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 \\.   VOLUME VI.  ;! 5 *'___ : -  Vi?Mt&  ':msmmmmmi  'mm  :i.y'Tifei  &z?rm)  i^yyj,}&&ti;  s������^:i?MSh%&M  '.*m  r^^ffW^MM}  ������*;?���������;  s/sra  .i'^-upj*r;(  ^S&*k  sfiip^li^SPi  1^  wm  >MM$z  '-?SsSt|BS:  m  M^fmmxi;  iM������SB:  ^PS������  1  i posy , v> f ;> '������'���������>'_ -j1*  _?____:?'  Hsli^d in the Interests of Greater Vancouver and the Western People  VANCOUVER. British Columbia. MAY 15.1914  5 Cent* Per Copy  Mrt '"  ���������MM' -V-..N    '  The Progress of Edward Gold -* See Page ^Sliil  *T j        ���������\^fe������^.        -A..        *r  VVTCtfi       W~_ *-*     ii������      ������ __    ,*et> 4       ������ in*   ,     _������������������ - _W      i-  V.  #  _ __������' _ i4#_eit:^":';V  Unrest in  ^uth Vancouver Will Be Settled or Deepened by Election on .Saturday, May 16th  Novel Plat, for World's Peace by U. S. A. Official, Robert Steta  H5HTS OF GOUTS POUCH  . ; - H ,r  ft*  % We read in the reports of Mr. Gold's speeches  that .he has now abandoned his opposition to the  Main street paving contract in deference to the  expressed wishes of the workingmen-This is so  far good and we lire'glad to learn of Mr. Gold's  change bf mind. But the results of the cruel Gobi  I policy,go on. Because of Mr. Gold's desire to  ' keep assessments off his large vacant property on  Main street the work that would have meant  comfort to at least 400 or,500 families in South  Vancouver all through the winter was helcl up  for four months.' No useful purpose was served  by this���������ronly added legal expenses and* great  civic unrest and now Mr. Gold announces calmly  and complacently the withdrawal of his opposition to'the contract. Does Mr. Gold never have '  any visions of what his poliey ^nay have meant  to some of the homes made desol ;te by,it! If not '  let the Western Call draw aside the curtain for  him.  In South Vancouver last week (and in Mr-  Gold own ward, at that) a home has been robbed  of its most precious inmate. A beautiful young  girl, 15 years of age, has disappeared, leaving no  trace or clue to her whereabouts. The family she  belonged to has been one of those that have suffered great privations this winter, owing to lack  of work.   J  /'Leaving her mother in bed, this young girl  went on her way to a neighboring store and encountered a well dressed young wojnan, who  spoke to her, and-tb whom she opened her heart,  tellipg her Df all the privations she jand all her  family had been through* An invitation to par-  take of a good meal in the city, to be followed by  an auto ride, was gladly accepted. Before re-  turning home a further invitation to meet again  the next day was also accepted.  "The girl dn returning home was full of the  v kindness of her newly found friend, and her  v mother, being unsuspicious, allowed her to go  and meet this friend the next day.   Since then  this young daughter, but 15 years of age, has  vanished, also too, probably, for ever."  This story has been handed in to the office of  the Western Call and absolutely vouched for by  one of South Vancouver's most reputable citizens, and one who has been personally active in  relieving the distress of many during the nasi  winter. The^trutb of it is quite beyond suspicion,'  and we present it as one of the results of last  winter's lack of work.  None of'us know the results that may follow  the adoption of anyrpolicy we may.advocate, but  we believe^ the jtonnection is here close enough  and elear~enough to penetrate even the hidebound conscience of Edward Gold.  mi mm for gouts poucy  ,   -   ��������� i        -��������� j  The slush fund is at-work in South Vancouver. The interests that are holding great vacant  properties are anxious to lessen their burdens*'  "Whilst prices of real estate were increasing by  leaps and bounds it was easy to pay taxes. The  sale of but a fraction would provide the necessary amount. But now it is a different story.  Nothing can be sold except at ruination prices,  an<d the taxes are eating up former profits and  threatened tax sales hold out visions of disaster!  The Gold property is behind in taxes^nearly  $7,Q0O^it; is said, and this year- wili*brihg the  arrears lip to, $10,000. Others are in the same  boat; and with the addition of assessments' for  needed improvements it look! as if some of the  large real estate speculators would have to drop.  'their holdings unless a Reeve sympathetic to  their ailing interests is elected. In furtherance  of this, quite a landed interest combine has been  formed, and a "campaign fund" got together;  Whether this is large enough to buy the needed  majority will only be known on Saturday night,  but evidences abound that it ipi at work.  V'All kinds of rumors as to the future- "Gold  Vpolicy," if elected, are about.    One is that, if  elected, Mr. Gold will erect a large hotel oh the  "Goldlots," and throw South Vancouver open to  the liquor traffic. v ��������� ,  y v Another is that if Mr. Gold is elected the bank  %ill at once refuse further accommodation-  Still  tanothef is that Eutledge, Winram, Stevens and  ; Rowlings will immediately resign if Mr. Gold is  elected.   No loss this to Mr. Gold, howeyer,^ for  his opinion of these gentlemen has been given  jpublicly::  -       ^Jv.V."'";-5    " ���������;��������� ���������������������������    V   ' -; - ��������� V;;'-"..;  VMr. Eutledge is V',^'Crab/r.:^.  Mr. Winram is a "Monstrosity."  Mr. Stevens is a "Crawfish."  Mr., Rowlings is a "Piittjrface." v  According to Mr. Gold, and by the same authority 2o>. Edward Gold is the watch-dog of  South Vancouver treasury.  The Western Call does not know: what Mr.  /  ���������^������^_^nOl^,  _������_<������������������  JAMES A. KERB  Good Advice for South Vancouver  Jamei A- l^err, twice R^ve of South Vancouver, and by all odds the most efficiont  lUeve South Vancouver has ever had, a man of sterling honesty and unblemished reputation,  haa intimated that he will accede to the request of hi* many friends, new and old, and allow his  name to be put in nomination for Reeve at the- coming election on May 10.  Mr. South Vancouver voter don't be carried away hy the turgid eloquence of JBddie Gold,  or hy the seductive figures of expenses he has saved the municipality hy his policy.. Any man  can-save money by ^discharging all his help and stopping all Ids work, and if that reactionary  policy is what South Vancouver wants, then vote for Gold.. But first read the following good advice given hy Frof. Swanson, of the economic branch of Queen's University, Toronto:      - -  "Provincial and federal governments should  seize tbe occasion to erect permanent public  works. It is a totally erroneous idea that induces a policy of parsimony during a period of '  industrial declension. Great public works should  be pushed forward so that labor may find employment, the market be steadied and credit sustained- "  ' Retrenchment merely accelerates the difficulties  ' of the situation."  Remember, Also, Eddie Gold, if elected, will be your representative socially as well as  Sublicly���������that your vote places a man of bis reputation as head of the municipal family. Reraem-  er, also, the record of the past three months of cruelty and insult to those who had faithfully  served the municipality.  aa  'Gold will do if elected Reeve, but if what he has  done as "councillor of Ward 5 is any criterion,  then nine-tenths of all the money spent in the  municipality will be spent "on the Gold Lots."  Mr, Gold is reported as having said: "They,can  form fours and fives against me, but I'll hold  .them.',' Meaning of course that only-Gold will  count on South Vancouver's council if Gold is  elected Reeve.;  South Vancouver knows then Swhat it is up  against, and what we must urgently desire is that  every voter should register his and her vote.  WALKED TO PRINCE RUPERT  Prince Rupert, May\%.y���������-By reaching here yesterday from Spokane travelling the whole distance of 1490 miles on foot, Mr. E. N. Clarke has  won a bet of $500- He made a wager with Capt.  Larson, the Nome millionaire, that he could cover  the distance in 60 days.   It took him 52Jdays.  In China there are 2,955 Christian Congregations, 548 ordained Chinese pastors, 5,364 unor-  dained workers, and 47.0,000 members of evangelical churches. V      V 3  The Japanese community in Fresno, Cal., protested against the Chinese gambling dens and secured municipal action closing them.  In 1870 there were only 55 Japanese inthe  United States; today there are more than 93,000.  Oeptb of Wells  A great deal is being mate out of the re-  measurement of wells during the Gold campaign  and there is an appearance of truth to those  who have had no experience in the ways of  abandoned drill-holes.  On Wednesday night, .at Katenberg Hall, ex-  Reeve Kerr punctured this campaign argument  by reading a letter from Mr. T. D. Jackson, of  Toronto, who lived near the site of the well and  knew the drillers who worked on it  "As to the depth, I was satisfied they went  500 ieet, "says the letter, **4aind"am not at all  surprised to hear the well is bottomed at 300  feet or less. The balance of the depth has filled  with sand that filtered through the water slots  which were cut after the well was finished."  These slots in the well casing,! the letter explains, were cut to allow the entry of water.  South Vancouver Women Voters'  Association  The women voters of South Vancouver held  a meeting in Ash's Hall, Fraser Street, on Wednesday afternoon and decided by an overwhelming majority to support ex-Reeve Kerr. We  understand that only two women were opposed.  CANADA A WORLD POWER    j\  Robert Stein, of the Department of Commerce^  Washington, D. C, lecturing .last week in Strathcona Hall, Montreal, said: -* , "  "Canada holds the world's peace in the palm  of her hand" , t *-*  r By Canada'8 expressing the desire that Greenland become an integral part of the Dominion,  tbe speaker contended, a process' of exchange of  territory, on the part of several great powers would,  be set in, motion,' whereby friendly relatknls  would be established ultimately resulting in al-'  liance between/Great Britain, Germany, Stance  and the United States, and universal peace as'������  consequence.'  Denmark Would Cede Greenland  Denmark, i anxious to get rid of Greenland as,  being more of an- encumbrance than an asset-���������  on account of the fact that its trade divided up ~  among four countries is mot profitable, as it  would be under single control���������would willingly  cede this territory to Great Britain, were Ganaoa;  to express a desire to possess it. Canada," by a,  system of conservation, could make her new territory of great value as a vast fur farm, developing .  the country at the same time for its mineral resources and as a tourist resort���������for the vast  glaciers of Greenland, said Mr. Stein, have the  advantage over the Swiss ones in that .the mid- ������������������  night sun is visibleJor four months in the year.  The lecturer pointed out that England would  not permit of Greenland's cession to Germany*'  ' which country mutt, however, be satisfied in a  tangible manner of England's willingness for the  expansion of the Fatherland before entering into  alliance1 with England. Mr. Stein'#Idea would be  that England should cede some colonial possessions to Germany while Germany would, in turn,  give her Danish portion of North Schleswig back  to Penmarek, Greenland being handed over to/  the British Empire and embodied in Canada. By  this method Germany might be induced, also, to  yield to France that part of Alsace-Lorraine  where French is spoken. Thus woulcrthe apparently unalterable enmity between ''France and  Germany be done away with������ and with this enmity tbe greatest barrier to universal peace.  