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 Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver.  SUBSCRIPTION $1 A YEAR  ^  iN ADVANCE  VOLUME III  H. H. Stevens, Editor.  VANCOUVER, British Columbia,   JULY 14,   1911.  No. 10  iMilf  Sunday work  Trenerally speaking, the citizens of Vancouver  ,or a "closed Sabbath," that is. a Sunday with  [cessation i'roni ordinary labor. We are not,  faults,"   but  hold  somewhat   strongly  to   the  ditional British Sabbath, consequently it  jfirs" when work is carried on in the heart of a  f'ldcntial district and grocery stores kept open  a Sunday.  fdast Sunday J. J. Hill, that philanthropic rail-  'y magnate to whom last year Vancouver gave  t) acres of the bed of Falsi' Creek, had a gang  Linen working at the  bridge over the cut at  Irk Drive.   It was not a work of necessity, .for  Jim" has assiduously ignored tlie threats and  ���������adings'of the City Council for over a year.   It  ts a piece of   pure   "cussedness."    Jim   IlilL  fows that we in Canada value a quiet Sunday,  ���������he deliberately instructs his gang foreman to  (, busy on a busy street on Sunday and show  \se Canucks how they do it in the States.    We  (item, the work was unnecessary and can only  ^construed as a direct, insult to Canadian ideas.  icVgain.  there  are  a  number  of small  grocery  |>res seattered throughout the residential dis-  ets which make a practice of keeping open on  ndays to the annoyance of the majority of tho  izens. Their chief revenue is derived from sell-  candy or ice cream to Sunday school scholars  H their collection money, a more contemptible  ictice is hard to conceive.  Ivnother violation brought to our notice is that  *die contractor who is'clearing the new Isolation  .spital site, who, it is alleged, is working his  \\ ten hours per day and also on Sunday.  fvVe  learn   that  in   drawing  this   contract   no  T.iise was inserted to cover this point, although  ]s understood that a fair wage and eight hours  day clause was to be inserted in all contracts.  [vertheless it is a pretty small thing for a civic  ytractor to take advantage of such an oversight  I] violate the customs of those from whom he  liived his contract.  VANDALISM.  Vancouver is justly proud of her parks.   The  i*k Commission deserve the highest enmmenda-  I'a for the efforts they are making to provide  ^-grounds for the youth and beauty spots for  >se who care to enjoy them. At a great expense  time.and money and a lot of time they,have  jceed'ed in giving to the citizens a number of  endid parks in various sections of the city. It  hough very discouraging to those in charge to  ,1 that by a mischievous practice their work is  tig destroyed. It is alleged that boys, through  jaghtlessuess or intent, break the newly planted  fis and shrubs, pick the flowers and generally  the ornamental work in the parks,  these parks belong to the public and should be  Predated. There is no excuse for young people  > wilfully destroy and deface the plants and  jbs; it is a sign of poor home discipline. There  io fun in it. and besides there is ample pro-;  on for the rough and tumble kind of play on  various recreation parks, so that vandalism  inexcusable,  arents could greatly assist by impressipgTupon.  children  the  necessity: of  protecting -these  iity. spots' and couldjgreatly:assist interesting  lublic sentiment whichf would a!ct as). a������;mds$;-.  [etive-deterrent in,.tlusTj^spect.Y^\Ve^fepiejaki  [���������the Park Commissioners theycj6j|bperatiph ofc  ry parent and child who is interested in'-'secur-.'  ind maintaining our parks.  WOMAN TO BERA*TwS^^'  K1L  We frequently read in works of historic fic-  pf a system of purchasing a wife aud in some  countries this practice still obtains.   It is,  ver, a subject for the severe^pndemffation  civilized or so-called-^Christian i countries,  rightly so.    How oftenYw^Ylienioan tlie un-:  |py state of the women of Chih^Turkey, India,:,  where they, are simply! so much7fehattel, and!;  bject contempt in the, eyes pf-the stronger!;  Imagine then the shock :fr!iich ��������� mustjje exper-  'id at the announcemeiit^hat' ������a.girl, ^twenty  h of age, is to be raffled in Pittshuf^  ielor holding the winning number or lucky  |et is to have the girl,- free marriage license,  ^e and a free honeymoon and furnished house.  ;tickets are 10 cents. The raffle is conducted  ���������r the auspices of the Church of Epiphany, a  \tm Catholic Church and under the manage-  t of the Business Men's Club.    The irony of  ���������vent consists of the fact that proceeds are in  jnterests of the Orphans'Picnic.  iThe country has been shocked at. the stories  he orgies of the wealthy profligates of New  IV-in-, the "Harry Thaw" times, but for any  fious organization to consent to the raffling  girl for 10 cents a ticket is about the most  ksing  occurrence  we  have seen  recorded  in  a day.    This hardly "'fits .into the protest a--  of' that church  that "marriage  is, a holv  Vment."  |t*WV%^V %******* WAVo"ovrn^V������M������V������M������M������VA4  NEXT WEEK'S ISSUE       /I  7ill contain report of Monster Orange *  3monstration at Victoria, with ac- %  ��������� *  \unt of several speecJies by pronii- %  r    nent speakers. %  1~Z"&:~z~z~aW&.<^^  Reciprocity  Both Sides of the Question Discussed���������Theory of Free Trade Confused With Reciprocity.  During the past week we have had the opportunity of hearing the reciprocity question discussed  from both the Conservative and Liberal platforms  by men of considerable prominence and ability, a  It is our purpose to briefly sum up some of the  points on both sides of the question.  A. S. Goodeve. M. I'., takes the ground that the  consummation of the proposed reciprocity agree-  - ment would result in rendering the work of the  policy of.thc past thirty years, whiclrhas been the  cause of the prosperity which we have enjoyed,  and that, in his opinion, history cannot show a  single case where a nation has been built up  through its dollars, but rather through its ideals  and morals.  lie further takes the ground that the supposed  reciprocity agreement is not reciprocal, in that the  remission of duty in proportion to trade and population is much in favor of the United States, and  that whereas Canada, with a population of 8,000,-  000, had imported from the United States $223,-  000,000 worth last year, the United States, with a  population of 90,000.000 had only bought from us  $112,000,000, and this went to prove that the market of the United States was not so important as  those who favor the agreement would lead us to  suppose. Agaiu, last year 80 per cent, of our exports went to the Motherland, while only 9 per  cent went to our neighbors to the south.  "It is nothing but a case of the Dominion representatives gambling away Canadian resources."  declared Mr. Goodeve. lie then proceeded to  show that the logical market for British Columbia  fruit was to the Prairie Provinces, but if this  agreement passed it would be impossible for us  to compete with the cheap surplus of fruit from  the Southern states. Then this agreement would  result in the "diverting of the great trade routes  north and south in place of east and west, which  was necessary to maintain if we expected to de-  velope Canada.  The chief effect of this new arrangement would  be to fatten the United States trusts and force  Canada into the humiliating position of being in  bondage to the American fiscal systems.  Geo. H. Cowan, M. P., struck the Imperial note  in no uncertain way. He claimed it was our duty  to consider the effect of this agreement, not only  ori Canada, but upon the Empire.  It was our duty to conserve the natural products  of farm, mine and forest and work them up with  our own labor into the finished product.  We had the advantage of the United States in  natural resources and the only reason that we  have not advanced so far as the Americans is  because we had a later start.  According to Mr. Cowan the United States only  consumes 4. per cent, of our total production, and  for this a policy which has developed the country  from infancy is to be thrown overboard.   It is a  . policy like "selling a skin for a dime and buying  back the tail for a dollar." declared Mr. Cowan,  lie further objected to any two ministers making such an important treaty without first having  received a mandate from the people and charac-  Yterizcd^it as an "atrocious crime against the vested  ��������� rightsYof. the citizens, the constitutional rights of  Y7the; priilyihces and the manifest duty, of Canada,:  ^olthe^Bhipire.'-'/- -7:-y .���������������������������,;-;��������� y:y  7f\Y^pir! ^Uali"t������f ^the^l3iberali*threeugentlemen-ad--  " dressed a large gatheri n g.   The Honorable Wm.  Templcman made a characteristic speech of stereo-  ytyped partizan phraseolp  ���������:   recording.  7' - ������������������'���������; ':':': "'.y':'77'".'���������������������������:���������'���������������������������������������������������������������'��������������������������������������������� ^7 ���������������������������������������������'y-  Mr. Deathman, a young man .with an excellent  opinion of hiihself, occupied a valuable half hour  in an oratorical effort which was intended to be a  satire on the speakers of the previous evening,  Messrs. Cowan and Goodeve.   ��������� 777  7I11 Dr. Clarke,7however, th^7Liberarparty have  a'supporter bfYnioreHthan ordinary ability. His  speech in so far\as it related:to the doctrine and  theory of Fred /Trade was one of the best the  writer has ever heard. It was evident that Dr.  Clarke wras a thorough master of his subject, and  all; apt student of Cobden. He maintained that  the "folly of protection was now being discov-7  7; eired-;'; and many'high protection countries were  seeking new fiscal policies.  Since 1861, declared Dr. Clarke, the shipping  of Great Britain under free trade had developed  from four million tons to twelve million tons,  while the United States, under protection, had-  shrunk from two;, and a half million, tons to one  and.'a half million ,tons. This, in his opinion, was  au unanswerable .argument in favor of free trade.  The doctor spent some time persuading his audience that the annexation cry was the worst kind  of fallacv and offered profuse apologies for; even  iaentioning7such a thing. He maintained that  "trade had nothing to do with sentiment." It  was true -sentiment that was the chief bond of the  Empire, but to say that trade had anything to do  -yvith it was folly. "Germany"'and'Britain were  cited as an illustration. Great Britain did a  greater trade with Germany than perhaps any  other nation, but no one would say there wras any  particular: sentiment between the two nations.  Another illustration used was to the effect that  the capitalist made his investment. where he could  get the best returns.7 English capital to the extent of ������600,000.000 were invested in the United  States, while only ������300,000,000 were invested in  Canada. "Do you think," asked the doctor, "if  the capital invested iri Canada could earn a fraction per cent, more in the United States that the  English capitalist would hesitate to withdraw  it?   No, certainly not." 7  He proceeded to account for the prosperity of  Canada by the wise administration of Laurier,  and quoted figures of the years of the Conservative administration to show that trade had not increased during their regime. He also took credit  for 'the British preference for Laurier and condemned the Tories for opposing it.  Dr. Clark then laid down the principle that  "Every import meant an export." and reasoned  from this .that the agreement with the United  States would be a great boon to Canada. As for  Great, Britain, we would find when tliis agreement was ratified that they would be doing business the same as ever aud on an increasing scale.  J. J. Hill was quoted as authority for the statement that the United States would soon be importing foodstuffs, and this was another reason why  the agreement should pass. As to the alleged effect in changing the trade routes from east and  west to north and south this was only imaginary,  its true effect would only be to increase the  branch lines to the south.  Torching on the cost of "living Dr. Clark laid  the increased cost to' the door of protection, which  only served to make millionaires and ground down  the workers. ,  By this .brief resume it will be seen that Dr.  Clarke was dealing with the THEORY of FREE  TRADE aud not necessarily with reciprocity. We  would warn our readers to be careful to discriminate between the theory of free trade and- a  reciprocal agreement to be applied under existing conditions. Dr. Clarke's speech was an able  exposition of the former but was lamentably weak  as a practical discussion of the great question of  reciprocity.  Let us examine some of the points.   First the  claim that Britain's tonnage had increased while  American decreased.   There is no doubt but that  free trade had something to do with Britain's increase, but the greatest factor was her geographical and physical conditions.   It is a matter of his7  tory that an island nation has always deevloped  a greatest proportion of trade than an inland na- .  tion.   Then, again, Britain had at her door a great  market,   Europe,   where   industries   were   little  known and- in the industrial and'commercial line .  Britain was supreme (this, however, is now changing and other European countries have learned  industries from Britain in recent years).   