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 7 <u  /  %  %  K '  X  X  5-   -"-  r7.^%  i      ARE YOU ON OUR UsT?  NO ! WHY ?  Vancouver City, Mount Pleasant, South Vancouver and The Province  SUBSCRIPTION 11 A YEAI  IN ADVANCE  ������EC 19 19,0  VOLUME II  H. H. Stevens, Editor.  VANCOU VKK, British Columbia, DcO;  io,   Wiu.  COM. JAS. FINDLAY  Has announced to "The Call"  that he will again be m the  field as candidate for re-election as License Commissioner.  Who is Responsible  HONOUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE; AND BLAME IN LIKE  MANNER. ��������� ;"      7^7 .''  No topic has furnished material this year for so much talk as  ���������our Vancouver streets. The citizens, as well as many of the officials  and elected representatives, have been fault-finding. And in many  cases the grumbling has been justly based. But are there no other  sides to this question?   If so, let us have a look at them.  First. Much of the condemnation is either extreme or unjust  on the part of citizens and officials. For instance', there is more  work under way tliis year. 1910. than at any previous period. Hence  there were never so many of our streets torn up as has of late been  the case. Now, would we as ratepayers have been willing to see it  different, speaking broadly, and allowing for some exceptions? My  answer is: We would not have been willing to wait. Each group  of owners and residents w������re determined t ohave no delay, and insisted on their own particular streets being torn up. for improvements. Hence, I say that the fault comes primarily upon the impa?  tient citizens, if there be any fault in this regard.  Again, much'of the trouble of this year comes over from last  year, and in turn last year had .its load, in part, saddled upon it  from the year ahead.   And so it goes.  Again,  fault,  laid upon the  engineer,  frequently, should  go  .straight to some of the aldermen.   And all men of aldermanic cx-  /perience know this to be true.   They, by vote, order certain work to  be done in a certain way.   For a quarter of a century this has been  one of the difficulties the engineers have had to contend against.  The talk of mayoral platforms is somewhat amusing, from year  to year. The re-arrangement of the entire engineering department  was, I believe, first put forth, as a part of my platform, over two  years ago. This is of little account whether I or some other person  was the first promoter of the scheme.. My plan was to have oue  authoritative, overseeing, and consulting engineer. Then under him  there should be a head of each of the three departments: Water,  streets, and all pipe-lines within the City.  Doubtless such a man could be had. and tlier^ with a wise distribution of duties among two or three heads of departments under  [\him, efficiency should be brought up to a maximum. I believe no  man on earth is big enough to do all the work crowded upon our  present engineer. With fair play, and within reasonable bounds, I  believe our present engineer could serve the city successfully.  Lastly: We should have a Street Inspector to render assistance,  and relieve the head of.the department. At one time we had a good  man in Mr. Wylie,.who was alive and always at his work. In every  part of the eity he was seen late and early. I do not know at this  moment whether the city is paying for an inspector or not. At any  rate, I never see such an official looking over the streets, and have  imtnWWy"m������h w^  I believe that an ex-alderman was at one time appointed to this  office. He may^still be drawing pay.. If so, I would be glad to know  ���������that he is earning his money. So far as I have learned, and I have  asked many times, he has not been very busy at the job this year in  this part of the city. I have not seen him on Grandview once, since  his appointment. If he be not now in the employ of the city I  hereby beg his pardon. .  I am sure there are from 500 to 1,000 humps and holes in our  streets, as the result of men putting in sewers, gas and water.   Good  [\ streets, as soon as made, are systematically and persistently torn up  by pipemen of some department.   Then they pass away to another  f,spot and destroy a similar portion, and so continue.   The humps and  hollows remain, and the street inspector appears not, so far as I  can learn, to immediately put such spots into a proper state of repair.  '.Then each citizen, who is inconvenienced by these holes and humps,  proceeds to curse the engineer.    Why has the Street Inspector no  responsibility and authority to attend to these matters?   If he has,  he does not overtake his work, even if he touch it in a slight degree.  Either have him with definite duty, or discharge him. As a  matter of fact, these numerous small spots, above referred to, could  be well handled by the ward foremen; and if they had standing  orders to attend to these holes and humps, then the citizens would  know how to place their hands on the responsible parties. Responsibility, definite duty and quick action are required. Surely the  Board of Works could, at one sitting, put this simple but perplexing  matter in train. Top much responsibility is placed on the engineer,  [and not enough upon the inspector and ward foremen. -  E. ODLUM.  December 15th, 1910. '  The Public Support Us  Highly Commend Attitude of the "Call.''  , "Uello. is that the 'Call'* Well, I want to tell you how much I  Appreciate your efforts to rouse public interest in the License Commission.  You're doing good work; and it was badly needed."  The foregoing was a phone message from one of Vancouver's best  citizens, and we are receiving daily scores of similar comments. The  public are with us in this effort rto rid the License Commission of an  element which is anything hut right. Com. Edgett has been growing fat  in the office, and is now trembling in his shoes because his record is being  exposed and seeks to stop the bombardment by specious statements to the  effect that he "intends to retire this year." So he wil 17 after election day;  that is, he will be elected to stay at home. The public is thoroughly dis-.  gusted with his actions and will insist ori. a change. s  The history of the granting of the license to the Van Decar Hotel  's interesting, and instructive as well. It illustrates what a man can do  under given circumstances, but our chief interest in it is because of Com.  Edgett's connection, and we purpose asking publicly for an explanation.  Last December Mayor Douglas gaVe a permit to the Van Decar, although  it had been agreed that no permits should be given.. There was some  interesting shuffling, however, in this case, in which Com. Edgett figured  prominently.     ���������  At a meeting early in January the formal application came up. The  mayor was absent and Com. Edgett was appointed to the chair. Com.  Crehan moved, and Com'. Findley seconded that the application bjc refused,  on the ground that the applicant was not a proper person to have a license,  and on this motion it was refused.  At the next meeting this'resolutioni wasmissing from the minutes,  and Com. Findley questioned their accuracy and asked that it be left over,  until the return of Com. Crehan, who was away. This was done. At the  next meeting Com. Crehan was present and questioned the minutes and  pointed out that the motion refusing the license to the Van Decar had  not been entered in the minutes, but in its place a clause "that it lay over."  He asked Inspector Robinson, the secretary, why this was done. Inspector  Robinson replied that "it was put in the minutes as directed by the chairman. Com. Edgett." After considerable difficulty the minutes were corrected.  The application was then brought up again and strongly championed  by Com. Edgett, but on the objection of Com. Crehan, supported by the  solicitor, that it was out of order, as it was necessary to advertise again,  it was laid over, but again introduced and finally granted, largely as a  result of Com. Edgett's activity. ���������  We ask Com. Edgett: Did you instruct Inspector Robinson to change  the minutes as stated by him; suppressing the motion refusing the application of the Van Decar, which you so strongly supported?  If so, what was the influence which induced you to so flagrantly violate the rules qf procedure and your public trust?" ���������       v  Does the Van Decar buy its suplies from you?  Did you not, as a member of the License Board last year, agree not  to authorize permits? ' ' ' ' ������������������'     -----������  Then why did jou write to Major Douglas urging that a permit be  granted the Van Decar in December of last year?  Com. Edgett dare not answer the questions which have been asked him-  through the Western "Call in its last Uve issues, and if he feels that we  are unfair or unjust in our questions and criticisms, we challenge him to  a full and open investigation of the whole matter.  The-majority of the license holders of this city are desirous of keeping  the law and would welcome a perfectly free commission. They would  prefer to purchase their supplies in the open market, without fear of  prejudicing a member of the Board. It certainly would be in the city's  interest that it should be so.  . We urge every voter to actively oppose, all candidates who use the  influence of office as a business asset, and to see that Com. Edgett is relegated to the class7of "and he also ran." / -  CONDENSED NEWS  -VANCOUVER���������The inquest on tlie  body of "George^EdwaftV Black; the- unfortunate victim of the .supposed poisoned supper given in his rooms at 892  Granville street on Saturday night, was  commenced Monday at the undertaking  parlors of Messrs. Armstrong & Edwards. Medical evidence shows that  further investigation will be needed before occurrence  is  explained.,  SPRINGFIELD. Mo., Dec. 12.���������While  forty-three children, inmates of the  Children's Home here, were saying their  prayers just before retiring tonight, fire  broke out. in .the building. Ralph  Barnes, seven years old, was burned to  death. ������  VALDEZ, Alaska.���������Steamer Olympla  Is driven on reef at Blight Island, and  With great hole in bull may be a total  loss. All passengers are rescued from  danger.  WINNIPEG, Dec. VI.���������Leading engine  drivers on the railways running out of  Winnipeg are preparing for a strike.  LOCAL OPTION DEFEATED.  Both Prince Rupert and Chilliwack have turned down the  [appeal made through the Scott Act.  This does not in.any sense show the true opinion of the people  lin these districts. Many Conservatives who are strong local option-  lists firmly believe that it is the intention of the Provincial Govern-  wnent to give a local option law and prefer to wait until such time  Ibefore supporting the movement, and further, they look on any  lattempt to force the Dominion statute as a distinct reflection on the  Provincial Government and tantamount to "a vote of want of con-  Ifidenee.  It certainly was unwise to attempt to pass the Dominion law in  {such Conservative strongholds as Chilliwack and Prince Rupert.  I In Chilliwack the sentiment is overwhelmingly "dry," but for  [these reasons many did not vote at all, preferring to await the action  I of the Provincial Government. . _  .  The contest ;was not a true issue between "wets" and "dries,"  jbut rather one of loyalty or otherwise to the Provincial Government.  WINNIPEG, Dec. 12.���������The street railway arbitration board having decided  that the men cannot drink in bars in  uniform, the men are dissatisfied. A  mass meeting is called for Wednesday,  when, the <iuestion of a strike will be  discussed.  OTTAWA.���������Re tlie Georgian Bay  Canal, financial difficulties alone stand  in the way, decleres Sir Wilfrid Laurier  to   delegation.  MELBOURNE.���������There is a slump in  the new -goldfields in Australia caused  by discovery that the leading mine had  been  "salted."  ST. PETERSBURG.���������The flogging of  political prisoners in Siberia has roused  the opposition in Russian Duma, who  charge that government is disgracing  Russia.  SEATTLE. Dec. 12.���������"Your church  will be blown up and you with it If you  don't stop your abuse of Gill and Wap-  penstein."  This message was contained in an  anonymous letter received on Sunday  by Dr. Adna Wright Leonard, pastor  of the First Methodist Church, at his  residence, 1222 Fifteenth avenue north.  WASHINGTON, Dec. 12.���������The state  department today announced the successful termination of the long continued negotiations for an international  conference to suppress the opium traffic. With one exception, all the nations  addressed by the department have agreed  to the conference.  MELBOURNE.���������British naval expert  will recommend scheme to defend Australian coasts against Asiatic aggression.  TORONTO. Dec. 13.���������Toronto citizens  were plunged Into consternation this  morning by the announcement that the  water intake had been choked.  WINNIPEG. Dec. 13.���������Mayor Sanford  Evans today.,was re-elected Mayor for  a third terni" by fifteen hundred of a  majority. The polls did not close until  g o'clock, and counting the ballots was  slow -work.  .CHICAGO, Dec. 8.���������With indications  that the garment -workers'- strike" will  continue all winter, the situation of the  strikers and their families is daily becoming more desperate.' Five jthousarid  families are reported <as ne������r actual  starvation. ��������� .v..-.  ROME.���������King Manuel of Portugal is  declared to be without means since his  Hlght from the revolution.  VANCOUVER.���������Premier and ministers of B. C. cabinet visit Point Grey  with object, of locating university's exact site.  DUBLIN.���������Irish electors wavlay one  Nationalist leader and the police alone  save him from their fury.  NEW YORK. Deo. !������.���������Mr. George W.  Perkins announced today his retirement  from the firm of .). p. Morgan & Co., to  devote his time to extending the principles of profit-sharing and other plans  for avoiding the conflict between capital  and labor.  LONDON.���������ft Is- reported that Redmond will not force home rule measure,  but will support Liberals through Lords'  veto and not jeopardize situation by  rushing measure.  VANCOUVER.���������Mayor Taylor has  been Instructed hy Council to settle  Deadinan's Island case if possible without  further litigation.  NEW YORK.���������Mr. J. J. Hill declares  Canada and I'nited State" >>'fnertr> >..,.���������������  failed to improve opportunities awaiting  them.    Jim id looking ror Duaineo^.  OTTAWA.���������Hon. W. Pugsley, replying  to Vancouver and New Westminster deputation, promises government assistance.  It is'becoming more and more evident each May that the crisis  is by no means past in British polities. The parties find themselves  in practically the same position which they held one year ago. The  only possible hope for the Liberal-Labor coalition administration to  carry on the government lies in the granting to the Irish Nationalists  home rule. This may seem to be simple enough, but upon second  thought one will be convinced of the difficulties whieh will face the  administration when they undertake to pass the measure in the  House. ���������'   77';  "Home Rule" from a Nationalist standpoint and Home Rule  from the viewpoint of a half-hearted Liberal, are two entirely differ-  ent propositions, 'and.'wefeel(safe"to predict that the measure will  never; pass. The Nationalists^ purpose demanding the "pound of  flesh." They are in absVdute; control and know it full well. They  will never, accept anyhalf-measure. Nor'willthey tolerate any compromise.      .'*'.���������������������������:  On the other hand, many Liberals have been held faithful to the  party by plausible arguinents re:a modified form of Home Rule or ,  the ..'hope.;that the party could-be returned with a sufficient majority  to be independent ������>f the Nationalists.   Their hopes are now blasted *  asto the latter and the Nationalists will attend to the former.  ,,  7-\''The-'jJnionists.Conservative party on the other hand remain unbroken.   They have not forced a clear issue on "Empire Solidarity,"  but it is clear that such.is the real issue, and it is safe to say that  the present conditions in political circles in England will force the ,  Conservatives to make thi|������ issue, a feature inithe near future; nntil  htis is done, and not uutil-theri, there will be chaos and strife in the  political arena.  