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The Western Call 1910-12-30

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 Hearty Greetings and AH Good Wishes for the Mew Yer^\Wf1m  2*lAt 3. C  ARE YOU ON OUR UST?  NO ! WHY ?  SUBSCRIPTION SI A YEAR  IN ADVANCE  Vancou** e -City. Mount Pleasant, South Vancouver and The Province  VOLUME II  H. H. Stevens, Editor^  VANCOUVER. British ^LUBreiij ;DBC. 30,  1910.  ion  A persistent effort is being made to secure for all churches in  Vancouver the special privilege of "exemption from Taxation."  An effort is annually made to secure this advantage by certain ^interested parties and at an early meeting of the council this year foveas  vigorously fought by Aid. Stevens; Whitesides, White and others.  At a recent meeting another effort was made by Aid. McBride and  Hepburn, and it was carried on the understanding that a plebiscite  be taken on the question at the next general elections.  This plebiscite is now before the electorate and it is for them to  say if this "special privilege"  isto obtain in Vancouver or not._  It is well for each voter to examine the situatiourrrbriefly, it is  as follows:  The churches or places Of divine worship are not revenue producing, therefore should pay no taxes. So say the advocates of the  scheme. In other words, these churches enjoy lire protection,  police patrol, street and sidewalk facilities, light, water and sanitary  arrangements, etc., and wish to have all these advantages without  bearing a share, of the heavy taxation neeessary to maintain this  costly equipment. Then again, who is to decide what is divine  worship? Is,the city council to constitute itself a Committee on  Creeds? Imagine that body discussing the relative orthodoxy of  Catholicism or Christiau Science, of the belief of the Plymouth  Brethren or the Theosophists, the Salvation Army or the Progressive  Thought-Association, and the many other isms, creeds and beliefs  and no beliefs with which the race is afflicted. The thing is too  absurd to bear intelligent scrutiny, and still common justice would  demand that all organizations who profess to have a form of divine  worship should be exempt.  Further, who is more entitled to exemption than those who own  homes? They are not revenue producers, and that is the basis of  the argument.  It is impossible to draw the line of demarcation^ Impossible  because you cannot make the unjust just, or a wrong into a right.  The movement is founded in the selfish desire of certain individuals to get something for nothing, a sentiment that is at once  demoralizing and unfair.   It is fathered largely by individuals and  has, by no means, the endorsatiou of the members of the congrega-.  tions as a whole.  It cannot be justified by logic, by economic principles, nor by  a plea of expediency. It is wholly unfair, unjust and unwise, and  should be absolutely refused by any intelligent electorate.  CLEBICALS VS. RADIO AL8.  Bpanish Situation Becoming Acute���������Canalejas Must Act.  Following up the revolt in Portugal against the burden of clerical privilege, Spanish Radicals.Yfcre clamoring, for some decided  action on the part of Premier Canalejas.  It is the same old story.   The clericals have been enjoying very  extended advantages for many centuries.   They have maintained  I their position l>y keeping the coin^  extending to the wealthy great liberties, but the facilities of modern  travel and communication, together with the constant intercourse  wih tourists, has served to relieve this ignorance and lead the people  to������ee the state of subserviency in which they were living.  L       All that need be given to any people is fair aud e'quitable treatment ; if this is done voluntarily there is small fear of any disturb-  [ances,. but if on the other hand it is left to the radical element* to'  force these concessions from an unwilling government, then there  'can be but one result���������revolution.   Where there is injustice there  lis bound, sooner or later, to be a re-action and this usually takes the  [form of a bloody strife.  Spain is practically the last great stronghold of the clericals in  Europe. They have ruled her, and thousands of useless clerical  i parasites have' fared sumptuously off the poorer peasantry, but the  day of reckoning is at last come and Spain will do well to look to  the example of Portugal ere the revolutionary blood is thoroughly  roused.  robbery awp JmVrmm:^Ju.^^:_:.  Some degree ot" alarm is being expressed because ot* the numer-  ons serious crimes which have been committed reently���������such as  hold-ups, murder, burglary, etc.  It is a serious problem. We have an excellent chief. He is a  most careful, industrious official and still crimes such as these multiply^   Where does the fault, lie?  One thing is certain, the number of patrolmen is altogether  inadequate.   We need at least, 50 more men. and must have them.  Another weakness, it would appear, is onr detective department. These men have either too much work or else are not properly trained. It is certain the Police Commission should get busy  and investigate the whole matter.  CONDENSED NEWS  Melbourne.���������A .m-rimi.x revoll of the  natives in the lsla:nl of Ponape Ikih broken out. The aboriKtnes have risen  against Gorman rii'u' J'nd blooil-iheil ha*  followed. Tlie chief nm'tflstrutt? has  been massacred, as well as four otncials  nnd a lai-Re number of loyal natives.  Measures to suppress the rebellion are  being taken.  Washington.    B.    C���������Twenty,    million  dollars   providea   for 'Western   schemes  by Congress is apportioned and appro\-  ' ed  by  president.  Ottawa.--.]uoement was delivered by  tlie railway commission as a remit of  their inquiry into express rates in Canada. The board decides that the tariffs  of the Canadian companies are too high  * and that the forms of contract between  shippers and the companies are unfair  and must be replaced. New tariffs must  be filed within the ntjxt three months.  Portsmouth, O., Dec. Hi.���������With a total  of 633 indictments and 114 pleas of  guiltv to charges of vote-selling during  the recent election,. Adams County. Ohio,  presents a condition unique in political  history.  Toronto.���������W. It. Travers, vice-president and general manager of the Farmers' Bank, whieh suspended . payment,  ���������was arretted, charged with making  false statements to the government with  , regard to the affairs of the bank. The  [penalty for the offence is seven years  imprisonment. The arrest followed the  examination of the bank's books by the  curator.  Victoria.���������Improvements of a far-  reaching nature meeting the views of  kusiness men of both Victoria and "Vancouver, are to be made in the night run  ferry service between these cities, with  the arrival ot the nister ship to the new  palatial steamer Princess Adelaide, according to Capt. J. W. Troup, manager  cf the Britii* Columbia coast service.  Toronto.���������G T. employees receive.]  .void Iron, their representatives In M���������u-  rea that all strikers will b.. reinstated  >y .January  1st.    There are 275  Winnipeg.���������Magistrate Italy refused lo  My the terminal elevator ease- as 'the  time limit for laying such charges *ix  nomas, mill cxpiix-u.  Duliilh.���������The fulled ..States govern-  nent is probing the Great Lakes Tirwing  -���������nrnpany.  which  Ls alleged to be a  mi-t  Medicine Hal.���������Hudyard Kipling ha  written to Medicine Hat obiecting to th  name of the city being changed.  Winnipeg.���������Fedorenko's    friends    are  preparing for the next move of the IJus-  ian   government   in   the   famous   ,<ji,- .  lition e:i-e.  Melbourne.-���������The government of Au -  tra'ia has decided to sell coal, and t> ���������  .'.ction has provoked a storm of prote t  from those engaged in the industry.  Winnlpe".���������There is still no settlemei t  of the ireet car strike in sight. T!������  breaking of windows hy stones ami bottles continues in all part? of tiie eit-\  An increase of fifty men to the police  force  was   made.  Winnipeg.���������Two hundred and fifty immigrant- arrived today, many going  through to the coast. ���������  Melbourne.���������Active preparations are  being made by the Commonwealth with  a view tn the establishment of the de-  'ence f< -cos on the soundest footing In  the shortest possible time.  