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 Published in the Interests ^f Greater Vancouver.  SE  VOLUME III  H. H. Stevens, Editor.  VANCOUVER, British Columbia, SEPTEMBER 22, 1911.  ''(& t..,7~~   '"%/  SUBSCRIPTION SI a/vEaB  No. 20  Great Victory Gained by  Conservatives in  Vancouver  Alderman H. H. Stevens Is Returned at Head of  the Poll, Defeating the Liberal Candidate,  Mr. J. H. Senkler, by Huge Majority.  ������>.X������^^^<K>^"K-^^~H^4^W������*������M~H^   ^>'><^^^K^'M**4:->4:~>*>*������K~K������<������i H-  **************************  X t  POLL WAS HEAVIEST RECORDED  AT ANY ELECTION IN CITY'S HISTORY  Majority for Mr. Stevens Is Expected, When All  Votes Have Been Counted, to Exceed 3,000���������  Scenes of Enthusiasm After Declaration of Result.  The victory of the Conservative party in the  Doniinion was reflected to tho Pacific Coast and  Vancouver sounded its disapproval of reciprocity  in no uncertain terms, for it pave Alderman II.  If. Stevens a majority exceeding .'{.000. There  were twenty polling places in the constituency,  and sixteen were heard from before going to press,  these giving a majority for the Conservative candidate of 2.027.. Pour polls have yet to recofd the  ballots cast, and an estimate places the victory  for Mr. Stevens at 3.100 at least.  Vancouver as a stronghold of Conservatism  shone in the. front rank. When the. counting of  the votes was concluded it. was apparent that  Vancouver had provided the greatest majority in  its history and although complete returns yet remain to be received it is believed that the Terminal Citv will lead nil Canada?  Vancouver has always been rioted for^its imperial spirit. The returns yesterday, however, were  beyond the expectations of the most sanguine.  Many reasons might be advanced to explain the  defeat, of the Liberal government, but a fact,  which stands ont above all others .is that Cauada  has always turned down the party which lias  sought the lowering of the .tariff wall.  While the returns were being flashed across the  Dominion from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Vancouver was astir to the national importance involved in the great-fight. The shades of night  Mere hardly creeping over the "city before all Vancouver was. out, of ^ door* and crowding the main  streets to hear how the electiou^ was progressing  and also to cheer the victors.  On all sides were heard sighs of relief that Canada had put aside the shackles which the United  States had tried to fasten on her in the shape of  reciprocity. At five o'clock there was uncertainty, at an half hour later it might be termed that  the public mind was one of perplexity, while  -within the next half hour it can be said that doubt  and perplexity. wrere'swept asldeand that the  people then fully recognized the Conservatives  would gain agreat victory.  By eight o'clock Hastings and Pender streets  were packed with enthusiastic throngs. A tremendous mass of humanity watched the bulletins  on the "News-Advertiser" screen, and the greatest interest" was manifested. The defeat of the  cabinet ministers was hailed' with cheers, and  -when it was seen that\Liberal fortresses had given  -way no .doubt ..then existed but that the Conser-  ^tive^7^1oul3^Tnifrge=^riiimpliant7  In this great Western province the constituencies recorded strongly Conservative.. In VancoU-1  ver the result shows that the constituency stood  by,. British institutions by voting against reciprocity and sending.to Ottawa'" Alderman Stevens,  'who', from the beginning of the campaign, was  never considered,other than the .fiievitable winner.  '-' ���������",'"���������"  Throughout the early evening and the later  hours'of the night, the report was spread that  Hon. It. L. Iiorden. leader of the opposition in  the last parliament, had been defeated, but the  latest report received shortly after midnight, and  which may be taken as practically authentic,  shows that he. was elected by a small majority.  At the historic-Chateau'Frontenac.'the ex-premier, Sir Wilfrid Laurier. waited for the returns.  One after the other came in. and in the early  returns it seemed to indicate that the Liberals  wpuldhe returned, but by a smaller majority than  they had in the hist House. The shadow of -fear'  then spread over those assembled with the late  prime.'minister.- and long before ���������'midnight they  knew, that tbe. deathkncll bad been sounded nnd  that a new government was coining into power.  Sir Wilfrid remarked: -"There is'.no doubt but  that we have beeu decisively ..defeated.''  Vancouver probably -led the Dominion; with a  majority of over 3.000. .From fly,'clock until 5  o'clock, the hour the poll closed, thousands took  advantage to exercise -the. franchise, and of the  16 of the 20 polls it will'��������� be observed that 11.555  cast their ballots, excluding spoilt votes. For  Aid, Stfevens-6.917 votes were recorded': for Mr..  Senkler there was 3.913 votes, and for Mr. Kings-  Icy there were 953. '=  It was'barely "7-o'clock before . the people ot  -.-Vancouver knew that Mr. Stevens had been elected. Thereafter the greatest enthusiasm was manifested. Crowds gathered around the Central Conservative committee, .rooni's on Abbott'street, and  hailed-the. new representative of the big eonstitu-  ciK-v. A band was ��������� also engaged, and to .the  strains of the. "Maple Leaf Forever." and "Rule  Britannia." the automobile in which was seated  Aid. Stevens and others, proceeded along Hastings street, up Granville street to the Hotel Vancouver. ������ "  (Continued on Page 4}  *  1  *  t  f  T  V  V  5*  X  ������  i  .  V  V  V  V  *  I  Sir Wilfrid Laurier's  Government Swept  from Power  t  ���������  t  I  Canadian Electorate Pronounce in No Uncertain  Manner Its Strong Disapproval of Reciprocity���������Conservative Majority  Will Be Fifty.  SEVEN CABINET MINISTERS OO  DOWN TO DEFEAT IN LANDSLIDE  Opposition Sweeps Ontario,,Manitoba, British Columbia and Make Great Gains in All Provinces���������Messrs. Fielding and Paterson Among Slain.  H. H. STEVENS, VANCOUVER'S NEW M. P.  ...*.     jgfected v.eptembpr2t?Wr������:Jl#<oritv of 3004. ���������-   ���������- _  i'-i  *  ���������I  %  V  i  I  Y  5!  the "Western Calls" Bow to Editor H.  Stevens, M. P.  H.H  i  i  i  "The Western Call," voicing the sentiments of the Terminal City Press, congratulates its  editor, Hon. 1.1. . H. Stevens, upon his election to Ottawa. No doubt exists as to the choice of  Vancouver. Against him Was Mr. J. 11. Senkleyone of Vancouver's most worthy arid respected  citizens. The contest was open and fair, the issue pronounced, the victory decisive .and gbirious.  For one so young as Alderman Stevens to win over so great a competitor by any majority would  have been highly creditable, but to have won by 3,000 wasmarvelous. ���������* 7 7;  Several things contributed to this happy result: the loyalty of Canadians in rebuking those  that proposed to seiltCanada to an ambitious neighbor in reciprocity; the popularity ot* the successful candidate in his own city; his splendid ability as ^speaker, writer, editor, alderman and  all-round business man; and the fine discrimination of the constituents that elected liini."To these  should be added that force that makes true success possible, vix., the wisdom and purpose of  Providenee������who shapes the lives of true men and guides them in their relation to the destiny of  'natiorisr^^-^^^^^ _ ^ .__^'   - y y  7. Canada, now in her youth, needs the hand of a master to mould ber into Tj^ftyTf(illnes?T7uTd7  national virtue. That H. H. Stevens is qualified to contribute to this end we thoroughly'believe.  He will be heard from. His vigorous intellect, ready tongue, virile pen, knowledge of men, hatred  of every evil and devotion to the best interests of* Vancouver and his country, will force him into  prominence and leadership. As light is adapted to the eye of man, or a pink blush to tbe cheek  of a maiden, so is our honorable candidate to a." seat in parliament. His w;ay is clear, his success  assured, for God and men unite in,honoring such men. Three cheers for H. II. Stevens. Hip!  Hip! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! This office, with all employees, ineludiun/ f'iv "devil." rejoices in the good fortune of Editor Stevens, the "coming man.*'  t  ?  t  Stevens   the Coming Man  HU RRAI1! hurrah! hurrah! I say;  Shout out as loud as you can;  We've worked it hard, we've gained the  day  For "Stevens" the coming man.  HURRAH! 1 say. we have a right;  Shout out all those who can  For we  have  won the  three-cornered  tight  AVith "Stevens" the coming man.  SOME "say to Ott ���������he should not.go.  But"stay at home in Van.���������  I tell you, friends, you do not kno^7  That "Stevens" the coming nian.  TO think that lie should stay here now  And serve us still in Van.���������  Would almost start another row  For "Stevens" the coming man.  E'ER long you'll find that he will be  /Head of the Conservative Clan;  V  His.Enemies; Friends, and all agree  That. "Stevens" the coming man.  ANCOUVER Jauds her worthy son  Front Beersheha unto Dan,  And says the cleft-ion was honorably woi  By "Stevens" the coming man.  EA RL fai id we 11 the posi t i< >n .(il I ed  As Citv Alderman;  N  S  ���������it  Now to Ottawa he's hilled  - This "Stevens" 'the':coming man.  OW we are not afraid to show  '. Vancouver on the plan,  For Ottawa will very soon know  That "Stevens'" the coining mail..  LN'CE he has polled-the' larger vote  Of all the men who "ran,"  We'll grip the hand but not the throat:  Of H. H. "Stevens" the coining nian.!  W. C. C.  **************************  *<-Z^*<rZ-**********<^^ *-:~H-H->^K-������-K~K^  Montreal. Sept. 21.���������The Laurier government  and reciprocity suffered an overwhelming defeat  in the Canadian elections today. By a political  landslide the Liberal majority of 43 was swept  away, and the Conservative party secured one of  the heaviest majorities, upwards of fifty, that any  Canadian party has ever had. Seven cabinet ministers, who have served with Premier Laurier,  were among the defeated candidates.  The government defeat means that the Fielding-  Knox reciprocity agreement, ratified by the American Congress in extra session, will not be intro-'  duced when the twelfth parliament assembles next  month, aud that a revised basis of trade with the  United States, looking to closer relations, will not  be possible in the immediate future.  , Retirement of Sir Wilfrid.  The Conservatives are committed to a policy of  trade expansion within the empire and a closed  door against the United States. Although re-elected in two constituencies in Quebec, the defeat of  the Liberal party' also means the retirement from  public life of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who, for nearly  two decades has directed the destinies of the Dominion. ' Several times during the bitter campaign  ���������which, preceded today's election, the venerable  premier said tlie defeat of his party at the polls  meant the end of his career; that he never would  consent tb lead a minority in opposition to a'Con-  servative government. *~ :',,  '       Conservative Landslide.  A Liberal membership of 53 from Quebec was  cut down: to.. 36, at whicly taken alone seriously  threatened the supremacy of the party. But it was  in Ontario that the Conservatives won their greatest victories.    Spurred on by the cry that reciprocity was tbe entering wedge for annexation,  the Conservatives swept nearly everything before  them.   That province, which in the last parliament  was represented by 35 Liberals aud 51 Conservatives, will send a delegation to the next composedv  > of 13 Liberals and 73 Conservatives.    A notable  feature of the defeat was the opposition's capture  of two Liberal seats in Saskatchewan.  Standing by Provinces.  The results at 10 o'clock tonight with a few of  the distant constituencies estimated were: Ontario, 13 Libs.; 70 Cons. Quebec. 36 Libs.; 27 Cons.  "���������Nova Scotia, .10 Libs.; 8 Cons. New Brunswick,  8 Libs.; 5 Cons. Prince Edward Island, 2 Libs.;  2 Cons. Manitoba, 1 Lib.; 9 Cons. Saskatchewan,  7 Libs.; 3 Cons. Alberta. 4 Libs.; I Con. ' British  Columbia, no Libs.; 6 Cons. Totals. 8] Libs.; 131  Cons. Opposition majority. 50.  ������������������-r* Sir Wilfrid's Opinion;   "1 gladly lay down the premiership, a burden  which 1 have carried for fifteen years. We believed that in making the reciprocity arrangement  we rad done something whieh would be greatly to  the benefit of the people of Canada. The electors  declared otherwise.^and I bow to their decision.  ���������"I regret* that we have* been unable to carry  reciprocity, which 1 still believe would have protected the material advancement of Canada, and  would have promoted the growing friendship between the United States and Great Britain. However; the country has .spoken. We must bow to the  inevitable and cheerfully do so."  Landslide Not Expected.  The landslide was Dot expected by either .side.  The Liberals were confident they would he returned with au increased majority, for they believed that reciprocity would be" most'acceptable  to the Canadian electors. While the Conservatives  claimed they would have a majority, they did not  expect it would be. so large, or that the general  verdict of the country would lie given so decisively against  the government.  -. They feared that reciprocity would prove popu--  liii; with the' farming .community 'of 'Ontario' and  the fanners and tlie fishermen "'of the Maritime  Provinces, and while confident tiiey would win the  ���������cities, they'were dubious as to the result iu rural  constituencies. However, in ������������������Ontario, especially,  the agricultural vote went almost solidly against  reciprocity, and-in the "Maritime Provinces it did  not-prove to.be the'popular issue expected. While  Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the prime minister, was safe'  in two counties, tin* Conservatives madea great  harvest 'of ministerial heads: 13 member's of the  Laurier cabinet sought re-election.--and seven of  them were defeated. Minister of'Finance Fielding  and Minister of Customs Paterson. who made-the.  reciprocity'bargain'with the I'nited -States, failed  to win ;'Sir.Frederick-Borden. .Minister of Militia,  and Hon. Mackenzie King. Minister of Labor:  IRn. Sydney Fisher. Minister of Agriculture: Hon..  George P. Graham. Minister of Railways, ami lion.  "William'Templeman. Minister of Inland Revenue,  also went down to defeat. The province of Quebec rejected One minister. British Columbia one,  Nova Scotia two. and Ontario three. .  (Continued on Page 5)  a1 ys>iV*w-.3-.*;V,������^:^*&-^^  ii-in-uwiunw  lii^^ZvV^W^  ~X  THE WESTERN GALL  V''  IV  I*. 4!  i")  Iff*'5'-  ity  I  it|  ill  !��������� I  ;1 V  H'k  t -;  m  I h t  7y  ���������I.I  :**   ;  i'fc ��������� :  IU-.I'  or  .-Si,. -  By.  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"I have told you about the fabled  land of Lyonnesse lying there beneath  the sea," he went on, pointing to the  dark blue expanse on whose distant  confines the Scilly Isles were silhouetted by the last glow of the vanished  ���������un. "Well, the name of the .only  person who escaped from that minor  deluge was Trevillion. It is -suitable  and It accords with tbe initial of ber  probable surname."  "Oh, I see." piped Jones. His  Toice always high-pitched, became  squeaky when .bis brain was stirred.  "That's O.K. for the T/ " remarked  Jim, "but what about the 'E'?" Elisabeth ls a nice name when you make  tt Into bessle."  ��������� "I thfnk we should keep up tbe Idea  'of the Arthurian legend. ' There are  two that come to my mind, Elaine and  Enid. . Elaine died young, the Tictlm  of an unhappy love. Enid became the  wife of a gallant knlghL. Gawain, wba  ���������was J  "���������ever foremost ln the chase,  And Tictor it the tilt and tournament,  They called him the great Prince and  man'of men.' '������������������'���������'  But Enid, whom her ladles lored to  call  fnld the Fair,    a    grateful pooplo  tiairvnl  JM4 tho Good."      '  "That settles it," cried Jim. brand-  tthlng his pipe towards Penzance. "I  hope as bow Miss Enid TreTlllion la  ���������sleep an' dotn' well, an*-that she'll  firow up to be both fair an' good. If  the does, she'll be better'n most women."  Brand made no reply. He went  within to attend to the lantern. In  fve minutes the great eyes of the lit-  *rd. the Liongships and the- Seven  Atones Lightship were solemnly "taring at their fellow-warden of the Gulf  Hock, whilst, in the far west, so clear  was the night, the single flash of St  Agnes and the double flash of the  IMshop illumined the sky.  | CHAPTER III.  THE  SIGNAL.  CORNR OF FRASER  AND FERRIS STS.  T. 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The pair    consisted    of a weather-  beaten llshornian and a girl.  -   The n>an was scam-d and bistered  by wind and \va\e    until he had attained much outward semblance to his  craft. v   Nevertheless, man ��������� and "boat  looked   reliable.      They   were  sturdy  and strong;  antiquated, perhaps, and  greatly  in  want of a new coat;,but  : shaped on lines to' resist the elements  together for years to, come.   Ben Pol-   |>  ! lard>: 'and  his pilchard-driver,     Daisy, j %  I'were-Cornish c'jlobrLtks of note.    Not!.*,  or.ee, but mar.y times had they been!*  1 made immortal ��������� with the uncertain \ %  i Immortality of art���������by painters of the j *  . Wewlyn sehco!. ������ \f  j     Tlie  girl,  an   animated  cameo,    tojj  whicii the shabby picturesqueness of!.?.  ��������� Old Bon in his pat.-.hed garments and J -f  1 old Daisy In her unkempt solidity sup-t J   >  'piled   a   tittisri.-   ba-jlcground,     merited \-^y************************  : the tacit apyrovai she received from. .-"���������  ! the pipe-sir.o':e-.'s. j  i   ' Piaxen-haircd, bine-eyed, with a face ;  of.a delicate, fiower-like beauty which;  added  to its  mobile charm  by    the j  healthy glow of a skin brightened and i  deepened  in tone-by a;n abiding love;  Of the open air, she suggested, by.her!  ; attire,  an artistic study of the  color!  effects    derivable    from the daringly \  trustful   little   plant   which   gave   the i  boat its name.    She wore a coat and i  skirt of green-cloth,.-lightly  hemmed'  and cuffed with dark red' bravl.���������' Her!  large white hat was trimmed with vel-|  vet of a tone to match the braid, ��������� and |  her neatly fitting brown bJots and!  ��������� gloves were  of the right shade.    Be-;  Tieath her ccat  there-was a  glimpse"'  of a knitted jersey of soft white wool,  this    being a  tribute to  the  season,!  though a winter in Lyonnesse can usu- j  ally  shrug its  comfortable  shoulders,  at the deceitful vagaries of the Iti-.j  j viera. I  I    That she was a young person of some!  maritime experience was visible to the|  7o6nnoisseui-s above at a glance.    She  was  busily    engaged in packing  the  apacious lockers of the Daisy with cer-  i tain stores of apples, oranges and  : JTegetables���������ranging from the lordly  ! laew i>otato (an aristocrat at that time  ;lof the year4 to the plebeian cabbage���������  7*nd  her    lithe,  active   figure   moved i*j*  fjrith an ease born of confidence ln the'lC  erratic  principles of gravitation.    ���������������!���������>  (C''**'''-''.-* f������n Pace 7V  *cop>vaiCMT' A-������������fcC*.  Gifts m foi  a Bride  Our Beautiful Showing o\  Cut Olass and Silverwart.  is one of the finest dis*  plays in the city.  QUALITY  ���������Is our first recommendation  in offering 1'HESE goods.  ..   Every article is of the best,  made   and, guaranteed   by  - Kep utable' Manufacturers.  Our  Prices are Right  GEO. OlGGEI  JEWELLER   AND  OPTICIAN  143 Hustings St.,  - ytsnr^t������tm-n' t ukpii  V*  "*"���������"���������"���������"#'  Good Load  MUX  Mm  > *! Si -<}--S .ti  uui  I.  W. D. 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M**"1  Open Pay and Night  OFPICEand CHAPEL  1020 QranvHleSt. Phone Seymur 8282  7 MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. Ninth Ave. and Quebec St.  Sundav  Services���������Public  worship  at  11  '"a.m." and'7:00.. p.m.   Sunday School ana  -  Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.  Rev. J. W7 Woodside, M.A.; Pastor  1V0 Ninth Ave. NV.    Tele. B3948.  .- .  BAPTIST.  MT   PLEASANT   BAPTIST - CHURCH.-.���������  .     Cor. 10th Ave. und Quebec St.  S. Everton. B;A.", Pastor  250 13th Avje. E.  jPreachingSFervlces���������i'l' a.m    and    7:30  p.m.   Sundav school at 2:30 p.m.  CENTRAL  BAPTIST  CHURCH  =JCor.JtOJh^vg^and^Laurel St.  ferviees���������Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7.30  p.m.     Sunday   School   at   2:30   p.m.  Rev. P. Clifton Parker, M.A., Pastor  - llth Ave. W.  WSTftO&IfT  MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario .    y  ferviees���������Preaching  at  U   a.m.  and  at  700   p.m.     Sunday   School  and   Bible  Class at 2:30 p.m.  Rev   W. Lashley  HaU.  B.A.B.D.. Pastor  ParsonaRe    123   Eleventh  Ave.   W.nupju  PawoHall: 123.1 Hh Ave. W.   Tele. 3������24.  Evensong at 7:30 p.m. each Suriday.  Young &  CASH Grocers  and  Provision  Merchants  Our business has  grown ^onv small  beginnings  ta. its  present proportions  wholly oh them  of our goocls.  Trlnitw. Methodist ��������� Church. Seventh  Ave K..' between Park Drive and Victoria Urive. Pastor, Rev. A.M. Sanford.  B A.. UD. Public Worship, Sunday, at  11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sabbath School at  *:45 a.m. during summer months. Midweek rally on Wednesday at S p.m.  AHOX.XCAK  ST.  MICHAEL'S CHURCH,  Cor. 9th Ave. und Prince Edward St.  Services���������Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.  Sunday School aftd Bible Clans at 2:30 p. m.  Evening Prayer at 7:30 p. m.  Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a. m.  and 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:00 a. m-  Rev. G.  H. Wilson,  Rector   "    ,.  Rectorv,  Cor.  Sth Ave.  and  Prince Ed-  "   ward St.    Tele.  L3543.     "���������  X.ATTKK SAT SAXHTS  REORGANIZED  CHURCH OF CHRIST  1W0 10th Avenue. East.  ���������ervices���������Every   Sunday . evening   at-8  O'clock.    Sunday School at 7 o'clock.  I. McMULLEN. Elder  Ourreputatiohis  built on honor anci  prudence. We buy  the best" and thus  please our many  patrons.  ARE YOUR LIPS  BECOMING UGLY ?  The "Cupid's Bow" is Said to be Giving   Way  to Thin.  Hard  and  Straight Lips  Poets have raved ancl singers have  sung of tho beauty of woman's mouth  ���������the magnet which draws man into!  the meshes "of matrimony. But, alas!  women's mouths are no longer beautiful. We look in vain for the "Cupid's  Bow"���������the "sweet, red, splendid kissing mouth." That type is giving way  to lips which are thin, hard, and  straight, and which, while expressing  character, detract largely from the  beauty of the modern woman.  The Cupid's Bow.  At any rate, tliat is the view ex  pressed by several artists in an interesting symposium of opinions published in the Morning Leader recently. And'artists should know, seeing  that their livelihood depends on their  observations of the human form and  face. "y���������7y ������77,.'     '.,:y  ���������     7:v."  "The mouth,'' say8 one artist���������Mr.  G'. Sheridan Knowles; R.I.���������"is the  feature which is most rarely perfect.  Many women have good eyes, or a  good nose, but very few have a perfect mouth. Thi8 may be deplored,  because the mouth has the greatest  share in^ expressing character, .and  cannot be overlooked. My own ideal  is the subtle mouth���������that is to say, a  mouth which expresses distinct character and is in harmony with the rest  of the face.  "The Venus of Milo has comparatively thick lips, but other equally  famous statues have thin ones. My  own opinion is that a compromise between the two extremes is the ideal.  The 'Cupid's Bow' mouth may be ideal  PRETTY MID-SUMMER HAT  Hats of every conceivable shape and  size are shown nowadays; a few of  them are pretty, but the majority are  eccentric and ihost unbecoming. One  of the prettiest of the unusual shapes  is shown above. It is a leghorn covered with black and lace, and trim*  med oh top 1 with a wing bow of emerald green chiffon velvet.  Don't grin.    Mouths iire-best-ln repose.  r  for a child, but something more sub-X  tie iB needed for a woman. There  have been many conventions in Hpsi  The Gainsborough and Reynolds' con-;  ventibn was comparatively thin lipa  without and Cupid curves. '. The os-  setti convention was tlie other extreme���������very thick lips." .:  One explanation offered of the fact  that :.woraan,'s lips are becoming less  beautiful is that they are made thinner and straigh ter on account of the  degeneration of teeth, caused by the  unnatural conditions of to-day, and  there is no doubt that lips depend  upon good and regular teeth for their  beauty, and lose their graceful.outline  when the teetn degenerate.  Mr. Alfred Praga, President of the  Royal Miniature Society, agrees with  Mr. Knowles that one very seldom  aces a perfect mouth nowadays. "My  ideaiyjje says, "is the rosebud or  'Cupid's Bow' type, which' is the only  pure type of beauty. It may not  show character, but that does not matter. Character is not,a pure, natural  thing, but is acquired, and purt  beauty always ends where character  begins. Unluckily, woman is developing much' character now, and the wr  suit may very likely be that ������he will  lose the beauty of her lips,  "It cannot, I think, be too well  understood that ������ beautiful mouth is  at Its best in repose.  ;The present;'  TfttQUfENS MONTH  Characteristics  You  Should   Have   If  Your Birthday la In May  The Queen's birthday is ln May, and  a lucky natal month indeed ia May.  Every true May maid should share  with the Queen certain characteristic*  which, if rightly developed, will make  her, in her own sphere, a rerltable  Queen of Hearts. ,  The May maid inherits the ������������������- ������y  buoyant disposition that tui.��������� . tin  talna Into molehill*, and meets happiness half way. ���������  She is practical; baa plenty of com  mon-sense; a keen eye for detail, and  ��������� happy knack of hitting the right nail  on the head. "Thorough" ls her  watchword. For slackness ot character, Incapacity and indolence, she has  a truly royal contempt, though readily  distinguishing the shiftlessness that  springs from poverty and ignorance.  Our Sovereign's warm-hearted, affectionate 'disposition; her generosity  ���������that wider generosity of heart as  well as of purse; her swift scorn for  gossip and backbiting.7- all these/ are  Maytide traits. But especially characteristic Is the almost professional  interest she has always taken in 'me'di-,  cine and ijursing7 No more natural  outlet will the May maid find for her  energies than in1?'thus-, following her  Sovereign's example.  The May maid has the true instinct  fer governing.  The May maid has all her Majesty's  love of open-air life, and her fondness  for pets, especially dogs and horses.  