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 AlfcE YOU ON OUR UST?  ':' "  NO ! WHY ?  V *  -1  **#*  \-  /  *���������*������  SUBSCR1I  IN ADVANCE  11  Vancouver City, Mount Pleasant, South Vancouver and The Province  VOLUME II  VANCOUVER, British Columbia,   DEC.  2,  1910.  No. 30  MAKING THEIR CHOICE  The B C. Flectric and B; C. Telephone Are Busy Picking Their Men  ;^;   v, for Civic Office for 1911.      >  The en'3 of the year-is drawing near and..ijieidehtally the munici-  pal election also.   It is not generally known, but is nevertheless a .  fact that tbe1 "corporations holding public franchises are carefully  choosing me- who will be "likely to best represent their interests -in  the City Council next year.  They work in a'most subtle manner, never, on any occasion,  allowing their hand-to be seen. In many cases the candidate is  totally ignorant of the fact that he is their choice, and if aproached  would indignantly deny it. It might be thought by some that such a  course would be suicidal to the corporations, as they would not be  sure that the men would stand by them after election, but such is  seldom the case. Thev choose only the type of men ^hom experience  assures them they ca^depead pn.^or support, and'they seldom make  "a":, mistake. ' .    ���������  f The wav the local corporations work it is to choose a prominent  citizen, usually a lawyer, who becomes their confidential agent. This  aWent is handsomely" paid and provided for. He must not be too  publielv connected with the corporation or company, but must  exhibit'every appearance of independence. He is expected to use  his influence*with political parties, lodges, clubs, social bodies, labor  unions and all such organizations to secure the nomination of certain  ctizens whose sentiments are favorable to the,eorporatons or who are  capable of being "worked" or "influenced" or��������� , and then  to supply the necessary publicity and support to secure their election; Often a candidate is brought out and no one can understand  where the influence is coming from, not even the candidate himself  knows, but he finds he is elected, and then the nice work is done by  the companies; then is the time when Mr. Alderman must be treated  as a man of importance, he is taken on a free trip or two and entertained with courtesy, and good dinners and good wines, He must ;  meet the manager, nay, the directors; nay, the president; He must  be carefully piloted over the plant by unctuous officials and made to  feel that he is a very importaut person, in unimportant and uncompromising matters his slightest wish is immediately attended to. If  lie'is composed of average human susceptibilities and not fortified  previously against these wiles, he will fall into the trap and become  ������������������������ moRt servile, though, perhaps, unsuspecting, creature of the "interests.'' ������������������'���������  I     Briefly, the foregoing   is what hapens   every year.    Men are ;  ehoten, elected used���������some retire disgusted, some are discharged  pr squashed, some retire with purses inflated with ^the perquisites  of office, others-alas> all too few, maintaiii an; independent course  and successfully serve the public.  What we wish to do is to warn the voter of this subtle influence;  which may even now be trying to use you to work out the ends of  these corporations. Demand that your representatives be strong,  independent men. Men above the influence of a good dinner or a  bottle of champagne. Men who have been, if possible, proven true  to the interests of the public. Men who can fearlessly challenge the  action of a corporation which seeks to take advantage of the city's  best interests. Men who act, men who think, men whom yoii can  trust.  Never was there, a more critical period in the history of Vancouver than the present. Never were the companies holding public  franchises more active than now. Never vyas there greater opoor-  itunities for "good" or for "ill" than those which exist at this  time. Much depends ou your choice. Don't let others choose your  man, and then go to the polls like sheep and vote for him, but get  busy and interest yourself in your representative. If he is not in  the* field, then get him in. Ask your man his attitude on these  'questions; make him declare himself. If a man agitates against  [.corporation control before he is elected, he will be less likely to fall  *a victim afterwards, if he is honest.  Mr. Voter* tt is your responsibility.  What Que Man  Our representative recently called upon a local real estate firm  [Soliciting advertising, and was greeted with this response:   "You  lean get no advertising from us, the Western Call is a Socialist  paper."   Here we are faced with a dilemma, sure enough.   If we  were to apply to some of our Socialist friends for a reference he  |lwould in all probability say, "No, you are a capitalist publication."  Now, we desire to have the public thoroughly understand our  Jposition in this regard. We do not belong to nor are we attached  Rio any "Socialist" body or party. We do advocate all such social  Hand industrial reforms as in our opinion are conducive to the best  jfinterests of the people as a whole. This journal will always be  jfound on the side of the "poor and the oppressed" as against the  "opulent and arrogant corporationist." We are the only paper in  ^Vancouver which is not more or less under the control (direct or,  i indirect) of local Corporations, such as the B. C. Telephone, the B. C.  I Electric, the C. P. R. or the G. N. R. or such corporations.  It is not our intention nor desire to "harp" at corporations for  [the sake of "nagging," but we will openly denounce any scheme or  "action which we consider to be inimical to the public interests. For  [this stand, fearlessly adhered to in the past, we are today suffering  'a practical "boycott" by the friends of local monopolists.  On the other hand we are daily receiving very flattering and  [\kindly comments from the independent thinking public, which we  [Appreciate more than the gold of subserviency. A little gold, how-  ever, would be very welcome, providing it comes from the right  [source. We want the "dollar" of the citizen, not the "cheque" of  Jhush money from the corporation. We want your support, your sub-  Ueriptions, your advertising, your job printing, and we guarantee  [to give in return a journal absolutely free from the control of the  [interests, printing facts without fear or favor. You may send us  feorrespondence on any subject and we will print it. with one pro-  Tviso, viz., it must be respectful, sane and to the point.  I We are not philanthropists, nor millionaires, but a plain business  [^concern, seeking to do our business on sound business principles,  [independent of all subsidies, which are so prevalent in the news-  fpaper world.  To ComrMs&umer  A Challenge���������A Question.  The only answer that Com. Edgett has dared to make to the  series of pertinent questions that avc have publicly asked in our  last three issues, is the statement, through some of his friends, that  he "is not going to run."  Now, we do riot Relieve this rumor, on the contrary we are  prepared,to tell the public exactly.what is now on the programme  for Com. Edgett: His friends would like very well to stop all  annoying questions, and are consequently circulating the report that  Mr. Edgett will not be a candidate.? It is. then the intention of  .Corn. Edgett to announce himself towards the last, stating that "his  friends had been so insistent and numerous that, much against his  will, he was forced to allow his name to stand."  We simply state this now that the publie may know what is the"  intention of this faction.  To show that we are in earnest in this, we issue the following  Challenge;  We will post with the manager of any chartered bank in the  city the sum,/of one hundred dollars ($100.00)", to be given to the  Children's Aid Society if Mr. Edgett's name is not amongst the list  of nominees for the position of License Commissioners on nomination day in January next, provided Mr. Edgett will post a like  amount in the same place to be given to same institution if his name  is found on the list of nominees for License Commissioners. This  challenge to be accepted within one week. ������������������      '  Now, if Mr. Edgett is serious and his friends are speaking the  truth, here is his chance to make good.  The fact of the matter is that Com. Edgett's "friends" are  feeling rather uneasy, and whereas three weeks ago it was boldly  stated, "You can't defeat Edgett���������" it is now a subject for grave  anxiety among the "trade."  Who are these suporters of Com. Edgett ? Are they the members of the "trade" who have his support on the commission and  who expect a "quid pro quo" for their backing at the polls? Are  the citizens of Vancouver satisfied to allow Vmah to constantly hold  office who allows the.element of "personal advantage" to totally  eliminate the principle of "public trust and duty"?" It is time we  should break away from such a course and banish sueh tactics from  our,midst. '7,.*>-7"'7 77 ..->: ���������������������������.  On this the public may rely, the "friends" of Com. Edgett, or  the "trade" are planning to secure his reelection Another thing  they can depend upon is this, that we shall riot cease to expose the  actions of this faction until the close of the polls iii January.  We conclude this week with a ���������reiteration of a question put in  a former issue: "Will Com. Edgett pledge himself to support a  charter amendment prohibiting a :<ratmissioner from selling goods  to a licensee?"  LOCAL OPTION.  The Opinion of a prominent Newspaper.  The "Resrina Leader" has the following to say on the principle  of Local Option and its needs:  "After studving the effects of the liquor traffic for years���������and nobody,  with the possible exception of those connected with the administration of  justice, has a better opportunity to study hose effects than he. newspaper  man���������the only conclusion we can come to which our judgment and intelligence can commend is that the open sale of intoxicating liquor is not a  factor i adding to the wealth and business stability of a community, but the  reverse; that it does not lead to greater civic, provincial and national patriot  ism, and does not tend to purify our national life, but has exactly the opposite  effect; that it does not swell the ranks of the students in our collegiate  institutes and universities, but, instead, helps to undo and undermine the  good work accomplished by those institutions; that it does not discourage  the commitment of crimes, but is the greatest provocative of crime; that it  does not add to human happiness, has never added to the wealth and prosperity of a community, has never assisted a man to succeed in business, but,  on the contrary, is an active agent in opposition to all these things. Because  of these facts, and solely because of them, the "Leader" is advocating the  policy of closing the open bar throughout the length - and breadth of- Saskatchewan."  CONDENSED NEWS  Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Watson arrived  Ihome Tuesday, after spending some  Itime in the South. They report a  Ipleasant trip and many fine places and  ���������scenes to admire, but, say, give us  [Vancouver for a pleasant home. It is  f ahead of them all.  ln the Cedar Cottage Presbyterian  Church on Sunday, Dec. 4th, at 11 a.  m., the pastor. Rev. J. C. Madill, will  speak on "Life and God's Hand." At  7:30 p. m., ne will speak onV'The  Transfiguring Church." Bible class  at-2s 30.-.      .   ? \2d4b  Yaneonrm.���������D.. D. Mann, vice-president of the C. N. R.. states that his line  will establish' terminals and deep waWr  frontage in this ity. He also favors  the complete filling up of False Creek. -  *Mlin*���������The Kaiser's "Divine Bight"  ���������peeh of August 16th, was bitterly debated in the Reihstag.  iKraAott.���������Kipling defends tlie House of  Lords, and creates deep impression.  WinniMf.���������The Board of Arbitration  have failed to settle tlie street railway  dispute.  ChUttwaek.���������The C. N. R. let another  ontract to the Northern Costruction Co..  for the portion of line from here eastward to Hope.  