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The Western Call 1912-03-15

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 i  '/  , ,������'  !^-j.  !'  - view     "���������    '���������- " -'  sag  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  VOLUME III  H. H. Stevens. M.P., EDiTOR-in-Chief  ttvc  i  **p������i  -?4  ''V.  St������������Ct-WIOfv II A VEAf  Wp   *9aarW *T^999ajm-  vl  Mlkl  X- - "J*  VANCOUVER, British Columbia, MARCH l$.k 1912.  NOTES OF THE WEST  (Contributed by W. D.)  \*>+* ' * * ***���������**���������* ���������'*-*��������� * ** * *���������*���������* ***���������**>** ***** -*���������* ***** *���������**���������**  Let the cauldron boil and bubble.  The political  \strife, has now begun in earnest and the Liberals  \1xe\j plucked up heart of grace to put up some  j kind of a ������ght.   Any old sort of fight is better  _>than none at all, but one wbuld think that more -  popular standard bearers could have been found  Lamong the rank and file-  Alderman Cameron will  [be best remembered as the one who saddled Vancouver with an engineer���������who has displaced a  much better local man.  This stupid craze for run-  fning away out of the city rfor every kind of man  {wanted, has got tq stop, and the city fathers must  I'be taught to know that they are the servants, not ���������  |the masters of tb.e pubHe who send them there.'  Dissatisfaction seems pretty widespread among  jour local architects over the unsatisfactory terms  ifii the competition which Dr. Young has issued for  Rth'fe Point Grey University. No professional man  lab assessor looks bad' from every point of view. I  Kreeommend the local men to have a, straight an*  (fewer on this point from the lion. Richard when  the comes to Vancouver.  "Beware the Greeks when they bring gifts," is  [a very true and.terse old adage timt came to mind  [the other day reading the address Spokane's  [worthy mayor gave at St. Andrew/shall, on  ["Civic Problems and the Commission Form of  Kjovernmcnt." It seems mighty strange to'me  tthat gentlemen from over the border should evoke  [such a lively interest on how our Canadian cities  [are run or governed: I do not remember tp haye  [read of a bunch of Canadians running oyer to the  [States to hold forth on the way American* should  Iron their business jn civic affairs. ��������� ���������   ��������� * '    s  [(1 How comes it;, *hen, we have such a bunch! af  loranks spouting-off ''.referendum, initiative sjrd  [recall," as the psnaeea for ail human ills in oim?  taffajr*  the truv* of4he matter is that once an'-  fAmerican get������> new1o>a> o* what he im*gl*������sto  jbe a brand new one, lie is: never go happy, or amte  ippy5 until he has told everybody (dj������ aft about it  [i Speaking a short tip* ag������ tb ������ gentian who *  [was very active in promoting the commission form  Jof government, idea in Vancouver, J was surprise!  I to i)nd how-|i������ ardonr had cooled off���������m tm,W>  said most plaj*|y ttt&J������vmgthoughtJhn-IWvW  }ovw at greater lengm heliad qmte changed b������  [opinions on the mutter.  iTHE B.C. LIBERAL PLATFORM!:  Poor Attempt at Imitation���������Wide, rUimpltng and Indefinite.  *,*,*.*,***,*.*,*,***,*i*,******  lint] n |  n||  INTRODUCING MANITOBA  BOUNDARY BILL  H  ������������������fiFi  A careful perusal of the Liberal platform reveali nothing original, but a conglomeration  of planks collected from all parts of the Empire and calculated to catch the popular fancy, without  in any way suggesting a practical solution of the problefss referred to.  Take for instance the plank,"Public-owned Telep^to^irsystem.'' This is a bare, bald statement  but no policy is enunciated as to how this is to be carriedfout. We have long urged'that steps he  taken along this line, but the experience of Manitoba demonstrates that it cannot he dealth with  lightly, and if the Liberals are really serious, why have Itiiey no policy in this matter, clearly defined* And how is it that they have raver in the Housefaoved to that end? The answer is obvious���������they know that they have no chance of winning sf jean afford reckless general statements,  moment ago, aa to whether or not the province of ,. -  Ontario had been ^consulted with respect to *a\f'.y'-  line which will constitute the eiotera b*|lii4hl^ ^  - - .    *   line of the Province of IJanitohat.and the w^Kat^ritti  knowing fuU well that the weighty responsibility of givifg effect to these general statements will   \ ^a^ line of *w Proyfce* 0f Qniiti*. <% ;  never fall to their lot. - , f   mA������ _^ in A- -^ ^ J A_# ^.^ J^TSa. V  Altail^  Summary of Serial Story  \  Let us briefly ex&mioe some of their planks: "A Itailway to the Peace Rtvsr," the very  question on which Mr. McBride is appealing to the country. It has always been his policy,to submit all important matters to the people before definitelyjaunching the scheme and in the present  ease, the Peace River R. R. is the great problem and wor^r of consideration/ so in this respect the  Liberals are merely echoing the wisdom of Hon. Richard] McBride. '  "A white British Columbia���������and a Natal Act"���������Ttfhat a spectacle to behold the Grits of  B. C, howling about a "white B. C-," when their own party at (Htawa for years most assiduously  endeavored to make B. 6. "yellow." The Liberals at^Qttawa disallowed about 20 or 85 acts  passed by the B. C. Oovernment restricting Oriental immigration, among which was Mr. Bowser's famous Natal Aci. They went further���������*hey deliberately refused to pass a Dominion Act  along tbe lines of the Natal Act, in spite of the repeated advise of Jos. Chamberlain when secretary (  of Foreign Affairs, that they do so. This Was not all���������the Imperial authorities repeatedly nrged  the Dominion authorities to "resrve the right to control iii^Bigration," when signing the trej$p *  with Japan; but Sir Wilfred Laurier and his (Government Infused point blank. They were snjK'  ported by Ralph Smith and Hon. William Templeman^this action and have been endorsed % *  the Liberal party of B.-C* Still further���������the Liberal T>oaiinion Government sought to import  thousands of Japs and Chinese in 1908 to work on the G.fl\ P. and would have succeeded' bnl for  the intervention of Hon. Mr. McBride, and because ot|fttis action taken by the Conservatives  of B. C. in obstructing the efforts of the Q. T. Pacific to {bring fetfceaejfenrdes of Orientals, they  (the G. T. P.) have deliberately,delayed the' compiel  to Vancouver-   This policy has received the snppor  approbation of the B������ C. Liberal*. Sad the O. T. P. do*������f*s best we could have had a Uw running  from Alberta to Vancouver .today, or nearly so. T^b#|Hapvenby toaworkaonebytheCa^idian  Northern, "which was not started uu^l aome^ ^wo <u\$gjj| p*m Jute?.-, ,  ' ^  The Liberals of p. C. should Wnsh whens''whitt| man's country" i������ mentioned.     ,  "Oovernment sjsirtaaof to Wg^rw and *t^mm^ wltb %** pfi*_iot^ This it a policy  inaugurated by Hon. Frank Cochrane, Conservative fmnjiuion Miniater of Railways, and <*909\ _  t#4m?������t98Q%S^^  narty.   At the Very moment that Sir Wilfred Laurier in Ottawa was oppoeing the Dominion Gov*  ernment aWtig the Provides in highwayaj he was made Hon. President of the, 3- C. Liberal  " $9T$}$  *$*tm  ir *������������?���������*.  Mr. BORDEN moved for leave to introduce Bill    . :^ ^^f^  (No. 115) to provide for the Extension ot the   ^''^tiSmf^M  Boundaries of Manitoba. He said: Iwillproeead. /^ f^Vf  to give my hon. friend from South. Wellington s$r)l\&%S$r*  (Mr, Guthrie) the information' he asked tar a) ''?"  would say, in the "first place/th^befo^ilm'administration assumed office, t^nrfeWjSsiijI* tuift^  the Province of Ontario was Consulted, and I  (tb|Wk the return ^already brought down to th*>  House in connection,'with this matter will show  that I was not mistaken in that regard.. ' "'  11 would also like to inform him that the proy-  incerof Ontario has been eonaulted siuee the present ^administration took office; and so far a������that.  is concerned every hon, gentleAan iu^bia Bouse  who has given any attention to this eoujnry J$ows  that there was a difference In the views pat forward by the province of Manitoba, and '  whicir were put forward by the  tarioiu that eonuectlon, and ^"  gard to the auestio������ of ports  gotiations have gone On in it  The"unportanee of a port on  'jit ^*r^,n'"  .   i -���������> ������������������. ^ -j**?  v     K  ?AI  :    %     \f ���������  ih -������^  ���������SS&X;  V- if?* *   r c:,-V)b!_3BSSms_S  Now tWa partioular brand of ������m������ goveroment   J Convention, which put this plank in its platform, then these people ask us to believe iu\���������heir sin  I might haye been all right in such places as Pitts-   * Mr.i*v       ��������� r *��������� r r  bury and other American cities where boss rule,  bribery and eorrtiptron was rampant, but that it  will do us any go)W������ save tojfat Vancouver under  the thumb* of a hfinch'of office officials, I stoutly  refuse to believev 4t was only the other day I  read of the governor of Alabama saying that this  referendum, recall tomfoolery was nothing but a  bunch of "insidious vagaries" with which sentiment % heartily agree*  That the C. P. R. plans for extensions of their  depot, eto;; are pretty far-Aung ia evident from the  proposal to expend over_two million dollars on  them. Nothing like making a good job whilst one  is about it. If it were possible, the companv ahould  purchase and pull down, the entire block of build-  (Cofttlnusd on Past 4)  j i ^TENDERFOOT'S WOOING." ���������;  .One of the most virile stories of recent yeami"  v and at the same time a splendid picture of ranch  life in the Canadian Wear before Indian raids},  were a thing of the past, is "A Tenderfoot^  Wooing." The Canadian novelist, Clive Phillipps  Wolley, has produced characters strong and true  and genuine. Vnd hiB knowledge of British Columbia is ieyident from the treatment of the atmosphere in which he places men and the women  1-^fta;;|jfe[..^si^ to   delight   the reading  B������M������|y tbe story begins in this way:   Jim  ^pikha, the cowboy foreman of the Risky Ranch,  ^ind'iVoung Anstruther, a tenderfoot Englishman,  r^re both in Jove with Kitty <!liffo������d.   The party,  in chargroi Mrs. Holt, the wife of the owner of  ^eRisky, have met with bad weather, Whilst on-^  IhoUdaytrip. The rivalry between the two men is:  acute, though^ Jinii k^wing the ways of the country, has ������tfl^eib������Bt of it;  Wet through and over-  I taken by^tbe darkiiie^ they camp in an old log  hut,  making -tb*rts^Ve8;-':a8tonishingIy'vcomfort-  iAble by<a roaring can%firei  Anjivfed at home the.  'party meet in the drawing-room of the ranch,.'.  > wh������jre Anstruther has it ail his own way with his  ! singing and playing. .The following day all the  I aurch hands leave to investigate the matter of the  l^jrtlejfteating' During -their absence Anstruther  [jgetfi his ribs broken^ and Qn hia return Jim starts  |*>iff to ride for the doctor, ineeting on the way a  Hand pf Indians with  whom there   had   been  trouble in the camp.    Though they are clearly  |-hoetile, they are without guns, so that Jim/escapes from their unwelcome attention to eont'mic  I his' Soda Creek, where he abducts a doc-  ' for. .  In his description  of, the  ti*ie.  from  Soda  [Cree^,J Wolley gives a picture that of itself makes  the story worth the reading.   His thrilling nar-  i^ati^e of Jim's fight with death is only equalled  )by his story of the fight later with the Indians.    <.  Love' arid: dinger, devotion and heroism are min- . 0  sjied so that^tfie'Reader's interest is almost breath  P"fess;:wfaile:'.Uie'Jt<������ne of the tale is high and inspiir-  ing-;-.:������������������'.-;'>{������������������'��������� ������������������M  ���������-.,,-/  cerity.  "fishery,protection afainst poaching, and restore fisbertes to white men." This plank is  another sample of the inconsistencies of the Liberals. Their own party has been in power at  Ottawa for 15 years, and have made the regulations which drove 10,000 white fishermen out of  our waters and Handed over this asset to Japs and white "political pirate*/' The regulations  made by the political party gave Bob JCelly a license for $50.00, a privilege which he is reported'  1 to have sold for upwards of ^300,000.00.   The present Conservative Government   at  Ottawa,- are  ; reversing this condition and seeking to remedy the awful results of the policy ot the late Liberal  administration.  It is laughable to observe the absurd pretentions of a political party which has  ! been solely responsible for the rotten condition which obtains in tbe fisheries ofc B. C.  "To investigate the exorbitant price of coal by a Oommisiion.'' We presume that our Liberal  fsfends would appoint Geo. MacDonald on this commission with full power to act). This is another absurd contradiction. Mr- McBride has repeatedly asked the Liberal party in Ottawa to  exercise its powers in this regard but they refused, because (no doubt) 'some of their best friends  were in the business.   It is the province of the Dominion authorities to do this anil it will no doubt  "be done in the near future by th������, new Government who have created m the, Tariff Commission a  medium through which this may be accomplished, a step which tbe,Liberals fought bitterly, being  another anomalous condition in that parly.  "Against ablation of public dwnain.'' Again we would point to the. fact that the Provincial Government has placed in reserve its timber and coal. It has investigated its timber and  passed an admirable act regarding its conservation. It has passed a "Water Act" which protects the public interest against unscrupulous speculators^which only demonstrate our contention  that our Liberal friends are so helplessly out-stripped that they are forced to absurd gener-  : alities. ���������'(>"��������� ���������   ���������' ;;_,";.  ' ''Local'Option.'* In incorporating this plank a sop is thrown to the temperance vote. This  journal has always stood strongly for a local option law, and we have used our influence in that  regard and will continue to do so. We cannot, however, refrain from remarking that it would  hardly be wise to seriously accept the contention of the Liberal party of B. C. that they favor  local option. A number of its members do, no doubt,, but as a party this plank is adopted* to  "catch votes." They know that they cannot win and will not be called on to implement their  "pledge, so can afford to be generous in their promises. The present McBride government have  refused to enact a local option law on the ground that they have the most stringent liquor law in  Canada* This is true, and it has been well enforced; at the same time we believe in the principle  of local .option and believe that the Oovernment could make no mistake in adopting such a  measure. ���������_���������'.-. -y-y. ;-.''.;���������  From these brief criticisms it Will, be observed that our Liberal opponents have been very  liberal in advocating measures already undertaken by the Government, and also very generous in  making promises which it is exceedingly doubtful they ever intend to carry out, certain it is,  they havei no idea of having an opportunity of doing so in the near,future.  ���������it*.-.  STATEMENTS BV HON. ROBT. ROGERS, MINISTER OV THE INTERIOR, IN THE HOUSE OF  COMMONS, RE ASIATICS. ������  :'-.���������'        -���������'.���������'���������     ���������'���������'.  '.;'��������� -���������-:-���������"     '   .       ..'��������� ���������..-.���������   ������������������.���������������������������������. . .   v ���������     ' ...-.',.  '.       Verbatim Statements from Baniard, in Reply to Questions Asked,  v Question:   How many Japanese arrived in Canada last year?  Mr. Rogers:   There were 727 men and 337 women.  ,    Ques.-, How many Chinese? .    .    ' "    t.  Mr.^Rogers:   The number was 6,794 men and 79 women.  Question':  How many Hindus arrived last year?;  Mr. Rogers:   13 men and 1 woman. v  Question: Would the Minister make any statement as to his conclusiO/hs in regard to relaxing of the regulations for the admission of Hindu women, the wives of Hindus living in Canada 1  Mr. Rogers: We have a special officer investigating those conditions and as far as we  can judge from the information we have been able to obtain about 5,200 Hindus have come to  Canada, and today we have less than 2,500 left so that they;are evidently finding out for themselves that either the climate or conditions are.not suited to their wants- Some of their number  were anxious to promote immigration and increase their numbers in Canada and to bring as they  claimed their wives. But on investigations the report I get is that the class of Hindus we have -in  British Columbia are not a class who would possibly bring their wives to settle, in that province.  I do not of course mean that in every case; I am speaking in general terms. Thd police of Vancouver comptein rather bitterly that some of the Hindus are rather a troublesome class and the  health officers of Vancouver make a similar complaint that they are not a desirable class of settlers to have if it is possible to avoid doing so. In view of the condition and class of Hindu that  we habpen to have in Canada I do not thing; there is any chance of women coming trot to take  (Cot-tinned "age 4)  *.