She also  had, wonderful stores of coal, well developed, giving h'er, a great advantage in that respect.   These  and other causes had as much to do with Britain's  trade development as free trade, and while some  credit is due to free trade yet not all by any  means.  Again Dr. Clarke avers that "sentiment has  nothing to do with trade." All we can say is  that if we eliitiiuate sentiment entirely from our  business ethics they will sink to a pretty low point.  There is little enough sentiment iii business, but  in the name of patriotism we are able to infuse a  little occasionally. We much prefer the contention of Mr. Goodeve that-the greatness of a,nation'does not, rest on the'dollars it possesses but  rather on its moral stamina.  Another point in Dr. Clarke's doctrine of free  trade which will scarcely bear practical applica-  tioii is that every,import means an export.   How  cloes tlie doctor explain; tlie fact that in 1909-10  our imports from the United States was $225,000,-Y  000 while our exportsTwere only $112,000,000; kvY  ^OlO-iaypurYimportsMncrC^  while pur exports remained stationary.-   It will'  be seen that what is a very pretty theory does ont  ywork ;.put|iu..practice;,;7y; '...-;���������"'-.:--;    '���������"::.'-'lukkk:; :-;-k--'  ���������    Again;" this agreement proposes reciprocity in  natural products; please keep that in mind; now  it is well known that raw materials never bring  anything like the value that fnished products do,  so that while our export of raw materials increases Ju quantity so oiir imports of the finished'..-,-  0 and More valuable artielesYmust increase and by  an ever increasing ratio the balance of trade would  accrue to the Americans.   As proof of that letus  quote Dr. Clarke to the effect that the  United  States must soon  import raw  foodstuffs,  consequently  they-, will  have  none  to  export,; consequently the reciprocal trade arrangement will be  somewhat one-sided.   7  ..'Again; the doctor says it will lower the cost .of  living and. by the way, he made a strong point  of this. He directly blamed the high cost of living  ;hk\ multi-millionaires upon Protection. How does  he explain the fact, acknowledged by the Parliament of Britain, that 7.000,000 persons in England  are constantly living on the verge of starvation?  How does he get over the fact that Lloyd George,  that brilliant domestic statesman, has found it  absolutely necessary to bring in an industrial insurance bill to alleviate the awful suffering of tlie  workers of Britain under Free Trade. BRITAIN'S  POOR WERE NEVER POORER, BRITAIN'S  RICH WERE NEVER RICHER, and all under  free trade. Iu our opinion neither free trade nor  protection is the. cause of the fearfuY poverty of  our great centres of population, but rather the  cruel industrial system which as yet is little understood by statesmen or economists.  Mr. Taft has repeatedly states that he did not  Mthink that reciprocity would affect the. cost of  jiving one( way or the other, but that its chief  advantage would be to break down the imaginary  line between two neighbors. He has further  stated that Canada had come to "the parting of  the ways," and now was the opportunity to fay  the foundation for closer relations with Canada,7  If they (the Americans) were to hold- the supremacy of Canadian trade they must prevent if possible a closer imperial trade relationship, and now  >  was the time to act. .,-,,  America has everything to  gain and Canada  everything to lose.  Orangemen Celebrate  Tlie Orangemen of Canada have again celebrated the anniversary of the victory of William of ���������  Orange over James at the Boyue. It has been,an  occasion of more than ordinary interest owing to  the increased interest in the principles of the  association, intensified by the enforcement of the  Ne Temere Decree in Canada.  The effect of the application of this nefarious  decree has beeu to force the Protestant wrorld to  a realization of the danger of allowing the political encroachments of the Hierarchy of Rome, and  has resulted in the influx of large numbers into  this strong and intensely protestant organization.  According to the actual figures given ������*it the  Grand Lodge of British Columbia, just concluded  at AVinnipeg. there has been one hundred and six-*  teen new lodges organized in Canada during the  past year, and in every province there has been  a great increase in membership.  In one of the local lodges recently there was  taken into membership at the same time, a father  and seven sons. It was one of the most impressive.  services ever witnessed in the history of the association in this city, and is indicative of the interest  whieh has been aroused throughout the Dominion.  Last Sunday the Orangemen of the eity, 1,500  strong, marched to the First Presbyterian Church,  where Dr. Fraser, the eloquent pastor, delivered  a stirring address which will be found on another  page. One point, however, we wish to draw particular attention to. whicii is that Orangemen have  no quarrel with the Roman Church as a religious  organization, only insofar as their political aspirations are part of their religion. The fight is  against the Hierarchy of Rome as a political factor  and as it affects our own politics. The objection  in Canada is the same as in France, Italy, Spain,  Portugal and other European Roman Catholic  countries. It is the same fight that Garibaldi  waged in the last century. It is the same as the  Mayor of Rome made last year. It is the continuance of the contest of the days of the Reformation. In short, it is against the material and  political supremacy of the Pontiff of Rome.  The Pope still claims the power to control not  only religious courts,of his church, but to rule  the nations, to dictate thejr policies.    He maintains at Ottawa an official   representative   who,  ranks as a statesman and ambassador to Canada  and is consulted dn affairs of state and received  with vice-regal honors.   It is against this political  interference that Orangemeu have declared war  and that they are justified in their stand has been  amply demonstrated by the  effect of   the   Ne  Temere Decree in Canada/ Civil laws have been  set at defiance, homes destroyed, wives deserted,  children declared illegitimate, and now to give  the finishing touch to this scene of home-wrecking, news comes to the' effect that as a result of  the separation of a man (a Protestant) and wife  (a Roman Catholic), a friend of the husband who  accompanied him in search for his child, was shot  and fatally wounded by a Roman Catholic uncle  of the wife,   ls it any wonder that the citizens of  Canada are stirred profoundly by such pernicious  influences and diabolical practices!  The time has arrived when the press of Canada should take concerted action, together with  other public institutions, to denounce in no uncertain terms the interference of the Roman Hierarchy in the civil and political affairs of our  Ycountrv.    The Jesuits have,  been driven out of  France, Portugal. Italy and are~ah(7ut~~to "be "expelled from Spain because of their evil intermeddling in the affairs of those countries, and  yet Canada is receiving them by the score with  their obnoxious practices.  The following platform was adopted   by   the  Grand Orange  Lodge of   British   America   aud  .might well be incorporated iu the political platforms of other organizations:  Orange Platform.  The Grand Lodge of B. A., at its session in  Winnipeg last, week, unanimously adopted the  following platform for the guidance of Orangemen iii exercising their franchise in Federal elections:,  "1.    The entire separation ol! church and state.  ���������"2.7 Opposition to any interference of the Dominion Government with the different provinces  in educational-affairs.  "3; The resistance of any'further special privileges .to any section of the population - of, the  Dominion either on account of race or religion  and the elimination of any special privileges which  they now possess except those included in the  Confederation compact.Y ���������>  "4. Opposition to any��������� extension, of lingual  privileges beyond those conferred by the British  North America Act.  ''ii. The maintenance of British connection and  the support of any movement: which tends to make  closer and'more binding the relations between  Canada, ��������� Newfoundland and the mother country.  "6. A close supervision of all new settlers and  the encouragement of suitable white emigration  from the British Isles, the United States and  northern Europe. >  ,"    ���������  "7. -A federal marriage law recognizing the  validity of marriages performed by the qualified  clergymen of every-'denomination or other persons  vested by the law with that power: and the enactment of criminal penalties against persons using  their influence to separate legally married couples  by questioning tlie validity of marriages performed in accordance with the provisions of this law.  "S. Government inspection of all religious,  educational and charitable institutions and the  inspection of the books of all institutions receiving  aid from the public treasury." THE WESTERN CALL  ORANGEMEN PARADE  FOR ANNUAL SERVICE  Fifteen Hundred and Two  Line���������Sermon Preached by Rev.  Church���������Compliments Members on  Hearty Welcome���������"Shall Rome Rule  Discourse.  Members of Association Are in  Dr. Fraser at the First Presbyterian  the Splendid Turnout and Extends  Canada"   Is   Subject    of    Vigorous  The  annual  church  parade  of  the the underlying causes and incentives  Orangemen of the city of Vancouver  took place on the afternoon of Sunday, July 9th, to the First Presbyterian  Church, where the pastor, Rev. Bro.  Dr. Fraser, preached an interesting  and instructive sermon on the subject  "Shall Rome Rule Canada?" There  were fifteen hundred and two members of the association in the march  from the hall to the church, and when  the church was reached they not only  filled up the body of the building but  took up a large part of the gallery.  In his opening remarks Dr. Fraser  complimented the members on the  fine turnout which they had made, and  on behalf of the officials of the  church gave them a hearty welcome.  Taking the following text, he preached  a sermon that will be remembered  by his hearers as the best Protestant  sermon ever delivered in the city of  Vancouver: "Stand fast, therefore, in  the liberty wherewith Christ hath  made us free, and be not entangled  again with the yoke of bondage."  "My theme this afternoon is 'Shall  Rome Rule Canada?* To many such  a question may seem unnecessary. To  others it may savor of religious bigotry  and narrow minded sectionalism. We  are constantly being reminded that  this is an age of broad minded liberality, and that the day is past for  resurrecting themes that tend to  awaken or perpetuate strife. I think  all present will agree with such a sentiment, only to some of us the criticism seems to be misdirected. In other  words, it. is a fact that such remarks  are f������r the most part directed not  against those who are seeking to awaken strife but against those who .oppose  which lead to it. Orangeism does not  attack civil or religious liberty.  Neither does it ask any special privileges for itself or for Protestantism.  But. it does stand for liberty, the liberty which Jesus Christ bestows. and .(Britain  it stands fast not only in it but for it.  In a splendid speech given by Rev. J.  A. McDonald, of the Toronto Globe,  before the Canadian Club of this city,  he said: 'There is..a duty incumbent  upon Canada to protect the institutions of freedom that have come to us  and that, are ours.' This is not only  a truism but is in harmony with a  fair interpretation of our text. Because the evidence supplied by the  course of events leads me to believe  that Rome is seeking to destroy these  institutions and enslave Canada, I  venture to ask your consideration of  the question, 'Shall Rome Rule Canada?' Let me assert that it is not the  religion of the Roman Catholic Church  Italy, in Germany, iri France and in  Portugal, she has been denuded of  power, and to a great extent is allowed  to exist in these countries more as a  matter of courtesy than by legal rights.  Yet in no one of these nations, so far  as [know, has the religion of the  Romish church been interfered with.  The governments of these countries  have simply said that there shall be  no interference by the Roman Catholic Church in civil or political affairs.  Ak they have been driven from these  lands they have naturally turned to  landf. that are more favorable for the  pronaeation of their ideas with regard  to the .temporal or political power of  the Pope. This explains the signifi-;  c.cv.i: f:icts that are today manifested |  in Fnsflpnd. One hundred ye.'irs n.zo  fppre  were  no  monasteries   in  Great .  Fifty years a^o they could  iin fiviiofi nnon the finsrors of one  hand. Now tbey nnral,w -100. During |  the h'st eieht ye^rs they ha've increased at the rate of one a month,  and convents at the rate of one a  week. There are today fifteen hundred, members of foreign papal religious orders in Great Britain, and  this number is being constantly added  to by fresh arrivals from abroad. In  Canada it is a thousandfold worse.  