One weakness lies at the door of the Conservatives, and that-is,  some members of teh party believe that all new and progressive ideas .  should be shunned?by a true Conservative.   This is not only absurd, ''  but entirely foreign to the true Conservative spirit. * J  Conservatism does not mean freedom from change, but reason  and caution in change. ' All true Conservative welcome advanced  ideas and moderations of social and economic customs made neees- -���������'  sary by"modern developments,.but.he desires to have them realized  by "evolutionary" methods, rather than by "revolutionary" means.  Not because he is "slow," but because he desires permanency rather *  than experiment. ti >  The present political unrest in England is simply a "refiner's "'  fire," through which the.parties are being passed, and! they must >  ultimately find their true'position and thus work out the destiny of   \  the nation and of the Empire.  ���������^ r:::i-rr  ���������       . ..������*'.  BOUBAS8A.  The latest move of this eratic politician is to go to Paris and *  declare that it is the fond hope of the Nationalists of Quebec to k  establish a "New trance" on the bank of the St. Lawrence..v  >���������   ^  He and his followers have a declared policy of establishing the  dtiaL ^uthudtji^if Erauce���������aude.8pJlie,in Canada.^jQiiebee will,not and  is not their only goal, but the whole oir Canada. v  The French Canadian sympathies were with Louis Riel in his  rebellion of 1885, aud it was his execution which changed the support of Quebec from the Conservative party under MacDonald, to  the French-Canadian opposition leader, Sir .Wilfred Laurier, and to  him they will remain true as long as he will sacrifice other national  interests to those of the Vatican and the racial sentiment m Quebec.  But now that Sir Wilfred shows some indication of being an Imperialist, they threaten to leave him in his old age and to make this  fire-brand Bourassa their leader.'  Bourassa is one of the most dangerous types of men possible to  have in a national life. He is clever, able, and a well informed man,  .but with .his whole vision ..distorted by. a blind adheranee to a Jesuitical sentiment which makes him incapable of even respecting the  rights of-.thosc who differ from him', in this respect.  His fanatical zeal and utter devotion marks him a most undesirable person to be a leader. He ���������will go himself to almost any  extreme and will incite others to do the same.  7 French nationalism is too-bitter a pill for the Conservatives of  Canada to swallowand they may-as well cease- tobid for.Quebec and  seek to solidify the loyal portions of the country and prepare for a  contest in the political arena on a platform of British Imperial  Nationalism.  TOKV'O. Japan.���������Tokyo press contains j  warning from Japanese vice-admiral that;  United States' attitude prejudices peace, i  SCHOOL FOR BOY SCOUTS.���������Sir R. :  S. Baden-Powell, opening new workshops  at the Church Army Youths' Home at  Stonebrldge Park,. London, recently said  he proposed to follow tlieir lead, and  had made arrangements for the opening1  of a school for Boy Scouts, to put them  on the land, and, if necessary, send them  into our over-seas dominions.  OTTAWA.���������Closer trade with Australia is now before the House. A motion favoring reciprocity with Commonwealth w;ill come before the Dominion  House of Commons in the near future.  LONDON.���������Bourassa in Europe becomes prophet. Nationalist leader says  Eastern Canada will be French in fifteen years.  WA SHINGTON.���������Dec.   13. ��������� President  Taft's   inclination   to   appoint   Mr.   Wil-!  Ham  B.   Lewis,  a  negro  lawyer of Boston,   an   assistant   attorney   general,   is  meeting with much opposition. j  SEATTLE. Dec. 13.���������On their own admission that they came across the border from British Columbia, CheongKong  and Joe san, two Chinese arrested Saturday at Anacortes. were ordered deported by United States commissioner  agent late yesterday.  CIVIC ELECTIONS.  There is unusual interest being exhibited in municipal affairs,  as is evidenced by the large audiences which are attending the various meetings.  The large Oddfellows' Hall, Mount Pleasant, was filled to the  doors at Mayor Taylor's first appearance in that ward.  His worship spoke at length on the state of civic affairs, and  made reply to many of the charges whicii Mr. Morrison was making.  His worship explained the lamentable state of the engineer's  department by showing that he only had the support of a minority  of the Council, and hence was helpless, and urged his hearers to  elect only such aldermen as would pledge themselves to a re-organization of this department.  The mayor enumerated a large number of different planks which  he was supporting, and appealed to his hearers to support him if  they were satisfied that he hjul done his duty*  The mayor was followe^py Aid. Stevens, who received a warm  and enthusiastic reception, and in a forceful speech outlined his work  of the year. In reply to a number of questions he stated that he was  in favor of-"eight-hourday," "the Dunsmuir-Keefer street bridge,"  "government by commission," "no bench grading." "of a re-or-  eranixation of the engineer's department." and explained the different items at some length. lie also stated, as the prime mover in  the annexation movement, that considerable progress had been  made.  At the conclusion of his speech. Mr. Geo. Healy'.moved "that  the ratepayers of Ward V. as assembled in that hall, do heartily approve of the work and efforts of Aid. Stevens, and pledge him their  support during the coming election."  Thi.s resolution was earthed unanimously.  Mr. Geo. E. Williamson was the next speaker. He .first outlined  the work of the License Commission, of which be is a member, and  ;i report of which niiiv be found on another page. He also spoke  strongly on the question of the engineer, stating that he could not  understand how any sane man could support the engineer, and if  elected he would do his utmost to secure his rapid removal.  Com. Williamson made a good impression and will no doubt  make a good practical alderman.  He was followed by Wm. Davis, Esq., but as the hour was late  a number of his audienee began to leave, and while in the midst of  h;������ address a large portion of those remaining also went. Mr. Davis  attacked present and past councils, and stated had Ward V. elected  him in past years instead of rejecting him, the state of civic affairs  would be much better than they were.  On the whole, the meeting was a thorough success, and if the  interest is any indication of what the vote is to be, there should be  a good vote at the forthcoming elections.        ^   .���������,;._?*_ .        ; $m#vw&.&*&miz&&-i  ������s������^5wis^7Eis5<^^^  1  1  -I  i'  s  1  It  a  i  THE WESTERN CALL  r  ^^^^^V^^V^^V^^V^^W^^M^^V  Mount Pleasant Livery  NEW STABLES - - NEW EQUIPMENT  2545   HOWARD STRET     4     -     PHONE 845  HACKS, BROUGHAMS, SURREYS,  SINGLE AND DOUBLE DRIVERS.  > Night Orders promptly attended to.  GEMS OF WISDOM  >  Fedora Cafe  1821 MAIN STREET  MEAL TICKETS $4.50       MEALS 25c  SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY.    Meals at all hours.     White  Help employed.   Quick Service and Courteous Treatment.  Give us a call H. PETERSON, Prop.  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I hold in  truth, with bim who sings  To one clear harp in divers tones,  That  men  may   rise  on   stepping-  . ./stones   ���������'���������������������������"-  Of their dead selves to higher things.  TENNYSON. ,  All the work in this world is merely  taking advantage of energies already  there.  ���������   ���������.-���������' ���������������������������.,-. -.^vy "���������  DRUMMONP.  HOW DID YOU DIE.  Did you tackle that trouble taat came  your way  With a resolute heart and cheerful?  Or hide your face from the light of  day 7  With a craven soul or fearful ?  Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an  ounce,  Or a trouble is what you make it,  And it isn't the fact that you're hurt  that counts,  But only how did you take it?  You are beaten to earth?   Well, what's  that? .7  Come up with a smiling face.  It's nothing against you to fall down  flat.  But to lie there���������-that's disgrace.  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TAYLOR'S MAYORALTY:  Eight Hour Day enforced  False Creek Question brought to an issue  Exemption of improvements from  taxation  Removal of Isolation Hospital, and securing of Admiralty site  Annexation of D. W 301, and Hastings  Townsite assured  Enforcement of Liquor and other laws  relating to good government  Granting to city by legislature of right  to establish a municipal telephone  system  Reorganization of fiscal system with reference to sale of bonds; highest price  ever given thereby secured.  Reorganization of legal department.  Organization of Juvenile Court and Detention Home, (guaranteed  Construction of Second Narrows Bridge  Reconsideration of p.Jj. 264A Compensation claims.  THURSDAY, JAN. 5tb, KITSILANO at PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 2200 block, 4Jh Ave.  (<  (f  FAIRVIEW at FAIRVIEW HALL, cor. 7Hi anil Granville  near 6th  FRIDAY, JAN. 6th, E PLEASANT at ODDFELLOWS' HALL, Main St. <*%������������*>  MONDAY, JAN. 9th, GRANDVIEW at GRANDVIEW HALL, 1425 PARK DRIVE  MONDAY, JAN. 9, CEDAR COVE,    basement hi saints' church, Car. pmoim st. m victobia drive  TUESDAY, JAN. lOtii, FINAL RALLY at DOMINION HALL  PENDER STREET  over WORLD Office  Mayoralty and other candidates invited to attend and speak at all these meetings  Chair taken at all meetings at 8 p. m.  .r  ' >*-\'  i     1.  ���������  ������-���������������������������������������������-������^������^^��������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ��������� ��������� ,^������_������^. .... _^^_^.. ... ���������.-^-^^���������. ........................... ,...������...^... ���������������������������������������������������������������  i ������������������' i r i i i i t t i i i i i i i i i ii i i i m i i ti i i i i i i i i i i i " i i i " ��������� ���������  ....... .������������..n. ...... ......   .p- .������������������.......������������������...T.1.|[TT ii������i������ia������llli>i������������iiiiiiiiiiiiriii_ te^'&������)x^j&^,������^'i������^*'Z'*'^s^^*:*:L"r-:'i*'*z:'^***">  1  1  i  I  m  ���������'A  1  Sir,!  5v.il  LI  7f  i;  'I  p  tg.  |fe;V  ti  I; t  ll  ill  II  I- i  THE WESTERN CALL  CHRISTMAS GIFTS  Make Your Selection Now  We have a stock that will provide  useful and beautiful articles for every  member of the family, buch as:  Fancy China,   Books,   Fountain Pens  Music,   A Large Assortment of Toys.    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We therefore, urge our  readers to carefully study the question.  Direct  Legislation  as an  Educational  Influence.  The influence of Direct Legislation  Der vear as an educator can scarcely be over-  Birth,  Marriages and Deaths;estituated-   when 1)Ubli0 i8Sues are  r I submitted   to  the   people   the   people  study them and devote to public at-  ��������� talis   much   the   same   discrimination  ! which  they  exercise   in   the  conduct  iof  their  own  private  business.    The  "P>"lHT(~\~^r VP       R21 9(3 exl)erience derived in Switzerland and  i various states of the American Union  ).  KEELER'S NURSERY  For a fine assortment of  DUTCH BULBS  just imported from Holland  PRICES   REASONABLE  COR. 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All permanent progress, in any, country  or any sphere,/ must and can come  only through education.  The Meant of Education.  In this ��������� matter we-propose that the  provinces of Canada shall adopt the  same method of informing and educating the people as that practised in  the state of Oregon. An official pamphlet should be issued by the provincial secretary to every elector in the  province at least ninety days before  each election. This pamphlet should  contain an exact copy of the measure  or bill to be submitted to the people.  Parties wising to file.arguments for or  against any bill or.measure should be  entitled jto-, do' so: ��������� T:h'ese arguments  should be printed and published as  part of the. official pamphlet and for  which the parties submitting such  arguments pay their proportion of the  cost of printing and publication. The  cost of insertion of arguments' in the  Oregon official pamphlet in past elections has been approximately one  hundred dollars per page. The incorporation of the official pamphlet into  the scheme of Direct Legislation is  one of the most important, and essential to the best success of the ^novation. If the legislature refuses to  provide this, along with the other  machinery, the people can easily possess themselves of it through the  Initiative law, by means of Initiative  petition. It is an interesting fact  that Direct Legislation was first actively promoted in Oregon���������or at least  forced into the sphere,; of practical  politics���������by business interests aiid  machine politicians who thought iney  could easily control public opinion  through the corrupt///influence of a  subservient press, 7T:he official; pamphlets, to which anyone 'who wished  to file an argument and pay the price,  had access, along with other unexpect- !���������  ed developments, completely upset thei  voters' lists in Manitoba than would  be necessary to provide the machinery  for Direct  Legislation.  This is a question- often asked by  those who are not wiling to trust the  people. Some imagine it will keep  politics in a constant state of turmoil.  These people forget that man is by  instinct a conservative animal. Revolution and frenzy only come upon men  and nations where the people have  long dwelt under tyranny and oppression. Where free institutions are.  men always take the course of least  resistance. Men only go to dangerous  extremes in the first taste of ungovernable freedom after the overthrow of despotic or oligarchic forms  of government. The period after the  French revolution .was a natural re  action from the corruption and domination of one of the worst governments  to which men have been known to  submit. The result was worse tyran-  ny-that of blood and war, of the doctrine of might is right���������with the mosl  shameful disregard for human life  and human rights the world has known  tn the history of modern times. Safety  lies in securing for the people the  maximum of responsibility with the  minimum of compulsion and the desire  of s people to do right because they  discern it to be right. This 'can be  attained only through education.  Direct Legislation is a most powerful  educator. The people are/capable pf  self-government. They always choose  wisely upon the main 7questfon ;i������:  submitted to them, after, sufficient  education Direct Legislation will give  them a chance.  A List of Opinions.  Direet Legislation is not a measure  advocated by a peculiar class of people  of peculiar opinions. It is advocated  by men of all shades of opinion and  all schools of thought. Many eminent  economists and .politicians of widely  1841 MAIN STREET  ���������:���������     7  > _____________^__^__  | A Complete Stock  ! of Best Quality  %   Groceries   Al=  w  t  V  f  v ���������;.  ���������*���������  MAIN STREET GROCERY  v*  A.J.  ���������:������������������:���������  ���������:������������������:-  ���������x-  it  ���������H  VV  ���������v  .���������..J.  ������������������  4  ���������!���������*  ������>���������������������������  ���������*  vf  4  ������������������  t*  VV  VV  ������������������  ������������������>  *���������  tt  VV  VV  VV  ������������������*���������  VV  vv  ���������;������������������  ���������i-A  ���������v  VV  ���������vvvvvvvv vvvv>Xv X^^^^  Special Sale of Music  SPECIAL PRICE  10 cents   PER COPY  tt  Y*  tt  varying opinjons^uppii other questions  unite in advocating the" placing of  more power and more responsibllitj  in the hands or-tjSte/tyBop^:"fTHtf*f<������l7  lowing is a list oftopiiiionB br prominent men culled from among many  which we have not space to publish.  A. M. Fraser, Esq., Winnipeg: "I  believe in Direct Legislation. Previous  to coming to Winnipeg I lived In  Switzerland where, I had an opportun-.  