Vort William.���������The steamer Ireland  left Fort William with a cargo valued  at ������583,:i;!0, which is said to be the most  '���������niu������h"e grain cargo ever taken across  the lakes.  Toronto.���������The Toronto Street Railway  Company has issued on order prohibiting  smoking on any kind of cars.  Winnipeg*.���������The Winnipeg, industrial  Exhibition has changed it name to- the  Canadian Industrial.  Dnblis.���������Irish Unionists are forming  a fund to provide arms for revolt If  Home Rule eb granted to Ireland.  Chleayo.���������There are many entries from  Canada at the International Live Stock  Exposition at Chicago.  Wllintpf.���������Mayor Evans, on the stand  before tne segregation commission, defends the fair name of Winnipeg, her  police and  council.  Ottawa.���������Leading men of Canada, England and the United States are in favor  of holding a peace centennial.  Waabiafftoa.���������Major General Wood, declares the United States Army Is unprepared for "war.  Mum Albert.���������Prince Albert is anxious to have the Saskatchewan river  made navigable.  MlboanMw���������Twelve persons were killed in a cyclone that swept part of west-  ���������lctorl*.���������Tbe execution of Gunner  AUen,Jsentenced to death for the murder  of Captain Elliston, on August 1st has  been postponed until February.  Ottawa.���������Sir Wilfred Laurier has notified Australia that Canada has no objection to another port being added to  the Australian-Canadian steamship service.  Dublin.���������Irish Unionists send warning  Message that Home Rule will not bring  peace to Ireland, but a sword.  Yictaeia.���������British Columbia Executive  adopts'new regulations intended for effective protection of Public aa regards  tramways.  Xrtndon.���������To the delight of his party,  Mr. A. J. Balfour declares for popular  vote on the direct tariff issue.  Ottawa���������Sir Wilfred Laurier declares  that with Russia, Japan and China as  Neighbors. Canada must have u fleet.  Yaaeoavar.���������Over twenty-three miles  of concrete sidewalks have been laid in  the city during the present year.  ���������aneonYtr.���������Chairman of Technicaled-  ucation commission declares people are  trustees of nature's resources.  . -Mong w.onff���������Troops and Seamen compel the Governor of Macao to Expel Nuns  and grant an increase of pay.  X>oadon, Bar-���������Mr. A. J. Balfour's declaration for referendum on Tariff reform has largely increased party's chances.  Victoria.���������British Columbia govern-  nien* will introduce legislation to establish  provincial  department of railways.  VaacouTar,���������B. C. K. Railway Co., desirous of reducing price of ran, "will  transfer works to site touching on deep  water.  ���������a&eouTar.���������Day may come when  Japan will be greatest customer of Dominion, says Japanese Consul in Vancouver.  TOMMAV, Alaska.���������Pioneer missionary  ts now at death's door. Father William  Duncan of Metlakatla has spent forty  years amongst Indians.  ���������t. John, ������. 9., Nov. 30.���������The St. John  Railway company has reduced the price  of gas for heating purposes, cooking and  manufacturing to one dollar per thousand feet.  Worth Yakima, Waab~, Nov. 30.���������Two  people are dead, three critically ill, and  a number of others affected as a result  of eating canned asparagus tips.  Zioadon, Waff.���������Lord Rosebery, in the  course of a speech today at Manchester,  said: "The House of Lords has ceased  to exist: it has surrendered its powers to  the nation. This is a fact of enormous  importance.  Winnipeg.���������J. A. Hyer, a mall carrier,  was saved from drowning at Rainy river  by the heroic actions of Lizzie Alloway.  IMlta, B. O.���������The latest victim of the  hold-up thug in British Columbia is Mr.  John Oliver of Delta, formerly leader of  the liberal party. It occurred shortly  after dark on Tuesday evening on the  Great Northern  railway  tracks.  Mexico City. Nov. 30.���������With simple  ceremony. General Piaz will takr- the  oath of office as president of the republic of Mexico, for the eighth time  tomorrow. In view of the disturbancees  throughout the country, the inauguration will not be marked by tne series  of festivities that has accompanied it  in former years, but will be conducted  with the same formal dignity and im-  presslveness.  Auckland���������New Zealand will advocate  the formation of Imperial.Council to advise regarding overseas' dominions.  The BRITISH ELECTIONS  - An Imperial Crisis���������Home Rule in Ireland.  It was thought last yearby,many,,that tlieCrisis over the Lloyd  George Budget was tlie most significantPjh English history.-Bat it is  now readily observed that the bud get was not the real issue at all,  nor is Home Rule the issue, but the very existence of the Empire is  the true stake. ' ��������� .. ������������������->:, .,  } It is true that such issues as. 7'Home Rule.''#V'Tariff Reform,".  "The House of Lords," etc., ate of mbmentpius importance, yetthey  fade into insignificance in comparison with the great,issue of "Imperialism."   . .���������.���������,-.--.������������������ '>���������,,���������������������������'������������������,...-  It is a subject worth^of more than passing notice that in the  Canadian political " arena" similar eohtest is being waged. The  !' Navy?' is the supposed Mssue, but in reality the contest is, "Shall  we remain an integral part of- the Empire, or^shall we throw over ,i  everything British and Imperial and establish an independent nationalism."   . ���������      ' ,7 ���������   .'i ���������  7 ^ .7 X    ^.; 'i':'-:.''.,    '      '������  Partizan politicians .find themselves in a most peculiar delemma,  both in England and Canada. ;  , Unionist free traders are called upon to sacrifice" their imperial'  principles or their free trade theories. Radicals mnst decide between'  their hatred of the Lords and a disintegratedTEttipire. In Canada  Laurier and his followers are faced with a Bourassa and his mad  nationalists or an Imperial Navy. The Conservatives must stand by  the traditions of the party and lose Quebec, or stiil "bid" for Quebec and sacrifice the Imperial bond.  Perhaps in all this chaotic political jumble the Conservative.  Unionist is the only party whieh knows just where it is at* They-  stand for a Brtish United Empire, with colonial preference in trade  and no compromise to Ireland on the Home Rule question.  Many social reformers hold the view that social and economic  reforms cannot be secured without destroying the "Imperial",  sentiment. The name Empire is synonymous with oppression in  their view. They ofteii cite the/Prench Revolution as an example of  how the oppression of the poor1 is caused by the imperial ideas. But>  they forget that under a republic, France has less of true liberty*  than exists in the British Empire. So it is that the enthusiastic re:  former is simply paving the way by internal disruptions for < the  attack from.the enemies of the Empire from without. ,  The Radicalf would abolish the second House or the Lords with  one 8veep;;l''';They want absolute free trade. They would cede Ireland to the Vatican; they would abolish the ������N������vy.  The Unionist would "reform" and "modify the powers" of the  tipper House, institute a system of Colonial Preference in trade, thus  building up the Empire; establish an Imperial Congress to deal with  all imperial matters. Irish and otherwise. Keep the NaNry \rp to a  standard of efficiency as long as there was any need of it, upon an  imperial basis. *  The Radical view is the result of local prejudice and is limited to $f^7 jlfg  immediate advantages.   The Unonist idea is based on a broader con-  c������:']>tion of the destiny of tlie Empire.   :Upo������7this'latter sentiment  will largely the future of the British Empire, and sooner or later the  whole race will be called to stand or fall on this basis.  If our conception of the Empire is that it is simply a convenient  market or otherwise, that its various self-governing parts should  limit their interest to their own immediate needs,and local require-'  ments, then disintegration will follow. If on the other hand we  recognize in the Empire a great and potent power for righteousness,  liberty and justice, and seek to stimulate and perpetuate her because  of this, then our future is glorious and unlimited. Thus the real  issue in the present political crisis in England is the "Imperial"  sentiment. Those who recognize this fact wil not allow local interests to cloud the underlying cause of this political unrest but will  stand true to the Empire. .������������������*���������������������������  vlx"  -��������� -41  ;  *#  Bourassa and His Traitor Counlryrnen  BY PROF. E. ODLUM  Mr. Bourassa, the much lauded French Canadian, lauded by few  others than traitors, has had the candour to speak out his full thinkings on the subject of the defence of the British Empire. He and  they hate Britain and the British with the hate of madmen. He  knows no loyalty except to French Canada, and his masters, the  Jesuits, who are the chief cause of so many haters of the Empire,  within its borders.  Bourassa and his gang would split Canada in pieces tomorrow,  if they could be made believe that out of the fragments would emerge  a French dominant power, with true Britons all killed or driven into  exile.  I am a man of peace, as all who know me will allow, and testify.  But in view of the disloyal crowd of Canadian French; of the fact  that they are the ignorant and silly tools of their Jesuit masters; of  the fact that they have become insolent and intolerant; and of the  further fact that in numerous ways they have broken both the spirit  and terms of the Confederation Act. by winch the several Provinces  entered into the Dominion of Canada: and of the more important,  fact, that in numerous ways the aggressive disloyal French and their  Jesuit manipulators have broken the terms of the treaty, by which,  after they had been conquered by the British, they were permitted  to keep their schools, language, laws, and church realtionships to  the control of the lands and individuals. In view of the above. I  would say. the sooner the British in Canada settle to the decision  that once again the French must be whipped���������and we can whip them  more easily now than at any time in the past���������the better it will be  for Canada, for the British in Canada, and for the ignorant, traitorous French themselves.  In this, I am referring only to the,halt, we will ere many more years find  disloyal Canadians who would join any  country on earth against our empire,  so long as their own necksi were not  a way to make them come to a full  and sudden atop.  They,   in   their   brazen   insolence,  in danger.   There is no use of mincing jjrnarching under orders of a foreigner,  matters.   We know the men who are  false to our  nation  and  people,  and  who know    no nation  except Lower  Canada, to wit:   Quebec.    We    have  patted  these  irreconcilables   on    the  backs,  and given them every advantage that can come from fair play and  loyal co-operation; while they in turn  have by every possible method, proved  themselves enemies to our Dominion  and empire.   It is time to call a halt.  And if they have not sense enough to  living on the Tiber, he himself only  tbe tool of the machine behind and  above him, are determined to make  Ontario French in language, and after  wards force a dual language on every  province. Let them proceed somewhat  further along, and by the time they  imagine that their goal is within reach  by that time, loyal British Canadians  will sweep the official French language  out of the Dominion forever.  (Continued on Page 5) \  THE WESTERN CALL. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Mount Pleasant Livery  NEW STABLES    -   -   NEW EQUIPMENT  2545 HOWARD  STRET      -     -     PHONL? 845  HACKS, BROUGHAMS, SURREYS,  SINGLE AND DOUBLE DRIVERS.  Night Orders promptly attended to.  C. B. C  C.B.C  C.B.C.  C.B.C.  C.C.  BUILDERS, LOOK!  Lone lot running through from 15th to 16th, between Park  A| Victoi .a Drives, with lane alongside whole length, facing  on both streets. Can be divided into 2 lots. Price $9000.  $800 cash; 6 and 12 months or buildars'terms.  CITY BROKERAGE CO.  ���������mch-164 Broadway E.     6. t HEINT i|r.  C.B.C  C.B.C.  C.B.C,  C.B.C.  C.B.C.  GEMS OF WISDOM  'Tis true, his nature may with faults  abound; .  But who will cavil when the heart is  sound?  ���������Stephen Montague.  I will not shut me from my kind;.  .And, lest I stiffen into stone,  I will not eat my heart alone,  Nor feed with sighs a passing wind.  ��������� Tennyson.  t       ,    i  Cultivate, the physical exclusively,  and you have an athlete or a savage:  the moral only, and you have an enthusiast or a maniac; the intellectual  only, and you have a diseased oddity���������  it may be a monster. It is only by  wisely training all three that the complete man can be formed.  ���������Samuel Smiles.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������i������i������ niummiifnnniMnniii  f w  PRACTICAL HORSESHOER  Special attention given to Lame   <  and Inerfering Horses, j  **r* WS,*w! ",P!!MNPE  EDWARD   STREET  ;  William R. Webb Harold C. Brockwe  TELEPHONE 3839  I MIDWAY ELECTRIC CO. i  ELEC^RIOAX CONTRACTORS  Give me that man  That is not passion's slave, and I will  wear him  In my heart's core, aye, in my heart  of   hearts.  As I do thee.  ���������Shakespaare.  ��������� For of the soul the body form doth  take,  For soul is form and doth the body  make.   (    ������������������'  ���������Spenser  Electrical Chandeliers  Bells, Fittings, House wiring  Motor Wiring and Repairing  Telephone,.Systems  529 Broadway W  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Itt������������������t������������<������������������>t^Mt������>������a^������������������������<������������f ���������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>  Can sackcloth clothe a fault or hide  a shame?  Or do thy hands make Heaven a recompense,  J .By strewing dust upon thy briny face?  jNo!    Though thou pine thyself with  willing want  Or face look thin, or carcass ne'er so  j.      gaunt;  | Such holy madness God rejects  and  '        loathes  That sinks no deeper than the skin  or clothes.  ���������Quarles.  ���������������.t������'l������l'������*������l������l������*������l*l.������*'^  !'  WiJi  Paper Hanger, fainter  and Decorator  ; SPCCIAWST in all kinds of Interior and Decor-::  ative Work, Churches, Schools, etc,  Praising what is lost  Makes the remembrance dear.  ���������Shakespeare.  Oh, blessed tempers, whose unclouded  ray *  Can make to-morrow cheerful as today.  ���������Pope.  IF-  By Rudyard Kipling.  If you can keep your head when all  about you;  Are losing theirs and blaming it on  you;  If you can trust yourself when all men  doubt you,  But make allowance for their doubting too:  If you can wait and not   be tired by  waiting,  Or being lied, about don't deal in  lies,  Or being hated don't give way to hat-  ine.  And yet don't look too good,  nor  talk-too wise.  If you can talk with crowds and keep  your virtue,  Or walk with Kings���������nor lose the  common touch,  If neither foes nor loving friends can  hurt you,  If all men count with you, but not  teo mirch;  If you can fill the unforgiving minute  with  sixty  seconds'  worth  of distance run,  Yours is the   earth   and   everything  that's In it,  And���������which  is  more���������you'll  be   a  Man, my son!  r  Get but the truth once uttered, and  'tis like  A star new-born that drops into its  |       place,  1 And which, once circling in its placid  round,  Not all the tumult of the earth can  shake.  ���������Lowell.  3 BATH3 FOR TRAMPS.  Millionaire Hobo 8hatters Traditions  in Advocaoy of Them.  Chicago, Nov. 3.���������Several of the  oldest traditions of trampdom were  shattered last night by James Eads  How, the millionaire hobo and national organizer of the Brotherhood  Welfare Association. In an address  before members of the local bran'ch he  advocated shower baths, fumigation  work for the . unemployed, and  "cushions" to ride on./ National Organizer How reported tae association  to be flourishing in St. Louis, Kansas  City, Cincinnati and New York. He  succeeded in securing a unanimous  vote to appoint a committee to confer  with. railroad presidents regarding  transportation in passenger coaches of  hoboes en route to points where labor  was in demand. The committee also  was empowered to start a movement  toward a national free employment  bureau.  Special  DOOR HATS  RUBBER MATS and COCOA MATS  at all Prices.  Agents for  I  SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS and VARNISH j  G. E. McBIRDE & CO.  I Cor. 16th and Westminster AVes. g  MACK BROS, mnertikers  i3W������  Open Day and N ight  OFFICE and CHAPEL  2020 GRANVILLE ST. J������hoac 8282  If it is  First  Class  SHOEMAK-  INQ and SHOE REPAIRING  yon want, go to       ��������� *-  PETERS cY CO.  2611 Westminster Ave.  (Near Broadway)  We guarantee our woric to be as gcod  as any in the city.  The expenditure on the construction  of the National Transcontinental Railway during the last fiscal year was  $20,000,000, making an aggregate expenditure on construction of $72,000,-  000. This represents 1100 'miles of line  graded, and 800 miles of track laid.  Jc  Is Doing Big  Business   at  25th  Never in the History of Vancouver has .there been such a clisplay of  Dainty things for Santa Claus.      Our Buyers have secured from the  Markets ot the World the Finest and Cheapest line of  CHRISTMAS NOVELTIES  Ever seen in  the  west,   including  Christmas  and  Private Greeting  Cards.       Books   of   all   Glasses in All Bindings;   Fine  Stationery.  Leather  Goods and Fancy Novelties.  TOYS, DOLLS, GAMES, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS  Do not forget that our Toy Itepartment Comprises Four whole Flats  TOYS  DOLLS  GAMES  REMEMBER THE   O. O. S.   STORES  Thompson Stationery Co., Ltd.  325 HASTINGS ST., West  >  &  , Ltd.  Also   649 COLU M BlA ST  679-651 GRANVILLE ST.  NEW  WESTMI r  . o ���������;:;:;. ���������. ''.���������'k^k'^ki' kt.&kkkkk$l  BUSINESS DIRECTORY  BAKERY  TAILORS & LADYWARE  THE  WOMAN'S BAKERY  MISS HICKS  Bakers and Confectioners  Dry Goods, Millinery, Dress Making  Goods all First Class  Orders taken for Hand-Painted Goods  Mrs.  A.   C.  Coulter    ���������     Manageress  and Lessons Given  .,   2159 MAIN STREET  623  FIFTEENTH  AVENUE AND  Phone 3701  WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phonp  5615  BANKS  ��������� ���������   *i   ������ 'i  THE    ROYAL    BANK  OF   CANADA  ., Capital $6,200,000  LADIES' EMPORIUM  Reserve and Undivided Profits   .  ., Mrs. Dalzell, Proprs.  r          $6,900,000  ���������     Dress Making, Dry Goods and  P. L. Bingay     -     ���������    ���������     -   Manager  Christmas Supplies  2301 MAIN STREET  ���������    *   *  :    151. TENTH, AVENUE  THE   UNION    BANK  OF   CANADA  -   ������    ���������    *  .Mt.   Pleasant: Branch  (Incorporated 1865)  miss l. Marshall  General Banking Business  Millinery, Dry Goods, Fancy Neck  R. J. Hopper     ....   Manager  wear and Christinas Goods  COR. BROADWAY AND MAIN ST.  ���������Phone 6464  2305 MAIN STREET.        ' Phone 6463  ROYAL  BANK OF CANADA  *    :*.     *  (Hillcrest Branca)   /  J.  H. MINORE  Capital $G,200,000  Pine Tailoring, Cleaning and Pressing  Reserve    and    Undivided    Profit,  '  $6,900,000.  Promptness and Perfection  A. A. Steeves, Mgr.  in all work  COR.   17th   AND  MAIN  STREETS.  152 BROADWAY EAST  Phone 490O    ���������  ���������   *   ������  OAKLEY HEATING AND SHEET  METAL CO.  Corni������e, Furnaces and Hot Water  Plants at reasonable prices  105 BROADWAY E. Phone 6643  *   .   .  F.  P.  KOLONOSKI  Hillcrest Sheet Metal Works  Hot Air Heating  Jobbing Receives^ Special Attention  COR BODWELL AND MAIN ST.  ������    *    ���������  SOUTH   VANCOUVER   RACKET  Stationery, Crockery; Notions  Christmas Goods  4135   MAIN   STREET  BOOTS AND SHOES REPAIRED  Good Workmanship  Guaranteed  COR.  18th  AND  MAIN   STREET  ���������, S.   ESTABROOKS  Dry  Goods,   Men's  Furnishings  Notions and /Fancy. Christmas Goods  ST.' 7  MATTERS  CANADA'S TRADE.  BLACKSMITHS  8TEELE & MUIR,  High Class Carriages and Autos  Heavy Wagons  2410  WESTMINSTER   ROAD  Phone L1226  FURNITURE  EDGAR   FURNITURE  CO.  Carpets and Furniture and  Linoleums . House Furnishings  2245 MAIN STREET  Phone 5S62  GROCERIES  77-';   r the don        -7-77  McGowen & Salter  Table Fruits, Caddies]Confectionery  2747 MAIN STREET  Phone 4607 ;  "���������   '  ���������'������������������������������������    ���������������   0 ��������� $'��������� ���������. i      ' :   ���������������������������:.-.  CUBON'S CORNER GROCERY  CORNER FIFTEENTH AND WESTMINSTER ROAD      *  Phone 7451  *> ' *>   ������  MARQUIS CASH GROCERY  J. H. Carson, Propr  iS410 MAIN STREET      PHONE 570  .*_���������'���������  MERILEE'S GROCERY AND PROVI-  '     SION 8T0RE  Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Flour  2640 MAIN STREET  .. 7 ^ ���������_     ,  "Pfepne F8418   ���������..^..  ���������   * '������  ALLEN'S GROCERY  Four deliveries daily  Goods of Best Quality ^  l*> Back at Old Stand���������COR. TWELFTH  AVE. AND MAIN STREET  Phone 4148  . ,        ......    - ,    ...-���������> -. ���������_ .  7 ._;:.r ' -;: ��������� ��������� :   "   '   " ���������  EFFORD BROS.  , Choice Groceries, Fruits, Butter, Eggs  and Provisions  244 and 246 BROADWAY EAST  ���������1 Phone 914  HARDWARE  L. B. PARTRIQUIN  Millinery    and    Dressmaking  High Class Work.   Reasonable Prices  . OPPOSITE HORNE ROAD ON  MAIN  STREET   : S   THE TORONTO STREET RAILWAY.  I Mr. William Mackenzie has informed  the city authorities that so soon as  the council has authority from the  crease of J8 per cent, as ^compared ratepayers to purchase'.-tlie  with the corresponding period  in 1909. The monthly increases  average upwards of $9,000,000 -and  wages are showing an upward tendency in all sections of most industries,  and especially in the building trade.  SOME SAMPLE CROPS.  ��������� Remarkable crop records of various kinds are being revealed as autumn work proceeds. A farmer in the  neighborhood of Prince Albert, says  the Daily Phoenix of Saskatoon,  threshed a field of wheat of only 30  acres, with the phenomenal result of  1,300 bushels of the finest Red Fyfe.  In the same neighborhood five acvje  of ground have yielded 350 bushels of  Toronto  street railway, he will recommend his  shareholders to sail -at a figure, to be.  agreed upon or fixed by arbitration  The company owes the radial lines extending north, east;1 and 'west, from  the city limits, but these it refuses to  part with. The ratepayers may socn  vote on the picpo'sal to purchase.  PROPERTY OFF THE MARKET.  . ersons now having listed property  is follows:    Lots 28, 29:224, 526 take  notice that the same is hereby with*  A. S. GOARD.  NO RECIPROCITY IN COAL.  The Nova Scotia coal operators are  writing., to the Dominion Government  protesting against any attempt to establish reciprocity with the United  States where coal I? concerned^, Tbe  competition of British coal .in the  event of any reduction of the duty is  potatoes to an acre.   Another farmer  also greatly feared,  of Wellyn (Sask.), had a yield of 5,150  bushels of wheat from his quarter section    (100 acres).  COR.  18th   AND   MAIN  ; Phone 6932  GENERAL  MT. PLEASANT MARKET  ���������Sxtra Bargains      Meat Each Monday  Prompt Sf fgh Grade Meats  COR.  BRO.' AND WESTMIN-  ..   ....   .. iOAD  KEELER'S  NURSERY  Bulbs, Plants,. Roots and Shrubs  COR. FIFTEENTH AVH. ANfb MAIN  .) STREET;-;      s  .Phone,JR 2196  7C;7C. PILKEY  General Repairs and  Machine Shop  2525 MAIN STREET  ���������   *   ���������  F. T. yERNON  Hay,  Grain, Flour and-Feed  Poultry Supplies a Specialty  2471 WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phone 1637  NEIL BROS. 4. CO  Contractors and Builders    Estimates  .7^      7 and' Plans Submitted ' ' .'  FIFTEENTH AVENUE AND WESTMINSTER ROAD  TRANSVAAL RAILWAYS.  