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>  I
NO t WHY ?
Published in the Interests of Greater Vancouver.
H. H. Stevens, Editor,.
VANCOUVER,   BBiTiggXoi.UMBU,   FEB.   24,   1911.
No. 42
[Attorney-General Introduces Amendment to Municipal Clauses Act.
The public are often too ready to condemn those in authority
[when they refuse to grant legislation exactly to their taste, but are
'very slow to acknowledge an act in the public interest.
7 It is with pleasure that we draw attention to a clause in the
. 'Amendment to the Municipal Clauses Act," now before the British
[Columbia Legislature, and introduced by the Attorney-General. We
Vrefer to section 12, which reads as follows:,
I "Section 185 of said chapter 32 is hereby amended by inserting
Rafter subsection (2) of said section the following subsection:���
[ "(3) No saloon license shall be granted, renewed, or transferred so as to terminate after the fifteenth day of January, 1914,
[but ahy< person:holding a saloon license in respect of any premises
fshall be entitled to haye granted to him on or before such date a
Ihotel license in;, respect ojf any premises approvedby the.Board of
���Licensing Commissioners, upon proof to the satisfaction of the
���Board that there is on such premises a hotel, or building intended
[for a hotel, containing not less than thirty rooms used or to be used,"
ind to be kept continually in use, for hotel purposes, .and upon pay-
-ent of the proper fee for a hotel license.''        ' -
"We wish to express our approbation of the efforts of Attorney-,
jreneral Bowser to handle the liquor traffic of this province*   Last:
fear he passed the most drastic "Liquor Act" in exisfehce 1h
Canada, and he has rigorouslyc enforced Hsince it becameote^tive.,
.   " We do not agree with the Provincial Government in TiorpasWitifr -
|, "Local Option Law," but are, at the same time, glad to note the
hifori they are making to property control the situation, and to that
rxtent we feel they should have the beat wishes' and support of the
temperance people of the Province. '"J
.     The general publie of.VaueouVe* wiU:lfcpa>Jily approveroi ttie
|fforts of the majority of the License Board to restrict the lxftnaea
7cafea attached to hotels.., .    ' . ��� ��.                 ���    ...
The argument -of tbA��c��nmisaion��rs ia tta^^a** attached to
a good illustration. This hotel had a dii��mr*oom (���) which wouM
^hty^gMSbut are using it aa a JwaJ^wp^ttid have
��d out ^luxurious cafe ia the Jjaeemeiit whieh �� aaaied after
Notorious Seattle wine eefe, ^MMb1''   15EJ*,i5
~   a plaea for ���erruif '^A^^mpmi *ere ia bo
^ to Vater to th* p*Nk aieeW�� **?&>���; vi  Y>M
Sssianers, aud ha* offered, on behalf of the TlrayeU��|t Wei, to
"ake a "test case" Ur the courtt.rThia the other commissioners
We*repeat that the Aetio*:gjb* f^^SS** �� Jfi? ��
uld be highly commended by the punne.������ \   '���
iOeged ���ohemt to *���-opt* JUstricted Wftrtot.
We have stated in these columns that the exodus of undesirable
iracters from Seattle would likely have an adverse affect upon
fucouver and Victoria. This prediction will be realized m Vie-
ia according to well authenticated reports now in our possession,
i It appears that some enterprising gentlemen, well known public
tn, have already taken steps to make a profitable deal by opening
I a "restricted district" in the capital. The district a to be
kated at Bock Bay, in the neighborhood of Johns street and HU1-
[e avenue. Those interested in the movement own about one-half
fthe property and are securing options on more. A-syndicate,
lich has been formed to handle the property, has commenced
rotations with a well known character, Stella Corl, to arrange
if the opening of the district. Of course it has been necessary
[secure the guarantee of the support of the authorities and this
P^pSftllly^rranged. It is stated *��*^* ^^XJE
thing of the matter as yet, but will be unable to successfully
Sose the question when it is up. It is reported that both police
pmissibners have expressed themselves as in favor of the reacted district," and that Police Sergeant Carson will also advise
���favor "of the movement. ,,        .
It is' not too late for Victoria citizens to nip the scheme in
i bud if they act quickly. Find out who owns the property
licated-and-who has been negotiating for its purchase recently.
put two and two together and we,are satisfied the result will
VThose who favor decency should get active and oppose the
iciple and watch the actions of the Police Commissioners.
jTgbnuine kick.
I In our issue of February 10th last, we published a report on
1 deputation which went to Victoria re the "Greater Vancouver
kstion, and used the following words: ^ ,��..-,-, n-Ao kf
t"Th!e only objection was by our old friend, Robt. McBride. ot
fRiver road, who is asking that his land shall not be taxed above
fcrtain sum. being about one-tenth of the regular rate His.claim.-
I, however, so manifestly absurd that it is not thought the Gov-
ment will take it seriously" ,,,.-���������'   ,',���   , *. i   "
r Mr   McBride writes us to the effect that "this is absolutely
[e, and I ask you to contradict it in your next issue, or prove
*w!athasten to reassure the worthy Robt. McBride that we do
Avish intentionally to misrepresent his case, and will seek to
lain the matter fairly.
'It is the wish-of the majority of the residents of South Van-
^e rto see the consunimation of the annexation question, and to
lend a great deal of effort has been expended by the Reeve .and
U   the onlv objection being from Mr. McBride and a friend..
io 'bv the wav, told the editor of this paper that he was acting
|�� the influence of the worthy Robert), who claim that they
farm property and that it should not be assessed above !?2U0.U<J
acre    This property is assessed now at $1,250.00 per acre, and
Harket price is from $2,500.00 to $3,000,00 per acre
tWe stated that Mr. McBride asked that his land be taxed at
Et one-tenth the regular rate. -Well,- by the above figures of
l00 as-against $1.250.00,-it is exactly 16 per cent.f<Avhde we
|d 10 per cent,    We cheerfully acknowledge our sin in this
feet and herewith give correction. ...���'.,,���.,
IBut-tak* a comparison of the proposed assessment by McBxide
fcoO 00 per acre and the market price of $3,000.00 per acre, and
Save   in place of one-tenth, the figure of one-fifteenth      ,.
iThe'fact of the matter is this:   Mr. McBride about five years
lleased his land to Chinamen., not farmers, but: ordinary .Celes--
I   for a period of ten years:    The .development has far out-
Led his most sanguine expectations, and nov- -the rate of -his.
I l& not sufficient'; to pay>is r taxes, and.;he        ore/ . ?e has,;
Eve'rV all "the -unearned increme-t, amounting to/oyer l.o00 per
Now, can any sane man see l reason to    kick?'
Davis Determined to Get the Seat���Takes Umbrage at Call.
Ward V. is having a little election campaign all to itself. Our
old friend, Mr. Wm. Davis, is determinedJWt to let an opportunity
pass to get that seat. Mr. WilliamsonV4j|ho was to all intents
elected, but disqualified on a technicality,-^, of course, in the running. In our opinion, after the result of the election of January 12th,
there should be no contest. We have repeatedly said so in these
columns and elsewhere, and as a result haV�� succeeded in offending
our worthy friend Mr. Davie. ^
Mr. Davis has forwarded a letter wale* he requests should be
published in our last week's, issue, but unfortunately it did not
come to the notice of theVeditor until afttt the issue was on the
press, as he was at Victoria on civic business. We will, however,
do bette* than publish abetter for Mr. Da^ns; we'will dignify his
cause by allowing considerable editorial space for its discussion.
We hope* this will be duly appreciated! as "front page ads."
are usually expensive. \   <. . V i , ��* -
In the "first place, Mr. Davis objects ^ ouirygiving him advice
in the columns of this Jdurnal and reius^to ^ct-by it.   He has a
perfect, right-to take: that course; 2W a%;chdg��e��i,��bnt we do feel
��� rather badthit ourJadvice is to%d at>vmw<iB.vthia%ay,
Mr. Davis says: "I have had it said a long tine ago, wait
untilvftnotber-yeajrirl do-.not vcaj��4o_;wa%titt swneon* drops obt
or dies to git tie seat." There are two thttgs apparent from this,
first that Mr, Pavia has been trying.to get,the seat for.a long time
(his own words>.   Secondly, kt'h> detemiwd "to get the teak"
Again, ."Would it not be veU for Mr> Williamson to do the
fame," says Our friend Davis. W�� wooidijremind Mr. Davis and
our readers that Mr. Williamson waa elailem with a good majority
in perfect good faith at the general elections, which ia entirely
,dinVrent from Mr.^vhT^ position. ' .^^.' * . *      ���
Mr. Dfcyis winds Up hia letter to us by reminding the editor that
ht> has "the nam* t>f-t*m�� aY^uwhmaei and will 'you kindly
practice what you pijwwh.'Y N��dleai tor say, this admonition haa
beeu duly remad and deposited in the jbiMiaoat ncesaea. of our
heart, theiw to a<fe a rnonit^ W1^ show any sign
Wat*? ivmthllhiaot*-**^^ friend for
-,.    ��    . r^    i���: 'i>; i^ r,*\ *
," .TAOC��IJ^Ife-S-V  <r   w(.\    .
. Tor eome weeka this city has been^wred to ih* very core by a-
bitter agiutioaafaiuat "comtwlaory'%s*mMm^*f We are in entire
accord with 1h^ wh^ obje^Tto the ^IgallllilU" V^ ot the
question, but we arret th^if^a^ that a��a^/ aron^es^y alarmed
and\re going0 ��twm��i*5ri�� dtnuacitiou oi%a practice of.
���-^e edition tifi^lietlol^*^^ W<t,-h de
batable": No sane man acquainted with the history of the case) will
deny thia. Ou the one hand, it can safely be claimed rthet it has
largely reduced small-pox, and on the other hand, it ia equally true
that iu individual cases some have suffered evil effects, even death.
It ia also true that modern science* as related to sanitary rules,
has done more than anything else to lessen tbe spread of disease, and
while vaccination may have done much in the past, the question is,
has it been replaced by a better knowledge of the disease and of
sanitary laws? In any case, the city health authorities have only-
gone so far as to provide stations where the public may have the
privilege of free vaccination, if -they so desire, and have made no
attempt to force any citizen against their will to submit to vaccination, which makes a great deal of this "go-to-jail-first" talk look
rather foolish.
Any sane, impartial investigation 'of the subject will receive
the hearty support of this journal, for we are after the "latest" in
all branches of science, but please give us facts, not visions.
ware cai-h*
The recently published "robbery with violence" incident in
South Vancouver should be a warning to the city authorities to take
steps to abolish the wine cafes of this city.
It appears that a Mr. Leigh had gone to a wine cafe after
attending the theater, and there met a woman named Mrs. Beatrice
Williams, with whom he drank wine in considerable quantities; in
fact, to such a degree as to render him not altogether responsible
for his actions. They then proceeded to the Gladstone Inn, a notorious resort in South Vancouver, where more champagne was
imbibed. At this place an altercation arose bet ^en Leigh and the
cab-driver, named White, resulting in a fight. Another man named
Herbert took part in the scrape, and the up-shot of the escapade was
that when Leigh came to his senses he found he had been relieved
of $700 00 and suffered such severe bodily injury as to place him
in the hospital for some weeks. The two men, white and Herbert,
have been committed for trial on the charge of robbery.
There are two features in this incident which warrant attention���first, the police of South Vancouver showed consider able dila-
toriness in prosecuting this case, and also in allowing the Gladstone
Inn to continue these orgies, which are said to be a nightly occurrence. :
Secondly, and to our mind1 the most serious feature, is the fact
that this affair had its inspiration at a "wine cafe." These resorts
are gradually creeping into our city life and will prove to Vancouver as great a curse-'as* they have to continental Europe and to
America. " .  ;  -
Vancouver must arouse.lierself now andoshake off this invidious
element or, we shall most certainly suffer the consequences.
