orchard Insect*. :  ti   The Bud Moth.   A small brown  piiiPiiiiliii^  Mi  wd&o&gtw*  ^^mSMi&lm^M  MXm^uxJii^MQ^M  *9aaaiaamaaap9mmma9am^^  yW^S^ym^^^^^^^xx^W:^M  -'-a������*'*Bi������**E*������������������iwtf*<fi���������������������,attte^  myy  Outft  Must fell on ������!coot  mm  ���������^x-:-yx-ryx'X--x\.**x,vmKmuH'iv^  - ��������� :.ir -V-, .y-yyx''-'���������'������������������ xtyyyyy*yyyywy'y%;, ��������� "j y?iyyxiyipx>yy->Ss^p^f  ;IM?SJ^il^fiWs^^^^^*������������  wi^iiiiw^B  Ww*a������-������������*rt-*������o.*A*  Mti*f$i*f*Mil  ly- WLxMumi^^^ii^^  caterpillar found eating    the    buds emulsion  and other contact insecti*  early In the spring.   If pienUful, spray |eldes.   Use at the strength indicated  with arsenate of lead, two poundB to on the Spray Calendar ^     :< i ^  40 gallons of water, just as the buds]   With the root forms of tbe woolly  begin to open. j apple aphis and the bjack peach aphis,  The Lesser Apple Worm���������A small, it is necessary to clear the earth* from  pinkieb larva, similar in general as*!around the base of the treei and sprin-  pectrs to that of the codling moth. It,kle with tobacco, stems. This treat-  eats into the apple In much the same ment gives reasonably good* results,  way. Found principally in the Vic-J Borers���������These affect the apple'and  tori* and Armstrong districts. - If se- peach, principally. The borers should  rioust spray with arsenate of lead; two be dug out with a sharp knife in the  pounds to 40 gallons ot water just spring. Lime sulphur, especially If eon.  after the blossoms fall. .;   ���������   jsiderable extra lime Is added-, acts as  The Codling Moth���������Net found in a deterrent ���������-.,   >   'r  British Columbia*   the most serious!   Fungous   D������s������M���������������While   insecta  ���������:the^ihMl*pv^ i  b1a^,C^and<gi^-;ap|^ *:  cherry, the black aphis; but the rernb-  dies for all of this cls^ are similar.  The spring application of lime snl-  phur destroys many of the eggs^;a^  the winter fomK^  attacks/: pf'' aphis':: .are; ^'^tt������iioo"'-v.tiy Vj|;  solution of bUck leaf, black Iem\ ������t  whale oil and quassia chips, kerosene  iflf-ftWffi^  stomachinsecUddesw������spray.tottpver1 ������est of the apple  grower anywhere,!I*Jong in tterenimal kingdmn, the  **._  _^r��������� ���������ii��������� ������-w,.' ._ ,_.���������i  The 99ny ^eji^-on^ tor }������,-*-���������������* appletvarious fobglairt.bacteria aw'planta.  worm is tbe most effectual for codUn^'A fungous is a true plant, though  moth, and should be followed by an-j usually quite simple in structure. Un-  other spraying In about teu days. |llke ferns and flowering plants, fungi  Tent caterpillar*, fall web worm, have no green coloring matter, and  red and yellow humped appletree cat- derive al Itbejr substance 1b organic  erpillars abd otner leaf-eating insetcs, form by living as parasites on living  may be destroyed with arsenate of (Continued oo f*ape>#  9BM  .Phone:  I Seyssur  It***.  Vtcourn  We'clean wj  ,yr  :     ',,      n*tom+~*iim*,   y:;'i  ������������MM>������������������������tlMHMMM,������MMMIMMtlMMWt>iriM>i  Wide awaHfi ptisiness Men advertise their Imsiness. Modem methods make it neceBsaTy.  The people want the hest hargains. They examine the newspapers ant} go where the  hest can be found.. U goods are shoddy orprices too high, don't advertise; hut if Qnahlgr  and Prices are right, H tha puMfc know. Tell them! Tell them now! Tell them rttflru-  larly so,that they can't oyerloolt or  ������  Is business men's medium to multitudes ol prospective buyers.   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Nixon is building a bridge  across the gullies between Tenth and  Twelfth avenues.  Mr. Charles Ballar of Fifteenth avenue has been fined 986 for violating  the health by-law.  The Graft Construction Co. have  commenced work on the China Creek  trunk sewer from Seventh to Eleventh  avenues.  Dr. W. F. Coy has moved from  3700 Main street to his magnificent  new residence at Shaugbnessy  Heights.  Mr. C. 8. Simpwright has been  fined $1 for driving over school-  grounds. The magistrate remarked  that similar cases would be dealt with  more severely.  feet to an awning, which was suspended ten feet above the pavement Although the awning was wrecked, it  broke the fall of Mr. Fields and averted a tragedy. -  The injured man was taken to the  General hospital in the police ambulance. His condition is not considered  serious.  CHURCH  NOTICE  Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Quebec  and Tenth avenue; preacher. Rev. Dr.  Spencer. Morning subject: 'The  Bible Doctrine ot Atonement" Evening: "Second Sermon on Elijah." Anthems by the choir. Morning solo by  Mr. N. Carter. Evening solos by Mr.  Jack Spencer and Mr. Kennedy. Organist Miss Stovel. Bible class for  adults conducted by Dr. Spencer, 2:30  p. m    ;     ,_>  Mrs. J. W. Cox and daughter,Jate of  Tenth avenue west Vancouver, B. C,  returned on Tuesday last on the R.  M. S. Makura after spending tine winter in' New Zealand and Australia  and have now permanently taken up  their residence at the West,End  Ranch; Agassis, B. C.  Quite a number Of burglaries which-  have occurred In South Vancouver  lately have led the polios to believe  that an organised gang are operating  In the district The latest report is  that the" residence of Mr. 8. P. Whet-  ton, Tynne road, near Bodwell, had  been entered and goods valued at 9100  stolen.   -  Tho B. C. Electric Is giving good  service from Mt. Pleasant In every direction. Come to thing of It Mt  Pleastant Is a street railway centre.  Here the lines-'diverge In al directions. Greater Improvements are' to  follow. "Coming events cast thelt  shadows before them."  ��������� -fr*  ���������Jr-ifl *������������������������������������*��������������� 4,  MacUACHUAN & MORQAN  mm -xajw bootj.awp *******  W**" **^"^"^Se mmf^m**^*4jf mmj*mm*mmtm  OentleeMOi ead CblMreo's st  ball city vness.  BOOT* OtM *H������B������ W������AWH������  it  Our  long   experience   and  guaisaiees good work:  "-.*  3330 Jtyafn St* JIM) Cor. J8th Ave, nnd Main St,  Eft-    ���������  3  s  ���������wgjie- *9^^ w^ee^S*"*w^w *f*^mhTmp  leTewe  Set tb* Best Velee Ut  t*tm*/  *P  "fix ** *���������*" "*���������***���������*:  jO~ \ N. H. Armstrong, prop. 'J-Cj  *V  Ice Cream Parlor  A complete line of Sundaes.   A modern Fountain with a full  line of iced drinks served in prompt order.       ^^^mmmmm.^mm.^mmmimw^^m^m^^*^^m^i~*^m~*~*r^*~'+m>      t-������������*^-**'*������-������-������������**-*-*--*-*-������*.*��������� *mm*m^^m*^mmo^m^m^*^^m^^m^^^m^~^^^  2440 main Street  Among the recent arrivals In the  business section or Mt Pleasant  are Messrs. Rosto -ft Jones, who have  opened a store at 2440 Main street for  tbe supply of wall papers, paints, varnishes, oils and general, painters' supplies. Unfortunately, the full stock  has not yet arrived from the factory,  but is dally expected. Messrs. Rosio  9 Jones are contracting painters and  descorators, and will be pleased to  submit estimates for that class ot  work.  SEE!  ***���������>************. OM I i 11 * It II111 i ******** IM  r ������-1  9 Bayview 1182  VAN UffORP PROS.  We handle all kinds of Out flowers. -  Fern Dishes in great variety.  tf Oaraalama~X\l prices  Funeral Designs.   Wedding Bouquets msde up.  Gardens designed and laid out.  We have a laige variety ef Palms to choose from.  Choose your Bedding Plants now from our choice  ;;  .'.'-������������������   selection."  Verandah Boxes and Hanging Baskets made ap.  11 999 Broadway W,, Cor. Broadway and Oak  ���������IA1CI OFFICE, speslal ftr lospitai flsltsn, C0I. IEAThEI and 1NABWAT  ������  .'-x-!..>������k-: ' ��������������� 'i *** 't A * * \< 4>*  rtONE: Fairmont 845      STAND: Broadway aad Main  - j^H"  Jt--   M  ^    ^*ffi  It    1  . %.vfg������  MsWre1i3  mk-;-  SsBW-f y-'  ^WySa  1������  ^*l^sgM  mM%&^Xa  Dray  On Tuesday evening last, at the  Agricultural Hall, Central, Park, Mr.  Scott gave an Interesting talk on egg  production and co-operative buying of  seed. Several, of the Poultry Associations of tbe Province are now buying  it tbat way and it has worked out very  satisfactory, and it is hoped that in the  future the poultrymen of this district  will arrange some such system.  A very interesting illustrated lecture, viz.: "The Land of Scott and  Burns," was delivered by Rev. John W.  Woodside last Tuesday evening In Mt  Pleasant Methodist Church. The subject) on? of the most interesting that  could be chosen, was extremely well  handled by the lecturer and the views  were excellent. The lecture was given  under the auspices of the Silver Cross  of Ring's Daughters, the proceeds being for the benefit of the Convalescent  Home.  MOUNT PLEASANT HALL.  Services are held every Sunday In  the Hall, corner of Sixth avenue and  Main street at 3:15 p. m. (Bible ad*  dress), and at 7:30 p. m. Gospel meeting. The lender Is Mr. Andrew B.  Hay.  One of the events o fthe week was  the strawberry and ice cream social,  given under the auspices of the girls'  branch t>f the Woman's Auxiliary of  St Michael's church Tuesday evening  to tbe schoolroom of the church. A  splendid programme was rendered and  ������n enjoyable time spent by all.  