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 .������������������������.-  ",'  :��������� : /, \a \ i t,h.  ^S^^>  1" ,->  r5U.-B-G^  8*^  SUBSCRIPTION SI A YEAI  IN ADVANCE  Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver.  'a.  ���������&1  y HI  ^te.  VOLUME III  H. H. Stevens, Editor.  VANCOUVER, British Columbia, OCTOBER 6, 1911.  No. 22  BROADWAY AND BRIDGE ST.  Magnificent Thoroughfares Assuming Metropolitan Aspect, with Many Excellent Retail  Stores and Fine Mercantile Establishments of Various Kinds in All  Lines.  Broadway avenue and Bridge street are magnificent thoroughfares rapidly assuming metropoli-  \j tan aspect. Along these are now established  many highly excellent retail stores and fine mercantile establishments of various kinds in all lines.  The city's public works department and the  B. C. Electric -.Railway' Co. are expending vast  sums of money on improvements. The whole of  Broadway is almost under double trackage of the  B.'C. Electric, and the great steel bridge on Bridge  street is about completed and ready for the electric company. to extend its line ;Over which will  then giye transit to these highways in about one-  half the present time required.  At the corner of Broadway and Bridge, The  '���������Royal-Bank of Canada have erected a magnificent  $50,000 two-story brick building, the new home  | of the Bridge street branch, which will be ready  for occupancy in December. G. Bowser is the  enterprising young ihauager of this branch, and  has officiated in this capacity here about four  '".months. He. was associated with the same institution ten years in New Brunswick prior to receiving his present appointment.    He is a first  . cousin of Attorney-General Bowser and an important acquisition to the social and financial interests of our city. The Royal Bank of Canada is  one of Canada's strongest and most progressive  ^-financial institutions. It is capitalized at $10,000,-  000 and has a paid up capital of $6,200,000, with  [\;a reserve fund of $7,200,000 and assets amounting  to $102,800,000.  6. H. Morris, 623 Broadway West; conducts the������  Broadway Shoe  Stored    This establishment has  |5 been in operation four;years and is well equipped  J4with a modern plant for manufacturing as well as  DLrepairing shoes.  te.M  * nine years in Boston, Massy atidsix: yewrs'in Lpn-  don, England.   He carries an -(Bxeellent stock of  shoes and his prieeschalleiigecpmpeti^  enterprising and progressive from the word " go."  The Broadway Grocery at 220 TBroadwayi West  is conducted-by A. De Vaz, Who htis operated the  establishment foiir years.   He has been a resident  f. of Vancouver fourteen years and was nine years  ,in the real estate line. 7Rlr.De Vaz is a graduate  of Oxford Street College, Manchester. England,  ^and was born in Spain.  The Regal Leaded Art Glass Works,  at 659  i' Broadway, is conducted by 7W7 B. Cafferata, who  Y>makes a specialty of stained glass for churches,  residences, etc., etc.   All orders for art glass win  |7dows, eic, are carefully and promptly attended  to by Mr. Cafferata, who has operated in Vancou  ���������ver four years.   He has been established on.Broad-  ���������wa^ since May and has a splendid location and a  large  display of samples for  patrons to  select  ['from. ' :-  W. A. Mercier, at 533 Broadw.ay West, conducts  fci very neat and attractive store well stpcked with  Id ry- goods,, notions oand gent's furnishings. He  Mas operated here three years and is building up  la splendid business. He was born and brought  Bifp-in^he-brick-manufacturingrbusihessiirCanada^  pind is an authority in that line.  | At 523 Broadwfiy West Misener. King & Teakles  :onduct a general real estate ancf brokerage business, and handle farm arid city properties.   They  lire well posted on opportunities and investments  In the Fairview and Mount Pleasant sections of  [Vancouver.  Percy T. Masterman,7as the name implies, is a  inaster in his business. He is located at 514 Broadway West and deals in gent's furnishing, etc. Mr.  iVlasterman has followed the business sixteen years  wnd has been four years in Vancouver. He has  Operated-three months on Broadway and was born  jn England.   His store enjoys a good trade and  'ercy is a specially well informed and pleasant  Irentleman to meet.  |* Naffzinger & Duerr are belt line brokers in real  Estate, located at 63 Broadway East. They have  Veen established nearly two years here and have  khoved through several important deals. They  Ire a good firm to do business with and are thor-  liighly well posted on business chances and investments.  W. S. Higgins conducts the Vancouver-Prince  "upert Meat Company's branch shop at 515 Broadway. He has officiated in this capacity three  jionths and is headquarters for choice steaks,  liicy roasts and tender chops. Mr. Higgins -was  lorn iri Maine.  jH. Macartney, is the up-to-date grocer and provision merchant, is located at 561 Broadway West.  \\d has operated here four years. He officiated  postmaster of sub-station No. 7 three years and  bas born in Ireland.  J. G. Gunn operates a flourishing hardware"and  Bjuse furnishings establishment at 563 Broadway  Ei5 He specializes in-builders' hardware, stoves,  ^nges. pairts.. oils, varnishes, etc. He has been a  sident of Vancouver for 14 years.  [Henry T. Thompson and John Smith are the  frsonnel that compose The Thompson Co., located  590 Broadway. They deal in real estate and  [neral merchandise, brokerage business.  Ilex LuttrelL 628 Broadway West, conducts a  fkery   establishment.     Mr.   Lnttrell   will   be  eased to talk with anyone wishing to buy. out  fjood business at a reasonable price.  (Continued on Page 4)  COMMENTS.  The Italian������Turkish War-=-Its True Origin  Professor E. Odium, M.A., B.Se.  The Canadian election is over and the country-'.  has put itself: in good hands for safety and national progress along Imperial lines.    We have-  had a couple of weeks jubilation on Canada's wis-)  dom and victory at the polls. , ;  We have praised Stevens, Borden and the Dominion, and now look abroad for other living  topics. In our search we come to Italy and Tur- ���������  key. They furnish food for thought and writing.  We shall go back a bit into modern Continental  history.   From this we may draw a lesson or two.  For over a hundred years, more or less, the nations of Europe saw their men and women of spirit  and enterprise leave the home, land for other  places. 7  As the countless myriads of emigrants left their  : liomes they passed under the rule, of Britain or the .  States, for the most part. Wise men of TEurope  saw their countries doomed tb minister to their two  great Anglo-Saxon rivals, by giving to them their  best fellow-citizens by the hundreds of thousands.  They saw Britannia and Unistatia grow, multiply,  and enlarge at.the expense of their own populations and wealth.     ''-,.'��������� :  As they gazed on. the outflow of their people,  they saw..that they were leaving homes .nnd friends  forever, to become subjects of other lands and  ���������flags. 77 7.'7 ; ,;  Naturally they looked about for a counteractant.  This they could not discover without examining  into the causes and groundwork of Britain's very  great and miraculous growth.  y They saw th at Britain was colon izing and occupying, the TWasteplaces of the earth, and "making the desert places toblossom as the rose," according to ancient promise. The one word that  stuck'iirthe heads and hearts of the European  statesmen' was the word 7' Colony," Britain was  great through her success as a universal,; colonizer.  Hence as: the word stuck, like a graiirpf seed in  their heads, it began to grow until hrthe sixties- "  Vancouver, B.C., October 2, 1911.  contest with her the advantages to be had from  this ancient and sadly governed continent.  In the meantime tltese three countries found  ;-ihany things, amongst which was the important  fact that they had become possessors of immense  territories of raw, material which when brought  home would give the means of increased labour  to their home industries. Thus they were securing  three important things:���������Holding a large percentage of their people under their own rule; finding  raw material for their industries; making larger  markets in 'which to sell their faCteried goods.  In like manner, Italy, an overcrowded country,  sought an outlet of a similar sort for her surplus  population, enlarged markets for her industries,  raw material to be wrought upon by willing hands,  and a continued home under the Italian flag. Thus  she sent her military and naval expeditions into  the waters'of: the Indian ocean, possessed a part  of Somaliland, pushed into the interior so as to  press upon Abyssinia, and also to exploit Tripoli.  These three countries of Europe, and Britain, were  well in the colonizing race, with Britain immeasurably ahead, of all tlie others combined.  Austria looked around for a similar course, and  tried for long years to make a sufficient outlet on  her southern borders by which she could become a  Mediterranean sea-power. Up to the present she  has had but little success. That which she has  obtained has been largely secured by the diplomacy of Germany, whieh all the time is aimed at  the conquest of the ocean.  As Austria found but little relief southward,  she squeezed her little neighbours in spite of Russia, and with the direct diplomatic help of her  present friend, Germany. I say ''present'friend,"  because Germany intends a little later on, to take  over the whole of Austria, and I believe she will  succeed.  "Russia,-as-one of the world's great powers, dur-  Mt. Pleasant Public School.   G. W. Jamieson, Principal  mmmrnm  it showed a very considerable growth.   From then  until now the plant has become a strong tree.  The whole world may look on and see it towering up tothe heavens, and all the fowls of the air,  to-wit: the citizens of' all nations, may look to  dwell under its branches.  Bismarck,? when he and his co-workers decided'  to enlarge Prussia to military-Ger'mania, that has  ranked large and high tor half a century,--clearly  perceived that in order to-keep Germans at home  they must be provided with work. Thi.s was the  basic idea that consolidated the German empire,  that defeated Austria in 1866, that .defeated  France in 1870, that robbed Denmark of a most  valuable part of her kingdom, that led to the  establishment of her vast colonial system.  She had to colonize, or lease her children, lb-''  colonies,failed, but she the more decisively determined to make them succeed. She added to her  i colonial possessions, drew on past experience, expanded her markets, and increased her industrial  enterprises. Thus she has expressed her trade by  following up a definite plan, developed by Bismarck;- and the result is a growing home population that is confounding and terrifying France,  Italy and other lands.  In the meantime France struck out for a similar  goal. She had her borders filled withi a large and  crowded population, and deemed that as Germany  was developing the colonial idea, she would do  the same thing. Hence she set to work in Africa  along the Mediterranean and farther south.  She must find two things whieh Germany was  in search of, and likely to get. These were to keep  her children under her flag, when they might go  from the Fatherland, and to find enlarged markets  for industries, upon the success of which so many  of her people depended for their daily bread.  Thus she as well as Germany appeared side by  side with Britain in different parts of Africa, to  (Conti  ing the last half century has pushed her ownership  over everything in sight, from the Black and Caspian sens to the Pacific ocean, until she came in  contact with Japan, as France cariie in contact  with Britain at Fashoda and in the Nile Valley;  as Italy came in contact with Abyssinia; and as  Germany will come into contact with Britain at  the head of tint Pci'siairGuIf.  Xow ail those nations were following up a law  ie  of necessity, and" wore wise in so doing. Tl  - United'States w^n) trying the-same thing in her  attempt at a'jug-handled plan of,Reciprocity, tint  sin; ran foul of the .Canadian electorate, and .turned  back, like Russia in Manchuria. like Italy from  Abyssinia, like.. France ;from Fashoda. and like  Germany later on wheirher day ol" lesson-learning  comes to her statestueji.y  But Germany. Franco: Italy. Russia. Austria and  Japan in Formosa and Corea, are right as they  strive to secure larger territories, .larger markets,  better homes for their people, and more work for  their countless factories. .  " '  The wrong is when they go about their expansive  work in.a wrong manner, and when their course  is more hurtful than beneficial to those whom th'ey  im-ade. Herein is ground for serious thought and  great heart-search ings.  Britain has colonized, expanded, possessed and  always added more blessing to the conquered than  they had without her kind and just protective  treatment. She has blessed these conquered as  well as her citizens going in to possess the conquered regions. This has made her the only truly  ��������� successful colonizer in human history.    ���������   "  The principle underlying the above describes  plans of action followed by the great European  nations, is primarily that of conserving their  strength and life. They must so act. or go down  and out in the end.  .   Coming to Italy and Turkey, let us lookx-loselv  nued on Page 5)  THINGS TQ BE DONE  Now that we have a change of Government at  Ottawa, it is expected that some of the outstanding needs of this Province will receive consideration. There are many problems of vital import  to us and which should have been adjusted long  since.  . There is the settlement of the Indian Lands dispute. For some years the Indians have claimed  that they had not been justly treated, some even  going to the extent of claiming all the lands of  the Province. In this they have been encouraged by some misguided whites, and the result  is that in some quarters the Indians have been  asserting their rights (?) by force. Throughout  these disputes the Provincial Government and the  Dominion Government have been at a dead-lock,  owing largely to partizan prejudice on the part  of the federal authorities. There is now a possibility for a final adjustment of this vexing problem.  Then there is the "Improvement of Navigation  in Inland Waters." Some years ago some important work was undertaken on the Thompson river  above Kamloops, but immediately the Government supporter (Duncan Ross) was defeated, the  work was stopped. It is expected that now we  shall be able to secure at least just and fair treat?  ment at the hands of the Dominion. Development  in B. C. has been deliberately blocked for years  by the Federal Government for no other reason  than that B. C. had not supported the Government. - i  The improvement of the Vancouver and Newu  Westminster harbours must also be considered as  more than a local problem, it is of national ot  indeed imperial, significance. The complete  scheme of improvement will require exhaustive  study and investigation, but the dredging of the  Fraser River and the widening of the First Narrows can be proceeded with at once. In fact,  $90,000.00 was voted to the First Narrows some  two years ago, but nothing has yet been done*  With the I^irst Narrows widened, this harbour  would be one of the finest in the world, and certainly the best on the Pacific Coast.  The securing on reasonable terms of the lands  of the Railway Belt by the Provincial Government will demand the attention of the new Government^ -and when settled will greatly-assist in  the advancement and development of this Province.  Better terms will of course be up again for  consideration, and in this respect Mr. Borden is  committed to the policy of referring the question  to an independent tribunal. This will likely re-  <.ul1 ni British Columbia getting more consideration at the hands of the Doniinion than hitherto.  One of the most important questions to the people  of B. C. is the fisheries problem.  Ten years ago there were between 9,000 and  10,000 white men engaged in the fishing industry.  Now- there is scarcely any and in their place 9,500  Japanese. -In other words, in about a decide one  of our'greatest natural "resources'has passed into  the control of an alien race.  Not only is this the case as far as the workers  are concerned, but the rights to fish are largely  held by political heelers and grafters.    This cou-  nliti'pTi-innslrbe^  Government, first as to the cause of the change  in the personnel of the fishermen and then as to  regulations which will remedy this. For years  we have allowed-American fishing vessels to use  our harbours as a base of operations in direct  contravention, of international law. How long  would our American neighbours tolerate such conditions? Not very long. Yet for years we have  allowed this suicidal practice to continue.  There arc many other questions which will require attention and no doubt will be treated by  the new Government in a different manner from  that which characterized the late party.  We do not take any special privileges, but we  do demand a "square deal." Vancouver has contributed in the last ten years nearly $29,000,000.00  to the Federal treasury, and has only'received "in  return about $700,000.00. which included the new  postoftiee and the drill hall, so it will  seen that we have not been treated fairly.  Among some local problems we might mention  the recent attempt of the Federal Government to  claim tho new Provincial. University site. It ean  be stated with reasonable certainty that Mr. Borden's Government will see to it that no mere technicality in the title will deprive the Province of  this valuable piece of land.  The False Creek tide flats and the Indian Reserve at Kitsilano will demand some attention; ia  fact, there are so'.many questions which have  been shelved, for years that the members from-  B. C..will be kept very busy indeed securing their  adjustment.        .  SELF-PRAISE  During the recent, federal campaign the editorial  columns of this journal has been in the hands of  others than the regular editor,'who happened to  be the successful candidate. It happened that out  of the kindness of their soul, different writers  dared to1 say a few nice things about the editor.  Some poor, soured souls; have taken umbrage at  this and charge the.editor with writing self-exalting articles. One individual, who has more bitterness in his soid than common sense in his head,  cut out one of these articles and sent it to the  I  (Continued on page 5) THE WESTERN CALL  J- 17   .. "-'.',       -i Some    giant  force soemctf to lie wrestling there,  raging against its bonus, striving fev-:  erishly to tear, lvnd, utterly destroy.  its invisible letters. SoineUnies,,after  an unusually impttv.ous surge, a dark-  shape, trailing witch-tresses of weed,  showed Ior ar. instant in Ihe pit. of the  cauldron. Then a mad whirl of water ]  wouid pounce on it with a fearsome |  spring and the fang of rock would be  smothered ten feet deep.  For some reason they did hot talk.  They were fascinated by the po\vei\  the grandeur, the untamed energy - of. j  voice of the reef | ������  OF FRASER  AND FERRIS STS.  ���������������������������#*������������������������������������*������������������������*��������� ���������*���������������������������������������.*#*��������������� ������,%������*4������.*������������#������ ���������*���������*���������** mi  ^rx������K'<������>.x������:'^^':^������-^*>x*':"X������M'^ ^^���������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������x~Xr*:  .���������.������������������..������..;..;..%.:  Ranges and Stoves;  General Hardware;  Bapco Pu re Pai n t;  Stumping powder;  Land Clearing Tools  PHONE FAIR- :=:  MOST 1177-L |  <"H**X"X"X"X~X"K"X"  ,***  i Eastman/s  Photographic  TVEPENDS on the power that causes their  Ir flight.������������������������������������The most attractive offer coaxes  the largest number of dollars forth. 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A column headed "Wind  direction and force," caused him to  look up at the wind vane. He whis-(  tied softly. ;  "S. W.," he wrote, and after a sec-:  ond's  thought, inserted the  figure 6,  i  ies  New stock of Cameras, Papers and  Chemicals at the  DRUG STORE  %  (LePatouuel & McRae)  Cor. 7th Ave. & Main St. Phone: Fairmont 563  **<^������������M������**<-''>***i-:������*������K������**������X~X''!  v  4-  ���������5*  *���������  t  *  *  *  *  ���������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������x-x^":":'   \  OR  v  Advertise in The Western Cajl and see how  quickly advertising pays. /  THE WESTERN CALL is distributed through  SouthVancouver and Mt, Pleasant every week.  -Ql^OTCUl^tfe^  reasonable.   An ad. in The Western Call will  be read and will guide riches to you.  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No sturdy  tug-boat was pouring smoke from taerj  funnel and staggering towards tha  rock. Northwest and west the dark-!  ness was spreading and lowering.      <  He did not trouble to examine the  reef. Its signs\ and tokens were too;  familiar to him. Its definite bellow,  or muttered threat was part of the'  prevailing influence of the hour ~ or  day. He beard its voice too often to  find an^omen in it now. \  ���������-..'"This" time I must congratulate both  of "you," he said qtiietly.  w"On-  what?" they cried In unison,  shrill   with  unacknowledged   -excite-  taent  "Ladies seldom, if ever, pass a night  on a rock lighthouse. You will have  that rare privilege."  Enid clapped her hands.  ���������   "I am delighted," she exclaimed.  .."Will there be a storm, father?"  Tasked Constance. 7  '-.- "I think so. At any rate, only a miracle will enable the tug to. .reach" us  before to-morrow, and miracles are  not frequent occurrences at sea."  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"Yes, if you insist on accuracy as  to the date. I might cavil at your  serenity." -     '  "And I was 'estimated' as a year old  then? Isn't it a weird thing that a  year-old baby should be sent adrift on  the Atlantic in an open boat and never  a word of inquiry made subsequently  as to her fate? I fear 1 could not have  been of much account in those days,"  "My dear child, I have always told  you that the boat had be^n in collision  during the fog which had prevailed  for several days previously. Those  who were caring for you were probably knocked overboard aud drowned."  "But alone! Utterly alone! That is  the strangeness of it. I must be an  American. Americans start out to  hustle for themselves early in life,  don't they."  "Certainly, in that respect you might  claim the record."  Brand had not told her all the facts  of that memorable June morning.  Why,should he? They were not pleasant memories to him. Why cumber  her also with them! For the rest he  had drawn up aud read to her, long  ago, a carefully compiled account of  her rescue and the steps taken to discover her identity. '  "I entered .on an active and useful  career with no such halo of glory,"  broke in Constance. "1 am just plain  English, born in Brighton, of parents  not poor but respectable. Mother died  a -vear after my birth, didn't she,  dad?"  "You were thirteen months bid when  we lost her." he answered, bending  over the clock-work attachment of the  fog bell to wipe' off an invisible speck  of dust. Since his first term of service oh the rock the light had changed  from an occulting to a fixed one.  "She is buried there, isn't she," the  girl v������'ent on. "How strange that;  amidst our niany journeyings, we  have  never visited  Brighton." :  "If I were able to take you to her  grave-side,  I  would  not  do  it,"  said-  Brand.    "I  do not encourage" morbid  sentiments,  even of    that,    perfectly  iContinued on Passe 7)  wmiFORD's  MOUNT    PLEASANT     STUDIO  Corner Main and Broadway  PHONE: Fairmont 536-C  **********  X     The  best stock of ARMS, |  ** AMMUNITION,    CUTLERY, |  and SPORTING GOODS  can ������  be found at the store of  Chas. E. Tisdall  618-620 Hastings St.  T������ ���������{������������������������!��������� ��������� 1' ��������� ���������!��������� ���������. t ��������� 't-������I *'������' ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� ������������������������������������������������!��������� ���������]  Gifts  COOVOK1HT Ap.t'tf  Fit fori  Our Beautiful Showing of  Gut Glass arid Silverware  is one of the finest displays in the city.  QUALITY  Is our first recommendation  in offering THESE goods.  Every article is of the best,  made and guaranteed by  Reputable Manufacturers.  Our Prices are Right  GEO. (j. BIGGER]  JEWELLER  AND OPTICIAN  143 Hastings St., Wj  ,.:^.>.>^^^.h^.>^->.h������X"^^^w~x-'> ���������^���������������������������������������������x������:~:~>'>.:44:~:-.:-.X">������K'*������m^^J  Good Load  First-Class  Wood  *  *  *  %  %  *  t  *  t  t  ������  W. D Betts, City Heights  Has arranged for the full output of W. H. DAY CO. 'S.  MILL qn Ferris Road aad is able to stpply first-class Fir  Wood promptly at moderate prices.  THIS WOOD HAS NOT BEEN IN SALT WATBR.  Phone: Fairmont789R,Residence: 4516 John Street  .CITY HETGHTS P. 0.!! 8  -n i i.i 1 r i n n n! rm t t T1 rT-f,UA ���������^-**ir*****^***' <.*^h..x..:..>.;..>.:,.j..>.x������<-.^>.:"X������:-'*x������:-'  l(V  FURNITURE   STORE  3334 Main St.  Our stock -of Furniture  is^ Large, Modern -��������� and  adapted to the tastes of  ..,   .-';. Bayers.. 7.  Dressers, Buffets, Tables  Chairs,  Couches,   Mattresses, Bedsteads, etc.  7    A. complete line of  Linoleums. Carpet Squaires, etc.  Drop  in and  inspect our goods.  This is where you.get  a   square  deal.  M. H. COWAN  BAKER*  AND CONFECTIONERY  Only the'Best kept  H. COUSINS '655 Broadway-W.  *<:  FOR FIRST QUALITY       $  or,  lay arid Feed-I  GF ALL KINDS.  GO TO  1-^JU. I  A  *  A  A  *  *  *  A  I  You \yill receive courteous  treatment/ Prompt attention -given to all orders.  MiM  ST.  BETWEEN   26th" and 27lh AVES.  PHONE FA 1RMONTJ5U  ������.  ���������^i^OO^S^O^O^'^E^  '���������';  \y *       '-'���������'��������� 7 -==============  Open Day and Night  CASHGrocers  Provision  n'erchants  \,   OFFICEarid CHAPEL  ���������2020 Granville St.    Phone. Sey. 8282  >C3^- j������r~r������y.- j >**���������-i>4ir.T*ri:  MT. "PLKASAJCT- CHURCH  Cor. Kin Ui Ave. and Quebec St.  Sund.iy   Services���������Public   worship  at  11  - a.m. and 7:00 p.m.    Sunday School and  .Bible Class at -2:150 p.m.  -   ' KOV..J. \V. Vvoodside, M. A.;. Pastor  e     170 .Khull Ave. W.    Tele. BS01S.      '-.  BAFX2ST  MT.   PLEASANT  BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor.  10th-Ave.  and Quebec  St.  S. -Kverton,  B.A..  Pastor'  , 250 13th Ave. E.  I' Preaching   Services���������11    a.m. . and    7:30  p.m.    Sundav S"hool at 2:30 p.m.  I  ..'  V CENTRAL,., BAPTIST  CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St.  ���������Tfie r vl cesT��������� Preacfii nif "at������"n^a7nir7aivd���������7:30  ���������   p.m.     Sunday   School   at   i!:30   p.m.  Rev. P.-Clil'ton'Parker, M.A., Pastor  llth Aveyv.  METHODIST  MT. PLKASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario  Services���������Preaching   at   11   a.m.   and   at  7:00   p.m.     Sunday   School   and   Bible  "Class at 2:30 p.m.       '  Rev.  W.  Lashley   Hall,  B.A.B.D.,  Pastor  Parsonage,   123   ICleventh   Ave.   W.nup.iu  ���������'Parsonage,'123 llth Ave. W. " Tele. 3624.  Evensong at 7:30 p.m. each Sunday.  Trinity Methodist Church, ' Seventh  Ave. K, between Park- Drive and Victoria Iirive. Pa.-:tor. Xievi A. M. Sanford,  B.A, H.O. Public Worship, Sunday, at  1.1 am. and 7 p.m. Sabbath- School at  \\:.-!'.   si."*-  fln-ir,"-  -imiiitfii-  inonths.     itid-  , week rally on Wednesday at 8 p.m.  Co  PServ  [KecK'v  ANGLICAN  ST.  MTCHAlCl/S GHU.UCTI  fltli Ave. and Prince Kdward-St.  ���������s���������Morning Prayer nt 11 a.m.  inilay School ami Bible Ciiiss at'2:30 p. rn.  .��������� Priiyisr.nL 7-.:j() p. m.  .,ly Communion  ov.:ry  Sun-lay ��������� at R a;- nt.  and 1*1 :m<I':ii-(J Sundays at li-'U0 a. m-  Rev.  G.  H.  Wilson,  Rector  y, vCor. -Stli   Ave.   and   Prince   Edward  St.     Tele.   LSo-Ui.  Z.ATT3S DAY  SAIITTS  I'REORGA^riXLD. CIJURCH OF CHRIST  1370 10th Avenue, .East.    ,   _-  |Eer^-:<:es���������-Every   Sunday   evening   at v,8  ���������o'clock.    Sunday School at 7 o'clock.  ���������   ' ;���������       ��������� i. Mcmullen. ei.;der  rSTDSSSHDJSiTT". OEDEB    Or    OSS-  FELI.O-WS  MT.   PLEASANT   LODGE  NO.  IP  Mt-fts    every   Tuesday   at   $7 P.m.    .-������  ...O.O.l".   Hall,   Westminster   Ave.,    Mt.  K?leasant.    Sojourning brethren cordially  invited to attend;  ]w. F. McK   NZIB/N: G., 152 -IOUiAy-v, East  J. (.:.- DAViy. V. G., 1231    Homer   Street  S.   Sen-ell, Rec.  Secv., 4Sl-7th'avenue  frast.  LOTAIi ORANGE LODGE  JIT.  PLEASANT  l..  O.  L.  NO  1842  . Meets   the  1st  and  3rd   Thursdays  of  lac-h month at"8 p.m. in the K. of P. Hall.  ^Jl visiting brethren cordially welcome.  H. Birmingham, W.M., 477 7th Ave.  tasL  C. M. Howes, Sec, 393 10th Ave.  feast  Our business has  grown from small  beginnings to its  present proportions  wholly on the merit  of our goods.  . Our reputation is  built on honor and  prudence. We buy  the best "and thus  please our many  patrons.  THE WESTERN CALL  IHEGM A SOUTH  I  IN_CANADA  -       ��������� -'"Ap*.. :- ���������  it  Love, Laughter and Life"  ��������� :,    LIVING  OUR   OWN  LIVES  In reading the.lives, of great men and women, one nearly, alwaj's finds  that Fate no more favored them than it favors us. They had their 7strujg-  gles and adverse circumstances to fight against; they -met many drawbacks, found inaiiy stumbling-blocks on the road to Fame, says1 Home Chat.  Many of them had ill-health to coritend,against; most of them were poor;  often they were misunderstood; in many-cases their homes were unhappy.  But! they painted their pictures or sung their songs or wrote their  books. 'They managed to do their own particular work, and to do it really  well. .'.,-���������  Eut perhaps you and I have not any particular talents? We are just  ordinary,   commonplace 7 folk,  jogging along through a -workaday world?  Even that is no excuse for using the "might have been" phrase. Even  about quite little things one is inclined to use it.  How good-tempered we should be if our neighbors, or our people, or the  children, were, less annoying!  How'willingly-we should give to charity if only we-had enough money!  Kow wise we should be if we were  Mrs. C.!    How gracious if we were  in Lady H.'s position!    It is only our own life that seems so hard to live,  well. - '  And yet, when you come to think of it, it must he possible to live that  truly and nobly.  The^disappointments and troubles that beset our way are not sent to us  haphazard, aud there is a divine purpose working behind even the ' most  trivial happenings of life. .���������."..  For, depend upon it, all our troubles and worries are not .sent to block  our way; they are rather tools that we may turn to-fine uses if we will.  ���������Trials of -strength they, may be; but only by such trials can bur-strength  be tried, and prove to use that we may be conquerors. ^  -&���������**********.&<������������������>****���������:���������**?*���������:<��������� **���������&*******************$������$*  * '  There is Only One  ������Hoy  ��������� ww* ������< ������������������������*���������r������w4-  V  '      AND WE HAVE IT  No~one else can honestly offer  you the genuine Semi-ready  Tailoring- for the makers give  us   the  exclusive  sale  here.  A  umm  *  Semi=Ready Tailoring   |  A *���������*  *  THOMAS ������& McBAIN        519 GRANVILLE ST. 1  ���������^^������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.M-M--:-* **'Z~z>*****-y:-*******-z-*<-*****  Wiiioughby's  Cash  Cor. HthAve. and St. Catherines St.  Grocery  Phone Fairmont 1321  DRESSY TENNIS COSTUME  There are tennis costumes like bathing suits, to be worn only for exhibition, and the model here illustrated is  a good example for such purpose.  This, however, is a stunning suit, and  without the tennis racquet-.decoration  on sleeves and girdle would be charm-  i-.ig for���������- ipcvning or afternoon wear.  Use white serge or lightweight broadcloth for the dress and white surah,  * dged with apricot satin, for the  plaited fans on shoulders. The cut  of skirt is decidedly attractive.  JAM-MAKING  It is not generally known that boiling fruit a long time without sugar:  without a cover to the preserving pan,  and skimming it well, is a very economical, and excellent way���������Economical'because-the'.bulk of the scum rise's  from the fruit, and not-from the sugar.  Boiling it without a cover allows the  evaporation of all the watery particles therefrom, and renders the pre-7  serves firm and v/eil-fla'voved. The  sugar should be added after .the skimming is completed. The proportions  are three-quarters of a pound of sugar  to a pound of fruit. Excellent for all  kinds of fruit.  Cash   Grocers 7 an  ...      ��������� '       . . !  Provision Merchants.'!  '.'���������-���������    ' - ������������������    ���������"-.��������� ������������������"'���������������������������   i  NOTE THE^ADDRESS    j  BRIGHT   BRASS   BEDSTEADS  Many people find it.difficult to, keep  a -brass bedstead in good condition,  says a housekeeper. I have had one  for many yejtrs, and its clean appearance is always admired. The secret  is I rub if.-twice-a year witha f'anhei  cloth dipped in vaseline, and do not  touch it after for two days, when 1  resume lits daily dusting.  MATCH MARKS  We Live to Serve  Phone: Fairmon084  Disfiguring match marks on painted  walls should he first rubbed with the  cut surface of a lemon, then with a  clean cloth dipped in whiting. Afterwards wash the surface with warm  water and soap, and wipe quickly-with  a cloth \i~ung out in clean water. The  .ffiM.kS-3iil.thea d,isap������ear.j_   Rule,   Which   If  Closely   Followed,  Is Sure to Bring Success  "An Old Hand" writes as follows on  the "Art of jelly-making":' -  : A good many young housekeepers  look upon jelly-making as a "difficult  undertaking. Yet if the rule 'here-  given is exactly fpllowed the process  is so simple that the least skillful'  could hardly fail of success." If, however,- you think that a little more su-,  gar, or less, than the recipe calls for  would be an improvement, or that the  period allowed for cooking is insufficient, or that overripe fruit will do,  good results cauuot be .promised. But  with unripe fruit the rule catinot7 fall?'  ���������For currants, gooseberries, apples, j <|  grapes, quinces and several : other j %  fruits the process is as follows:- '... j a  Wash   and1 prepare  the  fruit.    Ap  FRESH GROCERIES, LOITER, EGGS. FLOUR, VEGETABLES,  and FRUITS.  r tobacco, ctoars and cigarettes.  Courteous   Treatment.   Good   Service,   Prompt    Delivery    and  Reasonable Prices.  '.���������������.������������������.������������������:������������������:������  ..���������.AA.'.A.  ******  pies do not need peeling, but should j $  ��������� 1      t"*.  II  ���������Careful Attention Given to all Work  JOBBING A SPECIALTY.  S. S. Montgomery  *  *  #j  he cored, v Put from two to four quarts  of the prepared fruit Over the fire, in  a granite kettle.    More  than this at  one time takes too long to heat, and  it is important .to keep the fruit cooking as short a time as possible.    Use  only enough water to cover the contents of the kettle, for in jelly-making  rapid  boiling is  desirable,   'since    it  causes   the. fruit   to   cook-to-pieces.  Long  boiiirijj  makes  jelly   dark   and  acrid.   Yvlien tiie pulp is soft crush it  with, a wooden, spoon or potato masher 7  (hen  pi-t'it ��������� iu  a  bag, and  let it  drain,,.  If you wish the clearest jelly  possible do not press the pulp in the .   .  _ v  hag;   pressing is  admissible  if  quan- j fQ^ ^  tity  is  desired.    Even-fruit  pressed !     "  hard will yield fine-looking jelly���������if it  has not bee)} cooked too Jong........ .-���������.,...  jVleasujy'tlie juice, pui? it" oyer the  flre.'S'nJ bfifig 't to a boil.-. Measure  ai\, equal quantity" oT sugar and  jrat  it in a granite pan'in  the oven,' Tlo������  allowing the sugar to melt, but merely  to become thoroughly   heated.     Boil i  -.the^juice^'twent-y---=imnutesf"a"dding-'"H'h[-e-={"-  hot sugar to it not more than a min- !  ute  before taking it  from the  fire;; i  there should he just time enough for | $t^***l*******<.  the juiqe to boil up  after the sugar  is dissolved. .Strain the juice into jelly  glasses, filling them full.  Sometimes it is impossible to get  fruit a little underripe. If ripe fruit  must be used follow th'-esame ' rule,  but do not count on having the jelly  solidify at once. Some of the finest  jellies require two weeks to -arrive at  the quaking point.   If the jelly is-soft,  3129 Westminster Rd.,      Phone: Fairmont 78217 *  V *  Z������tnZ***&*&<-'-r������^Z>$^ ******^������V*******42^l>********  PSsoias Fairmont IM5      Always in Mt. Pleasant  !H V TT^i li^iO- ���������? C^  ransrer  Stand���������Main and  Broadway  n  t  or  ***faZ������Z'*<Z'*<t *!>*******<���������.���������"  845  *>*^t������J������-*-������*5>������*-������iJj**-������������Jl*%t*>������J������^������jH  !*  !  I ���������*  expose to the air, but protect from : %  ���������lies and dust. When sufficiently set j f  cover with melted paraffin or oiled j f  paper. . \-u  There are fruits that will not make ���������: *  solid   jelly.   Peaches   and  pears,  for ! |  -jxample,  laqk  the  gelatinous  quality j  necessary.    They   may   be   combined 7���������  with apple juice, however, without los- [ *������������������  lua; their flavor.    .Ued raspberries are 77'  delitjious   when   combined,, wilh  cur- : <?'>  rants;   also pineapple  juice"'  with    a ''k  sour,  lightly  flavored     apple    juice, j !>  Quinces are better mixed with apple,.; 7  although rich in the gelatinuos qual-���������'-.%  ity.   The peelings and cores of quince   7>  make a good jelly  after  ih.e fruit is . 7;  canned.   Green grapes, either wild or \ %  cultivated, a|po   make  excellent jelly ,<h  and require only three-fourths as much ''���������'���������*-.-  sugar as there is juice.      : ; %  For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  TRIMBLE  &   NORRI  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  S  *  ���������  *  *  *  <1>  <>*���������*���������:  .$:*?*������!.'.  *  ;-A.;..������4 -  o r^j^HVj iVii^H"> (jl  -'Z*-!* J,-:i>(?t*i'*I*'i^.**-*  :,S"S,-J"3"2>'i"������-**  TME MOSJSE BF W&LLPMPE&  Phone: Fairmont 1243  ���������j?ov -B-3st Quality Wallpaper of latest .designs ancl  lowest .possible prices call at this well-known store  Some Uses for Lemon-Juice  Lemon-juice   and   water,   not   too  strong, make a mouth-wash useful for  preventing 4anar and  sweetening the  breath.    Leindn-juice   removes, stains  from   the   hands,   also   softens   and  whitens   them. ���������  Lemon-juice   (ayea-  spoonful  in a cupful  of  coffee)   will  often relieve a bilious headache.   Hot  lemonade'before retiring is almost a j jj  sure cure .for a cold.    Iron rust may j jj  he  removed,from the  most  .delicate ��������� 5  fabric  by  the  application  of   lemon-7J  juice and salt. '  Phons: Fairmont 1243    Ao Rvl^^    146.Broadway, te  *:  *  -^y.'^L* i>Xi;  *!*���������'-((/'.������}*;:>,;  ���������)  I  A--^ ������������������-* *lBK-/Jr---J-y?f ri  xjaaasaviasxsx^s=si-.t-nr^nArssiaxx-:i^~j^  Calls Answejikd Day ok Night  hVftte'&GOtt  Dominion   Under  Funeral-Director's anil Einba'iacrs...  jj    802 Broadway; W ���������  j'  FKGNS Fairmont W98  & Go.--  aking.  Parlors  Spsclaus CJiripEl and 'Ksuspticn Roghi,  Vancouver, B. C.  n:  A Cook's Secrets  To clean grease spots from  .-m   ii'ff^'^^Bjivgr^g  men's |  suits.���������Better results are obtained byi  placing several thicknesses of newspaper under the spot, then scrubbing '  with a small brush, sioap and water, j  Always keep old newspapers near!  the sink. They are fine for wiping!  out greasy frying-pans or the bottoms )  of blackened kettles before putting ia ;  |_tbe water.  --^^���������������������������������^���������������*������*������9-*C<*>e'������G*<>0<������^G*3'<M8 S *��������������������������������������������� S*������0*������*������������������*  Oscar Kidd  PRACTICAL H0RSESH8ER  Special attention given to Lame  and Interfering Horses.  Between Slxtn.A, Seven*     PR|NCE      EDWARD      STREET  'i0������&M  '���������mm  :ms& THE WESTERN CALL  *   ' f  If You Want |  %  PURE, WHOLESOMEi  FOOD       I  T  4; For your table give us a ring %  4 .   .'.' A  f     FAIRMONT 1367     |  Broadway  Table Supply  J 518 BROADWAY, E.  ::  Our Guarantee  Goes with Every*  thing We Sell  I IfirsGood,WeHavelt  | IfWeHavelMfsGood  Home  Cooked Meats  A Specialty.  |H.   HARFORD  4Q* ***********************  THE WESTERN CAX>������.  Issued every Friday at 2408 Westminster Road, one-half block north of Broadway.    Phone Fairmont 1140.  Editor, H. H. Stevens; Manager, Geo.  A. Odium.  Subscription: $1.00' per year, 50 cents  per six months; 25 cents per three  months.  Changes of ads. must be in by Tuesday evening each week to insure insertion in following issue.  Notices of births, deaths, and marriages inserted free of charge.  CRYSTAL  PALACE  SCHEME.  The project for the purchase of the  Crystal Palace as a national memorial  to the late King Edward is receiving  warm support throughout the kingdom,  and the response to the recent appeal  of the council of the memorial has been  most encouraging. Many letters have  been received by the council and by  Lord Tenterden, which show that there  are a large number of persons who,  -whilst being unable to contribute a  guinea for a life membership of and  free admission ticket to the palace  would be pleased to contribute smaller  sums. To meet their wishes arrangements have been made to issue one-  day free tickets to ali subscribers of  sixpence, which tickets will be transferable and available for use on any  date after the council has purchased  the palace. A subscriber of five shillings may thus obtain ten free admission day tickets.  Wanted  l> _,',.--. '   .   .,7   Man pf ability arid expier-  ience to solicit advertising  Enquire at  Terminal City Press  2408 Westminster Rd., near 8th  Phone: Fairmont 1140  " A Picture Travel Talk " describing  interesting features of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, nature's titanic chasm  and sublimest of gorges; petrified forests of New Mexico. Pueblo Indian  towns. Cliff Dweller ruins, Navaho  Indians, Moki Indian snake dance, etc.,  will be giyeriby Mr. R. Sparling in the  Mount Pleasant Methodist Church,  Tuesday evening, Oct. 10, at 8 o'clock.  Wanted  A woman to work Fridays,  at 2931 Scott St.  Apply  *%<** . * **+���������*+*���������+*+*&������****+***+'*������������������*f^.*^-*-.-*+*+.***+^fa-*+*..**-**-*  o  I������  i4  *  o  Thos. McCarthy  OF   THE  1035 Broadway  East  Will sell his large new stock  of  Groceries,   Provisions,  Flour, Fruit and Hardware  at 10 per cent discount  ���������  f  t  *  i  *  i  f  *  i  COMMENCING SEPT. 20  f  *  BROADWAY AND BRIDGE ST.  (Continued from page 1)  Hall's Confectionery and Ice Cream  Parlors are located at 632 Broadway.  This is an excellent location and Mr.  Hall desires to sell out, as he has to  go away and now is the buyer's  chance.  Charles Frank is located at 131  Broadway West and deals in fruits,  cigars, confectionery, etc. He has just  nicely started and is doing a very good  business.  ' D. W. Stewart, The Tailor, 603  Broadway West, does_a general tailoring business and all kinds of cleaning,  pressing, dyeing and repairing. Remember the name and place.  A branch of the Woman's Bakery at  655 Broadway W. is conducted by R.  Cousins. Here you will find a splendid variety of good things to eat, and  an ice cream parlor as well. Mr.  Cousins leaves no stone unturned to  please patrons.  J. H. Moran and W. W. Green conduct the Bridge Street Pharmacy at  518 Broadway W. They have followed  the business for some time and have  operated two years in their present  location. They also conduct the No. 7  postoffice sub-station.  R. Moore, at 2211 Bridge street, deals  in dry goods, gent's furnishings, and  makes dressmaking a specialty. He  has followed the business fourteen  years and has been opened one year  and a half on Broadway. He is an enterprising business man to meet, and  was born in Newfoundland.  -.���������-.������������������  The Bridge Street Meat Market is  located at the corner of Bridge and  Seventh avenue, and is under the capable management of Mr. W. A. West.  Mr. West has followed the butchering  business for a quarter of a century  and has operated this market three  years. His place is headquarters for  choice steaks, juicy roasts and tender  chops, as well as fish, game and  oysters in season.  Cline's Bakery, at 2331 Bridge, has  been established three years nearly  and enjoys a flourishing patronage.  Mr. Cline has followed the bakery  business over fifteen years and knows  how to makei bread, cakes, and pies  like what our mothers used to make.  He was born in Ontario.  Miller 'Bros, are1 located at 2210  Bridge street and deal in high class  groceries, provisions, flour and feed.  They are live young fellows to meet  and attend to all orders with despatch.  They were born in Canada.  J. W. MacDonald and G. C. Tottrie  conduct the Nova Scotia Renovatory  at 222$ Bridge street. They make a  specialty of pressing, repairing and  cleaning ladies' and gent's clothing.  They have followed the business for  some time and attend to business  promptly.  J. Lister conducts a: liberally patronized cigar and poolroom establishment  at 2207, Bridge street. Mr. Lister has  resided in Western Canada for some  time and has operated in various lines.  