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 K.&-;  iu>;  Published in the Interests of Vancouver and the Western People  VOLUME III  H; H. StevbnsV M.P.. EDiTOit-in-Chief  VAN���������OUVER, British Columbia, FEBJEtUARV-2. M������  &������  '#MMli  w������������^������M^mm  m  a'- ���������'  f  K  )\.  F"  ?'  NOTES OF THE WEST  [<*,  ��������� t  *  "What do they know of England, who only  England know," must now be made to read:  "What do they know of Canada, who only Ontario  know.!" The churlish, short-sighted attitude  over the Oriental question exhibited by the Toronto'professor shows a narrow, non-enquiring mind  that speaks not well for his professorship. This  whole Oriental question is being treated far' too  to' lightly of by Canadians at> large. We must .make  h British Columbia a white man's country and set  V about it in no uncertain spirit; and here I must  l\: "offer a sharp rebuke to the Canadian youth���������  who need a spanking; anyway one is due them  for their lack of "sand," whieh is the onjy term  1 can use to express the apathy they exhibit towards most public matters. >*  They seem to think there are no dollars in  such questions and act. with a supinessthat is  lamentable and very surprising to the British  born, who take their "high polities" quite seriously. Wake up, young Canada and do your  duty now, lest sfome little race of brown men do  ithe "waking up" for you!      ;    ���������  -Can any one tell me, for example, why the  <3. P. R. condescends to employ Jap bell-hops at  the leading hotels? These almond-eyed sons of  the East may be a trifle cheaper, but picturesque  or efficient they are hot. Ask for any information, try and give them an intelligent message,  land me no understan' is about the usual reply.  If the mighty C. P. R, must employ Japs, and I do  not see why, they might at least see that they  pass some sort of examination of intelligence in  our mother tongue. ���������  The appointment of Mr. F. P. Guteliu^, chief  engineer of the C. P. ,R., upon the inquiry into G.  T. P. and Transcontinental' will be acclaimed in  railway engineering circles where Mr. Gutelius is  [V well known as a fearless critic^ and by that is  meant one who will award praise or blame, in  ������qual measure where each is due.  He is thoroughly, practical, having worked  his way from rodman, assistant engineer, general  superintendent to chief engineer?  He succeeded  Mk F; p. Brady, now on the Intercolonial man-  \ agement.  As. general superintendent of the Lake  Superior division, and with headquarters at North  k Bay, millions were spent on the division whilst  1 F- P. GuJeliUs Was in charge, and it is due to hi*  ..' engineering skiU that the road in that division is  i<������ such first-class shape.   Majo>^Hodgson may  now get a hearing of what went on under the  Laurier graft���������the biggest steal in Canadian his-.  , tory will now see the light of day.  Can anyone tell roe what's wrong with the  . Vancouver Post Office that so many incoming letters are noi now stamped with the date of delivery. I understood.it was a strict postal regulation that this date stamp be affixed. How can  one trace deliveries else?  J am rebuked in some quarters for taking  the C. N. R. to task so sharply. IV was Mackenzie & Mann, and I see William Mackenzie came  away from Victoria without the Peace River  Railway in bis pocket. ���������''  *  Now this-must be a Vancouver, or rather a  British Columbia Railway, and any connection  ,   with M. & M. will only queer the deal in the  London niarkets, and is the one thing to he  avoided at all costs.  Your correspondent I. D. Vosper's interesting letter in last week's Western Call gave some  useful information, and it is worthy of note that  Old Country growers are beginning to take up  the planting of the better varieties of fruits, apples, etc. The value of the Jersey potato crop  over $20,000, is also amazing off this small strip  of island 6 miles by 12, a great portion of which is  a rocky barren waste.  It shows what can be done in British Columbia once we open up the land and get the right"  class of settlers. The government has undoubt-  . edly taken a step in the right direction with the  proposal to lighten the taxation of those who live  on the land. Something must be done to make it  more attractive to a sturdy yeoman class, and the  relief from taxation, for a number of years, is  one step that adds an inducement to "back to the  land" cry.  That patriotic and virile body, the Canadian  Club, had a big rally to meet Mr. Forbes Robertson in Dominion Hall. The great actor spoke  with charming grace and unaffectedness, as if he  were addressing old friends. Vancouver will give  him a royal welcome when he comes among us  again in Shakesperian roles. The writer remembers him many years ago playing "Orlando" to  Mary Anderson's "Rosalind." He has climbed  the very summit of stage-craft since those days  and is now" considered the finest Hamlet of the  age.  The recent daring holdup at the Royal Bank  in broad daylight is a bad advertisement for the  city and a bad advertisement for the bank itself.  Apart from the mere loss of the money, it does a  great amount of harm for the public to feel that  . their bankers cannot keep proper hold of the  money intrusted to them. No one can blame the  bank staff who certainly cannot expect to be  shot at on the mere pittance they are paid at  'present. Young Richardson showed more pluck  than wisdom In putting up the fight he did. The  remedy is for the banks generally to employ better paid staffs and give them time and money  enough to join the various athletic clubs, and take  part in the many sports that are going on, then,  perhaps, the bank clerks will be in finer trim and  training to take on the "yegg-men. It seems to  (Continued on Page 4)  ���������v',v\    ,   --v ������������������������������������':'.;-/ HINDU  Discussed Bequest to Allow Wives to Enter-���������Hindu Not a Pioneer���������Congregates in Cities���������Claim  Right as British Subjects���������Let Them Develop Indian's Hinterland.  :-y.--  WHO IS  ISM!  In our last article, published in last week's "CALL," on "Oriental Immigration," we discussed the question from the standpoint of Japanese Immigration. It is our purpose this week to  deal With the much talked of "HINDU" problem. We must once again call attention to,the  efforts, of many sympathizers of the Hindus, to rouse support for them on sentimental and religious  grounds. Again we, assert that most of these so-called supporters are ignorant of actual conditions and have been carried away by the supposedly unjust treatment accorded to the Hindu.  There recently journeyed to Ottawa, to present the case of the Hindu, three Sihks, (Sundar  Singh. Tiga Singh, Rajah Singh) and a white man named Hall, who was totally ignorant of the  actual facts of the case, but who imagined it was his Christian duty to,support the Hindu. That  this man Hall was not clear, as to his position, was evidenced by his objection to the presence of  the B. C members on the occasion of the presentation of the Hindu's case before the Minister of  the Interior, and also from the fact that his only argument was based on his views as a Missionary. We have nothing to say derogatory of the Missionary Movement, but hold that this question has a much greater claim on our attention from an economic and national standpoint, than  from a missionary point of view. - ���������  Permit us first to dispose of some of the argiiijients put. forward by this man Hall, and by  others who hold similar views, when urging that the wives of the Hindus be admitte^;k;Theu?  main contention is, that it is immoral to expect men to live apart from their women, and if we  insist upon this Unnatural condition, it will be conducive to criminal practices on the part of  the Hindu. Very great stress is placed upon this argument, and it is amazing to what extent it is  being advanced by those who claim to be the special custodians of public morals and by church  people. Have these special pleaders for the Hindu, ever stopped to consider the inevitable, and  logical conclusion to which their argument must lead? Do they not realize that to accept their  contention, is to admit the whole principle of "restricted districts," and that chastity is an impossible virtue? These same moralists would raise a tremendous howl if it were proposed to introduce a system of restricted districts, (and in thei* objection we Would heartily agree), but they  accept on behalf of the Hindu an argument which they have been fighting, in season and out of  season, for years, when applied to white men. Then again, according to the solemn declaration of  Tega Singh, only one-half of the Hindus now in British Columbia have wives. What do .these moral  advocates propose for the balance, about 2,500 in numbejr? Surely to be consistent with this disgusting argument presented by this fellow Hall, and foolishly caught up by hundreds of churches  throughout Ontario and the West, it will be necessary to make some provision for this large  number of unmarried Hindus, or admit that there is still existing in our midst "a grave menace  to public morals," or to quote Hall further, "would you ask these men to live a life of enforced <������  chastity?'* We answer, unhesitatingly, yes, and utterly repudiate this low, base argument, which *  is a libel on the decent manhood of Canada.' ;      "      '%      -  We apologize to the reader for this discussion but it was made necessary by the wholesale _  presentation of this argument by the very people, including large numbers of churches, who up- <  on reflection, cannot possibly accept it, but who have.been hoodwinked by such men as this Hall \  and other utterly irresponsible people, whose foolish' fanaticism has entirely blinded their judg  ���������ment,-;- r \  As a matter of fact, this question of bringing in their wives never entered .into the minds of !  the Hindus until very recently, and then only as a means to rouse sentimental support from a :  certain type of moral busbody, and how well the wily Hindu succeeded is evidenced by the hubbub  which has resulted.  The object the Hindu has in view is, first, to secure the right of access to Canada, then to  make this the ground for claim, us British subjects**** ifree right of tr������\ el jit settlement in all  parts of the Empire, then to claim full right of franchise* aud to-oatend this to "the' right 'to sit  in all elective bodies, or to hold office in any public capacity. This; in brief, if their propaganda  as stated to the writer by this very fellow, Dr. Sundar Singh. -  Now let us for a moment examine the persounei of this delegation which went to Ottawa.  There is the so-called Dr. Sundar Singh, who is being quoted all over the East, and who represents himself as a wealthy philanthropist, who is spending his time and money to elevate his poor,  suffering fellow countrymen in Canada. He has succeeded in working the people of Ontario to  a pitch of excitement worthy of a much better cause and a more honest man. This Sunda Singh  is one of the cleverest rascals in Canada. Until very recently he was the leader of a clique of the  Hindu colony in B. C. who were opposed to the rule of Tega Singh, with whom he is now conspiring in order to promote the program outlined above. He is in Canada illegally, by evading  the Immigration Laws, and, should be deported. He is a professional agitator and trouble monger, and, instead of being a philanthropist, is an unscrupulous exploiter of his more ignorant fellow-  countrymen, living off his wits. He has traveled widely and has had an extensive experience,  and bandies business matters for other Hindus at a handsome profit to himself. He"is altogether  undesirable and unreliable, and a menace to the community.  Tega Singh is the leader of the Hindus of the Pacific Coast; he is a student and a scholar,  but, like his old enemy and compatriot, Sunda Singh, he also lives by his wits, and by what he  can secure from his fellows. He is aulever dreamer, but a fearfully poor business man. His  word, like that of all Orientals, is absolutely unreliable. He is reported to be deeply interested  in the modern sedition movement of India. Asa scholar, he is interesting, but as a citizen, guiding the destiny of his fellows, he is extremely dangerous.  Rajah Singh, the last of the trio, is the only trustworthy one of the three, but he is pretty  much controlled by the others, so is not of serious consequence.  As stated, up to recently, Tega and Sunda Singh were bitter enemies and constantly conspiring one against the other, and it would be interesting to know just what the terms are of this  unholy alliance.  So much for the men, and, by the way, the writer has an intimate acquaintance with them  and knows whereof he speaks. Now let us examine the claims of the Hindus and submit some  reasons why, in our opinion, they should not be granted.  First, they ask that the wives and families of those now in the country be admitted, which,  according to their own statements, would number about 2,500 to.3.000 families. Taking five as  an average family, and this is small, it would mean that there would be an immediate increase of  the Hindu colony of about 12,000 to 15,000 souls. Or. in other words, we would ha\e a colony of  about 20,000 Hindus, which would rapidly grow by natural increase.  They claim that Canada requires settlers and that the Hindus are farmers. It is true, we  do want settlers, but these men will not pioneer, they congregate around great cities and are employed at jobs' for which there is a very ample supply of labor, such work as piling lumber at  the saw mills, tending machines of various sorts, working as section men on the railways, clearing city lots, excavation work, stable and garden men, etc., etc. They work much cheaper than  a white man could afford to. They herd together in small houses in the poorer districts of the  cities and thus Hve very cheaply. They do, to a very small extent, work in the country contiguous  to the cities, but they do not, nor will they go into undeveloped districts to settle new country.  So from a settler's standpoint they have no claims.  Another ground upon which they demand right of entry is, that they are British Subjects.  