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The Western Call 1911-04-14

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 7  ~^'d,,������-^r*"'  ':."���������!  ARE YOU ON OUR LIST?  NO ! WHY ?  SUBSCRIPTION SI A YEAR  IN ADVANCE  Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver.  'i  >  M  , i  j  t  ���������������*"  VOLUME II  H. H. Stevens, EDITOR-  VANCOUVER, British Columbia, APRIL 14, i������il.  No.  ,  ff]  Another Disaster  \  We are called upon once again tp comment on  another fearful "disaster���������the loss of the SS. Iroquois. The report is that she foundered shortly  after leaving- Sydney, B. C. This means that she  went down in comparatively quiet waters, and  the cause must have been faulty loading.  Two weeks ago the Sechelt foundered just out  of Victoria and about twenty lives were lost. We  remarked 'at that time that there were other  dangerous craft on this coast .which should not  bo allowed, to carry pasengers. , This is true.  Surely these two terible accidents will result in  an investigation by the authorities-. We fear that  the public are usually too indifferent, the companies to mercenary and the officials to dilatory  in these matters. ,   i  The public must not allow: this occasion to pass  without the most exhaustive inquiry' being made  and a ful public explanation given. We do not  want a quiet investigation with the official report  filed three -thousand miles away in Ottawa, but  every word of the report should be available to  the public." 'We have a right to know, and also  have the right .to, analyse the report. I Public ceri-'  sure, will do much7to'make these navigation companies more careful.-   T, ���������   y��������� ,    <    -., , .- -  imperial unity.  <���������<(���������  (Standard of1 Empire;:)' ';-  The desirability of the ^proposals for making .,  treaty arrangements between Great Britain and  the only great branch  of the- English-speaking  peoples which is outside the empire; for mutual  reliance upon arbitration regarding any" differences which might arise betweenUhem, is sb immediately obvious and undeniable that expres- .  sions of sympathy.and approval regarding them  smack rather of redundance.* .'-We n^t only welcome these proposals, as described by Sir Edward ������������������  Grey, with" th* nifost1 sincere cordiality, bujt.We^:  take it for granted that they are welcomed bv all  \ English-speaking^ .peopl^ So far. however, from  \*$g$$*iw^ something Vjthe\  realization of which would absolve the people qf -  [the British empire from the need of further effort,'  fin the direction of what may be called imperial  .incorporation (in the interests alike of empire defense and   imperial governance, ^generally), we  [think of them, on the contrary, as presenting a ���������.  [strong additional incentive to renewed and lm-  jmediate co-operative .endeavor toward this end.  [That great branch* of the English-speaking people  urhich~is at present presided over by President  H'aft is already securely incorporated.   For the  lermaneht success of any arbitration agreement,  jrt is essential that the British empire should be  able to speak with one voice, to present a perfectly organized and' unbroken front to the rest of  ^he world.  .In the face of/these proposals, so"im- ~  w>rtant,not alone to-air English-speaking peoples,  )ut to civilization and the world at large, it is  imperative that our leaders should without delay  ireate an imperial council, or advisory body, com-  josed of representatives of every self-governing  jortion of the British dominions, the aim of whose  [abors will be closed union and co-ordination with-.  British progress be well and truly served.  In the empire.   Thus may the world's peace and  A TRAVJSTY- ON JUSTJON.  (Sentinel.)  A man named Lemieux was tried in Montreal  list week for holding up at the point of\% pistol  Jie secretary of a Masonic lodge and robbing him  If certain papers in connection with':>'the lodge.  Ihe accused confessed his guilt, but pleaded that  le committed the act in defense of his religion-  lie Roman church.   The judge said:   '' Gentlemen of the jury, the proof is perfectly sufficient,  emieux took part inian atrocious attempt on lib-  r*ty.   One meets in certain families some person*  Effected with heart disease and other trouble who  Idght he killed instantaneously by the tight of ���������  bvolver.   It was a bandit's trick.   Do your duty,  .you are honest and intelligent you cannot do  jtherwise than report a verdict of guilty against  lie accused."   Notwithstanding the evidence and  ie judge's charge the jury acquitted the prisoner,  he only defense of thi/accused was'"that he had  Jited for the church.   As the daily press says:  |The outcome of the  case  was  a travesty on  istice." ���������"���������    'Y-- -        '���������-,.-  CORONATION BONFIRES.  _Jne. of the most striking features of the national  donation celebrations will be a host of bonfires  hieh-will blaze from over 2,000 mountain and  -ll tops,, from Land's End to John O'Groats and  lom Dublin to Connemara, on the night of the  leat ceremony.   The plan suggested is that bon-  les shall be lit simultaneously' at 10 p. m. m  ligland, Ireland and Wales on coronation night,  Id 10:30 p. m. in Scotland, owing to the long  tht in the north.    The committee recommend  at for England, Ireland and Wales a detonating  iket-"should be'"sent-from any principal height  f9.55 to call attention; that at 10 o'clock a mag-  sium star rocket should be fired, to be followed  ������ other rockets, the bonfires be lighted, and the  ftional anthem sung.   Where possible, .the hills  Ibuld be specially illuminated at the same time  Kh red   white" and   blue   colored  fires.   At 11  block when all bonfires will be alight, it is hoped  it a bouquet of rpekets will be sent up and the  tional anthem be again sung.    >-  ������������������^W --������Y-*vi'A  THE JOURNEY TO EMMAUS.  "William Cowper."      ^    ,  ���������   Ji  >*.  h ,  /������ happpn*>J r,r, (. *nlemn eventide,  Soon after He that was our Surety died;.  Two bosom friends, each pensively inclined.  The scene of all those sorrows left behind.  Sought their own village, busied as they went  In musings worthy of the great event:  They spoke of Him they lo\*ed, of- Him* whose life.  Though blameless, had incurred'perpetual strife.  Whose deeds had left, in spite of hostile arts,  A deep memorial graven otiitheir hearts.  The recollection, like a ,vein)of ore.  The farther traced, enriched khem still the more;  They thought Him,' and they justly thought Him, one  Sent to.4o.more than He appeared t* have done;  , 7" exalt, a people, and to place them high  Above all else, and wondered He should die.  Ere yet they brought their journey to an end,  A stranger joined them, courteous a* a friend.  And asked them with a kind engaging air  What their affliction was, and begged, a share.  Informed, he gathered,up the broken thread.  And, truth and wisdom grating all He said.  Explained, illustrated, and searched so well  The tender theme, one which they chose to dwell.  That reaching home, "The night," they said, "is near,'  We must now be parted, sojourn here."  The new acquaintance soon became a guest.  And, made so welcome at their'simple feast.  He blessed, the bread, but vanished aVthe word.  And left them both exclaiming, '"Twas the Lord!  Did not'our.hearts feel all He deigned to say.  Did they not burn within us by the way?"  Seekf to Justify Hi* Action re Sewerage, but Blunders Along By Mis-statements.  The World, tbe mayor's organ and mouthpiece,  is 'kept pretty busily engaged straightening out  the tangle His Worship has gotten himself into,  and evidently finds it rather a difficult task, judging from the many contradictions and misrepresentations which appear in its .columns.  Last Saturday, in a lengthy editorial in which  the Attorney General was the chief object of its  attack, it honored Aid. Stevens by,referring to  the views which he had expressed on annexation  and sewerage. ���������. To .show the consistency of the  World, we will quote two clauses in the same  issue referring to the same speech > "Aid.  Stevens briefly outlined the history of annexation  . . . Quoting figures to show^that the City of  Vancouver- wis" now" in a financial position to  atend to the question. . . " Compare that  report with, "Last, night Aid. Stevens argued  that the dity is not in a position to provide South  Vancouver with sewerage.'' Both items are referring to a the same speech. Which does the  World expect 4he public to accept t So much for ",  ito consistency.  Here is an illustration of the misrepresentation  resorted to in order to draw atehtion away from  the mayor's hopeless position: "Early in December Aid. Stevens went to Victoria, an dwhen he  came back he reported to the Annexation Committee that it was his impression the Government  would grant enabling legislation for annexation.  Twice during December Aid. Stevens went to  Victoria." This is indeed- a jewel. In the first  place the word "December',' should be spelled  "January," then in the next place the report to  the Annexation Committee refered to Hastings  and D. L. 301, not South Vancouver; and further,  there were no Annexation Committee meetings in  December. G,  The facts are as follows: Early in January  Aid. Stevens went to Victoria to adjust with the  Provincial Government some details necessary to  consummate the annexation of Hastings Townsite  and D. L. 301, and while there took-occasion to  ���������enquire'if South Vancouver had as yet made apv  plication to the Government for "enabling legislation," and was informed that they had not.  He then returned to Vancouver and immediately  ��������� wrote ��������� the"'following letter to Reeve Pound of  South Vancouver:  Vancouver, B. C, January, 1911.  "City Clerk's Office,  "Reeve Pound,  "South Vancouver, B. C. %  "My Dear. Mr. Pound:���������y     "������ "V7Y -  "I have just returned from Victoria, and while  there interviewed Mr. Bowser regarding ^he proposed amendments necessary to enable you of  South Vancouver" to' secure the required vote for  annexation to the City.  "It seems the matter has not been taken up  with him from your standpoint, and he suggested  that the time was rather short to do anything this  session, but has promised to take it up With the  Executive. *  V-' "JP^p#?#M|ire--  =���������;��������� ^^^^k^W^iSmr  ���������;tt'3ffi^X*.<tt!������---..-,!S.:&vK.-j  "I think it'would be a wise move for you and  your Council to take early steps to bring before -  the Government the extreme difficulty under  which you labor in connection with this matter,  and this will probably result in the necessary,  amendments being secured.  Yours truly,  "H. H. STEVENS,  Chairman Annexation Committee."  A brief explanation at this point is necessary.  Last summer, when negotiations were first opened  re annexation with South Vancouver, Reeve  Pound intimtaed that it would be necessary to secure "special legislation," andagreed with the  "city" members-of the^ebmihittee-that-South Van- ;  couver would attend to that part of the matter,  consequently nothing was done at all by the city  committee, and when Aid. Steven's learned in  January, just before the House met, that nothing  had been done, he at once wrote the letter quoted.  Itawas not until early in February that any application was made to the Government for, the special legislation of .-which we hear so much. The  Government turned it down; and as far as we are  concerned we disagreed with the action of the  Government, but not to the extent that we would  feel compelled to blackguard the administration  unceasingly. We believe that having lost in that  case we should adopt another course, and have  ever since most persistently urged the adoption  of the joint sewerage scheme. Not so, Mr. Mayor;  he feels it his duty to block, ridicule and oppose  , every suggested solution to the sanitary problem, insisting on harping back to the Government's refusal to give special legislation, and will  listen to no reason.  The mayor has been holding.meetings in South  Vancouver at which he tells the residents "The  City is in a position to provide sewerage works  for South Vancouver, and next year two millirin  dollars can be spent, on sewerage works alone, if  necessary;" lie also tels them he will give sew-,  erage relief in six months^if only they were annexed.  Aid. Stevens pointed to the financial obligations  of the City and aserted that in his opinion the  joint trunk sewerage scheme should be financed  independent of the general debt of the districts '  involved. To do this, he said, it would be necessary to obtain special powers from the ^Provin-  cial Government as no such powers existed at  the present time, and also that'it "would be wise  to have the Government represented on the committee in order that they might be familiar with  each step. For this he was taken to task by  the World. The mayor is quite welcome to-hold  any; opinion he may see .fit,'but-we question his  right to mislead the public. We are as desirous  as anyone to see a Greater Vancouver- in factr the  editor of this paper is responsible for the question  taking practical form, but we deprecate any effort  to deceive the residents of South Vancouver into  iithinking that anexation will give immediate relief.      '.,. '.. 7.77 - < ���������-.   '%-ffilaYY��������� I '��������� Y ���������" ^ Y;:: ^? '^W^WM^&m^  w:"-YYYv7;/ Y;'-Egfe '""''"  Englishmen in^ Canada  Are   Englishmen   wanted   in ' this   dominion f  Somethoughtless, or very rude, Canadians write  and talk as if these Sons of Merry Old England  are a hindrance to Canada, and are therefore un-'  welcome.  