Ity of observing the system at close  range, and li consider: ^that country  one of the best governed democracies  In 'the world:"7     ���������''-������������������'���������^������������������^ ���������:������������������---���������''���������������������������--  Lord Salisbury, the great English  statesman, once prime minister and  leader of the Conservative party: "I  believe that nothing could oppose the  bulwark to popular passion except ar  arrangement for deliberate and careful reference of any matter, in dispute  tp7 the/votes qf the people, like the  arrangements ^existing in/l thefTTnited  States and  Switzerland." "  ways   on  >: hand.  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People is-the one thing,my,soul desires  and now the same forces are exerting to see;  the reign of the polititiauis  When I advertise  Fresh Eggs  n  11 know the people whj  | own the hens, I havl  &. a^few now at    -     70i  every possible influence to minimize  the efficiency or actually destroy the  system which made the people the  masters and . dethroned the bosses.  No more eloquent proof as to the  desirability and efficacy of Direct  Legislation in permitting the people  to manage their own affairs could be  advanced. ��������� -. ���������������������������  a public ignominy. I.also believe that  Direct Legislation is-certain -to become the great political issuo. of the  immediate future. The people are  being /educated by events. They are  coming to see that there is no hope,  for reform under the existing system  of voting."  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If  it pays a corporation to spend money  sufficient to finance election campaigns  on behalf of their favorites, will it  not pay the people to spend enough  money to give effective voice to the  management of their own business?  More money is now raised annually  in connection with the compilation of'  Old Westminster Ave. near 7th  ty  #  <-MHf-H4w4-H^H-H-K^^r^ ������~:~H~HS~H^-H-H-H-H-H-5-H^+ ^-^H^S������v-H^^^l-<"M"t";-^:"I-W-*  Prof. Frank Parsons in Th.? City for  the People: "The fundamental questions are: Shall the people rule or be  ruled? Shall they own the government or be owned b.v it? Shall the  laws passed and put in force be what  the people want, or -what the politici  ans and monopolists want? Direct  Legislation answers these questions  in favor of the people, and it is the  only thing that can answer them in  that way, except a miraculous conversion of the politicians to wisdom and  angelhood.'  Prof. Lecky, Conservative member  of British parliament, and author of  History of European Morals: "The  Referendum would have the immense  advantage of disentangling issues, separating one great question from the  many minor questions with which it  may be" mixed. Confused or blended  issues are among the greatest political  dangers oi', our time.   The experience  (Continued on Page 9)  To   responsibll  |a��������� 1  parties I givecredii  |;      by the WEEK i>|  i        PAY-DAY.   Neve  t ' 1  $        longer than 30 day!  %        to anybody,  t  f Phone Orders Prompt!  !      Alteeed to.  The Phone:  5 - 7 -  The Place:  1841 Main Sti  The Store:  4>*************************0**^^**^*^^^**^^^^t^^^^^^  I  I  B. C. Cafe  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most up-to-date place to eat on the Hill.  All home cooking.  White help.   Quick service.  2609 MAIN STREET   -    -   MRS. 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KOLONOSKI  Hillcrest Sheet Metal Works  Hot Air Heating  Jobbing Receives Special Attention  COR BODWELL AND MAIN ST.  SOUTH  VANCOUVER  RACKET  Stationery, Crockery, Notions  Christmas Goods  4135  MAIN   STREET  ���������   *   ���������  BOOTS AND 8HOE8 REPAIRED  Good Workmanship  ./    .      Guaranteed  COR-18th  AND  MAIN  STREET  !  '������������������������������������  S.   ESTABROOKS  Dry  Goods,  Men's   Furnishings   ,  Notions and  Fancy Christmas Goods  FURNITURE  EDGAR  FURNITURE CO.  Carpets and Furniture and  Linoleums House Furnishings  2245 MAIN STREET  Phone 5562  GROCERIES  THE   DON  McGowen & Salter  Table Fruits* Candies,  Confectionery  | 2747 MAIN STREET-  Phone 4607  ���������.���������.*..**���������;.  CUBON'S CORNER GROCERY  ^CORNER FIFTEENTH AND WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phone 7451  ���������   ��������� '  ���������  MARQUIS  CASH   GROCERY  ' J.-H. Carson, Propr  1841 MAIN  STREET        PHONE  570  MERILEE'S GROCERY AND PROVI  SION STORE  Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Flour  2640 MAIN STREET  -----���������- 7 Phone-F-S418 ���������   ���������'���������--- -  I  ALLEN'S GROCERY  /Four deliveries daily"  Goods of Best Quality  Back at Old Stand���������COR. TWELFTH  17 AVE. AND MAIN STREET,  ' Phone 4148  * ������   ���������   ���������  t <  EFFORD  BROS.  Choice Groceries, Fruits, Butter, Eggs  and Provisions  244  and  246  BROADWAY  EAST  Phone 914  GENERAL  HARDWARE  G.  E. McBRIDE & CO.  Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints,  [\  Oils  [COR. SIXTEENTH AVE. AND MAIN  STREET.   Phone 2853  O'NEIL & SON  Hardware   of  all   kinds  Juilders'   Hardware,   Stoves,  Ranges,  Paints, Oils. etc.  COR.  37th AND MAIN  STREET  ���������������������������*���������.'  ROBINSON & HOAG  Heavy and Shelf Hardware  Special No. 77 regular $2.50 high grade  varnish at $1.60 per gal.  COR  25th  AND  MAIN  STREET  RESTAURANT  THE PLEASANT CAFE  Modern, Inviting and Appetizing  falter & Eaton     -     -     Proprietors  2*4J MA*IN STREET  Phone R 8376  MT. PLEAS ANT MARKET  Extra Bargains in Meat Each Monday  Prompt Service High Grade Meats /  COR. BROAJDWAY AND WESTMIN-  ...;-.-.   ..   ..STER ROAD V  KEELER'S NURSERY 7  Bulbs, Plants, Roots and Shrubs [  COR. FIFTEENTH AVE. AND MAllfr  STREET. Phone R 2196    -;  SIMPSON'S STATIONERY       /  Toys, Fancy Goods    Books, Music and  Crockery, Glassware    School Supplies  2241 MAIN STREET  Phone 3955  ���������;   ���������'"'��������� *  THE VANCOUVER RACKETT    I  Christmas Goods a Big Feature   i  Sales floor is 33x220 feet ;  The people are in crowds at  109-11    BROADWAY,    EAST    .;  *    *    *  MOUNT   PLEASANT   LIVERY  Hacks, Broughams and Surreys "i~  always ready       ������������������������������������'���������  The barn is now fully equipped  A. F.  McTavish "  - " -      Proprietor  2545 HOWARD ST;    Phone 845  PRICE'S   BOOT   REPAIRING   SHOP  Solid English System' \  Promptness a-Feature  232 BROADWAY EAST"  FREEMAN &. BURT  New and Second-Hand Goods  Household Furniture.   General Repairs  1805 MAIN STREET  MOUNTAIN  VIEW  FISH  AND  FRUIT   MARKET.  OPPOSITE   HOME   ROAD   ON  MAIN STREET.  ��������� m     ���������  A.   DUDMAN  Grocer   and   Provision   Merchant  Fruit,  Tea and  Coffee  a Specialty.  COR.  HOME ROAD AND MAIN ST.  ,. ��������� ���������      ��������� ������������������ V.  BELYEA A SON.  Wood Yard  :   Abundant   in   Quantity���������Good   In  Quality and Reasonable in Prices  1555 MAIN STREET  Phone  1269  * ���������   ���������  E. W. PEACH  Pioneer Plumber of South Vancouver  Jobbing a Specialty   All Work  Guaranteed  MAIN ST. BETWEEN 27th AND 28th  P. O. Box 45 Hillcrest Phone 317  COR.   18th   AND   MAIN  Pbone 6932  ST.  C. C. PILKEY  General Repairs and  Machine Shop  2525 MAIN STREET  ���������   ���������   ���������  F. T. VERNON  Hay, Grain,  Flour and Feed  Poultry Supplies a Specialty  2471 WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phone 1637  NIXON,  PATTON  A  McLEAN  Real Estate, Loans, Financial Agents  2900 MAIN STREET  Phone 6416  THE   HAZLETT   BROKERAGE   CO.  Real Estate, Loans, Insurance .  Accountants and Auditors  FIFTEENTH  AVE.  AND WESTMINSTER  ROAD  Phone F6829  *    REAL ESTATE  Prof. E. Odium  1710 GRANT STREET  ,   Phone 2502  ���������   *   ���������  JUNCTION  PHARMACY  Complete.Stock of Fresh Drugs  Prescriptions a Specialty  619   FIFTEENTH  AVENUE  EAST  Phone 5557  .7%   ���������  VV. J. PROWSE & CO.  Real Estate, Loans and Insurance  COR. 29th AND MAIN ST.  LITTLE MOUNTAIN  REALTY CO.  Real Estate and Commission  Brokers  COR. 28th AND MAIN STREET  /������������������/..������������������.������������������  AW. GOODERICH A. CO.  . Real Estate, Loans and Insurance .  Notary Public  2450 MAIN STREET  Phone 4672  HALL FQR RENT.  I. O.   O.   F., Mount/Pleasant.���������All  applications for use of this Hall to be  made to J. Haddpn and alt rents   for  same to be paid only to me.  J. HADDON,  Phone L3184    Care Trimble <k Norris.  2503 Westminster Road.  Certificate   of  tl>������   Itoflstrattoa   of  Sxtra Provincial Company.  COMYajrXSB   ACT.  (July 1st. 1910.)  CHURCHES  0*������M?t  MT .PLEASANT Baptist Church���������  Cor. 10th Ave. and Quote St.  S. fi VBBTOM .B.A., fastor.  CM ISta AvmiMi. But.  Preaching Seme *���������11 a. m. and 7 JO  p.m. Monday School at 9:80 p. m.  Methodist  MT. PLEASANT CHROH.-.  : Vorooi Teufh *vw. and Ontario  NEIL BROS. c\ CO /  Contractors and Builders   Estimates  and Plans Submitted/  FIFTEENTH AVENUE AND WEST-,  ' MINSTER ROAD  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice that Thomas K. Pearson, of  i. Vow Westminster, occupation broker, in-  t.nds to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted 30 chains west  and -40 chains north of the northwest  corner of Lot 1560, G. 1.; thence west  20 chains; thence north 20 chains;.thence  west 60 chains; thenco north 45 chains  more or less, to the south boundary of  T. L. 41662; thence east 20 chains;  thence south 65 chains to point of commencement, containing 400 acres more  or less ��������� '  7 THOMAS R. PEARSON.  Dated: November 2nd, 1910.  REAUESTATE  TRIMBLE * NORRIS REALTY CO  Real Estate, Insurance, Brokers. ,  2503   WESTMINSTER  ROAD AND  COR. OF BROADWAY >  Pbone L3184  SQUARE   DEAL   REALTY  CO.  South   Vancouver   Specialists  4132 MAIN ST. ".., Phone 4695  WM.   TANSLEY  Real Estate and Investments  21st AND  MAIN  STREET.  .���������   ���������   ���������  FRASER   BROKERAGE   CO.  Real.Estate^ _Loans_.andu__Insurance  38th AND MAIN ST.   Phone 5049.  D.  W. GRIMMETT  Real Estate. Dealer, can show you how  to make 25 per cent, on  South   Vancouver.   Investments  3324 MAIN ST.  J. F. GRIMMETT & SON  ,   Real Estate and  Brokers  COR ISth AND MAIN STREET  H.   P.   McCOOL.  Real  Estate,   Loans  and   Insurance  OPPOSITE HORNE  ROAD ON  MAIN STREET  Phone 7512  G. W. CARLETON ....  Real Estate,  Rents  Collected,  Loans  Negotiated  2551  WESTMINSTER  ROAD  Phone L 3942'  Branch  CITY  BROKERAGE CO  164 BROADWAY, EAST  . NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster-  Take notice that Kate McD.' Dauphinee,  spinister, of Vancouver, occupation artist. Intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 20 chains  west arid 10 chains south of the southeast corner of ;T.,L. 39634; thence- 80  chains: west; thence 50 chains north;  thence 60 chains east; thence 20 chains  south; thence 20 chains east; thence 30  chains south to point of commencement,  containing 360 acres more or less.  KATE  McD.  DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, .1910. .  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster-^-  Take notice that Grace W. Dauphinee,  spinister, of Vancouver, occupation  nurse, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following' described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 20 chains  west and 10 chains south of the southeast corner of T. L. 3963-1; thence south  SO chains; thence west 50 chains to the  east boundary of T. L. 38250; thence,  north SO chains; tiience east 50 chains  to point of commencement, containing  ���������iOOacres   more   or   less.   .  '  ' ���������-        GRACE  W.  DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, 1910.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of 'New- Westminster-  Take notice that Ethel. D. Dauphinee.  spinister, of New Westminster, occupation stenographer, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post  planted 60 cbains west of the southwest  corner, of-Lot 2-133, G. 1; tiience south  ���������20 chains; more or less to the north  boundary of P. R... 2226.:: thence_.w.est'80  chains; tiience north" 20 "chains; thence  east SO chains to point of comencement,  containing  3 60  acres  more or' less.  ETHEL  D.  DAUPHINEE;  Dated November 2nd, 1910.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District-of New Westminster���������  Take notice that Alice A. Dauphinee,  widow, of- Vancouver, B. C, occupation  lady, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Coiiimencing at a post planted; 30 chains  west and 40 chains north of the northwest comer of Lot 3 560. G. 3.: thence  north 65 chains to the south boundary of  T. L. 41652: thence east GO chains; thence  north 25 chains; thence east 20 chains:  thence south 5ft .chains, to the north  boundary of T. L. 3S250; thence west 50  chains: tiience south 10 chains: thence  west 30 chains to. point of commencement, containing' 370 acre-*  more or less.  ALICE A. DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd,  iftio.  NEW WRPTMINJiTKU LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Tnfce notice that Thomas T. Donphlnee,  of Vancouver. 1?. C, occupation broker,  intends to apply for permission to purchase    tile    following    de-crilicd    lands:  Commencing at a post planted 60 chains | such property or rights  west of the southwest corner of Lot 2133. ....  O. 1; tiience east. <;0 chains; thence north  SO chains; thence west 60 chains; thence  south SO chains to point of commencement; containing ISO acres more or less.  THOMAS T.   I'M UP WINE IS.  Dated November 2nd,  3 910.  G. E. Pierrot, Mgr.  Rental Agents  Phone 2224  Collections  IMPERIAL   INVESTMENT  CO.  Real   Estate   and  General   Brokerage  2313 MAIN STREET  r Phone 305 '���������  NEW WESTMINSTER ;! LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster-  Take nfctice that A. Josephine Dauphinee,  spinister. of Vancouver, Ti. C. occupation school teacher, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post  planted 60 chains west of the southwest corner of Lot 2433. G. 1; thence  north SO chains; thence west SO chains:  thence south so chains; thence east SO  chains to point of comemncement, containing 640  acres   more  or  le==.  A.   JOSEPHINE   DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, 1310. ,  IT WAS THIS WAY.  "I suppose the father gave the bride  away."  "Not exactly. He gave a million  away, and threw her in."���������Philadelphia  SHE  KNEW.  Mistress���������..Nora, I saw a policeman  in the park to-day kiss a haby. I hope  you will remember my objection to  such things."  Nora���������"Sure, ma'am, no policeman  would ever think of kissinn* yer baby  whin I'm around."���������Louisville Post.  Canada:  Province of British  Columbia.  No.  4BB  (1910).  I hereby certify that. Wat<������>-hnii������s������������ A  Lester Company, an Extra Provincial  Company, has this day been registered  as a Company under the "Companies  Act" to carry out or effect ali or any of  the objects of the Company to which the  legislative authority uf the^ Legislature  of British Columbia extends.  The bend office of the Company ia situate at 534 Howard Street, San Francesco. California. U. 8. A.  The head office of the Company In this  Province Is situate at Rooms 303-6,  Crown Building. 615 Pender Street, Vancouver, and Arthur C. Smith. Burrlster,  whose address in Vancouver aforesaid.  In the attorney for the Company, not,  empowered to issue or transfer share's  or utock., . d     ''  The amount of the capital of the Company is Two Million Dollars, divided Into  Twenty Thousand whares of One- Hundred Dollars -each."  The time of the existence of the said  Company M fifty -years from the 18th  day of November, 1905.  Given under my hand and Seal of Office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia,   this   twelfth .day   of  November,  one thousand nine  lumdvod  nnd  ten.  D.   WHITESIDE,  Registrar., of Joint Stock, companies.  