The''Provincial Government has seen fit. in their'^yisdom, to
refuse special legislation to enable Vancouver City and South Vancouver to consummate annexation. The reasons given are. that
special legislation is contrary to the policy of the Government, and
that there has not been sufficient expression of opinion by the public.
Regarding '"the former reason we simply say we heartily agree
with the Government, except in eases where the gravity, of the situation .outweighs the r-inciple, which ��� we ��� claim is the fact in this
case. .
As far as an expression of public opinion is concerned we claim
there has been ample. It is true our vote was small, but it was practically unanimous and was taken at a special poll, when few people
will come out. South Vancouver gave a large majority also. Then,
we claim.'as'"a.complete!'answer/.the fact that there has been no
single objection, except that of Robt. McBride and his satelite. .
However, the Government has decided, and it is now up to the
City and the Municipality to grapple with the sanitary and other
probleir-*! as best they can. under such adverse and cruel conditions
as now .exist. - .*.    .
-, ^Without an\"";de_sire-to' eiiter: the ranks?of .the -pessimist, we'.���fear
an epidemic when the dfcy/weather comes," and the' authorities��� will
be fearfully handicapped in dealing with the situation.
Why Taft Vants Reciprocity���Our Wheat to Be Diverted to Ameri*
, can Centers.
President Taft recently stated when addressing the State Legislature of Illinois that the reciprocity agreement with Canada must
of necessity relate more to agricultural products than to manufac- ���
tures  ppc! continuing, said:
"The suggestion that the opening of our markets to Canadian wheat and
other cereals will 1 educe the price of land in certain wheat-raising states is
refuted by every table of statistics. To let the whole of the Northwest
wheat come down to Minneapolis and Chicago will steady the price of wheat,
but that it will, in the end, substantially reduce the price of wheat, fixed for
the world in Liverpool, no one' familiar with conditions will assert. -  ���
"It will give the United States much greater control of the-wheat market
than it has ever had before. It will need its milling plant* to turn Canadian
wheat into flour and 'send abroad the finished product and will stimulate tho
sale of manufactures and other things that we have to. sell In Canada."l- >   t   ,
The president further asserted that in removing the artificial barriers
between the northwestern part of the United States and Canadian provinces,
the agreement would bring live cattle to feed on the corn of the American
farmer. The prsidnt said that "no step could be taken more In the interest
of a reasonable "policy of protection than the approval of the treaty atfd that
Insistence oh the present excessive protection would arouse <aa opposition U ,f'
the country that will know no mbderatkra." -,    - -   ,>   :
We would draw special attention to the words:   "It will give7'
the United States much-greater control of the wheat market."  Thia
is 'true, aud is the underlying motive of the United States.   Thenn
again, he says. "-The whole pf^the/Northwest wheat wilt con^dowa^-,-
to'Minneapolis and Chicago/' and "it will need milling plants to
turn Canadian wheat into flour.''  Did it ever occur to,the reader
that the United States is rapidly nearlng the point whe>e -they must' . -
import wheat? Is the public aware that our "Manitoba^No. 1 Hard??
is now- imported by the States for the turning out of their beet '
brands of flour!   And now that we are just approaching the point.
where-we are recognized as the chief factor in the world's wheat
market, Uncle 9am would coolly ask us to ship our wheat .to him, <- ^
there to be milled. -~- i <'-/.,,  -  r.\
:' Why should we sacrifice. Port Arthur, Winnipeg, l(boee|awr L
.Brandon, Regina and other prairie tenters in order to build up-J^b/*1
neapolisr .Chicago, Duluth, eteJ Onr Canadian eitiea have dufrjre^
gently" commenced to' reap the rewards of over twenty^ftve yeara'of:
.pioneering efforts,, and, forsooth, because our avaracious cousins to
the south see agood chance to' reap; the benefit* we are' aaked Id
export^onrwheat to be milled in Amerieaiimil}*;,or to be shipped <_ ^,<(;rc>>|
K ��� 4*T *   , >t       '"   *
r.V m       *       mi    m A^lllll
:* y'1
I   <-k
' i.' �����
over American lines and through American eenbin to Burope.
If thia agreement is ��tined^ Ottawa,^ wUl be recorded in
ory as "Canada's Crime>    '1?^$^.'
"7 C
���^^     i���a.     ^k^umh^^ & fBBHBA^ai    ^Skessa   MM^ssaait^^aBMMaa^^BalBlBiaaBa^^Bsi^n*
M. 0. ���fTBfavTSf OF ISfSHmTUUt-
We wisli very briefly to touch onV few oj the wi6at^i��^ot^/*'r- v-
items in the M Estimates for Expeaditurea" for this coming year in
^tish>Columbia.   ��� , \'\s~ '��� > 'k~    .    "&>-^<it&Zl?
.     There hrjme item of $9^32.00 ifor ifCS^MMns^^ ^f
rles." ThirHemHeor��r��'th<HM��afl#^^
and a careful perusal of the items would convmee, the mo��t exacting
eitizeu tbat the Ooverament was being carried on in a most econo-
. luic manner. The items under this bead cover .the expenses of the
Premier's office, the Board of Health, the Museum, Printing Department, Hospital for the Insane, Provincial Secretary's Department,
Educational Department, Text Books, Inspection of Schools, Normal
Schools, Department of Mines, Treasury Department, Lands Department, Works Department, the innumerable Inspectors, the Provincial
Police, the Register Offices, the Land Agents, etc.
When we consider that it is only costing about 10 per cent, of
the revenue to administer the affairs of the Province, we must certainly admit that that part is being well taken care of.
Education will claim some $848,946.00. Of this sum the amount
granted to cities, municipalities and rural districts in a per capita
grant is $787,796.00. Night schools will claim $10,000.00, free text
books $20,000X)0. This serves to show the deep interest being taken
in the education of the young of the Province.
Efforts are being made to change our excellent school system,
so as to allow for "separate schools." Those seeking this chango
give n6 adequate"rea"son"and there~is small~chance of it being granted-
by the present Government, but it is well for all who are interested
in the free, untrammeled public school system, to be on the alert to
offset any such attempt.
Hospitals and charities will receive $407,350.00. There is room
here for a little fair criticism. It is proposed to give $225,000.00 of
this sum to hospitals in direct grants. The Government has no
adequate direct supervision over these institutions. In many cases
they are purely religious in character and established with one
object, that of propagating some particular religious creed.
Now. we do not object to any organization having an hospital
if they wish, but we do object to public monies being given to any
institution which is not under the supervision of a public board. We
further affirm that an independent government inspector should be
appointed to watch over all these places which receive public aid.
This is provided for now, but some of the inspectors chosen are taken
from among the directors of the hospital they arc to inspect, which
is a farce.
The Administration of Justice will demand $265,070.00, which is
well within bounds. ���
Public institutions will require $191,400.00, divided up as'follows:   Bureau of Mines $4,000.00. Fisheries-$]9.500:00. Hospital for
Insane $83,150.00, Printing Office $68,150.00, Old.Men's Home $14/
600.00, Museum $2,000.00.   These items include repairs, maintenance,
now !����������'���-inery, materials, etc.
Public Works.
This department" is the. heavy spender and ���$5/507.990.00 will
this year be expended'in public works. The Vancouver Court House
$225,000.00, new Asylum at Coquitlam .$355,000.00," new wing to
Parliament .Buildings.$150,000.00. prison farms and buildings $50,-
000.00,-. public schools $350,000.00,* Second-"Narnnvs bridge" .'$250;-
00.0.00, other bridges $600,000.00, aud the splendid sum of $2,842,-
000.00 on roads, streets and wharves:
The foregoing is a complete answer to those "chronic kickers"
who are claiming the Government are not spending sufficient on
.public works. It is quite apparent that the Government is endeavoring to develop this vast'Province in a sane and equitable
manner. The sum for roads provides for every "district, including
$75,000.00 for the. Alberni district, the home of the leader of,the
Opposition (Brewster), which goes to demonstrate the fairness ot* the
Among the miscellaneous items will "'be found $7S,000.00 for
Agricultural Associations, as an evidence of the interest taken iu
extending the intluenee of these organizations, $150,000.00 for forest
protection. $71,000.00 for a Wo ter, Commission: .$410,000.00 has been
set aside for surveys, thus making the public lands available to the
"We have only been able to touch upon the most important items
in the estimates, and feel that we are warranted.in stating that this.