I think I am as good a judge of the different  nationalities and their characteristics as are the  average writers. I say, unhesitatingly, that the  Englishman is needed as much as is any other  man on this round ball. And I do not except the  Canadian, especially the ignorant1 and impertinent  sort who seem to take a delight in insulting Eng-; .  lishinen. *  These men from the "old sod" make good to as  large a per cent, as do native-borne Canadians.  They are as successful as are those of any other  nation. They carry with them characteristics' '  which are a boon to any commonwealth, be it old  or young. ' . _ s ������  Personally, I welcome the Englishmen, and amY  always proud to see them coming into our midst.  Moreover, they are coming whether they are invited or not.   They do not have to wait for an'  invitation.   They are a very different breed, and Y  go, as they always have  gone,  just  when and,  where they please.   They are the most .successful  and populous migrators in the history of mankind.  They are coming to Canada by tens and hundreds  of thousands whether Canadian snobs like it or '  ' not. Canadians who are true men, who are revned  iri spirit and observant,  most heartily welcome  -��������� these Englishmen,c.and have no fears about the,  helpful' advantages they carry with them to any  land they visit and' make their home, ���������  The Englishman has that in his nature that fits  him to come, and still come in spite of opposition  and ridicule.   He is of a kingly class, and is one  of the earth's best and most successful rulers for  a long period.   And hisv mind and spirit are made  up on the question of -coming to Canada, when  he pleases, and will ask not any man on earth  whether an invitation" and a welcome await him:  Come on, Mr. Englishman, by ones, twos, tens,'  . hundreds, and scores of thousands. There,is ample  " room for yotf' ihtnis'Dominion of 'Canada.'" You;  are, by nature and intellect,,loyal to the' Grand;  Old British Union Jack.   Come along, with your  gruff voice, your/domineering ways, your self-,  assertiveness, your love of truth, your brave and  fearless spirit.   There is room for millions of your  sort in Canada.  Every land,,to which you and your nation have  gone for an abiding place, has been bettered by  your presence. Whether we blue-blooded Canadians like it or not, your mission on this earth,  ,from the days of Joseph in Egypt to this hour,  has been to uplift the human family, and no men  in the history of the world haVe done so* much  of nation-building and uplifting as has been done  by your race. And this work is awaiting you right  here in Canada. You are welcome, because you  are needed. ' Our country needs you and those of  our Canadian-born sons most of all. -",  I am Canadian-born, and raised in the land I  love most, but I am proud to be able to claim  not only good British blood, but English blood in  my veins. And there are, more descendants of the  Englishman in Canada than of any two other nationalities on earth.   Come on!  E.  ODLUM.  First we must have a "trunk sewer system."  This will cost millions, and most of it will have  to be constructed as soon as possible, hence tht  _ absolute necessity of some very careful financing,  if other public works are to be carried on as re-'  ������������������quired. ���������.'.-''��������� '  ������������������ y' ���������  We submit to our readers the following data,  and ask that they judge for themselves. The  City's borrowing-power, including the very latest  revised assessment roll, is $17,914,000. The present bonded debt is $16,074,000, plus local improvement now passed, of which the city has ���������  legal liability of $217,064, or a total debt now  of $16,345,064, leaving a surplus of $1,568,936.  Against this surplus there is now before the City  Council money by-laws amounting to $3,955,000,  which means a deficit this early in the year of  $2,386,064. In other words, provision has been  made in April, 1911,-"to spend nearly two and a  half million dollars beyond our borrowing powers. We have nine months of this v^ar "till to r:������r?  and heavy expenditures on local improvements  are sugesteid, of which it in estimated the C'tv's  share will reach close on another million, besides  many other schemes which wil arise*before the  year closes. ,  It is argued by the Mayor that next year the  City"will,add $6,006,000 to its borrowing powers.  That may be true, but next year will bring its  own demands. It-will.require-every-cent'.we can  get to put in lateral sewers, without expending a  cent on trunk sewers. There is a large portion of  the city simply reeking in filth and crying for  sewers. If the mayor is such a magician that he -  is going to give South Vancouver sewers in six  months, why does he not*make some suggestion  of how we "can sewer; the older city?    j,  It would appear that limited to  "talk," and is incapable of practical action.  Many of us expected great things of him a year  ago, perhaps we expected too much. If so. he is  to blame, not frince -who tmcWi bim. ITe has  promised great things but has failed to bring before" the. Council'any practical sctieme of public  improvement, but on the contrary has attacked  others who have, and ibost assiduously opposed  and obstructed all efforts to get a permanent solution of these vexing problems. 7  *v '  / 1~  THE WESTERN CALL  +-H*������^*^:^^^^H-*H.^^^ **H>**H.������^ V***  f  New stock of CAMERAS, FILMS,  PAPERS, Etc. at I. L. S.  Amateur Films developed.  "S  DRUG STORE  (LePatourel & McRae)  1 Cor. 7th Av. & Main St.     Phone 2236 |  ���������������������������t'1'111 I'l-'l-'l'MI'tM-H-t-t-l-l'-I-l-r *S>^������4^-<������^-4>4h&4hHK*^  No. 1 Timothy  tAlfalfa  Prairie  Green  Oat  POULTRY SyPPLlES  tA SPECIALTY  <** 4* & .  T.F. VERNON  Successor to S. W. KEITH  Broadway and Wc������t������iewter -Read  NEW "SPY" mystery;  An Englishman, Jwhom the German  authorities suspect of being an emissary of the British Naval Intelligence  Department,   anft   four  Germans,   accused of being his accomplices, have  been  arrested at  Hamburg,  charged  with   espionage.     Thei   police   claim  that the Englishman, whose name is  not  yet  known,  resorted'.tp  various  devices to secure  secret information  regarding battleships, and also other  types of warships in course  of con  struction ln  Hamburg   and   Bremen.  [They believe he made offers of money  to employees iii shipbuilding yards to  supply him with details which he required, and that he succeeded in bribing four employees   in   shipbuilding  yards in Hamburg to betray confidential information to him.  C^H*4^^H-*H**M^^*^-*1,,M^~I������J*'H^* - ^:~h-***x**>*mk-*;^^^  J:   -saaooao Smpwn \\v A*q pios -pae^UBiBtia Au[bu&    f  t  ���������  t  t  i  NMYH9 HSFIDN3 010  said xaod Noxian tvaoh  aovsnvs oj,vmoi ivaoh '  aovsnvs aoamewvo ivaoh  jo sao^Bj\[  4^������l^������^^HH������H^MH*4~H^^**:~lr>*>^ 4^H**H*^**^**H^^H^������M4><^^**4'  CANADIAN NORTHERN.  MEASURING DISTANCE BY SOUND.  An Ingenious plan has   been   suggested for measuring the altitude of  the   aeroplane.    The '��������� principles  . of  acoustics are interestingly employed.  It is known that- any'sharp sound,  such as a quick whistle, or report,  which may he differentiated from the  sound made by the machine itself, will  be returned to the ear of the opera'  tor, in the form, of an echo, from the  surface of the earth.    If, therefore  the time elapsing between the. sound  and the echo be noted, the corresponding distance may be estimated from  the known velocity of sound���������1,100  feet a second.   Taking this, and remembering that it is double the distance, going and coming, the operator in the aeroplane is able to estimate   quite  accurately  the  distance  from the machine to the earth.  In the Future���������"What are you doing with those field glasses?" asked  the mother.  "Oh," said the daughter, as she turned ber gaze skyward again. "I'm looking for Jack, he said be would be down  this evening.  BUFFALO  PROCERY  Cor. Part Drive * IM  THE MAN WITH THE HOE.  The story is told of a man of large  wealth who lived most of the year in  a country home among the htllaTof  Vermont, U. S. A. All, his inheritance  and 'surrounding were those of culture and luxury. .All the temptations  of wealth drew him towards ease, and  selfishness.  But, instead of that, he was-known  in the little church of the place, ana  hroughout the neighborhood, as    a  self-sacrificing,    hard-working,   -onse-  crated Christian.  One day a minister who visited the  church asked him how he came to  throw himself so heartily into Christian work. His answer was quaint but  striking:  When I became a'Christian, and  began to read my Bible with appreciation of its meaning, I read that I  was called into the vine yard of the  Lord; and I made up my mind at  once' that I was nbt called, there .to  eat grapes, but to hoe, and I've been  trying to hoe ever since.  The man with the hoe is needed in  every church: Those Christians who  come Into the Lord's vineyard and  have no idea of doing anything- are  usually in the majority.  , "I|ve joined the church," said such  a man to his pastor,  I am saved. But you'll have to excuse  me from coming to prayer-meetings,  or taking up    Sabbath-school    work,  TRANSCONTINENTAL   IMPROVE;  MENT.  The C. P. R. are proposing to continue the double-tracking of ' their  main line from Brandon, Manitoba, to  Medicine Hat, Alberta, and it is believed that work will begin this  spring. At present the C. P. R.  double track runs west trom Fort William to Brandon���������over 600 miles.  With a double track from the Rocky  Mountains to the Great Lakes, the  C. P. R. will be able greatly to reduce  the running time of transcontinental  and local trains.  The Canadian Northern Railway  Company have made a fair start toward making this a record year in'-its  growth and business development.  Since the beginning of the year the  company have placed orders for rails  to be delivered in 1911 to the amount  of 90,000 tons, at a cost of over  $3,000,000. These rails will be laid  in Ontario and Western,Canada. There  are at present 520 miles graded and  ready for the.steel in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Last year  528 miles, of rails were laid, but that  record will be greatly exceeded this  ye������r. .    .  11 SPECIALIST in all kinds of Interior and Decor- ?  'y ative Work, Churches, Schools, etc;  Paper Hanger, Painter   |  and Decorator  Wmw  12022 Westminster Ave:  Moderate charges  Estimates given  "I W ���������*' WW ���������* W W%" W V W' V. V WTTrTfTwr  For Groceries  Provisions,  Fruits,  THE DOMINION PAIR, i  THE BITTER CRY OP WASTED  YEARS.  Every'minute, every, hour, every  day, has its value. To let one get  something of worth ls a loss and as  age creeps on, this loss becomes more  and more apparent to the one neglected tomake moments count when the  blood was young and life strong.  The late King: Manuel, of Portugal  since he was* deposed by his own  people for..(incompetency, has .been  living la England. He has talked  quite freely of his situation to those  who have called upon him. Recently ^  he said to an English gentleman who  South Vancouver Bakery  MAIN STREET  Cakes, Pastry Bread, Confectionery  Wedding & Birthday Cakes a Specialty  |    SNtk Iwmm Bakery, GEORGE HERRING, *m  \...������ mm n im mil I i i iii ������ ������"  That the Dominion Fair to be held  in Regina at midsummer will be one  of the best ever held in Canada seems  to be assured. Already a -large number of attractions have been secured.  and the Dominion Government have  made a grant of $50,000 to the Province for the purposes of the fair,'and waa visiting him:  this has been supplemented by n\ "What can I do? I am trained for  liberal  grant  from    tbe    Provincial nothing when I might have been edu-  LejdRlature. The city has already expended over $100,000 oil permanent  buildings,, which will be used hereafter annually for the holding of the  Provincial Exhibition. Large sums  and I feel that, have been expended in advertising the  Dominion Exposition, and as a result  applications for space are* being received from every part of Canada and  I'm too busy.   All he wanted was the t from many places in Great Britain and  grapes'.  He let other members do the  hoeing.  How much blessing and strength  does a Christian like that got? How  much are we getting���������and la; the reason of our lack entirely unconnected  with a lack of hoeing.'  the United States.  ^������������������m'-".  HUGE COAL DEPOSITS.  phone R5325  Mr. D. B. Dowling, of the Geological  Survey Branch of the Department of  the Interior, states in a recently ls-  .gued report that there are 15,000,000,-  METEOROLOGICAL. 000 tons of coal in the southern part  Little Carleton was a child of the]of Sa8fcatchewan In workable learns  South, having been born in Mexico The greater part of the coal is ir  and lived there until he came to "the ������cattered areas, although all is ln the  States" with his parents when four gouthern part 0f the Province. In thf  or five years of age. But though un Sourig district, near Estevan, the coal  acquainted -with���������the_ American__cU- il8_fo,in<1_1n ^prp quantities,-an������i-th^  mate, he had been brought up on good amount ln the g0uris district is est'  American customs and foodstuffs. The mated by Mr. Dowling as 2,000,000,000  fV. it sight of snow excited h.lm great-, tong Thlg coal l8 fOUna Terv ci08e to  ly. After looking out of the window the ���������nrface an,j f,ag been mined ln a  earnestly, he turned and exclaimed: smaU way for yearf  "Oh, Aunt  Betty,  see  the  popped |  : ^  rain drops !'?r-H. S.  eating myself, the /opportunities were  let go by. I'm helpless now and my  throne is gone."  