The Ladles' Aid are putting forth  every effort to make tbelr annual  strawberry Ice cream festival and  sale of work the most successful In  the history of > the church. Remember the date, June 11th, from 3 to 10  p. m. Bo sure and come, bring your  friends urtth you. There will he prettily decorated booths. The tea room  will be a special attraction. Strawberries and Ice cream in abundance.  Sweet strains of music throughout the  afternoon and evening.  ���������'I11!--!1 !��������� Jl������������*tl.-S*'t'*t'*l''S*'g|'i'-l"t"l"li'S������'*p*|������������I**a"t-������> ���������������q"t"l->*t"I'<������'l"t"H ���������|-1'-5'<S--If| ������������������������<"8"I"g-'i.--l������  :  2343 MAIN STREET  LOUGHEED & COMPANY  * ���������'  'AA*-   '������  NINESt FAlTBNt 496,497  \ We Live for Cmdentment j;  Contentment means happiness.   Happi-1  ness can be obtained in, a cosy home.  WE SELL HOMES!  **T***mmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmmm^m^m^mmma^m  "  - *���������>  Modern Home'.  Cedar Cottage Presbyterian church.  Rev. J.C, MadiU, pastor. U a*m. " The  Model Prayer," the third of the series.  UL*p,m. "A mm*'* foes are at home."  Tbegirk* Missionary club toeete every  second and fourth Tuesday, at the different homes of the members. At present the club is making dummy-bags for  lomber-jetiks.  On Tuesday, June 25th, the Ladies'  Aid will give -a Garden Party at the  home of Rev. J. C MadiU. Everybody  welcome, everybody come.  FAST LOCAL 8ERVICC IN tUMMf*  ' TIMETABLE.  $500 cash will put you in possession of a thoroughly  up-to-date six roomed home just a, block'from the  car with every modern convenience. Price $8500.  The terms can be arranged to suit. We should be  pleased to have you make an appointment to inspect  this.    Inspection will lead to a purchase.  ������  Port Haney Water irontape  : We have 3200 feet of deed fraser River Waterfronfc-  : age with C. P. R. Trackage in the rear at Port  | Haney (26 miles from Vancouver) at only $25.00 per  : front foot on terms of one-quarter cash and the  ; balance one, two and three years, *t h%    Compare  ; the price of this waterfrontage with any nearby and  you will appreciate the snap this is.  2349 MAIN STREET WKk Wmwt 4*497  :���������"������������������'- - ��������� - * ;  \******** ***** ******** **** \+* i*. ������*���������.' *i������������*ia������iti������ im t M ������ ������ ������ i������I  ae)B9|BB-sns-mc-m9HtaeB-B-e*s-a^  Tt>Ut  r^^ANT PVBNI8HBD JPRONT  Room: telephone, bath, etc. Very  suitable for student on string qr reed  instruments. Reasonable rental.  Cowan's Acsdesny of Music, 2S48  Westminster Road. Telephone Fairmont IM7.. -   -  Considerable excitement was caused  Monday when a frightened team,  dragging after tbem an empty hearse,  dashed madly out of Mountain View  cemetery and along Fraser avenue.  The solemn conveyance swsyed from  side to side in the moat franctlc ride  It had ever undertaken, each moment  In danger of overturning.  Approaching. Bodwell road, a motor  car Interefered with the flight of the  maddened horses, csusing them to  swerve suddenly from the road. They  crashed into a telegraph pole, throwing the driver, R. Shipman, to the  ground.  With only the pole of the rig attached to them the horses continued  along the road for some distance before being brought to a bait by a pedestrian. Shipman was found to be  badly injured and was taken to the  hospital. He had sustained a broken  leg and several minor Injuries.  s Express and  Trunks, Furniture and Pianos Transferred.  ALWAYS IN MOUNT PLEASANT.  8AVED BY AN AWNING.  Richard Fields, a lineman in the  employ, of the Western Canada Power  Company fell to tbe. street forty feet  below, sustaining a dislocated shoulder  and internal injuries Without doubt  Mr. Fields would bave been Instantly  killed had not the force ot his fall  been broken by an awning stretching  over the pavement at tbe corner in  question.  Mr. Fields and several other linemen were at work on the building  making some installations. In some  way Fields touched one of the live  wires and the resultant shock hurled  him from the roof. From where the  linemen were standing on the coping,  It was a straight drop of nearly thirty  Changes  in  Transcontinental  Trains  Will Give Tourists More  Time Here.  An increased local service between  Vsnoover and Kamloops and ail way  points Is provided for in the new summer time tables of the C. P. R. trains  Which went into effect yesterday'at  midnight. The new service, besides  providing considerable changes hi the  times of arrival and departure of the  transcontinental trains, also furnishes  a fast local service between this city  and all points as far east as~ Kamloops.   ,-..  For the local service between the  city and Kamloops two trains a day  are provided now. Tbe Kamloops local leaves every morning at 545 a. m.,  stopipng at all way stations and arriving at Kamloops at 6:20 p. m. or  18:20, as it known by the 24-hour system. The westbound local will also  leave Kamloops at. 8 a. m. and arrive  in Vancouver at 18:30. This will provide an all daylight trip'and obviate  people from the Interior arriving in the  city at such a late hour, as has been  the case heretofore, often to find all  available hotel accommodation taken.  Changes have also been made in the  times of arrival and departure of the  Imperial Limited and other transcontinental. The Imperial Limited, under  the new schedule, will arrive every  morning at 8:25 a. m., thus affording  south-bound tourists several hours in  the city before: leaving on. the Gulf  ferries. Tbe east-bound Imperial Limited will leave at 8 p. m. or 20 o'clock.  The Vancouver Express, east-bound,  will leave at 9a. m. aftd arrive from  the east at 10: IS p. m.  The Soo-Paciflc Express will depart  at 2:30 p. m. or 14:30 o'clock, and arrive from the east at ������:������ a. m.  Spring Has Come  And with the Spriog comes the'  HOUSP CU5ANJNQ ANP  Re-PECQRATINQ  You may be dreading THIS TASK.  Come in and talk the matter over with  PRACTICAL MEN.  You will be under no oh' igstion. You  will be treated courteously and, should  you* have any dealings with us, yoa will  find oar business methods honorable  and our prices reasonable.  Come in and get your  Paints, Stains and  Varnishes  for your little odd jobs. We will intelligently answer any question that may  perplex you regarding; their uses and  application. .-;. ,  6vraDgeilfiUPi|mbc������ilete  A reprint of a lecture delivered before the Health Culture Club, of New  York, will be mailed free to anyone on  request by letter to address below, or  If you call you can bave a copy for the  asking.  The subject Is "Chlreprsctlc, the  New DrugJesa tyeta-n.'* -  Get a copy���������-It's worth reading.  Ernest Shaw, DX.  (Doctor ot Chiropractic)  280 Twenty-second Ave. E., Vancouver.  * (Close to Main St.)  tee ov wood  mimen*,W. npe Mr.IJML  DRV  If you once cook a Christmaf  Dinner with DRY WOOD you'll  never rest content with any  other. Our Wood is Dry Wood.  $6.00 per Cord, delivered.  R. DOHERTY  675 Tenth Ave. W.  Phone: Fairmont noi-L  e "  e-  lnng  ��������� Y   AN EXPERIENCED WORKMAN  Thos. Farrington  BROADWAY,  Between Msia St and Westminster Rj.  PARISIAN DYE WORKS  Suits Sponged and Pressed 50c  -       Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring  603 BROADWAY, WEST  Work called 1at and returned.  FIRST-CLASS  SiiOE T1AKING  AND SHOE  REPAIRING  DOME AT  PETERS & CO.  Near Cermet Majg Street and lftaie/gy, Yo-i dlsftSt.-*��������� .������������.��������������� x���������  *f*4tJ**t%WfOy������>|������  B*B������BBBlBWMB*B*B������*B^BBBBmS*B*B^^ - ..IJ  9B  KEEPER OF DISORDERLY HOUSE  NOT GIVEN OPTION OF FINE.  For keeping a 'disorderly house at  683 Richards street Louis Richard was  sentenced by Magistrate Shaw to three  months' Imprisonment without the option of a fine. Blanche Martin who  was, found guilty of being an Inmate  of the house was fined $50 or two  months' Imprisonment  In sentencing Richard, Magistrate  8naw said: "I don't think that this Is  a case where the accused should have  SB**B*e*e-e������BmsB-e*Se*-sssBe-s9K  the option^ of a One. The place la being -run sb a restaurant but that la  merely a blind."  HIGH SCHOOL FOR SOUTH VANCOUVER.  South Vancouver," June 3.���������South  Vancouver school" girls and boys,-who  aspire, to a higher education will have  tbe.way "made easier ter ������hem at the  next semester by the establishment ot  a high school in connection with the  school of South Vancouver.  I WALLPAPERS!  IN EVERY SHADE. GRADE AND STYLE.  i **  A large shipment^  of  TMsSbkod's  Specials  Has just arrived.  Prices range from  5c to $2.00  per roll.  ROSIO &  2440 MAIN STREET Beiweei 8tii Ave. aid Broadway  ********** | ***** 104 ��������� 101������I0   l������I������l������40M������������l������l������e������t*t������'t������������������  GOTO     ,  KEELERS NURSERY  Cor ISth Ave. * Main St.  