He is a keenly intelligent gentleman  to meet.  * , ���������   ��������� '������������������'-" f*  * ��������� ,, i  * .'.-'������������������ T  I   Reader Don't Forget the Time and  Place k  I      *: "-���������������������������'������������������   '...'--   "' *  -.%,������������ ������9 ��������� 9 ������������������������ ��������� ��������� t ���������*****'*������*** * 9-+*~*+*~** *������������������* *���������* -* *���������* ������������������������ * *���������*���������*+*������,  Hewett Bros, are  "Knights  of  the  Anvil" at the corner of Bridge and  Dufferin. They do a general black-  smithing and horseshoeing business.  They are experts in their line and  Mr. W. B. Hewett has had seventeen  years' experience in the business. H.  Hewett is one of Vancouver's growing  capitalists. ' -7 -  The Fairview Nursing Home is lo;  cated at7975 Broadway West and is  conducted by Miss Annie Jones, who  has followed nursing as a profession  for ten years. Miss Jones has conducted the Fairview Nursery Home nearly  three years, which specializes in maternity work and diseases of women.  Miss Jones is a graduate of the London Hospital, Whitechapel Road, and  the Government Hospital in West  Africa. The institution has four  nurses, two graduates and two practitioners, and a house surgeon, and is  well equipped.  The Midway Electric Company is located at 829 Broadway West, and is  conducted by Wm. R. Webb, an expert  electrician who has had twelve years'  experience in the business. He has  been established on Broadway two  years and a half. The concern does all  kinds of electrical contract work and  carry in stock electric chandeliers,  bells, fittings and do all kinds of house  wiring, telephone work, motor wiring  and repairing.  T. Parke, conducts The Brandon  Grocery, located at 1116 Broadway,  West. He deals in staples and fancy  groceries, fruits and vegetables in season, butter, cheese and eggs. He is  well up in the line, having learned the  business when a boy, and served as  steward seven years and a half at  Hotel Vancouver, and three and a half  years at the Alberta Hotel in Calgary.  For "good things to eat" too much  praise can scarcely be given The  Brandon Grocery.  E. T. Givins, located at 828 Broadway West, conducts a splendid grocery  and provision establishment. His  place enjoys a very liberal patronage  and few place's in Vancouver, if any,  carry a nicer and tastier stock of  goods. Mr. Givins opened; up a year  ago last January in the mercantile  line and formerly was employed in the  banking business.  The Columbia Conservatory of Music  have opened up an up-to-date school  of music at 804 Broadway West. Mr.  Chas. F. Ward, the managing director,  is a graduate of North's Vocal Science  and Mental Therapeutic Academy, London, England, and the National Conservatory of Music, New York. Fred.  Hickman, an enterprising young fellow, is secretary and treasurer.  R. S.'Aikins conducts , the Korner  Kandy Kitchen at the corner of Hether  and Broadway. .7 He makes his .own  candies and has operated in this line  four years. He has been located on  Broadway; three months and enjoys a  good trade.   ������������������-.:. :. ''-.���������'���������'< .  The Briar Bush, at 1077 Broadway  W-, is conducted by Mrs, E. F. Higinbotham, who specializes in fancy work,  notions, and also carries a nice stock  j6f ^ortf ^tfonerj^ MrsL Higinbotham  was born in Australia,      ~~~   :\k~  4i^^;������4M^^M^^MJ^Miwi^W������^M}M$MJHJM|MJw^4|.i}4''.   '^H>^*H~^^������^^^4^^^^^~^4^^>^wIl.;���������.^^,^������������������^f  I     Millinery and Fancy Goods  | Loves a Stylish Hat.         Come and see ours.  * "MOTOR CAPS"   Eiderdown Wool for making,  t 2 skeins for      -          - y     -          -          -  %      ���������-.���������   ' ���������������������������.;���������-  - ��������� -���������; _.. y,:-,  t MICC   r\ TOI   P?      2636 MAIN  STR.  % ITllO^    V^UKLfErj    VANCOUVER".- B. C.  ���������:���������"��������� ���������  25c  **************************  **************9**********9  4*  4>  HILLCREST P. 0. BOX 15  PHONE: Fairmont 804  ;;  YOUNG & YOUNG  PLUMBING and STEAMFITTING; HOT WATER  HEATING and STOVE CONNECTIONS;  GENERAL REPAIRS.  First-class work guaranteed.  I Estimates Given COR. 21st and WESTMINSTER AVE ::  **************************  ******************9*99999\ i  ************************** **************************  leHardNuttoCrack  Where Can 1 Get the  Best Values ior My  COPYRIGHT  If you would be convinced just  ask those who have invested their  money in a  Joy Malleable Range  They will tell you that they give the best value because:  First.   The Joy has braced corners.  Second.   The Joy has a pin waterfront.  Third.   The Joy has a quarter-inch asbestos lining.  Fourth.   The Joy has a large, roomy oven.  Fifth.   The Joy is a fuel saver.  Sixth.   The Joy has heaviest fire linings for coal or  ,:.'..-: 'wood.   7..        . ,/-. 7'  The Abercrombie Hardware ^.,11(1.  T  T  T  751  f  Granville Street Phone Sevmour 3025  Next Door to B. C. E,R. Office 7 S  '.������������������������������������^^^������������������������������������HMH^Mi''J,,K~I<*   *******'1<****'Z~Z'***^^  *.z^**.z********************** ************************** -  $   in un  .mil n������  I 2652 MAIN ST., Cor, nth Ave, f  .% *** '    '   ' ���������   ' : : ������������������ ��������� ��������� - -     '    *i������  i  Prescriptions a Specialty by Registered Men  McCONKEY'S CANDIES IN FULL  ASSORTMENT ALWAYS  FRESH  '���������*  *:  t  ���������������������������'���������'J  I Phone: FairmQiit 514    CB.Barling, Prop, f  *.^******^************^**^i* ��������� ;iHm^4m&4^.4^^mJmJ^mHm^������M^4hH^*4������ "  Subscribe for "THE CALL"  The paper that boosts The Hill  t - '..������������������-���������.-.-���������.. i  Westtninster Road and 15th Avenue  Groceries of Quality  At Incredibly Low Prices  ���������  %  %  t  %  ***  Butter, Eggs, Ham, Bacon, Flour,  POULTRYSUPPLIES  Phone  Fairmont 777  Branch Store: 26th Ave. & Fraser Ave.  i..H"H"K"H"M"H,fr'H" tt~~srr-r.:s:A-.^it  ik&&$  'mm!?  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Conciliation  Boards are empowered to adjourn for  any reasonable period to allow the parties to agree upon terms of settlement.  Employers causing a lock-out contrary  to the Act are liable to a fine of not  less than $100 or more than $1000 per  day that such lock-out exists. Penalr  ties for striking contrary to the Act  are punishable by fines from $10 to $50  per day, and persons inciting employers to lock-outs or employees to strikes  are liable to a fine varying from $50 to  $1000.  TREATING THE FOREST AS A CROP  The progress of the Conservation  policy of Canada, as applied to forest  reserves, depends more upon the Forestry branch of the department of the  Interior than upon any other organization. Upon the technical knowledge  and executive ability of the officers of  the Forestry Branch depends the future of the forest on 16,000,000 acres  of Dominion Forest Reserves, as well  as uppn tlie large area of non-agricultural forest land in Western Canada,  which for the good of the country  may yet be set aside as permanent  forest reserves. In addition to looking after Dominion lands the Forestry  Branch is now being asked by Eastern    ���������"��������� -  land owners to furnish advice as to the  best means of securing at the earliest  date a profitable, crop of timber on  waste land or wood lots. The proper  administration of forest lands requires a special knowledge of the' trees  best adapted to each region, of their  usesyand"-of^the~imarkets.;���������Further,-  there is needed knowledge of the habits of all trees, especially of their merchantable species, so that it may be  known how rapidly they grow, how  they produce their seed, when and under what conditions the seed germinates, and in what way the seedlings  and young trees are affected by their  surroundings. Such knowledge is gained only by, long study and experience.  In order that the new Rocky Mountain  Forest Reserves may be administered  according to the latest scientific knowledge and the best experience, the Forestry Branch is now making detailed  studies of the habits of the merchantable species of trees on the Eastern  slope of the Rockies in Alberta arid  has sent one of the men in charge of  the work to, study the systems of forest management practised during the  past few years by the highly developed United States Forest Service in the  National Forests of Montana. The United States foresters have spent large  sums of money and availed themselves  of theexperience of many men in developing plans of lumbering which do  not inconvenience the lumbermen but  which ensure the protection and reproduction of the forest and the Canadian  Forestry branch intends to benefit  largely by their experience.  CONSERVATION OF NATIONAL LIFE  (Continued from Page 1)  into the matter. France and Spain were intrenching themselves in North Africa. Britain is in possession of the richest ancl host part of that continent, viz.: Egypt and the Soudan. Germany  made a rush at Agadir, not so much to possess  and hold that natural port, as to get a grip on the  work of dividing-up the continent of Africa,  whieh process is rapidly going forward.  As soon as Germany made good by scaring  France into yielding a goodly piece of interior  Africa, in the Congo region, she said to Italy  "Now is your time to get your work in over at  Tripoli." And Italy took the hint. For long years  she desired just such" a hint. Until now Germany  did not deem the time ripe for such a hint. However, the time has come, and Italy has stepped in  to secure for herself,'with the direct encouragement of Germany, aided by Austria, her tool, and  not interfered wjth by France or Spain, because  they dare not,���������to secure for herself Tripoli, a  part of Africa wher6 many Italians are living and where she has first rights.  Here then we land at the one clearly and fixed  prominent point. It is this: The nations are,  perforce, rushing to and fro to find larger areas  in which to home tlieir citizens, to secure raw  material for their home industries, and to increase  their markets. This is wise, necessary, and wiifen  attained makes a triple and perfect economic and  national achievement, worthy the mind of the  great statesmanTBismarck.  In the working out of such a plan there must be  'friction from time to time:' Friction between the  interested nations, 'as ��������� well ��������� as between any given  nation and.her natives in the particular colony  wherein she may be intrdueing changes to meet  the new conditions.  In this expansive movemeut, Italy ran across  Abyssinia and was worsted. She had to turn  back. Now she runs against Turkey and at the  beginning she has had success. We must wait  and see the sequel. In all probability the unspeakable Turk will yield.   How can he do otherwise?  He cannot get to the scene of aetion. ne must  ' yield or suffer worse things. And it is fitting that  he should yield. Jt is in future history that he  must yield, contract, dry up and die. Strangely,  however, it is not Italy that will administer the  finishing blow. Israel has that work in hand, aud  as surely as the sun shines Israel will do her work.  And in that day shall not Germany .and the na:  tions know that God's word stands forever?  However, without going any further in this  direction, I finish by drawing the attention of  Canadians to the lessons we should learn and perhaps have learned, in relation to Unistatia. As  Germans and Italians were overcrowded at home  and went to other lands, and as their governments  are striving to keep them at home or provide  colonies, industries, raw material and markets for  them, so Unistatia aimed, wisely from her point of  view, to extend into Canada just what European  nations are extending into Africa and Asia. She -,  failed because Canadians are determined to hold  her own raw material for her future use, and for  her own citizens, instead of giving them over to  any land in exchange for factoried goods, the most  insane of all insane economical acts.  But as with the nations of Europe which are  impelled forward in their quest, so Unistatia cannot sit down under the rebuff, nor will she. Her  need grows greater every year. She must do her  best to provide life and work for her people. This  she cannot do without securing the raw material  she does not own, and which she ruthlessly squandered.  She must turn to Mexico, to Brazil, to Argentina, and to other lands. As she, at the end of  100 years of exploiting her natural resources, is  scouring around for raw material, so Canada, in  100 years from now, will be scanning and pondering as to how she can find the material to keep  her industries going, so as to give labour and food  to her citizens. Hence Canadians must in these  days preserve jealously what she has, and find a  means of renewing her forests as she has found a  way of renewing her fisheries. Let Unistatia do  likewise and she will help herself wisely^ In the  meantime Canada is learning a lesson in sound  economy.  -)  Simon Fraser Public School, 16th Ave. and Manitoba St.  Vancouver, B. C.  SELFPRAISE  (Continued from  Page .1)  editor with the words added. "Self-praise is better  "thanlnon^  sign his name ,or reveal his identity. As a matter  of fact, the editor was somewhat,busy during that  period of time and had little chance to concoct  laudatory articles. From the opening of. the-'campaign until election day, he spoke every night,  onee or twice, excepting 'Sundays, Avhich were  spent in rest. Through the kindness and good  fellowship of the "Call" staff, the editor was relieved during the past, few weeks of his duties and  given an opportunity to pay his whole attention  to the election.  Now that this campaign has been brought to a  -JMMM&lLi������^JSj---thereyyjlJL.of Jiccessity be _somo_  change in the internal arrange mentof the "Call"  office. The present editor will be unable to pay  direct attention to its publication, but Avill retain,  in all probability, his connection with the paper  and c6ntribut'e,i'rom.t'ihie,-to time, in-so-far as his  duties at Ottawa."will permit.  , .In reply, tp "onr knockers," permit us lo say  that any articles appearing iu these columns  which referred personally������������������ to its editor were the  production of other contributors and for which  he desires to publicly thank them.  X'^'kkk^  The Road To Wealth  Early to bed and Early to Rise  Hustle all day and Advertise.  AH!   WHERE, INDEED.  "And where," demanded his wife,  with flashing eyes, "would you be now  only for me?"  The man glanced at. the clock. It  was verging on midnight. He signed,  and was silent.  An ad. in the Wester^ Call brings  results. Our circulation is increasing which  grooves conclusively the truth of our statement: " The Western Call is ready an ad. in  it will bring business to your business/- THE WESTERN CALL  ������JK������^^^-jKS^($������4tt|������i$t<iHS������*���������'**^,^liSH5,<S1,i"J'^       -^������2t^^K^^Kj������C>������il<3Mj^.4>^l^^tJ>^><i>fi'<2>***  *  .'*'  '   ^fi*    ���������  <g>  ���������St  ���������*  '&  &  '%  4������������  *  &  *  *  A.  I  *  .?>  %  '���������Si'  '*  *.  '���������?.>  ������&  #  *  "&  <������*  <3������  4*>  *  4������t  4i|.  G. E  e  & COMPANY  Headquarters for all kinds of Hardware  . Agents   for  Gurney-Oxford Ranges  "Chancellor/7 "Quick Meal?  and "Golden Nugget"  STOVES, the most modern  This Company lias both Single and Double Wagons  for  Prompt Delivery���������-made  necessary by the   rapid  extension of their business.   ..,.,,-  Cor- Main Str. and 16th Ave.  PHONE: Fairmont 820L   ~  Branch Store:  Corner Fraser and Miles Avenues  Phone: Fairmont 1I67L  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  Ads. in the Western Call bring Results  Humor andPhilosophy  By  DUNCAN   M.   SMITH  SOMETHING  OF   A  PAST.  A most   unpleasant  creature  is tile man  wiio knows It all. ,,  Ho talks' lo you in private -.  When heouslu to nire a hall.  1 hen ho ciuiid touch the button  And  talk and talk away.  And only trios.- nV-e.d listvn  Who felt  inclined in pay.  His hump of egotism ,  ls like a  cannon  hall. '  His fund of iniunuaiion  Is always at   your 'call,'  And his advicv is ready .  A fid guaranii'i-ti t<j lit.  Though not a soul  lias asked htm  To shed a   tium-ii of il.  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Yards.  ���������Granville- and Davie.  -Granville and J^oli'-on.  ���������-.Seymour and llalmcken.    _ 7   -Xorth  end   old  Cambie St.   Bridge  -Georgia and Cat-bio.  -Hamilton  and Robson.  -Granville  and Dunsmuir.  -Richards  and  Dunsmuir.  -Seymour and  Ponder.  -1 Joiner and Pundcr.  -Hastings  and Granville.   "  -Hastings and Richards.  -Seymour  and  Cordova.  -C.P It. Wharf (Xu. 2 Shed.-)  -H   R.  Co..  Georgia and  Granville  -Cordova and Water.  -W. H. Gallon's. Water Street.  -Water ancl  Abbott.  -Hastings  and  Abbott.  -Cordo\a and Gamble.  -Water nnd Carrall.  -Cordova and Columbia.  -Pender and Columbia.  29���������Pender and Beattie.        .  30���������Hastings and Hamilton.  31���������Hastings and Carrall.  32���������R. C. Ali Ms, south end Carrall. '  33���������Hudson's Bay Co., Water Street.  34���������City' Hall.  35-���������Alain and Barnard...  36���������Main and Powell.  37���������Main  and  Keefer.  39���������C. P. R. Wharf. (Xo. .5  Shed).  42���������Smythe and Cambie.  43���������Smvthe & Homer.  44��������� Wharf.  46���������Homer and Helmcken.  52���������'Duiismuir and Hornby.   ���������;     .  53���������Granville  and  XTelson.  54���������Rob. on  and Hornby.  61���������Davie and Hornby.  .62���������rNelson and Hornby.    63���������Georgia and Howe. N .  G4���������Render and   Howe.  65���������HaVtings  and  Hornby.  67���������Alain and Park Lane.  63���������Dunsmuir and  Beattie.  .   Vi���������-Columbia ancl  Alexander.  72���������Seymour and Drake.-  73���������Seymour and Smythe.  121���������Heap's -Mill. Powell Street.   '  122���������Hastings  IMill  No.  ���������>.  123���������J-Iastines Mill No. 1.  184���������Burns' Abattoir.  185���������Powell 'and  Woodland.  136��������� Hastings  Mil',  foot iJunleavy.     .  127���������Ponder and Salsbury.  1S8���������Oxford and Templeton.  129���������Pender  and .lacKson.  131���������Powell  and  Carl.  122���������Hastings  and   Carl.  133���������Vernon and  .'oweil. '  134���������J'ender and  JJeatley.  135���������Powell and Hawks.  13G ��������� Hustings  and   Dunlevy.  137���������Salisbury and Powell.  133���������Hastings  and  Victoria   Drive.  141���������Powell   and    Raymur,   Sugar   Refinery.  142���������Hastings  ami  Vernon.  143���������Hastings and HakcwooU.  151���������Powell and Raton  212���������Klghlli and Bridge.  213���������Sixth  and  Heather.  214���������Lansdowne and Manitoba.  215���������Prudential   Tn vest ment   Co.,   Front  and Manitoba.  216���������SlNth  and  Birch.  217���������Kront and Scotia.  213���������Front and  Ontario.  221���������Seventh  and  Ash.  222���������Sixth and Spruce.  224���������Sixth  ancl  Laurel.  225���������Vancouver Lumber Co.  226���������Vancouver J^ngineering Co.  227���������Lome and Columbia.  223���������Sixth and Alberta.  23.1���������Fifth and Yukon.  232���������Eighth and Manitoba.  233���������Sixth and Granville.  241���������Eighth and Granville.  242���������Front and Alain.  243���������Second and Granville.  251���������Main and Dufferin.  253���������Seventh and Carolina.  261���������Prince Edward and Dufferin.  2G2���������Eighth and Prince Edward.  263���������Fifth and Main:  264���������Seventh  and Alain.  312���������Barclay   ancl  Denman.  313.���������Pacific. Coast Ali Us.  314���������Broughton  and' Georgia.  315���������.Davie  and Denman.  316���������Burnaby  and Nicola.  317���������Chilco and Barclay.  318���������Chilco and Georgia.'  319���������Bidwell  and Penclrill.  321���������Bute and Harwood.  322���������Bute and  Barclay.  323���������Nels6n\and Thuriow.  324���������Chilco  and Comox.  325���������Rurrard  and  Georgia.  3G6���������Bute and Georgia.  '327���������Bute and Robson.  328���������J3arclay and Broughton..  .  3������9���������.lervis and Pendrell.  321���������Burrard and Harwood.  332���������Denman  and  Georgia.  333���������Burnaby and Jervis.  334���������Bidwell and. Haro; .  335���������Robson and  Carclero.  336-r-Burrard and Comox.   . >  337-  341-  342-  343-  345-  412-  413-  414-  415-  416-  417-  418-  419-  421-  425-  431-  512-  513-  514-  515-  ros-  517-  518-  53.9-  521-  522-  523-  524-  525-  526-  527-  528-  5?.9-  531-  532-  533-  541-  613-  613-  614-  615-  616-  617-  C18-  712-  713-  714-  715-  9  -.lervis. ancl Haro...   ���������'���������' ..  -Pender and Tlnirlow.  -Broughton  and   Harwood.  -Burnaby  and Thuriow.  -Thuriow and Atberiii...  -Third and Cedar.  -Third  and  Ai.aple..  -First and Yew. -.���������'������������������'  -First ancl Trafalgar.  -Second and Pine.  -Cornwall and Yew,     ,���������  -Third ancl Afacdonald:  -Kir-:l  ai'id  K'riiaclava..  -Tliird and Balsam.���������  -Cornwall  and  Bulsam.   . ,  -Aiaple and Creelman, C. P.  R.  errant.  -Ficdith  and  C'.arl-T.  -Graveley  and Park.     '  -Fourth and Park-.  -Grave'lev  and Woodland.  -Phai-le^   ancl   Clark-.  -Williams  and Woodland.  -Parker and Park.  -Venables and Cotton. ��������� '   ���������  -Verables and Clark.  -Campbell and Harris.  -Harris   and   Gore.  -Prior. and   Gore.  -Prior and .Jackson.  -Union   ancl, llawkes.  -Car:  .-ind  Grove.  -Harris and  Woodland.  -Second  and  Park  Drive.  -William and Park Drive.  -Hi-niai-k and  Park Drive.  -Third  ad 11   African.  -Carl  and Keefer.  -Reefer and  Victoria.  -Parker  and  Victoria.  -Williams  and Victoria.  -Bismarck and  Lake-wood.  -Second  and   Victoria.  -Sixth  and   Victoria.  -T akewood   and   Barnard.  -Tenth and Park".  -Twelfth ancl Clark.  -Ninth nnd Dock,  -Twelfth and Scott.  ������������������������������������������������������������**���������������������������������*���������������������������������<���������������������������������������������������������������������������������>������������������>������������������>������������������������  716���������Broadway   and   Burns.  717���������Twelfth  and Woodland.  .T1S���������.Fourteenth   and  Park Drive.  S18���������rSixteenth   and   Sophia..;   822���������Twenty-second and Sophia.  803���������Twentieth   and   Humphrey. :  843���������West.. Rd.   and  Fraser.  847���������Twenty-fourth   and  .Fraser. 7  ������52���������Twenty-second   and' Afarcha.  873���������Fifteenth and Thomas.  ���������;S76��������� West.., Rd. -and   Thomas.  1212���������Ninth and Yukon.  1213���������Eleventh and Ontario.  1214���������Tenth and St. George.  '  1215���������Thirteenth, and Alain.-  1216���������Tenth   ancl  Quebec.   '  1217���������-Broadway and  Columbia.  1218���������Eleventh  and Ash.  1219���������Fifteenth "and Alain.   .  1224���������Vancouver  General Hospital.  1333���������Broadway and Ash.   ,  1251���������Fourteenth and -Manitoba..    .  1253���������Tenth  and West. Road.  1263���������Thirteenth  nnd Prince Edward.  1264���������Thirteenth  and Yukon.  131S���������Sixth  and I'irie.  1313���������Seventh  and  Ma.nle;  1314���������^Thirteenth ancl Alder.  1315���������Ninth and Cedar.  131S���������Eleventh  and Oak.  1317���������Broadway aud  Oak.  1318���������Eleventh  and   Fir.  1319���������Th'rteentli  and Hemlock.  13CJ.���������Bro.ulwav and Alder.  1323���������Twelfth and Cyprus.  1323���������Tenth  and  Arbutus.  1324--Foiirteontli  and Arbutus.  1343���������Broadway  nnd  Willow.  1412���������Eleventh nnd Yew. ,  1413���������Seventh and Balsam.  1414���������Fifth   and Trnfalcrar.  2118���������Kamloops  and   Hastings.  211!)���������Powell  and  Clinton.  2122���������Eaton and  Clinton.  2132���������Slocan and  Pandora.  2145���������Dundas and  Renfrew.-.  2258���������SVIndemero and Pender.  J.   A.   AlcCROSSAN,  City Electrician.  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Fairmont   1201
Wholesale and Retail
Poultry Focd fl Specialty j
1547 Main SJreel
natural "Kind." "Your mother, to you,
CoustatVce, is like Enid's to her, a
dear but visionary legend. In a degree, it is always so between loved
Dnes lost and those who ave left.
Truth, honor,' work, these are the
liighest ideals for the individual. They
satisfy increasingly. Happy as I am
in your companionship, you must not
be vexed when r tell jrou that the most'
truly joyful-'-moment of my life was
conferred when my little friend, here
first responded accurately, to external
influences.". ...'���'
He laid his. hand on an object resting on a table by itself. It looked like
an aneroid barometer, but the others
-"Anyhow he "is sticking "to""liit
course," he announced. "I may as
-well   rake  in  tho  decorations."
Unflaunfedly, -but much flurried by
a si_a e\-er increasing in strength as
the force of the ebb tide encountered
the ot the wind, the Lapwing he'd on. With wind and sea
against her she would have made
slow, .work,of it. ��� As. it was, there was
help forthcoming for both journeys un
appearance on the rock. Tho fact
struck him as singular. In all probability he would not return to duty.
He had completed twent3'-one years.
!. i Df active service. Now he would retire,    and   when   the   commercial   ar
rangements   for   the   auriscope    were
comp'e-ted, h?  would take his daughters  on a  long-promised   Continental
tour,     unless,    indeed,-    matters  pro-/
greased  between  Stanhope   and   Enid
less the 'Winn wont back'.to^moiln .to the P��in,; of anyarl^marriage.v. 7
again as rapidly  as it had veered ,to |    He    had-   foreseen    that    Staiihope.*
the 'southwest. .     ��� ,.      ' "���" ! would  probably7 ask  Enid   to1 be -:his
She would not- be abi-east the- rock wife.     He  knew  the   youngster  well,-  Gulf
*It is high-water abouthalf past one,
I think."
He nodded, pretending to treat t!u*
jjuesrion as of no special import.
"From all appeal ai^ces there will be
k heavy sea,' she went on.
"Just an ordinary bad night," he
feaid cooJJy.
"Do the waves reach far up tli3
Jighthduso ni a gale?' sne persisted.
, Then Biar.d giasped the situation
������ "So that your slnmb3is may be
peaceful," he said, "I wiil call your
kind ai teuton   to  the  fact that    ihe
Ro'i  light has  appeared every
for nearly an hour, so Brand left the and liked him7     For-the  opposition
girls in charge of the lookout whilst that   Lady   Margaret- might  offer   he'
knew it"'was"ThV"marine"auri^cop'e"to'! he visited the oil-room.   A wild night, cared not a jot;   He smiled inwardly-���;
which  he  had  devoted  so  many   pa-7suoh as he anticipated, demanded full as the convenient phrase has it���when
tient,hours.        '���"'". j pressure at the lamp.    If the air be- he   reviewed  the   certain  outcome  of
"Is it in working order now?" ask- ! came super-saturated, breakage of the any dispute between himself and her1. carved   out   ot  a  quarry.    Indeed,   I
ed   Constance   instantly,    and     Enid j Slass chimneys might take place, and ladyship.   He would surprise, her.      ",' J think its went one better than
came   nearer.     Together  they exam- | h,e- m��st nave a good stock on hand.:    Brand,  the    lighthouse-Keeper,   ,and   nature.     Here   are  no  cracks  or   hs-
jnight during the past twenty-five
years, 01 sm-^e a date some four years
.before jou vere born, Constance. It
contains 4,CC0 tons of granite and is
practically  monolithic,   as  Lf   it  were
Has  re-opened her Studio
Term Commencing Sept. 5
Children a specialty.    For terms apply
175 Broadway W.
Phone: Fairmont 903    Mount Pleasant
Piano Tuning
Expert R^epair Work.
Factory Experience
Best References
2651 2nd Avenue,   Went
Leave your orders at the Western Call
| lie, must have a good stock pn hand.
Ined the small dial.    It was equipped PVater  and  c"a-'   to��>.were    needed;   Brand urging the"clazmsotrlns adopted
with  an   arrow-headed   pointer,     aud itlle d��ub^e��� aceiut.ut    to    Bates    aud  daughter, would be two very different
marked with the divisions of the com- 'Jackson had   thrown  into arrears all  persons.
' the ominary  duties  of  the afternoon
watch. .���,.'.
without   the   distinguishing
Of course, all  Penzance knew that.
he was a gentleman, a scientist in vi
Naturally,  the  pair  in  the  lantern  small way, and a man of means; other-
found   the   progress  ol  the  yacht ex-
on a topic concern- ! asperatlrigly slow,
was   always   either ! , ,'A "'<;'�� 1.J^llWIIlS
said Enid, scorn-
wise  Constance and   Enid  would  not'
have occupied the ppsitiioii they held'J
In local society.    Those unacquainted:,'���
pass   but
These three understood each other
exactly. By inadvertence, the conversation had touched
ing  which   Brand       ���.���.,���    ���. . . ,     .         .....
vague or silent. Both girls were quick- ��� fully-     ' W1]l tcH "'"*��� uww" he olISnt with English ways ofttimes make the!
witted    enough    to    know  that Con- ' io rechnsten her the Bantam.   All her mistake of rating a man's social status''
stance's  mother  was never  willingly ! P0WC1" >s ia her by  the  means  he possesses  or    the'
alluded    to  either bv  the  lighthouse1     w,ie��   Bl'"'��'   Joined   them   matters manner   of   his  life   in  London..'No'
became    livelier.      More accustomed greater error could    be    committed..
than   they  to  the  use of a telescope, The small, exclusive comity town, the:
he made discoveries. community which registers the familv'
"The    two    supernumeraries      are connections  of  many   generations,   i*s
there." Jiy announced, "but 1  cannot the only reliable index.   Here, to be
see Lawton-   Indeed, so far as  I can of gentle birth and breeding���not bad
sures or imcc-teded flaw<=    "
(Continued Next Week.)
(KM If
C. C. Pilkey
Disposed of his
Bicycle 2nd Repelr Business
to Mr.  DAVIES recently
iiii ���> iii 1 ihh 1���11 m
IB. C. Cafe
keeper or by the elderly Mrs. Sheppard who looked after them in infancy, and was now the housekeeper of
Laburnum  Cottage.
Constance wai? annoyed.   How could
she  have  been  so  thoughtless  as  to
Near Corner Main Street and Broadway
'.'������������'.- ,'������������'.. '���,'���-.������-,-���.'��� .-.*��.���.���
Young lady graduate of the R. A. of
M; desires a few pupils; * Pianoforte.'
Terms reasonable. Apply 3424 Quebec
Street;.- ..;"''  7", 7-7
A SPIRITUAL meeting will be held
every Thursday, evening at 8 o'clock
Classes for enquirers can be arranged
for. Mks. Clarke,
06 Inman Avenue, Central Park.
Rose Bushes
l, 2 and 3 years old.
Flowers and Plants at
very low prices.
PHONE : Fairmont 817 R
by bringing up painful reminiscences.
But he helped her, -:>eing master of
He adjusted a switch in the instrument.
"I had no difficulty in constructing
a diaphragm which would intercept all
sounds," he said.   "The struggle came
when I wanted an agent which--would
distinguish  and  register a particular
set of sounds, no  matter what additional din might be prevalent at the
same time.   My hopes were wrecked j
so often that I began to despair, until j'
I chanced one day to read how   ,the '
high-tension   induction   coil   could   be!
tuned to disregard electrical influences j
other than those issued at the same}
pitch.    My anxiety,  until  I  had  pro-1
cured and  experimented  with  a properly  constructed  coil, was very  trying, 1 assure you."
"I  remember   wondering   what    on
earth it was," volunteered Enid.    "It
6ounded like a mathematical snake."
"And I am sorry to say that even
yet; I am profoundly ignorant as to Its
true inwardness," smiled Constance.    |
"Yet you girls delight in poets who '
bid you hearken to the music of the!
spheres.    1 suppose you will    admit
that the ear of, say  Ben  Pollard; is
not tuned to such a celestial harmony.
However, I will explain my auriscope
In a sentence.   It only listens to and
indicates the -direction of    foghorns,
slreiiB, and ship's bells. A shrill steam |
whistle excites it, but the breaking of
seas aboard ship, the loud flapping of
a propeller, the noise of the engines/
of a gale, or all these in combination,
leave it unmoved."
"I remember once, when we were
going from Falmouth to Porthalla In a
fog, how dreadfully difficult it was to
discover the whereabouts of another
steamer we passed en route," said his
0 "Well, with this little chap on the
bridge, the pointer would have told the
captain unerringly. I don't suppose it
will be thick whilst you are here, or
you would sse it pick up the distant
blasts of a steamer long before we can
hear them, aud follow h��~r course right
round the arc of her passage. It is
most interesting to watch its activity
when there are several ships using
their sirens. I have never had an opportunityof .testing it oh more thau
three, vessels'at-.onee,' but as soon as t
could deduce a regular sequence in
the seemingly erratic movements of
the indicator, I marked the approach
and passing of each with the utmost
tase."' ������ 7 ��� _ ���-:���
"Would that stop collisions at sea?"
"Nothing wiil do that, because some
it   the
A co. p.'e '
st .d of ir t
wli.te'   fo:.
W, M- 1M0RA/VV
Physician   and   Surgeon
Office arid Residence:
25th Ave. and Main <?t.
Express, Baggage
Furniture Removed
South Vancouver     ���      Roslyn Street
Off Bodwell Rd.. Six blocks eaut of Frawr
liopc;    dressed    in  Ben   Pollard's  oil-
"He-has. left Lady Margaret!" cried
���"He    never   wont  home!"  essayed
Wnid.7 -..''��� ���'"���:'
"Poor c'nr.p!-^ He v.'as going to take-
us lor a chive to-morrow," said Con-
sfanc��. "'.'������'��� '...
"To Morvalv.". c:"p!ained   Enid, witl.-.-
a .syllabic e.'jp-'-"��>s  meant,   for    on�� ._
air of tars. ....'.���     ���
,"Jt is very nics of hitii'to s'M'May '
n and. after a look at us," sa'cl Bra.'-'
He '���.ail cqre-s close ��e>   ;.
iv.t ithr.t is. -.ill. '.Our'smalj- m.egapnOv
'/iii b* v.spJ- S3."
'.Iii(Iesd. tho  Lr.pwiug. dared not 2
���roa;-,h  nearer .-ti;au  'lie T' ty  ::-:o'
,ig-bvoy.   !."sy t'rat't.i'-ii.e flit-. thrae,'.p.v-
ecttd from tho biting-\ylv.Ct by oils"/.-
;C-ais, ��� w-U'\-  standin;,  on   li'.e ,��-.i t.
.'he  real'  v-aa   b'el'io'wiiig  up
\"ith a car.i'iiiuous rear.
' icres of.Its surface \.o: s
ng.more ,\8-:?gib:e. t^an
;ad driving spray.       .
Stanhope,''-r^sigiiirg the .'wheel to.
nilor, braced .hi.nsoif- fiivtily  a;-a!n
.ie litti" .vessel's-.f:��� iv mast a; d be^J
7) strilst'-a �����-'���:��� s'-.oi-'-y-itvs. :-;'d-','y..'t.-.
itudsswith his anrj,s and head.
77'Why-is h.   oe^a>'in..... n, (list ;d.-..
'���;'?. meniier?'.  screaked Enid. -:        7,
"Capitiil Jcl.a ��� seinap'iore ��� clev.
7 ;'low,,,iack.'7 shouted iiranS.
Abashed, held hefr peace. ;7
The lig-itlicuse-k..ep::r, signaling i
i.-.rn tluu ho v.a.S;7ivvCiv:ng the rnei
: age;'"sr.;i;ed out the folio.viagr
7"lsa!I well?".  ;   7'- '     :-7       77-.;
"Yes," he answered;
"Bates and Jaokson reached hosii
al. Bates compound fraituie. .'���'.'.-3
.eather inodciatts will be with yov
sxt tid<-."
"All right." waved Brand.   "'...'
The disiant fig;- re started again:
"L-o-y-e t-o E-n-i-d."
Enid  indulged  in an  extraordinary
:,rm flourish.
'������: "A-n-d C-o-n-s-t-a-n-c-e." ,
"That spoils it," she screamed. "Ii
jught to be on'y kind regards to you,
Connie. I believe you are a serpent,
a���"   -
"Do stop your chatter," shouted
Brand, aud he continued the message
"Weather looks   very  bad
hope  for  to-night.     Lancelot due  at
six.      Will    see    personally  that no
chance is lost.    Good-bye."
Good-bye," was the response.
cause her father a moment's suffering !-make oy.t, she is commanded by Stan- credentials eVen in the court'of King
'" '      '    '"  '        r>_ i���...i��_  ...i   pemos_confers���'Brahmiriical rank, nc^
matter what the personal fortunes oc
the individual.       '
I    Brand it is true, did not belong to a-
Cornish county family, but there were'
those who conned him shrewdly. They
regarded him as a ^ell-meaning crank,;
yet  the  edict  went forth    that    his'��
: daughters were to be "received," andj
received they were, with pleasure and^
admiration by all save siich startkd'
elderly   mammas  as   Lady    Margaret.
Stanhope,    who    expected  her  good-;
looking    sou to contract a  marriage!
.which  would restore  the failing for-'
,tunes of the house. )
\    All unconscious of the thoughts flit-'
ting through his brain, for Brand was
i busy''trimming-a- spare lamp, the two'
jdrls  amused  themselves by  learning
the semaphore alphabet from a little!
\ hand-book which he found for them,   t
j,  When the night fell, dark and low
: ering,   the   lamp   was   lighted.    They,
j had never before seen an,eight-wicked
j concentric, burner in use.    The shoi��e
lighthouses with whicii they were hotter acquainted  Mfere  illuminated    by,
electricity or on the catoptric prtnei-,
.pie, wherein.Vlarge number of smfjll'
Argand    lamps,    with ��� reflectors, are*
I grouped together.
j    To interest them; to keep their eye��
j and  ears   away   from, the  low-wateY
| orgy ol the reef, he explained to them
I the    capiillary action of the oil.    A1-;
though they had learnt these things!
in  school   they had hot realized th'<
exactness of 7 the statement that -   oil
does not burn, but must first be con^
verted Into ga.s by the application of
heat.-- On the Gulf Rock there were
nearly 3,000 gallons of colza oil stored
in the tanks beneath, colza being used
i in preference  to paraffin because    it
j was safer, and there was ho storage
-accommodation apart - from the light-1
j Requiring much greater heat than
i mineral oil to produce inflammable
gas, the colza had to be forced by;
heavy pressure in the cistern right ui��
to the edge of the wicks, and made toi
flow evenly over the rims Of the burnt
er, else the fierce .flame would eat the'
metal discs as well.        �� ;
He read them a little lecture on the
Meals   -   25c
Meal Ticket $4.50
Short Orders a Specialty.
The most Up-to-datek'p]ace to eat on the Hill.
All heme^ccokingv.  White help.   Quick service.
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Choice Groceries, Confections
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Phones Fairmont B02 Vancouver, B. O.
***&tt**W****************** ****************************
********************���:***** *********************<-:' ****
Call at
Litt'e  r'va! c'ai1"5 ,of gas and electricity, and
���a   ot   demonstrated how dazzlingly brilliant
the latter could be on a dark, cleaii
night by showing them the fine light]
on the Lizard.      ���'������*���
ti   -"I ���.��� ,i~.. f->n ..���-���, ������. ,��� t.���~      "But In ba^y weather the oil wins,*'
m,0 fi ^f/     ^f /hi h^V a ,1e said, with the proper pride of every*
"'vl     '     H^tS" ���olr, ,w   man in his own engine.    "FishermeK
staSe'^Sfhfr KLr^ sai,in^ into Penzance-along a course
stance, close to nei  ratners ear. equidistant  from the  two  points  tell
ercise due care.    But with ray instru-1 uttle f|rther out there j8 greater depth ��n �� f��*S ���JJ.^W mZ^Z c"c��
ment on board twoNships, and a time : BIHl. morp reeular sp&s a duI1 yellow radiance from the rock{
chart  attached   to   the  drums,  there  ana m�� e   eg   *   8e* ' whilst the Lizard  is invisible.     The!
would be no need for a Board of Trade      They watched.the yacht in silence., oil has more penetrative power.    Its<
inquiry to determine  whether or not  At last her hea3 swung round toward chemical   combination  is  nearer  thei
the proper warning was given.   To the ; the coast.   When broadside on, a wave mean of nature's resources."
hit her, and the spray leaped over her At  the proper time    he    banished
masts. them to the kitchen to prepare  din-*
"That gave them a wetting," cried ner> a feast diverted from the hour ofi
Brand, and his calm tone stilled their noon by the chances of the day.    He:-
ready fear.   Indeed, there was greater adopted everv expedient to keep them)
danger than he wanted them to know, busy,  to  tire  them    physically    an<$
make" money"out of his" invelitioils. as ""B^t the Lapwing reappeared, shaking mentally, to render them so exhausted;
a rule," said Brand.   "I suppose 1 differ, h^ej^ and still turning.               ^ that they would sleep in blissful calirt
from  the ordinary  poor  teiiow  Pnas-!      Good little boat! jjaid Brand.  The through the ord-val to come.
much   as   I  am not dependent for a  cnsis had Passed-    She  was headed, As h�� could not leave the lamp, and!
livelihood on  the Biiccess of my dis-  ^ ful1 speed-for the Bay-   And not t0�� tbey refused  to eat apart from him;
'Ere sh�� reached the compara- the  dinner,  in  three courses,  was 4
For High-cl^ss Fruit and Candy
and TOBACCO.   Agents for Woman's Bakery.
2648 MAIN STR,, 2nd Store from Corner Uth Ave.
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ist Recorder
vast majority of navigators it will
prove an absolute blessing."
"You clever old thing!" cried Euid.
"I suppose you will make heaps of
money out of it." y
"The  inventor  1b the  last  man  to
-   " (Published Monthly)  .
Is almott indespensible to you.
No other medium will give you such general and
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"There's not the  least HttJe bit of  tlve shelter of Clement's  Island  she  breathless affair.   Going up and dowrf | *
was swept three times by  green  wa-   flVe flights of stairs  with soup, joiniji ��
*er- and pudding.' whilst one carried   thai I ��
chance of there being a fog to-night?"
queried Enid, so earnestly that a wave
of merriment rippled through the
room. |
"Not the least. In any event, you
two girls will be in bed and sound
asleep at ten o'clock."
"Perish   the   thought!"  cried Con-j
stance.   "Bed at ten, during our first
and only night on a lighthouse!"     .
"You will see," said her father.
"You cannot imagine bow the clock
dawdles in ' this circumscribed area.
Work alone conquers^It. Otherwise,
men would quit the service after a
month's experience." j
"Ship ahoy!" screamed Enid. "H-'re j
comes the L<apwing round Carn du. !
Mr. Lawton must have lent her to'
bring the relief.   How*kind; of bim." j
"The Lapwing cannot approach the;
rock," said Brand. "I will signal 'Land- i
Ing Impossible to-day.' It will save J
them a useless journey." !
He selected the requisite flags from
a locker, the phrase he needed being j
coded.    Soon   the  strong breeze  was;
trying to tear the bunting from  the
cordage,  and  theugh  they  could  net
hear  the  three  w.h'istles   with   which \
the little yacht acknowledged ^the ��ig- ;
nal, they, could easily see the jets of
steam through their glasses? j
Constance happened to overlook the |
table on which stood the auriscope.
"This thing has actuaHy recorded
those whistles," she cried In wonder.
"What sort of whistle has She Lapwing?" asked Brand.
"A loud and deep one. worthy of a
leviathan. It was a fad ef Mr. Law-
ton's. They say his siren consumes
more steam than his engines."
Her father laughed. _^_"    __-...
Inside the lantern, their faces ruddy tray and the ether swung a hand laiW  ���?
with the exposure, their eyes dancing ,ern in fronti required time and exer4i f
with excitement, the girls were vohi�� tioa.    They   were cheerful  as    grigsi'll
ble with delight.    Could anything be over it.                                                      | ���
more thrilling than tbeir experiences En,d  whoge turn R wag tQ brin& u{i |
l,,!l,.Mf'���; mW *-j,nA~Am I- .,-'..��. ^e Platee of tapioca, pleaded guilty^ *
7Th?nZeEX��Z ��i%4A ,^' to a slight sensation o   nervousness/ f
clous to be lost   _crled Lnld.. ��� Connie, ..,  cou,d               ,      remembering.'3 I
you and 1 must lcam_ the   alphabet. ghe fiald   ..whBt M ^wfu, ,ot of <Ja^  4
is ven eveninK. ,ron Btfps there were beneflth me    j |
felt as if something were creeping up
quickly behind to grab me by the
ankles." y -|l$
You shall teach us this very evening,
dad. Fancy me signaling you the
whole length of the Promenade: 'Just
look at Mrs. Wilson's bonnet,' or
'Here come the Taylor-Smiths. Scoot!'
Oh, It's fine."
She whirled her arms in stiff-jointed
rigidity and mimicked Stanhope's
fantastic posing,
"Why should you scoot when you'
meet the Taylor-Smiths?" asked
Brand. 6-
"Because Mrs. T.-S. hauls us off to
tea and gives us a gallon of gossip
with every cup."
"I thought your sex regarded gossip
as the cream?"
"Sex, Indeed! Old-Smith is worse
than bis wife. He doesn't say much,
but he winks. One of his winks, at
the end of a story, turns an episode
into a three-volume novel." ���
"It seems to me I must teach you
the code in my own self-defence," he
replied. "And now for tea. Let us
have it served here."
Tbey  voted this  an admirable  notion.   The girls enlivened the meal by
relating to him the doings and sayings
of current interest ashore during the   ���~   t
past two months.    By a ."queer coinci-1
dence. which he did not mention, his
"You should go up and' down threa *
times in the dark," was Brand's re��j *
cipe. "When you'quitted the doon J
level for the third ascent you woula *
i cease to worry about impossibid ?
grabs." (J
Constance loolced at her watch.       ,\*
"Only eight o'clock! What a longf *
day It has been," she commented. j$
"You 'must go to bed early. Sleep *.
\n my room.    You   will soon
ting Stoves a Kanges
That cold snap will soon be here.   Are you prepared ��
for it?   If not why not?   The following
are a few of our lines:        /"
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like. "    '-% *
"Any fear of burglars?" cried Enid.  4��
"Yes, most expert cracksmen, win<f
and rain, and���sleet," he added, qu^t-
ly. "I must fasten ali the storm-shutters and make everything snugl
Don't stk- until I wake you i-ij the
"PooY old dad!" sighed Constance,
He was making new entries in (he
relief was again  due within a weel
re:iei    was,   Hgaiu   uue   wiuim   a    ��w..,   ���+hnno-h*fnllir-
Just as on the occasion of Enid's first  l^^^imiy.
weather  report  when   she  remarked.