One with wealth and power at. hie  camnfand, Manuel had a small -world  before him to conquer with love, kindness and intelligence. He had' but to  learn and to do. But idleness and  pleasures appealed to bim more than  practical work, and to day, Incapable,  be presents one of tbe most pitiable  spectacles in Europe. >  241������  Westiiitisfer Hd  MT. PlEtSM  VAN680TER  H������������n TIRE WORK 4 JtPOilSm.Tr  Steele m mum  FCARRIAQE WORK; QENBRAU BUACKSWITHINO  ^AK ���������     BoRSE SHOfelNO,   JOBBINQ  "Say, grandpa, make a noise like a  frog,'" coaxed little Tommy.  ','Whst for, my Bon?"  "Why, papa says that when you  croak we'll get five thousand dollars.'  IPRT,  M  Thjia are the things that count in selecting a home, than there is  j ' i : :.' - the consideration of expense.  If you are looking-for a home, consult us, it costs you nothing, and our  hst embraces a large, aniount of information, that it would take you  ..''���������' .\ ' V' . " many "clays to gather for yourself.  V< IfJfybiir*nshtoi������eH, "give uV your listing and we will keep it before  .' !lf)tb>B������bdyingt publiciof the city throueh our advertising mediums, which  hringr.res������ltp. 0;,[f  :    WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS  6k  C. P. R. IRRIGATION EXTENSION.  The. Canadian Pacific Railway Com  pany have appropriated a million dot  lars for the extension ot their irrlga  tion sys'tefh ln the Calgary distric  this season. This extension will brin  another 'large tract of ^land under de  Velop'metft conditiwnfe. This area wil  dbubde'SB be rapicfly occupied as soo1  as the works have been cottipie'ted.  ROBINSON'S  BAOTEB      SJ30P  The place to get your T maorial Work  done.    Eighteen Years Experience. v   RAZORS HONED._  4137 main St., Near 25tB  D. S. ROBINSON,  Pbop.  ' If it is  Fir&t Class SliOeiV\AK  INQ and SHOE REPAIRING  yon want, go to  PETERS & CO.  2511 WBSTMINSTEh AV8.  (Near Broadway >  We Kuaran*-������������e onr worK t������ be as jroo*  as any in the city.  jroTscs.  if   !  "REINDEER INCREASING.  ttrn te'lhdeer introduced into Ne\*  YbunHlahd by 'Dr. Grentell hUd In  creased Yrbth the t>riginal "300 to 800:  lllkst "searibh, and  a't 'present nUmbei;  |W!er������iffb01ir,AcleilcfOtf8^^ cheeiife'ls toadY  fWmrtHelTlcii;r^tfeer:milk, and ther.  Ms' ������bod '���������marieei! for: all; ttie: availabl.:  i  .   .w.>   .!., v (1.>[j;  ,;j j        .-.������������������i;-:;i;'.-)!).--.rf    i  3M80X.TTTXOK     OP     VA*.'?~~������afV!������i'  The PlwrnTslTig business carried  -\ie.i-rs.   Kipp   &   Hontgomery,   of   3030  estmin.^ter  Road,   has,: fe*������en\dissolved  by   mutual -������onseht. . . Mr.   Montgomery  '"'   continue   the  business   ln   the  old  stan*.  ..n. Kipp Is opening up business on  lie corner - of i'Hfteenth Avenue .and  fumphrey Street, near Westminster  toad.  ,\j I un finished work, and any outstand-  ng at'C0iu'nt<������, Is assumed by Mr.' Kipp.  Mr.   K'lpp's   address   Is .Hillcrest   post  office..0   ;       .-���������',,.  (Signed)    V?M.  D.  KIPP.  iWi-iied)    S.   S.    MONTGOMERY.  HEELERS "  Leave your order for  Rose Bushes  I, 2 and 3 yea:sold.    PRCi?S RIGH1  Cor iSth Ave. St Main St.  PHONE R 2196  FaMf Gottds    U. LulnUllUUlVO Bens Fumlshliigs |  %SmM:\m:wm&^  i   MAIN  ii'lKi't'f    . _  ���������I  fl  imv.������r  iing and Summer  ���������'*������  rj'))  ' >.l  TCO!  iifouf'.}':;  Arrivals  ���������������>!������������������������ **4 MMtMII $******  in iii.i..  ��������� *  4  ' *  ' *  k.'i'X lYij-fvr'fY.lj'i:;;  ".��������� i7  i[If Yi  : The poukhobors who have ��������� settled  :cir7exteh^d :^^gs^in^mj8(^ote-;  J^s.-^^K^ln^ry^abl^fiekfc ;  Their/; communities . :at. ;Brilljant^,anf'!  I pi^^.tt^^,\-^a������lfe, V7^^g^^|tjiiBi^s, ��������� t^ej^adilyJ  XJpon the. 1900 acres -which' they7hav ;  between ^ ^jhese, jtwo, ;poin.ts they( ,hav-1  .spent,. ty:e>i $$00,000,.. in^^ ���������  .t .the present time they-have als'l  I        ..I.-,'     ."Tl       fi-f.l.      L:>     .       :     .1'"::.;       I V I I',   I  some .lo.p^O.Jruit, j trees /(at ^rilliani  and* Ust.7a&tn&nj- ai^Vorder ;was .placet  in the l Bast f6'r fwjine /S&Mo,] ��������� more'  trees-" -^Wcji-jwjll.^.bej .planted 7thi j  isijrJ^^'-T'hp ...Ppukholiora ,' are; j- alsc:  .prr^eparin^ [ tc^.{, cpnstru.cjt. ,f^eyan'pn^tor  ^nd :iato' ^tai^s,;. ,^n<^ \ jthese ,ljiduBtrief  WlUj' jrov^;)t������r������^t\lm]^r^flte ] inj the  near future. '       'T,Y    ;  :Tbajro act.  --EW     WEST.ul. .-Till     LAND     DIS  TRICT.  District of New Westminster.  Take notice that Arthur Samuel Goard,  ���������if Vancouver, occupation printer. Intends  ifi '-ipr������iv for rtp'-mitvulnn to purchase the  following ijeecribed lands: ���������   ,': "  Commtncfitg *t -a ^torft ntaxitctd the;  Southwest cdrnerof Lot 2438 G.l; thence  ... >0 cuaui . *iu-t. lb chains  more or less to the ea*t boundary of  ���������re-emptlon No. 2172: thence south 80  r-hains:- thence ea������t 15 chains more or  !e������s to the point of commencemrnt, containing 120 acres more or less.  t,, ARTHUR SAMUEL G^AKD.  'V-    a. n( Applicant in Full)  Jariuttrjr-Wfh, I9T1.  '-**>{������������������ ������������������iiilUiinvk' 'ioV-        :' .;-   ���������,,.' -,  ������������������������������������i������'i>>'i'������������������i������<-������-i'������-i->>������������:'i-������|i|*'i  I The best stock of ARMS,  I AMMUNITION, CUTLERY,  | and SPORTING GOODS can  be found at the store of  I Chas. E. Tisdall  618-620 Hastings Si.  *i<*i***i***i*i*'i*+*>v*<i*>i**  DOES THE  SMALt PRINT  ^rouble you when you are Read-I  ing, then it's time to see about  your   eyes.   ,  OUR SIGHT-TESTING METHi  ODS ARE THOROUGHLY  UP-TO-DATE  and the Lenses  we give  are i Ground to Suit the  Spherical Defects of  tse eye  Our Style of  Mountings Consists  of the Very Latest on j  The Market.  gco. 0. mm  OPTICIAN  143 Hastings St.,  n���������mr:  **'*'*:.i*&to>^^  "���������'���������.-. -Ak        :������������������-���������'���������  NT������w truth comes' through obedience'  to did.  261*8 MaM  ���������':\i\\}l -.Mi}'  -Inioiifiun:  y.i\ rl;;iio)'i|)  i   v-nvr'.a-s-  ���������idl    '>'I!J'  - New Spring ilnvalSiif;  ���������;; tii--.i',Y.j-i-.):!!:y   i[;r    .--ill  b;;r; .n;>"7^Y mY  )  Men's and  ';i:V-l''-J. ^1?  ri!fi7 .iiiUKliilsr;  'jrrn'ivi.'r. of>.o1 -i'xoifa'.'ioiiir.  Yiivf -mr )l tyAr.i oJ .honhmyiq z^c.  ���������),y.i  U.Jh  ng  !0'irr.   b  Gents   Furnishings.  lOtfr)     ';J!i(f    ImH;   :': ii ;!','f;   .K-:  Off' [{'fir ri'ViliitOcf {{���������;.. fj'irfv/ .  uf W'v.'i ?Aoik)<yi \o S')\s\nn..>  rflfOifJrtn  liifOHl  Wx^-:^i<iii^>^>^^^>^ w**kii11tun11 11ifri^jtefr^^  ���������#;; >i?  ^KH������4Hj*4>^K|H|Mj^H|^KjKa^^A^������5f|.<^5.t3KJ������J.     "������|^Hl4^H;ii4^N^;#",I,*,l'*'l't>'l'������'������'*'������''������'  '  CITY HEIGHTS MILLINERY  EXAMINE OUR  Pull Line of Modern Millinery  HATS TRIMMED TO ORDER  MISS L. SHIRLEY  CORNER 7 26th   AVENUE  &  MAIN  STREET ^  "COMETY-COME."  A very old game,  but one that is  still   popular   with   the   young   people  in   some   sections  of  the   country,  is  called  by   the   meaningless   name  of j  "Comety-come."    It it has any mean-'  ing, no one seems lo know what it is.  No one attempts to'clef ne it, but the  game is  handed  flown  from   genera.-v  tion to generation, and probably will  be for years to come.  The leader chooses an- object that  is in the room, and gives, the initials  of it. The others must guess what  it is. It may be a single word, or it  may be compound. If ownership is  introduced it makes it little more difficult. For instance, if the letters are  "M. D.," standing., for- -"mother's  -dress," or "Jt,S���������" for "John's shoes/''  it is harder to guess. Colors .also may  be brought in," or size, br even shape.  All of these tend. to. make it more complicated. *  , .    ��������� ���������       ',  Another Kind of Gossip.'  Another game known as "gossip,"  is quite amusing in a company of  friends who are-well acquainted.' One  of the players leaves the room, and  each of the'others makes some remark  about him.    These remarks may be  Issued every Friday at 2408 West'r. Rd.   Phone 1405   Editor: H. H. STEVENS.  NOW   IS THE TIME   FOR   MUNICIPAL  PROBLEMS     TO   BE  DECIDED.  Toronto, Mch. 31.���������Mr. W. D. Light-  hall, K.C., of the Metropolitan Parks'  Commission, Montreal, addressed the  Empire Club yesterday.  "The next ten years," said Mr. Light-  hall in part ."will probably see the  greatest period of formative growth  in our larger municipalities this country will ever see. Obviously the first  years of that period are much more  XgZQ  it".*���������i������������J.kW-.������i������rti"*������.-������i^j ������*������������iiU*-t������'j������.IJrJiivrj������-*������JWT-������W^>*i������W.^**V*i>w*��������� m  FIGURES.  complimentary or x otherwise, though i important than even the last, so that  ata a rule' the friend of the absent one! if our cities are to be planned it is a  improves the opportunity to make .sly matter of urgency now.  allusions to' his little weaknesses.  When the player comes in, the remarks of the various members of the  company are repeated to him by someone of their number delegated to that  10���������Call.. cmfwyp dNfPnlupjJ  office, and he tries in each caso to  guess who has said1 it.' Sometimes 'sue-  .cess will promptly-crown his efforts.  If he fails in every, ^case, ho again  leaves the room, and becomeq tho-  .target for-the .good-nitured comments^  of his friends. - -   I  Calls Answered Day or Night -      -     -     -        PHONE Q7tt  - '     Robert Hayniot* 6 oo.  Dominion  Undertaking 0 Parlors  Funeral Directors and Embalmers. ... \     ��������� Spacious Chapel and leceptlon loom.  802 Broadway, W. Vancouver, B. C.  4^HMH^>*?^>^:**^*H*-!~:������->*M~H*>:*-H*  <M^i|^iHt4*^*HMl''l''M''l'^'l''^'I''l''l''l''l''l'  P. 0. BOX II23, SOUTH HILL  ESTIMATES GIVEN  F.  "The question is- not one of beauti-  fication merely, its essential character  is one of necessity for a working population in an industrial citq. In ail  large' cities of modern nations, which  have not been planned, certain very  great evils have been .found, to result  from size. The poorer people find their  work in the .centre of the mass, their  buildings.and habitation become- congested and. undesirable. . Light, air  and space for recreation are absent  and .the health of the people is lowered  and an alarming. death rate develops  The children, having no playgroundB  die rapidly, juvenile crime develops,  the growth'of population is stopped  and efficiency, is, immensely .lowered.  The enormous problems of. the slums  and degeneracy arise/ Much has been  done to remedy'these evils by sanitation and education, but it Is thoroughly recognized in,Europe that  nothing can replace good original  planning. Not only are playgrounds  and parks necessary in the centres of  cities, but .ampler, parks further out  tire necessary and .escape to,them 1b  provided by cheap, rapid, comfortable  transit facilities."  ,"    ,  News  from  Antwerp to  the  effect  that two immigrant steamers of the,  Red Star line, the Gothland and the,'  Samland, are tc be transferred from  the American to the Canadian service  is  surely a  sign  of the  times.    Al-.'  though the totals of immigration into  Canada  and  the   United  States  still j  show  a  large difference  in  favor of  the latter it cannot be questioned that  the ratio of increase in immigration,  not only from the British  Isles, but  from the Continent of Euiope, is pronounced in  favor of Canada.    While  immigration into  the  United  States,  speaking generally, is being maintained,  especially from the Russian and  Slavonic countries and from Italy, it'  Is   doubtful   if   the   total   number  of'  immigrants will rise very much above  its present proportions.  i  Immigration into the United States  reached its highest point in 1907 when  the total was 3,2S5,349. ln consequence of' the financial disturbance pf  that and the following year the total  fell to 782,870 in 1908 and to 751,786  in 1909. Each of these latter totals is  less than thatJ of either of the years  1903 and 1904 and is less, in fact, than  the total immigration of a year as  far back as 1882. In 1910 the total  rose to 1,041,570, but there is no reason to suppose that immigration into  the United States will ever greatly  exceed the million mark.'  PHONE 8792  1 I Willi  CASH  615   15*=  GROCERS  AVE.   EAST  It will be seen that whereas in 1900 f exported, principally   to   the   United'  the difference was over 80,000 in favor  States.    The hemp  fibre industry is  of the States, it has since 1905 been  around the 20,000 mark. But taking  into account the excess of British-born  immigrants from the States into Canada over the number of immigrants  ' from Canada into the States, it would  be  correct  to  say   that already   the  [main stream of British emigration  has turned towards Canada.   .  ANNEXATION TO CANADA FAVORED IN BAHAMAS.  Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly in  Favor of the Proposal���������Dominion  Government to be Invited to a  Conference. . .  PLUMBING  ',   tY-,y ."       ;   '  ..  Stove- Connections  & General Repairs  '��������� r  Shop Address: ,' |  53rd Ave., Half Block West of Fraser Ave. j  I. Residence: COR. 21st AVE. and ONTARIO ST. I  ��������������� ' ������ A  . ^���������^^^^-J^.*t-������5**JMJ*'J**J^J-*J,*t<^--!-*!*-.,'J-*W**I' ***t**i*>t*,������**!-^-*!*^>>l.*I**{>-l**l''t'.|*,t''l*'l''l''l''l''|'.|''l''l''  . Montreal^ March 14th.���������Mr. T.. B.  MacAuley of the Sun Life Assurance  Company received a cable to-day from  the Bahama Islands stating that the  .  . Legislature had voted to be .annexed  The outlook Tor Canada is very dif- tp Canada.    The vote stood twenty-  also fairly well established.  The Government is invested -in a  Governor (Sir W. G. Wilson, K. C. M.  G.), an Executive Council of nine members, a Legislative Council also of nine  members and a Representative Assembly of twenty-nine. The last body is  the one referred to in the Montreal  despatch as voting in favor of annexation to Canada.  HER FIRST PARTY.  ferent. Whereas the United States  as far back as 1847 received as many  as 234,968 immigrants, Canada's immigrants have increased in number from  some 20,000 in 1897 to around the 300,-,  000 mark for the- current year. In the  case of immigration from "the British  Isles it is probable that the next few  years will see a greater number, coming to Canada than to the States.  Canada has been steadily gaining on1  tbe States in this class of immigrant, senting votes.  EDMONTON  TO   WINNIPEG  WATER. "  BY  ^Thisistbe  FURNACE  . we install.  Come and see us  .or call  Phone 6643  IM Metal Co.  165 BROA0WAV, EAST.  Your Patronage cordially solicite J.  B. C. Ornamental Iron & Fence Co., Ltd.  PHONE 6571    " ;        COR. WESTMINSTER AVE: and FRONT ir  .���������. The Edmonton correspondent of the  Caniadian.regency's Weekly. Circular  "states that the survey of the proposed'  Edmonton-Winnipeg waterway will be  puBhed forward,..this,-year, and ii -is  expected that the entire preliminary  work will be finished during 1911. The  Dominion Government', has made an  appropriation Yof $25,000 for the expenses in connection with survey. It  is expected that if the construction of  a waterway is undertaken the work  will take two or three years to complete. Mr. E. A. Partridge, author of  the movement in favor of organizing  a farmers' .joint stock company to.  build the Hudson's Bay 'Railway, is  preparing to make a trip to Hudson's  Bay with the intention of finding out'  whether the proposed route is feasible  from tbe standpoint'of navigation.  and the' latest returns will probably  tohow the two countries neck and neck  in the race. Whitaker's Almanack  gives the following figures' of 'immigration from the British Isles to Canada and the United States:  To Canada. To the U. S.  1860 ..'...'.'*'... "'9.78G 87,500  -1870,..'..:.... 27,168 153,466  1880 ......... 20,902* ,166,570  189V.:  22,520 152,413  1900    18,433 102,797  "1905 ..>...... 82,437 122,370  ��������� 1907 151,216 170,264  -1908    81,321 96,869  \1909   85,887 109,700  three to six in favor of union with  Canada. a  At an Immense meeting of the citizens of Nassau, held February 20tb,  which was addressed by a number of  Canadians then visiting the Island,  a resolution favoring the admission  of the Islands to the Canadian Confederation as a province was carried  by a standing vote with great enthusiasm, there    being   but two dis-  ' The Governor is to invite the Government of Canada to a conference  to consider whether annexation to the  Dominion is feasible and desirable,  and,, if so, on what terms it would probably be carried out.  The Bahamas, a chain of Islands in  the West Indies, contained in 1909, according to Whlttaker's Almanac, -61,-  277 people, most of them descendants  of, liberated Africans. Nassau Is the  capital, situated on the Islands ot New  Providence. The chief .industry is  sponge ^gathering. Bananas, cocoanuts,  They took me to a party once���������  I thought I'd like to go-  But it was very strange at'first;  You see, I didn't know  That there would be so much ol it!  It made my head feel queer;  I felt all quiverish inside,  And wished I couldn't hear.  And when I covered up my "face,  They said, "Why, she is shy!"  And everybody looked at me, '  And I Just had to cry.  And some one took' me on her lap, '  And .drew me close and tight, ,  And then my throat stopped aching;  And I found it waa all right  And then I played a little while;  We had the greatest fun,  For they were pretty good to me���������  I was the littlest one.  I liked to watch the others beat,  To see what they would do,  But when they ate ice cream and cake,  I thought I'd do that, too.  -     ' "I  1  And when my mother came for me,  And wanted me to go,  They said I hadn't played at all���������  But.then, they didn't know.  Of course I.had aat pretty still���������,  Thato what they all were saying���������  But I had had the bestest time,.  I'd played that I waa playing!  fruit and vegetables are also largely wrong.  Doing nothing ia   learning   to   do  :"^^t^^^������������������^���������^���������.^^I���������.^.���������^^���������.IM^M;..;.^;���������lt���������.t������������������^l���������IM^M{������������������^������������������^���������l^���������l^������������������^l���������{������������������{.^^.^.���������^���������|ll^������������������^Mtll;���������l>4^  OPENING UP THE WEST.  Power is being sought in Canada  to build a number of new railways,  two of which are designed to develop  the country in the Peace River district. The Southern Central Pacific  Railway Company propose to build a  line from a point where the main line  crosses the North Saskatchewan  River in Alberta to the international  boundary near Coutts, while the Pacific and Peace River Railway Company  propose totniild .408 miles of line  from Bella.Coulee to Dunvegan, Athabasca, through Pine Pass. The Alberta Central Railway Company, who  are already engaged in building 110  miles of railway from Red Deer, Alberta, to; Moose' Jaw, Saskatchewan,  and to the Yellowhead Pass, on the  eastern border of British Columbia,  are seeking power to build further  lines from Saskatoon,' Moose Jaw, and  other points to Hudson Bay and elsewhere in the North', and West.  WHO WILL GET THE POST OFFICE.  <���������A Big struggle is on among our Liberal friends for the position of postmaster made vacant by the death of  Mr. Hay. Names mentioned so far  as applicants are Dr. J. J.* Foster, John  Scott, W. Climie, W. Bradley, J. A!  Hacking, J. H. McDonald and Wm.  Bright of town, and H. Hemsworth,  Wallace, with probably several other  "dark horses" in the background. Feeling is running high amongst some of  the applicants and a split in the party  hereis threatened if the office is not  quickly filled, and may result in any  case. Each of the candidates has his  political friends, whoare doing all the  wire-pulling in their power. Some  of the applicants' friends are quite outspoken. One of them, a German farmer whose mail comes through the local-  post office, is reported to have said:  Yes, by golly," mentioning his favorite's name, "he will Tget it sure. He  was a great worker for party. Did'nt  he pay me fourteen tollar for .a rani  last election and never took .him away.  New Arrivals  ladies' Neckwear,  Wash Belts,   Silk  Taffeta Waists in black and navy.  Ladies' Shirt Waists, Corsets and Un-   derwear; Men's Shirts, Boots  and Shoes.  Our Millinery Stt  IS URQEvNEW AND ELEGANT  Ladies' and Children's Hats to suit all.  Hats made new or remodelled to order.  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Guess you've heard about  Tlie  TABLE SUPPLY  People will talk.      If it's good, we  have it.     If we have it, it's good.  H. HARFORD  518 Broadway/ East  PHONE (Coming Soon)  Easter Lillies Bring Joy.  SOUTH VANCOUVER.  Any one wishing to spend a delightful half holiday and at the same time  find a place for good investments, cannot do better; than take the Fraser  avenue car at the corner of Hastings  street and Main street, and go direct  to ��������� Ferris. - road, South Vancouver.  Alighting there, you will be surprised  at the exquisite views all around.  Leaving the grand mountain scenery behind, you look towards the  southl and. a beautifu,, far-spreading  vista will meet your gaze; passing  down the avenue across the, bridge,  over v the silver waters of the Fraser  River, the verdant, pasture land of  Lulu Island, backed by the sombre  bills of the States, at once revives the  spirits of the tired city worker, and  he Involuntarily' pauses to enjoy the  .perfect air which surrounds hlin. At  length he turns and finds he Is standing beside the South Hill Brokerage,  the real estate office of Messrs. Houston  &  Greenslade,  and their artistically   arranged   windows,   with   the  notices of sale all illuinufeted by the  well-known artist, Mr. David Gibb, attracts him still further, and if he has  a few dollars to share he cannot do  better than go inside and consult with  the gentlemen of that firm.    He will  not be asked to buy, but if he needs  a  good   incsstment  he   can   rely  on  straightforward   and   honorable   dealing there. ......  No one can doubt that South Vancouver is a rapidly advancing city, and  the land is daily growing more valuable and the greatert credit should  be given to the murJ Jpality. for the they have made during  the last three years.   Good roads and  sidewalks are to be seen everywhere,  and new roau:   are being opened for  the  benefit of investors.    Stores  of  every description are doing well; thei  tradesmen call for.orders and deliver  their goods on the same day. Churches  ot all denominations are springing up.  St. Mary's Church of   England   was  opened by the Bishop of Westminster  a fortnight ago, and the large congregation spoke in favor for its future  success.    The  Baptist Church under  the care of the  Rev. aRedmen is a  (great favorite among many   of   the  '(residents, the pastor being a remarkably clever preacher.   And the Methodists are well taken care of by the  Rev.   John. Page,   whose   attractive  little church is a pretty landmark, on  Forty-seventh   avenue.     We   understand  the  Ladies'  Aid  Society  will  hold a sale of work next Friday, April  7th, beginning at three o'clock, at the  private residence of Mr.   and   Mrs.  Page, near the Methodist Church.      ������������������  The schools are also making wonderful headway and a new one is to  be built shortly in the vicinity of the  North Arm, the River Roal school being no longer large enough for the  number  of  pupils.    The  South  Hill  school is a fine building and is already  full of scholars.   Mr. Clarke, the head  master, makes a very proficient teacher.   We are sorry to hear Mr. McDonald, the assistant master, is ill, Buffering from pneumonia.   The boys of the  South Hill school were successful in  winning the "Grover Cup" last Friday  in the final test game with the Moun-  : tain; View team;    Both sides played  well and with great fairness.   During  the first part of the game the Mountain View boys seemed to have the  advantage, but ln the latter half, the  South Hill, team played up well, and  a goal being Percy F. James  decided a very tight battle in their  favor and also brought their football  season to a close.  Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock have returned to their pretty residence on  Fraser avenue, after a pleasant visit  to California. '���������'  Mr. Gilbert Hall sang a solo in the  Mount Pleasant Methodist'Church on  Sunday last.  Prof. Odium spoke to the Epworth  League of Mount Pleasant Methodist  Church on Monday night.  The Hillcrest Pharmacy, report "camera trade during the past good weather excellent, and the dispensing  business increasing all the time.  NEW  STORE   FRONTv  Has any one seen Kelly���������and the  new store front recently installed?  Mr. Kelly, with the aid of Mr. Budlong, has put in one of the most pleasing store fronts in Mount Pleasant,  and we hope to see others follow the  good example. Painted in white with  glazed tile front, gives the store an  up-to-Kelly appearance. Oh the inside has been installed a new silent  salesman, which is the first of a number Mr. Kelly is securing.  The Misses Marshall, have found it  necessary to doublt their hours in  order to get their work out Since  taking over this business .these'energetic ladies have more than quadrupled the output, and deserve their  success.  WILL ERECT CITY  HOME  i ������������������-��������� ���������       FOR GliRLS FROM COUNTRY  j Montreal Takes Steps to Care for  j Army of Wage-Earning Women���������  Half Million Hotel. Planned���������To Be  Unique and Noiseless Structure-  Sir Thomas Shaughnessy's Suggestion __ New Steamers on 8t. Lawrence���������March of tha Millions.  .    LADIES5 ,:T*AILORI^SrG ��������� ''  MISS M. KEIR^  Cor. 15th  and   Westminster Road  './���������'' ���������- ���������;' ������������������ -' '���������'.���������.���������' -.        ,.,' ������������������ x' ������������������ ���������  London and Paris Experience. Terms Moderate  Assistants and Learners Waited    -  Send your clothes to BRdWN������& MATTHEWS'  The Mount Pleasant I. O. O. F. are  in charge of the, anniversary service  this year. The service is to be held  in Mount Pleasant Methodist Church,  where the sermon will be preached by  Rev. Lashley Hail, B.A., B.D. Oddfellows are asked to keep the laat Sunday of April open.  (From-Our Own'Correspondent.).  The Independent Drug Store, owing  to Increased business and staff, have  found it necessary'to enlarge their  floor apace and have added an extension at the back. The partition at the  back has been' placed about ten feet  further to the rear, besides which they  have a large dispensing ��������� and storeroom. The energy of Mr. McRae and  Mr. White deserve this result.  Montreal, April 10.���������In this -great  city of Montreal there 1b an ever-increasing army of wage-earning worn-  ��������� en. These girls and women are em-  ) ployed In schools, offices, shops, private homes, and other places too nu-  cerous to mention. They pour into  our city from' the country districts of  Canada, from the smaller towns and  villages. They come across the ocean  from the Motherland, and, in small  numbers, from the south. Here they  gather to work and to live. They have  to work, and they best they  can. "'     v' ���������  Further   than   accepting freely of  their work, -Montreal .has, thus,far,',  (Continued on next page)  The Cleaners  536 BROAOWA Y, W      PHONE L404B  Phone L4045and our wagon will call.  