FOR  .FLOWERING SHRUBS  V '    AM*  ,  ORNAMENTAL TREES  Of aU varieties.  Rose Pushes a Shoelalty*  1 f������ONB:?airiwmt 817R  Repairs  bicycles, Baby Buggies,  LawnMower%, Electric Irons  etc., repaired.  Saws Filed  falrnwnt Repair SMp  John Wavbr4ijt, Pgop.      '  COR* Up AVr** fid WWTWNSTEH ������P  Fire Insurance Aftents to represent British Fire iMuranee  Company (Board Office) who can  secure preferred business. Reply  Britiih, c** Western Call Office,  2406 Westminster Jtoad, Mount  Pleaawt, Vancouver, B. C.  *BsacmmmmmmmB*mmts>mm*m*ms-  243o WAIN STREET  (BStrgEK Mb m4 BBOAPWAT)  first-clasp Repairing a Specialty  9*W*T*M**9r wSSeS ^*y#Wlgw^^S^e|^gw   *9*>  w*^UfVf<l  p. PARIS. Fad*  Also Corner of 6th Avenue  CONFEC+w  Only the Beit kept  c i mm    W5 mmi i  *j*mammMammmmMSMmmmm*wmm*3s*w*mmm**mm*wma^  ****************************************************  Our Opinion oti the  W������ Imow wefcave your confto>na������ and we have  made ourselves wormy of it by haocJUng the very  best mercoandise in our line. ������  ���������W*"****"'   ���������^������������������^���������"'^T "^'*T^*���������f'^������*v^'���������*���������'*^^���������*''���������������^   tVt '^m^'rmr   *"f"^"^T*������** ��������� ���������  We are tam$m <w*% &e good qualities of every  etove and ranfe-on tbe market  U<m opinion  ��������� TT~ .'-������������������"jw.'-W"'���������' j *"������ TV'   w  it the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it If there wai a better range mad* we would  advise you to buy it   Will  you not come and see it?. We  are sure we can convince you  fogfle of five minutes that what  we way about the South Bead Hal-  leableiftnM.  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street - Phone Fairmont 4*7 J  A pretty wedding was solemnised  on Saturdday evening at UU Venables  street when Miss Elisabeth McHarg.  of New Wetitinlnster, became .the  wife of Mr. Prank R. Nicholson. The  ceremony' was performed by the Rev.  Bunting Jahnean,1 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson will reside in Vancouver.  Another of "Saturday's weddings waa  that of Mis i Alice Beatrice Holmes  and Mr. Oswold Hirst, which took  place at 1141 Semlln Drive. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr.  Prasei* in*th0 present of a number of  friends/ Mr. land Mrs. Hirst will reside ln Vancouver.  On Saturday a quiet wedding was  solemnised at the home ol Mr. and  Mrs. R. S. Morgan, 1957, Third avenue  west, when Miss 8. M. McMahus became the wife of Mr. A. R. Hanscome.  The Rev. O. S. Woods officiated. Mr.  and Mrs..Hanscome left on the night  boat for Beattie, and on -their return  they will reside in Vancouver.  One of Saturday's   June   weddings  may he realized if right- methods are  adopted.  When not in his place of business  or .attending to city duties Mr. Owen  may be found at his Inviting borne.! jf  8781 .Westminster road.  KNIQHT ROAO.  At the last meeting of the' Knight  Road Improvement Association It waa  finally decided that the Knight road  should be gaseted as an eighty-foot  road from property line to property  Una.  As a car line has been proposed for  this' thoroughfare, It was absolutely  necessary that the road should be  widened. The chairman reported thai  the B. C. Telephone Company were  already laying to- their poles at the  eighty-foot mark.  , Over twenty quit claims, were handed In to the secretary, Mr. T. T. Leach,  who will acknowledge their receipt.  The secretary reported that nearly  all those are In hfs bands only need-  big to be transferred to the Munick  paUty to make their acceptance lege].  Residents of the Victoria and Westminster roads district are complain*  lug against tbe action qt the 3. C.  Electric Railway Company ln suspending the through service to PoWeU  street in the middle of the day and  reverting to the old method of turning  was  that of Miss  Blanche Amanda (back at Seventh avenue.   It took two  Wood, of this city, who was quietly years for the agitation of the various  married to Mr. Samuel Conrad Hague,  alee of Vancouver, the Rev. Dr. H.  Francis Perry officiating. The bride  was unattended. Mrs. Clara Belle  Mln'to and Mrs. Mary Mable Heara, of  Victoria, were friends present Mr.  and Mrs. Hague'will take up their  residence at 496 King Edward avenue  m this city.  Anoth&r of the June brides waa Miss  Asmle Dyson, who on Saturday became  the. wife of Mr. Fred. Andrews. Only  a tew Intimate friends witnessed the  ceremony, which was performed by the  Rev.,. H. Francis Perry, of the First  Baptist Church. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, who are both of .this city, win  reside at 425 Thirteenth avenue west  ratepayers' associations of tbe district  to take effect, and consequently much  excitement has been caused by this  action of the company tn suspending  the through service after two months'  trial.  The ratepayers' association will  probably call special meetings at  which to take   up the matter.  ROSSE-IS RAID .r-BURSAN HOMK.  ii������minimnnnHH<������������  llMll������������foej������  XFyTHM DOM  5l0> ICE CREAM PJ&U&&  M*9*8 mmlm *$. *4 e ten item tH*  is the coolest Parior in llon^in������MMt.  ���������������������������An.    .,������j?AJ   V3#S>2fi  i   Call and try our lee Cream, Studasa. Sodas, Oder. Salt fift^1*&^  We get our Sweet Cream, atflk, Sutter and  ' "    Large selection of dgars, Oigarettea. andTsbaosos.  Ageiits for Woman's Bakery, ���������,       /.,  MM II MlIH HI III!   Hlllit,Hlill|iilH#l  W M  amaammaataaaaammaaaa^  aataeaaaeeeesti mm imii if a i ******* tniM Ml  REMEMBER TU^\Wt\ V ^f*$[ '  I FANCY DRY GOODS  757 Brariwoy/Etttt  0*^  Best Grade of Goods and Moderate  * ~-* -      v  Prices will merit your Patronage.  *"'fiy  ********* ������iim Mes������������i������fiiMiOMtie<i%f(  '* f Ty^y i-i fliiil  "*JSia  BAND'S  W. C. 8aaii Maaager  J  W-'BC������-ift*^'  *w* yw������ **w**mw*j-  It's Just Like^ Home^^.^  '������ * . ^ y-   " ^ yt*'y������(j**'-J  1>e most up-to-date place Iii Wtf*^^  a v>������> ���������'il/*-1  'A  Clean* Ta^ and Quidt t34arrce.  SNAP SHOT.  ~ W. R. Owen���������The subject of (his  "snap" commenced his career la Gray  County, Out, tn the days when good  men were born. After reaching stalwart manhood he came to Vancouver.,  moved by a hopeful ambition to "make  good" la his chosen vocation, the sea*  log of hardware. A visit te bis store;  8887 Mala street. wtQ convince the  the most critical observer., x  If large and select stock, a/scorddio-  datlng clerks, numerous sales and satisfied patrons are marks of success  then unusual success has crowned the  efforts'.and met tbe hopes of Mr.  Owen- Take your measuring line and  you will find that the main room is  26x116 feet and tbe wareroom 30x50  feet, with high ceilings. Tbe Btock of  heavy and shelf hardware Oils every  available apace. It Is new and comprises, almost  South Vancouver, June 8,���������lust aa*  other robbery Is added to the list of  those which have been repotted to  the police during the past ten days,  this time Mr. & P. Whetton, living on  Tkynne road, near Bodwell,, Is the  loser. He tells the police today that  some night during the latter part of  last week a burglar entered bis home  in the most approved manner and  took onto himself sundry articles, including Jewelry to the value of f 100  tn good Canadian money. The police  believe that It Is one gang who are  ^working* the municipality. The clues  they bar* are being followed up.  (UUWARY  campuell, the 5-year-d|d  son of *fr, and Mrs. J. A. Milton, of 865  Broadway west, died last Saturday afternoon at the family residence. The  funeral service was conducted by the  Rev. J.. A. Woodside at half past  nine on Wednesday morning.  Christian zscfceos, M years of age,  everything carried In passed away at the family residence,  ; such houses���������malleable ranges, stoves,- 512 Twelfth avenue east, Saturday  household supplies, etc. Mr. Owen morning. The deceased was well-  hasbeen Park Commissioner for three j known in Vancouver having lived in  years���������a position for which be has!this city for over twenty years. He  natural tastes and acquired fitness. w������as born tn Nova Scotia. The funeral  Good parks distributed in all sections j service will be held this afternoon  of Greater Vancouver for the people {from the parlors of Messrs. Hanna  is a hobby which be rides with grace Bros. The Rev. R. J. Wilson will of*  and modesty.   He is a man of strong j ficiate.  convictions, unswerving fidelity, high;    sense of honor snd has sn established "I don't, know about this picture,  reputation for candor, honesty and Bobby," said the visitor, as he ran over  good Judgment He is devoted to the specimens of tbe youngster's camera  city ln general, but believes in "Mt.'work. "I am afraid a dog with a pro-  Pleasant, the Heart of Vancouver."      ' peller instead of a tail is something  Were all business men as fully free j of a fake.'*  from selfishness as he, this city would {   "That ain't a propeller," said Bobby,  become   a   veritable   paradise.    The,"That's his tail.   