The objects for whieh this Company  has been established and registered are:  To engage In, conduct and carry on,  In all its branches the business of importing, exporting, buying, selling and  generally dealing in wagon-makers',  Elaek-mlths',, hor*e-������hoers' > and trimmers' supplier of nil kinds and description, and. to manufacture, buy. sell, deal  and trade in, import and export. Wagon  makers', blacksmiths', horse-shoers' and  trimmers' supplies, together with wheels,  tops, bodies and wagon materials of all  kinds, together with hardwood lumber,  vehicles and vehicle parts. To engage  in, conduct and carry on the manufacturing business in all its branches. To engage In, copduct and carry on; a mercantile business In all its branches. To en-  ?;age in, conduct and carry on a median-  cal and mining business In all its  branches. To engage In, conduct and  carry on a commercial business in all its  branches. To engage, In. conduct; and  carry on a/general Iron, steel and hardware husfness Jn all Its'branches;'' to  manufacture, buy, sell, deal and trade tn  any and every kind of iron, steel -and-^  hardware, chemical, metal- and mineral-  products of all kinds, also forest. Wood,  and wood products of all kinds, and also  vegetable and animal - products of all  kinds; and articles and things collateral,  incident or related to.^or connected therewith and with" those' lines of business  ^hereinabove mentioned,- and each there*  of; to acquire, take over and carry on  the businesses how carried on and Conducted l������ the United* States of America  by Waterhouse * Lester, :*.corporation  formed under the laws of the State of  California, together with the good will,  assets and properties of jiald. corporation, andUo Issue'stock In payment thereof:.to take over, acquire,' conduct, manage and^carry on the business or businesses, stock, ��������� assets and -propertiesK of  such other corporation or persons engaged In pursuing-or carrying on any one  or more of the kinds of businesses, pur-,  poses, objects or operations! her.elh sped-;  fled or any kindred business; p'ropertyi-  object or operation or owning or holding  any property of any . kind herejn . men-,  tiohed, as the Directors' may" consider for  the benefit of this Company; to purchase,  or otherwise ".acquire, tlie' good will,  'rights, property or assets thereof, and  to assume the whole or any part thereof, the liabilities of any person, firm, association or corporation, and to pay. give  or exchanfie therefore cash, stock, bonds  other good or valuable consideration; to  purchase., acquire,-, own,, take, hold, Improve, tease,!';sell; mortgage.:' encumber,  convey, and''otherwise ;,to .deal In and  dispose of-real property-and-, any and all  estates arid interests therein; tor piirr(  chase, acquire, own, take. ; .hlre;..lioId,'  lease,-sell, mortgage, pledge.-'deal in and  dispose- of personal prdpertjv-'chattels;  goods,, wares, merchandise-of every kind,  chattels^ real, choses in.-action, patents,  bullion, gold, silver, iron, copper, and all  ores and minerals; to appropriate, purchase and otherwise acquire water, water  riplits and franchises and to store, distribute, sell, supply and furbish water  for all uses and purposes; to construct,  maintain, operate and use.-1n tlie United  States and in the foreign countries, canals, Humes, pipe*, pipe .lines,, reservoirs.,  pumping plants and. appliances" necessary-  or convenient for the storage, collection,  use, transportation, ^distribution' or. disposition of:*.water:.;to purchase, take,'receive, build, -construct, sell, "lease,'mortgage, convey or'btherwise dispose-of fer-  ries,--wiiarves~chutes-=artd-pffersr-and -to  apply lor. receive, hold, acquire, .use. exercise; sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise  dispose of .buileVjngsi, and structures .of  every; nature;''tc< -erect, construct,- pur-,  chase, icquire, sell;, lease, 'mortgage, con-'-  ve'y or -ottierwise 'disposev'of "hotels-"and I  lodging houses and.to carry-on the samel  and any and all business incident there-,  to or connected therewith;' to construct, I  buy, sell, lease, mortgage, run, maintain  and charter vessels of all kinds, and  Whether propelled by steam, sail, electricity or other motive power, and to  sell and navigate the same upon any  and'all navigable waters of the earth:  to execute, issue, sell, pledge and dispose  of bunds and dc-bfiitures, and tu secure  the payment thereof by mortgage or  ���������trust deed upon any or all of the real or  personal property uf the corporation: to  apply for. obtain and register, purchase,  lease, or otherwise to acquire nnd to  hold. use. own. operate and Introduce,  ami lo sell, assign or otherwise .dispose  of. any trade-marks, trade-names, patents. Invention**, .Improvements and processes used .in .connection with, or secured under, letters patent, of: the United  States, or eKewhere, or otherwise, ,'iikI  to u*e. exercise, ^develop, grant licenses  In respect of. or otherwise turn to account any such trade-marks, patents. II-  oiies,   processus   and   the   like,   or   any  to subscribe for.  purchase, acquire, hold, own, sell, assign,  transfer, mortgage, pledge, <ir otherwise  dispose of shares of the capital slock of  this or other corporations and any and  all evidences of debt or securities given,  executed or issved by this or other corporations; to construct., purchase, acquire or. lease a warehouse or warehouses, and to carry on the business oi  warehousing or of a warehouse and jis  incidental thereto to make Joans or advance-: upon pi'ojierty stored therein, and  to issue warehouse receipts, certificates  or warrant-', negotiable or otherwise, fur  property so stored; to purchase, acquire,  hold. use. lease, mortgage, execute deeds  of tru-t upon, convey and deal In. real or  personal property of every kind i.n such  place or places in the several states and  Territories of the United States and in  ���������ucli foreign countries as shall from  time to time Ije found necessary or.convenient for tlie Company's hitsine-is. To  construct, buy. sell, lease, mortgage, run.  maintain and convey saw mills and planing mills, and generally to carry on and  conduct the saw mill-business in all its  branches, and generally to carry on. engage in and transact any and all lawful  businesses whatsoever, whether manufacturing or mercantile or commercial,  which are necessary or convenient to be  engaged in or carried on in connection  with the aforesaid businesses of this corporation, or either or any thereof: to  manufacture, purchase, or otherwise acquire, hold. own. mortgage, sell, assign,  and transfer, invest, trade and deal in,  and deal with goods, wares and merchandise and property of every class and description: and to do all and every thing  necessary, suitable, convenient or proper  for the accomplishment of any of the  purposes, or the attainment of any one  or more of the object* herein enumerated, or incidental to the powers herein  named, or which shall at any time, appear conducive or expedient for the protection or benefit of the corporation,  either as holders of. or interested In any  property or otherwise  *  SKBVICB8���������Preaching at 11 a. m and at  7:00 p. m.     Suuday School and Bible  Clam at 2:90 p.m.  R������v. W. Lashlet Hall, B;A.B O  ���������   Pastor.  -  Parsonage ra Eleventh avenue, west. Tele  p'ione.mm.  Presbyterian  M1'  PLEASANT Church-  Corner Ninth ave. and Quebec tt.  Sunday Services���������Public worship at  11 a. m and 7:00p.m ; Soudaj school  and Bible Class at 3:80 p. m.;  Rbv. J. W. Woodoob, M. A.,  K* .in Ninth are. W.     Tel. BKMtt.   PaatOT.  VV  fiaxMiJNSTJSKChurch���������  Cor. Welton and Mlh.   One block Mil  ut WetumwitierA,e>  ���������ERViCBS���������Snndaj ll.-OOa. m. and IM  p. ui.   Sunday School 8*0.  Rbv. J. H. CAKenoN, B. A.,  Residence Cor. Quebec and Hit. PaatOT.  Anglican  ST. MICHAJSLS-  Cu  comer ������tb aire, and Prinze Kdward *l.  Services���������Morning Prayer at 11 a. m.  and Evensong at 7:30 p. nt. each Sunday.  Rbv. G. H. Wilson, Rector.  (Rectory, Cor. Ave. 8th snd Prince Kdward St. j      Telephone M5������3.  Liaj.1 XAAia a Aft 1S1' OHU WCH���������  /     Corner Tenth Ave. and Laurel Ut.  Sbbvices -Preaching at 11 a.m.  7:80 p.m   Sunday School at 3.80 p.m.  Rbv P. Clifton Fabkbb, M. A ,  nth Ave, w ���������-���������'���������������������������'���������������������������'    .::'     '���������       Pasff.  Latter D������V Saints  REORGANIZED Church of Ohrist-  -S87 Ninth avenue east.  Sbbvicks���������Every Sunday evening'at S  ���������^o'clock.   Snhday.aQhbolat 7 oTclook.  i. >:. J. S. Bainet. Elder.  UODGES  mdetenaent Orccr of Oddfellows  MT. PLEAS ANT Lodge No. 1������..  MeetseveryTuewlayat 8 p. m,  in I. O. O. P. HaU Weatmimter ave.,  Mi Pleaaant.  ��������� 8oJ<mrninf Brethren  obrdiaUy Invited to attend.  J. Douglas, Noble Grand, 96th ft Main  T. Matthews, Vice Grand.   v> '  THoa7BEV^LU]Ret). See...  toyel OfaiHie  *���������   '  Iii  7lh *>������.������.  MT. PI*A9A.NT "I* O. U No. !'���������������.  ���������- Moett the 1st and sd Thursday of  eacn month at 8 p. m, in  theK. of P Hall.  All    visiting  Brethren  cordially welcome.  John Coville, W. M-  so isth ave. W.  ^jnji      N. E. Louohekd, Secy  *��������� in 17th are.. W.  ��������� independent Order rorestert  COURT VANCOUVER TNo.   (828-  : .Meets 3d and 4th Mondays of each  month at 8 p. m., in the Oddfellows'  ���������'.;Hall, Mfc.,Plef santV    Visiting brBtb-  eru always welcome, '.i   ?. ���������  ��������� H. Hankins, Chief Ranger  M. J. Crehan, Rec Sec  337 Prinnessstreet, city.  A. Pesgellv, Financial Secretary.  237 Hlovcnth avenue east,  Piano Tuning  ^xpert Rjepair Work.  7 Factory Experience. ���������  Best References  W, J. GOARD.  -   OQlUftOWOOO CAST  Leave your orders at the Western Call  (TT  ^  H ay  No. I-Timothy  c^lfalfa  o  Prairie  Green   Oat  & & &  POULTRY SUPPLIES  zA SPECIALTY-  & dfi &  F. T. VERNON  ^  Successor to S.   W.   KEITH  Broadway and Westminster Road  PHONE 1637  J  The best stock of ARMS,  AMMUNITION, CUTLERY,  and SPORTING GOODS can  be found at the store of  Chas. E. Tisdall  618-620 Hastings St.  UllllllllimiHllllliu ~?5?*&c  THE WESTERN CALL   .  >kl  ������  f  I  r  Is??  I  Ii ti  i  *  ���������  t  i  t  t  T  'Vlorrison  Candidate for    ,  M a yor     I  ���������  WILL ADDRESS PUBLIC MEETINGS AS       |  FOLLOWS: i  All electors are invited to attend. >:  J  KITSILANO-Tuesday,   Dec.   13, Fairview Hall, |  & Granville St. South, 8 p. ni. j  | CEDAR COVE���������Wednesday, Dec. 14, Basement of f  ? All Saints'  Church,   Victoria Drive  and ������  X Pandora. &  t i  GRANDVIEW-Monday, Dec. 19, Grandview Hall, |  Park Drive. . *  ���������������������������������������������������������������  ���������' -   t  MOUNT PLEASANT-Tuesday, Dec. 20,   Oddfel- %  I lows' Hall, Westminster Ave., 8 p. m.          |  I ,                                                  J.  j; A hearty invitation extended to all Candidates for J  t Municipal honors to appear on the platform.        X  ���������������������������'?  v  Vote for Morrison and  f  Efficiency.  It Pays to Advertise in  THE WESTERN CALL  Rev. R. Newton Powell has issued a  neat calendar'.for Xmas greeting.  The ladies of the Baptist Church are  issuing a neat calendar with the church  program  thereon.  Phone   1405,   G.   W.   CaUanach,   advertising manager, for ad. space.  Dr. Norman Telford is making his  home in Alt. Pleasant and has opened  an office over the Northern Crown  Building.  Our subscription list is going up.  One hundred more names added. We  are now publishing ",,000 copies.  After disposing of the general business  accummulated since ' their ' last7 meeting, the Ratepayers' Association - of  Ward IV. at the instance of their'president, Mr. J. M. Chappel, took up last  night the actio* of the convention in  nominating Reeve W. A. Pound for a  third term. Mr. Chappel introduced a  motion to the effect that, in view of  the fact that Mr. Pound had been  nominated when he had not acceded  to all the planks of the platform presented to him, the Ward IV. branch  of the parent organization would ie-1  fuse to support his candidature. The j  motion was seconded by Air. Frederick Home and carried by a majority  of six.  Enquiry   at   the   General    Hospital  this afternoon elicited the information  that Mr. T. J. Smith, who is confined  'in that institution  with a serious at-  i tack of typhoid  fever, is doing well,  ! his  condition  showing   signs  of  general improvement.  Mrs. Eliza Husband died Thursday,  i December 15th,  191,0.    The  deceased  j was 62 years of age.   The funeral will  J be held Saturday, 2 p.m., from 5 Seventh Ave. E.  There was a large attendance at the  meeting of Mount Pleasant Council,  R. T. of T., on Wednesday evening in  the K. P. ,Hall. The following were  advanced the royal degree: Sisters  Chambers, Hill, Smith, Harper,  Messrs. Bros. Boyce and Beck. The  annual election of officers took place,  resulting as follows: E. Swan, select  councillor; Aliss E. Roberts, vice councillor;, P. Palmer, chaplain; S. H.  Smith, financial; D. Norris, recording  secretary; C. Thompson, herald; C. E.  Hudson, guard; A. Husband, sentinel;  Miss M. Powell, pianist. On Weflnes*  day evening, December 28th, the council will hold an informal social for  members and their friends, and a most  enjoyable time is assured all.,  PHONE 1405  ; ������i������ I������ ������f ��������������������������������� 1 ������i������ >������4 ��������� >������<������< ������t������������t>������Tf if I ��������� 111 ti������ 1 ��������� 11 !���������;;  HP-Storry  557 Granville m  \ \ Large Stock of Fall and Winter !;  Tweeds and Worsteds.  FOR YOUR  NEXT SUIT  The Editor, The Western Call.  Sir: ���������In response to an appeal made  j by the Vancouver World some months  ago for a distressed family, I made  a personal investigation of the case,  and found that Mrs. Robinson and  (now) four Infants were without support owing to an accident which occurred to Mr RobinBon, inwhlcliine  lost This leg. 7.  This brought to my mind those  beautiful words of Burns, "that man  to man the World oe'r should brothers  be,", and I immediately undertook we  duty, which proved to be a pleasure  owing to the prompt way in which the:  Vancouver public responded to my  appeal for funds, and generously subscribed three hundred and thirty-four  dollars (334). ^  had to request the return of the  deposit of fifty dollars, and negotiate  direct in Seattle, where Mr. Robinson  was satisfactorily put on Mb feet by  Mr. A. Lundberg.  I beg to thank you and all who so  kindly assisted me in this matter, and  .specially mention Miss A. E. Jones, of  [the Fairview Nursing - Home, who so  kindly undertook to'receive. Mrs. Rob-  iinson into her= home,:and care for.lier.  j during her illness, though circumstan-  ices prevented the acceptance of .this  liberal offer. In addition, many kind  people contributed articles of provisions and clothing.  The delay in the appearance of this  statement, I must, mention, was caused  by the failure of the agent to complete the order for Mr. Roblnsdn's  leg, and after nearly four months, I  STATEMENT.  Receipt*.  By Dr. Gatewood $ 50.00  'jBy   J.   J.   Miller........     28.50,  !!By A. E. Higinbothoin...     22.00  I i By  R.   B.  Alty   233.00  At the .Young Melf's Club meeting in  Mount Pleasant Methodist Church  Thursday evening a debate was held  upon the subject of '"Resolved, that  Reading is a Better Educator than  Travel."  SOUTH VANCOUVER, Dec. 15 ���������  Next Wednesday the young people of  St. Peter's will give a social and concert in the new Kallenberg Hall. The  proceeds of the concert will be devoted to the church funds.     -������  SOUTH VANCOUVER, Dec. 15 ���������  With a final drill, and perhaps an examination or two, the work of the pupils in the municipal schools will come  to an end tomorrow and afterward the  teachers, with the school trustees, will  join tn a pleasant hour. . The board  expects to have a number of visitors  in town and a general good time is  expected.  REPORT OF LICENSE INSPECTOR.  $344.00  Expenditure.  A. Lundlerg, Seattle  (artificial  ;|    ie*t  .7 .....$100.00  |! Cheque,  H. T.  Robinson. $234.00  $334.00  Yours, etc.,  r.'b. alty'.  i ��������� '��������� Vancouver, B. C.  DRESS SUITSjo,Specialty Ii  December, 12th, 1910.  His Worship the Mayor,  Chairman,  Licensing oard,  City.  Gentlemen:���������  I beg to report that with reference  to the Licensed premises during the  year 1910.  . The Baord has personally visited  licensed premises prior to granting  licenses, June, 1910.  