She "is-very sociable, too, and, like  the Queen, she enjoys brightness and  gaiety. She takes a thorough feminine interest in dress, sharing her Majesty's predilection for the striking but  delicate colors and glittering fabrics  that make tbe. Court toilettes this season brilliant beyond memory.  Very bright, v^y^vividrtakin^7������tHi"  keenest interest in every phase of  life, social, political and artistic, the  May roaidyit thoroughly up to date,  remains"essentially and most truly  feminine. For while she shares these  qualities with' her Queen, she shaves,  too, her knowledge that the aweeteal,  proudest title woman can wear is that  .of wife and mother.  **********************i^***  **************************  * *  * *  There is Only One      |  Semi "Ready!  AND WE HAVEJT  No one else can honestly offer  you the genuine Semi-ready  Tailoring- for the makers give  us   the  exclusive  sale  here.  ������*  Semi=Ready Tailoring   I  - 4*  ^ -THOMAS & MeBAIN        519 GRANVILLE ST. 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Secy.,  481  7th avenue  east. . .".  LOTAL OB&HOS XOOOE  MT.  PLEASANT  L.   O.   L.  NO  1342  Meets  the  1st  and  3rd  Thursdays  of  each month at 8 p.m. in the K. of P. Hall.  All visiting brethren cordially welcome.  H. Birmingham, W.M., 477,7th Ave.  JCast ....  C, M. Howes. Sec, 393 10th Ave.  East ' -  Cash   Grocers   and  Provision Merchants  NOTE THE ADDRESS  Cor. 26th S Main  We Live to Serve  :- ,--  - ���������     i)  Phone: Fairmont 784  Typfc of ll|>������  of to-dsy.  fashion  of  smiling and   showing  the  teeth Is deplorable.   From the artistic  point of view, a smile is nothing but ������  contortion   of  the   face,   which   ruins  the features for the purposes of portraiture.    Face   muscles   that  should  be in repose are brought into activity,  and the result is by no means beautiful.    The  mouth   is  stretched   across  the face, the lips lose any curves they  mav  have, and the whole   face   suffers.? ���������"'���������'.'"  J     On the  other hand. Mr. G. G. Kii-  j burn'e, R.I., says that he has no difficulty in finding models with beautiful  ! mouths. "I notice many perfect mouths  I when  walking about the streets," he  ! continues:  "one Bees, indeed, a great  i number of beautiful women in London.  I     "Of  course,  there  are  many  types  ! of  beauty,  and one  type may  be as  j. beautiful   as   another that  is    widely  j different.    Probably every artist  has  ! his own ideal? aud it is difficult to say  definitely -which   lips   are   the   most  beautiful.   They must not be too thin,  and   they  must  not be  thick enough  to become coarse.    Certainly the rosebud mouth, which is often held up as  line ideal, cannot be accepted as perfect, because, as I have said, it fails  t& express character."���������Tit-Bits.  S, S. Montgomery  I    3129 Westminster Rd.,     Phone: HtallM782ir  ************************** ���������������������������#������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.>������������������#  'V  Phono Fairmont 049  Always in Mt. Pleas an  tj    4-J^   4-^   4y^      JL ^  Stand���������Main and Broadway  Phone V Fairmont 845  1&*9'V9*9****************rt*9******<^  >'..       For good values in  iS  )  76 Prettrvt Flewtr������  REAU ESTATE AMD INVESTMENTS  Call on  household hints   j TRIMBLE  & ,NORRlS;i  Cor. Broadway and Westminster Road  A little saltpetre added to tb������ water   . x  In which cut flower* are 'placed,  wil! j ^4th^***********************   i*<***<*if**9'l*****i*l***l^  make them laat twice as long aa thoy ! ! ���������. yas?���������'.     ���������      .._    ������������������ ���������^4aMggg������M!M���������������������������������,  otherwise would do.  A Uaaful Hint  When making small buna or cakes  at home, flour the tins well instead o(  greasing them;" this plan Is much less  expensive, and the cakes never stick  to the tin.  Jo Boil Quickly  If you want the contents of a saucepan to cook, quickly never I������av������ a  spoon in it. The spoon carries off a  great deal of the heat, and delays tha  boiling.     '  Clean   Lamp-Burners  Wash your lamp-burners occasionally if you want the lamps to give a  j good light. Scrub well In a good  i lather, then rinse and dry by standing  j on the stove rack. Put in a paper bag  j before putting on the stova will pro-;  ; tect them  from-dust.  Cloudy Ammonia  | It is quite easy to make one's own  : ammonia   at   home   in   the   following  way: Mix one ounce of rock ammesm  j with half a gallon of cold water. Whsn  \ this is dissolved the addition of- a  ; little yellow soap  will  make. if.^ui'te'-  cloudy.  A Clean  Pastry-Board  !-" When washing a pastry-board, ai-  ! ways scrub with sand, working the  ! way of the grain of the wood.   In this  way the dirt is removed without  j scratching    the    surface.      The   sand  should be washed off with plenty, of  j cold water, th* boaid  wiped  with  a  clean cloth, and then left,out In the  air to dry.  4'4*<J'**������i,,iMl,'H������?������<S������t������*'2''H-������,^,!Ms"?K������,'������>������I������  *************  *'  I A  [*  il  ! A  THE HOUSE OF WALLPAPER        j  Phone: Fairmont 1243 J  To make room for our FALL GOODS,   we will  now sell  T  our Stock at ���������  20 per cent. Discounts  .243  A. BOSS,  t  Phone: Fairmont 1243    M, KU.30,    146 Broadway, East ���������  ! ������I������ - ' ' ���������  *  : ^M^n^>^>4gMiMJ������|������tJ^tJ������t?^t^n3v^������*J>tS^*21*?>'2,t2*^,^M2*<5*tiM3,   ^i^*S><3*'i>*������^''VtSjv<y<i><S,^**������>*5>*iT<S*<i*<?'l4ytS>tS>'t'^1^.;  Calls Answered Day or Night  PHONE Fairmont 1099  wm. scott s. co-  Dominion   Undertaking   Parlors  Funeral Directors and Embalmers. -.....; "l Spacious Chapel and Reception loon,  802 Broadway,, W. Vancouver, B. UC.  i Oscar Kidd  PRACTICAL MSESHOER'  ^Special attention given to Lame  OM   and Inerfering Horses.      ,  ||     Between SUth-nj, .seventh     pR|NCE     EDWARD     STREET n",fr^*WvW1������'i'i '"^ ';  %-;.:,^&s^������'^'J.k?Xi*'''rZ'.--'  ; :*4S=Hfc^^Sl������iKtW?  ii'jt!v;.7fyA'^uv.?j^ttVjas*h;:  UW^^^^^^  ��������� i  if-  ^  ly.  afl-il.  fK'l  kv-t.  fjV  1  |!!i  ;<: >.'  ::! 7  THE WESTERN CALL  ���������H^^^-X^**^**^********!  *  *  *  *  A  If You Want  PURE, WHOLESOME  FOOD  * For your table give us a ring  FAIRMONT   1367  THE WESTERN CALX.. sembled aiid  it was several minutes  Issued every Friday at 2408 Westmin-   before   order   could  he   sufficiently   Tester Road, one-half- block north of Broad- '  THE SPETEMBER  ROD AND GUN  way.     Phone  Fairmont   1140.  Editor,  H.   H.  Stevens;   Manager,  Geo.  A.  Odium.  stored  to hear Mr. Bowser who  was:     The large and ever growing army or  also acclaimed    with    a salvo ot: ap-  game bird hunters will find ample var-  f    HILLCREST P. 0. BOX 15  PHONE: Fairmont 804  t  *  *.  *  *  Subscription: $1.00 per year, 50 cents  | per six months; 25 cents per . three  I months.  Changes of ads. must be in by Tuesday evening each week to insure insertion in following issue.  Notices of births, deaths and' marriages inserted  free of charge.  Table Supply  S18 BROADWAY, E.  Our Guarantee  Goes with Every* |  thing We Sell   $  lfirsGoodJeHavelt  liWeHavelUt'sGood  Great Victory Gained   by  C< n ervatives in  Vancouver  (Continued from page 1) j  Outside of this hostelry a vast  crowd ��������� consisting of many thousands  gathered and it was extremely difficult  to hear the speakers. By the remarks  dropped amid the spells of tremendous  cheering it was taken that Mr.  Stevens said the following:        ,  "We have won a great victory. By  the returns already received it is safe  to say the Conservatives have won  and that reciprocity has been turned  down. I am glad that the people of  this great country recognized and  lived up to its traditions but I.'may say  that I never had the slightest^ doubt  that, in the critical hour they,, would  place country before party.    The re  plause. ..; ieties in stores dealing with their fav-  Like air. Stevens it was absolutely   orite recreation in the September is-  impossible to hear all that the Attor-jsue 0f. Rod and Gun in Canada,' pub-  ney-General had to say owing to the j lished by W. J. Taylor, Limited, Wood-  cheering  which yvas  manifest at all | stock,  Ont.    From  Newfoundland, to  periods.    Almost every sentence was:Britigh Columbiai iB a wide range and  punctuated   with  vociferous applause. \ all is included in this one number, the  - In  part   Mr.   Bowser  said  that the j dfflerence8 in the gport enjoyed in the  Conservatives had stood for the policy.! vari0UB provinces being pleasantlycoiv  of  "Canada  for  the  Canadians"  and I veyed in a series of stories dealing  the  people  recognized  that.Mr.  Bor-lwith  actua,  occurrences  in  den's  party   would protect their best  Further varietyis g,ven by a finely m.  I interests.   They could now be assured  UBtrated story o[ the Cruise of the Pa.  YOUNG & tfOUNQ  PLUMBING and STEAMFITTING; HOT WATER.  HEATING and STOVE CONNECTIONS;  GENERAL REPAIRS'  First-class work guaranteed.  Estimates Given COR. 2lsl and WESTMINSTER AVE  ���������������������������*���������-.  *  t  *  *':'.  *  ���������*"������������������  *  3  dealing ���������     --. .......  the  field.   ***************-y**********  ****************^****aa**^,  -it   .......���������h���������   :"i.n.   rmrv   ranno !  that honest and clean government pooge & camping 8tory> ana some 6x-  would reign at Ottawa and they would  all understand that the Dominibn  would always.stand for protection. It  had been a great campaign. A good  candidate, a good organization and a  good cause had triumphed in Vancouver. In Mr. Stevens they, had a candidate who could be relied upon to  represent them fully and truly to the  best of his ability. Already he had  shown them to be a man with a powerful grasp on conditions and nobody  need  fear as to Vancouver suffering  MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS  cellent verses. Geese, ducks and prairie chickens afford the very best of  sport and their devotees tell of the  complete enjoyment experienced in a  I way to make their confreres resolve to  make similar trips with the same object in view. Wing shooting is a  sportsmanlike occupation and with  only fair conservation there should  be ample opportunities for all sportsmen in Canada to enjoy some of this  fine recreation for an indefinite time to  come. A more interesting number of  this   fine   magazine  has' never   been  issued.  Colorado Springs, Sept. 7.���������Many of  the     most     famou'^    agriculturalists  $4.50  Special for Saturday  ������   Ready-to-Wears and Trimmed Hats, at        -        -  % "SEE OUR NEW FANCY GOODS"  I   MICC Tl 1DI   P      2636 MAIN   STR.  *   lYIlO^.   CUKLD,   VANCOUVER - B. C.  v V  P  i  .���������  t  *  A ,  *  .*[  %]  *,  '  ���������..������.*..���������.������������������ .\AAAA.'..'~UA.4.AA******.$"l-**************^  - *  f I  Home  Cooked Meats  A Specialty.       /  H.   HARFORD  *  ****************<���������********  when Mr.  Stevens  took  his  seat  in  the Federal House.  Thereafter the automobile following  place country before party,   ane  re   the'band  proceeded   down Granville  turns at the polls show this to be the  street and along HajtingB st^thou. ��������� ���������   ���������        ^^ h&ve g ?  i   case.   To the city of Vancouver I owe Ssamls, standing on the side walks and ,       ^y-       ���������      -���������������������������.,    *  ��������� my deepest thanks. I recognize the j in " the road cheering the'^uccessful, the program of the International, Dry *  %'[ confidence reposed in me and will cer- '.candidate as he passed by. Banners Farming Congress, which meets in this  tainly always strive to advance the Iwere waved aloft and bugles were city October 16th. The congress is  best interests not t>nly of the big con- \ Mown, while every moment cheers ! eyoted fo. the propaffan(la o������ better  stituency of Vancouver but also of, ascended. No conquering hero ever \ farmingi aiong the intensive lines  the Dominion.   ���������������������������-������������������" -��������������� ���������*���������������. was    accorded a    greater/ reception, i bnown ag' u&.  ment  will under Mr. Borden., Again, lames ;   ���������inritnnnia.".    After   this   Mr.. Stevens  ���������I*  Wanted  >niinion.    Honest, clean govern-; was    accordea^ greater, reception , km)wn ag ..d :   moXMWB.    ���������  must prevail    and  it certainly Reaching Abbott Street again, the^ast.W     ^ pajd menibers,and is the  .f (win under Mr. Borden.. Again, lkdies | ^d  took up the retrain ot.  Rule i apg.       agricultural    ������0ciety   in    the  .3 and  gentlemen, I thank yon  for the Br^n'^     After   ttiis   Mr.   Stevens,    ^     Among the prominent names  4-lgreat work accomplished and you may "������ J.r. Bowser spoke again, express-1 w firgt agsi������tant gec.  rest assured that I will do my part  "IS thanks for the splendid manner in  reta '   of aRriculture. M   A   Carleton  when r take mv Beint at Ottawa    Tn  which  the  people, of Vancouver  had ,.      , ','..'  ,A      '  wnen 1 take my seat at uttawa.    10   ���������-.....���������--  r   K I cereal st, Department of Agriculture;  ��������� -   registered its vote against reciprocity.!        .   , *       H    , , a  The national anthem was then sung | Dr-A' C ��������� ^ ������J,8;*"01; espenmeat  and to escapfe the enthusiastic crowd,  stations:  Hon- W- R' ^^nerwell, dir-  1  I  ���������  V  A  The Hard Nut In Crack  Where Can I Get the  Best Values for My  .