*.** *+*********^j^**!*j������*i[*������*^^  as-tte  Itia  te*afad*^%  -norJI^ aw| west,  ���������Uten of Ontario,  that railway  bay, and, thei  Kbajof i  sentimtTo^Se ........  't^J*'"*'**^        **TW*���������*T*tmT        *a*4)ga}4}4^***^^*r**ar*f^ r'J TTT"  oionB on the 13th July, 1908. Now, it is apparent  that boundaries so agreed upon would not be 'departed from lightly by a succeeding administration, and, so, after a goad deal of negotiations and  consideration of claims which had really been  passed upon by the administration which the hon.  gentleman supnorted^-aud I would like to observe that, as he himself haa said, he ia one of  those that assented to the boundaries of Manitoba,  of Ontario and of Quebec exactly .as they are proposed by this Bill and the other Bills which are to  be brought before tbe House later on���������the question arose as to how Ontario might be granted a  port on Hudson bay because it waa desirable in  tb> interest notNouly'of Ontario but of the prov-  iueeof Manitoba and of tbe Dominion of Canada  as a whole, that if Ontario desired to extend its  railway to Hudson, bay it should be given every  opportunity of doing so. That is to the advantage  not only'of Ontario but likewise x>f Manitoba, and  .every hon.,member in this House, whether representing Ontario, Manitoba or any other province,  .will agree at once'in the truth of what I have  just stated).-''"It is apparent to every hon. gentil-  roan thatllte lands within the extended boundaries jtff^ahitoba iro. to be retained by the .'fedeiw-;t  gover^inent, so i^was suggested, and eventually  tbe suggestion was carried out, that a grant of  certain lands* within the right of the government  of Canada, might be made to the pfovince of Ontario sufficient for tbe purpose of extending the  Ontario government railway to a port on Hudson  boy if it should desire in future to adopt that policy. In that view the Governor in Council passed  on the 30th of February an order in cour/cil, irhich  I will-lay upon the table of the House for the in- *  formation of hon. members, couched in the following jernm:       x -  The Committee of the Privy Council have had  before them a report from the right hon. the Prime  Minister submitting,���������in connection with the proposed extensions of the limits of the: reipTective  provinces of Ontario and Manitoba as defined by  resolutions of the House of Commons passed oaf  the 13th July, 1908, that the government of Ontario represents that upon the enlargement of the  territory of the province as proposed it would or  might be desirable in the interests of the province  to extend the provincial railway, known as the  Temiskaming and Northern Ontario railway, at  present in operation between North Bay and  Cochrane in the said province to a suitable port  on Hudson hay. That it niay be found necessary  or expedient to select for such Hudson bay terminus a. point at or. near the mouth of the Nelson  river, and that as the estuary of the Nelson lies  some distance westward of the proposed western  or northwestern boundary of the province, the  government desires that such arrangements be  made as will enable the province, or such commission or public corporation as may be thereunto  authorized on behalf of the province, to construct,  maintain and operate that portion ot the proposed  extension of the said provincial railway which  may be projected within the extended boundaries  of the province of Manitoba for the purpose of  reaching the terminus to be selected as aforesaid  upon the waters of Hudson bay.  The hon. minister states that he considers that  reasonable provision should be made to give effect  to this request on the part of Ontario in bo far,  asrit is wi*hin the authority of the government and  X  r- ^  ���������V-ii ��������� ��������� ��������� ������-  THE WESTERN CALLi  m  A NATIONAL^ TRAGEDY  Here is a tragic situation. In  China, through drought and. flood, 3,-  750,000 human beings are starving  and will perish tola spring and sum-  mer If relief does not come. In Canada foodstuffs worth millions of dol-  City Hall on some other site than that lars are spoiling because the crop*  proposed by Alderman Ramsay I* an|wer6 t^, heavy for the railway* to  CURRENT EVEMS  The Proposed New City Hall.  Alderman Ramsay; and those supporting him, seem to be on the right  track, and it Is hoped that the School  Board and the' City Council will be  able to make the necesary exchange.  Since It is decided to build the' new  *'    '-  Ideal spot  It would appear that the School  Board 1* of opinion that, In the proposed exchange, the Board would get  the worst of the bargain. Perhaps in  thl* they are right! But, iftso, there  need be no hitch. . The City Cotncii  could pay the differenco of the value  in cash, or in some other suitable way.  Bat It is clear that the City Hall should  be placed on the ground Ibetween  Camble and Hamilton street*.. Itvi*  no longer a suitable place for a large  public school. Doubtless an early and  satisfactory arrangement will be arrived at  Th* Increase, In Salari**.  There can be no doubt that somei  ship to the east. And this is happening while the Chinese nation' is In  the agonies of a new political birth.  Has the world ever beheld such an  appealing need a* in China, or so  urgent a call for "first aid" to the  suffering a* that which come* to  Canada? The facilities for shipping  grain westward to the Pacific and  on to China are beter than for sending it east to the Atlantic. To save  this unusable surplus from wanton  waste and to send it where it is so  sorely wanted is our first and most  compelling national duty. In how  many ways wir it come back to u*  SHORT TALKS WITH BUSY MEN  Eburne  Some of the Leading Enterprises and What They  Are Doing  *"~V v~" ���������~ t" T7TI ~r.i���������"iM.ii������B Individuals and a* a nation?   The  small Increase* should be made, but r  Mayor Findlay.   Aid. Hepburn   and (United State*, alone among the ���������-  those who stood with tbem are right j  In advising caution snd a saner economy. If our people keep on demanding, snd getting more pay, and then  moh* pay,--every time they make a  demand. It will become necessary to  call upon the citizens and the electorate In general to come to the aid or  rather to the protection of the city and  its finance*. A city, like a man or a.  company, can go too fast and- too far  in extravagance, and tbe result Is the  same In all case*. The final outcome  I* fsjnws ot the wont sort.  **mmmm*mmt  The library Seard and It* Work.  As tune has passed onward, the n*>  ceMltiea of the Public Ubrary. and  the response on the part pi the public,  a* well s* of the City Council have  ' gtvesfan impetus of the most valuable  sort , The Board, with the help of a  ���������man additional grant by the Com.cfl  totosfo to place four Branch Libra-  vie* tti qtf erent parta of the city, so  as to' add, to the convenience of the  ever4ncres*ing army ot reader*.  Aadvthe Board 1* making arrangements to doable the,efficiency of the  work* of reference.' .For years the  among  a large part  na-  of -the  tionB, refunded  Boxer Rebellion indemnity on condition that the money be spent on the  education of Chinese student* in  United State* colleges and universi-  tlei, and already the American nation  1* reaping a reward in the confidence  and good will of the people of China,  who now have *,*thousand students in  the United tSates who will return  as missionaries of international good-  will. The- generosity is being kept  alive by the American people whose  churches eWiurw appealing'for money  and food to send to the ,relief of, the  famine victim/ The Chfne*e are a  greateful people, and no movement of  auch a humane kind will go unrewarded here and hereafter.   '/  With' such a glut of grain and a  more general prosperity than exist*  In the United Sfstes, what are the  people of Canada going to do? , China  is tbe centre' of world reformation  today, and the real yellow peril is  not an educated and progre**Iye  Chlna,^but a China remaining In poverty, ignorance snd spiritual darkness. In any case Canadian* can make  no mistake in relieving distress of  The Eburne Saw Mills, Ltd., are  manufacturers and dealers In all  kind* of Fir, Cedar and Spruce lumber, Shingles, lath, sash doors, mouldings, turning* and general house finishings/ etc. They make prompt deliveries of their product by train,  wagon, or scow. They are the largest industrial concern operating In  Eburne. ThlB capacity ia 50,000 feet  of lumber dally and they give employment to eighty workmen, and manufacture everything required ln the lunv  oer building line for, contractors and  builders, etc.  Mr. J. W. Abernethy is the president, Mr. D. Slatcher Is secretary ot  the company and Mr. N. 8. Lougheed  of Port Haney, engineers the logging  camps, and they are a triumpherate  of Indefatigable energies. The mill  has been in operation several years  and under the, liberal and  enterprising management during the  past two year*.   It is one of the nnes^h^^ of *,g n^wty.-  ������d mill plants in the|    _        . T _ .   .  as "The Jewel," "Imperial," "Pastry"  and "Terminal." They also deal in  grain, and feed etc. They have operated several years and their mill has  a capacity of over one hundred bar-  rels dally. The official* of the company are: Mr. George Baaterbrook,  Mr. W. T. Esterbrook and J. W. Sex-  smith.  When you want flour that will  make bread like your mother used to  make ask for the Eburne brand*, at  your grocer's.  Th* Eburne Grocery is conducted  by Mr. Q. D. Richards who has operated the establishment three year*.  He carrie* an excellent stock of fresh  groceries and provision* and- has built  up a magnificent business. Personally  he i* a splendid map to meet and was  formerly head clerk at the London  Grocery in Vancouver for sometime  prior to locating at Eburne. He hail*  from Nova  Scotia a*   the   common-  Boards have tried h������?d'to Increase |iUCh w unparalleled extent, no met-  tine department.butttjpr were badly,ter how political event* may snap**  handicapped for the want of money. jTo gtop 0Ur ^ to this cry. of iffc  *M  ^*&y  They could noV-even Iraeb up with the  Uicresslng snd prccswg demand* tor  work* of fiction., ������MU they, Plodded  along faithfully and ~per*evertngly.  Now there I* the foundation of a valuable reference library'that will* be  built upon nrp*fc carefully as time  passes. ���������>���������-  ���������'������������������+���������  - >  The 8tr**t* and 8fc**t<)ni*j������*ejs������r..  Here we find 'a steady Improvement  TW*is Satisfactory to tbe cHfsens. Of  course the Inspector, or Superintendent as he is now called, can not oo  all he would like to. There I* not  "money enough., \,  , Through experience ex-Alderman  Morton has improved In hi* "work, and  I* now doing more, than wa* possible,  when he first tookrhold of the street*.  Ot courae every year give* him great:  er chapee* ot espsjadlng and of show;  tag hi* neural ability,and using his  ' added experience. This i* but one of  the many phases ot the activiUe* of  the Board of Works, which seem* to'  be growing in wisdom, experience and  - greoe'4 mean the grace of tbe people.  Later on I hope to refer *t length to  certain branch** of thl* department.  Suae���������* to them in the meantime.  M***y arsnt* te Semi-Publlc todl**.  There, should he got bne'idollar given  to any body unless the city ha* on* or  more representative* from the Council  on its board, and unless it* regular  books can be examined at any time by  the city Auditor:- This I* fundamental,  and ahould never be-parted from tor  one moment I apply thl* comment  to the various Commissions, to the  Vancouver Exhibition Association, to  the 8alvation Army, the Children'*  Aid. and all other associations or bodies, religious or otherwise.  Is to invite calamity to our own da$r*,  for the Jaw of compensation is still  in force, not should W forget .that  a country'* harvest i������ a gift of  Heaven.) ' , ,     ,",  Therefore, let o������r government and  people unite Immediately co send liberal *upfW*s ������������ wheat', oats, flour  and other food; and follow this up  later with scientific advice and help  in forest restoration, Hood prevention  and Improvement ia agricultural  methods, the lack ot whlchV has  brought the present troubles.  Last year 55 delegate* representing  various chamber* of commerce In the  United State* visited China and were  received with a, warm welcome by  Chinese commercial bodies, and  American and Uhlnese scientific men,  merchant* and manufacturer* are already co-operating for tbe improvement of pntna's material, a* well a*  moral, , condition. , Geographically  Canada, with tbe United State*,  stand* a* the mediator by which the  civilisations of 'Europe and Asia can  be harmonised for the peace of the  world, and there has' been no time  jrhen the white-winged steed of opportunity waited to Invite us to fill  ths great office si It does today., and people, and parliament take'lt up? .��������� $  .Mayor Findlay and Hip Council.'  ������������������ No honest man can deny, with  knowledge, that the present Mayor and  Council are proceeding with their civic  duties in a dignified and business-like  manner. Of course we see signs of a  petty spirit among a few of .the Aldermen at times. But mostly the Council  rises above the small and the bickering, common to little, narrow, peevish  Bpirits. This promises ttiS)e a banner i po*e them  year. But of course, we expect greater things from the 1912 Council. It is  the highest salaried council in the history of Vancouver. Accordingly we  look for three times as much work as  from previous councils.  It is greatly to their credit that Vancouver is being rid of the Continental  Sabbath, which is .a disgrace to any  people.  interesting lecture in tbe Army Hall.  While listening to the rich experience  a* related, one Ja forced to say that  every nation" on earth should aid both  by sympathy and money the labor* of  these devoted \ and unselfish people.  They are always ready to help the  needy.;: They do not reject any. nationality, religion or non-religion. I have  been intimately connected with these  Christian workers for nearly a quarter of a century, and as I know their  charitable workB, I would readily assist them if I were a Shintoist, a Par-  see, Jew, Roman Catholic, Methodist,  or an unbeliever in all religions.  Theirs, is pre-eminently a work of  ministering to the .poor, needy, fallen  and disheartened. I often wonder why  so many of the laboring people, as well  as certain prominent religionists, op-  and best equipped mill plant*  Province and 1b Eburne's leading industry.  J. 8. SMITH A CO. are Eburne's  live Realty operators. They deal  in. town lots, farm and ftrult lands,  and write life and fire insurance, look  after property for absentees, make  Collections, rent houses, and do a  general real estate business. Mr.  Smith owns large and valuable holding* adjoining Eburce. He has been  a resident of the district for a quarter of a century. One industrial site  of seven acres lie *old eight years ago  at 1200.00 per acre is now held st  $45,000, an offer ot (37,000 having been  turned down and still the purchaser  thought be was holding him op at that  time when he purchased.  , Mr. A". E. Rorlson, * splendid young  man ot the town is tbe ft Co. of the  firm. He I* a son of Mr. ft P- Rorlson., president of the Royal Puck com-  |p*ny that propose* to reclaim the tide  fiate. at the mouth of the North Arm  of m* .Fraser River, and tbe fiats off  the. Wcatern end of Sea Island as far  South a* the channel of the Middle  Arm. Manufacturers looking for site*  in "Greater" Vancouver will do well  !to get in touch with J. T. Smith ft  Co., Eburne'* live real estate agents,.  Eburne,: B.C.  ������������������ TbjtS- **��������� WAWH ������a������ LTD., are  wholesale and retail dealers in groceries at Eburne and Kerrisdale.; They  carry a splendid stock and enjoy a  big trade Mr. Wl Pprter, ah wrter-  prislng >ahd progressive young .man  formerly a commercial traveler on  the road eleven years, four of which  were in ti. C, and seven in Saskatchewan, is tbe popular manager of thl*  flourishing mart' of trade. More  business men like Mr. Porter would  do any town good a* be 1* aa *U round  live wire. He is a prominent Mason,  Odd Fellow, Modern Woodman, a  member of Several drummers organisation*, and a good English Church  nan, he being one of the founders of  that society ln Eburne and assisted  largely in financing the building and  paying off the church debt' Mr, Porter  although born across, the water* has  resided practically all his life In Canada. ';J:.  This house, employs six people and  uses five horse* ..for their delivery  work.   This I* Eburne's; busy store.  The Easterbrook Milling Company  at Eburne are millers and wholesale  dealers in the well known and  pop-  *!���������*I������'i������'i'������i������'i������i*'iea*t'������isr������i **************************'i  ! MI*. PAINTER)  Your Attention for a Moment if  -. ��������� ��������� We carry the largest stock of  1PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, PAPER HANGERS' |  TOOLS AND BRUSHES  In Grandview.  