Special attention givent$. South Vancouver and  Mount Pleasant.  t X  a***********^**********?*+k*.***^  **************************  ft************************  ��������� *  ��������� ��������� ��������� ; ������������������ . *  -���������>'  V*9*99S*f**9WW*fWWWWVV'WVV'V . . ������ *    ������*������������������������������������ ���������ww-w-rwwwwww'.  jj n. ^ wall PAPER  te. Rd&s  /  (SUCCESSOR TO ROSS * THOMPSON) ,  2   Has just received a large stock, of, WALL PAPER in great variety and  '!  .��������� -aHiatest designs. '"���������-���������].  ;; Paper Hanging done to suit patrons.     .Popular Prices.  *  aHiatest designs.  Paper Hanging done to suit patrons.  |   146 BROADWAY* EAST PHONE R 4485  ������������������������������������������������������������������*<>������������'*������|ltltttttMtttt-rtt������ttt4ttttttff:*ttt'r'  ^  MOUNTAIN VIEW BAKERY  HADLEY & NELSON"  (late G. Herring) /  pahers and Confectioners  CORNER HORNE ROAD and MAIN ST.  B. C. Cafe  Short Orders a Specialty.  Meals  -   25c  Meal ticket $51  The most Up-to-date placeto eat on the Hill.  All home cooking.   White help.   Quick service.  2609 MAIN STREET  A. W, BUSBY. Pror-  -     A  BUTTER  T  ?  ?  t  Y  V  Y  T  T  ������������������������"?  A  We  Have It  At AU Times  ���������t  I  1  2446 MAIN STREET  PHONE 3973  Our--wagons will call on you twice a week.    Give us yourY 1  name and address. f  The Entire Stock of B."0. Grant's  MEN'S and BOYS, "  CLOTHINQ & FURNISHINGS  Is at the Hercy of the Money Savin  Regardless of Cost of  AT  9   A. J>  THE REASON WHY---G. W. Cattahach and myself have purchased tb  Edgar Furniture business, 2245 Mam street, therefore I am compelled to sel  this business out quick. I  NO REASONABLE OFFER ^TURNED  DOWNWE MUST GET  OUT BY THE 29thOF APRIL  DON'T BE SKEPTICAL, this is a genuine" Going Out of Business SaJi  fS^n SATURDAY! ARRILl5t'J  Tprri   rprr f f      TheFirst Two Ladies entering  the st<*������ will be given' a Boy's Suit worth'%$j.  rrtClV-   r nci. . .     Don-t Forget theNumbef y - "^  j  T'l7#riPpi"y  ~*mi~:  ^'^���������^^^^^^^^Ty'^^i^si^i^: *, wk������ i->^-tn^^rv^nOK" "v. i ? ���������   :j|,7.  it---  ��������� ft< ���������<���������. ���������<? ���������  1    1   ,'  '������. JW.TJW^ *.   rtttu nA.*A-M^*.f*A*l A  THE���������"WESftparOffiE  i^^fA*t^*rjj^2������:^sc:2E.,\F *��������� F������?^������������-,-,_ift ' x asitfaw *-,t f;  aWa*BMaiBa������ajBja������������������������*���������   --*��������������������������������� ������������������--1 - ��������������������������� i ������rw^-aa* ibubpl . anu 111   n ������������������mi������u 'vrfTtm-iWMNM  for the  Egg Dyes, Eggs, Chickens, Rabbits, Cards     i  Special Notice  3  3  We have five hundred dainty boxes of  chocolates which we purpose giving to every  customer at our store on Saturday (while  they last). No matter how small your  purchase, you will receive one.  s������   REMEMBER:   |We  always  consider  the  dispensing of  physicians'  prescriptions  of first  importance.  FISHER'S  d r u a  STORE  Night Bell  **>,,PHONE     **  3 48 9  3  3  Cor. Broadway  Scott Street 1  nounced.   Peculiarly enough, {n almost  every instance the vessels are  taken from the X?->v Vovlz trade to tbe  St. Lawrence��������� a smvl'i tic-t in itself,  but showing plainly in which way the  tachment which made the touch similar to any standard machine a stenographer happened to be accustomed  to. It cost us money and it cost the  typewriter people money to make the  change, but the change took a useless 'wind is blowing  click out of life.   If a man would in-J  vent an attachment that would make! Ccmme-ciaiizing Ait.  a train noiseless, I would have it ii it The [ate of "Tlie ll'Ii/' R^rrernnn''.  cost a fortune. It's the bumns and fsmors p-Win-, and its loii ro Eng-  clicks of the day's work that ickke us 'and becaube I-oid Lai.sdowms l������a������ not  weary." j sufficient'^income to retain it, has st:"r-  It was this little speech, spoken on red anew the embers -of strite in re-  the spur of the- moment, which sowed gard to the commercialization cf art.  the seed for larger things. A real, Canada has never had a front rank  home for working women was sug-] artist nor a really> famous painting.  gested���������a home embodying all that Nevertheless, in the little coterio of  that dear world really means. These! Canadian artists and students Jierc  same millionaires got their heads to-" The Mill' has been a subject of b--  and an architect and a con-i discussion, and many an artist'c m  gether,  tractor were summoned, plans and  specifications were called for, inquiries were made as to how other cities  coped with the problem, and the ball  was set rolling. - Montreal is to have  a half million dollar hotel exclusively  for women. It will be an Adamless  Eden, so to speak; and just as unique  and tranquil In many .ways as the one  only and original Eden. It will be  built either on Sherbrooke street, opposite the Royal Victoria College, or  on Dorchester street, not far from the  Y. M. a A. building.  Th* Trend of Trade.  done little for this class of her, pop-,  illation. And Montreal is just beginning to realize that she is in debt.  Shortly before Sir Thomas Shaugh-  nessy went abroad a few gentlemen;  most of them in the ever-expending  millionaire class, sat in the smoking  room of the Mount Royal Club. The  question of society's duty to the work-  paced the room a couple of times and  thus expressed himself;  > ''The young men of our day hare  everything. :��������� They' have club houses,  they have well stocked reading rooms,  they hare comfortable and convenient  '^meeting-places. Our young women  hear the bustle and roar of business  about their ears nine hours a day for  Because of an increased flow of immigration from continental ports to  Western Canada, and an increase in  the use of the St. Lawrence route by  contineneal passengers travelling to  points' in the Western States, two  steamers of the Red Star Line have  been transferred, and will ply between  Rotterdam and Quebec, instead of be-  of a boarding house, thinking about  It.' The more pleasant and quiet you  can make your employees' surroundings the more cheerful work you can tween Antwerp and New York,  get out of them. We consider money hitherto,  well spent on the C. P. R'. if we can  eliminate noise thereby.    The other  day I,had several noiseless typewrit  ���������' installed. . Some! of the girls-ob  ers  ing girl arosev The president of th������ ;six 4*ys a week.   The rest of the time jected because the'touch' did not^uit  Candaian Pacific jumped to his feet;1 Itheynpend in the back hall bedroom them.   ~ .-i.vj*. - r- v  They are the Samland and the Gothland, and .will be included ln the Canada . LihtT service.  Increases to the fleets of the White  Star/ Dominion, the Thomson   Line,  Some genlui Invented ;anYat-jand )the Allan Line have also been an-  ==========SLE^BaVBBBnBHBaViKg  aphorical tear has been shed because  there is nobody in Canada to step forward with the necessary hundred  thousand pounds to buy the painting  for this country. Mr. Robert Harris,  the dean of Canadian artists, instead  of weeping, is smiling. He sees signs,  in the weeping���������signs that the Do-'  minion is at last arousing itself to an  interest in art. Although it has not  been generally noticeable, he says.  Canada has been proTesf'ng steadily  ln the development of her artistic temperament. It has begun in the commercial grad'v. of course, but when  people have made money out of art it  will not be long before they will turn  naturally to "art" for art's sake." A  few dayg ago. he said, he noticed that  a small band of Canadians, amongst  them Mr. William Stone of the Pank  of 'Toronto and Mr.- Edmund Bristol,  M. P., bf the Canadlrn Securities Corporation,, had reorganized Stone, Limited, the largest lithographing plant in  as Canada, ani rrrc'o a small issue of  1200,000 bonds for the purpose of obtaining the Canadian rights of the  Heubner-Bloinstein art process of lithographing. By this process they will  be able to produce sketches, drawings  and so on, in about i.en days' time, far  better and cheaper than by the old  method thu������ far employed in Canada,  v.-.iic'u cook fcix weeks. Now this might  ?.:)! e.,r to be purely a commercial pro-  ���������;c:-'A.ijr., but it was more than that,  .c: ii sliowed that the Canadian eye  i.- c i\kl seekh.g more artistic sur-  rour.u" --js. '  P.iay Day St: ikes.  ;)f" n tho labor world usu-  and become ripe on the  - if each year, and this  .. be no exception. May Day  "Sreat hurrih for the laboring  man v.ith Socialistic, tendencies and a  real or imaginary grievance. He waves  the rod fiag, listens to red hot oratory  i 1 retires to re with a pair of red  :,���������*'. "nd a burnh . throat. The next'  ALul~r he is on the .-o again with  a clear conscience, feeling that he baa  done his du*y by society and relieved  his fc-ysteii- >t a year's pent-up bile.  The coal miners' strike in the West  is of course tbe great topic of conver-  cat'.sn in labor circles here, other predicted strikes being merely local. '  .--.1.1  a'.lj  i  fivsi  j oar \.  is r>;i'i  The B. C. Permanent ,Loan Company; head office, 330 Pender St. W.,  pays 4% interest on deposits, and the  interest is credited-semi-annually. .Deposits of "'.00 and upwards may be  made at any time, and the whole or  any part of the amount deposited may '  be withdrawn at any time by cheque.  This Company is one of the strong,  stable financial institutions or Canada.,  Has assets of $3,211,511.86, and reserve fund of $400,000.00.  The officers are: Thos. T, Langlois.  Esq., president; xJavld H. Wilson, Esq.,  111 ret vice-president; Geo. J. Telfer,  Esq., second vice-president; R. H.  Duke, Esq., manager; T. D. Macdon-  ald, Esq., treasurer; R. O. Campbell,  Esq., secretary.       . _ ,  - The Directors are:  lois, Esq., David H.  J. Telfer. Esq., R. i.  H. ?W;!n. ~~n . Goo.  Thos. T. Lang-  '������on, Esq., Geo.  Juke, Esq., W.  Ward, Esq., Da  vid Spencer,  Esq.  Isq., and George Martin,  ���������K"H"M'*MiM"H"M"M"M'M"M'W^^ :***^**^t'**>v********************* .**vX~x**x**x  T ' , W      "-;���������:���������'ivra    "2 ' . ' '     ,������������������,- '.������������������... ���������' ���������  A ��������� >\ -lift ,l- .       - -  ...������������������*.���������������������������������������������..  . ���������X~X-X~X~X"X*<~X**XS~X~X������*������^ ���������  "*���������-*<.���������    ������"    Vi.-"'*- V ?*~ .V--'     .iV1  .V-vr   "���������."���������. v.... *.*;  1 *v  Good L^tuJ^  the Railway  -���������y^WY  Carter Cotton  Building  2408    7  Westminster  Road  ��������� f, '  *>tr   -  i i: 11  ;  -'    ,-: -; :--;'- ������������������        > it:; - ������������������..'���������-��������� '- '  Y.- ���������' ' ���������',������������������:?:. k^-k^k- . v\.- . ^  -iI'l-i--!--!':��������� xiiiniih'.A.4tanmu1111nr11111111>������������������c-M*tnnsuKt������������i**114a11inlm111 rW-i-x-^i-x-H-w-:  i  ���������j*  I  t  x-x-x-j-x-x***-:-* -x-x- ������������������ x^-x<*->-x*-x--:^^.:-.x--M^x-4-H' Phone 645 Always in Mt. Pleasant  T TT I      7      ^V ' ^  EXPRESS & BAGGAGE TRANSFER  Y   Stand���������Main and jBroadway  Ph&ne 845  ���������' ;4H������^***t**������'X>-> ^���������^^���������^���������^'���������^^���������o** ��������� *^*���������^*���������#^���������*���������J^^1**H,���������^#���������HMHMH,'H,������������������  -   ....i  ...."���������    . '���������    ��������� -���������" . *  For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  ..:-,.- -,r   ���������. - ..-.Call.''on '  TRIMBLE &  NORRIS  Cor., Bro'idway ^ridY Ninth Avenne  ?1 ���������i-:-(f>" .������>  .!������t^.2*&>������*,.i3>>!<<������t<><}i0$<3>*2������q>������!^  ������%*fy&b*i****,& *****. ****���������:���������****���������*���������******************���������*���������*���������*  ���������\1  I,  ::"i   .i  Yjli ll'-'  ��������� W't'iHI  ..sjjkn.O *o i''j'y������'t:i-  ���������o* ',Mi,a   k"'  .-I'  ,'<^ ,liT   .1   .<������,')  .Ii"  .III  Acme Plumbing 8- Heating Co.  For Estimates on Plumbing  HOT WATER HEATING  For the Home  A SONG AT EASTER.  (By Charles' Hanson Towne.)  With bloom and flower and wonder  The shining hosts of Spring  Come back to kiss the world anew,  And bid it thrill and sing.  And once again with fragrant hands  Their perfect beauty bring.  The world's green resurrection,  Her triumph over pain,  The  flashing  blades   of   grass   that  cleave  The earth where snows have lain���������  These   are   the   signs, that   tell    our  hearts  That love has risen again.  O glad, unsullied hosts of Spring,  0 mornings brave aud white,  O days of April, 1 rejoice  In your reviving light;  When, ye are with me, how remote  ls vanquished Winter's night!  A   COMPLETE   EASTER   DINNER.  ') ,-!<���������;-m\',������  M  ������������������jr.!  fi->i<i  ^   PHON^   5545  f I 'I o ��������� ��������� i?1^""  I JI iptll Ay*!*" E.      Vancouver  ���������*������.t.**������***������*������*-������*������w*������^  v'������,4;#h6'ne  t^e Don  -r>^*****^X******,X'***X-**X'***** **************************  PROPRIETORS: ������|  ���������"*-'4^0-"7    I (D1C7   LJKJLl <& SALTER^  ^y������:264? -c?MAIN STREET   (Near Cor. 12th)  v ICE CREAM PARLOR  Now open for the season.    . Richmond Dairy Ice Cream.  FRESH MILK, CREAH', BUTTER DAILY.   HIGH CLASS CANDIES  and TABLE FRUITS. .     