The president of the Johannesburg  chamber of commerce, speaking at the  monthly meeting of that body, stated  that if the present rate of earning  was maintained the railways would  have at least a surplus of over ������ 1 ,-  000,000 for 1910, and that it was their  duty to bring every pressure to bear  on the administration to reduce the  railway rates! The president complained of the recurrence of the blockage at Port Natal attending the export of maize, owing to the lack of  sufficient space for steamers. \Vith  her large export and import trade,  and well equipped and safe ports,;  South Africa had every right to look  REAk ESTATE  ._ TRIMBLE *  NORRIS  REALTY  CO.  -8|MPSON'8 STATIONERY D   1W^    . D   fc   ���������  Real Estate, Insurance, Brokers  Toys, Fancy Goods    Books, Music and   2503 WESTMINSTER ROAD AND  Crockery, Glassware    School Supplies;  2241 MAIN STREET   ���������  Phone 3955  COR.  OF BROADWAY  '      Phone L 3184  G. E. McBRIDE & CO.  Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints,  Oils  COR. SIXTEENTH AVE. AND MAIN  STREET.    Phone 2853  *    *  O'NEIL & SON  Hardware    of   all   kinds  FftBuilders'   Hardware, Stoves,  Ranges,  Paints, Oils. etc.  COR.  37th  AND MAIN  STREET  ������    *   *  '     ROBINSON & HOAG  Heavy and Shelf Hardware  [Special No. 77 regular $2.50 high grade  varnish at $1.60'per. gal.  COR  25th  AND  MAIN   STREET  R E5TAURANT  THE PLEASANT CAFE  Modern,  Inviting  and  Appetizing  Salter & Eaton      -     ���������      Proprietors  2642 MAIN STREET  Phone R8376 '    '  THE VANCOUVER RACKETT  Christmas Goods a Big Feature  Sales floor is 33x220 feet  The people are in crowds at  109-11    BROADWAY,    EAST  *    ������   ������  MOUNT  PLEASANT  LIVERY  Hacks, Broughams and Surreys  always ready  The barn is now fully equipped  A. F. McTavish      -     -     Proprietor  2545 HOWARD ST.   Phone 845  PRICE'S   BOOT   REPAIRING   SHOP  * Solid English System  Promptness a Feature  232 BROADWAY EAST  FREEMAN A BURT  New and Second-Hand Goods  Household Furniture.  General Repairs  1805 MAIN STREET  MOUNTAIN  VIEW   FISH  AND  FRUIT   MARKET.  OPPOSITE   HOME   ROAD   ON  MAIN STREET.  ���������'   ���������    ���������  A.  DUDMAN  Grocer   and   Provision   Merchant  Fruit,  Tea  and  Coffee  a  Specialty.  COR.  HOME ROAD AND MAIN ST,  *    ���������    *  BELYEA & SON.  Wood Yard  Abundant   in   Quantity���������Good   in  Quality and Reasonable in Prices  1555 MAIN STREET  Phone   1269  E.  W.   PEACH  Pioneer Plumber of South Vancouver  Jobbing a  Specialty   All Work  Guaranteed  MAIN ST. BETWEEN 27th AND 28th  P. O. Box 45 Hillcrest  Phone 317  SQUARE  DEAL  REALTY CO.  South   Vancouver   Specialists  .4132 MAIN ST. Phone 4695  WM;  TANSLEY  Real Estate and Investments  21st AND  MATN  STREET.      ,  *)���������  ���������   ������  FRASER   BROKERAGE   CO.  Real   Estate,   Loans   and   Insurance  38th AND MAIN ST\ _ Phonelo49  D. W. GRIMMETT  Real Estate Dealer, can show you how  ���������;      te make 25 per cent, on  South   Vancouver   Investments  3324 MAIN ST.  ���������   ���������   ���������    '  J. F. GRIMMETT & SON  Real Estate and  Brokers  COR 18th AND MAIN STREET  H.   P.   McCOOL.  Real  Estate,  Loans   and  Insurance  OPPOSITE HORNE ROAD ON  MAIN STREET  Phone 7512  G. W. CARLETON ....  Real Estate,  Rents  Collected, Loans  Negotiated  2551   WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phone L 3942  Branch  CITY   BROKERAGE CO  164 BROADWAY, EAST  G. E. Pierrot. Mgr. Phone 2224  Rental Agents Collections  IMPERIAL   INVESTMENT   CO.  Real  Estate   and  General   Brokerage  23 IS MAIN STREET  Phone 305  for a   plentiful    supply  freightxat low rates.  of   steamer  W. A. Mullen  2440 WESTMINSTER AVE  ICE  CREAM   PARLOR  FRUITS, CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS.    ALL KINDS  OF  SOFT   DRINKS  PHONE   R2196  KEELER'S NURSERY  . For, a fine assortment of  "' DUTCH BULBS  just imported-from Holland  PRICES   REASONABLE  COR. IP & WESTMINSTER AVE  Fedora Cafe  1821 MAIN STREET     ::  MEAL TICKETS $4.50       MEALS 25c  SHORT ORDERS A 'SPECIALTY.    Meals at all hoiii*.    White  Help employed.   Quick Service and Courteous Treatment  Give us a call H. PETERSON, Prop;  \  THE ONTARIO MINERAL OUTPUT  According to the annual report of [\  the Ontario Bureau of Mines, just issued, the mineral production of the  province during 1909 was $3,981, 375 an  increase of 28 per cent over 1908. The  output of silver increased sby $3,322,-  892, or 36 per cent, pig iron by 43 per  cent airid nickel'by 49 per !cent7 The  total output of silver last year was  25,903,895 ounces, yielding a return to j  2410  Westminster R'd  MT. PlfASANT  VANCOUVER  RUBBER TIRE WORK A SPEOiALTY  Steele c& mum  CARRIAGE WORK; GENERAL BLACKSMItHINQ  HORSE SHOEING,   JOBBING  the mining companies of $12,464,722. * **************************&*************************)  With the exception of a few thousand  ounces produced by one of the mines  west of Port Arthur, the entire product  came from the  mines  of. the Cobalt  region.  - *I  B. C.  EASTERN TELEPHONE EXTENSION  Telephone communication between  Winnipeg and New York will .be an  event of the near future. Before the;  end of the present year the Manitoba1  Government Telephone Commission  expects to have a large heavy copper wire erected, between Winnipeg  and the United States boundary at  Gretna. The province, outside of  Winnipeg, has at present 12,100 "telephones connected and owned by the  government system, - and 5,000 are  connected with the system by various  municipalities, thus making 17,000 on  the system outside of the city7 of  Winnipeg.' ' \~k  NIXON,  PATTON   4 MfcLEAN     ;  Real Estate, Loans, Financial Agents  2900 MAIN STREET  Phone 6416  ��������� ���������...-���������  THE   HAZLETT    BROKERAGE   CO.  Real Estate, Loans, Insurance  Accountants and Auditors  FIFTEENTH  AVE. AND WESTMINSTER  ROAD  Phone F6S29  ��������� ���������   ���������  REAL ESTATE  Prof. E. Odium  1710 GRANT STREET  Phone 2502  ���������'   ���������    ���������  JUNCTION   PHARMACY  Complete Stock of Fresh Drugs  Prescriptions a Specialty  619   FIFTEENTH  AVENUE   EAST  Phone 5557  ��������� *    *  W. J. PROWSE A CO.  Real Estate, Loans and Insurance  COR. 29th AND  MAIN ST.  LITTLE  MOUNTAIN   REALTY CO.  Real   Estate  and   Cccmissioa  Brokers  COR.   28th  AXD  MAIN   STREET  *    *    *  A.  W.  GOODER1CH   & CO.  Real Estate, Loans and Insurance  Notary Public  .'2450  MAIN STREET  Phone  4672  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most up-to-date place to eat on the Hill.  All home cooking.  7 ������������������p.$ ������������������;.   ; ..White help.   Quick:service.   " '  2603i.MAJNkSm -    -   MRS. LUNO, Prop.  smmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWmmmmmWmm  ���������iniwuinmnniintmmumi  PROF. COWAN  EXPERT TEACHER of Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Bajijo, Authobarj) and  J7.00.        No class lessons.      ....  Musicians supplies of every descrip-  ���������;"    \'-:^7*>:^^   - 1'tioiu  COiNft-WilTf  I" 2315 MAIN STREE  STORE  near 7th  Htiwwwmimiitiwwi���������iw������  PHONE 696-4  P.O. BOX   IS,    HILLCREST  WEBB & YOUNG  PLUMBINO, GASFITT1NG and HOT WATER  WEATING.     Stoves Connected and General  Repairs,   Etc.  Estimates Giveny COR, 21st and WESTMINSTER AVE 1  THE WESTERN CA������,L. VANCOUVER. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  tl  Municipal Election,  1911  VOTE FOR  ���������������������������  ������������������ ���������  GET THE  ALEXANDER MORRISON  FOR MAYOR  WHO ST A SOS FOR  Progressive,  Honest and Clean  Civic   Government  CENTRAL COMMITTEE ROOMS  726 Hastings St., W.    Phme 8087 \ \  Opposite New Post Office. ::  25th AVENUE  Short Orders a Specialty  I give the kitchen my personal attention  MRS. LUCKHURST  PROPIJETRESS  -'���������' Mr. John Hamilton, late of Glasgow,  Scotland, has taken up hlB residence  with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson, at  215 Broadway west. Mr. Hamilton and  Messrs. Wilson and Richmond, of 36  Cordova street, the well-known firm of |  men's outfitters, have bought out Mr. I  D. W. Muir, of 837 Granville, who successfully carried on a business in h'igh  class men's furnishings.   It Is the Intention of the new firm to retain the  premises at 837 Granville street as a  high class West End store, where "people who know" will always be able to  get just what they want.   Mr. Hamilton's genial nature and hearty laugh  made him a general favorite among his  brother Scots in Nanainio, where he  was in the same class of business for  the past two years, and it is only a  question of time till he will be as much!  appreciated by the large and influential  Scotch population of Vancouver.  Missionary sermons will be preached  at Grace Methodist church on Sunday  next. In the morning the Rev. R. Milliken, of Wesley church, will preach,  and Kev. C. Schllcher, of North Vancouver, will preach in the evening.  Mrs. Henry T. Thompson will receive tor the first time at her new rest  dence, 445 Tenth avenue west, on  Wednesday afternoon, November,30,  and the last Wednesday of every  month thereafter  ������ ��������������������������������������������� mii'*���������*������������������ *��������� i��������� i���������!���������!V.'������������������.':��������� ���������������.**f9i*' ** *' *' *' * *     j  H.r.Storrv  /  < >  i >  557 Granville St.  FOR YOUR  NEXT SUIT  Large Stock of Fall and Winter J  Tweeds and Worsteds.  t  and follow  the crowd to  KELLY'S  GROCERY.  You get more real honest value for your money  here than anywhere else in  town.  Don't use old or cheap  Fruits for your Xmas  cakes. It only costs you a  few cents more to buy the  best in the land, and when  vou come to eat them you  are well compensated for  the difference in price.  NEW LOOSE RAISINS  NEW SEjEDED  RAISINS.  NEW SULTANA  RAISINS.  NEW LOOSE  CURRANTS.  NEW PACKAGE  CURRANTS.  NEW LEMON PEEL.  NEW ORANGE PEEL  NEW CITRON PEEL.  NEW MIXED PEEL.  NEW SHELLED NUTS  NEW WHOLE NUTS  NEW EXTRACTS  NEW SPICES  DEMERERA SUGAR  ALMOND PASTE  PRESERVED GINGER  EVERYTHING OF  THE BEST QUALITY,  FRESH AND FULL  FLAVOR.  WE ALSO CARRY  FRESH CIDER IN  s  bulk and in  Ibottles.  boiled cider in  BOTTLES.  TURKISH FIGS, ALL  SIZES.  PERSIAN DATES, IN  BULK.  PERSIAN DATES, IN  PACKAGES.  ARABIAN DATES, IN  BULK.  HAVE A LOOK IN  SOME TIME AND SEE  WHAT A FINE STOCK  WE CARRY.  WE GUARANTEE  EVERYTHING WE  SELL.  Goods of  Quality at  Lowest  Prices  Cor. 18th Ave. and Main St.  Goods of  Quality at  Lowest t  Prices  Owing to the Great Rush at our store-  during the past^ week we were obliged to  purchase more XMAS GOCDS. Shoppers were  so enthused with our Goods and Low Prices  that our force was kept busy from the opeu-  ing till closing time.  We had to replenish our stock. Our new  display is even more attractive than ever  Below are a few of our Offerings  ������  I DRESS SUITS a Specialty f  GEO. S.  +  We are there with the goods   |   l^g  Dressed Dolls ..: ���������........ 25c,    40c and 50c  Dressed Dolls, real hair....  i     75e, $1.00, and $1.25  'Baby Dolls, unbreakable...    .50c and 75c  Kid Body Dolls���������the go to  sleep kind. . .25c, 50c, 75e  and  85e  Children's Toy Blocks   ......25c and 50c per set  Horns and Tin Whistles,  from  5c up  A special line of 5c TOYS.  Don't miss this line.  Black Patent Leather    25c and 50c  Hand Bags from 25c up  I DROP IN AND SEE OUR STOCKtl  * " V  No Trouble  to show  You the Goods  iiiminiiiimiiiiim  the liooas |;  miiiiii>m������i������i4i*mu'.  Mt.   Pleasant'a  Leading ������ Grocer  2333 Main Str.  PHONE  938  Black and Red Patent Leather, shaped back..  Black and Colored Elastic,  with cut steel and jet trimmings, in boxes ..  A large assortment of  Silk, Wool and Mercerized.  ......50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50  and $1.65  Black   Satin,  with   pleated  Paisley     Bow Ties in Holly Bos  Bow Ties, with Lace Ja]   50c, 75c and  Fancy Lace and Net Co]  in Boxes    35c, 50e|  75c and   Hand-Painted Satin Pj  Cushions 15c  Hand-Painted Satin  kerchief and Glove   60c to  Paisley in plain designs....  Plain White   i  New Velvet   Paisley Ruch-  hig  ,   Linen Cushion Tops  Laundry Bags  Tie and Towel Racks  Stenciled r     fcr +*+1*\)***++*^ V*f****^-*Vi***'^
^���^���������������vS*g#^w^^**JS*v*#2''*j*02^S^ *vMW*w#fi^.^��^^^v..v*.y^J^O^
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Dining Suites
Goldtftt quarter-cut
Early English, or in Solid
Oak. Prfe; ranging from.