That the position ;of License Commissioner is one of the most  important iii the eity goes withrtuK||Wt3sti6n7 Further, that it is a  "thankless job'' is also a fact.   ttutiit/hasli/r^ Ivithe  eyes of the man who is outi-Tfor No. LYTo the mail who eares little  for the publie welfare and. hrddR^^  pocket, it offers spleiKlid advantages, providing tfeat he ha������������om������  oommodity which he can tell the trade.  Most, in fact all. respwtable hoielktjtjpers prefer an impartial  commission, but there are eases when it ���������is^poliey for them to buy  '^tiods fnmi a ei/ijuiiiWioiii1!', J!or t\v'o >/nv?(ms*xrttHst>ns':'v  they may need protection at sometime, henee a friend on the Hoard:  secondly, a commissioner who has something'to sell the trade may  make things "hot"' for the man who does not deal with him. For  instance, let us suppose, a commissioner who is engaged in a business  which supplies* hotels extensively, and  for sake .of..argument, we  will take an hotel on  treet, which is conducted b.v a man who  is known as a very careful, observer of the law. he never was known  to sell liquor ou Sunday inn- (iocs he encourage drinking to excess,  but bends his efforts rather to the builduig up of a good house trade.  Conscious of his position in'regard 'to tht: law. be is independent and  purchases bis supplies on the open market., lie is urged by his  ���������steward to lui'v goods from the Commissioner as a matter of policy,  but refuses. He goes away for a brief holiday and returns to'find  two ''spotters*' or detectives bad visited bis house and had induced  'so they sa'd) the person in charu^ to sell them !i<pior during prohibited hours. The hoi'se is fined and -disgraced, the proprietor'is  absolutely ignorant of the case. Tbe police did not send the spotters aud know nothing of it. The question is. who sent them * Is  it-.jtiot possible that...A:.������!nnjt^J!isJf!lA'J'1' ''i*11!^ exercise his ill-will in  that way'? Would it not Im* natural for a mahih suchcifcuiiih  stauc.es to be a little more strict, we will say. with the man who does  not deal with him? In a word, does not an hotclkeeper who would  iffimre the place of business of-cuch a commissioner leav? himself  open to a species oi* i>erseeutioii ���������  Mr. Morrison, the mayoralty candidate, speaking the other  evening on the importance of the position of a license commissioner,  said: "Whatever you do. do not elect a man who has anything to  sell to the trade."   This is sound logic.  Commissioners Findley and Crehan have served the city well,  and as far as we know, have nothing to sell the trade, they are  asking for re-election.  Mr. Alty is a candidate, and is also independent as far as that  goes.  Mr. Almond has ice cream, milk, etc., to sell, that is all we know  of him.  Com. Edgett sells more groceries. proA-'sinns. etc., to the hotels  than any two bouses in the city and is looked upon as the special  representative of Ihe "trade*" ('although it is rumored the "trade"  is getting rather tired of the burden). Tie is asking for re-election  and eWorld be left at home bv acclamation.  Mr. It. McBride is seek'mu the- position. Rumor has it that he  entered the Held to help out bis brother-in-law. Com. Edsrett, whose  seat is in grave danger.-but. we do not credit this aspersion as Mr.  McBride lias always been regarded as a most independent and  honorable gentleman.   However, he. is iu the. field for the o("h'ce.  This fact is of supremo importance, that no man who has anything to sell the trade should be elected.  Voters, it is lip to you. Shall Vancouver lie a city- of clean,  well-kept hotels, or a place of graft' and protection to the lawbreaker!   The verdict is in vour hands.  No. 34  CHINESE   IMMIGRATION.  Kansas City.���������Two persons wene killed!  and more than fifty hurt, four seriously.  . in a street ear collision on the Inter-  ' Citv   viaduct  between   here  and  Kansas  CUV,  Kansas.  It is not. perhaps, the best of form to comment on the investigation of the Chinese Immigration Department which is still in pro-  gress in the eity. but one point cannot fail fo have attracted to notice  of all observant citizens, viz.: the utter lack of system in this department. " .    ���������    i  Many  thousands of dollars  are  handed   from   one  official  to j  another without the vestige of a check on the transaction, simply  a verbal statement.   Voueherless checks are drawn with the abandon j  of multi-millionaires by sub-officials.   Hundreds of Chinese have been  passed on a certain 'stock form" passport.  [t is amazing to conceive of such utter incompetence and carelessness on the part of the heads of departments at Ottawa as apparently exists.  No one should be spared in an exposure of thi.s kind, whoever is  responsible should sufT. r for jt.  Beware of Foreign Guides  Of course, President. James J. Hill. Professor Starr-Jordan, and  a mighty host of influential people in the States advise Canadians  in season and out of season to accept "Reciprocity on the grounds of  good-fellowship, and enlightened trade iniliey. This very fact should  be a sure guide to Canadians to take the opposite course.  tn the attempts of British Statesmen to introduce a tariff reform  for the British Isles, the Free-Traders of the Empire are backed  up by Germany. France, Austria, The States, and every competitive  nation on earth. The fact that continental Europe holds for Pro*  tection for itself, and urges Britain to tenaciously hold to Free-  Trade, should he proof of overwhelming force that the British people should meet the other nations with a protective policy.  So with the States. Their big companies, manufacturing and  financial, are handicapped, because Canada holds the trade advantage. Hence they have their paid lecturers, professors and railway  kings out teaching Canada what she should do. And at this point,  Canadians should be able to see that Professor Jordan, James J.  Hill and their ilk are making special pleading for themselves and  hot for Canada. Professor Jordan, like several of the other clever  ters, bases his pleading on the ground that Canada is the only  country on earth that can procure a permanent basis on whieh  to unite The States and the whole Empire. f  llence Canada should see to it that she does her duty to the  empire by entering into commercial relations most favorable to the  United States.   For if she will not take the plans laid down by the  ���������'above would-be teachers, she would fail in her duty, and be, perhaps,  ..rated as unfriendly to her big neighbor.  By the way, how is it that the Conservative papers of Canada  are mum at the present moment? They are no doubt as strongly  against reciprocity as ever they were. Then, why are they as mum  a������ clams on the subject ? Perhaps they are silent, because they are  b,v consent playing the political game of expediency. They are  waiting until the Ottawa Government shows its hands by a proposed course or plan of legislation. This may be a sort of game,  called shrewd by politicians, but it is not good statesmanship, and  bears on its face a bad appearance. If reciprocity be a good thing  for Canada, then why do not our Conservative papers say so in the(  plainest terms? But if it be a foolish course for Canada, then why  not speak the truth in a fearless and unmistakable manner f  I, at the present moment, understand why so few of the Reform,  ;or Liberal papers have spoken in plain terms, on the question. They  are waiting a word from Ottawa, and until they are told what to do,  they Tare almost unanimously silent.7 Perhaps this is the Conservative fix. TheyYawaitword. ^ come until'  Laurier shows his hand.         "       .                -7.7-  A ftne play of polities, bijt tfbt an open, manly plan of trying -.  to give guidance to the peopte.   In the meantime, we in Canada  r'W'fl������-:*^ reciprocity,  let us have it withiirth^E^'piw first and then consider our cousin's  ease.  f&"4V,'^'-r?f<  ��������� /*���������.   ���������"  ���������f" r  CANAP*Hf wliiirFoww.  *!*   't  "So election without representation" is the feeling of Western  Canada. This means that no election should be held until a redistribution of seats following the census next summer.  .     .A  -���������#���������1  i?*%l  '    ;jivv!lx2P& I  ,:f2i7RSs?, I  '.W  >"       A. Va������t *He������ource���������Not Frop������rly Conserved.  Few persons have the remotest idea of the illimitable supply of  water power which we have in Canada, and. perhaps, fewer stiiti  realize what vast material wealth   is wraped  up   in those great  resources.    It is estimated by J. B. Challis, C. B., of the Department-.  of tlie Interior, that there is at least 25,700,000 horse-power.   These*  figures are so immense that it is impossible to conceive of the almost  inestimable value of these potentialities.   It would take 570,000,000-*������  tons of coal per annum to produce an equal power.   This vast power.-  is worth $1,028,000,000 per annum fully developed, calculated at:  the rate of $40.00 per horse-power.   At present ouly a fruetion over-  ������������������-���������2---pe-r---eent.-of-this_.great.��������� the.',  remaining 98 per cent.? T77T  AVe are told that Fred F. Henshaw, Esq.. tlie noted hyclro-  gnt]iher of the I'nited States Geological Survey, has for some years  Win measuring the waters of the streams of the Northwest and  British Columbia, ostensibly for purposes of legitimate information  lo his government. We are also aware that J. P. Morgan, Rockefeller and other American capitalists have been securing all the  water right* thwy possibly can in Canada. They, no doubt, got  their inspiration from Mr. Henshaw's reports. It is a fact, however,  lhaf we should note that these men arc getting this, control, not  with the view of. immediate development, but for future possible  opportunities.  Now, wise men will ask the question. ''How are \vv protecting  these vast sources of wealth"? Tbe answer must he. "Tbat. the  conservation is inadequate." It is true that some little has been  done, but very little..  Coal and various other fuels are becoming more and more scarce  and expensive. Electrical power is bound, at no very distant date,  to supercede steam power, and then we shall begin to realize what  values wo have stored up in those vast water powers.  Because we have US per cent, undeveloped water power is no  r< ason whv we should be indiflYrcut to their possible future value.  Morgan. Rockefeller et. al cannot be -blamed for securing these  fijrlits if we arc willing to allow them: indeed, why should we refuse?  Hut we can place certain royalties on each horse-power when developed and impose a tax upon all water rights which are being held  undeveloped, and in this way return to the people something of the  wealth whicii is theirs.  With the evolution of power methods which we shall see in the  near future, and with the wonderful potentialities which is our  heritage, and the prodigious quantities of raw materials, such-as  iron, copper, wood, etc. Canada has-within her borders everything  which goes to make a great manufacturing centre, arid T believe we  are destined to be the greatest "workshop" the world has ever seen.  This means a large population and these vast natural resources  should make living an easy matter if they are judiciously conserved.  They are easily capable of paying all cost of administration of the  government, and if properly handled. Canada should be able to  establish manufacturing industries which will be able to compete  with the world and at the same time give her citizens a proper  environment and good living.  '/���������Y7;.',JY  ,k:y\4\  ��������� k :fklhl  ���������km  k-H-*~ THE WESTERN CALL  *| ���������K"X"H"H4"K-*^*'K-^  n  n  . ������  1  IK -  Vancouver, B. C, December, 1910.  Dear Friend:  Will you promise to read this letter right through. It will not be time  lost. I am paying $40.00 for this page, so it will not pay me to fill it with  useless stuff. I was told that 10,000 people read this page, and intelligent  people, too. I'm going to tell you that I can make money for you, and I am  so sure of it, that I will promise if you do not think so at the end of the year,  that I will myself buy your shares at an advance of at least \0%., I could  say much more than 10%, but I take it you are a reasonable person, and if  I can afford to give such a guarantee, my Company must be at least safe for  you to invest in. Another proof that you are-safe to invest With Wis this, the  Dominion Government have examined into our project from every standpoint,  and are so satisfied that we are good, they have given us a bonus of  $1,100,000.00 to help us do what we propose to do in this City (Vancouver).  Our Company owns 4,800 City Lots only Wl miles from the centre of the  City and 8,256 feet of deep water frontage on Burrard Inlet. This property  is worth at least $3,000,000.00 and we only owe $500,000.00. We have  many other, assess which we hav^no^space here to speak of, but if you will  call or write, we shall be only too pleased to explain.  In short, with our guarantee, and the Government at our back, you cannot do better than invest, for you are sure of your interest, and sure of a large  profit two years hence, when we" sell our lands. Does this seem reasonable'  to you? Have you got a little money, which you would invest, if you were  only sure? Will you come and see us? Ask the banks or Bradstreet's about  us if you are still in doubt, then come, and believe me, you are doing the  wisest thing you ever tried in the way of safe and profitable investment.  Yours very truly,  THE IMPERIAL CAR. SHIPBUILDING & DRY DOCK COR-  ~-PORATION,-������^  ^ft_^_.^__  Apply:    G. A. Barrett, 282 Hastings Street East.   Phone 1-2-5-9.  C. S. Douglas, Corner Richards and Pender Streets. Phone 4-8-5.  f  %  %  i:  .::  APPUOATION FORM  Please allot me shares of The  IMPERIAL CAB, SHIPBUILDING & DRY^DOCK  CORPORATION, LIMITED, at the price or $50 per  share, for which I enclose 331-3 per cent, of the full  amount of shares asked for, and agree to pay balance in two equal quarterly payments, with interest  at 6 per cent, per annum.  NAME   .......... 1........   ADDRESS  OCCUPATION  ........-..-     %  Make all cheques payable to Imperial'Car, Shipbuild-  ing and Dry Dock Corporation, Limited,  yf .;��������� .{��������� .|. .|.4 .g. ���������;.<��������� .|.<. ig. 4. ������.| .|..t..������ ^ ��������������� ���������;. ���������;. ���������;������;���������.;. .;^^4^.;ii.,;..;. .^ .^ .|..;. .j..;. ,|..;;.;..������..;..;.  si -_  *^k* ,. > ........ t ...... t >> . .t miiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillli .*..** milium !������������������. itmiitiiniiiiiiiiini f.'..������..t..t..t..T..t..t..t..t.A.t Miiitttiu. *'f������t * ft t t 1 I 1 1 t I T 1 1 11 111| 1|.: THE WESTERN CALL  a ********M*i*******<%**4t**^>i*&it*'  PHONE L8404 |  *> ********4>***%***************+*M>****^^ J.  ''..'.- '4*  RFStorry  4  .������.  ���������i ���������;  ���������t 'i  '-��������� -i  i 4  $*  s$misus������stm\iSus������ssssaassssmatsMassmmssssassssM  rPROF. COWAN  EXPERT TEACHER of Violin, Man-  dolin, Guitar. Banjo, Authoharpand  Zither. ' Twenty Private lessons  $7.00. No class lessons.       ....  Musicians supplies of every description.  1 UP-TO-DATE MB STORE  2315 MAIN STREET  near 7th  -AS  IMMIWIMMMMMMWMMIC44  f  l  B. C. Cafe.  cALDERMAN H. H. STEVENS  cA Short Biographical .-Sketch by Professor Odium.  AN UPWARD CAREER.  Short Orders a Specialty.  The most up-to-date place to eat on the Hill.  AH home cooking.  White help.   Quick service.  ���������������������������������������-..-.  -  O       ':  )\ 2609 MAIN STREET  *<h*4>*<*********************0**************************  MRS. LUNO, Prop.  .ikkk ���������ijk?\  '-...'(V.-i;*.  ^'7,:f--7ilf;j  Westminster R'd  a-;,������!������I  VANCOUVER  ^7:f7w?tl  RUBBER TIRE WORK A SPEi ALTY  &  5!;" We aye t^rte will the goods  . Iierience   he   felt   himself   equipped  "������������������'" ������������������������������������'������������������ sufficf<hitly to move .'westward and[take  It Is always a pleasure, to me. nnV: a hand  in building his' life  into the  to most, to see any man steadily rise warp and  woof of this splendid  pro-  tbsuccesB and usefulness, by inhsi en   vince,   already   acknowledged   to   l)e  ,J I merit-and-    ability; v'Many such  iueir the greatest and best of the many rich  are to -be .found in ail walks in life   provinces of the. Doini; ion of Canada,  out :hei������  in'  our  expanding   and   ex-     He came to British Columbia in'the  -'*4 jianaive jW^t;,s    -Y7*i?Ui77-7 k'k;[:k]    yeari: t894v andl|as ap accoiinfant aadi  7,?'7  Anicj:.g those who/are ,now- promi- broker sooii made his maik^T;  kk% hent,in���������eh^clalndfltfaer public;niatters,     JAltiei'man5Stevens   quickly  provedi  is  Aldernuin  Stevens,  who. has  been his exceptional ability in business, and-  7jj faithful in  discliaiging  his duties ii   in many semi-public institutions; and i  relation to tlie -future* of our growing by his persislente and,vigor, gndfiU'}  '* citj. 