A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIGARETTES and TOBACCO.  \Agents for WOMAN'S BAKERY BREAD and .CONFECTIONERY.  ************XMX>*********** **������x***********************  <4A*A>AA*^*A^ftA*'*'  Mount Pleasant Livery  . NEW STABLES - - NEW EQUIPMENT  2545 HOWARD STREET    -    -    PHONE 845  HACKS, BROUGHAMS, SURREYS,  SINGLE AND DOUBLE DRIVERS.     -  Night Orders promptly attende   to.  Fedora Cafe  1821 MAIN STREET       - ���������_  MEAL TICKETS $4.75      MEAj-ST25c  SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY.    Meals at all hours.    White  Help employed.   Quick Service and Courteous Treatment.  Give us a call H. PETERSON, Prop.  4WMi<i"^!>&&ii&****+*********   ****&$%&&&&*******<*  S I  <*  *>  ������!���������  *  I  $  I  I  .*  !  t  i  Lawn Mowers  Hose Reels  Garden Tools  Screen Doors  and Windows  i  *  ���������*,  it*  *  i'  Cor. 16th Ave, & flain St.  PHONE 2853  t"   ���������������������������  ���������*4������H,*****4>4^>************* ������^*������*������������������-t>*A**-fP*H^>4^*^****^  Dinner's always have been, and 1  presume dinners always will be, occasions whicii have very much .engrossed the attention of men. In all fash:  ionable life, whether in London or  Paris) New York or Washington, this  meal is the one above all others to  which is invited the" distinguished  stranger or the beloved friend.  Easter Dinner Menu. ,  ���������:��������� y   Onion Soup.  Beques' Baked Mackerel.  ���������     Cucumber Ribbons.,  Chicken Paprika.     Spring Croquettes.  French String Beans.  -     'Grapefruit Salad.  Toasted Fromage Rolls.  . Bavarian Panache.  Bonbons.; Salted Almonds.  Cafe Noir.  A soup which bears the homely  name of Onion Soup is now being  served at many fashionable hotels.  It certainly deserves a better name,  for far from being commonplace, it is  very'delicate and may well find a  place in a formal menu. Make eight  or ten gashes in a six-pound piece of  beef cut from the shin; put in a soup  kettle, add three quarts of cold water,  cover, heat slowly to the boiling point,  and let simmer seven hours; then  strain, and remove fat. Thinly slice  five small onions, and cook in two  tablespoonfuls of butter until the  onions are soft, stirring frequently,  12���������Call.. cmfwyp etaoinnupJ  that tbey may not burn. Add onions  to six cupfuls of stock-brought to the  boiling point, and add two and one-  half teaspoonfuls of good beef extract,  and salt to taste. ' Cut bread in one-  third-inch slices, and toast. Place a  piece in each, boup plate, sprinkle  with grated Parmesan cheese, and add  soup just before sending to the table.  Begiies' Baked Mackerel hast tickled  the palate of many a' traveler when  visiting the interesting city of New.  Orleans. A mackerel from Northern  waters or one of the Spanish mackerel  may be used for this dish. .Certainly  no simpler fish" course" could be  planned for. Wipe the fish with a  cheese cloth wrung out of cold water,  brush over with olive oil, put in a  dripping pan which has been brushed  over"with'olive oil, sprinkle with salt,  pepper���������and^ finely- chopped-_ parsley,  and bake in a moderate oven. ���������  Cucumber Ribbons are very much  more attractive than sliced cucumbers. ' Cut a thick slice from both ends  of cucumbers, and pare; then cut in  one-thlrd-inch slices. Cut the slices  round and round to form ribbons, using a small, sharp vegetable knife.  Plunge into iced or very cold water,  and let stand thirty minutes. Drain  and pour over a French dressing made  by mixing one-half teaspoonful of salt,  one-fourth of a teaspoonful of pepper,  three tablespoonfuls of vinegar and  three tablespoonfuls of olive oil.  Sliced cucumbers require less time  than cucumber ribbons and are very  pretty if one plays a little trick with  the vegetable in this fashion: After  a cucumber is pared, draw, a three-  tined fork its entire length, and so  continue until small cuts have been  made around the cucumber; then.cut  in thin slices. By this use of the fork  the slices have a cut edge which is a  novelty to many, and I have seen people who wondered how it could be  quickly accomplished. They presumed each piece was dealt with separately, an operation which would involve too much time to make it appeal to the practical.  Chicken always furnishes a satisfactory central dish for an Easter dinner. A recipe for Chicken Paprika  reached me last fall which.I feel quite  sure is new to most of my readers.  Dress and clean two chickens, cut in  pieces for serving, wipe with a piece  of cheese cloth wrung out of cold  water, and sprinkle with salt and. pepper. Fry one-half cupful; of finely  chopped onion in four and one-half  tablespoonfuls of butter fifteen minutes, stirring frequently, that the  onions may not burn. Add chicken,  and sprinkle witli four and one-half  tablespoonfuls of flour; then add one  *~>^*HHf������H-������H-^**4^ ^^H*^-^-^X--H--:-^^-H^^H^H,I''t"l?  SPRING GOODS  SPRING STYLES  i.  teaspoonful of paprika and one and  one-half cupfuls of chicken stock.  Cook on top of the range twenty minutes, put in a casserole dish, and cook  in oven until the chicken is tender,  adding more stock if necessary. 1  think all my readers know that in  speaking of chicken stock I mean the  liquor in which a fowl has been cooked. Of course, if one does not own a  casserole dish, she need not be 'de--'  barred from introducing this chicken  with her menu, for any earthenware  dish may be used in its stead. Chicken paprika may be served on a bed,  or, as chefs say, on a socle of hominy,  .ind garnished with spring croquettes.  When lioiniuy is used for such a purpose if is well to cook it using one-  half milk and one-half water.  Spring Croquettes conVblne potatoeF  and spinach in a- novel way.    Wash,  ,)are, and cook potatoes in boiling salted  water to cover;   drain, and force  through a potato ricer;  there should  be two cupfuls.   Add two and onchalf  j tablespoonfuls of butter, the" yolks of  /two eggs slightly   beaten,   and   one-  ; fourth of a cupful of finely chopped  cooked spinach.    Mix thoroughly, ana  season with salt and pepper.   "Shape  in the form of croquettes to represent  eggs, dip in  flour, egg and crumbs,  fry in deep fat, and drain on brown  paper.  Spinach will keep, its green color if  cooked in an uncovered vessel in a  large quantity of boiling water to  which salt, powdered sugar and soda  are added. Half, a peck of spinach  requires two quarts of water, one-half  tablespoonful of salt,, one-half . teaspoonful of sugar and one-fourth of a  teaspoonful of soda.'  A Grapefruit Salad 1b very refreshing for a dinner. .In the salad which  I offer as an illustration the grapefruit pulp is arranged on artichoke  bottoms, which are bought ln cans.  This part of the salad may be dispensed with if one so desires, but if  one cares for the novelty of it, let  me go into detail. Cook canned artichoke bottoms in chicken stock to  cover ten minutes; drain, cool, marinate with French dressing, cover, and  let stand one hour. Arrange on small  nests of crisp lettuce leaves, and  mound with grapefruit pulp which has  also been thoroughly chilled and marinated with French dressing. Pour  over all a French dressing, and garnish with strips of red pepper, xn  the dressing on this salad use red  wine vinegar and paprika.  -There can be no daintier conceit to  pass with a salad course than Toasted  Fromage Rolls. Cut fresh bread while  still warm in as thin slices as possible,  using, a very sharp knife; then remove crusts. Work butter until  creamy, using a wooden spoon;' then  add an equal quantity ofVcream cheese  that has been worked until creamy;  mix thoroughly, and season sparingly  with salt. Spread slices of bread evenly with the creamed mixture, and roll  slices separately; toast, and arrange  on a plate covered with a paper doily.  Lace paper doilies are so attractive  and so inexpensive that it seems a  shame not ��������� to' have them in every  household. I presume they- are not  for sale in small towns, but may be  bought of any large, first-class city  grocer. N  .. _ A Bavarian Panacne is a somewhat  elaborate dessert, the notion for which  came from a Swiss town. First let us  consider the Jelly roll which forms  the outside. For a Jelly Roll, beat the  yolks of four eggs until thick and  lemon colored, then, add, gradually,  while beating constantly, one cupful  of sugar, and beat two minutes. Puf  one. and one-half) ta.blespoonfuls of  corn starch into a cup, and fill the cup  with pastry flour once sifted. Mix  and sift flour and corn starch with  one and one-fourth teaspoonfuls of  baking powder and one-fourth of a  teaspoonful of salt. Add three tablespoonfuls of cold water tp the egg mixture, then add the flour mixture, and  mix thoroughly. Add the whites - of  four eggs beaten until stiff and one  teaspoonful of lemon extract. Butter  ��������� dripping, pan, and line bottom and  ends with paraffine or tissue paper.  Put in the mixture, spread evenly, and  bake in a moderate oven. Remove  from the pan to a cloth sprinkled  sparingly with confectioners', sugar,  spread with currant jelly, trim oft* the  sides and ends of cake with a sharp  knife, and roll as quickly as possible.  Line a charlotte russe mold with thin  slices of jelly roll, fill with;. strawberry Bavarian cream", and chill.  For' the Strawberry Bavarian  Cream, soak two tablespoonfuls of  granulated gelatine in one-fourth of  a cupful of cold water, and dissolve  in one-third of a cupful of boiling  water; then add one cupful of strawberry sirup, a few grains of salt, and  sugar to' taste if not sweet enough.  I'obtain strawberry sirup from the  best brand of canned strawberries at  my command, and get a most satisfactory product for a moderate price.  When the strawberry mixture begins,  to thicken, fold in,the whip from one  pint of thin, cream, and turn into the  mold. ' a  For a Stylish, up-to-date  . SUIT  I see MePherson & Nicol 1  | THE POPULAR PRICED TAILORS |  ! 432 Main Street, Opp. City HaU I  ������ S. McPherson Geo.^Tnicol *  S ?  ���������wh������h*^--^*:--:-*h^->.h-:.*>-:*.x..:..x.^ ���������x-:<.>.:������x..x*^*:*.:..:-:..:*.:..:..:.^..>.x..jwH.^  7 1  I   HILLCREST P. 0. BOX 15 PH0NE 6964 I  YOUNG & YOUNG  PLUMBING and STEAMFITTING; HOT WATER  HEATING and STOVE CONNECTIONS-  GENERAL REPAIRS. '.   '  t  First-class work guaranteed.  I Estimates Given  COR. 21st and WESTMINSTER AVE  ���������jH|l-t^MtHS^H|H|HH^HH,*4,,i������******'H>*  ���������****^������S>',        <*������!&^^iH������&<&������SmSh������m|kHhJ(*+  [ William   D    W/okk ll ij.b     n-J  William R. Webb Harold t. Brotkwcll!  TELEPHONE 3539  I MIDWAY ELECTRIC CO. j  529 Broadway W  VANCOUVER B. C.  Electrical Chandeliers  Bells, Fittings, House wiring  Motor'- Wiring and Repair  Telephone  Systems  ^*a************************m**m***m*****************j  ��������� ���������  o  it  O  o  BRANCH:  II Cor. 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Still, many  good housewives of limited means cannot get away from the idea that the  best parlor and the guest room must  receive first consideration in the expenditure, and that the kitchen must  put up with what it can get. Instead  of putting the kitchen last on the list,  suppose for once it should come flrot  in the spring outlay for renovation.  Once it is fitted up properly, it will  need only a little renewal from year  to year if the utensils and furnishings  are well cared for.  For.the finishing of the kitchen  walls paint is satisfactory, or an imitation tile paper in some soft light  tone that will look cheerful. To make  the room cheerful looking should be  the "guiding idea in the decoration' of  the kitchen. Two or three small washable mats, woven of cotton rags, may  be placed over the linoleum, covered  or painted floor to make it more comfortable to the feet, where one has to  stand a good deal, as in front of the  table. The sash curtains of muslin or  dimity should be so arranged that they  can be drawn back altogether on dull  days to let in all the light possible. A  reliable clock, n calendar, and a slate  and pencil or writing pad and lead  pencil for jotting down marketing re  minders, should find, convenient plq  on the wall.   There should be twe  three chairs, one of them an easy  but little in tbe way of furniture a]|  from the stove or range, tables,  required for.the primary work of 1  kitchen.    Where  space  is limited  hinged board covered with white]  cloth, that can be let down flat agal  the wall when not in use, can take/  place of one table.'   A built-in  board, with upper and lower secty  is worth contriving,, even at the  of letting the "best" rooms go  out extra attention  for one sp*  The tireless cooker is a saver of'  that is appreciated; especially injj  hot. weather. ; /  The list of kitchen utensils gi  larger every year, as   ney/   coif  iencea are devised.   The houseke]  can add to her collection of  ware pots and pans and kettles/  ers and broilers, her earthen-warej  wooden bowls and dishes and plalj  of various sizes    for   various  while such articles as measuring :  graduated   in    quarters   and   tt|  EXTRAVAGANCE.  Judge���������"Why did you burn  barn down, just after getting it  ed?" ���������'���������        y,  Farmer���������"Your honor, a poor]  like me can't afford to have a bar  insurance too." THE WESTERN CALL  '8  ������������������%*v%**i*v*r*;*v*i*v**������*->v*.--J**^*^*,iMi,**v  I TORONTOf  | FURNITURE   STORE J  *        3334 Westminster Avenue.       *  | We are receiving daily *  IX.   