is clear evidence that the Government'of Jiritish Columbia are careful
of their-administration, wise and progressive ia-their provisions for
the future, and free from every element of recklessness which so'
often characterizes a prosperous community. 7 SSB:1-"-:--  ���������.r/'.,!^-*.-        i\  il  245Main  OR; 7th  NOW DEMAND  3U) THEY WANT IT QUICK, THAT IS THE REASON WHY THE STOCK OF EDGAR FURNITURE CO. is in the han<  Manufacturer's Ad j ustrrient Company of Montrea  This Company is acting under positive instructions to clear out the Entire Stock During the Next Fourteen Days]  The Verdict is to RESERVE NOTHINQ1  Prices to Half and  Less.       Here's Your Chance.       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It waa the concensus of opinion that  the League had Been interfering with  lines of work well provided for by  Tie Ingle  ���������van That  Representative Nye, of   Minnesota,  has much of the wit of his lamented  otTe;o7gaitotioMkndrhe"wnve"ntion Jrothw' Bi������ *'*��������� m���������** a lawyer  concluded that the most effective work *W*������tati*e Nye said at a lawyers-  would be done by confining the efforts banawt in Minneapolis:  of the League to advancing the cause "I*Wf have grand reputations for  In this action the energy and V*���������������������������<*>- A lad said  to his father one day:  '"Father, do lawyers tell the truth?"  >������������������������������4.������<H������������������������#������������������������������������*lt������������tO������******������������������*������������*������**T*������**������������������*  a  "it:  \'*''  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most up-to-date place to eat on the Hill.  All home cooking.  White help.   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It was also decided that the introduction of the Canada Temperance  Act should not again be attempted,  but that an organizing and educative  campaign should be undertaken in the  interests of a Local Option Law for  the Province.  The following were appointed aB the  executive committee:  President���������R. H. Cairns.  Vice-Presidents���������The chief officer of  every denomination in British Colum-  bia,'also Dr. Ernest HaU (Victoria),  Dr. Sawyer (Okanagan), G. O. Buchanan (Kaslo), C. N. Haney (Van-  couve������K.pre8ldents of I. O. G. T., R. of  T., W. C. T. U. etc.  Financial Secretary���������W. J. Faris.  Treasurer���������P. G. Drost.  Victoria���������W. A. Gleason, W. M.  Mitchel, rGeo. ��������� Carter, Wm. Marcham,  Dr. Russell, A. B. MvNetll.  Vancouver���������T. T. Langlois, E. B.  Morgan, J. A. Thomson. Prof. Odium,  S. Des Brialay, T. Corbett, John Horner, J. Mj-Patujjlo, W. H. Higgins, A.-  C. Callander, A. J. Passage, J. J. Doug.  *n- '$ ���������'  .  NewfJW������stmlnster���������N. R. Brown, D  S." Curtis, f   ' ' '.   '.  " Kootenays���������J. C. Harris (New Den  ver>< J. Jfolrick, (Nelson), Dr. Connolly  (Cranbrook), Dr. Wolvertdn (Nelson).  North British Columbia���������Mr. Wm.  Duncan (Courtenay), W. W. Millard  (Cumberland), W. T, Kergin (Prince  Rupert)'."'  Nanaimo���������H. Skinner, J. E. T. Pow-  era.        * ���������"  Chilliwack Valley���������Mr.   A.   Thompson (Dewdney), C. H. Cowan (Chilliwack). < ���������  ��������� Kamloope���������Dr. Archibald.  Revelstoke���������Mr. R. Howson.  (Htanagan���������Mayor G. Bell ( (Ender-  by),-John7Bpeer (Vernon), C. 8. Stevens (Suiakerland), J, L. Logie (Sum-  merlandf,1 Mr. Wanless., (Kaleden).  Mrs.- M^iu' CuBningbam.-CNew, Westminster)?, Mrs. R. 8. Day. (Victoria),  Mrs. Gr^ (Vancouver); Mrs. Lashley Hati ^(Vancouver);      /" 7 j "  The following" resolution on policy  was^uhaoimously adopted" after au ex*  ba,us������T^^iacu88ion which guarantees  ������>lwaj|r^tt|psrfc,XJ-,���������--'?   ^' -- -.-  "Th*t "the bolicy of'this league for  the coming year shall be one'of education and organization, with a view to  secure eventually ev provincial luteal  Option law; that we concentrate'our  efforts for tbe purpose and leave other  matters to the organizations to which  they more particularly pertain; that  we re<luest the incoming executive to  devise such plans for the financing of  the league campaign as will adequate-.  ly provide the necessary funds."- '  The standard of the speeches of the  convention were of a very btgh order.  Special mention might be made of that  of Rev. E. A. Henry who related, to  prohibition, also that of Rev. flL Newton Powell on"Policy-and-Patriotism"  in which he expressed regret for the  introduction into the Province of the'  Canada Temperance Act.  Among others who spoke were: R.  H. Cairns of Chilliwack, Rev. A. M.  Sanford, Rev. Mr. Davis, Rev. P. C.  Parker, Rev. Mr. Hedley, W. J. Far-  ris.  " 'Yes, my boy,' the father answered.  'Lawyers will do anything to win a  case.'"���������Washington Star.  H)������ Wife  "What do you do   for   a   living,  Moses?"  "I'se de manager ob a laundry."  "What's the name of this laundry?"  "Eliza    Ann."���������Louisville    Courier-  Journal. ,  Musical Notes  The Virtuoso���������"He paid $4,000 for a  Whistler."  The. Drummer���������"Gee! You can get  a Singer for about fifty dollars."���������  Brooklyn Life.  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South Vancouver is planning for five  new brick schools at a cost of about  $250,000.       ; Y   ���������  The Primary 'Sunday School Union  will meet Thursday evening in the Mt.  Pleasant Methodist Church. Mrs.  Derbyshire will presides Rev. Lashley  _    " '   '     '     "- : '������������������ ; Hall will give an address, while lessons  Business IS GOOD Ind 0**.  SIS BROADWAY Phone  One of the weightiest pronouncements against the ag: eement was made  by the Montreal Board of Trade, an  organization which generally gives the  cue to similar bodies, at least in Eastern Canada. Yet this pronouncement  was by no means unanimous. While  Montreal is the king pin of the protected interests and shouts the loudest  when vested'interests!ere in danger  there are yet many able men who do  not see eye to eye with their business  brethren and do not hesitate to say so.  Steel Interests Anxious; <'.,,.  A great deal of interest centres  around; the action of the government  in connection with the steel Industry,  steel rods are placed on rte free l|st  by the agreement, aud the bounty  which .was--v.given.: to- helPv-etfajeYii-  expires in'June.   Tha Dominion Steel.,  of $50, but'apparently it will be selling  soon at a higher level. There is every  reason to believe that 1911 will be a  very favorable year for the makers of  farming utilities and that the holders  of industrial stocks generally will profit accordingly.  A Masonic Disavowal.  The Masonic Grand Lodge of the  Province of Quebec is holding its annual session here and the opportunity  has been sejzed to make a formal disavowal of any connection with the  Grand Lodge of the Orient, the French  organization, whose members in this  city," members of Emancipation Lodge,  are just getting settled down after a  great stir which commenced last summer prior to the Bucharistic Congress  and lasted for several months. Antagonism c to the - Roman Catholic  Church is a specialty of the French  organization, while quite the reverse  is the case with, the English Free  Masonry. They do not want to be  mixed up with such a crowd and do  not hesitate to say so. In the meantime the Roman Catholic Church authorities make no distinction.  Earnings Down, Stock Up.  The rather unusual.; spectacle has  been presented of a rather sharp decline in the approximate earnings of  the Canadian Pacific Railway during  January, due doubtless to the smaller-  crop last season, while the price of  the stock, in the market is' going up,  and everybody seems bullish.' The rise  urer's report showed a balance on hand  of over $1,200. The Grand Organizer,  J. W. Whieley, was re-engaged and  given an increase in salary. On account of ill-health, he was also given  two months' leave, of absence for the  purpose of talcing a uip to Honolulu:  Di" .tig ihe session a resolution on the  qv ati 11 of reciprocity ^as unanimously   "i   fed PS folicv:s:  "Tli.i it is the judgment'of this Provincial Grand Lodge that the highest  interests of the British Empire, including Canada as a most important factor  thereof, are seriously menaced by the  proposed reciprocity tieaty between  Canada and the United States; and  that until pieferentir.l trade witlun tha  Empiie is established, negotiations  lookiiig toward reciprocal trade between- Canada and the United States  be deferred."  A set of bylaws for the governing  of the business of the Grand Lodge,  and the defining of the relations between the Grand Lodge and the primary district, and county lodges, was  adopted.  A resolution favoring the sanctity  of the Sabbath was also placed on the  books, also one regarding the three  hundredth anniversary of the translation of the King James' version of  the Bible, also one in favor of temperance.  Revelstoke was chosen as the next  place of meeting in February, 1912.  . At the afternoon session on Thurs-  is also: the more remarkable in face 'day. a purse was presented to R. W.  of the prophecies of dire disaster if the  reciprocity agreement goes through,  one of thelse to be hardest hit being  the Canadian.Pacific.  The newspapers  favoring reciprocity naturally ask how  Corporation, which is thechlef" lifausYi %������ c"������ be ���������; viewof the fact that  ,,    .. 0     ., try affected, claims that *������������&&i <liiss much has ******* ������������. scaring Brit-  be ^presented^*; Mrs. Sasselman of ^ vro^&*6&d: ^American ,8h  cv>lVkl  ������way -by th* *******  "���������*��������� and other foreign*otnp&tion, end nojwhlle it is well k������rwn that the price  Bro: J. W. -Whlteley as a token of the  esteem and regard of the Orangemen  of'the Province. The purse contained  $500. The Grand Lodge listened to  addresses from. Rev. Bro. R. Newton  Powell, and R. W. Bro. Jno. Niblock,  past Grand Master of Manitoba.  It Waa undoubtedly the largest and  most enthusiastic Grand Lodge meet-  BUFFALO  GROCERY  Corner  Park Drive & IJHi  Avenue  ���������;   Mr. tito .sUst****^  People are getting. <Eg������*^$ vouag people on Tuesday^ her 'real- i They  want the bounty extended  ^8^ and controlled  by the London i Jh Coumbln.   There were IM voUng  <hWPlL ^hSS^h^u'SS: we dence, 1������09 Broadway west. In honor enable them to get on a better footing. =***���������   M the buslnesa of the com- delegates present sad; Including vlsi-  you are particular what yoa eat, we ^      y t      jr ^ ^^ ^        WM ��������� be uttefly^troyed ,t0���������;������7���������������������������>���������* *���������* 150 there.  aa suggested,, they think -the   stock j    The election of officers was couduct-  W. Bro. Thos. Duke, Psst  Iwant your trade,  Our Home-made Pork Sausage and Monteagle on Friday te return to Aua- the eastern politics! pressure which k ^    -    .    ^   .        .      ^ ^ k    ������  ���������Headcheese are   tempt***,   prepared txMm After a residence ot two yearn was   brought   to bear, Mr. Fielding!would w"*"W������ta tta face of such ������������ py R.  r������leanly from the beat only.   We have .  la good assortment of, cooked meats.     norB  our Batter at 8 lbs. for 11.00  Al New Laid Bggs at, per dos.; .