Would Heal Old Wounds  By further process of healing old wounds and  dividing countries on the language line, the  United States.might be brought into the great  alliance which would comprise England, Germany and France, and which alliance would assure the world supremacy of Western civilization  forever.'  l<   ."  1 *\        ' ���������*���������  $  >r.  nusv sowwjs oir Mv������g  ttt*"*ttSviVw   wO^y^d  O^ OS^mafmOmOw OVO/ w OmS^mmmj  South Fort George.���������At the Foley, Welch &  Stewart camp, on the Nechaco river, workmen  are now busily engaged in preparing the company's three steamboats, the Conveyor, Operator  and Robert C Hammond, for launching. If the  .warm weather of the past few days cotinues another week the rivers will b���������e clear of ice and the  busy season of river transportation will get off to  an early start.  Thousands of tons of contractors' equipment  and supplies are now 4ying in the big warehouse  at Prince George and on cars in the yards awaiting shipment down the river to the contracts already let on. the Pacific Great Eastern, and train-  loads of additional supplies and material will be  rushed from Eastern outfitting centres as soon as  the word is sent forth that navigation on the  Fraser is open. " ���������;<  LLOYD-GEORGE'S NEW BUDGET  London.���������Once again the rich are,surcharged  with Britain ?8 deficit. This time it amounts, to  nearly $23,000,000 with a probable additional  load of $21,000,000. V  The Budget is said to be clearly drafted so as  to be used, if need be, as a campaign argument in  the coming general election. (But of course the  Tories would say "that anyhow.���������Ed.)  The members of the Unionist Clubs of Ireland  assembled in foodly numbers on Sunday last and  marched to the Kitsilano Congregational Church. The  eloquent sermon of their Chaplain, Rev. A. Cooke,  deeply impressed his hearers and was* much appreciated. ���������,"'-.������  A living layman of the Church of the Disciples of Christ in Kansas City has offered $1,000,-  000 to the mission boards of that church on condition that the denomination 'raise an additional  $5,000,000. .  Japanese made soaps are said to be superseding German and American makes in Asiatic countries, even Java and Borneo having made inquiries for the Japanese makes, while in China and  Manchuria the market for them steadily increases-  i' -��������� * - ISLE WESTERN CALL  Law ^ Druggist  Wants to See Yon  \  Some of Our Prices  $1.00 Hood's Sarsaparilla  75c  $1.00' Ayer's Sarsaparilla 75c  25c Carter's Liver Pills 15c  50c Pink Pills  35c  N50c Dodd's Pills  35c  50c Gin  Pills  35c  50c and $1.00 Herpicide ....40 and 75c  50c  Hind's Cream   40c  _t������dC    JLrf*     O.    \m*    -������������������������������������������-���������������������������.-���������������.-���������-���������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������AJC  $1.00 Eno's Fruit Salt  65c  50c Zam Buk 35c  35c Cuticurra Soap  25c  75c Cuticurra Ointment 50c  40c Baby's Own Soap Box 25c  15c Pears' Soap  10c  50c Nestles' Food  40c  35c  Castoria  25c  $1.00 and $2.00 Oriental Cream-.   $1.75 and 75c  50c and $1.00 Scott's Emulsion ....   40 and 75c  Pinaud's Cosmetic (tube or stick)   15c  50c Hazeline Snow  35c  $1.00 BV B. 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I flattered myself there wil ff������ get-  ittng away from this argument It  ���������seemed to me conclusive, but the let*  tar had stirred tbe sentimental depths  of the girl's nature, and th* refused to  yield without om last effort  1 know, Philip, t appreciate every  word of what you have said; but  couldn't we find out what we want to  know through Miss Clement? She  must have a lot more Information  [than she put In that little hurriedly  written note. Or, couldn't O'Hara And  W for us?"  '  Before I could answer her. Check*  beedy stood in the doorway.  "Dr. Mailer has Just come down,  Mr. Clyde," he aald, "and would you  ���������pare him a moment In the reception  room?"  I turned to Bvelyn.  "Shall we have him tn heve?" I  askedV And at her consent, Checkabeedy, a moment later, led the doctor  to us���������a very changed doctor, a very  decidedly leas cocksure doctor than  X had encountered earlier that morning in his FIfty-ilxth street office.  Even ln hia bow to Bvelyn I detected the shamefaced humiliation he was  suffering.  "We take off our hats to your perspicacity, Miss Grayson," he said,  confirming my reading. "I had never  thought such a modern real-life in*  istanee of Lesurques and Duboso possible."  "Then you admit?" I asked, smiling^  "Candidly. There is no question.;  Yet I could have sworn yesterday that,  jt was attending Mr. Cameron. It is  |he meet remarkable resemblance 1  have ever seen."   ���������  Bvelyn asked blm to be seated and:  t drew out a chair for him.  "And how do you And the patient?"  I inquired, when he had sat down.  "Quite normal ln every respect save  ma Be Is ln a highly nervous state.  Be i������ endeavoring to maintain the ���������������������  felon that he is the gentleman we supposed he was. Be evident!* learned  his lesson from Mr. Bryan, before we  suspected anything. It Is welly wonderful how well he does it, consider-  Ing that he never saw the man be It  trying to impersonate."  "But he must know tbat he has been'  discovered. Be certainly knows I brre  this letter."  "A desperate man will battle against  }&e most overwhelming odds," Pr. Wee-  Sey observed, "end he Is a desperate  Are Stored in a  flfffl BRUSH TIM  Seeds more rare than any jewel and  which if lost could not be replaced, have  been deposited in the vaults of a certain  Trust Company. One, a new kind of  flax, from the oil of which artists' paint  is made; and another is a cereal known  as "Quino," said to take the place of  wheat, oats and barley. There is not a  peck of these seeds in the whole world.  Secure Your Vslosbles io s Private Deposit Box���������$3.90 per Annum. -  BOUGHT "������_  $0U������CnEP_,  SKort  jLoaixa  Closed at 1.00 O'clock on Saturdays  Specially insured against burglary  and hold-ups.  NOTARY PUBLIC  Dow, Fraser & Co.  LIMITED  317-321 Cambie Street  2313 Main Street  Between 7th and 8th Ave*.  McKay Station, Bu rnaby would be surTto~bet^"hj^>^'  man."  "Tou gave no sign that yoq knew?"  Bvelyn asked.  , "Not the slightest.   I pretended tbat  i believed him Mr. Cameron."  "But Mr. Bryan must^ have���������" I  began.  "On the contrary," said tbe doctor,  "Mr. Bryan knows' him only as the  Mr. Cameron be has nursed from the  first. Be would be the last man to'indicate to his patient a knowledge of  anything untoward."  '-'Miss Graysou and I were Just-discussing a course of action when you  arrived, Doctor," I explained, "but bad  reached no conclusion. Last night I  arranged with Yup Sing, wbo ia probably tbe most prominent and best educated Chinaman in New York, and bis  friend the Chinese Vice Consul to  meet me here today at noon. Tbe  chances are they will bring a United  States deputy marshal with them,  with a warrant for McNish's arrest.'  Now if we give him up, what will be  tbe result? He will still maintain tbat  he Is Cameron in spite ot our knowledge to tbe contrary. Yup Sing and  his clan will Insist that be is right  and that w������ are wrong, and our  chances of finding Cameron will dwindle. It Isn't reasonable to expect tbat  those engaged in the abduction plot  will confess to their error end inform  us as to Cameron's place of detention.  Is it?"  Dr. Massed knitted his brow behind  tbe bow of bis glasses and pursed bis  thin lips.  "We are certainly confronted by a  very trying complication," he admitted  with characteristic gravity.  "Miss Grayson has suggested tbat  we send McNish abroad���������at once, on  a steamer sailing this morning."  "Mr. Bryan could go with him,"  Bvelyn volunteered.  "If the United States authorities  have a warrant for him," the physician argued, "that would only delay  matters. They would arrest him on*  landing."  There was no question as to the accuracy of this deduction.  "And the newspapers," I added,  '"would be sure to publish columns of  speculation. . . . If we could only  wring an admission from McNish it  would simplify matters."  "Isn't there soma one you could  confrbnt him with?" Dr. Massey asked, and hope rose within me at the  suggestion.  "As far as I can make out. from  what O'Hara tells me," was my rejoinder, "the police have in custody  now the Eurasian cock who, I believe,  has been McNish's Nemesis these sir-  teen years. If we could bring those  two miscreants face to face, McNish  "Have McNish taken then you  mean?"  "Or have the Buraslsn brought  here."  And so. ultimately through the of-  m floes of O'Hara, who all this time had  been awaiting me ln the tonneau of  my car which still stood at tln> door,  John Soy, accompanied by two plain  clothes men from the Detective Bureau, was brought from the Tombs to  tbat sumptuous home on upper Fifth  avenue.  I say "ultimately" because lid coming was delayed beyond all patience.  Bour after hour passed. . Tho morning dragged by with periodlo telephone excuses from O'Han. The  hearing was in progress before the  police magistrate. ... Soy had been  held for the grand Jury. ... The magistrate would have to sign a permit  and he could not be approached until  .he came off the bench. ... Soy had  .gone to the Tombs. .. .- The warden  was at luncheon and could not be  seen for half an hour.  Meanwhile Dr. Massey, Impelled by  the necessities of his practice, had  departed, and Yup Sing and'tbe vice  consul, Chen Mok, had arrived and  been relegated to the reception room.  To my relief, Checkabeedy reported  that they were unaccompanied. Mean-  While, too, Evelyn had received a call  from Miss Clement' and had learned  with some dismay tbat the missionary's HWated informant bad left with  her no more definite information regarding Cameron's transjjortation  than that which she had already conveyed to us.  "We're Just starting In a tulcab,"  came at length from O'Hara over the  wire. "We'll be there In less titan half  an hour.'*/  ,  .ind In iess than half an hour'they  came, an Ignoble; vulgar quartette  against a stately, pompom background.  I met them in tbe great hall, standing before tbe broad, sculptured c$lm-  ney-piece.  The three detectives were mere'or  less of "a piece���������gross, coatw, ted-  faced men whose bands and feet  seemed out of all proportion to their  slse, bulky as It was. Of tbe three  CBsrs* possibly because of familiarity, struck me as tbe least offensive.  But after all it was not the detectives  wbo claimed and held mr chief interest, but the shrunken, shadow-like  creature they bad in charge, whom I  recognised instantly as tbe aupposed  castaway tbe Sibylla bad picked up/  that warm October day somewhere  east of Nantucket���������the slinking figure  I bid followed .through the pre_s of  Doyers street almost to my death.  My conjecture was thus in part verified; John Soy and Peter Johnson  were the same, and It only remained*  now Ito prove that the reBt of my  guess was as well founded.  Stepping to 'the door of the reception room, I made brief apology for'  mr detention end-bade my two-Cath-  ayan visitors Join tbe others.  "I thlnk/Mr. Yup." I observe*, "tbat  we bave here tbe Eurasian cook of.  the Sable lorcha about whom you;  told me."  I suppose I was foolish enough to  fancy tbat tbe merchant would at once  make the identification I deiired., I  should have known better. In subtlety we are no match for tbe ancient  race to which Yup Sing belonged, as  was evidenced by tbe absolute impene-  tratlon of his fanner, as, after gazing sharply at John Soy, he turned to  me with a visage as blank as the marble wall, and, In a voice without a  shade of inflection, said:  ��������� "I do not know him. I have never  seen him until now."  Had a white man dared to make  such denial, 1 should have laughed in  his face. But the dignity of the  Oriental, the perfect aplomb of his  manner. Including an utter absence of  all that could be construed ai feigning, forbade such rejoinder; yet I  knew that he had lied.  "Come, gentlemen," I aald, denying  myself even the satisfaction- of - a  shoulder shrug, "and we shall decide  whether the man upstairs ii the villain you claim he Is, or���������" but I was  ln no mood to finish the sentence.  The seven of us, crowding into the  elevator, were lifted to the floor above,  where I preceded the others to the  door of what we .were wprtt to call  CameYon's bedchamber. There I  paused.  "Pardon me Just a moment," I*  begged, with my hand on tbe knob,  "until I see whether everything - is  ready."  I bad instructed Mr. Bryan to have  McNish up and dressed, and I wished  to make sure that these preparations  were completed. But I waa hardly  prepared for the scene which greeted  my entrance.  McNish, clothe^ ln tbe suit he had  worn when I found him, was ln the act  of closing a drawer of an old-fashioned rosewood secretary which occupied a place against the right wall,  beneath one of the medallloned windows. And the nurse waa nowhere in  eight.  fdsewooe secretary was tEeHbidrng  I place of a 38-caliber Colt, and* in all.  likelihood have had it removed before  McNish was capable of searching for  it. As it was, Mr. Bryan took no little blame upon himself for not having been the first to discover it,,  though to my mind he could hardly  be regarded as recreant in falling to  Investigate a piece of furniture of so  Intimate a character.  The notoriety consequent'upon the  murder and suicide was hideously inordinate. Inspired and stimulated by  the sensational press, which did not  hesitate to Imply what It dared not  state-openly, the currency of falsehood and misconception at one period  came close to being disastrous. As I  had foreseen, the resemblance of McNish to Cameron, coupled with the  seemingly'convincing fact that the  tragedy had occurred ln the Cameron  town houee, where the millionaire  was supposed to be convalescent,  gave excuse for persistent, iteration  of a rumor that, ln order to preserve  the fame of a man regarded as above  reproach and at the same time to protect tbe line of securities In which he  had been .Interested, the story of a  confusing likeness had been Invented.  No paper In the land would bave  had the temerity to print this as a fact,  but again and again���������silly and Impossible as. it must, bave appeared to all  thinking persons���������It was - promulgated  by innuendo and embodied in more or  less weakly-worded denials.  As a result, Crystal Consolidated suffered. Bonds and stocks alike sloughed  fraction after fraction and point after  point And our mouths were neoes-,  sarlly. closed .upon the truth, since  that, If possible, would have been even  more damaging; for-while we still  hoped, we could give no positive, assurance that Cameron, was yet alive.  Strangely enough, though the whole  wretched complication had been raked  reportorlally. with a fine-tooth comb,  the kidnapping rrom the yacht had  not yet been so much as hinted at, but'  I lived, daily, ln mortal dread that it'  would be brought to light at the next,  journalistic hand-sweep. Accurate in-'  formation as to Cameron's present  whereabouts was the news now most,  eagerly sought net alone by the press  but by Wall street as well; our fidlure  to supply it���������though excused by us on.  the ground that ln his present nervous condition, It was Imperatively nee-'  essary to keep him sequestered from  interviewers���������was not unnaturally  arousing a suspicion that we did not'  possess It to supply.  If, under the strain of the tragedy,  and the brutal publicity which followed upon it, Bfrelyn Grayson bad not  eventually succumbed she must bave  been more than human. Bravely she  had' borne up against a whelming succession of nerve-wrenching experiences, refusing to entertain fear and  fighting valiantly against discouragement, but heart and nerves have'their  limit of endurance;, and when, tn the  third day, John Soy'was gathered to  his yellow and white fathers, and ������  more yellow than white evening Journal ventured, more boldly than had  been dared hitherto, to make the Implication, to which I have referred*  Bvelyn collapsed utterly.  As chance would have It, I myself  came npon her, lying white, Jimp, and  unconscious on tbe library floor, with  tbe paper still loosely held in her  ���������right band. Tbe sound of her fall had  carried to me faintly as I neared the  dosed door, and a misgiving born of  Intuition rather than of any more definite cause had hastened my steps.  Baying lifted ber to a couch and  rung for her maid I at once set about  doing wbat I could to restore her to  consciousness. Hut her plight was no  ordinary momentary falntness. Stubbornly she refused to respond to my-  efforts, and those of tbe maid when,  after hours it seemed, she came, were  equally unavailing.  Alarmed* I called up Pr. Massey,  only to learn that he bad gone to Boston for a consultation, and tbat Dr.  Thome, his assistant, was operating  ���������turacy wbat ensued, I cannot I  lenow only that McNish rose cum-  brously to his feet, only to fall back  again beneath the pouncing spring of  the Eurasiun. Then followed a pistol  Shot, muffled, yet sounding letbally  loud against tbe grim silence of the  chamber; and, as with one accord we  leaped forward, I saw Soy roll over in  a spasm of contortions, and'McNish,  thus freed from his gripping hold,  raise an arm and fire again, with the  pistol pressed to his own temple, Just  as Bryan, who had been nearest to  them, bravely made a grab for the  weapon.  as  Friday May 15,1914  M������s������������soosoee������������ess������������e������������������seoaeo������osaose������������������������e������oee������seeeo  Phone Seymour 943  Davies& Sanders  General Contractors  55-46 DAVIS CHAMBERS  615 HASTINGS ST. W.  CHAPTER XXVI.  His sister Confessor.  The death of McNish was Instantaneous. Soy, with a bullet in his abdomen, lingered for three days. During that time Miss Clement became  his sister confessor, and so there  drifted into our possession a host of  facts which otherwise we'mlght never  bave learned. Strange, uncanny creature that he was, he seemed to repose the utmost confidence in the,  gray, aweet-faced missionary, and fairly unburdened hie sin-charged bouI to  her. Those ot his fellow conspirators  that she promised to protect, she protected. Those thai he believed to  have played him false, she protected  likewise. Her religion was one In  which personal Justice has no dwelling. "Vengeance is mine, I will repay," her Lord had admonished, and  to him she was content to resign the  problem of retribution.  Had I been more familiar with the  Cameron town house and tbe town  habits of itr master. Justice probably  would not bave been tricked out of  having her way with two as lawless  wretches as ever infested a community. I Bhould have known then that  one of the drawers ot that quaint old  ^Continued on Pj_,e o.  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.  MACHINERY  DEALERS  CONCRETE MIXERS, STEEL CARS; ROCK CRUSHERS, ELECTRIC,  STEAM AND GASOLINE HOISTS.       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Where's Mr. Bryan r '  But at tbat moment the nurse, appearing from tbe adjoining room, answered for himself, and McNish. with  a capitally assumed, nonchalance, said,  smilingly,  "I dldnt think you could be so easily Imposed upon, Clyde. The" letter  to Donald McNish wss given to me by  McNish himself. Re wanted me to  answer It   It wss his   last, request  "Silence!" I cried; and then, -Mr.  Bryan, get him into tbat chair before'  the bureau, facing the door. These'  people outside must not be kept waiting any longer." With which I tamed,  and with hand on knob once more,  paused until the nurse had rather  roughly, but In all baste, dragged bis  charge across tbe floor and fairly  flung him Into the Indicated seat  t It was not until after the Immediately succeeding occurrences that I  {learned from O'Hara what had been  ���������told to John Soy on his way up town'  in the tszicab. As I understand it,  the other detectives had Informed him  ���������that he was befog taken to this house  so that his chief accuser, who was  nltfh unto death, could make an ante-  mortem Identification. As a matter of  fart, of course, tbe situation was practically tbe reverse: We desired Soy to  identify McNish. and McNish, under  stress of the encounter, to' admit his  own Identity. The Eurasian, however,  having been thu_*mlslnformed, was at  a distinct disadvantage. So, when I  drew back the door, and he was pushed forward Into the room, instead of  seeking, he Imagined himself sought,  and with bowed head and eyes on the  floor, stood shrlnkingly ill at ease.  To this misunderstanding Is probably attributable all tbat followed. Had  8oy known that McNish was regarded, equally with himself, as an aggressor, be might have controlled bis  outbreak and permitted the law to  wreak* its tardy Justice. But 8oy did  not know, and. the tide of events met  sudden change. ^  lt*is. Indeed, scarcely conceivable,  bow rapidly It wss all enacted. For  Just % moment the weasened figure  stood still, while behind him crowded  the rest of us���������the three detectives,  the two Chinamen ������nd myself,  1 saw McNish struggle for an instant to maintain his pose of Indifference, and then I saw bU cheeks  blanch, and his little eyes widen in  craven terror as he recognised the  shabby, silent thing before him. His  lips parted, his bared teeth clicked  together, and his hands, like talons,  clutched tensely bis chair arms.  In that strained moment the room  was strangely hushed. I know I  scarcely breathed, as nervously Intent I watched those two miserable  creatures; the one keenly conscious,  the other blind to everything save the  rug pattern at his feet  Then, like a flash, Soy stole a glance  at bis supposed sccuser, and I saw  htm quiver Into steel. It ��������� was as  though sn electric bolt bsd shot  through his shrinking frame and limp;  limbs. He seemed to grow out of himself, to rise Inches taller, towering  with stiffened neck and lifted head.  To describe with any degree of scat Roosevelt Hospital. For a moment*  distressed and anxious, the names ot  other physicians eluded me. In despair, I opened the Telephone Directory, ln hope of a suggestion, and the  name of Addison leaped at me from  tbe page. To my Infinite relief he was  in his office; his electric was at tbe  door, and he would be over at once.  And it was not until ten minutes  later, when he came hurriedly Into the  room, tbat I remembered. The name,  when I saw it, had at once struck me  as familiar. I seemed to know, even;  that it belonged to a physician of  reputed high standing, yet it was only  at the Instant of his entrance, when  his penetrating steel-gray eyes drilled  Into mine, that I associated It with the  man to whom I had gone, not for any  ailment, but to learn whether my  friend, in spite of his denials, bad ever  been in China.  If .the recognition was mutual, Dr.  Addison gave no sign of it. His patient demanded and received his immediate attention. Hastily he administered a stimulating hypodermic, and  then, himself assisted in carrying her  to her room.  When he rejoined me in the library,  half an hour later, it was with the  glad news that she had responded  gratifylngly to treatment, and was  sleeping calmly. After thanking him  for his promptness and efficiency, I  said:;; - ; V:-  "You do not remember me?"  "Oh, yes, I do," he returned, almost  "brusquely, fixing me with his   gaze.  "You are Mr. Clyde.   Did yon get any  relief from the prescription I gave  your*  I had not expected the question and  was unprepared for it. Ia venturing  an evasive reply I stammered.  "1 don't suppose you even had It  filled," he declared, with a grim smile  that was at least partially reassuring.  And I admitted that his surmise w*>.������  accurate.  ;>tJ.;-  "I bave a confession to make, Doctor," 1 said, a Uttle shamefacedly.  "It Is unnecessary, Mr. Clyde," was  his half-polijte rejoinder, as he sank into a chair before the fireplace: ������������������ 1  read tbe newspapers, and I have come  to understand, many things ln the  past few days."     '  As I took tt seat opposite tor him. 1  said:  "The newspapers have, been misleading. I fear, Dr. Addison.",  "No," he. contradicted, his tone  softened. "On. the contrary they have  opened my eyes to a truth that waa  long' hidden; they have made a very  contrite and, I must confess, ��������� W������d  unhappy man of me������"  -Unhappy?"  -Mens unhappy, than yea can  eelve, Mr. Clyde.   For yean I   hvw  misjudged one of the   best   .Mends)  Heaven aver privileged   a   aaa to'  have."  "But, my dear Doctor," I began,  "you wen not at  fault  altogether;  i  ���������oft)  about your patient Doctor," I said.  "Miss Clement, is a .very jood friend  of Miss Grayson's."    '    V   ���������,.  Graciously he compiled^ making It  Quite clear that sedatives and J sleep'  would undoohtedly effect a prompt recovery. V  *       ������  .< "And now Miss Clement will ten ue  something," I added. "8be has had a;  patient too, who died this morning, as  yon may have aeen by tbe afternoon,  papers���������the Eurasian who "was shot  by McNish."  o������  'Navigabt* sVaten r>������t������*ilen jw  MKl'  ���������c-  V  i -- * i,  . <*���������������*���������* us, sk a. o, leeet  '1,1 -  .     . , *     ^    (44*   ,���������������?   rV  *AKE tfoMCE-that Peter" O. ���������*������������������*_# "^ - ' *  "    ~"    ot _Vancouver, Krovlnee/ot  J> >fV  of the .City  lolt  British Columbia.     .  Land  Registry 'Office ���������_,   .  Vancouver,^ in the Froyincw  - -   -   - rio������  depWtedJalTthi  at .tl*e  iClt  CMuntbta, and/in tbe Offle  of the. Mia*  later'ef Public Work* at Ottawa, ���������������������-'  ���������crlptlSn of the alto Saul plana qt a jwo-  poaed bulk-head and fllirng tetkeim-  .atruetedupeft the lonahor* ������nd 4a the'  bed of Burrard Inlet Vanoou^er^Hiar-  bour, in front of Lots J, 4M 6. #_;.t.-;l, t.  Up to that moment I knew but little,  of what Soy had divulged, for the mis-.^l ���������#o������iTvJ^%;"t&JEu"&  stenary, in her two or three brief tele> ������-������--������-������������������*-- -  !L������; end U> BlocJcl76, lJutrtVilt W;  *  4 J,' / ���������������'/*  phonle talks, had given ns scarcely;  mora than promises of important revelations when opportunity eould be  made for a meeting; and I was Impe-;  tient for tbe fulfilment  She had chosen a seat at soma Uttla*  distance from us, but now, at my so-,  lidtatlon, sh* accepted a mow oom-  fortable chair, which I placed In eon-'  fldential Juxtaposition with oar own.  "It's rather a long story," she .began, tn her sweetly quiet voice. "And  aa it came to me piecemeal. I'm afraid  S!?!i^!it#pr*B,t?,?h,ad' **������.Jlt win be rather disconnected.  British Columbia.! "   \< <y.\;,,  AND TAKE NOTICE that alter %e  expiration of, one month from the date  tof the first'publication of, this Notiee,  the saldPeter O. Drost wttl, under 8e?  tion 1 of the aald Act apply to the Mia-'  sP  please don't" he pleaded. "You can-  aot temper it I should have taken his  word, without question. I knew hie,  leva of tenth���������I probably more than1  any one else. What right had I to  conclude then, because ef certain ap-'  parently irreconcilable happenings.  that hia wo^d was falser  "We are all fallible," I said.  "All but he," was his prompt reply.  And1 then, leaning forward, "with a*  strained, eager look la those piercing  ���������yes, his voice vibrant be asked:  "Is it true tbat he la very HIT Tbat  ha cannot be seen?"  For a scruple I hesitated.  "Tbe newspapers have been mis*  leading, I fear," I said again, and I  Judge my expression of countenance  Was as cryptic ss my words, for my vis.  iter's look changed instantly to one of  dire perplexity.  ."He'Is not ill?" he questioned.  "You mean���������"  "Confidentially, Doctor," I admitted,  ,"we baveat the faintest notion Just  how he Is. He may be in excellent  health or he may have oeased to'  exist",  "Good God!" he,exclaimed, and his  face was as white aa his linen.  "Our best Information is that be is  on a steamer���������a tramp���������bound for.  China, but we have no particulars, and  worse still, no verification."  It waa neither fair nor consistent to  conceal longer from one so justly Interested the whole truth, and so, without reservation* I told Dr. Addison the  story.  Before I had quite concluded, Miss  Clement wss announced, and when  she was shown Into the library. Instead of permitting tha physician to  leave, as he made offer of doing, I  presented him and insisted upon his  remaining.  - % want yo_Ufe.������H Mtei~o������mej_t  Ton.  see this poor fellow suffered horribly  at times srid when be was not suffer.  Ing he wss under the influence ot opiates, so ordinarily I doubt that it  would be safe to accept as fact a good  deal said under aueb circumstances. It  appears to me., however, that In his  ease, these very conditions only  strengthen the probabilities; for bis  mind seemed to hold only the one  theme, end his statements could hardly have been either spontaneous <or  studied inventions. On the other  hand, they were rather a sort of invol-  notary recital of the particulars of a,  subject which hatf engrossed him for  years to the exclusion of almost every.  thing alse."  Dr. Addison nodded his head, an*  couraglngly. "I quite.' understand.  Miss Clement" he said. And I, too,  assured her that her reasoning appeared to me logical.  / 'It was significant," she continued,  "that so far as I could fix dates, he  made no references at all to any happening prior to sixteen years ago. The  tragedy of that time was the begin-'  ntng of what I think I may call bis  mania. Everything he told me had to  do with It It came at the beginning.  at the apex, and at the end ef every  revelation."  . - "The tragedy of sixteen years ago?"  Inquired the physician.  "The tragedy of what has been  icalled The SaM* lorcha,'" I remind*  edhtak  (C4_ntino������w   Next Week.)  Do not go .about repeating the  statement that nothing affects the  temper like disease of the stomach ; it would he better to say that  nothing troubles the functions of  later of Public Works. at��������� hia offioe ia  the city of Ottawa, fo '   '  ���������i������ct the said bulk  ror permission  head and full  to,  _. lias,;  Th*:d������acrlptlon_by metes and bounds la  aa follows: ALL AND SINGULAR  that certain.parcel, ot land situate la'  the City of North Vancouver, Provlaee,  of British Columbia, and be!  the foreshore and bed of But   adjacent to the above described tots,  and, which parcel, may p. more partlo- '  ulariy described aa follows:       ' -     *  Commencing at  the point of fatter-������  section of the western boundary ef that ���������  said Lot I, with tbe original high waSr\  " Burrard Inlet the-"  ' ^  ������?&?������&  nark of tiurrara iniet tneoce^ tn aa  easterly direction following the aald  original high water mark a dJataaeot ef  460 feat to the point of totsreseUeg of  the easterly boundary of the,aald, Lot  11, with, the original high water mask;  thence south a distance of. ITS feet;  thence weat a diatanoa of .IS feat;  thence north a distance of 17S feet.to  the point, of commencement    -  Dated at Vaucourer. a C this Mat  day of April. 1*14. x        . ,  MAITLAND,   HUNTER *  MAITLAND  ���������Solicitors for tha Applicant .,  _������.  fee  c.  SEALED TENDERS will be received  [arbor Com-  Eburne Station, B.'  by the undersigned at the Harbor, Commissioners' Office, -" "       ~  Static  . ap to noon on May 8, for  test holes   in,the North Arm of   the-  Fraser  River* between  the commence-  efSe           unsiiue  meat of the- estuary at Point-Grey and  the westerly boundary of South Vaa-  ouver.  Specifications  anlcutatra obtained  full  couver. _  be seen ,and    KWculatre obtained en application to  issrs. Davis A Leella, Harbor Xuri*.  ears, BOI-508 Duncan Rutldlng, Vaa-  couver, after April 14. '  The Harbor Commisioners do not bind  themselves to accept the lowest or any  tender.    H. B. A. VOOBL.  1-lS-St - Secretary.  -h-MM-_--aM-a-a--*-_---a--t������>_-__������  <*:  OEDAR COTTAGE PBLrMBYTERIAN  CHURCH  Rev. J. O. Madill. Pastor.  Sabbath School and Bible Olaasee  at 2.80 p.m.  Prayer meeting at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. '. '~  Young People's meeting at8p.m> o  Monday night  Soatl Vancouver Undertakers'  Hamilton Bros.  We are foremost In our Una for-  IfODjnuTfc Pwcsp Funwuls  -"T  ^i^tilBike wooay tmvm' mmmttmt        mmmmn  t ������������������������ t������*������������������tTt1'������'liTil'til"l"r'l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"li ������������������������������������������������s>������������s>������������������������������������f ������'������f ������������������������f ������������������������f f f 111 h l"H'Tt  Six Pays a WeeK in  Ihe Chiuaqn  Every morning during the week The  Chicago Daily Tribune prints a complete Moving Picture Story based on  one of the Moving Picture Plays being  shown in Chicago and in the cities, towns and villages  in the vast territory surrounding Chicago.  The Play selected for each morning's story is the one  which The Tribune's Moving Picture Editor has selected  as the best of all those being shown that day. You can  read the Moving Picture Stories every morning and then  as these fascinating plays are exhibited in your locality  your enjoyment of them will be doubled and trebled  BECAUSE YOU HAVE READ THE STORY.  TH������ CHICAGO TRIBUNE  r  Y  T  X  ������sfl������ i%���������v*^i ������y������ ���������$��������� ���������%>������.  hot only gives you a complete Moving Picture Story  EVERY DAY,'during the week, but it;also gives you  on Sunday, in serial form, the greatest Moving Picture  Story evei'written, " The AdventuresofKathlyn," by  Harold MacGrath, the thrilling romance from which has  been produced the famous "KATHLYN" Moving Pictures which all Chicago is standing in line to see.  Read the Daily Moving Picture Story  in the Chicago Tribune  " e  Read "The Adventures of Kathlyn" in The Chicago Sunday Tribune '>  *  ....-,.- , ��������� 4|  '���������'t '���������-.���������''���������".; *  ^SM^^T~T^uM..t.A..'..i.A.i.s.*-z~^^ --^T--I- T-f 4? 1 1 i 11 1 1 1U 1 | 1 11 t 11 1 \\  %  X N   '  THE WESTERN CALL  Friday. May 15.1914  THE WESTERN CALL  PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY  BY THE  TERMINAL CITY PRESS, LTD.  HEAD OFFICE:  203 Kingsway. Vancouver  Telephone Fairmont 1140  SunooHptlon t  One Cellar m Year In Advance  ���������#���������549 Outalde Canada  If you do not get "CALL" regularly  it is probably because your subscription  is long overdue. Renew at once. If paid  up, phone or write complaint today.  .y MAHF  IN   yj  BIB WILLIAM LBVSB  The coming of the Lever interests to Vancouver and Victoria is one of the, important events  of tie year.  ; Sir/William Lever, who. by the way, is slated  for a coronet on the King's birthday.is one of the  great' industrial King's of the world. Starting  as errand boy in his father's grocery shop in one  .of the country towns in Lancashire/ Sir William  has built up an enormous business.  ','; The works at: Warrington were established in  1886,~ and two years later at Port Sunlight, both  near' Liverpool/ England. - Now he has added  works; at Mannheim,, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Olten, .Switzerland, Sydney, New South  Wales, "near Boston, TJ. S. A., Toronto, Canada,  and on the Congo, Africa, where he has a,contract of territory,, and where a number of towns  have been created by him; chief among which is  Leverville.  , Sir William also has a twenty-one year monopoly, from the British Government for setting  up palm oil factories' over an area of 31} square  miles'in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and owns two  islands inthe middle of the Pacific, known respectively, as Hull island and Fl[int island-  Port Sunlight, the headquarters of the concern, is now a large and thriving town,, occupied  exclusively by Sir William's employees, many  thousands in number, with churches, public libraries, gymnasia, and theatres ,of its own, all  provided by him. ���������  The place wa evisited hy b$th the king and  tbe queen on tbe occasion of their stay with Lord  Vand Lady Perby at Knowsley park at the beginning of last month.  And now Burrard Inlet is to be the scene of a  new Lever town- It means an industry employing hundreds and ultimately many thousand  employees.  It puts Vancouver distinctly on the man as a  :_ place marked out by__nature .forjthe _locat_ion_of  the huge industrial undertakings of the world.  In this connection it is opportune to call attention once more to the necessity of cultivating  the ' patronize-your-home-industry. habit. The  case in point is the second-narrows,bridge���������contract for which is shortly Jo be let. It will be a  civic crime if that contract goes outside. Under  the circumstances the lack of local employment���������  the falling off in the biffh building trade���������the  placing of that contract with the local houses capable of tackling it might mean the turning of the  tide.  BUILDING SBASON OFJSN8 AT WINNIPEG  Winnipeg, Man.���������Managers of leading Winnipeg real estate concerns interviewed today state  that prospects for a big year in real estate are  exceedingly bright, the activity now noted being  most marked in residential properties of the better class. Although the building season is but  just fairly opened, permits issued to date stand  well above the $5,000,000 mark, and work on  hundreds of dwelling houses, besides many apartment blocks, will soon be under full headway.  From present indications it is calculated that 1914  totals should run far ahead of the record-breaking figures of 1912. For residential and building  purposes well located river- fornt sub-divisions  such as Tuxedo Park, Pomona, Bydal and King  George Park are gaining rapidly in favor with  home builders just at the present tfane.  BRITAIN AT PANAMA EXPOSITION.  London���������A very strong and influential deputation, representing more than half the membership of British House of Commons has been  received by Premier Asquith, and the promise  given that their views would be sumbited to the  Cabinet. It is now extremely probable that  Great Britain will be officially represented at  the Panama Pacific Exposition at San Francisco.  Following the "Call's" Lead  The Chicago Record-Herald, a fine, up-to-date  daily paper, announces that it will hereafter accept no contracts for liquor advertisements. Existing contracts will be filled, but in future the  pages will be kept free from such matter.  S. Vancouver  May 13  FOR REEVE   .  J. A. Kerr  Edward Gold  FOR COUNCILLOR  Ward 5  i <  H. A. Beaumont  Win. S. Hunter  J. D. Millar  Fred. Way  ������    - '  i ���������   _-  mmmmammm^mmmmm^maamm  Vote for J, A,  FOR REEVE  Thfe only peaceable  solution of������, knotty problem  Ml PLEASANT A. D. S.  'OUR BOYS' WELL PRESENTED  Under the auspices of the Women's  Guild of the Mount Pleasant Presbyterian church, a most entertaining  performance of the modern comedy-  entitled "Our Boys," was presented  by the Mount Pleasant Amateur Dramatic Society last Thursday evening  at the Hamilton hall.  Those who took active parts in the  play showed considerable dramatic  ability and were generously applauded by the large audience/present. The  caste included:. Messrs. A. Strong,'  W. Citfighton, R. H. Baxter, G. Nixon and, M. McTavish, and the Misses  A. Amons, Nada Johnstone, V. Fen-  ton, and E. Riches. Mr. A. Y. Dou-  gan's orchestra .contributed the musical selections which were also highly  appreciated.  POTATO DISEASES  ELECTION PAY:  There has been issued by the Department of Agriculture at Ottawa a  remarkably well executed folder,  Farmers Circular No. 4, 'entitled  "Potatoe diseases transmitted by the  use of unsound tubers," showing in  natural colors, representations*" of  specimens of diseased potatoes. Diseases and other blemishes represented  are potato canker, powdery scab.j  hollow potato,'internal brown streak,  little potato disease, dry rot,, wet rot,  common potato scab, a'nd stem end  rot. Special reference is made to potato canker, and pow4ery scab, the  latter of which occurs already in Canada and should be carefully avoided.  The folder points out that, under the  destructive Insect and Pest Act of  Canada any person using for seed  potatoes, infected by potato canker  or powdery scab is liable to prosecution. Potato growys who suspect  the presence of either of the 'latter  diseases are requested to send to the  Dominion Botanist, Centraf Experimental Farm, OttawaV This folder,'  prepared by Mr. H. T. Gussow, Dominion Botanist, will be sent free to  those who apply for it to the Publications Branch of the Department of  Agriculture at Otawa.  What the Liberals really don't like  about the budget is the big share of  .consideration given to: the Canadian  farmer. They would" prefer to give  the farmer promises-only.  y&  FABMEKS, READ THIS!  Since* 1878.the duty on  agricultural implements has  been reduced from 35 per  cent, to 12������ per cent.  Of that reduction Conservative governments have  made  20 PER CENT.  and the Liberals  Only 2i PER CENT.  , Thus the Conservatives have  done eight times more for the  farmers than the Liberals.  < Farmers of Canada,  think this ovarl  Unto the Auspices of the  Unionist Clubs of Ireland  Will be given on  Friday, May 29  At 8:30 p. m., in the  HAMILTON HALL  (Comer Hamilton and Dunsmuir)  PRICES OF ADMISSION:  Balcony, 25c.        Body of Hall, 50c.  Tickets from any of the members or from  the office, 61 Fairfield Block, Granville St.  r  PHONE Seymour 46 V  With all that the Botden Government  has done and is still doing for the  country, the national debt is many millions lower than under the Grit,regiine.  Stanley's  Watch Our Windows  for Bargains  Open Saturday Evenings  STANLEY & CO.  2117 Mala Street Phoee Fair, ft*  Priflti 110* Terminal City Press, Ltd.  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C.    .  ��������� '���������������������< 11 I'M ������II>1IH 11 J'������'M"M"I"I������< H If I H'H ������t MM 114 !������!���������  mrnot  |ll< M������ll I 111 II Mill It. 11 lWllHHtll>lf������4H'fH 11II.  SNAP!  50x100, corner .29th Ave. and  St. Catharines Street, modern  7-room house. .  YOUR OWN PRICE FOR CASH  APPLY WESTERN CALL  ���������M 1. 11 Ull I M t III'11 > t M < 111 tfc 111 H J^������|i.|..|..i..ii 111 t (11111.  I,, .  ;...7i ���������M<  ���������:ms  Friday, M������y_16,1914  THE WBSTBBN CALL  iilliiiiiiil  i^iMMi^i^WiWmm.  Iljlii&^  iii|||po?t  .sfteeve of South Vancouver  n     Corner Prince Albert and 52nd St.  Athabasca Petroleum Co., Ltd.  '>m::  if-wi  such payment it authorized by a resolution of the company in' general  meeting and 'does; not exceed the  amount 30-authorized; (h) To cause  this company to be registered or'licensed to'do business and to carry out  its objects, in .any country' j>r place;;  To)- To do all the above thing's and  'such other things as are incidental or  conducive to the attainment of the  foregoing Vohjects.^ %iThiies$. operations  jb&VSthe^-eo^  throughout the Dominion of Canada  and % elsewhere "V by -V-i the V?name������ of  "Athabasca Petroleum Company,  Limited," with a' capital stock of five  hundred thousand dollars, divided  into 500,000 shares of one dollar each.-  and- the chief- place of business of  the said company to-be at the City of  Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia.   ���������;  Dated at the*office of the Secretory of State of Canada, this 21st day  of March, 1914.  THOMAS MULVEY,      "  v Under Secretary of State.  .   -AT 7:30 P.M.  Rev. 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Stripes ana"  "Tbe Choicest  oi all WoIpb  Waters-  A delicious drink, sn invigorating drink. ������ drink that aids  instead of retarding digestion.'  Such a drink is the genuine  from; the volcanic spring in  Japan. "W.-/;,;';  Doctor* recommend Tansan,/  because it is the softest and  most digestible of all waters,  as well as on account of its-  valuable tonic properties.'     .  This explains why Tanean  drinkers   enjoy   better  health     than    those     who.  habitually use common waters!  Mixas Splendidly with  ������ll Hard Drinks  To be bought of all reliable  liquor dealers  THE HUDSON. BAY COMPM ���������^  i&J^bi^  gnft^  known as "The Companies Act," let^-  'ters patent have been issued under the,  'Seal^tl^^  :a3$;$i&^  March, 1914, incorporating Raymond  Neilus Bond, financial broker, TKos.  Todrick :':Md/:^ii;\ss-y^qi^i/i'i Fill^  mpre^barrisjters-at^  Bethell,  notary  public,   and  Walter  Francis Chaffey,' studeiit-at-law, all of  the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, for the following   'purposes, viz:���������(a) To , acquire, manage, develop, work and sell  mines, inchiding^coal    mines,    coal  lands, oil lands, natural    gas   lands,  mineral claims and mining properties  and petroleum claims, and to win,  get, treat, refine and market minerals,  coal or oil therefrom; to carry on the  business of a mining, smelting, milling and refinihg company in all or  any of its branches -and to carry on  the business of producers, refiners,  storers, suppliers and distributors, of  petroleum and petroleum products' in  all its branches;  (b) To obtain by  purchase, lease, hire, discovery, location or otherwise, and hold mines,  mineral claims, mineral leases, coal  lands, oil lands, natural gas lands,  prospects,  mining' lands, [petroleum  claims and mining    and    petroleum-  rights  of  every description and  to  work, develop, operate and turn the  same to account, and to sell or otherwise dispose of the same or any of  them, or any interest therein;  (c)  To dig for, raise, crush, wash, smelt,  assay,  analyze,  reduce,  amalgamate  and otherwise1 treat goldrsilver, coal,  copper,   lead  ores  or   deposits,  oil,  petroleum  and  other  minerals  and  metallic substances and compounds of  all kinds, whether belonging to the  company or not, and to render the  same merchantable,, and to buy, sell  and deal in the same or any of them;  (d)_.To  acquire  by  purchase,  lease,  hire, exchange or otherwise such real  and personal property of all kinds,  timber lands or leases,' timber claims,  licenses to cut timber, surface rights  and rights of way, water rights and  privileges, mills, factories, oil refineries, oil and petroleum wells, furnaces for smelting and treating ores  and  refining metals,  buildings, machinery, plant, patents,- licenses, concessions  or other real; or personal .. _    ...       ..     ,-. ......  rfy as may be necessarjr for or P*������*'thus Providing the California  EARL GREY 18 IN  BIO OIL COMPANY  It WW Take OH From.California to  , EngUnd Through Panama Canal  London, May 4.���������The object of the  purchase of the Union'Oil Company  of California'by the British Union Oil  Company is understood to be for the  purpose of securing a fixed supply of  oil for navy, mercantile and steamship purposes, from aaburce.uninflu-  enced by revolutions in Latin. America.-  "The company, which Is headed, by  Earl Grey, Lord Pirrie and Sir'William Owen Phillip, of the Royal Mail,  will immediately,construct oil steamers to bring the oil through the Panama Canal to England.  The capital^pf the company is $60,-  000,000 mainly composed of 6- per  cent' cumulative preferred _ shares.  The promoters bought- $15,000,000  worth of the treasury stgck of the  former Union Oil Company in exchange for stock in the new corn-  property  conducive to the proper carrying out  of any of the objects of the company,  and manage, develop, sell, exchange,  lease or otherwise deal with > the  whole or any part therof; (e) To  construct, maintain, alter, make,''work,  and operate on the property of the  company,' or^on property controlled  by the company, any canals, trails,  roads, ways, tramways, bridges and  reservoirs, dams, flumes, pipe lines;  storage tanks, oil tanks, race and  other ways, water- courses, scque-lye^..  