*]  I  copvaioht:  If you would be convinced just  ask those who have invested their  money in a  *  result, I have ^ ^ ^^' ^ ^^^Ge-ral  -^  ������"  ^ C ��������� ^2^mL^^^! ������  and the way in which the People ���������V.!T1������,al.-Went one way, while Mr. Stev- ,Can- HOn- "U -      -1'  for Alberta, Canada;  A.TA.V.A.       w*      4* ---V "--- I..O  ience to solicit advertising  Enquire at  Terminal City Press ..7  2408 Westminster R<1., near 8th  Phone: Fairmont 1X40  the workers who have ao nobly assisted in bringing about such a splendid  result, I have only praise to shower  and the way in which the people ral-1 -"���������"���������    -  ~ 7 ��������� ��������� lied around the Conservative banner Tisdall went one way, while Mr. Stev-, .    ,  Man   Of  ability   and   eX^ * Vancouver will always be one of my  ^M^���������������    ^y H(U������a������������ , Hon. T. Ed. Caron, minister of agricul-1*  *-~   ^   c.l^   ^verti^ most Pleasant  -o^ons.^ ,_  ^^^^  I York; Dr. K. L. Butterfield of Massa-j-������  chusette; Dr. J. H. Connell of Okla- S  Dr. J. A. Widtfpe of Utah; Dr. J. H. | ^  hom.a; Dr. J. H. Watters of Kansas: j *  Worst of North Dakota: Dr. W. E. Gar- **  rison of New Mexico; Dr. C. A. Lory of  Colorado and others.-  Joy Malleable Range  They will tell you that they give the.best value because:'  First.   The Joy has braced corners.  Second    The Joy has a pfn waterfront. .  Third.   The Joy has a quarter-inch asbestos lining.  Fourth    The Joy has a large, roomy oven. a  Fifth.   The Joy is a fuel saver.  Sixth.   The Joy has Heaviest fire linings for coal or  wood.  Tremendous  cheering    broke  loose j "l  * * 9 *'9 * *+*+**^+****&+*'*-***"***' *'***'*,*-*-****<**-**'������-*'-**-*-i%f'<i'-**+-*  'iremenuuuB  wrccims     ww.���������������      as Mr. Stevens resumed his seat7 iii I Tection. Despite the chief men were  liis automobile. Toy trumpets were'! absent the crowds continued to line  introduced arid they helped to the gen-1 Pender and Hastings streets during the  eral noise.   Above this was heard the hour ot  uine  and  ten  o'clock  these  -       - thoroughfares   being   almost  impass  able. sov dense were the assemblies.  The voting by wards was   as   follows:  deafening cheers of the multitude as-  Stevens Senkler Kingsley  K 751 Oronvillc Street Phone Seymour 3025  > Next Poor lo p. C.C.R. Office  ��������� '      ���������" -     71  778.  549  444  3S9V  33  32  76  35  6  77  Colorado Spring, Sept. 9���������There is  on display in tha window at International   Dry-Farming   Congress,   head*  "- , quarters',"a. beautiful  silver cup  that;  104 I arrived today from Lethbridge, Alta.'  ���������'"������ ;It is offered!as; a premium at7the Con-  f3^.! gress   Exposition,   which,   opens   here  105 ��������� October 16th, by the Lethbridge Board  of Trade, and will be awarded to the j  champion exhibitor'of a bushel of hard (  red. winter wheat. Canda is barred;  from contesting. The cup rests on an!  ebony  base and - stands' 18 inches in  | height. ��������� ���������"  .  ! LethlSVidge' is a candidate for the  next^ Congress and is coming to this  one ta.cke.d wffiriT'Sil^ditplaj^aTid-'a  ���������5^4<5^*^^544^J^^*^*A������j44j4������j44j������4j^J������4j4**44*������������'**Jt*j4^44j4       4j4^4^*������������*44*������4*������4*������������^4jl4^44|442������4244{44^44^������4^������������j4^t42M^***������4^M^  66  59  6i  7!  . -2;  13  I  8  N  ST.. Cor7 llth Ave.  Men  Prescrtpiioiis a Specialty by  . 35  .1  - ;1  '20  1(50  1  7:,0  0  11  47  Thos. McCarthy  OF   THE  MARBLE GROCERY  1035 Broadway  East  Will sell his large new stock  of  Groceries,   Provisions,  Flour, Fruit and Hardware  at 10 per cent discount  Totals  7...69l7*f .   3913 9o3  Deducting" 7Mr. Senkler's vote of  3913 from that of Mr. Stevens, 6917.  it. shows a majority for the Conservative candidate of 3,004.  Two interesting official delegates,'announced today are a personal -repre-  i sentative of the Minister of Agriculture of China, the oldest dry-fanning  country in the world,-and an Indian  Prince who comes to represent the Im  perial Government of India.  large delegation headed by the provincial minister of agriculture.  ' y  i SPIRITUALISM       "  "I A"SPIRITUAL meeting will beheld  every 'ihursday evening' at 8 o'clock.  Claseslor enquirer.-* can be arranged  for, ^ '���������'���������?'���������'   :Mks. Clarke,  ,-���������������������������-������������������   ..-.'''..���������' Teacher,-  |.o6       7 s Trim an Avenue. Central Park  MRS. W. O'DELL  POi ULAR   flUSIC   TEA-HER  .     Has   re-o>.ene>i  her ruudio  ~"  Term Oo   mencing Sept. 5  Chiliiven a specialty.    r'or terms apply  17S Broudwciv W.  Phoiu-: Fun muii t 91)5     Nym? 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Loyalty to ihe th-ig.'.xneiullin'ess to mt--:  perialisni a:ui love ot natioiud ireedorn have said  to reciprocity: "Be gone forever vrhh your'''false  ])ro!ui.se.s   of. prosperity   and   improved national  Vaueouvcr was deeidedly pronounced in its  aversion to reeiproeity. il. Li.,;Stevens: whose ex- '  pressed eonvictuuis against reeiproeity were constantly and widely announced through the Western Call and iroiu the'. platform/ received the.  largest vote ever given a candidate in t.lrts city.  "While his recognized abilitv. umiuestiouabie worth  and" popularity--were, factors in the election., his  championship of opposition to, reciprocity had  much to do with the results. Reciprocity is now  a dead issue and is buried beyond recall.  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Borden  Elected.     7 ,  Despite reports to the contrary,  from Halifax7 Conservatives here  "claim to have absolute . information  that  Queeiis'-Shelburne by 1 28 majority, and  Sir Frederick Borden, Minister of Militia, lost King's County to A. Dew  Forrest -by,'160 majority.  In Halifax, Mr. R. I.. Borden, leader  of the Conservatives, was elected. iby  Phone: Fairmont 7&1  THE  Mr.   Borden    has   been  elected. 200   majority,   but  his  running  mate  though by, a small majority.  Whether \  ihe has been elected will make no dif-  1 ference.    If a filial couut for Halifax  I'Vfe-  FISHER'S  r> r uo  STORE  **  NIGHT     BELL  Phone Fairmont  2-5#  **  Cor. Broadway 1  -'a-std'..���������.-������������������' .  7~2  4|4^<{l4>^<{>4^K|^^^K|kgt^><3������4l'^t|)4Hi>^,^K^l'  *  44  44  M  ,4-  44  4>  <-4  ���������������  44  ���������!���������'  44  <l  <������  *  *  *  *  *  44  *  NOW  FALL  9*********999*************  ������������������.���������'-..''-"'   '''     . 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William Pugsley, Of  New Brunswick, Minister of Public  "Works: Hon. Charles Murphy of Ontario, Secretary of State; Hon. Frank  Oliver, of Alberta, Minister of the Interior; Premier. Laurier; Hon. Ru-  dolphe Lemieux, Minister of, Marine  and'Fisheries, and Dr. H. S.?BeIand,  Postmastier-General in the Province, of  Quebec! ' Sir A. B. Aylesworth, Minister of .lustice. d'd not seek re-election,  as he had decided fo retire fi;pm public  i life, and Sir Richard Cartwright, Min-.  R. Moore  Phone :   Fairmont 373 2211 Bridge St. j  ^^XK^^-K^^^X^K^^^H^W*** ****A**4^*********ii/*******.  PROF.  EXPERT TEACHER of Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Authoharp and  k:k ���������   yyy    7/"  "Zither.,- -  Twenty Private Lessons   -   $7.00  7'] No Glass Lessons  Musicians supplies of  every description.  DROWE MUSIC  23j5 Westminster Avenue near 7th  leaves .Mr. Borden in the.minority any  I one'"of "a hundred members elected as  rConservative representatives in Canada would resign to give him a seat.  Sir Frederick Humiliated.  ^{ Among the most disappointed men  ^ over the result-is Sir Frederick Bor-  ^ Sen, Minister of Militia, who has been  a-minister of the crown ever since the  Laurier government took office. He  has suffered: the humiliation of being  defeated by a 21-year-old college' student. He also loses the chance of going to London as Canadian High Commissioner to succeed Lord Strathcona.  Hon. Sydney Fisher; Minister of Agriculture, is in a somewhat similar position. He Was defeated by a young  lawyer. . .  .������������������.������'       Heavy Vote in Prairies.  Winnipeg, Sept. 2.1 .���������Election, day  : was ushered in with a heavy fog, following the rain of yesterday. It was  impossible for farmers to carry on  their threshing operations, and for  that reason a heavy vote was polled  in the country.  In the city six hundred provincial  constables, 200 Doniinion constables  and a vigilance committee of 1,200  Liberals guarded the polls to prevent  impersonation and plugging.  \ .  '��������� ���������  result in Prairie Provinces.  Winnipeg, Sept. 21. ��������� At 10:30  o'clock to-night the result of the election in Alberta and Saskatchewan was  shown to be as follows:  Manitoba���������Liberals elected, 5^ Conservatives, 5.  Saskatchewan���������Liberals elected, .7;  Conservatives, 3.  Alberta���������Liberals, 6; Conservatives,  1.       ��������� ���������   '  Total Liberals, 18; Conservatives, 9.  The Conservatives again carried  Winnipeg, Haggart doubling his majority of 1908.  In Brandon, Aiken was elected by  800. This is a Liberal loss, as it was  held by Hon. Clifford Sifton in the last  House, who since his election has  turned against the government.  In Portage la Prairie, Melghen, Con- i  servative, was elected by 500, defeating R. Patterson; a grain grower.  In Minnedosa, Dr. Roche. Conservative, was probably re-elected, but the  vote will be close. ,  In Souris, Campbell, "* Liberal: in  D.aunhin. Cruise. Liberal; and in Lis-  gar, Greenway, Liberal, are elected.  These are the Liberal gains. In Selkirk, Bradbury, Conservative, was reelected by a large majority. In McDonald, Woods, Liberal, and Stoples,  Conservative, are running close, the  chances favoring Woods.  In Provencher, Mollay, Liberal, is  re-elected by a large majority.  Returns from Saskatchewan are incomplete, but indicate the election (of.  McKay,   Conservative,   in   Prince   Al-  Mr.  Mr.  100.  A. B.   Crosby,   was defeated  B. Blackader, with a majority  Minister of Customs Paterson, who  aided ^Minister Fielding in negotiating  the reciprocity pact, lost bis election  in Brant, Ontario, which he has represented for many years.       %  An election which was entirely unexpected by either parties was tbe  overthrow of Sir Frederick Borden,  Minister of Militia and Defense, in  king's County, which Sir Wilfrid had  represented in parliament for twenty  years. Sir Frederick is a cousin of the  Conservative  leader.  The Conservatives were aided by  many of the fishermen who are employed on Gloucester and Boston  boats, the owners of which oppose  reciprocity. The fishermen are residents of Nova Scotia and have the  privilege of franchise in their home  villages. The Finance Minister's constituency is a fishing and Maritime  district.  Editorial   Comment.  Toronto, Sept. 21.���������"The Mail and  Empire" says, editorially: "'The Knox-  Ffelding pact has. received its quietus.  That menace of Canada's independence, that troubler of our politics for  the last eight months, has been dealt  with by the soverign people in a fashion that makes a man feel prouder  than ever to call himself a Canadian  of this grand country. The humblest  must feel that it is an honor to be a  fellow-citizen of the great majority  who yesterday "tore into tatters the  covenant of treason our Ministers concluded with the President bf the United States. The Canadian people have  proved themselves worthy of their  country. Higher praise than that they  can scarcely ask to be passed upon  them. Not only is the evil spirit of  continentalism exorcised, but the government it possessed is cast out."  ������K~>^<S~K������S^X^*^������������X^^ ******A***********^*******  We get good Tenants for your Houses.        :j:  We get good Houses for our Tenants.      *  We Collect Rents. y |  *  In fact, we do Everything in the renting line.  $  Let us cure your worrying. %  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  | 160 Broadway E.  %  Room 2 (Near Main)  *********************<^*^it  Phone:  Fairmont 1242  ������������������:������������������:������������������:������������������:���������  >���������.������������������.������������������.������������������."."  .'.,...'.. ���������������������������  I MOUNTAIN VIEW GROCERY ������  I BOD WELL ROAD     now 34th Ave. J  * ��������� ,~  .,- *  ������7. WE CAN SUPPLY YOU  WITH      7        |  1        '      GROCERIES and !  I PROVISIONS I  And   SCHOOL SUPPLIES,    also   FLOUR & FEED  ..7-7 :/ ' ��������� at CITY PRICES  R: G. JUSTASQN, Prop.  GOODS PROMPTLY DELIVERED.  , Mr. B. L. EORDEN  -  Canada's New Premier  ister of Trade and Commerce, who is  a member of the Canadian Senate,  was not required to go before the  electors.:       .  Hon. Jacques Bureau, Solieitor:Gen-  eral, who was regarded as a semi-  member of the administration was also  defeated.     ,  Although the majority of0 seats won  by the  Conservatives  is over half a  hundred, the popular majority against  ! the Government    and    reciprocity,; is  jeven more overwhelming.   Where Lib-  ! eral seats were retained or won from  the Opposition it was generally by a  very  small  margin. 7 .The  Conservatives  everywhere    were '.returned  by ot t^ie government,  majorities larger than, have everbe-!    In the other seats the Liberals are  fore been given in a Canadian election, fading by large majorities, except in  Qu'Appelle and Moosejaw, where the  ^^.