������e  lft's Hams, special, per lb ������0e  fol-  would agree to the proposal, but the * I���������B^/>Th*; heaviest decline tn Grand, Master,  and  resulted as  matter Has been decidedly complicated J^sisas sbowa, .jat ttls year was for lows:  ------ - ���������    ��������� - Grlmaaon, Vlc-  The Choral practice at Knox Con- by the sheet steel people at ���������Morrl*'^;1^-'1'^'*''*' "to���������1-*. *��������� de-j   Grand Master, Geo. J.  'gregaUonal church on Tuesday night burg who went to Ottawa with a aV^^^^P*^^8,00������ eom^Ttd w*th *������������������������������  rloCbeese, 2 lbs.for..1.wV.-������ciWMot ahlghorder. The work ot this deputaUon, and practically demanded * '*** ;r*������'   The ���������n*���������0"1 wniag  ^^f111 CAWHI������ 9O0V*' -^'society under the leadership of Prof, that If the'Dominion Steel people were ,������***<**>' the ������������PW������y ������ we<*ed la. Vancouver.  i    Deputy Grand Master, C J. Clark,  ��������� ��������� ��������� mt*> ���������������������������������������������������������������*!  i ��������� 4 *>���������**>*>��������� \\h ��������� * ���������  t9e Goard, la certainly going ahead-and given a continuance oC the bounty, th'er.^0^'*0* tlw "������lttln������im comes ln|, Associate Deputy Grand Master, Cd.  .'.tae soon the ciUwsns at Vancouver may .wantad a bounty, too!   Mr. FieldingV*!*bT,,tejr-    't nas to ba remembered Bash, Mission City.  ��������� ������������������������ have ibis privilege at bearing of con-'reply waa not a very cheering one, but^���������*1 **** ,w'* twor^ ������������������������ *��������������������� ������om-1   Grand Chaplain, Rev.  ������*5J <*"��������� walc^ wiB ba,������oradlt to it. This the matter is still under advisement.    I*"6* with ������ ****** ���������������"������������ mnd ���������������������������  S for  % Tot ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������<  is, 2 for ..........  romatoes, I tor  impkin. 2 for  and Beans, 2 for  Helnts  5*.^%^������.'wtoJS^nl������ C0lMi0V������lltV   W  )a apples we have: Wtnesaps, ispits- ������,Wi������i������  *urg.   Newton    Pippins.   Northern! FUUW iWWO.  A^a?iWshl?me������Tftt'Crawford's A Waaonle PjatvewaN^U*i*9 Rail  Pickles ln balk, sweet or Choral is of selected ������deea.  rancy 3lscults.  If we ht*e It. It's good,  re have It.  ft it's good,  J farther expansion will have to take  ^���������* W*jrt#d by .^aer Ccesje. r    |nlaaa< before tha records created- in  That farmers of Canada are *ot wor- 'i%tq ,������*������., be beaten.  Ia the meantime  the oompeoy aaiibuaoM')tBMatentioil  of invading a new 8*W by running  the West- Indies .and  ,pf hotels.- V:Y  :^4taTOSd.  '-i'j.i  seeking fresh ������apl-  4  rled because the crops la certain? see  tlonsof the Northwest were not, up  to the mark last year. It the extent of  Mora their purchases of farming implement*. \ creating eY  Cam  While C  steamships^  Young a Thompson, cor. Twenty-  J, jC. MadllL  Cedar Cottage.   ,  Grand Secretary, Wm. H. Brett, Van  couver.  Deputy Grand, Becretary, F. C. Morgan. Vancoaver.  Grand Treasurer,. W. T. Jago, Van-  couver.  Grand Lecturer, L. D. McCall, Peach-  land-  Grand D. of Cer., Jas. H. Armstrong.  getting It In large Revelstoke.  way   larnineai-ttfmors  Merger*���������tending    ef    Canadian ;������������> be taken as a guide. For Instance,  Abroad CrlticlJtd. |tbe Sawyer Massey Company of Ham-  (From Our Own Corresnondent.)      iUt00' <>,,t���������, ^^^ ** pWil* for the teI "J*0**  Montraal Feb. 20th ���������Tbewcinrocltv' ^ ^ WW.W1. aa Increase of f 29,502 qwM,tlties from BngUmf and France, 7  Deputy Grand Lecturer to the Grand  Wgth and Main, Grocers and Provision I    "*' **    *w fuU   swini*OVW th* *r9ylom ****' wakhf *��������������� Canadian banks sn*7:������oa*ei*r8   are Lodge of B. A., H. M. Abercfomble,  ^���������laats caa sav* you awmwy on _^   .     * land   From the AUantic commo������ 8tock������ *nw ���������" ���������"o"'*0* to������" backing heavily traction, power and , Vancouver. ,  rery thing you buy.   Phone 7032. Yj plcifle it U the cbief tone of *** Pre<efrea' * 58  P*r c#nt iMue- other enterprise. In foreign countries,!    Deputy Grand Chaplains:   Rev. F: J.  v  w*hH f. onpnlnr un m nlnmbin. Lismulon   ������ot ������.i* tn thi *flrti   hut  Btw* at Uwt( the output WM c������rt������l,������d more  particularly M������xh?o; and Boutb Rutherford.    Creston;    Rev.    H.    P.  O, m. McBride 4 Co.  branch store at the corner ot Fraser  nd Miles avenue 1st of March.  B. O. Grant, 2������48 Main   Street   for  rour Boys Clothing and FufnlsWag*  legislative  doubt the storm will continue to rage '^JT^ ^ ^Je to'  i around this bone: ef contention for  {some Weeks yet, sad aotaatfO the mat  ter is decided by the Canadian Parlia  formation of the new company.    So the concern* la tae   XTnlted   States, Smith, Vancouver; Rev. A. DeB. Owen,  n'capl-  company, by the way. that arrange- tat  Mr. Rodolphe Forget, M*V thinks!  * ���������* StS^SJTWiff Si*-5**"*-'**���������ho''i*5r������������������ -*JTE3..������-"SS|f3? ^^SSmZm  list the thi* 1������ all wrong and be voice* hi������  stocks on the Toronto exebsnge. The sentlemnts in the course of ^reasons  preferred, selling at 27, returns 2.04 why another bank would  be a good  THC  PROVINCIAL  GRAND  SLACK  CHAPTER.  Provincial    Grand    Black   Chapter  , If tt JS food the Broadway TaWe!^;."?rr" :J^r^r-?!!*L **r c,nt- iBd hM ��������� PW^lw'y W������M thing in Canada. Ho thinks rtere^rc Meeting held Tuesday, February 14th.  Supply have It. 618 Broadway, e*#t. i^^;J*!w���������S??im?������^J��������� ***��������� ���������������������������*������ ���������"������-��������������� ������������onds, ahead of jiot. of goed proposMaas nt borne^and WlL.Oraiid Master Sir Knight W. H.  WwgarFarnlture;i224BMainW!i^������^r^ should   have   faithJ������nmore   in  the  chair    lUasmji  JSdgar  JO  toll yav all about it  'tattoos are heeding for Ottawa to op-  I������������*e the agreemnnt whUe tht������  [agree are *rsry little heard from  99  mitn 11 ft 11' tin in i-i-������.i'������������ *\ w\\**\\*\\vv\\ \ mi n s m ������������������i.������.nui..i..M \ * \ * * \ ** \ \ * i * 11< '���������  > going out of business. Admf������tt^,k. ������������.������-,������ ������wi. ���������*��������������������� ������i������ *m ** "** ^1<H> ** 0Wf#rr������d 8tock- 'eaoonli la tbeir owa country to pu^l^d Master and Grand Registrar  Sf-SrS!^^ *i*h thejrtate^ot the Institution  i porting outsiders to do It while they ^nroughout the Province. One new  jgo off to some other place with their Preceptory was organised during the  capital.   ���������  ' a". ��������� year at Cranbrook, with a charter mem-  i The bank Sir, Forget is organizing is berahip of 35. The preceptory at Armr  'the Banqu'e Benerale d������ Canada, but  strong was reorganized.   An increase  the word "Generate** wlTllje dropped if jln the other preceptories was reported.  ia charter can be secured for one desigYStor of the-West Preceptory No. 544.  nated the Bank of Canada, tis capital [ Voncouvei, is the largest preceptory in  [will be $10,000,000 and of this amount Mne Province, .with- i7t members. Passr  the promoter states that French cam- ied  resolution, against reciprocity.  Il^lioiiils  Fancy Goods  COR. Wth AVE, & MAIN ST.  Dry Ooods  FURNISHIN6S  Big Showing of Fancy ^nd Plain  Tai 1 ofed Waists  j tallsta are willing to put up $7,500,000  land Canadians the balance. Mr. Forget leads the'public'to believe that his  | new,'1 bank will set the other banks a  igood example and tbat as a result  I there will not be such nn outcry about  lthe tight money market In future.  JUST ARRIVED.  I  llltlllt Hit tUMIHH*  GRAND ORANGE LODGE OF BRIT-  ,1iH COLUMBIA.  Record Meeting���������Revolution on Reciprocity   Passed���������Presentation  to  Organizer Whitely.  The Provincial Grand Orange l^dge  opened in Victoria at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, February 15th, with a large  number of delegates from all parts of  the Province. The address of the  Grand Master, Rev. R. J. Mclntyre of  Revelstoke, not only dealt with tb<-  affairs of the order in the Province,  but also touched on the events of the  past-year that were of interest to thf  members of the association. In thi?  "connection, he mentioned the Euchar-  istic Congress, the Accession Oath, and  the question of Home Rule. He also  made an eulogistic reference to the  late King Edward, and predicted :  happy and eventful reign for Kinp  George. The Grand Secretary's report  was largely of a statistical nature and  showed ."the excellent progress that  the association had made i nthe Province during the year. Six new lodges  and one new Scarlet chapter were or-  ������ j ganized, and the old lodges also made  a good increase in membership; mak-  Ijlng 1210 a banner year for Orangeism  111111! M11 111 111 >H 11 1114   4 1 ���������! II Kill 11 K1HHIMI9**^ Britt*^ Columbia.  The Grand Tress-  English Ginghams^ f ast colors, 12ic yard.  LARGE SHIPMENT OF  ish Prints 15c yard  The election of - officers., resulted' as  follows:  Grand   Master,   Geo.7.1.   Grimason,  Victoria.  Deputy G. M., F. E. Pakenham. Hat-  zic. ' .,7 .---  Associate  Dep.  G.  M.,  R.  Fawcott,  North Vancouver.  Chaplain, Rev. J.  C. Madill, Cedar-  Cottage.  Registrar, .1. J. Tulk, Vancouver.  Deputy Grand  Registrar,  Chas.  Elliott, Vancouver.  Treusurcr, H. T. Thrift.'.While RocV.  Deputy Grand Treasurer, Ceo. Har-  greaves, New Westminster.  Grand   Lecturer,   Alex.   Armstrong,  Cumberland.  Deputy Grand Lecturer, L. T. Smlrl,  Vancouver.     ~ ;  First Censor, D. Gibbard, Mission  City.    ..".,���������'���������;'.  Second Censor, W. T. Holtby, Armstrong.  First Standard eBarer, Geo. Dennis,  Ladner. ��������� 1  Second Standard Bearer, A. I. Kirk-  patrick, Victoria.  Pursuivant, F. C. Morgan, Vancouver  Committee: J. C. Robertson. Chilliwack; J. Post, Victoria; Jos. Acheson,  Vancouver; Ed. Bush, Mission City:  Wm. H. Brett, Vancouver; H. Birmingham, Vancouver; Jno. Wallace, Victoria.  Outside Tyler, W. T. Jago, Vancouver. ���������  Deputy Grand  Lecturer to  M.  W.  Grand Black Chapter, Ed. Bush, Mis  ��������� iun City. ...���������;..  . It's all right frf  it comes from the  Buffalo Grocery, or  we are here to  make it right.  TEAS>  Our own Blend, is always a spe- '  cial, 35c per lb. or 3 lbs. for.t1.00,  Blue Ribbon-.,.....v    .40,  Salada 40c and     .fio^'  Japan Greea :.'..:.'      jg  Tetley's Sunflower; ^ ���������..V. -.    JO  Tetley, 3-lb. tins.'  140  Rldgway^-lb. tins  14������  Five o'clock    40  Old Country     40  Capital Household    .40  . COFFEE. ',  v  Freeh Ground Mocha A   Java  Coffee, per lb. $0.40  B.4K. Rolled Oats, 7s.    46  Superior ������s, ^.Y. ,'..' j&  Coarse Oatmeal, 10s    40  Standard, 10s    40  Fine, 10s     40  QrUaun. ifli  -'''.'-' * ^. "* jut < ���������  -*������������������ nsmii,   *W,  ���������������������������������������������������������������.������������������e������ss������������������������*       J*tm  Whole Wheat, 10a........  M  Canadian Wheat Flakes, pat.... .46  -/      Y      PICKLt4������i'    >  A 9ae asaartaMat of the bast  makers. Crosse * BUekweUs. Up- .  'ton;s-and Stephens. J     -k   \  ; Sour, mixed,''Mt' aad.. ...-,1; a j  -J5  Chow Chow, 16c and    /.   Jt  Sweet, 15c and*������...    