This claim seems to captivate the mind of many who are supporting their requests. They are British subjects, so is the North American Indian, theBushman of Australia, the Hotentot and Kafir of  South Africa, the Natives of New Guinea, the Aborigines of New Zealand, and we might add, the  native tribes of Egypt. Would anyone suggest that we should open Canada or any other part of  the Empire to an unrestricted migration of any of these people who should take a notion to travel ?  Because a man is a British subject, is^that a reason why he should have freedom to impose his  presence in any place which may strike his fancy? Have we the right to compel South Africa,  or India, or New Zealand to accept immigrants from Canada, irrespective of their qualifications?  Do we not refuse large numbers of British born immigrants, because in our opinion they are not  desirable? And who dares to interfere in our inalienable right to state the qualification of our  immigrants? Therefore, on the ground that we in Canada, in common with all other self governing  Dominions, have the right to say who shall and who shall not settle here, we contend that if we  ehoose to say "No" to the Hindu, we are free to do so. and are not compelled to answer to any  higher authority for our position than that of our own Parliament. But, further, our position, or  contention is strengthened by this fact, that the Hindu is of a different race, standard of morals and  ethical ideas, mental conceptions, traditions, history, culture, customs, physical attainments and  capabilities, home and social life, education, and in fact, in every way is different from us. We  cannot and will not assimilate. It would mean a contest between the Oriental and the Occidental,  and, while in Canada the Occidental at present predominates, we are not inclined to invite a contest between three hundred and fifty millions of Orientals and seven millions of Occidentals. We  contend that the destiny of Canada is best left in the hands of the Anglo Saxon race, and are "unalterably and irrevocably" opposed to any move, which threatens in the slightest degree, this position.  (Continued on Pago 4)  wmsm  IiI|Sj  ���������'���������-.-��������� Vfv..'T-^$gffiKW'i3  (Prof. Odium, M.Aw,BrS.>  Casey seems to. be an Irish-Qibeonite, now located in Winnipeg. He is one of the noisy, Jawbone-Wind-Jammers of which there is a plethora  in the land which he hails. He tells the people of  Winnipeg that he has about two million trained  wind-jammers, wild, uneducated traitors, waiting  his call to make an on-slaught upon all and sundry who stand in the way^of Irish Home ^e.;^>;  What isi Casey ? He is a loud mouthed, Irish  Gibeonite. . These uncouth men in the days of  Joshua were frauds; and liars. They Ued3& all  Gibeonite cowards will lie,; anti-'who^^ mm^m*i?w  remained in the Promised Land.   But|tt^' wei^pSi������l^ig||  forever-more given t^jplwe-bi:^  "hewers of wood and drawers bf'wapr^^x^ifioli^  that hour to this they have been the servants of  Israel and over will be; in spit* ;of ^all ���������������������������im^mu0i,  attempt.   In this I refer to the'lying traitors of  the Casey brobd,        :;^':;;';"V '���������;:h^^1^-M^^WS^^  ������������������".' ;Who'is ^CaseyT;,:He;iB^ V  in the United States; in Italy, in Spain, Mexieo,r  Scotland, in Wales, England, Canada, Australia,  Turkey, Persia, Russia, Japan, ^la^^i^il^iii^;:  gonia.   He goes by many aUas^.   Sometimes he  carries the name of Burke, O'Neill, Flahigan,  O'Murphy, and at times he sails under the name  of "Father," or "Your Grace."   But wherever  found he is a traitor at heart to the country in  which he lives.     ^ ':���������' '''}c������ );(.    :- ���������'��������� [^l^.'X::V:. ��������� '-'^v^l^I'lSi^p  This I .ahaU'.'now^prove.;-.,;Alhd'\eve^  reader will in his Mart admit the proof. It  short. Of its meaning there can be no  Here it is.   In every country in the world,  m0mmM   -;" '������������������-'���������mm  $0g&  mm  m  m  m.%  faithful dMtJhj|t������fion^^  his first and'o^^^absolute master^  Every man of these fatthful wm drink the Health  of the Pope first, and of King George, or'Prttd-  dent Taft, or Kaiser Wimam, or the )Sutta*:iiejr^>  Hence every faithful Roman Catholic on earth, is  by faith in his pope, by obedience to his pope, by  reverence for his pope, and by loyalty to his  pope, is of necessity a trsito* at heart to his own  Country, ������o t*W w hU country and hii pope dlfer  Janth  This then is Casey, and Mb brood, no mat-  i^JiLI^6^ $������**l.$&te 4'Fsthersv"4'Wght  ^'CTendg," or Wrong Reverends. up( or down  to the Cardinal nearest to the Vatican "Infallible" tool of the Jesuits.  "Where if Casey?" He is everywhere. There  is not a land on earth where Casey isnot found  under some of his many aliases. But just as the  Winnipeg British Loyalists can, and will take care  of the noisy Casey located there, so will the Vancouver Loyalists, the British Columbia Loyalists,  the Canadian British Loyalists, the Empire Loy.  alists, the Loyalists In the United States, in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Patagonia take care  of the Casey Traitors in these and other lands.  Here is what the "^Catholic Times" says about  Home Rule: "As a MATTER of Fact, the Home  Rule Question is A RELIGIOUS QUESTION. WB  HAVE SAID THIS MANY TIMES, and WE REPEAT IT NOW." True for the Catholic Timet!  The Priest, in charge, has the fearlessness to apeak  out the fact. He says what Redmond, all Home  Rule Irishmen, and their clever masters from tbe  Pope down say.  The Irish leaders, for forty years, have so said,  to my personal knowledge. But the traitorous  Gibeonites will fail. Israel is Britain, and the  enemies of Israel must ever fail. "God's Battle-  axe" will win out. >  'Wnat Is Coming to Casey?'  Let me answer from Scripture, even though  some of our PEACE-at-ANY-PRICE Protestants  may not like this hard truth, from their own OLD  BOOK. Rev. Chapter 17���������"I will show unto-you  the Judgment of the great whore that sitteth  upon many waters."  "And I saw a woman, sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having  seven heads and ten horns."  "And upon her forehead was a name written,  MYSTERY. BABYLON. THE GREAT MOTHER  OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE  EARTH."  "And I saw the Woman drunken with the blood  of the saints, and with the blood of the MARTYRS OF JESUS."  Verse 9���������"The SEVEN HEADS ARE SEVEN  MOUNTAINS";���������in Rome.  "These shall make war with the LAMB; and  the LAMB shall overcome them."  Look at the terrible future of this murderous,  whorish, persecutor of the followers of the Lord  Jesus Christ rather than followers of a fraudulent  priest, claiming to be god. Chapter IS���������"Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and is become  the habitation of devils, and the hold of every  foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." "Come out of her, my people, that ye  be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive  not of her plagues."  "And a mighty angel took up a stone, like a  great millstone, aud cast it into the sea, saying,  THUS WITH VIOLENCE. SHALL THAT GREAT  BABYLON BE THROWN DOWN. AND SHALL  BE FOUND NO MORE AT ALL."  All Christian Commentators and Sensible Bible  Students know right well there is only one great  whorish. persecutor of Christians, with her seat  on SEVEN HILLS (For Ages) that answers to  the description of this Pagan Babylon. And that  (Continued en Pago 4)  y THE WESTERN CALL  **************************   **************************  (Carpenter's Tools  t We have the most complete stock of Carpenter's Tools  J   in Grandview and we sell at OTY PRICES.        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Strangest of all, it is here the PEOPLE'S OWN MONOPOLY���������that is to  say, the Government of France���������of  LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY who tax the people to such extent  that even the commonest necessaries  of life, such as matches, are heavily  taxed, whilst tobacco is absurdly high,  and wretchedly bad at that  It Is, perhaps, not to be wondered  at when one remembers that every  seventh person in FRANCE IS OFFICIAL.  Again the priesthood exact immense  doles from the masses���������ironical as It  reads���������for MASSES���������and one kind of  priesthood spoliation and another reduces poor Johnny Crapaud to a life of  hard toil, low wages and high cost, of  living.  We are told by the scientist that  higher wages have been the chief  cause of Increasing the cost of living.  If that Is so, how comes it that In  France, where wages are relatively the  lowest ln modern industrial Europe,  that the cost of living 'has risen so  disproportionately?  Here, again, as ln Germany, the railways have had to make huge cuts In  cost of transportation, the Paris milk  and. butter coming so far South as  Charantes���������yet. In spite of this ever  widening circle of supply, prices  mount up, ever upwards.  Again I turn to France to disprove  I another   nostrum   that  Communistic  faddists are ever urging as a true rem  edy of an  ideal  state���������NATIONALIZATION OF THE RAILWAYS!  Well, the French Government has  almost, nationalized one huge railway  system out of existence. Le Chemin  fl' fer de L'Ouest, or Western of France  Railway-���������from Paris to Havre���������one of  France's busiest seaports, has now  been a Government line for four or five  years, with the result that the cost of  Tunning it, and therefore, the cost of  transportation over it, has increased  neairiy 50 per cent., whilst dissatisfaction in nearly all grades is rampant,  Turning over these and kindred  facts, we see that the mere fact of  widening the area of supplies, i.e., increasing the productive area, the lowering of productive charges���������as v the  state of affairs in both Germany and  France shows���������does NOT of itself  LOWER THE COST OF LIVING.  SOMETHING MORE IS NEEDED.  Combination, as I Bald at the outset, of the masses against the packer  combines. Is one great step, and to  REDUCE THE COST OF DISTRIBUTION is another VITALLY important  one.  This is where you want to get busy.  O! COUNCIL OF TEN! Now, you  bright young merchants and middle  men���������whom I have spoken of before  as the proper ones to take a hand in  organizing the NEW FOOD LEAGUE  ���������for your own and your neighbor's  benefit, come out Into the open and  show your mettle.  You wage-earners, and family food-  finders, look into this question and  join in a movement that has Its ultimate aim for your good. Consider the  fact that a fall in price of commodities  does not mean a fall ln wages���������quite  the opposite. Here it points to an increase of utility, the exploitation of  new fields of proc'u; ' "id the Improvement of the :. : OF DISTRIBUTION.  The last resort of economic PROGRESS in production and exchange,  consists mostly In the .desirability of  MEANS to the ENDS to be attained���������  shortly, the greatest good to the greatest number, which must be the subject  of our next article.  PATHFINDER.  Building Notes  Alderman Baxter, chairman of the  Bridges and Railways Committee,  seems to be the right   man in the  right .pljjce, and is to be highly commended for the stand he has taken up  that Vancouver engineers can as well,  if not better, design Vancouver's  bridges and viaducts than any outside  firm who open an office here, appoint  resident engineers and prepare "ethical studies"���������whatever they may  mean���������free of cost.  I have always noted that these  "free studies" lead to a handsome, if  not excessive, commission���������which is  the only handsome feature of the resulting work. Our city is disfigured by  structures of, as one of the aldermen  put It, "bird-cage" erections, and if a  prize were ever to be awarded for the  champion nglifler of Vancouver, Wad-  dell & Harrington, if they did not secure first place, would be certain of a  special prize ln this direction.  In any event, even If this firm were  a strictly local concern, which they  cannot possibly be. their head offices  being in the States���������I say even if they  were pioneers of Vancouver, and  spent their earnings here, every cent  and. every dollar of it���������it would be still  monstrously unfair to hand them out  every bridge job the city has.  They have had more than their fair  share already, and it is high time the  Vancouver engineers, looked closer into  this question and urged upon the city  a free and open competition to Vancouver engineering firms. Proper conditions could be drawn up, and either  one assessor or a committee appointed  to make an award���������and one of the  conditions, if not the first, must be  that the competitor is a British subject who has resided here at least  twelve months. .A deputation should  go to the City Hall at once.  It is certain that in Alderman Baxter such a deputation would get a sympathizer who would carry his committee on ��������� " fair and popular point.  I air * wd also with the  pro? ������he Harris-Georgia  viaduct a >ed  concrete  struc  ture. It might thus become possessed  of some lines of beauty which would  start the "City Beautiful" campaign  oh the right road.  Alderman Baxter's committee need  have no fear about the practicability  of such a structure when they find  that the Tiber at Rome has just been  spanned by a new concrete bridge  whose span is no less than 33 feet  broader than the longest stone arch in  (Continiitcr on Page 7)  Also large variety of  POULTRY SUPPLIES  Fresh stock  of   PRATT'S  POULTRY FOOD  OUR BEST FLOUR  F. T. VERNON  Flour and Feed  Broadway sod Westminster Road  PHONE: Fairmont 186  Prompt Delivery  v  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Office Phone:  Seymour 9416  Res. 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The boys refuse to learn  trades and the girls turn up their  noses at housework.    "We are now  a Ngtfrawter mark *t $298.  Hans at Accountants.  