Just Ring S^mour 8691  | And we will do the rest. You will find our price right. 1  Garden Tools  Our Spring Stock of v  | HOES; RAKES, PORKS, MOWERS and SHEARS J  Is now in, so that we are now in a position  to fill your requirements.  Gordon 4V Son conduct Eburne's popular hardware store and have operated here four years. They handle  general hardware, farm implements,  and furniture. They have just built  a fine new store, 50x60, two stories  which will be completed, shortly and  is about ready for occupancy. Mr.  W. H. Cordon, officiated on the City  Council and1 8chool Board several  years ln Bellvllle, Ontario, prior to  coming west His son, M. C. Gordon,  is tne secretary of the Eburne Board  of Trade.  Earnest Hall is Eburne's popular  druggist and has had alxteen year*  experience in the buslnes*. He has  operated three year* and a naif at  Eburne and 1* a registered pharmacist of British Columbia. 'He carries  a fine stock of drugs, druggist sundries, snd stationary and I* a careful  compounder of .doctor*' prescription*.  He alio carries veterinary supplies and  i* a native born Canadian possessing  his share ot publte spirit, and enterprise. ,  s,  ^ Th* Grsnvill* Hotel at Eburne is  conducted by Wm. C. Bearcroft, who  ha* bad charge of the hotel during tbe*  past eight months. The house is liberally patronized and no stone is left  unturned by Mr. Bearcroft to conduct  a strictly first-class hostlery. Mr.  Bearcroft has been a resident of the  west over twenty years and operates  In the hotel line in old land prior  to coming to the new America. He  takes a lively. interest in public affairs and is a strong supporter of the  Conservative Party.  ��������� The Central Meat Markvt at Eburne  1* in charge?of E. J. Barnes, a young  man, who ha* had seventeen years  experience In the butcher business.  He has just recently opened up The  Central Meat Market and from all indications will - do well. Cleanliness is  a strong point bere'and also the choicest steaks, the choicest roasts and  the tenderest chops and very reasonable prices,.we might add a* well.  Frank '4. D������mar*sq, a popular young  ex-B. C. E. R. conductor conduct* the  Eburne Mew* stand, at the Eburne  station and his place la headquarter*  for all kinds of nicnacs, cigars, soft  drinks, fruit, confectionery, a* well  as the latest periodicals and newspapers of tbe day. He is ably assisted  by a more-than ordinary good looking  young lady and he enjoys a splendid  custom.   He was conductor five years  1714-1716 Park Drive       Phone: Seynwar 8691!:  * i;  Branch: JOYCE RD., Colling^vood E.      ttiM 19  I*************M*********** *********+**^  ���������ffiCC mm MUm WOCk Stne.trma.rtal  25 lastlBis Street. ssTt*72f?ti?H  A. ft. Bl3AtT*E  Auctioneer,  Appraiser ind Notary Publte for British Columbia  General Real Estate, Milling Broker, Financial Agent  *  nillOtiHHIHHHIMM* iHIIUMH������M������������IHimiM  if  The Salvation Army.  Last Sunday Colonel Rothwell from  England gave a most instructive and  The - Anatrallas, Finland, Switzerland and other countries, as nations,  give them'money and other valuable  aid purely from a financial, moral and  national view point. As their work Is  effective our citizens are helped. The  Army goes but to find the fallen and  to carry them aid, as no-other body  of philanthropists does, so far as I  know.  All who oppose the Array should  hear Colonel Rothwell. Then," if honest, they would give practical aid to  them in their splendid labors.' '*.-'-''���������'-'  E. CdJfcTJM.  ular brands of flour known at Van-j aid has a nice ten acre Prize Chicken  couver and throughout the  Province j Ranch on Lulu island near Eburne.  :<-���������     ������������������ ���������������������������������������������-���������������'���������'��������� ��������� ���������-���������.-*������������������: '������������������������������������--���������"���������:.'  Kerrisdalo  UKReH  3127 Wettmlnster Rd. Ptione:^4lrmont ������68  ;:  Cornices, Jobbing and Roofing \ \  FUHNACJJ WOUK A SPECIkVh*  \**l* ������||,>������������<U 1111******** ****** i i ***.* ***** f*>V  m)  ************** *** I**** H r. ****** ******* ***** *********  -*r  t  I CORNER \m AVI5NUP ftn^ jftjpt STREET j  For PRU0S and f������^S(^t|fWrNS  f.$^iyx$0$::x:  Stationery, MseMlnes, Toilet Article*, Clgsr* j  ���������..,������������������ ..'��������� y������ ���������   : and Totwcco.   '     l  J, R. DfaRUPiO-"Voar Hr������i*^iat  %********4'*4**i<*****m****2 ***iii*****[9*^:*'*]$9*)^a****���������}  k> * ���������' i **** * * * * * * * ** i *>* * * * i **  :*******\**********t**������ *****}  c^cGOWEN t  C9L SALTERj J  PHONE  FAIRMONT  510  264* Mal**1. Oil oloro from 111lt *������> I  :,-��������� A-/        99909 ���������   ,���������'���������'-''���������:������������������-      -^"    '  Weltsve s good clean ���������election of  Chocolates, Candles and Table fruits  We have a big line of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco* to choose-from    +  Agents for Womsn's Bakery Bread and Confectionery.  Milk, Cream, Buttermilk and Butter Fresh. Pailt,  Wr;.  i* ** 11111 ii i * * * ** * i������i *��������� 1111 ********** >m **m'i***4'**'***.  =T  t* I I I M I ll������ I I ������l I11!* I >���������������*������ I ���������! ���������*'   <��������� ���������������!' * ���������{' * ���������!' 4 I' * * <V$> ** -M * 4> **.* ****.  Blair ������V Perrin are two live real estate dealers at Kerrisdale and specialize in Point Grey property. They call  the public's special attention to lots  for sale on East Boulevard, Wilson  Road, and* Clere Road. They have  operated at Kerrisdale one year and ���������  during that   time   have   sold   many  will not trouble these gentlemen to  call on them as they deem it a pleasure to show customers their good  buys whether a purchase is made or  not. They are obliging and enterprising, and when you buy if you wish  to sell again, they will be pleased to  continue to be your agents. Drop  them  a  line  when   you  are coming.  thousands of   dollars   worth   of prop-  '?j|Tell  them  you saw  their  ad. in the  Western Call.  R. H. Rourke, the gTOcer, and pro-  erty.   They are well  posted on loca  tions and have a splendid list for investors and speculators to select from.  They -also make loans and write In-  .sar-ance.  Their j'phone  is  Eburne   88.    You  vision merchant, is located on West  Boulevard,  Kerrisdale.      He has  followed the grocery business   15  years  (Continued on Page 6)  t  >  t  *  *  $  %  ������  Phone:   Fairmont 958  1605 MAIN STT.  LttSl&ER OF ALL KF.4DS,  SASU, DOORS, MOULDINGS  Contractors and House Builders  Carpenters and Frameworkers  We have just what you require  SASH and DOORS MADE ON PREMISES TO ORDER  DRESSED'arid FINISH LUMBER of HIGH GRADE  *���������  No order too large for us to handle promptly.'    No order  too small to receive careful attention..  ���������>  ������  I  *  *. ..,���������������������������.,,.,     :.. ...^       I'  iiimimiiniiminuii 1111111nn1111111 ii11m������ SSr&ff-V,  ���������>������������������-:'*"���������'  ?&:  '&������������������&���������'  THE WESTERN CALL  y+x^;;,^^  I;i,f i ������������������! ;t^ Jt'<Mi ������^^:*>iiijii*;4vi. tt: i-'i^;'f ^M' '^���������^:i>i������*^>,^i* ���������������** y-t^'a'**:*  *&���������  :w.  ���������&a^;tes  ; AtlS^d^ heavy ]\  : laitjers, snow white* large and vig- !:  <   ������������������   ��������� '���������     >'.���������'/ ������������������...���������' ..      'A-X-:.... ��������� -���������'��������� yi   * . .  ��������� '  orous.  quantity.  Woodward Siding, Lulu Island  ;������������������' Rural Pho������ev J46 > Steveston P. O.  '< i.i ti������:*Ut|i|iiii������i><i''i ii i*'*****"������������m ini*mMii������iH ���������������  ' iUtlr������*<>IIIM>> Itl I IMP; If * I H ttt !������������������ 111 H l">'r������l'4">'li'l'  to Start in  I It I Ml I **% ******* *** H *'* 11 < I It 11 I������ 11 M IK II ������!���������< ������ ****  **** ti****m * t4 ************** t>* <*** tit ********* %*  &  ;$e^������is^^^  y:r MMy l-;'^Y*W������**R^ S*ft^^  ':;��������� :>f v-;:' We -elfciiVis^J^  \ fowseil Mr anUacuum Cleaning to.  ;'J'-:*Mtf_  WSMmm  tAC* OF PRODUCTION AND       :  I       HIGH COST OF LIVING.  :' Tlie Civic Council's enquiry ha* not  materialized so far, but 1 understand  Alderman White is about to sound the  tocsin that., will spread dismay into  the rank of the wholesalers���������that any  good will be achieved���������save along the  lines I have already indicated���������c. %  cheaper distribution, and better and  cheaper market transportation���������I  greatly doubt. ,;  In fact, it may be possible to put the  boot upon the other foot and to enquire how far the Citr Council themselves are directly and solely responsible for the increased cost of living in  Vancouver.  One cannot have a bunch of high  at the cost of thousand* and thousands shied settlement on co-operatir* pHn-  of dollars :pumhg^np:'T:;.tt;.::ai^^,fti: r'"-'^':^'v^i-^--1- ������������������w:^-~-f<-&^*' ������������������  drain* to run them oh the old lines 15  ft an4 even 20 ft deep for the beneljt  ' ' Bup|wSn&kf<ff^  ;*������*!���������;  fl^ahd^even 20 Itt deep for the benefit afauhib^  mi^often than not, of single tadt-'around a central lawn, ahd within the  vldual* who want to buUd a deep basement or even sub-basement for rent^  producing purposes to put into their  own pocket���������yet not a penny do they  put out of that *ame pocket to help  pay for the deeper drain���������beyond  what is paid by any other rate payer  ���������In suburb* many mile* duitant  A good suggestion would be to make  these big rent *ky scrapers pay toward* a vacant land tax; conunenShr-  ate with the light and air they take  up���������to provide open spaces ^iud parks  in other parts of the^city^i^'^V '--���������  Another splendid idea,to reduce the  Salary officlals without having to pay cost of living especially to young bus-  the piper���������and this unfortunately does  not stop with their salaries by any  means. It may be politic to'go far  along these lines and to enquire what  --for example useless bench-grading  ha* cost the city���������the use of "patent"  faddy road paying material* under a  Ugh sounding name? How your American does love a high sounding name!  Again, the incidence of miss-called  single tax���������which i* no more, no' less  than a doxen /rther taxes rolled into  one���������whereby some of the bearers of  the other taxes not only, escape altogether but leave the due; and proper  burden to be borne by the single taxed, ���������  far and Sway above their due and  proper share.  As for example, the city ha* been  ines* men and women���������and tarf that  mSttor married people too���������^ould be  to adopt a Mnd of garden'city settlement within th.e city. Some of my  readers no doubt are well acquainted  with the Pasemore Edward* Settle?  ment* in London. Somewhat on these  lines but differing In nuuiy features I  would estabUsh these setUements in  varibis' partsof thecity,;:;yyyy:'^  They would of course be on & business basis and be rather more than  ���������elf supporting which it is quite feasible for them to be if carried out: on  well thought out principles.       ;' !^:;  For example I would select say a  Cheaper plot of land than can be got  on the Inside and go say four or five  mile* ont���������then one could have a good  pr^^to^otithis j. a: gen*t*|l::  hall, where coo*^g, buy^^  usement oeou^ be prorided^s  to.sjasi;^,.^^ r:yy[-\  One might have a ^  station- and easily tsalt*   their   own  light and distribute it to the member*  pf the community; cook'stove* could  be provided in a common kitchen and  th* inevitable Chinaman hired to do  the. cuUiuuy worit for sUY '^ry/���������:.  ���������i Sufficient land *hbuld be around the  settlement to allow one or two Indus-  trie* to be ea^edon,4j^exam1^ intensive culUvaticavaju^fDe tried. Sev.  ersl ladle* might band tb*m*elves together to go in tor growing rose* or,  Violets or early produce���������under glass  amd.,the;;prott^;:*b^^  -   Or they might run a high cla**, spe-  cml laundry tor u������e*^r even Us^  lace making and do a number of^nss^  ful.thms^tb^t would *4d to  .profit a* ^s^mijrtesiui^  In pla^ of the separate home*  grouped *Jround--or even In addition  to them���������one might have also a board-  tog home for DMbelor girls and an������  other for you^ bachelorsr-on the  lines of fltoT.%.*nd Y. ;*&C; A., with  all the advantages of these institution*  but ut a le*������ restricted areal I hope  we shall see thl* taken up and acted  ojii^v y .-;'i'xrlx^x'-x'y^!,-.:y\?;y':<:'  '���������/���������.x'y.i iPATOFWbiiB������vvvV  1018 COMMERCIAL DRIVE  -������������������������������������ -,'>���������''; ���������������������������V \      ���������'.:-.:.a\ /���������^^^!w*mWi:k*%wmbjmmfl*'(i.*^        :.���������...'.���������<.}'-.:.-y*.'.y  $���������!*������&��������� Y  BY   AH  _M_!_r/'_i^^t:*  JU... u ,  -V',- ���������., ^^t$W&yW^y?y- m?<*^wtsmmm������  ^^mmmm^mmmmaWk^^^^i  tm  HOUSES AMD  _MM������&  MTHgLoCAIiTV  >������:f'  PIB8T-���������LA88  'm^*wm9^kWf^  AND SHOE ftEPAUtlNO;  ���������^SSS?38  **** *** I *** ****** t MM I * I ���������������������������������������< ������f III * I������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ *)������  a**^***********%**t******** *************************  Phone: Fairmont 1244  Of all Colors  Guaranted the Finest Wall Fmish in Pritish Columbia  Large Stocjc of WiMl Paper  fliitt fvifiiw)|!4$  f\* KII3m9 ,Mllfii#nif������ HH f  ***************************************************  mm  **** * M * ** ******* M ��������� M11 If Ml M MIM M ** IH *********  cira������  *.  (Publlihed Monthly)  Is thnoftt indwpeniible to you.  No other medium will give you such general and  such satisfactory informatjon about Methodist  activity in this great growing province. Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodist  movement  Send your lubecription to  ; ItMftT ItlfestWft^^ ��������� ���������   Tktsrlit|,c,  1 $1AQ -  QmoYoar  * *4 * * *** * II111 i* 111 H 11IIIOII * **** H HI 1*4 M *** *****  HI M11 ft II HI! 111 **** *** '. OM4IHHIHIHHfim I Mil  Phoaoi 0*myvlow 1192  UFfORD BROS.  We handle all kind* of CatViower*.  PernDiahesingreatysriety. !    Fine Primuls*at 25esach.  - Funeral Design*.      Wedding Bouquets made up.       Gardens designed  and laid out.  We have a large variety of Palm* to choose from.  Choose your Bedding Plants now from our choice selection.  999 Broadway W.,        Cor. Broadway and Oak  HiKI ItfKE. ssseial f������r l*s*ttal iMtm, CM. IE&TH1 ssJ IM1IIAT.  ******4 ******4******4****Oi******v***44 I I l'4 I M l'4<4>4������^  Dear Sir:  /;���������;:."Vr:'  I; have always held the Roman  Catholic church in great admiration,  because of her hlgh-fltanding���������morally; iier *ui������rtor > clrilissUon���������socially; and the depth of her religious  /!;; ;8h*; 1������*.^jft* Imprea* of all these  glorious influences to t^s South Ant*r-  lean republic*, the PhlUipplne Islands, 8paln, Portugsl, the Congo, par  tially due to the late Moat Christian  Leopold of blewed memory, and' the  "Isle of Saint*," now known a* Ireland. It may be that some day in  the future England may be added  to tne above li*t Now, England hss  been presented a* a dower to one of  the beet of the Saints by hi* eminence Archbishop Bourne, and it will  not be his fault or Premier Asquith'*  if our prediction does not become  true. What a glorious day that will  bet The pope w'ill be glad, and in  the enthusiasm' of hi* gladness he  may, like one of the "scarlet line,"  who was *o elated over the "glorious victory of 8t Bartholomew," have  a medal cast In honor of the event.  Ireland I* now under the care of the  good St. Bridget, and although during  her day she condemned some of our  most holy popes, most unmercifully,  yet Ireland ha* been signally blest, as  ���������he ������ today one of the brightest  gems ln the pope'* ttara. Such ������  model "Catholic" country has Ireland  become that the Roman -Propaganda  has almost ceased to work there; and  desiring the whole world to become  alike unto Ireland, the missionaries  that have been working there, having  done their work so well, just a* Rome  would have ty done, are now making  a great effort to bring all non-Cath  olics Into the fold. Here in this wick  ed City ot Vancouver the Rev. Dr.  Donnelly 1* doing a herculean work.  If he makes convert* all over Canada  at the same rate as he 1* doing here,  Canada may become ln a few years  another Portugal���������nay another Ireland.  The great Roman Catholic revival in  Ireland, that our fathers hoped and  prayed for, and for which they have  paid much for in cash, has now extended to Canada, and as most people  are too busily engaged in matter* of  the world, the flesh, and real estate,  tt is just and right, Indeed, it Is, opportune, that men should be compelled to listen to the siren that allure*  the Canadian people. listen you wicked ones, aid behold the glories of  Ireland a* related by Ireland'* Catholic sons.  "Dublin, March 4th, 1912.