1714-1716 Park Drive       Phone; Seymour SMI
> ******<-**************^.-***  ***4~>**4>************* THE WESTERN CALL  CEDAR COTTAGE AND  SOUTH VANCOUVER  Now that the Dominion elections are  over and settled and the municipal  elections are looming in the near future, the annexation of South Vancouver with the City seems likely to become once more a matter of public  interest. Reeve Pound, declared at the  last meeting of the Annexation Committee held in the City Hall that a  vote on the question under the existing statutes would be simply wasted  effort as the law requires 51 per cent,  in favor of the measure and regards  all non-voters as opposed. Large tracts  of land are held in the names of absentees. Councillor Dickenson stated  that the C. -P. R. alone held probably  one-sixth of the votes necessary to  carry the measure, whilst other large  tracts had been sub-divided and disposed of under agreements of sale. Until the final payment these properties  belonged legally to the owners and in  this way many residents aud part owners were likely to be represented at the  poll by a few capitalists, many of whom  were non-residents, unacquainted with  local needs. It was also stated that  at the last election the situation had  not been sufficiently understood early  enough to secure the necessary provincial legislation. '   y      v  According to Reeve Pound the present system of preparing voters' lists  was an antiquated one. Even whilst  under revision fresh alterations occur  and before they can be completed many  errors are sure to exist. Out of about  37,000 separate holdings and 10,300  names on the voters' list only about  1500 votes were cast at last election.  Mr. J. B. Wake, after previous com:  munications to the Council, has issued  a writ against the municipality for $10,-  000 damages for injuries sustained by  him on February 28th last. TPlaintiff  alleges that the accident In question  occurred as a result of a fall off the  side walk near the City car terminus  at Cedar Cottage, where workmen employed by the Council had left an uncovered trench at the end of the walk.  He sustained a broken leg and other  injuries as a result of the fall. The  matter was referred to the solicitor.  The resignation of Mr. J. Spencer  Robinson from the position of Assessor was accepted and Mr. West, assistant in his office was given temporary  charge of the Department. Applications for the office of Assessor and Assistant Assessor are to be advertised  for at once. '   ���������;7..V:'...:,  the schools has at length been agreed  upon and it is expected arrangements  to start the same will very shortly be  announced. So far from being the novelty that is alleged it may. be pointed  out that the system has been in vogue  in the old country ever since the adoption of free education. It was felt that  with the abolition of school fees some  means might be found to divert school  pence into a useful channel and penny  banks connected with the Post Oflice  were started with great success.  Local and  Four years ago Prof. E. Odium had a  black elderberry plant sent him,from  Ontario in an ordinary letter. He at  once planted it in his garden. This  week they are enjoying pie^ made from  the berries.  RANK OF LUMBER PROVINCES  FOR 1910.  It has been wisely determined to do  away with the old methods of heating  the schools by separate stoves and in  nearly all the South Vancouver schools  furnaces are being fitted and piped in  readiness for the coming winter season.  Mr. and Mrs. Luxton of No. I Road  and Park Avenue are being congratulated on the arrival of a charming little  daughter. ���������' '  The South Vancouver Council were  somewhat averse to trying an election  at all, saying it was an utter impossibility to bring out 51 per cent of the  property vote. Eventually they were  persuaded by the Civic Committee to  proceed with their preparations on the  understanding that the provincial government will be officially apprised of  the condition of affairs as it is felt that  when shown that a just vole is Impracticable the argument for changing the  condition will be strong.  The East Collingwood Pire Department were given a; call for their services on Saturday last ,when called on  to extinguish the 'biish fires In close  proximity to Carlton Schools. Thanks  to their efforts during the afternoon  and evening no harm resulted.  leslieI  f Grocery  Cor. Broadway m Ont.  Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Walker of Collingwood East after, a trip of over three  months have just returned^ home. Dur:  Ing their journey abroad: Mr. and Mrs.  Walker have visited the British Isles,  Holland, France and' Belgium. They  are delighted to notice the improve  men ts that have developed during their  brief absence.  X  Fresh and  Large  Stock of  Groceries  Flour and Feed  Fruits  Vegetables  Two hundred dollars ,was voted by  the Council to the school board towards entertaining the delegates at the  forthcoming B. C. School Convention.  The tender for rock crusher of Mess.  A. G. Brown, Jamleson & Co., was accepted for a sum of $4,930.  The Scvhool Trustees appear to have  left the matter of Night Schools until  very late tn the season before considering their arrangements.. At their last  meeting the chairman announced that  it had not yet been decided whether  to resume the night classes or not this  season as the attendance last winter  was not very encouraging. It is understood a canvass of the municipality,  will be taken to ascertain what support may be expected. Surely this  could have.been done before now. The  schools ought tohave started next week  if they are to commence. Last year  the Board waited till the majority of  their would-be pupils had joined. city  classes and this year seems likely to  prove the same.  Trinity Methodist Church, of. which  Rev. AM. Sanford is the popular pastor, is truly prosperous. The basement of the church will soon be ready  for Sunday School and meeting purposes. A parsonage has just been  built and other improvements are contemplated. Rev. Sanford is in Toronto  attending the Methodist Missionary  Convention as delegate from B. C.  At the regular meeting of Cedar  Cottage Lodge, No. 2125. it was decided to have the Annual Sermon on Sunday, October, 29th at 3 p.m., in the  Presbyterian Church, Victoria Road.  All city lodges are cordially invited.  Meet at Saunder's Hall, Victoria Road.  C. G. NORTHCOTT,  A quiet wedding took place September 26th, when Miss Hazel Dickinson,  only daughter of Councillor W. J. Dickinson, of Cedar Cottage, was united in  marriage to Mr. Frederick E.Bcseoby,  fourth son of the late Mr. Geo. I. Bes-  coby, of London, England. The Rev.  J. R. Peacock officiated. After a short  honeymoon spent in the Sound.cities  Mr. and Mrs. eBscoby will reside in  South Vancouver. -  :?  The proposal   to   inaugurate   Children's Savings Banks in connection with  Mr. Frank N. 7 Hirst, the popular  young manager of the Cedar Cottage  branch of tlie Bank of Hamilton, has  left for three week's vacation on a  visit to his parents at Kamloops.  The total lumber cut of the Dominion of Canada for 1910 has just been  compiled by the Forestry Branch. Reports were received from. 2763 firms  operating sawmills/which is nearly  700 more than reported last year. Thus  the 1910 report is a better estimate  of the actual lumber production than  ever before. Nearly five billion feet  of lumber was cut during 1910 throughout the nine provinces of Canada,  which represents a total value to the  country of seventy-seven and a half  million dollars. This is about fifteen  million dollars more than the value  of the 1909 lumber cut. Ontario, as  in former years, holds the premier position as a lumber province. Its forests are made up of diversified species  which enabled it to produce one-third  of the lumber for the Dominion, British Columbia, however, will soon take  Ontario's place, from predictions made  on the 1910 report. In 1909, the eWst-  ern province produced a trifle over  half as much lumber as was cut In  Ontario, while for last year the amount  returned from the two provinces were  practically the same.    Although one-  j quarter more lumber was cut in Que-  W. Master./bee Jn 1910 than in the yeap previou8i  ; the increase was not sufficient to maintain it in second place of importance,  which position was usurped by British Columbia. The remaining provinces New Brunswick,. Nova Scotia, Sas-  Katchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and  Prince Edward Island cut lumber in  the order of importance given, but  together supply only one-sixth of the  amount for Canada.  WORDS THAT WIN A BRIDE.  Clean ers and Dyers  536 Broadway W.    Pnone* ffjzr1  | Phone: Fairmont 515 j  Suits Pressed 75c  Suits Cleaned &Pressed $1.50  o27  QUALITY'GROCERY  Cor. HeatHer and 8th Ave.  E keep a full line of Fresh Groceries of the  Best Quality at Lowest Possible Prices.  Flour, Feed and Vegetables.  $  Mav Flower Butter, 3 lbs. for $1.00.    Eggs, new  t       y laid and ranch. '  I      I lb. of Our Special 60c Tea FREE with every $10.00 Prter.  $   Phone: rmlrmont 1222 W.8. Fra9or,frap,  \JI^**S************^^      **********************  w  Thursday next/October 12$h,vis to  be a big date for the Cedar Cottage  Cricket Club, their annual concert at  Marfew Hall being fixed for that night:  A supper and numerous attractions are  promised and as no cricket can exist  without a ball the club have, arranged  for a dance from 10 to 2 a.m. after the  concert and supper.  L. O. L.  The regular fortnightly meeting of  L. O. L., 1842 was held in the K. of P.  Hall, Mount Pleasant, on September  21st, but owing to It being election  night the attendance was not as good  as usual. Two new members were initiated and three applications for membership received. Owing to the elections all important business was laid  over until next-meeting, October 5th,  at which the W. M. hopes all members  will make an effort to be present.   Any  visiting Brethren will be cordially wel-     a Russian journal gives the follow  corned. Ing collection of marriage  proposals  typical of different nationalities  A.Russian: Natasha, my little dove,  soul of my soul, I love you with my  whole heart, with my whole being���������I  love you madly. I will love you unto  death, and should troubles befall us,  my love will conquer everything. Be  mine oh, Natasha!  A Frenchman: You are divine, ideal.  Today I- will press my suit before your  parents, and you, my fairy, you will  become my wife.  An Englishman:   I am about to start  on a long voyage, and I shall be very  lonely.    I wonder if you would care  A Grand Concert is to be held in St. |to marry me and  let us make  this  FIFTH VANCOUVER COMPANY,  BOY'S BRIGADE.  The band concert and dance given by  the Central Park Band on Thursday  last, was a huge success from every  point of view. The Agricultural Hall  had been very tastefully decorated by  the boys with flags and their numerous  lady friends had also contributed liberally with various'comestables likely to  tempt the most dainty appetite. Every  one was gratified by the results, musical, social and culinary, whilst financially the band can record a uniform  successT  Last Thursday the' daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Craig was  united in matrimony to Mr. Percy  John Burch, of Vancouver, the brid.e  being attended by Miss Elsie Green,  whilst Mr. K. Campbell supported the  groom. The Rev. J. R. Peacock performed the ceremony.     ;  There -: was rejoicing at St. Paul's  on the Hill, Fourteenth and Burns on  Saturday night,, when Capt. Henderson  read a letter from the Boys' Brigade  Secretary, Glasgow, announcing that  the company had been officially registered as the 5th Vancouver.  This Company was started some  eighteen months ago and has made  considerable progress in all branches  of the work.  Paul's Presbyterian Church, Corner of  Fourteenth and Burns street, on Thursday next in aid of the funds of the  Boy's Brigade. The hoys have arranged a splendid programme including  solos, duets, readings and instrumental music, which should attract a large  number of friends. The work of this  company which has now been registered as the 5th, Vancouver, has been  most satisfactory. Not only do the  boys meet on Saturday nights for drill  gymnastics, 'etc., but every Sunday  morning a Bible Class is held, when  the boys themselves take the papers.  The efforts of some of the boys in this  direction have been nothing short of  marvellous. The numbers of the company are steadily increasing and everything points to a very successful winter's work.  ^9*******************^*** ' *****^*******************  Our Opinion on the  Range Question  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  best merchandise in our line. .��������� jj  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market.   In our opinion  is the best of them all and the  range in service Will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it.   If there was a better range made, we would  advise you to buy it   Will  you not come and see it?v We  are sure we can convince you  inside of five" minutes that what  we say about the South Bend Mal  leable is true.  W, R.  2337 Main Street  OWEN  I:  Phone Fairmont 447  ���������#'< ��������� t "t I*>#4^:������*^H^������^K'4>������H'':^M'I"t-i"I- 'c********'\ '**** hi* * **  The new Post Office "Sunnydene"  corner of Knight Road and Westminster Roads opened for business on  Monday last and Mr. Kelly, the postmaster, reports increasing business  daily. Local residents should advise  their correspondents of this latest  convenience as otherwise their mail  may be delayed by being sent first to  Cedar Cottage before being forwarded.  _ _Cedar_ Cottage_Presbytej'ian Church,  Rev. J. C. Madill,, pastor. Services 11  a.m., "The True- Christian Life."  2:30 p.m., Sunday School and Bible  Class. 7:30 p.m., "A Reasonable Service." A Hallowe'en party will be  given at the Church, October 31st. A  special programme is being arranged  by the ladies.   Everybody cofiie.  journey together.  A German: Fraulein, you are a  notable woman. You have read and  understood my book. I cannot tell you  how much I admire and esteem you.  May I dare to offer you my hand?  An Italian: Cara mia, you are fairer than the blushing dawn. Your voice  is more melodious than the soft west  wind. Oh, let me kiss those dark  locks of yours, and let tliose heavenly  eyes not spurn me, for otherwise I  die.   Live withou^you I cannot;  A Montenegrin: You are a handsome  and (a good girl. If you will marry  me I will cut off two Turks' heads  and lay them at your feet.  SWIMMER'S OARING FEAT;  NOTICE TO  BUILDERS.  We have 7on hand about 5,000 windows in the" knock down; also a first-  class strictly No. 1 stock of doors from  Seattle and Tacoma. Our stock is on  view at 860 Cambie street. Estimates  given at any time, and delivery made  on short notice on all stock sizes. We  are here for business nil day, every  day, Saturday afternoon included. Our  motto, "Small profits and quick returns." Riggs, Higgins Co., 800 Cambie St.  Services in connection with the  opening of St. David's Presbyterian  Church, Gran Road, will be, held on  Sunday. Rev. Dr. Pidgeon preaching  In the morning and Rev. J. A. Logan'  in the evening. On Tuesday 10th inst  a social and concert will be held.  The death occurred on Tuesday of  Mrs. Charlotte Armstrong, wife of Mr.  Joseph Armstrong, corner of Twenty-  ninth Avenue and John's Road. The  funeral took place on Thursday. Ser-  vice being conducted at South Vancouver Methodist Church by the Rev.  J. F. Betts.  WANTED  Tidy woman to do washing and help  season  The Y. M. C. A. indoor  opened last Tuesday with Mr. Maxwell, the new physical director, in  charge. About sixty members of the  Young Men's Class were on the floor,  a good turn-out for so early in the  season.  At the annual meeting of the Senior  Leaders' Corps of the Y. M. C. A., held  last Saturday evening, the following  officers were elected for the season  1911-12: President, N. Mulvin; Vice-  president, T. Lennix; Secretary-Treasurer, Eld. Jardine.  William Stearns, the Manchester athlete, jnade_an_adventurous_ swim, from  Folkestone to Dover, unaccompanied,  and in a gale of wind. Stearne, who  was strongly advised not to make the  attempt, dived off Folkestone Pier into  a. rough sa, and refused to have a lugger accompany him. He was soon lost  to sight, and many onlookers feared  he would never be seen again. At  Dover where friends were on the look  out, the seas broke over the Admiralty  Pier, and when the swimmer arrived  he was caught in a current and driven  against the pier although swimming  his, hardest in an attempt to get to seaward of it. After being knocked  against the ironwork several times,  Stearns determined to surmount the  obstacle and, clambering up the landing stage he ran across the pier and  dived over the other side, afterwards  swimming across the bay to the  beach.  MIXED METAPHOR IN FRANCE.  Mr. G. A. Cruickshank, of the local  postoffice staff, is enjoying a week's  vacation.  Mount Pleasant Lodge No. 19, I. O.  O. F., conferred the first degree on one  candidate on Tuesday night, the first  with housework one day ofthe week. | since receiving their new regalia.  Call mornings. There  was   a good   attendance  pf  Suite 4, Dudley block, 2336 West- j members and the degree team looked  minster road. ' sl5    I fine in their new robes.  The latest mixed metaphor comes  from France and is worthy of being  placed on record. The occasion of  it was a dock strike at Rochefort,  the dockers being filled with indignation because the authorities refused  them a fortnight's holiday on full  pay, and this is how their spokesman  rendered the ancient sentiment that  worms will turn: "Even the feeble  sheep," he exclaimed, "when the fierce  blasts of indignation make its fleece  bristle upon end, feels that it must  thrust out its talons and scratch."  38TH AVENUE, NEAR FRASER���������5-  room cottage bungalow; every modern convenience; just finished; full  lot and on easy terms for $550 cash,  balance $75 per quarter.  24TH AVENUE, NEAR FRASER���������6-  room house, fully modern, with basement and furnace; lot lies high. This  house ls inside of city limits. $300  cash, balance as rent.  BODWELL AND FRASER���������$300 caah  and $30 per month will purchase a  dandy 5-room bungalow, with all  modern conveniences, except furnaces. You can have your choice of  two; full lots, 33x120ft. Remember  the price is only $2500; $300 cash.  See us about these.  36TH AVENUE, NEAR MAIN���������5-room  bungalow, with full size basement;  full lot, 39x100ft. to lane; lot is  fenced; chicken house and barn for  horse. Price $2500; $300 cash, balance arranged. WiU trade for good  building lot.  WILSON RD., NEAR MAIN ST.���������30ft  double frontage, with 5-room strictly  modern bungalow;  basement, laun-  ���������:>. dry trays and furnace. Room for a  fine home on Wilson Road. Price  is only $3550; $400 cash, balance  arranged.   Will trade for a lot.  16TH AVENUE, NEAR MAIN���������A swell  5-room, 2-story cottage, fu..y modern,  ������������������with furnace and laundry trays. Remember it is 16th Avenue, near 3  carlines. Price $3100; $400 ca8h,  balance arranged to suit purchaser.  JOHN 8T., NEAR 25TH AVE.���������One  of the finest 5-room bungalows in  South Vancouver; reception hall and  parlor are papered with leatherette  paper, parlor and dining room have  beamed ceilings, with lights on th������  earns, besides two swell chandeliers; fireplace in .the dining room,  which is burlapped; bedrooms and  bath are separated from the rest  of the house by a hall. Few bungalows have them. Full-sized basement with furnace and trays; lot  33x129ft. This is cheap at $3500.  with only $500 cash. Come early for  this one.  $300 CASH���������5-room bungalow, near  Main Street; 2 bedrooms, full size  basement; full lot, 33x100ft., to lane;  lot is fenced; chicken house and  barn for horse. Price $2500; $300  cash, $25 per month, principal arid  interest.    This is good.   ,-���������  $300 CASH��������� 6-rdom ! house, half block  from Fraser carline; fully modern,  with basement and furnace; lot is  high and you have a fine view. This  house is worth seeing, and it is inside' of city limits.  $300 CASH and $28 per month will dispose of your landlord and you can  own your own 5-room bungalow, near  Bodwell Road and Fraser Avenue.  It is modern, except furnace; has a  nice fireplace. You can have your  choice of two just about completed;  full lots, 33x120ft.  $400 CASH���������30ft. frontage on Wilson  Road, near Main Street; 5-room,  strictly modern bungalow; basement;  furnace, laundry trays. You can  build another house on back of lot  facing the other street or sell the  ground. Price is only $3550; $400  cash and $400 -every six months.  Look this up, 7.  $400 CASH will handle7a-swell;5-room-=  2-story cottage onJohh Street; fully  modern, with furnace and trays; a  short distance from. 3 carlines. Price  $3100; $400 cash, balance arranged.7  You must hurry for this one.  $500 CASH payment will handle a fine  . 5-room bungalow on John, near 25th;  corner lot. The house is fully modern, with every convenience; full-  sized basement. Price $3200; $500  cash, aiid $25 per month. Come in  and let us show you this one.  $500 CASH���������4-room bungalow on  Sophia Street, inside of King Edward  Avenue; full basement, 2 bedrooms,  bath and toilet. Price $2300; $500  cash, $25^per month. You can buy  the furniture if you wish.  CASH MAKES CASH PAY-  ment on swell five-room bungalow on Eleventh avenue, corner lot,  41 b.v C6l This is a modern home with"  basement, furnace, ..replace, panelled  dining-room and built-in buffet. Price  $3850; $750 cash, balance arranged to,  suit you: This sounds goods and It is  good.  CASH WILL HANDLE A  six-room modern house on  Seventh Avenue East with 40x122ft.  lot to lane. Barn on rear of lot; will"  house four horses. The price is $4500;  $1500 cash, balance 6, 12, 18. This  price holds good for a few days only.  CASH PAYMENT PUR-  chases a 40x66ft. corner on  Eleventh Avenue East. There is a  fine five-room, two-story house with  basement, furnace and laundry trays,  stone foundation; built about two.  years. Price Is cut for a few days to  $4200; $1200 cash, balance arranged  to suit.  $750  Thanksgiving Day will probably be  fixed this year for Monday, October 30.  The proclamation fixing the holiday  will not be issued until the first Cabinet Council meeting after the election,  but the date above is almost certain to  be settled. La3t year Thanksgiving  was observed on October 31st  $1500  $1200  & CO.  2343 Main Street THE. WESTERN CALL  .'   i','-,.5'f  '   ..    "/  "j    '    1l ;* 7 7?i|  . yr" -'  PROVINCIAL ELECTIONS ACT  Vancouver City Electoral District  TAKE NOTICE that I have received objections in writing to the retention of tlie following names on  the Register of  Voters   for    the   Vancouver   City    Electoral   District   on    thegrounds stateU below.  And take notice that at a Court of Revision to be held on  the 6tli day  of November,  1911,  at  the Xew Court House,  Howe Street, at 10 o'clock   in the forenoon. I shall   hear and determine the said objections, and  unless such named persons  -or some other Pioiincial  voter on  their behalf satisfies  me that such objections are not well founded, I shall strike tuch  names off the said Register.  ,     G   D   McKAY.  Registrar of Voters.  Dated this 10th  day of October,  1911.   WARD 1.  The following persons are reported absent from the District:  NO.  935,  Im.  493.  U96.  K.  509.  NO. NAME PLACE.  13.    Adam, Alexander, 632 Hornby St.  66.    Allan, William,   1006 Nelson  St.  68.   George   Henry   Reid,   1363  Pender St.  140.    Auchinvole,   Da\id   Laidlaw,    579  Hornby St.  142.    Austin, Albert Ernest, Manhattan  Blk.,  Thuilow  St.  150.    Bagriall,   George    Richard    Goodman/Georgia St., Georgia House.  165.    Baker, lien, Wm., 1406 Georgia St.  181.    Banton,  James Alfred, 641  Hornby St.  184. Barbour,   John   Henry,   1137 "Bute  St.7    o- ���������'  185. Barclay, Alexander,  828  Hastings  . ��������� St.  186. Barclay,    Charles    Norman,   1934  Barclay St -  187. Barker,   Charles   Frederick,   1033  Davie St.  190.    Barker,  .Robert Chester,  1057 Co-  .   mox St. ��������� "������������������  203.    Barrett,     George      Alfred,      1400  Beach Avenue.  214.    Barwis,    Thomas,, Shephard,   842  Burrard St. '-,.-������������������  221.   ' Bavlis,  Fred,  1835  Pendrill  St.  248.    Relknap. Jiul B��������� 1069 Thuriow St.  "  267.    Bemrose, Chas. Douglas, 1740 Comox St.  272.    Bennett. James Francis, 1158 Sea-  ton  St.  274.    Bennett. Sydney Claude, 925 Pen-  " - der St.  -������76. Bentley. Leonard, 1127 Barclay  St.   ���������  282. Berry, James Wm., 1155 Georgia  St.  289. Betliune, Alexander, 134C Pendrill  St.  316. Black. Archibald Campbell, 1366  Harwood St.  318. Black. Charles Melbourne, 1100  Seaton St.  311.    Blake. George, 1128 Barclay St.  355. Blythe, John Thomas, 679 Howe  St.  3C6    Bond,  Lambert,  1255 Davie St.  381. Bosustow, Stephen Hammerton,  932 Smithe St.  385. Boultbee, Arthur Watkin St. John,  2058  Beach Ave.  388.    Boultbee.  Wm.  Washington,   1067  Melville St.  '394.    Bower, George Edward, 1126 Barclay St.  '.396.    Bowes,   Frank   Watson,   Florence  Court. Georgia St.  404.    Bowman, Richard. 961 Hornby St.  409.    Boyd, Robert,  953 Howe.St.  415. Braden, Howard, 600 Burrard St.  416. Braden. Howard, 600 Burrard St.  136.    Brendrett.     Arthur    James,     837  Drake St.  '440. Brenton, Clifford Llewellyn, 566  Hornby St.  ,443. Brewer, Cecil Parsons, 1451 Comox St.  [,449. Brldgeman, Edwin Harry, 8<1  Denman St.  1452.    Brlggs, Edward -Henry,   Steamer  | Princess  Victoria.  1,458. Brittan, Percy Palmer, 517 Thuriow St.  1466.    Brough,  Peter,   560  Hornby  St.  1474.    Brown, Charles Wells, 625  Horn-  J by  St.  1476. Brown, Henry Augustus, 577 Howe  * St.  1477. -Brown, Henry King, 833 Hornby  St.  1487.    Browne, John Henry, 1424 Burnaby St. .  ���������  |489.'   Brown<j,     Walter     Henry,      1360  Hornby St.  Bruce, Cosmo, 1257 Hornby St  Brundrett,   Arthur    James,    1082  Hornby St. ��������� ,  Bryant.     Dudley,     1018     Pender  St.. W. .     ���������  Buchanan,   Alexander,   15oS   Harwood St.  Buchanan,  Rupert  Bancroft,   1318  Haro St.  Bucknall,    Richard    James,    10/5  .,. Barclay St.    -  I'16.    Budden,  Charles  W.,  1152  Seaton  St.  17.    Budden. Fred. Reginald, 1117 Melville St. > ,  \I8.    Budden. Fred. Reginald, 1054 Melville St.  Ml).    Buddie, Charles Bell, 1508 Georgia  St.  |#2.    Bull.     Richard     Strachan,     1919  TJghcIi Ave  124.    Kulwer. * Walter    John    Redford,  1728 Georgia St.  112.    Buvnell, Percy Oliver, 667 Hornby  St.  Ud     Burnett.  .Tn������������n������h.  878  Hornby  St.  i2.    Burns, John. 1274 Barclay St.  158     Burns,  Wm. Ernest,   1036  Robson  St '  P6.    Bush, Herbert Joseph, 1215 Nicola  St.  177. -Biishr Oakley -Beaufort; -1245- Nicola St.  Calder.' Andrew  Fergie,   1122  Alberni St.  f3.    Oalder.oDanlel. 1122 Alberni St.  Ji.    Calland. Theo.  Hatton,  1402  Bar-  |\        clay St. ���������,     ���������.,  11.    Callaghan,   Percy   Dent,   748   Gil-  mr        ford St. ,     ���������  Collia,   Wm.   Beresford,   541   Burrard St.  Cambie, David, 1,818 Ronton St.  Cambie,    George    Ormond,     1880  Robson  St.     ��������� -     ~ . ���������     '  Cambie. John W\, 1818 Robson St.  |7.    Campbell. Graham, 877 Howe St.  |3.    Campbell,   Malcolm,   R.M.S. -Empress  of, India.  12. Campbell,   Mdver.   901   Hastings  St. W. ������������������.-"���������  13. Campbell.  Murdoch  McLeod, Badminton Hotel. .      ...  12.    Cannon,     Herbert    Cecil    Harold,  Cor. Comox and Chilco Sts.  r>.    Carleton,   Vescy   Henry,   Badminton Hotel. ,  |6.    Carrlck,-     Andrew     Alex.,       1041  Georgia St. .-.."���������  ft.    Carter, Cecil  Henry.  1310 Alberni  ���������    St.  Carter,   Charles,   R.M.S.   Empress  of India.   >-  Carter. Tom. 1721 Davie St.  Carter, Walter Henry,-1144 Davie  St,      .  Cassady. George. 1.111 Jervls St.  Cavanagh.   James   Herbert,    1389  ���������    Pender St.  Chapman,   Edward,    849  Thuriow  - St: ���������7' "  Charmley, Ralph. 1173 Hornby St.  Clement,     Leslie     P.,     Blenheim  Court.  Clough,      Harry,     Bancroft,     942  Broughton St. -  Clvne.   Henry   Randolph   Notman,  1537 Rob=on St.  Coleman,   George,   1221   Burnaby  ---   St.   -������������������������������������ . ���������      "-��������� 7 7-  Coles,   Herbert   Storehouse,   Stanley Park Brewery.  Coleman, William.  1637 Davie St.  Cooper. Wm. McGregor, 1422 Nelson St  Copp. William;  1014  Harwood  St.  Corbett,   Harvey   Raymond,    627|  Broughton St.  '������������������.',  Corbett.    Harvey   Raymond,    627;  Broughton St.  Corbett. Robert Andrew, 1203.Bur-  !'i;   rard St.  Cousins. William,  1047 Dunsmuir  St  Coutlee.     William     Fredk..     632  Hornby St  Cowan.   n>nrv   Lewis,   900  Hastings St. W.  Cox, Joseph, 1963 Georgia St.  Cran,   James   Milville,   1311   Pender St  Creau.  Michael White,  655  Hornby St    - <���������' '  Creightbn.   Charles   Henry,    1446  Alberni St  Creighton,  Douglas.   1114  Alberni  St  Crewe, John Austin,  1756  Comox  St  Crlckmay,     Fred.     George,     1243  Haro St  Cronyn, Verschoyle Francis,  1932  Alberni St  Cropley.  Alfred  Elijah,   991 Pender. St  Crory, Robert, 763 Hornby gt  NAME. PLACE.  Crowe, Andrew Jameson, 1110 Nelson St.  945 Cullon, James Edwin, 1269 Bur.  raid St.  951.    Cumming", Allen. 1216 Barclay St.  955. Cummins, Eiigar 1'uicy, Coal Har  bor. ���������  956, Cuhlitte. John. 910 Pender St.  957.7, CunlifCe.  -Walter    Howell,    Hotel  : a    Badminton, Howe'St.  962. Currle, John'.Win. Thornbuin, SS3  Hastings  St.  AV.  963. Curry, Arthur,  1822 Comox St.  980.    Daly,  Harold Mayne,  1066 Pender  -  -    St.  988.    Dames, Theodore,  Deadman's  Island,       i  991. Dangerfield,   Ernest   Vivian,   2061  Beach Ave.  992. Daniel, Charles, Wm. B��������� Cor. Ni  cola and Alberni Sts.  1025.    Day, David, 10.16 Pender St.  1033. Dean, William Armstrong, 1909  Beach Ave.  1044. DePencier, Adam Urlan, 1316 Pen-  drill St.  1025.    Day,  David,  103  Pender  St.  St. '  1059.    Dey,   George   Edgar,   1305   Burrard St.  1060. Dey, Oscar William, 1305 Burrard  St.  1062.    Deyell,  Gerald,  Hotel  Badminton.  1085. Dobbin, Leonard Wm. Robert, 1736  Robson St.  1088, Dockerill. Joseph Clement, Thuriow and Eveleigh Sts.  1094.    Doig. David, 1843 Robson St.  1096. Donagliy, Archibald, 1727 Comox  St.  1100. Donaldson, Arthur William, 995  Bute St.  llll. Douglas. Arthur James, 1115 Barclay. St.  1115. Douglas. Richard Deighton, 795  Thuriow tit.  1158. Dyde, Stanley Howard, 1153 Robson St.  1161. Dyke, Montague Rooert, 1261 Bid-  well St.  1169. Earle. Ernest Albert, Georgia  House,  George St.  1205. Elliott, John, S. E. Corner Burrard  and Pender.  1210. Elliott, Win. Henry,  1310 Hornby  St.  1211. Ellis.  Harold  M.,  1756 Comox St.  1233.    Evans, Ernest Edward, 1075 Harwood St.  1238. Evans, Percy William, 1273 Nelson St.  1243. Evans, William Henry. Badminton  Hotel.  1244. Eveleigh,    Sydney    Morgan,    1533  Pendrill St  1247.    Fagan. James Surgrove, 978 Hornby St.  1250.    Fagan,    William    Lawrence,    Jr.,  1030 Melville St.  1255.    Falls. William. 1008 Robson St.  1264.    Farrow, Chas, Henry, 1328 Pender  St.  1278.    Ferguson.   John   Bowerman,    690  Broughton St  1301.    Findlay, James, 1205 Pacific St.  1374.    Fowler,  William,  1021   Comox St.  1375.- Fowles, Walter,  1437 Georgia St.  1376.    Fowlie,  James Forbes.  567  Hornby St.  Fraser,   Archibald   Brydone,   1839  Morton  Ave,  Fraser, Guy Newenham, 1325 Pender St  Fraser, Henry, 1006 Burrard St.  Frose. William Henry,  632  Hornby St ' - ���������  Fuller,  Lestrange,   S.   S.   Princess  May.                             -                  i  1446.    Gale,   Becher  Robert,   1433   Burnaby St.  Gallagher, Josiah L.,  1764 Comox  St.  Ga.lvin, Matthew, 577 Howe St-  Gavin, Duncan,.104] Georgia St.  Gearv,  William  James,   101S Bid-  well St.  Germaine,   William   Lotson,    1103  Georgia St  Gibson, Thomas.  10S0 Hornbv  St.  1540.    Goodman, Alfred Edwin, 986 Thuriow St.  1552.    Gordon, Robert Wm., 1219 Georgia  St.  1569. Graham,    James    Mitchell,    1029  Thuriow St  1570. Graham, Nelson Wm. Girard, 1600  Barclay St.  1593. Greaves, Ernest, 1133 Comox St.  1594. Greaves,  Isaac,  1133 Comox St.  1595. Greaves, Percy, 1133 C.������mox St.  1596. Greaves, Walter, 1133 Comox St.  1609.    Greer,    Benjamin    Watson,    1217  Robson  St.  1615.    Griffin,      William      Martin,      722  Broughton  St  1634.    Gunn, Donald. 1156 Davie St.  1610.- Gwynn,��������� Gwynn -Ivor, -1231   Car-  dero St.  1648.    Laines, Frank Wm., 607 Haro St.,  Cor.   Thuriow.  1650.    Haldane, William,  821 Nelson  St.  1659. Hall, Robert Percival, 1195 Davie  St  1660. Hall,  Robert  Percival,   1190  Bute  St.  1664. Hamber,   Eric   Werge,   1901   Bar  clay St.  1665. Hamnsley. Alfred St. George, 1169  ' -   Seaton St.  1667. Hamilton,   Fred  Ord,   573  Hornby  ���������:���������-'-.    St.  1668. Hamilton,    James    Murray,    1348  Haro  St.     .-*     v'.;'"1'.  1G70. .Hamilton, Patrick ...Stewart, .,.11.64  Harwood St.  1678. Haney. Charles Nelson, 1156 Nelson St  1682. Hannington. Robert. Wet more, 858  ���������7 '     Burrard St.  1694.    Harkness, David, 895  Howe St.  1704,    Harris, H.Walker, 966 Burrard St  1397.  1404.  1405.  1427.  1431.  1449.  1455.  1472.  1477.  1482.  1493.  NO  NAME.  PLACE.  L940.    Hubbs.   Carson   Sanfield,   111   Pacific Bldg.  1951.    Hull,   Thomas   George,   1112   Davie St  I960.    Hurst, Fredk. George, 1221 Georgia  St  197S.    Hyde, James. AVestminster Hall.  1979.    Hyndman, Thomas B.. Cor. Burn-  ��������� aby and Thuriow Sts.  19S5.    Inglis.   Charles   C,   Westminster  Hall.    '  1.999. ���������������������������Jack, Petite,  1039 Georgia St.  2005.    Jacobs, George Ansley, 1022 Hornby St.  2025.    Jarvis, AVm.  .A., S40 Pender St.  2032.'   Jenkins, Samuel, 506 Hornby St  2036.    Jewell.   Lewis   George,<- 1129   Pacific St. ',"'������������������'  2060.    Johnston.    Stewart    Silvas,    1213  Howe St.      ,                ������������������.-������������������  20C2.    Johnston,  Wm/ Lyllie, 956 Carde-  ro St  2073;    Jones, Charles  Edward,  520  Burrard St  Jordan, Alfred Alex. McKay, 1070  Haro St.   . -     v  Jordan, John'C, R. M. S. Empress  of Japan.  Jorgensen,    Gottfried    Emil,    795  Thuriow St.  Judge,   Alex.   Reynolds   Percival,  1266 Robson St.  Judge, Arthur Percival, 1266 Robson St.  Judge, Chas. Percival, 1266 Robson  St.  Judge, Frank Percival,  1266 Robson St.  Judge, Spencer Percival, 1266 Robson St.  Julian, Charles Ottls, 1184 Nelson  St.   /  2124.    Keeling, Frederick, 733 Nicola St.  2139.    Kennedy.    George    Wilson,    1125  Georgia St.  Kennedy,     J.ohn     Frederick,     751  Hornby St.  Kent, Frank Belford, 1101 Pender  St.  Kenoya,   Hugh   Ronald,   776   Burrard St  Ker, James, 1060 Georgia St.  Kerr. Gavin Tait, 1155 Georgia St.  Kilby. Edwin Churles. 978  Nicola  St.  Kilpatrick, David, Empress of India.  King, David.  658 Hornby St.  21S4.    Kingsmtll,  John Gault,   779  Bute  St.  Knowles, Wm. R., 1067 Comox St.'  Koepke.    Ezra,    Fairmont    Hotel,  Hastings St.  Kyle, John. 1670 Beach Ave.  Kyle,   John   Albert,   1249  Hornby  St.  Kvlo. Morrison, 952 Denn'ian St.  Iriimant,      Henry      M.,     Belmont  Rooms, Hastings St.  Lambert.    Albert,    Stanley    Park  Brewery.  Lambert, Cyril Edward, 561 Hornby St.  Lambert,     Sidney     Ernest,     1014  Hornby St      ' ��������� i  Lamont, Henry Charles, 611 Hornby St.  Lane. AA'm.,  Blenheim Court  2262".    Lazier, Thomas Cameron, Vancouver Club.  2263.    Leach, Frederick Wm., 660 Hornby  St.  22������6.  "Leaven*. Wm. Byron, 104S Pender  St. W.  228S. ���������  LeFnrgey   Alfred  A..  12S5  Pacific  St.  2292.    Leggatt.    Matthew    Hendrie.    997  Thuriow St.  J293.     Leggatt,   Wm..  997 Thuriow  St.  2331.    Lewis.   AArm.   Henrv,   S50   Hornby  St.  2.'!."! I.    Ley.   Thomas,   S.   S.   Empress   of  China.  2349.    Litch. Joseph Williard, H557 Burn-  abv St.  2371.    Lockwood,   Herbert.   715   Broughton  St.  2393.    Lur-as,   Alexander,    161S   Pendrall  St.  2112.    Mahon,   Kdward.   323   Burrard   St.  2122.    Malcolm,   Fred   Vlouy,   Cor.   Bute  and Beach Ave.  2115.    Markham, Ralph Farrar, 1175 Haro  St.  2169.    Martin.     Francois     Kavier, -1143  Georgia St.  24 74.    Martin, James John, 7777 Bidwell  St  2186.    Mason, Josiah. 11)7 Harwood St.  25 11.    Milliken. Robert, 1235 Haro St.  2552.    Mills. Norman Havelock. 751 Pender St.  25."(i.    Milne,  James,  1041  Melville St.  2561.    Mitchell.    Charles    Arthur,    1018  Burnaby St.  2570.    Mitton.     Edward     Stanley,     1657   Burnaby-St-���������     -    -   ���������  2610. Morrin. Wm. Somervllle, 1120 Comox St  2631. Morton, John, 1151 Denman St.  2632. Morton, Joseph, 1151 Denman St.  2691.    MacDonald.   John   Archibald,   1856  Barclay St.  2698. MacFarlane. Arthur Douglas, 1136  -Comox St.  2706.    MacGowan, Lyle, 1121 Georgia St.  2723. MacKenzie, Simon Francis, 1686  Georgia St.  2728. MacKihlay, Thomas Hart, 1190  Seaton St : ���������     ,-���������  27S1. McCallum; Newman, Hornby Mansions.  2807. McCutcheon, David, SI 3 Hornby  . St. ......     .7     .  2817.    McDonald, James,  1178 Comox St.  2SJ8. McDonald, John - Edward, Hornby  ' Mansions. "  2837. McGillivray, Alex. James, l\t0  Barclay St.  2852. McGregor, John N., 1161 Hornby  St.  NO. NAME. ' PLACE.  3603.    Smith, James Arthur. 1010 Alberni  St.  3610.    Smith, Percy Hugh,  1010 Alberni  'St.  Snell, Herbert, 778 Burrard St.  3630  3636  3647.  3732  3736.  3742  Snider, AVilfred Charles, 1026 Eveleigh Si.  Soper, Anson Eugene, 539 Hornby  Stewart,  Charles Tufts,  1165  Comox; St.  Stetv-art,  Fred  Long,  Empress, of  India.  2093.  2094  2096  2102,  2103,  2104,  2105,  2107,  2111,  2142.  2117.  21521  2154.  2160.  2169.  2173.  176,  2198.  2202.  2207.  2208.  2210.  2222.  2226.  2227.  *'n 2 8  2229.  Stewatt,   John   AVm.   Willoughby,  SI 5 Burrard St.  3756.    Stone, Geoige Augustus, 943 Howe  3766. Street. John ^mbrose, 1114 Harwood St.  37S2.    Sullivan, Wilfred, 2044 Comox St.  3809. Tanner, AA'm. Gordon, Suite 39,  Manhattan  Blk.  3831.    Tazzenan, Edward,  1007 Howe St  3S33.    Tebb, John A.,  1171  Beach Ave.  3S53. Thomas, Charles Archibald, Dead-  man's Tsland.  3S7C. Thompson, AVm Edmund, Cor.  Denman and Robson Sts.  3882.    Thomson, John, 1762 Robson St.  3J>86. Thomson, Win. Rothweli, 776 Nicola St  3S96. Thvme. Arthur Grain ille, 1138  Pemler St  3920.    Tomlinsoii, AVm., 1070  Haro St.  3925. Townscntl, Neville Fred, 1070  Georgia St. '  3979. Twigsr. Herbert Thomas, 1356 Barclay St.  4032. Wallcem, Richard Kno.v, Beach  Ave.  near Park Road.  4043. Walker, Edward, R. M. S. Empress of India.  4064. Warburton, Henry Hume, 1414 Alberni St. '  4132. AVelsh, Edward Bowman, 1063 Barclay St.        :-.*..'.-  4134. AA'elsh, Robert Abram, 892 Broughton St.  4174;    Whittington, Robert. 1045 Haro St  4177.    AVhyte, Albert, 1613 Haro St.  11S5. Widdicombe, John, 13 46 Pendrill  St.  .  ,4193. Wilders, Claude, 1772 Davie St., in  rear.'        - -   '.;-  ' . ,.-. .-  4204.���������������������������"���������Wiles. Clarence, Badminton Hotel.  4212. Williams, James Thomas, 1136 Comox St. ���������  4217. AVillfams, William, R. M. S. Empress of Tndia.  4237.    Wilsqn, Charles,  1076 Barclay St.  4215. Wilson, David Henry, 1042 Robson  St.  4253. Wilson, John Ford, Empress of India.  4255. AA'ilson. Robert, 1029 Eveleigh  St.  4256. Wilson.   Robert   James,   622   Bur  rard 4St  4275. Witham. Walter James, 1004 Eveleigh St.  4278. Wolsey, Wm. Ralph. 6 Richards  Bldg., 915 Robson  St.  4287. Woods. Wm. John Grant, 659  Hornby St  4294. Woodrow, John, Cor, Bute aud  Robson Sts.  4298.    Woods, Samuel, 659 Hornbv St.  1305. Woolsey, Arthur Garnet, 1300 Comox St.  4315. Wright, George Roderick, 1206  Haro St.  4326.    Wrightey   John Hardy, 1671 Hare  4346. Young, James C, R. M. S. Empress  of  India.  1707." Harris,   Reginald   AVm:   Douglas.   2873.  ��������� Mclntyre, George Alex., 1135 Bar  AVolfe House, Cor. Robson and  Bute.  1709. Harris, Stanley Gordon, The Narrows, Stanley Park.  1725. Harvey, AVm. Henry, 1S03 Georgia  St..        -  .-���������.  1.785.. Hawkfis, John Aylesford, 1006  Denman St.  1752. Hearn,-AViliiam.  1663 Burnaby St.  1753. Heasiip,  Samuel A... 1499 Burrard  St  1767. Heming, Herbert Payne. 200C  Beach Ave.  17S2. Henderson, James Stringer, 937  Burrard St. .   '���������'"  179". Hencv, Benjamin Franklin, 661  Hornby St -  1794. Henry, Richard Thomas, 1329 Comox St.  1796. .Henshaw. Charles Grant, 1571  Haro St.  3 810.    Hewitt. Charles Ernest, 1012 Pen-  ..--���������  .      drill St.    ,  1814. Hewitt. Sidney Seaton, 1012 Pen-  drill St.  3S3 6. Hewton. FranldinWalter, 544 Burrard St ���������'.���������.���������-  1820. Higginbotham, Fred. Charles,  Vancouver Club.  1826.    Hilker,   Alex.   Grant,   3637  Comox  ��������� . St... |,    ���������  1829.    Hill, Henry J��������� 558 Hornby St.  1S30.    Hill,   John   Francis,   1031   Comox  ��������� St: -.,'������������������..  3S39. Hobson, Arthur, 1003 Pender St.  3850. Hodgson. Samuel Booth, 1009 Burrard St. .    .-    ���������     ���������  1S67. Holdsworth, Herbert, 5j0 Hornby  St.  1872. Holland. John Marquis, 544 Burrard St.  1S76. Ilolman, Henry Alfred, 1195 Bute  ���������- -'' St '  1879. Holman, Henry Gough, 1144 Nelson St ���������;.   ������  1884.    Holt, Frank Bartley,  1003 Seaton  st ���������  18S7. Honeyman, John James, 1123 Barclay St.  1892. Hood, Robert Henry, 1058 Per.der  . ���������   - Sf ������������������     -   ��������� ���������  13\)2. Hope. Charles Edward, 1931 Nelson St. "  1905. Hopkinson, William, Empress of  Japan.  1913. Horsmaw George Dennis, No. 2  Manhattan Bldg.  1829.    Howe.   Samuel   Lynes,   744   Bur-  ,_^_   rard St.        .  clay St.  2874. Mclntyre, Samuel James, 1135  Barclay St.  2879. McKay, James Alex., 1028 Harwood St.  2918, McClelland, David Alex., 1101  Hornby  St.  2922. McLennan, Robert Purees, S82  Burrard  St.  3001.    Ness, John Mitchell. S. S. Charmer.  3026. Nicholson, AViliiam, Empress of  India.  3031. Nicksoti, Thomas Ralph, 1270 Melville St.  3016. O'Brien, Charles Mcllamara, S03  Drake St.  ���������3060.' ��������� O'.Meara, Henry, R. M. S. Mont-  eagle.  3062.    Orr, Ernest Ray. 627 Hornby St.  3066. Ostrem Arthur Dansbury, 1018  - ���������   Burnaby St.  3077.    Paint. James M... 1032 Hornby St  3126. Payne. Thomas Henry, 506 Hornby St. -���������  3129.    Pearce, Howard.  1264 Alberni  St.  3132. Pear=on, Bert, R. M. S. Empress  -. ' of Tndia.  3179. Piper, Charles James, 1768 Robson St.  31S5. Ponsford, Leicester* Longwortfiy,  1055 Barclay St.  3189.. Poole, Sidney Charles, Belmont  Rooms, Hastings St.  3244. Purdy, Ernest Ralph, 3 04O Denman  St ;  -  3257.    Quigley, Charles B., 1176 Haro St  3264. Quinster, Joseph Court, 1218 Alberni St.  ���������  3291. Rear. James  Strange,  3 421  Burn  aby St.  3292. Reed.  Henry  Ernest,  Empress  of  India.  3295.    Reeves; Wm.   Foster,  555  Hornby  St   .  3311.    Rhodes, Francis Leslie, 1.128 Barclay  St- |  3333.    Rickson. Wm.. Jr.. 443 Hornby St  3433.    Ruddick, John Sanson, Palace Livery Stables.  Scarth. Malcolm Binny, 1115 Robson St  Shelton. Henry Thomas, 1115 Pen-  drill St ���������  Shore. John AATilfred Clarence, 1133  Pacific  St                      -.-���������'���������'.  Simmons,   WrilHam   Charles,    6S<  Hornby St  3581.    Small, Harry Hilton, 1152 Seaton  SU   .  3471.  3532.  3539.  3557.  The following persons are reported deceased:  215.    Bath, Thomas. 661 Hornby St.  64S.    Caple."Norman, 1134 Beach Ave.  660.    Carmichael,   Harry,   870   Burrard  St.  691.    Cates*. Andrew Jackson, 1156 Harwood St.  Cliipman,     .Tames     Edward,     933  Hornby St.  Cctello,    Thomas    Francis,  "1103  Pendrill St.  Creach, William Robert, 1117 Melville St  Creelman, Robertson. -1163 Comox  St.  Cumming,   Samuel.   1327   Alberni  St  Dalby. Charles William, till Hornby St.  1020.    Davy, John Giening,  1132 Robson  St.  1362.    Foster. William. 1215 Nelson St.  1977,    Hutchinson, AVm.  McComble,  3079  Seaton St.  Irwin,  AA7m.   Honr.\\  Cor.   Thuriow  and Eveleigh Sts.  Jone������, Fred. Arthur,  1223 Burrard  St.  Kolly, James Taylor,  1610 Alberni  .   St.  Kent,   AVm.   Francis,   572   Burrard  St.  Lewerke,   Herman,    1112    Broughton   St.  Lewi--, Arthur Menrv.  1046 Carde-  ro  St  Manuel. Georpe Evans,   1130 Robson St  Mnrtimoro,    James    George,    1035  Haro St.  Mortlmorp, AVm. Henry, 1063 Haro  St.  Murray. John, 1720 Comox St.  McCrancy,  ������Vm., 827 Hornbv St.-  Mr-Donald,   Alex..   763   Hornby   St.  Norris. AVm.  Edward,  1029 Comox  St  Powers. Patrick.  1039 Melville St.  Springer.   Frank    Renjatnin,   Cor.  Robson and Gilford Sts.  3710.    Sterling, David, 630 Burrard St.  3713.    Stevens.   George,   1402   Comox   St.  3780.    Sudbury.   James   Pre,   3 078   Harwood St.  39S7.    Urquhart,   William,   3 050   Robson  -St.  4295.���������Woodrow, John-Glover,-11SS Robson St."  4341.    Youdall. Hugh Archibald, S57 Burrard St.  743.  862.  903.  907.  950.  976.  1992.  2079.  2134.  2150.  2325.  2327.  2139.  2625.  2628.  2672.  2 798.  2811.  3042.  321 I.  3672.  WABD 3.  The following persons arc reported ah-  ;ent from the District:  3.    Abbott, Andrew Calvin, SS3 Hamilton St  2. Abbott.; Frederick,   723   Hamilton  -'St.       -  3. Abbott. Joe ,S��������� 700 Cambie St.  6.    Abbott. AVm. Alexander, 529 Helm-  cken St. ���������  31. Achurch.'Samuel, Arlington Hotel,  /Cordova St.  13. Actoii Garnet Woolsley, 1 56 Hastings St. ���������  ��������� -.  36. Adams, Arthur Francis, Hotel  Arancouver.      o  IS. Adams. Francis Cecil, Clarence  Hotel, Pender St.  19. Adams. Georgo Thomas, 782 Homer  St.  28. Akam, AVm. Albert, 822 Seymour  St.  32. Alcoinbrnch,  Egerton   Allen,     856  Richards   St.  33. Alderton, Thos. Wm.,  62S  Homer  St.  34. Alexander,     George     Moses,   SSC  Hamilton St. '  35. Alford, Gerald Maurice, 310 Gran-  villi*  Mansions.  41.    Allan,   Robert.   Eagle   Hotel. ,  44.    Allard,  Arthur  AVm.,   070   Cambie  St.  IS.    Allen, Henry. 137 Robson St.  51. Allen    Michael,' Sherman     House,  Cordova   St.  52. Allen, Samuel, Edward Hotel.  53. Allen,     Samuel,     Cameron  Temp.  Hotel.  54. Allen, Thomas,  Edward  Hotel.  55. Allen, Walter,  137  Robson St.  63. Alinoa.-Andrew Norman, 717 Cambie St.  CO.    Almond,   Thomas,     SI 2   Richards  '   St  HS.    Alves, Hector.  840 Homer St.  72. Anderson, Andrew, 321 Hastings  St AAV  7b". Anderson, James Gourley, 734  Seymour St.  77. Anderson, James Longmuir. 739  Seymour St..  K0.    Anderson,  John.  107 Hastings St.  81.    Anderson,  John,  Strand Hotel.  ��������� SS.   Anderson,  Wm.   Foster,  420 Robson  St.  S9. Anderson, AA'm; Hugh, 530 Homer  St.  91.    Andrew, John. 727 Richards St  ,���������,92.    Andrews,, Fred Ernest. 233 Abbott  St.  93.    Andrews, AA'm. Thomas, Eagle Hotel.  300.    Aptaker. Abram. 314  Water St  107. Archibald, Wm. Alex.. 679 Hamil  ton St.  108. Arraer,  Wm.    Aftlick,     Ellesmore  Hotel. Homer St  113.    Armstrong.  Andrew Carrick,   626  Homer St  115.   Armill, Andrew,   Waldorf  Rooms.  117. Arnold,  Clarence,   700  Cambie St  118. Arnott   Geo.   Henry,   311   Cambie  ���������   St   ���������  120. Arthur, John. 331 Dunsmuir St  121. Asbeck.  Carl   Frederick,  Austral  ian Hotel.  128.   Ashworth, Albert, Edward HoteL  NO.  124.  126.  129.  HI.  140.  3 47.  3 52.  153.  355.  356.  3 5S.  360.  161.  3 62.  164.  165.  1C7.  171.  175.  176.  184.  ISO.  194.  203.  205.  206,  ���������207.  211.  2t2.  214.  215.  21.5.  217.  225.  227.  228.  231.  233.  235.  236.  242.  213.  245.  248.  250.  253.  254.  256.  260.  261,  262.  263.  264.  265.  269.  270.  271.  273.  274.  275.  278.  281.  2S2.  2 S3.  284.  2S5.  287.  290.  292.  293.  29S.  303.  305.  306.  307.  310.  3 15.  316.  319.  327.  335.  33 7.  339.  313.  3 11.  3"47.~  3 IS.  353.  356.  357.  3j>9.  360.  361.  363.  .364.  365.  366.  369.  ���������>-f*  'Ulf.  374.  375.  379.  384.  3N8.''  3 SO.  30''.  393.  395.  397.  399.  402.  404.  405.  406.  410.  413.  41T..  420.  421.  422.  427.  431.  433.  434.  436-  437.  438.  439.  440.  444.  445.  446.  4 IS.  NAME. PLACE.  Ashworth, John, 1310 Seymour St  Asson, Harry,  556 Richards St.  Athans,  Nicholas, Delmonico Hotel.  A\ery,  Bert; 751   Homer St  Avres, Harry Richard, Australian  Hotel.  Baggo, Alvin, 1337 Seymour St.  Bailey,   Robert,   Temperance   Hotel, AVater St.  Bailey,  AA'm.   Edward,   116   Hastings  St. AV.  Bain,   John,     Cor.     Georgia    and  Richards.  Bain,  AVm. Alexander, Astor Hotel.  Baines, Henry,  1272 Richards  St.  Baker, Albert Ernest, 622 Hamilton St ,  Baker,    Edwin    Teicy,   400   Blk.,  Richards St.  Baker.   Frank   Andrew,   626   Seymour St.  Baker.   Hugh   Ernest,   Board     of  Trade Hotel.  Baker, Robert Alfred,  832    Howe  St.  Baker, William,  72S  Homer St.  Balfour,     John     AVm.,   Rockaway  ^ nart  House.  Ballagh.   Walter,   Room   9,   Page  Blk., Granville St.  Ballentine, Robert Allan, Winters  Hotel.  Barber,  John   A���������   843   Homer   St.  Barbrick, Duncan  Galbraith,  1015  Granville St.  Barker, Francis  Majors John,  700  Richards  St.  Baines, Alfred John,  719 Church  St. ���������  Barnes, John,  960  Seymour St.  Barnes,  John   Edward,   722   Richards  St.  Barnett,      Daniel' Win.,    Athletic  Club.  Barret,; Leland George, Royal Hotel. Water St.-  '.. Bar'rie, Charles Gordon/Sol Granville St.  Barrington,   Cecil   Herbert,    Sher-  "   man   Hotel,  Cordova  St  Bariinffton,   James   Alfred,   Clarence Hotel. ���������������������������-.'  Barrow,   Cecil   Bridgeman,     Van-  ' couver Hotel.  -Barrow,   John,    776   Homer     St.,  Room 1.  Barter. Joseph Needham, Sr.,' SU  Hamilton St  Bartlett,     Albert     Godwin,   1016  Granville   St.  Bartlett, Fred, 332 Robson St  Hartley, John.  708  Seymour St.  Barton, George,  717 Hamilton St.  Bartrum,    Alfred  Ernest,   Regent  Hotel.  Bassett,  Albert,   136  Hastings  St.  W.  Kates,  J.  Edward, Yale Hotel.  Bates,   John  Charles,   Hotel  Aran-  couvcr.  Bauer,   Alphonse     Leonard,     717  Hamilton St.  Baumann, Emil, Winters Hotel.  Bautinheimer.     Elgin       Howard,  3 235  Homer St  Bayley.   vieorge   W.,   301   Cordova  St.  Beagley, Robert Stokes, 917 Granville  St.  Beam, AA'm. Miller, 1300 Granville  St.  Beam,  AA'm.  Mitchell,  1317  Richards  St.  Beams, John, Central Rooms, Homer St.  Beattie, Harry marie, 722 Hamilton St.  Beattie,   John   Alex.,   621   Pacific  -   St  Beattie. Peter, Carter Ho., Water  St. -      '  Beattie, Robert,  710 Homer St  Beauper,   Camllle,     747   Seymour  St.  Beckerly, James. Edward Hotel.  Beckerson, Robert Ernest, Hutchinson Blk., Pender St. W.  Beckett,   Arthur   Henry   E.,    603  Hastings St.  Beckman,  Charles     Edward;    512  Seymour St. ,  Beckwlth, Christopher,. Royal Hotel, Water St.  Beecher, Peter,  620 Helmcken St.  Beese,   George,     Crystal     Room.  House.  Beesley, Henry, Starkey House.  Beever.  Noble,  Astor Hotel.  Beggs, Thomas, AVhiters Hotel.  Beley,  Wilfred,   790  Granville  St.  Bell,  Chas.- Israel,  141  Water St.  Bell,   James   Maxwell,   561   Richards St. ,  Bell.  John   Dease,   326   Homer  St.  Bell, Norman Lawson, 576 Cambie  St.  Benn,   John.   104   Water  St  Bennett     John     Patterson,     310  Water St.  Bennett.  AViliiam.  351   Robson  St.  Benoit, AVm. Henry, Hotel Metro-  pole.  Benson.   George,   Royal   Hotel.  Bentail. Charles, 439  Homer St.  Bernard,   Edward,   Turner     Blk.,  Cordova St.  Berry,   Francis   Gordon,   770  Seymour S(.  Bcitv.  Titus,  602 Granville St.  Bessell, Geoige Albich, 1000 Howe  St.  KfiT-t, David, Home Blk., 510 Hastings St.  Rfttan,   Edwin.   S76   Granville  St.  Biernacki,   Robert,   Sherman   Ho.,  Water St. "  Higgam,  James. -530 Homer St.  Bigncy.  Chas.   Wesley,   311    Cordova St.  Bingham, James \V., 803 Richards  St. 3  Binnie, Thomas,  857 Richards St  Binn.s,  George Arthur,  327  Duns-   niuir_St , ���������  Bishop.   Alfred     Henderson,     400  Cordova St.  Bishop. Daniel, 214 Water St.  Bishoprick,   John   Alex.,   Victoria  Ho., Homer St  Black,     Hector,     Edward     Hotel,  AVater St-  Black, John,  209 Robson  St.  Black,   Melville   Thompson,     738  Ricnards  St. AV.  Black,   Kussell     Elsworth,     1169  Richards St. ' ���������  Black,   Wellington   Stanley,   1169  Richards St  Blackburn,   Byron  S.,   410  Pender  ��������� St.   ���������,  Blackburn,   Percy,   3032   Seymour.  St. '  Blackall, Artimus John, 307 Pender St. w.     -  Biackstock,   Duncan,   220   Robson  7   St ���������     -7  Blalkie.  AViliiam,   603   Robson   St.  Blair, George Hood,  537 Hastings  St  Blair, John Alfred. 1166 Howe St.  Blair,  Robert,   121   Hastings  St.  Rliikemorc,   Percy   Harold   Jenks,  Strand Hotel.  Bleiikinsopp,   John.   926   Granville  st;    -  -  Blower, Alexander Thomas,:   Harvard   Rooms.   Granville  St.  Blue, Dugald Turner, 311 Cordova  St. \v. ���������������������������-���������'-���������  Rnardm.-in.   Charles,     605   Cambie  .���������St.  "Bobs,  James,  700 Cambie  St.  Bodkin.  William,  Austin's  Grand-  view  House.  Bodwell, .1. X. Tilson, Eagle Hotel,  Cordova St   . ,.'  Bolsselle,  Joseph,  700  Blk., Granville  St. ���������    ,   ;        -  Bond,  I.  Nicholas  702   Homer St  Bond, AVm. George, S2fi Homer. St.  Bone. John, Clarence Hotel, Pender St    ' -  Bone,   Thos.   McCreath,  677   Richards St.  Bonns,  Albert Denys,   507  Homer  sr.  Booth,   Geo.  Henry.   533  Seymour  St.  Booth,  Joseph  Ralph,  402  Robson  St.  Borrows,   Arthur     Alex.,   DeBeck  Blk.. Hastings St.  Borton,   Charles,    Room;   CO,   876  Granvilie St.  ' Boxcowitfc,.. David  Aaron,  Arancou-  ver Hotel.  Bottomlev, Eustace, AA'inler's  Hotel.      7 .���������-,.-'���������  Boulter. Chas. M., 1126 Howe St.  Bourdon. Joseph, 154  AVater St.  Bourgeois:, John, 500 Pender St.  Bowden. Alexander,  519  Hastings  St. AV.  Bowden,   Fredk.,   328   Cordova   St  . . W.  Bmvden.   Thomas   Richard     Cecil,  303 Georgia St. ,;  Bowler.  Louis P., Grandview  Hotel.  Bowman,  Alexander,   523  Georgia  St  Bowsie,  Neil.   107  Hastings  St  Boxell,   Augustus   G..   S39     Seymour St  Boxer,   W.   Stawell,   853  ��������� Cambie  St  Bovd. Francis Rufus, Carter   Ho.,  AVater ist ^  NO.  449.  451.  454.  455.  456.  457.  45S.  460.  461.  463.  465.  467.  469.  470.  472.  473.  474.  475  476.  47S..  481.  482.  48.6.  490.  491.  494.  495.  496.  497.  498.  499.  -505.  507.  50S.  511.  513.  514.  517.  518.  521.  522.  524.  529.  530.  533.  512.  513.  ,517.  54S.  549.  552.  556.  561.  563.  564.  565.  568.  671.  572.  573.  575.,  579.  581.  582.  687.  588.  589.  591.  593.  597.  598.  601.  602.  603.  604.  606.  607.  609.  612.  614.  635.  '630.  ������22.  623.  624.  626.  627.  629.  633.  _6_371_.  641.  642.  614.  649.  650.  651.  656..  657..  663.  606.  671.  672.  673.  675.  67C.  682.  OS 7.  fi.SS.  C94.  699.  706.  71 1,  '71J.V  719.  721.  723.  724.  731.  7;:3.  734.  739.  741.  713.  7497  750.  751.  TT."  756.  759.  761.  763.  JI  768.  769.  770.  NAME. PLACE.  Boyd,   George,   Palace  Hotel.  Bo>es,  Ernest,   316  Georgia St      '  Boyle, Denis, 541  Homer St.  Boyle,   Rudolph   Augustus,      57*  Seymour  St  Bradbuly,    Thomas,    413   Georgia,  St  Bradley,   Alexander,   Carter    Ho..  AVater St  Bradlev.  Edwin  Marsden, Waver-  ley Hotel,  Sevmour St.  Bradley,    Maurice,    657   Richards  St.  Bradley, Patrick, .'. tl Homer St.  Bradley, Thomas Ernest, 606 Homer St  Brartner, James Wilson, Hotel St.  I-'rancis. t  Bradshaw,   Aubrey   Gerald,     Edward  Hotel.  Bradbhaw,   Robert,  Sherman   Hotel. ,  Bradstock,  Thomas,  637  Seymour   ���������  St.  Bradv,  Fredk., Eagle Hotel,  Cor-  do\a St  Brady, Patrick, Clarence Hotel  Brady,   Thomas,     Sherman     IIo,  Water St  Braham,   Harry,  528  Seymour St  Brainham,   Vincent.   532     Homer  St.  Brammer,  Charles,   108  Hastings  St.  Brandt.  Fredk.    Allan    Gresham,  716 rimlthe St  Brannlgan,  Edward,   217   Cordova  St.  Brcniian,   Henrv   Michael,    Sherman Hotel,  Water St.  Brewster,   John,   1003     Granwll*  St.  Brickwell. Geiald Eustace H., 700  Cambie St.  Brldgeman. William, Marquam Hotel.  Briegal.   Allied   AVm,   S72   Howe  St.  Brien, David Ernest AA'Inter's Hotel. ,r  Bnggs, John, 1327 Granville St.  Bright,   Robeit    Henry    C,    631  Hamilton St  Brine, Harry Fred,  871  Richards  St.  Britton. Jr , John AVelsh, 338 Hastings St  Broadley,  Geoige.   606  Homer St.  Brobeck,   Eiic   Reinhold,    Regent  Hotel.  Broderick, Leander,- 913 Richards  St  Brook, Edward, 410 Cordova St.  Brooks,   Wm.   Shaw,   Carter   Ho.,  Water St.  Brooks,   Stedman   Leonard,    1327  Gran\il!e   St  Brooks, Thos. Stone,  841  Cambie  St  Brown,   Albert,   Abbott     Rooms,  Abbott St a  Brown,  Andrew,  726 Homer St.  Brown, Burt Frederick, 713 Cam-  hie St  Brown, Ephraim, Dominion Hotel.  Brown, Frank, 533 Nelson St.  Brown,  George Nicholas, 805 Homer St  Brown, John, 688 Hamilton St.  Brown, John, 625 Hamilton St.  Brown, Percy, Temperance Hotel,  Water St.  Brown,   Reginald   Cameron,     328  Hastings St.  Brown, Robert, Sherman Hotel.  Brown, Thos. James, 827 Richards  St.  Brown,    William,    Edward   Hotel.  Water St  Brownlee,   John,   657   Richards  St.  Bruce, George. Oriental Hotel, Water St.  Bruce, John Thos., 827 Cordova St.  Brun, John, 670 Seymour St.  Brunton, Walter Wm., 294 Cordova St.  Bryan,  Arthur Cecil  Stawell,  Essen  Rooms,  Pender  St.  Bryan. William, St. Francis Hotel.  Bryant.   Thos.   Ernest.   St.   Ermln  Rooms.  Bryden,  Robert; 600 Helmcken Stj  Buchan, Wm. Frank, 743 Hamilton  <    St.  Buchanan,   John,   27  Monte  Carlo  Rooms.  Buck, John Warren, 223 Cambie St.  Budden,   Chas.   Thomas,   Suite   4,  New York Bldg.  Budge. William, 442 Hastings St.  Btiess, Edward, 307 Georgia St.  Bulbick, Robt.  Ernest,  Leiand Hotel.  Bull. Arthur Wm��������� 706 Granville St.  Burbridge,  Ernest, Vancouver, Hotel.  Burchett, Arthur, 735 Helmcken Ft  Burgoin,  Harold   Wm.,  Fortln Hotel.  Burgoyne     John    Montague,     330  Dunsmuir St.  Burgoyne,   Robert,   330   Dunsmuir*  St.  Burke,   Allen  Ludlow,   791   Cambie  St. '  Burhson,  Bertie.  1156 Richards St  Burness, Douglas Edward Hotel.  Burns,   Alex.   Robett,  Royal Hotel,  Water St.  Bums,  George,  988  Sevmour St.  Burns,  Robert,  1327 Granville St.  Bums, AViliiam Logan, The Maples,  300   Howe  St.  Burnside, Sampel, 727 Richards St  Button,   Maitland,   Winter's   Hotel!  Burwash,  Stephen AVm., 313 Cambie  St.  Bushbcy, Eustaco "John, Eagle Ho-  - tel.  Bushel!, Ernest,  970 Howe St.  Buss,   Harry   Henry,   307  Geoigia  St  Butchait, Chas   Edward,  816 Homer St  Buttery. Harry. 677 Hamilton St  Byrne, Francis Patrick,_728 Homer   St.  Cain,   Edmund   Stanley,     Grand-  view  Hotel  Cain,   Philip.   Claience  Hotel  Cairns, Samuel Joseph, 844 Granville St.    o  \Caldeibank, James, Waveiley Hotel  Calderhead, John, 510 Howe St.  C.ildei head,   Robert,   312   Georgia  St.  Callahan. Owen Patrick, 683 Hamilton St.  Callanon, AVm, 311  Georgia St  Cameion,   Duncan,   Sherman    Hotel.  Cameron,  John,   &5"   Hamilton   Sf  Cameion,   Not man,   338   Hastings  St  Cameron, P<-ter,   520   Richards  St.  Cameron,   Robert   C,   1291     Seymour St  Cameron. William, 530 Georgia St  Campbell,   Alex.      Dougald,     301  Hastings St  Campbell, Dan Murdoch, C. P. R.  Boarding  Car.  Campbell,   George,     3 17   Cordova  St.        -  Campbell, Gr?orge,  73]  Church St.  Cam|il..'ll,     Jas.     McDonald,     515.  Pender St.  C'.uijpbell,   John   F���������   Carter     JIo.t  Water St  Campbell,   Thos.   Adam,   336   Robson  Si.  Cann.  John  Parsons,  309 Cordova  Hi. AV.-  Canlroj). James Henry, 591  Hamilton  St.  Cargill, John,   710  Seymour St.  Carlton,  Walter, 6G3  GiahviSle St  C.'irlyl'.!,   Kdward,   120S     Seymour  ���������    .St.  Carman. Charles Albert, Commercial   Hotel.  Carpenter, Henry, AVinter's Hotel.  Carrick.'- George.   356   AVater-St  Carrlere,   Phil ins,     346   Dunsmuir  St.  Carruthers,' Wm. John, 3 036 Richards St.  Carson. A'lctor James, 543 Hamilton   St.  Carter, Chas. Alfred, 316 Georgia  St  Casher.     Fredk.     Theodore,     520  Pender St..  Casliman, Ja-s. F. J., 785 Cordova  St.  AA7  Casney, Marsden. Labor Hall.  Casscls, Arthur J., Norfolk Rms..  S76 Granville'St.  Caswell.   Milton  Gordon,  338   Ho-:  mer St.  - Cathcart.    Thomas,     Home   Blk..  Richards St.  Caulton,  Da-vid. 60S Hamilton St  Cavanagh,   Maurice  Jasper,   Sherbrooke Ho..  Pender St.  Cavanagh, Thos. Wm., 1215 Homer  ��������� St  Cavern.   Thos.   Donald,   Commercial Hotel, Cambie St.  Cawley.   Geo.   Danby,   Delmonico  Hotel. Vender St  Cawloy.   Henry Woodward,     1271   -  Richards' St  Cayea.   Albert   D/ilmonloo   Hotel.'  ChafTey.   James     Benjamin,   Australian Hotel.  Chalmers,   William,   3235   Homer  - 7St '--...'���������  Continue! on   Page Ten 10  THE WESTERN CALL  Provincial   Elections Act  Continued from page 9  NO. NAME. PLACE.  777  Chamberlain, Odb Tankerville, 734  Homer St.  7S0.    Chambers,  Henry    Bertram,    7S2  Richards  St.  "7S2.    Champion,  Albert.  514  Homer St  7S3.    Chance,   Robert.   93C   Seymour  St.  784. Chapman,   Archer,  Waverley Ho  tel.  785. Chapman,   Arthur,   Strand   Hotel,  Hastings  St.  786. Chapman, Daniel Ori, 536 Cordova  St.  788.    Chapman, Gordon Holt, 1016 Richards St.  790. Chapman,   Jr.,. James,   1109   Sey  mour St.  791. Chapman,  Joseph,   1016   Richards  St.  793.    Chapman, - Robert,     309    Cambie  >'������������������-.��������� ' St  796. Charlton, Frank, 107'Hastings St.  797. Charlton,   William,   716   Seymour  St.  798. Charman.  Alfred  John,  213    Cor  dova St.  800.    Chase, John Albert, 1168 Richards  St.  802.    Chennel, Alfred,  822 Richards St.  805.    Chessley, Wm,  Henry, Delmonico  Hotel.  807. Chestnut, Rub, Henry, 720 Gran  ville  St.  808. Chevalier,     Emile     Victor,     903  Homer St.  809. Cheyne, John, 1247 Homer St.  810. Chiffey,  AVm.   Henry,   614   Hamil  ton St.  814.    Chisholm, Colin, 863 Richards St.  816. Chisholm, George Arthur, Cosmopolitan Hotel.  820. Chlvas,   James,   Wallace's    Ship  yard. ���������������������������  821. Chiver,   Jesse  Albert  Henry,   603  Robson St. ������  824.    Christian,  John.  223 Abbott St  827. Chrystall, James S.nlth,  217 Cor  dova  St.,   Room   2.  828. Chrystall, Thomas, 162 Water St.  829. Church,     Charles   AVilson,    Gualt  House.  830. Churchill,  George,     731   Richards  St.  831. Churchill,   Joseph,   623   Hamilton  St.  834. Clampitt, Thomas Harold, 584  Seymour St,  836.    Clane". Robert, 542 Homer St.  836.    Clapham, Edward, 407 Smithe St.  839. Clark, Duncan McGregor, 883 Seymour St.  841. Clark, Fredk., 410 Cordova St. W.,  Room 11  843.    Clark, Geo. Arthur, 540 Howe St.  845. Clark, Ingram Ernest, 700 Cambie  St.        '  849.    Clark, John, 1046 Seymour St.  851. Clark, John Henry, Western Hotel, Water St.  857. Clark.   Wm.   J.,   WaverleycHotel,  Seymour St.  858. Clark, AVm. James, Sherman   Ho.,  Water St.  862. Clarge, Chas. Murray, 372 Cordova St.  865. Clarke. George Walter, 848 Gran  ite st-   '  866. Clarke,   Harry     Melbourne,     970  Howe St  867. Clarke, John,  660 Howe  St.  868. Clarke,   John   Charles,     Sherman  Ho., Water St.  870.    Clarke, Thomas, 717 Hamilton St.  875.    Clarkson,  Rupert.  409  Homer  St.  877.    Clayton, Chas., 706 Granville St.  880. Cleaves, Harry, Regent Hotel.  881. Clegg, Ernest Henry, 709 Georgia  St.  883. Cleland,   Clark   Thos.,   1122   Sey  mour St  884. Cleland, Fred. Adolphus, 729 Ham  ilton St. -,  887.    Clement,  Harry,  710 Cambie St.  ,889.    Clements,   Herbert  S.,   535  Pender .St. W.  891. ��������� Clemo, Walter,  300 Water St.  892. Cleve,   Henry,   1146   Granville  St.  894. Cleverly,   Samuel,     319   Hastings  St.   W.      ' ������������������:',-���������������������������'':.���������  895. Clever, Alexander, 700 Cambie St.  897. Clifte, James Wm., 294 Cordova St.  898. Clifford, Chas., 534 Cambie St. .  ,899. Clifford, Clifford, 216 Cambie St.  901. Clifford, Wm. John, 841 Granville  St.  ".'���������-.;     -  903.    Coates,  Wm.   Leslie,   619  Robson  St. '���������?������������������-.  907.    Cockle,    John.     Sherman    Hotel,  Water'St.   - - ���������' ' o  -. ���������  909.    Codhill. Geo. McBeath, 1394 Howe  St.     ���������'��������� ���������   ..,-������������������������������������..':.::;-  ~ 910.    Codling, Edward, 530 Georgia St.  911. Cody,   Lawrence,   Australian   Ho  tel. ���������������������������'������������������.  912. Cody, Patrick Henry, 957 Seymour  St. -.'- ��������� "  '���������������������������'  917.    Cole, Bernard James, 677 Hamilton St. .      .���������;-���������.  526.    Collins, Thos., 170 Cordova St.  .     933.    Comber, Cnas. Albert, C. P. R. Depot, Box 31. ^   .     . . ���������.  934.    Comber,  Thomas, C. P.   R. Cars.  936.    Cornfield. Wm. Samuel, 975 Richards St 7   ���������  936.    Comrie,   Geo.   Hall,   701   Seymour  st.  942. Connor, Thomas,' Quinte Hotel.  943. Connors, John, 306 Cordova St.  944. Conrad,   Arthur  N.,  Eagle Hotel,  Cordova St. .  949.   Cook,   Ernest     Edward,   Oriental  Hotel.        - ,  960. Cook, George, 380 Hastings St.  954.    Cooke, George Henry, 719 Church  St.     ��������� t>    ��������� ���������   . ��������� ��������� ���������  965. Cooke,  Gordon   Stuart,   565  Rich  ards St.- ��������� -.' ��������� '������    ���������, ���������   ,7  968.    Cooke, Walter Bertram, The Maples, 300 Howe St.  960.    Cooling,   Samuel, " The     Edward  Hotel.  963.    Cooper, Fred, 518 Smithe St.   965.���������Cooperr=Rlchardi=T-hos.,^918^Sex=i  mour St.      i  966. Cooper, Samuel,  909 Homer St.  970. Copp, John Hedley, 876 Granville  St. ���������    k, ���������  971. Coppinger,    Clarence,    Grandview  Hotel. .'������������������".  976. Cornish,. Percy    Howard,    Butler  Hotel. ���������  977. Cornish. Reginald Percy, 52 Fair  field  Blk.,  Granville  St.  978. Cornwall,  Gilbert., Eyre,  Commer  cial Hotel.  980.    Cosford,   Thomas,   607   Hamilton  St. '  996. Coulter,   Charles," 775  Pender  St.  997. Coulter, Wm. Thos., 513 Richards  St.    ���������  999.    Coutts,  Charles,  863  Richards  St.  1000.    Covey    Ira   Thomas,   843   Hamilton St.  1002. Cowans Thos.   Joseph,   1036   Sey  mour St. j  1003. Cowell,-* Milton   Hezekiah,   Bridge  Car end of Cambie St.  1004. Cowley, Geo.  Fred.,  135.Hastings  St. AAr.  1008. Cox, Cecil Squire, St Ermine Ho  tel.  1009. Cox, Charles,  617  Richards  St.  1010. Cox, Geoige,  117 Pender St. Rm.  21. '       -  1011. Cox, Geo. Henry. 516 Cordova St.  1012. Cox, John R., 137 Pender St., Rm.  18.  3013.    Cox, Russell, 551 Richards St  1016. Craig,   Alex.   AA'assone,   522    Sey  mour St. '-'--.  i  1017. Craig, Gideon, 528 Smythe St.  1019. Craig, James, 712 Seymour ot.  1025.    Cranford, Edward Sutherland, The  Maples, 300 Howe St.  3028.    Cranston, Samuel Frank, 1119 Homer St.  1031.    Crawford,   Andrew,    St   Francis  Hotel. >  Crawford,   David   Lindsay,   Clarence Hotel.  Crawford, George, 1357 Howe St.,  Room 3  NO.  1101.  1102.  1104.  1106.  1110.  11.11.  3112.  1116.  1117.  1138.  1119.  1120.  1123.  1126.  1128.  1129.  1130.  1131.  1135.  1136.  1137.  1138.  1139.  1140.  1142.  1145.  1150.  1151.  1152.  1153.  1154.  1162.  1164.  1165.  11.66.  1174.  1176.  1177.  1178.  1179.  1180.  1.185.  1190.  1191.  1195.  PLACE.  Astor Hotel.  Alex.,  S30 Hamil-  136  Hasthigs   St.  Tyler,   669     Sey-  Richard,     151  Rear 217  Pa-  Alex.,     1035  Cowan,     714  NAME.  Currie,   Robert,  Currie.  Samuel  ton St.  Curtis,   Artnur,  Curtis,  Geniver  mour  St.  Dale.   Joseph,   Carter  Ho.,  Water  St. ,-  Dales,   Herbert   Owen,   Bank     of  Montreal.  Daiias. James, 804 Richards St  Daoust,   Felix,     Sherbrooke    Ho.,  AVater St.  Daoust,   Joseph Eugene,  617   Homer St.  Darcv, Henry, Sherman House.  Dark,   Reginald     Henry,   Edward  Hotel.  Darley,   Charles   Beauchamp,   717  Beattie St  Darnley,   Samuel  Hastings  St.  W.  David,  Rober.  W.,  cific St.  Davidson,   Andrew  Granville St.  Davidson,   Andrew  Homer St.  Davidson,   Curtis   Arthur,     Cigar  Stand,  Butler Hotel. .  Davidson, Francis Joseph, (56  Richards St.  Davidson, John Conn, Carter Ho.,  Water St.  Davidson,  Robert, Hotel  Astor.  Davidson, William, Lighthouse  Hotel.  Davidson, William, 668 Cordova  St.  Davidson, AVm. Geo., 1257 Richards St.  Davidson, Wm. Richard Arch., (14  Homer St.  Davies, Arthur Spenther, 640  Granville St.  Davies, George, Strathcona Bldg.,  Suite 4.  Davies,  AVm.,  Winter's  Hotel.  Davies, Charles,  302 Hastings St.  Davis, Edward, 3 61 Hastings St.  Davis, Frank Mathews, 776 Seymour St. -  Davis, Fredk., 436 Helmcken St.  Dawson   Albert,  Hotel Quinte.  Dawson, Kemp Kavier, 83 7Ham-  ilton St.  Dawson, Roy Mclntyre, 61S Granville St.  Dawson, Wm. John, 855 Hamilton  St.  Dean, William, Waverley Hotel.  Deas, Thomas, 982 Howe St.  D'Eath, Joseph A, 658 Granville  St.  DeBelleuille, Napoleon, 718 Robson St.  Deckert, Otto. 330 Dunsmuir St  Deenstand, William, 748 Homer  St.  Delisle. Alfred Walter, 659 Cambie St. '  Dempster, Hugh Barr, 717 Hamilton St.  Denis, Louis, 112 Pender St.  Denny,   Fredk.   Wade,   637     Seymour St. '  1199.zDerousiers. Osaias,  Sherman    Ho.,  Water St.  Deuch. Charles, Windsor Hotel,  Granville  St  Devine, Thomas, 310 Water St.  Dewar, John,  S30 Homer St.  Dewar, AVm. Alex., 581 Cambie St.  Dewhurst, Robert, 231 Georgia  St.  Dews, Joshua, 640 Robson St.  Dick, David,'849 Hamilton St.  Dick. David Alvah, 783 Homer St.  Dickson, Albert Edward, 6S3  Hamilton St.  Dickson. Ernest Alfred, 536 Homer St. '..    ,  Dinsmore. Thos. Wesley, Western  Hotel,-AVater Stl  Disney, Wm. Herbert, 1333 Richards  St.  Ditcham,  William,   569   Hamilton  ��������� ������������������������������������St;-..  Dixon, George Walter, 537 Homer  '.'���������st.'..-y7        ��������� - ��������� ���������:">-.  Debbie,  Joseph, 715 Beattie St.  Dobsoni   Harry  John,     19-20   728  Homer St. ;   '  Dodd, Robert Henry, 400 Cordova  - st-w, -���������-..   .  ���������;..���������-'���������  Dodds, Thomas, 313 Cambie St.  Donald. John N., 816 Homer St.  Donnelly,  Bernard,  717  Hamilton  . -'St.. .'��������� '    v.  Donnelly,   John     Maxwell,    Page  Blk., Granville St.  1260.,D6nnelIy,   Matthew,     990   Seymour  ���������:-v-,'' ������������������ St" ,;  Dora, Chas. Henry, Western Club.  Dorey, Leo, 1032 Richards St.  Dorey,   Shaw.   1032   Richards   St.  Douglas. Sidney Emmett, ,1226  Granville St.  Dowell,  Stanley,  822 Seymour St.  Dowler. Robert, 926 Howe St.  Dowling, Edward, Clarence Hotel. '���������'/  o   '-.  Down;  Wm.   Henry  Gregory,   8S0  Granville St. ,   -���������   .  Downer, Arthur, Edward Hotel,  Water St.  Downie, Augustus Fred-., Sherman Hotel, Water'St.  Downie,  Wm.,  Royal  Hotel.  Drager, August, 507 Richards St.  Draney, John McDougal, 6S3 Hamilton  St.  Drysdale, James, Arlington Hotel.  Dubeau, Eugene, 750 Hamilton St.  Dudderidge, Harry Vernon, 830  Homer St. ' .'    ���������  Dumbrell, Edmund Chas., 613  Smythe  St.  Dunbar, Alexander, 440 Richards  St. .  Dunbar, Richd. Philip, Astor Hotel. :....  Duncan, John, 334, Dunsmuir St.  Dunlevy, Stanley Paul, Commercial Hotel.   -..,-'    4 . ���������  Dunlop,'-.-Norman.iames, J>i6_ Homer St.        "^      ..,.-.. ~  Dunlop, Wm. J., 436 Howe St  Dunn, Alexander, 1035 Richards  St.  Dunn," Robt.  Chas., Astor Hotel.  Dunn, Thomas I., Cor. Seymour  and Cordova Sts.   <  Dunne, Fintan, 661 Richards  St.  Dunphy, Wm. Franklin, 856 Howe  st   '   *   .-���������'-���������������������������'... -���������    ���������  Dusty, Wm. A., Waverley Hotel,  Georgia   St.        o  Dwyer, Richie, Hotel Royal. ���������  Ea'die,  Jr.,  Wm.,  720  Pender  St.  Eastland, AAralter, 789 Seymour St.  Eastwood, John Walter, 626 Homer St.  Eaves,  Joseph,   WaverleyJ Hotel.  Eccles, James, 717 Hamilton  St.  Echlin, Reuben, 544 Robson St.  Eckel,  Wm.,  581 Richards St.  Eckel, AA'm.,  505  Richards  St.  Eddie. Charles, 4 Lefevre B1k.,  Hastings St.  Eden, Harry Adolphus, Albany  Rooming House.  'Edeson, John, 814  Richards St.  Edwards, Albert. 478 Hastings St.  Edwards, Fred. James O'Neil, 309  Cordova St.  Edwards,   Geo.   Andrew,   813   Ho-  NO.  1423.  1426.  1427.  1434.  1440.  14-12.  3444.  1445.  1446.  1447.  3448.  1449.  1452.  1454.  1456.  1460.  1461.  1466.  1467.  1468.  1469.  1470.  1471.  NAME.  1.203.  1205.  1207.  1209.  1210.  1211.  1213.  1914.'-  1219.  1221.  1229.  1230.  1231.  1234.  1237.  1243,  1247.  1248.  1253.  1257.  1259.  1262.  1264.  1265.  1267.'.  1268.  1269.  1270;  1271.'  1272.  1274.  1275.  1279.  1281.  1283.  1285.  1286.  1288.  1289.  1290.  1293.  1295.  1297.=  1299.  1300.  1302.  1303.  1304.  1306.  1313.  1316.  1321.  1325.  1326.  1328:  1329.  1331.  1332.  1333.  1335.  1338.  1339.  1345.  1346.  1032.  1033.  1034.  Crawford, George Ernest, 852  Hamilton St.  1038. Crawford. AA'm. Henry, 723 Sevmour St.  1042. Creek Percv Frank, 440 Richards  St. ,!  1045.    Creighton, John. 537 Smythe St.  1049.    Crimp. George, 960 Seymour St  1054. Crockford, Ernest, Metropole Ho  tel.  1055. Croner, J. Christopher, 769   Gran  ville St.  1058. Crosbv, AA'illiam, 780 Richards St.  1059. Crosier,    Jas.      Christopher,      542  Geo*-������la St.  1069. Crowe, Ernest Alex., Hotel Vancouver.  1073. Crowther, Irvine, 745 Hamilton  St  1076. Crullerton, Edward, Delmonico  Hotel.  1080. Cugham. Robert Emerson, 700  Cambie St.  1081... Cullen. Thomas, Queens Hotel,  . Cordova St  1083. Cummln?s, Alexander, 143 Hastings St  1088. Cuniitfe,  Henry, Sherman    Hotel,  AVater St  1089. Cunliffe.  James, 701 Homer St  1093.   Curell. Daniel. 501 Pacific Bldg:'  1095. Curran, Daniel,  St  Anne Acade  my.  1096. Curran, Frank. Dunsmuir Hotel.  .1098.. Currie, George, 840 Homer St  1347.  1349.  1350.  1355.  1356.  1357.  1359.  1362.  1369.  1370.  1371.  1373.  1376.  1379.  1381.  13S3.  1384.  1387.  1389.  1390.  1392.  1394.  1396.  1398.  1399.  1404.  1406.  1407.  1408.  1409.  1412.  1419.  1422.  mer St.  Edwards,  St  Edwards,  Hotel.  James,   1108  John  Arthur,  u  Granville  Edward  Egan, John, 10741 Seymour St.  Eggie,  Alexander Hay,  731 Hamilton St.      '  Elder,   James   A.,   946   Granville  St., Flat  2.  Bldridge,     David,     Cosmopolitan  Hotel, Cordova St.  Elkington,   Samuel   Charles,     St.  Francis   Hotel.  Elkins, AArm. Edmund Aitken, 635  Richards St.  Elliott,   Fred  Samuel,   917   Richards St.  Elliott, Geo.,  536 Homer St.  Elliott.   John  James,   S5S   Hamilton St  Elliott  Wesley,   527  Richards  St  Ellis, Geo.  AVm.,  Royal Hote.'.  Ellis, John Herbert. 876 Granville  St.  Ellison,  Wm..  871   Granville  St.  Ellsworth,   Jay Jobe,   776  Hamil-  . ton St.  Elton, Thos. Wm., 742 Nelson St.  Ely, Chas.  Fred., Yale Hotel.  !-,  Emack, Alexander, 276 Fender St.  Emerson,   Herbert;   319   Hastings  ���������St.  Emerson, Wm..  714 Cambie Si.  Emery,    Arthur,    Regina    Hotel,  Water St.  ;  Emery, Fred. B., 960 Seymour St.  Emerv, George Wm., 320 Georgia  St v  Emmett, Robt. Henry, Astor Hotel.  England,   Carl   Otto,   217   Abbott  St  English, Leo Thos., Burrard Hotel.  Engoick,  Alvin John,  822 Homer  St  Enman, Frank,  605  Hamilton St  Entwistle,   Richard,   1041   Homer  St  Ettinger. Hubert 541 Homer St  E'-ans, Arthur Henry, White Ho.,  Granville St  1477.  1479.  1480.  1481.  14S3.  1484.  1485.  1486.  1489.  1491.  1494.  1500.  1502.  1507.  1510.  1512a.  1514.  1523.  1525.  1526.  1532.  1534.  1537. .  1540.  1548.  1550.  1551.  1554.  1560.  1561.  1563.  1566.  1567.  1569.  1570."  1572.  1575.  1577.  15S5.  1588.  1589.  1590.  1591.  1593.  1594.  1595.  1600.  1601.  1603.  1606.  1607.  1610.  1618.  1619.  1621.  1621V  1630.  1631.  1634.  1635.  1636.  1637.  1642.  1643.  1644.  1'64'6'r  1647.  1648.  1651.  1652.  1656.  1657.  16G3."  1666.  166S.  1675.  1677.  1679.  1683.  1688.  16S9.  1693.  1695.  1698..  1699.  1704.  1705.  1706.  1707.  1709.,  1710.  1712.  1713.  1716.  1717.  1718.  1719.  1720.  1722.  1724.  1725.  1726.  1727.  1728.  1729.  1736.  1737.  1739.  1741.  1742.  1744.  1747.  1748.  1749.  1750.  1751.  PLACE.  Evans, Arthur James, 800 Richards St. '       -  Evans, Edmond, 508 Richards St.  Evans, Frank Wm., 710 Homer  St.  Evans, John L.,-658. Howe St.  Evans, AVm. Henry, 635 Richards  St.  Everett, Frank, G72 Homer St.  Ewer, Harold Banff, 927 Richards  'St.  Ewing, Geo. Hacksbv, 790 Granville St.  Exell, Ernest Richard, 417 Homer  St.  Eyre, Willoughby Cole, 309 Arlington Blk.  Fairbairn, Thomas S., Santa Rose  Hotel.  Fairclough, Robt, No. 5, Granville Mansions.  Falconer, Robert Wm., 530 Georgia St.  Falls, John Henry, Edna Rooms,  Hamilton St.  Faming, Manford Richard, Cosmopolitan  Hotel.  Farmer, James Thos., Leland Hotel.  Farrant, Francis, 605 Hamilton St.  Faulkner, Chas. Thos., 1058 Seymour St.  Faulkner, Frank Smith, 373 Cordova St.  Fauset,  Wm. James, 314 Georgia  Fear, Arthur Henry, 644 Seymour  St.  Fee, Archibald Henry. 700 Cambie St  Fee, James Parker, 604 Hamilton  St.  Ferguson, Andrew, "Ingleside,"  Cambie St.  Ferguson, David, 119 Pender St.  Ferguson, Donald, 806 Hamilton  St.  Ferguson, Donald Buchanan, 569  Seymour St.  Ferguson, Geo. Clifford, Pender  Hotel.  Ferguson, James, Edward Hotel.  Ferguson, James, 876 Richards St.  F/e*-suson. John, 574 Seymour St.  Ferguson, John T., Cor. Richards  & Pender Sts.  Ferrier,  James, Vancouver Hotel.  Fielder, Wm. Percy, Sherman Hotel, Water St.  Finch, Joseph, 717 Beatty St.  Findlay, Harold Bruce, Cor. Gran-  "ville & Georgia Sts.  Finlay, Ira Claude, 734 Drake St.  Finlayson, John O., '683 Hamilton  -St.  Finn, AViliiam, 448 Cambie St.  Fisher, Alfred, 233 Abbott St.  Fitch, Edward, 301 Smythe St.  Fitzgerald, Edwin, 120 Cambie St.  Fltzpatrick, James, Sherman  House, Water St.       !  Flanagan, John, 717 Hamilton St.  Flanders, John, 1110 Granville St.  Fleming, Joseph Pierce, S92 Gran-  ��������� ville St.  Fleming, William, 1280 Richards  St.  Fletcher, John, 309 Cordova St.  Fletcher, Robt. Illingsworth, Colonial Hotel, Granville St.  Fletcher, . Thos. Harrison, . 529  Cambie St.  Flett, James, 723 Seymour St  Flynn, Robt. Henry, 1280 Richards St.  Foellmer, Gustav, 623 Cordova  St. W.      ������������������   ,,     ....  Follett, John, Oriental Hotel.  Foran, Thos. Jeremiah, 600 Homer St.  Forbes, John, S22 Granville St.  Forbes, Osborne George Kerr, 529  Homer St.,       -  Forbes, Robt. Archibald, 700 Cam-  ���������'. bie St.  Foreman, John Daniel, 152 Water  st. --���������������������������  Forest, Ernest Gills, 979 Seymour  -    St.  Forest,   .William    Lyndburn,    611  ��������� Robson St.;- - ���������  Forsythe, Adam, 535 Seymour St.  Forward,  Chas.  Brown,  721  Seymour St.  Forward,   Dorman,   Royal   Hotel,  AVater St.  Foster, Alfred Wm., 926 Granville  ���������St.  Foster,   Benjamin    Franklin,   241  Robson St.  Foster, Donald McKay, 1291 Seymour St.-.- ��������� .-���������.-���������".���������ifi--. ���������  '���������'������������������'-���������'  Foster,     Edgar      Middletqn,      363  : Hamilton St  Foster, James, 993 Seymour St.  Foster, William, 458 Cambie St.  Foster/William, 358 Cordova St.  Fowell, Geo., 539 Richards St.  Fox, Edwin J., 843 Hamilton St  Foxcroft,   William,   927 ��������� Seymour  St.. ���������-.    ���������--./  Francis,  Arthur" Oliphant  Philip,  Leland Hotel.  Fraser, Angus, 847 Homer St.  Fraser, Chas. Albert, 530 Howe St.  Fraser, Donald A., 1300 Granville  .- St.  Frasev,     John,     Colonial    Hotel,  Granville St.  Fraser,  Wm.,   637  Seymour  St.  Fraser, Wm., Royal Hotel, Water  St.  Fraser, Harvey Grant, 520 Richards St.  Fraser,   Matthew,   Hotel  Vancou-  VCI* ������'' ������������������ -  Frederlckson,   Gustav,  Eagle  Hotel, Cordova St.  Freeman,  Fred.  Dean,  650  Granville St.  French, Edwin Harold Gbwer, Hotel Vancouver,  French. Robt< Edgar, Oriental Hotel, Water St.  French, Wm.  James, Beach  Ave.-  Nr. Granville St.  "FrewinrFredkv^ei^Homer-St-^-^  Frewin,  Fred.  James, Old Hospital, Cambie St.  Friedrichs, Carl, Astor Hotel.  Frow, Robt.,  162 Water St.  Fryer, Edmund George, 831 Granville St.  Fulton,  Hugh  Graham,  621  Cambie St.  Fulton, John Edgar, 832 Seymour  St.  Furnival,   AArilliam,   640  Granville  St.  Gadd, Thos. Thompson, 11S0 Richards St.  Gage,   Ezra  James,   905   Richaras  St.  Galloway, Frank, Edward Hotel.  Galloway, John Davidson, 627 Homer St.  Gamble, James, 717 Hamilton  St.  Ganner,   Christopher,   7S4  -Granville St. .  Gardner,  Jas.  Binnie,  S26  Homer  .St.  Gardner, John, 677 Cambie St  Gamer, James Burgess, Commercial Hotel.  Garrett, Rowland James, 525 Homer St.  Garrett,   AVm.  James,   756  Homer  St.  Garrioch, Henry  Small, 640 Robson St.  Gaseley, Harry George, 635 Richards St  Gass, Joseph,  1565 Granville St.  Gaudreau, Alphonse, 116 Hastings  St.  Gaugler. John, 510 Cordova St. AV.  Gay,    Herbert   Leicester,    Sunset  AMew, Granville St.  Gay,  Wm.  Andrew,  82S  Hastings  St,  , '������������������'.,  , Gellatly.   John   AA'atson,   541   Ho-  '    mer St.  Gemmell,     John,-    405     Hastings  St. AV. -  Geofrey, Wm. Louis, 887 Richards  St  George,   Charles   James,   623   Homer St.  George,  James  Kavill,  521  Hamilton St.  George, Thomas, 539 Homer St  George, Wm., Arancouver Athletic  Club.  Gerney,   Reginald   E���������   618   Granville St.  Gervais, Chas. Oliver, 136 Cordova St.  Gibb,   Alexander,   1227    Granville  St.  Gibbins,   Johnson,  1003  Granville  St  Gibbons, Harry Wood, 310 Water  St  Gibbons, Joseph, 640 Howe St-  Gibson, Alexander, 700 Cambie St  Gibson, Wm., 532-4 Richards  St  Gibson.     Wrm.     Fullerton,       537  Smythe St  Gifford.   Percy  Reeves,   605   Robson St.  Giles, Geo. McLaren, 714 Cambie  St  Gill. Alfred,  853 Seymour St  Gill, Austin, 618 Hastings St  Gill.Wm. Hardy, 776 Seymour St.  Gillespie, Andrew, 716 Homer St,  Rtn. 7 Rear. ������ .  Gillespie, Matthew, 410 Pender St  Gillespie, M3chael. 313 Cambie St  Gillespie, Wrm., 723 Seymour St  NO.  1753.  1754.  1755.  -1756.  17G0.  1761.  1762.  3765.  1766.-  1767.  1768.  1769.  1770.  1771.  1772;  1773.  1774.  1777.  mo.  1781.  1782.  1783.  1786.  1789.  1790.  1792.  1793.  1795.  1797.  1798.  1S02.  1803.  1804.  1805. ���������  1806.  1812.  1815.  1819.  1820.  1822.  1826.  1827. t  1828.  1833.  1836.  1837.  1839.  1841.  1844.  1S48.  1850.  1852.  185S.  1859.  1860.  ���������1861.'  1864. ''���������'  1S65.  1S67.  186S.  1S09.  1870.  1873.  ,1872.  1874:  1875.  1 S7R.  1878.  1881.  1886.  1888.:  18S9.  ��������� i;  1890.  1891.  1S94.  1895.  1897.  1899.  1903.  1905.  1906.  1908.  1909.  1910.  1911.  1912.  1913.  1915.  1917.  191.S.  1919.  1922.  1923.  1924.  1925.  1926.  1928.  1929.  1930.  1933.  1936.  1.938.  1 940.  1941.  1943.  1944.  194 5.  1946.  1949.  1951.  1952.  1953.  1957.  1958.  1959,  1961.  1962.  .1964.  1966.  196 S.  1970.  1971.  1973.  1975.  1979.  1980.  1981.  1982.  3 983.  1984.  1986.  1988.  1990.  1995.  1996.  1997.  19S8.  1999.  2000.  NAME. PLACE.    NO.  Gillies, Douglas, Sherman Hotel. 2002.  Gillies, John, 605 Cambie St. 2004.  Gillis, Hector, Sherihan Hotel.  Gillis, Hector, 731 Church St.  Gladwin,  Geo.  Montague,  450  Helmcken St.  Gladwin, Geo. Montague, 820 Rich-  3.I*flS    ^t '  Gladwin, Thos. Bourke, Regina  Hotel, Water St  Glazier, Terance, 631 Seymour St  Gleaves, Henry Herbert, 106 Hastings St  Gledhill, John William, 609 Pacific St.  Gleneross, James, 836 Granville  St.  Glendenning, Wm. Henry, 610  Cordova St.  Glostef, James Runnals, 116 Hast--  ings St. W. ���������:   .���������  Glover, George Walter, 649 Richards  St.  Glover,  Herbert,  629  Robson  St.  Glover, James, 1156 Granville St.  Goad, George, Pacific Rooms,  Water St  Goddard, Edward Alex., 856 Richards'St,  Goddard, Joseph Andrew, 672  Richards   St.  Goddard, Will, Clinton Aparts.,  509 Drake St.  Godfrey, Cecil Talbot, 500 H������j-  mer St.  Godfrey, John. 1032  Richards  St.  Gonzales, Ulpiano, Foreshore nr.  Granville   St.   Bridge.  Gooda.ll, Thomas, 510 Richards  St.  Goodbrand, A\rm., 770 Homer St,  Rm.   11.  Goode, Fred. Henry Montler, 719  Seymour St.  Goodenough, Frank, 632 Richards  St. ,  Goodwin,   James,   529%   Richards  ��������� St.  Gordon,    Frank    Humphrey,    648  Granville St.  Gordon, George Ritch, 445 Pender St.  Gormely, Mark, 733 Beatty St.  Gormely, William. 733 Beatty St  Gosse, Richard Edward, 771 Seymour St.  Gosse, Robert Cecil, 771 Seymour  St.  Gothard, Alex. Deans, 822 Howe  St.  Graddon, Walter, 735 Helmcltea  St.  Graham, Alexander, 748 Richards  St.  Graham, Frank,  747  Seymour St  Graham, Fred. AA'm., 675 Hami*  ton St.  Graham, Geo.   Daniel, 823   Richards St.  Graham, Richard James, 64*  Smythe St.  Graham, Robert, 807 Hamilton  St. ^  Graham,  Samuel,  162 Water St.  Graham, Wm. James, Western  Hotel, Water St.  Grant,  Allan,  Eagle Hotel.  Grant, Allan George, 635 Richards  St  Grant,   David,  877  Hamilton  St.  Grant,  Edwin,  309  Cordova  St  Grant, George Sinclair, 963 Rich-  urds   ^t  Grant,  James,  239  Cordova St. AV.  Grant,   John,   550  Howe  St.  Grant, AViliiam,  Royal Hotel.  Gray, Aaron, 617 Pacific St  Gray, Clamor,  841   Granville  St  Gray, Ernest Lome, St7 Richards St  Gray,   Herbert   Leslie,   Hamilton   2094  - Rooms.  Gray. John. 600 Helmcken St.  Gray,   John   Henry,   613   Robson  : St. -.....-...    v ..    ���������  Gray,   Thomas,   683   Hamilton  St  Greasley,   Job,   Cosmopolitan  Ho-  ������������������'���������'tel." -   y <���������  . Green. Alexander, Tourist Hotel,  'Granville St. ������������������ . 7  Green, Andrew Horace, 848 Seymour  St.  Green,  Darius,   776  Seymour St.  Green, Ebenezer Win., 769 Rich-  aids St.- ���������-���������:_.-  Green, Ellis, 607 Helmcken St.  Green, Ellis Marshall, 848 Seymour St.  Green, Richard,  436 Howe St.  Greenwell,   Richard,,  1080    Rich-  ��������� ards St.  Greer,  Chas.   James,   695   Cambie  ���������-." ���������-������������������:'���������������������������'  Greer, Stephen, 564 Richards St  Gregory, Alfred Richard, 737 Da-  ���������   vie  St.  Gregory,   Geo.   John,   751   Pender  7   Sf  .���������  Greig, Thos. Dawson, 509 Richards St.  Grelish. Joseph, Grandview Hotel, Cordova St.  Grey, John, Sherman Hotel, Water  St.  Grieve,   Alexander,   716   Seymour  ��������������������������� .St.   ���������"  '  Grieve,  Wm.,   419  Smythe St.  Griffin, Arthur Richard,'-. 300  Howe St.,-  Griffin, Thos. Henry, Regina Hotel.  Water St.  Griffith, Arthur, 1090 Howe St.  Griffith. John Rhys, 129 Robson  St.  Griffith. Roderick Finch, 567 Hamilton St.  Griger, Jas. Alexander, Leland  Hotel;  Grimes, Alex. McDonald, 693 Cambie St ���������  Grimes, Harry, 330 Robson St.  Grist, Ernest,  234 Cordova St.  Grose,  Herbert,   107 Hastings St  Grote,   August  AVm.,   165   Pender  :     St W.,  Savoy  Rooms.        .  Groth,   Fredk.,   104  Georgia  St.  Grover, Robt.  Leon, Astor Hotel.  Gvoves.'Thbmas; ^S^Seyniour-St-  Griindort,  George; Anthony,   Sher-  '    man Hotel, Water. St.  Guerin; Joseph Napoleon Oscar,  Hotel Eagle.  Guest;   Robert.  Australian  Hotel.  Guimond, Joseph Percel, Sherman  Hotel.  Guinan, Frank Vanarchdiln, 400  Cordova St. AV.  Guerney, Samuel, 408 Hastings  St  Guthre, Johesph E., 714 Seymour  St  Guysienkeiiner, Earle, 116 Hastings St. W.  Gwin, Orlando Freeman, 813 Hamilton St  Hackett,  Hugh,   525  Richards  St  1-laddon, John, 217 Cordova St. W.  Hagan,  Patrick,  240  Seymour St.  I-Iagan, AA'alter Joseph, 1193 Granville St.  Hailston. AVm. Crossen, 311 Cordova St  Haines, Leslie Earle, 536 Homer  St.  Haines, Stephen, 747 Richards St.  Hair, Robert,  Revere House.  Hal fright, Charles, 836 Granville  St.  Hall, James,  541   Robson  St.  Hall, John,  160 Water St  - HaU,     John     Henry,     AVinnlpeg  House.  Hall, - AVm. Samuel, Dunsmuu  Hotel, Dunsmuir St.  Hall, Wm. Thomas, 546 Smythe  St.  Halliday. Harry Hartley, Austin's Hotel.  Halllwell, Joseph, 1283 Homer St.  Halpin, Claud Edward, 927 Richards St.  Halton, - Fred. Joseph, 336 Robson St  Ham, Foster Norman, Leland Hotel.  Hamer, Chas. Henry, 1016 Richards St.  Hamer,  Joseph,  512  Richards  St.  Hamill,  Peter H.,  Astor Hotel.  Hamilton, Andrew . Alex.,: 518  Smythe St.  Hamilton,   James   Robt,  Burrard  .   Hotel.  Hamilton, Robt Baxter, 1306  Howe St  Hamilton, William, Commercial  Hotel.  Hamilton,  William,   739   Seymour  - St.  . Hamilton, Wm. James, 828 Hastings St W..  Hamle, Abel, 517 Pacific St  Hampson,   Henry, - 609   Hamilton  St  Hamwell. Frank, 542 Richards St  Banbury,  George R.,  Hotel Vancouver.  Hann,   James  Arthur,  Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Hannay, John Henry, 535 Homer  -   St .   ���������      ���������  Hannav,  John  Henry,   532  Barnard St.  Hannay, Samuel Wm., 632 Barnard St.  Hansen. Hans Adolph, Royal Hotel, Water St  Hansen, Harry,  1247 Richards St  Hansen, Thorald Birger,  165 Cordova St W.  2010.  20*11.-  4  2012.  2014.  2015.  2016.  2017.  2020.  2021.  2025.  2026.  2028.  2030.  2033.  2034.  2036.  2038.  2039.  2040.  2041.  2044.  2047.  2048.  2049.  2050.  2061.  2054.  2055.  2056..  2060.  2061.  2063.  2065.  2066.  2068.,  2071.  2073.  2074.  2078.  2079.  2080.  2081..  2082.  2084.  2086.  2091.  2092.  2093.  2101.  2102.  2105.  2108.  2112.  2113.  2116.  2117.  2118.  2121.  2124.  2125.  2127.  2128.  2130.  2131.  2133.  2134.  2135.  2136.  2138..  2141.  '2144.  21.45.  2346.  2347.  2148.  2350.  2153.  2153.  2154.  2155.  2157.  2161.  21.63.  2165.  2167.  216S.  2169.  2170.  2172.  2174.  2175.  2176,  2178.  2179.  2180.  21S2.  2185.  2187.  21S8.  2190.  2191.  2192.  2193.  2196.  2197.  2198.  2200.  2201.  2204.  2206.  2207.  2209.  2.210.  2214.  2217.:  2218.  2220.  2221.  2222.  2232.  2233.  2235.  2236.  2237.  2238.  2240.  2241.  2242.  2243.  2245.  2248.  NAME. PLACE.  Hai-cas,  Sinclair,   777   Cambie   St.  Hardy, Michael James, Sherman  Hotel, Water St.  Harmon, William, Delmonico Hotel. , '  Harmston,   George,   1394    Homer  ��������� St. -  Harmsworth,   Fredk.,   Vancouver  Hotel. \  Harper, Alfred James, 614 Granville  St.  Harper, Andrew R., Astoria Rms.,  Hasting^ St. W.  Harper, Charles Herbert, 614  Granville St.  Harper, Geo. A. W., 621 Cambie  St.  Harper, Lawrence, 464 Pender St  Harries, Albert Wm., 165 Cordova  St. W.  Harris, Arthur David, 658 Howe  St.  Harris, Harold Wifford, 776 Seymour  St.  Harris, Sydney Geo., 1310 Granville St.  Harris, William Edward,' 310  Water St.  Harrison, Edward, 528 Seymour  St,  Harrison, Edward Duncan, Com-  ercial Hotel..  Harrison,  Fred.,   144  Cordova  St.  Harrison, John, 629 Cambie St  Harrison, AViliiam, Sherman Hotel.  Harrower, Thomas, 636 Smythe  St.  Hart, Emerson Geo. Jr., 1144  Howe St.  Hartigan. Thomas, 700 Cambie St.  Hartney, Percy P., Hotel St.  Francis.  Harvey,  Alfred,   621  Pacific  St  Harvey, Samuel, Australian Hotel.  Harvey, William S., 657 Richards  St  Havvis, Arthus Naseau, 813 Richards  St.  Harwood, Geo. Stewart, 1291 Seymour St  Harwood, John Joseph, Delmonico Hotel.  Harwood, Oliver John, 1291 Seymour St  Hatch, George Washington, 781  Beatty St  Hawe, John, 163 Water St.  Hawking, James,  318 Georgia St  Hawkins, Norman Henry, 991  Pender St.  Hawkriggs, George, Page Block,  Granville  St.  Haw try, Osrlc Francis, 311 Cordova St. W. c  Hay,   John    Marshall,    Hamilton  '     Rms., Hastings St.  Hav, AVm. Robert 719 Homer St.  Hayens, Herbert Maple, 929 Richards  St.  I-laynes, Herbert Cecil Graham,  407 Smythe  St.  Hayward. Cecil Wearing, AVestern  Hotel. 'Water St.  Hayward, Wm. Alfred, 100 Cordova- St.  Haywood, AVm. Donald, Commercial Hotel.  Hazard, Thos. Harvey, Clarence  Hotel,  Pender  St.  Healey, Thomas, Sherman House.  Heaslip, Thos. Ferguson, 300  Water St  Hedenstrom, Chas. Antony, Cor.  Seymour & Dunsmuir Sts.  Hedgman, Edward Bedford, 727  Richards St. .  Heggie. George. 555 Granville St.  Hollings, Charles Carnal, 761 Homer St. ���������:    ���������  Henderson, James F., 825 Hamilton  St.  Henderson, John A., 636 Cordova  St. W.  Henderson, Leonard George, 790  Granville St.  Henderson, Robert: Oriental Hotel, Water St.  Henry,   Alexander,   Old. Hospital.  Henry, John, Hotel Vancouver.  Hepburn, Harry Mclver, 856 Homer St.  Herbert,   Alfred,     Anchor   Hotel,  Water St.  , Herbert,    Henry,    116    Hastings  ��������� -���������  St. W.  Hermanson, John Gustof, 601 Pacific  St.  Herrin, Samuel, 220 Granville St.  Hertzog, Hymann, 1046 Seymour  St..-'-..  Hevley. Edward Wm. Boldock, Savoy House.  Heweston, William, 611 Richards  ���������-  St." V  Hewett, Hervyn Wm., 761 Homer  St'  Heymann, Albert, Winters Hotel.  Hickey,  Chas.  Antony,  661  Rich-  ��������� nrHs   ^!t  Hickman,   Philip   Walter,    Savoy  Hotel, Water St.  Hicks, David, Royal Hotel; Water  st. -.,..������������������....  : Hicks, Wm., Hotel Metropole.  Higgins, George.  773 Beatty St  Higgins. John George, Australian  Hotel.  Higginson, Chas. Bartlett, 767 Ho-  '.' mer St.  Higgs, Joseph, 420 Pender St  Hlghet,   Campbell,   606   Hamilton  St  Highly. Daniel Levi, 1301 Seymour  St., Rm. 1.  Higman,  Arthur,  407  Smytne  tst.  Hill,   Francis   Henry,   521   Homer  '- -St.- ���������       ������������������������������������������������������.-,  Hill, Geo. AV., Central Rms., Richards St.   - .   .   ~   ���������    .  Hill,  Moore,  750 Hamilton  St.  Hill,  Reginald,  Eagle Hotel.  Hill, Wm.  Edward, 601 Hamilton  .-"St.    -.  Hills, Albert Edward,  310 Water  Hind, Wm. HerbertT 978_"GranviiTe  St.  Hinstridge, Albert,. ��������� Edward Hotel, Water St.  Hi������cott, Clement Herbert, Astor  Hotel.  Heare, Ernest John, 1041 Richards St. -  Hebbis, Herbert Elsdale, 300  Howe St.  Hockley, Robt Geo. Albert, 862  Homer St. c  Hodge.  James,  Pender Hotel.  Hodges. Wm. Giles, 311 Cordova  St.  W.  Hodgson, Geo. Henry, 769 Cambie  St. .  Hodgson, Joseph Bell, Oriental  Hotel, Water. St.  Hogan, John. 400 Cordova St. W.  Hogg, Geo. Tulley, 440 Richards  St.  Hogg.  AValter.   447  Robson   St  T-Tolcroft, Robt.. The Gre������ham.  ,  Holden, Fred. Clard, 531 Granville  St .,  Holgate,   AVm.   B���������   502   Hamilton  st;  Holland,   Percival   Wm.,    Strand  Hotel.    ���������  Holllday,     (Charles     Robert,     641  Richards St,  Hollow, John, Carter House.  Holman, Ernest. 330 Dunsmuir St  Holman, William, Hotel Cecil,  Granville St. . ���������    ���������  Holme, Wm. John, 803 Richards  St.  Holmes, John Gordon, 776 Homer St.. Rm. 9.  Holmes, Thomas, 776 Homer St.,  Rm.   9.  Holstead. Frank Borden, Hotel  Vancouver. '  Hoi thy, George, C. P. R. Water  Front  Holthy,  Thomas.  411   Nelson  St.  Honevban, Alfred, 1247 Homer St.  Rm. 19.  Hooper, Chas. Septimus,. 534 Cambie St.  Hooper,  Wm.,   771  Cambie   St.  Hooper, Wm. John, 544 Cambie  St.  Hooson. John; 848 Howe St.  Hope,   Donald,   581 . Richards   St.  Hopper, Edwin John, Commercial  Hotel.  Hopwood,: John Henry, 1262 Granville St.  Horn, Wm. Herbert Gascoine,  Fairfield Bldg.,  Granville  St.  Horrobin, John Thomas, 917 Homer St.  Horton. Richard, 773 Richards St.  Howard, Philip, Board of Trade  Bldg.  Howard. Philip Wesley, 723 Seymour St  Howard, Tom, Astor Hotel.  Howe, Alex. C, 600 Robson St  Howe, Harry, 1480 Howe St  Howey, Edward, 515 Robson St _  Hewitt, George Finley, Sherman  House, Water St  Hoy. George, Temperance Hotel.  Hoyt, Alfred, Waverly Hotel,  Georgia St  Hubbard, Arthur, Sherman House.  Hudson, Harry. Arlington Hotel.  Huggan. Wm. Patterson, 541 Homer St  NO.  2249.  2251.  2252.  2253.  2254.'  2255.  2256.  2257.  2261.  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Huggart,   Martin,   Hotel  Vancou- I  ver. ,t|  Hughes, 'Hugh, Astor Hotel.  Hughes, John, Hotel Vancouvei.  Hughes,  Raymond     Laurie,    1317 ,i|  Richards St.  Hughes, Wm., Old City Hospital.  Hull, Stepjien George, 711 Church  St.  Hume, James John, 709 Seymour  St.' -      ...--...,  Humphreys; Alfred, 663 Hamilton  St.  Humphreys,   Richard,   1076   Rich-i  ards  St. ���������'���������������  Hunt,  Albert,  530 Georgia St.  Hunt,   Henry   Edward,   Arlington ,1  ' Hotel. '  Hunt, John Gordon, 814 Seymour i  "    St. ���������   -.    7  Hunt, Willet Nelson, Calgary Mil-'l  ling Co.  Hunter, Daniel, 1300 Granville St.  Hunter,   Geo.   Ernest,   Algonquin*  Aparts. ���������"-.'"  Hunter, Geo. Shirlaw, 849 Cambie <  St.  Huet, Peter,  410 Cordova St.  Hurry, Thomas Lyall, 623 Hamll-,1  ton St.  Hurst,  Robert,. 736 Drake  St.       ;  Huston,     Rupert     Warner,     354-  AVater   St.  Hutchinson,   Nicholas,   619   Rich-.']  ards   St.  Hutton,   Geo.   Fred,   Home   Blk.,.'  Cordova St.  Hutton, Robert, 1236 Howe St.  Hyde, Herbert Samuel, No. 2 Fire-  hall.  Hyde, James, 220 Robson St.  Illingsworth,   AVm.   Spright,   624.  Granville St.  Inch,   AVm.   Spencer,   737   Church 1  St.  Inglls, George, 672 Homer St.  Ingram, Win. Allan, 678 Seymour I  St. ��������� ���������  Ironside, James, Metropole Hotel,,  Abbott St.  Irving,   David  Wylie,   555   Granville   St.  Iverson,   Edward   Martin,   Lighthouse Hotel.  Ives, Arthur, Hotel Vancouver.    ..  Iveson,  AA'm.  Etherbert,  9S7  Sey-'l  mour St.  Jackson, James, 536 Homer St  Jackson,   John   Moles,   Granville I  Palace. I  Jackson, Mortimer Gosset, Strand  Hotel.   '  Jacobson,   Alexander,   579   Rich-,1  ards  St.  James,  Albert,   Sherman  Hotel.  James,   Wm.   AValter.   562   Richards   St.  Jamieson,   Geo.   Fraser,   Clarence!  Hotel. |  Jarman,   Ernest Edgar,   960   Seyt  mour St. \  Jay, Fred John, 579 Richards Stl  Jefferson, Robert,' Edward Hotel!  Jeffrey, Chester Stuart, 109 GranI  ville Mansions.        -.'���������-. 1  Jeffreys, Frank Hayes, 534 Helni-J  cken  St.     -  Johnson, Albert, 541 Homer St.  Johnson, G. A., St.  Ermin, Hastl  ings St.  Johnson, Charles, 1117 Homer St.  Johnson,     Chas.     Henry,     Royi  Hotel,   Water   St. .   .  Johnson, Duncan, No. 2 Firehalll  Johnson,   James   Geo.,   747   Seyl  mour St. ���������  ... .  .Johnson,     James     Lorenzo,     85  Granville   St.  Johnson,    John    Alex.,    Shermal  Hotel. 1  Johnson, John Geo., 873 Granvilll  St.;   ���������..- ���������-... ���������  Johnson, Jonas, 803 Richards  Johnson, Ole., Hotel Norden, Coij  dova St.  Johnson,   Walter    Blundell,    7i  ' Cambie   St.  Johnson, Wm.. James,   C.   P.  Station.  Johnston, .Alex. Stanley, 119 Go!  dova St. AV. --,>-   "  Johnston,    Arthur    Henry,- Xit  Granville   St.  Johnston, Chas. Edgar, , 887 Rid  .ards  -St.-' ��������� .',        .,    7 '���������       ���������-- |  Johnston,    James    Herbert,     91  Seymour St. '.'..'-'-������������������'?  Johnston, John, Grandview Hote  Johnston, John,  539 Seymour  Johnston,   John   Alex.,   887   RicS  ards St - ...       .; i  Johnston, Robt. Nelsohi 867" RicJ  --��������� -ards St. ���������.:'���������: ���������.-.-���������    - ��������� .; -. -���������'���������]  Johnston,   Stewart,   887   Richard .���������.-..���������    '  Johnston, Gilbert 1270 Howe  Johnston, Wm;; 780 Richards  Johnstone,   Alex.     Grierson,  Cambie St.  Johnstone,    George   Forbes,   -ii  Cambie St. '   '��������� '  Johnstone,     Wm.     Alfred,  Georgia St.  Jolly,    Hermengilde,    Sherbrool  House.  Jones, Conway, Delmonico Hot  Jones,    Conway    Jones,    E&v/S  Hotel.  .Jones, David,  576 Cambie St.  Jones, David B., 670 Hamilton .  Jones,   David . John" Armon,  Hamilton   St.   ���������  Jones, David Naiel, 728 Homer i  Jones, Francis, 47S Homer St'  Jones, Fredk, Astor Hotel.      ".  Jones, Griffin AArm., Cor. Richai  and Pender Sts.  Jones,  Harry, Edward Hotel.  Water St.  Jones, John Owen, 724 Church  Jones, Owen Lloyd,  990 Seyrni  St. ]  Jones, Robert,  733 Church  St. L  Jones,   Samuel,   Sherman   Houl  Water   St. f  Jones, Wm., S. W. Cor. Granvl  St  Jones,   AArm.,   Hotel   Edward.  ^Kame,7-Ahe,^Eacific._St���������^Nr.^GrJ  ville.  Keddy.    Alfred    Wm.,    Metrov  Hotel. T  Keegan, ./Bernard,   1317   Richf  &t������ y  Keily,     AA'alter,     Harrison  Granville St.   Keir, John, 632 Drake St       s  Keith,  Samuel, 327 Hastings  .  Kelly, John, 1250 Richards St.  Kelly, Michael Patrick. 548 Ca  bie St. -1  Kelly,   Robert  Ernest   306   H\i  ings St.   ,  Kemp,   Louis,   1290   Granville  Kence.'Henry.   2  Beatty  St.  Kennedy,  Arthur  A.,   1283  Hot^  St.   Rrii.   9.  Kennedy, Finlay Farquharson, [  Beatty  St.  Kennedy,  Fredk.,  410 Cordayal  Kent, Arthur Irwin, 853 RichJ  "St. ���������      .. "  Kenyon, Peter Thos., Commerl  Hotel.  Kerr, Bryce,  117 Pender St.  Kerr.    Geo.    Albert,    Commerl  Hotel. ,/  K<?rr,   John   Curley,   328   Geo!  St. *  Kimber,    Sidney    Augustus,  Richards  St.  King.     Atwell     Duncan,     Leli  Hotel. ������������������"  King, Frank, No. 2 Fireball.  King,  Fred. Ernest, Rm.  19,  B.   of  Trade  Bldg.  King. Gerald, 700 Cambie St.  King,  Thos.,   130   Cordova   Stl  Kinneard,  Jas. Thos., 688 Hal  ton St.  Kinnell,     Thomas     Francis  Fairfield Blk., Granville St.,  Kinsley, Thomas. 316 Georgia,  Kirby, Chas., Edward Hotel.'  Kirby. John.. 926 Granville St  Kirchner, Edgar E., 569 Hamj  Kirkpatrick,   Chas.  Jas.,  504  der   St.  Kirkwood, John Gibson, 900  ville St.    " ,  Kisby,  Edward  Shore,  St  Eii  Hotel.       ~ *  Kittson, Chas. Meredith, 901  mour St.  Kloepper, Jacob Conrad, 432  er  St.' il-  Knight,     Herbert     Gordon,  Homer   St.  Knight, John, 148 Cordova si  Knowles,  Samuel.  305 Pendeif  Knox,  Albert   650  Homer  Sa  Krausman,   Andrew   Wm.,  Rms.,   Hamilton   St.  Krikham,    Thomas   J.,    407  dova St  Kunnard. John, 1337 Seymoiil  Lackie,   David,   913  Richard/  Laing, John Chas.,  820 Ric?  St  Lalonde, Edward Cecil, 830  St . :       ���������       . -  Lamb. Henry, 579 Richards  Lambrick, Wm. Emmet 922  ville St.  Laney. John Michael, 737 HI  ton St ���������'-������������������'���������'.  Lamond.    John    McDonald,  Granville St  Continued on psge 11 THE WESTERN CALL  11  Provincial   Elections Act  Continued from [(age 10  NO. NAME.' PLACE.  2562.    Lampard, Alfred, 877 Richards St.  2665.    Landman, Harold, 882 Howe St.  2566. Landy, Albert Francis, 1128 Granville   St.  2576. Langlois, Celestin, 788 Richards  St.    s  2578. Langridge, Ernest Phillip, 1375  Richards St.  2579. Lansman, Max, 315 Cambie St.  ���������- ..25S1.    Lapointe,   Wm.   Joel,   715   Cambie  i '������������������'������������������ St.   -  2582.    Larnie. John, 732 Drake St.  \   2583.    Larson, Emil,  116  Georgia  St.  2586.    Latham, Daniel Peter, 717 Cambie  ' St. ������������������ .<���������::���������'.  2589.    Latimer,   Rowan   McDonald,   Leland Hotel.  ���������    2592.    Latta, Wm. Smith, 103 7 Homer St.  B . 2593.    Laurie.  Andrew  James,   986   Sey-  ������' mour-St.  2595. Laverty,   Cecil,   520   Richards   St.  2596. Law, Albert Edward, Fairfield  Bldg. ���������  2600.    Law, Wallace, Dunedin Ho., Hastings St.  2602.    Lawrenson,   Edward,   540   Cambie  St. ,  .2603.    Lawrenson,   Fredk.,   3 27   Richards  St.  .2604.    Laws, AArm.  Austin,  558  Granville  St.      '���������  2606. Lawson, Harvey, 622 Hamilton  St.  2607. Lawson, James, 117 Pender St.,  Rm.  3.  2608. Lawson, John, Carter Ho., AVater  St. ,  2612.    Layion.   Chas.   McLean,   220   Rob-  ���������77'7-7'i������w>n   St.  2617v7LeClave,   Thomas,   1264   Granville  :-kikk'--Mt.l-       >  2618.&Lee,!Chas., Granville Hotel, AVater  .  .kkkiati  .2619yLee;sCornellus  Nemo,  534  Homer  -'. ���������:. y;'-yO*-.jfif-\-**  ..;26M#!lDee^kerby Win. ilowarth, Strand  ���������-,;:-ay'^Mo4:el.  2630.'t,"Eee8Voitliy,   Henry   George,    623  ��������� .,���������������������������;��������� ;77u-y/Drake St.  i 2636. v Leggoe, Harry,  500 Homer St.  |. 2M7:ytelho.- Otto,  1337  Seymour St.  1 -.2640;,7"Lehrion,  James Johnson,  144 Cor-  'y^W^^4A,0*M St.  2644jS!, iieRby,    John      Amza,      Winters  .,'��������� ;A7iiJ-'^������Hotel,   Abbott   St.  |r,'264'6#i&ift������'ar������l, ��������� Joseph,   1004   Granville  ty.j$.:/A'>X������i;y---. ~;Rti--:'vr  liraSlifeSiLetliJbiridgc,  Charles  Anthony,  548  lyftlv-y-i^Neison -St.  ,2M7.M    Lett,   Charles   Johnson,   415   Cordova St W.  .2650.    Levenue,   Joseph,   Edward   Hotel.  2652.    Leverson. Ernest David, Granville  Mansions.  [2653.    Levino, Albert,  Astor Hotel.  |2654.    Levine.   Albert,    The    Van  Maye,  J? Seymour St.  12656.    Lewis, George,  1144 Granville St.  2657.    Lewis, Harold Herbert, 1291 Sey-  {< mour  St.  72668.    Lewis, Henry Ryan, 975 Granville  St.  12659.    Lewis, Peter Barnard, 515 Pender  St. W.  -'660.    Lewis, Thomas. Edward, Commercial   Hotel.  12661.    Lewis.  William   Henry,  741  Cambie St.     *  2663.    Leyshon,   Arthur,   728  Homer  St.  [2667.    Lightheart,     Joseph     Robt.,     Ill  Richards St.  B669.    Lilley.Wm.  Herbert,  783   Homer  .'.- ��������� .-,'    st.     ,v  12673.    Lindsay,;' Robert,   Clarence  Hotel,  Pender St.  [2683.    Lipsett,.Rupert" Garrard.. 776 Sey-  mour  St'.  2686.    Litster, Walter. 743 Hamilton St.  12686.    Little, Albert Edward, 617 Hamilton   St.  (687:   Little, Geo.,  722  Hamilton St.  1:689.    Little,  Joseph,   Hotel  Edward.  2693.    Livingston,   John   C,   1300   Gran-  .. ville   St.   ,  B������94.    Livingston,   Robt.   James,   Grand-  t view Hotel, Cordova St.  :G95.    Livingston, Donald, 683 Hamilton  i-,,;,.--:..- . St.    ..-,      _--a.-  ....  E697.    Lloyd, Glover, 741 Cambie St.  11699.    Lock, Fredk.'Walter, 827 Richards  I))-'-'       "  St.  1.710. Loney,    Joseph,   Victoria   Hotel,  }':-"        Homer St.  P.714. Longton, Joseph, Commercial  Hotel; Cambie St.  .'715. Looyer, Louis, Imperial Hotel.  1)716. Lord, Arthur, 683 Hamilton St.  C717. Lord, Joseph Patrick, Carter Ho.,  J Water  St.  ������722. Love; Jr.. John. 602 Pender St.   :  1,723. Love, Joseph, 776 Homer St., Rm.  t724. Lovell, Albert* John. 300 Howe St.  6725." Lovell,  Henry  Win.,   1035   Homer  ���������  "���������'��������� '    St. '  ,������������������  729. Lowes,   Samuel   Henry,   Winters  Hotel.  fl2. Lukey,  Richard James,  236 Geor-  ' gia St.  1734. Lund,  Fredk. H.; Astor Hotel.  739. Mace,  Chas.,   144  Cordova St.  W.  A40. Macey,   Geo.   Albeit,   838   Homer  .1 St.  1/41. Machln, Charles J., 720 Pender St  If47. Mahon, Edward Chas.,  109  Hast-  ���������' ������������������ ings   St.  !������49. Maitland, Wm. A. A., 8S3 Seymour  r.    ' -    St. 7 .   7 ���������������'  l������0. Makwois. Martin, 593 Richards St.  1'51. Malley,  John  O.,  Sherman   Hotel.  C54. Maltman, Wm., 626 Howe St.  |J56. Manfleld,   Albert,   773   Beattie   St.  B58. Manning, Robert. 1283 Homer St  ['60. Mansen, James, 783 Homer St.  165. Marchant,  Chas.  Robert,   Burrard  Hotel.  166. Marchant, George, 480 Cordova St.  T67. Margeson,     Harry     Burton,     747  | Davie   St  |68. Margetts, John Thos., St. Francis  Hotel!  1)70.    Mariacher,   Louis,   347   Hamilton  St.  Hl.-^'Slarlam.^James���������Andrew^Gosmo-  politan Hotel.  Markel,  Philip,  621  Cambie St.  Marlow, Richard, 310 Water St  D  1,72.  f5.  NO.  2876.  2S77.  2S78.  28SS.  2889.  2S95.  2896.  2899.  2901.  2902.  2903.  2905.  2907.  2908.  2911.  2912.  2913.  2916.  2917.  2920.  2923.  2924.  2926.  2927.  2928.  2D30.  2932.  2934.  2939.  2941.  2942.  2943.  2940.  2947.  294S.  2949.  2950.  2952.  2955.  2956.  2957.  2963.  Marr,   Richard  John,   536  Robson  St.  Marsden.   Maurice  Anthony   Mon,  730 Helmcken St.  /7.    Marsden,  Robert,  515 Georgia St.  178.    Marsh,   Chas.   Wm.,   311   Cordova  St   W.  Marsh, John Stanley, Astor Hotel;  Marshall, Frank, 773 Beatty St.  Marshall,    George   Miller,    Hotel  Vancouver.  85.    Marshall,   John   Innes,   843   Rich-  |87.    Marshall,'   Reginald,   543   Robson  St.  S9.    Marshall,     Theodore     S.,~    Eagle  Hotel.  38. Martin, Donald, 683 Hamilton St.  1)1. Martin, Jacob Fred., 542 Georgia  ''      ���������  St.  Martin, Joseph, Hotel Vancouver.  Martin,   Leonard   Etherldge,   115  Pender  St.  )6.    Martlneau, Auguste. 314 Water St,  37.    Mason, John, St. Ermin House.  |0.    Mason,   Phillip   Page,  534   Homer  St.  i.4.    Masslman,   Samuel,   671   Cordova  St. ,  (6.    Masters,   Frank,   12   Turner  Blk.,  Cordova  St.  ft.,    Mathers,      George,      Lighthouse  Hotel.  19.    Mathers, John, 965 Seymour St.  00.    Mathers, Thomas,    626    Seymour  St.   ..  Matheson, Daniel; 548 Cambie St  Matheson, David Waldo, The Arlington.  Matheson,    Fred    Gardener,    561  Granville St.  Matheson,   James,   720   Granville  . St7-  Matheson, John Harry,  Arlington  Hotel.  Matheson, John Phillip,  351 Robson St. -   ���������  -  Matier,   Thos.,   Hotel  Quinte.  Matthews,   Chas.,   432   Helmcken  -  St.  Matthews, John, 1179 Richards St.  Matthews, John Walter,'444 Georgia St.  Matthews, Wm., Astor St.  Maughan,   Jonn,   362   Hamilton  St. i  Maxwell,   Chas.   Leonard   Dobbin,  Carter House, Water St.  May,- Alexander, Home Blk., Cordova  St.  May, Frank, Hotel Edward, Water  ' St.     ���������:.'-.  May, Thomas Book-well, Pender  Chambers. Pender St  Mealings,  John.  547  Richards St  Alearns,  Geo.  Alex.,  584  Seymour.  ���������   St  Mecredy,   John   Knox,   728   Davie  . .St- "  Melton, Fred, 678 Homer St.  Melville, Geo. Arch., 790 Granville  St.  Mengel, Oscar John, 1126 Seymour St  Mercer. Albert, 117 Pender St.,  Rm. 6.  Mercier, George, 515 Pender St ���������  Meredith, James S., 67S Homer  St.  Merritt, Walter- Hotel Vancouver.  NAME. PLACE.  Metcalfe,  Benjamin,  Astor Hotel.  Metcalie, Edward, 1106 Granville  St.  Metcalfe, Gerald Herbert Douglas,  Vancouver Athletic Club.  Milde, Theo. Abraham, 719 Hamilton St.  Miles, John, 625 Hamilton St.  Millard, Richard Harding, 828  Hastings St.  Millard, Thos., 918 Seymour St.  Miller, Edgar John, Colonial  Hotel/ Granville St.  Miller, Harley Chas., St. Francis  Hotel.  Miller, James Allan, Astor Hotel.  Miller,      James  -.. Franklin,      765  . Homer St.  Miller, John Fletcher, 415 Nelson  'St.  Miller, Sidney Wm., 623 Beattie  St  Miller, Wm., 625 Hamilton  St.  Millington, Samuel, 867 Hamilton  St.  Mills, Charles Fred., Delmonico  Hotel.  Mills, Edward Karl, 637 Seymour  St..  Milne, Henry, 551 Howe St.  Milne, AA'm., Brunswick Hotel,  Hastings  St.  Minnion, Herbert John McVeagh,  312 Georgia St.  Mitchell, David, Delmonico Hotel.  Mitchell, Fred. AVm., 963 Richards  St.  Mitchell,. James Leonard, 1240  Richards St,  Mitchell, Joseph, Quinte Hotel,  Cordova St.  Mitchell,   Robert,   882   Homer   St.  Mitchell, Thornton, James, 367  Cordova St.  Mitchell, Wm. Chas., 752 Cordova  St.  Mitten, Joseph Henry, 310 AVater  St.,  Moir, Alex. Gartshore, 1155 Granville St  Molllns, Thos. Beverley, 637 Seymour St.       ,  Molllson, David .Knight, Metro-  pole Hotel, Abbott St.  Molllson, Robert, James, Burrard  Hotel.  Montford, AValter Colin, 619 Robson  St.  Montford, Wm. Edgar, 619 Rob-  soii   St.  Montgomery, Alex., Hotel Quinte.  Montgomery, Norman, 776 ' Seymour st;  Moodie, Alfred, Hotel Astor.  Moore, Arthur John, 1327 Granville St.  Moore, James Joseph, St Francis  Hotel.  .     ��������� ���������  Moore, Jas. Stewart, St. Francis  Hotel.  Moore, Michael, Cor. Granville and  : Smithe Sts.  Morgan,    Frank    Shepley,     Merchants  Hotel...  2964.    Morgan,   Frank  Woodhouse,   Butler Hotel.  Morgan, Henry Augustus, 554 Cordova St.  Morley.   Thos,.   655   Granville   St.  Morrifleld. Wm. George, 947  Homer St.  Morris, Charles,  776 Seymour  St.  Morris, George, Colonial Hotel,  Granville St.  Morris, Isaac Thos., 1036 Uran-  ville St.  Morris, John,  986 Seymour git.  Morrison, Fred. Robert, 617 Hamilton  St.  Morrison,   George A���������   515   Pender  Morrison, John, 400 Blk., Hastings  St.  Morrison; John W., Eagle Hotel.  Morrison,  Neil,  Australian  Hotel.  Morrison, AVm. Matthew, 544 Cambie St.  Morton. David Samuel, 527 Rich-  &rd& ^Jfc  Morton, Edward, F'ender Hotel.  Morton. Gilbert, 704  Homer St.  Moscrop, Edwin, 502 Helmcken  ���������St.- ������������������  Mosher, John Clifford, 641 Homer  St.   ,   ' .- '. :  >:. "  Moss, Jordan Owen, St Francis  Hotel.       '-���������������������������      ���������������������������'.-.'���������  Mottishaw, Reuben, Queens Hotel,  Cordova St.   -  Mowat, David, 1011 Homer St  Moyes, John,  723 Seymour St.  Mulch. Alfred Geo., 773 Beattie St.  Muir, Henry, 1062 Seymour St.  Mulcahy, James Joseph, 570 Seymour  St.  Mulhern, Edward, 111 Cordova St,  Munro, Alexander, 421 Robson St  Munro, Roderick,' 605 Cordova St.  Munro, Thomas, 1247 Richards St.  Munton, Tom Manchester, Savoy  Rooming Ho., Pender St.  3033. ,Murdoch,  Hugh,   715  Seymour  St.  3034. Murfitt,  Wrm.   Henry.   540   Homer  St.  Murphy,   Edward,   Sherman   Ho.,  Water St.  Murphy, -Edward Joseph, Waldorf  Rooms..  Murphy,  John,. Lighthouse Hotel.  Murray, Alex. Kay, 675 Hamilton  St.  Murray, Alfred, 576 Cambie St.  Murray.j George,, 635 Richards St.  Murray; James,  Empress   Rooms,  Richards St.  Murray, > Murdoch,   Carter   House.  Murray,   Thos.,   Marquam   Hotel",  AVater St.  Murray, Wm., 3 036 Granville St  Murray, Wm., Sherman Ho., Cordova St.  Murray, AVm., 1336 Granville St.  Muus, John Henry, 1308 Howe St.  MacDermid, .Norman.   1212   Howe  St.  MacDonald,      Alexander,      Eagle  Hotel, Cordova St.  MacDonald,   Alexander,   C.   P.   R.   ���������^BoardingCarr Cambie~St.~     " ~~  3071.    MacDonald, Chas. AVm., 813 Homer  St. ^   '.-���������-,  3073. MacDonald, Donald,.717 Hamilton  St:  3074. MacDonald, Duncan, 581 Richards  St.  3079.    MacDonald,   John,   1300  Granville  St.  3087.    MacDougall,    Daniel    J.,     Royal  Hotel.  3089.    MacDougall,   Ronald,   681   Cambie  St.  3095.    MacGregor, John Lewis, 613 Pender St.  2965.  2968.  2969.  2971.  2973.  2975.  2976.  2977.  2978.  2980.  2981.  2982.  2984.  2988.  2989.  2990.  2/993.  2998.  3002.  3005.  3010.  3011.  3012.  3014.  3016.  3017.  3022.  3026.  3027.  3029.  3035.  3036.  3037.  3040.  3041.  3044.  3046.  3049.  3052.  3053.  3054.  3055.  3061.  3067.  3068.  3009.  NO. NAME. PLACE.  3183. McClinton, Richard H., 800 Granville St.  3185.    JlcColl,  Hugh,  659 Gamble St.  3188. McConnell, Wm. Henry, 873 Gamble St.  3190. McCord, Henry Alex., Metropole  Hotel.  3192. JlcCorkindale, John, 515 Pender  St.  3196.    ^IcCracken, John, Carter House.  3200.- McCrudden, Denis, .Scow House,  it. of Cambie St.     ' u  3204..   McCumings, Isaac, Burrard Hotel.  3208.    McDermid,  Wm.,   861   Cambie  St.  320b. McIJerinott, Freuk., 555 KicnarUs  St.  ���������   ���������'��������� -  3213.    McDonald, Alex., Hotel Edward.  3215. McDonald Angus,  827 Cambie St.  3216. McDonald,     Angus    Donald,     535  Homer St.    ' ���������  3217. McDonald, Angus Donald, C. P. R.  Boarding House, nr. Burrard St.  3218. McDonald,   Angus. Kenneth,   600  ���������  Loruova. St.   \..  3219. McDonald,   Arch.,   1327   Granville  St. I  3225.    McDonald,   Harold,   917   Richards -^554.  ' 3������OD.  3557.  NO.  3496.  3502.  3505.  3507.  3509.  3510.  3513.  3516.  3517.  3528.  3531.  3538.  3543.  3546.  3547.  3551.  3227. McDonald. James, S61 Cambie St.  3229. McDonald, James Spurgeon, 525  Homer St.  -  McDonald,  John,  152 Water  St.  McDonald, John, Delmonico Hotel.  McDonald, John, 915 Homer St.  Mcuonaid, Joiin Angu^, 7 46 Cambie   St.  McDonald, iLewis Alex., 334 Dunsmuir St.  3236.Mcl)onald, Peter Francis, Hamilton  Rooms.  Mcuonncll,  Hugh, Edward Hotel.  McDougall, Alex, Roderick, Slier-  man Hotel.  MclOachern, AArm. Peter, 311 Cordova St. AV.  Mcl'hvan, Robt. James, 937 Seymour St  McFarland, Harry Blake, ij.0 Robson  St.  McFarlane,      Duncan,      Sherman  . Hotel.  Mcl'iiul, AValter Ernest, 139V4  Hustings St.  MuGiiie,  James,  855 Granville St.  McGillivray, John, 139% Hastings  St, AV. ,  McGillivray, John, 623 Homer St  McGillivray, AVm., Ellesmore Ho.,  Homer St.  ;McGiegor, James Carroll, I39AJ  Hastings St. AV.  McGregor, John AVelsh, 13S2 Richards St.  McGregor, Marlon Arch. Wm., 307  Davie St  McGregor,   AAralter,   882   Richards  -.-. St. .  McGuire, Robert, 932 Howe St  McHenry, Thomas, 310 AVater St  McHugh, Samuel John, 719 Cambie  .- St.  Mclllroy, Hugh Montgomery, 1036  Richards St.  ���������Mclnnes, Angus J., Pender Hotel.  Mclnnes, Hugh, 1226 Granville St.  Mclnnes, Wm. Alex., 790 Granville  St.  Mclnnes, Finlay Donald, Commercial Hotel.  Mclntyre, Donald Campbell, 683  Hamilton St.  Mclntyre,     James     Ezekial,     448  Granville St.  3293.-   Mclntyre, Joseph, 550 Howe St.  3301.    McKay, Archibald, 1139 Seymour  St.  McKay, Donald, 919 Homer St.  McKay, James Wm.; Carter House.  McKeen, Geo. CrtUg, 807 Homer St.  McKenzie, Alex., Eagle Hotel.  McKenzie, Daniel, 857 Homer St.  McKenzie, Daniel Joseph, 400 Cordova St.  McKenzie, David Murray, 663  Cambie St.  McKenzie, Geo. Robertson, 1077  Richards St. (  McKenzie, Hector Alex., 627 Ricn-  ards St  McKenzie, 'Isaac Dart, Royal  Hotel, Water St.  McKenzie,  John   Lewis,  662   Cordova  St"-'--  3326.    McKenzie, ' Kenneth,    Lighthouse  Hotel, Cordova St.  McKenzie, Thomas, 880 Granville  St. .:������������������':������������������..-        .,-.>'���������'  McKenzie,  Thomas,   863  Richards  ���������'������������������St.-' '���������     ��������� ���������������������������,���������������������������.���������/..������������������..���������:��������� ���������   ." ' ,K  McKenzie,   Wm.   Norman,   Quinte  Hotel.  McKeown,   Alexander,   Australian  Hotel. -  McKeowrn,  AVm..  Marquam Hotel.  McKinley. Clarence, 7^5 Hamilton  .St.   ���������-..-, ���������    "  Ah 'vinnon, Peter, 1261 Richards  St.  McKiver, AA'm., 542 Georgia St.  McKnight, AVm.,  671 Richards  St.  McLachlan, Robt. John, 855 Hamilton St  McLaughlin, James, Bridge Car,  Cambie  St.  McLaughlin, Peter Cartwright, 426  Richards St.  McLaurin, Peter Fraser, 345 Hastings  St.  AV.  Mctay. James-Raebii'rn,-659 Cambie St.  McLean, Alex., Ottawa House,  Pender St.  McLean, Alex. John, Pender Hotel.  McLean, Alex. John, Pender Hotel.  McLean, Angus Donald, 976 Jnovvo  St.  McLean. Daniel Ernest, 804 Richards    St. 8  McLean, John, 901 Seymour St.  McLean,    John    Henry,   Dunedin  Blk.,  Hastings St. .  McLellan,    David   Roy,   Fairfield  Bldg., Granville St.  McLellan,  John,  803 Richards  St.  McLellan, Robert A., 569 Seymour | 373 6.  St. ' -  McLennan,  James-R.,   537  Helm-   3718  3230.  3231.  3232.  3231.  3235.  3242.  3244.  3252.  3255.  3258.  3259.  3262.  3264.  3265.  3266.  3267.  3270.  3271.  3272.  3274.  3275.  3277.  278.  3279,  3282.  3283.  3285.  3286.  3289.  3292.  3303.  3304.  3309.  3313.  3314.  3315.  3316.  3320.  3321.  3322.  3323.  3330.  3331.;,  3334.  33357  333S.  3342.  3346.  33 19.  3350.  3354.  335S.  3300.  3301.  3362.  3363.  3364.  3365.  3366.  33fiS.  3370.  3371.  3374.  3375.  3376.  3099. MacKay, George, 536 Cambie St.  3100. Mackay,  Samuel,  Lighthouse  Hotel.  3101. MacKay, Wm.. 553 Homer St.  3102. MacKay.  Wm. Horace, 736 Davie  3103. MacKay,  Wm.   John,   521   Robson  St.  3104. MacKcdie,   Randolphs Donald, 719  Cambie St  3108.    Mackenzie, Donald, 706 Granville  St.  3115. MacKey,  Robert,  642  Georgia  St  3116. MacKey, AVm. Horace,  736 Davie  St.  3117. MacKie,   David  Day,   114   Beattie  St.  3119. MacKinnon,   Hector,   385   Cordova  St. ?  3120. MacKlntosh,  Arthur,  100  Georgia  St.  3121. MacKlntosh.    James    Jones,    671  Richards St.  3122. MacKlntosh,  AVm.  Robertaon,  741  Cambie St.  3123. MacLean, Alex.,  442 Hastings St.  3125.    MacLean, James Alex., 848 Hamilton  St.  3127. MacLean, John Wm., 681 Cambie  St.  3131. MacMicklng. Ernest Claude, Commercial1 Hotel.  3135. MacNaughton, Wallace Lawrence,  304 Cordova St >  3136. MacNeil, Kerr, 339 Hastings St W.  3138. MacPherson, Douglas, 603 Cambie  St.  3139. MacPherson,  John   Knox,  Tourist  Hotel.  3140. MacQueen, Robert John, 573 Horn  by St.  3142.    McAdams.   Thos.,   Cor.   Granville  and Georgia Sts. ,,  3144. McAHister, Chas. James, 548 Rob  son   St ���������:.'.��������� ���������������  3145, McAllister,   James,   985   Seymour  St. - -   ��������� ���������  3153. McArdle,  Maurice,  1172 Howe St.  3154. McArthur,    Duncan,    Commercial  Hotel.  3156. McArthur, Glen Donald,  612 Cor  dova St.  3157. McArthur, John Wm., Eagle Hotel.  3159.    McArthur,   Robt  Henry,   Edward  Hotel.  3161.    McAuley.   Robt   Clark,   C.   P.   R.  Bridge Car, ft of Cambie St  3166.    McBride,  Hughes,   772  Homer  St  3169. McBrien.  Walter,   524  Pender  St  3170. McCague,   John   Joseph   Edward,  431 Robson St  3172.    McCall,   Francis.   611-Robson   St  3174.    McCarmack.   Wm.   Nicholas,    765  Cambie St.  3176.    McCarthy, John, 710 Alexander St  3181. McClelland, Joseph    Walter,    727  Hamilton St  3182. McClemon. John, Cor. Water and  Abbott Stii,  3566.  3567.  3569.  3571.  3572.  3575.  3576.  3577.  '3578.  3583.  3584.  3586.  3592.  3594.  3600.  3608.  3612.  3613.  3616.  3617.  3619.  3621.  3622.  3629.  3630.  3631.  3634.  3635.  3636.  3637.  3639.  3640  3641.  3642.  3643.  3644.  3645.  3646.  3647.  3652.  3653.  3654.  3655.  3659.  3662.  3663.  3664.  3665.  3668.  3669.  3670.  3671.  3674.  3675.  3678.  3680.  3681.  3683.  3684.  36S7.  3BSS.  3690.  3691.  3C92.  3693.  3697.  3699.  3700.  3702.  3 704."  3705.  3707.  3708.  3709.  3713.  3714.  3715.  727"Richards  3380.  cken St.  33S3.^McEeduT-Alex:  St.  33S4.    McLeod, Andrew, Eagle Hotel.  3386.    McLeod,  Arch.,   Eagle  Hotel.  3388. McLeod, Chas., Granville Hotel,  -������������������ Water St.  3389. McLeod, Daniel, 315 Dunsmuir St.  3393. McLeod.  James  Angus,   814   Sey  mour St.  3394. McLeod,    James    Campbell,     677  Hamilton Stt.  3399. McLeod, Malcolm, Sherman Ho.,  Water St.  3403. McLeod, Maxwell Richard, Winters Hotel, Abbott St.  3402. McLeod,  Murdo.  Arlington  Hotel.  3403. McLeod, Murdoch Alex., 637 Pacific St.  3406.    McLeod, Peter, Eagle Hotel.  3410. McLeod, Roderick John, Cosmopolitan Hotel.  3411. McLeod, Ronald Stewart, 551  Richards St.  3416.    McMahon.    AValter    Percy.     1213  Seymour St  3418.    McMillan,   Alex..   676   Homer   St.  3420. McMillan, Donald A��������� Savoy  Rooms, Pender St  3421. McMillan, Robert Johnson, Clarence   Hotel.  3423. McMillan, Win. J., 905 Richards  St.  3424. MoMoekin, Andrew Stevenson, 552  Granville St.  3425. Mc.Monies, John, Carter Ho.,  Water St. r,  3427. , McMullan,  Daniel,  736 Drake  St  3429. McMurray,  G. E���������  1064  Howe  St.  3430. McNair, James Campbell, 313  Cambie St.  3432. McNair, Robt Irvine Campbell,  313 Cambie St.  3433. McNair. Walter, 776 Homer St,  Room 6.  3434. McNally, Wm. John, 531 Howe St.  3438,    McNeil, John Duncan, 700 Cambie  ,   - St.      ��������� .  3445. McPhee, Daniel. 136 Water St.  3446. McPhee,  James,   338  Cordova  St  3449. MePherson, John Peter, 666 Hamilton  St.  3450. MePherson, Norman Angus, 756  Homer   St.  3454. McPhie, AVm. A., Tourist Hotel.  3455. McQuarrie, Alex., 661 Richards St.  3456. McQuarrie, Hedley, 1244 Seymour  St. ���������   -.   - .(j  3458.    McRae,   Alex.,   Royal   Hotel.  3460.    McRae, Cecil Dunlap, Commercial  Hotel. 1 ���������  3462. McSorley, Harry, 219 Georgie St.  3465. McA'icar, Arch., 569 Seymour St  3467.    Mc-Walter,  John N.,  561  Seymour  St.  3470. Nancollas, Edward Montrose, 706  Granville  St.  3471. Napier,   Frank,   885   Richards   St.  3474. Nation. Jasper, Winters Hotel,  Abbott St.  3475. Nellson, Ernest, 1266 Richards St.  3476. Nelder.  Wm.,   161   Hastings   St  3479.    Nesbit, Robert 1207 Homer St.  3482.    Netherton,   Harry,   333   Hastings  St.  34S4.    Netzell.   Andrew,   616   Robson   St  3488.    Neville. Fred. Benjamin, 700 Cambie St.  3492. Newcomb. Embert Cromily. 715  Beatty St  3493. Newcombe. Ellsworth Blackader,  605 Cambie St  3494. Newell. Bertram Arthur, 317  Georgia St  > 3495,,,   Newell, David Kcox, Leland Hotel.  3720.  3721r  3722.  3725.  3726.  3727.  3729.  3731.  3734.  3736,  3737.  3738.  3739.  3740.  8742.  3,751  3752.  3763.  3754.  3755.  3756.  3757.  3761.  3763.  3766.  3767.  3768.  3772.  3773.  377S.  3780.  3782.  3792.  3793.  3795.  3796.  3797.  3799.  3804.  3S05.  3809.  3814.  3815.  3820.  3822.  3826.  3827.  3829.  3830.  3835.  3838.  3839.  3840.  3841.  3S43.  3S44.  3S4.5.  .  NAME. PLACE.  