He kept waggin' it  "City Beautiful" appeals to him as a! while his picture was being tookened."  fascination, a captivating dream that!���������Harper's Weekly.  i  %**<** y***4 * let ******* ��������������� t*< mv***y>****4'* * *******i*i***+4  ~~^.-=~  - rVy  All Fruits  >vry&M  ���������y w wwpew amw t^^/**999S* *r^*rf^*w**^99  TRY OUR JSc BUSINESS  aon MAIN SJRMPT  Corner 10th Avenwe       ^^ " *  '.������A   *.,  r^\  lyr  ���������*i*n  Ii  -���������.���������v*;  'v >S  ske  I*************)***********  >M������������Mtltl|TlftMr������Mt  i  1  ForgooxJ valuealn  ,    WM. 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The  .whitish threads to be found running  through tbe soil beneath a mushroom  or toadstool, is the true plant body,  wbicb Is equivalent to tbe roots and  stems of higher plants, while the mushroom itself is the fruiting body containing tbe spores, which are the equivalent of seeds.  From tbe standpoint iof tbe fruit  grower, fungi may be divided into two  clssBee:  1 Those whose mycelium, or vegetable portion, lives on the surface  or tbe host plant, as for ex-m;.!*, tW  vanrus mildews.  2. The larger class embraces those  whose mycelium penetrates into the  tissues of tbe host plant such as the  apple scab and black spot canker  The fungi belonging to ths first  group can generaly be destroyed by  spraying wltb suitable fungicides when  they appear but those of Group 2 are  not affected by vsuch spraying. Their  entrance into the tissues is to be prevented by Bpraying before lnnocula-  tion takes place. This requires thst  all the susceptible area be thoroughly  coated with the spray, and, if growth  is taking place as in the spring- and  early 'summer, spraying must be repeated to cover the new growth as  long ss there is danger of serious In  noculatlon.  . Tho fungous diseases causing most  serious loss in this Province, are:  1.   Black spot canker.  t.   Brown rot of the plum, prune  and cherry.  S.   Apple scab.  - Buck  Spot  Canker���������This   disease  lain **** mi iii-i ihhi *** .*** ** >******* * *** 111 n i *****  Use Stave lake Power  Those Industries are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric,  power service. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense lor maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  svstem ��������� more. serious, disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  ������������������iSP  Western  &fc  Power Company, \  : ttaMi tljmr 4771 -   603-610 Carter-Cotton Bid*. ::  to: BOX H18, VANCOUVER, B. C.  yi  t^T/^V^iii^tHii'tiiljin MllTMH t-lll >! ���������><!' M Ml������M HIMJ MI Ii MM  ������   .1 n ,A  X*a T *���������  ti-'  at^a^fr  Jet������ ���������HfPJilf WH  i.>.   -'  ?W  tit*   , Apprais-ir *n<l HoCut Public for -Prltisti CotomWa  {JeperaJ W9\ Bit������te( Mining Broker, Financial Atfenl  causes the death of large areas of the  bark and outer wood, principally of the  apple. It is of consequence only where  fall rains are plentiful in combination  with, mild weather. It la, easily; pre  vented by one thorough spraying in the  fall with double-strength Bordeaux  mixture. It is treated fully In Bulletin 3.4 of the Department of Agriculture.  Brown Rot of the Plum and Cherry  ���������This disease was first Introduced  into the province about ten or twelve  years ago, and is now ti cause ot serious loss, especially in tbe ooast districts. It is dependent on wet weather, and in dry seasons almost disappears.  Its control is difficult, because of  its very rapid growth and prolific spore  productions. While absolute prevention under favorable conditions Is im*  Itossible with the knowledge we now  have, the following measures give a  reasonable immunity:    >  1. Prune out tbe trees to admit air  and sunlight.  2. Collect and destroy all old fruits  on the tree or the ground before spring  ploughing.  3. Spray with lime sulphur thor  Qughly Just before buds open.-  4. Spray just after blossoming, and  again when the fruit it half-grown,  with lime sulphur diluted I to 50.  5. Thin out fruits so that no two  touch.  6. Handle carefully to prevent loss  of stems and bruising.  7. Allow1 fruit to stand over night  in a cool place before packing. Pack  only perfect fruit/ and .keep fruit as  cool as possible to destination.  Apple Scab���������Apple scab or black spot  is prevalent in most parts of the province subject to any considerable rainfall in the spring and early summer.  The varieties of the Fameuse family  are most subject. Tho spores of this  disease are carried over the winter  on the twigs and old leaves. They  germinate and spread in the spring,  about the time the blossoms begin to  open. r ' '  -Remedies:  1. Destroy old leaves, by burning  or ploughing under,  2. Prune trees to admit sunlight  and air. ��������� .     -i -~ /  3. Spray with lime sulphur, 1 to 9,  before the buds open.  4. Spray  Just   before  ent almost unknown in the, province*  the repressive measures taken by the  Government to control it having grv*  en most excellent results. Growers  should, however, bo continually on  the watch for this disease, affecting  both pear and apple trees,.and must  be prepared to take strict measures to  prevent Its gaming a foothold.  Description���������The young shoots and  thin leaves wither and turn black,  looking- very much as though tbey bad  been scorched by fire. The' infection  works down the stem, destroying, the  life entirely, as far as it goes. Particularly where infection on. old bark  takes place, there will be found small  drops of a sweetish liquid oosing from  the bark. This liquid contains myriads of the bacteria causing tbe disease, and, as it Is attractive to bees  and other insects, these carry the  germs all through the orchard,' especially to the blossoms. The nectar in  the blossom Is a particularly favorable  medium for lnnoculation, and from this  follows the form called "twig blight,"  which involves the destruction ot their  fruit spurs.  Spraying is impossible because the  points of infection cannot be reached  by It The only remedy whidh bas  proven effectual is the cutting out of  the diseased areas followed by .careful disinfection of tbe wound and the  knife or saw. Cuts sbould be made  from two inches to one foot below the  diseased areas .depending on Ibe rapidity of progress being made by the  blight.  In connection with the treatment of  insects and diseases, frti^t growers  Bhoutd secure copies of the Spray Calendar for 1912 and Of Circular No. 9.  on "Sprays and Spraying," issued by  the Horticultural Branch of the Department  Mas*  11  Euftrxjtic TKBJurntrB'cs.  "5000 PACTS ABOUT CANADA" FOR  1912.  < The 1911 edition of tbat popular and  Indispensable booklet "WOO Facts  About Canada," compiled .by Frank*  Teigb. the widely known writer and  lecturer, and author of "Tbroogh the  Heart of Canada," is now. out and is  replete with new matter; including an  outline map of Canada, a calendar end  the new census figures. In compact  form Is found, a wealth o| facie 9&A figures of tbe Dominion Ibat, will prove  blossoming * revelation of 6ttr natural resources  with Ume sulphur, 1 to 26.   ,  5. Spray again, juat after the blossoms fall, with lime sulphur, 1 to 80.  Tbe second spraying Is by far tbe  most Important and most be very  thorough if resales are to be satisfactory.  Vectorial Plaeasaa,  -s-viL  pear. Blight���������Pear blight is at ores*' Toronto.  and growth. 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But  ^he wsa a iwi-n orimlnsl, and a das-  tgerotts One; a throw-back to the abort-  gtnal savage. /.&.. / yyy ���������'yy-y-yy:^  S^m:5tttOs'vni������^te^<M!;VJoiteiy ^aiid^tr;  tempted^ n**nrder ma^ : bis -native'land?  :''to6-^5tovi:hbld bim. and he fled to  ,     Kngland.  ThiB was In 1S80. and it die  ;iiiofi'talte:- him long to blossom forth  Into A professional blsckmaUer and  swindler of a peculiarly odious, type.  He'd Never Be TakSn Alive  Once ho found himself In the clutch*  es of the law, and received a wel-  merited sentence at the Old Bailey ef  twelve, months'' Imprisonment with  hard labor. His temper wis not Im-'  proved by - this one taste $M oekum*  ptcklng, and he vowed ftp! ne wouid  never do another "stretdr* (year's  Imprisonment ho matter; wn*t came.  After this h* always went armed, >.  His specialty about this time was  bogus company promoting, and he did  remarkably well out of St from his  point of view.- From one concern alone  he netted $300,000. Another yielded  him $226,000 In six weeks. He opened  Wore than one hundred different  banking accounts In as many different  mtmes, and ho kept an album in which  lis entered his different aliases stde  that way lies promotion, and promotion is>ot ��������� Sonlie^j^  ���������hiAn&iliij^  ^Ssreia^ig^^  secret'passage' so liichily discovered,  and dragging thence into the light of-  tfav .the wqree than, wild beast that  ipT*e&r**ttlraE^    yy ^yyy^yy \'--vi~i[>  rrl^yiftii^.:;:;-^^;^'is*  Stepping   from   the   room' tnto> the  t*verh-lik������ passage���������being a tall.man  !W6fas'-:-compeiliitt*tb; adopt: a^s^p'inlg'  posture���������he called to the wanted man,  ^toTIpi������bIm^.M^^  cer, that *Sr game we* up, and tbat he  haA better si^  ������$^#?