,,,.......!.#0.00 to $250.00
Our   Morris   Chairs
Yelour, Quarter Oak. at
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Hall Furniture
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A Few Bargai
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stock of l^as igwds.
< !���
< >*i'*.'\"
Under the supervision of Foreman
Ward, the work of opening trails into
the heart of the' big Forest at Central
JRark, which will shortly be converted
into a real park, is being advanced rapidly. 8everal trails are being opened
from different points, but they all aim
(to penetrate the dense undergrowth
aad reveal the possibilities of the park
*o the full.   Great care is being taken
Eft fXuS|^2UU A*
hot to damage the trees, and in many
cases dejourt have been made around
the forest giants. It is the board's
announced intention to leave the park
in its natural state, and they will confine their operations for the most part
to clearing the underbrush and providing means of ingress into the better sections of the big jungle.
Good News.
Yes, indeed!   Our sisters across the
line are having a special Thanksgiv
ing Day, today, Nov. 24th, to thank
God for freedom, liberty, newly-found!
Freedom! Yes. One - hundred and
thirty thousand women were added to
the voting strength of the State of
Washington by the adoption of an amendment for equal suffrage to the constitution at the election oh November
the 4th. We congratulate our sisters
and yearn for tbe time when the women of British Columbia shall hold such
a Thanksgiving Day.    Hurry up sis-
ters of British Columbia, else we shall
remain in shackles till we die.
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2 for    25c
Boupassa and His Traitor
(Continued from page One)
Let these traitors learn from Portugal, from Spain, from Italy, from most.
all papist countries who.know .the Jes-..;
uits7 and their .tools best, and from
Britain in the past,��[. that they
are playing with fire when they are
goading the Anglo-Saxons of the Dominion to turn on them. They will
rend them to tatters and grind them
to pwder. Yes, I say, break to smithereens, the Confederation, and start
over once again, with no language but
that of the all-conquering English, with
no schools but true national schools,
with no window-barred nunneries and
monkeries, with no Jesuits within our
borders, unless in by stealth and fraud
like other criminals, and no terrorizing
of the individual, by shaking a burning hell over his head, and soul, and
'helpless family.
No, Mr. Bourassa, you may play tbe
'poli'ical fool and traitor among your j
jkind, but you are a small part of Can-j
jada, and a little wretched pigmy part j
jof our glorious  empire,  the  grandest I
leaders, played with the same fire,
and Io! the fire burntd. Tbe cowards
and false leaders of South Africa are
dead, in exile, or in contempt; and
the Union Jack is the Ensign of a
United South Africa. You may answer that some of the Boer leaders are
[honored and in high'positions in that
land7 Yes, they are. But they were
before the war, during the war, and
have been since the war, men of right*
and naturally loyal spirit*. Thsy were
nevtr, and are not now, tbe ignorant
simpletons and tools,-thinking, speaking and acting under the Inspiring and
domineering commands and suggestions  ofthe  JtJSUitS.        .-" ~ : - -��� -     -      ^ --
And as there were true loyal Boers
in South Africa, so are there many
loyal, manly ������ rench in tbe province of
Sir 'Wilfred Laurier dares to do
something looking towards defending
the British Empire; and Mr. Bourassa.
with his traitor band, turns on one of
the most brilliant and naturally loyal,
enough to stand for more than a poor
paltry province, populated by too many
of a race noted for centuries a* among
the noblest of the human family.
Let Sir Wilfred and his like-minded
followers show that they are big
in sympathy with Bourassa seii.'i-
ments; and very soon they turn lo
destroy the only man of all their race
who. by ability and true worth, has
risen to the highest position Canada j
can bestow. j
Sir Wilfred would build a navy, and
land most liberal in the history of the ju8e !t to de,end ��lTR EMPIRE, and
human race. No nation, known to his- Bourassa et al would throw him into
tory. has ever been so liberal to all the Butter- ! anl a Conservative, but
classes,  colors,  religions,  and  nation-iif thpre is to be a test  between   the
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I Thomson
-   Cor. 26th & Westminster Ave   I
alities, as has  been  and  now is
empire  and   people   over   which    and
l whom flies our loved and honored Union Jack,
Remember, Mr. Bourassa, that our
flag is the combination of three crosses, of England. Ireland and Scotland.
It stands for an empire of over 400,-
000,000 souls, the most disloyal of
whom are your noisy, ignorant, and
thankless French followers. It is time
you heard words from some man who
can. and dares, to speak plain words
that represent the soul-language of
millions of loyalists in Canada. Do a
little thinking, and try to mend your
manners, and your condemnation of
everything British. You will get a lesson In due time, if you fail to get a
little sense in your head, and into
your   followers'   noddles.    We   are   a
| quiet race, and can bear much, but the
' time comes when we call a halt, and
there is * big, tuddan stop.
'   Kruger, and his fool followers and
I the  Navy-Builders, as
Laurier,   then,  even   though
.jiat'whole   class   of   the   Bourassi'es   and
represon'ed by
Sir Wilfred does not go far enough to suit
me and hosts of others; then. I say. I
shall readily stand by Sir Wilfred, the
patriot, as against Bourassa, the political traitor. However, in rh^ meantime, let all small provincial disloyalists look out for the logical and irresistible results of their teachings, actions and thinkings. And. above all.
let   them   come   out   from   under   the
maintain that the Jesuits are not Roman Catholics in any true sense. True,
tbey are within that church, much as
thieves and gamblers are in all respectable communities, and-io too
many instances are able to run those
communities through the control of
the civic rulers. So it is with the Jesuits in the Roman Catholic Church.
Tbey are feared, hated and despised;
but since the Jesuits are so powerful,
resourceful, and have so many secret,
underground methods of - prosecuting
their schemes and persecuting their
enemies within the Roman Catholic,
and anlso within the Papistic portion
of the Anglican Church, theT"dbm~in-
ate very largely these two churches.
And in both cases they are political
machines, or really one machine, striving for power and wealth. They; arc
enemies of every commonwea'th, and
as far as possible control tbe two
churches, with which they associate,
so as to use them as tools.
Now, when I condemn the Jesuits of
the Anglican and Rumnn Catholic
Churches, I have no words or thoughts
condemnatory of -these two churches
except to say that they should drive
out of their communions these parasites oPreligion.of society, of national
life, and of home relationships.
The Roman Catholics arc, so far as
they are free from Jesuitism, as true
and   loyal   naturally  to their   country
as are the most loyal.   This much  J
I say to make clear that instead of opposing and striving to hurt tho   tme
j loyal Roman Catholics of this and oth-
ler countries, I gladly wish them God-
!speed   in   trying  to eject  from   their
'communion the Jesuits, as often tlioy
have done before, and as must be done
r.t::ii)  fo  restore  the long established
\ Church  to its highest and  holiest ide-
'i\'*.     And     ihe     Apostolic     Anglican
Church   in   like   manner    will     needs
: clean   out   their  Jesuit  schemers   and
idola'ei.s <��r gradually go so f:>.r as to
���split, into two parts, one going to tho
Jesuits of Rome, and the other maintain the holy faith as held   from  the
control   of   petticoat   foreigners,   who j JANE COBURNE.
are carrying forward a propaganda of j Tne dea(a occurred on Sunday, 27th.
ruin and disruption for the Empire. |0f Jane Coburne, 1753 Second avenue
But upon them the stone will fall; ;east. The remains were shipped yes-
and when it falls, it will grind them terday to Nanaimo for burii.l at the
into pulp.   It were better for them had 'family plot.
they never been born.   Their combin- ,.   _.	
ed efforts will fail, and turn back.} Tne funeral of the late Elizabeth
boomerang-like, and wound them io\^arBier was he]d yesterday morning
death. jat  10 o'clock    from  the family   resi-
In the foregoing I have no reference! dence, 404 Broadway east.   Rev. G. H.