���������The Irish  Lord- Chief Justice speaking at the  munlty among whom they live and  operate. .���������;;;.y.yy;'.; 'y. -;'.'������������������ .'������������������'���������:;' ..' "'y:yx'  The result of It Is that the people  in thedUtrlct* I refer to haVe become  completely demoralised, and seem to  ''lost'air"'''' :" ������������������'-'  country Clare assizes, said he might, from the splrual teaching of Liguort  E. M. WICKENS  The People's Cartage  Main Street and Bod well Road  Phone: Fairmont 1544  be very brave sitting there with police all around hfm, but was a man  to be blamed for refusing evidence  if he lived on the mountain with  the enemy all about? In some parts  of Ireland tbe people were so utterly  demoralized by fear that they would  not come forward to help the authorities."���������(Despatch, Dally Province).  Dr. Fagarty, Roman Catholic Bishop  of Killaioe, says, in regard to the  recent murder of Mrs. O'Mara: "In  any other country���������for instance in  the United States of America���������such  ruffians would be hunted down or  lynched as a public peril, but here  in this place I regret to say they have  a curtain of security drawn around  them by cowardice or a perverted  moral sense on the part of the com-  gimsp of the memt elementary principles of Christlim moral*, ail sense of . the.; SB^edne** of  human lite or.��������� ^nftgs^'iior.'rli^^  wrong. In the sight of God, huma������  'life i* not vsloed at three half peno*^  by;.^e^of^ih^^(iJoy^       'V;i)p;;vtitsi^  of Roscommon, t* deeply impre������������ed  ^tk ���������the;raijpwd '  l*t* among the people committed to  his charge. No doubt they Mve drunk  the wisdom of StThomas Aqulna* and  of the troth a* presented by 8t Al  phonsa* Llgori, a* their valuable  works have a ready sale among the  faithful there.  Bishop Clancy says:  . "Assize after assize and sessions  after sessions people come into the  witness box and with a solemn oath  calling on God to witness the truth-  of their statements, yet they had  not the slightest hesitation in saving  what was false. It wa* related In the  Old Testament that the consequence  attached to a false oath was that the  earth opened up and swallowed the  perjurers. We would not be surprised  at all to hear that the man or woman  who ha* a tenerity to involting tne  God of Truth tb testify to the truth  ot their false statements would be  swallowed into the bowel* of the  earth. When a juror was empanelled  to try a case he took a solemn oath  that be would And a verdict in ac  cordance with the evidence. If a man  had certain, preconceived noUon* ne  would by appeal to the judge be e*  empt from serving further. If he en  tered the box with an open mmd he  was bound in sir conscience before  God and man in the interest of society,  as well ss the interest* of his own con  science, to And s verdict according  to the evidence. It was known to the  judges of the higher court* that in  esses where the guilt of the accused  person wss manifested they could not  get a verdict In accordance with the  evidence In the County Ro*common.���������  "(Weekly News," Belfast. June 9th,  1911).  This state of affairs, so nicely depleted by such aa eminent authority  as the good Bishop Clancy, is largely  due- to the benign influence of St.  Alphonsus LigttOrf, whose works are  greatly in demand at Irish missions,  snd which may be bad at a nominal  cost. (Only one cent cheaper than  a human life 1* considered worth in  Bishop Pagarty'B diocese). The Rev.  Father Furness ha* compiled a little  book called "What every Christian  must know and do," largely drawja  result which they W1U sooner or later  4iig is not hard" to foresee. Such  double-dealing' has ended to disaster  to Portugal; it wW ntoi^ to* **4ne c^  in IraUtod, airi h^  vli^ry.'nfi^AdWrsl; B^wey to Manila  Bayv the Phill]>ptae I*laad* would he  deluged in blood. Mid not be  't^t9a**Vi&*)^^  y* y  i^mM  \ikK:r!^hP0*i''  Office  SUITE A. WALDEN BUILD'O  25 th Ave. and Main St  WfMSml  CaO^oUc, Domlnlck IfMtiusMttrj^  '������^;:Vk^*^^  r^fuji^ confession ;0^-:jl^*':0^4i  hundred year* of Catb^Uc teaching:  ,"lf the -TJM������*i������i ��������� _fMi^i^:._biii|N^si: ~ij*^^v*iME|������r'  dr*A*n from the PWUpplne*, our blr  hops and priest* will he killed and  our cburche* and institution*, burned."  Rome wl|) do well not to forget the  victory of Manila Bay, nor that morning in Portugal, when ebe bad to  hoist the heretical Union Jack for  protection from the deadly onslaught  of an infuriated mob.  Yes, they are making a ylgorou*  attempt to bring "non-Catholics" into  the papal fold, but what a great errdr  they are committing, for when the evil  day cometh���������and come in wlll���������they  may have to call on "Non-C*ihoUc������" to  help them In their dire need���������and  what if there be none to answer the  call? On whom ���������ball the blame fall?  GIORDANO BRUNO.  KSYHOMU  ���������Lj^^^^9v,9}*^*^",'-^*W* '.:WSS. ������������������  yy^.'yT/yj^s^^^^'.SSSSS^yS^p^y.'^SSS^y  ^ammmmmf  "_v''jj*?y">'i ;*yv*J^*w  W'T^WrWv  ���������i^yff^y_yyi/-y^ fPfw.; 7*/fl!^p^ *  It cost* no more. Sstli         ..uai,;:. .rstsM^tostiy locatofl at  1009 QRANVII-m S^  Hour*: 10 ������4n; to ;|i pm.  ������������������i>������t,..  .  fv���������!^ i  s *%>������y*  Fairmont Renova(ory  W. s. UcKKihAn, n������r.        w  713 BR0APWAV, PAST NevSeott  roa uwwy ������������> owm  Clsanino, Pagasmo >w> Rarataneo  Pfi<W9: Fairmont m  h*xp*w skwts tunc to o*Um  It. say* under the heading of the  Second */Ommandment: "Oaths���������to  call God or something sacred to witness that what you say la the truth,  for example to swear on the book,  or by the name of God, or by the  holy name, by heaven, on my soul,  so" help my God; but if you do not  know that what you say is an. osth,  or rfo not intend to take an oath, than  the words are not an oath." Here we  have a principle laid down which is  Catholic, and we also have the condemnation by Bishop Clancy of the  result* which it has brought about. To  "Non-Catholics" it is a delemma; but  to Catholics "Clancy and Liguori both  are equauy true.  These are some   of the doctrines  taught to Catholics in Ireland, and the  THS SOYS' SfttQAP*.  8th Vancouver Coy.  On Saturday last the 5th Vancouver  Co. ot the Boys' Brigade received a  surprise visit from Capt G. H. Bot-  hsm ot the 13th Middlesex V. B. Capt  Botham was at one Ume inspector of  csdet* for th* Duke of Teck, and has  had a very wide experience ot boy*.  After the usual opening exercise*  Capt' Botham minutely Inspected the  uniforms of the boys, and highly com-4 '^ r< ft|||||t|t>  plimented them on the very smart snd  clean manner lnvwhlch their uniform  was worn and kept. After squad  drill the company went through various evolutions in company drill, figure marching, free gymnastics, wand  drill, and parallel bars.  Capt Botham in making his report  said he was more than surprised at  the marvelous display he had seen,  especially he said was he taken with  the company drill, and that he was  not exaggerating when he said it was  one of the finest performances of drill  by boy* he had ever witnessed. Capt  Botham then gave the officers and  boys a few tips for their future guidance, which were gladly received.  The 5th Vancouver Coy, has made  great progress since its inaugeratlon  some two years, and isv doing g#eat  work among the boys of Mt. Pleasant  The company bold their annual inspection in St Paul's Presbyterian  church, Comer 14th and Burns, on  Thursday 28th March, when the public  will have an opportunity of seeing  the result of their work.  never rest jwtomt with sn/  rfci--'  R.DOHBRTV  67a T������fltH Avt. W.  Phorte; Fairmont iibH*  Great West Cartage Cs.  LimiUd  ���������**���������      A.C.  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There are: so many real trials in life that we all  have had stern and trying experiences of a character that enables us to say.that we ''have passed  under the rod."  We also know whether the best or the worst  within us prevailed while we were going through  the "grinding mills." Some stand the crucial test  in a truly heroic manner. Others come through  disheartened and almost broken in .body or spirit/  or both.    /'  Few, however, are able to perceive that the  real time of test, the crux of human experience, is  not when the trouble comes, so much as before its  arrival. TJuftnan, company, nation or government  that steadily follows the course of wisdom and  does the right, is then going through the crucial  moments, more so than when their judgment day  arrives.;" ���������>' ���������' ���������  '��������� y ���������' -j- \  Let me illustrate:���������The College session is in  progress- The students are faithful daily and accumulate success for the coming examination, or  are faithless to their trust and work.   When the  jng up to the election with smiling faces and calm  spirits. v ^-  -They know that they ara ready. Tln-y have-  done their duty and have no fear of the result. At  the coining examination their masters will pass  ��������� them through successfully to another session of  more advanced wprk. They are worthy because  the,y were faithful to their public duty. They  have faced and passed the real ������rux during the  three past years. Now with a sniile of contentment they await the plaudits and official acceptance of those whom they have served. What  I wish to make clear is thisi���������  'The coming election is not the crux as so  many would say; but the time of crueial interest  and strain has passed, with the clear knowledge  both of themselves and the wejl-read electors that  they are ready and worthy an advance to higher  and more extended arenas of public service. Their  success is assured.  NIAGARA. OF THE ARGENTINE.  examination arrives, the first calmly present them-    gentina,  In the wilds of South America where the  picturesque Iquarzu plunges its water into the  La Plata, is located a magnificent waterfall second in grandeur only to Niagara. South America is noted as a land of waterfalls, there being  within its boundaries no less than four to compete with the mighty cascade of the northlarid.  In fact, the largest one, Iquarzu. closely resembles  Niagara in that it make's an acute horseshoe bend  on one side; a further resemblance being the fact  that it belongs to twp countries, the river forming the boundary line between Brazil and Ar-  + H >*f | ������H������ f f If t *********  TJtY...  ^  F.I.  Hay, drain, Feetl awl  Poultry Supplies  PUmontJ Chick Fowl  ' PmtVs egg Producer  Uwn Seeifl  Prompt Delivery*  Courteous Treatment  Phone: Puis. I So  selves for the test. They know that they are ready.  Their less faithful fellow-students who neglected  their work' when theirs was the time of preparation, come to the examination in a state of doubt,  perturbation and positive fear. One set of stu-v  dents can smile, knowing that success is theirs.  The other fear the results, because they know  they are unprepared and Unworthy. Success, and  failure enter the college class room in the heads  and hearts of the prepared and the unready. The  real crux has passed for both parties. ��������� The hours  of true test glided away during the teaching and  studying session.  How I would apply this to all phases of human  life, of corporate activity, of national existence,  and of legislative responsibility. - ' ���������  " - "��������� We are coming up close to the election day for  the British Columbia Legislature. t And. what do  we see on our journey? Here is the picture. It is  easily sketched.   All who run .may read: .  The present government, now appealing to the  people, are doing so after along, arduous session. ,  During the years of trial they were true to their  trnst. =They dallied not by the way- Their IftR-  sons. were well learned, and, like apt students,  they made good Use of their knowledge on their  tour through the legislative session* that have  passed. Now they know that they are ready for  what is apt to be called theij crucial test. But as  a matter of fact, the years of legislative test and  preparaion were well used, and today the members  of the government and of the legislature are walk-  mmmwmmmmmmm*m*Jmmk*mk^mmmkwmmammmmmmmmmmmmmamm*\  An unique feature of this great waterfall is  that it comprises three distinct leaps, even the1  lower one; being two hundred and thirteen feet  high. The entire fall approximates fully two  miles in extent. Below the final cascade there  are depths which a hundred fathom line has failed to soyind, and the ignorant natives believe them  to be without any bottom. During the rainy season, which lasts nearly half of the year, the Vol-  unfepfv^irater passing over these precipices is  almost incredible.  In a clear day the steaming columns of mist  which crown these falls are plainly visible more  than a dozen miles away, while the deafening  roar is heard to a great distance.  This beautiful river wanders through dense  groves of bamboo and mahogany, alternating  with the wild cassava and coffee tree until it finally reaches the great fall, set like a sparkling  gem amid a growth of tropical verdure.  r A$ the Paraguay River, of which the Iquaza  is a tributary, is navigable for steamers, travellers from Bueuos Ay res and Carrientes are coming more and more to avail themselves of a  journey to this wonderland of America, for a  long time unknown except to the natives.  The body of our prayer is the sum of our duty;  and as we ask of God whatsoever, we need, so  we must watch and labor for all that we ask.���������  Jeremy Taylor.  "801-10 FlVf ASS AGAIN CHOICE  OF CONSERVATIVES.       ���������  Sow**r> W*t*on, MacGowan, TI*Q*lf  antf Mafpilr* to Again  Carry Banner.  2471WESTMOTH Ml.  V  Coa. Bsoadway  ySncouver Conservative* Monday  slant in convention in Dominion Hall  unanimously renominated' Attorney-  General W. J. Bowser, Messrs. H. H<  Wstpon. C. E. Tisqall, A, T. O. Mac-  Oowan and .Dr. 6. A. Maguire, the  ���������olid, five" that ha* represented Vancouver "in;thte^"provincial, .legislature  daring tbe last three sessions  Only accredited delegates were allowed in the hall while the nominations were in progress.  . When Mr. W. J. Baird, president of  the Vancouver Conservatives, who was  unanimously chosen chairman of the  convention^ announced the. result of  the nomination* there was considerable enthusiasm expressed, hut no  surprise, as visitors flocked Into the  hall. All of the nominee*! with the  exception of Hon. Mr. Bowser were  present and  J  ot the "solid five" and Hon, Richard  McBride. ,��������� -i-.^ -?;>'.;^:  At the close of the 'convention::*  resolution moved by-Mr. R. U< Malt-  land and seconded by Prof. Odium  that the delegates express their appreciation and endorsation of Premier  McBride and the government for being faithful to promises with regard  to railways, educational matters and  the liquor act .was unanimously  adopted.  A wire wa* dispatched to the premier and attorney-general acquainting  them with the,factof.the^nomina-.  solid five."  tionof,.the  GRANDVIEW LOCALS.  . Perhaps one of the best schemes of  advertising which has been tried in  Grandview Is to be tried by the Merchants' Photo Co. on Saturday, March  16th, the 'idea being that before a; good  thing can te appreciated 'it must be  tried.; Being confident In the excellence of their work and in their ability  to plea** their patrons, the Merchants'  Photo Co. will present, absolutely free  delivered addresses full'of charge and condition*, one cabinet  ot felidUUons for the absent member,'photo to anyone and everyone who  applies for it between 10 a.m. and 10  p.m., Saturday next. See advertise-  ;ment.;"  '"    ' ": \r���������.:.'[ [ ' '���������������������������  While in the vicinity of Commercial  Drive this week our representative was  regaled with ice cream at the well appointed parlor of Mr: W, I* Carter,  and considered it the best be had ever  tasted. Mr. Caiter manufacturers all  his ice cream on the premises, and being expert in the mixing of ingredients  as well.as4n the handling of the modern machinery and equipment which  be has installed, is in a" position to  offer the public something worth walking miles for.  Richmond'* Bazaar are arranging for  a big sale! Watch for their advertisement next week.  Mr. Mark C. Gilchrist, of Commercial Drive writes thatjie is desirious  of hearing from two or three ladies  and:gentlemen who would-be wlUins  to assist with an amateur play, which  is to be given for the purpose of raising funds with which to organize a  hoy's club ini Grandview. Mr. Gilchrist  will be pleased to furnish full particulars of the scheme on application.  1832 Commerti*\ Dr.  Between 2nd sal andlrd  We rtanufscturs  ICE CREAM  ON THE PREMISES  FRESH DAILY.  Inspection invited.  W. L. CARTER, PROPRIETOR  Full line of Confectionery, Tobaccos, &c  NOTES OF THE WEST  (Continued from Psfl* 1)  ings up^to Hastings street, and advance the new  station building hall a block forward, leaving a  ���������driveway clean>through it which would enable one  to reach the dock-side without having to dodge  around trains and, over tracks at the foot of Cordova.   ,t v.    