^^  ^rto'-vert&^swA^  out of the terlui^^  oltck of a revivor biBlng oocked: Bed*  cock felt that life or death wafcAmet-  ter of moments only,  and  bounded  swiftly forward, still   keening   bent  nearly double, both bscause^the height  ol "the passage *1*not Mhiit of a perfectly wiect pMture being maintained,  SM also becausd hyso delni he stood  > a hettercnahoe of sot being shot If  his asaaflant alvsd- high, u men ftf-.  tag when g������^r et<Mt������ll usuallr do.  The pasiiMfc end^^^ to  Badcook oo������*Chear ^  at tha hmndle; inside; But ne~ could not  ,g������t^������#i;;tliat: '���������; wajj%;xfor<;:ttKBW'^-beeh  locked:^iro*ni -the outsidsb-r;Inspector  Arrow's orders priorvto ^raid.  : Ttealtiing this, the hunt<* man facad  about, pointed his revolver at his pur  suer, and- tried, to pull the trigger.  But Badcock gripped' his wrist with  fingers'of steel, and the Weapon dropped with a clang on the stone floor.  ' It waa a pitiful figure of a man that*  waa dragged out Into the light of day  a, lew.. seconds later.    His, face was  livid, his,features were working convulsively,  - "Water!" he gasped. "Give me water'* '' v.  'A servant ran and fetched some, but  the glass slipped from his nerveless  fingers, his jaw. dropped, and a moment later ho fell dying to the* ground.  A coroner's Jury-said it was apoplexy.  But was it?  The Anarchist millionaire, who was  also, it must be remembered;' a doctor,  and a skilful chemist, had long had in  his possession a gold signet ring "in  which was hiddon a powerful poison.  ', When ho was arrested this ring was  on hla hand, but tfo Secret recep'acle  SAD  >JS:  l$|Iff|  ymy  m  y$g  r*.i^s#:Wher ts'eWioa* thst:  :l<le^v]!iaua^^ajsto-^i^^  -it  y  n*  by side with his own proper signature.  This album is now preserved as A cur- 3>ehind the *f al which bad contained  toeity at Scotland Yard, *' .    ���������" ���������*  ,   As has been Intimated,  he  Swore.  that be would never be taken aUve,  and .although as ������jresult ot hta enM*  sal frauds half the detectives m hV'  rose were presently searching for bint,  ������WULmY&*\ttL#  and-he took no chances, tta  "'-���������waaois*1  Wei**,  ads <of  et   exits,  b; if need  Bal'the es|s-  |ded it. but the  lid was hear*  teiKetjfthlfdpn.an  lETllMl 00w*9.   nTe������   of at' another places near Loa4oa.  whare-tie .was engaged to printing ^n  tasulng vMt.-namhera of hooks of a  glad about; which tbo, less said the  better.      7  ���������eeret Chambers -and Park Tunnels  This house also was raided, but once  -more the wanted-man had disappeared.  The detectives ^ound. however, evi-  ���������dence of bis m.any-sided enterprises In  the shape of .six ot tbe newest snd  most expensive kinds of linotype' tra  .chines, together with many thousands  ���������of objectionable books, all ewly  printed. These were destroyed on a  magistrate's order.  -Tne'search for the master criminal'  was continued, and at laBt he **s  locate* to a large mansion in Cambridgeshire, known, ss "Edenfield."  This house, which stood in its own  grounds, had been chosen for Its as-  ,. elusion, ULe the one dt Wemblsy Park,  aad, like it, too, it had been fitted ������i n  an-elaborate system of sliding panels,  secret chambers, and subterranean  passages.  All this was known to tbe Yard, and  It was known, too, that Sn armed and  desperate man lurked within. Cones-  quently. It was determined to send  three off the best men available to  enter the house and effect the actual  arrest, while other plain-clothes officers were detailed to watch tbe various exits in the grounds outside.  The officers told off for tbe danger  oos part of tbe Job were ChleMnspeo*  tor Arrow (afterwards appointed  Cb|et ef the Barcelona Police), D?tec-  'tve-Inspector Sweeny, and Sergesnt-  nspector (afterwards Inspector) Bad-  joeav'-'  These were1 experienced men, and  tbey laid their plans well. One went  ap to the door, disguised as a tradesman's assistant, and knocked. The  ���������other two were in hiding in the shrubbery near by. ���������".-     .yy^:-y\ _v  At the knock the door was opened  ever so Uttle; and before it could be  closed, again the three detectives were  Inside. Instantly ������ shrill whistle was  sounded from within, and when the  house was searched the Anarchist  millionaire was apparently  nowhere  wl������llBifc-'--^>-^.*-----:'fV,'-:-  There were plenty of servants about,  of both sexes, but they one and all professed' to know nothing. The detectives,searched high and low for nearly  two hours, but their search was in  Vain. Yet th: t the wanted man was  somewhere within the building was  certain. Every exit waa being watched by their colleagues' outside, and  these had made no sign.  Bearding the Lion in His Den ^  At length, just when they were on  the verge of despair, a secret panel  was discovered, and this, on being  forced open, revealed a. passage just  broad enough io admit one man. It  was pitch dark within, hut'out of the  darkness came the sound of suppressed breathing. '  Here,, then, was their quarry. But  which One of the three detectives was  going to risk almost certain death by  bearding him in his den now he was  at boy? .  . The question in reality admitted but  of one answer: It is an unwritten law  of Scotland YaTd that the post of danger shall be given to the Junior, for  Aaftwtated ������Jft������������ri  ' m:::*yyiymm  HILK Mr* Bowiwr wm down  (;-:*)^^^^Jki^^-:.^:^^.  afterDOuo glVtng tbs cook  InstrtHtiona ":��������� ss -';'to' Aaner  a*e/liel?iii:a^jBbjb;n*s4.^  .,,; "Majarte.  1 ' tesvit^f ot:', a ~: presentiment.- ' :'yMy:yy ^y yy y^yi  2 *������'$*imi*W!!**9^^        '?**-  brother 41m bad ooo asjd wss laid up  iu bed for two mootlui with it Ho  ; waik-f ia^fft4^:y';^i2yV-yyy ? ���������. 7y y  x; ':.������������������ A presenttment ���������is'i;:feeiibfc,*-2^ *��������� 'y  ��������� ^"Ob; isW K ;y: ^ W:y *B?yyyyy  - - VYou\reelrthst>batAtbI^  ;lm:ppen.^;f;:;v^;:^^  "VVell. Ifa tramp, cornea to t^ A  and In ������u*Jsy *fibout it I'll uiice care ef  mm." >     ^  "It lun't a tramp. Maggie. I've got  -a iiresenriment tbat Mr. Bowser te going to {.bring me noms a present *o*~  nlgbt.** ���������  tilory to yon! Will it be s aeaiskla  ���������cout?* " t  I dim't kqow. but I feel tbat whatever it is I shan't like It. and so there  will be a row/)  *'| hp|H������ out. Mr. Bowser went away  tbta  morning  flnjiiiiK tbat  heantifut  toreV.yod;vwe-f^ulte������.?p^it;;{|^^  Ifter I aaw it^^hars5 ^liillt#l^i^S^S^������''  jreathat yen������tat dao--lar-Kvusdand  ||apptnf:yo*Jr^n4s1*^^  "Then what are yon taming all sorts  i^-;������idMvf^?r/f:isin'^  "But what? Here is a hat beanl  Jy jetted, mmmednp^^  ties and .cost���������-m:^^^^^  %^nr$U������'yyS'll������^  -Why. it t������'t my anape.'\.uj������ret!Jle���������  ' "Your shape?  Wlmt has yoor snaps  ���������jpst co do with a hat?  Are yoe too fat  or too leantT;-:;:  :y^ycitf:^f;^y^:  -I mean the brim la too wide, and I  espt wesr Uk>mt-o)������rs with my coe>  ���������^^fyyyyyy^^  "Y<������or wnn>lexioo bo Uoged! vThst  ;lia: yosr cemple-tletl lot; to *������;#������; a'  ?s^ea^*tttre^������biitt  y*A**r ^tuflse. i;ii*mx&29ihm$'t<*^^  woman can't woaT taveoder ties. ;-:To#  den  for ������ up^laiA .raua^ to;>e ������  tiOMWaammikfa^^  of the Iniw wagons.   On Oie  1MW**.:  the poison, was empty.       ^ ,  , Anyway, he was dead, and the world  was welT rid of'him.  v Had n������ stood his trial, tbere would  have been revealed; ths most remark-  ante < ^criminal romance of modern  times.     ' T i  ALL JHl. DlFttnSNCC  PSttetioe, my dear, patience!^ ro-  ..��������� prove* ,Hr.   Bounce- complacently^  to StHMtow Mi*a auite suro^Jim didn't, m������no to  "���������       " ufsjrt^jW^oMjpt.tAa. an* It will ba  feu*<tlFwrm Afresh  table c'bih.  Accidents will hgipsa. yoo know, in  Hie   bast   f-s-ritteted   famUtes���������mind  your fJksa,. Willie���������an* It'A no good  crjrliMI jove-i- Careful, W||Uel   I al-  ways thinks- L ' ���������'-  ���������'OrsatacottI". he shouted. 'There  goes Willie'* milk al) pver my trous-  era---And a new pair, too! Get a' cloth,  somebody! !'ni dripping! Heavers!  a man ������m't sit down at his owa. tab ������  nowadays, It seems, without being  peppered from bis,children's plates,  an* bespattered from his children's  cups. Just look at these trousers,  Mary! Ruined! Ah, don't tell me be  didn't do It on purpose! Ill teach  him to behave himself���������-  ^Willie," he roared, as be left the  room, "follow me Into the study!"   /,  1     '' '' VI"  TH* WAV OF A MFOftMER  He was one of those '"sad-faced men  who delight |n becoming railway-  carriage bores, en* when be saw a  nappy-looking stranger amogtog c:n-  tente*|y near by be felt compelled to  ask a few questions.  "SUVr toe began, "will you aVow  your boy to smoke cigarettes when  he grows up?"  "I have never given the question A  moment's thought,"' replied tbe stranger*  The, sad-faced man sighed.  "And," he. went on faintly. "I suppose you have never thought about  stopping hls-drinking?"  "1 never bave," admitted the man.  The ead-iaced man positively  ffAsited.  "Csn it b? true," he muttered, "that  there are such monsters living; such  hardened,, callous���������-"  "But I think yon ought to know,"  Interrupted the stranger, "that I ha^e  been a confirmed bachelor all my life."  IT WAS CURIOUS  "Came In."  Tbe door opened to admit a shabby-  looking individual, the shine on wblse  coat would have done credit to the  hardest* working shoeblack.  "Are you the gentleman," he began,  "who found a purse.and advertised  the fact in the paper* to-day?"  "1 am."  "It container money?"   '  "Yes, it contained a very "large sum  of money."  "You mentioned that , the owner  could recover the purse by giving you  a description of it?"  , "That is so. But you will have to  give an accurate account of the purse,  its contents, and how you came to lose  it,"* i.   -  "f haven't lost a purse."  "Eh? Then why do you come here  and make these inquiries?"  "I called out of curiosity to see  what a man looks like who finds a  Jarge sum of money and advertises it  in the papers instead of having a good  time.   Good morning, sir!"''..'���������  -���������:V'V:   OPPO ,DfAl.  Jones was at the theatre, and behind  him sat a lady with a child on her lap,  which was crying unceasingly.  Unable to stand it any longer, Jcnes  turned smilingly to the lady and asked: "Has that infant of yours been  christened yet, ma'am?"  "No, sir," replied the lady.  "If I were you I would call it 'Good  dea���������" said Jones.  "And why 'Good Idea'?" said the  ady indignantly  "Because," said Jones, "it should be  arried out."   It was Jones who had  j be carried;out.  yiTflf AlWPAJtaT?"  hymn, *i Wan* to Boar Away.' A man  woo |������ tntoklog of twartng won*t *m*  ****#**������* e wiw-."  ff*%������ 9** *refsrtt!rt*eaL  ' ^Tbe fwetontlment dldnt vsolsb. bow*  Hrrer. Ontb* contrary. It grew strong*v  er. ao* when ~**r: Bowser tinally ap-  oeare* Mrs- JBetcser ������raa almost s'i  tremble.^ Tbep there was a. reaction.  JUr. Bowser was smiling.  He gave her  a kiss sn* then walke* threnaw into  ���������the sitting room and'deposited a oug  ton the table an*Jocularly sal*:  i "On your life, no one is te pat *  *nw* on this until utter dinner"  "Is it something for mef ���������  "Nerer yoa mind"  "I uo|w it t*n't another Are enenpe." ,  ' "it,won't escape if yon let it alone." *  . "put Is It a microbe, Mlierr'  "Pon't yoa worry about mlcrbbee.  Ko use your trying to guens whot It Is.  for yon couldn't tn fifty years. I will  any this, bowever-tt's something lor  jon."  "Ob. bat | want to ess Itr*  "But yoo keep bands off., I'm as  hungry as a wolf and want dinner."  Tbey went down to tbe diolog room,  hla arm around ber snd ahe quite forgetful of tbat presentiment. Mr Bowser wss fairly Jolly during the meal,  an* tbe cat sat wltb solemn countenance and seemed to be saying, lo herself:  "Ob. yes-ob. yen-but yoa Just wsit  and see bow thin thing come* out!  There'* Iota of time yet for a row "  When the sitting room waa reached  again Jars. Bowser aald:  "It was awfully kind and thoughtful  Of you. Mr. Bowuer. How nice to surprise me wltb a m>w wrap! Juat let  m������ aee one little corner of It"  ��������� The ftevalstio*. -  **Ket a hair's.breadtb-oot yetr be  replied ss he seised. her and went  waltzing aronnd tbe room and. uttering  ebw-kles. **|t isn't qoite a wrap, but  nevHtheless I hope it will prove a  glad snrpriae. We will now invest!*  gate the mystery of the mysterious  IWf." -  "It may be a fur coat" laughed Mrs.  Bowaer. -  "Year  -Or tbe latest at .vie of muff."  "Ve*r  **Or a Parli* gown."  "Yes?"  ���������������������������Now'I know what It la for-sore.  It's a nice Imlh roh*. I told you a long  Unit* ago I needed <me. and you haven't  forgotten. You couldn't nave pleased  me more."  "MelilM* not. but I hope to." he replied :is lif remm-wd atrtng and paper.  "Here we are sit last. How do you like  lh:it?"  A trimmed h������t was taken from the  Ih<\ -,\m\ citivftilly rifld out on his band.  ^'������������������s. R<>>.v-������'r irnv** one Utnto, and the  riiiiiu sta'iu'.*d to whirl around with  *ier. '  ������������������inn't If n |!m dandy?"  Koutu -rtl!l whirling.  "I went Into a duces different planta  rYea I ;see. aad durn my Inmons t  h^ the mliUl>er tok^ ^  aM put theiw On and pal* bM.a "  extra to make tb* clHpes^':^^:^^;^  "Yoo are awfully go6d and kind.  *ear. butt ean't wear^that^t^tiJ  shoot* took like a fright in it. Too see.  f������a"T $&^:3P$M$$%  " **i see tbat I am an ass, Mrs. Bow-v  eerf he sbooted aa he waved the nst  oo ��������� high.   -Her*; t 'have;Vrnhv 'niyV'eos^:  founded legs off sod pstd out tweniy-  taree big dollars, atid yon Ulk abeot  cosnplexlon and mtenMs^|att^l!eeliiiii''i  wemen!" ^ ^il;^i;lti|-|!-  The M*yfati^yyy$$0y:j!:  "But pleaae don't beAni*ry> "^r;;Bdw-i  aer. tou aee. no man CAU^Iect a bat;  for a woman. Therms g^;to bf" aer*!  many between"-     'yfy:":y:'yf'&0)Z&  ^Harmony, eh?" be growled."������lie'B  get to prance rtround tor two weeks  and try oaererytbing she sees till sl)e  enh match ber eye winkm eyelNro^rs  jantbompon bernoselln* the '  ���������a her chin, i-hafs all right  ahead and praacer  iMmmmm  "I'm awfully aorry.^ti|iaalBj|t|n^  an ������unt who can proba1w>;M.._,. ..,,...  -Not by tbe m v,., i,u,^ Bdtrrifle:  Am t around boyinc nut* forssy cnott'  Am t atwmd iw^.ijt^iir """ "*"'  ���������tmtr Am f m^ttig ar������������o4  A������t'An*i^an*t*^r^aia|'  l,^raea^������str,.     HA :i������I|ii^p^|  ^jil, Bowser., hj *ft\ *o*������I* ^k^-  %m.u W^'������'Uv������eal*>':seaf  to some old -tomans home, well.. It  can't It's going Into the alley, aa*  when | get another surprise for yon  yea' can took for on earthquake with  if  "Ne more. Hra. Bowser.  Ifs all settle*. The bat doeent become you. sod  we'll try tt on an ol* hen.   I now ge  to the library. - If Jon wish to telephone, your lawyer *o so.   Tell Wmt  tbat I am willing te pay *sa a week  alimony, bat I shall insist on tne *l-  voire  being " bustled   right  through.  And while you are about tt yoo can  apeak to Haggle"���������  "Bat Maggie has gone oat"  ������Yoa" can Apeak to Maggie, an* she  csa speak to her aunt aa* both of  them can go to Jericho.*'  r - / Well f|shtaAssa\V> *  An amateur oharlty work#?r visiting  a family In the tenement district was  alarmed to see the mother dash a <*up  of col* water Iu tbe face of the baby  she be* Jw������t finished dressing.  Too polite to expreas her smaxement.  tbe visitor held her breatu. expecting  the Sir to be rent with screams. When  none enme. tbe <hlld merely whimpering, abe aaid. "Oettr me. I should think  he'd object more than tbat."  "WoaWn't ye, uow?" aald the fond  mother admiringly. "Sure I've been  practicing un him for three weeks Hf  won't V**H when he's baptized oext  Sunday. He'll be uaed to If'-Udie-  Home Journal.  i^^*iiatt%r,,  ���������^.���������^laitiftedir"-'^^  m  nands tignals will b������ a ���������  past   The s������e^ lisrJt of^^a  wiU hereafter ������aH for Om^^n^  the court aAdeJlroeAs are to W  ed cloesly.   A������otoer ihnttsr tiMt has  b^tbecau*eofagre^dealofts*04.  hm^^;';lo^s*#^i^^#^^  tl������ wrong side of th������roaA to mort  osaea tats la UAlntenttoaal ^ InraaJ  wrongHfoing <m t^ i*tm^^������    ���������'" " A  is concerned, a* niMymt*������li^  tag from toe ctltor side pass ov*^  ^$������^^  ���������imVof L**ae,  ttanJey.  oor^ will be place* on l^jusjas,  couver and Bdm������dA roads,    '  atCentral ^rk a*^ Blver roads, warning all drivem to kewp to the left  Tbla^m>-������oim|bt|Ma^  jisjtfgltt^aW^ {  jjW-;.eJs^;.l^ii|^M ���������  ;lin^i^ea^i;toj^^  A well-meaninA Wa*lUngton ftorlst  waa toe cauw of much embaiTassm^  ^vA'yoa*������g. i^^i|^#^:;#1^^|l^p'  A rich and beautifta girl. It appears  that one afternoon she in tonne* tho  young man that the next day would be  nef^i^ua>,v^^ ";"*1 '^M  marked that he would the next morn-  rts^iaey'isome^rj.^^  noriat bimaelf  l^'tWaiaa^lto^g^^  ^M 'Js*;:*'itler*!  Modest Christians. r-.y.-  "RellslouH folka are never hoastfui.  are tbey. ma?"  "Certainly uot. child. But wbat put  that Idea into your bead?'"  "I noticed at the *ei|>**tien<-e' meeting that many told what religion bad  done for tbem. but did not _ mention  that tbey. had done anything for it"���������  Judge.-....  A'Feminine View.  "Awfolly smart costumes at the fly  ing meeting."      .  "Were there?' An* whom did yoo  see-fly ?���������'>'.  "Notmdy: I waxh't going to take off  my ha l to see a t-ouple of ateropkanea-V  ���������London Opinion.  mtj&bjQi a  yffo>.<*y s:>  gf.1***^^"'  Mili^H  ftij}gpigfeip^^p|^  Loajand  ,S?Sv  mSm  i^^y^i^MM^iMM^iM^x&MiiWS^  ^M%mm!ymmfmmt;m&  i ������i  iiii  lyr^m-tewm  ;&$]Mtt&  111M11111 mi imi-miii  ��������� ��������� i  Far Coed Measure.  ��������� ���������     A woman may know juat wbat );  to say. but she can be depended < ���������  ��������� ���������  upon to add a lot more to it.��������� ' \  \'. Chicago News. < ���������  ���������i-M-l I-I !