Six hotels have been required to  obtain new premises, the old premises  being condemned. v  Twenty hotel and restaurant licenses  were granted conditionally on. the  license holders putting their premises  ln a satisfactory condition.    7  The removal of enclosures and boxes from licensed restaurants and dining rooms has been enforced.  -... All hotels have been, required" to  .comply with the Fire.By-laws, and. the  ventilation and" sanitation of licensed  premises; has been closely attended to,  extensive re-itonstructibn having been  made by two hotels where conditions  were found to be bad.      ,  The Liquor By-laws , have been  amended and brought up to date.  One wholesale firm and one brewery  have gone out of business, one hotel  license was cancelled, and one restaurant license suspended for ten days.  Two. shops, two wholesale, one brew-,  ery and two hotels licenses have been  granted, also one temporary license  to an hotel.  Twenty transfers of licenses, fourteen applications for licenses, two applications to remove licenses to other  premises hivebeen desalt wittV^7"  The License Inspector has instituted  twenty prosecutions during th-3 past  five months, and obtained twenty convictions, including one case appealed  to High Court.  Member*' Attendance  Roll  Liceming  . .Board  from   Feburary  9th,   1910. .  to December 2nd, 1910   Number of Meetings of Bard   Mayor Taylor present at   Commissioner Edgett present at;.'  Commissioner Crehan present at.  Commissioner Findlay present at..  Commissioner Williamson present  at        JULY TO DECEMBER, 1910.  The following cases have been prosecuted by the License Inspector for  contravention of Liquor l^awB:  Premises "       No. Convic's    Fine Imp.  Hotel      1       $ f.0.00 & costs  Restaurant    1  Cafes     2  Druggist.      1  ! Blind  Pigs .14  31  26  29  24  26  24  50.00 & costs  150.00 & costs  100.00 & costs  700.00 & costs  Total  .$1050.00 & costs  Hotel-;.. ..-'.-   Shop   Wholesale       i Restaurant   Brewery     Bartender   Annlieations for Licenses  Transfers  We are there with the goods   v   Total  t Hotel    ��������� Shop .......  _���������     _          A  Wholesale   .  DROP IN AND SEE OUR STOCKl<r���������r  * Breweries .  I  No Trouble to show  You the Goods  M<lll������m������HM>������*MllHI������lll IIIIUI4I  Bartenders      Application for Licenses ....   Transfers    Change of Premises    Change of Name   ! 1OIaI    ������������������ ��������� '������������������������������������������������������* ��������� ���������������������������> ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������  Increase in Revenue per Annum.  68  14  13  2  '   2  235  7.'  10  71  10  .13  2  2  ������50  7  10  2  1  $   600.00  .400.00  250,00  $2,000.00  250.00  2,00  10.00  150.00  $1,000.00  800.00  500.00  1,000.00  750.00  2-00  10.00  250.00  25.00  10.00  $40,800.00  5,600,00  3,250.00  4,000.00  500.00  470.00  .70.00  1,500.00  $54,620.00  1,570.00  $56,190.00  $71,000.00  12,800.00  6,500.00  2,000.00  1,500.00  700.00  ���������70.00  2,500.00  50.00  10.00  $93,500.00  2,630.00  $96,130.00  $41,945.00  ��������� v       V  BRIDGE STREET LEADING  OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST  CHOICE COOKING  ONIONS���������  .8 lbs. for.... .... 25c  FANCY SPANISH  ONIONS���������  5 lbs, for. .25c  Try Some of Our  Large DILL  PICKLES���������  Per doz. ......,. ..,25c;  Heinz Choice Sweet  MIXED J>ICKLES���������  Only, per qt. ... .35c  7 t  Heinz Delicious  MINCEMEAT���������  J lbs. for . 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That the inner recesses of Central  Park have been unexplored, is .proved  by tlie fact that Foreman. Ward has  come across two deer, there.- They are  tame, will l>e taken care of and way-be  the start of a Central Park "zoo."  PRESS CLUB CONCERT WILL BE A  ..'WINNER;'      ���������  SOUTH VANCOUVKR, ' Dec. 14.���������T'^e  Scottish Clansmen's performance in '  vaudeville was much appreciated at Mai-:  few !ia!l. Cedar Cottage, la*t night. A!  variety of national dances, Including tlie j  sword dance and .Highland fling, was ;  supplemented by instrumental solos;;  songs and impersonation.  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RIO JANEIRO.���������Two hundred were  killed and wounded tn putting down a  second revolt' of tlie marines at Rio  Janeiro, Brazil.  WASHINGTON, D. C���������A single week  of congress lias not cleared the atmosphere as to whether there will be any  serious effort at the present session toward tarlflCitjnkerlng.  WINNIPEG, Dec. 14.���������Mr. Nell Keith,  one of the best known con tractorn In  America was found frozen to death In  the hlllH south of Moose Jaw, Sask.,  to-day.     ,   r���������  VANCOUVER.���������Chilliwack and Prince  Ruper   yesterday   voted  down   the   local  (option   by-law,   which   was   under   the  IDomlnion Government Act submitted to  the  electorate   in   British   Columbia .for  the first time.  .���������,.(>  APPLES���������  We have some Extra Choice  Fancy Apples for your Xmas ...  table, 4 lbs.  .26c  Good Eating Apples, 6 lbs.... 25c  Cooking Apples, 8 lbs........26c  We have Borne boxed Extra  Fancy Jonathan Apples, price,  per box  .|2-*0  Crime's Golden Apples; these  are extra good; 4 tier; price  per box     $1.50  Cooking Apples, per box    $1.t5, $1.25  ORANGES���������  .���������    Extra Fancy Navels, per doz.25c  i<   Jap Oranges, per box........ 50e  TABLE FIGS���������  Extra    Fancy ��������� Large    Table  Figs, per lb 20c  TABLE RAI81N8���������  These   are    really   fine,   per *  packet  .. ... .25e  NUT8���������  Walnuts, per lb .20c  Almond Nuts, per lb .20c  Filberts, per lb    20c  PecanB, per lb 25c  . 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Vaudeville arid local professional talent��������� the cream of talent, too ��������� will  present a bill of twelve numbers that  ought to be worth the time and money  of the most fastidious. And by the  advance sale 'of seats at the box office  a record crowd is assured.  Local people will be particularly interested in the appearance of Miss  Violet A.. Y'ckers and Mr. Vickera in  their specialty dances) in Miss Gene  vieve Bunce, a talented reader; Mr.  Conrad White, the premier baritone;  in Signor Pereira, the violinist; in Mr.  J. D. Tripp, Canada's best pianist.  Carroll,and, Cooke have an international reputation that has won them  all sorts of well merited fame. They  have something special in store for the  Press Club concert. Chas. Sweet, the  noted tramp comedian, was born - a  comedian, and can make the glummest  of the glum laugh. ' There are others  on the bill who will furnish all kinds  of good entertainment.  For the past ninety years thirty  millions of men and women have emf-/  grated from Europe to North America.  For the past fifty years the total has  been 23,500,000, and in a single year,  1907, 1,000,000. 'Liverpool" sent over  300,000; Bremen, 250,000; Naples, 200,-  ; Hamburg, 180,000; and Antwerp, 120.-  000. The statistics show that the Immigrants represented forty nationalities. Seventy per cent, of them were  male. The other side of Ihe shield Is  shown, by7the vital statistics of the  United Kingdom, which prove tbat  there are more than 1,200,000 women  than men in Great Britain. Ik all  Europe there must be no fewer than  ten millions women whose prospects  of wifehood and motherhood have been  adversely affected by the emigration  movement.  CAMBRIDGE, MASS.���������Col. Roosevelt,  lecturing on "Applied .Ethlc-V demands  larger navy for IT. s. and forts for  Panama.  SEATTLE.���������S. S. 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Ha\i.ig had very considerable expe--  iience in tbe liquor traffic, and from..  carefully  observing  thee ourse of  its-  dispensation and use in Vancouver for  five years, I am qualified, to ask. your  consideration for License Commission,  ership in January.  I should seek election from and ont  behalf of the whole community whose:  interest it would be my ambition tc*  faithfully serve.  Briefly stated now, my platform will  ')e for the general reform of the licjuor  (raffle.  If elected, my first action would be  to start the wheels in motion to establish a law to prevent any member of  the Licensing Board from supplying  any licensee with the goods of trade.  In the meanwhile I shall endeavor  to prove, my ability for the position  aspired to, by future publications ol  my views.  Yours respectfully,  R. b'. ALTY.  624 Hastings street west.  * '%  ,f ^^^^^mmmmm^BmMsimMm^^  'Sf^&e^s^&S^.iS^^l^ii^^^S^^^S^^^SSf^^^SSSLT^SrSSSSIS  -��������� vum-*  !���������������-,)  '$8  $P "���������'>������������������  ft?:*  |'������j#^#7::7.  Ii ������������������  I *   f'  ttti  8  THE WESTERN CALL  ***&.~\?lw**Jb'\'*^*Jw^^  f  f  V  1  f  V  T  ���������I*  I Real Estate - Loans - Insurance  I  JC We make a specialty of Fairview, Mt. Pleasant  & and East Snd properties.       See us for special  in nouses at remarkably low prices.  PHONE 5427    A.   N.   DeVAZ 220 BIOABWAY, W. I  i i  ^i^*~y*~&wi^'"i">''^  ��������� Y  i  T  T  ?  t  MINGLE  WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR  THE UNTRUTHS WHICH LIE HERE.  A  STARTLING  STATEMENT.       [where   thieves   cannot  reach  it,  and  WHY HE COULDN'T .HELP HER.  BRO \DWAY GROCERY  With a general store of  Groceries, Confectionery, Stationery, &c.  We are gradually stocking up to the requirements of  our surroundings as demanded.   .  Our aim is to please and  ������ therefore solicit your patronage as a means of success.  I A. N. D eVAZ,  4-I~^���������^^^���������^������������������^���������4���������������^���������^���������^���������!���������������������������^���������^���������l������l~^������������������^���������^���������^���������I<  220  BROADWAY, W.  Y  J  3*  Y  ?  Y  Y  Y  y  Y  Y  X  Phone 845 Always in Mt. Pleasant  J JE JLd 1-J   JL       "fe  A very pretty woman slipped and  fell on the stone steps in front of her.  father's house, spraining her knee.  She disliked doctors, but the knee  Anally grew so bad that she was persuaded to call in medical advice. She  wouldn't have this doctor or that one,  but finally said she would consent to  have called in a certain spruce-looking  young man carrying a homoeopathic  medicine case who passed the house  every day.  The family kept a sharp lookout,  and when he came along called him in.  The young lady modestly raised her  skirts and showed the disabled member.  The young man looked at It and said:  "That certainly is quite serious."  "Well, said the young lady," what  shall I do?'4*  "If I were you," he said, "I would  send for a physician."    "*  "But can you not attend to it?" asked  the girl.  "Not very well," answered the young  man, "I am a piano-tuner."  big  TRUE   PHILOSOPHY.  A very little boy with a very  toothache surprised his mother by beginning to whistle a patriotic air, walking up and down, head thrown back,  It has been said by those who have  investigated the matter carefully that,' (0^e^  although   at   the  age  of  45   fully  80  per  cent,  of  men are established  whatever pursuit they follow, and are  : in receipt of incomes in excess of their  I  j expenditure, at the age of 60 it has  been found that 95 per cent, are de-  his lins emitting what was intended j pendent upon their daily earnings, or  to be musical sounds, jupon their children for support. Many,  "Why, dear," she asked, 'has the no doubt, read the despatch from De-  toothache stopped?" j trpit which  recently appeared in the  He shook his head, while the tears ; Canadian papers, and which described  of pain rushed to his eyes. "No, mo-, the condition of a man who put a  ther, but it doesn't hurt so hard when ; little more than forty years ago was  I'whistle." ja "financial  power" in the city, who  "But suppose the pain is so bad had a "palatial home" on one of the  that you just can't, dear?" jmost fashionable thoroughfares, enter.  "Well," was the manly reply, "I j tallied lavishly, and to whom every  can keep on puckering Midway;'! j person,  high^ and  low,  was  prepared  Here was as true philosophy as was j to pay homage. Hut the fates were  ever  penned  by  the  wisest  phlloso- j against  him.    He    suffered,   serious  pliers! Selected. financial  losses, and. when  he began  to go down hill he found it was properly greesed  for the .occasion.    His  where one cannot be deprived of it ii  any possible way. This means is afl  you under the Canadian Govern|  ment Annuities Act which the Parlis  in ' ment of Canada passed in the Sessiol  1908, and which received the unani  mous support of both sides of thj  House.  You may get all information by aj  plying  at  the   Post    Office,    or    \>i  addressing the Superintendent of An]  nulties, Ottawa.  Stand:     Mount Pleasant Livery.  Phone 845  ���������    '������������������'���������  ;        Fd* good values in  *  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  1 TRIMBLE & NORRIS  Cor. Broadway and Ninth Avenne  1  4i^w**A*l^*A^*4<^  '������������4-������4������i*->*^������^������^^-i'������'i'*-:'������':'������4-W'fK-^i'*':'������'i^'i'������':''>i������i������i'������li������a-������������������t  For Estimates on Plumbing  PHONE   5545  \I3| i<>tH AveM &      Vancouver ! !���������  <  '      ^1 ^tlf>^><t^H|MfH|n$K$H|KSttgn3wg������^wgt^t������KgKgxg������^������-tgM������>^ ^������-lgng>^������^g^H^I^M^^Mg������fngt<3>^l^^gMgn^^Kgn������Kg><g>-^������^t  .���������������<>'*^t^������^-������..$>.������.^..,^������.lSl.������.^t.������^4^^|.>.^^ >^������.^.!|l.������^h ^>-������H|l.������.||l-t. ijh.ifl. .��������� fl ������������������������ fr' t-.lfl ������������������������<  SALTER, EATON & CO.r 3642^ A^AlN SJ.  rTHE----WGH-TESlVMOS^  PLACE TO EAT ON JHE HILL        , /    :,  Cuisine of the Best  Everything new and up-to-date. . We are here ; to serve,  not to be served.       Give us a call and you will call again  t|.^.������.������^.<-^-.^>^.<a^-.;i.������.a..������.l;vtf.^;.������.������^..>.������.. ������<jH..<g>^H|>..-i|>*.<|H������������M-4^<^-#-^*-g*������;ifr'������i|i'������  Your Patronage cordially solicited.1  B. C. Ornamental Iron & Fence Co., Ltd.  PHONE 6571 COR. WESTMINSTER AVE. and FRONT ST  ... Back Again  %?NE THE DON  We have moved back to our old'atore  Prop.McGOWEN  .    .    & SALTER  27U7MAIN STREET,   (Near Corner 12th)  FRESH MILK AND BUTTER DAILY.        HIGH CLASS CANDIES  and TABLE FRUITS.        A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIG-  ARETTES and TOBACCO.  *������&entsaf(# WOMAN'S BAKERY 'iREAD and CONFECTIONERY.  .t?9" }'>+-.'% *y::r:i,.tt  e>;        V^    ���������nmn      11   ���������1   WHY HE CELEBRATED.  Wife���������'Daddy,, why are you decorating the home with greens to-day?"  Daddy���������"Well, you see, the cook Is  coming back from Marienbad, and  you'll not have to prepare dinner any  more."���������Fliegende^ Blaetter.  HER  INDORSEMENT.  "I want this cheque cashed," said the friends deserted him like rats from a  fair young matron, appearing at the \ linking ship, and how at 80 years of  window of the paying^eller. jage, after his day's labour, he wends  "Yes, madam. You must endorse It, | his way to the city with the ber.t,  though!" exclaimed the teller. (broken  down old men  who have in-  "Why, my husband sent it to me. nuenee enough to have their names  He is away on business," she said.     ..! on the city's pay roll.  "Yes, madam. Just endorse it���������sign [ The Moral is that out of your  it on the back, so we will know and j abundance something should be laid  your husband will know that we paid i as'de for declining years, and invested  it to you."  She went to the desk against the  wall, and in a few moments presented  the cheque triumphant, having written  on its'back:  "Your loving wife, Edith.'^Chicago  Post. " 7 '"'���������',  $  TORONTO  FURNITURE   STORE  3334 Westminster Avenue.     %  *  Xmas Goods  DIFFERENTLY.  Servant���������"Heavens, I have knocked  the big flower-pot off the window ledge,  and it struck a man on the head."  Mistress���������"What!, My beautiful ma-  jolica?"���������Fliegende Blaetter.  THE START.  Young reporter���������"Is it true, sir, that  you started life as a poor plowboy?"  Successful Citizen���������"No, sir; I started life as a small, red-faced, yelling  baby."���������Exchange.  BASEMENT WAS VACANT      .  "Did you say you were a month in  your last place?"  "Yes, madamr-a ,week with the  family on the top floor, a week with a  lady on the third floor, a week on the  second, and a week on the ground  floor;"-^-Meg$endoi'fer Blaetter.  AS A  FAVOR.  A tramp called at the house of a  gentleman and said:  "I've walked many miles to see you,  sir, because people told me that you  was very kind to poor chaps like me."  .:  "Oh, they said so, did they r\7 c \  "Yes, sir, that's why. I came."  "And are you coming back the same  way?"  "Yes, sir."  'Then, in that case/will you be good  enough to contradict this rjimpr?"���������  California Christian Advoeate.    ,   ���������  A PITSBURG OBSERVATION    .  ,  "What shall we    say   of   Senator  Smugg?"  "Just say he was always faithful to  his trust."  "And shall we mention the name of  the trust ?"-rPittsburg Observerv  A   large    assortment    of  CHINA,   and   the   prices  are right.  I Many good Xmas suggestions in furniture.  V     H. COWAN.  <^^^������**^:^4������i>4mi,********,i  1*  I  f'  t  I  ?  f  if ������������������  ������  f  V  T  V  V  T  T  y  y  y  y  *  y  y  y  y  ���������?  f  y  7 \   ..��������� THE .;..   -:  BROADWAY TABLE SUPPLY  518 Broadway t E.  H. Harford, Prop.  I  I  Dl^ M A^y to Y(Ki?  We have everything for the table that is  pure and wholesome.   If it's GOOD behave  it.    If we haye itt it's JrQOp.    Our terms.  fwill%;C^  Best at Low Prices.  N  ���������api  ou^mdows^^M  Don't go down town before seeing our  goods.    You will  Save Both Time and Money  What would be a more suitable gift  than any of the articles mentioned  below?  CARVING   SETS,   POCKET  KNIVES,   SILVERWARE,     RAZORS,   SCISSORS,     ETC.  in up-to-date styles at very lowest  ��������� prices.  >:���������������  I  t\  See our STOVES, RANGES AND HEATERS  We carry a full line of BUILDER'S HARDWARE  *  AGENTS FOR SHERWIN-WILLIAMS  PAINTS AND VARNISHES.  G. E. McBRIDE  & COMPANY  Cor. 16th Ave. & Main Street  t*************************S*******************t**+4+S  } Our Grocery Pepartment is stocked with  just what you want in,,Stable and, Fancy  Groceries.   Here are just a few of our prices:  Sweet Creamery Butter   3Jbs������ $J..Q0  r Melrose Falls Cheese i   V ^ lfe: 35c  "7  Reg.40c^ea'<It,s;^od,,Slbs^$^  Swift's Prejnium Hams    "23c per lb.  :     New Suitanna Raisins, extra^ fancy,  2 lbs.   - - - 25c  Pure;Lard���������������������������-������������������:;-���������   ; ^   ,      20c per lb.  J2 tins Peaches I sliced Af������bry choice, 2i5cV  Best Selected Eggs      -   .  40c doz.  Our Delicatessen fleparfment  will always be at the FRONT. Try our Pork  sausage and Head-cheese���������our own make and  fresh every morning.; All kinc!s of Ccclsed  Meats. You will always get gocd Bacon and  Hams here, diced or by. the piece.  COME AND SEE US OFTEN  If It's Good, We Have It.  If We Have It, It's Good.  : ��������� ���������>*i���������5���������t"j-*:-*5���������:*���������:��������� -:-*>-:������<- ���������:���������:������;���������:-.:- ���������:������������������:*.:������:-������:������  Vote for  M. J CREH A  Candidate i License Cpppissioni  Mr.  Crehan appeals to the Voters  on his  RECORD  OF THE PAST YEAR.  He strongly supports the  Strict Enforcement of the law in an impartial manner.  ������4SLMS JUST JTRgATMENT %Q ALL,  "^ "*" Is HlVsLOGAN. :w'^bi^*if*?������V*v>;'S'tyl  11   ���������M.HM^I  THE WESTERN CALL  ���������*���������?���������������������������������  77:;W%7ft7-S������7;;3^^  To come to our store Xmas week and see the good things we have to  show you. We have the greatest assortment of Xmas Goods ever  shown in Mount Pleasant; and our prices this season are \reiy low.  Mixed Candy  A very fine assortment of  Fancy Mixed Candy, Kelly's  Special        -      2 lbs. 25C  Mixed Chocolates  Beautiful hand made chocolates, per lb.    -      - o.   tuuC  Fancy Boxes of s  Chocolates  ���������"   lOe, 25c, 50c to    ������������������*   $1.50  Peters' Milk Chocolate  In all sizes fancy croquettes.  WEHAVEALARGE  SHIPMENT OF  PHONE 9m  Xmas Tree  Ornaments  Tinsel  Xmas Stockings  Candy Canes  Chestnuts  that are fresh and fine,_per  pound    - _  25c  Brazil Nuts  New aud full, pound  Mixed Nuts  and Peanuts  Fancy Biscuits  We have some of the most tasty biscuits ever made. Ragged  Robin, Corn Flour, Butter  Puffs, Cracknels, Twickenham  Rusks, Shortbread of all kinds  we also have the viery latest  Ufillit, a crisp, tasty tartlet  all ready to fill with jam or  mincemeat.   The best ever.  Japanese Oranges  The largest size box of best  quality fruit, per box     5uC  <f     '    : .. . ���������-        .-.>������������������  Apples  For Xmas you want a nice  rosy apple as well as a good flavored one. Try our Winesaps  at per box       - $*������5U  Mincemeat  Home made, and contains nothing but pure, fresh fruit and  meat.      - 2 lbs. 25c  to arrive here on Tuesday or Wednesday. These birds are to be the finest on view in  the city and we want you to come to the store and see them and note the small prices  we are marking them at.     NO OLD BIRDS.    NO COLD STORAGE STOCK.  Q.    S.    KELL^V        '333 HAIN ST.  -Jt  WHITE PUAGUE FIGHT8.  What are the women in the country  districts doing for the suppression of  that great scourge���������consumption, so  familiarly known now as the Great  White Plague? . ���������  In the cities and large towns everywhere women are busy, organizing  themselves into committees and depu-  tions tf investigate conditions that affect the public health, and to wait upon civic authorities where necessary to  urge for needful improvements so' that  every worker shall have a chance for  health.  . ^ Great p  season through lectures to the children in the school rooms, on how to  combat the White Plague:  Every country school should have a  lecture at leace once, a term so that  every child may become fully informed of the causes and progress and effect of this dread malady, and also  its prevention and remedy.  .. Let us protect our children. Mothers should not relegate this imperative work to the slow-moving men.  You are the natural custodians of the  family health, appointed by mother nature: therefore, this work is yours.  See ye to it.  PREDICTS WAR.  New York,���������Capt. H. H. Rogers, son  of the   late  Standard    Oil   financier,  whose hobby is the study of military  ffairs, has just returned to New York  from  a  long   trip   of  observation, in  the army camps of France and Germany.   He brought home with him the  | unpleasant prediction that Japan will  I provoke war with the  United States  \ some time  before  the Panama canal  .is opened.    This is not only the belief of Capt! Rogers, but the concensus of opinion, he says, of the military men he met during his stay a-  Jbroad.    Rogers   is   a  captain   in  the  22nd regiment of the National Guard  (of New York.   Summing up what he  Igleaned   abroad,    Mr.  Rogers  said:  J'The control of the Pacific is between  [her and  the  United  States, and she  leans to get it.    Notwithstanding all  this recent peace talk in Japan, that  (nation is going to strike, and strike  aefore the Panama canal is opened."  FREEDOM   AT   LAST.  'So you're a butcher now?"  "Yes," explained the   former   dry-  gooda clerk,, "the,ladies don't try to  itch spare-ribs or steak,"���������Exchange.  i  ?  T  T  T  I  ������  ���������   ' ��������� ������������������ T  ;���������:���������.:.���������.....���������������������������.���������'-.������������������.'������������������ ;��������� .������������������������������������...,-:���������   - ��������� -.i\  ::..::;:���������..-���������  ' ���������.-������������������;:'   ���������:���������      -:     : - - -"      - "������������������ ���������     > f  .... T  " *  V  ������������������������������������ f  ���������" ��������� V  (Continued from Page 4)  of Switzerland and    America . shows  Will find us well prepared to. meet their wants.  We are opening and will have on exhibit, both in the  windows and in the., store, _a Ml line of XMAS_ .  NOTIONS.   We make ai specialty of " ~   "k  Gemrnie Ebony Goods  such  as...  Ebony Back Hair Brushes with genuine Russian  Bristle        -          - -         $1.50 to $5.00  Ebony Mirrors from     - -         $1.75 to $3.75  Ebony Manicure Sets and separate pieces.  Ebony Cloth Brushes    - -         $1.50 to $3.00  Ebony Hand Brushes -            90c to $1.25  Ebony Hat Brushes  New lines of Polished Wood, Brushes, Cuff and Collar Boxes,  Handkerchief Cases, Match Pocket Safes, Pocket Cigar Lighters,  Cigar Cases, Pocket Knives, Safety Razors, Razor Strops, Shaving Mugs, Shaving Brushes, Perfume Atomizers, Handkerchief  Sachets.  OUR XMAS CIGAR LINE IS COMPLETE.  Call and see for yourself.  Independent  Drug Store  (LePatourel & McRae)  Cor. 7th & Westminster Ave. - Phone  The  Store  where  your. Prescriptions  are  MEN WHO KNOW.     ^  dispensed   by  that when the Referendum takes root  in a country, it takes political questions, to an immense degree, out of  the hands of the wire-pullers and  makes them mainliy, though not  wholly, on their merits without producing a change of government or of  party predominance.".  C. P. R. FINED.  Gov. Charles N. Herried, of South  Dakota: "Since the Referendum has  been a part of our constitution, we  have had no chartermongers or railroad speculators, no wildcat schemes  of one kind and another, but now these  people do not press their schemes on  the legislature, and hence there is no  necessity for having recourse to the  Referendum."  \  Senator Bourne, of Oregon:    "The  public servant who will not trust the  people should not be trusted by the  '.-. people."  Wendell Philips: "Trust the people  j���������the wise and the ignorant, the good  | and the bad���������with the gravest ques-  , tions, and in the end you educate the  race.    At the same time you secure,7ered "  jnot perfect institutions, not necessary  gbod  ones,   but  the  best  institutions  .possible   while  human   nature  is   the  basis and only material to build with  .-. j    Sir Francis Adams, British Minister  *J* to  Berne,  Switzerland,  states:     "The  Y j Referendum  has  struck root and  ex-  !������'panded   wherever  tt  has  been   Intro-  ***jduced. and no serious politician of any j  Yjparty would now think of attempting)  !������;its abolition.   The Conservatives who j  *s*! violently   opposed     its     introduction j  v | became  its  earnest   supporters  when  * i they found that it. undoubtedly enacted  Toronto,���������"Why should these' poor  beasts be made to suffer because somebody mislaid a' health certificate?"  Crown Aatbrney Coriey remarked in  the police court here the other day,  referring to the last;! charge brought  against the C. P.' R. for "cruelty and  unnecessarily ill-treating animals," by  allowing them to go without food or  water while in transit for a longer period than 28 hours.  "It's lack of humanity to allow the  animals to stand on a siding loaded  after such a long trip," he said.  This was in connection with six car-  ioadsrioo h"ead"of cattle71hipped_from  Winnep'eg by Henry Murveyto Charles  Maybee, cattle dealer. It was 43 hi  hours from the time of feeding at  White River until they were unloaded  at the Western cattle market.  "But the health certificate was  missing at the Parkdale station," contended C. P. R. Counsel Spencer,"  and Superintendent Walker refused to  allow their unloading until cleat ed by  that certificate. At Toronto they were  only 5% hours late, that delay occurred between Muskota and Toronto,  where there is no feeding station?"  "Then some of your officials blund-  threw back Mr. Coriey.   "Why  didn't you give them water at least."  "The market superintendent wouldn't, let them be taken off.   A mistake  vis never wilful."  Through regardlng^the mislaid paper  as a regretable fact, Magistrate Kings-  ford held that so long as the cattle  were in the care of the railway that  corporation was responsible. The fine  was $100 and costs.  GEMS OF TRUTH.  j as   a  drag  upon  law-making."  hastily   and   radical  Genuine saints do not invent nor display their own aureoles. Even Moses  wist not that his face shone.  "Under the influence of Direct Legislation a profound change has come  [over parliament and the people. The  | net result has been a great tranquiliz-  jing of public life.".���������Pres. Numa Droz,  lot Switzerland.  ���������it 11 n ntmnm t m iim -h <h< i 11 h h *i 111 iihiiiii h i ��������� i n m n i t n i m in i i i t i t i t  A physician was once arguing with  his lawyer friend concerning the personal characteristics of one of the  latter'g clients.  "It's no use," he ssld finally, "you  can't make an angel out of a man."  "Nno, that's so. I can't," rejoined  the lawyer with feeling. "We have to  leave that for you doctors."  "Strength of character depends  largely upon the use of past mistakes.  Nothing teaches like experience.  To be cross-grained by nature is a  misfortune; to refuse the straightening and polishing of grace is a- sin.  Conviction, were it never so excellent, is worthless till it convert itself  into conduct;���������Carlyle.  There Is no way of keeping the  heart clean save by aiming at positive virtues.���������-Rev. Trevor H. Davis. ������w3X\^'������S**flfiWJST^^  aV^^-T^-^  Jir^^<ri'A*rt-,*..B^-js,rt^T,.TV*^tt(i������iA>*.J  '5P  10  THE WESTERN CALL  i'i'i  IS  iy.     ;.. . ��������� ..  ;.    .,..;>..-.- :..��������� ;,:-.;..������������������. .������������������.. ������';     ,v       .,''.'.'���������..'.������������������ .     ������������������'.'.    ..     '  "   ' '  '     7'  ���������  '���������    ��������� -: -.-������������������.��������� :. ��������� ���������.���������������������������.���������.���������,.���������..'���������.-,���������������������������;������������������;���������  ���������_.������������������.���������������������������.;���������.   ��������� ���������.'-.7,.:: .���������'.:.������������������.���������.���������-.���������,..:������������������      ������������������ ..,.���������   ���������.���������������������������.���������,.. -  ������������������-.   .      - ..   '.-,,. 7..:, ....    ��������� 7. .    .     7 ..-..,,..',.:.' ..    ,7   '  '       -  t.  ���������  t  3!  s  Y  Y  V  V  y  Y  y  i  .#���������;���������'  ..'������'.  7i7  7ft::  ::  The Voice of the People  .X"X**<"XK"X"X****X������**<~X*������X������^  V  Y  T  T  Y  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY.  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������At your request I voice my sentiments re your corporation.    As you know I looked  ���������well into your company's history and assets before  I endorsed it.   .1 am pleased with it. and cannot speak  too highly ot* the manner in which the whole business has been managed up to the present.   There is  no doubt in my mind that you have a great future,  and the fact that the Dominion Government is behind  you with  a subsidy  of nearly $1,100,000.00  should be conclusive enough to all of the stability of  your undertaking.   I look forward even more to the  general good to Vancouver resultant from such a  large industrial concern locating in our midst.  Respectfully yours,  L. D.^TAYLOR, Mayor of Vancouver.  s  THE IMPERIAL CAR,  SHIPBUILDING & DRY i  DOCK CORPORATION, X  Vancouver, B. C. Y  Dear Sirs:-���������As the legal advisor of your com- ���������  pany, I am in a position to speak with knowledge. ^  Your company is now on a sure foundation, and only Y  requires careful management, which I am sure it is ������  receiving, to "become one of the largest and most .j.  profitable concerns in Canada. X  Vancouver should, in the future, reap very bene- ������  fieial results from your locating in her midst. ^  Yours truly, ��������� . X  G. H. COWAN, M. P. *  * ,   7     i)ecemher 1st, 1910. |  ���������W'M^'M-W'I'W'W'M'iW'frW  THE IMPERIAL CAR, SHIPBUILDING & DRY  DOCK CORPORATION, ^  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������I have great pleasure in being able  to endorse every good thing that you say about your  company, or, I should say, our company, as J am  glad to be able to say that lam a shareholder to  some considerable extent. .. ��������� ��������� 7  In my long business experience, even m the West,  I have never known anything with safer and greater  possibilities.  