During the time that Canada was  tributary to France the French* king  would not allow more monks and  nuns in Canada than were needed in  hoppjt:>!s. None were allowed that  had taken perpetual 'vn������'s; none who  wo"M' 7mt engage in .p"rr,r,T tbe sick  "Every priest swears "in his oath of  allegiance to the Pope that he > renounces and disowns any allegiance  as due to any. Protestant king, prince,  or state, or obedience to any of their  'inferior officers. Twenty thousand of  the agents of Rome in Canada are  sworn along similar lines���������and yet  what they renounce and disown lies  at the foundation- of f-ur national existence. However, the significant  fact for Protestants to consider is this:  The increase in political power and  influence   of   the     Roman     Catholic  'Church in Canada was brought about  jby the supineness of our politicians.  'In the 'Tragedy of Quebec,' a book that  every man should read, the author  says:   'It was  not until the union of  Quebec with Ontario, when politicians  'competed for the support of the heir  a rchy, that representatives of foreign  ���������'(Romish)-orders appeared in the lobbies of the legislature claimiug recognition, .and received acts of incorporation,  not infrequently    with    public  that I am attacking, except in so far or caring for the aged and .bn1 "less.  as the political aspirations of the Altogether there were not more than  leaders of that church form part of its ;I50 nuns and 100 monks. Since conv  religious policy. What I have in mind federation acts of incorporation have  is that inner and masterful coterie of been granted to fully forty new orders  men who constitute the heirarchy, or of monks and nuns. In Quebec alone  papacy���������men who cease not day or convents and other monastic buildings  night in their endeavor to place the exceed the number of 600. Scores of  Pope on the throne,of universal world others are scattered over the other  power. Students of history know that provinces of the Dominion. There is  since the year 606 it has been the con- today in Canada a force, including  stant aim of every Pope to hold such men and women who are priests,  power.   In 1864 such a hope took on .monks or nuns, of at least    twenty  a more definite shape, when the dogma'  of papal infallibility was made a cardinal tenet of the creed of the Roman  Catholic Church.    I think that every  thousand, scattered everywhere, but  each and all sworn to the one head���������  the Pope of Rome���������and to the one  purpose���������the  subjugation   of  Canada  student of history knows that just be- for  the  Roman  Catholic   Church,  in  cause   Rome endeavored  to   rule   in civil as well as spiritual matters.  assistance in some form.' Here lies  the danger of today. So long as our  political parties care more for office  than they do lor Country, so long will  they be the puppets of any organized  force and will sell themselves to the  highest bidder. Place over against a  party anxious to maintain itself in  power a force such as the papacy, with  its thousands of trained servants  sworn to a slavish obedience to the  Pope, with a system of education that  tends only to the exaltation of Romanism, and a laity who, kept in the  ignorance oi Gad's word, inflamed by  a genuine passion for their church  and scared by the tlames of hell, are  ready to do anything tnat their priest  commands���������as the British judge with  a French name and Romanist principles did in Montreal when the bishop  made him give up an,appointment to  speak on the subject of temperance,  because the meeting was to be held  in a Methodist church! Well might  the Toronto Telegram say, 'Canada is  perhaps the only country in which a  judge, or any other great servant of  the state, would cancel an engagement  at the request of the church in which  he worshipped.' This, however, is only an incident with which we. 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It is only when Romanism intrudes itself into the realm of  civil rights 'and liberties that ������our  question,. "Shall Rome Rule Canada?'  grows in clearness. The author of the  'Tragedy of Quebec' in an article in  the Sentinel says: 'That in this twentieth century, on a continent the very  air. of which is democratic, a body of  men "are laboring to bring about the  creation of a papal nation, sounds incredible, but it is true.' One needs  only to read history to see the extent  to which papal Rome has succeeded.  Suiting her cry to her purpose, she  has subtly, but surely, made headway.  She has advanced from one special  privilege to another until a climax was  reached when the representative of the  government of Canada laid the homage of tlie people at the feet of the  Pope's representative. Sitting every  day of the year at the right hand of  the government of Canada is the rep-lis not wanted. It will insult the king  resentative ot^the Pope, to whom matters purely YCanadian, and having  to do with Canadian progress and  prosperity, are submitted for his approval. When the cabinet, ministers  of Manitoba approached the Dominion  government and asked for an extension of the boundaries of their province, they were sent by the premier  of Canada to the papal representative,  who told them that it they would grant  the Roman Catholic Church certain  concessions their boundaries would  be extended. They refused to make  a bargain with the Pope's emissary,  and as a result their boundaries still  remain the same.  "When we see things happening like  this, does it not seem appropriate to  ask the question, 'Does Rome Rule  Canada?' Take almost any one of  the special privileges that Romanism  enjoys���������privileges that tend to the perpetuation of racial as well as civil  differences, and you will find that behind it all there m the steady pressure  of the papal heirarchy.   We have the  lose.  "An article appeared in the Canadian Magazine for May, copied from  a review printed under the authority  of the faculty of Laval University,  that should be in the hands of every  elector of the Dominion. After showing how the French race has grown  numerically since the conquest, and  after pointing out how they are gradually supplanting the English Protestants in certain parts of the Dominion,  the writer says: 'That which our  fathers have done in Quebec, we shall  do in Ontario, in the West, and in the  Maritime Provinces.' Need I say that  if this prophecy comes true, it means  the subjugation of vCanada to the  papal throne? Whenever Romanism  is strong enough, whenever it thinks  itself strongly enough, entrenched in  the control of Parliament, it will not  content itself with having the acting  chief executive lay at the feet of the  Pope's representative the homage of  Canada. It will then do as the Na  tionalist aldermen did in the city of  Dublin.    It will tell the king that he  **������������..tM������_������..o..9M������Mt_������..t..9Ht_9*������M4..v..V)..s..ftM4Mt..tM4..t���������������.   ^������+..������..������������������~t^...������..������.. ...^..............m  PHONE Fairmont 761  Cochrane  K?*VV  ...:..:..:.  i*VV  *****************  '?.]?****  i4������������.*.������������2.������*.������*������������*.������2.������������������.������m������������������*..*m-*������������������.������������4  K������������VV  *  IN   THE   P^  posting; about 25c per Thousand  hasbeqn incorporated for the purpose of supplying: a simple, effective* invention for making gas. > it is the ������������������    ��������� 7 J       ,:      ; =���������  Wmder tfihe Age^^^^^^^^^-  The tank is simply 'fixe'd out of doors underneath the ground,  charged with petrol; the machine itself is fixed in the basement, or.  anywhere."  ; It is operated by weight, working automatically,  manufacturing the gas only as you use it,i whether it-is one. light or  5*000:" ': The gas is clean, pure, free from poison',' the very best gas  for cooking, lighting or heating.      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I  A new oven is being installed. %  \**********%*^  220 BROABWAYrWEST  Choice Confectionery  Ice Cream Parlor  Soda Fountain  An Invito House  DeVAZ   220 BROADWAY, WEST  in his own domain. One wonders  where the spirit of our fathers has  gone, and what a strange spirit of indifference has fallen upon.the British  people that such actions are allowed.  "If you ask me how we are to stem  the tide pf Romish aggression, I have  a twofold answer. The first is by the  gospel of Jesus Christ. The second  is by means of the ballot. There is a  growing need for the organization of  a new party that shall stand for a defensive Protestant platform. "I do hot  mean a religious platform, but a purely national political one that will combine Protestants in opposition to the  political encroachments of the Church  of Rome. All the special privileges  possessed by the Romish church were  granted to them Subsequent to the  Treaty of Paris; and if the people of  Canada so desire, every one of them  can be removed by legislation. But  they never will, and further ones iyill  be granted.so long as Liberal and Conservative vie with each other to see  who can get in and keep in power. I  anomaly today of a country, supposed^7 believe that under proper leadership  ly under the British flag, yet rent into now is tiie tjme t0 commence the work.  There  are enough men cognizant of  Rome's purpose, enougli tovset in motion the new move that will mean the  perpetuation of our liberties, the safeguarding of our Imperial relationship  and the������ establishment of commercial  ; and economic peace in-our land.   Facing   my   question   'Shall   Rome   Rule  Canada:  I answer1, she is trying to. do  so.    But she Will not succeed if the  Protestants of Canada are only true  to their religion and to themselves.   I  have   no   animosity   towards   Roman  Catholics.   I pray that the blessing of  God may rest upon each one of them;  but I,say to the h'eirarchy    and    the  papacy:   'Hands off our civil  and  religious-liberties.'    For    when    Rome  touches these the dark ages of cruelty,  in whicii she almost wiped liberty off  sectionalism; first, by the official use  of two languages; second, by the us<b  of separate schools, in many of which  French a swell' as English is compulsory. We find a land tax in operation in the province of Quebec; that  is used for the maintenance of Roman  Catholicism, arid which in its operation is gradually driving Protestants  out of that province and making it  a papal preserve. And we find this  same church' openly advocating the  establishment of a papal state. Let  me again quote from''The Tragedy of  Quebec': 'In the handboodk of missions written by Father Hamon, he  says���������The movement begun over forty  years1 ago to extend the. parish: system over "the eastern townships had a  larger design than merely expelling  the Protestant farmers. It was a necessary step towards , the conquest of  New. England  for the Church.    It is  the face of the earth, rise like a foreboding cloud. May tlie liberty of  Christ be ours.    Mav we stand stead-  within the range of the possible that|fast in ^/exercising Christian charity  there will be a^ break-up,, when Quebec, |ancl forbearance, and at the same time  New Brunswick, Maine, New Hamp- j maintaining the true; principles of  shire, Massachusetts,. .Rhode, Island, j British citizenship."  and possibly Eastern,Ontario, will con-j '���������-'At the-conclusion of the service the  stitirte' a distinct r^ublic which, will, b,^^^ marched back to" the hall,  be French and Roman Catholic.'. And j Where a motion was unanimously pass-  he goes on tosay: 'Thus- it may;:be: in jed,.tendering, a hearty vote of thinks  the order of Providence that there ;toftr Fraser for his able and inspiring  -w'ouldYbeinegainedahfc^^ hoiL,.(l o������_inanaKement  from the/ French Canadian's on the jfol. the use of the church, and to the  Plains of Abraham.' That is their clioirfoKiheir excellent singing during  aim,  stated  by  one of  their priests,'! th^ service.  and approved by Cardinal Taschereau. j '���������_   Perhaps the agitation now beiiig'Gained on under - the name of  the- Na  The Berlin (Germany) magistrates |  Tune 10 decided to tloat a loan of ?S0,-1  tionalist-Party is-only the beginning' 750,000, the proceeds of which will be j  of the. real struggle.lt seems a strange used 'for the. construction of subways,!  positions for British citizens to be in, |gas an(vy,ater systems an<l other utili-j  that there should exist in oiir midst a !ties , j  force, that owing more to British lib-1   .. 1  erty than to anything else,v enjoying  larger freedom than" they ������������������ could in  any other laud7yet,they should so far  forget themselves as to seek by agitation to dismember the Dominion of  Canada and imperil British connection.  The spectacle of the Dominion premier  obstructing  the  strengthening of the  tie that binds us to the Motherland; is . .  - .       many^in which  ���������at  'Che. same   time   beneath   the   roof  only a milder form of the facts  history reveals, viz., that there never  was a rebellion organized in Canada,!  from that of Papineau to Riel, with ;  one possible exception, that did not !  begin in and with a Papist at its head.!  I do not charge Sir Wilfrid Laurier;  with rebellion'. His personality is an !  honor to the Dominion, and his per- ���������  sonal example stands as an Inspira- j  tion, to every young Canadian; but. I'  stand today for a whole Canada, and j  not a divided one.yI would use every]  legitimate means to round "out to'its-  fullest possible conipleteness oiir des1 j  tiny as part of the British Empire, j  I stand for One ETag, One School and.  