to   the   Roman   Catholic   Church.     I jWiison officiated. *---i.'~*-~������-*^w.~^-������L������*:.^^W^VCVtt^  ia SEZaxJt ^V^Jli/iW.LItu. IA tvM ...  New Music  Allthe latest now to hand.      We are indeed proud  of  this collection and please remember  The price is Right  A fine line of easy classic teaching pieces.  ��������������� MUSIC STORE,  THE JUNGLE  WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR  THE UNTRUTHS WHICH LIE HERE.  2315 Main St.,  Cor. 7th  Phone 845  Always in Mt. Pleasant  JELLY'S  Stand:     Mount Pleasant Livery.  Phone 845  ��������� ���������!>���������  For good values in  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Gall on  TRMBLE  &  NORRIS  Cor. Broadway and Ninth Avenne  .\.  !nt>4HtM^iK������<K������t>*t������**������������:HH^  TTTT iMfl ���������    ���������*:-���������.������������������,-'  Acme Plumbing & Heating Co. i  For Estimates on Plumbing      !  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When O'Grady was  charging the jury the ass again began  to bray, this time;at a greater distance  from the courtroom window.  "I beg your lordship's pardon," said  Busch. "May I ask you to repeat your  last words? There, is such .an echo  about here I did not quite catch that  sentence."  .\'E\Y AVhS'P-Ml.NSTr.n LAND DISTRICT���������Di ti-ict >>������' Xew Westminster���������  Take notice tnut Thomas HH Peaivsou, of  Xew Westminster, occupation broker, intends to appiy for permission to purchase  the following described lands: Commencing at k post planted 30 chains west  and 40 chains north of the northwest  corner of Lot 15t������0, G. 3.; thence west  2i) chains; tiience norm 20 cbaiii.-s; thence  west 60 chains; thence north 45 chains  to the south boundary of T. L. 41652;  thence east SO chains; thence south 65  chains to point oi commencement, containing 40U acres  more or less.  THJMAS   K.  PEARSON.  Dated November 2nd,  1910.  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Dauphinee,"  spinister. of Xew Westminster, occupation stenographer, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post  planted 60 chains west of the southwest  corner of Lot 2433. G. 1; thence .south  20 chains; more, or less -to tbe north  boundary of P. R. 2226; thence west 80  chains; thence north 20 chains; thence  east SO chains to point of comewcement,  containing 160 acres more or less.*  ETHEL  P.  DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd. 1910.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster-  Take notice that Alice A. Dauphinee,  widow, of Vancouver, B. C., occupation  lady, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 30 chains  west and 40 chains north of the northwest corner of Lot 1560. G. 1.; thence  north 65 cthains to the south boundary of  T. L. 41652: .thence east 60 chains; thence  north .25 chains; thence east 20' chains;  thence south' 50 chains, to tlie north  boundary of, T. L, 3S250; thence west 50  chains: thence south 40 chains; thence  west 30 chains to point of commencement, containing 370 acres more or less.  ALICE A. DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, 1910.  w  ESiAlUSfeTEK Church���������  Coi. tteiu/ii uua Oiiii.    v>ue bli>uk eaal  ������l Wetsimui.iiei Ave.  services���������Sunday 1' ;W) a. in. and 7:30 j  p.m.    suiMtity eilbool z:HO.  Kev. j. U. t/AiicKuN, B. A.,  Residence <. or. Quebei-.;aiid ^im. Pastor.  -Anglican  ST. MICHAELS���������  Cuinei tub are. ana Priu-e Edward ������l.  Services*���������Morning Prayer at 11 a. m.  aud Eveuboug at 7 :3o p. ui. each Sunday. ���������  Rkv. G'. H. Wilson, Rector.  IReciory, Cor. Aye. 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The Premier was not -seriously hurt.  , Eagle Pass, Tex^-^Jeneral.'Bernardo  Reyer is heading >the revolutionists,  whicii Is spreading throughout all  Mexico..  Vancouver.���������An important addition  to the staff of the Vancouver Land  Registry Office was made to-day'.when  twelve m^n who had for some months  been ���������employed on the extra ;iagiht  staff were transferred to the day' side.  P"������XE THE DONp'SS  )fj������j. ������.��������������������������������������������� ������i-������ri-      ��������������������������� ��������� -���������  ...Back Again ...  2747 MAIN STREET,   (Near Corner 12th)  M07  We have moved back to our old'store  i  FRESH MILK AND BUTTER DAILY. HIGH CLASS CANDIES  and TABLE FRUITS. A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIG  ARETTES and TOBACCO.  Agents for WOMAN'S  BAKERY  BREAD and CONFECTIONERY.  Maryville, Mo., Nov. 21.���������Oda Hubbell, a farmer living near Barnard,  Mo., his wife and two children' were  shot and killed at their home last  night by an unknown person who set  fire to their house to conceal the  crime.  Owen Sound, Ont., Nov. 10.���������A  peculiar accident ocurred In Cook's  bush, in Sullivan township, 15 miles  from here, late yesterday afternoon.  Arthur Dargavel, aged 24, was buried  alive by an embankment of gravel falling in on him.  the riots and anti-America demonstrations.  Quebec.���������A'case "of cholera was discovered on board'the steamship Royal  George when she arrived at Quebec  yesterday, and all the passengers are  in quarantine.  London, Nov. 19.���������That the Ameri:  can sailor whose body was found  yesterday in the inner harbor at Cherbourg, France, had been' stabbed and  robbed and that the American sailors  were maltreated by French soldiers,  were the charges made to-day by London newspapers following the receipt  of dispatches from France describing  riots at Cherbourg yesterday.  Melbourne, Aust.���������No changes are to  be made in the Australiah���������tariff.at the  present session of the parliament of  the Commonwealth.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice that Thomas T. Douphinee,  of Vancouver. B. ���������.;��������� occupation broker.  Intends to apply for. permission to purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 60 chains  west of the southwest corner of Lot 2433.  G. 1; thence east 60'chains; thence north | t  80 chains; thence west 60 chains; thence m������*""u^���������,���������T'������ Xtst. 9>oe am 7tii������������������ C  south 8T0 chains to point of commence- | TAOB gEWELL, Kec. aec. m 7th ave. J.  ment; containing: 480 acres more or less. -     -      .  THOMAS T. DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, 1910.  MT. PLEASANT Iiodge No. 19.  Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. ml  in I. Ol'O.-P. Hall Westminster ave]  Mt. Pleasant.     Sojourning bretlr  cordially invited to attend.   .     ���������  J. Douglas, Noble Grand,   26th & Mail  ~ Matthews, Viee Grand,  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice that A. Josephine Dauphinee,  spinister, of Vancouver, B. C,. occupation school teacher, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following der  scribed lands: Commencing at a post  planted 60 chains west of the southwest corne.r of Lot 2433, G. 1; thence  north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains;  thence south 80 chains; thence east 80  chains to point of comemncement, containing 640 acres more or less.  A.   JOSEPHINEv DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd. 1910.    Lov������* Orange Lodge  rT. PLEASANT L. O. L. No. U  Meets the 1st and 3d Thursday i  each month ������t 8 p. m  tbe K. of P ������all.  All    visiting   Bret  cordially welcome.  '������������������,"   JoskCovh.lv, Wi  3013th ave. W.       ;  N. E: XjOcohebp, Secj  v   ns 17th a������e, W.  IndcpcMcnt Ontcr foresters  Ottawa.���������The- trade conference at  Ottawa between representatives of  concluded. The next conference will  likely be held at Washington in January.  Astapova, Russia, Nov. 20.���������Count  Tolstoi died peacefully here this morning. Dr. Makovetsky and the other attending physicians and Countess Tolstoi were at bis side when the end  came. ' 7'  New York, Nov. 2L���������In raids so important that the poptmalster-general  Mr. Hitchcock, took charge in person,  inspectors took action to-day against  two concerns which they charge with  swindling the public out of more than  $40,000,000 by fraudulent use of the  mails.  Toronto.���������At the annual meeting of  the Canadian Bankers Association here  this morning, Stuart Strathy, general  manager of the Traders Bank, was elected to the executive council.  Victoria, B. C.���������Plans have been  filed with the provincial government  locating the station grounds of the  Grand Trunk Pacific railway on the  Indian reservation at Fort George, adjoining the Fort George townsite.  Ottawa.���������The Dominion government  is looking for a suitable experimental  farm site in. north western Manitoba.  Victoria, B. C.���������Another shooting affray occurred in the militia quarters  here on the lltb. inst., which resulted  in the death of Corp.- John. Boclan,. at  the hands of gunner Ratcliffe, who then  committed suicide.  London.���������General elections will commence Dec. 3.  Cardiff, Wales, Nov. 21.���������The disorders in connection with the strike  of Welsh coal miners in the Rhondha  valley are becoming serious.  Pointy  PHotos  For ";  Christmas  Make the most pleasing of gifts.  You oan give your friends more  genuine pleasure with a dozen of  our fine portraits than with anything else you can'buy for the same  coat. EXPENSIVE? NO! For  the quality of the work you will be  surprised at our reasonable prioes.  We please our customers:  PfflWC 3484  WELFORD,  THE MOUNT PLEASANT PHOTOGRAPHER  Cor* Main Str, and  Broadway  pOUBT VANCOUVER  No.   182  \J   Meets act and 4th Mondays of <  month at 3 p. m., in the Oddfellov  Hall, Mt. Pier sant.     Visiting brelj  ern always welcome.  H- Hankins, Chief Ranger  -M. J. Crehan, Rec. "  337 Princess street, Oil  A. Pekgelly, Financial Secretory!  ,   237 Eleventh avenue ef  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjepair Work.?]  Factory Experience,  Best References  OOUIUQWOOOJAST ,���������  Leave your orders at the Western Ci  (Ha  Winnipeg, Man.���������The royal commission appointed to investigate the elevator business of the Northwest have  issued a unanimous report favoring  co-operation and joint stock company  owned elevators, and condemned the  Public owned system.  St. Petersburg, Nov. 21.���������The Duma  adjourned to-day's session out of respect for Count Tolstoi who died at  Astapova.  Ottawa, Nov. 21.���������In the Supreme  Court of Canada this morning judgment was given in the case of the  British Columbia Electric Railwaj  Company vs. Dynes, the appeal of tht  company from the decision of the  British Columbia full court being dismissed with costs.  ,. .Melbourne, Nov. 21.���������A ca"b!e mes>  sage has been received from Sir Wilfrid Laurier stating he has no  objection to the inclusion of another  Australian port in the Vancouver-Australian mail service.  South Vancouver  BAKERY  Westminster Ave.  Cakes, iPastry  Bread, Confectionery. Etc.  Wedding and  Birthday Cakes  a specialty  South Vancouver Bakery  GEO. HERRING, Proj>.  Westminster Ave.  No. 1 Timothy  cAlfalfa  Prairie  & & A*  POULTRY SUPPLIED  \A SPECIALTY  ' AP & &  F.TVERNO  Successor to S.  W.  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No.  45B  (1910).  I hereby certify that VTaterhouse &  Lester Company, an- Kvtra Provincla  Company, has this day been registered  as a Company under the "Companle.  Act" to carry out or effect all or any 01  the objects of tlie Company to which the  legislative authority of the Legislature  of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate at 534 Howard Street. San Francisco, California, U. S. A.  The head office of the Company in thi.*  Province Is situate at Rooms 303-6.  Crown Building. 615 Pender Street, Vancouver, and Arthur C. Smith, Barrister,  whose address is Vancouver aforesaid,  is the attorney for the Company, not  empowered to issue or transfer shares  or stock.  The.amount of tlie capital of the Company is Two Million DfiHars. divided into  Twenty Thousand shares of One Hundred Dollars each. ��������� ���������   -  The time of the existence of the said  Company is fifty years from the 16th  day of November,- 1905.  , Given under my hand and Seal of Office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia. thl������ twelfth day of November,  one  thousand nine hundred and  ten.  D.   