ducts, wells, wharves, piers, furnaces,  saw-milts, crushing- works, smelting  works, concentrating works, hydraulic  vforks,*coke ovens, electrical works,  and appliances, warehouses, buildings,  machinery, plant, stores and other  works and conveniences which may  seem conducive to any of the objects  of the company; and, with the consent of the shareholders in general  meeting, to contribute to, subsidize  or otherwise aid or take part in any  such' operation, though constructed  and maintained by any other corn-  company with ample funds.  Through an agreement with Lyman'Stuart, of Los Angeles, who controls the majority stock, tlie California stockholders will receive an offer  for their*holdings. It is .felt in England that the'deal will be of great advantage to the Californian oil industry, since it relieves the glut due to  the overproductio nof the last four  Mount Pleasant Livery  TRANSFER  Furniture and Piano Moving  Baggage, Express and Dray.   Hacks and Oafifajgw  st all hours. - "  Phone Felrnsent 04O  ������.���������������  Corner BrotdwajFtud Main  v  A. F.^MdkvWij .Prop. |  ���������ll>IMMHMH������IIIIMIIIH>M������lirMMMMMinOIMI  ��������� V ������- .  ' ''  5-1  i*l  V*KV*I  <****4>**+*++A'i,'i"i*:"i":"."  VANCOUVER CUT-RATE FRUTT and CANDY CO. i  JN. Bills. Mgr. 2452 Main St. to. iNMhny j  "���������i-Jr'C-'A^  AH Fruits  V  X  Largest Stock of CoDfectiooery Frelt i Totocco on DJ1;  t PHONE Fairmont 638  v '     ' '  ^   ���������        Free 4eli very to wy l>ftrt of the city.  1 ���������������<������!��������� 4 < 4. H < in| 44 IIIIIIH-   ������t<i������nt������ni llll������������KI������.<Se'  '/*..  ���������(,h  -^i  >���������      ' Vi4  '\f.  l 'J-  ���������  J ts.W  /' i.(i  yz?,  "V1  ;-r  -t<_ '  T5  FLY  A. Pv IBE& & CO.  J  pany or persons outside of the property of the company, and to buy, sell,  manufacture and, deal in all kinds of  goods, stores, implements, provisions, chattels and effects required by  the company or its workmen and-ser-  vants; (f) To build, acquire, own,  charter, navigate and use steam and  other /essels for the purpose,! of the  compfny;_ (g) _.To take, acquire and  hold as the consideration for ores,  metals or minerals sold or otherwise  disposed of, or for goods supplied or  for work done by contract orN>ther-  wise, shares, debentures, bonds or  other securities of or in any other  company the objects of which are  similar to those of this company, and  to sell or otherwise dispose of the  same; (h) To enter into any arrangement for sharing profits, union  of mtexest or co-operation with any  other person or company carrying on  or about to carry on any business or  transaction which this company is  authorized to carry on, and to take or  otherwise acquire and hold shares  in or amalgamate with any other  company having object altogether or  in part similar to those of this company; '(>) To purchase or otherwise  acquire and undertake all or any of  the assets, business, property, privileges, contracts, rights, obligations  and liabilities of any person or company carrying on any part of the  business which this company is 'authorized to carry on, or possessed of  property suitable for the purposes  thereof; (j) To distribute any of the  property of the company among the  members in specie; (k)   To sell, im-  firove, 'manage, develop, exchange,  ease, dispose of, turn to account or  otherwise deal with the undertaking  or the whole or any part of the property and rights of the company, with  power, to accept las. the consideration  any shares, stocks or obligations of  any company; provided, however, that  in case of a sale' for shares in a company other than a non-personal' liability company such sharep shall be  fully paid up; (1) To enter into contracts for the allotment of shares- of  the company as-the whole or part of  the purchase price of any property,  real or personal, goods or chattels  purchased by the company or for any  valuable consideration; including services rendered to the company, as the  company may from time to'time determine; (m) To pay a 'Commission  upon shares offered to the public for  subscription either, in cash or shares  to any person or corporation in consideration of his or its subscribing or  agreeing to subscribe, whether absolutely or conditionally, for any shares  in the company "or procuring or  agreeing to procure" subscriptions,  whether absolute or conditional, for  any shares in the company, provided  ���������v ^"* V's'v*��������� qrT^T*nTiam^m *as>f ^w,W*''vvyv*'tvv_b_' ^iearp  \% A. Los a Co., 561. Broadway West  are having a Genuine Sale which runs  until May l*tb. All Wall papers are  reduced 60 pier tent K you have not  seen our advertisement or the circular  wbicji have been extensively .dlstrlbttt-  ed, we beg to call your attention to the  special reductions they are offering on  all lines of stock oomprtWug all the  season's latest decorative effects.  The imputation ot this company Is  we������9 established end they have succeeded In bulldtog up a trade and gr������4u-  *lly increastng ^xdr atook until now  they have a Store and Plsplay Jtoom  which (s one of the largest in the city.  We can freely rdcommend the enterprising house to all our readers.  Look lor Saturday Special on an-  other page of this Issue.  ALASKA    RAILWAY    SURVEYS  Washington, May 5.���������Active work  on the preliminary surveys for the  great government railroad in Alaska  will begin within the next few days.  Announcement was made today that,  with the . appointment of Thomas  Riggs, Jr., as the third member of  the Alaska, R. R. Commission, the  commissioners will leave for the far  north and plan for the connection of  the line. The entire commission,  consisting, of Wm. C. Edes, Lieut.  Frederick Mears, and Mr. Riggs, are  organizing their party of assistants,  and will leave for Alaska the latter  part of this month.  Is here ani we h&ve a targe  stock of  Screen Poors  Screen Windows,  Wire Screens  at prices that wiJJ interest  you.  : r  We cairy a complete stocjc of  JAP-A-JjAC in all sizes.  Just pbone us your orders. We  deliver promptly to any part of the  city ana suirounding districts,  W, ft Owen* Morrison  y The Wt. Plesssnt Hardware  Phone Fair. 447 2337 Main Street  The Water-Mobile  The first 3-passenger WATER-  MOBILE is rapidly neanng completion.  If you want to get in on this wonderful  invention at the' present price of 25  cents per share, you must act quickly  as only a few shares are to be had  before the advance.  THE WATER-MOBILE  UNDER WRITERS  lej   Carter-Cotton   Bailding  Vancouver, British Columbia  r  Investor's Bulletin  C������x___.!- ���������       A hand-book for successful  TSTflCKS  investors and speculators, fre*  yluvl*������on reauest./ Write far your  BosMto. Mi������M eopjr today.  CMtM DONAXO M. IfUcSHSOl  Crata tatovl     Mbr. VancouTet and SaatU,  Stock Exchanges.  I WlacS Sallalae     . Pfco���������Ssynsw 8461  m  HtKHrHHlflll IHHMlltflMllHH H llltIM ���������������������������  NATIONAL CULTURE AND REHNEMENT  with ;;  dan wa meaaur. tha value of example In battering tbe social, moral  and mental condition of home, civic or national life?  A living example is a powerful factor In leading up to culture and  reflnement as a national asset. What more so than that of an artistically made home nestling: among beautiful flowering .plant*;  flowering and evergreen shrubbery; shade trees, all encompassed  hedges of holly, laurel or privet.  Cultivate a habit to spend your time to make such a home, and  visit our Greenhouses and Nurseries; see our stock, and get expert advice from our capable and courteous employees, which will greatly aid  you in your effort. Our stock was never better, larger or of greater  variety. In our stock of over $100,000 we have everything that culture  and refinement demands to make a home a credit to the owners and  pleasing and interesting to the community.  Catalogues mailed free on application.  Royal Nurseries, Limited  Office���������710 Son-talon SMg. SOT XMtmge St. W.  rhoae Sttyasour MS*. ���������   -  ���������Toms���������S410 OranvlUe Ct.    Than. Bayvlew ltSC.  Greenhouses and Nuneries at Royal on B.  C. Electric  Eburne Line, about two miles south of the City limits.  < Fboae���������JPnune ���������������.  Railway,   ;;  ���������1 M Ml t MltltHH Hit Mill 111 M 1 I II 11 11111 I II11 UMI  I 6  THB WBflTBBN CALL.  Pridav. May 15.1914  THE  *���������^ll^lltlH'^'^^Ml���������tMl'^'M''M^^M^'MM^  ::  \  *'4jMj44������4^������Ji  FEBRUARY 27  0a /������+. /i"<?o/<t.  ^\m\%^^%\\\*^^^^*^lf^*^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^*^^**^*^**^*^^^^^*^*  MARCH 6  ItopuLAR SoNOe,  ///ttafrmtx/  YOU MADE MC WHAT I AM  TOO Ay  ���������������  ::  A Sad Episode  In .South Vancouver Politics  v       -' Leonard Janes, foe six years a faithful and energetic servant of the municipality of South  Vancouver, has passed away.  . Leonard Janes was South Vancouver's tax collector, and during his years of service he  made many friends. His death came as a blow to the whole municipality. He was 25 years of age,  and was thought to have been in the pink of health up to a few days before his death- [  It might be said tbat Leonard Janes gave his life for the, welfare of the community. Jft  was against the advice of his physician tbat he persisted in attending to his duties at the Municipal Hall right up almost to the day before his passing. - ���������  , , Few.men were more familiar with the science of municipal government-than the lafce^  Mr. Janes. As a boy he was articlecl for three years to the municipal engineer to the Herne  J3ay Urban JPistrict Council} Brent,'England. Later he served as surveyor to that municipality.  He was^appointed assistant C. M. C. in South Vancouver in/1908, and the following year was promoted to the post of assessor and collector of taxes. In all his duties the late Mr. Janes showed  an exactness and general efficiency which made him stand out amongst bis'fellows. His department was at all times thoroughly'systematize^ and running without the usual hitches and difficulties.,                 -   ;                               '  There is very little doubt that the drastic overthrow of the entire municipal staff of South  Vancouver contributed to, if it did not actually- cause, the sudden breakdown of Mr- Janes'  health. ��������� A man of peculiar sentiyeness, he undoubtedly wilted under the ruthless methods of the  man responsible for these upheavals.  /fucfam.  South Vancouver  > j ' r  Conscienceless Municipal Body j  That the South Vancouver municipality was devoid of conscience, and .that its defense t������  ihe action/ brought against it by the Dominion Greosoting Company, was without merit, was the  declaration of Mr. Justice Gregory yesterday. -  Claim was entered by the company for .$7,500, payment for work on the paving of Mail  and Fraser streets, the defense being that no authority had been given for tbe work, the contract  tor not having waited for written orders, the contract stating that the work was to be delayed un.-|  til tbe engineer gave instructions. .   ���������       '  The evidence showed the engineer of the municipality,-knowing that the old council hac  passed the resolution awarding the contract, stood by tbe contractors, which elicited the remark  from his lordship that said engineer had some backbone.  Mr. Craig continued that it was part of the agreement not to start work until the councijf  had made arrangements to borrow the money at 6 per cent. '  "You mean you would let tbe company go on and do the work and at the end say that  you bad been unable to borrow the money at 6 per cent., and so would be unable to'pay the com-]  pany. Nice hcrnest kind of a corporation, that is. I will order merits for the plaintiff," stated tbe  judge.  