'Y\Y  7A.    ;    7     won his 7 way/to hisYfr/essnt- position  ���������"������'���������'��������� He has been one of the most con- of   usefulness   and   honor.     Using   ii  T Bcientious   and   deVoted "aia'ji'nian   of forct-fiil and effective speaker.lie car  '' this year's aldennanic board.   Thuugii lies  weight, in  the;;coiiiicil, -.and els?  his .course has been that of au upright whe:e.  ^servant, of the electorate, he has not.    Being  of   a   liieiary   turr.   he   lias  always been with the majority. This gradually entered the arena of th*  ���������fr 'is 'not/ netessalily a cause for con- ���������'tHih estate." and finds himself the  11'(leiunatian, (for ofien the men of the managing editor of a very lively  I'.nitnorltj'. ii:;.public assemblies, are Weekly, known as the "Western Call,"  f,more correct, in their views than the a paper that is rapidly winning its wa>  ���������nD^iO T\T A \TBlk tiKVE1 SiTTT? QlY\i^Iffinwiolity'    - aB,o:g the l>est Iea<k:fi 8"d most ln  IJlXiJjr   IJS  J^JSm\\J '^iflmJJ \J{Jf\> tjX\J\-/MV,A^    Although  at  the  beginning  of  the tellteent people or Vancouver and sur  ������������������   - '. ,-~ year,   1   with   many  others.   f;>ii!;<J   if rounding districts.   One pf these fax  ���������necessary to ibppose one or two of tbe days,  it  would not surprise  me  an������'  acts   of   Alderman   Stevens,   sti.:l   on some others, to see the Western Cat  the whole h* has bee... ons of the most come out   as  a  i'ul fk'dged  Usnly.    It  steady, effective and  feailess of this this paper Alderman Stevens has fre<  pvesent council.   This is saying much, opportunity to say what nerds he sab-  for ifhere are many grood men in tht; i.-? a fearless immn-sr.   And he is say  alderuiauic -hody.'at the present time, in?  ev:������<-.t?y   what  he    thinks.      Tb<  I ��������� IH t Ml ��������� f > 11M f t f f 11 T ft ft* T * TT T; tmf "' f1*"' t'^'f *'* '"* ti*"y"*rt ��������� f And,   rotwithstHnding    tbe   exiei.si.t- West em Call Is not  the voice or an  '9 grumbling about (lis streets, and seme corporation,  political  party, or prou!������  jofher matters, .1 unhesitatingly say thai of wire-pullers.   It stands ror-the best 1  ,the Council 6rY9ioTslfB~e^^  ,capable as any of the prece������Hag bodies all, fair-minded   men   desit������   and   ii~  representing tbe wl'l of the electoiate. their hearts praise, viz. it stands to  for unajny >yeai������ Smck. give the right hsnd to those who have  However.  I  wish to confine nivs-elf a cause of jnst'ee  which has cot.  a  to Aldermfin  Pteve s, :md  sha'l d;> j' fair chanca of bft'ng advanced, owing  Hittle biographic work by the way. to lack of opportunity.  A:d^>inan   H.   H.   Stevens,   now   re-      Thi'?. in tbe Western Ca^l. the Efli-  prercntfng Ward V.. was born in liris-- ior, .������Merman Stevetis. lins a good on-  ���������tol,   on?   of   the   most.   impo:tanf   of porfnlty   to   aid   *f'e   e'octorate.   th<  Britain's ..western  citios.    ilia'r.d\en* v.-������'olc.'.'city,   and   thfi   iTiimetllf44'-?* ������f-  t������ tier ra lirina took place in tke year vigors.     T'avine   inr.eVed   vevy   rc>������-  1ST8."   Having lived !ok euong'v in tlie sidorfb'v. |- biKiiv lards.^e hasi'a rum'  Grand Old  Land to .drink in spire -J" of e'Teriencc "ard kucw'edse of ge?'  lt������ spirit and genius, ?.j? well 0? sain- vain? to himself and th(ve for whoiv  ing seme of  his  edue: tion   t>?-e.  )">:��������� he gives his time ami enertries.  with   others   came   ove:-   the   At'an'i'-      We  " ly '!vpe^t to.see him A'dermati  to Canada.    For some years, -e MvkI for V-" y. fhning .!''tl������ r.nd  'n bis  and worked in Ontario; a> d in-l-o'1?!- e*u*"'r,"*'"f,r.- fnd     worthy    ambHior.8,  boro.'the  hoipe city  of  SennVn-       -. wish hhii ������vc:y ������'iccess.  one of Canada"? most  sweessf.:! men, K. ODI.UM.  Alderman Stevtns Yor.^ht lis way ���������<.��������� , Vancouver. P.'.-C.  step by step, until in educaiicn ard ex-j Dec.   13.  1010.  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I-:  %-<* t ������.��������� *������s*>**i* *** * ******* '!#���������������'���������'������ **���������* ** ������������������������' ��������������� ������������������������*;** ��������� ������������������������  k^'iWsk-'-^M  s -if.* .*-:.+> if.W  '������������������   ��������� X*t?m??::':  s-i'..;.?t.vv>ni-;.:.-  ���������V:k$i$:$\  ���������������?������������&?Ji\,  W00m  ^-.'sSsfl-.K-syJ  '-p^'.-B^i1  Mr. Crehan appeals to ihe Voters  on his  RECORD OF THE PAST YEAR.  He strongly  supports the  Strict  Enforcement of the law  in an impartial manner.  FAIR AND JUST  TREATMENT TO ALL  IS HIS SLOGAN.  ^^^^VVS  \*A/AMA<^'w   w������^*>������^>* ������^^>*^< *>aa^A^A^^^^^A>  William R. Webb  Harold C. Brockwe  TEJ.CPHONC 3S39  MH>WAY ELECTRIC CO.  ELEGTl^RICAL COTSTTRACTORS  mmSS&Z.***   529 Broadway W  fSSZ^r*'*"*      VANCOUVER, B. C.  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WARD IV ��������� 1108 Park Drive:  WARP N -.��������� 2400 block Westminster Road, corner  8th Avenue.  $ WARD VI ~ 2327 Granville Stareet, South.  \\        "������������������   '���������-������������������    -<>���������:��������������������������� :.-.'- .������������������������������������.-- -���������,-���������'. - ,-..-,.  ^1 ���������t-'Vit'frH-M^'Wfr W  ��������� Sir:���������It is not generally known bv  v  ��������� lthe electors of the citv that at the  ���������������������������!������������������ *  ��������� I munivipal elections on January 12th.'  ���������M  ��������� a plebscite is to te taken ont.lie ciueo-  .*. i tion of exemption from taxa'.ioi. ol  X| church- property. At the meeting oi*  ��������������������������� j Uie ,cit:.' council cn Novamler 22r.d.  .J. .it was moved by Alderman Crowe.'  X! seconded by Alderman Roberts, and  ���������J* j resolved: "That a jlebscite.be taken-  ������������������������ I at the general municipal elections in  *:*. January next on the question of ex-  3'lemption from taxation of church pro-  ' [yrety."   "' '      .,-      '"'  I wouIvT 'Ai.:; your recuers to notice  A'l  .t.)particularly t^e wording of the mo-  X,tion as passed by the'council. As it  ���������j.. J stands, every foot, of church property  XIin the city, whether used for the pur-  XI poses of public worship or not, will,  if tbe plebscite carries, be 'exempt'  from taxation. 1 am aware pf the fact  that; the members of the iMnisterial  ���������)��������� Association took it upon themes'ves  X without receiving any mandate from  *j* their congregations, to' ask for the'  ���������> exemption of the actual ground upon  a which places of worship stand; bu������  XIthe motion for a plebscite. as'passed,  *������|by the council, and the. notice given to  ������ the Provincial Legislature'.asking that-  Xjthe charter of the city be amended in  *j* accordance with tha motion, contain  no restrictions whatever, and as I  pointed out above, if the plebscite  carries, and the charter of the city isv  amended by the. Legislature, power  will'be given to the Council to exempt  from taxation every foot of property  in the city owned by .any religious  denomination.  This brings before us a very seriouis  question   and   one   which   should   be  given  carietul consideration by every  electoiv    ���������---���������-''���������7'-' ---."..-���������������������������.-���������>���������,.. -~7-.-'  In  the  lirst  place the principle  o'  exemption   is   wrong.    Every   Pprots-  ...tant denomination, at least, believes:  rjln the principle of religious freedom;  that a man should be left free to worship God according to the dictates of  his   conscience;   and   further,   if   he.  sees fit, that he need not wot ship at  all.    