'V /���������.,'  Something after "the style'-of .New'. Street Station, Birmingham,-jvhere a broad roadway runs  right through: the station so that one can reach  any':platforn.with ease and comfort.  The terrible coal strike noiiv raging in Great  Britain will have most disastrous and far-reaching  effects upon the trade of the whole world, and  Mill, unless speedily settled, tie up a good deal  of local business. The world is today one vast industrial parish, and such widespread disturbances  cannot take place at the Ifinaneial-centre of it  without re-acting disadvaritageously all over.  That'a settlement may soon be reached is the  earnest hope of the good wishers of law and order.  So Scout Baden Powell has come and gone  without the inevitable luncheon of the Canadian  Club, who hold one of the popular smokers in  O'Brien Hall tonight. 'Had I met him I would  have been glad of the tip as,to his manner of  silencing the Socialist element in Portland. Any  man who can convince them of any other views  but their own certainly deserves well.  $500 Cash ������< $25 Month  No Interest, buys a good 5-raomed  house, modern, fine lot, near car at  Cedar Cottage.. Apply  UNION ESTATE CO.  Ur.IttlBHsfcr lit towmwcW st  Insdrance, Rents. General Brokerage  PARISIAN TAILORING  (LADIES' AMD GENTS')  603 BROADWAY,  WEST  P������-eseirg    -    Cleam'ns:.     -    Dyeing  . Wc>rk eaBtd lor and returned.  STATEMENT^ BY. HON. ROBERT ROGERS  '���������>��������������������������� ���������- j ���������      (Continued from page 1)  up their homes here and continue as residents of Cauada. I am speaking only from the information  handed me by the special officer detailed to ascertain this information. I think that 300 of these  Hindus left Canada last year, but; I hope to have the report of the special officer fn a short time  and to submit it to the House. >       _  Mr. Oliver: The committee may assume that it is not the intention of the minister-to relax  the condiiqns in regard to Hindu women?'  Mr. Rogers:   Not at present, no. , -     ���������  Mr. Oliver: Can the minister explain the apparent fact that the number of Japanese who  arrived in the past year is in excess of the number provided for in. the understanding with the  Empire of Japan? I think the understanding is that about 400 laboring people may be admitted  in a year.   Last year 727 entered./   Of course the difference may be made up of Japanese of other  classes. ' '    '���������     _      |:  Mr. Rogers:   In 1911 vre had 427 and in this year apparently 727-  Mr. Oliver: It is a serious question. If the arrangement made is being adhered to by the  government of Japan it is perfectly satisfactory, but if not it is desirable that parliament should  be advised of the fact.   There is really a total of over a thousand.'  Mr. Rogers:   I shall look into that.  <*������������������'>,  - ',    , Jut1  **'' yv3L  Am  *************************   **************************  !t  THE  Provincial Elections, March 28th, 1912  Vote  The  Ticket  (WfcLIAlil JOHN)  ,   7^ ���������  Macgwan  (ARTHUR HENRY BOSWELL)  McGuire     '  (C������A^^S EPWAflP)  Watson  i I  THEY STANP FOR:  Railway Extension  s  *, >  *.  *  Another Transcontinental Railwuy Terminal for '  Vancouver. , '       ;  Direct Railway Connection with Interior of B.C. t \  Pevelopment of our Nat������ral;  llesources.  A Whife British (^JumWa.  Clean,   Honest*   Progressive j  Government. .  .*  Conservative Campaign Public Meetings  15  ALEXANDER SCHOjpLr  Ghauroan, R. P. Black    s  East End of Ward V; Corner Clark ano! Broadway  ASH H ALL, Ward tllp  '   Corner 20th Avenue and Fraser^A.vena^:  R, V. Heatheringtoii, Chairman    L,  ��������� '���������'������������������'':   .���������      * ... - '*"'"���������''  .;_       _._ .      _ ���������   _ ��������� -..:������������������- ���������    .-    - V    .       ._!!_:  Ward V Committee Rooms:  H. S. Clark in charge  \      PHONE:   Fairmont 1854  ************************* a*************************  (U������>'>'������T^- -���������������-   ���������  9a*  KX_i   rf-T-_j:i -1-SSE.1  a s;-c^ii3'7!^ffl>.%c������rrT;  1^,-7 ri-iL-Vi^jif_'j*^-~,-: ^���������i  m-  y^)y&yy:y  yx  Oraduate *>l Det olt  Optical College  ' TTieBe������t/;  ^ Obtainable  o, w GittAiMETT, Optometrist and Optician  eyes'���������"-������������������ :<)^no   .  Examined tor     y   DRUGS  GLASSES j    USED  The Drag Method in Examining Byes for Glasses is  expensive, often dangerous, and always annoying.   Itl*  ���������ntiquauited.   Scientific methods/modern equipment snd  Vbng experience enable us to guarantee Exact Preecrip-  * ion* with accurate grinding and adjustment; so that t%e  Gasaeagive ; T  Oomfort ao** Maxima** Ultolaaoy  ������se V" f* the Latest in Tories, Bifocals and New  8 wcialtie* Which Keep Eyeglasses from Palling and  give stvhsh and handsome effect*.  a-    _���������������ANK OFOTTAWA lOlLDINQ  Ofice 106, First Floor Phone Sft������mour ������32  Office Hour*: 9 to 12 ������.m., 1 to 5, Sat, 7 to 9 p. to.  p  i  ************************** **************************  ayi  y  10 a. iti. to 10 P> m.  fRIBBLfS W pSHtOlt  iBstr|iin������.jli������ .-^ettjwat^Tlie^aAw****"1  y-,:-:;xy>yxTr-:... Frock.;���������'��������� r--;xf"A'���������:-:;-:y  FtorentlBe\f(f)ijihrd :is a new' material  In petticoat* which will attract;the -wo-x  man who must economize. It l������ uuicb  ; llktf: surety: in texture, luit; It !������'��������������������������� rut  handsomer than the ordinary t^ateen in  %  <������  <>  <  Our Work is 0*M Advertisement  \  ' You pay nothing, but plea** *how your friend*.     Children must be  ''���������.. acfi^paniedby thtir������*^te.  (Grandview Branch)  OOa  J046 Commercial Drive  i*  ***************************  mm  mpovrmaw FANCY ������*jy OPOUS  MoW Tailor  Pre������*tn*Mn? # 5pe������t#lty  Gents'FumiBhinga, Silk Shirts, etc.  Price* very reasonable.  Ska Grass anp Pamboo Furniture  .  - s  ,  Fancy Chwajvake  Stilt, U*e������ QmiM *n4 pa,br������Mar������<������ B(om������*.������  252 Broadway, West  Phone: Fairmont U97  '*>******************vt^*^^t,o******^******************i;  >.  Wlirrt tt Pays to OmI  honest Price* lor Honaft  Ooodt  ST; PATRICK'S PAY  NSSomtv* Utest Designs in Post Cards 3 for 5c  9p*m9l9 4*9or<mam.4 of ������*���������**��������������� Qaro* *la*t in  1U0 PARK PWVE  ************************40*************************  For Sale or Rent  Will Sell on Easy Terms  or will Rent Furnished.  House is 4584 St. Catharines St,, next to 30th  Ave., 3 blocks from Fraser  Ave. car line.  "  Apply at Western Call  VOUB P1CCK SK1BT  v-.  design. The surface Is ������prlnkied> Itb  large, blurry down* Id -aiibclue/l. brocade colorings, and ibe tMK'kRrooad ti  UKually tn-ii very stood tone, mob a* It'  Keldoui IoiiikI in cheap fitbrif*.  Soft ,n|������t'������������il(tis. *ticb an crepe de  chine, satin, olnft'i'i! iiiffetii. vollen, vel-  vow and novelty tuiirh-x. ������re warn employed for iiftei'uouu rrwkH./  Many of; thp Hiniiriesl new *nlt" Hr������  t'ttt n������var in from, n f������������-r xhnwlbk )ht>  postilion hiir-k. with the coin Just reach- the ���������������������!������ line In front    ���������  Skirts cm wlih ���������wide Hldex aud narrow front und tuit-k portion* are the  lafi'������t.   ThlK one shows the overlapped  fd^ex that are xuiart >l'.i> -.inter.  ���������     ' ..���������'.'���������.���������-������������������ c->r;/.-.--_ ;JiJUl!i;.'CUOUMSir.;  ���������  Thl* May Mahton pattern la cut In -laet  from St to 90 twhe* waist measure. Send  10 rent* to thin bnVe.glvlha nunibor, 728*.  and, it vlll bo promptly forwarded to you  by mall. If In haste send an additional  two cent atamp tor letter poauga, wtaleb  insures mora promptdeli vary. 'When or-  dertna u������* coupon ,   ���������������������������", y. ���������������������������.':  *:-:ssssi  SlliOr i_IKE ^JS, |275. I  :. Foolish to ;*Farir. Wi^u^;Th������rrt-,Nem  IncHiaea Values Up to 25 Per Cant  ;lt does not i������ay u>' rtevuteblRb priced  laud for long jieh������.������;s to pasturage ani  tbe pruductluu of tiay.   The land can  be.pnt to more'pmrttable uae.   Sboti la  the testimony ot t intirge 1*. OrooWtbf-  dairy expert of Mlnbpsota. ;i ���������'      ; v^  OurlnR tue lust tew years ttinre alio*  nave been built tliiin bare iirevloualy  tteeu constructed aitoi'etber. Tlte Oiore  proaperoun farmers are ofteb aupplifld  wltb two Rood Kliim.  The silo.   I'roressor  Grout  aasert*.  practically tncreaaea tbe producing c*  Not.,.....������..i;....^ 81������e  Addrsss. .....���������������.'���������.. ,.'i  .. .������.'...'.....4.....lai.������\  ..���������������............a..........  ..............  ������ii)/........'  .........*,...f.....^..  y  MODISH PUBS.  C*ntr*itin9   Unirtjs   In  C**ti  Con-  spieuous In P*Hry F**hiont.  , M������n.v of .the fur sets these days are  lined wltb a difTfient rur or with satin  of a color-thai I* suarpl;? contrasted  wltb that of the fur. Tul* lining Is  made a* conspicuous a* possible by  . FBOOK or CBKF* UVTWOtL  ha vine the ends flaring out In the muff  ur eyen by hnvinjr the edges turned'  back into deep cuffs and having tbe  vt-urf "trimwed with the lining fur or  satin, as the case may be. ~  One novel set is of seal lined wltb  ciret  Short tunics snpjrestins the fireek  Idea are very nrHty for young irirls.  The dress pictured is of eivpe meteor,  and tbe hloiise is trimmed with silk  braid and iridescent Imtds.  .i'lJDIC t'HOI.LET.  . VUtOblSa A *T*VB BILO.  rnclty of. the fnra> at  least 10 P*r<  cent, nnd often more.   A lttu acre farm  with a silo will produce as much r*v"  e^itie a* otie of isii acres without  Tbe Drat cost ot a silo, like that of  a dwelllnit house, a b������rn or a te*m.  should be considered purt of the Ini  tial inresttnent. und If, one's capital la;  limited It la lietter to* buy a farm  aniajier *$ 10 i������er������ent rntber tban dhv  l������e������������*e! wltb   a   silo.   The^^nrodoclng  value of ^,*llo on^nfty Wlnr land  Would be equal t������tpat;o|~WekWWi**i  ndded to tbe nai acre farni. or ftXluu  On $100 land It wouW be r-.Wa).   Tbl������  I* a low eatitnate. ror":*$������':'wtp<*W" ciVfTJ'-  Ins canootty of tbe farm win often be  Increased fully .ssv' pSr ������n������nt by tne. addition of a *iio.  , A������ compared . wltb Ita producing,  Talue the cost of constructing tbe *ilo  is small. Round wooden slloa cost  from $1.30 to <S''|ier tonof enpacify:  those of stone, hrick or <-etneuf from  |2t������W. It baa bcenahown by actual  experiment in Minnesota that, working coo|HE������ratlveiy In /the pun-ba*e of  materials, etc.. a number of fanners  In a locrallty mny ere������t on each of  their farms a stave silo, similar to tbe  one In the illustration, of \40 to \5Q  tons capacity f������������r ubtntt *'J75; o  j* ������inDwiifia:������ii^-^  The place that eaves yqtfinlrey^^ fl  y; ���������' 'Qu^ity-tlw'bea^^r^^  '^local Le������*; Loin* t#*^.^JU>^^    ^JSwift'^B**;'-.-/;;^^^^ Sl^ftil  t!(9*m**m*.^7&tM^  .'Choice Roll lto������&^^-5?i^' yM  r Uitsand l^n������l\ir*, 2^^'^^ ^  *   Prime Rib Roaat, lJ^18c; ;w - ������������������&y*:  **��������� **  .Swifts Presslam H������ms.'i  whole ot'J  lilt  Fie*h Spare Rib*,  Fr.rK sausage.; -. -'  x lb*, tor������e  ��������� tiiMjiC :fcard,-' ��������� ��������� ��������� -:vir-������������������ * tb*. for JBe  ;:Pr������*hrigg*i,',7;������---i6'"   v  *���������--*-  Ootachnna,'  'tii;  :te**r^;  *;;,llte-nii;;'lb.=  le net; lb.   a  .  filb*;  t*Mie���������b.l2Hc  ^KipRC-*v.', -.���������:.  .,    shrtnipB, Crab*.  '-i.b������ft.'fetc.':-,-All    '"  Jiorning.     : "  New Zealand Butter, $  2813 III!  ������wr mmadway  i*B'*--' *:.>ytymm������m  ^ i������  Fish Fresh  DRIVE  PHONE:  im  m  H*Ubu*  S*lmoh  Smelta.  x:yy>i04m  ytm   x *'-xx:x;f,���������*?m?!&&M8^*W  ���������'v.' yxxy:3t^:P$mx^0M  .Salt Cod  AU kind, of  Mil IM *4 til III ***** ��������� j * ** II  ;;  ^'M-H"1"W"1"1������1'!-M"!"!'M"1"W������M������1I  ; G^T OUT OF TfllE AVERAOC. +  Avarag* farming I* not now  and nsvar has b*tn profit*bl*.  but It I* tht only kind of farming that avtrae* farniaw e*|������ <**.  Improvsmontc >n man ia rsftetsd  in alk thair works. Battsr m*n  can b* davtlooad by ttaohing  chlldron tb* simpla scitnoa of  aarioultur*. To raias th* avor-  mi of crop yitld* involvt* an  uplift of socitty a* ��������� whols.  education I* a national problem.  'H-l������W'M'HHMI"l'H'M!ll  t*t* Crop* For f*y4.  The need for iiienty of rougbnse on  tbe farm t* appan>ut when there Is *  likelihood thnt tbe corn crop will be  short or a failure. Tbe paramount  question for furmers who keep animals  la to provide plenty of nutritious nay  and other forage.  Concentrates ran be bought and  tunny of these are osunlly purchased  regardless of tbe season, but bay. he  cause of Its low feedlntr vnlnc and  bulk, la very ������������������xticnslv* i������h-������i wtM*u  bougbt fur animals. Hay ������i!<������nd is*  produced on tbe farm If possible.  8ucb cou<eiitRiteii as cottonseed  meal, rice polisn. wheat sborts aud  bran, when plenty of good bay is produced on the farm, may be purcii:tsed  nod the anitnul profitably kept, but  ���������when there is no |mst������r������������ and the feeder must depend ii;������>n his iioljsrhbor aud !  the inanufactiirw for nis c<incenfv:ites !  the auituais and (lieu- products must  bring good returns to pay for their  board.  There are many crops that can be  fjlanted late in the season to furnish  roughage for the animals���������uamely.  rowpeas. soy beans, rape, sorghum,  milo. Kaffir, peanuts, etc. The progressive manager will plant two or three  of these crops and thereby reduce the  possibility of failure.  ...    . . ... r:.^*^.^^^*mm^*aay-r*\w*9*fw**h,*\*m^ ^^7"^������*^^^e3__iia  wow:^^m^y;-._   ^v      isiicpw^ciiM;m%  ..������������iWM;|ii|i.|iiM'.i"<'������t������l"t">"t">4.  <^'^'l'������������������������<"i'it'-(v'������'|'������'|i*j������i|i������Mi'|'<)  ������������������ yi&v^d'^y*  '-.'.'���������  S^.- ,-...' ^���������.-->���������.������  *yyy}&&yi  f******4'******]*******4'****  '*.. AEf-PRAKAa  a|a ���������ja*l**3>*yf*$*������)^^^%*e|**^l *l'**y *|*V*f*'f*'������*VW?-J^f(^M''S**i*  T������E FIRK-PROOF THEATRE"  The most up-to^ate family theatre in  Vancouver.  Program cn^nQed Monduy, Wednesday, Friday  Matinees on Tuesday, ihurscjay and Saturday  * t  Every care ani courtesy shown to .children.    ^  Our X-Ray System of Indirect Lighting insures a clear soft %  picture which is particularly easy for the eyes. J  Your inspection cordially invited.  Educational  Scenic  1712 COMMftRCKl'DlilVP  I  **** +<-^<<<~>****<^>***+'r*+   <"I������'H-������������1 lyU !'���������������'! |i������l"H t������i;������  1 11 it, I I 4 111 I,( i ,| i :-;~>+.:+.}++.i~t   ������.| ������> *���������*** 4 I I * III' II'M 4 ��������� 1 ** *  Special Sale  1 Tuesday, March J9th 1  These Map Manton nallern? are rut tn  sizes for misses <������l fourteen, ?txi<>eii and  niKhteeii years of hk������    St-nrt 10 ci'ins fach  for these  pattern?   to   this   uffli-f.   giving !.������,_������_      ,    * ,       .    .u  _    _i i_  numbers-skin :m. mouse ������M������-������...t they | " is better to tone her to_thoroughly  will   be   protnryv   forwaideii   i<>   you   by  mail.   Ifxjn nsoite.spnd'an Hddltiotial two  Don't Use Wet Feed.  There is no sidvantage in moistening  the meal portion of tht' cow's ration.  rent stamp for letter, posta^r. m'hieh insures mort> prompt delivery- When urder-  ms usw coupon.  No   Nam*  Size.  Address  masticate her feed rather than to aid  her la swallowing it quickly.  Mixing of the feed with the saliva of  the mouth helps in its digestion. The  fluid secreted l>y the mouth Is quite  important In digesting fpeds rich in  starch.  If'the grain l.������ moistened ther;? la less  ���������allra secreted, and therefore the di  gestloo of tbe feed la more or lem im  paired.  Wall Paper from 5c up.  I Some fine Leatherettes at 50c up  per roll.  Burlaps, 25c per yard and up.  Full line of Paints, Oils and Brushes  t  *  *  x  J.  X  >f  ������  i  J. W. BERESFORD!  |   1725 PARK DRIVE PHONE: Seymour 8785 |  I **.******4 M ********** *4<** Z~>****+* I-I ���������** IU HtfrWW-** :i.^yic^^-:^b^i|������-^^.'V.l>ai<.i^������u^.>>^<.*^it..Wiv^M^ ...������������i.i������. ..������.*...  ���������jf  .,    iJlMiMII-  z&tm:  ''y~y  '^[ijyiyy  yy-iS'-,  va  ;JXX}SJxMx  ���������  THE WESTERN CALL.  |G. E. McBride]  & COMPANY  I Headquarters for all kinds of Hardware j  LARGE ASSORTMENT OF  | Heating Staves  20 per eetit.  I Off Regular Prices 11  SHORT TALKS WITH BUSY MEN  (Continued from P*g*2)  and has .operated at Kerriedale three  month*. Already he has become very  well established, in business, as he  understand* his line, thoroughly, carries an excellent stock, and knows  just how to handle the public in a  liberal,   up-to-date   and   progressive  manner. Hi* goods are the best money  can buy and his price*, challenge all  honorable competition. Mr. Rourke's  ���������tore' is i popular especially for choice  tea* and coffees. These line* he make*  a specialty of and the kenrisdale Elite  Ladle* have discovered that he's just  as special in all kinds of canned goods  and staple groceries as well, and they  may be seen dally dropping in to this  popular mart of' trade. The Gall  is glad to note Mr. Rourke's success:  It*is well merited.  