That*, ike great American ben may  soon be called upon to act as her own  expert accountant In addition to her  duty of producing eggs, is new. Being  indicated here through one of the  strangest devices in the. history of  chickendom. In future it will not be  sufficient for Mrs. Hen to lay the egg,  forttte>Be wrecording devior will also  make it necessary for her to give  written testimony to the effect that  she-has done so by means of crayons  of various colors and recording sheets-  of paper which will be furnished' hen.  The- new recording device by which  the egg-laying activities of any hen  can be determined consists of a small  steel spur affair-which is attached to  one of her legs, on the end of which  is fastened a piece of colored crayon.  When she enters the specially built  nest she locks herself fn, at the seme  titae lowering a bar- that later on  makes an accountant of her. After  the egg is safely deposited, to regain  her freedom she must stoop to get  under the bar, and fn doing so makes  a mark with the crayon attached to  her teg on a piece of paper that Is  placed on'the floor of the entrance to  the nest, thus registering the fact that  bringing  boys  and  girls  out  of the ..fc    . _     ...   .���������_      .   ..  MnmZ.n������ ���������������i,^i��������� ���������uZ'-.m ������������������������-!������*��������� ������������������tne hen with the red, blue or green  common schools who are taught sol ��������� .. . _ , ..  m,������.i.' ,���������j ���������),������ ���������,,���������t *fc^��������� i���������~ I crayon,: as the case may be, has laid  much and who think they know 8o!.fc < ���������...��������� fc . . ������ . ...   ii .������..��������� ������.������. -.���������I- ���������-��������������� ���������wltfceere- While the device Is not likely to reduce the cost of the morning'  much that they simply won't work  with their hands," says the mayor.  "Unless, they can get a job where they  can sit on a high stool at books or at  a typewriter they simply wont work."  His remedy is to attempt less teaching  of languages and general subjects and  more drill in industrial lines and  domestic economy. On one point His  Honor undoubtedly will have the unanimous support of the school children  themselves, and that Is on his asser-. Would Have Montreal Rival Parle and  meal, it will undoubtedly work a hardship to those fowls which do not live  up to their responsibilities as egg producers, r  NEW MAYORAL CANDIDATE  ADVOCATES WIDE OPEN CITY  tlon that their tasks sohuld be made  lighter.  No More Free Catsup.  One of the most curious developments of the Increased, cost of living  is now making itself felt here in the  loud cry of protest which has been  raised by patrons of quick lunch counters over the abolishment of the free  catsup bottle.  It is even reported that  free catsup may become s political  slogan through the   organization   ot  Montreal's army of hasty eaters who  have come to look upon the condiment  as one of their Inalienable rights of  which the trusts are now accused of  depriving them.   For many years the  free catsup bottle has been an important feature of the lunch counters at  which an army of workers are accustomed to snatch their noonday repast  at a cost of from five to fifteen cents,  and the amount which has daily been  consumed without charge would   be  sufficient to float a good-sized ship.  Now, however, the edict has gone forth  that because of the increased cost of  food there will be no more free catsup  served with low-priced meals.  Persons consuming only a five-cent  lunch will, if they want catsup, be  compelled to pay five cents for it.  Consumers of meals costing ten or fifteen cents will receive free a half portion���������that is, one small dab���������while  the gourmand of the quick lunch counter who consumes a twenty-five cent  meal will receive free of charge a full  portion���������so-called���������consisting of two  dabs. Probably no other curtailment  of the midday meals, and there have  been many of them during the last  year, has met with such general denunciation, and already talk has been  heard here of the establishment of a  political body pledged to give its vote  only to such candidates as shall work  for the restoration of the free catsup  bottle as the first step toward the reduction of the price of food.  Bell Hops Getting Rich.  That the week from Christmas to  New Years brought a golden harvest  to hotel employes In this city in the  shape of tips and presents is indicated  by the records of the garnered spoils  which are now more or less complete.  So far the record for bell .boys is held  by an uptown hotel where the average  amount collected during six days by  each of the uniformed youngsters is  reported as being ?48. While lower  figures prevailed at other hotels, it is  safe to assume that $25 would not be  far from the bell boy average for the  first-class hotels. Nobody is willing  to venture an estimate on the extent  to which Christmas enriched the all-  powerful clean of head waiters, although it is known to be very large  Generally speaking, the room clerks  fared extremely well. An actual list  of the gifts received by a popular  clerk in a popular hotel included six  suits of silk underwear, eight boxes  cigars, 200 cigarettes, three fine neckties, $40 in cash, one scarf pin, five  pounds candy, two pocketbooks, six  pairs silk sQcks, one hat, one tie clasp,  one pair cuff links, one jar preserved  figs. But although this Christmas was  a good one for hotel employes, ft Is of  no modern growth. Twenty years ago,  according to a manager who was then  an elevator boy on the only car at the  old Windsor Hotel, his average gifts  in cash approximated $200. During a  period of four years the smallest holiday contributions he received amounted to $146, while the banner week set the receipts of aged and Incompetent  ...        -jiC       ,      r   ,-���������  assooat to 5,000 dosen weekly, it  will be seen that the chances of the  ordinary citizen coming into contact  with them are too great for comfort.  Under the law the shipment of vidua*  eggs la permitted providing the cases  are plainly marked to indicate the  character of their contents.  Senator Money of Mississippi, aefesd  an old colored man what breed? of  chickens he considered best, and he  replied:  "All kinds haa merits. De w'lte  ones Is de easiest to find, but de-buck  ones la do easiest to hide aftek yo',  gets 'em."���������Sunday ���������Magazine.  Violette���������I wish you would telf me  how to get this pitch off my dm*. I  have tried everything I can tUMt of.  Reginald���������Tou might try a song.  You always get off the pitch when you  sing.���������Judge.  "O, John." exclaimed Mrs. Short-  cash, who- was reading a letter, "our  son haa been, expelled from college-!  Isn't It awfeir  "O, I dost know," answered Short*  cash* "peafeapa I can poll throogkaaw  without making an asslgnmentH--Chl-  cago- News.  *"*,  LET US SMILE.  Mrs. Quackenneas���������Am yo' dangh-  tah happily mar'd, Sister Sags?  Mrs. Stogg������������������he aho' ial Bias* good*  ness, abas done got a husband! dafs  skeered to death of her!���������Western  Christian) Advocate.  ���������till Unwearied.  Musfe Teacher���������"Why dtn't yo������  pause- there? Don't you see- that It's  marked 'rest'?''  PuptWYes, teacher, b������t I aren't  ttreoV���������Ufe.  ��������� '> <���������>.'  ;IHIIII4IIIHIIOMIIII������t   ������l I It 1111111IMIMMII IM  Other Continental Cities���������Licensed  Vice One of the Planks of His Platform���������Campaign Against "Rots" and  "Spots'' to Be Renewed.  (From Our Own Correspondent)  MONTREAL, Jan. 24.���������A wide open  city, rivalling the palmiest daya of  Paris and other continental cities is  the chief plank of Montreal's eleventh-  hour candidate for mayor, Dr. Gustavo  Tasse. Dr. Tasae entered the. Held  when it was learned that Alderman  U. H. Dandurand bad dropped out of  the race owing to the fact that he had  not obtained the support of the Good  Citizens' Association. His programme  la as sweeping in reforms and changes  in the social conditions as ever were  those of any candidate offering himself to the citizens, but along rather  bizarre .and (candidly open lines.  The new candidate declares that his  candidature is more in the nature of  a referendum than a mayoralty contest. "I want the citizens to have a  chance to vote secretly," he said, "on  questions which have been choked  through hypocrisy, money, or other influences."  "My programme is a radical one,"  the candidate continues; "to awaken  Montreal from its lethargy and change  our mode of administration from top  to bottom."  Among the planks of Dr. Tasse's  programme are:  1. The total abolition of aldermen, to  be replaced by controllers.  2. The abolition of present school  commissions, to be replaced by those  elected by the*people, "without interference from the municipalities, authorities of of the clergy.''  3. No interference from the Provincial government in Montreal affairs.  4. Abolition of property qualifications.  5. Repeal of the new paving law.  6. Compulsory education and uniformity of school books.  7. Acceptance of Andrew Carnegie's  offer of a public library, "without clerical interference of any kind."  8. The licensing of disorderly houses  and quarters set apart for them, such  houses to be placed under the supervision of the sanitary board and police  authorities.  9. Theatres of all kinds open on Sunday.  10. Stores open on Sunday till 12  o'clock so that the working man who  has no wine cellar may get what he  wants the same as his rich neighbor.  11. Absolute imposition of taxes en  churches, presbyteries, convents, colleges, hospitals, etc., with the understanding that the authorities shall give  such grants as the institutions merit.  "Rots" and "Spots."  The vigorous campaign waged in this  city last year against the use of stale  eggs by bakers, confectioners and others who are able to disguise them in  their manufactured product apparently will have to be fought over again.  The charge is made that the traffic in  "rotB" and "spots/' as they are known  to the trade, is going on as extensively  as ever. Presumably this information  is accurate, for it comes from the  dealers in bad eggs themselves. Their  business consists in supplying these  tainted products of the poultry yard  in liquid or powder form to tanneries  for use in the process of making  leather, and they complain that it is  impossible for them to secure spoiled  eggs for this purpose because they are  going into regular trade channels. As  I  Therefore I Must  Sell Lots of Lots  Here are Some of Them:  Lots 30 and 81  " 36 and 37  "  39 and 40  8, 9. 10  "  27  3 and 4  "  28  "  88 and 39  8  "  21  11 and 12  Block 171c  ������<  <������  ������������  I*  4<  57  164d  " I67d  " ieoc  " m������  41 171b  " 138b,  44 167*  264a $1300 each  8000 for D. cor. ?  1800 each  7000  1300  1960  1400 each  1800  ������4  <������  2600  ������t  (This is a double corner on railway.)  32 Block 116   D. L.181  6000  17 " us H.L.W om  18 "     5      182a    10600  10 "    16       182a    10800  Small Cash Payments and long Terms for the Balance.  ���������i  PROF. E. QDUJJHI  ::    Vancouver, 3. C. |7|0 GRANT STREET  ^{.^������������������{.���������{������������������{.���������{������������������{.^.���������������������������.{.���������{���������.^���������{^.���������^.{^���������������������������{������������������{������������������{���������.{���������������������������m^hIi  *4'4[4'4'4'4'*4'*4'4'4'************i  ^.tt.........������.������....������������������������������������ ������������.������������������������������w������*������wmwwt  ii        THt HQU9C Qf WAUPAPEt*  Phone: Fairmont 1243  II CA^ - O - TINT!  \\ ^^    OfallColors ^ T ^   *  ;; Guarantee! the Finest Wall Finish in British Columbia  :; Large^Stock of Wall Paper  . ..HmH-M-H-M"!' *>}************ p******* ** 1 * * * * * * * * * ** *****'  ARE VOUINTERESTFD IN B.C.METHODISM?  THEN THE  Western Methodist Recorder  (Published Monthly)  Is almofet indespensible to you.  No other medium will give you such general and  such satisfactory information about Methodist  activity in this great growing province. Whether  a Methodist or not you are interested in Methodist  movement.   Send your subscription to  Manager Metbodlst-Beconler P. & P. Co., Ltd.   -  ���������   Victoria, B.C  $1.0O  -   One Year  *  *******<M>4*'*********<^~1~'".' 0*********4i****4-*4'********>  .fWcii* V\<\<\ PRACTICALHORSESHOER !  !    V/Svdl     IV1I1II   Special attention given to Lmme   J  I and Interfering Horses. j  !  Bt*w~^?J^,a���������v���������"t,,  PRINCE   EDWARD  STREET j  E. M. WICKENS  The People's Cartage  Main Street and Bodwell Road  Phone: Fairmont 1544 THE WESTERN CALL.  ** 14 14 I*** ********** 1II111  I  t  iIs Your Grocer  Sending You  Good Potatoes ?  We have been fortunate J  in securing a large consign-  1 ment of the good kind. We 1  ? will guarantee them.  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Though at times we do get rather  tired of having Old Glory flaunted inrour faces'  in season and out������  I was in New York during the Hudsou-Pul-  ton.'celebrations and I looked amicl the^crowded  decorations in vain for a sight of the Union Jack  of Old England. Failing to find it, Iasked my  Yankee companion what they had done with the  old ilag that they were ashamed to show it to  their visitors. He rather shamefacedly apologized  for its absence. When upon enquiring the cause  he informed me they could not buy any Union  Jacks in New York, no one stocked them.  The whole subject, however, of the American invasion into Vancouver is so important that  I will take leave to deal with it in a separate  article.  PENDRAGON.  WHO IS CASEY? WHAT IS CASEY? WHERE  IS CASEY?  .(Continued from page 1)  is  the   Casey  crowd  with  their  many   aliases.  Hence DOWN goes Casey.  "Thus saith the Lord God, Because thine heart  is lifted up, and thou hast said, I am God, I SIT  IN THE SEAT OF GOD (The Pope Claims to be  God'8 Infallible Vicar on Earth), in the midst of  the seas: Yet thou art but a man, and NOT God,  though thou set thine heart as the heart of God."  "Thou shalt die the deaths of the uncircum-  eised." "AND THERE SHALL BE NO MORE  A PRICKING BRIER, UNTO THE HOUSE OF  ISRAEL." .     x  The lying Gibeonites were always to be servants to Israel, and also a "thorn in their sides."  