Religion with them is a matter  A few good Second Hand  fM^kM^cpeapi  ^^y at once.  ���������i^m*M.  2315 Wesitt*^  of choice and not of compulsion; This  principle ���������of religious freedom once  granted, it can easily be seen that to  pi������=sti\c ,u ��������� m' us' e������ic������i'b;y,vve mast  oppose the granting of "special privil-  .. >i >o ul.j'C.1 al. . li.iSiOu^ dehoinina-  ions. If the city is deprived of the  '.evenue- which it should derive from  trie UiAiiuoi. ot-��������� cauiv.ii;.-.),> Ji'i'erty.; ii  means that the .property owners of  the . city will have their ; takes--, increased to. make up to the deficiency.  As there are a great many men in"  the city who are not members of any  chuich, and a large number who; do  not attend church at all, these men  would be compelled against their wiil j  to help pay the taxes of the churches  that are exempt from .taxation. I am  a believer in ��������� the christian religion,  and am willing at any time to acknowledge the debt which civilization  owes to Christianity; but at the same  time I want the church to which I  belong to pay a hundred .centb on that  dollar, and not ask to have its debts  paid by throwing Itself as a charge  on the public treasury. -I am pleased  to know that���������',the; strongest opponents  of church exemption are good church  members, and men who are willing to  practise as well as preach the Golden  (Continued on pape Five)  ~*^M'***X*<l>*>l>*>l>**+*4*+  iORONTO;  FURNlfURE   STORE  8334 Westminster Avenue.  Xmas Goods H:  A   large   assortment    of  CHINA,   and   the   prices  are right.      -  Many good Xmas sugges- ������  tions in furniture.  ��������� ���������' H. 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Y'.'": 'k'i.kks i'kfi?kk?^%$fif$\  ������THT   ^  THE WESTERN GALL  ^X1.:~^.x������������������^������������������^���������^���������^*^���������H���������������������������^���������H������������������^������������������^���������^���������^���������^���������^  FANCY MILK  FED CHICKEN.  per lb. . ..... ....���������'. .30c  " t -   '{���������. -  ��������� :.'������������������  y - t '������������������  t    t  X    .f  ���������  T     X  PREMIUM FOWL,  per lb...,'."..........25c  ****+*���������  FANCY GEESE,  per lb. 25c  (Continued Jfrom   page Four) tists and Congregationalisms; but also  Rule. If our Protestant denomina- to the Salvation Army, Lutheran!?,  tions in the city, of Vancouver can Christian Scientists, Hebrews, Spirit-,  raise sums of money running into th?) Jualists, TJnitarians, Seventh Day Ad-  humlreds of thousands of "dollars for ventists, Homerites, Theosophists, Ply-  missionary purposes to send off to mouth Brethren, Christadelpnians, the  India, China and Japan, I would sug- Christian Catholic Apostolic Church,  gest that they can raise enough money Buddhist Temples, Chinese Joss  to pay their taxes' There are only one Houses and the churches of whatever  or two churches in each denomination  in the city, wheie the taxes are anyways heavy, and these are in the  downtown sections. If the taxes  should become oppressive in any of  these churches, the proper rempdy, to  my mind,,would be for the congregation to apply for aid from Ufi con-  nexional funds of the church, and not  to the public.  Again,  church exemption would  beivilege of exemption shall be grantde,  other religion or "ism" that may establish itself in. Vancouver. There  would, therefore, be millions of dollars  woith of property in the city from  which no revenue would be derived  and as a consequence the already  heavy burden of the taxpayers would  be greatly increased. Or, if the city  should undertake to say to what particular religious denomination the pri-  a mistake on.account,of the abuses to  which it leads. Even the Ministerial  Association has tacitly admittol that  then we would have the council acting  as a judge of creds, and taking to  itself  powers that should not be ex-  the principle can be abused by asking ercised by  any  public  administrative  that, it be confined within certain iimi-jbady, civic, provincial or federal.    Sc  ������������������ik M"M"K ������>*���������>* ���������������*������������>���������  A   ,   A  :: i  ���������������     ������|������  <������     ���������������%  ^ ���������-.*.���������> ��������� ������..������._������_'__������._������. _������ ������������������*-* ^.������..t^������. am  f^TTTTTTTTVTVTTV^ri*TVTw  FANCY TURKEY,  per id* *��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ^uc  i  x   *'<*���������-'*>"'" ���������*"������������������ ���������"'''*' ���������".  PLUM PU0DJNC&  AH Sizes.  ��������� ���������-'.���������   ���������- .>. -������--���������- .���������--������. -������--*������������������--���������������������������1,t>atattitf.AA>*.#*>  tations. That you cannot keep the  abuse within certain bounds has been  abundantly proven by the progress  which the movement has so far made.  The7Mini8terial Association asked for  the exemption of the actual ground  under places of public worship; the  motion passed by th*? council regarding the plebscite, and the notice given  to the Legislature asking for the  amendment of the city's chartei'7throw  the door wide open for wholesale exemption, and prepare the way for the'  abuses which follow in its train. In  fact, so far has exemption from taxation been carried in some cities of  Canada that We have buildings and  'land classed as church property, being used used for purposes of trade  and commerce, arid competing with  legitimate business concerns that pay  their taxes. Exemption has been car-  rieici that far already iii -some Canadian c'.ties, and we have no guarantee  whatever thai it will not be carried to  the same length in Vancouver, providing the plebscite passes and - auffi-  e'ent influence can be brought to bear  upon the members of the city council;  The only safe way to prevent, these  abuses creeping in is to stop the privilege being'granted ln the first place,  consequently every elector "should  mark his ballot against church exemption on January 12th. }.  Again, if church exemption is granted, to what denominations will 'the  privilege be extended? To be absolutely fair, it must-not only be-ex  tended, to Roman CatholicB, Angeli-  cans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Dap-  MINCEMEAT,, ������fc*Lx  WAGSTAFFE'S, J  2-lbV tins; each. vi... 20c &  .    , a.- a ��������������������������� y  I  4> ������������������  ���������?'  XMAS CRACKERS.  , ,       A *  ��������� *     A?  * *     ���������!���������  ,                   ������������    * ������������������������������������;*���������-  ���������*���������     4*  #.H~H"*''Hi'ti,l"I<4������^~^H>^HwH-#  MIXED NUTS.  |  :[  MIXED CANDY.  > <��������� .|. .;��������� >i ,|. .|. i|. .|. ���������������; ������������������������ -t-l- -t- -I-t- ���������!��������� -t-t-t- 4' ���������  A A  <U <>  o O       '  i������ i'p  o *  _ 4    *        ���������  14.     a H^^H^������������������^^���������^^������^���������������������������<*������������������^^l^^^'H,���������^,>    *! |  LAYER RAISINS |  ������������������'   V *  ��������� y  \ia      sDa i  Mt.  Pleasants  Leading Grocer  2333 MAIN ST.  PHONE 938  that looked at from any standpoint,  the question: of church exemption is'a  dangerous one to experiment with, and  every elector who has the true interests of the city at heart will go tc  the polls on January 12th and mark  his ballot against it.  J. W. WHITELEY.  'Montreal.���������Mr. W. Stewart, of the firm  of Foley, Walsh & Stewart, the contractors for the mountain sections of the  Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, whicii will  represent an outlay of many millions of  dollars, lias left for Scotland to secure  labor for the gigantic undertaking.  Garv. Ind.���������Mayor Thomas Knotts,  Chief of Police Martin and seven other  city officials were arrested late today on  indictments handed down by the Lake  County Grand Jury, charging; them with  having altered the count of the balloting in the November elections. They  were released on bonds ranging from  12,000 to 16,000.  New York.