^st^gaij^Reci^ probably have returned.  Even the Prairie West; which was Tys is r^HsrSflum^the-gov-  supposed to desire reciprocity above j , ln Aiberta> McGratli, Conservative,  all other things, and where American'of MedicIne Hat> is defeated. as is'also  settlers have gone in large numbers, Herrori o{ Mac}eo6. These arfeitwo  did not go unanimously for the Gov  ernnient.y    7        _ . (    ^   Calgaryj  Bennett>  It has been an axiom in Canadian  politics that no  party  could  succeed  without a majority in the .Province of  Quebec, but to-day's voting destroyed  this   theory,    for    the    Government, .  ,.���������    .    , ,    .   ,       .  .     , ... Ottawa Surprised;  though defeated   retained a majority ;��������� ���������    ,   ���������,     7,, ,  ���������    rk. 1      '  ������i v.    1   ���������-,-������������������' i*i   4.1 Ottawa, Sept. 21.���������The result of the  in Quebec.    Many  "w" ^������i^..������.i  ������.���������������. ������  HOUSE  ���������OF���������  (.15 617 Fifteenth Av.E.  And Westminster Roail  We Deliver Your Order*  Promptly  Cocoa  Teas, Coffees, Sugars  at THIS STORE are  always of a High-  grade Quality  And you receive 16 Ounces t������ ���������*������  Pound every time  \  Our Prices are Low iIn  You consider the Qoafir  The old saying holds  "Help Others and You Help lomer'  S1.M  1.75  l.fl������  1.85  95  ST. PAUL'S IN FULL SWING.  A very enthusiastic meeting.was  held in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church,  corner Fourteenth avenue and Burns  street, by the Christian Endeavor Society, Monday, September 18th. The  society has not been holding any meetings for the past three months, but  have recently commenced again and  will continue from now on. The meeting was led by Miss N. Arbuthnott,  while the topic, "What the Future of  the Christian Endeavor Should Be,"  was very ably handled by Mr. R. 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In the four northern seats, Liberals  are all leading. Hon. Frank Oliver halving a large majority.  | Attractive MILUNERY OPENING in Progress |  retained a  who believed that  the Conservatives would win, expected the majority to be small, ancl the  result would be that the Frenc-li-Xa-  tioualist group of the opposition would  hold the balance of power, and that  Mr. Henri Bourassa. their lender,  would seek election in some, constituency within a short time and make his  appearance in Parliament to direct  them. If this had been tlie case they  would have occupied: tbe post wbicb  the Irish party has sometimes held  in the British Parliament and might  have made the position of the Prime  Minister difficult.  Independent of Quebec.  The splendid majority obtained, by  Mr. R. L. Borden in the English provinces will make him practically independent of the French group, for  he   has  a   working  majority   without  elections was a complete surprise to  both parties in Canada's capital. It'.is  expected that Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the  Premier, will tender to the Governor-  General, Early Grey, his resignation  within the next two weeks, although  not required to do so until defeated by  an adverse vote in the House.  The first business of the new government will.be to. put "the supply bill  through the House, as the public serv.  ices of the country require an .immediate vote of money.  In New Brunswick.  St. John, N. B... Sept. 21'.���������Although  New Brunswick turned over to the  Conservatives to-day three seats occupied in'the last.parliament by Liberals, tbe Liberals captured-the City  of St..John and elected Hon.-William  Pugsley,   .Minister   of" Public   Works,  FARM WOMEN'S CONGRESS  ������ Colorado Springs, SepOt���������ffiTfirst  International Congress of Farm Women open in,this city October 17, and  bids fair to be the most important,  convention of women ever held in this  country. The committe in charge have  agreed upon the general outlines of the  program, as follows: First Day,- laws  of physical life, in relation to the family, conservation of time and strength,  labor saving devices, and simple hygiene, etc.; Third day, economic value  of women and children on the farm, influence of clubs, granges and other  agricultural associations, care of infants, and young children, etc.-:' Fourth  day, the rural church, reorganization  of rural schools, recreation in the rura  districts, etc.; Each, general- topic is  broken into many subjects an<!" there  will be demonsi.ralio.tis by the Co'orado  Agricultural College Do.mcsiic S.-.-oneo  Department ^;i-i tho LVpar:;n"nt of Ae-  riculturo. showing the menace'of ttiti  liouse fly, and exhibitions' and illustrations, by other speakers.  Among the noied. speakers on tlie  program will be Prof. W. M. Mays, assistant secretary of agriculture, :5n "������'���������'-  thority on rural school wo;-U; Hiv.  Waren H. 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Grange Lecturer of Ann Ar-.'  the  Ladies cordially invited to examine our Ladies' and Misses'  Hats.      Styles modern.     Plices reasonable.     Hats remodelled.    Hats made to order a specialty.  STORE OPEN  EVERY  MONDAY  AND THURSDAY  FRCM  ,  7  . TO 10:00 P. M.  which has been sent to Mr. Borden by hottest political light in the history of  the7Province of Ontario'makes it cer- Nova Scotia, the two parties split even  T  '? tain that that province will dominate to-day on the question ot reciprocity,  * | Canadian affairs  ;bor, Mich; Mrs. F. E. Krooks of .('olor-  'ada Springs and7 others. Practical  (farm women from throughout the en- ���������  of their  CTFRALJiER CHANTS  The   House of Pro.vpirily  Knows:  iLs iWol'iO :.,.���������������  ���������' Best   Qu-tiiity,    Lowest    Prices  i     Quick Deliveries."  STOIiE "HOURS:-;  ��������� From 7:.'iu a. m.; to fi:30 p. m. "  SsitiinJay 7;:iU a. m.-to 10:i'0p.. ra^ .  PHONE:    Fairmont /61  7:00  X, come.      The  * life of Sir  615=617 Fifteenth AveB.  And Westminster Roatfc  MISS F. KENNEDY  3210 Main Street ds Phone: F. 592 R.  4f>������������������������������cai������������������������������������������������������������������4������������*������*������������������ **************************  for some    time to the Liberals electing nine members of k[Te country are sending notice  retirement   from   public Parliament,  and    the    Conservatives [intention to participate.  Wilfrid Laurier, now near- nine.    The     Conservatives,  however.      Ample provision is being made for  I !ing his seventieth birthday, soon will captured three seats held" by the Lib- (entertainment features.   Tlie secretary; ��������� ���������     -  f be   announced   and  Liberal   members erals in the last house.   Two cabinetjof the Congress, Mrs. John T. Burns  g^-j^s, business is flourishing wlife-  * j of Parliament remaining will be called ministers   went   down     to   defeat   in, of Colorado Springs,  will  be glad to many   are languishing.     Rea������B���������^lf������^  lunon  to  choose  his  successor.    The Nova Scotia, Hon. W.-S. Fielding. Min-1 furnish information as to rates, accom- satisfy the people who select "witfe ifi*-  i 3TGX10T*  defeat of  bo  many    leading cabinet ister of Finance, being beaten by Mr.odations, etc. rlT. ������LJU'InJ'������t-M'������ara*'" ������  m *������������������v,     a������ff>������ T^-C W  S^^wT^ -iU������i!M������������d������ ~*J ������^e=-1rt-������aw^**cw������*M������**������>������-j-i-'  THE WESTERN CALL  *S5'  5^j^^kS^SmK1**'**"s'*<S,**<J>,s������j>cJ������**   **^������3*******i3'*************1  *  *  *  *  #���������:  *���������  ������*  *  <*  z  *  ���������*  ���������*  %  mr  !  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A woman who know* how to,000k a  good dinner is seldom lomid wiintinx  in other respects wueti^ini emergency  arises.  A boy that has good sense is in ���������nn  alarming CtXi'.'itioti ;tml slioulil receive  Immediate and careful attention.  A woman will loririve a man tor being fond ot her il he will only keep It  to himselt.  z  z  z  Branch Store: ,7  Corner Fraser and Miles Avenues f  *wf  '. Phone: Fairmont 1I67L y.     |  ********************** **************^***********  Ads. in the Western Call bring resuHs  City Fire Alarms  3'���������Granville and Beach."-1  4���������C P. R. 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Mill,  foot Dunleavy.     .  127���������Ponder and Salsbury.  128���������Oxford and Templeton.  129���������Pender ami .laousoii.  131���������Powell  and Carl.  132���������Hastings  and  Carl.  133���������Vernon and Powell.  134���������Pender and Heatley.  135���������Powell and Hawks  136���������Hastings  and   Dunlevy.  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U    ,  384���������Chilco 'and Comox.  335���������Burrard  avd  Georgia.  386���������Bute aiid Georgia. -  387���������Bute and Kobson. \  338���������^Barcla.v and Broughton.  339���������Jervls And -'-Penrtrcli.  331���������BurrardTaria'1 Harwood.  333���������Den man and Georgia.-  333���������Burnaby and .ler\ is.  334���������Bidwell andSHaro.  335���������Robson and Cardwro. ' ,  Burrard and>CoHiox.   .  r I  337���������Jervls and Itaio  341���������Pender and Thuriow.  342���������Broughton  ancl  Haiwood.  3<3���������Buinabv  and  Thuilow.  345���������Thuilow and Alberni.  412���������Thud and Cedar.  413���������Third and  Maple.  Ai* I'lv-t and  Vew  415���������First and Tiafalgar.  4ib���������second  and Pine  41/���������'"I'ln^.i"  and  Yew  418���������Third and Macdonald.  <ng ��������� ' \-   t   -ii   '   lf ���������   u ^n a.  421���������Thud and Balsam.  425���������Cornwall and Bals������un.  431���������Maple and Cieelman, C.  P   R.  iriant  519���������i^ichth  ancl Clark  513���������Gia\elev and Park.  514���������Fourth  and Park.  515���������ftnuelev  and   Woodland.  516 Ch.irles  and  Clark.  517���������Willianr*  and  Woodland.  518���������Paiker and Park.  519���������Venable������ and Cotton.  521���������Venables and Clark.  522���������CampbePl' and Harris.  523���������Harris   anil   Gore.  524���������Prior   ahd   Gort"  535���������Prior and .lncksou.  526���������Union  and  Ha.wkes.  r������T���������,''n'*   .|)i(|   (1.' .-(.  528���������Harris and Woodland.  M>���������������������f.". ������������������nd  and  P-n-i-   l>tiv<������.  531���������William and Park Drive.  RjM���������m  ni'ii'lr'aiKl  i'urk Drive.  533���������Third artii  McT^ean.  541���������Carl antf Keefer.  612���������Keefer and  Victoria.  613���������Parker and Victoria.  814���������Williams and  Victoria.  615��������� Bismarck an'd  Lakewood.'  616���������Second  and  Victoria.  617���������Sixth  a:nd  Victoria.  618���������Lakewood   and   TJa^nard.  713���������Tenth and Park.  713���������Twelfth and Clark.  714���������Vinth and Doek.  715���������Twelfth and Scott.  ,/  716���������Bio������idwa>   and   Burns.  717���������Twelfth  and Woodland.  71S���������Fourteenth  and Park Drive.  818���������Sixteenth   and   Sophia  823���������Twent>-������ecoMl and Sophia  8C3���������Twentieth  and  Humphrey.  843���������West.   Rd   and Fraser.  847���������Twenty-fom th   and   Fiaper.  858���������Twenty-second  and  Marclia.  873���������Fifteenth and Thomas  STB--West.   Rd    and   Thomas.  1312���������Ninth and Yukon.  1213���������lTleventh and Ontario.  1214���������Tenth and St. George.  1215���������Thirteenth  and  Main  1216���������Tenth  and Quebec  1317���������Htoadwav and Columbia  1218���������Eleventh and Ash  1219���������l''i1 tee'ith  and Main..  1224-���������Vancouver General  Hospital.  1233���������Broadway and Asii.     ������  1251���������Fourteenth  and 'Manitoba.  1253���������Tenth and West. Road.  1263-���������Thirteenth fnd Prince Edward.  1264���������Thirteenth  and Yukon.,  1313���������Sixth- and Pine  1313���������Seventh and  Manle  1314���������Thirteenth and Alder.  1315���������Ninth and Cedar.  1316���������Eleventh and Oak.  1317���������Broadway  and Oak.  1318���������Eleventh and  Fir.  1319���������Thirteenth and  Hemlock.  1331���������Broadway and Alder.  1322���������Tweiith and Cypms.  1323���������Tenth  and  Arbutus.  1324���������Fourteenth and  Arbutus.  1342���������Broadwav and Willow.  1412���������Eleventh and Yew.  1413���������Seventh and Balsam.  1414���������Fifth  and Trafalcar.  2118���������Kamloops  and   Hastings.  2ii!)���������Powell  and Clinton.  3122���������Katon and Clinton.  3132���������Kflocan and Pandora.  3145���������Dundas and Renfrew.  3258���������Windemere and  Pender.  J.   A.   McCROSSAN,  City Electrician.  1  *  The Buffalo Grocery  KEEPS IN THE LEAD OF  Vancouver's  Forward  Movement  Fresh Groceries. Fruits.  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"That would   Polwena Mine wanted was work���������and  be jolly.    Look here.   Wait two min-, the Gull Rock was the best place for  ran   tree. ' utcs until I scrjfeble a line to the ma-''trying  it.      At his' own  request   the  ter-  Whilst they worked they talked, and  of course, the critics listened.   ' "Nothing of  the  sort. Jack,"  inter  "Do ycu think the weather will hold, posed the other girl quietly, taking  Ben?" asked 'the girl over her shoul- i from his arm the water-proof cloaks  der, stooping to arrange some clus- j he was carrying for her. "You know  ters ot daftouils and norc-issi-s so that I Lady Margaret would be very angry  they should not-sutler by the lurch of  some heavy package when' the boat'.  heeled over.        . J    "The old girl is going out this  af-  "The glass be a-fallin', sure, missy,"  | and 'with   vfery  good  reason.      