WHITESIDE,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The objects for which this Company  has been established and registered are:  To engage in, conduct  and  carrv  on,  in all  its  branches. the business of importing,   exporting,   buying,   selling  and  generally     dealing    In     wagon-makers',  blacksmiths',    horse-sho������rs'    and    trimmers' supplies, of all kinds and description, arl to manufacture, buy, sell, deal  and trade in. import and export,  wagon  makers',  blaok-miths',  liorse-shoers* and  trimmers' mtppMe -. together with wheels,  tops, bodies and  wagon materials of all  kinds,   together   with   hardwood   lumber,  vehicles. and  vehicle  parts,    to engage  in. conduct and carry on the manufacturing business in all its branches    To ei.-  gage in, conduct and carry on a mercai  tile business In a!Piis branches.    To engage in, conduct and carry on a mechanical   and     mining   business     In   all   its-  branches.     To   engage   in,   conduct   anO  carry on a commercial business in all ifc  branches.     To   engage   in.   conduct   and  carry on a general iron, steel and hardware  business   in   all   its  branches:    U  manufacture, buy. sell, deal and trade ii:  any  and  every   kind  of   iron,   steel   an<3  hardware,  chemical,   metal   and   minera  products of all kinds, also forest, wood  and wood promicts of all-kinds, and alsr  vegetable   and   animal, .products   of   all  kinds: and articles and things collateral,  incident or related to, or connected therewith  and  with   those  lines  of  business  hereinabove mentioned, and each  thereof;   to acquire,  take-over and  carrv  on  the businesses now carried on and conducted in the United States of America  by  Waterhouse &  Lester,  a corporation  formed under the laws of the Stat*- o.  California, together with the good will,  r������,r������et-*   and   properties   of  said  corporation, and to issue stock In payment thereof';- to take over, acquire, conduct, manage aiid carry on  the business or businesses,   stock,  assets   and  properties   of  such other corporation .or persons engaged in  pursuing or carrying on  any  one  or more of the kinds of businesses, purposes, objects or operations herein specl-  'fled. or  any  kindred  business,' property,  obiect or operation or owning or holding  any  property of any   kind  herein   mentioned, as tlie Directors may consider for  the benefit of this Company: to purchase,  or   otherwise     acquire,     the   good   will,  rights,   property  or assets   thereof,   and  to assume the whole or any part thereof, the liabilities of any person, firm, association or corporation, and to pav. eive  or exchange therefore cash, stock, bonds  other good or valuable consideration; to  purchase,   acquire,   own.   take,   hold,   improve,   lease,   sell,   mortgage,   encumber,  convey,   and   otherwise   to   deal   in   and  dispose of real property iinrt anv and ail  estates   and-interests   therein:   to   purchase,   acquire,   own.   take.     hire,   hold,  lea'e, sell, mortgage, pledge, deal  in and  dispose   of   pergonal   property,   chattels,  goods, wares, merchandise of every kind.  r-'inUels   real,  choses   in   action,  patents,  bullion, gold, silver, iron, copper, and all  ore-5  and   minerals:  to  appropriate,   purchase and otherwise acquire water, water  rights and  franchises and  to store,  distribute,   sell,   supply   and   furnish   water  I'or all  uses and purposes:  to construct,  maintain, operate and use, in the United  States and in the foreign countries, canals,  Humes,  pipes, pipe lines,  reservoirs,  pumping plants and appliances necessary  or convenient tor the storage, "collection.  n e.   transportation,  di  tribution   or  disposition  cf water: to purchase, take, receive, build, construct, sell,  lease,  mort^-  vage. convey or otherwise dispose of ferries,   wharves,  chutes  and  piers,  and   to  apply for. receive, hold, acquire, user exercise, sell, lea^-e, mortgage or otherwise  ;li.-pose   of  buildings   and   structures   of  every   nature;   to   erect,   construct,   pur-  ctyi-e. acquire, sell, lease, mortgage, convey, or otherwise  dispose of  hotels  and  lodging houses and to carry on the same  and any-and all business incident  thereto or connected therewith;  to construct,  buy. sell,  lease, mortgage, run. maintain  and   charter   vessels   of   all   kinds,    and  whether  propelled   by  steam,   sail,   electricity  or   other   motive   power,   and   to  sell   and   navigate   the   same   upon   an'  and  all   navigable  waters  of   the  earth:  to execute. Nsue. sell, pledge and di--pos<  of bonds  and debentures, and  to  secure  the   payment   thereof    by   mortgage   ui  trust deed upon any or all of the real oi  personal property of the corporation:  t<  apply for, obtain and register, purchase..  !ea=e,   or   otherwise   to   acquire   and "Ti  hold.   use.   own.   operate   and   introduce  and to sell, assign or otherwise dispo-<  of,   any   trade-marks,   trade-names,   patents, inventions,  improvement > and  processes   used   in   connection   with,   or  secured under, letters patent of the United  State<;.   or  elsewhere,   or otherwise,   and  to   use,  exercise,  develop,  grant   license  in   respect   of.  or otherwise   turn   to  account any such trade-marks, patents, licences,   processes   and   the   like,   or   anv  such property or rights;"to sub cribe l'or.  purchase, acquire, hold. own. sell, avign.  transfer, mortgage,  pledge,  or otherwise  dispose of shares of the capita! stock o<  ��������� this  or other corporations  and  any  and  all evidences of debt or securities given.  .executed or issued by this or other cor-  iporations;    to   con  truct.     purclvi  e.    at-  '-.quire  or   lease   a   warehou-f   ������r    ware-  : iiou-es.  and  to carry  or.   the  husine <  <>}  i..wai-"hou  ine  or of a   warehouse  and   a;-  j incidents!   thereto  to   make   loans  or   ad-  I vance.-t upon property stored  therein, asio  'to   i=>--ue   warehouse   receipt-:,   certiticate  or warrants, negot'ahli- or othf-rw i.--e.  I'o--  property so stored:  to purchase,  acquire,  holdr use. lease,  mortgage, execute ������le"d.-  I of tru~t upon, convey and dea:  in. real ���������>���������  I personal  property of every kind   in  sin."1  j place-or places in  the several   Stf.te-- an."  j Territories  of  the   United   State-  and   ii.  j   itch     foreijjn   co'intrir>s:   as   shall    from  I time to  time be found  r,e<"'--arv  or i-ur-  . venient for the Popipany's  lip-Mm- -s.    *r<  construct, buy, seli, i<-a-e. mortgage, run.  maintain and convey saw milN and  piitn-  ' ing mills, and generally  to carry "o  and  conduct   the saw   mill   biiMiie.j*   in   ali  it ���������  '��������� branches,  ard   generally  to :-ai-ry  on.  en-  ! gage In  and transact any and all  lav.fu  businesses   whatsoever,   whether   manti-  : facturfng  or   mercantile   or   commercial,  , whicii  are necessary or convenient   to  he  ; engaged   in   or  carried:' or.   in   cs:nri<?cti*in  with the afoie-aid businesses of ibis i-or-  poration.   or   either   or .any   thf-r -of:    to  : manufacture,  purchase,  or otherwise  n>-  , quire,  hold.  own.  mortgage, sell.  a--ig:i.  and   transfer,   invest,   trade  and   deal   in.  ; and deal with goods, wares and merclian-  idise and property of every class  and description:  and  to do all and every thing  I necessary, suitable, convenient or proper  ' for. the   accomplishment   of   any  of   the  ��������� purposes,  or th������ attainment   of any  one  i or more of the object*  herein enumerat-  , ed.   or   incidental   to  the   powers   herein  named, or which shall at any time, appear conducive or expedient for the projection   or   benefit   ������f     the   corporation.  ��������� either as holders of. <������r interested in any  property or otherwise.  Know All Your Daughter's Friends.  When a gentleman calls to take my  daughter out for the evening should I  be iu the room and be introduced to  him if I do not know him?  You should indeed make it a point  co know all your daughter's friends,  and should not permit her to go out in  the evening under any man's escort  until after he has called at your house  and been presented to you or to your  husband.  A Point in Pouring Tea.  When serving tea should one let the  drop that remains on the spout of the  cream pitcher fall to the table or catch  it, and with what?  Catch it with a teaspoon or a napkin.  t 8aying Good Night at the Gats.  ' How Jong is it proper to stand at  the gate with a young man who has  escorted one home?  Not longer than five minutes at longest: That would supposedly "allow the  two young people to exchange a few  words about the pleasure of th������a>  evening, possibly arrange   for   some  future meeting and take leave of one  another with the necessary cordial  courtesy. If it is early in the evening  the girl may ask the man to come in.  and if he accepts he should not stay  longer than half an hour at the most.  Mock Poaches Eggs on Toast.  PEACHES, WHIPPED CREAM, CAKE  There aren't any eggs and there isn't  any toast used in preparing this dish,  which is really one for dessert. To get  the best result tbe sake shauld be cut  from a loaf baked in a Turk's-hcad  pan, as each slice will then have the  golden outer edge on all sides and.  actually resemble toast. On a thin  slice place half a peach, its cut side  down. Around the peach, which re-'  sembles the yolk of an egg, place  whipped cream, sweetened and flavored, so as to cover all but the outer  edge of the cake���������the cream, of course,  standing for the white of an egg. This  is a very, attractive dish.  Salad plants are valuable for their  cooling properties and for the potash  salts which they contain, while the  dressing served with them is usually  of high food value. Many a-thin person could find a great fattening agent  in olive oil.  Salads furnish endless ways f or the  use of left-overs. The housekeeper may  almost always find in her ice box remnants of cooked meat, fish and vegetables which are awaiting for the  crisp green, the dressing and the deft  fingers. The secret of a salad is all in  the dressing.  the best result the sake should be cut  fish or vegetables, it is always improved by being mixed with a French dressing, then placed in the ice box for  an hour or so, that it may be thoroughly marinated before it is garnished  and served.  Fried and Mayonaiss Dressings are  most commonly used on salads, but for  those who never enjoy olive oil. boiled dressings have been concocted.  An ordinary French Dressing is very.  quickly and easily made. Mix three  fourths of a teaspoonful of salt, ooe-  fonrthof a teasponful of pepper, two  tablesimonfule. of vinegar and flapr  tablespoonfuls of olive oil, and stir  until well blended.  ,j ��������������������������� ���������  VOTE FORv  For maygrj  AND- ''  A COMPETENT SUPERVISING ENGINEER;  MAINTENANCE OF THE EIGHT-HOUR DAY, and  enforcement of penalty clause against contractors.  CIVIC RECORD DURING L. D. TAYLOR'S MAYORALTY:  Eight-Hour Day enforced. ���������  False Creek Question brought to an issue.  Exemption of Improvements from taxation.  ��������� "   Removal of Isolation Hospital. "~~  Annexation of D. L. 301 assured.  Enforcement of Liquor and other laws relating to good government.  Granting to city by legislature pf right to establish a municipal  telephone system.  Reorganization of fiscal system with reference to sale of bonds;  highest price ever given thereby secured.  Reorganization of legal department.  .:~k~:~w~:~H":~:~:-h������x~:~^^^  I  t ���������      . -  t  r  f  If  v  V  Y  T"  Y  It*  f  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  f  Will find us well prepared to meet their wants.  We are opening and will have on exhibit, both in the  windows and in the store, a full line of XMAS  NOTIONS.^ We makea specialty of  __.,.,_,___  Genuine Ebony Goods  such   Ebony Back Hair Brushes with genuine Russian  as...          Bristle        -         - $1.50 to $5.00  Ebony Mirrors from.     -         - $1.75 to $3.75  Ebony Manicure Sets and separate pieces.  Ebony Cloth Brushes    -          - $1.50 to $3.00  Ebony Hand Brushes               - 90c to $1.25  Ebony Hat Brushes  New lines of Polished Wood, Brushes, Cuff and Collar Boxes,  Handkerchief Cases* Match Pocket Safes, Pocket Cipar Lighters,  Cigar Cases, Pocket Knives, Safety Razors, Razor Strops, Shaving Mugs, Shaving Brushes, Perfume Atomizers, Handkerchief  Sachets;  OUR XMAS CIGAR LINE IS COMPLETE  Call and see for yourself.  