Newgreen,    Stephen    Nellon,    783  Homer St.'  Nicholson,      Angus,      Vancouver  Hotel.  Nicholson,  John,  559  Beatty St  Nield,  James  Ernest,  605  Cambie  St.  Nikula,   Kusti,   1337   Seymour  St.  Nikula, Yole, 1337 Seymour St  Noonan, George, 154 \Vater St.  Nowell,   Robert,   Burrard   Hotel.  Nunn,  Walter,   780  Richards  St.  O'Callighan,     George     Lawrence,  Arlington Hotel;  O'Connor,   John,   Eagle   Hotel.  0'iiagan, Lawrence,  757 Richards  St.  Oldsfield,  Wm.  Septimus, Central  Rooms, Richards St.  Oliver,   AVm.   Robert,-   Merchants  Exchange. _y  Olmstead,   Albert     Desbrisay,   925  Richards   St.  Oppenheimer,  Jesse Judah,  Hotel  Arancouver. ^   ���������  Orr, AA'alter, Sherman Hotel.  Osborne,  Arthur,   Sherman  Hotel.  Osborne,    George,   Masonic   Blk.,  309 Cordova St.  Owens, John, King Edwards Hotel.  Pack,   Wm.. Henry,   527   Richards  Pad'iey, Alfred,  1205  Seymour St.  Padmore, Richard AVm., Hotel  -Winters.  Page,   Patrick,   Astor  Hotel.  Paunatary, Mark Preston, Cor,  Smithe and Granville Sts.  Palmer, Albert Thomas, Clarence  Hotel.  Palmer,   Fredk.,   217   Cordova   St.  Palmer, Fred. Albert, 61S Howe St.  Paone, Antony, 1268 Richards St.  Paris,   George,   252   Hastings   St.  Park,   Arthur,   Grandview   Hotel.  Parker,   John,   Commercial   Hotel.  Parker, AVm., Room 65, Victoria  Bldg.  ParsonH,    Alfred   137   Robson    St.  Paton, John it., Room 44, Fairfield  Bldg.     .  Patterson, Henry, Royal Hotel.  Patterson, Hugh McDonald, Austins Hotel.  Patterson, Win. Henry, No. 2 Fire-  hall, Seymour St.  Pattison. Norman Grant, 329  Dunsmuir  St.  Paul, AA'm. McDonald, 629 Homer  'St.  Pavey, John, 557 Richards St.  Pawsey, Alfred  J.,  601 Davie  St.  Pearl, Horatio DeLong, Hotel Vancouver.  Pearl. John, 1231 Homer St., Rear.  Pears, Richard Wm., 776 Homer  -St.  Pearson, Horiss G��������� Commercial  Hotel.  Pearson, John Alfred, 614 Hamilton   St.  Pearson,   Joseph,   117   Pender  St.  Pease, Alfred McGowan, 713 Cambie St.  Peden, Thos. Chas., Temperance  Hotel, Water St.  Peel, Wm. Wilfred, 410 Cordova St.  Pegg, James, 717 Cambie St.  Femberton, Daniel, 548 Cambie St.  Pendred, Charles, 1283 Homer St.,  Rm.   1. ,  Pentecost,   Richard,   721   Cambie  > st. -    ..-.-���������  Pennoyer, Oscar, 80|429 Ponder St  W.  Pepper, John Thos., Hotel Astor.  Pepper, Samuel, 117 Pender St; W.  Percy, Thos.,  621 Pacific St.  Perkins, Harry, Hotel Vancouver.  Perrin,  Alfred,  512  Dunsmuir St.  Perry, Arthur Townsend, Sherman  Hotel.  Peter. Alexander, 635 Richards St.  Peterkin. Albert, Waldorf Rooming House.  Peters; Chas., 854 Granville St.  Peters, John Nelson, 117 Pender  St.,  Rm.   4.  Peters, Robert. 311 Cordova St. W.  Peterson, Arthur, 916 Seymour St  Peterson, Chas., 1372 Seymour St.  Peterson, Christian, 136 Water St.  Peterson, Gilbert Laurence, 550  Howe St.  Petrie, James, 617 Homer St.  Pettifer.  Chas.,  153  Hastings   St.  Peverell,    Francis    Russell,    667  C3.111 t)lc   St  Phelen, Michael, 727 Hamilton St.  Phelps, Maurice A., 822 Granville  St.  Phillips, Arthur Philip, 40S Robson St  Phillips, Chas. Rowlinson, Lighthouse Hotel.  Phillips. Gordon WTest, Hotel  Quinte.  Phillips, Harry Percival, 1028  Howe St.  Phillips, Joseph Eva, Clarence  Hotel.  Phillips, Thos. Wh., 165 Pender  St.  W.  Philp, John, Arale Hotel, Granville  ���������St.  Phipps. Frank Chas., 136 Hastings  St.  Pickerill, AVm., 776 Homer St.  Pickup, John Henry Lonsdale,  Sherman House.  Piers, Claude Shute Barrington,  1059   Richards   St.  Pike, Wm., 1247 Homer St., Rm. 9  Pine,   Fredk.,   600  Robson   St  Piper, Chas. Henry, 771 Homer St.  Plaistow, Wm., 728 Homer St.  Plows, Chas. A:, Leland Hotel.  Plows, Wm, James, 637 Seymour  St.  Podger,   Chas.,   152   Hastings^ St.  Polens,   Adolf,   1206   Seymour  si.  Pollard, Arthur Henry, 170 Water  St  Pollock. David Cameron, 410 Pender  St.  Pollock, John, 652 Smithe St.  Pollock, Roderick, 834 Seymour St.  ~Pomfret;~Albeif,~708~RiCharas"St7  Pomfret Albert, 70S Richards St.  Poole, Henry Otto, Astor Hotel.  Poole, Henry Otto, 7S3 Homer St.  Pooley, Ernest Alfred, 853 Cambie  St. .. .    - '  Porter, Chas. Dickinson, 1291 Seymour St.  Porter. B'red Anthony, 136 Cordova St.  Portwood, AVm, Joseph, Merchants  Hotel.  Potter. Chas., 635 Richards St.  Potter, Edgar Richard, 1144 Richards St.  Totter, Richard, 1144 Richards St.  Potts, James;Gray, 417 Granville  v   St  Potts, Percival Rowland, 960 Seymour St.  Poulton, Robert John, Commercial  Hotel.  Powers, Albert Edward. 525 Homer  St  Powers. John J.. 917 Homer St.  Pratt, Joseph, 801 Richards St.  ��������� Precious, Wm. Henry, 536 Cambie  Prendiville. Edward, Room 23,  Williams Bldg., Granville St.  Prentice, Alex. Nellson, Hotel  Astor.  Prentice, David, 731 Hamilton St.  Price. Richard, 214 Water St  Priddis. Samuel Geo.,  712  Nelson  St  1 Prlestman,   John.   613   Pacific   St.  Prime, Wm. Arthur. 834 Seymour  St.  Prlngle. Geo., 402 Cambie St  Prltchard, Stewart, 444 Georgia  St.  Prittle, Wilmot, S. D., Cor. Cambie  and Dunsmuir Sts.  Prout, John A., Cecil Rooming  House.  Prowse,  Albert  Sam Whitchurch,  957 Richards St.  Prowse, Jesse. 966 Seymour St.  Pye, Wm. Duncan, Edward Hotel.  Pyne,  Richard, Astor Hotel.  Quayle, Wm., Edward Hotel.  Queen, Chas. Lockhart, AA'averley  Hotel.  Quigley. John. 310 Water St.  Quipp. Chas., 745 Dunsmuir St.  Rae,  Frank, Arlington  Hotel.  Rae.  Henry.  717 Hamilton  St.  Raelman.   Geo.,   827   Richards   St  Ralph,  Ross James,  Hotel Ralph.  Ramsay. David, Home Blk., Hastings St  Randall,  Joseph,  Eagle Hotel.  Randolph,  Albert.   1362  Howe  St.  Ranson. Whitwell Henry, Metro-  pole Hotel. -  Rathgeber, Fritz. Cor. Davie and  Richards St.  Rawding. Geo. Parks, 681 Cambie  St.  Ray, Frederick. Winters Hotel.  Reading. Leonard Herbert, 1327  Granville   St.  Redpath, Frederick. 104 Beattie St  Reed, Chas., Sherman Hotel.  Reed, Henry, 170 Cordova St  Reed, Henry Heurtley, 406 Homer  St  Reed. James Clarkson, Tourist  Hotel.  Reed,   Joseph   Patrick,   748   Rich-  ,   ards St  Reod, Joseph Patrick, 748 Richards St,7  NO.  3S46.  3847.  3850.  3852.  3854.  3S55.  3S56.  3S57.  3S59.  3S61.  3865.  3866.  3867.  3874.  3875.  3878.  387S.  3S79.  3SS0.  3882.  3883.  3SS4.  3SS5.  3SSC.  38S7.  3888.  3S89.  3890.  3891.  3896.  3S98.  3899.  3902.s  3903.  3904.  3906.  3912.  3913.  3914.  3915.  3919.  3922.  2924.  3926.  3927.  3934.  3935.  3940.  3942..  3943.  3945.  3946.  3948.  3949.  3950.  3951.  3954.  3956.  3957.  3968.  3959.  3961.  3962.  3967.  3968.  3972.  3973.  3975.  3976.  3977.  3981.  3983.  3984.  3985.  3989,  3990.  3996.  3997.  3998.  4001.  4002.  4003.  4066.  4067.  4012.  4013.  4017.  4020.  4023.  4025.  4027.  4031.  4033.  40367  4037.  4039.  4040.  4042.  4044.  4054.  4058.  4059.  4061.  4062.  4066.  1067.  4068.  PLACE.  Heurtley,   406  Homer  David Oliver,  640 Granville  John   Monus,   Delmonico  NO.  4159.  4160.  4161.  4164.  4166.  416S.  4169.  4172.  4173.  4174.  4176.  4177.  4178.  4179.  1183.  4184.  4185.  4187.  1190.  4191.  4193.  4194.  4196.  4197.  4198.  4200.  4202.  4204.  4206.  4207.  4209.  4210.  4212.  4213.  4215.  421G.  4218.  4219.  4220.  4221.  4222.  4223.  4227.  NAME.  Reed,   Wm,  St.  Reea  St.  Reeves  Hotel  Reid,  Elias Wm.,  737 Beattie  St.  Reid, James, Australian Hotel.  Reid,   John,   Sherman   Hotel.  Reid, Joseph, 104 Georgia St.  Reid, Joseph, Hotel Astor.  Reid, Robert Ralton. Hotel Astor.  Reimon, Joseph Christopher, Waldorf Rooms.  Rennie, James, 119 Pender St.  Rennie, AVm., 497  Smythe St.  Reynard,   George,    867   Hamilton  .. 'St.   ���������-   '.''��������� ��������� : ' :   .'������������������������������������-..,  Reynolds, Samuel, 576 Cambie St.  . Reynolds,"Wm:,   167   Cordova   St.  Reynolds, Wm., Merchants Hotel.  Risch,   George,   820   Granville   St  Rice,  Frank,   310  Water  St.  Rice, Wrm., Australian Hotel-  Richards.   Ernest   Frank   George,  410  Robson  St. -  Richards. Frank Graham, Strathcona Blk., Granville St.  Richards, George David, 1256 Seymour   St.  Richards. AValter,   411  Nelson  St.  Richards,    AVm.     Austin     Swain,  Strathcona Blk.,  Granville St.  Richardson,   Albert   Edward,   446  Pender St  Richardson,  Edmund  A., AValdorf  Rooms.  Richardson,    John    Hilliard,   Cor.  Robson   and   Granville   Sts.  Richardson,   Thos.,   319* Hustings  St.  Ridout, AA'alter Albert, 534 Cambie  St.  Rlgby,   James,  557   Richards  St  Ringsford.   Richard   Arthur,   715  Seymour St  Ripley,   AVm.,   St.   Ermins   Hotel,  Hastings St.  Ritchie,   John,   3 37   Hastings   St.  Ritchie, John A.,  228 Georgia St.  Ritt, Wm., St. Francis Hotel.  Robb, Arthur Erwin, 440 Richards  St-  Robert,  Arthur,  612 Pender St.  Roberts, Albert, 314 AVater St.  Roberts, Chas., 104 Beattie St.  Roberts,  Chas.,  809 Cambie St  Roberts,  John  AVesley,  511   Richards   St.  Robertson,  Chas.  Carswell,  Waverley. Hotel.  Robertson,  Donald,   656   Richards  St. ., "   '���������  Robertson,  John, 309 Cordova St.  Robertson,   John  Alex.   Fred,  Co  lonial Hotel, Granville St,  Robinson,   Arthur   Thomas,   Australian  Hotel. 14228.  Robinson,  Ezra McRae,   307  Pen-   4229.  der St.  Robson.  Fred.  George,   108   Geor-   4230.  gia St, 4233.  Robson,  John  Henry,  548  Nelson  St 4234.  Robson,    Thos.    Richardson,    723  Seymour St "     4235.  Rodgers, Rodger, 635 Davie St. 4236.  Rodgers,     Win.     John,     Albany  Rooms.   ' 4237.  Rogers, John,' Sherman Hotel. 4238.  Rogers, Lincoln. 358 Hastings St.  Rogers, Peter, 710 Hamilton St.       4240.  Rolph, Arthur Francis, 1115 Rich-   4244.  ards St 4245.  Ronald, Wm., Hotel Vancouver.  Roper,  Arthur.  Hotel Astor. 4247.  Roper. Frank George, 311 Cordova  St. W. 4249.  Roper, Fred. Smalwood, Waverley  Hotel.- 4260.  Rose, Harry James, 546 Hamilton  St. 4252.  Rose, Hugh, 725 Church St. 4263.  Rose, John, 789 Granville St. 4254.  Ross,    Alex.   Cameron,   Sherman  7  Hotel. 4255.  Ross, Andrew, 747 Cambie St.  Ross, Chas.  L.. 441 Robson St.,      4257.  Ross, Donald Alex., 623 Seymour  St. 4259.  Ross, Francis Miller, 167 Hastings  St. 4260.  Ross, George T��������� Tale Hotel.  Ross,  Horatio Nelson, Vancouver  4262.  Hotel. 4263.  Ross, Neil.  1146 Granville St. 4266.  Ross, Robin De Mille, 1020 Howe  St. 4266.  Ross, Thomas, 715 Cambie St. 4267.  Ross, Wm., 1020 Howe St.  Rothery, Joseph Newton, 24 Waver-   4269.  ley  Hotel. 4271.  Rothnay, George, 532 Seymour St.  Rowlands,     John     Kdward,     743   4373  Drake St.    ��������� 4274  Rowlstone.    Sidnev   Henry   John  Staines, 330 Homer St 4276.  Roxburg. Alfred. 543 Hamilton St.   4277.  Ruddy. Wm.,  Marquam  Hotel.  Rumble, Thomas, 626 Cordova St.   1279.  AV.  Russell,  Andrew,  331  Robson  St.    428O  Sear,   John,   717  Cambie  St.  Seater, Andrew, Commercial Hotel.   4281.  Water St. 4283.  Rutherford, James. 1164 Richards   4>jj(;  St.    -  Rye. Fredk., 730 Nelson St. 4->g7  Sage,   George.  625   Granville  St. ,:  Samson,  John  Evans,  666  Hamil-   4288  ton St. 4291.  Sassiville, Chas.. 728 Homer St.  Saunders,   Henry   John,   4   Pacific   4994  St.  Sayer,   Arthur,  721  Beattie St. .jogg  Scarlett Robt. Kossuth, 428 Hast- '  ings  St. 4298.  Scarth,  Avery Henry, Carter Ho.,  ���������  Water St. 4300  NAME. PLACE.  Sloper, Matthew Fillmore, Grand-  view  Hotel.  Smaill,   Arthur James,  116  Hast-  -     ings St.  AV.  Small, Wm., 1287 Richards St.  Smallpiece,    Albert   Edward,    71S  Beatty St.  Smeaton. Chas. Edward, 871 Granville St.  Sineeth, Chas., Tale Hotel.  Smethurst,���������', Robt   Gladstone,   870  Richards St. 7  Smith, Alfred Arthur, 1327 Granville St. 7 -7 v  Smith,   Alfred   Thos.,   1327   Gran-  vine St.  Smith, Alohzo,  256 Georgie St.  Smith, Andrew; Clarence Hotel.  Smith,   Chas.  Ernest,  913 Richards  St.  Smith, Chas. James, 682 Homer St.  Smith, Edgar, The Maples, How*  : st  Smith, Frank Alfred, 668 Hastings  -��������� -St.-.  Smith, Fredk; A, Waverley Hotel.  Smith,     Freeman,     Hubert,     872,  Homer St  Smith. Geo. Cottreal, Hotel Van-  , couver.  Sinitii, Harry,  Sherman Hotel.  Smith,  Henry,  Cecil Hotel.  Smith, Henry Badeley, Hotel Metropole.  Smith, Henry Ward, 541 Hamilton  Smith, Herbert 312 AVater St.  Smith, James, 670 Richards St.  Smith, James Edward, 754 Draks  St.  Smith, John, Austins Hotel.  Smith, Joseph, 308 AVater St.  Smith, Joseph, 876 Aichards St  Smith, Joseph Richard, 710 Cambie  St    .  Smith, Joseph  S., 653 Cambie bt  Smith, Percy.,657 Richards St  Smith, Peter, 581  Richards St.  Smith, Reginald John, 541 Hamilton St.,  Smith, Richard, Lighthouse Hotel.  Smith, Robert Joseph, 506 Smythe  Smith, Robert M.', 917 Richards St  Smith,  Sydney  AVest,   1327  Granville  St.  Smith,   Thomas.   236   Georgia  St  Smith, Thomas Garden, 527 Richards St.  Smith,  Thomas  Walter  McEwen,  Astor Hotel.  Smith,    Valdiel,    Merchants    Exchange.  Smith,  AValter  Chester,  897  Seymour St  Smyth,   Fred.   Bowyer,   Tempe������-  ance Hotel.  Smith, Harvey, 576 Cambie St.  Snelcer,  George  Henry,  Inglesld*  Rooms,  313  Cambie St.  Snell, Arthur, 1247 Homer St.  ;Snodgrass, Thomas John, 170 Cordova St.  Snowdon,  Campbell Camlllus, St  Francis Hotel.  Sohier, Wm; 1247 Homer St.  Somervllle, James Douglas, Waverley Hotel.  Somervllle,  John,   Edward  Hotel.  Song,  Ewart  Elliott,   641  Homer  St.-  Sothern, Fredk.. 636 Cambie St.  Southworth. John, 700 Cambie St  Spaord. Joseph Martin, 129 Robson St.  Sparkmun, Wm. Joseph, 246 Robson  St  Sparrow,  Michael,   310  Dunsmuir  St.  Sparrows,  Angus  Chas.,  Victoria  Ho., Homer St.  Spearln, John, Leland Hotel.  Spedding,   Chas.,   909   Pacific   St.  Speechly. Walter Chas., 863 Richards St.  Speed,   Harry   Delvineale,   Lighthouse Hotel.  Spence, John Anderson, 771 Seymour St.  Spence, Robert, Revere Ho., Cordova St.  Spence, Robert Anderson, 771 Seymour St.  Spencer,  Renest,  147 Hastings St.  Spencer, Jas. Clark, Tale Hotel.  Spittale, Thomas,   913   Granville  St.-7   ���������  Sponge, Chas. John. 742 Nelson St  Sprague, Henry. Abbott and Water  Sts  Spratt, Thos., 817 Richards St.  Sprlngett,  Bernard,  644  Seymour  St.  Springett. Jesse, 801   Seymour St.  Springle,   Edwin,    1339   Richards  St.  Squires, Samuel, 311 Cordova St.  Stalkey,   John   James,   527   Richards St.  Stanbrough,    Henry    Hugh,     314  Water   St.  Stan fer, Tiios. James, Lighthouse  Hotel.  Stanley,  Anthony,  113  Cordova St.  Stanley, Joseph, 738 Hamilton St  /Starkey,   Kenelm   Edward   D.   St  John,  519  Hamilton St  St.   Clare,     Cyril     Wm.,     Regent  Hotel.  Stead, Walter. 533 Seymour St.  Steele, James Franklin, 727 Richards St.       ������  Steen,  Hugh  Harris,  317  Georgia  St.  Stoets,  Chas.  Wm.,   579  Richards  St.  Sleeves, Lotan Joshua,  822 Granville St  Stelnburg,  Harry,  Sherman House.  Schmehl.  AA'm..  1138  Seymour St. {4301.    St'enhous'e, Adaiii Arch.,  142  Nel-  UnlinAViiai* ii-thi        1 9 9fl     lira nvlllo . ..A_    est.  4069.  4075.  4079.  40S1.  4085.  4086.  4090.  4092.  4093.  4094.  4095.  4096.  4097.  4098.  4101,  1102.  4106.  4107.  4108.  4109.  4110.  4111.  4112.  4114.  4117.  4118.  4120.  4121.  4122.  4123.  4124.  4125.  4127.  4134.  4138.  4140.  4141.  4143.  4144.  4145.  4147.  4150.  4153.  4154.  4155.  415S.  4311.  Schneyder,   Louis,   1226   Granville-  St. - 14302.  Sootney, Harry, 67S Homer St.       {4305  Seotney,  Matthew,  525 Homer St; j  Scott,  Chas.  Alfred,  636 Richards ] 4306  St. lo  Scott, David. 520 Richards St.       J4309  Scott, Jas. Walter-Montague, Cor.;   Hamilton and  Robson  Sts.  Scott,   John   Gordon,   629   Cambie  ���������St.  Scott, Thomas, 822 Howe St.  Scott,   Thomas   Peers,   Metropole  Hotel.  Scrlmes, Ernest Fred, 670 Hamilton St.  Scrivener;   Ralph    John,    Tourist  Hotel.  ear. John, 717 Cambie St.     ������  eater, Andrew, Commercial Hotel.  Seater, Daniel Henry, Commerctal  Hotel.  Sells, Samuel Gee, Hotel Edward,  Water St.  Seneca.l, Charles, 946 Howe St.  Shanks, Fred Nelmsley, 917 Seymour St.  Shannon,   Alex.  Patrick,   889  Seymour St  Sharp, Wm.,  925 Granville St  Sharrocks,     Wm.,     Herbert,     877  Hamilton St.  Shaw. Albert, 528 Seymour St  Shaw, Clifford 8., 632 Hamilton St  Shaw, Fred, 960 Granville St  Shaw,   James,   1247   Homer   St;  Rtn.   16.  Shaw, John,  520 Homer St.  Shaw,   Robert,  Astor  Hotel.  Shaw, Robert, 216 Water St  Sliaw,  William,   877   Richards  feu  Shearer, Robert Lemon, 773 Richards St.  Shearne,     Frank     Bertram,     783  Homer St  Shelton,  Arthur Edwin, St Francis  Hotel.  Shepard.   Edwin Jerome, 856 Seymour St.  Shepherd,    George    Bernard,    628  Cordova St. AV.  Shepherd,   Harry,   776   Homer   St  Shepherd, Roy.  776  Homer St.  Sheppard. Frank Stuart. 776 Seymour St  Sherlock,  Ethelberti  813  Seymour  .."      St. !|  Sherman.  Arthur, Astor Hotel.  Shilvock.   Leonard.   300   Howe   St.  Shimmen, James, 525 Richards St.  Shore, Albert Edward, 700 Cambie  St.  P'mrt  i^lgar, Astor Hotel.  Short, Harry, Australian Hotel.  Short, John Falkner, 773 Richards  St  Shouldice,   Walter   Findlay,   1071  GranVllle St  Shuttleworth,    Alfred,    Dunsmuir  St.  Sidesworth.  Thos..  522 Homer St  Simon.   Ralph,   1257   Richards   St.  Simpson, John, 705 Cambie St.  Simpson,  John  Henry Victor,  741  Hamilton St.  Simpson.   Roger  Wm.,   S20   Richards  St.  Simson,   Henry  John,   1158   Howe  St.  Sinclair,   James   Joseph.   533   Seymour St.  Sinclair,  Johtio Muir,  410  Cordova  St.  Sinclair,   Wm.,   S42   Hamilton   St  Skiner,  Robt.  Largue,. 420 Nelson  St.- ''  Slack. Geo.. 154 Water St  Slack. James, 1304 Seymour St.  Sladen. Harold Godwin. Waverlev  Hotel. "  S'"*n.:Thos. Francis, 569 Seymour  ..St, .   _._  I   I   ������������������!   M>  son St.  Stephen, Alexander, 620 Homer St.  Stephens,   Richard,   507   Richards  St.  Stephenson,     James,      Australian  Hotel.  Stepler,   .Tames   Eainson,   Spencer  Stevens, Alfred Ralph, Hotel Metropole.  4312. Stevens, Fred. James, 541 Homer  St.  4313. Stevens, Walter C. Hotel Quinte,  Cordova St.  4316.    Stewart,  Colin.  Australian  Hotel.  431S.    Stewart,  Harry,  913  Richards  St  4319. Stewart, Henry Cornwall, Cbs-  mopolitan Hotel.  4320. Stewart, Jack L., St. Francis  Hotel.  4321. Stewart,   James,   617   Hamilton   St.  4322. Stewart,  Jas  Franklin,  780  Rleh-  ,        ards St.  4326. Stewart, John A. Lawrence, St  Francis Hotel.  4325. Stewart, John Thos., Bridge Car,  end of Cambie St  4327. Stewart, Norman Garfield, - 7sw  Hamilton St.  4329. Stewart,  Robt  Grant,  1076  Rich-  - ards   t.  4330. tewart. Samuel Dinsmore, Hotel  Arancouver.  4332.    Stewart,  Wm.,  Marnnam Hotel.  4335. St George, Wm., 438 Helmcken  St.  4340. Stlrsky. Joseph Frank, 854 Hamilton St.  4342. St. John. Alphonse Spencer, 877  Richards St.  4343. Stoffcl, Albert Martin, 767 Rich- ,  ards St '      "  4344. Stohlberg, Arthur Albins, 889  Homer St  4346. Stone, Fred. Warren, 819 Granville St  43IK.    Stones, Fredk.. 536 Robson St.  4350, Stone, Lewis Walter, 549 Cambie  St.  4354. Stott, Edward, 1190 Granville  Mansions.  4355. Stow,   John   A.,   570  Seymour   St.  4359. Stracey. Algernon Henry, Granville  Mansions.  4360. Strang. Claude Molvin, Hotel Leland. i' .  4361.- Stranks, John. 532 Homer St  4362.    Stratford.    Hugo    Campbell,    700  Cambie St  ,4364.    Street, Wm.  Merritt,  1283 Homer  St.,   Rm. ,2.  4365.    Strome, Abraham D.. 164 Water St.  4370.    Stuart. Wm., 569 Hamilton St  4373. Suckling. Fred. F��������� St. Francis  Hotel.  4374. Sufflll, AVm. James, 1262 Richards  St.  4375.Sugden. Oscar. 617 Hamilton St.  4375. Sullivan, John Joseph, Astor  Hotel. I .  4379. Sullivan. Michael, 1798 Granville  ���������      St. - t  43S0. Siimmerfield. Jas. Thos., The  Maples, Howe St.    -.,..-.  4382. Summer. George James,, 856 Richards St  43S3.    Sumpt'er,   John,   Eagle  Hotel.  43SG. Surtless. Ellis Hubert Hvraan, 541  Homer   St  43S7.    Susiiar,  Alex..  1205 Homer St.  43S9. Sutherland, Frank, 863 Richards  St.  43S2.    Sutherland, John. 310 Water St.  4393. Sutherland. John James, 776 Seymour St.  4394. Sutherland. John Wallace, Tage  Blk.. Granville St  4396.    Rwadling,   Wm..   3165   Richards   St-  4398.    Swallow,     Edgar     Dawson,     Hotel  A'ancouver. ������������������'���������������������������������������������'.  (Continued on Page 12)      y7 12  THE WESTERN CALL  Provincial  Elections  Act  (Continued from Page 11)  4399.    Swan, George, Pender St.,'between  Seymour and Granville.  4402.    Swanson,  Justus,   115  Cordova  St.  4407.    Sym'ons,  Louis   P.,  Hotel  St.  Francis.  ' 4409.    Tait, Arthur AVm., 720 Granville" St.  4413.    Tait, Thos. Hilton, 834 Seymour St.  4415.    Tailon,   Harry,   540  Richards   St.  4418. Tanner,   Leonard,  S56  Homer St.  4419. .Tanton,  Bradford,  527 Richards  St.  4122.    Taylor, Alex.. Barrio, 330 Dunsmuir  Chas.,   901   Seymour  St.  Chas.  Reginald,  719  Ham-  Geo.   Aubrey,   856   Sey-  Livingstone,  Australian  Tanner  Tanton  Taylor,  St.  4423. Taylor,  4424. Taylor,  ilton  St..  4425. Taylor,   Dan,  Comemrcial Hotel.  4427. Taylor, Edgar, 322 Pender St.  4428. Taylor.  Fredk., Corner Robson and  Granville Sts.  4429. Taylor.  Fredk.,  1OS0 Howe St.  4430. Taylor, George Nelson, 400 Cordova  4436.   Taylor, Newton Fuller,  81.0 Robson  St.  4438.    Taylor,  AA'm.,  C.   P.   R.  Depot.  4442. Tee/.e,   Samuel Thos., Golden Gate  Hotel.  4443. Tegeler, Chas. John, 769 Cambie St.  4444. Telford,. Thos.. 310 AVater St.  4445. Tcmpleton, John Saxby, 1336 Gran  ville St.  4446. Tennant,  Albert Harry, 1304 Howe  St.  4448. Terry, Thos. Leonard, Cascado  Rooms.  4450. Thorn, Ales., Imperial Bile, Granville St.  4454.   Thomas,  James,  776 Homer St.  4457. Thomas,  Philip AVm., 748 Richards  St.  4458. Thomas, Sydney, 728 Homer St.  4459. Thomas, AVm. Nelson, 357 Cordova  St.  4464. Thompson,   Fred.   Wm.,   Windsor  Hotel.  4465. Thompson,  Geo.,  Australian Hotel.  4466. Thompson,  Geo.  Alex.,  1015 Gran  ville St.  4467. Thompson,  mour  St.  4472.   Thomason,  Club.  4471.   Thompson, Philip Nairn, Cor. Howe  and  Pender Sts.  4476.   Thompson,      Thomas,      Delmonico  Hotel.  4478. Thompson,  AA'm.  John,   1290  Howe  St.  4479. Thompson, Wm. John, 144 Cordova  St.  4480. Thomson, Wm. Robert, 521 Beattie  St. ' ���������  4482.   Thomson,  Alex.,   665  Hamilton   St.  4484. Thomson, John, 872 Seymour St.  4485. Thomson,  John James,   514 Homer  St. :.    \  4486. Thomson. John Keeler, Cor. Robson  and  Homer  Sts. ?  4487. Thomson, John Bask, Scow House,  AA'allace's  Yards.  '  4489. Thomson, AVm. Burrett, 445 Pender  St.  4490. Thomson, AA'm. Taylor, 683 Hamil  ton St.  4493. Thornton, John, 911 Homer St.  4494. Thorpe,  Hills,   700  Granville  St.  4496.   Thynne, Chas.,  848 Seymour St.  4502. Tindale,     Fred.     John,     Arlington  House.  4503. Tindall,  David.  Carter House.  4506.   Tingley, ��������� Joseph,  717  Hamilton-St.  4509, Tobin,  AA'alter,   1200  Granville  St.  4510, Todd,   Arthur,   1508   Seymour  St.  4514. Tompkins,    Thos., Joseph,    Astor  ,   Hotel.  4515. Topham, Harry, 542 Georgia St.  4516. Topham.  Harry Willows,  710  Sey-  mour St.  '4517.   Torey, Harvey, 850 Richards St.  4519. Tcrrangeau,, Fredk.,110 Pender' St.  4520. Towler,   Chits.  AVm.,   857  Hamilton  St.- ���������  4521. Towler, Fredk., 312 Water St.  4523,   Townsend,  tAeo.  Ernest,  Board  of  Trade.--.������������������ ���������  4527.   Tralu*   .Adam    Catrns,    Sherman.  Hotel.    ���������-.-;.-..: ::-      ���������'-���������:   ."W ���������  4530. Trendale, James Wyatt,' 660 Gran-  ville7St 7 7       '--���������.'.:������������������< -;  -������������������ .'������������������'������������������.'  4531. Trigg. James, 560 Richards St. ;_���������  4532. Trodd, Ambrose George Philip, 528  Seymour St. '       :        -  4533. Trotter, Joseph Roland, 129 Robson  St;' ' ��������� -    :   '.j-  4537. .Truman,    Edward    Howard, ,1283  Richards  St.  4541. Tudgar, Alfred, 220 Robson St.  4542. Tuffard, Omar, 540 Homer St.  4547.   Tupper,   Wm.   Thomas,   1301   Seymour St. '.-���������;.-   "     '"'���������_' 7 ���������:.'���������'   ':-.  4549. Turnbull,  David,  136 Water St.  4550. Turnbull,   Frederick,   531  Hamilton  St '"'���������'.      ���������   .������������������������������������''.    ..���������.���������...:���������--������������������'���������'���������  4552.   Turnbull, Wm., Edward' Hotel. Cordova St 7.-������c  4554.   Turner,   Arthur   Harry,   776   Seymour St.  455Y.   Turner, Duncan, 816 Homer St.  4559. Turner,  Edwin,  783 Hower St.  4560. Turner, Geoffrey Surtees, 441 Sey  mour St.  4561. Turner,  Geo. Anthony, 621 Hamil  ton St.  4562. Turner,  James  H.   B.,   280  Pei\der  St   ���������'  4567.   Turner, Tnos. Trival, 116 Water St.  4570. Turner,  Wm. Herbert, 741 Cambie  st y  4571. Turrett,   Joseph,   Temperance   Ho  tel.  4572. Tuson, Arthur, 1231 Homer St.'  4576.   Tutt, Arthur James, 1372 Seymour  St.  4578.   Tuttle. John Thompson, St. Ermln,  Hastings St.  4583. Upton, Percy, 873 Cambie St.  4584. Urquhart. Geo. Thomas, 161 Hast  ings St.        .  4586. Usher,  James Oliver,  Eagle  Hotel.  4587. Utter,  Chas.,   816 Seymour  St.  4589.   Valentine, Thos. Geo., Edward Hotel, Water St.  4591.   Vance,  Frank.  117  Pender  St.  4593. Vance, John Fleming C. Brown, 947   -Richards- St/^--^^---=-^^v^^^^  4594. Vance, Thos. Law, 411 Nelson St.  Vann,  King,  663 Cambie  St.  NO.  472-'  172  4728.  4730.  4732.  4739.  4740.  4742.  4744.  4752.  4753.  4761.  4762.  4765.  4769.  4771.  4773.  4774.  4780.  4783.  4784.  4786.  4787.  ���������1788.  4790.  1794.  4796.  4798.  4799.  4800.  4805.  4806.  4809.  4810.  4812.  4814.  4817.  4818.  4820.  4821.  4822.  4826.  4827.  4828.-  4829v  4833.,  NAME. PLACE.  V '-ib, Fred. Harold, Leland Hotel.  AA jbb, Fred. Thos., 542 Georgia St.  Webb, A'incent Dean, ,629 Richards  ������������������St.  Weeclen, Ernest, 72S Granville St.  Weeks,   Maurice,   .Pacific   Rooming  House. ' ' ���������  Weldon,   John  Andrew,   Vancouver'  Hotel.  AA'elfare, Bertram, 628 Homer ,jt.  Wellman, Thos. James, Leland Hotel.  Wells, Ford Edward,  683 Hamilton  St.  West,  Harry Rolfe,  Astor Hotel.  AVest, John, Cor. Cordova and Cambie  Sts. .  AVestrand,   Chas.  Robt.,   563  Hamilton St.  Westmater,. Thos., 756 Richards St.  Wethers, Joseph George, 521 Hamilton  St.  Wharton,   Harlland,   695   Richards  St. .  Wheildon,' Ernest,   117   Pender  St.,  Rm.   22.  AVhitaker,    Cecil   Alfred,    Waldorf  Hotel.  White, Andrew, 107 Hastings St.  White, George, 743 Cambie St.  AA'hitc, John Write, 814 Richarcs St.  AVhite, Samuel.  259 Pender St.  AVhltc, AA'm., 154 Water St.  AVhite.   AVm.   John,   Edward   Hotel.  AVhitehead, Ernest, Rm. 11 Holland  Blk., Cordova St.  Whltchouse,    Chas,    Stephen,    721  Beattie St.  Whitlaw,   Daniel  Holt,   114  Beattie  St.  AVhyte, Thomas, Clarence Hotel., Rudolph N., 711 Church St.  Wiggins, Munro Charters, 349 Homer St.  AVight. Frank, 975 Granville St.  Wilkinson, Trevore, Victoria Hotel,  Homer  St.  AA'ill, Alex. Grant, Commercial Hotel.  AViliiam,   Lewis   B.,   559   Granville  St.  AVilliams,   Alfred,   1247   Homer  St.,  Rm.  9.  AVilliams, David Bertie, 540 Homer  St.  AVilliams, Fred. Chas., 328 Hastings  St. .  AVilliams, Guy L., 804 Homer St.  Williams, Harry, Sherman Hotel.  Williams,   James,  Austin  House.  Williams,     James     Franklin,     987  Seymour St.  AVilliams, James Fred.,  626 Homer  St.  , Williams, Joseph Alfred, 841 Granville St.  Norman   Joseph,   Butler  4596.  4597.  4598.  4599.  Varnev, George. 700. Cambie St.  Varty, Mark, 776^ Seymour St.  Vass,   Wm.  Herbert,   574   Seymour  St.-  Vernon,    Chas.    Harry,    Granville  "P3.l3.CP '^~i  Vescott,    Alfred,    Albany    Rooms,  Granville St.  Vickery,   John   Sampson,   990   Seymour St.  Vincent,  Albert Arthur,  160 AVater  St.  4608.Vincent.  Patrick,  1331  Richards St.  4609. Vincent, Robt., 1363 Richards St.     .,  4610. Vineombe. James. 552 Granville St,  4611. A'insori,  John,  AA'inters  Hotel.  V-crler.    Edmund    Russell,    Quinte  Hotel  4834.  4835.  4S39.  4843.  4844.  4846.  4849.  4852.  4853.  4854.  4856.  4857.  4860.  4861.  4863. .  4868.-  4869.  4871.  4875.  4878;  4879.  4881.'  4883.  4885.  4886.  4890.  4892.  4899.  4900.  4903.  4904.  4905.  4908.  4911..  4912.  4913.  4917.  4918.  4fl?0.  4923.  4924.  4925/  4927..  4932.  4934.  4938.  4940.  4941.  4942.  4946.  4948.  4954.  4955.  4958.  28   Seymour  St.,  Glendower,    407  George, ���������Hotel  John,     149  4601.  4602.  4605.  4606.  4613.  4614.  Williams,  Hotel.  Williams,   Owne,   t  Cabin 3.  Williams,    Owen  Robson St.  Williams,    AValter  Vancouver.  Williamson,'     Herbert  Hastings St. AV.  Williamson,   John, Western   Hotel.  Willis, George Alex., 334 Robson St.  AVilson, Alfred,. Vanco.iiver. Hotel.  AA'ilson,  Caldwell,  Hotel  Metropole.  Wilson,  Chas.  Fred.,   756  Richards  St.  Wilson, Fred A., 331 Robson St.  AVilson, Gordon,  436 Hastings  St.  Wilson, Grierson, 743. Hamilton St.  Wilson,   James,   Oriental   Hotel.  Wilson,   John.   Edward   Hotel.  Wilson,   John   Carandini,   Western  Club.  .Wilson, Lincoln F��������� Hotel Vancouver. -  Wilson, Oscar, 407 Cordova St. W.  AVilson,  Richard, Western .Hotel.  AVilson; Wm.,   Commercial Hotel.  AVilson, ���������AVm., 765 Cambie St.   "  Winclross, AVm. John, 979 Richards  ��������� st. ���������-. ��������������������������������������������� ���������'"--���������'  Wishart,  David,  1327  Granville St.  Witter; Samuel Edgar, 1129 Homer  St.   ��������� ; ��������� ������������������'������������������      ' "  Wittbn,' James Dodson, St. Francis  Hotel..;  Wollenden. Allah, 986 Howe St.  Wood,  Alfred  Chas.,   757  Richards  . ��������� St.   v.-  Wood, Chas., 715 Beattie St.  Wood,   Chas.   Hamilton,   301   Pender  St. :-���������  Wood;   Joseph,   AA'inters   Hotel.  Wood,   Thos.' AVm.y625   Hamil  '- st...--        -,'.������������������ -"    -������������������'������������������-.-.  Woods, Wm.,  Western  Hotel.  Woodside,     Chessie     Orwell,     538  Georgia St.  Woodward,  Donald, Anderson,  Cor.,  Hastings and Abbott Sts.  Woodward,  Joseph,   Carter House.  Woodworth,     James     Henry,     832  Howe St. *.  Wooldridge, Geo., Eagle Hotel.  Worden, Wm. Maurice, 308 Cordova  St.  W:     ...  Work, James Reginald, 727 Richards  ���������st/ .������������������������������������.-.  AVornals, Aubrey, 730 Cambie St.  Wright   George  Nelson,   1079   Seymour St.  Wright,   Henry,  Colonial  Hotel. ,  "Wright, Isaac,-700 Cambie St.  Wright,  Joseph  Moody,   422   Davie  St. ���������'-,. 7  Wright, Lewis A., St. Francis Hotel. ,  Wright, MurraycHoraee, 1145 Richards  St.  AVright,   Wavman,   129  Robson   St.  Wyatt, Chas. F., 986 Seymour St.  AA'vlie, James A., Astor Hotel.  Yates,  Wm.  John,   Home Blk. ���������..,  York, Mather, Austins Hotel.  Young, Albert AV., Regent Hotel.  Young, Alex., C. P. R. Bridge Car,  Cambie   St.  Young,    Edgar    Jepson,    Clarence  Hotel, Pender St.  Young, Frank, 111 Pender St.  ���������4949i==Young,=lJ.ohn,^86).=Cambie^..St..._^.. ���������,_  4953.   Young, Thos., 204 Hastings St. ~W7  Young, Thos., 200 Hastings St. W,  Young, William,  Regent Hotel.  Yuhn,. Wilhelm,  7S2 Homer St.  Hamilton  27.  84.  Waddell, Richard, Bridge Car End  of Cambie St.  4615.    Waddicer, Frederick. 678 St.  4618. Wadeson. Frederick, Lighthouse  Hotel.  4621. Wain, AA'allacc AA'alter, Regent Hotel.  4628. Waite, Wm., Richard, 1370 Seymour St.  4630. Walkem, Hugh Blake. T>f Fairfield  P.Ik.  4631;������ Walker,  Alex.,  1014 Richards  St.  4632. Walker.  Bruce Stanley,  1280 Rich  ards St. ���������>7 =  4633. Walker,   Chas.   Henry,   541   Homer  St.  4634. AA'alker,   Chas.   Young,   334   Duns  muir St.  4641.   Walker. John, 776 Homer St., Room  11.  4645.    Walker. Jos. M.. 238 Robson St.  4647.   AA'alker,  Thos.  Clark,  927  Richards  St. ���������      -  4649. Walker. Wm., 1200 Sevmour St.  4650. AA'alker. Wm. Laird, 830 Homer St.  4653.    Wallace,   John.   517  Hamilton   St.  ,4654.   Wallace, John Miller, 621 Hamilton  St.  4655. Wallace. Richard. 1242- Seymour St.  4656. Wallace,  Walter  Roman,   The   Ma  ples.  4658.    Wallace.  William,   219   Cordova  St.  4660.   Walmsley, Frank Oglesby, Vancouver Hotel. ''-  ���������4662.   Walsh. Robert. 623 Hamilton St.  4666.    Walters, John. 991 Richards St.  -4667.    Walton.  Henry Bigelow,  864 Granville St.  4668. Walton.   William.   960   Seymour  St.  4669. Walworth,,,Clark Henry. 1785 Burn  aby St.  '4671. Waram, Garnet DesBrisay, 560  Howe St.  4G72. Waram, Porterfield, Commercial  Hotet.  4673. Waram. Porterfield, Jr., 7S2 Homer  St.  4R77.   Ward,   John,   752  Richards  St.  4680. ;Ward, Richard Pefcv, Metropole  Hotel.  4683. Wardrop, Richard James, 717 Cambie  St.  ^4688. Waters, Fred. Alex.. Clarence Hotel.  4S93.   Watkins. Warren.  332 Water St.  4694. Watson, Charles Fred., 1090 Howe  St.  4698. Watson, George, Regine Hotel, Water St.  ,4706. Watson, Peter Harris, Merchants  Exchange. Seymour St  4708.   Watson, Robert 909 Homer St.  *"���������*.    vv?**..    Arthur.  706  Granville at  4720.   Weatherby, Joseph, 542 Homer St.  The following are the names reported  deceased.  5.   Abbott, Joseph  Henry;  SS3 Hamil-  .' ton  St.  Aitken.' William, 856 Richards St.  Anderson,    Robert    Alex.,    Pender  Hotel.     ..'���������������������������  Atkinson,  Peter Henry,  584 ,Cambie  st,    .''-'������������������'    ,-.   ,;  Belyea, Arthur Lewis, 320 Hastings  St.     -..   ��������� .  Blaikie.   James,   Brunswick   Hotel,  Hastings St.      ������������������ -  Blaikie,  James Graham,  747 Homer  St. "  Bradshaw,   Henry,   723   Church   St.  Charles,  Reginald  Scott,  lool  Seymour, St.  Crummer, Percy. 527 Hamilton  St.  Davies,  Charles,  1041 Homer St.   "c  Dewar, Joseph, GS3 Hamilton St.  Dobbin,  George,  C!i9 Gamble  St.  Dohertv, Joseph. 772 Richards St.  I'.iohei-ty. Michael. 442 Pender St.  Dubbiirlcy,   "Joseph. . Priest,     Cor.  Seymour and   Davie St.  Foster,   Chas.   Wm.-, '877   Ham.lton  St'.  Jaeger,   Reginald,   Merchants   Ex-  ���������    change.  Larwlll,     Albert,     Cambie     Street  Grounds.  Lawrason, Joseph Nelson, 620 Hamilton St.  Manzer,  Chas.  Oscar,  856 Seymour  St.  Marshal, Wm. Donald, Astor Hotel.  Mathers    Henry,   847   Homer   St.  McDonald, Duncan Alex., 670 Richards  St.  McNicol, John. 916 Seymour St.  Simeson, John,   302 Dunsmuir St.  AA'allace, Frederick, Merchants Exchange.  AVatson.   Chas.   Milton,   1001  Richards St.  Weston,   Henry, '410  Pender   St.  297.  367.  36S.  4SS.  795.  1077.  1143.  1203.  1238.  1249.  1250.  1284.  1592.  2328.  2584.  2C01.  2763.  2780.  2818.  3224.  3442.  4132.  4052.  ���������4695.  4760.  WASH   3.  The following persons are reported absent from the district:'  1.   Abbott, George, 522 Powell St.  4.    Ackers, Fred.. 83 Cordova St. .  7.    Adams,  Frank.  235 Cordova St.  E.  12.   Adams, Wm. Morse, Barnard Castle  Hotel, Powell.  14. Ahearn, Wm.. Columbia Hotel.  15. Aikins,   AA'm.. Adam,. 261   A'ictoria  Drive.  16. Ainger, Grant, Europe Hotel, Pow  ell St.  17. Ainsworth,   Harry,   717  Powell  St.,  Room 9.  21.   Alexander,     Albert    Harold,     1153  Hastings St. E.  23.   Alexander, Horatio, Atlantic Hotel,  Cordova St.  26. Alexander.    Robert   , Campbell,    67  Hastings St. E.  27. Alexander, Wm. Harvey, 315 West  minster Ave.  28. Allan.  John  Millis,  Atlantic  Hotel,  79 Cordova.  29. Allan, Matthew. 112 Abbott St.  '30.   Allan, *Tht>mai=,'Irving Hotel.  NO. NAME. PLACE.  32. Allanby, Thomas AA'm., 400 Cordova  St..  E.  33. Allen,   Henry Francis,   1514  Powell  St.  ' .' ������������������;������������������,    ������������������  34. Allen, John, Atlantic Hotel.  37.-.-Allen-,- AVm. John, Rear 14 Cordova  ��������� St.  E. :'���������'.,.  39. Allison,   Henry,  kings  Hotel,  Car-  .    rail  St.  40. Allton,  Samuel Percy, Room 2, 219  Cordova St. E.  41. Amos, Andrew, 241 Hastings St. E.-  43.-- Anderson,      Charles     Albert,      331  Westminster  Ave..  45.   Anderson, John, Alexandra Hotel.  47;    Anderson,     John,     Queens     Hotel,  AA'estminster Ave.  50.   Anderson,    AViliiam,    110    Dunlevy  Ave. ���������'��������� '  52. Anderson,   Wm.   Chas.   Martin,   St.  Clair Bldg.,  Hastings.  53. Andrew, Fred., 137 Hastings St. E.  55. Andrew, juees, 241 Carl Ave.  56. Andrew,  Thomas,  241  Carl Ave.  57. Andrews, Alfred, 533 Cordova St. E.  58. Andrews, James Richard, 239 AVest-  minster Ave.  61. Anthony,   George  Albert,   219  Cor  dova St. E., Rm.  15.  62. Archibald, David, Empress Hotel.  63. Armitage,   George,   343   Alexander  St., Rm. 36.  C4.   Armour, David, 11 Salisbury Drive.  06.   Armstrong, Albert,  78 Cordova St.  E.  68. Armstrong,   Robert,   Europe  Hotel,  Powell St.  69. Armstrong, AA'tlliam. 732 Alexandra  St.  70. Arnold, Arthur Corthandt, Barnard  Castle Hotel.  72. Ash,  Albert,  Russ   Motel.  73. Ash,   William,   Columbia   Hotel.  75. Ashworth, Arthur, 117 Westminster  Ave.  76. Ashworth, Richard, 19 Hastings St.  AV.  SO.   Atkinson,   Fredk.   Wm.,   Terminus  Hotel,  Water   St.  81.   Atkinson.  Harry,  Alexander Hotel.  54. Austin,  AA'm.   Henry,   759  Hastings  St. E.  55. Avon,   Harry,   Dunn   Block,   Room  26.  88. Ayliffe, Wm. Hale, 1100 Powell St.  89. Armour,  Donald Lavln,  2240 Cam  bridge St.  90. Babcock,   De  Wardo,   306  Cordova  St. E.  93.   Bailey, Henry, 1824 Pandora St.  98.   Bain, Harry Newton, Secord Hotel.  100. Balrd, Thomas Henry, 112 Abbott  '   St.  101. Baker, Albert, 2246 Pandora St.  102. Baker, Andrew, Bodega Hotel, Car-  rail St.  103. Baker, Frank. Foreshore, Near Ross  and* Howards Foundry.  104. Baker, Frank Hamilton, Cor. Pow  ell and-'-Hawkes Ave.  105. Baker, George John, Queens Hotel;  Rm. 7, Main St.  10S.   Baldwin   Howard  Stanley, Alexandra Hotel.  109. Baldwin,   Walter   Thomas,   774  Al  exandra St.    ��������� -  110. Balfour,  Duncan,  Grand Hotel.  116. Band,   John   Duncan,   41   Hastings  St. E.  117. Band, AA'm. Curtis, 41 Hastings St.  E. ���������������������������������������������'-.  119. Banks,  Benjamin,   67  Hastings  St.  E.       ���������    '  120. Banks, Edwards, Heatley Ave. and  Water   St.  121. Barber, Charles Arnold, 61 Cordova  'St. .-.-:  129. Baril, Noah, Europe Hotel.  130. Barker,! Barnabas  Lambert, Grand  Hotel. ���������;���������' ���������-.-���������  134.   Barlow,    Joseph,     Queens , Hotel,   Main St.    .  137. Barr, Anson Whittier, 601 Powell  7 St.   ' V  138. Barrett, Abraham, Alexandra Hotel.  139. Barclay,  John,  705 Cordova St.  E.  140. Bartholemew,   Ernest   Arthur,   331  Main St.  141. Bartlett, Arthur Ernest, Melbourne  -Hotel, Main St. >���������'��������� \  1427" Borton,  Johnson,   135  Hastings  St.  ���������   E. ���������  ������������������-.-'. .   ���������������������������  143.   Basso, Joe, Barnard Castle Hotel.  146.    Baxter,   Francis   AVm.,   5  Hastings  .-    St. -E.:        ..  148. Baxter,   Robert,  Hotel  Blackburn.  149. Baxter, Joseph, SOS Cordova St. E.  150. Bavliff, Frank, 41 Hastings St. E.  151. Baynes, David Sydney, 734 Cordova  ...      7St.::'E.   .  153. Beach, Herbert Charles, Hotel Wel  come, 332 Gore Ave. ���������'..  154. Beaddie,  George,  1500 Powell  St.,  158. Beaton,   Angus, Donald,   Blackburn  ���������.-Hotel. -���������' ., '���������'" ��������� -:���������    -  159. Beaton,' John/Alex.,  Queens Hotel.  161. Beattie, Thomas, Alexandra Hotel.  162. Beattv,   George   Edward,   Atlantic  Hotel.  163. Beaulieu, Arthur. 1707 Powell St.  164. Beaumont, Fredk., 313 Hastings St.  ��������� E   '  165. Bebb, Alfred,  5 Hastings St.  166. Beck, James, 452 Cordova St. E. .  167. Becker, Delbert, St. George Steam  boat.  168. .Becker,   Isaac,   Lot   10,    Sub.    184,  Blk. 18.  169.-'��������� Beckett,������������������ Lincoln,  601   Powell  St.  170. Beckwith,  Mayhew Evans, Queens  , Hotel,  Main  St.  171. Bedford, George, Rm. 2, Dunn Blk.,  Cordova St.  174. Begg, Andrew N., 2124 Triumph St.  175. Beggam, Archie, Columbia Hotel.  176. Begley,   Joseph   James,    Granville:  Hotel, Water St.  177. Belasr Reginald   Charles Wm.,  Al-  hambra Hotel.  1.79.   Bell, George, King Hotel.  ISO. Bell, James, Secord Hotel, Powell  St.   ���������  185. Bell, AA'alter George, 112 Semhn  Drive. ���������'  187. Benjamin/Albert Henry, 137 Cordova St.  E.  18S. iBennett, Daniel Castor, 1623yTrt'  :. "��������� ufiiph   St. -���������    :"' " ~~=^���������:t,  "-^  189. Bennett, Frank Herbert, 472 Alex-  :     andra St.  191.- Bennett,   Harry,   66  Water  St.  193. Bennett, James R., Hamilton  Rooms, Cor. Powell and Victoria.  195. Bennett, Thomas, Gold House,  AA'ater St. .  19S.   Benoit, Leon, Tug Naiad.  200. Benson, Robert, 119 Cordova St. E.  201. Bentley, Alby. Wm., AA'elcome Hotel.  202. Bentley, Chas. Valentine, 763 Hastings St. -E. ..--.- ���������  205. Berman. AA'm., Russ Hotel.  206. Bertorie, Peter, .Dominion Hotel,  Abbott  St.  207. Bertrand.   A'enance,   Europe  Hotel,  c Powell St.                      r  208. Besner, Louis, Alexandra Hotel.  209. Bessette.  Claude.   33 Palace Hotel.  210. Best, Hugh, Columbia Hotel, Cordova St.. - '      ,  211. Beveridge, Allen Garfield, 248 Jackson Ave.  213.   Bevlss,'Henry, SS. Calra Young.  '215.    Biggar, Alon'/o James, 655.Hastings  St.  E.  217.   Biggar, James Oliver, 139 Main St.  220.   Bilow,   Robert  Joseph,   1301 Powell  St.    '  21.   Binns,   Samuel,   Melbourne     Hotel,  Main   St.,  22S.   Birnie,   Murdoch,   237   Hastings  St.  . .    ������������������   ��������� E.     '  229. Bishop, Fred. Arthur, Queens  Hotel.  230. Bishop, James AVm., 372 Cordova  St.  231. Bishop,  Peter AVm.,  5 Hastings St  232. Bitorie, Giuseppe, Klondike Hotel.  237.   Black,  Robert.  Dominion  Hotel.  229.    Blackburn,  AVm.  Albert,   Blackburn  Hotel.   - '-..'-'  241.    Blackstock,  AA'm.  Daniel,  Dominion  Hotel. Abbott  St.  243.    Blankerburg,  Edward,  Palace    Hotel.  246. "Blench, Thomas, 945 Powell'St. "  253. Boakes, Harold Sydney, 144 Cordova St.  E.  254. Bochlofskv. Fred. August, 521 Cordova St. E.  2",G.    Boisv.ert.  Francis,   7S6 Powell   St.  207.   Bolam, Joseph    Frazer,    Hotel Al-  hambra. :  2">9.    Bone,  Robert.  1775 Pandora St.  260. Bonella, John Archibald D., 343  Alexander St.  261. Bonner, Thomas, Cambridge St, nr.  ���������".Powell St.        ,  263. Booth,  Henry,  City Hotel.  264. Booth, Henry, 747 Cordova St. E.  26",.    Booth, Robert, Columbia Hotel.  267. Boudard, Chas. Joseph, G. T. P.  Hotel.  268. Boudette, Joseph, City Hotel, Pow-  ^'ell  St.  270. Boulanger,, Joseph, Europe Hotel,  PowellSt.  271. Boulanger, Napoleon, Europe Hotel,  Powell. St.  273. Bourgoin, Ben., 317 Semlin Drive.  274. Bourgoin, Onezimo, G. T. P. HOt&,  Powell  St.  275. Bourgoin, Pierre, G. T. P. Hotel.  276. Bourke, Alfred,  38 Alexander St. .  277. Bourke, Thomas, 472 Alexander St.  278. Bow, Daniel, 1031 Pender St'E.-  280.    Bowen. Patrick, 1946 Triumph St.  '���������281.   Bowerbank, Thomas, Rear 19 Hastings St. E.  283.   Bowie,  Hugh McLean,  Grand Ho-  -tel.  285.   Bowler, Fredk., Alexandra Hotel.  NO. NAME. .    PLACE.  236.   Bowman,   Amos,   Alexandra   Hotel  2S7.   Bowman, Frank Marshall, Manitoba  Rooms, Hastings St. E.  289,.  Bowness,   Fredk., '39   Hastings   St.  291. Bowyer, Joshua, Secord Hotel,  Powell  St. . . "     '  292. Boyd,  George,  C14 Alexander  St. *  296.   Boyle,   Andrew   Stevenson,     Grand  Hotel.  298. Bradbury, John Charles, 1923 Powell  St.     ���������  ��������� -     ��������� .  . .  299. Bradbury,  AVm.,  Queens Hotel. ���������  301.    Bradley,  Francis,  Queens  Hotel.  304. Bradley, Joseph Richard, Grand Hotel.  305. Bradshaw, Ben., 39 Cordova St. E.  309. Brazier,  Robert,  G. T.  P.  Hotel.  314? Brickland,  H.  B.,  Columbia Hotel.  315, Bridge,  Eric,  5  Hastings  St.  319. Brine,   AVm.   Douglas     Wollenhaut,  Rainier   Hotel,   Cor.   Carrall   and  Cordova Sts.  321. Broderick,   Chas.,   668   Powell   St.  322. Broderick, Israel. 668 - owe 11 St.  323. Brodie, Melville Stuart, Blackburn  Hotel.  326.   Brooks,   Bernal    Smith,  Melbourne  Hotel.  328.   Brooks, Wm. Henry, 1153  Cordova  331. Brown, Clayton Carle, Atlantic Hotel.  334. Brown, Gilbert Moorhead, 5 Hastings   St;  AV.  336. Brown, Gordon Taplin, Blackburn  Hotel. \  337. Brown, .Harry,  Europe Hotel.  '33S,   Brown,   Harry    George,     Balmoral  Hotel, Cordova St.  340. Brown, Herman, 513 Cordova St. E,  341. Brown. Isaac, Kings Hotel, Carrall St.  342. Brown, James, 717 Powell St., Rm.  0. .  343. Brown,   John,  Queens Hotel.  344. Brown, John,  218 Powell  St.  345. Brown,  John.  222  Carrall   St.  347. Brown, Ronald Lawrie, 501 Cordova St. E.  348. Brown, Thomas,  343 Alexander St.  350. Brown, AValter Robb,  237 Main St.  351. Brown, AVm., Gold House, Water  St.  352. Brown, Wm. Chas., 116 Cordova St.  353. Brown, AVm. H., 115 Hastings St.  E.  354. Brown, Wm. Thomas, 9 A'ictoria  Drive.  355. Browne, Edward, 43 Hastings St.  AV. J  338. Browne, John Henry, Hamilton  House, Powell St.  361.   Bruce,  Andrew,  Dominion  Hotel.  364.   Brun, John Bernett, Terminus Hotel. ���������  367.   Bryce,  James,  798 Powell  St.  369. Buchner, Chas., 66 Cordova St. W.  370. Buckle,  John,  Europe  Hotel.  371. Buckley, Donald, Atlantic Hotel.  372. Buckley,  Fred.,  City  Hotel.  373. Buckley, John Stanford, Iroquois  Hotel.  374. Budd. Peter Alfred, New Fountain  Hotel.  375. Bull, Albert Edward, Queens Hotel.       .  377. Bunce, Wm. Chas., Atlantic Hotel,  Cordova St.  378. Bunting, Sydney ~\V., Europe Hotel.  379. Bunyan, Hairy, Beaver Rooms, 58  Carrall  St.  380. Burbridge,  Philip,  Klondike  Hotel.  381. Burger,  Wm., Europe Hotel.  383.   Burgess, Murray, Alexandra Hotel.  385. Burgess, Wm. James, 601 Powell  "St.  386. Burgess, Wimburn Laurie, 601 Powell St.    ,. ���������:���������  388. Burley,     Arthur    Henry,      Fulton  :      House,  Hastings  St. E.  389. Burnell, Henry, 660 Alexander St.,  Rm.-2.    :.  .392.   Burns,  John,   112   Abbott: St.  393. Burns,  Louis,   42 ' Cordova  St.   E.  394. Burns, Pat, Iroquois Hotel, Cordova St. ������������������''-���������.      .--....  396. Burton. David, Douglas House, Abbott St.  398. Burton, James Walter, Columbia  Hotel.- 7 '  399. Burton,  John,   Columbia Hotel;  401. Butler, George, 472 Alexander St.,  Rm. 6.  402. Butler,  Nicholas,   233  Carrall  St.  403. Butterworth, Malcolm Nelson, 148  Hastings St. E.  404. Buttery,   Richard,   Alexander    Ho-  .:'���������   -tel." .���������-������������������.:'. 7   '   7.  409. Byrnell, Thomas Alfred, American  House, Powell St. .---..--  410. Byrnes, John,  76 Powell St  411. Bywell,  Alfred, 41 Hastings St. E.  415.   Calder,   Richard.   Hotel    Welcome,  Gore'Ave.   '���������; .-���������-������������������  417. Callender, John Theodore, Boulder  Hotel.  418. Calori,   Angelo,   Europe  Hotel.  420. Cameron, Archibald, Boulder Hotel.  421. Cameron, Duncan, 261 Hastings St.  E.  ������������������-  423. Cameron, George, Alhambra Hotel,  Carrall St.  426. Cameron. James Pickering, Europe  Hotel, Powell St.  427. Cameron, John Angus, 41 Hastings  St.  E.  428. Cameron,   Joseph   A.,   137   Cordova  430. Cameron, Richard Brunker; Columbia Hotel.  431. Campbell, Alex., G. T. P. Hotel.  434. Campbell,  Angus,   17   Hastings   St.  :���������. w.  435. Campbelir Archibald Dougald J.,  107 Hastings St. E.  436. Campbell/ Chas.,  Alexandra Hotel.  437. Campbell, Dougald, Gold_ House,  Water St. 7     ^  438. Campbell, Findlay John, 310 Powell  St.- ' ���������  439. Campbell,  James,  Terminus Hotel.  440. Campbell. John, 466 Cordova St. E.  441. Campbell, John Francis, Columbia  Hotel.  442. Campbell,  John Fred,' 248 Jackson  ���������=Avg?  443;-'-Campbell, John Henry, 11 Cordova  St   E     ���������  ' '  444. Campbell,  John Joseph,  1931 Pow  ell St.   . _  446. Canavan,   Samuel  Joyce,-41  Hast  ings  St.  E. ���������  447. Cann, John, 219 Cordova St. E.  445. Carbert,  George Albert,  574 Cordo-  -   :;  :;- va St. E. '     .  449. .-Cardinal,  Chas.. Hotel Europe...  450. Carlson, Mat, 796 Powell St.  451. Carlyle, ���������James.   Queens   Hotel.  453. Carlyle, Wm., AA'elcome Hotel, Gore  Ave.; ���������---.:--',-.  454. Carmichael,     John     Stephen,     318  Powell St. ���������  455. Cprnev, AVm., Rear of 4 Cordova  St. E.  456. Carpenter,   Thomas,     Russ   Ho'el,  Cordova St.  457. Carr,   Henry   D.,   Salvation    Army  Barracks.  '   ���������  -460.    Carson. Robert Jamets, 304 Cordova  St.  E. ���������  461.    Carson, 'Wm., Europe Hotel,-Powell  ..St. '  463. Carter,  AVm.,  Grand  Hotel.  464. Casey, John. 257 Powell St.  466. Casher,'   Anthony    Ernest,    Palace  Hotel.  467. Cashman,   James  F.   J.,  785    Cor  dova  St.   E.  465. Casselman, Chas. Benson, 937 Cor  dova St. E.  472. Cation. Kenneth McKenzie, Alexan  dra Hotel.  473. Cavaml,  Frank,  Rainier Hotel,  474. Cavanagh, Wm. James. 311 Colum  bia Ave.  475. 'Cavendish, David  Cook,  2018 Dun-  das St.  476. Cavil, George Payne,  2173 Cordova  St. ���������-   -  477. Cawley. Francis Howard,  136 Cor  dova St.  4787  Caws. Joseph, 314 Powejl St.  479. Chaffey, Fredk;, 41 Hastings St. E.  480. Chaikim,  Samuel,  747 Hastings St.  E. '..--'    "���������.'��������������� "'���������  481. Chalding,   Wm.,   Granville     Hotel,  AVater St.     ,  483.    Chalmers.-Edward James,   324 Car-  rail St.  485. Chamberlain, Thomas, Grand    Ho  tel.  486. Chambers,  George,  Alexandra Ho-  - tel.  '487.   Chambers, Josiah John, New Fountain Hotel.  48S.   Chapman, Harry, 217 Main St.  489. Chapman,   Wm.,     Columbia  Hotel,  Cordova St. E.  490. Charman, Ernest Martin, Mountain  View House,  Cordova St.  491. Chariter, Tellesphore, City Hotel.  '492.   Cheldelin,  Otto,   Alexandra Hotel.  493. Cherry, John Briscoe, 135 Hastings  *m\t *F* -        '   li'        "     -  494. Chestnut,   Robert,   Quinte  Hotel.  495. Chevne, John Gordon, Russ Hotel.  496. Childs, James, Beaver Rooms, Car-  rail St. ��������� . ������������������  497. Chisholm,  Alex., Alhamhra Hotel.  498. Chisholm, Clarence Henry, Strath  cona Hotel, Hastings W.  499. Christian, Thomas R., Palace Ho  tel. Carrall St  500. Christie, Thomas Dougall, G. T. P.  Hotel.  501. Chrystall,  James  Smith, Room    2,  217 Cordova St E.  '502.   Church,   Percy  Robert,   167   Hastings St. E. . "     ...  NO. NAME. PLACE.  504. Clare, Alfred McKenna, Powell St.,  near Cedar Cove.  505. Clare, AVm.,41 Hastings St.  507. Clark,. Arthur Miles, Empress Ho-.  tel,  237 Hastings E.  508. Clark, Edgar; Queens Hotel.  509. Clark,  Edward  New,'Grand  Hotel.  510.- Clark,  Frank,   Terminus Hotel.  511.   Clark,. George Stafford, Palace Hotel. Carrall St.  ' 512.   Clark,   Harry  White,  Atlantic Hotel,  Cordova St.  513. Clark,  James, 286. Campbell'Ave.  514. Clark,  John,  Europe Hotel.  ��������� 51.7.    Clark, AA'm., 236 Campbell-Ave.  519. Clarke,     Abraham,   400   Alexander  'St.  520. Clarke,   Albert    Chas.,    Alexandra  Hotel.  521. Clarke, Garnet   AVolsley,    Empress  Hotel.  522. Clarke,   James     David,     216   Gore  Ave,  524. Clarke, Percy Edward Robins, Europe Hotel. ...'-..  527.   Clarke, Thomas. 41 Hastings St. E.  529. Clarmont.   Adler,   Granville   Hotel,  AVater St.  530. Clayton, Harvey, 730 Alexander St.  531. Cleave,   George,   Atlantic  Hotel.  533. Clegg,  Robert. Atlantic Hotel.  534. Clement, George Franklin, 83 Cor>-  dova St. AV.  535. Clement,   Samuel   Bruce,   83    Cor  dova St AV.  536. Cleveland,   Edward   Lorenzo,    New  Fountain Hotel, Cordova.  337. Clifford, Robert Alex. M., Queens  Hotel.  539. Clough, John, Police Station, Powell St.    ^  542.   Cochrane.  Samuel,   H70  Powell St.  613.    Cocking, Edwin, 717 Powcl'  Si  544.   Cooling, Joseph, 5 Hastings St. AV.  549 Coleman, A'ictor, 1740 Powell'St  550 Coleman, AVm., Queens Hotel.  551 Collier, Jesse,  Columbia I Im; cl.  55.:,   Collins,  James,  Europe 1-Aoiol.  554    Collyer, Chas., Blackburn Hotel.  555.   Colprnan, Arthur Whit.-;, Alexandra  Hotel.  557.   Condon, Frank Fisher, 17S7 Powell  St.  561. Conneau, Peter, Secord Hotel.  562. Connelly, Daniel, City Hotel, Pow  ell St. .  564. Conway, AVm. Frank, Europe Hotel.  565. Cook, Thomas John, Loi: 11, Blk. 2,  Div.  1S4.  566. Cook,  AVm.   Elliott,  Dominion  Ho  tel.  568. Copke, John Arthur,  City Hotel.  569. Cooke,   AA'm.' Edward,   307   Carrall  St.  570. Cooper, Alexander James, 344 Pow  ell St.  572. Cooper,  Alfred  Cecil,    1514  Powell  St.  573. Cooper. Ashley Cecil, Empress Ho  tel,  237 Hastings E.  576. Cooper. Samuel Baillie, 1547 Powell  St. ���������.-'-���������  577. Cooper,  Thomas Ernest,  66 Water  St. ;  578. Corbett,     .lames     Sampson,     1182  Hastings St. E.  579. Corbett, Thomas Edward, Terminus  Hotel. ���������  580. Corbett,   AA'm.   Henry  John,    Elite  Hotel,  Cordova St. '  582. Cord by,   Charles,   Russ  Hotel.  583. Cormier,   Samuel,   Cor.  Albert   and  Salisbury Sis.  585. Cornish,  AVm.  Henry,   x72  Cordova  St. ���������  .   ���������  586. Cote,  Louis.  Atlantic Hotel,    Cor  dova St. AV.  ���������688.   Coulter, Edward, Columbia Hotel.  592.   Cowan,   Alex.,  Room  2,   over - Atlantic Saloon.  594. Cowie, Anthony, Europe Hotel.  595, Cowley.   Samuel,  Atlantic Hotel.  597. ��������� Cov; Walter James, 45 Cordova St.  c     :....W.     .7'  598. Coyie, Thomas, City Hotel,  599. Craddock, Alexander, Columbia Ho-  7   tel.-':. '.-..-...-,���������  601.   Craig,   Robert  Adam,      Blackburn  , Hotel.  603. Craighead, Fred. Mathew, 231 Cor  dova St. E.  604. Crakanthorpe,     Robert     Churchill,  368 Powell St.  608.   Crank,   AVoodburn,   1822     Triumph  609; Crawford, Albert Byron, Europe  Hotel.  612. Creelman,  Fred.   Lester,  320   Gore  Ave.  613. Creelman, James Francis, 320 Gore  .Ave. -.'���������'' ���������:'  614. Creelman,   Mark  Manderville,    144  Cordova St. E.  615. Creighton, Frank, City Hotel;  616. Cribb, James,  Columbia Hotel.  617. Critchlow, Wm. Arthur,    Columbia  Hotel.  618. Crocker, Charles Randall,. 213 Cor  dova St. E.  .619.   Crocker, James, Terminus Hotel.  620.   Cronk,     Woodburn,     275     Victoria  Drive. ���������  623. Cross, James,  Atlantic Restaurant.  624. Crosson, Abraham, Empress Hotel.  625. Croteau, Edmund, Europe Hotel.  626. Crotty, Patrick, 660 Powell St.  628. Crowe, Max, Irving Hotel.  629. Crozier,   Richard,   Europe   Hotel.  631. Cruickshank. Wm.. 1547 Powell St.  632. Crummie, Wm.,  Europe Hotel;  633. Cudllpp, Fred. Charles, 66 Cordova  St.  581. Corbiere;   Louis     Alexander,     1812  Powell St. V  " ���������  634. ,,'CuIlen, James, Dominion Hotel.  638.   Cunningham,  Yiton,   Upstairs  Cor.  Main St. and Hastings St.  641. . Curne, John James, 144 Cordova St.  643. Curr,   Thomas,  2166  Cambridge   Sf  644. Curren, Harry, Atlantic Hotel, Cor  dova St.  645. - Curran, John, Atlantic Hotel, Cor  dova St.  648.'  Curry,  John,  Alexandra Hotel.  649.    Curry, John Wm��������� 6 Water St.  651. Curtis.  Mathew John,   39 Hastings  St. w. -.'���������.--  652. Cuthbertson,  Wm. Henry, Rm.  23,  ^^^^^TDunn^Blk.^Cordova St.   r. : _^ ,.v  654. Dagleish, Andrew, 2259 Dundas St.  6?6. Dale, Sidney John, 873 Cordova St.  657������   Dal ton, 7 James,  Harris  Hotel.  658. -Dalton, Richard, Hotel Quinte.  659. D'Amico, Salvator: Antonio" Paulo,  212 Carrall St.  661. Darraugh, Michael, Terminus -Hotel, AVater St.  662. Davey, Frank, Alexandra Hotel.  663. Davey, Thomas AVm., Barnard  Castle Hotel.  664. Davidson, Alexander, 235 Cordova  St. E.  665. Davidson, Clarence Archibald, Dominion Hotel. .,. '���������       ���������  667.   Davidson, Henry,  SS. Camosun..  G6S. Davidson, James Herbert, Dominion Hotel.  669. Davidson, John Houston, Rear 26  Cordova St;,  Rm.  4.  671. Davies, Alfred John. Windsor  House, Hastings St. E.  672. Davies,  Chas.,  Dominion Hotel.  673. Davies, Frank, Hotel Welcome;  Gore Ave.  674. Davies, George Edgar, Blackburn  Hotel.  675. Davies,  Leonard    Alver.s,    Europe  .    Hotel.  677. Davies. Thomas, 310 Powell St.  678. Davies, Thomas Edward, 41 Hastings St. 15.  680. Davies, Hector James, 1740 Powell  St.  681. Davies, Henry Bromley, Grand Hotel.  6S2. Davis, Hugh, TermlnuR Hotel.  683. Davis, Robert, 873 Cordova St. E.  684. Davis, Thomas Wm., Barnard Castle Hotel.  685. Dawson, Bert, 66 Cordova St. AV.  686. Day. Chester Reid, 130 Cordova St  687. Deal, Fredk.. 315 Carrall St.  688. Dean. George, 303 Hawkes Ave.  689. Dearden,  Chas.  Edmund, Cor. Ab-  o bott and Cordova Sts.    .  690. Deas, Andrew, Spokane Rms., Cor.  '-   Carrall and Cordova.  692. Deely,   Thomas,  Columbia Hotel.  695. Demerchant, Colby, Crown Hotel.  698. Dendurand,   AVilfred,   Secord  Hotel,  Powell St. ,  6997 Dennis,  Thomas; 1514 Powell St.  700. Dent, Charles, Bodega Hotel.  701. Dent, Robert,  217 Cordova St. E.  702. DeRochle, Joseph, 412 Alexander St.  706. i: Dearie, Joseph, Europe Hotel.  707. Deveney, Alfred, Iroquois Hotel.  708. Devereux,  Richard,  112 Powell  St.  710. Devine, Thomas, 9 Stuart St., Cedar Grove.  ''  711. Devore,-Chas.,  Crown Hotel,   Cor-  '-    dova St.  712. Diamond, James, 109 Hastings St.  E.  713. Diamond,  James,   637 Powell  St.  714. Diamond, John Carter, ��������� Terminus  Hotel, Water St.  715. Dibley,  Fred.  Wm.,    1861  Pandora  "     St.  717. Dick, Joseph. 1123 Cordova St E.  718. Dick, AVm. Jr., Empress Rooms.  720.   Dickenson,   Wm.   Henry,   Pandora  St.  722. Dickson,  Adam,  1793 Hastings  St.  -  E.      ��������� -  723. Dickson.   Adam,   1856   Pandora  St  724. Dickson, Arthur, 137 Cordova St. hi.  726.   Dickson, John, 204 Carrall St  728. Dlgnbs, Jens, 796 Powell St.  729. Dillon,  Denis,  Hotel Europe.  730. Dingman. Roy Emmerson, Atlantic  Hotel, Cordova St.  NO.  731.  732.  734.  736.  738.  739.  740.  741.  742.  745.  747.  748.  750.  752.  753.  756.  757.  759.  760.  761.  762.  763.  764.  766.  767.  769.  770.  771.  773.  774.  775.  777.  787.  779.  780.  782.  783.  784.  785.  786.  788.  789.  790.  791.  792.  793.  794.  795.  796.  797.  798.  799.  800.  806.  SOS.  809.  810.  812.  813.  814.  815.  820.  821.  822.  823.  ;824.  825.  '826.  S29.  830.  832.  833.  834.  835.  836.  838.  1 839.  ;840.  841;  842,  845.  846.  847;  84.9.  850.  851.  - *i ��������� ���������  852.  853.  854.  855.  856.  857.  858.  859.  860.  861.  862.  863.  864.  868.  869.  NAME.  PLACE.  870.  871.  872.  874.  870.  877.  878.  879.-  880.  882.  8S4.  88S.  889.  891.  893.  894.  896.  897.  898.  899.  900.  901.  903.  905.  906.  907.  908.  909.  911.  -913.  914.  915.  916.  917.  919.  920.  922.  923.  924.  925."  926.  927.  928.  929.  930.  932.  933.  934.  936.  938.  939.  940.  942.  Dinsmore,   James   Alex.,   229   Victoria,Drive. ...-':.-:  Dinsmore, John, 627/ Cordova St.  Dittberner;   Gustaf     Carl, ' Atlantic-  Hotel..  Divan, John; Russ Hotel.  Dixon, Henry Eugene Homer,  2154  Triumph  St.  Dixon, Richard Basil, Boulder Ho-  ���������tel.   ��������� '      :  Dixon,   Robert   James,   241   Boundary Ave.  Dobson,     Henry    Thomas,     Cabin .  Foreshore,  Hastings  St. ,-.-'"���������'.  Dodd,  Edward,  144 Cordova St.  Donaghy, Wm. Henry, 1744 Powell.  ..St.  Donald, James, 151%  Hastings St.  '��������� E.   ���������  Donegan, Neil, Columbia Hotel.  Donovan, John Edward, Alhambra  Hotel.     ���������;���������������������������  Doolan, John, Hotel Welcome, Gore-  Ave.  Doran, John, 222 Carrall St.  Dougan,  Hugh Henry,  Secord Hotel.    . .   ,   ���������  Dougan,  John,  Columbia Hotel.  Dougherty,   Robert     Francis,     611  Hastings-St. E. .  Douglas, Hector, Columbia Hotel;  Douglas. John,  1018 Powell St.  Douglas,  Lewis  George,  Alexandra  Hotel.  Douglas, AA'm. E., Terminus Hotel,  AVater St.  Dow, Harley Karl, Empress   Hotel  Dresser,   Fredk.  James   Dun..    Alhambra Hotel.  Drew, Harry, 323 Powell St.  Drlnkwater, Joseph Edward, Black-,  burn Hotel.  Drlnkwater,   AVm.    Raymond,    732  Alexander St..  Driscow, AViliiam. 77 Powell St.  Dubois,  Alfred.  234 Cordova St. E.  Dubois. Robert,  234 Cordova St. K.  Duff, Alexander, 75 Hastings St. E.  Dumas,  Wm.  Henry. Grand  Hotel.  Dunbar.  Robert George,  Westminster Hall.  Duncan, James. ,313 Hastings St. E. .  Duncan,  Richard,  117  AVestminster  Ave.  Dundas, Andrew, 42 Hastings St.  Dunham. Daniel Everard, 645 ���������iex-  ander St.  Dunham, Thomas, Spokane Rooms. ���������  Dunloo.   Benjamin,     345     Cordova  ' St. E.  Dunlop, Chas. Edward, 75 Hastings^  St.  Dunn,   Edmund  Piedmont,   Europe  Hotel.  Dunn, Gardener, 236 Park Drive.  Dunn, James Joseph, Europe Hotel.  Dunn, John T.. 53 Cordova St.  Dunn,   John  Joseph,   77  Alexandcr-  ������������������-St.   ' ..'.-. ..'���������-.  Dunning, Roland, 331 Cordova St. ' ��������� ,  <Duncan, David, 631 Hastings St. E.  Duplain, Alfred, 117 Cordova St. E.  Dupuls,  Isaac,   235  Cordova  St.  E.  Dupuis, Roch, 210 Powell St.  Durrant, John.  Grand Hotel.  Durrant, Sidney Lewis, Hotel Wei-"  come. ''���������.'/..  Duthrie, George Steel, 144 Cordova.  St. E.  Edgar.  Andrew.  Dominion Hotel.'  Edmunds, Arthur John James, .127?  Cordova St. '  Edward,   Charles,   Terminus  Hotel.  Edwards, Chas., Alexandra Hotel.   -  Edwards, AA'm., Powell St, E.  Edwarthy,  Samuel, Iroquois Hote\.  Egan, Herbert Ross, 369 Main St.  Ehler, Claud, 1270 Powell St. ������������������'���������  Elliott, Robert, 2224 Trinity St.   :������������������-.".  Elliott,-Thomas Allen, Atlantic Ho-  . tel.   \ .   ���������   :��������� ;���������-. 7.'"  Elliott, Wm. John, Queens Hotel.  Ellis. Arthur    Edward,    Alexandra  Hotel.  Ellis, Edward, 39 Cordova St.  Ellis, Garfield. Russ Hotel.  Ellis, George Henry, Alexandra Ho.-  tel.  Ellis, Wm.. 41 Hastings St. E.  Ellison, John, Melbourne Hotel.  ���������Elvidge, George Robson, Cor. Hastings and Hawkes Ave.  Embleton, Eldon,  719 Hastings St.  E.  Empey,  Uriah Abner,  29  Hastings  St. E.  Eng, Charles, Russ Hotel, Cordova  St.  English, Evan Thomas, Irving Hotel.  English', James,  Terminus Hotel.  Engram.   Royal   Leland,   261    Cordova St. E.  Erdman,  Hugo,  Crown Hotel.  Eshelly, Cyril St. John, Grand Hotel. .  Esplin, Arthur, Atlantic Hotel, Cordova St. AA'.  Eugene. Frank, 1212 Powell St.  Evans,  Alfred,  230 Abbott St.  Evans. Erin Montgomery, 333 Car-  rail St.  Evans, Lewis'Herbert, Queens Hotel.  Evans, Richard, 137 Cordova St.  Everett, Richard John, 257 Cordova  Everitt.  Thomas AVm.,  161    Hastings St. E.  Eyre. Benjamin, 814 Powell St.  Fahey,  Lawrence, 77 Powell St.  Fair, Samuel, Alhambra Hotel.  ^Falrbalrn, Frank Arthur, 149 Powell St. '   .'���������''.  Fairbairn,   James,   Empress .Hotel,  Hastings St. E.  Faircloth. John Thomas, 472 Alex-.  ander St.  Falconer, D. K��������� Columbia Hotel.  Fanning,  John,  Kings  Hotel,  Car-  rail St.  Faragher,  Henry,    208    Alexander  St.  Farnle, James,  Queens Hotel.  Farrall, Joseph, 112 Abbott St  Farrell, John,  Columbia Hotel.  Fatke, Wm��������� S.S. Coquitlam.  Faulkner,   Thomas,   Crown    Hotel,  ���������^X!ondova���������St.^���������!iii_^2^-.: .^ u^i__. _���������_:i  Faull,   Wm.   Henry,   1176 "CordovaT  St. E.  Fay, Thomas Joseph, Dominion Ho-  .     tel.    ... 7-,-':-  Feuty, Kenneth Burnett, -717. Powell St. '-��������� -  Ferguson, Ernest Alonzo, Dominion  Hotel.  Ferguson,  John,  Columbia Hotel;  Pick, Albert. SS. Camosun.  Fick, Chas., 335 Jackson Ave.  Fiddes, Peter, Terminus Hotel.  Fiddes,   Peter,     Terminus     Hotel,  AA'ater St.  Field, John S., 144 Cordova St. E.  Filer. Thomas, 112 Abbott St.  Findlay, AA'm.,  80 Cordova St.   ','���������������������������  Fingland,  Alfred Raymond,  Black?  burn Hotel. '    .     -  Fish, AA'alter E.dward, 411 Hastings!  St. E. .-..,-..���������- ������������������',  Fisher,  Joseph    Angus,    Terminus!  Hotel.  Fisher, Wm. James, C41 Powell St.  Fiske, Chas. Albert, Hotel Europe.  Fitt, Alfred, City Hotel.  Fitzgerald. John Edmund Valentine,]  763 Cordova St. E. :  ,  Fitzglbbon, Patrick James, 415 Cordova St, E.  Fitzpatrick, John,  112 Abbott St.  Fltzpatrlck,   Wm.,   Dougald   Hotel,  Abbott St.  Flannagan,   Samuel,     Rear  of   ll&J  Cordova St. E.  Fleming, sDouglas,   Alexandra  Hotel.    ���������       . ������ .  ���������    .  Fletcher,  Edwin,   Alexandra Hotel.]  Fletcher. Robert, 732 Alexander St.  Flett, Scott Lewis, Manitoba Hotel,]  Cordova St.  Flewwelling, Percy, 415 Cordova St./  E.  Flynn, Joseph, 310 Powell St.  Foam. Alfred, 117 Main St.  Foley, Richard, 32 Hawkes Ave.  Footner, Steiihen George,, Manitoba  Hotel, .Cordova  St.  ��������� Forbes, '.fames, Columbia Hotel.-  Forbes, Robert, 119 Hastings St. EJ  Fohd,  John,  Fulton House,    Hast^  ings St. E.  Fordham, John James, 1325 Cordova  St.- E. :  Foreman,   Archibald   Charles,     130  Cordova St. E.  Forrest,    Albert    Edward    HenryJ  Barnard Castle Hotel.  Forrest,  Charles,  35 Cordova St.'  Forrest, David, 223 : Victoria Drive 1  Forrest, James, 756 Cordova St. Ei  Forrest,   Robert,   309   Westminster  Ave. " '  Forrest, Walter, Gold House, Watea  St.  Forster,   John.     Spokane     Rooms  Carrall St.  Foresyth, Robert-George, 527 Hast4  ings St. E.  Foster,   Harry,     Hotel     Welcome  ii   Gore Ave.  Foster, Russell A., Imperial Hotel]  Foster, Thomas, 1" Cordova St.  Fox,   Orlando  John,   309  West min]  ster Ave.'  Foxall.  John,   Cor.     Dunlevy Ave  and Powell St,  Frame, Donald, 5 Hastings St  Francis, Harry,   357 Cordova St.  Franklin, Joseph Cloud, Grand Ho  tel.       .  (Continued on P^ge 13) THE WESTERN CALL'  IS  Provincial  Elections  Act,  (Continued from Page 12)  NAME. PLACE.  Fraser,  Albert Edward,  SS.  Stella.  Fraser, Donald, Atlantic Hotel.  Fraser,  George,  310 Powell  St.  Fraser,  George, 41 Hastings St.  Fraser, Hugh AViliiam, 400 Cordova  St E.  Fraser, John Andrew, 316 Boundary  Ave.  Fiederic, Frank, 646 Cordova St. E.  Frederic,  Thomas,  646  Cordova St.  Fraser. John Wm.,  12 Main  St.  French, Austin Sherman, 348 Alexander St.  Frick, John, 18 Cordova St.  Friend,     Thomas-   Wm.,       Seattle  Rooming House.  Frith, Chas., 204 Carrall St.  Fryer, Edward,  1224 Powell St.  964.   Fuller,   Chas.   Malcolm,   142     Cordova St.  Fuller, Joseph    AVebster, 142    Cordova St. E.  Fuller, Valancha-  316 Main St.  J6S.   .Fulmore, Chas., Gold HousB, AVater  St.  Fulton, Chas. Henry,    108    Heatley  Ave.  Fulton,  Hugh  Graham,  1861    Pandora St.  Gagner, Cleophas, G. T. P. Hotel.  Gale,  Sydney, Thomas, 1547 Powell  St.  Galotti,  John,  57 Powell  St.     .  Gallagher, Francis, Grand Hotel.  Gallagher,  John  Joseph,  77  Powell  Galiia.f Antonio. Klondyke Hotel.  Galloway. James, 814 Powell St.  Gajvin,  Matthew Joseph,. Dominion  Hotel, Abbott St.  Gardner,   Lewis  Charles,   Columbia  Hotel.  Gareau, Napoleon, 310 Powell St.  Gamard,  Israel; 309 Main St.  Garner,   James,   Columbia   Hotel.  Garrett,  Edmund,  City Hotel.  Gartley, George, 319 Hastings St. E.  Garvin,  John' G., Windsor    House,  Hastings St.  Gaston, Chas., Oakland House, Car-  rail St.  Gauthier, Eugene,    Alexandra   Hotel.'.  Gay, ���������Charles, 222 Carrall St.  Gay.'Chas.,  Boulder Hotel.  Geary.   George   Henry,   5   Hastings  St. '.AV. -     '    "������������������  Genazzi, Geremls, Europe Hotel.  Gentleman, AA'illiam, 218' Templeton  Drive. -���������'..-���������-.  Gibbons,  Wm.   James,   2354  Powell  St-..  '  Gibson,   Bert,   City Hall.  Gibson,   George   Wm.,   2108   Turner  St.  - .������������������������������������:���������'���������  Gibson, .John 'Bernard,  -334   Alexander  St.  Gibson, Moses, 730 Powell St.   ���������  Gibson,   Thomas,   Powell   St.,   near  Cambridge.  Gibson,   William,   Blackburn  Hotel.  Guides, AA'm. John, 41 Hastings. St.  E.  Gilbert.   Edward,  251  Powell   St.  Gilchrist,   Thomas,   1832   Albert   St.  Gillespie,     David     McMillan,     896  Cordova  St. E.. '   ���������  Gillett, Chas.  James, 2124 Triumph  St.- .. .      ;   ,   ���������    .  Gillies,  Norman,   City  Hall.  Gillies, John Richard, Hotel Europe.  Gillis,   Joseph   Daniel,   Hotel    Europe.   '  Gillis,  Patrick   Joseph,   Hotel    Europe.   -, 7  Gillis,  Peter Angus, Hotel  Europe.  Gillis, AVm. James, Terminus    Hotel.  ���������-  Gladwin, Clyde, Alexandra Hotel.  Glase,  AA'm.   Joseph  Nicholas,    231  Main St. -  Godfrey,   George,: Secord  Hotel.   "-,  Godfrey,   James    Chas.,    332/Gore,  Ave.- - ��������� ..  Goggan, James, City Hotel.  Goldberg;- Frank  Gersha,   238  Car-  rail St.    k'':k'  ��������� "������������������  Golden, Harry. Hastings Hotel.-  Goldstein,    Norris,    236    Campbell  Ave^ '������������������.'���������������������������        ���������:������������������'<'��������� :���������'-:-.    -V     ���������'.-.-.-  Gonta, Conrad. 693 Alexander'St.  Good, Chas.,  1857 Pandora St.     .  Good, Reed, 1100 Powell St.  Gooderham, Martin, EmpressvHotel.  Goodfellow,  Wm.   James,   743  Cordova St. e. ���������-.-:'.-.'  Goodison,   Manly  M.,   Star  Rooms,  Cordova St. AV.  Gordon, 'David, 'Queens Hotel.  Gordon,     John       Ernest,       Carter  House, Pow<Sll,-St. ���������  1069.   Gordon. Wm., Terminus Hotel.  Goss, 'Walter Herbert, 1511������  Hastings St. E. ;  Gough, George, 318 Raymur Ave.  Gough.   George,     Osborne    Rooms,  Hastings St.  Gow, Arthur,  41 Hastings St. E.  Grace*  Joseph, 'Terminus  Hotel.  Graham, Alex., Queens Hotel.  Graham; Alfred, 21 Cordova" St.  Graham, George AVm., 41 Hastings  St. E.   ���������-.'  Graham,  James, Granville Hotel.  Graham, .'John, Cabin 2, Powell St.,  Blk. 100.  Graham, Robert, Cedar Cove, near  Victoria Drive.  Graham, Thomas Norman, Iroquois  Hotel.      ''.,.-���������'��������� '  Graham, AViliiam, 46 Water St.  Graham, \Wm., 305 Vernon St.  ' NO.  943.  946.  ������47.  ������48.  .    950.  952.  954.  >56.  953.  957.  959.  960.  961.  963.  966.  967.  969.  970.  975.  976.  :977.  978.  J79.  980.  '982.  9S6.  988.  .989.  991.  992.  995.  997.  1000.  1001.  1002.  1004.  3005.  1066.  1009.  1010.  1016.  1019. -  1020.  1022.  1023.  102*.  1025.  1026.  1028,  1030  1031.  1033.  1034.  1036.  1037.  1038.  '1039.  1010.  1044.  1046.  1048.  1049.  1050.  1051.  1052.  1054.  1056.  1057.  1059.  1060.  1061.  1062.'  1067.  1068.  1071.  1075.  ., 1076.  1077.  1078.  1079.  1080.  1082.  1083.  1087.  1089.  1090.  1096.  1099.  1100.  1104.  1105.  ^Richard, 172 Cor-  Osborne, Dominion  1091.  1092.  1083.   Graham,   AVm  dova St.  Grant, Harry:  Hotel.  Grant, John William, Iroquois Hotel. -.;   '  -Grant; AA'illiam. 217 Cordova St. E.  Gray, Alfred Wm., Queens Hotel.  Gray,   Arthur,     Albert    St.,   Cedai-  Cove. -'���������.'���������  ������������������������������������-���������'���������-  Gray,^iFredk., -061-Gordova-St.^E.���������  1106.  1107.  1108.  1110.  1112.  Gray, George.-:S18'IPowell St. -.-  Gray, John, 237 Main".St.  Gray. Neil, Union  SS.  Co.  GraF, Samuel, Room 19, Elite' Ho-  re'i, Cordova St.   '..-'.:,  Gray, Thomas Alex., 717 Powell  St., Rm. 13. ,  Grayson, Thomae, '652 Cordova St.  K  Grayswn, Benjamin, Columbia Hotel.  Green, iGeorge, 774 Alexander St.  Green, Hamilton E&ward, ;130 Cordova-St.'E.  ���������Green, Herbert, 107 Hastings St. E.  Green. Louis Fredlt; 1177 Cordova  St.  E. "     "  .  Green; William, Atlantic Hotel, 79  Cordova-s5t. W.  Gregg, EiUvard, 1025 Allbert ,-St  Giegson, Joseph, Dougald House.  Greig. John Edward, 135 Hastings  II St. AA'.  Griggin, John W.��������� Second Hotel.  IViffln, AA'allace Etherne, Europe  Hotel.  :  Griffith, George Edward, New Fountain Hotel.  Griffiths, Elsw������rth, 832 Cordova St.  "IT    '  Griffiths, AA'm.. 41 Powell St..  Grimason, riemy, 14 Cordova St.  AA'.  Grist. Arthur,  2154  Dundas St.  Grea*������, Charles, 313 Carrall St.-  Grosutt,  Harry,  144 Cordova St.  GuIHvav-i, George, Buss Hotel, Cordova St.  Gunn, John, 343 Alexander St  ���������Gunnarwm,   John,   137  Cordova  St  -   ��������� -    ,F ���������  1151-   Gutch,  Michael,  City Hotel.  Hackett, Feter, 1863 Hastings St  E.  Hadden,   James,     Beaver    Rooms.  1155.   Hagnan,  Hector.  222 Carrall  St.  Hanes. Alex. Lorenzo, .728 Pandora  ' St.- ,      .   .  Hall, Ernest Wilbur, 63 Hastings  St. E.  Hall,. Henry, Columbia1 Brewery,  Powell St.  HaJliday, Thomas, 241 Hastings St.  Halliday, AA'm., Hastings St. E.,  near Columbia.  Hamilton, Georg* Alex., 527 Hasting* St. E.  Hamilton, George Cartnell, 324  Carrall St.  Hamilton, James Percy, Palace Hotel.  Hamilton. Wm., 1514 Powell St.  (rear). Cabin 3.  Hammell, Frank, 66 Cordova St. W.  Hammer, Frautzen, 331 Main St.  Hancin, Wm. George, Atlantic Hotel, Cordova St.  Haney, Truman' Avery Norton,  Queens Hotel.  Hanley, Francis Alex., Irving Hotel, Hastings St. E.  Hanna, Chas.,  17 Hastings St. W.  Hanna, Hugh Henry, Queens. Hotel.  Hanna, Johnston, Blackburn Hotel.  Hanna, Robert, Terminus ��������� iiotel.  Water St.  Hannah, James, New Fountain  Hotel.  Hannah, John,  Columbia Hotel.  Hannay, Jeff, 1258 Powell St  Hansen, Hans,  75 Hastings St., E.  1114.  *1115.  1116.  H118.  1119.  1120.  1122.  1124.  1129.  1130.  1131.  1133.  1134.  1136.  1138.  1141.  1143.  1144.  11145.  '1146.  1148.  1149.  1150.  11153.  [1154.7  11156.  [1161.  1162.  11165.  11166.  }ll69.  1170.  1175.  1176.  1177.  [180.  1182.  ll"83.  JU84.  (185.  1186.  W87.  1188.  9189.  1190.  E191.  NO.  1192.  1193.  1194.  1195.  1197.  1198.  1199.  1200.  1201.  1202.  1203.  1205.  1207.  1208.  1209.  1210.  1211.  1216.  1217-.  1218.  1219.  1220.  1222.  1225.  1227.  1229.  1231.  1232.  1233.  1234.  1235.  1236.  1238.  1239.  1241.  1243.  1244.  1245.  1246.  1252.  1255.  1257.  1256.  1259.  1260.  1261.  1262.  1263,  1264.  1265.  1267.  126S.  1269.  1270.  ���������O  1271.  1272.  1273.  1274.  1276.  ,12807  1282.-  1285.  1286.  1289.  ,1292.  1293.  1294.  1295.  1296.  1297.  1298.  1301.,  1302.  1303.  1305.  1306.  1307.  1308.  1310.  1311.  1312.  1315.  1318.  1322.  1323.  1325.  1328.  1329.  1330.  1332.  1333.  1334.  1335.  1336.  1338.  1339.  1340.  1342.  1343.  1344.  1345.,  134S.  1349.  1350.  1354.  1355.  1358.  1359.  1364.  1365.  1366.  1368.  1369.  1370.  1373.  1374.  1375.  1376.  1377.  1378.  1380.  1382.  1383.  1385.  .3.386.  1387.  1389.  1391.  1392.  1393.  1395.  1396.  1399-  1402.  1410.  i4ii:  1412.  1413.  1414.  1415.  1416.  1417.  1419.  1420.  1422.  1424.  1426.  1427. .  1429.  1430.  1431.  1432.  NAME. PLACE.  Hansen, Johannes Emil, 561 Powell St.  Harden, Thomas, 117 Cordova St.  E.  Harding, Fred.,  717 Powell  St.  Harding, Henry Gilbert, Alhambra  -Hotel.  Harkness, Daniel, Gold House, Water St.  Harle, Oswald, 648 Cordova St.  Harner. James Maclnnes, 137 Hastings St. E.  Harries,  John,   117  Cordova  St.   E.  Harrington, Albert Wm., 717 Powell St., Rm. 8.  Harris, Albert Wm��������� 1831 Albert St.  Harris, ChaHes Thomas, 109 Hastings St. E.  Harris, Frank John, 2276 Pandora  St.  Harris, Henry John, 217 Main St.  Harris, John, Granville Hotel,  AVater St.  Harris   John Thomas, Russ Hotel.  Harris. AA'm., 119 Hastings St. E.  Harrison,  Ernest.  316  Carrall  St.  Hart,  George,   137 Hastings  St.  \u.  Hart, Robert James, Columbia Hotel, -...'������������������  Hart. Wm.,  Europe Hotel.  Hartin,   Robert,   796  Powell   St .  Hart ness,  Joseph,  112 Abbott St.  Hartwick,  Chas.  Nichols,   334  Cor-  i  dova St.  E. '  Harvey, George, 730 Alexander St.,  Cabin 2. '  Harvle, John Henry, Melbourne  Hotel.  Masking, George, G. IV P. Hotel.  Haslam,  John,   219  Cordova  St.  E.  Hnswell, James Lyde, 323 Hastings  St.  E.  Hathaway. Chas. Fredk., 144 Cordova St.  E.  Halt, Harold James, Boulder Hotel.  Hatten, James, 633 Powell St.  J-lawe,' Fredk.,   Queens   Hotel.  Hay,   Wm.  Alex., Alexandra notel.  Hayes,  John,  Alexandra Hotel.  Hayward, Arthur G., Empress Hotel.  Hazlewood,   Fred.,   Iroquois   Hotel.  Hassen,- Fredk, Hcriin, Columbia  Hotel.  Headstrem, Augustus, Dominion  Hotel.  Ileale, Herbert John, 1314 Powell  St.  Hearns, AVm.,  337 Main St.  Heath? George,  750 Cordova St.  E.  Heine,  Abraham,  Melbourne Hotel.  Held,  Chas.  Reinhard,  41 Hastings  Held.  John,   732  Alexander St.  ���������Henderson, Albert AVm., 305-307  Powell St.  Henderson, Alex. Cameron, 217  Main St.  Henderson, ������Arthur, Atlantic Hotel.  Henderson, George, 107 ,' Hastings  St. E.  Henderson, Richard K:, Grand Hotel.   <.   -..  Henderson, Vincent Talbot, Empress Hotel,  Hastings E.  'Hcngham, Charles Tait, American  House,  Powell  St.  Henry,   Arnold,   Alhambra  Hotel.  Henry, Flewwellyn,, Alhambra Hotel.  Henry, Chas. Franklin, - Blackburn  Hotel.  Henry,   John   lrvin,     1010   Cordova  St. ,:.,-' ������������������ ,    ; ,       ���������  Hensie,' Jim Joe, 1227 Hastings St.  E.  ������������������  Henwood,  Isaac  John,   Secord  Ho-  Hepburn, John,  912 Cordova St. E.  Hesbion, William, 161 Hastings St.  E.  Hewson,  Chas.,  Steamer-Ruth.  Hickman, Fredk., 77 AVater St.  Hicks,  Wm.  Henry, 214 Abbott St.  Higgins, Edwin Clay, Horseshoe  Hotel.  Hill, Andrew,  144 Cordova bt E.  Hill, Robert Thomas Langrell, 500  Cordova St E,  Millier,   Alfred,   Dougald   Hotel.  Milton,  Alfred,  565 Cordova St.  E.  Hird.  John, 238 Main St  Hiscocks, John Chas., 217 Main St.  .Hitchcock, Cassius Marcellus,- Europe Hotel.  Hodgins, George, 137 Cordova St. E.  Holburn, Robert, Elite- Hotel, 29  Cordova St.  Helburn, Robert, 36 Cordova St.  .Holden, James, 151 Hastings St. E.  Holdsworth, Andrew, Queens-. Hotel.  Holds worth, David. 250 Powell St.  Holdsworth, Walter, 1885 Hastings  St. E.  Hole,  Albert   344 Powell St.  Hoi lang,  George Edward,   77  Pow-  - ell St:    - .-     7���������;.-.- ������������������        ..    .... .',     .  Holland, Harry, 400 Powell  St.  Holland, Wm. Alex., 130 Cordova St.  . -is. .   ���������������������������'-���������  Hoimes,   Frank,    786    Powell    St.,  Cabin 5. ���������   . ������������������ ��������� i ...  Honess.  James,  No.  4 Shack,. Blk.  36, Cordova.  Hook, Robert James,  217 Main  St.  Hooper, James, -EsUia&vai Hotel.  Hopkin, Chas. Wm., 222 Carrall St.  Hopley.     Henry,     Beaver   ..Rooms,  Can-all St  Hopper,  Fredk.,  Queens Hotel.  Hora,  Wilfred, 643 Alexander St.  Home, Edwin, City HaU.  Horrobin, John,  1301  Powell  St.  Hough, Robert, 9 Victoria Drive.  Houston, John, 130 Gone Ave.  ���������Houston, Thomas, 1133 Cordova St.  E.  Howard,  Arthur    Ross,.   Dominion:  Hotel.  Howard, Henry, 77 Powell St.  Howarth, Jack; SOS Maiin BL  Howe, George AVesley, 41 Hastings  ���������   St  E. -  ,  Howe, John Hamilton, 130 Cordova  St. E. -.-  Howe,  AVillfctm, 301 Powell  St. ;  ,Howes;i.JohnTAlfred,_=K:londyke-Hotel.   ���������������������������-.-  Hubbard,   William,   Terminus. Ho-  '   tel.   ' 7 ���������"���������  Hubble, Edward, Columbia ..aotel.  Huber, Frank. 312 Powell St.  Hudson,  John William,  717  Powell  St.; Rm.  13. v  Hudson, Robert 208 ASexander St.  Hughes, Benjamin, 608 Powell St.  Hughes, ;Bertram  John,   130.   Gore'  - Ave; - - -   - ���������  Hughes.   Wellington Joint,  Alexandra Hotel.  Hughey, Nelson, 75 Hastings St. 'EL  Hulbert, Fred. Hairy, 472 Alexander st;  '-'���������-.  Hull, Fred., 31 Baltimore Rooms,  Cordova St.  Hull, Walter Scott, Atlantic Hotel.  Hultquist, Hugo Albin, Inlet A'iew  Hotel. '   ��������� -  Humphries, Hiram F., 161 Hastings  St. E.  Hunt,  Herbert.  Rues Hotel.  Hunt, Robert Fredk. Careu, Dominion Hotel.  Hunt, William, 376 Alexander St.  Hunter, George. City Hotel.  Hunter, Jonathan, 5 Hastings St.  W. ,  Hunter, Thomas Edward, 614 Alex-  '  ander St  Hurd, Wesley Chalmers, 522 Alexander St.  Hurfoi;d,  Bruce,   337  Main St.  Hurson, Patrick Jowjph, Strathcona!  Hotel.  Husdon, John.  1147 Cordova St. 13.  Hutching*, David J. Ii., 17JJ5 Pow-!  ell St. '.  Hutchings, James Saunders, 1314  Powell St. '.  Hutchinson, Henry, 735 Helmcken  .St.  Hyler, Nicholas Nelson, Europe Hotel.  Hyne, Joseph Alfred, 1803 Pandora  - St. -  Imlah,  Alexander, G.  T.   P.   notel.  Impey,  William,  22 Cordova St  E.  'Inmao,  Robert Samuel, 331 Carrall  st. ..-.--���������'  Ireton, Baron John, Dunn Blk., Cordova Stive, Robert Henry, 508 Alexander  St.   ,  Iveson,   Stenton,   Melbourne   Hotel.  Ivimey, Henry Lincoln, SS. Princess  Victoria.  Jaago,  Johannes,  1160 Powell St;  Jackson, Alfred,  117 Main  St.  Jackson, Engolf A., 508 Alexander  St.'  Jackson, George Alex.,, Rm. 10,  Crown Hotel.  v-  Jackson, Henry, 302 Cordova St. E.  Jackson, Marshall, 135 Hastings St.  E.  Jackson, Thomas Castle, 786 Powell St.  James,  John,  472 Alexander  St  Jasper, Charles Ed., Cedar Cove.  Jenkins, Alfred. Alhambra Hotel.  Jenkins, Jim Meredith, 236 Campbell Ave.  Jennings, David, Europe Hotel,  Powell St.  Jennings, Fred. Sinclair, 786 Powell St.  Jennings.   John    Douglas,   Taggart  ������������������ Blk., Alexander St.  Jennings, Leslie Henry, 522 Powell  St  NO.  1434  143  NAME.  4.    Jerrard, James Cabell, Irving Hotel. J1706  1438.  1442.  1443.  1414.  1445.  1440.  1447.  1118.  1449.  1430.  1452.  1453.  1434.  1455.  1456.  1457.  1458.  1459.  1460.  1461.  1462.  1466.  1467.  1469.  1471.  1472.  1474.  1475.  1476.  1477.  1480.  1481.  1482.  1483.  1485.  1487.  148S.  1490.  1491.  1492.  1493.  1495.  1498.  1499.  1500.  15.01.  1503.  1506.  1507.  1511.  1515.  1516.  1517.  1518.  1521.  1522.  1.523,  1524.  1525.  1527.  1������28.  1529.  1532.  1534.  1336.  1337.  1538.  1540.  1542.  1544.  1546.  1552.  1554.  1557.  1558.  1559.  1561.  1562.  1564.  1565.  1566,  156.7..  1568.  1569.  1571.  1572.  1573.  1574.  15.76.  1584.  1585.  1586.  158.7.  1588.  1589.  1591.  159,4.  1595.  1597.  160Q.*  1601.  160.2.  1603.  1604.  160.7-  1610.  1615.  1616.  16-1,7.  1619.  1620.  1622.  1623.  1624.  1.625.  1628.  1633.  163.6.  163������.  1639.  1641.  1643.  1644.  1646.  1B47.  1048.  1������50.  1651.  1653.  1654.  1658.  1659.  1660.  1662.  1664.  lf!66.  1.668.  1669.  1670.  1673.  1674.  1675.  1681.  1682.  1683.  1684.  1688.  1689.  1690.  1691.  1694.  1695.  1697.  1698.  1699.  1700.  1702.  Jessop. Allan Elay, 229 Lakewood  Drive.  Jewell, Fred. AA'alter George, Europe Hotel.  Johnson,   Benjamin,   Queens  Hotel.  Johnson,  Carl,  Inlet View Hotel.  Johnson, Carl, Boulder Hotel.  Johnson, George, Beaver Hoted, 21  Cordova  St.  Johnson, Herbert, 312 Powell'St.  Johnson,  John,  2104  Pandora  St.  Johnson, John, 311 Hastings St. E.  Johnson, Robert Dumbleton, 522  Powell St., Rm. 4.  Johnson,  Wm., 2104 Pandora St.  Johnston, Alex. Stanley, 119 Cordova St. AV.  Johnston, Elmer, 828 Cordova St.  E.  Johnston, George Osborne, Secord  Hotel. v  Johnston, Robert, Queens Hotel.  Johnston, Thomas Juries, 318 Powell St.  Johnstone,   Bruce,  300 Gore Ave.  Johnstone, James, Terminus ..otel.  Johnstone, Norman , Henry, 1795  Hastings St. E,      -  Johnstone, Stanley, Alexandra  Ho-  ���������" tel. :  ���������    ������������������������������������.������������������'-...  Johnstone,  AVm.,  230 Abbott St.  Jonnstone, AVm. John, 230 Abbott  St.  Jones, David Angel, 624 Powell St.  Jones, Demster Lewis, 325 Jackson  Ave| - .  Jones, Idris, Kootenay ..Rooms,  Hastings   st. '  Jones,  .John,   New Fountain  Hotel.  Jones. John Mills, ,228 Gore Ave.  Jones, Walter John, 805 Hastings  St. 13.  Jones, William, 219 Cordova St. E.  Jones,  AVm,   Henry,   472  Alexander  .   St., Rm. 16.  