-I VhVl"M������i: I MI'l'M'-M  Making th* Bast ef It.  "I've baa n terrible day at tbe office,  and I'm mad clear thronsh." announced the bustuind. coming Dome.  "Now would be a good limp t������������ beat  the ruga." replied tiie wife.���������Cleveland  Plain Dealer.  ymm  ym  ty'-Sti?  'y/My$sM  yyy;M*0  ���������*V* iX-.' y^'^>  yx^yy  y^yxx\y&m  ���������'���������.;^.'ir.. <;-wi*8K  -'���������'Xrti'y'.) ���������'&.  yyyyy^if  yy.y^i-^i"^  ���������    i  Getting Uneasy. j  TIHIe dinger says that one thing that !  makes her uneasy about herself la tbat  she baa noticed the longer a woman  goe* unmarried tbe les* she Meema te  bate old Brigham Young.-GaiTeeton  Kewa.  A New and Original  Mystery Story of the  Great National Game  i?j-W. A. 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Intends to apply for per-  ir.iaaton to.purchase the foUowtng described lands:���������     'v^<  Commeactns at a--post planted at the  intersection-a? the South   touadaryof  Xota One <1) and Two ii); Block One  Cf). Buhdlvislon of District    Lot    One  hundred and elg^ty-twjr UI4), In the  .City of Vancouver.' BrUiat*   Columbia,  -wtth tbe high water, mark   of Burrard  . Inlet, which hlsh water mark Is one bun-,  -4red and .aixty-flve (ISS> feet more or  ,4e������ from the Southeaat corner .of* the  -said lot; thence Norta atxty-two degrees  fourteen mlnutw West (N. as* 14' W-),  -distant ona   hxradfed  -and    twenty-five  ������tlW> feet; thence North forty-one de-  >���������������**���������* and twaOty-nlue mlnutaaEast iS.  vfir ������^). dtotanTtwo   &?���������*{*������* .en*  thirty-four feetranmee , sdutfc   th|r$r;  joeven aasrsg and ttttrteea mtmit-ajT  *5i, S7������ 11'^.).; distant n>he hundred  twenty-five fiat, man or less,   to ._  man water jesrk at tt* inurseatidn at  *aa/aa������.       io^ ^JHaMsi  ������2  y y >  \-U -  ,V^ D*^ tlih Mar, imM������~>.  >;^n |wea tr7b*t all tbe afternoon.  ' - l������v*. N*������dere--Tea. Indeed, sHe baa  ;i **p<r-8oewa Tvaaacrlst.  KING 8PEND8 BIRTHDAY QUIETI.Y  Official Observance ef Anniversary in  England to Be on June 14. *  London; June S.���������-Today was &*  fortjr-seventb annlversan Of Klnis  Oeorte. who was born In Harlborougb  House, June 3, 1865. His Majesty  spent the day quietly wltb his family.  During the forenoon'the taembers of  the diplomatic corps called at the pal*  ace and left messages of obagratula*  tioaa-on behalf of their respective sovereigns.  "*<>!  kiim. ,;,  AM Meattaff Craft In Maraor J-teannV  - r'^aa^Netareaaita Apeairaaaei -   *na������tbeada of all J^^^toJ*6**^0*  ������irfeT***e7 , ***** * ���������J-PwWr-W'- **^T< *^avlftT^F'v *9***w*x^gl*W ) J*fST#  ���������FWW w  aff^S *9****t**w ���������       TfJ���������BWBr*rW "������������������ T^* W**JfS9^  or type vied wltb tn^lirfe? ooeen  rtaers in dlsplaylnt the holiday garb  and as a result tbe harbor preeeated  ���������"75  a mpst picturesque appearance.  Berthed at the C. P. R'. No. 1 dock  the Empress of Japan, recently In  from the Orient, flaunted the blue en*  sign from her fore, mam and mlzzen  masts, and the Princess Charlotte and  Princess Adelaide, berthed just^ aft of  the ocean liner, were decorated from  stem to stern in honor of the occasion.  The coasted beats of the Union  Steamship Company were not to be  outdone, the vessels of the fleet In  port making a splendid1 showing; with  The anniversary waa celebrated* in dreamers strung from bow to mast-  the customary msnner todkf at all naval and military stations throughout  the Bmplre. In IiOndox^ and at all  home station, however, tht oOote)- on*  aervanee of the aimlversiry will not  take place until June 14.  head aad stem. Tho Orand Trunk  Pacific northern pasaooger boat Prince  John was also dressed, and added  somewhat to the color scheme. jBvea  the Chilean Ship Royal- Sovereign,  which is loading lumber at Hastings  for Valparaiso, flew flags at her maat*  SHIM DftttatD IN MC-fWH OF THCl head to be In keeping with tbe rest  of the vessels ia sort.  AMase wHb bunting were tbe North  Vancouver ferries, which created aaj  re-croeeed tbe Inlet wltb crowds tig  pleasure seekers boned for the CepJ-  lano and Lynn canyons. Apparently  the only vessel of wy else In the harbor that tailed to do honor to his Majesty was tbe Navy League ship Eg  erla, moored ott Deadman's Island.  'its;  I>M.  i*\l cars iacla4e4 m;'*M oferibf comprise *M *%* waweajt aad beat features of their,  kind, and the a������*t������rta|a e*npV������ye4 are the very heit. the cara are Fulton. Stwrgiaa and  Oendron iwkea--tnree of tae beat Imown and most reputable makers of baby carriages  in Awtrjet. ?tor> are cars in Waok, freen, brown and grey* Some nickel-plated, some  vHtk atdoiaoWk li^ a^ each car fulflw and comfort-impartinf re-  <*Qirenant. in fpriltfa and padding aa waU as otM factors of a aanitary tendency. The  cars tall regnjariy it prices rimginr front $15.00 to 130.00. Tour choice for fl0.78  , ' '    "  Peopla ������������me yesterday and expreesed  tbair#a#to<iiabment at fencer valnea in  tente wfcick are a revelation for thia part  of the continent. Many people boaaht the  small tent to put ap on the lawn/for the  children. It ia just the tent. too. fo? this  purpose, made of 8-oa. dock* and measure*  618^ feet with 2-foot walls, complete with  fuides, for  f*.T5  OTHER 8IZE&-  8x10 ft. with 3   ft. wall t 9.79  ��������� 10x12 ft. with 3    ft. wall UJO  12x14 ft. with BV2 ft. wall W.M  14x16 ft. with 4    ft. wall ������.7������  5000 yards of Natural  Portgee Silk  AT 26c TAJtO  A 26-inch pongee of good weight, free  of dressing; and every thread pnre silk.  Suitable for waists, dresses, underwear,  men's shirts and scores, of other purposes,  and at this price cheaper to use than ordinary gingham. Secure all you require  . during this sale at, a yard 25c  Brussels Squares, Pap-  yfar Prim   *  Size6.9x 9.0; price fll*76  SizeS.Qx 9.0; price \*M  Size 9.0x10,6; price 16.00  Size 9.0x12X1; price 11.50  There are some of the moat pleasing and  most practical patterns we ever saw on  Brussels carpet* Conventional designs in  combinations of brown, black and fawn  are g feature.  Scotch Wool Art Squares  These are the very beat kinds and must  not be mistaken for the cheap art squares  that coat about half these prices We  atocked them to meet the demand of those  who want a rug of the kind but of an improved quality. These ruga are all, wool  and considering this,we think you will  agree that they are extraordinary value.  Conventional designs.  Size 6.9x 9.0    $ 5.76  Size 9.0x 9.0     8.76  Size 9.0x10.6 .: .".  10.50  Size 9.0x12.0  12.50  LAUNCHED HEW MtSaiQN. BOAT  MONDAY.  $000 yards of SJf-inch Natural Pongee  at 39 cents 'per yard  Regular 75c Yard.  Anyone who bin s this silk at 39c a yard  s������*cures a bargain.    It is a good weight  silk, free from flaws in the weave.   A nice        incite  34-inch dress pongees: regular'85c yard; sale price .  30-inch dress pongees; regular $1.25 yard; sale price  30-inch coating pongee; regular $1.25 yard; sale price  *.  bright finish and suitable for almost every  purpose that pongee can be used for;  Please note that it is the wider width, 34  inches.   Sale price, per yard 39c    ttoc   85c   75c  DAVID SPENCER, LIMITED  Within the last month reference has  been made several times in the city  papers to a work which appeals strongly to all good citizens, and which had  Ub~ inception with the Women's Chris-  tion.Temperance Union.  This body of women as well as a  great multitude of other citizens, have  recognised for some time the necessity of providing suitable accommodation for women without homes here,  who have come to-our .city to work  and earn their own living.  The W. C. T. U. has undertaken to  establish a home where young women  and girls can be boused and boarded  at a moderate cost. It is our desire  that this home shall be so maintained  that no respectable girl will be re-,  fused admittance because her salary  may be small.  There are hundreds of young women flocking to our city lured by the opportunities which are given worldwide prominence; and*we want them,  too, there are some lines of work for  which there Is a dearth of help. But  it is known to the W. C. T. U. and  many others who are engaged In similar wprk what many newcomers, as  well as some of longer residence, have  to go through. Some -do not get remunerative work at once, and. others  for some reason or another are temporarily out of employment, and If tbla  happens when her funds are very low,  and tf often does, she cannot pay  ber way in a place whose rates would  Insure its respectability. Or it may  be through Ignorance and this can  easily be the case, she gets into a  place of doubtful reputation and finds  it but too late.  