OF  (Continued!  Aj.^.H.T'.H'W*1'1'*'t'*>'l''l"H'**l1^  MARCH 27.   ?[Sign here, Twiddy.  }}  . - aNCteitT Sue*-  *f������ 'I' 't' 'I' 'I' *t* 'I' 'l' 'I' 't' 'I' ^' 'l"I' '1' 'I' 't' '^'t' 't' '1' 'I' 't' 't' 't'^^.l't*'}**^..^ .*. ,j. !^^������4^^^^>4^4<^;<^4-^M;*.^������;-M$f4-|������.}l l}l .j. l{4 lj, l|l ������^������ |J41*4 4^4 .{l 1^4 4^41*. .}< ljl.I..}t ������t������ ������*..;i .^4 .|4.^.tjl >}*������<������  MA Y 16  i  t  ?  &.  MERITED  i  OBLIVION  ���������Hit ti:: mi.  ^tounlAtStAvrdthal/lkrishJyAtSwcrAt.  .���������H"M"M"M'W'*'M"MlflM"M'<"l"M^^^  A Vote for Kerr is a Vote Against Gold]  ^ POLLING PL A CES:  Ward 1. Carleton Hall, CollihgwopcLB Ward 5.   Municipal Hall, Cor} Fraser St. and 43rd Ave.  Ward 2. Lord Selkirk School, Cedar Cottage. Polling booth for Reeve and Councillor Ward 5.  Ward 3. Fraser Street, neai^ 26th Avenue. Ward 6.   Main Street, near 63rd Avenue.  Ward 4. Main Street, near 26th Avenue. > Ward 7.   North Arm School, cor. Fraser St. and River Ave, i'^'l  Friday, May 15,1914  THE WBSTBsN CALL  DON'T LEAVE THE PAEM.  *. -> ^i  ' Come boys, I hqye something to tell you,  Come near, I will whisper it low���������  i You are thinking of leaving the homestead;  I ' Don't be in a hurry to go. >  K> The city has many attractions,  *'    But think of the vices and sins;'  When once in the vortex of fashion,  J,    How soon the course downwards begins.  i You talk of the1 mines of Australia,  t   They're wealthy in gold, without doubt,  ��������� .But, ah! there is gold on the farm, boys,  j.    If only you'll shovel it out.  I'The mercantile life is a hazard,  |-    The goods are first high and then low,  [Better risk the'old farm a while longer,  Don't be in a hurry to go.  i  [The great, stirring world has inducements,  There is hiariy a busy mart,  [But wealth is not made in a day, boys,  Don't be in a hurry to start 1  (The bankers and brokers are wealthy,  They take in their thousands or so;.  lh! think of the frauds and deceptions,  n  Don't be in a hurry to go!   ,  .he farm is the safest and surest,  The orchards are loaded toady;  Tou're free as the air of the mountains,  And monarch of all,you survey,  letter stay on the farm a while longer,  Though profits should come rather slow;  temember you've nothing to risk, boys,  Don't be in a hurry to go.  THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD  London.���������Willie Ferrero, the   seven-year-old  symphony conductor, is now the talk of London.  J    Experts like Dr. Nikisch and Bandon Ronald,  ���������who have closely observed him, declare' that his  [performance is the eighth wonder of the world.  "1 am unable' to account for it," said'Mr.  lonald.   "It is an amazing, mysterious gift he  |possesses."  Young Ferrero was taken to-Marlborough  Ihduse to* see Queen Alexandra. When her ma-  I jesty entered the room where the boy was waiting  Iwith his father and mother, Willy gallantly  [kissed the Queen's hand. She, responded with a-  lsalute on his forehead.  Queen Alexandra asked how he liked conducting, and Willy replied that he liked playing with-  foys just as well. J  Her majesty inquired as to his experience in  it. Petersburg, where he was made much of by  the Imperial family, and asked if she resembled  ler sister, the Empress Marie-  "Not a bit," answered Willy promptly.  JOSEPH' BOWMAN���������ARCHITECT  South Vancouver, much maligned, is not without some talent." Amongst those whose reputation was shaken by .the Gold upheaval was our  friend Joseph Bowman, architect, whose skill has  given us as fine a' class of school buildings' in  South Vancouver as can be found anywhere.  ' Well���������Burnaby trustees had a school to build,  and the-influence of the Gold campaign led them  to pass up poor old Joe, as a non-competent. And  ������ so to get rid of him they called for sealed 'tenders. The plans were to be in separate covers/  numbered, but not signed, and the tenders were  to be sealed with corresponding number and  signed. Plans were to be opened first, and selection made so as to ensure an unbiased judgment.  This was done, and after much deliberation a  certain set of plans by unknown architect voted  as the most acceptable.   Then were likewise the-  tenders opened, and Joseph came into his own..  The plans accepted were those furnished by our  own Joseph Bowman.   A man, by the way, whose  reputation in a long business career in our midst,  is untarnished, and whose family life is an object  lesson to us all.  And, mind you, as Harry Lauder,  would say, these things are not to be despised.   -  HUNT CLUB MEET  ' Officials of the Vancouver Hunt Club have  announced the following programme for the fifth  annual meeting which will be held at H. Randall  May's farm on Lulu Island on May 25:  Foxcatchers' Handicap Steeplechase���������Cup. to'  winner, trophy to' second... For 4-yepr-olds and  up( thoroughbreds barred); owned by members  of any hunt or the,Vancouver Riding Club; to be -  ridden by gentlemen riders.   Distance, two miles.  The Novices' Open Steeplechase���������Cup to winner, trophy to second. For 4-year-olds and up  that have never started in a steeplechase; ten  pounds below the scale. Distance, two and a half  miles.<  Hunters' Flat Race-4Cup to winner, trophy  to Second. For 3-year-olds and up; owned by  members-of any hunt hot less than-thirty days  prior to May 25, .1914; to be ridden by gentlemen  riders; twenty-eight pounds above scale./Distance, one and a half miles..  United Hunts Pup Steeplechase���������Qup to winner,1, trophy to second. For 4-year-olds and up  that have been hunted not less than six times with  the Ladner Drag Hunt or Vancouver Hunt Club  ��������� in 1913-1914, arid to be owned "and ridden by  members of said clubs; five pounds below the  scale.   Distance, three miles.  Farmers' Open Handicap Flat Race���������Cup to  winner, trophy-to second. For 3-year-olds and  up.   distance, one mile. ��������� Post entries.  ���������11 H 111 HHHM1MH Ml IHM 1 t*t Hill .���������_ Mil It MM III 111111 M 1 M 1IHIIII11111������������+  4 s  ,t\*  v 11 _  to,'  ���������;,������.H' ,"I"M' 11 t"H"M"M H"! H-M..M' t"M"H'W Mil M4 Hi I'l I >t<*l*i< 11 '1 -M M -l.t' HH I'I'If! 11 I'1,1 ��������������������� )X - vf^  T NINETY-ONE HE TETRAZZINI'S VOICE returned to h*r teat,    ^er identitj  ���������j  'J  A.  AT NINETY-ONE HE  WHIPS SON-IN-LAW  Former .Athlete Proves He Is Master  of His Own House  1 Boston.���������Michael Sullivan, 91 years  old, of Beverly, took offence today  when his son-in-law, Thomas Dos-  sett, 56 years old, criticised the manner in which his wife prepared dinner, and administered to him an old-  fashioned whipping. When neighbors responded to Mrs. Dossett's  screams and rushed- into the house  she said ���������   "Tojm is killing father." -  There was another tale to be told  in the ktichen, however. Sullivan,  who is an athelete of long ago, is still  able to give a good account of himself. The neighbors 'found Dossett  somewhat beaten up arid - willing to  acknowledge Sullivan master of the  house.  TETRAZZINI'S VOICE  ENDS THEATRE PANIC  Singer's Great Gift Uped to Stop Mad  Rash for Doors Daring Fire,  Canton* Ohio.���������When fire started  in a moving picture theatre Mme.  Luisa Tetrazzini, who was in the audience, stopped a panic by singing  Curtains over the exit caught fire,  and the audience, mostly women and  children, made a mad rush for the  doors. Tetrazzini -arose in her seat  and urged the people to stop, but as  they paid no attention to her she  forced her way to the stage and  started'to sing.  ���������When her voice was heard above  the tumult the people stopped their  endeavors to get 'out and listened.  She sang for five minutes while ushers extinguished the blaze and then  returned' to her teat.'   |ier identity"  was not discovered untit she wai'leaV'i  ing the theatre. -      - \   >    *"\i\'" "t  . *   ���������  l.'S ,  4      i        *t  ���������Id'**  T< -'  ������  OWNED WHOLE CITY       < '>" >#  .EXCEPT ONE LOT;  Proprietor Refused to Sell at Five  Dollars Per Inch _  London.-���������Sir J. W. Ramsden ~ is  dead at Huddersfield. He owehcl all  the ciiy of Huddersfield except .one  house and,plot He often tried to  buy that, but in vain. ���������< ,  On one occasion   he   offered * tov  cover the site with sovereigns as'a^  purchase' price, but the Quaker owner  demanded that the sovereigns should  be placed edgeways, and then the negotiations were broken off.  ���������V  -<��������� %,.  C.Q.D.  If tbe Oaah-on-Pelivery System is I^u^'^^e^^jl^'i  you need only send'10/ Cor either watch you Belect and pay  balance when you received Watcb. Hi������tlM,tWn|jt,mi4i4  ���������Mi'i  mAs^m^fm^m.   y'KA.  ���������'.V.flc.-.'l j _  '0^fi^MiaWtt^^.,  vog9jgn<i$^  ..'iiV:  0M^::oA^MM&m  ���������lyifiiV.-:  fei^illiliil  ���������Hii  ^���������k^mwimm  .::  ,������ Stave Lake Power is Dependable and Economical  By hamessing the Great Stave River we have made it possible to generate 100,000 horse power of electrical energy at our Stave Falls Plant,  the Biggest Electrical Feat in Western Canada. >  100,000 HORSE POWER  Or half as[much again as the combined connected load in steam and electricity in Vancouver today, a fact of great significance to local industries  Offices: 603-6.10 Carter-Cotton Bldg.  Phone: ^ymour47/0  R. P. HAYWARD, General Manager  WESTERN CANADA POWER CO., LW.  JOHN   MONTGOMERY, Contract Agent  P.O. Drawer 1415  Vancouver, B.C  ��������� HIIIIMMIIIIMIMflflMV ill l-r������-'. + :���������+*+'. \ lil-������t"llllllM������������������S<iMS������>'������SSI*S*IIMttll������M������I 111** il������������������l I ������l M 111 IIHH <���������*< ****** 4 < <��������� M ���������!< H ��������� ���������������! I 1IM������������IHH������MIMMI HIM 111 . ��������������� ���������������* ���������.,!- !-���������������  i1'''.,'.''  r  /-*. ,'SjJ j  TTJv  Q. W. CARRUTHERS  The Broadway Tailor  . 232 Broadway, East, Moaat Pleasant  Suits $35.00 always on hand  A full line of  Scotch Tweeds & Worsteds  Blues and Blacks.  wMttiM***************  _, ������������  "SAFETY FKtST  M  Has been thei watchword of The  Mutual from the day it was organized in 1869 up to the present  time.  Only those forms of investment  consistent with the absolute security of policyholders have been  adopted.  The result is an institution that  is among the most stable in the  Canadian Financial World.  Business in force over $87,000,000  Assets over 22,000,000  Surplus over    8,800,000  ;: The Mutual Life ei Canada  It would be a business mistake  for YOU to place your application  with any company without consulting our Agents and familiarizing yourself with the model  policies issued by  IMAM'S OIL! MUTUAL  ' InYMtigatfcm cwti nothing and mvm  f  ::  Write, phone or call for rates, etc./������.  ' Wm. J. Twiss, District Mgr. ������f  117-JH H|stt Mi*   raMaafir.l.C.  '���������rti'i"i'i"i"i"t"M"i"t-i'^������'i'Hn|i.tl.t..|..|..?  ���������\  ENGRAVING-  ETCHINGS AND HAUTONB  ARE NOW BEING MADE IN  WESTERN CANADA BY THE.  MOST SATISFACTORY PRO.  CESS KNOWN torn WORLD  rHE "ACID BLAST" PROCEW  MAKES YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS;   UTERAttV TALK ,  MANUFACTURE!) IN VUTlftH CAN*!)*  i,i (l It MMO Dthftll Itfi.C'  9. Mary the Virgin, South Hill.  (Cor. Prince Albert St and 52nd Ave.)  8:00 a.m.���������Holy Eucharist  11:00 a.m.���������Matins and sermon.  (Late celebration on 1st and 3rdV  Sundays).  /       N  3:00 p.m.���������Children's 8e.rvice (Third  Sunday).  4:00 p.m., Holy Baptism (except  Third Sunday). '  7:30 p.m.���������Evensong/and Sermon.  Vicar, Rev. Owen Bulkeley, A.K.C.  Sunday School and Bible Classes  every Sunday (except third), afternoon, at 8 o'clock, in St Mary's Parish Hall, also Men's Bible. Reading,  every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.  i|nH'frM'**M'<'M'������ft'M-i''M|<M^^  1  ST. SAVIOUR'S CHURCH.  (Anglican.)  Corner of First Avenue East and'  Semlin Drive, Grandview.  