Moreover, dad would be annoyed, too."  J J. CLARK  Wholesale and Retail  Hay, Grain  and  Feed  Poultry Food a Specialty  1547 Main Street  VAN COUVER,, B.C.  said the old fellow cheerily, "but wi'  the wind backin' round fo the ncrrard  it on'y means a drop o' wet."  "You think we will make the rock  in good time?"  ''We'm do-our best, Miss Enid."  She sat up suddenly.  "Don't you dare tell me, Ben, Pollard, that after all our preparations  we may have to turn back or run for  inglorious shelter into Lamorna."  -      >  Her  mock  indignation   induced , a  massive  grin.      "A  mahogany   table  breaking into mirth," was Enid's pri-'  vate description of Ben's face when he  smiled. i  '"Ee knaw the coast as well as  most," he said. "Further go, stronger  blow, 'ee knaw." i  "And not ao slow, eh, Ben? Really,'  you and  the Daisy look more tubby  every time 1 see you."  Thus disparaged, Pollard defended  hirj^self and his grpft. !  "Me an' Daisy '11 sail to Gulf Light >  qulcker'n any two other tugs in Penzance, missy. Her be' a long run at  this time o' year, but you'm get there  ill right, I 'xpefet. Wl' a. norrard  breese we'm be safe enough. If the  wind makes 'ee c'n zee et comln', 'ee  knaw  ternoon," he protested.  "And she expects you to" go with  hei-. Now, Jack, don't let us quarrel  betore we have met tor fHe minutes.  We will see you������ to-morrow." ~-  He helped her down the stone  steps.  "Enid," he murmured, "Connie and  you must promise., to drive with mc  to Morrah 1:1 the morning. I will call  for you til e'e*. en sharp."  "What a 1 ity you can't sail out to  the rock with us to-day. Tomorvah  is so distant."  The minx lifted her blue eyes to his  with  such  ingenuous regret in them  that Stanhope laughed and pipes were ]  shifted to permit the listeners above ,  their  beads   to   snigger  approval  of,  her quip" - ^'  "Dafl will wig us enough at it  is,  Enid," said the other girl.    "We are  bringing him a peace-ogering of fruits (  of the earth," Jack." ,  "Will you be able to land?" '  "One can never tell.   It all depends  on tbe state of the sea near the rock.'  Anyhow, we can have a'chat, and send  up the vegetables by the derrick."      '  "We'm never get there thiccy tide  If we'm stop here much longer," interrupted B'.n. t  Trinity people sent him back there  two years ago. Some folk had queer  tastes,, hadn't they? And talking so  much had made him dry.   j.  Then the conversation languished,  as the only obvious remark of any  importance was not forthcoming.  Meanwhile,    the    Daisy  sped  baoy-  antly    towards the southwest.        Al-  she was broad in  beam and  staunch  fron\ thwart to keel, it was no light ^a^^  undertaking to run fourteen miles out f*"''  and homo in such a craft. |  But old Ben Pollard knew what he  was about. Not until the granite pillar of the distant Gulf Rock opened  up beyond Cam du was it' necessary  to turn the boat's head seawards.  Even then, by steering close to the  Runnelstone, they need not, during  two-thirds ot the time ,be more than  a mile or so distant from one of the  many creeks in which they could secure shelter in case of a sudden  change in the weather. x  Thenceforward there waa nothing  for it but a straight run of six miles  to the rock, behind which lay the  Scilly Isles, forty miles away, and  well below the boat's horizon.  80 when the moment came for the  final decision to be made, Pollard cast  an anxious eye at a great bank of  cloud mounting high in the north.  There was an ominous drop in the  temperature, too. The rain he anticipated might turn to snow, and snow  is own brother to fog at sea, though  both are generally absent from the  Cornish littoral in winter.  "Ben," cried Enid, breaking off  '������  Tn such; a crisis chanty  begins at 1  home.    Constance,, with set face and  shir    g     "s, Enid flushed and ou the  ver0c 01 tears, ��������� feared lest their own |  beloved one should be the sufferer.       '  To each of them Stephen Brand was ,  equallj a kind and devoted father.  He j  never allowed  fond  to feel  that she  v.as dependent on his bounty.    Only 1  the other day, when she hinted at the  adoption ot an art career as a future,  means ol earning a livelihood, he approved  ot  the   necessary study    but  laughed at the reason.  '   "With  your pretty  face and saucy  Umd,"  he  said,  "1  shall  have j  trouble enough to keep you,in the nest  without worrying as to the*manner of  your leaving it.    Work at your draw- |  ing, by all means.   Avoid color as the '  bane ot true art.    But where Connie I  t  > ���������*    "MS  (    ,   1  4    ���������* v   J  ���������\  lH.'"i      *       t-3|  \  * )- * ������A  \    -  *   V   V* 1  4  1  and I live you  shall live, until  '���������hoose to forsake us."  (Continued Next Week.)  you  Sold Out  r   ���������...   . - ��������� _.   ��������� .... ���������    ril  CCPilkey  v Disposed of his  Bicycle and Repair Business  last week to.  Mr. DAVIES        ^  Auijt.2Slh, 1011 *   - '   V  \   -  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjepair Work.  ^Factory Experience  Best References  W. J. GOARD.  tost *** Avmmum, W���������t  Leave your orders at the Western Call  "Hello, old grampus!   How are you?  She lauehed nuietlv  Anv inflection   Mind >'ou kecP these S^ng ladies off  VJ\IA if merciless description of a new  ane .aligned quietly. Any renectton  the 8tollOB.. 6 | disciple who had joined the artistic  "And  mind  you  keep  your  tin-pot  coterie at Newlyn,     "what , are you  off the stones," growled Pollrd. "They   booking at?"  was    abayin' larst night    her    were      He  scratched his head  and  gazed  aground at iortsca.." fixedly at the white battalians sweep-  "They said right, Father Ben. Thai 1 ing iu aerial eoquest o\er the land. ���������������  Is why I am her������." |    "She do loo.* like gnaw," he admit-  Enid glanced at him   with    ready  ted.  anxiety.     There was. nothing of   the ,    "Well, what does that matter?"     -  flirt in her manner now 1 : Witnout waiting for orders,    Con-  Miss Constance   he a plaguey Ion* I    '.'] bo&e y������u ha* O0 mishap,"    she 'stance had eased the helm a trifle. The  lm������ fatchin' them w������i������������ '."Hi    and-Constance.mutely-echoed Daisy was now fairly headed for the  on   the. spanking  powers of  his  pil-,  chard-driver would rouse Ben instant-1  ly.  "As if I didn't know all you could  teach me," she cried, ''and as if any- >  one in all Cornwall could teach m������l  better." ' ,  The old fisherman w*b mollified. He I  looked along the quay. * 7  "Time   we'm   cast   off," - he    sug-> i  time fetchin' them wraps.' ....     ._    . ������������������__,.,_  % "Oh, Ben, how can you say that* ^,lnquiry\ "** #\������ kn������* wel1  She had to go all the way to the Cot-' what * Berlou" *"* rit WM for ������  tage.   Why, if she ran  youngster to *un his first boat ashore.  "Here she be," he broke in. "an^1... P^!,,10?,**0 ���������*?"��������� '*��������� chuckled,  she b'aint-nmnin' neither. Her's got J, ���������" fZ*n$ S"! ^I^W  a young man in tow." ,out.of 'J"*11?-  ,w������ ������������������������������������*������������ Vol  canic and strained our steering gear.  That is all."  It was not all.    He aid not mention  0   It it is  Firsst-Class  SHOEMAK-  ING ana* SHOE REPAIRING  yon want, go to u  PETERS * CO.  2611 Westminster Ave.  (Near Broadway)  We guarantee our wow to be as good  as any in the city.  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In after life he wouid .never  admit that they were free agents at  that moment. ���������--������������������-  "It had to be," he would say. "It  wur ln me mind to argy wl' she, but  I just couldn't . An* bow often do us  see snaw in Carnwall?   Not once in a  ������������������������������������  B. C. Cafe  M^als   -   25c  Meal Ticket $4.������t  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most Up-to-dateri)Iace to eat on the Hill.  All hemerccoking".   White help. - Quick service.  2611 MAIN STREET E. W. BUSBY. Prop.  ll  ,������.������-H'������M'������<"I-'l"l-������'l''l-������l-l"l"l"l''l--l"l������I"l'   ���������M"M"M'*������'M-*-M"rM'*4������K'* t l'������frf  DeVaz Grocery!;  220 BROADWAY, WEST      . *  Choice Groceries, Confections  and School Supplies  Pnonct Fairmont 002  a. Om ;:  i.H'niK'H-H-KH'H"."! 1111 U .-��������� H I H 11 H t ���������!! H 1 III 1111 lit  1  '^-k  i       < i   -v  V       v(|  Meanwhile, the dawdlers lining the  wharf, following Enid's sign*)* with  their eyes, devoted themselves to 9  covert staring at the young people  hurrying along tbe quay.  Constance Brand, being a young and  pretty woman, secured tbeir instant  suffrages. Indeed, she would have  won tbe favorable verdict of a more  sever������ audience. Taller than Enid*  she had the brown hair and hazel eyes'  of her fath er. To him, too, she owed  the frank, aeU-r-lliant pose of head  and clearly cut, refined features Which  conveyed to others that all-important  first good impression. Blended with  Stephen Brand's firm inclsivoness, and  softening the quiet strength of her  marked rescmba:^e to hicn, was an  essential femininity which- lifted her  wholly apart trom (he ruck of handsome English giris who find delight  in copying Ihe manners an deven .the  dress of their male friends.  Her costume was an exact replica  rf that of Enid. She walked well and.  rapidly, ytt her alert carriage had a  grace, a subtle eiegence.    more  fre-, ^ , , ���������    - ,        ,.  quently ~scenTin" America~than-hrEng-' down - captain -of_a.mine_abandoned  ���������     --    - soon after his birth.  "Pine." agreed   his  nearest  hench  founded") that these leviathan* had, blue moon." And who would dispute  been inglorleusly sunk at their moor-j him? No West-country man, certain-  togs by torpedoes. |ly.  <l'It sounds unconvincing," said Con- - At a distance of five miles one  ���������tance. "you must supply details to-small fishing craft Is as like another  morrow. Enid, that horrid pun of as two Lillputians to tbe eye of Oullt-  yours ruins the word:" , ver.   In a word, it needs acquaintance  "Are we also to supply luncheon?", and nearness to distinguish them,  chimed in Enid. I.  As it happened. 8tephen Brand, did  "Psrish tbe thought. I have lived happen to note the Daisy and the  on sandwiches and -bottled beer for a course she was shaping. But; during  week.1  There!   Off you go." the short Interval when bis telescope  1 He gave the boat a vigorous push might have revealed to him tbe iden-  and stood for allttie while at the foot tity of ber occupants, he was sudden-  of the steps, ostensibly to 'light a ly called by telephone from the oil-  cigar. He watched Constance ship- room to the kitchen. When next be  ping the rudder whilst Enid hoisted ran aloft tn a wild hurry to signal  the sal! and old Ben piled a pair of tor assistance, be-found, to his des-  oars to carry the boat into the fair pair, tbat the land's End was already  way of the channel.  ' blotted out in a swirling snow-storm,  They neared the harbor lighthouse.  *nd the great plain of blue sea had  The brown sail filled ant} the Palsy  cot way on her. Then she sped  round tbe end of the solid pier and  vanished, whereupon Lieutenant Stanhope walked slowly to the Promenade,  shrunk to a leaden patch whose visible limits made tbe reef look large by  comparison.  With the mechanical precision of  habit he set tbe big bell in motion.  whence he could see the diminishing Its heavy boom came fitfully through  the pgnjjjg gnow.flajteg to tj,e earg of  tbe two girls aud old Ben. The latter,  master of the situation now, announced his intention to 'bout ship  and make for Mount's Bay.  '"Ee doan' ketch me tryin' to sail  close to Gulf Rock when 'ee can't zee  speck of canvas on the shining sea  until it was hidden by Clement's Island.  At last, the devotees of twist and  shag resting their tired arms on i^e  railing, were able to exchange comments.  'and. Her lively tace. flushed with  exercise, and, it may be, v������������k.i .some  little e\citement, com eyed the same  Transatlantic characteristic. One said  at seeing her: "Here* is a girl who  has lived much abroad" It came as  a surprise to learn that she had never,  crossed the Channel. I  The man with her, Lieutenant John  Percival Stanhope, R.N., was too fa:n-'  iliar a  figure  in   Penzance to  evoke  muttered comment trom the gallery.   ,  A  masterful   young  gentleman    he |  looked, and one accustomed to having '  his  own  way  in   the  world,   whether  in love or war.     ��������� True type ot  the  British.sailor, he"had the ptiysique of  a strong man and -the adveneurously j  cheerful expression of a boy. I  7 The skin of his lace and hands, olive 'j >'ears earlier.        ...  ���������  ���������. ��������� I    Stopnen-Brand was the name cf the  tinted with exposure, his dark hair |man, and there was a bit of a mystery  and the curved eyelashes, which about him, too. They all know that  drooped over his blue-eyes, no lesa 'alight-keeper earned a matter of ������70  than the:;artistic proclivities -suggasr--1 to ������80 a ycav���������hot-enough to main-7  ed by his well-chiseled features and j tain a-daughter and-an adopted child  long, tapering fingers, proclaimed that j jn slap-up style, was it? A s:r.all villa  Stanhope, notwithstanding- his  Sa.\on ! they lived' in, and  a governess  thev  "Also large variety of  POULTRY SUPPLIES  Fresh  stock   of> PRATT'S;  k,   POULTRY FOODy  OUR BEST FLOUR  F. T. VERNON  Flour and Feed  .V  Broadway snd Westminster Road  PHONE.: Fairmont'186.  