N������$ut when the persecuting Babylonian whore that  long sat on Seven Hills (only one now) is brought  down to the pit, and dies the "death of the un-  eircumeised," then the Gibeonites will disappear  from the earth, or becoming the willing, loyal  and obedient servants of Britain, to-wit: Israel.  In any event, down must go the pagan,  heathen, persecuting, traitorous, scarlet-clad  woman, and with her down goes Casey and all  his noisy, jaw-bone windjammers. Yes, down  goes Casey, bearing what name he may.  I have spoken plainly, and must close. But  in so doing, I wish to say a word to another class.  I have said, all Roamn Catholics who are loyal  and obedient to the Pope are of necessity traitors  to their country when a clash comes between the  Pope and the country. This is true, as all men  know. But there are other Roman Catholics.  And of these I now speak. They are loyal to the  Pope only so long as he keeps his interfering  hands out of the affairs of the state. As soon  as he interferes and tries to force this class of his  followers to obedience, they draw the line and  tell him to mind his own business. These Roman  Catholics cannot, and do not get angry when I  tell the others they are traitors.  E. ODLUM.  Picture Palace  Oriental Immigration  (Continued from Page 1)  This we assert in spite of a statement made by an unnamed correspondent to the Vancouver Province, that  "that it was unstatesmanlike."  Someone will ask "What are you going to do with' this three hundred and  fifty millions of India?" Are they not  now over-crowded?'' We answer that  there is ample room in India. The  greater portion of the population of  India live in the large cities, especially  those cities on the coast line. There  is a vast hinterland or hill country, ln  India, which might he developed. Let  these Hindus who prate so' loudly  about their patriotism, go to these  frontier lands and open them up to  civilization. They dare not, they have  not got in their natures the stuff which  makes pioneers. From the standpoint  of climate they are the men who  should do it, hut no, it is left to the  sturdy Anglo-Saxon to pioneer and explore these wild regions.  The Hindu civilization is immeas  urably older than ours: where have  they, as a race, ever been known to  open up a. new territory, or extend  civilization? Never. But they come  creeping into the choicest parts of our  Empire, seeking to pluck some of the  rich rewards resulting from the labors  ot a hardy race of pioneers who have  opened up the country and made possible a comfortable life.  There is this other reason why we  should oppose Hindu immigration because personally they are undesirable.  We point to one. characteristic of the  Hindu which is quite sufficient to warrant us in refusing him entrance, it  is the inherent conviction in all' of  them that "for cause or reason" they  are justified in lying or deceiving."  They will deny this, but we will appeal to any one who has had an extensive knowledge of them, if it is  not true that.you cannot trust them,  nor believe them when it is in their  interests to deceive.  This fact is clearly demonstrated  by the action of several of our judges,  who refused to try any more Hindu  i.i|.l|iif.l|l.|l.t.l|ii|..|..(i.|i.ii.i..|..|..|lit.i|ii|.i|..|l,|iiin.f ������i|.i|.i|ii|..|.,|i.f.������.|.������.t-i������i"|li"i":-i"i"!"t"i"i"������"T'  GET ...  t  t  %  Best English Prints  All guaranteed, fast colors; regular 15c yd.  For TO C' Yard.  At  Sutherland's  I   1403 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Cor. Bismark St. %  ���������fr������������f������*S������������*������<&������������*������A������ft������a%���������?'i|* ������?������������}****<  4.*A'****4������'>*****'*******\'*4i*l'  r********************4>X"'+*   ********* ***>V**V>\>*>1>******  Automatic  Pistols  For Target Practice, or as an arm for  defence of home or person, the Automatic is  ACCURATE, SURE and SAFE.      We carry a large  stock of the most reliable makes.  T1SDALLS LIMITED  (Successors to Charles E. Tisdall)  619-620 Hastings Street  *^f*******^***********v<fiv*<i O********^************^*****  %     Where it Pays to Deal  *  *  Honest Prices for Honest  Goods  I ^atvoview Stat,n  * -a^Va-C*     ^^ J.W.Edmunds, Prop.                               //.Q  I CHOCOLATES Special Price every Saturday 35c lb  I PICTURE  POST  CARDS,  Grand  assortment, JUST  IN  t Fifteen for 10c, Forty 25c  ��������� Plctirt Franlng a Specialty Caidles, Toys, Stationary, Tobacctt  J 1130 PARK DRIVE  *  *  *  *  *  cases because it was impossible, on  oath or. any other way, to believe them  This characteristic is so deep-rooted  that any who know them will agree  that they cannot be trusted, nor is it  possible to shake them in this ingrained deceit.  The Hindu has in recent years be  come possessed of a iut; ,.i tliat he is  destined to rule the Empire, that his  civilization is so much older than ours,  that if he can once secure recognition  as a British Subject, with full rights  of citizenship throughout the Empire,  he will be weight of numbers be able  to become the predominating influence  in Imperial affairs. We are not prepared to discuss "Home Rule for India," but we are prepared to take this  stand, that we will never consent to  any policy which will make it possible  for the Hindu to become a factor in  Imperial affairs, except to a limited  extent, and that to be confined entirely to India. Consequently, in common  with Australia and New Zealand, we  take the position that as far as Canada is concerned it shall remain white  and our doors shall be closed to the  Hindu, as well as to other Orientals.  One word regarding the contention  that it would not do any injury to  permit a few women to enter. It  would not end there. Knowing the  Oriental faculty for begging as we do,  we are convinced that with his usual  importunity, if you gave him an inch  he would never rest until he had received a mile. If you admit a few, on  what grounds can you refuse the  many? Supposing that not one more  Hindu were admitted, but you allow  the families of those now here to  come, what would be the result? With  a nucleus of 20,000, they would Boon  grow to such numbers as to constitute a permanent menace to tbe country. Then as to the claim, that they  are, many of them, British soldiers,  we have but to draw attention to the  veiled threat of Sundar Singh that if  they were not given free access that  he would cable tndia and would not  answer for the result there. Are we  to be brow-beaten by such loyalty as  that? Again, we would direct the attention of these ultra-royal British soldiers to the vast hinterland of India  and say that "there is a field in which  your patriotism may find plenty of  room for exercise"; we prefer our own  forms of loyalty, which does not seek  personal advantage by veiled threats.  This question of Hindu immigration  vitally affects British Columbia at the  present time, but British Columbia is  forced to be the victim of the ignorance of the balance of the Dominion,  then it will not be many years before  the East will realize what a gigantic  error has been made, and like the  United States, we will have a race  problem that will continue to grow  in complicity and magnitude.  There is only one course to follow,  and that is to stop, ere it is too late,  this objectionable immigration to our  Canadian West.  WILL OPEN  Saturday, Feb, 3  WITH A COMPLETE SHOW.  This Theater has been fitted up at enormous expense  and will prove jto be one of the best  in the city.  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ASSOCIATED CHARITIES  OF VANCOUVER  "Have you noticed, my friend, how  many fools there art* on eartn?"  '"Yeu, and there's always one more  than you think."���������Sourlre.  To the Editor of the Western Call:  Dear Sir���������The management committee of the Associated Charities of  Vancouver desire to call your attention to the objects and aims of this  society with a view of obtaining the  co-operatiou of the people ot this city  interested in charity.  - The Associated Charities of Vancouver is incorporated under the Benevolent Societies Act with the following  objects:  1. To deal in a united and systematic manner with cases of distress. j  2. To see that all deserving cases of  distress are properly relieved. I  3. To avoid indiscriminate and duplicate giving. . |  4. To reduce vagrancy and pauperism. |  5. To protect the crimmunity  against imposition. J I  6. To make employment as far as  possible the basis of relief. j  7. To provide for the return of j  needy persons to their original homes |  or other suitable places of settlement, j  These objects the Society is endear-!  orlng to attain by:  (a) Cooperation with all charitable  persons and agencies. !  (b) Investigation of each care, and I  action suitable to the particular cir- i  cumstances of each.  (c) Registration of cases to prevent  fraud. |  (d) Safeguarding carefully lndividu-:  al aelf-respect.  (e) Acting for citizens as a clearing-house for charitable assistance.  (f) Acting as a bureau of information and record both for those in need  of help and those willing to give help.  Any congregation or charitable organization may affiliate with this society by appointing a representative,  who shall fulfill the conditions of  membership.  At the present time the society is  entrusted with the administration or  the charitable work of the City Council, which involves the expenditure of  the contributions made-from time to  time for this purpose. The genera]  secretary receives his remuneration  from tbe Council as the city relief officer, and in this capacity receives ana  investigates all applications for relief,  giving, such immediate assistance as  any particular case may require. A  complete record of all cases dealt with  is kept on file in the society's office.  ��������� At the annual meeting of the members of the society a large and repre-  sentative  executive   committee   wag  chosen, and but of this executive com-  mittee the following officers' were  elected, who form a committee of  management and have direct control  of the details of the business of the  society:  President���������James A. Macdonell.  Vice-Presidents���������tt. P. McLennan, Bw-  ing. Buchan, H. O. Alexander, A. M.  Whiteside.  Honorary Secretary���������D. G. Denness.  Treasurer���������A. J. Pilkington.  General Secretary���������G. Godson-Godson. -  The general secretary has a complete registry of all applications for  charity and the nature of the relief  afforded.  The object of the registration, as  stated above, is to prevent fraud by  persons who are-not entitled to assistance.  A system has been adopted whereby  tickets are issued in the form of orders upon the society for such assist-  ni'Ce as may be deemed advisable in  the opinion of the person issuing the  t'c'-ots.  These tickets are issued by the society in books, each ticket providing  for a specific amount to be expended  by the society in the manner indicated, the following being the methods of relief:  (a) The supply of food.  (b) Provision for lodging.  (n> PunvHes. such as groceries,  clothing, and other necessities.  For each of these methods of relief  a Particular form of ticket is provided.  These booka of tickets are taken tip  by the subscribers at the face value.  A m*������al ticket provides for a fifteen-  cent meal and a ticket for lodging provides for a bed at twenty cents.  Fuller information and details may  be had upon application to the general  secretary at his office, 530 Cambie  street.  Yo������r������ faithfully,  JAMES A. MACDONELL, PreB.  G. GODSON-GODSON, Gen. Sec.  A Floral Tribute.  A young English girl, who visited  Boston, sent the following to friends  in that city on her return home:  "If strict Ideas ever come true,  A Boston lady had 'em;  She did not Bay 'Chrysanthemum;'  She  said  'Chrysantbemadam.'"  ���������Boston Herald.  If a girl has a figure like a clothespin she imagines she is slender and  graceful.  THE  ie Hardware Co.  ���������5^-  SSotf  RUB  ;*l]  CHURCH'S  COLD WATER  JHE walla of ���������  bed room  should be absolutely  sanitary. Yet only Alabaatine  walla are so. Alabaatine ia today  the only absolutely germ-proof  sanitary wall coating. It is a powerful  germicide. 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Phone i Seymcur* 3028  791rOramfiUb St.  ^������������������#������x^������S">is ������ ������ ��������� mi ii i in i i i i i    ������������������������-���������������������������������.������������������������>.'������������������������������������ inni i iii in t+*���������+*m  The Buffalo Grocery  The House of Improvement  Groceries  Fresh, Best in Quality, Abundant in Quantity  The Kind that Please.  Vegetables,  Provismis,  Eggs  Butter, etc., at Lovmst Prices.  Cor. Commercial Drive & Mtb Ave*  J. P. SINCLAIR Prop,   fBQWr Fifrlttfftgl  Kiiniiimii mi iiiiuii   a i i im i ��������� H i i i i 11. i i a im inn  ******* i j**** f 11 M'������������*'M'������ I   *)**9**)M*)*)**'**%<*)*f ************ IIAIM  i  ?  13500  Worse  Power  Turbine  13500  Horse  Power  Turbine  i  t  r  ������  The Spirit of the Time Demands  RELIABLE,   SAFE,   ECONOMIC AL   PQWER  Stave Lake Power is Dependable and Economical  By harnessing the Great Stave River we have made it possible to generate 100,000 horse power of electrical energy at our Stave Falls Plant,  the Biggest Electrical Feat in Western Canada.  100,000 HORSE POWER  Or half as much again as the combined connected load in steam and electricity in Vancouver today, a fact of great significance to local industeries.  vESS::tt*2������fim������*UmBMg-   WESTERN CANADA POWER CO., Ltd. &&8BKb!c8  R. F. HAY WARD, General Manager  JOHN MONTGOMERY, Contract Agent   ;  ...  ' |gllltllifrlll-rillflll1llllll11111llll11lllt-11tltll11t<-ttl1fl1tl**T*,,****l*,,**,'*t*tt,,**t,*fl*gt*,*w,**',,**^,l****y,',*,Ji'1',',,'ailM1''*t*iaB*M111(1 ****������ ������������������������������������llMlillltHlas* [V  Is  ���������wan  TTTi? 13PPWPPV PUT,.  .���������������  ���������LtBBflg  99B  VOXXOS  TO  OMOXYOM.  TAKE NOTICE that Frederick Wills  Painter, 441 Hastings Street East, Van  couver, B. C, on the 19th day of Octobei  assigned all his estate of R. I* Malt  land, Clerk, 415 Winch Building, Van  couver, B. C, tor the benefit of h>  creditors.  