One Language, and British Imperial- j  ism "to the fullest extent. I want neith-;  er toy navies', annexation, reciprocity.7  nor Ne Temere^ marriage decrees.;  Liberty and equal rights to all is the]  I Elaborate plans liave been made by 1  the German naval officers for enter-7  taining the-officers-and- nien  of the;  ; second division of the United-States :  'Atlantic fleet'on their visit at Kiel.'    7  ��������� -    ��������� ���������    ' -      -  ��������� ��������� "' i"  Tlle   Zoological   garden   restaurant, \  .the greatest eating house in the world, |  has just been opened in  Berlin, .Ger-7  0,000 people can dine ;  while'the open-air terraces can accommodate another 10,000 diners.  The Lost Don.  I once had a sweet little do!l,:dears,     ���������;  The prettiest doll in the world:  Her  cheeks .were, so  red  and  white.;  -.dears, ; ;.    ���������'��������� ' 7        '  And   her  hair   was  so   charmingly :  curled.        ; [������������������ .:   ^7"   ' 7'   ' ;  But I lost my poor little doll, dears,    j  As I played on the heath one day;  And I cried for her more than a week,]  dears, -.- j  But I never could find where she lay.!  I found my poor little doll, dears. 7  As I played on the heath one day;"   ���������  Folks say she is    terribly    changed,  7 dears, ���������     '      ;  slogan to which my blood moves; and j por her paint is all washed away, !  beneath the gloribus old Union Jack,; And her arms trodden off by the cows,-  symbol not merely of Britain's power,; dears, 7  but of British justice, I stand, certain \ And her hair not the least bit curled.:  of this: that the priceless heritage of; Yet for old sake's sake, she is still,;  civil and religious liberty bequeathed f dears, j  to us by those who fought and bled to.;    The prettiest doll in the world. J  establish it, is too sacred a thing toi ���������Charles Kingsley.'  &  The House of  Prosperity  Prices & Quality  Are Always to be Found at This Store  tlW44444Jj|j44MM*iittM4aVMr<l4l4JjMaMkM4aM.444444M  FLOUR!    FLOUR!   FLOUR!  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He  will certainly be the right man in the  right place, and has already starteii  some active work in the municipality.  The inhabitants around the back of  the IGth Avenue have long been  troubled by the refuse of a butcher's  shop, and other unpleasant rubbish  from two other houses,'but, thanks to  Inspector Pengelley, it has all been  cleared away, and a healthier atmosphere already surrounds the place.  But it was not managed without a  good deal of difficulty, as the offenders  took no notice of the twenty-four  hours' warning given them, and in  the end Mr. McLeod was fined $10  and costs, and Mr. McKenzie and Mr.  Cutter $1 and costs each. Perhaps it  is only kind to warn all householders  that a strict watch will be kept on  all their back yards and gardens, etc.,  and that it is absolutely necessary for  them to keep them in a sanitary state.  Last Saturday night people returning on the Fraser Avenue car about u  p. m. were alarmed by a .drunken  crowd fighting on the car, but being  turned off at Wilson Road a pitched  battle ensued, beer bottles and stones  went flying in all directions and one  ��������� jman was badly cut around his eye and  *:had to be attended to' by Dr. Bride.  X.! Other damage was fortunately prevent-  by the arrival of Constable Bram-  well, who quickly became very busy  'amongst the rioters, and they will have  to "face the music" before Judge Mc-  Arthur, the police magistrate. Owing  to their being no accommodation for  ithese culprits, P. C. Bramwell was  i obliged to take them to their homes.  It only shoWs how greatly a local  police station is wanted.  We are pleased to hear the people  of St. Lukes Parish are giving such  a warm welcome to" their new vicar,  the Rev. St. Michael Podman, and a  concert will be given on Thursday at  the school, River Road, at 8 o'clock.  Price 25 cents.  1  Miss E. M. Fournier is now fulfilling  her engagement as the season's soloist  at  Banff  Springs hotel, Banff.  The strawberry social got up by the  two churchwardens of St. Mary*  Church, and in aid of the church funds,  was a great success; and everyone  who went to it spent a very pleasant  evening.  CANADA'S  AIR   ROUTES  TO BE MAPPED OUT  JUNCTION JOBBINGS.  Plas to Chart Air Currents, Land and  Mr.  SommerviUe, Scott Street, will  leave shortly for Manitoba on an extended visit.  Sky Marks for Benefit of Birdmen��������� ,  New   Science   of  Aerial   Geography'    The Hazlett Brokerage Co., 617 15th  Coming���������Five Years of Marital Dis- Avenue E, have some choice acreage  cord  in  Average  Family   Says   Su-  on  Lulu   Island for sale at  very  low  perior       Court '    Judge���������Fighting  prices.  Insects the Farmers'  Pests. j  (From Our  Own  Correspondent.)     |  MONTREAL,  July  15.���������Thai, aerial!  geography may shortly assume a place  with the other text boolcs now employed in school is suggested, by the fact  that the first official air maps ever  prepared in this country are now being drawn and charted here. The  task is an enormous one and when  completed will provide "maps and  charts undreamed of a few years ago.  Some idea of the.scope of this now  aerial sreogrnphy may be gathered  from the fact that it will show all  thf> p'r current'3 and sir. routes of this  country most favorable to aeronauts.  Landmarks., including not only lakes  and mountains, but also the distinguishing night lights of the different  cities, will be explained in footnotes  on sections of the map, just as buoys  Dr. and Mrs. Sharrow, loth Avenue  E. have returned to the city after an  'enjoyable holiday spenl in Oritarto and  the prairie provinces.  The improvements to Westminster  Road, Carolina and adjacent streets,  which our city fathers will make  shortly, have created quite a flutter in  real estate around the Junction, and  there has been a sharp advance in  values. ���������  Cabon keeps groceries of first quality and at prices that suit.      o  Mr. Ralph L. King, of Dauphin, Man.,  has arrived in the city and taken up  his residence at S22 15tli' Avenue E.  Mr. King was a resident of Vancouver  23 years ago.  We think this is a favorable time  ^������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������^������������������������������������i-   ^������������������������������������������������������������������������^'������������������������������������^������������������^������������������������������������H"!  ��������� ������������������  We Have  ��������� ��������� ���������  Good Drugs means more than fresh drugs. It meansj  drugs that are both high grade and fresh.  We are particular about the kind of drugs we offer our/  customers, so particular that our stock is an exceptional one]  in every respect.      ���������  If you are particnlar about quality we ��������� should ��������� get alonj  well together.  We wish to be your druggist.  and lighthouses are explained in foot- j for our hustling city engineer to clean  notes on ocean charts. Lighthouses, (up the gore at loth Avenue and West-  too, will be shown and it is proposed   minster Road.   At present it is an eye-  to construct a series of inland lighthouses as has been done in Germany  for the guidance of flyers. Sectional  maps showing different air routes  or different sections of the country  are also to be made. These will be  printed on long strips of parchment  and fixed tb rollers. The rollers in  turn will be fixed in a permanent place  in the airship just as a ship's compass  it. As the airmen pass over each part  of the country they will thus be enabled to identify it without moving  in their seat by merely unrolling the  map. These sectional maps ���������will represent areas about ten miles wide,  thus making an allowance for the  aviator being blown off his course.  Altogether the coming of the air age,  among its many other results, may  revolutionize the study of "geography.  Takes Five Years to Get  Acquainted.  That five years of discord is the  price of ultimate marital happiness is  the judgment of a Superior Court  justice just rendered here. No more  inopportune time could have been selected for the rendering of this gloomy  opinion, since marriages at this time  sore to the residents.  ' For plumbing and gas fitting go to  Montgomery, 3129 Westminster Road.  He does first-class work.  Junction residents are invited to the  garden party which the Women's Auxiliary of St. Michaels Church will give  in the church grounds on Thursday  afternoon and evening of this week.  St. Pauls on the Hill has just been  painted and looks very attractive. 777  ! For everything that is good to eat  go to Cochran & Elliott, the hive of  industry.  '���������(  Mr. and. Mrs. T. H. Fleming and  family, of 749 16th Avenue E., have left  for Grenfell, Sask., where they will reside in future.  We understand a couple of property  owners at the Junction will erect substantial brick blocks this fall. These  will add greatly to the appearance of  this growing business center.  The Reliable Sheet Metal Works  have erected a new factory at 3127  Westminster Road. They are now m  a better position to cope with their  i Ernest E. Barker  t Chemist and Druggist  I Corner 28th Avenue & Main Street  $ PHONE Fairmont 830  *     ' ���������  ���������''���������'.'���������'  **************************   ***********.l~z.***.tt..z~i������z<***  i������**vz  .'********************* ***********************.  *  t  *  HARDWARE STORB  Screen    Doors   and   Windows  Garden Tools, Bapco Pure Paint  Stumping   Powder   and   Land  Clearing  Tools.  t  4>>  COBNR OF FRASER   '_'   rp     r* PHONE FAIR-  ^  AND FERRIS STS. I .    JtOX MONT 1177-1  % 68  ****************������%*********   **********************.  ************************** ************************?���������';  4 V  of year are more numerous than at1 growing business  any other season.   However, the dire'  Mr. C. A. Splayford, 762 12th Avenue  E., wiU leave shortly for Victoria to  enter the real estate business. We  wish him every success.  Westminster Rd. & 15th Ave.  Of  AT  Incredibly Low Prices  Butter, Eggs, Ham, Bacon,  Flour,  POULTRY SUPPLIES  Wheat,  Corn, Cracked Corn,  Bran, Shorts, Chicken  Chop.  pronouncement of the learned official  seems to have had little effect, since  Cupid continues to be just as busy  as ever. "In my opinion," said the  Court, "It takes about five years for  M<e ordinary couple to become accustomed and adapted to each other be- Councillor J. Third, of South Van  fore they can live together congenial- couver, with his. wife and family, have  l!. In other words, it takes that time taken summer quarters at Bowen Isl-  cr them to overlook one another's ���������ad 'or tne next two months,  faults." The Court also upset the  prevalent notion that a legal separation is meant to divide the man and Miss Muller, who has been one of  wife for ?.ll time by declaring "nothing the teachers at the Chilliwack public  of the kind.' This decree to Uve apart school, has resigned her position  often has the effect of 'forcing the fiere and returned to spend her vaca-  separated man and wife to appreci- ton at her home at Cedar Cottage,  ate each other's company. They can  reunite." Apparently in view of these  learned'opinions matrimony -ie still  more of a lottery than even pessimist*  have pictured it:  Phone  Fairmont  777  Branch Store: 26th Ave. & Fraser Ave;  ���������******���������: II I'M1 M ************* ���������**>.-i+W-H^H-HW^X/****  Qutbtc Asbestos Crop.  Speculation is rife in financial and  commercial circles as to the meaning  of the heavy buying which has been  taking place recently of the bonds of  the Amalgamated Asbestos Corporation. Quebec, ������s js known, produces  nearly ninety per-cent of the, .whole  asbeBtos supply of the world, and it. is  one of the province's moBt valuable  assets. Efforts have been made time  and. again to obtain control of the  output and even more determined effort is apparently being made now.  The buying is being done quietly and  appears to emanate from the United  States���������the city of Philadelphia in  particular. It may be that this is another attempt of the wily Yankee to  get his grip on another of Canada's  "national heritages'," or it may be  that it is merely a movement on the  part of those on the "inside" to buy  up on the strength of information  which leads them to believe that a  boom is due in the industry.  Battles Against Grub and Moth.  Along the country roads. of the  Province of Quebec there are some  conspicuous demonstrations in entomology. There are examples of  what the grubs and moths will do if  left alone, what happens if the public  authorities interfere with them and  what the natural beauties of the forests could be at this time of the year  under favorable conditions. Property  along the St. Lawrence and Ottawa,  as valuable and as seriously invaded  as any part of the Province, is again  an object lesson for the supporters and  critics of the Province's policy toward  the insect situation. There the summer residents have come forward  again in a public-spirited way and  given liberally toward the checking of  the moths, irrespective of ownership  of the infested woodlands. Everything  is being done that science and prac-1 approach to the Victoria bridge and  tical experience can command and the come out just west of the Longueuil  conditions   that   have   been   brought  wharf. a  about there are the results of a method for which the critics bare offered  no substitute. The result ii tbat, although grubs anr moths still appear,  tbe trees are thriving and the foliage  is fairly, well preserved. In other  parts of the Province rattling  branches, picked hare of green, are  an* evidence of tbe inroads of the insects and the Inability or lack of cooperation of the communities to cope  with the pests.  