40  Onions  , 40  ���������Gherkins  .'".......   40'  Plccallly  ' 40  Mushroom Ketchup     49  Gillard Relish, a favorite pickle,  large bottle     4fi  Spanish Queen and Maasanlllas,  plain and stuffed    10* an*, 2f* 40^|B*  EMPREM JAMS.  Strawberr>r,   Raspberry,   Plum.  Black Currant, in 20-os. glass,  k m^   '    '  **mi^*l    ......................     rnwrn  Wagstaff    Peaches   in   heavy  **������T ��������� *���������(!    ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������*���������������������������������������������������������������       ssV*sj  BAKING ROWPCRf,    \~*~r~  Mji. "rices  ......������������������������������������.���������������..,,,.    49  ciggo ���������.....���������.���������������������������.������������������..,,..,,,.    40  Magic     40  Empress      .15  Royal Standard Flour, made in  Vancouver, per sack T1.7S  Table Figs, 2 lbs. for.....;...    .25  Dates, 3 lbs. for..............   .26  Honey,: per comb.............    46  : Honey in glass, each.     48  Canada First Cream, 2 tins for 45  Pork and Beans, Is, 3 for.... ^5  Pork and Beans, 2s, each   .    .10  QUAKER CANNED VEGETABLES.  Peas, 2 for.  44  Corn, 2 for ..   45.  Beans, 2 for  .25  Tomatoes, 2 for.   45  Tomatoes, 3s, each  .......... ^15  CANNED  FRUIT.  Pineapple, 2 for  45.  Peaches, each.  45  Apricots, each  45  Pears, each  .'.  45.  FRUIT8.  Apples, Oranges and Bananas at  lowest prices.  Phone your orders.  They will have our  prompt personal  attention.  PHONE R 5325  J. P. Sinclair^Prop. mMs3t&  .j.;^7^sY!^^iYi*jY^iYY'?'".      .   il77S:^r*%^  THE WESTERN CA1&  Phone B^M "Always inMt. Pleasant  EXPRESS & BAGGAGE TRANSFER  Stand:     Mount Heasant Livery.  Phone  \  **********i<*l*^*i'*i'*l'*****a****i'*^*'l'*****************  . ��������� . . ' - ' I  For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  i  !| TRIMBLE  &  NORRIS I  Cor. Broadway and Ninth Avenne  %  . 'a i ���������ititiiiH*:*! 'i' t *\ ***>-t+a*+*4H<***** !��������������� iw-t-w i*:-*-i-������-t-������-iw  ������i ot* i'������'������������"i'*'i'������"i ���������! * t"������ i* i*>t*j*m* i *;i*>i*****<i******* i ��������� }��������� i ��������� i  THE.  f Acme Plumbing & Heating Co. j;  for Estimates on Plumbing  HOT  WATER HEATINQ  PHONK   5545  i!  131 ioth Ave., i_.      Vancouver ;���������  ������>ai������i������i������ ta>������t������i������t������ ta*aia*������������i+t������m*insi������t*i������inna  Mercenary Matters  SOME IMPERIAL STATISTICS  LONDON���������Some very striking and  Interesting figures are contained in the  forty-seventh statistical abstract which  has Just been Issued as a Blue book.  The period covered by the volume now  issued is that from 1895 to 1909. According to the latest returns the total  area of the British Empire is 11,199,-  000 square miles. Some of the most  important increases in population during the period from 1891 to 1909 are  as follows:���������Canada; 4,883,239 (1891),  7,185,000 (1909); Australia, 3,174,392  (1891), 4,374,138 (1909); New Zealand,  626,658 (1891), 995,266 (1909); Natal,  543,913 (1891), 1,249,634 (1909).  Fifteen Years' Progress  The following table of Empire trade  should also be Instructive:���������  Total imports ������169,490,000 ������366,286,000  Total exports ������195,525,000 ������403,785,000  The work of the Oversea postal departments has enormously increased  during the last few years. During  1909 the 18,399 post offices in India  dealt with 767.922,728,. letters and  cards, 101,192,285 newspapers, book  packets, and circulars, 6,140,189 parcels, and letters dealt with numbered  372,501,343; newspapers, etc., 201,839,-  873; parcels, 2,917,464; telegrams, 18,-  890,277. The Canadian figures have  been more than doubletTffTnlne years,  letters alone totalling 479,670,000.  AUSTRALIA ABANDONING CONTRACT LABOR SYSTEM  SYDNEY���������Ministers are generally  adopting the day labor aa opposed to  the contract system In carrying out  public works in connection with theit  departments.  ��������� ���������������#���������#���������������������s************'I"������������������������������������������������������*���������**************  The Pleasant Cafe  SALTER, EATON & CO.,  2642 MAIN ST.   ���������  ������,THE LIGHTEST, MOST AIRY and MOST CHEERFUL "  4 PLACE TO EAT ON THE HILL *  Cuisine of the Best  > Everything new and up-to-date.    We are here to serve, <  > not to be served.      Give us a call and you will call again ,.  !��������������������������� ������������������������������<������������������    *!*}>*���������*��������� *>*>*������������������*<*>***>*'���������>*���������* >*������������������'���������>*>*'  .Your Patronage-cordially solicited,  3, C. Ornamental Iron & Fence Co-, ltd.  PHONE 6571 ,    COR. WESTMINSTER AVE. and FRONT ST  NEW SOUTH WALES THIRD PARTY  8YDNEY���������A third party haa again  sprung Into existence in New South  Wales politics. It includes all the Independents and a number "of members  at present supporting th* Hon. C. G.  Wadeo (the forator Premier). The  leader of the new party, is Mr. Storey,  M. L. A. for Randwick/and the party  will be known as- the "Democratic  Party." ������ Its policy is described as aiming at "Justice/to all classes, Justice  in legislation and administration, and  tolerance In politics and religion." The  leaders say that they have adopted this  course on account of the growing danger to the Interests of the country by  the continuance ot machine politics,  the tyranny of Liberalism as lately  practised, and the tyranny of the Labor caucus. The Democratic Party  declares that If a measure Is brought  down next session for the repeal of  the (land) Convention Act, one of the  biggest political lights ever'known in  New South Wales will take'place on  the question of leasehold versuB freehold.  *  -K" ��������������������������� ���������<  ... Bock Again ...  THETOK  Prop.McGOWEN  k .    & SALTER  PHONE  4607'...  We have "moved back to our old'store  2747 MAIN STREET,   (Near Corner 12th)  FRESH MILK AND BUTTER DAILY. HfGH CLASS CANDIES  and TABLE FRUITS.        A FULL LT>i;i OF CIGARS, CIGARETTES and TOBACCO.  Agents for WOMAN'S  BAKERY  BREAD nnd CONFECTIONERY.  '/MWWW������WWA>WV ^WAW  Mount Pleasant Livery  NEW STABLES - -    0    NEW EQUIPMENT  2545 HOWARD STREET     -     -     PHONE 845  HACKS, BROUGHAMS, SURREYS,  SINGLE AND DOUBLE DRIVERS.  Night Orders promptly attended to.  Fedora Cafe  1821 MAIN STREET  MEAL TICKETS $4.75       MEALS 25c  SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY.    Meals at all hours.    White  Help employed.   Quick Service and Courteous Treatment.  Give lis a call.' H.PETERSON, Prop.  GOVERNMENT  RAILWAYS  A SUCCESS IN AUSTRALIA  Striking testimony to the commercial prosperity of Victoria is borne by  railway revenue returns just put before the Railway Commissioners  (says the Mel borne "Age"). An increase of ������2400 a day was maintained during the week ended December 7,  and the increase since the commencement of the financial year has amounted to ������191,769, or an average of ������1500  a day. During the seven days under  review the revenue was ������113,001, as  against ������96,280 for the corresponding  period of last year. Since July 1 the  revenue has been ������2,012,366 compared with ������1.820,597 for the 1909 period. Two years ago the great achievement of reaching ������4,000,000 in one  year was heralded with enthusiasm.  The revenue for this financial year  promises to be ������4,500,000.  PHONIC SJM  P.O. BOX IS,   HILLCRKST  CPU YOUNG  PLUMBINO, QASFITTINQ and HOT WATER  HEATING.     Stoves Connected and General  Repairs,  Etc.  Estimates Given COR. 21st ������1 WESTMINSTER AVE  SOME AFRICAN PROGRESS  During the eleven months ended  November 30, 1910, the total volume  of merchandise entering the Union  amounted to ������30,933,651, as against  ������23,680,291 for the same period In  1909, an Increase of rather more than  : per cent. Not the least remarkable of the detailed figures published  are those dealing with imports of machinery. During the first eleven  months of 1909 machinery of all kinds  to the total value of ������1,948,039 was  Imported. In the corresponding period, of 1910 this' figure had risen to  ������3,347,912.     * .  Union exports .during the' eleven  months totalled ������50,219.355, as against  ������45.420,731, an Increase of 10.5 per  cent.  GREAT CANAL PROJECTS  The government-to considering estimates for tha work of deepening, the  Welland Canal to 24 feet, and for constructing the Georgian Bay Canal. The  coat ot the former will be about $2,-  000,000, and tor the latter 13,000.000.  No definite decision has yet been arrived at, but It la probable that the  Welland Canal improvement will be  under way this year, and the Georgian  Bay Canal deterred untll'1913.  PRAIRIE PRODUCE CO.  New Laid Eggs -  Eastern Eggs -      -  Eastern Select        -      -  Eastern Extra Select  Sweet Butter -      -  Orange Creamery Butter       ���������  Fresh AlbertaDairy Butter  Fresh Alberta Dairy Butter in tubs  7  . ���������  , ��������� 65c doz.  - - - . 35c doz.  -  40c doz.  - -  45c doz.  - Y -   40c lb.  85c or 8 lbs. for $1.00  80c lb.  " - ������������������ -   28c lb.  108 8th Ave., East      -      -     Mathers Block  _    _,   _ PHONE 3973  i  *aia������s������ss<������isia>s������si������������ss-������yas������������isistsi������f ������s������������������tisia������������  ;William R.Webb HaroM E. Brockweli;  I TELEPHONE 3539  | MIDWAV ELECTRIC CO. j  ;      EKECTRIOAX CONTRACTORS     !  'Knr;!t;^dHl^-,nW    S29 Broadway W  l^Z*^!^^        VANCOUVER B. G*  '$  ;;������������������M^iof)(((|MM)( ������Mmimm������mmw������mm  BRANCH:  II Cor. Main(f& Bit)������a4w������ay 1^  \\ PHONE L8404    ���������    ��������� .   ~\t  ****** ��������� ��������� ***************** tw***p********t** ���������*********,  tSwSStwSI  mmmm  mm*  ������������������,|,������.|,������i|.������.a������.|l������i|������.|l������l������������itlti>������l|.������������������.������.������������.i������-l������������4.#l������i������|'������t'#������������'l'������'l'������"  iJLk  * ������������������   Paper Hauler, Painter ii  and Decorator  ! SPECIALIST in all kinds of interior unit Decor-::  ative Work, Churches, Schools, etc, *  2022 Westminster Ave.  ���������������!��������� ��������������� -t- ��������� ���������!������������������������!��������� * ������������������������ Ji't' <"t'* 't' tfe1 * 'I'������'t1 ���������> ���������!��������� ��������� ������������4MMa^H|t^M������w������4^.*>>������^M^;>JM,:.������ .j.������>t������ ��������� ���������;������������������������  Moderate charges  Estimates given  m  >������#������#��������������������������� ������������������������������������'������������������M������t������f ��������������� m������������tvt������M'tn'tit������y>*>������*t)l  PRACTICAL H0R8ESH0ER \  Special attention given to Lame  and Inertering Horses.  ���������**��������������������������� mVm\2? *���������*"** PRINCE EDWARD STREET  ���������t"l������H"H"l' 'l"t"M' 't"fr4">'l^������I"H^"l"l"l"l">  e  ������������������ ���������:���������--*-���������,,���������.Jtjm\.\AJftJLm*.  x KMvna HsnoNa cno *   :|  x        said HHOd Nonaw ivaoh x  ������ aovsavs oivwox ivaoh ?  