Jones, AVm.  Flees. Terminus Hotel.  Jordison, Frank, 222 Carrall St.  Jorgenson, Jorgan Martin, 557  Cordova St.  E. ��������� -   -  Joslyn, George,  Alexandra Hotel.  Kane, George Thomas, Dougal  House, Abbott St.  Keefer, Thomas Samuel, 215 Main  St.  Keeling, AA'alter Cecil, SS.  Cassiar.  Keeper, Charles AVm., 229 Victoria  Drive.  Keiller, Win. Tinham, 39 Hastings  St. E.  Keith, Lane,  Dominion Hotel.  Kellberg.  Eric,  1170 Powell St.  Kelley,   Edward,   Alexandra   Hotel.  Kelly. John Roberts, Hastings  St.,  .   near Campbell Ave. -.'������������������.-.  Kel man, George, Queens Hotel.  Kemp, Charles, Russ Hotel, Cordova St.. '.���������    ��������� ..    .   '  Kemp. Lewis Albert, Bodega Ho-,  tel.  Kemphousen,   John,   472  Alexander  St. :  Kennedy, Adam, Columbia Hotel.'----'  Kennedy; John, Queens Hotel.'  Kennedy, Thomas, Grand Hotel.  Ker, Robert Gordon, Barnard Castle Hotel. .���������'������������������'  Kerr, James, 135 Hastings St. E.  Keyes, Robert, S99 Cordova St. E.  Keyes, William, 899 Cordova St. E.  Kidd, James Henry, Palace Hotel.  Killbreath,  Hiram, G.  T.  P. Hotel.  Kimmons, James Horace, Alexandra Hotel.  Kincaid, AViliiam, 2335 Dundas St.  Kincaid, Wm.  St., 2335 Dundas St.  Kinden, Arthur Jtwett, 211 Columbia St.       .  King, George AA'., Strathcona Hotel.  King,  Harry, 740 Powell St.  King,  .James,  61  Powell  St.  King,  William, 786 Powell St.  Kingston,   Alfred,   261   Cordova   St  Kinnear,   AViliiam,     1841   Hastings  Kirbland, David John, Europe Hotel.  Kirby, Fred. George, 400 Cordova  ���������St.  Kirk, AViliiam, Columbia Hotel.  Kirkwood, Robert, 1227 Hastings  St.  E.  Kittredge,   Edgar  Herbert,   Queens  l832  Hotel.  Klaver,  Peter,   City  Hotel. c  Knuckle, Alzy, Europe Hotel.  Krebe, Charles Ludwig, Kings Hotel,  Carrall St.  .  LaBerge, Anthony. 2020 Powell  St.  LaBrosse, Adelard X., 317 Hastings St. E.   ������  LaCelle, John 'Baptiste, 118 Main  St.  LaCoste,  Joseph,  Horseshoe  Hotel.  Laffln, Arthur, Columbia Hotel.  LafTIing, AA'illiam,  1831 Albert St.  Leffling, Wm. John, 717 Powell St,  Rm. ,5.  Lahey,  Frank,  Dougall  House.  Laid law, Frank,   Winnipeg House.  Laidley. Thomas Biyden, 898 Powell St.  Laird, Armour,'811 Cordova St. E.  Lamb, George, Klondyke Hotel.  Lamb, Harry, G. T. P. Hotel.  Lambert, George, 1133 Cordova .St.  ���������  E.    '���������'.���������  Lambert, George; Barnard Ca-stle  Hotel.  Lander, Richard Michael G., 61  Powell St.  Lapointe, Frank.  Klondyke Hotel.  Lappin, Kobort Henry, 1514 Powell  St., Cabin No. 1.  Larmer, Wm. Samuel, 144 Cordova  St.  E.  Larson, Andrew, 331 Main St.  Larson, Severln, 143 Hastings St.  33.      ������������������������������������ .  Lai-ymaid, Frank, .237 Main St.  Lattie, James Arthur, Dominion  Hotel.    '--������������������-  Lawrence, Edwand, 144 Cordova St.  iu.  Lawrence, Wheeler, Boulder Hotel.  Lawson, Oscar Clinton,  1095 Hastings   St   E.  -Leary,=Herbertr S;S;- Gamosutir���������=���������  LeBlanc,   Harry.   Alexandra   Hotel.  LeBlanc, Henry Ben., Alexandra  Hotel.  LeBlanc, Simeon. Alexandra Hotel.  Leek.  Thomas,  Alexandra  Hotel  Leduc,  Joseph  Chas.,  2073  Dundas  :St.    '"  Lee, Alexander, Duke's Grocery,  Hastinss St. E.  Lee, Robert,- 130 Gore Ave.  Lee,  Wm., .223  Main St.  Leeper, James,  144 Cordova .St.  E.  Lees, James i?!eJ'gusoai, 1170 A.bei-t  .St.    ,  Lees. James Ward, 120.7 Albert St.  Leeson,. Richard   Lighthouse Hotel.  Lafebvre,   .Siffj-ie,    New     Fountain  L^iferman, Andrew, New Fountain  Hotel.  Leitch, Alexander, Grand Hotel,  Water St.  Leniaox, David, Cor. Oxford and  Templeton  St.  Leslks, Robert llolnni, Europe Hotel.  Levewjue, Frank, Europe Hotel.  Lewis, Fred C, Dunlevy Apartments. .     ���������'  Lewis, Harvey, .354 Main St  Lewis, James Albert, Atlantic .,-0-  tel.'  Llebousehel, Ernest Fhllip, 130  Cordova Hi. E,  Liggett, AtJgus Shaw, Terminus Hotel.  Lindop, Wm., 137 Cordova St E.  Lindsay, Chas.-, Queeijs Hotel.  JJndsay, Fredk. W., Columbia llo-  U'i.  Ling, Peter, Atlantic Hotel,- Cordova St.  Linton, Andrew, Foreshore, ft. of  Cai*t^Jl St  Lipp,  AViliiam, 2.38 Abbott St.  Little, Andrew. Columbia Hotel.  Livie, Robert, Kitchener Hotel, Cor.  Hawkes and Powell.      I  Livingstone, James, 873 Cordova  St E. .  Lloyd, Lewis, E., 1500 Powell St.  Logie,  Peter, 66   water St  Lonergan,   Thomas,   Hotel   Europe.  Long, Joseph, 1740 Poivell St.  Long, Moses Franklin, Barnard  Castle Hotel.  Lord, Victor Chas.,: Terminus Hotel.  Losie, Robert Alex., Atlantic Hotel.  London,  James,   Columbia Hotel.  Love, John, 332 Carrall St.  Lovie. AVm.. Terminus Hotel.  Luckett, Norman Wesley, 139 Cordova St. E.  Luft, John, 17 Hastings St.  E.  Lumb, Fred. Sowden, 12% Cordova St. E.  Lumley, Mark. 2148 Cambridge Si,  Lycell, Gabriel, 728 Alexander St.  Lyford, Fredk.   G. T. P. Hotel.  Lyle, Lome, Blackburn Hotel.  Lynch,  Patrick,  Terminus Hotel.  Lyons, Borden Winsty, Blackburn  Hotel.  Lyons. Harry, Powell St, near Sugar Refinery.  Mabson. AViliiam Alfred, 35 Hastings St.  Mace, Chas., 144 Cordova St.  Macki, Victor, 2332 Turner St.  Maddigan, Edward Daniel, City  Hotel.  ?'��������� -Idison, Harry, 135 Hastings   ���������.���������t.  170  1708.  1709.  1710.  1711.  1712.  1711.  1718.  1719.  1720.  1721.  1722.  1723.  1725.  1726.  1727.  1729.  1730.  1731.  1732.  1739.  1746.  1750.  1753.  1754.  1756.  1760.  1761.  1763.  1764.  1765.  1767.  1768.  1769.  1771.  1776.  1777.  1778.  1779.  1780.  1781.  1782.  1785.  1786.  1787.,  1789.  1790.  1791.  1794.  1795.  1797.  1799.  1S00.  1801.  ISO3;  1805.  1808.  1809.  1811.  1812.  1814.  1815.  1817.  1818.  1824.  1825.  1827.  1831.  1833.  1836.  1838.  1841.  1842.  1844.  1848.  1849.  1850.  1851.  1852.  1853.  1854.  1855.  1860.  1862.  1863.  PLACE. I NO. NAME. PLACE.  Mahoney, Francis,  75 Cordova St.  Mailer, George, 636 Powell ot  Main, John, Columbia Hotel.  Alallard,  Matthew Henderson,   2000  Powell St.  Maloney, Martin, 731 Alexander St.  Maltman, AVm., 109 Hastings St. E.  Manderson,       Charles, Dunlevy  Rooming House, Powell St.  Mannie,   John  Duncan,  60  Cordova  St.   E.  Marchant, Frank, Atlantic Hotel.  Marchant, Matthew,  210 Powell St.  Markey,   Chas.,  Queens Hotel.  Marmot, Lindsay E., City Hotel,  Marsh,   Wm.,   507  Hastings  St.   E.  Marshall, Arthur, a. Alexander St.  Marshall, James, 734 Alexander St.  Marshall, John. 825 Cordova St. E.  Marshall, John, 920 Cordova St.  E.  Marshall, Thomas, 425 Hastings St.  B.  ' Marshall, Thomas, 920 Cordova St.  L.  Marshall.  Y\ m.  Crozier, 746 Powell  St.  Martin, Daniel, Alhambra Hotel.  Martin,  Oliver Cromwell,  Termiaus  ,   Hotel.  Mason. Robert Fred., 319 Hastings  St'      P '  Matheson,  David Reid, 319 Heatley  Ave.  Matheson, John Reid. 319 Heatlev  Ave.  Matheson,  Murdoch,   Europe Hotel.  Mathieson, AVm., Barnard Castle  Hotel.  Matthews, Fred. Rogers, Columbia  Hotel.  Matthews, Robert George, 127 Hastings St. E.  Matthews,   AA'm.  T.,   217 Carl   Ave.  Mattlck,   Geoige   Fred.,   36    Water  Mayer,  Fred.  Lewis,   220  Salisbury  Drive.  May, AVm., Europe Hotel. "  Meagher,  John,   33-35  Hastings  St.  Meikle,   John,   Queens'Hotel,   Main  St;  Melis, James, 214 Powell St.  Merrlman, Samuel, 671 Cordova St.  E.  Messner,   Alphonse,   332  Gore  Ave.  Mettam, .Reginald,  Europe Hotel.  Middleton,   Albert  E.,   213  Cordova  St. E.  Miles,  George  Lawrence,   126  Gore  ���������   Ave.  Milham, George, 1873 Triumph St.  Milham,   Walter,   1873 Triumph  St.  Miller, Allan,- 2144 Dundas St.  Miller, Chas. Kings  Hotel.  Miller, Edward,  141 Cordova St. B.  Miller, Frank, 5 Hastings St. Av.  Miller, Fredk. Albert, 76 Powell St  Miller,  George,  queens Hotel.  Miller, Jas.  Ahsn, Dominion Hotel.  Miller.^ Jas.   Edward,   857   Cordova  ot.      1*4, 1',: ' '',' f  Miller. Thomas Meredith, 305 Powell St.    .  Miller, Wilfred Fredk., Atlantic  Hotel. -  Miller,  Wm.  Clark,  Citv Hotel.  Miller, AVm. Robert, Blackburn Hotel.  MUler, AA'llmot, Palace Hotel, Room  Milne, Charles, Queen Hotel.  Milne, James, 732 Alexander St.,  Rm. 4.  Missner, Chas. Wm., Melbourne Hotel.  Mitchell,  George. 472 Alexander St.  Mitchell, John, Klondyke Hotel  Mitchell, John, 717 Powell St  Mitchell, Thomas Lancaster, 323  Powell St.  Mitchell,  Wm.. Columbia Hotel. .  Moffat, John Gillis. Manitoba Hotel.  Moffat,   Melville  Hugh,   798  Powell  St-  Moir, Chas.,  Columbia Hotel.  Monielawa,  John    Alex,    Columbia  , Hotel.  Monteith,   Thomas  Freebairn,   2130  Powell St.  Moore,  George     Wm.,   1923  Powell  Moore, Glrvan St. Clair, 898 Powell  St.  Moore, Joseph Howard, 1162 Powell St.  Moore, Peter, Boulder Hotel.  Moore,  Thimas,   2141  Dundas  St.  Moore, Wm. McClelland, 736 Cordova St. E.  Moran,  John,  Alhambra Hotel.  Moran, Wm. Seymour, 732 Alexander St.,  Cabin  5,  Morgan,  David, AVelcome Hotel.  Morgan,   Etna,  Irving  Hotel.  Morgan, Frank, Melbourne .notel.  Morgan, George James, Queens  Hotel.  Morgan,   Henry  Wm.,   246  Raymur  fat. .  Morgan,  Jack  Edward,   112 Abbott  ot..-  Morgan,   John     Wm., :��������� 1178   Powell  &t. ''       - " '   '  Morgan, Joseph Patrick, 157 Hastings St. E.  Morgan, Thomas,  14 Cedar Cove  Morin. Charles Henry, Alexandra  Hotei.  Morin,  Narcisse,   317  Hastings   &t  IBi-- JJorris. Andrew. 2246 Pandora St.  1865.'   Morns, Chas., 668 Powell St  1867. Morrisey,   John   Joseph,   332     Gore  Ave.  1868. Morrison, Adam, Russ Hotel.    Cordova St.  1870.    Morrison, Frank, 717 Powell St  1������<2.    Morr.son, James, Victoria Drive.  18/3.    Morrison, John D., 668 Powell St.  18.4.    Morrison,   Kenneth,   Grand    Hotel.  Water St. .-.-..  1876.    Morrison,     Malcolm,     27    Hastings  ot. ...E.  1878. Morrison,  Wm.  Gemmell,  41 Hastings St.  E.  1879. Morrow, Malcolm James, Melbourne  ^--^r=Ho tel i==^a=^=d^^--===^==^-.=^=~=---���������-, ^.-  Mortimer,  Samuel,   Second  Hotel.  Morton, George. Hotel Welcome.  Mottishaw, David, 47 Cordova St;  AV.  Mowatt. Albert  Palace Hotel.  Muir, Wm. Guthery, Empress Hotel, Hastings St.  E.  Mulholland, Patrick, 117 Main St  Mulray, John, Europe Hotel.  Munn,   Harry,  Columbia  Hotel.  Munn,   Montague,   Columbia  Hotel  Munro,  Alex.  James,    67  Hastings  Murdoch,   Charles   D���������     Columbia  Hotel.  Murdoch, AVm. Charles, 241 Hastings St. E.       - .  ���������Murphy, James, Dougall House.  Murphy, Pat, 732 Alexander St  Murphy, Stephen.  Grand  Hotel.     1  Murphy,   Hugh,   Blackburn  Hotel.'  Murray, John, 77 Powell St.  Murray.   John,   Crown  Hotel,   Cor-,  dova St. \V.                                        ,  Murray, Kenneth, Dominion Hotel.  .Alunay, Wm., 401  Powell St  Musgrave, Kdward Durratt,Queens  Myers, John, Europe Hotel. 4  Mynett,   Herbert   John,     Dougall !  Hotel. ���������       '  MacAulay, ,,-Alex.    Harold,    Irving  Hotel.  MacAulay,   Alex.    McDonald,   344  Cordova  St  E.  MacAulay, Hugh. 426 Cordova St.  MacAulay, Malcolm,  Grand Hotel,  .   MacAulay,     Murdoch,     Blackburn  Hotel.  MacAulay, Norman. 472 Alexander  ot. L.  MacBaln. George Roval, 137 Cordova St.  E.  MacDonald,  Alex..  344  Powell   St.  MacDonald, Andrew, Alexandra  Hotel.  MacDonald. Daniel Campbell, 144  Cordova St. E.  MacDonald. Donald Alex.. Rainier  Hotel.  MacDonald, Frank, Spokane Rooming Hous������.  MacDonald, Henry Mortimer, Citv  Hotel.  MacDonald, Kenneth, 5 Hastings  St. ��������� AV,  MacDonald. Wm. Archibald, 309  Main St '  MacDonald. Wm. David, Columbia  Hotel.  MacFarlane, George. 160 AVater St.  MacGachan. Edward, Cor. Cordova  6t  and Main St.  MacGillivray, Ronald, Alexandra  Hotel.  MacKay, Donald MacGregor, 476  Cordova St. E.  MacKenzie, Donald, 319 Hastings  St. E.  MacKenzie, John Alex., 41 Hastings  St E.  MacKenzie, John Malcolm, No. 1  Firehall, Cordova St.  MacKenzie, Laughlan, Alexandra  Hotel.  MacLeod, Donald,  980  Powell  St  MacMillan, Angus, 980 Powell St  MacRae. Alex.. Grand Hotel.  McAllister, John Brown, 1126 Pow-  ii    ell St  ���������       ,  McAlpipp. Dugald Leitch, 321  Main St  NO. .  2193.  2191.  2193.  2197.  21 98.  2199.  .'-.'On.  2201.  22 U 2.  ^203.  2204.  2205.  2207.  2210.  2211.  2214.  2215.  2216.  2219.  2221  ���������','122  2223!  1880.  1881.  1886.  1889.  1892.  1893.  1901.  1902.  1904.  1903.  1906.  190S.  1910.  1911.  1912.  1913.  1914.  1915.  1916.  19IS.  1921.  3 923.  1921.  12)26.  T327.  1928.  192:9.  1-93'r.  1981.  1933.  19.34.  1936.  1938.  1939.  841.  1942.  1943.  1946.  1947.  1948.  1951.  195^  1954.  1356.  1957.  1958.  1959.  1961.  1963.  1965.  967.  1968.  NO. NAME. PLACE.  1969. McArdle, Peter, Beaver Rooms,  Carrall St.  1971. McArthur, James O., 925 Cordova  St   E  1972. McArtliy, Joseph, 932 Cordova St  1973. McAulay,   Alexander,   980   Powell  1974. McAulay, John AVm., 527 Hastings,  St. E.  1976. JlcBride, Hanford, Boulder Hotel.  1977. McBride, 3ohn, Atlantic Hotel.  1975. McBride Robert Ernest 1 Cordova  St. E,  1979.    McBrown, George, 901 Cordova St.  19S0. . McCague, Charles, ll Hastings St.  E.  1981.    McCarthy,   Edward,   52 Hastings  St. E.  1983.    McCarthy,  Bernard Joseph,    1514  Powell St.  1988. McConaghy, John, 938 Cordova St.  E.  1989. McCormick,  Matthew,  5 Hastings  St. AV.  1990. McCoy,   AVm.   Louis,   223   A'ictoria  t Drive.  1991. McCue,  Thomas    Bernard,    Hotel  Quinte, Cordova St. AV. ���������   -.-.  1994.    McCullock, AVm., 7 Cordova St.  1998. McDiarmid,   James,   137   Hastings  St.E. ������������������-''���������  1999. McDonald,   Angus,   137 -Hastings  - st. e.,      . y ���������'..-.��������� -.  2000. McDonald. Angus Donald, 41 Hast  ings St. E.  2001. McDonald, Archibald P.,  117 Cor  dova St.  E.  2002. McDonald, John, G.  T. P. Hotel.  2003. McDonald,  John,   153S .Powell  St.  2007. McDonald,     John ��������� Angus,     Russ  Hotel.  2008. McDonald,    John     B.,     Columbia  Hotel.  2009.'  McDonald,     John     Phil,       Hotel  Europe.  2011. McDonald, Joseph. Rm.  34,  Dunn  Blk.  2012. McDonald,  Bell, No.  1 Firehall.  2013. McDonald, Norman, Oakland Rms,  Carrall  St.  2014. McDonald,   Roderick   Joseph,   Bo  dega Hotel, Carrall St.  2015. McDonald, Wm., Alhambra Hotel.  2017. McDougall,   Daniel   Howard,     41  Hastings St. E.  2018. McDougall,   Donald   D.,   1S62   Al  bert St.  2019. McDougall, Dougald, 137 Hastings  St    T^  2021.    McDowell,  AVm.,   1S76   Powell   St.  2025. McEwan,   John,   137  Hastings   St  E. -    ���������    ��������� -  2026. McEwan,   Alexander,   1832   Albert  St.  2027. McEwan, Robert, 224 Clark Drive.  2028. McEwing,   Jonald   James   Stuart,  172  Cordova St.  E.  2029. McFayden, Andrew, Queens Hotel.  2030. McFarlane,   Daniel,. 126   Cordova  k-:   St.:E. -..'.���������  2031. McFarlane, Duncan  R.,  Terminus  Hotel.  2033. McGee,  Frank, Alexandra Hotel.  2034. McGee,  Fredk..  Strathcona  Hotel.  2035. McGee,     James   ��������� AngQs,    Bodega  Hotel.  2036. McGillivray, John, '139.% Hastings  St-W..     - -    ���������������������������   * ��������� -   .  2037. McGorman,   Thomas,  341" Alexan  der St. ..  3039. McGregor, Gavin R., Barnard  Castle Hotel. ���������    .  2040. McGregor,   James   Malcolm,     614  Powell St.  2041. McGregor,    Thomas   Roy,   Police  Station.  2042. McHale,  Martin,  261  Hastings  St,  ,--"E. -..-.���������-������������������'  2043. McHallam.  John  Watson, Domin  ion Hotel.  2041.    McIIugh,   Henry   Daniel,   Boulder  Hotel.  2015.    McHugh,  Michael,   S40  Powell   St.  2047. Mclnnes, Alfred  Ernest, 785 Cor  dova St E.  2048. Mclnnes,   Francis,   24 8     Jackson  Ave.  2049. Mclnnes,   George.  Europe  Hotel.  2050. Mclnnes, James George, SS. King  fisher.  2053.    Mclnnes, Wm., G. T. P.. Hotel.  2056. Mcintosh, Duncan,  1823 Hastings  St.  E.  2057. Mcintosh,  Duncan Lome, Bodega  Hotel.  2058. Mcintosh,  John  Grant,  811    Cor  dova St.  E.  2062. McTntosh, Wm. Douglas, G. T. P.  Hotel.  2063. Mclntyre, Alexander, 41 Hastings  2064. Mclntyre, Colin, 313 Hastings St.  E.  2065. Mclntyre.   James  Ezekiel,  Domin  ion Hotel, Abbott St.  2066. McTntyre,  John  Wm.,  227  Powell  2067. Mclntyre,  Malcolm H., 64 Powell  ..; st - ���������   .������������������''���������������������������-  2068. Mclntyre, 'Norman, Barnard Castle  Hotel.   ������������������'-���������  2069. Mclsaac,   Archibald,   21S   Carrall  St.  2071. Mclver,   Donald,   141  Cordova  St.  2072. Mciver, Neil,  154 Water St., Car  ter House.  2073. McKay,  Chas.,  Alexandra  Hotel.  2074. McKay, Chas.  Edward,  61  Powell  St.  2075. McKay, George, Hotel' Europe.  2078. McKay.   Malcolm,   Palace     Hotel,  Carrall St.  2079. McKay, Roland,  153 Hastings St.  2051. McKasv   Wm.     Edward       Henry,  Mountain  View  House,  Cordova  ���������-   St. i  2082. McKee,   John,   7   Dunn   Blk.,  Cor  dova St.  2083. McKellar. Malcolm. Citv Hotel.  20S6.    McKenzie,  Alex.,  Barnard    Castle  Hotel.  2059. McKenzie, Edgar, Blackburn Hotel.  2090.    McKenzie,   Findlay,   Elite   Hotel,  Cordova St. ���������  2092. McKenzie,    James    M.,   American  --_   Hotel.    .^_^__-7_^.  -i   2093. McKenzie, James John, Alexandra  Hotel.  2094. McKenzie,   John,   Columbia  Hotel.  2097.    McKenzie, Kenneth, Barnard Ca.= t1e  Hotel.  2095. McKenzie, Murdoch, 1514 Poweu  St.  2101.    McKenzie, AVm.. S22 Powell St  2103.    -McKlbbin.-Robert, Grand Hotel.  2106.    McKie.   Wm.,   Cor.   Pandora   and  Semlin Drive.  2113. McKinnon. John Joseph, Atlantic  ���������Hotel.  2114, McKinnon,   John  Joseph,  Atlantic  H"tel.  .  2-116.    McKinnon.      Malcolm,     'Terminus  Hotel.   Wafer  St.  2117.    JleKinnon,:'- Murdoch,   COS   Pow������ll  St.  2119. McKinnon.   AVm.   Bernard,     Hotel  Europe. >.  2120. McKln������try.  AVm.,   Atlantic   Hot������l.  2122.     McLaren, Daniel. Blackburn  Hotel  2124. McLaren,    Nortman    Duncan,      14  Jackson Ave.  212G.    McLaughlin,  Samuel,  1S58 Powell  2127.    McLean, -Alexander, Europe Hotel  2125. McLean.   Alex.,   Terminus     Hotel.  AVater St.  2129.    McLean,  Allen.  377  Powell  St.  213 1.    McLean,    .lames   Alex.,      Barnard  Castle   Hotel.  2136.    McLean,   John   Allen/-40   Cordova  2139.    McLean,.Wesley, 1147 Cordova St.  2142.    McLellan,   Alexander,   S37   Keefer  21-13.    McLellan, Dan H./306 Cordova St.  2146. McLennan. Duncan, Termijius  Hotel. '���������-.-'���������  2117. McLennan.'-'Ira Stiles,' - Mountain  A'iew House.  215.1.     McLennan, Neil, Europe Hotel.  2153.. . McLeod, Alexander, Teriiirius  Hotel. -  2154.    McLeod..-Donald; 1213 Albert St.  2156. McLeod,  Duncan  Gavin,  Co-urnbia  Hotel.  2157. McLeod.  George  Ciavton,    Horse  shoe Hotel. 0 ��������������������������� ~  2158. McLeod,   Jame<%   Columbia   Hotel.  Cordova St. E.  21C0.    McLeod.  John. Quinte Hotel      ���������.  2163.     McLeod.  Murdoch.  Kings   Hotel'  2164.. .-McLeod.   Murdoch  Alex.,  41  Hastings St. E.  2165.    McLeod,   Murdoch   Graham    Columbia Hotel.  21 ������6.    McLeod.  Robert. Columbia  Hot<������l  2168.' McManus,  John,  230 Carl   Av  2169.    McManus,   John.   401   Powell   St.  2171.     McMillan. Fredk., Columbia Hotel  21/3.., McMillan,  John  Angus.  Granville  Hotel.r  2174,    McMillan,   Merrill.   Russ   Hotel  2177. McMullin,   John.   Columbia  Hotel  2178. McMullin. John. Columbia Hotel  21S0. 'McNair. John Cook. Cedar Cove.  2182.    McNaughtori,"  Ira     James,      2112  Dundas St;'  21S3.    McNeill, -Archibald.   75   Hastings  2185.    McNeill,   George   Fred.,   15  Water  21S6. McNeill, James John, 350 Alexander St.  2189. McNeish.   James.  Boulder Hotel  2190. McNerlin,       George,      Horseshoe  Hotel.  2192.   McNutt,  James,    Bodega    Hot*l  Carrall St"  PLACE.  John  Alex., >09 Hast-  New    Fountain  New      Fountain  Hastings  St.  2226.'  2227.  2228.  2229.  2230.  2231.  2233.  2234.  2236.  2238.  2239.  2240.  2242.  2245.  2249.  2252.  2253.  2254.  225C.  225S.  2261.  2262.  2263.  22C4.  2265.  2266.  2267.  2268.  2269.  2270.  2271.  2272  2273.  2274.  2278.  2279.  22S0.  2281.  2282.  2286.  2287.  2288.  2289.  2290.  2294.  2295.  2296.  2297.  2298.  2301.  2303.  2304.  2306.  2307.  2310.  2312.  2314.  2315.  2316.  2317.  2318.  2319.  2320.  2321.  2323.  232-7;-  2328.  2330.  ' 2^3������  2333.  2334.  23357  23 36.  233S.  2339.  23 12.  234 3.  234 4.  2346.  23 4 7.  234 S.'  2349.  2352  NAME.  McPhaden  ings St. E,  McPliail,    John,  Hotel.  McPhail,    Neil,  Hotel.  MePherson,   Alexander,   Terminus  Hotel.     -  M������Pherson,   Angus,   41  St. E.  MePherson, James, Windsor House.  McPheraon,    John    (H),     Europe  Hotel.  McPhie. Alexander, Europe Hotel.  McQuarrie,  AViliiam,  City  Hotel.*  McQueen,  Daniel,  Iroquois   Hotel.  McRae,  Dunham    Norman,    Melbourne Hotel.  McRae, John Ross, Carter House,  Water St.  Motlae, Ralph, 422 Cordova St E  McSkimmon,   Norman,    Tei minus  Hotel.  McSporran, Benjamin,  1227 Hastings St. E. -���������  McVeety, Edwin Arnold, 261 Hast-  > ings, St. E.  McV'ey,   James,   107   Hastings   St.  McVey, Michael, 107 Hastings St  McWilliams, AA'm   Andrew, SS. St  George.  Neal,   George   Henry,     332     Gore  Ave.  Nelson, Chris,  57 Powell St  Nelson,   Erick,   312   Cordova  E.  Nelson,  Oscar,  796 Powell  St.  Newell, Albert, Crown Hotel.      1  Newman,  James,    508  Alexander  St.  ������������������  Newman, Thomas, Dominion Hotel.  Newman,    W'm.    Richard,      New  Fountain Hotel.  Newsome,  John,  Dominion  Hotel.  Newton,  Joseph,  317  Cordova St.  Nicholls,   Benjamin, Herbert,   210  Cordova St. E.  Nicholson, Angus, 41 Hastings St.  Nicholson,   Francis   Edward,   1650  Albert St  Nicholson/Thomas,  107 Hastings  St. E.  Nickels,  Francis  John, Blackburn  Hotel.  Nickels,  George,  318  Main   St.  Nisbet,  Thomas,  1514  Powell  St,  Cabin 8.  Nixon, David,  56 Cordova St  Nock,  Samuel Albeit,  522  Powell  St., Rm. 6;  Nott   George   Benjamin,   5   Hastings St.  Nugent,   Henry   Morris',     Europe  Hotel.  Nugent,    Myles,    New    Fountain  Hotel. :  Nunn,  Charles  De\eigne,    Palace  .Hotel.  Nunn,  Fred.  George,   151%   Hastings St. E.  Nunn,  Joseph   Harry,     Alexandra  Hotel. x  O'Brien,  James, Blackburn  Hotei.  O'Brien,   John   Thomas,   Empress  Rooms*.  Odium,   Edwaid,   Mountain   View  House.'  Ogarra, Peter, 153 Hastings St. E.  O'Hara, AVm. Albert, 67 Hastings  St. E.  O'Herron, Pati ick, Grand Hotel.  Oldfield,  Albeit, Atlantic Hotel.  O'Leary, David, 472 Alexander St  O'Leary,  John,   322  Raymur  Ave.  Olsen, Murdoch McRae, Alexander  Hotel.  Olsen,   Nels,   Dominion   Rooming  House.  Olson,   Chas.,   Creston     Rooming  House.  Olson, John Alfred. 53 Powell St  O'Malley. James, Columbia Hotel.  O'Neill, Michael, Kings\ Hotel.    -  O'Neill, Thomas,  750 Cordova St.  E.  O'Neill,  AVlllam,   750  Cordova  St  E.  O'Reilly,   Patrick/ 732   Alexander  St.  O'Reilly,   Philip   John,   723   Alexander St. ' u'  Ouimet,   Francis,   Hotel   Europe.  Over, Charles, Grand Hotel.  Owen,  Glynne Thomas, SS.i Camosun. <  Owen, Samuel, 41 Hastings St. E,  Owens,   Stephen.   Atlantic  Hotel.  Pallatt Robert Moltree, Dominion.  Hotel.  Fallen, Frank, 605 Cordova St. E-  Pallen, James Frank, 605 Cordovai  St. E.  Palmer. Egre Stanley, No. 1 Fireball, Cordova St  Palmer,, James, 774 Alexander St.  -���������Parkin,  Harry,  66 Cordova St.  Parkinson,   George,     653   Cordova-  St.  E.  Parkinson,    Thomas,      Melbourne  Hotel.  Parks.  Fred.  James,  Rear of 343  Cordova St. E.  Parliament,   John   Oswald,     1830'  Powell  St. =  Richard,   40   Cor--  Maurice,   367  Cor-  James  Miller,  799'  2357.  2339.  23C0.  23 fll.  23C2.  2363.  2367.-  23 70.  23" 1.  2372.  2373.  2374.  2377.  23 7 S.  2379.  23 SO.  23 SI  23S2.  23S3.  23S4.  2385.  2386.  2393.  2394.  2393.  2396.  2401.  2403.  2407.  2408.  2409.  2410.  241.1.  2412.  2413.  2414.  2415.  2416.  Parsons.   John  dova St. AV.  Pascol,   Edgar  dova St. E.  Patience.   AA'm.  Powell St.  Patterson, Donald, Columbia Hotel.  Patterson,  Francis  Stephen  Lett,.  Astoria Rooms,  Hastings St.  Patterson, Fred. Jordan,  412 Cordova St. E.  Patterson, John  Roy, 718 Alexander St.  Patterson, Robert. Empress Hotel.  Patterson,    Thomas    David,     305  Powell  St.  Patterson, Wm.,  756 Powell St.  Payne,  George Edward,   522  Powell  St.  =-Paytonj^AVm~'Georger=200r=Hast--  ings   St.   E.  Peace,  John,   29   Hastings  St.  W.  Pearson. Arthur, Room 6, Taggart  Blk., Alexander St.  Peek,   Chas.   Edward,   341   Carrall  St.    -  Peden, Ernest John, Queens Hotel.  Pederson,    Lars   Emmanuel,-   Str.  Etta AVhite.  Peal,   Edward,   153   Hastings   St.  Pembert'on, Robert, 4 00 Powell St  Penny, .lames, 41   Hastings St.   E. ���������  Peppard, John Fleming, Dominion  Hotel.  Perkins,   Robert   AA'm., .Terminus  Hotel.. . . -.  ���������Perkhi������on.  Frank,   1'] 2  Abbott  St.  Ferrett    Jack" Byrr, ' 1514   Powell  , st. ���������..-'--  Perry, Robcrt,"717 Powell St., Rm.  19. ... '���������"���������-,-���������'���������  Perry.   Roy   Alfred,   301   Hustingis  .St.  E.  ���������  Perry, Thomas, 717 Powell St       ���������  : Person. Martin, Alexandra Hosel.  AVater -St.  Peters.   Win.   Fletcher,   Dominion  Hotel.  Peters,    AVm.    Harold,      Atlantic  Hotel.  P"ttipiece,     Matthew       Morrison,  s Dougall   House.  iVUIpiece,   Win.,   219  Cordova  St.  Petty; Thomas, 11  Powe.ll St.  Pi-tznlek.   Frank.   Russ  Hoi el.  Philip.   Alex.,   Horseshoe  Hotel,  .-Plillip.oAIfred John.-Secord  Hotel,  Phillips, Cha������. A..  Irving Hotel.  Fhfllips.-'Jcdi'n.  Gold   House.  Phillips.   Walter.   :;33   Carrall   St..  Phillip, Joseph John, 23S Main St  Fhlppe,   Win.  Henry,  S60 Cordova  st ]���������:.  Pk-ep.  Joseph,  Secord  Hotel.  Pierce.. John   Thomas,      Emprt'as  Hotel,   Hastings   St.   E-.������  Pinder.   Claude'JHarold,   17 ���������'Hastings St.  AA'.       w     -  Pini,  Achillc.   50  AA'ater'St'  -Pink. Archibald Gordon. 315 Sails-  bury  Drive.  Pitts.    Angus.    Cor.    Powell    and  Salisbury Drive. ;  Piunk.     Jabez     James,     Barnard;  Castle  Hotel. ������  Plowman,   John,   117   Cordova   St  Piiimh,-      John.    AVm.       Belviile  Rooms, 261 Hastings St  Poletto    Camiilo.  '2IS .'Carrall   st  Pollard. George, 344 Powell St  Pope. James. G. T. P. Hotel  Poppas. John.  426 Cordova  St   E  Porteous. AVm.,. 36-Cordova St'     '  Porter.  Arthur,  2212  Oxford   St  Porter. John D.. 7 Cordova St.  E  Potunger. AA'm.. 743 Cordova St. B.  Pratt, John Lawyer. Oxford St  Pratt. Robert,  G. T.  P.  Hotel  Prentice, AA'm..  705 Cordova ot.  E  I revost   Andrew,  1775 Pandora St  Price.   George   Childers.   107 'Hastings  St.  E.  Price. AVm. John. Balmoral Hotel  Pndham. H. Thomas, 242 Abbott Ht.  Prime,    Peter   Lessley,   Alexandra  - riotei.      ���������  Pci.or-^Richard Henry, a330 Cordova  Pr,ct_-Alfred, Terminus Hotel, Wt-  (Continued on Page 14)       7 ~  / L'.^33>AiS>*vSy *'i������w*<i"Si:������  14  THE WESTERN CALL  Provincial  Elections   Act  (Continued from Page 13)  NO.  2417.'  2418.  2419.  2420.  2421,  2424.  2426.  2427.  2430.  2433.  2436.  2437.  2438.  2439.  2440.  24 42.  2444.  24-15.  2447.  2448.  2450.  2451.  2452.  2453.  2454.  2457.  2458.  2459.  ���������2460.  2463.  2465.  2467!  2469.  2470.  2473.  2474.  2475.  2470.  2478.  2479.  2487'.  2488.  2489.  2490.  2492.  ������493.  2494.  2495.  2496.  2498.  2501.  2502.  2503.  2505.  2507.  2514.  2515.  2516.  2617.  2518.  2519.  2520.  2523:  2524.  2526.  2530.  2531.  2532;  2533.  2534.  ' 2537.  2540.  2543.  2544.  2546.  2547.  2518.  2551.  2552.  2553.  2554.  2657.  2558.  2559.  2560.  2561.  2562.  NO.  2662.  26G3.  2664.  2667.  2672.  2673.  2674.  2675.  2678.  267S.  2680.  26S1.  2682.  ���������2683.  26S7. ,  2688.  26S9.  2690.  2691.  2692.  2693.  2094.  2696.  2699.  2700.  2701.  2702.  2,703.  2705.  2706.  2707.  2710.  2713.  2714.  2715.  2716.  2718.  2720.  2721.  2722.  2723.  2724.  2726.  2728.  2729.  2730.  2732.  _2563.  2565.  NAME. PLACE.  Frlte. Wm. Scott, 500 Alexander St.  Prbut, John A.. 242 Hastings St. E.  Pugh,   AA'm..  143 Dunlevy Ave.  Purser,   Herbert   Edwin,   Europe  oHotel.      ���������  Purviance, Joseph A'an Home,  41  Hastings St. E.  Pyne, AVm.,  117 Main St.  Quasius,    Chas.,    Barnard    Castle  Hotel.  Queen, AA'm., Russ Hotel.  Quinlan. Fredk. John, Gabin 1, 637  Powell  St.  RadclifCe,   Thomas   Riley,   Fulton  House,  Hastings  St.  E.  Ranger,  Alex.   Lewis,  Grand   Hotel.  Ranger. Oliver. Atlantic Hotel.  Raschello,    Antonio,    218    Carrall  St.  Rayfield,    Chas.    Lome,'   Barnard  Castle Hotel.  Rayner,  Oliver Francis Hayward,  318  Powell  St.  Reading, Harry, 5 4 Cordova St.  Reddick.     George     Thomas,     310  Powell St.  Redgrave,   Albert,   1775   Pandora  St.'  Redmond,  Clarence,  137  Hastings  St.   E.  Redmond,   Herbert,   137   Hastings  St. E.  Reed, Arthur Louis, Irving Hotel.  Reed, Francis,  S.  S. Britannia.  Reed,  George Augustus,  746  Cordova St. K.  Regan,     Michael,     265     Victoria  Drive.  Reid, Alon/.o, G.  T. P. Hotel.  Reid, Fred., Queens Hotel.  Reid,   George   Thomas,   204. Car-  rail  St.  Reid,   James   George,   1738   Pandora St  Reid,   .John   Alexander.   Empress  Hotel. Hastings St  Reid, AA'm. James, Blackburn Hotel.  Rendall, AVm. M��������� Columbia Hotel.  Ronnie. Wm..  130 .Cordova St.  E.  Reynolds,  John.   City  Hotel.  Rice, John. 61 Powell St.  Richards, Edwin Sidney, 522 Powell St., Rm. S.Richardson,   dhas.   Edward,    653  .  Hastings St. E.  Richardson, Frank, 309 Main St.  Richardson,   Henry,   137   Cordova  St. E.  Richey, James, Terminus Hotel.  Ktdoin. Olfredo.  202'Carrall St.  Riemer,   Karl   Johannes   Aug.   F.,  Columbia Brewery.  Ringwold, Peter, 233 Carl Ave.  Rintoul, AViliiam, 250 Powell St.  Ritchie. Walter.  City  Hotel.  Ritterhouse,     Henry,     Melbourne  Hotel. .  Robb, James, Imperial Hotel.  Robb,  Peter,  420  Alexander  St.  Roberts, Bob,  29 Hastings  St.  Roberts, George Wm., 158 Powell  St  Roberts, John, Dominion Hotel.  Roberts,   Samuel,   62  Cordova  St.  W.  Roberts, Thomas Wm��������� 323 Powell  St  Robertson,   Dunbar,   172   Cordova  St. E.  Robertson, -George, Columbia Ho-  ������������������   tel.  Robertson, James, Terminus Ho-  :   tel. .      "��������� ' .   .-.'. ..'7  Robertson, James, 5 Hastings St.  W.  Robinson, Harold Archibald, 1254  Powell St.  Robinson, -Horace John, 300 Cordova St. E. '������������������<,-  Robltaille,   Joseph,   273   Victoria  ���������-.' .Drive. -.-.-,:,.  Rochford, John. 112 Abbott St.  Rockford, John, 16 Powell St.   ,  Roddam, George, S. S. Camosun. .  Rogers, Frank Abraham, 1147 Cor-  - dova St E. .-. ;  Rogers, William, 144 Powell St.     .������������������  Rogers,   William.   305  Powell   St 12763  Ronald,  Daniel.  112   Abbott  St.,  Roome, George : Gilbert, Dominion  Hotel.  Rordans, James, 117 Cordova St  E.        7y ::-���������:-- :'7 '-   .  Ro������c. Samuelu Alphonse, 414 Alexander St.- '���������'���������'������������������'������������������:���������'  Rose, Thomas A., 472 Alexander  St. ;:������������������-;���������---.. v/--  Ross, Alex;, Columbia Hotel.  Ross,  Alex.,   1819 Pandora  St.  Ross. Alex. Easter, Columbia Hotel. . ���������  ������������������-  Ross.  David,  Columbia  Hotel.  Ross, Fred. Albert, 1697 Hastings  St. E.  ���������--.. ��������� '..���������.- ,' = ���������.:,  Ross, John,  Alexandra Hotel.  Ross, John, Donevan, City Hall.  Rowe, Henry Thomas, Crown Hotel.  Rowe, Owen Clifford, 2576 Powell  St. -���������-..:>- ���������     ".  Rowe, William, Clark Drive and  Powell  St. ���������        '..,.-"  Roy, Sam, Columbia Hotel.  Rush,  George,  Terminus  Hotel.  Russell, Harry, 273 Westminster  Ave. - !'     ������������������������������������ ���������-��������� \\  Russell, James, Hotel Welcome.7  Russell, Wm. James, 237 Westminster Ave.  Rutherford. Charles Hamilton,  Grand  Hotel. ���������''������������������--,  Rutherford, .-Win.-H��������� 41  Hastings  O*      X4  Rutledge, Thomas Wm., 261 Hastings St. E.  Ryman, George, Gold House.  Saddler. AA'alter Johnston, Atlantic Hotel. ���������-���������''., ���������  Sallows, Benjamin Griffin, 726  Cordova 8ir~~Rt~~f^-'^^^-=^^=^=  Sanderson,   Edward   Duncan,  2734.  2738.  2739.  2742.  2743.  2744.  2745.  2747.  2748.  2750.  2751.  2752.  2754.  2766.  2759.  [2760;  2762.  2764.  2765.  2767.  2768.  2769.  2771.  2772..  2773.  2774.  2776.  2777.  2780.  2781.:  2785.  2786.  2789".  2790.  2791.  '792  2796!  2797.  2798.  2801.  2802.  2803.  2805.  2567.  "2569.  2574.  2578.  2580.  2582.  2583.  2584.  2685.  2586.  2590.  2591.  2592.  2586.  2595.  2597.  2598.  2601.  2602.  2603.  2605.  2606.  2608.  2616.  2611.  2612.  2613.  2611.  2615.  2616.  2617.  2618.  2619.  2621.  2623.  2625.  2627.  2628  262!*.  2631.  2633.  2637.  2638.  26417  2643.  2645.  2645.  2647.  2648.  2649.  2650.  2651.  2653.  2655.  2807  2808  NAME. PLACE.  Sisson,  Thomas  Herbert,  5  Hastings St. AV.  Skellnnd,   William,    110   Dunlevy.  Ave. '  Sketch, Stephen, 66 Cordova St.  Slater, Peter Woods,  136 Cordova  St. E.  Tmallwood, John Helman, 77 Powell St.  Smart, AA'alter, Dominion Hotel.  Smiley, George Andrew, 135 Hastings  St.  E.  Smith,  Alex.,  Queens  Hotel.  Smith,  Chas. Dee, Alexander. Hotel.,  Smith,    Clarence    Augustus,    200  Carrall   St  Smith, Fred. Ed. J., 350 Alexander  St.     ���������  Smith,   Fred   Peter,   12   Victoria  Drive.  Smith.  Fred.  Wm.,   1S61  Pandora  ,   St.  Smith,     George,     Queens     Hotel,  Main St. ���������        ��������� ���������    ���������>  Smith, George Vernon, Grand Ho-  .   tel.  Smith, Henry, Terminus Hotel.  Smith,   Herbert  Edwin,   232   Gore  Ave.  Smith,   Hermann,   728   Alexander  St.  James  Campbell,  SS6  Cordova St.  E,  Smith, John, Columbia Hotel.  Smith, John, Columbia Hotel.  Smith, John, Grand Hotel.  Smith, John Alex., 630.Powell St.  Smith,  John  Robert,  865 Cordova  St.  E.   .  Smith,   John   R.   R.,   Russ   Hotel,  Cordova St.  Smith, Joseph, 332 Gore Ave.  {  Smith,  Leonard,   372   Cordova  St.  E.  Smith, Norman Edward, 39 Hastings St. W. i  Smith, Robert 332 Gore Ave.  Smith,   Samuel   James,   Atlantic  Hotel.  Smith,   Selby,   1139   Hastings   St.  E.  Smith, Wm.,  222 Carrall  St.  Smith, Wm. James, 112 Abbott St.  Smith, Wm. James,  228 Main  St.  Smith, Wm.  Lawrence,  49  Hastings St. E.        --,-,-  Smither, Arthur Fry, 1850 Powell  .St.,  Snell, John, Europe Hotel.  Snow, Harold, Dominion Hotel.  Snow; John Oscar, City Hotel.  Snowdy.   Elijah   James,   172   Cordova St  Soby. Wm.. 331 Main St.      7  Soden. Chas.,  325 Jackson Ave.  - Soderberg,    Oscar    Leopold,    331  Main St.  Somervllle, James, 217 Main St.  Sothern,     Arthur,     259     Victoria  Drive. "-'���������  Soucee, Edward. Palace Hotel.  South." Arthur  Lindon,   S.   S.   Coquitlam/' ;���������  Souther, Wm., 137 Hastings St. E.  Span ton, Benjamin, 66 Cordova St.  .     W.  Spark, Win. Robert, 61 Powell St.  Sparrow, -.George   Bagnew,   U.   S.  S. Co.'s Wharf.  Spearln.- Gerald,  Columbia Hotel.  Speechuy,   George,   Columbia  Hotel.  Spence, Andrew' John, 41 Hastings  .���������St.  E.  "  Spence. Wm.  Silby, Near Marine  Ry., Victoria' Drive.  Spencer, Aiex. Dean, 1229 Pandora St.  Spobner, John Fred, Empire Hotel.  Spotts, Fielding Wm., Europe Hotel. ' '--  Sprtngall,   Fredk.,   135   Hastings  ���������'-St. E.  Sprung, Wm., Europe Hotel.  Stagg,. Ingram  Charles,   Crescent  Rooming House, 108 Hastings.  Stallard, Edgar George,  Room 11  St. Clair Blk.. Hastings St.  Standeven, AVm. Edwin,  337 Main  .-.St., '���������-,; -:.--;-,;���������.-.  Stanley, Donald Stephen, Columbia  Hotel, 7/  Stannard, Chas., City Hotel.  Starling, Morris Henry, Blackburn  Hotel. .   ���������  St. Arno, Joseph, Cor. Cordova and  Main Sts.  Steele, Austin, Melbourne Hotel.  Steele, Oliver, 633 Powell St.  . Steeves, Arthur Ansley,  1767 AU  ..    bert St.  Stephen, James, 913 Hastings St..  Stevens, Alfred, 25.0% Main St.  Stevenson,   Alfred. Edwin,  Black-  ������'burn - Hotel.. :  Stevenson. Andrew, Alexandra Ho-  ������������������   -tel. ������������������ .'���������'"' :'���������..-.  Stevenson,   James,   135   Hastings  ���������-   St. E.    ���������  Stevenson, Robert, 61 Powell St.  Stewart, Alex., 27 Hastings St. E.  Stewart, George,  130  Cordova St.  Stewart, John. 112 Abbott St.  Stewart,  Norman  Colin,   39 Hastings St.  Stewart, W., Terminus Hotel, Water St.  Strickland,  George.  Secord  Hotel.  Stillwell, Frank, 4 Alexander St.  Stinehow, Robert, Columbia Hotel,  Stoor, Ernest Edward,  Horseshoe  Hotel.  Strand, Chas., Terminus Hotel.  Strange. Thomas Wm., 165 Cordova St. E.  Strombeck, Chas. Gustaf, 512 Cordova St. E.  ? Strong, Joseph, New,Fountain Hotel, 45 Cordova St. W.  -.. Stuart,  Chas.,   Dominion  Hotel.  Stuart,   Peter   Geddes,   507   Hastings, St. E.  ^Sturkey,_ Walter, 1614 Powell St.,  Cabin 4. =-���������:-=*-==  2S92.  2S93.  2894.  2895.  2900.  2901.  2902.  2904.  2906.  2909.  2910.  2911.  2913.  2914.  2916.  '2917..  2925.  2928.  2929.  2930.  2 933.  2 934.  2935.  2937.  2939.  2941.  2944.  2945.  2946.  2947.  2950.  2951.  2952.  2953.  2955.  2960.  2962.  2963.  2964.  2965.  2966.  2967.  2968.  NO.  3126.  312S.  3130.  3131.  3132.  3133.  3135.  3136.'  3137.  3139.  3140.  3142.  3113.  3144.  Strathcona.- Hotel.  Sangulnetl, David, Europe Hotel.  Sanwooth,   Thomas   Herbert,    75  Cordova St.  Savory, Harry Victor, City Hotel.  Schoen. Otto, Columbia Hotel.  Schultz,  George,  Hotel  Welcome.  Scott, Alexander, Secord Hotel.  Scott,  Alexander, Russ Hotel.  Scott, Frank, Europe Hotel.  Scott, John, 144 Cordova St. E.  Scott,   Robert  Wallace,  Columbia  Hotel.  2588. Scott, Walter. 1754 Powell St.  2589. Scott,   Wm.   George,   1923   Powell  St.   Scouten,    Wllburt    Harold,    Cor.  Powell and Dundas St.  -Scribbans,    Alpha    Thomas,    616  Hastings St. E.  Scribbans,    Walter    James,    1742  Pandora St.  Sear le. -Ernest Kelly. 137 Cordova  ���������     St. E.- "   '���������-.     '  Seabrooke,    Thomas    Henry,    333  Hastings St. E.  8eaman. Wm.  Frarik,  5  Hastings  St.  Seaton. John W��������� Queens Hotel.  Sellers, Harry, 1794 Albert St  Sellers,  James,   2341   Dundas   St.  Service,   Caulfield,    2113    Dundas  St.  Sexton, John T., Columbia Hotel.  Seymour, AVm.  Edmund, G. T. P.  Hotel,  Shand.  Alexander,  717 Powell  St. i  'Shanks,-Win. Arthur, 126 Cordova  St. E.  Shannon,  George.  515  Main  St.  Shannon, John, Columbia Hotel.  Shannon. Richard Burne. 1860 Triumph St  Share, John Thomas, 822 Cordova  St.  E.  Sharp,   Fred.   Wm.,   41   Hastings  St. E.  Sharp. Horatio Clark. 41 Hastings  St. E.  Sharpe.'Wnfti Columbia Hotel.  Shaw, Fredk., Dominion Hotel.  Shaw, George R.. Grand Hotel.  Shelly  Fred.. 117 Cordova St. E.  Sheppard,  Edward.  204  Boundary  Ave.  Sheriden. Jack, Alhambra Hotel.  Shield,  James.  Hotel  Welcome.  Shields, John, 137 Hastings St. &.  Ship,  Fredk. AVm..  774  Alexander  St m :.  Shoehotham. ������������������ Thomas-'   Bondhead,  Palace Hofel.  Shull. Omar Rosco, Alexandra Hotel.  Silvester. Wm.   Henry.   225  Tem-  pleton Drive.  Sim. Walter. 38 Cordova St. W.  Simons. George. 67 Cordova St.  Simpson. "Edwin. Melbourne Hotel.  Simpson. James. Dominion Hotel.  Simpson,  James,  217  Cordova St  - E.  Simpson, James Wm., 1S25 Powell  St  Simpson. John, Balmoral Hotel.  Simpson, John, Queens Hotel.  Simpson, John. 80S Powell St  Simpson,    John    Booth,    AVindsor  Hotel.  Simpson,   William,   Grand   Hotel,  Water St.  Sinclair.  Adam,   61   Powell   St  2660.    Singer.  Leander.  Europe Hotel.  266L    Sinnot,"Ernest A., Atlantic Hotel.  2813.  2814.  2815.  2816.  28.18..  2819.  2821.  2824.  2826.  2827.  2828.  12829.  2830.  2831.  2832.  2835.  283B.  2837.  283 S.  2839.  2840.  2841.  2812.  2843.  2844.  2845.  2846.  2848.  2849.  2851.  2852.  2853.  2855.  int  2S58.  -IIS?;  2863.  2SC4.  2865.  2805.  2867.  2871.  2877.  2878.  2879.  2SS0.  2881.  28S1.  2SS5.  Sudgen, Frank Leslie, 653 Cordova  Sullivan. Wm.. G. T. P. Hotel.  Sullivan,-,Wm.   Henry, -172   Cordova St. E. ��������� ���������        ��������� ���������-'. .  Summers, Henry. Bodeg^ Hotel.  Summeracales,   Ernest   Wm.,   738  Cordova St. E.     '���������/    '     ��������� ,      ������.   i  Summer, George Chas.,  Columbia,  Ave. and  Cordova St. ...  Sutherland,    John    Lorence,    197  Sutton,"James, 2007 Hastings St.  E.  Sweeney,  Edward,  Europe Hotel.  Swindella,        Wm���������        Bruiwwlck  Rooms,,-Cordova St. ��������� .--���������  Swinson, Thomas Albert, Alexandra Hotel.      ���������  ��������� ���������     . ������    .,   7.  Swltzcr, Fred, Barnard Castle Hotel  Talliefer, Joseph, Melbourne Ho-,  tel  Tambarlno, Frank, Kings Hotel.  Tanti, -Thomas,  Melbourne Hotel.  Tappleton. Fred, 77 Powell St,  Taylor, Charles. Atlantic Hotel.  NO. NAME. PLACE.  2556. Thorne.  Harold,   Secord  Hotel.  2557. Thorne, Stephen, 5 Hastings St.  289.0." Tighe, John, 879 Hastings St. E.  2891. :���������Tinney, AVm. F., Bachelors Rooms,  41 Hastings E.   ' ���������  Todd, Donald, Alhambra Hotel.  Todd,   Henry   Wilson,   Blackburn  Hotel.  Topella, Joseph, City Hotel. .  Topley, Herbert Gordon, 337 Carl  Ave.  Townley, Archibald, Palace Hotel.  Townley, Francis, Palace Hotel. ���������  Townsend,   Maitland   Eugene,   41  Hastings  St.  E.  Train,    Henry    Christopher,    318  Powell St.  Trotman, Llewellyn James, Hotel  Europe.  Tuckett, Fredk.,  637  Powell St.  Tupper,   Arthur   Henry,   60   Cordova St. E.  Turnbull, Edmund, Barnard Castle  Hotel. o  Turner,   Chas.,   1514   Powell   St.,  Rm. 7.  Turner,    Chas.    Alex.,    Alexandra