Carter *% Son are located at Kerris-  dale and conduct a real estate, loan,  Insurance', and conveyancing, business.  They have operated there nearly  three years. Prior tb locating at Kerrisdale Mr., John Carter officiated as  clerk of the municipality in which he  lived in the Bast for eighteen years,  as Postmaster twenty-four years, and  was in the employ of the C. P. R. nine  years. His son, Norman E, Carter, is  a graduate of Woodstock College and  taught two years In the public school  work, four years in Business College.  They are O. K.  Th* Bank of British North America  at Kerrisdale which is capitalized at  one. million pounds sterling is in  charge of Mr. J. N. Cran, manager,  and Mr. P. Woodward, Teller.  Mr. Cran ha* been with the bank at  various branches for - the past ten  years,; and Mr. Woodward, has had  seven years experience in the. banking  line. In a few days the Kerrisdale  branch will move into splendid quarters in the fine new Bowser Block  just - completed. , Here everything is  (-up-to-date and modern and the safe  and vaults are a* strong as ingenuity  can make them.      '  listed, varying from f 20 and up per  acre, and some choice locations $100  and up per acre. This land could not  be beaten for dairying and general  milted farming purposes, aud those of  our readers desiring further informa-  tion will do wel to call on or communicate with these gentlemen. As we  refer to Courtenay's leading business  men and firms of prominence we take  pleasure in awarding these, gentlemen  a high place in theBe columns.  ELK HOTEL.  I Cor. Main Str. and  PHONE: Fairmont 899  Ave!  Corner Fto^ a^  Phone: Fairnioiitil^^  j . *        '..'    '.  . ,   n _, ,_," _.���������_;���������_.:__       ''���������'''__ ' >__ '��������� ~       ���������_v*'i_'   ''__���������-__'      __ :__ _h,       '_h' __ _t '__' __ _i .__,'_* ^T  |ti������Mt#m������i������Htn������������������������������t������ Hj**^*****9******m****)H9^  fQT9QO&V**\\3**}\n  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  ,;/ :.,'���������'. Gallon  TRlWBtE * NpRRJS|  Cor. Pronffwuy iwwl Wwtroliwter Rwi*t       :  i+M������*rt ���������������****> *************************************  THE RIVERSIDE HOTEL.  Courtenay's Leading and JPtrst-Clas*  Hostelry Conducted by O. H.  - Fechner, Proprietor.  , In* view of the fact that there will  be a rush of many people to Vancouver Island during the coming  ���������prlng and summer we will describe  the advantage* of Courtenay as--an  outfitting and distributing point referring also to the leading business  men and firm* of promlnnece. The  Riverside Hotel < therefore should be  assigned a leading poeitlon In these  IWSot...j:cF?r five year*: Mr.' Fechner  haaoperate* In Courtenay and during  that time he has remodelled, enlarged  an4 newly furnl������bed The Riverside  Hotel throughout and contemplate*  putting on another ten   or   fifteen  promise or becoming the chief tow|n in  thl* section of Vancouver Island.  The Riverside Hotel offers to the  traveling public visiting or touring the  district the most comfortable and  thoroughly first-class accommodations  Drummers, tourists, travelers, and  sportsmen will find everything to their  liking. .The fine large garage connected with the hotel affords automo-  bllist* *n opportunity of having their  machines housed, oiled and repaired  (if necessary) while In thl* garden-  spot *nd paradise of this Pacific Coast  There ie a superabundance of fine  mountain scenery, nice drives, excellent fl*bing, boating, and hunting, and  the climate 1* as auperb 366 days ln  the year here a* anywhere In all ot  Canada.  The business men are enter-  | prising and progressive, the farmers,  ���������MM IUH MM MM MM'HI  * ************1 **********^  I Usb STave UaKe Power  Those |n4Mstrie& are Better  In ultimate results which use our electric  poweraervice. The factories or office buildings which operate private power plants are  under a big expense lor maintenance. A  trifling accident may disorganize their whole  system���������more serious disturbance, with  attendant heavy losses involved, are not  preventable. Stave Lake Power is undeniably cheaper and more reliable than private plant operation. See us for particulars  and rates.  Western Canada Powbt Corapany,  ' 1 PHais Ujom 4771     603-610 Carter-Cotton Bid*, i j  P. O. BOX I4ia VANCOUVER, B. C.  }**** Hit IM IIIII Ml 11t !���������������  ***** I IU 111111111II111 ***  !: \.  nin-.iiiiii---i ;    ������ "im m  Ik Buffalo Grocery  The House of Improvement  Groceries  Fresh, Best in Quality, Abundant in Quantity  The Kind that Please.  Vegetables,   Provisions,  Eggs  Butter, etc., at Lowest Prices.  Cor. Commercial Drive & 14th Ave.  J. P. SINCLAIR. Prop.   rlME, MmoBt N33I  thousand dollar addition  the coming summer.  He ha* also erected the large new  Board of Trad* and Opera building*,  the Palace livery, and the Courtenay  Oarage work*. Mr. Fechner recently  bought a handsome eight-seated auto  Tro* for the accommodation ot the bote} guestf traveling between Courtenay and Comox. The bu* meet* all  passenger boats at Comox plying between Vancouver, Nanaimo and Comox.  Courtenay la three miles Inland from  Comox, the steamer landing, and gives  dairymen,: etc., are very prosperous,  and every prospect indicates a great  future for Courtenay.  The" rate* at Hotel Riverside are  f 2.50 per day, and special rate* by the  week and month tor local townspeople  and guests spending some time in the  district The room* are nicely fur*  niehed, dean a* a new pin, well ventilated, and very comfortable, and  the cuisine would suit an epicure.  Mr. Fechner 1* constantly demon*  stratlng his faith in Courtenay by hi*  works and the town ha* moved right  ahead since his coming here.  Comox's Leading and First-Class Commercial Hois* Conducted by C. A.  Martin, Proprietor.  In referring to the wonderful resource, and attractions of the Comox  District due mention, must be given  the hotels, for the strangers must first  of all seek accommodation. The Elk  Hotel at Comox Is conducted by Mr.  C. A. Martin, who has operated here  for sometime and leave* no stone unturned to make each and every guest  who crosses the threshold of his establishment feel at home, happy and  contented. The festive board Is something to be desired and the rooms  are well ventilated, nicely furnished  and very comfortable. The large  men's sitting room with the big fine  fire place is more than enjoyed by  the strangers, and travelers. TheBe  wintry days and night*. Here if a  game of pool or billiards Is desired  the proprietor has provided a fine  table for this innocent recreation and  amusement. Personally, Mr. Martin,  Is a genial host with hi* guest* and  make* friend* easily., He, u*es hi*  patron* right and when they' return  again to' the Town camp at th* Elk  Hotel.  Comox and surrounding* U, on  the ever of a "boom" and We predict greater thing* in *tore for The  Valley during the coming year or  two than at any time in tbe past.  Tourists, drummer*, travelers and  bomeseeker* a* well   a*  huntsmen,  will find everything to their liking at  The Elk hotel.  Comox is one of the  prettie*t place* on Vancouver Island  an4 an ideal resort for boating, fi*b  ing, hunting, driving. automoblllng  etc., and there are boat* coming and  going nearly every day of the week,  to come from or return to the elty.  Mr. Martin ha* operated the Elk  Hotel three year* and wa* formerly  in the same line *ometime In the  Alaska country, at ������aw*on. ?Wr-  banks, and Cedar Creek. He was born  in Ireland. ''���������'���������'���������  'try property. He has lands that *ell  from |10 and up per acre, and now  1* the time.  A word should be 'added here on  Mr.- Beadnell'* military career. He  commanded the Royal Welsh fusilier*  at the manoeuvrelng. ground of the  rting's Coronation and was awarded  a medal, one officer in each regiment  receiving one. Mr. Beadnell was  stationed at Davenport; during the  Boer War, and had charge of the  R. W. P. He ha* had wide experience'  along these line* and ihould war break 1  out on the Coait at any ' time Mr.  Beadnell ha* been well schooled In  military tactic*. He take* an active  part In communal affairs in the Comox  district and Is a liberal and progressive "man of affaire" to meet When  you want land give him a call or drop  him a line.  ������---------^-------a--���������i-M.-w ��������� *m*jwwwMk*wm3m*mmM*3mmMmammaM  When you want real nice  cake   iy:-r:;: warn.  Something you will enjoy, call at ^H'.--  DAVIDSON'S BAKEBY���������'*  1126 Commercial  Drive  We Can Please You  Wedding,   Birthday and Party  Cakes made to Order,  Scotch Scones    Shortbread  A. E. McCannell  OONFECtlON&BY  601 BROADWAY, WEST  Corner of A*h  A Ml Uae *f TOBACCOS and CH1AKS  CUT FLOWERS  AND  POT PLANTS  KEELER'S NURSERY ^  Cor l������th Ave. & Main St.  PHONS: Fairmont 817B  ISLAND REALTY COMPANY.  mtn ***..***���������*.*******���������*'  11111   P. Li Andarton, M*nag*r, Courtenay,  Comox District, B. C.  Thl* is a new enterprise at Courtenay, but tt will no doubt, get its share  of business, a* the gentleman managing it is well known and possessed of  marked ability^  Courtenay is on the eve ot a big  "boom, and, we would add, a natural,  substantial, healthy "boom," and we  believe that this coming year will be  tbe best that the Comox District has  ever seen. Therefore the Island Realty Company is starting in just the nick  of time. They handle real estate,  acreage, mines, timber claims and investments. Mr. Anderson is well  known throughout the Comox District, as he wa* born at Comox and  has resided here practically all his  life with the exception of a year or  two at Victoria while attending the  high school, and a couple of year* in  business in that city. He has many  friends and will prove an important  acquisition to the realty interests of  Courtenay. Having lived here all his  life, he knows the country like a book  and hence is particularly well adapted  for this line.    /  Mr. Anderton opened op here the  first of last April. He make* a specialty of acreage in small tracts on tbe  easy-payment plan. Tea and twenty-  acre tract* can be bought from him  at from $40 and up per acre, and  larger tract* pro rata if desired. It  should further be stated here that he  writes fire, life, and accident insurance- policies. He haa a comfortable  home and a nice, handsome office at  Courtenay and will be pleased to meet  or communicate with prospective pat*  ron*.  BATES * HARDY.  Dealers in Town Property and Acre  ���������ge at Courtenay, B. C.  Pew people spend more time boosting for a community than the real estate dealer*. The reason for this may  seem obvious, but this is true whether  they sell or not They study the merits of the country and, therefore, are  efficient bureaus of information on  lands, lands values, opportunities for  investments and bargains in real estate generally. Thl* firm has a large  list of properties to select from, and  among them many genuine bargain*.  Mr. Bates ha* operated in this line  two years and has become quite a bureau of information on the Comox and  Courtenay valley*. He i* also justice  of the peace.  Mr. Bates became a partner with  Mr. Hardy last June, and they make a  splendid commercial team. He formerly operated in the land business in  England.  These gentlemen have fine tracts  H. H-W. SEAONELL-  Courtenay *V Comox, Agent* for the  ... ���������i.:f'ANr^'^y':M'^'. ;''������������������  Our real estate men ������re vitally Interested in the furtbe* development  of the community, for It l������ they who  flr*t profit by the Influx of capital and  settlers. This gentleman 1* to the  fore in thl* buslne** and has complete knowledge of the line, and belong* to the progressive type of realty  operators.  Mr. Beadnell I* a man of the highest character and he ha* implicit con*  fldence ln the growth and development  of the Comox district, pinning hi*  faith firmly to Courtenay.. the coming  city of the district He haa the exclusive agency of the B. 9 N. Railway  land* and al*o handles city and coon-  AND CON^-^I^^V  w> ���������V.wwwBHpr    '.���������-.,9*9 'SJfWfwMJ���������;���������/���������  .v.:  (W-RO-PRA^-THO  is the knowledge of the cause of dl*-  ease and the art of locating an* removing the eau*o by hand.      r ���������  THE: BSAIN is the human dynamo  which generate* human electricity o?  vital energy, and the spinal cord an4  nerve* are the instrument* for con*  veytng thi* force to all organs and/  tissues.  THESB NERVES emanate, on each  side of the spinal cord, through semicircular groove* which are subject to;  ���������train, often. producing pretaur*  upon the nerve*, thu* interfering with  the tran*mt**lon of thl* vital energy.  .THUS TH* SUBLUXATION (flight  displacement) |* the cause of bad effect* or disease at the end of th*  nerve.    -  A CHIROPRACTOR locate* and ad-  gst* (by hand) the displacement with*  the spinal column of the human  body. When an adjustment ������������������ lav .������*���������*>���������..-  erly made/there will be 100' per cent,  frf transmission and 100 per cent of  expression of Ufe, which 1* PERFECT  HEALTH.      ____^  Ernest Snaw,D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic.)  250 22nd Ave. Bast  Consultation Ikoe   from   1:30 to f  dally (Sunday* excepted).  iBm������HBBmiioM*)ii<tniBttmtii>BBitotoi  WWSTHt BROS.  (r,MUfMH ���������  Afullline of Fruits and'Groceries. Scotch Shortbread.  Try our noted Tea* at 85c per lb. ;  SB*Bm>ltOO>l������IB<BBIB*feta*JitlBmBHtlOlBI  II001 * I ** ***** 11II11 H llll   11 HI II M 11 ** 1111111IIM ������f  Cash   Grocery I  Shipment Fresh from England  Chiver's Jams And Assorted Fruits  < ��������� <  ii Ah. PEEK & FREAN'S BISCUITS i!  ���������������    ��������� ��������� r~"���������  ���������������  ;! Cor. 11th Ave. & St. Catharines St.:  PHONE:   Fairmont 1321 f  * n 111111 it i i i a* >o ��������� t h n 14 ii11 n i m ii 11 ii ii n ii n > i"'"i?V?
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Supplied Exclusively In Canada by Th* British 4 Colonial Pre**
,",;"V.V'.V. ;;-'^::"^ :";��������� ���\^^\\.Um!tjii'''';':.:
mServlcj*   K
his English experience had taught hit*
that they should be, beside* which, ae
a matter of fact, he had generally, left
the :unharne8smg to this groom, y-tf
y $��Jot- that >strap, Mr. Anstruther.
Btif before Mrs. Roldfjbould BbO*
him. the .silent figuro7 which bad' Just
takeni thesaddles off the rld^h*|p*��f;
fo;dk: charge, theSWet *tra|i ^irto-d ai(i
if by magic to the cow-boy^* fingers)
ind the beasts were led oft by the In-
A Bad Start
"l am rift-aid that you are a poet.
Miss Clifford."
"What do you m*an, Mr. Anstruther?"
"To be polite to a young lady with!
an imagination. Did you not tell me
when I was tnLarkahlre. that lt��n*ver
rained In British Columbia? Don't
you rememoer how blue your s-ie*.
were when you were six thousand
miles away from them? May I be per
mitted to ask If this Is a fair ���ample
of your Eden?",
The speaker, a tall. Blight man, of
not more than twenty-three,, stood beside an up-country cart, the collar of
hi* waterproof coat turned over his
ears, a wet cigarette ? drooping frt-n
his Up*, *hd an icy ��leet *torm driving
lnto< the tack of. hi* ne��ki |b spite of
hi* endeavors to keep It out.
Every line of his thin. Wett-hreji face
expressed; dls<^mfortil����^ .disgust,
whilst the sraartne** of %itS��t-up emphasised ; the roughness ^F-hls; *ur*
rounding*. The ladles he wa* addressing, In aplte of the disadvantage of *ex,
seemed Infinitely more in their element than be did.
"Does it nver rain in England. Mr.
djan lo some.unseen corr*L
���'; 'Wberehave you '-0tr'Ruddygore?"
Anvtrutttor asked Combe.      ��        . ,,
>T "In the corral with the other*. Why?
Dp yob want him inside?'*   ^       ���':
, On auch a night Anstruther might
have been forgiven" for, thinking tbst
tbe but was none too good for* hie well-
bred hunter.   It certainly .was not u
���truth*rrBpe*ilng for the tir*t tlht*l<S��od a* the loose bor to which ..that
since hi* spar with Combe.   He w**rya|aaMe be��*t had been accustomed.
wet to the bone by tni* time, had lost
���TXT you really think that It 1* any
good tO go on. Mrs. Rolt?" asked An*,
all, confidence in an Aqua Scutum, and
had been down two, or three time*, hi*
big English hunter being ft* much at
s*a in this country as it* rider.
"Do you think that It 1* any good to
���top here, Mr. An*truth��rr"
.The figure only half vlclbl* in th.
darkness ah ad, reined In his hors* snd
waited.' He wa* too far In front to
have' beard, and yet Mrs. Rolt wa*
*frald. Jim'* hearing, like all bl�� faculties, was keen a* that of a w..d
"I don't believe that that fellow
know* a bit where he i*," muttered
Anstruther angrily. ~ V
"I don't suppofe that he doe* exactly, but he will find hi* way it we let
him alone. None of u* could do that in
thi*^arkn--s��^ '������:'\, ���
"You  trust   him wonderfully, Mrs.
Roit.'^'-    -..  ���::,.../���..
-"We^-have known him a long time.
���Haveu?t.we;!vKlttyr '   \ ���;;. v4
But the; - girl had nothing to say.
Perhaps her sympathy and her experience were not at one. Anstruther
growled something under hi* breath,
and the procession moved On again at
a foot'* pace.