New International Canal.  Plans for a big undertaking which  has in view the establishment of a  new canal between Montreal, Lake  Champlain and New York have been  placed before the Department of  Public Works at Ottawa for approval  by Mr. C. L. Hervey, of Montreal, on  behalf of the Lake Champlain and tne  St. Lawrence Ship Canal Company.  A 12-foot waterway is proposed, and  the scheme will involve the construction of twenty-one miles of new canal  through the counties of Chambly, St.  JohnB and Laprairle.,  The work will start at Fryer's Island, five or six miles below St. Johns,  and terminate at Longueuil, opposite  Montreal. The estimated cost does  .not appear from the plans, but will be  up in the millions.  The object in view is the connection  of Montreal with Lake Champlain by  a better system of water way than  now exists, while from Lake Champlain connection will be made with  the Hudson River and New. York.  The plan shows that the route will  begin at Lake Champlain and follow  the Richelieu River to Fryer's Island.  At that point the new canal will begin.  It will pass through the first concession south of Chambly Basin. It will  cross the little Montreal River at  Cote St. Louis de Donzague, and  thence through the parishes of St.  Francois de Borgia and Cote L'Ange  Cardien, Cote des Prairies, Cote St.  Lambert, and the Parish of Longueuil,  to Longueuil town.   It will cross the  ************************** **********************  A Big Store!  HAY, GRAIN, FLOUR and FEEI  PETER WALKER  Prompt Delivery to any part of the city.  COR. 35th AVE. & MAIN STR.  19  ;i.ti.M������.M''K"M"l"M"M"t"H'fr'M"|"!' **********************  , ************************* ***********************]  HIUCREST P. 0. BOX 15 PHONE: FiJrtnont  o  <4  it  YOUNG & YOUNG  PLUMBING and STEAMFITTJNG; HOT WATCH  HEATING and STOVE CONNECTIONS;  GENERAL REPAIRS.  First-class work guaranteed.  **************************  **********************4  B. C. Cafe  M������������ls  -   2\  M������������lttck������tSl  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most Up-to-date place to eat on the Hill.  All home cooking.   White help.   Quick service.|  2611 MAIN STREET E. W. BUSBY, Pre  y******l ***************:**  H H H 1'I 11 11 11 1 ****** l*\  I Willoughbv's Cash Grocer  |  Corner 11 th Ave, and St, Catherines Stred  i   FRESH GROCERIES, BUTTEl������ EGGS. FLOUR, VEGETABI  and FRUITS.  TOBACCO. CIGARS and CIGARETTES.  Courteous   Treatment.   Good   Service,   Prompt  Reasonable Prices.  ^^.H..Hi'I"I"!"lvI'������������'l"l''l"l"l"l"I"t"!"l'������������ **********  Delivery  ************************** *****************  SPECIAL  25 only MEN'S SERGE COATS and VESTS,  nothing in the city to equal them for the price  50 pairs MEN'S SERGE PANTS, pair      -  $4.51  $1.2!  R. MOORE,  2211 BRIDGE STREE*  Phone    Fairmont    37 J  ************************** ***********************\ THE WESTERN CALL  t When Planning an Outing      f  Ey                   Do not forget to provide a Refreshing Drink.        We would suggest ^  E: GRAPE JUICE,   LIME JUICE,   PERSIAN SHERBET and LEMONADE POWDER Z  5=           A CAMERA will add to the day's pleasure.     When you get home again you z  'Wtz          will probably need a good Cold Cream.    Let us supply all your Drug Store wants =  ������ Note-PHYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION =  >~a-9~>9**9������9������*"9-9~9~9*49������9������m)������S-9~a- ���������"������������������������������������-������������������������������������-���������-���������~* ���������������������������     ������������������**������������������ .���������*������������������..������.������������������**���������������������������������.���������������**������������������-���������*������������������������ ������"������"������-^-������ *���������������-���������"���������*��������� ���������������������������������*���������-���������"������������������     ���������������������������������������������������������*���������  1 fishfr'S ���������QHTr.BEU; Cor. Broadway I  I nirij g   **   pllone Fairn,ont   **     .   '""        ^  E store 2~ S> ���������4 uCOU dlTBGi ||  CHADWICK-CANTELON.  A unique wedding was solemnized  at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. J.  Cantelon, 346 13th Avenue East, when  their daughter, Laura >., was united  in the holy bonds of matrimony to  Mr. Herbert Chadwick, of Vancouver.  The nuptial knot being tied by the Rev.  A. M. Sanford, pastor of Trinity  Church. The large drawing room, the  scene of the nuptial festivities, was  tastefully decorated for the occasion  with palms, ferns and roses. An arch  of English ivy and California roses  adorned in obeisance the heads of the  contracting parties.  At 7 -p.7m.7the bride entered the  drawing room, leaning on her father's  arm, to the strains of the bridal march  played by Miss Gertrude Cantelon.  The. bride looked charming in a robe  of pale blue chiffaun broadcloth, trimmed with sequins and pearls, and carried a bridal wreath of white roses.  The bridesmaid, Miss Clara Chadwick,  sister of the groom, was gowned in  fawn britz, with gold lace .trimmings  ..and carried a bouquet of pink carnations.  Mr. Oliver Cantelon filled the requisite capacity of best man. The  groom's girt to the bride was a gold  crescent set with pearls.  A reception and general congratulations concluded the conubial ceremony r after which the gueBts were  invited to the lawn, where a sumptuous spread of dainties was partaken  of by nearly seventy-five.guests. The  majority of the seniority were preBent  at the wedding of .the bride's parents  In the early homesteading days of  BolsBevain, Manitoba.  The tokens were numerous and costly, endorsing the esteem personality  ,In which the young couple were held.  St. Michaels Tennis Club played Mt.l    The Rev. Merton Smith and family  Pleasant Presbyterian Tennis Club a have gone  to  Bucaneer  Bay  for  the  most enjoj'able match on Mr. Scott's  lawn last Saturday, July 8th. The  game was keenly contested. St.  Michaels won by only three games,  eight sets being played, as follows:  Ladies Doubles���������Presbyterian: Miss  Russell, Miss Langley. St. Michaels:  Miss Cobald, Miss Stentiford. Won by  Presbyterions, 6-3.'  Gent's Doubles���������Mr. Russell, Mr.  Woods; Mr. MiltonY Mr. Lewendon.  AVon by Presbyterians, 6-4.  Gent's Doubles���������-Mr. Russell, Mr.  Woods; Rev. Wilson, Mr. Cloude. Won  by St. Michaels, 6-1.  Gent's Doubles���������Mr. Russell, Mr. Mc-  Kinney; Rev. Wilson, Mr. Cloude. Won  by Presbyterians, 6-4. .  Mixed Doubles���������Miss Buller, Mr. Mc-  Kihney; Miss Stentiford, Mr. Cloude.  Won by St. Michaels, 6-2.  Mixed Doubles���������Miss Tyler, Mr.  Cavers; Miss Cobald, Mr. Meeton.  Won by St. Michaels, 6-0.  Mixed Doubles���������Miss Langley, Mr.  Woods; Miss Cobald, Rev. Wilson.  Won by St. Michaels, 6-1.  Mixed Doubles���������Miss Tyler, Mr. Mc-  Kinney; Miss O'Dell, Mr. P. Knowles.  Won by Presbyterians, 6-0.  Sets, 4 all. Games, 33-30.  Any tennis club wishing to play St.  Michaels will kindly write to Mr. E.  Redpath, 2401 Alberta Street.  summer  months.    They  left   Collingwood last Wednesday, 12th inst.  The Rev. G. F. 0. Caffin, of St.  Peters, Mountain View, is spending his  holidays at Bowen Island.  ' The 7 Mountain- View Methodist  church held their, annual picnic at  Bowen Island last. Thursday, 13th inst.  The "Burambu" conveyed a large parity of friends to enjoy the pleasurable  'sea trip and social amusements of  this, lovely resort.  PHONE: *  Fairmont   1201  In the lacrosse game played at the  Powell Street grounds Tuesday evening, East End won from Grandview by  six goals to nil. The home of. the  winning team played great lacrosse.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family  have lately arrived from Woodstock,  Ont., and have taken up their residence  in Thynne road, Cedar Cottage.  ] J. CLARK  Wholesale and Retail  Hay, Grain  and  Feed  Poultry Food a Specialty  1547 Main Street  VANCOUVER, B.C.  The   House  of  Largest Ice Cream Parlor  South   of   False   Creek  A Place of Rest, Refresh-  ment and Refinement.  WALDEN,  25th Avenue C& Main Street  *,���������..,���������,..:���������.������.,���������..  .������..������ ti' ������������������������������ ������..������������.������'*��������� *'������ ������   A)..... i>i������imi>i t i i >i|"i * * * >'i������">"ti������ * * ������'i">  m-  fBkMi7SM\  t  i  z  I  t  i  '   -V  iMt������H������M"i"M'^*M"K''K"t''M'M"fr ******************************************************  I     ���������������  I? ���������::  ************************* ************************** ������K"M"M"M"M"t"M"M"M"frM"H"l"M"  i 4  i ������  It ' ������  ')W,V  "s" ���������������������������������%���������������-'  V\y  WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDERS FOR  Cards, Dodgers, Letter Heads, Bill Heads,  Statement Forms, Programmes, Prospectuses, Menus, Invitation Forms, etc.  liiltily Press, Ui 2408 Westmii  4   >  4   >  4 ���������-������.  >A  i >  ������  .���������������������  DO YOU LIKE IT?  IS IT DOING GOOD WORK?  DO YOU READ IT?  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The   lesson   she   would   teach   is  ���������clear��������� ���������������������������  Repeat but half of what you hear."  ���������O. V  i  %  New Laid Eggs  No. 1 Select Eggs  Cooking Eggs  40c  35c  30c  Prairie Produce Co.  2446 MAIN ST.  Our wagons will call on you twice a week  name and address.  PHONE: Fairmont 191  Give.us your  ���������-.".".".  ������.������������������.������������������.������������������.������������������.������������������:������������������.���������������:������������������>���������:������������������.������������������.������������������.  X-********* ���������**-Xv*+*������X**������X***********  Phone B4-3 ^ Always in Mt. Pleasant  EXPRESS & BAGGAGrTRANSFER  Stand���������Main and Broadway  Phone - Fairmont 845  ***9***$>*********$********9**************************  1 x ���������   7 t  For good values in f.  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS J  ���������������  Call on  I TRIMBLE  &  NORRIS  Cor.-Broadway and Westminster Road  4  ************************** S **************************  **.H.********.:^************ <<'************************  .-.*     PHONG "���������" -*^ mWmm m "**���������  "    ** PROPRIETORS  4  t  5*  X  %  *  ������  t  *  FAIRMONT  510  NOTICE I  cTWcGOWEN  C& SALTER^  THE DON Ice Cream Parlor  Will transfer the Business to -  -       .  2648 MAIN STR,, 2nd Store from Corner llth Ave.  on JULY ISth, where your patronage will be  appreciated   y as in the_past. ._ .  SUMMER  SPECIALTIES  CREAM; MILK, BUTTERMILK and CREAMERY BUTTER FRESH;  DAILY.        A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIGARETTES, '  ,   '  and TOBACCO.   Agents -for Womaift' Bakery.        r*'<   '    '.  Mrs.   H.   Beaumont   has   taken  residence at 1510 First Avenue E.  Mr.  and  Mrs.   Craig,  Street, have gone to Ontario to spend 'lustration  Man    and    Wife    Separated���������Father  SeeksvChi!c!���������Companion Is Shot.  The  inhabitants  of the  old county  of Glengarry were .-thrillecl on Saturday   evening   by   the   tidings   which  i flashed  from   north   to   south   that  a  iniost atrocious and intentional shoot-  jing of_a quiet and inoffensive citizen  l'P'-of Ottawa   had   taken   place   in   the  j vicinity of North. Lancaster.    The in-  -.  cident reads almost like a chapter out.  I960  William of   the   Camorra,   and   is   another   il-  of  the  evil  effects  of  the  O.  a few months.  Mr. and  Mrs. Arthur Biggins, 1731  Ne Temere decree.   Briefly stated, the  facts are as follows:      ,  Dr. Magee, one of the leading phy-  visit to the prairie last weekv  The Manitoba Hardware Co., 17.14-  1716 Park Drive, is big. strong and  prosperous.    Their hard wore sells.  Rev. R. F. Stillman has been attending the summer school at Ocean  Park this week.  *4^^������^~X'M.������***������N������X������X"X^'*iX������>*'- .X"X"X~X"X"X������  %   .  ...Af**..  *  *  3  ians  ���������?**********���������  *  ������������������'v.:- ���������������������������*  . *  ������- A  w  %  les  '    ,���������-..-  New stock of Cameras, Papers and  Chemicals at the  Burnaby  Street,  left for a   prolonged  sicians   of    Ottawa,     married    three  ! years ago a young lady belonging to  | oue of the principal families of Glen-1 *������  garry.   The family are strong Roman  ��������� Catholics, but after her marriage  to  jtbe doctor, who was a Methodist, she  I identified herself with her husband's  I church, and to all appearances every-  \ thing spoke of a happy married life.  ! After the promulgation of the Ne Te-  j mere decree pressure was brought to  I bear on Mrs.'Magee to leave her hus-  Park   Drive   Pharmacy   is   offering | band, and the outcome was the break-  big bargains in soaps.   See their win-jing  up  of  tnG  home.    There   was  a  dows, then buy and be happy.    This  chUd of the mari1age, a boy about six  soap is mild but thoroughly effective.  