Yours very truly.  JOHN ARTHUR (Judge),  Ex-President of Washington State Bar Association.  ��������� December 1st, 1910.  *.������,{..H..K"H'frW<NH^  *.H"M'4"M'*'M''li������'H^,H'**^^  ..  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������In answer to your request for a testimonial re your company, I can only say that I have  invested heavily in your stock, and have only done  so after looking thoroughly into the whole matter.  I have no hesitation in advising my friends and  clients to put money into a company which promises  to equal anything which has ever entered British  Columbia.  Yours very truly,  C.  S.  DOUGLAS,  Ex-Mavor of the City of Vancouver.  December 1st, 1910.  ������������������������������������^���������������������������������������������^^^������������������������������������������������������^���������^���������vv^v-^v^^^^^-^<'<-^^^^^t  December 9th, 1910.  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  Vancouver, B. 0.  Dear Sirs:���������Kindly allot me a block of your  stock. I have looked well into it, and believe that,  it is good for the investor's point of view, and also  good that the eity should get the benefit of large, industrial concerns such as yours is. I shall take pleasure iu advising my friends to follow my example by  investing with your company.  Yours verv trulv.  ALDERMAN   STEVENS.  December 9th. 1910.  ..>.;.**.:..x.****^  J THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  X '      ���������     '.   ��������� '                        Vancouver, B. C.  X Dear Sirs:���������The Imperial Car Company stock is  ������ all right, and I have every faith in the company and  \ feel that my money is doing more for me placed  $ with you than I could do with it myself.   I firmly  ���������j* believe that Vancouver will soon have just cause to  ��������������� be proud of having encouraged such an institution  X as The Imperial Car Company.  Y Yours truly,  ������ PRANK  BURNETT.  X ;            Oetober 1st, 1910.  |  Y  Y  T  t  t  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  4  &&&l>*<iW"*^*^^  ^X^H'<'4":"{"t-^<"l������l'>������'M*<,^M>^^t * 4 * <H' * * * 'H^^H*frfrH"fr  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  -������������������:���������"������������������:���������"- ������������������������������������.--...,,.��������� :���������������������������������������������::������������������ Vancouver, B.C.  Dear Sirs trr^oqd luck to your company.   I am  perfectly satisfied with my investment and fully believe that my $10,000%ili,some day bring me several ."���������:< '>  times the amount. 7 '��������� *'.  ,.-..77'7:::,,.7v .Yours-.truly, ^ -k'Al  CAPTAIN JONES.  December 7th, 1910.  ���������X~X^X~H*<H''K������^W������*������H^X������H"1'W^  *.       ���������  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������Your note received in which you ask  $ my views for publication of The Imperial Car Com-  S pany. Your company is what Vancouver has been  T looking for for years, and I welcome your advent as  f marking a new era in the industrial life of this city.  A Yes, I am a shareholder and would be pleased to see  X every man in Vancouver? associated with your Com-  J    pany.  ������ Yours very truly.  X ROBERT KELLY,  Y Of Kelly, Douglas & Company.  J December 9th. 1910.  #*WHri^&Hr*>*W***^  X  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������Your proposition is good, and if  properly managed will be a great success, both for  the individual investor and the city of Vancouver.  Am pleased to say that I have secured a block of  stock, for I feel sure of the safety and value of the  investment.  I am, you.s truly,  DR. NEWCOMBE.  I M  Y  ?  ?  y  Y  ?  v  .X'*'X"X"X������<k������<******<^  y  ?  x  THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������Certainly I shall be only too p'cased  to say something in favor of a company that promises to do so much for the city of Vancouver as The  Imperial Car Company. From the fact that I have  purchased nearly $7,000 worth of your stock, you  may conclude that the company meets with my approval in every sense. In my business experience I  have not met a company with so many valuable assets to its credit as The Imperial Car Company.  From its patent sleeping car, which is destined to  mark a new era in the way of accommodation to the  travelling public, to its city lots, its waterfrontage,  and its subsidy from the Dominion Government, all  combined to make it one of the safest and most  profitable undertakings in my mind that has yet entered British Columbia.  Trusting that your company will meet with the  success it certainly merits, I remain,  Yours verv truly,  W. J. IIEWTON.  December 7th, 1910.  ;"H������M~X^������H":~H������***W~X������4K'*^^^  X ���������  $   THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  % Vancouver, B. C.  ���������$��������� Dear Sirs:���������Re your desire to make public my  X opinion of your company and its prospects, I have  T pleasure in stating that in my opinino few under*  ���������jP takings have commenced with brighter outlook or  X backed up with as strong or increasing assets.  Y 7 I am impressed to the extent that I am purchaser ing a block of our stock, and may even increase my  $   purchase later on.  Yours very trulv,  ALEX, J. DOVE.  Vancouver, B. C, December 8th, 1910.  .4- ���������  _���������    ���������-.*--���������-���������-������������������--���������-  ���������..���������-���������   .Si.0 -������   ��������� ':������.,.#-J������.-������..������J.���������_������.>..������..���������������.���������..���������..���������..���������. ���������������������������-���������.-������. .���������������������������������������������������������������-.������������������.���������-��������������������������� ���������.-������.-���������-���������������������������-������������������--���������_ '  THE IMPERIAX CAR, SHIPBUILDING ���������'& DRY  DOCK CORPORATION,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������I am perfectly satisfied that the  public should know that I am a stockholder in your  company.  I believe I know everything about it, and  believe that with proper management and due ap-   ,���������  preciation by the public, it will be most productive   %  to the investor.  Yours respectfully,  A. R. WATERFALL.  December 9th, 1910.  .X*X*^^*^X"X"X^*'Xo'X**'X**X*'X"{* x*>������,,X,,*X^,X*4wXMX,<t"{"l"X*  1  ?  Y  Y  Y  V  ���������  t  Y  ���������Y  y  Y  Y  Y  ?  |   THE IMPERIAL CAR COMPANY,  ������������ Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:���������Re the Imperial Car Company. It  is good, the best, in fact, that I have known in all  business experience, and I am pleased to state I have  purchased largely of the shares. There is not a possibility of failure, and all we have to do is to proceed  carefully along the path mapped out by the management, and some day our stock will uot be inferior  to Pullman's or Bell's Telephone.  Speed the day,  NICHOL THOMPSON,  Of N. Thompson & Company.  November 1st. 1910.  K<  t  t  ���������������������������   %���������'  V  ��������� J  *> i  '> 1  ���������'"������������������������������������  *���������*  ��������� ���������   ������������������'  -'A    *7  :������������������:���������  ���������:���������  ������������������..*:  .'.  ���������:���������  ; t^  ���������  *  7      p  ���������>  .*.  -1.  t  y  ���������������* /  X  . ���������   ������y!  %  ���������>  ���������  *}  V  xf  i  A* ���������  .'.  t  t  i  t i  i  t n  Y  Y  Y  Y  ���������.���������  Y  V  y  ���������������������������  ���������:���������  ���������  ���������:���������  Y  %  T  Y  *  t  Y  Y  V  y i  y-i  Y  X  f  f  f ���������.  *f  I/'  T  Y  V  V" J  ������������������������������������������  V" 1  .>.x^x������X'X������H������'X'^x^^>^x������^x-^x~x������X'^<''X*������x^'Xt'i~:-X'      ^.X"^x������<~x������x������x^"X������>'X":������:"X^~x~x~^x~X'<"XK^^^"X~x~:'*:������      ���������^x^X"X������xk~x~X"X":������������'^x������x~:~x~x^"X~x^x-x^x^4  ar.  If  I  %  The above are just a few of the many pleasant things that we are frequently receiving. They  speak loudly in approbation and satisfaction in our Company, and should certainly be most  convincing to all who may be hesitating as to what course to pursue.  Imperial Car, Shipbuilding &  Drydock Corporation, Limited  282 HASTINGS ST., E.  PHONE 485 AND 1259  ���������+  x..xk������x~x������'X->^'X������<~>%������x������^x-:������:~x������x-^x~x������x������x^-x������*X";-  AP������LIOATION FORM '���������$  Y  Please allot me shai-es of The    >*  IMPERIAL CAR, SHIPBUILDING & DRY DOCK {���������  CORPORATION, LIMITED, at the price or $50 per $  share, for which I enclose 331-3 per cent, of the full ������  amount of shares asked for. and agree to pay bal- f  ance in two equal quarterly payments, with interest '$  at 6 per cent, per annum.  NAME   ADDRESS   OCCUPATION   Make all cheques payable to Imperial Car, Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Corporation. Limited.  TviiM5,,r,������,vv'5,,ii,I^H*4,T^*i1^  tiniiimiiuiiiiincni [���������nninHhiM.ti������miMn'nniiniinmnnnMtiiTtTm'iHtr'^in'iHH"1*" iiimiiitnitMtntniiiitiMimiituiupmi  \i THE WESTERN CALL  II  v  Finishes  Saturday, Dec. 17th  !0  Take advantage of our  o  o  20  MATTERS MERCENARY  0  SOME   INTERESTING TRADE  FIGURES.  Germany exports to Canada more  toys and dolls than any other country.  Last year the total imports wore, Germany, 1249,919; United States, $171,-  5S3; France, $13,747. In this connection it is of interest to know that the  tin shavings at the British Columbia  salmon canning plants, which were  formerly wasted, are now baled and  shinned to Germany toy manufacturers.  The United States l^ad in the exportation of fruit to Canada. Last yeaf  the figures were: Green apples, $264,-  328; -blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries and strawberries, $211,532;  plums, $158,913; peaches, $155,448;  quinces, apricots, pears and nectarines,  0,678.  Some of the chief imports from Great  Britain: Feather beds, $41,375; ground  mustard, $125,614; ribbons, $651,012;  clothing, $245,377; silk, $104,062; tobacco and cigarettes, $48,335; gloves  and mitts, $810,524; hats and caps,  $895,803.  Fresh salmon to the extent of $20,-  991 was imported into Canada from the  United States last year.  Great Britain supplied Canada with  $1,467,515 worth of whiskey during  last year.  Self-binding harvesters valued at  $165,750; ploughs, $944,290; harrows,  $113,814, and lawn mowers, $21,935,  were imported ffom the United States  last year.  Last year the United States exported  fr.������..gi.>.t3i.������.1g.������^.^.������������l>������rtS������^l^^ J   Canada, fiseworks, $30,267; bayonets,  ��������� swords, fencing foils and  masks, $3,-  533; jewelry, $909,560; type for printing, $101,843; pianos, $206,919; iihono-  ��������� graphs, $331,968; common soap, $194,-  189.  I    Canada imported cheese to the Value  'of $61,584 from Italy last year.  INSURANCE   OF   WORKMEN.  Statistics of Europe ReyeaJL Some  Interesting  Facts���������  Norway has a Compulsory System/  and buy your Christmas gifts this week.  ���������PECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND ^SATURDAY!?!"  ���������piece Tea Set and Grav Silver Plated on hard white'  metal, usual price $35.00, now -      -      $25.00,  For the convenience of our  I ��������� uPJgf������KHM������safc customers we are open every  evening till Christmas.  rttPVKKHTl  ������***������  *,-..������*���������'  Jeweller & Optician  143 HASTINGS ST., W.  4*  Quick Service.  ShoH Oi;ders at All Hours.  ;A* 71 give the!Kitchen my; Personal Attention.  4*  cTViRS.  LUCKHURST.  Profrietress.  -25thi Ave.  MORE CAPITAL BEING SENT  ABROAD.  There always is a large amount of  English capital seeking investment, not  only in the colonies of this country,  but in South America, and in recent  The following is a most interesting  article published by the "Monetary  Times" regarding European Insurance  systems.    It is well worth studying.  "In most of the States of Europe,  with the exception of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Norway and Luxemburg,  such insurance is not compulsory, but  is a matter of mutual understanding  between employer and employed. The  following table shows the comparative  amount of insurance paid out by the  sick funds (Krankenkassen), and also  gives the number of insured:  INSERT TABLE  Employer  Pays One-Third.  In Germany the employer pays one-  third and the employee two-thirds ol  the fees. Norway has a compulsory  system for all branches of industry  up to salaries of M. * 1,515 for cities,  and up to M. 1,350 for the country  districts. The system was introduced  last year. The fees are borne for the  greater part by the workmen themselves (six-tenths), two-tenths by the  State, one-ten I h by the local authorities, and only one-tenth by the employer. Statictics compiled by the Im-'  perial Statistical Office on Accident  Assurance are .not nearly as complete  as the fore going. Accident insurance  in Germany comprises all workmen  and persons employed in trade am'  agriculture drawing a salary up t<  Al. 3,000. OfGermany's sixty-thiee  millions, In the year 1908, 23,700,000  persons, or 37 per cent, were enjoying  the benefits of accident insurance.  Contributions of the Federations ol  Labor (Berufsgenossenshaften) amounted to M. 181,600,000, borne, too,  by the employers.  Expenses of Accident Insurance.  In Austria, where the employer bears  most of the expense of accident insurance, 11 per cent., or 3,800,000 persons,  come under the insurance Act, averag-  H  It  ? i  ? i  |.t  * .  PHONE   6932  I fr,������.||i.������.i|>^Hf������������.|g������������.<fr,������ng,i������|t*������^|i������lg������������.|$WH|1'*' ^'!'-������������������*, ������ *"��������� ���������*���������������������������* ������������������������������* .������'���������������.g"������"������<"ftn������l<Wii|i ������'<!������������������������  years especially in Argentina.    It is mg M; 770 per capita.   The workman  1 evertheless true that there is a grow- ,,iys 10 per ceit#   in Italy, with a popu-  hi  jA%*m\       ������"    f*    *VJ������*\    t*f\  ^V  ^<"    l"  -r������������w^# Av!?,\������, c?<\  0*  %'  **������>1.*'  Nrf  laKIey Heatings Sheet Metal tit;  Hot Water Heating a Specialty.  Hot Air Furnaces.     All Kinds of  Xoriijce and  Sheet Metal Work;  ing disposition, whether because of  more profitable returns or for some  other reason, to send more and more  English capital abroad, so that in the  short space of five years the annual  income from British investments  abroad, has increased by nearly  ?112,000,000. It is an evidence of the  great accumulated wealth of Great  Britain that there never seems to be  any lack of money for legitimate home  undertakings, notwithstanding the financing of so many colonial and  foreign enterprises.  It is estimated that ������300,000,000 or  about 11,500,000,000 of British capital  has bean invested in Canada, This  year to date, the Dominion has borrowed in London, about  ������32,000,000.  Hardware Co.  COR. I Sth ave and Main St.  Hereby do intimate to the public that our  stock in  Pocket   Cutlery  Carving    Sets  Razors & f^azor Strops  Silver Plated Goods  IS COMPLETE  Our Prices are  away  below  any  city or suburbs  store in the  CANADA'S CATTLE.  For- the six monthB ending September 30 last Canada exported by sea  86,724  head  of  cattle,  principally   to  j Great Britain.    The prairie provinces  lation of thirty-three millions, 1,800,-  0DO, or 6������1|per cent, are insured.  The average amount paid by the  employer is M. 6.50. In Prance the  employers contributed ift 1906 M.  65,400,000. In Luxemburg, of 250,000  Inhabitants, 36,701 are insured against  accidents, the employers paying M.  1,070,000, or for each person insured  M. 29.11.  Sickness and' old age insurance Is  now being introduced into France, all  workmen and employees earning up to  M. 2,400 being beneficiaries, employer  and employed paying each one-half.  In Germany 24.1 per cent, of all the  lopulation are insured against sickness  and old age, the fees paid amounting to  M. 184,400,000, or for each person insured the sum of M. 12.       '  *RUN ON A BANK.  . Scenes   of  witnessed  at  great' excitement   were  the head  offices of the  marketed   77,133  head  of  cattle.    