Well, your horses seem to have had
"Ye*,  but   we'���'���'.;*drIt  It, though I
never saw anything like this ln that,
much-maligned   country.    I   suppose J ...   , ,A   .       .   _        ���.��������������
this J* what you call a bll**ard." and. wwwh^-of it. if you have not. Mrs
he dug hi? heel Irritably Info: Hv^> ���*��,at J*^' �������:ty ��%
hbrae'srlb* to turn that animal'* qu*r-, oalted ��6olutely at the foot ol an,�����
ten more emphatically upon the amn^ cepttoMlly .teep pltcb^ "Get^ up you
Inr- deluae 1 brute*,!* and; the angry man laid his
At rtlimomeht a man rode up^on a' J*-�� ���avagely scrota the quarter* of
ragged-looking cayu*e. plain  headed, j V��?in_^!_i &!^ _*m
and not too atraight In the ��houIdir.     ** *T>��**&l��?& ���*,5vk   i,--..
but onick and handy a* a cat. Again the whip fell, and the hors?;
^Wsn^nXSat 5e\p^r with backed sotfcat the cart nearly turned
a scarcely concealed sneer' upon his ov*r-
hut Anstruther saw that there w*�� no
help, for It  Ruddygore would have.
tat��\hl* chance with the re*L
"J-WoMi what can I do to help?"v
"You don't have to do anything.
Jvjat make yourself pleaaant to tb*
ladies.  I'll be through in a minute."
"You might cut some wood for us,
Mr*t Anstruther." called Kitty from the
eVOrway. '"I should love a great rowing fire. I am Just perished, aren't
,yoUrlJary^"-';   --������ A   .:���.:;':
Anstruther picked up the axe a little
doubtfully, and looked' hopelessly
around fOr ���omethlng to chop.
:1^ty:mck.^wa*jr;ai��*e' ttth#tf fclejji^
���nd.; make ^them. goo^nnd^clein^plf^tmmml
ed ':out^todi"tb*^lhdliui;"hW?c^^
5off :the;*rocke^^Mr*VB6Wvidre^        f^^asm^m^
:tf r.roun* ;th<flr^ ^'haSl;fiadJ^#|^��^|
pt��.\��VFi*wrj*�� ?iy:yAmm&M
ped for ft little while, and uo wia*
touched tbem under-the fly
had rigged up on the
hut.   With a good be
on the ground, "and a gjreat
AH theii*a*^^9^iha*iWM
^you all th* benefit of tht; ^-"^^ *���^
������'"That interior made a pretty,.    ���,     .,....w^^f^..,,.^-i,
it tbe drear ���*hd::ii>M��^uu|Jjpi^
In which ther j were nothing but gr*y
shadows andr silenoe, tb* rudd]
of throwing out the
flgOm of th> woman, and ths n
prone at their f*s^-n^at��**1ri|a��w^^
Hanusome *s ^fmi^m^m^m^^^g^
byafewyear��of h*ppytaan>M*V*.*��
waa no wontfar that th*
passed her pun profile to
bonny Kitty Clifford. Even
man, who conkvd for the raaebo,
���hipped her. She had been
by everyone all her small,
,;' from the crimson Task
which she had unearthe*
aaddl* bag*, to h*r  gdeai���_., ��� ^~-.M,,. ���^,^r.<,,��� -.
boot*, she was s* dainty �� Utti appl*    '^^SpSi
Cabintt Maklaf t*^ r>nMi��v�� ifttf alriat a S>��cl��ltr.
'���y   k������' Xsx&t >^MOTri^nt'-'cC cheap
Bureaus, .:1%Me*vC5i^
i028 CornmcrciayOr.     Vfincoiiver
***V***4**V*4*h4H*4***if ****
����� Eggs an<)
pror j
Several varieties.
New arrivals of Fresh
Eggs from Egg-Land
For Prices of Fowls and Eggs
!7lOGrant St.  I637 Victoria Or.
********* iUliiimiMi ii i-: nil i ilium tun mini
weather-stained face.
"It's   no  good  ��uying here, Mr*.
Rolt," he said to tbe girl'* companion.
''This won't let up before dark, and.
It's going to turn cold.  Shouldn't won-1
der If we got the blitxard that gentleman talks about." ^ ���
"HOw tar iii. Itito^Brown's, JUnf .^
��� i*Can't; *ay   exactly.   Pretty Web4
��ny*"werAre^fffthe^traiKa I gueu b**
ifb^yy:.y.y:y:.y::yyx:x -^ xxx       ������,-
been tonowiug?"
"Stop that. Mr. Anstruther."        .
" There was an angry ring in the lady'*
voice, but he was too savage to notice
If.". ���:-/?;. :=���,������':��������� i.v-^-;:;:-'��������� ��� :-"'���'-'-���-;-
"Pardon tee. MI��* Kitty and yourself cannot stay here all night The
brute* must b.' mad* to go,' 'and dismounting, he proceeded to make them;
But h��:was hardly on h<�� feet sooner
than Mrs. Rolt waa out of the cart,
and as his hand rose with the whip to
"there *re *ome pine* in that last
gully we passed through," suggested
Mrs. Rolt.       : :V, -.���,���.;..--^..v
Through the dark and not 4-lte certain of his direction, tbe unhappy, tehee
tchaco (tenderfoot) *pla*n*d hi* way,
and once in the gully put hi* back into
the work. It was not hU fault that the
axe never bit twice in the same Place;
It wa* to hi* credit-that he kept on
hammering, untftli*1!^ a green piae,
seven or eight: inche* inv di*4neter,
yielded to Ws^s^raWfe^.-^.-'?-.^
With lnflnfre toll he trimmed tt, cut
It into length*. *nd then packed it
b*xk in three trtps to the cabin.
.Jim had b?en waiting for the last
two trips, and a* soon a* Anstruther
Sut his axe, down;- he tootoit 'up and
Isappeared for five minutei*, Jbringing
back * huge burnt "stick" on hU shoulder, -y^y''
.There was rather more wood in that
burnt "stick" than Anstruther bad
brought (n hi* three trip*.
With half a doxen deft strokes the
cowboy cut two *hort length* from
Anstrutber's green pine, for fire-dog*,
tossed aU the rest of that genttemut'*
hard-earned load* out Of the ' way,
chopped, split, and kindled hi* own
dry ,log, hung the billy on an lm-nro-
vi*ed gaJlows, and l>egan to cut the
. It wa* ail so; simple *Ad *o crukkly
��� done' when' you ikjssjrliow. tosdfi^ibut,
It w��* ennoytngr to Jbave worked for
I of discord a* ever: foil betWeeu two
(Continued N*jtt Wmk.)
P*H(* *nd the Park SoartL
It Is most pleasing to see how
ter-of-fact the Council *��A ti*
Board have been la their
looking to a better *y*tem of
city.   One bc4y can do bettor than
two:or:thi^:.ttMle*"m^*u^ '*
l*to' the':Fajlt:'?Commb3Mim^
seemed to;,bAve*"*^r*^'oir>.t^
tion as not heretofore. But one causa
for tht* Important change; bj|;^ nvpi
that the City Counclla havtT grown In
wisdom ���� the year* have advanced.
And their exjfterienoe I* now bearlaf
fritit.    x.'--':' f[y.^x^y\"4 rr'-^'"^
��� y^$xxx<<m->s
iiiln/ertlMiMdw.    B_ri*tf*r*
,    held a* firmly byr thoke thin white rPf^itoHia^
m-watering trWli **utogl* ^ m*MJMWm.
These are my horses, and I'll m*n��ge
thetn jmyself;   Go on and ask Jim to
the tracks *U break up different war*
��� hit farther on."
The month was early October And
in October the weather may be nertect wait f^n*,^ Ktty and I can do with
upon the!wtt��***'--c��^v-li>^ .. ....
may not  There 1* a wblaper alway*,*     An*^utb-r. rai��e4 hi* bat with
sometimes a threat ��� <f winter in tb i
nir. JEven in summer, In spite ^f tb*
glorious sunshine, you cannot quite forget that winter reign* here at least
halt the year
That morning, the long undulating
upland- bad been stretches of sunlit
purple, royal in coloring, boundless In
extent, with fair brolderlea' of pu;
gold where the cottonwood* shed their
leave* In the little wet gullies; now,
In the grey of coming night, these upland* were wild, colorless and desolate
as a stormy sea. void and without
muttered'apology, and did as.he was
bid, wishing'biroeelf back in England
and pretty Mr*. Rolt at tbe devil.
What he naked hltnself, did women
want in such a;country? However, unless be was;very much mistaken, she
would :be obliged to call him-back, to
those horses before he had gone very
far. Such ill bred brutes cou'd not be
made to understand anything but the
whip. But Mr. Frank Anstruther was
very much mistaken. Polly Rolt was
not only a superb horsewoman���as
good with.cattle, her husband boasted,
as any, cow-boy���but she -loved tbem
It was a dreary outlook for the two (and   understood   them;    understood
women In an open rig, drawn by two
utterly worn out horse*, but It was Mr.
Anstruther who resented it.
"Do you mean to ��ay, Combe, that
you don't know where we are?" he
asked impatiently.  L
,rwe ain't In England, Mr. Anstruther, and we forgot to order milestone*
torted the other, bt* color rising.
"No, we're not in England." Mrs.
Rolt put in hastily, "we are In Jim's
dwn country, and if we are off the
trail for a moment. It does not matter
�� little hit-  Which way, Jim?"
tbem because she loved them. 8o she
stood there in the deep mud and driving hail, passing her fine, soft hands
over thewea'ed flanks until some thrill
of her gentle nature had *6otbed the
poor beasts./
Then   she  stroked their drooping
ears, and took the mare's muxsle I::*.*
When we '-eard you were coming." re-^ her arms, putting her face down be
side the beast's, and talking tender
nonsense which beasts understand.
"Drop tbe reins altogether. Dick."
she commanded. "Now, old boy, come
along, come on lassie, up there, up!"
j and with her hand on tbe mare's neck
Jim's face relaxed at once. Like a she led the way up the steep bank, tbe
high-spirited horse he flinched *t the. horses going, wltb her where no whip
least touch ot the curb, but the right���< could have driven them,
hand* of hi* Bo**'* wife could do what i From tbe top of the bank a tiny
they liked with Jim Combe, the tore- speck of light showed ahead Is tbe
man of tbe Risky Rancbe. {driven gloom.
"I'm afraid .we can't make camp to-1    "Jim ha* camped. I. think."
night where: we meant to.   I got fooled '    "Just in time to save my life." ��ald
by the we��tber myself.   Didn't cclcu- a desolate voW from the box seat.
late on a rainstorm before morning,
nor on Its turning so plaguey dark,
but I know, you won't whine if you do
get wet. You can't bunt and keep dry
all the time. If you let '.he Indian drive
and follow me, 1*11, to Riley's
cow camp in no time. It's rough shelter and bad going, but it's better than
this." and he shook his br.��,e and
moved on ahead of the cart.
"Do you mind very much, Kitty:'"
Mrs. Rolt asked her friend.    .
"Not s bit. dear, if you can keep the
peace between those two. They're just
spoiling for a row. What a vile temper Jim ��� has " developed since I went
back to the Old Country. It's not like
Mrs.  Rolt smiled   mysteriously  behind  the folds of her hood, but she j water logged
spoke, only to tbe horses.
"Get up, mare. Keep close to Jim.
He can see through anything."
Kitty looked a question, but Mrs.
Rolfs face was so innocent of any
asriere pensee that th* girl said nothing, but Just cuddled down into her
wraps to endure, as well as might be,
the  long and dreary drive over un*
1 say. Mary���'
"Let Mr. Anstruther down ffteily.
You were pretty hard on 'w~i."
"Not half as hard on turn an he was
on poor Bees," snapped the oilier.
"! know. d;ar. but he Is in a strange
country, and things are not gohj weu
for him.   He isn't a muff, really, and
m.n she *i.ld,;*yon a** ** ��**
hear.- Why dldnt yon rteW Mr, An-
et'.utber what kind of atlck* to cat?"
Jim grinned. "I gue**ed he'd have
known that much"
"How should he? He bat not b*4 to
chop wood before."
"You don't say! Is it all coal over
:there?"   .   '-:-,""' ������! ���   '
Mrs. Rolt ignored the question.
"You play fair, Jim.   You've got to
show Mr. Anstruther how to do tbipg*. 1 s
If you don't* I'll go home.
"Right away?"
"Yes. right away."
"Stop and have it* dinner first," he \
said, with impudent coaxing, and
handed ber a dish of bacon, the rash-
era cut as thin and as duintlly toasted
a* If they bad been prepared by a
professional cook.
"Won't you have aome. Mlsa Clifford?"
Too the younger woman hi* manner
wa* deferential. If not. nervous, and,
seeing her advantage, womanlike, M'*i
Kitty looked at tbe bacon and siriTed.
"It's too greasy, Jim:, I wonder tf
you would toast some of its lit le
more for me, Mr. Anstruther?"
frank hurried to obey her, but the
fire had been knocked together to
make a blase, and the little flame*
which shot out, burned bis fingers and
smoked tbe bacon, but would not toast
"Half a shake, partner. Let me fix
that fire for you.   Now go aheid."
A couple of touches In the right place
from Jim's toe bad created a glowing
hollow, over which -the bacon curled
and aixsled merrily, but again it waa
Jim's doing and not Prank's, to that
Kitty's pretty brow was bent, and
though she laughed, there waa a strong
under-current of annoyance In her
laugh when Mr*. Rolt began Innocently
to hum that popular American air���
"You ain't no good.
You c'aint cut wood.
Just kiss yourself gooi-bye."
The slight upward curl at the corners of Jim's mouth did not mend matters. He knew the air, though Anstruther did not.
Now, I'm going to be lasy and bar*
Th��t -Mt U Sctyrttp;   c*ert-r
f��c-��i Cctvlce ?��ii��iM>-
yet everything ha. gone wrong for btan I. good tlme,.? de^red M~f 5^-J.J
Wh-i Polly Rolt answered, only the itfn* ,w*y 1,cr D,��rt'  "l know ttat w��-
broken prairie, into and out of ravines, "���mends, leaning a trifle more than was
which by daylight would have seemed
to English people impossible for any
wheeled vehicle.
However, ranche horses and ranche
rigs are used to such work, and the
Rolfs pair scrambled safely through
the ravines, though the cart swayed at
perilous angles sometimes, and the
water slopped.about on the floor of the
cart making it tmpcssible to keep the
feet dry.
After an hour of this the horses began to balk badly, and tbe cold Increased, so that what bad been sieet
winds know, but her face cleared
she drew up at the little log cabin, beside which stood two dripping horses.
"I made it. you see, Mr. Anstrvther,""
she called in the slang of tbe West,
"so I will forgive you. Now come and
help us out of the cart. Kitty is too
to move without assistance." ���>
Anstruther hurried to the cart, and
putting bis waterproof, over tbe wheel,
helped Mrs. Rolt daintily to the
ground, as if her skirt had not been
one half alkali mud already.
But she tried not to laugh, and pretty
Kitty, ber face flushed rose pink, and
her eyes bright with the weather, made
First-class Bcpai��'ng a Specialty
Boots and Shoes nude to order.
P. PARIS, Pnorv
Also Corner of Sth Avenue
ttigli Class Confectionery
ftBKAn. CAKES and PASm"
���-���-----������'���---^.-������-J-A.*5cwd-IJ-M.-J9f:=;.i;L-:' _^ '
Cor Ninth Ave. and. Quebec St.
Sunday  services���Public worahls at
a. m. and 7:0* p.m.   Sunday School
Vltklc C(��h�� at 2:JO p.m.
Rev . J. B. WootlsldSi M.A., f-vter. :
17* Broadway. W. Tele. Fairmont 3II*K
Cor. Tenth Ave. and Quebec tit
S, Everton. B.A., Pastor
���SO 13th Ave. E.
Preaching Service*���11 a.m.    and    *:������
p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.   ..
Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St.
Service*���Preaching at 11 a.m. and ?:}���
p.m.   SiirnUy School at 2:39 p.m.
Rev . P. Clifton Parker, M.A.. Pautor.
11th Ave w.-
perhaps absolutely  necessary on the
supporting arm and whispering:
"Never mind Polly. She doesn't
mean it, but the Boss himself dare
not flog the horses when she ia near."
Two Stages of Development
When Anstruther had taken the
ladies baggage into the cabin, a miner-
able log but with a mud roof adorned
by a few antlers, he turned to unharness the horses.
��--. ***.�����** "-e * b- ��'_yjW_ri_3^-_T-2i
ting away her plate.
Imen ought to wash up���'
j    -I'll do that, Mrs. Rolt."
i    "No,   you   won't, neither will you,
Jim.  Just put that p?ate down instant-:
ly.    I know your idea of washing up. '.
Do you know, Mr. Anstruther, when he
; batched, lived alone, I mean, Jim had j
j' more crockery than all    tbe   other |
ranchers in tbe neighborhood put to- {
' getber. Fifty plates I think he had. I
.Kitty counted tbem cine day when she j
' waa in short frocks, and we never I
; knew what he wanted so many for j
: until that poor yonng Webster took bis I
��� shsck   for   a   winter shoot.   Then
found out.   Shall I tell, Jim?"
i    "Makes no odds," laughed Jim, "so
long as you ain't what Mr. Aostruther
calls too poetic."
i "Kitty knows It's true, and you
daren't contradict her. When we went
to see how Mr. Webster was getting
along, we found him eating his food
off the kitchen table."
:    "Good place, too," chuckled Jim.
1    "'Hadn't   Jim   left  any  plates  fo?
you?' we asked.
"'Fifty-three, Mrs. Rolt; that's the
. trouble. I've not had pluck encugh to
tackle them yet.   Come, and I'll i..v,w
' you.' and he took us to a pile as high
as that, all dirty on both sides.