Independent  Drug Store  (LePatourel & McRae)  Cor. 7th & Westminster Ave. - Phone 2236  The  Store   where  your   Prescriptions   are  dispensed   by  MEN WHO KNOW.  he  OAffi  ���������******.  ;ai  the  an,  "���������"i  ���������' SM  too.  Ot  th       so������*i.\  ������������������ .tb: <**���������������!  ;hurcb ������in;, k I  ,.     o- MP-*:  m\  *������ttO*  #e  3f������  tve������'  s.W  t  ..������������*'  ������^  m  m  Y  ���������'���������������  *  i  11ninihin11n11111m1111111iii������iim11n11111ii   ������<nrinmiiniiMK  J fc-^l-V.-.--*-*'������-.������-:J  ~n~r~X-  --��������������������������� m  rrHB WS8TERN CALK TANCeUVBR, BRITISH COLOMBIA.   '  MnWBWaBaVMBBHnWannWBVaanlMMHnnnVBBWBnnVMMBnM 1  t  t  ,,._,. are you going  to have yours filled?  /TE^fl/TO 77*73 f   THE    MOUNT    PLEASANT  / Pf/VI l*FjlX  '    PHARMACY is under entirely  ���������    new management and the new  present personally every hour of the day.  Prescriptions  Rmwe   Special  Care at the  it Pleasant Pharmacv  ng Drug Store    2419 W^fn,-- tcr AvenJJc  GO TO  .1  If .4"  \%      3334 Weetminstsr^Avsnua:  :l  I  tenorsi i^mllcaUbm aani b������s ������ade to  the searetiHW,,Mh.Gilltart.WCSiall, 1840  Georgia  stiseti.  H. I.! TrirSfl;,of; White;Ro������K>, spent  day in .;towrr.'-  *���������-  Bridge 81. Leading  Grocery Stme  Xmas Gmdrn  i  tA   lasgej   assos&ttwent  *CHINA>.  and. &&  %  *  i  *  of?  paibesv  are rights  Many good Xmas sug-ges- ���������*  tibns in furniture.  V    H. COWAN.  CHORAL SDC1ETV:.  Mr. G������ ic. "3BL- Dean: sn<satisoitae days  in town;) looking. welli v  *:��������� - *���������    *;������������������ -  Have    you;, read: Joshii  liongjceed's  snaps?   i  Messrs.!. W.iSnn_ and- Rit&mamii.are  opening ai branch, on- GrantfillVsfcnwet.  \ Proprietor  PHONE 790  v^/v^^      While    bound    souths.  a\n^.  street,   Monday,  collided   with   a,   w,������saa: ajj*  owned, by Messrs. JEJ^j^l-'  South rVanc<" nvei; jg^^r  the  junction   ^6t..-Tfre  The team was^gUI'  .ft**'  south-., alojgr  a   DavieJt;gCr  wjagc^t; ajK*  jnster Avenue  sib post office  , Mi������s Selvan Campbell,  Main^Bie Jackson^M-^Selv __  $e  reports  wagon  ���������fct'i.  >!*  'Ottage i  ���������-���������! Mr-S^.t^  grand   f;lnda>Va#e������''  TbursJPleas������a*:*ler  the^neo^  ajjeatir"  y firm, near  '.ntieth avenue.  j injured and the  th ave  visit. ������������  ���������ytisiitfr^  .������"-*;  eet   carjMiss    ^^SSe Jabfem.   Miss  ,  a  team Mitchell   M-s Ha^ue ^.^  Mcleod, a Agnes ^Uo^ay ^  ^n   M^Maggie Gallo-y   M^  Ethel   Kaigbin,   Miss   Jesste   BaUj. |  -i_ <>������,  * Mamie    Garvin,    Miss    Wf  **\ Sghin  MiSS A,ce Welling %������ft L-  A  McDougall, S, M<*rr������������% '..  _   ^        ,  lB. F. Metcalfe, * ^#W< ������'��������� ^  W. Bro^, J. Qarvln. C. Beater R ^  Nelson J. R- 8m������th- H" J* Smi,h\J' *  .1   w   v  Bailey. W. J. Garvin, J.  8,nlth* W' V Sefder,   Hughes,   W.  Garvin, W. E. Franklin,  WE H>.YE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE  SHIPMENT OF JA^P  ORANGES. j  THESE for ,,.../ / i  i .   -.  j      TO WhlOM.IT MAY, CQ*������CERM-  ' /' ������������������������������������ .  To the RatepaKers and / Citiaen*. a������  Vancouver, aud.- District:-  Ladies. and  Geatlemcit,-r-   -  Realiziiig at .the. present-staga- of  Vancouver's desetawnept. ;****���������- ev������y  effort shiJuld^e.mad>-.'i>nJbe.hal������.of. reform aud. proecess_in..our.civLic.legislation; as an earnest, interested, and  obse**anjB citizeav-J:-respec������ully, w'ah  to annoufice that.it Is my. intention.U*  ���������offer my-service*..-as, a candidate, fox  rybux vote and:inter.est as Llcflnse.Com,  A cfipral society 1ms been faimot! in.  the city which binfe fair <s������ raaliir a  perm/iuent impresstoo in rauaicali 'cir-  cleij..  It te formed of singere^, none; bat  singers being admitted to its: rairJSs���������ij���������' -----  jtkoae in possessiojs of a vai.ee. of' truetjnissionec. at the..next election-.  land blending qutvlities. |    la myr opinion..the.   next.licensing  *    The 'lact of being any [������r������i������������f������ia!- n������- |hoar.d. slsiuld. becomepsed ofc.men of  BtonsUity carries ao weighstwith. kite- stJprafitical ability, earjiest, and.consciea.-  [lection committ<������. They- have obtained as conductor the sf������Kicas afi Mr.  James Goard, who is well Tmow.n i as  an expert of ������onsideraole experience  in voice production an*l. choroll work. 3  tio������s in ': their, efforts,, to build. up., a  muraL aotl moiuuneotal city, .and. men.  w!iq. caa he relietL.oa.to. do.their.dut*  without feoi". or.faKor, .preferably., mea  not supplying the.gaQds ol the jtraile-  ���������'������������������������ .  ant Prf  ������ Rev.  arriag'  W. H  of  uplr  ' r  Will    wm_.   .>i/       Jon meeting in the Mt  **.     nodist Church on1 Sunday,  7    pon the question of "Com-  ;.^orm  of  Government."    As  n>le will be voting upon this  >n at the coming civic election,  .should be a large turn-out to A.  Gibson,  .r him. i?l Sterling,   F,    ft. Morgan.  The    South   \ancouver.  alethodist  Church was dedicated on Sunday, 27th     Mrs- Lnckhurat Is moving his cafe  ult.,  by the  president    of  the  local t0 a more commodious location across  vin Methodist conference, Rev. R. N.New- tno road-  soy-  J  W   ton Powe11-   Rev. A. M. Sanford and       Apleasing Sunday evening feature  -   Miss Rev-  Prof- W* A-  Sofford  al8������ t0������k h������B been inaugurated  at the  Mount  C Tre- part in the 8ervlce8-    The lemony pieaaant presbyterian Church, which  : of dedication, impressive in its sim- Is caUed an .<lnforaial hour������. and ls  -.      ���������a in  the morn. hftM after regular churcll gervice  for  ._ voice prodjaction- an������l. chorall iwork. 3 utl suw^we *���������=--������������;   With the material! already nnocured     Haviag, had..very. considerable, exner  for this choinjg, Mr.. Gjoajd: ������sjiw3ts to rience in,; the liquor.traffic,.and..from.      -* ia������.- hiiet carefully  observing, thee, ousse..of, ita  che imme-J  :.   Mr. and  _, honeymoon  :ation, impressive in its sim- is cauea uu    iuw  _  plicity, was performed in the morn- held after regular church service, for  ing.   The trustees, Messrs. F. X>. Mur- tfee Deneftt of tbose who have no home  ���������������   ������������������������  tvon ._ ��������� tn nftBj. cnurch and for those  3 opened up busi;  adway  east,  to  be  dorf, L. W. Stone and E. Rive, then  gave the church to the denomination.  Rev. Mr. Powell said that tbe necessity for the building was demonstrated  adway Supply Com-J1*  ^ ufaf ��������� that th* work    of.tbe  -arry  a  full  line of cnurcn had been carried on for four  Plies.'   Cooked meats'month8inatent   This had, prompted  ���������������m* delicacies will!the Provislon of tne building by the  ' "���������>>'������������i4Rt      Extension      Association,  . table delicacies  sh daily.   This will fill  at  in .this   section  and  ioubt but that Mr. Har-  i extensive experience in  will make a thorough sue-1  tne ueucuv ui v_   to go to after church and for those  wishing to become acquainted with  new arrivals in the congregation.  I There is no regular form of service.  Informal and sociable the meetings  will be found, where old familiar  hymns and a social chat can be enjoyed. ..; ���������  Metnoaisi      aa.^^"���������    . ���������  which was doing good work in Van-  couver.  PICTURE TALK  by ���������  i MR.  R. SPARUNG  delightful 1 Entertainin9 Peser.pt������>n������-lnterest.ng  .... ^ I Stories-  - '���������'\$4  k"!$k.  k:<i.i-  :-jkr .  On   Friday   evening   a   deugunui   Entertaining ������.v..r   dance  was  given  at  the  hospitable Stories,  get silverware and English home   of  Mr. and   Mrs.   S.   Garvin,   P'CTUR^J0^.!!*JJ^JjIf CHILD-  at one-third the usual cost Westminster  road.     The   music   was INTERSPERSED.  . Bigger, jeweler. splendid and the pleasure of the dance AT  -  -.*���������.* was kept up till an  early hour.   Dur-  MOUNT    PLEASANT    METHODIST  ew market opened last Satur- ing the evening dainty refreshments .    .        aP^^SJ'* -u  ^ gi^atjcredit to the promoters were   served.    Among those  present MmtS*l������nJUnto^tpVwrtl\      "'  a city. """' were:   MissGladys ^reston. Miss Bes- TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6th.  "APPLES��������� " F  Choice  "Cooking  Apples, 7 lbs. fo^'^^^  APPLES, AGAIN!  Greatest vftlue in Table Apples ever offered at 5 lbs. for....  NEW NAVAL       tf*  ORANGES���������  _���������:!*!,.*���������'���������  Sweet and Juicy, all  sizes.  CHIVER'S PRESERVES���������  Put up in quart jars.  You should see this  Une. Only   APPLE CIDER���������  Only ....-������������������  LIBBEY'S ASPARAGUS���������  2-lb. cans, only ..    ,.  MELROSE PALLS  CHEESE���������  2 lbs. for   SELECT EGGS���������  2 doz. for   IU1     luio    ^.Mv^vr..    -.-.-.  be able to render some; of fchie- best  work of the recognised masters, and  has' expressed, bjiasdlf as beius able  to get a tory fine effect %��������������� the more  euphonious kipd of worlt rather than  that of tB������ fertd type.  The members aie beraa1 eareTully selected, and the fact of betas associated 'with tbe chorus earvtes /with it ttw  "hall mark" of real merit vocally.  L   Mr. A, A. Humphries has been se.  jlected from many applicants as betog  the accompanist moBt suited to tile-  particular kind of 'work this society  intends to render, and the leader autet  carefully observing, thee, ousse. of, ita  4iBpensalAon.ani.iise.to Vanaouver. for  five vears. I am. qualified tovaak..y.oiir  cdnsLdera^ion ton; License Commissioiu  fershio. in. JAnuacy*.  I shoulid seekwelectton.from.and. on  hebaJi ol the whole oommuaitywhas������  interest it wo������ld be.my. ambition.^)  faltWwllX siprvei:.. ' '  Briefly atated._n9������,.my. pJakform.wlU  Dftm tJte getiacai reftwta.bttthe.liquor  traffic-. ,. K  If elected, WL first acUoa.would* he  (o, start the wh������els;ii������-mott������ft.tQ.Mtab-  1%A. ������t law to. pr^ent.any. member of  ^ds to render, .nd the leadet^aet ^ ^^ ^^. f^ sunning  enthusiastically expressed "*���������*���������* JJJjlMtuMe with the. goods^f, trade,  being dehghted with ^^ork^Mr. ������ ^-^-^ I-shiH endW������or  Humphries at their Initial prac*tee.     \   ** w ���������������������    :       .     ^ ^mttinn  The executive committee is fesirous.  of obtaining a tew more "voices and  will be pleased to consider the applications of any who wish to Join them..  There is a vacancy tor two or three  W *rove m5; abUity. for, theRQaltio^  ������pS������d to, ^future, P������������ttcati������������ot  my ti������,ws.  Y*wsk respectfully;.  m.B.AMHf-  HOME  The Kitchen Piano  A SOUTH BEND miVUVW RANGE  South Bend  Malleable  Range  is conceded by the stove trade  to be the Leading Range of  America���������handsome as a picture.      Strength, durability,  economy and convenience combine an ornament to the kitchen; made of malleable iron and  Bessemer steel in'combination,  riveted together like a boiler.  It will last a life time.   Saves  repairs���������saves the cook���������saves  time and labor���������and does more  and better work oh leu than  half tip fue* ������f cas* stoves.  No cracking,  no warping, no  polishing, and no open seams.  Burns wood, cobs, hard or soft  coal.  A Perfect Baker,  Ideal Draft. Plenty of  Water  A  Perfect  Range  Means Time for  Reading and Recreation, Time to give  to your Children.  We have just received  a  full  line   of  Xmas  goods. WE have everything   you   need.   Ana  WE guarantee we have  the best prices.   Let us  Ell   vour Xmas   order  and*  our    goods    will  speak for themselves.  p g.���������Don't forget to  tret your orders in for  Xmas Turkeys, Geese  Ducks and Chickens.  **3*1-  Don't yo*  oook������tov*_  staal**  P. S.���������DON'T FORGET  THE ADDRESS.  This house is practically  new and has six rooms  Rooms are a good size  and well Righted.    It  has a fireplace in parlor  full basement; and city  water in kitchen.    Lot  is all cleared, high, dry,  and just one-half block  from car.   Price is only  $2000* Easy terms can  be arranged.    Call to  day and we will be gla$  to show you this home  It is worth more than*  the price asked.  Hot  Go to-day and see a perfect range.  You will find one at the store of  "VST.  R-  2337 WESTMINSTER AVE.  OWEN  TELEPHONE 447  Ask for "Oven Secrets" "Inside Range Information"  and a valuable Cook Book FREE.  PHONE 6126  Hi  ,612 Hastings St.W. Phwie ol<  \*t 2543 Main St.   PHoat IV


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