���������Private advices received  here Hay the famine In China has so far,  affected three million people and that  11.000,000 Is -urgently needed for their  relief.  ELECTORS OF VANCOUVER.  Ladies and Gentlemen,���������  "To strictly enforce the laws," 1  note is one of the principal platforms'  of some candidates for License Com-  missionerBhip. This duty could be accomplished by an honest third-class  school boy. But "to make the laws"  and govern the liquor traffic in the  present situation in Vancouver without inflicting hardship or injustice to  those connected with the trade, and at  the same time to firmly- handle the subject in tbe best interests of the whole  A*community, it requires men' of experience; ability and firmness. -���������'������������������'.���������������������������.'  R.B. ALTY,-r..  . .-���������������������������:���������: ,  , '������������������ '.;...7i.'-" Candidate.  r  1  I  I  Lasts  Is <l>4 Gift Tllat    c^Appreciated  What would be more appreciated by the housewife than a  nice RANGE? What would adorn the Range more than  a   NICKEL   PLATED   TEA   KETTLE  and   NICKEL  PLATED TEA and O0FFEE POTS?  One of our CARVING SETS would make the carving of  that Turkey ajoyful task.  What would your husband appreciate more than a nice  POCKET KNIFE or RAZOR.  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As several travelers got into the  station 'bus one of the men (who was  quite a portly fellow) noticed that a  certain young woman had a grip exactly like his, but that it was placed  with the rest ot* the baggage, on top.  HOPE DEFERRED.  . They sat each at an extreme end of  the horse-hair sofa. They had been,  courting now for something like two  years, but the wide gap between had  always been respectfully preserved.  "A penny for your thochts, Sandy,"  murmured Maggie, after a silence of  Thinking there might be some mistake ! an hour and a half.  made he kept his inside and placed j    "Weel," replied Sandy slowly, with  it at his feet.   He was soon engrossed i surprising  boldness,  "tae tell ye  the  with his paper, and did not notice the {truth,   I   was  jist   thinkin'   how   fire  young  woman  reach  over and draw" it wad be if ye were tae gie me a wee  the grip close to her side.    Being of bit kissie."  a humorous turn of mind he waited j    "I've nae objection,'' simpered Mag-  until she was occupied with a book and 'gie.  slithering over,   and  kissed  him  then pulled the grip to its former posi. \ plumply on the tip of his left year  tion, the rest of the travelers looking  on   with  amused  expressions.  In turning over a leaf she looked twenty-seven minutes  down and suddenly became aware of  the removal of the grip. She was quite  indignant, and wilh some force in. her  voice and manner said: "That is  mine!" and jerked it back close.to her  feet. -���������:.'"  Touching his hat politely the owner  said, with a merry twinkle in his eye:  "All right, madam; but may I please  get my pipe and nightshirt out? You  are welcome to the rest of the things!"  Sandy relapsed into a brown study  once  more,  and    the    clock    ticked  "An what are ye thinkin' a boot noc  ���������anither, eh?"  "Nae, nae, lassie; it's mair serious  the noo."  "Is it, laddie?" asked Maggie softly.  Her heart was going pit-a-pat with  expectation.   "An' what micht it be?"  "I was jist thinkin'," answered  Sandy, "that it was a boot time ye were  paying me that penny!" ���������  .s .  SHE FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS  After  a  month's   work   in  intensly  warm weather a gardener in the sub-  WE HOPE THEY WERE RIPE ONES.  How many apples did. Adam and  Eve eat?  Some say Eve S and Adam 2. a  total   of   s.j;   others   say  Eve   8   and  urbs became ill. and the anxious little | Adam 8 also, total 16; but if Eve 8  wife sent for the doctor, who wrote I1*"* A(lam 82������ the total wil1 be 90;  a prescription after    examining    the now if Eve 81 and Adam 812. the total  -I  For good values in  RfeAL ESTATE A&P INVESTMENTS  Call on  | TRIMBLE  &  NORRIS  Cor. 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"Not but what I hadn't a big job  to get him\toiswallow-It," she continued, "but, sure, I just wrapped up  the wee bit of paper quite small and  put it in a spoonful of jam, and Wi!  liam swallowed it unbeknownst. By  night he was entirely better."  would be 893; then if Eve 81 1st and  Adam 812, the total would be 1623; or  again, Eve 814 Adam, Adam 81242  oblige Eve, total 82,056; though we  admit Eve 814 Adam, Adam if he  8181242 keep Eve company, total 8,182,-  056. All wrong. Eve when she 81812  many, and probably felt sorry for it,  and Adam, in order to relieve her  grief, 812, therefore Adam, if' he  81814240-fy Evete depressed spirit,  hence both ate 81,896,864 apples.  That  Photo  Has been waiting a long while.  Why not have it made this Christmas time when you have your family all at home together.  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Following-the raid ^m.  the  main-offices   and   tour   branches   at  Joliet and Aurora, IU., today, this foray  will   mark   one   of   the   most   extensive  movements, in. the   government's   war  against bucket-shops.  ******%***>W'*****.l>*****\-  I* **.***.+***.*..*.* *'*.������*+*'r*a*-*-*-**'**-*-*-*+*+*+*-*-*'*-* *��������� ��������� * +1  The Pleasant Cafe  SALTER, EVTON & CO., 2642 MAIN ST.  {  THE WOHTEST, MOST AIRY and MOST CHEERFUL  PtACrtOlJAT ON THE mjr  Cuisine of the Best  Everything new and up-to-date.    We are here to serve,  *   not to be served.      Give us a call and you will call again  l.,..,t ,..,���������....... ..>>......................... ......*..>  \i\  N  Your Patronage cordially solicited  B.C. Ornamental Iron & Fence Co.,Ltl.  PHONE 657���������  C )������. WESTMINSTER AVE. and FRONT ST  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice tha,t Thomas K. Jfearaon, of  New Westminster, occupation broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase  the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted 30 chains west  and 40 chains north of the. northwest  corner of Lot 1560, G. 1.; thence west  20 chains; thence north 20 chains; thence  west 60 chains; thence north 45 chains  more or less, to the south boundary of  T. L. 41652,1 thence east 20 chains;  thence south 65 chains to point of commencement, containing 400 acres more  or less. I  THOMAS R.PEARSON. |  Dated November 2nd. 1910. I  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster-  Take notice that Kate McD. Dauphinee.  spinister, of Vancouver, occupation artist, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 20 chains  west and 10. chains south of the southeast corner of T. L. 39634; < tiience 80  chains west; thence 50 chains north;  thence 60 chains east; thence 20 chains  south; thence 20 chains cast; thence 30  chains south to point of commencement,  containing 360 acres more or less.  KATE  McD.  DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd, 1910.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice that Grace W. Dauphinee,  spinister, of Vancouver, occupation  nurse, intends to apply for permission to  purchase the following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted 20 chains  west and 10 chains south of the southeast corner of T. L. 39634; thence south  80 chains; thence west SO chains to the  east boundary of T. L. 38250; thence  north 80 chains; thence east 50 chains  to point of commencement, containing  tOOacres   more  or  lesjr.  GRACE W.   DAUPHINEE.  r Dated November 2nd, 1910.  NEW WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������District of New Westminster���������  Take notice that Ethel D. Dauphinee,  -������������������plnlster. of Xew Westminster, occupation 'stenographer, intends to apply for  permission to purcha-e the following described land-:: Commencing nt a po������t  planted 60 chain* west of the ynuthwest  t-orner of Lot 2 133. G. 1; tiience sonih  :0 chain*; move or less to tho north  boundary of P. U. 2226; thence west SO  chains; thence north 2(1 cliains: thence  ea--t SO cliains to point of comeneement.  containing  1 *>0  acres  more or If---.  KTTIKL   l>.   DAUPHINEE.  Dated November 2nd. 1910.  Piano Tiinlh'g-....  Expert Rjepafc Work.  Factory Experience  Best Jteferencea  W. J. GOA&P.  w.   