A meeting of creditors will be held a*  416 Winch Building, Vancouver. B. C.  on the 7th day of November, 1911, at 6  o'clock in the afternoon.  Creditors are requested to i������nd i������  their claims duly verified to the Asslg  nee, 416 Winch Building, Vancouver, oi  or before the 1st day of December, 1911  and the Assignee will then proceed t<  distribute the estate, having regard onl>  to claims Bled.  Dated tliis 24th day of October, 1911  BURNS & WALKER,  Solicitors for the Assigmt  xuun> 4,0*.  New Westminster Land District  New Westminster District  TAKE NOTICE, that F. T. Plerc>  Cond, et Vancouver, surveyor, intends U  apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at  the northwest corner of Lot 1410; theno  east 27 chains to the west boundary or  lot 2522 G. 1; thence north 4u chains,  thence west 20 chains; tbence north 4(  chains; thence west 26 drains; thenc*  north 40 chains, more or less to the soutl  boundary of Lot (2524. Q. 1; thence west  10 chains, more or less, *o the shore oJ  Sechelt Inlet; thence southeasterly alon*  the shore line to point of commencement  containing 200 acres mere or leas.  Located on the 12th flay of Octobei  1911.  Dated 31st October. 1911..  F. T. FIERCY COND.  W. J. PASCOE, Agent  1 PIRST-CLASS  SHOEMAKINQ  AND SHOE REPAIRING  DONE AT  PETERS & CO.  Near Corner Main Street aad Broadway  DR. R. INGRAM  Physician   and   Surgeon  Office and Residence:  SUITE A. WALDEN BUILD'G  25th Ave. and Main St  SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS  (Continued from Paf.e2)  the world. , weeks, has been opened   under   tbe  The huge span of this new bridge is management of Messrs. McHousman  no less than 328 feet. This beats the & Cathcart, who intend to personally  famous concrete arch at Auckland, > conduct the business on sound, clean  New Zealand, whose span is just 320 lines that will be a fulfillment of pub-  feet. Another huge viaduct in this lie duty amply recognized and ably  material has Just been built in Texas  performed.  whose length is a mile and a quarter, j    The .new hotel stands conveniently  Its greatest height is 60 feet, and the jUBt out 0f the noise    of    Granville  B. Pope, Prop.  519 BROADWAY W.  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjepair Wotir.  Factory Experience  Best References  W. Jl.<GOARD.  Avenue,  The Best EAT in the City.  A Good Square Meal always  guaranteed, otherwise  money returned.  Meals 6 to 10;  11:30 to 2;  5 to 8.   Short orders at all  hours.  Meal Tickets, $4.50  total cost was about $700,000.  The proposed competition is an interesting one, and I venture the prediction that experts will be considerably surprised at the local talent it  will evoke.  The Eame-remarks apply to the city  street traffic, yet within one block,  and'between two car lines, thus being  within easy reach of all parts of the  city.  On the ground floor, facing Seymour,  street, a new cafe restaurant has been  > constructed to seat sixty guests, with  hall and jail competition, and in this ��������� handsome tiled floor and fancy mo-  matter 1 must congratulate the new j sale borders; the kitchen floors being  first substantial success. It is, I coa-j laid in terazzo to a central fall into  B. C. S. A. Society oa winning their; flush waste pipe, bo that the hose can  aider entirely due to their unaeUrsh! be turned on every day, or as needed,  and untiring efforts'that such a com- The greatest care has been taken  petition is to be hold.   Here I 9>ring with  all  sanitary    arrangement,  the  =-=ss=a=sas!B������������  TAKE NOTICE,  that.  >��������� d*r* ft**  FOR FIRST QUALITY  i Flour, Hay and Feed  f������������IW*t������IM������tiMm*t������NMM������������������l  ittafMaMeaMOMMtammmt*  I  EXPERT TEACHER <rf Violin, Man-  <Min,  Guitar,   Banjo,  Aalthoharp  and  Zither.  Twenty Private Lessons   -   $8.00  Nb Class Lessons  Musicians supplies of every description.  m  2*41 Westminster Rd* nr.Wa  vmm**tm**w*mtmama*\  ************************** **************************  ���������WuctesT p. o. box w  PHOTO: f*\rm*l M r  YQIWG & V0UNQ  PUUMBING and STEAMF1WING; H0T WATER  1HEATING ������nd STOVE CONNECTIONS:;  GENERAL REPAIRS.  First-lass work guaranteed.  fetiraate* <Qlven  MR. 2t������f and WOTlflRTHI WE  ************************ ******^*4*4^i-****i *********>  1  ���������*���������,  ���������I-  I-.  tt  toilets being tiled and marbled with  white Sicilian, whilst the fitments are  of the celebrated English "Twyford"  brand.  Terazzo floors, green tiled dadoes  and mahogany fitting? are used ln the  ornamentation; in the centre will be a  large leaded figure panel, the subject  portraying "Moderation."  No point for health, cleanliness and  comfort has been overlooked in the  new hotel, which contains over one  hundred rooms, and country cousins  coming to town, as well as business  i men and others, will find tbe nearest  ! approach to that "home from home"  or you Who remember oldj Weal whicn lB TO eluflive ln m<mt of  !?!?^!8 *loomv;*a11? *"[ cMsl! my .'i������������ -I*rger Plaew.  Messrs. McHousman & Cathcarfs.  catering In the handsome new cafe  will te ot such excellence aa to aim  at the Horatloan standard, which says  "'Let ������o nana, fancy ne "knows how to  dine  Till fee Ires teamed *htm Ait aai taste  onnibiire'"-  ���������at the Nev Hwael TOnfferm.  up against an ethical "study %'f another eort���������and that is: Sfcuuld a  building express Its use by tt* own design and feeling1?  If so the N<ew City Sdil should  FROWN���������if * building caffi be said to  achieve that habit. Poets often sing  about the frowning walls, so why not a  urifcole buttffing?  My meaning is that whereas a City  Hail should express the importance,  <ttga)ty and beauty <tff the city and  wear a kind of Moara Liza expression  as it were, a Jail 'Should decidedly i  frown.  Tthose  of  you  Who  i  ��������� ���������  -r  *  OF ALL KINDS  GO TO  meaning,  wtte.  Aithiuatftural readers please|  6BT SQUARE.  BROS.  O ir  ��������� '���������    ��������� ���������'."���������''������������������  You will receive courteous  treatment. Prompt attention given to all orders.  MAIM ST.  BETWEEN Mth aad 27ta AYES.  y- PHONE FAIRMONT 181*  A New Vancouver Hotel  The me^Jlyt transformed Darffeita feav  ���������tel, an imposing block at the canter  <of 8njythe and Seymour, after tatag  in <4ihe-milMera'   hands for   several  ���������better from Japan  ffadt, eanrd that to why they Aare not  facilitate the introduction of capital  IPo'the'gqltor of,Tne Weata��������� Call:    j and skill and brains into ������ieir own  8tT���������^Astbhe monopoUztBg ������f the ftsn-f 'cmrotry *ry iftnwe who alrewBy poasess  'ing tmluitry of BrlUsk CdasmWa iby  tth������ ^lapntese appeals to 5������ oecomtngr  a-serious problem "tor lam'VrKhA '0������-;  'lunibtaoi,; perhaps the views ������nr������"Brtt-  iisher -Nnho haa na* dose ������m ibatsy  years' experience ������t the Japanese In  thetT own country suit, wldie wtt mt-  ���������faring a complete remBdr. at least  pbmt' the direction 3a whit* sndh man-  edymay he legitimately ssd elfeafive-  ly sought  If our rule of life were simply an  tthsoa:; mA <snnnaims %g Uw loss and  retardation of Japan in consequence.  In tact, t������ some xsretul otreervert it  uppeaTB that in spite bttfhe^arvelibtis  acquisition of foreign ideas during the  past fifty years, Japan Is In Teaf&y  rapiflly falling behind in the great in-  ternatlomfl race.  What 'a warning this Should 1������ to  "British Columbia to tcrtrH narrow-  minded policies and to seek only the  highest Ideals, so that with her enor-  eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth1 mous resources she may Bee her sons  :it -would be only necessary to take talce the'ir' share in the peaceful dom-  PhOMO Fairmont 04*3      Always in Mt Pk*eerrt  Jelly's Express  and Baggage Transfer  Stand���������Main an4 Broadway  Phone - Fairmont 845  ��������� <*ii11nnn1111111*111*** 11ini<11i****i*t******4>**  jj Wiltoughfey^s Cash Grocery j.  A Stock of Staple and Fancy GROCERIES  PROVISION BUTTCR, EGG& JFLOUR. VEGETABLES, FRUJTS  Courteous   Treatment.   Good  -Service,   Proscpt   Delivery   and  Reasonable Prices.  :: Gtr. lltiive. aaiS. GstiMrines St.  none Fairmont 02!  inafioa x>r the Pacific ocean.  Toots truly,  KKTTISTn5R.  the 'Japanese fishing laws sM cualsans  as applied to Britishers rt Japan *rafl  enforce them against the .Japanese in  British Columbia. The Japanese  \wot1M have sore eres ani toothache  with a vengeance.  But we are white men. and ������fihe  white man's law is to do onto others  as ire would they should ������1������ vnto Ibsnv  'So we cannot, without doing our-  fsdlres dishonor, stoop to the lower  standard of the Japanese, wttose nnav  to :is not Give and talie," "but "You  gjive, II'take," every time.  However, let us be Just ani oonsiAV  er wthyttae Japanese sbcadd j*e-w such  excessive greediness compared with  other <people. The reason is the same  as with the Siwash who takes your  cow and converts it Into deer meat.  You 'have more than plenty *o eat.  while'he'has not enough.   Therefore,  if the .3apanese are to he condemned licensed premises has been established  because their views aB to the proper and all such places are visited and In-  distrlbtifion of property do not entire- \ spected at resrorar Intervals, with the  ly coincHie with those of their neigh-! result that all such places are now  bors, they rare also to be pitied, it is j ueing operated ln strict accordance  starvation which presses them to try wnh the regulations of the by-laws  for all the-dhort cuts In life and makes ' governing same,  them preSer to fight for their food J Only two licenses have been tan-  rather than work for it. A false policy' celled during the year, which fact it-  ot course, trot when a man is starving ������elf speaks for the general good con-  he has no ttme to think of anything, duct of all license holders,  but the quickest way to get food. How j The ree������on for the increase in the  false a policy this Is becomes easily j revenue of billiard and pool rooms was 1  apparent when you consider that what caused by the increase of the fee for  with conscriptfcyn and war taxes the same, which came into efTect at the  country is becoming more and more  first of the vear.  dat*. we, Kenneth P. Matheseo. mtnmf  and John M. Baker, acaat, both ef V������j������������<;  couver, B. C, intend to applv fcr a U- ' ���������������*.���������-������?*  cense to proapect Xor coal and psmimami1-,y't4 3w  on the vacant ground, both foreshore and ' '-'j/M' "^i'i  aubmarine, ln ths following eeaerlWit :(:'%-;\f  ar������a^  I.   CommeBcln^ at^a post plantafr    y- -.'-'; Ji-  - f f v^  on the foreshore of tbe SW4 of MCtio������  9, Gabriola Island. Nanalmo Dlat;tbeae*  80 chaln9 south; thence 90 chains West;  thence 80 chalna north; thence 99 chafaa  east, to point of commencement.  v -       ,  Dated December Oh, 1911. ������������������>  KENNETH  P.  MATHESON,  JOHN M. BAKER. -,  WT������it������rn Call, 1st laaarUon. Dee. I������, till  sm  "���������' k a :,?i  TAKE  NOTICE,   that,   10 ;������������OT':^r������wf^ '  date, we. Kenneth P. Matheson, mlnet'.,:;  and John M. Baker, agent, both'OtVSteH^^il^^^  couvar, B. C Intend to apply..'ilor'^'iWH^^WSlM1  cense, to prospect for coal and:petrolaoaav::;;.;,oi;fe!i;*:!,;.ri  on the ��������� vacant- '-ground;'' 'both-^ lor&mo&Ki-WMf&M  and submarine, ln the toliowlncrde������erttiM^r|.ri:<%< m$m  area: 2. ; Commenclnc at ������.poat;pla������t������<^,^%v"-'-J^''-'-"'il'  on the. foreshore of the' SW% ��������� or.asctlO>.^^?H^K.^?  9. Oabriola lalajnd. Nanalmo ������>laL; thenea ^wMMmi  so chains aouth;^thence-;ata^$������:ehaIa������8^^SM������pl  thence north to the.shor������.ltoe-6fcOaatlaia^^VrMff^..[.-.  Island: thence. we������torly.^-followli������,:tal:^:^fefe^  shore line to point of commenicemanL ^F'^-iMtw^M  ���������       ....������������������'-. :���������������������������'.��������� ���������;r!'������������������.''��������� . ~'i.   ���������<'M,':\'n'.uJ-'!\'.'!'kv4  : Dated December 4th, 1*11. 'il^ryWV'^^^^^b"  KENNETH  P   MATHESON.  JOHN, M. BAKEK.     )  Western Call, lat Inaertion, Dae. St, ltlL  I  **************************  TAKE NOTICE, that. ���������������������������. days from  date,_ we, Kenneth P. Mathaaon, sstasr.  . Intend to apply           cense to 'prospect for coafind rMtraleust  for^a;^:  and John M. Bakar, a������-ent. botb of Vi  , Intend to apply for  pect for coal and patr   around, foreshore aM  marine, in the following descrtbad   ,.M*  1  couver, B. C,  cense t<   on the vacant (round, foreshore' lad ,---t   ...  ..,,, -M���������.,  marine, in the follwlng'deacrlbiid^a^feKE^#i!ii  S. ��������� Commencing, al' a,. 9om%rj^t^Slkii^m^0m  Oabriola' Island. 'Nanalmo ^la^&|o^|}i|t������il  .. si  S'fiVl  the foreshore of Qabrmla Taland,*'���������')������*���������;',>���������.���������/,-���������*w-.-.-^  one mile weat^ of a poet vUtot&?m]WkW'&il%wM&4  foreshore  of, the  8wtt   ajf.tf������aaiiaai-&a^^'^.A%a^^'l  80 chains south; thence west H ehalial  thence north: to chains; thence eastvj#^^  chains, to point of conumnoenMBt     J    r  Dated December 4th, 1911.  KENNETH P. MATHEION.  JOHN  1C.  BAKER.  Western Call, lat Insertion Dee,  m  NOTICE,  that. M^sjrp]*  MRS, W. O'OBLL  POWtAR rtltthC TEACHER  Has roopened her 8todio  Teran Con^aencing Sept. 5  dnMret) asneciaHy.���������' -For terms appl^  .'  m 0roas1w<vW. ^^.-���������  ������HHwiHtm   Wownt Plcassnt  take . ���������_.t _ ^  date, we, Kenneth P. Hathaeoni miner,  and John M; .Baker, agent, both of Vancouver. B. c��������� intend lo apply for a,^aV  cen<e to prospect for coal and petrotaaBl  on the vacant ground, both foreabore and  submarine In the following described  area: 4. Commanclns; at a pest plaatsA  on the foreshore of Gabriola Island,:and  2 miles west of a post planted on the  foreshore of the BW14 of saction 9.  Gabriola Island, Nanalmo Dlst; thanoa  south 80 chains; thence west it chains;  thence north 80 chains; thence east M  .chains, to point of communcemant      *';  '-Dated December 4th, 1911.V'.;.'-'^  v^ KENNETH  P.  MATHSBON.  mim  rJtfSl  JOHN  M.  BAKER,  Western Call. 1st Insertion. Dtw. It, ikifc  s.rfrj;^-  tyn mMM9Mm  TAKB NOTICE,   ...  