abvsavs aoaiHawvo ivaoh %  josja^Bj^i  *>  x  X  .;..X-:~>^:~X~X~X~M-X������X~H^~X'* *^^I'-M^KK������<^������M^^MH^^^^M-JMM'  owwo^ij  x  9 9 W  ���������KrX^**X^~X~X~X-X^������X������<"X~>*  ���������M^I-H^X^W'^^^^^^^^^H-H-l-H'  J  f  *���������-  f  ���������  t  AND   FANCY  GOODS  An early showing of  TRIMMED and READY-TO-WEAR HATS  t The latest in New York and Paris styles.  I Ghildren's Headwear a  Specialty  PROF. COWAN  f XPERT TEACHEB of Violin, Man-  &'^J������W Authobaro and..    .,  Zttber, Twenty Private lessons  fj'������9\      No ,c'������ss lessons.  Musicians supplies of every description.  nun mtm music ink  #315Westimnster Avenue near 7th  **wms*mismm**m  * * * 'i ���������������11 ��������� * ��������� 11 * i * * ** * * * i ^ i ������t ��������� * i������i������i������i������i ���������, *, *, j, *, *, j ��������� j  Excelsior Cafe ^ 1  Quick Service.  Short Orders at All Hours.  ,;��������� il*   I givei.the-Kitchen my personal Attention.    AP 4  .  cTVfRS.;- XAJCKHUliST,     7  Proprietress.    "    ������^w:^.* *. ^. T.-.we  5;  #-'���������;������ ������������������������ *-*:���������*���������* * ..*..���������*..)* .<**.$:*i~.<S*t������ * ���������������*��������� *~4**':*m*.. <j,��������� j, .  ���������X~X~H^H^^H~H~X������>X~X'<~X~:������ ^X~X~X~X~X-:������<~XK~X^������X"X^������<������*  We have'just received some spring stock of Church's  Alabastine in TWENTY-ONE beautiful tints. Any  one can; put on Alabastine, but no one can rub it off.  A complete line of Kalsomine Brushes, Paint  Brushes, Floor Brooms and Mixed Paints. Our prices  defy competition.  Remember! we sell Martin-Senour's 160% Pure  Mixed Paints, the only absolutely Pure Paint on the  market. Now is the time to get ready and decorate  your home and we have the goods.  X  Z  t  1?:  P  t  ������  Miss Curie  the  Co.  ? 2636 Main Street    -    Vancouver  f i n 11 m1 i 1 n 11111 k 1 in 1 11 n Tii������t'i'������'rt't'������������n i n 11 Ml  I Cor. ISthAvermea^ Mam Street  jt PHONE 6932  % -.:���������" .������������������������������������'������������������ ������������������,  ���������������������������^������������������l������i"l"l"l">:"������-H"l"l"X'M"t"l"lMM,ll< ���������M-ImI,}...; :-������������..Mj.t..Ml<J'8.1 Ml 1"HH  KY 1'  ������.<  THE. WESTERN CALL  &****%*t<*<M>l***********  TORONTO  FURNITURE   STORE  3334 Westminster Avenue.  Xmas Goods  A   large    assortment    of  CHINA,   pnd   the   prices  are right.  Many good Xmas suggestions in furniture.  \   h. cowan.  '������������������������*-l-������'-t-l|������-i-*'t������*���������������>-fr4'l'*-l'������'8'������<'������'t'������  Piano Tuning  Expert Repair Work.  Factory Experience  Beat Reference*  VVYJ. GOARD.  OOtUfoWOOD EAST  vrc your orders at the WesternjOall  lAd BROS, ftrtemfcers  Open Day and Night  I CHAW.  filAKmLEST. tbmlZU  i u  m,  OiLLOTT  rii   AND   DOORS  t���������4 Tmiaff art Oeaeral MiH Werk  1029 Helville Str.  Phone 2745  Dr. Geo. HoWfell  Veterinary Surgeon  Office and Residence  ttttt     9*5 IrtHwij W  Cor. Ninth Ave. and Quebec St  tonday Services���������Public worship at 11  ������.m. and 7:00. p.m.   Sunday School end  Bible Cla.. ar2:S0p.m. ' '-.-  ~  B������V. J. W. Woodside. M.A., Pwtor  170 Ninth Ave. W.   Tele. B3M������.  WESTMINSTER CHURCH  ������r. Welton and  26th.    One block ea������t  ot Westminster Ave.  feervlces���������Sundav,   11:00  a.m.   and   7:30  p.m.    Sunday School. 2:30.  Rev. J. H. Cameron, R.A., Pastor  Residence. Cor. Qeubec and 21st.  \WT. PLKASANT  BAPTIST CHURCH  Cor.  10th A\e. and Quebec St  S. Kverton.  B.A., Pastor  250 13th Ave. E.  'reaching   Services���������11   a.m.   .andV   7:30  p.m.    Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  CENTRAL  BAPTIST  CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Laurel St.  lervices���������Preaching at; 11 a.m. and 7:30  p.m.     Sunday   School   at   2:30   p.m.  Rev  P. Clifton Parker. M.A., Pastor  11th Ave. W-  , . ������������������ 7 jnnnioww  MT. PLEASANT CHURCH  Cor. 10th Ave. and Ontario     _  Services���������Preaching  at   11   a.m.   and  ������  100   p.m.     Sunday   School   and  Bible  Class Jat 2:30 pjn.  tev   W.  Lashley  Hall; B.A.B.D.. Pastor  *arsonag������  123   Eleventh   Ave���������   W.nuPju  ParooSage; 123 11th Ave. W.   Tele. 3624  Evensong at 7:30 p.m. each Sunday.  ST.  AMQIMfSM  MICHAEL'S CHURCH  Cor. 9th Ave. and Prince Edward St  Services���������Morning Prayer at 11 a.m. and  Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector  Rectory.  Cor.   8th  Ave.   an^Prince Ed-  ward St.    Tele. L3543.  iattxs pat aAorea  tEORGANIZED CHURCH OF CHRIST  837 9th Ave. E.  Jervices���������Every   Sunday   evening   at   8  o'clock.    Sunday School at 7 o'clock.  J. S. Rainey. Elder  For tlie Home  When Busy Motheds  find that outdoor exercise is impossible the following plan may help them,  as it has the oilginator, --vho says tint  after breakfast the children, too small  to go to school, were clad in their outdoor clothing, while the mother, too,  diessed herself warmly, an J then opened every window and the door to a  porch, and the mother washed dishes,  made beds, swept, and dusted, etc. The  fresh air coming in while she briskly  did her work' was nearly as good for  her as a walk. After the house was  in order the windows were closed, the  baby was washed and put to bed,  where he slept soundly from the effects of fresh air. The mo! her took  up her sewing or went on with her  housework, better and more cheerful  ���������from the same good cause.  it with powdered pumic stone. Dip  this ^ in good sweet oil and rub the  table well. Polish the table afterward with a clean piece of flannel or  chamois skin., If this is done once a  week the surface of the table may be  kept in excellent condition.  FRUIT.  Choice Apples, per box t������5  6 lbs ������5c  Extra Fancy Table Apples,  4 lbs ������5e  Extra Large Navel Oranges,  Per doz 2Sc  New Dates, 3 lbs 2Se  New Prunes, 3 lbs. 25c  LARD.  31b. Palis Lard... 44c  Mb.   Palls  Lard 76a  Mb. pkts. Swift's Pare Lard...20c  HAMS.  Extra. Choice Sugar Coned  Hams, la wholes ������r halts,  ps3s     10������     ������������������������ ������������������������������*������������������������������������������������������-��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Ci^C  nrDsroarosxT oson or o������������-  rouowa  MT.   TLEASANT   LODGE  NO.   19  Meets   every   Tuesday   at   8   p.m.   In  ll.O.O.F.   Hail.   "We- tminster   Ave..    Mt.  ���������Pleasant,    sojourning brethren cortnaii>  linvited to attend.  A. Mathews. X. G.       ���������.,���������������������������������'���������'���������  WVF. McKenzie, V.. G., 452 10th avenue  * S.'.Sewell, Rec.   Secy-I  181  7th avenue  least.-  Sweet and Streaky, per lb ; .26c  EGGS.  Finest Selected, per 4oz ".'. ,SSe  Brookfield Eggs, New Laid,  "per dozen Mo  CANNED  FRUIT.  Pineapples, 3 cans   25c  Peaches, Large1 Cans; regular  -36c size  .v. 20c  Pears, La^r^aos.-....; 25c  Apricots, &arge' Cans.1 25c  -������������������ picklm anq sAuees.  Blue Label Catsup, per bot 26c  O. D. Smith's Catsup, per bot.. .25c  Small size  10c  Rowat's Pickles, 2 bottles 25c  Victoria, large bottles '.25c  FLOUR.  Robin Hood Flour, per sack..$1.?0  Royal Household, per eack.. .$1.80  Five Roses Flour, per sack...$1X0  Our Best Flour, per sack $1.65  ROLLED OATS.  20-lb. sacks Rolled Oats..   .... .75c  6-lb. sacks Rolled Oats........ 25c  .  7-lb   bulk Rolled Oats........25c  B. & K. Rolled Oats, per sack. .35c  B. & K. Extra Cream, 2 pkts. 25c  BREAKFAST FOODS.  Carnation Wheat Flakes,  per pkt.  ............. ".. -35c  Carnation Wheat Flakes,        7  Small size, per pkt... 10c  Malta Vita, 2 pkts............. 25c  Post Toasties, per pkt. 10c  Puffed Wheat, 2 pkti..-... 25c  Puffed  Rice, 2 pkts.............25c  Corn  Flakes,  per pkt.......... 10c  TEA.  If you want a really good cup of  Tea then try one pound of Young  & Thompson's Famous Old Country Blend, which tor quality and  flavor cannot be surpassed.  Price, per lb 50c  The  Man   Who  Smokes Without  Per- j  mission  If a youns man while in my company begins to smoke without asking  permission what should I do?  I should advise you not to take it  too seriously, but, with exaggerated  indignation arid head held very high;  you might say in a light, jesting manner: "I did not hear you ask my gracious permission to smoke, sir!" The  suggestion of his omission may thus  be conveyed without implying your  displeasure, though I think some little  reproof is called for.  When Cleaning    Upholstered    Furniture ���������  '  .7  It is often either Impossible or inconvenient to move it outdoois.7 In such  cases place a wet cloth over the piece Beated at table,  of furniture and then beat it, changing the cloth several times during the  process.   The dust will adhere to the, jB the least,  cloth and will not rise in the room.  Removing Gloves at a Banquet  Please tell me If it is correct to remove one's gloves while being served  at a reception or banquet.  It is not customery to remove one's  gloves unless one is being served while  It is quite possible  to use a fork in eating ices, cakes,  salads, etc., without soiling the glove  A Shoe Shelf In the Closet*  will be found an Inexpensive and help,  ful device, either when planning a  new home or Improving the old. A  board ten Inches wide is cut to rest  by its back aad ends an^thtrbuHeboard  In the rear of the closet., If the space  Is quite long a cehtro^bracket inay be  required. The board should be stained  or painted, -to rjnateh th** woodwork.-  The shoes thus being kept off the  floor, the sweeping of the closet Is  mad* easier.  RUBBER  24IO  Westminster Sd  MT. PIMtilT tS  VANGOUVER ������*  Y/ORH A SPECIALTY  TIRE  STEELE C&  IWmR  ^CARRIAGE WOI<i<: GENERAL BLACKS MITHINa  Hi)tfbE SHOEING,    JOBBING  South Vancouver Bakery  MAIN   Cakes, Pastry Bread, Confectionery  Wedding & Birthday Cakes a Specialty  SMIH TiKMfer Ukerj, iEHfiE lEUING, Np  IIII1I1IIIHIII ++~mmm  m++*mmmm^mmm+^m^+*'++^  t********^****^,**^^^,*^^ >.H'l*^*il*i;'l ri'**Vl"HH'r>  < |1 U 1111 HI * 11 III 11II111 f  <i.  Mark Perforation* in  Patterns With  Crayon*  instead of with a pencil, as the colors  can be clearly seen on the materials  that ar* to be cut out, and the crayon  marks may be easily brushed off when  no longer needed.  To Avoid the Tape strings in -Boys'  Blouses  which are often unltdy- in appearance,  put ln the lower hem a mercerised'  elastic band, about half an Inch wMa,  and not quite so long as the boy's I  waist measure.   Fasten the elastic at  each, end;.;sew a button on one, side,  and make' a buttonhole on the pther^.  This Vlan.wlll be found much martf  satisfactory than the use of tape.  Soiling a Pudding in a Ooubl* Boiler  will be found an improvement an the  use of tbe old time pudding bag. Fill  the lower part with boiling water and  keep it boiling.    In the upper kettle  put nrst a disk cut from oiled paper;  then   pour  in  the  pudding.    It  will  come out in good shape.  Make a List of'Medicines  that are  kept in your medicine-cabinet and  post the list close by.    In  time of sudden illness, or whenever a  nurse comes into the house, a glance  at the list will tell whether any parties  ular remedy which may be required is  oh hand. .7  In Laundering Table Linen  I the wearing quality will be preserved  ��������� and a greater whiteness secured if the  clothB^are������riot^hung7on=the^elothsllne7  to dry.   