It la oar endeavor to establish this  house so as' to give Its patrons a full  sense of. eecurity along 'wltb a reel,  home-like feeling, baring a" reading  room, and llTlng ojr rest room; a  place inhere they-can feel a sort of  proprietorship, whers tbey can meet  tbelr friends and enjoy each other's  society. Thus we feel that a great  many of the' pitfalls wbicb beset tbem  in a large city will be removed, for  we believe It Is much more to tbe purpose aa������ much easier to keep a girl  respectable tha nto reform after she  ***mmw   *amjiB^am*sBpe  It our city la to be what most of  us wish it to be, gad wbat al shoaid  wish it to be. we maat make it easy  to lead a dean Ufa ea4 be*d to lead  the opposite.  Dut all this Is not accomplished by  drifting along tbe easiest way. There  are dlftenlUee to be wrnwnnted wbicb  call for a good deal of self-sacrlflce,  hut, bepptly. there are those la oar  city who do not spare themselves.  There Is a great deal of work to, be  done; It win take a great deal of tint*  nnd much money.  |t Is owr deetre to get tbla unset  way at once, aad Intend at first to rent  a bouse, fairly oeatrally located, bop*  ing eventually to buy,a property aad  erect a suitable building. Out evea  tbe renting aad equipping of a bouse  calls for a good deal of money, bat  w������ know of no object on which time  nnd money can be apeat from,which  we, as a city, can expect greater results.  We o fthe W. C. T. U. are taxing our  selves to tbe utmost, aad gladly, and  hope to enlist not only tbe sympathy,  hat the active co-operation of every  body who values those things wbicb  mean so much to the Individuals; to  oar city, to our province and to our  empire to which we point aa promoting those influences which protect the  honor of its daughters and preserve  the sanctly of home life.  About tbe first of thia month we  wrote tbe mayor and aldermen of the  city, setting forth our plan and asking permission to hold a Tag Day, to  which they readily consented, and the  mayor wrote personally that he waa  heartily In accord with the movement.  In -the great prosperity of this city  there are doubltlessT may resldennts  who will he glad to subscribe Urge  amounts for so commendable an object, but as a preliminary we intend  holding a Tag Day on Saturday, June  8th, when we ask everybody to meet  our willing-working women and girls  on the street corners with a pleasant  look and as much cash as they can  possily spare for this most worthy  cause and much needed house which  we have decided to call "Restholtne."  W. -C. T. U. "RBSTHOLMB COMMITTEE.  The Thomas Crosby Took the Water  Monday Evening���������-la" Large Craft.  The launching of the Thomas Crosby, a mission boat connected with  the Methodist cause among the lonely  settlers of the northern parts of British Columbia, Monday Juno 3,,at 8:80  o'clock near Heap's saw mill, Burrard Inlet. The boat Is 97*4 feet  long, 20-foot beam and is being fitted  with engines built ln Scotland. The  boat will burn oil fuet and will make  a speed of twelve'miles an hour. The  approximate cost is $21,000.  . She wiH. ply between Vancouver  and places as far north aa 8tewart,  at the head of Portland cahal. There  will be a chapel on board1 capable of  seating forty-five men, and the boat  will carry a small gasoline launch to  take the captain and chaplain ashore  where the larger boat cannot land. In  addition to a white'chaplain) the boat  will carry Chinese and Japanese-chap*  lalns and will represent the Canadian  Bible Society, carrying a stock of Bibles and Testaments for sale at tiie various places of call.  The Methodist Church Was the pioneer -In the work of visiting the lonely settlers-by boat and the Thomas  Crosby will be' the fourth ship of the  fleet. It is expected that at a none  far distant date one, or pbssjbly more,  boats will be built, one for the west  coast of Vancouver Island^ and the oth  er to ply in more southern waters.  The launching will take place front)  Mr. John MeThee's wharf and 'there  will be a short service- before she-takes  the water. ���������  The boat ts christened the* Thomas  Crosby to commemorate fifty years ot  service among the Indians of British.  Columbia by Rev. Dr. Crosby, now.  resident at Kitsilano. %  jg'iY-'iiv  OFFIC* \*pmtf$}  9 to 12." ltecM  Saturi*yeve&mrr '  7to9orb^a33r5  pointmenfr  *-*-> 1  "���������ii",*y-i  >��������� vl  196 Bank 6f  ettara iBllalai  >    Corner" ,!���������"  Seytoosriflastfaff*.  O.W.  vj\  4  OPTIMBTBIST AMD'  Eve Sight SiusciABisTr  Consultation Free.  FIFTY GIRLS ARRIVE.  ,h><  Brought Hero by Salvation Aim** and  Placed In Vaaeovar Homes.  Roller for Vancouver housewives arrived last Friday night fteaa the old  country, In the shape of * asjasdraa of  domestic servants, fifty Strang,  of tbem trained cooks  some green girts, nearly sA*'fnoaa tbe-  south of Bnglaad cexmjtry alarrieta.  Tbey. together With beveval tasrdlleav  came to Canada on tbo iaaimla, laaaV  mg ������t Quebec on May SIV aad were  conducted to Vancouver by Ba-Ugn  PeofoW. Mrs? iMp-ffar tl������������*ltaa> ������b>  slga Halsey and Ueutawaa* saspp*.  daughter of Colonel Map* ebjaf eects-  tary for Canada.    " \  Thar arrived la Vaa)etie^e>a^attt |i  o'clock on iwaey atabt aad ������ase aft  ������em> to situations tbo neat day, eppU-  cations for man? nwro tbem tbe nuss-  bar which came harlaf been wade to  tbo Salvation Army men* la-a^'at*.  ��������� Another ������arly ta now a* m**r  on board tbo Meaaatle a^. several  pnrMesaree������p������steddAtrli������a;tl������*������������pe4b  of June. Most of the gtrts who came  oa Friday era yoang; an-are strong  aad eater to make a plaof for tbeatr  seiveslath*neweooattF* ������  WiPOWfft wY, TrTAHte.  Half of Rtd Croet imargaacy fwad  Oees as pareavea wosesm.  New Tot*,' June t. Qgreajty-two  widows, sixty-two of whom last their  bnsbaads ta tbe Tttante eftgster,. bate  received, nearly one-half of the ti&o,*  eat fund raised by tbe Red Cross  emergency relief cmnadtiee, aosofdlng,  to the chairman's ptwltadaary reeorv,  made public today*  SPECIAL  To the residents of -  mlfcrest and South Hlftl  There ia no need for you to go  down town to get Chlraprnctfc-  Spfhal- Adjostmeate. There  is a Doctor .of Chiropractfo  located near the corner of 22nd:  and,Maih St Office Hours*  1:30 to 6. ���������, Consultation free.  - &' -  ERNEST SHAW, D.&  (Doctor of Chiropractic)  ago-Mad' Ave., E., Vnaconvoe, 9z.9C  RQVAL CJT YFAIR FOR THIgVlAR.  Plana ta Mafca tt Greater Than laa*.  before era Uuadar We*  NEW WESTMINSTER^ lane.  &*4!  Plana are already aader way tar as*-.  curing tbe beet attmettans arilhi|na  fas tn* Ma*sr Was4bs*laatac Mblhttiaa.-  *******m     ***""""*���������#    *^^^*wr**ar\      *���������"* *^B^PrTamam*pvss|aaaBafaP%    ^n^Bm*myBaPV*aBa*tataasVj^  Aerobatie perionaaaesa wili'a*-**J*ar  tam. eejpiia^aa4 otbatr tanmaia >tb\;  fignns ht tha' proajrsmme. Til*.^R|M*~'  tion of the "sockeye"rail" baa bmmlhafj  *94M*wm^S*M *^WR>     *^9wmm9   ^9S*}*M*w*\*M]*i    a^Pf-dlfm     ���������e^RRR^jj  v*^R*)eraig������*a^Re *****/**.    War   ^^SS*   W*RRR"l^RFR]FW������*RFf ^RJRJisJi *"*  obpecaopgble faatnrea WM������ b^aaabje>-  fe)P    ���������TT*RRR**RRe>TrWls>    aaa,   mmmmm   mmmmjaaajammmmm^      m-g)  1  .vary n^t.,attra^vobit������geii bba beem.^  dejngaed1 far tbm *pga*^a#d, wWI 9*99  #Rpl|R v*t������7   ��������� yV    #e������RMjRRRJge������  ������.   W'*T*Rp>   ^rr*'*rPW    *n"*^"^u  under way-and others oaa>teaja^aatsVm  year' will aarnaaa any feTa***nr aRsslL  COrltTRWCTtON  QJf ^*Wm9*m9m*  r-rertb Yaaeeuver. Juaa at-It la aa>  aected today tbat the leaee af tbe  termlaalb for* the peppoaed saamsajsfan  bridge wWcb wilt <pui Ufw* Creek  eaayan* wilt be signed; by Raeea Hay  aad Clerk /. o. farmer. Ur. 4. p.  Crawford, who tt *j$bf to battd tbla  bridge as a aceam attraettoa for tbat  district sad also aa an easy maaat ef  eroeetng Lynn Creek at tbte potat, bas  thepmas completed for the bridge and  ts prepared to commence work lnuae>  dtately on tbe dtstrtet signing the lease  for tbe two terminals.  l***U* * MM ****** Ml 11 ****** 11 Mi������**Mtf M-mfH ***,  HtSmlml  Who foreaeea (he consequence of eye neglect and  gees us in time to avoid serious optical trouble. . Now  ia the time to Look us up  that Looking a year from  now will be an easy matter.  Your eyes are subjected  to a thorough examination  and lenses ground to fit  your individual needs.  Geo. Q. Bigger  JewBsXer & Optician  143 Hastings Street, W*  A "14"! ������1I ���������! 11 M ���������������������������H"H I * V* H- MOM M ** *4 *4 111 U II II1111111 "I1  High Grade Cutlery  New York, May 31.���������It is announced here that the new 20,000-ton  White Star liner, which will take the  place of the Titanic in the fall of 1913,  is to be named the Britannic. It will be  the same length as the Olympic, 869  feet  The White Star line has had two vessels bearing the name Britannic. They  both earned large sums for the company and the name is considered lucky.  Genuine Joseph Rodgers, I. X. L. and Boker  Pocket Knives in hundreds of styles.     Table Cutlery, etc.      The above brands  are famous the world over for superior quality.  TI SO ALLS LIMITED  (Successors to Chas. E. Tisdall) 618~620 Hastings St., Went  ���������iy-**i**^---mvtwC?tiM>������, ���������������.������������'���������������������������������������������.***������"-


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