date, we Kenneth P.  and John M. Baker, scant  couver, B. C, Inten^Tto i  cense to: prospect for coal  on the vacant ground, both   ..  aubmarios In -the iollowtng  area:; t.   Comntenclnc at a i  on the foreshore of Gabriela  9 miles west of a post plan  forsahora -of  the  8W%  ������t -  Gabriola Island, -Nanalmo J>ts<  80 chains south; thence 80 cb*..    ...  thence, 80 chains, north; thence east  chains to point of comroencementr  Dated December Ub, 1911.,  Western Call, 1st Insertion. Dec 29. itll^  Open Pay *ikJ Niglit  OffSCCsnd CHAPSI.  202������fr������nvllleSt.   fhone Sey. 8282  that' 80 days from*  Ms'"  sLlcense Report  To the Chairmati and Meraners of the  Finance Committee, Vancouver, B. C.  Gentremen���������I have the Tumor to submit this, my second annual Teport,  upon the Trades License Department  for the year 1911, together with the  returns Tor the same period, which  ���������s"how an 'increase of f8,68W.'80 over  the returns for the year l&lt).  The total -number of licenses Issued  during the year was 3,656, "bringing in  a revenue of $44,560.30.  ATI by-laws vt the department have  heen strictly enforced during the  y������ar.  A-regular ssytem of inspection of all  9ranp9  f  AND CONFECTIONERY  Only the Best kept  tWSIilS        655 Broalnay������  Awtwnica! Shoe store  Parke Houston, Prop.  Repairs a Specialty  harness and Shoemaking  ������3S2 fraser St, op. soth Ave.  *^*****<^t***************i  :* <  4>.ti.|..l..ti.|.4-l"t-H"l"t"t"t'������������"l"ti4������1-���������!������������������!��������� ���������!������������������>������������   *A-******A'*'^^>****A'*A'4������\'****Ji ,  impoverished, while at the same time  the Japan stream contains enough fish  In conclusion. Iwish to state that the  recent revision and consolidation of all  '***************^**4* I 1V**l****4*************V****<**  Sterling Cafes  1.2  No. I  Kin. Hasegawa, Prop.  2611 Main Street, near 10th Ave.  Phone: Fairmont 620R  625 Main Street, near Avenue Theatre  Phone: Seymour 7009  ! to feed the whole of Asia if the Japan- trades license by-laws will place the  ese were to devote half their present; department on a much better working  military waste to the taking of this j basis. All of which is respectfully  food  whicn lies at    the  very doors.; submitted.   Yours truly.  CHARLES .TOXES,  Trades License Inspector.  i  If you buy our Meal Ticket for $3.75 you save money, and   %  % you can use the ticket at either Cafe i  4~i^t>**********<i^b****************&***^ 4  A  Higher Critic.  Master���������"I see you've got a horseshoe up there, Pat I thought you  didn't believe in that superstition."  Pat���������"Sure, an' I don't, sir. But I  have heard:that them as don't'believe:  in it gets the best luck."���������Punch.  THE QUESTION.  Were <the whole world as good as you  ���������not an atom better���������  Were H Just as pure and true.  Just ab jmre and true as you;  There is no need to cross the PaciSc  to find it.  It would T>e  folly to  drive  all  tbe j . ,,   .   Japanese pTeeipitateTr  out of British .THE HUMORIST AND THE CRANK.  Columbia.    It would  rain  the  fishing i    industry for a  long time. The    only \    During   his   voyage   across   the   At-  permanont way of solvrns the present  lantic,   Mr.   Jerome,  the    famous  au-  difficulty is to displace the Japanese  thor and humorist, was annoyed by a  population with "better men  from the  fellow passenger who persisted in sup-  Atlantic as quickly as possible.    And [ plying him with information he didn't  if there should be a Britisher amon?st  want.    He was leaning over the  rail I  them who tihnks that he cannot com-  one day, when this particular nuisance !  pete against "Japanese efficiency" send ; came up and tapped him familiarly on i  him   over   here  and  see   for  himself \ the shoulder.    "Do you know that  if i  what   this^ much   vaunted    efficiency \ the  earth was  flattened out, the  sea  amounts to.    Deprived of the advan- ��������� would be two miles deep all over the  tage of superior numbers, the Japan- world?"  ese cannot begin to compete with the j With an air of deep anxiety, Mr.  Britisher. He is not in it. He cannot: Jerome replied. "My dear sir, if you  live In the same water on anything | catch anybody flattening out the earth,  like equal terms. The Japanese them-; please shoot him on the spot. I can't  selves are  very much alive  to thin swim."  TORONTO  FURNITURE  STORE  3334 Main St.  Our stock of Furniture  is Large, Modem and  adapted to the tastes of  Buyers.  Dressers, Buffets, Tables  Chairs,  Couches,   Mattresses, Bedsteads, etc.  TAKE NOTICE,  date we, Kenneth p. Matheson; miner,",  and John M. Baker, agent, both of Vsi������-  couver. B. C. intend to apply for ilsV  cen^e to prospect for coal and petroleum ���������  on the vacant ground, both foreshore andi  submarine, In the following described,  area: ������. Commencing at a post plant**'  on the foreshore of Oabriola Island, ano*'  2 miles west of a poet planted on tea-  foreshore of the rfwtt <* section 9.  Gabriola Island. Nanalmo Dlst; therice-  80 chains west; thence north to tbe ���������  shore line; thence following the shone-  line southerly to point of commencement  Dated December 4th, 1911.  KENNETH   P.  MATHESON.   .  JOHN M. BAKER.  Western Call, 1st insertion Dec. 2������, 1911. -  t  A complete line of  Linoleums. Carpet Squares, etc.  .y  Drop in  and  inspect our goods.  ������ This is where you get a square  > deal.  i  *  t  *  t  TAKE NOTICE,  that.  SO  days  from*  22$e',T*- Kenneth p.  Matheson, m!nee>  and John M. Baker, agent, both of Van--  couver, B. C, intend to apply for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum  on the vacant ground, both foreshore and  submarine.   In, the   following  described  area:    7.   Commencing at a post planted  on the foreshore of Gabriola Itland, and  3 milea  west of a post planted on  the  foreshore  of  the  S.W.%   of section   9.  Gabriola Island, Nanalmo Dlst; thence  80 chains west; thence 80 chains north;  thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains  south, to point of commencement.  Dated December 4th, 1911.  KENNETH   P.   MATHESON.  JOHN M-  BAKER.  Western Call, lut Insertion, Dec. 29, 1911..  TAKE NOTICE, that. 30 days from  date, we. Kenneth P. Matheson, miner,  and John M. Baker, agent, both of Vancouver, B. <.'., Intend to a|������i>lv for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum  on the following submarine ground:  8. Commencing at a point 4 miles w������-;t  and 1% miles north of a post planted on  the foreshore of the SWV4 of section 9,  Gabriola Island. Nanalmo Dl-������t.; thence  60 chains west; thence 80 chain* north;  thence 60 chains east; thence SO chains  .south, to point of commencement.  Datetl December 4th,  1911.  KENNETH   P.   MATHKSON.  JOHN M.  BAKER.  Western Call, 1st insertion, Dec. 29, 191T.  TAKE NOTICR, that. 30 days from  (into, \vc. Krmneth P. Matlie-on, miner,  and .John M. Raker, asent. both of Vancouver, P.. C, intend to applv for a license to pro.-.pect for coal and petroleum  on the- following submarine ground:  9. Commencing at a point 4 miles we*t  and 2% miles north of a post planted en  the foreshore of the S\A'>i of section 9,  Gabriola Island. Nanaimo Dixf, thenre  SO chains vest; thence SO chains north-  thence SO chains east; thencu SO chains  south,  to point of commencement.  Dated   Decemner   4th,   1911.  KENNETH   P.   MATHKSON.  JOHN  M.   BAKER.  Western Call. 1st insertion. Dec. 29, J91!.  M. H. CTWAN  V  i  t  *  ���������5-  *  %  *  t  TAKE   NOTICE,   th:tt,   30   davs   from  ate,   we.   Kenneth   P.   Matheson.   miliar,  j arid John  M.  I?aker.  agent,  both  of Vancouver.   B.  C,   intend   to  appiv   for a   li-  ! cen.se to prospect for coa! and" petroleum  on     the     following     -vacant     submarine  ground: 10, commencing: at a point 1 miles  west   and   2%    miles   north   of   a   post  planted on the foreshore of the SW'4  of  section     9,    Gabriola    Island,    Nanaimo  DisL; thence 40 chains north; thence ������0  chains    east:    thence   80   chains   south;  thence SO chains west:  thence  10 chains  north, to point of commencement.  Dated December 4th, 1911.  KENNETH   P.   MATHESON  . . T . JOHN M. BAKER.  ' :-4^4^-K-^~:-^-W-W~M������K-M-l������>-H-H- Western C -11, 1st Insertion, Dec. 2&. 131J THE WESTERN CALL.  /  ���������e^e������e������e������������������e������������������ niuiiii i   ��������� t uiii iniii  AG   MANN 232 Broadway East  rm*'-   ^9*    '.",'������������������       (Between Main end Westminster Kd.)  WE HAVE JUST ADDED  Ladies' Tailoring  ' ���������        - j��������� ' '  To Our Well-known Tailoring Establishment  Our Ladies1 Tailor lias come direct from New York  ������*  t   ������t *  III   HI'll'l   I   I   I   I'l   t   ���������   ���������   t   ���������   ���������   *        ���������   ������   ������"������   ������'���������   ������   ������nt Hn������i ���������   ������i'������   ���������   |i|i|ii|ii|i|ii|ii|   t !���������������'���������������  ������llH'v4"l'<"l"H"l"l"*',t,'*"t"i"*"������"������ii"r^"������'W   ****************���������''*********  ���������������  Market  Phone:   Fairmont 621  2513 Main St., Near Broadway  Saturday Special  r\EAT  Rolled Roasts  Prime Rib -  Sirloin Roast  Fresh Side Pork  Lea; Pig Pork  Pork Sausage  Loins of Lamb  16c-18c per lb.  - 18c '������,  - 20c "  - 16c ."  - 20c '������  - 12tfc "  - 20c "  Swift's Hams      - 20c    "  Swift's Bacon     ��������� 26c    "  Cal. Hams - 16c    "  Sugar Corned Beef Tongue 60c ea.   !  Good Lard - - ' 2 lbs. 25c  Fresh ranch Eggs 2 dot. 75c  Table Butter         -      2 lbs. 76c   ���������  FISH DEPARTMENT  finest FfanangHaddi 12)������c per lb.;  Kippers       -     -      10c    "  Smoked Salmon  -     16c    "  Smoked Halibut -     16c    "  Fresh Soles -      10c    "  " Salmon - 15c "  " Halibut -, 15c '���������������������  Oysters    Lobsters    Crabs  ; No Credit.       No Delivery!       Strictly Cash, i:  > ,.  ;      We give you the benefit of all expense of delivery ard book-keeping    ;;  TMwhjan W*W>9K09*VT Markat  ���������������������������fMM IM Ml ������> H >'N 11 I'l   ******* *** 11������|i 1 * 111 j* | ***];  l^^iE^r  132  Broadway  Near  Main St.  This Theatre is one of the most up-to-date places of amuse-  merit in the city.  The Lantern and Electrical Apparatus  is of the latest approved type, ensuring a clear  ana steady picture.  A Complete Change of Programme JSvery  Monday, Wednesday W Friday  gvery film is inspected by the management before  mi shown to the public and only those which  would pass the strictest censor are selected.  Prices of Admission:   Adults 10c  Children 5c  BRQAPWAY, NEAR MAIN STREET  IMPORTANT TO BUYERS OF REAL  ESTATE.  A. M. Beattie, the pioneer and successful real estate auctioneer, has just  closed a contract with the. owner ot  the Sumner place, being Dl 70, comprising 392 lots, which he will put on  the market at an auction sale on February 12, of which full particulars will  appear in the local papers on Satur-  Burnaby line of the B. C. B. it., only  day next;  The property is situated on tbe  five minutes ride from the Martin  property in the Hastings townslte, and  will be cleared in the same way as the  latter.  . This subdivision Is right at the  crossing of the B. C. E. R. and the  Great Northern Railway, "and therefore has a double service into the  rltv. it trnn rich soil and level ground  and is within a stone's throw of Stave  Lake substation, which cost $300,000,  also the proposed steel works.  A very good reason why Mr. Beattie  haa been successful with all his real  real estate sales is that he will only  undertake sales of merit.  When seen by a reporter lie explained that he had refused no less  than eight real estate sales the last  six months for different reasons, such  as inaccessibility and outside towns,  and he positively refuses to have his  name connected with any townsite he  has not seen and personally inspected, and he said he could not understand how anyone would buy lois seven or eight hundred miles from, Vancouver when in nine'cases out of ten  the seller of the lots had never seen  them. Mr. Beattie further said: "Here  are lots I am putting on the market  that are offered for the first time,  within a few minutes' ride from the  center of the city of Vancouver. You  can go and see them any hour of the  day. They are close to the best city  on the North American continent, and  everyone knows it must grow east and  south. You can build on these lots and  work in the city. They are just over  the boundary line from the city and  there is'nothing you can buy today  that is more certain of an advance.  My advice would be: "Put your money  into lots that will be In Greater Vancouver before long and reap the full  benefit yourself."  Watch for display ad and comparative values next issue.  ARE YOU MORTGAGED?  Many farmers in this Western Country labor under a serious disadvantage  of having to pay heavy rates ���������of interest on mortgages owing to the lack of  sufficient capital to start with. Interest  from 8 to 12 per cent- is too high. The  Family Herald and Weekly Star baa  taken up tbe fight for the western farmers in earnest and is urging the  government to establish a loan system  to assist them.  The Family Herald and Weekly  Star wants the Government to borrow  large sums in England at a low rate  and guarantee principal and interest  and loan the money, under proper supervision to farmers at a reasonable  rate. Never did a paper take up a  more, worthy cause, and tbe Family  Herald and Weekly Star deserves the  credit of every Westerner. The articles  appearing in The Family Herald and  Weekly Star are well worth reading.  The paper costs only one dollar per  year and is the best value in tbe newspaper world.  BUILDING NOTES.  of their Investments being tied up by  the building, trades.  Felicitations to Mr. John Andrews,  the, genial manager of the Ferro^ Concrete Company of Vancouver on scooping his last big job. Mr. Andrews possesses a host of friends in Vancouver  who all join in wishing him the best  of luck for the 1912 contracts..  ANNEXATION OFFICIAL RETURNS.  