New Spring Goods    ������  \'\' **"  'If. We a^e showing some i  nifty lines in Dressers, i  Buffets,   Dining  Room X  Sets. $  A complete line of X  Linoleums, Carpet Squares, etc. ������{���������  Drop in and inspect our goods. Y  Thia ia nrVinra  VOU or<������fc   A   nnimrfi   X  leal  M. H. COWAN  I -Vfr^^..;^y^M^������^������->>>*fr<*frfriMfr������fr������Mifr  This is where you get a square  dei"  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjepair Work.  Factory Experience  Best References  W. J. GOARD.  OOLUNQWQODEAST  Leave your orders at the Western Oall  flint RMS. Uidertakers  Open Day and Night  1 OFFICE aati CHAPEL  282������ 6RANTILLE ST. Phone 8282  X*< '). JI  ! THE JUNGLE  WE ASSUME NO  THE UNTRUTHS WHICH LIE HERE:-^  '���������a    ;f   It    (i  THE APTNESS WAS TOO MUCH.  A minister a man of great vigor  and > vehemence, while preaching one  Sunday, bent forward and shouted out  with great force the words of his text:  "The righteous shall stand, but the  wicked shall fall."  Just as these words escaped from  his lips the pulpit broke from its fastenings, and he fell out and rolled before his congregation. Picking himself up he said:  "Brethren, I am not hurt, and I don't  mind the fall, but I dp hate the connection,"  MUCH  TOO GOOD.  firi  CURED WITHOUT-MEDICINE.  JAS-   GILLOTT  [SASH   4JW   DOORS  [Wort Taralaff nd General Mill Work  ���������1029 rtelville Str.  Phone 2745  Dr. Geo. Howell  Veterinary Surgeon  Office and Residence  [ffeiie 18688     955 Broadway W  MT. PL.EASANT CHURCH  ' Cor. Ninth Ave. and QueSiec St.  lundav Services���������Public worship at 11  '������ro and7:00p.m    Sunday School ana  Bible Class af 2:30 p.m.     _  Bev. J. W. Woodside. M.A., Pastor  170 Ninth Ave. W.   Tele. B3������48.  WESTMINSTER CHURCH  bor   Welton and 26th.    One block eaat  7r  W    of Westminster Ave.  bervlces-Sundav,   H-00   ������������������������������.���������������*   7:,u  I p.m.    Sunday School, i.*������.  Rev. J. H. Cameron, 8.A.. Pastor  Residence, Cor. Qeubec and Jist.  |MT.  PLEASANT  BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Quebec St.  S. Everton,  BA, Pastor  I   ' 250 13th Ave E.  Ireachlng  Services���������11   a.m. ���������and   7:30  pm.   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L3543.  1aa\ttx* vst ssxsrrs  30RGANIZED CHURCH OF CHRIST  1370 10th' Avenue, East  trices���������Every   Sunday   evening   at   8  fo'clock.   Sunday School at 7 o'clock.  .  I. McMULLEN. Elpeb  MT.  PLEASANT  LODGE NO.  1������,  Mpete   every   Tuesday   at- 8   p.m.   in  for    Hali;   Westminster--Ave..   Mt.  JaVarit     Sojourning brethren cordially  fcited to attend.       ,  ;������aMcKeV^.^ a. 452 10th avenue  i.' s'ewell,  Rec.  Secy.,  4S1  7th  avenue  JTOXPBKDEHT Om������E������ POMSTSB*  |  COURT VANCOUVER NO. 1328  \eets   2nd  and   4th  Mondays  of each  IGtn at 8 p.m. in the Oddfellows' Hall.  J   Pleasant.    Visiting brethren always  I. Hankins, Chief Ranger. __  L J. Orehan, Rec. becy., 3d<  fiinceas  plngelly, Fin. Secy.. 237 llth Av. E.  x.otai> oaAaa-E iojjob  LlT   PLEASANT  L.-7; .  L.  NO  1842  Meets  the 1st and  3rd Thursday of  lh month at 8 p.m. in the K. of P. Hall.  rv^?ting brethren cordially welcome.  J. Birmingham, W.M., 477 7th Ave.  ;M. Howes, Sec,   393   10th   Ave.  it-  TREE PRUNING  iijt shade and orr iraental by  %*&������ kpb?: '&fflf.$M': ���������: .���������:���������**���������:  J50 Seventh ave. East  CREAM.  .Large Can of Oream; regular  2 for 25c; 3 Cans tSe  This is a good, rich cream.  Every  can guaranteed.  FRUIT.  Extra Choice Table Apples, 4  lbs. ...\ :-. J������e  Good Cooking Apples, 6 lbs 25c  Apples, per box    $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50  Oranges, extra large navel, 2  dozen for    S5e  Extra Choice, per dozen 25c  New Dates. 3 lbs 25c  New Prunes, 3 lbs 2$c  CANNED FRUIT.  Pineapple*, 3 cans  25c  Peaches,   large   cans;   regular  35c. size 20c  Pears, large cans 25c  Apricots, large cans 25c  HAMS.  Extra    choice    Sugar    Cured  Hams, in whole and halts, per  Picnic Hams, per lb. 18c  Bacon, Bweet and streaky, per  lb.  ���������,..������c  Back Bacon, per lb 23c  EGOS.  New aid EgLgs. per down 35c  Finest Selected, per dozen 30c  Good Fresh Eggs, per dote* 25c  LAftD.  3-lb. Pails Lard 45c  5-lb. Pails Lard    75c  1-lb. Pkt. Swift's Pure Lard 20c  PICKLES AND SAUCES.  Blue Label Catsup, per bottle.. .25c  E. D. Smith's Catsup, per. bottle.25c  Rowatt's Pickles, 2 bottles 25c  Victoria   Ctobs    Pickles,    per  bottle   25c  OUR.  Robin Hood Flour, per sack...$1.80  Five Roses Flour, per sack.-.$1.75  Royal Household, per sack $1.75  Our Best Flour, per sack $1.60  BREAKFAST FOODS.  Carnation Wheat Flakes, large  size, per pkt : 35c  Malta Vita, 2 pkts 25c i  Post Toasties, per pkt. 10c *  Puffed Wheat, 2 pkts 25c ]  Puffed Rice, 2 pkts 25c ���������  Corn Flakes, per pkt 25c I  Cream of Wheat, per pkt it)c )  TEA. 'j!    I  If ��������� you want that tea paiirty.;of ;���������  yours to be a success, then be stjrre |  you include In your next ordeK a I  1-lb. packet of Young & Thompson's ���������  famous Old Country Blend. ;���������' \  This is realy a choice' tea, ','���������. i  per lb. ........................ 50c.i  We save you money on ev6ty-1  thing you buy. !;,'    }  Mother: "Johnie, why are you beating little sister? Surely she has not  been ^unkind to you?" , o;i  Johnnie: "No, Manma, but she ia so  fearfully good  I simply can't .standi  her." J>ru, nu      [oi A     <  Aiii   r<[   Jjul  AN AVERTED TRA^ED^.^^  r  He loved the maiden���������how ardently  none knew but himself and the landlady's cat At last came1 !htir( opportunity. They were alone ":to������etti*rY  Timidly he seated himself;iohtltlte'/Jsofa1  by her side, and still morfe timely'he  stretched forth his arm aiidHrfokKer  lily-white hand in hia.      ���������  -A  ���������'* *V  "Clotilda," he breathed, ,rt<fov������fir<Su{!  May I call you Clotty?"    ' 'notiioiuwi  "Herbert Hinks," she ssAdl'^rel^^  my hand!" ,i->)u������hp oil'i  "Answer me first," he rethkhdbd^th^'  words hissing through his1 gbid-'ftllga'  teeth. ' .,jJ<M ������'rfr>fl  "Let go my hand!" the^tfiaiflfeh ^b-1  p������ated. ''^    oK'iolo'  , "No, cruel girl," he mvttiMSSl ���������,Yftttr'  beauty has made me deflpertfteY'1'}  will have an answer!    Why shohlir3!  release your hand?"  "Because," she replied, "m'yl������air<,lB  coming down and I wish to 'lax <fc"!"-r'  Cash   Grocers   and  Provision Merchants  Cor. 2bl 8 Mniri  ���������mm  *^wy^?.j..'..'.j;.'^?r,?Ti!r?|rr?rT7r!,r^%  ������������������������'��������� : -1 ���������< f--i-t-s-%~,������������������'.' s-s-i-i- ... ������"t-s-������'j  1-1-  PHONEYW32I  The young husband who nafl le^n  an only son at home, pettoj and in  dulged beyond every point of reason,  began to show signs of petty royalty  soon after his iqatri^gg., .Mos^of^h^s  triends were v men .Mp/'^gr^'t , j^ealtft  who lived extremely welj,, and .associa|-  tion with them^in/tde (hiEa t som^wha^  hard to please in the matter of cooking. Scarcely a meal at his home  table pas8edn without' j criticism/ from  him.    ro    -j ff[    fiuOj''  ' *]i)i-;'  ���������.)  "What Is'thiSi.meant.for?" he would  ask after' tastingf anDentree-thatihis  bride < had. Tacked > her /brains to, prepare.  What on earth is this?" he would  sayWhtfri dessloVt came' ok-'' >'' >   '''l'  'Tb this -BUppo^ed' to 'be salad?" he  would^htftire1 sa^castKrilly irhen'the1  lett^wafc^e^ail ������������ r'l) l ���������"^���������I '��������� noil  j tae merry-hearied1 little wife stood  Jt as long as she-could, and finally  The. next,revening   she 'wore   ner  'mm*  , .The, soup-tureen was. brought . 1ft.  fled io one handle was,a,decorated  sard, and on tha't card "was written  n a big round handr  i^hiSfjipj^oUjPrt'liw/o inodiwrlT ������0  JR������as.ti t^ef, fojlpw^d jtftJMfrPllftcar/j1!  iAnftuacem$nt: n vu fmnir,!un < 0 ir si io  Y^TAlSiis^rp^stifbee^'o^ ���������,<3 ;ri UlA,  t olihPLWflatpes^Meren^eliedj ir*5^.  gfRF/y-dish sira*,piacajr|(Bd?/ Tfhr 9#Y?J<  bow ai card^iiwa^dbypjlivss.'jj/^e^l;.  ad-bowl carried a tag marked "Salad",  and when the ice-pudding came in a  6ard announced "This is really iced-  pUadm'fc.'SrioO P'J/ru-iO .0 .It in ->oirl  , The wiW= Ulked< Of a ttouaand d^  ferelnti'tJiiiigB alU'tirough )th������ AMab  atid^netov dpi* .-fMerredbbyci word ror  jarnfol ..[ k ^^ to theillabeIled^lBhfeaiI> Nejthet  :���������:���������  '"$ ft bh 20th Ave. f  j i      Near Fraser Avenue ,!, |:  1 Only $1050; Quarter Cash |:  g: j'f'J ; ^ '-      . -        *" '    1:  Beautiful   5   Room   Modern j  Bungaldw  ' |:  J.:.   1  HE COULD  NOT  RfiSflCT.  A young'Japanese, with the tnatUnval  love ot cleanliness, came,(!tQoLondoO/  to study.   As he was anstranger, in  the city he had to seleqtohiB^owiiilodgi-i  ings.  His- first choice was  hall especially waa  the newcomer dido  elded to say nothing tfc������*.   .-ufuoic;//  'One rainy,dayuthe(maidservant put,  up this notice:? orM  lo iinbi^iq ,i,a  "Please (Wipej yo.������F) t**t."uu<)iii  Seizing his} opportunity.; the., tJaPftPr  e������e student wyotp fundecneath;t[ ,-.j ., j  "Qnjgpingiout.j'j ui,/- ���������>!),!  A NEWc IDiEA, 0F( EPQNPWV^)  "Tomm^," said^The1 :<ond'r ibofttefc  4'ian't it rather an ex'tMvhganifeltlo l&X!  both butter and" jam on your bread  at the'dame5 titiM/?"'^-  '������>'t**t  oilT  "Nd,'' rntf'iAi,' it'B1 eeo^my.-'WT'btoiby  answered.' "tkie ')&neJpife������eJ tof'bfread'  does for both."    ' ���������'->'���������'l  'X������ WA"(fent^ Vim1 stbr^iii"^  ! want ,   ji'^i^s'ir^mk^hoW^  i-|s:-i?# ^p''f;n'i."-lf(ini Off J ������'((;);yi ban jiojol  Oi hit Bim,. -  .  jWWQP&lf   0-fOii.Y'jrinf."  your io ���������������;[,{ -up r.l ir.jl'\.\  alike;!',:,  hen nor thereafter did Bhe say a word  bout them, and never since that even-  ng has th^-tea^ttiotfs^Msttand ven-  :\w*b> lb jinquirfe [ themame .^anything  beftorelhimL :\W, ���������r.(jyii'.iiti.i iIjuM) i^)I  I ,/i.oA    n���������lUiv  fiii-t  B'jj.ioaiu{  ,.' 101  I So+r^)^XWi^^frVttA!*,E'Fl:10;  1 '3j~3 uiu io j (Oi) [.;���������/"{ ,f;03i):;ll oaoyj;  ha "ilnifoif^ yo   iioi)< Jfifl-=oi((. --Aiiilone;  in a certain towp where two brotn-  ers^are engaged In a nourishing re-         "  *menu  '  il^r  uiuer ui  we mui  was uiutbiwu.  ,   For weeks after his conversion, the  brother wio had lately *got religion,"  (irinTi:   Allot/ Tool" ; Yr,fni,j-{ /u J- >ir  jid  On 14tA.AYW9Q  7'V)   .'jlVv    i ''i{{  Price #^50; ^700 Casfe  ; Wi Amrunaed:  i I'Y'Y Y7    i. t    1       <[ I l,{ I������> j u / v '��������� -i J . *J  U\  t i -  YYYo'i  i:f< i  i.^ i  ���������i.)  YOU  Speculative Proposition  ���������^Ti;i������ts partly:clearea;j^xl20,: lafte; ,Y|  i'j������'goodlocation!nearaVictx>ria'. ?.;:;/,��������� ���������  r $i^Eb^pi.t^(m^       I  >'>*?jrV-' -������-- R-*Hff������(  BaZ; 6-1S-18 montTts:  ?tffh  *...  elder  effort,   he  asked:     "Why  can't Vott,  Richard, join the church as Idid?".^  j   "It's alright for you to be a member  of the church," replied Richard, "but  if  I join  who's going  to  weigh  the  'coal?"   )i(   7-jUoff.c   (\Y.     Y(^:;f .Vclli  ���������'Tfi;������������������> o) vtttttj���������mrfTrrrrTT .f;oi;;rji.- ;mu  cl8(j-.'������ WWENi.VQU/RE JBM^- oiij -)m.o  -'laif:; ;.���������;'!. .vjlflf:."���������;���������;���������/ 50 ):-!0(f o/fJ Oi ;).!/  :h'fHinnessy;" 0said.. M:r������ ,-Roflley^("this.;  is;great talkin' about: P^ristian S^eence,  hey?f':o ;f.; Iv.n cvu jrwifi \i(';'Yfov,'7;i-  .o-ioYes,r:>.!.said-,xWrv'ffi[?PP^ey,j 'jand^  wha,t do ;ypu[thiiik abput;i!t7'y ^..:i,[-v,-.  r-j,y Wellj'li said ;Jlr. (pp,oley>0 "I;r>jhink;  that-if ;;the; Chrjstian, Scientists;had,^.  little more: science and ,the; doctors ;had|  at little more iChristianity/, itr,wouldn;t  make;anydiffeTence,:whicii ^yo^ .called  in���������if^ yo.u'had.a.gppdjnurpje.";    ;-  :    ,;  V0tJ.;-:0     Y:  ���������    j:'-.. ;..;-.  ;.-;'    :TT:\:^   ���������; .    v:'7  ������(_;,���������,���������/ .i? uH!:GH;FI.NANpEi ;,;;,....,.,, -.,  - The ..Uttle f day ghter,; of a; ^lergjpaan  stubbed;her: toeiand;^id. "Darn.".: ,,h  ,'iTllf give you: ten, cents,',', s^ld he?;  father., "layout never.:.8ay(;.that,;[wprd  again;";   'iiy   i).-;.l     ;ii;   r,-.{.-;   .ii; ,'   .^.-.g!i  A-few days afterward^jah^ic^nie,^  to.bimCand said: 7     -i    Y~v '���������  "Papa, I've got a word worth half a  d������^n^..77;77;';Y.Y/'-.-Y.\-Y>^-yy'y-  CASTING  BREAD UF������ON tHE '  WATER.  . , ���������;',   '/'v  She was leaning,on the rail,      ^ ,  And she was lpd|ih|^d^atMy pa^eji,  Was she looking for a whale?  Notataljip^tfjf   wun-ff  She was Papa s' only' danghtery -'���������  Casting bread upon the water,  lulnjat-wayi/fihet hadnft .oughijer*)   n (  IO   .'P^^M-Z-fM-    )���������������������.!    .'/../,    ,O���������J..J0  i Ii     '3'-.0(     )'[   0Jo5'J'(     \'i    III    ^( <������11il>/  ).(i?ifi>f> Hi .OBSERVATION. ������(i;huiJiI)  J Y.if j/').f.rt( jj ovml j/o/  ti   -.biulit ii/o/  _Small Elmer had just come in from  the backyard where\the opokiwas re  moving'toV'taaififert^ro^'^icken.  "Where is Jane, Elmer?" asked his  grhnfillWlKSr.V/.AP.ASU'l  ..'IM -.%���������������   ..>  .7'.'Sli'd:*;tbut. behind thi? iah������d. UUsJdK?!  a hen," answered the little fellow.  f.'YA^3it;/*>if^EAR^  The philanthropic lady was visiting  lower East Side school.   To test the'..  woman's best luuju-..,-  There's a'vast difference between  thrift and avarice, t'  Let others'fret and worry, if'thdy  will,! keep ..ytour jjois^, youri serenity.  Do njot imitate^oljowi pretend 'or pose.  Be ifearless, self-reliant, independent.  Be yourself. r / /������', /      , -. s  r      ��������� >  . i-J i      \> J  will  eve������:|iiiv������������s)s*in������ay'<**^antageB as a  man enjoys?" asked the bachelor reporter.  a "I do not,'.', replied the firm-mouthed  president of the suffrage club.   "A *ho-  <\ ���������'r ^������-.    , ���������    ���������      ���������   ^   / i  man njust always lack man's( greatest  advantage; a woman can never hajve  a,w������tfe.|'-^(Tfjrvan8.  hi n -. Six '-i'l'ftif.;.;,; >,;i;   ^\ \fo[ ..   '.���������/.. >  >   V      \\  w virtue8a|(fi}-r;i'H]^ -^W  1  |;-No one a^s^feile'dj*1-'^!   -V-vV       j  i������g.,.y[^e41 'wkfj$--\}'Hi in^ iiwa)!iure:i  come and talk with you for yourj  td  WWif?0^"^yj^.o.o \\w>. r, '������)>}��������� :j  U-i-ll  -Mi J  yvr^fTlFiED;....y:.A      ;i  Small .Jjbhriby j Cat ter :the slipper ex-;  eifcise)���������"I'm glad I ain't a girl. ���������  Mamma���������"Why?" ' 1  S^allf Johrajy-TT) Gai^s^ i;d- befasham-;  ed to grpw.up,,,a jv-pman and pun-;  isknttle'boWitkjeme." ' '   'y:} '���������  INTUITION.  yff;y/ lun'f \\\'< -m? j-;.  [{Mother���������"Dou you think that young  man has matrimonial intentions, my  d^ar?" ��������� j .,,>���������]  .'' Y I  : jDaughter���������"I certainly do, mamma.-  He tried, pa Ksonvince, m^ lasi night  Slat I^fioW'pi-e&ier5 tt"- that -two-  fiSgaSOKSSBESitf--^ threei-gtn-nei:  :*>     1  'T  ^ !  J  t  .tiY--  ,/  r  t  ���������������������!i^fe������*t^^^USt^ --lltii^  -My:}  v)  \  i   i*'  one.  Jhe TermiiiaK City Press; btd. ]  "HKHHH8**H*-frfr������   1 II II l;l It II11 ft I 111 ? i f 1111������  ^Y7;.7y^j 6  THE WESTERN CALL  "'.  <-*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������:������������������:���������  ������������������:���������*****:��������� ������j~:������x-X"X~X"X-  IMM  ������������������X-'X-X-X*'  3  ���������  ���������  f  ���������  t  aVJ?        Mmmm^Ai  That i? a very, very important part of the drug ^  store service, and a part, that mears a great deal to ^  the p"vchaser or perhaps the doctor's patient. \  A  You Can Depend        . |  on gr' '.ing immediate delivery from this store, com- *  bined with courteous, careful attention by capable ?  . t  men. r  | lOlOT PLEASANT PHARMACY f  |   THE OBLIGING' DRUG STORE      F.  A.  WILSON,  Prop.   &  *** ' ���������''   ' ��������� *   ���������' rv s f a  r^iP Main Street  i Sub P. 0. 8 Two Phones:   790 and 7721 }  ���������<!.x^x..:~:-.x**x-*x**x-������!**x**x**X"X**x* ���������:~X"X������'X~:~x~:-x~:~X"X*������x**x~h*  I  "Mr. Pedagog is an old-time teachen ; Fifty thousand dollars worth of con-  He believes in the red to brighten up fiscated opium was burned at Ottawa  dull boys." '.  "Well, Isn't that the natural way to     Four separate expeditions are rac  make them smart?" 'ing for the South Pole.  Semi-Ready Style Book  Sent Free to you.  A book $j\\ oi style information -with 39-  fashion piste i showing the authoritative styles  and many frb ms patterns for the spring awl  summer of 1911.  It's a representation of ^ the correct  designs for wear in town and city ���������not  an. extreme nor an extravagant note in the  whole line of models.  Tais book shows the oemi-ready Suits, Overcoats, Fancy Vests and dre?s for business and  society affairs. S iitings that vary in value 'rom  $15 to $35. - ,  f  - The quality of Semi-ready tailoring and the  other reasons for its rapid adoption by men who  make a study of good dress can be gleaned from  the style book.  A copy is yours for the simple request.  Semi-ready Tailoring  &  519 Granville St.  \  Mr. H. H.  Stevens wasrunder /the  doctor's care for a few days this week.  Born���������A girl was born to Mr. and ^���������^���������>^.>.t.>x-^^^^^M^^x*<**X4'4^ /^>^>������H^Ht^Hi4^^,,H"H?M'"'t'4''l''M',l,<i  M'ra. H.  H. Stevens, on  Wednesday,  April 12th.   '..'  E. O. Grant is selling out his men's  a,nd boys' clothing business, 2648 Main  street.   Sale opens Saturday, the 15th.  Mrs. A. J. Clare, 26 Broadway west,  will not receive Wednesday nor again  until further notice.  The Fisher Drug Store is- giving, to  customers on Saturday a nice box of  Chocolates. See their add. Their  store is corner of Broadway and Scott.  Mr. Wm. Cruickshank of the "Call"  staff secured second prize on his  "Prince of Roaney" collie..* This pup  js showing considerable class and we  hope to see him get first next year.  ���������" The Central Park Agricultural Association and Farmers' Institute are  making complete arrangement for  their show. For all particulars address  Mr.  Harmer,, Central Park.  The young men's class of the Y. M.  C. A. will journey to New Westminster  on Friday, April 28th, to put on an exhibition in gymnasium work at Columbia College. The exhibition will  be similar to the one held recently at  the local T. M. C. A.  On Thursday evening, April 27th  the members of Mt Pleasant Presbyterian Gymnasium will demonstrate  skill in gym work. Instructor Lew-  endon has been working hard preparing his various classes fdf "this  event and a good exhibition is expected.  Fre** at E. O. Grant's Gong Out of  Business Sale at 2648 Main street,  to the first two ladies entering the  store on Saturday, the 15th inst., suit  of boy's.clothes worth $5.00.  KINDLY TOKEN.  The claiss of the Mt Pleasant Metho-  dtsi church taught by Mr. H; H. 'Stevens, presented him with a heavy  gold ring in token of their esteem. Mr.  Eugene Hudson, president of the class  made the presentation on behalf of  the class and Mr. Stevens replied expressing his surprise and appreciation. In this day of hurry and frivolity It is unusual to see such a class  as this composed of young men, in age  from 18 to 25 years, taking such an interest in Sunday School work, and in  their teacher. These little incidents  become a man's landmarks in passing  years.  You Are  Going  To Look  Miss. Florence M. Delamater���������Lessons in China and Water Color Painting, China Decorated to order. "The  Algonquin" Apartments,, Suite, 3, Vancouver, B.C.  A. Ross of 146 Broadway E. has  bought the business of Ross & Thompson and put in a large attractive stock  of modern wallpaper. His enterprise  deserves the large patronage he is  now getting, both jn the sale and  hanging of his goods. He is prepared  to do kalsomining, painting and glazing as well as paperhanging as good  and cheap as the best.  ABSOLUTE CLEANLINESS, PURITY  DAINTINESS and tlBERALITY  are the conspicuous features at our  At the regular weekly meeting of  the Y. P. S. C. E. of Mt. Pleasant  Presbyterian Church held last Monday, a very interesting talk was given  by Mr. Piper on "Painting the Provinces White." Messrs: O. Boult, Watson and Swan also spoke instructively. A solo by Miss E. McKee and a  duet by the Misses Johnson, added  greatly to the evening's entertainment.  The Kitsilano Methodist Church  Choir augumented .to. 50 voices and  assisted by an orchestra of 12 pieces  gave-- the sacred cantata "The Holy  City" by Gaul on Tuesday, the llth.  Mrs. F. L. Green .the choir leader,  who has the credit for instructing the  augumented choir deserves high credit for the finished quality displayed.  The quartet, trio, duets and solos were  all on a par���������good. * Special mention  should be made of Miss Gladys Carman's solo, which we considered the  best rendered of the evening. The  soloists taking part were: Miss  Gladys Carman, Soprano, Mrs. Harry  Renfree, Soprano, Mrs. G. B. Kerfoot,  contralto, Mr. A. E. Galpin, Tenor, Dr.  A. L. Johnson, Baritone.  Accompanists: Miss L. Robertson,  Pianist, Mr. R. W. Chadney, organist.  80UTH VANCOUVER.  Ward III.���������The ratepayers' of South  Vancouver have decided to hold a public debate on Thursday, April 27th,  1911, at tbe South Hill school at 7:30,  Mr. McArthur in the chair,- to - talk  over the important subject as to  whether annexation at - the present  time is' desirable or not for South  Vancouver. The Rer. Merton Smith  will speak in its favor,' but Mr. Hpd#  son, president of tbe board of trade,  intends. to take the opposing side.  Many interesting speeches are expected to be heard, and it is to be hoped  there will be a full attendance.  .' Tbe Orange Lodge is meeting in  South Hill. Mr. Thomas Houston is  worshipful master.  The Ladies' .Aid had a successful  sale of work on Friday, April' 7tb, at  the residence of the Rev. and Mrs.  Pye.  ^  We know how to prepare,?.. glass of Soda that will, satisfy.  In Fancy Drinks we?ve;aH-the favorites and some new ohes ������  that can't b.e'foiind at any other fountain. ^  -J  Best of all, our b'odar Syrups and Ice Cream are all kept as, jp  cold as plenty of ice can keep them.     ���������. ���������f  %   -   ' ' "    J  Drop in and we'lfjjerve you a drink that will make you 4  . want to come often. '  E. R. GORDON, Family Druggist  Phones 4667, 9309 Main St., near 16th  THE HILLCREST. POSTOFFICE  lg.|..t..l..|..l..t..|iiX^-X*^-I"TF-l*-;"^^"l"l"l"X' ****\ty\****\*\**A***X***+**\  I don't believe in this medicine,"  mumbled the oldest Inhabitant "If I  take it I know I shall be wuss,. and  if I don't take it my old woman, will  nag, at. me till she makes me wuss.  So, as I've got to be wuss any,way, I  suppose I'll take It"  WAN'S BAKERY  ANDV CONFECTIONERY  . Id*' Cream and Soft Drinks  I. COUSINS,������"������" 655 BmHway,  ,-|. 4. ,|. .f. .f.^. ,|. ,|. ,|..{..;..;. .x< ���������;��������� ���������;��������� ���������;��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!������ ���������;��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������!��������� ���������������M'*l'4''H''H,������4'^>������4,,l'iI'iii'l"t,'t"I"I"l"l"!  ���������g.  .������,  ' "I  MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS  MEW EASTER MILLINERY  %  Trimmed and Ready-to-Wear. Special foe Saturday at $3.75 $  cTWISS CURLE *  i  2636 MAIN STREET ,        VANCOUVER, B. C.  *.ti.iMt.iiili.ii������|li&.X"i"t"i"i"t"i"i"i"S"X������������������4wi. ���������H"i":������:'ii������i'it'<"t"i"t"i"i"t"i"i"i"K"i"i"t"t"i"i  'I.  Your Best  In that new Easter Suit, and, of  course, you must bare a photo of  yourself in it before it loses its  charming freshness. It will delight  your friends if you hare it made by  Wolford  ���������t the  MT.  PLEASANT  STUMf et  BROADWAY tt tbe career ���������( MAIN ST.  PHONE urn  _The Wqmen|s^Chrlstlan Temperance  Council is meeting and doing some  good work. Mrs. Robinson makes an  able secretary and we wish her great  success in her arduous undertaking.  In consequence of tbe teachers' convention being held at Victoria next  week directly after Easter, the children's vacation is to be prolonged for  ten days.  a^j^j^������;^^;-^m^.j^j^;^^^h***^^^*^<^~X*  ������������  4  ������  <  ������  "7S  e. interior ef the moat beautiful home* end  ether buildings are decorated with AUbastine. _  Alabaatine fives tone, elegance and bnlhancy  ������.... walls.) AlaWine is easily applied. Just use  cold water and a flat brush. Alabaatine colon era  permanent, and will not rub oil. It ia a cement, and  gradually becomes harder and harder with age. Aa  Alabaatine wall can be **<o*e& without  removing Aa old coat. Alabaatine walla  make a room lighter and more cheerful.  And no wall is ao eatoitary aa an- Alabastine wall. No disease germ or insect  can live or breed in Alabastine walla.  Come in and we will show you  many beautiful specimens of Alabastine beauty.  FREE STENCILS   >������  These   free    stencils    are    worth  from 50c to $ 1.00.   They enable you  to more beautifully' decorate youfe  ���������-^��������� home.   Call in and learn particulara.1  2337 WESTMINSTER AVE.  You Need  We Supply  ALRBASTINE  For a small cost you caii  add a considerable value  :o your house by using  the  celebrated  Alabastine  We have one-of the most  Complete Hardware  Stores in town  Let us fill your wants  j  TELEPHONE 447  . One of the great needs in South  Vancouver is an up-to-date laundry-  Will some enterprising people take  the hint? If they would combine  good work with moderate prices, and  fetch and return the things they woulJ  certainly run s successful business.  ������������  ��������� ���������  4  ,  ������  ������  "Just where we are put.  That is the place for us;  That is where God needs us most,  That is our place of trust."  -. Have we ever looked at our lives  like that? No matter how difficult  our, position, It is our place of trust.  There is nothing bo inspiriting as'being trusted. It makes us try to carry  out the wishes of tbe one.who trusts  us to the r best of our ability, because-  he selected us to-carry out some work  that he thought no one else could do  as well. If, then, we feel an earthly;  trust i?o important, how much more  serious is the trust God has given us  to work out for Him? A sentry on  duty at the time of war is responsible  for the safety of many lives. .It does  not sound a very "difficult order to tell  him. to watch. But if he falls asleep  or fails in that one point, the enemy  may stealthily approach and destroy  every one in his camp. So it is with  our lives. If we are not faithful to  the post God has placed us at, if we  do not watch diligently, some besetting sin may creep into our hearts  and not only destroy pur own happiness, but also tbe peace of all entrusted to our care.  '.T~-. :/...��������������������������� ���������������������������*���������.-J.  AND UJr"  A small cash payment of $125  will secure for you a splendid lot,  33 x 122 in a beautiful locality, fast  building up. " From this property  there is a magnificent view of the  Fraser river and the Gulf.  Lots are very easy to clear, are  high, dry and on good wide streets  [Lanes are 20 ft. wide.]  This is a rare opportunity, don't1 let  it slip. Every lot is worth more than  the price asked. Call at our office and  we will be glad to show you over this  splendid property.   Terms over 2 years.  2343 Main St. Phone 7192  Close to Eighth Avenus  ������"MHM"M"M"M"^^  ���������������������������*  iiiiiii   mini     i .--���������-������������������---        ��������� i ""I  ssrJsssrr-T*?1^.-"  ^i^lfcali^HJiifllH  -~y


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