Of Birkbeck   Bank,  when,  owing  to  the  I  We also have on hand the celebrated  HAPPY THOUGHT RANGES  and other lines of Stoves and Heaters  Sole agents for  Martin Senour   lOOg Pure Mineral Points  A Pull Line of Builder's Hard wa re always  on Hand and at the Lowest Prices  We would extend  Our many thanks to our patrons who have  contributed their part in making our business so  decided a success since opening six months ago  Wishing all a MERRY XMAS.  J'Y  .������������������..t^*������������������������^ ������**������.������������.������ ������~������.������t*������������ ������������+���������������������������������������������������������������������������'*���������**���������������*���������������������������**������.������������**���������"���������'    ������f������������-������-f������������f������������������������������~  r  >hone 6643  105 Broadway East  these 28,825 head remained in Winni-  ipeg for local consumption, 32,577 were  exported by sea, and 15,731 were consumed by eastern Canada.  >m**  $2500  ,0 Houses and 1J acres for  in fruit :wd*<anlen  A Home for a Mere Bagatelle  This will not last long.       Investigate.  Langley Acreage  Pl sorts and sizes   with or without houses;   some valuable  timber.   $85 to $100 per acre.  :. A. O'Connor *%5r &EFeT  MMwearaancv^mM  QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA.  During the eight months ended  August 31, the land selected in  Queensland totalled 3,558,953 acres, being 250,000 acres more than the area  selected during the corresponding period of the previous year.  MACK pOS. Undertakers  Open Day and Night  OFFICE and CHAPEL  circulation of an anorymous letter connecting the IMrkbeck Bank with the  Charing uross Bank hugs numbers' of  depositors presented themselves and  withdrew their balances. The run  lasted for two days and some of the  crowd spent the whole night outside  the bank. At times there were so  many depositors waiting that the  queue extended from the middle of  Staple Inn to Chaneery-Lane, up past  Southampton-buildings, to Holborn and  down again on the opposite side of  the road to the entrance. The Rank  of England, however, readily backed  the Rirkbeck Bank, and the "run" finally came to an end, many of the depositors returning their money almost  as soon as they had withdrawn it.  THE DON  THE PUCE TO BUY your  Xmas Toys at Lowest Prices  FANCY POXES OF CHOCOLATES  from  10 cents to $2*00 ���������  ���������O"  .PRAIRIE PRODUCE CO.  Now Lmd Huns  Eastern ISggs  Eastern Select -       -  Eastern Extra Select  Sweet Butter  UrniiKe-(.p-iiiwrv Burr^r  Fre.-h Alberta Dairy Butter  .''.-'   Hoc flu/,.  - ..-'.-     , 35c doz.  . . -       -    ��������� ��������� -       40c doz.  :       -       -       4?c doz/  ' -       -       - 40c lb.  -    iJoc- or i lbs. for $1 00  - -       - Sftc lb.  Fresh A Iberta Dairy Butter-in tubs  28c lb.  )8 8th Ave., East  PHONE 3o73  Mathers Block  !  2020GRANVIlLEST.  Phone82821  South Vancouver j  BAKERY I  Westminster Ave.  .-������-.   K  **-.-.  S.'>.-  ?*V'i  ���������.���������t:*>i^f.'*>:ry..>i*>i.-->* ���������>-;*>*���������><*������ ���������  ingep Sewing Machine Co.  fREE. , - ABSOLUTELY       FREE  INO CANVASSING.       NO  TOIL,       NO GUSH,       NO FAKE %\  ' advertise  effectually, giving purchasers the opportunity  of benefit- |> I  (g, a drawing-will t:ke place to decide the lucky lady of  tbe  first 20 *���������?  rchasing a new  sewing   machine at the  NEW STORE Cur. WEST- ,^ j  MINSTER AVE.   AND BROADWAY. ������  | Purchasers of rebuilt machines  run  a like chance of huviug their T \  machines free.        Further particku.la.is apply a I  Cakes, Pastry  Bread, Confectionery, Etc.  Wedding and'  Birthday Cakes  a specialty  MACHINE STORE,   Cor. Westminster Ave. and Broadway  South Vancouver Bakery  CiEO. HERRING, Prop.  Westminster Ave.  That  Family  Group  Photo  Large Assortment of  XHAS CARDS,  CRACKERS  AND BONBONS  In fact everything to make a Merry Xmas  PHONE 4607      2747 MAIN 5T  Has  been  waiting   a   long while.  Why not have it made this Christmas time when you have your family all at home together.  PHONE 5484-  and make i:i\ r.ppointrr.cnt with  WELFORD,  THE MOUNT PLEASANT PHOTOGRAPHER  PROF. COWAN  EXPERT TEACHER of Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Authoharp and  Zither. Twentv Private lessons  $7.00. No-class lessons.  Musicians supplies of every description.  COWAN'S UP-TO-DATE MUSIC STORE  2315 MAIN STREET   near 7th  immmmt*iimmm*9���������mmBwmmcM<mmwmmmm&mmma*Z  pans  I   PH'.  PHONE 6964.  P.O.  BOX   15,    HILLCREST  Cor.  Main Sir,  Broadway  and}  WEBB & YOUNG  PLUMBINC-, GASFHT1NG and HOT WATER  HEATING.     Stoves Connected  and General  Repairs,   Etc.  Estimates Given COR. 21st and WESTMINSTER AVE ^^7'7>77S-.7r  Jfr777 ,-,-. ������������������������������������  "X-5jw������i*'EvSii������*Viy^vm^^S>V������>'?������*ii\i.*Jii������lJ*iK t^'^iiJKJ  -i^WWlUUr^SCi ^;.;.Ti.^.rfsat3.  =-i^K?,y^rr^������av.'.N*-^^������ta^-'^^^'r..j������aTa������.:.^^-.-,i  12  THE WESTERN CALL  i...  ;P7  'I!'  ������  ���������ft  P  I  1  ���������Vxv,  P  .8>:  %������������������������������������  m  1  I  M  am  ���������M  "W  ������������������#'���������  '������������������ft  1  Wtr-  -Sufi--  W^  i I  i;.  <������>.;..X"H"X~X<*t"H"H"<~*"^I"J"J"5"V*H,>j.  ������  ��������� ������ ������  ������������������ ���������  :<>  Lest You Forget  We wish to again repeat the fact that the  MOUNT PLEASANT PHARMACY  Is under new and up-to-date management  The New Proprietor &S^.S������.5^  We Will Be Pleased to Serve You.  Mount Pleasant Pharmacy  The Obliging Drug Store     2419 Westminster Avenue  I  ?  i  *\  *i  ?���������  r. A. WILSON, Proprietor  PHONE 790  SUB POST OITICE  <;  - LETTER OF THANKS.  Vancouver, Dec. 12th, 1910.  To the Editor of the Western Call,  To R. B. Alty,  Dear Sir:���������  On behalf of my wife and self I wish  to express my deepest gratitude to  yourself and the other friends who  so generously came to my assistance  when I met with the accident by which  I lost my leg at a time when I was  without any means of support except  by my daily labor. Your timely action was the means of enabling me to  earn a living for my.wife and family  and I shall never forget your kindness  in interesting yourself on my behalf.  Yours Truly,  H.  T.   ROBINSON.  Cedar Cottage, Vancouver, B. C.  LONDON, Dec. 13.���������P. C. Simmons,  today was. awarded $25,000 damages in  the action which he instituted against  the,-Daily���������'Chronicle alleging false statement-* made by the defendant paper  caused Ills defeat in the election ot iu-st  ���������j un uui'y.  VANCOUVER.���������Serious conflagrations  in Vancouver iiils year nave been noticeable by tlieir absence.  ���������tH^K~H~HS^X^^H^>'l~H^*������X������*X������ <~:������HS"^X*^X������:^W~M������������X-X������X~X~X <~:������X~X-X"X~X'**<~X*<~X"X'**������X  i Loc  Local and  \   Otherwise  The Christian Endeavor of the Cedar  Cottage /Presbyterian "Church held a  very enjoyable social evening last  Tuesday.  " ������������������ /  Take notice to Cowan's Musical Ad.  in this Issue.  Eighty new members were added to  the membership of Mount Pleasant  Presbyterian church, on the evening  of the 9th inst.  The C. E. Society of Mount Pleasant  church attended the rally of Presbyterian societies, on Monday evening;  in the First Presbyterian church.  In view  of the withdrawal of the  name of Mr. Alec Seymour as nominee  of the ratepayers' association of the  third ward for school trustee, tnfctas-  , soclatlon called a special meeting.  Grand Concret and Recital will be  held in the Cedar Cottage Presbyterian ChuVch on Friday, Dec. 16th, at  8:15 p.m.  People are taking advantage of the  Big Furniture Sale at the Edgar Furniture Company, 2245 Main Street.    7  Arthur Frith, corner Broadway and  Main Street for your Men's and Boys'  furnishings. . >,       7      7  On Sunday, the 18th inst., in the  Cedar Cottage Presbyterian church,  the pastor, Rey.; J. 7 C.7 Medill, will  preach: 11:00 a.m., "Gates on Every  Side." .7:30 PW., "Magnetism of the  Uplifted God." 2:30 p.m., Sunday  School and* Bible Class,  We want a girl for office work.  Saturday, 1 p.m.  Call  Wanted���������Woman to do light washing.   Call 154 Seventh avenue east.  Wantedr-Mpther's help girl, about  12 or 14 years of age after school. Call  154Seventhavenue east.  The Buchanan Hardware Co., whose  advertisement appears .in this issue,  have had a very successful business  since they opened their store last May,  corner of Eighteenth and Main. They  intimate that their premises will be  greatly enlarged in the spring and a  much larger and more varied stock of  hardware and other line will be carried. /  MOUNTAIN   VIEW   METHODIST  CHURCH.  The congregation of the Mountain  View Methodist Church will open their  new church, at the corner of Welton  street and Horn Road, on Sunday.  Dec. 18.  This church was started by laymen  about eight years ago. The first  services being held in the little old  Messrs. Tighe & Becket have taken  over the Geo. Gaskell Co., wallpaper  business and will operate under the  mame of Central Wallpaper Store at  218 Hastings East. As they are among  the most experienced men in their  trade, you can entrust your work to  them; '-.���������*'  LECTURE   ON   AUSTRALIA.  A very interesting lecture on Australia was given in {Grace Methodist  Church last Monday evening, Dec. 12,  under the auspices of the Epworth  League, by the Rev. J. H. Johnson, who  spent 26 years on the big tropical  island. He has a good story to tell,  and he tells it very graphically.  The young people of the "League"  are very active these days, and the  spirit and work of the "Builders'  Bible. Class" unusually earnest and  practical. The Trustee Board has furnished them and the Primary Class  with new and separate rooms in the  PEACE RIVER.  Mr. James Albert Myers, of Denv<j|  Lodge, in the Peace River district, hi  raised a crop of 3,144 bushels of whej  on 64 acres, the average yield tha  reaching the remarkable figure of Wl  bushels to the acre. The price of wheJ  in the district named is $2.50 per bus|  el, so that Mr. Myers realization wj  work out at 17,860.  The executive committee of the Rhi  desia Chamber of Mines, in their rj  port for September, state that 41,6i|  native laborers were employed on tl  mines of Southern Rhodesia durii  August. The number of European ei^  ployed was i933.  schoolhouse  on  Westminster  Avenue  (Main Street). They have built"'.the'basement, though cheaply finished, be  Secome Road church, still served by cause a new church may have to be  laymen.    Mr. Whittiker was the first erected in the near future.   The Bible  CANADA'S BUILDINGS.  Minister of the interior at Ottav  states    that building returns for thJl  teen important Canadian centres shoj  a total value of $72,000,000 for this yetl  to date, as 'compared' with $55,000,00  for the same period.' of 1909.   Toront/J  Leads with,a total value in new buiM  ings of $17,700,000, Montreal has $14j  000,000  and   Winnipeg  13,700,000  The annual report of the Bank  Montreal shows total  assets  in  19  amounting to $240,000,000, as compan  with 220,500,000 last year.    The  profits for the year are $1,800,000.  The Dominion revenue for the fir  seven   months   of  the   current  Asm  pastor and did much'to advance the class, however, wished a much larger]year was  $65*800,000, an increase  cause in the district.   He was followed'  by Rev. Mr. Betts, who is recognized  as an  indefatigable worker.    He has  succeeded in building up an excellent  cause  and  this   made  necessary   the  larger and more commodious quarters.  The new building when completed will  I be one of the best In the whole neighborhood  room than the one contemplated, and  both rooms more nicely finished; and,  with the Board's approval, are going  to realize their wish, most of the  money and all of the work involved in venue exceeded   current   expendit  $9,900,000 over the same period lai  year. The completitian of the pubf  accounts of Canada for the fiscal yej  ended March 31 last shows that the  ________.. Perhaps    to Mr. and Mrs.  aaiurday afternoon the South Van-'Beaver more than any others belong  couver Board of School Trustees visit-; the ^credit for this splendid record  ed the Collingwood Heights school and j of advancement. They have stayed  rang the flre alarm v there as well as j faithfully with the cause from its earU  inspecting the schools. The trustees!lest inception and the present status is  expressed their satisfaction at the due largely to their unfailing support,  prompt manner in which the gong was At the opening, Rev. R. N. Powell, the  answered. The pupils used thei fire President of the Conference, will  escapes with the result that the school j preach, as also will Rev. R. Milliken.  was cleared in just forty-five seconds.; Madame Yulisse will sing that matchless production, "A Song of Trust," in  FOR RENT OR SALE.  Eight-roomed house,   28���������10th   Ave.i  west,     modern     throughout;  the afternoon.  On Tuesday evening, 20th inst., the  lately 'a<^es o( tne church will serve supper  papered,   varnished   and  painted   in-!1"'11������ Banwetting, Hall of the new  One of the  best church' from 6 to 8 Pm- after whlch  ��������� a splendid musical and literary  side and  locations  pant.  outside,  in the City.  Address occu-  WeInvite Your  Mspeetion  Wishing you aM the  Compliments of  the Season  W-   R.  OWEN  2337 WESTMINSTER AVE.  TELEPHONE 447  Ask for uOven Secrets" u Inside Range Information"  and a valuable Cook Book FREE.  program will be given in the school soom,  to which an admission of 50 cents  will be charged.  LYALL  EDRA   HUNT.  Lyall  Edra Hunt, daughter  of Mr.  (and   Mrs.   Hunt,   532  Broadway  east,  J died in the city on Wednesday, aged  14 years.    The funeral took place on  Saturday 'at,.2  p.m.  from  the  above  residence, Rev. S. Everton officiating.  the desired improvement being  trihuted by the class itself.   >'  con-  from the  000,000.  consolidated .fund by  $2  Cleared Lot  21st Ave  MRS. FANNY SYKES.  The funeral of the late Mrs. Fanny  Sykes   took   place   Friday   afternoon  jfrom the family residense,J7567 Eighth  j avenue east, to Mountain View ceme-  . tery.     Rev.   G.   H.  Wilson  officiated,  and   many   friends   of   the   deceased  i were   present.    A   large  number  of  floral tributes covered the bier.  BARBARY DELAHEYE.  ? The funeral of Barbary, the infant  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Delaheye,  ���������.of Hillcrest, took place from Greene  & Simpson's chapel, at 2:30 o'clock,  Saturday afternoon.  LOUISE CAT.-tERINE McLEOD.  The death occurred on Monday of  Louise Catherine, one-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William McLeod,  corner Westminster Road and Martha  street, South Vancouver. The funeral  will take place this afternoon at 2:30  o'clock from the above address. Rev.  Mr. Cameron will officiate.  MYRTLE DRISCOLL.  | The five-year-old girl, Myrtle  coll, whose parents reside at  Eighth avenue, and who was severely  burned, as reported in the News-Advertiser Saturday morning, 3rd inst.,  died Sunday morning at 10 o'clock  in the general hospital as the result  of her injuries.  Drls-  124  We have for Exclusive Sale (12)  very Choice Lots on 21st Avenue.]  Lots are all cleared and in grass J  Only two blocks from twb carlines  and good open roads on either sid<  City water and Electric light ma:  be had on the property. The prices  are very low, only $850 for insid(  lots and $21iffi  TERMS are One Quarter cash and the balance ii  Six, Twelve and Eighteen months  It is now assured that D. L. 301, will be in the citj  in a few months. This means that this property  will be worth at least 25 per cent more after actus  annexation. If it's a good thing you have beei  waiting for here it is. Call in at either of oui  offices, 612 Hastings St., W., or 2343 Main St|  and we will be pleased to show you this property  OOGrKf  612 Hastings St.W. Phone 819s  1^2343.Main,St.   Phone 71?]  ���������������������������  VOTE FOR  ���������������������������  oALDERMAN H. H. STEVEN  Candidate For  Re-Election for Ward V.  His Record is his Platfon


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