Mrs. \V. E. Burton and son, of 1962  Graveley Street, expect to leave for  Salmon Arm, B. C, where they will  spend a month.  Mrs.  J.   H.   Thompson,  1641 Wood-  months old, custody of which was retained by the mother, notwithstanding  the father's desire to have the child'  in his care.  On Saturday last, armed with a writ  and a search warrant, Dr. Magee,  accompanied by Bailiff Urin, of Bains-  ville, and Mr. Win. Shaw, a druggist  land Drive,, has been entertaining her! in his employ, left Ottawa in an auto-  father,   Major   Scarff,   of   Woodstock, I mobile,  intending   to  proceed   to   the  Ontario, and Mrs. Scarff.  The "House of Gilchrist," 1744 Park  Drive, is unexcelled for fine taste in  goods and artistic arrangement, while  quality and reasonable prices are no- iises-  home, of Mr. D. C. McGrae, father of  Mrs. Magee, at North Lancaster,  where, it was supposed, the cbild was  concealed. On arrival a diligent  search was made through the-prem-  but to no purpose;    the    child  table.  Smyth's Bakery, 1605 Park Drive,  makes bread, cakes and pastry that  create a longing for more. Cleanness and sanitation also form an important part here. 7  ket,   1842   Park  field, butter  arid  of  could riot.be found.   Reluctantly compelled to give up the quest, Dr. Magee,  with   his   friends,   had, seated   them-  ! selves in the car preparing to return  j home, ������ when    Farquhar    McCrae,    a  ! brother of D. C. McCrae, an iincie of  .Mrs. Magee, it is alleged,pointed a    rifle at the occupants of the car, aim-  7    'J '    7 ��������� '���������--        ������������������; Ying at Dr. Magee.    The rifle was <lis-  The Western Fish and Produce Mar-! cnarged  and  the  shot lodged  in  the  Drive,  keeps  Brook-jle[t lung of WilliamShaw,  who was  egg^  also   a  greatlseate(1 in the rear; :   y  variety    of    vegetables    and    spring!    w-thout loss 6f time the wounded  salmon. y man    was 7 conveyed 7 to    Lancaster,  77 ��������� .- .-..--. '"-i where he  was attended by Dr. Dun-  The Royal Pharmacy, corner Park 'can Falkner, who found the .bullet so  Drive and Third Avenue/ has out-;deeply embedded in the lung that he  grown its old limitations and added : ordered his removal to Cornwall Hos-  anotlier room equal to the old, thujs; pita], to which he was at once taken,  doubling its accommodations. y So serious was his. condition on Sat-  .��������������������������� 7   , urtiay night/ that Dr.- Hamilton cleem-  Mis's Sara Margaret Brown and Mr.- ed it advisable to take his deposition.  Alexander Easier were married at the ; The...i,ffair,.-has ...creaced quite a sensa-  horrie of the bride's brother, S42 keefer 'tion. in the district, .the assailant be-  Street, last week.' Rev. Dr. Fraser ing Reeve of the township of Lancaster, arid a prominent man in Roman  Catholic circles. , 7":  Shaw, the wounded man, is 28 years  The'of  age,  unmarried,   and  a  native  of  Edinburgh, Scotland.  DRUG STORE  (LePatourel & McRae)  Cor. 7th Ave. & Main St. Phone: rairjmnl 56S  <~>������M^x������x������X'^><������Xr**������X'������:~:������x-������!������x ���������x******  *  *  *  A  *  *  t  *****************  f^mmwmmmmwmmmmsmmmammwmmmmmmmmm  \PROF. COWAN |  I              EXPERT TEACHER of Violin, Man- 1  1              dolin, Guitar, Banjo, Authoharp and |  1              Zither.          Twenty Private lessons j  $7.00.         No class lessons...     ..... I  I              Musicians supplies of every descrip- |  j                                       tion. I  *S UP-TO-DATE MUSIC STORE I  I 2315 Westminster Avenue near 7th \  ���������**\ammmmmimmmmmmm\av������^  **************************  ���������:������������������>���������:���������������:������������������:������������������:������>���������:������������������:���������  *********  The Reliable Sheet Metal Works  3127 Westminster Rd. Phone: Fairmont 868  Cornices, Jobfymg  cmd  Roofing  FURNAS WORK A SPECIALTY.  t  t  *  *  *  A  *  *  %    C.   Errington  ���������^x^<������<-'X'<~x^"X"X������X*������."X������:������X":������ *:������������������:���������  G.  Magnone    %  17 *  ������������������X~X������������!������rX~X"X~X"X',<������  conducted the ceremony.  J.   J.   Richmond,   of   the   Richmond  Bazaar,  reports  business  brisk,  people   of   Grandview   find   they \ can  get  better  accommodations- at  home  than down town.  The Grandview Hardware Co;, J921  Park Drive, has1 the usual assortment  of screen doors and windows, garden  hose and lawn mowers, while the  buildersYand. general hardware is complete.   .Prices' are right. .     ���������  ^^..:<.:..:������:������>.:������x~X"X"X������:":":"X'4������:������'X������  .-.������-���������������...������  "4���������4'VVV  !������������X������������X������X<  f......****  ."������~������~."V  ,*****&********************tl?*ti~.'*********^  I J. PERRY  Paper Hanger, Painter  and Decorator  |SPECIALIST in all kinds of Interior and  D.oor-  * ative Work, Churches,  Schools, etc.  2022 Main Street  Moderate char.fr- s  Estimates give  a  +a**********t'*<^*&<^>*itt<i>*+*<^  ... ..   |  ���������>******  ���������*-.-'���������  ������������������������������������������������������������*������������������ ���������>������������������"���������������*  ������������������������..������..������..���������..  The  .������������������^���������..���������m*..*.-  T]he $������randvie!W yEtaptist y Sunday;  School -held -their annual   picnic  out  ,' '*-  -   ���������:���������.;������������������ *.-��������������������������� ���������'��������������������������������������������� '^'��������� -iA.      :        .-,���������--������������������  aJiTBurnaby TLake last Wednesday. 77  A. "Wismer, 1417% Park Drive, is  kept busy ��������� repairing watches, clocks  and jewelry; The people are -.learning-,  tbe value of his work and goods.  Tlie Sunday :School."pf'-'S'tYSavior's  Church, on Lakewood Drive, lielid:;tfeir  annual picnic last Thursday,vJuly 6th.  The scene of enjoyment was, at one  of Vancouver's best .picnic grounds,  Second Beach, and the outing was a  "decided success, as. the weather proved  fine and:the attendance was large.  c Dr. Spenser, who has been a missionary among the. Indians at Fort  Simpson, Bella Coola and several  other places in the Queen..,Charlotte  Islands! for about twenty years>*;gave  the congregation at Grand view������Methodist Church a highly instructive talk  last Sunday evening, as well as a  short speech to the 'Sunday School  scholars jn the afternoon.  The Mountain and the Squirrel���������A  Fable.  The mountain and the squirrel  .-.' Had a quarrel,  And the former; called the latter "Little  , 7: '    Prig." - -  Bun replied:  "You.,are...doubtless very hig; ,.%i  TSffrall^sprts'bf"things and weather -  JNlust,bepaken in together'/'' ' ,,     ,''  To7make7up a year >'       .       "  And a. sphere;  And I think it no disgrace  To occupy my place.  if I'm hot as lai;ge as you,  You are not so small as I,  And riot .half so" spry.    i  1'lLnot deny, you make  A verypretty" stiuirrel track;   ,   '' 7 '.-'  Talents differ;  all is well and wisely  ' .-put;-, 7.-...;       : '��������� ..'������������������5-.'.-. y, ;���������;"���������  If I cannot, carry forests on my back  Neither'can you crack a hut!'.'  ; 7      ���������    : ���������Ralph Waldo Emerson.  THE MISTAKE  of, supposing that our prices,  are high because our work is  so fine. If you call you will be  surprised at the reasonable  charges for our photographs)  With us a trial order means a  regular customer.  LFO  at  the   MT.   PLEASANT   STUDIO   on  BROADWAY at the corner of A1AIN ST.  PHONE Fairmont 536 L  4fMj������g^������<ji.j.(ji.;.^,.;.^..;.<j1.j.^,^<^.,s,^.!5,.  The   best  stock of   ARMS,,,'|  AMMUNITION,    CUTLERY,  and SPORTING GOODS! can  be found at the store of  ^OOVBIGHT A P&Xro.  QIHsf'Flt for  a Bride  pur"B^aatilai Showingof  Cut Glass and Silverware  is one of the finest displays in the city.  QUALITY  Is our first recommendation  in bffeiing THESE goods..  Every article is ofthe best,  made   t^nd   guaranteed   by  Reputable' SLanui'acturers.  Our  Prices are Right  FOREIGN  To advance the knowledge of French  art, literature, the theater, history, and  sciences, prominent Frenchmen will  meet at I^aris, .lime 14/ to study a project for the creation of a French in:  stitute in the United States. 7 ���������  Mr. H. Vollans and family, of 1170  |    It is reported.that after tow days of  I fierce fighting in which hundreds were  7 KEEPS IN THE LEAD OF   y  Vancouver's  Forward  Movement  Fresh Groceries, Fruits,  Vegetables,   Provisions,   Eggs  Butter. Etc.  AT LOWEST PRICES.  Semlin   Drive,   have   moved   to   their j killed, Culiacan, in the state of Sinaloa,  new residence on Woodland Drive.        Mexico; surrendered to the Maderistas  The     New     York     Manufacturing ; May 31.   Mazatlan, in the same state,  House,   1575   Park JDrive.   is   "Grand-. j surrendered without resistance June 2.  View's New Industry,"' children's and j       - ''��������� ������������������ ���������  infant's wear,  ready-made and  made-j   A volcanic eruption of Mount Colima,  gar* I in the state of Colima, Mexico, recently  to-order,   both   knit   and   sewed  ments.    The demand   , has    now out-|ki]led about 500 persons in Zapotlan  Mrs. Berlon, prin- ;anj destroyed many houses in Guzman.  Chas. E. Tisdall  *\  618-620 Hastings St.        1  *  GEO. Q. BIGGER  JliWEI-LER   AND  OPTICIAN  143 Hastings $t.. W  ^������������������^^^������������������������������������������������������'������������������:~>'X~:-x~x~^'>*:*  **���������.���������.���������:������  *  A  Qood Load  grown the supply.  cipal.    Call and inspect her. gooQs.  Cor. Park Drive and 14th Avenue  Ji.P. SINCLAIR, Prop.    PHOKE: Fairmont 1033R  ���������"A pretty Wedding took place at the  home of .Mr. and Mrs. J. Budd, Second  Avenue rO, when their daughter, Miss  Edith, was united in marriage to Mr.  Edgar Butchart, of Mt. Pleasant, a  select company being present. The  bridesmaid was Miss G. Butchart, sister of the groom, and the groomsman  was Mr. G. Budd, brother of the bride.  The newly married couple will reside  at 1924 Second Avenue E.  Herr Schendel, who June 8 established a German altitude record of 6094  feet in an areoplane, fell with his mechanic, Herr Voss, June 8 at Johan-  nisthal, Germany, and both were instantly killed.  The output of the Transvaal gold  mines, Africa, during May exceeded  all records, being 685,���������i)l ounces, with  a value of about $14,568,670.  First-Class Fir Mill Wood  W. D. Betts, City Heights  Has arranged for the full output of W. H. DAY CO/S  MILL on Ferris Road and is able to stpply first-class Fir  Wood promptly at moderate prices.  THIS WOOD HAS NOT BEEN IN SALT WATER.  :*  :*������������������  V  *  Phone: Fairmont789R, Residence: 4516 John Street  CITY HEIGHTS P. 0. is  *  *  ^���������^^^^^Mi^>4^^:^HMj~x~H~:"X** ������:*^~xk^~x^^h~h^h^:-4vh-h^������ THE WESTERN CALL  *<^*************<^>}^^**  I.TORONTO  | FURNITURE   STORE t  3334 Westminster Avenue:  -,   7 _r ��������� 4  We are receiving daily';:;  New Spring Goods    %  We a^e showing some S  nifty lines in Dressers, *  Buffets,   Dining  Room %  :   Sets.. I  A complete line of *������  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. v  Drop in and inspect our goods. ������  This is where you get  a  square .������  deal. *  M. H. COWAN %  *  V************************  Piano Tuning  Expert R^epair Work.  Factory Experience  Best References  W.  J. GOARD,  COLLINGWOOD EAST  Leave your orders at the W estern Call  f  %  i  i  *  *  *  If it is  Firsst-eiass   SH0EMAK-  ING and SHOE REPAIRING-   ���������  yon want, go to  PETERS & CO.  '���������'���������!'.     2511 Westminster Ave.  (Near Broadway)  We guarantee our worn to be as good  as any in the city.  CASHGrocers  and  Provision  Merchants  The store that is  always busy��������� men  busy serving customers, horses busy  making quiek deliveries.  MOTTOES    FOR  THF I  HOME  HEARTH!  PSESBYTSBXAV  MT.. PHEASANT CHURCH  Cor. Ninth Ave. and Quebec St.  Sunday  Services���������Public  worship  at  11  a.m. and 7:00 p.m.    Sunday School and  Bible Class at r.30 i>.m.  Kev. J. W. Woodside, M.A., Pastor  ���������   170 Ninth Ave. W.    Tele. B3!>48.  BAPTIST  MT.  PLEASANT  BAPTIST  CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Quebec St.  S. Everton,  B.A., Pastor  250 13th Ave. E.  Preaching   Services���������11   aari.    and   7:30  p.m.   Sunday School at 2:30 p.m. -  CENTRAL BAPTIST  CHURCH -  Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St.  8ervices���������Preaching at ll a.m. and 7:30  p.m.     Sunday   School   at   2:30   p.m.  Rev. P. Clifton Parker, M.A., Pastor  llth Ave. \V.  HBTKOSXST  MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario  Services���������Preaching  at  11   a.m.. and  at  7:00   p.m.     Sunday/School   and   Bible  Class at 2:30 p.m.  Rev. W. Lashley  HaU, B.A.B.D., Pastor  Parsonage,   123   Eleventh  Ave.   W.nupju  parsonage, 123 llth Ave. W. -Tele. 3624  Evensong at 7:30 p.m. each Sunday.  Trinity Methodist Church, Seventh  Ave. E., between Park Drive and Victoria Drive.-' Pastor, Rev. A. M. Sanford,  B.A, B.D. Public Worship, Sunday, at  11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sabbath School at  1:45 a.m;--during summer months. Midweek rally on- -Wednesday at 8 p.m.'  ' ~      ~ 7~~~ ������������������1-  AWOXttOAW  ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH  Cor. 9th Ave. and Prince Edward St.  