Prompt Delivery  . - ���������- '-  Satisfaction Guaranteed  ��������� man. Then catching the gloom cf tha  treating figure, he added-  "But what does that youiiz spa: k  want, turning their pretty heads lor  them, 1 should like to Know'"  "They didn't seem pariw'lar stuck  on 'im," ventured another.  "The ways of women is curio'M."  pronounced the oracle. - "1 onc������i knew  a gell���������"  But ' his personal .reminiscences  were  not  of  value. More   to  the  point was the garbled, but, in tlie  main, accurate account he gave of the  rescue of an unknown child by one ofi  the keepers of the. Gulf Rock, lights  house  on   a   June   morning ' eighteen  were big enough.  surname  and  bluff  bearing,    was    a'iiad,.'and  ponies  Celt:.   .His   mother,   in   fact,   was   a  Tregarthen  of Cornwall,  daughter of  Cornwall, daughter of a peer, and    a  leading figure in local society.'  One may ask: "Why should a youth  of good  birth  aiid  social position bu i'sty  on such terms of easy familiarity with ! kc; was a quiet, "unsociable chap,  two girls, one of whom was the daugh-! though Jones, a Trinity pensioner,  ter of a. lighthouse-keeper,; 'and " the j who- kept the "Pilchardiand Seine*'  other "her.sister, by adoption?    ��������� ���������������������������Tg:?w, 7 wouldn't.-. hear -a  wrong .word'  Indeed, a. great many people'did ask !,bcut him,- and always called him  this pertinent question-; amdh^otllers, i,';;.ap,.i." A pre ity- sort of a cantain!  Lady Margaret Stanhope put -''it-'often UkA then, tl'.oy all knew what an eld  and'.pointedly to her soil, without-any.! Blow-coach Jcnes- was. ��������� They did;  cogent answer-being forthcoming. i Pones's pints were retailed on t'ie pre-.  If she were''-' denied enlightenment, j raises  for 'money -down,  although    her maternal  anxiety  was j    Then there was Spence. lame Jim,  justifiable, tiie'smoksrs on the pier, as j who lived at Marazion; he tc'Jd a fine  representing the wider-gossip'.of the ! tale about-a.fight with a: hark before  town, may also he. left unsatisfied.       iBran-. dreached the b?at in .which was  ������"This is a nice thing," he cr.'ed, ithe blesssd baby���������that very girl. Enid,  when he came within speaking dis-| they had just seen. Was it trv.e?  tance of-the girl; in the boat. '"I-How could he say? There was a lot  manage to bamboozle the admiral ovd jaboutj it at the time in tho������ local pa-  of, three days' leave and I rush., to j po'rs, but just then his own mind was  Penzance to be told that Constance!given to the thoughts of enlisting, a;  and you are .off to-the Gulf Itock for  the day.   It is too bad of you, Enid."  /S*06 ���������?' ^V6!,18,' t5em*" *bR,erv- a boat's length ahead," he said, env  ed the acknowledged leader,, a broken-  phatically.    "I be sorry, ladies both1,  -but _'ee knaw-how. the tide runs over  tbe reef, an' 'tea easy to drive to the  'wrong side of the light. We'm try  again to-morrow.   On'y the flowers '11  spile,   AH the rest���������"  Crash! A loud explosion burst forth  from the dense heights ot the storm.  The Daisy, sturdy as she was, see r.ed  to shiver, 'ihe very air trembkd With  the dm. Poilard had his hand on the  sail' to SW1113 it to starboard when  Constance'p .t the tiller o\or to bring  tho beat's head up a&a'iist the, wind.  For an msta .t he htbiiatud. Jdveu i.e.  versed in tue ways 01 the sea," was  started, riotn gir.s positively jumped, the sudden bang 01 the rocket was  so  unexpected. ���������>��������� .  "Mister brand must ha' zeed us,"  prono;.nced Ben. "Thais a waruin'  to we to go back."  The w..rcs had'scarce left his lips  when,anot!Kr report smote the great  silence, otherwise unbroken sa.e by  the quiet plash-of .-the sea against the  bows and the faint reverberations of  the distant ,belL . ��������� '  "That is too urgent' to be intended  for us,*' sd.d Coii.>;.aM-je. "\Ye were  just half way wh-^ti the snow cum-  meuced."-  "Ldid not notice any vessel near the  rock," cried Enid, tremulously. "Did  you, Ben?"   ;. 7  Pollard's slow utte rah ce was net  quick enough. Re fore he could answer, a third rocket. thundered its  over-powering summons. "  "That is the 'Help wanted' signal,"  cried Constance. '"Ben.. tiiere is-no'  question now ongoing back. We must  keep our ..present course! for twenty  minutes at lefifa.t, and then take to the  oars.   The beli will guide us." -  "Oh, yes, Ben," agreed Enid. "Something has gci:e wrong on the rock itself.    I am, unite sure  there, was  n---  *4 11 < I HI 1811 l"M' 11II U 111   11* III V l< 111 It 1111X-S 811 i ���������  r.s������jjE #or/cEf ^������^weni:  510       ' _M4444_4444VI444iM4H4������    ������ SALT^Rj   \  THE DON Ice Cream PqrUyir  ;  Is nowdoing business at - '  ;  2648 MAIN STR��������� 2nd $tore from Corner llth Aye. ]  where your patronage will be tj^recisted.  fffMfWPI ������Pfi0#4i71C9  CREAM, ������ILK, BUTTERMILK awJ CREAMERY BUTTER FRES������.  pklKY.      A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIGARETTES, ������ v ���������  ?    and TOBACCO.   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Now it passed unheeded.  , The situation was bewildering, aiarm  -Ing. There were three keepers in ih  lighthouse. The signal foreboded iii-  oess. sudden and serious illness. Who  could it be? :.    ^'  % We also have.a.few- lines of the MOf PAT RANGE. >  I The small size for a small family for the small price *  % of $35.00, and a six-hole No. 9 for $50.00,'connected.-  | Don't forget our Mailable Range, $70.00,-connected;.  MANITOBA HARDWARE,������,  1714-1716 ParK Drive       Phone; Seymour 869  t  BRANCH STORE   COLLINGWOOD tAST  * ���������������������������.-������������������  ************************** ***********9*****9*9* IK&  k-7^y:7'7':"'^r7^  ���������+^j&^,'*jYjjVt-;>j:.'?J'.l'-ZMl*&~*l^'f^  ?J^.<ZllJ8i������C&>L-&Z&&TlXZ<itt������Z2^^  THE WESTERN GALL  ll-  I,  ii  i  I  1-7-  f; i  11 *  lit  In  P  h  te  I  M'7  Rf.  ;w  1  lis  ���������|H| I,  il  nit  m  1  l/y  1 ' *  ���������us  -ii-  Ik "4  It-!/;  ��������� i  1^1  l!lv-  lilisi  'ii*-  :!*,  .������'  # -; ���������'    ���������''' ' "''"'���������'7;���������-'..   '?-.-'.... '��������� .,.������������������  *���������.'������������������  .  #���������  -������!������������������'..  ^ ���������  *  as-  *���������  ~������  -&���������  ���������������������������&  ���������*<���������,  '������������  BEFORE going over town to select your New Fall Hat, call aroundat the  IDEAL   DRY   GOODS   HOUSE  2530 SCOTT STREET  And see what we have.    We have on hand   a  large  assortment  of Ladies',  Misses'  and  Children's Hats in all the New Fall Styles.  LARGE DISPLAY OF FASHIONABLE MILLINERY NOW ON SALE.  Our Prices are exceptionally low.    Our Models Up-to-date.  m\%4^-**^********************^^ *'  ter to the Board of Works, a course  which ought :to have been adopted at  the outset.  Two hew 12-ton road rollers were  ordered from the Waterson Manufacturing Co., at $300 each.  The request of Fire Chief Jordan for  an additional fireman for relief purposes was granted.  Mr. Geo. Munsel applied for a pool  room license for, premises at corner  of Arlson Road and Victoria Road and  was referred to the Chief of Police. ���������  Might we suggest to the B. C. E. Ry.  that they reverse their calender to  bring it in line with their usual up-  to-date methods. It is now generally  acknowledged that summer is .about  finished and the admirers of a compulsory open.window car are too few just  now to be considered. Tlie'majority  of passengers when they can secure  a seat prefer it be dry at this time  of year and an open window is neither  conducive to health or comfort in the  present chilly and wet days.  WANTED  TT'.<iy .wimtanto Uo washing and help  THE PROUD FATHER.  troth .btuisework one day of the week,   wrapped up in mm? wen, l should a*rt  We talk about him Ihe livelong day.  C',dUtfs.ornin<?s.  &a*:f. 4, Dudley, block, 2336 West-  rwiiwtLer road.  sl5  WANTED  rV'oung Udy graduate of the R. A. of  M- desires a few pupils. 'Pianoforte.'  Terms reasonable. Apply 3424 Quebec  S&eet.  ���������-Reason Enough.  ���������Dfd you meet Blinks coming down  be street?"  ���������ff I did ( didu't recognize bim."  ^That's so; be has lost his money."  ���������\\  X������w In ft possible to speak the tmtfc  It bas ever been ao impossibility  gut together two well informed men  mill' unnuitnously   agree   as  to  *&���������������,&������ (braOt Id?  7' ,&������ -a general proposition the man  T^tfc������ fcas a scared ami diffident look it  itoaest.man tfir^ing to do business.  When  a  man  has  to  swallow   his  and eat his   words  he  doesn't  mt oaucti appetite for anything else.  If it were not  for the pessimist the optimist w o d 1 d  miss a lot of  the Joy of Itv-  ing.  False pride U  probably about  the most expensive thing a  man can carry  about witb bim.  ' 'In tbe spring Ihe grasping landlord  fetes bis beat io raise the rent.  __ TThe average  man  in  trade doesn't  %g&tar   to   either  "think"" before    be I  jjpufra or consider before he promises. '  Hfe fei* tbe .victim take, the time to do  When a man makes a "fool of himself  t% mnin jo like an oft repeated tale.     j  i 1 "BTItete arc two classes of people who  j^Mwe'tee virtue of patience���������those who  ii m* ertwmely hopeful and those who  iiMeeiti'eiuely hopeless.  Tlww ** one great thing about stu-  nfaftty.   It (a an extremely  repoMfal  *������ct&itta*.  We're as proud of Mm, loo. as we .can b%  For never a'; brighter chiM,'was'-known;'.  He knows so much for a babe of three.  Who wouldn't   love him has a, heart ot  atone.  lame   men   with   children   are   bores,   I  .  know,  But ours.is a wonderful child, and aa  1 feel I've a right  At times to recite  The remarkable' thing* ' < -. .  He says each night.  Be keeps us laughing the whole day long;  He has learm-d to sing a, comic .song.  And the things he says are so quaint and  Old.  And  the things  he <Jn*s-tt 1 talked all  day  One-half of  his brightness  would  be Vm  told. .  ' I could talk a  week' and have uwe ta-  ,    aay  He really pfcisosHos remarkable powers   .  Aad that ian t suul because he's "������ra.  I'm not blagging, no!  I know it's so.  For the d"i.'t<ii told me.  And he should know.  He knows so m:i<-li for a child of thre*; ,  Wherexfi   lit-  leamei] it all puazles ma.  We have to liolil him back for fear  .   He"ll not  tjra.n' fi-'\er. he is so bright.  He Brows muu  wonderful'every year.  Most  dltlieult   plefes  he can   recite.  And 1 don't say tli"< in a boasting Way.  I merely re|������eat wW.ii our friends all say.  l������\ery wovi \s true  Thai 1 tell iii you;  Most wonderfu'l tnings  Can our haby do.  -Detroit Free Prw������  GRANDVIEW  GLEANINGS  Mrs. J. M. Fisher, 705 Broadway E.,  wishes to announce her receiving day  as tlie third Thursday, during the season.;' ..'������������������; . ���������','., '7: 7-'  CEDAR COTTAGE AND  SOUTH JANtOPER  ���������  ...i ���������   ���������'      * . ���������     '���������  The Reporter, and not the Management of this paper is responsible for  the comments and criticisms expressed below.  Mr. AV. AV. Williams who residence is  on the corner of Twenty second ave.  and Nanaimo St., was seriously injured on Monday evening, Sept. llth at 6  p.m. He was standing on the steps of  the interurban tram and for some unknown cause was crushed by a Kitsilano car. He was taken to the General Hospital at once and has been reported favorably.  A new Presbyterian Church is being built on Grey Road by A. Blair,  contractor. It is a frame building, 26x  40 with half pitch' roof, but the work  has been sadly handicapped during  the last week by intermittent showers.  Sunday Cchool Rally Day will be observed in the Grandview Methodist  Church on Sunday next. There will  be an open session an,d a special program.  'All the coal was stolen from the  steam roller on Grey Road a week  aeo Wednesday night. Evidently  there is need for the. Presbyterian  Church now in process of erection.  The time for obtaining the rebate on  payment of taxes has been, extended by  the Council from Sep. 15th to Sep. 30th  This period of grace has already hitherto been enlarged by an extra month  and considering the amounts due the  much heavier before this extension.of  only. 15 days for rebate has not been  very favorably  received.  Messrs. Noble and Parker are erecting a commodious theatre at: City  Heights adjoining the city car terminus, at 25th avenue. When completed  this is expected to compare most favorably with any of the city theatres  being planned on the most up-to^late  methods and costing''about $10,000.    .  It is also proposed to erect a moving  picture theatre at Cedar Cottage and  at the last Council Messrs. Lesser &  Raphael made application respecting!  ������ame. They were requested to submit  plans of the building showing accommodation, tire exits and other requirements of the council.  Refined' a Prtttcl.  tittle Hans was watching bis father  ash from the drnwbridge.  "Pa." he exclaimed as be peere4 ,  down into the water, "what kind of '  Qsb are done swiiuniin' around near  ier surface?"  "Dey vas German carp." replied bl������  father as be l>ait������?d another hook���������  ���������German carp. ������>>'ie sou1."  Little Hans looked doubtful*  "1 don't believe nt. pa."  "And vy not?"  "Beeuuse 1 dropped a pretael ove*  board und dey n������l'cr even noticed ut.  If dey h:td been (Merman carp dey vu4  taf nibbled ut. sure."