The official figures in connection  with the South Vancouver annexation  vote were as follows: For annexation,  $4,414,695.82; against, $1,205>,083.S0.  The assessable property entitled to  vote  was  $30,642,056.52.  The retarns Bhow a percentage of  a little over 15, instead of the 51, required by law. ���������  FRASER   AVENUE   IMPROVEMENT  ASSOCIATION.  Two paid secretaries have been appointed, for the purpose of forwarding  the scheme for the widening of Fraser  avenue by obtaining the signatures of  property owners promising to give  free grants of land for widening pur-1  poses. |  A meeting of the association is being held  this  week to   consider    a  Bcheme  to   establish  an  automobile [  service between  Fraser avenue    and  Ladner.  Material for the structure ia to be ordered immediately, and work will be  started as soon as it arrives. It is expected that the building will be com-  TO THE CITIZENS OF VANCOUVER.  All citizens and other persons' who  may, out of curiosity or otherwise, join  or gather or be near any crowd, mob  or assembly, which the police of the  city are endeavoring to break up and  disperse, are hereby notified and requested to disperse and go away to  their homes or places of business immediately upon the police endeavoring  to disperse or break up any such  crowd, mob or assembly or notifying  same to disperse or break up.  In dispersing or breaking up any  such crowd, mob or assembly, it is impossible for the police to distinguish or  discriminate between those who form  same, so that otherwise innocent and  reputable citizens are liable to suffer.  / JAMES FINDLAY,  Mayor.  City Hall, Jan. 20, 1912.  NEW WATER MAINS.  pleted by July 1 The capacity will be  tor 10,000 subscribers, but on opening  it it is expected that but half that  number of services will be required.  Forty-five operators will be employed  at the start.  The new exchange will serve Grand-  view, Hastings Townsite, Mount rieas-  ant and Cedar Cottage.  Be  Your Own  WE HAVE 6 HOUSES LI8TED BE-  low that we can deliver subject to  the firBt deposit. Look them over,  then see us.  No. 1  TWO MORE HOLDUP8.  Messrs. Cleveland & Cameron, waterworks engineers, are of the opinion  that all parts of Burnaby will be supplied with water by May 15. Six-inch  pipes have been substituted for the  four-inch pipes on the Douglas and  Paterson roads. The steel water tower  at Paterson is nearing completion, and  others will be commenced as toon as  possible. Specifications and a call for  tenders for the supply of pipe to be  laid under the 1912 by-law have been  authorized. When this system is completed it will be sufficient to supply  75,000 people with 50 gallons daily.  THE LOCAL OPTION CONVENTION.  *4***4*-***t.*******t*-*t*$*l***������***4***i*t**********1  Our Opinion on the.  Ranffe Question  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  best merchandise in our line. ������  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market   In our opinion  TOmnanse  is the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it  If there was a better range made, we would  advise you to buy it   Will  you not come and see it?t We  are sure we can convince you  inside of five minutes that what  we say about the South Bend Malleable is true.  '   :  W. R. OWEN  2337 Main Street - Phone Fairmont 447 <j  ^t)*******t*%***t*i*t***i*********i*******t***i***t***  Mr. Creer is to be congratulated on  Ibis appointment as resident sewage  engineer in Vancouver, bet us hope  what Plymouth loses this city will  gain. Tbe main drainage of Plymouth  waa a stupendous undertaking, and  during its construction many mistakes were made and much burning up  of legal talent was required before all  errors of omission and commission  were corrected. We believe the town  clerk even donned a diving dress and  descended to the bottom of the Sound  so as to be in a position to give first*  hand evidence at the long legal fight  that marked this work.  The late Mr. James Mansergh's  plans were severely criticised in many  directions, and it was an open secret  that the plans of another British expert were largely adopted. At all  events Mr. Baldwin Latham, M.I.C.B.,  used to declare that he showed Plymouth the way and Mansergh was  given the job. Every good man learns  by past errors, therefore we have good  ground for hope that Vancouver will  escape all the errors that Plymouth  made. It will do no harm, however,  to warn the Drainage Commission that  "there's a chiel amang them' takin'  notes, an' faith, he'll print 'em" when-  ver the city's interests demand fair  criticism.  The building season is beginning to  show signs of healthy activity. It is,  therefore, the more to be regretted  that any foolish talk���������even of a strike  ���������should be indulged in in fire-brand  labor circleB at the present time. Such  men are no true friends of labor, as  last year's experience amply proved.  Capitalists will not advance a cent  when there-is the slightest probability  Much interest is being awakened respecting the coming convention, and  a large delegation from all over the  Province is expected. The programme  will show the importance of the subjects to he discussed and some of the  prominent speakers who will take  part. The meetings will be held in  tbe auditorium of the Central Mission,  Abbott street, Vancouver, to which all  persons interested'in temperance, moral and social reforms are most cordially invited- Notices have been sent  to all pastors for their churches, and  an invitation is here given to the citizens of the Province to be present and  make this a banner convention for  temperance. The programme is as  follows:  Thursday, February 1,8 p. m.���������Open-  ing service by Rev. Dr. Wright. Grand  rally, public meeting. Address by Hev.  Dr. Pidgeon on "Christian Citizenship,"  and Dr. Ernest Hall will give an "Illustrated Address." The choir of tbe  Sixth Avenue Methodist Cbureii will  give special music under tbe direction  of Mr. William Hicks on Thursday  night.  Friday, February 2, 9 a. m.���������Devotional service led by Rev. J. F. Bette.  Appointment of convention secretaries,  reporters and tbe roll call.  10:00 a. m.���������President's address by  Mr. R. R. Cairns.  10:20 a. m.���������Report of Superintendent  pr. Spencer- and Treasurer Mr. W. J.  Paris. District reports by delegates,  i Appointment of committees and other  business.  11:20 a. m.���������Discussion of "Tbe Situation in British Columbia," led by  Rev. N. A. Davis.  11:40 a. m.���������"Temperance Responsibility In Sunday Schools," by Rev. C.  W. Whlttaker.  Committees meet at 1 p. m.  2:00 p. m.���������Opening service, by Rev.  A. E. Roberts.  2:15 p. m.���������Consideration of amendments to existing laws, instrduced by  superintendent  3:15 p. m.���������"Local Option in the  Maritime Provinces," by Dr. Sawyer.  3:45 p. m.���������"Local Option in Ontario," a paper by Mr. F. S. Spence, Toronto.  4:15 p. m.���������Reports of committees,  discussion, of future policy, finances,  and other business.  5:30 p. m.���������Adjournment  8 p. m.���������Opening service, led by Rev.  'P. C. Parker.  , 8:15 p. m.-7-Installation of new president and other officers. Address by  Rev. Wm. Stevenson, "The Drink Traffic and Its Remedy;" address, Prof.  Clifford, Columbian college, "A Worldwide View;" address, Rev. D. Spencer,  "What Next?" Solos, selected, by  Mrs. Stuart McDairmid and Mr. Jack  Spencer..  It is reported that Mr. G. S. Nicholson of Seventeenth Xvenue West lost  his watch and $1 in cash to a man  with a, large revolver at the corner of  Sixteenth Avenue and Tupper street.  Mr. B. T. Gunning, a hardware merchant of Central Park reported on  Tuesday morning that he was robbed  on Monday evening at the point of a  revolver at the corner of Cedar Cottage and Westminster roads. Mr. Gun.  ning was compelled to hand over two  gold medals and a watch and chain.  The holdup was described as a slender fellow of about five feet nine inches in height and weighing about 140  pounds. He had brown eyes and sharp  features and wore a black overcoat  with velvet collar.  BUILDING PERMITS.  Thirty-four building permits, totaling |35,000. were issued by Building  Inspector Young during .the week ending January 27.  TIWIF  QUEEN KEYHOMIE  informs tbe public of her wonderful  powers in reading the history of one's  life by examining the palm of the  hand. Advice in all busiuess matters  and family affairs; tells you what  you are best adapted for; tells you tbe  name of your future companion,  whether living or dead; tells you what  planet you were born under and  what part of the country is the luckiest for you. Why not see the best?  It costs no> more. Satisfaction or no  charge; all readings strictly confidential.   Permanently located at  1009 QRANVIU.E ST.  Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  HOUSE NO. 315.���������17TH AVENUE  West, 6 rooms, furnace, fireplace,  panelled hall and dining room, hath  and toilet separate, open balcony at  back en second floor, full lot 33x137  to lane. Our price to sell quick is  only $5260 and terms of $600 cash  and the balance $100 every 3 mos.  and Interest at 1%.  No.2  HOUSE NO. 27*.���������18TH AVE. WEST,  33x137 ft. lot, 7 rooms and all modern  conveniences; furnace.. We can deliver this home for $5500, only $Wt  ' cash and the balance at %** per  month Including interest See this  home without delay.  No,3  120 22NO AVE. W., NEAR QUEBEC  St, 5 rooms, bungalow style, furnace,  laundry tubs, bath and toilet sep.,  bevelM plate and colored' glass  doors, electric fixtures, all complete,  our price only $4200, only $600 cash  and the balance $35.00 per mo. and  Interest.  No. 4  NEW TELEPHONE EXCHANGE.  A contract for the building of a four-  story brick and stone exchange on  Turner street, near Victoria drive, has  been awarded to Messrs. Snider & Bre-  thour by the B. C. Telephone company.  Stop J look I  Umton!  Would you give tbe world (if you  bad It) in exchange for perfect health?  Many would. But to have perfect  health your nerves must be free from  pressure. Are your nerves free from  pressure? Let me examine your spine  and tell you where the pressure (if  any) exists. Spinal adjustments will  release the pressure and remove the  cause of your ill-health. Chiropractic  adjustments make the bowels, kidneys,  heart, lungs, stomach and other organs  work normally, and the result is���������  PERFECT HEALTH.  You had better Investigate Chiropractic���������it is worth your while. I will  gladly explain the system to you if you  will call, or will mail you free booklet  on request. No charge for consultation.   Office hours:    1:30 to 6 p.m.  Ernest Shaw, D.C.  (Doctor of Chiropractic.)  250 22nd Ave. East.  (Close to Main St.)   Take Davie car.  High Class Confectionery  Cakes and Pastry  Extra Fancy Table Fruits  A Good Line of BOX STATIONERY  '   at Special Prices.  Mt. Pleamant Oonteotlonery  2440 Mate 5t. W.H. Armstrong-, Prop.  Shoe Repairing  BY AN  EXPERIENCED WORKMAN  Thos. Farrington  BROADWAY,  Betwees Mala St. sad Westminster Hi.  HOUSE ON CORNER 18TH ANP  John St., 6 rooms, furnace, fireplace,  panelled hall and dining room, electric light fixtures, good high k>t and  corner; sold for $4800; you can have  It now for $4500, $500 cash and the  balance $45 per mo., including interest.  No. 5  HOUSE NEXT TO THE ABOVE- SIM-  liar to above in every way. Price  only $4200, $400 cash, balance $40 per  month, including interest.  No. 6  H0U8E ON 50 FT. LOT ON 17TH  Ave. near Martha St., 6 rooms, modern, only 1 block to cars, and a good  buy at $4500, easy terms.  <& CO.  2343 Main Street  Phone:   Fairmont    497 *  THE WESTERN GALL.  Almost Every-  to  999c  A most  varied stpck of  everyday  wants  1150 CwBierctal Drift  SOME FAMOUS AFFINITIES.  Portia and Bassanlo.  Ham and Eggs.  Pygmalion and Galatea.  Romeo and Juliet.  Liver, and Bacon.  King Manuel and Gaby Deslys.  Punch and Judy.  Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Jack and Jill.: \  Hamlet and Ophelia.  Fever and Ague.  Beefsteak and Onions.  Anthony and Cleopatra.  Pork and Beans.  Mr. Yeast���������What do you understand  by "righteousness indignation," dear?  . Mrs. Yeast���������Why, I suppose it is  when a man gets Indignant and  doesn't swear.���������Yonkers Statesman.  Try a "CALL" ad.  Dr. de Van's female Mtt������  A idiabls Reach ttpilator;a������ve? falls. These  ���������Uk) are ���������aoBdlaaiv pownfai la refnlsttag the  Sold at  Campbell's   Drug   Store  Cor. Hastings and Granville Sts.  Vancouver, B.O.  A Few Samples of Our Prices  Two Large Cane of Tomatoes, a can, 15c; tvw> for���������.���������.���������-  Two Cans of Quaker Com.....���������.���������. ~~'. .......~.���������������_���������  Two Cans of String Beans..  Choice Salmon, a' tiny 10c; three for.  Pineapple, a tin, 10c; three for^^.  ���������y���������  44Mb. Sack Five Rosea.Flour, a sack......  18 Iba. B. C. Granulated Sugar, a sack.  Raisins, a package, 15c; three for........  Sultana Raisins,-'four packages for.............  Utility Milk, a can, 10c; three for.....���������  Sunlight Boap, 6 Bare for..���������...���������..���������.���������...���������  Fela Naptha Soap, * Bare for.......���������. ...-.���������...............  Egge, a dozen, 85e; three doxen for....;..���������.,......���������.............  New/Zealand Butter, a pound, 40c; three pounds for...  Choice Cooking Onions, 7 Iba. for.   Snider** Catsup, a bottle    Pure Gold Icing, a package ���������~~-   Windsor Salt, ��������� 8ack* for���������- ~  Dill, Plcklee, a dozen  English Walnuts, a pound    Prune*, a lb* 10o; three Iba. for..  Pumpkin* two Can* for  ~~z���������  .25c  25c  .25c  .   25c  .   25e  $140  $1.15  .,25c  .   25c  .   26e  .   25c  .   25c  $140  $1.00  .   25c  .   25c  .   10c  .   25c  .   20c  .   15c..  .   25c  .   25c  BAKERY.  Apple, Mince, Renin Pisa, each-  Lemon Pies, each   Layer Cake, each   Fruit Cake, at, a lb.  10c  15c  25e  15c  15c  Scotch Short Sread, only, a doaenr   Give Our dread ��������� Trial.   (WhyT)  / EVERYBODY'S pOINO IT1  WiimiDeg Grocery and BaKery  f    M0. p. Jones, 'Prop.  Corner Harris and Campbell Ave.  piion* nighlanc������l02 branch Post Off Ice  Friday. Feburary 7,1913  ** H 11 ������l r H lllilMim >i t nllilllllUMIHWHIl PI P������ *.  