OeUIHQWQQQWT ���������   ���������  Leave your orders at the Western fall  r.  ���������\  Ear  No. V Timothy  ottfalfa  Prairie  Green Oat  40 40 40  POULTRY SUpPUES  zA SPECIALTY  40 40 40  F.T. VERNON  ... Back Again ...  THEDON  PHONE  4607  .   .  We have moved back to our old' store  Prop.McGOWEN  .   .    & SALTER  27U7 MAIN STREET,   (Near Corner 12th)  FRESH MILK AND BUTTER DAILY.        HIGH CLASS CANDIES  ^d TABLE FRUITS.        A FULL LINE OF CIGARS, CIG-  ARETTES and TOBACCO.  f������r WOMAN'S BAKERY BREAD ml CONFBCTIWERY.  N'EM' AVEPTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT��������� PMrM of New Westminster���������  Take' notice that Alice A. Dauphinee,  widow, of Vancouver, B. C. occupation,  'udy. intends lo apply for permission to  ���������purchu������e tho following described lund^:  ^'omme'nclnir at a po^t p'anted !!0 chain*  v\'e������������ and 10 chain'? north nf the north-  we-t corner of Lot 1360. G. 1.; thence;  -orth '&t> fliaVns to 'the touth boundary of  T. L. l''flo;': t.'ie'nce ea-'t 60 chiiiir-; thence!  ror'th 2o chains: thence ea:t 20 chains:!  Hience -ontli ijO clviin-. to the north  iiou'ndary of T. L. 38250: thence we-t '50  r-hains: thence south 10 chains: tiience  west 30 chains to point of commencement, containing 370 acres more or less.  ALICE  A.  DAUPHINEE.  Oated November 2nd, 1910.  vpw WESTMINSTER LAST) DIS-  "tTICT���������District of New Westminster���������  "'ake notice that Thomas T. DojipVinee.  ft Vancouver. B. C, occupation "broker,  "itends to apply for permission to.pur-  ha^e the following described lands:  ���������'ommencing at a Dost planted 60 chains  vest of the southwest corner of Lot 2433.  '.. 1; thence east 60 chains; thence north  >0 chains; thence west 60 chains; thence  outh 80 chains to point of coqn men cement; containing 480 acres more or less.  THOMAS T. DAUPHINEE.  Hated November 2nd. 1910.  Successor to S. W; KEITH  Broadway and W������tm!n8ter Road  PHONE 1687 J)  !  T% o Houses and li acres for      >    Ir.  .In fruit andjsaiden  .     A Homo for a More  t   This will not last long;      Investigate.  ���������;$**y ���������::;*%  All sorts and swes. with ori without houses; some valuable  timber.   $<^ to $100 per acre,   y   ���������  IHIIM ���������������������������������������������������  NE^ WESTMINSTER LAND DISTRICT���������D5=trict of New Westminster���������  Take notice that A. Josephine Daaphine������,  ->in!������t*r. of Vancouver. B. C. occuoa-  tion school teacher, intends to apply tor  r-ermlssion to purchase the following de-  "rihe<ll lands: Commeneinr at a po������t  planted CO chains west of th* south--  w������j=t corner of Lot 2433. O. 1; thence'  rarth SO chain*: thenc* west 80 chains:  thenc* wouth to chains; thetcc ������*st f^.  chains to point of comcnmcNncst, con-1  talnlst .#44) acrn B������ora or {���������������������.  . ��������� .      '���������<  A.   JOBE^HIKB DA1  Dated N������rcmb#r Jna, lTt*.  t  X     The  best stock of ARMS,  * AMMUNITION, CUTLERY,  and SPORTING GOODS can  be found at d>e store of *  I Qios. E. Tisdall  ���������1^620 Hastings St.  +# ������4 *>>������������������> ������.^������.^���������^l4.������.^���������������^*.*���������*.'���������*.<  "FIRST CLASS  Shoe Repairing ft promptness  MATBRIAIL AND WORKMANSHIP  GUARANTEED  Justa^few doors West of Junction of  North  Arm and Westminstei Roads  R. ROBERTSON, Prop.  WANTED  HowelMld Ooods of  -tin dcfcrijtiw* ;   -  New Year's  Etc., Efe,  j  >\  ti  l^Am^to THE WESTERN CALL  Ii ������ i. ��������� i'l ii ' i ���������' ���������"'���������"*'���������' ���������'���������������������������'������ ���������* ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� '��������� -���������- ���������������������������--- ��������� -..���������--���������..--f . .... .............. ......   i .��������������� . j���������  ...... ... .........'.........,....     .............. ....T. ...... 1|rit||||||t<||||1)|>|'|  1 iiniiiiii'il" *"* ***���������������������������!   n imiini'i iiiiiiii ��������� !"���������������������������������������'���������''��������� ii ii i ii ii* i ���������'������ ������������������'���������������'������"���������������'������������������������'i iii ������������ ������ m,i n ������i'<|������ in i i i i i i >|ii ii> i i i i iiiii i i mi M ti i i hi i i i i i i i i i i i i i i in in in i n tn m i i i m i i ������i i i im������i >  I   ,  r I PUBLIC MEETINGS Thursday, Lester Hall,  cor. Granville and Davie  Friday* Ka)ttenb6rg Hall, cor. Bodwell and  Mayoralty and other candidates cordially  invited to the platform.   Chair taken at 8 p.m  i - - K  " !.' j  %  Other Public Meetings will be held as follows:  Thursday, Jan. 5, Kitsilano and Fairview.  Friday, Jan. 6, Mount Pleasant.  Monday, Jan. 9, Cedar Cove and Grandview  Tuesday, Jan. 10, Dominion HaU.  _ 'r   -_<<���������.-  U   . J:  TAYLOR RAI.UPS - Thursday, C.O.F. Hall,  Pender E��������� and Grandview school.  Committee Meetiijgs tliis week: ������������������  Grandview at (Grrandview School, Thurs-  dajl alter tally; West End Ward IV, at C.  0. & Hall, Thursday after rally; Ward H at  G'irien Hall; Fiday; Grandview, Friday at  World branch office, corner Venables and  Park;Cedar Gove, Friday^  Kitsilano, Friday, at Committee rooms, 2232  Fourth Ave., W.  '  Taylor's Committee  Rooms;  KITSILANO -- 2232 Fourth Avenue, West,  H. Munn's office.  FAIRVIEW ��������� World branch office, 2122  Granville  MOUNT PLEASANT- World branch office,  2440 Westminster Ave., (Main St.)  GRANDVIEW - World branch office, 1733  Venables  SOUTH GRANDVIEW-Dewar's office, corner Seventh Avenue and Park Drive, and  Dewar<s office, 2005 Park Drive.  CEDAR COVE-Barker & Tebb's office, 1887  Powell Street.  -."   A  And a Competent Supervising Engineer.  Maintenance of the Eight Hour Day and  enforcement of the Penalty    clause  against Contractors: and  CIVIC RECORD  DURING I. 0. TAVUWS; MAYOR A^  Eight Hour Day enforced ii  False Creek Question brought to an issue  Exemption of improvements from  taxation  Removal of Isolation Hospital, and securing of Admiralty reserve site  Annexation of D. L. 301, and Hastings  townsite assured  Enforcement t>f Liquor and olte  relating to good government.  Granting to city by legislature of right  to establish a municipal telephone  system  Reorganization of fiscal system with reference to sale of bonds; highest price  ever given thereby secured.  Reorganization of legal department.  Organization of Juvenile Court and Detention Home. (guaranteed  Construction of Second  Narrows Bridge  Reconsideration of D.L. 264A Compensation claims.  ?&>ms*jmm--im  TikM*mM:'m  mmmfm  ills  Voters' Lists may be seen and all information obtained at Mr. Taylor's committee rooms  -"-. TlllllllllltlltllJIJ.il ^Qm^.m+++^m9  ll������IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII.IIIIIIIIIIIIII������l������il-������lllll.lllllllll|l|lllllllllll| ������# IIHIIIIBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ������������������������������������^ IIIIIIII ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������^H*.*^^  Mi ilin iii i i >i ii ��������� i i i ��������� i i i i   inn ������������^^������^ inn I i i i i ii i i ii i i i iii i i ii .*.*���������****.. i.i.iiii i .^^���������������������������^^^^^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^^������������������������������������^^���������^^���������^ I ill ���������������������<������������������������������������������������������ lite; SJSflT^iX;1 jh;:;3 w  7������~stf\-^^y'^C^-'^T^Tk^^T.������$";  %^7|'jTt#YY!;?^  8  THE WESTERN CALL  .JmH^-M^^-K^'^^^X-H^^H** ^���������^~X^4KK~M^������^HMH'WrI������4^*<*������K   ^s^^K^^^^H'^>4������H'*****'i������-H^     The school trustees met last night.  ������ j Business was mostly of a routine cnar-  New teachers were   appointed  We Solicit  5*' acter  v i  ��������� ! and arrangements made to meet the  It. j conditions in congested schools. The  *������ | architect, Air. Bowman, was consulted  4-i with over matters of ventilation, and  % j'Mr, C. L. Thorburn of Carleton School  $ I Was appointed principal of the new  ���������!��������� | sch'ool in Wilson Road.;  In doing this we feel fully confident of  making you permanent p;^  store because we have fully reorganized  and made over the  ���������| On the night of Monday, January  !