!    "Jim had bad a clean side fo? one
' hundred and six meals.   After that he
I let the house and the crockery.   Here,
Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario.
Services���Preaching:  at   11   a.m. and  at
7:00 p.m.    Sunday   School    and   Bible
Clas* at 2:30 p.m. _
Rev.  W.  Lashley  Hall. B.A.B.D.. Paator
Parsonage, 123 lllh Ave. W. Tele. Fairmont 1449.
Trinftv Methodise Church. Seven -
Ave. K..' between Park Drive end Victoria Drive. Pnslor. Rev. A. M. Sanford.
B.A.. R.IX Public Worship. Sunday, -i
11 am. and 7 p.nrs. Sabbath School at
S:I6 a.m. during summer month*. Midweek rally on  Wednesday at 8 p m.
Cor.   Broadway   and   Prince   Edward   St.
Service =���MorninK Prayer at 11 a.m.
Sunday School and Bible elasa at 2.J0
Evenins Prayer at 7:30 p.m.
Holy Communion every Sunday at S a.m
and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11  am
, . Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector
��   Rcctorv, Cor.   Sth   Ave.   and   Prince Edward  St. Tele.  Fairmont 406-1.
xuLttcb dat sutorTtk
2322 Stott Street T~
Services - Even' Sund��y evenir-"��t 7i"*foVIoe3t.
Sti"d���� S>hnol af 8:30 o'clock. 1* �����
I. McMullen.  Elder.
ursKPxam-isnr obdeb. or odd-
Meets    every    Tuesday    at   8   p.m.   in
I.O.O.F.   hall.     Westminster     Ave.,   Mt
Pleasant.    Soonming   brethren   cordially
invited to attend.
J. C. Davw. K. G., 1231 Homer Street
J. Madden. V. G.. 2616 Main Street
Tho��t. S*wril. Re��. S��c., 4S1 i tvtnth A��e. E.
MT.  PLEASANT L. O. L. SO. 18*Z.
3��eets-   the   1st   and   3rd T mrsdays?  of
each month at 8 p.m. In the K. ot P. hall.
AJ1 visiting brethren cordially welcome.
H. Birmingham. W.M., 477 7th Ave E
C. M. Hone*. Sec, 393 10th Ave.  E. ,   - <.  -&���������  ,    Y  v  ,. - ���������       , /"���������>  * >  ti  THE WESTERN CALL.  ,  t Ml/  *'\  The "B. 5. A." and  "Hudge-Whitworth"  Represent the very best value in  hnglish made Wheels���������that mean*  the best in the "world.- ���������"���������'"���������������������������  Strength, Durability  and'  Smart Appearance  These are characteristic of these  machine*.  TISDALLS LIMITED  (Successors to Cha*. J&TljsSall) '  618-620 HastlngsSt. W.  ��������� ������������������* I1 i ****4+*******.~******1r*'' > y'-f '.���������***** I 114 ** ****** 1 ***  \ Broken Your Glasses  Bring them straight to  our repair shop. We can  replace a broken lens on 24  hours notice and sometimes  in shorter time than that  Don't forget the pieces; we  need them to make an exact  duplicate from them. You  can depend on all repairs being done accurately and  promptly*  Geo, G. 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A fine Totem  pole will stand at* the entrance to the  Library, and a number of Indian,  Curiosities and pieces of sculpture  will adorn the room.  , y  1 /;<.  According to Councillor Third, it ifl  very probable that tbe Municipal  Council will not object fo sharing half  the cost of paving Main street from  the boundary of Sixteenth avenue to  Twenty-fifth avenue should the pity,  decide to undertake the work/ A  sewer would first have to be- laid, and  he see* no reason why the* municipal'  ity should not Join with the city in  the scheme. X   .  The will known branch of the Woman'* Bakery and Confectionery,  which has been conducted by Mr. R.  Cousin* for the past two y*nr������ at  455 Broadway West, ^ has been taken  over by Mr. C. A. Barber. Mr. Barber  i* a practical man of long experience, and. I* fully capable of oon-  icting the high class business which  he bus taken over.  QWCLAHQ 0WQU9  Jtjpfltt; OPRRY PROS., 6M ?1*stf������g* S%* ������*���������������  ~      ���������' jt*mm* *m ������vwu**v*jm a ������?&*j*vn < ���������  UTIWTY   POARP  sjitita far m  It U Waterproof,  ,~U*}14, and may be  used on tbe Walla,  panelled or papered,  without tbe riik of  apllttlntat tbe joints,:  and bring moderate  ia price iaall that can  be dealred for finishing the Interior wall*  and celling* of Bungalow or'M_u*lon.  Sanpbjs and Prtcei  from the Agent.  Pender Street  (ion* Sey. 3394  Health Inspector Pengelly his submitted to the Board of Health hi*  monthly report on the health of th*  Municipality.' Tbere^ere at present  to ca*e* of Measles* 8 case* of Chicken Pox, 2 case* of Scarlatina, and  .1 cane of Piphtheria on the book*,  .' The number of complaint* and re>  guests for investigation received w*������  170. Two prosecution* were made  for violation of the health hill. Mr.  'James McOeef, who wa* fined $20 and  ������o*U for falling to keep his premise"  Ip a sanitary condition, announce* hi*  Intention of appealing the case. The,  board ha* decided to defend the Magistrate'* decision.  hibltion to promote the "Made in Canada" idea in Western Canada, ���������  The exhlbtlon will take the form,  of a special, train, which' wilt be operated over the lines of the C. P. R. in  Western - Canada from May 15th to  July 1st, next. The train, will make  stops of from one hour to" thirty-six  hours at .about one hundred cities  and towns west of the great lakes.  RESIGNATION OF f  CAPTAIN ALMA8.  General regret is being expressed at'  Collingwood and the vicinity: over the  announcemntof the retirement of  Capt. Almas, of No. 1 Fire hall-. Mr.  Almas, who has been a resident in  tne. municipality for the past seven  years, was mainly responsible for the  organization of the brigade in Collingwood.  A grand concert will be given by  the Comet Club of Mt. Pleaaant Presbyterian Church in the I. O. O. F. Hall  on Tuefdar, March 19th, at 8:00 p.m,  Full orchestra,in  attendance.  A large shipment of Japanese and  Chinese good* has recently arrived In  the city,direct from the factorje* for  Messr������ R.'cfainlns & Co., the well  known ?*$te^nd'-. fancy good* dealers,  of 252 Brtfdway West. Mr> Gaining  has spent -Vany years ln China and  Japan, and Is, acknowledged to tie one  of the foremost authorities on the  choice of the Reason's wear, in the  city. In choosing goods for Spring  wear he evidently bad an eya to the  requirement* of, Vancouver peopfe  and therefore tho*e������who require silk  or fancy good* cannot do better than  visit,. Messrs. R. 'Gaining and Co/s  Store,  252  Broadway West  ,     ���������        -|��������� m    V*     -��������� ������������������������������������    i    ���������'���������  MR. BORDEN'S SPEECH  (Continued from Paa* 1)  parliament ot Canada, and, therefore,  recommend* ihaf:���������  1. The goveralment oil Tour-Royal.  Highness be authorlted to transfer to  the government of Ontario or to *vin|n:  later of that government or to a com  Moposeo MEW CAR UNC������.  The Board of Trade committee on  tramway* met the South Vancouver  work* committee recently and submitted to that body the following pro-'mlle upoa the eatt p|4e 0f the said  posals for *ubmi*������lon to .the B.  quired by the government of the proy  luce of Ontario on behalf of the; prov  tnce, in *o far as the land* hereinafter  mentioned or described shall he vented  ill His Majesty In the right of the Dominion. /  ' (a) A parcel of land of * uniform  width of fly* miles commeooin* at a  point to betleiermlued br the fOTem  m^nt of Ontario on the proposed ea*t-  ern boundary of Manitoba, within fifty  mile* of the point of intersection of  the said boundary with the ahore line  of Hudson bar. and extending from  the-said proposed eaatern boundary of  Manitoba to the Nelson river, but  so that no portion of the said parcel  of land shall be more than fifty miles  in a direct line from the shore of Hudson bay; alfto sucfe further parcels of  land not exceeding to wldtfe ope-half  and Hudson bay shall not exceed ten  miles. ���������     ' A " ' -  (b) If the terminu* of the Hudson*  Bay railway be established e>t Port  Churchill, and' |f' the government ot  Ontario prefer fc&lnake Fort Churchill  the terminus of their said railway, a  right of way two hundred feet in  width- from any point on the Nelson  river to the nearest available point on  the Hudson Bay railway, so that the  provincial railway may connect with  the Hudson Bay railway at that point.  Your Royal Highness''government In  that event agreeing for running powers over the Hudson Bay railway,.  2. Your Royal Highness', govern-^  ment undertake In the event of the  extension of the said provincial railway beyond the limit* of Ontario, to  promote such legislation a* may', be  necessary within the powers .of-.the  parliament ot Canada, to authorise  such extension and the construction,  maintenance and operation of the railway within the province of Manitoba,  with powers Jt%5con������truct> and operate  telegraph and .telephone line*, docks,  elevators or other structures of every  kind, to develop and operate water-  powers, and generally to do all thing*  necessary or convenient for-the operation of the said railway.  3. A period of five years be allowed  to the government of Ontario'within  which to select and designate the said  lands intended to be transferred as  aforesaid, and to notify the location  thereof to Your Royal Highnesb' government, and that thl* order' shall  cease to be effective if auch location  be not made and duly notified within  the said period,    ,  The Prime Minister^ further recommend* that. If the government l**V Ontario assent to the foregoing recommendation the necessary l*#������ty-kNB.  for the purpose ot cnrrytng them into  effect shall be mbttitted to parlla-nent  aa soon as practfceAl* thereafter.  The committee, concurring herefn>  submit the aamefor approval.  (8gd.)   RODOLPHE BOUDR������AU,;  ������jClerk of the Privy "Council.  I might-say In addition, that.I understand that an arrangement ha*  mission a* may bo authorlaed or re-; ^a ^^^ between the government  ufi      *%  Your Own  WE HAVE 6 HOUSES LISTED IE  low that we can deliver subject to  the first deposit. Look them overt  then see us.  No. 1  House  West.  NO. 315.-17TH AVINUt  6 rooms, furnace, flrepiM*,;'  panelled hall and dining room, hath  and toilet separate, open balcony at  back on second floor, full lot. Stall?  to lane. Our price to sell quick la,  only 95260 and terms ot IW* cash,  and the balance S100 every S mot  and interest at 7%.  _4_^ : , .  No. 2  c.  Electric Railway Company:       '  ^  A car line extension on Victoria  road and Fraser avenue to the River  in both Instance*.  A car line on Ferrl* Road, from  Fraser Avenue to Boundary road.  : The extension of the Westminster  lines as far as possible.  > *** ** ** 1 ********** ft ****** **** *!' ��������� I * 1 ��������� ***** **** ******  Our Opinion on the  Ranffe Question  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  best merchandise inTour line. 4  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market   In our opinion  DCNpx>ort_rin i  "*r  I  Tiie^ew  is the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it If there was a better range made, we would  advise you to buy it   Will  you not come and see it?, We  are sure we can convince you  inside of five minutes that what  we say about the South Bend Malleable is true.  SURNASV POLICE 'PHONC*.  ' In accordance with the recommendation made to the Burnaby Council by Chief of Police Parkinson some  time ago. tender* are being called tor  the installation ot a telephone system  for the use of the Police. Altogether  15 telephone station* are to be provided. The������e will be allocated a* follow*:  At Barnet���������-Pole Line and Barnet  roads, Ingleton avenue an* Hastings  street east. Douglas road'* and the  British Electric Railway Company's  tracks, Pole line road and the Oreat  .Northern tracks. Cariboo and. Gunn  road*, Clark and North roads, known  1 "The Fork*. At Bdmond���������������Royal  Oak and Vancouver road*, Inmann  avenue and Vancouver road,. South  and River roads, Eighth street and  JRrst avenue, Cumberland road and  foiW avenue, and at the junction of  tbe^Pole. Line and .Douglas road*.  river extending up river or along the  ���������bore of Hudson bay a* may be nece**,  ���������ary to entitle the province to a continuous .water front of ten mile*, upon  the Nelson river and Hudson bay, including the water front which will He  within the parcel Ave mile* ln width  Jus* hereinbefore mentioned or described with euch right, Interest or  easement ln the river bed upon the  eastern side and ttie foreshore contiguous to the land so to be transferred,  as may be necessary or reaaonably required for the erection, maintenance  and operation of dock*, elevator*, or  other strueture* for the purpose'of the  said railway, provided, however, that  the total combined frontage of the said  two parcels of land upon Nelson river  of Ontario and the government of  Manitoba that if the raUway flmll be  conttructed aloig the limit which It  i* propose*) to transfer to th* province  of Ontario, tor that jrarpo**, the province of Manitoba wW agree, to ex  empt the rafewtjr and Btructure* connected; with ft from provincial^ tax*  ���������tion. Thl* land will, of course, he  within the province ot Manitoba anf  will be suWect to the provincial legislation; but, so far a* ownership Is  concerned, It will be In some corporation,' public body or minister gev  lected by the province of Ontario.  And, *o far as,we undefttMbVthere  i������ no constitutional di#Nlty In bring*  ing that about, -Inasmuch .$]��������� it 1*  competent for th* province of Ontario  to own land In the province' of Manitoba or any other, province of.(ihe f)o-  mlnion, ju*t a* it would ^"ior 'Ontario to own land d*r building* Jmt the  city of London or any part ot^th*  United Kingdbm., Under the arraMeV  ment which it made it will be entirW  competent for the'province of Ontario,  should the government ot that pro:  vince see fit to do *o, to extend the  Temtskamlng and Northern Ontario  railway to the shores of Hudson bar  And in doing will have tbe cooperation oi tbU goverament, and not  only of this government but, also of  the government of Manitoba, because  the government of that provinc* realises .that th*. exten*lon of a great  railway like that to the shore of Hudson hay would be eminentlF In the-  interest) not only of the prdvlnce dt  Ontario but of the province of Manitoba as welL -  HOUSE NO. I7������^-iaTH AVS. WSfT,  , S8xi27,ft.(o^ 7 room* and an **od*?������  oontenleaeea; furnace. We can 4e>  / Uver thl* home for *W0O, only fSff  ���������wH    WAaif    M*>w    Wtwrpw    *%/*** m^Ww*   *F^V  month Including lnt*re*t  t*t ttti*  home without 4*1*7-  No. 3  *my$9.f& AVS. W., fffAfT QUSiSC  St,* room*, buafajaw style, turnace,  beveUed plate *n4" colored #***  ' doors, eltctrle flx^tr*s, *ft conrplet^  our price jmly f 41*07 only two caab  and the halanea ^s.00 per mo.vand  int*re*t  >*  J������i'-4  HOV** ON  COgNCR 1STH 9H9  John 8t.,% rooms, furnace^ flraplac*.  panelled hall and dining room* olae-  trie light fixture*, good high lot1 and  corner; *old for |4800; you can have  it now for f4W0. ������600 cash andj the  balance f 46 per nlo., including Inter-  e*t        '������������������;>;:������������������.  ~T5  53=  'j&  ************* 18 3 1 It t i I M������   *t ************ I* *******.* *\'  i;. x ������������������' ���������''���������������������������-���������  sJi____S___|MI  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street - Phone Fairmont 447  \m****t*t*t***t*************l*%*******l***********l*}<  SCHOOL EXPENDITURE.  At the meeting of the South Vancouver School Board, a total expenditure of $505,000 was arranged for,  consisting of $149,000 for new sites',  $10,000 for contingencies, $5,000 for  fencing, $10,000 for clearing and grading, $12,000 for equipment, to which  is added $315,000 for the seven brick  schools and additions and $4,000 for  two 2-room schools, paaking a total  of $505,000. From this is deducted the  special grant of $75,000, leaving a  total amount of $430,000 to be provided for by tbe by-law.  .The school atendance report  January show* a total of 3,122  81 divisions.  No. 5  HOUSE NEXT TO THE ASOVE SIM  liar to abov* in every way. Prlc*  only $4200, $400 each, balance $40 per  month, Including interest  Which is raised by lowering (the handle of the  kettle... This does away  with the danger of getting scalded when filling  the kettle.    The lid is made^f cast alumiwim and the body ;  of the kettle is cast in'one solid piece of aluminum showing *  those square edges, which, with its highly polished finish,  makes it have a beautiful apppearance.      These kettles are  not affected by overheating and will last a lifetime and  retain their finish, v We are selling great numbers of these.  You can get one now while our stock is new.  EXHIBITION ON   WHEELS.  Tbe Canadian Home Market Association   oi   Montreal- and    Toronto,  have adopted a national traveling ex-  The tecrambie Hardware Co. ud.  '��������� ^-3'.-:;-"^������  PHONE:  Sey. 30O5  *****t 1 ii 111111111*** H M*  781 GRANVILLE ST.-: \  WH-H<n<iniitmmii  No. 6  A  HOUSE ON  50 FT.  LQT  ON   17TH  Ave. near Martha St, 6 room*, modern, only 1 block to car*, end a good  buy at $4500, easy terms. *  .*>  & CO.  2343 Main Sinxt  Phone:   Fairmont  497


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