Commercial Prive and Hth Ave.  "Hie Home wqwa)^^,^  Business cornea our way because we Jceep what  the people need and charge moderately.  Only the best brands kept in stock.  Our goods are all guaranteed and money refunded if  not satisfactory.      r  J. P. Sinclair, Prop.  ^6: FainHOOH033  NERVOUS, UFELE88  OEBILITATEO MM  various drag stars aostran*.  ffeatftelS  i'te hundred* '���������   of those who war*  re inscribe ���������pedficm*  laeeiSUafto the   m-ym hate a������  j Is one of tbe masts of           in oar treatment csar  not fidLfor we maAt leawata adapted to  eadhtaOMaamlaiBK Only amble, casta ao>  eeptad. _W������ swr* *$m I  Has your blooub  CASES GUAKAKTllD  OR NO fAT  I Areyea a Ttctfmt Hare yoa loss  - ������������ Are you intendta* to manyt   jyourbtood been Aaeaaedt Baveyoaan*  waakaenf Ow Ne* Mitfcti Twaf���������iwdj  enrayoa. Vbatltbasdona for oOwnit wfll  do Cor you. Cuaeakulia Fmm. Ko matter  vtobH treated you, write for aa boneat  ���������$toyboo4, iSSboodj^SaVteod." (X  MO NAMES USED wTTHOUr WKfTTEN CONSENT. Nc,i  ���������._ _ElLliJj&MS fWd.11.1   OjMtftaLMaadCa*������f Tree!  I FREE FORI  DRsKENNEDr&KENNEDY  Cor. WchlJ������iiAve.������nclG*woMSt., Deta* Mich..  NOTICE  All letters from Canada tmist he addressed  to our Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor, Ont. If yon desire to  see n* personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat  aw sweats' in our Windsor offices which are for Correspondence and  Laboratory for Canadian bnshieaa only.   Address all letters as follows:  DRS. KENNEDY * KENNEDY,  ^.VUtt far oerptlfste sonionv    Grandview  ,,   Note���������Mews mejutfwtbjs colnmnsboald be ntUIMoT phoned to U>������ editor eerlr a> iuait  < ��������� nsertion. ���������������  ml '1M 1-1 > 11 ���������llll 'l"l'H"i'4"liM">-������ M"l"1  8poke on Mexico.  Major O. H. Schoff, of the Mexican  federal army, who has been lecturing in the' city schools during the past  week, spoke at the Granview Methodist Church Sunday evening. He  spoke on the present situation in the  revolutionary country. Major Schoff  served under President Madero in  the last campaign, and will return to  Mexico shortly.  LO. L.-  Monday, night was the regular meeting night of Grandview L. O. L. No.  2051. There was a very good attendance. Two members- were initiated  and two received by certificates. Bro.  Keele, W. M., of Prince Edward Island Lodge, gave a rousing address.  Bro. Schofield, D. C. M., gave an account of the work done for the reception of the grand lodge.  Lodge QrandvJew 299 8. O. E.  On Wednesday, January-29, Lodge  Grandview, Sons of England,, held its  quarterly White Rose Degree meeting.  There was a good attendance and the  second dergree was conferred on Bro.  Sims. The social committee. reported  progress with the lodge's annual banquet which it to be held on Wednesday, February 12. A. cordial invitation is extended to-all Englishmen to  attend this function and especially to  brothers of other S. O. E. lodges. The  next Red Rose meeting is to be held  on February 5.  Many Buildings Projected.  The Grandview section comeB second in building' permits for January  with a total of $7,870 in five dwellings,  or an average cost price of $1,674. In  the other sections of the city there was  no desire to build at all. The houses  which will be erected in the Grand-  view section comprise two for the Dominion Land Corporation at 3742 Second avenue eaBt at a total cost 9f  $3,470; a dwelling for Mr. James pick';  ensen at 1131 Semlin drive at a cost  of $1,600; one tor Mr. B. F. Dempsey  at 1547 Seventh avenue east at a cost  of $1,200, and another for Mr. D. Mackenzie at 2237 Cambridge street which  is to cost $1,700. ���������  Referenees Required to Open ��������� ianl>  Account In ^ngiand. ������������������,;,������������������ %7:^.;:  ���������''.-:*% like the American custom"of car  rylng money loose In the pocket,'' paid  ft. p. Lleban, a retired banker of Lon  jon. "in England gentlemen and busl-  nesa men carry very -little money witji  them. Nearly everything is paid foi  by check, except, of course, money  enough to pay the small Incidental ex  psnaef of a day.  Mlf a man goes into a store to bny a  hat he does not pay money for it- bat  lives a check, if be is dining, at a  public place, he very likely pays tot  his meal with a check- The system of  credit to England Is different from that  1������ this country, and the mere fact thai  I man has an account In a hank serves  to five him standing.  >One cannot open an account with a  bank in England merely by carryinx  money to the'bank and deposltlug it  ae most have two' first class refer-  ences before a bank will accept bin account, ������n4 when reference is given It  mean* that tbe person giving it wbotc  Indorse or stand for the person to  whom it la given.  MA reference In England means more  than a mere phrase. Checks on bankf  in England cannot be obtained for the  mere asking, and a man must have an  account in order to get checks from  any bank. They cannot be picked op  on bank counters or in public places.  "Private accounts In English banks  are not accepted unless they are paid  for. tbe genera! charge being $S0 a  year. There are one or two banks In  England which discriminate so carefully in the accounts they accept that  when a person Is fortunate enough ic  be oermitted to open an account wltb  them be cau get credit In any city l������  England or tbe continent of Europe.**  Oteease Has Freak*.  Mo medical man ueeda to be told tha\  ���������ven disease has its freaks and that re  covery baa occasionally been brought  about by means Inexplicably trivial.  One of the most remarkable of these,  unaccountable eccentricities of disease  rook place at Baiver. In Westpballa  The case was that of a boy who. aa tin  result of a rery heavy fall backwan  on his bead/ while skating, had for *  Tear and a half been deaf and tftfub  One morning bis brother went t*  awake him and. finding blm sleepfhg  heavily, tapped blm lightly on tbe fore-  bead. To his amazement tbe deaf ami  dumb boy awoke with a loud cry  Both speech and hearing had been re-  Htored.  Bosinase Sense,  ln new lines of goods is where the  profits lie. The old standbys that every dealer keeps have the prices all cut  to pieces on them. Get the new things  ahead of tbe other fellows and make  money on them. Frequent change of  the arrangement of your ahow c&eea  gtres the effect of new goods received.  The same old arrangement month In  and month out. no matter bow many  new goods, looks like tne same oM  Wook.���������Prloters' ink.  JOFFEE *S k WEDDING OFT.  A Custom Which Is General In Coffee  Growing Countries.  MWe have a custom in the coffee  raising countries," said a high Brasll  Ian official, "which is unknown in  ether parts of the worfd. When a child  Is born in the coffee country a sack of  tbe best grain Is set aside as part of  the Inheritance to be received ea at-  Mtatng lis majortty.  Usually the each  hi tSS) gift ffOSB BOOM elOW ttkaA Of  fwlatt**, and It la guarded as sacredly  ap If tt were a gift of gold or bonds.  No stress would Induce a BrssUlan  parent to use coffee which waa wade  the birth gift of a child. As a rale.  It Is sealed with the private eeal of the  owne? and bears a card giving all par-  ttculart about the variety of grain, its  age on being sacked and the birth of  the child to whom it is given and  other details, which are very Interest-  Ing when the gift is due.  "Generally the coffee Is opened for  the first time when the child marries:  The coffee.for the reception or marriage feast Is made from the legacy,  and, according to precedent this must  be the first time the sack Is opened  After the coffee is made for the wed  ding feast the nark Is carefully closed  ���������ad sent to the new borne of the young  people and should keep them ttt.thts  staple for a year at least When both  bride and brfdeirroom hpve; the birth;  gift of coffee they have'atarted life  under yery hopeful conditions, so far  aa one' necewlty l������ concerned^ Few  people know, that the older the nn-  parcned grain or coffee Is the better  the flavor. Like wine. It grows with  ige. and that which Is over twenty  years mellowing under proper condl-  flons will bring from $1.60 to $S a  pound from connouwenn. The giving  of pounds of green coffee Is a enmsaon  practice In the coffee belt Friends ex-  change these gifts and compare remits. When one cannot afford to give  ��������� sack of coffee. It frequently la the  rase that ten ponnds of tb* best green  irato are packed In a fancy case and  bestowed on a newly born child, wltb  llrectlons that it must not be  mill the wedding day."  Everybody's doing it-Who'sdoingit?^  We are doing it-Doing what ?  GIVING   AWAY  COUPONS  with ev6ry $1.00 purchase.  Come in arid see us.       ;  E. M. LYNN  DBAUUt IN  Groceries, China  and Kitchen Hardware.  PHONE: Highland 823  Corner Keeler St. and Campbell Ave.  We ourselves are better fierved  By serving others beet  COIN SWEATIWa  An Illegal Prsctlc Which Has Fsflta  Into Pisuae.  Closely allied to the making of coon,  terfelt coins sad usually combined  with that nefarious trade Is what if  known as ������������������sweating.'* which reqo}rat  considerable skill to accomplish sue.  ceaafuliy. A rubber mold i" used. Intt  which a gold coin to be aweatedjalg-  trodoced and held with a clip.    ������%���������  Oopper wires having been adjure*  the coin ia Immersed in a hath of  cyanide of potasMium and an'eiectrk  battery set going. The action of the  electricity upon the coin in the acid  uniformly pweuts the metal���������that is ta  spy, caoees so much of It to becotnf  detached- This process ia gone tbrounl  with a Urge number of coins, and the  gold depestt thus obtained Is extracted  from the acid.  It *a for the porpoee xif detecting flip  existence of such reduced coins that  bankers weigh gold coins In a balaoca  and If one is In the scale It will Immt.  diateiy be shown^^*y thfein4lcat^or.r Thi  light coin is then taken ont and wba*  ever, the shortage represents thai  amount the customer will have tt  make up or be fined-  But all things considered, eweetlnf  Is but a poor business, says H. U  Adam In his Interesting book. ���������Tbt,  Btory of crime." and evidently It H  thought so by the criminal fraternity  for it has dwindled to a mere ootnlnf  A sovereign weighs 12&2744? grain*  and the limit of error In the. weight Ii  2 of a grain, from which It ma|  readily be gathered that sweating cap>  not now be a very iwcaptive biilnaap,  *^������<V.d Tit-Bits.  ��������� THE -^  ^ Sub-Agency for the j  Columbia   Graphophone  Prices firom $7.50 to $350.       Latest records in  '������������������'        great variety. -  Of course you know without usin^ [time or  s space   to   explain^ that   we   lead  where others follow ''.)  In Stationery, Toys, Books, Magazines,  Papers, Confectionery, etc; v  J. W. EDMONDS, Prop.  4.  WISHER  Jowolor *% Qptlolan  Repairing a Specialty 1493 Commercial prive  The Cecketee'e Nirtya<  There Is a wonderfll cockatoo te  eon of the Islands of tbe Indian ocean  near New Onlnea. It is as large aa ���������  full grown pheasant, and it ta of a 4������*  Mack color. Tbe bird Is remarkable to>  it* Immensely strong bill and the clover manner In which It la need. The Mil  .Ie as bard aa steel, and the upper part  has a deep notch. Now. the favorite'  food of this cockatoo tp the canary not  bat there Is wonderful Ingenuity re-  o?&red to get at It for the hot la some  thing like a Brasll not hat tt Is ten  times ia hard. In fact It requires the  blow of a heavy hammer to crack It  tt Is quite smooth and eomewhat trian_  gnlar in shape. Nature appears to have  given the possessor of the wonderful  bill some intelligence to direct Its now  era, for the cockatoo takes one of the  nets edgewise hi its bill and by a carv*-  . tng. motion of its sharp lower Jbesjk  makes a small notch on it This gone  the bird takes hold of tbe not with tp  claws and. biting off a piece of leal  retains tt in the deep notch of the up  per part of the bill. Then the nut Is  seized between the upper and lower  parts ot the bill and Is prevented slip  pi*** by tbe peculiar texture of the leaf  ������. sharp nip or two break off a tiny  piece of the shell of the nut The bird  th>n wl7.p������ the not in Its claws an*  po&t>r the !onR. sbnrp point of its bit  In In ftie note and picks out tbe kern*  ������|t h- Wt.  Aeason Enough.  "Did yon meet Blinks coming down  the street?"  "If I did I didn't recognise him."  "That's so; he has lost bis money.'*  Pocket Knives,  Table Cutlery,  .'.etc.--,:  bearing   the  brands of Genuine Joaepb Podgera, J.X.&. and Poker, the world's most reliable  makes. ; No doubtful goods ever permitted to find a place in ony stock.  ' y'"  T1M04U* umireo  919-990 Ha*Hntp* Mt+eat, Worn* ������*m*w*w*mrs H������ P*  .MajejBMsnnB imi  i ���������     taWaataapUiit���������' ���������i BBBBBBBBBiBMBgg,  Prices of a Few oi Our Goods  Noel Jams, assorted. 4-lb.  tins, reg. 75c, each 65c  Tickler's Rasp, and Straw- f  berry Jam, reg. 25c. ...20c  Tins Pineapple...... 3 for 25c  Can Peat, Corn, Beans  Can Tomatoes, large tin .15c  CBnPluni8 .....15c  <fepumpkm,......2 for 25c  "Cove r^Bteni..:v..2fbr25c  ���������Ciamg>.-*,v..\'vv.--v---2 for 25c  Kippered Herring, large  Van Camp's Hominy, tin 20c  Raisias, seedless sultanas,  Raisins, 16-0z., seeded,  reg. 10c....... 4for 25c  Jellsope, reg. 25c, large  tin.'*...-. 15c  Honey, Eastern  2i lb. Pail 55c  5 lb. pail ....$1.10  10 lb.!>ail..... $2.15  Carolina Rice 2 lbs. 25c  Bulk Olives, Queen., pint 25c  Wash Boards, reg. 25c...10c  Empress Baking Powder  J JDe llla>������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������ |9v  1 lb. tin.... 25c  2g lb. tin...... ...00c  5 lb. tin.. $1.00  Ceylon and. India Tea  35c, 40c and ..50c  Pan Fired Japan .......lb. 40c  Basket Fired Japan..." 40c  Young Hyson...........": 40c  Gun Powder.. ..." 50c  Oolong (Formosa) " 60c  Mocha and Java Coffee 50c  Try our famous 40c coffee;  it's delicious.  With each $1.00 pnrchase of oar  balk tea and coffe we will r>e  one tin of Empress Baking  Powder FREE!  Swindell Bros.  1417 Commercial Drive     Next to Duetto Utat Market


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