Services���������Morning Prayer at 11 a.m.  - Sunday i chool and Bible Class at 2:30 p. m. ':  Evening Prayer ������t 7:30 p. th. ;  Holy Communion every. Sunday--at 8 a. m.  and 1st and 3rd Sunday a at 11=00 a. m-  Rev. O. H. Wilson. Rector  Rectory, Cor.  8th Ave. ;and Prince Edward St.    Tele. L3543.  iBEORGA]������ZEjyCH^eH OF CHRIST  *      7    'WO 10th AvenuerEm������~:"^~"i������^-"  Services���������Every   Sunday   evening   at   8  o'clock.   Sunday School, at 7 o'clock. :  .      I. McMUUiEN. Elder     Y--.-Y--  IWBfVinillVT   OB������B������   OP   099-  ���������MT. PLEASANT.LODGE Np.  !������'  ��������� ���������   Meets   every  Tuesday   at   8   p.m.   In  I.OO.F.   Hall.   Westminster   Ave..   Mt.  Pleasant.   Sojourning brethren cordially  ftivtted to.attend.  > ���������:'M'iUtb*mB.js. ;o.-"-  W. F. McKenzie. V. G.. 462 l*th avenue  ^8. Sewell, Rec. Secy., 481 7th avenue  ���������*��������� i.:. :'-':���������  Our business has  grown from small  beginnings to its  present proportions  wholly on the merit  of our goods.  Fresh Fruits  TO-DAY  Berries, Cherries, Peaches,  Apricots, etc.  Our reputation is  built on honor anci  prudence. We buy  the best and thus  please our many  patrons.  Appropriate mottoes for the dif fer-  ent fireplaces in a home add greatly  to the attractiveness and charm of  the various rooms. So here are some  carefully chosen mottoes of the home  hearths:  ���������' . -; .     <?��������� ' -     ���������'  For the Living Room.  The hearth is the dallying place of  the affections.-���������Washington Irving.  The ornament of a house is the  friends who frequent it.���������Emerson:  "Domestic Life."   .,_  lien may make an encampment, hut.  it is the woman who makes the home.  ���������Chinese Proverb.   .     v  Warm ye in friendship.���������From a  Private Home.  A hundred thousand welcomes.���������  Shakespeare.  T o Adam, paradise was home; to  the good among his descendants, home  is paradise.���������Hare.  Home, the chief school of human  virtues.���������Charming.  East, West, home's best.  Sibi et amicis (For myself and my  friends.)  Abide now at home.���������The Bible.      [  Here may you find rest and comfort���������-From a Private Home.  When friends nioet, hearts warm.  There's, no place like home.���������Payne.  Fireside happiness, to hours of ease^  Blest with that charm, the certainty  to please.  ���������Samuel Rogers.  Your presence makes us rich.���������  Shakespeare.  For the Dining Room.  Feast with the best, and welcome  to my house.���������Shakespeare.  The guests are met,  The feast is set;  M ay'st hear the merry din.  ���������Coleridge.  Let good digestion wait on appetite,  And health on both.  .^ ���������Shakespear.  .Great welcome makes a merry  feast.���������Shakespeare.  Appetite comes with eating.-���������Shakespeare.  Prepare  for mirth,' for mirth  he-  comes a feast.���������Shakespeare.  A good digestion to you all.���������Shake-  Eat and  drink as friends.���������Shakespeare.  an>snv������s*? o*pss voiwresM  COURT VANCOUVER NO. 1328  Meets 2nd and 4th Mondays of eaeh  month at 8 p.m. in the Oddfellows' Hall,  Ht Pleasant. Visiting brethren always  Welcome  H. Hanklns. Chief. Ranger.  M. J. Crehan, Rec. Secy., 337 Princess  ���������t. City.  A. Pengelly. Fin. Secy.. 237 llth Av. E.  ��������� ���������   '��������������������������� .--������������������'���������'->    ���������11. ,   .       ���������      ^     m  ftOTAfcOmmSMSM fcOBOS  MT. PLEASANT L.  O.  L.  NO iUt  Meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of  MCta month at 8 p.m. In the K. of P. Hall.  All visiting brethren cordially welcome.  H. Birmingham, W.M., 477 7th Ave.  C. M. HoweB. Sec..  393   10th  Ave.  HMt   V  WOMAN'S BAKERY  ANt) CONFECTIONERY  le* Cream mnS S������ft Drink* :7  I, COISINS,'1^-' )j Broadway,  MACK BROS. :l^Sn"  To^t^e ben^  fit of our specials,  come   on  and Saturday.  Open Day and Night  OFFICE and CHAPEL  2020 GranvilleSt. Phone Seymur 8282  Colonel Barreto, Portuguese minister of war, June 13 ordered troops to  the border of Portugal to prevent the  entrance of ��������� Captain Couceiro, the  Royalist leader.  A jollie good booke  For the  Library.  Whereon to looke  Is better to me than gold.  ���������From an Old" English Song.  7 Ignorance is the curse of God,  Knowledge the wing whereby we  fly to Heaven. 7..   .:.   ........  ���������Shakespeare.  ���������   '     . .'-      7' '       . '���������������������������      7.        ���������     k_ ���������������������������;.       0  Qui legit regit (Who reads rules).  A  good  book  is   the  precious, life-  blood  of a master spirit.���������Milton.  There is no room so warm and  bright  Wherein    to    read,    wherein    to  write. ���������   Tennyson.  Come,  my best' friends, my books,  and lead me on.  For a Bedroom.  Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy  sleep.���������Young.  Sleep sweetly in this nuiet room,  O thou, whoe'er thou art,  And let no mournful yesterday  Disturb thy peaceful heart.  f   O  sleep!   it is a  gentle thing,  Beloved from pole  to pole.  The dusky hour; friendliest to sleep  and silence.���������Milton:  Lodge thou here that thy heart may  be merry.���������The Bible.  Sleep dwell upon thine eyes, peace  in thy,breast���������Shakespeare.  A maiden's chamber, silken; husht  and cjiaste.���������Keats.  Sleep after toil does greatly please.  ���������Adapted from Spenser.  Come, blessed barrier betwixt day  and day, 7  Dear   mother  of   fresh   thoughts  and joyous health.  ���������Wordsworth.  O sleep,- O gentle sleep,  Nature's soft nurse.  ���������Shakespeare.  Forget thyself and all the world,  Put out each glaring light,  The stars are watching overhead,  Sleep sweetly, then,  Goodnight.  Blessings   on   him   who   invented  sleep.���������Cervantes.  When deep sleep falleth on" men.���������  The Bible.  O darling room, my heart's delight,  Dear room, the apple of my Bight.  ���������Tennyson.  For ��������� Child's Bedroom.  On the weBt wall:  Sleep, little ladies,  TWake hot soon.  On the east wall:  Wake, little ladies,  The sun is aloft;  -���������Tennyson.  ^"Sng^������^������^>^������^>^tjn2>-^$>^>^HSitjn*������t*w3������������ts,^������<5������������inSi   *������<3itS><i������J5<3������t"SK3t<3^������S^><J������^������S,iS������J'<*������SKSK3KS',^fe#  I  Careful Attention Given to all Work   |  JOBBING A SPECIALTY. I  |       S. S. Montgomery       |  I    3129 Westminster Rd.,      Phone: Fairmont 782 n |  5������fo^)^njMj>^i Aj^^hJhJmJuSj^ <pi;y<2>******   **^&*><%><i*<tt<g>****&**********  '!-''���������"' ��������� -��������� '������������������'-  ! Q. E. McBride \  I & COMPANY  *  | 7  "  I Is Headquarters for  *  z   .7     ��������� k i  l Screen Doors and I  Wi/ndows  Also the  ���������  Sherwin-Williams Paint!  Made to Paint Buildings with.  Cor. 16th Ave. and Main Str.  City Fire Alarms  3���������Granville and Beach.  4���������C. P. R. Yards.  4VM3ranvillfe -and Davie.���������������������������  6���������Uranvllle arid Robson.  7���������Seymour and Halmcken.  8���������North end.old Cambie St. Bridge  ������������������Georgia and Cambie.  1*>���������Hamilton and Robson.  W^Granville and Dunsmuir. ,  13���������.Richards and Dunsmuir.  It���������Seymour anil Pender.  IS���������-Honie'r and Pender.  M���������Hastings arid Granville.  .   17���������Hastings and Richards.  -iW-^Sey.mdur^and^Cordova.: __.7_l   If���������C.P.R. Wharf "(No, % Shed.)"-���������  80���������H. B. Co., Georgia and Granville.  i|���������Cordova* and Water.  The German government has lately  purchased two gasoline-propelled lawn  mowers. The picture of this new machine Bhows up as quite complicated,  Cash   Grocers   and  Provision Merchants  NOTE THE ADDRESS  Cor. 26th & Main  Phone: Fairmont 784  ������8���������W. H. Malkin's, Water Street.  W���������-Water, and Abbott.v  Si���������Hastings and Abbott.  8���������Cordova and Cambie.  ���������������������Water and Can-all.   ������������������'-'  17���������Cordova and Columbia,  %S���������Pender 'and Columbia.  3t���������Pender and Beattie.  90���������Hastings and Hamilton.  3i���������Hastings and Carrall.  38���������H. C. 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Why is it that the town man is always believing that farmers would  raise a great deal more if they would  put in more time in the fields, at the  same time the town man will not keep  a 2x4 lawn mowed as it should be?  However, most of us know better  than they do.  TTI^^minent London physician recently declared that twenty-four hours'  sleep to a person tired physically and  mentally is worth a week's vacation.  The United^tatps^and Great Britain  are.tlie7only,countries that, have not  responded to Venezuela's invitation to  send a representative~tS;" attend' the  centennial celebration of its independence.  881.���������Bute and Harwood.  338���������Bute and Barclay.  383  ..Nelson and Thuriow.  384���������Chilco and Comox.  388'   Burrard and Georgia.  388���������Bute and Georgia.  387���������Bute and Robson.  881    Barclay and Broughton.  388���������.ier\ is and Pendrell.  831���������Burrard and Harwood.  718    P and Georgia.  338���������Kob������on and Cardero.  888. 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Road  1263 Thirteenth and Prince Edward.  1264���������Thirteenth and Yukon.  1312���������Sixth and Pine.  1313���������Seventh  nnd  Manic.  1314���������Thirteenth and Alder. ;  1315���������Ninth and Cedar.  1412���������Eleventh and Yew.  1413^���������Seventh and Balsam.  1414-Fifth  and  J^-^s^  City  Electrician.  Branch Store:  | Corner Fraser and Miles Avenues f  PHONE: Fairmont 8201-  ������J4^^|H$^^t4l#*4KS>������3t**������������������������H������**tS^������������"t**'S, **<**********i'************  **********i>***HM>* ***<S������****************999*9*]  wm of m nm  Our Wall Paper sells and pleases regardless  ofthe strike.  "WE LIVE TO SERVE."  I Phone Fairmont 52! t?   A* ROSS,   146 Broadway, Utt::  i**'*9********************* **********************>l>9*i+^  Calls Answered Day on Night          PHONE Fairmont 10*99   |$?  "7=;^yT-���������^-    Wm.Scott aOo. :   Pominion Undertaking Parlors  fiiiril ilneiirs iM l������MUwr������. Sjuckii ctojwl ������M wmftln 9*m.  802 Broadway, W. Vancouver, B. C.  ������  tttlf<eMt������t������t|^tlifititiitifit>tl^������titltlt<M<>it<t������  PRACTICAL RflRSESHOER  Special attention given to Lame  and Inerfering Horses.  '**** ^US1**-1' PRINCE  EDWARD  STREET  *********************ii*  l  *>*************************  Dry Goods tj rCtlDfl Pi^rfloods |;  CORNER   16th  AVENUE  &   MAIN  STREET !;:  -,'i'n.        ���������< ������������������-Jiti'i   ~.. .'i a'-_*.: -a ��������� i:.<    ,     ";<::,!-.  i    . . .ii J.  }iU;U^'^YY  *���������������   I .m- ���������'ml -   '  *     '- Vm- ���������    a   .  o^CWiflreii's  .'.::��������� rt-- ,'-.v  :m y   rJ -"-',-j ^  ******************************  rf������^M~:~>^-H-H~M-H-K^-:~x*<~:~:-:~> ********************���������: *****  y      ... CLOSE IN ...  11   Room  House  %   Modern; Beautifully finished; -50 it lot; one block from car.   %  *      $9000.     $3000 Cash.     Balance arranged.      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Bearing' in mind that the assessment totals'over 37 millions ($37,000,000) this  year as compared with 13 millions  ($13,000,000) in 1910 it was only reasonable', to expect a reduced mileage.  Instead of this, however, the council  announced an increase of 25 per cent.,  viz., 12% mills on improved land and  22% mills on wild land. Widespread  dissatisfaction already exists and has  been expressed at the haphazard way,  in which the last assessment was conducted, many values being placed absurdly high, whilst some were under  valued. The unprecedented number  of 325 appeals were submitted to the  Court of Revision, and iu very many  instances values were amended to a  reasonable figure. In one case .acreage assessed  at  $.'.,000  per acre  was  Mr. W. H. Morrison, C. E, has commenced his new duties as municipal  engineer for South Vancouver at a  salary of $200 per month. Mr. Morrison has an experience of over'twenty,  years with civic and municipal engineering problems, and comes with  the highest commendations. Together with Councillor Dickinson, chairman, of the Board of Works, he has  already made an introductory tour of  inspection round the municipality.  M r. Eben N. Harrie, who recently  resigned the position of engineer to  South Vancouver, has been appointed  assistant engineer to Burnaby municipality at a salary of... $140 per month.  The plans of Mr. R. D. Itoyston, assistant engineer to South Vancouver  municipality, have been passed for a  new bridge over tbe ravine on Rowling  road, costing $3,000. The bride is to  be 31.5 feet long, 24 feet wide, with a  5-foot sidewalk, and will be 35 feet  above tho ground.  The Central Ratepayers Association  of South Vancouver have arranged for  Our Incomparable  CALLft LILY CREAM  lis Indispensible during  the Hot Weather  reduced to $1,250, whilst the Canadian j |le annual picnic  to be held at Cen-  Paciiic   Railway   successfuly   appealed ;t;-ai park on aSturday, July 22nd.   Last  Mrs. D. McLeodYof 590 Sixth avenue,  %ast, will not receive again until  October.  Rev. J. P. Paulin occupied the pulpit  of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church  last Sunday at both services.  The Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church  held thein annual picnic Wednesday  to Ocean Park.  It Is easy to tear up, but to get the  job done quickly does not seem the  rule, either on the streets or street  railway.  Mr. and Mrs. D. McCall Stun arid  daughter, Thehna. left Thursday, July  The annual Sunday School picnic  of St. Michael's Church will take place  on Thursday, 27th inst., to Bowen  Island. Tickets: Children 50 cents;  adults, $1.00. Sunday School children  free.  against an increase of 700 per cent,  on tlieir property, counsel mentioning  that the increase in their Point Gray  assessment was only 20 per cent. The  municipal council were unable to justify the assessor's valuation, taken  as a whole, and scared by the opposition ,desided to reduce the entire  assessment total by 20 per cent. This  is a rough and ready method of financial adjustment and scarcely popular  as in numerous cases even now. ,ihe  value assessed is too great, and in  others where it was already fairly  low it is reduced out of proportion.  The Broadway Table Supply, with PrDbably taking matters all round we  H.  Harford   at   its   head,   furnishes ,must be thankful things are no worse,  groceries that for quality and price  cannot be beat in Vancouver. His  offer on butter and eggs is exceptionally good.  and bearing in mind the council's implied censure of the assessor's department we may perhaps anticipate a  businesslike assessment next time.  Meanwhile we await the promised estimates which are supposed to j ustify  an   increased   taxation   on  a   revised  ($17,000,-  MT. PLEASANT  METH. CHURCH.  The unaccompanied  singing of an  thems  by   the  choir of    the    above assessment   of   17   millions  church is becoming an interesting and [000) increase in value.   ,:  pleasing feature of the services under  Dr. Harper's direction.   We do not remember to have enjoyed of late anything  more  artistic    and    appealing  than the anthem, "Thou wlit keep him  ��������� 6th, for Prince Rupert on an extended ; in perfect peace whose mind is stayed  on Thee," sing last Sabbath evening.  It was a religious performance in the  highest sense.  Visit to Mrs. J. ri. Merryfield.  Mr. Hi H. Bates, of Mountain View,  is also staying at the island.  ' It is proposed to form a Liberal The strawberry and ice cream social  association at Cedar Cottage in the recently held at Airs. Fowler's  immediate future and a meeting toi grounds, Agnes road, Cedar Cottage,  arrange for its formation will be ar- realized about $85 towards the funds  ranged for an early date. I of St. Margaret's parish church.  - By the way, I would call the atten-  tion of the Board of Works of South  Vancouver, and also the British Columbia Electric Railway to the extremely dangerous "guy" wire across  the sidewalk of Agnes road exactly  opposite Gartley road. ;I am aware  that0 this "guy" wire was in existence  previous to the sidewalk being laid,  but as the sidewalk has now been .in  existence about two months it is time modationY The company are 7 always  I THE GREAT MIER SAH  i AT      GILCHRIST'S      STIll      CONTINUES  .3.   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ -"������������������ ���������������������������  *  PRINTS and MUSLINS X  Reg. 10c and 12^c, Sale Price 5c yd.   ���������  GINGHAMS J  '.% \ Reg. 15c, Sale Price' tQO yd-   *  t Mark C. Gilcbrest, 1744 Park Drive  ,jujMj^:^x������:~K":������x~x������������:~x������:">M������x~>^ <<<<<<<<******************  ^*f9****9********$*********Q*.*******^  F. W. Hazlett Phones Fairmont 11791 S. Eagle  *  The Hazlett Brokerage Co.  Real Estate  LOANS   AND   INSURANCE  Cor. 15th Ave. and Westminster Rd. Vancouver. B. G  :������':hin*Kv>i'K^  4.4  *  44  <4  >4  <������  44  .O  >>  44  4  ���������44  *4  44  i4  O  4  *������>*������H,<������^:^������v^:������^������4������<*'i''>w������>*������:������K*'X''? ���������>h,****<'*<:4*:'#W"2"  : *  r-  *  <3>  A  i  *  *  *  *  t  *  *  t  t  Our Opinion on the  ��������� '���������"������������������"> _. - ��������� u" .' * " . * y. y       ..*,  We know we have your confidence and we have  made ourselves worthy of< it by handling the very  best merchandise in our line. .;'-jjj  We are familiar with the good qualities of every  stove and range on the market.   In our opinion  is the best of them all and the  range in service will back us up  in every good thing we can  say of it   If there was a better range made," we would  advise you to buy it   Will  you not come and see it? We  are sure we can convince you  inside of five minutes that what  we say about the South Bend Mai-  *  t.  year when the committee selected a  Saturday tor this event much gruiubl-  ug was heard, and it was hoped that  this year the picnic might have been  fixed lor a Wednesday, which is an  early closing day for all stores in  South Vancouver. This would have  enabled many more ratepayers to participate in the enjoyment. aSturday  picnics present many drawbacks to  numerous persons other than storekeepers, as to many the week-end is a  busy time for shopping and arranging  various household matters. They  want some ladies on that ratepayers  association, at least for these social  events.  "Sunnyside" (D. L. 301), at their  last meeting of ratepayers decided to  go in stronglyv for a ten-minute car  service to and from Knight road, and  also a through service to the city without the change of cars at Ninth avenue. 7 Fraser avenue has an eight-  minute service from .Ferris'���������''.'road to  Cordova street and;has enjoyed; this  or several months past, sip why should  'Sunnyside" and South Vancouver  wait any longer for /'similar ^conveniences on the AVestminster road, line?  It is a well recognized fact that the  B. C. E. Ry. never acknowledge the  necessity for further facilities until  ong after everybody else has realized  he scandal of '��������� their raking in unearned   fares  for  sardine-like  accom-  such a danger was removed. Just  for a few days a slight piece of wood  was put up at first to bar the way and  call attention to the wire, but some  economical soul speedily anexed the  same for kindling and consequently,  as it now exists, it is likely to trip up  any passer-by.  Residents around Knight road and  district are now so numerous they are  beginning to realize their fitness to receive some of the benefits due to an 'acknowledge their official status will  eady with the stereotyped excuse that  traffic has grown bo remarkably they  were unable to cope with it. This is  only an acknowledgment of incapable  management.  "Sunnyside" ratepayers    also   wish  heir, two representatives  to be paid  or their services  similarly  to  other  aldermen.    It is, not their fault they  are not fully fledged aldermen, but i  expect the same law that refuses to  It is very soothing for sunburn  It rubs in without stickiness  It keeps the skin like velvet  It is a true skin food and tonic  HILLCREST PHARMACY  v     E. R. GORDON, Family Druggist  Tho Hillcrest Post Offlco  Main Street, Near 16th Avenue  Phones Fairmont 785, 595.  I MOUNTAIN VIEW GROCERY J  BODWELL ROAD     now 34th Ave. ... ���������  WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH ;|  GROCERIES and I  PROVISIONS |  *  And   SCHOOL SUPPLIES,   also   FLOUR & FEED I  at CITY PRICES I  R. G. JUSTASON, Prop. j  I              _     GOODS PROMPTLY DELIVERED. |  Ads. in tbe Western Call bring results  >���������������������������������#���������������"������������������������������������-���������������������������������������������"���������'  increasing population. The postal facilities at Cedar. Cottage, never very  extensive, do not satisfy their requirements. Of course, previously to the  opening of the Westminster road car  line to Victoria road there was no  other route homewards but via Cedar  Cottage, but now so large and increasing" a number-prefer -the-new-route 4o  Knight road it is felt that further pos-  accommodation ought to be provided, j  also decline their oflicial remuneration.  Ward 3, South Vancouver Ratepayers Association, at their last meeting  expressed some strong views as to the  inadvisability of municipal employes  holding other public offices. This was  with special reference to the present  assessor,  who    also    holds  office as  A precedent for this exists in the case i'  chairman of=> the school board  opinion was pretty general that it was  [neither desirable nor practicable  for  of  the  Northern  Heights  post office,  which was opened at Twenty-fifth ave- i  nue on Main street, directly    the car  terminus was altered from Sixteenth  cne man to properly fulfil the duties  avenue to Twenty-fifth avenue, the  post office at Hill Crest being still ref  tained. As matters at present exist a  working man living near Knight road  has to go over  after   his  mail.  of both positions and as the post of  assessor was a salaried one the offi-  Icial onght- to give his undivided at>  tention and time to that work. It  may^ be pointed out that the assessment was later than ever this year  and this notwithstanding a large out-  half a mile each way Jay on extra epical assistance work-  This,  after  a  day's ^f ^ieht and every ^'.including  work, is no joke, and it is not always  possible even then to arrive at Cedar j a recent by-law of the South Van-  Cottage post oflice before 6 p.m-., when couver council enacts that "No person  the office closes. To remedy this in- shall carry or discharge any gun, fire-  cpnyenience a petition to the post- arm or fowling piece within the limits  master general, Ottawa, has just been of the district of South Vancouver,  forwarded, signed by over 150 rest- Any person offending'against this by-  dtsnts. As these signatures were alljaw is liable to a penalty of'.-$100, or  obtained within two weeks it shows e months imprisonment. It will' be  the need to.'be a widely felt one. The noticed, that no exceptions are referred  name proposed for the new post office t^-so that the "persons" commonly  ���������| j was "St. Margarets," after the name known.as policemen will be guilty if  ������|;of the ecclesiastical parish, and the j hey carry their usual revolver. There  X location of the new post office is sug- are also ben or two  bank managers  ���������t  gested to be at Kelly's grocery store,  corner of. Knight road, the city term;  inus.        '  managers  nd cashiers qualifying for a convic-  ion. It seems rather absurd for the  ouncil to seriously expect public re-  E.)edt for a regulation at variance with  As long as the  government issue gun licenses no lo-  leable is true.  An amusmg instance of post office.,     , ��������� ,,     ,   .,  ���������P'.'t-l-"     ' .v.   t a, ���������    a. .    he law of the land  ���������J. red tape methods occurred just recent-' -  fly.    "Sunnyside," D. L. 301, has now' .  t . ,   , ,. '      .. ,        I al body can prohibit their legitimate  * a   postal   delivery   and   tbe   postman' ,        ,.     ,   A, . .       ,    ,  ,        ...:���������.-    .. ..    a ..     ,      use.   According to this precious by-law  iwhen delivering the mail at the drug. ,       x .  ! -. .: T, . , . ;     .   .      .    , .we must courteously remind any hold-  * store, corner of Knight road, inquired I            ��������� -      .. =  *������������������         Ar     rr .,       TT        ,   .        .         ,up gentlemen we may encounter that  4 for a Mr. Kelly.    Upon being shown '^___ -)V.y ._ ���������_..il. ,,_���������_'  Tj that he resided just across the road j  * .he solemnly pronounced that out of  *j bounds,  and   despite  requests to  the  * contrary, insisted on carrying the let-  ������������> iter back to the geenral post office,  % jto be forwarded to Cedar Cottage a  !^ day  later.  W. R.  2337 Main Street  OWEN  Phone Fairmont 447  MrY J. Burmeister, of South Vancouver having purchased twenty-five  acres of the old Tretheway place,  Chilliwack, proposes to remove there  as soon as a suitable residence can be  ****<+Z*****~Z+Z^*******^^ erected.  firearms are prohibited in South Van-,  couver, and they will probably flee be-  f jre the local constable can be. torn  fom his family hearth to remonstrate  with the breaker of by-laws. Some  cZ my friends have enrolled in the  anks of the popular 72nd Highland-  rs, and it promises to add one more  py to their exciting experiences to  onyey in a surreptitious and unob-  rusive manner their necessary rifle  o and from drill from the sanctified  recincts of their peaceful unarmed  neighbors in South Vancouver.  b***************************^^^  i *  ^ ������  I  XBuniaby���������iL^e_yiew)_  The new subdivision overlooking Burnaby Lake." Lots have 45  to 4.7lA feet-frontage, at $10.50  per Front'foot, cleared.  We place the subdivision on  the market on terms of $100 cash,  arid $15 per month. Call at the  office and get a plan and look over  the ground. This property is  only two blocks from car, three  blocks from school, streets will be  cleared, only quarter mile from  New Westminster, one mile to  Fraser River and' four blocks to  Burnaby Lake.  Buy your lotmow and reap the  benefit thisYfall. y  t  5*  *  *  *  '*:  *  X  *  *  t  t  *  *  *  x  x  %  f -  y  s.  Exclusive Agents:  2343 MAIN ST.  Phons  Fairmount 497  t  ���������  A  *  *  ���������'*.  *  '*:���������  *  *  *  *  *  A  4********************i**i*********^^^^  -v -   -  ^.. + ...l.t.������������*i......*.*..+ .....................  . . . m  t


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