AVhen the tablecloths are properly washed, boiled and rinsed, first  pass  them  through  a good  wringer,  then spread them on a dry cloth, and  finally roll up.'tightly.    In two hours  they may be ironed if you wish;  or  they may be left till the next day. Use  very hot irons on the linen and a beaat.  iful sheen will be Imparted to it.  Keep Sugar and Salt in the Medicine  Closet  upstairs, using small glass jars for  that purpose. When a little sweetening is needed in medicine, or salt is  wanted for gargling the throat, a trip  downstairs may be saved by having  these articles conveniently near.'  t  FOR THE WEEK-END.  We have a large quantity of Seasonable varieties i ���������  I    Fresh from the Nurseries, for Saturday's !  trade.  .Flowers. Plants and Wreaths for the Cm/dry.  FLOWERING PLANTS, FERNS, SEEDS, ETC.  ,*^  C^rv wMwy-'tma Westminster; jto������4  MOUNT  PLEASANT  ���������M"l"l"IMt"I'<"l"l"l"t"l":"M"l'i><!"l������t"t"|'������H' 4^H^HKK������������������K^"W^K������M������K������*<M'  *4������****r*****>****At**\ M 1 W'H1  We open our Branch Store at the Corner  Fraser and Miles Avenue 1st of March  A GAR LOAD  WE  SAVE YOU MONEY  ON  EVERYTHING YOU BUY.  ilSSEPEKDEr.T QWDX.M TOSXStSMS  COURT VANCOUVER NO. 1328  Meets  2nd  and  4th  Mondays  of  each  lonth at S p.m. in the Oddfellows   Hall,  jMt. Pleasant.    Visiting brethren always  H. Hankins, Chief Ranger.      ^  M. J. Crehan, Rec. Secy., 33* Princess  A. Pengelly, Fin. Secy., 237 11th Av. E.  ������OTA& OMAMQS rOBOB  MT. .PLEASANT  L. O.  L.  NO  1842  _   Meets  the  1st and 3rd Thursdays  of  leach month at 8 p.m. in the K. of P. Hall,  visiting brethren cordially welcome.  John Coville, W. M., 30 13th Ave. W.  K. E. Lougheed, Secy.. 725 17th Av. W.  HALL FOR RENT.  I. O.   O.   F., Mount   Pleasant.���������All  implications for use of this Ball to ba  is to J.~4kidon aad all rants   for  te ba paid oaly to sa.  J. HAPDON,  Gsn Trtehte ft KonV.  Sherwin-Williams  Paints & Varnishes  just arrived, no matter what you want to paint or  varnish, the Sherwin Williams paints and varnishes  are made for that purpose and will prove the best  you can buy.  Most Kitchen Tablet Are too Low  and women get tired stooping;, oyer  them when working. An improvement  on a low table inay be accomplished  by putting at the back and on the sides  of the surface some boards six inches  high; then joining a new cover to  these supports. . If finally a hinged  drop-board is so hung as to cover the  opening in front the housekeeper will  have a dustproof compartment for  pastry board and rolling pin.  Cash   Grocers   and  Provision Merchants  Cor. 26th ft Main  PHONE 7082  To Keep Steel Knives CSean  iciit a piece of carpet about two feet  square and make a bag with the pile  side in.    Put in the bag some emery  powder or powdered batbbrick. After  washing the knives rub them in this  bag and they will come out clean and  polished  without soiling your hands.  The bag may be made to hang up in a  convenient place.  When Undoing a Parcel  If you make a practice of putting away  paper and string together���������folding the  paper and winding its own particular  piece of string around it���������there will  always be string to fit a bundle without having to look for one. -  Th<s Tea af the Dininfl Ree������n TaMe  Imb kept in good ������o������ditlo������ 1������ tkie  ��������� way: Make a iaf   of7 eerarai'  sfecfcsiisartflae dissssidothaadlD  For building outside and inside and  Roofing use Sherwin Williams paint.  For Chairs Tablss Decorating Woodwork etc use S. W. Enamel.  For  Staining Shingles  use  S. W.  Preservation Shingle Stain.  For Buggies  Boats etc use S. W.  Buggie Paint.  For Barns  Roofs ��������� Fences  Etc use  S. W. Creosote Paint    l  For  all -kinds -of  Varnishing   use  Sherwin Williams Varnishes.  0                      :            ' ' -  For    Interiors    Walls     etc     use  Enameloid.  For removing old Paint and Varnish  useS. W. Taxite.  ��������� -    I      ;.                                                                                                                                                                           ^                          ������������������;'  For Floors use S. W. modern Method  Floor Finishes.  j   A Full line of Builders Hardware.  j    Stoves at greatly reduced prices.  I  0. L McBricle &  COR. 16th AVE and MAIN ST.     Phone 2553 THE WESTERN CArt  hfr<.������H.������l���������V.i..i..i..:..:.li..;.>.}i.{..;..|.^,i..|..|.������  ������������������������.>!.H,l"l������������****'l'!">'!'I1 ��������� 1HtM>j    Rickard & Frith report 20 lots sold  of Ocean Park last month.  WE ARE CARRYING A FULL LINE OF   ^  Cameras,  .'���������,;���������' Papers, 7  Films,  Developers,  Frames, Etc.  This department is most complete and up-to-date, in  keeping with new season's goods.  Rev. R. J. Mclntyre of Revelstoke,  spent a few days at the Coast  The Conservative Club held one of  j their popiflar smbkfers on Tuesday  evening in the Oddfellows Hall/Mount  pleasant. A program of local talent  enlivened the evening. About 150  were present.  Have you noticed our   new    floral  store���������Cor. 9th and Westminster Road.  Mt. Pleasant Fish Market have the  reputation of owning the cleanist place  :in town.  | Mr. J. W. Whitely and family of 7th  avenue east will leave this week for  Honolulu.  I Mr. Gow will certainly have an up-  to-date pool room when he occupies  the new building.  MOUNT PLEASANT PHARMACY  THE OBLIGING DRUG STORE  2Jfl9 Main Street  Sub P. 0. 8  Phone 790  M$M^*jM^4^^^������������{*^4������$M^3"������%4$M^ ^"$M$M$M������������������3M$M������M������M������M$l������$M������M������s������$Mg^  Local and  Otherwise  Sewell has La Grippe.  Mr. Martin. Is reported to be slowly  Improving.  Mr. Geo. Mlddlemas Is still confined  to the house.  Messrs Webb & Young have dissolved partnership and the business  will be continued by Mr. Young.  The Mount Pleasant I. O. O. F., are  conferring degrees every night now.  The Misses Marshall have been rejuvenating their store for the Spring  Opening.  The death occurred yesterady of the  two-months-old -daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. De La GlrodaiS^if^rwenty-aeventh  avenue Wast Tfc������Yftmerii wm held  on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock  from tha above address to 8t Patrick's  Church, where mass waa sung by tha  Bev. R. H. Campbell. r  There Is a grain of comfort in the  fact tbat although 8outh Vancouver  will not get annexation with the city  tha municipality may have' power to  build sewers. These are badly needed  In some districts, the absence of draining being a serious menace to public  health.  In South Vancouver there ie much  disappointment over the news tbat an  novation would be deferred. Meetings  will be called and the matter will be  taken up by all tbe aRtepayers Associations and other representative  bodies. An indignation meeting will  be held tonight at Pender Hall. The  Smith and Others will speak.  The refusal of the council to give  the school trustees what they need for  "extraordinary expenditure" does not  come from lack of sympathy with their  work or because the need for the out  lay is not recognised. It Is a matter  of procedure. The trustees can now go  to the ratepayers with a bylaw and  there is no doubt that the ratepayers  will vote the 2(0.000 asked for.  In order to provide Ave new brick.  schools and to purchase siv school  sites the school trustees have, mads a  demand for $325,000. leas $75,000 which  tha government will contribute. The  council has not passed the.estimates  yet The necessity for the expenditure  will be demonstrated.  The call of the Real Estate man  seems to be "Houses." there being  few on the market for sale.  Mr. A. B. Steele says he has, the  car of them all���������the "E.M.F." and Flanders." .���������-,':-r^,r\.  Mr. F. F. Vernon, who bought out  Mr. S. W. Keith's lour and Feed store  is doing an increased business.  Edgar, the Furniture man Is closing  out his business with a big sale.  The Woman's Bakery have the neatest delivery In town. ;  Mr. C. Stuart Campbell. Mr. Vogel  aad others interested in the River  Road neighborhood are heading a  movement for getting car extensions  as far as the Fraser River. There is  every hope of success aa the Increase  of traffic on tbe extensions already,  made has exceeded all expectation!.'.  " ii  Mr. W. Fleming, Mr. Greenslade sod  other representative4 men are' pressing  upon the South Vancouver council the,  necessity of extending. Thirty-ninth  Avenue through tbe cemetery. The  subject is receiving the council'? attention.  A petition asking for legislation to  forward annexation has been forwarded to Victoria. It is urged that South  Vancouver needs postal delivery, aew-  erage. Are halls and all tbe other conveniences to which it is now entitled  by reason of a large population.  ������..H"M"I"M 1 M t ill'l Ml H  SPRING QOODS  ���������h..imM"M"M''H"M"M' i"t hum >���������������  4   ������  SPRING STYLES i:  ���������������  For a Stylish, up-to-date  SUIT  i see MePherson & NicoJ  THE POPULAR PRICED TAILORS  432 Main Street, Opp. City lliall  I  The new telephone sub-station Is an  asset to the district. The company  deserve credit for tbe fine building.  J. W. Glover a prominent merchant  of Vernon haa undergone a serious  operation and Is now on the way to  recovery.  Mrs. John Glenn and her brother Mr.  Bruce Is visiting In Seattle.  Mr. Russell Richie of the Canadian  aiiiancee are aura to ht>, whether per-  Bank of Commerce staff, Winnipeg, ar- *or??ed_bJr.*n Anglican parson, a Presby-  rlved for a month's vacation at the  home of his parents, Ontario Street,  South Vancouver.  Mrs. Casselman, 1.0 Tenth avenue  will not receive until the fourth Thursday in March.  Call up R5325, Buffalo. Grocery for  good things to eat. Prompt delivery  assured. ��������� J. P. Sinclair, Prop.  "a    HE. Cubon, Grocer, 3024 Westminster Road is now doing business in  the new store. He reports business  good.  &AJT9 AC*.      ,  NEW -WESTMrNSTI K     LAND     DIE*  TRJCT."' *  District of New Westminster.  . Take notice that Arthur Samuel Goard,  of Vancouver, occupation printer. Jnteada  to.apply- for permiaaifm te purchase the  following- described land*:   -  Commencing- at a post planted the  Southwest corner of Lot 3438 Chi; thence  north SO chains-, thence west It chains  more or less to'the east boundary of  pre-emption no. 2172; thence south IS.  chains; thence east IS chains more or  leas, to the point of commencement, containing 12������ acres more or less.  ARTHUR SAMUEL GOARD.  (Name of Applicant In Pull)  JanwyMttC^mL^^  -ma  S. McPherson  ^^������j������x^..j^>.:-x-M������^-:~t~M~:">-x������H-* ���������$���������***���������  Geo. A. Nicol  poes THIS i... ���������  SJVtAll PRINT  Trouble you when you are Beading, then it's time to see about  -   -your���������eyes. -_,.._  OUR SIGHT-TESTING METHODS ARE THOROUGHLY  UP-TO-DATE  and the Lenses  we -give  are Ground to Suit the  Spherical Defects of  tse eye  Our  Style of  Mountings Consists  of the Very Latest on ���������  The Market.  QC0. 0. BIGGER  OPTICIAN  1143 Hastings St., W  On Thursday ecenlng the choir of  Knox Church spent a most enjoyable  evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.  