���������Chicago New*.  For bargains go to the Buffalo Grocery, corner Park Drive and Fourteenth Avenue. The Fifteenth Annual Exhibition of  the Central Park -Agricultural show  opened on Tuesday last, the 14th inst.  Unfortunately the weather was as bad  as the exhibits were excellent, torrents  of rain fell all day and seriously interfered with the attendance and alsa  delayed the arrival of some of the tx-  I hibits. The doors were open at 1:30  A^new home, situated on the comer but the officlai opening took place in  of Clark Drive and Venables Street,  has been purchased by the Victorian  Order of Nurses.  ltev. David Long, pastor of Grand-  view Baptist Church officiated at the  m image of Mr. J. C. Smith and Miss  ���������Elizabeth Garbutt at the residence of  Mr. H. B. Comacher.  Why, of Course!  "Th^edifor-oPiiu^agricultural^paijet-  was grumblinj, aliout a puzzling question he had received froma city, ma*  who had recently removed to the country. The inquiry'was this: "Will ypq,  kindly tell me how long cows should  be milked'?".' ��������� 7'k ; 77..'..'7:.  The office boy. passing near, heart!  bis superior tepeating the question  alond.  ������������������Souse me. -boss." he said,,."but,. W*y  don't-yer tell liitn jes* de same *������ short  "ow.s?"'���������J'dge   .'���������"���������.' "   '  Mrs. C. H. Snider with her two sons  Masters Claude and Donald who have  been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Curtis,  Fourteenth Avenue E. 7     /  Mr.71. Dougan, who was re-elected as  school trustee by a: large majority, is  a resident of Grandview at the corner  of Third Ave. iand Cotton Drive.  the evening at S: 30 when Reeve Weart  of Burnaby performed the ceremony  and inauguarated the event with a  speech dealing with the history of the  Society and of his own connection  with the organization of which he had  always felt proud.  Other speeches were contributed by  Mr. C. F. Sprott, J. P., and Mr. Mayne,  President W. W. Burke acted as chairman to the proceedings throughout the  day a committee of ladies dispensed  sundry good and dainty comestibles  for the interior comfort of visitors,  their efforts being well patronized.  Amongst the South Vancouver Ex-  Plans are now prepared for the establishment of a Telephone Exchange  at South Vancouver .by the B. C. Tele:  phone Co., Ltd. This office will be.  completed with the most up-to-date apparatus' and will operate on the common battery system and also on an  extra 5c charge to calls between the  City and South Vancouver. This rate  already applies between Collingwood  .and the city and it is intended to be  applied to all the suburban exchanges  about to be established round about  Vancouver.  Complaints were made at the last  meeting of the School Board respecting a certain book vendor who seems  tQ have been successful in persuading  local people to buy his literature on j  the plea that the books were such as  school pupils were absolutely required  to possess. r.  His efforts in this educational missionary work are likely to be discouraged by the determination . of the  Board to notify the police to look out  for him and also their promise to warn  hibits the following were awarded priz- ratepayers by advertising a warning in  es:-  Hy.  i  *  i  *  ���������:-  4*  <*>  *.  ������  ,^>A^;.*.^A.>*4!'*-><?":'**>**>**i**->  mtmnj  +'^.*A****W**************  i  t  %  Our Opinion on the  Range Question  lip.  1'  &  -> ���������  ->  ���������  .1  ' ���������'-���������~*  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of it by handling the very  Jbest merchandise in our line. -'iTJk  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market.   In our opinion  is the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it.   If there was a better range made, we would  advise you to buy it.   Will  you not come and see it? We  are sure we can convince you  inside of five minutes that what  we say about the South Bend Malleable is true.  '���������  *  *  *  *  *  Rev. I. W. Williamson, B.. C. Secretary of the Sunday School Union will  speak in frhe Grandview Methodist  Church next Sunday, both morning ana  evening in the' absence of the pastor.  Pears���������-Miscellaneous  quality.  Davey, Cedar Cottage.  PearsyBeurre Clangdon.   Hy. Davey  Cedar Cottage.  Pears���������Bartlett.    O. McDonald, Central   Park.  Apples���������Collection of white varieties  I-Iy. Davey, Cedar Cottage.  '-Mr.  the. press.=  38TH   AVENUE,   NEAR   FRASER���������5  room cottage bungalow; every modi  ern convenience; just finished; full  lot and on easy terms for $550 cash]  balance $75 per quarter.'  24TH   AVENUE,   NEAR   FRASER���������6  room house, fully modern, with basej  ment and furnace; lot lies high. Thisj  house is inside of city limits.- $30(1  cash, balance as rent.  BOD WELL. AND FRASER���������$300 cast  and $30 per month will purchase  dandy 5-room' bungalow, with all  modern conveniences, except furnl  aces. You can have your choice  two; full lots, 33x120ft. Remember  the price Is,only $2500; $300 cashj  See us about these.  36TH AVENUE, NEAR MAIN���������5-roor  bungalow, with full;size basement;!  .;' full   lot,   39xl00ft:   to  lane;   lot   ie  fenced; chicken hotise and barn foil  .   horse.    Price $2500;  $300 cash, bal|  ance arranged.   Will trade for goo(l  buildinglot.  WILSON RD., NEAR MAIN ST.���������30f.J  double frontage, with 5-room strictlj  modern bungalow; basement, laun|  dry trays and furnace. Room for  tine home on WilsOn Road. PricI  is only $3550; $400 cash, balancf  arranged.    Will trade for a lot.  16TH AVENUE, NEAR MAIN���������A swe{  5-room, 2-story cottage, fu'-.y modern  with furnace and laundry trays. Re  member it is ICth Avenue^ near  carlineB. Price $3100; $400 casll  balance arranged to suit purchase!  JOHN   ST.,   NEAR   25TH   AVE.���������Onl  of  the  finest  5-room  bungalows if  South Vancouver; reception hall ar  parlor are papered with leatherettl  paper, parlor and. dining; room hav[  beamed ceilings, with lights on thi  earns,   besides7 two  swell, chandf  liers:  fireplace in the dining roon  which is burlapped;  bedrooms ar  bath  are  separated  from  the  res  ot the house by a hall.   Few burigi  lows  have   them.    Full-sized  has!  ,   ment  with-furnace and trays;. l<f  33x129ft.    This; is   cheap  at 7$35������  with only $500 cash.   Come early f������j  this one. '���������'���������', ;-\ y/7  9300 CASH���������5-room bungalow, ne^  Main Street; 2 bedrooms, full si?  basement; full lot. 33x100ft., to lane  lot is fenced; chicken house ai  bam for horse. , Price $2500;'.$3^  cash, $25 per month, principal  interest.   This Is good.  $300 CASH���������6-room house, half* j������|c  . froms Fraser carline;  fully mbder  with basement and furnace; Jot  high ami you have a fine view.  house is worth seeing, and It is  side of city limits'.      :  $300 CASH and S28 per month will  pose of: yoir landlord and you  own your o^p-rbom bungalow, hd  Bodwell Road ...and Fraser Aven.<  It is modern, except furnace; has  nice fireplace. You can have yc  choice of two just about complete  full lots. 33x120ft.  $400 CASH���������30ft. frontage on Will  Road,  near   Main   Street;    5-rc  strictly modern bungalow; baseme]  furnace,   laundry   trays.     You;  build another house on back of\  facing the other street or sell  ground.    Price is only $3550;  $j  cash   and   $4Q0   every  six  monf  "71  There appears to be a difference of  H^^-Look-this=up^  $400 CASH will handle a swell 5-rd  j    2-story cottage on John Street; ti  ���������    modern, wittf furnace and traysl  I    short distance from 3 carlines. Pr|  !    $3100; $400 cash, balance arranf  You must hurry for this one.  The residence of the Rev. B.' Johnston, 1244 Venables street was the  scene of a pretty wedding on Monday  when Miss Evelyn Nader and Mr. Virgil Chatten were united in marriage;  Mr. and Mrs. Chatten will reside in  Vancouver.  Miscellaneous ' variety   Appl'es-  T. W. Mayne, Central Park.  Apples���������Yellow  Transparent.  F. Russell, Cedar -Cottage.''  Apples���������Collection of 5 fall varieties.!,  professional opinion regarding the con  struction of the peptic tank at the Lord j  Selkirk  School,  Cedar  Cottage.    Thej  constructors work riot having been ap-y ^ ...  . ...   ,.    ���������,     ..     T^ .������������������ ������������������ j $500 CASH payment will handle al  proved by the Plumbing Tnspectpr and * ..room bu^low on .Iohn> near 25  the contractor alleges this is without  just cause.    Mr. Bowman, the School  Board Architect reported that the wall  Mrs- i of the tank were in first class order  but as to the Moor he could not say  ias  it   was  covered  by  water.  Hy. Davie, Cedar Cottage. j    Mr. Bowman also stated it was im-  Apples���������"Wolfe River" and Maiden j possible for a concrete tank to be con-  Blush," A. McDonald, Central Park,    jstructed  with- six-inch  walls and the  Apples���������Repston Pippin.   A. McDon-  material demanded in the specification  to be absolutely watertight.  Meanwhile as the school suffers from  the need of the tank and the contrac-  Among business centres in Grand-  view-the corner of Park Drive and  Third avenue is made prominent by<  the Royal Pharmacy.  aid, Central Park. "  Apples���������"Wealthy"   and   "Northern  Spy."    Hy. Davey, Cedar Cottage.  Mr. Hy. Davey of Cedar Cottage also  obtained first prizes for Pears, Plums. | tor requires a settlement of the mat- dining-room and built-in buffet.    Ptl  and Quinces, and A. .McDonald of Cen-Kter it was decided that the Architect j $3850: $750 cash, balance arranged|  tral Park for the best display of fruit, j and contractor should meet the Plumb- ���������������* you.    I Ins sounds goods and y  The poultry, vegetable   and    flower; ing Inspector and endeavor to arrange  corner lot.   The house is fully ml  ern,  with   every   convenience;   fj  sized basement.    Price $3200:  cash, and $25 per month.    Com'e|  and let us show you this one.  $500.    CASH���������4-room     bungalow  Sophia Street, inside of King Edwl  Avenue: full basement, 2 bedroovf  bath and toilet.    Price ^2300;  cash, $25- per month.    You can  the furniture if you  wish.  CASH   MAKES   CASH   P^  in nut on swell five-room bur  low on   Eleventh  avenue,  corner <  41 by 66.   This is a modern home \1  basement, furnace,    replace, panelj  !$750  Grandview citizens beware, and  carry all your belongings with you.  '.\. | Last Sunday evening the while the re-  %! sidents were at church a house was  ���������> robbed on Semlin Drive, between  v Gravely Street and First Avenue. The  *;'I desperadoes   showed' good   choice   in  sections also provided a good display j a satisfactory solution of the matter,  and numerous local competitors werej  equally successful. '���������.'���������!  good.  $1500  The   proposal   for   a   Saving   Bank  scheme for school pupils was discus-  CASH WILL HANDLEl  six-room modern housF  Seventh Avenue East with 40x13  lot to lane. Barn on rear of lot;  house lour horses. The price is $4fl  $1500.'cask, balance G, 12, 18. 11  price holds good for a few days oi  CASH      PAYMENT     Pj  chases a 40xG0ft. cornerj  Eleventh   Avenue   East.    There  i|  $1200  ...,  *  their theft.  W. R.  2337 Main Street  OWEN  Phone Fairmont 447  A runaway which might have proved  serious occurred on Grey Road, hear  Bodwell. on Wednesday, the 20th inst.  A rig which bore!the name of Campbell was loaded with door frames and  window sashes when the horse became  frightened at something and dashed  headlong down the0road, nearlv de-  *! molishing the load. Before any real  !������ I injury was done, however, the animal  ^* 1 was stopped by a number of laboring  \tAt*******************^ Iraen' who -headed ��������� it off.  A.short special meeting of the.Coun-7 sed by the Board and the several prin-  cil was held last Monday night to at-jcipals of their schools but as the ar'-.'  tend to several urgent matters owing | rangements for inculcating the desire  to the approach of winter and also'the'for' thrift in the youthful heart re-  elections certain matters required .at-j quire very special consideration it was j fine five-room, two-story . house |  tention but to the. disappointment, of | ultimately decided to leave this mat-^^gSS? l^^Stk'  many ratepayers no arrangements former over pending the meeting of the.. years price is cut for a few day  further lighting of public roads was j teachers association.on Tuesday next. J $4200; $1200 cash, balance arrari  made.' i' ; ������������������V ."���������"..."." .jto suit.:,, -  The condition of   Agnes-   road    be- \    In their opening league  game  last j  tween the  Knight  Road  and  Gartley  Saturday with the Centrals, Cedar Cot  tage came out victors by four clear I  goals. T. Marshall and James werej  the  scorers,   resulting   in   Cedar   Cdt-j  Road is a Constant source of local complaint, the side walk being. very narrow and in the^ darkness also a source  of danger to persons going to and from [ tage 4, Central, 0  thecar. ' !'" A pretty wedding was-solemnized at  ;__: ^__ S1020   Howe  Street  on  Sept.  16th   by  The site for the new municipal stables was the subject of considerable  discussion and as is usual after the  debate had  expended much valuable  time it was decided to refer the mat; ham will reside in Collingwood.  Rev. Wm. Ross, B. A., when Mr. Martin Gooderham and Mrs.-Victoria Lucas were united in marriage. After a  honeymoon trip Mr. and Mrs. Gooder-  & CO.  2343 Main Stn


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