|2nd, when the schools re-open, a stere-  /lopticon lecture will be given at the  ���������j Carlton school, South Vancouver;  1" '"Places and Faces" will be the title,  7, and the youngsters will see pictures  iof interesting spots and interesting  [. | people. The lecture will give aa impetus to the night classes.  Mount Pleasant  ������������  We are Courteous.  We sure Pleasant.  We   are   Obliging.  Back of all this, the prime factor in our  business is mm SUBSTI-  MOUNT PLEASANT PHARMACY,  The Obliging Drug Store     2419 Westminster Avenue  On Saturday night the drug store of  Messrs. Moran & Green, Biidge street,  was the scene of a daring hold-up when  two masked men walked in and at the  j point of a gun, robbed the cash register of all the coin that was in it In  I their hurry they overlooked a number  of five and ten dollar bills which were  lying at the bottom of the drawer  under a cheque. They did, however,  get away with |3l7 The robbery occurred at about 11 o'clock when Mr.  Green happened to be alone in the  store. He flrst became aware of the  presence of the thieves by one of them  wishing him a Merry Caristmaa. After  they had gone Mr. Green followed  them along Seventh avenue, when they  turned down Yukon street s'and he lost  sight of them.  t. a. WILSON, Proprietor  PHONC 790  SUB POST OfflCE  ���������������������������l"l"t-������������ll"ll4"l"H"t"l"t"l"l"l"t"!"H'������H'   ������"H^H������!"M^^>4������H'**4Nfr^  Local and  Mtea Sinclair, one of the teachers  on the Fairview school staff, has gone  to Victoria for the holidays.  7  Pr. J. A. Mills and family will leave  7 to-morrow   on   an   extended  trip  to  "Itouthern California and Mexico.  k- All Mr. Morrison's 8uppoiters~"aVe  cordially invited to call at Committee  Rooms.  3. Go to nigger's Jewelry store for  New Year Gifts. The variety is-endless���������the  quality  the yery   best.  Special music will be given oil New  Years Day at the Methodist Church,  Mount Pleasant, and a very": big time is  anticipated.  South Vancouver is suffering from  Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fisher have removed from 1249 Burranrd street to  apartments at 705 Broadway east.  Mrs. Fisher will not receive again; until further notice.  Monday night the local order of I.  O. G. T. held a Christmas, social in, the  basement of the new Mountain View  Methodist church. There was a fine  array of talent present, every number on the programme being applauded. The musical end of the affair,  however, was preceded by a supper  which was served at 7 o'clock.  31   mni���������Hoaw- Evsgi8the6uc  There will be a basketball. game  at tbe Y. M. C. A. on Monday night,  January 2nd, between ��������� Tacoma   and  All round .Cedar Cottage regret is  expressed for the death of Mrs. Brewer  a much respected "old-timer," who has  'been many years in South Vancouver.  Th������ supper and concert which took  place in the basement of the Mountain  View Methodist Church was a grand  auccess. The concert was excellent,  and this lodge of I. O. G. T. has evidentlyJite_and7'go"^ and a future.  tbe bold, bad burglar. An attempt at j Vancouver. - Both teams are strong  a burglary was made at the home of and bave been practicing dji^ently.  Mrs. Smith, mother of. the well known A great game is expected.      ^  provincial constable.   A pane of glass  . v.  Ijad been cut from the rear window, a daring robbery is reported as hav-  btit" b*.rofe the would-be burglar could lng taken pjace 8t the house of Mrs.  make an entr^*w watchdog scared Hndgg0n on the victoria Road. Early  bim off. . itbie week she had a revolver for her  protection but the catridges were re-  Mrs. Tompkins, of South Vancouver, moved by some sneak thfef %hb got  has had again to institute a search for away w-jtn 114  her twelve-year-old child,.Mabel, who  has a perchant for wandering from .���������"'���������.   .'  home. She went away in the middle of The night schols in South"ya'ri'cou-  November .and was hot found for ver will be resumed next week. An  several days. She again wandered attempt will be made to fill every class  away at Christmas time, and the police up to its full strengths of not less than  have been baffled. The girl made aitwenty- It is expected that the coin-  purchase on Main street and that is ling session will be very active and ih-  tbe only clue the police have. J teresting. -;  Vancouver, B.C., Dec. 22, 1910.  Editor Western Call,   ��������� ,,;V .  2408 Westminster Road,  City:  A rumor   has reached  me that a  statement is being made in Ward VI.  to tbe effect that I have pledged myself to support Alderman  White  in  this campaign.  *I; wish to emphatically deny having made any such statement.  E. B. McMASTER.  Mr. F. U PudUng has just, received  7the  sad  news  of  the  death  of  his  'mother  at  Chautangue   Lake,   N.  G.  State, at the age of 81 years.  m  m  M  m  I  m  m  CANADIAN FORESTRY ASSOCIATION  DIRECT  hi  - O V '   '  We Invite Your  Wishing ymoRthe  Compliments of  the Season  W.   R.   OWEN  2337 WESTMINSTER AVE. - - TELEPHONE 447  Ask for'"'Oven Secrets," "Inside Range Information"  and a valuable Cook Book FREE.  Special to the Western Call.  Ottawa, Dec. 29.���������His Excellency the  Governor-General has graciously- consented to open the Forestry Conven-  i tion which will meet, at the call of the  'premier, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, at Quebec  I City on January 18, 19 and 20, under  ithe auspices of the Canadian Forestry  ! Association.    Preparations  for it are  : now in an advanced stage.  j    The  president    of the Association,  I Senator W. C. "Edwards, will preside,  i and many prominent Canadian speakers, as well as representatives from the  I United States, will take part.   Among  I those who are expected besides a num-  | ber of official representatives are Sii  Wilfrid Laurier. Mr. R..L. Borden, M.P.,  Hon Clifford Sifton, Chairman of the  Commission   of   Conservation;     Hon.  Sydney Fisher, Hon. Frank Oliver, Si;  Lomer Gouin. Hon. Jules Ailard, Hon.  Frank Cochrane, Hon. W..C. H. Grim  nisr, Algr. Lapointe, Vicar General of  Chicoutimi; R. H. Campbell, Dominion  Superintendent    of Forestry;     H.  S.  Graves, Chief Forester of the Urited  States; Dr. H. S. Beland. M.P.. Dr. B  E.  Fernov,  Dean of  the  Faculty  ol  Forestry of the University of Toronto:  E.   Stewart,   formerly   Superintendent  ; of Forestry; E. E. Ring, Forest Com  missioner of Maine; Achilte Bergevin:  : of the Quebec Fish and Game Protec-  \ tive Association;   and  Dr.  C. Gordon  (Hewitt, Dominion Entomologist.  i    Ayone who expects    to be present  ! will greatly assist by communicating  ! aosson as possible with the secretary.;  I Mr.   Jas. -Lawler,  Canadian   Building.  ! Ottawa, from whom programmes and  I all information may be received.   The  i Legislature of Quebec will be in session, and the Commission of Conservation will hold its annual meeting in  Quebec on January 17th.   The railway  companies have    already    granted a  single  fare  rate  for  the  Journey  to  Quebec and   return, on  the  standard  certificate plan, from all points in Canada east of Fort William.   It is hoped  also to secure reduced    rates    from  points, west of this.  ;:.j f.*  5  .if  Vancouver's future as the Greatest City on the Pacil  Coast is assured, therefore we should build frr the futi  No patchwork streets, a comprehensive scheme oi sew<  * must.be our objective  And you can easily7 make 100 per cent  profit in six months. Here's the proposition: We have a few lots on 21st ave.  that are all bleared and only two blocks  from two car lihes* Electric Light and  City water can be had on the property  These lots are actually worth $1000 but  we can sell them for a short time at $850  with $200 .cash,and the balance in 18  months. When- the building business  opens in the Spring, these lots will sell  readily at $1050" and $1100, and that  means a profit of $200 and $250 on a $200  Investment. If you want to make a  little easy money it would be well to see  us to-day. - We have only a few left  and they are not going to last long.  LDUGHEED&C  612 Hastings Sf/W.  2343 Main St.  Phone 81!  Phone 71!


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