Cowderoy, 923 Salisbury St.  The musical program was splendid.  Miss Edith Home, neice of the hostess, who is visiting from the Old Country, gave a delightful rendering of  the "Angel's Serenade," accompanied  on the violin by Mrs. Cowderoy.  Mr. James Goard the popular choir  leader of the chprchwas in very fine  form with his songs. Others contributing were, Mrs. J.S. Saunders, Miss  Park, Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Gilbert Hall,  Mr. Hutchinson and Mr. Lewthwaite.  , Mrs. Morrison and- Mr. Humphreys  were the accompanists.  The program closed with a novel  guessing contest the prizes being carried off . by, Mrs. James Goard and  Mr. Humphrey. After which refreshments were served and the party broke  up about midnight, expressing their  appreciation of the kindness of the host  and hostess.  FLORA HOAR.    '  Thefnueral of the late Flora Hoar  was held Monday afternoon from tae  late residence, 141 Tenth Avenue i.  The Rev. Lashley' Mall officiated.  VOWtR.  The interment of the late Lucy A.  Vosper took place at 3:30 on Wad*  netday afternoon. 8ervlce waa held  In the Wesley church previously, when  the Rev. Newton Powell, assisted by  the Rev. J. B. Johnson and Rev. C. C.  Owes officiated. The body arrived  here trom Spokane on Tuesday afternoon at 3.30.  GRANT.  An old resident of the province passed away Friday last, at his residence  Lulu Island. In tbe person of Mr. John  W. Grant. Mr. Grant was a native of  Cornwall, Ontario, but had lived'here  for thirty years, most of tbe time at  Gibson's landing. His nephew, tyr. J.  J. Wtlkle, lives in this city at 876 9th  avenue, east. Tbe funeral took place  from the' undertaking parlors of  Messre Armstrong and Edwards, and  the Interment was itnhe Mountain  View cemetary.  ,    HOAR. .  j The funeral of Mrs, Flora Hoar, who  died Friday at her residence, 141 10th    avenne east Thejdece������s������d was - only fBetiding Bylaw^amended to vet ii stbf-  25 year, and 1. deeply mourned by her ,e-"- '"-^--1*** ai-o you ..y that  husband, Mr. tRufus Hoar.  terian pastor, or under "the divine blessing" ot a priest of Rome. Mixed marriages are a curse, even though they  may be blessed by a Pope. In,every Instance that is known the Protestant has  been the -victim. Let us point out the  marriage of Miss Gould to that eminent  scoundrel and spendthrift Count Bonl  Ca?tellalne as an example.  Protestant people cannot "do otherwise than look- upon these marriage?  with horror. They are equally bad  among the common people as well a? the  rich. The sacrifice that Rome demands  is too great. The end Is generally a case  of rationalism, for no sane person could  believe -Rome, if the-Roman priest presented Roman Catholicism without a  mask. There is a great difference between the mask and tlie face. It will be  remembered before the marriage of Klnj  Alfonso was completed that Princess  Ena was compelled to ior������wear the religion'of her father, her rr->ther, and of:  "Victoria the good" for tiiiit of the late  King of the Belgians, whose immoralities we are asked by Father Bernard  Vaughan to draw a veil across. It must  have given the Prince of Wales a shock,  nay it must have pained him as a representative of the late King Edward at the  marriage as ' he listened to his cousin  declare on the Gospels, and before a  Romanist bishop, specially imported  from England, that. her good mother  and father as dying outside the Roman  communion was eternally���������well, we shall  say lost. The chickens have come home  to roost, for we learn by "The World"  (and this is enough to put "The World"  on the index) that It has been made  known in court circles in London that  King Alfonso has turned out a gay Lothario, that he prefers a Parisian dancer  to that of his wife; that the young  Queen, were it not for the reason of  forfeiting, her son's right to the throne,  would   immediately   leave   the   country.  We do not know why a virtuous voung  wamon like Princess Ena could have  married King Alfonso Look at the list  of ancestors he ha���������������'ihe most immoral  and debased in all Pi tope It is strange  that no line is drown amongst Royalty  as to the morality of one's ancestors.  No man, we dare say, in humble life  would suffer his daughter to marry a  man With no better than a Bourbon  character. Of one of the Bourbons,  Swlnborne, the poet, writes, "Go down  to hell, thy end fa good to see."        '  The verdict aa to the character of  these two Royal personages is ln favor  of the Queen. Princess Ena was trained In a Royal home in England. It may  be said that she learned the Lord's Prayer at the knees of "Victoria the Good."  She was baptised by a Presbyterian minister in Scotland, and re-baptised by order of the Pope. But what about Alfonso? Born and bred a Roman Catholic  taught by Jesuits since his infancy, and  at the age of manhood their tool, the  husband nf the beautiful Princess Ena  and tha paramour of a Parisian dancer.  Alfonso Is what tha Church has made  him. What it could,not do for his ancestors it could not do for him. While  we cannot do less than sympathise with  the unfortunate young Queen, we cannot  forget the fact tha* ner people In England are none the less guilty. Beware  of mixed marriages. .  -Youra,'r etc, .    i^.  ' CATHOLKflpa.  Vancouver, B. C. February 10th, 1911  Editor of "Western Call."  Dear Sir:  r wish to bring to your notice that  editorial "Height of Buildings., In date  Fab. 17th.   Tuo say In that article that  Ald������nnan_Crowe moved    to   have tha  because tha audience laughed outright _  them. I said that I really did not kno]  what the question was before the Cout  cil with motions arid amendments, but!  certainly was in favor of the bylaw :rV  maining as it was. as framed in tri  plebiscite passed by the people at ti  elections. I also said if we allow*  tinkering they would try to crowd ni  only 11 but 21 stories similar to ChM  ese flats in that 129 feet. Now In fail  ness I hope in the future, if you rep  the votes of individual aldermen, tl  least I ask is that you give a true rl  port,' and remain,  Yours Truly,  ' GEORGE KING.  (We cheerfully make this correctic  and now remember-the circumstance.  very well. Since that time, howevej  Aid. Crowe' has withdrawn his notice ;*,  amend the bylaw and it will remain a|  voted on by the people.���������Editor.)  Aid. Stevens, Rogers and Ramsay opposed the change, and all the other aid*  ermen. were ;ln -favor Now I wish to  draw you attention to the remarks I  made and  you  must have  heard  them  TO THE  ELECTORS OF  WARD V.1  Owing,to'the fact that my term  a license commisioner last year did  not expire until after my nomlnatfo.  for alderman, the election of J.anua  12th has beeh declared on this technl-j  callty nuU and void, and I am.cempelH  ed to agara* ask for your support at]  the poll to be-taken on March 4th nei  The handsome vota,.acoorded> ma  that time   lasufflcieni guarantee, that  tha citizens of Ward V. wish my ser-|  vleee aa aa alderman. -  I would, therefore, urge, npoa.all mj  supporters the importance of att  tha poll on that date.   ' ^  Thanking ��������� thai electors   for   theii  splendid support In the past, I remain  GEO. *. WILUAMSON.7  Special Series  Owing to lack of space we we unable to insert special]  article this week, but the series will be continued next weejef  with "Event* from 1791 to 184V' J  A GREAT 1-088.  ul homes and  ith Alabastine.  ine gives tone, elegance and-brilliancy  to the walls. Alabastine is easily applied, lust use  cold water and a flat brush. Alabastine colors are  permanent, and will not rub off. It ia a cement, and  gradually becomes harder and harder with age. An  Alabastine wall can be re-coated without  removing (he old coat. Alabastine walls  make a room lighter and more cheerful.  And no wall is so sanitary as an Alabastine wall. No disease germ or insect  can live or breed in Alabastine -walls.  Come in and we will , show you  many beautiful specimens of Alabastine beauty.  FREE STENCILS  These free stencils are worth  from 50c to $1.00. They enable you  to snore beautifully decorate your(  home.   Call in and learn particulars.  You Need  We Supply  ALA5ASTINE  For a smaH'cost you can  add a considerable value  to your house by using  the   pelebrated  7; Alabastine 7-  We have one of the most  Complete Hardware  Stores in town  Let us fill your wants  W.   R.  2337 WESTMINSTER AVE.  OWEN  TELEPHONE 447  In the death of Miss Lucy Vosper  the community has lost one ot the  brightest young'lives In this city. Misa  Vosper was well and favorably known  ln social and church circles. > She was  an accomplished elocutionist and freely  lent her talent to give pleasure to  her fellows. She was an indefatigable  worker |n the church and geratly beloved by all who came in contact with  her.  In her chosen profession, that of a  nurse, she had few peers and her  bright, sunny ways won the love and  respect of all.  Miss Vosper left some time ago for  a holiday trip to the upper country,  and from there v;ent to Spokane to  visit friends. While there she was  asked to assist in a critical operation  to be performed on one of her friends  and received a slight scratch on one  finger. Blood poisoning set in and  it was soon seen tl. it this bright young  life was to be sacrificed to this dread  aflf 'jtion. We join with a host of  others in sympathy to the friends. The  loss will be keenly felt throughout the  whole city by the innumerable friends  of the deceased, for to meet her was  to become her friend. -~  COMMUNICATIONS.  To the Editor "The Wester Call,"  Dear Sir:  The: sympathy of the Brotstant world  went out in abundance to Princess Ena  when it was learned that she had decided upon a "conversion to order" ul  a matrimonial alliance to a degeneiate  king of a fast,"decaying kingdom. The  marriage was a conspiracy and was well  planned and carried out under that unfortunate lady. ex-Empress Eugenie,  whose little war for the ske of tlie Papacy lost her a throne. Did Home believe that in capturing a Protestant Princess of the Royal Blood that her example would bo followed by a bevy of  weak-minded maidens, such as the Haps-  burgs? Or that cn alliance would fol?  iow that would ensure the stability of  a tottering throne and a further lease.  of Dower to Borne in Spain? If sue did  then Rome has been disappointed in all  her hopes. The "cor.-, ersions" hoped for  have not taken place; the Spanish Monarchy has not strengthened its position  nor, worse, from the "point of view .of the  Roman Puria, the people of Spain are  fast throwing ofT-the yoke of^Rome. The  marriage of Princess Ena-to King Alfoif-  so-has t>een a" dismal' failure, as all such I   .  Will pay the first installment on a  splendid lot in our new subdivision  jnst off Nanaimo kt. Lots are  33 ft. wide, h^h, dry and on an  open street. Prices range from  $950 up, each. When the car-line  is built on Nanaimo St. these lots  will double in price. Now is the  time to buy. Call at our oflice and  we will be glad to show you this  property.  612 Hastings, W.  2343 Main St.  Rhone 8195  Phone 7192  W-  -.-  -,-. ���������-><:  -���������K-  B^vS-vYW  J**!**'  ^���������itf-^-.������������J:4"**ife->-. .vA?-^:-  I' -^  ���������������������������-. v"


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