Rev.   Harold   St.   George   Buttrum,  B. A. B. D., Rector.  Residence, the Rectory, 2023 First  Asenue East.  SUNDAY SERVICES ���������Morning  prayer and Holy Communion the first  and third Sundays of the month at 11  a. m.; morning prayer every Sunday  at 11 a. m.; Holy Communion 2nd and  prayer every Sunday at 7:30 p. m.  All heartily welcome. ,,  Herbaceous  Plants  for Spring Planting  ALSO  <iLADIQLU5  All in first class condition.  Prices moderate.  heeler's Nursery  Corner 15th & Main St*  PHONE Fawwont 817  WARNINGS TO GIRLS  "FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED"  1. Girls should never ispeak to strangers,  either men, or women, in the,street, ,in shops, in  stations, in trains, in-lonely country roads, or in  places of amusement.  - 2. Girls should never ask the way of any but  officials on duty, such as policemen, railway, officials, or postmen. >f '        '  3. Girls should never loiter or stand about  alone in the street; and if accosted by a stranger,  whether man or woman, should walk as quickly  ' as possible to the nearest policeman.  4. Girls, should never accept a "lift" offered  1 by a stranger in a motor, taxicab, or vehicle of  any description.    .  'V   5. Girls should jiever go to an address given  them by a stranger, or enter any house, restaurant, or place of amusement on the invitation of a  .'   stranger. '-;-*-    -1    >  s.J6% Girls should never go with a stranger, even  , if dressed as a, hospital nurse, or believe stories  pf their relations having suffered from an acci-'  '��������� dent or being, suddenly taken ill, as this is a common device to kidnap girls. '  7.VGirls shouldV. never accept' sweets, food, a  glass of water or smell flowers offered them,by a  stranger, neither, should they buy scents or other  articles at their door, as so many things may contain drugs.  J 8. Girls should never take a situation through  an advertising'or a strange registry office with-  *vout first,making-inquiries from   the   National  Vigilance Association, W. C. T. U. or Y..M. O. A.  -   9. Girls should never go to any large town for  , even, one. night'without knowing of some safe  lodging. "-<",'���������  'ti-t- ���������t"������4"i- ���������!'���������!��������� ���������t'-t'-i-i- 't-i-t-t- i-M1 ���������> <��������� 't'-i1 ���������i'*������'>'������'i| -i-t' ^^^l^^^^Ml..^.a..^.>.t<<.^.fr.������^.^���������M������.jw^ws4^rf|.J  ������;;  >*������  * p  \ Pease Pacific Foundry limited ������  HEATING AND VENTILATING ENQINEERS  MANUFACTURERS  " Economy  , 99 Steam Heaters and VentiDrten for PuUie BoUdings  Warn Air Furnaces ��������� Combination Furnaces      ,  Steam and Hot Water Boilers. Registers  ���������  U I/loa 1 " 8towaH^ Hot W,Ur BeiUm  1UCU1      Radiators. Pipe and Fittinga  -   1136 Homer St.      Vancouver, B.C.     Tel. Sey. 3230 ;;  .���������������������!��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ���������>��������� <��������� ���������t"> ���������������!��������� ������������������������ <��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!��������� -t- <��������� * ������t- 4-������jfat ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!' '!��������� ������������������������������'I' I .M"l"M"M"H''l"l"t, "t"l" ������  4.������ ������������������ 'I' 't- ��������������� ���������' ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� 1' ���������> ��������������� '!������������������!��������� ���������!��������� ������������������������!' 4' '1' !��������� 't- '!������������������!' '!��������� I'������������-t-l-t-l- <"l"l'������������ 4' 4' ���������!��������� 1' 't������ 4-t- ���������!��������� ��������������� ���������!' ���������!��������� -t-������'t' '!��������� <��������� '1'  JOS- H. flOWMAN!  ARCHITECT  ii 910-11 Yorkshire Building  :: Seymour Street Vancouver, B.C.  't-������ 4- 4"t> 4- <f ���������!��������� 4' 4- 4- '!��������� 4' ���������! ��������� ���������!��������� 4- ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� <��������� ���������!��������� 4- 4- 4- 4 4'4- 4- 4- ���������!��������� 4- -g-t* <��������� 4- 4' 4- ���������!��������� ���������!��������� 4* 4- 4' * <��������� 4- ���������!'���������!��������� ������������������������*<��������� * 4j  Kamloono'Vaaoouver Meat Co.,  Oo*. Main and PowaH Sf. fS4S Malm  Phone Seymour 6561  Ltd.  Straot  Phone Fair. 1814  For Choice Meats  of large, variety and reasonable prices, this house  cannot be excelled.   It stands to the very front.    ,  i > 4*4' 4' 4* 4' 41 "f*^ 4' 4' 4> 4* 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4^ 414' 414*4^ 414* 4* 4*^4* 4' 4' 4' 4' 4* 4* 4' 4' 4' 4* 4* 4' 4* 4* 4' 4* 4*4* 4' 4"t' 4* 4' 'y  Warning! Important!  RABTWff  This disease has made its appearance amongst  tlie dogs of tbe Cowichan District. Two suspicious casesalso occurred sonae months ago at Mission. The disease has appeared in Oregon, and  possibly in the State of Washington as well.  As,the period of incubation of Rabies is prolonged, tbe extent of the infection is not yet apparent, so it is incumbent upon all to be on the  look out for further* outbreaks- %  ,  The   Dominion   Veterinary  department   is  bundling this sofaV as animals are concerned, but  X wish to be informed as to any. suspicious cases,  wbich way appear.  This Department is prepared at any time to,  forward  complete  treatment -for  hydrophobia,  which, as you know, must be administered to the  person as soon as possible after being bitten,  which is some weeks before symptoms develop.  .This treatment* can be administered by the  local practitioner.  WALTER BAPTY, M. D.,  Acting Secretary,  Provincial Board of Health  Victoria, April 23.  jqsw ?. 0.-JOV01, n. q.  Collingwood baa another postoffice.   On Friday last Mr. A. M. Beatie, postmaster, opened a  new office in a store building just south of .Carlton school on Joyce roa4.   Wr. MacDean-will be  ' deputy postmaster in charge. '   /  Tbis makes the third postoffice opened in Collingwood district, showing/the remarkable growth  -of tbat enterprising suburb. ' '   "'  brought Britain to the very verge of civil war.  TO AW.OW JJJJAJt RW1WG  Order-in-Oounoil How Being prepared to Optn  ���������.   ;-���������Bewon on April4   Since the passage of the new Game Act, which  brings all furbearing animals under the protection of the law except when open seasons are proclaimed, many residents of the province have  written in wanting to know how this will affect  the usual spring hunting for -bear. The chief  game warden has authorized the press to  state tbat while the killing of bear for sport is  prohibited by the act, that an order-in-council  will be made in time to allow of bear hunting  each spring. The season will probably be opened  each year on April 1. An order-in-council is now  in preparation and an announcement of its pas-  I sage will soon be made. ;  *������I1M tl|Mt-I|M|.I|.i| 11 M | |.l M 1,1,11,1,1,,! i.viiM.Mi.ii !������������������! Ill V< H I M 111������ M I l-l������l-I ������l H 111������ i !���������������!  Government of British  There will be offered at j^ v,  ,   Victoria and Prince George, British Oriwhbia, t^  in the Tovmsites oi Ito^  comprising in all i35X);16t8.-i:v;;-;;v     ^^-.^^:W^:^r'���������/������������������ T^  Dates of sales���������-: ������������������ '..'���������'���������.'; ?���������.;;;;���������;,"..;   .' j:':^:-^^ : v.- :Mg  May 19, 20 Md^; Vahcouv^  May 26 and 27, Victoria  June 9,^  For full particulars, descriptive literature and maps, apply���������  Armstrong Sl Ellis  Selling Agents for Government of British Columbia  Head Office: 804-5 Birks Bldg., Vancouver, B. C'  * - .vj .'"*���������' '- '"~ - ��������� '-r  ' '������������������i-i n 11:11: i 11111 n 1111111 ��������������� 11 n 111 m 111 i'i-n 4111111111 n -ii a mt n i i 1111111111 i  SOCIAL m PERSONAL  , I������stee4 of thfe usual Strawberry Fes-,  Uval, the Mt Pleasant Presbyterian  Church Woman's Guild are ma&tog a  new departure this year, an4 ������labor-  ate arrangements are now being made  for a ChurohrTW and Flower Show,  to be held on the Cbuitek .Grounds, ana  In the schoolroom, on Tnursday and  Frtday^June 25tn and 26th. .  The Flower Exhibition shall consist  ot two sections open to children and  amatiews. No entry money Is charf  ed, all entries must he in not later  than June 16th. Handsome prises  will be given.  All information and entry forms can  be' had from Mrs. Keith,- (convenor)  235 17th Avenue, B. Phone Fairmont  2224 U  4^-t>4'4-4-4-4 4yl;4'4'4-44-4-4'4'���������!��������� 4-���������!���������������4-4>4-4-4'  i-lLM ft- ,|i���������������.|.4'4'4'4-4-4-4-4-4-4'-8 '1 '!���������!������  Soil Shore Lumber Go.  , LIMITED  4 , . > \ '  I Lumber Manufacturers  l Front St., Foot ol Ontario St  | RHONE Fairmont IM       VANCOUVER, $��������� C. f  ���������������        > - ' "���������     - 4.  it*������i>H">"H't"l">"t"l"t,f'H4ltil"l"l"l'|'li'l' ������������������H'������H'������'I''l''l''l''l''l''l"l''li'l"l"l"l"l"l"!"|"l'y  ���������   ���������   ���������   .  MOtJNT PLBA8ANT METHODIST  NSWS  The Pastor, Jtov. Dr. Slwrell oon-  duoted service at 11 a.m., using as bis  text John 11-&6. Relieve and wve.  The Doctor went on to say that the  saddest memento of his Die have wen  by the gmve ot loved ones, burial over.  hopeless and helpless friends were left  to mourn the departed.  ~ "He tbat liveth and betleveth in me  shall never die'' said Christ. Wort  does It mean not to believe? It-means  when a man "goes his own way, runs  his own'show" saying I'm as "good as  the other fellow/' What are your  chances? No future punishment? Yon  know better. Not what you make but  of the story, but what it makes out of  Believe, miracles, do you?; Lots of  men do and are not saved. <3eciwt of  ���������alvatlon is believe in Christ God is.  behind mlrajcles. Do you know Him?  Have you seen Jesus? The Kingdom  of God set /up is the Petaonal Lordship of God over man.    '���������:������������������-/. ,  VThe, paator introduced Charles - B.  Barker of Washington, D. C, at the  evening Service by. saying good things  came from there, and that Dr. Barker  wm fit liberty to speak till breakfast  , time, but long .before that time ; -the  speaker had satisfied his; bjearers by  his "Happiness Receipts", consi/rting  of fiVe simple' rules, upon which he  dwelt, by saying that he could count  on ten fingers all he had met - who  werle alwaya and all the time happy.  Bverybody seek it, few find it, -why?  PecaoBe they are not fully in love with  their job. Big bank atocount won't  bring it. Paul had 4t as he and his  companions sang songs of praise Co  God. Lo^f at the bright side. There  is a.bright lining to the darkest clond.  Turn diffJcuIttes Inside out A man  falling 30 stories said as he bumped  down,' '^well, 4'm alright so far." A  man of .80 years wrote in his diary,  "Well! I've seen lots of trouble in my  time and most of it never happened/'  An interesting feature of the morning service was the Covenant Setvfae  of the officers and teachers of   tbe  Sunday School; led   by  the   Pastor. >  There ^_re over seventy bf them.  4 i'|"|"ti't"i't|n|''|"|'4"t"l"l"l"i"t"l"ll<"l"l"l"l"l"ll ������fr'H"|'f:'H"M"H"M"!i,H"M"|"ltii"H"M"  DOMINION W00P YARD CQ.  :: Cor, front ciml Ontario St������*    Pnone Fairmont l������������4 |  ::   aammaMmaaaaa%manmammWaaW  o  < ���������  AW Kinds of WW Wood  StorecJ Uncjer Cover  t -    -    v  . ,  ������4..t'4l4'4'4'4'4'4������4������4'4'4,4'4'4������4'4'4������4*4������4'4,4'4' 4������4������4*4'4";'4*4������4������*I"I'4������4'4'4������4'4������4������4'4'4'4'4*4'4H  ���������  You Can Say One Hundred and  Eighty Words in One Minute  540 Words in Three Minutes  Speaking slowly and distinctly.  The average business letter contains 90 words.  - Why write a three page letter  when ym can say 5Jfi foords  OVER OUR LONG DISTANCE LINES  If your service is not  "satisfactory, tell us!  TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT


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